The Ukraine Grift

One of the puzzles of the war in the Ukraine, debated by those watching through sources outside of Western media, is why are the Ukrainians doing what they are doing in this war. Their tactics make little sense and suggest the over all strategy is something other than what has been stated. In fact, official statements from the Zelensky government have become absurdly strident. They bring back memories of Baghdad Bob during the American invasion of Iraq.

The initial phase of the war had the Russians dashing in, probably hoping for a negotiated settlement based on the Minsk accords. Some think they underestimated the Ukrainian capabilities and willingness to fight. There are lots of people who claim to be psychics, knowing what was in the minds of the Russian planners, but no one knows what the Russians expected. All we know is they got a bloody nose in the opening weeks and had to reconfigure their war plans.

This is the nature of war. The old line about no war plan lasting first contact with the enemy is a cliché because it is true. The Russians had to change gears and they did that in the early spring. They settled into a strategy of shelling the Ukrainian positions with their superior artillery and missile systems. They also gained air superiority so they can hunt down Ukrainian targets all over the country. This is a low-cost way to slowly and methodically grind down the Ukrainian military.

Here is the puzzle. Why have the Ukrainians not responded to this change in tactics so as not to be slowly ground down by the Russians? Logic says they should have withdrawn from the Donbas to more defensible positions. This would have preserved their best troops and much of their equipment. They could have appealed to the West for better air defense systems to protect their army as they prepared for a counter offensive at some point in the future.

No one really seems to know how much Western military gear has flowed into Ukraine, but the best guess is more than enough to supply a million man army. The Europeans dumped a fair bit of old equipment onto Ukraine, but they have also supplied a fair bit of modern equipment as well. The Russians have modern equipment, but the militias, who are doing the bulk of the fighting, are relying on Soviet era tanks and armored personnel carriers so this old stuff is not worthless.

Of course, one of the lessons of this war is that old planes, trucks and tanks can be repurposed as unmanned vehicles. The Russians are actively converting their old aircraft into crude drones. They are not as good as the high end stuff, but it is better than scrapping them. Ukraine could have been doing this as well if they had pulled back from the Donbas and been preparing for a counter offensive. Instead, the old equipment has been hurled into the meatgrinder of the Donbas.

The elephant in the room whenever discussing the war in the Ukraine is the massive amount of corruption. We know from the Trump years that many American politicians were on the payroll of corrupt Ukrainian firms. We know the State Department is full of Ukrainian operatives. We know that what ties these people to the Ukrainian government is highly corrupt Ukrainian oligarchs. Hunter Biden was on the board of Burisma, an oligarch controlled energy monopoly in Ukraine.

That is the key to unriddling the Ukraine war strategy. The key players in American foreign policy only care about harming Russia. The neocon obsession with Russia goes back generations now. They have made clear on multiple occasions that their only goal in the Ukraine is to inflict as much damage on the Russians as possible. This has come from senior people in the Biden regime, as well as various characters operating in the unofficial foreign policy establishment.

Take the Russia obsessed foreign policy establishment and join it to the hyper-corrupt Ukrainian regime and you have the makings of a grand grift. The other piece of it is the Military Industrial Complex, which will sell NATO countries trillions in new arms over the next decade, to replace what is going to Ukraine. The Ukraine has become a massive money laundering scheme. Billions flow into the place with little or no accounting and much of it ends up in anonymous bank accounts.

This is where the Ukrainian ware strategy fits into the scam. The neocons need a narrative to sell the politicians and the public. The “heroic Ukrainian defenders willing to fight to the last man” is the story they initially sold. Over the last few months, the new story has been “If the heroic Ukrainian defenders just had better weapons, they could take the fight to the Ruskies!” The myth of the wonder weapon, of course, works nicely in the Raytheon brochure.

Meanwhile, the actual Ukrainian fighters are hunkered down into massive, fortified locations while the Russians shell them day and night. Reports from the front suggest few of the weapons are making it to the men. CBS did a report suggesting that only 30% of weapons have gone into battle. They were forced to recant, but their reporting comports with what others have said. The fact is, no one knows where this stuff is going or if it is even useful to the soldiers.

The whole thing relies on defending a one thousand mile front in the Donbas against an endless artillery barrage. Imagine a front that stretched from New York to Miami and along the way cities have been turned into massive, fortified bunker complexes and you have a good idea of what is happening. The Russians shell these fortifications at will and the Ukrainians have no chance to take the fight to the Russians. They just have to sit there and take the pounding for public relations reasons.

Even by current standards, this sounds amazingly cynical, but stop and think about what happened during the Covid panic. The people who made tens of billions on a dangerous, experimental vaccine are not going to blink at sacrificing tens of thousands, maybe millions, of Ukrainians to make billions in profits. The people who turned America into a pirate’s cove are taking the strategy global. Everything is a grift and no grift is too bloody or monstrous.

At some point, a marketing plan with the phrase “to the last Ukrainian” in it will run out of Ukrainians to sell it. There are ongoing shakeups in the Ukrainian leadership so that part of the grift may be starting to crack. There are growing rumors of defections in the military as they wake up to what is happening to them. Of course, the truly terrifying winter that lies ahead for all of Europe cannot be ignored. The reality of Ukraine will become apparent and then what happens?

History says not much. Covid is a good guide. There is no doubt that trust in the institutions has declined as a result of the Covid scam. The ongoing effects of the vaccine could blow up into a major scandal. None of which has moved people into the streets, but there has been a cumulative effect on the public psyche. A collapse in Ukraine would be another blow to the regime. Still, it is hard to see this being the straw that breaks the camel’s back, but crazier things have happened.

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241 thoughts on “The Ukraine Grift

  1. As for seeing the big picture and understanding the world today try reading a couple of insightful spy or mystery novels including Bill Browder’s Red Notice and Bill Fairclough’s Beyond Enkription. If you are clever enough (which we have no reason to doubt!) you will start dissecting and solving problems in ways you never dreamt of before.

    Mystery novels cover all sorts of evils including thrillers from the espionage genre such as those down to earth, raw and noir, often curious fact based Cold War thrillers you can never put down. I refer to Bill Browder’s Red Notice, Bill Fairclough’s Beyond Enkription in The Burlington Files series and Ben Macintyre’s The Spy and the Traitor. The latter was lauded by none other than John le Carré as “the best true spy story I have ever read”.

    Incidentally, if you don’t find these mysterious then MI6 or the CIA may want to hire you to solve some of their mysteries. After all, the most famous of all real spies, Oleg Gordievsky who is held responsible for collapsing the Berlin Wall, was not only Macintyre’s “Spy and Traitor” but also an acquaintance of Fairclough’s handler. Maybe that’s why Beyond Enkription is considered to be compulsory reading for espionage aficionados.

    • N-ggers likely saw 3 Dutch white guys and tried to flex on them. Dutch commandos being exactly that told them to take their monkey asses elsewhere. Nogs came back guns blazing. That is how the story is being reported anyways.

      Being from the Netherlands they did not understand the golden rule “Around Pavement Apes, Never Relax”.

    • Now that’s splendid.
      Allied NATO soldiers murdered on American soil for some random local dispute. The most powerful country of NATO and the world’s only superpower is more dangerous on the streets than a remote African outpost.

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  3. ” no one knows what the Russians expected. All we know is they got a bloody nose in the opening weeks and had to reconfigure their war plans.”

    This is why bloggers should stick to discussing their gardens and new recipes.
    There are entire floors of the Pentagon devoted to people planning and war gaming every conceivable contingency. What if Russia takes Malta? What if China invades Palm Springs? Got a plan already? Update it. Etc. Same with every serious country.

    Even IF (big if) the Russians though the Youks would fold, you can be they had a dozen alternate scenarios ready to go.

    Actually, if “no one knows” then I would think the most sensible view of the war is that the Russian plan was to draw out the Youk forces into the forward lines and systematically annihilate them. Because, that’s what they’ve done. If they wanted to march into Kiev like Patton then they could have used a couple of hypersonic missiles on Day One.

    After all, that’s how “we” won in Vietnam, and Iraq, and Afghanistan, right? Shock and awe, bitchez!

    Although, if it gives you a very American hard on to think of the Russians getting their nose bloodied, and by someone else than you, then rock on, by all means.

  4. I kind of wonder what happens when soft power and passive aggressiveness meets hard power. This would be in Minecraft of course but an example would be teachers, social workers and other types of people who gain power in a passive aggressive way, getting Romanoved.

    • Kinda shocked that a near-fed-poast like that made it past mod, but maybe the times they are a’changing?

      I spend almost all my time thinking about going Saint Joseph Djugashvili on the Passive Aggressive Industrial Complex.

      [“To defeat the House on the Embankment, one must empty the House on the Embankment.”]

      Our problem in 21st Century USA is if the Passive Aggressives have a copy of “The Football”, and are willing to activate it on us [which I am fully ready to believe they would, if they could].

      The big question is whether there might be any ancient computer code in the warheads which would prevent the warheads from being detonated here in North America.

      I read once that there was computer code in the fighters and bombers which prevented them from launching ordinance at targets in greater Washington DC.

  5. Biden will address the nation on Thursday at Philly. On the “state of the Nation and our democracy.”

    My guess, he will announce arrests and also a draft. So he can keep the war going in Ukraine. The war has to continue, Ukraine is running out of people, so we will have a draft. For Democracy. Yes they are that stupid.

    • I would take that bet. Granted, there may be some way to exempt the NPC’s and Persons of Vagina (eligble for support roles) from a draft, but it would be nigh impossible. A draft won’t happen because it can’t happen. At best, governors might–might–be able to stir up their citizens to resist an occupation by this country’s fourth rate military with a top rate budget. Even that is iffy.

      And even if it were practical to have a draft, what would keep all draft age males from announcing they identify as women and are exempt from even registering?

      Biden will slur and spit out some incomprehensible idiocy about threats to our democracy (their dictatorship), and announce he is cracking down on White people who won’t get with the program at some indeterminable point in the future, and please support your oppressors come November.

      • Added bonus: no one even will watch, and that would be the case even if Biden decides to literally self-immolate.

          • My response is your thinking is old, when America existed. After they’ve stolen big a not close at all election, what is to stop them from doing it at will, all the time?

            The lesson of 2020 is that they don’t need or want your vote. Its why Charlie Crist in Florida and Kathy Hochul have told Republicans to not vote for them or flee the state. They don’t need their votes. They plan to rule with fear and terror. For Feelz.

            The lesson of the Battle of Savo Island (where the US Admiral in charge of protecting the landing fleet at Guadalcanal had ignored the danger of a Japanese attack on the basis that he judged they would not do so — not that they could not do so). The US and Aussies lost four cruisers and several destroyers in that battle to very light Japanese losses.

            It takes a lot of medical planning and care to get Biden able to speak semi coherently before cameras. This is a big operation. Hence, something big and nasty is coming our way. Expect the worst, and plan for it.

        • Few if any will watch. But there is so much prep in getting Biden ready for the camera, it takes a major medical team. So why is he going to Philly and making a prime time speech? Already things are leaking out, he’s going to call Republicans a threat to democracy.

          As for Ukraine, at a minimum they will need foreign troops to prevent Putin from appearing in Odessa by January. They have basically no one left. So certainly there are rumors that US troops are already fighting — not sure I believe or disbelieve that. After all that has happened, nothing is off the table. Remember Stalin went after wreckers long after he had consolidated control and a rational dictator would have eased off to maintain military force. These guys get addicted to the power and the humiliation of enemies and if they run out of the latter they need to create more to feed their feelz.

          • I think the US should send its finest, most virtuous, strongest citizens to defend Ukraine’s democracy – the negroes. They’ve been held down for so long and never given the chance to really lead and show their stuff in battle.

            Frankly, if Biden and Austin don’t send several negro brigades to Ukraine, I’d have to assume they are racists.

          • I propose the deployment of a transgender brigade, a “band of brothers”. They would fight like hell to protect their newfound civil rights…

        • @whiskey:

          It is far easier for them to rig elections (this has been a feature of American politics since at least the Gilded Age) than it is to implement and execute a successful draft let alone actually win a war. And even if they could get the manpower together, the United States probably would be defeated in such a humiliating way it would be Empire-ending. I qualified with “probably” because “winning” is possible if they use nukes, but that puts their own lives and their own wealth at risk. That will not happen. We also know these people are incapable of even formulating a good lie about the vaccines, the greatest debacle since Chernobyl and possibly a far worse and more deadly one.

          I discount totally a draft. I don’t discount that these people are monsters and would be capable of anything if they were competent, which they are not. They can still do lots of damage and harm. You essentially are in the Soviet Union circa 1991 and the now-burning-in-hell Mikhail and Raisa are being loaded onto the plane.

          This may go on a while but it also may end in a flash.

          • *I forgot to add this, but far more than just another military humiliation, the Junta appears fearful of a huge backlash over what could shape up to be a vaccine massacre. I’m not convinced it will happen, but if people’s children start to become sterile and die in sufficient numbers due to the vaccine, a few of the parents inevitably would slip through the net and inflict massive harm, MAGA/kulak or not. We are getting some indication data is shaking out that will be godawful.

            **The purpose of these “wars” is to loot, so outcomes other than lucrative revenue streams are irrelevant. The intensity and acceleration of the looting indicates some see the gravy train coming to a close in the near future.

          • as is always the case, there are many reasons for this war. Lately, I’m thinking that since Ukraine is now largely owned by a certain group of people that always cry out in pain as they strike you, well, they don’t want any ethnic or christian males around when they move into their new home. It’s a place with mostly better neighbours than the last home where the neighbours were always making noise.
            it’s just a theory but not really that far-fetched.

        • Being a “racist”, “sexist”, “homophobic”, “transphobic” man (what we used to call a normal white guy) will get you rejected by the Clownmacht’s draft board pretty quick.

    • I would find it hard to believe. Just when the GOP is imploding its red wave, Biden sends them a red tsunami by announcing a draft? Even Biden’s handlers aren’t that stupid.

      • And the other speculation I’ve read – some sort of hate Whitey, Trump voters are enemies of the state – doesn’t seem much better. Is he trying to get the GOP base motivated? Doing what the GOP itself can’t? It’s like watching a fight between two boxers both paid to take a dive.

    • The next draft will be of aliens, and they’ll know about it before we do. There’s no new mass gathering at the border waiting for the official “go.” Not happening soon.

      Some truly comical (but scary to TV-watchers) Patriot Front battle LARP videos “leaked” through their fellow feds in antifa this week, and a Trump-endorsed-Q hoax (to back up the story of his social media thingy being banned by Google, I guess?) is dominating cable news, so a round-’em-up order isn’t impossible.

  6. Oh, a thanks to Mssr. Z for some Ukraine news, “Triumphantly Firm” Mika and Joe were arfing about our impending Glorious Victory this morn. Bet you a dollar Tucker hits it tonight.

  7. Geez, am I a noob.
    I mentioned the mighty IRS Army.

    I take it back.
    They’re the bait.

    The bait to continue the Narrative, that the Global Grand Grift might continue here, at home, as well.

    I did think that Raytheon would sell to Cartel, since they’ve already got a few million soldiers here, but nah. Its just the Grift importing 5 million new voters for the next election, that’s as far as the Grift thinks.

  8. Might do well to keep an eye on Jackson, Mississippi over the next few weeks. Should be some compelling human theater. And a lesson in regime vulnerability.

    • Vegetius: Just shared that with a few people half an hour ago. Not to worry, mayor Choke Lumumba is on the scene and will surely fix everything promptly.

      Regardless of local demographics, today it’s always wiser to have one’s own reliable water supply. But having African mayors and residents (and police chiefs) ought to be a warning sign to the very people who are, instead, celebrating AINO’s diverse strength.

      • Mayor Choke Lumumba was blaming historic racism this morning. “Our most vulnerable populations,” and whatnot, while he undoubtedly stole the money. Africa Wins Again!

        • Lawdy!

          Jackson is “The City With Soul!”

          As was related earlier in the thread, there’s a common thread in all of this, I just can’t put my finger on it.

          On a more serious note, how do you know you have a problem, see you have a problem, deal with a problem, and it STILL gets to its worst manifestation.

          Not to worry. Whitey will be on the scene to fix everything; until he isn’t.

          • I mentioned something similar over at Unz, except I also figure there have to be some expert n***** riggers in town that’ll get dem back in bidness in no time…

          • This is in no way different than a bunch of European uni kids wanting to screw and get high going to Bumback, Africa, to drill a 10,000-year-old village’s very first water well. Drop the “ism,” and we all know the actual reason why this happened. All of black America will be like this soon enough. In fact, every black-run town becoming another Jackson or Atlanta or Memphis or Detroit will long precede our displacement. As a matter of fact, what was done to the larger cities they destroyed is now filtering down to the smaller ones.

            Drill wells and locate springs, folks.

  9. On the “no grift too bloody” angle, I quote Mr. Burns, back when The Simpsons was good. Burns is trying to get the non-union Mexican equivalent of Stephen Spielberg to make a lionizing biopic about Burns. Burns says that he wants the movie to gloss over his evil rise to power like “Schindler’s List.” Spielbergo says that Schindler is “bueno” and Burns “diablo.” Burns retorts: “Look here, Senor Spielbergo. Schindler and I are like two peas in a pods. We both lived in Germany. We both made bombs for the Nazis. But mine worked dammit!”

  10. These pieces on Ukraine, sure to be popular among the “Putin couldn’t take Keeeev ” dipshits, is well worth the read. Follow the links to the Marine Corp guy’s analysis too, it apparently is causing head spinning among those in the DoD who get their info on Putin’s Secret Goals from the same place as The WaPo.

    Not much of this would be news to those following The Duran and the Military Summary guy.

  11. ‘The Russians had to change gears and they did that in the early spring. They settled into a strategy of shelling the Ukrainian positions with their superior artillery and missile systems.“

    This is *not* a new strategy. In WWII, the Americans used this extensively. Artillery brought it to shell German position until they needed to retreat and regroup. One captured German officer was asked, “What is your opinion of the American infantry”. His response, “I never saw them, only their artillery!”
    By early August of 1944, the armies of the Americans—including Patton—had to hold up as there was a shortage of artillery shells. That after 3 years of stock piling in England for the invasion.

    • One thing the US Army excelled at during WWII in Europe was “time on target” firing. Multiple caliber artillery tubes as well as long range mortars could drop all their fire from differnt locations at the same time. It was devastating to identified targets. Zero time to get to cover.

      • And in the end, it was a wise move designed to minimize US casualties. Unlike the Russians who used human waves to overwhelm enemy positions at the expense of their people. Hell, I’ve read that just about every man born in 1920, was dead by the end of the war. And that was one cohort. Entire cohorts sacrificed for nothing.

    • I’d say most of the third worlds we try to beat up these days would say the same, expect replace artillery with airforce.

  12. I remember reading an article about polling across the west in regards to who supports the Ukraine War. It appears that the older you are, the more you support it. Given where we are financially, and not just the U.S. but most of the E.U., it’s ironic that the people most vulnerable to a failure of the system are the most strident in supporting the wasteful funding for the forever wars. Medicare alone will require countless billions to stay afloat, and soon, but it appears to dawn on few grey haired people the precariousness of their situation.

    • Such is the human condition. We all suffer from such internal contradictions. But also, I think it can also be described as a lacking of general intellect. The dumber you are, the less you can understand and change your perceptions on matters (you lack openness to new ideas and understandings). It gets worse as you age—take it from me, I’m an example. Why should Boomers be any different? Remember, this group is a select sampling, not a random sampling of the population.

    • It is a good lesson in how people do not always see their interests objectively. The old folks, including here in the US, defend the status quo, not noticing that it is bad for their material well-being.

    • What do you mean “Support the Ukraine War”?
      I do. I think Putin was right and Nato needs to be reined in and disbanded. Not many Europeans seem to agree.

        • Hell, nowadays I’m surprised if somebody knows the difference between rein and rain.

        • Pickle Rick: I try to remind people of the difference. The ‘g’ in reign equals the ‘g’ in King and rule. Without it, think horses and control.

        • Well, in the longer view, that has been ongoing since its founding, both politically, as well as through the application of violence (think Operation Gladio).

          Of course, the Serbs were there when the two paths converged, and how. With the Germans taking a leading role; still butthurt from WWII, and the role they played in delaying the onset of Operation Barbarossa? Or just rendering obeisance to their Yankee overlords? Americans in, Gemans down, (mini)Russians out.

    • Boomers and Gen X were conditioned to see Russians as the enemy (look at 80s movies), and Boomer politics still dominates the US. Anyone born after 1980 should identify with the complete lack of sense any of the “evil Russia” news stories make, simply because we weren’t trained by duck and cover drills or Rocky movies to bark and clap like seals properly, at least not for this particular issue.

    • I’ve been driving around the inland NW a lot lately scouting places to relocate to. As a result I’ve been casually doing a “bumper sticker poll”. I’ve seen a few cars with those stupid yellow and blue flag stickers and invariably it’s a youngish Goodwhite at the wheel. Actually the vehicle alone is usually a giveaway, either a Tesla, a hybrid, or some preposterous “outdoorsy” model. The people I’ve actually met and talked to are Boomerish or GenX realtor/banker types or are the owners of the Air B&Bs we’ve stayed at. These are the people who tend to be in the Chamber of Commerce, the school board, and were big supporters of Bush and his crusades in the ME. They seem totally uninterested in supporting any kind of aggression towards Russia but are reluctant to support them either.

      As for being aware of their situation I would give an “F” grade to all age groups though. People of all cohorts still seem to think the reserves of money to waste on frivolous foreign adventures are as vast as, well as vast as the gas fields of Russia.

      Still the global situation amazes me overall. You have a “global hegemon” in the form of the US. We are a nation with no industrial base (apart from the one we maintain by proxy in China, one of our enemies!), our energy industry lies crippled, not by war or natural disaster but by our own corrupt leadership. Our workforce is increasingly a moronic bunch of illiterate drug addicts who don’t know which way a bolt tightens and our main armed forces are drawn from this. Nonetheless, whether it’s war or technology the world still thinks the US is the “strong horse”. Or maybe I just see things through the US media lens. This is probably what happens before any major historical correction. The floodwaters keep rising and yet people keep piling the sandbags up just as fast until one day they can’t anymore and the water overtops and then quickly tears the levees down.

  13. Ukraine Allows Farmland Sales For First Time Since Independence

    The land market opened on July 1, more than a year after Ukrainian lawmakers passed a law lifting the ban on sales, as required to receive a loan from the International Monetary Fund. Ukraine farmland is being sold off to international investors. I’ve read elsewhere 3/4 has been sold away already. The war would depress prices so our favorite investors can get a better deal.

    The Ukrainian are literally fighting for nothing.

  14. …”Everything is a grift and no grift is too bloody or monstrous”…
    That is indubitably true, but the thing is – for all but the true psychopath – the first time grifter will find the bloodiness to be monstrous and recoil, or at least feel some remorse. However, the next time it’s not so monstrous, and as practice makes perfect, remorse decreases as the allure of the rewards increase. Killing Ukes and Russians is good practice for the Ruling Elite – as was Covid mania. Should be few, if any Elite qualms when it comes to freezing and / or starving – or extermination by what ever means – dirt people close to home or where ever they may be found.

  15. Being locked in your house, warm and fed is one thing. Freezing in the dark while you starve and go bankrupt paying for what energy you can obtain is another. Maybe old Horst pulls on the marching boots, while whistling “Erika” this time.

    • I heard that in Germany they are preparing the school auditoriums and local libraries to accept people for overnight occupancy during nighttime freezing episodes. That’s what they do here for the bums whenever the temp’s are predicted to reach freezing overnight. 🙁

      • Practice on bums so accepting ‘people’ is not a problem. Bums are people after all…or is it vice versa?

        • Not a slight on bums intended, they certainly deserve to have their otherwise harsh lives made a bit better. Regardless of my current philosophy, it is an ingrained Christian doctrinal thing for me.

          What it is occurring—as you’ve astutely noted and I attempt to comment upon—is the degradation of a proud people by their overlords. These people were once independent and now through no fault of there own…

      • Excuse me–that should be homeless persons. That sort of language is not who we are.

      • Compsci: Yes, and they’ve already turned off many public lights – makes the immivaders’ raping and rampaging much easier. They’ve also turned down the temperature in the heated pools – so hopefully fewer German women and children will go there to be harassed.

        Also saw these two comments (so no way to verify if they are true in particular or true in the larger sense) at a YT channel this morning:

        I am in Denmark and I just checked up on fire wood. Last year we paid 350 USD for 1.8 m3. Today 900 USD for the same type and amount.

        It’s the same kind of increase here in Germany. If you can find it at all…

        • Fuel and lube prices are about $50 per cubic yard higher than last year, assuming you are felling bucking and splitting with power equipment.
          Wait till you see split & cured prices when you have to chop and split with hand tools!

        • Just before we left Spain earlier this month, the government decreed no business could turn their thermostat below 80 degrees. I’m sure this winter it’ll be no higher than, say 60-65. The creatures who supposedly “rule” these (and our) countries absolutely have to go. What line crossed will finally cause the people to rise?

          • I am a Spanish guy. Spanish people (from Spain, Europe) are morons. Full stop. They are the most virtue-signaling, most naive, most progressive beings in the multiverse. They make Europe seem conservative and down-to-earth. All their life is repeating progressive slogans designed for 14-year-olds.

            I voted with my feet more than 20 years ago.. Now the country is unliveable if you have two neurons. I have left parents and sisters in this sea of insanity. My sister complains every day.

            However, our ancestors were different. We were great, very sane people who conquered the world before being infected by the progressive virus.

      • I wonder how German homes will fare. They minimally heat areas like bathrooms. My guess is they will have some frozen pipes to worry about.

  16. Off topic, but:

    “The people who made tens of billions on a dangerous, experimental vaccine are not going to blink at sacrificing tens of thousands”

    I remember earlier you weren’t completely against vaccines. You basically said they are useless, but not deadly, and if it’s forced, it’s a choice you have to make if you want it or want to give up your job etc. Why the sudden change in opinion on them?

    I’m still unvaxxed btw.

    • Same re vax status, but to be fair the initial round was a wildcard. Anyone who took the boosters afterwards though, well, Darwin.

      The biggest tell even before the CDC and NIH started to back away (although still from time to time forgetting the day’s script and encouraging vaccination), was when Denmark straight up outlawed giving the vaccines to anyone under 18. Things soon began to unravel thereafter.

      • Initial round was no wildcard.

        Clear as day that this mRNA concoction was as big a lie as covid, floyd, russian bots, and trannies.

        • The IRT examples, though, only happened when the vaxxes failed to prevent disease or transmission. At that point the uselessness was beyond dispute.

          • Dude, there was no “disease” as you seem to understand.

            Hospitals were NEVER overrun; they were empty except for dancing nurses. No higher all causes mortality. People who had “covid” describe it as same as a cold or flu.

            All those videos from Italy or wherever with people dead in street were FAKE.

            The plandemic was made to steal election and steal wealth and terrorize.

            Blacks and antifa can burn down the country without masks because racism is a public health crisis.

            And then to take a first time ever kind of “vaccine” for this fake disease? Get the fuck out of here.

        • When the middle aged dude in a trench coat (and nothing else) gets out of the windowless van with “free candy” spraypainted on the side, you dont need a phd in biochemistry to not take what he’s offering.

          What part of “they want you dead and think its funny” did you mudblood vaxxers not understand?

        • My question from about day 1 of the vax “approval” was:
          “Why have the CEO’s of Big Pharma wasted untold billions of dollars on ten year approval processes for every vaccine over the past thirty years when a start-up company that had never brought a drug to market could slap one together in five months?”

          • I have to say I’ve been basically flabbergasted over all the friends and family who dutifully ran as fast as they could to get the vax (and boosters). For me, after watching the media and feds lie about Trump day in and day out for four years – now I’m going to believe them about a supposedly “extinction” event virus and further line up for some concoction with absolutely zero long term testing as to efficacy or safety? F NO. It’s been a real eye opener for sure.

      • Them: “We have this mRNA vaccine.”

        Me: “Huh. That sounds almost like a synthetic virus. A bioweapon could be produced the same way, and the nasty bug/fake plague is going to have people stampeding to get shot up with this substance. I don’t trust it.”

        • Put yourself in the place of someone whose goal is to kill a lot of people and lower the population. What would be the smart way to do it?

          Start a hot war, guns blazing, concentration camps, blood and guts.


          make people believe there is a terrible disease and they WILLINGLY BEG AND THANK YOU for a perfectly legal vax/kill shot?

          • A few months ago, I clicked on a YouTube link that had a video of a French diplomat from the early 2000s I think.
            He was being interviewed regarding reducing the world population. (Sorry, don’t remember the context).

            He was rather flippant and casual as he related that the only way to do that would be to have people willingly take a fatal drug. All with a smile on his face.

            If anyone knows how to access it, it’s a jaw dropper.

      • Have to disagree re the initial vax round. Too many red flags:
        (1) Government really pushing it/forcing it
        (2) Rushed, short, or not existent trials
        (3) Bad mRNA track record
        (4) Poopooing/silencing existing effective safe cheap treatment (Ivermectin)
        (6) No real death data on the COVID itself – just seemed to be a scary name for flu (which itself magically disappeared)
        (7) Pfizer and Moderna
        (8) Huge financial incentives for Pharma and Healthcare
        (9) So dangerous you might not even have symptoms or realize you have it (wtf ???)

        Given that and more, a reasonably intelligent person should have seen through it.

    • “When the facts change, I change my mind. What do you do madam”—JM Keynes. I’m fairly close to the employer group life business. The numbers are a shit show. Something is causing mortality way above actuarial predicted norms—in the single most predictable population—healthy working young adults with full access to insured health care. It’s not explainable by simple missed doctors visits for a year or so.

      • Hearing this and things like this.

        Are we anywhere near a point where insurers have to raise premiums in response? Do the insurers have an interest in obscuring the reasons for such a hike?

        (All of this is why Morgoth and Woes were right and remain right to keep the focus on the plague regimes still being erected across the West.)

        • I’d think premiums should go down if people are dying in their primes of Suddenly, but I’m sure they’ll raise them on some BS and the sheep will buy it. Because higher costs signify tragedy or some feelz garbage like that.

          • With that said, I’m waiting to see what happens to cancer rates over the next couple of years. All bets off if the expected consequences of compromised immune systems come to pass.

          • I might think the opposite. If you were counting on premium streams from young and healthy those streams disappear with their deaths.

          • Guess I was thinking long term. Older people consume more healthcare, and if life expectancy drops, you know. Then again, if Suddenly cancer becomes a thing that’s a different story. Of course this all assumes health insurance is actually insurance, which is very debatable.

            It’s a racket in any case 🙂

        • You got it, cancer’s going to explode.

          What was that, “something something, cancer is one of the largest industries…?”

          • Already is, according to the dissident (Covid-19) press. Exhibit A: the massive jumps in certain ailments (including cancers) the whistleblowers claimed happened in 2021 in the military. Feb. 2022: DoD claims they found a “glitch” in DMED database. Heart disorders (myo- and pericarditis), cancers, reproductive, autoimmune and misc. problems.

            The near total willful blindness and denial of the issues is dismaying. Some places run PSAs claiming that young children and healthy adults having heart issues or dropping dead is not at all unusual. Yeah, right. Or that gardening, shoveling snow, or (most recently) tiny traces of industrial chemical in rainwater, are causing the odd deaths.

          • I said over a year ago, that the key to a broad understanding and debunking of the vaccine and lock down fiasco would lie in the “all causes” death statistics.

            You don’t need to know whether or not fully vaxxed Joe Normie died of cancer, or heart disease or stroke (blood clot). Indeed, such even obfuscates the issue—you just need to know *he’s dead* and his death is most likely of all causes correlated to the vaccine and lock down.

            Such is coming out *all over the world*. Of course, few main stream media carries such. But the scientific papers are being published and the stat’s are horrific. Keep watching.

            Here’s another prediction. The excess deaths *will exceed* the deaths caused by Covid in most all age cohorts—most apparent in younger cohorts and less so in older cohorts.

      • Yeah, and it’s always “died suddenly of unknown causes”. BS – young or even middle aged people don’t die like this, just keeling over. Maybe cancer or car accident or something – not strokes, heart attacks etc. At some point the evidence and numbers are going to be so obvious and massive, even the dimmest bulb will see the truth.

    • I’m not vaxxed, but I resent being called an anti-vaxxer, down the years I have taken God knows how many vaccines, one a year for the flu for example, what I refuse to take is experimental medicine of any kind. the covid vaccines were rushed to market without proper trials, and people were happy to test that shit, and they call me the fool, welcome to clown world

      And then the government start passing restrictive laws against me, well at that point I double down. FU I WON’T DO WHAT YOU TELL ME

      If I wanted to take part in a medical testing, I’d sign up for it, and expect to be well paid

      I didn’t vote or consent to any of the covid BS

      • So what your saying is if the G handed you a revolver with one round in the carousel, and said you should put it in your mouth and pull the trigger cause “don’t you love grandma”, you wouldn’t?

        Trust the science you conspiracy theorist!!

    • The problem has always been the particular age cohort you are in. That and the compounding of two other factors, disease variant and improvement in understanding of non-vaccine treatment therapy. All of these were moving targets.

      I too am unvaxxed, but recommended vaccination for old folk cohorts and the co-morbidity crowd. However, it became increasingly clear the even in the oldest cohorts, you did not obtain a benefit exceeding risk from Covid, so I withdrew my recommendation publicly as has Z-man. This is not a fault, it is what higher intellect people do when confronted with overwhelming evidence.

      Both you and I rolled the dice wrt vaccine rejection (if you are an oldster). We won. I’ve announced here and to anyone else interested that I caught Covid twice. I’ve had worse colds. Nonetheless, I don’t fault people who fell for the grift early on as the were mostly rubes. I do think those pushing the grift today, need to be stood against a wall.

      • A cursory read of the pre-coof clinical trials on the same technology platform should have been enough to reject it. The technology was nowhere in humans.

        The only prophylactic candidate in phase 1 in 2018 was a rabies vaccine (which never made it to p2 afaik) – oh and 1 patient in that developed bells palsy.

        The rest were still in animal trials.

        • Further, anyone who looks into the few attempts to conduct a general investigation into vaccine and the impacts over time and across the hold swath of 30 shots in children will have cause to be suspicious of any vaccination. It’s just like Roundup studies. They showed “Glyphosate” was safe, and that was the only active ingredient! Thus, Roundup safe. Of course, we later learn that the solvents to penetrate the waxy leaf surface are poison, but it wasn’t active.
          SIDs is real. Babies just stop breathing. Has anyone ever thought how weird of an idea that is? Babies just stop breathing. But do you think a study has ever really gone in and studied the effect of not just one shot, but the dozen or whatever they give at one time?
          Look, I was vaxxed, and I am okay (granted a lot fewer than they have nowadays). But I trust no advent in the field, and the proliferation should make anyone reconsider their views in support of vaccines.
          Further, beyond the fruitlessness of inoculating against the common cold (due to its mutation – you know, the reason it is the common cold – really billions of viruses with similar symptoms), and the lack of efficacy of mRNA in cattle, the idea of unintended consequences, injecting genetic material directly into our bodies, is horrifying.
          Any doctor or pharmacist who claims we know how the body works is a fraud. These are the same people who said for thirty years that depression is a chemical imbalance.

          • During the shutdown of “routine pediatric maintenance”- that is, toddlers getting their vaccinations- SIDS came to a complete halt.

          • Eloi: Generally share your opinion re vaccines. I had all the required ones as a kid, a few more for life overseas. My children got theirs as well. But . . . White Europeans aren’t dying in droves from Diphtheria etc., and they give their children far fewer vaccines than modern Americans. From what I’ve read, they’re now proposing combining various required childhood vaccines and utilizing mRNA technology for those as well.

            I would be EXTREMELY cautious about vaccinating young children today.

        • Trumpton, I happened to read the clinical trials as published—at least for Pfizer. The Fed’s lied about the trials, especially wrt the vaccines as being a preventative for Covid. The clinical use label, taken from the published study, specifically states that a vaccine recipient *can* contract Covid. Only that folks inoculated have better morbidity results—and those were not studied long enough, as clearly outlined in the published data. Nor were boosters ever tested properly, the assumption being if you survived the first inoculation, you were good to go for a booster.

          Not a supporter of big Pharma, indeed they are complicate through their silence, however the Fed’s politicized this disease and they really are the direct cause of our calamity. Big Pharma made the gun, the Fed’s used it on the innocent for their own political aspirations.

          A good delve into the Fed’s corruption can be found in Scott Atlas’ book about his dealings on the medical advisory committee to Trump.

        • I read (and don’t doubt) that the upcoming “bivalent” booster was tested in eight mice 😀

          But seriously folks, if you have any lingering faith in the integrity of the medical industry or its alleged “regulators,” may I suggest that you are sorely mistaken.

      • Last week my mother had covid, or at least the tests said she had covid, all she seemed to have was a sore throat, a week later she’s back to normal, meh, not much of a virus IMO, she’s 73 and in good shape

        The strange one for me is why I didn’t catch the dose myself yet, my mother was vaxxed and got the booster, same as my brother, and both caught covid, it seems to be similar at work, many of the people who took the jab, still got sick, but lads like me, zero problems so far

        I made great money doing overtime for vaxxed co workers who still got sick, thats my silver lining, but I still think its 90% BS, and since I hate lies more than anything, I hate branch covidians with the intensity of a trillion Suns

        • Most likely by this point the virus has mutated down to low lethality and is indistinguishable from a normal cold.

          Evolutionary success for viruses is getting you to wipe boogers on other people, not killing you.

          • That is what respiratory viruses tend to do: become less lethal; it doesn’t pay to kill off one’s hosts. Most highly fatal diseases are primarily transmitted by water or a parasite. The victim is “collateral damage” to the pathogen, not directly required for its propagation.

            Another tantalizing “conspiracy theory” is that the Omicron variant was a “white hat” deliberate release. The argument is that it has “too many” mutations to have been a work of nature. This is certainly possible, since in the opinion of many, the “original” SARS-CoV-2 came from a lab*.

            *It’s quite understandable that no one especially wants to take credit for this. Regardless of the virus’s provenance, it’s no exaggeration to say that it’s caused (more accurately: hastened) millions of deaths, caused illness and economic damage on a scale perhaps only exceeded by WW I or II.

          • Ben, I hate to keep commenting behind informative and accurate readings such as your posting, but I can’t help it.

            Regardless of the “conspiracy” theory of the present Covid epidemic as an engineered virus— escaped or deliberately released, there has been a surprising lack of inquiry into the *admission* that millions of dollars is spent in research grants to labs attempting to “enhance” viruses.

            Gain of function research they call it. WTF? How in the hell is that even justified under moral or international law? There should be an outcry so loud, it makes certain folk quack in their beds. But all we hear is crickets.

    • There’s more data on them now than before, and the data are more easily verified. Z has made it clear in the past that he doesn’t feel the need to do a hot take on everything the instant it becomes news, and that when there are conflicting factual claims about subjects, he prefers to wait and see. Obviously, he’s waited for a while, and now he sees more clearly.

    • I didn’t take it (hello, NSA) but I never bought the Alex Jones line about mass sterilization/euthanasia. Our elites don’t ever manage something on that scape — if they could, would already have taken place, I’m sure. Their m.o. is more like picayune pump-and-dump schemes, the art of fakery they each learned by college years at the latest; and I think the government-blessed vax product on offer, that apparently doesn’t do anything one way or another, and certainly nothing to slow infections, fits into that short-term profiteering mindset. It is possible all the other health probs, myocardial etc., have some alternative etiology that is masked by the weirdness of the past 2 years, maybe environmental despoliation or something similarly routinely corrupt-capitalist and anticlimactic.

      Incidentally I think the underlying reason DJT irks them so is that he doesn’t put a lot of well-bred effort into his flim-flam. Conversely this is why working class respect him as an entertainer, the occupation to whom protecting their political interests falls, no statesmen or generals being readily available any more.

  17. There’s a Hitler-in-the-bunker quality to it. He started out aiming to conquer the USSR, and ended up commanding non-extant armies as Berlin fell.

    Perhaps likewise, the dream of re-conquering Russia, to an independent western Ukraine (an old homeland?), to whatever happens now. Z makes a good case all that’s left is the looting.

    Definitely likewise in America. When criminals lose power, all that’s left is the looting. Soon to be turning on each other and trying to worm out of Justice’s grasp, if I had to guess.

  18. Good post by Z-man, as usual. I have a few thoughts. Yesterday the Ukrainians launched a counter offensive with the stated goal of recapturing Kherson. The Russians claim to have inflicted heavy losses on the attacking forces and that the gains were purely local. If the Ukrainian attack succeeds in its objectives, it will be a big morale booster for the Ukrainians and may spoil Russian plans for a fall campaign to capture Odessa, which was one of their options. If it fails, it may lead to even more discontent within the Ukrainian military which is likely to increasingly believe that they are being sacrificed to no good purpose.

    The Ukrainians may not have withdrawn from the Donbass to more defensible positions, because their positions in the Donbass may be the most defensible they have. Fixed fortifications can, nevertheless, eventually be overcome, especially if the forces occupying them lack the means to throw back gains by the other side once those gains have been made. Being attacked from the rear is always disconcerting.

    The Russians have shown, in my opinion and in that of retired Colonel Douglas MacGregor, incredible restraint in not targeting the western (NATO, US) personnel and systems that are aiding the Ukraininans. There has to be pressure within factions of the Kremlin to blind US satellites and target the known locations of US and NATO personnel and hang the consequences. My biggest worry in all of this is that the west will intervene, suffer a stinging defeat by the Russians, and try to retrieve the situation with one or more tactical nuclear weapons. That coud escalate into a strategic nuclear exchange with tens or hundreds of millions dead.

    Here in France the prime minister announced yesterday that the government is considering electricity rationing this winter. The west is governed by fools and ignoramuses.

    • ” My biggest worry in all of this is that the west will intervene, suffer a stinging defeat by the Russians, and try to retrieve the situation with one or more tactical nuclear weapons. That coud escalate into a strategic nuclear exchange with tens or hundreds of millions dead.”

      If the folks in D.C. and London thought they could survive a nuclear war and profit from it, this would have happened. It truly is a miracle we haven’t had a nuclear holocaust so far because the Rump West is perfectly capable of such an atrocity.

      My biggest concern is that this winter Macron, Scholz, Rutte, Truss/whatever and the gang will feel the need to do something, do anything, to redirect the NPC anger toward Russia again. This will be a very dangerous six or seven months.

      • Think Goebbel’s “Totaler Kreig” speech, but incredibly fake and gay.

        I’m holding out no hope whatsoever that Europeans will do anything other than meekly accept whatever fresh hell their masters in Brussels have cooked up for the winter. That does not apply to the various “Europeans” named Muhammad, Mehmet or Mbubwe, who are not gelded, good little subjects.

        • Based on the Pavlovian response to Covid, I tend to agree. The Covid obedience, though, didn’t involve cold and hunger. I look at this winter in Europe as an additional test to see how far populations can be pushed and brutalized. Germans put up with lots of outright starvation in the immediate aftermath of WWI, so that’s a historical example.
          As for Muhammed and Aisha, look for the Europeans governments to redirect resources their way for that very reason. I read today (I know, I know) the United States is increasing money allocated to invader stipends due to increased food costs, and Juan and Juanita don’t have nearly the violent streaks of their Mideastern brethren.

          The actual wildcard here is whether far more deaths occur as reactions to Covid. I’m fairly convinced there are military contingencies in hand already because even cucked Westerners will not take kindly to their sons and daughters being murdered. I think.

    • Funny how they tried to shitcan Col. MacGregor from the media at the outset. One of the few guys still around that had real experience in combined arms maneuver warfare at the tactical command level. Read his books if you haven’t already. He pissed in a lot of cornflakes in the Pentagon, hence they gave him the full bird promotion and suggested he retire years ago.

  19. I honestly think the neocons just want to blow everything up in Ukraine and make some money off of it. Zelensky made sure all the neocons were evacuated at the beginning of the war and he will probably bail out soon. Remember, Ukraine is basically the Pale of Settlement where most of the pogroms occurred, so neocons have a long history with Ukrainians and probably hate them more than Russians. Divide and conquer, make the place inhabitable, kill a lot of old enemies on both sides, and walk away counting money. Win/win for the neocons.

    • My read, too. The Tribe gets a freshly depopulated country to claim, the MIC gets lots of arms sales, the pirates get to launder money, Europe gets weakened for some regime change* and they all get to blame the evil Soviet Union for it. If only they hadn’t lost their biowar labs early on… but you can’t have everything.

      *I notice Sri Lanka, after their government collapse, is now going full WEF. What if it was a test run for destabilizing Western Europe’s governments via Ukraine sanctions? No better way to invoke marital law than a war… and those pro-Putin peasants are getting feisty about not freezing to death.

      • Gunner-

        The way Sri Lanka is playing out is hugely disappointing.

        It looks like the entire, “revolution,” was just one big WEF op to get their best possible stooge in place.

    • Perhaps that explains the desperate hold of Donbas.

      Donetsk and Luhansk, the eastern oblasts filled with Russian speakers, were the site of the historical Pale.
      The vengeful zealots can’t be that anal, can they?

    • I’m sure (((they))) haven’t forgotten that the Ukrainian Trawnikis were the whip hand in rounding up the Jews in the Polish ghettos and in Belzec, Sobibor, and Treblinka.

      • Yep, not a conspiracy person, but if I were, I’d assume the region most in line for some payback from WWII atrocities is Ukraine. Hell, I’ve read even the Germans were taken back at the ferocity of the Ukrainians in the endeavor.

  20. I like the underlying theme – what will bring about the collapse of as G. Hood says, The Potomac Regime? Economic calamity – one or more Black Swans ala the Russia Sanctions. These things do go fast.

    On a different thread of the GAE suicide mission, I have been following the Amy Wax purge. It is very refreshing to have someone with intellectual honesty discuss matters of ethnicity and race. I came across a talk she gave at Harvard in ’19. What was interesting was the Q&A session. Many East Asians and South Asians are furious about the ascent of the Black Supremacist Revolution that has taken place.

    One commenter realized/acknowledged that white men are instantly muzzled by guilt by association and that the BS tactic of crying, “racist!”, can’t work on Asians. Wax effectively challenged him when he remarked that Asians are biding their time and someday will be the one to put a stop to the BS project. She basically gave reasons why Asian men are culturally disposed to following the current regime – effectively saying they lack the inner fire and desire for liberty that European men have.

    Where is our champion who can say what we all know to be true and can unite Whites and high performing Asians in beating back what I call the Purge Flank of the Great Replacement? (This is the active project of White Male Replacement in American society) The other flank is the Migrant Replacer Army Flank). It cannot be a politician. That politician will never get elected and will get buried by the media.

    It has to be an oligarch. It has to be someone who is extremely wealthy and if need be can buy their own media and counter it.

    As usual, I meandered. The main thing I wanted to convey was the white pill, that I bore witness to truly elite men who are very aware of and very concerned with the BSR. They openly discussed how it affects their own prospects in terms of internships and open positions. One South Asian man openly named leading men on the Dissident Right and asked Wax to invite them to speak on campus. His desire was that this could pull the discourse rightward and open the eyes of some on campus who dare not speak what their own eyes tell them is true.

    We are pinned down under heavy fire from all directions, and we need, ironically enough, allies. The best option for our sake and for our children’s sake is that one of our own from the elite stands up and leads the way. Short of that, we need some coalition to form and fight this BSR off before the new BandAid section at the pharmacy no longer has even the dark paper bag color as the lightest option.

    I am curious to know what others think about this.

    • I have no direct evidence that you are not sincere, but your style of writing and phrasing sounds a lot like a prepared script of the “Hello fellow dissidents” type.

      • Oh man! I was wondering if my phrasing and style would be a dead giveaway. Well, I’ll give this feedback to my station chief and see if they can prepare something that gives me better cover next time.

          • Looks like someone in the southwest has answered the call and my question. At some point someone has to put aside suspicion and distrust and just fire a shot. Looks there is someone who is finally able and willing to do it.

            I am not in that position to get fired and lose all I have, nor are you Trumpton from what I gather. It speaks to just how pinned down on all sides we are, and how powerful our foe is. That even in anonymous forums people are suspicious, rightfully so, and mistrusting is a bad sign, yet perfectly understandable. I have been clocked at my company, as I am sure everyone else has too.

            Let’s hope yesterday’s rhetorical shot leads to more courage and an environment where there is less suspicion and accusation.

          • “I am not in that position to get fired and lose all I have, nor are you Trumpton from what I gather.”

          • Reality Rules, Trumpton, et al,

            That mutual suspicion works against us is a given; but that it is being used as a weapon against us, well, that is now pretty much an established fact.

            I recall from the days of my callow, yet not entirely clueless, youth words from a song by the Buffalo Springfield:

            “Paranoia strikes deep, into your life it will creep, it starts when you’re always afraid, step outta line the Man comes to take you away.
            I think it’s time to stop, children, what’s that sound, everybody look what’s goin’ down.”

            And now, the intensity and sophistication of the assault, and its ubiquity, is ratcheted way higher than it was back then, so it is perhaps forgiveable that mutual suspicion has attained such sway over our minds. But it can develop into a “purity spiral” of sorts whereby even well intentioned words can be seen as provocative. It is oftimes difficult to tell when they come from a glowie trying to sow dissention, or from a fellow DRer who perceives the situation differently.

          • Gotcha. That wasn’t a, “vague threat.” I was making a point that mistrust is understandable in this environment where livelihoods are under threat.

            You can take that at face value which was the spirit of the comment or you can take it as a threat which it was not meant to be.

            I don’t know who you are or what motivates you. I could just as easily accuse you of being a bad faith actor sewing discord and division by suggesting that I am some sort of a phony or disingenuous forum poster. When I try to build some common ground or basis for understanding you consider it a, “vague threat.”

            I get it. As I said we all have great cause to fear and a lot to lose. That isn’t a threat. It is, in my case, a fact. Maybe that isn’t the case with you so it was a bad attempt at empathizing and creating common ground.

            I have been active on this forum since I discovered it. I am impressed by the quality of the ZMan’s commentary, and the consistent quality of people writing in the forum – whether I agree in whole or in part with their angles and viewpoints. This is my first negative experience here. I assume you mean well, and took your posture out of a desire to run off trolls and infiltrators trumpton. Good on you.

          • For what little it’s worth, the ancient Aryan history vids on youtube are being erased, and replaced with other ethnic supremacy propaganda.

            Galling enough is the Indian crap, due to Google’s Rajneesh CEO; but worse is the the Black Supremacist Revolution gaggle. They are the attack dogs of the Hand That Holds The Knife.

            There are 200 pyramids in the Sudan. These turdlets are claiming that Erectus Africanus built them. That Mother Egypt was Black, that she took her high civilization back to Sub-Saharan Africa to escape the ruin of the blue-eyed devil.

            Hint: no, Africanus Erectus didn’t build those pyramids, and neither did his leash holder. Rewriting history is what they *do*.

          • JerseyJeffersonian –

            You said what I was trying to say way better than I did in my last word on this topic.

            I appreciate your, “let cooler heads prevail”, approach.

        • We admire you for your frankness. 😀

          Seriously guys, have you ever considered that in their efforts to monitor us, we may influence if not win over some of the agents?

          In Spanish Lit, I recall a scene from a movie version of [title forgotten.] Devout monks are gathering prohibited books about to be burnt. One monk tries to smuggle out a volume. An associate stops him. “But it explains the evil of Protestantism!” he pleads. The other says “To describe Protestantism is to spread it.”

        • Shapiro now says that for Republicans to win!! they must abandon the idiot Trump wing.

          Any Klan left there in Tennessee? Giving a shout-out to you lads.

          • Dump the Trump wing and the GOP will be left with half a feather. That could be a good thing long term.

        • Alzaebo –

          I did not realize that the history videos are being taken off of YouTube. It strikes me that we have a major dilemma in terms of our retreat.

          Retreat to the suburbs in the 70s is now retreat into specific states. Our history and culture is bound up in the Universities and owners of the source documents and archeological artifacts.

          It is one thing to make Wakanda films and perform people replacement with characters and legends – which is bad enough given that who and how history and myth is transmits shapes the next generation. If there is a retreat from the University and the Museum, assuming they haven’t already been purged, then whoever does the retreating better take the truth with them.

          This is too bleak to contemplate.

          • I shared this link yesterday (learned via the Bret Weinstein “DarkHorse” latest podcast):


            Mind you, this is now the official policy at Nature and its specialist journals. This isn’t some random woke web site: this is one of the premier scholarly journals in the world. Journals always had every right to choose what was fit to publish. But now we’ve entered a post-reality era: scientific truths that might injure a group are to be censored if not banned outright. Of course, this means injury by the radical beliefs now in fashion. Articles may be modified or retracted even post publication.

            Will that include the purging of older articles from years ago that fly in the face of current dogma? Probably so.

            Of course the problem of burning books, airbrushing history and the like is an ancient tool of totalitarians. But when it becomes the official editorial policy of “respectable” journals…?

    • Alzaebo –

      I want to make one last point on this. What do the white elites think is going to happen to their progeny when they have replaced real history, our history, the ones who recorded what they wrote by their actions, by elevating a fiction?

      The moral cowardice and lack of foresight is astounding.

        • A remarkably good point. Exactly what I meant to convey, and thanks for catching it so well.

          Yesterday, was brought up the meaninglessness of modern America.

          I counter that we were on our way to creating another high wave of Euro civilization, filled with frontiers, adventure, heroes, daring deeds, impossible odds, astounding invention.

          We gave all of that up to pursue the picayune dreams of venal lessers. They have naught but false histories and false promises.

          To know that this is the third time, at least, our People have left a global footprint, breaking the endless dull repetitions of the rest, is scant comfort.

          So much is lost! So many bright moments! So mighty is the labor of the universe to keep alive a few scarce candles.

          Such scale is impractical. But I remind myself of it each day; I cannot help but burn within, pursuing that of which I cannot speak.

          Each small act, thought, or breath, no matter how small, is a blow against the darkness. Of Vishnu against Shiva.

          Know that all you witness is retained; what all here share, learning together, is not truly lost.

          Fight to the last breath, and be glad for the chance!

        • Reality Rules: What is going to happen to your progeny when you cohabit with your east and southern Asian ‘allies’? There is no question they chafe against nogger worship and affirmative action. There is equally no question they are primarily concerned with the opportunities and future of their own people, and if that were better enhanced by siding with the ruling elite and the noggers, they would do so in a heartbeat.

          I am not onboard with seeking non-White allies, neither “high performing Asians” or “South Asians” who supposedly support genuine White dissidents.

          • Fair enough. Note that I lament that no white person with power and a far reaching platform is going to stand up and say what needs to be said, and say it with force. That changed yesterday with masters. I didn’t think a politician would risk it, and that it would have to be a business person. Hopefully this is an initial spark, and not a single flair.

            As for non-whites, the Black Supremacist Revolution and Affirmative Action is ultimately the enemy of any person who is embracing merit. It seems foolish not to work with people who want to abolish Affirmative Action and who are opposed to this BSR and to the invasion at our border.

            In the list of priorities a strong and firm no with the support of as many as possible is what is needed. It seems to me to be the height of folly to refuse assistance from people on the same side of an issue with you.

            The BQ must be dealt with. It is the top priority. The remaining questions are not so simple. I am not convinced of the ethno state. I haven’t heard how it would work out in practice. Where are the white Americans who will replace the many skilled doctors, engineers, programmers … of Asian descent? The threat to us for the time being is not skilled and elite level people. It is the barbaric hordes who every day increase in number in the US and Europe.

            Strategic thinking and discipline in applying tactics was a hallmark of when our civilization was functioning at its highest. Had Rome refused to employ Gauls for centuries as its best calvary, they would not have been an empire, and would likely have been crushed by Carthage. Had they not been shrewd in making alliances, they would have never ruled. If that is your goal, I suggest seeing what time it is. Accept help when there is an upper hand and you have a chance to keep it. It is unwise to wait until you are weakened to a point that you are desperate to forge alliances from your knees than when on your own two feet.

            Deal with the BSR and the BQ first. Then if there is a next battle, take it on when you have consolidated your gains.

            That is my $.02. The anger at the BSR and AA is cresting. I care not the makeup of who is sick of it – only that they are ready to join in and deal this enemy lethal blows.

          • Allies are different from enemies. Don’t make enemies. We must find a way to make a united front, but not at the expense of being a unifying force for others to exploited.

    • Indians are short, ugly, brown, and have an unrelenting lust for white women. They could only ever be resentful of whites. Not only that, but their culture is known for being obsequious to your face and then stabbing you in the back at the first opportunity.

      With an ally like that, who needs enemies?

  21. We have been too affluent for too long. Normie has been addicted to the Comfort First Imperative for decades now and as a result has become very fat and lethargic from drinking beer and sitting on the couch ranting with O’Reilly, Hannity, and now Carlson. He literally cannot get off his knees anymore, hence the malaise and docility.

    But all of this will change in a heartbeat when normie has gone 3 days without a meal and half his neighbors are dead from complications related to taking the Pfizer mRNA jab. He will grab his hunting rifle and waddle over to his oversized pickup with the intent of heading to DC and “this time getting it right.” And he will be joined along the way by many like him. Their macho bravado will grow with the length of the caravan that forms.

    And the fate of these men will be similar to that in Ukraine where a few hundred thousand good men have already died, been grievously wounded, or now suffer permanent concussive brain injury. The Cloud People have been preparing for this scenario for a long time and will revel in the mutual slaughter as citizen soldiers collide with LEOs and NGs on the outskirts of DC. Die alphas die, they will sing in delight. And when the smoke clears, it will be time for the arrival of the Jackboots to mop things up.

    But it doesn’t have to be this way. There is a better option.

    • “We have been too affluent for too long.”

      Who’s going to volunteer to give it up first?

      Also, there is as near a zero chance as statistically possible for a patriot uprising happening at all, let alone succeeding.

      Really, I don’t think the problem is wealth. It’s 75 years of TV and radio along with public education and now the internet. People’s minds are incapable of resisting. There has also been 60 years of systematic attack of every institution in America. 60 years of anti-White laws.

      • The other problem is feminism.

        The rising testosterone in woman has reduced it in men. And ever since welfare supported single moms, I believe more women have selected for children with much inferior men.

        It’s just been a perfect shit-storm ever since great society, civil rights, Nam, and feminism.

        • I agree. But I also think feminism is just another symptom of radio, TV, public education and the systematic attack on our institutions.

          • Tars: And the systematic attack on our institutions, along with the anti-White bigotry and the radical feminism, all share a common ancestry . . . which did not originate in England in particular or Europe in general.

        • Both decades of the 60’s in our (former) country’s history have been unmitigated disasters.

      • “Who’s going to volunteer to give it up first?”

        It’s not going to be optional. Affluence will disappear with rising inflation, shortages, and the middle class spending all of their income on housing, fuel, and food (and many going into debt because their income won’t even cover this). You will see this happen first in the Third World, then Europe, and finally arrive in the US sometime next year.

        And a few days without a meal will in fact drive people to protest in the streets and eventually riot. The big cities will become cauldrons of violence and mayhem. But a lot of people will bury their head in the sand and tell themselves that we will muddle through once again, so no worries.

        The accumulated deadweight is going to begin dying off by virtue of the Pfizer vaccine, big city melees, and gang/militia attacks. This will become the fog of chaos.

      • I found this passage recently in a 1947 book that examined literature during the 1930’s. It’s an excerpt from the book Where Life Is Better, An Unsentimental Journey by avowed communist James Rorty. It was published in 1936 and detailed his experiences traveling America during the Hoover administration, a time when there was widespread belief that the snowballing economic crisis would sort itself out if simply left alone.

        “I encountered nothing in 15,000 miles of travel that disgusted and appalled me so much as this American addiction to make believe. Apparently, not even empty bellies can cure it. Of all the facts I dug up, none seemed so significant or so dangerous as the overwhelming fact of our lazy, irresponsible, adolescent inability to face the truth or tell it.”

        Perhaps there’s something beyond the gynocracy, the mass media, and even full stomachs that drives our complacency? This may have been the bitter lament of a Communist whose expectations of a proletarian revolution had been dashed, but he was still observing the same tendencies we identify, and this before all of the maladies mentioned in these comments.

        • Out of the disappointment with the proletariat as a seedbed of The Revolution arose Gramsci’s notion of the necessity for the March Through the Institutions; i.e., the revolutionary fraction, the vanguard if you will, to tirelessly work to seize the commanding heights of the society in as many areas as possible. Only then, could The Revolution become actuated.

          This strategy, in conjunction with the corruptability and greed inherent in human nature found abundantly in sociopaths, has eventuated to where we find ourselves today. With all of the tools available to persuade the persuadable, and beyond that to drive the balance of the herd to compliance, willing or not, it is a witches’ brew of evil.

        • The complacency is caused by living in a mass society. People can’t process thousands, let alone million of people.

          People were meant to live in small, related tribes. Kinship trust. Now people’s neighbors are complete strangers; you don’t know who they are or what they believe.

          How could Normies possibly band together?

  22. “why are the Ukrainians doing what they are doing in this war.”

    The Ukrainians are not independent actors. The ruled class does what they are told by authority until the latter has been thoroughly delegitimized and when fear of the consequences of not obeying authority exceeds fear of the consequences of obeying authority. Local Ukrainian ruling class are indigenous colonial administrators of the GAE who are well paid by the internationalists to keep their ruled class obedient.

    “Logic says they should have withdrawn from the Donbas to more defensible positions.”

    While the Z-man is certainly correct in pointing out the anti-Russian angle to what passes for Ukrainian operational strategy, the disproportionate (relative to the rest of Ukraine) fertile farmlands, industry, expansive coal and natural gas deposits, and power generation in the Donbass owned by local oligarchs also plays a role. These oligarchs, who are overwhelmingly Jewish, could care less about the Ukraine as a country worth preserving if they can’t maintain possession of the titles to the property they stole after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Ukrainian strategy is therefore the result of a confluence of interests of the local oligarch grifters and their more cosmopolitan brethren, the globalists.

    • Yeah, the “oligarchs”. A new word almost as popular as “gravitas”. During the Soviet era all real estate and capital was owned by the state. After Communism’s expiration date this property had to be disposed of. To whom would it go? They could have raffled it all off or used the land as prizes in hockey tournaments. Maybe just give it to the poorest and most unattractive Slavs. But, somehow, movers and shakers ended up with it. Very odd.

      • The State properties *were* distributed to the masses as recommended by American economists. What happened was that the common folk sold their shares for a bowl of porridge and the control of the institutions fell to the “oligarchs”. Putin put the worse on trial and retrieved some State control back for the major essential things like fossil fuels. If IRC.

      • But the way you characterized this time and the actions taken was not how it was staged, and staged it was. The Harvard boys, Jeffrey Sachs (now engaged in covering his ass for his part in The Operation via his recent limited hangout on the Vaxx), leading the attack, you forgot that part. And guess into whose hands the spoils just serendipitously fell? Wonder why?

  23. A bug as well as a feature of Western societies is the comfort and affluence of a society comes at the price of any real spiritual devotion to any higher cause, whether is be God, Country, or one’s own people. The weird western tranny obsession is almost an anti-cause, as there is nothing life-affirming or transcendent about it.

    It works great when everyone is just as demoralized and spiritually dead as everyone else, but becomes a huge problem when there’s a real external existential threat. Ukraine hasn’t gone full west, but the spiritual decay is enough where, even if they have enough weapons for a million man army, there aren’t a million men willing to fight, and who can blame them?

    Would go as far as to say within 10 years, our military will be so spiritually dead no amount of expensive gadgets will save it. Heck, look at the Artemis flop as exhibit A of what happens when a high IQ but demoralized people simply try to reproduce the victories of the past.

    • “A bug as well as a feature of Western societies is the comfort and affluence of a society comes at the price of any real spiritual devotion to any higher cause, whether is be God, Country, or one’s own people.”

      Yes, but that same affliction, the lack of any real spiritual devotion to any higher cause describes our main competitors, no? China? Russia?

      Must say though, the Moslems countries don’t seem to suffer this handicap. Allahu Akbar! Once Muslems replace the indigenous population – problem solved.

    • I believe one thing the Ukrainian conflict is showing is that our “secret super weapons” are not meant for a diverse army as we (US and others) are producing. It takes quite a bit of intelligence and lengthy training to use these weapons effectively. Hence the suspicion that these weapons are really being directed and manned by the US and NATO in the Ukrainian field. I believe they’ve been called “third party operatives”, but a “merc” by any other name…

  24. Two more factors. European economic collapse will hit us. They won’t be able to buy our exports, slamming our industries.

    And the collapse in the Global South will send tens of millions more refugees through our Southern border.

  25. Nobody cares enough about Ukrainie to get Joe Normie riled up when it fails. Indeed, I’ve already seen the narrative forming to turn the failure into a success.

    Noticed a few pundits talking about how Putin has failed already. Stories lie and say that his original goal was the conquest of all of Ukrainie. Therefore, if he only takes the Donbas and a few other parts of Ukrainie, he failed.

    Neocons also say that Europe is weening itself off of Russian gas, whichever will “devastate” it’s economy long term.

    That will be the narrative. The neocons will say that Russia lost both militarily and economically. It’s BS, but the media will write it as gospel.

    The real question is why the Ukrainians are willing to sacrifice themselves in such numbers.

    • To me, the Ukraine is unique in that it has something of the master race mythology that a certain central European country tried about 90 years ago. The whole Banderite movement was even nuttier than in the other country if only because Ukrainians are a people among others who are no different. They have no real country, Ukraine means borderlands nothing more and the people there are just generic Slavs, genetically 99% the same as other Slavs.

      They’ve been marinated in their false mythology for so long that they know nothing else. I’m afraid that those people will have to be killed and scattered through the world to ever have peace in the Ukraine. That’s harsh but that may be the only way. Thanks CIA for all their support of the Ukrainian resistance after the war. I think I’ve read that even Germans were sickened by Banderite actrocities during the war.

    • The “Ukrainians” are willing to sacrifice themselves like you are willing to support child grooming and jogger welfare: because if they dont report to the draft office or you dont pay your taxes, men with guns come to your family and make it happen.
      We are serfs, dirt people, held at them mercy of the cloudpeople’s whims (and their well armed running dog badge-naggers). Free Yeoman Farmers we are not.

      • I’m thinking that there are a lot more true believers in the Ukraine than there are here or anywhere else in the West. Our greatest strength is population wide apathy.

  26. ” The people who turned America into a pirate’s cove are taking the strategy global. Everything is a grift and no grift is too bloody or monstrous.”

    Someone needs to do a body count and calculate how many dollars have been made per murder. The next time some State Department flak lectures China about human organ harvesting, it would nice to see it respond with those figures. On a personal note, the two times I have felt actual shame about being an American have occurred under the Zombie president: when “he” ordered the murder of Afghans at the wedding party as a “response” to the young soldiers he got killed bugging out of there, and when no doubt “he” orchestrated the murder of Darya Dugin recently. Just minor atrocities compared to the thousands of other atrocities of the Empire over the last two decades, but particularly nauseating ones.

    That’s some awfully bad juju that eventually will be answered, and, unfortunately, we are all human shields here. The Neocons don’t quite have a communist or Nazi body count yet, but they certainly are in third place for modern history. This won’t end well, domestically or internationally. As for the Ukraine itself, it depends on what is meant by “winning.” The MIC/Israel Lobby “won” Afghanistan because it gave them a 20-year revenue stream. Ukraine won’t go on much longer but it probably also has been lucrative.

    • > Someone needs to do a body count and calculate how many dollars have been made per murder. The next time some State Department flak lectures China about human organ harvesting

      Albright said flat out starving 500,000 Iraqi children was a price she was willing to pay. We’ve been a mafia nation for a long time.

      • I actually thought of that Albright clip making the rounds recently at the time I wrote that sentence. Even that evil bitch, who is roasting in hell, hesitated a nanosecond before answering. That hesitation would not happen today.

    • Ron Unz makes an interesting point about the NKVD in the soviet on the same lines:

      ” the inescapable conclusion is that in per capita terms Jews were the greatest mass-murderers of the twentieth century, holding that unfortunate distinction by an enormous margin and with no other nationality coming even remotely close.”

      He makes the same connection with regards to the neocons as you have, but sees that they intend to have a nuclear war with Russia which will easily put them over their ancestors count.

  27. Great piece. And again, if you want to truly despair for the future of the human resources department known as “america,” look no further than the posts and comments on space lawyer Glenn Reynolds’ “Instapundit.” Gadzooks, “republicans” are truly the stupidest and most delusional people on the planet. That’s what you get when you learn “history” from the Claremont Institute and the likes of Dinesh D’Souza, Dennis Prager, Brian Kilmeade and V.D. Hanson, I suppose.

    • Pavlov’s Armchair Warriors scare the hell out of me; they’ll probably sing “God Bless America” as they are marched into the showers. Those Grillers had better order up some extra beer and charcoal for the day this ends in the way it inevitably ends.

      • Jack: This. On the one hand, I read about the Jan 6 prisoners and become enraged by their incarceration and treatment. On the other, I read how they all love the constitution and sing the national anthem together and I despair. They just cannot separate nation and people from modern state. It’s a fatal flaw.

        • It has reached the endpoint where sympathy is difficult if not outright impossible. The State clearly wants these people liquidated yet they cling to a country long dead. There’s plenty of historical precedent, of course. Even after Lenin seized power in the October Revolution, for example, there still were young men and old Czarist officers clamoring to fight the Kaiser until the agreed upon separate peace treaty was reached several months later. Some of those same former Imperial officers fought on the side of the Reds in the subsequent civil war and many were eventually killed by the State after their service, which was utterly predictable. The historical list of unwarranted loyalty is endless. I suspect you know all of this but some here don’t.

          There may be new nations eventually carved out of the carcass of this one, barring nuclear annihilation, and these types, if they are still around, easily could be on the wrong side of the who/whom distinction.

    • Instapundit, Glenn Reynolds and his crew are all ra ra Ukraine and Russia is a big bully. No one is more blind than those that refuse to see

      • Let’s update that line to “no one is so blind as he who sees the TV and computer screen.” Flip the script, make the Ukes the bad guys, and the Instacuck Crew will be demanding bombing raids over Kiev.

      • The Russians are not ripping down the monuments to my ancestors and desecrating their graves or sexually mutilating American children.

        • That’s why the Russians are the designated enemy, of course. If Putin announced he was transitioning and burned a Confederate flag on RT, he would be hailed as the new Mettenrich. Take note of the “art work” being photographed in the Ukrainian elementary school classrooms: Uri has two daddies, one of them black.

          • “Take note of the “art work” being photographed in the Ukrainian elementary school classrooms:”

            JES** FU**ING

          • Putin did, during the BLM mania. He may not be a true believer but he occasionally lets his WEF/USSR flag fly and berates America in the standard fashion.

            More recently he seems to have thought his “denazification” war rhetoric would not only inspire nostalgic Russians but also sway the Anglosphere—English translations accompanied every proclamation—as we too have a Nazi problem (i.e., us).

            It’s probably better for us if he wins this round, but he’s not our guy.

  28. Look, since the ‘West’ has made it clear that they are ‘at war’ with the East (and always have been), perhaps the East was in on the game too. Knew it was at war with the West, at least since 2014, perhaps 2008, or 1952.

    Or 1917.

    And since they might know the Achilles Heel of the West is their Ponzi finances, effeminate males and female-run societies – not to mention lack of energy and raw materials, the East, far from being the comic book villains the West ping-pongs back and forth from, say between clown and Darth Vader – planned a LONG campaign all along.

    The long campaign right in their backyard. Short supply lines. Well known terrain.

    The long campaign that then allowed them to destroy the West’s economies, with what appears to be at best, an assist via the malfeasance of the West’s leaders. The longer the East drags it out, the nearer winter comes. Imagine, the Russians counting on winter during war? No one could have expected the thinkers of the West to anticipate this.

    The West has run its wars at the end of endlessly long supply lines, and despite its collective bluster, has lost every one of them. After all, based on the current year, can World War II really be called a “victory” by the West?

  29. “Take the Russia obsessed foreign policy establishment and join it to the hyper-corrupt Ukrainian regime and you have the makings of a grand grift. The other piece of it is the Military Industrial Complex, which will sell NATO countries trillions in new arms over the next decade, to replace what is going to Ukraine. The Ukraine has become a massive money laundering scheme. Billions flow into the place with little or no accounting and much of it ends up in anonymous bank accounts.”

    Beautifully out. I couldn’t agree more. That mindless zombie and that wastrel son of his are just the tip of the iceberg as far as corruption is concerned. But from the stance of “grand strategy” this is another self-inflicted blow to the declining US empire. Probably not fatal but one more nail in the coffin, as they say,

  30. I bought a little Raytheon stock thinking it would soar due to all the money flowing into Ukraine. It has been flat since early May with the exception of one brief spike in June. Must be some other companies making all the big money off this war.

    • The initial expectation was this would provide the MIC with an Afghan-type revenue stream, which lasted twenty years or so. It obviously will not. The Ho House is trying to infuse as much cash as possible into the grift on the front end as a result. There probably will be one more really big boost, which would be a good time to dump the Raytheon shares. Look for Uncle Lloyd to shake his money maker to MISTER BOJANGLES before real hard the last cash infusion. He’s got a real job he wants to revisit after this grift and an employer to keep happy.

    • I think shareholders receiving profits from earnings is concept that you might want to re-evaluate.

      Insiders and kickbacks first tranche, shareholders holding the unsecured can for the remaining crumbs to keep it looking like it still works somewhat.

      • I upvoted that because it general it is true, but in the case United Technologies/Raytheon and others, the board members are compensated mostly be equity awards. For example, Uncle Lloyd Austin, before he was sent to the DoD to set up revenue streams from the Ukraine, got about $110k in straight salary from Raytheon but about $200k in shares per year for five years. This isn’t atypical of the MIC corporations, and explains the revolving door between them and the more formal war machine. From what I gather, Uncle Lloyd was just required to give a speech or two about equity in the other form.

  31. It seems like the (((neocons))) are bound and determined to wreck the west, if not the world in any way they can. If the Ukes want to fight it out to the last man, woman and child, have at it – but don’t do it at the behest of the evil US “leadership”. Speaking of which, when are the damned Europeans going to end this abusive relationship? Maybe this winter will be the kick in the ass they need to finally jettison the globohomo empire once and for all.

  32. “A collapse in Ukraine would be another blow to the regime. Still, it is hard to see this being the straw that breaks the camel’s back, but crazier things have happened.”

    I can’t lie and say that I don’t wake up every day hoping for the revolution. However, I don’t think you’ll ever see anything happen until normie griller starts losing money and shelter. Once the food supply goes, then the cracks start opening up. You still have normie conservative thinking “we’re all one race”.

    • “…until normie griller starts…”

      Fat ole Normie cannot open the hood on his own car. He will come running with his self and his brood to YOUR house for help.

    • I wouldn’t be that optimistic. Current evidence suggests that normies will believe anything that the glowing box on the wall tells them (and even if they don’t believe it, they’re only fed easily falsifiable claims to us to backup their skepticism.

      • Forget Normie and his Grill. We want his kids, who are looking at never getting to Grill like Dad.

  33. The fact that the Russians haven’t destroyed the Ukrainian power grid yet shows they have incredible restraint.

    This is SOP for American’s waging war. Causes immense harm to the civilian population.

      • “The American Way of War,” in the words of Sherman bootlicker VD Hanson, who pops a woodie when describing midwestern boys putting the torch to Southern homes.

  34. I just finished a “true story” of high finance in Russia, a book called Red Notice by Bill Browder. The names dropped in that book are notorious from McCain to chrystia freeland to the usual financiers. The tale pretends that bill is the good guy but he was part of the reason Putin appears to have somewhat nationalized banking and industry in the post cold war Russia. By the end of the book, and knowing that there’s no “good guy”, I was left sort of chuckling to myself that anyone would write a “true story” about one “good” bag of snakes against a “boogey-man bad” bag of snakes…and that anyone should care one way or the other.
    The Ukraine grift appears to be not much different than what was attempted in Russia but seems to have been more successful now that we know how much of Ukraine is owned by foreigners.

    • Browder, one of the heeb looters from back in the Golden Times before Putin? A reliable account I am sure. What next from his pen, an accurate account of how the Zealots at Massada really pwned those Romans? Made ’em build that long ass siege ramp up to the side of the fortress, only to all commit suicide just before the final assault, they did. Really showed ’em.

      It is not for nothing that Russia is sometimes called the Third Rome; Rome proper, Byzantium, and then their descendant, Orthodox Russia.

      As for the ownership of assets in Ukraine by outsider, spiteful mutants, well, those same mutants saw fit to unjustly expropriate Russian assets, so perhaps this will boomerang back onto them. Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of people. The Galicians can have their rump state, and the Western Europeans can have them to deal with in turn.

  35. The worst case scenario in this proxy war we are fighting with Russia is that we win. So crazy.

    I’m glad to see you write this,

    “The people who made tens of billions on a dangerous, experimental vaccine are not going to blink at sacrificing tens of thousands”

    You claimed early on you would get the vaccine if it became necessary. It appears you’ve changed your mind on that

  36. Re the coming winter. My book cover designer lives in Hesse, Germany. She and her two young kids sneak into the nearby forest at night (as it is illegal) to collect wood for the winter. This is a supposedly first-world country. And its making women and children steal twigs.

    She also informs me that as of October 1st, the law is changed to allow their army to operate domestically.

    “And then one day, for no reason at all…”

    • That is oddly the same date the mandatory mask mandate in public comes back in Germany.

      What a very odd coincidence.

      Surely no plan, it must be another emergent behavior.

      once is accidental, twice is coincidence, the 38,743 time is enemy action.

    • It’s okay, Americans will be protected by the IRS army!

      They can crack your bank account, snoop your internet history, SWAT your house…

      And are authorized to shoot you on the spot based on their “opinion” of the situation.

      Stable women and unexcitable diversities encouraged to apply!
      Directed by loyal pervert overlords, of course, whose loyalty is bought in the coin of their desire.

      Hel-looo, national police force, since the locals have to stand down (and are broke anyways.)

      Bonus for when Raytheon starts selling directly to Cartel. They have lots of money.

    • Cloud-adjacent relatives from Frankfurt visited a few weeks ago. They are absolutely convinced all is well, and Chancellor Scholz will make certain there is plenty of food and fuel. I noticed the wifey, who was raised in the communist east, ate more than usual and nodded hesitantly at times.

        • As if that would have pinged their radar…

          Again, wifey ate more than normal, so maybe at some level she knows.

    • “She and her two young kids sneak into the nearby forest at night (as it is illegal) to collect wood for the winter. This is a supposedly first-world country.”

      This kind of regulation (not allowing the collection of firewood) is very typically first-world. Only in first-world countries is day-to-day life regulated by millions of little rules and bylaws from federal level to city to neighborhood to HOA level. You can’t collect firewood, nor rain-water, nor forage for berries or mushrooms in the woods etc. One particularly tyrannical regulation in some German jurisdictions is for garbage separation – you have to separate your garbage into several categories and put each category into a transparent bag, with identification and place the bags in front of your house on garbage day so that the garbage “police” can inspect it. And the locals just put up with it, because it makes sense to them.
      Most of the “free world” is overregulated hell. And now it’s turning into overregulated and insanely overpriced.
      At least we showed that evil Russian dictator, right?

      • Preach it. To unironically quote myself, conservation itself is totally a White thing. As Europeans are supplanted in their native lands and the settlor nations, the garbage will pile up and the environment will grow infinitely nastier. Those who advocate for the Green lunacy suddenly will not give a damn, either.

        • Not shocking to discover a few years back that most of our recycling was going into Chinese landfills. For greenies, just as with coal burning cars, if you move the pollution elsewhere, you are of great virtue.

          • Landfills no more! They just dump it in the ocean, and let the Americans call that “recycling.”

    • Was talking to a truck driver from Romania last week, he said the Germans are buying all the wood Romania can supply, my obvious question was, how much fire wood does Romania have, he claimed they have millions of hectares of forest, enough for a while I suppose

      I expect power cuts (Ireland) at some point this winter, so I’m also stocking up on wood, coal and other supplies

      • A lot of the power cutting will be tests. Given the Covid responses, why are they even necessary?

      • We were told the skinny ones burn like kindling, stack the fat ones on top to drip down like tallow.

        So…how skinny are the New Irish Africans coming in, anyway?

      • If I recall correctly, back at 19th century population levels burning nothing but coal and wood for heat was sufficient to blanket European cities in toxic fogs of soot…

      • I’m curious how many europeans die this winter from carbon monoxide poisoning from trying to burn anything and everything for heat this winter

        • If my script is current, and it is hard to tell, nowhere near enough Europeans will die from carbon monoxide poisoning to justify the presence of carbon dioxide in quantities that exceed Gai’s current expectations. Again, that script may be outdated.

  37. The money they are pushing through is just the total amount they would have laundered through Ukraine if Russia had not invaded over a longer period.

    Its like they forward projected, then worked out how much time they had left. I would not be surprised if there is some sort of agreements between the players of the amounts to loot on a geographic basis. Its just what any organized crime group or corporation would do.

    Given their endless ways to graft, they also then worked out they could get rid of the all the on books useless or pretend weapons they have already gouged out of the tax base, and add that to the total.

    Should be called “Operation Endless Graft”

  38. The LAPD sent Ukraine a ton of expired body armor a few weeks ago. That had to cost a bunch of money that could have been used to clean up the hobo junkie camps setup next to everything. Who knows, maybe they saved some scratch and had Gavin McGinnis deliver it. Crazier things have happened.

    • Just curious but how does body armor expire? Do you mean used/damaged – it’s already taken hits?

        • This. All petroleum derived plastic safety equipment has a “use by” date. Kevlar is plastic.
          But those polyethylene pipes in your house’s water supply are guaranteed to last! (Legal disclaimer: “Guarantee to last” may include up to, but not exceed, 15 years, depending on terms and location).

      • Body armor as noted has an expiration date and as such is touted to not meet spec’s as to effectiveness. As to what I’ve seen, the armor has a lot of life in it, but an expiration date keeps the $$$ rolling in. An LEO I know has more that one expired suit in his closet. He has no problem using such if need be. I did not take him up on a setup as the damn thing was tactical and a inch thick—winter wear for Alaska type stuff—but this is AZ. 😉

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