Time To Move On

Anyone who has been through a breakup, like a divorce or the dissolution of a business partnership, knows they take on a life of their own. There is rarely one thing that sets the relationship off on the path to destruction. It is the accumulation of small things that build to an undefinable point where the relationship shifts from natural cooperation to natural opposition. Actions that used to build cooperation suddenly become points of contention until the two sides realize the relationship must end.

This is the dynamic in which most civic nationalist now find themselves with their old partner the “founding documents.” For longer than the memory of man runneth not to the contrary, the civic nationalist has looked at his citizenship as defined by the partnership with the founding of America. The Declaration and to a lesser extent the Constitution have been his life partner. These documents and the mythology that has been created around them are what make him whole.

These documents, along with the founding itself, exist within the larger definition of America that the civic nationalist will defend with his life. There is some variation in that some of them still promote the melting pot idea while others are in the creedal camp, but all of them are married to the general concept of America. They will defend America from critics on all sides, mostly from the Right, of course, but they will even make some noises about defending their love from the Left as well.

The problem is America does not love them anymore. Those founding documents, the marriage certificate of the relationship, no longer matter to America. The reason America keeps them locked away and rarely mentions them is they are just not that important because the relationship is not that important. America is ready to move onto to the new vibrant stage of its life. That means leaving behind the old phase, the marriage to the civic nationalists.

Like a jilted lover, the civic nationalists cannot accept it. Here is an example in a legacy publication defending the Declaration. The elevation of the Declaration over the actual founding documents of the country was the result of a prior rough patch in the relationship during the last century. The Caesarism of Roosevelt needed to be addressed, like an infidelity in a relationship. The solution was provided by Harry Jaffe, a second rate scholar who peddled bromides to third rate thinkers.

There was no way to square what the progressives had done in the first half of the twentieth century with the text and spirit of the Constitution. There was no way to challenge them as they controlled the important bits of society. The solution was to embrace a form of Jacobinism. America was now defined, so the theory goes, by the egalitarian spirit of the Declaration. This also allowed them to embrace the tyrant Lincoln as their new Moses.

The new vision of America the civic nationalist created in response to the authoritarianism of the new regime was made to look like tradition by rewriting the founding history. The real founding document was the Declaration. The Constitution was an imperfect compromise to get started. The Civil War was an effort to address the big flaws to bring the document in line with the Declaration. The Gettysburg Address was a restatement of the genuine founding ideal.

This is utter nonsense, but it kept the relationship going. Like the cuckold who convinces himself the wife is taking night classes at the university so she can get a better job once the kids are in school, the civic nationalists occupied themselves with the Lincoln fantasy. Meanwhile, the America they loved was getting busy with every left-wing fad that came out of the academy. She was no longer even trying to pretend that she cared about the relationship with the civic nationalists.

There are some civic nationalists who see the problem. They hope to refashion the relationship around something they call common good conservatism, which creates an open marriage between themselves and the Constitution. America can still carry on with the latest thing, as long as it does not threaten the marriage. The common good civic nationalists will step in to enforce discipline when needed. They imagine the cuckold finally gaining the courage to call his wife home.

In fairness, there are some within the civic nationalist space who sense that the relationship is over and it is time to move on. They mostly focus on the old originalism idea embraced by the legal wing of civic nationalism. Originalism seeks to elevate the text of the Constitution over legal aspirations to the contrary. The problem is they are left to defend a document that was flawed from the start and has been butchered by previous efforts to minimize it.

The hard cold truth is that the America the civic nationalists claim to love is not around anymore and she is never coming back. In fact, she never really existed. It was a creation of the last century. The America of the founding died at Gettysburg and was buried in Reconstruction. It took two wars in the 20th century to create a replacement, which maintained the trappings of the original, but was fundamentally different from the republic fashioned by the Founders.

The crisis of the present is not over the strains in the old relationship with the America imagined by the civic nationalists. It is the result of the America formed in the 20th century having no rationale in the 21st century. The America of the civic nationalist is dust in a grave, left untended in the 19th century. Not only is she never coming back, but she also cannot be replaced with anything similar. Like the cuckold whose wife has left for good, the civic nationalists need to move on with their lives.

Whatever comes next is going to be fashioned by those who close the door on the past and accept the present, along with what future can be made of it. There are lessons to be gleaned from America’s past. There are lessons to be gleaned from the Franco-Prussian War and Revolutions of 1848. Those lessons only matter if they are put to use understanding the present in order to create a future. That future is not going to include the founding documents moldering away in a museum.

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258 thoughts on “Time To Move On

  1. This s completely wrong, and the US Constitution is just as relevant today as it was when it was written. I can show you how with, just over 50% of the vote in the House and Senate we can take over the whole country and run it for the benefit of the deplorables no matter who is President in less than a couple years time.

    There’s a huge power grab that I’ve seen no one talk about but me. In the 60’s the courts stripped power from regional areas of all the States legislatures and enforced mob voting which the cities centers use to run all over us.

    Reynolds v. Sims, 377 U.S. 533 (1964), was a United States Supreme Court case in which the Court ruled that the electoral districts of state legislative chambers must be roughly equal in population

    This gave a lopsided, massive power gain to large city centers. The Founders directly warned us about just such a power grab being detrimental to the country and we’re there. All the most detrimental ideas of the left would never ever come to fruition if the States Senates were regional based like the Federal representation is regional based in the Federal Senate.

    There are two ways to change this.
    1. The Congress has the express power over the courts. The court’s duties are very limited and listed. All other powers and courts are only at the sufferance of Congress.

    Here’s the relevant constitutional passages.


    “…In all the other cases before mentioned, the Supreme Court shall have appellate jurisdiction, both as to law and fact, with such exceptions, and under such regulations as the Congress shall make…”

    The important part.
    “…with such exceptions, and under such regulations as the Congress shall make…”

    the 2nd is

    The Constitution provides that…

    “…Article I, Section 5, which provides “Each House shall be the Judge of the Elections, Returns and Qualifications of its own Members …”

    This is a process. First you get legal, free and honest elections.

    So they could demand that all voters be qualified, all voters registered 6 months before the elections, no absentee ballots unless stringent rules are followed, all ballots only handed out to people with photo ID and that are on the premade voters roles. Each one marked out when they get a ballot. All ballots have a picture made of them after being marked and these placed on the Internet by precinct so that anyone can count them. The number of ballots should match the amount given out and the people receiving them. All this online so anyone can check it. This will not stop all vote fraud but they would not be able to do what they did in the last election. It would be too obvious. Any fraud would mean voting again with more stringent rules and public video. If they do not follow these rules then their Representatives would NOT be seated and we could run the country without them. The Democrats have actually done this, so they made the precedent for this.

    Change the rules so that money for elections ONLY comes from people in the actual district. This takes away their money monopoly advantage. The Supreme court, once again, screwed everything up by saying Corporations were people. I say make corporations choose to either be a corporation, which means they lose all ability to fund campaigns in any way or they are people, who then have to follow all tax rules for people and lose all the indirect liability for anything they do. They will be liable personally, just like people.

    The next step is to annul the Constitutional amendment that all Federal Senators are elected. Go back to having them appointed by the ,now, regional based Senates in the States. Since the regional Senates are mostly elected by deplorables then WE would run the country.

    The Supreme court also ruled, due to civil rights laws, that basically you could not make rules to let the improvident and illiterate not vote. We can change that with a majority vote. Now after this happens, the Negro mob vote will be useless. Large amounts of them can not read at a high school level, nor are they financially capable of taking care of themselves. Therefore, they will no longer vote or serve on juries. This will of course mean that crime and the mobs will be crushed because they will have no say, and we will. Any politician catering to the mob will be thrown from office.

    I would go even further. I’m willing to bet somewhere there’s a law that says any immigrant that is on the public dole can be deported. Well we could go back to the 1960’s and anyone who immigrated that ever received the dole could be deported. If there isn’t a law we could make one. The whole entire flooding of our country could be overturned with one law and they could be deported.

    All this takes to make this work is will to ignore the gnashing of the teeth of the press which will go into the largest wailing fit ever seen in history and people with balls enough to vote for our interest and to hell with everyone else.

    I cover this with graphs, more detail and scenarios of many sorts in stupendous, lengthy detail in these comment links.



    If we do not do this, then what will happen to us is exactly the same thing that happened to the White Russians when the Bolsheviks took over. Detailed in this article.


  2. As far as I can remember, and even if I was not at all nationalist (it was the 80′, no real problem, there), view from the east side of Atlantic ocean, I had always saw USA as follow : an englo-saxon nation, which allows other europeans to join, if they accept to speak english. And an anglo-saxon nation different from Britain by its mentality (desire to grow, individualism, some kind of taste for money bigger than everywhere else, etc.)

    But I had never thought about the constitution or the Declaration.

    Anyway, this civic nationalism is dead, I guess. Maybe the US are a too large place to afford only one nation. I don’t know. But nor the rightists neither the leftist give a shit now about this constitution and this declaration.

  3. Schopenhauer was too canny to be fooled by all that Enlightenment guff. The “United States of North America” was his go to example of why a monarch was needed. Already by the 1840s America’s hypocrisy was clear: “freedom lovers” who enslaved Africans and stole the land of their Spanish neighbors. “A union of stupid Anglican bigotry, foolish prejudice, coarse brutality, and a childish veneration of women.”

    “A constitution which embodied abstract right alone would be an excellent thing for natures other than human, but since the great majority of men are extremely egoistic, unjust, inconsiderate, deceitful, and sometimes even malicious; since in addition they are endowed with very scanty intelligence there arises the necessity for a power that shall be concentrated in one man, a power that shall be above all law and right, and be completely irresponsible, nay, to which everything shall yield as to something that is regarded as a creature of a higher kind, a ruler by the grace of God. It is only thus that men can be permanently held in check and governed.”

    “The United States of North America exhibit the attempt to proceed without any such arbitrary basis; that is to say, to allow abstract right to prevail pure and unalloyed. But the result is not attractive. For with all the material prosperity of the country what do we find? The prevailing sentiment is a base Utilitarianism with its inevitable companion, ignorance; and it is this that has paved the way for a union of stupid Anglican bigotry, foolish prejudice, coarse brutality, and a childish veneration of women. Even worse things are the order of the day: most iniquitous oppression of the black freemen, lynch law, frequent assassination often committed with entire impunity, duels of a savagery elsewhere unknown, now and then open scorn of all law and justice, repudiation of public debts, abominable political rascality towards a neighbouring State, followed by a mercenary raid on its rich territory,—afterwards sought to be excused, on the part of the chief authority of the State, by lies which every one in the country knew to be such and laughed at—an ever-increasing ochlocracy, and finally all the disastrous influence which this abnegation of justice in high quarters must have exercised on private morals. This specimen of a pure constitution on the obverse side of the planet says very little for republics in general, but still less for the imitations of it in Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia and Peru.”

  4. Lots of truth to what you say but cultural and demographic suicide is not an option for me.
    I think the progressive lefties should live in separate states from those on the right. This is already happening. We are no longer the United States of America as you have alluded to. We are now the Disunited States of America. If the progressives lived in there own state, that state would eventually collapse. They could not survive without us.

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  6. After watching Tuckers opening monologue this evening, one wonders how he hasn’t been black bagged like the guy in “V for Vedetta”.

    I wonder when it will come to pass.

    • He has more leeway than anyone who isn’t an insignificant anon, an obvious fed, or a newly/slightly disobedient leftist. Nothing about his previous life suggests he should be so free or have any attachment to the truth.

      They seem to have sent him warnings—sicced antifa on his family, gently, and silently banned every major corporation from advertising on his show (the *most popular news show of all time*; libertarians are always wrong)—but he’s become more “based” since then. He’s a full-on dissident compared to, e.g., Rogan.

      It’s strange.

      But it’s not as strange as a US president doing *yet another* Hitler-inspired night rally, so we overlook it.

  7. To Zman and all of you fine commentators:

    This and the previous post, as well as all of the fine comments, have pretty much been the final black-pill death knell to any and all of whatever civnat and libertarian leanings that had espoused my beliefs. This blog has completely disemboweled all shreds of the Protestant morals I used to hold dear. I can never hear the “Battle Hymn of the Republic” the same again, I can never rally myself around “Matthew 28:19”, and worst of all, I can never make a case in self righteousness promoting the non-aggressive principle again. And the whole “content of their character crap” has been rendered obsolete. I really used to like sportsball for the escape!

    I don’t care anymore. Trying to theorize on motives or make sense of all of this is just mental masturbation. If you want to make a difference, don’t give a shit anymore. If you can self inspect, look yourself dead in your eyes in a mirror, you know what I mean. If you can’t, that booster and paycheck is your duty.

    I don’t care Anymore! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xLpfbcXTeo8

    • When you hit rock bottom like a bowling ball on concrete, there is always a rebound. That is your white pill. And once you have broken the shackles and have nothing left to lose, the only option left is to give it all you’ve got in your final death spasm if it comes to that. Become an antibody. Because the disease is not going to eradicate itself.

      • TomA–

        In regards to commentators on this blog, your chisel has been very efficient sculpting the slab of normie that was my original block.

        My white pill for the teetering Protestant: Matthew 13:9-16.

        And an anthem to all 45 and under dissidents here, remember this metal anthem and fight the good fight…”We who are…Not as others”….https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PFH8mQ7uusQ

      • Oh hey TomA are you doing the trendy tiktok multiple identity thing and becoming your own disciple OR did you finally rope someone here into your entrapment scheme? I guess persistence pays off guys!

        I suggest maybe finding a black actor and hanging a noose around his neck while yelling “THIS IS MAGA COUNTRY!”

        Or just a manifesto where youre sure to state “I learned all my hateful beliefs on Z Man.com!”

        So many possibilities! Welcome to the retard LARP wing of the right. There are wendy’s to be assaulted, PR victories to be handed out, life sentences to be served. Godspeed bro!

        • Is this the place to sign your life away wearing a buffalo suit? Is someone going to tattle on me being a racist meanie?

          First name Fred, last name Stone, I’ll drop rocks out of the sky while your lady begs for more Bone

          who knew Z’s blog is a honeypot made to digest the Norm?

          Fuck it all, I don’t care anymore…Z, you’re dirty and soiled….

  8. The best future will be Whites (not including most “good” whites) completely separating from joggers first and foremost as well as the various shades of mud polluting this land mass.

  9. “Whatever comes next is going to be fashioned by those who close the door on the past and accept the present, along with what future can be made of it.”

    Please devote podcast and/or article to what CAN come next, and HOW this could come about?

  10. RINOs make the best cuckolds, and they genuinely enjoy bending over. And they are still a majority of the R caucuses of both the House and Senate. And because the Ds are monolithic, there is simply no way for voting harder to matter. Yet, the Carlsons and Bonginos of the civnat country club will fight you to the death if you even pretend to withhold your vote in protest of the failure of democracy. They will sing the praises of republicanism right up until the gas chamber door closes behind them.

    Which is why the collapse is the only viable solution to what ails us. The parasite cohort of the population cannot change their feeding habits and the civnats and RINOs will fight tooth & nail against anyone who dares stands up against the tyranny of faux democracy. Together these two dysfunctional bastard cousins will push and push until the walls come tumbling down. One side demanding that everyone get a sex change operation and the other crucifying anyone who doesn’t vote harder.

    In the big cities, after the fog of chaos has begun, there will be bloodletting on an unimaginable scale and severity. This will happen because the spring has been winding tighter for several decades now and the pent up anger is incalculable. It will be the return of the jungle survival-of-the-fittest selection process and the long overdue culling will be quite harsh. Avoid the melees if you can. And you might want to shed a few pounds so that you can out run the guy next to you.

  11. IMHO, as a foreigner, the problem is that USA is the first country founded on the Enlightenment principles, that is, on left-wing ideas. These ideas are the basis of the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, etc.

    By contrast, France is based on Enlightenment principles but she is not founded on the Enlightenment. There was a France before the French Revolution. There was no USA before the American Revolution. You were part of England.

    Washington, Franklin, Jefferson, etc. were the radicals of their time, the SJWs of their century. When I said this in a Christian conservative blog, I was surprised because they reacted with anger, insults and emotional outbursts as if I had said that Christ was a bastard. Then, I realized that these figures are religious figures and American people are taught to worship them when they are very young, in the Civics class. I was saying blasphemies so I was getting irrational reactions.

    This means that conservatives are scr*wed, because they cannot say that these venerated Founding Fathers were wrong, because this is like saying your country is wrong. But, if they accept the ideas of the Founding Fathers, they can only lose against the leftist, who take these insane ideas to their absurd logical consequences.

    The problem is the same in all Western countries that accept democracy, but the difference is that the right can remember a time of their country before the bourgeois revolutions, let alone the ethnic nature of this country. France had the Gauls as ancestors, a long list of medieval kings and an definite ethnic group: the French. So right-wing people can reclaim that (they don’t, but they could).

    IMHO, the conservatives would do well in trying to recover the ethnic identity of the Americans before the Revolution. Define themselves like the inheritors of these people that founded the colonies, instead of the inheritors of a radical left-wing Revolution, such as the founding of the USA. But this is hard, no doubt about it.

    • The American Revolution was most assuredly NOT a “radical left-wing revolution.”

      It was a conservative rebellion led by the propertied classes who were merely trying to implement the “rights of Englishmen” codified in the 1688 English Bill of Rights.

      It does not take any special imagination to understand that the country was founded by and for whites; they wrote the Constitution “to secure the blessings of liberty for ourselves and our posterity” and to protect “life, liberty and property,” Locke’s three natural rights, from encroachment by government without “due process of law.”

      The real radical American revolution was the one prosecuted by “Radical Republican” capitalists, industrialists and racial egalitarians from 1861-1865 against the conservative, agrarian South.

      • Jefferson himself stated that he hoped the next generation of Virginians would abolish slavery, for he felt it degraded the slaveholder. Make of it what you will.

        • the bitter pill is that the constitution was written by and for free white men of good moral character. It has no more binding authority to present FUSA than it does to my dog.

          With the brown hordes already outnumbering that small minority of 1. men (and even smaller) 2. of good moral character, it is a miracle weve made it this far.

          Bitter, bitter pill.

          Maybe the deal will be that those white men of good moral character can have a couple of states, which they’d be smart to protect with killer drones supplied by Iran.

          • t”he bitter pill is that the constitution was written by and for free white men of good moral character.”

            This is conservative now but it was revolutionary then. Aristocracy, king and church was the right.

            Liberty, equality and progress is the left. Duty, hierarchy and tradition is the right.

            Jefferson et al were the radical of their time. Conservatives now are only a moderate left.

          • I was painfully reminded of these truths when I had to go to the SSA office to order a replacement card. Everyone in the waiting area was brown and speaking Spanish. It was disgusting.

          • Bitter indeed. The universalism of the “Founding” documents is the heart of their attraction. It is what drove men from small farms in Kansas halfway across the world to stab other men in the face with bayonets.

            We are living through the death of something that has anchored “American” men to reality for generations. What is like to live without a noble lie, and not only the lie, but the very reason for the lie?

    • The Founders developed a system that lasted 80 years before half the states decided they needed to kill their way out of it. Great job, guys.

      Probably the greatest error was imagining anyone could live with the collection of Puritans and Congregationalists from up north.

    • Then, I realized that these figures are religious figures and American people are taught to worship them when they are very young, in the Civics class.

      Yep, normie cons engage in idolatry of the founders and constitution. All the more disturbing when they also claim to be christians.

      And thats not to disparage the founders at all. They were men of their day. Doing the best that they could. All of them to a man said that the constitution was flawed, just the best compromise that could be made at the time. Which is actually an impressive achievement. Just nor one worthy of worshipping.

  12. The Red. Wave is coming in November and the Democrats know that McConnell and McCarthy are going to drop the hammer on … MAGA supporters.

    • Nah. Trump is in the middle of a Chernobyl-grade mental break, determined to take the entire remnant of the republic with him. A Red wave simply isn’t going to happen. If we’re lucky, Shumer gets neutered by a GOP takeover of the house (no more recon bills). And we’d be double lucky if Trump threw an embolism.

  13. “Time For Me to Fly” by REO Speedwagon feels like the perfect way to express we need a national divorce

  14. An old friend used to say “Christianity is a good idea. Someone ought to try it sometime.” Same thing with the Constitution. Same thing with the Ten Commandments. Nothing wrong with the concept, just the execution.

  15. But wasn’t the constitution a genuinely nationalist document? It says that it “secures the blessings of liberty for ourselves and our posterity,” meaning free White persons and their descendants. Not blacks, immigrants, or jews.

    If we return to a genuinely originalist interpretation of the Constitution we can create a White ethnostate by simply operating as we always have, except no one except White straight Christian men are allowed to vote or hold office. That would literally solve the vast majority of our problems.

  16. Maybe they just need to dump the bitch and go back to their first true love that got away – The Articles of Confederation. She’s still out there; she’s still single; and she still looks pretty hot.

    • Cute response, but you are still in David French land. Dont be in David French land. The relationship is dead. Trying a new arrangement to the relationship (polyamorous open relationship, which is what a confederacy would be) isn’t a solution, it is an exacerbation.

      • Thanks. I was half joking (half). I don’t want to be in David French land (them’s fightin’ words). At least polyamory gives you options.

  17. America’s founding myth was immediately undercut by something way before Lincoln: The Whiskey Rebellion. Right there, the Founders already undercut the putative reasons for rebellion and established a proto-Progressive view of Federal powers and region specific morality. The Whiskey Rebellion was a dry run for the Civil War.

    • Whiskey Rebellion crushed by federal troops during the Washington administration. Without any F-15, to boot.

      There is also the Shays’ Rebellion, that has similarities to society today.

      Shays was ex-military, interestingly for those that think about what way our modern day soldiers, ex-soldiers, will go if and when they see their parents and loved ones hurled into the current year version of debtors’ prisons.

      Say, as grandma has to stand on her feet all day to support granddaughter’s illegitimate children or because she convinced grandpa to co-sign baby darlings $200k student loan debt.

      • It was regionalism. Appalachia and west was worlds apart from the Federal, norther power. The excise tax specifically targeted the Appalachian and pioneers.

      • Hmm, very zippy reply. BUT it also can be viewed in current year terms.

        The Feds crushed the Whiskey Rebellion. Not the first time, nor the second as the westerners escalated their response, IIRC without searching – from hey, scram, to burn down barn and maybe some tar and pillow feathers in there too.

        By 1860, the time was deemed right to put armies in the field to deal with the Federals.

        So perhaps now is similar to Whiskey and down the road, time will tell. With only rejects being recruited to the military, their force potential is degrading and will continue to degrade over time.

      • The Whiskey Rebellion didn’t have the Internet, either.

        Lack of an outright civil war does not diminish its significance whatsoever. The Whiskey Rebellion was the precursor for the Civil War, which has laid the foundation for a dissolution long needed and underway in our lifetimes. We are fortunate to have lived to see this, as horrible as the times are.

        The Constitution was a fraud from the start. Sam Adams, a failed businessman, saw this while James Madison, a classical scholar, did not (I think). The more things change…

  18. “I was not born to be forced. I will breathe after my own fashion. Let us see who is the strongest.”
    ― Henry David Thoreau, On the Duty of Civil Disobedience

    They keep poking us with a stick, but we must not take the bait. They have bigger sticks than we do and they are just aching to use them.

    Civildisobedience can bring our largest cities to a standstill. 9 meals. You think most truckers support the regime? Gomorrah on the Potomac. 95, the beltway. Let them eat cake, or, better yet, bugs.

    • “They keep poking us with a stick, but we must not take the bait. They have bigger sticks than we do and they are just aching to use them.“

      You will keep saying that even as they implement the “final solution to white racism”.

      You are openly advertising to your enemies that they can do anything they want to you, and you deserve everything you get.

      • “You are openly advertising to your enemies that they can do anything they want to you, and you deserve everything you get.”

        Yummy, and fedpoasty too.

        This poster is saying that you do not invite force on you and yours while the enemy holds the advantage. You assist divide and conquer that way.

        It is patently obvious from what we are hearing from Europe, hell Californicator with their ‘don’t charge your EV’ begging … after claiming to ‘outlaw’ IC engine vehicles … that our main task is to survive their depredations. When the Germans are shivering, the dead Teslas line the side of the potholed freeway, there might be another discussion.

        It might even be the white flag, white pill thought there – as they need someone to help them with mundane tasks they were too good to learn.

        It might not. But violence is not the answer when the lights are on.

        • Your “fedpoasty” nonsense is just an low effort attempt to shut down discussion and to demonize someone.

          There is a certain faction of the dissident right that loves to use that accusation in the same way the left uses the “racist”epitaph.

          • You pissed all over yourself there. Calls to violence can and will be used to shut down this excellent blog.

            How is the weather in DC?

          • Serious uptick in fedposting on the forums lately, new fedposters shoring up old fedposters, upvoting one another, snippy little comments to people trying to keep the discussion responsible.

            Even if retarded unfocused unorganized gratuitous negro style violence WAS the answer to anything (its not) posting about it here just makes you a fool leaving a bread crumb trail for prosecution and begging a conspiracy charge.

        • Agreed that civil disobedience ought to be tried first. And tried *seriously.* Eventually, I suspect, bloodshed will be the only real solution, but it should not be entered into lightly. Methinks that a whole lotta folks don’t have a very clear idea of what civil war is like. It ain’t no Hollywood movie.

      • Don’t be a fool. You think you can defeat the US Army, National Guard, State Police, Local police, Marines? That’s what they want you to think.

        Keep poking a dog until he bites, then shoot him.

        We keep society functioning. They shuffle paper, we produce food. We can stop society from functioning.

        • I don’t know why your notion of going Galt is so hard for folks to understand.

          The issues with water in Jackson Mississippi confirm your thesis in real time.

          • “ I don’t know why your notion of going Galt is so hard for folks to understand.”

            Going Galt is the fantasy solution from the mind of a Russian Jewess.

            This is a world of struggle and competition. You survive by acquiring power and using it to benefit you and your own kind.

            Renouncing power and running off to a cabin in Idaho to do nothing gets you the same fate as the dodo bird.

            A powerless animal that gets smashed by the powerful.

            Going Galt is for sniveling “beautiful losers” who are too morally self-righteous to acquire power.

          • Moto

            I haven’t read it in a while, but Galts Gulch was a parallel society, that rewarded ability.

            I guess surviving when the lights go out,(or the motor stops running), is being a “beautiful loser”.

            Who knew?

          • Bartleby: Nice White women will be lining up to donate bottled water for the poor, helpless denizens of Jackson.

            White plumbers and engineers ought to be too busy or too ill to help Jackson. Instead, there ought to be a nationwide call for all those genius black civil engineers and plumbers to help their brethren, out of fellow feeling and the goodness of their hearts.

          • @3g4me

            There should be plenty of those “good boys” around to fix all of the issues. Their mothers have told us so a million times. “He was a good boy, he didn’t deserve this”, “He was turning his life around, attending classes at night”, “He dindu nuffin”. There shouldn’t be any problems.

        • I muse. We can ask for help from the bottom up, beginning in Florida, the state can ignore sanctions and begin trading with Russia. Russia seemingly has its head on straight with a leader that is better than the US has had for decades. Next or simultaneously, we fuse with the Gulf and up on through the midwest and some of the Mid Atlantic. I dream of a line beginning at say a point on the Atlantic, 30 or so miles South of the swamp, and stretching and bounding 30 or so miles West of Chicago and up to the Trudeau border. To the East of this line, well, they can have that.

          Putin the First can express his allegiance, and respect for our sovereignty adapting Catherine the Great’s first League of Armed Neutrality during the old US’s revolutionary war.

          Bring back old-fashioned boys and girls that cannot be sexually mutilated by state actors before they are of age to choose such procedures. Pay for a one-way to the old US city once called NYC.

          Bring back decent internal combustion vehicles with decent cafe standards. Balancing people’s needs with society’s needs regarding pollution.

          I say, get on the right side of history and the poles in this burgeoning multi-polar world where 75% of the people realize food and energy are important components of civilization.

          I have a dream and it’s a DC swampland fever dream.

        • “We keep society functioning. They shuffle paper, we produce food. We can stop society from functioning.”

          It’s one thing for a boomer nearing retirement to cut back on his work and “Go Galt”

          Much tougher to sell that on the younger guys.

          Yeah just stop working. You will live in poverty your whole life, never have a girlfriend, never have a family, but you will have the satisfaction of denying globohomo your taxes.

          The Going Galt fantasy:

          White boy: “I’m going to take my ball and go home. The world will be so sad at what I’m doing and they will reform their ways”

          POC: “we realize we wronged you, pretty please come back and fix my sewer system”

          The Going Galt Reality:

          POC: “You mean to tell me you gave everything you had away without a fight!! (Uproarious mocking laughter) You white people are so weak. Die now!”

          • Problem is, every time a White boy took his ball and went home (e.g., White flight) the rest just followed him to his house. We don’t want them to beg us to come help – we want them to leave us alone.

            That’s why we can’t have nice things.

      • I’m not reading that from Civ911. If Whites ever can unite, civil disobedience is an effective tool. The first to resort to violence will likely lose, because it gives the other side moral authority.

        • You are confusing the situations. “If a police baton breaks a leg and no one reports it, did it really happen?”
          Civil disobedience worked for the left because they had a sympathetic allied authority: the lugenpresse was right there to tell everyone north of the Mason Dixon that those racist cluckers were beating those nice coloreds for just sitting down on a bus! That will never happen for us. You will get your head cracked open and no one will even know about it. There is no “moral authority” to be gained from actions no one knows about. If knowing in your own mind that you have the moral upper hand mattered, then that would have already solved the problem: it didn’t so it dont.

          • The example I considered was a massive, nationwide strike or a smaller, but pinpointed, strike in essential industry by a united White group. When a million people take to a protest and that affects commerce, well too bad. There is nothing that can be done that will not prove counter productive. Keep those “martyrs” coming and they’ll grow the movement.

            This is precisely what Gandhi and King showed. Hell, in the civil rights era a simple bus rider strike was effective. You consider its success to be a product of Northern sympathy. I do not. It was economic, pure and simple.

            The government has goons, but there are never enough of them, nor can these goons be expected to take on a thousand protestors standing against them. Hell, we had such a “happening” at my old university after a basketball game. A hundred cops stood by and watched maybe a couple hundred students and their shenanigans in the Main Street intersection. They would not dare approach even with such force in armed numbers.

            Their tactics simply won’t be effective and they risk being torn apart. Crowd mind is a most dangerous thing. We saw some pretty good examples of such goon ineffectiveness with the Australians taking to the street in protest of the Covid lockdowns and restrictions.

            As I said, first person to use violence often loses. But the concept is for *them* to show such force first.

        • If we were organized many different tactics become workable. We are not currently organized and do not yet have wide sympathy even from our own people. This is the first and only real task and its not an easy one. More fun to LARP about ninja attacks on power stations or whatever

          • History suggest any organiztion will quickly be infiltrated and co-opted.

            They have been doing this for decades, while its going to be every one elses first attempt.

          • Infiltration is another reason to keep your tactics non-violent. Seems the folks who prefer a violent solution, simply talk themselves into jail without accomplishing much more than damaging the movement’s credibility.

          • I start to believe certain posters here are trying to talk Z Man into jail. Anyone know where Gavin Mcinnes even is now? Are they even bothering with specific charges for badthinker gentiles anymore?

            It’s not safe letting these informant bozos and tough talking keyboard warriors set up shop in your front yard. Theyre bad actors and a danger to themselves and others.

        • “The first to resort to violence will likely lose, because it gives the other side moral authority.”


          The constant pushing from the left is deliberately attempting to get this reaction out of “us”. Unfortunately, they are getting to that point where it may actually happen.

        • “ Go ahead, Rambo. Show us how it’s done. Storm dem barriers.”

          You guys are really quite bizarre

          The topic of todays conversation wasn’t even about resistance, yet wciv911 brought it up out of the blue just to denounce it.

          Talking about taking any action on the internet is stupid and I don’t advise it, but this constant need to denounce violence in the face of enemy who is openly talking about eliminating you speaks to a very deep seated passive mental disorder that I don’t understand.

          Yesterdays Z-man article: “why is everyone so passive to their rulers who are openly trying to destroy them. Where are all the real men at, why won’t someone do something?

          Today’s comment section: “we reflexively denounce any resistance to our rulers”.

          • “The topic of todays conversation wasn’t even about resistance, yet wciv911 brought it up out of the blue just to denounce it.”

            That’s a lie. I did not denounce resistance. I denounce violent resistance. Taking on the US Army is suicide.

          • “why is everyone so passive to their rulers who are openly trying to destroy them.”

            At the risk of sounding as though I were trying to be funny, the answer to that question can be found in the Declaration:

            ” … all experience has shown, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.”

            Since what we are talking about is first, last, and always a gamble–and a big one with the highest stakes possible–it’s stupid not to wait for the right moment to strike, and that moment has not yet come. When it does, the reaction will be “organic,” and nobody will have to tell you what to do.

          • Passive resistance and in the form of worker strikes can be effective. Happens all the time in European nations. Happening right now in the Netherlands.

            This is a concept of demanding your rights and pointing out injustices. It is not even novel in the US (see: Civil Rights Era). It is not a specific call to any specific action—legal or illegal.

            How you interpret the comments and your scorn for them is your problem, not one of the comment section. No one is advertising a “game plan” to the Fed’s, only discussing the problems of lack of racial unity and a focused/united grievance front. The tactic of passive resistance is well known to the Fed’s, which is why they infiltrate and incite naive people to actions that are violent or illegal.

            Since you mention a Russian Jewess, you might also mention her writings wrt to the impossibility of controlling innocent men:

            “There’s no way to rule innocent men. The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren’t enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws.”

          • As Uncle Adolf said, as long as we are gaining adherents, confrontation is not in our interest. This last decade has seen an order of magnitude more people come to our side than in the previous fifty years.

          • No actual known person here expresses support for your views at all, and yet youre flooded with thumbs up. Really interesting!

        • “You need to read your Sun Tzu.”

          A man whose insight was about war. What kind of fed poster are you?

          Did I tell you about the time I did something stupid and got my rear end pounded out in prison for 2 years?

          Why don’t you become a pathetic broken man like myself and resign yourself to be a good little worker bee who pays his taxes to globohomo, just like me?

          • If you read your Sun Tzu (and more important, understood it) you would not have done something stupid.

  19. I strongly believe that the mortality tables will have a heavy hand in pushing us on to something else. From what I’ve seen, you have tiers of brainwashing based on what America looked like when people were between 10 and 25. We carry that with us our entire lives. By 33 or 34, most begin the long journey of losing touch.

    For instance, my imprint of the country was taken mostly during the Clinton years, culminating in a cigar being inserted into the vagina of an intern in the Oval office, and remembering the deposition from the White House stewards about how they had to pick up tissues in the oval office laden with the President’s semen and lipstick. Then, after all that, going right into the Bush Whitehouse and the most corrupt war even fought in our national history. Being of a certain age, it was easy for me to update my firmware to a post Civ Nat world.

    If you take someone pushing 80, and what the country looked like in their prime civ nat grooming years, you can see why they’re immovable objects on this issue. Even as a child of the 80’s, I don’t see the 80’s the same way as someone who was even 20 or 25 saw them. For adults it was a fun time. For my age group it was a time of catastrophic and pointless divorces rampaging through nearly every house on the cul-de-sac. The selfish, Hillary like, moms who jazzercised while their marriages fell apart and kids with no support system that ended up drugged out of their minds.

    • This is why good literature is so important. Raymond Carver is a perfect author for the falling apart angle of society after the Boomer era. John Updike is a great writer on the bourgeoise angle. John Steinbeck, in The Winter of Our Discontent, writes a hugely prescient novel about the moral bankruptcy of America. Every dissident should read that book. I am not huge fan of Grapes (too preachy and idealized the migrants), but Winter looked into a crystal ball and showed where America was heading and why.
      In short, good literature allows us to view the perspective that other generations hold outside our own. I’m on the younger end here (30’s), but I get exactly what you mean by the 80’s mix by reading Updike and Carver.

        • And even for those of us who didn’t “party”, the culture was effective at messing up our kids. My biggest failure in life was not doing more to protect them.

        • Thanks for the literature tips. I am always looking for ways to redpill my normie book club literature picks.

    • ” Even as a child of the 80’s, I don’t see the 80’s the same way as someone who was even 20 or 25 saw them. For adults it was a fun time. For my age group it was a time of catastrophic and pointless divorces rampaging through nearly every house on the cul-de-sac. The selfish, Hillary like, moms who jazzercised while their marriages fell apart and kids with no support system that ended up drugged out of their minds.”

      Hammer flush on the nail’s head.

  20. The new ruling structure is already in place. It’s called “My Democracy”.

    The entirety of the Ruling Elites, their adjunct and auxiliary classes are on board and fully read in.

    Today we will get a lecture by their chosen front man about just what’s in store for us.

      • Mumblefuck, though, thinks it is a speech about sneakers, maybe even Lee Brons, the “sole” of our nation. Something about screwdrivers to pry dogshit from treads, before it hardens and is more difficult to remove.

        • Doesn’t matter what he thinks. That’s not what they auditioned him for. His role is to be a completely empty vessel (or at least one filled only with greed, ambition and self-importance).

          They write the script; it gets fed to him and rehearsed in ongoing staff meetings, and he stands up to pass on their plan. They hand off their environmental / economic plan for Occasio-Cortez to front. It gets tabled. They re-introduce it as an inflation control act …. presto chango!! Then they pass it, aided by numerous Republicans.

          We need to listen to what they say. One is a fool not to believe they mean what they say — We’re just semi- fascists with guns, and that’s gotta change, so say serious, compassionate and well-funded moms.

          Of course, one should watch the new IRS agent training videos. They lack for no cutting-edge personal firepower.

          Some say we stand by and wait for the inevitable collapse, signs pointing to which they point to in the latest California and Colorado electric grid fiascos. Well, we better be ready for a long, dark night as they vacate our founding. There is a lot of dying in a country as large, complex and populous as ours. It’ll be a while.

          And it will hurt. I grieve for our nation.

          • “There is a lot of dying in a country as large, complex and populous as ours.”

            And it would be a big mistake to reckon without the world war that they abso-freakin-lutely MEAN to get us into.

            Don’t forget that. The dying process might not take nearly as long as you expect. And that war might very well give us the occasion that some are waiting for.

          • We’re just semi- fascists with guns, and that’s gotta change, so say serious, compassionate and well-funded moms.

            Of course, they are correct – we need to become full fascists with even bigger guns.

    • They are not using it in the sense of the generally understood word democracy.

      They don’t mean voters, or even the idea of parties.

      As you allude to, it is now a brand name(TM) for a system of single group top down tyranny control of all. They just use it further confuse people who still think it has an old meaning.

      So when they you are enemies of democracy, that is what they mean.

      They even have the idiom that the voters are now enemies of the will of the people.

      The magic spells just keep on working.

    • da…dada..dunt dint don dant dada…My Democracy. Sung to the beat of My Sharona by the Knack. The national anthem of “Muh Demonacry” will be Lou Reed’s Lola.

      The crowd paying for and watching live NYC and other big city crime in arenas in the exurbs will blurt out, at bleed time “she walked like a woman and talked like a man…Lola…L O L A Lola…”

  21. Imagine if the Founders — intent to “secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity” — had actually included provisions in the Constitution that would limit those blessings to only their Posterity, rather than the foreign hoards who replaced them.

    • The idea of a Constitution/ Compact/Magna Carta was supposed to be for the men who signed the agreement.

      Liberia’s Constitution never worked because the Africans who lived under it could never and would never create such an agreement. It was and remains outside of their nature (like creating written languages, two-story buildings, railroads or sanitation systems).

      The US founding fathers did not fight in the US Civil War.

    • The Constitution was written for the people who existed in America when it was written, who possessed certain qualities. The obvious corollary to this is that the Constitution can no longer work as designed if those certain qualities cease to be in America. Some of the Federalist Papers went into this. That is exactly what happened. We imported lots of people with different ideas on how to organize society, who seem to have no understanding of the concepts outlined in the founding documents, or a desire to understand them. In lieu of explicitly changing the documents, as many countries have done over the centuries, they just came up with various ways to get around it. Nobody really respects or cares about it anymore. That dynamic would have developed no matter what was written on the parchment. It was inevitable.

      • “who seem to have no understanding of the concepts outlined in the founding documents, or a desire to understand them.”

        Excellent point. And many have made that point before. And, many have also pointed out that Jews, especially, would be some of those people who had no desire to understand or respect the founding documents. (I am not referring to the cabal at the top– the International Jew, so-called, who respects no one, not even other Jews–but ordinary Jews from Eastern Europe and also the more talented Jews from Germany and Russia. They all march to the beat of their own drum. And it isn’t the American drum.)

        And some of my Irish ancestors who came later are also these people who had no desire to understand. Their descendants today are the Civic Nationalists that Zman is referring to in his essay. In their eyes, as long as you have citizenship, you are an American. (I was taught this but now reject it.)

        I understand that it is gone now, all gone, but it’s still hard to accept. I am part heritage American and I wish that in my youth, I had put up more of a fight for my American heritage out of respect for my ancestors.

        But, looking to the future now.

      • “That dynamic would have developed no matter what was written on the parchment. It was inevitable.”

        That’s pretty much what Yockey meant by saying that written constitutions were replacements for kings.

  22. IMHO no possible future for America ends in liberty. We don’t have the social capitol necessary for that. If we are very lucky we might wind up with liberty in some small state political entities which break away from the current totalitarian regime.

    • What was the old saying, ‘Liberty can only exist within wholesome restraint’. Or something close to that. In other words, those assholes (or should we simply say, spiteful mutants and alien invaders, who push the system to breaking ruin it for normal persons—and finally Liberty must be reined in for all.

      • Yep. One remembers with irony how Ukraine had nukes—lots of nukes—and they turned them over on a promise from the West—and Russia—to respect their new found sovereignty.

        I’m not a Ukraine fan, so let’s not start a fight. However, the anecdote is reasonable to illustrate the insight of Trumpton above. Nations, like people, are often master’s off their own fate. Ukraine was naive (probably bought off at the time). They are now paying the price—people are anyway—their oligarchs are living the good life on their yachts harbored in safe ports.

        • Ukraine turned over their nukes because they could not crack the command access encryption codes. They tried and failed. If they had succeeded, NeoKhazaria would be a nuclear power.

  23. One of the Conservatives on Twatter (like a blind squirrel, they find an acorn ever now and then) said this about how the Left works.
    1. Identify a respected institution.
    2. kill it.
    3. gut it.
    4. wear its carcass as a skin suit, while demanding respect.

    They’ve done this to the country on a national level since 1861. All the Southern states wanted was independence from what had become to them a tyrannical government ruled by the Puritans from New England, a redux of the Cavaliers vs. Roundheads from the English Civil War. When the North went to war to conquer and enslave the South, the U.S. ceased to be a constitutional republic, but an empire governed by force. The North continues to humiliate the South, as evidenced by their constant meddling in local affairs such as forced integration.

    The Constitution is dead. It was flawed because the end result is the demonic tyranny we deal with now. The Declaration is flawed because all men are NOT created equal. I know what Jefferson really meant, but those words have led to a chamber of horrors in the years as we’ve destroyed the freedom of association.

    Anyone who holds on to those dead pieces of paper is a fool. The courts rule whatever they want to rule. If they can’t find some clause that they can pervert, they’ll just make it up out of thin air and call it “the law.” If you go before a DC federal court, you’re screwed seven ways to Sunday because all of the jury pool are either workers in the regime or the ecosystem supported by the regime.

    • The idea that all men are created equal is actually the strongest argument for monarchy, the rule of someone born into power rather than someone hungry for power. Monarchy is indirectly a form of democracy, and electoral politics is not democratic at all but rather trends towards oligarchy.

      The idea of all men being created equal, followed by the conclusions of the declaration of independence, is probably the most famous non-sequitur in history that isn’t fairly recognized for what it is.

    • I think we too often conflate two aspects of discussion wrt the Constitution: The document as currently interpreted, and the original intent of the writers.

      Both discussions are valid, but I feel the later has some hope. In the former, I’m happy to agree that the document is not worth saving. Indeed, I could not for the life of me figure out any way to modify it effectively given 10,000 pages of Court decisions “clarifying” it. 🙁 It is now one of those things to be tossed out and we’re better off starting anew. To spend time and thought on modifying is simply a distraction.

      This leads to the second part, the fundamental ideas that were originally expressed by our Founding Fathers. Those bear further discussion as basis for a new “social contract”. I reject a “living” Constitution as seen in European countries. Those are just selected laws which can and do change as one interest group or another achieves power. To me, this is not a Constitution.

    • “Anyone who holds on to those dead pieces of paper is a fool”. I guess I will be taking that case of US Constitution pocket guides I bought to hand out at next year’s Juneteenth celebration in Chicago to the landfill.

  24. Truth outlasts the lie. That’s painful, but after grief is freedom and, eventually, happiness. Losing the lie is no real loss. Someday, people will look back on all this and chuckle.

    • True – but also: Lies are halfway around the world before truth gets out of bed.

      Without accelerant, we will all likely be dead by the time truth catches up on its own.

      • Biden was threatening Americans with military force the other day, and I’m pretty sure he was largely ignored. Incredible! What does it signify? I have no idea.

  25. Sad that things are going the way they are in this country. A lot of times arguments over children result in divorce. I believe in our case we adopted the wrong children, who eventually turned both parents against each other. Those adopted children are now too strong to discipline and are in charge.

    • We took in those children who were of demon seed. Like hapless songbirds whose nests were polluted by the eggs of cowbirds, we raised the alien chicks who hatched out, sadly, to the exclusion of our own, even jlpermitting the aliens the latitude to push our own out of the nest.

      • ” … even permitting the aliens the latitude to push our own out of the nest.”

        ” … even paying the aliens to push our own out of the nest.”


  26. CivNats cling to the Declaration or the Constitution or “American values” as both a last hope that the country grew up with can be save and as a way to avoid reality.

    To give up on those documents would mean facing a very harsh reality. Z’s example of a cuckold is apt. The guy has so much invested in the marriage that it’s hard for him to think that it’s over. He also realizes what a bitter and costly fight the divorce will become and that scares him. Finally, he can’t imagine what life will be like after the divorce, so he just keeps his head down and hopes the wife will read their marriage vows and come around.

    The wife (the Left), of course, sees this and grows ever more disgusted by her husband. And like women are wont to do, she keeps pushing him, almost wanting him to fight back. The weak man, naturally, keeps getting more and more disheartened and meek.

    That’s where CivNats are now. They can rationalize anything thrown at them. Not to keep bashing the guy, but read Steve Sailer. He simply can’t bring himself to accept reality, and he’s race aware. Imagine what colorblind CivNats are like.

    But even the CivNats are running out of time. The Left and the vibrant are coming from them.

    • “CivNats cling to the Declaration or the Constitution or “American values” as both a last hope that the country grew up with can be save and as a way to avoid reality.”

      CoaSC – well stated as usual.

      This is very apparent in my day to day interactions with conservatives. They really believe that the “pendulum” will swing back the other way, or that the left will eat itself. While the latter may happen at some point, it is not happening any time soon (if ever). It’s the same thing with the whole “Go Woke, Go Broke” garbage. Except the problem is that none of the woke companies are going broke at all. Once they realized they could push these agendas and face no repercussions, it empowered them even more to step on the necks of whites. Case in point, I get emails 3-4 times a week at work from our “Chief Diversity Officer” (aka the fat, angry black lady) telling me that I am the worst creature on earth for oppressing vibrants due to my shiny skin. This was unthinkable just 10-15 years ago at work. Now it is completely normalized.

      “Imagine what colorblind CivNats are like.”

      Unbearable in a word. They will give every excuse not to label blacks for what they really are. In this way they are no different from a leftist. No matter how much data you show them, they will deny the reality of it in the name of morality. It is quite remarkable.

        • Where am I going to go that is any different? There is no where to work in my field where this isn’t the case. It is actually much worse at other companies. Like everyone else, I also have bills to pay. We do what we must.

          • I understand. It was not a criticism, just a question.

            Its a trade off most will not make and hence it will only get worse, until you and your children are excluded via quotas or worse.

            The reality of rejecting the poz is to step out of the material drivers and rewards.

          • I would also add that the modern identity trail of records of ones life that extends from work and the state is one of the primary reasons a revolution will not happen.

            No where in history I can think of would opposition mean you could never work again, never travel somewhere else, never move and start again.

            Its a risk with little reward it seems.

          • A big reason why it won’t happen is because there is no unification like there is on the left. Why would someone start a revolt knowing that most will not join the cause, and all that will happen is you will be thrown into a gulag, lose everything you have – including your family, and be forgotten to rot to death. Look at the January 6th prisoners as the example. it is deliberate that they are being held without any respect for their rights. It is meant to be an example of what happens to disobedient whites. Hell, they no longer hide it. The scum bag in chief will go on national TV tonight to tell the country that white people are the devil and we must vanquish them with any necessary force. Normalization of random violence against whites is becoming more and more the norm. Fighting back will simply get you thrown into the void. Demographics are destiny. They have succeeded in flooding the country with foreigners and whipping up the emotions of low IQ blacks to hate the country and all of its native citizens.

            I do not see this ending ever. Sure, at some point food will disappear, normal conveniences, all of that, but that’s a LONG way off. Much longer than any of us will live to see. I don’t believe this is a country that is worth fighting to save. People ultimately make a nation and soon, the majority of those people will not be worth saving.

            More and more whites will leave the country and seek refuge in their retirement years somewhere cheap to live. If you are going to live in a 3rd world dump, it may as well be somewhere on the beach where your money can take you some distance. This is my tentative plan. I do not have an ounce of patriotism left for this “country”. I despise it now. I am embarrassed to be an “American”, (whatever that means) and I’m more apt to wipe my butt with my flag than proudly display it at my home. That won’t matter anyway, we are not far from the flag being replaced with the BLM or rainbow anyway.

      • CivNats have a blind belief that because their side is factually correct, the other side will either eventually realize it or soon collapse due to following policies based incorrect assumptions.

        They are certainly wrong about the former and woefully misguided about the timing of the latter. Yes, in the very long run, the Left’s policy of communism and 3rd world immigration to replace the whites will lead to disaster, but that’s way down the road.

        And what will our society look like when the collapse does come around?

        What colorblind CivNats (and the truly bizarre race-aware but still CivNats like Sailer) can’t understand is that the other side hates us and wants us dead. CivNats can’t understand that level of tribalism and hatred. They just can’t – and they never will until the brown wave laps up against their doorstep.

        They also can’t understand the Left and its dusky mercenaries has zero clue that they will destroy modern civilization in their pursuit to destroy whites. They truly believe that we are the only impediment to a glorious future.

        They will never see the light no matter how many charts Sailer shows them. They believe that we are the devil and that we need to be destroyed. They won’t quit – ever – because they can’t quit.

        • The devil who has enabled billions of those people to exist.

          Without whites the wider population in the world would be at he same level it was a hundred years ago.

          Those people professing their hatred would not even exist.

          No good deed goes unpunished in spades.

      • We are all there now TiredCitizen. This is happening because there is zero cost to the employer, and probably significant cost to the managers who implemented this – for now. They’ll be replaced if they are a decade plus from retirement.

        Despair is one option. Via a simple line of questioning posed as perfectly innocent desire to understand what diverse hiring is and how you can help, you can get them to openly admit they are hiring by race and gender. You also have all of the anti-white racist emails that create a discriminatory and hostile environment.

        You have to and you can fight back. Put the CivNats to good use. https://will-law.org/ (Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty) is creating class action lawsuits on behalf of whites being actively discriminated against. You have to use this tactic while it is an option. Record and film any and all degradation when you can. There are plenty of outlets to send it to. If even one normie sees this and the courage someone took to publicize this anti-white apartheid, someone else is bound to stand up.

        This is a tactic in the larger war that eventually if we are lucky ends in abolishing AA and the Civil Rights legislation. As someone caught in the despair of this garbage, I can tell you this avenue has to be pursued. Even the lowly Jim Crow negro didn’t accept defeat as easily as we seem to be doing right now. We should be ashamed of ourselves – shamed into the avenues of constructive action at our disposal – before they close completely.

  27. Right now the biggest enemies we have are not the committed leftists. They’re completely out in the open about who they are. BLM and Antifa openly loot and torch without consequence. Radical feminists attack pro-life counseling centers and riot outside the homes of Supreme Court justices and nobody gets arrested. The FBI openly raids the homes of right-wing political figures with impunity. Biden openly mocks Republicans as “Fascists” and threatens to wipe them out with the military. ZOG spends billions on Israel, illegal immigrants, blacks, and Ukrainians yet spits on taxpaying whites.

    No court is going to strike any of this down.

    No, the biggest enemy we have right now is the trad American patriot who actually thinks he has “rights” and has “We the People” and an American flag tattooed on his forearm and similar stickers on his truck. The worst enemy we face right now is the white guy who thinks he lives in the “freest country in the world,” that the “troops fought for our freedom,” and that it is actually possible to “Make America Great Again.” The worst enemy we have is the white guy who thought he had the right to protest and engage in civil disobedience like Martin Luther King and never imagined that ZOG would throw him into a DC gulag and give him 20 years for trespassing while dressed in buffalo horns.

    The U.S. is not a liberal regime at all, it is a totalitarian Levithan and smart people need to quit quoting words on paper from the 18th century and get a grip on what they’re really up against.

    • There seems no event or humiliation that will penetrate this mind set, apart from for a very few. These few voices cannot compete even within their own family with the mind worms that infest the neurons of the droolers. Many on here over time have similar anecdotes.

      Look around, most everyone is convinced things are going to roll back to normal at some point if they just give ground on this thing, this other thing, this thing done to your children ….

      I wish I had an approach that would reverse this, but I have not found a single approach that can perform the exorcism needed unless people are already so inclined.

      I doubt even grinding poverty and literal sacrifice of their children in the new Moloch idol at school will bring about a change.

    • “The U.S. is not a liberal regime at all, it is a totalitarian Levithan”

      This cannot be stated enough. All of us, not just Z, dwell on the failures and shortcomings of liberal democracy, and we do not even have that despite all of its problems. So to a degree we carry a delusion not dissimilar to the CivNats. This is a totalitarian police state, full stop. Just because you can comment on places like this one, which is kind of anodyne but realistically so, doesn’t mean anything. The day the State decides it doesn’t want you to comment or communicate it will stop you from being able to do so.

      I would go so far as to state this is the most fully realized totalitarian police state in history, and has the added bonus of a populace so deluded it thinks it is free. If Stalin or Hitler had the technology, or Little Kim had the ability, their states would/would have looked much like this one.

      Want to see a schizophrenic delusion in action? Don’t go to the mental health facility and look for the dude who thinks he’s Napoleon, or the Wokefest where men think they are women. No, look at vids of the Tea Party people during the Obama years. That’s true madness.

    • “The U.S. is not a liberal regime at all, it is a totalitarian Levithan and smart people need to quit quoting words on paper from the 18th century and get a grip on what they’re really up against.“

      Sure, the Constitution as an enforceable contract assuring rights is probably long gone. But many of the ideas explicit or implicit remain valid. Those are future building blocks. The current document is a good example of a failure from which we should learn—assuming one wants to retain the concept of a Constitution. Otherwise, we just do like the Europeans.

      • It was not perfect, no system is, but the failure is not so much in the document, but the people who enforce it (or don’t). Personnel is policy; laws are not self-executing; not he who votes, but who counts the vote, much like not he who makes the laws, but who enforces them. Doesn’t mean a better document can’t be drafted, but the problem ultimately lies in the populace.

        Jefferson was being literal about the need to water the tree of liberty.

        • ” … but the failure is not so much in the document, but the people who enforce it (or don’t).”

          The failure was (and is) in believing that a document could or would be adhered to. It was a stupid idea from the start. And that failure–that moral and intellectual failure also gave rise to the worst thing of all: universal suffrage.

          • Well, it is kind of a chicken/egg dilemma. It is not unreasonable to expect a document to be adhered to, if the persons involved are of solid character. If the persons involved are not of good character, then yes, no document or any other system would work. So what do you do?

            The only thing you could do: Get enough like-minded folks of good character to sign on, and hold on as long as you can. turned out, that wasn’t very long.

      • Many conflating the idea that the constitution has not saved us with the idea that the constitution is somehow to blame.

        Basically any system worked acceptably well in a white Christian country with endless natural resources and oceans from rivals. No system will work with the people and culture we have today.

        Its like saying, well a night stick is a bad weapon because my grandma cant succesfully fight off a home invader with it. Its a fine weapon, if one of many that could have worked in capable hands.

      • Not really; the Constitution only made sense or had any necessity due to the underlying problem: a hodgepodge of incompatible ethnic groups being ruled by a singular polity (though all white Europeans; but being the same race and didnt stop the hutus and tutsis from the machete fun times).
        The solution is to not have a single government over several different nations, especially nations that have a 1000 year history of internecine warfare and attempted genocides. The lesson of the failure of the US Constitution is the same as the Liberian Constitution: you cannot literally paper over the ties of blood and limits of genetics with a scrap of parchment. The words on the paper do not matter (or are a distant 3rd or 4th in importance); the nature and character of the people in charge of enforcing the rules is the primary, first-order issue.

    • “The FBI openly raids the homes of right-wing political figures with impunity.”

      I know what you mean, but there are no right-wing political figures.

  28. “The hard cold truth is that the America the civic nationalists claim to love is not around anymore and she is never coming back. In fact, she never really existed. ”

    The epiphany, at least for me, was understanding that the constitution was mostly a diplomatic pact that attempted to find and keep a common ground among disparate states and cultures. The point of it was to create a standard response to problems common to the states (mostly trade and diplomacy). While modern leftists are correct in noting that the constitution is outdated, they miss the more salient point the federal government only exists because it was supposed to be limited to solving common problems that had broad consensus for their solution, not imposing using the impetus of a slim majority to micromanage everyone.* While CivNats are right to value a rules-based federal order, they miss the more important point that the states’ concerns in the 18th and even 19th century have little in common with their concerns today. Rule of law is great, but the particular rules that exist may not be.

    * As a thought experiment, imagine how much different the federal government would be if all laws and regulations a) required a direct vote by all adult citizens, b) required an 80+% majority to pass, and c) expired after two years and to be voted on again to continue. That’s what broad, current consensus would look like.

    • “The hard cold truth is that the America the civic nationalists claim to love is not around anymore and she is never coming back. In fact, she never really existed.”

      The aspect of “never existed” and “myth” are closely related here. I’d argue that this is not the way to look at such an foundational statement by a country. One needs to look at the document as aspirational—it is what the country aspired to at the time. That is important. I’d argue many of those aspirations are still valid and discussed in this group repeatedly.

      Problem, of course, is that we are no longer a country of blood and soil, but a mongrel mixture. Civnat’s do not recognize this, and therefore are doomed to failure.

  29. Tucker makes this point or at least the first half of it. He declares — stridently — that “they no longer care about you,” though he holds fast to the ideals of civic nationalism, assuming that Tucker says what he means.

    When Lincoln cited those who gave “the last full measure,” it was as though he didn’t realize that half the dead at Gettysburg were Confederates. I’ve always thought that the “new birth of freedom” spoken of in the Address was the limited Federal government now being succeeded by a much stronger, more centralized national government.

    I envision that America, going forward, may become a pan-Asian colony, exploited for its natural resources, the plundering supervised by our elite as resident managers, the rest of us becoming an American peasantry subject to a ruling autocracy. Of course predictions of this nature are worth what you pay for them.

    • Even the semblance of the Constitution could never survive rule by aliens, let alone alien billionaires, who have no use for traditional America or its people..Brandeis and Frankfurter on SCOTUS destroyed the last semblance of Constitutional rule in the 1930s…Now State and DOJ have become the enforcers of the new tyranny, under the same sort of people…

      • Change the people, change the country. It’s a simple formula but it is true. If you want to live free you have to live among others who also want what you want (and who interpret freedom as you interpret it.) Perhaps CivNats are like Lot’s wife – condemned to gaze with longing upon that which is no longer worth their gaze.

    • Agree. The American Spring (immigrant invasion, like the Arab Spring) is to bring in the new, improved farm equipment.

      The South Americans push out the old equipment, have a robust, self-sustaining working servant culture, and can keep the water mains flowing.

      But they don’t overthrow the rulers.
      One interesting fact nobody seems to have noticed: they are the only continent without wars between nations.

      Even the North American Indians had continent-ranging wars between their nations. Civil uprisings, yes, but no country wars in the South, unlike virtually everywhere else.

      • “One interesting fact nobody seems to have noticed: they are the only continent without wars between nations.”

        Argentia has gone to war with Chile several times. Chile has gone to war with Bolivia. Those are just off the top of my head.

        • Yep, one needs to look back a bit further. Isn’t Simon Bolivar some sort of South American George Washington? Also Argentina picked a pretty big war fiasco in the Falklands. And I’m wondering how many of these countries had government overthrows by the US over the years? And the Monroe Doctrine might come into play with the US playing street cop South of the border.

          • Except for Falklands, those have been mostly border disputes (Falklands too, in a manner of speaking). US borders (although in practical terms non-existent) have been pretty much settled, so we haven’t had wars on or near US territory for a while either. Only the US is into regime change wars.

        • Ecuador and Peru had a very nasty confrontation that involved some jet-on-jet fighter battles. All over a line in the jungle that one would be hard-pressed to find or even care about.

    • I’d take chinese rulers over the current small hat ones any day. They may not have any love for white christians but dont have the same demonic urge to kill and humiliate us.

      I know people that live in China today and they have it much better than most here do.

      • This.

        Greetings from Hong Kong.

        Life in China isn’t a bed of roses, but things are *much* better than in the West in plenty of ways. Not many blecks for a start… so public transport isn’t hell on earth. And, as you imply, the government doesn’t actively hate and despise the people it rules over. Neither does it pretend to insane universalist ideals.

        But the real silver lining is that the Chinese have had their Crazy Years and are determined not to go back there anytime soon. The West is just getting started with its Great Leap Forward (sic).

        I am content for now to be a Metic in their world.

        • >>>Neither does it pretend to insane universalist ideals.

          This is one of the more infuriating traits of the FUSA’s government.

          Oligarchy is the norm in all human societies, and frequently is composed of quite nasty individuals; however, a set of vicious freaks who preen over their own beneficence, and universal values, is stomach-churning.

    • “When Lincoln cited those who gave “the last full measure,” it was as though he didn’t realize that half the dead at Gettysburg were Confederates.”

      I know what you mean, but the speech was given on the occasion of the dedication of a Union cemetery at Gettysburg, so he wasn’t talking about the Confederate dead that day.

  30. Excellent piece. Jaffaism is pretty much the defining ideology (idiotology?) of the GOP/Instapundit school of “conservatism,” and is the weed from which Dems are the Real Rayciss/GOP the party of Lincoln/MLK was True Conservative spring. And it is, truly, a cult — of Lincoln as Messiah and Jaffa as his prophet.

    • Have you ever listened to their podcast. The opening music shuffles in, announcing itself, “I am pathetic and impotent.” Then they scuttle about trading angles. There is no life, no solution. It is pure resignation.

      The next step for our side is to take the next step. To boldly announce the noble project and to speak with calm while we speak with fire. People are ready.

      • You mean that one Chris Flannery does? It’s so awful sometimes I think it’s some sort of deep joke. Every week celebrating a new black guy or immigrant who by golly just defines what it is to be a Duhmerican.

        • The Roundtable. It is on their YT channel – every Friday. It is worth your time listening to the opening music after the opening listen to some snippet. That music is the perfect description of the mindest and impotence of these losers.

          A little gallows humor that only takes 30-60 seconds.

      • “People are ready.”

        Many are. But the general conditions are not yet right. When they are, events will arise out of them “organically.” And nobody will have to tell you what to do.

          • “The next step for our side is to take the next step. To boldly announce the noble project and to speak with calm while we speak with fire. People are ready.”

            Stirring. Bold.
            That needs to become a meme, a poster, a handbill.

            I’m taking it for little Hundred Hands action, thanks.

  31. What a gift for metaphor our host has! So I continue in his style… She reeks of tequila and Paco Rabanne, stumbles home with a high heel broken and makeup smudged, but we’re still in love with her so we ask no questions. Why?

    Because for the normie/griller, facing the future untethered to the founding documents and life as they knew it, or at least imagined it, is frightening and horrifying. And this is not without reason and justification. What comes next? History doesn’t give much comfort – look at all the disasters of past unmoored societies. The next-door neighbor who got divorce-raped looms ominously.

    So the “common good” thing is basically marriage counseling for cuckold grillers. We attempt to forge some forward-looking consensus or compromise from the tangle of soiled thongs, pantyhose and cocktail napkins. Of course, who decides what the “common good” is going to be? It’s all sophistry. We’re facing an obvious zero-sum situation while grasping desperately for “win-win” outcomes.

    Reparations and “equity” move us from cuckold to prison b*tch, but, darn it, we’re still in counseling trying to make this marriage work!

  32. I never thought I would say this, but I agree. It is time to accept the facts and move on. You could argue that the founding documents were buried with Andrew Jackson’s spoils system. He killed the national bank. Excellent! But then he turned the Democratic party into a political machine and patronage system. That was the beginning of the urban political machine that has metastasized into the garbage dump on fire that it is today. Jackson’s spoils system was effectively the running over of Thomas Jefferson with a garbage truck then throwing his body into the back and crushing it.

    We could point to a thousand paper cuts. Bottom line, America is long dead. Our race on this continent now confronts a malignant evil that wants us destroyed. That malignant evil used those documents as a fig leaf to put us into this position. Even a year ago I thought my energy should be used to teach my associates what America is and how we can go back to what we departed from. No. ZMan is right. There is nothing to go back to. America’s offer to us is a prisoner’s life as a legally underprivileged caste ruled by a caste that wants us extinct. Only a fool would choose that and the electric chair of replacement for his own children after a long and degraded life.

    What comes next is a difficult undertaking, but a noble one. Possession is 9/10s of the law or something like that. The map is mostly red. We must occupy and claim the most valuable lands. The fertile interior rich in minerals, energy and a geographic bonanza of interior waterways is a good start along with the gulf and southern atlantic coasts. We must be wise in not cutting ties with valuable human capital that makes us globally competitive. Then, there must be a long plan to reclaim the entirety of the continent that our ancestors explored and civilized.

    I was reading the Likud party platform the other day. They claim for eternity the land of Israel. We are the sons of Romulus, Clovis, Alfred, Edward, Rollo, Washington, Lewis and Clark and the Winter Soldiers to name but a few. We must resolve to claim this land for eternity even if that vision must be realized by our grandsons. There is not a breath to be wasted stirring in a broken and fatal dream.

    • You will not be allowed to move on. Like the harlot that cucks her husband… what’s left of Legacy America is nothing more than a meal ticket for the dynamic new progressive America. The blacks cannot survive without their gibs. The ruling class cannot survive without cheap labour from Mexico. Racial virtue signalling isn’t possible without swarms of mud people to idolize. Sexual degenerates seldom produce anything of real value in the real world. You are in for a very dirty divorce, America. Somebody has to fund those wars and useless college degrees.

      Civil war is in the offing. If I had any advice to give the guys that stand against progressive America … it would be to aim for the jews first.

      • “The blacks cannot survive without their gibs.”

        Yes thy can. The gibs didn’t come along until 1965, so we know that they can get by without them. They’ll HAVE to, as a matter of FACT, because prosperity is going away for everybody. And soon.

        And the ‘groids can again be made to do without gibs. And it IS going to come to that, although by default rather than by decision and deliberate action.

        And sooner than most people can even guess at. Time is short.

    • Who is this “we” you are talking about. Right now those of european heritage in America comprise somewhere around 60% of the population. At least half want nothing to do with the other half. In the future it is much more bleak and this country at some point break apart with possibly smaller newer nations for our grandchildren.

      Then hopefully they can claim some part of what comes after.

      • If you wait for it to break apart like that, your grandchildren will have already been replaced by the Middle East and Africa, and the Obama forced integration regime. The time to claim something is now. Claim something large and put the walls around it while enabling it to effectively to engage in trade.

        If that doesn’t happen in this decade, then the US becomes a massive China/Israel fiefdom where inter-racial squabbles perpetuate an ingenious self-divide and self-conquer strategy. The ruling elite watch it, televised from behind their walls on tropical islands for sport.

        • “The time to claim something is now. Claim something large and put the walls around it while enabling it to effectively to engage in trade.”


          Events do not occur according to the timetable in your head. They just don’t. They never have; they never will.

          Nevertheless, the time WILL come–and sooner than you imagine–sooner, probably, than you CAN imagine–when the country–already broken apart–will formalize new lines on the map. There is nothing to do but to WAIT (patiently if you can command your emotions, but impatiently if you can’t) for events to produce “the right time.” It IS coming. And when it arrives, you will KNOW what to do. Nobody will have to tell you.

          Until that day, make realistic preparations, and keep your head down. The future will be built by those who show up for it–the survivors, not the martyrs.

          Frustration and anger are understandable, but they will have to be borne until the Great Day arrives. And it WILL.

    • > Jackson’s spoils system was effectively the running over of Thomas Jefferson with a garbage truck then throwing his body into the back and crushing it.

      Yes, because it is far better to leave people in positions of power who are loyal to your enemies than to replace them. That strategy worked out great for Fat Orange Man.

      • You are absolutely right, a ruthlessy applied spoils system keeps the embeds out of a permanent government sinecure. They can do so much less damage if they aren’t there long.

        My comtempt is reserved for the civnat convention of states that pops up every year or so. It amazes me to think these people can’t see the inevitable outcome of that bad idea. If you think it’s bad under the current constitution, just wait until you try out the new progressive one that would result from that.

        • No “new” Constitution can come from a Convention of States, that could *not* come from Congress. This misconception seems to never die. The Convention will need the same majority of States as now exists in the Constitution in order to ratify any Constitutional change.

          That’s the main rebuttal, but another is that no call for a Convention has even come close to the number of States needed, so such efforts have basically died.

          No one has ever responded to my challenge with a scenario of how a “run away” COS would be carried out and destroy the Constitution by replacing it with something even more horrible. Always the requirements for ratification are ignored as well as the fact that the less specific the Convention becomes, the less likely any agreement among States wrt Amendments.

          • The Convention of the States would only be of significance if were understood upfront that no governing arrangement not unanimously agreed upon could possibly be binding upon all participants.

            Otherwise, any state participating in a Convention is agreeing in advance to be raped by a 51% majority of participants. Thank you, Sir! may I have another?

        • “My comtempt is reserved for the civnat convention of states that pops up every year or so. It amazes me to think these people can’t see the inevitable outcome of that bad idea. If you think it’s bad under the current constitution, just wait until you try out the new progressive one that would result from that.”


  33. One major problem the nation has faced (and European civilization itself) is the destructive force of Protestant progressivism. (I was raised in a Protestant family, so put away your knives.) For centuries, Protestantism floated along on top of Western Civilization, buoyed by an immense religious, cultural, and artistic structure put in place by 1,500 years of Catholicism. Protestants took it all for granted, or even ignored it. By the middle of the 18th century, the corrosive effects of Protestantism burst forth as “the Enlightenment” and its twin, the Industrial Revolution. From that point on, Protestantism has greedily consumed the seed corn of a civilization it never really liked. Having subjected the nation to a cruel immersion in Judaeo-Puritan morality for more than a hundred years, (and spread its fervor across the Anglosphere), it has now cast off all restraint in its drive for societal perfection. The next time you hear “The Battle Hymn of the Republic”, think about those words and the horror of what is being suggested. If you think you’ve witnessed a lot of vintages being trampled out lately, you haven’t seen anything yet.

      • The Battle Hymn is like Le Marseilles, the instrumentals are great but the lyrics are bloodthirsty as can be.

        • “The Battle Hymn is like Le Marseilles, the instrumentals are great but the lyrics are bloodthirsty as can be.”

          The Marseillaise is at least about the blood of foreign enemies. The Battle Hymn is about hatred for one’s own countrymen.

      • “I hate these people.”

        Hang onto that hatred. You will need it sooner than most people can even guess at.

    • Protestant morality is obsessed with purification and radicalism (hence the popularity of OT among them).
      Similarly to Jewish Revolutionary Spirit, Protestant Progressivism needs secular causes as way to channel the eternal search for Paradise. Traditions are obstacles and have to be broken down in order to advance. The Reason is Devil’s Whore (as put by Martin Luther), hence sola fide doctrine rejects Thomistic fides et ratio. Whether the belief is put in God or in Science! is of little consequence, the fire bust burn in the furnace of the fanatic.

    • Götterdamn-it-all: “the destructive force of Protestant progressivism”

      The roman catholics [largely tater, out of NYC] all fought for Anti-Constitutional Nihilism.

      The patriots were Christians [Presbyterians, Baptists, Hussites, Anabaptists, etc].

      OTOH, the unitardians & quakers & wesleyans were of course Anti-Constitutional Nihilists, and the newly-arrived lutherans, in the general vicinity of the Great Lakes, fought alongside the newly-arrived taters, as Anti-Constitutional Nihilists [which was one of the biggest head-scratchers in the recent history of religiosity].

      Of course, this all gets back to the original meaning of the word “Constitution”.

      To the New World colonists in the 17th & 18th Centuries, a “Constitution” was a declaration of that which CONSTITUTED their Nature.

      In particular, they were of a Constitution which could be trusted:

      To Worship Freely, without bowing down before Massa Lucifer and his minions;

      To Speak Freely, without spreading gossip & half-truths & lies;

      To Assemble Peacefully, without engaging in mob violence;

      To Keep and Bear Arms, without randomly murdering one another;

      Etc etc etc…

      NB: It was the unitardian & canterburian-papish Federalists who opposed adding those sorts of very explicit declarations to the formal Consititution, opposite the Christian Anti-Federalists who demanded the declarations.

      tl;dr == Pretty much the entire history of the people of the British Isles [both in Great Britain and in the New World], for roughly the one hundred years from circa 1725 to circa 1875, was just one long unending replaying of the tragedy at Culloden.

      If you don’t understand Culloden, then you don’t understand “American” history.

      • “If you don’t understand Culloden, then you don’t understand “American” history.”

        What a bizarre and garbled rant.

        ” … s [which was one of the biggest head-scratchers in the recent history of religiosity].”

        Well, yeah, given what you’ve said. Of course you don’t understand it.

        • What was bizarre?

          That you were unaware of the true history of the colonies?

          That ostensible german lutherans could fight side by side with ostensible tater catholics in order to drive a stake through the heart of the American Constitution?

          That canterburian papists [like George Washington & John Marshall] could team up with unitardians [like John Adams] to turn the Constitution upside down and transform it into one giant meta-sociological letter of marque and reprisal aimed at the citizenry?

          Are you aware that George Washington & John Adams imposed a tax on the possession of CURRENCY by frontiersmen; which currency was called, “Whiskey”?

          Are you aware that George Washington’s arch-enemy was none other than Thomas Jefferson?

          Try this for garbled: Why do we now suffer as feudal peasants pledging fealty to an omnipotent Passive Aggressive Industrial Complex?

          Do you think that particular malignancy in our society was foist upon us by the Anti-Federalists?

    • You just cannot ignore the role of Catholic France in the destruction of the West. French revolution,Deconstructionism and Postmodernism in general,the deliberate promotion of Protestantism in the HRE, extending the 30 years war to desanguinate Gernmany,alliance with the Ottoman empire-the fleet defeated at Lepanto was wintering in a French port, the ransacking of Constantinople, Avignon papacy.

      France also promoted the idea of a creedal nation ie the French republic of citizens rather than the French. France was the first Western country to start importing non-whites because ideas trumped peoples.

      Also your argument implies that the culture emerged from the ground. Catholicism did not invent European culture European peoples did including and especially, in the last 500 years, northern European peoples.You are guilty of what you accuse Protestants of doing; you literally believe abstract concepts are vital and drive reality whereas humans are passive.Nonsense.

        • Not true.

          But the fact you have to lie and also don’t address the other points I made is …interesting.

      • “France also promoted the idea of a creedal nation ie the French republic of citizens rather than the French. France was the first Western country to start importing non-whites because ideas trumped peoples.”

        “France” did no such thing. Jacobins inside France did a lot of terrible things, no doubt about it. But how do you explain the fact that of ALL the countries in the world that have legalized same-sex “marriage,” it has been ONLY the French who rose up against it in the MILLIONS. And for months and months. And not only in metropolitan France, but in all departments everywhere, from St-Pierre et Miquelon to New Caledonia. And now they have even formed a political party (which is not easy or cheap under French law–Macron got elected first time without a party) whos sole purpose is to reverse “la loi Taubira” and outlaw same-sex “marriage.”

        Also France did not import foreigners because they relied on this creedal nation nonsense. They did it to counter American hegemony. And they were right to do so. It just didn’t work as they had hoped. The creedal nation thing is no more popular in France than it is here, although, as here, it dominates for the present–and for the very same reasons.

        You seem to know enough French history to have developed a very skewed picture. Keep reading and studying, though, and you will be surprised at what you don’t know yet or understand.

        Read French websites like Ligue du Midi and La Gauche m’a tuer [sic] on vimeo and YT. Résistance Républicaine. Reconquête ! The last is also a political party. Nothing like that in the States–nor is it even possible. France is much freer than the States–or any part of the Anglophone world.

        Your instincts are sound, but you have much to learn yet. Keep at it.

        • What I said is true and I don’t see how talking about abortion negates or even addresses my point about a creedal nation or France’s constant undermining of the West.

          Another example I forgot to raise-guess which country wants to unite the EU with North Africa?

    • Catholicism hasnt turned out so hot either, did you see the Pope in canada kitted out like Elizabeth Warren apologizing for white christians trying to christianize and civilize the savages? Implicitly endorsing the burnings of churches over a hoax?

      Many fine catholics and many fine protestants but as institutional churches they’re two sides of the same coin now. Russia and orthodoxy are the only hopes for white christian civilization (also why the big hat pope and the small hats all want it destroyed).

      • Catholicism (the religion) is not co-terminus with Catholics (the individual adherents) and that goes for the putative pope as well.

      • Even the “Popette” in Constantinople wants the Russian Church subjugated. Things are not rosy in Orthodoxy these days….

  34. It strikes me that the Declaration provides excellent evidence for the fact that the Founders, along with most Americans at that time, were race-realists: seeing Blacks as essentially different from Europeans.

    When Jefferson— who owned Africans as slaves— writes that “all men are created equal” and equally entitled to “liberty”, there certainly appears at first glance to be a contradiction: What about the slaves?

    There are several possible explanations for this, only one of which is plausible:

    • Jefferson simply didn’t see the apparrent contradiction.

    • Jefferson recognized the apparrent contradiction, but had no answer for it.

    • Jefferson didn’t believe that Africans were “men” in the same sense that Europeans were; thus no contradiction existed.

    It seems clear that— not only for Jefferson, but for most Americans of his time— the last possibility is the correct one: they simply didn’t see Blacks as fully human, in the same sense as Whites. This is the only possibility that makes sense.

    And since most everyone agreed on this, it could go unsaid: there was no reason to explicitly spell it out.

    People nowadays— who imagine Blacks to be equal— thus completely miss what was going on. They’re mistaking the tacit race-realism of the Declaration for hypocrisy or stupidity on the part of Jefferson.

    The Declaration, properly understood, is an enduring monument to the race-realism of America’s founders, and of most all Americans of the time.

    • Having recently read a biography about Jefferson I would submit his views about the slaves were somewhere between #2 and #3.

      At a few points in his political career he did try advancing arguments for ending slavery but they went nowhere. There was no cultural nor political will to do anything about it, especially in the southern states. So rather than push the matter, Jefferson let it lie; he didn’t wish to make a martyr of himself on the issue and ruin what further political aspirations he had.

      On the flip side, if I’m recalling correctly, he also quietly expressed the view that, long term, the only viable solution was for the slaves to return to Africa, because whites & blacks would surely never live together in one nation in peace. He never advanced this publicly because, see above.

      And then there’s his years-long affair with one of his own slaves, following his wife’s death, producing many children whom he never acknowledged either publicly or privately. That one tends closer to #3 than #2, yet he did free those slaves in his will, privately doing for them what he could/would not publicly do for other slaves.

      Interesting times, they were.

      • From his ‘Notes on the State of Virginia’::

        “Nothing is more certainly written in the book of fate than that these people are to be free. Nor is it less certain that the two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government. Nature, habit, opinion has drawn indelible lines of distinction between them.”

        Few if any abolitionists were imagining Blacks and Whites living together. Virtually all of them were assuming that freed slaves would be repatriated somewhere else.

        • So what you are in essence stating is that there was an “implicit” idea/concept of the Founders that in society “all men” are *not* “equal” and a recognition of “race” differences.

          That is an idea I would retain and support in any new “founding” document and why I distinguish between the Constitution as a written document perverted by cleaver people verses the ideas it was founded upon.

      • “On the flip side, if I’m recalling correctly, he also quietly expressed the view that, long term, the only viable solution was for the slaves to return to Africa, because whites & blacks would surely never live together in one nation in peace.”

        Right. In fact, he wrote that. And a *portion* of what he wrote is inscribed around the rotunda of the Jefferson Memorial–leaving out the sentiments you mention:

        “Nothing is more certainly written in the book of fate, then these people are to be free; …”

        THAT is inscribed in the Jefferson Memorial. The rest of that sentence is not, but here it is (from his 1821 autobiography):

        ” … nor is it less certain that the two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government. Nature, habit, opinion, have drawn indelible lines of distinction between them.”

        Political correctness was already influential enough when the Jefferson Memorial was built (1938 – 1943) to truncate that passage b/c it stated an inconvenient truth.

        • Infant: FDR’s administration was riddled with communist Juice. Those who like to trace everything back to the odious LBJ and the 1960s repeatedly miss a very long history of treason and sedition, genuinely by the same group of people.

    • “It seems clear that— not only for Jefferson, but for most Americans of his time— the last possibility is the correct one: they simply didn’t see Blacks as fully human, in the same sense as Whites.”

      Jefferson was a smart guy.

    • The explanation is simple:
      “All me are created equal” in the eye of the creator.

      Jefferson did not claim to be God, He was interested in practical systems for this world, not the next.

  35. I’m not sure what I would describe jaffa’s ideology as – maybe a kind of American “we wuz Romans” or maybe a sort of America Zionism (i.e. God chose America to lead the world)

    One thing I’ve suspected for a long time but have never found a smoking gun on is that the DR3 style of argumentation originated with the claremonsters – equally strident while equally clueless.

    • KK: “I’m not sure what I would describe jaffa’s ideology as”

      Jaffa’s ideology, like any proper Sanheder of the Frankfurt School, was, “Whatever works the most effectively & efficiently & expeditiously in pulling the wool over the eyes of the idiot goyische cattle.”

      The Sanhedrin deploy only the most extremely empirically efficacious of narratival pseudo-deductivistic psychological warfare campaigns.

      They don’t waste their precious shekels on psyops which aren’t worth a damn.

      Why do you think so many Talmudvision shows got the axe within mere weeks of their premiers?

      Extremely empirical efficaciousness.

    • Yes, Jaffaism confesses that “liberal democracy” as defined by Lincoln, with equality as the cornerstone/foundation, is the “best regime” and it’s the job of Duhmerica to bear this light to the rest of the world, much as outlined by the horrible “Battle Hymn of the Republic.” There’s not really a smoking gun from Jaffa to DR3, but it’s implicit in Jaffaism. Plus Dennis Prager, one popularizer of the idea, is a Claremonster. Or if you have a very strong stomach, listen to some of Christopher Flannery’s horrible podcasts, available on the Claremont site. Glenn Ellmers is a good source for the more “intellectual” side of Jaffaism, such as it is.

      Jaffaism in truth is a sort of political religion, a bizarre form of gnosticism in which Lincoln is literally a prophet who was the first to interpret the Constitution properly, that is through the lens of the Declaration. Jaffa said he wanted to create a Founding Myth for America, and by God he did.

  36. Spending time IRL worrying about “documents”, “laws” and the like is a luxury many can no longer afford.

    I think it better to deal with reality – in the form of life in our new Wild West. Some examples of the mind-set in urban and suburban settings:

    1. There are hostiles that might come over the horizon, murder you, rape your womenfolk (feel free to change that order) and no one will come to save you. If they come, they will come to blame you.

    2. Highway robberymen squat along the roadside and will single you out, by your skin color, or the hood ornament on your car, to rob you at gunpoint. Even if they do not take said gun out of holster.

    3. You will be made the victim of racism. So will your children.

    4. The justice system is against you, for others and their friends so it’s Tammany Hall redux.

    5. Everything projected at you is a lie with an agenda.

    I could go on and on. Way past arguments that revolve around documents and voting booths. This is SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST time and I find the soy men around me useless in rendering any assistance.

    • “I could go on and on. Way past arguments that revolve around documents and voting booths. This is SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST time and I find the … .”

      Good post. But I’d point out that much–maybe all–of what you have said pre-supposes *unfailing* supplies of electricity and petroleum products of various kinds.

      “your car.”
      armed robbery.

      To maintain firearms, you have to have unfailing access to unfailing supplies of petroleum products.

      I don’t think those are safe assumptions. Biden is selling American oil to China, and China is selling Russian natgas to Europe (at a handsome profit for both Russia and China). It’s hard to overstate the stupidity of the political class or to overestimate the damage their climate agenda will do not only to us but to themselves.

      Will we have unfailing supplies of electricity and petroleum products? Do we have that now?

      It’s probably not useful to imagine a future in which our enemies will have the wherewithal to persecute us as you suggest, when they are likely to be hungry and stationary most of the time. Not to mention stupid. Vicious, yes, but we are FAR more resourceful. Better to plan for the circumstances that will almost certainly maintain in the dystopia you are imagining.

      We shall not be without major advantages.

      Think about it.

      • One of Putin’s limited stated goals was the demilitarization of Ukraine, did he have a secret goal of the demilitarization of NATO or did Biden and his Satraps throw that in for free?
        Did Putin in his wildest imagination think that Van the Loon would ice the cake with the de-industrialization of Europe?

        Inquiring minds want to know.

  37. Our national documents are now the Declaration of Co-dependence, the Decomposition, and the Bill of Slights

    • My theory is that it is all about the US Code, a document so deliberately complex that, by the letter of its law, we are all committing 3 or 4 felonies per day.

      On top of that there are all the various State Codes, which are probably good for another felony or two.

  38. “You must never confuse faith that you will prevail in the end–which you can never afford to lose–with the discipline to confront the most brutal facts of your current reality, whatever they might be.” – Adm. James Stockdale

      • Yes, Admiral Stockdale was Perot’s VP in ’92. Pat Choate ran with Perot the second time, in ’96.

    • Mostly known for how he comported himself in the Hanoi Hilton.

      No whisper campaign about Stockdale, unlike another inmate who parleyed his experience to wealth and power when he returned to the US.

      • Stockdale was an incredible man. Many people don’t know that he was also the flight leader of A-1 Skyraiders at the first Gulf of Tonkin incident.

        • Wasn’t Stockdale, upon release, calling for war crimes investigation of the North Vietnamese and was shut down by the Nixon Admin?

        • One of the very last scholar-soldier types to go into politics. He and Jim Webb are the youngest I can think of. What our military has done since then doesn’t use or produce such people, apparently. Tulsi is the best we can get.

    • ” … the discipline to confront the most brutal facts of your current reality, … .”

      And not only the current reality but also the reality that will almost certainly maintain soon–and for a long time.

      It is less than useful to imagine that we shall be without significant advantages when the crunch comes. And the crunch is going to last for a LONG time. And these inferior peoples now colonizing “our” country will be in the same boat–worthless money (if any at all); unreliable supplies of electricity and petroleum products.

      So on that level playing field, why assume that WE are going to be hapless, feckless victims of inferior peoples who will not have reliable supplies of electricity, petroleum products, or food?

      THINK about it.

  39. This reminds me of that general who led a weird occult prayer some months ago to some Christian group, and recently came out saying that churches should have at least half of their sermons devoted to constitutionalism or the declaration of independence or whatever. A lot of civic nationalism seems to be a desperate attempt to stop right wing Americans from getting in the game. And when powerful weirdos like that general embrace it whole hog, I mean what else is there to say really.

    • “what else is there to say really.”

      Simply that that general and others like him are out of touch with objective reality, as the Zman’s article today correctly points out. It’s past time to move on, but that man doesn’t get it. Yet.

      And being out of touch with reality is not a position of strength. And it will be much less so in the future, when there’s no money and no electricity and no petroleum products. We are all going to be in the same boat, but WE have inborn advantages.

  40. In the words of the great philosopher John Rambo: “What we want is for our country to love us as much as we love it.”

    Unfortunately, John, that’s not the way that love works.

  41. Probably the best essay on why worshipping a document with words is a pointless exercise was the classic essay, “The Myth of the Rule of Law”. It shows very succinctly how a document, no matter how bulletproof it sounds, requires a standard culture that interprets things the same way, and has a consistent set of values across the peoples. When you have people with very different value systems, one is going to win, regardless of the words on a piece of paper.

    “In this Article, I have suggested that when it comes to the idea of the rule of law, the American public is in a state of deep denial. Despite being surrounded by evidence that the law is inherently political in nature, most people are nevertheless able to convince themselves that it is an embodiment of objective rules of justice which they have a moral obligation to obey. As in all cases of denial, people participate in this fiction because of the psychological comfort that can be gained by refusing to see the truth. ”


    • Someone – I wish I could remember who – once pointed out that the flaw in the Founders’ thinking was that they didn’t realize that in the real world, the Rule of Law always ends up being the Rule of Lawyers. That’s how we ended up with every major social policy of the past 75 years being decided in the courts by judges, and not by the people’s elected representatives, which was how things were supposed to work and the whole point of setting up a republic.

      • Well, at risk of sounding like I’m for fixing a broken/failed document…the current Constitution allows for Congressional oversight wrt SCOTUS cases—which has never been tested. A new rewrite might consider some extensive and expressed veto ability to SCOTUS rulings by Congress. And of course, term limits for all—including upper echelon civil service workers.

    • ” As in all cases of denial, people participate in this fiction because of the psychological comfort that can be gained by refusing to see the truth.”

      I was about to comment on Z’s excellent obituary of Civic Nationalism and saw this pull quote. That’s the abbreviated version of most of what I intended to write.

      The Alt-Right was a freakshow but it did produce some important propaganda and rhetoric. It really is hard to top their description of Civic Nationalism as “ghost dancing the Constitution,” which drew an analogy to the pre-Wounded Knee Sioux ritualistically trying to summon the mythical White Buffalo to push back against the European invasion. Civic Nationalists, at least at the time the analogy was coined, really, really believed the United States could be salvaged (again, I refuse to use “America” in this sense because it in fact still could be severed off and survive in a new form). Most of them still believe this even now.

      Another analogy that is helpful is the five stages of grief. Civic Nationalists now generally fall on the spectrum between bargaining and grief, with most leaning toward the former. We, of course, have arrived at acceptance. Many if not most CivNats never will and cannot give up on the thought they can convince an increasingly dangerous and deranged Left and its State terror apparatus the error of their ways. These types will sing “God Bless America” as their train arrives at the death camp. I try to have sympathy but contempt is all I can summons.

      Vaclev Havel’s admonition to live as if you are free has some merit, but it also helps to feed the delusion of the CivNats that they are in fact a free people. It is like dispensing fentanyl to a young White addict the police state wants exterminated, but CivNats deserve it. Cut these types loose right along with the Left.

  42. “German FM: I will put Ukraine first “no matter what my German voters think” or how hard their life gets”

    Another conspiracy theory gets confirmed, voting doesn’t change anything! But seriously, what are they so scared of that they’re putting it all on the line for the Ukraine?

    • At this point it might just boil down to inertia. There is no way now to back off without looking weak, and the upper class bubble is completely oblivious to any chance of real hardship or existential danger.

      • If you give the unwashed what they want in regard to problem A (e.g. sanctions on Russian trade), they’ll soon expect to get what they want in regard to problems B, C and D (e.g. immigration policy etc….)

    • I get why our corrupt leaders are all in: money laundering, bioweapons labs, funding the MIC, keeping the neocons busy, lumping Russia in with us MAGA fascists, etc. But for the life of me, I cannot understand why Europe is playing along. I guess their leaders fear the US turning isolationist and refusing to carry Europe’s security burden, combined with their desperately wanting to be in the WEF clique. But their citizenry seems to tolerate it, given they don’t appear to have the same voting fraud we have over here.

      • DLS: “funding the MIC”

        Which “MIC”?

        The Monetary Industrial Complex?

        The Media Industrial Complex?

        The Medical Industrial Complex?

        The Military Industrial Complex?

        Which of the M’s is the most deleterious to Heritage Americans?

    • They fear the people that really rule them and the disapproval of their despicable cohorts. The people who voted for them? Nah.

    • They are not scared of anything. Its a simple matter of statement.

      The Ukraine is the new coof. A bogey man in order to enact the next steps in the agenda.

      The point of Ukraine is not Ukraine. If it was not that it would be some other area, Moldova, Estonia, whatever.

      The Ukraine is to manage the sheep as they are unable to think past the initial surface self contradiction.

      The intent is to destroy Europe, destroy industry and introduce a new green soviet walling Europe off from the world.

      So why don’t they care how hard their life gets? Because that is the point.

    • I guess Germans are hellbent on another crusade, let’s see if Russians have to deal another killing blow again.

      Or maybe that dinbat’s ramblings are inconsequential and they’re preparing to solve the crisis on their own terms with Russia.

      • Were I a practioner of judo, I’d patiently help my enemies destroy themselves, akin to using their own weight and momentum to flip them flat on their backs.

    • “money laundering, bioweapons labs”

      I think that really is a large part of it. What if covid came from the Ukraine, i think a few months back i heard the Russians putting the idea out there. Yesterday i asked why zuckerberg was doing an about face with regards to the details of the 2020 election and had a thought that may answer my own question: He’s looking for a bailout. Meta as they’re now known looks like a hailmary. Perhaps Zucks business model isn’t working during this non recession recession and he’s cozying up for a handout.

      • Meh think of it this way. You’re dating a girl, you went thru a period of distancing her from yourself and your routine. She starts to react properly and look at her options. You realize she’s considering leaving you, you then panic and ask her to marry you from fear of being alone?

        Is that desire or fear?

        Most people lash out at things because of fear or greed. At this point what is even the difference between fear and greed?

    • “But seriously, what are they so scared of that they’re putting it all on the line for the Ukraine?”

      Well, since you stopped there, I’ll assume that your question is serious.

      What they are afraid of is US–you and me and the populations of the Western countries.

      The political classes in every Western country have, through the miracle of Social Democracy & Socialism, destroyed the economy of the whole world. MOST people are FAR too stupid to see that, though, but that’s the fact of the matter.

      In August 2019, the Repo market crisis burst onto the scene largely unnoticed. The Fed Chairman gave a press conference that month to announce that the US Federal Reserve System was “opening a special Repo market window for foreign central banks.”

      What that meant was that the US was making itself the lender of last resort to the whole world. It wasn’t until January, a little more than four months later, that we learned that the US would be lender to the whole world except Japan. That was when the Bank of Japan announced that it would henceforth buy Japanese gov’t debt “without limit.”

      A few weeks later, the Covid hoax was proclaimed, and the political class deliberately shut down the economy the whole world to HIDE the fact that the Fed Chairman’s press announcement in August of 2019 had revealed to anybody who was listening, which was almost nobody: Banks the world over had become too afraid (August 2019) to lend money even to other banks even overnight. The world economy was ruined and that could no longer be hidden–except by an enormous psy-op, which the political class and mass media trotted out as soon as ever they could.

      And THAT is why Frau Baerbock has told the world that she doesn’t give a Gott verdammtes Scheiss what the German “voter” says or wants. The Ukraine war is the political class’s cover. They can blame it on somebody else–and they have done so: They assign godlike powers to Putin, who, in their belief system, has the power to cause prices to rise across the world by dint of his evil thoughts.

      If they tell the peoples the truth, the peoples will tear them to pieces in the streets, so they HAVE to lie and they HAVE to have a war and they HAVE to eliminate fossil fuels NOW or else the peoples of the West will have the wherewithal to kill them. And would do so. And they know it.

      It’s simple self-preservation and a woodenheaded refusal to give up their power and their cushy lives.

      There’s more, but that’s the basic answer to your question.

  43. People get attached to forms. If someone treats foundational documents on par with the Holy Bible, acknowledging the death of the country equals apostasy.
    I don’t know how to approach such people and tell them that “God is dead”. Thankfully here the constitution is just a document that people only invoke during political clashes like court packing.

    • Every form of government needs “legitimacy”. Monarchs have the “divine right of kings”. Theocracies have their holy books interpreted by the priestly class. Communists have their

      Democracies have “the vote”.

      As long as no one is starving to death (and sometimes even then), it’s enough.

    • “Thankfully here the constitution is just a document that people only invoke during political clashes like court packing.“

      I disagree, the the constitution is frequently brought up when the right is in power and used as a straight jacket to prevent needed reforms in the grounds that proposed measures are “unconstitutional”

      Fealty to the constitution severely handicaps the right’s ability to go after the left

      • Still seems to me that the Left has gotten more out of perverting the Constitution to their own ends than the Right. For example, Roe vs Wade. Yes, I know that it was overturned. But the decision—made up out of thin air—lasted 50 years and was a Leftie jewel in the crown.

        Lefties still petition SCOTUS on every single execution warrant issued by the States. Often winning those as well and delaying the process ad infinity. Hell, the last execution we had was for a child murderer who spent 35 years on death row.

      • I apologize for being unclear, I was referring to my Polish home and our spiteful turd-slinging contests around Constitutional Tribunal crisis that began in 2015.

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