The Revolution In The Clouds

An enduring question on this side of the great divide is over the motivation of the Cloud People as they go about their war on the Dirt People. Is there some grand plan behind the war or is it some weird instinctual thing? Are they motivated by base instincts like money and power or is it something spiritual? There is the “deep state versus emergent behavior” angle but also the simple question about whether these people have the self-awareness to grasp what they are doing at all.

For example, the war on Russia was launched six months ago and at the time it was clear to most people that the cost to the West would be high. The question was about the cost to the Russians. Given the dismal history of economic sanctions and the public utterances of Russian leaders, sober minded people saw the sanctions regime as a high risk and extremely low reward gamble. That quickly became an all risk and no reward strategy that was doomed to fail.

Despite the obviousness of it all, the West kept doubling down on the program as if they were on the right side of history. Now people are getting gas bills in Europe that are five and ten times normal. Europeans are posting their utility bills on-line as a desperate effort to get attention to the issue. For reasons no one has bothered to explain, Western media is not treating this as an important story. They are not grilling Western leaders on the situation or even asking them questions.

Are these people just so cut off from reality that they simply do not know what is happening in their countries? Is someone like Liz Truss so insulated from reality that she is unaware of things called electric bills? Since no one has bothered to ask her about the issue, it is possible she does not know. It seems crazy but staggering ignorance would explain why this is happening. The Cloud People do live vastly different lives from the Dirt People.

That does not explain the media silence. Scan the British media and you would come away with the impression that there is no economic crisis. It is all stories about the royals, local celebrities and childish political drama. The German media has bland stories about the latest ten point plan from the party. Those are stuffed in between press releases from the Gaia cult like this one. They worry that people freezing to death in their homes this winter could anger Gaia.

What in the world is going on here? The worst economic catastrophe to befall Europe in generations is being ignored. Is this a strategy by the Cloud People or are they just so cut off from reality they do not see this as a big deal? This lunatic from the German Church of Gaia wants to tax meat at a time of soaring food costs. Is this nut so ideologically blinkered that he does not see how this looks? Normal people will be forgiven for thinking he is a deranged sadist.

This is where another motivation creeps into the picture. Maybe what lies behind all of this is a seething hatred of the Dirt People. The reason they are not focusing on the crisis is they are showing restraint. In private they are laughing at the prospect of Dirt People heating their homes with candles this winter. Those shop owners going out of business gives them a sexual thrill. This crisis is the revenge of the Cloud People on the Dirt People for not dying off during Covid.

That last bit is further proof that vengeance may be the real motivation behind these abusive polices we see in the West. It was clear from the start that the Covid polices were something of a tantrum by the Cloud People. They made people humiliate themselves with masks and social distancing out of spite. The vaccine mandates now look like an attempted genocide. Deaths among the young and healthy are at frighteningly high levels across the West.

There have been times in history when the people concluded that their rulers were corrupt, stupid or tyrannical. In the furor leading up to the revolt the rabble-rousers would caricature the rulers as ruthless and vindictive. In reality, the rulers were either incompetent or simply unlucky. In order to properly revolt, the people needed to be convinced that their rulers were more than just stupid. They were bad people who deserved what was coming to them.

We may be experiencing the first example where a ruling class is evil, but the rabble rousers among the ruled cannot bring themselves to accept it. It is the mirror image of the revolutionary model where all restraint is lost among the ruling class while the people desperately try to maintain the status quo. The people at the top have all the money and power, which for some reason has led them to revolt against the system that makes their status as elites possible.

The other side of this revolution in the clouds is the placidity of the Dirt People in the face of this war of extinction. Perhaps this is what has driven the ruling class into a murderous rage. No matter how hard they try, they cannot rouse the people to defend themselves or their culture. The rage is not exactly at the people, but at the ruddy sunset of the West. Modernity has made the people so feeble; they can no longer defend themselves from predators.

Regardless of the reasons, the revolution in the clouds will continue until the Dirt People can be roused from their stupor or they simply succumb. One way or the other, the revolution can only end with the death of the Cloud People. Surely, they must see this, which means that is the ultimate aim. Self-abnegation is the highest virtue of the new religion and one way or another, they will achieve it. The only question that really matters is if they will take Western civilization with them.

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246 thoughts on “The Revolution In The Clouds

  1. It’s strategy. The effects of any policy are the actual objective.

    Its not the complete extinction of the Dirt people its a culling of the herd, as the Cloud Managers see it.

    Probably at most 40% ~

    And they don’t need that many dirt people and can always get more.

    As for the DP, too selfish and cowardly to defend themselves, their children, their children’s genitalia. I see CPs point and find my countrymen loathesome in their cowardice, so DGAF.

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  3. It is not apathy that enervates a response from us Dirt People; it is an understanding, whether conscious or unconscious that the consequences of open resistance or rebellion to the Cloud People’s agenda means an end to the orderly lives that we have been living. We do not want another rebellion because we want our children to avoid the pain and suffering it will cause. We still hope that our republican form of government, including orderly elections will right the ship of state. In this regard, we are the epitome of the American spirit, viz., an optimism that everything will work out fine. Yet, I think the time is coming, and perhaps rather soon (depending on whether there is again clear evidence of cheating in the 2022 elections) that this dynamic might change.

    • In 2020, the elites said they were going to steal the election, they stole the election, they bragged about it afterwards, and they threw anyone who protested into a federal gulag. They’re going to do it again, of course they will. They’ve been laying the groundwork for a long time and today Biden is going to give a speech to outline the kulakization of White Americans. It is going to look different because rigging a bunch of local and state elections looks different from rigging a Presidential election, but they’re doing it.

  4. “Modernity has made the people so feeble; they can no longer defend themselves from predators.”
    You said a mouthful! Several generations of soft living and materialism since the end of WWII has turned us silly, apathetic, and feminized. Surely today’s provocations are as severe as those that caused our distant ancestors to rise up in rebellion, right? I guess not.

  5. Regarding the last point, about how it’s the placidity and weakness of the dirts that drives the clouds to keep attacking out of contempt:

    If you ever observe schoolchildren bullying each other, you can see this phenomenon at work. The child that doesn’t fight back is the one that gets picked on mercilessly with the approval of the crowd, while another child can be much more strange but if he’s good at either fighting or insulting he doesn’t get bothered nearly as much.

    I suspect that the sociopathic behaviors of children are a glimpse into how adults fundamentally behave if you were to strip the phony socialized politeness from them. Similarly the aggregate behavior of a class of people is going to end up looking more like the fundamental motivation they have, as it follows mob behavior rather than an individual concerned with maintaining social respectability. So aside from the random twitter deranged blue checkmarks who let the mask slip, you’re going to hear nothing but how much the elites care about you, even as they’re herding you into the ovens. For your own good of course.

    • I have a little list of “Schadenplannen” to profit from the pain of the Cloudies when the shitshow really gets good. One is to sell them (at a huge markup) gas or diesel generators mounted on a tow-trailer for their electric cars and hybrids. Maybe I’ll offer a discount if they agree to be filmed recanting their Gaian beliefs on my YouTube channel. Just the meme-ability of a picture of one of those virtue-mobiles towing a nasty, smoky fossil fueled power source would make it worth the effort.

    • Also California:

      We can use your “smart meter” to shut off your air conditioner, if you agree. (for now)

      Not the rich, obviously.

      Not the poor. They use crappy window units.

      No, YOU. The shrinking middle class. Because we hate you.

      REMEMBER: As California goes, so goes the nation.

  6. I still don’t know to this day whether these people are complete psychopaths or just terminally stupid and arrogant. I like Z’s point, though, about a possible death wish. An interesting fact about these maniacs is that many of them don’t have children. It’s like they hate us, themselves and the gift of life. What is sure is that people need to wake up very soon. Maybe this winter will be the catalyst. It’s us or them!

  7. A question to Z’s readers:

    I’m sure by now most of you have heard or watched the interview with zuckerberg on the Joe Rogan podcast stating the FBI told him to censor the laptop material. My question to you is: Why now? Why after two years does he finally admit what many of us knew to be true two years ago? And why did Joe only ask softball questions in his interview?

      • Maybe, but that did that immediately after the election with that infamous time magazine article. Which essentially said “yes we did rig the election and we did it for you own good”.

    • Zucc must be surprised anyone cares (or pretends to). He made the same admission with less obfuscation during the last time he was “grilled” by congress. Unfortunately Rand Paul wasn’t given an opportunity to vote him a medal for bravery at the time, so nothing happened.

    • Rogan has cucked multiple times already so he’s shown he will play ball and is now trusted to handle regime propaganda respectfully.

  8. Isn’t this cloud people vs dirt people a rehash of the enlightenment?

    Its that the wrong cloud people are in charge. There will always be better people. Its just that the these cloud people are possessed by demonic anti Christ philosophy

  9. Speaking of Ukraine, Ukraine’s oil consumption from its peak is down over 80% and this was before the war. It’s such a rapid economic collapse that it hints that Ukraine’s ruling oligarchs aren’t just looting the place, but actually want to genocide (again) the ethnic Slavs who live there.

    I’m not sure Russia knew this when it started this war of attrition. Germany in WWI didn’t know how much the atheist French elite hated their own Christian soldiers, and were willing to send them into a meat grinder long past the point of futility.

    And I have no idea what’s going on in the minds of ordinary Ukrainians. I know the most viable of them became migrants long before the war, and the best of the rest became refugees.

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  11. Cloud Person, so nebulous, a fog to hide the malefactors. The so called leaders. the Mcconnells and Bidens and Grahams. are just more of the same as the physical enforcer class. My Family vs your family. My Pension vs your pension. The pie is shrinking, slices of life are going fast, they are grabbing what they can.

    As the water rises, maybe you can stay above, perhaps even your children, but that water will drown our progeny sooner or later. But right now, the pseudo elites are doing what they can to grab for them and theirs.

    We know who the bad people are and how they operate. We’ve know since Latin was an everyday language. They come right out and say their goal is to crush us beneath their feet. Collaborators are willing to sacrifice us hoping to get just a little further down the road, maybe to outrun the stomp.

    In the long run, there is no successful running. While we still have strength, to join together in a mighty solar light to dispel the clouds and deal with the Bad Ones now.

    all sooner or later.
    The bad ones hide behind

  12. “Modernity has made the people so feeble; they can no longer defend themselves from predators.” – Human beings are human beings and human nature hasn’t changed since de Maistre was truth bombing the place over 200 years ago.

    What is modernity exactly that has caused a crystallization of the middle class in the face of all of this? The biggest difference between the pre 1930 world and post 1930 world is the welfare state, with its thousands of grants and programs. How would the stick of the Covid lockdowns had worked without the carrot of supercharged unemployment benefits and hundreds of billions in PPP loans that became grants? The magic of the welfare state is that everyone has just enough to lose that they become crystalized in the amber of government largesse. Bismarck certainly thought a welfare state would satiate revolutionary activity and it has.

    The welfare state won’t go away. It’s locked in place. The currency market though! Look out! So while you’ll still get your Medicare, it’ll only pay for extra strength Tylenol. And while you’ll still get your WIC, it’ll only pay for a bag of rice, and while you’ll still get your government annuity (CalPERS) it’ll only pay for a can of Folgers.

    The biggest question of our lives is at what point of diminishing welfare state returns in the face of inflation do the people break loose? This is a question for Europe as well.

    • Excellent post, and I completely agree. That is why guess that you do not see the staples of the more… erm… obstreperous groups (e.g. McDonalds and soda and junk food – the stapes, not the groups) have probably remained flat. I do not know this, as I do consume them (the staples that is), but I can only imagine prices have not risen much, for if they had risen precipitously as veggies and proper cuts of meat, the summer of peaceful protest would have really kicked off for your reasons. I am guessing the subsidies will remain for those groups while continuing to gore the middle class (and those that seek to raise healthy families).
      However, I would challenge your point about breaking loose. If the wildlings start wilding, will not the middle class seek the refuge of the government to protect them from peaceful protesters? The government won’t, but illusions die hard.

      • I agree. They’ll demand it for sure. Old habits die hard. You have a good point. It’ll take (x thousand) home invasions for them to be disabused of those thoughts. The Summer of peaceful protest was never about food. It was a systemic muscle flex on white people. As a matter of fact many of the peaceful protesters could have afforded to miss a few hundred meals. But a time will come when these apes are really hungry. The’ll go right into any neighborhood that appears like a target. And in the end, we may even see random acts of Congo like cannibalism in places like South Chicago…

        • It’s all too easy to forget that, unless I’m way off, the majority of the protesters in 2020 were predominantly white Woke people.

          • The first two days were all blacks looting Target stores, then it became all white wokies for the rest of the summer just destroying businesses instead of looting.

          • This can’t be stressed enough. The worst of the worst are White/(((White))). They may be even more insidious since they can infiltrate more easily and possess far more intelligence, however demented they are.

            And to narrow further, the majority were women, not all of them hideously ugly or even unattractive.

          • Jack-

            The Affluent White Female Liberals or AWFLs are an enormous problem for the entire Western world.

        • White people could effectively deal with this kind of local violence. The thing people know to fear is not the jogger but the army of big nose lawyers that will show up to lock you away for life in a jogger rape zoo if you protect your family from the jogger. Even outerparty state thugs can get the same treatment for following standard procedure arresting a dangerous felon..

          A guy got life in prison just for RECORDING a white person succesfully defending himself from a murderous attack from the eponymous jogger himself. You think that sort of knowledge doesnt change things?

          If the regime apparatus collapsed and stopped backstopping them blacks would be zero threat. Even they would quickly realize the state of play and keep the w’ilin’ to themselves

  13. The Cloud People do live vastly different lives from the Dirt People.

    The Liz Trusses do, but does your average journalist get paid so well that these energy bills have no effect on them?

    • These “journalists” have no choice but to parrot the scripts they’re given, or they will be cut out of the loop, lose their jobs and end up begging on the street like Dirt People.

      The journalists have no useful skills. All they learned in school was how to network and kiss ass to powerful people. Their one advantage in life is that they can call up the secretary of someone like Truss, Newsom, Trudeau, Macron, Zuckerberg, Bezos…and the secretary will put five minutes with the journalist on the Important Person’s schedule.

      If they ever publish one single thing that contradicts the Narrative, then the next time they call Pelosi’s office asking for a comment the secretary will tell them to go away. And their taste of the high life is over.

  14. “Is someone like Liz Truss so insulated from reality that she is unaware of things called electric bills?” — Only conceptually. Money is nothing more than a concept to these people. Almost theoretical. Which is why they so breezily spend billions on foreign wars. Even in college these people never once really had to eyeball their checking accounts. The credit card just worked. Just add more of this “credit” to the system. These people also work at the central banks by the way. Their last words will be “more credit!”

    • People like Truss and her ilk are indeed insulated from reality. But only for the time being. They are going to realise that reality, like God, is not mocked.

    • Germany is waking up real quick to the consequences of delegating it’s national energy policy to an autistic high school dropout 10 years ago.

      I’d laugh, and say “F-them”, but we’re headed in the exact same direction.

      • Greta wasnt the one coming up with all that any more than Biden is really the president. Im sure you know better too but we need to stop giving the slightest oxygen to that kind of ridiculous framing

  15. I would willing to bet that journalists and politicians get a different utility bill than normal people in Europe get. The corruption is probably that bad.

    • I’ve been wondering about this myself lately. Are we really living in two different realities. Whats funny about these “small bizs” posting their electric bill, wouldn’t the big ones with many locations be paying in the millions for electricity under these numbers? A real journalist would try and find that out.

      • I saw one today from an Irish woman. Naturally she had a Ukrainian flag in her profile. She should be drowned like a sack of kittens.

        • I saw that one also, which is what got me thinking. Did you notice on her bill, the area that stated last months bill was blank? That is what got me wondering if its legit.

  16. I think the first salvo, at least in America, of the war against white people (or Dirt People, if you will), was the inflicting of negroes upon whites. This was part of the so-called “Civil Rights Movement,” and its nec plus ultra was integration/desegregation.

    The archons of the aborning Power Structure, embracing their hatred and betrayal of their own people, understood that negroes were the antithesis of whites, not just culturally, but also aesthetically. Operating under the correct assumption that difference generates unhappiness, the archons realized that negroes were the ideal instruments to make the despised white people miserable.

    And so it has gone and accelerated for the last 50-plus years. Now, of course, it’s not enough to dump Section 8 projects in nice, functional white neighborhoods, negroes must also be placed front and center in all cultural expressions, such as television, films and music. The Power Structure has effectively imprisoned whites in a compound of blackness. The Power Structure gazes upon the melancholy of whites, and it smiles.

    • Temporally, the contemporaneous coverage, framing, and presentation of L’affaire Till supports your thesis.

      The Power Structure may be smiling at whites in Wakanda, but no running water in Jackson sure brings a smile to this cracka.

      • All that will result from the disaster in the black-topia of Jackson is more blame on whites for the people of Jackson not having clean water. And guess what? The American left will eat it up as they always do.

        We have reached the stage where simply existing as a white person is considered harmful to negros. There is nothing to stop every single issue affecting the sacred cows from being the fault of whitey.

      • Tru dat Joe!

        And to Ostei

        With all due respect sir, the only honkies who are melancholy are soyboys in skinny jeans. The rest of us are doing our best to prepare for the coming shitshow.(already in progress).

    • This is the thing that is mot oblivious to most people about how absolutely intentional this is.

      In the UK the so called right GB news has made black presenters front and center so as through repetition to provide the authority association in the mind of the viewer, over and over.

      They have a guy in a CofE Collar and an afro giving speeches on how immigration must be reformed, and now pushing black politicians giving speeches as to how replacement migration is real.
      Its the same in the US with the new true republicans. The last conservative leader candidates were all foreign or women.

      The authority vectors trained by the media have been swapped in front of people’s faces and they still can’t see it.

      Its a massive stroop test combined with a fuck you sledgehammer, and still the droolers sit and insert the mind worms willingly into their heads and those of their children.

      The media has finally smashed the identity of the west and there is no coming back.

      • Why do you guys get so worked up about this? It isn’t your culture as you all state everyday, so who cares who the psychos put up on the tv?

        • Because it controls all the other aspects of culture I am forced to interact with.

          In the street, in people’s interactions, in the stores, in the govt comms, in music in cars, on posters, on buildings, in work etc etc.

          • Oh i totally understand that, but by getting worked up over it you’re playing into their hands. Why else would they shove it in your face so blatantly? They only do it to get a rise out of you. Why give them what they want?

          • Bingo. That’s why I’m increasingly of the view that you might need to ban masks, ban testing and basically ban discussing it on tv.

        • Its a conditioning exercise of the general population that is the issue, not the irritation aspect.

          I suppose that is a bonus for them, but I am puzzled if you think that is genuinely the reason..

          • Yes i do, i think they want you to strike first to give themselves the moral high ground when they decide the need to crackdown next. Its kinda like how Lincoln tricked the South into attacking Fort Sumter, thus allowing him to say the government has been attacked and we must act! They’re a bully trying to goad you into a fight and they only do that when they think they’re going to win. Time is on your side if you’re against them because they’ll destroy themselves if you let them. As time goes on more and more people will understand they’re utterly corrupt and only spew lies. They want you to attack before they lose most of the people.

          • I go back and forth on that. On the one hand, don’t take the bait, on the other, they’re clearly begging for it.

            I’m not sure why, but in my experience you can give assholes and psychos exactly what they want, and as long as you aren’t coming from a place of fear (or breaking the law of course!), it defeats them. That’s what I mean when I sometimes talk about indifference, and as I think you were getting at above, minus giving them what they want.

            Iow it’s fundamentally about fear, about letting yourself be bullied.

        • Because the next stage is physical genocide? It’s not going to stop with TV commercials (or taking children to see gay sex shows).

      • Yet, when you read through the comments on their Youtube videos, there’s no shortage of people “noticing”.

        • and its why censorship has been so heavy handed the past few years and actually started in 2016. If 2016 was anything, it was a big middle finger to the ruling class. They don’t acknowledge it but they got the message, and it explains why they react the way they do. They know nobody likes them and use the media and social media to skew peoples perceptions that is the case.

          • Theyre drawing down centuries of social capital and institutional legitimacy in petty displays of hard power.

            One possibility is they think theyve got the thing sewn up permanently already so it doesnt matter what anyone thinks. Second possibility is theyre terrifically scared they dont. I think both in different measures actually.

            Either way its a high risk and time limited game and reality has its way of bursting in when least expected

    • Speaking of which, people like to trash the Wilson and Clinton administrations, but not nearly enough attention is paid to the piece of crud with the initials LBJ.

    • I’ve lived the reality of Section 8 housing dumped into an otherwise pleasant, affluent white suburb of Atlanta.

      Ended with a pregnant neighbor getting carjacked in her front yard (with her husband…pretty sure that killed that relationship) and my own house getting the door kicked in treatment and house raided when no one was home.

      Sure…we moved. But the beauty of Section 8 housing and infinite “immigration” is that you can only run so far, and so long.

      Section 8: Coming to a neighborhood near you. Because that’s where the money/social justice is.

  17. If the Cloud people are cornered by angry mobs and understand their end is coming, they would use some sort of Sampson Option and take everyone down with them. This is a very sick, arrogant group of people.

  18. We have become the eloi – why I chose my name. I would posit further that, intentional or not, the silence in the media allows the average person to question their sanity and how common is the experience. By censoring media (especially social – where confirmation could be established), limiting the scope of what is reported to official party lines, the average person probably feels alone. It is akin to Winston’s wonder in 1984 regarding how many other people hate or love Big Brother. That isolation, that uncertainty fuels the paralysis of the few (or many – who knows how many – that’s the point) through fear of a futile gesture, a la Jan 6th.
    Just yesterday, my wife, who works for the state, had a meeting of all newer state employees. Half of it was the “white privilege” crap. My wife, who is not used to this officially, and who is a foreigner, in the small group discussion afterwards let loose. She said all these non PC things that we would never utter. She even used such words as “Europeans brought civilization” and “Go get a job” and “Why should I work to put food in another’s mouth.” Now, my wife is ignorant of just how dangerous this stuff is. She is not a loud mouth – she is quite meek, but she said she simply could not sit their and listen to how our children are being told to atone for slavery. She said the table was completely silent after she spoke and no one agreed, openly, with her.
    Now, she will be probably fine, first because she has a thick accent that clearly marks her as foreign, and we all know immigrants are sacred (of course my wife is European – so there’s that compromise). Two, I live in one of the most “conservative” states in the country. Still, the silence is what I expected when she told me the story, and the silence is the point. If the quantity is unknown, and sufficient examples are made of dissenters, we are rendered powerless.
    Again, I do not know if the media silence is purposeful or simply indifference, but it perfectly sows the uncertainty that makes action less likely.
    2+2 = whatever they say.

    • Still, the silence is what I expected when she told me the story
      –Truths today are so horrible for the average normie to contemplate that their brain “bluescreens” whenever they are brought up.

    • “the silence in the media allows the average person to question their sanity and how common is the experience.”

      Exactly this, they want you confused and distracted.

      Why are you still watching the tv anyways? Or movies or shitty music for that matter? Withdraw consent dammit.

      I said it last week and i’ll say it again, you have to choose between what you believe and your 401k, your property, your friends, your family. What is more important to you?

    • Acquiescence to forced silence was a major error of conservatively minded people all throughout the emergence of the new world order in our country. For people who purportedly believe in free speech, we imposed a gag order on ourselves long before having it imposed by force. (My pet theory is the advent of women voting, which split politics into male (con) vs female (lib), facilitated a lot of this. Males don’t really like debating women (in part because women fight dirty linguistically) and way too many of all of us, male and female alike, ceded the floor to the new order crackpot in part because of how unpleasant it is to debate them.

    • Eloi: Even if your wife spoke out of ignorance, rather than defiant bravery, God bless her for speaking up for European heritage and civilization. Hope she doesn’t endure blowback. Hope she also now realizes just how cowardly most Whites are and will not trust any of them to have her back.

    • That’s a word that comes back to me again and again: Eloi. From probably the greatest short story ever written. We are indeed the Eloi, the natural products of the greatest period of prosperity and consumption in human history.

    • There’s a powerful scene in The Sopranos where Carmella goes to a shrink. He’s Jewish and there’s some mockeyphilia involved, but it actually fits in well with the characters. At any rate, when he finds out that Tony’s in the mob he immediately ends the session and tells her he won’t accept his fee because it’s blood money. He further explains that the only way to put everything right is for her to leave, “take only the children, what’s left of them, and go.” After Tony’s spent years in prison meditating on his crimes, his sins, only then will he be considered for redemption.

      Of course the characters and the audience know that this will never happen, and the scene ends with the psychiatrist telling her, “One thing you can never say, that you haven’t been told.”

      Everyone here, including Eloi’s wife, knows how this is going to play out. But at the very least we can tell the bastards that we see right through them and they’ll never get away with what they have planned.

  19. Who decides? the WEF decides,and they have a complete CCP styled social credit score and surveillance system planed for the survivors of their current depopulation agenda. they are using lockdowns and energy prices to completely destroy all private business. that gives them total control of employment . they will use starvation and energy restrictions to depopulate and bring America in line once Europe is conquered . good luck to the cockroach eating inmates of the new world order

  20. In the U.S. men seem to have been neutered. In Europe maybe not as many by percentage. It will be interesting to see if people freezing to death in Europe this Winter will start a Bastille day movement. If I was in the cloud club in Europe I might be concerned. However, as Zman points out, perhaps peak ignorance/malice has been reached and they really are oblivious.

    In totally unrelated news the Military and Police in Germany will basically merge in October. Interesting times.

    • Ah, just like Old Times preceding WWII when the local police were, in essence, nationalized so as to seamlessly become integrated into service to the autocracy.

      That is what is wanted for us here in AINO. A couple of years back here in southern NJ, there was an initiative to try to wrap all of our local police forces in Camden County into a county police department. The opening ploy was to point at the utter fecklessness and corruption of the Camden City Police, taking advantage of this circumstance to end that entity, and substitute a Camden County Police Department, starting with the city proper, but inviting other municipalities in the county to do likewise, and place themselves under the aegis of this nascent, countywide police force. The logic advanced was primarily economic, under the argument that pooling of resources would be more efficient. But whatya know, no other municipalities joined in, and the Camden “County” Police is still only serving Camden City.

      The power grab was pretty naked, and was seen as such. We wanted our own local policing, with local familiarity with our communities assured. With a countywide police, undoubtedly officers would be shunted around, depriving them of localized knowledge of places and people, bad actors in particular. So the logical outcome would be a degradation in which officers would be merely “riding cover in the street” like in LA, and the policing countywide would be dumbed down to match. The county commissioners, leftists one and all, are still at it, trying to hold out the “advantages” this BS purportedly would bring. Of course they want their own local Stasi, then it would be simplicity itself to impose their BLM narrative concerning policing policies and practices in every community in the county.

      Nationwide, it is clear that the Uniparty is jonesing for a nationalized police force for just these reasons. And more to the point, to develop a unified police/military suitable to enforce their autocratic ambitions, making the final break with localism in government, centralizing all of the coercive might into their vicious, unprincipled hands.

      • They’re nationalizing them for free. The list of rules, regulations, and expectations applied to all “peace officers” makes them defacto protectors of the Potomac Regime.

        • We can thank the monstrosity known as the, “US Code,” for this, which was an important end run around the Constitution in the legal realm.

          • I used to work in a law school library. I was the clerk of government documents, charged with intake and maintenance of (largely) federal documents. Every 4 years the entire US Code was issued in a newly revised edition. Brother, there were a lot of large, hardbound volumes to shelve with each successive edition.

            But the Code of Federal Regulations, the weaponization of the US Code, if you will, all of the rules vomited forth by the bureaucracy, interpretations and explications of the detailed admi istrative laws based upon the US Code, was embodied in a truly astonishing number of volumes covering all of the corresponding sections of the US Code, to the tune of several hundred in total. Each month there was issued a volume of Later Statures Annotated that served to cover all changes in the US Code and any changes in the Code of Federal Regulations. Each year, the entire CFR was progressively fully revised, older recensions being then withdrawn as the new volumes were issued. BTW, the CFR waxed larger with the passage of each succeding year. Naturally…

            Clerking GovDocs was an eyeopener.

    • To me, this is an anticipation of the revolt that may come when Germans are freezing to death. They are preemptively organizing to crush any dissenters with military violence.

  21. Why can’t the hostility and conflict between the cloud people and the dirt people go on for many more generations?

    All my life I’ve heard, “collapses is imminent“. It never happens. No such luck.

    Our side needs to think about how to build networks and institutions that defend dirt people over decades. And we need to talk about dismantling their sources of power, like the civil rights industrial complex.

    • My pet theory is that the advent of a total psychological war aimed squarely at our people is part of the issue. We, like the vast majority of other people on the planet, are used to war waged physically and are evolved to react accordingly. Consider our response to 9.11 versus our lack of reaction to a protracted war of attrition and corruption that is done via psychological and sociological methods, not physical ones.

      Which isn’t to say that physical war isn’t coming. It just suggests to me that some measure of care is being taken to not allow the targets to fight back the ways they are best adapted to succeed in. Deny the target the territory and conditions they are good at fighting in and they become hapless.

      • My county voted 70% for Trump in 2020. Two years later there are over 4000 new apartments either completed or under construction in my county of 100,000 population. I read where the number of illegals that have crossed the southern border under Biden’s reign is greater than the population of Ireland. I am expecting a new influx of government sponsored POC as Uncle Sam no doubt views us as an enemy stronghold.

  22. Like Z says, the question is who decides. Well, who decides? What kind of people are they? How have they made it this far? What kind of families do they have, and what was the ‘family business’ that raised them up in the world?

    It looks like rule by gangster to me, and others have talked about the ethnic mafias of the last century, dirty money going honest. Steve Pieczenik, specifically. I’ve never trusted the guy given his background, but I think he’s on the mark about that.

  23. “ the revolution in the clouds will continue until the Dirt People can be roused from their stupor or they simply succumb.”

    I’m a bit more optimistic. Think of hammer forged steel. A piece of metal made stronger through repeated heating and hammering by the blacksmith. The hammering in essence driving out the soft and weak, leaving the remaining stronger for its intended purpose. This is what others here have said—until the pain arrives and is felt and the weak secumb, change will not occur. But it will occur. There are just too many Dirt People to destroy and the bottom line is that the Cloud People need the dirt people, not the other way around.

  24. Second-to-last paragraph appears to give some credence to “Leftism as virus” theory. It will eventually consume its host, extinguishing itself along with it, but not before infecting other polities. This rage against the Dirt is nothing else but nourishment to the virus.
    As one Polish satirist of the communist era remarked in regards to intelectuals: They love Humanity and the Human, but the Human written in the upper-case, an idea that floats in the sky An ordinary human, being the shadow of that idea is at the same time its greatest distortion ,which angers the intelectual to no ends.

  25. Occam’s Razor: the elite are unconcerned about what may exist beyond their lives. No vengeance, no self-abnegation, no emotion or attachment to any particular outcome. They simply don’t care. “Après nous, le deluge.”

    • I am inclined to believe this. However, it doesn’t explain their fixation on destroying The Dirt.

      Another angle is this: They have utterly failed to problem solve and lead. What looms is economic and energy catastrophe. They can’t face their own people. They have deep shame. Rather than face their own people, they replace them.

      Not sure I buy it, but another explanation.

      Bottom line is, how do we prepare for and navigate the long project of becoming the new elite.

      • Another twist is a “shoot the messenger”, phenomenon. They believe in democracy so they say. What is a democracy? It is several things the only one which has value in my opinion is consent in a peaceful transfer of power. Of course, when you have a massive bureaucracy, power in reality never changes hands.

        So democracy is reduced to a popularity contest. What does that mean? It means The Cloud People and their bottomless vanity have to see and hear that they are disapproved of. Even when they win, they must stamp out those who do voice their disapproval at the ballot box. That voting is an impotent act is known but not relevant. What vexes them to Fury’s insanity is that anyone dared to disapprove of them.

      • Spite.

        Dirt people have lives that are in many ways better than what the elite have, happier, material pleasant and rooted in community. More important they are mostly secure with each other

        The elite hate the idea that they are prosperous, bug eating being the sumptuary law of this century and any thing that decreases perceived status and inflict misery allows the elite to feel superior and reduces the in group friction.

        • I think it was Rose Kennedy who said,”What’s the point of being rich if regular people can buy cars, eat a steak now and then, and go on vacations”?(or something like that).

    • Agreed. They all go to the same elite schools where they are taught globalism and all the latest PC theories. That’s why they are called Cloud People. They are so high up, they don’t even notice us.

      • no steve, they consider us cockroaches in their butter dish. They not only notice us , they obsess about us in a good way .

  26. The movers and shakers that determine the intermediate future aren’t morons. They are aware that the “renewable ” energy scam is pure propaganda. That’s why Russia is being put to the test. Many billions of recoverable oil lie mostly beneath its Asiatic surface. The Ukraine/Russia fiasco is an attempt to nullify Russian energy power for years down the road by making the country a client state/colony. If a few Krauts shiver through the night or the price for recharging the Tesla doubles it’s a small price to pay for controlling truly important energy access for the forseeable future. Even during the iciest days of the cold war Houston’s Brown & Root was a major player in developing Russian oil resources.
    These same policy architects must feel that it’s cheaper to muscle their way in to the Russian oil scene militarily than it is to construct nuclear power plants. Maybe they’re right. Nuclear power can’t be loaded on a tanker and sent halfway around the world.
    If the Ukraine gambit fails, as seems likely now, there are other Russian border areas to exploit. This contest could go on for a long time before the Russians throw in the towel and join the party.

    • The Russians will not throw in the towel. This seems eminently clear, and any line of patter based upon that fallacy will come to grief. They see this struggle for what it is; a desire to steal their patrimony, and in aid of this goal, to destroy them as a culture and a people. This is existential, and as in former times, they will not surrender, and they are prepared to do whatever it takes to make it stick.

      • One of the reasons that this enterprise is going on at this particular moment is that there’s a perception that the reign of Putin may be coming to an end. We can’t know who will have the hammer after him but he may very well be sitting in a limo behind the mortuary right now. His relations with the West may have already been established. In fact, Russia’s ruling class would be more powerful and wealthy by making an accommodation with the West rather than fighting it. The US has no shortage of enemies. Neutralizing Russia would allow the Yankees to concentrate on their greatest foe, China. Which is not to say that this will definitely occur.

        • You are a persistent troll, a besetting plague upon this comment board. Every once in a while you throw out something that makes some cheaply bought approval. But then, some legitimacy attained, you resume your underlying tactics of half-truths and sedulous injections of your favored narratives. It’s pretty transparent to me, and maybe also to others here. Why don’t you formally change your posting name to Wormtongue and have done with?

          • You’re displaying the same feelings as the “woke” crowd, who can’t endure hearing about things that make them feel unsafe. It probably is pleasant for some to never hear a disagreeable word but in the real world most don’t have every answer to every problem down pat. It’s tempting to feel sorry for you but that’s not an emotion that works around here. Grow some testicles.

          • I am unclear on whom you are criticizing.

            However, I think one of the above commenters may have a point. While I harbor no ill will for Russia, and I’ll admit I know little of their internal politics, it’s a potential mkay might allude to: What if there is a “regime change” in Russia, whether orchestrated by Western skullduggery or an inside operation, that results in a GAE-friendly regime? It’d be a huge win for the GAE of course. And the new rulers in Russia become the new oligarchs, with the usual access to Western graft and perhaps their assets unfrozen. Again I don’t wish such an outcome on the Russkis, but it cannot be dismissed.

        • China is not “our greatest foe” you don’t buy 2/3rds of you imports from your foe. all this drama in Taiwan is about is assisting Xi’s foes in the CCP election that is taking place inside the politburo. His rivals for power probably offered the west’s corrupt politicians some kickbacks if they would embarrass Xi.

    • Sorry, but that will never happen. Putin is way ahead of them at every level. And Russia has a very long reach. If we start effing with other borders, Russia will hit us hard. They have made it very clear that for them this is a fight for their survival and they will do anything – anything – to win. And I agree with them 100%.

  27. “In order to properly revolt, the people needed to be convinced that their rulers were more than just stupid. They were bad people who deserved what was coming to them.”

    I don’t think those two things are mutually exclusive. They are stupid AND bad.

  28. Great post. There are a multitude of factors. The dam has not broke because the lower strata of the clouds are a) ignorant of reality and misinformed to the point of having a belief system that is sailing farther away from it b) assume no costs of the bad decisions c) live in a life-long bubble oblivious to any hardship

    I am sure we all work with these people. The debt financed tech/finance economy is the new middle, and they are living in an oblivion. When a crack forms in the sky, they think, “if only we could get rid of those dirt people.” Many of them are dirt people – transplants from the Midwest and South into the coastal cities. They are desperately running from who they are and where they came from to avoid the disapproval of those who hate them. Perhaps that explains it. The Clouds in these areas know this and feel it. But, they get no escape velocity. They live side by side and shoulder to shoulder with The Dirt they loathe, some of whom prove more competent than them. So, they trick The Desparate To Not Be Dirts into degrading themselves – to renounce their origins; even to cheer their own extinction and replacement. The Clouds fear them so much they will have them replaced with pets they think they can control having no idea what feral jackals they have seated at the table.

    This isn’t Brave New World. This isn’t 1984. This is The Hunger Games. Europe is a tinder box: A densely populated area saturated in debt; self destructing with ruinous energy policies; importing migrants en masse who openly and angrily taunt and tell the native population to their face they are their to replace them; entire cities forfeited to said migrants who see the cowardice of their hosts who fear policing them. Whoah!

    Get ready for some crazy things going down there. I think the question The European Clouds will be answering soon is, “Do we incite the barbarians even more to attack our people to save ourselves, or do we do an about face and rally our people and ensure all of our survival.” It is at that point. It is their move.

    Perhaps the European Catastrophe will be the wake up call to our people in former USA. It will require viral media. Pick a small number of solid Desperate Not To Be Dirts you know and have rapport with and send them the clips we regularly see on this side of the divide.

    • The toxic Dirt-to-Cloud pipeline is a known disruptor that relies on urban midwits. Clouders of Dirty origin hate Dirts the most and are quick to sneer at every yokel inadequacy they dig up, because they remind them of their own lowly origins. Neophyte hates always the most.

    • Don’t equate England with Europe. The continent is still +85% white and nationalist parties are polling at 10-25%, and in Europe, “nationalist” implicitly means “white nationalist”.

      Not even Sweden is as far gone as America, not by several decades.

      • Interesting. Then that has my prediction wrong. Is the idea here that European’s economic catastrophe kicks the hornet’s nest, and then they put a halt to mass migration?

        Nothing would make me happier to be wrong that than happening. Thanks for the White Pill on Europe Felix Krull. I’ll happily swallow it and pray it isn’t blue.

        • Is the idea here that European’s economic catastrophe kicks the hornet’s nest, and then they put a halt to mass migration?

          I doubt it.

          In most of Continental Europe (except Germany) nationalist parties have become (more or less) mainstream. If the power goes, the conversation will not be about immigration.

          And the black pill is that every nationalist party in Europe is subverted by the globalists, perhaps with a few exceptions south of the Alps.

          But the voter base is there.

      • And not all immigrants hate whites or their adopted country. Many are quite conservative and hate all the ABC and Woke crap as much as we do.

  29. The hesitancy of the Dirt People to act in partially due to the Second Amendment. We live in the most heavily armed society in history. Dirt Men (many of whom and military veterans and have seen Fourth Generation Warfare in person) instinctively realize that a fight will be a brutal bloody thing. They keep giving the Cloud People a chance to back down.

    • I think it’s more like battered wife syndrome. The abused dirt people keep giving the Cloudies “just one more chance”, confident that they can be the ones to save their abuser, in this case by voting just a little bit harder.

      • I agree with Maxda.

        We don’t want to take off the gloves.

        [Recall that we Dirt People are all “Pro-Life”.]

        But woe be unto the Cloud People when we do decide to take off the gloves.

        Woe be unto the Cloud People.

        “They were not easily moved,
        They were icy willing to wait
        Till every count should be proved…”


      • The equation can change very rapidly when the box of second chances comes up empty 🤠

    • We dirt people stem from a line of belief in an ordered and lawful society. That is changing. Lowered White demographics, increasing minorities that never knew such a lawful environment. Not a good mixture going forward.

      • That’s the thing about whitey. Once he starts shooting, he doesn’t stop until the problem is completely solved.

        • Maxda: “That’s the thing about whitey. Once he starts shooting, he doesn’t stop until the problem is completely solved.”


          “You” – the other – do not want to be around when Whitey decides to take off the gloves.

          But having said that, all of the info I’m receiving about the v@xxines indicates that soon the remaining “other” will be few and far between.

          The known v@xxine data is now pointing towards a worst case scenario.

          Children of Men…

      • When you get blasted daily, from all corners, with the message that you, yes you and all you white ppl, are racist, deplorable, knuckle dragging, sexist, low status, gun tott’n, bible thumping subhumans, then some of that has to rub off. You lose confidence. Guilt sets in. Maybe we are evil ppl. None of the charges have to be true, as once you are made to feel guilty, you are licked.

        All this propaganda, agitprop, lies, is demoralizing.

        • This is a good example of simply what I don’t see in my “circle of friends”. I’m the quintessential “Boomer” stereotype and I’ve never felt any remorse for sins of the past as they say. Nor (gratefully) am I aware of any others who take such things to heart. Guilt because of my pale skin has never been a problem. Guilt because of personal actions is of course.

          Anecdotes are not data however. I simply relate this because somewhere deep down I wonder how I am immune to this “virus”? Dreaming I guess of how to market it if I discover the secret.

          • ‘Quintessential Boomer Stereotype’ here (and not a bad screen name btw). If you do discover the secret – kindly advise.

          • I’m immune to the virus too, Compsci, but many, the majority of my mostly white neighbors are infected.

            Common yard signs:

            “Black Lives Matter”

            “Hate has no home here”

            “No one is illegal”

            Our local school board is controlled by white DIE masochists.

            How to explain the virulence of this autoimmune disease?

    • I used to believe that. I used to believe the dirt people had their limit. I used to believe that they could only be pushed so far. I no longer believe that. Tranny children is proof that there is no indignity they will not suffer, no abuse they will not suffer. Covid lockdowns is proof it’s not economics that will make them rebel. They are never going to fight. Men who will not fight for their children will not fight for anything.

      • It took 700 years to retake Spain and finally expel the invaders and the subversives. We’re counting our supression as a people from what… the 2020 coup/Biden appointment? 1965 Hart Cellar? 1945?

        Stuff sucks now. Lots of stuff really sucks a lot, believe me I get it. But one of the virtues of our people used to be our ability to plan and persist long term. May not happen in our lifetime, probably wont in my opinion (judging from the degraded state of our youth)… but there a lot of space between not now and not EVER.

        Boomers are a meme for a reason, the next generation (at least the portion of it that marries and has kids sufficiently well adjusted to then marry and have kids) already has a subculture thats significantly hardened. Our parents played tennis and golf, we played football, our kids shoot and do MMA. Parents clapped and played electric guitar in mega church kids pray rosary or hang icons. Its a small cadre today but a highly survivable and growing one.

        Amish having 8 kids and traditional churches are full of kids… some may get pozzed and fall off but these people are increasingly evolving social defenses and disconnecting from these kinds of influences. Bugmen are removing themselves from the gene pool.

        Theres an awful lot of ways things can change in the long term. Keep faith

    • “a fight will be a brutal bloody thing”

      That’s exactly what the Cloud People want to happen. They want to foment a civil war that pits citizen militias against LEOs and national guard troops in a bloody war of mutual annihilation. They want the good guys of both sides to kill each off and eliminate all the remaining alphas in society. This paves the way for the arrival of the jackboots to sweep in at the end and clear the field for a new tyranny. They want and expect this outcome. But what do they actually fear might happen instead? Getting picked off one by one spontaneously, unexpectedly, in ways never before imagined, and never knowing what hit them, and by means completely bypassing their mercenary guard forces, and then leaving everyone else standing around with a stunned look on their faces asking WTF just happened? The former is Ukraine, the latter is something entirely new and far, far less painful.

      • Something I think is more likely is a war among the elites. They need those wars with the proles/Muslims/Russians/etc. to keep themselves on the same page but rule-by-committee as they have it now with no transition mechanism to a more legitimate form of rule means that a ruthless apparatchik could easily seize power, unless of course it turns into a ruthlessness contest among the cloud people.

        This means we’re more likely to end up with a Stalin rather than a , but there’s an outside chance of us just ending up with a lot of dead “elites” and a reset of the system.

      • Bang on the money; they want us to fight.

        And that’s why they’ll never come for muh guns. We need them to kill each other off.

      • ” But what do they actually fear might happen instead? Getting picked off one by one spontaneously, unexpectedly, in ways never before imagined, and never knowing what hit them, and by means completely bypassing their mercenary guard forces, and then leaving everyone else standing around with a stunned look on their faces asking WTF just happened?”

        Two days since last call out and TomA is back again to publicly propose counterproductive lone wolf terror attacks and political assassinations. Youve proposed this hundreds of times already and no has bit so far, do you have anything better in your sack?

        The thing last week where you said we should threaten federal agents with guns was a little on the nose even for you but at least it was something new.

        Maybe we should consider pushing toddlers in front of trains while livestreaming? I mean come on man, surprise me!

        • Fuck off. I have never advocated that. You continue to make up lies and refuse to answer the simple questions I asked of you. Clearly state your objections to what I have actually advocated. Then give your better solution to what ails us.

          Get out of the big city, find save haven. Get fit, hone your survival skills. Survive the collapse. Don’t join a militia and get entrapped by the Stasi. Fight back smarter, not harder. What for the fog of chaos to act.

          My quote is an accurate description of what the Cloud People fear. That is reality not a recommendation.

    • I think that’s overthinking it a bit. Most people aren’t suffering that much so far. Sure, they’re pissed off about the Covid crap and hear the vague rumblings about fuel shortages, but even if they are paying more for gas and food, they still don’t think it’s permanent. They suffer from that deeply comforting human habit called normalcy bias. This will change and the anger will grow as things do get worse. Here in Europe, where the fuel situation is more acute, it all depends on how bad the winter is.

  30. “Are these people just so cut off from reality that they simply do not know what is happening in their countries? Is someone like Liz Truss so insulated from reality that she is unaware of things called electric bills? Since no one has bothered to ask her about the issue, it is possible she does not know. It seems crazy but staggering ignorance would explain why this is happening. The Cloud People do live vastly different lives from the Dirt People.”

    Indifference accounts for most of it. I will concede there is an element of sadism and an element of revenge because the Dirts no longer will die in war for the Clouds. Most is dispassionate obliviousness, though. This traditionally is the precursor to revolution, but there seems to be a suicidal bent among the oppressed. It may just take a spark to ignite a conflagration, or people may curl up and die. History suggests the former, recent events suggest the latter. If it is the former, things will spin out of the Clouds’ control in short order. The fact that risk even is taken indicates the Clouds’ indifference also has a suicidal element.

  31. The role of women and feminism in society is contributing to our malaise. There simply are not enough men with testosterone left to put their foot down on this nonsense and the older men among us keep one eye on the 401k balance and as long as that remains stable they can’t risk opposing any of the cloud peoples hostility to them.

    • The 401K’s are not stable. They are all down. But even if stable, the goods your devalued $$$ buy is way up price-wise. So what came first—chicken or egg? Last report I’ve heard from an economist is that basically, all wage hikes in the last two years have been nullified and the minwage Dirt People are as bad off or worse than before. Now the ban on evictions has come to an end, and we are seeing more homeless. We had an eviction turn sour the other day here in Pleasantville—four people dead.

      • Compsci-

        Did you also enjoy the convenient timing of Taiwan’s potshot at the Chinese drone?

        It was almost as if the Fed ordered them to do so because they realized equities were rallying a bit on retail dip buying.

    • The older men are useless. Old men do not fight and raise hell. If there were a general uprising, something I put the odds as close to zero as possible, it’s not gonna be boomer patriots with their AKs.

      Also, their pensions are going to drop and are already dropping as are pensions, especially state pensions (California pensions lost 29 billion dollars this year). They ain’t gonna do nothing. They will bitch loudly and vote much harder. When they try selling their RE assets, they’ll get less for them than they owe. They will moan and complain and vote even harder.

      • I always read my posts twice and always miss mistakes…

        “Also, their pensions are going to drop and are already dropping as are pensions, especially state pensions”

        Should read, Also, their 401ks are going to and are already dropping as are pensions, especially state pensions

        • The Dow is still at what 32,000? That’s not dropping.
          16,000 is dropping
          There is a lot of wax left in the candle and yes the old boomers still think the candle can grow.
          Make men hungry and their children hopeless then things can happen, until then?
          We let the women, the vibrants, and the usual suspects carry on with the nonsense.

          • G Lordon Giddy: Plenty of Millennials are hopeless. No chance to marry and have a family. No chance for a stable career. No chance to own a home of their own. No heritage to take pride in or pass on to their nonexistent children.

            Men are passively watching their children being neutered while they travel about in their motorhomes chortling that they’re spending their kids’ inheritance. They’re posting on social media like little girls about how proud they are of their tranny children.

            Fewer and fewer genuine men left. If the rape and/or murder of loved ones hasn’t roused them, what on earth makes people think hunger will?

      • I tend to disagree. Field work is a young man’s game for sure, otherwise why would we be drafting them? But in any modern army, the “tooth to tail” is something like 1 to 9. Yep, 90 percent in the rear supporting the 10 percent up front.

        So you can’t drive a damn truck, Tars? You can’t lift a few boxes into the back of a pickup and drive them somewhere? You have no knowledge of radio communication? Can’t sit still, hold a pair of binoculars and watch a zone for movement?

        In the field, I see mostly “old” men training young men in the use of weapons, and critical wound care. There is much you can do in any sizable operation. That is as long as you are not a physical basket case. In that we agree. But you are never too old to contribute.

        • Raising hell is a young man’s game. But aside from that, it’s not going to happen anyway. We have no organization, no communications and we don’t even have precursors to these things. Any time 2 dissidents get together, we have to worry about rico charges.

          But, sure, logistics and other supportive roles can be done by women or old men. Training too. Most generals are older men. But in WW2, we had 12 million men in arms and four 4 star generals. Certainly to be fair, we will not be an army facing another army in an insurrection situation. It would be much more akin to a partisan behind enemy lines. This can be older, but not 60s.

  32. “The other side of this revolution in the clouds is the placidity of the Dirt People in the face of this war of extinction.”

    I’m at a loss here. Europe and the USA have had different historical trajectories. Radical populism with real bite has historically been present in Europe — Italian fascism, German national socialism. Go back a little further and the tumult of 1848. A bit further back and the French Revolution. Because of this history European political leaders have usually been more circumspect in their policies and actions. They haven’t wanted to rouse the populist beast. From history they know their heads can be lopped off. Very different from the history of the USA. I just don’t understand the current passivity of the European population. Where is the Hitler (or the Lenin, for that matter) to galvanise the European masses? Why are not the European masses themselves being more vociferous in their dissatisfaction? Have three generations of being brainwashed into docility accomplished their nefarious purpose? Are the Europeans now caged birds who can’t fly if their lives depend on it. I am flummoxed.

    • The Cloud people have retrench in the face of great danger here in the US. I’d argue FDR saved us from a French Revolution type event. Not that I like FDR, but he gave the people hope that the government was doing something for the Dirt People—weather optimally effective or not.

      • It’s pretty hard to overstate how bad FDR was. Even a French style revolution might have been better. The central state would almost certainly be much smaller and weaker.

        • You don’t like him, I get it. But the fact remains, there was a massive failure of capitalism which produced hoards of people on the street (we now call them homeless) and the private charities were unable to handle such demand.

          Mass migrations and people looking for work. FDR and his new deal kept capitalism alive. His was the voice that millions of Americans listened to on the radio weekly. He did not simply hand out money as the pol’s do today, but at least gave people jobs—even if make work. I used to walk on sidewalks stamped “WPA” when at the university—50+ years after.

          You don’t like Liberal economic policy, fine. But don’t ignore what brought those policies into ascension—Conservative Laissez-faire reaction to unprecedented economic events and a willful blind eye to the suffering of what we now term the “Dirt People”.

          Not much different from what we see today, except the shoe in on the Liberal (really Leftie) foot this time.

          • “Not much different from what we see today, except the shoe in on the Liberal (really Leftie) foot this time.”

            We also had vast reserves of oil back then which we don’t have now. That was the key for the good years after the war. Now you’re seeing what happens when the oil dries up. If we still had abundant oil none of us would be on this site right now or talking about the things we talk about. We’d be grilling 😉

          • Something to consider:

            Covid was a cover for economic collapse and to shield a blatant need to print money

            Environmental concern aka global warming is a cover for resource depletion and a nice excuse for why the plebs will own nothing and like it.

          • There are plenty of at least semi-valid arguments that FDR and Hoover did a lot to make the depression worse and to drag it out.

            But let me just grant you he helped some people during the depths of the depression. His build-up of the state apparatus, his expansion of the income tax to all earners along with weekly withholding, his stacking of the federal courts including all 9 SCOTUS judges by the time he died, getting us into WW2 on the side of the Soviets, his illegal arming of the allies before that, his unprecedented takeover of private industry and in general his view of the powers of the Presidency, basically unlimited and much more make him the second worst President in US history, second only to Lincoln.

            No, it’s not a mere dislike of him. I “don’t like” Reagan. I “don’t like” Obama. It is the objective view that FDR thought he was a king, not a president. He blatantly ignored a hundred fifty years of American Presidential tradition in not stepping down after 2 terms. 31 previous presidents (granted not all were 2 term). His build up of the federal government is still felt to this day.

            I hope you agree that most of the post war evil came through the courts, the courts FDR single handedly created. This had severe knock-on effects. The law schools all turned left because all of the case law they had to study was all being handed down by FDR appointed judges. They all had similar views of the role of the state to FDR. They viewed the courts as a way to get things they could not get through the not 100% Democrat controlled Congress.

          • House, oil is but one of several fossil fuels. Gas and coal are a couple of others. Leaving the aspect of environment and climate change out, we used to be called the “Saudi Arabia of coal”. Our coal reserves were measured in centuries. The Germans and the South Africans used coal to produce fuel oil. We can do the same. Also, it we drop the paranoia wrt nuclear generation of electricity, we’d reduce the need to use fossil fuel extensively.

            I guess what I’m getting at is that most of our shortages of “whatever” are government caused.

          • Disagree, Compsci. The Depression was not a failure of capitalism. It was a failure of the Fed and money supply- too much liquidity set it off, and too little supply worsened it, in addition to stupid policies like trade restrictions and wage controls. It could have been just another cyclical recession but the Clouds blew it.

          • FDR was a spiteful cripple who connived with the bankers to spill oceans of his own peoples blood across Europe. But you want to praise him because of literal money fo dem programs?

        • FDR was pretty bad, but then Lincoln, Ike, and a number of others could give him a run for his money.

          • Not even FDR can compare with Lincoln. Lincoln fundamentally transformed the US from a republic to an empire and killed 600 thousand plus men doing it. Though I would agree that FDR, outside of Lincoln is in a class of his own in terms of badness.

      • FDR saved the system. And after WW2 the state metastasized into what it is today. People have forgotten how much labor militancy there was in the ’30s.

    • The media is the common hypnosis.

      It has made all previous historical foundations in each different nation void. It has nullified history, identity and common roots.

      It has spread its shadow across the west like a vast cancer and has consumed it.

    • Lop off the head of a monarch, and you might get a whole new bloodline on the throne. Lop off the head of a politician, and you just get another politician.

    • As an European, it is the same as US. Comfort, brainwashing, virtue signaling. The difference is that Dirt People in Europe are left-wing.

      • In my country, Spain, left-wing ideas have dominated the last 40 years. Mostly with left-wing governments but also with theoretically right-wing governments. Leftist control media, school, politics and the majority of people. If a crisis comes, people think the (dying) Church or right-wing people are to blame. The leftist government is going to defend them from the oppressor, who are the rich.

        When the vaxx appeared, Spanish people were the most enthusiastic people. They all vaccinated. The doctors (three in the family) were the most strong supporters on the grounds that “they were doctors”, although they were not experts in the vaccine. When I went on holiday and I said I was not going to be vaccinated, my cousins tried to lecture me.

        Don’t expect a revolution from Europe. Today, in the House of Representatives of the region of Catalonia, the first Muslim representative in history said that “Catalonia has the duty to accept more Muslim immigrants”. Everybody applauded. They don’t want to have the risk of being called “racists” so they prefer to be poorer and poorer and take the country from their children to give it to foreigners

  33. Are they evil, stupid, or greedy – the answer is always “yes”.

    I continue to look on in amazement as Congress and the Administration pour vast amounts of money into the Ukraine. They all must be getting huge kickbacks. If they are evil and smart, they are using the ill-gotten fortunes to stock up a hideaway somewhere to ride out the coming collapse. More likely they are just storing it in offshore banks until it can be properly laundered for a ritzy retirement.

    • If the Congressman I listen to is being truthful, the monies sent to the Ukraine are waaay overstated. The monies are labeled under a single moniker, such as “Ukrainian Conflict Support”. But the monies are distributed to other efforts. For example, the last big package had $20B or so to replenish arms *already* sent to Ukraine. In other words, the money went directly to the US military, to let out contracts to our MIC. These weapon replenishments could also take years to fulfill as the production lines have been halted for some time and the parts are not in production—this from the President of Raytheon located in my town.

      • It is better that there are no production lines at all for the grift. Pretend factories, pretend shipments, pretend weapons.

        Who checks that cares?

        The money line looting flows with each layer taking their cuteven with no output.

        • Exactly. Millions of lives could be saved if annual payments were made directly to Raytheon, Boeing, and the like, but what good is getting elected to office if you don’t get your cut? Maybe save back 10 percent for all the Big Guys.

  34. And the (P)resident is set to deliver a speech tomorrow in which he demonizes almost half the country. Perilous times.

  35. WEF lickspittle Yuval Harari explained what is going on. The “dirt people” (as you call them) are useless, ie. no longer have value to the Owners, and will now be exterminated.

    We’re all kulaks now.

    • Kudos for the Yuval Harari reference! Harari is so alien in his abject ghoulishness that one strains to even classify him as a member of the human species. He is soulless technocracy incarnate and seems like something that was shat straight out of the bowels of Satan himself.

    • I read that book in the before times, and before my journey to this side of the divide. To paraphrase my remark to a friend who tried reading it as well, it’s interesting enough but there is an underlying “people sure ruined this beautiful world, didn’t they” theme to it. He agreed.

      Psychopaths always reveal themselves one way or another.

  36. I’m sitting here in Croatia, and there is zero preparation or action taking place. I think this is the Slavic way, shrug the shoulders and react to stimuli but never take preemptive action. Oh well. My own Ohio Boomer relatives keep squawking about “soon” some line will be crossed. They will be lined up at the gas chambers someday saying the same thing about “soon”. Personally, I am following old Fred Reed’s admonition (is he still alive?) and just laughing at the world collapsing all around because there’s nothing to be done anyhow. Jan 6 was the day that something could have happened, but that was squandered by Buffalo Man and The Boys. If you’re going to insurrect, then they should damn well have insurrected right.

    • I agree. I often think that if the J6ers had actually killed some congressmen, especially Pelosi, they’d be lauded as heroes by now. Instead, they went on a self-guided tour of the building and took some selfies and we’re still sales with the same clowns as before.

    • What should Croatians be preparing for? It’s not like they are living the high life, oblivious to the reality. Like many other “eastern”-Europeans, they are used to hardship and are prepared by default, at least compared to western-Europeans.

    • As a colonial subject from EE I think that any preemptive action will be taken through US embassies. Maybe new leaders will be promoted, or Ukraine will be “vietnamized” by shifting most of the support tasks to Europen allies. Certainly the military leash is being tightened as evidenced by latest grand plans in military spending and military service (Latvia restored draft and obligatory military service).

      Here the Cloud People are smaller in number and have a mentality of colonial administrators and criollos. To them, Dirt People are filthy peasants who lag behind in westernization and are too stupid to get a corporate job and an overpriced big city apartment. Embracing LGBT and “diversity” is seen more as status signifier for the civilized ones in contrast to the backward rural and small-town retards.

      When Barack Obama visited Warsaw in 2011 we were joking that he was the only White Man in the city. Our political cybernetic system thus resembles more a colonial plantation where foreign owner estabilishes his administration and doesn’t really care unless the fields and crops are threatened directly. There is no autonomy in the infosphere (which the Ukrainian debacle reveals most glaringly). people won’t rebel because “the good life” is still seen as attainable although recently the lack of affordable apartments became undeniable. Those who can’t put up this simply emigrate which relieves the system of mounting pressure in the short term.

      I’m worried about the madness in EU. Once the UK left, Germans started pushing the idea of accelerated integration hard and it seems they will impose their will on the rest (and knowing their fanaticism, I doubt they will abandon the project until the very end). Bundeswehr has been opened to foreigner servicemen which may suggest preparation for the European Army. Energiewende will serve as a model for Green transformation everywhere.

      • Energiewende towards regular blackouts. Something the regular Germans believe only affects the poor countries they visit on vacations.

      • As sad as it is to contemplate, I think that the Russians are prepared to “de-Nazify” Western Europe should it come to that. They are, after all, just an extension of the traditionally framed Near Abroad, and under the current regimes they are proving their untrustworthiness as neighbors, something which cannot be be glossed over. I think that the Russians would prefer to merely disengage, cutting them loose, but the Ziocons/WEF autocrats who rule the roost won’t agree, wanting to wreak whatever havoc on Russia that they can in their unhinged fury. If this would be seen by the Russians as an insuperable problem, action in response may not long be delayed.

        • Plans for Ukropolin (as we call the potential federation of Poland and Ukraine in dissident circles) may be well underway. If Ukraine is reduced to a Western Galician rump state, such a federation wouldn’t be impossible and in some ways it already exists through direct military-economic pipeline to Ukraine. That would be used to directly involve Polish army into Ukrainian defense and draw retaliation from RF. Hopefully most of the neo-Banderists would be dead by then unless we’re ordered to save them. As a descendant of Eastern Borderlanders I can only shiver at the prospect.

  37. I think technology more than decency has been the cause of inaction by the dirt people. This society is almost totally reliant on somebody else for all necessities, and those someone else’s are usually on other continents. The learned helplessness is an understanding that we cannot survive on our own, no matter how much boot strapping we do. It appears to me nothing extreme will happen until the complete collapse of the system.

    • “Reliant on somebody else for all necessities…”
      Spot on.

      I’m a Globo finance/ law parasite, almost 100% dependent on the grid for heat/ water/ food pellets. Not happy about the situation, but I try to make myself and family as resilient as possible.

      A lumberjack, miner or farmer is just as dependent. Chainsaws, Euclids and John Deere combines do not grow on trees nor are they powered by hard work, grit or bootstraps.

      • The people who can successfully live off the grid are few. The rest of us have to be prepared to survive in hope of some semblance of normal commerce in essentials returns in time. This may be a fool’s errand, but it’s the best we can do.

  38. A lot of us Dirt People are well aware of the degeneracy and recklessness of the Cloud People. We’re just not sure if there’s much we can do to effectively foil such destructive lunatics. We’re also far too cognizant of what tends to happen to those who violate the secular dogmas of our time; the rewards of unabashed nonconformity will be paltry at best, nonexistent in most cases, and therefore rarely justify the considerable risks.

    Plenty of other Dirt People, however, remain blissfully oblivious to the maniacal farce all around them. Bread and circuses have them hornswoggled to a degree that seems irreversible. Many of them will not wake up until the knife is at their throats.

    By the way, Zman, today’s essay is among your classics!

  39. When the smoke clears in Ukraine, Russia will have won and the disease in Kiev will have been eradicated. But the price paid by the Ukrainian people will have been enormous. Likely upwards of a million good men (all age ranges) will have perished or been permanently disabled. And this loss of alphas will take generations to replace. The widows and orphans will likewise be permanently impacted by this loss. And of this happened because most of these men simply allowed themselves to be conscripted and sent to the front as cannon fodder in service to a deranged US foreign policy.

    Now imagine a world in which a small cadre of these same men possessed the intellectual capacity to foresee this future back in 2015 in the aftermath of the Maidan coup. Rather than bury their heads in the sand and let history take it’s course, they instead chose to focus on the root of the problem, which at the time was quite small in numbers relative to the population as a whole. They properly recognized the disease for what it is and then accurately forecast that this cancer would soon spread and grow into a malignant tumor leading to an early death of Ukraine. And they decided to act then, and they did so smarter, not harder. And in this alternative scenario there was no talk of NATO expansion or poking the bear in the eye repeatedly. And there was no future wave of widows and orphans because the Russians had no need to confront the US neocon stooges in their backyard.

    • “… this loss of alphas will take generations to replace.”

      Ah, but think of the supply of mail order brides to be had…

      (Sorry, I could not resist.)

    • I read somewhere that after a major war the next 2 generations have lower IQ’s because the females have a limited choice–sort of scraping the bottom of the barrel, maybe Idiocracy is the future..

      • I’ve always had my doubts about that theory. If true, how would post-Middle Ages Europe have risen to such heights, even as its sons killed each other in multi-generational wars?

      • Dutton once postulated that the abundance of beautiful White women in Russia, Ukraine and the Baltic states was precisely because of the losses in WWII. Now Dutton is sometimes a bit out there and one often wonders if he’s serious, but his reasoning was as follows:

        Marriageable men were in short supply. And as such, those remaining were in highest demand for husbands and in turn, they selected for marriage the most beautiful of the women available after the war. The ugly ones died childless. The beautiful ones reproduced. Hence more beautiful women (and men) born than normal.

        Now I can’t say one way or another, but I have read translations of articles in Russian “newspapers” where the official party organs were “reminding” men that there were marriage-less women who needed husbands for the sake of having children and reminded them to not “spare” them such attentions. In short, Stalin was promoting unwed motherhood—such was the population crisis of the post war times. 😉

  40. Most of things you mentioned, indifference to soaring energy prices and trying to tax meat are all about pushing the “save the planet” agenda. It will be easier to get people to accept green energy that is unreliable and expensive once you have made traditional energy use we take for granted unreliable and expensive.
    A surprising number of elites are true believers in this. Sure a certain number have also setup ways to make obscene profits once these schemes get implemented, but they really believe they are saving humanity. They of course don’t notice an impact from rising prices and will continue to eat meat after they have banned it for the masses.

    There was another strange video I saw recently featuring a comment from Jared Kuschner claiming that thanks to advances in technology, his generation would be the last to die. It was short and I didn’t find the longer version for full context, but these people also could be experiencing some sort of mass insanity which is reinforced by not ever socializing with normal people.

  41. The torpor of the overall population is something to behold. Joggers are going bonkers, politicians are going bonkers – and nothing happens. People protest and march for the right to kill babies, mutilate kids who think they’re something other than what they are, or allow drag queens into kid’s classrooms. People believed covid to be an extinction level bug and then frantically lined up to be jabbed with an unknown and untested elixir.

    The media won’t report on things they don’t like (such as insanely high energy bills) and lie about everything else. Fake and gay dollars and euros flood the landscape, but mostly in one direction and one group’s pockets.

    The inconsistencies and insanity seem to be ramping up. Will this be the winter of everyone’s discontent? Is there any outrage that will waken the sleeping chump…

    • It will come down to foundational comforts. Is there food in the fridge? Is the HVAC working? Can I afford housing and gas?

      Enough people lack two or more of these, then la revolución.

      Highly noticing people like us can see the end, but for most Americans, things are fine. Costs are higher than normal, but otherwise everything works well enough. To a dissident, everything is going to shit, but to normie, it’s pretty much the same as 2002 but with smartphones and modest inflation. Things have to get much, much worse for normie before dissidents get what we hope for.

      • We haven’t had the Euro household energy bills yet. That happening here will be a tip off as to what happens next. If there is no more than whinging on social media then the end is near. If pushback happens all bets are off and the clouds better worry.

      • The truly average normies I know realize that some fraction of doom has already struck, but they can’t read the situation. The blizzard of moronic horror is blinding and relentless.

        Above-average normies have been told for decades that the average man is their enemy unto death, and now they not only believe it but feel it in their souls like a calling from God (or television).

        One hears howling static, the other Radio Rwanda.

  42. “The object of persecution is persecution. The object of torture is torture. The object of power is power.” – George Orwell

    Really smart people like Zman and others here spend a lot of time looking for a plot or explanation regarding the ongoing sh*tshow. I’m inclined to give up looking. The actions speak for themselves and the motivations, while intriguing, are somewhat irrelevant to our plight.

    The question of the day is, as Lenin put it: What is to be Done? I’ve been saying here for awhile that it’s going to take a General Strike by normies/Dirts to slow down the sh*tshow. It may not stop it, but it will at least delay the “evil day”.

  43. I read this last night:
    “Compounding the problem, such people influence those around them, who might still be genetically healthy, to behave in similarly maladaptive ways. These are the “Spiteful Mutants” of Dutton’s title. Their behavior is “spiteful” because it damages others without bringing any advantage to themselves.”

    I may be that spite is the best/highest form of leadership they have to offer at this point.

  44. Look at Macron abusive plans for the next decade on his people. What happened to the yellow vests shouldn’t it hit defcon 1 now?

    There are many media people even in Europe who aren’t all that well heeled to endure the outrageous high energy prices and would be pretty much affected as others. Why aren’t they coming out against or allowing some truth to be said on this. Does ideologic adherence know no bounds?

    The hatred of dirt people explanation goes only so far. Many of the looney Left’s adherents are dirt people also, you know like useful minions. As far as the humiliation of the masses with covid restrictions and vaxxes I’m not sure what to make of that. Our leaders humiliated themselves just as much and still do and I believe they do get boosted as they say they do.

    Maybe a mixture of all explains it. Class hatred, ideological insanity, and lemming like behavior walking off the cliff.

  45. I dunno, Z. Your guess is as good as mine.

    Meanwhile, up in Canada, deputy prime minister Chrystia Freeland has the sads because some impudent Albertan told her where to go and how to get there:

    If you follow the links, one is a video where the odious cankle blossom says, “Canadians saved up too much money during the Covid scam, and the gubbimint needs that money to drive an economic recovery…”.

    Whatever it is, it’s getting ridiculous. If they think people are going to quietly and obediently starve to death, I think they have another thing coming.

  46. Z: “the simple question about whether these people have the self-awareness to grasp what they are doing at all…”

    If you posit that the Oligarchs [the reptiles in human skin suits] chose “these people” to be the actors and actresses playing the roles of ostensible leaders in Western societies, and if you accept that a huge portion of all NPCs [Non-Playing-Characters] lack an “Inner Monologue”, then it would be easy to come to the conclusion that the Oligarchs chose “these people” for the roles they play precisely because “these people” do NOT grasp what they are doing at all.

    When I watch the soft-core lesbian-porn movies recently filmed by the Finnish prime ministress, I do not get the sense of observing a fully human female with a properly functioning Inner Monologue.

    To my eye, her behavior looks vastly more Cult of Moloch than Inner Monologue.

  47. The comment of the placid working class reminds me of the meme of a guy poking something with a stick saying “come on, do something”

    The Dirt people might not be a much placid as knowing the game that is being played. It’s clear from the rhetoric coming from Biden and the federal bureaucracies they are actively trying to goad working class people into some sort of violent confrontation that will give justification for a massive, sweeping crackdown.

    What is being seen, however, are the masses starting to shed the illusion of a republic for the people, and a disdain for institutions that were once bulwarks of right-wing loyalty like the police, military, and intelligence agencies. Once the trust gets eroded to a certain point, you start to get people with no moral qualms about bucking the system, whether that is lying on forms in a plausibly deniable way to get loot, segregating to ad-hoc communities that know the situation without saying a word to each-other, and generally being an apathetic citizen.

    Once that’s reached, we then start to get into people becoming wreckers in a way that is very hard to pinpoint, as projects just start to randomly break down. I read somewhere that something like 20% of a large corporation is people who actively work against the company for their own benefit, and our guys need to be that 20%. Then come the secret infiltrators following the same strategies that allowed the current elite to get where they are.

    We are still in the early stages.

    • Grillers, our backbone and sinew, browbeaten such that they don’t push back against their own wives and their wives’ coteries, whose game, the Grillers well know, is “Take Him To Zero…!”

      Is a man who won’t push back against his S.O. going to push back against “The High Elves?”

      I suspect not.

      • In Tolkien’s mythology, the men of Numenor became so powerful that when they attacked Heaven [“Valinor”], both the High Elves and the Seraphim & Cherubim [the “Ainur & Maiar”] united in cowardice and fled in terror, leaving God Himself [“Eru Iluvatar”] with the task of vanquishing the Men of Numenor.

        Again, you don’t wanna be around when Whitey decides to take off the gloves.

        Even Tolkien [as deeply religious as he was] paid homage to the near-almighty ferocity of the White male.

        You don’t wanna be around…

        • Nietzsche’s term is the “Blond beast of prey.” He’s been absent from Europe for several centuries, but I suspect he still lives in the genes hereabouts.

    • “ We are still in the early stages.‘

      Exactly. I know people here are frustrated and anxious, but really we’ve just started. After WWII, the country experienced the greatest level of prosperity ever. Lasted at least into the 60’s. That’s less than 3 generations away. No need to repeat what’s been said over and over, but a few of the initial cohorts have to die off who been conditioned by those “wonder years”, then we’ll see what falls out.

  48. That was a really good post. You really tapped into something there with the questions, why this is happening? Why the placidity of the dirt people?

    I’m looking in horror at Jackson Mississippi. Their infrastructure was poorly maintained and staffed and now they have no water to even flush their toilets for an unknown length of time. I know they still have electricity but with the lack of proper sewage disposal they are being returned to a pre-industrial situation. I’m sure they will call a diverse team of engineers to fix everything and they’ll be taken care of in no time. Maybe we all have to get into the nothing Left to lose territory

    • Many of the usual suspects are blaming it on white flight, which honestly is true, just not for the reasons they think.

    • I seem to remember something about Jackson but trying to remember what about it makes it so. Reminds me of the time I was in Flint Michigan.

    • You are looking at the Jackson Mississippi issue all wrong. They have finally freed the water system of white supremacy culture, so it really is a triumph of diversity.

      • The problem with Jackson (I know a lot of people who are from that area) is white flight and an inability to elect even a mildly competent black mayor.

        The blacks there have suffered through an insane mayor who went on drug raids, a black radical who wanted a separate homeland for blacks and a “preacher” turned mayor who had a fundraiser with some corrupt black politician from Atlanta complete with strippers and sexually harassed his office staff (and after he left office, he paddled a burglar breaking into his house). The present mayor is a progressive darling while under his “leadership” the city has the highest per-capita murder rate in the Western Hemisphere.

        The present mayor (whose father was the black radical) hid from the city council that his administration received a consent decree from the EPA over the city’s failing water system. The city is filled with potholes and the sewage system is also under consent decree for dumping poo-poo into the nearby river. Carjackings are rampant. The police forces in the surrounding cities do a largely good job at keeping the chaos at the city limits, but as the wealthier blacks flee the dysfunction for the suburbs, they’ll only vote in politicians who’ll commit to the same idiotic policies.

        It’s a literal shit show. And considering the city is nearly 90% black, blame is pretty easy. Yet the whites who left take the blame.

        • dr_mantis: “The blacks there have suffered . . . ”
          Fresh out of f**ks to give. They agitated and voted and protested for one of dey own; let them get it good and hard. And maintenance/repair work is not known to be an African virtue.

          By the logic displayed in your comment, all of Africans’ ills are due to White flight and Whites not willingly shouldering their burden. Perhaps the Peace Corps will help them out and come dig them some wells and outhouses.

        • “an inability to elect even a mildly competent black mayor”

          If one of these is found, make that Eight Wonders of the World.

          • There are a pitiful few in the Southern states, but most tend to be in the smaller cities and towns. Not all of them are corrupt, low-IQ thieves.

      • “Now the last thing I wanted was to get in a fight
        In Jackson Mississippi on a Saturday night,
        Especially when there was three of them
        And only one of me.”

        Charlie Daniels Band “Uneasy Rider”.

    • There’s no sense in having sympathy for people that insist on living on a riverine flood plain. There are floods somewhere in the country every year, in some places almost regularly. Yet it is treated as some kind of unforseeable tragedy. It’s not. The residents are stupid. Sleeping on the freeway means that you’ll be flattened by a semi. Living by the river means your belongings will get wet. It’s that simple.

      • Yeah you don’t see me complaining about alligators. Though Floridians are probably stupid for living in a low-lying swampy peninsula that gets battered by hurricanes.

      • Ever notice how the “northside” of towns (at the top of the river) are nice and how the “southside” areas (downstream) are filled with cr@p?

        My grandpa had a 6th grade education but was a keen observer of his environment. He always said, “no matter how well you build something, $#@! doesn’t flow up-hill”.

    • It would be extreme racism and a nauseating display of privilege if Whites assisted in any way whatsoever with what is happening in Jackson, Mississippi. For the sake of their dignity, all funding and grunt work must be done by blacks. I’m certain donations will flow and volunteers will line the block at relief centers in intercity Detroit, Chicago, Atlanta and Birmingham. This is the moment for blacks to show they are decolonized and prepared to do the intricate and important work of maintaining and financing their own infrastructure.


      • I thought it would take tens of millions of dollars to fix, a princely sum for a small, cash strapped city, but the number I saw this morning was that it could take up to $200 million to completely restore the system to first world standards. It was “telling” too that the governor (White, natch) made a point to say that any employees or contractors would be paid, i.e., such workers would probably not show up if the state government wasn’t backstopping the city.

    • One good hurricane that turns inland and Jackson’s electricity is gone, too. This is the future of that portion of Black America that doesn’t follow Whites around like camp followers wanting bones while simultaneously proclaiming their superiority. It will be lit AF when this happens in D.C. and the vibrants decide to pay Georgetown an actual, non-state-sponsored visit. The diversity will be splendid. Remember those Georgetown wannabe punks in the face of the young lady who would not raise her fist in support of BLM? They will be running like the little soy bitches they are back to Brooklyn the minute the lights flicker.

      A lot of illusion will be disabused over the next few years. The Normie Griller types probably will be the last to get the memo.

    • Jackson, MI? Nothing new. Go back a decade and look at Flint, MI. Their Black empowerment poisoned the water through incompetence. I had some visits there. They are home to Kettering University. The incompetence of the leadership was evident then. The State had to take over everything (IIRC) under an emergency declaration.

      No need to mince words. Anywhere Black’s achieve political power, there is decline and failure. In Africa, Blacks were given after colonialism entire civilizational infrastructures, which they allowed to go back to jungle.

      The end is inevitable, but the timeline varies depending on the particular circumstances. Detroit is another example. The town I live in seems to be holding true to the precept—except with Hispanic’s in power.

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