An Autumnal Return

I recorded the show just when news of the queen’s passing was hitting the wires, so it was not on my list of topics. It will no doubt be the main topic of the news this weekend and into next week. Every loathsome creature seeking attention will slither forth and say something stupid in the hope of getting likes. Ours is an undignified age and even the funeral of a dignified figure will not change it.

Tucker Carlson had a good monologue on the link between the queen and the British past, which is now gone for good. Great Britain is barely a country at this point and it will soon be closer to South Africa than its glorious past. Like America, Britain is on its way to becoming a majority-minority society. At that point it ceases to be a nation or even a country, but simply an administrative zone.

The Queen’s funeral will be a time for the old British to mourn the loss of their country and its traditions. There will be those who try to lever this emotion into a rearguard action to fight against the gathering darkness. Of course, the new British will be out reminding everyone that the new Britain will be vulgar and coarse. An ungrateful nation of foreigners will get to be ungrateful one more time.

The new British are not entirely wrong. The old Britain is never coming back and no one should be mourning its loss. It is the old British who murdered their society and turned it over to ungrateful foreigners. Sure, not everyone was onboard with the great replacement, but most of the British ruling class not only supported the auctioning off of their heritage, but they continue to celebrate it.

Clearly, something went horribly wrong in that glorious past. There is no going back and starting over, so the logical thing to do is close the books on it and begin thinking about what sort of future can be fashioned from the present. Maybe use thoughts of the glorious past to maintain a healthy anger at the bastards responsible for wrecking your country and turning it over to ungrateful foreigners.

Otherwise, the past has little to offer us. The connections have been severed and we are drifting into uncharted territory. If that glorious past will be remembered at all in the future, its orphans will have to be the ones to win the future. That is the next turn of the wheel for dissidents everywhere. You win the future by preparing to fight for it, not by agonizing over a past that is gone and never coming back.

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  • Oaf Keepers
  • AOC
  • Fetal Lives Matter
  • The Gays
  • Evil On Evil Crime
  • Steve Bannon
  • Senator Bum
  • Dark Portraits
  • Georgia
  • News From The Fed
  • Old Shark Eyes
  • Little Green Shoots

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260 thoughts on “An Autumnal Return

  1. Little Green Shoots are what Derbyshire is noting, White and Asian jobseekers are being told straight out they need not apply as Corporate America has gone completely “diverse.” Just as there does not exist a White man who does not know his life has been poorer and less rewarding because of Affirmative Action, and cannot point in his own life to those above him promoted purely for Affirmative Action reasons, so too economic disappointment creates downwardly mobile elites. You see this with the sons and daughters of people of West LA who went to tony prep schools and got skunked in UC admissions. Because its all diversity now.

    These are not the sons and daughters of the true big shots, the Bob Igers and such. But rather those of Iger’s accountants, lawyers, doctors, dentists, etc. They belong to us. If you believe as I do that the strongest urge in human life is the dynastic urge. No revolution succeeds without part of the elites and the growth of AA to include people from India and Pakistan means throwing out ever greater part of the former (White) elite to make room brings them to our side.

    They are not us. But they have congruent goals up to a point.

  2. As a Brit, that piece very adequately sums up my feelings about what’s happened to the country. As for fighting for the future – that would involve disenfranchising women, who have ushered in the cult of compassion, which is to blame for the entire debacle. British men have just been too gallant in indulging the forces of frailty. The only remedy is discipline.

  3. The podcast makes its blazing return.
    Notes: AOC is such an oaf keeper, so clumsy, involuntary funny.
    These are hard times and there will be even be harder trials coming. We must keep a steady ship.
    About sweeping anything unwanted under the carpet or, as the Zman always reminds us, on the fact that “reality is that thing that, when you stop believing it, doesn’t go away”, see also and

    • Your post compelled me to search for anything online, regarding any Uke offensive.

      Major news networks are trumpeting that Russia was “caught off guard” and routed.

      Since the stories are parroted by the MSM, I’ll hold off any comments, and wait for The Duran to check in.

    • It does look like a success in the short term. However, the war has been going on for 6 months. Most of that time, to the detriment of Ukraine. So in less than a week, Ukraine is now victorious over Russia?

      Well, not so quick. Credit to Ukraine, or more so to the “contractors” aiding their attack. However, a battle won is not a war won. Russia has immense resources compared to the Ukraine—and even their NATO allies just across the border. My question is will they commit such?

      If you are being deleted by Z-man, that’s a shame. My perception here has been Z-man’s openness to constructive criticism. However, if one attempts to post content not directly related to the topic of Z-man’s particular commentary, then yes, you run a risk of deletion and banning. Thread hijacking is the death of commentary in blogs.

  4. Bannon was not like that back a few years ago when he burst into the scene with the Judeo-Christian roots thing.
    Things are bound to change, yet hardly ever seem to do so.

    • The NJP is lead by people who mysteriously were dismissed or excluded from the Charlottesville lawsuits (like Enoch and Stryker) if you cant see what this means just cant hell you. Yeah sure Mike Enoch was just too smart for the entirety of jewish lawfare so they just let him go. The same filings that worked for him didnt work for anyone else though.

      • Well, if they are some sort of diabolical Zionist honey trap, they seem to be raising a lot of hell. You forgot to mention that Enoch was married to a Jew. Anyways “they’re getting away with it” (ie effective), they must be dirty, seems to be a self defeating premise.

  5. WRT the topic of the future, late last night I was watching an old X-files episode (on Comet Channel) titled The Blessing Way (1995). Near the end, TPTB character named “The Well-Manicured Man” makes an interesting comment:

    “Scully : What kind of business are you in?

    Well Manicured Man : We predict the future. And the best way to predict it, is to invent it.”

    How true

  6. I watched the first episode of LOTR on Amazon and left a brief review – not expecting it to be accepted and indeed…….. it wasn’t. I suppose it’s one way to boost ratings.

    “Thank you for submitting a customer review on Amazon. After carefully reviewing your submission, your review could not be posted to the website. It appears your review had inappropriate content.

    While we appreciate your time and comments, reviews must adhere to the following guidelines
    Amazon Community Guidelines

    from Amazon Customer on September 4, 2022
    Poor CGI, absurdly woke, bland and unengaging.”

    • Interesting. For Rangz, there are now 1,719 reviews on Amazon. Zero of these reviews use the word “woke.” Only six reviews use the word “diverse,” but all as a positive.

      This suggests that using the word “woke” in your review is an automatic reject. On a similar note, reviews using the word “diverse” will be approved only if the diversity is praised.

      Too bad we can’t see all of the rejected reviews. Probably they’d be more entertaining than the show.

      • There’s enough blistering reviews out there.(see Nerdrotic).

        The censorship on the web these days makes me think of this;


    • F me.

      The Penultimate Secret Kind VoxDay doing the lord’s work on regarding LOTR #2.

      1 billion dollars on LOTR #2, “The Awoken-ing”. Even a broken clock is correct twice a day.

      Everyone thinks they can detect “false reviews”. They (you) can’t.

      It’s all fake and GAE.

  7. “You win the future by preparing to fight for it, not by agonizing over a past that is gone and never coming back”. This reminds me of the “Foundationalism” Charles Haywood propounds.

    Saw him on Tucker’s daytime show. Tucker has been on fire lately, first with Mattias Desmet and then Haywood. Their ideas would be good fodder for you Z.

  8. WRT the PA senate race.

    Some one told Biden about Caligula infamously making his horse, Incitatus, a senator.
    Biden said, hold my depends.

  9. “the past has little to offer us. The connections have been severed and we are drifting into uncharted territory. If that glorious past will be remembered at all in the future, its orphans will have to be the ones to win the future. That is the next turn of the wheel for dissidents everywhere. You win the future by preparing to fight for it, not by agonizing over a past that is gone and never coming back.”

    Huzzah! Huzzah, I say!
    The king is dead, long live the King!

  10. The british aristocracy sold their souls to the jewbankers ages ago. Our aristocracy is doing the same now. Fuck all of them, satanists and perverts, they can rot in hell, where they belong.

  11. There are some who think we should abandon democracy and return to monarchy for our rulers.

    I think this would be a huge mistake. Every son of a king was a toss of the genetic dice; he could be stupid as well as smart. In addition, cultural change was slowed by the presence of the monarchy.

    That is the biggest danger of a monarchy in post-modern times: it slows cultural change in a time when cultural flexibility and expansiveness is most needed. In a strange kind of way, we need television to be our leaders, signaling to the herd which way it needs to go.

    • I’d prefer a democracy but it failed. And things are going to get ugly when the failure becomes undeniable and these psychos running this country try to cling onto their money and influence as it slips through their fingers. But there is always some good that comes with bad, and one of the good things I hope to see is a mass refusal of whites to pay taxes for a regime that hates them and that whites say no to joining the military and the AINO tranny military gets its ass kicked somewhere. Israel getting its ass kicked would be icing on the cake.

      • Democracy sounds great but leadership requires wisdom, and after all of the things that have happened since 9/11, I’m convinced The People aren’t wise, to be generous.

        That said, I think democracy could work locally, where you have to look the other guy in the eye. Then again, just about anything would work under that condition, I think— maybe even anarchy.

        As for monarchy slowing cultural change, don’t tempt me with that talk!

        • I think it eas John Adams who said the system would only work for a moral people.
          Pretty sure most of them understood it couldn’t last. Some of youall here say it went off the rails with the war of northern agression probly not far off.
          Todays polyglot tower of babble, Amoral shitshow of a population
          House of cards.

          • A system that works only for a moral people is a bad system. The same way a knife that only works with soft food is a bad knife.

            In addition, democracy ends up making people immoral because it is a relativistic system: there is no absolute good or moral rule. What the majority votes gets done. What the majority votes is what the elite wants.

            F*ck democracy. It is a satanic system. Democracy came to my country when I was 7. I have seen it destroy my country in some few decades

        • “The people aren’t wise, to be generous.” I agree, but there are a few other factors involved. For at least ten years after 9/11 most of the public believed everything that Big Govt said about TGWOT. Until there were too many instances of muzzloids “slipping through the cracks” whenever they showed up here and reverted to type.
          Add to that the fact that Major Hassan still hasn’t faced the rope yet, but anyone associated with January 6th, has been treated the way we used to treat criminals in this country and immediately so and people started revolting.
          The main problem still is this psychological barrier that too many people who we would like to have on this side of the great divide cannot seem to penetrate and that is the “Oh they would never do that.” reasoning. This is the biggest problem in getting our ranks to swell. Until this conditioning is broken, they aren’t ready to be “unplugged” yet.
          In a lot of ways, it’s not that their unwise, it’s that they’re not ready to make that leap.

        • Seems we always come back to democracy—as defined as everybody who can fog a mirror has equal say (universal suffrage)—to a limited form (earned suffrage). I tend towards earned suffrage as an answer.

          Yeah, there are unanswered questions and details, but has this been practiced in recent history as compared to all the others mentioned? Worth discussion albeit, a peaceful implementation would be asking for the majority of voters to give up that right. So the effort would devolve to force and that would likely produce a dictator or small oligarchy which also won’t wish to relinquish power once obtained.

      • But it wasn’t a democracy. Every time the people voted against gays, affirmative action, illegals, etc. it was overturned by the courts.

        Now that it’s all falling apart, it’s clearer than ever that the media is the true master of democracy. It’s all a sham; always has been.

        • “If voting was really all that important, they wouldn’t let us do it.” – Mark Twain

        • “it’s clearer than ever that the media is the true master of democracy. It’s all a sham; always has been.”

          Probably the finest definition of “democracy” I’ve ever seen.

          Note, who was venerated in the beginning?
          The (Printing) Press.

          Mr. Gutenberg, what have ye done?

          • And the media is controlled by the elite. Democracy is an olligarchy in disguise and it was so in Greek times

          • Nietzsche was no fan of liberal democracy and in fact yearned for the vanished aristocracy or nobility. He in so many words might have argued that everything goes to shit in a democracy. I’d have to say the intervening century and a half lends much weight to such a charge.

            “The Germans invented gunpowder — all credit to them! but they again made things square — they invented printing.”

            — from “Beyond Good and Evil.”

        • Its no coincidence that mass electronic media went hand in hand with mass suffrage.

          The emergence of the media as a control vector was used as the mechanism to drive the NPCs to get rid of the existing power structures for those controlling the media agenda.

      • Yes, yes, Falcone.
        Go Galt!
        Civil Disobedience.
        Starve the beast.
        Depopulate the army.
        Underground economy.
        Koinania, as Christians & dissidents.
        Get fit, lose fat, be strong.
        Tune out popular culture. Create our own. Our music, our authors, our art.
        Take your kids out of public schools.
        Pray. He is listening. Give thanks. Ask for wisdom and guidance.

      • I’d prefer a democracy with descendants of white Europeans. Preferably from the UK.

        That would STILL fail.

        But not like how it’s failing now.

    • As our esteemed host has said, bad monarchs are fairly simple for the aristocrats to manage. Hunting accidents are traditional, or perhaps a sudden and fatal illness.

    • The king’s sons were a die toss, yes, but that’s entirely the point. You got a broad possibility of characters, and on average they would be just like anyone else in the general public. Politicians, however, might as well be produced in the same factory somewhere. You could call that factory Harvard. 😉

    • There are Evolutionary Psychologists out there that want you to believe that Monarchs have the best genetics in all the Nation, because their ancestors managed to seize power in nearly Darwinian conditions during the Dark Ages.
      So according to them the 50/50 chance you present (that an heir could be a stupid person) should really be a much slimmer one.
      This of course flying in the face of the recurrent proof of imbecility of the higher classes throughout the Ages.
      One example were the French aristocrats before the Revolution. A nearly identical one is the current managerial class.

      • When the king is an imbecile, a competent courtesan is the power behind the throne.

        The father of Charlemagne was one of these competents courtesans.

        European countries lived better under absolute monarchy, when you control the difference in technology. People were freer, relatively richer, taxes were tiny, birthrates were good and were no invaders

        • I’m sorry, but this comment makes no sense. Absolutism was never common in Europe, either ‘de jure’ or ‘de facto’. The term hardly applies to any European monarchy prior to the seventeenth century and even thereafter describes only the Bourbons (especially Louis XIV) for a century (de jure) and the Romanovs (de facto and de jure). In the latter example people were effectively slaves. The Bourbons are most famous for financially ruinous wars, merciless tax-farming, and of course oblivion.

          • That said, if I had to choose a place and time to live, it would be under the Hapsburgs, in or around Vienna, sometime between 1850 and 1910 – Stefan Zweig’s “The World of Yesterday”.

            Formally the Emperor may have been absolute, but that was a legal fiction.

    • A king may be occasionally an imbecile, but he dies and its a toss up again.

      The general public is an immortally imbecilic giant and managed by the media.

      Its seems obvious where the greater evil lies.

      • If we were governed by the opinions of the statistically average American, we’d live in an unprecedented utopia.

        “Democracy” has nothing to do with the people.

  12. With regard to Ukraine it looks like ZMan was right. About 20 minutes ago the military summery channel said it now appears as if the line, or bulge, that the Ukraine Army created is now stabilized. According to the MSC the Russians are not out of the woods yet but once the bulge is ringed with artillery the Ukrainian position will be tenuous at best.

    They say if you imagine a line that splits the bulge north to south, the majority of the Ukraine armor is on the west side. A lot of Russian aircraft will be attacking it soon. One video that someone took east of the fighting showed about 8 squadrons of Russian attack helicopters in route west.

    Once the artillery is in place, they say that might be today, the forward units will be cut off from their supply chain.

    • The problem both sides have is it that the cost of holding territory is very high in this type of war. It is why the Russians did not press their advantage when the took Severodonetsk and Lysychansk. They did not have the resources to defend anymore territory.

      This is the problem Ukraine is facing. Even if they gain territory, they will have to defend it with fewer resources and have to deal with the superior Russian air power.

      • No, they did not advance from Lisichansk because first they have to take Seversk and Bakhmut, and they are still trying to accomplish, that at their usual glacial speed, like they have been since June.
        From Seversk to the North to Ugledar to the South, the Donbass front can be moved westward 50 miles/90 km up to Barvinkove without widening the line, so the same number of troops manning it. Or even less, because the Izyum-Seversk front, on the right to the main one, gets shortened and progressively absorbed into the main one. Ditto for the less important Southern flank.

      • A Thousand mile front makes this shit inevitable.

        Russia’s failure has been in refusing to attack “decision centers” The people of Kiev need to see that defeat is inevitable. The endless flow into Kiev of the political filth from the West has to cease.

    • Gor the Ukrainians, it will be one Kesselschlacht after another. The Russian forces will bend backward, drawing the Ukranians into an indefensible bulge, and then hammer them with artillery, the Queen of the battlefield. Additionally, those attack helicopters that you mention can wreak havoc, responding to the changing disposition of the Ukrainian forces, and also passing targeting intelligence (along with that from reconnaisance drones) back to the artillery and MLRSs. A grim business.

  13. On a more light-hearted note, here’s Jackson Hinkle on a Roundtable with Gonzalo Lira, RazörFist, and fellow white Alex Stein opening with 10 minutes of them having fun kicking around Stein’s recent, “big booty Latina,” comment to AOC:

  14. But cardinal Manning, mr man says he thinks state Anglicanism is a good idea!

    “Meanwhile England is preparing for its own dissolution. It has headed the unbelief of Europe, and it will be devoured by its own followers. The Reformation has done its work upon it. Protestantism, like the shirt of Nessus, cleaves to the flesh of England, and its day will come at last. We are told that man has some eighty-three parasites which live upon his substance. The Anglican Church in like manner gives pabulum to every heresy, and harbours within its system what the tiring Church of God expels and casts out. At this moment in the Established Church there exists in a formal state Pelagianism, Nestorianism, Calvinism, Lutheranism, Zuinglianism, Naturalism, and Rationalism. I pass over a multitude of other less formal heresies, and name only these because they have a definite and active existence in the Established, and are reproducing themselves. It is intrinsic enmity of this congeries of heresies which directs the political power of England against the Catholic Church, and, above all, against the Holy See; and gives to England the melancholy and bad preeminence of the most anticatholic and therefore the most antichristian, power of the world.

    Letter to cardinal newman from Henry manning

  15. Zinc stock is nearly depleted in Europe and aluminium / tin smelters have dropped to about half capacity – all for carbon footprint goals and cotton candy rainbows. Europe is literally devouring itself in response to US anxiety over Russia tending to its back yard. Something (or some things) will happen to bring all the green madness to a halt, but so far the Europeans are still bitterly clinging to their guns and bibles – I mean their Gaia cult and windmills.

  16. The greatest news about the death of the fake “Queen” (because she had no power) was, and is : the record of longest reign still is in the hands of our beloved sun King Louis XIV !

    Vive le roi

  17. One of my culture and pop investment establishment periodic checkins is Yahoo Finance. It is painful, but it gives an idea of where they are directing the herd. Today a former Carlyle Group partner announced opening a private equity firm with Kim Kardashian. How perfect. The article talked about the power of her brand and talked about how many pension funds are huge into private equity and her being the chief taste consultant of Beyond Meat.

    They often shut down the comments, because the stories usually get pilloried.

    Here is a great comment someone named ‘myka007’ posted:

    “Beyond Meat’s “chief taste consultant”….With that much experience I’ll bet she is.”

    Have a great weekend everyone!

    • I dunno if I would misunderestimate that Kardashian clan.

      Just the other day, Kim Kardashian defeated Yale Law Skrewl grad Hillary Rotten Clinton in a quiz of legal esoterica.

      Them Armenians are some crafty little buggers.

      And boy do they know how to work a system.

      You can see why the juice despised them and sought to holodomor them.

  18. “If that glorious past will be remembered at all in the future, its orphans will have to be the ones to win the future. That is the next turn of the wheel for dissidents everywhere. You win the future by preparing to fight for it, not by agonizing over a past that is gone and never coming back.”


  19. Excellent show today, Z.

    What I really appreciate the most is your willingness to laugh. Yours hit me in the face like a bucket of cold water this morn, and made me laugh too.

    I think I need a break from the news too. 😊👍

  20. The UK is a backwater country that has been conquered by their former empire. They are quickly sinking into irrelevance.

    • Maxda: “a backwater country that has been conquered by their former empire”

      I don’t think any of this nonsense is of the nature of an externality.

      The Anglosphere was destroyed because it benefitted certain [sadistically psychopathic & passive aggressive] elements of society for the Anglosphere to be destroyed.

      Just today, there was an excellent example of this phenomenon at play here in the United States:

      ‘You have to run’: Romney urged Biden to take down Trump, book says

      Passive Aggressives are incapable of creating; they can only possibly profit by DESTROYING.

      If you’re of an historical bent, read the life’s history of Benedict Arnold at Wikipedia; betraying the patriots at West Point in 1780 was just the BEGINNING of his career; he went on to engage in DECADES of sadistically psychopathic passive aggression after that.

      Benedict Arnold is known to have sired at least EIGHT live births of children.

      George Washington sired precisely ZERO.

      You do the math.

  21. “Ungrateful” foreigners? Now, now, Z. Methinks you can conjure up an adjective with a bit more sizzle and vinegar than that. This niggle aside, a worthy little article this morning.

    • We, white people, are really stupid. On the one hand, we have an amazing IQ, the better science, the better art, literature and philosophy. We have built the modern world.

      But, in the most basic things, in the common sense, in the daily life, we are as dumb as a rock. No other country prefers foreigners to their own. No other people imports foreigners and expect them to be grateful and behave as if they were natives. No other people trash their ancestors and thinks their history is reamly dark. No other people feels guilty for being born as they are. No other people think that a man is a woman.

      Even the unintelligent Africans know these basic things

      Look, grateful people are an exception. Don’t expect the foreigners to thank you because you have invited them. Life is a fight for power: they did what they thought it was good for them. If you can be manipulated using guilt, they are going to use it. Time to stop believing in Santa and start seeing the world as it is

      • I for one don’t really crave for power in life. I want a decent standard of living under modern metrics, and to be left in peace practicing my craft and enjoying my spare time with family and friends.
        Anyone who sees “life as a fight for power” I regard as a sociopath.
        More, I think the vast majority of humanity thinks and wants the same things I do.

        • Posted by Moo Moo Cow on twitter but bears repeating here

          Moo Moo Cow @I_am_cattle

          Land belongs to those who can take it and hold it.
          That is how nature works.
          Any ecological niche belongs to the animal that struggles for it.
          Does Europe belong to the Europeans? If Europeans give it away, then NO.
          Nature punishes gay shit like that with extinction.

          • In modern civilised society there are many layers between the common man and the rule of Nature.
            You LARPers appear to be stuck in the Stone Age.
            I wonder what would happen if you’d peddle that trite Nietzschean stuff around in real life.
            But I bet you’d never do that.

        • Approximately three and a half billion years of life (natural selection and evolution) would have a word with you.

          • You have a point. Many a time it’s been said that Conservatives just want to be “left alone”. Was said above just now. Conservatives—in there lies the rub, Lefties don’t want to leave *you* alone. Your very (independent) presence and indifference is your greatest weakness while the greatest threat to Lefties. Time to change tactics.

          • Actually a reply to CompSci: On the subject of changing tactics. The new tactic needs to be an old one which I would call aggressive libertarianism. What I mean is that people (I know it’s a stretch to call Lefties that) need to come to you and beg YOU to leave them alone. There needs to be a policy of punishing the mere *attempt* to infringe our rights. Revenge must be a central principle.

        • “I want a decent standard of living under modern metrics, and to be left in peace practicing my craft and enjoying my spare time with family and friends”

          You may want those things but you’ll get what you take and then hold.

    • Or a slightly more polite “country” way to voicing similar ideas: “Them that know ain’t talking, and them that’s talking don’t know.”

  22. I do not mourn the the queen or the royals. They are empty symbols at best and elite on board on the globlaist mission. I mourn the men who cared about their people, tried to save the, and were of course hated by their people for it like Powell and Mosley.

    Rudyard Kipling understood the dealio; “White Man’s Burden” and “The Stranger” spell out the doom.

    • I was one of the last kids that stood up in class every morning to sing God Save The Queen. Her portrait was everywhere. One day we came to class, her picture was gone and we didn’t have to sing anymore. At the time I thought nothing of it; like you I regarded the Crown as a symbol of something that only the adults and oldsters had to be concerned with. I was too busy catching frogs, building tree forts, and playing street hockey to worry about such foolish things in those days.

      Looking back through the eyes of an adult, I note that that seemed to be a historical and cultural inflection point. Women started to become uncouth, ungracious and slutty. People praised them for doing so, and even encouraged them – and the women got worse. By the time I was old enough to notice girls…they were already turning mean and nasty. Some were already flat out crazy, even back then. And still, their men applauded, allowed and encouraged it. To this day I have no idea what drove that, or why people tolerated and embraced it.

      But the Queen remained rock solid through all of it. She was dignified, gracious, intelligent and unfailingly polite even when faced with the most vile and revolting people. Even though she was surrounded by them and dealt with them every day… she never became a clown.

      It is not your fault..but you have no idea what the world lost yesterday. And you are much the poorer for it. Sorry for the down vote… perhaps that was unfair.

      But as our esteemed blog host says… the present and the future belong to you. You will face that with the modern North American females of your day, not hers. And it will serve you right.

      • i understand what you’re saying; the queen herself was dignified and represented old school whiteness. I get it and I wouldn’t attack her or celebrate her death like the ghouls.

        But the problem is this: she personally never did a thing to stop her country’s destruction. And the whole royal family is packed with degenerates who are part of the globalist mafia.

        Just look at Charles. An inbred wimp who chose being the tampon for an old lady instead of his hot young wife. He’s all for covid, eating bugs, the works. And he brags about being related to Dracula; the ultimate personification the satanic parasite.

        • What would have had her do, F? She was a figurehead leader. She had to represent her people – and her people called for all this, just as so many of ours are doing today.

          Perhaps I spoke wrongly and out of turn – apologies – but to me, she was a relic from better times when we were better people. She made mistakes, but hindsight is always 20/20.

          As you guys note – there are much worse royals than her. And yeah… Charles is almost certainly one of them.


          To fakeemail: The author of this piece is an absolute fire-breathing Roman Catholic (of Italian extraction) who is actually a British subject. His take on Elizabeth may give food for thought.

          You wrote, “But the problem is this: she personally never did a thing to stop her country’s destruction. And the whole royal family is packed with degenerates who are part of the globalist mafia.”

          And you were correct–as observed by a non-Brit. I highly recommend the linked article, along with Tucker Carlson’s eulogy from September 8th.

          The woman had class, courage, and dignity. We shall not see the likes of her again. I actually wept a bit this morning, as I imagined the suffering she endured over the past 70 years.

      • She is a leading figure of the class of people who either encouraged or allowed all of this to happen. Sticking your head in the sand is not virtuous. You are wrong to hold her in high esteem. You don’t smile and be polite in the face of evil. You don’t have to be undignified standing up to and fighting against evil.

      • In some ways, she reminds me of Pope Benedict XVI – on a personal level, everything you would want in a Pope (Queen), but when it comes to actual advancement of the cause, rather ineffectual. Would prefer a Borgia who effectively defended the faith.

        • You all stole my comment.

          My question is/was, “so what exactly did she actually do for her people for the time of her reign?”

          The answer is, watch her country slide into the abyss.

          • And don’t forget…her favorite TV show back in the 80s was Kojak. (The queen watched TV???)

        • He said as a cardinal that Jews don’t need to become Catholics (but rabbis stick to their guns, making his position logically absurd). As pope, child sexual abuse in the Church was at its worst point. He is more evil than Francis is stupid.

  23. The Queen’s death had all the expected reactions:

    – LibTards celebrating
    – Angry, Bitter, and useless non-whites celebrating
    – Conservative, Inc. rushing to defend her for some reason and making weak arguments

    Personally I don’t care, either way. As Zman said, the past is the past, and we’re never going back. Queen E never defended her nation as it went from world power to 3rd world dumping ground. She could never have been to explicit but she could have implicitly done many things, even just to boost morale, if she had wanted to.

    The people that matter, the new all female/black/indian cabinet in the UK is much more worrying.

      • Because that would’ve risked her cushy lifestyle.

        And remember, the English people are not her people. The elites are her people.

        • Early in her reign, before the AWL (anti-white Left) had completely overtaken Great Britain, she could have raised hell about the pollution of her country. Did she have the formal power to halt it? No. But she had plenty of moral authority, and may well have been able to inspire resistance among others.

          Whether she had the desire to do this is another matter. But if she wanted to, she certainly could have.

          • Exactly, she had the bully pulpit in her early days, but choose not to use it to preserve her and her family’s position.

    • Royalty cannot interfere in politics without risking the throne or even the monarchy. European love their monarchs exactly because they don’t go flap their gums about muh current thing or meddle in politics; the idea that the monarch could actively override parliamentary decisions is abhorrent to Euros and usually ends in tears – like with Lizzie’s father, God bless his fascist heart.

      People on the internet are waving this and that ancient statute around, saying the queen could’ve just dissolved parliament or refused to countersign bills into law. Never mind the fact that there’d be crowds on the lawn of Buckingham Palace if she did, but parliament has judicially circumscribed these theoretical powers with procedures that would render such an act null and void in a matter of hours.

      Britain is a democracy, for a given value of the word. The people claim to be in charge, they claim to be able to rule better than the Windsors. Expecting the queen to save the British people from themselves, is not only pitifully weak, it is fundamentally misunderstanding what the role of a constitutional monarch is.

      Monarchy is not about the individual ruler, it’s about having a descendant of William the Conqueror as the nominal head of state instead of some sleazebag politician.

      • if the queen can’t rule and be in charge, then someone else will and did; and they did quite thoroughly and dictatorially.

        And it wasn’t “the people” or “democracy”, I assure you of that.


        • if the queen can’t rule and be in charge, then someone else will and did

          Yes. It’s called “the British parliament.”

          • This sounds like excuse making. She couldn’t override them, therefore it’s OK that she did nothing. She failed to use her bully pulpit and her moral authority. She’s the definition of fiddling while Rome burns.

            Just look at what she did to the Anglican Church! She is the head of the Church. Those tranny feminist atheists pretending to be clergy performing gay marriage ceremonies are doing so because she allowed it. As the head of the Church, she could have stopped it.

            I’m an American and so it is quite possible I just don’t “get it” and that she is beloved for some reasonable or even unreasonable reason which makes sense to Brits. But from my point of view, she was worthless at best.

          • She couldn’t override them, therefore it’s OK that she did nothing.

            Lots of people who were powerless to stop them, did nothing.

            She’s a symbol, like the American flag. She’s not supposed to “do” things, she’s supposed to cut ribbons, inspect war ships and entertain cannibal African warlords at Buckingham Palace, maybe say something inoffensive at Christmas.

            And she doesn’t have a bully pulpit because if she started sermonizing, people would stop listening to her, like they did with Harry.

            The British people allowed this to happen, they voted for the scumbags. To complain that the queen didn’t save the British people from themselves, sounds a bit weak.

      • The last political power the British Monarch held was the ability to dissolve Parliament, which was revoked in 2011(it had not been invoked since 1830.) Since then it’s been a largely ceremonial/symbolic position. FWIW there’re still many people who resent the “Norman yoke,” but since then the throne’s been held by the Angevins, Plantagenets, (insert Wars of the Roses here) Tudors, Stuarts, Hanoverians, Saxe-Coburg-Gothas, Windsors.

    • You think that way and judge her because you be no perspective. Turn it around: we’ll put you on the hypothetical throne in similar circumstances. Your former colonies are modernizing into second world countries that can’t be run the old way. Others are devolving into unprofitable third world shite holes that will takes armies to pacify and civilize. You’ve just come off a world war that has devastated your country, your kids, and your economy. Your country is exhausted and deeply wounded. The new breed of boomers is rising – they know everything and won’t take ‘no’ for an answer on anything. They’re smashing the old institutions at a rate never seen in North America. Elizabeth would not be allowed to defend her country. The world was changing in ways nobody ever imagined. The changes came in torrents no one could keep up with.

      You have the benefit of being able to view all those things with 20/20 hindsight. That woman did an impossible job for decades. She did it with dignity and integrity too. I often hear men lamenting the passing of old world women and their replacement with shrieking rage heads, and sexually disturbed crotch warriors. Welp… that is what an old world woman was. Most of the denizens of the manosphere wouldn’t know what to do with one. Elizabeth could shut down today’s fake empowered women with a dirty look.

      She had flaws, she made mistakes. She’s gone now… and now it’s our turn to deal with a world trying to pull itself through its own rectum. God willing…may we do as good a job of coping with it as she did.

      • Well said.

        Also, for most of her life, Lizzie serviced her own cars and was an excellent, if reckless, driver. Somewhere in the seventies, an Arab sheik is invited to Balmoral and the queen asks him if he would like a tour of the grounds.

        The sheik is happy to see the grounds, and he’s shown to the back seat of a Land Rover. He’s looking around for the driver when Lizzie slides in behind the wheel, floors the pedal and joyrides around Balmoral like she’d stolen the car.

        • Brezhnev did that to Nixon at Camp David in the early 70s…the Trickster gave old Leonid a Lincoln Continental Mark V as a diplomatic gift. Brezhnev proceeds to tear ass all over tiny mountain roads and scared the hell out of Nixon.

          I miss the Cold War.

        • If a scene from the TV series, The Crown, is to be believed, she also made it a point to be present when the horses were bred, right alongside the breeders and the grooms. Not a prude.

      • Impossible job? By your reasoning, she did nothing, which is not much of a job. I neither expect nor blame her for anything (besides her support of child molesters), but she certainly could have used her influence, not legal but cultural, to make a stand. I am not saying she should have, just illustrating.

        • By your reasoning, she did nothing, which is not much of a job.

          But that’s exactly the job a constitutional monarch is handed at birth.

          And it’s not as easy as it looks; lots of royals can’t keep their mouths shut but will vent their opinions left and right like any Hollywood skank. Harry went from being the most popular British royal to the most despised in a matter of months because he started playing the celebrity-game.

          • Elizabeth was filthy rich because her family is filthy rich. But we pay them salaries for the same reason the American people pay for Airforce One: because they’re doing an extremely important job.

            I can understand why people unlucky enough to be born in republics would be confused by this, but look at the monarch as an embodied flag.

            The Stars and Stripe is just a piece of useless cloth, pure decoration. But it also represents America on a level that still makes some old guys shed a tear when they salute it.

          • But you just agreed with me that she did no job. I can respect a symbol. Reading Beowulf, I still get moved by the mourners around Beowulf’s Tower. However, it seems her inaction is just as excused as any action. Air Force one does a job.

          • But you just agreed with me that she did no job

            Yes: doing nothing was her job, just like the American flag has no utility except being the American flag.

          • Is the English monarchy that rich? At Buckingham Palace the curtains and carpet are pretty threadbare. If you arrived at Balmoral and complained of the cold, you were advised to put on another jumper. One time the Queen was being driven past a street market and she saw the price of apples; she was so horrified that the palace stopped buying apples for a while. Prince Charles used to become vegetarian whenever the price of chicken went up. And he used to have many a discussion with his housekeeper on how to mix the leftovers in the fridge. Many of the assets that supposedly constitute the vast wealth of the English monarchy actually belong to the British state. Thus, for example the royal yacht really belongs to the British Navy. And the Queen could not sell the crown jewels.

          • I must admit don’t know anything about her finances, except she was declared the richest woman in the world back in the eighties.

            But most of the castles and the bling doesn’t belong to her personally, no.

      • Plus she had no real power anyway so what’s the use of blaming her for anything? She was a ceremonial head of state.

        • People keep saying the royals have no power. By that logic, corporations are completely bound by the government and have no power; the government completely rules over them. They control great wealth. First, who would audit them if they sold anything? They are just like thebfbi – bound by the law butncompletely unsupervised. Is there a modern domesday
          book I am unaware of? Second, who said this apocryphal story of Elizabeth’s frugality? Probably a part of the media machine that has convinced many they are friends of the people.

          • The royal’s control of wealth – and it is hugely vast – is akin to Zuckerberg’s child. He “donated all his money to charity” in the same way the wealth of the crown is the “wealth of the nation.” However, this is a clever tax avoidance scheme. Zuckerberg’s child will get to spend every dime of his fortune, as everything in the “charity” will be controller by her, and shopping in Versailles will be a “business expense.” It is quite parallel to the royal’s situation.

          • Eloi, yes indeed. The best example I can think of is not Zuckerberg, but Bill Gates. He was the richest man at the zenith of Microsoft, then created the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation and slowly transferred their stock to the Foundation. Now they (Bill and Melinda) play world havoc with the Foundation as their personal piggy bank. I’ve also read that Gates *still* has a personal wealth of $100B, but I’ve not confirmed that.

    • “Conservative, Inc. rushing to defend her for some reason and making weak arguments.”

      Yes, this.

      The Queen implicitly represents White people and Western Civ. But since those things are now evil, Con-Inc tries to defend her from the cannibals, but can’t articulate why. Pathetic tap-dancing.

    • I like the story that Liz II gave a massive boost to Brexit by asking, at a dinner with a bunch of politico’s “Can anybody give me three good reasons why we should be in the EU?”
      The resultant silence caused the chancers and wide-boys to take note, and it was off to the races.

      Chucky III has been a dip-shit greenie loon from day one.
      God help the English.

      Republic within 30 years.

      • Fast forward to year-however-long-it-takes till the browns and their Anglo butt boys take over Britain and ask yourself whether the white Britons left will revolt in favor of keeping the monarchy that the former intend to abolish. My guess is said Anglos will do nothing. Good riddance to the monarchy and the elites they serve.

  24. The feds do issue gun permits; I have a FFL Type III, which allows me to buy ammo. It’s actually a collector’s permit, but the side benefit is ammo purchas.

    • The Federal Firearms License is one exception it that is due the the Interstate Commerce Clause. The trade in firearms crosses state lines, so the Feds can get involved. I don’t see how marriage could work that way, but we live in irrational times.

      • “The trade in firearms crosses state lines”

        Not all of it.

        That which does not is outside their remit.

        • Obviously not given current regulation on “ghost” guns. Yes, they could cross State lines, but so can anything else. Try making your own gun for in State use.

    • Before you 2nd Amendment types run out trying to get one, keep in mind that the FFL is more about having a license to legally buy and sell firearms, ammunition and other controlled goods. If you think such a license will give you the right to carry loaded firearms openly or concealed anywhere you like, I encourage you to think again.

      • The problem with Fed licensing is Fed oversight. You, as a licensee, are charged with keeping copious records—without error—or risk extreme penalty! This is how Clinton (and I think Bush as well) reduced the numbers of FFL’s. Hundreds were paid a visit by their “friendly” ATF agent and all were found wanting.

        They were faced with fines and/or jail time for improper record keeping should they lose their court/appeals case. But of course, they were offered a deal, turn in you license and records, and we’ll forget the whole thing. Most did as their FFL license was not profitable, but simply allowed to them what was allowed to all Americans prior to the 1968 gun control act—the free commerce in arms to non-felons.

  25. Plank #9 of the Communist Manifesto:

    Combination of agriculture with manufacturing industries; gradual abolition of the distinction between town and country, by a more equable distribution of the population over the country.

    Karl Marx, father of the burbs and exurbs. White flight, indeed. Be good slaves and do your masters’ bidding lol.

  26. Regarding Arizona State, the *official* republican club made a statement condemning Jared Taylor coming to campus, and only got grief by left and right for their troubles. Their impotence was delicious.

    • Regarding Arizona, part two. Kari Lake. What’s the word? Moxie? Gumption? Fearless. I like that gal.

      • Lake’s media background makes her really good in front of a camera. That is a huge plus in our video-driven age.

        No, she’s not perfect. However, we have to bear in mind that the Left’s Long March was largely based on a century of incremental advances.

        Most of the pushback is going to work similarly.

        • There are YT pundits talking Kari for VP or Pres (future). We get this a lot from all over the country for anyone who’s a sharp dresser and quick talker (like DeSantis). Kari seems not to be publicly biting. But heck, they all want to be Pres. Just like Ancient Rome in its later decline and the year of four emperors.

          Kari can make it to Govenor as she has the worse of opponent imaginable. But Kari needs to prove she has ability to govern and get things done before stepping into national limelight. This might not be easy since the State *could* have either a Dem House or Senate and traditionally even a one or two seat majority means little as Repub’s always have RINO’s whom the Dem’s can depend on.

          Of things fall Kari’s way, she could make lots of national headlines like DeSantis and spin that off for a 2024 national spot. Two years is a good time line: long enough for splashy headlines and laws, short enough for the people not to crack wise as to their failure.

          Kari missed one windfall that DeSantis fell into, Covid scamdemic. At State levels, the Gov runs the show through executive emergency orders that he issues. AZ legislature put limits on this power and most folk won’t stand for much of a redo of 2020 anyway.

        • She was very bad in the one extended audio interview I heard (don’t remember whose) because it seemed she couldn’t, or was afraid to, say anything unprepared. A normal person asking normal questions frames them normally, not as clear prompts, and she didn’t seem to have a “normal” mode (or it’s incompatible with her politician persona).

          People who hate normal people *really* hate her, though, and I trust they’re seeing something.

          • Hemid, you’ve heard an odd clip. I’ve heard her numerous times. She is a former newscaster and can talk the “panties off a nun”. 😉 She is so potent that her opponent has refused side by side debate with her. Such a refusal has *never* happen in AZ politics at that level. Whatever her shortcomings, the gift of gab is not one of them. She has an answer to every off the cuff question and has never been known to hesitate while thinking of a “good” answer.

          • Is this that black white woman or is it white black woman?

            Immediate fail either way.

            Who cares if she can talk?

          • Gedeon, simply Google and she will appear. She is the pro-Trump, Rep candidate for AZ Governor office. The establishment Repub’s attempted to derail her with their “good old boy” alternative—a billionaire White female. They failed, but it was close.

            She echos all the right positions wrt current problems, such as open border, CRT in school, abortion and others. Talking is not the issue. The issue is whether or not she takes a stand on the controversial issues. She seem willing to do so and consistently responds to questions on those with no equivalence.

  27. The passing of the Queen has got me thinking about “transitions” and in particular, the false notion that transitions are singular. For example, the Cloud People seem to think that they are leading a manufactured transition of the species into a hive model with them at the top as a closed royal society and everyone else relegated to either the managerial class or worker bees. And my notion is that a collapse leads to a transition back to the original evolutionary model of survival-of-the-fittest and a rebirth of species ascendancy based upon improving intelligence, strength, and robustness over time.

    The Cloud People have a plan for their desired transition that essentially consists of manufacturing the collapse, getting the plebs to kill each other off (particularly the alphas), and then swooping in with jackboots at the end to establish their autocracy. My ideal transition involves a post-collapse rise of the antibodies that selectively eradicates the disease cells that are causing our species’ demise via a slow motion cancer of the body and soul. And I’m hoping that we only need a few examples to set the emergent behavior stampede in motion. Let them all flee to the Bahamas for all I care.

      • You need look no further than what prior tyrants have done in order to recruit, develop, and implement a policing force with political loyalty. Stalin had his NKVD. Hitler had his Gestapo/SS. Mao had his PLA. The list goes on and on. And it all cases, the manpower used in these cadres largely consisted of normal guys doing a job for a paycheck. Not fanatics or psychopaths/sociopaths. And its no different that forming any military or paramilitary organization. You bring in raw talent and then train/indoctrinate them to follow orders.

        • It’s not a paycheck,, get it straight. It’s pussy. Uniform snagged the trim. Soldiers make less than dick, but whether it’s going to Japan, Germany, South Korea or Africa, they all hope to get laid.

          Trying to queer the military doesn’t work because it’s all about the pussy. Everything else is busywork and sideshow.

          Pussy is how you get real deal warriors.

          • Real jackboots aren’t classic military. They are trained thugs (think mafia made men) who obey orders. And they don’t need a uniform to get sex, they just take it whenever they want. Barbarians have been doing this for thousands of years.

  28. Can’t say as I’ve ever cared about the queen, but the one thing that I learned from many a book and podcast is that the English nobility – whether Saxon or Norman – either very rapidly lost (Saxons) or never (Normans) felt any kinship with the “people.”

    Other nobles – whether from England or abroad – were their people. The fads and fashions of the European nobility was their culture, not the culture of the people over which they ruled.

    I’m in no way surprised that the queen, her milk toast son and her grandchildren latch on to every stupid idea of the Left. It controls the culture of the elite, and they are part of the elite. Everyone who says that the queen abandoned her people don’t understand that the everyday Englishman was never her people. She stuck by her people – the elite.

    • For two centuries after William the Conqueror, the court language in London was French. All the big landowners in England today — including the royal family of course — are descended from the Norman invaders.

      You have the Normans at the top. Then the Anglo-Saxons. Then the Celts.

      • For two centuries after William the Conqueror, the court language in London was French

        This is testified by the English language, where you use French words for meat that is dressed, cooked and served on a platter, and English ones for smelly, noisy animals:

        Pork – pig
        Veal – calf
        Mutton – lamb
        Poultry – fowl

      • I completely agree in spirit. After the Norman Invasion and the ol’ arrow in the eye for Harold Godswin, there is a gulf between the people and the ruler. The Norman ascension put the nail in the coffin of the Comitatus system that was no longer in practice but still spiritually felt. In fact, the current group of creeps are Germans from the Hanovers that came after William/Mary and Anne all died childless. I honestly doubt if they are actual descendants of William, but who knows.
        However, the wife of Henry 1 (William the Conqueror’s son) was actually from Anglo-Saxon nobility. His marriage was a political calculation to wed the two areas (Normandy and Angleland). Thus, the modern monarchs are partial descendants of Anglo Saxon nobility. I forget, but I feel her name was Matilda. I do remember their daughter Matilda would be the father to Henry II, whose naming as heir by Stephen ended the Anarchy.
        Sigh…. for the good times when Monarchies were interesting. It was pretty much all over by the time of the Glorious Revolution. In some ways, I guess it was over after Richard III – the last king to actually lead a battle and perish in it.

      • Um, the “Windsors” are really a branch of Saxe-Coburg und Gotha, which are relatives via Victoria of the Hanoverian kings of Brunswick-Lüneburg to replace the Stuart line. There hasn’t been much Norman blood in the royal family since 1688.

        • Well, that’s why the Anglo Norman era ended with Henry II – ushering in the Plantagenet (or until 1485 – Richard IIIs death. Categorize how you care ). However, his daddy (Geoffrey, I think) conquered Normandy even though he was of the Angevin lineage. However, despite the route, officially Elizabeth is a descendent of William and then Henry1 and 2. Of course, they also bread with the Stuarts for a while. Again, officially.

          • There’s so much inter-marriage among the European royal houses. I mean, one grandson of Victoria was George V, another Kaiser Wilhelm II, another Czar Nicholas II. King Harold II was English, but I’m not sure any of those succeeding him were.

  29. I wonder if Z is going to reverse his stance on the Russian military winning and eat crow about his throwaway prediction that the UAF will collapse “sometimes around the end of the summer”.

    He took such a ridiculously wrong stance on something so *easy* to judge accurately by almost anyone following the events that maybe he should mention what “expert” sources he follows. So we know not to take them seriously.

    • Let’s see how the Ukrainian offensive – such as it is – turns out.

      But, yes, the Russian offensive seems to have stalled. The question is why. Are the Russians happy to just pound the Ukrainians into dust from afar, or is it something deeper?

      I don’t know. Neither do you. Luckily, all we have to do is wait six months to a year and we’ll know.

      • One of my theories is that Russia is extending the war as long as possible. They’ve greatly benefitted from the sanctions and the West’s idiocy. I don’t know if that’s cope/4D chess thinking though.

        • My pet theory is that time is on their side. It’s not a timed race. It’s not just about killing armed enemy combatants but utterly demoralizing and defeating the social political matrix from they come. Russia’s fundamentals are all good. Winter is coming and NATO countries are going to need to need their armies at home to suppress their own people.

          This is existential war. It doesn’t stop just because it gets cold. I expect a winter offensive with the Russians using a vastly higher proportion of their own frontline troops than they have been using. Right now they are successfully mowing the grass, chewing up Ukie manpower reserves at a staggeringly favorable ratio. NATO won’t intervene. They might even be able to cut a deal with the Poles to trade parts of Ukraine for acceptance of new international boundaries, once the winter offensive sets new de facto boundaries. The GAE would squeal with impotent rage.

          • The twenty percent of area that Russia controls constituted 80 percent of Ukraine pre-war GDP.
            Hence the Zelinsky begging bowl act.

            Time is on the side of Russia, as is Winter.
            The morons in DC and their Satraps believe their 3 month time horizon is universal.

          • Yes, agree with all of the comments about time being on the side of the Russians. It’s almost a reversal of the last decade of the Cold War–all Russia has to do to win (on the larger scale) is continue to exist. Her Western enemies will shake themselves apart.

          • @Bilejones
            “The morons in DC … 3 month time horizon …”

            An example of Russian time preference comes to mind: the winter counterattack in late 1941/early 1942. The Russians were had been at war with Germany since late June and had been getting smashed constantly. The Germans were driving on Moscow. The Soviets threw just enough force in the Germans way to slow them down enough for winter to truly set in, then counter attacked with a Siberian army they had kept in reserve, ignoring pleas for reinforcements from the front with great discipline. The Russians know how to wait, using optimally minimal force until the time is right for a massive blow.

            I expect that the intelligence folks will see it coming, just like they saw the first invasion. They might even be able to talk some sense into the Pentagon/State Dept/AntiWhite House poofters, but there isn’t much they can do.

          • Cope.

            Not cheering for either official side or meta faction, but the open question in February was whether or not Ukrainians were willing to pay the blood price to be not-Russian. The Ukrainians are fighting as we should all have expected and they are enjoying it. It means nothing as the call was not here, but Russia is trying the Grozny playbook and it won’t work because the Ukrainians want the fight, like the OG chechens (not faggot Instagram persona kadyrov), but they have the open backing of all of NATO finance and manufacturing.

            Insurgency is about the will to fight and Ukraine is the borderland because it has always been the borderland and will continue to be the borderland.

      • There are a lot of rumors swirling.

        Supposedly, the Ukes are dug into a warren of upgraded and extended Soviet-era bunkers that are way beyond anything seen at the Maginot line.

        The Russians are happy to stand back and pound these with artillery and airstrikes. Chemical weapons are not an option because the DC regime would use that as an excuse to go nuclear.

        The theory is that once the Russians breakthrough these fortifications it’s open steppe to the Polish border.

        The other persistent rumor is that Ukrainian casualties are so high that the Russians are tired of killing them. Allegedly the Russians are begging the Ukrainians to lay down their arms in many instances.

        Again, these are all just some of the rumors swirling. They don’t strike me as too far-fetched, but who knows except guys at the front.

        • One pattern that has emerged is the Ukrainians using their territorial defense units as the first wave in these attacks. They call them up, give the minimum and send them to the line. They get blasted, but do some damage to the other wise, which is mostly militias. Then the regular Ukrainian army comes in to try and exploit whatever gaps the first wave created. The result is a high number of Ukrainian casualties.

          The Russians did this initially, using green troops and militias to do the initial fighting. It was quickly abandoned as too costly, so they no will sacrifice ground to preserve people.

      • It is really hard to understand what is going on at the moment. The offensive in the south was a debacle that made no military sense. They just sent men to die. In the east, it looks like a trap has developed. The DPR forces pulled back and the Ukrainians followed them. The Russians are now destroy their supply lines. Lots of conflicting information though so we have to wait and see.

        The north is where things are puzzling. Russian sources say 20-30 thousand Ukrainian regulars were sent in the first wave. The Russian are now sending thousands of reserves to hold the front. At the same time, the Ukrainians have pulled forces from other areas, which are now being overrun by the DPR. None of makes much sense.

        Of course, this offensive has no military purpose. it is just part of the ongoing money grift. The Ukrainians are putting on a show and Washington is showering billions more on them, which will be promptly stolen.

        • There are a few of observations I’d make, for what they’re worth.

          There is a YT commenter who uses Google earth to describe the battle front. There’s a lot of flat ground out there with nothing but wheat fields to defend/conquer, and few defensible positions—or for that matter anything worth defending other than gross land area. In WWII we saw a lot of this type of back and forth in North Africa (who dies for miles and miles of sand)? I would expect wide swings of territorial occupation of no particular strategic value, but lots of bragging rights.

          At the end of WWII and before the Battle of the Bulge, there was talk of being home by Christmas, such was the state of the German resistance. Then came the counter offensive, followed by a complete collapse of the German army in the West. The Bulge was beat back by late Jan. Three months later Germany surrendered.

          I’ve also been led to understand that much of the fighting is not Russians per se, but the opposing militia groups from the newly “liberated” Russian speaking areas. Not sure whether or not this is a good thing or bad. We shall see.

          • Reading the Ukrainian and Russian sources, the last few months have been a grind. The Ukrainians are dug into massive fortifications that have been built up since 2014. The Donbas is a densely populated area. It is not wide open steppe. Imagine an artillery war in Los Angeles and you have a better idea. The Russians have air superiority and they have better artillery. That means they pound these hardened Ukrainian positions, take out their supply chain and hunt for command posts. The Ukrainians repair their defenses, rebuild their supply chain and bring in new troops to replace the killed and wounded.

            Some people think this offensive is the “Battle of the Bulge” moment for Ukraine. They had to show Western backers they could keep fighting, so they staged this offensive. Others think the Ukraine military was overruled and that is why they have been silent. Still others think this is a move to buy some time so that the Russians cannot mount a new offensive before winter.

            My view is that the answer is some of the above. Part of it is purely political, but part of it is strategically stupid. The Kherson offensive was just idiocy. The northern offensive makes some sense as it would make it much more difficult for the Russians to mount a big push on Kramatorsk and Slovyansk. It also gives them good PR as it is closer to where Western media is stationed.

          • Putin is a modern Kutuzov, practicioner of Fabian strategy, always taking his time before aggressor is worn down by attrition. That was seen from the beginning of Ukrainian Crisis, where Puting preferred waiting out the situation until troops were sent to Crimea.

            Russians want a Suvorov or Bagration, fast and daring commander obliterating the enemy in maneuver wafare. They want to see the enemy line broken like when Rokossovsky broke apart German defensive positions in Bobruysk offensive during Bagration Operation in 1944.

        • A lot of the pro-Russia commentators are calling the events in the north gross incompetence and/or outright treason by the Russian command staff. I find that hard to believe but who knows.

          It is all very strange. It could be that the Russians are luring them into a trap. If so and it is successful it will be one great military achievement.

          • That is very Russian. Anything short of glassing the place is a sign of weakness. People forget that Putin is seen as a dove by the Russian people. That said, the Russians should have committed more resources to this operation. They certainly have the manpower and industrial capacity. The hawks may be right in this regard. The slow approach is just dragging it out.

          • The Military Summery Channel I have found to be an honest source of news for the Ukraine conflict. They are characterizing the Ukrainian offensive as a disaster for the Russian Military.

            They did point out that a lot of Russian reinforcements are on the way.

          • I like his stuff, but he tends to be a sky is falling sort, which is not unusual for Russians. As I said, most Russians think the military should have glassed the place on day one. That is the weird thing about all of this. Ukrainian sources are pretty much aimed at telling Western media happy tales. Western media is just repeating neocon talking points plus whatever comes out of the State Department. Russian media is pretty good, but a little too negative about their own side.

          • Military Summary is good, as is The Duran, Brian Berletic of The New Atlas – easiest to find on YouTube alas, I’ve also found interesting.

            Bigger Picture stuff:
            Katehon is a Russian Nationalist/Cultural site- Katehon apparently means “That which withholds” What it tries to withhold is The AntiChrist. Now tell me that didn’t pique your interest.

            New Eastern Outlook is worth a look at once a week.

            Zman will eventually be getting around to updating his side panel.

          • Thank you for the links, as it’s tough to get an idea on what is going on. I have a friend who currently lives here, but is originally from Kiev and we’ve been chatting weekly about the goings on, especially since his mother and younger brother are still there.
            I asked him why he hasn’t gone home even though he often speaks of what his brother is going through and he told me that it will negate his work visa. He was told by the embassy in Poland (He managed to get his mother who is cancer stricken out of the country and into Poland) that should he voluntarily leave the US and go to fight, the US government will no longer recognize the visa and his wife and two children would have to get along without him.
            Having said that, he was pretty honest for several months about what was going on. If his government screwed up, he had no problem admitting it If their forces were being decimated, he said so. However something happened over the last several weeks. Now, to openly ask him about what is going on, gets a “Why, what kind of Russian propaganda have you heard?” as a response and the screaming starts from there. His mother is now in Denmark receiving chemo and his brother is fine waiting for another assignment back home, so I don’t know what caused this reaction in him.
            One line he did throw out was, “We are killing these orcs by the truckload! Anyone who tells you other wise is a lackey for Putin! That butcher is days away from being overthrown and that will be the end of it!”
            Given his delicate personal situation, I quietly changed the subject and asked how his mother was and this seemed to calm him down a bit. Again, it’s tough to get any sense of what is actually going on there.

    • You don’t know what you’re talking about. The Russian military is creating “kill boxes” by luring the AFU infantry and armor forward into areas where destruction of a few bridges makes retreat impossible. Then its a turkey shoot. And I hate that this is happening because a lot of good men are dying needlessly on the Ukrainian side. And there are now hundreds of thousands of widows and fatherless children, all done is service to a truly evil US foreign policy. And people like you revel is this abomination.

      • Good men don’t fight to keep a gay jew in power, they fight to oust him. The Ukrainian soldiers that have been killed have their just desserts, and are no longer able to oppose the sort of Ukrainian men that would fight the global oligarchy to get their country back.

        • I absolutely agree that good men should become antibodies and oust the disease cells that are ruining their country, but the reality is that most of these men are victims of the propaganda and indoctrination that conflates patriotism with loyalty to the current tyrant in charge. These men were fooled into following a false god and becoming cannon fodder with no training, no ammo, and no support. And they are paying for that foolish mistake with their lives.

        • Even before the start of the war I had a very low opinion of the Ukrainian people. Since it began though I’ve gotten to the point that the world would be better off if all the males were gone and the women bred to better white men. The children would be raised never exposed to the so-called Ukrainian culture.

          They as a people have a toxic brew of arrogance, stupidity and hubris. They also seem to have kept the old Slavic cruetly too. ISIS and AQ have little on them from what I’ve seen.

          • Based on the anecdotes I’ve read, those pretty blonde Ukrainian gals are some of the most ice-blooded mercs on the planet.

          • Same here. I’ve always gotten along well with Russians, fine with Balkan people, but Ukrainians always rubbed me the wrong way. Really stupid, but also arrogant, and likewise insecure, constantly sucking up to White Libtards so they can look like they’re “smart”.

            They’re also a giant reservoir pool of “White” females for non-white males to “Date” in Canada. 9/10 times when you look at a girl dating a non-white she’s “Ukrainian”.

          • If Polish demographic statistics are anything to go by, since 2016 Polish men and Ukrainian women have been dominating inter-marrying couples in Poland. Russian and Belorussian women took 2nd and 3rd place respectively as non-Polish brides. Since then the number of PMUW marriages only reached new highs every year.

            I’m a worried about such fast-climbing rate of inter-ethnic marriages, but at the very least we marry out among our Slavic relatives.

        • Good Lord, where is your humanity? The Ukrainians who have died have got their “just desserts”? Really? That’s cold, dude.

          • Where are your brains? Would you pamper a mad dog or a starving lion? The only thing some of them deserve is a quick, painless death. Most deserve slow and painful.

            Those demons you are so worried about shelled the breakaway oblasts specifically to kill and maim civilians. They have killed prisoners of war, they have seeded civilian area of the Donbass with mines designed to hard to see and maim not kill children.

            Even the ones who didn’t do any of this didn’t try to stop it. It’s just killing Russians, it’s not like they’re human or anything.

            The hohols deserve everything bad that can happen to them.

      • Does not surprise me. As I’ve stated, these trolls might very well be part of a Ukrainian Intelligence operation. On YT I was getting these fed to me several times a week. Almost all the channels the same—short videos with computer generated narration of stunning victories and grotesque losses being compiled by Russia. Channel not in existence for long. Limited number of views and smallish comments of the type, “go Ukraine”. Hell, even US officials state the most ridiculous numbers in their press releases if the quotes are accurate.

        • Um, am I missing context here? If Mike is the one being charged as a Ukrainian operative, it would seem odd that he would denigrate his own people in such detail. Wouldn’t this rather like ADL issuing a press release stating that Jews should stand down from their manipulation and control of all Western institutions? 😀

          I do concur that covert operatives, whether foreign or of our own nations, should always be assumed to be monitoring and at times participating, in any corner of the net, to include here.

          • I think it was in response to Daniel Ross(((elensky)) above. I know it is hard to tell sometimes with the multi layered embedding.

      • It’s awfully griller of me but I visit Freerepublic about every day to check out their news aggregator or whatever it’s called. Anyway members post news articles and then other members comment of them.

        Since the Ukraine war started there has been a concerted attempt by, I would guess about a dozen accounts to overwhelm the board by posting and commenting on every war article by even the most dubious sources. These troll never post or comment on any other subject and gang up on anyone who doesn’t accept the point of view.

        They comment on each others articles and attack anyone who isn’t 100% with them. All against are Russian trolls, Putin puffers and the like.

        Their articles come from regime sources, the Post, Daily Mail , the Guardian and the like. The ghost of Kiev was a real thing to them for long after it was admitted to be a hoax. They have to be paid because they take up hours a day at this and they’re being fed accounts from media that is so obscure that it owuld be a all day job just to find the sites.

        I’ve been thinking about joining and finding one of those articles and replying to the poster asking for a job. It would be funny but I’m sure it would zoom over most everyone’s head over there.

    • A better time to reflect on Z’s and our opinions about the SMO would be when the new Russian general has made his moves: General Winter

    • Gore Vidal once called Britain a mere “aircraft carrier” for the US. And that got Christopher Hitchens’ panties in a bunch. I think that soured the relationship between those two old queens.

      • Well, in defense. GB is our only ally who has done s**t for us in any of the sand wars—like sending a few brigades or so of real fighters to take a real part in these conflicts. The rest of NATO sent smallish, token forces with the understanding that they are never put into harms way. Is short, only a show of solidarity so that we can say it’s a joint effort—not an American invasion.

      • Didn’t know that CH was a homo, on top of the drinking and drugs. Thanks. And kudos to Vidal – he was a master of bringing down pompous adversaries in debate; his takedown of WF Buckley in 1968 was epic.

        • I think, not sure, that Hitchens was one of the public schoolboy gays. I think he grew out of it eventually.

  30. “Sure, not everyone was onboard with the great replacement, but most of the British ruling class not only supported the auctioning off of their heritage, but they continue to celebrate it.”

    The English monarchy is at the heart of the old English ruling class, and around it have been clustered the vested interests of global finance and armaments. The Queen’s offspring have often been involved in this world of finance and armaments sales. The old English ruling class has had to make adjustments to the brave new world it has found itself in — if indeed it has not been partly responsible for shaping it. You find this depiction in some of Trollope’s novels — notably “The Way We Live Now,” where the old English aristocracy comes to terms with, and is willing to deal with, a Jewish financier in the City of London who happens to be nothing other than a conman. You find more contemporary depictions in novels like Le Carre’s “The Night Manager.” I’m also reminded of Anthony Sampson’s “The New Anatomy of Britain.” Or in the recent non-fiction title by Oliver Bullough: “Butler to the World.” The point is that the idea that the old English ruling class presided over some place like Tolkien’s Shire has no basis in reality. Britain has been changing just like France, Germany, and italy. The past only looks glorious through the prism of rose-tinted nostalgia.

  31. Around 1960 QEII should have pulled a Henry VIII and started lopping off heads while making Enoch Powell PM.

      • The entire monarchy for some generations now has been threatened with dissolution. I believe the last somewhat successful resistance against powerless obscurity was King George III—yeah, that King George. 😉

        The general response—especially by QEII—has been to acquiesce to the PM demands in all political affairs and to secure a place as powerless figurehead and tool of the government. This was especially acute with Tony Blair. She sold her family’s birthright for the continued trappings of importance. She lived in a past long gone.

        I’m not British however, those with knowledge and a stake in the royal family should indeed correct me. I’ll sort of miss her as well, she is the last of her line and seems to have left no true heirs, just usurpers to a past glory they have not earned.

        • That’s more or less correct. That’s why the monarchy has a symbiotic relationship with the British gutter press — The Sun, News of the World, Daily Express, Daily Mail, and so on. The House of Windsor thinks that without the constant media attention it will shrink to utter irrelevance and be quietly abolished. I remember that about thirty years back Queen Elizabeth II complained of her “annus horribilis.” The headline in The Sun the next day was “Queen’s bum year.”

          • A memento mori to the times when study of the Classics and Classical languages was yet a thing.

  32. The guy calling himself “the most censored man on YouTube” is “Jackson Hinkle. He has 68000 followers on twitter and 159000 subs on YouTube. He recently got demonetized on YouTube and got a strike,- felt like a victim. He have had Douglas Magregor, Ron Paul, Glenn Greenwald on his channel. Ideological he is very confused. He is a former democrat form California and now a declared marxist. Robert Barnes found this very confusing and said he more sounded like a libertarian in his visions for a society. Very young. Likes to take pictures of himself after workout or with a group of girls.

    • Hinkle has recently stated he’s only 22 or 23 if memory serves.

      He is very good on camera, though he occasionally drops unnecessary profanity in some of his clips.

      I agree with Barnes that Hinkle’s stated ideology is really at odds with his expressed opinions. It’s like Hinkle is really up to date on current events yet doesn’t really understand the legacies of Marx, Lenin, Stalin, etc.

      • Young people are young, so much of what they say is a jumble. It is why I always take the wait and see approach with these young guys.

        What I found amusing is that he calls himself the most censored man on YouTube. The story of the last ten years has been the long list of people booted from various platforms. Master Hinkle has a long way to go to catch up with people like Alex Jones, to use just one example.

    • His confusion I take to be that we’re seeing a young persons beliefs evolve in real time as events unfold around them and they’re struggling to make sense. I do not find him particularly insightful but much of that is likely due to age as well. He’s definitely been right about Ukraine. It sounds like you’re pretty familiar with him, so you know he’s on Jimmy Dore quite often at this point. Even though there is quite a bit I disagree with that group on, there is at least a baseline honesty to him as far as I can tell. Could be wrong though.

      • This is a theory that is out there. Young people who have been milked and weaned on internet life will sometimes develop opinions and thoughts of their own. Given that all opinion not consistent with the Borg has long been silenced, these nascent and ill-formed thoughts may seem new and exciting to them and, naturally, they want to share. And that’s when the hammer falls, and their confusion begins. Like the young man who finds the guitar in Rush’s ‘2112’, at first they are ridiculed, and if they persist… well, their are ‘special measures.’

        • For those interested, here are the lyrics to “2112.”

          The “prose” or commentary are new to me. They don’t appear in the sung version; perhaps they are on the liner notes (but were not, so far as I know, on the CD release.)

          While hard rock may not be to everyone’s taste, Rush were at their best, very intelligent and artistic. Of their several gems, “The Trees” is a dryly humorous fable of the perils of socialism.

    • He is a bit odd. His actual podcast or whatever it is on youtube is not so bad. At least on the Ukraine thing he seems to get it for the most part. Like you say, he is young. I probably would not have seen through the Ukraine thing at his age. But then, the internet did not really exist for the hoi polloi when I was his age.

  33. I went to GB News online to watch some live coverage of the reaction to the Queen’s death. The reporter was out in front of Buckingham Palace, and he attempted to get the usual old “man in the street” reaction. He stopped a young woman and asked what she thought, and the first words out of her mouth were in a heavy foreign accent. She was Italian, and had been 20 years in the country. She was very nice about the Queen, but the moment she started talking I thought, “Fat chance getting hold of an actual English person when you stop a random passerby on the streets of London!” The English are now outnumbered by foreigners in their own capital city; it will be a mob of foreigners who bid farewell to the Queen of England at her funeral next week.

    • The foreigners don’t care and won’t show up. There was a video of a throng of Brits outside singing God save the Queen when they heard news of her death. All white people.

      • Just so. Why would aliens have any sentiment toward a nation, people and monarch who shares none of their history, beliefs, culture, customs, and even language? The same goes for PoC in AINO. They are decidedly non-patriotic. Why would it be otherwise?

        • Exactly. Tony Blair’s ‘Cool Britannia’ is now full of people to whom the death of the Queen means “Death of a silly old white lady”. Charles will try to earn the respect of his “subjects” by pushing wokeness to the limit. But it won’t sell, not until a negress is declared Queen. He’d abdicate to make it happen – to preserve his reputation if for no other reason.

    • You’re wrong. Most of the English working class will be mourning. They are always ready to bend the knee and doff their cap to any kind of royal pageant that is put on to keep them distracted.
      My sister was just telling me how sad it all is and the royals never did anything to make her life better.
      The queen was meant to be defender of the faith and protector of the people. She did neither and I won’t mourn her passing.
      Glad I’m in Spain so I can avoid all the media outpourings..

        • Don’t have time for that. I’m out here MC touring. I’ll miss all the theatre by the time I get home on the 21st.

      • The real shame of her death is that she didn’t outlive her retard oldest son. Of course the second one is even less of a prize. King Chuck may be the end of the monarchy if he keeps it up like he has done. Also we now have a winner in the ugliest queen contest.

        • Yep, Charles could be crazy enough to turn the people against monarchy and force/allow the government to dissolve it. Otherwise, Prince William might very be able to fill in the ceremonial role of QEII the PM would like when Charles dies. He’s young and good looking and has produced heirs and from reports, the people like him—not Charles (remember Charles cheated on the beloved St Diana–who may have cheated on him as well, such is the modern family, even Royals).

          Problem is I believe is that Charles wants to leave a legacy and something more lengthy than a line or two in an historical account of the Royal Family pedigree. Since “King” Charles has no power other than flapping his gums, he might very well talk the Royal Family into oblivion.

          His crazy talk is no different than that espoused by any run of the mill crazed Lefty and the very people who are least swayed and most injured by such rhetoric are the current supporters of the Royal family.

        • Well, just think on the image of Charles III as a tampon stuck up Camilla’s quim, as in his reported fantasy of some years back.

          Gotta hand it to the British tabloids for such reportage. Here in the colonies, the press is quite well housebroken, even when (or perhaps especially when) stuff like Hunter’s laptop surfaces.

  34. “You win the future by preparing to fight for it, not by agonizing over a past that is gone and never coming back.”
    Very True. However, a thought. Maybe us Old White Guys have had enough and don’t give a flippin ****. We did our part, we built this world and society and we enjoyed it while it lasted. Now it’s time for the next generation to have a turn.
    As an OWG, I don’t think much of what they are building (if anything), but my time has passed and I intend to fade into the background gracefully. I don’t even care if you disagree with me, but no one (including me) is coming to save you or stop this. My advice is to sit back and enjoy the show. I’m so much closer to the end off my journey than the beginning that I am satisfied I did my part. And what are they going to do to me, p*ss on my shoes? 😁
    Good luck, you are going to need it.

    • “Well my children, the house is in disrepair, it is filling with smoke, and lo and behold, thieves have entered the back door! Clearly, I did my part up until now, so you lot can take care of this. I’ll just sit back and enjoy the show…”

      • Yep. The primal and natural instinct of all creatures is to survive and second to reproduce. That includes assuring your prodigy also have the ability to survive and reproduce. In there lies the rub.

      • That is certainly one point of view, the traditional “blame the parents vision.” I have in mind rather a different one, from Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged.” Earl Wyatt, the oil tycoon, rather than surrender his business to the looters (socialist government), sets all his oil wells afire and leaves a sign saying “Take it. I have left it as I found it.” He then bows out of the crumbing society, taking refuge at Hidden Valley.

      • It all sounds legit to me. Is Grumpy wrong? Is he saying anything inconsistent with, say, John Derbyshire’s earth-shaking bestseller, ‘We are Doomed?’ Grumpy is telling us to embrace the doom. It’s not like we are getting out of this alive; so why not ‘collapse now and avoid the rush!’ as JM Greer advises? What is wrong with giving up, the way American natives did in the late 19th century? They were overwhelmed by a superior and alien power, as we have been; they chastised their gods and moved on as best they could.

        And they’ve survived, as we will.

        • If I was handing off a disaster, I wouldn’t claim I did my part. I’d be apologizing, or making the case why I couldn’t have done better.

          I’ll admit I’m salty about the reassurances I was given growing up that life gets better because most people are working to make it that way. That’s something I think isn’t well understood. If my parents, teachers, etc., had told me life sucks and you have to fight for every inch, it wouldn’t bother me. But, you know, we were changing the world for the better. What a bunch of BS.

          • I mean, boomers taken as a whole are incredibly weak, in spite of their self-mythologizing. I can’t see much that they did to keep what they were given; to the contrary, they got rich selling it out.

            I wish I could say ‘that’s your problem’, as I’ve been told many times, but I have this innate sense of right and wrong that seems to have skipped a generation.

            In the boomers’ defense, the battle was lost as they were being born, and they were programmed by the one-eyed rabbi (thanks to whoever coined that!), but still. I should be yet more nihilistic and selfish, but for some reason I’m pissed where many of them seem resigned. Riddle me that one.

    • ” Now it’s time for the next generation to have a turn.”

      ‘We’ve turned the most prosperous nation to have ever existed in history into a cratered smoking ruin. But boy did we enjoy the ride! Now pick yourself up by your bootstraps and put Humpty Dumpty back together again!’

      Ok Boomer. That was the embodiment of the negative stereotype of the Boomer if ever there was one.

      Did my ‘thing’, got mine, pulled up the ladder behind me. Good luck suckers!

      May the Day of the Pillow and your assigned African Caregiver spoil your short term plans.

    • I can’t quit the fight, Grumpy, but I salute your decision to just be a man of your time and take what’s coming.

      Have you ever seen the John Ford movie from 1945, ‘They Were Expendable’? There is an old-timer in the Philippines, an American, an old hand at boat repairs. I think they all called him ‘gramps’. Anyway, the Japs were on their way – early 1942 – and he, “gramps” stayed behind, with his shotgun, his old dog, and a jug of whiskey, knowing what was coming and not giving a damn.

      John Ford – and the America we imagined – at its best.

  35. “It is like watching a nation busily engaged in heaping up its own funeral pyre”
    Enoch Powell in his “Rivers of Blood” speech in 1968.
    A Gallup poll back then show that nearly 74% agreed with him. He died in 1998 and some have made the claim that the politcal class didn´t dare to open the UK for mass migration, while he was still alive. Tony Blair opened the gates again around that periode.

    • The is an insatiable urge among the movers and shakers of society, the ambitious and elite, to have an opponent to subjugate and destroy. Since WWII and the dawn of nukes, it has become more and more difficult to find outsiders to fight without risking annihilation oneself.

      Instead, they have directed their ambition to their own people, wanting to pulverize them for the sole reason that they are allowed to. Lesser status progressives want ot be part of this power structure, and paradoxically root for their own demise, just to feel like they are part of the club.

      If there was still a wild, unexplored frontier, or a real ability to conquer other nations, there would be an easy pressure valve to release these instincts, but none really exists anymore.

      • I believe this is a very powerful insight into the behavior of the ruling class today.

        You see it constantly, in all sorts of places, particularly corporations. Example: Netflix is firing lots of people, using interns as sound engineers in productions, because their woke content appeals to no one but they still must fight against their customers who they hate. HATE HATE HATE

  36. There’s a thought I have sometimes, when I’m not asking myself the usual questions, like Why are they doing this to us? or Why are we doing this to ourselves?

    And the thought I have, the question I pose to myself then, is this one: Why shouldn’t we have to fight, to struggle, to gain what we want? Yes, our ancestors fought and bled and died so that we could have peace and prosperity, and yes, we could have continued to enjoy that society if only our enemies (in among our ranks and among aliens) had not deliberately destroyed that. But it would probably be equally unfair and spiritually ruinous not to have to renew one’s faith, their meaning with deeds and hardship and trials. I’m not going to fedpost, but I think you get my meaning.

    I agree with Greg Hood that there is no reason for us to have been backed into this corner, but being backed into a corner, while unpleasant, is also an opportunity. And yes, it’s an honor. Older men like Jared Taylor or Z might not be around when things get genuinely froggish (or maybe they will, and it all goes down next week), but either way, we’ve all got to step up when the time comes.

      • Hey, back in the day, our bands were cooler than yours. The California girls were prettier than your chubby ones too.

        We got an education, worked HARD, bought homes and actually had children.

        That is more than most of you will ever do.

        • pssst Grumpy, I’m a Boomer too. Not a brag, or an explanation just a silly fact. My son has done all you seem to be so proud about. Life is still going on bud.

      • He is script is too perfect, like it was scraped from a daily Vox rant about boomers. He’s obviously a bot or sentient AI.

  37. The English ruling class gave in to the false religion of Protestantism and it wast long before the insanity of usury became their guiding light. Tucker doesn’t understand religion , well most people don’t, so he sees Christianity according to the heretical branch theory in which if Jesus is in there somewhere, meh, it’s good enough, No!

    Only the Roman catholic religion is the true religion and if it is not confessed by the state, you get trannies and usury eventually.

    Man’s illness is supernatural, and the only cure is supernatural. You can’t have a good secular state.

    • “Hey, I’ve got a great idea. There’s a war on the white race. Let’s sow division among those whites with ecumenical arguments, making it easier for us to be picked off and killed and conquered”

      Granted, it’s a paraphrase, but that’s the gist of your comment, whether or not you know it.

      • You clearly suffer from poor reading comprehension. He’s obviously trying to end ecumenical arguments by subordinating protestants to catholicism; he’s certainly not asking for more argumentation. You can certainly disagree with the call for white unity by the profession of Roman Catholicism, but you certainly can’t claim it’s a call for arguing and division.

    • Strangely the people in the UK closest to our side of things are the Protestants of Northern Ireland, they are hated in London, but keep their faith

      • “Strangely the people in the UK closest to our side of things are the Protestants of Northern Ireland, they are hated in London, but keep their faith”

        In the United States, the Scots-Irish are called “Rednecks”, and they comprise 99% of the GOP and 100% of those who oppose the Deep State.

        Sadly, the Bitch McConnells and Clit Romneys and Prick Ryans and Kevin McCraftys and Asa Cuckinsons comprise the other 1% of the GOP.

    • The Brit Anglican Protestants at the Lambeth Conference in 1930 also were the first major Christian denomination to OK birth control, in that case “only” for married couples. That began a rush for the other denominations to approve it. Even Catholics, who still are prohibited from using BC, largely ignore that teaching, and the bishops say almost nothing about it. So white Christians in Europe and elsewhere were the first to stop having kids. Not surprising they are dwindling. To survive, any group needs women to have babies — lots of them, not 1.3 each.


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