The Vision Of The Elites

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A feature of this age is lots of talk about the future, but not in the practical sense as was the case in the past. A century ago, industry would promise labor saving devices to make material life better for regular people. Today, the managerial elite talks about the future in vague terms, sometimes awful and sometimes glorious. In the future, we will go about in self-driving electric cars, unless Gaia burns creation to a crisp over the use of fossil fuels and inappropriate pronouns.

The fact is the managerial elite does not speak in specifics about the future because they do not have a clear vision for it. The only thing they are sure of is they will be in charge of it and as such, it will need their constant attention. Like the members of a committee, the managerial class can only imagine the next meeting. The future is always more of them doing what it is that makes them possible. As a result, the future they work towards is more of an aesthetic than a real place.

For example, the long running war on manufacturing in the West is not about the practical issues related to making things. It is mostly about removing these things from the view of the managerial elite. Note that in the 20th century the corporate office moved from where actual work was done to a corporate campus. The manager did not want to hear, see and smell the work. Something similar is happening in Western society where work is moved to the periphery.

This was a big part of the drive to ship manufacturing to low cast places like Asia and South America in the last century. Business took the incentives to leave, but those incentives were created by the managerial elite. The refrigeration maker did not lobby for trade deals that would force him to move his plant to Mexico. Those trade deals were made and business responded. Those ugly eyesores were then removed from the sight of the people who manage the world.

Now that some of this is coming back onshore due to the trade wars, supply chain issues and other problems, those businesses get stuffed on the fringe. Not a single voice in the managerial elite calls for rebuilding cities by rebuilding their manufacturing base or even encouraging reshoring back to the cities. Instead, the reshoring is going on in exurban industrial parks hidden from the sight of the rulers. The plans for the city, real or imagined, do not include the laboring classes.

The global crisis is due in no small part to this sensibility. The reason the violent Trotsky cult called neoconservatism keeps insisting Russia is nothing by a big gas station run by peasants is it has to be for the Great Reset to work. In order for the EU to be the leisurely playground imagined by the managerial elite, it is needs lots of cheap energy products from Russia. That can only happen if Russia knows its place and operates a giant gas station staffed by peasants.

Similarly, China is supposed to be a giant industrial park staffed by disposable people who all look alike to the managerial elite. The things that make the world look ugly and smell bad, like making steel, batteries, solar panels and Apple products, need to be made and made cheaply, but who wants to see it being made? No one in the managerial elite, so it gets sent abroad. China’s place in the scheme is to be a giant industrial zone for peasants to make cheap consumer goods.

Agriculture is coming under the same pressure. The push to end the growing of food in Western countries looks like madness. It is driven, however, by the same aesthetic that shipped manufacturing abroad. The beautiful people of the future do not want to think about how their food gets to their plate. Things like animal rights and bizarre dietary claims are just cover for an aversion to facing the reality of the food chain. They indulge these fads because they promise to hide the truth of life.

For European elites, this means food production gets shifted east to the Slavic lands and South to the MENA. In America, it means food production gets shifted south to Latin America and even China. This changing of the food supply is not better in a practical sense, but in an aesthetic sense. It is out of sight so therefore the managerial elite is not troubled by it. The corporate campus of the New World Order will be separate from the work that is required to maintain it.

The rise of the corporate campus in the last century was not driven by practical needs, but by the aesthetic of the people running the company. The guy who worked his way up from the bottom had been replaced by professional managers, trained at the best colleges and universities. The owners were now fund managers. This new breed of corporate manager did not want to be close to the work. In fact, she resented it as a reminder of why the business existed in the first place.

It is not unusual for the managers in a modern corporate office to not know how the company makes money. Few corporate managers have had a hand in making their products or delivering their service. The exception are the firms that work as middlemen in the new economy. Many managers work in areas that have no relationship to the business of the company. There is a physical and psychological gap between those who labor and those who facilitate labor.

Note that it is not always an economic gap. A hard working tradesman or a small businessman has a better material life than the corporate manager, but he lives in a different cultural, physical and psychological zone. The self-employed plumber with a couple of men working for him is not going to be playing golf with the assistant strategy director or the corporate success coach. These are people who do know one another or even know of each other’s existence.

This is the world the managerial elite is working toward. They do not need to know why plugging in the Tesla makes the red light inside turn green. They do not need to know how their soy latte came into being. The messy and unpleasant things about human existence have been moved off to the periphery. They just exist and no one needs think too much about how they work. The managerial class is liberated from the human condition because they no longer have to witness it.

This works fine as long as the bulk of Western people are fine being converted into a massive servant class, mingled in with foreigner imports. This works if Russia is happy to be a giant gas station run by peasants. As long as China is fine being an industrial park that makes no demands on management, it is all good. In other words, if the peasants never get any wild thoughts in their heads, the world imagined by the managerial elite is a glorious place.

It remains to be seen if such a world is possible. The Russians are not happy being a giant gas station run by peasants. The Chinese think their culture and civilization is more than a polluted industrial zone. Even the Indians seem to be tiring of their role as call center to the West. On the other hand, the managerial elite is smart and ruthless, mostly ruthless, so they cannot be discounted. These are people selected for their ability to impose their will on their host.

In the end, the future will be decided by who, not how. This may be the great flaw in the managerial system that has evolved to this point. A system that places all value on clever verbal tricks to control how things are done may not be much of a match for people who can actually do things. Baring some détente between the managerial elite and the rest of the world, like that which happened between labor and management in the 20th century, the crisis is headed for conflict.

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178 thoughts on “The Vision Of The Elites

  1. Re: Something similar is happening in Western society where work is moved to the periphery.
    Tries to break one of God’s first commandments in Genesis 3:17 “By the sweat of your brow you will eat your food until you return to the ground…”

  2. People are actually NOT as out of touch as in the past. Imagine growing up in a deep blue city like Boston or San Francisco before the internet. Or an isolated fundamentalist Mormon colony in Idaho. Might as well be another planet.

    What we are seeing is people who did grow up in these environments, GenX and older Millennials, grow into political power, and people are more divided than ever because these cohorts are divided into those who adapted to the internet and those mentally stuck in their upbringing.

    Zoomers, like Boomers, see the past as a foreign country. They see accurately. Zoomers can visit an isolated factory town, or college town, or illegal alien town, and adapt to it reasonably well, whereas older generations might not even know places like these even exist.

    • Not out of touch? The managerial state believes the Russians can manipulate the voters en masse even though cloud people control most of the media, tech, the entertainment industry, the HR of most big companies, most lawyers and judges, the government bureaucracies, and our schools. The cloud people think if they outsource pollution to China or Mexico, no pollution will happen.

      Should I go on?

      Okay, the cloud people think men can be women and women can be men and psychopaths are just misunderstood. Cloud people think the borders of Ukraine are sacred but our own borders are just a social construct.

  3. A good observation: the factories that are returning are going to the exurbs, not to urban renewal. I thought this was because of unions, black crime, urban decay and corrupt government. Of course these are all true; but perhaps they are just another effect of the Levant’s antipathy to machine labor.

    • Z said, “ the crisis is headed for conflict.” America defeated Germany and Japan because we could make stuff faster than our enemies, by orders of magnitude. Now that that we have hollowed out our manufacturing base, i would bet on us.

      Never mind that we’ve feminized a lot of males.

      • Our military can no longer recruit enough cannon fodder to fight its wars. Who wants to fight for lies, injustice, and the new, immoral, woke, anti-white American way?

  4. One aspect of the worker / management conflict from the turn of the 20th century that bears close examination is the “work to rule” “strike.”

    “Strike” in quotation marks, because it’s not a strike. The workers are still doing their jobs. They’re just doing them exactly as the regulations specify… no more, no less. That’s what baffled me about those trucker convoys — they could’ve been infinitely more effective by simply following all the stupid transportation regulations to the letter. Or imagine what would happen if some terrible no-good refuseniks decided to drive *exactly* the speed limit during rush hour in major cities, and so forth.

    If the Dirt People simply stopped finding workarounds to the Cloud People’s regulations — if we all simply *obeyed the law*, to the letter — the Cloud collapses overnight.

    • Sev,

      I’ve been saying this “Quiet Quitting” trend is just Millennials and Gen-Zs discovering “Work to Rule”.

      Work from 9-5
      Don’t go above and beyond
      Just do enough to not get fired.

      I know that “Work to Rule” is easier for Union Workers since they have a book of work rules, but still . . .

    • Indeed, some of the biggest air traffic delays were exactly that, following the FAA rules. I remember a flight out of Kennedy on Lufthansa to Frankfort in my younger years—three hours from gate departure to lift off simply by following the distance rule between take off’s and landings.

    • The best thing the truckers could have done was come down with Cv19 en masse and park for a month.

      “Hey, we’re just trying to keep people safe…for the greater good, don’t ya know?”

  5. Reality > aesthetics (which in fact are important)

    The skilled tradesmen among the Dirts serve the Clouds as much as the Managerial Elite. The former actually have value. I know who will be expected to eat bugs and live in pods first.

    As for offshoring food production, the window for that closed right along with the supply chain breaks for widgets. Even before the window closed, meat from Mexico and fruits and vegetables from Latin America had proved cost prohibitive and unreliable. That’s not to say they won’t try–they will–but it will fail as badly as cutting off oil and gas from Russia. Bill Gates isn’t buying farm land in the Dakotas to lay fallow. Yes, he wants to produce meat substitutes. He’ll settle for a wheat monopoly.

    Aesthetics do go away when you stop believing in them.

  6. We have dozens of bright, young, very well educated engineers in my firm.

    However they were brought up in schools where no one teaches them how their designs are actually turned into parts, which are sent to production halls where people assemble those parts to make things like toasters or automobiles.

    Most Gen-Zers have never even been on an production floor, let alone worked on one. So they have almost no knowledge of where the parts come from, where they go, or how they are put together to make the final product. Worse yet, they have no interest knowing what goes on down there.

    Why? Because Gen-Zers have no interest in the factory beyond their CAD station in the same way they have no interest in the world beyond their smartphones.

    • “Why? Because Gen-Zers have no interest in the factory beyond their CAD station in the same way they have no interest in the world beyond their smartphones.”

      My eldest brother was complaining about the same thing. He just recently retired from a 45+ year career as a machinist and engineer for a major farm and construction equipment manufacturer. He joined the firm after graduating high school and worked his way up with his hands and his smarts 🧠. Oh, mom was upset her eldest boy didn’t go to College to get him some proper knowledge.

      Anyhow, most of his career was spent in testing equipment to its failure point, tearing it down, analyzing the weak spots, and designing and producing fixes. Neat stuff like putting an engine on a dynamometer and running it full throttle for a period of hours and seeing if it hand grenaded, running equipment full bore in 100+ degree heat in the desert, subzero cold in the Midwest, that sort of thing.

      His complaint before he retired was “These damned kids they hire don’t want to go to the machine shop and get their hands dirty and build a fix. They just want to click on their damned computers and have someone else do it and don’t understand why their fix doesn’t work.”

      Sometimes a man’s gotta get his hands dirty and cut ’em and bleed to understand how things work.

    • It’s funny you mention CAD (Computer-Aided Drafting (or Design)) since I’ve recently begun teaching myself a program called FreeCAD.

      I’m struck how the approach to drafting has changed over the years.

      In FreeCAD, there is very little traditional drafting. Rather, the approach is centered around defining a series of geometric primitives by typing them into the Python (programming/scripting language) interpreter to eventually form an object.

      It appears commercial packages like AutoDesk Fusion use a similar approach. I find it quite cold and mechanical. Perhaps that is the point of this approach.

  7. You should talk to our man in Tyneside about this, in particular the aesthetic angle. I can’t remember you all ever doing anything. Maybe also get him to broker a cease-fire/yule truce with the admittedly beyond-the-pale Woes.

  8. In Friday’s replies I threatened to join Freerepublic to piss off some of their Ukrainian fanboys by asking them for a job as a troll. I jouned and found a thread on which to post. It was a low-rent masterpiece which went to moderation and got me banned. It’s point of honor that I’m likely the fastest ban ever on that forum. They are the prototypical civ-nat website, talk and talk all the while preserving nothing and never trying to win.

    People like them are just as much our enemies as the progs. The water gets hotter and hotter and they are too stupid to realize that they’ll be boiled soon enough. Just vote harder, that’ll solve everything especially if it’s for a majic Negro.

  9. IF a couple of the railroad unions go on strike this weekend and / or IF the ILWU (west coast port labor) goes on strike due to no new contact – the interest in how something gets made may not increase, but how it gets (or doesn’t get) to where Elite class can actually consume it – interest in dirt people’s labor will increase dramatically.

    • I imagine that firms like Gulfstream and Lear have dozens and dozens of small, single-source vendors embedded in the bills-of-material for their aircraft.

      “For want of a nail….”

  10. DC might be the perfect Cloud People city. It’s pretty much devoid of any history of heavy industry. It’s been a Cloud People only city for more or less the beginning.

    • It’s sad. Tubman DF used to be, as a city, a kind of joke, surrounded as it was by the farms and little towns of Virginia and Maryland; a muggy southern town, culturally laughable when compared to the urban powerhouses of the pre-GAE America – Philadelphia, New York, Detroit, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, St Louis, and so on. Then, WW2 happened, our managerial elite became self-aware as a hive, broke containment, and spread out over vast swaths of the lovely countryside around them.

      In 1940 there were active dairy farms in what is now Rosslyn and Pentagon City, on the VA side of the Potomac. Tyson’s Corner was nothing but a farm market. Leesburg was a pleasant drive into the country. All that changed – and keeps changing – thanks to the limitless expansion of ‘Tubman’. That old sleepy town whose main public facilities you could visit unimpeded as a citizen even thirty years ago has metastasized into a soul-destroying oligopolis, from the never-ending high rises going up around Dulles Airport to the Oz-like fanstasia of Tyson’s Corners, Rosslyn, Pentagon City. And the expansion in all directions never ends – nor do the outlandish contracts for expanded roadways, sewage systems, grid expansion, etc.

      And all this from a power center that tells us we have to eat bugs.

      • Leesburg was pretty close to my hometown. I dont even go back because its so awful. Somehow the cloud decided my nice little southern town needed to be a.mumbai suburb.

  11. Both posts got me thinking about class resentment against the managers, and one way they are able to keep themselves out of the guillotines is by controlling class resentment and redirecting it towards the middle class.

    Those hordes of feral negroes looting and murdering for “racial justice” never quite seem to make it into the actual wealthy neighborhoods, they never end up in a corporate boardroom smashing all the expensive furniture, in fact the only police response during the initial riot over Saint Floyd was to protect the CNN building. They didn’t even protect their own police stations.

    It’s functionally the same strategy that the Soviets used to keep the proletariat from doing anything about the fact that their workers paradise did a much better job of serving caviar to the managers than it did feeding the peasants. Tell the violent ones that “hey it’s that kulak over there who owns his own cow, he’s the one oppressing you”. Our managers have the orcish horde convinced that it’s all the fault of middle class whites, “hey it’s that small business owner over there who own his own Honda, he’s the one oppressing you”.

    • I don’t think the average nuggra is smart enough to make a distinction between Mike Brown trying to keep his hardware store afloat against the likes of Home Depot, and Kaden Poindexter coding for Microsoft. All he sees is whi peepo and he knows day be rayciss.

      • I’m not sure how it could be accomplished but assuming that blacks operate on a simple “Hate whitey” logic, it should be possible to direct them towards enemy white neighborhoods. The expensive neighborhoods with those “In this house we believe” signs.

        If the horde starts hitting the champagne liberals too much, at the very least it will discourage the elites from further empowering orcs.

        • Blacks don’t operate that way. They’re too smart or too cowardly, take your pick. Blacks gang up on Whitey. They overwhelm and pick off the one or two they can catch alone. They are never naive enough to go into a White neighborhood, even in force. They know Whites have guns and they know how to them. Too many unknowns for them,in such an environment. Rioting in a business area—sans Koreans—is another story. Those areas will not be protected.

  12. “In ten years Rossum’s Universal Robots will produce so much corn, so much cloth, so much everything, that things will be practically without price”

    • Dream on. Never happen. Robots are not free. The materials used in manufacture are not free. The materials made will not be free either because the robot owners want to make a profit.

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  14. Nothing new under the sun. We are simply on the way to Nu-Feudalism but its writ much larger in the globalized age.

    Whereas the serfs & peasants still had to live on the periphery of the Lord’s estate or the Baron’s lands this is no longer the case. So now the lord of the manor or the main in the high castle does not even have to be undignified by riding through the dirty fields and observing the peasants while on his way to the next political meeting or fancy ball. He simply needn’t acknowledge they even exist, out of sight out of mind.

    There is some modern precedent for this too. This new plan to keep things at arm’s length is somewhat novel for the Globohomo Elite but the feudalistic motif is alive and well in places like Dubai as a prime example.

    You have this modern megacity full of the beautiful people, the rich, the well-connected and just a few miles outside of it there are massive tracts of what amount to shacks and shantytowns. Endless fields of poverty where the serfs and peasants must retreat to after performing their menial duties for District One during the day riding in on public transportation while they look out to see every 5th car is a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes AMG, Porsche, etc. (and I’m not exaggerating)

    You go from massive spires of glass and steel, modernized everything, highly wired / connected, and ostentatious displays of wealth to literally scrambling in the dust. I’m sure the Davos crew see this as a wonderful model to emulate, they simply want to ‘scale up’ and turn it global.

  15. It came over us in waves. Early on was the flood of MBAs. Often wrong, but never in doubt, they always managed to move on before the consequences of their actions trickled down to the income statement. The next wave was Harassment. Starting out as justified outrage at demands for sexual favors in exchange for continued employment it quickly metastasized into shakedowns for Wanda’s alleged unhappiness. Then the Self-Esteem fad infected the schools. When these the entitlement attitudes showed up in the workplace, tort law flourished. Today we have fascination with human biology. Gotta be first with a female CEO! Didn’t work out well for companies such as Hewlett Packard or Yahoo but we can’t let failure stand in the way of progress. Now United Airlines has said they will only hire Negro pilots.

    • Just wait till your local hospital starts moaning about the lack of diversity among its staff of surgeons.

      • It will be a while, because the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) has just gone all in on More Blacks in Medical School v. 2.0. I was a student during v. 1.0, which could not and so did not last (since they still gave grades and it was possible to flunk out). But the THEORETICAL work on White Supremacy has made great strides since then, so this next cohort will move through the system with ease (knowledge, studiousness, and deductive ability being marks of WS, they are all gonna have to go).
        It will take years for all the Blacks coming in this fall to turn into surgeons, though – 4 + 5 + maybe a few more.

    • “Now United Airlines has said they will only hire Negro pilots.”

      They’re going to need a lot of magic crow feathers.

      • They are going to need to lower their proficiency requirements—same as for surgeons. And by such, there will be fatalities.

        • There will be fatalities among the Dirts who can’t avoid Drs. LaNaw’zha and Rec’Tumius. The Clouds will get to stick with Drs. Finkelstein and Lipschitz.

        • fatalities? Nah, we’ll just quietly reduce the pilot to a purely decorative role and the plane’s AI will deal with anything serious that comes up. It’ll be the reverse of the situation in the past where you could let the AI fly the plane most of the time but the human pilot intervened when something crazy was happening. In the Glorious Future, they’ll have the negro pilot at the controls when the plane is cruising in fair weather (and be sure to get lots of propaganda video of this). When landing during a microburst accompanied by a hailstorm, that’s when Hal 9000 grabs the yoke.

          The same thing applies to surgeons, engineers, hell, even plumbers and carpenters. AI and robotics is the magic dust that will bridge the gap between reality and the egalitarian fantasies that animate woke-world.

          This is something they’ve been doing all along though, just not always with robots. All of this, including what Z was talking about today, is part of what might be called Potemkin World. They started way back in the 20th century with a fantasy of green production. We’ll produce all the nice things everyone loves but with clean rivers and clean air. The magic dust then was outsourcing, mostly to China. We can’t really make most things without causing pollution but we certainly *can* move them 5000 miles away.

          The goal, for these people, is always appearances. As long as the village looks clean and prosperous from the river banks the Empress is happy. The “Empress” here is our over-credentialed virtue sniveling class. Like Fox Mulder, they Want To Believe. What else is there for them to believe in anyway? God? Negro pleeze. Only deplorables (and Negroes) believe in that.

          There’s a guy who lives in the apartments on the other side of the train tracks from me who has a Tesla. These apartments are not even as nice as ours. With the payments on that thing he could have just bought a house. People like that not only want to believe but NEED to. They’ve staked everything on The Faith and can’t bear to entertain the idea that it’s all a cheap lie manufactured by the media.

          • “Nah, we’ll just quietly reduce the pilot to a purely decorative role and the plane’s AI will deal with anything serious that comes up. It’ll be the reverse of the situation in the past where you could let the AI fly the plane most of the time but the human pilot intervened when something crazy was happening.”

            It’s like the old joke about the automated cockpit of the future. It’s a computer 💻, a pilot 👨🏻‍✈️, and a dog 🐶.

            The computer is programmed to fly the plane ✈️.
            The dog bites the pilot if he tries to touch the computer.
            The pilot feeds the dog and pets him.

          • Posy

            Telling your neighbor the truth about (fill in the blank), is like telling a child there is no Santa.

          • In 1981 Donald Fagen wrote these lyrics – about a boy’s vision of the future during the late 50’s. If, after 65 years, it’s not here yet, I wonder whether it’s going to be attainable at all during the next couple centuries.

            On that train, all graphite and glitter
            Undersea by rail
            Ninety minutes from New York to Paris
            (More leisure for artists everywhere)

            A just machine to make big decisions
            Programmed by fellas with compassion and vision
            We’ll be clean when their work is done
            We’ll be eternally free, yes, and eternally young

          • Pozy. Seems you’ve been away for a few years? You heard of the 737 grounding after two crashes for a rewrite of the software? Exactly a failure of what you stated would be the saving grace for low level ability pilots. Boeing seemed to not make their plane “damn foolproof”.

            Yep, the planes had a magic “button” for take off and landing, but when the conditions were right, the takeoff turned to s**t and the pilots were not able to correct. Turd world airline pilots crashed, yet reports of American pilots surviving the same failure situation.

    • HP’s profits were concentrated in its ink cartridges. Carly Fiorina did not do that. More than anything, I think Dell and the commodity PC happened to HP. HP was trying to engineer all of the individual components at the highest level of excellence while Dell was giving buyers all of the choices and charging them to assemble it- and bypassing the retail distribution system to cut costs.

      I worked at HP in the 90s and have insider experience of some of the above.

    • It jut a forced replacement of whites in every institutionl pisition.

      People whine about the lack of standards blah, blah.

      The real goal is that blacks and women will occupy every position i society that matters, even if they become useless in the same way they did with teachers.

      Its the same playbook. They don’t care about the impact, its just about to remove you.

      That no one recognizes this is why there is never, ever going to be any pushback. Its happening now and all whites do is whine about the symptoms while accepting the humiliation.

  16. Was thinking something of this sort as I sat in a VA waiting room the other day. Every waiting area now sports a television on continuous loop playing endless videos of VA upper staff and management talking about the topics discussed in the swirl of meetings and conferences that make up the working life of the people who run this massive organization. I never see anyone looking at them, but the background noise is ever present. The difference between those on the screens and the patient base could not be more stark.

    The screen I focused in on had four or five intense, committed, and wildly woke management types, gushing endlessly about “medical equity”, the programs they are initiating to enforce this new mandate, and the administrative warriors and heroes who have made progress in this …. critical …. arena. They struck me as almost alien.

    As said, no one was watching, even those who supposedly would benefit from this new mania for …. equity. It all had the feeling of some environment from Huxley or Orwell.

    Strangely enough, I worked for the VA for almost 3 years, establishing a non-medical program there as a GS employee following my retirement from the military. I worked on a team that answered directly to the Director. So I interacted with these types on a daily basis. And because my program was of particular emotional interest to high-level managers at the the VA central office, I dealt with them, also. As with much of our government and corporate management structure, they are predominately female.

    As such, they find their supposed target population — lower, middle and working class males — to be absolutely alien to their interests, understanding and priorities. There is a massive disconnect.

    Military Sexual Trauma, ethnic month celebrations, the wonder of female military members and ….. especially, female leaders, are among their fascinations.

    And as I watched this particular presentation, I realized it was something probably comprehensible or of interest only to other cubicle-bound, conference scheduling members of the administrative structure there. A pretty good example for me of our host’s point today.

    • NOTE: I worked at a VA Regional Medical Center, not Big-VA. And I will say that I still find committed and high quality medical providers and support personnel working in the clinics (as well as some time-servers). Many of them trudge away in the trenches, providing good care to a largely poorer and underserved population. These people themselves feel some alienation from the administrative sorts who spend their careers isolated from those they exist to serve.

      • To PrimiPilus…

        All of these phenomena are associated with Passive Aggressive Personality Disorder, Social Ladder Climbing***, and collapsing Total Fertility Rates.

        On our current trajectory, the younger readers here chez Z will live to judge the quality of Adam Smith’s clairvoyance: “There is a great deal of ruin in a nation.”

        On our current trajectory.

        We’ll see whether any other possible trajectories might arise in the meantime.

        I do want to agree with you that, for decades now, there has been a very strong psychological disconnect between the kinds of personalities which provide front-line hands-on medical care [to actual flesh & blood living (not quite dead yet) patients], versus the kinds of paperwork-shuffling personalities which staff the cancerous bureaucracies that metastasize behind the scenes of the Medical Industrial Complex.

        Juice & spinsters & sodomites & sapphistes certainly thrive in those bureaucracies, and the Brahmin & Mandarin are now mounting a strong campaign to get their grubby little hands on the levers of power, as well.


        ***I still haven’t decided how to properly classify social ladder climbing; in addition to the passive aggression, it’s obviously infused with Cluster B histrionics, but lately I’m wondering a great deal about the extent to which outright sadism might also be involved.

        • At Anglin’s place today, Snake Baker has an article claiming that the Brahmin now own more property in London than do the native English.

    • “And as I watched this particular presentation, I realized it was something probably comprehensible or of interest only to other cubicle-bound, conference scheduling members of the administrative structure there. A pretty good example for me of our host’s point today.”

      It’s like how commercials have morphed from extolling the virtues of your product or service to virtue signaling or angling to win a Clio award. The ad isn’t for you or the customer, it’s for the creative people (cue the Stonetoss cartoon where the punchline is “Burgers?”).

  17. For a long time, I wondered why it is that Americans have such a big blind spot about this. If our emission statistics are pleasing to Gaia, and they are down over the decades, it is because we let other places sin against Gaia long ago. You can go to virtually any city in the USA, but especially ones in the Northeast and Rust Belt, and see the old buildings where stuff was once made in this country. They are either abandoned or turned into trendy lofts, but they used to employ hundreds and thousands of people, making stuff that Americans used. In the process, though, those businesses churned out all this nasty and dangerous waste that the companies had to get rid of. Some of the ways they got rid of it were pretty foolish and short-sighted, like draining it right into water sources. The Gowanus Canal still stinks today as a result of runoff from 100 years ago. Yet, this is just how it is. Making stuff is dirty business. It is still dirty business, there are probably tens of thousands of Gowanus Canals in China right now (at least). We just don’t care. The Paris Agreements, for all the criticism it got from conservatives for being dopey liberal posturing, had this reality baked into it. They said that the West needed to cut down on emissions while India and China could keep polluting. It was an acknowledgement of the basic reality of our post-Industrial Revolution world. Someone needs to make this stuff and deal with the literal and figurative runoff. Let them deal with it while we look the other way.

    Ultimately you can’t have a world where companies like Apple and Samsung care about Gaia while also building a business model on people throwing away and replacing perfectly good phones. They can pretend to care, as they do now, but that is different. The Build Back Better people, though, figured it all out. Their solution is just to leave all the nice stuff for the rich people while the peasants get a few scraps here and there, before they pass away without children, leaving the world less populated. When they say “you will own nothing and be happy”, they mean it.

  18. There are ways to throw wrenches in the process of leadership leading the sheep.

    You could, for instance, bar all lawyers from entering the political process. Technically, this would be a violation of their rights, but it is lawyers who make up the majority of the public ruling class. An infusion of fresh blood would result if the legal nitterers were removed.

    In addition, you could limit politicians to two terms max. no matter how high their position. Entrenched leaders are more likely to do corrupt things, including courting corporations for the money to run for office the next time. If there are no lawyers, and there are limits in place, we may see a change.

    • Greatvampire: “I know, I know!!! Let’s tinker around the edges and add a few more rules and restrictions and the system will work just fine, as intended!!”

      My response: Mushroom cloud, please.

    • And that’s about it..This essay is very insightful, but the “elites” are going to come a-cropper because they refuse to acknowledge that, in fact, they are useless and the law of diminishing returns is going to eliminate the surplus that they are currently skimming off…

  19. They never give a moments’ thought to their liberal mindsets. In their minds, tanks won’t cross borders goods cross. No amount of reality can ever interfere with this liberal truism. Tanks replaced goods on the Ukraine-Russia border, but only because Putin is Hitler and Hitler is irrational. Importing all your food is a great so long as you ship them awful cultural products like movies, music, websites and US Dollars. Starvation simply cannot happen.

  20. While any number of examples of the disconnect between the imagined reality of the Cloud people vs. the gritty reality of the Dirt, I submit this one:

    You know those shiny electric cars (EV) that are part of the solution to all our energy and environmental problems, and eventually we will completely eliminate those evil fossil fuels spewing carbon dioxide that may yet change our climate so we all bake to death, despite our most valiant efforts? Well, it turns out that the battery is a sore point.

    Seems that they cannot be made without Lithium. In and of itself, it’s not a rare metal. But by some estimates, there is nowhere near enough in the whole world to supply what would be required to make the envisioned batteries. Even if that’s not so, mining and refining it is a dirty business. Since capital always looks to maximize its returns, alas that means nix to the US or EU sites, and yes to some Godforsaken African nation. Yes, it turns out that thousands of tons of raw ore and often scarce water, are required to make the lithium for just one battery. And the labor? In many cases it is children, working at little better than slavery conditions. Those are the conditions that the Clouds would rather not think about.

    • Last week the state of California was sending text messages to everyone with a cell phone demanding they save energy or there would be blackouts. Earlier in the summer there were a bunch of articles claiming rolling blackouts could happen across the US. To this they want to add 370 million gallons of gasoline a day electric equivalent to this load.

      • You say this like their goal is to replace all cars with EVs. They do not. They want to make cars a luxury item, as they do flying. The idea of a peasant with their own freedom of movement is an anathema to them. No, they will demand you either take public transportation or one of their centrally provided, autonomous vehicles. Their systems will determine where and when you can go. If you step out of line or complain about the vibrancy of the glorious PT system, you will lose your access to the autonomous fleet. The things you need to survive, like your daily ration of bug paste, will be delivered to you. Of course the elites will still have cars. The highways will actually be wide open for them. No longer will their drivers have to sit on the highway with the dirty rabble.

        They don’t even try to hide this stuff – they talk about it all the time. The fact that California is now under-electrified while simultaneously talking about increasing electric loads is not accidental. They’ll have to figure out some way to make the numbers add up, and they’re not gonna sacrifice.

        • Most white people will never take public transportation in any major city in the country with America’s typically third world demographics.

          Even if you *wanted* to the average person would be dead and/or raped within a year if they dont go full Bernie Goetz (which gentiles will never be allowed)

          This gets to the category of things that no amount of media brainwashing can paper over. Hard system limitation there.

          • How many Whites are killed by vibrants on a weekly basis in this country? It happens all the time, the media just covers it up. Even if the attack is particularly egregious and cannot be memoryholed by the major papers (like the Waukesha parade), it follows a basic pattern. One, report on it in the most perfunctory and bland manner possible. Two, claim the victim akshully was mentally ill despite all his anti-White screeds on Facebook, it cannot possibly be a hate crime. Two, express concern for the well-being of “minority communities” who may suffer from “hatred” in “retaliation.” Three, stop talking about it, leave it to the local papers. Four, talk about Emmet Till. What makes you think this cannot continue even if the amount of anti-White attacks go up by 5, 10, 20 times? Keep in mind at the same time, they continue to frame Whites as pure evil, enemies of the state, the new kulaks. They don’t use this genocidal language by accident. At some point it becomes a genocide and they are fine with it.

            Remember that Whites largely got pushed out of the cities their ancestors built in the 1960s. Back then it was largely peaceful but it happened. It is never talked about, never framed that way, just racist Whites leaving chaotic cities for no reason but hatred. What is to stop the elites from saying, either take your chances on the subway or you’re moving to this pod where you will own nothing and you will eat the bugs? Again, they talk about this stuff. They’re open about it. I’m not making stuff up here. They talk about getting rid of private cars.

          • Yeah of course they’d LIKE TO but they dont have the MEANS TO. They’d like to machine gun every serious white church congregation this weekend but they dont have any practical way of going about it without unacceptable consequences for themselves.

            These people are malign but theyre not all powerful.

            If whites of different social classes were forced on negro mass transport in large numbers there would be so many incidents that there would be a prison style defacto race war in a week. This would force white group consciousness and even militant organization.

            The same thing would have happened with school integration, if there wasnt the pressure release of private schools and whites with means moving to suburbs with “good schools”

            Its some basic sun tzu stuff, never deny the enemy an escape route because then you force them to fight to the death and theyre orders of magnitude more difficult to defeat

          • @NoOneAtAll

            It is happening now. The population has already been sacrificed without them noticing and is just bleeding out.

            Did you miss the 20% of school age identifying as homos?

            Or the forced acceptance of trannies and diversity training in every work place?

            I could make this list as long as I wanted to keep typing.. but you get the point.

    • The move to electric cars has nothing to do with “climate change” or trying to make the environment better. These scum bags know that it is all a lie. It is just another scam to separate the working class whites from their money in the form of a tax. It’s the same as every government initiative. Whether it’s health care, the environment or jobs, it is always a lie. None of it actually improves the lives of Americans or eases the burden on working class people.

      Shut up, pay the tax and eat your bugs, bigot.

      Pointing out the flaws in the EV model will simply get the same response as any other reasoning or logic does when presented to a leftist. “Fuck you, racist!”.

      Explaining the reality of the electric vehicle craze, or any reality based topic, to the left wing cult is a wasted endeavor.

      • I think there is an extension to this…

        They know there will never be a fleet of 20 million electric cars. But what there might be are a few million either operated as rideshares or as autonomous vehicles that can be controlled remotely and owned/managed by big corp.

        So, outlaw ICE vehicles, force centrally controlled EVs which you can subscribe to or rent or book a ride. Lose your freedom to just go drive anywhere. And leave our rulers the power to ban the undesirables from the new transportation system – just as there’s a no-fly list, there will be a no-drive list.

        Remember, you will own nothing and be happy.

        • It still cant work. The mileage people put on normal cars compressed to fewer centrally owner cars just isnt sustainable. Batteries are a very limited technology that are constantly degrading with use. There have been no major breakthroughs here and the physics seems to suggest there never can be.

          A tesla being used 12 or 20 hours a day to ferry eveb managerial class workers to and fro is an explosive $100K paperweight in a year or two. These things arent toyotas or cuban taxis, theyre fundamentally a consumable product.

          • And still people fall back onto thinking they intend it to work.

            As many others point out the goal is to have no cars at all for most.

            Cars will be just the same as private jets.

      • With electric prices surging in Europe, it now costs more to recharge an EV than to fill a car with gas in Norway.

        EVs are going to be mandated, because just like bug-meat impossible burgers, no large customer base will ever exist.

    • Lithium ignites in contact with water. A lithium battery is what, 2000 pounds?

      So, in the spirit of St. Micheal Collins, were one to drive their perfectly innocuous EV into the secured basement parking garage beneath the certain building, park it amidst the other gov fleet EVs, and walk away…

      On a workday. Not in one parking basement, but a thousand. Ten thousand. They’re mandating the means.

      • Take the caps and casing off a AAA lithium battery. Inside is a rolled tinfoil-like sheet of milled lithium in tissue paper.

        Sprinkle water on it, it begins to smoulder. Then burn, as does magnesium. Sparky car fires are nearly inextinguishable.

        Think creatively.
        Oh, the humanity.

        • Saw a report about some Tesla that was in an accident and wound up in a stream. I think there was, indeed, an associated fire. Beyond that, first responders were scared shitless to approach it or try to extract it from this situation, because of the danger of electocution. No heroics with tow trucks or the Jaws of Life. Even if there were injured passengers, ain’t nobody going to risk themselves to try to save them. Seems as if that is the potential personal price for virtue signaling.

      • I receantly replaced lead acid batteries with lithium iron in our bank. They are much lighter in weight.

  21. Yep. The nature of evil is laziness: enjoying labor’s fruits without getting your hands dirty, shoveling manure, aching and plodding your way to bed to do it again. Labor keeps you honest. Making a living instead of taking you cut keeps you honest.

    Imo what’s moral is coming to grips with life’s pains, fears, tragedies— embracing them, overcoming them, finding meaning in the overcoming. That takes will, and faith is an act of will. God is good and strong, Satan is the weakling and the deceiver. The original nerd lol.

  22. “Not a single voice in the managerial elite calls for rebuilding cities by rebuilding their manufacturing base or even encouraging reshoring back to the cities.”

    I don’t believe this will ever happen, even if the managerial elite got religion on making things again. Manufacturing was in the cities largely because it had to be. They were physically tied to the cities. They needed energy and especially electricity and natural gas. They needed access to the railroads. Most of all, cities were where the labor they needed lived.

    None of these things are true anymore and cities are notoriously expensive places, especially for real estate. There is a lack of labor in the cities, especially skilled labor. A lot of freight is moved exclusively by truck. I can’t even remember the last time I saw a freight train (there are abandoned tracks everywhere along with abandoned factories) in Philadelphia. Then there is all the crime and extra taxes of the cities.

    • Although the causes are likely more complex, I would argue that at least in the USA’s case, major cities and their industry were destroyed to a large extent by the march of civil rights, especially the loss of the right of freedom of association. Having large numbers of Negroes from the South to work factory jobs might have been tolerable, but later when it was demanded your children had to go to school with their spawn, or that they could rent in your building, or buy a home in your community, well that was an entirely different matter.

      • No doubt. Not to mention all the riots and all the damage they cause, much of which just never gets fixed. It’s true that the suburbs probably would have never been built to such an extent without the cities being emptied out by diversity.

        Who was really nuked, Detroit or Nagasaki?

    • I’m glad you mentioned railroads. It’s just another example of the elites’ fake environmental concerns, since freight trains are more efficient and environmentally-friendly than trucks at moving freight.

      • Get this. All of the “dollar” stores are supplied by over the road semis. The drivers of the semis ALSO have to empty these trucks at each store they deliver to. 10k+ packages per driver, per week, and drive everywhere in between.

    • True, but civ is in the cities. If we want civ we’ll have to fix the cities. What other options to preserve our culture? Become warlike barbarians, gypsies, merchants, financiers? Being Conan has an appeal, but no thanks to all of that!

      • The cities need massive renovations and whole neighborhoods need rebuilding. The physical decay in the cities is hard to overstate. It’s not uncommon for a bridge, many of which go over abandoned railroad tracks, to be shut down and all the traffic permanently detoured down to the next block where the bridge is not in danger of falling (yet). We have important infrastructure built at the turn of the 20th century. We have a ton of sewage infrastructure built with hollowed out “pitched” logs.

        Sure, if we had the political will we could probably do it. But there is no political will. We have less will today than we did even 20 years ago. We’re moving in the wrong direction. What’s worse is it is a major taboo to even mention the underlying problem.

        • Yeah, huge job, looks impossible right now, but it’s that, become nomadic, or go the way of the dodo.

          Re: building new cities, that’s possible, but there’s prime real estate going to waste.

          End of the day, our ancestors built those cities in a wilderness populated by hostile natives. Isn’t that who we’re supposed to be? It’s in us, or should be.

      • We built them, once. From scratch.

        We can build them again, elsewhere.
        The managerettes and their pets cannot.

        • Not really. We could not build the cities from scratch today, at least not the way they were originally built. Most of the old buildings in the city are brick buildings. The interiors are 4×8 like 10-12 inches center with slat backed plaster walls and hardwood floors. That’s why they are still standing despite decades of neglect. Many of the streets are marble bricks or masonry bricks under the asphalt. They took hundreds of years to build.

        • The human capital to do these things is long gone never to return. The high intellect, serious men of the prior century have been driven out of America. A new, feminine “man” who talks with a lisp, prefers the wrong privates and can’t start a lawnmower is all that remains. You are not rebuilding anything once we are all gone.

          • I bet I could, and I bet there are enough who could also. Probably a whole bunch more who could if they had to.

          • Well, if we want to build another Washington Cathedral, yeah we don’t have stone masons. Hell, we had to import them then.

            However, we have more than enough folk to build the crap that constitutes a modern building. Perhaps not the quantity for a replacement of all cities, but enough for the major structure needed. Of course, if everything is destroyed, we’ll be slowed down for materials.

      • We’ll have to build new cities–at least in the parts of AINO we control. We will never regain the cities occupied by the nuggras and the Leftists. And, at any rate, unlike European cities, those in AINO don’t house much in the way of civilization. New York is probably the lone exception. A great deal of priceless Western art will someday be incinerated.

        • Not a problem. I can do without “Piss Christ”. OK, I’m being sarcastic. There’s lot of real art besides Andy Warhol‘s Soup Can I’d miss.

  23. At least the beautiful people at the Apple campus in Cupertino don’t have to step around the blood and brain matter of the latest suicide being hosed off of the side walk like the slaves at Foxconn in China who actually make the iPhone.

    • Not fundamentally different from our separation from a meat producing slaughterhouse. Lot’s of gore, but what the hell, the product looks pretty tame on the dinner plate so eat away.

  24. This is a very interesting theory.

    The managers have a lot of tigers by the tail. Many seem at odds with and appetizing to one another. I keep dreaming of being in the theater in a safe seat when a Sigfreid and Roy moment happens. A Dirt Boy can dream.

  25. It’s Siege warfare. Our people are being cut off from the means of survival. The intermediators cut into the supply lines and installed valves. They are cranking down.

    The hiders-in-the-cloud are now intermediating food and energy. Beef, for example, is being consolidated to a few big producers and outsourced to Africa and South America. Once all the livestock is cut off here, then the intermediators can control it. They will shut it off, the farms and ranches will be scooped away, the farmer’s livelihood cut off. Our food will be precarious. In Europe, they restricted energy supply, raising prices. But will pass out credits, thus deciding who gets energy. They’ll give to hordes; starve our families.

    In this age, Electronics is as vital as a sword to a Saxon. It’s been shipped away. Here in our countries, scab labor in used to fence us out. The treacherous ones have intermediated in the universities to cut us out and franchise a different bunch. The magic we created is being hauled off, handed over to enemy.

    This is real stuff, not mistiness. The enemy are Real physical people, who have names and a group identities.

  26. It is because of articles like this that I get mad at cheerleaders for Ukraine. It doesn’t matter a bit whether Ukraine was unjustly invaded, or which country is more corrupt. The existential enemy of my people is the globalist managerial class, not Russia or Putin. If Russia fails, that makes the globalist managerial class stronger. And it’s not that they’ll be coming for me next. They’re already coming for me.

    • I am starting to come to the conclusion that the pattern of the war is intentionally to rub into people’s faces that you cannot challenge Globohomo and to build Ukraine into by far the largest and best equipped army in Europe.

      The war is intending ti create a new Germany, using the same imagery and financiers as the first.

      Russia is perhaps the last male oriented nation in Europe and the weird behavior by Putin in not really prosecuting the war, sitting on their small gains for months not attacking and still supplying their enemies with raw materials has intentionally led to a Ukrainian army that is now around 800k, trained as a NATO army, with a “Russia as the enemy” motivation, and supplied by the US and Europe’s entire weapons arsenal as their base.

      The sudden withdrawal of Russian troops from the entire northern area without a fight has now left that army on Russia’s borders without any challenge.

      This seems to me intentional. I wager that very shortly you will see the Ukranian male population used as the US’s Janissary army on an invasion into Russia backed by the west industrially, and Putin, it seems, has been entirely complicit in creating this.

      If they seize the western part of Russia I then expect this force to then be used to as the wider enforcement army by the global cabal in the now de-industrialized and energy poverty nations in Europe. And Europe will have paid for their own occupying force to be created. Sounds pretty Jewish to me.

      The lesson will be one of humiliating the last holdout population as a lesson to the remaining white males in the west, and that you can’t challenge the cabal.

  27. “The guy who worked his way up from the bottom had been replaced by professional managers, trained at the best colleges and universities. The owners are now fund managers. This new breed of corporate manager did not want to be close to the work.”

    It’s the eloi/morlock divide. The USA alone churns out around 100,000 MBAs annually, with perhaps a smaller figure for Europe. These people can literally do anything — except make Powerpoint presentations and talk about “strategy” and “policy.” In countries that actually have an industrial base, the people in charge are engineers. Not MBAa and CPAs (or in Britain, MBAs, chartered accountants and people with PPE degrees from Oxford).

    I forget the title, but a book I read around 35 years back was examining the differences in corporate culture between Ford and Nissan. Ford was headed by MBA types while Nissan was headed by engineers. At Ford your promotion was determined by how clean your presentations in the corporate boardroom were. And Ford served as a springboard for senior managers to find jobs in other US corporations.

    A propos the USA, the question is whether a country that has has lost much (most?) of the industrial base it had fifty years ago can remain a world-straddling power. I rather doubt it.

    • Best thing for everyone in the long run if the USA cannot remain a world-straddling power, given who’s running the USA.

    • “I forget the title, but a book I read around 35 years back was examining the differences in corporate culture between Ford and Nissan.”

      The book you’re thinking of is The Reckoning.

      The auto business is one where you read about it and understand the phrase “They learned nothing and forgot nothing”. Exhibit A Chrysler, Exhibit B Ford. Right after The Reckoning Ford launched the Taurus and Sable and really revolutionized the sedan market with the aero look. Made a mint off the damned thing and it was the last American made sedan that outsold Honda and Toyota well into the 1990s.

      And then they went crazy 😜 with the “Oval Taurus” restyle of 1996, backed off, dulled it down, and just gave up on the damned thing. And Honda and Toyota ate their lunch.

      TL/DR: American car companies have a near death ☠️ experience, focus on quality products, launch them, make money 💵, get fat and lazy, and have another near death experience.

      That’s why I say Chrysler is Exhibit A. That’s their lifecycle.

  28. I dunno…there’s an inner managerial class and an outer managerial class. The outer managerial class (maybe 80% of the MC?) doesn’t know why the green light goes on in their Tesla, or how cow turns into a ribeye on their plate. All they do is pass along the inner MC’s wants to the proletariat, like a living consent manufacturer, and also do the day-to-day managing of the peasants from their lofty perches.

    I do think the inner MC is well-aware of how cow turns to ribeye. Financial titans know a lot about the supply chain. I’ll bet the likes of Klaus Schwab and Peter Thiel and Jack Ma know what’s really going on days or weeks before anyone else (as opposed to the outer MC people who fill the political and media positions) and they’ll do whatever it takes to keep things humming. You’ll know when chaos and revolution is coming because the inner MC will start buying bunkers in New Zealand.

    • Marko: I seriously doubt Klaus Schwab follows the details of commercial farming. And your outer and inner MC have both been buying overseas and domestic bunkers and land for the past 5 years at a breakneck pace. Find someone senior – genuinely moneyed and senior – in your own company or employer – and I guarantee they’ve privately bought land or set up a potential bug-out home.

      My husband isn’t managerial, and not until we bought land (and he started sharing info about it at work) did we learn just how much and when and where his bosses had all done so some years before.

      • “My husband isn’t managerial, and not until we bought land (and he started sharing info about it at work) did we learn just how much and when and where his bosses had all done so some years before.”

        What we now refer to as “boltholes” were called “summer houses” in our lifetimes. The difference being, of course, you did return to the winter house after the temperatures changed.

        • Jack: Oh, I knew (and worked for) some extremely wealthy people during college, who had genuine ‘summer houses’ (and maids summoned with a little bell, etc.). No, my husband’s bosses didn’t come from money and they haven’t bought coastal cottages or high rises on the beach. They’ve bought rural land, had wells put in, etc. These could be considered ‘retirement homes’ but they are no doubt intended to do dual duty.

          • “These could be considered ‘retirement homes’ but they are no doubt intended to do dual duty.”

            Mainly one duty.

            Watch what people do more than listen to what they say. This is a fine example. Glad to read about the wells, by the way. It surprises me that there are people doing the right things, mostly, and still believing even small town municipal water sources will not be targeted or work.

    • I think Marko is really on to something here. This kind of analysis of tiers and roles is important. I have a hunch that 10% is way too generous. I think that percentage is probably far smaller than that, and because of education and urban/suburban child rearing environments it keeps shrinking with retirement and die off.

      I get why the 98% are in on this. They would chant pro-white, anti multi-culti bromides between barrages of business bingo while they pat their bellies and pant-hoot for promotions if that was the path to the next strata of cloud. I don’t get the 2% and shrinking’s grand bargain with the marginal.

      This project makes Nero and Senator Equus look like some marginal minister taking a bribe from some petty merchant to get his family name on a cul-de-sac in a marginal podunk at the edge of empire.

      Never has this much power been unchecked. Given this is a war on Reality, someday that permeate foe will break through the War of Fog and Nemesis’ hand will be revealed.

      Until then, keep installing charging stations and covering the farmland in solar panels. Oh, and cue the genetic food replicator engines!

    • Exactly. I don’t think of the Clouds as interchangable with the Managerial Class, who are the help when it is all said and done. The Clouds will assess the safety and stability of wholesale social upheaval and tell the Managerial Class whether to be for it or against it. I also agree with you about watching for the Gulfstreams taking off. That means even opposition to social upheaval has become pointless, and the Managerial Elite will be chanting the latest slogans and positions while the savages approach and as Klaus and the gang fly off into the Wild Blue Yonder.

  29. Even managerial elite wannabes carry water for this agenda. Steve Sailer has been pushing every element of the Narrative, whether it’s covid lockdowns or attacking Russia.

    It’s been very disappointing. I always wonder if these guys are getting something under the table, but I guess that’s crazy.

    • What they get is being mentally part of the Cloud People, even if it’s unlikely that they’d really be admitted to it IRL. I alas feel like I understand the Steve Sailer view because I was him for a very short while.
      What the Cloud People have had to their advantage until now, particularly with the Western Boomer generation, is a low bar of what it meant to be a hopeful into their society. A democratic oriented society where the even the ultra rich wear blue jeans/yoga pants/Old Navy/awful peasant clothes. A fad of democratic society helps with idea that you, mere peasant, either are or can join the Cloud People.
      Part of the over the top reaction to Trump by the elite was that he acted like an old fashion aristocrat, with the trappings of real wealth. Mentally Trump could connect with the Dirt people, but he had no problems acting in all the bad taste and dubious thinking of an aristocrat.
      If that governing style caught on, that makes the plebs unhappy when things go south. That was a part of the French Revolution. It’s not hard to be angry at people milking cows for fun, wearing clothes that are too big to fit through doorways, and houses that would make Midas blush a little when you’re barely eating and clothed.
      The Cloud People are already mentally further away from the Dirt people than even the French aristocracy right before the Revolution. They all depended on servants and knew it.

      • A Strange Place: A common theme of SHTF fiction is former movie or music ‘stars’ having the tables turned on them by their hired security and servant class. My own fantasy involves eliminating the White pilots and bodyguards who transport and guard the self-styled nogger elite. Let them be forced to utilize their fabled talented tenth – for flying, medical treatment, and security.

        • Sounds great. Add to that fantasy the rule that the likes of Bill Kristol, Jennifer Rubin, Tim Wise, etc. are forced to fly in planes flown by two Haitian women pilots.

        • I share this fantasy as well. If nothing else, it would be amusing to watch them squirm as they’re about to require the services of a “heart surgeon” who never had to take the MCAT, or a pilot who never had to pass the simulator hours due to “equity”.

      • I disagree. The problem with a lot of “dissidents” is they are dissidents on one or two issues. They just believe “the system” needs a few tweaks here and there, but that it is largely a great system. if any of these guys were offered a column at The Times, but just had to drop the pro-White angle, they’d do it in a second.

    • Steve Sailer is a spiritual bugman who understood the graphs in the Bell Curve. There’s much more to being a dissident than knowing group IQ stats though.

      • Sailer is an old-school civic nationalist and, frankly, a liberal at heart. He has the same ideology as Charles Murray. HBD-aware, but completely against any form of group identity – especially white group identity.

        Sailer isn’t pro-white. He’s just anti-anti-white, but believes that whites should never think of themselves as a group, much less organize and fight back.

        He’s ultimately a fool.

    • Sailer’s been hugely disappointing in his most recent Ukraine posts.

      On top of that, it looks like there are a couple Langley trolls and an entire squad from Our Greatest Ally’s Internet Defense Force running amok in the comments on those posts.

    • Sailer has always wanted to be a part of the pundit class. He craves their approval, much like Murray.

      In essence, he wants a seat at the managerial class table. We want to overturn the table.

      Steve also seems to care very little for white dirt people. You’ll notice that he never shuts up about black murder rates or traffic accidents but rarely writes the opioid epidemic or the loss of manufacturing jobs. At least Murray occasionally writes about blue collar whites. They don’t seem to exist much for Sailer.

  30. I’m not much on reading books written in the last 25-30 years, I prefer the classics, but “The Hunger Games” might prove to be the George Orwell tier of our times.

    My son read THG for a middle school assignment last year. I’m sure Suzanne Collins, the author, is someone who minds her pronouns, but she really did envision a dystopian future that aligns with where things appear to be headed. Dirt people and cloud people, with the cloud people all living in their degenerate urban center, far removed from the areas where dirt people (red states) exist only to serve and entertain the cloud people.

    • Perhaps a better movie—wonderfully campy—was Zardoz with Sean Connery—who wore a tight bikini bottom through the movie. 😉 The elites lived forever in an enclosed city while those outside lived the harsh life of medieval surfs essentially. Food and supplies needed were all requisitioned from the surfs. The elites grew bored of everlasting life and finally Connery led a small group of renegades who solved the elites’ problem, by wholesale massacre. If I recall correctly, with the elites pretty much welcoming it.

      • The elites in Zardoz even have a depopulation agenda:

        “To kill the Brutals who multiply and are legion!”

    • The book I think predicted our future is old enough to be well-written: The Penultimate Truth (1964) by Philip K Dick. In it the elite *pretend* the world is being endlessly ravaged by nuclear war and force the people to live in isolated underground bunkers forever, doing dirt work for the war effort and watching TV. In reality the above-ground world has been turned into a nature park where managers own estates the size of Vermont.

  31. We’re all about to see just how the real, industrial world operates (or rather doesn’t) if the pending railroad strike is not averted by Friday. You can’t tell me that the feds can’t step in and “make” the unions and corporate railroad elite come to a compromise. Even a few days of no rail service would cripple the supply chains for months. Maybe that’s the idea? Major cities depend on caustic soda and chlorine deliveries by rail for their municipal water supply. And good buy to chicken, beef, and pork. Again, most of the animal feed in this country (corn and soybean meal mostly) is shipped by rail. Trucks could certainly step in, but it would only be band aid. If you’re in a major city, better start stocking up on drinking water and fill your pantry and freezer. Seriously, this could get real ugly, real fast. Happy Monday.

    • The rail system is remarkably vulnerable to disruption. A few dozen backhoes visiting strategic locations around the country….

      • Vizzini: So, too, is our electrical grid. And municipal water supplies. And the farm-to-table food chain. The organized supply chain providing the ‘necessities’ of modern industrial life are made possible by the ingenuity and cooperation of hard-working men. Those men are dying off or wisely dropping out. Those who neither expect nor prepare for active disruption or passive breakdown are fools.

        • The US is a 3rd world shithole now. Who knew that importing millions of low IQ, black orcs would make the country a 3rd world shithole? Yes – for all of recorded history, these low IQ retards made their countries abysmal wastelands, but importing them onto the magic dirt will somehow make our country better and will make them adopt our culture and work ethic.

          This is why all of our systems are doomed to fail. Diversity is our greatest strength! There are no more serious, competent people to run those systems.

          • The one bright spot in the rapidly plummeting quality of human capital is that it should prevent the global digital control grid from being realized.

        • 3g4me. So are communications links. A few years ago there was a video from a group of hikers in the Rockies who uncovered the large fiber cables feeding the West coast. Such was the care to protect and conceal.

          I have some experience here from my early days in telecommunications seeing maps of the East to West coast runs and drop offs. One which was to run directly to our university. Big deal in those days because fiber was the fastest communication link available for the Internet. Of course, the university wanted a Gigabit link into and out of the university as was the case in most of the Ivies and other “name” institutions.

          • The new server farm near my leafy suburban paradise is HARD:
            1. Dedicated on-site gas-fired turbines ,
            2. Main power is a rural based, nuclear-backed, grid,
            3. Facility is built like a fortress. No ground or second story windows. HVAC systems behind 15 foot walls, and,
            4. Effectively zero staff.

  32. The GasStation peasants went and shut off about 50% of the ‘lights’ in Ukraine overnight. Then sent out their strategic bombers. But not Keev. Not yet. Wonder if the managerial Ee_leetch will notice a disturbance in their force.

    • Really should’ve done this on day one. Like the US does when it wages war.

      Imagine the chaos the US military would have to deal with if you killed the power grid in, say, NYC, Lagos on the Chesapeake, Philly, etc.

      No power = no water, no lights, no internet, no telecommunications, no food distribution, no money, etc.. It would be medieval inside of a week.

        • For that all you would need to do is turn off the EBT cards for a day or two. That would be quite the spectacle.

      • I tend to believe that Putin-Hitler wanted to remain friendly with the Ukraine people and was thinking more towards “postwar” peace and public relations when he should have been thinking about winning the damn war. Noe he has the worse of both worlds.

        After Vietnam, our military came up with some postwar doctrine. One precept… if a war is to be started, then go to it with overwhelming might. That is to say, give it all you’ve got from the get go.

        We saw this during Gulf War I. Bush the elder put 500k soldiers on Iraq’s doorstep—just in case. But even he over-ruled the military wrt the “doctrine”. He did not destroy Iraq’s military nor got rid of the real problem, Saddam Insane. Hence Bush the Lessor got a redo ten years later. But he again failed to follow the “doctrine” and started a war with no exit or goal plan.

        • Bush 1 stopped destroying the Iraqi army because he wanted to leave someone to deal with Iran. He also had no allies in the Arab world that would have gone along with him invading Iraq. Even though the American people had been fed the hogwash of babies tossed out of incubators, they still didn’t want to own Iraq. It turns out we would have been better off leaving Saddam alone. We wouldn’t have put US troops in Saudi which was the stated reason that OBL attacked us on 9/11. Both Bushes were miserable failures and my truly biggest regret is voting for Bush 2 , in 2000 only.

          • That is the official line. But the official line is simply a convenient post nod coverup/excuse for decisions made at that time, which turned out to be a failure of foreign policy within a few short years.

            The US has never given a crap what anybody says or thinks when they have the whip hand. To get back to your exculpatory “explanation”, Bush the Lessor was pilloried from every country in the world when sought pretext to invade Iraq and remove Saddam Insane in Gulf War II.

            Did the US bow then to pressure from its peers, and they were real peers and allies, not ragheads? No? Then perhaps Bush I need not have made his decision in Gulf War I. He had a force not seen since WWII at his command and a stunning victory in Iraq that set Russia and China back on their respective asses in awe. He could have done whatever to Iraq and suffered no consequences. We were at the pinnacle of our power.

      • Heh. I read that and my first thought was how many chores I could get caught up on if telecoms and the electric grid simultaneously went out.

    • My take on this is that Russia wasn’t trying to destroy these pieces of a society so that it would be a functioning part of the country again. Bombing them to the Stone Age would serve not purpose. Russia would be wise to show restrain. GH sees this as weakness and compares these efforts to the US taking over a desert for which it does not plan to add a star.

      To me, this move makes it seem as if Russia is losing patience and may be ready to treat Ukraine like more of an enemy.

      • That’s the tragedy of the situation. The real enemy is often not the people, but the elites running the country. The people have no power, but are often as not pawns of the elites in their country. The tragedy is you have to go through the people to reach the elites.

        • Ukranians willingly lining up behind Zelensky are unfortunately enemies too. It would take thirty seconds of research to learn that he’s no Ukranian but rather a hostile, slav hating cousin of Soros, Blinken, and Nuland. They have already turned the Ukraine into a globalist brothel and want the boys castrated and buggered like they do to ours here.

          Before you set out to kill people for a living you should be willing to spend an hour or so in reflection about the righteousness of your cause or else youre a sociopathic trained monkey or a villian yourself.

          Conscripts are in a different category, hopefully they turn their weapons on their officers or throw them down at the first opportunity.

      • It’s a proxy war against the ZOG/NATO, and while this has been understood from the get go by the Russians, they have tried to sccomplush as much as they could through diplomacy. Even the fact that they elected to place the combat role largely upon the militias of the aggrieved Donetsk and Luhansk former oblasts of Ukraine, albeit with Russian artillery, air forces, and electronic warfare capabilities operating in tandem, they tried to keep this as a “police” action rather than employing the naked might of the Russian military.

        Well, no dice, they have apparently now concluded that they are up against dead ender Ukrainians, and scarcely covert, sometimes actively engaged Western mercenaries and NATO troops, and things just got ratcheted up to the point where large segments of the population are going to get a little taste of what their buddies, the neonazis have been dealing out – largely cost free to them, the Bandarite onlookers – to the oblasts in the east for 8+ years.

        • Thanks, Z man, that thought had not occured to me, although it should have, as I regularly visit sites like The Saker, Andrei Martyanov’s blog, and Larry Johnson’s blog, and all of them report being sore beset by armies of trolls and bots.

  33. “the long running war on manufacturing in the West is not about the practical issues related to making things. It is mostly about removing these things from the view of the managerial elite. Note that in the 20th century the corporate office moved from where actual work was done to a corporate campus. The manager did not want to hear, see and smell the work.”

    Imagine the horror on the faces of these effeminate managers when they pass a cattle feed lot off route 80 in Nebraska, something you can smell miles away that only gets stronger as you approach.

    After the revolution one of those should be placed outside every Industrial Park to remind, and discourage, the distancing described in today’s essay.

    • The same could be said of the interchange on California’s Highway 99 south of Silicon Valley. Of course that means that an effeminate manager is driving zhithem’s car to LA and may have to see that vast groves and fields of almonds, tomatoes, corn, wheat and dust waste space between Palo Alto and Malibu.

      However, they don’t do that drive – not even self driving. They fly their private jets. Meanwhile, the aspiring effeminate managers, do that drive, dreaming of the day they can use their avatars to avoid that god awful smell. Then they pray that they don’t forget to throw away the receipt from the Dairy Queen in Los Banos – lest they raise eyebrows of have even a spec of dirt beneath their nails.

    • Illinois is all-in on selling (TAXING) marijuana. The problem is, industrial pot production is almost as bad as industrial pig farming.

      How do the urban hive dwellers get their organic, non-GMO mellow? The companies who run these ag/industrial sites are not dumb. They have HUGE operations way the hell beyond the edge of nowhere, far, far from the Eloie.

      • I guess I’ve been proven wrong here, but ever since legalized and heavily taxed pot sales started, I predicted the taxes would wane and the legalized sales would languish, while usage would grow. This being due to illegal growth and sales.

        Pot now sells for more in the stores than the illegal stuff ever sold for. As one LEO stated to me, all we’ve done is change pot sales from a criminal offense into a tax avoidance offense. Here is my Hispanic city, it’s hard for me to image Jose and company cutting off their illegal suppliers to run down and get some of that legal store stuff for twice the price.

        So I guess that means White Joe Normie, who won’t mingle with a minority drug dealer, is keeping these sales up. And no, I’m too damn old to smoke the crap myself.

  34. At a previous job, we had a few Six Sigma Black Belts tell the peasants in manufacturing process changes. The peasants, who never saw the guys in their lives, told them why this would not make a lick of difference. The Six Sigma guys just shrugged and implemented it anyways. As expected, it made no difference, but they fudged the spreadsheet enough to make it look like they accomplished something.

    Unfortunately, it could be argued this is 30% of white collar jobs now, with another 20% which are actively detrimental.

    • We’ve talked about this before, remember the term that got legs years ago, bullshit jobs?
      Bullshit Jobs: A Theory is a 2018 book by anthropologist David Graeber that postulates the existence of meaningless jobs and analyzes their societal harm.

      He only went analytical where those of us on the ground knew this innately.

      • An interesting part of Graber’s argument was his distinction between BS jobs and plain S jobs (menial, dirty, but indisputably necessary). He was sort of veering into remote psychology with it but the book reproduced a few anonymous protests from holders of the former type of job, the BS workers themselves insisting on their awareness of the redundancy and/or meaninglessness of their occupations. I don’t think in the book he went quite to the nub of the volatile “mental health” WMD the administrative bureaucracy embodies. Tom Wolfe got there first anyway, for opening up the goldmine of superfluous customs and trinkets that attend people paid not to do something but to rehearse a social role, and of course also noted how this style of thought seduces even supposedly single-minded greedy businessmen, as they via Gell-Mann Effect defer to the nearest itinerant Ivy League expert touting a prestige n’ popularity program under the cover story of saving the Earth.

    • My factory is half a century old. When I started here 15 years ago, the production, planning, and engineering managers were all guys who’d worked their way up from the floor. They knew the jobs they were asking others to perform, and thus had the respect of the guys on the floor. Further, they were locally raised and had a stake in the community. They were bound to the workforce by ties of kith and kin.

      They all left a decade ago and in their stead is a regular rotation of professional managers, typically hired straight out of college and trained in the arts of bloviation and meddling. They all have great plans, and when these plans amount to nothing they’ve already moved up the next rung of the ladder and never deal with the fallout. Lather, rinse, repeat. And from the rarified air of corporate HQ, their organ grinders look down beaming with satisfaction.

      • “The guy who worked his way up from the bottom had been replaced by professional managers, trained at the best colleges and universities.”

        I think about the progression of credentialism in my family.

        My grandfather was a line manager (walked the production floor, knew his workers, managed his area of the plant) with only a high school diploma working for the manufacturing arm of a major telecommunications company. He came in and worked his way up.

        He got my father a job at the same company and plant. My father got a college degree going to night school which got him in the management ranks. He got to middle level management of manufacturing but his office was on the grounds of the factory.

        I entered IT with a Bachelors Degree and have been told at many jobs that I’d have to go back and get an MBA to even be considered for a management position. Of course I’m a White Guy so that’s not going to happen even if I did get an MBA.

        Luckily I’m at the point of my career where I stopped chasing a management position. I’m in consulting now and am working towards retirement. 🍹😎

        • That’s the normal individual progress in a society where blue collar work is regarded with contempt. That’s why parents send their kids to college, they don’t want them to dishonor the family by becoming underpaid gandy dancers or truck drivers. There are some traditional roles that go through families, plumbers, well drillers and cops, etc. but no parent wants their kid to work in a packing house or car wash. Most jobs in the restaurant universe are regarded as temporary by both employers and employees.

        • People would be shocked how browned up the MIC is becoming at the middle management/entry executive levels.

          Real patriots, those.

        • Mack. I suspect you are a product of the great opening up of Higher Ed opportunities after the war (WWII). Prior to that, Higher Ed was restricted to the upper classes. Lower, Blue collar status folk had little opportunity—even if their intellectual ability was superior.

          You term your family history as progression. And indeed it was, but I’d say you have a good basis in inheritance from your description, you just needed the opportunity that was normal for the upper class.

          I see the same within my extended family. Prior to the war, folks didn’t even start HS. After the war, cousins who are large business owners and even college professors.

      • Even during my tenure as an IT grunt, I sometimes experienced same. This was at a federal contractor, a Beltway Bandit. On the one hand were the periodic fads of various types of training (mandatory) that were supposed to help the organization. And I’m talking about training other than the required “equal opportunity” bullshit.

        Occasionally they’d bring in what I’d call “efficiency experts” to survey our work processes in the theory that they might find ways to improve them. This last point alone requires comment. While I concede it’s theoretically possible, I submit that it’s vanishingly unlikely that some outsider who comes in, asks a few questions and watches workers, will be able to substantively improve upon techniques developed by experience over a period of months, sometimes years, by the staff who actually did the tasks.

        The arrogance of these interlopers is a thing to behold; at one time amusing, another time vexing.

      • Those guys with the MBAs they brought in with no practical experience of any kind, least of all with the work of their current employers? I think I would, rather, denominate them as professional manglers, as the end result of their employment would be the disarticulation of a formerly productive enterprise.

    • Work for the managerial elite is often not to a concrete endpoint, but to a graph, and in the end the line (Progress!) must always go up.

  35. “Not a single voice in the managerial elite calls for rebuilding cities by rebuilding their manufacturing base or even encouraging reshoring back to the cities. Instead, the reshoring is going on in exurban industrial parks hidden from the sight of the rulers. The plans for the city, real or imagined, do not include the laboring classes…”

    Well, in a city like Detroit or Chicago, there isn’t a laboring class anymore. There is a class of obsolete farm equipment no one has gotten any decent labor from since 1865 that subsists on the labor of others. The laboring class was forced out of the urban center by racial politics.
    If you were a 21st century Henry Ford, would you build a factory in downtown Detroit today? It would be as ridiculous as building a brand new car factory in the Congo.
    Andrew Carnegie, if he burst forth from his grave to head US Steel again, probably could rebuild the steel industry in Pittsburgh, as for some reason, it is still a white majority city (but not for long, given current trends).

    • Much of the “Great Reset” crowd has already given up on the consumerist model where Russia=gas and China=exported pollution.

      The real “Great Reset” involves eating bugs and shrinking the general population enormously, leaving a few peasants around just in case.

      Their “sustainability” model can’t possibly work for 7 billion people. They know it, and they’re quite open about it.

      Don’t think China, India, or Russia are down with the new plan though.

  36. You’re describing decadent aristocracy American-style. Historically, these classes don’t last long. One reason the late Queen is garnering such praise is that she seemed to have been raised with and exemplified solid, middle class values. And as the Western world transformed into a woman’s world following WW II, she had the good fortune of being a woman in a symbolic leadership position who hadn’t lost her feminine charm.

    Point is that the offshoring of the productive and well-grounded values you mention may be a relatively rapid and transitional phenom. Whatever the latter’s personal qualities may be, imagine the torch of royalty being handed from Elizabeth II to Megan Markle. There’s a symbolic image of the changing of the managerial guard.

    • They praise the queen because for 70 years she did nothing to stop the destruction of Great Britain by the managerial class.

    • There is no “torch” being handed down. Her husband has had (IIRC) his titles removed. Markle could simply not escape her race. She is Black and could not rise above that debility and adopt Royal (White) mannerisms. Even half White was not enough to ameliorate her inbred predilections. But of course, why is that surprising after having lived through Obama. 🙁

  37. There are worse things than being invisible to the people who despise you, or think you so far beneath them that they can’t help but ignore you. I think of the old stories about slaves doing the “Yassah” smile to the master’s face and then grinding glass up into a fine powder and serving it with that night’s casserole. I suppose a class/race conscious kid forced into being a barista could think of some creative things to do with that NYT columnist’s latte when he comes in every morning to putter around on his laptop.

    The smarter elements (or at least more realistic members) of the ruling class understand the link between the rulers and ruled can never totally be severed, barring a literal steampunk sort of cloud city for the upper classes. Chomsky used to talk about this, that the rich stockbroker who likes to take his limo to work rather than the helicopter can feel the potholes in the street even through his car’s suspension system, and therefore is less likely to support the destruction of everyone outside of his class. This was Ross Perot’s crime, Trump’s crime. Trump wants to be ringside at Caesar’s for the fight, not contained in some box on a mezzanine like a toy sealed in Lucite.

    • In a similar vein, someone wryly (but correctly) observed that Wall Street is probably the only place in the world where clients ride in Rolls Royces to offices to receive financial advice from people who take the subway to work.

      Now, it’s likely that quip is from a better, safer era. But it still holds a few nuggets of wisdom. In the first place, the Clouds cannot be entirely divorced from the Dirts. At the very least, the computer and internet age notwithstanding, automation still hasn’t eliminated the need for a servitor class, and perhaps it never will. Many interactions are at a distance, but they still require a human being at each end.

  38. Because real stuff is icky. Just wait til the first strategy consultant has to skin and gut a rabbit for his supper..


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