The Culture Of Compulsion

Last month, conservative media was buzzing about a British pick up artist being banned from the internet. On the same day, all of his social media accounts were shutdown and his payment processors dropped him. Conservatives noticed this incident because the victim did not look white. It turns out that he is half-black, so for American conservatives he is an ideal victim. It is the DR3 exception to the “they are private companies” principle of conservatism.

Amusingly, the regime media felt the need to address the issue, probably for the same reason so-called conservatives noticed the story. An iron law of the new religion states that any time a nonwhite cries out, it must be noticed. The New York Times helpfully stepped in and solved the problem. They noticed his banning but spent the bulk of the article explaining how his white half caused his black half to violate all of the important rules of the one true faith.

The racial part has another angle. Andrew Tate made the fatal error of turning up on banned shows like Alex Jones. Tariq Nasheed is every bit as “misogynistic” as Andrew Tate and he adds in wacky conspiracy theories. He makes Alex Jones look like a piker when it comes to the conspiracy stuff. On the other hand, he is viewed as left-wing, mostly because of his over-the-top hatred of white people. He gets to hate women as much as he likes on social media as a result.

Putting aside the racial angle, the stunning part of the coverage was that no one dared ask how these allegedly independent private companies came to the same conclusion within minutes of one another. It is quite a coincidence. If this had rolled out over a period of weeks and one platform held the line, then you could argue that it was mostly a case of monkey see, monkey do. In this case, it looked like a coordinated effort, yet no one asked who was coordinating it.

Of course, it is possible there is no coordination at all. The people running these tech firms are all alpha clones from the Central Hatchery and Conditioning Centre of the managerial state. They all believe the same things about themselves and the world they see themselves destined to manage. No one has to tell the prison guards what to do when they see an inmate scaling the wire. Like a school of fish, these people could be naturally reacting to what they see.

They could also have set up a clearinghouse for dealing with this stuff. That has happened in the past. They created an ad hoc committee to coordinate hiring in order to suppress wages. They also like to outsource this work to the same two companies, the SPLC and the ADL, which can do the coordination for them. It would be interesting to hear what they have to say about his, but to date no one in the media has raised the issue with them or to a politician.

It is not just the Silicon Valley companies illegally and immorally colluding to violate the civil rights of Americans. It appears the banking cartel is colluding to undermine the Second Amendment rights of Americans. They may also be pressuring others to follow on with their own measures. UPS is getting into the act. As we see with tech censorship, there is a whole lot of coincidental timing to this. It is almost as if there is someone working behind the scenes coordinating it.

One possible hand in this is the regime itself. We now know that the Biden administration works with Twitter to ban opponents. We also know they send the FBI to social media companies to threaten them if necessary. They sent a group of goons over to Facebook to tell them to censure the Hunter Biden laptop story. Given the grotesque authoritarianism of the regime, it should not shock anyone if we learn that they have created an unofficial Ministry of Truth.

This brings us back to that key question. Why is it that no one in the mass media, even so-called conservative media, ever asks about the coordination? Why is it no one noticed that the streaming platforms appeared to be ready with a public relations campaign right after the George Floyd incident? The next day they all had reworked their interface to promote pro-black content. You would think at least one person would wonder out loud about who is organizing this stuff.

One reason is fear. Every day that Haitian halfwit is sent out by the Biden regime to do a song and dance routine in the pressroom. She is an angry simpleton reading from a script so this should be easy money for a snarky reporter. Ask a question that makes her look more foolish than normal and you get fifteen minutes of fame. The only one who dares utter a discouraging word is Peter Doocy from Fox News and his questions are a great example of pulling your punches.

The reason the rest of them nod along pretending that the moron reading answers from a book is perfectly normal is they do not want to lose their job. Jean-Pierre could literally be flinging her poo at them and they will treat her like a queen. They say there is no dignity in show business. It is even more true in political show business. In tyrannical politics, groveling is the coin of court. No one in the media dares look up from their groveling for fear of losing their access.

The other reason is that none of them think to ask about who may or may not be behind what looks like coordination. It is the Pauline Kael effect. She was the crackpot film critic in the 1970’s who is allegedly said that Nixon could not have won because she did not know anybody who voted for him. The quote used is not real, the real quote is actually worse, but the sentiment is very real. The Cloud People live insular lives in which everyone has the same attitudes.

From the point of view of the managerial class, it is perfectly sensible for the tech oligarchs to censure speech. It is the responsible thing to do. They are baffled as to why anyone is upset by this. Not only are they not offended by censorship, but they would also be shocked if these firms were not coordinating their efforts. It is why they mount pressure campaigns against holdouts. Teaming up to suppress speech is really just a good example of political unity when you think about it.

When you step back and look at what is happening, it is remarkable. Managerialism in the West has achieved something that the Bolsheviks and Nazis were never able to accomplish at their peak. The operation of the managerial class is entirely informal, a habit of mind, rather than a set of rules. The communists and fascists had to rely on physical compulsion to maintain control. That requires a set of rules that can be enforced quickly by the regime.

The managerial class has created a culture which maintains their power. The reason the Biden White House is sending goons out to rough people up is that from their point of view it is the moral thing to do. Those old rules against doing such things do not register for them, because they lie outside the managerial morality. For the same reason no one asks any Andrew Tate was targeted by the tech giants, no one wonders if roughing up political opponents is against the rules.

For those familiar with the intellectual history of radicalism, we have arrived at a rather ironic moment. The West is now controlled by a culture of compulsion. The reason the people in the institutions exist is to compel behavior. The point of the nutty fads and grotesque violations of liberal norms is to force people, at the very minimum, to tolerate that which should never be tolerated. Ours is a society evolving around hierarchical humiliation rituals that have no practical purpose.

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171 thoughts on “The Culture Of Compulsion

  1. I wouldn’t say rituals without purpose.
    They reinforce the ruling class’s high opinion of themselves.

  2. The managerial class theory is much better than the simple ‘Cloud people’/’Dirt people’ scheme as it brings in the emergence of ideology from the middle classes – a theory I have previously propounded on this site because I have never believed that the ‘system’ is imposed from on high by the ‘elites’, but *produces* the elites who are simply thrown up by the latest ideological fashion.

    Glad to have helped. I am now finding myself much more in alignment with this site.

  3. Sobran wrote The Hive. Not current enough on that piece to know it fits with Managerialism. But it presents an opportunity. To appropriate common language. Drone. Elite Drone. Ruling Drone. Scold Drone. Political Drone. Buzz Buzz. Hive of Scum & Villainly. It’s easy. It’s fun. It’s already part of our language/understanding. Hives. MIC hive. Big Pharma/medical Industrial complex. Hives are industrious. Yet being called a drone is dirisive. If Soros is a cloud Drone, who is the Ruling Queen?

  4. You might be right but i get some laughs out of andy so idgad, laughs are hard to come by these days.

  5. Thanks for the reminder that Kael’s actual quote is more arrogant and snobby than the one from legend, which hits like a wet noodle and is suspiciously effective as an all-too-human comedy prop (“Laugh at this clueless lib harridan, she doesn’t know Nixon won bigly”).

    There was someone at NR, I think Goldberg, obsessed with the “Let them eat cake” quotation (probably of Maria Theresa, not Marie Antoinette) not for being the implied imperious sensibility but for revealing Lucille Bluth-style ignorance of the relative costs of cake vs. other breads. So to NR falling down on one’s Hayekian economic literacy is the more poignant sin than being a heedless bratty ruler.

      • Yes they do read Hayek at National review. They even colored in all the pictures with their Crayons.

    • I had it on good authority that “cake” was a translation issue regarding M. Antoinette, that in the fwench it was more of a “let then eat the burnt detritus from the bottom of bread ovens” than “cake” as in dessert cake. They’ve been telling us to eat bugs and garbage, and like it, for a very long time. Vive le rasoir d’nationale! #sanscullotte_did_nothing_wrong

    • The link to the actual quote leaves off the last word, which was “breathing” – I remember the day in 1972 when I read the original.

      PK wrote, “…They’re outside my ken. But sometimes when I’m in a theater I can feel them [out there, breathing].

  6. What are the odds that the November elections will be canceled because of an “emergency” of national scope? A government that is willing to jail its opponents is capable of anything. Look to your safety, Z.

    • Looking at my schedule here, it says the ’22 midterms are the “Refuse to seat ‘MAGA Republicans’ because they’re insurrectionists” election.

    • The next national emergency is scheduled for Christmas/early January, when the next plague will be released per the monkeypox wargame they did. It makes sense for TPTB to not commit to it until election uncertainties are past. But I wonder if they’re moving up the schedule, looking at NYC declaring an emergency over a single case of polio in order to push vaccinations for a polio variant that only exists because of oral polio vaccinations.

      Things that make you go hmm.

  7. “The operation of the managerial class is entirely informal, a habit of mind, rather than a set of rules. The communists and fascists had to rely on physical compulsion to maintain control. That requires a set of rules that can be enforced quickly by the regime.”

    That was the purpose of Newspeak in 1984. By eliminating words you eliminate the language in which dissent can be formulated in the mind. There is only one possible “habit of mind.” Other than the language policing called PC (itself a Communist Party term), I suppose the secret sauce is mass media, esp. the internet. Ironically, They are so controlled because of the same media They supposedly control (when censoring Us). (Note that “internet” now covers banking, paychecks, purchases, thermostats, etc. Complete control).

    Calling it “managerialism” is interesting since I recall Orwell disliked Burnham for some reason.

  8. “ Why is it that no one in the mass media, even so-called conservative media, ever asks about the coordination?”

    Here’s one reason why—the so called conservatives coordinate among themselves! To scream “foul” might mean that such coordination becomes more widely known—the “Streisand” effect.

    How do I know this?

    I’ve related this incident once before, but I’ll repeat. A number of years ago while listening to the Michael Medved show, he began to speak of his daily morning group phone call with fellow Salem Radio Syndicate talk show hosts. Salem Radio at the time had all the big conservative talkers, except for Rush. You name them, they filled the air from early morning to late night. They may appear on different stations at different times, but they are all syndicated by Salem.

    The mention of a group (conference) call, piqued my interest. Medved casually spoke about this morning’s call, in which they discussed the topics of interest for the day and the salient points that could be made concerning such. Up to then, I too was puzzled by the consistency of the radio talk shows wrt topics and coverage of those topics. Indeed, by and large, if you listened to *one* of these shows, you’ve heard it all for the rest of the news cycle. Very little variation as to any particular “talker’s” take on the topic.

    I have never heard any other mention of such group discussions since then, nor have I confirmation from any other sources. To me it made sense and explained a lot of things. Consider the source and treat such as you think it merits.

    • Quite so. Each day, the “main topics” were the same, show after show. Each and every day, like fish in a school, turning this way then that.

  9. “They could also have set up a clearinghouse for dealing with this stuff. That has happened in the past. They created an ad hoc committee to coordinate hiring in order to suppress wages. They also like to outsource this work to the same two companies, the SPLC and the ADL, which can do the coordination for them.”

    A committee is introduced as an example of corporate collusion to create the frame. Then the ADL is brought into that framing to color the ADL as a hapless corporate exploited group. Finally we arrive at familiar place, it’s the white guy manager, Poindexter in cubicle 12-604Q.

    The ADL was created in 1913 explicitly to control information flow to advance the interest of Jews. It was created by the B’nai B’rith. B’nai B’rith was founded in Aaron Sinsheimer’s New York café on October 13, 1843 by Jewish immigrants to advance the interests of Jews. The ADL uses other groups as smoke screens and golems but it all about one thing.

    Pay attention to divide and conquer frames: the Gaia worshipper with her grimy sack, the milquetoast manager, Karens, etc. These are our people. They have been led astray. It’s our job to beckon them back onto the path to victory.

  10. Censorship has a long history. The Catholic Church was big into it. The funny thing is, that which you censor only draws readers/viewers to it. People want to know what they cannot see.

    I guess censorship is a flexing of power, a manifestation of one’s status in the world. What is the point of power if you can’t use it? The Church wanted not just spiritual authority in the hereafter, but temporal authority as well. The temptation to boss other people around is just too great.

      • This is true. What makes the situation in AINO different, however, is that the Constitution supposedly obviates large-scale censorship. I have no problem with censorship in a nation that has a long tradition of this practice. In AINO, however, it is galling.

  11. The biggest problem with opposing these Godless, bastard degenerates in the mangerial elite is that they think they’re doing it from the moral high ground, for “our own good.”

    I wonder how many of them really believe in the slogans and how many just mouth the words like many of the party chieftains the in old Soviet Union? Like Soviet communism, the revolution is never ending with these types. Pronouns, trannies, groomers, climate change and whatever satanic lunacy comes next.

    It’s exhausting. I’m to the point where I want to live in a cabin with my family in the wilderness, toss my phone and computer in the trash and trap, hunt, fish, and grow my food while the world disintegrates.

    • They will never eventually let a single individual live outside the hive.

      They will never stop trying to disrupt and invade your life no matter how far away you think you are. they can do another, for they are under a compulsion to destroy, just as you are to comply.

      • Just remember one thing. The only thing that keeps me smiling. These people consume far FAR more than they produce. Everywhere they go bills for hundreds of billions follow them. From the open borders to the student loans, etc. etc. The laws of nature abhor waste. Inflation will continue to hit this place like a sledge hammer, ad infinitum, until “normie” gets a clue, which will include an eviction notice.

        • dr_mantis_toboggan_md: “they think they’re doing it from the moral high ground”

          trumpton: “They will never… They will never…”

          JR Wirth: “These people consume far FAR more than they produce.”

          I think we would do well to analyze these phenomena under the rubrick of a law which we might name, “Conservation of Psychological Energy.”

          Certainly amongst the White race, no person has infinite energy, and eventually every White man and White woman will die at least a psychological death [if not an outright physical death] when they finally run out of the psychological energy necessary to compel them.

          And if that’s true, then it’s to our benefit that our enemies shoot their psychological wad whilst we conserve our psychological virginity.

          Which, in turn, would mean that Worry is our enemy, whilst Insouciance is our friend.

          On the other hand, it’s not clear to me that the juice have finite psychological energy; in fact, I strongly suspect that Massa Lucifa may have endowed the juice with near-infinite psychological energy.

          Furthermore, it’s not clear to me that the Brahmin nor the Mandarin are even psychological creatures to begin with; both of those races strike me as something more akin to a-psychological automata.

      • trumpton: “They will never… They will never…”

        “Never” is a long, long time.

        What are THEIR females’ Total Fertility Rates?

        What are YOUR females’ Total Fertility Rates?

        A community of 100, having a Total Fertility Rate of 1.5, and no sex-selective abortions, decreases thusly [roughly every twenty years]:

        2020: 100
        2040: 1.5 * (100 / 2) = 75
        2060: 1.5 * (75 / 2) = 56.25
        2080: 1.5 * (56.25 / 2) = 42.1875
        2100: 1.5 * (28.125 / 2) = 21.09375
        2120: 1.5 * (21.09375 / 2) = 15.8203125

        A community of 100, having a Total Fertility Rate of 2.5, and no sex-selective abortions, increases thusly [roughly every twenty years]:

        2020: 100
        2040: 2.5 * (100 / 2) = 125
        2060: 2.5 * (125 / 2) = 156.25
        2080: 2.5 * (156.25 / 2) = 195.3125
        2100: 2.5 * (195.3125 / 2) = 244.140625
        2120: 2.5 * (244.140625 / 2) = 305.17578125

        You get exactly the same numbers if your females breed only every 30 years, but the outcomes are achieved a little more slowly:

        2020: 100 / 100
        2050: 75 / 125
        2080: 56 / 156
        2110: 42 / 195
        2140: 21 / 244
        2170: 15 / 305

        tl;dr == There’s a reason the Shakers do not rule the earth.

          • The point of all that arithmetic is that, if we keep making babies, and if the sh!tlibs keep swallowing birth control pills [or heading off to Planned Murderhood to snuff out the pregnancies which managed to elude the birth control pills], then, in less than a century, White sh!tliberalism largely won’t exist anymore.

            tl;dr == Do not shoot your psychological wad in worrying yourself to death about the dirty deeds of White sh!tlibs.

            But do shoot your literal physical wad into your fertile White wife a day or three before she ovulates.

    • dr_mantis_toboggan_md: “I’m to the point where I want to live in a cabin with my family in the wilderness, toss my phone and computer in the trash and trap, hunt, fish, and grow my food while the world disintegrates.”

      Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.

    • A world of nice people, content in their own niceness, looking no further, turned away from God, would be just as desperately in need of salvation as a miserable world and might even be more difficult to save.” – C.S. Lewis

      • In the tawdry amoral sewer which is Klownworld, “Nice” is becoming an increasingly difficult concept to wrap one’s head around.

  12. Semi off topic, but this is a real conversation I had with a hive member leftist yesterday. During a conversation, they said that something I said was “Hereronormative.” So I responded with, of course I’m heteronormative, as should society. I read the definition of normal, which is “the usual average, or typical state of condition.” Despite exploding alphabet soup numbers, being heterosexual is still overwhelmingly the majority.

    Here’s the part that gives you the best view into their mind. His response: “Well maybe it’s time to change the definition of normal.” That there is an ideologue. You cannot reason with these people.

        • Bilejones: This. Sodomite, pederast, and groomer. These are words that have an unquestionable meaning (i.e. fact/reason) as well as an implied moral judgment (i.e. emotion). Hit them where it hurts.

          • In many places in Europe you will be prosecuted by the police for using these terms if the other person files a complaint.

        • Thou shalt ne’er a true maiden be. Thou hast neither womb nor ovary. Thou art a catamite, twist’d by foul perversion of Chirurgeon’s art to crude fleer’ry of Divine perfection. All validation as thou receives like unto Janus’ own be, and tepid to boot. ’Pon thy hind, good folk fleer. Thy good father and kind mother art in troth disgust’d and in shame of thee. Thy friends doth make sport of thine hideous countenance ‘twixt themselves. By thee art all of Adam’s sons utterly repuls’d. Our Lord didst fortuitously permit all menfolk to divine thy fraud with wonderful accuracy. If by trickery, thou didst ‘pon occasion “pass”, all gentle folk verily wouldst ‘pon closer examination revile thee. By the Lord’s arrangement thy very bones betray thee. And if ‘pon chance thou pliest with a drink an unfortunate companion unto thy fetid bed, ‘twould soonest fly as drink in the aromas from thing diseas’d, fest‘ring wound, the which a thou cherish in mockery of Eve’s Daughters. Tis certaine that never shalt the devil’s spawn pass from thine false womb, thus fruitless art thy efforts to ensnare gentlefolk. Joy shall likewise escape thee. ‘Pon walking, thou paint upon thy face deceiver’s frippery, but inside thine heart. Parlous despair circles like leviathan, eft t’ crush thee ‘neath th’unbearable weight. In the end ‘twill be too much to bear – thou shalt find thyself procuring a firm rope, mocking the hangman’s noble art, plunging into the bitter abyss of the Devil’s embrace, to spend thine days better cavorting with thine masters. Thine father or mother shall occasion upon thine empty shell and weep, caught ‘twist heartbreak and relief that the shame thou broughtest them hast, anon, abated. Thine headstone shall reflect thine name, and hist’ry shall record thee a man. As worms and creature of the earth feast on thine unholy corpse, thine bones shalt betray thee again- unmistak’bly unto Adam’s.
’Tis thy fate, self-appointed. Ne’er shall thee revoke it.”

      • Sound like a line from “Alice…”. What was it, ‘…every word means just what I want it to mean…’ That certainly defines Lefty thinking. If you can’t win the argument, change the meaning of the premises.

      • I like taking the route of embracing whatever word they’re calling me, or questioning it’s validity as some inherent “evil.” It’s a stark contrast to the normiecon route when they’re called racists, and they then scramble to say “no it’s democrats that are the REAL racists.” This embraces their morality.

    • The Greek: “That there is an ideologue. You cannot reason with these people.”

      If you’re interested in ackshually winning any of these wars [and winning a war begins and ends with studying your opponent, to the point of knowing him better than he knows himself], you certainly have to be in awe of his nihilism.

      And no one sheds a tear,
      When a nihilist disappears…

    • Here’s the part that gives you the best view into their mind. His response: “Well maybe it’s time to change the definition of normal.”

      There has to be a point of separation at some point. Unfortunately, I fear that a peaceful separation may be impossible 🙁

  13. “The reason the rest of them nod along pretending that the moron reading answers from a book is perfectly normal is they do not want to lose their job.”

    “Managerialism in the West has achieved something that the Bolsheviks and Nazis were never able to accomplish at their peak.”

    Stating the obvious, but what GAE figured out is that good feelz are more powerful than pain. Huxley even wrote a book about it. Obviously, a fat house cat is less of a threat than a starving stray. Iow, weaken people with stuff, don’t make them desperate. Of course, weak people aren’t good for much, certainly not good food for parasites. That’s the fatal contradiction.

    So cull the useless eaters, they might say. Pure projection lol. What will the parasites eat, then? I doubt they have a taste for silicon, or even trans-human immortality. Nope, they like blood.

    Take heart and brace yourself, they’re screwed.

    • Yes, and very detailed…But Pauline Kael was an excellent film critic, and very pro-American in that respect, promoting John Wayne and iconic American films like McCabe and Mrs Miller and The Friends of Eddie Coyle…
      IOW, Pauline’s politics were completely at odds with her film criticism….

      • A good rule of thumb: never trust a film critic who didn’t like “Dawn of the Dead.”

        Aside from that, she pissed on Clint Eastwood every chance she got. I suspect she was a Feminist.

  14. “Given the grotesque authoritarianism of the regime.” – Yes, playing for keeps can be grotesque. It’s also called “winning”. You know, what orange fuk face promised us he would do when in power. Just prior to fully capitulating on every issue that mattered, right down to the apes burning down city centers. Failure and weakness have a cost. Bringing daddy’s little girl into the west wing for her advice has a cost. Weakness should never be rewarded. Not from Jeb Bush or an orange blowhard who likely governed in the same image. He certainly never met a spending bill he didn’t like. And those spending bills grew every apparatus going after him. His four years involved spraying Miracle Grow on this very authoritarian regime…

  15. “Managerialism in the West has achieved something that the Bolsheviks and Nazis were never able to accomplish at their peak. The operation of the managerial class is entirely informal, a habit of mind, rather than a set of rules. The communists and fascists had to rely on physical compulsion to maintain control. That requires a set of rules that can be enforced quickly by the regime.”

    It was the same with the Nazis and it was called “working towards the Fuhrer.”

  16. “The people running these tech firms are all alpha clones from the Central Hatchery and Conditioning Centre.”

    This comment of mine is pedantic nitpicking but were the alphas cloned? I think it was only the deltas and epsilons, maybe the gammas as well.

    • I read this as “first gen, buggy clones”. Like beta software is second and somewhat useable before a production release.

    • The Alphas were also clones but they weren’t exposed to alcohol in the artificial wombs to lower their intelligence, so that they could function in jobs that required normal intelligence.

  17. It is obvious, Another Andrew was to my knowlege one of, if not the first to be deplatformed in a coordinated strike. less than 24 hours his site could not be accessed anywhere on normiweb. Anglin was right when he warned that he was just the first.
    However keeping a (his) site down has so far at least been a game of wack a mole.
    Motivation, unceasing effort & commitment
    Love or hate him there is no denying that young man has what it takes.

    • While Anglin is around, life will have zest. Hopefully he’ll keep his current .rw site for a while

    • Torba’s Gab almost went the same way, but through a miraculous effort managed to stay afloat and is very successful now. Eventually he’ll be hit with lawfare that might do him in.

      Within 20 years, the classical internet will be as sanitized and whitewashed as network daytime TV.

      The future for dissidents are server nodes with IPFS capabilities that essentially make the entire infrastructure ownerless. That or Urbit.

          • Tor is just a network, it’s not a forum where they urge you to post kompromat. The traffic is monitored by the usual suspects, but that’s the same on every network.

          • Bingo. TOR is hardly some panacea and people with enough tech savvy are aware of this.

            It is only as reliable as the exit nodes and when controls a WHOLE lot of them, many covertly, you are nowhere near as anonymous as you may presume.

            Multiple ‘Cheese Pizza’ parlors have been raided because the reality is that agencies can peer through the network whether you’d like to acknowledge it or not.

            If you want truly ‘secure’ communications, hand write a note, or send a smoke signal. They control nearly everything else.

          • Torba encourages Jew-baiting and 14/88-stuff and he’s not in jail and he’s not even shut down like Anglin,

            Also, if he were genuine 1st A, he’d have developed Dissenter – an app where you could comment on any URL you damn well wanted to, and there was nothing the owner could do to stop you or moderate you.

            Instead he removed a few critical functions and stopped developing on it until it was simply removed from the app store.

            And now he’s launching “Christian Nationalism” – civic nationalism v2.0. That’s a fed operation if I’ve ever seen one.

            Also, I seriously doubt he even believes in God; I can usually spot a fellow traveler.

          • A little review might be in order. First was the “synagogue shooter” where Torba pre-emptively turned over everything he had on a nothing-account with the Feds not even asking. Okay, maybe he was hoping to avoid the 8Chan treatment by being extra groveling, but it’d almost be better to be deep-sixed if it’s just going to be a Fed front in-kind.

            Next, and hardly noticed, was when user theFinn deleted his account. A bunch of users thought that his account was intentionally deleted by Torba’s moderators who were, at the time, on a tear and they got Torba to bring the account back up, to which Finn got on and deleted his account again but not before pointing out that Torba is lying about account deletions since all the content from his account was sitting around waiting to be restored.

            Next was when Tyler Dismoor was arrested because some pervert took issue with what he said (some rich embellishment on the part of the offended party probably helped). It happened while Torba couldn’t shut up for two seconds about how free speech his platform was while he ignored the fact that one of his users sat in prison behind a million dollar bond due to politically motivated charges.

            Lastly was the guy in Pennsylvania that Gab preemptively turned over to the Feds because he was not a fan of FBI agents continuing to live. Now, none of his comments rose to the level of “actionable” but they could have been in poor enough taste to warrant, say, a ban of the user, etc., but no, they got him jailed.

    • Andrew Anglin has always been a rent boy for his boss (((weev))) and has done exactly what he was asked to do in terms of leading the new right down every possible dead end. The LARP costumes, the incel thing to make the right repulsive to both women and sexually normal young men, adopting imagery that means only BAD GUYS to the normies that would have otherwise been supportive

      He and Spencer were only there to be punchable dorks that discredit and dissipate the genuine momentum that was being developed. The regime has been playing this same game for decades and its hard to believe that still works. The NJP and Mike Enoch were the last designated bad guys.

      Not coincidentally these happen to be the very same folks who escapes ruin and/or prison over Charlottesville. Amazing how that works

      • You might be right but i get some laughs out of andy so idgad, laughs are hard to come by these days.

    • 1) Go to Anglin’s Gab:

      gab DOT com/AndrewAnglin

      2) Copy the TOR URL at Anglin’s Gab.

      3) Open a new Brave Browser window.

      3A) If your browser is up-to-date, then click on the “three parallel lines” in the upper right corner of the Brave Browser window, and choose “New private window with Tor”;

      3B) if your browser is out-of-date, then click on the red circle in the upper right corner of the Brave Browser window, and choose “New private window with Tor”.

      4) In the URL bar of your “New private window with Tor”, paste the TOR URL, and hit the “Enter” key.

      That’ll get you to the Stormer TOR site [although it loads slowly].

  18. The main challenge in fighting managerialism is rejecting its core culture and morality. Once enough people are disconnected from the Matrix, it should be easy to collapse that behemoth, using their own talent for kakistocracy. Since their mentality is hive-like, it’s much easier to predict their behavior.

    Rejecting managerial compulsion lies in rejecting schoolmarmish attitudes of modern society. That means fighting the rising trend of infantilism and emasculation. Manosphere often produced cringe, but their energence signaled a great discomfort men are experiencing in contact with custodial society.

  19. And I think by now, the basic outlines are well-known; such that it’s often no longer necessary to inform people how to react. They can look at who’s involved, and instinctively know how to spin it:

    Blacks are sacred.
    Gays are sacred.
    Immigrants— oh, I’m sorry, I meant to say “asylum-seekers”— are sacred.
    Women are sacred, as long as they’re pro-abortion.

    On the other side of the coin:

    Whites are bad
    Males— unless they’re obviously gay or woke— bad.
    Old people— unless they’re clearly scrambling to pander to the latest youthful fad— bad.
    Conservatives and traditionalists of any sort— even those who fit other privileged categories, such as being Black or queer or female — are bad.

    So putting this all together, one can usually see how a story must be spun, without needing any further direction, just by looking at who’s involved:

    If you see an incident in which an old White male is in conflict with a young Black “and openly-gay” female, you already *know* who is the bad guy and who is the good guy.
    All that remains is to flesh-out exactly what trandgressions the White guy is committing, and what grievances the Black woman can claim.

    • “Women are sacred, as long as they’re pro-abortion.”

      I would restate that as follows: Women are sacred — when and only when it is to our (elitists’) advantage for them to be sacred. Cleary, if women were invariably sacred, elites would not be pushing the tranny nonsense whereby the very notion of what constitutes “woman” is made a matter of subjective whim and denied any objective reality whatsoever.

      Additionally, White women in particular are clearly not sacred according to the master class. If White women were sacred, the “Karen” meme would be nearly as egregious as racial slurs against Blacks. White women are only sacred to the extent that they can be used as a weapon against White men. Wherever there is conflict between White women and either nonwhites or Rainbow Flag cultists, White women will automatically being designated “oppressors” and will thereby lose the battle of moral superiority.

      • Agreed! That’s a better way of putting it:

        White men and women are sacred only to the extent that they continually and loudly renounce all aspects of their Whiteness, and kneel at the feet of sacred People of Color at every opportunity.

        Straight men and women are sacred only when they publicly reject all aspects of “heteronormativity” and fully accept the superiority of what not so long ago was called sexual deviancy.

    • Slight correction Bill. Whites males are bad—regardless of how many boxes they check—if they take *any position* contrary to the official Leftist narrative. So for example (real life) an actively gay White male who says women have different educational (degree major) preferences than men is pilloried for such heresy.

  20. Theodore Darlymple once remarked that their ideal is North Korea, where everything not forbidden is compulsory. I saw a lot of this in academia, which is the Central Hatchery and Conditioning Centre. People think that your typical academic is an egghead far removed from social reality. That’s wrong. Academics are desperate to fit in, but have something very close to autism — they know there’s *something* they have to say and do, so that the Cool Kids will like them, but they can never figure out what. So when they have power, they make sure that they can never again be laughed at by the Cool Kids, and the only way to do that is conformity uber alles. If you could somehow convince the Harvard faculty that walking around with a rake shoved up your ass is Socially Just, you’d never have to clean up leaves in the fall.

    • That’s it: create a strong-enough urge towards conformity, and it’s no longer necessary to instruct or compel anyone: they instinctively scramble to mimic what they see the cool people doing.

    • “a society evolving around hierarchical humiliation rituals…” Dalrymple said exactly the same thing about communism- aaand here we are.

    • I vehemently disagree on the grounds that those are the sort of people who could get the rake far enough up there that it wouldn’t drag along the ground.

    • Severian: I keep being reminded of the bit in Madeline L’Engle’s book, “A Wrinkle in Time,” where all the children stand outside their houses and bounce a ball in unison. The writer’s attempt to picture utter and enforced uniformity/conformity – which in 1962 was eevil communism. Of course, L’Engle herself was a progressive, universalist sort of ‘Christian,’ who was/is beloved by the left (especially since they made her book into a diversified movie) – the eternal home of conformity of thought.

    • Brings to mind some social media posts my wife was referencing which seemed to be geared at guilting people into watching, with forced approval, the new Lord of the Ringz series. I couldn’t help but think of the NK minders who go around to make sure people have the Dear Leader’s picture hung with care and their radio tuned into the approved patriotic broadcasts.

    • “Academics are desperate to fit in, but have something very close to autism — they know there’s *something* they have to say and do, so that the Cool Kids will like them, but they can never figure out what.”

      That proves the isolation of academia. The bizarre ideas they have cement it.

    • See also the Ants episode in TH White’s “The Sword And The Stone”, published 10 years before “1984” came out……

  21. It all comes out of NY and SF. This culture is toxic to the rest of America. The recent supreme court decision sent them in a tizzy over their illegal gun laws. Now, if you do business with corporate ventures based out of those two fascist, literally, hellholes, it’s your own fault. They will collude and unless your ready to sue and fight as rumble is doing to the fascist google, create and aid the hinterlands and develop a new culture or rebuild on the infrastructure abandoned in the 80s and 90s.

  22. This helps puts the Andrew Tate part in perspective. Hillary and Chelsea Clinton have some sort of show on Apple TV and in this episode they paint with Megan Thee Stallion and discuss her “music.” Hillary talks about how Chelsea has been into hip hop since she was a little girl, which would have been while dear old dad was giving his “Sister Soldah” speech. Hillary assumes the critics of the song “WAP” talk about it because they secretly like it. These people have infantile minds and want all of society organized around women not getting their feelings hurt by men. Smartphones are contributing to the problem too. They are constantly connected to the internet so something that looks like coordination may not be, one made the decision to drop the hammer on Tate and the rest followed quickly because they found out so quickly.

  23. “Given the grotesque authoritarianism of the regime, it should not shock anyone if we learn that they have created an unofficial Ministry of Truth.”

    They tried that, didn’t they? They called it the Disinformation Board or something like that, it was supposed to be headed by the ditzy White lady who introduced herself with a Mary Poppins-style song.

    She might have gotten away with it, had she been a sacred Black; but as a White person, some standards still apply, so they were forced to pull the plug on her.

    But yeah: it’s very likely that some informal means exists for alerting Progs of all sorts what “disinformation” to oppose this week.

    And however it’s being orchestrated, it’s clear that the conformity is already in place: numerous people by now have noticed how at some point, all the television commercials were featuring smiling multi-racial families, most often a blonde White wife with a Black husband.

    Then there was the variation with the wise Black banker sagely advising the grateful clueless White couple. And of course when doctors appear, they’re inevitably portrayed by Black women wearing lab coats.

    It seemed as if at some point, these harbingers of the wokeness-to-come just suddenly started appearing. Were they being coordinated? Or were these companies watching their peers and competitors so closely that all it took was the first one, and the rest quickly fell into line with similar offerings?

    Come to think of it, that’s probably one effect of ‘cancel culture’: it makes both people and corporations all the more aware of what can happen when you fail to conform, and all the more eager to pay attention to, and slavishly repeat, the latest mandatory gestures.

    • I am the type who believes in the global cabal pulling strings. However, for lesser examples like this Tate guy (never heard of before this event), I think it is simply that these managerial pukes are all on social media, so as soon as something trends, they all jump aboard. I don’t know who made the initial act, but the piling on is probably explained by social media groupthink.

    • As the initial press said, the regime’s attempted infliction of that Ministry of Truth theater kid on us was gratuitous. It was to *publicize* an already fully established thing. They’re so sheltered and stupid, they thought making that repulsive shrew the public face of our oppression was a sugar coating on the pill. Surprised by our resistance, they shrugged and went back to work censoring everything.

  24. Is the managerial class really the best description we have for this thing? I mean, I’m not trying to knock all the Paleocons and Burnham and all the insightful people who wrote on the subject, but still… It leaves me kind of unsatisfied. I’m admittedly not that well read on the subject of managerialism. I mean I’m conversant with it, but have done no serious study of it, or properly read any full books on the subject.

    The term itself just seems so sterile and modern. Like ok people, go home, nothing to see here, it’s just a kind of bureaucratic miasma. That’s what the term feels like, although I’ll happily read any responses from people who want to rip me apart for not reading up on the managerial class properly and spouting off about it.

    • This is something I have been thinking about often. We lack a good name for the ideology that rules us, so we lack a good name for the people who hold the ideology. If you cannot name something, you can be sure it exists. Marxism was perfect, even if the Marxists did not accept most of what Marx had to say. There is no single person or concept, like communism, that we can use to create an effective label.

      • Any attempt to label will be resisted through the usual steps by the usual suspects.
        Define those terms.
        Argue incessantly about minutiae.
        Break for lunch.

        Alternative? Show them the photos, build the montage, maybe even set to music. That could provide the emotional hook to grab a few more people.

        • This goes along with the main weakness of the Dissident Right. We don’t lack theory, we don’t lack ideas, we don’t lack memes, we lack art.

          • I think the managerial class actually loves the moniker and view themselves as such. That’s why I hate it.

            We need something short and sweet. Like when we’re called racists, deniers or Trumpists.

      • How is somebody who rejects individual liberty, harbors collectivist sentiments, and is intent on using the unlimited power of the state to punish their (perceived) enemies anything other than a communist?

        • That would make us communists. Besides, communist has a definition already that really doesn’t fit. Plus, the rhetorical power of “communist” is largely gone.

          • Yep. Plus, communism as once practice by Russia and China no longer exists. Totalitarianism, yes. But there is no longer the extent of State ownership as Marx had imagined. Lots of good capitalist billionaires in China these days.

            My general thinking, weak as it is, is that most of what we see is closer to the old fascist model where business and government form partnerships. And as pointed out, the USA is already there in many areas.

        • Mr. Generic: Communist no longer has any uniform meaning other than for boomers who still idolize the constitution and ‘free’ market. Same as Fascist can be a catchall slur used by a leftist or an edgitarian response to a political survey.

          Managerialism doesn’t work because, as Hoagie noted, they have no problem with the moniker and love its ‘scientific’ implication. We need a far more descriptive term they inherently hate. I don’t know why NPC faded/failed – it really was quite accurate. But I’m not the best propagandist to come up with a term that resonates rhetorically.

      • Seems to me many of your pieces go out of their way to undermine naming those responsible in many cases when they are front and center in the actions as a group over and over, preferring abstractions in the conclusion that smears away the personal responsibility.

        If you are mapping organized crime or a spy network in your own country you identify and name grid nodes as a starting point and build out their contact networks when you can and try and map information direction and timing which indicates hierarchy and orders.

        Otherwise we are forever stuck in the world of off planet nameless concepts that act as a shield for those doing this stuff.

        • If you are analyzing a specific organized crime family, then it is important to count noses and name names. When you are engaged in system analysis, you work with properties, methods, abstractions and interfaces.

          • It is a specific organized crime family. Until one accepts the fact it is pointless.

            Its just big, has global reach and as no one maps it, it remains a hypothetical that carries many names at the moment, often as a smokescreen.

            Without the detail of the nodes one cannot even see where the edges are and therefore what concept it actually represents.

      • Dare I say we put the naming of these people to a vote?

        I kid, I kid.

        Although I like something simple like nemesis, enemy, darkness to describe them.

      • There is no single person or concept, like communism, that we can use to create an effective label.

        “Globalism” works for me. It’s self-explanatory and it frames the conversation exactly how we want it, because the corollary to “globalism is evil” is “nationalism is good.”

        “Managerial class” is ideologically neutral, like these people are just hereditary shop managers. Also, it’s nerdy.

      • The term managerial class works well because it is both the people and the process. The army of managerialism are bureaucrats, and their methods are akin to a conductor with an orchestra. Nuisance technology and a heavily female workforce allow for extensive opportunities to stage manage others’ lives. Business meetings become therapy sessions and the nuances of linguistic communication (and personal slights) are endlessly investigated. Entire generations of individuals with a chip on their shoulder have figured out how to (1) not get anything done and (2) get paid doing it. Fascinating, really.

      • I use “our rulers” when I talk about the powers that be. It cuts through the sacred democracy, ‘Murica and Constitution bull.

        Whatever the system is, I am sure as heck not in charge.

        On a positive note, despite their continuing best efforts, our rulers can only force me to pay taxes and die.

      • One difficulty is that the Woke reject that label now that it has become pejoritive, but they have no other name for their movement.
        Every other ideology accepted a name, even if it was originally snarled by its enemies.
        Why is this one different?
        It’s like they’re in denial that something has changed. Online adherents claim they merely want to treat everyone with dignity and respect, therefore it doesn’t need a particular nsme, seemingly missing how their version of fairness is replacing liberalism and Anglo-Saxon norms of justice and governance.

      • They should be called the Cuckoo Class. They are supposed to secure the border, uphold the law, safeguard the treasury, jail the malefactors. They do none of these things, or at least, as little of each as possible. They *do* consume the taxes of the people and busily push anyone who might actually govern out of the nest.

        The supporters of these people are called cuckolds.

    • I think the people in the managerial class are sterile and modern, so the term just follows suit.

      For them, this is very much a feature and not a bug because it petmits them to achieve their goals without arousing a passionate opposition.

    • It’s just another way to skimp around the JQ. The “managerial elite” did not put itself in place, and reacts on stimuli provided by whom? The managerial “elite” is just the interface to the public, so to speak.

      • Skimping around what? Nobody really denies Jews are contained within the abstraction of “managerial elite”. Nobody serious, anyway. Well, can’t really say that either, since quite a few people on this side wholeheartedly believe there’s a secret cabal of magic Jews pulling strings everywhere.

    • Indeed, the unnamed, nonexistent entities are the most powerful as taught by Erich Fromm.
      After all, how can we rebel against nothing or reject something most people don’t register?

      I think for now we should go with the American Empire. Antagonism towards it unites many dissidents across the globe.
      Aside from that, liberalism is still the main feature of ruling morality and the main culprit behind removing friend/enemy distinction in politics in favor of good/evil. I doubt we can move on without burying it first.

    • I use “technocrats” instead of managerial class (MC). Not sure that such verbiage is actually better than MC. The Wild Geese Howard rightly noted that people in the MC are “sterile and modern,” thus legitimizing sterile and modern language to describe them. “Technocrats” is also very sterile and modern. One benefit of a term such as “technocracy” is that it emphasizes technology. There are any number of ambitions the MC may have that would simply be too farfetched with less advanced technology. Perhaps defining the MC by their favorite tool can be a way of obscuring or even denying their full-fledge humanity — apropos, given their various schemes to dehumanize others.

      • Yeah, the term technocracy has been around longer than managerialism and is an accurate description of the ruling ideology. The problem is that people still have a positive view of technology, which then bleeds into the prefix of technocracy having a positive connotation. Or even worse, they confuse it to mean “rule by technology”, like those Star Trek episodes where they land on a planet ruled by a computer.

    • I’ve never been able to think of any other organizational force than Christianity with a credible chance of motivating effective opposition to the regime within our people. It also offers a rich and finely grained lexicon of terms for those in opposition to its principles. Though I’m no religious scholar it appears to be deliberately vague about political organization beyond serving as a guide for judging the righteousness and morality of a given temporal power structure. I think the regime invested a lot of effort to corrupt the institutions that produce religious authorities of the Christian world, priests and ministers etc, particularly after the example of Poland. An effort by zealous young men to infiltrate and reconquer the religious infrastructure could some day produce effective moral leadership of a truly formidable opposition, such as we see with Islam.

      • One advantage of Christianity is it keeps the focus on not feeling sorry for yourself. In my view, that is in large part, why it is rejected by the new religion. It also establishes limits on behavior and requires self-critical introspection, which is intolerable when you want things that cross-culturally and cross-historically have been forbidden. The chief temptation of this age is ‘can we live without God?’ While in my mind the answer is no, because we are flawed, the moderns will have to figure this out for themselves it seems. Whether a resurgent Christian vision is part of the cure remains to be seen.

  25. They meet between themselves informally. The upper crust of society socialize and talk about political issues and what to do with them – for them, “work” issues – at pool parties.
    Exactly as it was 150 years ago, when the monarchs of Europe all met at royal weddings, funerals and coronations, while, more at large, the international elite (including the royals) met at the world exposition fairs. At these events they – informally – talked and conceived ideas in the business of diplomacy, policy and alliances, that would be later ironed out and put to practice at the unison, like a school of fish.
    Nowadays with global internet reach, the elites can one-up the Victorians and tune their thoughts with the thoughts of each other instantaneously.
    But the same is true for internet racists. It’s difficult to see Andrew Anglin disagree with Jared Taylor or the Zman, in issues of day-to-day politics and culture.

  26. Of course, it is possible there is no coordination at all.

    Karl Denninger, in one of his more lucent moments, pointed out that so far as the law is concerned it matters not if there was actual coordination if the effect is the same. Collusion is collusion whether or not there was a meeting to formalize it. Where he drifts off is in thinking the law still matters.

    • This is correct and there is case law to back it up. The most obvious is the many collusion cases brought against professional sports league. Of course, you also have the disparate impact. I keep pointing out that there is the makings of a class action lawsuit against these firms if you can find a lawyer capable and willing. That last part is the trouble.

      • The partners from Kirkland who won the 2nd amendment case are the most recent example. Fight to uphold the law, win the case, be cast into the void.

      • Eh. There was an effort by some foolhardy fellow to show collusion by the insurance companies in using “acv” for first party coverages. They literally all use the same form. There is an industry group that comes up with the form that they all use. They ruined him and his clients. Like “stacking pennies to pay the bankruptcy filing fee” ruined. Pour encourage les autres.

        The system will not reform itself, nor allow itself to be reformed. The slide left occurred because the whole lawfare structure was trotskyites arguing with Stalinists, judged by leninists.
        You can find Our Ppl with the licensure: you just cant find any willing to do the Leeroy Jenkins thing and impoverish their own family where there is no safety net as with the left. “I got kids, man!”

    • Likewise case law is quite clear that a state actor is still a state actor whether or not it is a private company that is infringing on your civil rights at the behest of the government. *IF* the law still matters.

      • Yeah, best of luck with that. Those rules are by the left and for the left. Trying to get leftist judges to apply those “radical 60’s” cases to the left is just DR3 with a law degree (hey that rhymes). The judges on the right refuse to apply them bc they dislike the doctrines, and the centrists and further left all refuse to see the applicability of their own rules to their own side, and dontchaknow “abuse of discretion” is the durndest thing when applied by a leftist appellate panel to a leftist trial court protecting the left. Heads i win, tails you lose.

    • This is good. It’s not catchy, insofar as becoming a “meme” among hoi polloi, but at present they are not the audience, rather the Managerial Class is the intended target group.

      So, perhaps Collusive Autocrats (or Autocracy) might be useful as a descriptive. Since “collusion” is just as legally actionable as a “cartelization”, it might be a way to not only describe the behavioral patterns seen in Magerialism, but also to put the thought into their heads that their collusive actions could expose them to legal consequences and enforceable remedies. Just a notion.

      • Jersey Jeffersonian: You’re overthinking this. You want something instantly catchy that the ruling elites automatically hate and set out to ban. The best rhetoric is the simplest. Think ‘notsee,’ ‘dindu,’ or ‘groomer.’

        • Yeah, you may be right. I was shooting for something descriptive of their behaviors that might also gnaw on some of those who are motivated to jump in front of the parade to avoid the danger of cancellation, too. People of that type would only be hesitant if being in the parade carried a tangible risk, and at this time, it clearly doesn’t. Too bad.

  27. “The West is now controlled by a culture of compulsion.”

    If by “the West” is meant primarily the USA and Canada, it certainly appears so from afar. Rural Argentina, or at least my part of it, is most definitely not “a culture of compulsion”. Here’s hoping it remains that way!

    • Montefrio: Sincerely glad you are happy where you are, but Argentina is not the Anglosphere. And despite the country’s roots, it is no longer primarily European in any manner.

  28. Probably one of the most obnoxious aspects of managerial culture is the incessant need for fake positivity. In the last ten years, any sort of negativity in management sessions are utterly frowned upon, regardless of the situation they find themselves in. At first it just feels weird, then one realizes this is one of the most effective paths to create groupthink and passive acceptance with relatively little pushback. I could imagine with the Tate thing a lot of these orgs had a meeting that boiled down to “cool company banned Tate, you don’t want to be a party-pooper, do you?.” It gives an emotional high that makes one feel like a winner.

    The scariest part is this is the same emotional manipulation they use in elementary school. Just look at the imbecility of the names of these groups. “Trust and Safety”? What is this, Kindergarten?

    • The “ra-ra” meetings and all that other crap have always grinded my gears. I’ve worked for corporations and the gub, and both feature those disgusting motivational speeches and team building crap that I meet with scorn. At my last one (just about a month ago), in a meeting of hundred of people with a speaker, he ordered us to stand in place and dance. I remained seated (nothing against dancing – but I’m a F$#@$ adult) while hundreds of adults act like children. The infantilization is insane, and it is mixed with that disgusting positivity crap.

      • I suspect the purpose of the exercise might have been to out you and your ilk. And therefore many who “danced” did so out of self preservation. Not that I’d do differently than you, I’m just more paranoid.

        • There’s an interesting contrast there between traditional versus contemporary loyalty testing. In traditional societies along with present-day gangs, the loyalty test is typically to do something dangerous or violent. In our society you prove your loyalty by publicly humiliating yourself for the group.

          You see this anytime a cloud person runs afoul of the hive morality and has to give a press conference where they start crying and blubbering about how sorry they are for hurting so many black people when they got caught whistling camptown races or whatever.

        • Probably true, at least in part. It’s also a very feminine way of interacting and indeed reminiscent of kindergarten. One wonders if women will tire of the workplace and demand the old division of labor eventually. Reality might intrude in other ways before that. One key aspect of this workplace culture is the endless dual signaling, which requires significant cognitive load. If you have to memorize 20 pronouns, eventually you will slip up. Those who push this social signaling might find themselves drowning in it before too long.

    • This is exactly what cults do. They infantalize and pressure. The initial routines like what Eloi described are designed to: a) seem harmless and fun b) identify the people who are easily compulsed into joing the herd c) identify and show the door to the people who like me and Eloi refuse to degrade ourselves – because we are adults.

      As the rituals proceed and become more obviously degrading, they present them as challenges and hand out rewards and switch the tactic to get the group to support those who will join in. Then they begin to insert degenerate and debauched ideas in little flashes. Members of the group at the higher circles monitor the room for those who are wavering. They are expert at weeding out those who have an ounce of sense of self and emotional intelligence and further breaking down those who can be seduced into the next act of degredation, humiliation and acceptance of those states as normal and good.

      This is exactly how The Cult of Woke operates. However, they don’t have to be so crafty. Your job and/or career goals are on the line so they don’t need you to volunteer every day and gently bring you along. That is why at work and in politics things have moved so quickly.

      On the tv and the billboard and the Internet it is essential that we turn these images off. The other day I was shopping for a birthday card at the pharmacy. Every card with a human form had a black superman of suave on it. The lone card with a white man had a buffoon who was a bite of Borat – an emaciated guy in a thong with body hair that made him look like he had rickets and he was, well, a baffoon.

      There are sites where you can shop for white products made by white people. It is sad, but we are going to need our own equivalent of Jet and Ebony magazine. In fact, I think we should set these up as soon as we can. It will force the regime to further out itself as anti-white while we can celebrate and help our people. It will also make us attractive to normies and bolster our ranks since we will be employing models whose prospects have been eliminated by the Great Replacement.

      The minute you accept as normal the imagery or engage in a single rite or agree on a single point you have accepted the premises of the cult. Every time that happens you are degraded and compromised. We must stay strong. Reparations are already here. You see them on TV, in your hiring requirements and in your KPIs that mandate DIE and deem it the most essential part of your career advancement. The next step is going to be a hard push for the cash payouts. Sheila Lee Jackson is leading the way and she is a bull.

      We have to stay strong. We have to model the way to behave and resist the cult. We have to be in the lookout in the room for our brothers and sisters who we can befriend, establish trust with and lead them back to themselves.

      There is a lot of talk of IQ. Never underestimate emotional intelligence and an innate sense of self where you sense a forfeiture of it in even the most innocuous and seemingly innocent acts.

      Stay strong.

      P.S. I am looking for a really good set of charts on US Demographic shifts from say 1950 to 2022. I am educating my tiny group of readers on the Great Replacement. If it sticks with one, I’ve done my job.

      • Absolutely, I refused to indulge this idiotic behavior, it’s like freshman hazing in high school, I kept thinking these people are idiots and I don’t want any part of this. The problem is, to avoid being sucked into their vortex, you either have to be so very very good at your job that they cannot do without you, or you have to be willing to be ostracized and talked about behind your back at work. I found the best way for me was to get loud and open in my disdain for their childish behavior, it’s kind of like the first time you confront the schoolroom bully and give him a fat lip and/or bloody nose even though you might get your glasses broken, you really only have to fight back once and after that they leave you alone because you might reveal their weakness to others in their group. What’s also very revealing is the number of secret admirers you generate who were just waiting for the first tall poppy.

        • The analogy is incorrect.

          The issue is these bullies are not challenging you directly, so any push back is not against them.

          They use the cops, the irs, the banks, your employer as their associates to do the actual grunt work. So they never get smacked in the face themselves and so never have to stop.

          Every time you push back its just a ratchet of force and they have a bigger gang that also controls the law adjudication of your actions.

          • Sort of sounds like a mafia enforcer, doesn’t it? You tell the guy demanding protection to go pleasure himself, and his enforcers come a few days later and make sure you never make that mistake again 1 man coming to your door demanding money is a thief. 100 is a mafia. 10000 is a government. I got that from somewhere, but I do not remember where.

          • @eloi

            Yes exactly.

            Until people stop seeing them as a legitimate representation and instead as an organized crime gang then nothing is going to change.

            There is no law, only force, and those with the bigger gang win, hence the constant push to prevent any group organization on your behalf to prevent it growing.

          • Mafia at least, is not composed of fanatics. You pay them and they may offer you good protection and even some “favors” if you can pay the price.

            Cults are composed fanatics who want you to submit yourself fully to them. A mafia don is happy for getting his cut, a cult leader looks INTO you with burning eyes, sniffing out heresy, pointing out imperfections in your suplications.
            Mafioso isn’t bothered by you wearing a sexist or racist shirt. At the very least he will make sure you are not causing any trouble on his turf or damage his reputation. Woke guru issues fatwas on any behavior he sees as abominable that come into force retroactively, signaling a purge.

            The thing is even the most corrupt and brutal cleptocracies tend to leave ordinary people to their own devices unless the day of the racket arrives. It’s aspiring theocracies that can’t leave others alone, for their own good. We used to have Papal States that at least governed themselves in a reliable, monarchic manner with divison on secular and spiritual sphere. Savonarola’s project in Florence didn’t last long and even the Pope soured on him, btw it’s no coincidence that his life served as inspiration for many Reformers, Martin Luther among them.

            Woke cultism that pervades the managerial system seems to harbor greater ambitions. Everything in the Woke, nothing beyond the Woke, nothing against the Woke. Eternal march towards the greater Future with no opt-out or money-back guarantee option. Europeans can’t opt out from the electric car future, the deadline for internal combustion engine-powered pasenger cars has been set.

            To stay with analogies, imagine if Don one day announced that he reached epiphany and soldados are now actively policing the morality on his turf. You still have to pay your dues, now even more because Don wants to donate to alleviate miseries of new, “vibrant” arrivals in the neighbourhood. Soldados will also come for you if you’re suspected of committing racism or transphobia. The woke hierophant that was previously ignored, now has Don’s blessings to visit and assess your morality.

            Golden cage we built for ourselves is now losing the golden paint, revealing cold, ruthless steel underneath, like in the eyes of fanatics who are ready to finally set sail, full speed ahead.

        • Yes. I had an interesting situation with a forced group book review in year 0 of St. George of The Holy Overdose. The book was a classic, “whitey and his justice system are evil” – another tome written by another POC Phd In Skillessness who secures status and money by picking at the race scab.

          I took a serious chance and monkey wrenched the conversation using a progression of logic. I started with the War On Drugs and police contact playing a role in crime. That is a good opening salvo, because the Progs won’t defend the War On Drugs because WOD = Policing and Racism. They don’t know what uniform you wear if you present it properly. I progressed from there to family breakdown caused by, “the welfare state’s incentive structures.” Bewildered and dazed by the ambush, I then to crime statistics and suggested that might lead to higher probabilities of tense law enforcement interactions. They were completely off guard and totally inane in response to this.

          They have never thought about anything for themselves. They are empty vessels who have been filled with regime platitudes and narratives. That there are other perspectives and that they even have to respond is a shock to them. That someone has multiple, well reasoned explanations of reality and its complexity besides racism smashes their idea that such a person is racist. In the echo chamber – racist! works. Confronting reason and facts bolstered by well founded moral conviction, the moralizers crumble.

          Strategic use of the paleo-conservative/Sowell libertarianism points on crime, drug war … are very effective initial forays. They are intellectually honest within the moral Overton window, and ambiguous in terms of your team uniform. They bewilder and stun the NPC in an intellectual ambush – in my experience. Should you wish, you can then introduce crime stats with a series of, “Did you know that? or How do explain? ?”

          What was great was that at some point in this struggle session, one immigrant from Europe basically went Amren and started talking about his race observations and experiences he has living in an urban area. It was perfect because everyone knew as an immigrant he did not have guilt and he did not have the cultural baggage of, “whitey is guilty if he recounts what he has observed.” It was a very happy accident.

          After the conversation I got a DM from one of the participants thanking me for exercising our first amendment rights. It began a process of discovering a tiny number of dissidents that made taking an absolute onslaught of anti-white racism in the darkest days of St. George of The Holy Overdose’s reckoning and deification at least a little bearable. We had a lot of fun with the immigrant colleague’s unintentional, totally innocent, AmRen-esque race realism monologue that got way off of their reservation. The 30 seconds of that horse galloping away from the barn is a treasure I turn to and relish, and will continue to forever.

          In any case pixilated, I am glad that you will never bend the knee or degrade yourself. Neither will I. It comforts me to know that you and many others are out here staying strong.

  29. What is interesting about this culture of compulsion is how the American Right Left come together to maintain the order upon which American society is founded upon. The Left is clearly in the driving seat and barks the orders, whereas the Right exists primarily to gate keep any opposition to the Left, as well as to restrain the Left from making any fatal errors.

    The Right and the Left agree on the fundamental principles, and they agree on the ends, they just differ one how to get there. America is already a de-facto one-party state, if not in de-jure. So much for democracy.

    • In thinking about this more, it is clear that The Right in terms of electoral politics is outflanked and hopeless. They also are not that bright.

      The Right is dead because of democracy. They gave up on fighting immigration and accepted demographic destiny a long time ago. The war was lost decades ago. Then they spent years trying to position themselves to pick up ethnic votes at the margins. Remember GHW Bush trying to show off his, “little brown one?” They were only mocked and scorned for this.

      There are a couple of new entrants who have the right idea. They wisely attack on immigration and affirmative action. Those two issues can garner electoral support and victory on these issues shut down the major avenues of the Great Replacement. We need three issue candidates and we need to write our existing reps to put them at the top of their mind. We all now have daily experience with the anti-white agenda directly affecting us – so we have concrete complaints and targets to put two in the heart and one in the head of. The are:

      1. Shut down the border and ports of entry and shut down all illegal immigration; end birth right citizenship.
      2. End affirmative action. Get that on the state ballot and queue’d up in Congress if we get a majority.
      3. Provide political and legal representation to attack anti-white discrimination. This alone will keep them busy 36 hours a day. This also relies upon and includes proper judicial appointments. Start in your state. Going to court does no good if the judges are anti-white.

      Item number three must be understood to be a tactic. We use the Civil Rights act to defend ourselves. When we have beaten back the initial attacks and inflicted some wounds on government and corporations perhaps some corps will wise up and be willing to help us draft an end to the two-tiered, anti-white discrimination of the Civil Rights regime. We must pursue legislation and court victory.

      It is time to take the fight to the enemy. The longer we wait around, the more emboldened they become and the more bleak things will get.

      • I hear ya, but am not confident this approach can go anywhere. For example, Civil Rights is a White thang. Minorities don’t believe in it—unless they directly benefit—and do not support it in the abstract anyway, hence Whites need not apply.

      • PeiheliusLux: You argue, yet again, for rearranging the lifeboats on the Titanic. Cut off all immigration and end birthright citizenship and Whites are STILL a minority of AINO schoolchildren. Demographic replacement has already happened. All your laws and political tactics within a debased and twisted system will not change that. Talk about deporting all non-Whites born in the Anglosphere since 1965 and you might make a difference. “But that’s not politically possible” you would then lament.

        That’s my point – nothing genuinely effective is politically possible. There is NO political or legal or electoral solution to this problem.

        I totally reject your approach.

        • 3g, you are making the ceteris paribus error. That which exists today is not immutable. For example only, if a huge depression causes large self-repatriation like it did in the 1880s and 1930s, your baseline assumptions fail, and Perhelius’ idea isnt pointless.
          Multiple irons in the fire isnt a bad thing.

  30. My question is how much of a burden does our managerial class take on by having so many dumb people like the Haitian news reader? I know the core controlling people are intelligent but they are obligated to have quite a few diverse dummies.

    And it looks like the trend is for them to take on more. I may be optimistic but that should cripple them in the long run. I’d much rather have a Kamala Harris or this Haitian woman as an opponent, than the typical white liberal sellout.

    • In theory I would agree. However, in practice these officials have the full force and power of the US Security State and the US Armed Forces to take on anybody who wants to take them on. Even better, their supreme advantage is paid for by you. The very act of strengthening them weakens you.

      Now if you mean taking them on in the world of information warfare, you are still highly disadvantaged. Witness the basis of this article – you can be slandered, outcast and silenced when they deem you threat enough to do so.

      Tate was only defended because. The regime swallowed the outcry because he is half black and because he is like them – an egomaniacal person in pursuit of celebrity who is good at obtaining wealth by using his celebrity to institute on-line chain letters and multi-level marketing schemes. He is a living breathing Hennessy commercial. All is forgiven by The Hive with a donation and the most electric and sexually debauched structure at Burning Man next year – which he can afford.

      A white man who stands for our traditions who is of modest means will get no such reprieve.

      We have to find a way to institutional power. Get some toeholds and build. The optimism in your tactic is this – when enough POCs get their positions by excluding white people, more will wake up and realize they face an oncoming train of resentment, anger, begrudgement bent on revenge!

    • OTOH, maybe they see Kamala and the Haitian bimbo as the perfect frontmen: while the media stays constantly occupied with noticing their latest verbal gaffe or incomprehensible word salad, whoever is writing Biden’s scripts can proceed unobserved.

    • Its a burden for you not for them.

      While these morons are out front, any interaction you have is like trying to reason with a retard on drugs in the street, while they get on with stuff behind the scenes.

      Its the exhaustion and frustration that gives them value. This happens in all walks of life and is a magic wall of stupid between you and them, that you can never get over.

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