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On YouTube there is a genre of video about living off-grid. That is, living in a rural area without electricity, gas, internet and so on. Many, if not most, are fake because most everything is fake these days. Some are legitimate and they make for interesting viewing because it is mostly problem solving. Watching a guy noodle through how to make a tiny hydroelectric system is interesting.

There is also the appeal of disconnecting from the modern age. Consume the mass media for even a short time, like when putting together a podcast, and the appeal of off-grid living is obvious. Imagine a world where the liars have to hike into the forest in order to lie to you about something. You are fixing up you hut and some guy shows up to tell you about something called deniers.

That would not happen, which is the appeal of dropping out. Given the popularity of these videos, there must be a fair number of people thinking about it. Of course, YouTube stats are all fake too, but there are lots of books on the various aspects of off-grid living, so it seems to be a real thing. There is still a lot of empty land in America, so dropping out is not as impractical as it sounds initially.

On the other hand, The corollary to the Timothy Leary line, “Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out” is “Turn Off, Tune Out and Drop Out.” You do not have to move to the forest to disconnect from the grid. You can just drop your media connections, stop following current events and busy yourself with old fashioned hobbies. You can drop out while remaining in the regular world.

The challenge there is that the liars can easily get to you. Instead of consuming popular culture you take up woodworking, but then you start noticing that your favorite wood working sites now have rainbow flags on them. We are saturated in party messaging so if you have any presence on the grid, you will be infected by it. There is no where to hide in the grid from the lunatics and their lunacy.

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  • The War
  • Sweden
  • The Stasi
  • The Great Death
  • Christian Nationalism
  • Old People

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264 thoughts on “Russia & Other Stuff

  1. As far as a more muscular Christianity: I have struggled with faith recently. That’s periodic and normal, I think, not a big deal. There’s plenty in Scripture and history to justify a more masculine attitude in the religion.

    There’s talk of magic dirt, but there are also magic ideas imo, and that’s the highest hurdle for Christianity, imo. Without having put too much thought into it and not having much specific to say, I have a sense that ideas and spirit got confused somewhere along the way. It probably doesn’t help that Jesus is the Word, at least in translation. The Church fractured as it spread and grew, but why would this be the result of bad ideas any more than a biological, cultural, even spiritual, component? Of course, the latter begs some troubling questions, but so what? If the Truth is great, those questions have sufficient answers.

    I gather the PoMos ran with that confusion and roughly concluded that language is the source of meaning. I imagine that should be easily refuted, except that it must be that not much work has been put into clarifying the distinction between idea and spirit, material and immaterial, physical and metaphysical, etc., or that the work was simply abandoned. Then again, I’m not expert on any of this, nor am I exactly clear on what I’m getting at lol.

    • Translating Logos as Word kind of makes it odd. Perhaps in the middle ages or whenever it was first translated to English, it might have made sense. Today, ymmv. That is a good point, using language to confuse. The PoMos made the most of that confusion.
      That’s why the better emphasis for Logos is Logic or Truth.

  2. Last year I bought a house in the mountains of a mountain state. The house is so remote that mail is not delivered there. I have moved to the house and am preparing for the winter.

    Although some people have summer cabins up here, for much of the winter I will probably be the only person around for miles. I wish I had a community to be a part of but I’m introverted and while I do have some friends, I don’t have many.

    There are some significant risks. There may be 6 to 10 feet of snow. Although the roads are plowed, I may be snowed in at times. I could lose power. I do have a big propane tank and stove to keep me warm.

    This move seems extreme to some of my friends and family but the area where I was living until recently became one of the most quickly developing in the nation. The highways where I use to live are now almost as frustrating as those in San Francisco.

    Given my suspicions about the increasing problems our country will face in the future, I feel this initial period of difficulty may pay off later. If not, I can try to move back to civilization after this winter.

    • I know the feeling. I often think about doing the same thing. I often think about living in a world of collapse.

    • LineIn: “I do have some friends, I don’t have many.”

      I’m going to borrow that line for when I’m asked if I have lotsa friends. I usually hem ‘n haw nervously as I’m embarrassed to give an honest answer. Next time I’ll answer slow with humble pride in your Indian chief way. “I do have some friends. I do not have many.”

      About you becoming lone mountain man. If I recall you have a wife and home-schooled kids. Are they making the move with you? Or are they waiting to see if you literally freeze to death up there before they commit to joining you. Or have you gone so bonkers that they all left you years ago.

      I think it’s extreme. But then, I don’t know the whole story. In any case, it’s a bold move. Respect.

    • As John Michael Greer is fond of repeating, “Collapse now and avoid the rush.”

      There is a documentary called “The Happy People” that may interest you. It covers a year in the life of a fur trapper living on the Yenisei River in Siberia. You’ll learn how to build good traps from nearby timber, and make your own skis, using only a short axe; you’ll learn the way to set up winter camps for the deep snow season, protect provisions from bears and wolves, and – this above all – rediscover why well-trained dogs truly are “man’s best friend.”

      • “You’ll learn how to build good traps from nearby timber…”

        I can barely operate a trap from Walmart. I wouldn’t make it 2 days in the wilderness. Nor would all the hard work and worry be worth it to me. I got lost in the snow mountains once. The snow from the previous night covered up all the trails. Covered up all sense of terrain. The feeling you get the moment you realize you’re lost and may face the next days freezing and dying, is pretty eerie. The heart starts racing. And it takes a lot to increase my pulse. I usually get calmer in pressure situations. Anyway, lucky for me I spotted 2 hikers in the distance. They knew the mountain and told me how to get back down.

        If the world collapsed and I found myself in the woods or inner city, the first thing I’d do is call out the bears or vibrants. Go out fighting. Make it quick and…well, painful…but at least quick. I’d be calling them out. “BEAR! BEAAARRRR!”

        Like Dutch in Predator.

        • Eh, don’t beat yourself up. Short term wilderness survival usually boils down to water, shelter, and land navigation.

    • Think of it as a social psycho wellness bucket.

      Everyone has such a bucket, but they very widely in size. In order to maintain social psycho health one must regularly add some human interaction to this bucket.

      As simple as, “Good morning, is it hot enough for you?” The eye contact, the handshake, a few words, all these add to your social psycho wellness bucket. If you let your bucket get too low, your mood, satisfaction, happiness sinks also.

      We have hermits and social butterflies, but most people are in between. Find out where you are between those two outliers and and try to keep your bucket filled accordingly. Introverts tend to have a smaller bucket than extroverts.

  3. Living off the grid requires associates. It may technically be doable by oneself, but we are social creatures and we work best together. The question then becomes, how do we convince others to go off-grid with us? Without modern conveniences, most people would bellyache and complain. The grid welcomes us with its joys.

    • Communal living only works for a short time. And only if there is a tyrannical leader. It’s human nature.

      From my long observation of life, the human race’s destiny is eventually living in densely populated antpiles. Then decline followed by destruction. Same as it ever was. This red pill is in our genes. Sorry.

      • In my experience, people going “off the grid” — their main motivation is so they can then come back and tell people in the city how they lived off the grid, a way to impress people and/or to carve out a niche identity for themselves.

    • I don’t know a single person irl or on the web who is truly “off the grid”

      Ergo, it doesn’t exist for all intents and purposes

      My thinking is that if you get off social media and more or less drop out of national politics and perhaps move to a rural area that that’s pretty much as good as it gets.

      • Self-sufficient is a better word for it. I’m not off-grid, for instance, but if all of the modern conveniences went away tomorrow, I’d be OK. Same for my community, mostly. It wouldn’t turn into Road Warrior. We could live off-grid if it came to that.

        Living in the middle of nowhere would be great, but it’s a cost-benefit thing.

        Covid seems to have been a wake-up call for a lot of people. I see more gardens the past 2 years, more people outside. It’s a lot harder to book campsites at the state parks. The gun/outdoor shows aren’t the bonanza they used to be. So that’s good.

      • “I don’t know a single person irl or on the web who is truly “off the grid”

        Do you know why you don’t know a single one of them?

        Because they’re freaking OFF THE GRID.

  4. The topic on the podcast regarding the decrease in life expectancy prompted me to have this thought.

    How many people are going to have to be injured or die from them, before people stop taking them?

    I was picking up a prescription at Walgreens, and a Pharmacist talked an elderly lady into taking the Jab.

    Will doctors and pharmacists be held responsible fir the deaths they helped perpetrate?

      • The question remains;

        With all the information available, what will be the tipping point where people will say “No”. 2-3 billion dead?

        • Given the vex was only used in white countries the number will be less than 100 million in direct deaths I would say. The population will just fade away without a murmur as their life expectancy and birth rate fall off a cliff.

          No one was listening to them while they went on about replacing whites in their homelands and now they are already dead, they just have not realized yet.

  5. Calling this or that group fascists based upon substantive policy position (pro-abortion, anti-abortion, pro/anti immivasion, etc.) is wrong. Fascism is a system, not a particular policy position – a fascist can support progressive or conservative policies.

    • However, fascists have certain despotic proclivities not consistent with conservative and libertarian views. Hence the reason fascists are leftists. Let’s face it, fascism is little more than an unholy marriage between leftism and capitalism. Both Mussolini and Hitler were socialists before they were fascists.

      • “However, fascists have certain despotic proclivities not consistent with conservative and libertarian views.”

        Fascism is a government that explicitly makes its highest purpose the flourishing of the historic people of the country. To minority groups who want to change the country or dislike the people in the country this may look despotic but the majority feel like they are part of a real people.

        Fascism is putting the well-being of the people above what the rich, the corporations or the minorities want.

        A certain strain of whites descended from Northern Europe has a libertarian vision of everyone just leaving everyone else alone. However, the rest of the world does not want to leave you alone. If you commit to “live and let live” then you voluntarily disarm yourself against the world.

        • I acknowledge that “fascism” has many bad associations due to who has controlled the media since WW2.

          However, can anyone here really envision a way out of our current troubles that will not be called “fascist” by the media, the progressives, and the small government conservatives?

      • You must have missed the fact that entire west government, academia. media and corporations have merged into a uni-block of power against the population?

        What would you call that?

        • What would *you* call it? It’s not fascist yet its fascistic, not old-school Marxist yet there are cultural marxists, pound on a bunch of other cold war-era ideological terminologies that are barely relevant. Personally, I’d adopt “blacknogracy”; a corruption of “technocracy”, plus a bonus tautology. You need to be good at being a PoC to thrive in the system.

  6. The Sweden Democrats are the poster children for why I’m politically homeless in the west.

    The right wingers want to forcefully integrate the replacements and liquify the old to oblivion. All the while stressing law and order and doubling down on moral social liberalism, sedatives for a broken people.

    And the lefties offer multiculturalism ( honest to god I’d take real multiculturalism over the nightmare fuel right wing vision put forth by the Sweden Democrats of the world) ……and unlivable wokeness.

    This isn’ a choice. It’s pick your poison, tails you lose and heads they win.

  7. So, countdown:

    How many days until National Review or something more relevant of a like kind announces the conservative solution to Martha’s Vineyard is gunning down the vibrants and arresting Ron DeSantis and/or Greg Abbott? I say about two days, in less strident language endorsed by Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy. I had thought this another empty cuckservative gesture, and it started that way, but, man. Even a cuck finds an acorn now and then.

  8. Is there a place where the outro music is listed? I had to find a browser app to id the song off a mic pickup, it spat out an database entry of string literals with nothing but unicode escape sequences. Then I had to find a converter to turn it back into cyrillic so I could google the song: “Astrakhan Cossacks, Stanitsa Atamanskaya”

    Seemed like a lot of work.

      • Yeah. It’s difficult for decent (and healthy) people to ignore stray animals. Those people are *both* Left and Right of the political spectrum. Got more than one of those myself. You just can’t help it. On the opposite hand, an animal abuser is a sure sign of a broken psyche at work. That’s one of the reasons the crime of animal abuse is often a felony—get them in the system and away from firearms.

    • You gotta rethink your cat-guy impression. 1. Dogs are needy. Z ain’t got time for dat. I can’t picture Zman pacing his dog up and down his front sidewalk, impatiently waiting for it to poop in front of everyone. 2. Two alpha males in the same space gets tricky. The first time Max growls at Zman, Max dies. But Z is torn up and bloodied. Neither one needs that. 3. Cats are pretty but that does not mean prissy. Cats are cool. Hence, “Myles Davis? That was one cool cat.” 4. Scared. Until they’re not. If it comes down to it, that puffy white kitten with the pretty blue eyes hiding behind the couch will rip your face off. 5. Evil villains who rule half the world always have at least two cats at their side. The Godfather starts off with the Godfather himself petting a cat in his lap.

      Case dismissed.

    • Few years back I was getting moved and living in corporate apartment. The move coordinator asked if it was just me moving and I said, “Just me and my cat.” She said, in obvious WTF tone, “ You have a cat?”

  9. I’ve always been surprised that the US life expectancy is as high as it is. The obesity rate is shocking, even compared to Canada which also has an obesity issue. Outside of certain affluent, and/or liberal areas, everyone is fat. Great tubs of lard walking around with fat rolls everywhere, looking like blown up rubber dolls. I wouldn’t be surprised if this had very bad effects for people infected with COVID.

    There have been a few junior hockey players in Ontario that just dropped dead – one was 16 years old, one was 19 years old (Beeton, ON and Ayr, ON, if you want to look it up). In all my time in the hockey world, I have never heard of any teenage player suffering, let alone dying, from a heart attack. It’s only two cases, but people are whispering. Teenagers don’t just drop dead during a hockey game.

    We still don’t know the long term effects. My theory is that the vax is “mostly” harmless, but has an unacceptably high rate of adverse effects, especially for young people compared to getting COVID. So you’ll probably be ok, but if you’re in the unlucky 0.5%, you’re effed.

    I don’t know if I jump immediately to a mass vax die-off. I do think that’s contributing somewhat. But we also have to factor in the lockdowns. These caused people to get even fatter, drink more, do more drugs, etc. There is also the general social and moral decay taking place, where people have nothing to live for. The opioid crisis is spiralling even further.

    Either way, I’m glad I never got the jab. I went from being an evil, selfish person (maybe worse than H-) who wants Grannies to die, to becoming a respected person for refusing the jab. Remember Ontario is around 93% Vaxxed for 18+. But people treat me like a curiosity now and many quietly feel they were duped into it. I looked long term and weathered the storm, without injecting myself with questionable DNA chemicals. But I will never forget who abandoned me during the vaxx madness, and who stood by my side (both vaxxed and unvaxxed). Never.

    • B125: “But I will never forget who abandoned me during the vaxx madness, and who stood by my side (both vaxxed and unvaxxed). Never.”


    • The sudden deaths are I think collateral damage for the vex long term effects. But like they care.

      If you view the world from how they seem to think about the world the pattern would be shortened life spans, reduced fertility for whites and for those who did not die quickly a significant uptick for a stream of semi-serious illness that generates a constant stream of revenue from the survivors

      • Judging from those I personally know I would say serious problems are MUCH more common than this. Its an anecdote and Im a random anonymous internet person… but Im sure enough of you can verify from your own experience

        Sudden cancers, strokes, myocarditis, recurring shingles, life threatening/altering opportunistic infections… seen it all in previously healthy people I personally know in the past couple years.

        Dont really know whats in the shot, but it was enough for me to know that people that hate me and want my whole family dead were suddenly extremely interested in my health. Feel extremely vindicated now and thankful that my immediate family is free of the poison.

        Also made clear that “conspiracy theories” are much more reliable than official sources. I now go back through historical events that once seemed so certain, armed with the knowledge that these same people can and will lie in the most outrageous and even transparent way. “Revisionism” of all kinds just becomes common sense now

        • Amen No one, very well said. I’m seeing sickness, debilitation and death in many friends and family, all juiced.

        • “ Sudden cancers, strokes, myocarditis, recurring shingles, life threatening/altering opportunistic infections…”

          The key here is an understanding that the “jab”, at least the repeated jabs not only are ineffective wrt Covid, but mounting evidence is showing they affect our immune system, such that it is “exhausted” and fails to function properly—much earlier that would be found in old age.

          Much of what you speak about as diseases uncommon in the healthy are common in the old with deficient immune systems. Add in blood clots, and you’ve pretty much encompassed all the serious side effects recorded.

        • Both my wife and my dad got shingles after getting the vaxx

          Incidentally, I remember how before Covid that pharmacies were alway advertising shingles shots AND flu shots at the same time. Connection?

          • I am curious as to why you took it?

            Even if you did not read the technology background. Did not the line up of people promoting it not give you cause for concern?

            They are the same that have promoted many of the other evils inflicted on society.

            The odds of them doing something for your benefit while being in lockstep with the entire media seems a giant warning flag to put it mildly.

    • GREAT comment. Agreed in every detail, too.

      Just a few points:

      1. Obesity and the severity of Covid were directly linked. As you pointed out, Americans are fatter than beef steers but even taking that factor into consideration the better the BMI the better the recovery.

      2. Covid was a great and eye-opening thing, the most important event in our lifetimes, in no small part because it separated the wheat from the chaff. I and someone else here (Sev, I think) lost best friends after we realized what little Stasi snitches they would prove to be under the right circumstances. My former best friend shocked me and there were no signs he would become a bowl of jelly. We learned not to trust people.

      3. You have it about right about adverse vaccine effects. Europe is moving quickly to eliminate vaccines for anyone under 50 because the risk outweighs the benefits.

      4. Public health is irreparably harmed, and that’s probably a good thing.

      Again, awesome comment.

    • “But I will never forget who abandoned me during the vaxx madness, and who stood by my side (both vaxxed and unvaxxed). Never.”

      Amen, brother, Amen.

      And I will never forget the people who lied to me. Doctors, politicians, bureaucrats, media people, corporate executives who pushed the vaccine mandates, lockdowns and other atrocities.

  10. This off-the-grid stuff reminds me of the back-to-the-land movement of the Sixties and Seventies. Been there done that. I loved living in the back country of Northern California – for about seven years. Most people can’t imagine how hard it is to live in a severe environment without modern conveniences. It’s just plain hard work day after day. And we knew how to actually do things like fix our own vehicles, etc.

    The Northern California back country is littered with abandoned hippie houses and communes. The “settlers” all left for SF, Berkeley , and LA, or the wealthy suburbs if they came from money. The crafty ones took State jobs, voted Democrat, and destroyed California forever.

    • Yeah. Off the grid seems a bit like cutting off your nose to spite the face. I am not knocking people for doing it. However, if sending us into hardship is what they want, why do it for them? It feels like retreat and defeat. I suppose if your children are stronger and more resilient. But this isn’t 1887. The future will be ever more technologically intensive and will be won with highly competent and powerfully connected people on our side. The cabin in the woods is handy if it is done in collaboration with urbanites on our side who can use the resource to strengthen their children – make them more resilient, grounded and masculine via summer trips where they experience some decent chunks of rugged living.

      I think we would be better off building a stronger hand than dealing ourselves a weaker one. The rural rugged cooperating with the urban elite could be a potent long term tactic. Our posterity would be much stronger than the elite’s Ibiza bat-mitzvah and debutante offspring.

      “In a different age these guys would be killing hookers and burying them in the desert. That is what they do. Instead in this age they kill our country.” \M/ \M/

    • My relations bootleged. Siskiyou county. I did too.
      Lot of hard hard work, like most farming. Some years better than others.
      Ironicly one of my cousins put herself through law school with her proceeds.

  11. Z: “When you report that someone’s dead and they aren’t actually dead. I mean, you can’t be more wrong.” LOL 6:40

  12. – great magazine ,
    There is nothing smarter you can do right now than take some money out of your 401 k and buy some land . It helps in several ways . It is money out of black rocks hands and land has always been a hedge against inflation . It is also the added benefit of a place to be if things go to hell in a really big way. I grew up in the mountians of Kw and Wva in the 60’s and 70’s . we were “off grid in that we had no running water , and heated and cooked on wood stoves. I remember it fondly.
    Today with batteries and solar cells, you can still have dish internet and usable refrigerator.

    • > “buy some land ”

      CLASSICALLY speaking, purchasing unimproved land [land which had no physical structures on it], was one of the stupidest things you could do with your money [because, unlike improved property, unimproved property does not increase in value over time, and because, furthermore, you are paying annual property taxes on that unimproved property; ergo purchasing unimproved property was almost always a LOSE/LOSE financial proposition].

      Classically speaking.

      Two thoughts about purchasing unimproved property in Klownworld/Hellmouth, for survivalist [as opposed to speculatory] purposes.

      1) The most important feature of unimproved property is the quality of the GROUND WATER. You want an aquifer beneath you which is making such powerful water pressure that fresh water springs are springing up all over the property [and of course you want the water not to have been poisoned by anything like heavy metals, and you don’t want the water to stink, or taste foul, and you do want the soil to “perk”, so that you can lay a septic tank system].

      2) With the Fed increasing rates, the shekelmongers in Real Estate are starting to panic, and Improved Property [i.e. “Housing”] prices are starting to plummet.

      And you always want to buy LOW and sell HIGH.

      So let the prices plummet to their nadir, and in the meantime, learn your market like the back of your hand [spend hours & hours & hours at Zillow, Craigslist, FaceCock Marketplace, etc etc etc], know that market better than it knows itself, and wait as long as possible before purchasing your dream property [because the value of that dream property is on the way down right now].

      Be patient, keep your ammunition dry [i.e. hold tight to your money], study your prey, know your prey better than it knows itself, then POUNCE.

      PS: If you’ve got any people skills whatsoever, then study the property maps on your target county’s “GIS” mapping system, and get the names of the owners on the Property Cards, and then approach the owners in person, about purchasing some land from them [often they’ll be farmers], and thereby secure choice prime water & soil before it ever even has a chance to appear on any of the mass-marketplace property listings.

      [I.e. via your superior scrapping skills, you cut off your competition at the knees, before your competition even realizes that it had been in competition with you in the first place.]

      • how is that inflation treating YOUR 401K bourbon.? I didn’t expect a glowing recommendation for my advice. But from personal experience, we moved to a 40 acre farm in northern Indiana in the late 70’s. it sold for 27K when my dad died in the very late 90’s. Now, typical norther Indiana vacant land sells like this piece,
        $395K . yeah , really shitty investment.

        • mfrosty, I was trying to indicate that classically [in the PAST], purchasing raw unimproved land was, on average, a terrible way to invest your money, and I was trying to indicate [obviously I failed] that purchasing raw unimproved land [for survivalist/bugout purposes] was an entirely prudent thing to do.

          If you’re city folk [no offense to city folk, but they’re utter cretins when it comes to survivalism], if you’re city folk, then you need to learn about what you ought to purchase [i.e. bountiful clean groundwater and perking soil].

          And if you’re rural folk, who already know about survivalism, but who are looking to move to dirt and groundwater with an even better chance of providing the odds necessary for surviving, i.e. if you know surviving, but you don’t know money, then get out there on the dadgum internet, read every dadgum Property Card in your target County’s real estate web server, learn as many historical prices as you can [they’re in the County’s real estate web server], check all your various brokerage outlets [Zillow, Craigslist, Facebook, etc], and fill you head with so many numbers that your head is about to explode.

          Then and only then are you ready to part with your money: When you know your market better than the market knows itself.

          And right now, the market is in the process of beginning to crash.

          So be patient, watch prices fall, and then POUNCE when your dream property comes down in price to what you feel comfortable purchasing.

          PS: On the question of improved versus unimproved property, I would NOT characterize not-fallow farmland, with fertile soil, as being unimproved.

          Recently-tilled, not-fallow, rich soil, with a track record of crop production, is an yuge improvement over average [or sub-average] unimproved dirt.

  13. Scott Ritter has a pretty interesting take on the Russian-Ukrainian war and the recent successes of the “Ukrainian” (NATO) military.

    He says the region where the breakthrough happened was basically held by SWAT team members who are normally involved in anti-terrorism and organized crime and not armored armies. Kind of sounds like excuse making, but he’s pretty hard on the Russians for making such a retarded mistake.

    I don’t know much about him other than he occasionally pops up on Tom Woods’ podcast and is generally opposed to the GAE. At worst, he’s a counterbalance to the constant Ukrainian propaganda in the English speaking press.

    • Ritter was initially famous for being the chief UN inspector searching for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. He fell from grace when Bush II was pushing for invasion under the pretext that Saddam Insane had broken the armistice by not turning over his WMD’s. Ritter insisted that there was no credible evidence of WMD’s any longer in Iraq. In short, he stood up to Bush II and suffered the consequences. Of course, Bush II invaded anyway by lying to the UN and later failed to find the stated weapons or evidence of any active WMD program.

      Ritter is a trained Marine, and spent many years in intelligence. He knows weapons and tactics. For example, he was the only one I saw who call the early on Russian approach/threat on Kiev (remember the 40 mile long convoy with 40k RU soldier approaching) as a diversionary “holding” tactic and not an attempted attack.

      This approach/tactic required Kiev to keep over 200k soldiers in Kiev region rather than send them to reinforce the war resistance in the South and Crimea. 40k RU soldiers kept 200k UKE soldiers pinned down without a shot fired.

    • Ritter’s takes are certainly no worse than anyone else’s, and form this layman’s perspective they seem to make more sense. They are also consistent with the retired general who makes the Youtube alt channel rounds – MacGregor?

  14. “ There is no where to hide in the grid from the lunatics and their lunacy.‘

    You can say that again. Interesting event just recently. Netflix TV show from Japan with English subtitles caught my eye. Judging from cell phones, the series began in 2009 and from reading review looks like it ended 2016. So far, in season 1–offering 10 episodes (I assume 2009)—the themes have involved; a gay Japanese flamer, a trans-woman relationship with a cis-male, inter-racial love story of a Japanese man with a Korean woman, a male pornographic “super start” who undertakes a protégée, and a pornographic female stripper who is shown leaving nothing to the imagination in her “act”. Most of these “characters” have become regulars on the show as well. Think of a Japanese “Cheers” and you get the general theme and character interactions.

    All the above is portrayed in a sympathetic manner and is obviously meant to “normalize” such deviancy to the Japanese audience. In the one episode where there was umbrage taken by a Japanese, his character was roundly condemned and ostracized by the other show characters.

    It must be working, I’ve read this show was popular and critically acclaimed in Japan. It has been copied and reproduced in other Asian markets, albeit failed in China (good for them).

    • I’m playing the latest Yakuza game, which has always been a series that was at least a little bit pozzed, and the “Big Bad” is a guy fighting to bankrupt the mob by closing down the whorehouses and shipping illegals out of the nation while the origin of the hero is inferred to be the result of a meet-up between a prostitute and a quadroon john.

    • “inter-racial love story of a Japanese man with a Korean woman”

      Damn, man, you are hardcore! This is like an Italian and a Finn.

      But I’m very surprised they would use this particular combination to corrupt Japanese society. After all, Japanese men have had Korean “comfort women” in the past. Having a Korean man shacking up with a Japanese women seems much more corrosive to the Japanese. But that might just be my white-mind at work.

      • Tars Tarkas: “an Italian and a Finn”


        It makes me feel filthy just thinking about it.

        Quentin Tarantino, via the immortal Dennis Hopper, and a word or two to say about the matter.

      • If you follow the Japanese politics, it is a big deal. Koreans have been mentioned as a solution to their population decline. I believe there is now a contingent living and working in Japan with no road to citizenship and there is a movement to get them out.

        The Japanese rightly conclude that to allow these people in as citizens would dilute the culture of traditional Japan and perhaps worse, normalize immigration of non-Japanese stock. I personally have no animosity toward Koreans (we’ve a lot here) and Japanese, but do admire the Japanese holding the line against non-Japanese influx. If only we had done such in the US wrt non-Whites (we’ve always been a mix of White ethnies).

        • Eh, there’s no “no road to citizenship”, but more like “the Koreans just don’t take it”. The comfort women issue gets a lot of attention, but Japan actually tried to do something about it, if passively. For decades after the war they would grant asylum to the offspring of these women. A person basically had to be SE Asian/Korean and show some corroborating evidence, but it was possible. It was ended in the early 2000s, I think.

        • Ethno-cultural dilution is a serious thing although I noticed that more deracinated white nationalists from USA tend to neglect that (“we all white, dude!”). Those who excuse white-asian relationships are even worse rank hypocrites.

          My nation, despite enormous blood-letting undergone during WWII received something precious after the war, a mono-ethnic (albeit socialist) authoritarian nation-state. It was the democracy that started diluting us again, first sending off young Poles abroad and then importing Ukrainians (against whom I have nothing personal). Although inter-marriage within your ethno-linguistic group carries less risks, you sitll have to think, what cultural-national identity you’re going to impart upon your child. Also, if you ever found your nation at a conflict with the fatherland of your spouse, what stance would you adopt? My people from the south-eastern Borderlands faced that dilemma in the worst circumstances during 1943-45 campaign of genocide. Those interested can read, what Ukrainian nationalists did to Polish-Ukrainian couples.

          Let’s not get crazy about inter-ethnic/racial relationships, but have a clear view of potential consequences and trade-offs.

      • I’m not advocating for purposeful miscegenation, but you could do a helluva lot worse than intermixing a Korean or Taiwanese/Chinese. At least they’re genetically closer than say African or North American Pavement Ape. I mean, a white guy marrying into the culture and raising his kids in Japan and those kids continue the line in Japan, after two-three generations they’re only vague traces of the caucasian roots left. It works the other way, too. My great grandkids did the “reversion to the mean” thing and have my family’s distinct eyes.

        I knew a guy years back who was devastated to learn his grandma had a fling with a Marine and oops, he was a third white (I even saw a photo of his mother, she had plastic surgery somewhere). A Korean or Chinese mating with a Jap, yeah, good luck telling their kids apart from others except if you know them or are Jap yourself.

    • Japan was the last best hope for the world, but they’ve fully exited onto the road to hell.

      They still produce a lot of traditional/non-woke/non-conformist art and entertainment, but that’s about to stop. To avoid social stigma, non-mega-corporate work in Japan is typically done by anonymous/pseudonymous people. The existence of any alternative to pozzed American-style trash infuriates Sony et al, so at their behest is currently in the process of making doing any non-mega-corporate business under anything other than your official government-recognized and *publicly exposed* name illegal.

      Coming soon to a country near you.

      • I guess. Sony’s been on the downward spiral for a long time. They can’t even ship their flagship product, the PS5, in any reliable number. Hell, they raised the price of it.

    • I get the feeling it was made in following what was perceived to be fashionable at the time, not what people truly believe. The diet in Japan took a vote in 2021, during the height of the shamdemic, to pass tranny protection laws cuz that’s what was going on all over the Western world. “Me too, me too, we’re progressive like you” type BS. Hard to believe, but even just six years ago, things weren’t as crazy as now. It was actually a well-put together show for all the nonsense it contained. I’m not a purity spiraler, I can watch stuff with obvious leftist themes if it’s well made. Now, no way, I see a tranny or an obvious degenerate flit across the screen, or almost anything Western for that matter, and just turn it off.

  15. Instead of consuming popular culture you take up woodworking, but then you start noticing that your favorite wood working sites now have rainbow flags on them.

    My favorite woodworking sites? I think the chances of my local lumber yard having rainbow flags all over it is remote, and if I find rainbow flags on any trees in my woods, someone is getting shot! 🙂

    • Here at the University, we had a number of years ago a brouhaha regarding “Take you daughter to work day!” Seems that, without much fanfare, some employee’s took their son’s to work on that day.

      Well, word got out, then one VP for “DIE” (was it called so then?) sent out a memo reminding folk that the day was called “Take your *daughter*…” and that to bring your son was disrespectful and unnecessary since “privilege”.

      There was then a wonderful exchange among all the wokies—some saying it was discriminatory because if you only had boys…, another that with the majority of employees being women, boys needed to see and appreciate their mothers’ efforts, and so forth. Got so heated, the President had to send a memo, least it hit the local news, that boys were indeed welcome. Gotta love it when these folk get to battling among themselves. 😉

      • Well, I would have argued that if my son was a boy who was “assigned a male gender at birth” but decided he wanted to be a girl, he should be able to attend…

  16. You cannot take seriously a single word of anyone who was anti-Trump seriously regardless of what they are saying today.

    These are the same literal people who, when the party nominated finks like Romney, McCain and Bush, chastised us to hold our noses and vote for the traitors because that was good for the party and for the GOP platform. Then, once a candidate who they didn’t like got the nomination, instead of “holding their noses” and sticking with the party, put on public clown shows about how Trump was an evil Nazi. Notice they never claimed he wasn’t conservative enough, it was always leftist critiques of him, like being a White supremacist or Nazi or some other retarded stuff.

    As usual, Trump’s biggest strength is getting our enemies to unmask themselves. I can only assume this guy who owns The Federalist is trying to get in front of the crowd and lead them down a cul-de-sac or over a cliff and onto the rocks below.

    • The combination of Trump and the Covid panic pretty much guarantee some kind of a split in the US that may (and hopefully will) spread to the rest of the so-called “Western” world. I won’t call it the “free” world because… well that should be obvious. I know for a fact that virtually everyone in my bugman neighborhood was on the Wrong Side of both issues. Some of them are drifting around to the idea of (finally) voting R this time with the result that Moron-egon may get it’s first R governor in a couple generations.

      I know it doesn’t mean anything though and is mostly about the fact that the chaos in the nearby Democrat shithole of Portland is bleeding into their posh neighborhood. Their catalytic converters are getting stolen! OMG! How could this happen? Didn’t they see the Biden bumper sticker? Personally I’ll never forgive them or stop hating them. I know they’re all just a Monkeypox away from putting thier rainbow masks back on and lecturing me about my White privilege. Maybe, when the SHTF, I’ll volunteer to drive busloads of vibrants out to steal their “hate has no home” lawn signs – and everything else.

      • And an onlyfans. Of course. She’s not the only youtuber doing this same grift. There’s another one in Vancouver doing the same thing. Same BS of her butt taking the majority of the scenes.

        • My favorite female grifter is the young woman living in her Prius that just happens to be a former NFL cheerleader.

          “Hey guyz! Look how fun and easy it is to live in your car!”

          Uh huh.

        • I’m not completely immune. There’s this girl, Hannah Barron, who makes YouTube videos mostly about catfish noodling, along with some other outdoor sports and she’s cute as hell. I don’t give a damn about noodling catfish, but I’ll give her videos a watch now and then just to see her smile.

          • Seen that one, just because I’ve never seen a women stick their damn hand in a large fish’s mouth. Hell, I’d think twice myself.

      • Funny what you can get away with on YT if you’ve got a good cover story for the video. Can’t tell you how many ref’s I’ve seen posted for Brazilian waxing on YT.

    • All these young women you guys are talking about are illustrations of Pozy’s Law – any reasonably attractive young(ish) woman whose “job” prominently features her image is a whore or crypto-whore. The status level of a given woman is determined by how far from actually handling a dick she is. It’s not surprising to see how many of them are on Onlyfans. Superficially it’s a step down the ladder but the streaming format allows them to keep the slobbering cucks at a distance while monetizing their asses a bit more.

  17. I have friends who live off the grid in rural Arkansaw. They started in a yurt with two small children. They now have a spacious cabin and a two whole outhouse (with curtains). Their only power is solar, so they consider it a treat when they visit friends with air conditioning in the hot summertime.

    • Living off the grid, or living an alternate lifestyle, vis a vis parallel societies, it depends on how one wants to live.

      We have become as soft as puppy shit. Yes I like A/C, but at the end of the day, if you had to, you would survive without it. Mankind somehow survived before Freon.

      It’s been hard to ween myself off of conveniences, but if one wants to make his/her life as simple and uncomplicated as possible, it’s possible.

      It takes effort and sacrifice, traits that are sorely lacking.

      Sorry for the redundancy.

      • Bartleby the Scrivner: “Yes I like A/C, but at the end of the day, if you had to, you would survive without it.”

        I hate to pick a nit, but ACKSHUALLY speaking, if the grid were to go down in the peak of summertime [say, an hypothetical ChiCom hypersonic EMP weapon attack circa the 4th of July], then somewhere between 10 million and 100 million grossly obese Amurrikkkunz would be dead from heat stroke no later than about Labor Day.

        Although you are correct in noting that they are “soft as puppy shit”.

        And my understanding is that that condition – soft as puppy shit – when properly cured, makes for excellent bacon.

        • Bourbon

          I’m trying to find the downside to your comment, and for the life of me I just can’t find it.

      • Bartleby: There are different levels of ‘off grid’ living – and everyone defines them differently as well. You’ll always have the purists (use nothing but hand tools and manpower and make everything as difficult as possible) and full credit to those who can make that work. I think more people are trying to reach some sort of compromise – simplifying life where they can, removing themselves from the cesspool of mass media/mass culture, and yet enjoy certain modern conveniences such as limited electricity and indoor plumbing. Always have backups for when/if times get even harder, but no need to make oneself super uncomfortable before time.

        • This describes my current plan accurately. Once we are able to retire, this is what we will do.

          Mainly for me, I simply want to be away from the vibrants. Of all of the issues, and there are many, they are my big one. I despise them with every ounce of my being, and I want to be somewhere that I have to look really really hard to find one.

          • Join the club, I’m in the process of trying to find a “Goldilocks” location to set up shop after I retire.

          • Tired Citizen: The county we’re moving to is about 95% White, as are the 3-4 neighboring ones. When we’ve visited there we’ve seen perhaps one or two non-Whites all told – and that’s if we’re eating out all the time and doing touristy things. No subcons, tiny number of Orientals and Mestizos, and only one very rare sighting of a dindu.

            However, damned if I’m going to specify the place online. The state demographics overall aren’t good – but most of them are bad and trending worse. The trick is to find an area that’s still mostly clear and where there is no established base for them to build on. Plus a reputation of historic hostility to vibrants. This may change as more and more out of staters with money buy acreage, but hopefully they’ll die off too when things get sporty.

      • The (un-delevoped) woods are a nice place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live there.

        It’s a diversion and a Larp. I occasionally follow a Swedish family living in the North of Sweden and their naivete always shocks me. It never occurs to them how much land it takes to support them. They talk about “sustainability” all the time and how we have to switch to natural fiber clothes, for example. How we would clothe 8 billion people with wool is a question never asked, let alone answered. Because they own a car and are never more than a sail foam call away from things like fire service, emergency medicine etc, Not to mention a big fat paycheck from youtube, it’s also just a big old larp. Running a youtube channel from this off-the-grid farm makes it unintentionally funny. This is why I say it’s a larp in addition to not being a solution to literally any of our problems.

        Sad, really. It many ways, it’s a reflection of so much of what is wrong. They get the sense something isn’t right, but then they just go off the rails with progressive eco-ism bugaboos about “climate change” and general eco-ism. They seem like nice people and don’t go off on the more offensive (to our sensibilities) progressive nonsense.

        Their channel is called talasbuan

        You see similar stuff in the van-life scene. Though this scene seems to be more about re-framing their disenfranchisement from middle class life as a personal lifestyle decision. They portray their status as “near homeless” as a celebrity lifestyle mixed with abandoning their duties to society as adults. You would think the death of Gabby Petito would have brought more attention to this phenomenon. Nobody thought it odd she was going to live in a van traveling around the country.

  18. The dopiest version of the, “off-grid,” videos are those featuring attractive young women.

    Here’s Viking Kendra, who may actually have Swedish heritage:

    This phenomenon also shows up in the, “van life,” and, “I live in my car,” subgenres.

    • those are fake clickbait for the simp crowd . there was they are always dressing in just enough to get past the you tube censors and doing things like chop wood or swimming in the pond that impart ad little jiggle to keep the old guys watching . Remember that they get money from youtube , and I’m sure their “Homesteads” are fake .

      • Yeah everyone of her thumbnails shows her taking her bra off, showing her ass, not wearing clothes in a pool of water. Nothing wrong with any of that but she’s prob not the most principled person. Trying to make a living off almost softcore stuff while pretending its something else to pass by censors. Read my comment below, these are the people who are running things right now.

        • “Nothing wrong with any of that”

          The morally non judgmental thing is why little boys are getting castrated now.

          Dont be afraid to call things wrong

          • Well yeah, i have the luxury of that viewpoint currently because if i want i don’t have to associate with people like that. Currently it seems like the ability to choose what you think and who you spend time with is under assault. I hold no illusions of what will have to be done when the SHTF.

            Its funny but somewhere on the way all of this shit we have to deal with was being taught by someone. I never noticed it in school or college, who was pushing this shit? Did it all happen after 2008 when i was out of school? How did we not hear anything about it until it was accepted dogma, maybe i just wasn’t paying enough attention.

          • Mr. House: “maybe i just wasn’t paying enough attention.”

            I don’t mean to be rude, but you just weren’t paying enough attention.

            That’s okay, however; all of us were once naive and trusting and optimistic.

            But cynical and paranoid and pessimistic is a vastly superior psychological frame of mind for surviving the coming horrors.

            VASTLY. SUPERIOR.

          • Stuff like this is also why all the vibrant new arrivals from the Third World believe our women are fair game.

          • I’m not going to get bent out of shape over a good-looking woman shoveling snow in short shorts. Good wholesome porn. It’s best to conserve our angry mental energy for facing the true villainy that surrounds us.

    • The live in your car/van idea is just sad, I like the off grid idea, its possible depending on where you live, I know two people using mainly solar, (in Ireland) but they burn wood/turf in the winter and a little gas in the dark wither months, good for them. they like it

      They also try to grow as much of their own food as possible, but its very hard to be 100% off grid. no man is an island

      • (((They))) Live: “…its very hard to be 100% off grid. no man is an island…”


        We will need communities.

        If for no other reason than to keep our Bloodlines from becoming poisoned by in-breeding.

        That’s one of the reasons I got into the Dissident Right in the first place; to try to encourage Beta males to grow a pair, step up to the plate, and thrust White bunz into White ovenz.

        Too much siring of children by Alpha males effectively induces neo-polygamy, which quickly destroys the gene pool.

        We want broad flat bell curves, with lots of outliers, many standard deviations above average, not narrow sharp [“Delta Function”] bell curves, which have few if any outliers.

      • The live in your car/van idea is just sad

        You definitely wanna upgrade to at least a box truck [with a proper 96″ ceiling].

        School busses are interesting, but their ceilings are rarely higher than about 72″ to 74″, which simply isn’t tall enough for folks of Northern European stock, with substantial bloodlines coming out of greater-Doggerland/Germania.

        OTOH, if you were a squa-te-malan, then School Bus Conversions would ROCK!!!!!

        PS: There is a subculture of School Bus Conversioning, wherein dudes cut the the body of the bus in half [height-wise], raise the roof, weld in an extra foot or two of metal plating to to the metal walls, and then lower the roof back down and weld it onto the now-higher walls.

        But you need some mad-crazy metal-working & industrial hydraulics skillz to “lift” the roof of a Schoolie.

        Crazy-mad skillz.

      • you will have to work as well. you cannot support yourself off small acreage. however , if you have enough $ to get small with a junky house you can work on , grow your own food , and work on your own stuff, you can get buy on a lot less cash. so you will take a hit on the status and available cash , and have to have startup money .

    • Wild Geese: Anything that features a single or purportedly paired up woman wearing as little as possible is simple clickbait. Same with the non-White facsimile ‘homesteaders.’ And half of all the ‘prepper’ crowd on YT are former Californians – and yes, it shows. Quite a few of the off grid/prepper couples are strongly anti-children, which makes me wonder why they’re going to the lengths they do to store up food or to come up with sometimes ingenious hacks or build their favorite ‘barndominium’ when they plan to die and leave it all to Gaia.

      Sift the wheat from the chaff, skim through what catches your eye, and always skim the comments (99% dross but 1% gold) for information you can use.

  19. Isn’t it funny how our current world is run by women? The passive aggressiveness, the loyalty tests, the fact that all of our thinking is now done with “feelings”? And the no accountability of society or any of our institutions. It all reflects the basest of female nature, and my god is it terrible and frightening.

    To the feminists who scream about the patriarchy, it doesn’t exist, what we’re living now is all of your making.

    • No wonder most women seem grossly unhappy and on psycho-meds.

      They have to live their entire life with these constructs in their social groups. The rest of us are now just experiencing the same shit environment.

      • I first witnessed it in the lunch room in junior high maybe. The popular girls were excommunicating someone from their clique and the amount of tears that were shed were beyond belief. The only other time you saw those tears was when a teacher yelled at them which immediately got them out of hot water for an offense that would have gotten anyone else detention or sent to the principles office.

        This is how we should run the world?

        • trumpton: “No wonder most women seem grossly unhappy and on psycho-meds.”

          Somewhere on this page, I think I made a comment about the grossly obese dying by the tens of millions were the Chicoms to take out our electric grid [via hyper-sonic EMP weapons], thereby ending artificial refrigeration of houses in the summertime.

          The grossly obese drop dead like flies in the absence of air-conditioning.

          And speaking of “psycho-meds”, the numbers I’ve heard lately – of 200 million or more Americans on SSRIs ?!?!? – most of which are now manufactured in mainland China or India – ?!?!? – the numbers are simply horrifying.

          Going cold turkey off of SSRIs [in the event, of, say, WWIII cutting off the supply lines for SSRI export/import] would be extremely dangerous and life threatening for about two thirds of all Americans.

          • Exactly. Given the United States would lose all its psychotropics if war with China erupted, is a solid tell that the Eagle is chicken hawking. Listen to them lecture China about Russia: “you’d better cut off Putin or…” The clause after “or” never gets completed.

            It has been game, set, match ever since production was offshored, whether by design or not.

          • Recent study’s have shown that SSRIs do nothing for depression, since the studies are showing no correlation between serotonin and depression. So the medical industry has made untold billions on sugar pills at best, and something more harmful at worst.

      • Once you see the SSR-eyes, it’s impossible to unsee them.

        We’re ruled by overmedicated psychopaths.

        • Its almost like society was structured the way it was for a reason, and then we forgot what that reason was and began living our lives in the abstract and suddenly everyone became equal. Hence why we currently call the world we live in, clown world!

    • We used to understand that women menstruate. After that it’s menopause. Hormone science is getting the same treatment that genetics does. It has to be suppressed and ignored to allow for fairy tales and narratives. Hormonal behaviour is entirely natural, and special allowances have to be made for it or you will have lunatics bringing the roof down on your family, community or even your nation. It’s why the human animal evolved patriarchally.

      In closing, our esteemed blog host said we have to abandon any hope of returning to the way we were in earlier eras because of changing demographics. Welp… this particular aspect of liberal democracy will have to change or else.

      People have no idea how close Nancy Pelosi came to triggering an international incident with the Chinese when she went to make social calls in Taiwan. The Chinese have not forgotten that slight, or loss of face as they call it. It will come back to bite us, count on it. But That ties in with getting rid of the elderly in govt too.

      At my rod and gun club the executive filled up with geriatric volunteers seeking to entertain themselves in retirement… and they did it with endless internecine feuds and dog fights with each other and the members and we almost got shut down at one point as they used the club and their positions in it to tear at each other. I see the same idiocy going on in US politics. It’s not really idiocy, I suppose… it’s just old people being old, miserable and contrary.

      I suppose it’s a good thing that things will change – if it puts an end to this lunacy…

    • Indeed Mr H, there is a new ruling class/establishment in the west, but they won’t admit that they are in fact, the establishment. No homo or feminist will admit to being the establishment, but its clear that they are. they get any law they want passed, but still claim to being oppressed by the system, the patriarchy, blah blah blah, f-off you Kuntz

      • You know who are a womens best friend right? A gay guy, so i’m shocked at the current state of things 😉

        • I don’t know if some of you just know the absolute worst people (move, seriously!), or if you just think you do because youve now mixed television conditioning with real life and your mental universe is now basically a sitcom.

          I know plenty of women as disgusted by homos as anyone else sane would be. Its the most garbage yoga pants, child hating, antidepressant gobbling, tinder swiping instagram whore who tries to conform to that sort of image. Sure they exist b who would ever associate with this type of woman?

          Maybe get out of a bughive and go to church, a real actual church. You’ll find sane and likeminded people there.

          • I dated a baptist for four years, her religion was fake. She was fake, lots of people suffer from that. I don’t hold it against them, but i refuse to play the game.

        • “ You know who are a womens best friend right? A gay guy, so i’m shocked at the current state of things’

          Yep, same with wife and daughter. I’m wondering if such could not be a test of some sort. Like “you’ve got a keeper” if she’s revolted by a gay guy.

          • CompSci: “I’m wondering if such could not be a test of some sort. Like “you’ve got a keeper” if she’s revolted by a gay guy.”

            Absolutely it’s a test, Bro, absolutely it’s a test.

            As is v@xxed or not-v@xxed?

            Masked or not-masked?

            Loves kids or hates kids?

            These are all tests, and yuge numbers of young fertile White women are now failing the tests in an existential fashion [meaning those women’s bloodlines are in perilous jeopardy of disappearing into extinction].

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  21. Am I the only one who sees the inherently contradictory nature of being an “off the grid” youtube star?

    Of course, being YouTube, there has to be literal cavemen, because off the grid just cannot match stone tools. “Primitive Technology” has like 10 million subscribers.

    • primitive technology channel sometimes don’t get all the earth moving equipment tracks cleaned up arround some of his “primitive ” projects.

    • I guess not much more fake than regular off-grid, as if somehow living like a primitive savage will save your people.

      • right now , surviving what’s coming at all of us should be the goal . civilization building is a very long way off.

  22. Nowhere to hide, indeed. Even gas-pumps have TV screens blaring forth the latest species of inanity. And, of course, almost no matter where we go, we are bombarded by what passes for music these days, and by propaganda on billboards and the very walls of commercial establishments. Rare too, are restaurants that are not ringed by TV screens.

    One of the most salient features of AINO is the unremitting pervasiveness of its “culture” and propaganda. The heavy and mephitic cloak that presses upon us all is equal parts capitalistic grift and postmodern antiwhite messaging.

  23. Nitpicky but… the Chernobyl reactor really did explode. It was a steam explosion, not nuclear, as a result of a crazy experiment. Part of the core and control rod literally went through the roof and landed in the parking lot.

    • Midnight in Chernobyl is a pretty good book that manages to explain the incident without getting bogged down in concepts and jargon that only someone with a graduate degree in nuclear engineering would grasp.

      • For those less academically inclined I cannot recommend enough the Chernobyl Miniseries from a few years back. (HBO)

        It’s really something to see such a catastrophe represented with a big budget visually.

        It is also a VERY relevant cautionary tale about what happens when accountability, science, and reason are sacrificed at the altar of the party line and current day politics.

        We’ve never appeared more Soviet than now.

  24. Listening to sources on both sides, it sounds like the Russians are really trying to treat this as a proxy war. They seem really reluctant to use their regular army to just finish the Ukrainians off. Instead they are trying to keep using the local militias to fight the Ukrainians.
    I’m not really sure why. Really would be best if they just overran the place.

    • In context of proxy war, Russia would surely rather face NATO hardware in the hands of hastily trained Ukies than professional German soldiers.

      I saw some headlines a few weeks ago, US Army guys reported all their Carl Gustavs were being sent to 404. And our rocket artillery has already been sent. And our Javelins. Who knows what else is getting drained out of the GAE armory. Probably a lot of SpecOps are being “early separated” so they can play mercenary… that might have consequences in a two-front situation.

      • If there is a real live war, it’s likely that those SOCOM guys will end up as really well trained infantry used as fire brigades like the Brandenburgers were in WW II for the Wehrmacht. Their brand of war won’t be nearly as effective against a peer army.

      • Hastily trained Ukies are probably braver than the average current German soldier – and their are certainly a lot more Ukies theses days.

        • The current German army is less than 1/4 of the current Ukranian army size.

          Ukraine now has as more troops than
          Germany + France + UK + Italy combined (and most of their weapons).

        • Not sure how “hastily trained” these Ukes were. It’s been 6 months since start of war. I’d say we’ve a lot of time to train in basics. To fill in the gaps are contractors who can handle highly technical stuff, if not use these weapons against Russians directly. I’m also hearing that general strategic planning is heavily influence by senior NATO commanders.

          This is what makes the situation very dangerous.

          • As I understand the situation–very possibly poorly–Ukie leadership is full NATO but they’re intentionally using conscripts or even cannon fodder for actual operations in order to depopulate the region of non-Juice.

            Contractors can score the wins that Ukraine needs, but their paymasters don’t want victory. They want an endless war of attrition so Zelensky will have to buy more MIC merch with all those petrodollars from D.C. I am cynical enough to expect military offensives be timed with defense-industry trade shows.

            Meanwhile, Russia continues the attrition, knowing (unlike NATO) that NATO cannot replace their material losses as easily as it used to.

    • They were having success, despite NATO intervention. Slow, but steady progress. As I feared, this only emboldened NATO and it seems now Russia are reaping the seeds they sowed. Look for an expansion of the conflict now that its NATO vs Russia and the threat is existential for Russia. Russia will not allow themselves to be bested here. The timing may be to wait the winter and see if that lessens NATO resolve.

    • Would absolutely love to see Zelensky get the Saddam treatment but unfortunately he’ll be back home in Tel Aviv well before fighting gets anywhere near him.

      If Satan had a fourth mouth he’d have a place in it for what he’s done to the Ukranian people in thanks for them being willing to harbor him and his relatives

    • Russia’s position is quite simple and consistent with the International Law based Multipolar world order they are promoting rather than the Hegemon’s Rules system of the West. The Ukraine is the attention grabber but the really important events of the past 6 months have been national re-alignments against the dollar based system. Saudi starting to sell oil in currencies other than the dollar, India laughing at the Oil price cap idea, Turkey openly switching focus from Europe to the East. etc. Back on March 150 plus countries voted to condemn Russia, Last month the US could muster 53 or 54. The Lawless West has looted countries for decades with outright theft and piracy being commonplace. The combination of stupidity and ignorance of the West’s Elites amplified by the echoes in the bubble they inhabit result in them having no idea of their true situation: There is no turning back for Europe at this point. They have started an irreversible process of De-industrialization .
      The idea that they can re-arm, after pissing away all their stock piles in 6 months, is ludicrous. No amount of speeches and resolutions will make steel forgeable at 5oo degrees F colder. Aluminum smelters will not work without gas. The US is casting around looking for companies in North America to manufacture 155 mm ammunition.They want to source 12,000 shells a month. The Ukrainians have expended 6,000 a day, the Russians 3/4/5 times that and have had the capacity to manufacture 1-1.5 million a year since 2015.
      The food situation is analogous.
      It was no coincidence that Germany announced that starting October 1st troop will be on the streets to quell unrest. Other European countries are doing the same and Biden’s aims are evident. All are petrified of populism. Trumps Sin was dismantling the two party system of identifying the other party’s supporters as the enemy and turned it into the mass of the People
      as the identified enemy of the State.
      In 12 months time things will be a lot clearer and most people will be a lot poorer, thinner or deader.

  25. Regarding Christian Nationalism, while I like the muscular frame at a visceral level, it’s unfortunately not that effective at gaining power, which is largely done invisibly in our current system.

    There was a documentary on a called The Family on Netflix that talked about a Christian Organization than basically manipulated politicians from behind the scenes to gain political power. Of course, this was done in ominous tones like they were Satan incarnate and completely ignored the fact that this exact strategy is used by every successful organization in the western world.

    It really came across as a massive seethe that a religious organization could play the game as well as they could.

    As a personal anecdote, there’s a Church that was completely restored by a traditional group whose leader had access to circles of the rich and successful. He got all of them to go to his Church, fund his new Classical School, and now is wealthy enough to influence local organizations.

  26. Off-grid is practically cultural for me. Maybe got lucky there. I’ve also had a lifelong dalliance with survival. Morphed into hiking and backpacking in college, returned to it gradually in my 30s. On the surface, it’s a goofy and larpy hobby for civilized men, I guess, but it’s just plain fun, and it gives you a very practical and strategic mindset, which is a cure to many of society’s ills today. Makes you really appreciate fire, too 🙂

  27. Re Ukraine:

    The American plan is to drag out the war and maximize profits. The MIC got accustomed to a constant revenue stream from Afghanistan over a 20-year period, and want a redux in the Borderlands. After all, Zelensky met with MIC titans and discussed weapons they could “sell” to Ukraine, which will get the cash from the United States. This once was known as “money laundering.”

    My guess it the Europeans get tired of the United States’ grift and tear up the MIC’s playhouse. Also, there is no manpower to keep the faux war going. Of course, the military will then be put to use in an attempted genocide of White Americans.

    Re: the Stasi

    This only will stop if an actual opposition arises to force it to do so. I agree with you that the totalitarianism is so widespread now this may not be able to happen short of a collapse or revolution, neither of which seem near. The oppression will get worse because the Republicans’ controlled opposition is down with it.

    • Yup.

      Zelensky is set to be the keynote speaker at a conference of all the big US MIC corporations.

      As for manpower, it should be clear to the Euros that the GAE plans to chew through as many of their remaining males as possible. Note this does not include the vibrant young immivaders, who will be free to continue living their best, totally subsidized lives.

      • “Zelensky is set to be the keynote speaker at a conference of all the big US MIC corporations.”

        This is nothing short of amazing. When it came out that Boris Johnson had told Zelensky there would be no peace negotiations, it became quite clear this grift is intended to produce a revenue stream to replace the Afghanistan theft. Expect ballyhooed offensives of varying success to precede each hat in hand performance by Zelensky and Uncle Lloyd until the Russians decide to put an end to this shitshow one way or another. I’m certain they also will be discouraged to cut off the money hose.

        Again, this is the most blatantly cynical (and evil) thing the GAE has done yet.

        • Does it not seem to you that Russia is playing something of an Enemy in Name only here?

          Everything they do seems to be part of the same story arc.

          • While anything is possible, no. Putin apparently didn’t want to have to pay the reconstruction costs, and now he either will escalate or lose or draw in a war of slow attrition, which the GAE wants due to the revenue stream. If air strikes do not start in earnest, I might consider Putin is controlled opposition but my guess is even he underestimated how cynical and evil the GAE, and he was a foot soldier for the first Evil Empire.

          • It can be, but there are other factors that just might make it a perfect storm for both to drag it out. There’s the rebuild expense aspect mentioned above. If Russia is truly wanting to liberate/create a protectorate, can’t just smash and bolt like the GAE does.

            Also, Russia appears to be making bank off the sanctions, and it furthers BRICS, and Gen. Winter is on its way, so no real incentive to rush things.

        • I wouldn’t be surprised if the Russians popped Zelensky soon.

          I mean, you’ve got the CIA running amok starting new conflicts in Central Asia and popping Russian execs in Moscow. There were even rumors they tried for Vlad himself.

          The hardliners on the Russian side have got to be slamming Putin for these security breaches and not responding in kind. Even more so because Putin was in the KGB.

          To trumpton’s comment below, didn’t Zelensky make a remark about wanting Ukraine to, “…be the new/next Israel,” at some point?

          Another aspect of this conflict that is surfacing is that all the usual suspects like Pfizer, Monsanto, and Blackrock own huge tracts of Ukrainian land.

          Since these corporations and the GAE government are now indistinguishable, they’ve probably convinced themselves that land is sovereign GAE territory.

          • “I wouldn’t be surprised if the Russians popped Zelensky soon.”

            My money still is on the GAE capping Zelensky when he loses or tries to broker a peace agreement. Boris Johnson made that possibility quite clear to him. The Russians might have to send him a similar message, though.

          • The Ukrainians have told the GAE it is territory they can have and hold. This is disgusting and purely evil, and may get us all killed.

    • Its more than a grift. There is something going on that has not yet come to pass, but is becoming more visible.

      Following on from my earlier posts about the the players behind the scenes and the pushing Ukraine through to be the only EU focus for the NPCs and traitors in every European national government..

      A day or so Die Welt reported that Washington has “doubts” about Germany’s fundamental loyalty to Kiev.

      Think about that. The major German media paper is actively writing about whether the German govt has fundamental loyalty to a Jewish fake leader of a foreign nation placed in power by the same tribe in the US state dept and his backers.

      • Two things from yesterday: the German Chancellor spoke at length with Putin, and he announced a few hours afterwards some Russian refineries may be seized. Any doubt who listened to that phone call and demanded some token response? The GAE is not playing here, and, yes, the primary objective is grift. Part of that grift is “decarbonizing” Europe, to your point. There literally is not one damned thing the old USSR did the GAE will not do times 1,000. It is the most dangerous movement in history.

        • It may also be that was part of an agreement made on the call?

          Who can say. but this has all the hallmarks to me of a wag the dog with Europe being the actual target.

          Like Covid, the EU has achieved in 6 months what it has been legislating for years to try and achieve slowly and failing to make happen.

          As if by magic the entire EU economy has been turned over and all policy and action is set by 10 people at the unelected Commission.

          • I don’t discount that at all as a possibility, but suspect like Covid they were just waiting for a causus belli to implement outrages planned for decades. It is pretty clear that Covid was manufactured in a lab with US money. Whether the release was intentional or not remains uncertain. There is no doubt the United States/EU provoke Russia.

            I’m certain the Chancellor’s call was monitored around the world.

          • @Jack

            The position you take is not logical if you think about it.

            When you plan for decades for the effects you do not then sit about about waiting for the cause to arrive. you also plan the cause and make it happen.

            Coof was manufactured in the media and the testing, there was no lab nor release, same as Ukraine.

            There does not appear to be a real war, hardly any footage just odd rusted tanks and small scale skirmishes. All the mass casualty events are written but never seen.

            Its just a lot cheaper to fake the pretend events using the media and who would know the difference?

  28. When I come home after driving the roads or enter into some normalized venue, I feel like Roy Batty in Blade Runner. “I’ve seen things you wouldn’t believe”. Drivers are not right in the head now, maybe looking at their phones or stressed to the point of irrationality or what ever. And yet the tyrannical rules for truck drivers is something else.

    My brother is a route driver for soda company for decades and is now a union rep also. They are being monitored by cameras to assess if they check their rear view mirrors and keep the eyes forward often enough. No drinking at night during work week for any trace is enough for dismissal. Got a call to meet management this week . One of the drivers (26 Years) was pulled over by a cop the week before because phone was in hand. No ticket because wasn’t using it for calls, text etc. Checking time, and their route is on phone also.,

    Well he has to go can’t save his job, the higher ups have decreed. Not a blemish on his 26 year record and asked my brother what do I tell my wife. Meanwhile the diverse warehouse guys smoke pot on the job and use their phones all the time even though not allowed their either.

    If white extremists are a thing you don’t have to wonder how they are created.

    • Interesting. I wonder when I will get hauled off because every time I see replacement iconography I intentionally say something that includes the forbidden word. Is Momma DIE listening?

      I used to play with a drummer who was a mulatto Haitian. His brother couldn’t get into the fire department because of asthma. He cheated on his test and is now happily in the dept and set with a cush retirement. I had my phone on. I thought about doing an anonymous tip. I suppose AI and voice recognition will never be used to harm the privileged ones.

      John Deere has monitors all over their tractors. At a tech conference some guys at my table were saying that the sensors discovered that in Europe, the fuel levels would deplete overnight. They assumed that the drivers were siphoning the fuel after work. How do they know it was the drivers? What if it were ME or African migrants? Well, you couldn’t say that could you? It could never be them.

      They are just going to keep on pushing it and pushing it and pushing it. The vibrant hordes at the soccer match in France this summer with the riot police and media blaming it on the English fans is a good example. I hope they do this a few more times, and Netflix makes more movies about heroic Muslims taking on evil white riot police. Just keep pushing it and pushing it.

      We erred by assuming that everyone was playing by the rules. We erred even worse by not facing the reality that they weren’t. We were so afraid to destroy the legal order by giving up on it. “But if we give up on legal equality and fairness then we’ll destroy America.” Well, they gave up on it, pushed it to this point, America is a goner and we are getting steam rolled.

      We’ll know that the tide has turned when Tucker Carlson stops saying the American ideal is MLK’s color blind society, and shifts to equality under the law; when he starts attacking the Civil Rights legal order. That will be as far as one can taken in public for a time; but it will be a huge step forward. Once that happens, and it will, the multitudes like your brother will rise along with great champions. The first step of the Great Replacement was replacing Madison, Jefferson, Calhoun … with Lincoln (very selectively), Ghandi and MLK. The signs of its unwinding will be when those on our side who don’t know it yet, wake up and realize the power of words and that the names that are cited confer the source of the regime’s authority.

      • The song of the media keeps the entire normal population somnolent.

        It is a siren from which they can never escape, even unto death. They will embrace their own extinction as the singing keeps them bound.

      • For two years oh-so-virtuous Liverpool supporters applauded as their captain and entire team took a knee before every match, in supplication to the numinous negro. And what did it get them in Paris? Ferals ran roughshod over them while Scousers were blamed for the carnage. Before their first game this season the team again knelt and the fans again applauded. “Thank you sir, may I have another?”

        • Oh KGB. That pains me. I wanted so badly for the consequent clause to, “this season when they kneeled again” to be, “the fans jeered and whistled and shouted, ‘That’s right! Bend the Knee before us! Get used to it!’

          Man. When are they going to realize this isn’t a game?

  29. As a Christian, I didn’t always agree with everything he said, but Varg “Count Grishnakh” Vikernes had one of the better survival series video collections before his channel inevitably got banned. (ThuleanPerspective.)

  30. I am on a work from the road trip – staying in a single new place for a good bit, then going to another. It is a bit of a scouting expedition. Where I am currently at every job is done by white people. This plays destroys the lie that, “Americans won’t do those jobs.” It is amazing how the texture of life is so good. The pest control guy politely knocked when he first came – he knew I was new here. He gave me the “after I spray”, instructions. I could understand him. He asked me about me. Let me say that again – he asked me about me and really wanted to know the answers.

    I asked him where to catch good shows and we are going to catch a metal band together next week. The FedEx guys? Check! Bartenders and waiters are happy and extremely polite – not a hint of seething resentment. There are churches everywhere. This is the first time in years I have not seen a BLM and rainbow flag on a church or cathedral with a note of apology/confession/accusation/insinuation. I feel like I live in a strange and wonderful universe – except when I go to the post office. Here you can really see how the vibrant middle class depends upon our taxed productivity here. Funny enough – the coffee houses have been usurped by the college “educated” whites.

    Last Sunday, we went out to catch some live music after dinner. We sat at a table and of course 3 large screens stared at us – tennis and football. It is hard not to look at them when you take your glances about the room. At one glance I saw the footballz post a graphic: “What a difference a year makes!” They flashed a photo of management and senior staff last year – all white. Then they replaced it with this year – a black guy with an African name and three white guys – the black guy was the head honcho – General Manager I believe. I couldn’t hear the audio, and I don’t follow that garbage anymore, so I don’t know if it was just – black guy in charge or that they are undefeated. Of course, given the time of year, they would be what 1-0 or 2-0? I prayed for a 15 game losing streak and for all of the white announcers to be gone next year. If you embrace it, you deserve replacement.

    When you get an AT&T junk mail it is there. When you read a technical article on line it is there. When you pass by a gorgeous church it is defiled and defeated – draped with every icon of the replacement regime. When you go on a guided tour it spills from the docent’s forked tongue. It is intentional.

    I am going to turn the tables. It’s OK To Be White stickers are going up wherever I go. In fact, what I said above is pretty good. Be on the lookout for, “If you embrace it, you deserve replacement”, stickers. If only I could get my relatives, whose kindergartner and 4th grader are told daily that they and their ancestors are evil, to at least give up football.

    • “When you pass by a gorgeous church it is defiled and defeated – draped with every icon of the replacement regime.”

      Visit/join an eastern orthodox church ROCOR or OCA are particularly good and a nice little thumb in the eye to (((Russia haters))) besides. The priest won’t lisp like at a typical catholic church today (SSPX excluded) and the only icons you’ll see are those to Christ and the saints.

  31. I have been getting this done. Ten years aho we bought twenty two acres in a rural area in the pacific northwest. This was after intensly searching for seven years, i could never do that again. In the ten years since we drilled a well, built a cabin that has every modern convenence. We are in the process of building a pole barn. When it is completed i will consolidate and move all our tools and equipment we have and are not willing to part with. It has been a hurculean effort with but we can see the light at the end of the tunnel
    As far as off grid we are not and do not suffer for not being connected to electrical power.we do have to buy and use propane, gasolene and diesel fuels. However if those became unobtainable we have contingencies.
    Although it is popular dream on youtube
    This is not for everybody, i had the advantage of several years and places of living “off grid” before that was a thing while growing up.
    And most importantly did marry a girl that was not afraid to break a fingernail & turned into a damn fine do it yourselfer.
    One last thing, we will never be on youtube.

    • I have been looking at land in West Virginia. Depending upon where you look, it is about a grand an acre for a parcel that you can sink a well and plant a garden. I am not going to hike into the forest and never return. I want to start simple and see how it goes. Build a small shelter for short stays while working out things and seeing if it is what I want.

      • I have been thinking of a similar dual property strategy. One like what you describe as a beautiful getaway to revitalize and as a if/when things go horribly bad refuge. I’ll keep a presence near civilization, but somewhere that still looks like the America of 1995 and before.

        The place I am currently exploring looks like that. However, the bugman buildings are going up everywhere and organic tattoo canvases with the, “throat gargle, everything is a question”, accent are everywhere. The docents on my tours have all been modern carpetbaggers – land acknowledgements; nothing but mention of enslavement and enslavers; positioning Washington’s cancellation because he danced with hundreds of women but never mentioned Martha … … It feels like a domino ready to fall.

        I think the refuge property is going to be easier to find than a tolerable, metro-adjacent situation.

        • The docents are Northeastern transplants and school teachers and Latinx history majors. The Hive has nests everywhere.

      • Youtube folks Outdoors with the Morgans just bought 40 acres in West Virginia. It looks really nice in the area they chose but Mike Morgan says they get tons of snow. He is starting out slowly, currently just building a driveway with plans for some kind of cabin, Maybe one of those folding prefab haul-in mini cabins.

        • Semi-Hemi: Surprising to me he desired and bought such relatively flat land, given he doesn’t plan to be a farmer (but then I’m highly biased in favor of hills/mountains). It also appears his trees were planted in rows during some sort of CCC project in the 1930s. The folding cabin has me intrigued – if we can find someone local to our area (almost 1000 miles to the west) and reliable to finish it out, appears would make a really handy guest quarters.

          • The visual effect of all those rowed up pines is kinda surreal or mystical in my opinion. I really like it.

      • That’s a good plan. Then if you don’t want to go full Uncle TK you can still plant fruit trees and go out and shoot deer and turkey or feed your enemies to the pigs.

        I’d say stay out of the eastern panhandle, which is barely Bastard State to begin with, and less so every day. But if you must be near the limeys, carpetbaggers, and other assorted wrongos in BS, try the country between Cacapon and Paw Paw. If it was me, I would look along the Greenbriar, maybe Pocoho county.

        One thing: while you may not believe in the warming trend the planet is experiencing, but the hundred-year floodplain believes in you, and it’s not what it used to be.

      • That is pretty much how we did it. When you find something that looks promising, check local well logs and water quality from those wells. And find out if you can get your place classified as agricultural, in our state this requires a certain amount of land to qualify as Ag, here at least this reduces our property tsx and exempts certain land use restrictions. After working hard to get something…
        It has taken us years, money family responsibilities etc..
        takeing small bites worked for us, we are not trust funders, i am a blue collar, midwitt at best, orphan, high school drop out. Nothing ventured nothing gained. To the down voters
        Don’t hate me cause i’m beautiful. Lol.

        • Spingerah: Question, sir – doesn’t registering your property as agricultural also put you on both the state and feds’ radar? I’ve read of people getting Dept. of Ag letters and personal visits wanting a precise account of their livestock and crops. While we don’t plan to do anything more than miniature and personal, I think I’d rather stay away from any government programs.

          • Sort of, we had to have a forester check out our place. It is classified as a tree farm.
            He is retired from the forrest service. & does that type of examination on contract. He had a lot of informatio n and good ideas / suggestions. Our place is adjacent to federal land. He pointed out the forrest management practices for the last 40 years have been “no management”
            This is the main reason forest fires are so intense & devistating. Lots of dead/ downed fuel
            Anyway in our neck of the woods most of the people are practical salt of the earth types that understand & respect the desire for self-sufficiency.
            Surpriseingly this has held true for the local authorities as well. We have to hire some help for various things & made sure to use the local people that have lived in the area all their lives.
            Those people, no matter where in the world know what works in their A.O.
            & treated right are very helpful .
            They have generstional knowlege that in invalueable
            We have been accepted. & we are humbled.

        • Not being in the US I often wonder how Americans actually retire at all given the large property taxes.

          • trumpton: Depends on the state. Our property taxes here in Texas are outrageous, because there’s no income tax – and they use the property taxes to fund the schools. And not merely the local ones, of course – they spread the money from the ‘wealthier’ districts to the border/Mestizo districts in the name of ‘fairness.’

            Where we’re moving to the property taxes are much, much lower but . . . there is an income tax, and until my husband retires it’s going to take a big chunk of our income. Tradeoffs wherever you go.

    • Springerah

      Good for you!

      If I may, these are a few things I’ve done at my place;

      Plant an orchard;
      Build a greenhouse, or houses if you have the space;
      Have a few wells. Never know when one is gonna break;
      You say you have modern conveniences, get an extra circuit board for your furnace, I found out the hard way how that can go,and basically extra parts for stuff that may break or wear out.

    • Spingerah: We are moving (please God) in a matter of weeks to our new rural property. No past history of such living, not lots of background with camping, and we’re both OLD – but we’re not afraid of hard work and enjoy our own and each other’s company. For now there’s reliable electricity, but we’ve made numerous contingency plans and purchases. While we remain on grid my husband can work remotely and continue to earn enough to fund necessary further contingencies and expansion. There’s already in place a large propane tank and a Generac and a well and a creek and a wood stove and lots of trees – and a beautiful view of God’s creation.

      While we both wish we had started this process sooner, there were just too many inter-dependent factors. We very much feel God’s been in control every step of the way, and pray daily for continued support. The discovery and purchase of this almost made-to-order property truly was nothing short of miraculous, while we were trying to figure out how to begin to develop a different parcel of bare, raw land. The setbacks and delays and financing and stress has been difficult, but we’re determined to see it through. The reward will be not just our own emotional peace and relative self sufficiency, but knowing we’ve established a fairly safe retreat, when/if such becomes necessary, for immediate family and a few very close friends.

      • The first thing that will hit you is how much you all have gained. What seems to be convenience where you are right now actually is sacrifice of a different and more destructive sort; this will be apparent soon enough.

        Godspeed to you all. My only advice is to learn to love hoarding bare necessities.

  32. Exploring the commie/libertarian ‘economics is morality’ thing would be great. Worshipping the almighty dollar isn’t hyperbole.

    Re demographics: I’ve long thought (wisely or naively) that at some point whites would get cranky and actually take the country back, like conservatives like to promise, and the demographic situation would begin reversing over another generation or two.

    The vaxx is a real wild card, though. I think a whole lot of people are going to have their lives shortened because of it. So the future demographic reality will be influenced, maybe dictated who knows, by the demographics of vaccination.

    • Long story shortend
      I trust our veternarian far more than my current doctor..
      Our Vet ” you would have to tackle and hold me down with a gun to my head before you could jab me ”
      My doctor “Anti vaxxer reeee..”
      Might as well have called me an unscanable. Owned by pharma

  33. I will arise and go now, and turn off the TV
    And a small website build there, of text and WordPress made
    Nine comments will I have there, a link to the Taki mag
    And post alone in the reee-loud web.

  34. Here’s a Friday white pill: I’m *glad* they’re making everything so overtly pozzed. Back when, it was fairly subtle; therefore much more effective. When everything’s overtly propaganda, everyone just tunes it out. Much like popular entertainment in the Soviet Union, you can simply tune out when the Hero of the Proletariat starts giving his big speech, then instinctively tune back in when the plot resumes.

    More importantly, all the fake and gay is pushing people to more and more face time. If the only way to have a non-pozzed conversation is to do it in person, standing next to a running hair dryer or whatever like they used to do in spy movies, well, then people are going to start doing that. Which is all good.

    • Yes, they’ve lost the subtlety. The American lefts ideology has become very brittle. I mean it’s monolithic sure, but it can’t be fun or funny anymore, or even plausibly masquerade as the underdog. The brittleness and ugliness does change things as you said. New spaces open up, new possibilities. I think there’s a positive way to look at it.

    • You are failing to appreciate the reason for this. Its a theory of mind issue that those on this side fail to see.

      Its not that they lack subtlety, its that their target is now so unable to comprehend anything but the most simplistic and puerile ideas that this is the level at which it now has to be generated.

      It is not to fool you, but only to appeal to those infested with mind worms they have already used to destroy the target population.

      It only looks stupid to you.

    • Yesterday when I was at the dealership getting my truck serviced, I was sitting in a large waiting room that had several sections. My section featured two masked retards and a white man (probably early 50s) sitting across from me wearing a baseball cap with a flag on it. The TV was on and it was a news program going on and on about racial equity and justice. It was a local cable channel, not MSM like CNN or whatever. After a segment on how white people have oppressed blacks, he and I made eye contact and I could see his entire face turning red. He gets up and blurts out, loud enough for the entire room, “Jesus Fucking Christ, more bullshit propaganda!”. To which I replied, “You can’t get away from it, even here getting your vehicle serviced.” This absolutely horrified the two masked retards sitting with us so they promptly picked up their belongings and moved to another section.

      After my truck was done and I left I couldn’t help but feel somewhat better. When a white normie starts to feel like he can make such comments in public, that tells me there is change at some point that will come. I am normally a massive pessimist when it comes to the future of our so called society, but this is something I think will start happening more and more. Even grillers have a limit.

  35. Living in west cost Lagos ( LA) I can tell you with certainty that the traffic deaths are happening because of two main reasons. 1) the fellas and lovely ladies are driving very fast cars like challengers, Mercedes ( kompresor) and 7 series BMW’s With shift kits and tuned exhaust.
    2) they are not going to get pulled over for the most part. If the 2 lanes on sunset merge, they zoom up to the front and cut in instead of getting in line like the rest of us civilized drivers. Nothing to do with the jabs that they aren’t getting, everything to do with low IQ, low empathy, low impulse control . The state recently revoked the J walking law because they can’t or won’t cross at the light. If mr cop tries to give them a ticket, thing get out of control very fast and usually end with a cop losing his job and a trip to the ghetto Lottery window for a 1 million dollar scratcher. It’s the same story in ever aspect of their lives. Every time no matter what.

    • Traffic conditions in and around my blue zoo are interesting to say the least.

      The main commercial arteries are steady from about 7 AM to 8 or 9 PM. Peak times are nearly as bad as the Christmas retail season. Secondary roads are seeing increased traffic.

      On the loop around the urban core the posted speed limit is 55. Most days you’d better plan on doing 75 in the left lane. Days when one needs to do 85 or 90 in the left lane are not infrequent.

      A few weeks ago, I was driving to go on summer vacation. I witnessed a young man on a motorcycle cross double yellow lines on a state route to pass a slower vehicle as he went uphill. He made it, but he did not clear the oncoming car by much.

      Overall, I find the driving situation frustrating because the bad driving is so inconsistent and thus unpredictable in nature. It would be different if it was just 99% of people deciding to do 15 under because they thought it would save them gas. At least you could game plan that consistent behavior and not need to constantly use heightened awareness to keep track of the maniacs out there.

    • Civility underpins civilization linguistically and literally.
      The slow eschewal of manners since the late Victorian Age has accelerated by dint of the socials. By their fruits ye shall know them. And the fruit is rotten.

    • The police don’t seem to do anything about reckless driving anymore. In the evening along the freeway there are always ricers speeding and weaving through the normal traffic making aggressive lane changes, and in the afternoon when the traffic is heavy anyone with a motorcycle starts driving inbetween lanes or on the shoulder.

    • The new religion of worshipping our criminal race has really been enlightening. Reality has not stopped showing up. The complete removal of any law enforcement for the violent ferals has shown us that the only thing that has happened is their terrorization of normal whites has escalated. Maybe they can point to statistics that show less blacks are in prison, but the reality of their DNA cannot be stopped or ignored. Low IQ, low impulse control, no empathy or remorse and uninhibited violent behavior are all natural traits for them. They can never be fixed.

  36. Last week I was catching up with a cousin/close friend who lives in the Imperial Capital. We got on the subject of football and I said that I’d stopped watching back in the 90’s. He’d always been a gear head and had no interest in sports so over the years we’d managed to avoid sports-related small talk. We then talked about how neither of us watch TV at all, and that led to a discussion of what happens when one stumbles across these institutions after having detoxed. Football is a great example, but really almost any televised program is the same: when you turn it back on you’re revulsed by what confronts you, to the point where I’ve rushed to leave the room.

    I suspect the same holds true for former drug addicts. When they see a pusher, they must feel dark urges. But even there, the pusher’s typically just trying to score a quick buck. The purveyors of modern media are worse, forcibly twisting your thoughts while badgering you to join their cult. I can forgive greed as it’s a common human foible, but our betters are motivated by something profoundly more sinister.

    • It would be interesting to hear the things people used to consume, then stopped and can never go back now. Talk radio is an obvious one for me. When I was in the car a lot for work, I always had talk radio on. Now, I prefer the sound of cats over talk radio. The NFL is another one I now find loathsome. It is not the proselytizing so much as the general presentation. It feels like bad satire.

      • To be fair, I think most of us here just use podcasts as a talk radio substitute, like using honey instead of sugar in your coffee. So now instead of Rush Limbaugh or Howie Carr (Boston), we have the z blog power hour, radio Derb, jolly heretic, Greg Hood, etc.

        • True, but they are in no way the same thing. Howie Carr is still shilling for Republicans and selling the old time conservative message. If you think that is what I am doing then I may need to quit.

          • For me, the move away from talk radio to podcasts is to avoid the “shilling for Republicans.” I think a lot of people are making that move but there is still a sizeable audience for the vote harder message.

            I don’t think anyone here thinks you are pushing the vote harder message.

        • Check out Academic Agent on youtube, he has lots of very solid content. The Duran is good on Russia and geopolitics generally. With apologies to the interesting host Morgoth’s Review is probably the best thing anywhere on the right today. His buddy Endeavor is also well worth checking out. They even do movie reviews.

          The Distributist is interesting, John Doyle had great stuff. Keith Woods often has interesting things to say. RamZPaul is pretty good (although I like his new call in show format less than his old stuff). Even Luke Smith if you know or care what Linux is. Blackpilled on Odyssey can be kind of an ass at times but he has some of the highest quality content and his original research and analysis on media topics is second to none.

          Check out some of these channels

      • Up until about 8-10 years there was always at least one network TV show I would try to tune to see each week. Now they have become so bizarre I can’t imagine watching one ever let alone on a consistent basis. Even going back and watching an old show off a streaming service I used to enjoy seems strange. I don’t know how to explain that, it just seems like they were created in a different world.

      • I used to do the talk radio thing regularly, on my lunch break and so forth. That ended when Covid struck and I couldn’t abide hearing about it for one second more. I would listen to classical music stations instead. Now I can’t go back and hear normie-cons calling in with the same gripes and the same prescriptions that they had 20 years ago. I picture myself as Jack Nicholson slapping Faye Dunaway repeatedly on each cheek. “It’s the Republicans…it’s the Democrats…it’s the Republicans…it’s the Democrats.”

      • My NFL consumption is limited to Eagles highlights on YouTube these days, because, dammit, I played the sport growing up and still enjoy it lol.

        You get a very limited experience of the game, obviously and unfortunately, but on the bright side it’s virtually poz-free, YT ads aside.

      • As a quick list:

        TV, pop music, films, news, education, art, science magazines and research, newspapers, sports.

        I am becoming a time traveler in my tastes and the more divorced from the current stuff one becomes the more you see it even in stuff from earlier periods and the further back you go to avoid it.

        I am mostly at sources from pre the 20th century now and hurtling backwards.

      • I have a different, but related approach. I watch the crap on Amazon Prime with a sense of detachment because I want to guage the current level of absurdity. I am educated and entertained by the material, but in a manner wholly unintended by the fools who created it. Whether they meant it as propaganda to rehabilitate me or filth with which to torture me; they’ve failed. Now, if all they care about is my grubby $16 a month subscription, that raises a different question. Should I pay more for fungible commodities like tea and peppercorns, which is why I got Prime in the first place, in order to support a local mom and pop whose proprietor shares my values? While I’d like to do so, I don’t think that solution is viable pre-collapse. Just because Marxists and Libertarians evolved to advance the primacy of economics in human society doesn’t mean Adam Smith was wrong about comparative advantage. A man’s gotta eat; and not all of us can grow it, hunt it, or forage it in sufficient quantities.

        • “Should I pay more for fungible commodities like tea and peppercorns, which is why I got Prime in the first place, in order to support a local mom and pop whose proprietor shares my values? ”

          ABSOLUTELY. How can this even be a serious question?

      • Zman – I was never a big tv watcher, even as a kid, but between my overseas travels and then political/social turning, I’ve pretty much tuned out everything. I first listened to talk radio in the runup to the Abomination’s anointing in 2008, and I haven’t listened since. No tv, no radio, no social media. Continually trim the number of websites I scan. Just a gradual withdrawal from all the poison.

        My husband still watches the Cowboys with our younger son, but even then it’s irregular and not the all-day Sunday habit he used to have. He only rarely now turns on the news (just for Tucker once every few weeks) or falls asleep in front of the tv – now he nods off in front of the computer. Hey, it’s progress of a sort!

    • Only when in hotels do I check in on broadcast TV and cable. I like to see how worse it’s got since my last visit. Recently I turned on TBS to watch a movie and there were AIDS pills commercials. Gay people doing gay things in it. I didn’t know we had pills for the “common AIDS” but I guess we do now. Progress?

      • I believe what they were selling was pills as a preventative from HIV infection. In other words, safe anal sex is not in the cards, so take these pills and reduce your risk.

      • My favorite HIV medicine ad is the one that loudly and cheerfully states,

        “This medicine suppresses all your symptoms. People without symptoms don’t need to get tested!”

        Big Pharma is just taking the piss now.

  37. I sometimes wonder how and when they will make loyalty tests of the current thing mandatory for everyone including those living off the grid.

    Loyalty tests first started for good whites and uni educated women love them. Then they spread to institutions and corporations. Increasingly in corporations you can’t be seen as agnostic on the current thing if you want job stability and to advance in your career.

    How will they spread the loyalty tests to 100 percent of the population? They are already cracking down on the Amish. Will they require anyone seeking a driver’s license to denounce 3 people for white supremacy or bigotry towards pedophiles? Or, just in case some decide not to drive, will they simply go door to door demanding denunciations?

    I imagine that they are thinking of some way to ensure that there are no heretics.

    • “I imagine that they are thinking of some way to ensure that there are no heretics.”

      And *they* are imagining burning us at the stake.

      • Long story shortend
        I trust our veternarian far more than my current doctor..
        Our Vet ” you would have to tackle and hold me down with a gun to my head before you could jab me ”
        My doctor “Anti vaxxer reeee..”
        Might as well have called me an unscanable. Owned by pharma

    • Quite simply, at this point, it is important for a man to define some lines that he will die for. It is doubly important to discern Evil and prepare for the only judgement that matters: When you’re facing the Christ in His judgement seat.

      Without firm lines drawn, boundaries will keep getting crossed. All one simply need do is to speak-up. But don’t be indifferent. I’m very scared for the future of my boys, but I’m preparing my lines and praying like there’s no tomorrow.

      It is easy to say. Of course it is. But a ‘free’ man, oddly, has his lines that will not be crossed. And fear of God helps to establish them. You may speak-up and be mocked, beaten, shunned, detained. But you still spoke up.

      Naturally, there are other ways to tackle the Evil. And living like a Serious Discerning Christian is one of them.

      • no longer being afraid of death recalibrates your priorities wonderfully, what are they going to do, kill me? Meh–what else you got?

        • If one listens to some of the old war vet’s recounting WWII—even Vietnam, that seems to be a recurrent theme. Some folk just got scared and froze and died. Others got calmer and considered themselves already dead, and so did stuff that would seem impossible to us today.

      • Quite simply, at this point, it is important for a man to define some lines that he will die for.

        To paraphrase Patton, you don’t hold your line by being willing to die for it; you hold your line by making the other poor bastard [feadpoaste].

    • My corner of the MIC has gone to the point of gamifying the loyalty tests.

      Teams have to compete in approved challenges that usually revolve around some DIE myth. They collect points that are tracked by HR.

      You can bet HR reviews those point totals when layoffs and promotions roll around. I’m pretty sure they’ve been doing that for years with United Way contributions.

      • When I began my current job, in the bowels of globohomo, 15 years ago, I started getting the yearly United Way pledge cards. Even if you decided not to donate, you had to check that box and return the card to HR. Fuck that. Where I dispense my charitable dollars is the business of me alone. I wasn’t going to actively put my name on a piece of paper that said I declined to support The Cause. I have refused to return these cards since day one. For the first several years I was cajoled and badgered by superiors but I stood firm. Now no one says a word to me. I get the card in my mailbox and it goes promptly into the shredder, done and dusted.

        • You get cajoled, because the United Way gives all sorts of incentives to your company and their dept’s to pledge donations. Even the dept coordinator got a plaque for number of pledges where I worked. Corporate virtue signaling I suppose.

          I stopped donating when the UW dropped the Boy Scouts from eligibility because they would not allow homosexuals in. Then, 20 years or so later, the BSA had to declare bankruptcy because of all the lawsuits from boys who claimed the were molested by homosexual scout masters. 😉

    • The Jab was the loyalty test. You don’t think if you didn’t get it you’re not on some list? Probably titled suitable for reeducation or some such.

        • Thankfully i can’t get the newest booster because i never got the first two shots. But when thinking about it, what kind of sense does that make? You can’t get the newest booster because you didn’t get any of the shots? Do the shots react with each other? And another thing that never made sense to me, why were you only counted as jabbed after two weeks from your second shot?

          • TPTB want us pumped full of as much mRNA gene juice as possible.

            I’m not noticing a lot of excess deaths in my blue area, but I have to wonder if we didn’t get as many hot vials per capita as red areas.

            I know the guy that was analyzing the batches seemed to think red areas were targeted with more hot vials. I don’t remember if he really went into depth on that angle.

          • “… Do the shots react with each other?…”

            The latest booster (bivariate) has not been tested on humans for safety, just 8 rats for efficacy—the assumption being that the new booster is as “safe” as the old boosters. My suspicion is that if you had never had the jab, you might have unanticipated reactions—and if you’ve had the jab, *and are still alive*—you’re probable safe for the new booster. 🙁

            Such is the “science” of the CDC and FDA.

          • There you go asking logical questions again.
            We cannot have that.
            This is mental illness / GroupThink at the highest levels.
            And: new info coming out that there may not even be ANY “mRNA” in these poisonous injections.

          • Carrie, not sure of “not any” mRNA in the jab, but there seems to be a growing finding of bad batches of mRNA vexxine with *incomplete* mRNA. This is suspected of producing some bad reaction with the stuff circulating around the body and perhaps not clearing. Certainly, there seems to be some findings of vex batches correlated with higher rates of adverse reactions.

          • @comsci

            And there you go accepting that the side effects were unintentional and there were just some bad batches from a manufacturing issue.

            Its amazing how people are willing to accept the “it’s not intentional” placed narrative so easily to explain away the information they could not completely suppress.

          • trumpton: ‘Its amazing how people are willing to accept the “it’s not intentional” placed narrative so easily to explain away the information they could not completely suppress.’

            It’s the curse of the far northern European Inner Hajnalian.

            The High Trust Societies of Deep Inner Hajnalia persisted for so long that many northern Europeans began to lose their genetic ability to sense danger; apparently the sense of danger was more or less bred out of many of our bloodlines.

            This you will know for certain, however: The Whites who survive klownworld/hellmouth will be fiercely violent, ultra-pro-life, and cynical-as-hell about everything.

            In another fifty years or so, the progeny of those surviving Whites might revert to a neuropsychiatric state much more akin to Neanderthal than Cro Magnon.

          • Trumpton, that’s not what I said, nor intended—only your interpretation. The bad batches have adverse reactions all to themselves and in greater quantity and varying in adverse reaction to the normal, “good” batches.

            The aspect of the technology of mRNA is questionable, period. However, that some nations report different and confusing adverse reactions and others don’t report these and at what times and in what sequence in jab series is being looked at in the light of quality control from the Pharma companies.

            Anything that removes “noise” from the data is a good thing. Otherwise, that noise serves only to discredit the critiques and cover up the fiasco of the mRNA technology.

          • @compsci

            It was unclear from your comment.

            However, I would say that a technology intended to damage the recipient should not be muddied with the concept of bad batches.

            The whole point is to induce systemic and long term adverse effects in the whole population. The other stuff is irrelevant.

      • The jabs, masks and lockdown were like a test for loyalty oaths. However the ruling elite demands that everyone supports enthusiastically the current thing so they have to find ways to make people publicly support them. If you are off the grid, how do you support BLM burning down businesses or the empire in their dispute with China or Russia?

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