The New Reactionism

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Since roughly the French Revolution, the dynamic of Western politics has been the conflict between radical forces and reactionary forces. The radicals, armed with liberal ideas, seek to change social arrangements for the better. The reactionaries, fearing what change could bring, instinctively oppose these changes. This description is entirely self-serving, which is why “radicals” love it. The point is to frame politics as good guys, the radicals, versus bad guys, the reactionaries.

In this age it does not hold up as a logical construct because the people waving the flag of radicalism control the institutions. The so-called reactionaries cannot be working from fear for what change will do to their social power, when they have no political or social power to conserve. This does not stop the radicals from pretending their victims have power, but it is a self-serving game of make believe. The people on the receiving end of radicalism know who has the whip hand.

This is why the old Left-Right framing makes no sense. The people claiming to be on the Right these days are not monarchists. They are not in genuine opposition to the people on the Left. They simply prefer a slower pace of change. The Left is certainly not opposed to institutional power, like all prior left-wing movements. They worship institutional power and act in defense of it. To maintain the old framing, the dissidents are the New Left and the regime is the New Right.

Recent events support this new framing. The election integrity protests during the 2020 cycle looked like every other protest against power. The people in control of the institutions certainly saw it that way. They still carry on like January 6 was a failed Bastille Day or the echoes of 1848. In response, they are acting like institutional power always reacts to threats. They are rounding up opponents, abusing the rights of their citizens and threatening retribution.

A good example of this new reactionism is in the paranoid chanting about threats to “our democracy” that are a feature of the current regime. Those old enough to remember the 1980’s or even the 1990’s see this fetish for democracy as novel. The standard response from so-called conservatives whenever someone said America was a democracy was to correct them and say it was a republic. Even the Left would make this point, lamenting the lack of democracy.

All of a sudden, as if there was a secret meeting of the ruling class, America is a democracy and that democracy is under assault. This started in the Obama years when his backers pushed the nutty idea that white people would oppose him strictly on the grounds that he was a black Muslim from Africa. Even though he gained a bigger majority of the white vote than Bush or Clinton, they persisted in this claim, saying his opponents opposed the democratic process.

Of course, what solidified the new language was 2016. The man who won the election based on the rules of how we conduct elections, was deemed a threat to the process that put him in office. This is not what they meant when they said Trump was a threat to democracy. What they meant was that he was a threat to the established order and the people it benefits. The word “democracy” now implies the established order and the semi-permanent ruling elite.

This is no different from how genuine reactionaries in 18th century Europe responded to the threat of socialism. They used the same sort of language and they used the same sort of tactics we see today. The point of their rhetoric was not to persuade the masses to side with the old order, but to persuade the people running the institutions to use their power to defeat the radicals. In other words, reactionaries do not seek to win arguments, but rather to rally elites to wield power.

Here is an example in the New York Times. David Leonhardt is employed by the “paper of record” to inform the managerial class. His archive is full of stories that would be of use to people in power, but utterly worthless to everyone else. His job at the media shop that serves the regime is to set the tone for other regime outlets and to help set the priorities of the regime. Normally he worries about how to keep the peasants fed, but this post is about “threats to our democracy.”

The reactionary quality is clear in the first so-called threat. He claims, “a growing movement inside one of the country’s two major parties — the Republican Party — to refuse to accept defeat in an election.” The New York Times literally created a bureau in 2016 to cover the Russian collusion hoax. The point of their existence, and that of all regime outlets, was to undermine the legitimacy of the Trump presidency. The word “hypocrisy” does not scratch the surface here.

The second threat somehow manages to be even more contradictory. “The second threat to democracy is chronic but also growing: The power to set government policy is becoming increasingly disconnected from public opinion.” On the surface this sounds fine, but he does not mean public opinion as in elections. He means the perception of public opinion as held by the people in power. His example is the recent Dobbs case, which he claims runs counter to public opinion.

When you interpret “democracy” to mean “established order” when used by regime elements, this makes sense. There is a Burkean flexibility in defense of the status quo in the face of public discontent. That is, they acknowledge the rules and the rights of the people, but only as far as they are reasonable. If the rules or the exercise of rights threaten the established order, then they are unreasonable. You can have whatever political system you like as long the people in charge agree

This new reactionism is what lies behind the weird social fads and assaults on decency that have become common. The claim by the people behind these things is that they are trying to subvert the old order, when in reality they are useful idiots. Their job is to keep the people occupied with these controversies so they do not start thinking about why their schools are a mess or why two incomes are no longer enough to provide a middle-class life. it is defensive distraction.

Historically, reactionism is something that flowers at the end of an age when the old order feels threatened. That is one way to read the current crisis. The people leading the charge to defend “our democracy” are decrepit old people who represent the dire warnings about managerialism. They are mediocrities raised up to the top of the social order, yet fully aware of their mediocrity. It is a system now dominated by highly insecure managers paranoid about everyone around them.

The reason reactionism turns up at the end phase of a regime is that it often works fairly well to blunt the forces of change. Reaction is what drove the response to Napoleon, eventually leading to the restoration in France. Reaction held back the tides of socialism in the 19th century into the 20th century. Reaction is what defeated Trump and put Joe Biden in the White House. Fear is a powerful motivator and powerful people in fear for their position make for a powerful force.

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132 thoughts on “The New Reactionism

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  2. One wonders whether there is anyway to rid ourselves of the managerial ruling class and administrative state. They’re so entrenched everywhere and have been for so long that it just doesn’t seem possible – and if it is, it’ll be something most likely big and ugly.

    • The left controls media, schools/universities, the legal system, tech giants, entertainment, banks, republicans, most HR departments, and the gov bureaucracy. Of course, the left then worry about Russian collusion. To control so many influential institutions and worry about the Russians propaganda tells you how scared they are.

    • The left controls media, schools/universities, the legal system, tech giants, entertainment, banks, republicans, most HR departments, and the gov bureaucracy. Of course, the left then worry about Russian collusion. To control so many influential institutions and worry about the Russians propaganda tells you how scared they are. . . .

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  4. “do not start thinking about why their schools are a mess or why two incomes are no longer enough to provide a middle-class life. it is defensive distraction.”

    Are any of you guys old enough to remember when the complaint was that ONE income (father) was no longer enough to maintain a middle class life for a family? Now we are down to two incomes not being enough. How long before we have to bring back child labor?

    • A notable book some 20 years ago was “The Two-Income Trap” which noted among other things that the stay-at-home mother was “the most important part of the social safety net.”

      The author, funnily enough: Elizabeth Warren

      • The author, funnily enough: Elizabeth Warren

        I can’t remember whether we’re allowed to say “sh!tlib” here chez Z, but it’s such a terrible tragedy that sh!tlibs have neither an intellectual nor a moral backbone.

        If they weren’t so frigging spineless when it came to e.g. intellectual integrity, then they could ackshually make powerful allies.

        They know what the frigging deal is; they had those Venezuelans the hell out of Martha’s Vineyard and hauled off to an Army Base [for purposes of stockading] before you could even say, “Shazam!”

        Frigging spineless bastard sh!tlib traitors & whores.

        Every G0d-confounded one of them needs to be sent straight to Davy Jones’s Locker.

    • Wait until you find out about the new indenture provisions attached to those extra, er, incomes. Stanford Law School has their Income Share Agreements for budding lawyers. What will your local elementary school offer, or dictate, for budding eaters? Johnny can’t read? Too bad, pay up. The plasma clinic down the hall takes the new CBDC. The sperm and egg pool is working out the kinks in their financing plan.

      One dirty secret of the surplus of Executive Managerial Professional (EMP) Class candidates is that many are indebted spiritually as well as financially. The former has a bankruptcy option, the latter, not so much. Biden threw a sop recently to some lucky few debtors while the non-EMP types were ignored.

    • I am one of those old enough to distinctly remember that conversation with my dad wherein he lamented that it had come to this, the clear economic utility of having my mom’s smaller salary added to the finances of the family.

      And things went downhill rapidly from that point in time. Soon enough, there was also the makeshift of running up balances on a credit card for many people. At that point, the two-income trap snapped shut, and permitted no escape. Social engineering with a vengance.

    • I’m old enough to remember that. We bragged that in America a man’s wife didn’t have go out into the paid work force.

  5. “Burkean flexibility” is a tad charitable for the Ignoring ‘20s elites; they will choose prison obedience for us over social stability any day of the week. You only need to invert that Leonhardt bit to fix the right meaning: “The power to set public opinion is becoming increasingly disconnected from government policy.”

  6. I refuse to call or think of Leftists their preferred names of “liberals” or “progressives.” They are marxists, satanists, and regressives. . .at the most benign they are globalists. Calling them by their preferred name is the same as debating them using their favorite word/weapon “racism.”

    They’ve had the whip hand since at least the 60s and have hollowed out everything traditional, common sense, beautiful and sane quite thoroughly. Frankly, they’ve won and it’s over. Gotta give them credit for that and give the Right scorn for being so incredibly weak and cowardly.

    Had the unfortunate displeasure of talking to a young Indian guy coworker. His family are upper-middle class strivers with doctors and live in a white suburb. This guy rants against America and capitalism while at the same time cannot compute that he took a corporate vaccine that gave him a serious health issue AND didn’t prevent him from getting covid. Then he rants with assuredness that because America is so obviously systemically racist, CRT is a clear virtue. Simultaneously, he does not compute that as a 1st or 2nd generation citizen, he has no knowledge or history to judge the country’s past nor an acknowlegement that his parents fled TO a hateful/racist/genocidal hellhole or that fact that fucking shithole India still has the CASTE system which is the most restrictive and discriminating social system ever. These people have exactly ZERO gratitude for being allowed to live and prosper in peace, but they pick up the “racism” hustle real fast. I would say he is tortured by cognitive dissonance, but I don’t think he has the brains or morality to be troubled.

    Honestly and horribly, vaccine deaths might be the only hope.

    • I think they’re going to be able to successfully cover up the jab deaths.

      If people actually start dropping like flies this winter they’ll just blame it on Cv-22 and go, “Just two more weeks of lockdown to flatten the curve everyone!”

      • Wild Geese Howard: I don’t know if they’ll be able to cover it up the deaths and injuries. Maybe. But more is coming out that’s getting hard to ignore. The New England Journal of Medicine recently published a study showing that the mRNA shots are destroying immune systems. Same with Lancet a few weeks ago. Not exactly fringe publications.

        Even the Liberal Party of Canada (!) just had a study done that shows there are 6 times more cases that are vaccinated versus unvaccinated currently in ICU and 5 times more vaccinated cases that are in the hospital compared to unvaccinated cases. They’re saying the vaxx mandates must end. Trudeau can’t be happy about that.

        Meanwhile the loudest voices in opposition to the shots, Mike Yeadon, Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Ryan Cole, Steve Kirsch, Alex Berenson, Mark Steyn et al, have not shut up about this and have only gotten louder, along with more voices joining in.

        • Wolf Barney: But your average voter has never head of any of the opposition voices – they’ve just heard of dissenters referred to as crackpots or antivaxxers, which they interpret to mean anti-smallpox vaccine or other genuine vaccines proven generally safe long ago. It’s terribly easy to fall into the echo chamber. You need to remind yourself that the portion of the population that visits genuinely dissident sites – be they social or political or medicinal – is truly minute. Perhaps 5%. Most people are utterly ignorant about almost everything, and the minority who do read/watch any news stick to mainstream sites.

          I would argue it is far more likely almost no one will notice White people dying off (and the few who do will celebrate it). I would say it’s a certainty that no politician or doctor or pharmaceutical company exec will ever face any consequences.

        • Wolf –

          Moreover embalmers are starting to speak out:

          “What is more, these clots are unlike anything he’s ever seen before. He describes them as “a white fibrous structure, like calamari, a rubber band or spaghetti. Even the small ones are unusual looking, like worms. They resemble a small parasite.” Typically, blood clots come out of veins during the embalming process, very, very rarely out of an artery. However, Hirschman recently took one out of an artery 33 inches long. “Normally, I wouldn’t be able to pull a clot of that length without it falling apart,” he explains. “It’s the white, fibrous length that’s unusual. I cannot possibly imagine that being inside a healthy person.”

      • They already have. Double the excess deaths in middle aged men. I don’t know how often you go to new agglomeration sites (like the ones that auto populate on a homepage), but the spike in stories about new found sources of blood clots is staggering. Today, no joke, is one that claims coffee “thickens the blood” and is causing clots.

          • Bourbon-

            Thanks for sharing, that piece was quite good.

            I wish she had expanded on the line about Pfizer considering intercourse as exposure to the mRNA juice.

            I mean, on the face of it, that implies if one goes to bed with someone that got, “hot,” doses it’s as bad as having directly received the injections.

            What a nightmare.

    • fakeemail: “I would say he is tortured by cognitive dissonance, but I don’t think he has the brains or morality to be troubled.”

      Introspection, extrospection, intuition, respect for counterintuition [& irony], wistfulness, gratitude, perception, revulsion, mercifulness and resolve, those qualities are largely unique to the Anglosphere [and oddly enough, to orthodox Russians, go figure].

      Blithely expecting Brahmin or Mandarin or Wahhabi or juice to possess such qualities would be a fool’s errand.

    • I was at a China Mart awhile back and this Dot Indian guy ran over me with his shopping cart. I turned around expecting an apology. Instead I got cussed out and told to “get the eff out of the way. ”

      I replied “how about YOU go eff yourself and while you’re at it go back to the shithole you came from,” “You’re not wanted here.”

      His face turned purple with rage and he threatened to whip my ass. He didn’t. He stalked off cursing.

      I’ll demonstrate my “racism” any time some arrogant POC asks me to.

      • Be careful about that; if they have a phone and make you viral the entire power of the state/media/your employer can come down on you.

        You know, I guess it makes sense that they have no gratitude. They weren’t brought here at the behest of the people and they know that. They were brought in by the rulers to be mercenaries to drive down wages, vote Left, and cause social instability. Any kindness shown to them is I suppose rightfully viewed as weakness.

        • fakeemail: This. My gut reaction is always the same as Carl (get out of the west you alien parasitic piece of shite) BUT . . . that is not wise in today’s mass surveillance age. It’s not merely you who will be doxed and will face mass opprobrium – they will go after all your family. Your erstwhile ‘friends’ and ‘coworkers’ will denounce you. The local government will find ways to suddenly inspect you for this or that.

          It goes against the grain, but it is better in this day and age to be the grey man – to disengage. That’s one of the reasons we are moving to the middle of nowhere – so we don’t have to deal with daily diversity and I will be far less tempted to speak badthoughts.

      • “His face turned purple with rage and he threatened to whip my ass.”

        Bro, at the risk of poisoning Z’s place with a F3D-POAST, if I had had been standing next to you and witnessed the scene, then that streetsh!tter would never again have sh@t in the street.

        And yes, we would have been the lead story on the evening news.


        …It was not preached to the crowd.
        It was not taught by the state.
        No man spoke it aloud…

    • I can’t allow a pass on your Indian co-worker—that is to say, he’s only been here for a generation or two and can’t “know”.

      My father came here as an immigrant after the war. I remember at least one thing on his large bookshelf, “The History of the English Speaking People” by Winston Churchill. A multi volume tome to say the least. There were other books as well, including an encyclopedia in English.

      If there was anybody that one might excuse ignorance of the new country, it was this 8th grade educated immigrant. But that was not to be—because he would not let it be. I hold all such immigrants—and in turn their descendants to this (White) standard.

  7. “Since roughly the French Revolution, the dynamic of Western politics has been the conflict between radical forces and reactionary forces. The radicals, armed with liberal ideas, seek to change social arrangements for the better.”

    This interpretation can be contested. Liberalism, or more accurately, the nexus of liberalism and emerging global capitalism, was the reigning ideology of the 19th century. In France, for example, there was a Bourbon restoration after the Napoleonic era — but it didn’t last long. Liberalism was the force against which were pitted radical forces of socialism and also the various “pan” movements — pan-Aryanism, pan-Slavism, Zionism — which all grew out of the Volkisch movement of the mid-19th century. The old aristocratic and feudal forces that remained had their days numbered — Prussia maybe, the Austro-Hungarian empire maybe.

    The nexus of liberalism and global capitalism remains extant. That that liberalism has sought to camouflage itself by putting on rainbow attire should not fool anyone. There’s nothing radical about it, unless you want to see the global capitalist project itself as radical (which is a legitimate point of view).

  8. “The second threat to democracy is chronic but also growing: The power to set government policy is becoming increasingly disconnected from public opinion.”

    Do these people even read what they write? Is Mr Leonhardt just an AI bot or something just following an algorithm? If the US government was ever responsive to public opinion, it’s been at least a hundred years since public opinion served any role in fixing US policy.

    • > Is Mr Leonhardt just an AI bot or something just following an algorithm?

      Always thought it would be a funny troll to try to get mainstream recognition and applause by sending articles to these rags written by GPT-3.

  9. You can have whatever political system you like as long the people in charge agree.

    “Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black.” – Henry Ford

    • Funny thing about that is in less than 20 years after he allegedly said that, “styling” became one of the top reasons people chose one car over a different one. It’s the illusion of choice. Go buy a Chilton manual for your car. usually you will find it covers multiple models and even across (related) car companies. I still have the first one I ever bought and it covers cars from Pontiac, Oldsmobile and Buick.

    • In fairness to Henry Ford, he was making a JOKE.

      Ha ha.


      Can you remember that?

      Can you still summon up one of the foggy [rapidly receding] memories from your childhood, when White people used to ackshually LAUGH???

      Serious question: When was the last time you saw anyone [much less a Karen] crack a smile?

      PRO-TIP: They can’t win until we stop laughing.

  10. After the collapse of Soviet Union, they remaining hard-core Communists in the Russian Duma were often called “conservatives”. It kinda worked, because they were representatives of the old regime as it was remembered by almost everybody alive and also because Russia was disconnected from the western definition of conservativism for a long time.

    However, calling the current regime in the West “reactionary” doesn’t work, even though it’s technically correct. Calling the dissidents “new left” is even worse and it’s not helpful at all.

    • Definitions are always fraught with peril, and for that reason I don’t worry my pretty little head about them overmuch. That said, I tend to tie left/right, liberal/conservative more to policy positions than to disposition toward change and stasis. At any given moment we know what positions are Leftist and which are conservative. If you hold Leftist positions, regardless of whether they represent the status quo, you’re a Leftist. And the opposite, of course, is equally true.

      • I can’t escape the notion it’s feminine vs. masculine. Not that there isn’t plenty of gray area, but the sad spectacle of screeching harpies sending their eunuchs against drunken frat boys from a few years back cast the die for me. The whole male/female relationship is totally out of whack, so everything that follows from it is out of whack, also. Patriarchal cultures can’t operate this way.

        • If this is correct, the conclusion then is that feminine world view is sexually degenerate, self-mutilating, child murdering and hyper controlling.

          • The feminine view is to unconsciously create a shitstorm getting everyone around her at each other’s throats, while she stands in the center of her social drama, nobly above it all.

            “I just wanted to do the right thing. I was just trying to be nice.”

            No, really. Look at what happens around women’s decisions, despite what their face and forebrain says.

            This is the mute breeder’s hindbrain acting out, phrasing the world in “moral” terms, instead of cooler decisions that people would quickly accept as background.

            Her backbrain makes her ask, “but how will people look at or think of me?”

            She sees things as a moral quandry, where guys wouldn’t give much snit as to “what people might think.” So, people can go, oh, okay, and get on with their own thing.

            It’s an unconscious approach, we’re wired differently.

          • In further reply to trumpton, look at tranny-loving or CRT teachers.

            Doesn’t realize she’s destroying those kids, their families, education, the system…

            (Or all my women kinfolk, or…)

          • Given the perversion that’s come out of feminism, that’s not an unreasonable position.

            Probably my position, honestly. In my experience, crazy and daddy issues go together.

            For mens’ part, mommy issues are just as damaging.

            In both cases, weak fathers seem to me to be the cause, and that makes sense, because men are supposed to keep order. Weak men and out of control women are the worst of both worlds.

          • Alzaebo: “tranny-loving or CRT teacher… doesn’t realize she’s destroying those kids…”

            Alzaebo, you might be misunderestimating the nature of the witch.

            You could argue that because she’s a female, the witch has neither agency nor accountability, and that the witch might not be consciously aware of the pain & suffering she will be spreading; but you would be wise to consider the possibility that, SUB-consciously, the witch’s midbrain/hindbrain knows precisely what it’s doing.

            So even if the witch is oblivious to its own sadism, the witch’s nether regions still know d@mned well what arouses them.

        • I agree with Painter.
          There’s a reason I call the “one alleles” (one allele for hair/eye color, black/brown), the “breeder brained.”

          This is also why I must refuse the Semitic programming.

          The breeder-brained ask “Why?” as a moral question., as a social question.

          The neocortex thinkers ask “why?” as in, “how does it work?”

          The retuning of our pineal gland by the aurora borealis was so powerful it liberated our very genome. We have 124 alleles for hair/eye color; we discovered and built everything because our capacity was freed from the dull roar of the animal backbrain.

          We are the next stage of a living world’s design in Creation’s unfolding.

          • (Caveat- although, do honor those who are capable of using the social and personal strengths in religious guidelines.

            We have, in the end, very different jobs, and final destinations.
            This too is part of the design.)

        • ” because men are supposed to keep order.”
          You miss a big piece.
          Men are supposed to Determine, Impose and Keep Order.

          All three are lacking.

    • How about we just call dissidents “dissidents” and the regime the “regime” and its functionaries and toadies “regime functionaries and toadies” and its propagandists “regime propagandists”… etc.

      It feels like we’ve finally understood the situation we’re actually in and more people share this understanding every day, but for some reason we’re embarrassed about it and still running back to use terms and concepts from the polite civ nat good ol’ days.

      The regime knows the stakes and talks pretty openly about them now, so must we.

      • I always refer to “Joe Biden” as a regime, just as the State Department invariably refers to disfavored governments as “regimes”.

        Maybe we should go further, and refer to the regime as a junta, thereby making explicit that ww understand that they attained and hold power through fraud and violence, psychological, financial, and physical. Name the Thing, and drain it of its power and mystique.

        • JerseyJeffersonian: “Name the Thing, and drain it of its power and mystique.”

          This idea, that names possess power, is simply fascinating.

          In late tsarist Russia, it was known as “Imiaslavie”, and it literally ripped apart the entire nation [after which the Bolsheviks simply waltzed into power].

          Imiaslavie is just about the most bizarre form of transcendentalism with which I’ve ever crossed paths.

          Utterly fascinating.

  11. Enjoyed the Taki post. To hear that woman talk about subverting Tolkien is sickening. Tolkien was brilliant. He was a polyglot of umpteen languages and a respected professor of Old and Middle English. I have never read Lord of the Rings, but I have read many of Tolkien’s lectures and essays, and to think that a bloated pig can sit there and pretend to be equal to Tolkien is sickening. Read his lecture “The Monsters and the Critics” and then compare to that corpulent beast. The leveling of culture, to where the borders between high and low are obliterated, is perfectly evinced here.

    • They have to tear down all achievements to avoid the accusing reflection of their own bloated talentless corpse staring back at them.

    • Something was really lost when ancient languages were abandoned as a core feature of higher education. Not only is it an excellent weed-out of people who had no business being there, but there is a grounding aspect to it when reading the texts from antiquity in their native language. These are people who lived in a very different world with a very different philosophy of life, and it’s impossible to read them without having a deep understanding of their mindset.

      • What was lost was your entire past and cultural roots.

        This was intentional. You can’t remake from year 0 if people still connect with their past.

        • Exactly. Once ‘subversion’ became a virtue, it became very difficult to keep our people connected to their past. And yet… it is impossible not to notice the gushing over Queen Elizabeth’s funeral. It’s hard for most humans to not feel the draw of tradition, pomp and circumstance. Our modern world’s aesthetic pales in comparison and is heavily alienating. A rarified culture, even in shabby condition, will always have something more to inspire the human imagination than any culture based in resentment and undermining. Tolkien was right that evil cannot create but can only destroy.

      • In my undergraduate years, I had a professor who taught German—required as one of my “languages” to graduate. He was a Dutchman and classically schooled in Greek and Latin and probably a half dozen other languages. The German taught in class was—in hindsight—the least of my education from him. No, it was with the English language when I fondly recall his knowledge and insight.

        Often during class he would discuss a particular idiom in German, discuss the translation to English, then in current usage and construction, discuss how such English came about historically. In short, his mastery of Ancient Greek and Latin produced an etiology of the English language hereto never understood nor discussed previously in all my classes.

        If you know your Greek and Latin, there seem few “unexplained” peculiarities of the English language. Whereas before, previous instructors had just shrugged their shoulders and implied such constructs, spelling, and usage were a mystery. To this man of his training, there were no mysteries.

        • I read a lot of non-fiction authors from the 1700s up to Victorian/Edwardian times and it is amazing as to how many of them self translate or use segments into their work from Latin, Greek, French and German texts as common place.

          Even though in many cases they are books for the general public, they also write in a way that they fully expect their target audience to be able to understand these languages and classical references.

          For someone with a shitty “modern education” like myself it feels like being in remedial classes to try and catch up.

          • You are touching on “Cultural Literacy
            E.D. Hirsch, Jr.

            He didn’t invent the term I believe, but made it quite popular 35 years ago. Yep, you are correct. There has been a fantastic dumbing down of current literature in order to sell to the masses. And of course, we are all the poorer for it.

            One experience I had as a young graduate student was in meeting with professors in “Reading”. Yep, in the college was a Department of Reading and several faculty were involved in research in reading level of students and the general populace. The aspect that involved me was in analysis of data, but one gets to understand the point of the research as well as juggle data.

            The general population was at that time, reading at lower than an 8th grade level. Text books were being geared at a reading level no higher than 3rd year HS. Cultural literacy references were removed by book editors as simply too hard and they were afraid that State textbook selection committees would reject such textbooks for their students. Textbook sales were in the aggregate more important—money-wise—than *all* other book sales combined!

            This was all before political correctness even thought of dictating textbook content. So things were bad then and I imagine even worse now.

          • @compsci

            By modern I mean 70s/80s.

            All part of the post 60s “education reforms” in England that wrecked their own culture.

          • I’m presently rereading the complete works of Poe, and his prose is interlarded with all manner of classical and romance languages. I’ve got a Ph.D. in Russian history yet need a stack of grammars to suss out Poe’s meaning most of the time.

      • Forget classics, government school reading lists often don’t include anything TEN years old anymore. It’s pronouns and systemic racism all the way down now.

        Sending your kid to government school is child abuse, period.

      • My high-schooler had to memorize and recite the opening lines from “Canterbury Tales” in Middle English. He walked around my house for over a week sounding like a cross between Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Swedish Chef.

        That being said, once he nailed the pronunciation, the lyrical nature of that dead language was amazing and beautiful.

        Wish I had gone to his school, but at least I can enjoy it vicariously.

        • Mow – I had to do that when I took Chaucer in college. We read it in public high school, but no speaking or memorizing, and the teaching was ineffectual because it lacked historical context. Literature, art, music, and history really ought to be taught together because they paint a multidimensional portrait of a past age.

    • Ha! Ha!

      Of course notice the clothing – a shirt that looks like someone puked up a bunch of partially digested tucans that is unbuttoned and revealing a black bra that can’t push up two gravity strained yam sacks.

      Back in a less kinder gentler day of the Internet there was a web site called Fat Chicks in Party Hats. In honor of Miguel and is distinctively un-PC brand of degeneracy – Blarg!!

    • Tolkien was always a leftist entertainment. What right winger read Tolkien? A story about white midgets who can’t cut it on their own and need other races to help them. The ultimate diversity is our strength allegory. The attack on Tolkien is 2 things (1) the Left eating their own, and (2) reverse psychology to get the Right to embrace Tolkien. Because they’d love for the right to all becomes nerds obsessing over Hobbits and Elves.

      • Again – I have never read LotR – but his reverence for Anglo Saxon and Norman works is inspiring to read. However, I would suggest that politically he was good friends with CS Lewis, and probably in the vein of Burke as a conservative.

        • I think Tolkien and our host would understand each other pretty well. In a letter to his son going off to fight in WWII (Tolkien himself fought in the Battle of the Somme) Tolkien expressed a preference for “non-constitutional monarchy” ruling with a very light hand, together with a general dislike of the “state” as a concept rather than specific reference to the actual men exercising power. This is in #52 of Tolkien’s collected letters, and an interesting read.

  12. Although what we’re seeing now — a degree of decadence that’s so extreme it’s comical — comes at the end of an age, it’s hard to see how any sort of Restoration could be in the cards. It may be the case that the managerial elite is making its deals with the coming pan-Asian century to be their resident managers in what may become their American satrapy. Instead of the Euro or the Amero or the yuano, the globo may be the future worldwide digital currency. Anyhow, be ready for the Vineyard’s Revenge. Virtue signaling as a way of privileged life still seems to have miles to go and much pain to inflict before it sleeps.

  13. “Fear is a powerful motivator and powerful people in fear for their position make for a powerful force.”

    The question is how to deal with fearful people in a way that doesn’t provoke them to violence. Fear is contagious. It has a weakening effect on both parties that leads to violence. Fwiw, in my small life and in my small experience, you can negotiate, and even prevail in, some hairy situations as long as you don’t allow yourself to become infected. Sometimes the other guy will even tell you what to do, as long as you keep your head and know how to listen.

  14. Great post on Taki.

    “When Amazon rolls out a ghetto version of Lord of the Rings, the conservatives start chanting, “Go woke, go broke!” at their televisions.”

    Great image. What a bunch of whiners and losers. Who will be the winners? The white people who are creating the vanguard of great art who don’t have hybrid gaming Woke Whining youtube channels. In all spheres it is time to prepare the solutions and the replacements. In terms of organizing, we need lawyers, businessmen, technologists, engineers, scientists, warriors, charismatic communicators in muni and state politics, musicians, visual artists, film makers … who are organized and aware of each other. We aren’t ready yet. We need to build the replacement regime. All of the above ingredients exists on our side at varying levels of proximity to power. We need to identify and organize around the best of them and have fun getting ready for when the moment arrives.

    “Another feature of Western man has always been generosity. It is assumed others can be brought around, but that generosity may be finally running low. Maybe Western man is finally tiring of the ungrateful guests he generously invited into his lands.”

    Maybe? Definitely. I invited? No. Someone else invited them into my lands.

    • If you asked people across the USA, which state is the most conservative in the country, I am supremely confident that the state that I live in would be voted number 1.
      Last Friday I went to a local high school football game. After they played they national anthem the announcer asked everyone to remain standing. He said that it was Mexican independence day. Then on the video screen they showed a split image with the USA and Mexican flags. He said to show respect to the players on their team with. Mexican heritage, they would now play the Mexican national anthem, which they proceeded to do. The team I supported were the visitors and they were 100% White. The home team was at least 95% White with 5 or 6 boys with Hispanic names on their roster. Here in the most conservative state in the union they have not grown tired of the ungrateful guests, in fact they are becoming more accommodating than ever. Needless to say, this was a horse sized black pill.

      • More top down crap. The stadium announcer is probably mimicking what he sees at the top. He is either auditioning for the next job – showing his bona fides or just LARPing.

        This ends when the people in the stands boo and protest. Maybe it is worth writing an editorial in your local paper calling this fool out. Some angles: When is America going to come first? How can we remain American when we don’t make immigrants Americans.?

        It might be worth also finding the people in the stands who are sick of this crap having a talk with the announcer, the athletic director and the coach reminding them that we are Americans and we need to promote our holidays and our culture and any immigrants need to assimilate or there is no more America. Even if it is just a few of you do it, that is how The Left works. Maybe you can make it work for you. If you are the only person in the stands who is not pissed off, then the black suppository is warranted.

        Silence is going to ensure the steam roller continues. Maybe lead with an editorial and see who reaches out to you. Then take the next step.

        • Avant-garde announcers include an acknowledgement about some purported prior land inhabitant(s). That may get a bit murky so typically the most recent group is named. Don’t ask about predecessors, red in tooth and claw.

          Said announcements are best read unironically in a monotone suggesting either that one is brain-dead or that one gets the joke.

      • They have to believe that anyone can be an American, even a Mexican flying the Mexican flag and unable to speak a word of English, for if that’s not the case, that only certain people could ever be “American”, then that would mean that there are some difficult questions that need to be asked with some unpleasant answers. Best to sweep that under the rug for now.

        • Its interesting how people draw the opposite conclusion it seems to me.

          They do not believe anyone can be an American, they intend to obliterate the very idea of what an American is. Same as all other white countries and ethnicites.

          It about the negation of any of the western nations as a concept, not that anyone can become a member of any particular one.

          • You nailed it. The “propositional nation” bunk is the cyanide-laced Kool-Aid. The ones who concocted it aim for a “post-nation.” They appear on the cusp of several victories.

      • It’ll run its course, do it’s damage, and produce natural immunity. It’s the real plague, unlike the fake one we just larped our way through.

      • To show a split image of the US flag and any other national flag in a show of “equality” (I did not see this, but assume each flag given equal promotion/display) in celebration such as the National Anthem, and is against US flag code. We taught this in Boy Scouts once upon a time in another land long vanished.

        If the US flag is flown on US soil with any other flag, the US flag *must* be *prominent*! This is usually done by the US flag being either taller, larger, or forward of the foreign national flag or centered among many foreign flags.

        I see this most often broken in WH meetings with foreign leaders. There might be an exception here for diplomatic reasons. In foreign US flag display, I expect to see their flag first, ours second or less prominent—and do. We really are a sorry excuse for a “country”.

        • Hate to pick nits, but that is incorrect. When flags of different nations are flown together, they must all be the same size and height. The US flag is given the place of honor, but that is it. Other non-nation flags (state flags, etc) can be flown lower or in smaller size.

          “If the flags of other nations are displayed with the American Flag, they should be of equal size and at equal heights on separate staffs at a time of peace. The American Flag should be displayed to the (flag’s own) right but not higher than other national flags.”

          • So who said different? Prominent is equivalent to place of honor. State flags are of different sizes. And so forth.

            The original comment was of a National Anthem presentation and a commentator asking that we recognize another flag/symbol—foreign—in the ceremony to “honor” the Hispanics (their heritage at least) on the other (?) team.

            The assumption was the scoreboard visualized both the MX flag and the US flag. Is that prominent or a place of honor for our flag at such an American event? I’d say not. The waving of the flag at the National Anthem before a game is an American only thing (IMO). In international competitions, that’s of course a different matter, but this was not such. It was a local event.

            Not that many here give a damn, just to point out how out of the norm we seem to accept now that we not longer are a nation but rather a shopping center for the world.

    • I’ve been thinking a lot lately about this. I’ve been less active here lately and in many of the other places I post because of what I perceive as the gripefest nature of much of “dissident” activity. We all sort of know the score about race, women, sexual deviance, etc… There’s no real effort to build anything though. We get on here with our fake names and that’s our “community”. Most of you don’t like to be too open about what part of the country you’re in even. That’s fine too. Everyone has their own level of risk tolerance.

      As for me I’m in the Western suburbs of “the 2nd filthiest place on earth”, Portland OR. When I go outside in the real world I’m immediately disgusted by almost everyone and everything I see and this is a “conservative” area compared with the Big Nasty to the east. Lately, I’ve gotten involved with a group called “People’s Rights”. It seems to be mostly in the PNW but is spreading to other parts of the country. We’ve been doing something pretty rare in that during the middle of the Coof panic we were meeting in person at a local redneck bar. It was out in the nearby rural areas so no one cared about masks. It was very pleasant back then just to sit at a table with other normal humans breathing normal air. That alone was almost reason enough to go then.

      I know that from the name the group sounds like another Ayn Rand fan club but actually the people there are a mix of secular libertarians, gun nuts, Evangelicals, preppers, and conspiracy, um… considerers. It’s clear from the way people talk that the principles that animate this site have permeated virtually everyone’s consciousness and vocabulary. Race purists might not like that we’ve got a few people of a more, um… swarthy persuasion too who are probably native Spanish speakers.

      I’m saying all this not because I’m trying to get anyone to abandon hopes for a White homeland or stop saying nigger. My point is that we’ve all got to join local “nucleation sites” for the New Western World and start doing things together with the people we find there. We’ve done some interesting things. The organizers have had people speak on things like ham radio, guns (of course), and they’ve also organized some overtly political stuff like protest marches for medical freedom. We’ve even heard from some local grassroots GOP candidates. I’m going to propose some talks on some of my oddball interests like microtonal music composition too. I’ve noticed that we often don’t have a new outrage (even in Oregon) to focus on and there’s a real need to reclaim cultural things in general as you pointed out. There’s an associated group that helps people convert their digital life from closed platforms like Microsoft and Apple to Linux. I’ve tried to help out there too though mainly just with tech advice on Telegram. Some of this organizing has undoubtedly been helped by the hilariously corrupt Oregon state government.

      What can unite people at this point in the struggle is not so much racial ideology or religion but a desire to reclaim the Western heritage of individual development, of “ordered liberty”. By that I mean the quest for excellence, freedom, openness, self-determination, self-defense, competence, and yes, prosperity.

      Individuation and not submersion in a mass society dominated by incompetent old women, perverts, parasites, cowards, traitors (racial and otherwise), exhibitionists and narcissists – this can take us a long way to where we need to be. Our movement needs to teach people how to shoot a bow or a gun, how to make a lean-to, calculate annualized interest, understand exactly *why* dumping fake money into an economy causes inflation, and hire one another with a handshake rather than some rainbow-logo hiring website.

      Anyway, our PR group is meeting tonight. I’ll see if I can bring up some of my ideas for these kinds of practical activities. I’d hope all of you can find something similar in your area.

      • Incredibly helpful, as I intend to make committees of correspondence and interests my second and real career. Getting closer by the day.

        I see your pen-name is linked, may we peruse your site?

        The American Revolution was actually community organized by some unknown guy who’s name starts with a “D”, tirelessly travelling and, like Samuel Adams, chatting ’em up in bars, homes, and churches.

        He was *interested* in the world, and, I imagine, having a he!! of a lot of fun meeting people, going places, learning things.

        • Oh, the “site” is a bit of a joke. It’s an empty wordpress tempate. I set it up just to see how close the WP people follow this site. I’ve toyed with the idea of making it a real site but I would never use WP to actually host it given what they did to Heartiste and others. The email addr is legit though and I do check it occasionally. Thank you for saying what you did! I always pay attention to your comments here 🙂

      • Bravo P! Very practical, common-sense suggestions. I have learned a lot from the comments from other readers, and I usually read the comments section with as much interest as the Zman post, including the many helpful links. I have always regretted having attended schools that never offered original languages (particularly Greek and Latin), and spent much of my dotage “catching up” on what I missed in my formative years. I could never regret what I have learned in its place from the school of life and hard knocks. I have a natural resistance to labels, as shortcuts to thinking, and still struggle with some of the acronyms in common use here. I love the spirit of the many in this group who are younger than me, but I may be slower to grab the flag, any flag, in a rush to the ramparts.

  15. The idea that we could go to the polls and express our displeasure at the ruling regime by partaking in its games and giving consent to be ruled by it is self-evidently absurd. This seems to be sinking in with some parts of the population. Obviously not the CivNats who have bought fully into the “good Republicans” thing the GAE has been pushing since 2016, most notably expressed by the pervert-run Lincoln Project. I am talking about the people, mostly young White men, who have been cast out and told they are not wanted in our glorious future. They know that voting isn’t going to fix this. For now, most of them seem to be drowning their sorrows in porn, drugs, and video games, all things heartily encouraged by the regime. It is why the regime puts out articles saying things like going to the gym, reading philosophy, and finding like-minded men to talk to, turns you into mustache man.

    This dynamic is not going to change. Those young men are not going to put down Evola and pick up the latest Ibram X Kendi screed that declares them to be the eternal enemy. You cannot declare 30-40% of a population in a country to be the enemy of the country, as Brandon did, and expect things to work out for them. It’s possible on some level they know this, and they are just gearing up for further oppression (FBI is already the internal state police, they’re starting to ban Republicans from ballots, etc.), but I also think they really believe this. NYT writes articles to scare its readers, who are mostly Outer Party members who owe their entire lives to this regime. They will fully support any attempts by the GAE to clamp down, and there will be more attempts.

    • There is little doubt the oppression will intensify and become more widespread and fear will be the primary motivator. I doubt more than a handful know who Evola is, but they know what jobs and positions they are forbidden and why they are denied access to them. That’s potentially a very volatile situation.

      • fear will be the primary motivator.

        “Did you really think we want those laws observed?” said Dr. Ferris. “We want them to be broken. You’d better get it straight that it’s not a bunch of boy scouts you’re up against… We’re after power and we mean it… There’s no way to rule innocent men. The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren’t enough criminals one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws. Who wants a nation of law-abiding citizens? What’s there in that for anyone? But just pass the kind of laws that can neither be observed nor enforced or objectively interpreted – and you create a nation of law-breakers – and then you cash in on guilt. Now that’s the system, Mr. Reardon, that’s the game, and once you understand it, you’ll be much easier to deal with.”
        Ayn Rand, “Atlas Shrugged”

  16. The old Right at least knew what it was trying to defend. These jokers cannot even tell us what a woman is. It’s beyond comical that they’re vigorously defending a world-view so protean, and indeed incoherent, that they don’t even understand it themselves.

    All they know for certain is that grillers and normies are wrong about everything. They will “circle back” to us later regarding logic and reason. It’s going to take total collapse, as it has throughout history, to restore order.

  17. Leonhardt’s article shows that our rulers are nervous that the peasants are getting a bit unruly, but he’s worried about the wrong threat.

    He’s worried that that flyover whites won’t accept an election result because they claim fraud. The real danger is that flyover will accept that the other side got a majority of the votes, but they don’t accept the legitimacy of those voters to rule over them.

    Democracy only works – indeed, is only legitimate – if the people believe that their fellow citizens share their identity and values. We’re rapidly moving to the point that this is no longer true.

    • Citizen: Democracy only works if, as Zman has written, the people accept that 50% +1 equals being ruled over, against the 49%’s implied interests. When the 50% + 1 means cities and immigrants (because suburban Whites will vehemently reject race realism and any technically ‘legal’ immigrant is American as Patrick Henry) the divide becomes both urban versus rural as well as regional – coastal elites versus flyover Whites. All the underlying assumptions of democracy are laid bare as false when the demographics of each side are made clear. This is behind the drumbeat of “Our Democracy” and “Our elections.” There is no “Us” any longer – and the elites have known this for decades. Their fear is that a tiny portion of Joe Grillers are beginning to take note.

      • I think the fear is that a preference cascade will take place. Granted, only a tiny minority of Grillers voice that they have taken notice, but that may be more quietly widespread than it would appear. I think, and it is just think, that is the case on an array individual issues rather than the entire current governmental arrangement, but that may be quite wrong. The elites certainly act as if they think it is entire arrangement.

        Citizen accurately described the real danger. I would just add that for the elites outcomes also have been irrelevant for a very long time but other people were assumed to be unable to notice that until only recently.

        Who decides indeed.

      • Reminds me of the sock-puppet accounts on Gab: “You’re falling for their trap as they’re working to divide us!”.

        I’d ask who is this “they”? Names please, and who is this “us”? Is the Somali crossing the border tomorrow an “us”? Never got an answer, though I did get blocked several times for asking.

        • Evil Sandmich: My good friend likes to quote the “Divide et impera” line. Because she’s a fundamentally decent person (too much so for her own good), I offer her my standard courteous rebuttal. Anyone else who uses ‘divide’ and ‘us’ unironically I dismiss as an irrelevant cretin.

        • Many of these sayings are injected so the grillers internalize what they think will help them, yet have just swallowed a cancer that undermines their own position from within.

          They don’t even see their acceptance of the globo propaganda as their own morality as they think they oppose it.

          • trumpton: Insightful comment. Yes, she vehemently opposes globohomo yet parrots a line that fundamentally undermines the basic morality of her beliefs. I must admit, however, that her Christian universalism plays a role too.

        • Us? The people whose kids were driven at gunpoint by soldiers?

          Oh, I forgot. That was done to unite us- but not with other white people.

    • If only someone had written books about these dynamics and perfectly outlined why multicultural, multiracial democracy does not work. Books such as “The Crisis of Parlimentery Democracy”.

      “Every actual democracy rests on the principle that not only are equals equal but unequals will not be treated equally. Democracy requires, therefore, first homogeneity and second-if the need arises elimination or eradication of heterogeneity.”
      -Carl Schmitt

  18. Jack Dobson

    I was asleep to the Greece:Turkey conflagration. Netflix has a new movie made by a Greek guy. My take from the trailer is that it is about a heroic immigrant Muslim who leads an insurrection in Paris against the feckled and evil white police. I propose that Greece and France make him General, give him a brigade of Muslim migrants from the slums of Paris and make him and his battalion the tip of the spear in whatever offensive or defensive physical confrontation takes place. Let, “art”, imitate life and see how it goes for him.

      • Ha! Got me there! Here is what I propose. I propose he round up 299 migrants in France of his choosing. Put them at Thermopylae. Then the entire Turkish army can attack him.

        My prediction: His 299 kill him immediately and surrender to Turkey. The great director has his body defamed and brutally destroyed. New leaders in France and Germany come on after it is televised and warn the heritage populations that this is their fate and vow to undo the Great Replacement. Then the real armies and air forces and drones can duke it out.

        A man can dream.

          • Do you have graphic design and/or filming skills? This would be a great parody as a political cartoon or a short video or comedy clip. This is the kind of thing that puts right in the face of these cultural vandalists the suicide mission they are on.

            The 299. That is perfect! Or, The 1.

  19. “Now that we are moving from denial, to, to just trying to disengage the public from understanding the values of solar energy, the values of wind energy, the benefits of clean energy. We have to get tighter. We have to get better at communicating. And, frankly, the tech companies have to stop allowing specific individuals over and over again to spread disinformation. We have to be smarter than that, and we need the tech companies to really jump in.” – Gina McCarthy, National Climate Advisor White House

    Quite a confession. Quite a title. It conjures images of a woman with dried mud in her hair, wearing a sack cloth, with stripes of blood in her face. She is stirring a bowl with a twig. There is a dead rabbit, tree bark, a girl with her hair cut off, a fat maid finishing squirting milk into the bowl. She leaves the circle of stones surrounded by dancing maidens. She brings the bowl to an old man who dips his quill into it and signs a paper while he is surrounded by priests and rabbis and every kind of indigenous chieftain and shaman (except those from European countries who except for the Sami gave up the stone age a long time ago). It is a very Bosch like scene.

    I often think the best film for where we are headed is The Hunger Games. Another apt metaphor is The Sparrow and his cult from Game of Thrones. I thought the end he was brought to could be appropriate here.

    • Thank you. I’ve not yet seen or read “The Hunger Games.” I have watched the Game of Thrones series. I highly recommend it; in my opinion, it’s very well done, albeit perhaps not suitable for Christian family viewing 😀

      Even with having seen it, I had to re-acquaint myself with the Sparrow and his role. As with most other information, one can learn in minute detail all one wants about any topic at the least, those that shadowy powers don’t seek to suppress 🙂

  20. “This is not what they meant when they said Trump was a threat to democracy. What they meant was that he was a threat to the established order and the people it benefits. The word “democracy” now implies the established order and the semi-permanent ruling elite.”

    This is beautifully and succinctly put. It is excellent writing.

    I disagree with the implication at the end of this piece, to be clear. I’m starting to think the cultural vandalism and unrestrained tyranny will not be sufficient to keep the reactionaries in the station to which they have become accustomed. As inconsequential as it was as far as long-term policy change, the 2016 election has changed the trajectory of our history because of the ham-handed reaction. The extreme responses, and I include Covidianism and the proxy war with Russia, shows an unfocused desperation not previously there.

    This may finish us off, we Heritage Americans and other White Westerners, but probably not. To quote Marx, of all people, “(I)nstead of investigating the nature of the conflicting elements which erupt in the catastrophe, the apologists content themselves with denying the catastrophe itself and insisting, in the face of their regular and periodic recurrence, that if production were carried on according to the textbooks, crises would never occur.” The key point there is denial prevents a resolution satisfactory to the reactionaries, and this is very much at play with the current crisis.

    The reactionaries have every tool to win at their disposal, but their ideological blindness makes them unable to accept that they need to be used. They probably will continue to lash out and inflict pain whenever they briefly realize the world has shifted beneath their feet, but without sustained focus they probably will lose. Our goal has to be to survive until that day arrives.

    Again, great writing and an excellent piece.

    • For these death cult entities the one issue I see is that if they are on the verge of losing (i.e in a bunker) they will self immolate their own using nukes on the entire society just out of spite.

      You know they would have no hesitation in doing this. Some people just want to watch the world burn.

        • Given the spate of pilot suicide/mass murders – including all the flights on 9/11, the Germanwings flight, and surely Malaysian 370 – it seems to be the vogue in this day and age.

        • They almost leave themselves no choice. After all the misery they have inflicted on the world, they will be hunted down with more vigor than a hundred-thousand Knottsee-hunters on steroids.

      • This is probably why Biden’s comment about the end of the plandemic was allowed to air.

        Why not let the sheep relax a bit prior to a civilization-ending global thermonuclear war?

        • Is it a war if you do it to your own people and yourself?

          Who would have thought such a thing?

          I can’t even think of a dystopia novel that postulates the wilful suicide of the entire society through conditioning and trapped with a leadership death cult.

          • Kubrick got it all wrong. Instead of Slim Pickens and instead of Moscow, the nuke rider is some black tranny with a nose ring, tats, and blue hair hurtling toward D.C., where she serves as Undersecretary of Defense and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Spoiler alert: Undersecretary Shaneeka is convinced she will survive.

  21. Z this should be the introductory chapter in your book. It is the best summary I’ve ever read of what a current dissident is.

  22. In a rather blatant example of how the game is played, recently the EU declared Hungary an ‘Electoral Autocracy’ as opposed to a democracy.

    People argued, either cynically or with full belief, that it can’t be a real democracy because they say the media is not neutral, there isn’t enough freedom of expression, and the judiciary is political. It’s truly jaw dropping.

    On top of this, of course, democracy means you have to be supportive of gays and allow replacement migrants in your borders.

    Everyone knows that one person who they stopped talking to because he always argued in bad faith. Every one of our rulers argues in bad faith now, which means there is no point in debating, and the only option we have is removing them from their power.

    • This has veered into tyrannical chaos. At the same time the EU has labeled Hungary an “electoral autocracy,” i.e., a democracy it doesn’t like, NATO member France has announced it will defend NATO member Greece against NATO member Turkey. You couldn’t make that up. Will the scheduled European famine have to be put off until the war among NATO members ends?

      You cannot argue even in good faith at this point with such lunacy. The end of the GAE is shaping up to be quite something.

    • They’re feeding the fire under , especially since he defied the liberal consensus on Russia and balanced on a thin line between sanctions and energy deals.
      This crisis an COVID-19 rallied many eurocrats to close the ranks and discipline the unruly. Retreating forwards towards the Green Future.

      • What amazes me is how quickly the old fault lines emerged despite all the kumbaya BS. Who will be the new Lord Byron? Liz Truss?

        • Liz will reaffirm the commitments of her nation in WW III.
          Brexit didn’t change much, except the special relationship between USA and UK that became even more important than ever. The rest lies in Eastern Europe, the borderland of Mackinde’s Heartland.


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