Lesson 230

Way back in 1996 when the Communications Decency Act of 1996 was being contemplated, no one imagined the outsize role of the internet. In fact, few of the people debating the bill had ever seen this internet thing. The internet as we understand it was in its infancy and only tech savvy hobbyists were using it. Most homes did not have a personal computer at the time. The only thing everyone was sure about was that the internet had to be free to grow.

Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act made a lot of sense to all involved, because it gave the new internet companies relief from parasitic lawyers who were already sinking their fangs into the industry. Giving the public platforms protection from liability allowed them to host the public platform without having to edit everything the users posted on the platforms. At the time, the tech companies claimed they lacked the resources to monitor user behavior.

The logic made sense as long as that last bit was true. If the people creating these public platforms could not edit what was posted, then they could not reasonably be held accountable, as we do for newspapers and magazines. The New York Times controls its content, so in theory it is responsible for it. As a practical matter they are never held accountable and libel people daily as we saw with the Sarah Palin case a few months ago, but that is a topic for another day.

In a quarter century, much has changed. Not only can the tech platforms edit what is posted on their sites, they now aggressively monitor content. Not only that, but they also promote content on the platforms and they create their own content. The millions of bots used to boost some content over others is a form of content. It is similar to a newspaper making the editorial decision to post some stories on the front page and relegate the real stories to the back pages.

The Section 230 protections were specifically tailored on the assumption that the platforms could not control what was posted. Therefore, someone could not reasonably sue them for defamation. It would be like holding the building owner liable for something someone write on the walls outside. In theory, the platform, like the building owner, would take reasonable steps to remove the material. If the court asked, they would try to identify the person responsible.

Of course, we live in a different age and therefore the laws crafted for the prior age no longer make any sense in this age. No one in 1996 could contemplate a world where an oligopoly in Silicon Valley controlled political discourse. Further, no one imagined the oligopoly being controlled by crazy people. This is why the matter is working its way through the courts in various conflicting cases. In fact, it will probably end up in the Supreme Court in the next term.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit upheld a Texas law barring companies from removing posts based on political ideology. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit overturned a similar Florida law on the grounds that it violated constitutional protections for tech companies. The question is whether these private firms that get the same protections as all other private firms or are they private firms operating public accommodations and therefore can be regulated.

Morally, this would be a simple question if not for the racial double standard that has become nearly universal. Facebook regularly hosts livestreams of black people hunting a killing white people. This happened most recently with the Memphis spree killer who livestreamed his rampage on Facebook. On the other hand, a white guy uses the wrong pronouns when describing a public degenerate and he is banned. In the age of Jim Snow, everyone knows the score.

Before the Jim Snow laws, when Section 230 was created, no one imagined the sorts of double standards we now accept. In 1996, everyone agreed that a public accommodation had to accept everyone as long as they did the minimum that was required of the enterprise. Restaurants could require a dress code, but they could not ban people for holding the wrong opinions. If they violated their own rules, then they could be held accountable in the courts.

Ultimately, the court will have to fashion a new standard. If Facebook is a public accommodation, then what are the rules that define such a thing? If it is a private company, then how can it have special privileges? The simplest solution is to clarify how one can claim Section 230 protections. A platform that does not edit the content of users would qualify, while a firm that censors the users would not qualify. This would be the logical solution, which is why it cannot happen.

Instead, the court will end up supporting the tech companies, because the so-called conservatives will be so high from chanting “they are private companies” that the crazies on the court will write the decision. We will end up with a new standard that says private companies can viciously and aggressively discriminate, as long as it is not against protected classes. At this time, there is one class left unprotected in the law, which is the class known as while people.

In fact, there is a good chance that the court creates a new framework that requires public platforms to aggressively censor content in order to get the protections offered under Section 230. That would mean a site like Gab is wiped out unless they apply the same standards as Silicon Valley. It would also mean that hosting companies are required to monitor the content of their users. This would be the first example of “common good conservatism” in the law.

This sounds terribly negative, but it is realistic. Stalin allegedly said that it is not the votes that count, but who counts the votes. He probably never said it, but it is something he would have grasped. He was a communist, but he eventually came to see that who decides counts for more than how things are decided. That is what we see in the current age with things like censorship. It is not the rules that matter, but who is enforcing and interpreting the rules that matters.

If the tech firms were run by the same sorts of people who were running what passed for big tech in 1996, none of this would matter. The internet pioneers were civic nationalists and libertarians. They were on-line to get away from people who wanted to police free expression. They needed Section 230 to keep the internet open, but they were replaced with people who want to close it down, so one way or another, speech will be closed down on the internet.

Finally, this is a good reminder that when a society begins to debate the letter of the law, it no longer respects the spirit of the law. Put another away, if the people in charge are so corrupt that they need written rules to behave themselves, they are corrupt enough to find a way around those written words. This is where we find ourselves with the current ruling class. They see the rules like they see the truth. If they are useful, they enforce them. If not, then not.

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137 thoughts on “Lesson 230

  1. The people who ran what passed for big tech in ’96 were replaced for sure, but not before they most likely sold out. They made their pile and if the next gen created more restrictions, oh well, not my problem. I don’t recall many, if any, speaking out. Seems like the parasite of wokeism has infected them all.

    • The sellouts I know from the tech and art worlds all had one thing in common: daughters. They consider it their fatherly responsibility to be maximally woke, to improve the word for their female children (and [slur] wives).

      Of course it won’t work out that way, but the tacos *might* be slightly above average…until they’re not.

  2. The class known as “ while people.”

    Indeed. I think slips are actually the hands of deities; so do you mean While as a duration of Time, a span of time, or in the sense of “Although”?

    Indeed we can be both a span of short time passing, we may yet be the ‘ Although’ people.

    The German term Aber is “yes, but ..”

    We are indeed now the “yes, but..” people.

  3. Ted Cruz is a man with ambition. Yet he suddenly caved to Amy Kloubachar on some bill helping Big Media form a cartel to negotiate with Big Tech. There was no upside seemingly for him to cave, but cave like a National Review Cuck he did.


    The answer is likely the rumored massive wave of arrests by the FBI of anyone even hinting that beloved Brandon was not legitimately elected. Which Cruz got wind of — he’s connected to these things. The FBI have basically ceased all other activity including pursuing Child Traffickers to go after Trump supporters even those merely in DC (the FBI has retroactively designated all of DC as “sensitive”) . I think it highly likely that not only Trump but DeSantis, Youngkin, and Abbot are arrested (or worse) very soon as I see that signaled in the media. Along with a wave of Trump supporters and those who yell “Let’s Go Brandon” also. That is what the Brandon Speech with Reichstag Fire lighting was all about. It was deliberate and a signal the jackboots are coming and that the righteous better get ready to run down teenage Trump supporters (one did in South Dakota and was let out on basically no bail).

    The danger for the regime is that hostile foreign actors or some of their own incompetents send the signal to act on the public morality: Whites are all genetically evil, and all bear hereditary blood guilt mandating their punishment. A call on the social media services for all good thinking vibrants to “cut down all the White trees” will generate a thousand or million Memphis live-streaming spree killers showing the killings live, and generating more in a feed back loop because that is the official Corporate Approved Morality. Which can go full African Nation circa 1994 very fast — leaving American force projection in Europe and the Pacific nil as the forces just fight each other.

    Its an occupational hazard like drug dealers doing their own product and actors becoming their characters. The worse you can say about the leaders at the White House (Klain, other staffers) is that they believe their own morality. We are not that different from Iran now. The state religion here requires the elimination of all Trump supporters and Whites generally, there killing of all women not wearing the hijab. [How’s that working out now for the mullahs?]

    • “A call on the social media services for all good thinking vibrants to “cut down all the White trees” will generate a thousand or million Memphis live-streaming spree killers showing the killings live”

      At least the perfect Whiskey record of batting Zero point Zero Zero Zero on predictions gives me good reason to believe that bad as things are, they won’t be so bad as all that

    • I kind of wonder how bad the jury pool in DC is. Like I wonder if some of the people on the supreme court got executed – if any DC jury would convict.

  4. Make no mistake, these politicians and bureaucrats CAN NOT STAND anonymous posting in any forum, whether monitored or not. The can’t stand even the concept of an internet that’s not centralized, with one server in some government building. One day they will use emergency powers to duplicate what China has been doing. VPNs will be banned. Under the guise of “safety” of course, etc.

    • “…CAN NOT STAND anonymous posting in any forum…”

      I hear you and agree 100%, and it was always a matter of time. Also, there is no way there IS anything “anonymous” as we speak and I type. Clearly, we all risk our freedom just posting here – it’s just that the red and black backlit jackboot leader and his minions have not figure out a way to incarcerate 70 million people yet.

      I assume they are working on it. Yet, still speak here while I can.

      • As an oldfag with friends in the gulag already, I’ve always had the same advice: Be boring.

        If you’re the kind of guy who can invent or even just perpetuate ideas/memes/etc., do it “from the bottom,” not from a named social media account with an attached Patreon/Paypal, etc.

        There already is a list and you’re already on it. Move *down* it. There will come a time when time is all you have.

      • ” it’s just that the red and black backlit jackboot leader and his minions have not figure out a way to incarcerate 70 million people yet.”

        They have. And they have perfected it.

        Think “Lockdowns” and “Quarantine” enforced by your cellphone linked ankle bracelet.

  5. I am constantly reminded about how these types of people take something over and then screw it up. Which is exactly what will happen, they can’t help themselves. So what if they do? Is the world a better place with or without Facebook, Twitter, what have you? Suppose Facebook has total control over everything everyone says on it, but most people abandon it. Good for them, they have a sterile environment with only the crazy people in it. I for one get the roaring laughs out of that idea, and they are welcome to that world.

    They’ll never succeed. If history teaches us anything is that you can only keep the lid on dissent for so long. At some point it boils over and trying to contain it only fosters its growth.

    • In the long run, maybe. But look at the poor souls who live in North Korea. Seventy-seven years of the Kim regime, with no end in sight.

    • “Good for them, they have a sterile environment with only the crazy people in it.”

      Aka “television.

  6. “… when a society begins to debate the letter of the law, it no longer respects the spirit of the law.”

    Every ethnicity has what are called ‘mores’ which are behavioral preferences and associated customs for sub-legal conflict resolution. Similar ethnicities invariably have similar mores, because culture (aggregate behavior of an ethnicity, inclusive of language and religion) coevolves with genome. The various traditional German mores are all fairly close together, and collectively they are closer to those of the Dutch than any are to those of Hutus and Tutsis of Rwanda, or Somalians.

    Laws were created to handle conflict resolution for behavioral problems that the mores system could not handle and to facilitate uniformity (fairness) in outcome. It is hierarchical: law operates on top of mores. A polity with one ethnicity will have laws that extend from, complement, and reinforce that ethny’s mores. Harmony between laws and mores leads to predictability and social stability.

    Consider the scenario of a sinking cruise ship that has passengers from two different ethnicities. There are not enough lifeboats for everyone. One of the ethnicities, a traditional European one, has mores which dictate “Everyone’s women and children first!” The second ethnicity has mores which dictate “My tribe first! Your women and children will go down with the ship if a single one of my tribe is in need of a lifeboat!”

    When the mores of different ethnicities conflict, only one can win. The winner, in a non-crisis setting, has their mores codified into law and thus imposed by armed authority onto the other ethnicities. This is often done without awareness in the majority of the losing ethnicity and with the men of the losing ethnicity doing the armed enforcement of the victorious alien ethnicity’s mores.

    A conflict between ethnic mores during a crisis may manifest differently depending upon whether one of the ethnicities has previously imposed their mores into law. If there is no law governing a crisis conflict, then violence is the invariable outcome. Our European ethnicity in the sinking ship lifeboat example would not let their own women and children drown so that the men of the ‘tribe first!’ ethnicity could be saved. However, what if the ‘tribe first!’ ethny had already passed a law which stipulated that in case of lifeboat shortage, their tribe always came first. The law conflicts squarely with the European ethny’s mores, and they are now faced with the dilemma of either submitting to the law (which is tacit abandonment of their cultural values, a cultural self-ethnic cleansing) and seeing their women and children perish, or breaking the law and putting their own women and children on the lifeboats, ignoring or suppressing the protests of the ‘tribe first!’ faction. Regardless, respect for law is lost by all. When conflict reaches an existential level, law is nothing and power (to enforce outcomes consistent with your own values) is everything.

    Legal systems in a multiethnic or especially multiracial (where differences between mores will be at a maximum) society are a battleground where each ethny attempts to impose its mores onto the others by seizing or keeping control over the law and using armed authority to impose its mores on all others. Federalism is one solution to minimize conflict. Each ethny has its geographic space (a sub-federal state-level polity) where its local laws can be in harmony with its mores. Laws at the federal level are restricted to handle resolution of conflict between states (and their associated mores) that cross state boundaries, and between the federation of states as a whole and foreign entities. This system can work well, as it does in Switzerland and did in pre-multicultural America.

    Multiculturalism is corrosive of federal stability because it physically mixes people up so that their geographic distributions do not coincide with state boundaries. Inevitable conflict follows because their disparate mores disrupt the harmony between state-level laws and the former majority ethnic group’s mores. This weakens the ability of the law to protect the original inhabitants from predation. Multicultural societies degenerate into tribal raiding parties formalized with paperwork and in slow motion.

    • Only in this case one tribe has been hypnotized that it can have no agency and must give up its place to all the others, even while it is the majority.

      It beggars belief.

  7. I’m less certain that anti-white rulings from the courts in this matter are foreordained. Such outcomes are entirely possible of course, but oddly enough, the judiciary is the one sector of society that has demonstrated some independence from the anti-white Power Structure. They may yet surprise us and actually hold Silicon Valley to book on the matter of anti-white censorship and discrimination. We’ll know soon enough. At any rate, however, I agree with Z that no matter the rulings, the anti-white zealots in Silicon Valley will find some way to get around the rulings and continue persecuting whites.

    • I think the Biden administration has, in addition to the Border Invasion, instituted a full court press in installing anti-white racist idealogues in the federal judiciary. Ted Cruz has garnered a lot of political theatre exposure through an endless array of such appointments who are effectively rubber stamped. There are two more years of this to go.

      The noose tightens by the day.

    • Ostei: I hope you’re right, although your comment does seem to fall into ‘the glass is half full’ category – which is perhaps a bit out of character for you. Cheers! for whatever the reason for the optimism.

  8. As bad as internet censorship is, the weaponization of the criminal law is a lot scarier than the weaponization of the big tech rules. While they have weaponized the law long ago, it was mostly on the periphery. Now, they are starting to mainstream the weaponization of the law and of law enforcement. If you are a member of the favored class, the law is not strictly enforced against you. If you are a member of a disfavored class, like a White-Male, you will feel the full brunt of the law. But if you have a name like Buk M Buk, as long as you’re not killing a magical football player (ie…a favored person), the law just doesn’t apply.

    • This law fare stuff is terrifying

      You can be financially ruined by a mere accusation

      Getting kicked of the internet pales in comparison

      • Or sent to prison. Everything else pales in comparison.

        BTW… I’m not even making up that Buk M. Buk name. That’s a real person, with his real full name who’s been running a 1 man crime spree and not being prosecuted (despite being caught) along the way until he recently murdered a black football player.

        This is 1/2 of the weaponization of the law. it’s not merely that they will throw the book at you, it’s that they allow the criminal class to reek havoc on the rest of society. Mr Buk is extra magical, being an African.

      • I find the weaponization of the financial system scarier still.

        Someone used to direct deposit, credit cards, and PayPal is going to have a tough time moving to the cash economy.

        On top of that, the Clouds continue to emit noises signaling their desire to ban cash entirely.

  9. “The internet pioneers were civic nationalists and libertarians. They were on-line to get away from people who wanted to police free expression.”

    You can never get away, not for good. People who want to be left alone also tend to want to leave others alone. Totally respectable, even noble, but tragic. Act like prey, be treated like prey.

    • Not to mention the techies went full SJW some time ago. Like in the Linux scene, they surrendered to the crazies completely by allowing them to implement insane and easily weaponized codes of conduct.

      • Back in ’18 I was interested in contributing to Tor. I encountered a bunch of DIE and terms of service that chased me away. I am not sure if they have backed away from this or if they have gone more stealth with it, but it seems less overt now.

        It makes me recall a ZMan podcast where he talked about how one day, after Clovis, Europeans woke up and this whole new religion was now your religion.

        I think the de-facto strategy of retreat and building your own thing has failed. We failed when we failed to stand up and shout this down inside of the organizations we participate in. The future is infiltration, silent networking and opportunistic subversion.

        • Fixed that for ya. All incredibly effete and feminine ways to engage with people which says a lot about the people who’ve been doing it for millennia.

          It is the future for us, yes, but its the long past for them as this has been the play for 2000+ years now.

          • Forgot the top of the comment!

            “(((The future is infiltration, silent networking and opportunistic subversion.)))”

          • You are not wrong about the feminine nature of the tactic. Decades of feminized men in positions of power capitulating have led to this. That is not to say that we won’t have visible dissidents who know how to comport themselves and can stay in the public eye.

            Looking at Kalea Selmon and Victor Shin over at Maryvale in Z’s backyard – the former resiging with no other consequence and Shin still being employed make me understand why there were once public executions. They were actually very humane and compassionate. They saved many many lives by sending a message to traitors and subversives who exist in large numbers by delivering a swift, brutal and public end to a select few.

            The clock is ticking on the people who created and fund Maryvale being in the position of messenger, and instead being a target of the message.

        • I’ve not looked myself but I gather that the Uber basic terms of service require you to subscribe to full Wokefulness.

    • Yep, like it or not, but in this culture you have to show your fangs every now and then, and decent people always regret it like when you get into a fight

      but that is the price of admission

    • Paintersforms: This. We may want to be left alone and not order others around, but nature abhors a vacuum. SOMEONE is going to take charge and make/enforce rules. Yet another example of why libertarianism is unfit for the real world. In any future polity we need to make sure that we make and enforce the rules, both spirit and letter, like it or not.

  10. Speaking of the “double standards” between blacks and whites…

    Just this morning, I was sitting on the toilet at work, taking a break to “do my business”, but also to do some dissident reading of sites like the Z Blog. When I do this at work, it is one of my rare moments of privacy where I can read something that someone else might deem offensive without any concern that I’ll be noticed. I’m essentially “hiding”.

    Yet, two stalls over I’m hearing a black coworker LOUDLY playing black-oriented videos where the subject matter is certainly something that I find offensive to a degree. There are so many tiers of double standard here. I wouldn’t DARE listen to a Z Man podcast without wearing Bluetooth earbuds. I know that even Z Man’s mild political commentary would easily get me fired. There is not one black man in America who has to even think twice about the material he is listening to offending someone. Even something “misogynist” that might offend a woman is nothing for him to worry about, because white women will not complain about culturally black subject matter that is misogynist. Perhaps a black woman might complain, but that’s doubtful. They only complain about whitey.

    Yet, I have no recourse. Even if it offends me, I can’t complain. In fact, I’d be more likely to get in trouble, eventually, for something else maybe, but there would be some effort made to punish me if I complained.

    We don’t live under Jim Crow or Jim Snow. We live under Tyrone Crow.

      • Except they cheat to ensure their guy always wins — either with money, propaganda or outright vote fraud.

      • I swear to God, if an alien race ever visited America, it would perplex them. If their concept of class division was similar to what ours has historically been, they would find our world a paradox. You have all of these people that are called “white men” who are apparently hated and despised by everyone. All of the rules of society are engineered toward suppressing these people. Putting them on the back of the bus. On the other hand, you have these people called “blacks”. The entirety of society is engineered toward pleasing, coddling, and addressing every complaint that these “blacks” can muster. By the way the “blacks” are treated, one might think they are the aristocracy of this world. They are accountable to no one. The act of offending them can lead to all forms of harm for the offender. They are allowed to bring harm to whites, often without much repercussion.

        Yet oddly, the underclass white men still appear to prosper economically, despite all of the handicaps forced upon them. The coddled aristocrats are more likely to live in filth and squalor. How can these things both be true? The people with all the social power, the ones that other grovel to, are the poorest, and the ones for whom the entire system suppresses still tend to prosper.

        An alien race would find this world so confusing and contradictory that they would consider exterminating us for being so foolish.

        • Either that or this is the Fermi Paradox. An alien species evolves with several subspecies just like us, some dumber and more violent than others. Technology allows the smarter subspecies to gain an upper hand, but in the long run the dysgenic pressure and pacifying influence of that technology gives the dumb violent subspecies the advantage. Thus, intelligent life is trapped in a constant cycle of getting just short of interstellar travel before the space n*****s take over and pull civilization back to the iron age again.

        • Sunstitute GoodWhites for the aliens. The GoodWhites are all over the extermination already, but only through self-negation. Sort of a corollary to Stalin’s quote, “No man, no problem”; substitute White for man.

          • “Goodwhites” is a derbyshire thing because even as absolutely marginalized and unpersoned as he already is he can’t stand to call out the fellow whites.

            Whites didnt do all this stuff to themselves. Pretty much every diseased social idea came over with certain non eastern european immigrants from eastern europe. After pulling the US into a war they brought over a bunch more of their cousins and then REALLY got the ball rolling.

            Puritans, roundheads, goodwhites, wasps, whatever you choose to call them… said and did an awful lot of quite sensible stuff before the institutions (particularly media and later universities) became infested with termites.

            If this is some disease of white people themselves, why did they function so well for so long? How come no one in Europe thought it was a great idea to bring in millions of Africans up until then? How is it we had christians societies and it didnt occur to anyone to castrate and bugger little boys as a matter of policy?

            The worst crime of white elites was tolerating the entry and then institutional entryism of hostile foreigners.

  11. Hmmmmmmmmmm.

    I understand the argument “that it’s a public space…”

    So is the park. And the LAST thing I would want to do there is talk politics, especially if the place was filled with blacks, queers, marxists, vibrants, trannies and other turd brains. I’d avoid the place like the plague. I would say rather than referring to them as public spaces… they are communities. They are governed by lawful “community guidelines” that you have to be nuts to agree to in using their “platform”.

    Think, fellas. Those people cannot exist in families. Their “communities” can only exist if white men are there to nurture and protect them. Those are rapidly being boiled off and anyone with an IQ above freezing has no time for them. I just roared with laughter when Jordan Peterson got banned off Twitter. He’s STILL bitching and bitter about it! 😂👍

    The point is… those guys can’t run a community. Talented White men won’t put up with them, they’ll bail out and establish their own upscale communities well away from the vibrant and diverse “public space”. Our esteemed blog host did it. Torba at Blab did it. Even Jordan Peterson did it.The fact that Elon Musk is trying to back out of buying Twitter tells you all you need to know about it. Unless someone puts the brakes on it…Twitter will be all but gone in 5 years.

    The fact is, we don’t have a place in their spaces, and really… we shouldn’t want one.

    • How many teenagers are on Gab vs Twitter? Youtube vs Odysee? Tiktok vs Telgram.

      It’s fine as a necessary operating limitation for today, but our long term plan can’t be ceding all the public space and retreating into shrinking ghettos.

  12. “They see the rules like they see the truth. If they are useful, they enforce them. If not, then not.”

    This is exactly right.

    Also, who needs free speech when my favorite show is on Netflix and the NFL is on Sunday?

      • Z: “They see the rules like they see the truth. If they are useful, they enforce them. If not, then not.”


        John 14:15
        If ye love me, keep my commandments.
        And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another COMFORTER, that he may abide with you for ever;
        even THE SPIRIT OF TRUTH; whom the world cannot receive, because it seeth him not, neither knoweth him: but ye know him; for he dwelleth with you, and shall be in you.

        John 16:7
        Nevertheless I tell you the TRUTH; It is expedient for you that I go away: for if I go not away, THE COMFORTER will not come unto you; but if I depart, I will send him unto you.
        And when he is come, he will reprove the world of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment:
        of sin, because they believe not on me;
        of righteousness, because I go to my Father, and ye see me no more;
        of judgment, because the prince of this world is judged.
        I have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now.
        Howbeit when he, THE SPIRIT OF TRUTH, is come, he will guide you into all TRUTH: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will show you things to come.


        Matthew 12:31
        Wherefore I say unto you, All manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men: but the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost shall not be forgiven unto men.

        Mark 3:28 – 3:30
        Verily I say unto you, All sins shall be forgiven unto the sons of men, and blasphemies wherewith soever they shall blaspheme:
        but he that shall blaspheme against the Holy Ghost hath never forgiveness, but is in danger of eternal damnation:
        because they said, He hath an unclean spirit.

        Luke 12:10 – 12:12
        And whosoever shall speak a word against the Son of man, it shall be forgiven him: but unto him that blasphemeth against the Holy Ghost it shall not be forgiven.
        And when they bring you unto the synagogues, and unto magistrates, and powers, take ye no thought how or what thing ye shall answer, or what ye shall say:
        for the Holy Ghost shall teach you in the same hour what ye ought to say.

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  14. Censoring is one thing. We’re likely heading into the future where entire sites will be shut down on orders from internal security agencies. Ukrainian war gave the first major security justification.

    • That has been happening for a long time.

      The US and most western countries have the ability to seize hardware and domains. You may have even seen some of these US notices they put up.

  15. In thinking about solutions to our rulers and their getting around rules we must have many more local rulers willing to do what Desantis did at Martha’s Vineyard, if only he would do it again.
    Good whites, especially the wealthy ones need to feel the pain of their own world that they are creating.
    For instance if a Michael Brown Ferguson situation happens again we need a Governor in place who sends troops to protect Ferguson but allows street agitators into good white areas.
    And in situations like what happened to our bankers yesterday in Congress no one should feel sorry for a Jamie Dimon getting grilled by the lunatic Taleb yesterday, put more good whites in front of these loons.
    The other side is playing the game of censoring and harming us at every opportunity, the future lies in learning how to do it back.

    • The Dimon / Tlaib face to face was a great lesson in what Z talks about. Dimon brought logic to a moral fight and she got on her high horse and lit into him and shut him down. He had no answer to her morality and now looks like a cold and heartless reptile. She wins. Male logic loses. Again.

      Microcosm of our entire society.

      • I know politics is largely fake and gay, but does anyone find it disturbing how the story of wave elections is that the exceptions of the other party keep getting winnowed.

        Like all it does is sort of make the divides wider. So in Iowa where I live we have two elderly statewide democrats that survived even the bad years of 1994 2010 and 2014. But it’s possible that this year they both lose.

        Likewise Biden picked flipped a few dozen counties in 2020 but those were counties that further reinforced the existing trends such as Johnson county ks (hadn’t voted Dem for prez since 1916) and my morris county NJ (hadn’t voted Dem for prez since 1964).

        So it’s like a game of musical chairs where eventually the music stops and you realize you can’t win. What happens when Republicans max out the rural areas and still can’t win? What if Dems win Davidson county TN (Nashville) 75-25 and still lose the state by fifteen points?

      • Why would any White person be bothered by a tiny hat versus mussulman confrontation?

        Throw some popcorn in the microwave, dude, and cheer from the sidelines for their mutual assured destruction.

        • You know, I may have to issue a very rare apology here.

          I had always assumed that “Jamie Dimon” was the nom-de-guerre of a tiny hat named, “Jacob Diamond”, but I just ran some genealogical searches, and now I’m suspecting that, in the United States, “Dimon” is almost certainly an Huguenot name.

          It could still be a nom-de-guerre [and the ostensible Huguenottish “Dimons” could certainly be crypto-tiny-hats], but for the time being, I’m now thinking that Jamie comes out of Huguenottish lines.

          • Well then Dimon comes from a line of Greeks who assumed an Huguenot name.

            [Which would be really really weird, in and of itself.]

      • She moved the goal posts to student loan debt, so I don’t follow the flow of your logic here.


        Her immorality is that climate change is BS, carbon emission targets are BS and her belief that mankind will be better off by not funding lower EROEI extraction projects is inherently evil – with her poo people being the most adversely impacted by her policies.

      • The vast majority of humans are emotional creatures, so it stands to reason rhetoric will dominate dialectic.

        Rhetoric is a tool that needs to be learned and wielded against the enemy.

      • We see people complain that men have failed to maintain order, It is the function of men to determine what form the order should take, to impose it and then enforce it.
        They fail in all three.

    • Yup.

      Stunts like Martha’s vineyard only work if you keep doing it, giving them hundreds on new people every week. You need to relentlessly force a confrontation. Of course, this would make a real possibility of DeSantis going to prison, but no one ever said the revolution would be easy.

      • Given he effectively controls the Nat Guard and the police in FL how are they going to arrest him if he decides he does not want to be arrested?

        Granted it means he has to has some balls and will kick off a civil war, but still.

        • It would be worth it. I think the play is to share the intolerables with the goodwhites until they force the confrontation. There’s no future without conflict.

        • Well sure, but there are statements the rest of us could make that we wouldnt make because of the risk of jail or civil lawfare or really even just losing jobs or often just friends and family.

          So it’s a little hasty to dog the few politicians doing anything because they havent given their all to the cause. Almost no one does, and anyone climbing in our boat is paying a cost most arent willing to consider

    • I think it would actually be pretty easy to accomplish on a local level. Set up a gofundme for “diversity day at the park”, and we all chip in a few bucks which pays for a party bus to go into the black part of town to get all the diversity and take them to the local park in the white neighborhood with all the “in this house we believe” signs.

      Hand out free malt liquor, airhorns, and commemorative “diversity day” tire irons.

      • You are a very naughty boy, Ploppy. Just visualize this; get them there, get them liquored up, get them indulging ing their oreferred behaviors, especially when encouraged by their numbers. What could/would the police do? They can’t do anything, because the shitlibs would roast them for raycism if they were to defend white decorum. Very naughty, you.

  16. At this point my expectations are low. Glad I can still consume content I like on Youtube, help me fix a faucet etc. Posting with like minded people just to assure myself I’m not insane.

    I get out of it what I can but know even this forum may someday be compromised. I did like the BBSs of old even if they were brutal.

    Does anyone remember before internet the launch of conservative talk radio? Early on listening to Rush felt like I was in eastern Europe listening to Radio Free Europe. Thankful for quite a bit I have access to right now. The future?

    • Another aspect I am finding is that some of the best ideas are with regular guys who aren’t big on the internet. You find more interesting “takes” with regular guys not trained and guide-railed by the internet. The internet, its narratives be they DR or globohomo, are becoming quite stale if I may say. It’s the same thing over and over. There is truly nothing new on the internet. Has it run its course?

      I also find myself equipped with some great idea, or an idea that sings on the internet, that I am going to try out with real people in real life and it clanks. There are two realities in play, an internet reality where things might sound great online, but in real life they don’t work. As as test I did something with Gavin Newsome. There are tons of “internet” takes on him, but they don’t persuade in real life. But when I say all of his stuff is because he’s lazy and doesn’t want to get his hands dirty, so he comes up with these high faluttin ideas to distract from his laziness and lack of getting nothing tangible done, that take works in real life but on the internet seems insufficient and an inadequate argument.

      Make sense?

      • its the same with the new smartphones, its just variations on a theme or more bells and whistles, but no truly new innovation, like what is going to replace the smartphone?? no more steve jobs.

        • My good friend, one of the smartest I know, never carries a cell phone around, likening it to a leash

          And he’s right

          If I didn’t need Uber to get me home after a night of drinking, I wouldn’t ever carry one around during my leisure time. And too bad my pub is 3 miles away, and that’s a LONG walk at night when you’re staggering. I could take the subway or the bus to lessen the load and shorten the distance, and sometimes do, but that’s still not very desirable

  17. It has been a morning of noticing things. The simple, yet exact, thoughts of our host (and having to live in canada) compel me to get around to readying things for the coming cold season, thus rejecting and ignoring the progressive hell-hole. We saw 33f this morning which makes it necessary on several levels.
    Have a great day, stay warm.

    • I hear you. I loaded up. Within the past two weeks, I purchased, moved, and installed (hell, it had 40Gal in it-the oil was worth 20 bucks more than I paid for the whole thing) an extra 275 Gal fuel tank. I had both tanks of the same size filled this morning—ouch-no heating oil credits for me. Still, in New England, they sell the red oil (dyed K1) to the white Jim Snow.

      Nothing to do with Section 230, but just as speech can get canceled, heating oil could be next. Nothing would surprise me anymore. I”m not a Somalian in Lewiston, ME, that gets the freebies so that I will freeze. Who the hell thought it would be a great idea to load up Lewiston, Maine, and other Northern parts with Somalians anyway

      • “Who the hell thought it would be a great idea to load up Lewiston, Maine, and other Northern parts with Somalians anyway?”

        I can answer that one: the people in Martha’s Vineyard, my leafy suburban paradise and other 100% Somali free areas.

  18. The new controversy is going to come when social media sites start to take advantage of IPFS and decentralized hosting, which will make a system where no one really strictly “owns” the data and the hosting is streamlined in countless nodes that don’t really care about the content. As with most things, this will first start with very illegal stuff being shared before trickling down to the average user. How are you going to crack down on a person hosting a node or file system in which he has no idea what is being hosted by design, and is just a free-for-all where he is payed in crypto for his services? Will they force these networks to scan and ban certain images and wrongthink? How can you do this when no one actually owns the network?

    The only way I can think of is what they are doing now, which are massive bot armies designed to direct discussion. Web 3.0 is going to be another level of interesting.

    • I wonder if things like that are really ever going to work

      Because at the end of the day, the government owns the internet. It is a strategic asset. All those telephone wires and poles and so forth and the satellites, that’s their property. People may argue that point, but if we are at war for example and the government wants the systems shut down, they shut them down. No matter who is on the title, as it were, if you can shut it all down at your discretion you are the true owner.

      Or am I missing something ? I am not a “tech guy”

    • You are mistaking the endpoint servers and routing protocols for control of the underlying physical networks and infrastructure routers.

      These large entities (as I posted below) own the networks and control the protocols at a fundamental level. If they block off types of routing, or packet structures or network blocks there is not much you can do about it.

      Secure tunneling has some merits, but you can reliably fingerprint most of the applications types in these due to the individual handshake packet behaviors and just hose these routing paths.

      Radio packet ad-hoc networks are probably going to be most difficult to block, but they are short range, low bandwidth and easy to triangulate.

      Off shore VPNs like those used by the Chinese, will become few and far between if something like US sanctions are used against the non state network owners.

      It will be interesting to see where this develops.

      • I’m with you, Trumpton

        As long as the government owns the infrastructure, or can access whenever they want to and and shut it down, you are always going to be at their mercy. Sure you can make it difficult for them, but in the end they win.

        I find an analogy in private property. The argument always goes, I bought a house in cash, and so I own it. Then the counter-argument always is, yeah but don’t pay your taxes and see who really owns it, and so you are a de facto tenant and always will be. You can tie the property up through all kinds of LLCs and other things that may make it difficult for them to seize it from you, will have to be dragged out in the courts maybe, but in the end they win.

    • Yeah Chet, my kid has been telling me this, but I’m skeptical. They will absolutely crack down on any secret internet as a high-priority threat.

      I think the answer may be found in good, old-fashioned printing press “samizdat” like back in the good, ol’ Iron Curtain days. A dirt solution for dirt people, right? Long-distance truckers can carry the papers far and wide….

  19. That last paragraph is a powerful reminder of why democracies never work out. Sooner or later, that “who/whom” paradigm raises its ugly head. One of the first instances of this in American history was when thoughtful citizens in 1861 raised the question as to what the value of “citizenship” would be if half the nation had to be forced into union at the point of a bayonet. Fast forward to the present age and ask yourself a similar question in regard to “free speech.”

    • I wrestle with similar issues every day.

      Namely what is the point of living here if it means every day, or certainly every election cycle, is one where I have to be fully invested and engaged in the process of democracy. As if I don’t fight for my values today, I could lose them tomorrow. Is that any way to live? Always on the brink of some kind of real or imagined disaster?

      Not to mention, what is the point of living in a place where half of the people want me dead. But that’s what democracy has become. Instead of 10 guys in a palace fighting and scheming to replace the king, everyone is doing it. Millions of people always scheming and plotting to get some piece of the pie.

      That’s not what we were promised. We were told we vote for our rep and he will represent our interests and we can therefore get back to living our lives while he’s got us covered in DC.

      That I can deal with. But what we have now? I struggle to see the point of it.

      • Spot on Falcone.

        Reps are supposed to handle the “Governing “ stuff while we plant the fields, make the widgets, take the kids camping; you get my drift.

        Having to deal with/think about the abomination that is “politics” is draining.

        • It has gotten so ridiculous that simple things like buying or not buying a chicken sandwich at Chick-fil-a is now considered a political statement.

          • They turned the weather of all things into a political statement

            It is beyond ridiculous at this point

            This is a failed state. A state where people have to wake up every day fearing their rights will be taken away, that tomorrow will become a day where everything they thought they knew is made obsolete, and that this goes on and on and on every day, without end in sight, that is not a functioning stable society. This is simply just plain and simple government-sanctioned torment and psychological warfare.

            And they wonder why we are Rootin for Putin

          • Nothing outside the state, nothing against the state.

            They mean that literally. Nothing is too small to not put some team of crazies onto.

      • Spot on! The negative aspect of this is amplified by the nature of the issue at hand. When the controversy was the War On Poverty, it was a deeply moral issue that had at its root expropriation via legalized theft if the opposition lost – which they did. There were many other ramifications – unintended consequences if you will. For example, church donations went way down as fewer dollars were available couple with disincentives since the government took over. The upshot of this was the weakening of the churches – who now are effectively state organs who take money and act as the ground troops of The Great Replacement.

        Fast forward, and now the issue is existential. It was bad enough when you went to Thanksgiving and half your family was happily forcing you to pay for and solve a problem in the way that they demanded of you via the ballot box. Now, they are supporting your subjugation and eventual extinction and blocking your ability to fight it via the ballot box.

        Talk about a house divided. We have to educate and inform as best we can on-line and in person while the window is open.

      • Falcone

        Yes to the overwhelming nature of political participation now for our side. And I think this is intentional. There are so many of them who live and breathe this stuff. Used to have to work with them in govt and in DC; it is their life’s obsession and purpose.

        With their endless sources of funding, support organizations, NGOs etc, they can afford to employ large cadres of specialized crazies, and organize endless corps of volunteer lunatics who get their sense of meaning and worth from simply supporting the (as they see it) fight against the darkness. Every day there are more offenses enacted, and it’s just too much for any individual to take in, much less address.

        We cannot compete …. it least under our current organization and constraints.

        Those boomer love-children and crazy-eyed world changers I remember from my early years, after they left the tipi on their commune, showered off the stink, combed out and cut their hair and beards, bought their first used BMW 2002 and joined the local resistance movement, they have spent their lives putting this thing together, while “normal” folk just tried to live their lives. Law schools, activist organizations and working up the government ladder then served their cause well, and has made it all near unloveable for us.

        I despised my spoiled, self-centered and self-righteous co-generationals then; I despise them still.

      • Falcone. We’ve discussed this before and I don’t wish to thread hijack, but I have chosen withdrawal. I no longer participate in the political scam called “democracy”.

        The political ad’s now fly by me as do the weather updates, but they no longer mean as much as before. And tomorrow they’ll mean less. What you have described is similar to a drug addict explaining how he misses his addiction. Time to go cold turkey.

        One day at a time as they say. Not that I’m advising you to hide your head in the sand—they are trying to eliminate you! Of that have no doubt, the time and method is the only question.

        One must understand that one can do little to nothing to help oneself via the political process. Self help, awareness, and trusted friends/community are still a good in and of themselves. But even some of your good friends will shun you if they perceive you’ve removed yourself from the scam, as that creates doubt in their minds of their own power over their personal situations.

        TomA—when he was posting—used the term “gray man”. There is some wisdom in this analogy depending upon your interpretation.

        • I agree Compsci

          I too have dropped out to a large extent. It’s the only way, and it deprives the beast of his legitimacy, which is his fuel and food.

          I admit I am looking forward to NOT voting. I get a cheap thrill out of it, but in time I will be more deeply divorced and separated from this system as I naturally drift away, day by day, month by month, and so on. It’s not worth it. It’s like you say, a form of sad-masochism or addiction to remain tethered to it.

  20. Wonder if the internet is nearing the end of its life in terms of its usefulness and if “real,life” communities don’t become the next big thing

    My thinking is that the internet is government property, like a public park or train station, and if you want to open a business on their property you have to play by their rules. In this case, their globohomo rules. At one point their rules meant everyone was protected by the bill or rights and could say what they wanted. But those rules changed. Now if you aren’t promoting degeneracy you get kicked off the property.

    It’s a moral issue ultimately. And a spiritual one. I think decent people have been pushed off the public square and will have to do the hard work of building communities in real life if anything good is ever to come again.

    Escape the Internet! could be the new escape from new york.

    • My mom keeps asking why I don’t give my high schooler and junior high schooler a pocket super computer/ telephone / camera/ x-rated video player/ government tracking device.

      What’s interesting is that I DO trust them with firearms.

      Interesting times.

          • No. I think it sort of came into being on Severian’s site while we were discussing bicameralism and the “hand idols” used in Sumeria as a hallucination commanding voice for the ancient NPCs.

            So the phones seemed just modern versions of these, hence the name.

      • Mow: Both my boys were the last of their group of friends to get cellphones. All these other ‘nice White lady’ mothers of children in private Christian schools saw no problem with their 7 or 8 year old kids glued to a screen the moment school was out.

        I am very tempted to ditch my cellphone once we move, but then there are the problems with a landline. Just yesterday got called by a heavily-accented subcon calling himself ‘Homer.’

        • “All these other ‘nice White lady’ mothers of children in private Christian schools saw no problem with their 7 or 8 year old kids glued to a screen the moment school was out.”

          Yes this has got to, and in fact CAN change. People trying to influence normies positively in real life often start with the absolute worst, lowest percentage attacks. Like hey, have you read David Irving?

          Should center in on crucial and easily understood issues like otherwise sane people cutting off poisonous indoctrinatiom media from their children. Couch it in a concern for obesity or attention span or anything your average midwit can even understand.

          Mass media is their supply line for future foot soldiers, just about everyone to the right of a trans activist knows all this media exposure is unhealthy. We should be able to make progress on this… and thereby the larger problems.

    • You know, somehow, some way, humanity functioned quite well prior to the internet.

      As The Infant Phenomenon likes to point out, we may experience what that’s like again if things step off on Saturday.

      Yet another “issue” to factor into our plans.

      • Internet and cell phones, all of it, were down last night in western New Mexico.

        I had to buy my fuel in cash.
        I was wondering if I should learn to chip flint.

    • It may be my lack of understanding but what is to stop another country from hosting an internet wild west? I get that US companies are bound by 230, etc. but why would Moldavia care?

      Seems anyone could then access from anywhere, US law can suck it.

      • The networks are lots of Autonomous Systems with boundary routing hardware to get between them to make the joined up internet.

        Any rogue AS network could be excluded from external packet routing quite easily by not than many network owners cooperating.

        Especially under sanctions or similar from the large US and European carriers or governments.

      • What China has done, if I read correctly, is to control the main feeds into the country. This allows them to censor incoming and outgoing traffic. They then of course set up their own “duplicate” websites to host the content that they want folk to see—and of course, they control.

        • “What China has done, if I read correctly, is to control the main feeds into the country. This allows them to censor incoming and outgoing traffic. They then of course set up their own “duplicate” websites to host the content that they want folk to see—and of course, they control.”

          Indeed, and what does that say of all those people dropping dead in the streets of china that made it to our webs early 2020? Did you ever see anyone drop dead in the street due to covid here?

          • Did you see the covid dropee’s yourself personally on a Chinese web site or were they reproduced elsewhere and attributed to the wily Chinee?

            I believe the ones I saw fell into the latter category.

      • It would be blocked, look how they treated any other jab that didn’t come from a NATO country.

        Not that i was going to get those either………….. but you get my point.

    • Yes, and it’s hard to hack a typewriter and carbon paper copies in a locked steel file cabinet. Use paper envelopes and stamps and write letters, pay your bills in person via cash, use a landline phone (what happened to all the pay phones anyway, there are none in my city). Break your computer hard drive and throw the pieces out a little at a time. Then we won’t have a clue what’s going on until the black suv’s drive up…

  21. In the long term, this is all to the good. We’re over-reliant on the Internet for our samizdat. It’s convenient, sure, but what’s convenient for us is convenient x100 for The Regime. We need to develop the same kinds of skills other dissidents had back when. Esoteric writing — that newsgroup with lots of posts on gardening isn’t really talking about gardening and so on. Face to face conversations inside a laundromat, so the dryer noise interferes with surveillance. That kind of thing. 90% of what’s on the internet is already propaganda. When it reaches 100%, and everyone knows it, that’s even better.

    Censoring the Internet — openly, officially — is the ultimate example of using a howitzer to swat a fly. It’s time to embrace our inner Chernyshevsky: “The worse, the better.”

    • 90% of the internet is ghetto MySpace writ large

      It would be nice if there were different internets. Or different systems where we could pick and choose who is allowed on, like a LAN

      Or a whites only internet. Imagine that. Or a DR only internet.

      It could actually happen if we all lived in a similar area and could wire up a LAN of sorts.

      But at this point I think whites are coming to realize we have to actually start migrating into our own spaces if we want any semblance of normalcy. And from there some kind of exclusive internet network could be fashioned perhaps.

      • The Internet as such is already in reality lots of autonomous systems (AS) with a bridging protocol at the boundaries to allow transmission between these entities.

        the last data I saw (about 2001) was around 68k of these networks worldwide with about 20% directly owned by governments.

        China and a few others are already walled off to a large degree, with some routing blocked, but still enough vectors to get around things.

        As in the real world I expect to see partitioning of these, probably first by EU/US ones blocking transmission across to Russia/Iran etc and then China.

        Pretty soon I expect the routing blocks will become part of the ever growing sanctions policy.

        Building your own is going to be tricky unless you also own the land through which they run. or a satellite network.

      • There is a church in a major blue hive, with parishioners who come from as far as 50 miles in every direction, mutiple times a week, for matins, adoration, alter serving/ Latin/ music classes, mass. The church/ property is a Catholic version of the compound in “Fight Club” (after it is fixed up).

        First rule: “Nobody talks about XXX church [or writes about it on the interweb].”

        You build your community outside the hive and our rulers just dump 100 foreigners into a newly built or old hotel or do something worse. The folks from St. Cloud, MN or Wayko say “Hi”.

        TomA may be a broken record about staying in the shadows, but the tall poppies get their heads lopped off. Act accordingly.

        • This is why the only way to build a community outside the hive is to be able to enforce the boundaries of the community with violence.

          As to the limit to which the hive will go to try and invade or prevent this the Russians are now finding out.

      • Yes, but we have this fundamental problem; that which you are lamenting the absence of is the right of free association, and we lost that because of “civil rights” legislation and case law. Enforcement of this is militantly maintained, at least when it is white people in question. Any other demographic gets to have segregated association, but we don’t. Therein lies a substantial problem.

        • You have to build your own area and make other the experience of people living in them so unpleasant they become self re-enforcing, or you need to be able to enforce your border using violence.

          There are no other ways.

          • Infiltrators will always be a major problem. It seems that there is no shortage of White people in security services whose sole reason for existence is too prevent groups of fellow Whites from trying to live a peaceful existence on their own terms.

      • Falcone: There are real-life White communities. But, with all due respect, you’re not going to find them with public transportation, uber, lots of restaurants, concerts and theater. The use of what we built has been denied to Whites. In Clownworld, you can have a decent White community or the perceived benefits of an urban life. Choose one.

        • I think I agree, 3g4me, but let me throw this out there.

          We can always live in small close knit white communities AND put together our little cafes and so forth. Have the kids throw us a little play or musical. Or play sports for us. Give me the ingredients and I will cook up anything you want. And what I’m not good at, someone else can help out.

          Slowly it builds. And builds. I have seen it in small seemingly desolate towns in a few countries.

          My mom always says everyone has his skill. We don’t need many of us for us to have enough human capital, as it were, to make for a nice little community with plenty of amenities, good little eating place, mechanic shop, tradesmen, musical people, singers. You’d be surprised maybe by how these things come out of people when they are forced to it and have no other outlets or distractions. If people are sitting around craving a little musical entertainment, someone will step up. It always happens. And people probably never knew they had the talent, but necessity is the other of invention. We can never forget that. Or sell ourselves short.

          • Falcone: I’m not saying Whites are unable to organically provide a stimulating environment – far from it. I am saying they legally cannot unless they open it to all, which means its subsequent unfitness for Whites and ultimate destruction. Anything that is ‘public’ in any way – a small cafe, a volunteer square dancing group, a knitting group – anything at all will attract GoodWhites and their diversity pets and thus be destroyed.

      • You should check out Urbit. It’s very well designed and has no central node or server that can be shut down as with Gab or other sites.

        • The thing started by Curtis Yarvin that is a single-threaded interpreter pretending to be an OS tied into etherium as the identity chain of trust root?

    • There’s words and concepts the DR have to learn.

      Cosa Nostra, Omertà, “a friend of mine, a friend of ours,” that kind of thing.

      Especially Omertà.

      Is DeSantis Sicilian?

      • I am not sure about De Santis, but I do know that his name, and I have noted this before, means he was adopted. Not him specifically, but somewhere along the line, some distant ancestor was given the name De Santis to mean that he came from an orphanage.

        But his name is Italian. Not sure about his actual bloodlines though. There is a large Italian community in Tampa Bay, incidentally where he and I both come from. He is from Dunedin, which is across the Bay from where I come from, but again not sure on his lineage or deep ties to Tampa Bay.

        • Ha. Thanks for sharing that link. My great-grandparents were both born in Abruzzo, so I’m probably related to DeSantis at some level. The Noname family may be white presenting, but I’m 50% dago.

          • I’m 100% wop

            Wop wop

            But my dad would beg to differ because he’s from the central-north region, and his family is a bit proud, but mom is Sicilian. The fights they all used to have, geez.

            “You’re a little pint sized ginny Sicilian dago”

            “You people aren’t even real Italians”

            “No? But we aren’t Sicilian”

            “ and thank God”

            You get the idea. Great times though. But out of the turmoil came I, bright eyed and bushy tailed one thunderous night.

          • @falcone

            I often wondered about that being northern european.

            The Italians I know have a weird relationship with their Sicilian cousins and seem to be undecided if they are Italian or not.

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