The Next Phase Of The War

When the Russians launched what they call a special military operation in the Ukraine, the window for a negotiated settlement was wide open. The Russians were prepared to go back to the Minsk accords and work out a deal with Ukraine. In fact, such a deal was close to happening in April, but then London, at the behest of Washington, stepped in and convinced Zelensky to end negotiations. The collective West was now fully behind Ukraine and they would accept no deal with Russia.

The Russians left open the possibility for a deal. Despite the sanctions and the flow of weapons into the Ukraine from the West, the Russians kept playing for a negotiated settlement to the conflict. The main reason is a deal signed by Zelensky would prevent future shenanigans from Washington. Liberating the disputed areas and degrading the Ukrainian military would leave open the possibility of more fighting. Ukraine would become like the Korean peninsula.

Yesterday the door for a negotiated settlement has closed completely. In an address to the nation, Putin announced that Russia would accept the results of the referendums planned in the Donbas. When these areas vote to join the Russian Federation, they will become sovereign Russian territory. The second thing he announced is the call up of roughly 300,000 reservists to defend Russian lands in the Donbas. An attack on Donetsk or Luhansk is now an attack on Russia.

This change will be lost in the Western media because they are assigned the task of selling the Western war on Russia. They describe Russia as a large outdoor gas station run by vodka-swilling peasants. Putin is described as a tyrant with absolute and undisputed control of the country. This is complete nonsense, but most of what appears in the Western media is nonsense. They make the old communist propaganda organs look like objective observers.

Reality in Russia is quite different. For starters, Putin is not a dictator and he has to worry about his constituents. Like every other country, Russia is ruled by a coalition of forces that have real power. Putin leads this coalition and he has to respect the interests of the coalition members. Russia is also a bureaucratic country. Things are done a certain way, through certain processes. Russians like rules and the Russian bureaucracy is nothing if not a playground for those who love rules.

The other important thing about Russia is that Putin is the most dovish, pro-Western voice in the ruling coalition. There were voices calling for military action in the Ukraine going back to the 2014 coup that toppled the Ukrainian government. There are voices today that want full mobilization and total war on the Ukraine. Putin has preferred to work the diplomatic angle. He saw signed deals with the West as a way to hold the collective West to their commitments.

In announcing the next phase of the war, Putin is signaling that he has moved in the direction of the hawks. This means the rules of engagement that up to now have prevented the Russian military from targeting civilian infrastructure and command centers have been removed. That means damns, power plants, water treatment plants and other essential structures will be attacked. It also means the Russian army can now take the lead in fighting the Ukrainians.

This is another thing lost in the Western media. The rules the Russians placed on themselves in this fight were to limit contact between the Russian army and the Ukrainian army. This means the militias did the bulk of the fighting with air and artillery support from the Russians. Private military contractors were also brought in to assist the militias with weapons and logistics. That changes now. The Russian military will take the lead in the war going forward.

Presumably, the Ukrainians will not respect the referendums and keep attacking these areas, which means Russia will now be at war with Ukraine. This may sound like a distinction without a difference, but it is a big change. From the Russian perspective, they are following international law. The Western powers supporting Ukraine are now parties to the war between Russia and Ukraine. In other words, it is no longer a proxy war but a direct conflict between West and East.

What does that mean? For starters, the Russians can now cut off all energy supplies to NATO countries and be on firm legal ground. They can also point to Kosovo as a precedent for their actions. Kosovo elected to break away from Serbia. The West recognized it and then bombed Serbia. Putin has mentioned this precedent in the past and will no doubt point to it after the referendum. The point is to show the rest of the world that the Russians are operating by the rules.

That is another piece of the puzzle. Prior to this announcement, Putin has been meeting with his counterparts in Asia. It is clear that China and India are onboard with what the Russians are doing. That is the point of these self-imposed rules. It makes the point to other countries that one side is following the rules and the other side is not. If you are worried about being regime changed, this is important. Every leader outside the collective West is now worried about regime change.

All wars have a moral component. No one wants to see themselves as the bad guy, so the parties to a conflict seek to claim the moral high ground. This is what the Russians have been doing since the war started. These limitations they have placed on themselves were about establishing their moral position. This next phase of the war was not what they wanted, but the other side left them no choice. Whether you accept that or not, the Russians accept it and that is what matters.

What all of this means is that the war has now entered a much more dangerous phase and it will only end militarily. The West is pledged to fighting until the last Ukrainian and now Russia is accepting the challenge. In addition, Russia will now make it much more difficult for Ukraine to function as a country, much less provide the necessary support for its army in the field. That also means direct targeting of Western assets in Ukraine by the Russian military.

Sadly, the only hope for a peaceful solution to the war now lies with Washington getting its wish and reaching the point of the last Ukrainian. The Russians drive up Ukrainian losses quickly over the next few months. The military loses its fighting ability and the civilian population is put under terrible stress. The combination of the two forces a settlement, despite Washington’s desire to keep fighting. In other words, the hope for peace lies in a tragedy for the Ukraine.

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212 thoughts on “The Next Phase Of The War

  1. “Put another away, if the people in charge are so corrupt that they need written rules to behave themselves, they are corrupt enough to find a way around those written words. This is where we find ourselves with the current ruling class. They see the rules like they see the truth. If they are useful, they enforce them. If not, then not.”

    This is not simply a ruling class problem. I see this everywhere. What’s the speed limit? The posted one, or “as fast as I can drive and the police are unlikely to patrol it”? Usually the latter. The basic premise of homeowners associations is that people do stupid crap with their homes that wreck the neighborhood and depress values. Because there are people who need rules otherwise they’ll do crazy stuff like put in a goat farm next to your residential house (yes, that happened). People are thieves. The banks don’t even bother trying to catch people who steal credit cards. They just write it off. There are fewer and fewer people you can trust with ANYTHING. The rules in place to protect you are the rules every works hard to evade.

    I’m starting to understand why the Communists went on murder sprees. It wasn’t random. It was culling the herd.

  2. Russia has screwed up. Ukraine has screwed up. The west has screwed up.

    I have a simple solution to the whole mess: better PR.

    I seriously doubt that anyone supporting Ukraine knows that cultural-Russians/Russian speakers form the majority of the population in much of the Donbas, nor will they have any knowledge of the demographic history of the region. And they would be shocked to know that cultural-Russians/Russian speakers form the vast majority in all of Crimea. This is the reason anyone needs for supporting Russia in this conflict.

    It’s a PR failure by Russia. If these simple facts were made loud and clear and repeatedly – loud enough to get past the west’s embargo on objective information – it would strip Ukraine’s (and the west’s) position of all validity according to western principles.

    The demographic reality of the disputed regions has to be the only thing under discussion. After all this time, I still haven’t heard anyone mention it.

    • Agree with your analysis, but demur to your solution. No matter how loudly and often Russia expresses its opinions, those opinions will be stifled in Western “news” sources, much like all else that does not fit the chosen narrative. See, e.g., Facebook, Twitter, all mainstream “news” outlets. etc. If a tree falls in the forest and nobody hears it…

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    • The Shmita is the 7th year of the seven year agricultural cycle spec’d by the Torah, a text popular with Our Greatest Ally.

      I only became aware of it because Dollar Vigilante, who is kind of a jerk yet often correct, began predicting craziness near the end of the Shmita.

      DV appears to be on the money on this.

  4. Assuming this does not go nuclear fast, Russia is likely to win decisively over the US barring stuff like asteroids and volcanoes.

    The US no longer has the industrial capacity to provide LARGE AMOUNTS of military equipment, particularly artillery, missiles, aircraft, etc. Supposedly the Pentagon let out a contract to supply the main howitzer with new shells at a production run of 16,000 and a time frame of 6 months to deliver. By contrast the Russians are supposed to be able to produce a million of their equivalent.

    Russia and Ukraine are limited in manpower, but so is the US. We could not even put in a decisive amount of manpower in Afghanistan to destroy the Taliban by killing most of their men because we lacked both the logistics and the men to put there. The Special Forces Olympics is all we can do.

    In a long term war of attrition, Russia’s people will be mostly well fed, able to vacation in Turkey, with most stuff supplied by China and Turkey (washing machines, construction goods) substituting for Western supplies. Europe’s (and ours) will be freezing or boiling, and hungry to starving. Even the jackboots expect to get paid with real money that buys something other than an extra bowl of cockroaches. Sure the vibrant will “work for free” until the EBT card can’t buy anything (because prices rose too high or there simply under rationing is no supply). Then its on like Donkey Kong to Martha’s Vineyard, Malibu, Marin County, etc. Russia has avoided (mostly) the Vibrant vibrancy.

    Can Dark Brandon institute the Draft, and send “the enemies of America” to die in Ukraine “for Freedom?” Well he can try … but even like I said jackboots expect to get paid and eat well. Add in the ability gap between the Diverse Affirmative Action idiots in the West and hard men in Russia and China and you can’t like the West’s chances. Obama always noted that Russia could and would escalate higher than the US and it appears they have.

  5. Russia is committed now.

    I imagine part of Putin’s early need for a separate deal with the West was a slight lack of resolve on his part. After all, despite the rhetoric, this was an aggressive campaign on Russia’s part and a kind of a land grab. Putin had to have had his doubts.

    But the more pushback he has encountered, the more his spine stiffened. Putin’s that kind of a man. I remember him caught on video demanding explanations from private sector CEOs. One man wrote something with Putin’s pen and didn’t return it. Looking steely-eyed, Putin demanded, “Give me back my pen.”

    Today, in the Ukraine, with American meddling at the front and forefront, Putin must be muttering, Give me back my Eastern Ukraine.

    • The primary reason for Putin’s approach was to demonstrate to China India and the Global South that he was abiding by International Law and had goals that were limited, reasonable and not acquisitive, merely the re-union of Russian peoples driven by the need for the protection of the two Republics . He has spent six months in consistent diplomatic activity stressing this and demonstrating that Russia abides by its contracts and treaties. The West, by contrast has indulged in theft, lies and threats, all too familiar to most of the non-Western world, hence the remarkable Volte-face between the UN vote in march when 150 plus nations condemned Russia and a couple of weeks ago which mustered 50, half of which are in the EU.

      • I don’t know how many people have read Lord of the Flies.

        But the ease at which globohomo and the media have created a “Kill the Pig” hysteria against Russia is depressingly redolent of this. Managing NPCs is so simplistic.

        All the women in governments and the troughers are standing on the sidelines screaming in puerile rage, waiting for their turn to be able to stick the boot in on the lone figure.

        I suppose there is a sense of exhilaration for them in being part of the surrounding gang, as long as the target cannot cause them direct harm.

  6. This means wartime rationing (and cards) may be the next signature move in the US, Anglo Commonwealth, and Europe. Then, everywhere, a la Covid.
    Mission accomplished?

  7. Totally off topic and on a much lighter note. This is for you, Zman. Found it at a comment thread on a YT video a few minutes ago:

    “In New Jersey, people are also stealing the little shopping hand baskets. This is because stores are no longer allowed to provide plastic or brown paper bags per New Jersey law. You have to buy/bring your own bags to put your purchased items in.”

    “I live in NJ too, and a friend was just telling me that at some stores, all the little hand baskets are gone and now the stores won’t replace them. People have been taking them home and not even bringing them back. The policy of “no single use bags” is so asinine because now people are buying small plastic bags to use for garbage whereas they used to use the plastic grocery bags. So, still lots of plastic to discard.”

    • I’ve always been a fan of the cognitive dissonance necessary to be a wokel who religiously buys paper Straws while ignoring the plastic sleeve they come wrapped in.

      • Technology to the rescue!

        But I bet that if the basket is walking away in the hand of some surly Vibrant, efforts to reclaim it may be foregone.

        • Good point. They don’t pay any attention when magical people walk off with actual stolen merchandise, why expect a fuss about a basket?

  8. All the foreign mercenaries that Russia sentenced to death a few months ago have been released to Saudi Arabia and now they’re all going home. And all of a sudden, I feel like I’m being played again. If this whole war a scam?

    • Always a racket. Just have to figure out which one.

      My first suspicion was that for Great Reset population reduction type purposes America/EU/NATO was going to *pretend* Putin made a Ukraine incursion that caused food shortages etc.—and Putin wasn’t in on the plan. But he heard about it just in time, so he actually invaded, slightly troubling his friendly rivals in the WEF/etc.

      But I quickly understood that even if that’s what happened, Putin would *still* be more their guy than ours, so it doesn’t matter if it happened. And since then I’ve cycled through all the crimes I can think of that fit the daily evidence…until today.

      Nothing but death. That’s the whole plan. Whatever makes us die is all they want—and it’s what they *all* want. If Putin nukes us, it’s because “we” gave him permission. If “we” slaughter half of Russia, it’s because Putin gave the OK. If everyone in Europe starves, it’s because their leaders demanded it.

    • My sense of things was that, in part, this was a way for Ukraine to get rid of the Azov type guys. Zelensky knows there will never be peace of mind for him or for the juice around him if those guys weren’t dealt with

      I know if I had a biker gang I had done business with and now they’d become all drugged up and threatening to me and mine I’d find a way to get rid of them

      But otherwise, no, I don’t think this war is a scam. I get that it might seem that way because we know of it through the lens of guys on the internet, essentially a medium for gaming filled with gamers, and so things might seem a bit fake. Especially with lots of the footage being highly produced content with dramatic music and so forth. I am sure if we were there on the ground we’d see it is all quite real.

      • You are completely mistaken about that.

        The Azov guys and similar have been entirely funded, created and coordinated by Kolomoisky and his associates.

        Let me say that again the entire nazi thing is funded by the Jewish power block in Ukraine to use it as a weapon against Russia as its just the easiest form of nascent nationalism in Ukraine to build on.

        Its a pattern they use everywhere. In the Mid east its Islamic radicalism of varying kinds, in the west its been radical empathy and puritanism. They just amplify and develop whatever is available to use as a weapon.

        • I get that, but I think they created a monster they had no other way of getting rid of. I think things got out of hand and they needed a solution. Example, they sent those guys to their death without batting an eye. In fact they are sending all Ukrainian men to their deaths without batting an eye.

          Lots of reports were circulating that Zelensky was always being threatened by Azov with death. If he upheld the Minsk agreements, for example, they’d kill him. That is not a relationship that a guy like zelensky, a rattled and paranoid coke head, is going to be able to cope with, mentally, psychologically. He needed an out.

  9. It is still unsettling how Russia was so quickly and conveniently put forth to the American public as the next big bad.

    As the attention span and concern faded for the Islamic threat, the Middle East seemingly disappeared from the news overnight.

    While most think we have serious people in charge at the top, it still looks like they are playing this by ear-and us left with the consequences of their folly.

  10. Now it makes sense. I shouldn’t be flippant, but even war is on the payment plan these days: excruciatingly drawn-out, seemingly affordable, but more costly in the long run.

    • Paintersforms: “war is on the payment plan”

      Breaking news, hot off the wire: Powell just increased the prime by another 0.75%.

      Every rate hike makes real estate prices fall, and it makes your survivalist bug-out property that much less expensive.

      Hold on to your shekels, let the market hit rock bottom, then pounce.

      PRO-TIP: If Europe continues to refuse to purchase Russian fossil fuels, then in another three or four months, with heating prices TEN TIMES normal, Europeans are gonna be offering up everything plus the kitchen sink to anyone who will buy from them.

      The tiny hats will be having a field day, purchasing all the antiques & classic cars & art work & choice properties which Europeans will be forced to liquidate.

      Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus, and his name is WAR.

      • Heating is not the issue. I grew up without heating, big deal.

        Industry is the issue. It seems they keep playing the heating as a cover to prevent people looking into the current future of a massive depression with 50% unemployment.

  11. According to the philosopher Emmanuel Levinas, war is the province of pure reason, and reason is the application of logic toward the goal of victory. Morality has no place here. Rather, it is an a posteriori construction deployed in a rationalist manner in aid of reasoned victory. By Levinas’ lights then, Russian concern with rules and precedent is nothing more than morally imbued cover for the sole objective of victory. Of course, the same goes for the West’s behavior. Its claims about defending “democracy” are so much puffery in the service of destroying the hated enemy, Russia.

      • Emmanuel Levinas

        NEO: “What are you trying to tell me? That I can check the ‘Early Life’ section on their Wikipedia page?”

        MORPHEUS: “No, Neo. I’m trying to tell you that when you’re ready, you won’t have to.”

        • That is one of the best memes going right now. I want to get it printed on a T-Shirt and see if anyone can figure it out as it requires a somewhat higher than average IQ and being ‘in the know’ in the way that we are.

  12. Since the beginning of the conflict, it always reminds me of the narrative about WW1. Supposedly, WW1 is the war nobody wanted and nobody planned for. It just kind of happened, at least according to the narrative.

    In my mind, it stands to reason that if the much more capable leaders of that era managed to bungle their way into a 20 million dead world war, what the hell are the modern leaders going to fall into? To me, it seems a long distance from a border dispute in Eastern Europe to exchanges of strategic nuclear weapons, but observers in early 1914 probably never foresaw the road to total war. Whatever happens, it will all seem so obvious after the fact. I just hope that if these people bring the unthinkable, they too pay the price and not just the masses.

    • Watching this unfold makes me doubt the narrative about WWI. One side clearly wants war and, as René Girard pointed out, the side that wants war is the defender – the one who is attacked. Anyway, there is every reason to think that WWI was not some accident, based on how this is unfolding in real time.

        • WW II was largely unfinished business of WW I. The in between period was just intermission between acts of the same play for the most part. Neither were accidents. And the assigned roles do not reflect the reality.

          In some ways, Putin is like Hombre Bigotes. Both were coming to the assistance of co-ethnics; both made relatively reasonable peace overtures that were summarily ignored.

        • This actually reminds me more of WW2 right now. Propaganda has painted a picture of that war starting nice and cleanly on September 1st 1939 when mustache-man invaded Poland. Most people would tell you he did this because he wanted to conquer the world ala master race blah blah blah; a more educated person might use the word “lebensraum”; a slightly more studied person would probably mention Germany “going too far” after the Munich Agreement etc.

          In reality, the origins of that war involved many different events and motivations over several months (or even years depending on where you want to start– we could go as far back as Japan attacking China, threatening England’s imperial outposts in that region). In other words, one thing led to many others and things eventually spiraled out of control, as is the case with most wars.

          This one looks the same. The US, like England back then, finds itself in Thucydides Trap. The current order and our position at the top is being challenged. Do we stand down and lose some of our global standing, and perhaps look weak and thereby risk the chance of losing face and alliances, and asymmetric trade deals etc. Or do we say “f-it” and go to war, with all the risks and expenses involved therein?

          It seemed like Washington tried to straddle those two options by sending in several hundred billion worth of weapons and equipment into Ukraine and treating the whole thing like a proxy war. Now that Putin has officially declared war, if we continue to send weapons, he has the right to consider that an act of war and attack. What will we do? Have we invested too much financially, will we lose too much repute by backing down now?

          My biggest fear now is that we might make another “softer” act of war and invite some kind of hard response from Putin thereby giving the US a seeming “just cause” in declaring war. A situation like the Lusitania or to a lesser extent Pearl Harbor. Many people don’t realize that FDR was trying to get his own “Lusitania” with Germany months before Pearl Harbor. He was sending American ships into enemy waters, even going so far as to attack U-Boats. Hitler had forbade the attacking of any American ship, even in self-defense. I don’t think Putin won’t have this same constriction now.

          • Germany declared war on the US because the US did exactly what they are doing now—supporting the other side in a war which they had no business being in. Germany had little choice after Perl Harbor and the Japanese conflict but to go all in and hope for the best. Not a Germany supporter, but Congress and the people wanted no part of a European war.

            And so the warning of Z-man rings loud. If Russian begins losing Russian troops to US technology, strategy, and intelligence. Russia will be forced to go all out.

          • Compsci, totally agree.

            Like WW2, I don’t see how any of the original actors in a potential conflict would benefit from a war. Germany and Japan were utterly destroyed; England became essentially bankrupt, lost its hegemonic status and eventually its empire; France was already a mess prior to the war; Italy became Shitaly.

            The USA of course benefited as did the USSR.

            However, we aren’t in the same position today. We’re more akin to England, in my opinion. I don’t see how the U.S. benefits from a major war. We aren’t making money in weapons and equipment deals like before. Instead we’re handing away billions of dollars worth of weapons to the inevitable losers. We can’t stimulate our economy in domestic war production– everything is spread out and globalized. We’d just have to spend more money and stimulate industry in other nations. Our domestic moral is at an all time low and our nation is in horrid disunity.

            Even in an eventual or nominal “victory” over Russia, like Great Britain during WW2, we have only to lose in my opinion.

          • Reynard: “Or do we say “f-it” and go to war, with all the risks and expenses involved therein?”

            Are you talking about going to war with China, or going to war with Russia?

            The Anglosphere [USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Scotland/Northern Ireland/Wales/England] going to war with Russia would mean the literal death of the White race.

            White genocide.

            White extinction.

            Which of course is precisely what the Tiny Hats want.

            OTOH, the Anglosphere going to war with China might prove to be necessary [maybe not an hot war, but onerous sanctions on trade and a seriousness about protecting Anglosphere intellectual property on Taiwan].

            It’s possible that an Anglosphere/Chinese confrontation is of the nature of a necessary meta-darwinian eventuality, which we simply cannot maneuver to avoid [no matter how hard we try].

            The wild card, of course, is India.

            A prudent leader of the Anglosphere would work to set the Chinese and the Indians at one anothers’ throats, but sadly, we are currently saddled with Tater Joe, who isn’t even from the Anglosphere in the first place, and whose belly is now filled with all the grift he can fellate out of the Chinese member.

          • We can’t stimulate our economy in domestic war production– everything is spread out and globalized. We’d just have to spend more money and stimulate industry in other nations

            For a Globalist, that’s a win. The point is to transfer wealth, what’s left of it anyway, from Normie to Global Corp. What better way than to gin up some war profits? Maybe get rid of some rah-rah MAGAs in the process.

      • Germany did not exist before Bismark made it. And boy did he make it. They were feeling their way toward world power and stumbled over the examples before them. That is what started the war, to become the Great War, and finally WW1.

        No, the German foes did not distinguish themselves, and the treaty of 1919 was an abomination.

        At least the leaders of that time did not hate their own people. Hard to see that they have any limiting factors now holding them back.

    • I have to disagree with that statement. From what I have read, WWI literally happened because of excessive planning by all the major powers. It came down to mobilization timetables and once the “rube goldbergesque” machine got started no one could stop it.

      Obviously the causes for any war are more complex but I was struck by how unstoppable it all was once the ball was set in motion.

      • Ask 10 random Europeans (the real ones, not recent arrivals) about what started WWI and you’ll get 15 different answers.

        European history is complicated. The US would do well to have stayed out of WWI, WWII, and now, WWIII.

    • On the origins of WWII: Because “I Read [actual] Banned Books”, I am now reading and thoroughly enjoying David Irving’s ” Hitler’s War.” His scholarship is breathtaking and relentless; the level of detail makes it quite a struggle (for me anyway, does that make it My Struggle?) but well worth it.

    • The decision is not dumb if their goal is to starve their own people. Which they even said was their goal.

      The energy sanctions are ends in themselves for the globalists. I’m just waiting for a ‘hot mic’ incident in which a German politician laughs about Germans dying of cold this winter.

  13. We all have a crucial imperative to not participate in any aggression against Russia. White men are already turning away from the military. This must continue. Without our support, the Globohomo regime cannot project power. With it, they could probably destroy Russia, and destroy themselves in the process, leaving the West non-existent.

    I would love to see people just say “No” when the USA starts asking for people to fight.

    • Spot on! Let the Cultists in college, the media, the clergy and the managerial class sporting Ukraine lapel pins, flags and yard signs conscript themselves and do what they haven’t done since the Cult sprang to life on The War On Poverty – make a personal sacrifice for the cause they profess to believe in.

      Spot on B125. Give Lloyd Austin what he wants and stand down. Keep Milley perplexed and trying to understand “white rage”, by not venting any against your European and Caucasoid brothers. Don’t go fight to free that WNBA player or to spread the rainbows and raised fists banners of the Globocorps that hate us.

    • Americans polled in 1941 were 95% against entering WW2. America eventually had like 12 million men in uniform, even ex-cons.

      Yes, it would be nice if American White boys didn’t volunteer to go fight for the empire, but it’s not like they will be given a choice.

      Also, it’s not like patriotism is why they do it in the first place. Things like tradition and opportunity play at least an equal role. Given the lack of opportunities opened up to White boys going into the military, that should at least slow it down some. The military wants boys of colors and wammen to promote inside the military. Given the cancer that has infected the military, a lot more are going to come home in body bags.

    • I’m not sure you want an Army that looks like the Somalian warlord enforcers in Mogadishu. I understand your feelings in this, but we will need combat trained people on our team.

      • White Christians are ‘my team’, what ‘team’ are you talking about? The Globohomo Enforcer team?

        “God Bless the Northern American Kosher Bodega Economic Zone! (Formerly the USA), may she reign forever in flaming rainbow colors for the world to see and emulate.”

        Hard pass. Let. It. Burn. Not my problem.

      • ” I understand your feelings in this, but we will need combat trained people on our team.”


        Are you [sexual intercourse having] [cognitively impaired]?

    • Once the regime actually needs cannon fodder to fight, they’ll turn on a dime and start pumping out saccharine patriotic appeals. The media will create social pressure with the same routine they did about “vaccine deniers”.

      Everyone on our side is going to put their underwear on their head and pencils in their nostrils to avoid service, but we’re a minority. Joe Normie is the majority, with the memory of a goldfish and totally susceptible to peer pressure. And while he dies of radiation poisoning from the tactical nuclear weapons, swelling up like a beached whale while his digestive system rots from the inside out, he’ll be so utterly proud of himself for being a good patriot and serving his country.

      • Sadly, this blackpill is one I’m going to swallow because it is right on target. Hence my comment above, we need a ‘hard reset’. I am aware that I myself may not survive such a thing but we are talking about genetic survival of Europeans not my personal needs/wants.

        What these idiots and mud people fail to realize is that as much as they think they hate police, they are not their to protect us. They are their to protect –them– and should they disappear, this will sort itself out with the suppressed fury of decades of humiliations and indignities that will burst forth like a nova.

      • The US despite a collapsing economy has never had such poor recruiting prospects . Even Joe Normie won’t

        And while the propaganda aspect will be used 100% the military is more or less a caste system, dad served I will serve and so on.

        Many many vets theses days are saying “Don’t serve, don’t enlist” and the White Right that makes up most of the tip of the spear (with a few Hispanics) just isn’t there

        I can’t imagine these kids that are still too terrified to take off the masks going off to die under Russian artillery either.

        We’ll fight this out as a proxy war I suspect,

        A last thing, if we do go to war, it won’t last long. We are already looking for replacement 155MM shells and what not because all of our surplus is basically gone . We have war stocks but no real ablity to replensih,.

        Good luck with using China either. They won’t attack shipping or Taiwan, probably they’ll simply refuse to sell to belligerents

        In my business redacted critical stuff is horrible backlogged. Some stuff is out for a bout six months (previous a very long wait would be 6 weeks) and some almost four years

        If this was China tightening the screws it would not surprise me and with our current situation we have manpower and material but no sustainability , glass cannon basically

        One more problem for us I don’t think Europe will let us base anything. Its all in range of Russian long rage weapons and they don’t want to die .

        The leadership figures they can flit off to Brazil or NZ and hide in bunkers but its unlikely that the Russians haven’t figured out where they all are and Brazil and NZ are more likely to turn them over for trial than risk canned sunshine

        • “We’ll fight this out as a proxy war I suspect,”

          Assuming the GAE gets out of this madness without being turned into glass, something which definitely has become a distinct possibility for those of us unfortunate enough to be in strike zones, EVERY war likely will be a proxy one henceforth. The bloody grift will continue as long as the GAE continues.

      • Don’t forget the griller boomercon’s! Those grifters who claim to be “on our side” will strap into their combat armchairs and do their part in repeating and amplifying the propaganda! (See: Instapundit and ilk)

    • Upside is if the draft comes then I’d guess 90% of the green card holders, H1bs, and illegals will high tail it out of here

      • Falcone,

        Spot on regarding the mass exodus that would erupt if a draft was actually reinstated.

        One of the biggest lies they peddle is that people still come to this country to be American. That ship sailed a long time ago.
        Pride for citizenship or connections to one’s region is not on the agenda for the invaders.

        This is merely an economic zone to them. A place to soak up and take whatever isn’t nailed down.

        They come for milk and honey from an exhausted brood mare on her last leg about to fall. A global conflict would probably do the trick. Sadly, this seems to be the intended outcome.

        • Simply getting the word out that “migrants” may be first up for a draft (which in fact even could be true if the proxy thing doesn’t pan out), could have an immediate impact on border jumping.

        • A draft may just be the opposite of all the anti-Whiteness in hiring etc., we’re seeing – if you’re a poc, no problem. If you’re White, Uncle Sugar specifically wants you. And you damn well will be conscripted, or else. Another great way to get rid of more White males and strong femalz. Canada would be no haven either – not with the psycho justine…

  14. I watched some videos last week on the war from the Ukraine side. A lot of the soldiers have the latest Western gear and speak perfect English. One of them was a black man with a SCAR rifle.

    I think we are move involved in this war than we suspected. Also, it is clear that the Ukraine military is much larger that was advertised.

    • Some estimates say there are 30,000 Western mercs in Ukraine. Tons of video came out from the “great counter offensive” in the north clearly showing Americans in combat.

    • FN Herstal (SCAR) is Belgian, but the Ukrainian side is fielding a lot of CZ Bren 2 in 5.56. The SCARs utilize proprietary magazines and, all other issues aside, is not the kind of logistical constraint you want to run into on a two way range. The SCAR 17 isn’t really used by .mil anymore because the terminal ballistics were achieved, and exceeded in performance, through better projectiles: MK318 SOST and M855A1.

      The CZ Bren is a better SCAR and they do look similar, however.

    • It is possible the GAE has “advisors” on the ground in the Ukraine much as America had them in Vietnam in the early 60s.

      • Without question CIA SAD would be in there, but .mil is shipping in stuff bigger than small arms as we hear about almost every day now. Nothing secret about the support, but SOCOM is not going to be prancing around. This has been going on for almost seven full months of open kinetics and if there were 30k NATO mercs, there would be too many letters to loved ones to hide and definitely way more Russian promotional materials.

        As crazy as it may seem, there are a lot of Ukrainians who do not identify as Russian and do not wish to. This conflict even exists within families where the younger generation does not wish to be Russian and the parents are at least Russophillic. Seven months in and it’s time to acknowledge that the Ukrainians would have a tough insurgency, at best, without NATO support, but it is Ukrainians fighting and dying.

  15. D.C. is the House of Usher. No need to drain the swamp. It’ll sink into it as all of these world events converge to backfire in their faces. At the end of the cold war we chose sewing discord because it was much more profitable. And we the citizens, not all of us, do have blood on our hands for who we elect. Using one grotesque politician as an example, if you’re a South Carolinian, and you continue to vote for Lindsey Graham, you’re a terrible person. There are many more politicians in this camp. Unfortunately, the way the world works, we’ll be collectively punished as stark reality intrudes on U.S. foreign and domestic policy. And that was the point of that story, every Usher was punished and the family line ended. The very foundation of the house was flawed. A foundation poured during the Enlightenment.

    • ” if you’re a South Carolinian, and you continue to vote for Lindsey Graham, you’re a terrible person.”

      If you think Lindsey Graham has been in elected office for 29 consecutive years because he honorably won fair elections, you’re an ignorant person.

      • I have heard enough conservative stupidity to believe that someone like Linda can honestly get enough votes to win without cheating.

        The cheating only occurs where it needs to make the difference. It does not occur everywhere. There is no need to cheat in the Senate Races in cucked S. Carolina.

  16. Lighter, trollish notes-

    – A Russian is Twitch streaming his lit gas stove burner 24/7 to troll the world. The caption is, “1.44 euro per month.”

    – Turkey is advertising 22-night, 4-star all-inclusive (even flights) holidays in German Lidls for 599 euros. The tagline is, “Cheaper than your heating bill.”

    • It seems paradoxical that when fighting a weak and puny enemy that cannot hurt the US, they are prepared to lose and not suffer too much humiliation from their perspective.

      But when its a major power that could also inflict damage they cannot suffer even a minor set back and have no problem with become frothing maniacs, tear up all international law and diplomatic norms for the last few hundred years, strong arm the entire world to break the nation and themselves and bring the world to a nuclear war if it even looks like they have to compromise.

      • But it makes sense – losing to Afghanistan or Vietnam is an embarrassment, but life goes on. Losing to Russia or China shifts the world balance of power.

  17. He saw signed deals with the West as a way to hold the collective West to their commitments.

    What in the West’s history makes Putin think the West is capable of being held to its commitments or that it even ever intends to?

    Putin, don’t be Charlie Brown.

    • That’s exactly what has exasperated Putin’s supporters, including Lavrov..but now the hardliners have forced his hand and it will get real in a hurry…

    • He isn’t. Putin is a lawyer and he knows how to play to the Russian people with legalism

      Russia has made it very clear they regard the US as Not Agreement Capable which is a nastier insult in Russian than English..

  18. Among all the various insanities shoved down our throats daily and in seemingly all aspects of life, this one looks to be taking a highly dangerous turn. There might have been some popular support for Ukraine in the beginning, but most, at least in the US, couldn’t care less anymore. Of course that makes no difference whatsoever to our demented “leadership”. We’ve been trying to beat up on third world countries for seven decades now, with little success to show for it. Now we’re actively engaging one nuclear power and saber rattling with the other. What could possibly go wrong? The future isn’t looking to bright – or maybe it will to the tune of some mushroom clouds…

    • usNthem: When some here first mentioned many weeks ago the possibility of the Ukraine conflict turning into a wider and possibly nuclear war, I felt they were exaggerating. While our erstwhile ‘leaders’ are stupid, venal, and anti-White, I didn’t consider them to be suicidal. But the endless irrational prodding and poking and punitive measures against Russia have now escalated to nuclear threats . . . on behalf of a lousy Juice comedian and his sponsors.

      For those of us who try to remain cognizant of history it seems almost eerily similar to other and wider conflagrations. An unanticipated combination of malice and stupidity and accidents and missteps and miscalculations and suddenly we have something serious that no one rational would have wished for.

      In the meantime, the average ‘murrican cannot afford a house or even rent, food prices continue to rise, and winter is coming. Never fear, of course – a group of New Yorkers, concerned by the killing of a dog, have formed a ‘vigilante’ group – although the first order of business is determining whether or not their chosen moniker represents cultural appropriation.

      Laugh, cry, or shriek hysterically . . . ? I choose to opt out. I cannot effect substantive change. I cannot alter modes of thought that the media have carved into developing brains since infancy. I just want to withdraw from as much of the madness as I can and protect my family as best I can. God help us all.

      • @3g4me,

        Couldn’t have stated this better myself. Every day I feel worse and worse. I feel bad for my wife for having to put up with my mood swings. I’m often angry, exhausted and hateful. I’ve had enough I suppose. All I want to do is figure out what my fastest pathway to retirement is and get out of here. Whether it is staying in this land mass or finding some beach spot in a 3rd world place, I want to be away from this culture. I don’t recognize any of this, and it is a world that I want no part of.

        • TC as Bill Clinton used to say, “I feel your pain”. Speaking of Clinton, it was the brazen, in your face criminality of his administration, which went unpunished, that slowly started to undo all of my previous red, white, and blue programming. Still, I didn’t totally give up on the system. I hung in there through 16 years of the malevolent Bush and Obama administrations still holding on to hope that all was not completely lost and that there were still some people in positions of authority that would do the right thing. Then Trump came along, talking about draining the swamp. I have no idea if that was his true intention but that is why he was elected. We all know what happened and is ongoing to very day. The evil and rot in this country that Trump revealed has absolutely stunned me and I am having a very hard dealing with it on personal level. I feel like I have been programmed ever bit as much as North Koreans have been. Now our leaders no longer need the support of rah, rah, patriotic types and have actually targeted people like me for destruction. I have tried to take stoic position of focusing on things with in my control. I have not been successful yet in quieting my mind. I hope that all of us here will come out the other side of this physically and mentally intact.

          • At least the Norks understand their branwashing is happening.

            The west thinks its watching entertainment.

      • Maybe the paper masks work for radiation as well.

        Remember my mask won’t protect me from radiation if you don’t wear one as well.

  19. Yet another tiger by the tail. To think that I used to root for American businesses to be the best and dominate trade. Only to have that oligarchy declare me its number one domestic enemy and become a force for leveling nations and replacing them with deracinated, ad consuming, debt addled, degenerate libertines who they intend to treat as cattle.

    Looks like we are going to suffer no matter what. In that case, my sincerest hope is that the next-gen managerial cattle cart of Current Thing NPCs, (college students), are conscripted to fight the Russians. It won’t happen. Still, if that was even a possibility that was realized, a negotiated settlement would already be signed. I hope our people are smart enough to stay out of the fray on the ground in Ukraine.

    • No doubt the propaganda machine will get enough NPCs/Antifa soyboys to volunteer such that a draft won’t be needed. And if a draft is implemented, good luck getting most Americans off their couch to show up.

      No, the plan here as mentioned by others is to fight to the last Uke/Euro. At least we finally learned something from our little hat masters – “let’s you and him fight.”

      • Sadly it is none of them in the master’s camp that will do any of the fighting or paying for Operation Gas Station Acquisition.

        It will be Poles and Francs and Krauts operating as military advisers to Ukrainian fodder doing the dying, while Zelensky and his cokehead molly gobbling buddies in Kiev dance to the eternal 1 of techno. They will go over and die while their replacements continue to stream across their borders.

        I hope our spec ops guys can steer clear – but I have my doubts that they will.

        • I do think that is a good use of Antifa and BLM – provided most of them don’t make it back from the front. What we don’t want is a battle hardened enemy coming back home with a real capability. This proxy war is different from the GAE’s previous invasions and operations. They have typically been either SpecOps doing some very heavy lifting or some ordinary troops pinned down by enemy fire but calling in targets and waiting for overwhelming fire bombing from the sky and then mopping up.

          I suspect Russian air capability to some extent neutralizes the GAEs overwhelming air superiority. If that is true, ground troops on both sides are going to have to prove their mettle. I don’t know a lot about this, so I could be wrong. But, this is no longer the GAE fire bombing goat herders and urban ghettos with impunity from the skies.

          Can anyone imagine that a significant portion of Americans would go from the blood lust and unquestioning support of Merica post 9/11 to today where anyone thinking at best could give an outhouse visit about the GAE.

          The ruling class demoralization of Americans and the flagrant destruction of our people hood may turn out to be a very bad move. It could make Rove’s statement about them being history’s actors while we just watch, turn out to be a bitter irony he and his neocon buddies couldn’t see through their hubris.

          Here’s to the disinterested watching of the GAE’s great and historic actors.

          • US spec ops guys are already on the ground there.

            The US has never seen the sort of integrated air defense that Russia can field. It won’t be nearly as simple as the skies over Iraq or Afghanistan.

          • I think that targeting and sinking a carrier as a first strike might just stop our involvement in its tracks. A carrier crew is about 5000 I think. Can you imagine what would happen when that became known to the general public much less military families?

            Another thing, if you’re a SOCOM guy in the Ukraine now, you’re not one of us. I’m at best indifferent to your fate and really rooting for the worst.

          • @mike

            hitting a carrier group will just escalate. Its what they want and they don’t give a damn about the losses.

            Hitting DC, the surrounding admin buildings and politicians houses is what would stop the war in its tracks.

  20. Two more points I forgot-

    – My gut says Washington is prepared to fight to the last European.

    – Serbia withdrew its recognition of Kosovo. Minor annoyance for DC, but one loves to see it.

  21. If things continue on their present course, we’re liable to see a noteworthy depletion of the nuclear weapons inventory.

  22. Lots to unpack-

    – One big win for Russia is how they’ve emptied Western arsenals with their limited force.

    – Big win for China as they act as middleman to sell Russian oil at a big markup.

    – Remember the Ukrainian bill passed on July 12th to give Poles, ‘special rights’ in Ukraine? Is this how they’re folding Poles into the Uke forces?

    – The 7-year Shmita ends on the 24th. Does this relate to the German politician’s comments about it being a day to remember?

    – Here is a good breakdown that argues everyone other than the MIC and uber-rich are losing in Ukraine:

    • – Remember the Ukrainian bill passed on July 12th to give Poles, ‘special rights’ in Ukraine? Is this how they’re folding Poles into the Uke forces?

      Polish mercs are already fighting for Keev’s forces. That bill will be more important once the dust settles. Guess who GAE will designate as ukrainian life-support after Ukraine is reduced to a rump entity. Ukropol(in) may become a de facto postwar construct in Eastern Europe that will handle the matters of security and EU administration in that area (while providing hunting grounds for western businesses). Polish taxpayers should seriously reconsider their tax residency….

      • I think in the end, Poland will regret having been drawn into this. Washington has a bad habit of not paying its bills in these matters and in this case, it means the neighboring countries get stuck with the cost. Orban seems to have guessed this and has acted to insulate Hungary, but now the EU is threatening to tax them for being undemocratic.

        • Of course there will be cries about “betrayal” once the new Detente comes or Ukraine gets cut off as a loose end, but the business will go on as usual, trust me . It’s like with a battered wife syndrome.

          Polish system is not autonomic and we won’t have a say in next configuration. Let’s hope Putin achieves the objective of demilitarization as quickly as possible. I have no doubt that fools in Warsaw would gladly send us as the next wave, but thankfully their ineptitude makes it difficult to pull off, plus young generations aren’t exactly itching to be conscripted. Once Ukraine is neutralized we will likely be involved in the Baltics security theatre which lacks practically everything, especially manpower.

          • I think the Baltic mini-countries and Finland need to be taught a harsh lesson by Russia. There is nothing worse than a little yapping mutt who barks away until the big dog runs out of patience. Maybe they particularly Finland will become serious countries again. The Baltics really have no business being independent, they’re too small and too Slavic to be on their own.

          • @mike

            Countries are never going to be serious or independent while they have 40 something WEF females in positions of authority.

    • The German politician’s comment is I believe a pre-recorded speech leak about the use of a nuclear weapon in Ukraine.

      In the last 2 days the US and Poland have both releases statements about how if Russia uses nuclear weapons then the world will effectively destroy the country and organize the entire world to sanction them.

      I believe the logical next step is NATO to explode one as a false flag on the 24th and blame Russia. They are already trying to kick off the war crimes thing, and the speech was much more in line with a “remember where we all were ” speech to virtue signal their sorrow, when they planned and executed it.

      • trumpton: Part of me thinks you’re reaching a bit, and part of me thinks it makes a certain insane sense. I truly don’t know what to think or expect right now. My friend is convinced something major is going to occur on the 24th. I would like to think that if whatever it is does occur, it will not be multiregional nor instantaneous. Otherwise, other preparations and contingencies aside, many of us will be out of time (we’re in the process of selling and packing and moving).

        • I hope to be wrong, but its just covid all over again and the one lesson is that these people never, ever back down. They will keep escalating while at the same time seeking to place the blame on the opposition as the perenial victim play.

          The other factor is I have now seen a large number of pieces where all the usual suspects are now using “Russia’s desperation” and escalation as the main talking point.

          It looks fairly obvious to me. Do people really think they would not dare to do it?

          • Off course they are capable. If the usual suspects thought they could survive and thrive, they already would have gone there. My guess is the fear of adverse effects is the sole thing that has held them back. And, yes, I acknowledge most are psychopaths and fully capable of doing things to their detriment; I just don’t think those who would call the shots are suicidal.

            Something that did not get mentioned here, at least to my knowledge, was that for the first time in my lifetime the GAE basically told Israel to stuff it after its prime minister recommended a negotiated settlement early in the war. Subtle threats were made, Israel made gestures toward the Ukraine, and that story got memoryholed.

            They are playing for keeps. I think the fear that nukes would effect them keeps what you described from popping off one, but of course there is a chance that they might bring down the temple before they suffer a defeat.

          • @jack

            You really think they could not organize the entire western media to cement it being Russia within a few hours?

            This would become accepted fact globally within a day and would be used to completely isolate Russia from the entire world.

            Germany already made a weird pitch that they should get a permanent UNSC seat (obviously to replace Russia) so they are in motion with this I think.

            You need to think as they do.

        • @trumpton:

          We are talking past one another. To be clear, I was referencing a nuclear war directly between the rump West and Russia. I have long suspected a nuke could be part of a false flag ever since the propaganda organs began shrieking that Russian military doctrine includes use of nuclear weapons, which while true seemed a stretch to mention unless the populace were being seeded in the event the GAE decides to drop one on the Ukraine.

          I very well may have been one of those 3g said she previously thought was exaggerating about a possible nuclear war, which has been a distinct possibility in my mind ever since Russia was provoked and continuously prodded. These monsters also are idiots and psychotic and very well may bungle us into an exchange. We are closer now than any time during the Cold War and it is starting look more like a probability than a possibility.

      • Trumpton-

        Thanks, on the German pol I had missed the piece about nuclear weapons.

        I have also feared a nuclear false flag for quite a while.

        The people destroying the collective West are messianic, like President Stillson in The Dead Zone:

        Note the creepy generic advisor that represents Satan and the Deep State.

  23. That bit about power centers in Russia is particularly lucid. Aside from the most known factions like oligarchs and “siloviki”, there are also people from defense industry (connected to players like known hawk Rogozin), diplomacy and army generals. Not to mention traditionally pro-western liberal wing centered in Petersburg (Medvedev’s election signaled that Russia is looking for reconciliation, that was ultimately celebrated by Obama’s Reset), there are also various smaller power players like regional governors and businessmen. The former were restrained a bit when Russia introduced federal districts in 2019

    • 2010, my typo

      Generally RF President is something closer to pre-imperial tsar who has to balance various power centers.
      Creation of Rosgvardia (National Guard) is one of the examples.

      • That is how I think about it. The various players are not the Boyars, but it is not a worthless comparison. That makes Putin a combination of Ivan III and Ivan IV. I’ve also compared Putin to Peter in that he marks a transition to a new relationship between Russia and the West. Putin is the bookend to Peter and this long unrequited flirtation with the West.

        • “Putin is the bookend to Peter and this long unrequited flirtation with the West.”
          I can sign under that statement as my own, Putin is definitely a rejected successor of Zapadniki tradition.

          I prefer likening Putin to Peter’s daughter Elizabeth who almost crushed nascent Prussian Great Power (if it wasn’t for her untimely death, the so-called House of Brandenburg Miracle). She was also the first Romanov to curb foreign influences in Petersburg court. Let’s hope there will be no miracle of the House of Biden. At least Frederick of Prussia earned his second chance.

          One of the greatest problems of Russia was her relationship with Eurasia. Whenever she made gains there, she was always pulled back to Europe and forced into yet another conundrum. The New Great Game of XXI century took a new turn in 2014.

  24. “What all of this means is that the war has now entered a much more dangerous phase and it will only end militarily.”

    I can’t think offhand of when Washington has been good at diplomacy over the last several decades. I think I read somewhere (around 30 or 40 years ago) that whenever there is an ideological dispute or national liberation struggle (which invariably goes against Washington and its stooges), Washington prefers to shift the ideological difference to military conflict as it’s simply no good at debate and diplomacy. To paraphrase Clausewitz, war is the only diplomacy that the USA understands.

    It’s going to get a bloody nose in the Ukraine at the very least and the contempt with which the USA is now held in large parts of the world will only increase. But as usual the right heads won’t roll.

    • Washington diplomacy is threatening to bomb a country until they do what we want, then when they do it bomb them to oblivion anyways.

      The most darkly hilarious example was when Washington demanded Afghanistan hand over Bin Laden, Afghanistan accepted, then the U.S. rejected the offer and invaded the country.

      Complete psychopath behavior.

      • Same story in Kosovo. Serbia (FRY) was the only party to respect the Dayton Agreements and in return, Belgrade got bombed to smithereens for almost three months.

        I knew a guy who was in KFOR, the globalist occupation army in Kosovo, and he said that everybody in his unit yearned for the day when Washington realized their terrible mistake and ordered them to slaughter the Albanians to the last man.

        • Felix: I still have a hard time wrapping my head around that historical reality. In my memories, Belgrade is an attractive and pleasant city where I relaxed and wandered around the shops and saw movies. And less than a decade later we bombed them – a modern European city filled with White people – on behalf of Kosovo.

          I cringe now when I remember my nascent American patriotism 40 years ago in Moscow. How the earth’s poles have reversed.

      • Kosovo is the key to this debacle, it was Kosovo that set the precedent for the last 30 years of neocon imperialism, that’s was when the old world order broke.

        • Exactly. People forget it, but Yeltsin’s drunk ass actually dispatched troops to Pristina and then backed off. It marked the end of any possibility the widely unpopular Yeltsin could continue in office and led to the rise of Putin.

          I also know people who were dispatched as troops to Kosovo. To a man they recall the horror of being forced to look on as Albanian “Kosovars” slaughtered and brutalized innocents and desecrated Orthodox shrines and churches. They were sent ostensibly as peacekeepers and served basically as cops protecting Antifa.

          Kosovo signaled to the world that the imperial United States was fully an Israeli stooge and a pariah state, and set into motion forces that continue to destabilize the so-called international order to this day. Russia learned a valuable lesson there and has fought back against the rump West ever since, largely with success in Georgia and its Near Abroad. Westerners, including those who control the weaponry, seem clueless that the Ukraine is viewed as existential to the existence of Russia.

          The longer this drags on the greater danger to those of us who live in the GAE. The last 12 hours has been continuous bad news to anyone who doesn’t have a death wish.

      • Saddam Hussein agreed to open his country to UN Inspectors in 2003 but the neonuts in the USA would have none of it. Going back to 1991, Iraq was prepared to withdraw from Kuwait on several occasions but GHWB and Cheney torpedoed those efforts also. They had to have their war.

    • Ever since wasting the “peace dividend” of the 90s, US seemed to move around on international stage in unfitting clothes. One might remark that was truly “the End of History”, because they had no idea what to do with Cold War victory and entered fantasy land with neocon imperialism and liberal globalism. If we made a dancing analogy, there was much movement, but without much grace and so chaotic as if to waste energy on purpose. Ofc there was still organized intrigue on geopolitical stage, but executed with decreasing efficiency.

      Some might describe that approach as creative and willing to break with established orthodoxy, but rejecting existing theories without creating new ones doesn’t make anyone creative. If foreign policy establishment had listened a bit to prof. John Mearsheimer (an old realist), they wouldn’t have fumbled so badly.

    • what diplomacy do you need when you invade and bomb whenever you feel like it on mostly invented reasons for 50 years?

      • To be honest, USA never really formed an esteemed, long diplomatic tradition like France, Britain or Russia.

        If you read memoirs of European statesmen of the XIX century, you will find often expressed bafflement at American political culture and moralism in international relations.

        For example: Sergey Witte mentions how puzzled Americans were at Jewish problem in Russia and how naively they asked that they should be granted a full emancipation (in a society with no republican standards or traditions).
        The same Witte later recounts his mission to USA, in order to settle the peace treaty with Japan (after the disastrous war of 1904) in Portsmouth. At the time Theodore Roosevelt’s administration was sympathetic towards the Japanese and agreed to broker the peace on their behalf. After arrival, Witte recognized how important the American press was in politics and using his good personal opinion among Jewry, started slowly shifting the sympathies of the public. As a result, Russian delegation was warmly welcomed by Americans in a display of White solidarity and Roosevelt eventually pressured the Japanese to settle for a more favorable peace for the Russians (which caused an outrage in Tokyo).

        • Thanks are due to both you and to Felix Krull for the information and interpretation you bring to this forum from outside of the Anglo/Zio sphere. We are in your debt.

          • Thank you, Sir. That’s the least I can do after coming to the American dissident sphere and learning about the true nature (and history) of current system ruling over the Potomac. I suppose that’s how the Dissident Complex is going to be built on both sides of the Atlantic, with people exchanging experiences, reflections and moral support. We may not be at the stage where we have our international bank, but the intelectual traditions are definitely being built through this dialogue.

            I couldn’t post much under “The New Reactionism” blogpost at the time, but I wanted to recount how one of the older (and more honest) leftists in Poland remarked that the intelectual vitality has moved to the Right in the last decade. He mentioned the vigourous era of New Left debates from the 60s and how we basically switched places since then. Now they’re stuck in dogmatism while right wing dissidents discuss the hell of each other (pardon the expression). Eventually, like them, we will be moving towards the power-grabbing stage in an organized manner and the cycle will continue.
            To give you another perspective from my corner of the world: dissidents in Poland were working at least 25 years for Konfederacja (Confederacy) party to enter our parliament. There was no one-organized-effort, but a multitude of small communities (often representing different politics) that received a boost through the internet and landed on a good time with proper strategy.
            There is still much to learn, reflect and to do, but if you told people in 1995 Poland that a coalition of libertarians, monarchists, nationalists and catholic traditionalists were going to enter the parliament in about two decades and form their independent media over the Internet, they would’ve taken you for a fantast.

            Take care, “comrades”!

    • Perhaps even Z-Man will admit it is an almost exclusive Jewish created and driven war to destroy Christian Russia to regain their previous looting positions and they will glass Europe if they can’t topple Russia..

      • And what a coup that would be, taking down the core of White Christendom. The ultimate “Let’s you and him fight”.

      • At start of the year I made a New Year’s prediction that 2022 would be the year when men started to openly challenge the idea of women in government

        I wanted to but hesitated to add that it would also be the year when Americans began to openly challenge and question the idea of juice in our government

        I know anecdotally that people are beginning to pipe up about the juice. Word’s getting out. People are becoming less afraid of raising the JQ

        Hoping it isn’t too little too late

  25. “Sadly, the only hope for a peaceful solution to the war now lies with Washington getting its wish and reaching the point of the last Ukrainian.”

    If reaching the point of the last Ukrainian means a Russian victory I can’t see the West letting it get that far, they have far too much riding on this and I expect there will be a Pearl Harbor or sinking of the Lusitania type event to justify NATO troops on the ground.

    The reputational damage to the West and the ramifications for the “rules based global-order” from a Russian victory is too great for them to risk.

    To venture a bit of speculation, I imagine the USA fully expects war with Russia, has war-gamed this scenario, decided that Europe returning to the Stone-Age is a price worth paying and are confident of victory.

    • As Z says, only when our elites know pain will they change course. Putin threatening to lob some conventional bombs at Martha’s Vineyard would probably get them to fold (or just jet some gypsies over). They could care less about 90% of the country getting nuked.

    • > I imagine the USA fully expects war with Russia, has war-gamed this scenario, decided that Europe returning to the Stone-Age is a price worth paying and are confident of victory.

      Then U.S. war-gamers are less than midwits. How would you be confident in any victory* when your manufacturing base has been completely hollowed out due to globalization and sky-rocketing energy costs? My guess is that they abruptly drop things and move onto the next manufactured crisis like the Ukraine war never happened.

      (*Unless of course Russia was never the intended enemy, and the real target for all this was the economies and peoples of western Europe all along.)

      • The USA may be in decline but I think they have enough gas in the tank to take out Russia.

        On the other side of the equation I don’t feel Russia have covered themselves in glory in Ukraine.

        • In many ways it appears Russia has been playing a willing patsy game in leaving the infrastructure and internal troop movement intact, and making no real advancement and allowing the massive NATO weapon build up.

          Who knows if its just a 2 sided game, but if its not Russia appears to be pretty incompetent at pushing their advantages and consistent in allowing their enemy to build its strength.

        • Maybe we have enough gas to take out Russia. But Russia has enough to take out the US. That leaves China as last man standing.

          If I were China, my ideal scenario would be US and Russia bloody each other enough to take them down several notches (along with Europe), inSINOate (see what I did there) myself into some brokered peace deal leaving me on top (sort of a Marshall plan for Russia/US). China needs Russian resources and wants American markets.

          • Cmatt, I think “wants American farmland” is also a factor, see China in South America.

            A great observation, for sure. I imagine the juice, the hindis, the mestizos, and the woke would make capable colonial administrators, eager to enforce order on those unruly palefaces.

        • The Strategic Petroleum Reserve that Joe’s selling off is intended for our military, not Nordstrom shoppers.

          • Wow, ya don’t say? Goes to motive of the Biden Junta if I were to speculate. Or maybe it is merely an(other) eloquent testimony to the condign stupidity of the Junta.

  26. there is only one word to describe what the U.S. is doing here: evil, absolute undiluted evil. No one wants this. the suffering, not just in Ukraine but Germany and other European nations, will be indescribable. One can only hope and pray that the United States will, through some special providence, be absolutely humiliated. The Lincolnite chickens are home to roost.

    • I’ve often struggled with the strange realization that this country richly deserves the Sodom and Gomorrah treatment… knowing that my family and I all live in Sodom too.

  27. The Russians are in the process of collapsing the German economy by cutting off energy supplies. This could also end with a Western surrender to get the natural gas flowing. Germany is reporting staggering levels of inflation.

    Things are bad here, but will only get worse as the “build back better” green new deal religious fanatics continue to wage war on modernity.

    The war might well end with Western governments imploding under the pressure of populist movements furious about the war being waged on them by these religious fanatics.

    • Just wait until it gets a bit colder in the US. Natural gas prices are climbing and will start climbing quickly after the election. gasoline prices will also start ticking back up after the election. Maybe the long dark winter Biden has been promising is upon us.

      • Was watching a German soccer game the other day. Already hitting 55 degrees (to us Southerners, that’s cold).

      • From what I’ve read, natural gas here at home is going to spike because the US is trying to offset the loss of Russian gas. But it costs a fortune to get the gas to Europe, and those costs (and reduced supply here) will spike prices for Americans.

        The regime is so worried about white supremacists that they’re not considering the damage that their own Coalition of the Vibrant is capable of when the food runs out and the cost of living goes nuclear.

        • Imagine, if you will, that the first operation of a new Russian offensive in Uk is to turn off EBT cards in the US, thereby ensuring chaos in all vibrant US cities just as they start to roll out their motorized rifle brigades.

          Think they can’t do it?

          I won’t hold my breath.

    • “The war might well end with Western governments imploding under the pressure of populist movements furious about the war being waged on them by these religious fanatics.”

      The potential silver lining in all of this.

    • “The Russians are in the process of collapsing the German economy by cutting off energy supplies.”

      Not the Russians, who are blameless in this. It’s the Americans, along with their German stooges who seem to lack the brains, balls, and spine to stand up to the Americans.

      • At the end of the day, the Russians are turning off the pumps. I agree that this is in response to suicidal Western policies.

    • No Germany means no Euro.

      This may be intended, if we can believe the leaked RAND paper.

      This could buy the petrodollar some additional time.

      On the other hand, if the US has too much Euro-denominated debt exposure it’s adios muchachos for the petrodollar too.

    • The German politicians are collapsing the German Economy. Russia has nothing to do with it.

      They will not surrender as they fully intend to have no gas or oil. They will shoot their own population down in the street (as will all the other puppet politicians in Europe) before they abandon the self-sanctions.

      This is the end game to de-industrialise and they are pushing the boot down while they can.

    • The Germans are in the process of collapsing the German economy by cutting off energy supplies.

      It’s an ungodly combination of the Greens and WEF loonies wrapped in an anti-Russian blanket.

      • For those in the know, the so called “Greens” are thoroughly infiltrated by the three letter agencies.

        So it is no surprise there that the “Greens” are faithfully following the policy of keeping the Russians out, the Americans in and the Germans down.

        Any doubts about it ? Remember that the German foreign minister said that she does not care what her voters say. She obeys her puppet masters.

        • The greens were the creation of the TLAs as a spin off from the anti-nuclear TLA organizations (remember them?).

          These groups are created and funded to push forwards plans.

  28. Lukashenko is a better dictator than Putin. While Russian President is swamped by the infamous Russian bureaucracy (since imperial times) and even Russians tend to joke that paper/бумага (with correct stamps ofc) is a true ruler of Russia, Belarus is a more flexible system where President’s will often speeds up the process.

    • There are reports that Belarus is mobilizing its armed forces. I tried to track down some confirmation, but it is hard to now what is true or false. It is not inconceivable the Lukashenko could try to profit from the next phase of the war. Russia still has 30,000 troops in Belarus, so that bears watching.

      • “Batka” is already legendary for his bargaining games in Russia (for which he is often despised in Moscow), although here I think he’s playing waiting game for now. Ukrainian crisis gave a nice boost to Belorussian economy when they became an intermediary to circumvent the sanctions, so Lukashenki may be hoping to play similar role again. The problem is, EU bungled latest regime change in Belarus horribly which leaves us with waiting for the next detente.

      • I’ve heard from a Russian friend of mine (who’s based in Russia of course) that a “partial mobilization” of men aged 18-50 has been ordered.

        • Shoigu announced that 300K reservist have been called up. These are experienced soldiers with the training needed for the Donbas. Russia has something like 20 million reservists.

    • One of the light relief events during covid was that video of Lukashenko making each of the ministers and governors stand up in turn like children at a cabinet meeting and give them a bollocking for imposing restrictions like masks on the population.

  29. I grew up during the Cold War but right now feel like we are closer to WWIII than at any time in my life. Letting ideologue imbeciles run this country is a really dangerous mistake.

    • There are certainly shades of the early 1980s here. Coming off the ’70s it was already dismal, but the world was looking particularly bleak when Reagan took office. Thing wad, just not being Arab and/or Russian automatically made you “one of the good guys”, or at least a member of the free world. Somewhat depressing to me seeing your country taking on the other guy’s role now.

      • Not the first time we’ve been the bad guys. IN fact, been pretty rare we have ever been the good guys.

    • The good thing about the Cold War was that there was nothing you could do about it so it wasn’t your fault, personally. I suspect that made it easier to shrug off than today, where you give aid and comfort to Vladolf Putler if you take a shower.

      • Its not your fault, its just a reflection of our “leaders” that the only game they know is to do stupid stuff and then blame those they hurt. Its really their ethos, abortion comes to mind but you don’t have to think very hard to see where else it applies.

    • Maybe it’s time for a cheerful double feature like The Day After and Threads?

      Heck, make it a triple feature and throw By Dawn’s Early Light in there too.

  30. On a more serious note, these events give the GAE an entree to direct conflict with Russia.
    They wanted a war, well, now ya got one. Shame if the fog of said war causes elections to be, shall we say, fortified?

    I guess Bill and Klaus are gonna get their surplus population reduction after all.

    • It’s the perfect excuse to cancel elections, declare martial law, and reinstitute the national draft.

      • Well, they can take those migrants dropped off at Martha’s Vineyard and ship them straight to Camp Lejeune.

  31. > Sadly, the only hope for a peaceful solution to the war now lies with Washington getting its wish and reaching the point of the last Ukrainian.

    The way things are escalating, it’s going to go far beyond killing Russians and Ukrainians. Things might spiral out of control in a hurry, so everyone would be wise to have contingencies to get away from cities if things get real hot.

    Seriously, all the nuclear war fear porn that was fed to us all the time in school during the cold war made me less nervous than I am now.

    • The mythology of the Cuban missile crisis still lingers in Washington. They think that when push comes to shove, the Russians will back down as they supposedly did in the 1960’s. In reality, the Russians agreed to remove the missiles from Cuba and the united States agreed to remove all of the Jupiter MRBMs which had been deployed to Turkey.

      It should be an important lesson to Washington in how Russia views its interests. Khrushchev did not care that Kennedy got a public relations victory. He cared about those nuclear weapons in Turkey. Similarly, Putin does not care about mean tweets from Zelensky or Jean-Pierre. he does care about removing the Western threat from Ukraine.

      I am with you. My search for land in the mountains now escalates.

      • USA won that public relations victory mainly thanks to information provided by GRU officer Oleg Penkovsky who allowed Kennedy to call Khrushchev’s bluff about Soviet MAD capabilities.

        • One of the unsung heroes of the 20th century. I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say there is a high degree of probability most of us are even alive because of his actions.

          • Most of us are alive because one lone officer of a Soviet missle warning system refused to order retaliatory strikes to the five American missles that were showing on his radar heading for Moscow. He had more faith in the possibility that the new Soviet computer system controlling his radar was defective than he was in the Americans sending only five missles in a first strike. He overruled everyone in the room.

      • Zman: While our soon-to-be house is smaller than is comfortable, we have lots of extra acreage and could offer you asylum if you need to set up a cabin or tent somewhere. And believe it or not, I’m actually serious – if any of us are granted sufficient time.

        • Putin nuking Baltimore might be their last slim hope to get the death count back up to the halcyon pre-covid days.

    • > so everyone would be wise to have contingencies to get away from cities if things get real hot.

      We know the kinds of people who live in U.S. cities nowadays. Do you really think it would hamper our war efforts if Russia were to suddenly nuke Detroit or Baltimore off the map?

        • Taleb’s “antifragile” comes to mind.
          I’ve taken the liberty of researching fallout patterns, as I live about 150 miles from two cities that are almost certainly targeted but whose destruction I will in no way mourn. The aftermath ain’t gonna be a picnic; but this fight isn’t mine.

  32. “Presumably, the Ukrainians will not respect the referendum s”.

    But but…Democracy!!!!

    • Democracy means accepting referenda if and only if it is in the interests of the ruling class. This is the secret meaning of the rules-based society.

      • They never say what the rules are in this society.

        It appears to be only 1.

        “Do what you are fucking told or else”

      • Like when some European country votes against a globalist interest. Whelp, guess they’ll just have to keep bringing it to a vote until they get it right, eh?

    • How fast cam the US get it’s “special election assistance” teams to the Ukraine?

      That’ll be hilarious if they stop the vote counting at 1am a second time.

      Fool me once, etc.


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