Economically Pondering

A feature of this age is words and phrases have fluid definitions, rather than the old, fixed definitions from our dark history. Vaccine used to mean a preparation to simulate the immune system in order to prevent infection. Now it means the sponsor of the regime friendly cable chat shows. Recession used to mean two consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth, but now it means a thing that never happens. After all, who can really say what words really mean anyway?

It looks like we may be getting a new definition for bear market, which used to mean a prolonged decline in equities. The rule of thumb is that a long decline that reached 20% off the previous high is a bear market. Yesterday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average reached that point when it dipped below 29,300. It is now off 20.4% from the high in January 2022 when stocks rallied after the end of Covid. The index is now below the level it was at when Biden took office.

The main reason the market is in decline is the global economy is a mess and Western finances are even worse. The wild spending during Covid was always going to come with a hefty cost, but the assumption was that the economy would just turn back on and everything would be fine. Western government could then stretch the cost of Covid policies over a long period of time. Instead, we have inflation, war and a global energy crisis that is demanding government action.

The post Cold War economic model, the New World Order, is based on the assumption that conflict between major states was a thing of the past. America was the last remaining superpower, who would police relations between the major powers of the world and prevent minor powers from getting out of line. Disputes would be sorted through the various international organizations. The business of the world was no longer ideology. It was business.

That turned out to be a grand bit of self-deception. The ideological fervor of the West, particularly the Global American Empire, was the main driver of Covid policy and is now the main source of economic chaos in the world. Western rulers saw the pandemic as a chance to launch their Build Back Better schemes. This not only led to massive shutdowns of the economy, but the scrambling of global supply chains. It turns out that the magical replacements did not just appear as assumed.

Then we have the war on Russia and to a lesser extent China. This is a two phase war, with one phase public and one phase private. The public phase is the vast array of sanctions levied against Russia and any country aiding Russia. The private phase is the currency war being waged by Washington. The booming dollar is supposed to curb domestic inflation and protect the petrodollar. There are also acts of economic sabotage like the recent attack on European gas lines.

The question that is never asked, but may turn out to be the most important, is why has it taken so long for economic data to turn sour? Shuttering wide swaths of the economy to fight the flu should have triggered a massive recession. Expanding the money supply through massive credit creation should have resulted in massive price hikes and many asset bubbles. The policies of the last three years should have brought disaster, but here we are with only the threat of disaster.

One thing the last three years has revealed is that the people who think they are indispensable to the running of society are not that important. The managerial elite made one terrible decision after another but the system carried on, because the people who actually work found a way. Businesses figured out a way to keep the lights on, despite the best efforts of government. Their people figured out how to get their work down, even with the lockdowns.

One possible source of the paranoid terror we see in the ruling class is the unspoken understanding that they are unessential. Their pompous self-regard is a mask concealing a deep fear that the Dirt People might figure out that the Cloud People are just an expensive ornament. Joe Biden is a dementia riddled vegetable, which makes clear that the job of president is ceremonial. Next in line is a former prostitute with the IQ of a goldfish. These are not serious jobs.

Another possible reason the economic data is defying economic theory is that the numbers are not what they claim. An iron rule of life is that anything with value will be faked or stolen. Economic data has value to the ruling class, as it is seen as a tool of control, so faking the numbers is possible. For example, many people think the Biden people have been giving us fake gasoline demand data. This would be an effort to jawbone down gas prices.

This is an old game that was popular in the Obama years. Every month the Feds would release rosy economic data, only to revise down the numbers at some point in the future when no one was paying attention. How much of this is going on today is hard to know, but we can use inflation as a guide. Anyone who has been to the grocery store knows that inflation is much bigger than the official government stats. We can probably assume similar manipulation everywhere.

Even so, you can only fake this stuff for so long. Providing fake data and false narratives is like check kiting. It works initially, but eventually the gap between reality and the false narratives gets too broad to maintain. This is what we see with immigration in Europe, where the it has toppled two government recently. Those romantic stories about how immigration enriches society do not hold up when the subway station is a warzone controlled by African gangs.

The other question, now that reality seems to be catching up with Western governments, is how bad will things get economically? The Europeans are just at the start of the long dark winter promised by Joe Biden. The British pound is in crisis and members of the ruling party are revolting against the new PM. The Euro is not doing much better, having fallen to ninety-six cents on the dollar. Of course, the dollar is soaring as people flee to the reserve currency for protection.

The soaring dollar creates a dilemma for the Federal Reserve. If they continue to withdraw dollars to fight inflation, they risk a currency crisis. If they back off the tightening, they risk a fresh explosion of inflation. Because of the dollar’s relationship to energy markets, it would also trigger rising energy prices. Then there is the politics, which is already turning up. Bad political environments tend to result in bad economic decisions, which make for more bad politics.

That is the final question at this stage. Can the managerial elite of the Global American Empire talk their way out of this? A central belief of the ruling class is that if they can create a plausible narrative and talk about it enough, it becomes reality. Can they convince the world that this is all just transitory and what lies ahead is the promised utopia they have been plotting for decades? They talked their way out of responsibility for the Covid vaccines, so anything is possible.

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165 thoughts on “Economically Pondering

  1. Radosław Sikorski, whose tweet (celebrating NS blow-up) Zman reposted on Gab, is a former Foreign Affairs Minister of my country. It may be interesting to some, but he was secretly caught on tape admitting that Poland is giving Americans “blowjobs” free of charge and the entire alliance is essentially worthless. It was before the Ukrainian crisis of 2014.

    • “The smallhats are incredibly vindictive, yes?”

      But the czar was so mean to their ancestors! Try to be understanding!

  2. This comes from Revovver News. There is an illuminating map showing the proximity of both of the Nordstream pipelines to the military exercise from June of this year that accompanies the story.

    It doesn’t get much more blatant than this does it?

    Other links are to be found at Revolver worthy of a look on this topic, currently right at the top. Wow.

    • Well, based on Biden’s comments from early February 2022 it’s obvious that they’d already planned this op out and briefed him on it in detail beforehand.

      I faintly recall people laughing them off as demented ramblings at the time. I suppose this is the value of having a senile sock puppet behind the Resolute Desk.

      They certainly could have placed some type of explosive charges under the cover of those exercises in June.

      The only wrinkle is what kind of inspection and monitoring regime might have been in place on the Nord Stream pipelines between June and now.

      Looking at the available information, the Germans were probably supposed to tend to that end of the pipeline and were ordered to look the other way. Russia either didn’t have remote monitoring in place, or they were prevented from doing physical inspections that might have detected tampering.

      • Biden always couldn’t resist blurting out secrets when he got belligerent, and he’s become *slightly* more belligerent since he hit full sponge-brain.

        This is how we know there’s a plan to outlaw the Republican party before the 2024 election. And it does appear to be proceeding.

  3. Is anybody else starting to wonder if the war is really not against Russia, but against Europe & Europeans? So far the main consequences from the war has been destruction of European economies. The blunders have been so catastrophic for Europe that I have a hard time finding it to be incompetence, even while applying Occam’s razor. Russia has no incentive to win the war, the longer it goes on, the better they will do. The UK is having a meltdown, with economic collapse and the new bimbo PM is promising to bring in more immigrants.

    The EU has been threatening people for voting against Our Democracy, in Italy and Hungary. Now, the US appears to have bombed the Nordstream Pipeline.

    It’s important to remember that the USA is an insane, rogue anti-white state that hates all White people equally – whether American, European, or Russian. They seem to be intent on crashing Europe. European politicians are so pathetic that they have so far complied with everything. Not listening to the US would be almost like the resurrection of H-man himself.

    Maybe there is a plan to collapse the West and move everything East. Or maybe it is just insane, hateful, alien people in charge that are using the US as a wrecking ball in their blind hatred of anything White.

      • B125: “Is anybody else starting to wonder if the war is really not against Russia, but against Europe & Europeans?”

        trumpton: “Its been obvious for months.”

        Insert cackling hand-rubbing meme here.

        For at least two thousand and twenty two years [as of December 25th], it’s been one long never-ending war against White people.

    • If the US government is responsible for this terrorist action, a whole new front in Nuremberg criminality has been opened. Gee, I wonder who hates Germans and Germany almost as much as Russia – Hmm…

    • Why can’t it be both?

      NATO was always about keeping Germany down, Russia out and America in.

      Love them or hate them (I hate them), the neocons are doing just that over the past six months.

    • IMO the real point of the war is keeping the European provinces on the plantation. They were drifting off in their own direction. Which was a threat to the GAE.

      You’ve gotta hand it to the regime. This is pretty much a no lose proposition for them. Best case they break Russia up and start absorbing it into the evil empire. Worst case, the Russians win decisively and kick off Cold War II. Most likely outcome is a bleeding open wound that drags on for the foreseeable future.

      All three scenarios bind the Euros more tightly to the GAE. And create plenty of opportunity for graft for globohomo. The only losers are the Ukes and the Euro trash. And no ody goves a fuck about any of them.

      • There is also the element that the empire is collapsing and they are lashing out. Maybe a white pill in there. I’m sure nobody will believe that this sabotage wasn’t done by the US. No other countries has the means and motivation.

      • There’s one more component: decarbonization. It is the pretext to limit food and fuel to Europeans, anyhow, and some of the tyrants actually may believe in it (the NPC’s do). As you write, this has been a win/win for the Empire. The main objective, to retain Europe as a vassal, was sort of accomplished early on, and the sabotage of the pipelines perhaps sealed the deal. Still, there was a massive German demonstration against the fuel sanctions yesterday (the timing here is no coincidence), and one of the larger left-wing parties in the governing coalition has split over the issue.

    • Barbara Spectre is in charge of the entire operation!! What was that song – Wrecking Ball? Seems appropriate to have a bunch of drag queens operating the machines smashing up Europe any which way you can imagine.

      The British finance minister is already filling the Internet with snazzy photos.

    • If not the Europeans, the Russians, the Chinese, or the Middle Easterns, does America have any friends left in the world? Does anyone who trust her? I know at least 75 million American who don’t.

      Israel maybe?

  4. “The question that is never asked, but may turn out to be the most important, is why has it taken so long for economic data to turn sour? Shuttering wide swaths of the economy to fight the flu should have triggered a massive recession. Expanding the money supply through massive credit creation should have resulted in massive price hikes and many asset bubbles. The policies of the last three years should have brought disaster, but here we are with only the threat of disaster.”

    “Should … should … should …”

    Because the model is not the real world and the map is not the territory. People hubristically assume they understand these unimaginably complex systems far more than they actually do.

    • “why has it taken so long for economic data to turn sour?” There’s always some lag. But this particular downturn was gov’t created/gov’t enforced and accompanied by a full-court press of cheer-leading by the regime media allies. Many of them became much wealthier as a result. While many folks lost all they had built.

  5. The most important metric of all is the U.S. 10 year bond, now coming up on 4%. The 30 year fixed mortgage is now nearing 7%. The U.S. obliterated what was left of the real domestic economy by about 2006. This mall is run on cheap credit. It can’t exist on expensive credit. Everyone is betting that the Fed will “do its job.” And when exactly have they done that since 1981? They haven’t, they won’t, and they have 31trillion reasons not to do so. So they’re doing just enough to throw the place into recession while not doing enough to contain long term inflation. It’s like a cancer patient taking just enough chemo to get terribly sick but not enough to cure the disease. The Fed can put on its brave face all they want, those who have spreadsheets and know whats up know what they’ll do.

    The NordStream 2 thing somehow looks desperate. Countries with strong hands don’t need to do these things. Since the gas comes form Russia they could have just said “we’re not pumping gas” and invent a useful reason. Clearly we knew that Germany would get cold feet and come to their senses around this time of year. We’re telling Germany, and all of Western Europe “just in case you had any ideas.” That’s not an ally, that’s a rogue country taking hostages on the way out.

    • re Fed:

      Holding the increases to .75 are absolute proof of what you wrote. There will be another of that exact amount, and then a smaller one. If this were serious, they would be 100 basis points back to back until it no longer was necessary. But, as you point, there are 31 trillions reasons not to do so. We are screwed.

  6. Probably a stupid question, but I ask it with all sincerity…

    Is it possible for the deep state, managerial class, whatever, to put their thumb on the scale of the major stock indicies?

    • They did by lowering rates to effectively negative. They could go further as Japan has and start buying the stock market. They already by distressed debt assets. So, yes. They already do and they may well buy equities – even if in stealth.

    • You don’t actually believe that black rock and the like are really investing money that people saved, do you?

      Seriously, at least 2/3 of the stock market’s capitalization is the result of money creation – not investment.

  7. Both Nordstream pipelines just blew in 3 places. It seems to have been under-reported, pending the Official Facts no doubt.

    We are making war on our allies to punish them for the elections in Sweden and Italy. Democracy is under assault when the demos votes wrong. We’ll no doubt be sanctioned this winter if the GOP takes Congress.

    Economics is the politics of money.
    Sanctions are war by money.
    Indeed sanctions were regarded as acts of war until the Rules Based International Order (USA TM) arrived.

    Normally we just betray our allies.
    Going to war with our allies a true coup de main.
    Even Napoleon never did that!


    • It looks like they now realize people are noticing the US is by far the most likely suspect, as its the action of a 3rd party not in control of the pipeline, and a couple of German papers are now releasing coordinated stories that the CIA was warning Germany about a possible attack.

      Obviously does not say by whom, but the implication is obvious.

      Because obviously Russia, even though the could just stop putting the stuff in the pipe, decided to run a sub into Norwegian and Danish waters and blow up their own pipelines to cut off their funds and do it in European waters so no repair vessels could be used.

      The level of narrative building is pitiful, yet tedious that is all that is needed to provide cover for an act of war by the US on European nations.

      • “Because obviously Russia, even though the could just stop putting the stuff in the pipe, decided to run a sub into Norwegian and Danish waters and blow up their own pipelines to cut off their funds and do it in European waters so no repair vessels could be used.”

        Well, they did spend weeks trying to convince us that Russia was bombing a nuke plant it already occupied.

        • Funny I mentioned Operation Gladio yesterday.

          Nato countries attacking Nato countries.

          It would have been easier to just off 1 or more of the wavering politicians, rather than attacking your allies in such a public way as a message.

          I suppose it shows the EU govts that the US is full on mental/mafia and they better not step out of line.

      • The German paper thing is interesting as it would seem to indicate that someone(s) in the German government isn’t all that happy with GAE at the moment.

        • The main issue, unspoken, is, will Germany, CAN Germany, be Germany again?

          There is so much for the territory we call “Germany”, or rather the people whose ancestors have lived there for centuries, to gain from an entente with Russia that I almost can’t believe it hasn’t happened already. But maybe Entnazifizierung really works.

          Whoever runs Biden certainly wants to try deMAGAfication here at home.

    • It’s not so much a punishment for the elections, as it’s an attempt to make Europe an American client state. The EU is precluded from buying Russian gas this winter, and won’t be able to get nearly as much fertilizer (and guess which North American country exports tons of food). Incapable of making a deal with Russia and more dependent on American exports? Sounds like a win-win for the regime.

  8. They didn’t talk their way out of the COVID “vaccines” as much as bullied their way out of it. As long as they have power no doubt they will try to bully their way out of whatever mess they create. But trying that with something that can resist (Russia , China, laws of economics) may not go so well . . .for any of us.

    • Is Russia really resisting in the way people think?

      It appears that they are enabling the plans against Europe quite well. They have sat on their assess for months, allowed complete regroup and supply and are letting massive build ups and offensives occur without re-enforcing their own lines one bit if the maps are to be believed.

      The Russian telegram channels are full of WTF is going on type comments. The pictures they shoe are all small numbers of men or rusted equipment, smoke in the distance etc.

      Take the partial call up. So Russia has supposedly 1 million or so regular army and 2 million reservists. Only 5-10% of the regular are committed to Ukraine (As it mostly militia and guys like Wagner/Chechens).

      So why mobilize? Where is the rest of the army? Its not like they need them anywhere else in those numbers.

      Does this make any sense?

      Its looking a lot more like a script than a real war.

      • Russia has time as well as seemingly countless supplies of ammo and armaments, both crude and advanced

        Ukraine, EU, and USA don’t. Recent articles say our western supplies and conventional arms would last no more than 3 weeks in case of a direct war with Russia. Three weeks, tops.

        I don’t think this is scripted at all but just a case where Russia has completely outfoxed us and is watching us hang ourselves. as the saying goes, why stop the enemy when he’s committing suicide?

        If this isn’t a testament to white supremacy or more specifically Russo supremacy, nothing is. Rather we got into bed with filthy bagel bankers and are paying a very deep price for their lack of military prowess and aversion to and utter incompetence with all things industrial.

        • The collective West is learning that, “just-in-time,” is a terrible idea when it comes to maintaining military inventories.

          • Particularly so if any significant proportion of your military needs are dependent upon foreign sources, and especially if your “leaders” are going out of their way to antagonize those from whom they source these components or raw materials. Good God, how fucking, abjectly stupid are these people?

            And looking ahead, as much of our import, as well as export, commerce travels the sealanes, with the Navy’s ability to keep those lanes open if international conflicts escalate to overtly military means has come into serious question, then what?

            Madness, actually a psychotic break with reality, seems to be the only feasible explanation.

        • Good post my friend.

          Be careful on Russo supremacy. Enjoy the schadenfreude but Russia has their own issues. Reports were they came down hard in line w Covid mania.

          It’s a fight we should have never started and likely deserve a bloody nose for. Putin is not going to ride over here, shirtless on horseback, to un-woke our border less trade zone.

          I’m hoping for a quick resolution with lessons learned for the West. As far as our shores are concerned, I see no current end to these troubles.

      • It’s always possible it’s scripted. But Putin/Russia strike me as chess players rather than video gamers. Prefer the long term gaming out of things rather than flash bang blow it all up and move to next target. This war is on Russia’s timeline, not ours. The methodical pace with game time adjustments is not inconsistent with the objectives of creating buffer states on your border and minimizing repair costs.

        US strategy is usually smash into submission for extraction of wealth or to toe the GAE line in far away places. Different goals, different strategies.

      • I’m hardly a historian, but from what I’ve gathered the reason Russia purchases the Ukraine back in the day was because it was resource rich and fairly habitable. It may be the case that Russia is more concerned with reclaiming Ukraine than subduing it, in the hopes that they can make use of it’s resources. Whether this feasible is obviously to be determined. Now, I do not know with certainty if this is Russia’s goal, I’m merely pointing out that it could be, and that it would track with their observed behavior thus far.

  9. “… we see in the ruling class is the unspoken understanding that they are unessential…”

    I might also add we have seen that much of the private sector—whatever that means these days—is *also* unessential during the Covid lockdowns. Here the most glaring example are with public school teachers. Yes, the typical student, mostly minority, is now hopelessly behind—estimated at 2 years. However, this must be compared to students from families that care about education, mostly White, who have not declined at all through the efforts of their parents and extended community.

    • Teachers (as currently constituted) are a net negative on society and school is fake and gay. The field and institution have been captured for a long time. We have kids with 75 IQ “graduating” high school.

      • Tars, there you go again…always looking at the bright side of things. 😉 We have college graduates with sub 100 IQ’s graduating—and I’m not talking just football and basketball players.

        • I have no doubt one could slip through a top-level African-American Studies doctoral program with an IQ of 90. And I suspect many do.

        • I think it was Audacious Epigony who posted a proxy (SAT, ASVAB) study of IQ comparisons between college graduates and US Army combat infantry. The college time series started out (20 years ago?) at 112 or so and steadily declined to 102.5, iirc. Army score was 105. I’m sure the cognitive capability of both has dropped since then given that both have undergone intensified diversification. It’s not most college grads <100 IQ, but it's close.

          • I swear I’ve seen a similar study done on USMC officers.

            That study indicated the IQ of their officer corps had dropped 10 or 15 points since the 80s.

          • I have read discussions from academics, whom I respect, that have an pegged an IQ as low as 104 to get some sort of a degree from college. Of course, they are not talking STEM majors, but really—any degree program or even college admittance at the level of IQ 104?

            It boggles the mind, but perhaps that’s just me. I graduated 50 years ago.

      • The education industry including atheletics is a sink of money and people. They have failed at their job and ought to be demolished.It would never happen but I’d like to see all sports cancelled and facilities torn down, coaches fired and everyone, administrators and teachers too, involved forced to pay back all the money they’ve wasted over the years.

  10. The inflation is a long term problem they cannot talk their way out of, at least eventually. It’s been at least 25 years of major money printing and asset bubbles. Have we ever trebled the debt in 12 years before? As bad as our inflation has been, a lot of our inflation has gone abroad. Has any bubble ever been as big as the bubbles (plural) we have going on today and on a worldwide scale? Housing went up 40% in 3 years. An unprecedented serial bubbles in the same sector.

    What I don’t understand is how the fed thinks they are going to keep raising rates and then keeping them at whatever level they think is going to be appropriate. it would be “easy” if the federal government and the states and the municipalities didn’t have a ton of short term debt. But they do. This is ignoring all the pension problems which require high market returns to stay solvent.

    Remember all those corporate stock buybacks? Yeah, they’re going to be unwound at huge losses. They financed these buybacks with money they raised selling short term corp bonds at record low rates. They will either have to refinance at higher interest rates or sell the stocks into the falling market to raise the capital to pay down the bonds.

    • What if they don’t intend to fix any of it?

      If you want to push through digital currency on the entire west (world) at once then you sort of need to do what they did to the reichmark and collapse the currency and paper asset model, but on a world scale this time.

      Perhaps its confusing as what we are seeing is just the end of the looting phase so they can convert to physical assets before this happens?

      • It’s always bothered me that they appointed a guy named Powell to the Federal Reserve after a lifetime of guys named some derivative of “Cohen” A native fall guy so nobody named “Cohen” is at the helm when it collapses. They don’t want the proles to notice. Noticing is bad and causes antisemitism and racism and we wouldn’t want anyone being racist.

        • Powell’s appointment was one of the funnier moments of the Trump Administration. Pres. Trump kept putting forth candidates that weren’t Jewish, and they would shriek and find something wrong with them.

          Trump: “Here’s a nice African. He’s smart and qualified. (and he was) You say you love diversity, so .. you’re welcome!”

          Jews: “No! No! NO! We want ….. We want ….”

          Trump: “Yeeeessss. What do you want? Spell it out for me now.”

          I think Powell is in there because Trump wouldn’t nominate a Jew, and the latter accepted Powell because they still owned senior management and they could still run circles around him if they had to.

      • Digital currency requires lots of cheap and abundant energy — not to mention a functioning economy

        I think they can kiss those dreams goodbye

        • Same goes for their global digital spider web.

          That’s not going to run on solar and wind. No way.

          • I wonder of you could have a sort of official energy grid for the govt/”essential corps” (as they see it), still run off traditional means and then everyone else using this nonsense.

            What sort of granularity is there in routing power around now?

          • Want to watch their heads explode? Ask them how we are going to ship cotton in containers to China and how they’ll ship back the socks and underwear. All of this in solar powered ships.

            These things burn through 150 TONS (300 gallons to the ton) of bunker fuel a day. They are pretty efficient too, like 50% thermal efficiency.

            They all support the globalist agenda of free trade and open borders. So they cannot oppose global free trade. OTOH, they want us to dramatically reduce our “carbon emissions” and an obvious way to do that is to stop all this worldwide shipping of resources and goods. Same with the free movement of people. All of these people move from low carbon footprint societies to high carbon footprint societies. But they aren’t allowed to oppose it, even if for a good reason like “carbon footprints”

          • There you go again Tars. We don’t need oil fueled ships. All we need is to convert those co2 behemoths to *sails*. Wind driven, that’s the ticket. We did it before, we can do it again! 😉

          • Nah. There will be less energy overall, but what there is will go to the military, government agencies and allies. The ones with less will be the rest of us.

            Our weapon is that these systems are operating in the physical space, and therefore are vulnerable to Ned Ludd. Their cost of upkeep may be more than the system can bear.

        • This is actually mostly a reply to Tars’ post below. I think the puzzle for people is trying to reconcile globalized trade and immigration boosterism with all the hang wringing and virtue signalling over “carbon footprints” for instance. Aren’t these contradictory goals? Well they would be – if they were the actual goals. What the global elite has instead of goals though, is a set of pretexts. One or several of them can be brandished at any moment to justify whatever the real objectives are. There’s no real unifying vision behind any of it.

          The current elites also have a lot of (well justified) confidence in the ability of the mass media to get the bulk of the population in the most heavily deracinated nations to turn on a dime from one “most important thing ever” to another. Covid, whether intentionally or not, was a huge real-world experiment in this. It showed that the bulk of people in these countries can be convinced to drop every other concern and completely re-order their lives to deal with something that has almost no presence in their lives other than through mass media.

          In these regards they are different from old school Communists who had a very well defined and consistent Utopian vision. The current elites seem more like aimless but vicious children who’ve been given a mind-control gun. What can I get the monkeys to do next? Will they be willing to smear themselves with feces and sing the baby shark song while juggling axes? or does the mind control beam have its limits?

    • The idea of raising interest rates far enough to end the inflation is laughable. They will have continued inflation while making it look like they are “doing something”. It’s negative real rates as far as the eye can see

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  12. I remember during the Bush years and their war on Islam, I’d ask myself “If we were truly at war would Bush be leaving the southern border wide open?” In war you would close it to keep enemies from easily penetrating your borders

    But the border was wide open, thus I had to conclude we were not really at war. All lies. Incidentally when my hatred of GW began to grow in earnest.

    Today we are seeing acts of desperation that only come when a warring side is losing. Destruction of political dissidents, sabotage of pipelines, billions in money and weapons being sent over to Ukraine but in a hopeless cause. But supposedly we are not at war, but the actions of the Gov say otherwise. Ergo, we are at war, a bit of a quiet one but still a war of some nature.

    Moral of the story: Actions always speak louder than words.

    • > sabotage of pipelines

      Honest question, if there was undeniable proof the U.S. intentionally damaged the pipeline, would Europe change course, or would this be a U.S.S. Liberty type incident where politicians sweep it under a rug?

      • Is it too difficult to realize that the US is at war with European people and the European politicians are all fully on board with and are active in this.?

        All 3 pipelines sabotaged on the same night within 10 miles of each other at a place needing a sub to access just after Hungary said they were going to run a referendum on sanctions and to prevent any country being able to roll back sanctions.

        Seems pretty clear cut.

        • Well, they’re at war with the American people too. This was never the usual interstate type of war; this has always been a war of the cloud people against the dirt people. Our only hope is that enough of the dirt people catch on.

      • I don’t know what Europe is going to do (governments) but I would not want to be an American tourist in Europe any time soon.

        • Relax.

          Castreau just opened up Canada so we can enjoy skiing at Lake Louise rather than Zermatt.

        • Yeah, I’ve held up booking a trip to Italy next Spring for that very reason. The rage would be justified, and I would be an understandable target.

        • Yeah, it does take something out of the experience. I was there during Vietnam, folks would recognize us and shout insult from across the street. Only warm reception on the continent was in Germany. Many Germans went out of their way to speak of the treatment they received from American soldiers and such after the war.

          • Nonsense. Show references. But there were deaths, but not even close to your ridiculous number. We treated Germans, and their pow’s sent over here quite well—and raping their women as punishment and perk was never an American thing, just Russian.

          • Wikipedia has quite a few rGerman govt references to the post war numbers:


            German govt and the Red Cross officially still maintains about 2 million dead was the correct figure.

      • No.

        Battered wife syndrome applies to countries as well as wives, apparently.

        Europe is America’s “batch”. The US can slap Europe around, sober up, then apologize and promise to do better….then do it again next weekend.

        What’s Europe going to do? Appeal to the Chinese or Russians to get away from the US?

      • Honest answer: probably not. There is no doubt the European “leadership” at a minimum is complicit and knows that the sabotage was at the hands of the US and possibly the UK. Would proof/evidence, if such were irrefutable, be allowed to be presented to the public? It would be suppressed, and your USS Liberty analogy is a good one. Social media and obviously the more traditional state propaganda organs will stomp on any reference to such proof if it emerges. If by some miracle the information were to become widespread, Europeans might at least demand a change in course. I can’t think of any nations other than Hungary and maybe Sweden and Italy where it would matter, though. A German minister already has announced public opinion does not matter. We knew that, but it was something to see it made official.

        One thing such a dissemination of irrefutable evidence would do is make the State more likely to lash out if populations began to rise up during the winter. Look at what is happening in the United States and Canada over mere criticism and peaceful protests, and multiply that many times.

        What is being done in the Ukraine and Europe is for all the marbles and the tyrants do not play. Do not discount Internet disruptions if they decide, and mass murder if they actually feel threatened.

    • There never was a war on Islam.

      There was a war on Europe and the US which consisted of using the military to funnel massive numbers of people over to the home countries from the area they were supposedly invading.

      Its the same playbook as the vietnam/afghan wars which were to run the drug trade. The Islam actions were to ensure the huge flow of people into the west.

      Without these wars it would have been impossible to do this.

      • Yep. Exhibit A and B would be the murder of Gaddafi and the rise of ISIS. Apparently, the population of Syria and no one noticed it.

        • This is something that I find interesting and I have never seen asked.

          So these millions of new people in the west from these areas.

          How did they get here in such a short time scale?

          I mean really think about this, its not like
          A) they can afford the airfares or be able to board without visas en masse
          B) they did not all walk from the middle east across thousands of miles and tens of countries
          C) its not like those countries were running hundreds of scheduled flights or ships.

          So how did it happen physically?

          On the other hand you have lots of military transport in and out of these areas coming back empty?

          • Was there ever a supposedly official number on “displaced Syrians?” I never saw it. Here, we get claims of two million border jumpers, and additional claims of Honduras and Salvador being just about emptied out. Also here, how did two million or ten million or whatever trek across 2,000 miles up through Mexico and not have a fleck of dust on them?

            This is the real war, and it is unilateral outside of Russians struggling not to be replaced.

          • The border crossers down at the Southern border backpack a clean set of cloths. I’ve patrolled the border and the desert outside of the main US towns/highways are full of “jump off” points were the IA’s await their transportation to interior American cities. These points are littered with used clothing and backpacks and water jugs indicating where the group stopped, reorganized, cleaned up, and waited for their pickup and drive into the main American cities of destination.

            Of course, this was before de facto open borders. Now I suspect the bulk are driven through MX and other Central American countries to entry points on the US border where they “turn themselves in”. However, I have heard this is *not* completely true. Their seems to be any number of “crossers” who prefer not to identify themselves. These folk would be those with criminal records, who even now are eligible for immediate deportation if they are in the database of BP.

    • The last illusion of the American people re: border security should have fallen by the way when team “R” held the WH/Congress/Senate for 2 years under 45 and they refused to allocate $5B for a border wall* or any increase in funding for interior enforcement. They also went out of their way to pass legislation to prohibit any of the wall prototypes from being built.
      The present situation is what they want. “Actions,” as you say . . .
      *Compare to how much $$$ they have sent to Ukraine!

  13. The insanity of people ‘fleeing’ to the world’s ‘reserve currency’ is what I find the most bemusing. Futures for almost every agricultural product are soaring, bonds and currencies and stocks are dropping, factories are closing, and yet . . . the fiat dollar soars while metals drop?!! I, obviously, just don’t have the proper mindset to be a captain of industry, nor a financial/stock trader.

    Obviously we surrender a sufficient quantity of fiat currency to the banks’ tender care in order to pay our bills. But we’ve been busy exchanging numerous fiat bucks for tangible assets – things we anticipate using or needing for our new property/lifestyle or being in future short supply. We don’t have a lot to spare to sock away in any other form at the moment – but if we did, the last thing we’d do would be to trust paper dollars or the ‘full faith’ of the ruling regime to store our wealth.

    While I neither expect nor plan to exchange an ounce of silver for a loaf of bread in the near future, I consider tangible goods and precious metals a store of wealth and a hedge against inflation. I realize some here dislike the comparison with the Weimar Republic, but I find the parallels hard to deny. Recently Bayou Renaissance Man featured a post about an economic book which extensively quotes an Austrian woman’s story of living through Weimar inflation ( Rather than break the law and exchange her kronen for Swiss francs, she adheres to the law and her own normalcy bias, and ends up in penury and misery.

    Just something to ponder . . . and hopefully avoid.

    • Another classic on inflation is When Money Dies.

      Based on the action in the fiat currency realm, it looks like the guy who came up with the, “Dollar Milkshake Theory,” got his call right.

      It really does look as though the USD will fail upward until it is the last man standing.

      • Wild Geese: The quotes from the Austrian woman’s book are from “When Money Dies.” Both books were the subject of the post.

      • Mr. House – I’d always suspected there was a turning point in the world beyond just my graduating high school AD1971. These charts seem to give evidence of that.

    • The dollar is used to settle ~80% of global trade transactions. A similar amount of the world’s debt is denominated in dollars.

      The dollar is the global currency. We may printed (via deficits) a lot of dollars during Covid, but other countries printed even more relative to the use of their currencies. We don’t just print dollars for the US economy but for the world economy.

      Right now, there is a severe dollar shortage, and that’s usually a very bad sign. Dollars are created by commercial bank NOT the Federal Reserve. When banks hold back dollars, it’s because they’re scared. They’re hoarding their dollars and getting cash ready for trouble.

      Naturally, this becomes a self-fulling prophecy, not unlike bank runs of the past. Banks stop lending, causing economic activity to fall, causing the recession that banks feared. As fear mounts, everyone wants cash – dollars – which, of course, causes the dollar to increase in value and become scarce. Trade can’t be settled. Debtors can’t get the dollars to pay back their loans. Etc.

      There’s a reason it’s callled the Dollar Wrecking Ball. But a strong dollar can be useful to the US. First, it exports inflation and demand destruction to other countries. Second, it makes those countries desperate for dollars – and guess who has dollars? The US. Via Fed swap lines, we’ll give dollars to countries that are our friends and withhold them from countries we don’t like. Pretty useful if you’re in a war.

      • Citizen, it may have been you I had mentioned this to some months back, but there is a lot of cash sitting on the sidelines in the case of deep bank reserves and corporate holdings.

        Not out of the realm of possibility that the Gov either forces the banks to start pumping it into the economy and/or confiscates it from the corporations. I can already see Tim Cook showing the world the face he makes when he’s getting reamed and hear all the Apple shareholders wailing.

        and all the 401K’s?

      • Citizen: I’m aware of the utility of the dollar in the current global economic system. What I’m questioning is the stability/durability of said system (its values are an entirely different can of excreta). Again, the usefulness of exporting US debt and having a monopoly on a global store of value is obvious. But people entrusting their wealth to pieces of paper backed by the purported US government and economy because said tottering economy is seen as a bastion of stability? To me that is normalcy bias on steroids.

        My concern is not with what is useful to the GAE and its determination to bring the globe to heel. My concern is for my family and White people in general – I’m simply expressing how irrational the decisions of money men or stock traders or investors appear to me. While I’m no economic or financial whiz, I’m a reasonably able thinker and planner. I understand why the dollar’s value is increasing in the current system – but both the dollar and the system are illusory and I question the reasoning of anyone putting their trust in either if they are genuinely concerned about their economic future.

        • 3gforme
          Sounds like small hat smoke & mirrors scam to me.
          Economic bullying, shameful imo.
          Sooner or latet a small kid knocks the bully down.

        • Yeah, but it’s the only system that we have at the moment. It’s deeply flawed, but there it is.

          But, yes, it can’t last. Covid moved us much closer to the end game. The govt debt is now problematic due to its size and inflation. Govts are trapped. You can see that in Japan and Europe.

          I still think that we’re a crisis or two away from this blowing up. As to what “blowing up” looks like, I have no clue. The debt (household, business, financial and govt) needs to be reduced relative to GDP. It’s simply too high to allow the economy to function well and make everything too fragile.

          The dollar will also need to be reset at a lower level.

          How that happens I don’t know. No one does. But it needs to happen. Indeed, it will happen. And it won’t be fun.

          As to what to own, great question. Who knows. Tangible assets that produce income (farmland, rental house, apartment building, etc.) probably will work in any environment. I suppose a bit of gold. Stocks and bonds could go either way, so maybe hold a bit of both. I’d probably go with US blue-chip stocks, since they’ll weather most any storm. For bonds, TIPs are a reasonable choice.

          It’s going to be a hard time. Buckle up.

          • Citizen: I wouldn’t want to be a landlord in today’s market – not after the government froze evictions and people didn’t pay for months. And now fewer people can afford to buy houses or pay increasing rent. Blue chip stocks may weather the storm, if one considers this just another economic recession.

            As you note, this has to come apart. Precisely how or when, I wouldn’t begin to predict. And I realize the market can remain irrational longer than the average individual can remain solvent. But all your investment suggestions depend on one believing AINO will last out the decade in its current form. I don’t.

        • Yes. We are.

          We just blew up Europe’s access to cheap nat gas. They no longer have the choice to lift the sanctions. We literally just attacked our allies. It’s comical.

          If we’ll sabotage our allies’ economies, you can bet that we’ll do a lot more to neutral countries and, of course, any country we don’t like.

          • The level of confidence you would have to have that you owned the govts of Europe to do this is huge, and shows how much control those using the US as a weapon actually have globally.

            Its sort of depressing to accept its that far gone.

          • trumpton,

            I agree. We literally just bitch slapped Europe in front of the whole world. It’d be slapping your girlfriend in front of her parents.

            Even if the Europeans wanted to keep the sanctions, they should be losing their $hit about this – and publicly. But crickets so far. What a bunch of pussies.

          • Europe is pathetic.

            In a few short decades we have gone from major powers to feminine vassal states of any and all globalist orgs.

            The only response to an act of war is going to be “please sir, can I have some more”

            Its the piggy squeal scene in deliverance on an international stage.

          • Sorry for the downvote, Trumpton. I plead fat phone finger. Yes, indeed, it is atunning how far gone things seem to have gotten.

            But the evil that the US power elite get up to is not a recent phenomenon. Here is a link that was left at Larry Johnson’s site, a transcript of a former CIA man’s lecture, John Stockwell, from nack in the 1980s detailing some of the deeds of the CIA before and during that time frame. Rather long, sometimes he loops back over ground earlier covered – probably a goid technique for a lecture – but holy hell, these are reports from an insider.


    • Every spare penny I have is going to buy tangible assets and anything that will help my family to survive for a good while

    • Hear, hear. It is infinitely better to have a generator, for example, than double the dollars it costs. As for precious metals, the most precious metal to own is lead because those tangible assets will need protection.

    • Well, fleeing to reserve currency makes more sense than fleeing from the US to Europe. At least from a shtf point of view, seems Europe is ground zero. Don’t get these folks from the US seeking European passports.

  14. The, “New Economy”, is propped up by a wealth effect that is predicated on repatriated dollars from producing countries coming in to fund a conveyor belt of eyeball capturers, with the occasional value adding enterprise in the mix.

    The Boomer die-off is upon them and the pensions and liabilities cannot be paid. They want this inflation, unless it is during an election cycle. They are going to lurch around from deflationary to inflationary episodes. What matters is that the average rate of inflation drifts ever higher so they can liquidate the debts and deprive the retirees of

    I think a big problem is that the Private Equity folks have stripped the companies that make it to IPO phase of their future earnings and value before they go public. The system is dependent upon these companies stock price going up to keep the pension system afloat. Of course, the government pension bust is also behind the immigrants. They are bringing in tax payers, (and voters), to replace the pensioners. Unfortunately, many of the pensioners were zero value government workers whose plush pensions and medical benefits were not accumulated savings backed by productive activity. What genius dreamt up replacing them with the people who mow their lawns and blow their leaves and repair their roofs with their worthless checks I do not know. They are the same geniuses who want to eradicate the white working and professional class that at least pays something in to the ponzi scheme.

    Look for target inflation in the Goldilocks economy to move to ever bigger, “new normals”, of 4-5% then 6-7% then 10% … … Of course, the real rate of inflation will be nearly double the stated rate.

    As for Europe, that thing looks like a tinder box waiting to explode in racial and ethnic strife as their debt crisis, and energy and immigration policies collide.

    • Sometimes what the MSM doesn’t talk about is more instructive than what they do talk about.

      I can’t remember the last time they even mentioned the enormous unfunded liability crisis in the collective West.

      But don’t worry, because local college kids are selling, “Sunflowers for Ukraine.”

  15. The main problem for the economy (both US and global) is debt, demographics and inflation.

    Economic growth is just productivity gains plus % increase in new workers. Productivity gains have fallen to ~1%. New workers are flat to ~1% in developed markets and even now in China. (India’s population is also leveling off.) That means that the world is looking at 1.5% to 2.0% real GDP growth, maybe less.

    Debt levels are ~350% of GDP. We don’t have enough growth to service that debt. The only way that you keep the debt from collapsing is to keep interest rates low. But you can’t keep interest rates low when inflation is an issue.

    We’re trapped. Either you have debt defaults and a depression or you have inflation and currency devaluation. You can see that happening in real time in Japan. The Bank of Japan has decided to let the currency fall rather than let interest rates rise (which would cause defaults).

    Europe is making a similar choice. At some point, the US will face the same question, but that seems to be another crisis or two down the road. For 40 years, debt didn’t matter because we didn’t have inflation. Now, we do. It’s not different this time; the past 40 years were different. We’re just back to normal.

    Slow growth, periods of inflation (and deflation) and high debt. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

  16. I’m not so sure they’ve necessarily talked their way out of responsibility for covid and the “vaccine”. Right now, it’s simply being ignored, and of course, not reported on in the lamestream media. But a lot of guys are doing yeoman’s work to bring light to the truth: Malone, Kirsch, Crawford, Eugyppius, McCullough among others, etc. Granted, they don’t have the very public bullhorn, but good stuff is getting out there. Young people keeling over constantly (when it’s never happened like this before), leaving the doctors “baffled”, is only going lead even the dimmest bulbs to begin questioning wtf is going on. I don’t think the last chapter has been written yet.

    • The Malhotra fellow that works as a cardiologist in the UK who did a total 180 on the injections seems to be a tipping point for them.

    • This isn’t over. The loudest voices, Kirsch, McCullough, etc won’t shut up and are only getting louder, and now they’re joined by more, some who were previously jab promoters.

      The rates for cancer, myocarditis, miscarriages, and many more are off the charts and can only be swept under the carpet for so long. There’s always a tipping point where those who were intimidated into silence will stand up and speak out.

      • Another small whitepill on the jabs-

        Since I’ve mismanaged my personal life I still frequent the dating apps.

        Remember all the cute, “I’m Jabbed!” profile badges they were crowing about last year?

        Except for the most obviously whacked out Leftist profiles, those jab badges have vanished like dust in the wind.

        • Should spike protein be considered an STD, or whatever they call them these days?

          Seriously, I’ve wondered about so-called vaccine shedding. Sounds to me the vaxx operates like a virus, but as long as it’s only programming cells to produce spike protein, it should just be a matter of purebloods limiting exposure, right? Iow, you might get a dose and get sick, but your body won’t start producing it. I sure hope so, anyhow.

          • Paintersforms-

            Thank you for the perfect setup to reiterate an odd definition Naomi Wolf’s readers found in the Pfizer doc-dump.

            In the docs, Pfizer defined “exposure” to the vaccine to include intercourse, particularly around conception.

            There was also a recent paper that confirmed nursing mothers can pass mRNA to their infant via breast milk.

            That adds an ominous touch to the ongoing formula shortage.

          • I think the mRNA vaccines are getting encoded back into the DNA of the host via reverse transcriptase. Supposedly the vaccine wasn’t supposed to spread past the injection site, but they’re finding it in other parts of the body.

            So while spike protein itself causes inflammation, it’s say your heart being genetically engineered by the vaccine to produce the inflammatory agent that’s causing the trouble.

          • Ploppy:

            Sounds like they’re meddling in things they don’t fully understand. What a clusterfuck.

            Selfishly, as long as my risk is exposure to the protein and not full-blown ‘infection’, that’s all I’m hoping for at this point.

          • Wild Geese:

            Yeah that’s disquieting. My first thought is that there’s genetic material all over the environment (in the food you eat, for instance, especially raw), so that doesn’t necessarily pose a big threat on its own. Now, if it comes with the goods to infiltrate cells, that’s chilling. IF my memory is still good on this stuff. I’d be interested to know that information.

          • Plus, remember the term ‘viral load’? How big a dose and how viable matter. Complex stuff, sucks there are so many questions.

    • If they ever admit to problems with the “vaccine”, it will all be pinned on Trump, it was him who forced Phizer to rush it to market so he could win the election

        • Europe is full of right thinking people too, its all Trumps fault, and Putin helped him too, no doubt, did you see that Vlad is now sabotaging our gas pipelines, no end to his evil

      • You got it (((They))). People keep stating that “this will be the One” that will wake Normie. Not. Going. To. Happen. Russian collusion in 2016. How many young people died in bull sh$% wars the past 20 years? How many parents are lopping off their kids genitals?
        The problem is people have no attention span. Their brains are so riddle with dopamine that they can only swing from stimulus to stimulus, and they can perceive nothing in the past that requires sustained recognition of patterns.
        The vaccine is already a fading memory. People honestly believe that the average buffoon is going to be MORE outraged in six months?! Yes, just as they are still outraged at Bear Stearns. Yeah, just as they are still mad about WMD’s. Yes, just as they are still mad about the Podesta emails. Yes, just as they are still mad about the Hillary servers. Yes, just as they are still mad about Epstein. Yes, just as they are still mad about NSA spying. Yes, just as they are still mad at CIA operating domestically. Yes, just as they are still made over FISA courts. Yes, just as they are still mad about Hunter Biden.
        But this will be the One!

        • Exactly.

          The idea that justice will come as it fades into as you say for most is the non-existent past is laughable.

      • That’s why he won’t be President again. They can arrest him on anything they could cook up, and I’d bet millions would write him in. The vaxx, though? 2 years is a long time for that to sink in.

  17. The amount fraudulent economic numbers is absurd in this country. As I, and many others have mentioned numerous times on here, the Boskin commission changed the formula for CPI in the mid 90s so that the number came out much more rosy for the government, and so they wouldn’t have to give big COLA raises to social security recipients. Under the old calculations, our CPI is roughly double what the “official” rate is, which feels closer to the truth.

    I’ll add another one though that we hear about all the time in the media as the primary reason we still have a “robust” economy: unemployment numbers. Unemployment numbers used to mean people that were unemployed. However, now it excludes those that have “given up” on finding work. So all those vibrants that haven’t looked for a job in years? Yeah they don’t count on unemployment numbers. So the real number is far FAR higher than we’re led to believe.

    • Add the dishonest changing of the CPI and unemployment numbers to the list of the Clinton Administration’s “accomplishments.”

    • Another factor is that at least 1-2% of the working age population has been killed or disabled by the vax…something they don’t want to admit…

      • “Quiet quitting,” the news calls it.

        America’s supposedly baffling lack of available workers has two obvious and forbidden explanations: Pay has so badly failed to match real inflation that “wagie” jobs aren’t worth doing anymore, and some huge number of young people are dead.

        The borders haven’t been thrown open to replace “voters,” exactly.

  18. > One possible source of the paranoid terror we see in the ruling class is the unspoken understanding that they are unessential. Their pompous self-regard is a mask concealing a deep fear that the Dirt People might figure out that the Cloud People are just an expensive ornament.

    Went into the office a couple of weeks ago even though management decided to start a mask mandate…. again. I walked in, maskless, and there were literally three people in the building that can house a hundred. Unfortunately, one of the people was the secretary, who browbeat me for not wearing a mask. Now, I have no clue what this ladies’ job even is, as there’s no one there to even need a secretary anymore. It would actually be a positive if she was done. No secretary, no hectoring over protocols that make no sense anymore.

    A lot of the social upheaval is done by useless eaters who somehow end up being well-paid busybodies that everyone has to dance around. In theory, a good, hard recession will weed these people out, but with current ESG nonsense and the consolidation of capital it’s an open question whether money has any tangible meaning anymore.

    • “A lot of the social upheaval is done by useless eaters who somehow end up being well-paid busybodies that everyone has to dance around.”

      But they’re not useless eaters, for the very reason you mention. It is through them that the State plays it’s tune of enforcement and compulsion.

      As we’re all aware, such ‘useful idiots’ are two-a-penny in tyrannical societies. Of course, in practical terms, they most certainly are useless.

      And just where is your mask, Sir?

    • Had to attend an offsite meeting last week. Yesterday get a note to effect of “an undisclosed person at the meeting tested positive for Coof, therefore you are not allowed in the office for two weeks”. So the insanity continues.

      • There is no end to these retarded cocksuckers.

        Eventually they will wear you down just by the endless sea of stupidity you have to swim in every day.

        The shore never seems to get any nearer.

      • But the quarantine of 14 days does not even follow the current CDC guideline. It’s 5 days if no symptoms. I was asked to quarantine 10 days past first symptom and a positive test in early 2021.

        That’s what is frustrating, not the stay home order. Hell, I’d stay home with the flu or a cold. Reasonable people don’t inflict their diseases upon others. But, if you (corporate) are going to play doctor, then at least follow current medical guidance.

  19. Never underestimate the venality of the Ruling Class. If things get bad enough, they will simply implement the “Samson Event” by creating total chaos. While we’re all screaming and attempting to get things back under control, they sneak out the back with their loot.

    • Where will they go? They have ruined almost every desirable place to live on earth. What is left for them to ruin?

      • Tel Aviv?

        – With US foreign aid and MIC cooperation they have the Iron Dome.
        – Some of the most expensive real estate in the world
        – A massive wall with guards who shoot invaders in the knees
        – Deportation, immigration control and citizenship policies bent on maintaining their ethnos and religion for them and them alone
        – A vassal state that while failing, still has plenty of ruin in it to give them time to find a new world power vassal to get rich off of.

        For the Unqualified Enablers:
        Vermont; Connecticut; upstate and Long Island NY; Indonesia and other places where they can join their “Nomad”, lifestyle spawn for raves masquerading as psychedelic “therapy” sessions

      • I think they expected it to be China, but they don’t seem to be willing to run the opium wars again.

        If they manage to depopulate Ukraine there is a big open space waiting for a new population.

        • Outside of posturing and empty rhetoric, not one single substantive hostile thing has been done to China. I strongly suspect all the supposed friction is kabuki.

          • Yep I agree. A new phoney cold war looks likely. The thing is China against what?

            A non-hydrocarbon de-industrialized slave block?

            The only thing they will have is people and will be a threat to no one but their own population.

        • Last I heard it was on the market for $125m. The photos were carefully shot to avoid that weird little temple, or perhaps the first “repair” was tearing it down….

    • Destroying both Nord Stream pipelines seems like the junior, “Sampson Option.”

      The only part of Europe that *might* be decent is the Iberian Penninsula since they get the bulk of their gas from Algeria.

        • Europe can’t change its mind this winter if the pipelines are blown. I’d either say it was us or perhaps we helped the Ukrainians.

          • You guys remember back in 2013 or 2014 when Obama wanted to put boots on the ground in Syria cause Assad a bad man? Whispers at the time was that ISIS and others were formed as an excuse to get involved because the Syrians with Russian support were stopping NATO from creating a new pipeline thru syria to europe. This has been going on for ages, but you can’t tell that to someone who supports the current thing.

          • Try on the Poles for size.

            1) A.pathological hatred for Russia

            2) a near pathological hatred for Germany

            Thwart any possibility of a rapprochement with Western Europe, even if the people disavow their governments’ suicidal plans, thereby (in their idiotic computations) depriving the Bear of a plain as day victory.
            Oh, and remember that the Poles were making noises that the Germans owed them reparations (which if they ever got any would be immediately extorted from them by the little hats). Now they will get nothing, but the satisfaction of earning the hatred of Western Europeans for screwing all of them over will be worth the hatred.

            Of course, it could have been the US/UK.

            Lunacy in any event.

        • Orange Frog: This. Spain has had its own ‘migrant crisis’ albeit with minimal mainstream publicity. Plenty of sub-Saharans wading ashore as Spanish beachgoers simply sit and watch. These vibrants add to Spain’s already hefty share of Mohammedans – far from a Reconquista, the peninsula appears to be morphing into a new Al-Andalus.

  20. “Shuttering wide swaths of the economy to fight the flu should have triggered a massive recession. Expanding the money supply through massive credit creation should have resulted in massive price hikes and many asset bubbles.”

    And this has indeed occurred. But this has been camouflaged by fabricating statistics and by fluid definitions, both of which you point out. The US is in a deepening economic crisis, which can never be openly acknowledged. Those who do talk about it are dissenters and dissidents and from there it’s a slippery slope to being called “domestic extremists” by the US government.

    The old world of global supply chains, where imported goods were paid for with fiat dollars, is coming to an end. It was dealt a fatal blow by the Covid hoax, but even without that hoax it would have come to an end as it was unsustainable. No-one would continue taking fiat US dollars indefinitely. Now that world of supply chains is like a headless chicken: still thrashing around but in its death paroxysm.

    The GAE is currently based on finance capitalism backed by military might. As far as I can determine, the grand strategy of the GAE is to vanquish Russia and then set the sights on China. US-centered finance capitalism is like Tolkien’s Ungoliant: it needs more and more resources to gorge itself on. Lacking that it will eventually devour itself. Russia and China are what Ungoliant’s insatiable maw demands.

    For those living in the belly of the beast, this is a time of fear and anxiety.

    • Actually i’d argue the Recession was already here at the end of 2019 and the flu happened as an excuse to print copious amounts of money which would have been seen in poor light otherwise. Do you guys think the FED would have been able to double its balance sheet in a few months time without the flu?

      • You are right. And the supply chains were already in trouble in 2019 (in the sense that for some reason things weren’t coming through). Plus we shouldn’t forget the Repo crisis that occurred shortly before the Covid hoax. The financial and supply chain systems were in trouble before the hoax; perhaps the hoax just provided a smokescreen for these problems.

    • Z Man: “Even so, you can only fake this stuff for so long. Providing fake data and false narratives is like check kiting…”
      So, can the managerial elite of the GAE talk their way out of this?
      The task of convincing people they aren’t actually hungry, or thirsty, or cold, or wet, or sick using fake data and false narratives will not be an easy one. Nevertheless, they’ll still try.

  21. “Even so, you can only fake this stuff for so long. Providing fake data and false narratives is like check kiting. It works initially, but eventually the gap between reality and the false narratives gets too broad to maintain.”

    Hmm. I’m not so sure, Z Man.

    You see, the Shamdemic was perhaps the most obvious piece of tyranny delivered upon the West for a long, long time. A lot of people were wise to it, but they were not given any airtime, of course. But so, so, so many bought it. And continue to buy it.

    I still think we’ve a way to go – and it may not even happen.

    No mask up, for Heaven’s sake!

    • I don’t think they would be able to pull off what they tried with Covid ever again without a huge mortality rate, at least over 20% of infections. Places that tried to institute restrictions this year were mostly ignored. People followed a herd mentality to it for the first year, but as they grew tired of the restrictions that obviously weren’t helping compliance declined.

      • Barnard,

        I thank the Lord that you’ve seen sutch things, as it does give me hope. I suppose it was much the same around here. But far too many still double down, and continue to think of it as an actual billion-person killing pandemic.

        That said, I must disagree in the sense that I can see it being done again, and not too much worse than it was last time… and the masked herdes will amass and into our lives poure once again.

        • Exactly.

          The lesson for those on this side is:

          Reality does not matter.

          I know people on this side can’t still believe it, and still think it has some relationship to the way most people behave.

          However, reality does not matter. Worse, once you have established a behavior pattern, it is easier to get it to activate again, not more difficult.

          The media controls what people experience and feel is true directly. Not with persuasion, or influence, but direct implantation of behavior and opinions into the target’s neural structures.

          For most people there is no reality, they are modern day schizophrenics and what matters is the voices telling them their instructions.

          If its a new coof, then for most its a new coof irrespective as to any people at all getting ill, and they will carry out the behavior implanted with the new messaging.


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