An Inflection Point

Imagine if in response to Governor DeSantis sending migrant invaders to Martha’s Vineyard, the Biden administration blew up the Overseas Highway that connects the Florida Keys to the mainland. In response to Texas doing similar things, they knocked out part of the power grid in Texas. For good measure, they started a car bombing campaign against leading opponents of immigration. It may sound insane, but it is not too far from where we find ourselves.

Now, take it a step further and imagine that the major media outlets simply ignored these things entirely. You see clips on-line of the collapsed bridges in Florida, but you can find little about it in the news. They simply report that something happened and no one knows who did it. Maybe a few crackpots on these media platforms claim that DeSantis blew up the bridges as a false flag operation. Texas governor Greg Abbot is blowing up his power grid for the same reason.

This scenario is so ridiculous it would not pass muster with Hollywood studios as the basis for a political satire. Somehow, we have reached this moment. Last week, someone planted bombs near the Baltic Sea gas pipelines that bring natural gas from Russia to Europe. This caper required a great deal of coordination and technical skill, so it was not a group of kids. Everyone knows it was ordered by Washington and probably carried about by the American military.

If you head to the big America media platforms, this act of international terrorism that threatens the wellbeing of Europe is barely noticed. The New York Times is obsessing over some old video of Roger Stone and the hurricane. Presumably, they hope the storm wrecks Florida because they hate Florida. The Post has a below the fold story but they are gearing up to claim the terrorism is part of Putin’s dastardly plan to spread disinformation in the West.

Typically, the regime has a narrative ready to go when they pull a caper, but this time they have just been doing the self-satisfied grin. Radek Sikorski is a high ranking Polish politician who is married to Anne Applebaum. She is a member of the Trotsky cult run by Robert Kagan, the husband of Victoria Nuland, who is the Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs. She is running Ukraine policy. Sikorski tweeted this out moments after the attack.

The Europeans quickly announced that it was an act of terrorism but seem to be in shock as they have yet to follow the script that says to blame Russia. Maybe this level of humiliation is even too much for the Europeans. The absurdity of blaming Russia is so ridiculous that it is impossible to say aloud without laughing. The American navy has been operating in the area and we have video of Joe Biden making threats to destroy the pipelines back in February.

Where we are now is that Washington is ordering the destruction of key European infrastructure in order to make war on Russia. Given the nature of the people involved, you can be sure many of them stood to make money from the attack, but the primary motive was the war on Russia. The Europeans are already in dire straights over energy this winter. This terrorist act by Washington now means something like a Turnip Winter for a wide swath of Western Europe.

Put aside the practical issues. Washington is now openly sponsoring and probably carrying out terrorist acts in Europe. Some would claim that this is not new as Washington has spent a quarter century bombing the Middle East. That is a fair complaint, but it happened under the guise of war. They were bombing the other side’s stuff, not the infrastructure of Europe. Imagine if Washington blew up the Chunnel in response to 9/11 and we have a good comparison.

The Europeans are a broken and defeated people, but even they have to be wondering what they have gotten themselves into with this Ukraine debacle. They eagerly signed up to be a “partner” with Washington in this great adventure to save Ukraine from the icy clutches of the Russian bear. Now, their economies are in collapse, their people are facing a winter without heat, governments are collapsing and their partner in all of this is now bombing their infrastructure. Some partnership.

The fact that the American media has been told to ignore this suggests Washington realizes they have a problem. It is hard to portray yourself as the good guy when you are bombing critical assets of your partners. This is one of those unforced errors that confirms the suspicions people have been voicing in private. In this case, it is that the real threat to peace in Europe is Washington, not Russia. The self-proclaimed defender of freedom is, in fact, its greatest threat.

This may be why the Biden White House signed off on this caper. It is an act of desperation aimed at keeping the Europeans in line. Germany now must hope Washington supplies enough LNG to make it through winter. That means the rest of Europe has to play ball with Washington, or face an economic collapse, as Germany is the economic engine of Europe. This act of terrorism was a warning to Europe that they better toe the line or else.

Regardless of the motivations, this feels like a game changer. It is too soon to know if it is an inflection point, but it could be the thing that changes minds. For Americans, it is one big piece of evidence that we are ruled by lawless tyrants. They will do anything to hold power, even commit acts of terrorism. For Europe, it could be the moment when they see the folly of their submission to Washington. For the world, it is more proof that Washington is the great threat to peace in the world.

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281 thoughts on “An Inflection Point

  1. I have no hopes for we Europeans. People hear are asleep. I try to do my bit, but it’s like peeing in the wind. Maybe seeing their kids and oldies freeze to death might wake them up.

    • The brilliance of this is all the libs who have been saying this for decades, and now stuck because the US also defends all the social degeneracy and immorality they wanted, and got

    • My first take was that Russia had no motive, and the gangreens running DC were the obvious suspects.
      But maybe the obvious suspicion of DC is what gives Russia a motive – to stir trouble amongst NATO?

      I think DC and gangreen should still bear the blame regardless of who done it. They volunteered for the blame with their retarded anti energy policies, and created the situation by getting involved against a major power (and major energy supplier) unnecessarily . Russia and Ukraine would have settled their dispute peacefully without US and NATO butting in.

      I think the leftists worked up a huge hate-on against Russia with their lying narrative about Russia backing Trump. If our lying rulers end up hanging from lamp posts because of Russian deception, that seems totally fitting.

  2. “…that the real threat to peace in Europe is Washington, not Russia. The self-proclaimed defender of freedom is, in fact, its greatest threat.”

    As Yockey’s suicide note famously put it: “Told you so, fagg0ts.”

    • Forty years ago, the U.S. security state was cheesed off by a Soviet natural gas pipeline from Siberia to Europe. So the CIA arranged to blow it up. The resulting massive explosion was visible from space. It set off U.S. nuclear explosion monitoring alarms, and startled White House security officials not in on the scheme.

      The result, in June 1982, was a natural gas pipeline disaster in remote Siberia that Reed said was “the most monumental non-nuclear explosion and fire ever seen from space.”

  3. Each and every day more people awake to who is running this demented kosher freakshow formerly known as the USA. You all have front row seats to the final battle of Good vs Evil., enjoy the show. Epic, it will be.

  4. No one doubts the USA did this. But my question is, are we so sure the winter will be as terrible as we are anticipating? I say this because people on the right have a history of making dire predictions about collapse, and they never come true.

    Haven’t the US and Europe been making plans for how to handle the winter? What’s the most sober prediction on how bad things will be?

    • Been kind of wondering about that, too. Don’t the Euros maintain their own strategic reserves, or whatever the equivalent emergency energy supply capacity is?

    • Yes, it’s hard to know. In the US there is a lot of click-bait “All Europeans will freeze to death”. In Europe, I’ve read, it’s all “There’s no problem really.” Part of that might be that the Euros thought they could finesse it and just get a peace agreement in a few months and turn RU oil back on.
      No more.
      I’ve read that the natgas storage is almost full BUT that isn’t enough to get through. It’s more to smooth the load in case of hiccups. Even with no RU natgas, some will arrive from Norway all winter long.
      But even if no one freezes there are a couple of horrific scenarios:
      1) Industry is shut down in order to provide natgas to homes
      2) Industry does not shut down but the cost of energy soars and prices EU goods out of export markets
      In either case: massive job losses. And industry may very well relocate to the US. Suppliers may follow them. There are stories about the planning.

    • I see we have moved to the standard media fallback of denying a thing and then

      “Energy poverty and why no gas or oil is good for the economy”

    • Also true. I hope you are right. Remember two months ago how every was bloviating about how the WHO treaty was going to turn us all into guinea pigs for Big Pharma? Never happened. Let’s hope this prediction is overblown too. However, that won’t stop me stacking up firewood in the garage!

    • The problem is not that we will freeze in the winter, the problem is industry specially german industry.

  5. Somewhat off topic but of interest to Z fans: video from a British podcast where dudes who called themselves libertarians until yesterday have finally had enough:

    I’m too doom-pilled to believe civilization will still be a thing in the future, but if it is, this was a small “inflection point” in our favor.

    • Civilization isn’t going anywhere. Things may slowly get miserable. But not a collapse that destroys all the civilization.

    • City Council eh? Sounds like the Euros have the same problem with city councils made up of lunatics that we do. Anytime I hear a story about an American city, especially on the West coast, that starts with “The City Council of…” I brace for the impact of some primo commie bullshit against the old wind turbine. I think similar thoughts when I hear a story starting with “The teacher’s union…”. Too bad we were too busy grilling to notice that our Frankfurters had been been reading Adorno and Marcuse and had brainwashed the burgers and corn on the cob.

  6. I checked Occam’s Razor this morning and it’s clear that Joe called it and the US Navy did it. With that out of the way, it would be interesting to hear the view on all of this from Herr Russwurm, Chairman of Kruppthysson.

  7. Cute how I read about this pipeline attack news on many “rebel” sites, and yet here for the first time learned about Sikorski’s family connection.

    • As for the Europeans who should see the “folly of their submission to Washington”, yes, they see it. A few among the populace, and, of course, most if not all of the élite.
      But a part of these will behave as though they didn’t see it because they are corrupt; another part out of the basic will not to lose their livelihood and social standing; the other part, the courageous ones, are rendered powerless by the rest.
      Europe won’t break free from its serfdom till the USA doesn’t fall (or due to clashes with others, certainly not a riotous Europe).

  8. Serious question – what happens to the “New Europeans” when they’re freezing, and the welfare money runs out? Are they going back to Lebanon and Iraq? Or will the government give them priority in the warming shelters? I can only imagine how awful it will be this winter for Europeans who have to deal with these people on top of their own useless governments.

    • No worries, we all be privileged to have that question answered for us here in the near future. I’m just thankful it’s not a question we have to have answered on this side of the pond, at least not yet…

      I can tell you for certain they sure aren’t going to go back from whence they came!

    • “BACK?” Lebanon and Iraq? Why would they go somewhere they have never been before? Why would the Venezuelans in the US go “back” to China?

    • New Euros will have unlimited heat subsidies.

      This will be immensely helpful for them to attract starving and freezing heritage European women this winter.

    • The Jew enthusiasts call a situation like that “the kosher sandwich”, then promptly forget like goldfish that if you press a sandwich hard enough the ingredient squish out laterally in unpredictable ways.

  9. Before we all get on board the HMS America Dun It, consider first that, given the new rules we’re playing under, Russia knows that the US ‘d be a suspect and might’ve blown their own pipeline.

    The Americans don’t have a monopoly on false flag ops.

    • While anything is possible, it is far more likely this was a Cortez move by the US to prevent Germany and Europe from getting figurative cold feet on Russian sanctions as they begin to get literal cold feet.

      Russia: destroying its own pipeline, removes one of its biggest leverage points (turn gas on and off – it can no longer turn t back on now).
      U.S.: removes biggest Russian leverage, prevents EU from going soft, increases opportunity for US gas sales; harms Russia’s economy

      Russia: busy with war on its doorstep, pipeline in NATO controlled/patrolled area where cannot go unnoticed, no evidence of Russian military assets in vicinity
      US: Owns NATO as well as most EU countries, several US military assets in area close to time of explosion, area monitored by allies/vassals who do US bidding.

      Means: Probably both have the means. But only one was known to be in the area around the time.

      I am not going to call you a troll or an idiot . . . .

      • Also, if Russia is needing to generate Casus Belli, relying on the referendums in the Donbass is in every way superior to destroying their primary leverage over Europe.

    • If only our government retained some semblance of credibility over the last 30 years that would be a good point. You know, like from the time we began bombing Serbia as media cover for an oral sex affair with an intern, and then the whole killing a million people over “weapons of mass destruction.” Once you kill a million people over a fabrication, blowing up a pipeline is easy peasy.

      • Or the Maine, or Lusitania, or fort Sumter, or Tonkin Gulf, or Granada, or… Basically all of it. We have been ruled by murderously evil people for a long, long time.

    • Man, are you still into all that 4D chess and shit?

      Back to Q-tard boards for you!

      I’m sure you’re the kind of fool to find your neighbor mooching off your cable, get pissed, douse the cable box in gasoline to teach him a lesson and burn your own house down in the process.

    • Plausible, but unlikely. Gas pipelines are crazy expensive especially under deep water. Even at a trickle, it’s still money going to Russia.

      Poland cannot be ruled out. They hate Germany. Poland with US assistance seems most likely because it gives the US a layer of deniability.

      The Green New Deal is the main driver of this energy strangulation. The whole point of this is to drive energy prices to the point where economic activity collapses to where people will demand “clean” energy rather than no energy at all. And lower economic output means lower energy needs overall.

      We’re dealing with climate change religious zealots. The lengths to which they’ll go to destroy the economy – and if they’re REALLY LUCKY precipitate a massive war that kills billions – cannot be over stated.

  10. How I hope and pray you’re right, Z. Blowing up Nordstream doesn’t hurt Mother Russia in the least.But it makes what’s a horrible situation in Europe even worse. I really really want to see the ugly, smirking face of the Yankee empire rubbed in shit and its reeking corpse tarred, feathered, drawn, quartered and burned.

      • Uncle Schmuel stole Russia’s “carrot to avoid WW3” and is now sodomizing the germans with it.

    • As reparations, Russia should take all Ukrainian pipelines. Hell, just take the whole country at this point.

      • I don’t believe Russia want’s the whole country.
        The Ukraine: the name has it’s origins in a word meaning border or edge or rim is no more of an independent country than The South is in the US. The region that Russia has taken back plus the stretch along the Black sea were definitively Russian since 1783. Catherine the Great founded Odessa in 1784 I believe and personally named the City. The fucking around started after the 1917 revolution but the Supreme Soviet had more more power under their constitution to shuffle land between the Republics than Biden has to decide tomorrow that Long Island belongs to Connecticut. There’s been a lot of noise from the West’s media liars about Putin threatening to use nukes which he did not do (the relevant speech is online) and I have a sneaking suspicion that a false flag mini-nuke in Odessa might be used after a Ukrainian attack on a Russian city, to formally launch the NATO war.
        David Stockman has a piece well worth reading here.

        Don’t let Zman see you reading a libertarian site.

      • I’d be pleased if they just took the parts that want to be taken and helped them rebuild.

        Oh and a cruise missile turning Zelensky into a flying matzo chunks and a splatter of manischewitz… just as thanks for all the Ukranians he got killed in the process of turning the latest friendly host country to rubble.

  11. Pingback: STRANGE DAZE: “And the wind began to howl.”

  12. I don’t know if it’s been mentioned, but piggybacking on what Z wrote, ignoring the event is an unspoken admission.

    Kind of like how if the race of a violent offender is Jogger, it’s ignored in the media.

    • Not a chance. To quote the late great Neil Peart:

      “How many times do you hear it?
      It goes on all day long
      Everyone knows everything
      And no one’s ever wrong
      Until later…

      Who can you believe?
      It’s hard to play it safe
      But apart from a few good friends
      We don’t take anything on faith
      Until later…“

    • I wonder if they choose these stooges to humiliate the populations they are chosen to front for the oligarchic rulers. I remember all of the footage of Yeltsin, falling over at somber military honorariums, acting like a baffoon and stumbling around drunk.

      I wonder if whoever chose Biden are the same people and have the same spirit of mockery and contempt for us in their hearts.

      • Maybe each local chapter of Globo is in a sweepstake competition to see who can get the most retarded, pathetic specimen into the leadership position.

        Extra points if they are already dead or suffered some massive stroke.

        Who knows what the winner gets?

  13. Isn’t this a Neo-Morpheus meme?

    Neo takes the pill and says “It’s the Jews. That’s it? I thought there would be more.”

    Morpheus replies “Nope.”

    • Christ is goodness and truth. When your core identity is the rejection of Christ you become an evil liar.

      • Christian theology has a lot of truth inherent in it about the nature of people and society but the elevation of weakness and “bads” is lead to the current state of the West.
        “The meek shall inherit the earth”.
        What is abolitionism, the social gospel, and BLM except attempts to realize this sentiment?
        It’s hard for Christcucks to admit that Neitzsche, Evola, and other German Conservative Revolutionaries are right.
        “Christian theology is the grandmother of Bolshevism.” ― Oswald Spengler

  14. As the Big Lebowski would ask: “Like, Cui bono, man?” I think the answer is clear.

    So now NATO is a street gang. You have to fight your way out of it. The crazy Neocons want to eliminate all the offramps via negotiation etc. The Swedes and the Finns have to be wondering what they’ve signed up for in NATO.

    Meanwhile, the world’s Internet runs through high-bandwidth undersea cables……what could possibly go wrong?

    • I would also to thank the excellent commentators. When I perused the main stream media I was getting a little wild-eyed. These Comments have touched upon every thought that I had.
      Do they really believe that they can convince us that the Russians did this? I will amend the true cliché “they hate us, want us dead and our children enslaved”. To…. “They hate us, think we are very very stupid, want us dead and our children enslaved”. Admittedly a bit clunky.
      It’s been clear for a while now that a sociopathic criminal cartel is running the show. Largely ((())), but not exclusively.

      • SidVic: I had a similar moment when seeing news of Biden ask for the dead dem rep. It’s blatantly obvious the man – stupid to begin with – has dementia. It has to have been obvious to any ‘world leader’ who has met him. So they’re all in on it, they all know who is calling the shots – and it’s not potato head. But they all keep going along with the entire narrative – Joe is head of the ‘free world,’ and Puhitler blew up his own pipeline.

        And not only does Joe Normal blithely let this stream across his tv, but the self-styled intelligentsia at Sailer or other Normal/Neocon sites muster hundreds of speculative comments. Was it Poland? Lithuania? Hmmn, what sort of outlandish pseudo-logic can I type to convince everyone I’m a deep thinker aware of world events?

        And yet I’m the crazy one for seeing string-pullers or small hats everywhere I look? Fine by me. I’ll keep trying to view the world through the Circus Ringmasters of Clown World’s eyes to best predict what’s to come and plan accordingly. Proactive. And the assumption of rationality on their side plays no part in my opinions or decisions. The assumption of hatred of me and mine on their part remains front and center.

    • There’s a lot of critical infrastructure that’s either in international waters, or traverses through them. Now it’s all more vulnerable.

  15. I’m sorry, but I can only laugh, and laugh with tremendous gusto, at the Europeans. Back when America was America, back when it wasn’t a rampaging anti-white Empire, Europe viewed America with disdain and cooperated with it as little as reasonably possible. Oh, Europe basically played ball during the Cold War, but did so halfheartedly at best. And recall that after 9/11 anti-Americanism was a huge issue. Some French potentate went so far as to label the US a “hyper-power.”

    Fast forward to AINO vaulting leftward over and beyond Europe. Anti-Americanism vanished. The Europeans worshipped BO and built their shrines to St. George Floyd. In short, Europe believed that in becoming a postmodern USSR, America joined the choir of angels.

    Now look at them. The Europeans are a pack of miserable saps and chumps under assault from their supposed archangel, and they know it. There could be famine and pestilence in Europe this winter, and all of it authored by the GAE. Forgive me for saying it, but that plate of turnips will be their just desserts.

    • I think I first realized your points one day when I was sitting in North Africa watching France 24, the official news mouthpiece of the French government.

      They were reporting on county and city level news in the continental US.

      That is when I realized and accepted European countries were mere satrapies of Jonestown, DC.

    • How about another joke? What do you get when you cross a sadistic democratic empire with an entire continent of sycophantic, black-worshiping, Western-civilization hating, deracinated simpletons who have no idea they are cooperating with their own deaths by starvation hypothermia?

      You get what you fucking deserve.

    • The French especially were noted for their contempt of “crass” middle class American tourists. No country on the planet was more protective of their language and culture up through the early 2000s. Now there are videos of west African immigrants taking dumps on the streets of Paris and they seem completely cool with it. There is not much an individual can do at this point except make a batch of freedom fries, sit back and enjoy the decline as YouTuber Aaron Claret is fond of saying.

      • You don’t like French people, I take it. That’s too bad. They are generally decent and likable people, in my experience anyway.
        The most annoying “Frenchman” I ever encountered was a waiter in Paris who, it turned out, wasn’t even French, but some expatriate black guy from Chicago. I started ordering lunch in French and he immediately switched to English with a smirk. Total asshole. It was his little triumph over a white cracker. A real French waiter would not have done that.

        He was the only real snob I ever met in France, which I visited half a dozen times between 1983 and 2013.

        The folks outside of Paris, in particular, were almost without exception kind and engaging with me over the years. I like France, and am actually sorry to watch it die along with the rest of the West. No ‘Freedom Fries’ for me, thanks.

        Politeness and respect go a long way in France. Here, not so much.

        • Same. As someone else here mentioned, IP I think, the French probably are the freest people on Earth. I also like them and it makes me sad to see them go through the same hell as the rest of us. It wasn’t that long ago I would have anticipated the French would stop this insanity. It might still happen but Macron doesn’t seem quite the “man” the French normally elect.

        • Let’s face it–white people, whether French or “American,” are not now that strength which in old days moved earth and heaven. That which we are, we are. One equal temper of heroic hearts, made weak by time and fate. Enervated through war and soul-sickness, we shall murmur and sigh, and then shall yield.

          • That’s from “Ulysses”, by Lord Tennyson, at least the first part. But the original poem ends on a more optimistic note, with “Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will
            To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.”

            We’re not going to get back the good, old country that we grew up in, but we can do something to make the future better for some.

        • In fairness to the Frogs, although I’ve travelled much of Europe, my only stop in France was a quick coffee in a train station ca. 1984. A travel writer, probably Rick Steves, makes the cogent point that we shouldn’t judge all French by snooty Parisians, any more than a gruff Noo Yorkah is a fair representation of middle America.

          To inject some levity, here’s a classic from a National Lampoon LP where they ridicule the French.

          • Heh, I’ve got the Nat. Lamp CD-ROM in my computer at work and have been enjoying subversive humor while globohomo pays me. Reading through the 1980 issues right now and seeing lots of ads for this album.

    • “America” is the prime author of evil in the world today. Do people living within its borders also deserve to suffer and die? Including those of us who hate the government and are in fact oppressed, humiliated, and enslaved by it already?

    • Europe was resisting overt American rule until I believe 9/11. I have nothing but sympathy for them because America is now in complete control of of most of Europe and is making them suffer horribly. To be mad at Europe because they did not want to cooperate with America’s insane foreign policy shows what a dupe you still are.

  16. At some point, will the white peoples of Europe ever wake up to the fact that it is their economies, their children, their liberty, and their very way of life that is the real enemy of the global empire, not Russia?

    • Unfortunately, ethnic Europeans don’t have any children. German demographic collapse was irreversible twenty years ago. But hey, they had a good time while it lasted. Weeping and gnashing of teeth is all that remains.

      • Demographic collapse, while inevitable, is never irreversible. Think about it. No one was nervous about ‘demographic collapse’ when the USA had ten million inhabitants. Surely there exists a procreative core of Germany, or any large society, with at least that number to start over, even as millions outside this core die off in their fetid cesspools of vice, stupidity and degeneracy; the overall population shrinks, but the core grows, like a fresh shoot off a collapsed tree.

        • To your point, whites in the United States after more than a decade of decline started to increase in number last year. This may account for the furious push to flood the country with illegals.

          • The birth rate has collapsed, or is collapsing, in just about the entire non-Muslim, non-African world. China’s birth rate is far below even European levels – 24 million births in 1980, projected for 8-9 million births in 2022. India’s birth rate is now below replacement, dropping on a yearly basis. Indian and Chinese birth rates in Singapore, Malaysia, etc. give us a glimpse of their future rates as those countries develop.

            The Latin birth rate is collapsing. Mexico had a Total Fertility rate of 1.85 in 2021, while Czech Republic had a rate of 1.83. African-American birth rate is likely as low as Whites, only brought up a bit by Somalian immigrants.

            Anecdotally here in Canada, there’s a huge bulge of 20-30 year old Indians, but the 0-4 age category is demonstrably whiter.

            Global demographics are actually quite white pilling. 99% of the world’s GDP lives in countries with below replacement fertility rates. As long as we keep up the current White birth rates, most others will be in a similar or worse population pyramid by 2050. They need to flood us NOW, before the whole world becomes elderly.

      • Nothing is irreversible.
        Obviously money doesn’t work. Spandrel is correct that people care deeply about status, people spend immense amount of money to gain perceived status.
        It’s amazing everyone on here spends so much time talking about how normies are NPCs who believe everything they are told. If they are told that having more children makes you high status they would do that.
        Obviously the regime media does not broadcast this message and instead encourages everyone to be hedonistic consumers

    • I’m actually feeling enormous sympathy for Western Europe.

      The snark about them being “US occupied nations” wasn’t tongue-in-cheek after all.

      The fiction about them being “important NATO allies” is being rendered ridiculous for the whole world to see.

      Imagine your country being occupied with a occupying force with an iron fist in a velvet glove for 75 years and wonder how you’d fare.

      We have met the evil empire, and it is U.S.

      • I don’t know if it’s been mentioned, but piggybacking on what Z wrote, ignoring the event is an unspoken admission.

        Kind of like how if the race of a violent offender is Jogger, it’s ignored in the media.

      • You live in a country that has been occupied since before the First World War. If you are in the South, you live in a nation occupied more than 150 years.

      • It’s all clear now. We old civnats thought we were being taken advantage of, what with paying all of NATO’s bills, underwriting the UN, and the like. We thought the good ole’ USA was being a patsy. Trump complained about this, and many of us agreed, saying “Fuck yeah! Fuck you Europe, pay me!”

        It turns out that “we” weren’t giving anything away, “we” were simply buying hegemony over all international relations with hard cash. Consequently, NATO is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the GAE, the UN can’t bring itself to take a coherent position on the Ukraine war, and even “all-powerful China” finds itself in a financial cul-de-sac. Nobody is the “strong horse” even now, except for the GAE, despite its obvious, ridiculous, even comical deterioration into a joke-state.

        The GAE is not only able to do this through its still undisputed control of the world’s reserve currency, but through its known assets – aka the still unstripped private wealth of middle-class America. The beauty of “our democracy” is, when the bills are due, “we” owe the cash – not the rulers. Through our representatives “we” voted the spending. So it is “our” fault that “we” spent all that money.

        Soon, it will be our patriotic duty as Americans to “help” pay off the bills that “we” voted for. For those who remember Rush in his salad days: It will take 5,000 years of “Dan’s Bake Sales” to pay for all of it.

  17. I’m sure the Russians are calling European capitals, one by one, saying “you see what they do? You see the problems on your hands? Do you feel protected?” I generally avoid nearly all Hollywood stuff for obvious reasons. But I finally saw “The Boys.” It appeared to be a pretty good takeoff on our foreign policy. Of course I only know about things after they’ve been out there for 10 seasons.

    • During the Obama years it emerged that the Empire routinely spied on European leaders and monitored their communications. Newly minted Russian citizen Edward Snowden provided those details, if I recall correctly.

      The European leaders will say nothing substantive in response, maybe even engage in antagonistic kabuki, because everything they say will be heard by the Empire. The Semitic death cult does not play, and they not it better than anyone. Dogs, fleas.

      • Spying on everyone is sort of just accepted practice.

        Blowing up your allies infrastructure to prevent them any sovereign choice in action is sort of another.

        On a few of the normal sites the semitic angle is starting to be noticed for all the antagonists.

        The predictable response is “a worrying uptick in anti-semitic comments”

        • “Blowing up your allies infrastructure to prevent them any sovereign choice in action is sort of another.”

          True, good point. I’m also glad people are noticing about 50 years too late.

        • We’re reaching levels of crying out as they strike you that shouldn’t even be theoretically possible

  18. Everything that has happened since 2001 is an example of desperation and what .gov will do to hold on to power. Its all one long time line. Oil peaks, can’t grow debt without endless energy, stock market crashes and suddenly the largest terrorist attack ever happens. Next thing you know we’re at war with a large oil producer and the largest drug producer. If the public won’t take on debt then .gov will in their honor! But we weren’t at that point yet, the public would still do its part! Housing baby, it never goes down! Until it did in 2008, but what to do? The debt was must flow! I know! Saddle college students with debt baby! It was around 200 billion for everyone or so around 08, where is it now? 1.2 trillion! Cars is another good one where debt blew to the stratosphere after 08. And they reflated the housing market and then some. The worst part is knowing this is the game, trying to tell people its a game that is rigged and they will lose and having everyone hate you 🙁

    P.S. UK restarted QE, not a good sign.

    P.P.S. Remember COVID was always about how much your government cares about you and not an economic event.

    • That’s the sad undertone to this entire story

      It’s confirmation that the demise of our empire is near

      Sometimes it’s just hard to accept, to believe it, but this act of pure desperation leaves no doubt. This is something a crazy wife would do to keep her husband

      • Isn’t it interesting how much our viewpoints have changed since the early 2000’s? Amazing how much you are willing to swallow when you still trust. 2001: Yeah your story doesn’t exactly make sense but you’re .gov and i can’t think of a reason why you’d hurt me. 2008: Ok so let me get this straight, the banks who are supposed to be stewards of money were giving it to anyone who could fog a mirror and made terrible decisions but we must bail them out or it will be martial law? Not sure i buy that. 2020: So a virus is going to kill us all and we must close down everything except the companies you sit on the board of and nobody is allowed to gather and discuss what you’re doing unless its online where you can track everything or buy phone which is the same? Yeah i call BULLSHIT!

        .gov: Well then you’re a racist white supremacist who hates women and all the colors of the rainbow!

        • What changed me was the border being wide open when we were supposedly at war. That that wise ass little mother f—er could go on TV and tell me we were at war with a straight face while I’m sitting there watching people pour across the border, that forever changed my attitude toward the government. I guess everyone has their point of no return, but that was mine. And those commercials they used to show on TV when I watched Fox News, wounded warriors, I would get so upset to the point of tears. If I could strangle GW I would.

          Prior to all of that I was the biggest “patriot” out there. Or pretty big. I never served. But I always loved the country and used to idolize George Washington. My emotions now are an admitted mess.

          But I was in fact telling my wife last night, I always dreamed of being a confederate rebel. I may get my wish.

          • “But I was in fact telling my wife last night, I always dreamed of being a confederate rebel.”

            I’ve always been a fan of the underdog, but having grown up in the north, when i was young i was always a fan of the Union. As i grew older and wiser and read more on the subject my respect for what was done by the opposition grew by leaps and bounds. Also i didn’t see why they couldn’t leave the Union if they so wished. I came to the conclusion that .gov was getting desperate when i was visiting the battlefield of Antietam in 2018. We were at Burnsides Bridge and a woman asked the ranger why General Lee was moving troops all over the battlefield. I answered because he was outnumbered 2 to 1 which has been the common wisdom since i was a child. The park ranger corrected me and said new research shows that actually he wasn’t outnumbered that much because alot of the men counted in Union army were cooks and teamsters and blah blah blah…………….

            I took it to mean that the impression of the South that our own history has taught us for a hundred years was beginning to become dangerous and anything symbolizing rebellion must be made to look bad. Why else tear down all the founding fathers, degrade what we held sacred for generations?

          • Regarding the tour guide rewriting civil war history, it’s pretty similar to what you see in the lugenpresse about the Ukraine war. The Russians are rampaging across Ukraine butchering women and children, but at the same time the Ukrainian army is winning because Russian soldier are all incompetent drunks who forgot to bring food and fuel.

            Same crap during WW2: Japanese were all cartoon bucktoothed morons whose planes were powered by rubber bands, but they were also psychotic kamikaze suicide bombers who always fight to the death.

            Newspeak Civil War history is going to be the same contradiction: drunk retarded hillbillies who couldn’t shoot their way out of a paper bag, but also vicious slavers that would never surrender unless the North burned all their cities to the ground.

          • Absolutely. “We have to fight them over there so we don’t have to fight them over here” while the border was wide open was a final straw for many.

      • Don’t feel sad for an empire that never gave a shit for you or your posterity. Remember, this is the same empire that has lied to you about:

        -It’s intentions for “equal opportunity” and “content of character” that enslaved you and your birthright to the same status as the joggers

        -It’s intentions and motives to send you and your kind to fight for “freedumb”, to get blown up by industrial warfare, in trenches, out in formation, in jungles and in God forsaken desert wastes as a show of your “patriotism”

        -“Your Fair Share” of course, it gleefully demands a quarter of your labor as tribute to solidify the lies of yours and your kind’s “freedom and prosperity” at the barrel of a gun and a cell

        -The all new deadly common cold, with propaganda so sick and twisted it coerced, manipulated and programmed your loved ones, business associates, employers, health care providers and even the people you have religious fellowship with to shun and disavow you over a concocted untested poison serum.

        I think I could go on and on, but I hope you get the picture.
        The sooner this empire and it’s tribal infested arsehole prolapses for all the world to see, the better for everyone no matter the clean up. I was born on this great land, have family that traces to the Boston Colony, and to a certain point in life was proud to be an American. Now, Lord, please just make it end!

      • Yes understood, but at some point it doesn’t help to go back further other then to show off what you know. If you’re trying to convince the average person you need to keep it within their lifetime. Things they remember first hand.

        • You’re right, of course. I’d point people to the “Office of Special Plans” in the Pentagon that existed for roughly 9 months (9/02-6/03) and literally cooked the intelligence for the never-ending wars.

    • “P.P.S. Remember COVID was always about how much your government cares about you and not an economic event.”

      Preach it brother! High and low to every libtard you know!

  19. OT

    Well, the day finally came where this website could not be accessed on my work computer. It stated “Access denied due to Hate and Racism.”

    I have periodically checked over the years just to see how long it would take. and the other news and opinion sites that churn out anti-white drivel are up and running still. Of course.

    At this stage it is a farce and absurdity what information is allowed, and what is barred.

      • In today’s environment, anything worth reading would get that web-block. And we haven’t even seen the full Wilsonian style censorship that we’ll see when they really desperate (when the bigger bills come due and they have to rob Peter to pay Paul). Desperate regimes don’t stop on this path. That’s when your home ISP won’t deliver this webpage. The J6 witch trials are practice sessions.

    • My GloboBank has never allowed access to this Samzidat site.

      Frankly, it is kind of nice. I have the New York Times and open on my work computer (for those who track my every keystroke) and I read the forbidden subjects on my pocket Moloch.

  20. I’m surprised no one has mentioned China yet. How could we pull this off without an approving nod from the CCP? Are there strains in Russo-Chinese relations that may have come into it? Alternatively, if the world is fleeing to the dollar and the Dems are concerned about whopping big time inflation/price hikes leading up to the election (though why would they be,) maybe it won’t take terribly long to repair the damage or run a conduit to the Baltic Pipe. Idle thoughts aside, there’s gotta be a “French Connection” in Beijing.

    • The same insane psychopaths who both underestimate the capabilities and disregard the legitimate concerns of Russia are quite capable of doing the same with China.

    • I do not discount some sort of modus vivendi between China and the United States to undermine Russia. You have to think the Russians keep an eye on it.

  21. Imagine the sense of invulnerability of these people.

    They think that in order to maintain leverage on what was obviously backsliding by Germany and other nations over imploding their economy, that they just decided to blow up a $10 billion pipeline in an allies territorial waters and ensure Germany industry has no hope of avoiding collapse and ensure the nation cannot avoid a mass depression and huge unemployment.

    They also do this so far into the baltic and close to Sweden/Denamrk, its in a position where no Russian ship or sub could possibly get without being picked up by NATO ships or the underwater sonar arrays around that area.

    They just don’t give a crap about even half way deniability and seem to consider themselves able to attack whoever and whenever they want without consequence, even their own notional allies.

    • But are they wrong? So far, they don’t seem to be. They seem pretty much able to act unilaterally without consequence.

    • trumpton: Spot on. They feel invulnerable and invincible. They are convinced they can remake reality and are determined to do so, come what may. Anyone attempting to understand current events via logic or rationality is hopelessly blinded by his own bias. Think like a Clown World Circus Ringmaster, not like a White man who wants his family to survive.

    • Well there ya go, men! A-HYUK, A-HYUK, A-HYUK!

      Gorsh!!! It’s in the news, it just HAS to be true! 😂👍

    • “Separately, former CIA director John Brennan told CNN in an interview Wednesday: “This is clearly an act of sabotage of some sort and Russia is certainly the most likely suspect.””

      Gosh, if you can’t believe John Brennan, who can you believe?

      • I assume the interviewer asked him how Russia got ships into the Baltic at that point past all the sonar arrays and NATO ships?

    • We’ll see more of these false flag operations to give NATO some kind of pretext to enter the war directly.

      • Part of it is the level of stupidity is just so insulting as a false flag.

        Its like they can’t even be arsed going through the motions to make it even half way plausible.

        Come on, at least make an effort.

      • You may be on to something here. Europe has a very cold and bleak winter. Next Spring begins with even more recession and inflation, and the media sycophants begin to spin the line that a return to normalcy comes only with the military defeat of Russia and regime change. NATO begins to get on board with direct confrontation in order to not have another winter like the last.

        It really is a plan that is not completely farcical. Amoral and devilish, but not beyond the pale of GAE operatives. The blowing up of the pipeline is eerily reminiscent of how Stalin gave his army a backbone in late ‘41 and ‘42. He added squads of KGB to the back of assault lines with orders to shoot any retreating/surrendering soldiers. Adding in “punishment battalions” of condemned soldiers to lead attacks was another classy move.

        • The KGB battalion may have been a standard part of Soviet land war doctrine*. This featured in “The Third World War, August 1985” by Sir John Hackett. (or perhaps its sequel). If I recall correctly, in the story, the Soviets on the front line turned and began to attack the KGB as soon as they could. 🙂

          *Or, as I realize with the cynicism of old age,perhaps this entertaining novel was yet another production of CIA-funded publishing?

    • The US followed it up by saying after Putin blew his own pipeline up he was then going to to retaliate against US LNG tankers for the act he himself did.

      I had to make certain that they actually said he was going to retaliate against the EU for blowing up his own pipeline.

      The words are sort of in a sentence by are so self contradictory, the only thing they do is confirm the US did it.

      The cry out in pain as they strike you thing is a thing for a reason I guess.

    • That’s the official line, to the surprise of no German with a dozen or so functioning brain cells.

      Granted, there no longer are that many of us. But among us, there is a considerable mental realighnment under way, a fundamental reassessment of the US as a political player.

      My generation of Germans (late boomers, or Old White Men if you will), unless they were spiteful or/and unthinking leftists — who, as long as the US was not yet at the vanguard of globohomo, gleefully indulged in the shameful US bashing that Ostei Kozelski rightly laments — tended to regard the US with respect and affection; a country not free of blemishes, sure, but definitely the one world power that wasn’t beyond the pale. Even a power for good, all things considered.

      Well, that is changing among sober politically-minded Germans now, and changing quickly.

      As we are powerless as a group inside the country, and as Germany is powerless in the international arena (by its own fault to a large extent, sure), that won’t have any short term effects. But over a generation or so, these widespread disillusionments and revised outlooks may produce interesting but hard to predict larger outcomes — which will only fully materialize after the virtually inevitable collapse though.

      Unfortunately, I’m afraid I will have to content myself with witnessing the collapse only, while having moved on to another world before any possible (but not guaranteed) rinascimento.

  22. In criminal investigation, you have to establish some particulars.
    Motive: The United States has a clear motive to destroy these pipelines. Doing so further enslaves Europe to the Global American Empire.
    Means: The U.S. has a submarine, the USS Failed President, (i.e. Jimmy Carter) that is specifically built to monkey with undersea infrastructure. They also have numerous remotely piloted submersibles that would need only a mother ship.
    I think if this was a murder, you’d have enough evidence to make the arrest. What this means for us and our ruling class is unknown. But I think it’s proof our ruling class is demonic and seek nothing more than a world war.

    “Some men aren’t looking for anything logical, like money. They can’t be bought, bullied, reasoned, or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn.”

    • The US Navy has conducted similar types of operations in the past. The Navy was putting taps on Soviet underwater communications cables back in the 1980’s. They were using ROV submarines and divers operating from mother submarines to attach the listening devices and to change the recording media. The capability has existed for many years and has improved with advances in technology.

      • “Blind Man’s Bluff: The Untold Story of American Submarine Espionage” – Sherry Sontag.

        Great book.

        Imagine the Ruskies at the height of the Cold War floating a sub up the Mississippi to tap otherwise secure cables.

        That was the US, but in Russia. Purpose built a sub just to do this. Unreal.

    • dr mantis:
      …and as was pointed out in another article – motive, means, as well as opportunity, and moral depravity. The USA checks all the boxes.

  23. Wow. It’s like the ZUSA has overtaken Israel as the worst ally ever. Except ZUSA = Israel, so Israel is still in first place.

  24. “Maybe this level of humiliation is even too much for the Europeans.” – – After two massive 20th Century wars, and over 70 years of American neo-liberalism, European culture and civilization has been reduced to getting pissed on in a rubber suit at a Berlin nightclub. Maybe this is the type of humiliation porn that the Europeans were looking for, Maybe they get off on it. Maybe they’re secretly turned on that their economy is so damaged that they can’t so much as run a bakery due to their energy problems. It’s too soon to tell.

    • There’s a lot of wisdom in what you say, and I am now coming to understand it. As an example of something related, I remember me and my friends growing up making fun of the few Japanese people in our town. It angered me honestly to see these Japanese women so readily adopting American upper class styles, I guess is how they saw it, trotting around in their white tennis skirts and white tennis shoes and headbands. Playing white. And without a hint of self awareness.

      But they had been humiliated by the Americans in WWII. And I guess their way of whatever, dealing with it, was to imitate their betters. Always struck me as odd, because I would have sought to damage them, not mimic them. But I never really thought about these aspects of the situation until now. I had just found them to be ridiculous.

      And I guess the Germans are similar. Rather than seek revenge, they seek to be cucked. They assume the position. Very strange to me.

      Moral of the story: some tribes just bend over, some fight back.

      • Had a friend growing up, he was big on Japan, last I heard he was working in the State Dept., though we haven’t talked in years, probably better for both us lol.

        Anyway, back in high school we watched a lot of anime. I once asked him what’s up with the Japanese, do they want to be white or something, all of the characters with blue eyes and blonde hair, western dress, etc.? He said not white but western. Emulating the cool kids to be successful like them. Made it sound almost like it was government policy.

        I assume that’s something he was taught, and it sounds plausible, ‘Japanese’ even, but I wouldn’t know any better.

        Now that I think of it, Saiyan vs Super Saiyan vs Lv 4 vs Great Ape. Black hair/brown eyes to blonde/blue, then the ape starts coming out, and the Japs have a thing for monkeys for whatever reason.

        • If for recreational purposes you ever need to make a young Asian-American blow a gasket, point out that the only anime characters who “look Asian” are objects of ethnic mockery.

          Shitlib pan-Asianism is about pretending to be offended and Japanese.

        • Anime characters looking like westerners is an ancient trope. Largely a false one, IMO, since animation traditionally stemmed from hand drawn pictures, lighter color schemes are aesthetically more pleasing. Dragonball as it was released in Japan had black, and I mean coal black characters. The Japanese archetype for a negro was typically the Subsaharan African, not the North American Pavement Ape. You can do better gradations with CG and higher resolution output, but IMO, all animation turned to garbage when it went that route.

      • Dont count the Germans out just yet. They’re psychically damaged and spiritually impoverished… but they were in Weimar also.

        I’m starting to believe our (((ruling class))) subconciously seeks to summon a new mustache man. Hard to otherwise explain why theyve grown bored with mere limitless wealth and influence and have decided to break cover once again just to feverishly drill holes in the boat we’re all riding in.

        Perhaps theyve gotten as tired of the same old propaganda as the rest of us and need new material for new miniseries and Ken Burns documentaries. Freud mainly explicated his own relatives perversity, perhaps in addition to their questionable affections for their owm mothers the “thanatos” is also a real part of their psyche.

    • You’re on to something. There’s porn, like Fannie Hill and other quaint Victorian naughtiness, and then there’s German porn. And the French are just as bad — from De Sade to Story of O. (written by a member of the Academe Francaise no less).

      Or so I’ve heard.

      • Yeah, I never understood those weird German fetish porn crap. For me, a sexy lady, sensously disrobing, a throbbing hard c,#$@, a midget, bowl of gravy, and a donkey have always been enough for me. Freaks…

      • Christianity perhaps ruined the Germans. It was never a good fit and turned them into sadists. Great machinists though. Sadists with metalworking tools can be scary of course.

        And now America is finishing them off. So suddenly.

        I guess bending over to the Americans didn’t ultimately turn out all that well for them. Morons.

        • They weren’t given a while lot of choice about this, being occupied and all. It was either they looked as if they were okay with this (applies equally for the Federal Republic, or the Democratic Republic), they were clearly in the penalty box, and making the best of it, using all of the best characteristics of their national character and strengths to give themselves a life worth living (easier in the FRG than the DDR, after the late war of annihilation afainsr Russia). The Morgenthau plan in some variety still hung over their heads.

          But I guess that plan was only waiting for (((Them))) to be fully in command in the US to be acted upon, as is clearly to be descried by anyone who is rationally observing contemporary developments. Strangely – or not – today’s iteration of this plan more closely approximates the old DDR. Not so strangely, actually, when one reflects that the long-serving Reichskanzler was none other than Merkel, supposedly a “reformed, former Stasi-adjacent sort”. Supposedly.

          But I always observed a marked continuity with her “former” ideology down at the very base of her policies for Germany, and goodness knows she had a long time in office to bend the curve in those directions.

  25. Some cautionary points of order:

    – what is the extent of the damage? Assuming everyone grew up and acted like adults and made repairs an international priority… how long would it take to restore the pipeline?

    – in real terms, if all the parties hypothetically reached an agreement today…oil west from Russia could start shipping west via truck and rail, and easily be in Germany within the week

    Hmppfffffffff. I’ve heard that historically the jews have been kicked out of every country they’ve ever settled in. If we are going to let them rule us… we may well end up sharing in that with them. This kind of perfidy tends to generate retribution.

    Putler must be laughing his arse off.

    • How are they going to repair it?

      Who is going to do it?

      The EU is hardly likely to let Russian ships into the area to do it. The company that runs NS2 has filed for bankruptcy and let all its staff go after Germany canned the certification last November.

      • As I said, all that is premised on a hypothetical agreement between rational adults. Unfortunately for everyone – you are spot on with your realistic assessment of the situation.

      • Saw this:
        “How strong is a Nord Stream pipe? Quite!
        The steel pipe itself has a wall of 4.1 centimeters (1.6 inches), and it’s coated with another 6-11 cm of steel-reinforced concrete. Each section of the pipe weighs 11 tonnes, which goes to 24-25 tonnes after the concrete is applied.”
        I suppose repair is no longer on the table

    • My “go to” Old Testament bible story of Samson and Delilah, is an allegory for precisely the problem you cited, the Jews wearing out their welcome. Of course many other such stories could qualify. Traditional Judaism would (probably) claim that Samson is one of several teachings about the risks of a Jew consorting with a Gentile. Save the Babylonian captivity, however, the wandering Jew is a phenomenon much later than the OT. Of course, the clannish Hebrews must always be on guard against the Shiksa Goddess and any other Gentile influence that might corrupt their highly insular culture. But apparently the problem can go the other way, where they often bring both blessing and curse upon their hosts and usually upon themselves as well. To put it somewhat poetically, they may indeed be a light unto the nations, but the problem is sometimes the lantern gets knocked over and everything burns to the ground 🙁

      • Please forgive my ignorance. No, they’ve been wandering since the beginning of time. Land of Canaan, Egyptian captivity, and probably more I’ve forgotten. Arguably, New Testament times too, since it was Saul of Tarsus that stirred up a lot of trouble 😀

  26. I don’t think the “terrorism” charge sticks. The US is a state actor and cannot perform terrorism. It’s worse than terrorism, way worse. It’s an act of war.

    • It is very easy to see this as being the case. I was watching that 1km wide boil up coming from the bottom of the sea spewing only God knows how many cubic tons of methane and I immediately said to my wife, “See that? That’s an act of war, purposeful destruction of foreign infrastructure is that, by definition.”

      If you’d like to conduct this simple thought experiment its very easy- If several explosive devices were planted on the Alaska pipeline or the Colonial Pipeline (largest by volume for the US), what do you think the US response would be?

      To meekly sit by and listen to what the NYT & CNN were told to say by their handlers? Or to turn over every rock & stone until we found out who the “Evildoers” (If you are a Bush-Tard Neo-Cohen) or “The Extremists” (If you are a Lefty Prog-tard) were that did it? And if evidence pointed to a state actor, we would just ignore it? LOL! Get real…

      (caveat- If it was ‘(((Our Greatest Ally)))’ then, well, I’m sure they had a good reason, the pipeline was anti-Semitic or something so we’d let that one slide.)

      • To be fair, we certainly do sponsor terrorism. Al-Qaeda’s attacks on Iraq and Syria was US state sponsored terrorism. If we directly bomb Syria, it’s an act of war. But if we invite Al-Qaeda to do a car bomb or something, then we’re state sponsoring terrorism.

        Thing is, I don’t think the US farmed this out to a non-state actor. If it was on land, it wouldn’t be that hard for terrorists to do. But I think the attack happened where the pipelines were under 300 feet of water. Regular diving equipment can only get you 130 feet down. But the military has the expertise and equipment required to do the job.

    • Isn’t Ghislaine Maxwell a licensed submarine pilot. Maybe Joe Biden sprung her out of prison and had her destroy the pipeline by detonating Hunter’s meth lab.

  27. The revolution eats its own. Russia should be able to play defense and watch the West commit suicide. One danger might be the eventual rise of a Napoleon figure, but I think the West is too weak for that. Although who knows. Young people increasingly look to be either walking dead or insanely based.

    I won’t let this pathetic larpy display frustrate me anymore. Idiots executing their programming, it’s all they can do. Partying like it’s 1999.

    • It’s kind of poetic justice. For having unleashed communism on the world and infiltrated into the ZUSA in particular, Russia is now getting attacked by the golem it created.

      Unfortunate thing is the rest of us get caught in the crossfire.

      • “It’s kind of poetic justice. For having unleashed communism on the world”

        I think that was Germany. Ever hear of Karl Marx? And who shipped Lenin into Russia in 1917?

        • Can we get an early life check on these Marx and Lenin fellows? They dont look exactly nordic or slavic to me somehow.

          Polynesians? Aleut? We must discover who is behind all this

      • You’re both right, I think. All of it looks intratribal to me, and what has frustrated me is how westerners get caught up by/in it. All of this destruction of the last century should never have happened because it’s not our business and we shouldn’t care about it.

      • Bolshevism came from specials and culture specials. The 1rst Russian Revolution was predominately ethnically Russian agrarians socialists who wanted to end serfdom and its abuse of them and their families. Their leaders were eventually exterminated root and branch by the Bolsheviks, who had only about 1% popular support but had the decisive majority of organized capability for political violence. No one has suffered more from internationalist communism than Russians.

  28. The media will dutifully report that Russia is bombing its own pipeline. That makes no sense, you say? Well, it also doesn’t make sense that they are shelling a nuclear power plant they control. It also doesn’t make sense they are dropping bombs on schools full of POWs, women, and children in a territory they control. So why would Russia do stuff that makes no sense? Well, it is because they are pure evil, just like a guy with a funny mustache from not that long ago. Russia, like that mustache guy, never does anything rational or in its own best interests, it is just total, irrational, stupid evil.

    People will buy this.

    • Some, if not most, will no doubt buy it. But frankly, it doesn’t matter. It’s not like adverse public opinion will change their course of action.

      When they want to know the public’s opinion, they will give it to them.

  29. The Baltic Pipe (Denmark to Poland) opened just yesterday. Definitely a huge early Boże Narodzenie gift dropped in Poland’s lap. No wonder Sikorski cheered.

      • Thanks, Geese. I was skeptical that it would be much of a replacement because if it were, that one would be blown up.

      • And Poland wants a slice of the ukraine for its own territorial expansionist ambitions.
        Hey, how many pollacks does it take to bomb an underwater pipeline???

  30. I’m feeling a bit strange on this, but I remember in my younger more instinctive years that the idea came to me. I said, they talk about how bad hitler was, but they all would kill to have a tenth of his power

    And now in reading this piece by Z, it dawned on me that they may have also always dreamed of having the power of a terrorist. Their war on terrorism.

      • I can see wanting to have hitler’s life and power. That makes sense. But to want to be a terrorist? That doesn’t quite register with me. But it does speak to now sick they are. I could always take them for being secret tyrants, but secret sickos always eluded me until recently.

  31. “Everyone knows it was ordered by Washington and probably carried about by the American military.”

    Incorrect. “Everyone” are idiots and they know very, very little. The TV, Google, Twitter and Facebook didn’t report on it, so it didn’t happen. I would be shocked if more than 1 out of 10 Americans could find Denmark or Sweden on a map.

    What will be interesting is when another LNG import/ export terminal goes up in flames.

    • Bullshit it’s obvious.
      Agree most americans have no idea but they will, those left alive in five years will.

    • They are not going to blow that up, as that is where the US LNG is shipped in that they have now forced Germany to use.

    • In context, I think z meant that the Europeans and their leaders know the Americans did it. I agree with you that Americans will simply believe what they’re told on the news.

      • I hear you: not disagreeing with our host. No one in any position of authority can fail to see who is harmed and who benefits from this attack.

        The “Russia did it” communication is for the rubes. It is Iraq WMD, war on terror security theater/ Covid “we’re all gonna dieeeee” fear porn.

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  33. The US-led coup d’état of 2014 has led to a series of escalations. Now the ball is in Russia’s court. What will they do? Putin has promised that in case of a war with the West Russia would attack the Western countries home territories. That would include the continental US. Which implies the Alaskan Pipeline might be a target. Or the Norwegian pipeline to Poland. or the Trans-Atlantic cable.

    On the other hand, this is so plainly an attack on Germany, that Russia’s best choice might be to do nothing, and to let the intra-EU disputes fester into some sort of existential crisis for the EU itself. German exit?

    • It’s the same with that targeted assassination of that young lady a few months ago. On one hand, Russia wants to respond, but on the other hand their enemy is in the process of making many catastrophic mistakes and they hardly want to halt that.

      • Certainly the ZUSA is making moral mistakes, but strategically? I mean, if Russia never responds, the bully just keeps bullying, doesn’t he? Is Europe really going to leave the ZUSA? Not likely. No, the ZUSA bullying will continue until someone puts a wooden stake through its satanic heart.

        Of course, being a mostly financialized economy, Van Helsing should know where the heart is located.

        • The U.S. is having to send more and more energy products to Europe to keep them on board, which might be fine if they had excess but since the regime is killing energy production in the states all it’s doing is driving up the cost of electricity in the empire proper. And this is to saying nothing of the cultural issues where victory is gearing up to defeat them.

          It reminds me, I guess, of coworkers in the past who had been fired. Generally they were always fired because of One Big Thing, but then when it came to cashier them all their sins came back to haunt them at once (see also: Bourbon France). This energy thing, where people’s electric bills are going to double and triple in the states, and which might be ignorable by itself, but it may be the mortar that makes all the GAE bricks of sin stick together.

    • I think Putin will show great restraint. He is single-handedly turning Russia into the globe’s moral authority, something we used to have.

      • However, in many ways it makes him look weak.

        Who really cares about moral authority when you’re country is getting attacked.

        Its like the repubs going on about the high ground while the left is smashing society.

        • “Who really cares about moral authority when you’re country is getting attacked.”

          All of those other countries in the UN who refused to support the US and Europe against Russia with regards to the Ukraine? People notice when your words don’t match your actions.

          • Its not so much about lying for levegrage, or not keeping your word.

            The people outside the west are grown up diplomats and understand self interest and power spheres, they just see that they are next as the US has become an insane raging monster from the Id.

            Insanity has a quality all its own.

      • He shows great restraint because he recognizes that we are rapidly collapsing empire flailing about. All he has to do is wait for the whole thing to come crashing down while trying not to get drawn into a nuclear war.

        • And also that a big part of this seems to be the US foreign diplomacy/neocon establishment making a power play to subjugate germany. Why fight the us and Germany when you can wait for General Winter and US sanctions to “bomb Germany back to the Freedom age”?

  34. ZMan ref to: Turnip Winter. The media spin cycle will turn this into Trump Winter since clearly it was ultra MAGA right wing terrorists who shot holes in the pipeline with illegal AR15’s. That, or it was climate change what done it.
    In any event, the more big media ignores this – the more likely it is the lunatics who run the DC asylum were in charge of it.

  35. Are you sure it was the Americans? Steve Sailer says that he doesn’t know who did it, and Greg Cochran says it was the Ukrainians.

    Seriously, it’s sad to watch two smart guys completely collapse so publicly. I honestly don’t know what happened to Sailer over the past couple of years. Was he always such a tool and I just didn’t notice?

    Regardless, the Europeans are officially a battered wife at this point. Wonder if they’ll ever have the guts to leave their abusive husband or if they’ll just keep making excuses hoping he won’t hit her again.

    • It is remarkable. Cochran is the puzzle. He is a genuinely smart guy. Sailer is just Racist Rainman who got famous noticing a few things, but Cochran is a one percent IQ.

      • Yeah, Sailer is a shallow thinker and oddly limited. He noticed obvious racial differences and has been writing the same blog post for 20 years. The fact that he’s never moved on or gone deeper into the subject shows what kind of man he is.

        Cochran laughably deduces that the Ukrainians have the most to gain by bombing the pipelines. It doesn’t seem to dawn on him that the Ukraine falls apart without American support, so if the Ukrainians upset the Americans, it’s game over, i.e., Ukraine doesn’t take a $hit without American approval. Therefore, it ultimately is the Americans.

        That’s not a difficult thing to figure out.

    • Although I don’t know how the Ukes would have pulled off such a scheme, at this point it’s a distinction without a difference in saying GAE did it so I’m not sure what they’d be getting at.

    • At this point, Ukraine and Washington are a distinction without a difference. The GAE is funding Ukraine’s government, arming and training its military, running the war operations, and directing the propaganda campaign for it in the west. Claiming Ukraine is doing anything unilaterally really is just the most dim bulb of dim bulb takes.

        • Cochran does not *know* better, as illustrated when he was shown recently to be so wrong about the great Covid scamdemic. He simply shouted down all commenters who dared challenge him and his predictions. That is not reasoned debate in the purpose of intellectual pursuit.

          Yes, he has an intellect most anyone here would die for—except his intellect no longer seems to guide his analysis, his emotions/passions too often seem to prevail. It is entirely possible he is now again making such statements out of emotion rather than reason.

          When emotion prevails, rational thought take a back seat. That’s why I no longer read his blog. Can’t be certain whether I’m reading postings by Dr Jekyll or Mr Hyde from day to day.

    • I think any guy who makes a living posting graphs is a man we probably always should have been wary of

      And I mean no disrespect to the graph people

    • How did Ukraine do it.

      I mean physically.

      They have no Baltic port, no ships, no experience in offshore rigs, no underwater demolition teams, and were operating in Danish waters.

      Did they do a 3 day correspondence course at the same flight school the 911 guys did their flying lessons.

      Its nonsensical.

  36. The US government was never happy about the pipeline. The US destroying it was always on the cards. It’s part of a greater strategy to nix Eurasian integration and to keep Germany in line. The last thing the US wants is a Beijing-Moscow-Berlin axis. The war the US is waging (in all but name) against China and Russia is also being waged against its “ally” and vassal Germany. The ugly realities of US geopolitics. Most of the rest of the world has been exposed to this kind of US action for decades. But the European vassal states were spared. No longer.

    This are still early days and I think it’s fair to say that these are merely the opening salvos in an emerging world war.

    • I’ll bet you, Ali, that the Europeans get royally pissed as this sinks in, meaning the people. I would not be surprised at all if we see a few terrorist strikes on American military bases over there

      • After the fall of the Soviet Union the US ought to have left (in a structured fashion. The best thing would to have never been involved in European wars at all, as was the will of the American people in polls prior to both WWs.)

  37. This is clearly an escalation, but it’s not a bolt from the blue. It’s pretty much accepted as fact that Russia was behind the explosions at the US refineries and LNG export facilities. This was the response.

    During the Trump years, the fear of The Donald within government was that he was crazy and would lash out by going nuclear. So the establishment replaced him with people whose only experience is in making big threats and having the ‘opposition’ Conservatives back down to preserve the system.

    The same tactic is now being used in an idiotic game of chicken, where each side is ‘escalating to de-escalate’, trying to prove how badass they are – with the difference being one side is expecting the other to turn away, and the other having spent the last 20 years armoring up for the crash.

    We are stumbling toward major, open conflict led by a fool and his minions – Sleepwalkers By Christoper Clark comes to mind – but this attack on the continent should be seen for what it is: an over that top response to the more targeted attacks earlier this year.

    book mentioned:

    • Trump going nuclear was never a real possibility. His Twitter activity was another thing, but not indicative of a mass murderer. Please stop with the revisionist hate. He wasn’t great, but he was not a blood thirsty mental patient.

      • I agree Trump was never going to go nuclear. I’m reporting what I heard from a lot of .gov acquaintances – what they understood about Trump was that he was thin skinned publicly, and wouldn’t take a hit without giving it back.

        What they didn’t understand is that he picked his battles and never got into a fight he couldn’t win. They didn’t conceive that he was actually very honest, since they don’t encounter that everyday, and would fight to defend his honor (a concept beyond their scope).

        His not slinking away after the steal has them scared shitless, hence the escalation. And this is the same dynamic between the GAE and the BRICS (it’s not just Putin).

        • Pretty decent odds you have a LOT of .gov acquaintances. Who are you anyway?

          Just show up like greetings fellow dissidents, the latest obvious US act of war was obviously retaliation for *insane made up thing that never happened*.


      • His now deleted Twitter activity from long before he ran for president was anti-Saudi and anti-NATO. After he was sworn in things changed 180. We’ll never know which was the real DJT.

    • Yeah right course they were.

      All those soviet spies embedded from the 70s must be clocking their 80s by now.

      A geriatric team of Russian explosive experts on the loose in CONUS smuggling C4 in their wheelchairs.

      The drivel people write.

      • While the ‘Russian bots’ and ‘Russian hackers’ effecting the elections is a flight of fancy, hackers causing site specific failures on LNG systems is not.

        Israeli and US hackers have been doing exactly this with nuclear systems in Iran, and the Chinese have been breaking into .gov systems for decades.

        The idea that foreign hackers couldn’t get into the infrastructure systems that happen to service exactly the product the Russians are using as leverage over Europe is a bit Pollyanish.

    • “It’s pretty much accepted as fact that Russia was behind the explosions at the US refineries and LNG export facilities.”

      That hasn’t even been suggested as a possibility, let alone accepted as true.

      Russia has not been accused even by the Kagans of operating terrorist/saboteur cells in USA mainland. Citations needed very badly here, because if there’s anything that would close the American national border, it would be Spetsnaz sneaking across with the coyotes.

      “During the Trump years, the fear of The Donald within government was that he was crazy and would lash out by going nuclear.”

      Trump Derangement Syndrome detected. The fear of his opponents, was that Qanon’s secret indictments might have been real.

  38. I feel sorry for the team of Navy SEALs (or equivalent) who actually conducted the operation. Their life expectancies are very short. A “training accident” is likely in their collective future. It hay have happened already. There is precedent. I wonder if more of these elite personnel (and not-so-elite) will awaken to the fact that the true enemy may not be whom their handlers led them to believe. If portions of the military come to such a realization, it will be a time of both unprecedented danger for our nation(s) but also one of potential renewal.

    • Those guys are so well-programmed they may be unable to accept the facr they are merely loose ends to be tied off.

      Just like the team that got Osama and the team that rigged the WTC.

      “Still got the shovel!”

    • The only person I know who thinks Russia bombed the pipeline is a “far right” retired US naval explosives guy (not a SEAL but another acronym that’s not as catchy so I don’t remember it).

      As seen on TV, it was the military that “installed” our present regime. There is no hope for us there. There is *not one* of us there. Not one.

    • “I feel sorry for the team of Navy SEALs (or equivalent) who actually conducted the operation. Their life expectancies are very short. A “training accident” is likely in their collective future. It hay have happened already”

      Couldnt happen to a nicer bunch. When you murder people for an evil government youre an evil murderer. When you do it for money youre an evil murderer and a whore besides.

      Would have resigned long ago if they had the faintest glimmer of a manly conscience

  39. It wouldn’t be surprising if German intelligence was participating in this operation. I don’t think the US is that reckless to pull this off without any cooperation with at least some groups within the German government. The Greens are powerful and a growing party within Germany, and they hate Russia and hydrocarbons equally.

    Which makes this an even darker idea, the idea that European governments are sponsoring terrorism against their own nations. It’s shocking really, it seems a man needs an unlimited amount of cynicism in order to understand what is going on in the western world.

    • It’s not at all surprising. Here is the list condominium trading zone we have the regime inciting their low IQ foot soldiers to kill normal white people. Nothing surprises me anymore. I’m far beyond cynical at this point. I’ve reached peak level hatred of this country.

      • Agreed. D.C. has been engaged in a non-stop domestic terror campaign against Heritage Americans for years now. By any definition, the Summer of George was state-sponsored terror. The open border and the relocation of invaders into the strongholds of political opposition is an act of terror. There is no political brake to stop it outside of individual governors doing largely symbolic things.

        The same Semitic Death Cult looks at the white faces in Germany and Russia with the same hatred. This will continue until Russia or its Iranian proxy makes a credible promise to turn Tel Aviv into glass. Such a threat against the United States or Europe would elicit a yawn.

        I would hope Germany would expel US diplomats and bases but will not hold my breath. A failed state, the United States also is a rogue nation and Scholz knows it is a dangerous one.

      • I’m there too. My hatred of this place is growing by the hour.

        Whoever in the American military who did this, I find it hard to believe they were white. And if they were then they deserve whatever they have coming.

        This is an attack on our ancestral homelands. They’re making it personal now. If they hurt anyone in my family over there, I don’t know what I’ll do. They’re walking on very very thin ice.

        • It had to have been whites, it was SOCOM guys, probably 99% white. They’re the guys with the skillset for something like this. I hate to say it but so many of those guys are thoroughly pozzed and will do what they’re told because they want to and for the pension.

          The military isn’t on our side and will do whatever they’re ordered. We need to understand this. I’m not saying that they will be permanent enemies, when things get bad enough they will go into self preservation mode and lay off us.

        • I actually think it would only be Whites that would do something like this. There are plenty of psycho white guys on a power trip out there in lockstep with the regime.

          We saw this with the lockdown restrictions and protests in Canada. Surprisingly the non-white cops didn’t care much about COVID restrictions. At the Freedom Convoy, the cops smashing in the protestors faces with horses, were entirely White.

          Non-whites are just there for a paycheque. They aren’t going above and beyond to enforce anything. Frankly they don’t care about Ukraine or Russia, it’s just whiteys fighting whiteys.

    • The US suddenly pulled out of Afghanistan without informing the other allies there. It would be no surprise if they behaved the same in this matter.

      • Yes, that would be elementary Operational Security. Guided by “need to know”.

        Those to whom you were sending the message will figure it out.

  40. At least we’ll have the consolation of knowing that, no matter what Vlad does in retaliation, the Totally Legit Joe regime will blame “domestic insurrectionists” and initiate a massive crackdown.

    I’m not going to say “You’ll be welcomed as liberators, Vlad,” because that’s “defeatism” and soon enough they’ll be hanging people for it, Berlin 1945-style, but… how would the HR ladies put this? Some people might say that.

  41. If, as it seems, the US is responsible for this event, it is an aggressive and desperate act the likes of which we’ve never seen before. This seems like the paranoid flailing of a falling empire, more than a just and concerted act of strength.

    The only historical parallel I can think of is Norway in 1940 during the Phoney War period (before WW2 “proper” kicked off). Norway was a neutral country and was trading major resources/raw materials with Germany. England wanted them to stop trading; Norway refused. Germany, fearing English intervention, wanted a Norwegian alliance which she also refused. While England was preparing for an invasion within days Germany beat her to the punch.

    Today Germany is something like Norway, and we are more akin to the English. Except we just attacked our own ally. Blocking Germany’s access to an essential resource will have an immediate impact on their economy and the well-being of their citizenry. This type of belligerence reeks of desperation.

    Make no mistake about it, this is an act of war. Russia invested billions in these pipelines. Additionally, these pipelines were a diplomatic bargaining chip for Russia which we have just wiped off the table. This lowers the chance for bilateral negotiations, thus making more likely if not the expansion of this war than at the very least a prolonged continuation of it.

    • England managed to coup Yugoslavia when they refused to be another bumper on the path of Third Reich. Every place with American Embassy should be considered in danger of a coup.
      There are many American liaison officers assigned to various military units in Europe.

  42. Funny part is, they’ve done this before:

    “The US was trying to stop western Europe from importing Soviet natural gas, and there were also signs that the Russians were trying to steal Western technology. A KGB insider then gained access to Russian purchase orders and the CIA slipped the flawed software to the Russians.”

    That being said, you can see the loss of expertise in forty years. From shipping bugged software covertly to just blowing it up in broad daylight.

  43. Say what you want about the Soviets at least they didn’t blow up allied economic infrastructure while blaming it on the USA.

    As for Sikorski, he is associated with the “European” political camp, although through his wife, he is said to be on American leash.Suffice to say, his tweet made rounds in Russian media.

    Nord Stream has been hailed as one of the biggest diplomatic failures of Poland so its destruction lifted some spirits here, especially that pipeline with Norway is ready.

    • Sikorski is one of the NR crowd from back in the 80s and 90s I think. After the wall fell he went back to Poland and was made for a short while defense miinister I think. But he is one of our neo crowd. His wife is of course one of them too.

      • Most of the post-communist leaders were hooked on Fulbright stipends and so on. What Americans didn’t corner, was taken over by Germans, partcularly foundations affiliated with CDU party (die Konrad Adenauer Stiftung being one of the most prominent).

        We’re a protectorate and not a particularly precious one for GAE. Germans at least have business in protecting their factories, stores and other facilities from massive bombardment.

    • As I remember, Sikorski was an NR guy from the 80s and 90s who after the wall fell moved back to Poland and was their minister of defense for a short while. He is a full-fledged neocon from way back. His wife of course is a Russia hater and a mouthpiece for all the neos everywhere.

    • The U.S. blew up any plausible deniability with this caper. The only reasonable explanation is they just don’t care.

      Can you imagine being Putin in this situation dealing with such a powerful and unhinged opponent. Like being in a boxing ring with Mike Tyson without a referee. He’s absurdly powerful and unstable, and even if you manage to get the upper hand he’ll bite your ear off.

  44. This situation is lunacy. Maybe the old hatreds of Germany are more prominent than I thought.

    Thing is, I could hang out at my corner bar today and ask the folks in my lefty area of a big city about this. The responses would most likely be either that they hadn’t heard about it, or that Russia did it.

    • It’s worse than that. Many of the people in charge behind the scenes have “recent” ancestral hatred of both Germany but also Russia, if one allows “recent” to mean two to four generations into the past.

  45. Nuland was making threats to Nord Stream back in January.

    That indicates they had an op planned out and had possibly done a dry run that Nuland was briefed on.

    Moon of Alabama has a good breakdown with technical details on the pipeline construction:

    Note his find in a 2015 edition of Pipeline Journal that the Swedes found and cleared an underwater drone with explosives in 2015, the tail end of the Obama regime.

    But hey, nothing to see here folks. Go back to watching sportsball, gorging on wings, dying from the jabs, and buying plastic Halloween crap at Lowes.

    • If you already bought your Halloween crap, my Lowes also has all sorts of Christmas crap up for sale.

      • Cool! I’ll take the Black Santa and family of Black Elves. What an amazing culture. The best they can manage is turning Santa into the 21st century’s lawn jockey.

  46. Of all the events that one would assume to disrupt the world order, this one definitely feels like we are leading up to a world war. It’s all avoidable if we didn’t have insane and evil people doing their best intentionally or unintentionally to bring ruin to our world.

    The future never looked worse for many countries and no election is going to fix this. It seems odd how many in normie world around me sound like preppers. Even they sense it though they can’t seem to formulate coherent thoughts on our current despotism.

    • I wonder if World War is even possible. It was possible when there were two or three clear power centers and each had a sphere of influence with a homogenous population supporting it or fearful of it. Right now we’re seeing a splintering of allegiances even within the Liberal West, as more and more people distrust their regimes. Added to that is the decline of the West.

      And added to that is the American regime’s fear of Russia or China. Despite the bluster, if we can’t beat Afghanis, Syrians, Iraqis or Iranians, and the regime doesn’t have the balls to formally declare war on Russia (instead they play cat and mouse in Ukraine) then how are they going to run a World War? And how are they going to justify it and get recruits and patriotic displays? I only see the media-addicted and the PMC bothering to care.

      I think the US will just sulk off and become more and more cold-warish…it’ll form a bloc of like-minded regimes and they will trade amongst each other, associate only with themselves, under the great ideology of Liberal Democracy. Though this time it will not be God, guns, and General Electric. It’ll be backed by some kind of stupid progressive ideology.

      • Marko: Just who is going to trade what with whom? We manufacture almost nothing – our exports are almost entirely raw materials. And I’m no longer inclined to ‘Buy American’ on the rare occasions that is possible – all that means is made on AINO soil by Juan or Ndebe.

        Now that we’re well on the way to destroying Germany’s economy and de-industrializing Europe in the name of Climate Change, where are we going to buy manufactured goods? I don’t see China under the rubric of Liberal Democracy, although they’re happy to take our money in exchange for poorly built junk.

        Any prediction of future political blocs is based on a past that gone and on assumptions that no longer hold true. We are in uncharted territory, and previously unthinkable or ‘lunatic’ outcomes are the only ones possible in a world run by an irrational ideology married to ginned up ethnic grievance and revenge.

        • It’ll be like the Cold War times…I think industry will return to the US and the days of global interconnectedness are over. The US is fully capable of being self-sustaining anyway, and our running dogs in North America and Europe will be on our side and trade what they can. (Like whiskey, chocolates, ???) while the Glorious Liberal Order is run out of Washington.

          • Marko: I think it will take a lot longer than many assume to return industry to the US – we no longer have the infrastructure (rail lines, power grid,etc.). And most localities don’t want any of it built anywhere near them – NIMBY on steroids. And all this assumes the Captains of Industry want to bring it back.

            Finally, all of that being assumed, we lack the demographics. Even if they bring the factories back, the average IQ is dropping rapidly. We are importing millions of people unaccustomed to modern plumbing, let alone operating sophisticated machinery.

            And for those who then assert it will all be automated, who will design and build that automation? Lots of assumptions that I no longer see the real world basis for.

        • What!?!? Do you know how many targeted ads the US can sell? Do you know how many black models and actors we can put in those ads?

          We are an economic juggernaut, and anyone who thinks otherwise is going to be shown otherwise once those ads start popping up. And once we bring Aunt Jemima back, whoo!!!! Well, bucko, you better watch out!

    • What we know from when Trump signed off on the murder of Qasem Soleimani is they still employ the President as cover. They wanted to murder Qasem Soleimani, so they gave Trump three options knowing he would pick the bold one. That way, they could point the finger at him when things got ugly. I would assume the same game is being played on Biden, which is probably easier to manipulate than Trump, given his brain damage. The evidence suggest this was in the works for a long time. Biden was boasting of it in February.

      • The fact that the new Finland-Poland pipeline just opened reeks of a coordinated and long planned strike.

        Poland and Ukraine stood to lose huge money in overland Russia to Poland pipeline transit fees with the Nordstream pipeline (underwater international waters = no fees). Which was the point.

        Now the Fins are on the fast track to NATO Section 5 security protection. How convenient.

        This has been in the works for months, if not years. The Ukraine dust up just provided cover.

        • Yes. The same just happened with an Israeli/Egyptian deal for Israel to tap its coastal NG reserves and use Egyptian LNG conversion and shipping terminals.

          Looks like Israel got its Greenies out of the way as they were blocking production of their coastal methane deposits.

          How convenient! Given who really runs US foreign policy, well, you might also have another plausible party involved in bombing pipelines.

    • I think it is plausible that Biden/Blinken/Sullivan didn’t approve this. I believe the state of things is that bad.

      When Biden made his tough-guy comments in February he needn’t have been imagining this specific plan. His mind does not hold plans, at this juncutre.

      • Yes, it’s not clear who exactly is in charge of the US. Human being I mean, because clearly the real boss of the GAE is ol’ scratch.

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