The other day, a grotesquely overweight black woman was sent out onstage in her underwear to make noises with James Madison’s 200-year-old crystal flute. The item was a gift to James Madison in 1813 by the French flute maker Claude Laurent and has been kept locked away for decades. For reasons they never bothered to explain, the Library of Congress let this woman use it as a prop in her circus.

The most likely reason, of course, is antiwhite animus. Hating white people, especially those from the past, is a centerpiece of the new religion. The toppling of statues and vandalizing of culture items is something like a sacrament for them. Publicly flinging their poo at the works of the white man is a ritualistic break from the culture coercion from which they seek to liberate themselves.

That is what the show is about this week. One way to look at the great intellectual flowering in the West is as a quest for liberation, with liberation being defined as the elimination of coercion. The utopia on the other side of the revolution is a world where everyone gets to do whatever they want without the need for permission. You are answerable only to your imagination.

Karl Marx, who still casts a shadow over our intellectuals, famously said about the mature communist society, “I could fish in the morning, hunt in the afternoon, rear cattle in the evening and do critical theory at night, just as I have a mind, without ever becoming hunter, fisherman, shepherd or critic.” In other words, no one would be compelled to do anything or even be anything.

To normal people, this sounds insane. Most on our side of the great divide struggle to accept that the people in charge really believe this stuff. It is a consequence of the moral mind to assume rational motives for the behavior of others. There has to be a better answer for why they gave the fat naked black woman a precious artifact from history so she could revolt us with it and her image.

Lots of people believed in Marxism. Lots of people still believe in libertarianism and anarchism, despite the mountain of evidence to the contrary. At least with Marxism, there have been real world attempts to make it happen. Libertarianism and anarchism never get past the planning stage. Despite the lack of anything to support their dreams, these fantasies persist, even among otherwise bright people

The neo-Marxists and their dream of cultural liberation are just as committed as the libertarians and anarchists. They have not thought through how the world will work when whiteness is removed. They are just sure it will be great. The main difference between themselves and the libertarians is they are well past the planning stage and are trying to make it a reality.

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This Week’s Show


  • Robert Nozick
  • Political coercion
  • Economic coercion
  • Cultural coercion
  • Racial coercion

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251 thoughts on “Coercion

  1. While we can always agree the crux of it is racial coercion, I never win with the majority normie, or even a minority with that approach.

    I have one, more then once, using the cultural coercion approach. I always approach from the point that it is not racial, but cultural. In reality for the most part that is true.

    It is not the black person I do not want to be around, it is the black cultural acceptance of hate of education, lack of fathers, ghetto mentality, rap, etc etc.

    More than once people who would be quick to yell racist agree.

    We can win with a reframe of culture. I do not seeing us win on the frame of race.

  2. Bad things happen in October. Well, that’s my totally unscientific assessment of history’s great disasters. The Cuban Missile Crisis was from 16 – 29 October 1962. We are a couple weeks from its 60 year anniversary. The Wikipedia page sums up the event with two bullet points:

    1. Publicized removal of the Soviet Union’s nuclear missiles from Cuba
    2. Non-publicized removal of American nuclear missiles from Turkey and Italy.

    I’ve been thinking, what are the parallel concessions each side could make today over the Ukraine? A more important question though is whether there is anyone sane or mature enough in the Western power elite to be asking that question and looking for a way out?

    The really terrifying thing about this crisis is the sense I get that the people on “our” side (i.e. the global cucklands of America and the United Republics of Eurotrash) don’t really know who they’re fucking with. In 1962, everybody had a healthy understanding and fear of the Russian Bear. The young normies of today have never seen a military conflict, whether they approved of it or not, that pitted the US and its Euro ball polishers against anything that could even be described as a real nation. Think about it – Iraq, Afghanistan, these were not nations. “Iraq” was Saddam Hussein and his Baath goons from Tikrit controlling everyone else through crude violence. Afghanistan was and is, a patchwork of squabbling tribes.

    Russia though? Russians probably fear defeat more than nuclear war. You know how the Israelis talk about this or that being an “existential threat” to them? Israel made sure it had nukes because this is how they view the world. Russia sees things the same way and isn’t going to allow itself to be broken up into a dozen little money laundries like the country they’re occupying became.

    To end these musings, I’ll provide a little tidbit of what might just be random happenstance but could be an indication of some reality breaking through the skulls of the world’s NPCs. I live in an apartment building with a bunch of walking bugman caricatures. They check all the boxes for White shitlibs, believe me. The last week or so I’ve noticed the pot smell everywhere has gotten much worse. Is something getting to them finally? Are they starting to reach for the bong to calm those pesky apocalypse jitters? Have they heard that weed is good for radiation sickness?

  3. I’m finishing up a week long cruise vacation. Boy do I have stories to tell from this. Astounding.

  4. For those that missed it regarding the new “nationalist” in Italy.

    The day after she won, she sent Zelensky a public message that he can

    “count on our loyal support.”

    Following on from a piece about Germany that Scholz was seen as not “completely loyal” to Ukraine.

    This is all starting to look a very, very odd in the use of language in public. Its obviously got one of those hidden communications in plain sight vibes to it all. Especially when you factor in the number of pols turning up personally into what was a reported war zone month after month to kiss the papal ring?

    What is this loyalty thing that European leaders should have to the guy placed in by the tribe and the tribe in the US state dept?

    • Zelensky’s ring finger is not his own. It’s just a placeholder for ZUSA. Melons may be “far right,” but I guess not too far right. Exactly what “support” Italy can offer seems rather miniscule and the comment smacks of virtue signaling on the cheap.

  5. Late to this thread, but I want to observe that a desire to live among one’s own people will require anti-miscegenation statutes and a prohibition against trans-racial adoptions. I’m comfortable with both, but I think that even some people on our side of the Great Divide may squirm at such measures.

    • If they “squirm at such measures”, they’re not really on our side.

      Ya gotta draw the line somewhere.

    • You can make it more palatable by strong freedom of association rights. Mudsharks gonna mudshark, but keep it to their own neck of the woods.

  6. Is anyone else starting to wonder if the shortages in the headlines are just more gaslighting? Or am I in a weirdly normal oasis for 2022?

    In my area the shelves are quite well-stocked with all manner of product. Prices are up, but not in an eye watering way. Multiple trains pass through the area every day. The sports bars are packed for happy hour.

    I had lunch at Pita Pit. They had plenty of staff. The service was prompt and friendly. The ingredients were all quite fresh and high quality.

    In other news, since it’s the end of the financial third quarter, I heard some whispers on the wind that make me think the politicians are simply pocketing the Ukro-bucks rather than bothering to cut their pals in the MIC in on the action.

    • TBH I see it as rather more insidious.

      Remember the ransom infant formula shortages that came out of nowhere that were a big deal during the mass vex period?

      Well yesterday I was reading a piece on the mRNA being passed in breast milk to newborns.

      You think the 2 are unrelated? Because I sure don’t.

      If they did the jabs they certainly have no qualms about making sure infants are infected with the same poison.

      • Trumpton –

        The formula shortage is one of the few that has persisted here.

        I also believe there is a relationship between that and the finding that mRNA can be passed from mother to child via breast milk.

        • Just throwing in a short 2 bit comment: could you please clarify this re the connection between formula and the passage of the waxx component to breast fed babies? It should be reckoned that babies on formula rarely transition back to breast feefing. Multiple reasons why not, but suffice it to say it’s uncommon, so what you’re suggesting may not be a thing.

          • Or are you saying more new mothers are choosing to breastfeed because of the fear of formula shortage? I’m not seeing that, either…

    • Prices are up substantially more than reported in the news. My guess is you haven’t really noticed because you make good money, as many on this side of the divide do as I’m guessing z’s readership is relatively high IQ. As a contractor, I can tell you building materials are up something around 50%-100% from the before coof days. A 250’ roll of 12/2 wire used to cost $75 bucks pre-covid, now it’s $150. An 8’ 2×4 was $2.50 pre covid, now it’s $4. In the food world, eggs are up about $100. Carton of 36 used to be $9 at BJs, and are now $17. I found an archived post on the internet for a new dining room table I just bought. Pre-covid it was $800, now it’s $1300.

      You’re right that the product shortages have mostly worked themselves out, but the labor shortages are real. Problems in the trades have certainly been exasperated. No one wants to work. Restaurants are feeling the pinch too, trust me, but they’re making due by having people work more hours mostly.

        • The eggs I eat were already $6 plus a dozen and my Kerrygold butter and freezer full of grass fed beef are also pretty pricey. Lettuce and Brocolli went up manageable amounts. But I eat or prepare all my food at home, so thats big savings there.

      • That been my experience too.
        Prices are up substantially. But there’s more business than ever. Almost too much. Decent labor is hard to find. Customers are not as price sensitive as they have been for decades.

        So overall if you are willing and able to work, or own your own business times are pretty good.

        • I agree. We’re slammed with business as well in the GC/carpentry world as well. We’ve gotten to a point where we can pick and choose jobs. If someone seems a little loopy, or like a leftist or covidian, we simply pass. I think this is a function of a few things though 1) no one working in the trades, so customers are being funneled to a smaller amount of guys still working. 2) The customers that were borderline on being able to afford renovations are simply not doing them anymore because of inflation. Or they’re getting hack jobs done by Mexicans at Home Depot. The ones that are still doing them make enough money trust they’re less affected by the inflation.

    • Certain raw materials have proven themselves challenging to get. Getting a quote from a vendor used to be good for 30 days and now it’s just one day due to supply chain constraints and inflation. I think common household goods are back on track but things that used to be reliably 2-3 weeks lead time are now 8-12 weeks. It’s a gut punch and some industry people are saying the soonest this could get back to normal is 2024. The Branch Covidians did a lot of long term damage to the economy. Hope it was worth it for them; I suppose they don’t care as long as Starbucks has pumpkin spice coffee when they pull up to the drive through menu.

    • The whole “Covid shipping bottlenecks” thing hasn’t appeared to have panned out yet. When it comes to the headlines these days, I have a simple approach: maybe, maybe not.

      Take your eyes off Yahoo! News and fix them on God instead.

    • I think you’re just noticing the “k” shaped recovery. Some people went back to normal, even better than normal, but it wasn’t a “v”. Some people seemed to drop even further than before.

      I’ve noticed the prices going up significantly, way more than 8%. I haven’t been too badly affected since I got a huge pay raise during COVID, despite being pureblood. And, I’m probably in for another big raise in January. Hasn’t affected me much either. Bars and clubs are also packed in Ontario.

      Money seems to be growing on trees right now. I get that some people are struggling but I don’t really understand how, when even learning the most basic trade can get a decent income.

    • Wild Geese: No supply chain issues or real food shortages here in DFW. Some items might be short in some stores for a bit, but always available at another vendor and all are eventually resupplied. Everything has gone up in price, but if you use the weekly sales circulars and digital coupons, you can still get some really good deals. As The Greek noted, definite shortages and massive price increases in construction items (I’ve been picking up a few things here or there that I feel we may need in the future).

      At the same time, I have seen online videos/photos of legitimately empty shelves, but who can verify precisely where and when they were taken? You wouldn’t know it’s a recession here – stores and restaurants are packed. Housing prices are coming down though, and it’s rare to find more than one cashier in any store, no matter how many customers.

      Perhaps it’s just me, but it feels like frenetic partying on the Titanic right before we hit the iceberg. My husband’s job is secure for the foreseeable future and he is well remunerated (better than pre-Covid), but I don’t get the impression that’s the case throughout the country, particularly for people who were living on credit or only marginally economically secure before.

      • I believe there is a lag time happening here. Wait until Christmas season over. I see price rises in the grocery store as well as sometimes empty shelves. What I really see is much less of the “specials” in the food market. Less of the two for one come-ons and such.

        Housing has come down in price after the rush and the crushing interest hikes. What keeps things going on the higher end are the rich folk who come from CA or Boomers downsizing—both pay cash. At the lower end there is no supply at any affordable interest rate. So we have—even now—a growing homeless problem.

        There is too much talk of the 2023 “recession”. I suspect this is planned and they are prepping us for it. I’ve also read as 3g4me mentioned that CC are reaching max’d out level according to bank stat’s. Christmas will finish whatever credit remains for the dirt people.

        Corporation commission here is just now passing through the rate hikes asked by utilities. Those for the year are typically 5-8%, however some are multi year. So for example, water has a 20% or so hike in the next three years approved.

        One of the costs that businesses can’t control—except for layoffs—are wages. State has min wage laws are now tied to inflation. Laws passed in years of “official” 2% inflation are now proving unsustainable in 8% years. The fixed cost of labor will now top the price of negotiated labor cost sometime next year. (Right now labor is tight, so the price went up by itself.)

        People in this group will undoubtedly survive well as a whole, but for the majority of the country, it won’t be pretty. Seems we have an old solution for these type of ills, war. Ukraine fiasco is not near over. What looks like a Russian defeat, is simply an intermission before act 2 and the winter campaign. Lots of time to gin up the conflict this Spring.

    • If you’re looking for truck / engine parts at the distribution or heavy machinery end, be prepared to barter, swap parts, or search several states to see if they have it.

      The root supply chain inventory listings are thanks to the internet.
      “They have two in Conneticut, so we’re waiting on shipping” is a common refrain.

  7. Sgt. Buddy Portis, the legendary Marine Korean War veteran who succeeded Karl Marx as the New York Tribune’s London correspondent, always said that if the Tribune only paid Marx better, it would have saved us all a lot of grief.

    After leaving the Tribune, Charles Portis decamped homeward to Arkansas where he wrote at least five novels, including Norwood and Dog of the South and True Grit.

    Yes, that True Grit.

    He died in Little Rock in early 2020, at the age of 86.

  8. Flute coulda come out of this stunt far worse for the wear. Letting Herbie Mann or Jethro Tull do some licks just wouldn’t deliver that cultural vandalism satisfaction would it? Lizzo’s lyrics have been the subject of several university courses since 2020, so it was just a matter of time. She’s the 8ball version of Lin Manuel Miranda.

  9. Sounds like Zman is getting his ducks in a row, getting ready for the new world after Putin’s inevitable conquest of the West.
    “Well, comrades, those capitalist pigs will pay for their crimes now, eh?” (Austin Powers)
    I for one welcome our new Russian overlords.

    • My name is Charles-Henri Sanson. I have taken many forms, but I am always me. All grandeur, all power, and all subordination to authority rests on the executioner: he is the horror and the bond of human association. Remove this incomprehensible agent from the world and at that very moment order gives way to chaos, thrones topple and society disappears.

      • Very goth. I like it. It’s curious that his dynasty didn’t count in the wholesale demise of the French aristocracy, but it was likely expedient to keep him around. In the end, the agent of order pawned his tools of the trade…

  10. I saw a piece on this and the tagline was about how she was “classically trained.” Why not take the flute and show your prowess with a real piece of craft and history, you know, make people think about you as a flautist. I guess not instead we are treated to another round of Negro Antics. Which would then assure you that people will think of you and your people in a poor light. You then wonder why people don’t take your people that seriously, why should they? Might as well play into the stereotype.

    • “Why not take the flute and show your prowess …?”

      Joggers gonna jog. Why? Because they are joggers… It’s who and what they are. They hate the accretion of other people’s culture which has been forcibly painted upon them at the insistence of the white left.

      The Africans in America were drawn from all over west Africa. They are not a distinct African ethnicity with associated culture and any chance of natural ethnoformation through which they might have become one was destroyed when the white left decided to ‘improve’ them with their social engineering vanity project in 1950’s-60’s.

  11. Deacon Blues: “Who sings the closing song in the episode? Sounds Swedish.”

    Give it up, Zman. Give it up.
    That song is so beautiful I almost lost my damn mind. We’ve gotta know.

      • zman – I recall seeing the English translation of those lyrics – I believe here? – a while back. Now I cannot find them – even a website found via Yandex says the English lyrics are prohibited. Would you (or anyone else who knows Swedish) please share the lyrics in English again? Want to share with my husband.

          • Found it – and it was from here:

            Do you remember the time that I myself have never seen,
            When the people were happy, when the people were a
            So tell me now, Dad, how does it feel today,
            When you’re sitting in the slag of what’s left?
            When you were growing up, tell me how was it then,
            Was a girl something that was freely attacked?
            Did you walk down the street and listen little by little,
            Without hearing a word you understood?
            Did you ever have to go home alone
            Since you were robbed and beaten by foreign men?
            Tell me how could you let that happen?
            You turn a blind eye to what a blind person could see
            Does it feel good, dear father? Are you proud are you happy?
            And where will you stand in our battle of today?
            Most of you were stupid as few,
            But some of you were worse anyway
            They saw it as seriousness and not as play,
            They loved to hate the people they betrayed
            Now they call the resistance hatred, incitement and superstition,
            But outside, the gangs are now hunting in packs
            And they probably thank you and they laugh and smile,
            to the stupidity and cowardice that distinguished you
            But you should have woken up, you should have understood,
            You should have seen the seriousness, should have stopped
            Tell me how could you let that happen?
            You turn a blind eye to what a blind person could see
            Does it feel good, dear father? Are you proud are you happy?
            And where will you stand in our battle of today?
            Did you want to give birth to an entire generation
            Of multicultural and rootless hjon?
            But against your plans stood a reality,
            Where all that was good turned into a stinky batter
            Now we are forced to shoulder the responsibility you have fled,
            Your society is rotting, we are building a new one
            And I ask you, Dad, if you have understood
            That your age group creation must now be removed
            And I ask you: do you have your conscience left,
            Are you doing your duty now as a husband and as a father?
            Now we are forced to shoulder the responsibility you have fled,
            Your society is rotting, we are building a new one
            Are you with us today? Is the idea getting clear?
            Or do you turn your back on the children of the future?
            Tell me how could you let that happen?
            You turn a blind eye to what a blind person could see
            Does it feel good, dear father? Are you proud are you happy?
            And where will you stand in our battle of today?
            Now that we are forced to shoulder the responsibility you have fled,
            Your society rots we build a new one
            Are you with us today? Is the idea getting clear?
            Or do you turn your back on the children of the future?
            Tell me how could you let that happen?
            You turn a blind eye to what a blind person could see
            Does it feel good, dear father? Are you proud are you happy?
            And where will you stand in our battle of today?

          • Holy smokes.
            I am absolutely speechless.

            This is art, true and real art; it captures a time and a place that someday will be no more. (per the late, great Ol’ Remus)

        • Couldn’t reply under the translation, so I’ll give it here and hope it’s not completely mixed up.. At the risk of being simplistic or polemic (I am left handed, and have ADD, so it’s any port in a storm for me when trying to analyze, esp poetry), who is the Dad? Who is narrating? I’m interested in any thoughts others have. Thanks for the translation. It’s a gutting subject, isn’t it?

  12. I don’t think the flashback caused by the J6 capitol tourists was to the French Revolution. That wasn’t a TV show, so almost none of our politicians know anything about it.

    They do know that the official signal that the events of 2014 in Ukraine had turned from “popular uprising” to “American coup” was a shift from “massive street protest” to “small symbolic occupation of a gov’t building.”

    Guilty knowledge.

  13. FENCE THEM OUT! makes a pretty good cri de cour for the DR. Too bad they won’t leave willingly. Coercion is a two way street. “Calling Bull Connor to the Selma Bridge. Bull Connor, please report to the Selma Bridge.”

  14. The Zman just said “political economy.”

    That’s a good term for the “post-industrial” tiers. The term I’ve been thinking of is an administrative economy.

    Hayek called them the ‘war planners’, Toffler called them the ‘managers’; that is, post-capital is people who don’t risk anything theirs, but who decide everything re what others own.

    The Nordstream sabotage comes to mind. The real winner of the sabotage of the Japanese naval fuel depot in Indonesia, leading to Pearl Harbor- the real winner of that war was a system, the administrative state, the political and managerial economy.

    (And, of course, people uniquely suited to that niche. Such types not known for their proficiency in tinsmithing or rugmaking.)

  15. One of the interesting bits in Putin’s speech was about the state of Germany, Japan, UK and others he calls occupied by the US while pretending they are alliances.

    “What kind of an alliance is that, I wonder? The whole world knows that the leaders of these countries are spied upon, the top officials of these countries are wiretapped not only in their offices, but also in their living quarters. That’s really a shame. Shame on those who do it and on those who, like slaves, silently and resignedly swallow that rudeness,”

    • I forgot to say that it seems Putin is telling the world that the politicians and others at the top end of our global visible hierarchy live in more of the global squid’s panopticon than we do.

      I wonder who is doing the surveillance ?

      • Note that, as a very rough first-order approximation, James Madison was both a Presbyterian and an Anti-Federalist.

        You simply cannot understand American History [and Amurrikkkun politics to this very day] unless you first understand Culloden.

        This humiliation would never have been allowed if the flute had belonged to Franklin or Washington or Adams or Marshall.

        Cf the B!tch of the Vineyard.

      • “You really can be anything you want to be, except, well, thin. Or white.”

        Fixed it for ya.

        And that is the bottom line as to why they hate us so much.

  16. Tars: “This is the cry of the cuck.”

    The cry of the cuck!
    This election, we must cuck harder!

    Embrace the cuck!
    Cuck hard, cuck loud, cuck long!

  17. I would gamble my meager life savings that “Lizzo” never heard of the Madison flute (I certainly never have), and that every aspect of this stunt was cooked up by some “woke” white female or “white” female university professor or grad student who is involved in some aspect of music history and happened to come across a reference to this flute doing some kind of research. I doubt 1/10,000 people, even 1/100 flutists, have ever heard of this instrument.

    And no, they didn’t go looking for a respectable established black flutist who plays for a well known philharmonic orchestra. (Which would be bad enough because it’s still a political stunt) no….They picked a fat black ratchet woman who twerks in her performances.

    There is no bottom to this pit we are free falling into.

  18. Per the Podcast. Level of IQ doesn’t eliminate the desire to rise or be at the top of the dominance heirarchy. Oprah, PDiddy and the BET Guy … … want to be at the top. It isn’t enough to be successful. That natural desire to have their faces and their people in charge of everything is also exacerbated by the seething anger and resentment that they came here in bondage. So the natural tribalism of humanity and desire to be at the top is further powered by a desire for revenge. The ConInc guys always quote their new founder, MLK, but they have the wrong quote as his most important one. He said to black people living in America, “We must get better, not bitter.”

    He knew his people. That quote was a warning. It was and is ignored and so here we are. The Bull Connor guys said the exact same thing in different words. They warned that the black elite did not want equality, they wanted revenge. But that proves there is a mutual understanding and agreement.

    I think they have a legitimate desire. They want to prove that they can do it. I fully support their right to find a land where they can do it. It isn’t here. This is our homeland – all of it. We created a country for them and African nations are welcoming them back as a birthright. Rather than them acting out and doing all of the humiliation rituals, seething in resentment and compelling association – is inevitably going to rile enough of us to put our white liberal traitors down and then deal with them in any way that leads to us getting what we want there is another way. Our nation bankrupted itself trying to right a wrong. As our empire declines, there will be less money and government and private sector jobs to expropriate. You can’t bleed a stone. We are either going to be subjugated in our own Fatherland or we are going to take a stand and put an end to the guilt and shame driven expropriation of money and opportunity.

    There is a way out. It is to acknowledge that the source of their unhappiness comes from the same desire our ancestors had and that we continue to have. That is the desire to build your own society and your own nation on your Fatherland free from racial strife. There is enough rivalry and competition without that fire raging beneath the pot. The multi-racial society has never worked and it never will.

    You know, yesterday I wanted to respond to my lady’s Bitmoji with a Bitmoji. At the download screen the image was a white woman looking on as a black man was popping out of a computer monitor at her. It was the perfect metaphor for this new regime. I can’t go anywhere without the ghost of St. George popping out into my face. And that is what this is. This is the lie of the innocent black man, (who is really a criminal scum), killed by a raving, hateful white man being used to replace us – at work, at leisure and eventually in our very existence. This is the use of lies and our demonization via those lies replacing us. Hey. You want to chatter these lies in the Barber Shop/BM-Country-Club, or at the church or loitering out by the liquor store, go for it. You want to cram it down our throats and use it to expropriate us and destroy our nation? That has to stop.

    Haven’t blacks had it with this?- always shouting and angry and demanding that we have more of them everywhere? Haven’t they had it with living with the excuse of white people at fault hanging over their head forever? Haven’t they had it with lying and fibbing and whining like a seven year old trying to escape Dad’s belt? It has to be exhausting. It can’t feel good. Then again, maybe it was not them demanding anything. Maybe it was really a few white people at Bitmoji who decided this was a great way to ease their consciences.

    Now here is the deal. This is our homeland. We explored it, tamed it and built it – for us and our posterity. We are so good at exploring and building that we bought territory for them to use to build their nation on their home continent. This is the perfect opportunity for them to build Wakanda. No more time spent blaming and cursing and seething in bitterness and anger at white people of European descent. They can build their Fatherland there.

    It is my sincere hope, that we can negotiate. I think the biggest obstacle are the white regime-ists. They can’t see that if they continue handing our best ancestor’s gorgeous relics over to be desecrated and forcing us to step aside and hand the vibrants the opportunity, that their children will one day be killed off or fully subdued by the golom they are creating today. I don’t know why or how they can’t see this.

    Maybe there is some way to cut them out and deal directly with the swelling ranks of blacks who are fed up with America and white civilization and want to go back to Africa. Of course, many of them are wealthy entertainers. It remains to be seen if Al Sharpton, Ben Crump, Keith Ellison, Ibram Kendi … … would want to go much less separate. They make fortunes off of evil whitey who is so evil he gives them everything they demand. Why would they ever give that up? Answer. They wouldn’t and they won’t. It is we who must give it up. I am sure everyone here is ready to if not actively saying no. Too many of our own people are getting something out of selling out themselves, us and all of our posterity. They are going to have to be forced to say no, or forced aside so we can say it on our own behalf.

    The Black Man’s Burden is his community leaders’ meal ticket. The White Man’s Burden is his ruin to the point of extermination. Something has to give.

    • RealityRules: You give far too much credit to blacks in general, and Michael Kang in particular. If you take any of his public quotes at face value, you are naive in the extreme – he preached nothing but revenge and expropriation of White society when his Juice handlers didn’t carefully sanitize his words for the media.

      Blacks have no genuine desire to go build their Wakanda because it’s always easier to take than to create. Aside from the fact that there exists only a miniscule portion of the black population that is capable of creating anything, why would they want to leave here when they have the whip hand? When everything is being given over to them, White history is being erased, and White people doomed to first minority status and eventual utter erasure.

      Your posture as a ‘reasonable race realist’ is a false one. While I provide no excuse or exemption for White/adjacent fellow Whites who’ve supported their cause, the root of black resentment is the black character and genome itself. You’re presuming an entire people can change its character because you ask nicely,

      We need utter and complete separation – whether such is ‘good’ for blacks I neither know nor care. My sole concern is with White people. Yours appears to be questionable.

      • Whites do it to themselves, and gladly.

        Where I am its suddenly had an influx in the last year, so the local govt is obviously importing them directly and intentionally to pollute this area.

        Instead of objecting, I witnessed some fat 50 year old who obviously organized a team of youngsters to paint the side of a historic building. It consisted of 5 whites girls of varying ages and 1 young black guy, and the fat guy was just getting them to pose and take pictures obviously for the local papers.

        It never fecking stops.

      • 3g4me –

        I am not posturing. I produced that Kang quote not to say he was some nice guy, but to make the point that he knew the truth and made a warning that was not heeded. I think you are reading things into my post that are not there.

        I said very clearly that this continent is our homeland, we aren’t giving up an inch of it, and we purchased one for them – in Africa. Maybe you should re-read my post. I did say I hope we can negotiate some peaceful separation, then go on to point out that their elites have every economic and status incentive not to do so. It seems on the substance of my point, you agree with me. The alternative path won’t be good for anyone. We must hold our nerve and be the reasonable ones to grow in numbers.

        I know what side I am on. I will say this to people like you who like to appear behind your keyboard like the guardians of the movement. You need to be an ambassador. You don’t know who your keyboard is clacking at. Some normies are coming here and need to be brought along reasonably. I could be a normie feeling my way into this. A post like yours would be a repulsive force that may just sour me into deciding to leave liberal whites and purity spiraling white nationalists for dead and give up on all of you for good.

        If I may offer a wiser and more tempered approach to you, I suggest a) read the post b) do not make personal attacks and hurl accusations that a person’s approach is, “a false one”, and question peoples convictions and loyalties. Check and see if your goal is to feed your ego that you are the purest of the pure ones or to build a viable movement to prevent what I think we agree upon is underway – the replacement and ultimate genocide of our people.

        If I was a normie coming here getting my sea legs your reply would probably send me away never to return. Keep doing that and you will find yourself without a movement. When there is a viable movement with strong leadership and a core of strong men, and you question good people’s loyalty mark my words that you wil find yourself on the wrong end of a beat down that you will thoroughly deserve and never forget. People who do this kind of friend making will be banished from a seat at the table when we win.

        This isn’t the first time I’ve gotten lip from you in this forum. So let this be the only time I ever have to say this to you. Never question my loyalty and who I am loyal to. Every day I look in the mirror and at my progeny and my parents and my friends who look just like me. That is who I am loyal to. By extension the people who came from the same place and who are living through the Great Replacement with the same fully body target fixed on them that is fixed on me a and my family is who I am loyal to. I have had enough of your lip. We’ve got more than enough enemies. Only a fool would deny themselves friends in the time and circumstance we find ourselves in.

        Question people’s facts. Question peoples ideas. Question their proposals and propose your counterpoints with gravitas and respect. Don’t question people’s sincerity or their loyalty. Above all, don’t comport yourself from behind a keyboard in a way that you wouldn’t to a person’s face.

        • RealityRules: You appear to wish to massage the message to make White identity palatable to Joe Normal. I assert Joe Normal will neither be persuaded nor integral to whatever future a minority of Whites is able to build. No point in posting at cross purposes. Perhaps you’d find more fertile soil at other sites.

          • Well, boys, judging by 3g4me’s feminine instincts, “Normie” now equals “Beta” [or worse].

            That’s fascinating, and a reason for all proper Chads to adopt an even moar positive outlook on life.

          • 3g4me:

            I appear to want to help Joe Normie find his way to white identity because I do indeed want to. The reason I do is largely because of the several podcasts that ZMan has on the topic where he convinced me that this approach is a good idea.

            I was once a Joe Normie and I have no shame in that. The primary point in ZMan’s argument on this topic is that we gain standing by being reasonable to the people who we need to become reasonable to. Joe Normal already has a white identity. It is growing because he and his family are now being forced to assume it. What he needs next is to feel that it is perfectly reasonable for him to defend it and that he is associating with perfectly reasonable people who have his back. A tiny minority of white people living in a context where being abolished is our enemy’s stated goal is doomed. Therefore the reasonable thing to do is be reasonable to our natural allies and increase their number.

            I don’t find cynical and defeatist language and attitudes fertile. Fortunately, I encounter almost none of that on this forum, nor do I anticipate that I will in the future.

            If you want to see our people survive and in the future thrive we are not at cross purposes. Just because we disagree on a point doesn’t mean we are at cross purposes. I am not calling you a girl, but that way of reacting to a disagreement that isn’t fundamental, nay creating a disagreement where one doesn’t exist, is very feminine. It reeks of the type of subterfuge that women engage in when they vie for dominance. Have a look at that. It doesn’t serve you or the movement.

    • “That natural desire to have their faces and their people in charge of everything is also exacerbated by the seething anger and resentment that they came here in bondage”

      “WE” and I use the term loosely, bear much of the responsibility for this anger and resentment. We stoke it in every way possible.

      We are never going to voluntarily separate and certainly not involving boats. A freedom of association and peaceful separation within the nation is the only remote possibility.

      But before even that can happen, we have got to have at least a generation of Whites who do not hate themselves, or at a minimum, are not ashamed of themselves and their ancestors.

      It is difficult to overstate the propagandizing and brainwashing of people from the time they are small children and barely able to speak. We have tax-payer funded mind destruction going on. It starts in children’s TV and cartoons. This continues at an intense pace until they are about 22 when they enter the corporate world and HR. The anti-Whiteness pushed is so pervasive that is often overlooked, like a fish not noticing the water.

      Every time you try to talk to someone about something like anti-Whiteness and they respond angrily and completely inappropriately, it is the brainwashing you are running into and not their rational brain. Until this brainwashing is stopped, we are going to be dissidents.

      • If people were sensible the first target sets would be media/music production and distribution.

        Frankly a series of EMPs would help save the west, rather than destroy it.

        You need to turn off the mind worms before you can address the reality factors.

    • RealityRules, you are demonstrating the white empathy that is the reason that we are on our knees. Blacks, a group, will never reciprocate. Sentiments like yours only fill us with self-doubt and sap our natural instinct towards self-preservation.

      I know that you mean well.

    • “I don’t know why or how they can’t see this.”
      The heavy conditioning to stop thought crimes and the fact they have high time preference.
      So long as they can get really rich and live it up today, they have no worry for tomorrow. Many don’t have kids and if they do their worldview involves money as the solution to all problems.

  19. Off topic, but some hard truths from Putin (per Zerohedge):

    Putin blamed the United States for this week’s unexplained explosions at the Nord Stream pipelines that have left the damaged pipelines leaking huge amounts of natural gas into the Baltic Sea.

    “It’s obvious to everyone who did it,” he said.

    On the issue of dwindling energy supplies and soaring costs headed into what’s sure to be a rough, frigid winter for European populations, he slammed Western elites for a problem of their own making…

    “They print money, but you cannot warm your homes with this printed money… They have to convince their citizens to shower less, eat less, and put on warm clothes.”

    “The Western elites.. it’s a crisis due to their own fault.” He described that the goal of the “hybrid war” in Ukraine has a “Goal to break Russia at any costs.”

    “The dictatorship of the Western elite is directed against all societies, including against the peoples of those Western countries themselves. It’s a challenge for all. This means the total negation of the human, the overthrow of religion and traditional values as the crushing of freedom becomes to look like the opposite of religion – open Satanism,” he said, repeating a familiar theme of his, and while rejecting “LGBT”/gender ideology as a threat to Russian society which the West seeks to impose…

    “Do we really want to have a parent No. 1, No. 2, No. 3 instead of mom and dad in Russia? Do we want children to be told that there are other genders besides men and women? Is this the future we want for our children? For us, this is unacceptable,” the Russian president said.


    • Hence the war.

      He is correct, it is open satanism, and that is the war being fought

      Whether you think satan or external evil exists or not is irrelevant, as they act as if it does.

    • Who ever thought it would be a Russian leader, a KGB agent no less, who would have to be saying these things out loud?

      I never imagined I would live in a world where this needs to be said:

      “Do we really want to have a parent No. 1, No. 2, No. 3 instead of mom and dad in Russia?”

      • Hence my support of Putin. Of all, he seems to take the right stand on the important issue. It’s the culture—stupid! He seems to realize that losing his people’s culture is worse than any military defeat they can sustain.

      • Tars Tarkas: “Who ever thought it would be a Russian leader, a KGB agent no less, who would have to be saying these things out loud?”

        Verily our Creator doth work in mysterious ways.

        PS: The reason Russian children do not [yet!] have a “parent No. 1, No. 2, No. 3” is because Saint Joseph Djugashvili built a literal physical wall around the East, to protect it from The Mind Virus.

        Saint Joseph’s methods are the only methods known to prevail in the face of these sorts of existential challenges.

        Any leader whose hands are tied behind his back on account of an irrational devotion to the Marquess of Queensberry Rules is a leader whose nation will quickly be destroyed by The Mind Virus.

        PPS: This is why our ancestors hanged legalists and witches.

    • “ ‘They print money, but you cannot warm your homes with this printed money…’”

      Well, not really true. At some crossing point, the purchasing power of paper currency will be less than the cost of home heating fuel—at which point we switch over to burning dollar bills directly in the furnace. 😉

    • They’re going to crowbar Ukraine into NATO so they can invoke Article V.

      At that point, all bets are off.

      • TBH it looks like Russia has slow walked themselves into a situation that at best will subject them to permanent war from the west of Ukraine and direct involvement of US troops.

        Putin tried the legal route instead of pressing their advantage and it has left Russia in a shitty position that is getting worse the longer it goes on.

        Unless there is a sudden change, they are close to being in a situation where some of the new Russian territory is defacto occupied by NATO.

        • BTW I say this based on the progression of the maps and the Russian telegram channels like Rybar, not out of some support for the zog.

        • Yeah, hate to say I told you, but Putin should have gone all out for decisive victory immediately. The clock *was* ticking and NATO sized him up and took advantage of the slow walk. 6 months of massive arms shipments and training for the Uke’s and here we are.

          • His options are looking limited unless Russia actually decides its a war and rolls out the army proper and stop the inbound flow.

            Further down this path is going to be worse than Ukraine in NATO as it will be Russian territory in NATO. That is going to be difficult to swallow.

            If that happens then the US might get their wish to get rid of Putin and they may well get one of the hardliners who actually decides glassing Europe and parts of the US is well worth the risk.

        • Trumpton-

          I agree Russia has taken hold of a tar baby with regard to how it has handled Ukraine.

          I think Putin overthought the situation rather than realizing that the collective West is simply a bully that needs to be punched in the nose as one would do in the school yard.

          Paul Craig Roberts certainly saw the situation correctly.

          • Yep.

            The weird thing is even now it the same pattern of essentially not reacting to the offensives in any way.

            They just lost Liman because they would not bomb the supply columns in that area or re-enforce the positions. So now russian lands are occupied by the Ukranians.

            The Russians mil is saying that they need to wait until Oct 5th for ratification before they can do anything. WTF. Even the Russian channels are accusing the mil of being traitors.

            Its either complicit or crazy behavior to sit and position your forces to lose these areas without responding.

            Once maybe, but repeating the pattern is astonishing.

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  21. Perhaps one day soon we will be treated to the scene of Vontaze Burfict defecating on the Mona Lisa. And no, I’m not shitting you.

  22. Regarding Lizzo and the flute, the person who spearheaded this cultural vandalism was a fellow African.

    Quoting the Library of Congress Web Site: “Carla Hayden was sworn in as the 14th Librarian of Congress on September 14, 2016. Hayden, the first woman and the first African American to lead the national library, was nominated to the position by President Barack Obama on February 24, 2016.”

    Dontcha know, tribalism is highest form of patriotism, unless you’re white of course.

    • A sheboon in charge of a library. That’s tantamount to putting a langouste in charge of a cactus garden.

      • “In fact there was—and not very far away, in a building called the Centennial Hall, where the inauguration ceremonies of the presidents of Liberia took place. The hall was empty now, except for the busts of former presidents, some of them overturned, around the walls—and a Steinway grand piano, probably the only instrument of its kind in the entire country, two-thirds of the way into the hall. The piano, however, was not intact: its legs had been sawed off (though they were by design removable) and the body of the piano laid on the ground, like a stranded whale. Around it were disposed not only the sawed-off legs, but little piles of human feces.

        I had never seen a more graphic rejection of human refinement. I tried to imagine other possible meanings of the scene but could not. Of course, the piano represented a culture that was not fully Liberia’s own and had not been assimilated fully by everyone in the country: but that the piano represented not just a particular culture but the very idea of civilization itself was obvious in the very coarseness of the gesture of contempt.”

        – Theodore Dalrymple, aka (((Anthony Daniels)))

      • Ostei

        Thank you for the proliferation of my favorite description of female chimps, Sheboon.

        Together, we can wedge this descriptor into every day parlance!

  23. In all fairness, how upset would anybody here be if Taylor Swift played the flute and the Library of Congress had let her play Madison’s flute in a concert? It looks to me like they are simply being true to the colorblind (and fat-blind!) doctrine traditional liberals profess to hold, which is certainly less bad than active anti-white animus.

    And it’s fairly clear how this happened. Their aren’t many pop stars who play the flute, so it’s not all that surprising that the LoC might invite one of them to review its flute collection, and even allow her to play a historic flute in a concert (she played all of two notes then gave the flute back). I could easily imagine Taylor Swift being allowed the same privilege. (Surprisingly, Lizzo can actually play! I wouldn’t have thought so from her music videos, which are trash, but in one of the LoC clips she makes a credible go at the first few bars of the Poulenc flute sonata, which isn’t easy. This is in marked contrast to Sarah Palin, who played the flute in the talent portion of a beauty contest when she was young, and was shockingly bad).

    I guess what I’m trying to say is that there is enough genuine anti-white hatred out there that you aren’t doing yourselves any favors by straining to find it under every bed, even where it plausibly isn’t.

    • This is the argument from the far left, which is a way to distract from the reality of the situation. “Let’s talk about some hypothetical rather than this very real sin against nature.”

        • Morgoth’s Review talks about the various Leftist online archetypes. You appear to be a Hatchling: false naivety as a weapon.

          You pretend to not be aware of the cultural/political context which shapes the commenter’s interpretation of the event and also fake a sublime ignorance about the bad faith of the Left.

          A series of passive/aggressive questions premised on the belief that there is no left wing agenda and that it’s all a figment of your imagination.

          • Why, thank you, jethro.

            I read a short twitter thread by Chris Rufo showing the explicit instruction in extreme- and I do mean *extreme*-
            “sexual” practices promoted by the teacher’s union.

            Now that the under-14s are as stupified as street hookers, they’re in training to be sex toys for the ruling class and its minions. I think the Ottoman term was “kopcheks”, sexual clowns and entertainers trained in childhood.

            The comments included many such Hatchlings; I couldn’t figure out their angle, but now see they were agents of the enemy.

    • You could not possibly be more tone deaf…so to speak. This little stunt is fully of a piece with the very welter of anti-white racism you admit exists. It is exactly what one would expect from the anti-white cultural imperialists.

    • Good point JEB and I might agree. The lefties who planned this stunt most likely had no thought beyond “OMG let’s let this funky diverse character enrich our historical artifact” rather than “let’s humiliate heritage Americans”. The humiliation ritual is a concept promoted by the d-right and nobody else really grasps it. Your average lefty at the LoC is not thinking about its larger meaning like we are. So it was not consciously anti-white, though I wouldn’t be surprised if an anti-white higher-up did consciously try to humiliate and planned the stunt and the stooges at the LoC just went along with it.

      Just ask your average lefty or centrist about the stunt. Tell them it was an anti-white humiliation ritual and they will give you the confused dog face. It’s like telling normie that aliens built the pyramids. They simply don’t think like we do, which is probably a curse on us.

      • Whether or not the people who put Ja’Mius Galway up to this were consciously motivated by some form of AWR is beside the point. The reality is that they spring from a milieu–the Leftist intelligentsia–where transgression and demotion of white Western cultural forms is considered an act of so-called “social justice.” Whether consciously or subconsciously, these worthies desired to take a symbol of white cultural superiority and to defile it with hideous African savagery. This incident was simply a flash of the much broader debasement and destruction of white culture. Coolio replaces Chopin.

        • I present your new GOP Senators, Coolio and Kanye!

          To illustrate Marko’s point (and Ostei’s), the ever-kind and decent Raymond Arroyo, (Laura Ingraham’s sidekick), felt the flute stunt was a nice way to get a bit of promo for the Library of Congress and its director

          Our debasement has been so mainstreamed it’s unconscious now, an effortless, natural assumption, like respecting the Gospels used to be.

      • And we allow it.

        If they had done with a similar Islamic artifact retribution would be the answer.

        And they would be correct.

        • There was a time when white men would have ripped that flute from her paws and found a new “case” for it…

    • If you think they would think of allowing Taylor Swift to do the same, then you have no idea how anti white the culture has come. I’m sure you think every commercial and tv show vastly over representing blacks is just them picking the person that had the best audition too.

    • This is the cry of the cuck. The point was to humiliate us. You might as well be saying “look, my wife is on birth control when she sleeps with Bubba”

      • “You might as well be saying ‘look, my wife is on birth control when she sleeps with Bubba.'”

        True. Except these days, it’s Tyrone.

    • The “person” they allowed to play the Jefferson flute is not known for her flute playing, nor much of anything else. She is not a professional flute player nor ranked as such. They do claim she has been trained to play the flute, but what does than mean? A class in HS?

      She is however a disgustingly obese Black woman. If she were white, she’d be a disgustingly obese White women. Is this a musical performance or a stunt? If a performance to honor Jefferson and his legacy, why would we have an amateur flute player performing—and then only play a few notes? If a stunt—which is fairly obvious to Z-man and anyone reading his blog—what is the point?

      The point being, your (Whites) time has ended. We are in ascendency, you are in decline. We will control your institutions and therein, your history. This history they will erase and claim as their own. This is no different than what we saw with the onset of Christianity and the conversion of Greek and Roman pagan temples to churches and later the conversion of Christian churches to a Mosques.

      • Lizzo’s not known for her flute playing, but she is well-known for “twerking” and dressing like a slut, which she disgustingly displayed at this event. And that’s what this was about, the changing of American culture. They’re shoving this crap in our faces everywhere you look.

        • There once was a floutist named Lizzo
          Who got a plum post thanks to Prez O
          She trilled and she twerked
          As the shade of James lurked
          And scarfed down a platter of Spam, o!

      • The more vulgar the display, the better. Vulgar is really the best word to describe our culture (aside from being anti-White).

        This woman is the height of vulgarity. She’s morbidly obese and dresses in a way to maximize the effect of being morbidly obese. And, of course, she gesticulates like an animal in heat while presenting such a vulgar and disgusting presentation.

        This is one of the reasons they love trannies so much. Notice how they almost never put forward trannies who are making a good effort at “passing.” This is no accident. The more instinctively repulsed you are, the better. This is why we have women’s combat sports. The whole female MMA is an even bigger sign of our cultural degeneracy than trannies.

    • To be fair …. lol. T swift hates her own
      Like all the other pringles she’s just another becky that will be eaten
      by millions of lizzos, shacreashas & latrinas

      Howboudaa !

      • “T Swift hates her own?

        Does she really?
        Ethno masocism?


        Maybe posing for marketing purposes? Her manager probably believes that striking that pose will enhance and widen her mass appeal. Join in on the anti white woke religion. It all about image management. She is down with the purge. She is not like those other bad whites, so it’s ok to buy her records.

        • Entirely possible. But it still constitutes betraying her own people to sell more records. Repulsive behavior.

          • I agree Ostei.

            Consider this. How would her record sales change if she said, it’s OK to be white?

    • Don’t care. Don’t like black people, don’t like obese people, and especially don’t want to see an obese black person twerking and desecrating a historical artifact on TV.

  24. You make a gross error (~24:00) if you assume that the poor workers were “exploited” in the early Industrial Revolution. I do not deny that the poor and children worked long hours for a pittance, often in dangerous conditions. But it’s important to note you are critiquing by modern standards. Yes, they were “exploited” by modern (Western) standards. This is a common error made when studying history. A more valid way, perhaps the only one, would be to inquire whether, by the standards of their time and place, were the poor being coerced or exploited.

    Your comments about idyllic country life are quite at odds with the reality. If the average peasant’s lot on the farm was so great, then why would he voluntarily move to the city, to work in worse conditions? Most people wouldn’t of course, unless they were forced to. Is there any evidence that force was used?

    To argue that millions of peasants willingly left a relatively good life in the countryside for a worse life in the city is untenable. It would be as weak an argument as to claim that millions of Negroes in the 20th century left a wonderful life as sharecroppers in the Deep South, for an inferior existence being “exploited” in rich white men’s factories in Northern cities.

    • Families were big. The oldest son inherited the farm, daughters were married off and everybody else had to go and try their luck in the city.

      • Exactly. This process has been documented quite well in medieval England, where cities like London were a death sentence with life so hard there. It was one of the reasons so many people from Europe migrated to the US—land to farm. The old country was occupied.

    • Agreed and good analysis Ben the Layabout. The European migration patterns from rural to urban and from Europe to America are alone proof enough that the theories of Industrial exploitation peddled when I was in school and to this day are bogus. Another interesting thing is comparing the labor conditions of say an American plantation slave picking cotton vs. and Irish or English coal miner back in the Fatherland.

      The work was brutal and tough compared to today, but the shift was to an improvement in living standards as well as more self determination. Of course, something is always lost. The feudal order provided order and stability. People left that behind for the former. Now we find that money without order, stability and social bonds and an illusion of self determination isn’t so great. Probably better than serfdom however. In what we will build next, we must apply the lessons of history and try to create the conditions where people can provide themselves with the best of both.

      • Population explosion alone is a good piece of evidence that the Industrial Revolution improved living standards.

        • Alternatively, better climate led to more food and therefore more people, which provided the necessary human capital for technological advance. After all, the quality of life increase from 1920 to 2020 is orders of magnitude greater that between 1420 and 1620, yet TFR has collapsed in the last century, but exploded in the two centuries before the Industrial Revolution.

          I am not saying you are wrong, but we need to see the total picture. TFR started climbing long before the economic revolution that swept Europe.

          • It’s a complex story. In the case of Britain, the expanding empire provided raw materials and food for the burgeoning population of the British Isles. Those raw materials, coupled with Britain’s own coal and iron, fueled the industrial revolution, and manufactured products were exported to captive markets n the colonies.

            The problem for Britain is that the carrying capacity of the land is probably not more than 15m. Maybe 20m tops. Hence the necessity of empire. Something people like Cecil Rhodes understood all too keenly.

          • Yes, it’s a complex thing. Climate was crap until at least mid or late 19th century, when the population explosion was already well underway.

            OTOH, current low TFR may be ironically caused by too good living standards (on top of the usual reasons like contraceptives, women’s liberation etc)

            African population growth is positively correlated with Western stupidity.

          • In pre-industrial ages, increase in quality of life and a warming climate are a clear causal linkage from the latter to the former.

            However, the 1920 – 2020 QOL increase is largely independent of this factor. The reasons are: modern fertilizers from fossil fuels; advances in pesticides, (petro chemicals again with the win); better genetic engineering; far better large scale irrigation (fossil fuels again for the win); massive increases in harvesting productivity, sorting, preparation, packing, preserving, transportation (fossil fuels again for the win combined with Western man’s ingenuity).

            By around 1920, farming at the small and large scale became mechanized and highly productive. It is so much more so, that the gains are largely independent of climate. Nonetheless, warming will always be better for life than cooling. Our fuels and technology insulate our food production from climate not entirely but much better than in all of human history.

            Man, this is so much more interesting than discussing Lizzo. Separation can’t happen soon enough.

        • Arshad Ali- the English population and economy increased before the empire. I know Leftists claim that Europe became wealthy because of empire but that’s a lie. Western Europe had a much higher GDP than China/India/Africa in the 1400s.England had a per capita income (dollars) in 1490 of 714,India was 520.

          I know it pains you to admit it but Europe ,through its genius, created its wealth. Empire follows the creation of a superior polity-at least in terms of wealth and technology.

          The agricutltural revolution in England created the surplus wealth that allowed investment in the technology created by the English.

          • You haven’t got your history right. The “agricultural revolution” was based on the dispossession of English peasants from the commons. This increased production was then used to feed the lumpenproles in the big cities — for profit.

            “England had a per capita income (dollars) in 1490 of 714,India was 520.”

            Not much to choose between them, is there? The problem is that even after empire, these wasn’t much to choose for most people. The benefits of empire accrued to a small minority, usually based in the City of London (i.e., the financial district).

            “I know it pains you to admit it but Europe ,through its genius, created its wealth.”

            The real disparities between the colonial powers and the colonised only began after colonisation, and even then, as I’ve pointed out above, the bulk of the benefits accrued to a minority. The English factory girl, the child chimney-sweep, the coal miner, did not get much benefit from empire.

            As to the inherent genius of Europeans, you won’t find me arguing about that. But prosperity comes and goes. These days it’s mostly going and swinging towards East Asia, which incidentally has also historically been a place of tech innovation (printing press, gunpowder, etc.). So a little less hubris might be in order.

          • Empire doesn’t correlate with increase in wealth per se. It ultimately results in high concentrations of wealth at the top and a fall in living standards for the native population of the empire. That is the history of empire. The Empire rises up from a successful people who then have the surplus wealth and population to conquer abroad.

            I noticed the Left does the same with American slavery that they do with imperialism and colonialism – claim that slavery made America rich. They say, that the greatest wealth was in the South. Well, maybe the biggest planters, financiers of slavery and shippers of chattel were very rich, but the North was far richer top to bottom. Wealth was highly concentrated in the South. That a few Southerners were as rich or richer than Northerners doesn’t mean the South on the whole was richer.

            The Left always wants to take some partial truth and use that to tell a gigantic lie. When wealth inequality suits their needs they promote it in a dishonest way. Rockefeller did have more money than some frontier farmer or merchant, but that frontier farmer or merchant was far wealthier than any other frontiersman or merchant anywhere else on the globe. The Southern planter’s riches are proof slavery made America rich – but you wouldn’t want to be a poor white in the antebellum south. Ask the Irish who built the dykes in Louisiana how fun that was.

            The Left just cherry picks to their hearts content. No wonder with them in control, life has become a fiction novel – and not a very rosy one at that.

      • Thanks. Your comment about some of what you learnt in school being bogus merits some comment.

        If my crying “foul” on Z’s claim, as I did above was valid, then it’s proof that even a highly-educated and/or well-read person may learn “facts” that are in fact wrong, and sometimes easily revealed as such (as my above argument did). Was the fault that of the teacher? Teaching an untruth could certainly be accidental, but worse it might have been deliberate ideology. Given the era he grew up in, the latter is more likely. How many other “facts” that we’ve learned in our lives are similarly false, for whatever motive (if any)?

    • Ben: Valid but incomplete point. Part of the reason so many had to leave the countryside and seek a job in a city factory was because of government and industry policies – selling off previously communal lands, enclosing grazing fields, etc. The poorest farmworkers were being squeezed everywhere in the 19th century – I’m speaking most specifically of England, of course, but I believe the situation in continental Europe was similar, when there weren’t armies traipsing across the fields and foraging for their own supplies and sustenance.

      • This is consistent with the notion that it it is oligarch misconduct that preconditions a working class to be accepting of communism. Mostly, we just want to be allowed to work and earn ourselves a reasonable life, to not be hideously and unfairly exploited. There wasn’t a communist revolution anywhere that wasn’t preceded by excessive ‘elite’ bad behavior.

        Just because the communists are evil degenerate rodents in human form doesn’t mean that the oligarchs in charge don’t bear ultimate responsibility.

      • I am asking in earnest whether you think the move of large masses of people hundreds of years ago into cities was a good thing or bad?

        My opinion is that results of cities is Civilization. Da Vinci. Bach. Mozart. Keppler. Copernicus. D’uomo in Milan. Notre Dame.

        Without cities, we would be living in a glorified Max Max World.

    • “To argue that millions of peasants willingly left a relatively good life in the countryside for a worse life in the city is untenable.”

      There was no such good life. I can’t give a crash course here on the way things developed in Europe generally, and England specifically. In England the enclosure and privatising of the Commons forced landless peasants into the cities, where they had to make a living any way they could. Something similar can be seen in the Third World today as landless peasants make their way to cities bursting at the seams. Those landless peasants who migrated to London, Liverpool, and Manchester were who wound up as industrial laborers in the 19th century. They had no alternative. To give some idea of the harshness of the times, there were about 200,000 prostitutes in London alone in the late 19th century. Children starting as chimney sweeps at the age of six and ending up dying of tuberculosis by the age of twelve. These are documented realities.

      And because laborers had no alternative they had no negotiating power. At least not until they formed labor unions. Something similar occurred in the USA in the late 19th and early 20th century.

      • Arshad Ali: Too many forget just how poor and miserable most White people were throughout history. It’s of a piece with the belief that life has always been comfortable for Americans except for the brief interval of the 1930s depression, and each generation has always had it better than the previous ones.

        Whites were slaves (generally to Turks, not Whites); Whites were indentured (to other Whites); Whites were landless peasants or itinerant farm laborers; Whites were exploited factory workers. I’m not a huge fan of post WWII American labor unions, but I do understand the history and reality which gave them birth. Industrialization was definitely a double-edged sword. Out of great suffering and privation came the true birth of the middle class (from the extremely circumscribed kernel of small tradesmen and crofters).

        • “Out of great suffering and privation came the true birth of the middle class (from the extremely circumscribed kernel of small tradesmen and crofters).”

          We could have a long discussion about this. The post-WW2 US middle class was mostly possible because of the USA being top dog economically and militarily. The US ruling class was — for the sake of domestic peace — willing to allow the emergence of a stable middle class and full employment. Even this was not out of their good hearts but because of memories of the labor militancy of the 1930s.

          But this tacit pact between ruling class and subordinate classes started to come apart during the long economic crisis of the 1970s and was finally laid to rest by Reagan and those who came after him — whether Republican or Democrat. As some of half-jokingly say, Nixon was the last socialist president.

          “Peak USA” for working Americans was possibly the year 1959. From the ’80s onwards life has increasingly become a dystopian nightmare.

          • @Bilejones,

            And from the metrics they are using, they are correct. By the mid-60s the clouds had started to gather in the sense that rebuilt Europe and Japan started to compete with the US in global markets. European and Japanese cars started to show up on American streets as those Volkswagen, Daimler-Benz, Toyota and Nissan started to compete with the Big Three. The combined costs of the Vietnam War and LBJ’s Great Society Program started to make a serious dent on the country’s finances and were factors in the USA having to go off the gold standard some years later.

        • They were also slaves to Jews. A fair amount of ethnic strife in Iberia was due to Jews enslaving Christians from north eastern Europe and bringing them into Spain.

          The labor Unions sewed the seeds of their own destruction, but you do have a good point, that there were conditions that gave rise to them. Some of them are not unlike today. Mass immigration made life at the bottom of the labor pool very difficult in terms of job stability and wage stability.

          Government worker unions on the other hand are evil and should be illegal.

          • “Mass immigration made life at the bottom of the labor pool very difficult in terms of job stability and wage stability.”

            Mass immigration has been one key tool in weakening the hand of labor. Most whites can probably sense — without necessarily being able to put it into words — that “celebration of diversity” and the multi-culti society are coming at their expense economically. The immigrants keep wage rates down and the domestic labor force cowed and docile. In the late 19th and early 20 century, US organised labor was adamantly and implacably opposed to immigration — they could connect the dots.

            The problem with capitalist societies (i.e., societies based on capital accumulation) is that those who do the actual work don’t have much of a say in anything. In saying this I’m not extolling the virtue of some imaginary communist society that has never existed and never will.

        • For a couple decades we were the only major economic power that wasn’t smoldering rubble. They had no choice but to let the middle class grow. The middle class shrinking since the 1970s is a regression to the mean. White people had a brief moment of affluence and the increase in antiwhite sentiment shows just how the elite feel about that. It’s not that they’re scared of us and have to resort to draconian measures, it’s just the opposite: they feel they have us cornered and started attempting to crush us like the peasants they believe us to be. They will have their fits and starts but they’re confident in the long term they will get what they want.

    • Subsistence farming is a hard life, but Negros and share cropping is not representative of typical farming as occurred in much of the US. It was really an extension of slavery and about the only thing the majority these folk could do after they were freed.

      • The Chicago version:
        “We should have slaughtered our own beef.”

        The black labor diaspora northwards in the 1920s was due to cheap railroad tickets. The steam engine was invented by a African Scot named Robert Ngamwe Fulton, wasn’t it?

        • No. The idea and first prototype was first developed in Greece – surprise! (Hero of Alexandria 1st century AD). Hero’s engine converted steam to rotary motion. The modern steam engine was birthed by a French physicist Papo and a British inventor Savory.

          An African Scot? Oh for God’s sake I hope that was sarcasm and not something the presenters of Lizzo The Twerkster’s are promoting as the history that Lizzo loves so much. That has me thinking, that Lizzo’s Flautwerking is probably a prelude to a complete rewrite of history.

          • Welp, if British boys are named Mohammed, then Americans were named Ngamwe.

            After all, they built America, didn’t they? Ngamwe and his black brothers, Washington and Jefferson.

  25. FYI Vox Day is trying to piss on your lawn because he thinks you got Magic Dirt theory from him rather than Derb

      • Though, Derb may have gotten it from a post from Vox from about a week before.

        I can’t delete the thread, so this is the last.

        • Pissing matches are a sure sign of an insecure intellect. Vox Day who? Why bring this up? Has Z-man ever claimed credit for first penning the concept? Indeed, I assumed it was a generally used term when I heard it long ago.

          Seems one should be content with the knowledge that they penned the concept first and now it is commonly used in discussion.

          • Compsci: This. All these people demanding recognition and credit are animated by the same spirit as Hollweird actors, politicians, the MeToo wahmen, etc. It’s always LOOK AT ME all the time. If I am ever fortunate enough to create anything useful or coin a phrase others adopt or have sufficient funds to provide sufficient charity (to other Whites only), I would want nothing more than anonymity. Some financial remuneration is legit in certain cases, of course, but this trying to put a personal stamp on a political concept or useful phrase strikes me as absurd.

            As far as magic dirt, I thought it was a Sailer expression. If it was Derbyshire (of whom I am an extremely sporadic reader), then kudos for him for not blathering on about it.

        • The right loses systematically because it’s disperse and disunited. The left wins because they form coalition(s) of people opposed to the existing order. The right is so focused on having their exact principals they would rather lose than compromise or cooperate.

    • The Supreme Dark Qtard is unhappy that he is being shunned after his embarrassing and often reprehensible behavior during the Trump years

    • Uh-oh zman, pretty soon he’s going to explain to you, very slowly and with careful enunciation, how you’re a GAMMA and not The Supreme Sigma Gentleman like him.

  26. OMG, Zman cites Nozick! Hopefully he had holy water and garlic nearby….the Libertarian stain……

    But in all seriousness, everyone on the DR should read Nozick because the DR is going to need some philosophical principles for organizing a security association when the SHTF. Nozick does this brilliantly. The book is slow going in spots and very theoretical, but very good stuff if you can stick with it.

  27. Hey Z, what’d you do to Vox Day to get in his head so much?

    Granted, it’s pretty rare that I check him out, but by chance I did today, and to my surprise, front and center was a Z-Man take down, so to speak. Maybe, he does this regularly; I wouldn’t know.

    His post is a bit odd. He’s claiming that you only recently discovered that immigration impacts national IQ and that you purposely refused to acknowledge that Day had been writing about it years ago. The idea that writers such as yourself have only recently become aware of immigration and IQ is quite strange as you and others have written about it often. It is true that Day also wrote about long ago, but I don’t see why you wouldn’t need to mention him or any of the others since this is common knowledge among many outside of the MSM.

    He also called you a liar regarding something about a lawsuit. I don’t care enough to look into it. Regardless, you two seem to have some bad blood.

      • I’ll check that out. Honestly, I rarely read Vox. I started to pop in a bit more after Ukraine started to see if he had any links to some different info sources.

        For instance, I didn’t even know that he had issues with Fuentes.

        Apparently, he feuds with anyone. He does seem to be a bit of cult leader type, and there can be only one cult leader. He also mentions his intelligence constantly, which intelligent people never do. (Not saying that he’s not intelligent (don’t know really), but I am saying that there’s something odd about bringing it up so often.)

        Anyway, was just curious what caused the bad blood. Sounds like it was nothing particular to you. Perhaps he just doesn’t like others that he feels take away from his spotlight or that question him. Odd.

        • IIRC, he got his panties in a wad when John Derbyshire made fun of his weird habit of inventing words. Teddy started using a word like scientoady or scientoadrific. I forget. Derb made sport of it in a talk at Gottfried’s event and I wrote about it. It was pretty funny.

          • Btw, speaking of guys who have lost it, someone just had a round and round with Cochran on Twitter about his theory that Ukraine bombed the pipelines. It naturally ends with him simply saying “Nonsense.”

          • I had to stop paying attention to Cochran as my myötähäpeä was breaking the needle. Crediting Ukraine for this is actually dumber than blaming Russia. Hell, crediting Nigeria is more plausible.

          • I agree that saying it’s the Ukrainians is crazy, but Cochran is showing another level of stupidity.

            His dashing and intelligent foe is pointing out to him that even if the Ukrainians did this, it’s still on the US.

            First, the biggest risk to Ukraine is not the Russians; it’s losing US support, so it would be insane of the Ukrainians to risk everything to bomb pipelines that aren’t even being used. Therefore, it’s extremely unlikely that they would do this w/o US approval.

            Second, even if by some crazy chance the Ukrainians did this on their own, the US hasn’t punished the Ukrainians for going rogue. Therefore, the US now takes responsibility for the Ukraine’s actions.

            It’s like the mob. If a low-level soldier kills a made man w/o his boss’ approval, the boss kills the soldier. Otherwise, it’s assumed that the boss gave the order. It’s the same here. If the US didn’t punish Ukraine, it’s says the US approves of the action, which is the same as ordering the action.

            Cochran keeps saying that US doesn’t control Ukraine so they can do what they want and none of their actions come back to US. He’s insane.

            Whether we give approval to the bombing before or after, it’s no different. We still allowed it to happen. Whoever did this attacked Germany and Russia. We’re Germany’s ally. We also know that this action could dramatically escalate the war beyond Ukraine. If we know who did this, we should punish them. That simple. Otherwise, we approve of it.

            Cochran can’t figure this out.

          • The words were:

            Scientody – The scientific method

            Scientistry – Professional practice as a scientist, e.g. “chemistry”, “biology”, …

            Scientism – Cargo cult religious belief in “science”, as in “Trust the science” ala “JudaISM”, “HinduISM”, …

            He coined these neologism in order to separate real concepts he was trying to get across. See Sapir-Whorf hypothesis. Up until then it all fell under the rubric of “science”.

            Albeit they do sound funny, but I think it was a cheap shot by Derbyshire to make fun of them, and of course, Voxday is thin skinned, so he started squeaking.

            “Scientody” is as good as it’s always been. Engineers are the only ones who (for the most part) practice scientody today because if their products don’t work, or fail, nobody buys them, and people die.

            “Scientistry” is not reliable nowadays because scientists are corrupt and get “results” based on the wishes of their financiers.

            As for “Scientism”, as stated previously, these are all the “Trust the science” people.

          • I’m sorry, but these are not words. That was John’s point. It was funny because it is always funny when a self-serious person steps on a rake.

        • Ol’ Ted thinks he is a temporarily embarrassed philosopher king who has to slum it with the rest of us dregs of society. The smartest person of any given room, although that’s because nobody else can stand to be around him so he’s by himself.

          • As was told to me, “If you’re the smartest person in the room—you’re in the wrong room”. The point being, you can never learn anything worth while from someone dumber than you.

            Unfortunately, I don’t remember ever being the smartest person in the room. So I’m just guessing here. 😉

        • Teddy’s a narcissist – I still chuckle at the whole “bestselling political philosopher on the planet” thing – and as such he views anyone who’s more successful and influential than him as a threat. He’s the Bill O’Reilly of the manosphere.

      • You should be honored Z. Normally he only spergs out over Jordan Peterson. Truly you are in rarified air. Has he called you a gamma or a midwit yet?

    • Am I reading Vox Day correctly? Is he saying we need to mention him when talking about immigration affecting national IQ? He’s really a strange guy. People have been talking about that for a long time.

  28. One interesting thing about that Marx quote is that it is one of the very few things he ever said about what the world would be like after the Communists won. You would think he would be intensely interested in how a Communist society would actually function after it had been achieved, but no, he believed that once the bourgeois had been smashed the final barrier to Utopia will have been overcome, and that it would be presumptuous and pointless for him to try to tell future workers what they should do next, because they would just know.

    For me this is the strongest link between classical Marxism and “Cultural Marxism”: the conviction that the only thing between the world and Utopia is the bad people, and that once all the bad people have been smashed building Utopia will just sort of naturally take care of itself.

    • Well said and that’s the giveaway, that Marxism is merely the excuse for Marxists to do what they were going to regardless. “We’ll have a perfect world when YOUR wealth gets redistributed MY way. Don’t you want a perfect world?”

    • The Left has engaged in isolate, exterminate, and annihilate for centuries. Whether it’s the nobility, the clergy, the capitalists, the kulaks or white people, the Left has ever targeted classes for destruction, viewing them as the final impediment to building their bizarre Xanadus. Alas, all that results is the destruction of once functional societies, and ensuing mass misery.

  29. Hell, I’ll defend Fred Phelps and Westboro Baptist church, as would probably anyone who knew the story behind their origin. Phelps started out as a civil rights lawyer, even got an NAACP award at one point. One day he was with his family at the park in Topeka and some gay men in the bathroom made advances toward his son (he had more than ten children.) Phelps, thinking the law was on his side, petitioned the city for help in keeping gay men from making their assignations out of the public bathrooms, nothing more. The local government came down on him like a ton of bricks, though, even back in the “good old days” and it was off to the races.

    Besides, I’ll never go against a man who called Al Gore “the famous fag pimp,” although comparing Al Gore to a pimp is probably an insult to pimps everywhere. Pimps at least provide prostitutes to the paying public, which is a kind of service. Al Gore ran a protection racket, saying that if you paid him he would keep the sun from roughing you up with cancer and rising sea levels. But he just took the money, built a news station, and sold it to Qatari oil magnates.

    Oh, the “death clock” was made of ormolu. It’s the gold you make soft enough to carve finely by seeping it in mercury and lead, which is probably why they don’t make it anymore. If we have a revolution, our ruling class should be forced to make ormolu in windowless sweatshops. Pelosi could make herself a nice gold chain, and then, if she didn’t die from the fumes, she could hang herself like some lesser, disgraced post-Nuremberg Nazi.

    • The tactics of the Westboro Baptist people are indefensible. They do nothing to the regime and instead go around harassing ordinary people trying to bury a loved one or going about their lives. If their whole operation was an op to make people who oppose the alphabet soup movement look bad the regime would tell them to tone it down. That’s how bad they are.

      • The regime that American soldiers die defending in the 21st century is indefensible, and it already was in the early 2000s, and I say this as someone who was in Iraq. Fred Phelps didn’t kill half a million people in Iraq, or wreck the Ukraine, or risk starving and freezing the people of Germany to make a point. Soldiers are required to obey all lawful orders or face UCMJ. Pretty much every “lawful order” at this point is more egregious than protesting a funeral (from a couple hundred yards away, at that).

        • That’s not what the “Church” necessarily did. The mourners (family and friends) are not necessarily supporting the war, but there for a grieving family—who may have not even supported the war, nor the actions of the deceased in it.

          The “Church” uses the despicable tactic of punishing the innocent to obtain notoriety they would otherwise fail to obtain through more typical and accepted protest. The “Church” is also quite venal and cowardly as has been shown when they’ve been threatened with “counter” protest from those who would sooner take physical actions than simply hold placards and scream insult. The “Church” has backed down in any number of these situations, as do all “bullies”.

  30. Thankfully (I think), it seems we’re hurtling towards something historically, which will likely happen before their anti-white plan reaches fruition. For those that study history, we can see the confluence of so many factors leading to something bad. America’s sabotaging of the pipeline was a major escalation. Couple that with what will be a horrific winter in Europe with no heat and you have the makings of real problems. On top of that, the money printing of the west is finally starting to catch up with it. After all it’s tough talk about fighting inflation, England already signaled that it’s given up the fight and is lowering interest rates back down. The US will eventually do the same because it doesn’t have the stomach for the pain required to fight it, and it’s a more politically viable option. Hyperinflation like the Weimar Republic is certainly on the table, but even if it doesn’t reach that level, it will get HIGH.

    PS Not so concerned about the Somalis in Lewiston long term. How well do you think they’ll survive in the cold climate during an energy crisis and with a broke government unable to provide gibs? Me thinks not so well.

    • How well do you think the Somali’s were living at home?
      I suspect that grinding poverty in White societies is the top 1% of theirs.

      • You’re missing my point. I’m not talking about thriving. They literally couldn’t survive such a cold climate, their biology isn’t equipped for it. Imagine putting a polar bear in a zoo in Brazil. It would be all good and dandy, but if the zoo shut down and they released it to the Amazon, it wouldn’t survive terribly long. A sub Saharan in Maine is an artificial creation along the lines of this. Part of the hypothesis for why northern hemisphere people are so much better at delayed gratification is because it was utterly necessary in natural selection because they had to prepare for surviving winter. If the US does go through any kind of collapse, similar to what the USSR went through in the 90s, these people would either perish or quickly migrate south.

        • The Lewiston Somalis came from Atlanta, where the inclusive black city council didn’t want them. Send them back to where they belong!

      • Bilejones: The big problem is the present White people default of courtesy and helpfulness. If the Maine locals would freeze out the Somalis they might make some headway. “Sorry, can’t fix the plumbing – totally booked up.” “Sorry, Johnny can’t play, he’s got homework.” “Sorry, can’t help feed your kids, barely have enough for my own.”

        Totally aside from government coercion – even when/if that begins to lose its power and control, local people need to harden themselves and refuse to help the aliens amongst them. Social shaming and isolation go a long way, particularly if Uncle Sugar isn’t there to pay their heating bills.

        Does this mean I wouldn’t shed a tear if Somali chirren in Maine went cold and hungry? Damned straight.

        • I saw a South Dakota lady shaking her head in disgust at two hijab-clad women badly driving a new mommy van.

          South Dakota? Minnesota? Michigan? Maine?

          Man, they might disappear in the dark, but they sure show up in the snow. This is gonna be so easy.

    • What bilejones said is true of all of the mass migrants. Even a limping degraded America is way better than Mogadishu. At least they have infrastructure and abundance – and the regime favors them.

      What this regime done to blight Europe and America with these migrants is one of the great crimes in all of history. The impact of that foolishness is yet to be seen. I would not live anywhere near Mogadishu West.

  31. Freedom of association is also good for other races, blacks that I know enjoy the company of other blacks more than being around us crackers.
    Let blacks have their own culture, but let us whites associate with whom we want to associate.
    That really is a radical idea, that will help society function better.
    There is a reason for the story of the Tower of Babel.
    Separate nations and separate peoples are by design.

    • Even the most ardent white nationalists believed in amicable separation. Maybe the word “segregation” is too loaded of a term. A better term that may appeal to boomers is “detente.” A racial detente where all races decide that living amongst themselves is best. Deportation ain’t gonna happen and all races appear to be increasingly chafing under forced integration. Detente implies neutrality. I think everyone would be fine with this, it just involves tossing radical agitators overboard. That will be mostly whites and “fellow whites” but if that’s what it takes, so be it.

    • Anthropomorphize much? It’s no more by “design” than the fact that ducks and crows, or wolves and foxes, etc. tend to associate with their own kind.

      • Ben: Oh gracious no, couldn’t possibly be any other reason that Ligers never existed in nature until The Science intervened and created them. No other possible explanation for the striking similarities in Earth’s biological creation and instincts – pure happenstance. Same reason all the monkeys live in harmony together . . . oops, my bad, I believe you said ‘most.’

        • I stand by what I said. Yes, there are “striking similarities” in biology. But to impute that, or any other attribute of the world, to design, presumably of a God, is a common logical fallacy (“Appeal to ignorance,” if you care.) Heck, I concede you could be right, but ultimately it’s an unanswerable question, at least in this world.

          • Ben: I concur it may be an unanswerable question, but that was not your original argument. Respecting your right to disbelief in God does not equate to your likening others’ scepticism of Darwin’s theories to anthropomorphism.

          • 3g4me, you’ll need to excuse Ben, atheists just gotta atheist.

            They sure don’t believe, but if there is one believer out there…well, that must be challenged.

          • To Compsci, that’s what got me thinking about the role of emotion and language.

            I observed my own reaction to the most innocent of comments.

            I asked myself, “why am I having this gut-punch reaction?”

            (As an atheist born, atheist to the bone.)

            Certainly, then, if I do, then others do.

            “Must be challenged” is an excellent way to put it.

            “Triggered” is another- as is “a bug up yer butt, got your goose, yanked your string,” etc.

          • The SimGod did it. All the natural physical constants were originally set by our Sim God on day one. Intelligent design, but not much foresight.

            e **ipi + 1 = 0 !!!

          • Alzaebo. You of course are correct. My quip was perhaps ill put—as quip’s often are by their nature.

            What I really think is that we (DR) as a group need to come together on the essential questions that bring us here and leave the unimportant differences in the back ground.

            I have yet to discover what atheism vs agnosticism vs belief has to do with race realism, or in general DR ideas, as discussed among those of this group. I believe we can converge on the same goals coming from many directions. Indeed, that’s what makes this group discussion interesting.

    • The regime will never allow freedom of association because it would result in political movement to create separate regions and then break apart the United Soviet States of America into separate nations.

  32. The desecration of the flute fits in with your post on Gab about the Somalians in Maine. The point is ritual humiliation. Defile, desecrate, destroy. Rub the white man’s nose in it every chance they get. They get away with it because there is no consequence to them for doing it. They can be a vile as they want, and be cheered for it. On the other hand, think of the consequences for any white if he should stray from the narrative.


  33. I had to wonder how the crystal flute debacle even came about: did the Library of Congress just offer it to her apropos of nothing? I doubt she even knows who James Madison was prior to this.

    On another note it’s depressing how many people I know believe Russia sabotaged their own pipeline. They just can’t imagine America being that far gone. It shows just how naive and trusting people are of the USG, even after everything that has happened.

    • USG and the media. People think, “Well if CNN and Fox are both in agreement that it was Russia that sabotaged the pipeline, then it MUST be true.”

      • That’s the thing, they’re usually (key word) skeptics on anything the government or media says. This time around it’s 100% belief. Old habits die hard, I guess.

        • Since I usually only watch Tucker on FOX and he seems to believe the blown pipeline was Pedo Joe’s doing I fail to see how they all agree.

        • I suspect that many of the people being loaded into cattle cars for deportation to prison camps thought that they were deserving of such treatment, and that the government was acting reasonably.

          I’ve seen citations that during the Salem witch trials, or the earlier Inquisitions in Europe, that many of those accused of witchcraft honestly conceded that they were bewitched or otherwise in league with dark forces.

          It’s amazing how strong the power of belief can be.

          • You don’t have to go back that far. Solzhenitsyn told a story of when he was on a train to the gulag. He met a professor that was a true believer in Marxism and the regime. He tried to point out all the famine and problems to the man, and he kept spouting regime propaganda and excuses. He thoroughly believed that his own situation (being sent to a prison camp) was simply a paperwork error that would get sorted out. Nothing could shake him of the belief.

          • No Ben, it’s amazing what a little torture can do—or at least the threat of it. Hell, in Roman times, a confession *without* torture first was invalid. I’m hesitant to believe any confessions where the confessor receives benefit. Even in the time you speak of (Salem), such was the case. Yes, you might receive the death penalty, but there are bad deaths and worse deaths.

    • Two words: white people. White people did that. Not the fat flautist.

      There is a sickness in many white people and it is times like this when I cease being pro-white rather I’m pro-people who are against this stunt and against all the -isms that have led us to this point. Call it civic nationalism; I don’t care anymore. Downvote me bro. But you are either my ally or my enemy.

      There was a prank video circulating a couple days ago that had some white dude asking people to sign a petition for segregation between whites and BIPOC. The white people who refused are my allies. The white people who signed are my enemy. The black guy who laughed incredulously about it is my ally. Apparently.

      • Yeah. I doubt Lizzo’s managers and handlers came up with the idea either as Madison’s crystal flute is an obscure fact. So that means the Library of Congress came up with the idea. I can easily imagine a bureaucrat with an ivy league degree, problem glasses, and danger hair deciding this was a good idea. Nothing too sacrosanct so nobody is willing to go to the mat over it. Also it provides just enough accelerationism so when Lizzo twerks in front of the Liberty Bell in 2025, nobody is that surprised.

        • I am reminded that fairly recently a Zambian twerked in front of a Russian war memorial and was punished with 3 years in prison. Damn right I am hoping Vlad wins.

        • The logic is not exactly “what would make the chuds mad” so much as “what barriers can we break to liberate ourselves”

      • MacGregor dropped a line that gave me pause. He mentioned Zelenski trying to put together a dirty bomb, This fits perfectly into all the bullshit we’ve heard about “Russia threatens to use nukes”- (they didn’t,) So we see a dirty bomb in somewhere like Odessa ( A Russian City founded by Catherine the Great in 1784 or so) and cries of “Putin did it!”.

        Load up on your iodine folks.

        As to the pipeline bombing . the correct response to the shills who deny it was the U.S. is: “So you’re saying Joe Biden is a liar then?”

    • Mother

      The reason many people believe that Russia blew up their own pipeline is because people are basically stupid.

      One wonders how many times a nation has to be lied to before they wake up and smell the coffee.

      Oh well, I guess, especially with regards to the Magic Jab, that nature will cull the herd.

      It’s hard to survive on this planet, especially when one is stupid.

      • Bilejones: I’m not so certain – most of Congress is ignorant of what the Library of Congress has in its collections. They consider it a bastard offspring of the historical nation and a competitor for congress’ eternally-expanding staff office buildings. Oh, and competitors for seats in the private subway that runs between those congressional buildings. I guarantee the idea began with the Library staff.

        The Library of Congress was long ago infiltrated by anti-White intelligentsia – just as the National Geographic and Smithsonian and Scientific American were. Most of its lower-level staff – people with the freedom to roam the stacks containing many rare and valuable works of the Western mind – are ghetto noggers. Cultural vandalism and perverting/erasing history must include critical institutions like museums and the arts.

        Anyone know the name of the hatchet-faced wahmen from the Library who handed the apette the crystal flute? Start there and continue to dig.

        • I mis-spoke. I’m sure it’s one of the DSCW who enabled it at the behest of one of the professional culture warriors.
          At the back of my mind it’s the Young Turk thugs- those who auditioned AOC for the role back when she was tending bar.

          • Bilejones: Looks as though we were both partially correct – I had forgotten the Librarian of Congress was a black woman. She probably proposed the idea to AOC and the squad.

    • I believe it was either the Library of Congress or the Smithstonian who a couple of years back placed trigger warnings on the Founding Documents. I am doing a work from the road trip and in a part of the country you think would be deep red. All of the docents are woke Bolsheviks.

      I was at one place where, outside, there was a plaque and statue commemorating Washington and the Society of the Cincinnati. The docent, some Latinx history major who started the tour with a land acknowledgment, only mentioned Washington as dancing with hundreds of women at a ball. No mention of Washington and Cincinnatus as the only generals in history who led civil/revolutionary war who relinquished their command and sent their army home after victory, or any of the other many significant accomplishments of character and valor he is currently on the historical record for.

      Another docent, some NE Carpetbagger teacher transplant, mentioned this and her only comment was that Washington wrote of this grand ball, dancing with many women, “but you know who he didn’t mention? … Martha!”

      So, expect Washington to be cancelled as a philanderer sometime soon. The CIA has erected a statue to Harriet Tubman as a, “pioneer in intelligence.”

      Nearly all of the people who work for Fed and State Parks and Historical societies … … are likely extreme adherents to The Religion of Revisionist Delusion being C grade college graduates and likely Woke Studies majors of one sort or another. It is bad. It is worse if you look up David Rubenstein and his effective ownership of Monticello and Montepelier and his plan to print many pop history books.

      America is gone conquered. I read somewhere the best description of what these things are – humiliation rituals.

      We are going to have to rally to something else. It seems likely that our history will be sold off to oligarchs in Qatar, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Beijing, Seoul, Riyadh … … It wouldn’t shock me if Wall St. is already planning brokering the deals to do it. PDiddy already presents some copy of a Founding document to his house guests in The Hamptons. Who knows what is done to debauch them there.

      The White Pill is, we get to build something new. There is no grander or noble cause than saving one’s people and laying the foundation for future generations to rise to and above the heights of their people’s former glory.

      We have to teach our young boys about Alexander, Octavian, Rollo, Columbus … ourselves. The time will come when the usurpers and their vaudeville show of twerking degeneracy will be put back in their place and our people take control and create a new mantle of greatness. It may take generations, but that is our mission now.

      • Ouch, depressing but not surprising. I’ve started accumulating quite a library of books ranging from the classics to even biographies. I can easily envision widespread censorship of even the basics in the coming years. I’m not talking Culture of Critique, I’m talking The Iliad. Anything and everything is up for grabs and even as the system is gasping it’s last breaths, those breaths will be used to do as much antiwhite attacks as possible.

    • “Did the Library of Congress just offer it to her apropos of nothing?”

      It wouldn’t surprise me if she just marched in and demanded it and the people responsible for safekeeping the flute simply gave it to her because they were terrified of saying no to a black person.

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