The NFL’s Racial IQ Problem

The absurdity of America’s racial politics is no more obvious than in sports, where a collection of low-IQ jocks and circus performers wrestle with the irreconcilable contradictions of race and racial morality. Everyone involved is smart enough to understand the message they are required to push, but they lack the brainpower to make it work. Guys like Stephen A. Smith or Michael Wilbon come off as white nationalist parodies.

The NFL is probably the best place to see the ridiculousness, as that league has been trying hard to racially atone for the last twenty years. The NBA has been a black sport for generations now. Even the coaches are black. Hockey and baseball are impossible to make into black sports, because running and jumping are not critical qualities in either game. Outside of a few positions, running and jumping are important qualities in American football.

The main area of focus in the NFL has been quarterback, which is a position dominated by white players. The assumption has always been that the position requires smarts, and, well, you know. The league has been working to make it easier for the passing game by limiting what defenders can do. By making it easier to pass the ball, the threshold for being a quarterback has dropped. Add in changes to enhance the value of running quarterbacks and you get more black quarterbacks.

This is not all due to racial morality. The target audience for the NFL is declining in IQ so they are dumbing down their sport to chase the audience. Stupid people like to see simple plays where the star does all the work. Complex offenses that require field generalships are no fun to the typical fan. It will not be long before CGI is added to make the games more interesting for television. Maybe a new play will be the Fast & Furious style car chase.

A feature of football broadcasts is the talking heads assuring us that the quarterback who makes his living running the ball, a guy like Lamar Jackson, for example, is actually winning through intelligence. Jackson’s test scores say he is a full standard deviation below the typical quarterback, but we are told he is a football genius. In reality, he is just faster than everyone else at the moment. He is the Michael Vick of this generation, less the dog fighting business.

This demand to respect the intelligence of the new vibrant quarterback is turning up in the controversy over Tua Tagovailoa. He was slammed to the turn in a game and suffered a serious concussion. He was carted off on a back board and sent to the hospital for evaluation. The sports commentariat has been ordered to put on their outrage faces over this. How dare the league put this young genius at risk by letting him take a blow to the head!

The video looks like one of those things that happens in sports. Whenever one human being tries to throw another human being onto the ground, there is a chance someone is going to get hurt. Given that hitting the ground means sudden deceleration, concussions are to be expected. Anyone who has played football or boxed or wrestled has had their bell rung more than once. It is just a thing that happens, no matter how hard you try to prevent it.

Of course, concussions are a controversial issue. A whole new racket has grown up around the dubious claims from the CTE people. The term is short for Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy. Concussions probably have some negative impact on brain function, but the science is unclear. The CTE business is mostly a scam, which has a racial element to it. The guy who sold the idea is named Bennett Omalu. Will Smith played him in a movie.

The racial angle in the concussion story gets even more nutty when you look at the efforts to remediate the issue. The NFL has set up a fund to compensate players claiming to suffer from CTE. The NFL is race norming the concussion settlements to reduce payouts, which brings out the usual suspects. You see, Jamal is stupid because of the concussion, not because of genetics. It is a classic example of biological reality slamming into racial and political morality.

The truth is no one knows if concussions have a direct or even an indirect connection on cognitive issues later in life. We have always known that taking blows to the head is bad for you. We have the term “punchy” for a reason. Boxers who took too many blows over their career were often quite stupid later in life. It has always been assumed that it is the blows to the head, but no one really knows for sure. Maybe they started out stupid, which is why they took so many shots to the head.

There is a good chance that IQ plays a role. Intelligence strongly correlates with health outcomes, so it is possible that it plays a role in concussions. Higher IQ players may suffer fewer concussions or suffer less from them than low-IQ players. Boxers have never been known as smart guys, so maybe the reason they seem punchy in their later years is the combination of blows and their low-IQ. Maybe smarter people are better at avoiding concussion and recovering from them.

None of this is allowed to be said, so it does not matter much. The NFL is going to have to pay for these black former players. In a way, it is like the ongoing demands by blacks for compensation because of slavery. The math is not the issue. It is the moral blackmail that comes once you accept the current morality of race. The NFL, like white society, can never pay for the sins of the past, but it must keep paying. Discrimination is a nightmare from which will never awake.

In the larger context, the dumbing down of the sport and the presentation of it, corresponds with the dumbing down of race relations. Half a century ago, race relations were better because they were more thoughtful. Both sides sought an accommodation based on what was possible. Today it is two tribes flinging their poo not at one another, but at the rest of us. Like car chases in movies, race relations are now part of the menticide inflicted on our society.

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127 thoughts on “The NFL’s Racial IQ Problem

  1. This dumbing down is why I no longer pay any attention to NFL football. It has become little more than a glorified shoving match, with numerous interruptions when someone was shoved with a disallowed body part.

    In baseball, the average time available to make any play decision is less than 0.4 seconds. This naturally selects for the cream of IQ, regardless of race, because processing speed matters. I would estimate average IQ in MLB is around 145 (higher for whites, lower for nonwhites, but still well above whichever herd they came from).

    I don’t know hockey, but from what little I’ve seen, the situation appears to be similar — the pace and complexity of play requires superior processing power.

    Of course, one can also estimate IQ from crime stats. NFL and NBA players are worse than average, and are not averse to assault or worse. MLB players have a small fraction of the crime rate of the rest of us, and it’s almost entirely confined to Latinos and domestic violence.

  2. The game is now about the refs who call needless penalties in the games’ last minutes to determine the outcome. The league is apparently okay with this. Happened in last year’s Superbowl with a bogus pass interference call to rob the Bengals of an upset. These days defenses go to Cover Two with a nickel back in the final minutes and hope for the best. If the game now favors running QB’s and blacks, on the whole, do it better, so what. The Brady’s, Mannings and Rodgers style of play is on the way out. Tom is living on his laurels.

    Stephen A. and ESPN talking heads are clowns but that’s what they’re supposed to be. You know who’s got some QB smarts? Colin K. Yes, he’s half white and would rather be a jerk than have a nice retirement as an assistant offensive coordinator.

    By the way, where are the black centers?

    • “By the way, where are the black centers?”

      On the offensive line, the center position requires the most intelligence. There’s your answer.

  3. A few things that I would add to your analysis:

    1. The rise of the mulatto QB. Most of the black QBs who are decent and not glorified RB’s (Lamar Jackson) are a least half white, such as Mahomes or Russel Wilson. This makes sense because you might get decent athleticism combined with a passable level of intelligence. Football is not rocket science, largely because the playbook has to be dumbed down to a level that blacks can understand.
    2. We have seen an increase in innovative head coaches who understand the limitations of black QBs, such as Andy Reid, John Harbaugh, and Sean McVay (although in McVay’s case, he was working with a very stupid white QB, Jared Goff). The QB may not be able to add complexity to the offense through their abilities as a field general, but they can add complexity in other ways. Andy Reid understands that Mahomes will never be able to read the field as well as a Tom Brady or Peyton Manning, and doesn’t ask him to. Instead, he designs complex running plays (and plays that are really runs but are credited as passes) in which all Mahomes has to do is toss the ball to the right person immediately after the snap, which requires dexterity but little thought.
    3. Related to the increase in offense, the best head coaches have learned how to be more efficient with their play calling. In the old days, teams would waste first and second down on inefficient runs up the middle, requiring the QB to make up for it by making a difficult play on third down. This naturally favored white QBs. The best coaches have learned to avoid having these difficult third downs as often by calling more efficient plays on first and second down, lowering the bar for QBs.
    4. Most people do indeed analyze the game at an incredibly low-level. If an offense scores a lot of points, it is assumed the QB played great. Factors such as the defense, WRs, offensive line, and playing calling are ignored completely by pundits and fans. The only factor considered is the QB. This is great for black QBs who are chess pieces in the game played by white head coaches. In comparison, a guy like Tom Brady is the chess player, and his offensive coordinate is there for support.
    5. Black head coaches are universally terrible, and never win in the post season. The only black head coach to win a Super Bowl had Peyton Manning, one of the most talent and most intelligent QBs of all time. To see what happens when you have too many blacks on your coaching staff, look no farther than the Buccaneers. In spite of a stellar performance from Brady, the Buccaneers lost to the Andy Reid Chiefs tonight because of repeated mistakes on special teams and many penalty flags, which can be chalked up to coaching. So while black head coaches are present, they are not good enough to be relevant in the modern game.

  4. Gotta disagree with Z on this one.

    Concussions are very serious. It’s also pretty much common sense that repeated head trauma will cause long term consequences in exactly the same way that any repeated trauma will cause long term damage to joints, internal organs and a skeletal-muscular systems.

    Its also pretty obvious that American football is built on such traumatic impacts – from the game itself through the ridiculous mutants that play at the professional level to the armor they wear. Its also true that professional “sports “ teams are heartless corporations that dont give a shit about the long term health of their employees. Or not even their short term health. Its also pretty obvious that they are just an element of the GAE’s bread and circuses governing strategy. So its beyond foolish to defend these regime servicing corps.

    Arguably the physical abuse suffered by the performers is factored into their inflated pay structure. And everyone knows the risks of signing a deal with that devil. Still, the NFL is not our friend in any way shape or form.

    And the only sane reaction is hoping they all lose.

    • There have been enough brain scans across the careers of some NFL players to determine that they were indeed suffering damage from repeated impacts, even without fullblown concussion.

      Also, there’s pretty good per-sport data, and it correlates across the board: the more risk of concussion, the more players end up with significant brain injury.

      Tho as noted, sometimes the real root of the issue is being dumb enough to repeatedly whack your head into other dumb heads.

  5. Men who seriously follow pro-sports past the age of 12 are bizarre to me. But I suppose we all must have our screwy hobbies that allow for escape/hero worship. But to follow and worship such classless criminals who are not your people is something else. . .

    Last hero athlete is Novak Djokovik; or should I call him NOVAX Djokovik. I liked Federer and Nadal too, but they ruined it by crying like little girls for Feds retirement.

    • Baseball is only nominally a sport, because it does require athletic talent. However, it’s first and foremost a 3D chess match. This is why baseball fans can sit entranced for 9 innings even if “nothing happens” (ie. no score). It’s not what happens, it’s the anticipation of what might happen if one side gets a momentary edge, and all the little ways that that edge changes sides from inning to inning. As is often said, a game of inches… literally.

      This is why I thoroughly disagree with the various rule changes (never mind “robot umpires”) — they’re gradually removing the cerebral cat-and-mouse and unseen byplay aspects in favor of having everything perfectly delineated. Er, no, Baseball is about leveraging tiny advantages gained by more or less reading the other guys’ minds. It’s never going to be “perfect” because smart people think sideways, and sometimes make mistakes.

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  7. I guess we’ve all seen posts and comment sections where we strongly disagree with nearly everything that was said. Just want to say that this was one of those times for me. I’m not gonna refute, because I’d be typing for an hour. I’m baffled. You people. We’re on the same side. But seriously. Sometimes. Just. You FREAKING people.

    • Yep, just goes to show that deep in the heart of every dissident is a normie screaming to defend his team.

      Best to keep that inner normie buried deep.

      • Yeah. I would like to think that the original poster’s beef was with the last part of the article regarding Mr. Z’s skepticism with the concussion issue, which Mr. Z calls controversial. I cannot disagree more with that take.

        Concussions are incorrectly named, in my humble opinion. When a regular person hears the word concussion, they are not concerned for the person. The correct term for concussion should be “Brain Injury”. If this correct term was used, then most people would have a much more sober and realistic view of things when someone gets one.

        The general rule for concussions is, you get the first, you sit for a week. The second, you sit for a month. The third you are out for the year. This is the most basic pierce of data that all health care professionals know. I am boggled by the NFL’s interpretation of the issue.

        On the main point, the original poster should have realized when he posted that he disagreed with everything, he basically disagreed with the other 75 percent of the article that was completely spot on…in regards to the QB issue. That viewpoint is unforgivable.

        • The guy is a piss poor shill.

          Most of his posts are a poor emulation of a position he obviously does not hold to build up a presence and attempts to bring in the racism angle whenever he can.

          I assume he thinks he is undermining the enemy or whatever.

          • The “we are on the same team” shite is a dead giveaway. When you have to verbally try to articulate that you are not a devil, I stop listening.

      • Like a dog to his vomit, the boomer and older xer return to their sportzball fetish, usually the kneegrow felon league. Boys put aside childish games to become men.
        And also, this battle is lost, like “pop music industry” lost. It is NOT for our people anymore – at least, not for our people with any self respect. Arguing about football is like going to a proud boy rally in Portland. It’s just masochism at this point, and it will cause you more brain damage than the “affleets” participants.

  8. I scored 15 on the 25 question/6 minutes example test. Presumably that would translate to 30 on the 50/12 test?

  9. So I was on a 10 day business trip. Not much to do after hours, so I slipped back into watching a few NFL games for the first time in about 3 years not to mention the first commercial television in maybe 4-5 years.

    Literally the first commercial I see is a movie trailer about gay men bragging about sex with other gay men. America is not gay. 99.9% of everyone you meet is not gay. But they ran that commercial several times. Then the COVID jab ads…usually 1-2 COVID jab ads per commercial break. Other drugs list their side effects. No mention of all the heart and blood clot problems caused by the fake vaccine.

    It was a good reminder to me of why I stopped watching several years ago.

    Pissed about it, I decided to turn it off and go to the store – Wegmans, home of the “no bags” leftists. As I checked out my own groceries, I put the groceries back in the carry basket. I’m not buying a bag. The employee kept telling me to use a paid bag. I told her no and kept going. Then she told me the baskets aren’t allowed to leave the store, lol. I loaded up and walked out. She tried again to tell me I couldn’t, so I walked past her and said I’d bring it back. Instead, I left it in the cart corral outside.

    F&&k these people. I’m sick of the bs.

    • Did you see the new T Mobile commercial about the newest iPhone?

      It was pretty funny because it’s a Hispanic dude who got there first and way ahead of the crowd and who scores the phone (winner) and every other race is like stampeding toward the store more or less jockeying for position looking silly and clumsy (losers)

      I suspect the marketing guys are throwing everyone under the bus in this ad except for Hispanics. And this wasn’t a Spanish language channel. I found it interesting.

    • This is the way. Small acts of civil disobedience to break the machine.

      May I offer some suggestions?

      Keep a bag for trash in your car. When in ultra lib areas and no one around, chuck it out the window! Self checkout aisle…”forget” to scan a few items. Piss on bathroom walls.

      I only ahem ahem know people who do this in chain stores tho. Otherwise try to support my local small businesses even with their markup. Service is better anyways when the guy behind the counter is a retired electrician.

      • May not be so easy to “skip” a few items. Son explained to me how these systems “weigh” the final bags you stuff after scanning. If the bag doesn’t weigh correctly to the scanned items, everything stops. Seems in Walmart this keeps a half dozen employees in the Mosh pit busy.

        Son knows this because 5 yo daughter insists on helping daddy “scan” the groceries. She screws up a lot. 😉

        So does the average Walmart customer as well.

        • Bulk food items you can type whatever number you want in, especially if it looks similar. For example basmati rice is more expensive than long grain white rice, but the guy watching the self-checkout isn’t going to see that. Then per-item produce or donuts you can type whatever quantity you want, so like a bag of five donuts can be typed in as two.

          I don’t actually do this stuff as it’s beneath me, but when they started putting those dumb self-checkout lanes in I immediately started thinking up various ways to cheat the system.

    • Good on you, but you know what they say about folks who don’t return their shopping carts.
      Never thought to take a basket out of the supermarket

  10. The problem the NFL has is that you cannot sell certain things. I think we are past peak Cuckery, based on the toy business. Its one thing when times are good, when they are bad cable gets cut, spending goes to bare minimum, and we have already seen that in the consumer space where “coercion” has failed spectacularly.

    There is the “toy industry insider” report at

    Summary: Big Retailers are dumping Marvel/Star Wars. The toy business has made a mint on Princesses but not much on toys for boys. Disney went all in on the “Rey” series of movies on the promise that both girls and boys would buy the toys but neither did — it was a disaster. No retailer wants the Vision, or Wanda, or Agatha Harkness. The toys bases on the streaming series do not sell period. The only ones that sell are in order: Spider-Man, Captain America, Iron Man. And Captain America only as Steve Rogers. The Falcon sells way down there and he only sells as the Falcon not Captain America. Boys and their parents are not buying the Black Captain America. Disney forces retailers to take stuff like the Eternals, Shang-Chi which end up in the Third World and retailers are now saying no thanks due to big markdowns (near zero) on the vast majority of character merch that does not sell.

    Also, the toy market is splitting into two: the toys that studios make to feel good about bashing Dirt People: Marvel’s “Echo” and female Hawkeye and Rey from Star Wars which don’t sell, and the toys grudgingly made for “conservatives/fascists” who believe per the article in “patriotic’ themes, no alphabet issues, mostly heterosexual, mostly White, White males in leadership roles etc. Point being that even Disney can’t (yet) force people to buy stuff they don’t like. Its so bad that the studios are looking to Manga in Japan for toys as Star Wars and Marvel are played out due to wokeness.

    It may seem like a silly thing, but it suggest there are real limits. The Cloud People even with all of corporate power still can’t make a parent hand over money for garbage character toys, or make the kid want the toys. That’s something. Of immutable human nature.

    • The struggle is real. It takes 20 minutes to find a doll or toy, for a preschool girl, that doesnt have some bizzare sexual-racial fetishism. And sometimes you just come up empty, everything on offer is deviant or gross in some way. Almost like the toy industry saw “Chuckie 3” and decided, “lets make the racial-sexual version of that!”

  11. Brett Favre, Junior Seau, and Kurt Warner all suggest CTE is real. So does the sad story of WWE star Chris Benoit (murdered his family and killed himself) and a lot of other Wrestlers post-retirement. There certainly seems to be a very marked mental deterioration among those who get hit in the head a lot — compare George Foreman with Mohammed Ali and who really “won” that fight.

    I do think there is a movement in the NBA at least away from them thug product of single mothers like LeBron who just muscle their way to the basket to second/third generation players like Steph Curry who shoot three pointers from a distance. How many championships has Golden State won over the last 15 years vs. the Lakers? [Disclaimer, I don’t watch basketball, just casual observation.]

    In the NFL, the Browns signed some black QB with I think 22 pending sexual assault cases (don’t follow it much, so can’t recall his name) and traded Baker Mayfield to I think the Jaguars. Said QB is already suspended by the NFL for a lot of games and other owners are furious at the amount given to said player: I think around 223 million over the years. At some point that’s going to cause a team to go under. Other teams/sports are noticing — a contract worth that much particularly guaranteed means selecting for stable performers over time: intact family, low appetite for risky sexual encounters, obsessed with the sport so no other things that cause risks (motorcycle riding, golf, Waffle house waitresses and 17 year old babysitters ala Tiger Woods). Sports leagues are sponsor driven and the NFL is just one awful Chris Benoit incident away from sponsors dropping them immediately. Already I note that a lot of sports are seeing cable money erode as cord cutting accelerates in the recession: the Clippers have a bunch of games now on Broadcast TV.

    Just like Kwasi Kwarteng and Liz Truss, Affirmative Action mediocrities, have caused Sterling to plunge below the dollar (98 cents last I looked from normal range of 1.47-1.60) and given Labor a 33 percent lead. When your team or nation is in difficulty, just putting a woman or “vibrant” person in charge does not work, the opposite. Its a luxury of good times and little challenges circa 1992-2021.

    These people fail because they can’t rally the most important group: the smart White guys who form the backbone of organizations, and they cannot foresee anything beyond the first step. The Euro is failing too, and with similar AA leadership (mostly female and gay in that case). Collapse is not coming this spring, its coming now.

  12. THE reason this is even a “thing” is that they were “marked” by God as the first murderers of another human being. THAT, is the DNA “memory” that all humans “struggle’ with. No, you’re NOT immoral or “wrong”, to think that way.
    Time to move on….

  13. “Maybe they started out stupid, which is why they took so many shots to the head.”

    Peter McNeeley always seemed dumber than a second coat of paint, even before Tyson smacked some sense into him.

    • Muhammed Ali, palsied and in obvious mental deterioration, once told a famous sportscaster: “Boxing have been good to me, Howard.”

      • Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt: He may have meant “Boxing” in the collective sense of many individuals and organizations.
        Alternately, he may have gone to a government school.

    • That’s exactly the problem–what was the before state of the athlete’s IQ, if we are talking compensation for IQ deficient induced by the sport. Also there is a well known legal concept of assumed liability in these such endeavors. Seen any boxers getting injury settlements?

      Of course, as Z-man points out, we are talking primarily about our sainted Black population, so law and legal precedent mean nothing.

  14. I enjoyed watching a Mexican UFC fighter talk about how Mexicans had grit and then he remembered he was talking about “Hispanic Heritage month” and had to somehow tie the MEXICAN grit to ALL “Hispanics”.

    Hearing the UFC fighters talk about “Hispanic Heritage month” makes me shake my head and wonder how they get away with it.

  15. There was a notorious case of a big “boxing family” where all the brothers came down with CTE except the one nice guy who didn’t box. There’s a strong genetic component, yes, but the concussions absolutely do make a difference.

    • We do not know that concussion cause CTE because we are not sure CTE is real. The study that launched the rocket was a great bit of marketing, but worthless as science. Keep in mind that this is a serious problem in science. Years of time and billions of dollars were spent on brain plagues causing Alzheimers. The study that launched it was fake

      • Also one needs to note that brain injury via getting hit in the head is a minor–yes minor–part of the professional fighter’s sustained and repetitive brain insult. It’s the number of “practice” rounds in preparation for any major bout that add up. Probably at least an or two of magnitude greater.

        • Drug enhanced training, especially steroids, is the real cause of brain damage for pro fighters. They train under altered consciousness and don’t realize when they’re going too hard and hurting themselves.

          Now with football the issue is obviously weight related, but in combat sports with weight classes the issue is training like an idiot. Athletes on drugs need natural training partners to show them where the limits are.

      • Dr. Malcolm Kendrick is a notable skeptic of the arterial plaque theory of heart disease. The real cause is apparently inflammation and blood clotting, and the plaques are a symptom of this and in fact an attempt at healing, though this can be taken too far of course. Alzheimer’s disease plaque theory sounds a lot like the same thing.

        Note that Kendrick and his skepticism of statins got called a quack and quackery and deleted from Wikipedia.

        But for some things, like concussions, anyone who has ever had one will just tell you how bad they are. It’s a black swan or red pill thing, where you can know the truth 100% when it happens to you.

      • CTE is real Mr. Z. Please I would humbly suggest that double blinded trials in multiple locations and countries are not required to prove this point. This is what Leftists do when normal people say that grooming is bad. The Leftist response: “show me the proof.”
        Some things are pretty obvious. Repeated brain injuries are horrible. You are well aware of the Coup-contrecoup mechanism. Imagine doing this dozens of times a game every Sunday for 16 Sundays a year. The players are fodder by the time they are in their 40s and 50s.

        American Football was initiated with leather helmets and players playing both ways, hence the need to be agile as well as big.

        The specialization of the sport, combined with the steroids results in 325 pound freaks who bench 225 lbs. 30 times while running the 40 yard dah in 4 and a half seconds.

        About a decade ago, I lived a few houses down from a Llnebacker from the local NFL team. On television, he looks normal size. In person, he barely looked human. His arms looked like someone put metal bars in them. He literally was a walking tank. I am as jaded as they come but I was genuinely taken aback.

        I can’t imagine the energy he would generate with a helmet to helmet hit while getting running start.

        I have not seen this when I have seen baseball players or hockey players up close. They look like humans.

        NFL is dangerous. Players know it, audience knows it. It will stay that way and this is why is is by far the most popular sport by a large margin in the U.S.

        Your points about the QB thing are pretty spot on. I wouldn’t agree with conflating the two issues (CTE and the QB thing)

        • Things are true if they are, in fact, true, not if they are far enough away from some group you dislike. There is no science at present to support CTE. This is a fact. It seems like concussions should have long term effects, but we don’t know.

          • The problem is you cannot ethically study these things in a scientifically rigorous way. You cant take 200 18 year olds and bash 100 of them in the head with a baseball bat until they pass out, then test them, kill them and thrn autopsy their brains to compare the results with the control group. So we are left to guess and do post-hoc epidemiological studies and come up with “working models”, a lot of which actually rely on wounded combat vets who lived through explosions/IEDs. Neurology today is still in the “fly a kite in a thunderstorm and see what happens” phase.

    • Ah, the Rainbow 🌈 Alphabet Roller Derby “Queens” wouldn’t stand for it.

      Found out about the gals in Roller Derby via seeing them at an after match party. The Lovely 🥰 Mrs. and I went to a minor league hockey game in a sports complex where the girls were having a roller derby match the same night. Post hockey game the Mrs. suggests we stop at a local brewery nearby to wet our whistles. While we’re there the roller gals show up for an after party.

      Yeah, one straight girl and she left after having one beer. You haven’t seen so much girl to girl cuddling and kissing outside of a p0rn site. My Mrs. and I were the only straight couple in the place. However the gals liked dancing to 1980s/90s dance music so we ended up dancing amidst all these lez couples. The fun part was being asked to join a conga line by the shortest, most tattooed gal with a blue dyed buzz cut.

      What the Hell, I joined.

      But yeah, I’m figuring they wouldn’t go for the trans thing.

    • NFL is almost unwatchable, there are how many commercials per hour, compared to playtime?
      Also the commentary is inane.
      Another problem wit TV NFL veiwing is the constant myopic coverage of the ball, instead of the defensive alignments and motion.

  16. Also, a small quibble, not necessarily with you, but with those on our side of the divide that notice these differences. Everyone notes that black run and jump better, and whites have the IQ edge. However, it’s worth noting that blacks aren’t better in all athletic endeavors. If you look at raw power, Northern Europeans dominate. In the sport of powerlifting (which I enjoy following), you’ll see that every year, the strongman competition is dominated by Eastern Europeans, Baltic states, scandanavians, British isles, Germans, and Poles. It’s almost exclusively these ethnicities. Makes sense that those of the north are built like bears and those of the south tend toward cheetahs.

    • Yup.

      “The World’s Strongest Man,” competition has always been like a vanilla ice cream factory.

    • Cycling, too, for that matter. I’ve seen negro road cyclists, and they can often keep competitive cadence on the flat top, but they can’t handle climbs for crap.

    • For weightlifting, I’m thinking the longer limbs of blacks aren’t an advantage. I’m no expert on weightlifting though.

      Blacks of West African descent generally have explosive sprinting speed and jumping power.

      East Africans, such as the Kenyans from the Rift Valley, are not good at sprinting and jump, but instead excel at distance running. Their skinny calves, short torsos, long legs are a huge asset.

      • Generally true, but it’s complicated. Hafthor Bjornsson and Brian Shaw are literally polar bears, and they’re all time greats. Eddie Hall is also a great, but he’s short. These guys all have a few layers of fat though which seems to help with their raw power.

    • Anything that takes discipline over time is going to favor some groups over others (just as positions that favor rapid/impulse level thinking do, think “running back”).

  17. I once spent a year teaching at one of those “Jacksonville State”-type schools. Not an HBC, obviously, but one of those places were kids who can’t keep it in their pants (or make the grades) at Power Five programs end up. Imagine a kid who failed out of LSU or Alabama and you’ll get the sense of the brainpower involved.

    Anyway, I got to know one of the coaches. He was black, but one of the Talented Tenth. He showed me a few plays from the playbook. Suffice it to say that Tecmo Bowl had a more complex offense; this stuff should’ve been drawn on a napkin with crayon. Literal street ball stuff, like we used to play when we were kids: “Donny, run to the red Buick and turn around.”

    The coach didn’t actually say something along the lines of “Damn, what I wouldn’t give to have a White quarterback”… but I bet he thought it, more than once.

  18. A Saturday post! Z, you’re too kind.

    So, yourself and others on the DR have said that the late 80’s-mid 90s represented a time when racial issues could be talked about with relative candor. However, I’d just like to note that Al Campanis and cousin Jimmy were among the first to ever get cancelled for noticing things on this topic, and that was in 1987-88. Watch Campanis’ interview and it’s indistinguishable from how a host would respond today.

    • Yeah, I stopped in this morning to see if Z had updated the post from Friday with the podcast link. But instead I found a Saturday article. Pleasant surprise.

    • True. We’ve been on the path of racial idiocy for a long time. The Frito Bandito was cancelled in 1968 or 1969, for crying out loud. Obviously, not as bad then as it is now, but every item of nonsense we’re currently experiencing was prefigured clearly more than half a century ago. So-called “wokeness” is hardly a new thing.

  19. We are culture based on a falsehood: equality. Because of that, you simply can’t have a conversation with anyone about race or gender. It will always boil down to facts that you’re not allowed to discuss.

    It makes for a very boring country. How I long to live in a society, such as Japan, where race is never mentioned. It’s mind-boggling how much money and just mental effort the American whites waste on non-whites.

    • Race in Japan is pretty simple: if not a Japanese, then a gaijin. Negroes are a whole other category; yes, gaijin, but also black. Kind of like all thumbs are fingers but not all fingers are thumbs.

      • I can only hope the Rui Hachimuras of the world remain vanishingly scarce. If even the Japs succumb to nuggraphilia then it seems all will be well and truly lost.

    • Our entire civilization has been consumed with it. Our culture has been destroyed and replaced by it. This land would be a European paradise where every child reached their full potential and those who couldn’t reach far would still get a decent shake. The internationalist, whether communist or corporatist, has to go.

  20. Hockey will never be a black sport. But they’re working hard to make it gay, female and especially woke. Coaches have to go through CRT training. The government of Canada is currently attacking Hockey Canada for some sexual assault allegations. Hockey Canada has promised to be even more woke now to get out of this shakedown.

    Leftist politicians have already floated the idea of shutting down Hockey rinks since they’re not eco friendly. Of course the real reason is that it’s something normal white people like to do, and they hate that.

    They’ve tried racial inclusivity in hockey for years. They had Hockey Night in Punjabi on CBC 20 years ago. But it’s basically only whites that care about it want to play. Non whites that play get mocked by other non whites for being white. My guess is their plan is now to destroy it, since they couldn’t co-opt it. They’ll just destroy it to the point where nobody wants to play it, and eventually shut down rinks.

    • B125: Back circa 1995, when a certain hand-rubbing tiny-hat-wearing tribe saw what the nascent internet and analogue-to-digital-conversion [ADC] technology was doing its intellectual property rights [movies, songs, books, pornography, etc], that tribe went on a buying spree [funded by its Usury Industrial Complex] to purchase up all rights to LIVE broadcasts of events, because only the advertising revenue from LIVE broadcasts had any value in the digital age.

      And the easiest way to purchase the rights was to purchase the teams involved.

      At the professional level, that means the overwhelming majority of all NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL teams are now owned by said tribe.

      Which, in turn, necessarily means that the goyische cattle watching their sportsball whilst chewing on their goy-slop will now be inundated in a Weimarische-biblische flood of Entarteten Sportarten.

      • You can say “Jews” here, dude, the hush hush wink wink coded language is retarded.

        • I thought we were supposed to be subtle chez Z.

          I can certainly do sledge-hammer, but it just seems kinda inappropriate in these here parts.

          • Don’t use racial slurs, this isnt daily stormer, but you can be plainspoken. Some cleaverness in phrasing is not out of line, so Ill disagree with Templar.

      • It’s Sunday now, and the remnants of that hurricane are still pounding Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, southeastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey and even NYC/Long-Island [Manhattan & Brooklyn & Queens].

        That was a big storm, which was supposed to have headed off to Ohio, but now is getting bogged down in the mid-Atlantic.

        • PS: I certainly hope Chateau Z weathered the storm successfully.

          I’ve always imagined Z to live pretty close to Fort Meade, and not all that far from the Chesapeake [maybe even in Annapolis proper].

          Storm damage requires months to recover from.

          I had a friend who basically lost his marriage and got hit with a divorce on account of a big CAT-4 blowing through town and the havoc that storm wreaked on their newlywed lives; they were down at the bottom of a hill, on the edge of the flood plain of a notable local “creek”, which turned into the frigging Mississippi River in the aftermath of that CAT-4, plus the wind damage meant yuge oak trees down in their front yard, and all throughout their neighborhood.

          PRO-TIP: If you live in an hurricane alley, then do not allow oak trees to stand within about 250 feet of your domicile nor your outbuildings nor your vehicles nor your boats.

          Oak Trees are total round-heeled sluts when Cat-4 Chad cums to town.

          • “I had a friend who basically lost his marriage and got hit with a divorce on account of a big CAT-4 blowing through town and the havoc that storm wreaked on their newlywed lives”

            Did the hurricane blow his spouse away and into someone else’s arms? This is negro tier excuse making on his part. Hurricanes cannot cause divorces, I guess they could be a catalyst to finish off an absolute sham marriage. But so can runny eggs

    • The same thing is happening to classical music. If it’s white and functionally non-diversifiable, it must be destroyed.

      • I can’t even begin to address that particular abomination without going all Fed Poast on Z.

        My thoughts on the desecration of serious music are utter & complete Fed Poast material.

  21. “The main area of focus in the NFL has been quarterback, which is a position dominated by white players. The assumption has always been that the position requires smarts, and, well, you know. The league has been working to make it easier for the passing game by limiting what defenders can do. By making it easier to pass the ball, the threshold for being a quarterback has dropped. Add in changes to enhance the value of running quarterbacks and you get more black quarterbacks.”

    Hold on, isn’t this exactly backwards?

    The NFL has been emphasizing the passing game and tying the hands of the defense, which leads to the rise of cerebral pocket passers like Brady and Manning, who don’t necessarily need to have strong chins. There is no way Brady is the GOAT if he was playing against the ’70s Steelers by ’70s rules. Brady is Brady because the game was pretty much redesigned around him.

    That’s the way I see it. But, like others here, I stopped watching sportsball 20 years ago.

    • That’s pretty much it. Long completions in tight coverage and long runs and kick returns are the stock of highlight reels. Defensive stuffs for no gain and getting handsy on throws to force incompletions aren’t. The change in rules is to make what was once impressive because it was rare into something common have led to the current mess.

      • In general, in sports like football or basketball, there are 2 offensive philosophies. One is where you create space. The other is where you find space. In both football and basketball, the trend is toward finding space, which is a less complex approach. Spread out, get open, find space, make a catch.

        Creating space is more complex, though if run well is more effective. Picture a wishbone offense with well-blocked plays and timely pitches, using deception to keep defense off balance. In basketball think of using picks and screens and backdoor passes, as opposed to spreading out, 1:1 crap.

        Here’s a play you’d probably never see again, in this formation. I am not a fan of either team, but I find this the most beautiful football play I’ve ever seen. Perfectly blocked, runner breaks the 1 tackle he had to. A piece of art:
        (go to the 15:50 mark)

    • The primary reason we’ve seen an increase in the number of black quarterbacks is because offensive coordinators have dumbed down their playbooks in order to take advantage of black athleticism at the position. Most of them have concluded that running quarterbacks are better than complex schemes. Nevertheless, it’s still almost exclusively teams with smart white quarterbacks who win Super Bowls, so I’m hardly certain the bargain the OCs have made is a wise one. It is entirely possible that these coordinators have been motivated, at least partially, by anti-white racism.

      • Ostei Kozelskii: “It is entirely possible that these coordinators have been motivated, at least partially, by anti-white racism.”

        It’s also entirely possible that (((the team owners))) are ordering the coordinators to en-darken the quarterback position.

        For Goodness’s sake, (((those very same owners))) just got finished en-darkening the Silmarillion.

        Both the en-darkened Silmarillion and the en-darkened NFL will be utter financial disasters, but when (((your cousins))) at the Fed have access to infinite fiat shekels, the disasters never have consequences.

        • It is horrible what Amazon did to TLoTG. And the 2nd age from Simarrillon actual thye has access to the “Apendicies”.
          Turned Tolkien into fashionable “Twilight” friendly adolecent diversity trope.

  22. I always wonder about 2 exceptions – Doug Williams and Warren Moon. They weren’t runners and apparently could read defenses, and were extremely effective. Talented 1/10th?

    I don’t watch the NFL much anymore, but my impression is that Patrick Mahomes and Russell Wilson are capable of reading defenses. But maybe being mulattos explains that? Did Mahomes’s coal-burning morher’s genes give him a decent IQ?

    • Mahomes may be an example where hybrid vigor actually took effect.

      Lewis Hamilton in Formula One would be another.

    • Doug Williams wasn’t actually that good. He had a journeyman type of career, then kind of lucked into a Super Bowl win, the first black QB to do so, and the result has been that he’s overrated.

      Warren Moon was great however, and he always came across as intelligent enough. The Thomas Sowell or Larry Elder of football I suppose. There’s always been a few intelligent black athletes sprinkled here and there throughout sports, consistent with what the bell curve shows.

      You could make the case that measured as a group, black professional athletes are more intelligent than general population blacks. Going through the process of high school, college, and pro sports weeds out the most dysfunctional. Obviously as a group, though, the pro sports black athletes are still far less intelligent than the White athletes.

      • I’ll add that blacks going through the process of sports doesn’t always weed out the most dysfunctional. I’m well aware of the shocking abundance of black criminal-types in pro sports. Just to be clear.

        • I suspect that the stupidest and most dysfunctional football players are most often found at the positions that require the least amount of intelligence–cornerback and running back, with defensive lineman and receiver close behind.

          • Corner back? Are you sure, the ability to read an offense at point blank moment’s notice, then modify your attack to a host of possible presentation outcomes? Requires an inner type of intuitive prescience. I played backfield with my team to devastating effect against a top notch set of opponents. Destroying momentum with well earned interceptions was the greatest pleasure.

      • The average of black IQ in the NFL is far higher than the 84 otherwise expected of Afericans. 98 if I recall correctly, even after accounting for famously stupid examples.
        A few years ago Belichick brought up a running back from the taxi squad to fill in and in his first and only NFL game he ran for 200 yards. An hour late for the next practice, he was cut. It may be that the ability to make your next 100 appointments on time is an IQ sieve.

        • One often hears it said that if your IQ is below 85, you will not have the ability to get out of bed and get to work on time consistently and are therefore functionally unemployable. Around half of all nuggras fall into this category.

          • Reminds me of a looong time ago in NYC where a welfare official was attempting explain the problem with Blacks–and a few other well known minorities–inability to get to their jobs on time. Explanation was that they didn’t have alarm clocks, so Welfare Office should supply such accoutrements.

            Didn’t go over then, but today?

    • Mahomes and probably Wilson have more white than black genetic material. That is very important. As for Williams, and especially Moon, they were outliers.

  23. Another reason for more and more blacks is because whites are more and more ambivalent about football due to the concussion issues. Whether or not it is overstated, parents are noticing players, even in the High School level, are far bigger, faster, and stronger than years past due to fine-tuned training even in the smaller divisions. They start to figure the danger isn’t worth it anymore.

    When I was in High School football twenty years ago, one of my teammates had a hurt neck. Our head coach prudently kept him out and when he got it checked out they found out it got hit so hard another blow probably would have left him paralyzed. Another had a rib injury he played through that, with the right hit, could have punctured his lung.

    With the size of players now, it might not be feasible to really play as it was meant to be without weight limits in players. Though if the Tua incident is too much, might as well move back to rugby, a better sport anyways.

    • Chet-

      Another factor in much bigger and stronger football players at the high school level is the epidemic of PEDs in the US.

      PEDs are widely available, even down to the small town level in this day and age.

      People are even more oblivious to the PED epidemic than they are to the fentanyl disaster.

      • I’m a big guy, who’s been training pretty consistently for years with a high protein diet. There’s a ton of guys who are way more jacked than me and it’s pretty obvious they’re on ‘roids.

        Not that I’m the pinnacle of body building or anything but the body doesn’t naturally get so bulky without them. Without roids you look “strong and big” all over, like a farmer. With roids you get a bulky, veiny, almost balloon look.

        • B125-


          What you describe in your last paragraph is what many call the, “eye test.” The main giveaways are enormous, cartoonishly overdeveloped trapezius and garden-hose like veins popping out of biceps.

          The other huge benefit of roids is that, much like rust, they never sleep.

    • “Whether or not it is overstated, parents are noticing players, even in the High School level, are far bigger, faster, and stronger than years past due to fine-tuned training even in the smaller divisions.”

      This is mainly the democratization of steroids now. There’s no secret training program that makes that much difference, the huge gains in athletic performance are all through chemistry now. Yet another reason to wave even the most talented white kids away from top level sports careers. None of that is worth it to become a liar and poison yourself.

      • It’s a tragedy that White boys can no longer simply have fun anymore.

        I have long suspected the kneegr0w problem to have been the reason for the EXPLOSION in the census of competitive swimming.

        Competitive “USS” swimming programs are now on the order of 10 TO 100 TIMES LARGER than the old “AAU” swimming programs were.

        Meaning in the AAU era, a big team might have comprised 50 swimmers [age 7 to age 17]; whereas, in the USS era, a big team now has 500 to 5000 swimmers on it [age 5 to age 25].

        I have long suspected that the the USS got its kick start from the corruption of the AAU; my guess is that the “Soccer Mom Karens” of the 1980s/1990s didn’t want their swimming children to be associated with the gr0ids of AAU boxing and AAU track & field, and so the “Soccer Mom Karens” created the USS as a form of racial gentrification.

        As a sport, swimming is excellent for your cardiovascular system & your neck & your spine, but dadgummit, swimming competitions pale in comparison to the pageantry and sense of teamwork one experiences in football & even in basketball.

        Then there’s MMA.

        I’m sorry, but watching Dads pushing their boys into MMA would make me wanna push a son straight into the NRA.

        I.e. bring that kung fu bullsh!t around our house, and you’ll be staring at the barrel of a shotgun.

        MMA is creepy as hell.

        MMA and anabolic steroids were made for one another.

        • “I.e. bring that kung fu bullsh!t around our house, and you’ll be staring at the barrel of a shotgun.”

          Do they have shotguns at your kids school? How about in the prison cell you end up in when you shoot a jogger when his 85 IQ kicks in and he jogs right toward you and tries to take your shotgun?

          Learn to fight and make sure your kids know how to fight. Boomer tier muh guns posturing is not effective self defense for you or anyone else. Men need to be able to effectively defend themselves and their families, this is part of our ancestry and an essential part of male self respect and competence.

          • For the record, forget kung fu…

            you need to have your sons in boxing, BJJ, muy thai, and/or wrestling.

            Solid training in any one or any combination of these areas will provide deserved interpersonal confidence and make someone highly competent to put down the average shitavious in a pinch.

    • Concomitant with this, the sheboon baby mama is far less likely to give a dam’ about one of her Shaq’Tayvions than will the the white mother about her dear Cayleb. Whites are opting out; Hutus are staying in.

  24. Stopped watching most NFL when the tiresome end zone celebrations got even worse.
    Coach used to say, Act like you’ve been there before.
    Now the highlight is the Superbowl, for the commercials.

    • I stopped watching baseball for the same reason. After blacks stopped playing, MLB foisted diverse and festive Latinos on the sport, and last time I checked, they are a large minority if not 50% of all players. And who could’ve guessed it…players celebrate every damn thing, and peacock when not celebrating. And the manager, who used to be an ornery jerkoff, is now happily allowing it.

      • Not to mention the necklaces and earrings. Saw a video of Maris hitting his 61st home run. Handshakes, claps on the shoulder, applause, and crew cuts. No manic hugs, shoulder length or green hair, and a tip of the cap. But that was a thousand years ago.

  25. Maybe a little OT, but I’ve read that Curly Howard, of Three Stooges fame, suffered brain damage from all the bops on the noggin he took while performing. Moe did not pull his punches. When Curly died, and was replaced by the effeminate Curly Joe, CJ would not allow any blows to the head.


  26. It really is incredible how “good whites” twist themselves into pretzels to try and convince everyone that blacks are just like Whites in every respect – and I mean every respect. No amount of reality based facts will shake their faith.

    Most running black QBs – is there any other kind – aren’t really that good. The first instinct is always run. They may have a good arm like Vick, but if they can’t consistently connect downfield, who cares? Plus, they take a beating. But they’re also probably a dime a dozen these days, so when trayvonta gets knocked out, jaquarious can take over.

    • As someone who studied the game and knew people close to the nfl level, I can tell you that the retard black QBs have all had to have the passing tree simplified. They have one read to to make and if it’s not there they’re instructed to protect the ball and run to “make a play”.

      • All of you folks either implying or flat out saying blacks are too stupid to play quarterback are most likely racist. ….if everything has been soooo simplified for the black quarterback why are they so hard to defend? Seems that if an offense is simple then it can and will be easy to defend. Also, what’s easier to defend between a dual threat qb or a pocket statue? What’s wrong with building around a player’s strengths?

        • Why aren’t there more black quarterbacks ranked as the best ever in the NFL? Warren Moon was one of the best, maybe in the top 20 or 30. The rest are all white. Some of the best ever include Dan Marino, John Elway, Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Brett Favre, Joe Montana, Johnny Unitas, Drew Brees, Steve Young, Roger Staubach, Fran Tarkenton, Bart Starr, Ben Roethlisberger, etc. A lot of the best ever guys were “pocket statues” and not easy to defend.

        • Someone in here yesterday brought up Morgoth’s archetype of the hatchling, and here’s one live and in color! I wonder how Mx Law found his way here. Perhaps Huntington Post did a piece on you Z!

          If you happen to be an actual person seeking answers. In summary, biology is real, natural selection is real, therefore racial differences are real, go read Douglas Murray’s Bell Curve as a primer. That’s as much as I’ll engage in good faith.

        • You’re an idiot. How many jungle bunnie QBs have won a stuperbowl? Three in 50+ years. And two were mulattoes.

        • Of course we’re racists! But unlike white Leftists, we’re not racist betrayers of our own people.

          As for black athleticism/versus simplified offenses, offensive coordinators have decided the tradeoff is a beneficial one. Yes, the offenses are easier to defend, but running quarterbcks are even more difficult to defend.

      • Even normal route trees are simplified to accommodate blacks. If NFL teams were all white the playbooks would be far more complex. The Patriots in their second dynasty showed what a majority white offense was capable of, with Edelman, Amendola, Hogan, and Gronk as their main receivers, an all-white offensive line, and of course Tom Brady. They would always try to bring in blacks like Chad Johnson and they would be too stupid to comprehend the playbook.

  27. They have been working at this for a long time. My high school football coach commented when a kid asked him what he thought of Randall Cunningham in his prime with the Eagles, “he runs for his life and dumps passes in front of linebackers.” Cunningham was heavily promoted by the league as the equal to much better white QBs.

    There has been a consistent pattern with black QBs for 20 years where they have a short burst of success, defenses figure out how to game plan for them and their careers start to sputter. Robert Griffin III was another good example. Plus the first time they suffer a leg injury it results in reduced productivity. I rarely watch the NFL now but have noticed the same thing with them dumbing down the game.

    • Justin Fields, the Chicago Bears young black quarterback, is currently rated at number 32 (out of 32) in passing statistics. He also happens to be extremely fast (No kidding) and can run out of trouble pretty easily. He has a strong arm, but seems to have trouble finding the open receiver. The Bears are all in and pinning all of their hopes on this kid.

  28. I disagree about the other sports.

    It will happen, they just have not got round to them in an organized manner due to the smaller market.

    You could try saying the same thing about politicians, or doctors, or pilots, or actors, or whatever, but the replacement is happening irrespective of objective measures, people’s interest or financial rewards and if you need to just ignore scores in order to change it, then that is what will happen.

    Its like soccer in Europe where more and more teams are majority black players, despite the fact outside Brazil no black teams ever made any impact internationally either at club or national level.

    However, if you just switch the players because reasons and over representation, who can tell the difference as to the outcomes when all the teams are now the same in this respect?

    People think if that was the case you would select all white teams and sweep the board, but that is not how it works in the clown world in sport, or medicine, or politics or any other area cthulu decides to be.

    • Back in the ’80s and ’90s when there were still “white teams” in the NBA (Celtics, Jazz), and even into the early ’00s when white teams didn’t exist anymore but majority-white starting lineups still did (Kings, Mavericks), they were always *almost* the best teams—and they were treated unusually poorly by officiating crews, to the point where normies in the crowds would chant “bullshit!” at every game (especially from about 2000-2005, as I recall).

      At the time, my impression as a former college player, based on my own experiences, was that the near-geriatric white officials were intimidated by the big young black guys, but…my suspicions have shifted. Upward.


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