Lessons Of War

Greg Johnson and Mark Collett had a debate about the war in Ukraine, with each man taking a quite different view of the war. It was a reasonable and polite exchange, so if you like these things, it is worth a listen. I must admit I struggle to follow the logic of Greg’s argument, as it leads him to defend the people who would throw him in a cage if they had the chance, but perhaps the fault lies with me.

Regardless, the debate itself is a good jumping off point to talk about other issues related to the larger struggle. Like Covid, the war in Ukraine is a bit of a litmus test on this side of the great divide. Where you stand on the issue says a lot about where you stand on many other issues. Like Covid, it is becoming one of those reference points for other differences in the dissident sphere.

That said, much of the debate about the war, and you see in the Collett – Johnson debate, is trapped in the 20th century. In fact, the war exists because the Global American Empire is a product of the 20th century and the beneficiaries of the empire cannot let go of the past. As a result, people often find themselves trying to jam the present into those old models of politics.

The fact is, the 20th century is over and it is long past time for the West to close the books on it. Further, the liberal era is over. We live in post-liberal societies and it is time to face up to that reality. More important, the political modes of thought from the past no longer apply to this age because we no longer have the same human capital as those past modes of thought require. We need to think different.

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This Week’s Show


  • How To Think About Things
    • Greg & Mark
  • The Framing
    • Good Guys And Bad Guys
    • Avoid Moralizing The War
  • The Gell-Mann Effect
    • They Are Lying
    • Fake Experts
  • The 20th Century Is Over

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212 thoughts on “Lessons Of War

  1. When I was younger, I probably didn’t ever question the idea that we were always the good guys, riding to the rescue. In the past decade, on my journey to the right side of the divide, I always do. Why is the government here always right – or else? Why is its way the only way – or else? Why is this government incapable of recognizing others around the globe see things differently and the people are fine with it? I guess we all know, but they’re still good questions.

    I would also argue that this first nearly quarter 21st century is as weird as anything seen in the last – but it absolutely echoes it. I have fond memories – both actual and historical of the late twentieth century, but it’s time to move on and see what the future brings.

  2. Finally listened to the Podcast, won’t listen to the debate. At the end of the day it’s difficult to avoid the conclusion that Johnson’s position might be effected by Putin’s refusal to sufficiently celebrate Sodomy.

  3. Zman is right. We cannot win. We must start to think of how we can create new, rather than beat the established.

    The brown people are not the problem, it is white people. White people who support the new paradigm and vote for it. Without them, the brown problem would simply not exist, as well as the alphabet soup problem and all the other left insanity.

    Those white people are not changing in large enough numbers, at least in my circle, for the nation to ever recover to even effetely control or restrict the illegal flood, let alone reverse and remove them. The cult of white hate, brown love and the social welfare state is deeply and irrevocably entrenched in many whites.

    Decades ago when my father was alive, watching the failure of the 60’s and all of the affirmative action, he said the establishment has learned they can never pull up the brown people. They will never succeed and integrate into white society in any meaningful amount, therefore the goal of the establishment is now to reduce the white man to the brown mans level.

    Look around you. This is exactly what has happened. A huge swath of whites marry browns, act like browns, emulate brown culture. They are now on welfare, food stamps, Medicaid, they are proud of their ability to take from the government. Fat white people are disabled, get a check, they are depressed, bi polar get a check.

    You will never see them vote to reverse any portion of this. It is now THEIR culture, the brown mans.

    The 20th century is dead. The world of the western white man is dead. We must look for how we can survive and prosper in the new paradigm.

    There is no going back.

    • To me, the crucial observation is not the awful beliefs and behaviors of most whites but the forces that caused those whites to have the beliefs that motivate them to such awfulness.

      But why are whites like this? They weren’t like this 100 years ago, for the most part.

      Both liberals and conservatives have made the multiracial society their highest good. This highest goal has turned non-whites and sexual deviants into almost religious figures and causes the overthrow of traditional white society.

      But why are so many whites like this?

      It’s hard to know for sure, but consider the effects of the media and academia on these whites. Who has effective control, most of the time, of the media and academia, and what motivations might those people have?

      It seems like whites have the lowest ethnocentrism and the highest empathy and that these traits have been hijacked by the media and academia towards our own dispossession.

      • Yeap

        “…..but consider the effects of the media and academia on these whites. Who has effective control, most of the time, of the media and academia, and what motivations might those people have?”

        This is exactly how they have brought the white leftist culture down to the level of the brown across all strata of white culture. This can never be reversed.

        Its like cancer. You may put it in remission, aka a Trump hurricane, but you can never totally destroy it. It feeds on itself and spreads uncontrollably.

      • Not all whites are too blame. There is something in their genome that makes them easy prey to a predatory subset of Whites who are wealthy, subversive, cunning, and opportunistic.

        Kanya West has figured it out.

        • Sorry. “…to blame.”

          I know you know, and i know you know i know, but i couldn’t just let that mistake go.

          -Adrian Munk

      • Why are whites like this? The answer is simple: feminization.

        Female-thinking is basically “why can’t we all just get along?” They’ve corrupted the whole of society with this naivety and idealism and the men – especially the British who have always apologised for everything – let them have their way in order not to hurt their feelings. We are now deeply enmeshed in the cult of sensitivity, hence the slide into “multi-culturalism”.

        It will get worse until western society straps on a pair.

        • Multiculturalism and wokeness are American artifacts, not British.

          I would say the main cause of the collapse of the West is the rise of the US which from its very inception was anti-European. Countries which have US culture mediated via English like Britain, Canada and Sweden have been most affected by this poison.

  4. Greg Johnsons take on Ukraine sounded like Steve sailers take on Covid. I can’t take him or mark for too long. I thought mark made more sense and I might give him listen more often. Without the video of course.

  5. Great job as always Zman. The most important thing that you mentioned today was that the 20th Century is over. No one on in America, on the Center, Right or Left, or even the DR, really understands that in the West. I really do think that the nationalist movements of the 19th and 20th centuries, are over. As you said, Russia and China have been slowly building out the concept of the Civilizational State. It’s still an idea under construction but it seems to be a viable replacement for the nation-state imo.

      • William Middleton: “Russia and China have been slowly building out the concept of the Civilizational State…”

        This thing yesterday with Xi-Jinping and Hu-Jintau at the Party Congress is the most stunning piece of real-life real-time political video I’ve ever seen:


        It makes the video of the literal physical assassination of Shinzo Abe look like a stroll on the beach by comparison.

        Jinping is one seriously sadistic & self-confident psychopath to have publicly humiliated an elder statesman in such a fashion.

        [Wikipedia says Xi was born on June 15, 1953; Hu on December 21, 1942.]

        I just learned that if you go to a search engine, and start typing “Buddhism respect”, the search engine will autocomplete it as ” for elders”, and you get the same result for both B!ng-based and G00gle-based searches.

        Curiously, I did not get a similar autocomplete for “Taoism respect”.

        Wikipedia says that only about 16% of the Chinese are Buddhists; 8% are Taoists, tiny fractions are Christian, Muslim or Roman Catholic, and the remaining 74% are pagan/superstitious or aetheist.


        • I’ve read hitherto reliable reporters say that Hu-Jintau was feeling unwell.
          Since most of the Xi did lines were coming from the Kagans and their ilk, I’ll defer judgement.

    • “The most important thing that you mentioned today was that the 20th Century is over.”

      This is the right part to point out. When I talk with Boomer and older people, about economic realities, current year, the usual refrain is “it will come back, it always does…” That, from 75+ year olds still in the stock market, but also from those in bonds, as those are not immune to the financial depredation.

      I sense that so called man-o-sphere talkers are not too popular here, but one Rollo T. has a term I like: “old order thinking.” He uses it for a different discussion, but it makes me think of the Boomer+ folks.

      When I ask, “what if it doesn’t come back” I get a blank stare. Common with the older folks still carrying 30 year mortgages for the large house they wander around in. Still larded up with debt and ‘counting on their investments’ to keep them comfy.

      I agree, the 20th Century is over. More so, it has been exposed as a sham, from the origins of World War 1 to the more recent wars. The “crashes”. Much if not all of the justifications. Those lies carried well into the 21st Century, right up to this past week, the CDC ‘vote’, etc.

      • Chimeral: “When I talk with Boomer and older people, about economic realities, current year, the usual refrain is ‘it will come back, it always does…’ ”

        There’s a “prosperity ministry” fellow on the radio every evening, named “Dave Ramsey”.

        And if you can set aside Ramsey’s devotion to the Scofield Heresy and to business alliances with tiny hat crooks such as Mark Cuban, much of Ramsey’s schtick ackshually makes a great deal of sense, which schtick effectively boils down to NEVER going into debt.

        With Rush Limbaugh [hopefully] having moved on to greener pastures now, Ramsey might be the #1 radio host in the entire country.

        At worst he’s no lower than about #3.

        Anyway, the point of this is that Ramsey has always been almost irrationally gung-ho about throwing any spare money into the stock market [especially into mutual funds rather than individual stocks, and especially especially into mutual funds via Roth IRAs].

        Ramsey practically screams at people to cash out immediately on their “Whole Life” insurance policies and their 401Ks [penalties be damned], and then to create a Roth, and to put whatever they get on the cash-outs into purchasing mutual funds via their new Roths.

        Ramsey’s theory is that, over time, the stock market has never been recorded as having underperformed any competing financialistic investment.

        But lately, you can hear some hesitation in the advice, especially in his daughter’s voice, when she guest-hosts for him.

        Ramsey is a very slick salesman, and quite an intelligent guy, and there are even some possible futures out there wherein Ramsey’s advice [throw everything into long term mutual funds via Roths] might still be the best advice.

        But the Boomer in Ramsey doesn’t seem to want to go to That Dark Place, and start pondering the truly horrifying questions, such as, “What if I’m wrong? What if the Preppers are right?”

        I suppose Ramsey is likely enough of a cynic to realize that if the Preppers are proven correct, then there won’t be an electricity grid anymore, and there won’t be anyone listening to radio talk shows, and likely no one post-apocalypse will bother to make the journey to Ramsey’s domicile to wreak vengeance upon Ramsey for having dispensed such lousy advice [way back in the day, when we still had an electrical grid and radio talk show hosts].

        And of course shiznat such as the browning of the populace and the associated collapse in IQ would never in a million years make it into a Dave Ramsey monologue.

        The entirety of Dave Ramsey’s professional career was forged during the post-Volker low-inflation low-interest-rate era, and these recent increases in interest rates are a phenomenon which Ramsey hasn’t seen since college.

        The other hilarious thing about Ramsey is that when he was first starting in business, he had a bankruptcy on more than $4 million in real estate holdings, which he wiped off the ledger via the bankruptcy courts.

        But his advice to his callers is always to NEVER declare bankruptcy.

        “Do as I say, not as I do…”

        PS: My guess is that someone in the Frankfurt School chose Dave Ramsey to have the career which he’s experienced [Ramsey seems to have a rather large harem of rabbis who advise him].

        Whether Ramsey realizes it or not – that he was chosen for the career which he’s experienced – would be another fascinating question to ponder.

        Can a Boomer summon the introspection to ask itself even the simplest questions, such as, “Did I really deserve this?”

        • Much thanks. I always pondered the Mystery of Dave, after he went off on a Righteous Rant Against Racism.

          “Look at my staff! We have people of every color! Only one or two are whitish!”

    • I do too. Cochran cocked up on Covid, Johnson has his Johnson pointed at Ukraine, Hood is Hood. Come to think of it, loI consider two out three them weiners.

  6. Johnson is, or at least was, a Covidian. The Covid narrative was such an obvious hoax, I can’t take anyone seriously who bought into it more than momentarily. That includes Johnson, Sailer and Taleb.

    More importantly, I can’t fully respect anyone who doesn’t see that all the narratives the Empire and its media push are lies. The only astute way to respond to the narrative du jour is to assume it is a lie until proven otherwise.

    • I wouldn’t say that all narratives from the empire are lies. It will use the truth, if the truth is beneficial to them. That makes it doubly hard for us to determine the truth. Similarly, the left will use what ever tools helps their cause. If popular opinion is on their side, then it’s cries for Our Democracy. If it’s not on their side, then they cry for Supreme Court decree.

  7. If you want to hear even more nonsense you should check out the “after party” that Greg filmed with two heavily accented chuckle bro yes men.

    It got ridiculous. They seriously made the argument that we should support Ukraine because liberals do and because liberals are so scary and powerful, they will take it out on us if they don’t get get their way in Ukraine….. Wow what a premise and says a lot about your supposed character. How far do chuckle bros and Greg take this stream of logic? Can’t stop liberals from getting what they want or else?

    And then there are just weird parts of emotional outbursts from Greg, like he has family working for Zelensky. Stakes, kissing the feet of people because of the patches they wear like some 5 year old dullard.

    • That’s also Spencer’s thing: “You can’t win, so OBEY (the TV, libs, Biden™, tech censors, etc). Nietzsche said might is metaphysically right, right? What are you a fuckin’ LOSER?”

      The nerd right is all feds—or worse, feds of the spirit.

  8. I really don’t understand why Z-man thinks the demographic problems are basically unsolvable.

    All these “brown” people walked to America and they can walk home. They up and moved once, they can do it again. At least when they go home, they won’t be visibly different than the people there.

    What is needed is a change in political attitudes. Granted, much easier said than done, but so is the dissident project. Using today’s attitudes as a barometer of “the possible,” reversing anti-White-ism is impossible. Yet, the DR exists and this is presumably one of our goals.

    We could get rid of a HUGE percentage of them by simply enforcing the law. It is already illegal to employ these people. It could easily be made illegal to house any of these people. Probably the single most progressive man of the 20th century locked up 100,000 Japs for being Japs and took all their stuff. Granted, that was 80 years ago (and we were at war), but it shows what is possible. 100k wouldn’t even cover a single month of 2022 illegal immigration, but it is also a LOT less radical.

    Even the lesser goal of turning back all the anti-White stuff requires just about as radical a change in attitudes as the enforcement of the existing law requires. if there is any hope of reversing the anti-White policies and attitudes in modern America, surely there must be hope to trying to at least partially reverse the demographics. Spain got rid of the Moors and our special friends have been kicked out of a 108 countries or something like that.

    • I feel like shutting off all the ridiculous freebies based on the back of the white taxpayer would get these people to self-deport so quickly our heads would spin.

    • Spain did not have the 24/7 electronic media control mind worms which have reduced most of the west to self negating automatons infested with writhing maggots instead of thoughts.

      Without smashing the media there is no way back. It is the main lever of control that all others flow from.

    • I have a feeling that the tide is turning. I believe we are getting close to the Supreme Court overturning Affirmative Action, and of course the endless stream of freebies is just plain unsustainable in any case, so something’s going to have to give there, too. When that happens, a lot of the replacements will just wander back to where they came from and most of the rest of them will assimilate because they will have no other choice if they want to stay here, the race hustle having burned itself out.

      • Aa]A was overturned at some State levels, and where are we today? Nowhere. The institutions that are poz’d—nearly all of them—simply found work around or ignored the ruling.

  9. Agree 100% with your position, Z-man. I think it’s important to remember that Greg Johnson spent some time in Ukraine and met many of the leading figures of Svoboda and related nationalist organizations. He was very favorably impressed by them and counts some of them as personal friends. In short, Greg has an emotional attachment to the Ukrainian cause that leads him to dismiss the Russian case out of hand. I usually agree with Greg but find him near delusional on this topic and believe his personal feelings towards Ukrainian nationalism are seriously impairing his judgement on this topic. The facts clearly show that Ukraine is a proxy for the American Empire and Ukrainian nationalists are tolerated because they are needed in the proxy war. The Western elite did not suddenly decide that the Azov Battalion really are the good guys; it’s easy to find them denounced in the press a few years ago as neo-Nazis. It’s just that now they are needed to fight Russia, so therefore they must be good.

  10. Just as dozens of millions of Europeans migrated to America in the 19th and early 20th century, dozens of millions of White Americans may need to migrate elsewhere. Could be Russia, could be any number of countries that would find White people useful.

    Things are going to get real interesting as the remaining creature comforts White people like will be damaged or removed in the name of equity. Once MUH 401Ks start to get messed around with, that will wake the Boomercon from his slumber but by then it will be too late.

    • They may hate us but they sure as hell aren’t going to let us just up and leave on our own accord. They may say they love the negro, but if they all decided to leave tomorrow back to Africa they would put on a show but secretly be glad to be rid of them. Not with whites.

      I know this from personal experience. Try leaving this country and see what the IRS does to you. They need our money and productivity. Yea, they say they hate us and we are the worst thing in the world, but they need us. This was brought home to me loud and clear in my own life.

  11. I typically agree with The Z man and his view points. I have to hard disagree with one of his last points regarding the demographics of America and that we can’t remove most if not all the non whites. Those people didn’t magically appear here and can be given incentives to leave and/or physically removed. If they were able to come here they can be removed. His idea that we should form some kind of hierarchy with whites at the top doesn’t change that we would be top dogs of a brown shithole. What’s the point or desire for being the top dog of a third world shithole? Slaves and eunuchs compromise in this way. We start by getting America to >85% white. End all miscegination and set firm rules for the non whites. It wouldn’t happen overnight but in decades we’d be back to >90% European.

    • I agree strongly. Citizenship rights and property rights are questions of law. Law always lags behind changing threats that it is supposed to remediate. Our rule of law has been deliberately destroyed by racial, ethnic, and religious enemies who seek to make our kind vanish from the Earth. The end state should be no enemy left inside, and if there are enemies outside in control of state polities (and there will be) then no foreign elements of any kind left inside that could (and WOULD) be weaponized against us from the outside.

      I am reminded of the conversos problem that Spaniards faced at the successful end of their 700 year war to expel the Islamic invaders from their land. These were formerly Christian people who had converted to Islam during the long occupation who pretended to convert back to Christianity or Jews who pretended to convert to prevent expulsion. The persistence of their falsity led to tragedy after tragedy until finally, after 100 years, they were expelled to North Africa (instead of being killed). Later some of the expelled were captured on slaving ships predating on European people. No good deed goes unpunished.

      Our greatest failing is that we are too damn nice. This evolutionary adaptation works great for us when we are with only ourselves in homogeneous polities. However, the diversities see ‘nice’ the same way a lion sees a limp in a juicy gazelle. Changing the ecosystem changes the selection pressure. Coexistence is only possible in separate countries.

      I can’t highly enough recommend Raymond Ibrahim’s “Sword and Scimitar.” The old saying “history doesn’t repeat itself but rhymes” is true enough, and that book details many of the rhymes that you will see manifesting today if you care to look.

    • Who is ‘we’? What evidence is there that any but a tiny minority of White people want an exodus of non-whites?

      • Oh, I suspect the percentage of whites who would love to see just that is much larger than you think. However, the penalty for enunciating such views is so severe that the vast majority dare not do so.

      • They want it they just don’t know it

        I’d wager if the non whites left, the whites would wake up and feel a million times better. All that stress and headache would magically disappear. You see some of that when whites leave California for a majority white state. They feel young again. It takes away so much of the stress and just general sense of tightness and unease.

      • Evidence? Revealed preferences: every white suburb 20, 30, 40 miles from “diverse” urban cores. Good schools, low crime, jobs and orderly societies.
        As with women, don’t listen to what they SAY, look at what they DO.

        • What they do is vote against their people’s own interests time and again.

          What they do is turn every company into a mindless kindergarten of slogans and petty rules.

          What they do is create speech crime laws to muzzle any objections.

          What they do is create a society of administrative hell with endless restrictions “for your own good”.

          What they do not have is a sense of individual responsibility so any large input from women will always go this route.

    • It requires a willpower not yet witnessed in American history. 150 years ago we lacked the willpower to send back our outdated farm machinery when it was just a couple million people. Imagine an effort a couple orders magnitude greater.

      Having said that, as white people shrink in size, the amount of taxes they take hits a ceiling and the effective amount of gibs that can be handed out will shrink. That will slow and reverse immigration. It doesn’t need to hit that point but the system will hit a brick wall.

    • This cannot happen in AINO. If we wish to live in a white or almost entirely white nation we will have to separate from AINO once central authority weakens sufficiently. Now what you propose about expelling PoC may be feasible in most European nations where the demographics are much more favorable, but it ain’t happening in AINO.

    • It’s certainly *possible*. But I don’t think the will is there. Even if you became king today, and declared a mass deportation, who would carry it out? Even if it were orderly, (which it wouldn’t be), the average White person would be more likely to turn on you for being “racist” than march their neighbor down to the border. Maybe if you got your hands on the propaganda machine, you could turn some of the COVID Karen-ism into something else. But that’s not the case at the moment.

      We’ll see if Sweden ends up making headway with their nudges towards re-patriation. Personally I think that some changes to welfare systems, family re-unification programs, and the justice system could quite quickly send many people heading for the exits. Freedom of association laws are important too, frankly they don’t want to live with whites either, they just want our material goods. More nudges could quite easily send them to certain areas and away from most of our people.

      At the very least, Latin Americans are never leaving… they are of the Americas. Chinese and later Indians, maybe Persians, etc. might voluntarily start leaving if their home countries start providing better opportunities. Chinese immigration is already way down.

      • At any rate, AINO–and I can’t speak for Canada–would be vastly improved by simply expelling the negroes, which is considerably less infeasible than expelling PoC wholesale. Still, as of this moment, there’s not a ghost of a chance of that happening. But who knows what the future may hold? Today’s impossibility could be tomorrows certitude.

      • For the Asians the matter is not an across-the-board issue.

        There are many highly skilled in their numbers who are not going anywhere. Nor should they. We sent everyone to college, but huge numbers of them studied non-technical subjects. Many of those subjects are useless. Then, they entered the ruling class as sinecures who carry out the debt fueled regime’s frontman roles.

        In the meantime, India and China were doing generational work creating people with real skills. It is going to take a long time to get rid of the sinecure class. Hopefully the coming economic s*** storm will do most of the heavy lifting. In the meantime, even if there were a peaceful separation, untangling viable business and the people viably employed and contributing to it is a project that requires wisdom and discipline.

        Like it or not, we will be cooperating and competing with people from all over the world. The issue is going to be if our civilization and our culture is ours. I suspect the technically proficient Asians wouldn’t mind a bit if we kicked our sinecure class, including the HR commisars, to the curb. I’ve been in some bizarre gender and race seminars where they left just dazed and scratching their heads at the insanity of what they had just lived through.

        It is on the low-mid end of society where scab labor needs to be dealt with. We also have to be honest there. The welfare state harmed our people as much as the de-industrialization by enabling behaviors and lifestyles that are not healthy. There too, a major rehabilitation effort needs to occur.

        The Progressive Era is a blight that has done untold damage to our people and our nations. It is a huge mess whose cleanup is going to take a lot of work that the people who created it aren’t capable of.

      • If the coof or Ukraine has shown anything, it has shown that if you control the media you an create a new reality in a few weeks just through the full spectrum dominance of repetition and multiple vector messaging.

        A week before either no one had heard of either that part of Europe, or that family of virus. A month later it was the most important thing ever in every interaction.

        If you became dictator you would first take over the media organs and then do the same thing they do and create the new reality.

        You would have people in the streets wearing “deport them all” t-shirts within a few weeks.

        These people you refer to have no thoughts or opinions, they are repeaters. You just need to own the mechanism and the rest will take care of itself.

    • Durendal, and everyone who gets hard contemplating this dream-scape: it won’t happen. Z advises that we look toward the present, and the futures possible to us. A reversion to 1960 is not one of those futures. Our task is to carve out a well-protected niche within the multiracial empire that has been imposed on us, to identify and protect our own culture and territorial claims. “Reclaiming America” at this point is as hopeless as Justinian’s efforts to reclaim the Western Empire.

  12. Thank you for the kind mention, dear Zman. I identify myself as a dissident from Poland mostly because it’s short and allows people here to grasp what kind of ideas I may be embracing. Plus, there is some truth to it given how in minority I am when it comes to judging our legacy of political thinking.

    Best regards

    • Thanks for the explanation of the relationship of Poles to Russians and Ukrainians the other day. I learned some things.

  13. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Whoa whoa whoa, wait a minute!

    Dr. Johnson has a PhD. You boys should be addressing him as DR Johnson. Which of you holds a doctorate? (Long segment with crickets chirping.). Exaaactly! Simply the difference in educational attainment already puts him out of your league. He won this debate.

      • Must be sarcasm. On the Dr. thing, Twitter is filled with these poseurs . Anyone notice the subtle slide away from the left by Naomi Wolf? Got her doctorate and Lew Rockwell fawns over her. Never mind her lefty history and her last book which the main premise was exposed as wrong.

        I would never call someone doctor who has a phd, that is for colleagues to stroke each other with. I can’t even call my dentist doc.

      • No. I’m serious. I respect education. Dr Johnson is one of the only ones on the right to have a phd.

        • Compsci has a Ph.D., I believe. So do I. And I’m sure there are others. Having said that, a doctorate is no longer a sure marker of intelligence, if it ever was one. Standards have been dumbed down to such an extent that borderline morons are getting Ph.D.s these days.

          • Ostei. Correct, I have a PhD. However, to my recollection I have never used such as de facto “evidence” of the correctness of any of my views/opinions—nor should I, as to my knowledge my area of study never touched upon most such discussion I engage in. Also, it’s a fallacy of reason to use such appeal to authority as an argument in most cases.

            Finally, the term/designation “doctor” or “Dr” is only appropriately used (last I looked in the AP style manual) for those with MD’s, i.e., certified *medical* practitioners. This is reasonable and avoids confusion in the public’s mind. However, it is a pretty good tell as to who is a pseudo intellectual and who is secure in his knowledge.

          • Ok, you make my point for me. If a doctor md prescribed you medication for a diagnosed ailment and then some right wing personage came and gave you some folk remedy like leaches, who would you believe? Why is your thinking different on political topics, which potentially impacts millions?

        • There’s no help for people who think like you. How many administrative despots who try to ruin us have phds?

          Maybe you are not very educated and are easily impressed but use the brain matter that God gave you and ponder what you said a bit deeper.

          • There are any number of notable intellectuals, e.g., Thomas Sowell, who have expressed great criticism at other supposed intellectuals who venture out of their fields to lecture the unwashed masses on phenomena they themselves know little about.

            Hell, Sowell wrote a book on this very point: “Intellectuals and Society”

        • “The Appeal to Authority” fallacy has less pull the older you get and the more educated you are.

          “Educated Yet Idiot” is pervasive in the academy.

          Pretty sure Servian here could list a dozen personal anecdotes with ease.

        • ‘One of the only ones on the right to have a phd’?? Hilarious! I can’t figure out if you’re a troll or what, but you really should read more and become aware of the damage many with Phd’s are doing.

          I myself have a science degree and an arts degree, and i can tell you that on any given comment thread on a Zman post, i will be astounded at the knowledge and interesting comments on offer by those that comment here.

          Whilst Johnson may have a Phd, he is wilfully ignorant on the covid scam and the Ukraine issue. What good is his Phd if he’s an idiot?

          • Well, my dad had a Phd (Psychology, but more cognitive and perceptual, a human factors engineer by profession), but he expressed his ambivalence by unwrapping those three letters as denoting “Piled higher and deeper”.

  14. Russia understands the 21st century and the Demographic Era.

    They seem to understand that they have a below replacement birth rate and declining, and thus, young men are a valuable resource. They’ve been fighting the war to minimize casualties, while Ukraine has sent its young men into the meat grinder, as if it’s 1920 and there’s millions of excess men to draw upon.

    According to ISW, Russia has disproportionately used troops from ethnic minority communities with higher birth rates, and more young men. The West says this discrimination is evil, but it’s quite practical from Russia’s perspective.

    Russia has also made strong efforts to increase their birth rate, which has worked to some degree. The anti-human people in the West point to the fact that their birth rate is still below replacement, which is true. But it’s now higher than China, Canada, Germany, and all of Eastern Europe, and pulled them out of a catastrophic birth rate collapse in the 90s. The truth birth rate may also be understated due to census overestimations of the population. Bottom line – millions of Russians have been born that would otherwise not have been if not for Putin’s birth program.

    They understand 21st century diplomacy. Their alliances aren’t really based on moral crusading, but practical and economic issues. They respect nations autonomy and accept the existence of various people groups (which the West can’t do since it’s anti nation). It’s pretty clear that most of Eurasia prefers this model and jumped at the chance to partake in an alternate system. The West meanwhile just keeps scolding and threatening.

    This is what the 21st century will look like, in my opinion. Vaguely authoritarian, but mostly apolitical regimes working on co-operative nationalism. Practical concerns such as roads, crime, food, and housing are the main focus for the governments to deliver to their people. The flavor of the regime can vary greatly, India, China, Iran, and Russia have very different peoples, cultures, and religions.

    The government takes a fairly laissez-faire approach to the people’s dynamics – ie. not much equity or forced inclusion, but people going out of line and committing “hate crimes” will be punished. Living standards will likely be lower than they are right now, but probably not abysmal.

    The culture will become more conservative than it is now, although religious extremism will probably decline as well. With the focus on practicality, we may see religious “identity” increase while religious practices decrease. Birth rates will continue to be the main struggle as almost every developed and semi-developed nation now has a declining population by 2060. Muslim nations may have the advantage on this one. Immigration will be tolerated in the face of a decline in workers but more based on the Dubai model of temporary workers making money, but not expected to integrate nor stay there forever. War will become increasingly limited as human capital dries up and intelligent people will be highly sought after and paid very well.

    Unfortunately this leaves the Anglos out of the picture, who seem to be the most opposite to this model – lots of politicization, acrid ideological debates, and low ethno centrism and conservatism. We’ll see what happens, but this is my prediction for the future. Places like Dubai.

    • “According to ISW, Russia has disproportionately used troops from ethnic minority communities with higher birth rates, and more young men. The West says this discrimination is evil, but it’s quite practical from Russia’s perspective.”

      What!?!? They don’t like diversity and inclusion? You just can’t make this up. I am not aware of this outrage at Russia for creating a diverse and inclusive fighting force. The ability of the NPC regime-bots to engage in this kind of cognitive dissonance inducing whipsawing and standards application is astounding.

      I hope this is true, because it is a great laugh.

      • First rule of understanding wammen, “minorities” (even the ones that are the majority):

        If it’s good, easy, prestigious, and profitable, they want a bigger slice of it. If it’s hard, dangerous, or poorly paid, they don’t care or will actually tell you their slice is too big and ask why Whitey won’t eat some more.

        So in this case the ethno-politics are that Chechens, for instance, are the minority and Russians are the Evil White Majority. Chechens do more of the fighting that Russians, so this is “bad”.

        My small business support group had a wammen member complain that only 15% of CEOs are wammen. Since “CEO” pays well and is viewed (by stupid people) as easy money, this is also bad. Watching a wammen actually get the CEO position and then have a complete mental breakdown – priceless, and often funny as hell.

        Maximum hilarity can be had when feminists or race whiners discover that the easy, cushy job they wanted is actually really hard or that the thing they wanted access to (let’s say prestigious school admission) is actually a total scam and the smart people were avoiding it.

        Then you throw in the element of varying levels of victimhood that will pit the good looking White female against the uglyfat White woman, the chubby but still uglyfat Hispanic, the slender Black wammen with the Afro, the black guy with a criminal record….Generally watching these people go at each other can be like watching the old Doom monsters kill each other off. You just have to marvel at how they all supposedly want to kill Doomguy (and come on, we all know Doomguy represents White Power) but they just can’t resist slaughtering their own in the process.

        Let’s you and him/xim/xer/her/shim/hxam fight indeed!

        • I’ve worked with and for many women senior managers and executives and this is spot on. Most of them wash out in a year or two. They think as a CEO they can take Fridays off to shop for Louboutins but think the job is unfair when they have to work the weekend around the clock to put together a plan to turn around the company’s dismal earnings. The only exception I’ve seen are those that rely entirely on government contracts and need the extra points for a woman-owned company.

    • The Uke side does have millions of excess men to draw upon.

      This is because they’re fighting to the last European.

    • “According to ISW, Russia has disproportionately used troops from ethnic minority communities with higher birth rates, and more young men. The West says this discrimination is evil, but it’s quite practical from Russia’s perspective.”

      The ISW and like groups and factions want Russian, Ukrainian and other European males slaughtered to promote their hate-filled Tribe at the expense of the nations they pollute. Putin likely did this for domestic political reasons, but it flushed out a major driver of this war. We’ll check back with the ISW when it provokes another Middle Eastern war and see if there are complaints about whether the troops and casualties are diverse enough. In this case, “diverse” will imply White Europeans comprise enough of the dead. As Pat Buchanan said but didn’t say outright, the people who die in the wars the Neocons engineer do not have last names that refer to metal or end with “berg.”

    • Ooo, be very careful taking anything that the ISW has to say as being anything other than shit-stirring par excellence. It’s the Kagan family firm, whose expertise is creating or exacerbating “Say, let’s you and him fight” strategems for the goyim. I don’t think that I should need to say more.

  15. I don’t really get his position on this either. The prints of our mortal enemy are over this war, as they have been all over our entire foreign policy since at least 1989. But Greg’s logic leads him to pull for them in spite of himself. I think I would be more inclined to his view if I believed the Ukrainians were actually governing themselves.

    That aside, whatever he may have wrong, Greg Johnson’s contributions to this thing outweigh by several orders of magnitude mine and many (maybe most, or even all) of the other commenters here put together.

    This doesn’t mean his position should not be critiqued, but I think it needs to be put in perspective.

  16. I can’t be certain, but my understanding is that it is illegal for an active duty flag officer (or anyone with a dual citizenship) to have ties to a foreign potentate or government.

    • Whoops, I meant to write ‘anyone with a security clearance’, not ‘dual citizenship’!

      • It’s illegal for any officer on active duty or serving as a drilling reservist to do that sort of work. Restrictions also exist for current civil servants. As far as I recall, it’s not per se illegal for someone with a security clearance to work for a foreign government, but doing so would likely result in revocation of their security clearance.

        • Well, now, just speculating here, that would depend upon which foreign government in whose employ they were.

  17. Great show today. It was an invaluable slap upside the head in pointing out a mindset perspective that does not serve me or those who want to build something else from the wreckage of this sucker going down.

    I have a request for a show. Would you do a show where you play Consul/King For a Day and outline a plan for getting from today to at least the founding of what you want next? If that is being done and is more appropriate for a behind the closed doors, that makes sense. If it brings no harm, I think it would be an interesting show.

  18. Relating to the last segment of today’s podcast, speaking of civilizational battles moving forward and Russia being the first.

    I was driving while listening and got me to thinking, Well, what we have today in America really bears no resemblance to the America of the 20th century. For all intents and purposes we have moved on as well. Yes I know people still harken to the past, but so does Putin. In fact one has to because you can never get rid of one’s own memories and so forth. But this is not the America of the 20th century, Not by a country mile.

    So what we have today could be the makings of the civilization the political class has in store for us? A strange oligarchical / managerial hierarchy ? Some would say a type of feudalism meets vast credentialed bureaucracy ?

    Is this our future or maybe a passing phase? I can see the managerial stuff going bye bye as the country’s riches deplete, but will the oligarchy go away or here to stay and here to lord over us for the next two or three generations?

    I mean what we have right now does in fact seem to work. People willingly accept their place and get in line, as Covid showed. As Ukraine shows. Just a constant drum beat of government / corporate propaganda keeping everyone in lockstep while the dissidents get cancelled? A Bolshevism 2.0?

    • Hi Falcone.

      It works but how well? Can it be viable and competitive with other civilizations and powers? Does it work for the right segment of the civilization?

      I think a big thing to consider as we move forward, is that it isn’t clear that the economic arrangement of the GAE is working. That economic arrangment in turn produces a ruling class arrangement that seems very weak in terms of the incentives for who joins it and how they operate.

      Debt driven consumerism is, I believe, largely responsible for incentivizing and enabling the formation of this regime. The real crisis, the primary crisis that the regime is trying to manage is the debt reckoning. It looks like their way of managing it is to conceal it, and then invent this new religion that is designed to replace and silence critics and those who aren’t going to go along with neo-digital-tech feudalism.

      I think the question is, can that system sustain a large enough segment that will satisfy the next generations of ruling class participants who are spoiled children in adult bodies?

      If the ruling regime can conceal that the crisis underneath all of this is a fraud and ponzi scheme on a scale never seen in human history with illusions of wealth long enough, then they dictate and usher in what comes next. If black swan dislocations occur and accelerate their timelines for managed decline it could affect people in the regime who see all they planned for and believe go down the drain. Some of them are in a position to see and name the wizard behind the curtain, and may feel compelled to cross the divide, if not on the issue of ethnos, then on finding common cause with others who see the imperative of defeating the villains bent on sticking 99.9% of the West with their losses.

      • I agree that the current status quo is tenuous, wobbly and wholly dependent on cheap fiat money. Among other things But that said, there does appear to be some thinking and structure behind the current scheme.

        In fact it seems to me to be dueling civilizational concepts moving into the 21st century. Putin and the Russian elites have come up with something of an old school formulation of civilization that seems to me something of a marriage of Tsarist Russia with lingering USSR bureaucractic systems. Modernized tsarism if you will.

        Our side has come up with this civilizational concept we are living with presently. Our side has completely tossed aside both rational enlightenment ideas and social hierarchy that guided the country through the 20th century. What we have today is a complete dismissal of the 20th century. What they have come up with is this ugly weird Judeo/Anglo monster. Whether it lasts or not, it is still a plan. They weren’t sitting idle living in the 20th century when they were devising it. To them it’s the future. I’d argue against Z that our side is stuck holding onto the past.

        Not saying it will last or endure, but it is their civilizational plan as far as I can tell.

          • Trumpton, when I say Anglo I don’t mean English. I mean the wasps here in America. They and juice got into bed some time ago. The people bossing us around over here are one or the other. Save for some tokens like pelosi.

            Think Chris Wray. He’s the face of the Anglo side of the coin in America.

          • @Falcone
            Are the wasps really that much of a force any more?

            They seem relegated to bag men and fronting up the institutional facades that are the tools, rather than decision makers.

            Seems very similar in England TBH.

          • “fronting up the institutional facades”

            They are decision implementers rather than decision makers. There is no organized self-sustaining WASP ruling class. There are WASPs inside the new Jewish led multicultural coalition, but they are there as individuals not acting in a cohesive manner for their collective interests.

            Wray, for example, didn’t come up with the strategic vision under which he is operating on his own. He was promoted to his billet because he had spent his career proving his reliability to follow orders. Power has preferred the face of authority to be as WASPy looking as possible, to keep the sheep quiescent in the face of their dispossession. This is changing as they feel they are close to irreversible victory.

            It’s not an accident that the federal forces of order, with their diverse workforce, try to send white men into the situations where they confront armed white men. They want to be able to control the optics of any incidents.

          • England does not have the diversity of the US. The fontmen are the diversity types who provide cover for the upper middle class .

        • I see Falcone. So in sum you think it is an Anglo-Elite Jewish Elite arrangement. But, that has come to an end it seems. East and South Asians seem to have a seat at the table. That is at the top.

          Then there is the DIE coalition. Was that a part of the long term plan? Is it something purely emergent as a mutant step child? Is it something they have grafted onto the regime to gain the support of a new faction? Is it an unintended consequence of a multi-racial and mass immigration experiment?

          In any case, I think our challenge is to put aside reacting to the regime built upon a tinder box of debt and tectonic fault lines of racialized balkanization and focus on us.

          Finding each other as well as powerful regime actors who will get screwed by the gaskets blowing in the debt regime and bringing high value skills to the table seems like the road ahead worth blazing.

          • What I am trying to convey is that it’s not like our side is living in the past. Quite the opposite. They have glanced the future and it is this weird age we are living in. This is their plan for the future. Putin has his vision. We have ours. Because I don’t see any true connection between today and anything I knew in the last century. Everything has been turned upside down and reversed sideways and back ways.

            Our side has come up with Woke as it’s civilizational paradigm for the 21st Century, to put it succinctly. Or some variation of it as they need to tweak things moving forward, but the bottom line is I see their plan as a sort of neo techno feudalism. As many have also said. I didn’t come up with the idea, just saying this does in fact seem to be their plan.

            @ Trumpton

            Yes, the American wasps do retain power. In fact I saw the Harvey Weinstein takedown as basically Hillary and the non juice telling the juice, hey guys, we are still in charge. I could be mistaken, but I sense it was a power move.

            My additional sense of the dynamic is that the wasps more or less hired the juice to do their dirty work. How it started. Be it eugenics schemes or just some ways to weaken Catholic power. Or whatever the competing power may be. Times change and they have to adapt obviously.

            I also believe, rather than think, that there is going to be an awakening among Americans as to the JQ. It is a turn circle in the road we cannot go around but must go through as we travel into the rather hazy future. And when that time comes, I see the wasps throwing the juice under the bus and to the wolves. They will wash their hands of them because they know that white Americans will always have some type of either kinship and affection for the wasps or not have any deep hatred in their hearts for them but will have their blood boiling over the juice. The juice have to know it too, that they are living on borrowed time and that the wasps will always be sitting in the catbird seat in America. It is THEIR country after all. Like that one good movie with Matt Damon, the name escapes me, but was about the CIA. People like me, of Italian heritage, will only ever be a tenant here. I get that and accept it. Maybe in time things will change but for now I have to deal with it.

          • Okay. I think I am getting you now Falcone.

            It isn’t at all clear to me that the WASPs are still the power base. I could be highly biased in my view but it seems the tribal power structure is flipped.

            Another thing that makes no sense is why they would have invited the racial strife olympics upon themselves and declared us (non-elite WASPs, degos, micks, franks …), as the enemy and persona non grata.

            I think our energy is best spent building our own plans, social structures … Step one is to cultivate ourselves to be major players in fundamental reality tech (namely energy), digital tech and science and in defining and creating a new high culture to resume its development after a century of being defaced by modernism.

            If we focus on those three things along with doing it in collaboration with each other in the real world, we will be a force to be reckoned with. Btw, as a non-WASP with roots since the mid 19th century, I was not a tenant. It is only 1965 and onward that uprooted me and you and turned us into tenants now subject to the whims of DIE commissars. We have a 3 pronged map whose execution is entirely in our control to get our roots planted in the ground.

            Thank you for the thoughtful dialogue.

          • @falcone

            I can’t really agree, as I think you are placing too much emphasis on those as I said fronting orgs for the public, to those making the policy decisions.

            I also think you are wrong about the weinstein thing. It was an inter-tribal power play where some one else wanted weinstein’s businesses, and that was it.

            If you examine it simply, it was a standard shakedown orchestrated by the same people who organize similar patterns.

            And it came and vanished in the same way they always do.

        • @Falcone:

          That is a fascinating take on residual WASP power, and I certainly will not dismiss it out of hand. In addition to the Weinstein scandal, I cannot get out of my head the beat down delivered to the Israeli PM when he tried to negotiate a peaceful end to the Ukrainian war. The ADL and the other Tribal hate groups were scared enough to hold their tongues, and the propaganda organs they control touched on it only briefly and that was shockingly unfavorable toward the PM.

          At a minimum, the WASPs continue to control the Empire’s military forces and use them to maximize grift and terror. The Tribe was frightened, as I see it, when that was made clear to them.

  19. Greg Johnson is absolutely delusional. I’ve only managed to listen to about the first 1 hour of the debate, but so far, Greg is just defending the indefensible. “The West,” broadly speaking is extremely anti-White. While Russia is by no means pro-White, it is not blatantly anti-White. When is the last time the Russia press ran the headline about how Whites need to be “eliminated?” This is something you can read on any given day in the Western media. The Russian state does not actively discriminate against White people. They do not require any contractors doing business with the Russian state must discriminate against native White Russians.

    Defending Ukraine on purely White Nationalist grounds, which is what he is claiming, is retarded in the extreme.

    • Russia actually brought a lawsuit against Nike because the ads they were running in Russia showed to actual Russians, only ethnic minorities. Discrimination against whites was the gravamen. Can you imagine a suit such as that being brought in AINO? Of course not.

    • Word around the campfire is that Greg Johnson enjoys certain deviant extracurriculars. Accurately or inaccurately, Putin has a reputation for being unfavorable to such deviant behaviors. That’s one factor that could be influencing Johnson’s stance on the war. But that’s mere speculation. I have not listened to the debate between Johnson and Collett because I cannot see how it personally benefits me to get too caught up in what’s going on in Ukraine. The Global American Empire wants me (and all other Americans) to rage against Putin, yet I have no incentive to play along. There’s no reason for regular folks to invest themselves psychologically in the GAE’s geopolitical shenanigans.

      • @Wkathman, as I pointed out the other day, he actually used HIV infection rates as one of several metric rates we should use to analyze Russia v Ukraine. This is embarrassing, and speaks to not just a (hilariously blind) 1980s/early 90s mindset but also a very personal interest. He would have been better off discussing Covid infection rates.

    • Plus, Russia isn’t going to invade the USA, or UK, or any of the West. It’s not like they’re going to roll into Washington after taking Kharkov and impose whatever hate crime laws they currently have on the books onto Arkansas.

      It really doesn’t matter what their laws are, since those laws will never apply to us. What matters is that they’re giving the (very anti-white) GAE a bloody nose.

    • I briefly discussed Dr. Johnson and others on Ukrainian side some months ago on C-C. To me it appears that he is an idealist who opposes imperial politics in principle. For the same reason he refuses to excuse Hitler’s expansionism (at least beyond ethnically German territories). Geopolitical calculations or policy context (like when Belarus unleashed migrants on Polish border) don’t matter in moral assessment.
      It may not be my business, but I think intelectuals (especially those who deal in the world of ideas) tend to fall into such view of the world.

      • I also oppose imperialism and favor nationalism. However, my top priority is the wellbeing of my people, and that means whites. Ukraine’s victory over Russia would be a boon for the lesser structures of nationalism and anti-imperialism but a cataclysm for the prime structure of white wellbeing. For this reason, vive la Rousse.

        • Upvoted you for providing a justification for Johnson’s POV, but with this caveat; I really, really cannot believe that the Ukrainians (whatever that actually even is) control their own affairs, nor in the future that that will come to pass. They as a “people” are a professional doormat, with a big “Welcome, Alien Exploiters!” embossed upon its surface. And historically those such as the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, or the Austrians have walked up saying “Don’t mind if I do”, and pushed open the door. Today is no different.

        • There is also a factor in the person of Olena Semenyaka. C-C maintains some level of collaboration with her intellectual circles. I’m quite sure that’s where they got the idea of Intermarium among other things.
          Since many white nationalists (or racialists as I prefer to describe them) prefer to support pan-european nationalisms, Semenyaka found many active listeners among them. You can find more about that lady on the Internet.

          My view is that they hope to achieve a new wave of support for nationalism with Ukrainian victory that’ll raise the tide of nationalist movements in other parts of Europe. In other words, it’s a sort of strategy that early islamists employed when they were used to destroy old empires or when they fought the Soviet Union in Afghanistan.

    • Grindr Greg reminds me of so many conservatives who talk a good game about changing things but when it comes to foreign wars, turns into a neocon chickenhawk who wants to ensure unipolar rule, regardless of whether that actually helps the common man, let alone White man, or not. Many such cases. The idea of us not getting entangled in boondoggles that think tanks concoct is beyond the pale for some.

    • It sounds as though the Power Structure is laying the groundwork to unperson Elon Musk as well.

    • After that POS McInnes’ stunt, I’m almost reluctant to comment, but still will reup what was posted during his hoax: a real marker for the transition to totalitarianism is when people start to disappear. This has sort of happened with the 1/6 political prisoners, but presumably they are in the D.C. gulags. If this guy has truly been disappeared, it is on.

  20. Great show as usual.

    It really does amaze me how so many people will believe media these days. It isn’t alarming to me anymore because I feel like our society is straight out of a Rod Serling story… Worse even.

    IMHO, the western elites can’t fathom having Russia around because it will punch a hole in their ideology war that they have declared on their own citizens and all that it stands for. The idea that the rainbow and BLM flags will not be flown at the Kremlin appalls them. It really is amazing. I am 100% certain that in my lifetime, the traditional American flag will be replaced with a rainbow flag of some sort. Being gay will be normal, and being heterosexual and sane will be reasons for being ostracized from society.

    The one thing that I have a hard time seeing that Z seems to see clearly is how any of this ever ends. The vast majority of young people in this country hate traditional America, and all younger kids are bing indoctrinated even further. Once the traditional populous has finally croaked or been pushed into the void, there won’t be anything left to even slow down the avalanche. If you don’t even know that another point of view CAN exist, how would you even be able to think about accepting that point of view? We all grew up knowing that murder is morally wrong, but if you grew up in a society that permitted murdering whites and to say otherwise is heresy, why would you ever question it?

    Honestly, I don’t know if there will really be a “next” thing regarding civilization. I just can’t see how it could possibly end.

    • The vast majority of young people may hate traditional America and be completely indoctrinated to woke thinking. However they will wind up doing so with the lights not on, at least reliably, clean water not readily available and eventually no indoor plumbing.

      All while their numbers dwindle and Zimbabwe moves in.

    • American embassies, overseas bases, etc., already fly Pride™ flags as banners of conquest. Meanwhile back home, every Anglosphere government considers its own official flag, when raised by an average citizen, a symbol of “domestic extremism.”

      On the bright side, though…

      Civilization ended before we were born, but not long before, so we have a chance to admire/mock the ruins as they dissolve. Our minimally human descendants will never believe it was real.

    • Speaking somewhat Platonically, right exists irrespective of the laws and customs of any given society. Right is archetypally right and cannot be changed. What’s more, any normal person has an innate sense of right and an attraction to it. When a society is controlled by an evil elite, such as in the West, right may be temporarily suppressed and cloaked, and recognition of right may be criminalized, but this phenomenon is artificial, superficial and ephemeral. Inevitably, evil will weaken and wither away and right will recrudesce. It’s only a matter of time.

      • I hope you are right about the recrudescence of right, but at some point in time this blue marble travelling in space turns into a cinder – or the rapture occurs.
        In any case, I don’t think my 2023 calendar will be needed to mark the date.

        • Well, there is the thermonuclear codicil, of course. I believe it was Proclus who said as much. (-;

    • Martin Amis wrote a very funny short story about this years ago. Check it out. He has always been ahead of his time.

        • I love Lucky Jim. I read it thirty years ago as an undergrad and then somehow lost my copy. I made it a mission to buy it at a yard sale or used book store instead of purchasing fromLthe usual suspects. It took me until last summer to finally come across it at a fund raiser garage sale. Got it for a quarter.

  21. One of the least appreciated benefits of boot camp is that it forces a group of strangers to get to know one another; and in particular, judge who you can count on when the lead starts flying and what can they bring to the fight. Ditto for any sports team. Everyone sizes up all the other teammates. This is an innate instinct because it effects survivability when hardship, disaster, or danger abounds. IOW, you want to surround yourself with others who are like-minded, competent, capable, and formidable. As our host pointed out in today’s podcast, we are social animals and we do discriminate about who we keep company with.

    Why is this important? Because it’s about to get real and people are going to start forming into ad hoc groupings soon. Most of the time, this will involve neighbors and local family & friends, but also workmates and extended friend networks. This is something that everyone should begin now (if not already underway). It’s very difficult to judge the measure of another man at your side when the barbarians are at the gate. Don’t delay. Change is on the way.

    • “It’s very difficult to judge the measure of another man at your side when the barbarians are at the gate.‘

      I’d agree it’s difficult, but even more than that it’s existential in nature. When the bullets fly and the man who’s supposed to watch your back freezes or runs, you’re kind of fucked. Hard to judge that without experiencing such, which is why training and building automatic response behaviors and muscle memory is so important.

      One experience I distinctly remember I had was the first time my pistol jammed—stove pipe. The clearing technique is simple and usually effective. I practiced it through countless “drills”. Well, they worked. To this day, I have little recollection of clearing it, much less thinking of what steps to take. Adrenalin, muscle memory, took over. Pistol barely moved off target and I continued fire. Only later was I told of what had happened by observers—who then proceeded to take a much more critical assessment of my “performance”. 😉

    • Hey it’s TomA, he’s had a period in the wilderness when people started to catch on and downvote his “hey lets all do a terrorism my fellow white gentile dissidents” thing… but it’s been a few weeks now. Surely all have forgotten the last hundred or so times he’s posted here to publicly encourage you to do a terrorism.

      Previously he wanted you to conduct lone wolf assassinations, then it was a winning idea to threaten federal agents at gunpoint. Now the hot trend is form readily infiltrated groups all lined up in an organized identifiable row, ready to be incited or just listed on a nice conspiracy charge. Maybe this is just the subtle warm up and we get back to “write a manifesto and blow up a power line” by next tuesday or so?

      TomA, once we form the group you’re posting about on a public forum that is absolutely monitored by intelligence agencies, what is step 2? I hear that Governor of Michigan is shooting her mouth off again, that one worked last time? Anything new in the playbook?

      If the goal of activism is to hand the enemies an enormous PR and media win, demonize dissidents in the popular mind by associating them with pointless negro tier local violence, and maybe associate this website back to the whole thing so it can get the kiwifarms treatment… you’re basically the go to guy. Is this the only place you post or do you have a kind of schedule of places to hit each day?

      • You know, you might actually gain some traction here if you had any intelligence or integrity. For example, you could make specific quoted citations of something I’ve written in today’s comment and then provide a specific criticism of that text in the hope of changing the opinions of the readers of this blog.

        But you don’t do that. Instead, you make false assertions of what you want others to believe I’ve written. It’s pure Gramscian propaganda and lies that give you an ego boost because you think of yourself as a brave hero who is fighting back against the forces of white supremacy or some such other nonsense. But you have not intimidated me. That is a failure on your part. Deal with it.

        • TomA. The criticism made by Anonymous I too agree is off the mark. When comments (yours or anyone’s) drift to the extreme, I note that such comments usually draw strong criticism of their own. That is called discussion. Passionate discussion, but discussion nonetheless.

          For myself, I try to take each comment on its own and proceed from there. Every day is a new day. Too much “gunny sacking” prevents the exchange of ideas (IMHO). If and when you call for “raising the black flag and slitting throats”, be assured I and others will call you on it. 😉

          • I have never, and will never, use the kind of extreme language that younmake reference to. That is not my M.O. I do promote a solution oriented agenda as opposed to endless analysis. And I also try to educate and motivate others to get off the couch. Last, my ideas for a solution are not pie-in-the-pie musings, but rather based on societal modeling output that is optimized for minimum harm to innocents. That, IMHO, is a moral virtue.

          • TomA,

            Sorry, fat-fingered a down vote to your response to CompSci. Meant the opposite.

  22. Given what else I’m about to write, Greg Johnson was right on one point: Russia up until 2014 was somewhat globalist and its anti-immigration, pro-Russian nationalists were indeed rounded up from time to time. The annexation of Crimea led to an outburst of nationalism so Putin and Co. backed off a bit. Some of that universalist tendency remains. Navalny is a tool of Western intelligence, for example, but he expresses fealty to Russian nationalism, although it is likely deceptive.

    That out of the way…

    Johnson sounded no different than the average Griller ignoramus who calls into the Hannity show. When confronted with the ridiculousness of making the case for nationalism for Ukraine and opposing nationalism for the Russian enclaves in the Donbas, Johnson suggested the latter should move to Russia. Remember, this is a guy who fantastically urges the creation of an ethnostate in the ruins of the United States. Using his logic regarding the Ukraine, White Heritage Americans should move.

    Johnson made the ridiculous case that NATO would permit members to leave because of the precedent of France. What he didn’t mention was France is the sole nuclear power on the Western European mainland, and when it disengaged from NATO it had or was on the cusp of having nukes and the will to use them in either direction. Is there any doubt NATO would invade and probably massacre Germans if they attempted to leave the alliance? And to suggest NATO isn’t anti-White is patently ridiculous. Yes, it is the EU that is attacking Poland and Hungary for not opening their floodgates to alien hordes, but when all is said and done the EU and NATO are simply indistinguishable tools of the Empire.

    An on and on. As you mentioned, Johnson largely regurgitated MSM propaganda. Collett looked bemused except when Johnson suggested people not down with his Russophobia are paid agents of the Kremlin; Collett then got righteously angry.

    This conflict largely is a war against the remnants of a sovereign Europe. It is a disguised attempt to decarbonize and deindustrialize Europe, particularly Germany. It is a means to an end, just as the response to Covid was designed to destroy personal autonomy, small businesses, and any other indicia of personal sovereignty. A Venn diagram of those who swallowed the Covid bullshit aligns perfectly with those who regurgitate Regime talking points. Johnson has hopped on both trains.

    Dissidents–everyone, really, should be in favor of a quick and peaceful resolution of this war. We all know how it ends unless it goes nuclear, which becomes more likely every day this drags on. Eastern Ukraine will be annexed and the western portion will become neutral. This could have happened months ago. It needs to happen now. Yes, a good side effect will be the utter humiliation and final destruction of the bloodthirsty Neocon/Neoliberal alliance, but these are our fellow Europeans dying needlessly to serve the ends of the hostile alien elites that have grabbed control of our countries. We can have both humiliation and peace.

    Collett mopped up the floor with Johnson not only because the former is charismatic and an excellent communicator, but also because the latter tried to defend the indefensible. It was a losing hand played badly.

  23. It is amazing to me the metaphysical certitude folks can have over Ukraine when I’m not exactly sure what’s happening in New Jersey 50 miles away from me and I have no idea what’s happening in California. The old Italian “politics of the church bell tower” I inherited from my ancestors instills a certain conservatism, if not indifference, regarding distant quarrels.

    Newton’s law (of gravitation, force as a function of the square of the distance) should apply to all this foreign policy BS.

    • Remember in Gulf War I, GWII, Afghanistan where “reporters” were “embedded” into military units and shown the scenes of “great victories” by American, excuse me, “coalition/US vassal state” allied forces?

      None of that is going on in Ukraine. Nothing, nada, zilch.

      If NATO were truly dominating the filed, it would be endless breathless reports from GAE “reporters” showing the Russian POW’s being treated humanely, towns being “liberated”, Russian equipment being destroyed.

      It’s the dog that isn’t barking. NATO is getting it’s buttocks handed to it, and they don’t know what to do.

    • The Los Angeles I thought I knew from years of tv and movies bore zero relationship to the real Los Angeles when I arrived here.

      Moral of the story you can never know about any place anywhere until you get there and see it with your own eyes. And smell the air and all that. So I tend to keep my mouth shut when it comes to events or goings on in places I’ve never been to. If Los Angeles couldn’t be depicted with any semblance of accuracy after decades of movies and tv shows about it, filming its every corner and block, imagine the ignorance of places like Ukraine.

      • I’ve met a few Canadians who moved to San Francisco, with the picture of 80s surf and beach California in mind, and ended up coming back here because it was such a dump. And dangerous.

        I’ve never been, but it must be really bad there, if Canada is an improvement. It’s not uncommon to see junkies here smoking crack pipes on the sidewalk now. And not just in the big cities, but in small, formerly quaint towns and medium sized cities.

  24. If they say Kwin-see instead of Quinn-zee; I’ll narrow it down to either moonbat or time traveler. Take your pick.

    • If you’re talking about the South Shore city it’s “Quinn-zee.” If you’re talking about the sixth President, it’s “Kwin-see.”

  25. Well ya never say never about anything I suppose.. But no. Putler is ‘the good guy’ in all this, and the bad guys are running the show on our end. And no, Putler won’t crush the Kraine and decide Poland’s next. Poland will get the business if they do what the Ukes did – and in that case they will deserve it. All through this, Vlad has been the model of civility and restraint. His prime goal was, and still is – cutting a deal. He operates in his country’s interest. He did not flip out one day and just decide to invade the Kraine any more than Adolph Hitler just flipped out on the jews. He is not an autocrat, and he has to answer to his dissidents as well. Far as I am concerned, for us up here in Canada – he’d make a superior leader to Justine Turdo.

    Rambling presentations are okay, sometimes ya gotta poast good, random thoughts or they’ll get away on ya.

  26. rule number one :

    everyone which had been on covidist side is a retard and shouldn’t be heared.

    • Well, I’d not go that far, but simply repeat an oft said truism: “You can not persuade a person off of a position he has taken through *emotion* by *facts and reason*.” So I’ll agree one wastes one’s time listening and talking to such folk as the response will be emotional and most here don’t dwell in the realm.

    • That certainly is the marker I use. One great thing about Covid is it revealed who can be trusted and who cannot be.

    • About that, a CDC/ACIP board member is married to the guy who, it was claimed, just created a lethal Covid strain with 80% mortality, the Ebola of covids.

      No vaccine passport they said.

      The convenient timing of both announcements says bullshyte; this is the second pincer, with Ukraine wartime measures being the first.

      The vise is tightening.
      Well, that, plus this long action means there will be no grandchildren.

      This 21st century phenom of instant messaging combined with multi-generation strategy is what is so hard to grasp.

    • The one thing in all this that makes me rub my chin thoughtfully is that Putin/Russia basically followed the same Covid playbook as the West. Why?

      • The endgame is the same, KGB: to deindustrialize and decarbonize the West. I actually think the economic blowback has hit the Tribe and its WASP handlers or sycophants, whichever is the case, much harder than anticipated. As Z writes from time to time, take the green shoots when you find them because they are so rare.

  27. Look at all the silly and feckless leaders of the West. No matter what you think of Putin it is obvious after listening to him he is smart, well informed and damn serious.

    Zelenksky is literally a joke (comedian) and a cursory look at Canada, UK, France, even Germany doesn’t give much hope for any real solutions to the war or for that matter any problems. Woke shit all the way down.

    You said Putin grasped in detail all the issues of the bombing of the nuclear power plant. Biden would be hard pressed to name more than four flavors at Baskin-Robbins and he is there every other day.

    • David Wright: “Look at all the silly and feckless leaders of the West.”

      All of these female “leaders” of “Western Democracies” are proving to be nursing within themselves a democidal streak of Von Munchhausen’s by Proxy.

      They are willing to murder their entire citizenry if the spectacle of it will get them face time on Ta1mudvision.

      Von Munchhausen’s by Proxy is simply horrifying; it lives at the intersection of Cluster B [“daddy you WILL pay attention to me!!!”] and Passive Aggression [I WILL stab you in the back], with likely more than a little Sadism thrown in for good measure.

      Women, if left to their own devices, will necessarily & eventually re-create a Cult of Moloch [fueled by Von Munchhausen’s By Proxy] wherever women are allowed to have any voice in civic affairs.


      This Cluster-B/Passive-Aggressive death-eating on the part of a large portion of all females is simply pure unadulterated satanism.

      • Not wishing to be a pain, but its just Munchhausen by proxy.
        the von bit from the Baron’s name is dropped for the mental thing.

    • The 20th century was over for America when Bill Clinton came to office and kicked off Clown World. I believe as Z does – we are watching a very unique inflection point in history. It will rhyme with that period when we started moving away from class society and aristocracies to democratic republics.

      We live in the age of Peak Clown world now. And clowns cant run anything – not even a circus. I am not as convinced as our esteemed blog host that the ideas and ways of the 20th century are dead. When the EBT cards stop working and the free money runs out – EVERYONE is going to be today’s definition of a nazi. Some will define that differently from others, Whitey is already heartily sick of Africa in America and some kind of balkanization or ethnic cleansing is almost a certainty in the future ahead.

      Few people realize what eastern Europe looked like immediately after the fall of the Soviet Union. It resembled Africa – for awhile. We may well find ourselves in the same boat as America atomizes.

      • @Glen

        “Some will define that differently from others, Whitey is already heartily sick of Africa in America and some kind of balkanization or ethnic cleansing is almost a certainty in the future ahead.”

        How can you be sure of this? This is the part that is hard for me to see. I see no end in site of the madness. More and more young people are indoctrinated every day.

        Believe me, I want you to be right.

  28. FYI Murray Gellman was a famous physicist, similar in stature to Feynman, but not as well known to the public. The two were friends in fact. Gellman came up with the theory of quarks, basically.
    Regarding the Amnesia Effect, what was Gellman’s position on Palestine? He was Jewish of course so that confounds it. What was the New York times’ position on that issue at that time. I think it’s significant that Gellman chose the Palestine issue to make his point. Do any of you guys have definite knowledge on this?

  29. Back when I was still in the studying history business I asked my thesis adviser why he really only taught the Vietnam War to the French retreat and the very beginnings of the MACV involvement. His answer was pretty simple “most of what we have is journalist accounts and journalist authored books. The primary sources are not available yet”. Saw the same in my own research—when writing my thesis (thankfully in the 1920s era) the dichotomy between contemporary journalist accounts, Congressional Record, primary actors writings were in stark contrast to later release of declassified documents and subsequent scholarship. I’ve gotten in a lot of trouble for stating in regards to Ukraine—“I have no fucking idea what is going on, but I doubt we should be putting all our chips on Zelensky”. Or for saying “Putin is not a madman and believing that is an unhelpful and naive way of looking at the conflict”. Only studied a couple of quarters of modern Soviet history—pre archive releases. That’s 99% more than the average talking head on TV and I don’t pretend to understand all the factors in play here

    • I’ve had people get angry at me when I point out there’s a history between Russia and the Ukraine that’s more than 10 years old, and that Russia has legit security concerns based on their experiences with the West. It’s like understanding context has become a weakness.

        • Yes, but take one step backward in the Cuban missile crisis. The US had put short range nukes in Turkey before that. The Russian Cuban adventure was a response to such encroachment. Tit for tat to speak. Russia of course won as the nukes were removed from Turkey and US assurances were had wrt no further invasions of Cuba, but we teach a different version in *our* history books. Such one-sided history is similar to what we see/hear now in or MSM wrt Ukraine and Russia.

        • The difference being US leadership was sane enough to negotiate over missiles in Cuba. Anyone who suggests negotiating over the Ukraine is called a Russian stooge (a definition that would include Obama in 2014; for all his faults he could read a damn map).

          • No disagreement there. Also note that JFK and the Dem’s of the time were further to the Right than a heck of a lot of the current crop of Dem’s and Rep’s on capital hill.

    • I’ve pointed out many times that one of the reasons they lie so much in the press is that they are creating history in the sense that they are creating the documents which will be researched when there is nobody left to recall the event.

      In 50 years some young guy will be working on his thesis about the “rise of fascism” (or some ridiculous BS) in the early 21st century in America. He will read about how the Fascists went to Charlottesville to murder the good people of color for no reason whatsoever other than the malignant hate in their black little heats. Statues will not even be mentioned. Or some other guy will be writing on the rise of Donald Trump and how liberal women (AOC will be the widely loved heroine of the story) defeated him and the insurrectionists of 2021 and how Covid killed millions and millions of people because the Fascists were spreading misinformation about Covid.

  30. Greg Johnson is a pro-national-socialist kind of guy, therefore he feels the need to be a pro-Azof battalion kind of guy… a bummer, when one’s fantasies turn to bite one’s rear end.

    • Being bitten on the rear end is the secret goal of Greg’s third positionism, dont even ask about the results of the fourth and fifth and sixth positions he likes to take with a cadre of chiseled aryan lads…

      no wonder he’s such a Zelensky supporter, those tight t shirts and that penis piano playing get quite a roman salute going in gregs trousers.

  31. Regarding the comments on who “won” the debate, I’m reminded of the McFaul vs. Mearsheimer debate where the audience gave a clear victory to McFaul. It wasn’t because McFaul gave the better arguments, but because he spoke with the aura of righteousness. Mearsheimer’s realism doesn’t give the same warm-fuzzies.

    Debates to win are essentially pointless to convince the masses for this reason. They are only useful in small, objective, very well informed circles. In other words, mostly a very small niche.

    It’s far more important if you want to convince the masses is to have control of the propaganda megaphone.

    • The megaphone is essential, but so is the message. The masses must be convinced “the sky is falling”, then the are roused from their slumber.

    • It’s well-known that speaking loudly and confidently to an audience makes them much more receptive to one’s arguments, even if they are not the best.

      • Yep, it’s been shown repeatedly that the person speaking the most in any group situation is considered the smartest or most knowledgeable—even if they are as dumb as a bag of hammers.

  32. Just like “You go to war with the army you’ve got”, you build a civilization with the human material you’ve got. You’re right that the harking back to the past is a problem on our side too. It’s not just the “Send them all back” alt-right types, dreaming of an ethnically cleansed return to the mid-20th century. There are also those stubborn romantics who won’t contemplate any change in the land they grew up in. When viewing the catastrophe that has overtaken California, a sensible response is “Abandon it. It’s too far gone; cut it off the way you would a gangrenous foot.” The romantics reply “No! This is OUR land! Our ancestors fought for it, we’re not going to give up one inch!”

    It’s a nice sentiment, and I sympathize, but it’s emotional and illogical. We’ve tried slamming a lot of conflicting cultures and ideologies together, and the result is the disaster we’re living with. At some point you have to face the facts: that part of the country has chosen to create a culture that suits the people living in it, just like African cultures. Trying to convert them to our culture doesn’t work, just as it hasn’t worked in Africa. Trying to blend them into ours and create a hybrid culture that suits everyone doesn’t work either. Eradicating the aliens is too big a job, and not one that people would tolerate doing or witnessing. So severing is the only choice.

    • You mentioned a number of attempts that don’t work. Do you have any ideas about what we do now? (I acknowledge that a critic is not required to provide a solution.)

      For my part, I know that I am not very good at devising tactics for how we get out of our current mess in the short term. All I can do is focus on the big picture of where I want us to end up eventually even if that “doesn’t work.” For example, I want to move towards a homogeneous nation, even if you think that is foolish.

      • I think a homogeneous nation is the best outcome, though we’ll probably have to settle for something less. I think the only thing that will work is to retreat to the areas where we are a decisive majority, and abandon the rest to the aliens. That won’t be a permanent arrangement, of course; I think there will be a lot of chaos and sloshing around of peoples. I don’t think it’s true that if you cut off the money, the foreigners will just leave.
        Some will, but other people will feel they’ve got a better chance staying and they will. It’s not only whites who feel “I’ve invested something here, this is mine.” Many of the Hispanics of California will likely stay; they’ve been agitating a long time under the pretext that that state is “really” theirs, anyway.

        The blacks are the problem, as always. They’ll be driven from place to place, and where they’ll end up will be a big question. It’s a long walk from LA to Georgia, but they won’t be offered refuge in areas where whites already withdrew to get away from them.

        I expect we’ll see something like the partition of India and Pakistan, but without any supervising authority. Because that’s the key – none of this will happen unless there’s a collapse of federal/central authority, and peoples find themselves free to rearrange their societies to suit themselves. When there are no soldiers sent from Washington to self-righteously enforce diversity, it will be reduced to a smattering of well-behaved foreigners allowed on sufferance in mostly homogeneous communities.

      • First you must convince folks of the inevitable and essentially destructive nature of demographic change. Which I guess even further upstream entails convincing folks that we are not “all the same” or rather the fallacy of “equality”.

        We have a long way to go.

      • A largely homogeneous country WILL happen on a long enough timeline, it will be war or racial expulsion or peaceful population exchange or some yet unforeseen means…

        or it will be one vast sea of dim witted kalergi rape baby mulattos picking through the ruins of an endless futuristic garbage dump/favela

    • It’s not hard to get the aliens to leave at all. Turn off the free money. In fact, make making ANY money difficult for aliens. Granted, it requires political will that isn’t there right now, but it’s not hard. You don’t need to eradicate them, just give them no incentive to be here. Since they’re just r-selected economic migrants, they’ll leave on their own en masse if life is no longer profitable in America.

      If you really want to get rid of them without having to “fight” them, you have the Americans mostly leave, and then shut off their water supply, which almost exclusively comes from outside California.

      • Of course, you’re correct. But the problem is endemic to the system. Right now, most of the benefits IA’s get, they are ineligible for. So in essence, you are asking an “unlawful” government(s) to become lawful. An internal correction we’ve dismissed as not feasible more than once.

      • Leave and go where? They are colonists and mercenaries.

        There’s a reason they came here, many with what they could carry, some as slaves.
        Would we do that?

        The opportunities here are not just better, their home is still worse.

        • Yep, their home—for those of history, not recent arrivals—is here, but that doesn’t meant a right to live off of the productive in society. Curtail welfare, which has long ago become nothing more than “Danegeld” to keep the peace. We build and maintain our America, they built theirs. We’ll see how each side does in 100 years.

    • Fighting is romantic, but there’s the saying to the effect that men will die for their country but not an idea. I’d go so far to say logic never achieved anything great on its own. Otoh, I’d also say emotion never did anything good on its own. Point being, more good is possible when you put the two together.

      I’ll admit, though, I’m biased by regret at having given up on a couple of things because I followed my head.

      • I’ve often wondered about what you’ve said. Perhaps the romance gets folk into the “fray”, to enlist and such. But in battle do men die for their country, an abstract idea, or their fellow soldiers?

        Can’t help thinking about the numerous video interviews that are on YouTube where WWII and Korea war vets and now Vietnam vets are interviewed regarding their service and battle experience. Seems a whole lot of the effort to be one soldier backing up another and the *group* moving toward some purpose or objective. In short, one soldier fighting for the other soldier and in such, group survival. “Brothers in arms” is not a trite saying.

        • Absolutely. It’s the emotional ties, country being a larger version. Transactional relationships don’t have the glue. Hence all of this Enlightenment business about consent and contracts— and the force of law to back them up. Interesting how all the free will stuff relies on enforcement, how that part isn’t emphasized. Wouldn’t want people freely changing their minds lol. At least Rousseau was honest about it, I guess?

          Anyway, yeah, great analogy there.

    • This is an interesting topic. I agree with all parties in some sense here. In fact, I think the take it or leave it approach with California might be leaving out other options.

      California is prime real estate. It has many natural resources and most important natural ports to facilitate trade across the Pacific Ocean. Do you really just want to give up on it?

      I agree that a violent conquest is not palatable. Ironically, the liars accuse us of violent conquest of this continent, but it was really, for the most part, an exploration and settlement of a largely uninhabited land. The Stone Age inhabitants were not very populous and most died off of disease and inter-tribal warfare or retreated into a bottle. The post 1965 invasion, however actually puts us in a situation where the numbers are vast and well now we find out that the white man is really not given to genocidal impulses – in fact he seems to embrace his own genocide.

      In any case, I agree that there are economic incentives that could be used to induce voluntary repatriation of large numbers. I am of both minds. Another option is to split California into the coast and the interior. There is a natural blue/red divide. The red section would have to shift its labor base, though with some rehab it does exist in the interior. The Central Valley could be supplied with the water it needs by other states if NoCalistan cuts it off, though Colorado is a question mark.

      It angers me that we need to let go of many of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceanic cities and ports. At the same time, reality is reality. Perhaps the right approach is to have a plan that has long time scales with various goals to attain toward a longer term goal. Right now, just getting stable and forming up our own people on our own land is enough.

      Longer term, I say we take a page out of the Jew’s book. They wandered for 2000 years bent on taking back what they saw as their rightful homeland. Thanks the GAE, they got it and build it with a lot of help from us. I was reading the Likud party platform. It is a strong ethno nationalist statement that claims Israel as the Jews land for eternity. It seems like a good blueprint for us.

      Perhaps step one is to establish ourselves in the vast interior with Gulf and southeast Atlantic port strongholds.

      On the other hand, if we do not attempt or cannot attempt the economic inducements now, and we are bent on some future generations reclaiming what is ours, it will be a brutal undertaking the one we never undertook on this continent, but will turn Zinn’s lie into a prediction.

      In short, we need to have a plan and the organizational structure needed to preserve and coordinate carrying it out. The Jews had the Rabbis. I don’t know who we have. Heck, most of us, myself included, don’t even know who we are.

      • Incentivization and disincentivization work hand in hand. First remove those incentives that lure—and keep—folks here. Way back when (early 20th century?) we had a period of mass migration from Europe and especially Southern Europe. I’ve read than perhaps 20-40% of these “migrants” left when they could not make it in America. Those were pre-welfare days.

      • “Perhaps step one is to establish ourselves in the vast interior with Gulf and southeast Atlantic port strongholds.”

        Control the mighty Mississippi / Missouri River waterway of the center.
        I agree.

        That was what the French had, from the Yukon to New Orleans. The Bourbon court bankrupted itself allying with us in the Revolution, leading to their own Revolution.

        Perhaps I should include Tsarina Catherine, our other ally, as well. Their Revolution just took a few more Tsars to accomplish.

        They should’ve listened to Kissinger on that “to be America’s friend is fatal” thingie.

      • They sell you out, because they’re rootless cosmopolitans at heart, too. California, Texas, Florida. Gotta admit, they’re really good at fattening the hog for market. The victim routine is pure cynicism, though.

  33. “I must admit I struggle to follow the logic of Greg’s argument,”

    I don’t care for Greg Johnson and I’ve never heard of Mike Collett. I’m not sure I want to listen to them. Can anyone summarize Johnson’s apparently weird view?

    For my part, anyone who doesn’t instinctively understand that Russia is entirely righteous in what it is doing, has no opinion worthy of my time. Furthermore, I consider that Steve Sailer must be destroyed.

    • Greg Johnson wishes it was the 1960s and he was touring with Lincoln Rockwell and Mark Collett wishes it was 1930s and he was touring with Oswald Moseley.

    • Maybe I’m just noticing it now, but Sailer seems to be shockingly boring and one dimensional. For the most part, he’s been writing the same article for 20 years. This is another man stuck in the 20th century.

      It’s also odd that he refuses to discuss white (or various strains of white) identity politics, even to denounce it. He simply will not address the issue of what whites should do in a multi-racial society that is breaking down along racial/ethnic lines, other than whites should show the way to other groups by refusing to join the game.

      Steve’s thinking seems very limited.

      • I believe I’ve said this before, chez Z, but we’re missing some piece of the puzzle concerning Steve Sailer.

        There’s something we’re not aware of.

        It could be as simple as his wife wearing the pants in the family.

        Back in the day, he had to give up his independence and take the tiny-hat-geld because she wanted a new dishwasher.

        Taking the tiny-hat-geld is always a sign of existential defeatism and surrender.

      • If your entire career is built on reacting to regime media, then you’re not much different than Ben Shapiro or Keith Olbermann.

    • “Furthermore, I consider that Steve Sailer must be destroyed.”

      Destroyed? A bit hyperbolic, don’t you think? Sailer has a small fan club that has precisely zero impact on how the larger world operates. In other words, the man does not possess enough power/influence to merit destruction; ignoring him will suffice. As to my own thoughts about Sailer, I tend to agree with Citizen of a Silly Country who labels Sailer “shockingly boring and one dimensional” (I’d probably stop short of saying “shockingly”). Sailer’s establishment-compliant reaction to Covid was disappointing, yet not particularly surprising. His unwillingness to discuss “White identity politics” just seems like a typical Boomer’s reluctance to touch a hot-button matter. A lot of older folks hope to die off before “our greatest strength” (DIE-versity) reaps its inevitable “rewards.” I can understand that sentiment, but I’m in my forties and thus not old enough to share it.

      • Perhaps “shockingly” boring was a tad harsh, but given that he openly discusses a very well-known but still taboo subject, his writing is, shall we say, surprisingly boring.

        I suppose that you’re right about his Boomer attitude toward white identity politics; however, he constantly writes about identity politics in general, so his unwillingness to write about the most important aspect of identity politics – what whites should do in response – is odd indeed.

        I realize that he’s against identity politics, preferring his Citizenism, but the reality is that identity politics has been winning for 50 years while colorblind civic nationalism has been on a five decade losing streak. Perhaps it’s time that he adjust his thinking or, at least, acknowledge that his strategy is failing miserably and then explain why it will work in the future.

        Btw, his commenters are just as bad. They fall into the three camps. The colorblind CivNat diehards. The IQ fetishists. Tribe members who hilariously are completely open about their identity politics while preaching colorblind civic nationalism to gentiles. It’s a strange bunch.

        • I’m glad that you are in Sailer’s comment section hammering Steve and his commenters about their huge blind spot, that they document the blitzkrieg advancement of non-white identity politics and pretend that Citizenism is a credible response.

          • It’s a guilty pleasure of mine. Also, there are some new Sailer readers who need a little push.

            Steve has a semi-ban on my comments, which will languish for a long time in moderation. Usually, the length of time before he posts them are proportional to how much I’m hammering Citizenism or Steve’s inconsistencies.

            Citizenism is escapism. Nothing more. Neither Steve nor his commenters like to be reminded of that.

        • I don’t pay very close attention to Sailer’s commenters — so I’ll just have to take your word for it about them. “Citizenism” is too stupid an idea for any sensible person to take seriously at this point for exactly the reasons you highlighted. I seem to remember Zman suggesting a few times that Sailer entertains foolish hopes of somehow becoming a “respectable” persona among the professional commentariat which incentivizes him to ultimately cop out on race (apologies to Zman if my memory has simply invented that). I have no idea whether or not that’s true. If it is, Sailer is exceptionally delusional, because he’s committed far too many taboos to ever be respectable in the eyes of narrative-compliant twits whose approval he shouldn’t seek anyway. My own suspicion is that Sailer is simply a product of his generation. Boomers grew up in an 85 %-plus White America, brimming with the optimistic notion that this country can succeed under essentially any circumstances. Very few of them can grapple with the painful reality of DIE-versity. Of course, as you indicate, given the subject matter in which he traffics, Sailer should be an exception to that. But he’s not. I suspect it’s a mental block mostly related to his age and the rosier era in which he grew up. I could be wrong about that, as it’s rarely an easy game figuring out someone else’s motives. Suffice it is to say that Sailer is a limited resource at best.

          • Sailer very much wants to be accepted by the pundit crowd. He wants to like Charles Murray. Steve gets very excited when his name is mentioned in polite circles.

            It’s sad.

        • Yesterday:
          “…getting other people to overcome the conditioning that suppresses the activation of the threat perception routines that reside in their deep neural architecture .”

          “Citizenism” is the 20th C. secular version of
          “We’re all god’s chirrun.”

          Sayings, slogans, stories- those are our operating system, both individual and group.
          The guidelines, our deep neural architecture.

          So perhaps, the Dems are correct in that “we need better messaging” habit of theirs, except they have the masters of marketing and our doom as consultants

    • M. Collette is smart about one thing: in the media age, public image is critical. He always presents himself in a professional manner.

      Take Steve Brannon: Smart guy, not perfect by any means, but interesting ideas.

      Looks, dresses, and grooms like a total slob. So nobody GAS about anything he says or writes, except those with equal opinions with the same personal challenges they won’t address.

      Something to consider when lambasting “normies”. Glass houses, etc.

      • Quite so. He presents as trailer trash. “Get Clean for Gene” is the same as “Dress for Success.”

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  35. If you don’t know about Mike at Imperium Press you should check him out. He has a deep knowledge of history and a thorough rejection of the enlightenment. I don’t know if he literally worships Odin but he believes that we ought to ground our religious feelings in the ancient gods of our people.

    His latest writing is on the Johnson-Collett debate: https://imperiumpress.substack.com/p/lemmy-nationalism-audio#details
    Imperium Press: https://www.imperiumpress.org/

    • Was just thinking of that article. People in the dissident sphere still have a tendency to overly abstract concepts to the point that they take a frame of mind being worth defending at all costs instead something tangible in reality.

      The mind virus is best seen on the right in concepts such as the free market, free speech, etc. which are fine in their own right, but are principles to direct society in an orderly and virtuous direction, not being metaphysical goods in their own right.

      Elevating nationalism to a metaphysical good creates way too much messiness, and it’s much more easily defendable to essentially say “I want my people to have self-determination, and I am willing to support foreign peoples in their want of self-determination on a case-by-case basis”.

    • Rule number two

      everyone on the right side of political spectrum which prentend to be “pagan” is
      -a nazi which not assume is identity
      -a retard
      -an atheist

      (and, oftenly all three at the same time)

      • You could also be an agnostic that simply believes Christianity is one of the root causes of white people allowing themselves to be conquered. The old Catholic guilt and turn the other cheek mentality has been hijacked by the left to make whites feel guilty for being successful. Just like Islam’s core teachings can and will always cause a substantial section of the population to seek jihad, Christianity’s core teachings naturally lead to this sickness.

        So do I BELIEVE in the Greek pantheon of Gods? Not really. However, I find their stories and culture more beneficial to our people than Christianity.

    • “I don’t know if he literally worships Odin but he believes that we ought to ground our religious feelings in the ancient gods of our people.”

      So he disingenuously wants white people to believe in a LARP religion that even he and basically all of its advocates actually believe and admit is false?

      And for bonus points said adherents of the manly conquering LARP religion were conquered and essentially eradicated by (weak slave morality) christianity… a thousand to two thousand years ago (depending on the locale)?

      All we need to do to enact this new regime is crush both the entire secular global regime… then crush basically its entire actual real world opposition (which is overwhelmingly christian oriented)… THEN get everyone to believe in a totally inorganic made up new system which literally NO ONE believes or is actually genuinely motivated by?

    • Agree. We need to take Jesus back, as well.

      A conundrum of great difficulty was pointed out yesterday. Of course the dark side wanted to seize the Power that Jesus spoke for as their own, to even claim He is subordinate to theirs.

      Why? Why ‘of course’?

      Because Whites are their only escape. The only way out of the greenhouse.

      We need our pantheon back.
      Whites are father Creation’s intent and mother Gaia’s goal; we are the combination to the lock.

      Place Jesus as its head, the King of kings, if you will- but never will Abraham’s god be above ours.

      That the physical, political Jesus had a Roman father and a Semitic mother- well, both sides tried to claim Him as their own.

      But one side were the builders, the other side only the fermenters. Their god, and their resurrection, can only live here, within the wall.
      It is the lesser power.

  36. America is definitely living in the past, sort of like the civilizational equivalent of the “Peaked in High School” guy. Only instead of sitting on the couch with an icepack on his bad knee and talking about the time he scored three touchdowns and did keg stands one night twenty years ago, it’s this hazy History Channel/Ken Burns sort of trance in which the horns soar and the strings swell and the flag waves and we save the world from Hitler again. It’s getting old.

    As to the Ukraine issue, it’s pretty simple for me. Just as the kid in the old “Invaders from Mars” movie would ask adults to see the back of their necks to make sure they hadn’t been taken over by aliens, I ask the person to pronounce the name of Ukraine’s capital. If they say “Key-Ev,” I know they’re still a human. If they say “Keef,” I know the aliens stuck the ovipositor in their neck and laid eggs. And I don’t want to be anywhere near them when they hatch.

    • I like the “peaked in high school” metaphor. America is like a Bryce, with long flowing golden hair, won the big games, laid the head cheerleader, and invited envy around the school. The world was his oyster, as they used to say.

      Bryce made some bad decisions after graduation. Now Bryce is bloated, balding, sitting on an old couch, beer cans everywhere, hasn’t shaved in a while, been divorced, and can’t manage his finances. But he’s still got that letterman jacket hanging up in his closet, and still pleasuring himself to memories of the cheerleader.

    • Citation of “Invaders from Mars” is without doubt worthy of a Hero of the Dissident Union medal. That flick creeped me out back in the day. Well done Comrade!

    • The Kiev vs. Kyiv test is great. Nicely done.

      I think TPTB changed the pronunciation 8 months ago because that is their test of us too. They have a lot of those tests that they have instituted for us: forced group readings of anti-American, anti-white books at work; diversity, (pro black, pro female, anti-white discrimination), KPIs that must be signed and reported on; land acknowledgements (forced abdication of our legitimate claims on our lands); forced anti-America and anti-white pledges at medical schools and other school admissions.

      At least, for now, how we pronounce Kiev, like the yard sign, is optional.

    • See, I like to say all of these ridiculous regime things, sometimes deadpan, sometimes with a wink and nod. I think mocking it can be one of the most effective forms of resistance. The other day I asked a coworker if their new puppy had decided its gender yet. They weren’t sure how to reply. It was a nervous chuckle that said, I know this is ridiculous, but I also know laughing at it is dangerous.

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