The Political Vice

The British oddsmakers are not giving new prime minister Liz Truss much of a chance to survive the year, putting the odds at 1-in-8. They are posting wagers on her probable replacement, which is a good sign they are confident they will have plenty of action in the near term. You can wager on just about anything in Britain but the point of posting odds is to attract action. If the oddsmakers are posting odds on the next prime minister it means there is a demand for it.

From an American perspective it is a bit amusing because of the over-the-top way in which the media talks about these things. It is like how British sports announcers turn a mundane sport like soccer into life and death drama. Every player heroically passes the ball to some other hero, who courageously passes it back. They are doing the same thing with the political squabbles within the Tory party. They are carrying on as if the island will flip over if they pick the wrong person.

The British are in political crisis because the people who actually run the country never forgave Boris Johnson for supporting Brexit. The fact is, the elites in Britain all wanted to be fully integrated into Europe. They loathed the very idea of Brexit and detested the people who supported it, which is the majority of the people. Just as everywhere else, British elites, and those who think they are elites, define themselves by the degree to which they hate the average subject.

The elites shoved old Boris over the side without thinking much about who would replace him because of another quirk of modern Western elites. They never think more than once move ahead when on the attack. When scheming to line their own pockets, they are masters of eight dimensional chess. When they get their feelings hurt, they tend to blindly and maliciously strike out while howling in pain. They never think about what happens after they get their revenge.

This is what is happening in Britain. They got revenge on old Boris, but then they had no suitable replacement, so they were stuck with Liz Truss. She is a simpleton, so this has quickly blown up on them. Now they have to find a way to push her over the edge and find a different empty suit to play the role of PM. The odds are the next person will be terrible and this will force new elections. The other party will be declared the winner and then the drama comes to an end.

The only reason this is interesting is that it will be a story we see all over the West in the coming months, even in America. The midterms are shaping up to be a disaster for the Democrats, so they will be forced to address their Joe Biden problem. He is not going to go quietly, because his handlers need him to stay. Joe Biden is a shuffling husk, but the people holding important jobs in the administration need him in the job so they can hold onto those important jobs. Dementia Joe is useful.

Regardless, the people who actually run Washington will conclude that they have a Joe Biden problem after the election. The trouble is the next in line makes Liz Truss sound like Cicero, so pushing Biden over the edge will just create new problems, but wounded animals do not think that far ahead. We could very well see a replay in Washington of what is happening in London. Biden is forced out for health reasons, then Harris is forced out because everyone remembers that she is an idiot.

Of course, as the political turmoil in the West heats up over the next year, the popular explanation will be that it is due to bad economics. Inflation, shortages, recession and energy prices will get the blame. You see this happening in Britain where inflation is getting blamed for the crisis. It is complete nonsense. The Bank of England is undermining the Tory government, not popular unrest. The Tories have no reason to care about public opinion. They do care about elite opinion.

That is the real source of the crisis that is slowly spreading in the West. In theory, government exists to exercise the will of the people. The “general will” is defined though the democratic process. The parties compete for support by offering up policies to address the issues the voters think are important. The Tories are in power because they supported Brexit and they implied they would do something about the problems that naturally stem from post-national cosmopolitan globalism.

There was never any chance of this happening because the people who actually run Britain never wanted those things. Those people are not subject to elections and have no concern for public opinion. That is the cause of the crisis. The political process and its results lie between public opinion and elite opinion. The two sides are natural opposites that operate like the jaws of a vice. As they close, the political process is squeezed until it eventually bursts.

The fact is the West has reached a point where we cannot have both an avaricious ruling elite and a prosperous middleclass. Either the elites are brought to heel and are subject to the political process or the middleclass collapses. The new world order is an effort to consolidate power and impoverish the population. Populism and various forms of nationalism are middleclass efforts to fight back against elites. The West is now entering the survival stage of liberal democracy.

It is tempting to think that numbers matter and the people will eventually win out and bring their elites under control. Covid should disabuse anyone of that notion, as it is clear that most people would rather die than speak out against the most humiliating abuses of the elites. If you can make people wear their underwear around their heads, you can make them do anything. Of course, an elite willing to mutilate children is never going to be susceptible to appeals to their humanity.

On the other hand, no one was really at risk during Covid. People got sick but people always get stick from something. Covid policies did not put the general wellbeing in danger, at least not right away. When people are worried about paying their rent or keeping the doors of their business open, they stop worrying so much about offending the sensibilities of rich people. Western people seem to accept no limits on their humiliation, but maybe there is a limit.

Regardless, the West is clearly entering a crisis phase. Unlike past crises in Greece, Spain or Italy, this one is occurring in the heart of the West. People expect political turmoil in Italy, but not in Britain. People expect the Spanish economy to be on the edge of the abyss, but not the German economy. Washington is supposed to be the same regardless of the party in power. This crisis is in the core of what made the post-Cold War order possible. Soon, all of it will be up for debate.

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251 thoughts on “The Political Vice

  1. He who bets on the people shall suffer the fate of the Gracchi. Ask Trump.
    I am a commoner and disgusted.

    As far as the Middle Class, one may refer to either Marx or Hitler for the correct judgment of the Petit Bourgeoisie. Sell their own mothers to keep their tiny patch.

    What is encouraging is Elite Defections and Elites making alliance with….DOD. The price indeed the only way forward is known.
    The military only ever can do one thing.

    Help has come
    I’ve Found reason to fight.
    American Elites are defecting to America.

    Real tech wants a real America.
    Real tech is not Social Masturbation.
    Real tech is for example DOD companies.

    Real Tech including venture capital, Musk, Thiel, Bezos, Katherine Boyle has defected to Red Empire (DOD). The price is war or arms race. War is very likely. The gain for the people is Reindustrializing America , the gain for the nation is war requires real leadership, the other kind will pass away or be shoved aside.

    Lattice- the OS for war.
    Many such cases.

    The military as ally means seriousness, and the military only has one move, ever.

    This is real help, real leadership, real hope.
    Cold, Hard, Real – and so reason to fight.

    • Oh, I think “vice” covers it pretty well. Think about how destructive individual vice can be, and then make it a society-wide, pernicious self-indulgence like politics?

      So, yeah, “vice” captures it nicely.

  2. “If neocons and the most boring NRO writers formed a party” is a succinct description of the Tories.

    And the black pilling part is that they are the most successful major Center Right party in the world. Far more ruthless and effective than their French, Italian, and even American counterparts.

    They are posh boys, but frighteningly good at politics and herding the normiecon cattle. Unchallenged in their perch to this day, with a total war attitude in dealing with any potential rivals on their side of the aisle to the con-lib-labour British order.

  3. soon there will be nobody left here to debate it . antifa and their bosses at WEF will make it uninhabitable. it will be over and the Chinese will recolonize this land mass
    in 10 years or so. have a good day

  4. Who will replace Liz Truss?
    Look for her loudest, most loyal supporter: You have to stand behind someone before you can stab them in the back.

    • They should just cut out the pretence and appoint Blinken, Nuland or Schwabb directly.

      Or maybe Zelensky can double up as all the UK’s money is going to him anyway and everyone has to pledge allegiance to the new European pope.

  5. How the elites grift:
    AINO “appears” hostile to Chinks; so Chinks get access to raw materials and energy to spite AINO.
    The product flows.
    AINO designs it.
    Chinks build it.
    The serfs buy it.
    The only vote that matters is the one you cast with your wallet. Stop buying their shit to the greatest extent possible. If you must buy, buy local.
    I know and accept that biology > culture > economics; but, if we “starve the Beast” then death > biology in selective cases.

  6. I’m not sure why Zman keeps thinking that the COVID lock down was a humiliating experience, for most it was a paid vacation. They didn’t get to go anywhere, but they didn’t have to work either and made more money doing it. I would have liked to have had a couple of days off, myself.

    • You’ll love prison my [african american]!

      Three free hots and a cot and no need to work ever again.

      • You missed that one by a mile. I’m trying to help people like you understand why the U.S. population hasn’t taken up arms against the government. What’s been done hasn’t been nearly as intolerable as you imagine. You don’t like this because it refutes your world view, but you don’t have a counter argument so you attack me personally. As long as the average person can put up what appears to be a normal life they aren’t going to go all Valley Forge. Besides, it’s pretty childish to assume the good guys win like you’re watching a movie.

          • Now that is true. It’s was so frustrating trying to make it back and forth to work every stinking day and having to deal with the masks and the closed stores and having to eat in the car……. All the while thinking it was BS. My brother on the other hand sat on the couch for two months and made about 1k a month more than he was usually paid.

        • “You don’t like this because it refutes your world view”

          Oh no, my whole world view refuted! Curses!

          Hey… just by the by though, what WAS my whole world view? I mean certainly you must know because you refuted it all so easily.

          • I don’t know what your world view of even the specific argument, you should have made was, because you didn’t make it. You just insulted me.

    • Just because people who did this don’t feel humiliation doesn’t mean that weren’t humiliated. Any person who took the check and the days off was been humiliated and degraded before the Covid response. The lack of outrage or disgust at the lock down and goody checks is a sign of that.

      It is the people who have a sense of self and a sense of pride and the intelligence and foresight not to let themselves be bought and kicked around who loathed it.

      It is the humiliated, degraded state is reflected by their acceptance of the humiliation and degradation of being so easily bought to stay in a state of submission.

      • Wanna hear real humiliation? I was laid off for 6 weeks during The Panic. Our federal government said “Don’t worry folks! We’ve got your backs! Just go online and apply for CERB (Canadian version of relief money).” So I did and got $2000 deposited in my account within 2 days. Great, right?
        Fast forward to spring 2022: Got a letter informing me that ackshully I wasn’t eligible for that money and they want it all back. Literally everyone I talked to who got CERB eventually got the same letter.

  7. Good timing Zman! Was your column leaked to the Tussophiles? I hated to see Kwasi Kwambumbo leave as their finance minister though. He was perfect.

  8. Senator John Kennedy channels fellow Louisianan D. Duke to explain Biden’s problems:

    “Just look at the gene pool from which the President gets his advice.”

    Kennedy-Kanye 2024

      • No, assuming that she wind the governorship in AZ, that is where she should stay. Above all, there should exist strong, competent counterforces in place in States to balance and resist the federales. The nucleus of what comes after AINO, and an example to thise who need to make the transition.

        • Fair point Jersey. Maintaining some form of federalism seems hopeless. Our future is in Balkanism.

          Two new free states in Florida & Arizona may be a good start.

          • AZ is far from a solid red State. For years now, the difference between Dem and Rep seats in House and Senate was maybe one vote. Folks seem to forget a long string of wimpy Rep Gov’s, such as the current one, Ducey. It also produced RINO Senators like McCain and Flake. AZ is one of those States that really is more emblematic of demographic change we often speak of here. 2022 midterms and a move to the right might be a fluke for AZ—a small reprieve in an inevitable turnover from solid, predictable red to blue.

          • Seems to me that our only choices are Federal tyranny or independent free states.

            The latter would require ethnic / ideological sorting wherein leaders like Lake & Desantis encourage blue ppl to flee to blue states.

        • If youse guys over there in Jersey would agree to annex Philly, then Pa might join Arizona & Florida as new free & independent states.

          • I live too close to Philly to want that dumped on my head. It’s bad enough to have Camden between us and Philly, thus rven closer to us. It is Blue Tick Hell in my area. Three synagogues within two miles of us. And a full blown Hindu temple only a couple of miles further. But if you go down country a bit, it is the Red Zone.

            We almost got rid of Gov. Murphy this last year, but he pulled it out with “late returns” from up in the NYC. Annex they have up there. What were the chances of that happening, eh?

            Short of the Russians doing PA a solid and nuking Philly, that state is going to remain a battleground. Of course, if they do nuke Philly, we’ll be for it, too. Oh, well.

  9. The greatest sports announcers for making something with literally no action 99.9% of the time was the two guys who used to announce the Tour de France about 15 or 20 years ago. Two Brits, of course – though I think one who a white guy who grew up in Africa.

    A month of people riding bikes and they made the whole thing sound like the last lap of the Kentucky Derby.

  10. ***mundane sport like soccer into life and death drama. Every player heroically passes the ball to some other hero, who courageously passes it back***

    Hey! Don’t touch soccer. It’s by faaar better than your boring american sports, like “football” and, worse, baseball


      • Soccer is no more (and perhaps far less) negrified than American football and far less than basketball. Baseball is less negrified (but more central Americanized). Hockey, rugby and Aussie rules (maybe men’s tennis) are probably the least with respect to sports that require actual physical ability.

    • but the WORST thing about american sport is the impossibility of relegation to inferior divison.

      And electric piano instead of human crow singing.

      And the “franchise” system. Sorry, no, never, never could me considering Lakers having the trophies of Minneapolis Lakers. It’s like heresy.

    • Most Americans lost any trace of interest in Euro-sports once they got the football hooligans under control. Without drunken OI! people starting brawls there’s just nothing to see. OI!

    • “Don’t touch soccer. It’s by faaar better than your boring american sports, like “football” and, worse, baseball ”

      I agree. And one of the things that make it better is the erudition and education of the commentators. They give historical context to any particular match. They also point out things a layman like myself misses. The televising of American sports is completely about providing a means for advertising and probably contributes to ADHD. I watch English football and snooker whenever I can.

    • Lots of skill in soccer (or football association) and real athletes with serious quads who run about 6 miles a game. But it’s boring. And the players end up taking ridiculous dives to earn fouls. I think the girls’ game is better in this respect at least, they don’t dive, they keep playing even if shirt is being ripped off.

      • “real athletes with serious quads who run about 6 miles a game.”

        If you think THAT’S exciting just wait till you watch a whole marathon!

      • So. Shirts ripped off. I’d just assumed all this chick soccer hubbub was more affirmative action, but may now have to rejig my position.

        • Although pornography would suggest otherwise, in real life shirtless lesbians are a sight best avoided.

        • To be objective, there are a fair number Euro women players who are attractive, but the Americans seem to scrape the bottom of the lesbian barrel.

  11. All sports announcers are paid to do the same. How else can you keep attention on an 18 inning game with one run?

    Political pundits are sports announcers for ugly people.

  12. The time has come for Biden to follow the example of Truss. I have crafted a little resignation speech:

    “Friends, Americans, countrymen, lend me your ears. I offer my resignation. It is abundantly clear that I am nothing save a senile old fool who even in his younger days was nothing but a pliant tool for vested interests. It is clear that I do not run the executive branch of the government — indeed, I am so far gone I cannot even tie my shoelaces. I am an embarrassment to the people of the USA, most of whom did not vote for me anyway. It is clear that I am not, indeed never have been, a real man like Vladimir Putin, who can and does wrestle with bears.

    • “And although I am resigning, I will continue and redouble my creepy behavior towards girls and young women.”

    • My money is on death from natural causes around January. And, no, you cannot see the autopsy report.

    • Now, before I leave for this one last time and reminisce about showering with my daughter and playing rubby scrubby nubby with her, I want to tell you about my favorite moment here in the Oval Office.


      Oh. What happened. Oh no. I sh** myself. Well, that’s okay. Hey! It’s you! Would you just look at you old Corn Pop! Let them freshen my diaper and we’ll grab an ice cream cone and threaten some union workers.

      Well. Thank you America. Thank you for being such gracious uh, and uh … easy pickings for all these years. I’m gunna – oh, uh miss … who .. wait. You’re not Corn Pop!”

  13. Question to Z, any of the Britons here or anyone else who knows: what is the advantage of a Labour prime minister to the ruling class? If both major parties will repeal Brexit and fall into line, why prefer one over another? The answer may be blindingly obvious, but it escapes me. The only answer immediately apparent is that a Labour prime minister would promote the illusion of liberal democracy but that seems lame.

    Thanks in advance.

    • The party does not matter. Starmer is another placed clone.

      Its more that switching governments allow the media to reset people’s minds that the now is the new accepted baseline from which they can continue the same policies without having the anger directed at them as to the ruin the previous same policy is having.

      It means you can keep the same policies, but diffuse the resentment every few years. They have been doing it for decades.

      Personally, I think it will not be Labour and the car crash was an intentional scam to re-instate Johnson for the same effect. The only PM to wipe his own past, reset the baseline and start a new govt without an election. People are stupid enough to fall for it.

      • Thanks, man. I thought it might be a matter of mere repackaging but wasn’t sure. Yeah, the rehabilitation of Johnson is absurd enough to be completely plausible.

    • I suspect it is a class issue. Think about how Washington responded to Trump. Politically, he held all the same positions as Bill Clinton, with a desire to reduce illegal immigration and address the dependence on China. something embraced by Washington, by the way. If official Washington had simply been decent to Trump, he would have signed off on anything they put in front of him, but they could not bring themselves to do it. He was just not their sort.

      I suspect something similar with Johnson. He did the one thing you can never do in the modern age and that is he went against his class by siding with the rabble on an important issue. Betraying your class has always been a cardinal sin with elites. Johnson and the Tories betrayed their people, so they must pay. Similarly, Keir Starmer has purged his party of the riff-raff, so he has proven himself as a reliable man. Note he is Sir Keir Starmer. Boris is still just Boris.

      • I may be mistaking your comment, but with all due respect you sort of don’t understand how the class system works.

        The knighthood is meaningless in that sense as to the class. A knighthood is like a good employee badge, not a title.

        Johnson is always going to be upper class and Starmer will always be middle management in the class system to those that are in the upper reaches, irrespective as to titles. Its about who your people are and their lineage, not the titles bestowed.

        It takes a few generations to alter the social position.

        As an aside, the idea Johnson betrayed his class is fantasy thinking. He was brought in to undermine it, and still will I wager.

        • Isnt every living knight in the UK now known for their lancing of the sphincter? That’s the impression I get from most of the people now called “Sir” so and so. It seems to be an honorific for retired homosexuals who are no longer on the tele.

          • Well, when Jagger was knighted it became bloody obvious that the honorific was no longer a serious thing. He rails against the king and all his servants and gets knighted for his efforts. Dam’ fools.

          • I dream of a time travel scenario where the brits must rely on their new knights at agincourt.

            Sir Elton John, Sir Ian McLellan, and Sir Mick Jagger leading the charge, lances held erect, with a lusty cry of “HELOOOOOOoooooo SAILOR!”

      • You are exactly right about Trump: all the ruling class had to do was stroke his ego and he would have fallen into line. I’m glad they are too impulsive and emotional to go with the rational option. And, yes, both he and Johnson didn’t suck up enough to The Best People so they had to be slapped down.

        Trumpton’s suggestion that Johnson might be rehabilitated (probably because he has seen the light) also strikes me as insane enough to be on the table. We aren’t dealing with stable people here when all is said and done; their impulsivity always is a white pill to me. But, yeah, the “Sir” part certainly makes sense.

        Again, thanks.

        • So if Boris gets rehabilitated, then will Donny “Warp Speed” Trump be rehabilitated?

          As a human shield, that is. Switching the baseline of resentments, once again. Heroically passing the ball, er wot.

    • “what is the advantage of a Labour prime minister to the ruling class?”

      *Shrug* — not much. But no disadvantage either. Starmer will be another Tony Blair. And Blair in terms of policy and action was the bastard son of Thatcher. Or the British version of Bill Clinton, if you will. A wolf in sheep’s clothing — “New Labour.” The thing the ruling elite doesn’t want is Jeremy Corbyn.

      • Thanks. While it probably would never happen, what would the Ruling Class do if somehow Corbyn became PM? Use the internal intelligence services (MI5?) to perform the same function as the FBI/DOJ did with Trump?

        • There was a film on the scenario you suggest — “A Very British Coup.”

          But this is a little far-fetched. The British Labour Party is part of the establishment and indeed eschewed any revolutionary ambitions over a century back. The last Labour politician who had any revolutionary zeal was (in my opinion) Tony Benn and that’s going back half a century.

          The Labour Party has had to move further and further right to be electable. These are not the days of Clement Attlee. Or even of Harold Wilson.

          • Tony Benn was a complete cut out stooge.

            The guy who campaigned his whole life on high taxes for everyone else for “the good of the state”, then left his kids £5 million in trusts to avoid death duty and to allow them to keep the family estate at Stansgate Abbey,

          • I worked with a guy from Manchester who adored Benn. The adoration almost was cult-like. That aside, from what I saw here after Trump was elected, it isn’t all that hard to engineer a coup if you can get both major political parties onboard.

        • Corbyn’s biggest sin was his refusal to rubber stamp anything Israel wanted. Starmer is a tame goy married into the faith so he is very reliable.

    • Keir Starmer is a rabid anti-Brexiter.
      That’s all and is more than sufficient.
      Brexit was a massive victory for the people versus the Elites. All who supported it (or pretended to) must be destroyed.

      As I’ve said before the reason for the incessant hatred of Trump is in his inaugural speech. He expressed sentiments that cannot be tolerated.
      “For too long, a small group in our nation’s capital has reaped the rewards of government, while the people have borne the cost. Washington flourished, but the people did not share in its wealth. Politicians prospered, but the jobs left and the factories closed. The establishment protected itself, but not the citizens of our country. Their victories have not been your victories. Their triumphs have not been your triumphs, and while they celebrated in our nation’s capital, there was little to celebrate for struggling families all across our land. That all changes, starting right here and right now, because this moment is your moment — it belongs to you. It belongs to everyone gathered here today, and everyone watching, all across America. This is your day. This is your celebration, and this, the United States of America, is your country. “

    • The advantage for the elites of a Labour government would be that it doesn’t change a damn think. Starmer is a WEF clone like almost every leader in Western Europe. He won’t dare try any of that socialist crap or make any big changes.

    • Starmer has no personality or thoughts of his own and is loyal to them.
      He has proved to be corrupt and pliable as Uk Attorney General. ( didn’t prosecute Jimmy Saville or the Asian rape gangs )
      Will further humiliate the Northern plebs and chavs who dared to vote Tory, driving them back to their traditional Labour corral, even though Labour is now just full of suburban elitist University scum.

      Back to business as usual after that unacceptable Brexit business caused by the uppity proles.

  14. Back in time 3 days to squeeze the More Clown Horn klaxon …

    I got an investment news alert that is prepping us for the GOP congress. It was a press release quoting McConnell extensively, so I presume it is from McConnell or his lobbyist army – same difference.

    It was about how they are going to investigate how they can source the batteries for the EEV and Green revolution. McConnell is quoted saying they will sit down with the Chinese to source batteries from them in a win-win.

    How long did it take the GOP to embrace EEVs and the premise for the Green Revolution? A couple of weeks, despite the evidence that the project is not feasible? We are doomed.

    On the positive side, I have less reason to exit some of my EEV/Green Energy materials and energy inputs positions. The entire establishment is sold on this project. Per the Toyota family, it will destroy the auto industry and the middle class.

    There is no way out. McConnell is making his personal deal with China and the Watermelon grift. Every single one of our ruling class is getting theirs. We are doomed.

    • Utterly predictable. The GOP also is your enemy and also needs to be destroyed. Note that in the Ukraine kabuki, Washington always threatens Beijing if it doesn’t fall into line regarding Russia, or……or…..or…. The part after “or” never gets answered.

      China bribed and groomed most of the D.C. political class right along with the corporate sector. McConnell and his Susie Chan wife have harvested much of the grift. There is no way that will end. There is some sort of game being played with Beijing and Washington engaged in kabuki skirmishes while Europe is deindustrialized and decarbonized and Russia is threatened. This is the major game being played and all we see is the outlines.

      • I just slapped myself.

        Here we think in terms of “interests”, Boomerthink looking for vetigal scraps of patriotism.

        Are they allies of Saudi Arabia? The Muslims!
        China? The CCP!
        Israel? Small hats!
        USSR? Commies!

        No. The politicos are mercenaries. they are only loyal to the next biggest payer.

        Like the cold-hearted lawyers they come from, they will work for either side.

    • Now the CDC/FDA kabal is about the put the deadly vax on the children’s vaccine schedule…An all out move to genocide public school children, or in many cases sterilize them…That’s how they plan to get rid of the middle class…

      • Once they lifted the EUA, the vaxxes had to go on the recommended schedule to preserve Big Pharma’s immunity from liability when their products injure or kill people.

        • I don’t see its related to that at all. The EU has jut approved it on the same day for infants aged 6 months and they don;t have this schedule thing.

          Its not about the money.

      • Won’t work. Most middle class people who still have brains will just take their kids out of state schools and go private or homeschool. As a homeschooling parent, I see this as a massive shot in the arm (pun intended) for our movement towards our cause. Government-free education rather than free government education.

        • If they had the brains–and the money–it wouldn’t have taken them this long to get their kids out of those psychological torture chambers.

        • Illegal to homeschool in Germany, they’ll take your kids away.

          Coincidentally, California just proposed that very thing- for either homeschooling or not vaccinating your kids.

      • Absolutely. This is like normalizing the use of tactical nukes.

        This is the Big One.
        Children Of Men.

    • My favorite fantasy of how to deal with the political class (Goopers and Dems alike) is to make them play Frogger across 18 lanes of high speed EV traffic and into a wall of rednecks armed exclusively with “assault weapons” to finish off the survivors.

      That said, if I had the money I wouldn’t be averse to profiting from the EV scam if I was reasonably sure people were actually going to fall for it long term. That’s the problem with democracy, it infects everything with political bias and makes it impossible to see reality clearly, even in financial and scientific matters.

  15. For the Global Elite, the real “crisis” in the UK was Brexit. Boris couldn’t credibly resist Brexit because he had supported it earlier. So they engineered his ousting. Truss’ tax agenda wasn’t popular, but it made sense. This agenda didn’t come ex nihilo – the Tories and the City were behind it. Amazingly, I’m now reading two weeks’ worth of City market punditry trashing her agenda. The pundits’ bosses were obviously in favor of it, but left her dangling because she is an expendable midwit.

    Brexit, however noble, was always going to be difficult to engineer in a hyper-financialized economy. Now, in an energy crisis, it’s even harder. The UK needs to deal with a collapsing currency and capital flight, so taxes (and spending) need to be reduced. She tried and failed.

    To stop capital flight, they have to stop the Ukraine War or repeal Brexit – an easy choice for the Globalists. Labor will win the upcoming election easily, unless of course the Tories pivot and run on repealing Brexit, which I predict they will do. Both parties will run on repeal of Brexit. Brexit will be repealed. This is the Globalist plan. The British people need to be bludgeoned into submission as an example to others who would resist.

    • The UK is already forming up with the new European Political Community (

      This also includes Ukraine and a few other ex-soviet states and is 50% more members than he EU.

      There will be a federal European govt one way or another to include the UK.

    • “Truss’ tax agenda wasn’t popular, but it made sense. ”

      Not if fighting inflation is the goal. Tax cuts are highly inflationary if there is no corresponding spending cut. Every Pound not collected in taxes will be made up for through money printing.

    • Repeal of Brexit will buy a few years for London’s financial firms. But that’s about it. The other problems — lack of economic wherewithal, rising price of energy — will continue to fester.

    • The real question is whether there will be an EU by the time the Elites’ plans comes to fruition…And then again, a Germany without energy will be unable to support all the other bankrupt states in southern Europe….

      • I think that for them a ruined continent or a totalitarian nightmare are both acceptable outcomes. So it does not really matter which way it breaks.

      • From the point of view of “all the other bankrupt states in southern Europe” what they got from Germany was not “support” it was looting.
        I tend to agree.
        It was a pretext for an economic hitman job.

      • The EU’s days are numbered, I agree. It’s become a bureaucratic nightmare of a system, lorded over by unaccountable bureaucrats and has-been politicians who have been “kicked upstairs.” It’s been just another attempt at European integration that’s come a cropper — there have been others over the centuries.

  16. 1. Seeing red wave news, still not sensing the energy. Last night was out w/ friends, saw Fox News is calling their election coverage Democracy 2022, and it made sense. ‘Red wave’ indeed.

    2. “Covid should disabuse anyone of that notion, as it is clear that most people would rather die than speak out against the most humiliating abuses of the elites.”

    Middle class aped the avarice of the elites w/o the power to impose it. Muh stuff, etc. Fake it till you make it is still fake. I get the elite contempt, not much sympathy here.

    3. OT re: struggling with faith lately. Was listening to EMJ debate the antisemitism of John. Realized my problem is that if Christianity is a Jewish cult concerned with the fate of the Jews, I can’t be a Christian because I’m not Jewish. Pretty simply.

    I think the Jews rejected Jesus, and the gentiles accepted Him, so it’s a gentile religion, but hey what do I know.

    I’m a fan of EMJ for his idea of the revolutionary spirit, and I can think of nothing so essentially revolutionary as rejecting oneself for an other. Another reason why I advocate indifference. If we can’t look around today and see inclusion is a failed, magic idea, I can’t imagine what it would take. Maybe that makes me a bad Christian or whatever, but even Jesus had something to say about where you sow your seed, pearls before swine, iirc. And that’s nothing against Jews (again, indifference). The world is fallen, most won’t make it, imo we can’t know who will make it. Saving those who aren’t willing to be saved— saving the world— is a waste. Maybe even a sin, Idk. It brings you down to that level. There’s the Crucifixion, as always, but we aren’t the Son of God. The world couldn’t destroy Him. When we die, we’re dead.

    • I think some kind of Red Wave will happen. They will go easy on stealing for these midterms. More people are watching, too.

      Republicans will then use their majority to pass a law enshrining Gay Marriage as the 30th amendment or something.

      There are a few good candidates, like Kari Lake.

      • It’s hard to steal congressional seats, but the Presidency and the Senate only need ballot stuffing in one large city-precinct in 5 swing states. My hunch is the Dems don’t really care about losing the House. They can actually use it to their advantage to diffuse blame. But if you can cheat enough to keep the Presidency, you can control the FBI/CIA/NSA/FDA/CDC/EPA, the courts, etc., and you can rule by executive orders and show trials.

        • Seems to me when they did not have the presidency they had the same control of the “FBI/CIA/NSA/FDA/CDC/EPA, the courts, etc” anyway.

          So does it really make a difference apart from the look of it?

          • Henry Ford had a great line about the first mass-produced car: you can have any color as long as it is black. This seems to describe Western politics to a tee.

      • Yep. The pleasure of a midterm Red wave will be seeing the Dems get stuffed; it won’t be the thought that the GOP will turn things around. Listening to McConnell and McCarthy is proof enough already that they will do nothing, nada, zilch, to save the situation.

    • I once had a Western Civ class with an Israeli classmate. She gave a long presentation on why Christ is not Jewish and why he is Greek. I was honestly bored and uninterested in the topic, so I don’t recall the argumentation/reasoning. Suffice it to say, an Israeli thoroughly repudiated that Christ was Jewish. My limited understanding from other sources is that Christ and Christianity are philosophically grounded in Greek culture but adopt the Jewish single God.

      When the Romans went on campaign, before a siege they would invoke a prayer called the Evicatio. It would be a prayer to the Gods of the city they would besiege. It said to the effect, “Abandon the people of your city. They are losers unworthy of you. Come with us back to Rome and we will treat you better than they do.”

      When Vespasian and Titus handed out their beat down, they never should have invited the KOJs and his father back to Rome. Granted the hyperboreans imbued Christ with their ethos for a time, but as Doug Casey says, Christ and Christianity is a sad sack religion. Poverty as a virtue? Meekness as a virtue? Cheek turning as a virtue?

      If we live to invent a new Evocatio, I propose that the invitation gets replaced with something to the effect of, “Gods of this city be warned. Like the people of this city you are weak and unworthy of mercy. Along with our valor and ferocity we have brought our Gods in front of whom ours pale in comparison. If you do not find another planet to inhabit with a new people far across the cosmos, our almighty Gods will of you, make the wreckage we make of your people and your city look like an invitation to the grandest feast. You decide. We care not. Gods! Men! …”

      But, we are a long, long way from a day like that.

      • Western Christianity as we know it is a sad sack religion. Worthy House had a good take on the spinelessness of it, due to the “turn the other cheek” and social justice-heavy mentality, which comes from a simple Bible translation of “enemy”. In ancient times, there was a concept of public and a private enemy. In English, we just have “enemy” or “rival” or “foe” none of which suggest a difference between public and private. Christ commanded you to love your private enemy, not your public one. The public one comes in droves to destroy your culture or civilization. You don’t turn the other cheek for that, nor meekly submit to its forces.

        If Western Christians could make that distinction, and knew a civilizational threat when it came, we’d have part of our moxie back.

        Eastern Christians are meek for other reasons, but at least they aren’t led around by the ear by modernity.

        • On this note, I attended mass (Catholic) this morning as part of my church men’s group (my attempt to develop local community). The priest gave a great homily about how we are at war with satanic culture, and to not confront it is cowardly. Going along with evil to keep the peace is like a slave not confronting his master. He said in these times, the devil is in control, and we must actually sow divisions to pursue virtue. One of the men commented after that we have to step up now to stop this evil. Anyway, it was a nice white pill for the day.

        • Meek does not (or didn’t) mean what you think it means. As used in Scripture it means “power under control “. Christ is the ultimate example of meek because although He had the power and right to destroy us for our sinfulness He used that power to save our souls instead. The opposite of meek is the current ZUSA which wantonly destroys anything in its path because it is too weak to compete on fair footing.

      • ” adopt the Jewish single God.”
        The barking mad psychopath god of the jews was only one of many.
        Hence: “I am the lord thy god thou shalt have no other gods before me”.
        It was a tribal Totem.
        As with everything monotheism was invented elsewhere, : in Persia via Zoroastrianism. It was stolen and history was rewritten in the worlds first major Retcon job.

      • So after remembering the Sea Peoples the other day I did some perfunctory internet research, and there’s a theory of their origins that make their invasions look like a prequel to the Macedonian conquests. The whole eastern Mediterranean has a wild history like that, so I’m sure somebody could make a compelling (if blasphemous?) argument.

        At any rate, Europeans didn’t take to an Eastern religion for no reason. Maybe that’s because it was tailored to them for evangelism’s sake, but that doesn’t explain why its native people largely rejected it.

        • Because it’s easier to convince pagans to follow a new God than it is to convince other monotheists that our God is better.

      • Christianity-as-hellenized-heretical-Judaism is a common assessment of it among both orthodox and atheist Jews—and among the “progressive” Christians of half a century ago. As an outsider it seems to me that the perversity of current_year Christianity—its enthusiastic work on all fronts to ensure the West’s eternal death—arises from its having adopted “Western heresy” (goyishe guilt) as its self-image.

      • There’s a strong correlation between being an online neitzchean ubermensch with unlimited will to power and smoldering disdain for the defeatest weak slave morality of christianity… and never having had a child or been in so much as a fistfight.

    • The only wave stuff is happening in the reprobate/deplorable SW states, i.e. east of the Winterhaven-Yuma border crossing. This has less to do with Karl Rovian fokelore about “natural conservatives” than the fact these areas are getting killed by this economy and aren’t particularly inspired by resuscitating Roe v. Wade or protecting leather-daddy kindergarten. The upper Midwest will sink further into post-white brain-dead democracy, but the good news is the region is close to bottom anyway. I think Tim Michels takes the Wisconsin gov race.

      I am picking Masters, Lake, Laxalt, and Ryan-OH as well.Johnson clearly will be re-elected. Zeldin is the sleeper, I find notes of Cuomo-Pataki there.

    • I am still undecided about him as his aunt is Melina Mercouri (long time Greek politician) who comes from a connected Greek politcial family.

      He has commented a few times as to how he wrote speeches for her and also is friends with Kwasi, the recent chancellor.

      So he is not so outside the political sphere as one might suspect.

      • I think of people like the Alexes, Gonzalo Lira, and Ed Dowd as a sort of quasi-elite who never quite made it to the top tier or did make it and couldn’t sustain their place in that tier.

        • In some ways his stuff seems accurate, yet in many others he is either very naive, or intentionally steering things.

          As Ukraine still seems very odd to me in the information available and a lot of this stuff is still published on platforms like youtube and many of these are more connected than one would expect, I tend towards not trust and attempt to verify, but he may be as he presents.

          I also cannot work out their relationship, as in many ways Alex C seems to be the one directing the framing and Alex M being used as a word producer in that frame. But who knows.

          Time will tell I suppose.

          • I find your reading of the Alexes’ dynamic close to my own interpretation.

            Alex C is a fairly good analyst in his own right, and some comments he’s dropped make it sound as though he has his own contacts in the business and diplomatic realms.

            Unfortunately, I am far too removed from any direct knowledge of the UK to assess the accuracy of Alex M’s claims about the political and economic scene there.

  17. It’s best to think of the “managerial state” as a living thing that prioritizes survival above all else. And there is good reason now for it to fear genuine threats to its survival, so it will react strongly when a specific threat is identified. Russia is viewed as a threat because it is building an alternative to the GAE (hence the proxy war in Ukraine). Civil rebellion in the US is viewed also as a serious threat because that is the only practical remedy to what ails us. Voting harder simply does not work, but it will take time for that reality to sink in for most Americans.

    The elites have devised an effective plan for dealing with civil rebellion. They will use their control of the media to encourage a fatal conflict between patriotic citizen militias and LEOs/National Guard forces. The key idea is to get the alphas on both sides to kill each other off in large numbers. This will then pave the way for the arrival of the Jackboot Corp to mop up and put down any remaining resistance. This is the model used by most 20th Century tyrants to impose an authoritarian rule.

    What beats this? First, don’t be lured into the meat grinder of a classic civil war. As an example, see the Ukraine War where hundreds of thousands of good men have died or been grievously wounded needlessly. Second, focus on the root of the problem, which is much, much smaller than the vast cadre of low level functionaries that inhabit the managerial elite. Third, everything solely within the confines of your cranium, and otherwise become invisible. Forth, think outside the box. New, novel, unexpected, unpredictable, ever-changing, opportunistic bolt-from-the-blue kind of thing. Fifth, let emergent behavior leverage a little nudge into a stampede for the exits.

    The disease cells must go. It’s as simple as that.

    • They can try to trick us into open warfare with the police/military, but any student of insurgency knows better than that. The Viet Cong tried it in Vietnam, and were destroyed for their troubles.

      No, any American insurgency will try to avoid police and or military casualties, at least at first. It is the regime officials that the insurgency will go after, and what those regime officials haven’t yet realized is that their attack surface is gigantic, because there is just so many of them, there is no hope in hell trying to protect them.

      Government policy is enforced by people. No people, no policy, so people should be first priority.

      • Indeed, modern technology is a game-changer, as is the 3D printer and cheap componentry for assembly into smart drones, small ground carts, and latent surprise thingies. But even this is beside the point (and not really recommended). Better is to simply use what you know and do everyday. Millions of nobodies go to work every day and keep things running. What if they get disgusted and either go on strike or let things stop working? Ukraine is about to find out what a modern society and economy looks like without electricity. If you want things to change fast, that approach is genius. Smarter, not harder.

  18. Another great essay, his trademark dispassionate analysis with perhaps just a dash of cynicism.

    As is my wont, I must make some comment at least tangentially relevant to my favorite philospher Nietzsche. Z used the phrase “The West is now entering the survival stage of liberal democracy.” Democracy and decadence were two core themes of that Teutonic thinker. He was never a fan of liberal democracy. Further, he speculated on what the future held. Nihilism was his typical answer: pessimism to an extreme, the loss of faith in old principles, morals and even factual belief, the attitude that life is meaningless. He often critiqued the term inversion of values, which could be restated as one group rejecting another’s morals or standards, often to champion the exact opposite.

    I do believe the old guy was onto something: while changes in the prevailing mores of a culture are not unusual, I’m pretty sure that the last several several years have been the equivalent of a drunk skiier of limited talent giving the black diamond slope a try. In poor visibility. And with no ski patrol to rescue him. We live in a rare time where nearly everything is negotiable, including what just a generation or two earlier were considered immutable laws of nature. A prime example: You can change your sex as easily as changing your clothes, although hormones and radical surgery signal your commitment better. And it’s not just for your own self-delusion either; you now have the legal power to coerce others into going along with your delusion. You may fall short of the supernatural power the little boy in the Twilight Zone episode had, to mold reality and hapless aduts to his childish whims, but you can come close.

    This is just one example of what Z discusses today, about how the narrative, if repeated enough like a magic spell, will bring the wished-for circumstance into actual, physical reality.

    I don’t recall Nietzsche making specific predictions for the future, beyond the corrosive effects of nihilism. “Survival mode” is a matter of opinion of course. I guess we can allow that Europe is still mostly liberal democracy. But between the time that Friedrich shuffled off to the asylum to end his days, Europe staggered through the upheavals of the Communist Revolution, World Wars I and II a worldwide depression and I’m sure much other unpleasantness. He died half a century before atomic war was a reality.

  19. Z man writes,“The new world order is an effort to consolidate power and impoverish the population.”

    As cynical as I’ve become, this is still so jarring to contemplate.

    When I was a boy, the country was reeling from the Vietnam War failure and Nixon’s defenestration. Nonetheless, I could feel in my parents’ and grandparents’ generations an overall trust in our government and a belief that we lived in a representative government.

    Now I believe that we are under occupation by a foreign people who want to supplant us and have incentivized many of our own to collaborate and that the odds are against us for the foreseeable future.

    That’s a huge change in my lifetime.

    • Was it trust in the government, or trust in the other members of society?
      It’s an important distinction. You and I appear to be around the same age. I’ve been replaying my youth and pondering the same questions you are.

      • You make an important distinction. I’d say both trust in people and in government. My elders seemed to believe that Vietnam and Nixon were problems but that the people had the tools to fix them.

        I grew up in an overwhelmingly white Republican suburb of a west coast liberal city, which is unlivable today. My teachers were well-meaning hippies who encouraged liberalism and subversion. The parents had no idea. It took me a long time to debug my upbringing.

      • Both. People of that era may not have particularly liked the government, and certainly disagreed with many of its policies, but few people considered it a malevolent force seeking to annihilate the people who built and sustained America. There has been a sea change in that regard.

    • Meant in jest I’m sure. If it’s any consolation, the world as we know it has ended several times.

      Wow. 45 days (but will remain until successor chosen.) Is that a record for short term of office?

      Attempt at levity: when I was a teen (1970s) once I heard with alarm on the news that the Italian government was dissolved. My untutored mind envisioned some new Communist revolution. It was only later that i learned that in European parliamentary democracy they did things a bit different than here in the Colonies, and that they routinely “dissolved a government” and voted in a new one. That’s business as usual. Whle this, I assume is usually accomplished without arms, such is not the case in wilder nations. In many such nations, if the morning news reports that the army has ousted the civilian government, it’ll be greeted with indifference by the average peon.

      • The Italians have always had coalition governments. Like the Germans, like the Norwegians. I think in the space of forty years they over forty governments.

        Six weeks is a record short time for a British PM. Truss thought she’d be the next Thatcher — but Thatcher lasted a decade. Blair about the same. Truss has lasted fewer weeks than these politicians lasted in years.

      • “the…government was dissolved.”

        There’s those over-the-top sports announcers at it again. Breathless as always with people rearranging their chais at the dinner table.

    • Truss’s autobiography “Out of the Blue” was supposed to be released on Dec 8.

      She didn’t even make it that long. My god.

      Looks like the British system of choosing the face of GAE (local chapter) isn’t any better than the US.

  20. In Vancouver, BC. there was a recent election for mayor. The CCP-backed, tough on crime candidate with mystery meat children (Asian guy married to an Indian woman) beat out the soft on drugs, pro-homeless, green lunatic White guy.

    It’s the turd sandwich vs. the vomit sandwich choice. Given that large parts of Vancouver (and all of Canada) are now taken over by homeless junkies shitting on the street and hitting crack pipes on the sidewalk, it’s not surprising that the Asian guy won (by the slimmest of margins, at that).

    Practically speaking, the Asian guy is clearly the better choice. Morally speaking, he’s far worse, simply because he’s foreign, and also backed by alien interests. Long term he may be worse and end up installing foreign operatives in every part of the government structure (if they’re not already there).

    I suspect it’s the same in the UK. Sunak and the black woman probably have more intelligence than the White people running. They would most likely be more competent, less ideological, and more practical. The long-term and moral ramifications are not good, though. The solution is just not to vote in these types of cases. But it’s a decision that people are going to have to start making more often in the future . Do you vote for the foreigner with a small amount of common sense? Or do you vote for your own who is a moron?

    • At this point what the UK actually needs is a military coup, not foreigners.

      There are 60 million native brits and all we seem to have to choose from are globalist puppets, retarded globalist puppets and foreign retarded globalist puppets.

      Unfortunately the armed forces are also stuffed with the same retarded political dickheads as politics.

      • Hahahahaha I knew that Battenberg woman named her son Charles for a reason! When a modern Cromwell shows up Charles “III” might get a bit nervous for his neck.
        Who is the Plantagenet pretender, since the Stuart one is a German homo?

    • From what I see in the US, minorities vote for their “own moron”. The only exception comes on the point of chaos with substantial White support—a coalition of the few sane minorities and the remaining Whites. This means most of the big cities remain hollowed out husks of their former selves.

      Of course, things can change. However, I’m voting for ethnocentrism to prevail.

      • From what I see in the US, minorities vote for their “own moron”.

        Without a doubt. Just look no further than the black votes for Obama. He could have told them that on his first day in office he would kill all of their children and he still would have been black Jesus. Being black is what defines every aspect of black people in America. They will always side with their own no matter what. They will always be black first.

  21. Here’s my prediction. The next PM will:

    – Continue sending billions to Ukraine
    – Continue importing millions of hateful third world aliens
    – Continue shutting down industry for various nonsensical reasons
    – Continue the Alphabet mafia and indoctrinating children.
    – Continue discrimination against White men

    Labour will then win the next election and be 1000x worse than whoever Truss’ replacement is.

    • I will post my comment for a year from now, in case I forget:

      “Holy cow! It’s like you are some sort of Nostradamus!”

    • Same as everywhere.

      The new Italian puppet (which many people here were postulating as a nationalist alternative) has stated that Berlusconi saying it was partly Ukraine’s fault means that “no party that does not fully support NATO against Russia” can be part of the new Government.

      And one of her first other policies is a proposal to shut down all Italian industry for a month if the energy costs get too high.

      Amazing how that happens.

    • Look, there’s nothing wrong with any country that more “immigration” won’t fix.

      The more illiterate, unskilled, and rapey the better.

    • I agree with Trumpton above because the things you list are the REAL problem. The US will probably have a Red Wave this November too but it won’t matter for the same reasons.

      The real agenda to save any Western nation is something like:

      – Stop lying to yourselves about HBD and kick out ALL the damn wetbacks (of whatever tribe/nation)
      – Stop buying shit from the goddamn Chinese and accept the pain of bringing industry back to the West. Tell the fucking Green Karens to buy a gas mask if they live near a factory and that it’s better for the climate to have regulated industry in the West than let the Chinese keep accepting bribes from corporations to allow them to undercut Western manufacturing.
      – In general though, just tell the fucking Karens to shut up, make sandwiches and babies and let the men do all the stuff they so obviously cannot. Repeal the 19th Amendment or whatever its local national equivalent is. All this wammen suffrage shit got going almost exactly 100 years ago across the West. A century of destruction and madness that will take 10 to recover from if that’s even possible now.
      – Tell the alphabet mafia that we better not hear another peep from them or we’ll deport them all to Russia.

      And no one but a dictator could accomplish all this.

  22. You allude to a good thing Z

    What if the Truss thing is a trial run for America? Boris is Biden and Truss is Kamala.

    Now they know there is really no pain or outcry in jettisoning a stupid woman after a few weeks in office. So you get rid of biden, Kamala comes in, is quickly broomed out the door, and no one seems to notice.

    Voila. Tick and tack

    • Unless Kamala is just as malleable/controllable as Biden, just for different reasons. Really, does it matter to TPTB who the puppet in front of the populace is—as long as they act the script as written? Is Kampala’s stupidity a worse resume line than Biden’s dementia?

      • It’s cliche’, but for TPTB – her stupidity is a feature not a bug. Biden – potato, Kampala – potatoe.

        • Exactly. Malleability is all that matters. The more freakish and blindingly incompetent and stupid the better because the ones who really rule have a big sadistic streak. Kamala’s idiocy is in no way an impediment other than it my be too over the top to sell unless she, too, can be sent to a basement to hide throughout the election.

    • “And what should they know of England who only England know?”

      — Rudyard Kipling

      Ha. England is falling along with the rest of the Western world.

        • Enoch Powell knew, and everyone hated him for saying it.

          Something to think about, Zman. Along with everyone here who agrees with you.

          (inluding moi)

          • It’s fascinating that Clapton and McCartney expressed support for Powell in the early 70s and late 60s, respectively. People overlooked it for decades but Clapton’s support for Powell was recalled and he was excoriated for it when he recently expressed C0vid skepticism.

    • With the difference that the Italians have never had any hangups about their ex-imperial status (which the British elite is still touchy about),

  23. The West is not going to have a middle class. And pretty soon it’s not going to have its parasitic upper class either. Much of what we see is about the parasitic upper class trying to maintain its perks and privileges while everyone else suffers from a much smaller slice of the cake. The West will move back to some sort of feudal arrangement and it will be low-tech and subsistence for the survivors.

    • There is *always* a parasitic upper class. Always. Sometimes they’re just a relatively benign parasite — maybe climbing all the way to symbiote.

      When all any of us have left is a patch of potatoes, the parasitic upper class will be the guys with clubs who “protect” your potato patch for 10% of your potatoes.

      • Yep, that was the secret of developing a “middle class”, the pie grew bigger and most everyone was better off. Since the 70’s we’ve been working on destroying such a middle class. Middle class now seems being able to work two menial jobs to survive and then dying off as quickly as possible when you become too old to work.

        Seems folks would prefer “rule in hell, than service in heaven”.

  24. “The British are in political crisis because the people who actually run the country never forgave Boris Johnson for supporting Brexit.”

    Arguably not Brexit. Brexit was a symptom — a vote of despair and defiance by people who have lost out during the last forty years or so as the country has fragmented into two — a small prosperous enclave in London and the home counties (Surrey, Berkshire, Herts) and on the other hand the rest of the population that is living in the barren, bleak, and de-industrialised rest of the country. This split has always been there but it has got much worse in recent decades.

    The political crisis today is tied to the long-standing economic crisis, which probably goes back to the loss of empire. It just keeps getting worse and worse. The North Sea oil is running out, industry has gone, and there’s no way of maintaining the standard of living of most people. Financial services, entertainment, and the like cannot sustain a population of 70m.

    Of course something similar can be seen in the USA — the split between the prosperous enclaves in and around DC, NYC, and LA and the rest of the country (“flyover country”, “deplorables”) etc.

    I’m reminded of the poignant essay, “The Unnecessariat”, which I may have posted before:

    The industrialised West is coming to an end. What follows is depopulation and perhaps a peasant life. Which reminds me of recent essay by Ugo Bardi:

        • Ah, MP Enoch Powell. Had you only been hearkened to instead of being summarily defenestrated, how things could have been so different.

          Guess living in the ruins of a globe-spanning empire predisposed the elite to clutch all the more grimly onto the sad relic of empire, the Commonwealth and its attendant, pernicious immigration policies. And then GB chained itself to the EU’s sucicidal immigration policies for the coup de grace.

          • Britain started its own suicidal population replacement well before the EU, as the first government sponsored immigration from the Caribbean was in 1948 continued for the next 20 years and large scale sponsored movement from India and Pakistan started in the early 70s.

            The EU was just finishing things off.

  25. The problem with expecting an eventual revolt is you need a demographic profile that skews towards youth for that to happen.
    Is revolt still physically possible anywhere in the West?

    • Youth is not the only requirement, it isn’t 1960 anymore.

      Western ‘youth’, and particularly American youth, are the biggest lockstep marching slogan swallowers in several generations. Why on Earth would these drooling retards revolt? They’ve been raised since birth to mindlessly follow the herd and chant party slogans and accepted opinions / platitudes.

      They are born and bred to NOT revolt. We are in Clown World now, don’t forget, none of the old rules apply. You will get more ‘fire’ from Senior Citizens & Pensioners than these fat little goblins and mutts that pass for youth.

  26. “Western people seem to accept no limits on their humiliation, but maybe there is a limit”.
    While that may be so, “an elite willing to mutilate children is never going to be susceptible to appeals to their humanity”. Hence, the limits are till on a rather distant horizon,
    If “Biden is forced out for health reasons”…
    …then Harris remains because not “everyone remembers that she is an idiot”, and a useful idiot to TPTB.

  27. Johnson also spinelessly presided over the shutdown of his country and enthusiastically stoked up war in Ukraine. No tears from me. I’m not sure the elite hated him either. He was always on TV. If they reached the point Brexit was unavoidable, they probably preferred to have a clown at the controls instead of a serious nationalist. In fact, the media only soured on Johnson when he was a little too unenthusiastic about another winter lockdown.

    • The annoying thing about Johnsson is that it was Party Gate that brought him down; ousted because he didn’t wear a mask.

      • The parties must have been an open secret in media circles, yet as long as lockdown stayed in place, there was not a peep about it in public.

        As soon as Johnson *eased* restrictions just a little bit, suddenly the party was a scandal.

        • Indeed. The whole party gate BS was yet another theatre.

          I strongly think that the exit was intentional to gt Truss and the others to cause a shitshow so bad to set up the platform for his return.

          Normally one gets everyone to forget the previous shit by switching the parties.

          This time it seems they could well manage the same trick by Johnson switching himself out and back in in order to make it seem like a new government and start again from a blank sheet.

          People are that droolingly stupid as to swallow it.

      • The thing that most annoyed me about Johnson (when I bothered to pay any attention) was his damned hair – just like a little kid.

          • That’s not true. Your TDS is showing. Trumps hair is always neat, combed and hair sprayed into submission. Johnson always look like he stuck his pecker in a electric socket.

          • @Arshad
            Or maybe Trump is just a better actor?

            I called Trump for a con man before the primaries, but I soon got sucked out to sea by the Trump Wave and started posting Trump boosterism.

            I’ll never forget that lesson in media power. I hope.

          • Johnson was a media whore to the end. Trump’s war on the media was real. They are unalike.

  28. This is today’s mic drop line: “The fact is the West has reached a point where we cannot have both an avaricious ruling elite and a prosperous middleclass. Either the elites are brought to heel and are subject to the political process or the middleclass collapses.”

    Well said.

    • …Revealing she had informed the King of her decision, she said: ‘I cannot deliver on the mandate…. I will remain as PM until a successor has been chosen…
      Might as well sub ‘Abbott’ for she and ‘Costello’ for King.

    • Please have the next PM be “Rishi Sunak”. The British were ruled for centuries by foreigners after the Norman conquest of 1066. They should be used to it.

      Personally, I find it liberating that Chicago is ruled by a small, petty, spiteful, ugly troll. Her twisted visage is a daily reminder that my kind is not wanted in what was a productive, grand and beautiful city.

      Knowing that you are a slave is a necessary first step toward striving for freedom (should probably put that on a fortune cookie).

  29. “It is like how British sports announcers turn a mundane sport like soccer into life and death drama. Every player heroically passes the ball to some other hero, who courageously passes it back. ”


    I came across a podcast with James Lindsay and Benjamin A Boyce who I have never heard of. I think it is recent, I can’t find it again on Odysee. In any case, Lindsay has come a long way. On his timeline for the usurpation of the Constitutional Republic he specifically highlighted 1860 and 1964. It is also interesting how he delivered it with a subtext to those key years being something that we here all know.

    I suspected Climate Catastrophe and ESG were just plots to transfer wealth to the Western Financier Oligarchy for pennies on the dollar. He confirmed my thesis by mentioning specifically a case where Larry Fink forced Exxon to sell a huge set of shares in a, “divestment”, and then bought them through Petro China.

    If you can find it at around 27 minutes it heats up and there are some good nuggets in there. He has a very clear grasp of the scope, scale and mechanisms of the unprecedented global financial fraud and the the pincer move from above and below that the Financial Fraudster Class and the Black Supremacist led social ostracization and replacement factions have us in.

    He apparently knows some former high up Blackrockers who know what is going on and are trying to act. What is interesting is when he describes the Financial Fraudster Cartel he uses the name Fink. He is pinning the name on the ringleader.

    In Britain look for the first ever black PM surrounded by top cabinet members that include a non-white Britain style Richard Levine character. Their solutions and actions during the financial meltdown will be to replace all indigenous Britains faces on the currency with people who were the principles leaders of the anti-colonial push: (Mandela; Amin; that guy who they put a statue of up in London …; Mugabe …)

    The Finksters are going to make very clear to the Britains that they are owned and that they are nothings to be abused at will. The Heritage Britains, particularly the men, are going to have to decide if they are going to fade away watching people whose relatives were slaughtered by the likes of Amin and Mugabe make highly dramatic, backwards, backfield passes and dramatically fake injuries, or if they are going to rise to the greatest existential threat the people on the British Isles may have ever faced.

    • In Britain look for the first ever black PM…

      My money is on Rishi Sunak, international man of mystery. He’s the only guy in that sorry outfit able to tie his own shoelaces – not that he do such menial tasks himself, being richer than Croesus.

      • He is probably the British version of Chamath Palihapitiya. Papativalyalapoo is one of the most loathsome people I have seen in this ruling regime. His eyes ooze with avarice and contempt for anyone and anything that isn’t him.

        This is like that DiCaprio movie with the dream layers. We keep staying under and every time we are the slightest bit roused we are taken another layer deeper in the dream. The timeline keeps accelerating as more happens in a shorter time at ever shortening intervals. Another big exception is that the threat is not from the sedated. In fact, we are the only ones sedated. Their dream is our fully awake and sober nightmare.

      • Well, he’d have to be accepted by King Charles III, the condign globalist, so that’ll be a shoo in.

        My Modest Proposal to the British People; remember the salubrious precedent of what happened to the first to bear the name of Charles.

      • Sunak makes perfect sense because he has lots of connections in the financial space.

        Remember, it was the Bank of England that essentially carried out this coup to get Truss out. I can see them doing a total 180 and laying out the smoothest path possible for their pal Rishi.

  30. Frankly, I’m hoping for a “red wave” just for the lulz. I thought for sure that the Democrats would’ve gone to price controls by now, if not outright rationing — that’s the only thing they know how to do. But now it’s looking like they’re going to have to get the Republicans to do it for them…

    …which the Republicans will be happy to do, because that way The Media gets to spend the next two years howling about how there’d be a unicorn in every garage if not for Republican Intransigence ™, same as it ever was. But that’s a problem, too — a truly hilarious problem — because Tapioca Joe is actually going to get a bump in his approval numbers from it (“Listen, fat — my plan is great. But I can’t get anything past mumble mumble Congress where’s my ice cream cone?”). Also, with Republicans “in control of Congress” (damn that’s hard to type with a straight face), the inevitable wage and price controls / rationing is going to be portrayed, somehow, as “bailouts of Big Business,” because The Media are so insanely stupid and just can’t help themselves.

    Did I mention I like to call this era the “Penthouse Forum Years”? Because nearly every day I find myself saying something like “I never thought it would happen to me, but…” Once again: I never thought it would happen to me, but I’m actually rooting for the Left to chimp out and “fortify” the ever-loving hell out of all the elections…

    • Yep. There is a reason why the media is now talking about a “future” recession (future in quotes because we already are in one, they just changed the definition). It is so they can write tons of stuff next year blaming it on the GOP. The GOP will be portrayed as panicking “behind the scenes” because they ran on being able to fix this mess but led us into a recession. As such they will decide to “come to the bargaining table” with the Brandon entity as they agree to all the horrible stuff that the GAE *really* wants to inflict on the peasantry. After all, we voted for it in “our sacred democracy”!

    • Many here would probably agree that Republicans are the lesser of two evils, even if by only a gnat’s eyelash. Although I tend to favor those here who say “don’t vote,” being in FL I’m going to vote for DeSantis as I’ve seen generally good things about him, and I’ll probably vote (R) for anyone who’s not a black gay meth head (yes, there was one on the ballot just four years ago, although we didn’t know his “qualifications” at that time.

      But a Republican congress or even a President is not all to the good. It was Nixon in the 70s who: abandoned the Dollar’s last link to the gold standard and approved price controls, even though these were “lite,” a pale shadow of what the nation had during WW II or elsewhere in more draconian times. If anyone wants a capsule lesson in wage and price controls and rationing here’s one: They don’t work. Never have, never will. Instead of controlled prices, you tend to get uncontrolled shortages and black markets. At the official price, little or none is available. Under the table and at much higher prices, well, supply will vary…

      I’m watching with mild amusement how the EU will impose a price cap on Russian gas/oil. Let’s see how that works out.

      • Price/wage controls lasted for about 9 months. The (bad) effect was mild because of the short duration. I was surprised they were lifted because that was such a reasonable thing to do, and government never seems to do the reasonable thing.

  31. “The fact is the West has reached a point where we cannot have both an avaricious ruling elite and a prosperous middle class. Either the elites are brought to heel and are subject to the political process or the middle class collapses. The new world order is an effort to consolidate power and impoverish the population.”

    We’ve known this for a while. Assuming the Dems can rig elections and that the Uniparty is composed of Dems and Pubs, the 2024 elections may be the circus to keep folks’ minds off their lack of bread. We’ll be played off against each other by race and gender as we become a pan-Asian satrapy. If I were a pundit, that’s what I’d pund.

  32. You wonder is there is a limit on the never ending humiliation. There have been stirrings of blowback – Canadian truckers, Dutch farmers. But so far those have pretty much fizzled out. People are still too comfortable (and too deracinated) to really rock the boat despite the ongoing degradation. It seems things will have to get substantially worse for any regime change to be forced on the dirtbag elite, anywhere.

    • Populist uprisings are essentially useless without a counter-elite. We only have a few scrapped together at the state level. It will take decades to nurture a generation to truly rival the GAE, even as the D.C. power structure weakens, barring total collapse.

      This isn’t a blackpill, just a call to get working with whatever small bits of power we still have.

        • “There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen.”

          From Vladimir Lenin, a man who knew something about seizing the moment. Not a man I admire, but on this he has the right of things.

          Fortes fortuna juvat.
          Fortune favors the brave.

    • UsNthem – in the spirit of odds making and betting – I bet TomA would agree with you.

      • It took the Spanish 700 years to get all their land back after the Islamic invasion. This war is just getting started. I expect it will end in slaughter pitiless and cruel, but this stage of the struggle is imo getting other people to overcome the conditioning that suppresses the activation of the threat perception routines that reside in their deep neural architecture.

        I twice recently had the misfortune to have to travel into the diversity and shitlib infested metropolis nearest me and I saw multiple big billboard advertisements that astonished me. One was simple:: “Democrats Hate You.” The other (I can’t remember the exact words) skillfully mocked ‘white fragility’ in the face of ubiquitous African murdering, raping, and thieving. Something snapped in someone. Not only is someone willing to spend money but more importantly the usual efforts to deny media platform access failed.

        The Reconquista got off to a slow start, too, with European Christians fragmented and demoralized, until they weren’t. Dem’s are busy showing their true face and their scorpion people masters I think are incapable of showing restraint, even if only tactical to lull our sheep back to sleep.

          • Human life spans are short, even shorter if you consider the “working” lifespan of a man. Heck, Jesus was proselytizing for only 3 years.

            Charles Martel may very well exist. I suspect many Martels exit right now. The time simply isn’t right for emergence. When you identify him, you’ll know change is well under way.

            As TomA wisely—and repeatedly states—prepared yourself for a Martel arrival, that is in your power. Don’t wait for his arrival and then begin to prepare. By that time, you’ve missed the parade.

        • While I appreciate the sentiment behind the billboards, someone should let the guy who paid for them know most elected Republicans hate him too.

        • “the conditioning that suppresses the activation of the threat perception routines that reside in their deep neural architecture.”

          “We’re all god’s chirrun,” you mean.

    • Posit, what will happen when the bread truck rolls in, and a vibrant pushes ahead of you in the line, will you starve for them? What if one grabs the bread out of your arms? This is why prepping works, it’s like NOT tailgating when you drive, you just have that little bit of extra time to make a better decision when the car in front of you suddenly brakes to avoid a deer. If you have enough to survive the first year you will be in a way better position, People won’t make good decisions on an empty stomach, the truly “hangry” will be terrifying. If the electrical grid were down and no safe drinking water were available and no gas could be pumped, how long could you exist on whatever you currently have in your home because what you have in your hand today is all you will ever have tomorrow.

  33. The middle class is already gone out here in California and our governor soon will be your president.

    • Finishing my cup of joe jumping in my truck and headed out to bardertown via sunset blvd in 20 minutes. Good times…

    • That guy is scary. He’s good looking and well spoken enough where a lot of people would just go along with whatever he says. He also will have no qualms about issuing insane executive orders and more or less ignoring the courts. He understands no one can stop him, and he’s used to that sort of power running Cali.

      The private power centers will coalesce around him, as he’s the first left-wing president who isn’t a complete dunderhead or empty suit, and what the government won’t technically do, they will pick up the slack. The ones that don’t will have all sorts of civil rights investigations unleashed on them. The left has all the pieces in place for a full social overhaul, all they need now is a true king.

      • To those of us on the outside, it seems logical for the regime to replace Harris with Newsome right after the midterm. Then in January announce that Biden will not run in 2024. Newsome would be a formidable candidate in 2024. He Biden resigned in advance, he would then have a big power base and no chance to be primaried.

        Inside the system they may see it different. Washington is a very small town. Newsome is not an insider. It is not clear that he has a base of support in Washington. For GOP governors, this is not a problem, but for Democrats, the inner party wants their people in power, not some weirdo from the hinterlands.

        • Not sure how blacks will appreciate the FIRST BLACK WOMAN vice president being dumped for a white guy. I would guess not well. Black women think she is Cicero.

          • That’s the fly in the ointment there with a VP switcheroo plan. A clever GOP plot (yeah) would be to support some sack like Stacy Abrams with the “squad” and then put a Romney or Jeb up as a “compromise” candidate.

        • I am not so certain Newsome is some outsider from the hinterlands. Newsome’s base is in San Francisco. He has the old money of the Gettys and their ilk. It is wise to assume he has spent his time in San Francisco building very close connections with Silicon Valley based ruling regimers both on the managerial and financial sides of it.

          It might be wise to assume that, besides his looks and scoundrel’s charisma, he will lock up the white soccer moms whose ovaries will be popping ovums at him and forget all about their kids and that he is very well connected with the AsiaPac based ruling regime. He can negotiate a VP who is Larry Fink’s henchman and, well, the cabinet and top level posts are already Fink/Dimon/Blankfein praetorians so he’ll be good to go.

          Newsome’s level of ruthlessness and callousness will make Trudeau’s seem like a huge friends discount at the cake sale. Newsome does not have the slightest remorse about how California has been radically transformed and he probably salivates about where it is headed.

          There isn’t anyone on the Pub’s bench who can challenge Newsome.

          In any case, I’d take a gentleman’s wager on Newsome vs. whoever you choose from Swamptopiastan as the Dem faceman in ’24. I’d say unlimited beers, but by ’24, at $85 a beer, we may not be able to afford that. I best get Capone’d up and learn how to build and operate a still.


          • Silicon Valley isn’t DC. The question is whether Newsom has been properly vetted by the usual suspects and understands his place. If so, he’ll be let in, but they’ll still be nervous.

            The insiders knew exactly what they were getting with Biden and Obama. Clinton was such a sleazebag that they never worried about controlling him with money, power and women.

          • You might be right. Silicon Valley was the power behind the current VP. Their control of online content probably makes them the single strongest bloc on the left. They get to decide what the Wokels think.

          • DeSantis would oppose him just fine in a fair election. The problem is fake ballots in Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Phoenix and Detroit. I don’t know how you overcome that.

        • I just wonder how long they can keep running Pale Males, even Newsom. And he’s mobbed up to the gills with Pelosi, so any move against her faction will include him as a matter of course.

          Pelosi’s ancient, and senile, and drunk pretty much 24/7, but she’s still a Swamp Thing from way back. Even with her decaying brain pickled by Jim Beam, she can still execute wily veteran moves on autopilot. That, plus the fact that her toenail clippings are still somehow smarter than the likes of “The Squad” (damn, that gives me the giggles every time), might argue for Newsom… but it might not. AOC et al aren’t Bernie Sanders; you can’t buy them off with new vacation homes forever. And they’re probably super-pissed that the Pox slot went to the likes of Harris, not one of them (make your own jokes about “Kamala Harris” and “pox slot;” I’m too tired).

          Until her recent apostasy (still don’t know what to make of that), I’d say they were grooming Tulsi Gabbard for the job; she’d go out there and beat the GOP’s preferred candidate, “Nikki” “Haley,” in the first-ever all-female Pox battle, which would give Gabbard the Mandate of Heaven. Now? Dunno. If they have to go with a Pale Male — and I’m not seeing how they can avoid it, needing as they do someone whose #1 qualification is “knows how to play ball and is still compos mentis enough to do it” — I’m guessing it’s Bootyjudge. I bet he’s regretting all that secret time off he took to chestfeed his gayby, instead of building up his affinity in the Imperial Capital.

          • Chet – I think you are right on. Too many pieces are lining up for a complete implementation of the End of History in the next few years. Admittedly, I know little of insider politics as it is a world I have no part of. Yet, the same cabal that put Harris on the ticket is no doubt equally in bed with Newsome.
            As to the race issue, Clinton was in a different era when you actually had to have people skills. Say what you will about Slick Willy, he has actual charisma. Newsome is probably a ghoul with no people skills, but this is a different era, where media is both ubiquitous and completely artificial and, thus, able to create any image they want. If they want Newsome to be a man of the marginalized groups, they will make him that way for a majority of the people. The question this thread poses, of course, addresses “whether they will want him.”
            Back to Chet Rollins, Newsome does terrify me as the smiling face plastered on a Patrick Bateman type as he curb stomps you.

        • Newsome might be a safe choice for the Beltway Boys. He just may be the guy who can thread the needle between the Clinton and Obama factions. He is probably no threat to either faction.

    • I always figured the last white male Democrat president would be Joe Biden. But because of the disaster of Kamala, they’ll put aside wokeness temporarily and not appoint the likes of Rashida, Stacy, Ilhan, Sandy, Jamaal, Ayanna, or Cori and instead, one last time go with the white guy, Gavin Newsome.

    • Twenty years ago, yea, Newsom is a shoe-in for the Dem nomination, but now? I am not so sure. He is a Stale Pale Male and if we have not reached the point where that is an instant disqualifier for the Democratic Party, we will soon.

      Look at how they took out Cuomo – he was riding high on his COVID response (remember Cuomosexuals?) and was obviously planning a Presidential run. They got their sassy black NY AG to gin up some nonsense allegations that were immediately dropped once he was gone. It was a total hit job, everyone knows it, especially Newsom. White men are no longer welcome in the Democratic Party.

      Just imagine the ink spilled if Newsom is up against Abrams. Imagine what they will write every time he says anything about her. He’s a better candidate on every level than her, and almost certainly will be vastly more popular, but, again, Stale Pale Male. It isn’t like Dems aren’t used to rigging the primaries.

      • Pale people behind the scenes still run the show. If they decide on Newsom, then Newsom it shall be. Just look at the California recall; Larry Elder had no shot because he was, after all, the “black face of white supremacy”. If Haile Salassie himself came out of the grave as a Republican candidate for president he would lose the black vote, after a months-long media campaign painting his as (for example) a “lawn jockey of the far right”.

    • You heard it here first: Meghan Markle will be the 47th president of the United States. Because why not? It would be perfect.

    • I think people are making a mistake counting him out. He is a white guy but he’s governor of one of the most anti-white states out there. He has the looks to get the soccer mom set going and his wholesome-looking family is going to win over low information independents. Once he brings on Stacey Abrams as his VP, he’ll have his bases covered. It’ll be a nightmare for white people but that’s the default setting for the current system.

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