Midterm Musings

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The midterm election is two weeks away and we are seeing the predictable pattern in the polling and news coverage. Whenever there is a Democrat in the White House, the regime media works feverishly to convince everyone he is the next Lincoln, but the voters think otherwise. Fake polls are released claiming the president is more popular than sex and the media is full of stories about doomed Republicans. Then autumn hits and everything swings the other way.

This pattern started in 1994. Bill Clinton was some weird mash up of John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King and Al Goldstein. Supposedly, everyone loved Bill Clinton, even most Republican voters. In fairness, most people probably did like Bill Clinton as a picaresque character. They feared and loathed his deranged old lady, so they ran to the nearest Republican at the first opportunity. The GOP picked up eight Senate seats and 54 House seats in a sea change election.

This pattern did not hold in 2002, when newly minted president George W Bush went into his first midterm. The media spent a lot of time carefully explaining how this mumbling fellow was Hitler, but no one fell for it. His endless slobbering over Israel was probably the clue. That and the fact that his administration had more Jews in it than an accounting convention. The Republicans actually picked up a few Senate seats and lost just one House seat.

Fast forward to 2010 and they are back to the old tricks. Black Jesus is in the White House and the media is carefully explaining to white people that voting against his party was the most racist thing you could do. Of course, the Republicans agreed with them because that is what they always do. In a rare example of white people breaking from their conditioning, they risked being called racist and voted Republican. The GOP picked up seven Senate seats and 63 House seats.

Here we are with another Democrat in the White House and it is looking like another example of the pattern. The races that were allegedly competitive, like the Florida governor’s race, are not going to be close. Ron DeSantis is going to cruise to victory and probably carry a lot of Republicans with him. Firebrand girl boss Kari Lake was supposedly a long shot, but now it appears she will win that race. In fact, Arizona may go all Republican this cycle.

Then you have the weird races. In 1994 and 2010 there were races in areas no one thought would be competitive that were suddenly competitive. The same thing is happening this time around. Tiffany Smiley is neck-and-neck with grizzled hag Patty Murray in Washington state. The Oregon governor’s race is getting tight and the Michigan governor’s race could be close. The narrative makers are struggling to convince their core audience that the narratives are true.

What all of this points to is a big night for the Republicans and a glum night for the regime toadies and sycophants. The question is the numbers. Demographics and vote rigging probably limit the damage. The best estimate for the Republicans is 40-50 seats in the House and a one or two seat majority in the Senate. Given the condition of the president and the world, this red wave should dwarf the previous red waves, but there is no getting around the demographic issue.

As the New York Times helpfully points out, this election is a rear guard action by white America in response to the Great Replacement. The same people who repeatedly demand you say that demographic replacement is a conspiracy theory are consoling their readers with the knowledge that white people will be gone soon. Of course, their readers are uniformly white, but that is a detail. Hating white people is too important to worry about such trivialities.

They are not entirely wrong, of course. The white portion of the vote is in sharp decline and will be a minority of the vote in a generation. It will remain the biggest bloc so if it becomes racially aware, then it is big trouble for the regime, which is why they are so invested in preventing that from happening. In order to keep this system running, they need whites on opposite sides. That way the other tribes become the deciding vote and they are easy for the regime to manipulate.

There is another thing that is becoming clear. The quality of the options, like the quality of popular culture, is in steep decline. Pennsylvania is leading the way, with a Senate race featuring a brain damaged hobo and a Turkish carny. Georgia is not far behind, featuring two black guys with “colorful” histories. Serious adults are starved for serious choices at the ballot box, so they are left with symbolic ones. Voting Republican is now the same as voting none of the above.

From the dissident perspective, the election results are meaningless, as the first step along the dissident trail is realizing the game is rigged. Elections in a liberal democracy are always heads they win, tails you lose. The Democrats are “heads” and the Republicans are “tails”, reflecting the relationship of the parties. It is another example of how the universe has a sense of humor. White people vote Republican only to be finked on by the Republicans whenever they win an election.

Even so, there is the entertainment quality. Over the next two weeks the narrative shops will be tasked with producing new versions of reality. Fragile old geezers like Nancy Pelosi will be sent out to stumble through the latest message. Joe Biden will be sent out to shake hands with invisible people and fondle little girls in public, while reminding everyone he should be in a home. Democracy is a theater that always ends in the theater of the absurd.

That said, there are little green shoots from the dissident perspective. Guys like J. D. Vance and Blake Masters have managed to shrug off the racism stuff, which suggests it is losing it power over white people. Doug Mastriano is probably as close to a dissident candidate running and he is doing well, despite being called all the usual scare words by the usual suspects. The election results will not matter in the short term, but they point to positive long term trends for dissidents.

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166 thoughts on “Midterm Musings

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  2. There seems to be a certain subsection of the DR that is finding an excuse to vote Republican again (they are always looking for an excuse to circle back around to team R).

    This time the rationale is that we must all vote Republican to stop the aid to Ukraine and prevent WW3. I think if the government becomes split there might some competition to prove which side is more pro war. An R Congress might actually accelerate the slide into WW3

    • Your intuition about each side trying to prove itself more pro-war than the other is spot-on. Anyone who thinks voting for Republicans will have a constraining effect on U.S. foreign policy is a lost cause. The COPE is simply too strong with such pie-in-the-skyers.

    • Old habits die hard. There will be a lot of disappointed people after the 2022 midterms when the firebrand Trumpists end up being slightly edgier neocons. This happened after the 2010 midterms when all those tea party activist candidates quickly acclimated to the establishment they vowed to destroy.

  3. Midterms

    The unspeakable being pursued by the untenable.

    The Chickens chasing the Foxes round the Coop.

    You can pick who’s who, they’re interchangeable.

    • Just one more reason why I have absolutely no faith in modern man.

      After thinking about it deeply it for a while, I’ve realized the modern world on the whole is entirely irredeemable, and not salvageable. The backlash I’ve faced from conservatives of all stripes in this day and age has been sobering, to say the least. Considering the fact that I’m the single best hope for a healthy white future, you’d think people would be over the moon when somebody exceedingly valuable like me comes along and offers to lay the entire world at their feet, and to make their wildest dreams reality.

      But I realize that modern man is a product of his environment… And since the entirety of the modern environment is garbage, and there are very few actual human beings left with eyes and ears that can accurately appraise value in this age of lies… I’m forced to retreat, and let all of modernity fall to pieces. The ancients would say that the heavens hate you.

      Not all of you are shitty, meat-robot, peasants.

      I’m routinely left in awe of some of the brilliant minds and perspectives here (apex predator, b125, compsci, etc to name only a few). But on the whole, real shit is dead in this age of lies, the madness of crowds reigns, and consequently, the links to reality have been shattered. Therefore, modernity and most of you modern men will change, and likely fail and die.

      I don’t know what is so upsetting to you boomer retards who can’t grok the fact that somebody young can love the “original right” unconditionally, (including you) and who is so naturally talented that he has created arguably the most magnificent invention ever conceived by the mind of man. Maybe you’re jealous. Maybe you’re just a shitty, bitter peasant, swept along by the currents of modernity so thoroughly that you have unknowingly internalized (and become an extension of) modern new-age values and aesthetics. Medicine usually doesn’t taste good.

      I don’t know. I don’t really care anymore. Most of you retards won’t listen- and the ones among you who can know who you are, and aren’t aesthetically retarded. Modernity is too far gone bro, like normie, and most of the people even here! I’m sorry to tell you. I genuinely feel bad about it.

      Western civilization’s best hope is calling it quits, and “seceding” on my own terms. The coming selection events are going to be far more brutal to whites without me, than what’s been predicted here. You may survive, but you will never restore the white man’s natural place in the hierarchy of nature without me. You aren’t dead, but you are legless without me. And you have to deal with this. I’m sorry I’m not perfect, or ideal leadership material. I feel like I’ve failed all of you. indeed, I know I have, despite the monumental obstacles I- we- have to surmount.

      For the vast majority of you out there, there is nothing left but failure and death. There is no avoiding this, long-term. I can arrange a brighter future than you would currently believe possible. It would blow your mind if I told you. But hardly one of you would believe my story, and what I’ve been through- let alone this miraculous thing I’ve invented FOR YOUR BENEFIT.

      Yet, I am thrown aside like a piece of useless trash. Modern peasants are stupider than the ones of old. Most of you deserve what will become of your fates and bloodlines- particularly my American “countrymen”.

      I just killed America, and sealed your fates, and none of you would even know about it if I hadn’t written it here. It wasn’t up to me, it was the rot of modernity being too ingrained in most of your brains for you to recognize real truth and value. Name your wildest dreams- and I could’ve arranged that for you. I still can- at any time you choose. You can have anything you want, if you would just listen to me. Sorry that I’m super special in a historic sense. I know you’re probably envious, and a stupid peasant, unable to change everything like I can. So you’re gonna hate. And that will cost you more than you would believe.

      You don’t have to be a hater-ass failure. You don’t have to let everything you know go up in metaphorical flames. You just have to listen, and do as I say, and everything you could ever desire will fall into your laps. I am the king-maker. I wish I was lying about this- because I don’t want this much responsibility. But it’s all real, and I will have to answer to God for my monumental failure when I die.

      It didn’t have to be like this. In any case, I wish all of you the very best, sincerely.

      Just ask, and follow me, and I will effortlessly destroy your enemies, while easily carving out the brightest future you could imagine. It is possible because I have been a very good boy, and have the most amazing invention ever made by the mind of man, i’d wager. Be glad I’m on your side.

      If this was weaponized against you, you would have absolutely no hope, whatsoever. Someday, if the collapse doesn’t come relatively soon, IT WILL BE.

      I don’t want to phrase it like this- so coarsely, so cut and dry- but ultimately, you guys either follow me and win harder than you can imagine, or the opposite will occur. Repeatedly, modern conservatives have seemed to prefer the status-quo evolving into a nightmarish dystopia. This is why I have little respect for most of you- you are retarded, and don’t deserve it.

      Good luck out there. you’ll need it.

  4. I’m hoping for a major change after the mid-terms, but still a little skeptical. We didn’t have the sophisticated mail-in-ballot fraud system in 1994 or 2010.

    Republican candidate ahead until midnight of election night, dead even by 6 AM the next day, and the Democrat winning by a few votes at noon. Arizona has been like this the last few elections and I don’t see it changing anytime soon.

  5. Started reading and paragraph 2 stopped me dead. “ Bill Clinton was some weird mash up of John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King and Al Goldstein” is one Z-man’s funniest lines ever. I can’t stop laughing.

  6. A quick shout out to Above Time Coffee Roasters, they are fellow Hoosiers and we received our first order from them a week or so back and the coffee is excellent!

  7. “…the first step along the dissident trail is realizing the game is rigged.”

    Z-man, although I agree with the main points of your message, I must note that you’ve fallen into the trap of accepting the manipulation of the polls. The polling deception/lies we are subject to every election cycle is only a tad better than the lies we are subjected to by the MSM on a daily basis. In some cases the MSM are the origin of the polling efforts themselves.

    Polls produce the results they are paid to produce. One doesn’t even need to outright lie, just adjust the demographics of the poll and viola, instant—but predictable—results!

    As I’ve mentioned before, there are at least two main types of polls: those that produce results for public consumption, and those that produce results for private/internal consumption. The public consumption polls are designed to manipulate the public—to demoralize the opposition or to encourage supporters. The private polls tell the political parties just how bad things are and where to focus efforts to obtain the most cost effective results.

    We know who hires the pollsters, and in the main we don’t trust those people. Why should we believe the polls they fund?

    Now, I’ll admit that in the last few days of an election most polls begin to converge on the final result. They must do this in order to claim during the next election cycle how good their methodology is. Nonetheless, such does not change the fact that they are whores.

    • There was a poll run in 2016 by USC that tried to be accurate and during moments when the rest of the pollsters had Hillary up by 8-12, they had it at a dead heat or maybe Trump up by one. The pollsters received harsh criticism and even threats. The guy running the polls kept apologizing for the results but refused to change the weighting. In the end, their poll was accurate while all the Hillary +8 polls had to rely on the Russian interference narrative. It was an interesting slice of the 2016 run that doesn’t get any coverage. For 2020, they became as useless as any other poll do in the end, the bad guys. An interesting experiment.

      • Pretty sure the lesson learned from that was:

        Why fix the polls, when you can just fix the election directly?

        • All the late polls I remember had Biden up by ~10. Evidently that was the planned result. But the voters again misbehaved, activating the “stop the count” contingency (and others).

          Based on gamed polls, my state was shifted from “tossup, trending red” to “solid blue” a few months before the election, to put the possibility of Trump winning it out of everyone’s minds. He *barely* lost.

          I found out a couple months after the election that despite my lifelong opposition to voting (all of it, for anything, by anyone)—I voted! So I’m a registered Democrat now, and I get a lot of frighteningly dumb campaign mailers. They’re all-in on the “domestic extremist” thing.

      • There was another poll during that election I remember that had the commonly accepted Hillary up 12 points the week or a bit more before the election. Then the week later, it was Hillary only a point or so ahead. A 10-12 point switch in one week’s time. Even the most jaded said this was an impossible change so close to the election.

        That’s the time I woke up and began to pay interest in what was going on wrt polling. I still maintain what you hear released is agitprop and best not to be paid attention to—although there may be a true poll prediction stumbled upon once in a while.

    • Polls are banned a week before elections in France AFAIK, should be a month or maybe longer IMO

  8. In the recently re-jerrymandered NY4, you are allowed to choose between Gay Jew D or Gay Jew R. The R up against the DMV clerk accidentally promoted to governor isn’t gay though.

    A logo that tastefully combines both the windmill of peace AND Oswald’s and is proudly non Kosher? I’ll be in for 20# of the lightest roast they have.

    • The only good use for Wikipedia is the “Early Life and Education” section, which often allows one to determine exactly who is playing the “greetings fellow white people!” game.

  9. I’m a Pennsylvanian, maybe that’s why I’m not sensing the wave. The Commonwealth’s political landscape looks like the moon these days.

    That said, the governor’s race is the only one I care about. Mastriano doesn’t have cash, has been left to twist by the GOP, but he’s been gaining. More yard signs by the day, despite no media or advertising. Then again I’m not very plugged in.

    The good rock-ribbed conservatives declared him crazy before the primary, unsurprisingly. Shapiro agrees, but they don’t mind echoing his talking points. Because they’re on our side, of course.

    Shapiro refuses to debate the last I heard. Saw a Shapiro ad recently: images of Hitler, Q, Mastriano holding a sword. I’m not kidding. Blood in the water, you can smell the fear. Yet the GOP stays out of it.

    Tptb are only acting dominant, hoping people will be fooled.

    • I checked out Mastriano on Wikipedia. Wow is that site horrible. Imagine your angry ex-wife with borderline personality disorder writing your biography.

      • Wikipedia has been taken over by Leftist “editors” for decades now. When a contrary opinion is included in a description, the Lefty editors simply change it back to the accepted “narrative”. If you go in to change it back, they freeze it and declare it closed, perhaps disputed, but nonetheless closed to changes. Lefties got in early and rose in status as senior editors.

        I used to naively promote Wikipedia, but after revelations of their (successful) efforts to kill Global Warming criticism, as well as killing an entry “I” created a couple of decades ago which involved another bugaboo, firearms, I caught wise.

        I then grudgingly thought that they might be a good reference for historical and “uncontroversial” topics, but given the Lefty penchant for revising history I’ve given up. At best now, I use them for references to other sources of information.

        • Derb did a segment on them recently. He discovered they also transfer their own funding to other radical left-wing causes.

          • The Wikipedia entry about McMullin in the UT senate race has been creatively edited.

            McMullin served in the CIA for 20+ years as was “too busy to get married”. This is a bit of a red flag in heavily conservative, ultra family friendly Mormon Utah.

            So he went out and married a woman with five kids last year…presumably out of pure, solemate love, not a cynical ploy to have nice photos of “his family” for campaign photos.

            No direct lies on Wikipedia…but it sure leaves out context.

          • “Too busy to get married”.

            Sounds like code for,”I’ll be at an all night bubble party”.

            I thought pole smoking was verboten in the Mormon faith.

        • There are activist editors scouring Wikipedia to remove anything that deviates from the narrative. Also a lot of early life sections are getting scrubbed of any mention of men with large noses and small hats after too many DR blogs and podcasts referenced them.

        • Infogalactic is a less mendacious and toxic alternative to Wikipedia. It’s far less comprehensive, but I use it when possible.

      • At some point that stuff will become an asset, as long as people keep questioning and rejecting The Narrative. Being hated by the bad guys is a good thing. Wish I could say where the tipping point is, but the suppression is evidence we’ve passed it. That would be amazing. Can’t be far off, at any rate. It took a long time for 9/11 to be questioned; covid was deconstructed in real time. It’ll be a happy day when these narratives get dismissed before they can take hold.

        There I go getting optimistic again lol. Gotta watch out for that.

      • I looked him up too, liked most of what I read, seems like a solid man

        Wikipedia is a joke but has its uses

  10. I agree with TomA. It would act as an accelerant. It would only be to our benefit if we were ready with known and trustworthy representatives and leaders who could capitalize. I am not sure we are ready yet. Per the comment above, I don’t believe Lake is an actor. I’ve seen her absolutely crush media hacks in Q&A sessions. That kind of thinking on your feet requires conviction and having witnessed people like RINOs and Trump who have no command of our civic traditions and ideals and understanding what needs to be said and how. The Regime’s position is very weak, and if, and only if, you understand those weaknesses and the rhetorical hammer to wield you can crush them. So far, she appears as the real deal, as does the woman from South Dakota.

    Biden is already conceding the election and sewing the seeds that the Republicans will destroy the economy. The collapse is here. The best case is: the FedGov stays blue for two more years; Joe Normie and Griller Guy blame him for the disorder that awaits; Our people have time to build, organize and fortify representatives and leaders for what comes next.

    It is likely that the economic tsunami that can’t be fought with The Fed is here. Whoever is in power will be blamed. If this is correct, then the only racial group in America that is committed to American civics and a colorblind society ruled by equality under the law will racially awaken – Heritage European Americans. That NYT article is typical white liberal garbage. They describe people with rotting teeth, chronic diabetes, opioid addiction and living in intense poverty created by globalism and environmental regulation as people who have status. In second grade I would have never put those contradictions onto a piece of paper and signed my name to it. But, that is the value of a college education. It is also silly. The reason white working class interests were crushed is because they are the only group that puts the civic body and republican principles before race. Are Keller and Kirkpatrick black studies majors? They sound like it.

    My favorite part of that article is: ‘“It is a power grab by white Republicans,” said K.P. George, a Democrat born in India who was elected in 2018 as the county’s top executive, the first nonwhite person to hold the office.” The Indian (as in bindi not tomahawk), guy who was elected to the top executor position is accusing white people of grabbing power. That is the future of diverse America.

    I want to ask here what thoughts are about Kanye and the affect it may have on Tucker Carlson moving forward. I hold open the possibility that Kanye did this for ulterior motives. Even if he did not, I wonder if this is Carlson’s tar baby that he can’t unstuck from. Carlson is the only high profile person in the United States who openly discusses The Great Replacement and the repeating pattern of anti-white racism and crime. Did Kanye West slam the door shut on that?

    • Kayne: “If you criticize Jews they’ll de-platform you”
      Jews: “What an anti-Semitic trope, prepare to be de-platformed!!!”

      Kanye in his own weird (black) way is providing years worth of ammo to us in criticizing our ruling class.

      • When he talks of Jews controlling black voices (culture) he is not wrong. Moreover, this pattern is also true for us. Part of their Long War against us is dismantling independent cultures through gradual modulation so that they can be more easily controlled.

    • Kari Lake is a joke. Jan Brewer was far more competent than Lake and had one of the sharpest anti-immigration minds helping her out, Kris Kobach. In the end, Brewer got screwed over by Eric Holder where 99% of her very solid and constitutional laws got overturned or not enforced. Lake has not demonstrated anything that puts her on par with a Brewer or a Kobach. She will be another Marjorie Taylor Greene or Lauren Boebert clownshow. It is what it is but I’m not going to waste any breath supporting someone who has no real plan other than Trump…but a girl! I’m done with airhead girlbosses pretending to be politicians.

        • I agree with Mike. Purity spiraling is non viable. It is merely a cope for dealing with despair and defeatism.

          It saddens me that a woman, several women, are showing the grit to fight back while our men sit on the sidelines. If nothing else, Kari Lake, is an example that my finally inspire our men and embolden more people to show the media and its narratives for the paper tigers that they are. The battle has just begun. Our men will arise and Lake is a fine example of how to comport themselves as they do. Committing suicide by despair or drowning in a lake of holy water at its eve will cull our ranks of the weak and the ill fit for what lies ahead.

          • I always ask the question, “does he or she move the ball in our direction?”

            Sure, Kari Lake might be one of those, “as-long-as-they-come-legally” types, or “we’re-all-one-race-the-human-race.” Whatever, we’ll get to that later.

            For right now, time is running short, and she’s at war with our common enemy, the media, and she wants to close the border, and she says she’s on the side of the people. She’s also showing weak men how to fight back. That’s the kind of stuff that can get contagious.

      • “It is what it is but I’m not going to waste any breath supporting someone who has no real plan other than Trump…but a girl!”

        How does this plan measure up in comparison to “make anonymous purity spiral comments on obscure message board” as an effective political strategy?

    • Yeah, as a NJ resident, I noticed that. Wait, late returns coming inď Murphy pulls it out. This state is not all blue, contrary to the crap that gets thrown around here. Unfortunately, we are stuck with that multi-culti NYC annex up north and the corrupt political bosses to match.

      I was watching one of the few TV shows I favor last night and, lo and behold, the leftist schlub who is the US house representative from my legislative district was running a total teeth-bared attack ad on his challenger. Nothing about what he advocates for, just smears about the views of his opponent. I took that as a positive, as him feeling it necessary to adopt that sort of tactic shows that the wheels are beginning to come off, noticeably so.

      • I lived in Warren County – a deep red appendage to that state. They had to gerrymander our Congressional District to get rid of Scott Garrett.

        • Camden county here. It’s pretty bad, but I still take some solace from Rep. Schlub going veins in the teeth with his opponent after the limp-wristed, tepid mail piece we received a few weeks back from him, apparently anticipating a cakewalk as per usual. Shit’s gettin’ real out here, “Representative” Schlub; I take it you hadn’t previously noticed?

  11. I have never seen any Republican talking to journalists the way Kari Lake routinely does. She cuts them off during their BS, and ends up lecturing them on their terrible track record on honesty and impartiality. Scorched earth.

    Will other republicans learn from this, even so called tough guys like Jim Hawley and Josh Gaetz and Matt Jordan? We shall see.

    Lake looks so polished and so dominant of every situation that i wonder if she’s a gatekeeper. We shall see. Zeldin the same, he sounds like a grownup.

    • Lake is a former journalist, so she is well aware of the tricks pulled by the usual suspects.

      If her political career doesn’t work out, she could easily succeed by running a consultancy that helped the right deal with the media.

    • I agree. Lake is a throwback. I agree also that she shows our men what can be done and how to do it. Without men standing up and crushing. The soccer Mom who runs a tight van where there is no BS on board is great. What we need next are strong men whose work sites, battlefields, tool sheds and camping and fishing expeditions are filled with quiet strength, supreme confidence and competence to lead and inspire our once great men to find their spines and stand up. Watching the women bicker while the ship sinks is our starting point. But the time is fast approaching where we need more than that.

    • It seems to be 90% about being prepped for the 10 or so repeated gotcha type statements in the media pretending to be questions.

      Once you have these how many more topics are actually in the public arena?

      Most repubs either appear surprised every time or their prepped answers are so terrible they end up sounding apologetic or defensive.

      Perhaps it is intentional.

      Lake did a smart thing and brought a few printouts to wave in the reporters faces for the obvious election fixing questions and as a reporter seems aware you don’t let the questions set the frame.

      Maybe she is a fake, but if some people realize that the media is a thin 2 strand fence that you can walk through if you want that will be a plus.

      • Lake seems to be one of any number of rising pol’s who doesn’t care if she offends—so why mince words? That behavior is becoming more common now that we’ve been through a “Trump” and a stolen election and a realization that the MSM is in the enemy’s camp. A decade ago, a Lake would not have gotten this far.

        What is unknown is if Lake has the finesse to implement her stated agenda, or if as Trump, she comes a cropper. DeSantis seems to have threaded that needle. However, Lake may not enjoy much of any support from a legislature that is only in the majority by one or two members. On the other hand, there has been a push to eliminate those RINO’s in the primaries with some success. This may have an effect to stiffen some spines.

        We shall see.

  12. By far the worst election trend in my neck of the woods is the “nationalizing” of local elections. Up here, the Progs run for State offices on tranny, climate change, coofvaxx, abortion and other carny issues that have nothing to do with potholes, crappy infrastructure, high taxes, over-regulation and sky-high utility bills. This is a horrible and dangerous trend.

    I participated (reluctantly) in a local university opinion poll and they asked me which of twelve issues was I most concerned about in the upcoming local elections. Climate change was one of the 12. Our horrible business climate wasn’t even on the poll’s list!! And private employment here still hasn’t recovered from the 2008 GFC.

    The old campaign sign said “Vote Jones – fix the Civic Center roof!”. Now it’s “Vote Patel, Save the Ozone!” It’s all clown world now.

    • It’s because they are all social climbers, where local politics is just a stepping stone. At the national level, they don’t care if you fixed a roof, that’s pleb stuff. They care that you are a sufficient evangelist for the secular religion.

      Once this happens, it’s really hard to go back to local power once it’s been consolidated at a higher level. The left is just accelerating the trend.

      • I was watching a movie from the 70s where some models were being cast for an ad shoot. It was humiliating to the models who were barely short of being prostitutes in the way they had to pitch for the part.

        Local politics seems very similar , in that its about who will put out for the director and is prepared to do whatever it takes to degrade themselves for the big break.

        As candidates are selected by a private company that somehow people think is a political party for the ballot shoot, then that is what you will get.

    • Interesting data point there. Maybe that is why where the only choice is to vote for Patel, roads were never paved, sewers never built … …

      It is all a climb until one day, you open the paper in Bangalore, and see that Rukesh is one of the 3/4s of the legislature that hasn’t been to a session during his entire tenure in the national legislative body.

    • I see it slightly differently. There will always be unserious political candidates. My issue is the mindless sycophants who support them. The problem isn’t as much the morons running for office, it’s the low IQ retards that make up the electorate.

      • Yep. It would be interesting to measure/understand just what these people understand about the election and the ballot process.

        I remember many decades ago when the push was on to degrade the franchise to 16 yo’s. 60 Minutes did a surprising piece on the subject where they went into a HS classroom to interview students at that age.

        The classroom teacher was there and he was against such—yes, it was a different country in those years. Basically, he stated that these kids knew nothing of current events nor civics. He asked in front of an astonished Morley Safer his class if any knew who their House Rep was? If they could name one of their Senators? Etc.

        Not a response was heard.

    • It’s not even just politics anymore. Being a “Global Citizen” has crept into even the everyday language of common people. People have concerns not about “Americans’ but about humanity. Or they express concerns not about the piles of tires and rubbish everywhere, but CO2 in the atmosphere. Every new invention is to “change the world!” Of course we have to suffer in order for Ukraine to be independent of Russia. We have to suffer potholes and neglected roads and bridges so Ukrainians can join the EU and NATO.

      • You are spot on about the deeper and more insidious problem Tars. The Maryvale incident highlighted that. Aside from the vehement anti-white racism wealthy white people invited upon their children, not a peep was said about the tiny print verbage about the schools mission to prepare the girls for being, “global citizens.” The premise is established and entrenched.

        I find the calls to, “Change the world”, to be very disturbing. Of course, like everything, it is really a call to make a huge fortune by going public with eyeballs more important than revenue. I suspect the moralizing of business is merely a front to cover for the shameless grift machine Central Banking has turned the, “consumer economy”, into.

        It is all a vanity project. I have changed the world when I turned a money losing dog food web site into billions. I am a hopeless victim of white people when I need to cover for how wicked my life and the people in my alumni network have been.

          • Maryvale is a all girls Catholic school in Maryland. It hired a DIE administrator who openly advocated for giving the POC students more resources than the white students. (though it is likely the POCs are already on scholarship that is underwritten by the white students). She said she is there for the POC students, that she warns the teachers when Donors are coming by the classrooms so they can curtail their anti-white racism and that she and her commissars flip off the donors when they turn around to leave.

            She was fired, but she also introduced and bragged about the school headmaster, some guy from Penn named Viktor Shin. The school fired the DIE admin, reaffirmed its commitment to diversity, inclusion and equity, and has kept Shin happily employed.

            When looking into this, the school had some mission statement that included preparing women to be global citizens. Try doing a search of Maryvale anti-white racism or diversity scandal and you can fill up on more white self-immolation.

      • It is not really about “humanity”. It’s about signaling to everyone that you are a good person because you hate white people. We have reached the stage where being white makes you a small piece of the greater ghost of Hitler.

  13. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a political candidate as smooth and full of confidence and poise as Kari Lake. She also seems to relish attacking the mainstream media. We need more of that. Control of the border is her number one issue, and she also continuously repeats that the people are her boss, which recalls Ross Perot. (“remember….it’s YOUR country.”)

    • Nah. If she wins, she’ll immediately compromise.
      Her helpfully GOP advisors will see to that.

      There’s never been a US female politician in my lifetime that’s been worth a darn. Most “compromise” on the real issues when it counts.

      Fitting, I suppose, that she might get the same seat John McCain “Build the dang fence” had. She can run on the boob bait for the bubbas, just like he did, then sell them out…just like he did.

      She’s a local TV personality. In a serious country, she never would’ve gotten this far on the national stage.

      Which is kinda the point of today’s essay. Ridiculous candidates for a ridiculous nation.

        • Well, I’ll recant a bit and say that Nancy Pelosi has been one of the most powerful and effective politicians, male or female, in my lifetime.

          God help us.

        • I know we aren’t allowed to say anything nice about Ronald Reagan, so I won’t mention him. Oops, I just mentioned him. Out, out, damn spot!

          So, who’s out there?
          Grover Cleveland? Chester Arthur? Honest men.
          How about Coolidge? Does he pass the DR test?
          Giuliani cleaned up NYC, was he worth a damn?

          If it is credentials and training you want, combined with broad learning and a variety of experience in public affairs, JQ Adams deserves a second look. He was unpopular even when he “won” the presidency in 1824, but that isn’t the issue. The issue is whether he was “worth a damn.”

          It would be helpful if there were a well-defined “profile of the ideal DR candidate for office” so that I could figure out who to support if and when such a candidate should emerge from the primordial soup of American politics.

          Meanwhile, here in NY, Zeldin looks like he’s got a real shot at unseating the ridiculous, unhinged Kathy Hochul. Pace Z man’s advice to not vote, I’m voting this one last time. Maybe he – Zeldin – is worth a damn; maybe he’ll be another Pataki. But I’d take that as a blessing, our own ‘Flight 93’ election.

      • Yeah, Lake has exhibited no substance whatsoever. It’s a very low bar these days but the airhead girlboss who’s gonna tell it like it is! is getting tiring because they never actually advance anything meaningful, they just want to pick fights. That would be fine if it was something other than a high ranking politician, the stakes are way too high for this to be on the set of Mean Girls.

        • Lake is the next step in the evolution Your mom. I think you should take a wait and see attitude with her. You will know within 3 months , if she is elected, whether she is a fraud or not.

          The abuse that she is absorbing from the Lefties on our behalf mind you (just like potus Trump did) at the very least deserves a modicum of gratitude from our side.

        • If Lake is a joke then Hobbs is a ludicrous farce. At this point I’m willing to give her the benefit of the doubt.

        • Why have you got it in for Lake so badly? I assume you’re female, did she steal your boyfriend in school or something? She’s new and might be worse than you think but at least give he the benefit of the doubt until we know for sure. You hold her to a standard Jesus couldn’t meet.

          • Its an odd paradox for the right.

            On the left you know what you are getting and they never turn out to be more normal than they appear.

            The right always have to give a benefit of the doubt as there is little previous to go on. Then they turn out to be either controlled opposition or shams and another 4 years pass.

            Next election you have to give a benefit of the doubt and the same pattern occurs. A decade has now passed and the hole is deeper.

            This keeps repeating and the frustration is being able to rely in anyway on your candidates. Its not a purity cycle its experience. Take a look at Italy.

            To keep it suppressed for generations is actually a matter of small effort at certain times to promote a few tens of these candidates.


          • Perhaps something that the purity spiralers might consider is that to enact policy these politicians need to hear from us. The left has activists and constituent groups that negotiate with the party to get theirs and give their votes in return.

            We elect them to do no harm, but those days are long gone. The purity spiraler would do far more good engaging with a Kari Lake or a representative by writing letters or organizing a block of votes to negotiate with. That is essentially what the black preachers do with their flocks.

            To have them fight rhetorically and then get abandoned because some distasteful compromise was made is effectively putting them in front of a firing squad and shouting ready aim fire. America’s ideal is that politics are not how we negotiate life. However, that country is dead and buried. When we engage with it differently we’ll fare better and maybe find a way to negotiate the settlement we seek. That has to happen while we have numbers. We used to have tax paying airline pilots. While we moaned and complained someone else negotiated us out and a new race based hiring system in. We can’t afford to shoot ourselves in the head. Even worse, we can’t afford to complain that the other competing groups aren’t fighting fair. They don’t observe the rules and the system not doesn’t enforce them, it is no longer the system the rules were set up to enforce it.

            The clock is ticking. Lake and a wait-and-see is a minimum. Lake and having her back until she betrays on something major – the border, is the optimal approach IMHO.

          • Thank you Mike! You saved me the trouble. I was wondering the same thing. ‘Your Mom’ makes it sound personal; talk about ‘Mean Girls’!

        • The problem is not with Lake per se or female politicians. The problem is with the nature of democracy itself. Boiled down, anybody who can be elected to high office, shouldn’t. Democracy selects for power-mad liars, not people with character. Throw in the fact that perhaps two thirds of the people who vote are too stupid and/or shiftless to have anything to do with selecting a leader, and you’ve got a world class shit-show on your hands.

  14. I still follow “elections” a bit, just for the entertainment value. It’s like watching old Three Stooges reels — interesting more as historical artifacts than entertainment, but a lot of the sight gags are still funny.

    On the other hand, I’m coming to believe that the sheer absurdity of it all is the only thing holding back the inevitable. The Left will go to the gun; that’s what the Left does; it’s pretty much the only thing they do, when you come right down to it — it’s Revolution uber alles; it’s been that way since Robespierre. They just put a DeSantis / Rubio GOTV guy in the hospital down in Florida… and I’m starting to think that the only thing keeping us from actual Weimar-style street battles is the fact that nobody wants to be on a goon squad for Marco Rubio, because that’s just too absurd.

    (which is the main functional difference between “Left” and “Right,” as always using those terms strictly for rhetorical convenience. Leftism has always been an absurd movement filled with absurd people, so that doesn’t bother them — they want to go to the gun for the sake of going to the gun, because that’s what Leftism IS. The “Right” actually needs a figurehead to rally around, and who do they have? Yeah, I suppose I could theoretically gear up to do battle for Marco Rubio… but then somebody would make a crack like “Make Foam Parties Great Again,” and it’s too damn hard to bust heads when you’re laughing yourself into a hernia).

    • Recently I found myself at a meeting where several low-level candidates for my low-level area came to make campaign pitches to us even lower-level functionaries. One of the lefty candidates for a state-level part-time elected office “couldn’t make it” (truth was the crowd would be unfavorable) so she sent along a campaign aide to work the crowd on her behalf. This aide was all-in for her candidate to the point that it was disturbing, like she had scooped out her insides and placed them in a dumpster so that she could replace them with love and worship for this person who is just a lefty librarian (natch) somewhere, I think. Just…cults all the way down.

      (It was also interesting as her GOP opponent, who was there, was uncomfortable in her own skin, like she was pretending to be someone who was pretending to be a politician. My guess was her rich uncle had put her up to the task so that he could have a dedicated shill in the state capital or something).

    • Sorry, but you are dead wrong, Severian. While they possess historical value, the Stooges are hilarious through and through. Much like Shakespeare, though they are products of their time, the Stooges are timeless.
      I agree with the rest of your sentiments 🙂

      • Just to rain on your parade a bit the three stooges were really (((the three stooges))) and if you go back to their stuff with that in mind you’ll see pretty clearly that when they’re not slobbering over the prospect of deflowering pretty shiksas the butt of every joke is the unworthy WASP elite, the absurdity of heirarchy, the foolisheness of tradition, the arbitraritness of decorum, etc…

        Along with charlie chaplin and the marx brothers thats one of the earlier “every single times”, but its all there. Cant unsee it once you know

        • So by that logic, minstrel shows were pro black? The unscrupulousness of the stooges is one of the key delights. I am absolutely one of the believers that (((they))) rule, but I still watch the stooges on occasion, and I find a balance of everything being crapped on, oftentimes themselves. I completely disagree.

    • the highly militarized police, feds, media, and court system are all part of the WEF/Dem goon squad . the “election” is clown theater for the masses . we have no power at all. the dominion voting machines haven’t even been polled to see who they prefer, that’s what matters. Bet I can guess.
      also there’s this . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bw84nOmGLcw&t=228s because the ukrainian army is collapsing to fat to hide. And poland is mobilizing. the first five or 10 minutes of this is all you need. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UlP6rtawQLo

  15. ” The white portion of the vote is in sharp decline and will be a minority of the vote in a generation. It will remain the biggest bloc so if it becomes racially aware, then it is big trouble for the regime, which is why they are so invested in preventing that from happening.”

    Apparently the Regime thinks it has found a fix to this problem. Reports have surfaced that the oligarchs have decided to consolidate Canada, Mexico and the United States into one big blob of a gas station nation, and the first step in that direction was dissolution of the southern border. While this likely will blow up in their faces, it shows awareness of the long-term problem the Regime faces. In all likelihood the de facto dissolution will be within the borders of the current gas station nation, and that cannot be stopped and is well underway. That’s the real green shoot although it bodes for a rough and rocky present and future.

    • A “United States of North America” has been the plan for a long time. Hillary and Jeb were both hoping to be the first President of it. It is a failed pipe dream at this point.

      • Donald Freakin’ Trump overturned their applecart. Think about that. Wile E. is a master of Teutonic precision compared to these assclowns. The only puzzle is why their decline took so long to become rapid.

      • Petraeus and other high ranking military brass have been giving speeches and advocating for it for a long time. If Boobus wasn’t mesmerized by end zone dances, post dunk pant hooting, and home run trots where gold chains the envy of a Cortez auxilliary are kissed before God is shot up in the sky, it would be common knowledge.

        Someone showed me a picture of the French, “national”, soccer team. The Europids have been busy replacing victory in life with simulacrums of victory on a curated grass field littered with ads for Donuts, Life Insurance and Antacids, while we are being replaced in real life.

        The Generals were busy divvying up their global command posts. Does the homeland fall apart before it is codified? Does it matter to them if they rule over ashes?

      • Agreed. It was circulated amongst the dissident left and right groups in the 2000s. It went away but it’s interesting that it’s popping up again. There was some interest in the mid 19th century about annexing Mexico but fortunately never advanced beyond some poorly manned expeditions.

  16. “That and the fact that his administration had more Jews in it than an accounting convention”. Ain’t it the truth – comedy gold!

    I realize the election probably isn’t going to mean much, and it’ll be the first time I’ve completely sat out. But here’s hoping the demoncraps still get a red hot poker up their collective asses…

      • As a CPA who as dealt with all the big 4 accounting firms, I can attest you are correct. Not many Jews in the industry, other than at small boutique tax firms. I live in the midwest, so maybe they are more predominate in the east. I just don’t believe it’s a profession that allows you to be a master manipulator or power broker. Still a very funny line though.

        • I think it is regional, for sure. Around here we have a large Jewish community, so we have a crapload of Jewish accountants and lawyers. In the South, I have noticed that accounting is much more of a female thing than in the North. Probably the office manager tradition.

      • They’re heavily concentrated in Hollywood, the porn industry, the Biden Administration, and extremely obsessed with bashing White people on social media. Like EverySingleTime–obsessed.

        • WB – agreed. I have a Jewish acquaintance in the biz out in LA, the west coast little hat capital.

  17. The candidate quality issue is starting to sink in with more and more normies. This is the big wild card for Republicans, as their voters are more likely to throw up their hands and not vote. Democrats seem far more committed to supporting whatever degenerate lunatic their side puts on the ballot, most likely because their voters are more likely to be degenerate lunatics themselves. At the state and local level it is harder to quit voting because most Republicans can at least stop the worst impulses of the left that will directly impact your quality of life.

  18. I get disgusted when I see so many conservatives caught up in rooting for the Republicans. Then I try to be sympathetic:

    When a normal white person first becomes aware of the political peril he is in then he desperately want to believe that the Republicans share his concerns. When he recognizes the cultural ascendency of trannies and sexual deviants, not punishing black crime and the invasion at our southern border then he achingly needs to believe that the Republicans want to fight back against these threats.

    I remember 9/11 woke me up to how many muslims were in the country, in Dearborn for example, and how desperately I needed to believe that the Republicans wanted to solve these problems. Instead, W’s presidency resulted in huge influx of muslims.

    QAnon was so popular because people terribly needed to believe that the deep state was infiltrated with white hats who were executing a plan that would restore traditional America.

    My brother still is slavishly devoted to Trump because the alternative of facing how powerless we are now is psychologically impossible for him.

    As always, I wonder how many of them are even capable of facing the reality of what must be done.

    • I am getting the impression the Republican establishment thinks their multicultural big tent approach is working. They were over the moon over the Hispanic woman who won in Texas earlier this year. There are two Asian women in Congress from California now and a guy named Allan Fung appears to be headed to a win in Rhode Island. This will be all the evidence they need that they don’t need to worry about the filthy whites they loathe and can win with this new coalition focused on tax cuts for Amazon and public safety.

      • I have friends who gleefully talk about the minorities leaving the Dems and voting GOP. I explain to them that the minorities’ views haven’t changed, it’s that the Democrats have gone off the rails with things like drag queens for kids and harmful economic decisions.

        For example, polls show that Latinos and Mexicans don’t have the same opinions as Whites on things like free speech and the right to bear arms. The pretty GOP Mexican girl in Texas, Mayra Flores, is still in favor of mass immigration.

        • I’ll just flat out summarize broadly that the Hispanic/Latino community is not in love with rules and laws as is the White community.

          They don’t care about the 2nd Amendment because they’ll just get an illegal gun and carry it. Free speech—why? They don’t send “letters to the editor” or take out “parade permits”. They take to the streets and handle things there as suits them at the time.

          For the most part, I have no strong dislike for the Hispanics in my community, but they ain’t White and I’m not fooling myself. Their behavior and culture is one that developed in a different time and a different place. It is one that worked for them in the Southern Hemisphere under colonial rule—but it ain’t Northern European.

        • It’s a temporary thing as Democrats are fanatically pro-black. Hispanics are acutely aware that they are an ascendant minority and want a seat at the table. Once Democrats decide to grant them the request, they will back to voting 70%+ Democrat like they always have. I do want Republicans to go all in on Hispanics; it will cause them to fail miserably.

    • Kari Lake and Tudor are actresses, though admittedly good ones, and the people behind the scenes elevating them seem to be a different breed that the usual suspects.

      Vance is an opportunist, but an opportunist that is useful to us. As with Tudor and Lake, there is a counter elite that is effectively supporting his efforts.

      Blake Masters is great just for the Roman Senator memes, though the reason it works is because he has the aura of a hard stoic, a serious man that is worthy of being rallied behind by the masses. He’s has the feel of everything Trump should have been to the disenfranchised masses.

      The candidates are not as interesting as the people who are working behind the scenes to elevate them. There are probably a multitude of /our guys/ with money who know the name of the game. They know power is the name of the game and know the way to power is to keep their mouths shut and speak in code instead of trying to be based online or trying to own the libs.

      • Sheldon Adelson, Foster Friess and Boone Pickens were all big Republican funders who have died since the 2016 election. I haven’t seen any evidence their heirs are as active behind the scenes as they were. Peter Thiel and others aren’t really “our guys” but a lot closer to our interests than the old guard of the party was.

      • Speaking of power behind the scenes, you have to admit it was pretty clever of major corporations to go woke. It gets the lefty Warren/Sanders/AOC types off their backs. A then when Republicans are in power, they can lead them around on a leash by shouting “free markets! capitalism!” As a businessman, I have always supported a corporate tax rate of zero, since the shareholders pay taxes twice – once on company profits, and then a second time on dividends and capital gains. But at this point, they can raise the rate to 90%, and I will flip them off and say you got what you asked for.

        • The entire corporate world went “woke” before any politician did. It’s not a defensive posture. AOC’s is.

          • Just like society in general, corporations have been drifting leftward since the mid-60s and accellerated that process dramatically after the Passion of St. George. But I get dam’ tired of people who seem to think everything was great until so-called “wokeness” appeared on the scene. It was not. AINO was a leftist nation long before that illiterate term appeared on the scene.

    • I get disgusted when I see so many conservatives caught up in rooting for the Republicans.

      The best way to avoid being disappointed in the normie is to not hold out hope for the radicalization of normie. The great mass of middle-class white people will move when events require them to move, but they will simply follow the strong horse and never think about the direction to which they are being led.

      If social progress depended upon the political awareness of the masses, we would still be living in trees.

      • The only time I’ve seen the phrase “social progress” was in the Kipling poem “The gods of the copybook headings.”

        Just curious. Great poem, and phrase.

        (Spoiler: it didn’t end well)

    • Spot on. The last sentence is the capper. Boomer’s–myself included–have lived our lives altering, avoiding, and ultimately denying reality. Channeling Lt. Colonel Slade, when we came to the crossroads in life, most knew what the right path was. Without few exceptions, we knew. But we never took it. You know why? It was too damn hard.

      • A self-aware Boomer — kudos! I’m trying to be a self-aware Gen-Xer. My generation was so bland and ineffectual that nobody even complains about us. We were too nondescript to draw anyone’s ire.

        • Every generation of white men from the so-called “Greatest Generation” on has failed miserably. We have been a disgrace to our civilization.

      • Yep, as Dennis Prager says most often on hiis show, “courage” is the virtue most lacking in society today. People know the right path, but refuse to pay the price to take it.

    • Yes that-it’s depressing to realize, sort of like when the Indians sat on their horses on the rise and watched the settler’s wagons rolling across their land, and realized no matter how hard they fought, they were no match for these modern marauders, and the Indians way of life was to be no more, perhaps we will all be herded on to “the rez” and end up selling trinkets by the roadside.

      • The Indians way of life was barbaric and the settlers were bringing in a way of life that was superior in every way, not just improved technology and tools. The opposite is happening now we are getting overrun by third world hoards and ignorant buffoonish elites who think they can engineer their way out of any problem, including death itself. This has to end in disaster.

    • I admittedly get frustrated by this. My normie friends are true believers in the system. They are so sure that if the republicans take control suddenly America will be transported back to 1985. Patriotism will return and the left will melt away. I can’t stand it. “Vote harder!” They say.

      Sometimes I find myself envying their ignorance. They have no clue about what truly needs to happen to reclaim our homeland.

    • Line: I am not nearly so charitable as you. I have zero interest in who runs for what – either nationally or locally. I’ve had my name removed from the voter rolls. That so many here still think that some sort of mythical red victory will somehow publicly humiliate the globalists is depressing as hell. Yes, they would prefer the veneer of public acclamation, but they don’t need it. Thinking that anything less than a favorable result will somehow bother them is akin to charging DR3. It’s all hopium.

      Local elections are no different. When I used to vote locally (quit that more than a decade ago), I used to carefully read all the bond issues. I learned it didn’t matter – every single one of them passed every time. And despite (or perhaps because) of our ‘burb being stereotyped as the epitome of White privilege by the Dallas paper, all the nice White ladies – and their wonderful Oriental and sub-continental and Mestizo friends – worked hard to ensure we got a black mayor, a black police chief, etc. ad nauseam.

      Democracy is a fraud. Voting is playacting. Politicians are all busy with public charades. Does anyone here think any White Britons somehow ‘voted’ for the brown WEF acolyte Sunak? It was a coup by the Bank of England (i.e. the Rothschilds). Same kind of money that’s behind ‘our’ dementia patient. As for those who think I’m demanding the perfect be the enemy of the good, best of luck with your incrementalism. Check back with me in a decade or so – except there’s no way AINO is lasting out the decade.

      Whatever. Everyone must make his own arrangements for the future he expects – and for the world he expects his children to face. Elections, voting, candidates, polls – none of that figures in my plans for the present or the future. As I have stated before – hard-edged realism is not despair – quite the opposite.

      • @3g4me –
        You are my kindred spirit 🙂

        I could not have summed up my sentiments any better than you have here. That is EXACTLY where I am. I will never vote again – in ANY election charade. I had friends coming to me and pleading with me about voting to ensure that Beto doesn’t win the governorship. Give me a fucking break. It’s all a sham and it is an insult to my intelligence to have even the slightest belief in this garbage system.

        • Tired Citizen: Thank you. It’s nice to know I’m not entirely alone in my thinking! Seriously, I just cannot comprehend thinking that any candidate can or will change anything substantive. Sure, you might have the occasional verbal riposte in the congressional record, but they can’t and don’t DO anything. All those terribly sincere mothers who go to school board meetings, thinking somehow people would be shocked if they only knew the pornographic literature being peddled to their children.

          Yet I will bet you NOT ONE OF THEM asked to look at all their kids’ textbooks before enrolling them for the school year – I did – every single year – and in both public and private Christian schools. And all those ‘certified’ teachers – where the hell do they think they all get certified by? It’s all theatre. Making yourself a public spectacle just puts a target on your back. Anyone who thinks the ‘neighbors’ will somehow have his back is a fool.

          And the mere process of becoming a candidate – the money that changes hands, the favors required – it’s a self-selecting process. You have to get dirty to play. And they all end up enriching themselves to one degree or another.

          I lived in D.C. It’s not a normal place and it’s not filled with normal people. But still so many – even -here – think voting will somehow change things. That they have time for incrementalism, one member of congress at a time, to truly substantively change things. To me it’s absolute madness – we don’t have 50 years to march through the institutions, and all of their foundations have been gnawed through already.

          We have to start anew – somehow, somewhere – and it may have to be individually. No, I don’t believe in ‘lone wolf’ survival, but I still wouldn’t rely on a local community to provide food and shelter and everything else my family will need. I dearly hope I’m wrong about what I see on the horizon – but I don’t bet the farm on ‘hope.’ I pray daily, but I also do what I can substantively. God gave me a brain and a wonderful husband and a certain amount of financial means – and I’m using all of these to prepare as best I can for what I believe the near-term future to be. I’ll be happy to be proven wrong. But it’s similar to the religious argument against atheism – if I’m wrong and there’s no God or final judgment, then I haven’t hurt anyone by my belief or prayers. If I’m right, then I did the best I could as a sinful woman. If the atheist is wrong . . . well, sucks to be him. Based on all the info out there right now, I’d rather be Noah.

          • Interesting you should reference “Noah”. I believe these Biblical stories teach us something—even in the littlest details. Call me a latent “Jew” in such thinking.

            Did the God of the the Old Testament discuss “voting harder”, “praying harder”, “internal reforms”. No, He simply said ‘enough is enough, time to start over, there’s no fixing this shitshow’… and boy did he.

            Food for thought and guidance in one’s actions.

        • Right-my feeling is good people will do good things regardless of their party affiliation, and evil people will do evil things regardless of their party affiliation.

    • Elections are meaningless and thats why those in power spend years arranging them and untold billions trying to create a certain result. That’s why “fortifying” 2020 was the primary project of industry titans and national political organizations for years.

      If only they were as smart as the “don’t vote HARDER” crowd around here they could see that theyre wasting all their time and energy and sure could save an awful lot of hassle.

      • You misinterpret what has been said here in your plea for fellow lemmings to follow you off the cliff. Elections fixed at a high enough level do often benefit those in charge, but rarely those not in charge, i.e., the dirt people. That is the essence of the argument against voting. Voting makes little difference to one’s life in any meaningful way.

        The cloud people can afford to jostle for advantage and buy pol’s, but the dirt people can’t afford this “luxury” as they live hand to mouth. In the end, it’s all an illusion to convince powerless folks they have power, are in control, and therefore what befalls them between election cycles is of their own doing—whereas the opposite is true.

        No sure why you keep posting here, you should really join one of the main political parties’ discussion groups. You’ll feel more at home and I’m certain they will be more receptive to your repeated “vote harder” missives.

  19. The best possible outcome for this election would be if the Democrats could manufacture enough fake votes to hold both houses of Congress. If this happened, even diehards like Dan Bongino would have to admit that the system is broken and voting harder is a fools errand. And once that realization set in for most Americans, real change would start to arise at a grassroots level. But it won’t be allowed to happen because the exposure would destroy the subterfuge that enables the Uniparty to persist.

    The coming RINO wave election means that gridlock and faux Congressional investigations will dominate the DC agenda for the next two years. And the poseurs running for the 2024 presidential election will start squawking early next Spring as they via for campaign cash and momentum. It’s all distraction and sideshow designed to appease the masses and quell their rage. And not a single drag queen library hour will be cancelled.

    The average Joe can do nothing to change this dynamic, but he can improve his individual robustness, survivability, and aim. And that is no trivial thing.

    • Yes. Elections now serve as useful “pressure release valves” for the system and nothing more.

      • Que the astronaut meme:

        Wait, elections have always been about a “pressure relief valve”, not actual change?

        Always have been.


        No Hilldog has been released from detox and spreading the “Republicans are going to steal the 2024 presidential election!!!”

        This, after the “most secure election in US history” in 2020 with a D President, House, and Senate.

        If American’s didn’t have the attention span of a goldfish, this couldn’t happen. Yet here we are.

      • I plan to mock all the people who are standing in line Tuesday. I’m going to go by and yell, “Vote harder, people! Blue Team has let us down and now it’s Red Team’s turn to let us down! Remember, we fight around the globe for Democracy! We are now at war with Eurasia! Think of the troops!”

        I don’t have the balls to say anything past the first sentence.

        • Those dummies dont know that while voting is meaningless NOT voting is extremely effective… somehow.

          It’s therefore well worth your time to go aroubd convincing people not to vote. If we cant have the ethnostate tomorrow then what does it matter if the district attorney does away with cash bail and lets every murderous jogger in your area loose?

          It makes no difference. I get everything I want immediately and without the slightest compromise or I sit out muttering bitterly at anyone playing. Worked on the playground and just as good now.

    • The only power Republicans in congress will have is to hold hearings and to withhold funds. The former will be spun away by the media, and the latter…seriously, do I need to finish?

      • Even the withholding of funds is suspect. What has always happened is the inability to pass a budget and then comes the continuing resolutions. Hence no real change in spending—either total amount or priorities.

  20. The Estabishment is in chaos. Their institutions are on fire. One need only look at the ‘Kraine where they are making empty threats about nukes in a war they lost a month ago.

    The nation runs out of diesel in another month. European currencies are collapsing as are their economies which will not run without fuel.

    On Blab, your buddy, Kanye West is being called a nigger on Twitter by angry powerful Jews because he said blacks are being manipulated and taken advantage of by powerful jews. England just put a magical paki in the PMO after the witch they installed last week couldn’t make her spells work. In the Kraine, they are down to the last Ukranian, and will have to decide soon if they need to dispose of the 101st Airborne too.

    I’d say that tomorrow is here, and that it belongs to the Dissident – IF he has the balls to take it. Globohomo Inc is a dead man walking. Reality is knocking at the door, and it won’t stay out there much longer.

    • Well, the UK had a good run.

      At least no real Englishmen will be involved in English Civil War 2.0, which will be a Hindu vs Muslim affair.

      • Yeah,England’s demography is where the US was in the late 70s.

        So England might be around in 40 years time. The US on the other hand…

    • The Good News: Chaos will lead to a strongman like Caesar, or Napoleon.

      The Bad News: It’s going to be someone like Gavin Newsom.

      • “Chaos will lead to a strongman like Caesar, or Napoleon.

        The Bad News: It’s going to be someone like Gavin Newsom.”

        Newsom could NEVER be placed in the category of a Caesar. He would however, be Caesar’s catamite.

      • Does anyone else find it odd that Newsome’s wife was also involved in the weinstein thing?

        Given nearly all the victims were putting out for the casting and plaement it seems an odd overlap of the usual suspects casting couch and political wives.

        Perhaps there is more to this power nexus than one thinks.

    • You have to have a heart of stone not to laugh at the fact that, if someone points out who controls the media and finance, they will get banned from social media and lose their banks accounts for spreading such an anti-semitic lie.

  21. I saw Doug Mastriano on the Tim Pool show the other night. I think he may be the real deal. I have warmed up to Kari Lake. She floats my boat.

    • If we as Conservatives wait for a candidate who checks off every one of the right check boxes, we’re going to be waiting for a long time. We don’t have a long time to wait.

      • This, a million times.

        Realcons and dissidents will be wiped out long before the perfect candidate appears.

        • Our difference is whether you believe that anyone, no matter how “rock-ribbed,” can use the current political system to prevent our people from becoming a dispossessed and hated minority. I hope that you are correct that someone like Mastriano or Lake can accomplish that. I have more doubts about that than hope.

          • @DLS

            The coof showed that governors have pretty much unalloyed power to do what they want without constraint.

            A confederation of allied governors would seem to be one obvious way of disrupting the empire.

            I wonder if any of them will realize it?

          • Trumpton-


            DeSantis would be a fool not to be working on ties to governors like Noem, Stitt, Lee, possibly Ivey in Alabama and Reynolds in Iowa.

            Out West, Idaho and Montana would seem to be other opportunities to develop relationships.

          • DLS: “A governor can do a lot for his state. The federal government is a lost cause.”

            Good point, thanks.

    • Semi-Hemi, reading your comment, I’ve come to the opinion of late that the hardest thing for us aspiring this side of the DR divide is obtaining “detachment” from the “other side”. Your post shows a glimmer of hope for what was and therefore what could be. I suspect my posts are riddled with such if they be properly considered.

      Let’s just say we are all alcoholics and take “sobriety” one day at a time.

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