Some Regimeology

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Regimeology is a concept that needs much broader interest, as it is becoming an essential tool to understanding the current age. As the regime blacks out its windows and boards up the exits, the only way to understand what is happening inside the black box that is the ruling elite is to analyze the actions and media statements to then tease out some explanation for what we can observe. Like Kremlinology, it is the only tool we have to understand what is happening inside the system.

We have something new to analyze. The so-called progressive caucus sent a letter to the White House and the senior members of the inner party suggesting they were not onboard with the Ukraine war. They were careful to not break with official dogma on the war, but they were signaling to their supporters that they may at some point begin to question Ukraine policy. It was a very tepid bit of pushback, but they made the letter public so their fans could see it.

The reason they did this is the antiwar left is freaking out about the war and the fact that no one in the party they support is opposing it. The Bernie Sanders wing is supposed to be opposed to these wars and the machine behind them. Yet in this case they are silently nodding along with the warmongers. A group of antiwar people ambushed Sandy Cortez at an event where she was spouting neocon lines about the war and the resulting video was a huge embarrassment for her.

It was a nice little peak inside how the regime uses the far left to manipulate the various tribes that make up the Democratic coalition. They let these people speak against regime policy as a pressure release, but the unwritten rule is they can never threaten to block regime policy. It is the same theater the outer party uses to keep conservatives showing up to the polls. The guys at Trump rallies wearing tricorn hats are not the only chumps exploited by this system.

The interesting bit here is how quickly the hammer came down. The Biden White House and senior party members held an emergency meeting and then threatened the progressive caucus with death if they did not recant. We do not know the exact nature of the threats, but the speed with which the apostates recanted and their groveling tone suggest genuine fear. Whatever was said to them was serious enough to have them groveling in public within hours.

Just in case anyone missed the point, the regime then sent Bernie Sanders out to chastise the progressives for being wrong. Sanders has spent his life railing against the military industrial complex. He has opposed every military action, even those sponsored by his party. Now he sounds like Bill Kristol after a few too many drinks. Bernie is not just supporting the war; he is supporting the war dogma behind it. He felt he needed to get that out into the public domain.

The old internet meme about knowing who is in charge by thinking about who you are not allowed to criticize works here. If you want to know what it is important to the regime, think about what cannot be questioned. It is clear that they will tolerate no dissent on Ukraine policy, not even from the people they use to manipulate the left-wing activist class. In other words, they are willing to lose the support of their activist base in order to defend their Ukraine policy.

This is why the outer party has been silent on the war. There is no support for the Ukraine war policy, so the opposition party should be waving this around as part of the argument against their opponents. Most Americans would like to see a negotiated settlement to a problem they do not think is our problem. Despite the overwhelming support for a moderate position, everyone in the outer party is just as extreme as everyone in the inner party.

The question is why has the ruling class pushed all of their chips into the middle of the table on this issue? Objectively it is a bad bet. Ukraine is a backward and deeply corrupt country with no real chance of winning this war. The only reason it has gone this far is some version of why Bolshevism succeeded. The old line was that communism was the result of Jewish brains, Latvian swords and Russian stupidity. This war is the product of neocon paranoia, American arms and Russian stupidity.

That may be one clue as to why Washington is obsessed with this war. It is the last stand for the post-Cold War consensus and the neocon place within it. A settlement with the Russians on Ukraine would lead to a settlement on many other issues, like the wars against Syria and Iran. If you can make a deal with the Russians in one area, then there is no reason to not make a deal in other areas. In other words, the neocons need Russia as the eternal enemy in order to exist.

Another possible reason is the general paranoia of the aging leadership. Old people in power naturally get suspicious of the next generation. Look around Washington and across the board you see ossified geezers locked in place. Rather than the paranoia of one or two fossils it is a culture of paranoia among a gerontocracy. The Ukraine war just happens to be the issue through which they are exercising their intolerance of dissent, but it could be any issue.

Of course, there is always graft. Hundreds of billions are flowing into what is now a giant money laundering operation. This is the bust out of all bust outs and every serious player in Washington is getting a taste. The only place more dangerous than the area between a principled conservative and money is the area between a committed progressive and the same pile of money. As the saying goes, never mess with a man’s money or his women. Got that Jack?

Regardless, it suggests that the regime sees this war as one they cannot afford to lose, much in the same way Washington viewed Vietnam fifty years ago. Back then, that worthless backwater was the hill to die on for reasons no one could explain, but no one was allowed to question until it was too late. It is ironic that a generation that was born in the protests against the Vietnam war is closing the show by making the same errors policy makers made with regards to Vietnam policy.

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160 thoughts on “Some Regimeology

  1. There is nothing contradictory in the current strategy being pursued by the Biden cabal. On one hand, they push domestic programs and policies that are guarantied to diminish at least, or at best destroy traditional America, while also pursuing a foreign policy that guaranties the ascendancy of their globalist masters. So, they knock down the American (or, if you will, “Western”) hegemony and in its place, they “Build Back Better” with a unified global suzerainty, with them at the top and the rest of us under their bootheel. See, that wasn’t so hard to understand, was it?

  2. It’s easy for us to imagine the destruction of the system around the corner with the next recession or next failed war effort but globohomo continues to grow ever more grotesque. They are plundering what little wealth resides in Europe but the system can keep going for a long time, generally until creature comforts like sportsball watching becomes impossible. It could fall apart but we should also brace for a situation by 2060 where America is 35% white, $150 trillion in debt, and debating whether it should be made illegal for white people to procreate with other white people.

    • “… until creature comforts like sportsball watching becomes impossible.”

      I read awhile back that *after* the fall of Rome, somewhere up to 535 AD, the Roman Circus and Colosseum were still in use. Basically operational until the population fell into the few 10’s of thousands and there was no one left to watch. 😉

  3. Everything since 2008 and especially since 2020 (money laundering on steriods) has been money laundering and keeping the status quo afloat. The war started in 2020, the US needed to print but wasn’t able to approach its population and say ya know guys, we never fixed the problems from 2008 that we told you we fixed. That dog wouldn’t hunt, not in 2020, and especially since everything since 2008 has been an effort to keep the young people who protested the bailouts at each others throats. So we had covid which had a larger bailout then 2008 by a few trillion. I think our .gov approached the Russians and the Chinese and said, hey guys we need to print a shit ton of money again, can we count on you to not rock the boat? And they told them to F%$* off like they should. Then we blew up that Iranian generally to scare them, when that didn’t work we went full on covid and used that as the excuse to print money. Anybody here see how much Pfizer is raising the price on one of their jabs? Yeah they just want to “help” ;). We’re already at war they just haven’t told you yet.

    • actually i’d say every “crisis” we’ve had since 9/11 has been an elite inside job. Think of all the money that was skimmed in the middle east and where we just fled with our tails between our legs. How many trillions did we spend in those places the past 20 years?

  4. In a move that surprised no one a jury takes three hours to convict Darrell Brooks of all 76 counts.

    Did anyone watch the trial? I watched a good chunk of it. It was literally and figuratively a black comedy.

    • The fact they allowed that murderous, loud mouthed, moronic spook to laughably represent itself while continually disrupting the trial proceedings shows just how pathetic the legal/court system has become. It should have been bound and gagged throughout the entire trial.

      • The “judge” who presided over this case proved that she was better off being in a Brazzers video. The failures of white women in these key roles are mounting up quickly and in increasingly embarrassing situations for the country.

        • I agree with the posts here. Oh for the times of summary execution. One thing, however, is I can understand why the judge let him go on. If she gagged him (metaphorically), his immediate appeal (which will come regardless) would be likely granted and a new trial started all over on the grounds that the judge’s preferential treatment of the proscutors biased the jury against him. Again, the indictment is against our legal system, but I believe the judge acted wisely.

          • couldn’t she have just found him incompetent to defend himself or at the very least – make him have standby counsel?

      • @usNthem

        Thank you for using the correct pronouns to describe “it”. That is exactly what they are. They are not humans, they are “things” and should always be addressed as such.

        The mockery of our judicial system continues. Just imagine if he had been white and behaved that way in the court room. You may have seen him tazed and beaten right on TV. Especially since every MSM channel would have been broadcasting it 24/7.

        Notice that the judge girl boss got “tough” when a member of a victim’s family called him a worthless piece of shit and she removed him from the courtroom. I am absolutely beyond my limit for this nonsense. I will never understand how God allowed the black race to exist.

      • And why not make a mockery of the proceedings? He gets only “life” in prison with the “brothers”. He’ll actually be better off than on the outside. Justice has become a joke—unless you are white dirt people, then they come down hard.

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  6. What will be interesting to me is how the Bidens, pre-2020 were involved in Ukraine and how that led to our current situation. There is no way the two are not connected.

    Was this to extract $ before Russia took over?
    Was it to push the Ukrainian gov’t further toward NATO (and $)?

    • Both the US and UK are strongly, illogically attached to [something about] Ukraine. It’s been a hive of financial corruption (Americans’) and “human trafficking” (every non-black country’s) for generations, sure. But that’s all gone on smoothly, without necessitating war, since Khrushchev was swinging his shoe around.

      Midget comedy president’s declaration that Ukr is “new Israel” is the weirdest thing any non-Biden politician has ever said. *Whose*? For what?

      An American president has been impeached (and couped) for *wondering about it*.

      There’s a religious/mythical/psychotic/??? DESTINY that our rulers cannot be dissuaded from. We know that it requires that almost everyone on earth, starting with “Western civilization,” must die. Then they’re gonna…live in Kiev?


      • “human trafficking” (every non-black country’s)

        That’s certainly their preference but Haiti proved that such beggars aren’t necessarily choosers.

      • Perhaps it is like the 100 years war. Sure, in the beginning the English kingd were French. But by the time of Henry 5, it seemed to be an issue of propriety.

      • Ukraine is the ancestral home of the kegan/nuland family and their tribe. it also has the worlds best soil for agriculture along with lots of other resources . they are having their henchmen(us and uk ) clear the place out . then they may return to it . kind of like a ” new Israel”. but really “Israel II”

    • I would suggest that the Biden corruption was just another vibrant fruit on the tree, surrounded by many others. Undoubtedly one of the most succulent (as his position as VP), but I think the Biden involvement is simply a symptom of the prevailing arrangement, rather than a precipitator.

  7. FWIW, the rumblings within the MIC and Defense world from a civilian contractor perspective doesn’t indicate the US going on a war footing anytime soon. The Ukraine boondoggle appears to be a payday for MIC to manufacture more bombs, missiles, and equipment to boost the shareholders bottom line.

    The scary part is that this isn’t some military operation in a backwater 3rd world country. This conflict has geo-political consequences for the entire globe, yet this administration is treating it as if we aren’t poking a nuclear-armed bear.

    The release of the letter Monday indicates that some within the regime have an understanding of how damaging this could be as the situation drags on. Too much opportunity for accidental escalation are present.

    • That’s interesting because I’ve heard the Russians have been dropping plenty of foreign mercenaries. Different kind of contractor from what you’re talking about, but irregulars nonetheless. I get the feeling the usual suspects are trying prime for another generation of an arms race.

      • Interesting (meaning horrible) how quickly Russia replaced the Western world prior threat of radical Islam.

        It’s as if TPTB planned out the switch to keep the foreign aid racket going for profits.

        • In the same way Islamic terror almost instantly replaced all the left wing terror groups in Europe and the US at the start of the 80s.

    • The Regime doesn’t seem to want to understand that this stage managed war is being used by those “stupid” Russians to gain worldwide support of BRICS, destroy the EU’s military and internal cohesion, push the profits way up on its immense natural resources, and cement Putin and Xi’s hold on power…Sanctions have been the best gift we ever gave to Putin, and our ham handed support for Taiwan has helped Xi immensely…

    • It’s as if they think a war with Russia can be managed like Iraq or Afghanistan. Maybe they are that stupid and don’t realize that we’d have more casualties there in a month than we did in 2 decades in Afghanistan.

    • Eh, the whispers in this part of the MIC are not as positive with regard to revenue.

      Could be because we don’t make any of the wunderwaffe so we are not as favored. Or maybe our vut just got pocketed by the pols.

      • There is a lot of money sloshing around for just about everything for Ukraine. This is a naked cash grab by so many industries…if people found out the extent of profits and corruption, the war would be even more unpopular.

        I’m not going to share the industry I’m in for obvious reasons but there is a lot of money to be made for diverting numerous resources to Ukraine. We are screwing over our current customers because we make almost five times more profit selling for Ukraine aid than our current customers.

    • Tightrope indeed.
      101st deployed within a few klicks MIC is ramping up,
      Company internally recruting maintainers to stand up operations forward.
      Jayapal & ilk tried to just tap the brakes a little bit.

      String pullers full speed ahead ran them down.
      60s peacenick boomercons are the real warmongers. Who woulda thunkit.

      • Perhaps the 60s peaceniks were not what you think.

        It seems they were more a way to cement a left cultural base institutionally into a generation, rather than an anti-war movement. If you think about it, the overall politics never went away, unlike previous anti-war orgs which drifted off after the war.

        The war just gave them the anchor to run the conditioning.

        Much in the same way the anti-nuclear movement did in the 80s, which gave the embedded anti-hydrocarbon base we have now. But logically it makes no sense for the 2 to be related.

        They are just group formation mechanisms, which can then be out to other uses later on by switching the message focus.

  8. We’ve already seen the Globohomo response to “threats” based on the Freedom Convoy.

    They are incapable of acknowledging that there are other views of how things should be – just disagreeing throws them into fits of rage and hatred. They call everyone Nazis while also calling it a fringe and meaningless movement (in Russia’s case, Putin is the Nazi and their military is small, weak, and about to run out of fuel any day now). They pretend not to understand why people are doing something (what’s wrong with people these days?”). They keep escalating instead of partaking in some simple negotiations and end up having to go full scorched-earth.

    In the case of the Freedom Convoy, some of the relatively saner elements of Provincial/Local governments and businesses took notice and dropped restrictions. Eventually the Globohomo feds’ position just looked stupid and untenable, so they dropped all their mandates too. In the case of Ukraine, some of the relatively saner nations such as China and India are hedging their bets and quietly moving the other way, even in the face of scorched earth tactics.

    But from what we’ve seen, they have no gear other than “escalate”, and they will do so up to the point of nukes, rather than be confronted with somebody who disagrees with their whims. They are extremely dangerous, arrogant, and stupid.

    • In Buffalo this week, six feral teens stole a car and crashed at high speed. For four of them it will mark their final felony. I just got finished reading an article in The Buffalo News about it and the comments section is a real hoot. Not a single comment exists with even a whiff of race realism — at best there were concerns expressed about poor home lives and poor decision making — but the shitlibs who normally read the paper are enraged at the alleged torrent of racist comments. They swarm anyone who doesn’t express sympathy for the poor yutes and demand the the comment section be closed because of all the budding Klansmen having their say. One of the dead is a 14 year old girl with a 6 month old baby. Even expresing some reservations about that lifestyle choice makes one literally Hitler.

      These people cannot be engaged with. Their types felt a thrill up their legs when Trudeau cracked down, and were only sorry that he didn’t go full Tiananmen. Casting a vote in the same election as them should be considered a stain on one’s soul.

        • You know, as much as I despise the ferals, If a genie gave me the option to remove all of them or all of the shitlibs and leftists, I think I would have to choose option B.

  9. So far the Biden administration has insulted and/or threatened Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, and Saudi Arabia.

    Could they be trying to unite the very disunited American people, by painting the picture of ‘us against a hostile world’?

    • When almost an entire continent is willing to flush their economy down the toilet just to be in your good graces, and another former prison island continent allows themselves to be bullied into whatever cultural fads the GAE is advocating for, it makes one a touch arrogant.

      Problem is, both sides of the new centers of power are in decline. It’s basically a race to the bottom now. Long term though, I would bet on the civilization that didn’t flush its genetics down the toilet.

      • Its not an entire continent. Its about less than 1000 politicians placed in all the countries and EU institutions.

        It shows that if your business model is training and placing politicians and functionaries in a transnational programme, you can control hundreds of millions of people by using a small number in key positions.

        What do people think all the young leader/global leadership programmes are about?

        Their business is staff for the sham democracies.

    • 4d chess narratives are suspect even when the supposed chess players are sane and intelligent people… but when the 4d chess players are pampered prep school jews, crossdressers, 85 IQ cannibals pretending to be government officials, hysterical frightened barren women, etc it becomes wildly improbable

      They have (implicit or explicit satanic) religious beliefs, class dispositions, jaundiced sheltered perspectives, vulgar desires for gain, perverse sexual compulsions, vicious grudges and resentments against healthy people. Ruling class behavior is humanly reducible just to this. Its a spiritual sickness thats metastasized and enervates every part of our society.

      They dont have some long term geopolitical masterplan that is being intelligently executed. Its sick fools being lead to and fro by sick schemers and nothing more.

    • That ship has sailed, this country wll never be united again. I should say this geographic area, we aren’t really a country anymore. No matter what happens you’ll not see any uniting in a common purpose because too many of us on both sides have no desire to work together and will at least root for the foreign opponent.

    • As if that will do them any good with people who have no interest in the Ukraine, but are seeing their life styles destroyed by massive inflation…

  10. Honest question: what evidence is there that Jon’Quavius Q. P’ubblik supports a moderate position vis-a-vis the Ukraine?

    • You assume that John Q Public *thinks* rather than is led. If TPTB started a “peace in our time” campaign for Ukraine, JQ Public would be on board in 2 weeks.

      • You’re so unfortunately correct, Compsci. I used to believe that human beings are sheep; the effectiveness of the Corona-doom panic campaign taught me that human beings are, in fact, Pavlovian dogs. When the global technocracy and its vast array of media organs ring the dinner bell on whatever their new fad/hysteria happens to be, a disturbingly high percentage of common folks start salivating. It’s a disenchanting spectacle to say the least.

        • I’m still worried about acid rain, holes in the ozone layer and the rainforest being chopped down.

          Oh, and children starving in Ethiopia. Is that still a thing?

  11. If not for Russia’s nuclear arsenal, they would be demanding “unconditional surrender” as the only off road of the war, just as they did to Japan and Germany. These psychos have made peace impossible by saying total victory by Ukraine is the only possible way to end the war. Russia’s security and other interests are just off the table and irrelevant.

    They are so convinced of their own righteousness and goodness that they cannot conceive that someone else might not see their plans for Ukraine in benign terms. Hopefully enough of them will die of old age before China decides the time is right for Taiwan unification.

    • “These psychos have made peace impossible by saying total victory by Ukraine is the only possible way to end the war.”

      If these morons had an iota of intelligence, they’d have left themselves some face-saving measures of retreat and negotiation. They think they’re dealing with a bunch of Injuns who can be bought off and bamboozled with firewater.

    • Its just the same way they treat the populations of the countries they currently rule over. Its total compliance in every aspect.

      There is total domination, or there is nothing for them. They will never stop and no end to the ratchet.

      • Readers are urged to consult the old fairy tale, “The Fisherman and his Wife”. It pretty much summarizes the growth, apex, and decay of our ruling elite, and just maybe the trajectory of the industrial West. Call it meta-history.

  12. Righteous indignation feels good. When the Regime and it’s compliant media arouse indignation against ‘Putin the new Hitler’ and the Russian bear, it distracts the American people from noticing (and being outraged by) the inflation, rising Black crime, ‘transgender’ insanity, open southern border, and campaign against ‘Whiteness’ which is transforming the America we once knew.

  13. AOC is a useful bellwether, as she has an overly inflated view of her influence and power. She’s usually the first person to step on a rake and get a slapped down by the actual powers in D.C. If I recall correctly, something similar happened when she spoke against Pelosi as House Speaker.

    Sanders is smart enough to realize he’s just supposed to be an outlet for the anti-war marxists, and usually knows when to change his tune before things get too hot. No one can convince me he actually wanted to win the presidential nomination against Hillary, but his job was to make it seem real.

    I’m sure the fame is fun, but what a humiliating existence otherwise.

    • “Sanders is smart enough to realize he’s just supposed to be an outlet for the anti-war marxists, and usually knows when to change his tune before things get too hot. No one can convince me he actually wanted to win the presidential nomination against Hillary, but his job was to make it seem real.”

      I agree. Real radicals are made of sterner stuff. Sanders’ role is that of a Judas goat, who leads the other sheep to slaughter — or in this case to the barren wasteland of Democrat politics, where all progressive causes go to die. His job is to make the claim of Dems being a little on the left halfway credible. To my mind Sanders is as contemptible a human being as the utterly worthless Biden. There is no politics in the USA — it’s all distraction, deflection, entertainment, media hype, disinformation.

    • Sanders lives quite comfortably (millionaire) and has a lot of fans. Frankly, most extreme “progressives,” especially SJWs strike me as money and power hungry and extremely resentful, not concerned for other people.

      • Once I lived the life of a millionaire.. now I am asking once more for your help as I am running low on funds for my 4 houses.

    • He’s an actor. An actor that plays loser characters isn’t really living a humiliating existence, it’s just a guy making a by living playing a role.

      Bernie is the same way.

  14. “Rather than the paranoia of one or two fossils it is a culture of paranoia among a gerontocracy. The Ukraine war just happens to be the issue through which they are exercising their intolerance of dissent, but >>it could be any issue.<<"

    That strikes me as possibly the best explanation. Once you've got sufficient power, there's little need to manipulate public opinion. Remember the Iraq War? Why the nonsense about WMD's? "We wanna get rid of Saddam and we're going to." No further explanation required.

    Hillary and others are already proclaiming that a "Red Wave" now and in two years will mean "the bad guys stole the election." Makes me think that the regime is worried that their ability to rig elections may be less in the bag than they've thought. I don't know why they should worry. Who's the opposition they're afraid of?

    • 2020 was pretty obvious. They didn’t really steal it cleanly. Maybe they don’t want to keep doing this since people will be watching more closely now.

      I mean it doesn’t really matter but it might escalate out of control if it things continue being stolen.

      • It was blatantly stolen. I still have people scoff at me when I say that but it was so blatant that we shouldn’t even have to prove that it was stolen they should have to prove it wasn’t

        • Whitney: Get used to the new ‘normal.’ We cannot measure anything today against any historical or moral norm – in Clown World, nothing can measure up to reality so the very idea of any standard to adhere to is moot.

          Bemoaning the reality of AINO really is fruitless – there’s no ‘becoming’ or ‘turning into’ about it – we are there, and have been for a number of years now. There’s nothing to go back to, despite the usual cohorts still taking cruises or going to Disneyland, or waiting for magic congressional hearings and indictments. The past election is in the past, the coof and the vax and the nanny state are reality, backed by the full faith and power of AINO’s wonderfully diverse police and military.

          It really doesn’t matter how many fingers you think you see, and all that matters to them is your consent – grudging, coerced, forced – by whatever means necessary.

          • A quote from Ian Watson that I found at the Ecosophia blog (JM Greer’s thing):

            “If you have to be persuaded, reminded, pressured, lied to, incentivized, coerced, bullied, socially shamed, guilt-tripped, threatened, punished and criminalised; if all of this is considered necessary to gain your compliance – you can be absolutely certain that what is being promoted is not in your best interest.”

            Understatement at it’s best.

      • Why else would the Democrats be opposing voter ID, and pushing mai-in ballots and vote harvesting as ‘essential to our democracy’, if they weren’t planning on stealing votes?

        • Exactly. That’s why I reject arguing whether or not 2020 election was “stolen”—too many rabbit holes. I simply jump to the potential flaws in the process. No reason for them, except to produce fraud. Elections are way too important to have even a hint of fraud so one needs no proof, only the *possibility*. That possibility taints the process and therefore must be fixed.

          One might argue that elections have always been subject to fraud. I agree, however, the population has never been this divided wrt to *goals*, only how to achieve what was in essence a common agreement among the people. That of course is due to the current lack of common race and the destruction of such over the decades.

  15. “…they are willing to lose the support of their activist base in order to defend their Ukraine policy.”

    They sound cornered to me. Or:

    “Hundreds of billions are flowing into what is now a giant money laundering operation.”

    The long shot is the Ukraine as a new/old home base. Lots of money and arms going to a plucky, carved-out nation. Where have I heard that before? Then again, back then there was no ascending power to oppose it.

    • Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but the last great act of the British Empire was establishing Israel. Is GAE’s last act to be the establishment of an independent Ukraine?

      • Sorry for the mental diarrhea, but it’s that theme of getting up on the cross and dying for others. I keep seeing it for whatever reason. Soft Judeo-Christianity, not the medieval sort of Christianity.

        • Like the Evil’s greatest trick being to convince us that he doesn’t exist, the greatest trick of the jevvs has been insinuating into our minds (at first, largely those of evangelical Protestants…) that Judeo-Christianity is real. From that, much evil has, and continues, to flow, culturally, economically, and diplomatically.

        • That’s big. Getting the sacrifice to sacrifice themselves, akin to getting mothers to sacrifice their children to the gods of Vanity and the Current Fad.

          Everything pure must be twisted, inverted, and corrupted.

          The Tribe is the Antichrist- its state, Israel, the entity manifested; its people, its culture, its values. This is the false god we were taught to worship.

          But the Bible transforms lives.
          How? What is the secret of its power?

          It provides a lineage.

          This is the profound power of lineage, of identity- what the Zman is speaking to.

          It may be the lineage of another people, but it is roots nonetheless. Our libraries were burned so we would only have the their version.

          I would take our history and heritage back. I would be of Christ, I will not be of Abraham. He speaks for his god, not for mine.

          • Forgive me.
            To be clear, “Israel is the Antichrist” that we are taught to worship, and all it represents.

          • I have come to consider that the abominated heretic, Marcion, was on to something. Maybe he took that “Synagogue of Satan” utterance to heart.

            Not playing on yahweh’s team sounds pretty good.

        • I will say I think it’s at least as much gentile slavering as anything else. “You’re God’s chosen!” or “We’re the real Jews!” are unreasonable sentiments imo. To put it lightly. If I was Jewish, I’d be mightily freaked out by other people who are obsessed with me, and pissed off at other Jews who play to it.

          • The Orthodox church has a long and close history with jews and they dont go in for a lot of slavering over them

            The only christian group with a major fondness for them is american southern evangelicals… coincidentally the group with almost no direct experience living with them. Not a coincidence.

            Pssst… southern evangelicals are actually starting to come around to. Noticing is contagious.

          • You’re right, I use the term loosely. It frustrates me that it’s been known forever that religion is a core component of identity, and yet Christians don’t defend it. Western Christians, anyhow.

            What is the Orthodox attitude? I know next to nothing about that branch, other than what I can glean from the Orthobros.

          • NoOneAtAll, there is an extremely interesting history how southern Baptists and Evangelicals became so philosemitic. It’s been all planned from the jump, ushered in by those leaders so they become willing and eager soldiers for Israel. I’m not surprised the relationship is coming off the rails now that so many key figures have passed away, disgraced, etc.

      • For which the zionists thanked Britain by bombing the King David Hotel, killing 91 and conducting lots of other targeted killings of British troops and police in Palestine.

          • For Israelis. Political terrorism has worked very well.

            Perhaps people should read up on the combined strategies the Zionists used to carve out an ethno state.

            Combined politics, financial leverage, bombings, assassinations and indiscriminate terror attacks.

      • I would say that is not correct.

        You do it in the Ukraine. If that does not work out as they wanted, they will just escalate to do it in a european city.

        The coof restrictions will look like an anarchist day out in comparison of they get that far.

  16. Today’s post raises an important question that deserves some additional clarity. What is the proper use of “analysis” as we go forward into the crisis of the decline and fall of the Global American Empire?

    Let us first begin with what doesn’t help. Endless analysis of the core problem at the macro level is a trap. You are just spinning your wheels studying things that you simply cannot change or influence in any meaningful way. For example, praying for a political messiah to arise and fix things, and then expecting that voting harder will solve all your problems, is an example of a macro-level gambit that will never work and just keeps people dancing in a fog of endless hopefulness and failure.

    When disease infects the body, the solution is to fight the disease cells. A doctor will conduct an exam, perhaps do some testing, and then “analyze” the malady so as to implement a successful remedy. This is most often a focused analysis aimed at a specific course of action. It is typically local and serious and narrowly targeted if at all feasible. They do this because it works best most of the time.

    This is the correct model for curing what ails us. Analysis is best used to address specific, local, targeted remedies aimed at removing the disease cells that have been killing us in slow motion, but are now rapidity metastasizing into a Stage 4 cancer that will begin killing us rapidly if we don’t get serious soon. Smarter, not harder.

    • “For example, praying for a political messiah to arise and fix things,…”

      There has never been a time in human history that individuals did not form together under the leadership of a smaller group of individuals. Otherwise all you have only an unorganized mob which is easily defeated in any endeavor.

      When you say ‘first, fix yourself…’ you are on solid ground, but the above sounds like a call to unorganized (organic) action. This will never solve any problem. Perhaps a “messiah” can not be summoned via the electoral process, but nevertheless nothing will change until such a person in some way distinguishes himself and comes to the forefront.

      • Not at all, strong leaders are important and valuable. One could argue that Putin has lifted the Russians out of the malaise and exploitation of the post-collapse 1990s and now built a strong and formidable nation. And ideally, if we elected a strong and honorable leader to the Presidency, and that individual was somehow able to purge the Executive Branch of the Deep State Fifth Columnists, there is a chance we could experience a similar kind of rebirth. But the modeling suggests that that can only happen post-collapse, and not as part of the business-as-usual DC politics. Half of the new RINOs that will be elected next month will be corrupted within 6 months because the Deep State contagion is that strong and pervasive.

        The modeling further suggests that the only effective way to fight the contagion is via narrow and targeted grassroots action. And it doesn’t take much to start the stampede for the exits. Like a gunshot in the middle of a cattle herd, the reaction will be fast and pervasive. Best yet, this approach does least harm to innocents, whereas civil war will likely result in millions of casualties, including many good men on both sides.

        • What modeling? Also, cancerous cells are generally killed via system (chemo) therapies given intravenously. That’s the bitch with cancer. The treatment kills the host, so it eventually needs to be abandoned and the host dies slower and more miserably.

        • Russia was in a state of collapse when Putin took over so the comparison is valid. It’s inevitable that there will a some kind of collapse, in fact it’s better that there is one to a degree. That would enable whatever comes next to repudiate the debt and establish some kind of new founding document. A collapse would be the quickest way to rid us of the invaders we have now too. Once the gibs go, they go.

    • ““analyze” the malady so as to implement a successful remedy. This is most often a focused analysis aimed at a specific course of action. It is typically local and serious and narrowly targeted if at all feasible. They do this because it works best most of the time.”

      This is the thinly veiled “please do a terrorism” request phase of the TomA “please do a terrorism” cycle. It’s possible to arrest it here by calling it out otherwise he’s warming up to increasingly open and insistent that someone other than him do an explicit terrorism. With a callout he’ll usually go a step back on the TomA cycle and just start darkly muttering “SOMETHING needs to be done!” for a few days. If he’s not called out he’ll usually start spelling out exactly what kind of terrorism its convenient for YOU to throw your life away to do.

      White right wing dissidents doing targeted assasinations will really stick it to the regime and the secret police. Everyone knows how they wish to downplay this threat and would just be aghast if white advocates started just murdering sympathetic people in their towns.

      • All this goading into violence is what will get this site and it’s readers (more) monitored. TomA, there aren’t diseased cells that need exterminating. We need to exert our influence by standing up for ourselves in public and by patronizing like minded people.

        Collapses, civil wars, violence, and imaginary strongmen are not our salvation.

        • To be clear, for the umteenth time, I have never, and will never advocate terrorism of any sort for any purpose. That is not my message. That idea came out of Anonymous’ head and reveals his mindset, not mine. He is the one fixated on that modality of action and it reflects his bias and proclivity.

          With respect to the cancer analogy, the best modern chemo does target specific types of cells and is not the broad blunderbuss of prior years. So it still fits my description. Also, radiation therapy is highly focused now with three computer guided lasers triangulating on a specific cancerous mass and all must be on target for it to work. Again, fits my analogy.

          Last, with respect to the medical remedy motif, it’s true that some medicines destroy disease cells, but others simply cause the body to pass them into waste and merely rid them from doing further harm to the host. Right now, several mayors in Texas are transporting illegal aliens to NYC. No one is being harmed, but the problem is being worked. Think outside the box.

    • “Let us first begin with what doesn’t help. Endless analysis of the core problem at the macro level is a trap. You are just spinning your wheels studying things that you simply cannot change or influence in any meaningful way.”

      Study up on Lenin’s wilderness years. He had no influence, he indulged in ‘endless analysis of the core problem’, from his digs in Switzerland. But he was there when opportunity beckoned…

      • Better still, great camoflague. The lefties will die of envy for some authentic Azov gear.

        We’ll be thinking to ourselves, “Ha! Wrong Z, doofus!”

        (Cuz yeah, now I gotta get one. And some coffee and chaga.)

    • The guy that sells the fishing lures always pops up before this Zman blog. ”
      He even has his own Zman blog: “Get all the latest news and updates about Z-Man products on our blog and social media,” “Z-MAN, ONE OF THE FASTEST-GROWING LURE BRANDS WORLDWIDE”

      A sampling of his blog titles:

      *3 Reasons ChatterBaits are a Dominant Bass Fishing Lure
      *Cult of the Urban Angler
      *Crushin’ it with the Kicker CrabZ

  17. “It is ironic that a generation that was born in the protests against the Vietnam war is closing the show by making the same errors policy makers made with regards to Vietnam policy.”

    I think a case can be made that there is no policy error being made. If the original purpose of this little drama was simply to make more money for the likes of Lockheed and Raytheon, then it’s been a big success, and will probably continue to be. The destruction of the European economy may just be the frosting on the cake for these reprobates.

    • I think they want to force Europe into total dependence on the US to prop up the US a bit longer as the rest of the world de-dollarizes.

      I think they want to do the same with Japan, but I don’t think the Japanese are as broken as the European peoples.

      • Yeah, but the Europeans at least have national militaries that are actual militaries and, unlike Japan, not constitutional gimped. If/when NATO disintegrates, or the US can no longer be relied upon for defense, the Euros can fall back on their own forces. Japan, however, technically doesn’t have a military, but a self defense forces that isn’t capable of offensive operations. It’s external defense is almost entirely dependent upon the US and that was by design since just before the American occupation ended in the 1952.

        • It is still primarily a war on the euro and yen. They were getting uppity, and no ally may remain unbetrayed.

    • Amen, brother.

      We are supposedly locked in a mortal struggle to preserve our DNA and there are a lot of otherwise intelligent people who think the way to do this is to avoid identifying the enemy. This is lunacy. I know of no example where anyone has successfully sneaked up on a Jew.

      The goal is not to convert everyone in the enemy’s camp, but to split them. Even if the gag-reflex has been conditioned out of some of them, it is clear that pattern-spotting remains. I am thinking here of Michael Tracey, the most notorious recent convert to Hitlerism. Now if we could only get him to shave and hit the gym…

      At this point, the paleo-cons are themselves now walking fossils, if not already under the ground. If offending Jared Taylor’s precious sense of decorum or hurting the ailing Paul Gottfried’s feelings is the price we must pay, so be it. If it helps, imagine a future in which there are monuments to Uncle J in every state and a public acknowledgement of Doc G as righteous among the infidels.

      But to behave as if we can pull this off in some oblique, passive-aggressive manner seems to me as silly as believing we can conserve our way out of this.

      • The problem is that everybody has a mental circuit breaker that trips as soon as you say “the Jews”. Then they ignore everything you say because you’re in the category of people not to be listened to: “antisemite” loonies.

        You can actually get a normie to believe that all the war and perversion is the product of, say, “amoral elites in finance and government”. Once that idea is instilled, only then can you bypass the anti-semite fuse and point out how the names of all the journalists who want to cut their kids’ dicks off end in a berg, stein, or witz.

        • If more people knew Jonathan Greenblatt personally, anti-semitism might be an easier sell.

          But most people’s experience with Jews is Al Goldstein in Accounting, who seems to be a stand up guy, and isn’t visibly receiving checks from Mossad or running the world.

          So, yeah, when that’s most people’s experience with Jews, you’re going to sound nuts accusing the Jews of running the world. That’s like accusing Appalachians of benefiting from White Privilege.

          I think the target needs to be refined. You need to be able to target people like Soros and Garland, without demanding we also pogrom poor Al from Accounting.

          • The rage is going to come from blacks. Then white progressives hem and haw. Al Goldstein doesn’t have to worry about pogroms from white suburbanites but angry blacks.

    • If you check out any video featuring Kanye West, there are a lot of outraged blacks that he’s getting canceled. This is one of those times where the chosenites overreacted and inadvertently made more antisemites out of the process. Another Crown Heights event may be a possibility in the near future if relations between blacks and Jews continue to degrade.

  18. I live in southern New England, like a few of us regulars do. I’m on vacation next week, and with the impending diesel shortage, I’m tempted to buy a few of those plastic gasoline containers and fill them up just in case. I hate having to worry about this shit. Autumn in New England is supposed to be my time to relax.

  19. The question is why has the ruling class pushed all of their chips into the middle of the table on this issue?

    They want to establish another Israel. Ukraine is full of blonde women whose men are dead in the war, and they hate the Ukies more than they hate the Germans.

    • This is the most hilarious analysis of the Ukraine war that I have ever read. It’s about the nookie! Act fast and Amazon will deliver your mail-order bride within two days using Prime.

    • I think it’s more that Ukraine has been such a magnet for corrupt politicians to make fortunes grifting, and of course the Bidens themselves are neck deep in that, that Washington is simply incapable of giving her up. Way too much personal stake involved if Russia were to actually drive out the American grifters.

      That, and Z’s line about the neocons needing Russia to be their permanent enemy.

      • I think that plays into it, but it doesn’t line up with the fact that they had their proxies shell ethnic Russians for eight years as the smart play would have been to just lay low and let the shekels roll in continuously from their various graft operations. Best guess is then is that the big players have some ulterior motive (that appears to be not very well thought out; their
        “cause chaos and profit from it” strategy works until it doesn’t).

      • It was just a stray thought, but they already own half of all the farmland. Six months on the Kaganovich-diet and those Ukie girls will be dancing naked for cheeseburgers.

        • Lol, no offense to any Slavs here, but Ukes gals will do a lot more for a lot less in better times. Not saying from personal experience, but I’ve known a few guys that couldn’t help sharing their debauchery.


            These are not Mizrahim nor Sephardim we are talking about here.

            Aleksandr Isayevich Solzhenitsyn
            “200 Years Together
            Chapter 1. Before the 19th century
            From the Beginnings in KHAZARIA”

            Khazaria is the Ukraine.

            The Ukraine is Khazaria.

          • Let’s not restrict this this phenomenon to Ukraine. It’s a common occurrence across the sex. Women “monkey branch” and in any society where they are permitted to choose and unchoose mates you will find this attraction to more economically stronger men.

            And why not, when women breed they pass down half their genes regardless of who supplies the other half. The only benefit they derive is if that other half belongs to a strong provider that will assure her offspring of survival. There’s a bit of race involved here, as in Africa, such concerns lessen as offspring survival is not so depend upon men.

    • I think your first point is the best explanation of the totally unhinged Western ruling class response over Ukraine.

    • Imagine you are a global business, and your business is actually using the GAE and various European forces/agencies running billions and billions (trillions) of graft from proxy countries and regimes.

      Each territory is divided up into responsibility areas, business lines and and cashflows from your subsidiaries (aka known as the west) as “foreign aid”, local wars etc. Each one being a strategic arm of your overall business.

      Then say Russia decides to annex part of your marked out territory. You still want your cash, as that is the agreement. So you just bring forwards your future revenues from the US and various European tax troughs that you mark as being owed and they pay them over a shorter time using the infinite arms supply and aid narrative.

    • I agree with this as well. I mentioned a similar theory in a comment a few months ago. Israel will most likely fail as the USA declines into Brazil status and can no longer protect them in unfriendly territory.

      That’s why it seems like such an existential issue – because it is, for some people.

      Why specifically the Donbas region though, I’m not too sure. It seems like they could have just used the rest of Ukraine.

      • Donbas has most of the coal, gas and farmland. It was an important intermediary goal for the Wehrmacht for that reason.

        Also, it’s the homeland of the Khazar Jews.

      • I’ve honestly never considered this explanation before: They want to establish a new Israel. This would explain the existential urgency with which they treat this conflict.

        They could incorporate and harvest the beauty of the blonde Ukrainian girls like they did in Hollywood.

        I had just assumed that the root causes were an undying hatred for the Russians due to how the tribe was treated there historically and the desire to humiliate Russians by forcing them to praise drag queens reading stories to their children.

        However, this explanation does not address all the graft and corruption that the elites stand to lose if Putin gains control. But then again, there could be multiple converging causes to explain their fanaticism about this conflict.

        The establishment of a new Israel does sound farfetched at first but it explains the tenacious ferocity displayed by our elites.

    • When considering ethnic war motives on the American side, it’s important to remember how much the “It’s STINE not STEEN!” crowd despises Poles and Russians—including the Jewish ones. An alien Linnaeus delineating human subspecies would probably classify Ukrainians as Polish Russians. They’re targets, not allies or prizes.

  20. Vietnam was a backwater s***hole that was never a threat to the proverbial “homeland”. Even at that the mighty US couldn’t pull out the W. Now, the government is toe to toe with a like superpower that sure as hell is a threat to this landmass – and yet the neocons push ever harder. Despite everything seemingly bopping along merrily, grillin, chillin and slobbering over negro feetsball, we have to be on the border of extinction territory.

  21. “…generation that was born in the protests against the Vietnam war is closing the show by making the same errors…”

    One error that our rulers will not see repeated or allowed: acceptance of a protest movement.

    [My apologies for only posting snarky replies, but it is the best I can do. I feel like I’m posting graffiti on the toe of some colossal ancient statue.]

    • It’s like being a spectator watching a herd of gazelles that don’t see the lion in the tall grass–Run, gazelles, Run. But they blankly continue to chew their cud.

      ps- on a lighter note, when I went in for a routine checkup, the hospital now takes a palm print of your hand “for better identification purposes”. I was tempted to ask if they had a palm reader hidden in the back room reading your life lines for insurance purposes, but didn’t.

        • Well, the Medical Industrial now one wing of the Deep State, so surely any “better identification purposes” will be shared seamlessly with the DS. Just another avenue into any and all exploitable information, medical records possessing a degree of coercive power. In my case, the pliable primary care physician could be “convinced” to subvert the work of my specialist (White Privilege!) with, “You have no need for your current (extremely effective) asthma controlling drug; you can revert to the old one that has you harnessed to “rescue inhalers”, and also far more likely to get really ill with respiratory infections”. Also, my refusal to take the jab, no doubt noted in these records,.serves as an indicator of a trouble maker.

          Or is that too paranoid?

  22. Well, I think the answer may be that this is a proxy war against Russia, but the real objective is to send a message to China. Unfortunately, in the minds of the Elite it’s all linked now and showing weakness in one area jeopardizes other theaters of action. This “linkage” was thought to be a relic of the Cold War, but it’s back like vinyl records and bourbon.

    Meanwhile, we may scoff at the Chinese geezers on stage the other day. But at least the Chinese know who is running their country. There are 7 people, probably geezers, running the US but we don’t know who they are and they won’t be on any ballot.

  23. The fun begins in about a month when the Russian Army begins its offensive and sweeps across Ukraine. How will the neocons react?

    • Jack Boniface: “How will the neocons react?”

      Z: “The interesting bit here is how quickly the hammer came down. The Biden White House and senior party members held an emergency meeting and then threatened the progressive caucus with death if they did not recant. We do not know the exact nature of the threats, but the speed with which the apostates recanted and their groveling tone suggest genuine fear. Whatever was said to them was serious enough to have them groveling in public within hours.”

      The other day, over at PA World & Times, PA had said that the Frankfurt School “can’t” wh@ck Kanye [without “catastrophic backblow”].

      And I replied that my best guess would be that David Barnea and the gang have already drawn up plans to wh@ck Kanye, and now they just need the formal approval of a full gathering of the Sanhedrin before they can move ahead with the plans.

      And the Sanhedrin might have already voted on it during one of the myriad October holy days [Yom Kippur or Sukkot or Shemini Atzeret or Simchat Torah].

      But then there’s a two month layoff until they meet again for Hanukkah, in December.


      Z: “Just in case anyone missed the point, the regime then sent Bernie Sanders out to chastise the progressives for being wrong. Sanders has spent his life railing against the military industrial complex. He has opposed every military action, even those sponsored by his party. Now he sounds like Bill Kristol after a few too many drinks.”

      This gets back to a point I used to have a great deal of difficulty making with folks [although lately, many more people are starting to understand this point which I’ve been trying to make all these years]: That there isn’t a dime’s worth of difference between an ostensible “free-marketeer”, such as David Ricardo, and an ostensible “socialist”, such as Karl Marx.

      They’re both just sooth-saying mesmerizing hypnotizing con-men who prey on your psychological weaknesses.

      Ricardo manipulates your greed; Marx manipulates your envy.

      And both of them laugh all the way to the bank [which they also just happen to own].

    • That is why I suspect the politicians are being gas lighted more than the public. They are being told that the Russian army is collapsing and the Russian economy is ready to topple any day. One more final push by the Ukrainian army and victory is at hand. Something similar happened with Afghanistan.

      The proof for me on this is was the pipeline bombing. It was clear that the Biden admin was caught off-guard. They did not have a narrative ready. Something similar was probably in the works with the dirty bomb, until the Russian sounded the alarm.

    • They will react the way they always do: by looking like morons as airmen risk their lives to pull a few last people off the embassy roofs in overloaded helicopters…

      It’s getting old.

  24. “This war is the product of neocon paranoia, American arms and Russian stupidity.”

    Why do you say “Russian stupidity?” The only thing I can criticise the Russians on is having been too timid in their responses to a ruthless and lying bully.

    • I think the Russians waited too long to address the Ukraine problem. I also think they made an error in thinking they could strike a deal with the West once the war started. They badly miscalculated. They also failed to play in the arena of public relations. The Chinese are very smart about buying off people in Washington who then promote a friendly China policy. Russia did not do that and it cost them.

      • Russia waited too long to react, trusted to West too much (who promised they wouldn’t expand NATO) and were probably too weak to resist much of it anyway. But Ukraine was a bridge too far.

        “We have seen five waves of NATO expansion, one after another — Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary were admitted in 1999; Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia in 2004; Albania and Croatia in 2009; Montenegro in 2017; and North Macedonia in 2020.” – V Putin

      • “I think the Russians waited too long to address the Ukraine problem.”

        I think Russia spent their time preparing to handle the economic sanctions. The price of oil plummeted from 2014 to this year, and the 2014 coup was likely Russia’s red line. With the failure in Afghanistan, skyrocketing price of oil and gas, western economic self-destruction, and the silly people in the executive branch, this was the ideal time for Russia to make a move. Any earlier and I don’t know that Putin would have survived the sanctions.

      • They may have waited too long, but they seem pretty determined now. The new motto coming out of Moscow is “War until victory.”

        When your top officials are saying that publicly, it’s do or die. I don’t think people understand how those referendums changed the game. Russia is now fighting for what it consider Russian territory and Russian citizens. You don’t lose that fight, at least not against Ukraine.

        • But then you get things that appear to not be a real war.

          Russia and ukraine say there are attacks on electricity infrastructure. Lets say they are real.

          But according to the Russian telegram guys they don’t hit the large transformers (one of the few things that can’t be easily repaired) and at the same time Transnistria (the Russian breakaway part of Moldova) is supplying Ukraine with 30% of its power and helping stabilize the Grid after the rolling blackouts.

          All appears very odd.

          • The message has, however been sent; the Russians have elected to not take out the least repairable segments of the grid, but their ability to do so has been demonstrated. As to the Transnistrians, they are not physically in contact with Russian-controlled territory, so they play it softly. But if in the coming offensive, the balance of the Black Sea coastline becomes Russian-controlled, and contact is established, things change.

      • Public relations are always going to be difficult for northern people who can’t socialize unless they’re drunk. I remember visiting Norway and feeling like everyone was unfriendly despite myself being about as anti-social an American as can be.

    • Yeah. The fact that Putin has managed to annex territories of Ukraine without getting censure from china, India or Saudi Arabia is amazing. You know if he’d done that in the early days the hammer would have come down immediately. He’s been very cautious about keeping his allies as allies. The days of Russia negotiating with Washington are over but their days are negotiating with everyone else are just beginning

      • China, India, Russia and Saudi Arabia (and Iran) all want to conquer and annex certain areas on their borders. That is their common cause, and the basis of their coalescing alliance.

        A clever american president would exploit natural divisions in those quite different countries (such as russian paranoia about china, Iran vs Saudi religious differences, etc) to prevent them from coordinating, but “Biden” (or whoever is running things) seems to deliberately want to unite the entire world against the U.S.

        And they appear to be succeeding.

        The next few decades are going to be tough.

        • It’s pretty easy to unite the world against the U.S. when we constantly behave like war-mongering bullies. Biden managed to seriously damage our relationship with Saudi Arabia with that kind of behavior.

  25. I would suggest that the regime cannot drop Ukraine for the same reason they could not drop Trump. In both cases there were useful and easy deals to be made, but the regime could not tolerate the existence of either and viewed both as implacable, existential threats.

  26. The Ukraine War is fundamentally a neocon Jewish War. The elites in that group have always set their sights on Russia and they nearly completed their takeover but Putin stopped it.

    The progressive democrats will of course grovel back and repent. What group can the political apparatus or entertainment industry not go against or criticize? Kanye found out did he not?

  27. Meanwhile, at the other end of the world, the new entire Chinese Politburo Standing Committee is over 60, with 5/7 over 65.

    Not sure how aged the Russian leadership is. But most of the world is now under the rule of senior citizens.

    • I think it is fairly normal for leaders to be in their 60’s. It is not until your 40’s that you have demonstrated the ability to one day be in leadership. By that point there is a line and you compete with others for your shot. The issue we see in Washington is everyone is over 70 and many are pushing 80.

      I have said for years that the age limit for the Senate should be 50-to-70 and the House 40-to-60. Mandatory retirement for all government workers is 72. Maybe bump it to 75 given modern medicine.

    • China does a good job vetting talent in the party by assigning progressively more difficult areas of responsibility.

      It’s not without its flaws, but you don’t get ridiculous outcomes like TV personalities, dementia patients, or stroke victims in positions of real power.

      • Yes, I was of that persuasion myself—except now we have Xi who awhile back manipulated the rule of only two five year terms as President. He is now elected to a third term. (IIRC)

        So, Xi is like 70 yo and perhaps he’ll die before a 4th term. However, there are other, younger Xi’s in the wings that might also server a 3rd term, and then a fourth and so forth. Are we on a progression to a de facto dictatorship?

        These situations always seem to arise when there is a pretty good guy serving and then folks bend the rules to allow such a leader to stay and then his replacement turns out to be Caligula.

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