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With Halloween approaching I thought about doing a special show on the subject, but then I remembered I did that last year. I then remembered that it was not just the greatest Halloween show ever, it was probably the best podcast ever produced in the history of podcasts. In retrospect, I should have retired after that show, but like all champions, I have lingered on too long.

Luckily, the news is providing more than enough content. We have the war, the midterms, the fatwah against Ye. Next week we will get to see a million blue checks on Twitter wail in unison over Elon Musk. It looks like he will start his reign of terror with mass firings, which will be a good time. This is the season of schadenfreude and the gods of that concept are going to be generous.

The one sour note will be seeing so many of our guys rush back to Twitter so they can once again perform for the enemy. Generations of conditioning have trained them to think they need the attention of lefty in order to live. They will abandon the various alternative platforms just so they can carry on like precocious children for their masters on the other side. It is the slave’s mentality.

It gets at the heart of being a conservative. The whole point of the enterprise was to get the attention of lefty and one day get him to agree. It is what Robert Lewis Dabney was getting at with this famous quote. Going back long before anyone alive can recall, the people we call the left have been training their opposition to grovel for the hope of some positive recognition by lefty.

The people racing back to Twitter will deny this. They will say they are doing it because they seek a broader audience for our ideas. Conservatives used to say this long before the internet existed. They would crawl on their belly to get on lefty talk shows, only to be humiliated. They would mew about the unfairness of it all, but then crawl right back at the first opportunity. It was shameful then and it is shameful now.

It is a reminder that even though someone crosses the great divide to this side, they bring with them the habits of mind of the other side. Good salesmen know that you have to keep reselling your accounts in order to reduce attrition. Dissidents have to accept that crossing the great divide is just the first step. The initiates need to be reconditioned to have a positive identity, rather than a negative one.

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212 thoughts on “Lots Of News

  1. With regard to Kanye (Ye), there seem to always be a lot of fallacies and confirmation bias when it comes to events regarding Jews.

    Because Kanye went and said “I can say Anti-Semitic shit and Adidas can’t drop me…now what?”, we can all just ignore how he said “I AM ADIDAS FUCK ADIDAS” in a social media post before ever mentioning anything about Jews. And we can surmise that if he had never tried to bring Jews into the mix, Adidas would have been just fine with him saying “I AM ADIDAS FUCK ADIDAS”… If anything Jews, should be pissed at Adidas for putting his remarks about Jews as the only reason. Adidas is like “whew, now we don’t have to address all the other stupid shit Kanye was saying, we can just put it on the Jews.”

    And people are also forgetting (Kan)Ye’s original sin: Getting mad that his friend Sean “Diddy” Combs did not like the White Lives Matter shirt, and accusing Jews of making Diddy call him about the shirts, when Diddy had already expressed his own disappointment with the shirt. And then saying “this is war”. When asked to name these supposed Jews that told Diddy to call him, Kanye could not do it. False accusations should never be justification for a “broader discussion” about something.

    If my home is robbed, and I say Italians made someone rob my house, and then it turns out I am full of shit, this is not some justification for having a “broader discussion” about Italian crime families. If you are saying “yeah, Kanye lied about that, but it’s good because it caused people to focus on Jewish businessmen and Jewish power”…when people see that he lied, why would that be good? All it does is make people think “hmm, maybe these other people are irrationally-triggered by Jews just like Kanye, and are being disingenuous just like him”

    And finally, if you go on a podcast and say “I can throw an old lady down the stairs, and Adidas can’t drop me[as a brand ambassador]…now what?!”, and then Adidas drops you, that doesn’t mean there is a cabal of old ladies that run the world. Just bragging about disreputable stuff you *could* do and get away with is enough for a brand to want to drop you.

    Adidas is taking a short-term hit, but preventing an even harder hit in the long term.

  2. I love Twitter even though I have been banned 5 times for mocking idiots. The bro fitness groups, the travel crew, bad TV commenters and jumbo jet fanciers are as entertaining as any TV show. Every time I start a new account against my better judgement I promise myself I won’t engage with the midwits. I always do though. Perhaps this time I won’t be punished for suggesting the German people should go back to what they are good at and start more wars.

    • I was on some polling list a few years ago, and getting called for one at least once a week. Eventually the polls were along the lines of are you more favorable to a position stated as x or y? Then y or z? Etc.. I surmised that they were trying to degermine the best pitch for whatever bullshit they were selling.

  3. WRT the recent smear campaign against Vance.

    They’re focusing of animal testing rather than financial corruption because the suburban Karens have a visceral negative reaction to animal abuse.

    Where as those same Karens want their kids or themselves to benefit from financial corruption – and are as likely to see Vance doing so aspirationally.

  4. Trapped Democracy

    Democracy voted for the free cheese and with guilty mind.
    The Demos knew.
    Now Democracy is trapped and must knaw off limbs to survive.
    No escape no survival.
    The Demos -people- will want to live, so we’ll see who’s bitten off and who has teeth.
    Who’s squeak and who’s Bite.
    Perhaps none.

  5. So, I mean, we’re all in agreement that Ye saying he was going to go “death con 3 on Jewish people” is a hilarious example of blacks not knowing certain words and phrases, right? He certainly doesn’t know it’s DEFCON or that it stands for defensive readiness condition. There’s actually a really funny article I came across years ago from barstool sports that touched on all these errors on twitter. A few examples are double standers, escape goat, take for granite, and Midas whale. The Midas whale guy actually tried to play the “you rayciss” card, because, well, many of these were from darker pigmentation people. However, I can attest from being on a scholarship board that ditzy white females do this often too. I one year I read an essay that talked numerous times about taking things for granite.


    • The Greek: black Consul General at my first overseas posting made a habit of such malapropisms – people came in ‘groves and groves.’ Fwiw though a White female in my college literature class earnestly pronounced epitome as e-pit-tome – and no one had the heart to correct her.

    • What’s funny is that Kanye didn’t realize how inflammatory the comment, “Tomorrow I’m going Death Con 3 on the Jewish People”, would be to Jews. It doesn’t matter what the context of the full tweet was. All the Jews subconsciously heard was: Death. Con(centration camp). To Jews. To the power of 3. Also funny that the Jews didn’t just severely censor him. They intentionally (and being Jews, probably humorously) demonstrated for him what an actual Death Con 3 would look like. Using him as the example.

      This isn’t a political take. Just funny as an instance of fantastic miscalculation of Ballsy but Dumb Minor Power vs. Real Power. Funny like the Japanese thinking it a swell idea to drop bombs on the United States.

    • Years ago, I attended a small theater production of the Classical Greek play “Antigone.” My father-in-law was in attendance (University anatomy professor) and he pronounced it as anti-gone rather than an-tig-a-nee. I remember biting my tongue so as not to embarrass either him or my wife (his daughter).

      • Pronunciation is our otherwise erudite Z Man’s weakness. Whenever I hear him pronounce Gramsci as “Graham-zee” it makes my brain hurt.

    • Oh, my stars! Too funny! This made my night! I have been doxed, my wife lives with her boyfriend, and I work for Asians, so these little things are just such a great escape! Thanks!

    • The article starts: “The world is filled with stupid people. I’d say roughly 99% of people populating this planet are unintelligent. ”

      The irony is delicious.

      • Yeah. My thinking is that many people are attempting to use such words/sayings they’ve heard without reading them a few times in context. We don’t much read any more, nor write for that matter (test messages don’t count), so they are using such without true understanding of nuances.

        So are people “stupid” or “ignorant”?

          • The intelligence premium for survival and reproduction has been removed.
            The stupid no longer die out.

            This requires rectification.

  6. Am I the only one who finds the Pelosi husband attack suspicious? A month or three after he became a household name, due to a dui that he pays no penance for, he is terrorized by a madman seeking to subvert the election process. Sounds similar to the whitmar hoax? Sorry if the looking glass became a Crack pipe, but, as soon as I saw this, I thought, “The perp will be insane but painted as a Maga.” This is not unprecedented. And, again, what a coincidence that an entire career of drinking only resulted in one dui a couple months before such prominence is necessary for outrage.

    • One would think that TPTB would have had the offenders info lined up ready to go. Convenient that it happened going into the weekend.

      The talk shows will have a field day.

    • Aannnd… it may be that Mr P and his assailant were “buddies”, if you know what I mean. Unless committing crimes in your underwear is now a thing in Cali.

      Who knows? If it disappears, it may be what sunk the Diversity candidate in Florida who was running against DeSantis.

      • The unanimity with which the shit-libs cry “Political violence” naturally makes one assume something else. Looks like a couple of shirt-lifters to me. I’m sure Nancy’s $12k fridge comes with a security system that’s captured it all on video.

    • We can be sure there is a small army of glowies at the fine upstanding Pelosi household at all times, plus probably quite a few CHP as well. This means the guy was let in, known to Mr. Pelosi and allowed in. My money is on an established homoerotic relationship, enjoyed by both (at least previously) in San Trancisco.

      Poor Mr. Pelosi, receiving the spotlight all over the media for getting hammered — and now twice within the same year. Oh well, at least he should be able to get through this one without having to arrange for a DUI charge to get swept under the rug.

  7. They’re going to go back to Twitter for the shits and giggles. Gab isn’t really fun. It makes you feel kind of dirty because you’re arguing with people that you mostly, to varying degrees, agree with. It’s like making out with your sister. It just aint right.

  8. Someone may have pointed this out, but Ye is pronounced “yay” not ye.

    This is a difficult pronounce for White people, but Ye ought be accorded the respect.

    • “This is a difficult pronounce for White people, but Ye ought be accorded the respect.”

      Nah. Just because someone wants to call himself something silly, doesn’t obligate me to make any effort to pronounce it correctly. Nor will I affect an accent.

      • Ye is doing great work for the cause. In all likelihood, Ye has done more than any other celebrity, in exposing jewish power, hitherto, in the history of the world.

        And you don’t wanna accord him respect, cuz personal reasons; or more specifically, you (evidently) don’t like his style?

        On that point of it, Z shoulda gotten it correct; it was a mistake, and anyone deliberately making mistakes should have a better excuse than “i dont like him.”

        “i dont like him” is petty. Accord him respect, it’s basic real politic to call someone by his real name, unless u r deliberate insulting, which makes no sense, unless u want mired in mud slinging.

          • Ye should be called by his name.

            Not to extend an easy and painless courtesy, and basic respect, is a classic “why we lose.”

          • Ah yes! Thanks for the reminder. Let us pause for one minute of silence in honor of the fallen of the Reddit Battalion. They gave their all for the meme that is Ukrainian Freedom and Democracy. Too bad going on safari against Rooskis is more dangerous than they knew.

        • I agree with calling one’s adversaries by their proper title or pronunciation—but not as a sign of respect. It simply has always struck me as “low class” to mispronounce names as a sign of disrespect. I guess when younger the first I saw of this was in old movies where the nobility or wealthy (antagonist) would deliberately do such to the underdog (protagonist). I guess this is a distinction without a difference.

    • I’d hold out on worshipping Black Yesus until he’s established that this isn’t just an episode of mania to be followed by imbibing foreskin-free phalluses in abject apology.

    • I am not going to hear you out on this until you give me your pronouns. Please be considerate.

      • It’s the same as that.

        Ye himself would INSIST on a proper pronounce, if say he were a guest, on the show. Black people are like that.

        They will take it personal, if you don’t say their name right, it’s a sign of disrespect.

        yeah yeah blah blah we don’t like blacks; but if we don’t want to ally with [B]lacks, in calling out jews, we deserve to effing lose, and going by the commentary on this subthread, that’s what the guys here want, is to not work politics, but instead be prideful about their prerogative to call en-words whatever they like.

        We all it was simply a mistake that Z’s White ass doesn’t know how to black pronounce Ye. I pointed it out and got reamed for it. Thank you, that was great.

        • You’re correct in assuming that the average commentor here has no interest in allying with blacks to call out Jews. Or allying with blacks, period. We want separation.

          • It’s a mistake not to make allies with American blacks, in calling out jewish power in the US. Everyone in America, who is not jewish, has common interest in this.

            Your politics are wrong, in this regard. If when the jewish control of our systems is removed, THEN we can figure out the next steps, as far how to deal with the blacks etc.

            Is jewish power not to be regarded as the primary political problem, facing this country? Get real. You’re not serious.

            Presuming to speak for the “average commenter here” is taking a lot on.

          • I don’t give a crap about popularity contests, but the fact that my post has 9 upvotes and yours has 3 downvotes would suggest that I’ve got a better finger on the pulse of the people here.

        • For the record, I can respect black nationalist types even if they think I’m the blue-eyed devil, because they’re one of the few groups out there telling black men to be independent and do better.

          As far as blacks judging themselves against whites and wanting to take what we have, it reminds me of whites who get caught up in JQ stuff, as if that’s their problem. I don’t want whites becoming what most blacks are today. Indifference isn’t ignorance, it’s that you’re never going to fix yourself by constantly fixating on others. So I get the black nationalists on that level.

          Kanye, Yeezus, Yeezy, Ye, and whatever else. I don’t know if Z got it mixed up or if he was poking a little fun. Either way, could you blame him? I also don’t know if Kanye West would be offended, but if he were the sort to expect everyone to hang on his whims, to heck with that. I kind of doubt he really is, he’s a showman like that.

  9. 29:00 — Is it really your opinion that folk music isn’t art but rather a lesser thing, “entertainment”?

    Strong disagree. The discussion is in the realm of “art criticism” but if the measure is complexity, most classical rhythms are plodding and tedious. There’s only 12 notes and so many intervals, and a skilled folk musician will use them all.

    • Utterly ridiculous. The complexity of classical music is of an entirely different order than all other forms of music. It’s manifest superiority is why the anti-white racists have targeted it rather than, say, folk music, for destruction.

      • Complexity isn’t the measure of quality in art. It’s a factor, but as relevant this argument: so much of the complexity in classical music is ornamental, to the point where it’s overdone, plodding and tedious.

        And as far as the rhythms involved, this is a good point worth repeating: classical music fails in this comparison, with “folk” or Renaissance styles: it’s neither as complex nor as well presented.

        Those who espouse classical music as high art, as opposed to other forms, are limited in their perceptions.

        Obv “classical music” covers a lot of ground, and the best of it, is a great, but as a category it’s not of a higher quality, and it’s complexity is often enuf uninspired and overdone.

        It’s also well known to be more or less “played out,” or at least as played out as any other form.

        The best melodies are not to be found in a complex score.

        • “Those who espouse classical music as high art, as opposed to other forms, are limited in their perceptions.”

          And almost always pretentious douches as well.

        • We’re discussing music, not art. Complexity is not a particular criterion in sculpture, painting and poetry, but it is probably the second most important feature of music following emotional impact. And in terms of complexity, classical music has no rival, let alone an equal.

          Contrary to what you say, however, the complexity is not mere ornament, although what is ornamentation but a primary facet of aesthic beauty? The complexity of classical music allows it gradations of modulation unopen to other forms of music. It can therefore “speak” a language vastly more varied, subtle and profound than can other music.

          As for your alleged rhythmic deficiencies of classical music, you obviously know next to nothing about Beethoven, Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Prokofiev, Borodin, and Honegger, among others. The propulsive drive of their music is powerful on a level unmatched by folk music.

          Is classical music played out? Perhaps. But if so, that is because the cognitive decline in the West puts classical composition and appreciation beyond the ability of the overwhelming majority of people who live here. As such, this is yet another–oblique–argument for the superiority of the classical form.

          • I don’t know what happened to my post on this topic, but I second Ostei. It isn’t even close.

            Western Classical music towers over all other styles of music. The craft, complexity, expressive power and sublime genius along every dimension: harmony; counterpoint/polyphony; rhythm/cross-rhythm; motivic/melodic cohesion; small and large scale form is without peer.

            Maybe my post which elaborates on this more will appear at some point.

            I also agree with Ostei that people don’t have the education required to properly hear classical music, and certainly the training to right such incredibly rich and complex music and musical forms. Feudal society marshalled far more resources behind developing music and people who could make it more than ours does. Classical music is dead in the sense that the performer and composer split and specialized and then modern and post modernism devastated the conservatories with a horrific aesthetic. Nobody wants to hear the garbage written after Stravinsky and Bartok. There is film score, but it isn’t at the level of the earlier epoch’s musical and artistic achievements.

            We have a great opportunity to meld the elements and techniques of classical music with modern forms/styles like say progressive metal to push the art forward with a better aesthetic, an existential pathos and edge and try to recapture the technical and expressive glory of The West through music. It will require people rigorously educated at conservatories who also grow up playing modern, simpler styles who can cultivate and execute on a vision for a new syncretic art.

            Like Bach who wrote the chorales to create a music for the new Lutheran church, wrote The Well Tempered Clavier to celebrate well tempered tuning, cycle of fifths harmony, and polyphonic mastery and the affects of keys and who did it all to celebrate the emergence of a new era and a new way to worship his God, we too have the opportunity to revive our classical music tradition with new languages and herald the renaissance of our people.

            Some of these people exist. Stay tuned.

          • Those are a lot of good points, particularly re ornamentation.

            Propulsive rhythm is something that classical has, but I don’t think it’s definitive or better, in that particular regard.

            Basically classical music is generally cerebral, as opposed to something that can be danced to, and as such, there is an apples to oranges aspect in comparing it to other forms.

            My original criticism, of Zman’s take, before making the aside about classical being overrated, and generally by snobs, is that he called folk music entertainment and not art.

            Which is nonsense. There’s 12 notes and only so many intervals. The best melodies are in fact simple and not ornamental, and it’s well known that they are generally borrowed from folk music.

            A lot of classical’s complexity is simply to do with the size of the band. Given enough players, in whatever genre, and enough skill, they will ornament. The originality of the form, back centuries, had a lot to do with accommodating more players and larger bands.

            IMO people’s taste, is veering away from it, toward simpler, clearer harmonies and melodies.

          • PL is correct. I am not trained (though I put in 10 years of drudgery on piano lessons), but just listening to Teaching Company’s “How to Listen To and Understand Great Music” helped me to understand the origins and progression of the great music, how it evolved and built upon its predecessors. I’ve always loved Bach and have had several Mozart recordings, but the lectures brought home the themes and structure of the Baroque and Classical Eras – the religiosity of the music and the humanism that was born from it. The Romantic Era was breathtaking, but I lost interest after that. (It gave birth to the film score, I think.)
            Is European concert music dead? I suppose so, in the sense that the culture itself is declining so rapidly. Rock and country music is dead as well for the same reason, though they were corruptions of the great European music. Perhaps the other commenter is correct in that we feel the old folk music in our bones, so we can still hold onto it.
            All I can hope for is to have my recordings and be able to listen to them. I think ZMAN plays the second Brandenburg sometimes, and I think I know why. It is so joyous it brings you to God, which of course, is what Bach intended. My goodness, I’ve gone on and on.

          • The suicide of Classical music began in the 20th century. And it was a suicide. It’s not the only art form that suicided.
            Gothe believed that all genius is provincial. In music that is a hard and fast rule. A province has a smell, a sound, a taste, a language. Or it did. Now we are all cosmopolitan. Apparently there is nothing of great value to be grown there.

        • Let me espouse on why a mud hut is the apex of architecture and those who think its a classical cathedral are limited in their perception.

          The cry of the civilization underminer from word salad retard academia.

          • “mud huts” (to stone churches) is a facile comparison, if the analogy is what is folk music, in comparison to classical

            the proper one, were you interested in elucidating the point rather than being an intellectual snob, would be “what is a long house” or “what is a cottage”

            and then you could consider the merits of those two things, and what they are in term of art and culture and the people who use them

        • SE –

          The complexity is not in the size of the band.

          Classical music is all based on 4 part harmony. The giant orchestrations you hear are all expansions of 4 voices – with extra voices only for extensions and color. A primary skill of an orchestrator is to take the music and increase the size of the band. A primary skill of a conductor is to reduce a score to its 4 primary voices.

          As for melody, the classical
          Masters can do whatever they want with melody. They can write and harmonize the simplest of Melodys and phrase structures or the most complex of them.

          Beethoven is a good example of how to conclude this thread for me. Beethoven as he progressed discovered Bach and became obsessed with economy of material. His massive symphonies and string quartets are say an hour of music created from one melody consisting of three or four motives or a melody and counter melody in two or three motives. To compose like that requires a level of mastery and skill and genius that you can’t appreciate until you try.

          Then there are the aesthetics. Many Italians and French dislike Beethoven. Italians dislike Bach but love his contemporary SL Weiss. Weiss is more monophonic and poppy but has a deep pathos. The rigor and technique of the Germans is not appreciated by certain ears. Ideally one can learn to listen based on how the composer heard music. It is music for an educated elite.

          It sounds like you prefer folk to classical with simple Melodie’s and pretty much zero harmony. That is fine and totally cool. But, your aesthetic preference does not make Western Classical worse than folk. I like both, but folk gets boring for me. It’s expressive range is very limited.

          The Italians I mentioned don’t like Beethoven and Bach much, but they are great musicians and were never say that Bach and Beethoven suck. On the contrary their genius, craftsmanship, skill and potent artistic expression and the inspiration behind it are the heights of human capability until now.

          One’s aesthetic preference does not negate the greater reality of achievement and grounds for measuring it.

          I remember blacks who would here some classical and say, “Dat ain’t got no beats n****.”

          Some need to be hit over the head with one or 2 and 4 and others are more discerning.

        • I agree that people have different tastes and enjoyments. You like rap, I like country, the other guy listens to classical. However, if we are talking about higher art as associated with complexity of score and instrumentation, then we really can make judgement if we agree on these premises.

          The indigenous peoples of say, Africa learned to bang a drum and jump up and down to the beat millennia ago and they still do. It was only the European’s that began to produce a variety of instruments and form orchestras and such. This I maintain is a form of advancement due to superior intelligence. Similar points can be made with paintings and introduction of depth of field.

          However, as we know, you have a hard time dancing to classical music. African drums rule the day for that. 😉

      • Suburban_elk

        I think you are way off here. Western classical music is at entirely different stratosphere of craft, skill and artistic achievement than any other style. That isn’t to denigrate other forms of music, but to acknowledge the difference in craft and skill required to attain mastery in the different art forms. A good analogy would be the difference between a church made in 1982 and a great cathedral made in Europe between 900 AD and now. It is unfair to compare.

        The rhythms of Western Classical appear square, but the cross rhythms that emerge in any of the polyphonic styles are extraordinary and complex. The polyphony alone is a level of genius and craftsmanship that has no comparison with any other style of music. The techniques and the sublime genius in the economy of material and the motivic development and contrapuntal techniques like (imitation; stretto; cannon; fugue; inversion; retrograde; inverted retrograde) are astounding. Even a simple and ordinary composition from the literature is so far beyond any folk or pop tune it is laughable to compare. If you take the grand works by Palestrina, dePrez, daMilano, Bach, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Chopin, Wagner, Debussy … … it is a fight as fair as an 8 year old girl versus Connor Macgregor. That is to say, it isn’t fair at all.

        As we entered the common practice period with the invention of well tempered tuning the harmonic system they developed is a still more complex layer on top of the polyphony of the Renaissance. The craftsmanship is extraordinary. The voice leading where every voice stays perfectly independent and the contrapuntal techniques from the pre-harmonic era are still used are beyond compare. Nearly everything Bach wrote is a treatise on harmony and counterpoint far beyond anything attained in folk, pop, jazz. Every piece is an intentional treatise on one or even multiple aspects of musical technique and expression that is absolutely masterful.

        The harmonic systems evolved with Beethoven, Schubert and Wagner pushing the envelope on chromaticism and then further flowered in Debussy and Ravel and Brahms. In the Romantic era with the rise of nationalism and the nation state you have each European ethnos using their folk music as thematic material expressing national and ethnic pride. Listen to the melodies say, Bartok took from Hungarian and Balkan folk, but compare his use of them in his grand works. The original folk tunes are cool, but they pale in comparison to what he did with them in even the simplest compositions. The same is true of Chopin and all of the other Romantic guys.

        The closest that we have today in terms of harmony is jazz, but it is all a very simplified lifting of harmony long before invented by the Western classicists. Most often the jazz lacks much if not all of the sophistication of the voice leading and melodic and motivic coherence present in classical music. There is coloration with substitutions, but never even a simplest of modulations much less the utter genius of those of Schubert, Beethoven, Wagner … Then there is the form. In jazz it is basically a single form with a slightly different feel. The classical has many many forms that are light years more complex and intricate.

        In rhythm we have very cool things happening in modern progressive metal, but the polyrhythms a) still don’t match the complexity of the cross rhythms of the grand symphonies, Rennaissance choral works, and anything Bach ever did b) rely upon a scalar and melodic content that is almost non-existent. Then there are the harmonic plans and forms of classical music versus folk or blues or jazz. I mean it isn’t even close. Even a sonatina or a simple theme and variations has so much more sophistication than the predictable 12-16 bar blues and the 12-16 bar jazz tune of II-V-I after II-V-I.

        There is a reason why the Western classical guys enrolled in school at 4 and weren’t journeymen until they were in their mid twenties after studying a minimum of 12 hours per day every day for those years with the great masters and pedagogues. They did years of ear training, harmony, counterpoint, composition, mastering multiple instruments (both performing and repairing) … …

        I am sorry, I love all kinds of folk, progressive metal, some well written pop, karnatic music (which has some amazing rhythm), but there is just no comparison. Western classical music as a craft and as an art expressing the human soul, like the rest of the West, is an achievement that towers over the rest of the world. Then when you consider that daMilano, Bach and Beethoven and those guys could actually improvise in those styles, it is truly astounding the feats of musicianship required to do that.

        Even a seemingly simple piece like the first prelude from The Well Tempered Clavier is far richer harmonically and has an advanced implied counterpoint that no other style can touch. There is a reason why, when we were at our apex, and we sent Voyager into the cosmos in search of intelligent life, our proud, educated and intelligent men chose to put Prelude I from the WTC on that space probe to represent the human race. WTC is without peer in terms of human musical achievement.

        • Thoughtful replies, appreciated. I will “try harder” to listen to that stuff, starting with Bach.

          The main point that I would add, and as said above, is that classical is not music that is made to dance to, whereas popular music, by and large, is. And this distinction puts them in separate categories, and comparisons on their merits, would have to account for this.

          • As Paul Simon said. Hello Dunning Kruger my old friend.

            What do you think all the balls and formal dances had as music in the 17th to the 19th century?

            Viennese Waltz, Sarabandes, gavottes, minuets, Polonaise, Badinerie, galliardes, Allemande, Pavane, Mazurka, Ballets.

          • Put up something that you do, then. I have something up RN on Odysee, under this handle, it’s easy enough to find, and it’s a standard Euro folk. I bet, 500 to 1, it’s better than anything you can come up with. Or OTOH prove me wrong, but otherwise you are a critic who can only talk about it. And that’s why you are a snob, cuz you can’t do it.

          • You are right of course that people do dance to that stuff, and so I was wrong, in saying that they don’t. My conception of classical music is the styles that they don’t dance do, which conception is wrong.

          • I see your retardness gets more with each post.

            I am not the one sneering at the high point of music as a form and pretending banging some sticks is equivalent. You are the one taking a position of vapidness.

            Lets put your stuff against Bach or Vivalidi, or Beethoven shall we?

          • SE –

            All good. It is correct what the what trumpton said below. Many of the forms were dances for the court.

            If you listen to the suites they all have dance forms. Usually for a specific kind of dance and particular to a particular region’s court.

            Then you have the forms that were pure music forms or expositional techniques: fugue; sonatina; sonata-allegro; … …

            In a symphony for example, the first movement is a sonata form; the second usually some down tempo piece; the third a Menuette and Trio (a dance form to the audience a break from the intensity) and the final movement another sonata-allegro form.

            Those forms were known and understood by the audiences. Beethoven from mid period on kind of ripped a space-time continuum and expanded on the tonal plans. Even earlier Mozart made the final movement of his Jupiter symphony a double fugue while also adhering to the sonata allegro form. It is incredibly difficult to write a fugue, and Mozart wrote a double fugue and did it in a sonata form. Incredible. Bach wrote many double fugues, the art form he mastered and that inspired every person after him to explore.

            The Grosse Fugue from Beethoven’s late string quartets is another example.

            This is why the cathedral vs. an American church from the 80s I felt was the correct metaphor. These works of the classical masters from 1400 –

            If you really want to go out there in a very cerebral way, the works of the medieval era called isorhytmic motets. Dorks at the monestary were experimenting with contrapuntal music, probably bored with plainchant. These things are works of incredible mathematical sophistication that have mathematical formulas, musical/mathematical puzzles, in cycles that create interesting strettos called hockets. It is odd music. These works were rediscovered in the late 19th century and were the basis for the music of Berg, Schoenberg and Webern. It really is the rupture that made Western classical music unlistenable with a horrific aesthetic.

            Those isorhythmic motets show you how advanced the human mind was and how diligent European man is. Instead of sitting around in boredom, there is something about our people that is very curious and inventive and ingenious. The aesthetic is weird to be sure.

            Now the challenge is to reclaim our heritage and fuse it with some of the forms of 20th century “pop music”, and move to the higher as our ancestors did. The 20th century was an abomination, and it seems like it is the proclivity towards subversion that some people seem to consistently display. Western man likes beauty. I hope our people can reclaim this part of our culture.

            In any case, this has been a fun conversation. I hope it has been helpful.

            A couple other loose ends about rhythm. All of the plainchant was intentionally rhythmless. The idea was to escape the body in worship and ascend to God. It is incredibly hard to write those things. The human being wants to have even phrasing (antecedent/consequent phrases we say in the biz), and to eliminate all pattern is tough. But, they did it. All of the Renaissance vocal music is based on a given plainchant, and retains the intentionally non-rhythmic feel for purposes of worship. Now, the lute music of the Elizabethan period is a super cool, John Downland, but much more below the belt.

            The rhythmic feature of the Baroque -> Rococco -> Classical eras is defined by motor rhythm. The romantic era became much more elastic in terms of rhythm. Tempo changes, meter changes and rubato (which literally means robbed time). We don’t really know how they robbed time so modern interpretations are just that.

            The eastern European music from guys like Stravinsky and Bartok burns with groove as they just stylized the folk rhythms of their regions. I love their music and it is ripe with potential.

            In any case, folk music is cool. There is no need to feel inferior for liking it. I love some of it – the Balkan stuff in particular. No need to snub our greatest and highest art forms. No more brother wars! 🙂

    • Bela Bartok, perhaps, yes, speaking as a man of his age, said that there was the individual genius, then the genius of the folk.

  10. Agree, they should have just ignored “Ye”. It’s not unusual for black star to go off the rails, it happens with multiple Sportsball players every year. It’s also not unusual for black men to hold problematic views on just about everything (including our friends), and to be quite vocal about it.

    Ye’s message about our friends is nothing new to the black community. They already know about it. There’s entire sects of blacks like Hebrew Israelites and NOI promoting similar views. Black men are very redpilled on just about every topic. They have their flaws, obviously. But they are redpilled.

    To the dumb White people he’s just another crazy black guy. As I already mentioned it’s nothing new for any Sportsball player or rapper, or even regular black person, to do or say things that make no sense for White people. This stuff happens all the time.

    But the managerial class can’t leave anything be these days. They shouldn’t have forced people to get the vax either, but they couldn’t help themselves.

    • Kanye’s gone on manic Jew-naming sprees before, starting at least ten years ago. It’s impossible to search for anything on the internet anymore, but I remember his first bout culminating on the Charlamagne Tha God’s (sic) radio show, no different from what he’s saying now. It was the first time the media decided that Kanye’s crazy, but he wasn’t meaningfully “canceled.”

      What’s changed is our rulers think they’ve achieved—and must display, all day every day, at maximum pettiness—total dominance.

      They are correct.

    • Black people are generally not fans of the tribe. It’s often due to the tribe being more likely to be slumlords, pawn brokers, and basically any kind of industry or business that elicits bad feelings amongst blacks. Before the usual purges on YouTube, blacks were backing Kanye up.

      One of the reasons why they shut him down hard is that he’s influential enough to incite violence. It’s bad enough they will just steal the shtreimel (big hat) off their heads, but if left unchecked, there very well could have been moments that resembled the Crown Heights riots. They want that hatred and violence directed towards white people instead.

  11. It truly would be a blessing if humans could definitively eschew the ludicrous – and sometimes outright dangerous – delusions about making the world – and, by extension and sheer hubris, the Universe – a “better” place, because:
    a) The many agonistical views on what “better place” means and how to get there recurrently end up in tragic and widespread disputes.
    b) No one can improve an already perfect thing.

    Having said that, I grok this is only wishful thinking, because humans are not here to improve an iota, but simply to be what everything else is: an agent of change, a figment of The Everlasting Dissatisfaction.

  12. I particularly enjoyed the burnt monkey testicles story. They unwittingly show their own scummyness while trying to highlight Vance’s scummyness. The whole thing is just one big scumfest. How Vance became a venture capitalist was the very first thought I had because he allegedly comes from a very poor and dysfunctional family with lots of alcoholism and drug addiction. As was pointed out in the podcast, the subject isn’t even raised.

    But there is also something to be said about him being OK with torturing animals, especially primates and dogs. For some reason, primates have a pretty good reputation with people. Dogs are man’s best friend. Most people wouldn’t flinch at watching a boa constrictor hacked to pieces in front of them and don’t get very upset about factory farming of chickens and cows and pigs. But seeing a puppy suffer will make even serial killers get a bit angry at being subjected to seeing it.

    The fact that it is just a naked hit-piece on one of their political enemies also shows just how scummy Rolling Stone is. Vance and the RS just come out smelling like the raw sewage they are. Anyone who sells out their family for coin is a scumbag. I was repulsed by Vance even before reading this article.

    Great show Z.

    • Tars: Vance, as you said, sold out his family for coin. He then followed that up with giving away his ethnic heritage and marrying a subcon. His hubris, in thinking that he – alone of his family- has any brains and that his precise genetic makeup occurred in a vacuum, turns my stomach.

      • That’s an immediate disqualification for me, as well. Unless he hates his own children (which is unlikely) he will have no choice but to support “diversity”, equity, and “tolerance”.

        I do have some understanding for guys who married out decades ago. Things were different back then, and frankly it’s not a big deal in a homogenous and stable society. Vance got married in 2014, which even back then was much more sane than today. But today’s demographic age is unforgiving.

        Oh well. Some of his policies sound like they may be slightly useful for average White people, which is important. We can’t purity spiral on this stuff. I have low expectation for people in office, but voting still matters. We still have to do the heavily lifting on our own.

  13. The bit about JD Vance was great. Great perception about how the insider mentality is cemented in the participants. A few months ago I was poking around on Vance as part of exploring if any entrepreneurs are positioning to forsake The Cult of Woke in hiring…

    I was astounded at the level of garbage he had in his portfolio. It sounds like it has gotten fatter. It was nothing just a few months ago – stupid ideas, so stupid and rinky-dink I couldn’t remember them. I do remember thinking that he is not at all impressive, and in fact not really a VC/entrepreneur. There is nothing in his background, education or companies founded, to indicate he is a legitimate entrepreneur.

    Something smells in Denmark. I like his rhetoric, but like Yarvin, it doesn’t seem at all like Vance represents any substantive alternative to the non-religious aspects of the current regime.

    • They did the same with Trump as where he’s most vulnerable, being a pave-the-planet real estate developer, is also where they’re vulnerable. It’s not anyone in D.C. has standing to call Vance a fake businessman.

    • They’re just hoping people take his BS at face value and that’s it. It’s what has been done in the past with so many conservative “movements,” not a big surprise they are trying it again now.

  14. “They always lie… they love lying”

    “You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies” (John 8:44).

    Scalding Monkey Testicles would be a bangin’ band name.

    • A million years ago I knew a guy in a band called The Balls. The logo was what you would expect. They sold more t-shirts than tickets as they were not very good at music.

  15. Thoughts on ‘Black Love’ from the box seats….
    Perhaps the usual suspects fear a Malcolm X and GLR alliance and the approach from both Conservatards and the Managerial State is enough of a distraction to keep that from happening, lest the involved figureheads are deemed to need meet the same fate. ‘Ye’ ain’t no Malcolm X, but as they say, ‘watch this space’.

    Give the Donald more credit for his approach to blacks. As absurd as the Platinum Plan seems to us, blacks like two things: gibs and a flashy big man boss. It may not have been effective enough at the ballot (because the big man boss also needs to be black), but the approach is at least understandable from a wonk point of view.

      • It rhymes with a lot of things.

        Seeing almost all of them do an instant 180 on Trump when the TV told them to…

        I’d always considered black men’s irascibility, criminality, etc., as downsides of their best quality, an instinct to always demand of society, “Says who?”

        Hypothesis discarded.

      • Trump and Ric Flair seem to have a special place in the hearts of an entire generation of black men.

    • I could forgive Trump’s pandering to blacks had he at least acknowledged that we exist. It seemed like it was almost a daily occurrence for Trump to mention, by name, blacks, Latinos, women, homos etc, but never ever White, let alone the evil “White Male,” the only demographic that gave him a 50 state shutout in 2016, not sure about 2020. That is, if you only counted the White male vote, he won all 50 states. If only the “White” vote was counted, it was still a blowout, just not 50-0. The only time White people are ever mentioned by name is to disparage us.

      Trump’s approach to African Americans was to release AA criminals. If I were black, I would oppose this. If some White nationalist became dictator and wanted to release White criminals, I’d oppose it. I “get” the support in the hood for this stuff. After all, many a mamma has a good boy in prison for doing nothing, but even the AA middle class supports this stuff. Our small hatted friends support this for both AA and other small hats too. The ADL got its start defending a child rapist and murderer, Leo Frank.

      • Agreed. He was scared to use the dreaded “w” word but clung tightly to any non-whites who came out in support of him. It was nothing more than cowardice. I remember hearing from the multidimensional chessmasters that saying the word “white” meant he was going to lose the support of white people. It was ridiculous.

      • Yep. Trump jettisoned his ‘16 base in favor of another. Seemed to me it started fairly early in his term, too. Tired of winning, maybe. KAG ≠ MAGA.

        • The obvious moment was his awful omnibus bill in spring of 2018 where he bragged about getting $10 billion in more defense funding in exchange for ditching his entire 2016 platform. Around that time, Republicans began losing special elections being held. Shortly after was one of Z’s greatest posts: President Boomercon.

          • I started getting that feeling after Charlottesville. Not that I thought it was a good idea to have a torch march with Spencer and a converted prog. Trump came out and said the right things initially imo— was pretty fair and even-handed, I’d say. Got raked over the coals for it. After that, he started distancing himself, or at least it seemed that way to me.

            The whole thing was frustrating, turning your back on your supporters and the movement that got you elected because of a couple of wingnuts. I think the woke reign of terror would’ve been blunted by a little more strength.

            That said, Trump was the only politician at all willing to voice the interests of white men, and I don’t regret that we got behind him, because things would be so much worse. But again, it would’ve been nice to have a stronger champion.

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  17. One version of the British Defense Secretary rush to Washington is that the Russians had intercepted encrypted calls between MI6 and the Ukes concerning, and planning the F.F. nuke operation.
    The flurry of calls to the Worlds Defense Chiefs was Russia sharing this operation.
    Hence the need to report in person.

    • The other interesting aspect of the dirty bomb scare is that this is the first major episode in the conflict where Russia managed to get ahead of, and so far defeat, the usual Western MSM propaganda campaign.

  18. As the global economy continues its irreversible deterioration due to energy shortages, supply chain disruptions, and beggar-thy-neighbor nationalism, all the extremely expensive and complicated infrastructure necessary to keep the internet working will be impossible to maintain at scale. We will soon reach a point when the network effect, always a two-edged sword, begins to work in reverse. As more advertisers and customers abandon the web, it loses its utility for those that remain, resulting in an accelerating snowball effect of tech abandonment that will mirror the astonishing rise of the net during the boom years of the late ’90s.

    The future of the “technology” is as a boutique good for the ultra-wealthy, who will move to exclusivize it and turn it into a private preserve. Eventually, not just the communication hubs (e.g. Starlink) but the internet servers themselves will move to orbit. All the incriminating data, all the dirty laundry and machinations of the rich, will be moved off-world, beyond the reach of governments and corporations. Their phone or device will be nothing but a portal with an encrypted link to the great cloud computers in the sky, and it will wipe itself after every use. There will be no fingerprints, no accessible paper trail to follow—like a Swiss bank account. The elites will be able to store their cryptocurrencies and live out their sex fetishes in a private metaverse increasingly unimaginable to you and me.

    As a member of the elite, Musk has impulses in this direction and is working to make it happen regardless of whatever his conscious intentions might be. He is no champion of freedom; he is an avatar of the dying West’s final push towards cold civilizational crustification.

    • An Elysium scenario is far more plausible than something than Gibson’s Rastafarian space station.

  19. Since Kremlinology has become my full-time hobby, I wonder about the Kanye thing. Why did (((they))) decide to destroy his so thoroughly? And did he want it? Was it a way out of some business deal like Adidas, where he could do better without them?

    • My hunch is they thought they could destroy Tucker with it. “He had an anti-Semite on his show!!!” They never thought about Kanye going nuts with it and drawing all of the focus away from Tucker. Once the mob started chasing West, the bankers and corporate managers felt the pressure to pile on.

      • Just like Elon Must was their favorite sun, he said the wrong thing one too many times. This creates critical mass.

        Now Yelon Dusk has taken the same path, and might even buy his own SM company.

    • Why did (((they))) decide to destroy his so thoroughly?

      My guess is that the mere fact that he called attention to them and their power is reason enough.

      The reason that most people think that this topic is crazy is because they’ve never heard an intelligent person lay out the evidence. Of course, Kanye is not the man to do that, but he was preparing the way for that man.

      • “intelligent person lay out the evidence”

        In an age where a public discussion on defining a women is not ridiculed out of existence I would say those days are long gone.

        You need simple and effective imagery for the unthinking.

        I noticed a newish mechanism to get around the censorship in a few places now where the members in a photo of say the Biden admin, or a UN picture, or immigration support org are colored blue like a smurf. this is usually without comment.

        It seems pretty effective enabling recognition without the usual conditioning filters kicking in (probably due to the level of subconscious visual processing), and has about the same impact as the NPC imagery.

      • Most antisemites are insane, at least most of the ones I ever see or hear from. I have no idea how this works. But there are so few people who are critical of their power and what they do with this power while not being insane about it. Ryan Faulk is pretty good on this, but he also seems to be moving in that direction. Z, of course is pretty good with it. But outside of those 2, I can’t even think of an example other than them.

        Either the small hats dindu nuffin or they literally control everything and are responsible for every evil in the world.

      • It was him repeatedly talking about the tribe for days. I think if he said it just once, they’d slap him on the wrist. But no, he went on any and every show that would have him to talk about the chosen people with no signs of stopping. That’s when they took decisive action.

    • “I wonder about the Kanye thing. Why did (((they))) decide to destroy him so thoroughly?”

      Just to remind you. Kanye tweet:

      “I’m a bit sleepy tonight but when I wake up I’m going death con 3 On JEWISH PEOPLE.”

  20. “…even though someone crosses the great divide to this side, they bring with them the habits of mind of the other side. … Dissidents have to accept that crossing the great divide is just the first step. … initiates need to be reconditioned …”

    Yep, one day at a time. As I said, it’s like Alcoholics Anonymous. There is always the temptation to fall off the wagon. Z-man is our sponsor.

  21. Yeah, that’s a lot of stellar material available all at once, a 1,000-year flood of the important and the trivial.

    Your first segment probably is the most significant. The Regime normally is more subtle with its rebukes of its Left flank, so forcing the Progressives to grovel and to be outright humiliated in such a public fashion shows how all-in the Regime is on the Russo-Ukraine war. I will admit watching The Squad put on a minstrel show for Ol’ Massa Military Industrial Complex had plenty of entertainment value, but it is terrifying, too. Note that the Zio-Whoring also was put on hold when the Israeli prime minister who tried to broker a peace agreement was told “six million plus one if you continue.” So our sociopathic but increasingly retarded Ruling Class has thrown all caution to the wind.

    “Nuclear war? BRING IT ON!” they said, dropping their literal and figurative masks.

    Re Kanye West: again, all subtlety is gone. The Regime is telling Holy Black America to go fuck itself. Who would have thought that possible? Jews ‘r the real racists–and you will like it.

    Re Fetterman: the Democrats have long allowed the dead to vote. How long until they run literally dead people? How long until Con, Inc., tone polices people who notice the candidate is dead?

    “I’ll see Caligula’s Horse and raise Caligula’s Dead Horse.”

    Enjoyable show.

  22. Blimey, but that Dabney quote is brilliantly percipient. There’s really not much more that need be said about conservatism. He skewered it like a bovine shishkabob and roasted it over glowing coals.

    • Before I became aware of the Dabney passage, I had thought that the criticism of conservatism, that it conserves nothing, was articulated sometime around 2015 or so. Yet we Dabney writing in 1897, “This is a party which never conserves anything.”

    • What we consider a “conservative” is akin to fat chicks who are always on a diet. It’s not that they want to stop eating, but they have an external pressure on them to adhere to cultural norms. So what they do is feign an attempt at staying healthy and use that as cover to indulge. “Ooh, I did 15 minutes walking on the treadmill today, now I can have a cheat day on my diet and supersize my value meal!”

      Similarly, mainstream conservatives pick and choose low hanging fruit to conserve so that they can feel justified in ceding ground on more important issues.

  23. Thing is, there are benefits to being on Twitter you cannot get on gab or other social media platforms. For instance, access to non-political twitter accounts. Gab has a retrogaming group, but hardly anything is posted to it. There are a number of retrogaming twitter accounts I follow and it is a major pain to do it via bookmarks (I am a bit of a nerd). Whatever hobbies you might have and want to follow is usually not available on alt sites like Gab.

    • Facebook has a segment locked up with their “Groups”, something Yahoo had a monopoly on back in the day (but that’s the issue as these things favor a single site of critical mass).

  24. Yeah what is going to hit the regime first? That they are getting their asses handed to them in Ukraine and have taken the Western world from abundance to want in 6 months or the fact that they have coerced 2/3 of the population to inject a time released poison into themselves? Things are looking bad you know what would solve it? Just set off a nuke and you never have to answer any of those questions

    • Your points are exactly why my gut says we haven’t heard the last of dirty bombs and nukes from the GAE.

      I pray our Russian friends have reached a similar conclusion.

  25. Little to add, really – simply another en pointe post that I agree with wholeheartedly. Mocking lefties in person (if one is unfortunate or stupid enough to deal with them in real life) is one thing. Seeking them out and trying to ‘score’ against them in public space or on social media is the equivalent of that small hat midget who trumpets he’s ‘winning’ when he tells bimbette college wahmen that facts don’t care about their feelings (except for anti-semitic facts – those are hate facts and verboten).

    “Therefore come out from among them and be separate, says the Lord. Do not touch what is unclean and I will receive you.” Having one’s own people and nation and place means having one’s own mental fortitude and self confidence. If you need lefty’s attention or approval or still think joining him in his arena under his rules equals social combat, you’re still a normie at heart. If you still send your kids to public school or all your money to some college so they can ‘succeed’ in AINO society and under AINO’s anti-White rules, you’re not a dissident – you’re just larping as one.

    • I make an instant judgment, roughly 100 percent accurate, about anyone who reveals they use Twitter, Facebook and so forth. Maybe the Social Darwinism outweighs the totalitarianism.

    • 3g4me. There you go again dragging out that old book of fairy tales for words of wisdom and guidance pertinent to today’s problems. Really, you should know better by now. 😉

      • Compsci: Mea culpa except . . . not really. You know by now I don’t give a fig for most people’s opinion or approval. I do fear God, but I never try to pretend to hold beliefs that I don’t either before Him or any man, regardless of his supposed credentials or wisdom or self importance or popularity. I am willing to change my opinion – I have on many things over the years – but I’m no one’s acolyte and the truth is the truth.

        Most people love little lies – they tell themselves lies about themselves and their motivations and character all the time. I’m no harder on anyone else than I am on myself. If that gets me down vote because I hurt someone’s feelings or ego or inflated self perception, too bad so sad.

        • Swear to Gob I am writing you in to be our historic First Female President.

          Trump was hated, but 3g will be feared!!

          (And yeah, Mike Robinson, she’s got the right set of gear to prove it, too)

          • Alzaebo: I have neither the necessary character nor qualities nor desire for leadership, but thanks for the thought anyhow, sir!

        • I knew this. But could not resist putting in a plug for the Bible. There is much wisdom in that book if one knows how and where to look.

  26. This affliction of right variants you point out from time to time is an important one. If I may take it further. Seeking attention from lefty is an appeal to their Status. Its an important distinction, i.e. the why of this appeal. They subscribe to leftist/prog status and continue to aspire to climb its wicked stalk to the cloud. Even after a divorce from leftist ideology, most will still worship at the aspirational progressive alter. This is the core of the affliction. I’d reckon its part n parcel of the inversion, feminization, etc. but then I’d just be banging that drum again.

    • So, why is it that most on the Right have historically craved approval from those on the Left? Whence this status differential that motivates the cringing obsequies?

      • Because a lot of people buy into what might best be described as their most frequently implied assertion: that they are morally and intellectually superior to us ordinary sorts.

        When they’re smug, self-righteous, arrogant, or hectoring someone over some perceived moral failing there is an implied assertion that they’re justified in doing so. They certainly think so, which lends them some force of sincerity. If the target of this doesn’t question this implied assertion it gives the left a status of moral superiority they don’t actually possess.

        The counter is to reject the implied assertion. Take a look at their track record if you ever find yourself backsliding. Nothing about the mass suffering they cause is moral and the inability to reassess and change direction certainly isn’t intellectually superior.

        • Right on! That’s why I never pull punches. For example, trannies are mentally ill and delusional—they belong in treatment not on female swim teams, and certainly not in polite society. No qualifications, no exceptions.

          Harsh, yes, but that’s the only “position” that counts as true “conservatism”. Any other position only slows the degradation of society as we once knew it.

      • We are social animals and the nonstop conditioning since birth is that the left has the moral perspective by default. It’s easier to swim with the current than against it. Anyone who goes against that is considered defective and therefore low status, which means it’s open season. The Internet and social media has made it so people get even more pressure to conform. Hence suburban white women used to be as conservative as their husbands but after social media, have become as Democratic as when they were young and single.

    • So options are:

      1. genuine burglary
      2. assault from someone he knew who was at the house while nancy was away
      3. assault from someone he invited into the house
      4. from someone with a grievance over some personal thing.

      I wonder if its connected to the DUI where he had an unidentified passenger “concealed” (whatever that means) in the car.

    • Maniac: I don’t buy it. This was a pre-planned sympathy bid. With the money and private security they have, I just don’t believe some random guy so easily gained access to them and their home.

      • I sort as agree highly likely as I forgot to add the complete fake as an option.

        Much like when the Pelosi garage supposedly had graffiti sprayed on it, but the person doing the spraying helpfully used a spray shield to truncate the painting and stop the expensive bricks on the front facade either side of the door getting any spray paint on them,

      • Yeah, we’ve had enough of these “fakes” to be suspicious. Problem is we will probably never know. I’m betting he was beat up by someone he knew and brought home or allowed in—assuming the physical evidence holds. Some sordid BS deal.

    • It likely is an intraparty-type thing. The Squad types were forced to bow and scrape over their Ukraine self-denunciation, and it probably set this dude off. It also may be a gay thing as well since Paul’s DUI involved an unidentified younger male passenger. Karma galore either way.

      • Smollet looks more likely.

        So the guy named does not appear in any of the online residency records, has a blog that looks like it was written by a student reddit group fantasizing how MAGA voters think and a whois lookup shows it was created in September this year.

  27. Haven’t listened yet, plan on turning it on in an hour or so once some work is completed. But that quote from Dabney is downright spectacular. Saved it as a PDF in my files. And I agree that last year’s Witches podcast was the greatest podcast ever recorded. I have listened to it probably 5 or 6 times since then, and have forwarded it to many friends, some of which have become regular readers/listeners since that introduction.

  28. Just to reinforce the point, last year’s “Witches” episode is one of the greatest things published to the Internet. For any new ‘Z’ consumers do yourself a favor and go back and give it a listen.

    • I listen to it at least once a month. I’m always grateful for dissidents that share practical wisdom.

  29. Z has been following Larry Johnson, Jacob Dreizen and Moonofalabama (great takedowns of all the “anonymous” source claims) with more and more regularity it would seem.


    Another pretty good source is History Legends. I believe he’s out of the Balkans.

    • Never heard of Larry Johnson. I saw the name Jacob Dreizen floating around but was never able to find his site, so I am guessing he is on Twitter or maybe telegram. I check the MOA guy on occasion, but not often. Mostly I follow Russian and Ukrainian accounts on Telegram. I watch the Duran guys, mostly because they followed me on Gab and I thought it was the band. That is how I discovered them

      The best guy to follow for battlefield analysis is the Military Summary Channel. He has very good maps and plays it about as straight as you can hope for in a war.

      • Larry Johnson can be found at sonar21.com. He is ex-CIA and has views similar to Scott Ritter. Jacob Dreizen can be found at thedreizenreport.com and is a flamethrower with an extremely high IQ (easily 150+), which is an uncommon combination. His predictions have been accurate, which is his distinction. MOA is retired German military and a good window into European perspectives. And you need to add Gonzalo Lira to your playlist (Rumble blogger) for the spicy takes on current events.

        • I’ll third or fourth the Johnson recommendation. He used to make the sausage at Langley and is a good writer and speaker.

          Dreizen is highly intelligent but can be a nit of a tough listen.

          Lira is very smart and on the ground in Ukraine. He’s one of these quasi-elite types that fell out of those circles. His group discussions are really good, but I still think there is something off about the guy.

          The New Atlas is good on most topics. Sadly, he’s far too forgiving of China.

          • Ja, I also am a follower of Larry Johnson’s blog. He had a blog a few years back called No Quarter which I followed. Later on, he had become a guest poster at Col. Patrick Lang’s blog Sic Semper Tyrannis which I followed, even had a comment or two of mine used as a launching point for the Col.’s posts. But shortly after Col. Lang transferred his hosting to Iceland, and the Ukraine kerfuffle, kicked off (perhaps not coincidentally after he and his wife suffered majorly bad reactions to the Jab), he fell increasingly inder the sway of another poster at that blog, an American/Lithuanian former special forces officer who styled himself as TTG, The Twisted Genius, and the Col. went to the Dark Side (haven’t visited since). Mr. Johnson got crosswise of Col. Lang, left affiliation, and only later did I find him at his own blog, Son of the New American Revolution (ancestry fought in the original revolution). Good site, widely experienced, was a high level intelligence analyst at the CIA, and educates readers on how a professional does analysis. Well contacted, too.

      • “The best guy to follow for battlefield analysis is the Military Summary Channel. He has very good maps and plays it about as straight as you can hope for in a war.”

        Have you lost your ever-loving mind, Z-Man? That Dima guy at the Military Summary Channel has been nothing but an attention-grabbing twat from the very beginning. His analyses are loopy and absurd and his interview on The Duran was the worst episode in the show’s history. Dima seriously sucks.

    • I really think Musk thinks a few small changes will create a massive money inflow where his investment will increase several fold. He also has the personal want for Twitter to be more “fun” like it used to be and be able to regulate discourse.

      He’s probably right on both fronts. A simple few dollar subscription model catering bluechecks for a few extra features along with a larger model for media companies would create a massive financial windfall. That and reducing headcount by half would probably be sufficient.

      A more subtle endgame of being able to direct discourse is also important to him. While he’s a lefty, even he’s worried about the purity spiraling of the elite class in both his personal and professional life. He already lost one kid to the cult.

      • The overhead bloat there is pretty incredible. Even keeping everything the same but getting rid of all the departments of “Pots and Pans” would result in a pretty good cash flow. Another thought is that he wants an established social media backend for his other products that cannot “cancel” his customers.

    • Gotta love it…Having been suspended twice by Twitter by “fact checkers” (talk about Orwellian phrases) I doubt that I will return…

    • Everyone is way too excited about Musk taking over Twitter. Even if Musk wanted to allow Twitter to be a free speech zone like Gab, there are some serious roadblocks Twitter would face, like Googleplay and Apple Store along with credit card processors.

      Also, I heard Musk borrowed the money against Tesla shares he holds with a forced sell of the shares if the Tesla shares fall to a certain threshold. Rising interest rates and exploding competition in the EV market will probably prick the Tesla bubble (Tesla is absolutely not worth more than Toyota, Ford and GM combined).

  30. C’mon, Zman. You live in Lagos on the Chesapeake. You may not have intentionslly listened to Kanye, but you’ve surely heard all of his greatest hits sitting on traffic from the brothers at the light next to you.

    • I would bet that most of Kanye’s fans are suburban white kids. Black people follow regional styles more than they follow the corporate performers, which is cities have their own style. Bmore house, for example, is a a local hip-hop style here in Lagos.

      The trick corporate America learned in the 1990’s is if they could convince suburban white kids something was popular in the hood, they would snap it up. Get a NBA player to promote your sneaker and the boys in the hood will adopt it, which then means it takes off out in suburbia, where the big money lies.

      • You won’t see much diversity at a Bruce Springsteen concert, or the Beastie Boys for that matter. You will however with Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West or even Snoop Dogg; the white market is what makes them rich.

        The only person I’ve seen where this is an exception is Eminem. Although I imagine while he might sell out Ford Field, he likes living in Auburn Hills never grew up on 8 Mile and still feels free to criticize “white America” without any consequences.

  31. I am not looking forward to Twitter 2016 again. I owe a lot of my “radicalization” to Milo, Gavin, and the hundred accounts of Mike Enoch, and remember Faith Goldy and Tiiina Wiik?

    But Twitter is now shyster central, composed entirely of thirsty people looking for attention. It may invite the weirdos and grifters back that our side has been able to cast off and ignore. Triumphantly heralding the return of your Twitter account is akin to saying “I am running for office on the Republican ticket. Vote for me please.”

    If Elon REALLY wanted to make a difference, he should have bought You Tube. At least you need a modicum of talent to make videos. Tweeting is retarded.

    • Um, a majority of the people you listed as contributing to your radicalization were attention seeking grifters. Gavin recently staged a faked FBI arrest for attention.

      • Yes they are. I realize that now. I guess to some extent I’m glad I was exposed to them through Twitter, YouTube, and Joe Rogan. Maybe if those types return to Twitter, it might send more people our way…you can’t deny that all those alt-lite figures were a factor in Trump’s win. And they could be a factor in Red Caesar’s coming. The uncensored internet opened a lot of eyes and our overlords knew it, ergo cancel culture beginning in 2017.

        But in the past five years, Twitter has become a ridiculous relic. Going back to that cesspool is not “winning”, it’s just acknowledging that all you really want to do is own the Left and belittle Mitt Romney.

        Gab is an echo chamber, mostly, but people on it are pretty genuine. It says a lot that people like Cernovich and Peinovich refused to use it.

  32. “Help! Help! I’m being repressed by the fascists of Twitter!” – Want to learn more? Follow me on Twitter.

    If Elon Musk wanted to save humanity, he would take every computer server and employee of Twitter, douse them in gasoline, burn them to ashes, and then box up the ashes and hurl them into an active volcano.

    To paraphrase Gandalf speaking of the One Ring, “Twitter is altogether evil.”

  33. Watching the alt-right troll liberals on Twitter was a lot of fun though. And I think it was effective. There’s something to be said about invading public spaces with messages that defend our people.

    I like having spaces where we talk among ourselves. But it can be effective to raid mainstream platforms with pro-white memes. At some point you have to talk to a larger audience if you want to change the political landscape.

    • As a general rule, when our side can speak freely then we dominate the space. Having the truth on your side tends to have that effect.

      Although Z Man remembers it differently, it was great fun to watch the TRS troll army raid the National Review comments section and bring it to its knees. Although I didn’t participate, I watched it happen in real time, hitting the refresh button every 15 seconds. It was beautiful and hilarious.

      • Upon re-reading my comment, I see that I mixed up two separate subjects.

        First, there is being able to speak the truth freely like Jared Taylor and Peter Brimelow do.

        Second, is flooding a space with truthful, but pugnacious comments.

        I always support the former but while the latter is very amusing, I can understand why it should be deployed with restraint.

        • I was a regular on NRO and while it amused the hell out of the TRS trolls, it was meaningless. The mods would quickly sweep the comments away and the whole thing was forgotten. I have been on-line since the BBS, so I have seen this too many times to think it makes any difference. Frankly, the targets find the experience affirming. After all, the bad guys targeting them means they must be the good guys.

          No one takes my advice, so the same flag and costume idiots and the latest iteration of them will go and do the same stupid thing all over again thinking this time it will be different. The irony is the people lusting after the attention of lefty are the people claiming to want an ethnostate. That suggests if they ever got it, all of their vacations will be to Africa to troll the locals.

      • Zman was a big part of that comments section take-down in 2016. That’s when NRO hurled commenters into the void and moved to Fakebook commenting.

        We all ganged up on Victor Davis Hanson and he wound up a critic of the regime’s war in Libya. We did this mainly by pointing out that we knew exactly who was lying to us and how we were being lied to.

      • I was there and remember it quite differently. I am neither a TRS troll or alt-right. What happened essentially was the same as what happened with Nick Fuentes and the Groypers when they hijacked the Charlie Kirk event with the gay black dude. We simply asked the National Review writers straightforward, uncomfortable questions such as the now-cliche “what did you conserve?” They melted down and eventually went the epistemological closure route with closely monitored and curated comments.

        It really wasn’t trolling since the questions were sincere even if calculated to expose the NR people as the frauds and grifters they have been for decades. NR was cornered and knew it and never recovered.

        • *To be clear, the TRS types were mindlessly trolling and distracted from the rest of us exposing the fraud.

          • The “TRS types” were probably National Review guys used to make you all look bad enough to censor.

          • The National Review guys lacked the self-awareness and cleverness to do that, Frip. They were caught flat-footed, and the TRS types were a fortuitous intervention from the NR perspective. While a mindless distraction, the TRS guys sometimes were hilarious as were the NR reactions to them, which indicated there was no coordination.

            As an aside, the AGAINST TRUMP edition itself was humorous and a better self-parody could not have been written intentionally. Fossilized morons and grifters not relevant since the Eighties–Mona Charen, Brent Bozell, other pathetic relics–got an additional 15 minutes and helped drive the stake into the even-then barely beating heart of National Review. The suicide of Con, Inc., was delicious and if there were any ability at all to do things like use fake trolls it was not at all evident, in no small part because the wit required did not exist.

          • @Jack “the TRS guys sometimes were hilarious as were the NR reactions to them, which indicated there was no coordination.”

            Unless this is exactly what they wanted you to think it indicated.

            The NR dorks have nephews and sons who know how to play the game of internet deception.

  34. I’m pretty sure adidas and puma were the same company back in the 30’s ( two brothers) one was on board with mr mustache (puma ) and made boots with hoob nails , the other went his own way off shore and started a. New company ( adidas)

    • Adidas inspired a very memorable acronym made immortal by a ’90s nu-metal band called Korn, too.

      • Was there anything memorable about Korn? Asking as someone who did like their music in the late 90s/early 2000s.

        • Nope, not really. I remember they were the “edgy” band back in the 90’s but by today’s standards they they’re akin to Sesame Street. I was cleaning house in my music collection a few weeks ago and Korn didn’t make the cut.

        • The late 90’s and early 00’s were a very dark time in rock. Papa Roach. The execrable Van Halen III. Creed. Re-Load (Metallica).

        • “Was there anything memorable about Korn?”

          Yes. They pretty much created a new genre of metal, with their hyper de-tuned guitars. Insane-asylum vocals. Lyrics that explored the “monster” inside. Funky riffing. Rasta-art hair styling. Funky-hip hop stage moves. So, they popularized Nu-Metal. I’m not a big fan of Nu-Metal. I don’t hate it. Metal did need some funk.

          And any of us from that time remember very clearly.

          “Are you readyyyyyyy”

          “I can see I can see I’m goin blind…”

          They’re from Bakersfield. I lived there just months before they exploded. It was interesting living in a “no name” town back then, and hearing the buzz around town knowing their local kids were just months from going worldwide. The reason everyone knows (as with any small band) is that they signed with a major record company. And since Mtv was still watched in 1994, it ensured their massiveness.

          I attended a small birthday party for one of the bandmembers. And about 8 other people. The whole band was there in a small hotel suite in Bakersfield. I didn’t say much. I was shy and not-cool. It was a bit intimidating being around these freaky looking cool guys and their pretty chick friends. Just a month from the 1st album release that was going to make them superstars.

          strange. Guy next to you on the couch hands you a cigarette, and you’re thinking: “At this moment no one knows this strange-looking guy from Bakersfield. But in 30 days everyone in the world under 24 will know everything about him. And he will be on that TV set in the corner 12 times a day.”

          I was around 25 at the time so I didn’t relate to their angry vibe. Though I recognized that it was fresh and extremely well executed.

          • Good explanation. I guess I grew out of the phony austere they projected. Thinking bands like TOOL or Nine Inch Nails were in anyway edgy or had reasons to pretend to be outraged faded quickly for me. But yes, Korn and Godsmack could be priming gym music.

          • Tell us more stories Uncle Frip!

            My brother partied with Alice in Chains a few times before they were signed. He thought that their stupid looking goatees were going to hold back their careers.

            I saw Alice a bunch times in Portland before they were signed. They were our local GnR facsimile then. Layne was ferocious and no one knew that Jerry could write great songs yet, probably not even Jerry.

            It never occurred to me that they might succeed someday.

          • @Panzernutter. “Hey frip, we still going to the red L for a beer ? Let me know.”

            I don’t get it.

            Me and commenter Falcone live near Hollywood. I suggested we meet up for a drink sometime. Other than that, I don’t recall asking anyone else.

    • The company was founded as Puma by two brothers, Adolf Dassler and Rudolf Dassler. Younger brother Adolf founded Adidas. See if you can pronounce the name of the town in Bavaria where these two companies are headquartered:


      • Her-zogen-ow-ach. I still remember some German from grade school. Well, what I mostly remember is how to say certain letter combinations. Even so, that is a mouthful.

      • I found out Addidas was German in 1987. Our high school astronomy teacher was German. Horste Brauner. He mention Addidas in passing and the whole class goes, THAT’S NOT HOW YOU SAY IT!

        Looking back, I can see he was playing a little joke on us. Knowing we arrogant Americans would correct his pronunciation. But he schooled us in the proper way to say it.

        In Germany and most of Europe it’s pronounced:


        Not the American: uh-DEE-dus

        If I recall correctly we were in his class when the space shuttle exploded. Or it was the same week. Horste allowed a kid to tell a joke about it. No one laughed. Too soon.

        • …And the Krauts pronounce VW “fow-vay” which rhymes with cow hay. I always preferred that to “vee-dubble-yew”.

          Americans pronounce Adidas correctly though.

  35. Z: “In retrospect, I should have retired after that show, but like all champions, I have lingered on too long.”

    This Gisele Bundchen thang is getting very very ugly:


    And the Beta Thirst in defending Gisele is sickening to behold.

    It’s also amusing to see how Normie Cons will readily bandy about pop-psychology nonsense phraseology, such as “compartmentalizing”, but cannot for the life of themselves acknowledge Cluster B nor Passive Aggression.

    Lady Macbeth is an horror to behold.

    Pray for Our Brother, Tom.

    • The comments on that Brady divorce news item are pathetic. I never read Griller comment sections. I need to do it on a daily basis because I’d totally forgotten how dumb and clueless and actually loathsome they are.

      A few NormieCon comments:

      –The boy who refused to grow up

      –“Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.”
      He wanted to go into the breach one last time ending his career with a bad season and shattering the image of the ultimate power couple marriage.

      –A man like Brady is a naturally high performer. He could have honoured his wife and gone into something else and been at the top of his game there.

      • Frip, the comments on this follow-up thread are far more world-wearily-wise & insightful:


        One dude related a story about an old man voluntarily giving up his job, during a big round of layoffs, which almost made my eyes a little misty.

        Also, the Babylon Bee dude nailed it with his wisecrack which was posted to that thread.

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