Democratic Police State

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If you are over the age of fifty, you remember a time when you would have been corrected, if you said America was a democracy. Conservatives would interrupt you and say that America is a constitutional republic, not a democracy. Liberals would say that America is a fascist police state, not a democracy. That is a small exaggeration, but the liberals were always going on about the lack of democracy. Both sides of the mainstream agreed that America was not a democracy.

Somewhere along the way, this reversed. Both sides of the increasingly narrow political consensus calls America a democracy. In fact, they compete with one another to be the most outraged by threats to our democracy. Proof that the universe has a sense of humor, our rulers would no doubt condemn all of their prior statements about America not being a democracy. This would never happen as no one would dare bring this up to them, but the point remains.

Of course, when they say democracy they mean liberal democracy, rather than direct democracy, which is impossible outside of small exceptions. By definition this means elections between distinct political parties, the rule of law, open debate about the issues of the day, a market economy, private property and the equal protection of the natural rights of all citizens. In other words, liberal democracy is representative democracy bounded by the natural rights of the people.

That last part is the critical piece. The point of the system is to not only give the people a say in who governs them but to make sure the people in power respect and defend the natural rights of the people. Otherwise, there would be no point in having elections for representatives to a parliament. It would be like giving the condemned the right to choose their executioner. The word “democracy” as currently understood means the defense of your rights.

The thing is, as the use of the word democracy has exploded, respect for the basic rights of citizens has sharply declined. It is not just the in the areas that can be debated, but the most fundamental rights of people. There will always be a debate about the use of private property at the fringes. For example, an you build a factory on your property located in a suburban neighborhood? That is a different matter from your basic right to own your labor and the fruits of your labor.

Take for example voting. Back when we called America a republic or a fascist police state, voting was orderly and mostly above board. You showed up to vote on the day of the election, identified yourself, voted and that was it. Maybe you had to stand in line for an hour if you went at the wrong time. Now that we have democracy, voting is a mess and the results are not known for days, sometimes weeks. Worse yet, no one can trust that the results are on the level.

Probably the greatest violation of our rights in this new fangled democracy is in the area of speech, which is under attack by the people preaching democracy. Kanye West is being systematically destroyed by the defenders of democracy because he says things they do not like. The defenders of democracy tell us we are supposed to cheer their coordinated assault on the man’s ability to exist, because he is a threat to democracy for foolishly sharing his opinions in public.

This war of speech has led to a war on property. PayPal recently announced a scheme to steal the property of their customers if those customers said anything that PayPal does not like. They had to backtrack on that scheme, but the mere fact that they thought they could do it is the point. They are not alone in this. The federal government thinks it can willy-nilly take money from employees of regulated firms if those firms fall afoul of the accounting rules governing public firms.

Before anyone thinks that this extrajudicial seizing of property will not withstand court challenge, take a look at the courts. The high profile police cases in Minnesota provide a clear understanding of how the courts have been corrupted. All similar cases involving police shootings. The results make clear that the foundational liberal concept of equality before the law no longer exists in our democracy. One can find hundreds of such examples that are now the rule.

Of course, the most basic right of all is self-defense. In most of the Western democracies self-defense is now illegal. This is a typical example of how protecting your life in your home is prohibited in Europe. Americans assume this cannot happen here, but Kyle Rittenhouse is a free man only because he drew the right judge and happened to be in one of remaining civilized parts of Wisconsin. If that had happened in a place fond of democracy, he would be on death row.

Self-defense arises from the bedrock belief that you own you. The entirety of the liberal tradition rests on this assertion. Even Karl Marx, a man not fond of private property, argued that the basic right of every man is that he owns himself. The past two years people were forced to take medicines against their will in the name of protecting our democracy from Covid. If you no longer have the right to control your body, then you have no rights at all.

None of this should be surprising. For most of human history people understood that democracy was a nice word for mob rule. In a mob, you have no rights other than those provided by the mob at any one time. You are always subject to the whims of the mob and those who can manipulate them. Therefore, as the talk of democracy has increased, the respect for basic rights has decreased. It turns out that democracy and a police state look a lot alike.

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159 thoughts on “Democratic Police State

  1. Can this be true?

    Only 24 days of diesel fuel left?

    Noooo, can’t be. Could we be as lemmings marching towards a cliff?

    Can you imagine the consequences if true?

    Forewarned (Tucker last night) is for forearmed guys.

  2. OT, but have you guys heard that Vox day lost $1 million of his supporters money for that movie project? Laughably to a crypto currency scammer.

    • Who knows. I will say this, my company takes Pilpul, er Paypal and we have seen a MAJOR drop off in its use by our customers as of late.

      Related? Who knows.

      • Quite a few of my customers don’t use it anymore; a guestimation, but probably a drop off by a third from last year.

    • When I closed my PayPal account a couple weeks ago, I had a couple hundred dollars, which I transferred to an existing bank account. I wasn’t able to close the account until that transfer cleared, which took 24 hours. When I went to close it the next day, they had given me a 10 dollar bribe, ostensibly to keep in my good graces. So I waited another 24 hours for that ten bucks to hit my bank and then closed the account. Thanks, suckers!

  3. All of you haters just got proven wrong about the economy. The GDP went up 2.6% this last quarter.

    Reminds me of North Korea proclaiming they harvested a bumper crop while U.N. food aid gets distributed. It also helps to lay down some attempts at legitimacy when several elections get rigged and stolen: “People are just so happy with the Democrat handling of the economy!”

    • Yes, and gas prices are dropping too, isn’t it wonderful! As soon as they raise the minimum wage to $50 an hour, we’ll all have it so much easier! Build back better baby!

    • Real inflation = 20%. Reported inflation = 8%. Real GDP = (-10%). 20-8-10=2%, so yes, 2.6% “growth” sounds about right.

  4. “Our democracy” is code for the measure of ownership over the political machinery of the state that the donors to the Democratic Party have. The last thing that they want is for that political machinery to be used for the benefit of the majority population of the state.

    They don’t really hate Donald Trump, that much; it is his electors that they hate like poison. That false, pyrrhic victory of WWII is really coming home to roost in the United States.

  5. At some point in the last few years it dawned on my that my elected Congressman does not exist to represent his constituents in Washington, but rather to represent his Party to his constituents.

    • And, given that political parties are corporations, and that corporations alway favor mandatory mediation in cases of dissonant relationships with partakers of their “services”, that representative assumes the role of corporate dispute mediator; and being almost invariably selected by the party, perfectly suited for the task.

    • “My” congresscreep is a gae, slip and fall lawyer, married to a man with two virtue-signal (guess the rayce) children. Plus, a carpetbagger that ‘lives’ in ‘his’ district and is all in for supporting a woman’s ‘right’ to terminate human life.

      I feel so represented, I just want to hug myself.

  6. “It turns out that democracy and a police state look a lot alike.”

    Everyone, lib and con, thought that if the mob ruled, they’d loot the treasury or string up the elite. Turns out, you can train them to demand to be totally controlled “for your own good” or “to benefit society as a whole.”

    At first, one might think this is the endpoint of Anglo Saxon virtuosity. But Europe has led the way (as in the self-defense and free speech examples), so it may be a Christian thing in general. This doesn’t bode well for the idea that Christian Nationalism will be any different from “vote harder!”

    • James J. O’Meara: For the modern iteration of ‘God is love’ Christianity (which some have labeled churchianity) you are correct. For historic European ‘muscular’ Christianity, there should be no conflict between faith and nation. Whether that self-confidence, pride, and obvious truth can be rekindled in modern people – trained for generations now in obedience to ‘the rules’ – remains to be seen.

      • But therein lies the problem…Christianity did lead to this, perhaps inevitably. It’s similar to Z’s assertions about the flaws of revanchist ideas (if we could just go back to X point in time and change it to this other outcome). Those who read my posts know I have no love of of Muslims, but Islam has still not been warped into any kind of weak groveling like Christianity has.

        • So 500 years of not leading to this. Then 40 years of leading to this all of a sudden which just so happens to coincide with saturated color electronic media?

          • 500 is being conservative. Probably closer to 1000.

            Not sure what you mean by “revanchist” ideas. My concept of “revanchism” is not getting rid of cars and penicillin. It is going back to ideas and principles that worked and getting rid of those that caused this mess.

  7. In the meantime, as I suspected, Ye = Trump = Antisemitism in the latest game of transitive associativity played by our innumerate ruling class.

    In the meantime, we ignore this theater, focus on ourselves and go about our business understanding the regime that rules us.

    • “In the meantime, as I suspected, Ye = Trump = Antisemitism…”
      lest we forget, saying “globalist” and globohomo is also antisemitic now too. The west seems to be blamed for much of the crap that’s behind climate and wuflu is also the grabblers.

      • Recall Trump’s tweet in late 2016 about international finance that meant he was going to fire up the ovens. Anything about cosmopolitanism or internationalism gets the tribe wound up.

  8. Mass democracy is bad enough. Couple mass democracy with mass education and you have the disaster we have today. Add to it mass communications and God help us for the disaster unfolding tomorrow. Conservatives forfeited the democracy trope because who remains that understands that voting and political action is not the primary means of negotiating life and more importantly, why is that so? Who is going to take the time to listen to even a cursory explanation of that bedrock, first principle?

    If we had forsaken mass college attendance we could have solved the Social Security and national debt problem through a productive class tied to the realities of being productive instead of resorting to mass immigration. The vast majority of these degree holders should be doing the work being done in China and Vietnam. Once we created a massive class of parasitic sinecures and threw on top of it subsidizing an albatross population and then added their best and brightest with their blood libel against the nation, we doomed our civilization no matter what form of government it used.

    We must extricate ourselves from these populations first. Move to the south and the heartland. Cultivate skills and be on the vanguard of additive manufacturing, AI/ML, drones and devices and support local, high culture and cultural production.

    ZMan I got an email from a new class of clown. Check out Avens O’Brien and LOLA. There is no escape from the neutron star of the degenerate phase of The Enlightenment.

    • If you cut off mass electronic media society will start to right itself as local normal in person pressures become dominant again over the voice of moloch.

      Russia is implementing this now to save its own society, and China understood this early on and makes an effort to stop that vector of control becoming a competing commanding voice to its own.

      People need a commanding voice to function and you better have control of it in your own society, or someone else will.

    • I want to add, that probably the worst outcome of the IQ bell curve affecting our albatross population is that they actually believe that a) we stole what they had b) we stole it through politics and that politics are the way to steal it back. Freedom was never the goal. It was something for nothing and revenge. I think even the highest echelons of their elite believe a and b with every synapse in their brains and every fiber of their being. We take for granted how understanding and committing to a non-zero-sum social organization and hierarchy is a product of IQ.

      Once the albatross population was assisted with the legal and financial aspects of political organization that they could and cannot do on their own, political activism and public action supplanted private and personal action and became deeply entrenched as the primary political trait in America across a larger swath of the population. It had too. As more goodies get apportioned by tribe, it has to only get worse.

      It was heartening to see that James Lindsey sees that about the 60s. He struggles to know what he can say about it, but that he understand that now is a good first step.

      Think about where a guy like him was even a year ago in terms of an accurate, big picture understanding of where we are and why. The cracks in the dam continue to emerge. As the crackdown continues, more and more intellectual heft will be forced to cross the great divide. As the civ nat mamma bears take up the fight at the local level, their eyes too, are surely opening as to what is happening and why.

      What unintended consequences will the reaction to DumbYe West lead to? More corporate knee bending. Someone else getting hoody sales, and sneaker ad revenue. Tens of millions of curious doing forbidden Internet searches and rabbit hole tumbling. Ever more cracks in the dam.

  9. I suppose it is up to the tall foreheads to determine who we are, Z. I have heard other wanks and pundits declaim that we are a democratic republic – whatever that means to whoever defines the terms.

    All I know is that the age of the dissident has to end. We need to become insurgents now because our govts are illegitimate. If I have to defend myself it will be a case of shoot, shovel, and shut up. The law has always been an ass – that is why our forefathers lynched negroes. They had to be disposed of fast, or the courts would move in to protect them. They understood that black law has to be simple, fast, and incredibly brutal.

    I note with minimal satisfaction that that black baboon that ran over all the grannies and school girls with his SUV was found guilty. Hopefully he gets the chair or the rope.

    • “All I know is that the age of the dissident has to end. We need to become insurgents now because our govts are illegitimate.”

      That assessment seems more correct with every passing day.

    • Well, he literally can’t get the chair or the rope because all the “nice” people up there in Wiss-kann-sun don’t believe in the death penalty. The most Mr. Brooks can get is several life sentences.

      On the upside, the men in death row (because they murdered someone) cannot be put to death for any of the people they murder while in jail.

      Perhaps an enterprising fellow on death row will know what to do with Mr. Brooks.

      • God willing he is left unsupervised in the yard, parade music goes out over the loud speakers and a select group of inmates are given cars and have a whole of patience in doing a drawn-out parade re-enactment.

  10. If you’re above the age of 200 you’d remember a time when you would have been corrected for saying rights arose naturally, rather than from God. Over time a consensus was formed among those who weren’t into monarchy or dictatorships and we were told rights come from trees. Now, because man owns himself and believes he is not owned by God he is slowly losing the ability to defend himself and all forms of debauchery and insanity are now permitted.

    • When you kill God, you demote objective reality. As no God exists to establish Truth, inevitably subjectivity (reality is primarily in the mind) supersedes. This is the legacy of the Enlightenment. It is the Law of Unintended Consequences, for most Enlightenment thinkers believed that objective reality could be established by the sciences. Of course, all we received is meaningless data, and the great unification of the sciences never coalesced, and subjective processing of the data usurped the process.
      All of this is really the Renaissance, in a manner. Consider the Sistine Chapel ceiling. While paying homage to God, man said what God looked like (Zeus, in this case) – ironic.
      It is the irony of the Enlightenment. What started as an endeavor to use God-given reasoning (from their perspective) and scientific knowledge to establish objective truth led to the complete removal of God and objectivity. Why? Because they dethroned God as the universal arbiter of Truth.

    • This is why I largely go with the Christians. Those fuddy-duddies saw everything long before it happened.

      Atheists live in utter fantasy where we get rid of Christianity and everyone becomes “rational” and “irreligious.” We have simply replaced one religion for another, only now our priestesses have kool-Aid colored hair and fly rainbow flags. Every change is guarded and no matter how disastrous the outcome of any change, it is locked in never to change again.

      • Some fine comments today, Tars Tarkas. What the so-called new atheists (Dawkins, Hitchens, Harris, et al.) seemed not to realize is that while you can take away a man’s traditional religion, you cannot take away his religious impulse. It was both amusing and instructive when last year Richard Dawkins was stripped of a Humanist of the Year Award that he had won a quarter of a century earlier. What was the man’s offense? He had the gall to question the dogma of Transgenderism which forms such an integral part of our new religion of Wokeness. The irony is that few Christians would have objected to him engaging in that particular brand of skepticism. While Dawkins could have basked in the decline of the old religion, he was entirely at the mercy of the new one that he probably never saw coming.

      • You can take a sledgehammer to every flush toilet in the county and dynamite every sewer line, but people will still answer the call of nature. Because it is part of the human condition. You can destroy the Church and the system of traditions and belief, but you just end up with people relieving themselves in the street. You do not stop the underlying irresistible impulse that comes from humanity’s nature by breaking the way such nature is normally (and healthfully) satisfied.

      • Christian Churches are the largest organized celebrants of sodomy and its offshoots in the US: Rainbow fags abound. I can’t think of bigger importers of immigrants than the Catholic and Lutheran church’s

  11. With regard to self-defense, we’re getting close to the point where it’s a better bet to make the body disappear in a home self-defense situation than it is to get any authority figure involved. Sure, if the police trace the clues that you dumped the body, you’re in a heap of trouble, but its getting to the point in many countries where admitting to killing in self-defense is pretty much a confession for a guilty verdict, so the consequences are getting more even.

    This is slowly going to creep to the U.S., especially in the cities.

    Asking for asylum and fleeing the country is becoming another viable option.

    • My retired old school NYPD pal says “If you keep a bat in your car, you better have a ball and glove also.”

    • Seeking asylum elsewhere is an option that people need to take a hard look at. Going where you are appreciated and valued instead of hated. It may not be for everyone but it’s worth considering.

  12. A lot of pro-monarchy arguments make sense to me, but as an American, I’m still uncomfortable with that form of government. That’s probably why I’m a fan of federalism and local democracy, in spite of its problems. At the same time, I get that those problems are what got us here.

    I think the high/low trust society is a good way to look at it. I’d argue the political system the founders created was for a low-trust society, based on the rhetoric. Maybe Adams’ remark about a moral people goes against that, idk.

    At any rate, I’d think a liberal society must be low-trust, given the transactional relationships between people. Something based on blood, culture, and religion could be high-trust, because of the stronger bonds. The less people have in common, the more they’ll come into conflict, the more necessary laws and regulations become to mediate those conflicts, the smaller private life and greater public life.

    The republic was probably the strongest system possible at the time, since Americans weren’t an established nation. Hence the effort to create a uniform American culture and language, the angst over regionalism, etc. Even the Civil War, I suspect, was ultimately about nation building, as uncomfortable as that is, as tragic and destructive as the war was.

    Imo the American project got derailed, and we went the direction of democracy and greater diversity. We’re at the end of that process, and something(s) homogeneous will arise in its wake. So we have the option of trying again and getting it right, or disappearing, and I don’t want to disappear. I’d feel like I let my ancestors’ work and sacrifices go to waste.

    • “Imo the American project got derailed, and we went the direction of democracy and greater diversity. We’re at the end of that process, and something(s) homogeneous will arise in its wake. So we have the option of trying again and getting it right, or disappearing, and I don’t want to disappear. I’d feel like I let my ancestors’ work and sacrifices go to waste.”

      And doom our progeny to the brutality of being disappeared. Very well said.

  13. “If you no longer have the right to control your body, then you have no rights at all.”

    A strict interpretation of that statement would lead to the conclusion that prohibitions on the use of certain narcotics eviscerate self-ownership. I doubt that Zman would advocate for the legalization of substances such as crack cocaine and heroin. How does he reconcile the principle of self-ownership with the War on Drugs? I myself agree with the statement quoted above — which is why I am uncomfortable with prohibitions on certain substances. On the one hand, I object to the government telling adults what they can and cannot put into their own bodies. On the other, I doubt I would enjoy living in a society where junkies can shoot up at will. It’s a bit of a conundrum.

    Anyway, stellar article, as usual. “Democracy” is a propaganda term designed to melt the brains of regular folks. The elite technocrats who control our system have nothing but the utmost hostility for anything remotely resembling majoritarianism. The idea that “the people” should have any influence whatsoever is anathema to our ruling class.

    • Rights are and should be limited by the society. A good society is based on a shared sense of morality. Crack doesn’t fit in a good society, whether it limits the individual or not.

      • Unfortunately I’m going to have to “frownie face” you, and tell you why:

        “Rights are and should be limited by the society. A good society is based on a shared sense of morality.”

        You can’t say that with a straight face after the scamdemic fiasco. All the shared sense of morailty revolved around crackpot contradictory procedures, distancing, masks, and to the endgame, the clot shot manipulation.

        Unless of course you were and still are on board with all of that.

        A “shared morals” society is a hollow platitude, at the end of the day, it really only works with a homogeneous people. AINO is not that.

        The only solution is a tight knit community of common ancestry stressing virtue, piety, and self reliance. The morals will follow. See the Amish and Mennonites.

        • We Hate Everyone makes a great point about how “a tight knit community of common ancestry” is a best-case scenario for these types of quandaries. To piggyback on his comments regarding the scamdemic: If the government can mandate what you absolutely must not put into your body (certain narcotics), it’s a mere hop, skip, and a jump away for the government to mandate what you absolutely must put into your body. That leads us to “the clot shot manipulation.” Slippery Slope may be a logical fallacy, yet it also becomes a practical reality in many instances. The Drug War establishes that common folks no longer have self-ownership and thereby opens a gateway for novel tyrannies to be introduced down the road.

          • But the “clot shot” was really nothing new, other than demanding grown people take it. There are a bunch of “mandatory” vaccines you gotta shoot into your baby.

            They also are taking your baby’s DNA and permanently storing it. What they can already do with DNA is pretty scary. But there is a lot more to come. That’s just in isolation. Large numbers of samples get even scarier. Like what are they going to do when they get a high confidence DNA profile of a criminal baby? The only hope they won’t make these babies attend “special” schools is that the crime genes are not going to be evenly distributed among populations. We wouldn’t want to be “racist” now would we.
            Also, speaking of racist, “racists” probably have some similarity in genetics.

        • But we aren’t in a good society. We also should just do things that don’t fit in a good society because we are in a bad society.

          Adding more pee to the pool doesn’t make sense.

        • Well, We hate everyone, you are using a bizzare definition of “rights.” There are no “absolute rights” in the Lockean sense, that is gibberish. I have a right to defend myself and a right to arms to do so, so I have a right to own and fire a rifle, but I cannot have a right to just fire a rifle out my truck window on a crowded freeway. Or if you believe I do have that right, you are not a serious person. So you accept that there are limits to “rights.” The point of politics is establishing those limits, and they vary from one culture/nation and people group to the next. It is a valid question, and without a sensible answer you cannot have civilization.
          Or tldr: if you see a libertarian, punch him. He will know why.

    • Because it’s all BS. You don’t own jack. You don’t own property, you don’t own your own labor. You own nothing. This is why they can say they have the right to regulate what is in your pocket or your body.

      You don’t even have the right to raise your own kid. They only let you keep your kid to the degree you are paying for its maintenance.

      • Can’t argue with that. On second thought, the whole notion that we have “rights” is overly romantic and unrealistic. What matters in this world is POWER; those who do not possess power have no rights that cannot be readily abridged, infringed, or eliminated by those who do possess power. What you cannot successfully defend is only yours so long as someone more powerful does not attack it. That’s a hard truth that few wish to acknowledge. Regardless of all our modern amenities, “democratic” institutions, and delusions of sophistication, we are still, at bottom, living by the law of the jungle.

      • This is something that nearly everyone fails to understand apart from those who have experienced the machine of those forces directly.

        Endless columns and books about something that ceased to exist many decades ago, if it ever existed in the first place.

        Everyone thinks they have property rights and natural rights like their children etc until they get punched in the mouth by the state and realize its a fiction where they have no recourse against an immortal leviathan of spite.

        What they actually have is just being lucky to avoid the beast so far.

        • “What they actually have is just being lucky to avoid the beast so far.”

          I read there is an old Chinese proverb that goes something like “may the state become aware of you” or something to that effect. The LAST thing you want in “our democracy” is to be noticed by some bureaucrat.

          • Tars – Some bureaucrat, or even some ‘fellow citizen.’ Why TomA’s repetition of ‘Be the grey man’ is so important. Don’t attend public protests, don’t put bumper stickers on your car, don’t put campaign signs in front of your residence. Absolutely advocate for what you believe – but only to those who have ears to hear. Leave no written records or public/private surveillance camera views of what you do. While we’re all undoubtedly on the FBI list, get your name off as many other lists as possible – voters rolls, phone directories, various affiliations.

            Yes, it will mean not flaunting your grandchildren’s photos all over Faceborg – oh my, you might have to take the time to email the individually to family members. It will mean dealing with people face to face. It will mean not sharing your address when you move, and not leaving a forwarding address. It may mean changing your phone number and only minimally sharing the new one.

            The world is not your friend. The government is not your friend. And your neighbors (unless you live in a small, rural community where you know almost everyone) is certainly not your friend. People have to come to terms with reality on the ground instead of the fuzzy fantasy of their childhood.

    • perhaps we more rigorously suggest the druggie move to a community/county that is more accepting of those preferring drugs, crime and public defecation. The discussion can quickly devolve into a slippery slope but most of us know fairly well where the line is.

    • The limit on self-ownership is the demands of society. Under the principle that you cannot be fully you outside of society, you must make some compromises in order to be your full self or have any chance at it. A society full of drug takers is not going to last very long, so society has no choice but to limit drug taking. simply as a matter of self-defense.

      • So does that apply to a society full of the degenerate and suicidal NPCs?

        In order to survive society must limit these behaviors through force.

    • There used to be some common sense to your society in certain aspects. For example, murder is immoral, infidelity is immoral, having a child out of wedlock was shameful, etc.

      Now? Murder is 100% acceptable as long as you kill the right folks (i.e, Ashley Babbit), and that you are the right skin shade too. Having children out of wedlock is celebrated, being promiscuous is to live free. Killing babies makes you a “strong female”.

      It’s all just so exhausting. I do not recognize this society and every day I wake up I get closer and closer to having that “Falling Down” moment.

  14. “Natural” rights (or law) is an ancient tradition. I’m not arguing against it. I do grumble against what I suspect is a common failing, due to semantic games and wishful thinking, some believe they truly do originate from Nature. Now, one could argue that’s true, perhaps from the fact that Man himself is a product of Nature (and/or God, if you like). But that seems torturous logic and deceptive.

    In truth, Nature (by which I mean the physical universe) is “ruled” by its own Laws of Nature which are at best apprehended and described by Man. Thinkers will disagree over the origin of such true Laws, but surely no one will claim they are subject to repeal or amendment as if they were the by-laws of a corporation?

    Observe how far apart are “Law of Nature” and “Natural Law.”

    This all goes back to Plato’s Cave and his “real” (mentally created) reality vs. the “apparent” (sensory evidence of the outside, physical world.) The first has been at war with the latter since the dawn of history, if not earlier.

    A somewhat related concept is found in Hume: he observes that “ought” cannot be derived from “is.”

    It’d be great if, merely by calling it “natural,” our rights, laws, morals and other desires will be validated by Nature. Alas, it never works that way. “Natural rights” are only worth anything to the extent that you (or the next guy) will honor them. Due to the vagaries of human beings, their existence is at best tenuous.

    It’d be great if rights really were inalienable, God-given and could not be taken away. Sadly, history proves that none of the above are true. If they really WERE inalienable and not liable to be revoked, those things would never happen, would they? To the extent we live in a time and place where they are honored, to some degree at least, count yourself blessed.

    • Natural Law, The concept of our individual rights being God given and inalienable are intended for a free thinking and moral based people. They work when they are deemed beyond reproach for creating and maintaining the apex of human civilization. The concept works when it is taught and it’s value stressed, for example the way it was taught in civics classes while I was still in school 20 years ago.

      Neglected and replaced with the “do as thou willt” attitude to social interactions, the concept stands no chance. It rapidly gives way to the Law of Nature. Cutthroat, immoral, devious, degenerate law of the jungle style chaos ensues, and civilization collapse.

      It’s not that either is proven, it’s weather the people perceive one or the other as reality. Our satanic overlords are making a push for the Law of Nature to become the masses reality as we speak.

      My take anyway.

    • I think you may be misapplying the term Nature to mean some sort of thing that occurs in the natural world. My understanding of Nature as used in natural rights is more akin to fit for purpose. For example, a hammer is designed to drive and remove nails, a screwdriver the same for screws. Either can be used for the other with varying degrees of success, and may have in fact been so used on occasion in the natural world, but that does not change the nature of the tool.

    • Rights can be inalienable (in the sense they always exist) but can still not be enforced/ respected. Granted that a right that exists but is not respected isn’t worth much.

  15. The peasant scene from MP The Holy Grail was prescient about why democracy was always a sham:

    “I told you! We’re an anarcho-syndicalist commune! We’re taking turns to act as sort of executive-officer for the week, but all the decision of that officer have to be ratified at a special bi-weekly meeting by a simple majority, in the case of purely internal affairs, but by a two-thirds majority in the case of more major….”

    “Bloody peasant!” (Said the king, who’s supreme executive power derived from a farcical aquatic ceremony, because some moistened bink lobbed a scimitar at him)

    I’ll take the king, any day.

  16. It deserves mentioning that your linked article is from the Irish Times. Only providing further evidence of the need to answer the Irish question.

    *the article notes that the attacker had been drinking that night. I mean, this being the Irish times, it would be more noteworthy to note when someone had not been drinking that night.

    • So the guy threw a rock through a person’s window, walked in through the front door, threatened the small resident, got stabbed for his idiocy, and the judge thought this use of force was excessive.

      This is what happens when a pampered elite class who has never been in physical danger in their life make judgements. Give this judge a few weeks of boxing lessons with a man twice his size and maybe he’ll have a different opinion.

      • Americans do not realize how different things are in Europe.

        In most of Europe any weapon at all (even an improvised one) used even in straight up self-defense in your own home at 3am is defined as legally excessive force. There is no leeway.

        Even striking by hand when the person is deemed not to be a threat by the police (a fight where you are winning/when they are leaving) will lead to a prosecution for excessive force.

        The law is written that you must take a beating or worse and hope they do not murder your entire family, or the police will arrest and the state prosecute you without hesitation.

        • To be fair America is a much, much more violent society where home invasion is not uncommon

          It does not justify the present situation in Europe but it does mean Europeans are not terrified of their fellow citizens the way you Americans are.

          Even with these laws you are generally safer in a European house than an American one.

      • Quite right. It’s similar to the arguments I often hear from leftists that the police should simply “shoot the legs” of some “unarmed” diverse offender. These are people who have never handled a gun or faced any real conflict, and they get a vote on how to decide these cases.

  17. In the Taki piece on the high profile police killings, things have actually gotten worse in the year and a half since it was written.

    Noor’s sentence was reduced to less than five years, including time served. His third-degree murder conviction was vacated due to “lack of sufficient evidence to sustain the verdict” (I thought evaluation of the weight of the evidence was the jury’s responsibility, not the appeals court’s but we live in anti-White clown world.).

    Yanez of course got off completely. Kim Potter got two years.

    Derek Chauvin will be rotting in jail the rest of his life for doing his job.

    • Alas your forecast is probably true. Still one might dream that some updated version of Bastille Day awaits him and those like him 😈

    • Natural rights are the liberties that the nature, capacity, and proclivities of the polity or nation’s people can accomodate and/or require for a peaceful and productive existence. The natural rights of a Han nation are different than those of a Bantu nation because their natures are different. Saying “natural rights are universal” is like saying men’s rugby and girl’s peewee softball should have the same rules.

  18. The problem with representative democracy is that it is impossible for the normal voter to have any real personal knowledge of the qualifications of those running for election, which is why parties are necessary. In more “primitive” societies, where the family is primary and the clan the next step in social complexity, people know each other well from birth and know which individuals are likely to have a grasp of the facts and reasonable ideas about a course of action. Even so, in these situations decisions are made through consensus, not majority rule.
    The size of political units has become too big to protect the individual yet some people are enthusiastic about a one-world government, the WEF fascists, for instance. They are enabled by the record-keeping mania of their bureaucracy, something that small societies can’t afford.

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  20. Well, let’s face it. Natural rights was always kind of a white guy thing, and, even then, a subset of whites. This idea that you own you isn’t exactly universally held. American whites, in their hubris, just assumed that we were the pinnacle of human evolution and political thought, so naturally every other group would adopt our culture.

    At worst, we’d have to impose it on them and once they understood how wonderful is was, they adopt it at that point.

    We are learning a lesson many other empires and races have learned before us. And it will be a very hard lesson indeed.

    • Yeah the modern concept of liberty is Anglo-Saxon or maybe French, to a degree. When I hear “Western” this and that, my mind often corrects it to “Anglo-Saxon”.

      • Notice how quickly it became verboten to even say Anglo-Saxon. Within a few short decades, universal objective truths about Western Civilization have been smashed against the rocks of equity and diversity.

        Just yesterday an article came out lamenting that there won’t be any POC in the World Series. As if we’ve solved the problems of humanity, and can now fix trivial issues for grown-ups playing kid games.

        • I’d be interested to see the pretzel logic used in that world series article, considering Houston’s roster is majority Hispanic, including 4 out of the 6 starting pitchers they primarily used this year and 5 out of the 9 regular starting position players…and their manager is black to boot. I would assume the author of that piece laments any sporting event as “lacking POC” if it doesn’t have NBA or NFL levels of non-Hispanic sub-saharan representation.

        • I live in an “exurban” county that is ~ 6% Black. Of course there’s a lot to be said for having less than half the national average of the most violent ethnicity. Although I’m by no means yearning for more involvement with them in any aspect my life, I’m often struck by how rarely one sees them in day-to-day life. 6% is roughly one in 17. As is the case in many old communities, dey keep to them own selves, in the “bad” part of town, literally on the other side of the tracks. Save the infrequent Talented Tenth member who pops up in primarily white stores and such, one can live a fairly blissful life, perhaps not all that different from segregation days.

          • I was having that conversation with a friend last night, about my grandfather. He owned a bar/bowling alley in North Bergen, NJ in the 1930s and 40s. My aunt, who was born in 1930, spent the first dozen years of her life there, so I interviewed her last year to get her recollections of that time. One thing I asked her was if their neighborhood was fairly mono-ethnic. I meant were most of the people who lived there, like us, of German extraction. But, misunderstanding me, the first words out of her mouth were, “there were no black people living anywhere in town.” She wasn’t even trying to make an issue of it, positive or negative, but she’s old enough to make that point without feeling uncomfortable.

            It made me think how lucky my grandfather was. It’s very likely that not once did a negro enter his establishment. The unwritten rules were surely very much observed. They stayed over in Harlem, an arrangement that probably kept both sides comfortable.

        • “POC” is in practice a variable to include blacks plus or minus any other non white group as required to affirm the anti-white argument.

      • French “liberty” is state mandated rights that are much more focused on your role within society hence fraternity and equality.

        French liberty isn’t really liberty; more like your prescribed activities.

    • We are just regressing to the mean. Only a couple hundred years did we have natural rights. For our dusky friends, they’ve never had it. Most people are just intent to be bug people. You at least used to have an option to decide if you didn’t want to live that way but our social and cultural betters have decided we can’t be trusted with rights. It’ll be considered one of those disasters of human history decades from now…assuming there are enough literate people. Eventually there will be a decision that allowing some groups to read is white supremacy and must be stamped out.

  21. I really think a republic or constitutional republic is jsut a form of democracy, and eventually whatever democratic form you have will turn into. a police state.

  22. Geez, that Irish home invasion case is horrifying. If it ever gets to that ludicrous point around here, it’ll be truly be all over. I realize any number of self defense cases go against the defender for various reasons (especially in certain states), but the castle doctrine is still pretty solid in most. Regarding Rittenhouse, if he’d killed three joggers instead, he’d never have beaten the rap, particularly during the summer of saint Floyd.

    • Meh, one of them was a member of the tribe. They’re still more protected than the blacks. Just look at the responses to Kanye and Nick Canon.

      • In some ways the Kanye thing is amusing as many writers (Z included historically) immediately veers into “its da joos” ridicule when someone brings up the coordination.

        The speed which his entire commercial and media platform has been removed for effectively just using the word jews in public must give some perhaps a pause on their previous conditioning.

        • trumpton: It really has happened with dizzying speed. Kanye (and all his ilk – any rapper/movie/media/sportsball star) is an imbecile, of course. If I could wish away all their existences (and personally redistribute all their money) I’d love to do so. But it’s quite amazing to consider he got something of a pass even for his brief Trump flirtation. He began to live dangerously by flaunting a “White Lives Matter” shirt (undoubtedly thinking of his mulatto kids). But mentioning the Juice and how they manipulate highly unstable/emotive sub-saharans like himself and BOOM.

          It’s not enough for every last other ‘celebrity’ to denounce him. Or cancel contracts/sponsorships. Or stop selling merchandise. Or playing his pretense at ‘music.’ I await notice that uttering his distinctive jogger name will become anathema.

          It’s surreal to me the amount of forces and coordination marshalled around this one black nutjob, who is taken seriously by no one of any import. Merely because he noticed ‘they’ exist and do, in fact, manipulate some genuinely stupid people – while simultaneously allowing them to become disgustingly wealthy beyond the dreams of the average White.

          Cue the standard “To find out who rules over you” etc. But it’s so true, and so blatantly obvious. And so utterly verboten and unnoticed by the average White.

      • Despite his common Jewish surname, Joseph “Jojo” Rosenbaum was not a tribesman. See also George “white Hispanic” Zimmerman and mustache man henchman Alfred Rosenberg.

    • Generally a jury in Ireland will side with the home owner or the person defending themselves, this pisses off the assholes running the legal system in Ireland. I only herd of this case yesterday, I’m not really sure how they got a conviction TBH

  23. Reminds me of the character in The Princess Bride who says to another, I don’t think that word means what you think it means. Of course words are just another tool of deception from those who rule over us.

    Most people on our side knew all the warnings of how democracies fail, even our founders were highly skeptical. We are obviously in that stage of downfall that requires thought and planning how each individual and family will live through this. First thing is to accept the truth.

    In regards to Paypal, Gabbers are saying personal property theft is back in another wording there. Finally regarding the bedrock belief in personal defense. A young Irish man was sentenced to prison for stabbing a home invader while protecting his mother. Probably not new over there.

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  25. It’s partly a generational shift among the tribe. Like they used to be more artistic and heavily involved in social progress movements.

    Where are the Gershwin’s, the Irving Berlin’s, Norman mailers, abe Fortas, William kunstlers etc of this generation? The ones in charge now (fink, klain, walensky, weingarten) are all paranoid and anti free speech.

  26. This is a new model for the entire Western Bloc. Forfeiture of property rights under the “state of emergency” will be used frequently against those who engage in wrong kind of activism or speech. Ultimately the middle class will be obliterated while scraps of their wealth will be distributed among the lower- and underclass.

    European legislatures are already moving in that direction so we’re going to see more tests of the proposed WEF model variations.

    • Germany is close to banning AfD. They have listed the party as a “threat to democracy” which allows he secret police to spy on the party and its members. The fact that such a thing is contemplated puts the lie to democracy. I probably could write a ten thousand word essay listing all the violations of liberal governance that is currently normal in the West.

      • NPD is practically a department of BfV and that’s why they never banned it. If AfD is infiltrated in similar manner, there will be no need to ban it as well.
        Every system needs its Oath Keepers/Proud Boys.

          • Well, I’m trying to be less blackpilled.

            It’s not really working so I must concede your point.

            With that, I’m off to look for my next pint.

        • Yeah, I just bet that, thus suitably admonished, Leviathan will mend their ways.

          I wonder if there was some sort of program run by the FRG during the reunification similar to the post WW-II US’s Operation Paperclip, whereby the FRG worked a deal with the most oppressive Stasi personnel that all would be forgiven if only they shared all of their techniques for citizen surveillance? Just for educational value, of course, not that they would be put into play in the New Germany. /s

        • Australia is ahead of us on the Globohomo prison state front. Unfortunately we are far ahead of them on the diversity fetishist program.

  27. Republics are the worst form of government. A democracy never would have voted for racial replacement. A democracy would never have voted to enter either of the world wars. A democracy would never have permitted members of a sick middle eastern tribe to seize and maintain infinite control of mass media.

    • The reason a democracy would not have voted for those things is the people who control a democracy would never allow those things to come up for a vote. Note that no one campaigned for open borders in the 1980’s, but they flung open the borders anyway. Who campaigned for war with Russia in 2020?

      • Z: “It turns out that democracy and a police state look a lot alike.”

        Hot off the presses [05:00 AM this morning], the Police State just formally declared the existence of “Wreckers”:

        bob643: “A democracy would never have permitted members of a sick middle eastern tribe to seize and maintain infinite control of mass media.”

        The story about Wreckers came from “Newsweek”, which was long owned by a lady named Katharine Meyer [“Graham” via marriage], who was a member of a sick middle eastern tribe.

        She then gifted Newsweek, for $1, to a fellow member of her sick middle eastern tribe, who, in turn, sold it to something called “IBT Media”.

        Along the way, she also gifted the Washington Post to Jeff Bezos, yet another member of her sick middle eastern tribe.

        Right now, IBT Media is in a fight with the CEO of Newsweek, “Dev Pragad”, concerning the question of whom it is that ackshually owns Newsweek.

        I can’t find much of anything about “Dev Pragad”, but judging from his publicity pictures, he’s clearly a member in good standing of the Sodomite Industrial Complex.

        IBT Media is formally owned by an ostensibly Korean American Christian, named Jae‐Hyung Jang.

        Welcome to Klownworld, and the journalistic ethics of the oriental bazaar.

    • Rousseau argued that the European states were already too big for true democracy in the Enlightenment. For example when Confederates of ar from PLC in 1770 asked him to design a new political regime, he proposed dividing the country into small states governed in republican manner.

      • There was an American political theorist named Robert Dahl who provided a detailed definition of democracy. What becomes clear is that democracy is impossible once you grow past a small number of people. For example, one requirement of democracy is that all members must have equal and effective opportunities to learn about the consequences and alternatives of a proposal. That is impractical in even a small community. In a city or country, it would be crippling. Nothing would ever be decided.

        I have written that about another problem associated with democratic ideas. Aristocracy relies upon the desire to attain greater rank and privilege by serving those above you. Republics rely on virtue, which is a respect and defense of the process and institutions. Tyranny, of course, relies upon fear of being noticed by the tyrant.

        Democracies rely on moral consensus. The nature of human relations means that no one wants to be outside the consensus, so what results is a race to the center and a narrowing moral consensus. We see this today where most of what people assume to be normal is treated like a crime against our democracy. It is why democracies murder themselves.

        • Democracies start to fail when groups within the democracy no longer accept the majority’s morality as their own. If those minority groups can convince the majority of a new morality, the moral consensus can hold, and the democracy can survive. (Think the civil rights movement of the 1960s.)

          However, if those smaller groups can’t change the moral consensus to adhere to their own beliefs, the system starts to break down because the sub-groups no longer accept the moral righteousness of the majority. As a result, the majority must use force to impose its morality, turning the democracy into a tyranny.

          We’re at the beginning of that stage.

          It’s why our rulers are so focused on getting people to vote. If you vote, you accept the morality of consensus – at least in their minds. If you don’t, you have rejected the moral consensus and that threatens the system.

          The US is now a multi-racial, multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, multi-religious (Wokism being the dominant religion with real Christians in second place), multi-regional society. It will be nearly impossible to cobble together a moral consensus that matches with each group’s own morality.

          Democracy and diversity don’t work together.

        • I’d argue that the definitive trigger for that suicide is the radically emancipatory ideology that dominates the West. Moral consensus or (“general will”) shifts constantly as per radicals’ demands, because there is always an “oppression” to fight within society until its very annihilation.
          At the same time liberalism has no positive vision for society so it caves under ever-increasing emancipatory demands. Conservatives who accept the liberal moral premise can’t thus conserve anything. Normally conservatives should lean towards Aristocracy and Monarchy, but instead they had become the custodians of the democratic consensus which forces constant capitulation on them.

          Maybe it’s time to revisit Georges Sorel and his utter hatred for liberal society.

          • I would argue that the shifting standards are necessary to maintain a moral consensus, not the moral consensus. This gets at the inherent contradiction in democracy. Human society is naturally hierarchical, but democracy says the opinion of the lowest man deserves the same hearing as the opinion of the most learned man. What the shifting moral consensus does is provide new enemies of our democracy, while empowering the natural elite as a clerical class, whose job is to figure out the new morality.

            Marx made a critical observation that applies here. Once the moral questions are resolved, there is no longer a need for politics. Since the whole purpose of democracy is politics, the demand for moral ambiguity is infinite. Moral certainty is anathema to the democratic worldview.

          • “Marx made a critical observation that applies here. Once the moral questions are resolved, there is no longer a need for politics.”

            Marx focused on economics, Gramsci, culture. You might call the woke religious Marxists.

            Kind of strange Marx had that insight but didn’t start there. Each evolution seems to have been more devastatingly revolutionary than the last. Then again, Marxists put the onus on process.

            The thing is, they make the private public. That’s why their regimes are so invasive and miserable. As for process, I guess grooming takes time.

            Molestation writ large. So my current thinking says lol. Who knows.

          • Marxism has been gradually stripped of everything besides it’s emancipatory message. Fighting alienation became everything to his post-modern idelogical inheritors and, as a result, to fight the alienation of every imaginable minority, huge swathes of people became alienated by the system instead. Proudhon and Bakunin predicted where marxism would lead, because they understood the nature of power. Woke lords who ride the waves of post-modern critique are no different from the revolutionaries who enslaved their own people to liberate humanity.
            Communist worker and peasant became slaves to the communist state. We’re becoming slaves to the managerial state and its corporate nodes.

  28. I again reference the brilliant CS Lewis in regards to the final point: owning you. Lewis pointed out that medical tyranny would be one of the major means in which you will be controlled in the future. After all, they can do anything to you in the name of “treatment.” You have a condition (be it Covid or White Privilege) that you cannot help. Thus, you are simply sick and require treatment, but you are too sick to realize it.
    The horror of his point is that they can do any wicked thing to you, for in their minds, they are helping you. I believe we see this unfurl every day more clearly.

    • “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.”

      ― C. S. Lewis

    • But most of the people must accept it, which they do. Its only a few that say hey wait a minute.

      Its a mind problem at its core. Even mr Man says we can’t “do anythign” we have to chit chat our way to getting more people on our side.

      At the foundation its how the world is viewed. Even if you accept that there is a Creator, you are still at the post revolution stage, and you will get trannies in short order.

      No. Mr Man may mock those kings marching their wise dirt-people peasants down to the river, but a Catholic Society and governemt is what God demands. Everything else is naturalistic and jewish

    • Well not just help you. The argument I’ve heard more often is that they get to force these things on you because you can then “infect” other members of society. This was a main driving point for covid vaccination. It’s significant that you bring up “white privilege.” Around my area, and in leftist circles, a common lawn sign is “racism is a virus.” Well if racism is a virus, and you can infect others with is, then government can force you into reeducation to heal your sickness. Scary stuff.

      • “Democracies rely on moral consensus. The nature of human relations means that no one wants to be outside the consensus, so what results is a race to the center and a narrowing moral consensus. We see this today where most of what people assume to be normal is treated like a crime against our democracy. It is why democracies murder themselves.”

        And the moral consensus being foisted on us today, is ‘White man bad’: a narrative which paints the most accomplished group of humans as evil oppressors, responsible for all the evil in the world.

        This not only provides a rationale for hating White people, and removing their rights in the name of ‘equity’ and ‘social justice’, it allows Blacks to imagine themselves as morally-superior beings.

        And after Biden’s interview with the “transgender activist” who argued that it should be OK for a “trans woman” to have “a bulge in her pants”; can anybody doubt that he’s deliberately setting about to undermine traditional American values?

        As with Black
        crime, the Democrats are clearly willing to embrace the most destructive ideologies, as long as it gets them a few votes.

        • Tim Poole (Timcast irl, find it on youtube or podcast form) has a theory the crossdresser was trolling.

      • I agree completely, and that is why I emphasize the medical aspects of Lewis’ point. Again, they are treating you – because you are sick. And by making it about a disease, and not so much about you, they can subject you to anything. Notice that when a person is being made an unperson, the predicate nominative is invoked: “This is racism” “This is white privilege” ; you become that “Thing”, and, therefore, that disease vector needs to be treated. It isn’t Kanye we are hurting; it is antisemitism, because he IS antisemitism right now. An unperson become a personification, such as we used to use for Liberty, Virtue, Science, etc. for the ailment.

        • And if your “disease” proves intransigent, they then are justified to proceed to the Typhoid Mary option, quarantine; a nice way of saying confinement in a concentration camp. And so long as you are there, you recidivist, useless eater, they may as well get some work out of you. Corners must also be cut on your housing, clothing, feeding, and sanitary/medical care as well, to lessen your burden on the Perfected Society.

          All very clinical, all very logical. And historically grounded!

    • Agree. We still have certain freedoms but they slip away daily. For example, in my personal life I am “auditing” the medications I take. I’ve been on a statin for ~3 years. Let’s use it as an example. It turns out to be a prime example of what’s wrong with medicine, especially the “Big Brother” version of socialized medicine. The following are true, at least I’ve found nothing to contradict it and I’ve been researching it. In the event you disbelieve, consider it an allegory of what’s wrong.

      Since the mid-20th century, it became medical dogma that high fat and cholesterol were a primary cause of circulatory disease (primarily, heart attack and stroke). Problem: apparently this was based on faulty assumptions and as a result, decades of dietary guidance and medication are wrong. For a few decades now, statins were touted as a wonder drug in that they reduce “bad” (LDL) cholesterol. They do indeed. They also have legitimate medical uses — and here’s a critical point — in a tiny segment of the population. But in the name of “public health” which of course means “big profits for Pharma,” they have become one of the most widely used preventive protocols in the world. There is only one problem with that.

      For all practical purposes, they provide little or no benefit, and they can have mild to severe adverse effects. (This is true of many, many commonly used drugs, procedures and suchlike.)

      One supposedly landmark study (JUPITER) claimed dramatic improvements, yet if one looked at the absolute (not relative) improvement, they were trivial, fractions of a percent (reduced mortality, heart attack, stroke, etc.) at best. In a case of gallows humor, both treatment and control groups had EXACTLY the same number of deaths due to cardiac or stroke events (12 each). In fairness to this study, it did show a small (~ 0.5%) improvement in reduced mortality. Yet there is little or no accounting for adverse events, which always are present.
      Yet this study was championed as justification to expand the use and to some degree, mandate the use of statins.

      As a result, today they are routinely prescribed to patients in several nations. Strictly speaking, a patient probably cannot be forced to take it, but he risks being fired as a patient. The doctor is under even greater pressure. He is the one coerced into certain avenues in the name of “standard of care.” He, or his corporation, risks charges of malpractice, fines, lawsuits and reportedly, even criminal penalties, for failing to treat certain conditions as directed from on high.

      Again, let these core concepts sink in: a medical dogma (cholesterol/fat is “bad”) became widely accepted based upon poor evidence, drugs were developed to “solve” the problem, they are a lucrative product for Big Pharma, they become widely used/mandated as a standard of care; for the average patient, they are demonstrably of very little benefit and quite possibly harmful.

      Statins are but one example: this can directly be laid at the door of socialized medicine, of government money and policy taking over what in the old days would have been called medical science. Quackery has always existed of course, but the problem is today that sometimes it becomes an entrenched profit center, paid for by the taxpayers.

      • Depression and serotonin is another example. All of this comes down to the reductive pharmacological and medical process of reducing every disorder to one cause in order to set up one solution. Keto is great for your situation. I know many treat it is a cult, but try it. The worst that may happen is you eat way more veggies. A well balanced keto features relatively little protein

  29. Madame Tussaud Removes Kanye West’s Wax Figure, Peloton Removes His Music. Oh my, what next ? Private tour of the Holocaust museum in LA ? Gift shop to the left sir.

      • Au contraire. Willing hands makes for quick work, and there is an overplus of those “willing hands”, obviously.

    • Out of curiousity, I tried listening to a few Kanye songs for the first time. Can’t get through a one. This is musical genius?

      Cripes, even corporate creations from 20 years ago like Britney and Backstreet Boys still had melody, harmony, and lyrics. It’s all gone out the window.

      • Maybe for most of that genre. But ngl : goldigger is one of the few rap songs I like, if not the only one.

      • Agreed. I am a classic rocker type (Beatles, Van the Man, Dylan, etc.) even though I am in 30s. But at least pop music in early 2000s had some clever chords. I play music, and one day about 3 years ago, Hit me baby one more time came on my radio. I listened to it, and that little chord change at ” please *give me a sign*” is a cool lift – If memory serves they play an emajor instead of the minor that would have been in the key (I believe aminor)
        The point is the craftsmen were producing pop crap, but music still had the touches that prick up the ears in unexpected ways. Those bold, unexpected shifts, or the sudden grooving where there was a lack before, are the moments of music that are so beautiful. Sadly, they are gradually being replaced.

        • Pokey lafarge is one of my more recent listening habits. Billy strings can pick more notes then the numbers of ants on a anthill.

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