Ivy Day In The Committee Room

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The great day is upon us. It used to be that the media would roll out some long serving geezers to give a lecture about the beauty of democracy. They would wax poetic about the wonderfulness of ordinary citizens doing their civic duty. Even though we may not like the results, we had to respect the process. That was when the results never questioned the elite consensus. These days the media rolls out conspiracy theorists telling us half the voters are actually Russian bots.

That will be the story tonight. The bad guys are expected to take it on the chin as normal people manage to outnumber the dead at the ballot box. The official line now is that the only way to preserve democracy is to have a one-party state. The Los Angeles Times makes this point in their fatwah against the Republicans. The Atlantic tells us that the Republicans will immediately implement a police state after the election, followed by the return of everyone’s favorite uncle.

From a dissident perspective, this is all encouraging. The more that the people who exclusively benefit from the system disparage the system, the sooner everyone will believe them and the whole things becomes unstable. We may be at that point already, depending upon the degree of shenanigans tonight. If we see a repeat of 2020, even the civic nationalists will have to notice. As Tucker pointed out, you will know the election is rigged if brain damaged hobo wins tonight.

Rigging a midterm is much more difficult than rigging a presidential election, so the odds of mass shenanigans tonight are low. In a presidential election, you just have to stuff one ballot box per state. In the midterms, where there are 435 congressional races and up to thirty Senate races, it is a mammoth task. It is why the Republicans gained seats in the 2020 election, despite the claim that Joe Biden was the most popular man since the dawn of time.

Given the mood of the country and the staggering incompetence of the regime the last few years, it is going to be a tough night for the regime. The benchmark for bad nights is 2010 when the regime lost 63 House seats. That is probably not what we can expect tonight, as the GOP gained seats in 2020. In other words, many of the seats the regime would have lost were lost in the prior election. On the other hand, people are unusually angry this time so it could be a wild night.

Of course, from the dissident perspective this is just theater to provide some much needed amusement in these dark times. The Republicans will do nothing useful with their victory once they take control of Congress. They will have some hearings that will produce nothing but more fog to cover up the crimes of the regime. They will sign off on more money for the war machine. There will be ceremonial votes on stupid things that have no chance of success.

The way to think of the Republican party is as punishment. When normal white people get fed up with the regime, they vote against the regime. By default, this puts the Republicans in the majority, which they hate. They return the favor by finding ways to punish the people who voted for them. It is as if the regime says, “You do not like what we are doing? Well then, let the punishment begin. The beatings will stop when you people start voting the right way.”

The fact is, the worst thing to happen to white people in America has been the Republican party, with the conservative movement a close second. It was the GOP that flung open the borders in the 1980’s. It was the conservatives who convinced white people to worship corporates America. It was the Republicans who gave us the police state in the Bush years and a maniacal war machine. Of course, it is the GOP that unleashed the virus known as neoconservatism.

Keep that in mind as you enjoy the salty tears from the maladapted mutants rending their garments and gnashing their teeth tonight. It will be a fun time watching them carry on like idiots, but their sorrow will quickly turn to a venomous rage. By the time the cock crows they will be telling the Republican leadership to have their plans for retribution ready for inspection. Even so, you have to take pleasure where you can in the world, so enjoy the sight of the wicked writhing in agony tonight.

All that said, the voting process is not entirely worthless. The game may be rigged in Washington, but it is still fairly useful locally. The lesson of Covid is that local government matters more than national government. States run by civic minded white people had a much easier time of it than the states run by crazies. Ron DeSantis won his election by a handful of votes over Andrew Gillum, who was later found using meth with a group of gay men in Miami.

The thing with the local races is the margin of error is higher. You can live with a governor who is a good government civic nationalist. In Washington, these guys are turned into weapons against common decency. Locally these guys get the potholes fixed and make sure the schools are free of perverts. They may not get the tragedy that is unfolding in America, but they take care of the small quality of life things that make the road to perdition much smoother.

The other benefit of participating in local elections is it allows our people to exercise the long atrophied muscles of self-determination. The nationalization of politics, along with the financialization of the economy and the homogenization of the culture, have turned most white people into passive actors. Choices are presented on the screen. The user selects one option and hopes what pops out is what they like. The system rewards normie, so normie proliferates.

When you get involved locally, you actually have to get involved in organizing and socializing with other humans. Those old muscles used for organizing in self-defense get some use, as well as the ability to express genuine concerns to your neighbors about the issues that matter to them. For dissidents, involvement in local elections is good practice for learning how to organize. It is those who are best organized who will prosper when the system becomes unstable.

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196 thoughts on “Ivy Day In The Committee Room

    • At state level: Next time run for Secretary of State at State Level, she who counts the Votes wins.

      Best example is AZ, Katie Hobbs is AZ Secretary of State.

      Of course she’s the next Governor.

  1. Prediction: No matter who wins, the FBI will continue to be funded as will the CIA. The IRS will still get their extra 80,000 agents. We will still fund the war in Ukraine. We will still give billions to Israel. Even though oil is bad and everyone would be better off without it, we will still keep stealing oil from Syria.

    The January 6 protestors will continue to be illegally tortured. The USA will continue to be overrun by illegal aliens. BLM and ANTIFA will still be allowed to riot without consequence. Blacks will continue to Murder/Rob/Rape with near impunity. Sexual perversion will continue to be taught in schools across the country.

    Most importantly Israel will continue to be in charge of the West and it’s destruction via their agents and their goyim lap dogs in Washington.

    • “The argument that the two parties should represent opposed ideals and policies… is a foolish idea. Instead, the two parties should be almost identical, so that the American people can throw the rascals out at any election without leading to any profound or extensive shifts in policy. Then it should be possible to replace it, every four years if necessary, by the other party which will be none of these things but will still pursue, with new vigor, approximately the same basic policies.” Carroll Quigley, Tragedy & Hope

  2. Voting is delusional, like money or talmudvision. You can’t vote against the Company Store. America is a jewplantation… Our ancestors handled these fuckers with deliberation in the past, all it takes is Will. They think money means power, that too is delusional. Real power lies in Honor and Integrity. Time will tell. yes?

  3. Except for the election of 2020 and the 2000 Florida mess, our election numbers have been done by 10 or 11 pm eastern. What the f happened to this clown country when we can’t do better than Iraq or El Salvador regarding counting votes?

    Red wave propaganda will not come to pass. It’s being pumped by lefty media so that when it doesn’t happen it will disillusion millions of normal conservatives. A non red wave will brake things. It might even spark another J6. That’s my conspiratorial view anyway.

  4. Volks, time to get serious.
    Also, here in L.A., the (((big radio station))) keeps playing “Listening to the trumpets of Je-sus!”

    Krull the Dane, below, decries the fact that we can’t draw a penis on our ballot in a democracy.

    The Zman assures him that yes, paper ballots are banned, to prevent the drawing of a proper penis…
    In a democracy.

    Barbarian! This is a civilized country.

    Here, you can vote *with* your penis on the screen. Like playing a piano.

  5. Third federal cycle in a row my mood is Ugh, let’s get this over with. Used to really get up for this stuff. It’s like a relationship that’s run its course. Weird, vaguely gross feeling.

    But I care about the state elections, so I’m going.

  6. Now that the smoke has cleared with covid (I went in for a checkup a few weeks ago, and neither the patients or the employees had to wear masks) does anyone here have a sneaking suspicion that the whole thing was just an “emergency suspension of powers” petri dish and that that maybe was all it was?

    Step 1: declare something super bad and potentially willing to kill a billion people

    Step 2: air it nonstop via media

    Step 3: get certain public and private organizations to do something about it which causes stampede

    At that point it’s off to the races and can sustain itself for two years.

    • Krustykurmudgeon, can you flesh out that idea a little bit?

      I’m not grokking where it is that you’re going with it.



      PS: If you search on “Roger Hodkinson MD Rumble”, or on “James A Thorp MD Substack”, you’ll find that those guys are deadly [no pun intended] serious about a “Children of Men” scenario.

      Hodkinson is citing numbers [statistical extrapolations] such as 20 Million killed and 2 Billion seriously injured [pericarditis, myocarditis, pulmonary embolism, etc] by the v@xxines.

      Thorp is stating, “greatest medical disaster in the history of obstetrics and all of medicine”.

      Thorp is especially worried about the concentration of “lipid nanoparticles” in the testes and ovaries [of men & women respectively], and what that portends for the future fertility of the human species.

      [Obviously, at this point, there’s not anything further which can be done to help the humans who have already been murdered by the v@xxines, other than hunting down the v@xxinators, and burning them at the stake.]

      • Yeah, I think the reported fertility issues are the scarier part. Not that the excess deaths aren’t bad.

        If the drop in fertility levels persists going forward, this heads towards species extinction.

      • Bourbon – I felt covid was like some sort of experiment the elite was running on how bernaysian methods by media and big tech might work on the population.

        • My impression was that it was equal parts trial balloon–“just how much will the peons let us get away with?”–and firmware update for the normies via relentless 24/7/365 agitprop bombardment. They set out to convince everyone that everyone everywhere is going to die of the common cold if they don’t give up all their rights, wear their submission muzzles everywhere, and let themselves and their children get injected with multiple doses of this morning’s batch of untested experimental gene therapy mystery juice, fresh from the bright boys at Pfizer or Monsanto or maybe Raytheon, not even patented yet.

          Sprinkle all of that with the gleeful unrestrained exercise of power to crack the whip and make those deplorable bitter clinger peons dance–people like Gretchen Whitmer and Gavin Newsom and Andrew Cuomo just couldn’t help themselves and couldn’t even stop themselves from smirking while they were on camera. That’s what we saw.

          They made lilapsophobia into a political bludgeon back in the 1980s with all the fear-porn about “acid rain.” Now it’s hypochondria’s turn.

        • Krustykurmudgeon: “I felt covid was like some sort of experiment the elite was running on how bernaysian methods by media and big tech might work on the population.”

          Absolutely; it’s got Edward Bernays’s signature all over it [Bernays having been the literal nephew of Sigmund Freud].

          Mass mesmerization transmogrifying into outright mass hypnotization, with an yuge, truly massive dose of “Social Proof” thrown in for good measure.

          NPCs and sh!tlibs ate it up like a dawg attacking a slab of meatloaf which fell onto the kitchen floor.

  7. Here in the Vampire State, I won’t be voting but I have to admit that if the Jew beats the witch, I’ll take a certain amount of pleasure in the hand-wringing. As Z-Man points out, life is to be enjoyed; we shouldn’t wind up pinch-faced scolds like leftists.

      • Of course he says that, that’s a stock plank in the tribe’s platform. I’m not pulling the lever for Zeldin or anyone else, but that doesn’t change the fact that if he somehow beats back Kreepy Kathy, the people I hate will have the sads (not to be confused with Sudden Adult Death Syndrome) and we should all enjoy that, however fleetingly.

        • With the proviso that our Creator works in the most mysterious of ways, any possible desire to be ruled by a Tiny Hat – even if the Tiny Hat appears to be merely the least awful of the terrible horrible potentially disastrous choices presented to you – any possible desire to be ruled by a Tiny Hat is an existential Death Wish.

          There comes a point when – if you take these things seriously – you’ve gotta start wondering about the fate of your immortal soul, vis-a-vis the choices you make during your mortal life.

          • Serious question,. What’s worse, rule by Jews or rule by women? I know, I know, AIDS or cancer? But in my mind Jews don’t get a toehold in our country without giving women the franchise.

  8. Shocking news—there are already problems in Arizona, Texas and New Jersey with the voting tabulator machines this morning. Here we go…

    • Biggest problem reported in AZ in my County is that poll workers do not understand recent law change. Mail in ballots can be brought to poll, destroyed (spoiled) by workers there, and you can vote like everyone else. People are adamant that they be allowed to vote in person given the mail-in ballot shenanigans of 2020.

      However, folks are being told to fill out the mail-in an toss it into a separate box, and in at least one case fill it out and mail it in—mail-in’s at this time most likely to not be processed *at all*. The way ballots are counted is that poll votes first, then received mail-in’s, then provisional and drop in mail-ins. Problem is being at the end of the line and the potential for not counting at all.

      • Oh, those poll workers probably understand the rules well enough. Well enough to guarantee votes will wind up being discarded in districts where the number of Wrongthinkers is high, at least…

    • Fetterman is predicting, “late-night comebacks,” and is suing to get compromised ballots counted.

      • Him and everyone else. Its in lots pf media stories now re lots of races.

        The current mantra is that Rs will appear to be winning, but fear not as mail in ballots are 70% dems and will erase the “mirage” of actual voting at the polls.

      • There have already been proactive columns written about a “red mirage” meaning Republicans will will be leading all night then have that lead vanish when the mail in ballots are counted in large batches. The hobo is being all but guaranteed victory this way in a race that probably won’t be called until late tomorrow or possibly Thursday. Since the Republican establishment is not going to help the Turk, he will probably just take the L and go back to being a TV charlatan.

  9. Brain Dead Hobo is already predicting that he’ll have a late night “comeback” once the real votes are counted and the counters know how many need to be manufactured.

    One advantage of his mental debilitation is that he is more prone to say the quiet part out loud. His side already knows that the cheating will happen in the middle of the night. There’s no need for him to remind the normals of it.

  10. Judging from the quarterly results here the Ukro/MIC money laundering machine is going strong.

    Also looks like TPTB are gearing up for a wider war in Eastern Europe centered on open Polish involvement. Their Land Forces are only 65k total, not seeing how that works against Russia’s 312k.

    • The same way American troops “work” in the DMZ”: all the Poles get killed, the propaganda organs gin up outrage, and World War III starts.

      • Jack-


        The American troops are there as a tripwire for open, possibly nuclear WW3.

        How do you think the GAE public will react when the 101st Airborne is blown out of the sky by S400s 50 km away from their Odessa dropzone?

        • I really thought they would use the trip wire before today. Maybe Mitch and Kevin demanded the slaughter be held off until they can be the ones who dole out the “Ukraine aid money.”

        • I wonder what will happen when Carrier’s are simultaneously sunk in The Gulf and The South China Sea?

        • I am reliably informed that the 101st no longer jumps, but rather rides helos directly to the LZ nowadays. Not quite as dashing as the Screaming Eagles of yore, is it? I will leave the logistics of ferrying 5000 troops in vulnerable helos under drone and long-range artillery attack to the Pentagon geniuses, whom I’m sure have a fool-proof plan. One profoundly hopes this will be unnecessary if cooler heads prevail.

          • True, 101rst is air assault now and has been for some time. The 82nd is still airborne. The 82nd does use helos from time to time. I hated fast roping outta those things. I preferred getting punted out of serviceable planes.

  11. The “history professor” [read: regime propogandist] named McElvaine who wrote that op-ed in the LA Times wrote that we are “in the final stages of the most critical election for the survival of the American experiment since 1864.” A version of that claim, “the most important election, etc.,” has been made in every election in the over 40 years that I have been eligible to vote. This clown apparently thinks that MAGA republicans who plan to “vote even harder” this year are the threat, when in fact it is people like (but WAY younger) who have removed themselves from the voting roles and are organizing in the hope of something VERY different that he should fear. “Our Democracy” is a shame, and the “American experiment” is over.

    • I wonder if you meant to type…our democracy a ‘sham’ instead of shame – but either way word applies.

    • I’ve never gotten over how our nation, our people, can be described as an ‘experiment’ as if we were guinea pigs all along. I suppose we were nothing but lab rats after all, but still… unconscionable.

  12. There will be the usual massive fraud in the usual places – PA, MI, probably WA.

    The way they fixed the NJ Governor’s election last year so openly actually shocked me (which I thought no longer possible).

  13. Pingback: DYSPEPSIA GENERATION » Blog Archive » Ivy Day In The Committee Room

    • I’m in PA and I’ma do my civic duty and not vote for either one of them. At least the hobo is an American and a lifelong Pennsylvanian. The Muzzie is neither American nor a Pennsylvanian. If I were going to vote, it would be for the hobo.

      • What is far more relevant for us is whether we get the Italian Stallion or (more likely) Shapiro sitting in Harrisburg when the shit hits the fan in 2023 and 2024, which I have maintained will equal 1859-1860.
        Strokey would probably do more to advance our cause by sheer brain damaged ineptitude than the Turk, who will immediately Vichy harder than the best lapdogs in Petain’s government in 1940.

  14. In re: Local Voting.

    What are everyone’s thoughts on “Vote to retain Judge X”?

    Personally, when I voted, I just left it blank.

    You could take an hour and study all their judicial decisions, and your vote would be exactly equal to someone who was high as a kite and thought he was ordering a BigMac from the voting machine. Which is why democracy at this scale is so stupid.

    • Since all the incumbent judges were originally appointed by our demorat governor l always write in a judge who was forced out for refusing to do gay marriage, or else write in one of my annoying neighbors.

    • I gave up decades ago on vote to retain judges. Now I vote not to retain any of them—well when I was voting. Public usually retain them with 90% vote.

      People simply don’t know what these judges are up to, nor do they remember the scandals that erupt between elections. I once read an article saying we need to have these judges reappointed by the Governor as a better method of retention. Have to agree.

      Number of years ago, we had two judges caught up in scandal. One was a gambler and was convicted of “structuring” winnings such than they were less that 10k and would pass under the nose of the Fed’s. It didn’t. The other decided he needed to take a second job—that of a contract broker for a tennis star. He made a couple million in commission. Both were retained with something like 60 and 80 percent of the vote. I believe there has not been a non-retention in living memory.

  15. Early this morning I was turned away from the polling place. A US Passport (wallet card) was not accepted because it lacks a signature. Go figure. Rather than lodge a formal complaint, which would have had no effect as I’m not Black nor any other oppressed minority, I returned later with a Driver License which they deigned to accept. Although a nominal Libertarian, I voted a straight R ticket under the “lesser of two evils” rule of thumb.

    Voting is about the extent of my political involvement. I like DeSantis, and not just because months ago he appeared at my favorite local restaurant. I didn’t attend, as I dislike crowds.

    Upon leaving the polls, I shared with a neighbor the old wisdom of Mencken, that an election is an advance auction of stolen goods. 😀

    • I’m surprised you had to show any ID at all. It is rayciss dontcha know!

      I am in a liberal blue hellhole and I remember going to vote in 2020 and pulling out my driver’s license and the libtard manning the voting station was like. No! We don’t need that!

      They really want to enforce that its open season and anyone can walk in and pull that lever any number of times.

      • J: “I am in a liberal blue hellhole”


        How we gonna put you in a fatherly way if you’re dipping it in Evil?

        You don’t want your kids to be pathological little satanists [if you can even convince the crazy witch not to abort them in the first place].

        C’mon down here to Gawd’s Kuntry, and find yourself a mate with a SOUL.

        It’s all in the genes.

      • Back when I used to vote I would make an exaggerated point of showing my ID and the poll worker would make an equally exaggerated point of not looking at it. It was like when you were a kid who discovered a “science project” in the back of the fridge and then chased after your siblings saying “smell this!”

    • Jeez guy, stop complaining. Here we don’t have a requirement for *picture* ID. How do I know this? I once appeared with an expired driver’s license—no go. So I said, what else qualifies? Was told two other forms with my name, such as a utility bill or a vehicle registration. Had those in the car and voted. Lesson learned that day was just exactly what the term “ID” meant. It’s not the same as for buying liquor, that’s for sure.

  16. A classic of how Americans used to look at elections is: “Somehow it Works A Candid Portrait of the 1964 Presidential Election,” published in Jan. 1965, by David Brinkley, Chet Huntley, and The Staff Of NBC News. It’s a large picture book. Look it up. Those were their two news anchors. It was the election where LBJ smeared Goldwater as a fanatical warmonger and “racist” and won with 61%. In ’65 we got Nam escalation, fanatical “Civil Rights” legislation, massive deficit spending on the Great Society, etc. Somehow it didn’t work. It’s been downhill since.

    • Barry was smeared as a war monger—he really was not. The basic premise of his argument was that there is no such thing as a limited war. Limited war is just an excuse to drag things out and in the end have more costly war—$$$ and lives. Barry never cared to be in Vietnam and could not understand why we were creeping into a war in a limited manner. Barry of course was proven correct—50k lives later.

      He did however fall for the ruse of being goaded into saying that nukes could be used. But remember, that was less than a couple years after JFK threatened to use nukes against the USSR over Cuba—but Barry was painted as crazy?

    • Jack Boniface: “In ’65 we got Nam escalation, fanatical “Civil Rights” legislation, massive deficit spending on the Great Society, etc. Somehow it didn’t work. It’s been downhill since.”

      You left out (((Hart-Celler))).

      The jewel in the crown of the Frankfurt School.

  17. Whatever happens in the election expect the regime to double down on its campaign to destroy energy and food infrastructure.

    Brandon was serious about that long, dark winter promise.

  18. Growing up with staunchly conservative parents who were active in republican politics, the idea of not voting would’ve been considered a mortal sin.
    I did vote for Trump in 2016 and it was well worth it to wonder if perhaps I had a small part in the the rage that evil old hag Hillary felt. They can’t take that schadenfreude away. The rabid, insane cult members who shrieked at the sky in the streets was fantastic. If only he really had been Orange Man Bad.

    Elections and the political process in America are not unlike the world wrestling federation. They are all highly paid actors who perform their roles, feigning everything. The brazen fraud which took place when they stole the election and inserted Biden made it all the more clear.

    • The ‘D’ slab of flesh whose name is on the ballot for US Senator in PA is proof of the theorem that politics is show biz for ugly people,

      • Up the ante; it is Show Business for Fugly people, and Fugly inside and out. May as well go the whole hog.

    • An interesting peak inside the hive. There is some truth to it in that many of “our guys” will crawl on their belly to be on Twitter so they can “own the libs.” In reality, they seek approval of the libs. If they can just win one more exchange, lefty will have no choice but to concede the argument.

      For the most part though, the libs exist to lecture the rest of us. If their bogeymen packed up and moved to Canada, they would follow them to Canada.

      • zman: It’s yet another fundamental divide on the putative right – Ukraine, covid, and whether one wants to be proven right/own the libs, or just be left the hell alone.

      • This. If the libs all moved far away and stopped bothering normies, normies would never think about them again, ever. Same for blacks.

      • Hell, even in this group we’ve seen the folly of attempting to win over a “Lib”. No matter how wrong. No matter how many disagreements by readers. No matter the arguments refuted. They simply go away for a bit, then return with the same energetic lunacy they originally had. It’s as if they were a computer and someone had hit restart to clear the stopped programs. All returns to the same original state and predictive failure modes.

      • Interesting thread on Twitter. He is correct about, “owning the libs.” It is very childish to want to win an argument in your mind – dangerously so when that is your response to people who are actively replacing you.

        I would say, however, that the poster’s blind to the “libs” dependency on, “the owners.” The “libs” need the, “conservatives”, for two reasons.

        1. They need a monster to destroy. They need to justify their crusade.
        2. Every program they have depends upon someone else paying for their generosity and the righteous purity of charity for their chosen pets.

        I think that partly explains the intensification of hatred for the Dirt People. The, “War On Poverty”, failed, because those selfish deploreables are against poor people (read black people and immigrants). Once we get rid of them, we can finally eliminate poverty.

        Of course, the, “War On Poverty” was failure enough. Wait until we see the results of their, “War On Racism”, that is being fought with anti-white racism.

        There are too few adults, and we seem to be surrounded in a pincer movement of deluded children – half of whom have a vengeful blood libel to fulfill and half of whom seem to have lost their survival instinct.

        As to voting. Does voting matter in light of things like this:


        It does only if who is elected is going to go scorched earth to destroy this evil by wielding the full power of the government on our behalf.

    • I would pay Elon $8 a month just to watch him continue to torture the lefties who can’t stop screaming in pain as they’re unable to remove themselves from the dopamine generator that is Twitter.

      • That is a good observation. Twitter is the dopamine generator of choice for these people. They need their “safe space” to spout off their idiocy without push back. Just the thought that such a safe space may be taken away drives them insane and desperate.

    • If the mythical white ethnostate emerged in, say, North and South Dakota, and the schools there were no longer able to teach sexual deviancy, white guilt, etc., immigration was illiegal and the law was enforced, and so on, the remaining 48 states would demonize, boycott, etc., that little enclave until it was brought to heel. And if need be they would invade and crush it. Hell, they actively seek out places that by happenstance ended up with white super majorities and flood them with brown people. Who is obsessed with whom?

  19. I haven’t voted in more than a decade. People tell me that means I have “no right to complain.” My response is that there’s no point in complaining.

    My initial reason for why I stopped voting was a bit self-righteous: I would declare that I considered it authoritarian to try to impose one’s will on others through the ballot box. Yeah, I was that guy — the annoying libertarian. To this day I reject the notion that fifty percent plus one equals virtue. There is no inherent goodness in majoritarianism.

    Today I have two basic reasons for not voting: 1. I wish to limit how invested I am in a system that is beyond my control. 2. I do not care to deceive myself that I have any meaningful influence on that system. The difference between where I am today and where I was eight or ten years ago is that I no longer try to convince others to join me in NOT voting. To each xer’s own. Any vote cast is an indication that one still possesses some sliver of faith in the system. By that standard, I am ineligible.

    • I haven’t voted in more than a decade. People tell me that means I have “no right to complain.”

      It’s the other way around. When you vote, you forfeit your right to complain because you agree to the rules when you cast your ballot.

      If you wave bullhorns and placards around when the other guy wins, you don’t understand democracy. It’s like me wanting my money back after we play poker because gambling is wrong.

    • “There is no inherent goodness in majoritarianism.”

      Even the libertarians get the odd one right.

      • For the record, I no longer consider myself “libertarian.” I suppose I vaguely identify as a dissident, though I increasingly see little point even in that. My opinions have essentially no impact on the larger world. It seems I might be better served refashioning myself as a detached observer.

        • Noted. For what it’s worth, in the real world, there are worse things to be than libertarian… but not many.

          And you are correct. We are passengers now. Economic units to be used if possible, thrown away if not. Our countries are no longer our own and if we want them back… it will require buckets of blood and guts at this point.

  20. Next election, troll the corporate cronies by demanding United Nations observers. While they can’t ensure an honest election, they do document the crooked ones.

    • Brazil more or less enforced a total blackout on all discussion of election shenanigans. They are enforcing this by hard power as opposed to the U.S. who enforced it by soft power.

      The truth is, hard or soft, by the time such measures are taken, trust in civil institutions have already eroded to the point of no return. If a large percentage of the population believes an election is of existential importance and who counts the votes is far more important than who votes, you’re already at the point where half the population does not trust the other half to play by the rules.

      At that point, we already have a one party state masquerading as a democracy with no care for the actual citizen or will have one soon.

      • Its more than a one party state of the same process is happening in 10s of countries at the same time.

        • No, it isn’t.

          If it’s bad in the US it must always be worse abroad is a civnat coping strategy.

          • Don’t be retarded.

            Europe has a full on single “party” control via the EU in 26 countries with little to no national sovereignty. The EU decides everything of any importance using 26 non-elected people in the commission, the national parliaments have no control and little interest and mass vote rigging in nstional elections is widespread.

            The UK is single party sham with the same stooges controlling the 2 main parties.

            Australia, Canada and NZ are now defacto prison colonies for the native populations via the same single party capture.

            That they are all equally captured by the same international cabal as in the US is obvious.

      • 100%.

        It’s so bad, not only does everyone think current elections are mostly fraudulent, they’re waking up to the fact that many of the past close elections were as well.

      • In AINO, NEITHER side trusts the other to play by the rules. We are in a state of psychological warfare. In all probability what is now psychological will eventually become physical.

    • There’s this fascinating article from the Beeb from six years ago about vote rigging in Third World countries.


      Go down their checklist, one by one, and compare what we see in every single election right here in Ameri-Kwa in the 21st Century. I’m surprised they published it at all, and I’m sure they never intended anyone to use it in any other context than this week’s contest between two kleptocrats in some godforsaken tropical country where the average IQ is 55.

  21. The blatant fraud committed during the 2020 election and the COVID scam did more for dissidents than has been done for the last 50 years. Hell, I know old Silent Generation men beginning to question the structural foundations of the country.

  22. I vaguely recall voting for people I actually liked – Reagan in ’84 when I was 18. I know he wasn’t perfect but I liked him back then.

    Seems like every vote since has been against things I hate and generally for people I hate slightly less.

    • Yep. You know things have gone astray when you’re voting for a candidate— not because you really like them— but because you hate the other guy even worse.

    • I think the last person I voted for in any office that I liked was Reagan. I was young, so I did not know better. I started voting third party and skipping various races soon after. By the 2016 election I was left with only spite. I voted for Trump out of spite.

      • The brainwashed at Conservative Treehouse are eagerly awaiting their god to announce his run next week. I tell them why yes, I am very excited to see Trump run again. I think it will be great to get Ivanka in charge of all the personnel decisions again.

        Maybe if he is lucky Trump could entice John Bolton back. Unless of course he is too busy overthrowing another country’s government. That is a lot of hard work you know.

      • 1980’s me: “Vote Reagan, beat the Rooskies!”

        2022 me: “Reagan did more existential damage to the soul of this nation as a CA governor normalizing no-fault divorce, and providing an open border plus amnesty as President than any other President I could have voted for in my lifetime”

      • My first vote for Trump was because he appeared to be a bull in a China shop. My second vote was for spite—and so will be my third vote. And yes, I would renege and submit such a ballot with one race filled in.

      • He didn’t accomplish anything, though that might be more to be blamed on Hawaiian judges than on his own personal efforts. But oh, how he made the spiteful mutants howl night and day for four years, just by existing. Their salty, salty tears were worth the price of admission all by itself. And as an added bonus, he isn’t Hillary Clinton.

    • I’ll date myself and mention that I was in preschool and grade school during the Reagan years.

      I found him appealing because he had qualities that reminded me of my grandfather.

      People make light of his acting career, but I think that time really improved his speaking skills and ability to present himself.

      He clearly leveraged these skills throughout his political career, most notably during his wipeout of Mondale in ’84.

  23. Can’t remember a damn thing between Araby and The Dead except for the titles.

    That being said…

    Man the Barrelcades: Here Comes Everybody!

    • I’m a sucker for James Joyce references! One of my favorite puns from “finnagans wake” was a description of a girl who was “Jung and easily Freudened.”
      Maybe today one could say of the electorate in this country: “We’re all in Oz now Biden our time.”

  24. Masterful riff on the great James Joyce story, bravo! That said, there is one huge difference between this election and 2020..In 2020 people expected only the “normal” amount of vote fraud in big cities, or even naively expected a clean election…Now everyone, except the MSM, is talking about expected vote fraud, including the vegetable in the White House…The level of awareness has risen substantially, and Martin Armstrong is talking about whether there will even be an election in 2024..,.,

    • Like Z says, this is great news for us. The system finally collapses when no one believes in it anymore. Like Z says, if the lump-headed dirt bag wins, we will know that the fix is in yet again and elections in this country will be viewed as theatrical performances by normies.

      • The trouble is that collapsing the current system and Western middle classes is also one of the key goals of the WEF, CCP, BRICS+, etc.

        Because of this, I feel we’re staring down the barrel of the largest Catch-22 in history.

        • Yep.

          Like the Oil cap and gas pipeline.

          Loads of comments all over about how the US and Europe are idiots and it will backfire on them when they have no fuel, no industry, no fertilizer and no heating.

          They don’t seem to get that is the plan and you can’t threaten a cult intent on self-immolating themselves with immolation.

          They gladly pour the gas over their own heads and set in on fire, they just need to you to believe its not their intent while they are doing it in front of your face.

          • I could have a tiny, tiny shred of respect for the Left if they were content to commit suicide on their own. Instead, they want to hold the rest of us at gunpoint and take us and all of civilization down with them. I give them ten out of ten for drive, minus several million for planning.

        • I couldn’t care less. There’s no creation without destruction. We may go through a fiery baptismal, but something purer should emerge on the other side.

    • ” and Martin Armstrong is talking about whether there will even be an election in 2024..,.,”

      I watched the podcast. The host and production value were horrible, but it had some substance.

      To add to what Martin said, the 2020 election was stolen precisely because a Trump re-election would have caused a national dissolution. The State knew from experience the theft could take place and Republicans and their stupid voters would do nothing. I will vote one more time in my life and that will be in 2024 for Trump, whether he is on the ballot or has to be written in. He’s a carny and liar but the Regime fears him and either will blatantly steal the election, invalidate a win if it happens, or conduct an outright military coup. Any of those starts the clock ticking. And if Trump were to win and the Regime allowed it (no chance), California at a minimum would secede.

      Martin is one hundred percent correct that the United States will cease to exist in any cognizable form within about a decade. Everyone on this side of the divide just needs to sit back, watch it play out, and most of all survive. I detest the idea of living under a military government but that is what we are likely to face until that, too, becomes unsustainable. Martin is right there.

      • You seem a bright guy from previous comments.

        Have you not considered that Trump’s role was the judas goat for the heritage americans to usher in this madness?

        You need to create an internal existential enemy to justify such rhetoric and behavior and act as a fulcrum for the people you want to demonize. Trump was needed to justify the state change, so he was ushered in stage left.

        As Mao said let a thousand flowers bloom and then use it to stamp them to death.

        Also Trump has not really had anything of any consequence actually happen to him. Some piddling stuff in court and censure that means nothing.

        Unlike his supporters and some associates. It also goes a way to explaining why everyone is so confused that when in office he basically delivered nothing for his base.

        Looks a lot like pro wrestling setup to me.

        • You are thinking far too rationally here. Trump easily could have been coopted and a decision was made not to do it. In the process of his destruction, Normies were alienated and outraged. All of that was upside if you want to see this collapse. If it was all kabuki it was bad kabuki and counter-productive to those who orchestrated it. Possible but not likely.

          The Regime is impulsive as hell and the totalitarianism would be even worse otherwise. Savor that.

        • I have thought about that quite a lot. It does fit with everything we have witnessed. Consider that Trump is still saying the vax never harmed anyone. He still brags about how he facilitated it’s production.

          • Yes, Trump will need to run away from the vax to have any chance at re-re-election. Will his ego permit?

      • My first vote for Trump was because he appeared to be a bull in a China shop. My second vote was for spite—and so will be my third vote. And yes, I would renege and submit such a ballot with one race filled in.

      • There was a time where I would have said that a military coup would have been preferable to Clown World. That was before we saw the antics of General Milley and the rest of the gaggle of buffoons and would-be commissars the Kenyan was able to bribe with promotions. A coup would be more of the same, more circus music getting louder and louder with each passing day, this time imposed at the point of a bayonet, with no escape possible.

  25. “From a dissident perspective, this is all encouraging. The more that the people who exclusively benefit from the system disparage the system, the sooner everyone will believe them and the whole things becomes unstable.”

    Another upside is that if those who control the system in, say, Southern California get angry enough, the more likely they are to exit the current federal system or become amenable to a workable dissolution. This only ends peacefully if the Left splits first, and that is at least possible. The Left always destroys what it cannot control, so if further destruction is foreclosed, it will move on to new victims.

    Additonally, I expect Pennsylvania to be the epicenter of widespread cheating and fraud tonight. Let’s hope it is so bad and blatant that even Normie has to take note before he throws a bratwurst on the grill. I think this is the first election where the Regime told its subjects not to expect “results” for as long as it takes to…count.

    “The fact is, the worst thing to happen to white people in America has been the Republican party, with the conservative movement a close second. It was the GOP that flung open the borders in the 1980’s. It was the conservatives who convinced white people to worship corporates America. It was the Republicans who gave us the police state in the Bush years and a maniacal war machine. Of course, it is the GOP that unleashed the virus known as neoconservatism.”

    Spot on. The GOP is a pressure relief valve that hurts its voters more than helps them. The Republican Party was established to torment Whites. It has never stopped.

    • Fetterman is a textbook example of all that is wrong with what liberals/progressives want for America. The man has serious health issues and is unfit for office. It seems they deliberately champion such persons. Whether that’s a bug or a feature, I do not know. But if you want to destroy anything resembling a working republic, it’s a good method.

      • “Whether that’s a bug or a feature, I do not know. ”

        It is a feature, as is Biden’s dementia. I think we are in the end stage of the Evil Empire II, but apparently the Regime thinks it will go on forever and they can blatantly use completely obvious puppets.

        • Big fan of Spandrell here. From memory, though, the freaks and misfits in his theory were not public faces but were allowed to be apparatchiks and system employees. The use of freaks and misfits as public faces seems a recent development.

          • They do it in order to destroy social capital. It’s straight out of Gramsci. The task of the Party Vanguard is to make everything ugly, corrupt, and disgusting, destroy what is beautiful, elevate the repulsive, sow fear, distrust, and despair, in order to strip away “the masses'” pride in their nation and their culture. People who are proud of their people and who have trust in their neighbors and their institutions aren’t willing to stand idly by, watching “revolutionaries” burn down the world. The Revolution can only grow out of ashes.

      • That election is the gift that will keep on giving for us:
        Turk wins: good for our side, shows the fallacy of vooting GOP
        Hobo wins: great for our side, shows that the system cannot even select for mildly competent pols
        Hobo wins by cheating: Ahh the lolz would just never end!

  26. Reality check. Today’s election is a sideshow distraction and nothing more. It’s purpose is to appease normie and keep everyone dancing so they don’t notice the upcoming collapse. Fiat currencies are about to die and it will take down all Western economies. Hard times ahead, ready or not. That should be your focus, not rah rah RINO wave!

    Because invisibility is the only real defense for the dissident warrior, the Deep State needs to implement a digital currency and RFID marker system as soon as possible. Both are high-tech tracking methodologies, and the latter includes biomarkers inserted under the skin and also embedded into other personal items (such as clothing). And all of this is in addition to the cell phone and auto tracking devices that currently afflict us. In order to defeat this, you will need a personal RFID scanning device. Making these for your neighbors would be a good cottage business to start in your garage.

  27. The Democrats having nothing positive to run on have gone to old scare tactics, I saw an article that said Tim Ryan was on MSNBC last night drinking a Miller Lite and claiming that Ohio voters had to vote for him because JD Vance wants to privatize Social Security. With Paul Ryan gone now, I don’t think they are quite stupid enough to open with that.

    I am hoping the Republican Congress at least punishes a few of the regime’s most loyal members. It is highly likely they punish Eric Swalwell and they might even have enough guts to strip Omar of her committee assignments. Expelling her from Congress, charging her with immigration fraud and then deporting her is a bridge way to far for them. Maybe I am naive but I am hopeful they will take this baby step. A lot of them were personally insulted by these people and didn’t like it.

    • None of this will happen. Expecting the republicans to represent their constituents (normal white people) is like waiting for a leprechaun to come knock on your door delivering a pot of gold.

      • As a tip if you hear a knocking on the door in the middle of the night its the type of leprechaun that carries a badge, has friends in swat gear and wants to talk to you about your previous thinking.

    • McConnell & McCarthy are gatekeepers. They’re Pillars of the Swamp. It’s an entrenched system. They dish out committee assignments based upon who is most loyal to the regime. That limits a whole lot of where the money goes.

  28. I wish the GOP was 1/4 as bad as their nominal enemies make them out to be. I would think that the regime adjuncts put that bunk out just to make it seem like an honest contest but for the fact that many (all?) honestly believe it.

    • Martial law, jailing trannies, gutting the federal government, revoking the 19th Amendment…

      The mainstream media loves to tease.

  29. The original vision of America— as a Constitutional Republic of sovereign States, loosely united under a national Government *with strictly-limited duties and powers*— began to be subverted during the Reconstruction period following the War of Northern Aggression.

    It may be the case that many Normies— who don’t have much of a clearly-defined sense concerning what is wrong with America— nevertheless have a vague understanding that the FedGov has grown out of control.

    So yes: a return to local government— an assertion of local autonomy— could be a good first step.

    Here in Colorado, the State is divided: the more-populous ‘Front Range’ area that includes Denver and Boulder is predominantly liberal; whereas the western 2/3 of the State is predominantly conservative. During the last presidential election, the Western Slope went for Trump, while the Front Range went for Biden. Because the Front Range has more people, the State went for Biden; but that fact alone is deceptive: the State is actually quite divided.

    A couple years back, when the liberals in the Colorado legislature passed a ‘red flag law’— allowing judges to confiscate the firearms of law-abiding citizens, on the uncorroborated testimony of a third-party— *approximately 2/3 of the Sheriffs in the western Counties announced that they did not plan to enforce these unconstitutional laws*

    > A minor rebellion, but a rebellion nonetheless.

    Perhaps this is a template for a way forward? A beginning of the reassertion of local autonomy? In which Local Government entities resist the compulsion of State and Federal “authorities”, regarding issues which local citizens find compelling?

    • Divides within states are maybe going to become a thing. Like Travis county, tx (Austin) gave Biden 70 percent of the vote and I could see “abortion speakeasies” becoming a thing where even if the state ag gets involved, you have the risk of jury nullification.

      • Yep. I believe that nationwide, the divide is urban/rural. It’s that way in Virginia where I grew up: northern Virginia is urban and more populous, while the southern part of the state is rural and conservative.

    • The original vision of America was an English-speaking White Protestant ethnostate–“for OURSELVES and OUR POSTERITY”–populated by independent yeoman farmers who came in from a hard day of plowing the fields to read Plutarch by candlelight in the original Greek. I am not sure whether that ever existed outside of a handful of exceptional individuals. We have to work with what we have here and now.

    • The i70 corridor went blue too. All the Epstein set and all.
      And its just the us36 corridor that is blue, everything south and east of Denver county line is hard red, and the actual front range, weld and lemon and all are very red. But actual Denver is a lost cause: nuke it from orbit, it’s the only way to be sure.

  30. ” The more that the people who exclusively benefit from the system disparage the system, the sooner everyone will believe them and the whole things becomes unstable. We may be at that point already, depending upon the degree of shenanigans tonight.”

    I hate to tell people, but we have already had our version of the Chenobyl Disaster that brought down that other dying empire, a.k.a. Soviet Imperial Communism.

    The normies (the people you know who can’t wait to vote today!) are already talking about and wondering why so many people are dying nowadays, and the life insurance companies are screaming about how their death rate models have descended into the bowels of hades. Every now and then, if you read or watch foreign media, someone mentions that the reason there are so many cancelled flights is because the insurance companies will not insure a jet liner whose pilot got Their 3 Shots.

    Yep, it’s a drip, drip, drip…….

    But eventually, people will discover that our situation is far worse than a cadre of communist officials leaving out one page of instructions on how an RBMK Reactor WILL blow up if you do X, Y, and Z.They will soon find out that everything concerning their “Safe and Effective Shots” was a purposeful lie designed to cull out the herd, mainly their grandmas and grandpas, plus make a whole boatload of shekels.

    When all of this comes to pass, and our Government goes plumb mad dog killing mean, publicly and enthusiastically killing anyone who knows what they have done, in order to preserve their own hides at any cost, then you will know it is here.

    The United States undergoing a Soviet Union Extinction Level Event is and will be one ugly thing to behold and live through. Many of us will not live to see the other side. If you are a narcissist or any of the other category of low-life people that God can’t fix he so royally screwed up on when he made you, you will probably get what you deserve.I hope I live long enough just to see that.

    • Indeed. They killed them while they slept.

      Those that took it are already up for an early death and their children sterilized. They just don’t know it yet, and perhaps never will realize it even as it happens all around them.

      As if by magic my local hardware store has a new defibrillator on the wall. No one seems to wonder why, why it wasn’t needed for the last 20 years, why the govt has paid for it, why they are suddenly in schools and businesses, who ordered them and how the procurement chain suddenly came into being now.

      • I’ll have to go looking for it as I saw it months ago. It consisted of a talk by a lady who is a Dutch politician. The interview occurred in the Netherlands.

      • What is also interesting is the interview of Edward Dowd a few weeks ago on USA Watchdog. He claims that within 5 years, the current life expectancy of 74 years will drop to around 53 years. He also says that the “shortage of workers” is not due to lazy people, but is the result of the vexed who have either already died or are too sick to work.

        • It certainly solves the pension funding crisis.

          I wager odds on that most NPCs will believe its tied to climate BS even as the clots start leaking out of their eyeballs.

          • Yep, the average intellect will believe what he’s told as statistics is “hard”. The all cause death stat’s are becoming a great informative data set.

        • Is there really a shortage of workers at all, outside of the increasingly shrill claims of good ol’ Sol Shekelberg, who just can’t imagine paying minimum wage to the peons at the fifty businesses he owns, whether they’re janitors or software devs? “You’re gonna send me straight to da poorhouse! It’s anudda Shoah! Oy vey!”

    • Could you post a link to the any sites mentioning the insurance companies avoiding insuring ‘Fully Vaxxed’ pilots? I’d like to forward it to a friend

  31. Sorry, I can’t muster any motivation to care at all or walk a few blocks to the voting booth. Reliable information here tells me mine and tens of thousands of ballots were dumped last time here. Then again my wife is still a naive idealist civnat and Trumper so I may do it for her.

    I do have to get my schadenfreude tonight so only Cenks show or Msnbc for me. Of course no guarantee it will go that red as we are led to believe but also this could take days. They already told us that, take them at their word, at least on this.

    • > Then again my wife is still a naive idealist civnat and Trumper so I may do it for her.

      My wife was explaining to the kids that people voted for their freedom. I gave an audible snort and she was not amused.

  32. Walked the mutt this morning and passed by the location in my part of Houston where citizens are allowed to exercise that most sacred of duties (this is how voting used to be described). Long long line out the door, mostly of older white men and women, that is the fascist/christianist/putinist element of Our Democracy.

    The local races are relevant in Houston this year; the county judge (most powerful official in Texas counties) is a Colombian-born horror named Lina Hidalgo who has presided over a huge surge in crime and the usual sort of D-city corruption. (her job before this was part-time translator at the Texas Medical Center.) I have a feeling that she may be turned out, along with a lot of other “judges” who have gone very easy on bail; there’s been a series of fairly nasty crimes in Houston perpetrated by felonious perps who were out on bail.

    All that said, the local races are certainly important, which is why I will vote, but the only thing that’ll get me to the polls in 2024 is the GOP slashing funding to Zelensky. Odds of that happening? 0%. I loathe the republicans so much my head spins.

  33. “The fact is, the worst thing to happen to white people in America has been the Republican party, with the conservative movement a close second. It was the GOP that flung open the borders in the 1980’s. It was the conservatives who convinced white people to worship corporates America. It was the Republicans who gave us the police state in the Bush years and a maniacal war machine. Of course, it is the GOP that unleashed the virus known as neoconservatism.”

    And let us not forget that it was the party hack, corporate lawyer and expert bullshitter Abe Lincoln who destroyed the old Republic and replaced it with the metastasizing egalitarian cancer that, God willing, will expire relatively peacefully in the next decade.

  34. If team red manages to pull off a big win tonight, it’ll be followed up next week with Trumpy’s YUGE announcement. Should he actually declare he’s running for El Jefe in’24, the hysteria from the leftards will know no bounds. It’ll be long popcorn futures for sure.

    • ….next on a Republican Congress set of agendas. “We need to send more arms and money to Ukraine to preserve democracy.” Bet on it!

    • It’s already begun, with Trump’s attack on DeSantis the other day, calling him “De Sanctimonious”.

      Clearly, the Donald already sees him as a threat, and is acting accordingly

      • The worst thing about his jab (back) at Desantis is that Trump’s still addicted to television. For both Trump and his voters, TV *hates them personally*. Yet he’s still drinking that garbage. (Imagine!) His fans might not be. The crowd didn’t seem to get his joke, as if they didn’t know the Desantis campaign ad Trump was mocking. An odd moment…for which all the establishmentarians lay in wait, with remarks they’d prepared beforehand.

        The anti-Trump Republican cries out “11th commandment!” as he strikes you.

        • Not sure if the President—whoever that is at the time—should spend any time watching the tube. However, watching the tube *is* the equivalent of spying on the enemy camp. I’d assign staff to that task however.

      • If you can still find that pic of DeSantis wearing a beanie while preying at The Wailing Wall, you will know who his masters are.

  35. Choices are presented on the screen. The user selects one option and hopes what pops out is what they like.

    Is there an option for “draw a penis on my ballot”?

    • Here in the States they banned paper ballots, so you can’t even draw a proper penis on your ballot.

      • Cook County, Illinois is still using paper ballots (if you don’t care to use the computer screen voting): ballots are two sided, you use a sharpie to fill in your bubbles and the ink bleeds through to the other side. Then the paper ballot is scanned.

        I wish I was joking.

        On a positive note, at least we don’t have to wait until midnight to know who wins (shhh, don’t tell anyone: it will be the Democrats).

        • Same here in my AZ County. We used to have machines that accepted the ballot. They scanned for such mistakes and rejected the ballot immediately in front of the voter. The voter could then correct such mistakes—themselves—at the precinct.

          A decade or so ago, these machines were deemed too expensive and unnecessary and eliminated, so now your ballot is sent to the main counting center where it is misread—but you are not there to correct it, so some hired/volunteer third party decides just what the “voter intent” was and “corrects” your ballot. This process most often entails that your ballot is “replicated” at the counting center and the old (original) ballot is destroyed.

          What can go wrong here? 😉

      • In a certain mitten-shaped state in the Midwest, they still use paper ballots, at least in some precincts. Voters fill in rectangular blocks on their paper ballots with ballpoint pens thoughtfully provided, then feed them into a scanning machine under the watchful eye of “election workers,” 50% smirking Diverse Urban Yoots, 50% obese sullen bulldykes from the local community college wearing matching flannel shirts and matching nose rings. And the workers most certainly aren’t squinting over your shoulder at your choices as you feed them into the scanner and furtively glancing at the slip of paper with your name and address on the adjacent table, certainly not.

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