Let’s Get Small

One of the lessons of the Tuesday election show is that voting matters when the results are open to competition. In one party states, voting is ceremonial as the results are always the same. America is well on its way to becoming a one party state, so voting is no longer a part of politics. It is another lottery, a thing to let stupid people think that one day something magical will happen.

Voting is not politics. In this age, voting is just the process of trying to guess who will be selected as the winner. Politics encompasses much more than voting. One of the great defects of democracy is that it convinces people that their politics begins and ends with the process of voting. This is most common with conservative people who want to think of politics as a part time thing.

This is why the conservative movement was a grand failure. It argued that politics should be a small part of life. They wailed about the Left politicizing everything, as if that would stop them. Instead, it just convinced naturally conservative people to do politics part time while their enemies did politics fulltime. The result was that conservatism managed to conserve nothing.

For dissidents, the only way forward is to develop and counter-culture, which means politicizing our own lives fully. How you spend your money, where you spend your money and on whom you spend your money must be political. How you live, where you live and with whom you live is political. In order to build a counterculture, the dissident must become a fully political animal.

That is easier said than done. Almost all people in the dissident space came through one of the doors of official conservatism. The former libertarians, paleos and Buckleyites all came through a conditioning that said politicizing everything is what the Left does, so it is wrong. Breaking that conditioning is harder than quitting smoking, because there is a billion dollar industry promoting it.

The place to start is to get small. The show this week is about the small businesses popping up within the dissident space. We are seeing more of these which is the most important political development in generations. The parallel economy, as Andrew Torba calls it, a form of quiet quitting, as the regime calls it. Simply finding a way to remove yourself from their grip is the best thing a dissident can do.

For sites like this to exist, it requires people like you chipping in a few bucks a month to keep the lights on and the people fed. Five bucks a month is not a lot to ask. If you don’t want to commit to a subscription, make a one time donation via crypto. Or, you can send money to: Z Media LLC P.O. Box 432 Cockeysville, MD 21030-0432. You can also use PayPal to send a few bucks. Thank you for your support!

Promotions: We have a new addition to the list. Above Time Coffee Roasters are a small, dissident friendly company that makes coffee. They actually roast the beans themselves based on their own secret coffee magic. If you like coffee, buy it from these folks as they are great people who deserve your support.

Havamal Soap Works is the maker of natural, handmade soap and bath products. If you are looking to reduce the volume of man-made chemicals in your life, all-natural personal products are a good start. If you use this link you get 15% off of your purchase.

Minter & Richter Designs makes high-quality, hand-made by one guy in Boston, titanium wedding rings for men and women and they are now offering readers a fifteen percent discount on purchases if you use this link. If you are headed to Boston, they are also offering my readers 20% off their 5-star rated Airbnb.  Just email them directly to book at sales@minterandrichterdesigns.com.

This Week’s Show


  • The Dissident Life
  • The Best Ability Is Availability
  • Small Business Basics
  • Examples Of Dissident Small Business
  • The Realities Of Small Business
  • Investing For A Second Income

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192 thoughts on “Let’s Get Small

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  2. Midterm election shows majority white people just don’t want to be saved
    White American don’t want to pursue their own collective nor self-interest
    what a bumper

    Guess white are just going out with a whimper
    The good news is less white people mean less spoils for a Jew to exploit
    White people in America should be extinct very soon for the rest of gentiles

  3. As expected, leftist fraud is good

    on election night, we were at something like 202 republican deputies against 189 dem (whereas before, before the fraud, all the results were known during the night)

    we are now at 212 R vs 204 D

    The following remain in balance


    to the right of the pale pink is the Republican candidate’s current lead

    it is enough that the seats or the advance is less than 1.5% (4 seats) tilt for the left to win

    6th Circo d’Arizona
    13th in california
    41st of california
    3rd in colorado

    (google translate from french, sorry guys)

  4. looooooooooool

    I just checked realclearpolitics

    they stole the senate, and they even are near to steal the house

    that’s grotesque, but who cares, given that we live in Grotesquistan since march 2020

    (“grotesque” in the meaning of a) obvious fraud, b)but not only that : also tons of brainless young white voters still voting dem)

  5. Spain was a fascist state that was extremely successful. So was Portugal. They’d probably be faring better today if they kept their authoritarian systems.

    • Most people define “fascism” as a partnership between government and business. This definition is so broad that I can’t believe that intelligent people repeat it. Show me an industrialized country that is not fascist by that definition.

      The obviously true definition of “fascism” is a government whose highest priority is protecting and promoting the interests of the historical people of that nation.

      The main criticism of fascism is that it is repressive and authoritarian. These criticisms are almost always made by people who are not of the historic people of that nation.

      Sure, the National Socialists of Germany burned the first books about sexual reassignment surgery and communist propaganda but is anyone here going to argue that that is repressive or authoritarian?

      • personnaly, “fascism” is a mix between nationalism and social policy (i.e. take care about the need of the common people).

        By essence, fascism fight against old liberalism and conservatism and against marxism.

        Maybe that’s why the US, in a way, never really understood fascism, considering they are 100% liberal-conservative (from an european pov, american conservatism is just conservation of liberalism)

        • Ive made that same point.

          That both the republicans and democrats in the US embrace the the liberal-enlightenment paradigm which makes them both left wing parties. The republicans focus more on personal enrichment and the democrats on collective social action. But both completely accept the tabula rasa and all that follows, self actualization as the highest value, and the inevitability of progress.

          • I would add than, in sport or war, playing defense is a 100% losing strategy.

            And what is the true name of this strategy ? Conserve

            That’s why I’m alway astonished how anglo-saxons refere themselves as “conservatives”.

            This is probably the worst political ideology of all time

      • I dare say the prime criticism of fascism is that it is racist and chauvenistic. That monocultural approach flies squarely in the face of postmodern multiculti. Alas, I’d rather live under the former than the latter and I’m sure the vast majority of dissidents would, too.

      • Absolutely! It is repressive and authoritarian towards things which are ugly and evil, which is what we should want.

  6. You only touched on it briefly, with your story of your plumber acquaintance, but the trades deserved its own segment. Highlighting products that we can buy is really good, for sure, but if I were to guess, a lot of our people that own their own business are trades people. From my experience on job sites, most white trades people are DR without knowing they’re dissidents. They may not read Paul Gottfried, Sam Francis, or Z, but they know gender is real, race is real, the regime lies, and no one cares about the working class.

    • White trades peoples are realists, in sum, and I agree due to similar personal interactions. This is why they are apolitical. They understand this is an oligarchy and they cannot change it through political means. That realism makes them a threat to a regime they gladly would ignore.

    • Civnattery Par Excellencé

      See, the problem with ‘alternate’ platforms is that any one that would be worth a damn would never be allowed. Anything online by it’s very nature is ‘approved’ by gatekeepers and TPTB.

      When there is a literal parallel internet, then maybe…

      If you want milquetoast ‘conservative values’ type businesses I suppose it is better than paying people who hate you.

      But any true Dissident Right biz would be shutdown straight away. Here would be my ‘virtual sign’ tacked on the entrance of my digital establishment, how long do you think I could stay in business?

      “No darkies, no homos, no trannies, no tiny hats, women may only enter accompanied by a male chaperone, English speakers only”

      • Apex

        There’s a way to do what your last sentence says, without the sign over the door.

    • Deadwood is an awesome series with a fabulous ensemble cast and writing. Watched it 3x through. Highly, highly recommended.

  7. Liked the show ZMan, nice change up and very pertinent to my own plans to open a small business.

  8. This has most likely already been mentioned, but 40-50 years ago, virtually all physicians were self employed. Now virtually all of them work for an HMO or some hospital group. As a consequence, instead of dispensing personal advice, based on their knowledge of you and your situation, they tow the company/medical community line. Accept their recommendations (the science!) at your own risk…

    • It’s jarring to watch shows from my lifetime, like The Brady Bunch or The Odd Couple and see doctors make house calls. Also jarring to see them argue with patients about the prognosis and best course of action. In my experience, today’s doctor’s sneer at anyone who dares question a high priest of The Science.

    • There has been a big change especially with Obama Care ~ 10 years past. However, I’m skeptical of the claim that virtually all are employees. I did a quick Google and from a quick scan, it looks like about half are independent. I agree with the rest of your post, however (aren’t you glad! 😀 ) Varies by state of course (good luck getting independent Covid-19 advice in California!!!) but yes, those doctors who are employees are most beholden to administrators and government “guidelines.”

  9. Most common items for small business it seems.

    1. Soap- Havamal, Mighty White, and any others?
    2. Tea- Laura Towlers tea called Grandma Towlers Tea and coffee, Alaska Chaga Tea, probably some others.
    3. Coffee- Frentown Coffee, Above Time Coffee Roasters
    4. Candles- This I do not know any companies?

    Honorable Mention: MyPillow which does sheets and towels now too in addition to the pillows. Factory is in America only.

    • The pillows really do suck. You sleep for 1/3 of your life, so don’t shoot yourself in the head with bad sleep gear.

      • Strongly disagree with you on mypillows. My wife and I literally can’t sleep on any other pillow. My coworker tried them and similarly hated it as you do. He gave it to his wife and she loves it. 3/4 ain’t too shabby, but it really depends on you.

  10. Bravo Z-man! I’d Like to thank you for this insightful podcast. I’ll admit this is the last election going to go against my better judgement and giving the ol’ vote harder approach one last heave. Your insights on this podcast were both uplifting and refreshing, and gave me a morale boost.

    I’ve been self employed on and off from the time I was 23 or so, and haven’t taken a paycheck that would be W2 elligable since 2010.

    I also want to truly thank my Creator and Jesus Christ for guiding me and my family to this position. I don’t know how we would have made it through the great scamdemic as purebloods without His guiding hand.

    One thing I truly believe is that the reason why self employment is so low is because very few people are mentally cut out for it. The 3% figure quoted in the podcast is probably pretty spot on based on my life experiences. I’m 42 and in my time I can maybe count maybe a dozen people I have met that are die hard entrepreneurs. I mean live and die, won’t quit types. Boom and Bust, bucked off and get right back and ride the horse. Hard Wired. The kind that find it demeaning to themselves to have an employer. That would be where my frame of my mind is. Self employment is a lifestyle, I do it not for the money but for the independence. Of course, independence takes money. Money is just the means, the lifestyle, the independence is the ends. It’s not for the feint of heart. I remember back in the first week of 2007 having $26 to my name with a wife and two kids to feed. It had to last me until I closed another job, which was about a week away. I remember sitting out on my porch, a pit in my stomach, saying I’ll never leverage myself like this again. It stung so bad, I use it as motivation to this day. That’s the nature of the beast being self employed. You have to have the mental fortitude for sacrafice and risk. Z-man nailed that point in his podcast. The check sweating can lead to many sleepless nights, I make sure and never leverage my funds so that’s a possibility anymore.

    Since Z-man spent a good chunk of his time giving out great advice and allowing for a listen into his mind, I feel obliged to spend a bit of time and offer my advice to anyone out there who takes the self employment plunge:

    Start small. Keep your initial costs low. I mean bare bones minimum. Create an income ledger, go over it. Go over it again and again. You’ll be your own accountant at first, because you need to know your numbers. The numbers never lie. Don’t make purchases with your feelings. If it seems neccessary or not, the numbers will prove it to you.

    Never spend more to start your business than you’re willing to lose.

    Put every bit of profit back into the business. This goes back to sacrifice. Also, self employment tax is absolute robbery, so you can write these purchases off to stave of Uncle Schmuels unwarranted cut. I’m in the retail return business, and it is a chore to keep my wifes hands off inventory. I love her to death, but she sees it all as free stuff. I see it as an invisible (theoretically) bank account. I could splurge and take a lot of this stuff for personal use, but that would be nothing more than stealing from my own self. If you’re keeping up with your ledger, it will tell you when there is the opportunity to splurge a bit. Always remember–The Numbers Never Lie! – And when you do finally splurge a bit, say a thank you prayer to the One who was looking out.

    It’s cliche, but really do something you love. Do what you find interesting and have skills at. I’ve always had a gift with compartmentalizing. I enjoy taking a bunch of random stuff and fitting it into a specified area. I sort of see what I do as getting payed to play Tetris. Unless you’re young, learning on the fly is extremely costly. Make sure you get into what you do so you can focus more on what interests you truly love and what will benefit the people you love.

    Take advantage of all government assistence to give yourself and your family a boost. Remember, SNAP, Energy assistence, and local grants are all tied to your income and family unit. Being self employed allows you to set your income to the levels that by law allow you to use these benefits. Big Box business, Shaqueefa, Squato and his 15 friends that just came over on the Brandon Express are all getting theirs, so I see no shame in utilizing it for my familys ends. Don’t be so proud as to put yourself at a disadvantage.

    Be humble. Make time to truly self reflect on what your business is doing and what future steps you want to make. Smile. Appreciate your customers. Give thanks to God for them, for every break, good fortune, and good luck that comes your way. Luck is as integral to success as almost anything, but you have to recognize it as luck, and be thankful. Nothing pisses me off more than the arrogant entrepreneur who thinks it was all his bootstrapping that got him to his position. Sure, Fortune favours the bold, but my motto is more James 4:6 “Wherefore he saith, God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble”.

    Go out and have fun in the challenge. Challenge yourself and your business. You only live once on this third stone from the sun. What’s the point in being miserable?

    I’m glad I found this forum. I appreciate all the wisdom, knowledge and outlooks Z-man and the commenters supply every day.

    Godspeed Friends!

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  12. I may have missed it, but what is the Secret Handshake Society? Is it a metaphor for something truly secret. I don’t see any results in my web search – not surprising, though.

  13. “I think the SPLC hates them for some reason . . . .”

    If you’re not hated by the SPLC, you must be doing something wrong — which is not to suggest that if you are hated by the SPLC, you’re necessarily doing something right.

    • The splc can be a simple, easy guide for what is worth reading, listening to, etc. Maybe their “hate map” can help determine which regions of the country are the best places to relocate and congregate. It’s thoughtful of them to go to such great lengths.

      • Melissa: I wasn’t aware they had a map! Such a helpful group of people. Happy to learn there are half a dozen or so organizations of note within 35 miles of our new home.

        • Interesting what’s NOT there, too. Type “Ron Unz” into their search. 4 hits, none of them mention this man runs one of the most popular (?) dissident sites on the net.

          Weird: two earlier, similar posts get memory-holed (my browser reloads the page). Will this one post?

          • No, seems to work here. But when I tried to reply to Wkathman, it dumped. Word Press quirk, or some very odd censor action?

            Not the first time it’s happened.

    • For a laugh, visit the SPLC website and do a search on “Ron Unz.” I got 4 hits, all apparently secondary sources. It’s an intriguing question why a multimillionaire whose web site has hosted some of the most incendiary opinion (including his own) on forbidden themes gets very little mention there. Perhaps being of The Tribe is sufficient?

  14. Getting food direct from farms is a big one nobody has mentioned yet. If you live in an area near farms, especially Amish, you can basically buy all your food from them, in cash. They have markets, or you can get to know a farmer directly. Not only is it cheaper, but it is also better quality, as well as tax-free, and you’re not supporting woke grocery stores. Amish also make furniture and all kinds of other stuff. You can essentially get everything from Amish.

    They’re not exactly “our people” but I’d rather give them cash for food than pay a grocery corporation that hates them.

    Learn to cook – your food bill will go down drastically, it is healthier, and you stop supporting “diversity”. Believe it or not, you can even learn to cook “diversity” recipes from the internet without giving your country away to foreign hordes. Ethnic restaurants are shit libs #1 selling point on diversity.

    Little things like changing your own oil, so you don’t go to oil change shops staffed with Mexicans or Arabs. Mow your own grass. Hire local kids to work if you need help instead of illegals. Stop eating at fast food restaurants that are clearly owned and staffed by foreigners. Look into who the contractor employs if you hire one.

    So many little things you can do.

    • Speaking of cooking up some diversity, I was watching a fellow Canuck of yours on YewTube names Steve Wallis. He’s the stealth camping guy, and he decided to make this thing called a “Halifax Donair” that I had never heard of. The wife always wants to try new stuff, and this Donair thing looked mighty tasty. We uploaded a recipe and shes off to procure the ingredients. What say you of this supposed signature Canadian food?

      • Nope never heard of it.
        Looks like regular middle eastern food

        Probably just another leftist scam to try and make locals more approving of mass immigration. Halifax has gone from 0% non-White to 16% non-White in the past 20 years, and most of the people there think it’s a great thing.

        Let me know how it goes, though. Nothing wrong with trying new things.

  15. Today’s podcast is one of the best ever. Why? Because instead of endless erudite analyses of what ails us, this show provided a practical guide to improving one’s robustness. And robustness is not solely about biology (resistance to disease), but also the ability to overcome calamity and hardship. Yes to starting a small businesses and insulating yourself from the Crazy. And, if at all possible, doing so in a like-minded community or rural setting.

    To add to the list of suggested small business options, I would recommend gunsmithing (its not as difficult as most think) and the demand is guaranteed to skyrocket as time goes on. Also, a good garage business is to build small cheap drones that can carry a small payload (~1 kg) and be made to operate autonomously. The software is already open source, so this is just an assembly business.

    The rise of tyranny here in the West is going to create lots of new demand, and opportunity abounds.

    • I enjoy every podcast our host puts out, but I especially enjoy those that offer practical advice, such as those that advise on how to talk to Normie or how to deal with witches. It’s good for one’s soul, one’s mental health, to concentrate on taking positive steps forward.

  16. “For dissidents, the only way forward is to develop and counter-culture, which means politicizing our own lives fully. How you spend your money, where you spend your money and on whom you spend your money must be political. How you live, where you live and with whom you live is political. In order to build a counterculture, the dissident must become a fully political animal.”

    Absolutely true – I’ve been doing this for many years – and too many Americans fail to realize this. If one million consumers boycotted Walmart over Chinese imports, things would change. Look at the about-face the NFL did over kneeling once fans started boycotting (they should never have gone back).

    • Unfortunately, getting even dissidents to drop netflix or Disney or HBO is asking too much of them. This is especially true of Conservatives.

      • Oh, I don’t know about that. If you post on this site and give your greenbacks to Dis, Netflix or HBO, say “aye.” I dam’ sure don’t.

  17. Learning at least two other languages is essential, too. Learn Spanish just for the practical reality that you’re going to need it to navigate America in the demographic age, and even if there is peaceful separation, there’s still going to be interchange (trade, disputes, etc.) and being able to speak the other person’s language does sand off some of the rough edges. The only reason I didn’t spend an hour in the convenience store the other night was because I spoke enough Spanish to help the super-stoned illegal buy his lotto ticket purchase from the Indian guy with the turban behind the counter. And I live in a midwestern, normal, midsize city, which means this is happening everywhere that’s not completely rural or superrich.

    But learn a less obvious language, too, one that will allow you to be sought as a tutor by parents who are either already homeschooling their kids or sense that their public/parochial school is doing an awful job of teaching them. You’ll be surprised what kinds of things normie parents will share with you once they sense you’re not part of the blob, about their fears for the future and their low opinion of the country’s direction. You can even make some side scratch creating homework assignments and selling the materials to other teachers online. With a little effort, your homemade sheets will be superior to the sometimes-inaccurate or flat-out wrong stuff in actual textbooks. It beats selling nonexistent puppies to sexless shut-in spinsters wearing masks and praying to their Ruth Bader Ginsburg doll.

    • Why would you get involved in resolving a situation between 2 aliens? Neither of them are your people so I don’t see what you gain. Just drop your stuff and go to a different store without the line.

    • I fully support learning foreign languages, but not for the reasons you site. Learning a foreign language is tremendous intellectual exercise, gives one entre into a different nation–in my case, Russia–and makes one more employable. That’s a whole lot more substantive than facilitating a random convo in a convenient store between people who don’t belong to our tribe.

    • Do parents still teach their children the 5 manners? You know– please, thank you, you’re welcome, pardon me, and I’m sorry…

      • I remember reading once that a century ago the phrase “pardon me” had its detractors, because, as opposed to “I beg your pardon,” it sounds like an order and not a request.

    • Learn Spanish to navigate the future demographic age?

      No Bueno

      The last time I was on a job, and a contact asked me,(with a heavy accent), if I spoke Spanish, I said no.

      He said “why?”

      I said,”This is America. We speak English here”.

      And just like that, he spoke perfect English!

      It was a miracle!

      Don’t let the enemy bully you.

      A person who can’t speak our language is identifying themselves.

  18. Zman – Interesting that you term the disengagement from the system and helping build a parallel one ‘political.’ As I mentioned in a comment the other day, each one of us must separate mentally, socially, physically, in every way possible. Right now it’s simple enough (for me, at least) to watch no tv, listen to no radio, and only visit those online sites I choose to patronize. Consumer purchases are a lot trickier – almost everything is made in China and/or by a company whose advertising demonstrates they hate me and my values. I have already resolved to patronize nothing but local tradesmen once we leave suburbia.

    A lot of people seem to be sucked into things via family/friends and a false understanding of the limits of charity. My husband and I have already discussed who we’d welcome and in what rare circumstances. I recently helped counsel a friend whose husband had spontaneously offered a room in their home to a friend (with whom they’d lost touch) in the middle of a severe family/criminal dispute/job crisis, without thinking through the consequences and then regretting his decision. They quickly realized that if they wanted to help, they ought to have gone the ‘good Samaritan’ route and paid for a few nights in a hotel for the guy. A few nights in their spare room turned into a few weeks but they belatedly rectified their error and got him moved out.

    Be extraordinarily careful before involving yourself when someone’s life is imploding. You’re generally hearing only one side of the story, and risk getting called as a witness in a divorce case or other legal action. Please note I’m not saying one oughtn’t help true friends, but that natural White instinct to offer aid can get one embroiled in a lot more than just personal controversy. Think through the longer-term implications of whatever you do.

    • Yeah, building the alternative economy will be difficult. We need ideas here. A decade or so ago, my son got on a “buy USA kick”. He’s a sharp guy with resources to find it, if it exists. That lasted for some short period of time. He no longer bothers, because he can not find needed materials. If you are in technical fields, you can not find supplies of the necessary.

      Myself, I try to visit the little guy brick and mortar stores locally. I don’t bother usually with whether the product is made here or off shore, only that the business employs my neighbors. I will not use self-check out in any store.

      Similarly, if I find something on Amazon, I try to locate the business online and buy direct—bypassing Amazon. I have had several conversations with such businesses and they thanked me profusely for such effort. Indeed, one business explained to me the model of listing through Amazon and the cut Amazon takes of the sale.

      Any other ideas?

      • Compsci: “I will not use self-check out in any store.”

        I had to use self-check out the other day.

        There were no cashiers available.

        It was in the evening, and muh favorite cashier, an old White lady, named “Trudy”, had gone home for the day.

        “Trudy” is so old that she works at a snail’s pace, but my goodness does she have a kind heart and an eagle eye for what’s important.

        She’s literally a last living relic of Norman Rockwell’s Amurrikkkuh.

        • Unfortunately, far too many checkouts are staffed by numerically illiterate kids or taciturn foreigners. There’s nothing noble in subjecting oneself to those encounters.

          • I disagree. Conducting oneself as a dignified human being in any circumstance is the mark of a gentleman. It is the very essence of nobility. And make no mistake, KGB: These illiterates and foreigners are still human beings. It does you no harm to respect and interact with them, while it may just do them a lot of good.

          • Let them be human beings in their place of origin, then. In that case, my respect and deference will be manifest. Otherwise, I owe them no favors.

          • For shits and giggles,(if you have the time), the next time you have a balance due of day, $23.43, give the youngster $53.03.

            Their hair occasionally catches fire.

          • My reasoning and experience is that cashiering is one of those employment opportunities that folks on the lower end of the economic pyramid can take advantage of for a reasonable wage. Yes, I’ve had experience with Quickie Mart and Burger King cashiers as you’ve described. However, in the main where I am it’s reasonable service and just one more job opportunity for the worker with minimal skills.

            I’ll be damned if I will tell them the “learn to program”.

      • Compsci: “Any other ideas?”

        Increasingly, I’m finding that when I try to source non-Amazon [or non-Home-Depot], I’m ackshually dealing with fake middlemen con-artists who create fake business establishments which do nothing but drop ship directly from Amazon [or Home Depot] to your front door.

        You definitely wanna purchase from Lowes, not Home Depot.

        I used to be big on purchasing from Walmart rather than Amazon [and in a pinch I probably still would], but my goodness has Walmart become phenomenally Evil in just the last few years.

        Alice Walton has instituted a corporate-wide policy which holds that Walmart will pay for any pregnant female employee, in a Pro-Life jurisdiction, to cross state lines and snuff out her unborn child in a pro-murder jurisdiction.

        Either Sam Walton wasn’t who he pretended to be, or else his wife [Helen Robson] endowed their children with some seriously wicked genes.

        I was just glancing at Sam Walton’s Wiki [to check his wife’s maiden name], and I noticed that he had a background in Military Intelligence.

        That rot thar is a weird weird weird little data point .

        And his father in law, Leland Stanford Robson, was a bankster…

        • My daughter will not step foot in a Walmart. I can’t disagree. Here it’s just too creepy. The low/no class of folks who shop there is legendary. If you want to see examples of just what’s wrong with America, take a stroll about. Every pathology we decry is on display. And yes, I was there recently to buy two specialty light bulbs from GE, and yes they were made in China.

      • Compsci: Those are all good ideas. “Made in USA” now often means made here, by imported alien parasites, of imported parts/ingredients. Most moms don’t realize the majority of apple juice is imported from China. Half the beef labeled “product of USA” is imported from South America.

        Generally, to use a bougie term, be ‘mindful’ in whatever you do. Try to buy products from small, independent producers. Willingly pay more for White, American labor. Try to shame others who unthinkingly support globalism (women who buy Chobani products). Try to cultivate a network of similar friends and services.

        Even little things matter – go out of your way to compliment/encourage a young White mother. Tell her how beautiful and increasingly rare her child’s eye/hair is. Offer what used to be common courtesies to other Whites only. I’m not saying go out of your way to be publicly/vocally rude to aliens; just ignore them. Don’t see them. Don’t nod or speak to or voluntarily acknowledge them. Be prepared to sacrifice a bit (pay more, wait longer for qualified services, etc.) for a White future.

        • Ditto on the blank stares. I have several mullatos living with8n a few doors of me, young boys the same age as my daughter. I pay them no mind except when I have to tell them not to step on my lawn, which I deliver in a brief, matter-of-fact manner. Other than that, I just pretend they’re not there. And I make sure my daughter notices.

          • KGB: I give hard, cold stares (sometimes from behind sunglasses; sometimes not) to loud, overly-energetic, undisciplined, or whiny non-White children – particularly in the grocery store. I say nothing – just stare and then turn away. Believe me, they notice.

      • A lot of stuff labeled “made in USA” isn’t in fact an American product.
        Many long years ago before going to college I worked in a metals distributor. We literally would open container ships from South Africa and take out steel bars with “Made in South Africa” tags on it. We took those tags off and put “made in the USA” tags on them. Though I don’t think it was for the “made in USA” aspect so much as the sanctions (or boycotts) against South Africa at the time.

        I think there is a rule about how much “value added” activity was done in the US. It’s just a big scam.

    • My response when asked to solve someone else’s problem is “gee you’re in a pickle, what are you going to do?”…

      • pixilated: That’s precisely what my friend did. Asked the guy “So what’s your plan? And what if plan A doesn’t work out?” When that didn’t produce the desired result she was forced to be more blunt – normally very unlike her, but she and her husband are under enough of their own stress right now. I was very proud of her.

    • Yes, good advice: being the Good Samaritan works fine in the Bible story, but it still cost time and money. You can end up paying a lot more. You got off pretty easy. In bad cases the host loses property, cash outlay, perhaps even his health or his life.

      Relevant to letting friends (or even family) stay too long. Depends on the locality, but after (say) 30 days they are now a “common law tenant.” Want them to leave? You can ask, but if they want to be assholes they can say “no” and you must then evict them at law. I had to do this with an alcohol- and pill-addicted soon-to-be-ex-girlfriend who wouldn’t move out. It cost me ~ $2,000 to “eject” her as it’s called here in FL. All else equal, I would rather have paid her directly to move, rather than enrich the legal profession. It’s my understanding that’s what some landlords do with a problem tenant who’s not being willfully malicious. Turns out many just need a helping hand, an incentive to move out. I guess it’s only a matter of time until some landlords will advertise that: “Up to one month’s rent incentive to move your ass out when you’re facing eviction.” 😀

      Other common things you (or at least I) would regret: having more than one name (mine!) on a lease, not all that different from cosigning a loan, come to think of it. Loaning money to friends and loan and friend are lost (I think that’s in Hamlet, if I recall correctly….)

      Charity is still possible. For example, years ago I helped a good friend who was stuck in AZ short of funds. I sent her $600 and made it very clear that it was a gift and I expected no repayment. Sure part generosity for my own ego stroking, but also a hard-learned lesson from a few failed loans earlier in life.

      In closing, I share a famous attorney joke that shows charity — of a sort.


      • The shorthand is “cash for keys” and yes its much more efficient and all but the scummiest can usually be negotiated with in that way.

  19. “This is why the conservative movement was a grand failure. It argued that politics should be a small part of life.”

    Yes conservatives are spectacularly wrong. Politics is philosophy of life. Politics is conflict and WAR. Those things are ALWAYS happening. The Left understands this well and has won.

    The conservatives just want to vote, lose, and complain about it in hushed tones while grilling.

    Even so-called conservative movies (like Top Gun 2) are deemed as such because they’re not stridently liberal; they’re just flacid civ-nat color-blind meritocracy fantasies that don’t dare to make anyone uncomfortable.

    Kaitlin Jenner is a perfect symbol of conservatism. If anything he/she is one-up on conservatives because he was actually a winner once upon a time.

    • fakeemail: “Yes conservatives are spectacularly wrong. Politics is philosophy of life. Politics is conflict and WAR. Those things are ALWAYS happening. The Left understands this well and has won.”

      Conservatives are [oddly enough] profound romantics.

      Whereas Sh!tlibs & Bugmen & NPCs are [oddly enough] grotesquely cynical nihilists.

      Conservatives have a very difficult time contemplating the true horror which is meta-darwinism.

      And few phenomena are more meta-darwinistic than politics & the associated graft and corruption [as we conservatives are finally discovering, much to our chagrin].

      In addition, Conservatives are very very slow to anger, whereas Sh!tlibs & Bugmen & NPCs have childishly petulant hair-trigger tempers [which tempers are, in & of themselves, emotionalistic psychological forms of meta-darwinism].

      Rudyard Kipling wrote a famous poem about the incongruity of it.

      They were not easily moved,
      They were icy — willing to wait
      Till every count should be proved…

  20. In sports, the losers immitate the winners in the hope of becoming winners themselves. The same must be true of politics in the West. We may loathe the Leftist apothegm, “the personal is political,” but as Z says, we’d dam’ sure better adopt it as our own. Likewise, the Left subordinated morality and principal to the goal of total victory, and victory it achieved. If white people–and the Right is the only hope for whites–hope to survive as a race, we too must abandon principle and morality in pursuit of the larger and far more important objective of victory. Dissidents, BTW, have already hoisted this in. It’s the Grillers who must be made to see the light.

    • The Left sets the rules of engagement, best learn such. Same in war, don’t kid yourselves. Example, early on in WWII, Pacific theater, US Marines were inclined to accept Japanese prisoners—well, until they learned that the Japanese soldier was determined to die in battle and their surrender efforts were a ploy to take one American with them. Instant, “no prisoners” rule—screw the Geneva Convention. (Yeah, there were prisoners taken, very few, and nothing compared to the European theater where both sides made some effort to play nice.)

  21. Spectacular and inspirational, There is so much to think about and unpack here Z:

    It sure as hell beats the “enjoy the decline” mindset that I see out there. It is a mindset that dissidents need to compete with. It’s very hard sell too – pulling on bootlaces is much more difficult than laying back and doing as little as possible.

    Dissidence has another competitor too – the preppers. Those guys think they’ll amass a mountain of supplies, guns and ammo – and then sit on top of it and laugh when the crash comes. Well… whaddya do when the starving single mom lands on your doorstep with her baby? Or you get a troop of feral baboons baying for your blood when their EBT runs out?

    There are other considerations:

    In an economic crash – which is now inevitable – The gubbimint that results is going to have to either open up the marketplace and restore trust so that people can invest in it – or take full control of it. If it’s the latter – they will not stand for a parallel economy. That represents competition and they will move to stamp it out as socialists always do.

    Finally – wow… the entrepreneur REALLY needs to think about other bullet proofing: how do you deal with a feral govt run by crazy women that decide the cold and flu is actually the Andromeda Strain – and decides to shut you or your suppliers down for two years?

    There is a lot going on here, and maybe a follow up lecture might be worth your consideration.

    • Glenfilthie: Have to dispute your blanket characterization of people who prepare. If you’re forming your judgement based on tv/YT then you ought to know you’re seeing a minute part of the picture the media wants you to see. True dissidents who choose to prepare – to whatever degree – to be less reliant on the modern commercial and financial and distribution system – don’t discuss it endlessly online . . . or in real life.

    • Glenfilthie: “Those guys think they’ll amass a mountain of supplies, guns and ammo – and then sit on top of it and laugh when the crash comes. Well… whaddya do when you get a troop of feral baboons baying for your blood when their EBT runs out?”

      I don’t mean to Fed-Poast on Z, but did you miss the part about the mountain of guns and ammo?

      We conservatives are admittedly morons, but I don’t think we’re quite so imbecilic as to be incapable of figuring out how to put the ammunition in the gun [although the grittier details – such as turning off the safety, and racking the first round into the chamber – might be just a little bit above our pay grade, and we might have to consult some tiny-hatted geniuses to teach us how to do it].

      • I agree with your sentiments, however a lone man with a rifle is the stuff old westerns are made of. A team and tactics are really where it’s at—so to speak. Such knowledge requires training. Most ex-military have such. Know your neighbors, unless you’re in the boonies and self sufficient, you’ll probably need them in a SHTF scenario.

    • Disagree, as do others here.

      I think preppers are under the umbrella of the DR.

      It’s just that some of them don’t know it.

      I went through that phase, and called / call myself such, on occasion, on my way to being “fully DR, or Based.”

      There are many skills and perspectives that are important to learn, within that movement.
      I have been listening to Jack Spirko’s podcast for at least 8 years, and continue to do so.

      He is a libertarian Deist, and refuses to see the race issue.
      But that’s OK. He is a very smart dude (like Z), and I continue to learn from him.

      Don’t write off the whole movement.

    • My plan is to (seemingly concernedly) redirect the starving hordes to a soup kitchen 2 miles down the road, that distance is just about walkable if they are at the end of their energy, but it’s just a little too far to walk back (uphill yet) to me, once they get there and find the soup kitchen is only open one day a week..

  22. Substantive, informative podcast, thanks.

    A few quick points:

    *I’ve been self-employed the vast majority of my work life. I encounter many who also are but more or less have side gigs and/or work under the table. The reasons they do so are manifold and include far more than just tax avoidance. A big draw seems to be to avoid licensure and permitting and insurance requirements, and in some cases to qualify for a government benefit that would be impossible if they recorded the income. I would imagine far, far more people are self-employed than we realize. In fact, it would not surprise me if more than thirty percent fall into this category. I suspect the black market economy in the United States resembles what existed in the Soviet Union.

    *Self-employment simultaneously removes you from the world and conversely makes you aware of aspects largely unseen by and unknown to most. Even right-wing people who have garden variety employment are blithely unaware of how intrusive government actually is. Our thing’s raps on affirmative action, EEOC and so forth only scratch the surface of regulatory burden. A quick example is the reality of FICA. The self-employed have no illusions there.

    *As you pointed out, if you are self-employed you will earn less and have little to no benefits. Is it worth it? Hell yes.

    *Related to all of the above, the State seems determined to crush self-employment. The reasons are obvious. Be very meticulous with accounting, record keeping, and compliance with regulations because this is growing worse.

    Finally, as an aside, the primary problem with rental property no longer is non-payment although that always will be an issue. I would argue willful destruction and neglect are far larger problems, and these only will grow worse as the population is less White and less responsible. Rental property is to be avoided if someone is older.

    • I fully expect that pretty soon all small landlords will also find that “shared equity” in the house for the renters has suddenly become a “right”.

      So someone renting your house will have an option on 5-10% of the property, but no obligation on the tax side..

      • It’s very possible. Frankly, after the requirement to pay rent was suspended by fiat during Covid, it showed this very thing is possible. Property rights have become illusory.

        • Property rights come from self ownership.

          If you have no self determination and are subservient as a unit to admin’s whims then logically you cannot have property either as you are not really an independent legal entity.

          Livestock don’t own property.

          • In fact “owning” property is quite a recent and much Western thing—and that took centuries. No reason to believe such can’t revert back to the time of peasants and serfs working the Lord of the Manner’s fields for a percentage of the crop.

          • @compsci

            I am not sure what you mean by recent?

            England during the saxon times had fully alloidal title for freemen, which they brought over from Germany. Logically, this must have also been used on the continent in much of the areas the tribes inhabited in Germany.

            Ancient greece had extremely strong private property laws that extended to a right of non entry by authority in your house.

            Feudal was not dominant until the Norman conquest which brought the idea of crown lands and changed the laws.

            Its a myth that it was very modern.

          • For further specificity about English common law, look up “fee absolute simple.” Property rights precede even William the Conqueror, in fact, The Domesday Book could be said to be a survey dealing with land ownership.

        • It’d be more accurate to say that property rights varies enormously by time and place. To paraphrase (probably from “Blood in the Streets” ca. 1988 by Davidson/Rees-Mogg; google preview not available):

          In Argentina you can buy land suitable for growing cotton for about $30 an acre. Yet in Mississippi an acre of similar land costs $3,000. Why? Because in Argentina, your property rights
          are subject to change with the next strong breeze, while in Mississippi the rights of the landowner are somewhat stronger.

    • Jack Dobson: “I would imagine far, far more people are self-employed than we realize. In fact, it would not surprise me if more than thirty percent fall into this category. I suspect the black market economy in the United States resembles what existed in the Soviet Union.”

      That’s why the Tiny Hats are pushing so hard for banning paper cash and imposing digital currency with all financial transactions monitored by Tiny Hat banks [to include the Federal Reserve].

      They want to be able to pull up a list of every purchase you’ve ever made in your entire life [just like they can instantaneously pull up your IRS 1040s and your Medicare records and your FBI file].

      Just a couple of months ago [mid-September], they jiggered with an “ISO” committee standard so as to alter VISA/Mastercard transaction records in order to create a new “guns/ammunition” transaction standard, which explicitly identifies gun & ammunition purchases [which previously had been classified as involving “hardware stores”].

      If Brandon is re-installed in 2024, then the abolition of tangible physical cash money will be at the very top of the Tiny Hat agenda.

      PS: And yes, just like we are now struggling to create a parallel social media system, we also desperately need a parallel “banking” system [even if it amounts to nothing more than credit unions and/or savings & loans].

      • All true.

        “[even if it amounts to nothing more than credit unions and/or savings & loans].”

        I suspect those will be targeted as part of the ongoing banking/financial institution consolidation. As for ending cash, it obviously is a goal but I’ve read several compelling reasons it is presently unattainable, some due to making foreign currency more attractive. Maybe it is copium, but my gut is the little hats’ high water mark was about two years back because like all utopian plans, this one will fail, too.

        • Its on target in all western and asian countries already including Russia.

          check this out.


          the only 2 countries to have cancelled are Equador and Senegal.

          Africa is left out but China and Russia are at launched/pilot and most of the west is at development stage. The Us and UK are at research, but their CBs already have timeline policy papers released.

      • Last week, I bought gift cards in cash as a means to donate to dissident sites, like this one here. They required and ID and scanned it in to the system. They would not let me buy the cards without an ID. Even a cash payment is not anonymous.

      • I’m with Jack on this one. Authoritarians can and many times in history have tried to exert draconian control over money and credit. With severe penalties (including death) for disobedience. But even so, somehow it is tough to stamp out the “black” or the true markets. If the official money is worth little it’ll be used for official, visible transactions. You’ll pay your rent, buy your groceries and such with that CBDC under Sauron’s Eye.

        Alternate monies, whether foreign, old gold, silver and other coin, or indeed anything of value*, will serve as means of exchange and store of wealth. Obviously such a primitive economy imposes many inconveniences, but it beats no economy at all.

        *In WW II Europe, depending upon how bad things were locally, chocolate bars, nylon stockings, packs of cigarettes, even Mickey Mouse watches were trade goods.

    • This is especially true in the Peoples Republic of New York. I’ve told of my friend in the Sheriff’s Dept. here and one of his duties is to serve eviction notices. During the scamdemic, there was a moratorium on evictions and although that is now gone, he told me that there are 400 unsigned bills on Count Hocula’s desk and she was waiting until after the election to sign them.
      One of them is a provision to make it nearly impossible for a landlord to evict a tenant even in the case of damage to the property. According to a friend of his in the state house, the tenant would have to make at least THREE good faith attempts to repair the damage on their own before eviction proceedings could begin and even then the landlord has a very narrow course of action if everything fails.
      I hate this because instead of constructing new welfare housing – which there is NO money for – the state has decreed that YOUR home/rental property will now be the welfare housing, which I’m sure violates the 4th amendment to the Constitution, not that we pay any attention to that anymore.
      Before anyone here starts prattling on about how those of us behind enemy lines get what we deserve for living here, many of us cannot leave yet, my friend included. Three more years and he’s out.

      • All of us are behind enemy lines at this point, so no guff from me. That out of the way:

        Blackrock, Vanguard and the like have gone on a residential property buying spree of late. Housing should have cratered but this has kept something of a high floor in place so the decline has been less than would be expected. As a result, Hochul and company will do everything in their power within their jurisdictions to make private ownership of rentals as toxic as possible to lower prices and force sales. And, yes, the new public housing will be put on the backs of property owners.

        There will be attempts to do this on a national level in due time. People really need to pause before they buy rental property and consider the perils.

  23. All the major institutions of American society — education, medicine, business, politics — are ossified and/or have become extortion rackets. Ordinary white people — if they’re to have a chance at survival — have to steer clear of all this and opt out of the system as a whole in whatever fashion they can. Of course easier said than done, but this should be the objective. One problem is the “learnt helplessness” to which so many white people have succumbed over the last two or three generations, and in the process have lost key skills that allow individuals and organic small communities to survive independently. It takes time, effort, and sacrifice to extricate oneself from this quicksand of helplessness.

    • I think we also need people who can and will rise as high in the system. Silent infiltration will be necessary. Regimes change from within. It will be a combination of large numbers of self-sufficient and significant numbers with the ability to master infiltration and be the best as high as some can rise within.

      • Only NPCs can keep the focus for years to do this. they are not conscious so will keep to a task until a new shem is given to them.

        Normal people get side tracked by their own goals and do not operate in this way.

  24. We moved from NJ to SC earlier this year for the reasons Z laid out. Knew NJ was never going to reform or get better. After last year’s election fraud, it’s obvious that no Republican will ever will a statewide election there ever again.
    Working a salary job right now although considering the small business thing in a year or two if the economy doesn’t completely collapse.

  25. I’d love to find a dissident doctor that I could rely on for basic health care and just pay cash to. For obvious reasons the GAE-ZOG medical system is one of the first things to turn off and tune out of.

    • The problem is any doctor like that can only treat you with the tools available to HIM, he would have no ability to write prescriptions if the pharmacy you take them to refuses to fill them, and the hospital he refers you to for tests refuses to test you, and the hospital he sends you to for emergency care ends up killing you. Any doctor like what you want also has to have a close relationship with a NON-Chain pharmacy and an independent hospital that is a not for profit, good luck finding any of those. Ask a lot of questions before you decide to opt out of any current health care coverage.

    • We found one at a hole in the wall who keeps away from the Eye of Sauron by inputting very creative medical codes when going against nonsense “Baseline of Care” practices. A nurse there even openly said most childhood vaccinations are pointless, which would probably get your medical license suspended if she said it at a hospital.

      • My personal experience managing an autoimmune condition makes me feel that Joe Tippens could be on to something with his cancer treatment protocol.

        • There’s also a fenbendazole substack ramping up with personal experiences and other info regarding fenben as well.

    • Try to find a DPC –direct primary care– doctor in your area. You pay them a monthly fee (I’m 66 and my cost is $65 / month like gym membership and they attend to you whenever you need and you can even call them off hours if needed. No insurance, low / no paperwork, plus they know you as they are independent. It’s a movement that has caught on–there are a few thousand practices across the country.

      • Look up concierge medicine in you area. Yearly or monthly fee. Some organizations provide their own pharmacy. They also contract with certain providers of specialties. For example, they can send you for a $300 CAT scan. I guess I’m fortunate, my medical insurance provider does not care that they never heard of my doctor. They accept his prescriptions and pay for bloodwork and such as per his authorization—and why not, he doesn’t cost them a dime.

  26. I haven’t listened to the podcast yet. Private life is one thing I agree with conservatives on. They didn’t acknowledge that’s impossible when you’re playing a public game. Z does, and from the essay, he seems to be advocating it for the purpose of bringing it down.

    I get advocating emulating lefty’s successful tactics for our ends, because I’ve done the same. Take what they’re giving. Identity politics? Ok. Cancel culture? No problem.

    There’s still the nagging feeling that the game won’t change until the rules change, but I haven’t worked that one out, yet. Seeing the drift in the Republican base, whites becoming like blacks, etc., has me concerned these days. But the solutions always come as long as you remain patient.

    • The answer is to stop playing the other side’s game. I know that from experience, in my small life. How that scales is what I puzzle over.

  27. Look at New York Magazine from 11/05/2022–article about shit libs in Austin fleeing because it’s ‘too right wing in Texas’.

    (would post link but spam filter blocked it).

    Definitely less common, but thankfully does happen.

    • Clown Show: Thanks for the reading referral. The article about Austin is hilarious – people terrified Texans with ARs are coming to get them! That place still has a juice mayor and increasing diversity and crime and far too many woke transplants. And those Austin residents in the article (originally from NY and elsewhere) are looking for new homes in other ‘liberal’ enclaves protected by red state rules/low cost of living: Boise, Chattanooga, etc.

      Come the revolution, any sovereign city/state must police its borders and limit immigrants from elsewhere in AINO. Otherwise the tapeworms and termites just hitch a ride and set up their predations in your home state. It’s not enough to merely limit the franchise – you must vet and control who is allowed to join your community.

      • Yep.

        Until communities revert back to vetting and rejecting transplants they are going to be vulnerable.

        I wonder which town or mall area will be the first to decide to do it?

        For instance I believe in switzerland that swiss citizenship is actually decided at the local level by your neighbors who can veto your citizenship, rather than at federal level. I do not think it extends all the way to living in the place on a visa.

        However, if you don’t fit in locally then you don’t get citizenship.

        • trumpton: I’ve read that the rules in Switzerland are as you describe. However, the Swiss shot themselves in the gut when they gave the vote to women. Even women who don’t want certain ethnic neighbors have a very hard time publicly saying so or voting against their residency. They’ll veto a woke White before an alien ethnic – and it’s hard to say which one is more pernicious.

          • I’ve read the above and believe it’s true. Switzerland has always been very accommodating for resident aliens — if they are wealthy and pay their own way and don’t make trouble. I’ve always heard that a foreigner gaining Swiss Citizenship borders on impossible, and have never heard any contradiction of that claim.

        • I imagine any attempt at restricting residence and internal immigration would be struck down swiftly by the courts. These tactics will most properly apply to Whiteland once it comes into existence.

          • Why would that be?

            I thought incorporated townships could set pretty much what they wanted. Who would the courts be ruling against. The whole town?

            I appreciate they can conjure it up, but where is the right to immigrate internally defined legally?

            Just because people have done it, is no reason not to change it. Its the essence of the hive mentality.

      • Communities ought to be able to veto new residents and new construction.

        Years ago, Derb read a story about a foreign lady who had been living in one of the cantons in Switzerland. She hated the sound of cowbells and had launched a campaign to harass the local farmers. When she applied for citizenship in the canton, the canton denied her because of her campaign.

        I live in a small big town in a mountain state. I moved here to escape coastal California. Since C0v1d ushered in the ability of white collar workers to work remotely, my town has been flooded with Californians and liberals. The homegrown liberals here are rejoicing because their cavalry has arrived.

        • I wish restrictions were possible, but can you imagine some town codifying which groups of people they would allow to settle there and which groups to exclude? That would be an example of freedom of association, and we know that right is arrogated only to Leftist deviants and hoodlums. Christian bakers can’t even tell fruitcakes to fuck off without being destroyed.

        • To flesh out the story a little bit more…

          Jewish lady whining about cowbells and campaigned to have them banned. She applied for citizenship and was denied on the grounds that she was “too annoying”.

          Rumanian family were turned down for Swiss citizenship because they “wore shell suits”.

          Switzerland might survive this century.

    • Thanks, that was hilarious!

      I read where one shitlib city in a State, Nashville, is experiencing a leftwing exodus as rightwingers move in. Ditto much larger Jacksonville, Florida. I’m certain the natives don’t care for any of the newcomers but it’s an interesting thing. It may become a trend, who knows

    • A local (FL) reflection on the elections: In 2018, DeSantis won by literally a fraction of a percent over a very dubious Democrat. In 2022, he won with ~ 70% of the vote. This figure, within just a few %, was true of ALL statewide offices — the R candidate won. (I haven’t checked the others vs. 2018). Ignoring the third parties, who never poll more than a few % of total, that means that about 1/5 of the electorate are swing voters and/or leaning more conservative.

      Maybe America missed its Red Wave, but we damned sure got one here in FL, as well as a very rare Nov. hurricane. 🙂

  28. That’s the way I’ve always thought about politics – part time. I had lots of other priorities day in and day out. I’d pay attention as a new election cycle ramped up and then mostly forget about it afterwards. But as Z said, for the leftards, it’s a 24/7/365 job, which is why they freaking run everything – at least for now. By the way, I bought some coffee from the Above Time Coffee Roasters outfit, and I have say it’s pretty darn good.

  29. There is a YouTube channel called, “Forever Self-Employed,” yhat has a lot of good content about starting a pressure washing business. They even have interviews with a couple doctors that left the healthcare industry due to the lunacy of the past couple years.

    They also do some detours into parking lot striping and Christmas light installation.

    The main issue I see with those businesses are low-barriers to entry. Being an effective self-promoter that delivers on their word seems to be the key to making it in that industry.

  30. The power of compound interest…….. that was a slap in the face z-man. What’s it been now? 14 years of punishing savers and rewarding speculators? What’s the trend been on interest rates since the 80’s? Down……. for 50 years of so, just to juice that fake economy when you sent all production overseas, strangled the lower classes and tried to gate yourself off from them?

  31. Regarding buying rental properties, have a relative who is in the business of buying rental properties. There’s an interesting loophole where the necessary rigor is lightened if you are buying a house with the intention of living in it. So the family buys a house, moves into it, and takes the old house they lived in and turn it into a rental property. Up to three houses now. You can rinse and repeat for 8 houses before the rules change.

    I admit I’m a little ambivalent, since they are buying family houses and renting them, which is far worse for a community than a family who buys a house outright and builds roots.

    • I admit I’m a little ambivalent, since they are buying family houses and renting them, which is far worse for a community than a family who buys a house outright and builds roots.

      The decline is happening anyway, so it is better if we are the landlords rather than BlackRock.

    • Getting into the RE market with rental properties is fine if you are a electrician/plumber/carpenter. If not, good luck.

      • I have two houses, three units total and that’s what keeps me from number three. My wife desperately wants to buy another, and we easily afford it, but I don’t want the hassle of upkeep and maintenance. I now do the lawns and most repairs for three houses (counting our own), one more represents a tipping point for me.

        • When thinking about the landlord game, I came up with the idea of trying to rent the properties to people who work in construction/trades, find a plumber, electrician, brick layers ect and give them a good deal on the rent, if they agree to help with your properties for a low cost

          If you had 5 or 6 places rented, you could cover most trades

          • I would caution against that without very good vetting. Most of those people who are reliable and competent are going to own their own properties. I have known a few mom and pop landlords who have tried that with a tenant who claims to be a “handyman” and would help on the property for reduced rent. Every one of them ended up regretting it. They are unreliable and do shoddy work. Many times they struggle to pay the reduced rent as well.

      • Some people I know offshore the upkeep to a third party for a monthly fee. Of course, emergencies happen where you need to pick up the slack though.

    • I loathe the creation of rental properties. I’ve seen many a nice white nabe destroyed by the proliferation of rental properties and concomitant Africanization. And the rentiers are almost exclusively white, damn their eyes.

    • Here’s something I did. I purchased a small 100 year old, 4 story commercial building on a Main Street. I fixed the top floor as an apartment which I live in. I rented the other floors to a high-profile restaurant. The restaurant ends up paying all the costs of the building (taxes, heat, water, maintenance, insurance) plus, as part of the lease I get a cut of the profits. My housing expenses are zero. Plus I get an income stream from the restaurant. And depreciation from the commercial portion of the building.

  32. I wonder how much the BigMed scam that’s run in this country has had a hand in crushing self-employment, my guess would be “A Lot”. I think the missus would like to further monetize the homestead (beyond eggs) but watching the YouTube channels of these people I can’t avoid the thought that they’re one off-balance hay bale away from losing everything.

    Also, my small sample size is probably bad, but most (I’m temped to say ‘all’) of the people I know squeezing out a small business living are…lunatics. Almost like their political outlook consists solely of “stop me before I kill again”.

    • Absolutely. One of the primary reasons I ended my independent practice 13 years ago was the astronomical cost of health insurance. Now that I’m getting into Medicare age, I may be able to get out once more.

    • It is impossible for an individual in decent health to buy reasonably priced health insurance in NY state. $500 a month gets you an enormous deductible anyone without a chronic condition will fail to meet.

      The irony is that Cigna offers an international health plan for the same monthly fee that has almost no deductible and zero copays, plus things like $1 million in coverage to repatriate your body to the US.

      The catch with that plan is that it only covers you in the US for 90 days per calendar year.

  33. I’ve recently moved to Florida and it’s definitely “red” where I live. Though if you venture into Gainesville or Orlando you’ll see the usual progressive garbage. The good news I’ve heard, second-hand from others, is that lefties are complaining that all the Republicans from the Northeast are coming in, and lefties are thinking of getting out. Even in areas like Tampa Bay-St. Pete. I would think this desire would only be heightened by the rather clean and efficient election day we had down here.

    • It is common to hear of conservatives moving away from areas that are too liberal. (I’ve done it twice.) Has there ever been an area where many liberals (more than just a few) have moved away because it is too conservative?

      • They talk about leaving the country every time a Republican gets elected president, too. Usual fit-throwing, I’d wager.

      • No because at the end of the day, their virtue signaling aside, they will never square their cognitive dissonance.

        “The neighborhood is so conservative, white, boring, non-diverse .”

        Translation- Low crime, social cohesion, ‘good schools’, etc.

        They will never square their utterly retarded self guilt with that subconscious reptile part of their brain that tells them ‘safety’ is MUCH higher on the priority list than having Jamal and Tyrone as neighbors, because, diversity.

        Nearly every white leftist I know and I know FAR more than I would like has never rubbed elbows with ‘diversity’. They likely don’t even have a ‘black friend’ and none of them have to live anywhere near the consequences of their voting & actions and THAT is the f-cking problem.

        DeSantis, like him or not, solved this problem lickety split in the way that it should always be solved. Like illegal immigration? Great! We are going to pipeline them into your Island Paradise. (Martha’s Vineyard). You must, MUST put these people in direct contact with their pets or they will never ever change their behavior, why? Because only 2 things change behavior immediately and lastingly- Pain & Fear. They don’t experience nearly enough of either in gated communities.

          • J: “Because only 2 things change behavior immediately and lastingly- Pain & Fear.”

            Is that not just about the moast depressing thought you’ve ever thunked in your entire life?

            How few hominids there are which can summon up the calories necessary to do anything whatsoever in the absence of the specter of impending Pain & Fear?

            Of course, there’s the entire question of NPCs & Bugmen & Sh!tlibs, and whether or not they experience an innate internal monologue in the first place; indeed, if they only respond to the stimuli of Pain & Fear, then that would be powerful circumstantial evidence in favor of the hypothesis that NPCs & Bugmen & Sh!tlibs do not experience internal monologues.

            Do you suppose Antonin Dvorak wrote his “Humoresque No 7” for the sheer joy of it, or because he was in debt to a tiny-hatted usurer and needed the money in a hurry?

            Humeresque No 7 in G-flat Major

            If I learned that Dvorak wrote down that tune out of any motivation other than the sheer joy [& melancholy & joy again] of simply writing it, then I think I might ackshually give up the ghost.

            Although I have a sneaking suspicion that tunes like Humeresque No 7 are not so much written as they are transcribed [from an Higher source].

        • https://www.zerohedge.com/political/texas-gov-abbott-says-300th-bus-immigrants-has-been-sent-democrat-run-state

          I hope FL Gov. DeSantis continues with this great idea. Charter jet perhaps too expensive; a hired bus probably cheaper. Sadly, in the USA individual States have no right (so far as I know) to allow or forbid anyone, even an illegal, residence. But for the migrants, why not ship them — voluntarily of course — to where they are allegedly most welcomed? The handouts are more generous in the Looney Left enclaves. If this third world filth must remain in our once fine nation, let them remain THERE.

      • Probably in a thousand small towns. Though after Trump won, I remember seeing a few articles from lefty websites urging their people to infiltrate the smaller cities and rural areas. Not sure if that materialized. Probably not at all.

        • Marko: Oh, they’re there. Some from the ’70s ‘hippy’ exodus to the countryside. After their communes failed, some set up restaurants, craft shops, local ‘antique’ marts, etc. We had the misfortune of encountering one such closer than we’d like to where we are moving to (about 50 miles away). She was originally from Rhode Island.

          Then there are the Californians, the Chicagoans, etc. Too many locals are live and let live, although often the worst of the transplants don’t feel sufficiently ‘welcomed’ and find more fertile grounds for their dystopian inclinations.

          • 3g4me-

            My perception is that town libraries, colleges (no matter how small), and DirecTV serve as the beachheads which support the, “hicklib,” phenomenon.

          • That’s one reason I allowed myself to get talked into serving on the board of directors at my small-town library. It helps me keep an eye on that valuable community resource. There will be no men in dresses if I have anything to say about it.

        • This is why they are intentionally ruining NY and SF et.

          People think its just because they are incompetent, but that is just because they don;t think like thee people.

          The reality is that they want a diaspora of hive voters to affect the other states as otherwise their influence is limited by the number of seats in each city.

          Whereas if you spread the virus around the political influence becomes greatly magnified.

          Areas accepting these people are fools. They will be consumed within a few years as the shem always instructs the regression to previous behavior.

          • I lived in Nevada for a few years in the mid-90’s when it was deep red. Then the wave of California assholes hit.

          • Exactly.


            The cold shoulder has become common when people move into rural areas and small towns. In my corner of the South, there have been too disaporas. The first brought in the most obnoxious shitlibs from the Northeast and California. People tried to be polite and then realized these types do not deserve it. This second recent wave is bringing in people who are quite a bit like us and often decent, but they are getting the cold shoulder, too, because of the first wave. It’s somewhat unfair but that’s life.

            Finally, even if the refugees are good people with similar attitudes and lifestyles, they are still different and cause social disruption even when they try not to do so.

      • Right now there seems to be some sort of liberal flight going on in Russia. The former chief liberal there fled and has called on other liberals to flee.

        I’ve also heard there was an outbreak of liberal flight in the middle of Europe, in the middle of last century. But accounts of that time are confused, frequently contradictory, and the historical consensus is that they are generally unreliable.

        Austin, Texas became caricature of a parody of itself decades ago. Yet the flight of the liberals from there is welcome, if true.

        One can even imagine this sort of liberal decampment beginning in other college towns like Gainesville and Morgantown. If unchecked, liberal flight could spread throughout the student debt archipelago.

    • West of Panama City Beach and east of Pensacola in Florida is conservative. Referred to as “the Panhandle” and “the Redneck Riveria.” Mostly Southerners which keeps the NE libs away. Low crime rate. Beautiful beaches with silky white sand. 2 bed, 2 bath, beachfront condos in Destin were 700k but COVID got that up to >1m. Homes away from the beach are reasonable but you can have issues getting tradesmen in. The condo’s don’t have that issue because of volume business.

  34. Is there a list of all the small businesses you support? I would like to throw some cash their way. Thank you!

    • 85th & Pine are a young Christian couple that are doing well on Gab and YouTube.

      On YouTube, they have a ton of good tutorials about using a Glowforge laser cutter/engraver to create custom products. I think they go into the marketing and shipping side as well.

      The Glowforge is kind of a neat instrument because it sidesteps several of the hassles inherent with making products via 3D printing.

  35. Being a landlord can be a crapshoot and is highly regional. Draw bad tennants and your life is hell. They will throw you into the void for attempting to screen out the troublemakers in the first place. Throw in property taxes, rent control and limits on evicitions and it’s a mixed bag, taxes in particular as hyperinflation hits and the public sector unions stay on the teat. I’m reminded of those potentially late game ending chance/community chest cards in Monopoly, ‘pay $$$ for each house and hotel’.

    • @ unclepennybags

      I think that in many areas which had been formally seen as strategically important locales to own real estate (NY, Boston, South Florida, SF) this has been the mindset. However it would appear (at least according to my anecdotal experience) that being a landlord in places as beautiful as Westwood or even Dedham Massachusetts are no longer the sure bets they had previously been suggested as. COVID dropped the mask on these neo Bolsheviks and there is no doubt in my mind a lunatic degenerate like Maura Healey will have no problem suspending the ability of landlords to collect rent.

      Here’s a good recommendation btw:


  36. For nearly all my adult life I have been self employed and mostly with a main street business front. Most all of my services and products I sell to are other businesses. It has formed my view of people, life and how we should be governed. There’s a general kinship and sometimes unspoken alliance between many of us. I have seen the struggles and hardships it takes and it gives me great respect for those that follow this path.

    All this results in a having far less fear than most regarding economic life. Everyday one needs to crack that nut one more time and make decisions about how everyday things affect your future.

    Have I been financially rewarded? I would have done better as a wage slave but life has been pretty good and I understand what eff you money is. It’s not the money but the attitude and courage. After decades my brother confessed over a few cocktails how I was always his hero. Who knew?

  37. While paying my gargantuan student loans off, I realized that there was a bunch of garbage I didn’t need that was considered a requirement to being in the middle class. So I never bothered to keep up in the rat race. I became financially independent at 37. Knowing that I truly had options was more satisfying than buying a new car every three years. Good episode.

  38. Great article! Politicize everything is the first tangible, implementable dissident strategy I have come across. It will take time but this has the potential to work.

    • I won’t have time to listen to the podcast until the weekend but when I read “politicize everything” my first thought is, “The holidays are coming up. Is Z Man saying that I should be the one at the holiday meals that steers every conversation towards politics, belittles those who disagree with me, and ruins the experience? Z Man, that’s always been my sister’s job.”

      • Yes, be that guy.

        I know I will be, especially to my sister who over the past 2 years, with an art degree, somehow became an expert on viruses and the benefits of mRNA vaccines. Along the way, she also picked up a taste for bearded ladies (“so brave, so talented!”) and started wearing a Ukraine flag pin.
        This will be a fun holiday season.

        • Although the rest of my family bought the Coof narrative and also got themselves jabbed, we are an instinctively reticent, strife-averse clan. I’ve never once been subjected to THAT relative over the holidays. You know what, at this point I really regret it.

          • My siblings (especially my sister) were relentless in their pro-vaxx harassment. Several friends too. I am never going to forget that.

          • Fuck em.

            I now exclude those people from any gatherings and ensure they know why.

            Social shaming works.

        • It is amazing how cult members declare themselves experts on the latest thing. The reason is, they take what they think is the moral position, so that makes then right by default. Maybe next week the show will be about how to torment these people at Thanksgiving.

        • That new Ms. Derry winner (up in MA or somewhere in New England) must be the most beautiful woman she has ever seen. Truly clown world. I cannot help but note that Derry is the town where many of Stephen King’s monsters haunt. Perhaps we have finally found the most horrifying of all: Progressivism.

          • It’s a town in New Hampshire. New Hampshire sucks. Contrary to what Z Man might think. Go Blackbeard!!!

            * Don’t try and get fresh either Mr. Z. We live in the part of Bristol/Norfolk county that didn’t vote for the moonbat mayor to now become an open borders catch and release em Sheriff.

          • New Hampshire was ruined by Massholes. It is where I came up with the idea of voting where you were born. Seeing thousands of Massholes wandering the streets looking for a drunken, naked Hibernian to put in office made clear that these people will never learn.

          • Wouldn’t it be great if the Miss USA finals consisted exclusively of diverse obese trannies? Maybe not this year, but soon. Perhaps in 2025 after Fetterman is inaugurated as the new US president.

        • If this scenario comes to pass, and if you feel disposed to do so, I am sure that we would be pleased to hear an after action report.

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