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A new paper on the long term impact of slavery and Jim Crow is making the rounds with the usual suspects. The paper claims to have studied the life outcomes of black descendents of freedmen, which were the blacks who were out of slavery before the start of Civil War. This group is then compared to the descendents of those who were only made free after the Civil War. The latter group has lower education, income, and wealth today than the former group.

Steve Sailer has filled up the comments section on the post about it at Marginal Revolution, telling the world it is not nature or nurture. It is both. This is a favorite hobbyhorse of the older HBD crowd. They seem to think this is a compromise their detractors will accept. This is always wrong because their detractors make moral arguments, for which there can be no compromise. For them it is always nurture and those who say otherwise are evil.

The study assumes that those who were freed at the end of the Civil War resided in states that eventually adopted Jim Crow laws. This deprived them of things like education that were available to blacks in other states. The other assumption is that blacks in the north had easy access to education, while blacks in the South were not allowed to read. This cartoon version of our social history is part of the larger morality tale that drives the civic religion of the managerial class.

The big problem with this study is that we have to assume that the freedman and the slave were cognitively equal, on average. That is a rather big assumption that is not based in the historical record. We have mountains of contemporaneous accounts suggesting that freedman were extraordinary blacks who earned their freedom in various ways. Freedman often continued in service to their former owner, but as a paid employee rather than as a slave.

There is a better than average chance that the freedman in the 19th century were significantly smarter than their enslaved counterparts. Some may have been clever enough to escape and make a life in the north. Others may have provided such great service to their owner that they were freed as a reward. In other words, the descendents of freedmen may have done better because their ancestors were smarter than the general slave population that was eventually set free.

There is also the problem with assuming that Jim Crow deprived blacks in the South of an education. We know that black illiteracy sharply declined in the first half of the twentieth century. At the start of the century, about a quarter of blacks in the South were literate, while 80% of whites could read. By 1950 the gap had closed to a few points, which says blacks were getting at least a basic education. Depending on the study, it appears that black literacy has declined since 1950.

The far larger problem is the assumption that social policies cast a shadow long after they have been eliminated. If we use 1965 as the end of Jim Crow, then we are onto the third generation who never experienced these laws. Despite the massive efforts to address the racial gaps, the gaps remain. In some cases, like literacy and illegitimacy rates, the gaps have grown larger. The whole cause and effect relationship starts to fall apart quickly when you look at the data.

Even if we can adjust for all of these factors and make a case that modern black people are suffering in some measurable way from ancient polices, so what? If the point is to compensate them in some way, as the restorative justice crowd demands, you create a moral contradiction that cannot be resolved. Compensation is a contract imposed on at least two parties to the contract. The side receiving it must accept and the side providing it must also accept.

The logic of compensation starts with the assumption that one party is at fault and caused measurable harm to the other party. Even if you wish to pretend modern black people are victims of policies that have been gone for generations, you cannot pretend that there is anyone alive today who can be held liable. The slave owners have been dead for over a century. They were all ruined in the Civil War. The creators of Jim Crow have also been dead for generations.

Then you have the problem with compensation. For it to be just, it must compensate the aggrieved party for measurable harm. There is no way to compensate someone for hurt feelings or a loss of cultural pride. This cannot be measured. Compensating someone for pain and suffering is a convoluted way of punishing the guilty party in order to discourage the offending behavior. The court fines the offending party and hands the money to the victim.

Punishing modern white people for behavior they did not do in order to prevent them from doing the thing they did not do is grotesquely immoral. In one of life’s many ironies, it is similar to the German principle of Sippenhaft. This is the claim that the clan or family shares responsibility for the crimes of a member. The difference is that there is no claim here that the group being punished had any role in the alleged crime, because the alleged crime happened generations ago.

Of course, logic and morality do not matter here. At least not the sort of logic and morality that makes civilized life possible. People cook up these papers because they serve the interests of the people who underwrite this stuff. The audience for this material needs to believe they are justified in their hatreds. Without a holy book or supernatural authority, they are left to conjure some other justification for what has evolved into an intergenerational blood feud.

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259 thoughts on “Not Even Wrong

  1. Update! Reparations needed!

    Zman, we’re going to have to sort out the legal ramifications on bondage pretty fast.

    So, another issue is the FTX money laundry blowing up. How does this relate?

    They need to cover their bets.
    The older brother just called to say his student loans went from $390, to $660, and now to $1090 per month.
    Since June.

    Uni is a debt bondage farm run by loan sharks, okay…

    but now the loan sharks need to cover their bets. They won the election, and are robbing the retiring Boomers.

    (Aha! CBDC’s have entered the chat)

  2. A bone to pick with your taki piece:

    The main reason for differences in IQ and delayed gratification is almost certainly winter. Simply put, the winter required northern people to be much more strategic in their labor and be able to save enough to last the winter in order to survive. There’s a fair amount of evidence. In Europe/Africa and in Asia the average IQ, income levels, and criminality generally go linear from north to south. In Asia, you see the Koreans, Han, and Japanese, then Filipinos, then South East Asians then last Pacific Islanders in all these categories. Obviously the Mongolians and Irish are outliers in this correlation. This seems a strong argument against the death penalty or plague argument. Also, the ancient Romans and Greeks had sewer and aqueduct systems that modern day Africans could only dream of. Again, how could the plague or capricious use of death penalty explain this? Perhaps at the margins, sure, but not the bulk of it.

    • Well it was likely a multi-step selection process.

      Adapting to the cold laid the grounds for the Roman Empire.

      Then the death penalty catapulted European civilization into the Industrial Revolution.

      The importance of a prior selection step does negate the possibility of further refinement.

      That makes the African situation even more hopeless. The Africans never even reached the level of producing a Roman Empire-like state.

      • Also, the Erectus Africans were not molded by millenia of alphabetic writing.

        All the nits pushing uni on them seem to miss that.

        It’s a cruelty to them, a callous abuse of their actual strengths.

        (I note, no Southern Hemisphere peoples developed an alphabet.)

    • The winter explanation makes sense, but the Native American tribes aren’t exactly rocket scientists and they lived in a very cold climate for thousands of years.

      Must be a few other things going on besides climate, though it’s likely a factor, probably a big factor.

      • Well, it’s funny you bring up Native Americans. As I said, Mongolians are an outlier to this correlation and Native American were descended from Mongolian tribes crossing the Bering Strait. My guess is it has something to do with their nomadic and warrior lifestyle requiring less long term planning for saving resources or building cities.

      • It may be, and just spitballing here, that at least in the cold parts of North America, there were few people and virtually unlimited resources that a hunter-gatherer society could access. Even before the great die off of the 1500’s there were, what, 100 million Indians, tops probably way less , und almost unlimited game, fish, berries, and other stuff. Death rates were high, no medicine, etc, but few starved.

    • The problem with the climate answer is did not show up for a very long time. When William of Orange William the Conqueror hit the shores of Britain, Europe was still backward compared to the rest of the world. If you were a traveler from Mesopotamia you would have thought of Europe as primitive and backward.

      Something changed in Europe in the runup to the great breakout of Euros.

      • As in a Book of the Law?
        To the illiterate, a thing of mysterious power and authority.

        Thank you, Hammurabi; your Law Codes gave us Alfred the Great’s Book of Common Law, with the Jews supplying a readily grasped history to explain the Law.


        Of course, they stole the Aryan Bible, the Orea Linda, the Book of Waralda first, as well as burning every copy of the Persian Avesta, Homer’s Iliad, and Livy’s Annals they could, as happened in the Koranic wars between Mutazalite and Azualite, or Arian Goth and Athanasian Aegean- but still, much was preserved, and put to good use as is our Way.

        As to Citizen and the climate, that’s what puzzled me until I realized we were the right combination to become pineally sensitive to the higher registers of the aurora borealis, as the Denisovians were not quite; sapiens intelligence exploded in Europe, liberating not only our neocortex, but our very genome with colors to mark the change. We are deaf to the dull roar of the breeder’s hindbrain that binds the one-alleles to the animal passions of the base registers.
        Thus I speak of a God outside the greenhouse, and of one within. It short-circuits the mind to confuse the two, replicating Semitic
        “two-brain” schizophrenia.

        • Shoot.
          That “two-brain” schiz means they tried a brute force mimicry in breeding with us, but their circuitry wasn’t quite ready in a portion of their demos; this became the radical branch, the satanic inversion types.

          Theirs is a different path.

          The rest were absorbed quite readily, and are now an indistinguishable part of Aryan-descended populations. These most certainly wrote the good sections in the Book, credit to them.

      • It’s a fair counter. However, I think the fact that we see the same north-south hierarchy in Asia as we do in Europe is a big counter to the death penalty and plague theories. I suppose there could be different roots for both regions, but Occam’s razor would say the simplest explanation would be that common climate played at least some substantial factor.

      • What are you talking about?

        Europe was backward in 1650 compared to the rest of the world? the 1450s perhaps. But in the mid 17th century.
        Utter nonsense.

        Europeans had been colonizing and exploring the Americas by then for nearly 200 years.

        They had circumnavigated the globe a hundred years earlier and mapped a lot of the world. They were in Japan by 1600, and had a big presence in China.

        The renaissance had been running for 150 years. Typeset printing had been used for 200 years in Europe. By the mid 1500s there were already something on the order of 10 million printed books in circulation in Europe.

        Europe had already technologically surpassed Asia by the early 1500s and was well on its way to dominance. By 1600, Europe was ahead of Asia in engineering, weapons, clocks, screws, and the mechanization of agricultural and industry. Copernican astronomy was introduced into the Ottoman empire in 1660.

        The Europeans were well on their way to dominance by then.

        • Z surely meant “William the Conqueror” [1066], rather than “William of Orange” [1690].

          Of course, a big big turning point was Magna Carta, in 1215.

        • Yeah considering the americas were all filled with cannibals, as well as sub Saharan Africa, we’re really only comparing Europeans, northeast Asians and middle easterners. Europeans and middle easterners shared ancestry 10,000 years earlier, so the climate theory could have explained all of the early IQ selection. Ed Dutton says it’s not just cold winters but seasons cold enough to accommodate the necessity for grain, and therefore delayed gratification, that made the difference. You’ll find this in Nicolas Wades book as well. The earlier your people discovered grain, the higher the IQ, not because grain raises IQ through its consumption, but because it’s harvesting and planning selects for high intelligence. Not long after grain came animal husbandry, wheels and metals tools. Each contribution rewarded the society with longer life and more children. Hunter gatherers remained in the Stone Age, under selection for violence, sexuality, and entertainment rituals. North American natives didn’t discover corn until a couple thousand years ago. Eurasians discovered grain about 15,000 years ago. Plagues and other cultural phenomena certainly had an effect too. I believe Christianity selected for more altruistic people , which yields very safe neighborhoods but stupid naivety regarding diversity.

      • The Middle East is actually the best example against HBD. And also a good example of why “White Sharia” is a cope and will not help us.

      • Seems likely correlated with genes, widespread written knowledge stores via typeset printing and the weather becoming colder after the medieval warm period.

        The medieval warm period was 950–c. 1250 and it was then declining into the mini ice age which was mid 14th to the middle of the 19th.

        Appears to overlap significantly with the rise and started decline of European innovation.

        Also overlaps with printing availability and the decline again starting around the period of mass schooling.

        TLDR: Cold weather and books – rise.
        warmer weather and mass edukation – decline.

  3. For an amusing 7 minutes, check out YouTube and insert “Black People according to Pastor David James Manning.”

  4. On the Taki piece:

    The selection pressure from the death penalty ended up abolishing the penalty itself.

    It takes a certain amount of blood thirstyness to kill someone for a crime. Weeding violent behavior out of the population also slowly eliminated most with the tendency for vengeance.

    • Murder was driven out of the population by bloodthirstiness.
      Bloodthirstiness was driven out of the population by altruism.
      Altruism will drive out the people.

  5. “For them it is always nurture and those who say otherwise are evil.”

    Yes, their absolutism on nurture always struck me as very odd. How could one COMPLETELY disregard genetics out of hand?

    But then I realized it’s further than that really. As always, they’re not making a rational argument, but an emotional or “moral” or “religious” one. As per their satanic inversion of everything, they deny that people have any intrinsic nature or self at at all; meaning they are denying that we have souls.

  6. The first and last slave owners in the US were the Indians. Many tribes practiced conquest slavery against their rivals, but the “five civilized tribes” (the Cherokee, Choctaw, Chickasaw, Creek, and Seminole) held many thousands of African slaves who were not subject to emancipation after the passage of the 13th amendment. Check out this photo of the Choctaw chief’s house:

    • Bbbb…bbbbb….but, Muh Noble Savages! I saw Dances with Wolves. These were peaceful people in touch with nature in an almost mystical way.

      There is no way they would enslave magic negroes being magical themselves! Only no culture whites do that. This must be fake news so I’m going to ignore it. * Wanders off to listen to NPR*

      • Yeah, the Sioux and their sacred Black Hills where their ancestors dwelled. God, whites are stupid. The Sioux arrived in the 1700s, barely before the whites. They kicked out the Crow who kicked out some other tribe, etc.

        I’ve lived around Indians. They make an Irish drunk look peaceful. The Sioux are famous for being drunks and fighting – and dying early from self-abuse.

        I once had a Philly Jew berate me for the treatment of Indians by whites out West. I asked her, “Do you think the East Coast was just empty when whites arrived. The only difference between you and me is we still have Indians around. They’re all gone on in Philadelphia.”

        I wish I had thought about the Palestinians. Anyway, she didn’t back down an inch. They’re lack of self-awareness is always stunning.

        • Heh. When the Happy brothers were seen together, walking up main street in our little one-stoplight Nevada town, all the white people went inside and locked the doors.

          If they were together, they were hitting the firewater; if they were hitting the firewater, they were on the warpath.

  7. I like some of the little oddities of history. As one who lived much of his early life in the DC area (Mostly Fairfax County), here is one of my favorite local historical oddities, tangentially relevant to today’s essay. If one reads about

    (Dunbar’s fate itself is ironic: A once-elite Black high school ruined by Brown vs. Board.)

    “Until 1954, Fairfax County, Virginia, had no secondary schools for black students. Dunbar and several other District of Columbia public schools accepted black students from the county before that time.”

    To be sure, in recent decades Fairfax is foaming-at-the-mouth Progressive, and perhaps leaned liberal even in the 1950s. Fairfax was mostly rural back then, Negroes very much the minority, ones capable of high school even rarer. But as a Jim Crow state, doesn’t it seem weird that they would expend public monies just so some bright Negroes could obtain a higher education?

  8. Too much logical thinking on here. Too much humming and hawing over the logistics of reparations and how it wouldn’t actually help black people. This has nothing to do with “blacks”, or “equality” or “equity” or whatever the buzzword is. They just hate white people and want to take all your stuff. And then once you’re broke and defenseless, probably do worse. Think South Africa.

    Similar overly logical thinking going on in Canada. “Where are all the immigrants going to live?” “Poor immigrants, being exploited by the system!” “Canadian dream is dead!” Of course, that’s the whole point of it, to destroy your society. They don’t care if some 3rd worlder lives in shithole conditions here or over there. They want YOU to live in those same conditions. They don’t care if African Americans stay broke after getting money. They want YOU to have none.

    The end goal is always the same, but there are different methods to attain it, tailored to each country. In the US, it’s slavery, in Canada, it’s Natives who were brutally forced to go to school and learn English. The remedy to this injustice is of course to allow unlimited immigration from India, Pakistan and Africa.

    Why do they want this? I don’t know. Many of our own people seem to have a self-destructive streak that is being discovered in modernity. Many people pushing this are also not our people.

    Joe Caesar (sorry to the history buffs if this isn’t an accurate nickname) has solidified himself as the leader of USA and has no plans to change anything. We lost our countries (but especially the USA) in 2020 and it will only get worse. Nothing will change at the federal level.

    • I wish this could be upvoted 1,000 times. There is no reason to treat reparations as merely a hare-brained proposal. The bottom line is as you wrote: the point is to impoverish Whites and render them powerless and ultimately eradicate them. Any response has to be based on that reality. Canada and the United States are large countries and offer plenty of space to relocate and continue the process of separation. That is happening now, and the oppressive central regimes are staring down the barrel of financial collapse and an increasingly hostile world.

      The Left controls everything and would slaughter shamelessly. An actual, peaceful separation will require it to want to break off. Anything that pushes it in that direction should be encouraged. Total opposition to reparations has to be part of that process.

      • One also needs to attack not just defend.

        Start demanding payment back for the GDP that industrialization of the rest of the world has given, for welfare, for the value a migrant will extract from the economy, for the cost of AA, for crime outside the average etc, etc.

        It does not matter if its rational, or correct, you just need to use it to seize the framing start a narrative that whites are owed for raising the world out of poverty and early death as a moral position.

        • trumpton: There’s the rub – You know and I know that it doesn’t matter if it’s rational or has an historical basis. The point is to attack, not defend against baseless and emotional accusations. Problem is most White people who don’t want to see color or be ‘divided’ from their mythic diversity ‘neighbors.’

          • Defending is conservatism.

            We all know where that path leads. A slow death.

            Emulate strategies that work. Those that work are ignore the framing of your enemy and attack to make them defend. Frame the moral position yourself.

    • To answer your question: Why do leftists want this?

      I’ve become more accepting of the fact that western whites simply have a fatal flaw which is going to cause them be largely marginalized. Western whites have too high of social trust and altruism. From a natural selection stand point, eastern whites, with their lower social trust will likely be the last white area on earth. Even the Han with their more intense tribalism is more of a long term winning formula for the more globalized world going forward.

      • Agreed. And I’m not sure that most conservatives necessarily have different traits either. They’re also highly individualistic which isn’t really a good thing.

        Unfortunately, this means that the slice of Western White people who have the traits required to be successful in the 21st century (us) are screwed.

        I don’t spend time trying to convert normal people since it is likely genetic. Not much you can do about that. Unless we somehow take control of media and politics, normal people will not follow us.

        Dissident Right talking points are just common sense in other countries, but will get you expelled from polite society in the West. I remember Jared Taylor did an interview (in Japanese) with some mainstream Japanese journalists who basically agreed with everything he said, and seemed puzzled about why he was even controversial.

        • They came into that interview assuming that media tales of his racism were true. It was when he explained that he merely wanted what they, as Japanese, already enjoyed that the light bulb went on. They had the background and experience to grasp his point of view; dissidents trying to sell the same angle to normies will likely get nowhere because they’ve endured decades of blank-slate propaganda.

        • Classic interview with Taylor. The man defines “refined”. Dude’s Japanese is even beautiful and refined, better than most natives’ even.

      • Spot-on comment. It’s been weird my whole life to hear Americons admiring the outlook depicted in “The Godfather” and “The Sopranos” (*weirdly sullen, anti-liberal show, which goes way harder in the paint than, for example, trendy recent Montana loincloth/vest series) but not making the connection between that outlook and that latitude of origin. 18th century Dutch-Anglo freedom hype can fairly be labeled as a geographical-historical fluke.

        Personally, I lacked all awareness the ship was holed below the waterline during G.W. Bush’s freedomy 2000s adventures in the Holy Land — it took the Syrian civil war and the 2012 election to get it through my dense skull — but now see it was ALWAYS stupid and fetishistic to export those notions to the rest of the world. U.S.A. conservatism is functionally pinning a “Likud Me” sign on one’s own back.

  9. If the Left wishes to impose the jizya on whites, they will. And they do. This has nothing to do with logic, rationality and justice. It has everything to do with their hatred of whitey.

      • Finkel has a role to play as that of banker and therefore exempt. After all, someone will still be needed to administrate the robb…er…funds transfer from Whitey to Aggrieved Inc.

    • Jizya has been paid since the Great Society, so what is proposed is just a higher rate to be paid as punishment solely by White Gentiles. The Pasha’s collection agents are being put into place even now.

  10. Think about what the “anti-racists” are claiming in their “Critical Race Theory”:
    claims *which have nothing to do with the past*:

    “American society as currently configured is “institutionally racist””:
    the institutions and norms which currently make up American society are inherently racist, regardless of the intentions, beliefs, and behavior of the people making them up.

    Even if none of the people within the institutions are racist, the structure and nature of the institutions themselves are such that they inevitably tend to produce outcomes which “oppress and marginalize” “people of color”.

    Even if racist outcomes are no one’s intention, due to the inherently-racist nature of the institutions, racist oppression of people of color is the inevitable result.

    In addition— regardless of their intentions or conscious beliefs— “all White people have “implicit bias””:
    meaning that even if they aren’t overtly racist— even if they consider themselves to be “anti-racist”— *they inevitably have unconscious biases which incline them towards racist perceptions, attitudes, and behavior*.

    So even if you’re NOT a racist, you ARE a racist.

    Notice that none of these arguments rely on the past.

    And once the assumptions underlying them are granted, many of the complications raised regarding reparations go away: it doesn’t matter which Blacks are descendants of slaves, or which White people are descendants of slaveholders.

    > Because American society is “institutionally racist”, and all White people are “implicitly biased”, all people of color are currently being opressed.

    Could this be why these fallacious arguments were developed in the first place?

    • And since all people of color are currently being oppressed by our institutionally-racist society, all people of color are entitled to reparations.

    • Practically, yes – this is exactly why the p(r)ograms are developed – they allow the people in power to control every transaction because the transaction is inherently “unfair.” It is the Civil Rights Act’s purpose writ large. Look at how the Civil Rights legislation allowed government to become a regulator of every financial interaction. This extends that pernicious behavior to apply to cultural considerations.
      In terms of the underlying theory, no (TO BE CLEAR: it is all anti-white; I am just explicating how an academic would dispute). This construct is a byproduct of Marxist theories of base-superstructure. CRT takes Marxist theories and substitutes “racial relations” for “economic system.” Whereas in Marxist thought the superstructure is derived from (and people tend to forget, reinforces) the economic system that produced it, so the “real” relations between races (the base) gave rise to the culture that we experience. This culture inherently reinforces the base that produced it. Thus, it does not need to be rooted in the past, as the superstructure actively reinforces the base in the present.
      In essence, you have the perfect nonsense that, much like Hegel, blurs etiology and teleology into a self-affirming belief system. This allows the loonies to both pursue their feelings (kill whitey) while still pretending they are part of an academic, intellectual process.
      And yes, I am aware that, true to Hegel and Marx, it does have its own destruction built into the system, but that is beyond the scope.

    • They’re not entirely wrong. I reminded of an MSNBC piece about a space heater causing a fire somewhere in the northeast that resulted in the death of several characters of the darker persuasion. Any of us could only dream of writing something so “racist” as the tdlr on it was “blacks are incompatible with advanced societies” (because space heaters are racist and don’t keep black people from burning themselves to a crisp with their poor judgement, and other zingers along those lines).

    • What I find most interesting about the “America is racist” people, is that they are always going on about how racist everything is (even sunlight and birds), and how the country is built “wrong” and all that, but not once have I ever heard what their alternative is. There are no presented ideas other than “kill whitey”. So let’s say (and they will eventually) they’ve rooted out all of the evil white people, what comes next in its place? Since things like being on time, speaking well, hard work, etc. are “white problems”, what will be put in their place? When will they be able to safely say they’ve reached their utopian goal? Will they then pick a new demographic to blame their plight on?

      Quite honestly, my negro fatigue meter ran out many years ago, but now it has just transformed into raw, unadulterated, rage level hatred towards them. I despise them in every way possible.

      • It was not very long ago, (think months), that I was happy to see them succeed and become true Americans … …

        Now I feel the same despise that you do. I also feel a bitter and seething rage for those who have enabled them as pets.

        I won’t do anything rash. I am going to raise my progeny, and I pray that everyone does, to understand what has happened to us, what we permitted to let happen, and what trickery and guile by those who are leading our dispossession allowed it creep up to where we are now.

        I am going to teach them to teach themselves about our civilization’s history and instill in them an aspiration to match and exceed former glories. I hope it is possible to implant my rage and its precise targets in them too. This is now a blood libel with the deepest enmity welling inside. I wish I could be there when justice is served.

      • I can’t be the only one who mutters the magic word under his breath countless times each day when confronted with advertisements. I was never like that before. But my Jogger-counter hit 1000 fpm (Floyds per minute) a few years ago.

      • Their utopia is actually a primitive, savage dystopia. They have no intention of behaving in a remotely civilized manner in large part because they are incapable of doing so. How could they? They are neolithic primitives who were imported into advanced Western civilization.

        No, what they want is to live like savages and yet be showered with the the dazzling baubles and soft emoliuments of civilization. What they’re too stupid to understand is that once the patterns of behavior that produce civilization have been replaced by savage chaos (Africanization), the creature comforts will disappear. They’ll get the primitive cultural modes with which they’re most comfortable, but they’ll also be reduced to subsistence. So much for sail foams, Audemars Piguet, Popeye’s and the Lexus.

  11. The article seems to have misspelled a word, it is actually spelled “repatriation.”

    The article includes “why nots” based on the difficulty of mechanics. This is like a women declining a one night stand based on having a housemate, it’s just an invite to search for solutions.

    Overall, too much wrestling on enemy ground, i.e. the conservative case.

  12. Compensation would have to prove they are worse off than if they had been left in Africa. As it is easy to prove that they are now better off in American than in Africa (I don’t see any of them hankering to go back), there is no case. Indeed, there is a case that they should be grateful for the economic opportunity. They basically got a free immigration passage, and with the right attitude a decent-enough life (in comparison to that in Africa) was there to be worked for.

    • And I agree with everything you say. And Cassius Clay/Muhammad Ali said the same thing: he was glad that his ancestors were enslaved, since that meant he grew up here, and not in Africa.

      And as Derb and others have pointed out, we’re already paying reparations to Blacks: in the form of welfare payments, affirmative action policies, subsidized housing, etc.

      However, the CRT rationale for reparations does not rely on the past: arguing that since current American society is institutionally racist, and all White Americans are implicitly biased, all people of color are currently being oppressed by all Whites; irregardless of the Whites’ beliefs or intentions.

      • I tend to view the CRT crowd’s claims of institutional racism or white supremacy and similar as an implicit admission of the truth that many race realists have long known. I’ve seen a quote from Lincoln (?), Jefferson (?) somebody famous who observed that it would be impossible for Whites and once freed, Blacks, from living under the same government.

        Thus, the CRT folk have a point. To expect Blacks, as a race, to abide by White standards is a fool’s errand.

      • Check out David Frost’s interview of Ali on YouTube. Frost plays the role of late 20th-century liberal, while Ali will have none of it: It’s not like he hates white people, he just sees them as an outside tribe, and he’s good with that. He praises George Wallace because Wallace was honest about what white people really think. Frost, of course, nearly shits his pants. It’s awesome. Well done, Mr Ali of West Louisville.

    • By any logical standpoint (not that logic has anything to do with it), there is no case for reparations.

      1) they are provably better off here by any metric
      2) their population grew; no genocide here in the least
      3) they were sold by their own african brothers; so that’s where their real beef should be
      4) logic dictates that there should be reparations going the other way!

  13. Pingback: Not Even Wrong | American Freedom News

  14. While I have not examined the study, I do not buy the premise in the slightest. It is absolutely impossible to disentangle these 2 groups (those freed before and after the civil war) because of intermarriage. How many African Americans alive today can trace their heritage on both sides of their family back to African Americans freed before the civil war with no exceptions in the chain? IOW, every one of their ancestors have to have been free before the civil war or descended from the same. To the extent this could exist at all, the sample size would way too small for us to draw any generalized conclusions from such examples.

    Not to mention the effect of 8 generations on the cognitive abilities of the initial ancestors. This is why family businesses rarely survive such long terms. Exceptional people rarely have children who are as exceptional as they are. AFAIK, statistically, the children of exceptional people fall somewhere between the average of the parents and their group average. It is also exceedingly rare for high wealth to last 8 generations.

    • Well, according to the PBS series, “Finding Your Roots”, pretty much every single black celebrity can trace their ancestry back to slaves.

      So there.

      • I only saw one of the earliest episodes but, iirc, a couple of people were horrified to discover their ancestors were free black slaveholders. Oprah was disappointed to find out she wasn’t Zulu but West African and American Indian. Here’s an HLG article It makes the point that not only did free black people own slaves in all of the original colonies and slaveholding states, but also (in VA at least) “own” the indentures of white indentured servants.

    • “ It is also exceedingly rare for high wealth to last 8 generations.”

      Well, only if you do like the Kennedy’s and put it into a trust fund. Then all you spawn can spend their free time in politics.

  15. I don’t know about the literacy rate in particular, but I do know that following World War II, by every measure— jobs, housing, intact families— Blacks we’re doing better and better. There were jobs in California and Detroit, providing an avenue for ambitious blacks to better themselves. In 1950, most Black families were still two-parent households. It seems very likely to me that Black literacy rates were increasing as well.

    It was only with the establishment of Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society”, and the welfare “entitlement” state it ushered-in, that Black society began to degenerate into what we see today.

    • If I had to guess, that represented the upper limit of what Africans are capable of, and it was all done under the auspices of Europeans.

    • Do yourself a favor and read Thomas Sowell’s research on this topic. It is enlightening and he agrees with you.

    • That’s generally the normie take but think about how it sounds: “blacks were better off when we were exhausting ourselves trying to turn them in to White people”.

    • The real Bill: Not quite. Yes, the black marriage/legitimacy/literacy rates were better than at the turn of the century, but they were far from the White rates and not suddenly destroyed by Johnson (although he certainly made things worse). Read the archives of ThoseWhoCanSee blog (lots of long and extensively documented posts) about historical black family in America.

      tl;dr: If some nation wanted to take up the White Man’s Burden and enforce White behavioral and cultural norms on blacks – norms which are unnatural for them and must be imposed by force – then these results would again improve. Personally, I don’t give a damn about them or their marriage/literacy rates – only rate I’d be interested in is repatriation or death rate.

  16. From the Taki column, on the one hand we have:

    “In a high-trust society, you can take risks, like trying to invent a better plow or a better way to preserve food. You can also question official orthodoxy without fear of being killed, so new ideas can get room to breathe.”

    On the other hand, we have:

    “The scold’s bridle was used to control what we now call feminists. Of course, most of what we think of as feminists were called witches in the past and properly burned at the stake.”

    Where’s the dividing line between giving new ideas room to breathe and burning feminists at the stake. What is feminism other than “a new idea?” We gave it room to breathe and by the time some of us noticed its ill effects, it was too late to burn them all at the stake.

    That indicates that some ideas shouldn’t be allowed room to breathe, rather, they should be smothered with a pillow as quickly as possible.

    • Which is why they smother all competing ideas quickly.

      If you use the mechanism to gain advantage, you see the threat of allowing things to take root.

      Do not let the things you used be used against you is a lesson they well understand.

      • trumpton: And a lesson Whites need to learn. Use what works to keep you and your people on top; don’t put the process over the outcome. Not in a world where White European people are down to barely 9% of the planet’s population.

    • The elites benefit from feminism, as it makes labor cheaper by having women compete with men, pushes women into higher levels of consumption, and gives the elites free political commissars in the form of screeching harpies. The fact that feminism makes everyone miserable is just the icing on the cake.

      The only downside from the elite perspective is that the women stop having children, and the regime loses the brood sows it needs to manufacture more peons to march back and forth from the mine. Lucky for them, they can import hispanic women who are perfectly happy to breed like Terry Jones in a dress in Monty Python’s Meaning of Life.

    • Insofar as it is possible, any future white society should outlaw Leftism. If you don’t do that, you condemn yourself to repeat the dolorous history of the West from 1789 to the present.

      • Not only should it be outlawed, but the punishment should be extreme and final. You only get to practice leftism ONCE, if you get my meaning…

    • “Is it good for Whites?”
      Now that doesn’t solve the issue entirely as all manner of collectivization can be run under that, but it does get us part of the way there. If someone starts pitching an ideology that supports the individual debauchery completely at the expense of the group, then it’s off to the stocks to have rotten fruit thrown at them.

  17. Not being exported to Liberia en-masse was their compensation. Being allowed to suckle from the caucasian milk teet for generations was their compensation. A compensation that they were unworthy to receive yet freely given to them by moralizing head cases for generations.

    • It is important to evangelize this idea (I think it is time to learn that you need to evangelize your side’s ideas, leftie has been in revival mode for a century now).

      The fact is 99.99% of our current wealth was created due to European inventions in science and technology. Around 2005 it was estimated that we owed 95% of our economic output to quantum mechanics applications (invented mostly by some European and American white dudes). You can add software and math (predominantly male and white in their glory days) to that and it would come clear that an exclusively European society that pruned the crazy and the violent would be the real Wakanda. We almost got close to that but the we caved to DEI and fake egalitarian ideologies.

  18. Visited my parents this weekend, ruffled the feathers a little. Pointed out that if whites voted for one party or the other in numbers approaching what other races do, America would effectively be a one-party state.

    Instead, we have a debate club and bicker with each other, which allows the minority to rule over the divided majority. Slavery and the plight of blacks in America has, of course, been the traditional wedge, but it’s completely out of control now.

    Imo the South took up the “lost cause” argument, yes, to salve the wound, but more fundamentally, I believe, for the sake of national unity. As for the North, after the radical Republicans lost sway and Reconstruction ended, things like segregation and Jim Crow were tolerated, I believe, again, for the sake of national unity. Hanging together isn’t easy, especially when troublemakers are always trying to drive the wedge. I’m an argumentative person, so I enjoy the debate club, but it has to have its limits.

    “People cook up these papers because they serve the interests of the people who underwrite this stuff.” Indeed they do! You have to ask yourself in whose interest dividing and destroying the American nation would be.

    • Oh yeah, forgot the point lol! Basing the nation on ethnicity, culture, religion, etc., instead of ideas would be the limiting factor. Ideas and argumentation can’t break those bonds.

      • A poster here once pointed out, paraphrasing, that a country based on ideas can never been anything more than a club. A nation, on the other hand, is based on people.

    • Lots of whites have internalized this as if they are in a position of social good even as their position is now 3rd class in their own homelands.

      Any discussion of their ancestors and group interest results in klansman jibes or the waistist mind worm from the very people getting fucked.

      The level of pathetic supine crawling around in the mind chains they have allowed to settle on themselves is to dishonor themselves and their ancestors, yet they are dominated by the mind virus that is destroying them..

  19. “Weaponized Empathy” is a good phrase to describe the technique for these professional faux-oppressed groups. It truly is an odd way to present oneself with an all-encompassing identity of downtrodden ancestors. This LA Times story where the author recounts his super extra oppression Pokemon points for being Black and Jewish is a good example of weaponized empathy. He writes as if he is the winner of the oppression olympics. Is this some unidentified mental syndrome where the individual seeks and craves pity from others, even for things they didn’t experience?

    ‘How I learned to embrace my Black and Jewish heritage’

    From the article:

    “In the small town in New Jersey where I grew up, the Jewish population was almost nonexistent. I was always embarrassed to admit I was half Jewish. It was bad enough I was one of the only Black kids in our school, but to reveal being half Jewish meant I was going to be known as “the Black Jew” — a heritage of two of the most oppressed peoples in history. The ridicule would never end.”

    • Maybe he should move to Jerusalem and try and write the same drivel their and see how long he lasts.

      The Israelis will certainly not be embracing his shtick.

      • Someone should tell him that Israel didn’t outlaw human trafficking until pressured by the US and UN in the 2000’s. And that when Israel began allowing the Ethiopian Jews to immigrate they were injecting the women w/ long-acting contraceptives w/o their consent.

  20. Slavery reparations will make the race problem in America considerably worse. First, no matter how much money is given to Blacks, it won’t be enough. No amount of compensation will satisfy those seeking handouts. Each handout will prompt demands for more freebies. The only way to stop the moochers from incessantly making demands is to emphatically say “NO!” — which our society lacks the spine to do. Additionally, reparations paid likely won’t do much to reverse Black dysfunction. Blacks still won’t succeed at nearly the rates that Whites and other groups do. In light of slavery reparations having been paid, progressives will have to double-down on claims that our society remains “systemically racist” despite so many policies indicating the contrary. Finally, today’s Whites, none of whom owned any slaves, most of whom did not even descend from American slaveowners, will be outraged at having to make such payouts. Resentment toward Blacks will grow ten-fold. Maybe that’s what we need. It’s hard to see exactly where all of this insanity will take us.

    • Its not about reparations. Look at the climate reparation rhetoric its so fucking nonsensical its surreal.

      Its about grinding whites into abject hopelessness by overwhelming them with bullshit and preying on their gullibility of engaging with data.

      The narrative does not matter, anything that can be posited will be used.

      Even on this side people do the Steve Sailer thing and try and engage as if it has substance and then get salamied to death.

      FFS stop thinking the narratives are logical postulates for a discussion. They are nothing but word spells to bind you into chains.

      • I never claimed “the narratives are logical postulates for a discussion.” I fully recognize that there is a full-court press campaign to demoralize White folks. If the goal is to demoralize Whitey (it is), the only thing better than talking about slavery reparations would be to actually implement them. Keep that in mind.

          • You misinterpreted me. I wasn’t trying to refute anything; I was merely explaining some of the likely consequences that would arise from such a policy. Nothing wrong with anticipating ramifications.

    • Blacks are what 13% of the population? Reparations will be paid to Blacks from *non-Blacks*. Hispanics are at least 22% of the population—and growing. You think they’re going to sit still for this? The bad boy in me hopes to be all alive when the Hispanics “catch wise”. 😉

      • @CompSci

        True words! I think it will get interesting when the Hispanics grow as tired of them as we have.

      • Oh, I imagine only whitey will pay. In fact, in Columbia, Missouri I once saw a bumper sticker that said that very thing–“Whitey will pay.”

    • “Resentment toward Blacks will grow ten-fold.”

      I have a hard time understanding how anyone isn’t here already.

      Also, isn’t 25 trillion dollars and countless preferences enough? The only thing I would be happy to pay for is to round every one of them up and send them back to Africa. Every single one. Whatever that would cost would be worth it. I don’t care if it took every cent of wealth the nation has.

      • I know I’ve read that figure before- $25T. Where did this come from? I’ve been trying to find it again as it’s such a good figure to hand to a “dissident curious” to explain that more than enough has already been paid.

  21. if we tracked down the descendants of everyone who ever profited off the slave trade and then made them pay the price the ADL would have a fit.

    • Yo yo Ne-gro!
      I know who’s got da mo-nee!

      “It’s so sad watching this breakdown in afro-judeo relations, they go back such a long way, they even arrived in the Americas on the same boats!”
      -Corvid on Gab

      • Alzaebo: That’s what people have to keep in mind, not merely the trope of “We should have picked our own cotton.” Juice arrived in the southern colonies from the Caribbean, where they owned/ran sugar and agricultural plantations worked by black slave labor. The first juice in the northern colonies were ship owners.

        It’s not enough to blame one or the other; they are inextricably intertwined. Those who claim the problem is only juice control ignore innate black inferiority and hatred and violence. Those who focus on solely the symptomatic black behavior are ignoring their funding and motivators. Have to hit both groups simultaneously.

  22. A quick and accurate measure of IQ is the capacity of second and third order thinking.

    It doesn’t require any formal education. It’s innate.

    Our over educated classes have little or no regular interaction with low IQ people, and have no real understanding that there are huge swaths of people who lack the mental capacity to grasp anything beyond the immediate here and now.

    • There was a study dealing with narrative comprehension where a shocking number of people couldn’t keep track of a narrative where two fictional characters were talking about another hypothetical fictional character doing a certain action. Trying to keep track completely wiped out their processing power so to speak.

      It’s not their fault either, and forcing these people to sit through Shakrespeare instead of working a trade is really just cruel.

        • Is that up from a 2nd grade level, or down from 4th grade? Or, was 3rd grade level perhaps redefined to be what’s actually a 2nd grade level?
          (so I know whether to celebrate, laugh, or cry)

      • In the late 1940s, 40% of people graduated from high school. It was not uncommon for people to drop out of school after 5th or 6th grade. Today we just lie and force kids to sit in classes they get nothing from and give them fake diplomas and pretend they graduated. Hell, we put literal retarded children in school.

        Too many people think that something which comes easy to them is going to be just as easy for everyone else. Stupid people are utterly shocking to normal people. There are people who can read, but after reading a short paragraph in the newspaper cannot extract a single fact from that paragraph. There are people who can do basic arithmetic, but who cannot work out the final cost of buying something by the yard.

        • “In the late 1940s, 40% of people graduated from high school. It was not uncommon for people to drop out of school after 5th or 6th grade”

          Before WW1 (i.e.,1914) a high school diploma was more of a rarity than a four-year college diploma today. Just the entrance exam for the high school of those days has me breaking out in a cold sweat. In the 1920s more youngsters started staying on in school because of the dearth of jobs, and the dilution of the high school curriculum began in earnest. For example, it was deemed that the study of Euclidean geometry was too taxing and the redesign of the math curriculum — which is unequivocally a dumbing-down — continues to this day.

          Most youngsters before 1914 would quit after middle school (if not before) and the emphasis was on the three Rs — reading, writing, and arithmetic.

          The urban high schools of today serve as giant holding pens, whose learned graduates go on to a life of petty crime, or McJobs, or (if they have an IQ over 85) the armed forces.

          • “which is unequivocally a dumbing-down ”

            It’s bad enough the dumbing down of the curriculum, but even the new dumber curriculum is too challenging and we just lie and say the kids mastered the new dumber standard.

            We have become VASTLY less productive despite all the “education” foisted upon the kids and probably at least partially because of how “educated” the population now is.

          • @tars

            If you wanted to destroy the education base of country what would you have done differently?

            Its another strand in operation chaos.

            Select and ensure that the “teachers” being output are the most stupid, ideologically pure NPCs you can find and the rest takes care of itself.

            Modern teachers are the mental equivalent of the 200lb nurse waddling about thinking they know about health.

          • @Trumpton,

            You’ll think I’m joking when I say the teacher training colleges select for stupidity. But I’m in deadly earnest.

          • @arshad

            No I do not think you are joking, and neither am that this was an intentional part of operation chaos to destroy the educational foundation.

    • Like a dog that you leave home when you are gone overnight, he doesn’t understand that if, five minutes after you leave, he knocks his water bowl over, no one will come to refill it for 2 days..They have no concept of future and cannot prepare for it or work to lessen its impact.

      • Precisely. A dog is an animal and has developed through evolution to roam and hunt and take from Nature as is available when needed. Guess what other species/race of human does this as well? Guess what other species/race of human had to overcome is handicap in order to occupy and develop less fruitful lands. IQ is one of those things that needed to expand and enlarge to accomplish this.

      • I have a hard time this one, instinctively, yet the evidence for it is all around us. I’m into true crime stuff like Cops or Forensic Files or “The First 48 Hours” when I can find the episodes free online. The crimes people commit just stupefy me. Any moron should be able to see the consequences coming a mile away. But they do it. People who cannot work out that $100 Dollars is not worth 20 years in prison or being killed. Surely these people live in the moment, but I just cannot wrap my head around it.

        When I first got a cell phone back in the late 90s, I was initially surprised that they bothered including call logs of every single call to or from that cell phone. A lot of the First 48 Hours episodes are from the early 2000s. It shocks and amazes me people who get a monthly bill showing their incoming and outgoing calls logged and where they were at the time, couldn’t figure out that using your cell phone to commit a crime (like luring a victim to the crime scene via cell phone) was not a great idea and that the phone company would tell the cops who called the dead guy’s number 10 minutes before he was killed. Even today, cell phones catch a lot of crime.

    • They have plenty of interaction with low IQ.

      They interact with themselves and their low IQ credentialed peers all the time but keep running headlong into the dunning-kruger barrier and therefore think no one lives beyond it.

    • Based on the crippling lack of second and third-order thinking displayed by our IYI class I’d place their median IQ around 5, maybe 10 if I was feeling generous.

  23. Z does a good job of laying out the moral contradictions of reparations for slavery. Unfortunately, this is unlikely to persuade the race-hustlers. But accepting their argument leads to even worse problems. Take the average white. My family has lived on this continent since the beginning of the 17th Century, giving us plenty of time to oppress blacks. But no! They were yeomen farmers in New England, New York and the Midwest, who somehow managed to eke out a living without ever owning slaves. Even in the South, well over 90 percent of the population could not afford even one slave. Tracking down the descendants of the 1 percent of Southerners who owned most of the slaves will clearly take some time. But there is one group of descendants of these slaveowners, their sons and overseers who are far easier to identify, and that is African Americans. So, while the government funds a Mormon non-profit to track down the tainted descendants of those who profited from slavery, maybe we could jump-start reparations by imposing a mulatto tax on the readily identifiable descendants of their rapists.

    • If you go back as far as the initiation of slavery in the US, say early 1600’s, I would bet a large portion of our White ancestors were little better than slaves themselves back in their homelands. Things were not very pleasant for Whites of the lower class in the days of subsistence farming.

      • A lot weren’t that much better off in the new world either — a life of indentured servitude. Even if they landed as free people, a life of back-breaking labor. Why no compensation for the descendants of these white people? For most of the last few centuries, life in North America has been a hardscrabble existence. And this is called “white privilege.”

        • Agree and disagree re the framing.

          It was Irish slaves who opened up the Caribbean and Virginia.

          Merchants, exiled from Spain and ekeing out a living in the Moorish markets, saw their chance to supply the New World Euro colonies because both Irish and Indian slaves were dying in droves.

          So, what then do we owe those Irish beggars and Welsh orphans? First claim!

    • I’m not so sure there was a lot of rape involved. Obviously there is a white admixture and it got there somehow. Even today, WM/BF couples are the least common interracial romantic relationship. There are many years where not a single WM/BF rape is reported to the authorities. But, of course, white women can birth to mixed race babies and there are 10s of thousands of BM/WF rapes reported every single year. With the one drop rule, these children were black.

      I’m not saying I would NEVER buy it, but I have a very difficult time believing wealthly White men were raping slaves. Perhaps maybe White hired hands, but even there, I don’t think it was forcible rape.

      • Not trying to argue the point on the facts. Just saying what follows if you accept the race-hustlers’ morality. They most definitely call it rape, because of differential power, etc., and they are determined to visit the sins of the fathers on their children.

      • Absolutely, it was ambitious slave girls in a feudal system. They wanted to be House, not Field.

        Black girls are the same as the boys, they got white fever!

    • ForlifeReally: I realize you’re being tongue in cheek, but even those descendants of slave holders should bear neither sin nor shame. They are not responsible for what their ancestors did, and they generally didn’t profit by it. Most of the south was in ruins by the end of the war, and northern aggression didn’t stop there.

      Those Whites who claim that their own ancestors were peasants, not slave holders, are missing the point and allowing the anti-Whites to set the frame of the entire issue. It doesn’t matter what your ancestors were or did (well it does genetically – see “The Son Also Rises” re surnames and social mobility). The issue is whether people who claim their ancestors suffered harm can condemn you and extract your resources to sooth their innate genetic failings in a society built by and designed for White European people.

      • Of course it is an absurdity; but the anti-whites you refer to seem willing to heap this and many more indignities upon us nonetheless. According to Mathew 27:

        (22) Pilate saith unto them, “What shall I do then with Jesus which is called Christ?” They all say unto him, “Let him be crucified.” (23) And the governor said, “Why, what evil hath he done?” But they cried out the more, saying, “Let him be crucified.” (24) When Pilate saw that he could prevail nothing, but that rather a tumult was made, he took water, and washed his hands before the multitude, saying, “I am innocent of the blood of this just person: see ye to it.” (25) Then answered all the people, and said, “His blood be on us, and on our children.”

        The big difference with our current rulers is that Pilate comes off as a reluctant participant in the drama. Which is curious, because even in the ante-bellum South the rulers were fairly obsessed with the Haitian experience, and regarded the common (white) people as an insurance policy. It remains to be seen whose children could suffer if this policy is not paid up.

      • Agree and disagree re the framing.

        It was Irish slaves who opened up the Caribbean and Virginia.

        Merchants, exiled from Spain and ekeing out a living in the Moorish markets, saw their chance to supply the New World Euro colonies because both Irish and Indian slaves were dying in droves.

        So, what then do we owe those Irish beggars and Welsh orphans? First claim!

  24. Blood feud indeed..
    I have my great great grandfathers on my mothers side, mustering out papers from the union army.
    Any debt owed was paid with blood in full by 1865.
    Reperations are paid daily by the degredation of society. If only Marcus Garvy had been sucessful.

    • I wonder what the total would be if one added up all the murders, violent crime and social costs of all the descendants vs if that section of society was not present?

      I wonder what that cost differential would be?

  25. Solutions, solutions, solutions. The Crazy is getting worse by the day and the descent into collapse is getting steeper. Guys like DeSantis can slow it down, but that just makes the bottom lower further down the road and produces a lot more dead innocents when it does bottom-out. So why piss and moan about macro problems that you cannot solve or worse yet, bury your head in the sand.

    Better is to get busy now and do the hard work necessary to survive the collapse. This requires that you improve your robustness and skill set, plus secure the resources necessary to weather the transition. It doesn’t matter what DC does about the reparations debate. You are at their mercy no matter how hard you vote. But you can fight back tangibly by acquiring a safe haven, stocking it, getting fit via manual labor, improving your aim, and changing your mindset to Danial Boone mode. And that is just the beginning. 4S & focus.

    • The first step to finding a haven being to relocate far away from major cities with large groups of minorities.

      • Mormons did this a long time ago.

        But even they are discovering that’s a temporary solution.

        Infinitely fluid legal inter state migration along with instant voting right (and an increasingly powerful federal overwatch) make the “flee” option ultimately a loser.

        I’ve no solutions.

        • I hear what you’re saying, and don’t disagree. The northern Virginia I grew up in was primarily White, but that is increasingly not the case. Demographics is destiny, and demographics is always subject to change.

          On the other hand, there are still plenty of places where minorities are still in the minority. The little town in western Colorado where I live is a prime example.

          In any case, being a long way from places like DC or Baltimore or Philadelphia or St. Louis or Chicago or Detroit, is the first step in making sure you don’t end up in some cannibal-of-color’s cook-pot.

        • I believe that the biggest minority in Provo are Samoans that the Mormons imported themselves. And I have noticed that Samoans are slow to anger, but when they get triggered, they go full psycho violent in a heartbeat. And except for California, most western and mid-western rural small towns are still pretty traditional, even with a minority component. The inhabitants tend to self-select for this.

        • The Mormons have built a community *within* a community. They are in the world, but not of it. Not praising LDS, only saying that the ones I see with a church connection are prepared for a disaster through their local community and have an evacuation plan.

          I can’t say how the old homestead in Utah has been eroded, but in the LDS neighborhood my son lives in, the street has several houses where a military “Deuce and a Half” is parked in the driveway. Son is easy going, but the statement made is *not* lost on him. Unfortunately, I doubt he will be persuaded to “convert”.

        • ProZNoV: Mormons did it to themselves. They began proselytizing Mestizos and native Guamaians and various Polynesians and actively worked to import them into their communities. Now they’ve married many of their blonde daughters off to them and are reaping what they’ve sown.

          • I agree.

            Mormons are about 20 years behind the rest of the US; liberalizing everything. I work with many of them: they’ve no idea what’s coming.

            Modernity and GAE is infinitely corrosive.

            It’s a common theme in these circles (as you well know).

            I’ve no solutions. The Amish, with their refusal to integrate the interwebs into their lives, seem to be the sole holdout for a way forward.

            It’s a much harder lifestyle than most care for.

    • Definitely not related, but both Twitter and Gab are losing their minds over the FTX revelations.

      Hoping Law-Z will weigh in, and…

      why, lookee here! We suddenly have a new spat over Taiwan!

  26. What the nature/nurture crowd never seem to acknowledge is that over time, nature become nurture.

    What I mean is that a dominant group can force their environment on another group and thus improve the latter group’s outcomes. For example, whites can force blacks to learn to read and to stop killing each other as much via schools and police. But it’s like holding a chair over you head. You can only do it for so long.

    As soon as whites stop imposing their environment on blacks, black nature will take back over and their neighborhoods will revert to what we see in Africa.

    Nurture follows nature or, as Z has written, culture is downstream from biology. Sailer and HBD crew never seem to acknowledge this reality. Indeed, they seem to revel in some White Man’s Burden thing where they will save blacks by making them act as white as possible. That’s their morality.

      • I’ve brought it up on Sailer comment board. The HBD crowd just says that it’s our duty to help blacks because we’ll make life better for them.

        HBD Puritans

        • They are the same people who think traveling to Africa to dig a well for a village that cannot do so for themselves is helping.

        • Citizen: You do yeoman’s work over there, but I no longer even see the point of trolling them. They are a lost cause and will not change their views. They are comfortably ensconced in their niche and the ‘science’ behind which they hide their own various religious and ethnic pride. Barely 5% of them are consciously pro-White.

          • I’m beginning to wrap it up. It’s pointless, and I know longer get much joy from tweaking them. They will hide behind their big brains, secure that the brown hoard will never disturb their little world.

            Also, Steve embargoes my comments for so long that it doesn’t matter.

    • CSC,

      And indeed, it’s easy to see that in real life, “nature” and “nurture” are usually inextricably intertwined: a violent, impulsive, stupid mother will not only pass those genes on to her children, she will create a home life in which violence, impulsivity, and stupidity permeate the environment. Thus the nurture both reflects, and amplifies, nature.

        • That’s fine. However, societal decisions are made on statistical averages, not the occasional “outlier”. As long as the race has an average IQ of 85, we will approach the situation as if all had an IQ of 85.

          • In a rational world that was so.

            However, now all of society is remade for a single outlier even.

            legislation is passed to favor the smallest outlier (or even imaginary outlier) at the expense of the vast, vast majority.

            Everyone must alter their life, their view, their buildings, their literature, their history to accommodate the smallest anomaly.

            The more minuscule the outlier the more pronounced the change.

            You see this every day as the NPCs are driven to unearth and remake the world for the remaining undiscovered outliers.

        • Not only is society to be based on averages, it seems to allow for outliers to succeed when they appear. A strong argument can be made that the talented tenth would have a better shot under a strong White society than the current system.

          I am not a pure nature person, but it seems beyond obvious that nature is primary, nurture is secondary. I might go so far as to say nurture might alleviate what could be lacking by nature, but only to a certain extent. No matter how hard I work at it, my vertical leap will only get so high.

    • When I imagine all the effort that went in to enforcing Jim Crow, especially trying to force black men to not be violent and not abandon their families, I grow very tired. This is my response to conservatives who implicitly acknowledge the difficulties that are unique to blacks but insist that they will be fine in a traditionalist society (“it’s the absence of fathers that cause these problems”).

      • Jim Crow laws were much more focused on white behavior than black behavior. A black restaurant that served whites would never have a problem, but a white restaurant than served blacks would have trouble.

        The cost of maintaining the soft segregation if the South and the hard segregation of the north are debatable. Jim Crown probably would have fallen apart on its own, just as the hard segregation of the north has slowly disappeared. Nature would have replaced it with peaceful separation, a voluntary segregation based in free association. Instead we have the crazy system we have today.

        • Z,
          Indeed, I believe it’s the case that housing has been re-segregating: even though Blacks are free to live among Whites, most of them are still choosing to live among their fellow Blacks. Segregated housing still exists, although now it’s voluntary.

          Which seems to be the norm: most normal people choose to live among those of their own kind.

          • Blacks I might imagine are actually the loser in the housing integration game. Their rather cheap housing areas are being gentrified or torn down and redeveloped into commercial centers with little new housing stock being built or declining to accommodate their needs. One of the reasons for Sec 8 supplements. And since Obama, Sec 8 is being spread around to break up the consolidation of such folk in one area/neighborhood.

          • I’d agree that’s generally true. What’s functionally replaced de-jure segregation is price. There is a big correlation between the rent of the unit or the price per dwelling and the average quality of those who live in that building or community. As with many social changes, the poor suffer disproportionately. In this case, poor whites. With segregation, working class Whites enjoyed an all-white building or town and the quality of life that came along with that. That is long gone; at least, there is no legal way to enforce it. Perversely, desegregation probably hurt the Black community the worst: Once they were able, any relatively affluent Black moved out of the Ghetto into a better (Whiter) area. Those left behind now lacked the stabilizing influence of better Blacks, so quality of life quickly went into the cesspool, where it remains today.

            Certainly voluntary segregation still is operative but not always. Most non-Blacks would not choose to live with poorer Blacks, I assume. But they may be forced to by economics.

            Meanwhile, the BMW and private school crowd is cozy in their $500K or up homes with the BLM or “Hate has no home here” sign on the lawn along with the not yet removed Democrat campaign signs.

            Hypocrisy, thy name is shitlib.

        • “…the soft segregation if the South and the hard segregation of the north…”

          Why, nobody’s ever pointed that out before.
          The hard segregation of the Northern cities.

          • It’s a poor argument to use: Go to a northern liberal and convince them that they, the northerns, did bad, and what’s the result but more self flagellation and a greater justification to betray Our Nation.

        • I don’t think so. Southern de jure segregation had to be destroyed by a coercive Federal government, at literal bayonet point in places like Little Rock, or the first use of the weaponized FBI, helped along by Southern collaborators such as Texan Lyndon Johnson.

          Absent the return of Reconstruction, Part II in the 1950s, there is no reason to assume segregation would have went away on its own-which is precisely the reason Lefty had to do it themselves, just like in 1863.

        • Free association is a good start, but unchecked borders will destroy even that compromise.

      • That’s the crux of the liberals’ argument: they’re still arguing the long-discredited “blank slate theory” that nurture outweighs nature: that Blacks raised with fathers will be different.

        However, all the recent science regarding the genetic inheritance of human traits makes that very unlikely.

        • There was much “science” that appeared in the recent Covid scamdemic. It was ignored, shouted down, or censored. As the website says, “I Fuck’n love Science!” Problem is finding it.

          • Since the F-word has been dropped 😀 here’s one from my favorite cartoonist. Actually, in a acid trip sort of fashion, it’s a good commentary on the rationality of our foreign policy towards the Russia-Ukraine mess.

            Advisory: R-rated for language.


  27. Antebellum free “blacks” were also overwhelmingly mixed race. Here, for instance, is P.B.S Pinchback, “an American publisher, politician, and Union Army officer. Pinchback was the second African American (after Oscar Dunn) to serve as governor and lieutenant governor of a U.S. state. A Republican, Pinchback served as acting governor of Louisiana from December 9, 1872, to January 13, 1873. He was one of the most prominent African-American officeholders during the Reconstruction Era.” Feel free to RTWT, but all you really need is the picture.

    • And indeed you can see the same thing today: high-performing Blacks— such as Barack Obama, Thomas Sowell, Jason Riley, and Ben Carson— all clearly have an inter-mixture of White blood. While most of the thugs committing the crimes are much more purely-African looking.

  28. “In a high-trust society, you can take risks, like trying to invent a better plow or a better way to preserve food. You can also question official orthodoxy without fear of being killed, so new ideas can get room to breathe.”

    The Irish will have none of it.

    “Ireland Considers Enacting A Bill Criminalizing The Possession Of Hateful Material”

    • It’s not clear who would be crying more if they rose from the dead: Washington and Madison or Collins and Parnell.

      • Can’t speak for Collins and Parnell, but I’m pretty sure Washington and Madison would immediately start Civil War II or the second Revolutionary War. 😉

    • This is just an echo of the EU wide digital speech regulation being rolled over all of Europe and in the UK next year.

      The sequence is to infiltrate govt and institutions, set up media narrative for the push, set up legislation to criminalize opposition or dissent to white replacement or pervert grooming of children. Then start the actual process after the law is in place.

      Then use the law to stamp on the face of anyone who objects.

      They have being doing this in tranches in Europe for 30 years and now is the end game that it is not just speech it is any material or thought or view of dissent.

      No one sees to see the obvious plan they are executing, and if anyone says its emergent behavior they should be ashamed to bear such false witness to defend planned and ordered schemes such as this.

  29. Funny that you bring up Sailer. I’ve been having some fun tweaking him about refusing to write about clampdown on those who notice who runs the show. Kanye West, Irving, even Musk have all been attacked and most kiss the ring to stay in our masters good graces.

    There’s even a black writer at CoinDesk who got fired for noticing the ethnicity of the FTX crowd.

    This story involves race, religion, power and entertainment, yet Steve refuses to notice. Before I just thought that he was a hopeless Boomer, now I suspect that there’s something more going on. It’s either personal (kid married a Jew or something), financial (one or two big Jewish donors) or ego (writing about this would get him kicked out of the punditry world which he so craves to be a part of).

    Whatever it is, Sailer has proven himself to be beyond worthless. It’s a shame.

    • I sure appreciate your dedication to engaging with Sailer. On this topic, he reminds me of Jared Taylor. Although I believe that the two of them share a similar delusion, my guess is that they have interacted with enough sympathetic tribesmen that they harbor the hope of a partnership with a few outliers of that group.

      I guess it’s a cost-benefit analysis between being silent on this issue in the hope of assistance versus openly discussing the issue to educate people so that action can be taken. It’s a judgement call upon which reasonable people can disagree.

      • I think Taylor understands the material better than most, but he also knows that it attracts people who have been an albatross around the neck of his movement for generations now. I tend to agree. John Derbyshire called it The Jew Thing, a weird mind virus that makes certain people crazy. Taylor has simply accepted this reality and adjusted his tactics accordingly.

        Sailer is a different matter. He is like a lot of guys his age who were allowed our of doors during the interregnum, but then banished when that period of openness began to close. He has never been able to accept that he will never return to the fold. He stubbornly thinks that one day they will realize he is right and let him back in the club.

        • I agree that anytime Jews are mentioned, it seems to trigger some people, who, as you say, seem to see them everywhere, including their sandwich.

          I also agree that we’re in our current predicament because we put ourselves in it. (You’ll notice that the Asians seem pretty good about keeping control over their media and banks.)

          That said, the tribe is stunningly powerful and ignoring them – especially when they exert that power openly – makes the person seem completely out of touch with reality.

          Noticing the tribe and their power (and how it impacts my people) is different from obsessing over them. I think that you do a very good job of walking that line. Sailer just ignores them entirely, except occasionally mentioning them in relation to some TV show.

          I’m with you in that I suspect that he does this out of fear of being kicked out the punditry club. He still interacts with more mainstream pundits on Twitter and on comments sections, so he still feel a part of that club. Discussing the tribe’s power – even in a calm way – would mean immediate disbarment, which would be horrifying for him.

          It’s similar to how some DR people are excited about getting back on Twitter. They continue to crave the approval of those who hate them. They can’t walk away.

      • I think that Z is right about Taylor. Discussing the tribe takes the focus off of the real goals. I get it, but at times like this, it does make him and Sailer look completely out of touch with reality.

        • Citizen: Reasonable people can disagree here. While I cannot even skim most of the comment section at Unz when he hosts Anglin or posts from Occidental Observer (juice in my sammich commenters), I consider Taylor very similar to Sailer. Using the same argument and tactics for decades, and to what end? The problem is not an either/or question. The financier parasite and the predator parasite are two ends of the same spectrum.

    • iSteve just posted a column where he claimed the Ellison creature that just wrecked Alameda Research is attractive.

      Good God, man.

      • Steve also failed to notice that Ellison’s dad is the chair of MIT’s math department, where SEC chair Gensler was a professor.

        The FTX story involves a lot of small hats. There may be a lot more going on that just a run-of-the-mill con game.

        • US sends billion$ to Ukraine (w/o oversight.) Ukraine invests in FTX. FTX is 2nd biggest donor to dems after Soros. Wash, rinse, etc. Should be the one of the biggest stories right now, but given the players it’s understandable why it isn’t.

          • It was set up for this.

            Look at the staff at FTX they are nearly all ex dem staffers and connected govt insiders from Obama admin, Clinton foundation and other dem orgs.

            You do not start a crypto exchange with a load of political hacks, you run it with programmers. WTF are a load of political majors and policy idiots going to contribute?

            You only have that staff of that profile if it was intended to be a mass laundering organization disguised as an exchange.

          • The worst part of all this is Bankman-Fried (you couldn’t make that name up) at least was the front for billions in grift, and he ended up with Caroline as a girlfriend. Look at her mug on trumpton’s link. Good Lord. Also check him out with Clinton and Blair. That pic reeks of degeneracy.

            The most concerning part is how fast the Tribe is looting and stealing of late. Seems they know something is about to go down. These people are a pestilence wherever they land. No society has kept them long and survived. This one sure as hell isn’t about to become an outlier there.

          • Ben’s link, sorry.

            People say they would like to travel back in time and kill Hitler, Marx, whoever. My hit would be on Cromwell. Thanks, Ollie, you should have considered why they had been expelled in the first place.

        • The Manhattan US Attorney’s office is already moving to orchestrate the cover-up.

          The chans found sweet Caroline’s alleged online dating profile.

          Fully jabbed and positive for HSV 1 and 2.

          What a catch!

    • There are based Jews and I’m sure Sailer (who works for Ron Unz, for God’s sake) and Taylor and even Z-Man knows some. NAXALT besides, it’s bad form to paint an entire group of people as being “like that”. You can be prejudiced, just don’t be bigoted.

      Just like with our hopelessly lost white brethren, the wrong Jews are in power. And just like whites, most Jews don’t know or don’t care about the rot among their people. And the rot has infected the Jews even moreso. We need based Jews to get us out of this mess, just like we need based whites.

      Sorry for the rainbow coalition stuff, but at this point, I care more about your brain than your DNA.

      • Regression to the mean will be a thing for the offspring of these based tribesmen, meaning regression to their inherited and cultural values.

      • Except for some very rare outliers you cannot get even the most based Jew to say something cross about George Soros (except for, maybe, how what he is doing is bad for Jews).

        • Jews, like all other groups, generally stick together. And as well, they should. Loyalty to one’s kin is a good thing.

      • “at this point, I care more about your brain than your DNA.”

        This is what colorblind CivNats – even HBD-aware colorblind CivNats – can never understand. You may care other people’s brain more than their DNA, but other groups don’t.

        Smart whites side with smart people of any group. Smart Jews side with Jews. Smart Indians side with Indians. Smart blacks side with blacks. Etc.

        The world is tribal. The sooner whites remember law of nature, the better.

        • Also, this civnat like all civnats is not so constrained when it comes to crapping on whites.

          Edgy white civnats enthusiastically celebrating the end of Europe but who have a mental breakdown when you make a factually supportable point about certain peoples.

      • Its never a question of NAXALT; it is always a question of EXALT. And if “Enough X Are Like That” to cause issues, it is a problem that should not simply be ignored.

  30. Today’s Taki piece spells out the problem – the spiteful mutants have control and influence everywhere. The White and white looking cohort continue to shove a morality (and policies) down our collective throats that are destroying culture and society at a breathtaking speed. A substantial portion of black mutants are actively targeting Whites physically with assault and murder day in and day out while the remainder are indifferent to it.

    Now, it may be too late to do anything about it as there seems to be no collective will or desire to excise these malignant cancer cells. The situation is dire.

  31. *Sippenhaft*

    I think we are dealing with blood feud. Except it’s all one way and will keep going on forever. Until we somehow break the cycle.

  32. Meh. Let us call a spade a spade.

    If they ever manage to implement it – it would be the Donks buying black voats with conservative cash.

    As it is all they have to do is appear to be pursuing it… and the blacks and other colours will voat for them. I strongly doubt if anyone in our ruling class sees this as anything other than an opportunity to virtue signal.

    At the rate the economy is going in the real world… somebody is going to get shot in the face soon.

  33. “There is also the problem with assuming that Jim Crow deprived blacks in the South of an education. We know that black illiteracy sharply declined in the first half of the twentieth century. At the start of the century, about a quarter of blacks in the South were literate, while 80% of whites could read. By 1950 the gap had closed to a few points, which says blacks were getting at least a basic education. Depending on the study, it appears that black literacy has declined since 1950.”

    I’ve no criticism of the rest of your essay. But this matter of literacy needs to be studied a bit further. How exactly do we know that black illiteracy has declined? Had I to hazard a guess, it would be that functional illiteracy is almost as high among the black population as it was in the mid-19th century. Knowing the alphabet, being able to read your name, and other feats at the same level hardly constitute literacy.

    For that matter I’m not persuaded the rest of the population has made any real strides either. The median reading level is around 5th or 6th grade level. I think I read somewhere — one of John Taylor Gatto’s books, perhaps — that only 4% of the population reads at 12th grade level or higher. The books on the NYT bestseller list are noticeably simple in lexicon, sentence structure, and plot than those of half a century ago. In other words mass literacy has largely been a mirage.

    • Balderdash.

      The advent of the computer and cell phone require at least a rudimentary level of literacy. Every black baboon in the country was overjoyed at the idea of an Obama phone. They all have them so unless all they are doing is looking at pictures…we have to assume a literacy rate far beyond 4%

      • Woe. Hold the dislikes. A simple misunderstanding. 4% at the *12th* grade *reading level*. That’s could be correct, but if low, not absurd. Last I was interested, the statistic was that the entire population had *less* than *8th* grade reading level—and the publishers were adjusting accordingly. These of course are averages.

        Here in AZ around my city’s largest school district, there were somewhat less than 30% at State reading level and 13% at state math level. 40% (last published) of college freshmen here (at a top 20 institution) were taking at least one “remedial” course—most commonly English and Math.

        The scrawl used in test messaging is akin to a foreign language and about one step above the grunts of chimpanzees. I’d not call that indicative of “literacy”. As far as computers go, note they use iconography—simple pictures and touch to a great extent. Would you call the min-wage flunky in McDonalds “literate” because he presses the picture of your burger and coke on the cash register and shouts out your cost? I won’t even go into who does the math in these situations—but it isn’t the min-wage flunky. 😉

        • “As far as computers go, note they use iconography—simple pictures and touch to a great extent.”

          As they do in the 2006 film, “Idiocracy.” And the ubiquitous use of abbreviations such as “lol” and “lmfao.”

        • Further to muddy the waters: From reading some IQ books, I get the impression that 12th grade level doesn’t mean quite the same it did a century, or even 50 years ago. The rule of thumb seems to be that everything has been dumbed down by 4 years. In other words today’s high school degree is equivalent to an 8th grade education in Grandpa’s day. Probably not coincidentally, the average Black American IQ ~= 85 which corresponds to a mental age of about 14, which equates to completed 8th grade.

          Aside: one of the older HBD authors (Lynn maybe?) noted that on average Blacks mature quicker than Whites, I think it included mentally, but when they hit ~13-14 it grinds to a halt and they are at that mental and emotional level for life.

          Being the pessimist, I suspect that when they say “8th grade level,” they be using the modern way.

          • Ben, spot on. The university BS/BA is *perhaps* the HS diploma of long ago. What of course conflates the analysis is the top tier students intermixing with the rest.

            There are HS students screwing around within substandard courses, but there are also pockets of White students taking AP courses and the like so they are at an acceptable level to actually do college work—usually in the harder disciplines. And of course, there are lots of private schools in the USA that funnel acceptable student to post secondary Ed outside the public system.

            Both of my spawn never went to Public schools—and I have no apologies for it.

      • Literacy means more than just being able to read at a rudimentary level. It encompasses the ability to understand a certain level of complexity. Thus, the old-time expression of someone being “literate” in a certain subject matter, or being generally “well read”.

        Something beyond “lol”, etc.

    • > The books on the NYT bestseller list are noticeably simple in lexicon, sentence structure, and plot than those of half a century ago.

      This is an effect of loss of literacy, but it’s also a matter of the nature of new books. Most modern books, whether fiction or non-fiction, are better perceived as religious devotional than whatever genre they say they are. If you read these devotionals, they use simple language. pithy phrasing, and general ambiguity to give a feeling to the reader as opposed to focusing on the concrete. This isn’t necessary a bad thing for the genre, but you need to already be a true believer for these works to have any impact on you.

      These books aren’t looking to dig deeper into the human condition with all its contradictions and foibles. They’re designed to give people spiritual self-assurance that they are morally in the right.

      • Probably some of the loss of literacy can be attributed to tech. Go to an airport lounge and just about everyone is staring at their smartphones or laptops. Half a century ago some of these people would have a 900-page James Michener novel in their lap.

        Or step into an airport bookstore and sample the wares — “How I Turned My Outhouse into $2 Million in Real Estate” or “Habits of the Successful” or “The Millionaire Next Door.” Maybe some books of Joel Osteen. It makes one’s heart sink. The offerings at regular bookstores are not much better. This, then, is literacy?

        • The loss of literacy is absolutely connected to tech. First, people do not read more than 140 characters. However, it also trains people to seek out dopamine releasing activities and focus on wealth. Social media is nothing more than an advertising platform that operates through dopamine feedback; thus, beyond the inability to focus beyond 140 characters, people are trained to seek out thrills over nuance. Just try to have a young person understand a Far Side comic anymore. Seriously, try it – I have. They are completely lost, and this is simply a comic. Of course, Far Side relies on implied narrative threads and satire or irony – things all lost on this generation.

          • That’s an interesting observation re: Far Side. Should I have an occasion to try it out on a young person – at least I’ll be prepared for the blank stare.
            (Several bears standing around a coffin with another bear sitting up in it – who says: fer cryin’ out loud – I was hibernating – can’t you guys take a pulse?!)
            I just made my day thinking for that one.

          • My all-time favorite was a pod of whales. One is blushing, surrounded by bubbles. His friend says “Kevin! Was that you?”

        • Arshad Ali: Some of literacy loss may be related to tech, but I would put the bulk of the issue on the end of
          Christianity in the schools and culture. Children used to learn to read from the Bible (or go from McGuffey’s reader to the Bible). And that was generally the King James translation. And Christian belief was behind entire generations of high school students studying Greek and Latin. Both of those languages bequeathed a major portion of English’s higher vocabulary.

          Now people are much more invested in their kids learning Spanglish or Chinese rather than the extraordinarily rich history of their own English tongue.

          • Reading and writing are connected. We no longer write either. That’s quite a big thing at University—often the first time a paper of length has been assigned.

      • I don’t disagree Chet, but my (long ago) experience was with *High School* level texts. Publishers were dumbing them down wrt to reading levels. Perhaps not the same as per more pedestrian reads, but changing none the less. Heck, a few decades ago it was big thing to compare grade school readers of the early 20th century to what we have now. Night and day when one looks at content and reading level.

    • In the first half of the 20th century, many factors would have driven black literacy. For one thing, not being able to read at a basic level was a very big liability for all races. Of course, there was only writing and speaking. The white employers, despite the cartoon version of history, would have preferred literate workers to illiterate ones. White social reformers also drove the process.

      Today, we see much of this in reverse. Grammarly exists so the stupid can communicate in writing. Most people get information from the spoken word or moving pictures. Social reformers now war against basic standards that are required of a literate and educated populace.

      • There is a very old saying: “If you want to hide something from a [Afro-American] hide it in a book.” I did a quick search and couldn’t find an attribution, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the wisdom didn’t originate among the Negro.

        There is much wisdom in that saying. Whether that’s due to Blacks’ inherent intelligence deficit, a hostility to all things White/civilized, other or some combination, I am not sure.

    • I had put this info in the wrong thread, but Malcolm Gladwell, of all people, wrote that forced school integration hurt black students. The Brown vs. Board (1954) decision seemed to have been a turning point.

      • This is plausible. Holding them to white standards means they fail completely. In black schools, with far lower standards, they might actually learn a bit. If you put them in an 8th or 9th grade algebra class with white students, they will learn nothing. In addition, they will be a disruptive influence, stopping whites from learning as well. In an 8th grade or 9th grade basic arithmetic class among their own kind, they might learn a bit. In fact this kind of segregation within individual schools does take place.

        On a side note, if you look at black colleges and universities, and look at their syllabi, you can see that they’re teaching at a far lower level than at white colleges and universities, and their students are typically scoring 300 points (or more) less on the SAT — i.e., they’re just less intelligent.

        • Never underestimate disruptive behavior in the classroom. It affects all students of any race, albeit to different extent. Discipline is a must. Case in point, myself!

          Folks, including my wife, would for the longest time hear me talk of my parochial grade school experience. They would not believe that I rarely had a class with less than 50 students and one teacher. Finally, going through my late mother’s effects, I found a class photo from our school’s *two* 8th grade classes—98 students and one nun and one lay teacher (nuns were in short supply).

          Discipline was strict and sure. No one acted out and everyone paid attention. How else could a class that size work?

    • Most residents of AINO are not worthy of standing in the shadows of the US founding fathers. These men were serious and SMART.

      My junior high son’s history class is reading (trying to read) one of the Anti-federalist letters of Centinel.

      Regardless of the author’s argument, my son spent the weekend just looking up the words he didn’t know.

      Sample: “To put the omnipotency of Congress over the state government and judicatories out of all doubt, the 6th article ordains…”

      The sad thing is, Centinel’s arguments are not that complex. He uses sophisticated words to make his argument simpler. The limiting factor is the baboon trying to make sense of the words.

      • Mow: Buy your son the AntiFederalist Papers. Not an enormous volume and not that long to read in bites.
        Something that should have been required back when they taught Civics classes, but it would have exposed civic nationalism as a fraud and a lie.

  34. It’s just one more installment of supposed retributive compensation for a majority of people who just can’t be helped and left to their own devices would live lives similar to their african counterparts. Not that the intercity life has been helped much but an even greater amount would live far worse lives without the continued help.

    The problem is the white overseers (mostly progressive) as they game the system to supposedly remedy this problem. Black people really have been screwed just not in the way we are told. Oh, and in the process of always trying to help them , we have gotten our fair share of misery too.

  35. Clarke wrote an interesting book a few years back, _The Son Also Rises_, which traced the descendants of successful families over many generations and in different cultural contexts (England, for admissions to Oxford; China for being part of the mandarin class; etc.). What he found was that these family effects are profound and last for many generations. Families that were sending their sons to Oxford in 1250 were still sending them there in 2000.

    Perhaps more interesting was the China part of it. What he found was that, despite the Cultural Revolution and all the other chaos in China, you were still finding the same families rising to the top of the hierarchy, even there, even after events designed to obliterate their social standing.

    So, it is entirely reasonable to suppose that generations of descendants of those who were motivated to accomplish a risky act (like escaping a country where you were enslaved) or to have delivered exceptional service to a master (managing some enterprise, for example) would have the same persistent selection and success metrics. Literally the last thing you would expect is that the initial conditions – being freed or else escaping to freedom – are random. Quite the opposite, in fact.

  36. There is a cartoon of a bell curve where the white portion feels bad for the lingering black portion of the bell curve. The cartoon progresses, and as the white curve throws more and more money at it, the black curve goes further and further to the left, while the white portion freaks out and continues to throw money at it. It culminates with the black portion bashing the white portion of the curve with a club.

    The truth is, modern social policy HAS hurt blacks, just not in the way modern busybodies think. Instead of putting brutal social controls in black communities to force monogamy, education, and low criminality, we’ve created third-world no-go zones where the malcontents have far superior reproductive success than well-behaved counterparts.

    Instead of three generations where a social pressure gives higher IQ and trustworthy blacks a leg up in having kids and creating community while the thugs get hanged at 18, thus increasing the IQ of the population, we are throwing money at them to encourage the opposite.

    • The truth is, modern social policy HAS hurt blacks, just not in the way modern busybodies think. Instead of putting brutal social controls in black communities to force monogamy, education, and low criminality, we’ve created third-world no-go zones where the malcontents have far superior reproductive success than well-behaved counterparts.

      Logically, this would have made sense for all of us. Imagine America if the only way to have sex was to get married. Sure, there would be cheating around the fringe, the selection pressure would be especially harsh on the males unable or unwilling to provide for their wife and family. Of course, the trade-off would be fare fewer single women over the age of 25.

      • A vintage phrase from my youth was “He’s a real white man”, or “He’s the whitest man I know” and we all understood this to mean that person was trustworthy, reliable, and generous.

        • My old man always said “That was awfully white of you”.

          His favorite euphemism for blacks was “urban gentlemen.”

          He knew the score, but, like most boomers, shriveled up when asked to express his thoughts on race directly.

    • Malcolm Gladwell, of all people, wrote that forced school integration hurt black students. The Brown vs. Board (1954) decision seemed to have been a turning point.

      I suppose after that, the Nation of Islam was the only thing trying to keep blacks honest. Of course, the usual suspects made sure that didn’t succeed.

    • One of the things negatively affecting the Black community *was* the civil rights era acts, especially desegregation of communities. Within a generation, the “smart” Blacks moved out of the ghettos leaving the worse behind. Hell, it was even the theme song of the old “Jefferson’s” comedy show.

      • And when the smarter segment of the Community departed, with them went most of the entrepreneurial businesses that served that community, providing not only services, but also models for the utility of education and character, as well as examples of the power of generational wealth.

        Without such people in the mix, black community self-development notions in the post-CRA era quickly degenerated into scams and rackets.

  37. Yep, cheating has consequences. The massive election theft means every nutty thing that was previously held back out of fear is now a go.

    So expect a White Tax, very soon. A draft (White straight males only) from 18-60 to be sent to Ukraine to bleed Russia dry. And solve the White male problem. A quota system limiting Straight White males in every employment, etc. and mandating blacks everywhere. Strict limits on White people being able to marry or have kids together. THAT is coming. If its crazy so what?

    Its not as if voters can vote people out proposing it. Cheating has consequences.

    • That quota system is already here. I can’t include the links or I can’t post as spam. Fair enough.

      Amazon Studios Diversity
      Resume Builder 1 in 6 managers told to stop hiring white men
      How Business Giants Get Lower Interest Rates For Meeting Diversity Quotas
      Delta Diversity (This one has a picture about halfway down that says more than words ever could. We, white men, are not even in the picture)

      The military and government is also doing what we already know it is doing.

      An anti-white apartheid system is here. We accept it and die out, or we find our balls, organize and fight it effectively. These people hate us and they see our exclusion if not outright elimination as the highest morality. The future is here. What are we going to do about it?

    • This is why they want the social credit scores and CBDCs implemented ASAP.

      Those are the twin cudgels they plan to use to make every second of remaining life absolutely excruciating for White men in the collective West.

      • Its now more than that.

        Look up the 15 minute city stuff being implemented now in England (Oxford & Caterbury and shortly everywhere else).

        Essentially each city is divided into “sectors” and if you use your car to leave your “assigned sector” in more than x days per year you will be fined for each journey.

        This will shortly expand to jail and or other punishments once established.

        This is not a future thing, or a “conspiracy” it is now (end of Nov for Oxford) and is coming to a city near you very soon. Its why they don’t give a shit that the sanctions destroy their own economies.

          • They are mostly in denial.

            The local council is full on describing a de facto WEF rationing and prison surveillance system with punishment regimes to restrict movement and self determination for the entire population of the city and most of the comment are about the practicality of getting to the doctors or supermarket.

        • trumpton: I had not heard of that before. God how awful and Orwellian. And yes, the future is now – White dispossession is not en route, it is here in full force.

        • Maybe or maybe local authorities in England develop their own crazy ideas that don’t necessarilty spread to the rest of the country.

          It appears to have been “inspired” by Ghent and I don’t think Ghent represents all of Belgium.

          I hope not anyway.

          • Nope.

            I suggest you look at (among others)



            Toronto Mayor is proposing it, Paris is in planning stage, London has lots of roads converted to mostly cycle ways during covid lull in preparation, Nordic Real Estate Partners to pilot the 15minutecity in 5 locations globally, proposal in Tokyo, LA as well. Its coming real soon.

            Its another globally coordinated push down as part of the de-industrialization of the west. Its just being trialed in the UK first by the traitors in England most keen to push the boot on the face of their population.

            people better wake the fuck up, or they are going to wake up in a prison.

    • The Selective Service/DoD kind of gave the trans game away when they recently announced biological males still have to register for the draft and biological females do not. Regardless of how “they” “identify.”

  38. Pity the poor European whose ancestors only arrived after WW2. He gets to jump from the frying pan of nationalist wars into the fire of slave reparations. Of course, the ones I know will stupidly accede to the guilt. They were conditioned decades ago.

    • I firmly believe that what you’ve described is a genetic defect particular to Whites, much in the same way Indians can’t handle alcohol.

      Guilt is our smallpox blanket.

    • It certainly seems reasonable to assume that prior to emancipation, freed slaves representeded a select group among enslaved Africans. Just as today, the Nigerians and Caribbean Blacks entering the United States represent a select elite, and therefore perform better than African-Americans.

      California provides a case-in-point of the ever-increasing evidence that genetic differences are the primary factor in the “Black-White performance gap”. For the past four decades, California schools— operating on the assumption that the performance gap was environmental— have thrown literally billions of dollars at the problem in an attempt to fix it. They’ve tried every conceivable solution: Black teachers, Black textbooks, Black tutors, Black mentors, free breakfast and lunch programs, and Headstart programs. And after all that, the black-and-white performance gap in California schools is not only no better; in many places it’s worse.

      So yes: “anti-racism” is unscientific at it’s very core: every week more evidence comes to light of the truth of inherent racial differences; and evolutionary theory posits that it could not be any other way. Therefore the “anti-racists” must rely on rousing moral indignation, in order to obscure the facts.

      In the eyes of the “anti-racists”, harm to Blacks continues to this day: that’s what they’re claiming in their insistence that “institutional racism” and “White supremacy” continue to characterize American society.

      Thus they can— and undoubtedly will— demand “reparations” for as long as “institutional racism” and “White supremacy” exist.

      And since these terms are never precisely defined, but merely assumed— and thus can never be refuted— their “rationale” for reparations *will never go away*

      • CA be the only state says schools can’t use no IQ tests on niggas dis them and say they be “educable mentally retarded.” This come from 1979 some cracka Federal Judge named Peckham or Peckerwood or some shit done found them tests be “racially and culturally biased” and shit. Forty year gone and still them niggas doin poor in school there. Crackas try and help niggas and get in trouble. Crackas not help niggas and get in trouble. Sho nuff White man’s fault!

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