Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is arguably the greatest American creation, despite being the one thing we have not tried to export. Around the world there are American outposts selling degeneracy of various sorts, along with the supposed ideals of the American empire, but you will never get a sales pitch on Thanksgiving. It speaks to the nature of the current ruling elite that gratitude is not something they think about when trying to change the minds of people abroad.

Regardless, the long holiday that is upon us is special. It is a long weekend of doing little more than giving thanks for what we have as individuals. We do not give thanks to our overlords for anything. We do not give thanks for our stuff. We do not even give thanks for the great fortune of being an American. It is much simpler and more honest that all of that. It is a day to be happy that you are alive, you have friends and family and you are able to enjoy those things.

What makes the holiday better than most is that it is at least a four day weekend and is slowly becoming a weeklong affair. Within living memory most people had to work Friday if they wanted to get paid for Thursday, but that is long gone. Most employers give their people Thursday and Friday off, except retailers, of course. Many offices now close up early on Wednesday. All week offices are light on staff as people use their personal time to extend the holiday.

If we had any sense as a people, we would make the whole week a national holiday, maybe even shutter retail for a few days. Friday is the start of the Christmas shopping season, so giving the retail people a few days off in advance would be the decent thing to do, but our greed heads will never go for it. Big box retailers now force their staff in on Thursday night to get ready for Black Friday. After the revolution, the people doing this will be hanged first.

The funny thing about Thanksgiving is it does not celebrate any of the things that have come to define America. There is no soulless gift giving. Christmas has been turned into an orgy of material self-indulgence. It is reasonable to say that what goes on in this country around Christmas is grotesque. Our other holidays are civic affairs designed to celebrate the government or warmongering. Usually, they are on a Monday so we get a long weekend, but they have no meaning.

Thanksgiving is unique in that it is about you as a person taking time to think about the good things in your life. The big traditional meal with friends and family focuses the mind on those human relationships. Even in these easy times, life is hard, so taking time to count your blessings is a gift you give yourself. Being grateful is one of those odd things that just makes you feel good. Having a long holiday to eat traditional foods and be grateful is an amazing thing we have created.

It is the gratitude part of it that gets to the heart of the current crisis. All around us are people doing nothing but showing their ingratitude. America is filling up with ingrates who do nothing but complain. One can possibly understand the ingratitude of black people, but the endless complaining from new arrivals is maddening. Even worse is seeing useless weirdos freeriding on society complain that the rest of us are not thanking them for being parasites.

Joe Sobran put it best. “The white man presents an image of superiority even when he isn’t conscious of it. And, superiority excites envy.” That is the heart of the matter and probably why we invented Thanksgiving. It is our nature to build and create, which is why we are naturally grateful for what we have. A people who built a great civilization out of nothing have a lot to be thankful for, so having a long holiday to take our time and be grateful makes a lot of sense.

Even now, with all that is going on, we have plenty of reasons to take the next few days to count our blessings. The Good Lord in his wisdom has provided us with enemies who possess none of the qualities we respect. They may have inherited power, but they lack the ability to wield it responsibly. Like men on death row, our betters walk around with an expiry date on them. It is a long struggle, but we know that in the end we will prevail and for that we must be thankful.

Of course, we also have the community of dissidents that is slowly forming up to provide fellowship and support as we struggle though this age. Those of you who were at AmRen last week certainly know what I mean. You come back from such things humbled and grateful, because you have been reminded of how fortunate you are to be alive in this time. To be blessed with a life of struggle, to have a reason to be better each day, is the greatest gift of all.

I want to thank everyone who comes to this site to read what I have written or listen to the Friday shows. Special thanks to the many people who fill up the comments every day with commentary that is often better than my posts. This is one of the best comment sections on the internet. It is something people often say to me. Posting will be light the next few days, but the comment section will be open as always. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and thank you for all that you do.

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183 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. Ref Taki – I never forgave him and his miscreant daughter for taking away the comments section a few years ago.
    ZMan is too good for them.

  2. Thankful for friends and family? Here? In America? Very likely your family has been torn apart thru divorce, and your children hate you. Friends? Male friendship is at an all time low, as several recent studies have gleefully pointed out. And if you’re not there yet, you will be by the time you’re in your late 50’s. That is if you’re even married, another life stage that used to be mandatory but now is increasingly optional. If that doesn’t get you, the requirement of job mobility and social media will serve as the backup to ensure you die alone.

    Take that American concept of Thanksgiving and shove it, partner. There isn’t a single thing to be thankful for in this country, and the sooner it descends into chaos and anarchy, the better. Can’t build back better until the old has been destroyed.

  3. The white man literally just produces whores for the world harem.
    Christian deveiling of women, rights to marry (love), clamps on male (personal) violence.

    All point to a systemic defrocking of Europid male power to provide more white women for the world market.

    No significant trend among the White Christian has arrested or sought to change this. :shrug:

    • Who puts those thoughts into the pretty little heads of the white women? Those are the people to whom I direct my rage, not so much the conformist girls.

      I will grant you that blame for the 19th Amendment falls firmly on the shoulders of our forefathers. One of my great idols when I was in college, the philosopher and logician Bertrand Russell, was a big campaigner for women’s right to vote in England. Lots of blame to go around.

      I interpret the passage of the 19th Amendment as an example of the white man’s great weaknesses: gullibility and being generous to a fault.

      And Happy Thanksgiving!

      • Russel was another member of the destroy white countries conspiracy and was promoted into his position to help achieve it.

        Member of the spook Apostles secret club at Cambridge, Fabian society and member of the CIA funded Congress for Cultural Freedom, serial student shagger while a professor.

        Complete fraud.

          • Jatt Ayra: “Is the modern equivalent of the Fabian society the WEF?”

            The big news a couple of days ago was that Sam Bankman-Fried was bankrolling about half of the members of Congress [to include many prominent GOPers, such as B!tch McConnell & Kevin McKμntthy].

            The big news today is that Bankman-Fried was also bankrolling a ton of sh!tlib media companies:


            Pace Bertrand Russell [as above], Henry Makow claims that Woodrow Wilson was having a torrid love affair with a fellow professor’s wife at P-Town, and that eventually the proto-Mossad/Frankfurt-School got their grubby little paws on the love letters, and used those love letters as blackmail to force Wilson to go along with the Jekyll Island Conspiracy.

            It’s very difficult to overemphasize the catastrophe which was created with the Federal Reserve and its newfound ability create money out of thin air.

            Bankman-Fried, on the other hand, upped the Chutzpah by a good order of magnitude beyond anything which even Greenspan or Bernanke or Yellen or Geithner had ever fantasized about: Instead of trafficking in fake money created out of thin air by the Federal Reserve, Bankman-Fried was trafficking in crypto-currencies which likely never even existed in the first place [as simply mere crypto-currencies].

            I.e. Bankman-Fried was trafficking in fake Fake FAKE money [non-existent cryptocurrency masquerading as cryptocurrency masquerading as Federal Reserve fiat currency].

            Look at all the damage which Bankman-Fried has wreaked upon Western Civilization, entirely via a con of a con of a con which lived entirely in his imagination [or in the imagination of whichever Mossad behavioral psychologist that was acting as Bankman-Fried’s controller].

            We simply cannot guarantee the persistence of our Ancestors’ bloodlines if we continue to welcome these sorts of anti-civilizational termites into the wooden edifice of our society.

            They will quickly render the entire edifice into a steaming pile of compost.

            And we will have nothing to be thankful for, because we will no longer exist.

            tl;dr == Even before we can be thankful for our ancestors’ sacrifices [which went into the making of us], we must first honor those sacrifices by being eternally vigilant ourselves in seeing to it that we merely persevere.

        • trumpton: “Complete fraud.”

          As a young man, Russell did outstanding work with Whitehead.

          However, all the rumors I’ve heard about him as he aged were rather horrifying [apparently his favorite pasttime was committing adultery with other professors’ wives, and he was brutally anti-Christian, to include suppressing the entire contents of Newton’s treasure chest (Newton having been almost fanatically religious, in the style, of, say, Emily Dickinson)].

          • Given his actual background, dubious changing of his account of events, appropriation of other’s ideas and the over promotion by fellow travelers common for all these placed frauds I tend towards Peirce’s view that “Russell appropriated the ideas of others while taking credit for those ideas” in his early work.

            As Peirce goes on to say about the Principles “whatever merit it may have as a digest of what others have done, it is pretentious & pedantic — attributing to its author merit that cannot be accorded him.”

            Like most of these figures the reality is usually not what is promoted.


          • I was not aware [until just now] of Russell’s 1903 book, “The Principles of Mathematics”.

            That must have been what Peirce was commenting on.

            Peirce lived until 1914.

            According to wikipedia, Whitehead and Russell’s “Principia Mathematica” was published from 1910 to 1912.

            I wonder if Peirce was able to obtain a copy of it, and read it all, before he died?

            My understanding is that he lived an extremely spartan lifestyle; at that point in his life, he might not even have had enough money to have purchased a copy of it, and it’s not exactly the kind of work you would expect to stumble upon in the free town library.

          • read the link at the end of the comment. It goes into this in detail including private letters and discussions of others at the time/

            Most of the work was based on Boole and Whitehead’s work with Russel being mostly a self promoter


            As I said, a complete fraud

            I am also confused as to how you think he and whitehead did good work and not know the book, as it is their main contribution.

          • As much as I admire the commenters on this site, I would not have expected a nuanced discussion of the history of mathematical logic.

            The talent that this site attracts is amazing.

          • trumpton, thanks for that article. If I ever need to establish my nerd credentials, I will say that mathematical logic remains a hobby of mine and the article that you brought up is as tasty to me as chocolate covered espresso beans.

            I’m not a defender of Russell (anymore), but would you grant that Russell’s paradox of the theory of sets is a legitimate contribution?

          • trumpton, from the article you cited: ‘Russell’s thinking on measurement, quantity and continuity at this time was extremely muddled, and showed his mathematical ignorance in its starkest form. We are presented with “antinomies” of quantity (p. 260) which are no more convincing than the corresponding geometrical “antinomies”.’

          • @line

            depends on whether you accept the assumptions of the framing I suppose. Lots of academics seem to.

            Personally I think the paradox is overblown and rests on a faulty assumption where a concept is transformed mid framing through language ambiguity therefore allowing that a class being a logical container can contain itself.

            His own example of the master catalogue appears to me to suffer from the same concept muddle mid definition.

            Many apparent paradoxes seem to rely on framing the assumptions in a way that makes the paradox inevitable, but are just language/symbolic quirks.

            Zermelo also formulated the same paradox in the 1890s but never got around to publishing it, so I assume he thought it was not that big a deal.

            But then what do I know, I am just some guy on the internet.

    • White men and White women have the lowest inter-racial marriage rate in the USA. From the eye test, it’s even lower in Canada.

      Just because you post your sick, masturbatory fantasies online, doesn’t make them true. You will never be White, and you will never sleep with a White woman.

      Your kind will no longer exist by 2100, already given up majority status in your homeland state and with a TFR of .9 in the “diaspora”. Some things to be thankful for.

      • Let’s hope you are correct. However, just one miscegenation instance is too many for me. However, it seems that the situation is doomed to eventual failure just from taking it to its absurd conclusion. One a White plus one non-White man produce *all* non-White offspring. If miscegenation prevails, there eventually be *no* White females to miscegenate with. (Yes, I meant to turn a noun into a verb.)

        • It is a Sikh, which is what I was referring to specifically about this group in the comment.

          Unfortunately I have known many.

          • Nobody has a tfr of 0.9 and I don’t think Indians are becoming a minority in India..

            I’m guessing Sikhs are the turban’d middle eastern folks giving you a hard time?

            Why do they get to carry around swords & daggers when no one else does?

            Canada reduces sentences for rape, murder and other serious crimes depending on race. They’ll somehow become minority white before we will..

            Guess that’s what you get for staying with the British crown.

        • Meh, get off it with the purity spiraling. By that thinking you’d have most Americans and their descendants lining the pits for what you’re twirling yourself dizzy over. Sorry, but yeah, Miscegenation certainly isn’t to be encouraged, but there’s quite a decent chance one of your ancestors had a tryst with a North American abo or Mexican, or even black, somewhere along the line. You’re generally better than this.

      • Um, what? I’m defending white men you sick weirdo.

        “Christian deveiling of women, rights to marry (love), clamps on male (personal) violence.

        All point to a systemic defrocking of Europid male power to provide more white women for the world market.”

        Most kids are born out of wedlock with 95%+ of kids with a black dad & human mom raised alone.


        Keep crying, and pedestalizing non-virgin women.
        That’s sure to work.

        This Canada?

        Approximate numbers:
        Whites are 60% & 10% marry out vs the expected 40.
        Jews & Asians are 3% & 50% marry out vs expected 97.
        Who’s more ethnocentric?

        “Whites outmarry less” is commonly cited in RW circles, but it’s a fundamentally flawed premise. Especially, when you consider how few whites live in big cities.

        The above is the norm anywhere you give women sexual freedom. Rather than correcting that, and developing principles which stress tribal purity & ethnocentrism – you choose to race bait online.

        Well, you are a Canadian after all. :shrug:

      • Most white women in big cities have crossed the color line & immigrants are just less likely to date..

        You just seem old & out of touch, not even trying to be insultive.

        I was also supporting European patriarchy in an inflammatory way I admit, but that’s necessary.

        All I know about Canada is that they ban guns & let middle eastern men carry around swords.

        • Most? Again, not very likely as a variety of statistics both in marriage patterns and online dating matches doesn’t bear it out. Unless your definition requires an intact hymen….in which case, well, hate to say it, but if you’re preaching at that level, chances are you’re not in any real position to be judging women with any modicum of social skill.

        • *sigh* Sikhs are not middle easterners. They’re from north India, are genetically mostly Caucasian (India is not monolithic, and has several unlike gene pools), and were originally formed to beat back the Muslim invaders. They carry a ceremonial knife, not a sword.

          While I’d agree whites should breed only with whites, and that immigration would best come to a complete halt or better yet reversal, Sikhs aren’t bad people to have on your side. Fierce warriors, and a more ethical culture than the Asian norm. Would be great if they’d entirely take over India and Occupied India, er, Pakistan; that part of the world would be a better place (which admittedly isn’t hard).

          Also, the miscegenation rate in the U.S. is about 2%. So not “most”. Be a strong man and she won’t be tempted to look for a strong man elsewhere.

  4. “To be blessed with a life of struggle, to have a reason to be better each day, is the greatest gift of all.”

    God bless you, Z Man.

    Are you sure you’ve not been reading the works of the Orthodox Saints?

    In any case, whilst I’m finishing the tedious workday here in The Isles, I am of course thankful that such outposts of reason exist on the Publick Internet. I guess I’ve been reading here now for about four years. Commenting for maybe two or three? Don’t know, but this was a pleasant and humble post that I enjoyed reading.

    Just keep an eye out for those demons and that Evil, it is always – in these Godless times – around the corner.

    • Let me take a moment express my gratitude for the podcasts and posts of The Z Man, including stuff behind the green door and on Taki.

  5. Thankful for this blog and for the comments section. I only post two or three times a year but I read almost every post and most of the comments and have done so for years and years now.

    I’m proud to be on a government list with y’all somewhere.

    Raising a turkey leg and a glass of dry sack to everyone here.

  6. This is a good time to reflect on the rigors and difficulties inherent in colonizing North America in the 17th century. Say what you will, our ancestors were a tough lot. And generous. I am proud to be descended from such people. Happy Thanksgiving.

    • If you visit the New England area of the US, take a walk about the older areas—especially the church grave yards. Look a the names and dates if readable. Such will tell you all you need to know about he harshness of life in those days.

      • In the early 19th Century, the weather was so cold in New England [they had some hard frosts in the middle of summer, destroying all the crops] that many folk almost starved to death, and yuge numbers of Unitardians headed south & west, to Missouri.

        I’ve often wondered whether that unnatural presence of Unitardians in Missouri might have substantially altered the outcome of the War of Anti-Constitutional Nihilism, in that the Patriots had a poisonous malignancy of unnatural & unholy traitors which they had to deal with on their Western flank.

  7. Find thanks and amusement in this:

    Today, on Thanksgiving Eve, we had a beautiful steak and clams. I had no guilt over the cow farts of my steak that allegedly helped destroy Gaia. I washed it down with some fantastic ouzo. Tomorrow, we feast on turkey, and amongst the other dishes will be my beloved Spartan dish of melas zomos (blood pudding). I’ll wash that down with some Greek assyritko wine, and more ouzo.

    Meanwhile, the left will choke down a slice of rubberized tofu. Then they’ll have some rabbit food, perhaps sprinkled with bugs. Even if they have meat, they’ll do with the heart of guilty sinners against Gaia, further resolved to use their grimy sacks at the super market. They’ll sit in fear of us, climate change, and they’ll lash themselves endlessly for their white privilege and the natives that were replaced here by us. Their statements of thanks will almost certainly include statements of guilt for the success of their people. Maybe they’ll shed a tear.

    Yes, that ouzo will be fulfilling. Yamas!

  8. May everyone here – as well as their family and friends – have a very Happy and blessed Thanksgiving!

  9. Blessings in abundance my brother of the mind and spirit. Like so many have already said, I look forward to your thoughts and words daily. Hoping you may long continue in this endeavor. The only column I ever looked forward to more was The Woodpile Report from Ol’ Remus. On many days I still mourn his passing to some degree. As you seem younger than me that will hopefully never be an issue.

    Live long. Live fully. Count your blessings daily.

  10. Long timer lurker here. Still holding on to the hope somehow some members of this community will get a chance to share a T’Giving or whiskey together. It’s lonely out here in the Clown World Wilderness.

  11. Happy Thanksgiving to our gracious host and all you great commenters. I learn so much from all of you every day, and even get some laughs along the way. God bless you all!

  12. I’m not going to say ‘thanks’ because I’m not American but I also don’t want to be rude so. I really appreciate your writing, sometimes I chuckle, and sometimes it gives me something to think about and sometimes it shines a new perspective on an issue. Great stuff.
    Do we know if Zman will do a podcast this week? I think he said he might last week

  13. Thanks Z. My #1 read on the interwebz. Always followed by reading all comments. Greetings from LaLa Land where it is 80 degrees and our many millions of zombies are sitting on the I-5 (‘The Five’ to locals) parking lot, ‘traveling’… I’m just flopping about the house with my wife, nowhere near the asphalt today. Thanks for all your tremendously clarifying work.

  14. My daughter lives in the UK now and has brought the tradition of Thanksgiving with her. Her British family loves the holiday and has made it a family event no one ever misses. They all say one thing they’re thankful for — even the small children — and one thing they hope will improve in the coming year.

  15. Thankful for you, Z-man; and the unique site that you’ve created. May you continue to prosper!

  16. Thanks for all you do Z. The insight and experience you provide makes it much easier to think positive about all that is going on, especially with how it equips me to talk with older people about the stuff I see going on in the world. I hope God will grant you many more years, and that I’ll be able to make it to AmRen in the near future to shake your hand in person.

    Happy Thanksgiving from the Great American Houseboat.

  17. The best part of Zman comes out at Thanksgiving. Me, I’m a schlubb and a schnook, everything’s a mess and disaster is immanent, but I can’t help but wear a stupid grin all the time- grateful every day I got my chance.

    I’ll blow it, I’m in the vulture seats, but by golly, I got my shot, I’m at the party. Thank you for everything, Z-folk.

  18. A Happy Thanksgiving to all. I’m thankful for the Z Man and his commentors, which help me stay sane an insane world.

    I’m also thankful to our rulers for being so very, very incompetent as actually ruling. They’re skilled in manipulation, which achieves power, but they have no skill – nor will they ever – at running a society.

    They will fail, and we shall win – in time.

  19. Happy Thanksgiving Z Man et al. From tomorrow to Christmas is my favorite time of the year as one can detach and feel gemütlichkeit with friends and family.

  20. Z,

    What a great post today. Words cannot express how grateful I am for finding your writing along with the amazing intellectuals who comment here. It has had a profound impact on my life and I have done my very best to spread the wisdom that is commonly found here. Every morning the very first thing I do is open your essays or listen to the shows you publish.

    Today your writing offers some much needed perspective that I needed to consider. I am often frustrated and angry over what has happened to my former country. Thank you for putting me back in my place.

    God bless you and have a wonderful Thanksgiving – and that goes to all of you who frequent here as well.

  21. Not American, so Thanksgiving is none of my business, but I’m certainly grateful for this site. I’m always jotting down choice quotes from Zed and the forum users. It may well be the most intelligent place in the universe.

    Just out of interest, any estimate on how many regular visitors to this site there are?

    • While the adjectives offered so far do apply in spades to current Progressives, I nominate “naive” which basically means lacking in experience, wisdom or judgment.I suspect that the vast majority of “reformers” actually mean well. Heck, sometimes their efforts are worthwhile. But the salient feature of many such movements is idealism poorly informed by the limitations imposed by reality. Of course, much of the Left’s malicious behavior probably stems from reality’s veto. Rather than admit defeat and try another approach, they assume they need to defy reality harder. Maybe it’ll work next time!

      • Naive my butt. They are malicious, nefarious liars. They bring hate to a whole new level. They are the personification of fraud, lies and corruption. Hell, now they are even trying to corrupt little kids with their perversions.

        They don’t celebrate Thanksgiving because it requires giving thanks mostly to America and Gog both of which they neither believe in nor honor.

        • That’s “God”, sorry. I got all wound up and forgot to wish you folks a Happy Thanksgiving and be happy that celebrating this day is a spit in the face of leftism.

  22. Happy Thanksgiving to The Zman with gratitude! Grateful for your fertile yet disciplined mind and your indefatigable nature. Years of enjoying you has prompted me to explore topics and take my thinking to the bottom. You save me from boredom. Nay, you aid us to kraal up with like-mindeds choosing to separate from the psychopathy of the woke beasts.
    Gratitude for all you Z folks, many names recognizable over the years, for your thoughtful and insightful comments that push my thinking. A grateful Thanksgiving for you all and may you not suffer the slings and arrows of assinine relatives this holiday.
    Grateful for Thanksgiving food as post-holiday I shall be running the freeze dryer non-stop blazing like a Tesla battery prepping freeze dried winter squash, turkey, ad infinitum, except the cat and Basic Husband.

      • Hey Alzae! Ha! Wasteland my ass! You can keep the Green stuff. For those of us with geology in the blood, in the high desert the rocks are clearly visible. Ask any geologist worth his salt. Happy Thanksgiving to you, A.

  23. Happy Thanksgiving Z-Man. Your site is always the first place I go to every morning when I log on. Your work is consistently excellent and insightful in a way few other contemporary writers can match. I hope you have an excellent Thanksgiving weekend, and that you should have many blessings, good health and happiness. All the best.

  24. “It is a long weekend of doing little more than giving thanks for what we have as individuals…”

    Indeed, but as noted we are becoming less and less thankful. Why? The reason is simple…we have turned from God, so whom do we give thanks to? Do we thank ourselves? Of course not. Do we thank our children? For what, children are a gift from God. And so on and so forth.

    There are a great many things to be thankful for. Wife and I discuss these things often in our reflective moments, but always the same conclusion arises; Most all of which we are thankful for is due to Grace—and no one *deserves* Grace. It is a gift from God.

    Without Belief, there is nothing of value in this world to be thankful for—just a meaningless series of unpredictable, random events. It is this false understanding which will inevitably be our downfall.

    • Compsi, Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. What I write below is meant in the respectful spirit of discussion among friends. I’m writing because you seem curious about how non-believers experience gratitude and Thanksgiving.

      “we have turned from God, so whom do we give thanks to?”

      You are right that it is awkward that non-believers have no object to which to direct their general gratitude. Speaking for myself, it doesn’t change the sincerity and depth of my gratitude. I look at what good things I have in my life and how much worse things could have turned out and I feel gratitude without an object. Maybe it’s like when you’re playing cards and you’re grateful when you are dealt a good hand.

      “Without Belief, there is nothing of value in this world to be thankful for—just a meaningless series of unpredictable, random events.”

      I agree with you. Nonetheless, I assign value based on my inborn personality and my lived experiences. I agree with you that none of these reasons have any universal significance but that doesn’t affect the significance that these reasons have for me.

      I acknowledge that universal morality is much easier to establish when there is an unquestionable lawgiver but I have not encountered such an entity. So, I explain my sense of morality by my tribal inheritance and personal reasoning.

      Happy Thanksgiving with a smile.

      • No argument from me, LineInThe Sand, but have you noticed you’ve changed the wording—as have most others—from “thanksgiving” to “gratitude”.

        I’ll admit this may be a distinction without a difference, but I distinguish between the two and freely admit to defining “thanksgiving” as passed down from our Pilgrim forefathers. They gave thanks to a deity—and not to themselves—for their good fortune in the New World.

        Gratitude I separate from worship, or even a belief in God—and certainly from the practices of any religious organization. All can and should be grateful for their good fortune in this life—and it’s a miserable specimen indeed that can not recount some aspect of good fortune no matter how humble their lot in life. In such practice (gratitude), “Thanksgiving” is a *universal* holiday to be celebrated by atheist, agnostic, deist, or believer.

        Best regards to Z-man, and to all of us this blessed day.

    • Old country song from my boyhood:

      Why me, Lord
      What did I ever do

      To deserve one thing from You
      All the pleasures,
      I have known

  25. I live outside the United States, so Thanksgiving is not observed here. But the U.S. has exported “Black Friday;” it even shows up on Russian TV. (I don’t live in Russia but we can get Russian TV on the internet.) So the good things from the U.S. don’t spread, but the commercial ones do–go figure. I remember how in grade school there were cardboard cutouts of the Pilgrims on their way to church, with buckles on their shoes and a firelock musket over their shoulder. And the Indians as well, bring venison to the Thanksgiving feast.

    Happy Thanksgiving to Z-man the superb commentary community.

    • Heck, we have even exported Christmas to the Japanese:


      I’ve seen Japanese TV series showing such celebration. I was quite amused at seeing Santa in stores and elf hats on Japanese heads.

      Of course, it just reminds me how degraded the celebration of Christmas has become from its original intended meaning. In Japan as in the greater part of the USA these days, the mention of the birth of Christ is nonexistent.

      • Nah, Christmas is purely a commercial event in Japan; a shopping season starting immediately after Halloween. They’ve never made it out to be anything more than that. Back in better economic years, some department stores would even fly over a fat dude with a stark white mountain man beard to play Santa. Nobody does that anymore. The real holidays are New Year’s, Golden Week in ~April, and the emperor’s birthday.

        • Never said the Japanese did make more of it that a shopping holiday. What I refer to is that it is now a shopping holiday here and that allows the Japanese to copy such without the embarrassment of religious overtones.

  26. That was truly a moving post, Z-Man. Happy Thanksgiving to you, and happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow dissidents.

  27. Can someone clear up the real story of Thanksgiving? The leftwing/offical version is that the loser Pilgrims were fed and taught by the Indians, I mean, Native Americans. And because white people suck, the pilgrims repaid them by stealing their land and genociding them.

    The Limbaugh version is that the Indians did indeed help the Pilgrims, but the Pilgrims rejection of collectivism is what lead to prosperity and thanks. There were “nice” tribes and “mean” tribes and the pilgrims had to fuck up the mean ones.

    So. . .what’s the deal? What tribe actually helped the Pilgrims? What did they do?

    • Whatever is the real version, this story is why Thanksgiving will never catch on in other parts of the world.

      Unlike the Black Friday plague.

    • My understanding was that the friendly tribes allied with the pilgrims to wipe out their enemies, and then the pilgrims later wiped out the allied tribes. Same as the Aztecs and Inca. Although smallpox did far more to eliminate the Indians than any organized efforts of whites, and that came with the Spanish and had spread all over North America by the time the English showed up.

      • Ah! I thought it was that the Pilgrims fed the Indians one year with their corn, and the next year the Indians returned the favor with their deer.

    • It was a mutually beneficial alliance. The Indians helped out the Pilgrims with local knowledge, and the Pilgrims offered their military might to the tribe that helped them, because it was being wiped out by another tribe.

      • Pretty much it. The Indians were just like any other people caught in a struggle for survival. They chose the strong horse and later it turned against them. The ironic thing is that the Indians knew initially to be wary of White people. Columbus was here in the Caribbean in1492 and a bit later the East coast was mapped out. But not until 1607 did we have the first (successful) colony attempt in Jamestown.

        What happened in those intervening 100 years? There were trade ships up and down the East coast, but after they were done trading, the Indians sent them off—not allowing permanent settlements to develop, nor exploration inland. Even Jamestown was touch and go with sporadic violence breaking out early on.

        Ironically, the site of Jamestown was empty of inhabitants because it was poorly sited as the water was brackish and at times of the year, undrinkable. Since it was not a good piece of land, the Indians were not there nor willing to go out of their way to defend it (initially).

    • Some lore from my neck of the woods. Around the area that is now Connecticut, Rhode Island, and parts of Massachusetts there were several tribes. One of them was belligerent, always raiding the others. The peaceful tribes allied with the settlers and vanquished the creepy tribe.

      Around Norwich, CT you’ll find half of everything named “Uncas (including the suburb Uncasville.”) That would be Uncas the Mohegan; he sold land to settlers and they in turn had a neighborly relationship with him and his tribe – going so far as to protect his life when others tried to take him out.

      Like everywhere else, there were kind tribes and mean tribes. We had decent relations with the kind; war with the mean.

    • Thanksgiving is an amalgamation of things. First, it is a harvest festival. Nearly all cultures have a celebratory feast (typically a bit earlier) around this time of year. Two, there, if memory serves, are two entries in early settler diaries that detail a repast with Injuns – two separate events I seem to recall. I seem to recall three lines in total. Nowhere is it about handouts and the white devil being saved. This is a later, fictive narrative partially derived from the diary entries. Three, like nearly all Native American policies in America, some Indians were aligned with the settlers and some against. It was a mutually beneficial, but I think it would be fair to say that the Natives did lend a good hand at helping the Pilgrims get established and supported. This is supported by contemporaneous diaries, particularly regarding Squanto’s contribution.
      In short, the narrative is bull; yet, there are kernels of truth embedded in there.

      • squanto had already spent years in europe. he was taken back by an earlier ship and educated in english before being returned to north america. I imagine he told his native friends that the europeans would be powerful allies with their magic boom sticks, wheels, horses, and alien metal tools. which means i doubt the pilgrims met any other “friendly” tribes who would understand the benefit in a union.

        • Absolutely. I believed he even lived with the pilgrims for a couple years. Again, though, he no doubt served as an intermediary and it was to the benefit of the pilgrims. I am a race realist – my workplace is 90 percent white – I didn’t arrive here by accident. Yet, I think it is fair to say the pilgrims did benefit from their interactions with the natives.

          • Certainly. The early settlers traded the Indians for food. Seems they never took along enough supplies and even then, did not understand farming techniques in this new land.

  28. Ingratitude usually involves something of value that was freely given to someone who didn’t earn it. In our society so many things have become a birthright…including citizenship itself. As the country slowly sinks below the water like the Titanic, and the lights begin flickering on and off, it’s saddening that there’s not at least a sudden, if temporary flash of gratitude before we plunge into the icy water below. Five or six years from now the survivors of this era will feel real gratitude and Thanksgiving will once again take on the deeper meaning that it always has, as we remember the millions who are no longer with us. The wine aunt who Medicare could no longer afford to treat. The cousin who died in the great food riots of ’25….etc…..

  29. I am thankful that there are remedies for what ails us that minimize the unnecessary loss of innocent life that normally accompanies revolutionary change. It doesn’t have to be the French or Russian examples of the 19th and 20th Centuries (which were horrific and genocidal), nor even the 18th Century American Revolution which resulted in the needless death of many good men. Intelligence and focus saves lives. Organic life on Earth has been curing disease for about a billion years by focusing on the pathogens. Remedies that engender in the collateral slaughter of innocents are neither virtuous nor necessary. Smarter, not harder.

    • We’ll win, eventually, because we are the better people and because nature always wins.

  30. I was sad after Ol’ Remus passed away several years ago having little to read that gave me any hope there were others out there like me, but am glad to see you have picked up the fallen flag. Good job Sir and keep it up. To paraphrase an old Peter Paul and Mary song, “wherever two or more of you are gathered in his name there is love”..

  31. Thank you, Z, for allowing comments and the excellent content that provokes intelligent commentary.

    Thanksgiving is definitely my favorite holiday. Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!

  32. “To be blessed with a life of struggle, to have a reason to be better each day, is the greatest gift of all.”

    What a great thought! I have a file with my favorite quotes, and I just added that. Thanks Zman for pulling together such a great community of dissidents!

  33. You’re welcome Z! I’m always happy to read your stuff, and the Friday show makes an hour fly by as I listen and go about my mundane chores.

    I am thankful and grateful to you for doing it and giving us a great place to talk.

    Happy Thanksgiving Yanks 😊👍

    • And thanks to England. True Americans owe you much. Without the English, there are no Americans.

        • A small island ruled damn near half the world with a tiny army and an amazing navy.

          People counter that it was only because of their technological advantage, which is only partially true, but, regardless, who cares. The British were original thinkers who made those technological advances.

          I’m an American through and through. American whites are my people, and what a people they once were and will be again, but I can respect the fountain from which we sprung.

          • Their technological advantage was created by them so I don’t see how it’s a counter.

            Country A is better because of a cultural advantage of theirs is a tautology not a counter.

            Kim Bendix has AIDS.

          • Britain is a cautionary tale for America.

            Once the mightiest empire and kingdom in the world – today irrelevant, ruled by queers, women and mystery meat.

            America is going the same way and fast…

  34. Happy Thanksgiving, Z-man and everyone else!

    I never thought of it this way before, but it’s true. Of course we are thankful as the creators of this society, and the interlopers are ingrates because they didn’t build anything and don’t belong here.

    Canada already had its knockoff Thanksgiving a month ago. Somehow I manage to be thankful and content most days, even with all the insanity, and the “winning” libturds get more and more miserable.

    I have full confidence in our side and I love a challenge. We were put in a unique, and often difficult position and have unique duties to fulfill – it’s not something to be sad about, but rather something to celebrate.

  35. Have a warm and happy and family filled Thanksgiving Z man. I always read your blog but never comment. I came across your blog a few years ago from the recommendation of Ramzpaul. I don’t know anyone else who writes about such complex and important subjects as you do but manages to simplify them so almost anybody could understand. Even me. That’s something to be grateful for. By the way, can I share a very funny and interesting channel I came across on YouTube? The channel is FLAPPR. The content creator does mostly historical videos. I would describe the channel as a cross between Ken Burns, (his early Civil War years) Monty Python and Pat Buchanan’s grandfather. I think you might like it. I don’t give a rats ass about the French Revolution and never knew much about it but I ended up watching a video on it for an hour and a half. He also does videos on being thankful for women’s sundresses and did a video praising big naturals. What’s not to like?

  36. Today is a shortened day at my work, and so I presented for 25 minutes or so on gratitude. The second to last point was the gratitude for life – a thing which so many forget. (The last was music – as a good punchline and concluding with the beauty of great songs)
    I used the oft- abused Shakespeare quote: “We are such stuff as dreams are made on/ And our little life is rounded with a sleep.”
    This quote so perfectly encapsulates the ephemeral nature of life and, therefore, highlights why it is so precious. My kids are growing so quickly, for which I am grateful, but when I look back my heart aches a bit. But, I am grateful that I have the ability to experience that emotion, and happy that the sense of loss is the inevitable byproduct of the magic that created the love I feel for them. The remote yet poignant pain of time progressing is a byproduct of the fleeting nature of life, but it makes you cherish it all the more. For this, I am grateful.
    And many thanks for your posts, Z. It is nearly always the first thing I read during my first lull period of the day around 10:30.
    “My candle burns at both ends; It will not last the night; But ah, my foes, and oh, my friends— It gives a lovely light!”

  37. Have a warm and happy and family filled Thanksgiving Z man. I always read your blog but never comment. I came across your blog a few years ago from the recommendation of Ramzpaul. I don’t know anyone else who writes about such complex and important subjects as you do but manages to simplify them so almost anybody could understand. Even me. That’s something to be grateful for. By the way, can I share a very funny and interesting channel I came across on YouTube? The channel is FLIPPR. The content creator does mostly historical videos. I would describe the channel as a cross between Ken Burns, (his early Civil War years) Monty Python and Pat Buchanan’s grandfather. I think you might like it. I don’t give a rats ass about the French Revolution and never knew much about it but I ended up watching a video on it for an hour and a half. He also does videos on being thankful for women’s sundresses and did a video praising big naturals. What’s not to like?

  38. I am grateful for all of your efforts and the quality into which they manifest daily on this blog and the weekly podcast. Thank you ZMan. I am grateful for everyone who comments on this blog. I am enriched by the quality and insights you all bring. I am enriched knowing that everyone here knows, that in this struggle, against the monumental forces and resources of the jokers who occupy our thrones, none of us are ever alone.

    I am grateful for the noblemen who undertook the project of navigating the world and of discovering and civilizing our continent out of the unformed clay of the stone ages. I am grateful for the men who at its apex, sent Voyager into the cosmos. I am grateful for the example they set of putting on that vessel an introduction to the best of our species – a few crown jewels chosen as our people’s introduction of ourselves to other intelligent life forms in the Universe. I am grateful that it is my people who did that. It is my people who created those crown jewels. It is my people who have the vision, the daring, moral courage and the self belief to think through, “How do we want to introduce ourselves to the other adventurers, conquerors and civilization builders in the cosmos?”, and the moxy and ingenuity to do it.

    In the battles that lie ahead we will only win if we put winning as our primary goal and fight like we intend to be the ultimate victor. That will require putting aside our unique and uniquely beautiful traits when battling tribes that don’t have those attributes to inhibit their desire and ability to vanquish us. But, we must never forget, and never lose those traits. For without them we will not be who and what we are. So, this Thanksgiving Holiday weekend let us rest and imbibe and indulge in our many blessings – the things spiritual and material that bring us great satisfaction. Let us resolve to fight to win, while setting aside when necessary, but never abandoning the light that makes us who we are.

    I will put on Glenn Gould playing Prelude I from the first book of Bach’s Well Tempered Clavier, enjoy a fiery scotch and hold my posterity tight. I will teach them of the voyages made, the cathedrals built, the cross continental roads constructed, the aqueducts and sanitation systems, the sub-oceanic cable networks and the extra-planetary satellite networks in the skies, the fugues, symphonies, cantatas, statues, architectures, paintings, iron and woodwork that poured forth from the Apollonian soul of our great people.

    I will think of ZMan and this community and take great satisfaction. I will raise my glass to the Gods of the Hyperboreans and give thanks with a gratitude that is filled with every drop of the river that rushes through my heart for life, for you, and for the nobility inside of us that this great battle has summoned.

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

    In Gratitude,
    Perihelius Lux

    • Top shelf post. I cannot really add more than what you said.

      In a different slightly less fake & gay timeline you’d be delivering speeches like this in a widely viewed broadcast to a proud nation instead of posting it anonymously on a slightly fringe web forum.

      And right after that speech, I’d be leading a massive legion of Huwhtye’s across the land to purge the mud goblins, ingrates, spiteful mutants, and genetic detritus from places they do not belong.

      Things can turn on a dime, so one never knows. But in the interim keeping the traditions and histories alive even in small ways is well worth doing. The fact that they must direct every ounce of effort from all major institutions to suppress those histories as you articulated them speaks volumes about us as a people.

      • Every great orator first spoke in some unknown corner. Every great general first broke lines in some insignificant skirmish.

        What our great forum and our battle field look like in this gay time is yet to be determined. What is important is that our fires remain stoked and that we stand up within ourselves first. I am grateful that out here, a fire burns in the heart of someone who yearns to march out and pave the way for things to be put in their proper order.

        Have a great Thanksgiving Apex Predator.

    • Well said! A happy Thanksgiving to Z-man and to all who travel this byway of the mind! I am grateful for everything in this world..as the great G.M.Hopkins wrote..”the world is charged with the grandeur of God”…

  39. Another reasonably uncorrupt holiday is Easter. Obviously very meaningful for Christians, non Christians largely ignore it, retail hasn’t worked its way in, and families do get together.

    • Not that they haven’t tried. Only so much money can be made selling plastic eggs, fake grass made of plastic and “chocolate” bunnies made from paper thin confection that Milton Hershey couldn’t have fathomed on a bad acid trip. And Peeps, mustn’t forget the Peeps.

  40. Speaking of ingrates, check out this subcontinental lecturing Americans about jabbing.


    Where does this polytheistic guest in what used to be our country get the gall to invoke the Christian God to shame Americans to inject themselves with multiple experimental gene therapy shots?

    Why is this guest in what used to be our country given such a position of authority?

    Maybe he should focus on jabbing the shit out of Vishnu’s multiple arms.

    Or maybe he should use his public health bonafides to persuade people in his home, shithole country to start actually using toilets.

    I am coming around to the belief that after the revolution, a priority will be enforcing a 21st century version of the Indian Removal Act. These subcontinentals have to go.

    • Someone should explain to him that God didn’t give him a left hand as a replacement for toilet paper.

    • Indeed, mass deportations seem the only answer to these poisonous clowns, and that includes “Nikki Haley”…

    • We need to broaden our focus wrt these scumbags. There are plenty of White scumbags in the mix. We need to get them all and not let them divert our attention to others. With the exception of that clown heading up the WHO, this guy is only the second non-White I’ve come across wrt the Covid scamdemic. There are a s**t ton of Whites I want a crack at first. Fauci first of all.

      • Leftist/globalist whites will always be the primary fifth coulomn against the American people. Create a society without them, and the rest of the problems will naturally correct as well.

  41. Happy Thanksgiving to all and to our hard working host, Christopher.
    My thoughts on my life , last line in the confederate soldier prayer:
    Almost despite myself my unspoken prayers were answered,
    I am, among all men, most richly blessed.

  42. Happy Thanksgiving to all and to our hard working host, Christopher.
    My thoughts on my life , last line in the confederate soldier prayer:
    Almost despite myself my unspoken prayers were answered,
    I am, among all men, most richly blessed.

  43. Retail and airlines, you mean.

    Stopping By Gates on a Busy Evening

    Whose gates these are I think I know.
    His house is down in Florida though;
    To watch his options fill up with value.

    My new First Officer must think it queer
    To stop without a Starbucks near
    Between the TSA and furthest gate
    The busiest travel day of the year

    He gives his airline app a shake
    To ask if there is some mistake.
    The only other sound’s the tweet
    Of an alert for a changed gate.

    The terminal exit is lovely, dark and deep,
    But I have a schedule to keep,
    And miles to go before I sleep,
    And miles to go before I sleep.

    (Apologies to Robert Frost. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.)

  44. A big thank you to the Zman and the intelligent, reality-based group of commenters (“The Z Gang”) here, who provide an oasis from the wackiness and maliciousness out there…

    • Old saying about dogs, not related to any humans.

      A dog’s brain – if you can’t eat it, and you can’t fuck it, you piss on it.

      Now tell me what percentage of ‘Western’ man operates at the same intellectual depth daily?

  45. ” Christmas has been turned into an orgy of material self-indulgence. It is reasonable to say that what goes on in this country around Christmas is grotesque.”

    Thanks, Edward Bernays.

  46. Happy Thanksgiving ZMan! Thank you for providing a place I can look forward to visiting (most) every day for concise and just plain fun reading.

  47. After the revolution, the people doing this will be hanged first.

    After the revolution, a LOT of people will be hanged first.

    • My knee-jerk reaction was that the rabid vaxx pushers should hang first, but I think a daily booster regimen would be a better punishment for them.

      Journos OTOH…

      • I fear, so spoiled for options will we be, that we’ll be paralyzed trying to decide which group will swing first.

  48. Great post, Zman. And than *you* for your wonderful articles. You are a voice of sanity in a crazy world. God bless you and all your readers.

  49. Thank you, Zman, and thanks to the commenters here for their insights. You very accurately described Thanksgiving. TPTB would love to eliminate the holiday and have tried unsuccessfully for years but they are so small and it is large. The blind consumerism of Americans actually subsides, and the grotesque “Black Friday” has been losing ground for years. Some retailers in recent years have returned to closing their doors on Thursday. That was the one cancer of Thanksgiving and it was exported, and hopefully the nations that picked it up also are seeing a decline in sales and participation as well.

    The Great Replacement and erasure have been unable to dent Thanksgiving, and no doubt it will endure long after the Empire and the monsters who run it have been reduced to laughable memories.

    Happy Thanksgiving all.

  50. My favorite site. You’re a worthy successor to Joe Sobran, Charlie Reese, and Pat Buchanan. Thank you.

  51. Thanks Z, for the continued superior content! As a creature of habit, your weekly words have long since taken the place of my morning paper. Luckily, the overlords haven’t yet stripped my of my coffee or pipe.
    Enjoy this, the best of all Holidays.
    NB: Thanks for the Sobran quote, a nice lagniappe!

  52. In one small blessing, almost none of the big box retailers are opening Thanksgiving night now. Even our grocery stores here are closing, although one is selling catered Thanksgiving dinners. I would assume staffing pressure has changed this trend that crept up in the last ten years. Hopefully it stays that way long term.

    • That is a good sign. I would be o9kay with a law forbids any non-emergency operation to be open from midnight Wednesday to noon Friday. Let everyone have time to relax and get back to it Friday afternoon.

        • I believe those used to be called Blue Laws. It would be nice to have them back. But love of mamon and anti-christian sentiment banisted them.

          • In VA, they were just being phased out by the late 1960s. Odd stuff, like a grocery could sell ready-to-eat food, but not anything that would require preparation. So far as I know, blue laws are long gone, save for alcohol sales, if you count that. Here in FL regulation is down to the county and city level.

            They still exist in the voluntary sense. Some businesses close on Sunday (Chick-Fil-A) for instance. Certain stores are closed on Saturdays for reasons that shall not be further discussed 🙂

            Not so sure about Europe. Germany still had similar laws in early 1980s. Unlike Puritan America, fortunately Germany was more pragmatic and the young GI could buy beer seven days a week 😀

            The laws were weird at times. I read that at one time in UK (I think) it was illegal to sell a Bible on a Sunday, but not pornography.

      • Such a rule would include Internet sales as well. B&H Photo in NYC is run by a bunch of observant Jews. Try to order something on the Sabbath.

        Shut it all down.

      • The cascading Thanksgiving Day closures are actual emergent behavior. Big grocers and retailers found people were hostile to them remaining open and one after another decided to close for the holiday. The Covid-induced labor shortage, of course, made that easier. Fox radio reported a “small group” wants to move Thanksgiving from Thursday to Friday. Good luck with that. There still are lines not to cross.

    • I grew up in queens, the grocery stores were closed on Sunday( Bohax, A&P ) there were a few ((( deli’s))) open if you needed something small. The beer distributor was open if I remember correctly. I had a big extended family, we were the first to move out of the cold water flats in Manhattan and buy a small house. I’m talking under a thousand square feet. We had thanksgiving at least 20 times a year turkey included and then the card games ( skit-skat). That house is now 3 levels and has 20 Koreans living in it. Getting off track here, it was glorious and I’m so thankful I got to see, hear, and smell it. I haven’t seen a blood relative in 15 years, not one, not too many left, the 90’s were not kind to my clan. There is a unexpected freedom that come with that, especially after your folks die. Bill Monroe sings about it , the high lonesome sound he calls it. I do look forward to the Zman post and all to commenters every morning. The old lady and me are having turkey legs and lasagna tomorrow, thanks again Zman, have a good thanksgiving everyone from LA.

  53. Happy thanksgiving, Zman. Thanks for your prolific, brilliant posts. If it weren’t for this site, many of us may still be floundering.
    I hope everyone enjoys this beautiful thanksgiving season with family and friends.

  54. The big box stores skip from Halloween to Christmas because there is no Thanksgiving equivalent to plastic Halloween pumpkins or wire Christmas yard reindeeer for them to monetize.

    • There is one large blow up turkey in a yard on our street. I could see the regime trying to eliminate Thanksgiving entirely as its explicitly white Christian origins have to make them uncomfortable and angry. You see a few of the “I am not celebrating this colonizer holiday” temper tantrums online every year. People want the days off and retailers want them to have the days off as well.

    • Same with Saint Lucy’s Day here in Scandinavia, celebrating winter solstice and the return of the light. Since no civilized country celebrates Saint Lucy’s, transnational corporations haven’t bothered commercialized it, while Halloween (completely unknown in these parts only twenty years ago) is clogging up the stores with crap.

      On Saint Lucy’s Day, the teachers will pick the tallest and prettiest blonde to be Saint Lucy, and a dozen of the plainer girls will be her bridesmaids. They dress in white shifts, Saint wears a crown of candles (electric ones in these sad, fallen times) and they’ll walk in procession through the classrooms singing hymns while you eat cookies and drink cocoa with the lights turned off.

      Happens in churches too, later in the evening. If you’re ever in Scandinavia on the 13th of December, find a church to attend; very beautiful, slightly pagan and the Lucia hymn itself is the most profoundly moving song in all of Christendom.


  55. The good, normal people have Thanksgiving Day; maybe the ingrates should have Ingrates Day. We can give them Black Friday, so they can celebrate in their own special way, trampling each other to death at Walmart entryways, engaging in fist-fights and screaming matches as they grab for the latest cheap Chinese tat.

    • Some shoppers no doubt like the thrill of the chase (Black Friday bargains). However, years ago, one attempt at a local mall with my then-girlfriend was enough to make me swear off. Similarly a few experiences flying or driving around Thanksgiving I made the resolution “never again” unless it was literally a matter of life or death.

      To all, a good holiday, and may your time in crawling traffic or at clogged airports be minimal or at least unnoticed.

  56. Indeed, Thanksgiving is a day we can count our blessings and enjoy the fellowship of those we love. It is free of commercialization by the Cloud People, and this day should give us a feeling of what freedom should be. I think if we can survive the current chaos for a few more years, this week will be more special, right up there if not exceeding The 4th of July. I can see Christmas someday going back to the state is was 100 years ago, before the merchants took it over.

    Anyhow, have a great Thanksgiving and cherish those you feast with. They won’t always be there with you, and you thinking of that should make this holiday even more special to you.

  57. Thank you,Z, for all of the work you put in to your blog and podcasts.

    I am more informed after every post.

    I am grateful for that and you.

    God bless you and your family and friends.

  58. This site is always one of my first “go to’s” each and every morning. Thanks for all you do and providing a dose of daily sanity in an otherwise insane world.

  59. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family Zman…It was an honor meeting you in Atlanta and truly a pleasure hanging out with other like-minded folks.

    Vires et honestus

    • Probably because, in these times, being able to enjoy the normal really is a weird thing.

      Have a Normal Thanksgiving!

  60. All the best, Zman and crew.

    I’m feeling quietly hopeful for 2023 and years beyond, in anticipation of reality reassering itself.

    • Find thanks and amusement in this:

      Today, on Thanksgiving Eve, we had a beautiful steak and clams. I had no guilt over the cow farts of my steak that allegedly helped destroy Gaia. I washed it down with some fantastic ouzo. Tomorrow, we feast on turkey, and amongst the other dishes will be my beloved Spartan dish of melas zomos (blood pudding). I’ll wash that down with some Greek assyritko wine, and more ouzo.

      Meanwhile, the left will choke down a slice of rubberized tofu. Then they’ll have some rabbit food, perhaps sprinkled with bugs. Even if they have meat, they’ll do with the heart of guilty sinners against Gaia, further resolved to use their grimy sacks at the super market. They’ll sit in fear of us, climate change, and they’ll lash themselves endlessly for their white privilege and the natives that were replaced here by us. Their statements of thanks will almost certainly include statements of guilt for the success of their people. Maybe they’ll shed a tear.

      Yes, that ouzo will be fulfilling. Yamas!

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