Moral Distance

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For close to half a century, Western elites have been trying to reverse many aspects of the industrial revolution that made the West possible. It started in the United States with the off-shoring of whole industries to the third world. Around the same time, the environmental movement shifted from conservation to proselytizing against the things that modern people take for granted. The fictional concept of climate change was invented as an authority to justify the great deindustrialization.

At the heart of it all is energy. You cannot watch a television program or view a YouTube clip without being hit on the head about good energy. They have lots of ways of saying good energy, like renewable energy, clean energy and green energy, but all of these slogans are just ways of saying good energy. Of course, that means there is bad energy and that is always the cheap energy. Gasoline is bad. Coal is bad. They may be efficient and cheap, but they are bad, very bad.

The thing about good and bad, as moral concepts, is they are usually judged by the distance from the person passing judgment. We are tuned to oppose immoral acts, so if we see one up close and personal, our response is stronger than if we hear about the same act third hand at a dinner party. The guy we do not know very well who is caught cheating on his wife effects us far less than seeing the neighbor having men over while her husband is away at work.

Moral distance is at the heart of the long running scheme by Western elites to remove from their sight the things they find immoral. They inherited from Marxism the notion that industrial work in dehumanizing. They do not want to see big dirty factories full of working class men sweating away to make their stuff. They do not want to give up the stuff, so the solution was to move the plant to Mexico or China. Replace the plant with a dog park and voila! The world is a better place.

The same mindset is at work with so-called green energy. The truth of the matter is all of the green energy schemes range from stupid to the impractical. The appeal is not economic or environmental. The appeal is aesthetic. The idea of windmills quietly generating electricity out there in the countryside where the beautiful people rarely visit makes for a pleasant image. The magical place that turns biomass into electricity sounds great as long as you do not live near it.

This is why nuclear remains on the bad list. If the image of the nuclear power plant was an underground facility, with a lovely little forest above it, the greens would love the idea of nuclear energy. Instead, the image of a nuke plant is the giant concrete cooling towers belching what the greens thing is bad stuff. It is just water vapor, but it looks bad so it must be bad. That windmill farm may be an abattoir for the eagle population but it looks nicer than the nuke plant.

This function follows form mentality of the bourgeois managerial class is at the heart of the current crisis in Europe. They hated the sight of their energy system, so they have been slowly shifting it out of sight. No one could see those giant gas pipelines or the massive holding facilities. Everyone could feel like heroes for closing the coal plants and refineries, while enjoying cheap energy. The ugliness of reality had been sent east to Russia, so it was out of sight and out of mind.

This arrangement worked great until Washington decided to pick a fight with Europe’s largest energy supplier. The entirety of the European economy has been based on cheap energy from the east, but now that is gone. Europe is now forced to buy expensive energy from other places. This is slowly cratering the economy of Europe, leading to a great deindustrialization of the continent. All of a sudden, those good aesthetics are coming with a very steep price.

The fact is, Europe can remain a modern society if it accepts the costs that come from being a modern society. Those costs are some sad women sobbing over the ugly cooling towers or the sight of men working in factories. Cheap food and warm homes come with smokestacks and refineries. When you pick up one end of that stick you must pick up the other end. Europe is plunging itself into darkness so the ruling class can continue to play make believe.

That is fundamentally the issue. The ruling classes of the West no longer have some external measure against which they can gauge their piety. Christianity has long ago been purged from the ruling elites. The old moral framework of liberalism was abandoned out of expedience. What has filled the void is a weird, sterile aesthetic that seeks to remove all traces of the human condition. The so-called green movement is central to this cult of reality avoidance.

Reality does not go away when you stop believing in it. This is what Europe is now facing with their energy crisis. Next up is a food crisis. This is against the backdrop of the demographic crisis, which is another aspect of the same disease. The unwillingness of elites to accept biological reality has the same roots as their unwillingness to accept the economic reality behind the modern age. We are ruled by people at war with humanity because they cannot face the human condition.

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    • I’ve often wondered what the upside is to wiping out people. Forgive me for my ignorance, but there is no “gain”. Even Thanos only killed 50% of life.

      You ever read a comic, where the bad guy wants to “destroy the world?!”


      Then what?

      As President Davis said,”We just want to be left alone”.

      • No one yet has felt the unimaginable thrill of killing everybody.

        The unfuckable gynecomastic Bill Gates will feel it.

    • Those on the right side of the bell curve must be replaced by those on the left cuz they are much more manageable.

      All men are equal, but some are much less equal than others. Somebody has to pick up the trash, provide lawn care, and vote regularly enough to continue the farce.

  2. If you want to see what the environmmentalists’ utopia looks like, Google something called “solarpunk.” It’s a science fiction aesthetic that is very popular among lefties and has been slowly taking the place of the old sleek, Star Trek-style utopianism in their circles (you might have seen glimpses of it showing up in a lot of sci-fi movies and TV shows in recent years).

    The short version is that it’s like a Vermont community garden/farmer’s market extended to massive city-sized proportions. When you see the paintings and other visualizations of it you’ll see what I mean. The whole idea is insane and shot through with impossible and unworkable fantasies, but it’s informative — a people’s idea of heaven always reveals a lot about them.

    • I looked up Solarpunk on YouTube after your recommendation. It’s childish fantasy and woke gobbledigook.

    • This has been going on a lot longer than “solarpunk”. Read Ernest Callenbach’s “Ecotopia” (1975), or D. Keith Mano’s “The Bridge” (1973) for further details.

  3. there is one source of clean, cheap energy: the earth’s core. not sure how far down you have to go before there is enough heat to run a turbine, but water boils at about 2.5 miles. the engineering isn’t there yet, but it seems within reach.

    • It is. Breakthrough: see Quaid energy.

      Self fusing borehole walls are strong and thick enough to extend far below the 2.5 mile limit.

      Superheated steam turbines for electric, in a natural geothermal heat pump cycle.

      One in every sizeable town. Endless energy, damm near for free after recoup.

      Thermal depolymerization, garbage gas, for fuel.
      An 100% -fuel to product to fuel- recycle, to clean up the damm trash.

    • Shoot, comment disappeared, already done.

      Please see Quaid energy for geo steam electric
      Garbage gas for fuel and to clean up the trash

    • I dunno, sucking energy out of the Earth always turns out badly in Final Fantasy games. One day you’re consuming the Earth’s life force to run your dishwasher, the next you’re being killed by an evil wizard that’s turned into an alien cronenberg monster with eight heads and eleven tits.

  4. Nevermind what the $%^&ing morons think: Industry, and industrial technology, particularly when it was made by people that cared about it, can be *beautiful*. Looking at any of those old reciprocating steam piston plants with their polished brass and gigantic flywheels.

    Looking at something as uncompromisingly utilitarian as this metal lathe:

    If you know what you’re looking at, it’s a brilliant machine, designed to give intuitive, direct, and tactile access to the shaping of metal in very precise ways. Affordances for every kind of manipulation are right there where your hands can get at it. It’s oily, and you’d better not be the dumbass wearing a tie around it. You can’t stick your fingers in it, and no part of it can go in your mouth. Care is required not to hurt yourself. But from tools like this, all of modernity springs.

  5. Our various elites have an evolving public morality. Take Balenciaga, owned by the billionaire husband of Salma Hayek. Its chief designer seems too extreme for Zoolander’s “Katinka” or Mugatu. But there it is, in all its xi/xirs glory. It is pretty clear from fashion to Disney, the agenda is being pushed. Hard.

    Machiavelli noted that a prince who inherited his throne would have little trouble in assuming it, but grave difficulty in seeing off serious challenges. Whereas a prince who won their throne would have grave difficulty in winning it but few issues seeing off serious challenges afterwards. Most of the elite are people who inherited, and just look at them: Sam Bankman-Fried, his parents who acted as corporate compliance counsel, his girlfriend who is the daughter of the former boss of his mentor at MIT. Various other people like Pelosi, Schumer, McConnell, McCarthy, etc. Brandon himself and his son Hunter. Sam Brinton. Admiral Rachel Levine.

    To quote one great thinker Dennis Green, “they are who we thought they are. And we let them off the hook.”

    What scares these guys the most is not some politician running for office. Its a trucker convoy against COVID-19 lockdowns, or Donald Trump. Which is illustrative.

  6. It’s hard to understand why they act the way they act. It’s not practical and makes no logical sense. Are they suicidal, or just detached from reality? I previously would have said that social suicide is mostly a Western elite thing. But China’s COVID- zero madness looks pretty suicidal as well. We wonder why they are still welding people inside their homes for a flu virus, they wonder why we let in millions of aliens that hate our societies.

    Elites and Goodwhites are incapable of understanding normal people. I was reading a Steven King book that was supposed to be dedicated to the working class. It’s clear that this book is simply a caricature of what he thinks working class people were like in 1980. All the characters have simple, Anglo-Saxon names, there’s a fat Italian, and a friendly black neighbor. They speak in their “rough man” voices. It’s clear he has no clue what regular people (not even just working class) actually think or talk like. Or how people live in 2022.

    Simple things, like going fishing, boating, going to church, lifting weights. These all stymie the Goodwhites. It’s like you’re an alien holding a glowing orb to them when you bring those up. The beta men are secretly bitter and resentful, and the women are secretly curious and maybe even have some tingles. They hate their beta husbands, of course.

    They are very stupid but also very arrogant. It’s hard to say if they’re collapsing our society on purpose, of if they’re ideologically blinded. My experiences with the Goodwhites suggests that they have no idea what normal white people, or normal people of any race for that matter want or what motivates them.

    • King actually is from a relatively poor background and was raised by a single mother. This seems to be true and not a contrived image. There are certain Dirts who attain success and disassociate from people of similar backgrounds and go out of their way to diminish them. They also give undue deference to Clouds, which they never can become despite their wealth. It’s pretty good money that is who King is.

      • King has occasionally pretended to be an actor. He’s always played “beneath” himself, a stereotypical Appalachian (i.e., UK-descended) clown.

        In his soul he knows who he is, but it’s inaccessible to his mind.

        Freud wasn’t wrong (though he was very strange).

  7. I have a Nigerian dentist who immigrated as a young adult, and who was educated in American colleges. On my last visit, remarking on the situation in Europe, I asked him about electricity in Nigeria. He said, “It was always a surprise, and in only happened about once a month.”

  8. Revulsion at the sight of something obviously poisonous is not some rarified elite behavior — it’s just they are the only ones with any power to do anything about it.

    What they are doing about it is admittedly stupid, but that doesn’t mean the sentiment is illegitimate or even misplaced. A better nation would have a more-unified aesthetic sense that extended to everything, including the design of the energy infrastructure.

    • Its a fallacy of “educated” thinking.

      Large scale systems in society do not come out of design. Only people who thing they can design massive complex dynamic system and have no experience in actually attempting to do so think like that.

      this sort of first order hand waving by academics and politicians is one of the main reasons we are in such a shit show

      Large scale functioning stuff in society evolves over time to demands that shape at varying levels of scale from very local that act as aggregate forces on the wider infrastructure.

      • A good example is the typical urban water and sewer system. You can’t just dig it up and replace it every twenty years; you have to adapt it to changes in public demand, on a foundation of actually-existing systems that were designed, sometimes, more than a century ago. You have to accept inefficiencies and degradation in the system because the replacement cost is so colossal. Much of our infrastructure – all of it, really – isn’t designed so much as jerry-rigged.

        • Yep, I can confirm since I work at a water treatment plant that our systems are most definitely jerry-rigged. Plus the systems are so old and the equipment rebuilt so many times that we just lost track of things. We have some venturi pipes that are so old in the oldest filter gallery at the plant that we have no record of what their maximum rating is in Millions of Gallons per day. Only thing that saved us was one of them still had a legible spec plate that hadn’t rusted off.

          What’s so awful though is the contractors we hired are so incompetent that our newly refurbished filtration system is probably gonna be a complete disaster to maintain and keep running. I lost count of all the code violations and just plain stupid and incompetent workmanship.

          Oh well, at least we still have two other filter galleries that aren’t bricked.

          • “Pump Six”, short story by Paolo Bacigalupi.

            Pump Six is failing, and the lesbian department manager is too busy screwing her girlfriend in her office while screaming she’s going to fire everybody.

  9. Even on the off chance that a baizuo or cloud person is able to accept some reality about energy production, he dare not say it, for then, he might be mistaken by his peers for a dirt person, or at least thought to have some dirt person sympathies. And THAT will not do my friends. That is almost as unthinkable as being seen shopping at Wal Mart.

  10. I’ve long wondered about the spiritual and psychological reasons for ones viewpoints. I’ve sort of determined that maybe the basis for my political views is I want to be in a position to be a hero.

    Like my hope was always that the country would move so far to the left to where conservatives are facing eighth amendment violations. Then I could be the juror in twelve angry men or an Atticus Finch or maybe Robin Williams in goodwill hunting.

    So my fantasy is that I’m defending a conservative facing a date with the needle and I give a speech about how we (meaning the left) were once in this position too and we should be more understanding and not become the ghost of the people we fought against and execute an otherwise harmless person. Then my speech pays off and this conservative activist gets pardoned by a very liberal president and the hatchet is buried.

    So I think my politics is either that I want to be a hero or maybe that I’m a natural tone and/or concern troll. Anyone agree? I am an autiste fwiw.

    • Interesting how your reference points are all media proposed progressive icon idioms that are posited in a moral framework to get you to ignore the actual messages being delivered.

      I wonder if people examine these things when they internalize them or reflect on what is being pushed into their brain without them realizing?

    • We former Ayn Rand fans will add that speeches were often the turning points in her novels.

      Howard Roark’s courtroom speech
      John Galt’s radio address

      It makes for great drama but I doubt that people whose worldviews have been shaped since birth by the media and academia can be woken up with one speech, no matter how well-reasoned, heartfelt and correct it may be.

    • I believe a lot comes down to personality. I would never give much credence to something such as the Meyers Briggs personality tests – until I took one about four years ago. Reading an in-depth analysis of my personality (INTP) shocked me. It was me. Further reading on the type of relationships, habits, negatives, etc. convinced me that, for me, it is 100 percent incredibly accurate.
      You may desire to take one as well (16 personalities is a good site to begin). Perhaps the hero complex falls into that.
      And, to be clear, I am not into astrology. I know anyone can make vague statements that flatter their vanity and thus reinforce belief. I was shocked at the specificity of personality traits discussed, including my inner monologues and my habits in relationships. Well worth checking out.

      • A quick goog and there it is!
        Free M-B test. That looks so cool, thanks.

        Anybody remember the fun Luscher Color Test?

        • M-B has been supplanted by the 5 five model, which I find clearer and at least as accurate.

          The research that demonstrated that conservatives understand liberals but liberals don’t understand conservatives was based on big 5 evaluations of liberals and conservatives.

      • Achilles had been told that he would have one of two fortunes: he could fight at Troy, die young and achieve everlasting fame, or he could choose to return to home where he would live a long life, but be forgotten. Like any good Greek hero, Achilles first chose fame and glory.

        Molon Labe!

  11. Here again, it seems to be a question of ideology versus reality.

    Like many people whose beliefs have taken the place of religion— and which often verge on fanaticism— the ‘Greens’ start— not with discussable facts— but with *a preconceived ideology*: “Fossil fuels are bad, green energy is good. Gaia is choking on the carbon dioxide heedless humans are producing. The world is about to end, as glaciers melt, sea levels rise, and forests and farmland turn to uninhabitable desert.”

    When you try to talk facts to them, you’re running up against these preconceived dogmas. As soon as they see you starting to disagree with their sacred ideology— which, in their circles, every right-thinking person knows is true!— they’ve already pegged you as a dinosaur.

    By the time you get around to pointing out that *every single one* of the dire predictions made by “climate change activists”— starting on the first ‘Earth Day’ in1975, and continuing to the present— *have, without exception, all failed to materialize*— they’re no longer listening.

    Coal, oil, and natural gas are highly concentrated forms of energy. Because they’re highly concentrated, they’re easy to move from place to place. That’s what primarily differentiates them from ‘green’ sources of energy such as sunlight or wind, which are diffuse, and not easily concentrated or transported. And that’s what the Greens just can’t seem to understand.

    It was the presence of these highly-concentrated, easily-portable forms of energy
    that propelled the industrial revolution; and that’s what continues to propel our world today. More than half of all electricity is generated from ‘fossil fuels’; so your Green neighbor’s electric car is actually running on coal.

    When AOC came out with her “green energy plan”— in which ALL of our buildings, ALL of our transportation, ALL of our manufacturing would be completely “green” in 10 years— she was simply showing what a total moron she is.

    And that’s what Europe is realizing right now, at least those people with any sense: that it’s people like her who have gotten them into the fix they’re in it.

    So I’d suggest that there may still be some hope— or at least the possibility of hope— when the people left in Europe *who still have half a brain* realize what’s going on: when it occurs to them that, *if only they hadn’t shut down their nuclear reactors*, they’d still
    be warm and cozy, and reading by electric light; instead of scrounging around for some firewood and candles to burn.

    Nuclear is clearly the answer; and for a long time sensible people have recognized that. Stewart Brand, who way back in the day conceived and published the Whole Earth Catalogs, has come out in favor of nuclear.

    I love my solar set up: it provides 100% of my power 90% of the time. Grid power supplies the rest. And if the grid goes down, I’ll still have power.

    And with the current federal solar tax credit— which applies to your taxes owed, not your taxable income, and which rolls over from year to year until you’ve used it up— I won’t be paying any federal income tax for a couple more years. And my system will pay for itself in around a decade.

    That’s where ‘green energy’ makes good sense: when it’s individualized and decentralized.

    • I like most of what you wrote but have a question. When you say it will pay for itself in a decade, are you counting the tax breaks, which are just other people also contributing to the cost? As a former patriotic American but now a mental ex-pat, I have no problem extracting whatever you can from the system, but just curious about the real ROI.

      • there are benefits in a setup like that, related to having power when the grid goes down.

  12. Most of the developed world is used to energy on-tap. When was the last time the average American or European took a shower without hot water? Only a weirdo would do that. So it’s easy to hate something or think something is “dirty” if you’ve always had it and never earned it. Maybe the best thing that can happen to us is getting our minds focused with an era of terrible want. Refineries, power plants, pipelines, all those things are as close to miracles as humanity can get. Refineries are really ugly things in the day, but if you’ve ever seen one lit up at night, I would consider it to be an industrial work of art.

    Also, keep. in mind that they DESPISE the white men making six figures who keep these giant machines in motion. They hate them. They hate their F350s. They even hate their girlfriends and wives with perfect, although cosmetically enhanced The highly technical trades are unable to hide incompetence with paperwork like some Twitter job that no one will ever miss.

  13. I highly recommend the “Do the Math” blog, which can be found at:

    He has some excellent posts like “A Nation Sized Battery,” where he discusses the feasibility of having 7 days total battery storage available to the grid in the US. Turns out it would consume all the known reserves of lead across the world and more than the GDP of America. Just for America’s batteries. This one is from 2011 or 2012, but the story is likely just as applicable to lithium ion.

    Or another one called “Pump up the Hydro” where he discusses the feasibility of using pumped hydro for said electricity storage because of the impossibility of the nation sized lead-acid battery. Hint:also not feasible.

    He throws the cold water of math on these techno-optimists.

    • Yeah, I recently had a conversation with a guy who was talking about that pumped-up water idea for storing energy. I asked him to give me some examples of where it has been tried out and proven successful.

      That ended the conversation.

      These people are living in a fantasy world. It’s ideology which is driving their thought process, and not facts or reason.

      • Tried and failed in Costa Rica. They pump water up to mountain resevoirs during surplus generation hours and then open the spigots for the hydro generators later.

        Frequent brownouts and blackouts. So invested they cannot change strategy. Suck it up civilians, the politicos all have subsidized diesel generators because they need to work off hours on the peoples business (cough). Been there, experienced it.

        Regional grid with nuke power is needednbut unaffordable for that area without external help.(fewer earthquakes would help, too)

        • AFAIK, pumped hydro works very well where the geography is suitable. But it needs such specific local conditions that it’s unsuitable for most locations and with limited storage capacity. Of course, a good grid is a prerequisite.

          • They’re trying geothermal. Suitable locations are removed from grid, fewer people live near sources because earth go boom and kills them. Or the poison gasses get them.

            And their primary income is derived from tourism and agriculture.

            I applaude them for eliminating their military. I wish we would redeploy ours to police.our borders.

          • Yeah it does work, if you have the right mountain conditions, its not used to power a grid for long, just for times of peak stress on the grid. The Swiss for example make a nice return buying cheap nuclear power from the French at night and then sell it back to them during the day

            The greens hate hydro power too of course, bad for the fish or something, but it many cases the big return from hydro power is flood control. the Chinese build the massive 3 gorges dam and got enough power for something like 60 million people, but the bigger win was the ability to stop flooding which was costing billions in damage year after year

          • Unless the 3 Gorges, built by the greatest corner cutters in the world, gives way. Suddenly those yearly floods will be a pleasant memory.

    • Smart guys on the side of reality get tied up with graphs and logic showing time and again how these stated goals are impossible.

      Happens for lots of the pushed agendas. They suffer from a category error of addressing the supposed content.

      The people pushing it don’t care as they just intend to burn the world, the majority don’t care as they only respond to authority propaganda and morally structured end points and are unable to use or respond to actual information.

      Its pointless to use this approach as they are not even in the same universe of framing as the listeners.

  14. With all due respect, refined aesthetic sensibility is the very last thing I associate with the elites. Quite the opposite. The Western world under their watch has become exponentially uglier. Rap “music,” postmodern architecture and art, piercings, tattoos, “plus” size models, pajamas in public, competitive eating, female fighting as a sport–these are just some of the celebrated phenomena that make the West a coarse and hideous place. (Then, too, there is dieversity, which may be the worst aesthetic blight of all.) And none of this is coincidental. The revaluation of all values has relativized beauty into oblivion, and the egalitarian impulse, which views all superiority as something to be crushed, has been another pulverizing blow.

    The elites are certainly are certainly pushing deindustrialization, which could be construed as a modest aesthetic boon, but it’s not because the elites are offended by ugliness. Sometimes you must just accept the fact that these people actually believe their own nonsense (climate change). It can be as simple as that.

    • Women’s MMA is an indictment of our entire society. Every single person involved in it should be arrested and sent to prison camps.

      I totally agree that they love ugliness and promote it in every way possible. They have an instinctive hatred for the beautiful. Everything they promote is ugly, even the art. Art is supposed to uplift the spirit, not make you want to kill yourself.

    • We’re on the side of beauty, along with nature, truth and reality. That separates us from the elites, mid-wit NPC’s and economy/low tax-worshipping conservatives. I wish I could think of a good name that addresses that rather than using “dissident right.”

    • Within my lifetime, and perhaps yours, what now passes as elites once would try to recreate the things they had destroyed. To oversimplify, those with the jack would try to recreate a LEAVE IT TO BEAVER type world, complete with the big yards, stay-at-home mom, community, muscle cars, inground pools, the works. Their actions had priced such out of the range of most folks, which made it all the more delicious to them to still be able to have it. Martha’s Vineyard is a late stage example. It was artificial to anyone who had experienced such a world, but far nicer than the reality outside the gates.

      Over time, the ugly aesthetics appealed to the elites because the world they had destroyed was scary and alien to them, and the attempts by their predecessors seemed quite weird.

      Staring into the abyss and all…

  15. “western Elites ” ate the puppets of the “global banking cartel elites” . they are inly carrying out orders . They see us as redundant to the Automation and AI that will produce for them in the future . and AS Dubai has shown , you can build a fine soccer complex cheaply by working 3rd world imported labor to death . So to them we are a dangerous nuisance to be eliminated . We are just too expensive for them . In egypt at their meeting this month Klaus schwab said that ” china is a model for many nations” . I don’t think he is kidding.

    • Not as “redundant to the Automation and AI”…

      We are to BE the Automation and AI.
      That’s the point of the nanotech introduced by the “vaxx” trojan horse.

      Meat puppets.
      We ARE the green grid.

      You ready for this?:
      (2 minutes)

  16. Actually, the nuclear cooling tower and Lake Erie shoreline down the road from the hotels in Port Clinton, OH has a very Zen quality about it in the dead of winter.

    It’s a far better scene than dozens of, “War of the Worlds,”-looking wind turbines.

    • I’ll take it a step further…cooling towers are about as pure a ‘win’ for the environmentalist / conservationist as exists in the real world. The only reason that we don’t put one in every backyard is cost.

      • A pure win if their actual goals were helping the environment or conservation. Since their actual goals are control over others and displays of piety, the cost of nuclear has little bearing on the equation.

  17. The green movements are driven by reds, at least they were started by actual reds.
    The overloards that seem to be controling narratives will perish rather quickly if they do get their way. Being useful idiots I suspect that is their future. I hope I live long enough to see their lamentations.The true masters,whoever they are will stay insulated from the chaos they push from behind. Rinse & repeat.
    It’s all so tireing.

  18. As a white man who lives among dirt people in rural Oklahoma, I am very saddened by what the elites have done to working class whites over the last 30+ years. Rural Okies are typically on the left side of the white IQ bell curve. It’s always been a hardscrabble life, but the people have traditionally been willing to do hard manual labor (the oil field is the best example) and were generally happy with their lives. They have always been a hard-edged people, but if you are respectful, they will treat you well.

    As the blue collar jobs have left or been given to illegals (who will work for a much cheaper wage), the effects have been devastating to the working class. Out of desperation, they have turned to methamphetamines, which has led to broken lives and broken families. It is now a generational problem.

    These people do not have the option to “learn to code.” The mental capacity is just not there. I think we have an obligation to white people who are basically good people, but don’t have the IQ level necessary to adapt to the current economic model that only values high intelligence.

    The notion that anyone who studies hard has an equal opportunity to succeed in intellectual pursuits is total bs. This false notion is used by the elites to justify looking down their noses with contempt at the white lower class. Most of them have never dealt with these “bad whites” on a personal level, have no idea what they are going through, and actually seem to take pleasure in their misery.

    I truly hate these elitists and hope to live long enough to see them swinging from trees with ropes around their necks.

    • Here here. My sentiment exactly.
      I come from the same people and area you described. I know Mr. Manual labor very well and am better for having made a close acquaintance with him.
      I can tie the boy scout knots needed if you could toss the ropes over the higher branches. Lol.

    • Actually from what I see of the cloud people, they value connections and credentials over intelligence. There are people in the news recently who just cannot be intelligent but being members of the right family or right tribe have been raised well above their actual abilities.

      • Yep: that’s the advantage of attending an Ivy League college: not that you get any better of an education, but that you can meet, and start “networking” with, the people at the top.

    • Great post. I agree with Mike on the Clouds credential preference. The preference itself speaks to intelligence.

      MA – That is so true. We all know or have relations who are on that side of the bell curve and to see them kicked to the curb when they could be very productive is a tragedy and the height of folly. These are people who have a strong work ethic and take pleasure and pride in work and a job well done. To kill that noble expression of the human spirit, then mock its living death is a despicable act. Worse, it is pure evil. I have the same hope for a long life for the exact same desire that you do.

      • This is a topic in which normie and even some on the left are susceptible to our arguments. What the cloud people have done to the human spirit of millions of Americans is morally indefensible. We have to beat them over the head with the repercussions elitest policies have had on so many of their neighbors and relatives.

    • In my corner of the world we once had a solid base of intelligent, hard-working whites but they’ve been driven off by suicidal elitest governance. With the pool of human capital having been drained, there is precious little chance of turning things around without undertaking drastic steps to reverse the flow.

      As a result, we’re stuck with the similar circumstances as you’ve described in OK: blood-sucking Hispanics and desperate Whites.

    • The lesson I hope we learn from what Musk has already done to Twitter is that what society/capital/the market/whatever values is not in fact code or the ability to make it—especially not in “tech” companies.

      He fired something like 80% of the people there and nothing went wrong because of it, because none of them do anything. Twitter is eight dudes. Facebook might be ten. Etc. And those guys aren’t even remotely close to the best paid employees.

      The economy is not made of code. It’s made of sinecures for upper middle class idiots. The business of America is commissars. Every company big enough for the public to know its name has fifty political officers per actual worker.

    • Although I possess a Ph.D., I hold plumbers in higher regard than professors, and not because of their respective politics.

      • Holy moly!

        Strong immune system there, doc.

        All those years in our country’s re-education centers and you resisted, you came out unconverted. Congratulations!

  19. Am I the only one who sees a diesel-powered automobile transport truck loaded with Tesla cars, and feels like laughing at the absurdityof it all? Or a diesel-powered train pulling cars full of windmill parts and solar panels?

    • Right. And it turns out they’re having trouble figuring out where to bury all those damaged, windmill vanes.

      It’s like the person feeling righteous when he’s charging his electric car; never thinking of all the hidden costs of that electricity. To him or her, it’s “green and clean”.

      • safe and effective.

        sounds familiar as to the structure of these slogans and the looping they induce in NPC brains.

  20. I think what you have is a vast group of people who suffer from three sources of ignorance/poverty. They are:

    1. Absolutely zero idea of how the unfathomable abundance of everything they enjoy is produce. Therefore, it is just a fact to be taken for granted. These things just magically appear.

    2. Abject moral poverty – Morality is not an emotional process, it is an intellectual process. One learns basic morals by observing their parents behavior and being corrected properly when they violate basic norms. The West radically advanced morality by studying it. The Greeks tower above humanity by developing and advancing the study of morality. It isn’t abandoning Christianity that is the problem, it is abandoning the study of the fundamentals of Greco-Roman morality and philosophy. This is why Jewish and Moslem cultures, though the same God as Christianity and thus the same moral basis, have deep moral failings relative to The West whose foundation is the big-picture morality of Greco-Roman civilization. That morality was adopted by Northern Europeans willingly over hundreds of years once Rome stopped trying to impose it by force.

    That moral bankruptcy makes these hive of dumb -a**** subject to easy manipulation of feelings based morality. That is not morality, it is moralizing. The first big implementation was the immoral War On Poverty that sought to eliminate poverty by stealing from the middle class to throw crumbs at an idle class (thus increasing their immoral dependency), and confiscate the rest to a subsistence make-works class of government workers and the bulk to the poverty program administrators. Wokeism is the application of the War On Poverty immorality to every single moralizing project in their portfolio of certain destruction.

    3. A group of deeply cynical manipulators who manipulate the dopey moralizers into using the voting booth and now the HR and managerial positions into implementing their agenda. An example is the push to expropriate the independent farmer’s, (think Holland), land by forcing their yields down by outlawing fertilizer. This class, (Fink, Gates, Wall St titans), are doing this on purpose to drive the bankrupt West into an austerity program by stealth. They will take over all of the assets and avoid the losses of their bad loans by owning everything in the name of saving you from catastrophe.

    I have a front row seat into the youth who fit into category number two. 69% of them voting for Fetterman is just the tip of the ice berg.

    Do what you can to have enough to survive the disaster they are going to inflict. Pray to the Gods of pagan Europe and the Greco-Roman pantheons that once these dolts recongize they have been duped, there is some way to rest control away from the evil masterminds that manipulate the moralizers. They’ll be able to pay armies of non-whites to enforce their neo-feudal system.

    • “Do what you can to have enough to survive the disaster they are going to inflict.”

      Yep: the first thing to do is to get far enough away, that when the shit inevitably explodes, it doesn’t envelop you.

    • Very good. Only a correction.

      “This is why Jewish and Moslem cultures, though they have the same God as Christianity”

      No, they don’t. Even leaving apart the fact of the Trinity or the Jewish God being subordinate to rabbis (read the Talmud), the resolution to the Euthrypo dilemma is different. This is why the Christian God is rational while the Muslim God is beyond reason. This is why science and philosophy have thrived in Christian Europe and not in the Muslim world. For more information, read the book “the closing of the Muslim mind”

      . About the Greeks, Judaism and Christianity are both full of
      Greek thought, but traditional Judaism has not produced science or philosophy, but an endless (re)interpretation of legal texts.

      This topic is really big and many others thing can be said. But I am writing on a cell phone while I am falling asleep. But I wanted to set the record straight.

  21. The Zman has spoken recently about watching videos of men making and working with tools but being forced to sit through vile commercials for HIV medicine. No matter what we do, no matter how we try to spend our time, they have to remind us that the degenerates have all the power.
    I’ve been listening to debates and interviews with Enoch Powell and old Amren speeches. You tube always lines up videos about Emmitt Till or MLK for me to watch. Not sure how Till is related to the late, great Enoch Powell or Sam Francis. There is also a commercial with a 300 pound woman who can’t seem to get through her day without ordering antidepressants online from a company called “Her”.
    The future they desire for us is dark, dismal and morbidly obese.

    • Try to switch over to Odysee as a top priority and Rumble as a second. An interesting dissident project would be to move those videos from YT to Odysee. Taking on constructive projects like that can be good for the soul in these very dark times.

      Best to you Melissa!

    • Melissa: I feel your pain. Whenever I do a search (and I’m pretty good at altering my word choice/order, attacking from an alternate vector, seeking work arounds) I am bombarded with page after page of results that are the antithesis of what I want. And when I waste time/zone out by playing online solitaire, I am subject to whisky ads about women destroying male strongholds, or Kay jewelers celebrating a White man marrying a black woman, or Swedish vodka proclaiming it’s the ultimate ‘mixer’ with an ad featuring nordic blondes spasmodically ‘dancing’ like noggers at a multi-racial bar. It’s nauseating and it’s everywhere.

      • 3g4me –

        I think we are all sick of this. At one point I needed some banking app on my phone, (I never use phone apps), to do some emergency transaction. At the download up popped a picture of a black guy popping out of a computer screen with a giant smile and a thumbs up.

        I groaned, then I chuckled to convince myself it was the ultimate symbol of the time, then got deeply enraged knowing this is the future from here on out. Witness the Democrat Congressional leadership. That is intentional. As this project has ratcheted up, I don’t even see white men presented at a margin or as a buffoon. He seems to be completely gone now. It only took two years.

        What is interesting, is that I never really cared about race. Then every careers page doesn’t want you. Every image has, overnight, erased you when yesterday you and reality were the depicted norm. The pandering and intentional imagery is ceaseless, and everywhere. The window displays, brochures, internet ads, “journalism”, tv ads, tv shows and movies, financial news … It has all been done and adopted in the name of violent criminals who deserved their fates – all of them! – that they held up as martyrs who must be avenged.

        They have created what they say they fear above all – a racially conscious white man who is loathed and despised in his homeland, and filled with a fire. I am sure they are dying for him to misstep. He won’t. His time preference is high so the fire will long simmer.

        There can be no turning back from that. Where there was goodwill, goodness and support of true justice and equality before the law with a live and let live nature open to all, innocent until proven guilty, love thy neighbor … they have created a rage that will burn across eternity for those who chose war over gratitude. The fire burns hot enough by declaring war on me, but my progeny who are little children, and the entirety of my people?

        Chi che copre il vento, prende il tempesto.

        • They made sure they put in place all the speech crime and “equality” legislation to prosecute and intimidate their own populations before they started with the saturation.

          They have done this in many places in the same order, and people still can’t see the intent each time the same trick is played.

        • RealityRules:

          People who love their children don’t preference strangers.
          People who love their children don’t subject them to sexual degenerates.
          People who love their children help build a future for them.

          Thus the war on White people and war on the family. God bless you, sir, and best of luck to you and your progeny.

        • My little zinger is when there’s a black newscaster, or black in ANY commercial, or blacks in any tv program, I simply don’t watch it. Won’t buy any products either.

    • I hear ya, however dirt people really do “hold the power” just need start creatively monkey wrenching.

    • This is just an aside response to the comment about “a company called ‘Her.'” I’m on a zoom meeting (sort of, I’m really reading Zman comments) with a person whose pronouns are “they singular.” Does anyone know what that means?

  22. “This function follows form mentality of the bourgeois managerial class”

    I think this gets to the heart of it. We’re talking about lazy people. Labor is painful (imo therefore moral). Productivity requires labor— you have to put in the work. Yuck.

    Creativity also requires labor, is also dirty business, but tptb don’t seem to have figured that out yet.

    There’s a fire tower near where I live. I used to enjoy hiking up there, climbing the tower, looking over miles of forest and farmland. Somebody got the bright idea to make it a park. Now the trails are paved 10 ft. wide with gravel, there’s a ‘wildflower and pollinator reserve’ in the middle of the forest, you pass sedated-looking spectators in pristine athletic wear, deer fencing around the perimeter to keep those pesky critters out, a fancy visitor’s center full of green propaganda. How natural!

    I suspect it’s morality of sloth. Brave New World, the tourist society.

    Also, it doesn’t seem popular around here, but there are legitimate reasons to oppose nuclear energy. Nobody cried when TMI was decommissioned because enough people remember fearing for their lives. The immediate, visceral, destructive potential isn’t there for fossil fuels.

    • Paintersforms –

      There are legitimate reasons to oppose any technology. The issue is to weigh the risks and potential costs against the probability of them being realized counter to the benefits.

      Nuclear energy is the, by far, most energy dense technology man has ever invented. Our people again for the win!! It is also the cleanest in terms of emmissions and safest in terms of a real safety record.

      I encourage you to research Kirk Sorensen and follow references to LSM reactors as well as the vast research done on the safety of nuclear energy and technology. I trust that you will conclude like I have that the fears of its danger are vastly overblown, and that if we decriminalize its development it represents a very bright future, and perhaps the only known path out of the evil regime that has been constructed to keep us down.

      I also argue that the DR’s fascination with, “space”, is well intentioned but impractical. I think the real technological frontier our movement should champion and ally ourseleves with is the nuclear energy and nuclear technology community.

      • tell your neighbors who fear nuclear energy, that burning coal releases radioactive particles into the atmosphere. that should help them sleep better…

      • Admittedly, it’s not reason that’s persuading me, but I don’t think that invalidates my position, either. People were pretty spooked around here, not inclined to give it another go. Reasonably, it’s worth the risk, but close calls change the calculus.

        • How much of that scare was real do you suppose?

          How much was a set up to prevent nuclear energy build out?

          Why accept the foundations when you know they lie and lie and lie about everything and have for decades.

          • Fair question, and certainly nuclear power harms certain powerful interests. At the same time, Chernobyl and Fukushima prove it could’ve been pretty bad. A lot worse than a coal or gas plant exploding, for instance.

          • Painterstorms

            But they happened and everyone is not dead?

            Indeed the effect of both are pretty minimal in the scheme of things.

            Bhopal killed many more than either.

          • Hard to say what the long term effects are. They’re never fully accounted. I know thyroid cancer is a thing around here. Attributing anything to TMI is controversial. And that’s without a meltdown.



            It’s on an island in the Susquehanna south of Middletown, mainly surrounded by farmland. If it had melted down, I imagine PA would have a new capital and a big swath of central PA would be a superfund site, even if the immediate death toll wasn’t big. Who knows about the Chesapeake. It would’ve been a big deal.

            If it was a fossil fuel plant, there would’ve been damage and death, again, in a somewhat rural location, but people would’ve cleaned up, rebuilt, and life would’ve gone on.

      • At this time of history and decline, am not big on nuke power either. The human race is losing IQ and fast on pace to resembling Haiti. Nuke plants are unforgiving of human error. My boss back in the early 90s was visiting Rancho Seco nuke plant near Sacramento, when something went catawampus, the whole plant began massive shaking, shuddering, creaking and groaning, louder and bigger until the plant operators regained control. Then dead silence. Everyone who witnessed was sweating, heart palpitations and damn near crapped their pants. And this was the higher IQ days. Declining IQ and nuke plants don’t mix.

        • Web:
          “Something quite alarming about there having been an operational nuclear reactor in Kinshasa between 1959 and 2003”

          Harvesting transformer “cooking oil” lol

        • And the wings used to fall off biplanes, too. I hope there has been some improvement in nuke design since Chernobyl (1960s Russian design); Fukushima (1960s Japanese design); and Three-Mile (American 1960s design).

  23. One small nit to pick: “That windmill farm may be an abattoir for the eagle population but it looks nicer than the nuke plant”.
    An abattoir for eagles – you got that right. Looks nicer than a nuke plant – disagree – as the sight (and sound) of windmill farms strewn across the land looks like a bad case of teenage acne.

    “The thing about good and bad, as moral concepts, is they are usually judged by the distance from the person passing judgment”…never thought of it that way, but rings very true.

    “We are ruled by people at war with humanity because they cannot face the human condition”…If the likes of K. Schwab, first lieutenant Y. Harari, and their demon imps win the war, there will be no more human condition to face since there will be no humans left – flesh & blood machines perhaps – just not humanity. Another problem solved.

  24. The White upper class progressives actively seek to punish the Badwhites. The Marxists largely were indifferent to the suffering, which they thought should not be happening in the first place due to their utopian vision. This explains in part why Marxists target and kill liberals and progressives first. It is more than just eliminating the competition.

    So along with the morality, there is active malice against Badwhites, who need to be punished for their existence. Hence you have the glee and delight over the torment of the poor, pitiful, and often ignorant J6’ers, to cite one example. They got what they deserved, in the Progressive mind, because of who they are.

    The paradigm shifts only when Goodwhites suffer. Circumstances and events are moving in that direction, and the misery from food and fuel shortages and the combatant supply chain interruptions and fiscal crises is about to shoot upwards as well as flow downwards. It is safe to predict Goodwhites and their minority counterparts eventually will be oppressed and/or liquidated when they get uppity either by the Clouds or, in the event they are able to seize the reins of power, communists. Either outcome will be painful for all of us but the die is cast.

    The claim that revolutions happen only when a faction of elites revolt is somewhat misleading. Revolutions happen when those who serve elites, and/or are adjacent to them, begin to suffer and friction between master and servant begins. We are close to that point. To quote an evil man, the worse the better even though it will be an even more horrible time to be alive for some time afterwards.

  25. All true but below the radar re-industrialization and Reshoring American jobs and industry has been happening and in jobs terms the trickle has become a flood.
    Warning- Whitepills incoming-

    ^this man Harry Mosler should replace one of the heads on Mount Rushmore^

    It turns out that TCO – total cost of ownership wasn’t ah factored in often enough, just price point. Shipping added 20% before COVID. Oops.

    Here’s Reshoring Initiative’s TCO tool.

    More Whitepills- under NAFTA [!] while everyone was watching the Mariachi blood opera south the US/CA great lakes economy became a $6T powerhouse. That 6% of world GDP, BTW.

    Micron is building a Chip Foundry near Syracuse, NY. 50K jobs. I’m from WNY, that’s like King Arthur returning.

    Hardinge (machine tools manufacturing) opened an Elmira plant last year. BTW 17 jobs waiting, mostly machinist, etc.

    The biggest problem holding back is young men training and taking these jobs, because the debt slaver procurers known as teachers push the young into $40-100K college loan debts to become waiters and baristas when they could learn real skills and start at $50 hour apprenticeship (HVAC apprenticeship) and have a real life. However the average age of the skilled workers is not so old they can’t train the current crop of young men.
    A generation was missed for Free Trade, but all isn’t lost. Lincoln tech will get you a skill and train you, the learn to CNC is the code part.

    Reshoring is happening, its real.
    Its the one positive thing to come from COVID and war with Russia and near war with China. Hardinge bought thar factory over from Taiwan BTW. Up and running since 2021.

    My local area major employer here in WNY has 72 jobs waiting, mostly machinist/CNC etc.

    I’m in no way manufacturing or OEM, but I’m pushing it hard locally and networking with humble assets I have getting behind this – what’s good for this area is good for our family business, indirectly. I won’t gain my people DO.

    • “under NAFTA [!] while everyone was watching the Mariachi blood opera south the US/CA great lakes economy became a $6T powerhouse.”

      Right, all Yank policies are merely a continuation of the civil war and genociding the South.

    • Vxxc –

      It is good to have the white pills. It is maddening that there is a shortage of labor. It is maddening that the energy expended to, “diversify”, high-skill jobs is underway. It is maddening that if there is a surplus of labor that we don’t take the useless degree class and cut them off so they can get employed productively. It is maddening that we fail to do the same with the welfare underclass. At the very least with the people who lost out to the offshoring of industry.

      It seems like, if there is a surplus of jobs, that our people can go and work with those employers to build a pipeline of people moving into those jobs. Blacks have done this with the film industry and they are doing it with the software and medical sector, (though without the fundamental education needed this is going to be a disaster for all involved). Based on my recent experience with telecom providers, it looks like they are doing the same in sales and technicians. I say, in terms of racial organizing on behalf of our people we are getting outplayed, and our efforts on our own behalf are a joke.

      Perhaps our effort shouldn’t be on forming some new polity/nation, but organizing to get our people into those jobs that are going unfilled. Maybe that is what you are saying. I am not in a position to do this, but surely we have some resources we can bring to bear on pulling those jobs in and getting our people to fill them. Perhaps we can call on our people who are experienced to, even in stealth to avoid the eye of Sauron, prioritize training our people.

      The literature for the Chips Act is fully covered with blacks, save one lone bored white female soldering iron operator, and the Congressional overseer is a black. Seems like these are all earmarked for blacks first. It seems like being unemployed and destitute but having our own country is less favorable than strengthening our people’s hand first. Then, from a position of strength we can make other moves as necessary and desirable.

      Besides, the logistical aspects of separating a nuclear military power that is also highly dependent on technically trained foreigners presents a lot of challenges while jobs for our people seems like an easier set of challenges to tackle.

      If you have resources for such programs, I will try and steer our people who are in my circle toward them.

      • “Perhaps our effort shouldn’t be on forming some new polity/nation, but organizing to get our people into those jobs that are going unfilled.”

        Brilliant. That’s it.

        To be a Guild, within the interstices of the mixed world we cannot change (yet).

        An essential power representing our own interests, with it’s inherent feeder or farm system built in.

        This is how.
        A nation within a nation.
        The enclaves of us will form naturally around these cores of jobs. I defer to Vxxc, above.

        This is our Grange.

        (Dammit, lads, this I needed.
        You just lit my ass on fire.)

        • Yes. Except our value proposition is real. We train our own and we certify. It isn’t a body for a job, but a competent professional of high character entering a career on a path toward journeyman.

          It is effectively what India did with software engineering. We can and should do it with all fields. Transfer our human capital while we have it. There is even overlap. Digital tech and manufacturing .. …

          Glad you are pumped on this and hope you have the networks available to get it going. If not, develop them. Go!

    • Also here in WNY, a local food processing plant was purchased by a family-run corporation based in red state America, “good guys” as far as that’s possible. They came in and sunk millions into a plant with aging infrastructure, raised salaries, tried desperately to expand the workforce through hiring…and after a couple years realized that they were wasting their time, announcing that by the end of this year they would be running about 25% of the lines that they’d hoped for, with hundreds of employees furloughed.

      They cannot find enough people willing to do a day’s work for a day’s pay. And, lo, the Puerto Ricans that have quietly flooded the area are prone to quitting after a week, or intentionally sabotaging equipment so that they can get paid to watch (white, male) maintenance try to fix machinery. There can be no operations planning under those circumstances, so why bother?

      If it’s that difficult to operate a low-tech facility, how will the new chip foundries function?

      • KGB: The smart fraction theory. Being overwhelmed by the parasitic/dumb portion of society. Continued lowering of national IQ, continual loss of competency. It’s not going to get better – dysgenics ultimately equals societal collapse.

      • Ah. Shoot. Well, remember, Henry Ford finally let in unions because each succeeding wave of Slovaks they imported from various East European countries soon spent all their time drinking and not showing up.

        • Wait, I got this
          Small scale
          Post collapse prep

          Outlaw production enclave network, a friend of a friend of a friend’s other ‘thing’

    • “Lincoln tech will get you a skill and train you”

      That is true, but it is the expensive route.

      The local community college will train a HS grad one of the welding processes (MIG, TIG, Stick, O-E) in one class in one semester to the point they are employable at real jobs making real money (MIG & Stick in demand around here.) . The cost of that one class? ~$360, tuition, fees, books, materials inclusive. (Two classes/semester for welding courses, tops, due to the practical application aspect.) To get a single process cert would take 4 classes & two semesters ($1440). To get an associates with certs in all the processes, it would take two years and the princely sum of $2880.

      One of the best educational ROIs to be found. Another is RN cert at the community college. Ten years ago a RN cert cost a bit over $6000 all told. Likely closer to $10,000 nowadays.

  26. “Europe can remain a modern society if it accepts the costs that come from being a modern society.”

    It’s not just Europe — shitlib states here like California and New York are proclaiming that they are going to outlaw the sale of gas and diesel powered vehicles in 12 years and everyone will be driving an electric vehicle, but their current power grids are already insufficient and they’re not upgrading them. It’s like Mao’s Great Leap Forward, where the government just mandates something for the peasants and if it’s completely impractical and people starve… meh.

    • How California can truly believe that 400,000 semi-trucks can be magically replaced by EV is astounding. Not to mention all of the smaller vehicles on the farms.

      • You just have to believe harder in the magic. It works like voting harder does.

    • The IEEE Spectrum magazine (nerd alert) just ran a series of articles on this exact topic: grid insufficiency. But belief in the impossible is the whole point, isn’t it?

      • On one level it astounds me that professional organizations like IEEE don’t call governments out on their rank stupidity when it comes to matters like the electrical grid.

        On another level I recognize that the kind of engineers who run organizations like IEEE do little useful work in the first place; they sit on corporate boards, or in university faculties, and are more in tune with the managerial grifters than the engineers they claim to represent.

        And then I stop being surprised that IEEE and other like organizations are mostly useless in the grand scheme of things.

    • The materials required for that don’t exist. This is why the Toyota family said this project will destroy the auto industry. Perhaps after it is destroyed a new Europid Ford can emerge and build it from the ashes. That is, if the WEF doesn’t have their own plan, to implement “public transport” for all the little bug colony inhabitants and ice out any 21st century Ford from ever getting financing.

      In any case, the project is doomed due to mineral/resource constraints. Even if they exist in adequate quantities the sheer volume required will create price constraints that can’t be overcome – certainly not by a nation that is already bankrupt and capital constrained.

      • The project is not doomed. You are just mistaking the intent.

        There will be no public transport, no private transport apart from a few. Indeed the smart cities rolling out show there is going to be no movement at all for those not connected.

        That the auto industry is on board with destroying itself just shows the difference between owned companies and managed companies. The managers get rewarded no matter in the short term. what do they care if the company burns after they are gone.

        • In a few English cities the implementation of a sort of geographical curfew has already started. The towns are divided into numbered areas. Residents of area 21 are allowed to go to area 22 once a week (that’s where the stores are), 25 once a month (there’s a park), 33 once a year (it’s just another neighborhood), etc. If you work outside your area, you can get a permit. The punishment for disobedience is a fine automatically levied by phone app. If you don’t bring your phone, the cameras know who you are and you’ll soon meet the police. In a few years the punishment for roaming from your pod will be death.

    • The Green Great Leap Forward!

      Mao thought there were too many chinks anyways, so two birds with one stone!

      This is natural to China. The Boxer Rebellion happened because 7 bad farm years had led too many families leaving their newborn girls out in the field. The Righteous Fists of Harmony couldn’t find any wives. They blamed the shortage on the roundeye foreigners offending Heaven.

  27. Before he lost his mind, Steve Sailer had an interesting post about why goodwhites prefer imported laborers to domestic ones. If you have black people working in your yard or tending to your children, it reminds you of the “Roots” miniseries, and your white guilt complex gets tweaked a little too hard. Invite normal white men to do work in your yard or house and you have to hear them talking about having fun on the weekend with jet skis or off-road vehicles, on top of having to endure seeing bumper stickers on the back of their work trucks for things like the NRA or other implicit whiteness signifiers.

    But having Mexicans (the umbrella term for everyone from South or Central America) do your work obviates this problem. If you don’t speak Spanish (and most goodwhites are monoglots) you don’t have to worry about overhearing conversation you don’t want to hear. Hispanics are mostly apolitical, too, which means their bumpers will be free of everything except a sticker for some AM radio station maybe.

    Travelling over Thanksgiving I got far enough away from home to actually see white men doing the kind of work we’re used to seeing Hispanics do, and white women actually cleaning hotels. It’s not glamorous, but it’s better than popping Percs and binging Netflix. And granted, I had to get all the way into the Smokies to see it, but Americans were “doing the jobs Americans won’t do,” without doing the things immigrants are wont to do, like bringing their pregnant fourteen year-old girlfriends to the ER at three a.m. (this happens all the time, and the Hispanic men are always confused when they’re led away in cuffs.)

    • When I worked in San Fran, I remember quite a few executive types telling me about their (illegal) immigrant nannies. (Of course, the wife was working too.) They would inevitably say with pride, “Our children are learning Spanish, too. That will help them someday.”

      It took all my powers of deception to smile back and say, “That’s great.”

      • Most of the top tier goodwhites usually have Asian nannies. In his book “Class,” the writer Paul Fussel said that knowing any other language was a mark of distinction, unless the language was Spanish, in which case it actually hurt one, caste-wise. He also had a sliding scale for sports, with the general rule being that the smaller the ball, the higher the class. Badminton and Croquet were good, whereas football and basketball were trashier. Boxing was the absolute nadir, with the exception of cockfighting.

        For a while there, goodwhites in Manhattan were getting black women from Jamaica, Queens to raise their princelings, but the kids spent so much time around the nannies that they would sound like ganja dealers speaking patois by the time their fathers got home from work. “Me don wan be no stockbroker like you dad, ya bumbaclot white boy, when me grow up. Me wan give praise to Haile Selassie and puff me chalice wif me queen.”

        They deserved it.

        • I think each Cloud region differs, sometimes by neighborhood. In the Bay Area, the sub-continentals always had grandparents on the peninsula. In San Francisco, the Castro and Noe Valley had SoAm AmerIndians and Nob Hill and PacHeights Europeans.

          In my current neighborhood in another major metorpolis it is largely Jewish and I see a lot of blacks pushing God’s chosen around. I assume they are Carribbean born blacks. The East Asians have grandma and grandpa or mom.

          In short, the Asians have extended family to help with parenting while mom and dad are out earning. They will have ethnic and cultural continuity. Whites and Jews (non Orthodox), in the clouds will have children raised by strangers. I imagine that will only strengthen their resolve to push for diversity and to increase their resentment of their parents, since they will bond with people who are not their own kind much less their parents and grandparents.

          Between that and advocating for hatred of their own ethnicity, I don’t the Clouds who are not brown or darker have created a future that isn’t hostile to them from all sides – including the White Dirt and White Cloud Adjacent. May the payback of Karma be Hell’s greatest Furies.

      • Imagine trusting your kids to foreigners you know nothing about who entered the country illegally. If these are executives, it means they should have easily been able to find locals up to the job even if they couldn’t go the more logical route of finding someone from their social network. Then again, their social network is probably just careerist bugs.

        Hope they have fun alone in their nursing home Doubt their kids will visit, and their grandchildren will never exist.

        • I know the software Z uses here sometimes filters out links, but if you can follow this one, it’s worth it:

          Watch for the bug man “expert” to be interrupted in the middle of the interview on live news as the Asian nanny attempts to corral his unruly kids who just burst into his home office.

          • In this case that’s his wife, and I’ve had this happen working at home, just not quite on this scale.

      • I saw one of those so-called Spanish teachers in a dumpster ripping bags of garbage apart looking for cans the other day in LA. parked right next to it was a (((kid))) in a stroller watching something on a phone. Out for a walk while the mother who doesn’t work is home binge watching old Seinfeld episodes. If I’m on foot and there are people around I always exclaim loudly She looks just like you. Oh no mister not mine. I know that I shoot back and walk away. Some bystanders laugh or cringe with embarrassment, most. Don’t.

      • I remember reading about a white woman who was working while she left her toddler with a Mexican nannie, the time came for the Mexican lady to take a trip back home, and the toddler cried house down, at this point the mother knew who really mattered to her daughter

        Feminism is a cancer

        • (((They))) Live: As someone who baby sat a LOT, and worked as a nanny (both here and abroad), that’s a perennial problem. Quality time is a myth made to comfort working parents. Kids value routine and someone who they can count on to be there whenever and why-ever they need them. I routinely experienced maternal jealousy. The fathers’ thought I was terrific (and no, there was never anything sexual involved – just that I cooked, changed diapers, toilet trained, arranged birthday parties, ensured homework was done, – i.e. performed the role of a mother). The mothers preened when they’d hear praise of me from their friends, but eventually they felt terribly upstaged and jealous that their kids preferred me to them.

          • > The fathers’ thought I was terrific (and no, there was never anything sexual involved – just that I cooked, changed diapers, toilet trained, arranged birthday parties, ensured homework was done, – i.e. performed the role of a mother).

            Of course. You were everything he wishes his wife was.

          • Yup, Chet, same comment block, except to say my respect just boosted to stratospheric levels.

            That stuff is darned hard to do, gotta be made for it. Ran me ragged, (tho still smiling) but I think 3g had fun!

            That right there is a woman’s woman.

    • I have verified for myself that the “jobs Americans won’t do” thing is a myth. But to the naked eye it appears true in the regions where so many illegal aliens have been imported, thus the people who live in those regions tend to believe the lie. AKA coastal blue states

      After all, how often does your typical coastal baizuo set foot in Mississippi or South Dakota to see what is going on there

  28. In Southern California along the roads leading into desert towns like Mojave and Barstow, the hills and mountains are dotted with numerous windmills. Even with these placed in locations known for high winds, I have never seen all of them running at one time. And, of course, when the wind isn’t blowing they are useless.

    This binary dichotomy of morality pertaining to renewable energy is a farce. To portray those of us who utilize critical thinking skills on the viability of converting to green energy vs. fossil fuels as evil beings is textbook cult ideology. It is the height of performative virtue signaling by our supposed elites.

    One can be for cleaner energy and not be a greenie zealot. The reality is that the renewable technologies are decades away from becoming an adequate source of energy for humanity’s needs.

    • Dan Simmons’ “Flashback” is an interesting mystery/ science fiction novel. Lots of abadoned windmills in his near term dystopian future.

      • Mow: I read that. Interesting book, but ultimately the author’s imagined future paradise – after the control by the woke/alien overlords was escaped – was too diverse for my taste.

    • those windmills don’t even produce the amount of energy it took to manufacture them, before they break down and wear out. they have to be shut down when the wind is too strong, too, otherwise they catch on fire.

  29. I used to mock the “Go woke, go broke” mantra, pointing out that many a business or government agency had gone incredibly woke but were doing just fine.

    However, I may have wrong. I may have been simply using too short a time frame to judge the results. Go woke, go broke might in fact be true. It just takes a lot longer than we want.

    If you have enough money, you can ignore reality for a very long time. But even the rich will burn through their cash eventually. Europe seems to be running up against the limits of its credit card.

    • You’re right. A lot of people appear to think of “collapse” as an event, when it is more commonly a process. Often a very long process. Aside from the fact that collapse is usually poorly if at all defined.

      Europe went “woke” long before America. The woke ideology we’re grappling with here recently got entrenched there decades ago. Only now is the bill beginning to come due. Almost certainly it would have happened a lot sooner had western Europe not been subsidized by Uncle Sugar for the last 70 years, perhaps it never would have begun at all without that GAE protectorate status, but it speaks to their complete abject impotence, fecklessness, and incompetence that they are capable of failing like this while even now today still being GAE supported vassals.

    • If one company went woke while the rest were normal, that company would go broke.

      We don’t live in a free market though. All the companies, and government departments, are forced to go woke.

      There is no alternative to doing business within the woke structure, except around the fringes. I am typing on Google Chrome, running a Microsoft OS, on a Dell laptop, and a Canadian anti-white monopoly with a land acknowledgement on their website provides my wifi.

      They will still go broke, but slowly, and all together. It means the collapse of Western society as we know it. That seems pretty broke to me. But it is mostly cope, especially in the short term. Nobody is ever going to wake up and say hey, that was dumb.

  30. Zman’s theory of “moral superiority” driving the Green thing is entirely plausible. But allow me to offer a simpler, more cynical explanation here: I think the Elites just hate having middle class living standards rising so much, because it cheapens Elite status.

    Cheap energy allows the plebes to jam up the highway to the Hamptons and Big Sur, crowd the airport/cause private jet air-traffic delays, afford the same iPhone and Macbook, crowd the beach, crowd the Louvre and the Uffizi and generally devalue the status of being rich and Elite.

    So in revenge, they’re going to punish the Plebes. The “morality” theory that Zman offers, while being entirely reasonable, I think is just camouflage for the deeper, darker motive of status preservation. The Green “screen” is the equivalent of a modern sumptuary law.

    • I am at the same place, Captain, although at present morality also is a major factor. The good news is the pain is moving up the social ladder. Will that make our lives better? No. But it will be an absolute pleasure to watch the Upper Class Whites suffer. They are just as useless to the Clouds as Badwhites, in the end, and the energy and food disruptions will spout up as well as pour down.

    • Captain Willard: You’re definitely on point here, although I think Zman’s post addresses an equal variant from the same root cause. Moral signifying and class distinctiveness are both symptoms of the same dilemma – the cloud people making war on the dirt people. The upper classes used to claim to want to uplift the lower classes – and they even took steps to do so (founding schools, public libraries, etc.). Everyone mocked the nouveau riche, but everyone still aspired to upper class manners, lifestyles, and aesthetics (slender, refined, understated).

      But over time – and with targeted attacks from within by some incredibly hostile people – this changed. The wealthy decided they didn’t like the White masses being uplifted, and showered praise and largesse on blacks and subcons. This became a double-edged sword, of course – and slender and pale became big-bottomed and darkly tanned. Demonstrating wealth via restraint morphed into flaunting gaudishly large gold chains or wearing cheaply made, ridiculous clothing sold for obscenely high prices. And hand-made, labor-intensive cultural adornments (like hand-made lace or custom leather work or bespoke suits) switched to crass, mass-manufactured objects with some one else’s name emblazoned on them, or pseudo-Italian craftsmanship made by imported Han workmen.

      And now the White underclass still ‘apes’ its overclass – via increasing drug use, criminality, illegitimacy, and acting/dressing/speaking like wiggers. But nothing – not even primitive piercings, tattoos, or body scarification – can atone for the crime of being White and not being subservient (to the cloud people or their non-White pets). So now it’s war on us all, in attempt to turn the West into an open-air park and preserve for the cloud people. They will tour the ruins of Rome or the Black Forest or the Swedish fjords or majesty of America’s natural environment – and can remain untroubled by smokestacks, or traffic jams, or the sight of non-elite Whites. The only browns/blacks they will see will be those with the veneer of cloud-manners and behavior, or the nannies and gardeners, or those savages they take to their beds with that delightful frisson of edginess and danger.

      The bugmen will labor in abattoirs and factories and mines, but for the most part they will remain unseen. There will be no non-elite White masses to trouble the clouds, or to demonstrate their innovation or inventiveness or troublesome independence of thought.

      Lots of ways to put this, but it really is as simple as “They hate you and they want you dead.” Accept that and it all makes perfect sense.

      • Hear, hear. Great comment.

        I made reference above to the bugmen you mentioned. I look at them as the help, the upper middle class Whites who serve the Clouds and are adjacent to them. They are on the periphery always, and do ape the Clouds with their travels and possessions.

        Ultimately, though, bugmen are not Clouds. There will be friction between these groups in the near future because the bugmen are about to get a good dose of what Badwhites have experienced the last few decades. The first shots will be in the form of rather meaningless spats such as private pilots passing on jobs. To be clear, I do expect the bugmen, the help, to be crushed, but this upheaval will benefit us over the long term although we are in for a very painful period and need to be prepared for it.

        • Jack: I think Citizen has made reference to some of that conflict – Juice and AWFLs are beginning to see their kids lose prime college spots or jobs to to Han/subcons. In some cases this leads to intermarriage, but in more it leads to conflict and competition for increasingly limited space and resources.

          I think you will always have people who will do anything to get an advantage for themselves and their families, even at the expense of their people or the overall good. The history of mankind is not one of altruism/the common good/doing the ‘right’ thing equals success.

          • People can convince themselves of anything. Exemption from consequences looms large among those delusion.

    • I’ve always believed the wuflu lockdowns were at least in part driven by this. It never stopped the private jet crowd. It just cleared out Ibiza for them.

      • The 2020 Floyd riots, in part, were designed to clear out prized and gentrified urban areas. It would be interesting to see how many burned out stores sold and who bought them.

  31. Problem is china is de industrializing too, by shutting down 10ns of millions of people. There are Chinese have relatives living all over the world, so they all know the rest of the world has moved on, but the policies persist. I think the Chinese know the world was dependent on cheap oil from American shale fracking (Saudi America) which started to decline in 2018 with nothin* to replace it. China is trying to reduce its petroleum import dependency to buy time to scale up nuclear. IMHO Japan should be the next country to have its energy imports cut off.

  32. My chitlib elderly mother is getting old and stupid. The other day she thought she was being edgy and tough when she said that a lot of the world’s dumber problems will go away once all these idiot old boomers die.

    She was shocked and horrified when I emphatically agreed. 😂👍

    • I’m getting old, I kept reading “chitlib” as “github”. Eh, commonality I guess I both require too much attention and have piss poor interfacing.

  33. Somewhat related, I’ve recently noticed a number of instances where some green foot turds, particularly in Germany, glue themselves to floors, runways and freeways to protest fossil fuels etc.

    What I’d like to see, in the case of interior floors, is them first beaten and then forced to sit in their piss and s*** for a few days – granted it’d be nasty. For the runways and freeways, run the F’ers over and over until the splat is nothing more than a stain on the pavement…

  34. George Monbiot, one of the key figures in the “eat the bugs” and “destroy cattle” push, recently made a statement on how he found his quaint British village “boring and stifling”.

    Alongside their preposterous moral posturing, we’re dealing with a ruling class who never fit into basic society life, and instead of shrugging and respecting the people who do, they assume it’s a moral fault of their old communities in which the destruction of the old ways and people is the only way forward.

    It really can’t be underestimated how petty and maladjusted these people are. I admit I left small town life because I didn’t fit in, but I never thought it was the fault of my hometown or even a personal moral failing on my part. I certainly never wanted my quaint hometown swarmed with foreigners as revenge.

    • A complete cunt who should be swinging from a yard arm while crows peck the flesh of his rotting skull.

      Born and raised in perhaps the safest, whitest rural village in Oxfordshire, his father a multi-millionaire business guy, Knight and CBE headed the Conservative govt Trade and Industry forum, his mother is the daughter of MP Roger Gresham Cooke who ran the local council.

      He owes everything to his parents and his birth, is an insufferable jewish twat and has spent his whole adult life agitating against the national identity that created and maintained his over-privileged life.

      An ingrate parasite who chooses to live in a countryside idyl of England while attempting to destroying it.

  35. “The idea of windmills quietly generating electricity out there in the countryside where the beautiful people rarely visit makes for a pleasant image.”

    Judy Collins. The answer my friend is blowing in the wind. If we would only listen.

    Everything is clocks & clouds. Reality v. Dreams and wishes.

    Don Quixiote was fixated on windmills too. The citizens of Animal Farm led by Napoleon built a big beautiful windmill. Today, the return to clouds, the wind, windmills. The answer you see, blowing in the wind. Why won’t you listen, Conrad?

  36. “Christianity has long ago been purged from the ruling elites. The old moral framework of liberalism was abandoned out of expedience. What has filled the void is a weird, sterile aesthetic”

    Right. It is a mixture of pride, virtue signaling and guilt avoidance.

    The elite is a bunch of selfish scumbags that have the moral stature of a bacteria. So they must invent something to convince themselves and other people that are good people without the effort of being good people. Causes like environment or LGBT come in handy. This is effortless on their behalf.

    In addition, these are people who have had everything they wanted in life. They think they are invincible and their wishes will come true. So they don’t understand tradeoffs like the ones Z mentions in the article. This also explains their behavior in Ukraine

    • “The elite is a bunch of selfish scumbags…”

      Indeed. “Racial integration for thee, but not for me” was their motto back in the sixties. Still is.

    • It will have to get very very bad for the average Joe before the ones at the top feel any pain at all. I just don’t see that happening. Playing dress-up and make believe is ok as long as Mommy brings in the sandwiches and Hawaiian Punch later and cleans up your mess. Without the mantra of “Sit on your hands, don’t produce, don’t protest, don’t participate” the ones at the top will continue on their merry way. It’s only when the personal chauffeurs, Uber/Lyft and bus drivers stay home for a month, when the truck drivers, train engineers, airline pilots and port crane operators stay home for a month. When the gas station stays closed for a month and there’s no food in the Senate dining room, then maybe, but not before. Too many are dependent on the system to take a stand. I predict an “Elysium” type world..

      • I think, as Z has pointed out a few times before, the ruling class can sometimes have events that focus their minds. Immigration was a thing in the early 20th century right up until some immigrants set off a bomb on Wall Street. Then, no more immigrants.

        The suffering of regular people will never focus their minds.

    • imnobody00: “It is a mixture of pride, virtue signaling and guilt avoidance.” Beautifully put. And, I would argue, there’s a very special group of people who demonstrate these characteristics more than others. Pride they have aplenty (in their purported acumen and achievements), virtue signaling is endemic (they certain they’re the most moral people ever and have been tasked by God with enlightening the cattle), and they are never guilty because they are never, ever, at fault of anything.

      These same people intermarried and insinuated themselves into many wealthy and upper-class families, took control of vital financial and cultural nodes, and now they now run . . . perhaps not everything, but close enough.

  37. “Next up is a food crisis.”

    Helped along by the second largest food exporter in the world shutting down 3,000 farms in the name of climate change, more specifically, an entirely imaginary “nitrogen crisis.”

    • Just to add, the Netherlands claims the farms to be shut down are in “environmentally sensitive areas.”

      The total area of the Netherlands is 16,160 sq. miles
      About 7065 sq. miles of that is farmland
      The surface area of the Earth is 196,936,994 sq. miles.
      So the second largest food exporter on Earth is using 0.0036% of the Earth’s surface for farming.

      And shutting down some small subset of that, substantially less than 0.0036% of the Earth’s surface, is supposed to make a meaningful change in a supposed global climate phenomenon.

      Stupidity. Insanity. Evil.

      • Numeracy killed the rhetoric star, except that it didn’t. Being innumerate, rhetoric and emotion trump logic, every…single… time.
        Until the disease is cleansed by frost and starvation.

        • With Cargill, ADM, and Monsanto waiting in the wings, contract leases and sterile seeds at the ready, just like their already signed contracts for the Ukraine.

    • That’s because they have something better to put there: human habitrail housing. I know we all have our favorite professions that deserved to get purged, but real estate developers need to be at the top of that list, above even journalists and lawyers.

  38. “They inherited from Marxism the notion that industrial work is dehumanizing.”

    I don’t think that’s fair to Marx. Marx’s contention was that industry made possible decent living standards for everyone. He had nothing against industry. What he objected to was the ownership of the industrial process by a small and diminishing group of plutocrats who took from the workers more than what the workers contributed to the industrial process.

    When the Bolsheviks seized power in Russia, they extolled and encouraged heavy industry. Heavy industry was going to make possible the workers’ utopia. This was entirely in line with Marx’s thinking.

    The root of the problem lies elsewhere — it’s a bunch of tree-hugging Greens who have no background in chemistry, physics or engineering. And they are putting pressure on politicians who also have no background in these areas. And, to give the devil his due, their case is not devoid of merit — industry does destroy the environment, does destroy the ecosystem that supports us and other living beings. But that destruction is the price of our living standards. Also to be fair to Greens, some of them do know that our living standards (and our numbers) have to plummet if we are going to have any chance at long-term survival as a species. Those “some” do know that the trucks can’t run on “clean energy.”

    • There’s theory and reality. The reality is that the people who run Marxist societies always have contempt for the workers and peasantry.

      • It is because Marxism (the same way as woke ideology) is the ideology of the managerial class. They despise workers, even if they say they are going to save them, because they think they are above them.

        I don’t think it is opposition to industry (Marxist societies have been very enthusiastic about that and no concerns for the environment) but class pride against industrial workers.

        • Even if they truly are above the workers, it would still be possible to act paternalistically towards them. Their rejection of Christianity is one factor here, but other non Christians societies can do this better than they do.

      • It is more indifference than contempt. The Progressive Left actively disdains and despises the working and middle classes. Their Marxist brothers and sisters basically don’t care what happens to them as long as their theories are placed into action. It is the difference between punishment and neglect.

        It may seem like a difference without a distinction, but it is not. This explains, in part, why Marxists tend to target and kill Progressive types first.

      • The people who “run” all societies have contempt for the workers and peasantry. Even the workers and peasantry have contempt for the workers and peasantry. In the West the normal goal in life is to secure a substantial income without getting weary or dirty. Every parent wants their children to be more comfortable than they were. A climb in status brought about by increased income is the impetus for advanced “education”, not the acquisition of knowledge.
        The 19th century European peasants that swarmed into the US didn’t come to remain peasants. Their goal was to be in a situation that resembled their betters in the old country. We hear much about those that succeeded, less about those that failed. But those that did succeed, and there have been many, are occupying slots in a hyper-competitive consumer society that rewards their efforts with the ability to buy more stuff. That’s what it’s really all about.

    • “And, to give the devil his due, their case is not devoid of merit — industry does destroy the environment, does destroy the ecosystem that supports us and other living beings.”

      Did CNN tell you that?

        • Everything man-made destroys some fraction of the environment. A large housing developer will destroy hundreds of acres of farmland in order to build a new subdivision. This will effect a few thousand people at most. A refinery built on the same footprint will fuel an entire region (much bigger social benefit). And as for cred, I began my engineering career working at the second largest refinery in the US, so yes, I know what I’m talking about. Everything is trade-offs.

          • “Everything is trade-offs.”

            I’m not saying otherwise. But look at the carrying capacity of the land (more generally the environment) and look at human numbers. The historic population of Europe was perhaps around 60-70m, and at a far lower standard of living. Today, maybe around 450m. Both the standard of living and the human numbers are unsustainable. I don’t need Greta Thurnberg to tell me that. The sheer pressure of numbers, coupled with rising living standards, spells disaster. The party was good while it lasted but now it’s hangover time. The Club of Rome’s predictions in its 1972 report — dismissed at the time by the mainstream establishment — are broadly correct. That the mainstream establishment is now endorsing them doesn’t make them any less true.

          • Arshad Ali

            The collapse is the cure, and the collapse should be natural and not the man-made version that is being implemented by the Klaus Schwab WEF Club. The mRNA vaccines will accomplish the depopulation goal before starvation becomes an important vector of change.

            It sounds like you still believe in “muddle through” if only we can elect/select better leaders. I would refer you to TheTruthSeeker blog for some enlightening perspective on these developments. We’re not going to talk or wish our way out of the mess we’re in. Your goal should be to survive the interregnum of Crazy and chaos.

          • Point here overlooked is that world population—except Africa—is leveling off. Built in decline is on the way. Been shown a number of times by folks who study such.

            Best way to decrease population is not enforcing more and more draconian birth control, but in increasing wealth, which causes a natural limiting in birth rates. The reasons for this have been mentioned here any number of times.

            The earth can support current population numbers, but perhaps not the consumerist oriented economies of the West, but that’s another story.

          • TomA

            “The collapse is the cure”

            Oh, I agree. I certainly don’t subscribe to any notion of muddling through.

          • That’s where the techno salvation types get it wrong– it will the human social systems that break first.

            I really don’t know how a “natural” collapse would be better than “managed”.

            Admittedly, the “managed” part is taking out the entirely wrong target–of course, that is the Kalergi vision.

            Which proves, again, the social comes first- those Kalergi demons cannot erase their genetic savagery, nor use Aryan tech properly.

          • Addendum, making the Kalergi “managed”, the true natural collapse- their God is the bestial, earthbound process, Nature’s callous driver.

            In a natural collapse, their kind must and will occur.

            We must break free, as we were made to do. This may be our Purge of their element.
            Nature, Creation’s Design, again.

    • Agree. Marx saw capitalist industry as a necessary precondition to create enough wealth for the proletariat to expropriate and then raise their own standard of living to “communist” standards.

      He objected to industrial workers slaving away to make the bourgeoisie rich.

      • That’s why, like Eric Hoffer, Marx worked hard in a factory to support himself, instead of enjoying a bourgeois lifestyle. Oh, wait….

        Actions speak louder than words.

        • To be fair his friend who owned some factories supported Marx pretty well, paid for his house, writing, servants and ability to make money on the stock market.

          So he did pretty well out of the factory workers

    • Arshad Ali: I vacillate between contempt for unions (featherbedding and make-work) and sympathy for the average worker (longer hours, lower pay and security). On the one hand, continually raising the minimum wage just continually increases other costs and prices. And it makes what ought to be entry-level jobs into immigrant family provider positions. At the same time, decent normal people ought to be able to live decent, normal lives by working decent numbers of hours. I’m don’t have the economic, engineering, or social background to untie that Gordian knot.

      The other, knottier issue – that many just do not want to face – is that there are real limits – on natural resources and human populations. Perhaps the ‘green revolution’ sowed the seeds of this destruction, enabling the exponential growth of third-world non-White populations. I don’t want to be God or preside over mass murder, but I’m honest enough to admit I often imagine what the world would be like with far, far, fewer people – and if those that remained were of my own race and mindset.

      • “On the one hand, continually raising the minimum wage just continually increases other costs and prices.”

        Adjusted for *real* inflation, the minimum wage has kept going down. The majority of American middle- and working-class people live more austere and insecure lives than their grandparents of fifty years ago. And this process shall continue. What we see is a class struggle by the well-heeled to maintain the absolute size of their piece of the cake — even as the cake as a whole keeps shrinking.

      • There is a concerted effort to destroy the environment in Western countries through migration, for certain.

        I have noticed recently the outdoors and the associated activities and realities are routinely vilified. For example, extremely rare big predator attacks on humans now are front and center with the propaganda organs. In the not-so-distant past, an almost annoying albeit true disclaimer would accompany, say, a story about a bear attack, with something along the lines of how rare these are, most of these animals are defensive, and so forth. No longer. The bear is straight up demonized. Watch for this. It is quite something.

        As has been noted here in the past, camping and fishing, as examples, are now routinely demonized as “too White.” There was a failed attempt to present via television commercials diverse outdoors activities. When that proved too laughable even for propaganda, it was back to demonizing the great outdoors due to its Whiteness (which is true, as is conservation in general).

        I think I’m right about this: the environment and outdoors activities are being demonized and derided because of the logical belief that overpopulation degrades them. The Clouds have decided that large non-White populations are a greater good than a clean environment and the propaganda has been recalibrated.

    • Our living standards would not “have to plummet” if we weren’t bringing in a billion extra people.

      Trying to provide a 21st-century American lifestyle to the entire 8+ billion of the world will eventually break the system, sure. But it was a choice our elites made. It wasn’t inevitable.

      • “Trying to provide a 21st-century American lifestyle to the entire 8+ billion of the world will eventually break the system, sure. But it was a choice our elites made. It wasn’t inevitable.”

        That was never the game plan. The plan was to keep them in their current condition (if not worse). The only thing that has changed is the resolve to bring the white middle and working classes of Europe and North America down to third world levels. And this aim has been mostly successful. It remains a work in progress.

        • Arshad Ali: The third world’s current condition is a result of the people’s biology. Not excusing invade/invite the world, or even whatever percent of wealth extraction took place under colonialism (besides which in most places the colonizers bequeathed the colonies infrastructure and standards). But there is no way for everyone in a multiracial, multicultural world to live like White men. And the fate of non-Whites is not the White man’s responsibility.

        • It was not magic. The white middle and working classes of Europe built their own living standards out of the same feudal poverty as everyone else. They then spread this to raise the standards and population of the rest of the world pretty uh.

          The difference is the rest of the world did not.

          So now the parasitic section is stealing the inheritance from those that constructed it out of their own toil and ingenuity to give to those who were unable to do it on their own.

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