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I recorded the show on Wednesday evening, so I could not comment on the Kanye West appearance on the Alex Jones show. Editing the show last night, after having watched a bit of the circus and the aftermath, it occurred to me that what we are seeing is the imagination of Andrew Anglin come to life. West is a weird post-modern Pinocchio that exists to lampoon the pieties of the current age.

For those who did not see it, West was on the Alex Jones show with Nick Fuentes to make a big scene. West showed up dressed as a ghetto Spiderman. He was wearing what looked like a varsity jacket, if the varsity was gay prison gang, along with a black gimp mask that had no openings for his eyes or mouth. He also brought a tiny net that you would use to fetch fish from an aquarium.

In the course of the show, West tried to promote Hitler as a misunderstood character, wrongly slandered by the Jews. Alex Jones tried hard to keep the show on the topic of censorship, but West would have none of it. Laura Loomer was brought on to talk about herself and one of Sammy Davis Jr’s grandchildren spoke for some reason. Fuentes was a minor player in this theater of the absurd.

Since this started, I have struggled to make sense of it, as the whole thing is an eleven on my ridiculous meter. It is impossible to take seriously a man who thinks it is a good idea to do a TV interviewed dressed as ghetto Spiderman. Add in the fact that he is playing the Clayton Bigsby character from that old Dave Chappell sketch, but taking the role seriously, and we are in a strange place.

The question that matters here is who benefits from this? Freak shows always have a short life and in time this will be forgotten. On the other hand, those who lampoon current pieties with absurd exaggeration can stick around, but eventually their target gets tired of the jester and has him thrown off the tower. Andrew Anglin has been ignored into extinction by the people he used to mock.

On the other, other hand, this freak show is just the next step in the decline of our politics into the absurd. Is a black hip-hop Nazi any more ridiculous than a brain damaged hobo in the Senate? Maxine Waters is now a respected figure in Washington, so how absurd is it to imagine Kanye West as the new David Duke? This freak show is just the next logical step in the decline of politics.

That said, mockery and satire work as political weapons when there is a serious message baked into the mockery and satire. It is hard to find the serious message in any of this, other than maybe it was a bad idea to elevate hip-hop culture, but that was obvious since the Sugar Hill Gang came on the scene. Otherwise, this stuff just looks like weird for the sake of being weird.

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210 thoughts on “Selected Items

  1. Z, I love it when you get cracked up reading your material. It really is funny, and your amusement is contagious, at least for me: I find myself smiling along with you.

    And I like Kanye. Yes, he’s crazy. Yes, a lot of his ideas are crazy. But some of the things he says do make sense. And no one else in the mainstream media space is saying them.

    For example, I appreciate it that he had the balls to point out Jewish over-representation in various fields, despite the fact that it cost him a lot of money.

    His doing so raised a lot of questions that (in my opinion) deserve looking at.

    For example: what exactly does it mean to be “anti-Semitic”? Does criticizing some Jews imply that you dislike all Jews?

    Obviously for the fanatical pro-Semites at the ADL, *any* criticism of Jewish people for *any* reason makes one a deplorable anti-Semite.

    And I think that anything that helps Normies to see that is a good thing.

    And it’s simply historical fact that Jews have been over-represented in a lot of sketchy activities. And anyone calling attention to that fact, is doing everyone a favor.

    Certainly Jews were over-represented in the Bolshevik revolution that ushered in communism in the Soviet Union; and certainly they’ve been over-represented in leftist causes in America ever since.

    And it’s undeniable that today Jews are over-represented in the money-lending and check-cashing businesses, in pornography, in Hollywood, in the music industry, and among Democratic Party donors. Those are simply facts.

    And it’s also true that Jews have been overrepresented in scientific achievement, in Nobel prizes in medicine and science. Which makes sense when you consider that of all the people groups, Ashkenazi Jews have the highest average IQ of around 115.

    So I think ‘Ye’ did everyone a favor by having the courage to raise ‘the Jewish question’ in a media space where no one else is talking about it.

    Back when I was working at the homeless shelter, among a constantly-changing group of well-to-do White Christian mostly-female volunteers, it occurred to me how having a lot of money allows a person to be crazy in a way that you simply couldn’t be if you weren’t rich.

    Saying or doing crazy things will quickly get you into trouble if you’re living on the streets; but if you’re living in a mansion and married to a wealthy businessman, you can get away with it.

    I’ve never heard Kanye’s music, and I’d never seen his sneakers or his clothing line. But it’s not hard to imagine how being as incredibly successful as he’s been— at anticipating and reflecting and capitalizing-on the musical and sartorial tastes of his generation— has made him think that he’s a smart guy.

    And I admire the way he seems to be being honest and transparent about what he believes, and not afraid to say what he’s thinking, regardless of the consequences.

    And for all his craziness, he does express some true things. A lot moreso than, say, LeBron James; another Black celebrity whose success gives his opinions an audience that a person like him would never have otherwise.

    And yeah: I think Fuentes is along for the ride, digging the publicity. He’s stumbled on an opportunity to get his message out to a nationwide audience, like he’s never had before. Hard to blame him for taking advantage of it.

  2. MTG may be a dummy (I think that’s overstating the case btw.) and it doesn’t matter. She’d be in top half of intelligence among left wing politicians. Seriously, she looks like a fucking genius compared to half the democrats in Congresss.

    What you don’t see, ever, is democrats attacking one of those morons for being dumb. Or any other reason.

    Our side needs to learn from them and stop attacking people on our team for any reason. Including being stupid, or venal or squishes. All that does is aid the left in keeping us down.

    Lets all agree that you’re way smarter than MTG. Great. Just remember that we need dumb and flawed people too. Lots of them as they’re the overwhelming majority of people in the country,

    So next time you think of attacking a moron on the right, just stop. And attack one on the left instead.

    • 1. I think Zman is correct in that she is not so bright. She’s not tall enough for the Ye/Queerboy two-fer (Milo & Nick) ride. The concept and utility and hilarity fly right over her head.

      2. I think she is the sort of Christian contaminated with Schofield Bible heresy and would sport the dual American/Israel flag pin so dear to Sarah Palin. IOW, her pro-huWhite views drifted in from a pro-Israel direction.

      3. I generally adhere to the “Don’t shoot right” rule.

      4. While I might not condemn her in public, I would not trust her with delicate information or to reason her way out of a paper bag.

      • That may all be true.

        But she’s in Congress.
        All she has to do is vote right.
        Which a brain damaged hobo can do.

        • The Left doesn’t even flinch when their hypocrisy is pointed out.

          Sadly, the Right keeps acting like they are a HS student running for prom queen-trying to appease the Left’s whims on decor and popularity.

          The Left is the opposition-acting accordingly is a simple task.

    • Jared Taylor is one of the men that I admire most. That said, my guess is that he estimates that our cause can benefit from strategic alliances with non-whites sympathetic to our cause. I am more pessimistic in my answer to that question but it is a question on which intelligent and dedicated people can disagree.

      The only gatekeeping that AmRen does is not to associate with people like David Duke or the TRS crew who want to exclude non-whites from any participation in our cause. For my part, I like Duke and the TRS guys as much as I like Jared.

      • I would be interested in seeing anything where Jared Taylor talks about “strategic alliances with non-whites sympathetic to our cause.” I cannot think of anything he has said that would suggest, but maybe you have some examples. In all of my conversations with Jared, his focus is always on getting white people to accept racial reality, the demographic reality faced by white people and developing a white racial identity.

        • I was thinking of speakers like Laura Loomer and Michelle Malkin and I’m only guessing about Jared’s thoughts.

          Ramzpaul is a good example of a guy who sees this much differently than me. He frequently emphasizes his friendliness to all people of all races and although he wants a majority white nation, he does not want to exclude anyone. There is no doubt that this approach is effective in attracting persuabable whites who don’t want to think of themselves as mean people. I enjoy his show.

          I guess that I believe that in the long run most non-whites will choose loyalty to their tribe over the values that you may share with them, like conservatism or Christianity. The OJ trial and Obama’s presidential run are examples that support my perspective.

          All of this is speculative, I could be wrong, and we should be tolerant of our comrades who come to different conclusions. Let’s try both approaches, Ramzpaul’s and NJP’s.

          • Ramzpaul is a good example of a bridge to the DR, rather than a gate-keeper. Yes, some do camp out in Ramzpaul-land indefinitely, but many keep right on walking right.

            Ramzpaul promotes a sort of kumbaya “I don’t hate anyone” right-ishness. But his vision sure does seem White-normative and he has not thrown much shade to his right (or wherever those with a harder line on the JQ reside relative to Ramzpaul).

            So, like JT, I would consider him an ally who uses alternate means/views to get to a similar end goal.

          • Jared Taylor is handicapped in that he advocates for the only race with an ingrained biological death wish

        • Z-man, it’s a fair cop.

          To JT’s credit, his message is mostly a pro-hu-White message, to include positive White identity, such as you write about.

          When presented with the JQ in various venues, JT’s response often has been something to the effect of, “They look white to me.” That can be taken more than one way, one of which is a White/Jew alliance or–more easily–White/Jew conflation. Few folks in/about the DR are willing to conflate White & Jew interests.

          Also, I think JT has made positive-sounding noise about Asians.

          So you get the sort of squish DR sort that are pro-White _and_ seek alliance with “good” Jews and “good” Asians. Miller & Malkin are the examples that pop into my head. JT makes it relatively easy to put him in the DR squish camp.

          For my part, I am OK with JT’s wobbliness on the JQ and AQ. Not everyone has to have the rock-ribbed TR position on the JQ for me to consider them an ally. There is room for more than one means to the end.

          • I could feel the tension at this AmRen concerning the JQ. There were a LOT of younger guys who were very interested in it. I had lunch with 3 guys under 30, and thats what we talked about, unprovoked by me.. One of them even, naively, perhaps, asked Loomer about it at Q&A (she didnt bat an eye).

            I don’t think JT or Mr. Man understand the spiritual dimension. Blacks are nothing, they are easy to control, and we have only been in close contact with them for a few hundred years. Not so with the Tribe. They have been our foil for 2000 years. There is no way they will ever let Whites be, because after 10-15 centuries of White Christian Culture and Society, Christ and his Church are in our DNA THats why they hate us because they hate Him.

          • Hi-Ya!, top shelf comment, you’ve gotten directly to the heart of it. People have very short memories, historically speaking. Blacks seem like the bigger issue but as you said w/o Jewish power behind them and the full threat of government and the backing of every major lever of power they would collapse immediately.

            How do I know this? Africa…

            The other problem however is millennial in it’s arc of history. This is my -main- gripe with Jared Taylor. He is looking very closely at the deployed bioweapon only. His blind spot for the JQ can only let me think he’s either got some juice close to him, or is just too afraid to touch the 3rd rail even though he’s already a very controversial figure. It’s an odd thing I’ve not seen a good theory for yet.

            What I do know is that if you cannot even name a problem or it’s source you are wasting your time utterly. Like having cancer and only treating the symptoms, basically.

  3. Your segment about the Liberians in Fargo ND scared of those horrible racist natives is one of your best ever. You nailed the whole dynamic. And yes, that is a very good question, who found them and brought them there.

    • Yes, it is maddening to have third world creatures shoved down one’s throat. The solution is for the natives to take care of business, since the ones who sent them there won’t.

      If say, the strangers started being abducted by say, aliens, and they started disappearing, the rest would get the message.

      On a different topic, one can do quite a bit with vast fields and a sturdy backhoe.

      Or, if you’ve seen the movie, a wood chipper.

    • Almost certainly one of the “Christian/Catholic” resettlement “charities” was responsible. It’s a big business.

  4. let me get this straight
    White people lived in America won the world war 2
    After than White people lived in America gave power to Jew
    Ian Cranston case happened, Jews constantly humiliate and destroying white peoples’ lives

    If I was Nazi, I would laugh about this whole day
    And concluded that white American lives don’t matter
    Damn, I can’t mad about jew being jew but I really hate white American become such a docile who voluntarily be collaborating to Jew

    Real Nazis agree with me that All white living in America should death, because white American are such cancer to European race

  5. Easy to criticize MTG when you remain an anonymous, faceless voice, She out there in the public eye..

  6. In my time among the “dirt people” and “deplorables”. I have met quite a few MTG types. Stupid, Self-Rightous Christian women who have destroyed their families through adulatory and divorce just like any secular woman. They hide behind the claim that they have “accepted Jesus” and fit right in amongst the Christcuck conservatives who are desperate to have anyone on their side.

    She represent one of the ugliest facets of the “heritage population”

    • MTG said people who now joined the military were “wasting their lives.” I give her a small pass for everything else–the knocks on her are fair–because of this. Matt Gaetz or Rand Paul may have said something similar, but I don’t recall or know if they did.

      Someone had to say it.

      • America is and has been for decades, the most corrupt, immoral, and warmongering country on the planet. She was indeed correct and would serve as great advice to any young man thinking of representing the corrupt shit hole that America has become.

  7. Caitlyn Jenner addresses Kanye West’s Twitter suspension over offensive posts On fox today. Finally some normal, grounding news that ever American can get behind.

  8. Curious to hear the thoughts of z and the comment section on Queen Anne’s article and criticism of Fuentes. I’m a fan of hers in general. I think she’s certainly right about Trump’s narcissism, but I don’t know Fuentes well enough to judge him. From the small amount I’ve seen of him, it certainly could be the case.

    • Anne Coulter is a cuck and the worst kind since she tries to hide it. She supported every Forever War and Mitt Romney, and is a coal burner. This doesn’t negate her knocks on Trump, per se, but shows who the messenger is

      • Interesting, wasn’t aware of her backing of Romney. I’ve been only reading her for about a year or two in Taki. Is it possible she’s drifted to our side since her Romney days though? She’s been pretty base on a lot of race issues in her articles there. I means, I’m sure most of us were republicans at one point, heck there might even be a few reformed liberals here haha.

        • Like Michelle Malkin, Coulter was part of the more hardcore wing of neoconservatism before Trump’s 2016 run. Both women have changed for the better within the last ten years and to access them properly you must take that into account.

          I once rode in an elevator alone with Malkin when she spoke at AmRen. She looked at me like she was worried that I would be an intolerant Nazi to her. What she didn’t realize is that I am a nice man in addition to those qualities.

          I struck up a conversation with her about how acerbic the late Larry Auster could be. It was a nice 30 second exchange.

    • In my opinion, Queen Ann is mistaken to equate Trump and Fuentes.

      Fuentes has a consistent set of beliefs that persist through time and I agree with many of them. Like most public figures, Fuentes is probably hungry for attention but that has little effect on his beliefs.

      In contrast, Trump has few persistent beliefs and they are overwhelmed by his need for approval and the applause of crowds. Trump’s need for attention dwarfs Fuentes’.

      Although I said that I share many of Fuentes’ beliefs, I have always found him off-putting. But if he ever advances our cause, I will support him.

  9. Meta-analysis: tossing a bunch of lousy studies in a pot, shaking it up, and claiming the end result is a good study.

  10. Currently of the top 10 rated NFL quarterbacks, 7 are black.

    *If it makes you guys feel any better, Russell Wilson is ranked near the bottom at 30 out of the 32 quarterbacks.

    *The top rated QB at #1 is Tua Tagovailoa. A Samoan. Not sure if Samoan counts as black.

    *Patrick Mahomes is currently ranked #2, and has been the top ranked QB for a few years now. Pretty much always in the top 3. He’s half black, half white.

    *The 5 blacks in the top ten are black blacks.

    *The ranking system is ESPN’s Total QBR. It’s the most accurate QB metric of them all. It uses both statistics and real people watching the games, i.e. “The eye test”.

    *Just saying. Blacks be getting it done at QB. A position they were long thought to be unsuited for.

    *Sure black QBs “cheat” by often running with the ball instead of throwing it. But I don’t recall anyone complaining when QB running ability was the secret weapon of Staubach, Bradshaw, Farve, Tarkington, Steve Young, etc.

    • Offensive schemes have been dumbed down to allow the QB position to take advantage of Hutu athleticism. And, at any rate, get back to me when Hutu QBs–and no, Mahomes doesn’t count–start winning Super Bowls and landing in Canton.

      • You hit the nail on the head Ostei. The sport is almost unrecognizable in terms of rules in comparison to 20 years ago. The oversimplified version is this: the NFL sought an “exciting” high scoring game. Thus, they handcuffed defensive ability to hit offensive players (especially qbs and receivers). As a result, receivers were never as open as they are today, making the reads easier. With the reads much easier, black speed became a big leg up. They also have less concern running the ball because of roughing the passer. Not to mention, there’s been a marked decrease in whites in defensive positions such as linebacker because of the same reasons, they diminished the value of raw strength (where whites have the edge) and IQ and increased the value of speed and athleticism.

        Steve Sailer had a related article a few weeks ago about soccer and why all white teams are still viable in the sport, but wouldn’t be if they implemented some of the changes that some people suggest.

      • “get back to me when Hutu QBs–and no, Mahomes doesn’t count–start winning Super Bowls and landing in Canton”

        Warren Moon – Hall of Fame QB – Career: 1984 – 2000

        Doug Williams. 1988 Super Bowl winner vs. John Elway. And Super Bowl MVP.

    • Warren Moon was the only real, true exception before they changed the game, and Steve McNair to a lesser extent because he was just a tough SOB provided he wasn’t staring down the barrel of his mistresses gun.

  11. Very nice finish today!

    You joke about the Apple third ear bud. Let’s see. Starbucks just announced an in-store game to guess the gender of the barista. (Babylon Bee story)

  12. Nice Sugar Hill Gang reference. They were widely credited with the first rap song, “Rapper’s Delight”, which was actually a new, fun, silly song. If only it had stopped there, and been classified as a pop song. Every rap song thereafter borrowed the same blueprint, but added profane lyrics and computer beats. It’s like classifying Elvis’ first hit “That’s All Right” as a new genre, and making worse and worse knockoffs ad infinitum for the next 40 years.

    • Rap in the early- and mid-80s was basically a harmless gimmick. Those were like novelty songs. The lyrics were inane and the music undemanding, but the tunes were often amusing and had a good beat. In 1982 I never would have projected the godawful noise rap was to become in 2022. It is no longer music in any shape or form.

    • There is no redeeming quality to “Rappers Delight”, esp. knowing where it went from there. Up to that point colored people were making some very good music, for instance, Earth Wind and Fire, Tower of Power, Jeffrey Osbourne, the Stylistics, even Little Stevie Wonder. It could even lead one to believe that we shared some common characteristics. Now?

      • Blacks made good music when they were compelled to channel their abilities into western cultural forms. But with multiculti and the destruction of the West, blacks were free to be entirely black, and horrendous dreck like rap is the result.

  13. I’d never seen that Clayton Bigsby bit before… I just about spit my coffee out laughing so hard! The fun factor in this is watching the gears grind in the prog minds as they attempt to call Ye an anti-semite while trying to maintain that blacks, regardless of wealth or status, cannot be racist. Maybe their heads will explode from the cognitive dissonance like the rednecks at the end of the Bigsby bit.

  14. I don’t know if there is any truth to the whole porn-causes-rape stuff, by why take chances? Arrest the pornographers, take all their stuff and money and deport them back to Israel. Make hosting it a capital offense and viewing it at least a felony.

        • “I can think of a third alternative for y’all to go.”

          The one where they have the orchestras for everyone to play a musical instrument, and OB/GYN/nurseries for the expectant mothers and their babies, and nobody gets lice on account of the insecticide, and people learn trades and discover that working with their hands sets them free?

  15. The big winner here is Nick Fuentes. Thanks to all this he has made front pages worldwide, and millions upon millions are going to check him out. He’s going to add followers exponentially.

  16. A work buddy is a big NFL guy. He sent me a link a little while back to a story about how Dan Snyder (Redskins owner) has dirt on Jerry Jones (Cowboys owner. Then I hear about a CNN story yesterday, there’s a photo of Jerry Jones standing with students who were opposing school integration in Arkansas. Interesting coincidence.

    • Poor Jerry. Yet another boomer conservative is going to be thrown to the dogs by a conniving little (redacted).

      Jerry deserves it though. He conspired to move the Rams to LA, and he along with Stan Kroenke are (redacted) in spirit.

  17. Still not seeing a downside to the Candidate Ye phenomenon, or Trump 2.0.

    But I am a little concerned for Loomer. Will her fraternization with unhinged conspiracy theorists and lunatic anti-Semites cause her to be cancelled by AmRen?

  18. Hey ZMan. Listening to the NFL coach bit. I think the issue is that the snowglobe is constructed to avoid any contact with critical analysis. This is because they are acting in bad faith. They want a specific outcome and are ginning up mobs to cow the owners and the managers into capitulating when they have their internal conversations with reasoned. I think the desire is to get the owners and managers to just say, “Yeah white coaches and other knowledeable people, you are right. But, I’ve got this mob that won’t listen to reason because the Washington Post has cited BS studies and convinced them that there is an injustice to be rectified. So, even though you know it is BS, and we know it is BS, we have to pretend to agree. Unfortunately, that means that fewer of you will be hired as coaches and General Managers in the future.”

    So, what is the solution? It seems that this means either:

    Option 1:
    The white coaches become like the disgruntled potential black coaches and start suing for discrimination. Given that they are white, they will be laughed out of any claim to the victim narrative. Blacks own the victim narrative and they will never permit themselves to be dispossessed of it. That is why Sowell, and Steele, and Lowry cannot ever be given oxygen and a listening. They will be Uncle Tom’d forever.

    Option 2:
    The owners, managers and coaches do the following:
    1. write Op Eds explaining the reality and debunking the snowglobe liar’s narrative
    2. they go to the owners of the media outlets with some financial leverage and demand that before such stories are published the Editors and the NFL vet the cited studies and sign off is required by the NFL, the Editors and even the media owners before such stories can be published. After all, you are talking about the livelihood of men who have invested massive amounts of time into their skill and profession and there are very few jobs for them. You are also talking about the consequences of perpetuating false narratives about the league and the society as a whole.
    3. Vet the Editors and come up with a plan to purge their ranks of ideologues. Perhaps they need a council of editors who are trained by the NFL for NFL related stories. Of course a different kind of bias can arise. There is no utopia.

    In short, the amount of resources that need to be expended to combat the Black Supremacists exploiting the guilt complex is massive. The guilt complex is buttressed by the narrative and a vast army of well positioned true believers bent on a specific outcome, (that is unjust), that requires there to be a problem in order to justify the outcome. The entire role of the snowglobe is to invent a problem and erect structures that show the problem is a constructed fiction.

    This is a great topic, because it permits analysis of what it is that we really face, and thus some chance at combatting it.

    At some point, the owners and managers will be facing the same heat that the coaches are facing. If not them,, their progeny will face it. Maybe they don’t think so. Maybe, they just aren’t thinking.

    • “The entire role of the snowglobe is to invent a problem and erect structures that show the problem is a constructed fiction.”

      I meant, The entire role of the snowglobe is to invent a problem and erect structures that prevent anyone who can show the problem is a constructed fiction from doing so.

  19. My view is that Fuentes and Milo were paid to do this by various Soros affiliated dark money to take down Trump and his voters. That was the play. However Kanye West is a two-edged sword.

    It would be hilarious and instructive for the Dissident Right to dress up with a tiny hat and ask Obama, Maxine Waters, Warnock, Le Bron, and all the rest to denounce West AND Farrakhan! and the Nation of Islam. Farrakhan!! (imagine William Shatner saying that when younger).

    The alliance against White guys can only exist when their internal contradictions are papered over by mutual hate of White guys. But get their own hatreds out into the open and its fun times. Maxine Waters cannot and will not condemn Farrakhan! and the Nation of Islam. Neither can or will Le Bron, Obama, Biden’s press secretary, her “wife” or any other Black personality. So they should be put on the spot — will they condemn both Kanye and Farrakhan or not?

    Related: they fear Trump, otherwise this stuff would not be operational. The FT had a weekend article about Trump the gist of it being that Mar A Lago is filled with gauche, nouveau riche people in their sixties or older who resemble Rodney Dangerfield’s character in Caddyshack (this has been a consistent criticism of Trump by the left since the beginning and they’ve openly compared him to that character). Its an “interesting choice” by the Left and speaks to who they are as much as anything.

    • I don’t think Fuentes would take money from Soros

      I think Fuentes is using West to boost his own profile. West is probably a lunatic, its not going to end well for him

    • If the right’s most prominent homosexual pedophiles did drag Kanye into an op, it wouldn’t be a Soros op, but one assigned to them by the last Republican at the FBI, to rescue the party from Trump.

      Seeing a man in trouble is sad, but to me the most depressing thing about Kanye’s situation is that people don’t remember *anything*. MAD KANYE WEST IN ANTISEMITIC OUTRAGE has been an annual press freakout for at least a decade. His own damn fans are talking about this like he *just now* went insane and made a “hard right turn” (is the official phrase). The past, however recent, is illegible.

      I don’t think our guys have a way to take advantage of this, except to point at the obvious: “If you say that Jews are going to destroy you, they’ll do it.” If we have to talk about the story, we should emphasize the part where Kanye’s weird Mossad muscleman showbiz handler promised him a chemical lobotomy if he didn’t pipe down on the JQ. Kanye gave the press the threatening messages, thinking truth was a defense—and they reprinted them, knowing the truth wouldn’t matter at all. Who remembers? That was *days* ago.

    • Milo is doing something nefarious. I don’t throw the term “fed” around lightly but Milo has GAE written all over him.

      He became broke after the “Reagan Battalion” knifed him, and was showing signs he was going to become the next Corey Feldman. Then he “found Jesus” and now he’s all of a sudden a major political player in the d-right again? I don’t think Jesus has anything to do with it.

    • Your idea on pressing all of them to renounce Farrakhan and other Jew haters filling their pulpits is brilliant.

      That is the kind of meme that is highly timely and with the new Twitter would be a huge eye opener. I have zero meme skills, but you should do this or find someone who can put it together this weekend. You know who would post it? Kanye! He wants to force someone to come to his aid.

      The Meme is something like West’s defcon thing with all of the above condemning West. Then, rabid anti-Jewish Farrakhan statements and then all of the above praising him or hugging him or the size of donations that he gives them …

      A great follow up meme is Kanye with defcon and the reaction to him (say his wealth evaporating overnight) and contrasted with a high profile person with a massive anti-white statement and show them living consequence free or being praised, funded, promoted by the ADL, NAACP … …

      Very timely and we have an opening to get a huge viral audience provided by Musk.

  20. Personally, I think he is an MKUltra victim who is experience a breakdown. The association with the Kardashians, the most elite of all HWood families, his forced hospitalizations, his reference to the sacrifice of his mother. In the circles I read, Kanye has long been picked as a clear tool of the elite. Did you see those threats his trainer made? Did you look into the absolutely bizarre connection this trainer has with many of the A-Listers (and I do not mean simply for exercise)? Classic MKUltra handler.
    Considered in this light, the gimp mask makes perfect sense.

    • Crazy world, yes? Why would the ugliest motherfuckers on earth, get all hell bent on making the whole planet a prisoncamp? Their devil book tells them so. They print the money, they own all media, they feel invincible.. The pendulum is beginning to swing…people have had enough of smallhat devious and evil shit, cracks are appearing, clouds are coming, everyone feels it , they know this shit gets settled 1 way or another.

  21. What I find funny is how all of the juice have come out of the woodwork to go after Kanye. In a matter of hours it went from being the most mortal sin to attack the sacred cows to being completely OK to bash the hell out of them for criticizing the tribe. Black lives matter after all…

    In my dream world we would see the ferals unite and start attacking the juice, going into their hoods, burning their homes, etc. It would be a dream beyond all dreams.

    • Agreed. If there is any question about which group, blacks or chosen, are most influential, this conflict answers it.

      “You said that we have undue influence over your culture, which is false. As punishment for speaking this falsehood, we are going to drive you out of the economic and media systems and ruin your life.”

    • Steve Sailer said years ago the real holy war was Blacks v. Gays for ultimate victim bragging rights, and I haven’t seen anything to disprove this. Younger non-aligned may not appreciate that the J-Team glomming onto homoqueer is historically relatively recent, not really culturally coordinated until the post-AIDS media/money bonanza of “Love has no rules.” Before that time bourgeois Jews (as opposed to West Village “Angels In America” types) really weren’t on that page, were more likely to be found reliving some Freedom Rider cosplay or fête-ing a jurist somewhere. But the 60s did not die as advertised, and the less telegenic Hollywood-sicko component of the decade turned out to have legs.

  22. ZMan: “I caught a bunch of $**t for criticizing Marjorie Taylor Greene, but it turns out I was right.”

    Yes. Yes you were.

  23. Remember the times some physicists warned us about particle accelerators?

    Some of them feared that an atom of “strange matter” could be created. They said mere contact with a single atom could transform the rest of the matter in the universe into “strange matter”.

    Well it happened, welcome to clown world

    • You appear to have a very limited experience-based knowledge of black culture and the role celebrity men play in it. What you are seeing as mentally unstable is just what the left hand side of the bell curve looks like when your conversation gets beyond “do you want fries with that.” Thats just what they do. This is how “low intelligence” people process the world (often correctly): binary choices of good v evil, my friend or my enemy, and if it sounds kooky, its just how it is. “Chit be crazy, yo.”
      Kanye isn’t crazy, hes just an average-level intelligence and education black man who people let speak his mind to a wide audience.

      • I’ve long suspected that blacks tend to process things emotionally, and that affects their behavior beyond just the IQ thing. The flying off the handle and wanting to fight police officers so they end up getting shot, the ease by which the you-know-whos gin them up against whites, the fact that stop-and-frisk substantially reduced black-on-black murder by forcing them to go home and get their gun for those critical minutes to cool off…

        The thing with processing information emotionally is that the person doesn’t necessarily come to the wrong conclusion, but when asked to explain their reasoning it all comes out as incoherent nonsense. So when interviewed, Kanye makes a poor showing and it becomes easier to write him off as a nutjob.

        • Blacks definitely score higher in impulsivity than Whites or Asians do.

          And paradoxically— given their lower intelligence— they also have the highest reported self-esteem.

          So combining the two, you have ‘Ye’: someone who’s perpetually fascinated by his own thoughts, and doesn’t think to filter before speaking his mind.

  24. I don’t know if there is some kind of larger message we can get from the Kenye stuff, but it’s hilarious. Can’t wait till Snopes or the Washington Post starts “fact checking” his claims. It’ll be even funnier.

    • Maybe instead of “Ye” we start calling him “Kanye Kente.” Has a retro ring to it, gets to the heart of their complaints against the Fellow Whites.

  25. “In the course of the show, West tried to promote Hitler as a misunderstood character, wrongly slandered by the Jews.”

    In a lot of ways Hitler WAS a “misunderstood character.” That’s not to say that Hitler’s Germany didn’t commit atrocities — it did.

    But so did a lot of other countries, such as the mass-raping Soviet Union and the civilian-bombing U.S. and Great Britain.

    Nobody ever bothers to try understand what motivated Hitler in the first place and how and why he rose to power. Hitler was first and foremost an anti-communist whose country had been partitioned at Versailles and stripped of an army to defend itself against the Soviet Union. The Red Army, led by the Jew Leon Trotsky, would have marched right into Germany had Pilsudski not scored an 11th-hour victory at the Battle of Warsaw in 1920. There were multiple communist coup attempts in Germany led largely by Jews in 1919. How many Americans know what the Bavarian Soviet Republic was? Look it up.

    If the United States had not abandoned the Monroe Doctrine and interfered in the internal affairs of Europe in 1917, there would have been no Hitler. The U.S. insisted that Germany become democratic. It did, and NSDAP formed a government in democratic elections. The U.S. then allied itself with the communist Soviet Union of Josef Stalin to defeat Germany’s democratically elected leader. That’s pretty fucked up when you really think about it.

    One need not admire or like or approve of Hitler to have a genuine understanding of the circumstances under which he rose to power. Unfortunately, academics and historians are forbidden to question the Official Jewish Narrative and the Official American Imperialist Narrative of what actually happened.

    When there is no free speech and there is no free debate among intellectuals who should have the ability to discuss these things openly and it falls to a semi-retarded Negro to discuss them, and you get the clown show that you just saw on Alex Jones’s circus.

    • Hitler had legitimate grievances, but defense against a Soviet invasion was not among them. In 1920 the Red Army was bogged down in the Russian Civil War for the USSR’s very existence. Conquering Germany was not, shall we say, high on Lenin’s list of priorities.

      • Wrong. Global revolution was high on Lenin’s — and particularly Trotsky’s — list of priorities. Recall that in 1920, the Soviet Union did not yet have fifteen constituent republics. It conquered Ukraine in 1920 (which did not become a Soviet republic until 1922) then then marched into Poland and would have absolutely taken Germany next if it had been successful:

        “A Soviet victory, which would have led to the creation of a pro-Soviet Communist Poland, would have put the Soviets directly on the eastern border of Germany, where considerable revolutionary ferment was present at the time.”

        Recall that until 1919, Poland itself was mostly Prussia. So the advance of the Red Army into Poland was absolutely a mortal threat to the Germany which had been dismembered and left defenseless at Versailles.

        • The USSR’s actions in the Soviet-Polish War were largely in response to Polish incursions eastward into territories that had, at many points, been a part of the Russian Empire. They were, therefore, primarily tactical and defensive rather than strategic and ideological. The chief tactic for encouraging communist revolution in Europe, including Germany, was Comintern-funded propaganda and insurrection. A large-scale invasion of Germany was not in the cards.

          As for the Ukraine, throughout the vast majority of its history, including early in the 20th century, most of it had been part of Russia. Indeed, the first Russian state was Kievan Rus. Soviet military action there was irredentist, not some attempt to acquire foreign territories de novo.

          • Reasonable.

            But…why is it the projectors never spouted, “But Stalin wanted to take over the world!!!”

            Because he did. The Communist Internationale.

            International Brotherhood if Electrical Workers, IBEW, those industrial union thingies and their coordination with organized crime, etc. Marx himself organized the first union, longshoremen in Stuttgart. From unions to political activism and power.

    • Given the establishment’s rather spotty record with the truth, I would not be surprised to learn one day that Senior Bigotes was unfairly maligned. Not sure Ye is the best vehicle for that revelation, but I guess you take what you can.

      • I mean, come on. Black bodies cannot be racist by definition. An independently wealthy world-famous black guy saying “hitler did nothing wrong” is about as on-the-spot as you can get for rustling ALL the jimmies.
        Come on people, rejoice a little. The rebellious uprising within the enemy’s coallition is upon us, and all you guys can do is make wardrobe critiques? Also, apparently none of you have ever spent time in Oakland, that’s just what they do, guys. Perhaps they understand better than you that your manner of dress is a key part of expressing your ethnic and cultural identity. It is weird to us because it is not of us, not because it is universally weird (have you not seen the hats their church ladies wear!?)

    • Somewhat terrifying to me that you go 27-0 on a comment that in summary promotes the “let’s give Hitler the benefit of the doubt” perspective on his career. Hitler was an asshole, quite aside from his view of Jews. The crimes of other countries and leaders in no way diminish the fact that Hitler’s reputation as, well, HITLER, was well-earned; he didn’t give a shit about Germany, about people, about anything except his “vision”, whatever the fuck that was.

      • The real pity of it is that we, writing here in 2022, surrounded as we are with 2022 problems, can’t escape Hitler talk. Or Stalin or Mao talk, etc. Of course, a reliance on old templates for evaluating the present is not new. The problem for us is that rapid change produces rapid history, and we don’t have proper guideposts. Hitler may as well be Genghis Khan, for all the importance he has to us. But our imagination can’t catch up with current conditions.

        • It’s not “us” who can’t escape the “Hitler talk.” If Kanye West had made similar comments about Genghis Khan, nobody would give a fuck.

          The only reason why “Hitler talk” remains a big deal in 2022 is that Jews are disproportionately in positions of power and able to control the discourse, and they insist that we always have “Hitler talk” so that if you oppose anything they do they can call you “Hitler.”

          In 2016 we could not even have an election between a loudmouth New York developer and a loudmouth bitchy feminist on their respective merits or demerits without Trump becoming the New Hitler. Wasn’t “us” who did that, it was the Tribe, the Tribe-controlled media and the Tribe controlled Neocons.

  26. > It is hard to find the serious message

    The serious message is that Ridiculous Hip Hop Man still got banned from Twitter for “inciting violence” even though he spoke of nothing but love.

    The serious message is that any Black man — even one who has made millions and millions for Jews — will have all of his wealth and family taken away and his voice silenced for *any* criticism (no matter how outlandish) of certain Jews or Jews as a whole. Millions of Black Americans — and the entire world, for that matter — can see this crystal-clear, even if others can not see past the ridiculous antics.

    I know some in these parts do not like acknowledging the JQ, but more and more normies *are* starting to notice. WASPs have a deep-rooted reaction to injustice and hate to see a situation where one set of rules applies to one particular group but not others. Blacks live vicariously through their few members who manage to make it to the top, and they do *not* like seeing one of their own held down.

    The Overton window is shifting bigly. Don’t get hung up on the Clown Show. Focus on what matters.

    • If WASPs truly hated double standards they would have rebelled against the anti-white, pro-negro affirmative action regime long ago. Alas, instead, they’ve stumbled about these last 50-odd years with their thumbs lodged in their tukhases.

    • Yep
      Nuclear hand grenades, if thats what it takes so be it.
      There is a flood happening,it is washing away the tracks under the spin train.
      Derailment…hell yes.

    • This; if Trump was The Mule, then Ye is vader with the death star, weird black mask and all.

  27. Hooray! I just finished it.
    I saw two free men talking trash to the clowns- I think this one’s gonna roll, folks. It’s the nature of our times.

    Despite poor AJ trying to say, “except what about the 6 million,” every few minutes, this is how the kids talk.
    They’re talking to each other, and the burden is on them. So let ’em.

    I understand the Zman’s warning about negative identity; he’d rather discuss our past and our identity, that we might make something of it. As a screechy offender, I have little to add other than being an ignorant nuisance- but ya know, sometimes the stupid doggies just want to charge the intruder and bite. Well, that and then crap on the carpet.

    All in all, t’was good fun- and I think Fuentes handled himself quite well..
    I’m glad to see all 3 get exposure, and this will keep tongues wagging and the make Noticing more popular.

    White society had a different aesthetic and value set. That was stolen from us, and now a gangster culture has set the tone. Time for the muzzle to come off.

    Stupid times demand stupid talk, I’m not going to wave my bowler at them and shout, “Stop!” This is disco!

  28. These scream sessions have been monetized now. In my town a female councilwoman rents a storefront rage room. Seems popular where they provide weapons and donated breakables etc.

    From the facebook group looks like mostly women where fun is had by all. Even has merchandise with logo. At first I didn’t believe this but it appears the psychosis is migrating across the land. Another lunacy I have no interest in trying to understand other than society is screwed.

  29. I think the faith put in Kanye was always insanely misplaced. . .By their fruits ye shall know them.

    He’s just a black guy who’s had some recent lightbulb moments, a terrible musician like all the rest of them today, and he’s tied up with those witches/whores the kardashians.

    At some point, the Right either has to stop hiding behind women and blacks or simply concede defeat and disappear into local politics.

    • Oh dear, I think you just coined his 2024 Presidential campaign slogan: “By their fruits, ‘Ye shall know them.”

    • “At some point, the Right either has to stop hiding behind women and blacks or simply concede defeat and disappear into local politics.”

      Nail on head and driven through in a single hit. Amen!

  30. Considering the subject of the day, I think AJones is more buffonic than KW.

    The word “demagogy” seems created for people like Jones.

  31. Zman, the core problem is the Rothschild ownership of the world central banks. The divisions pushed by race and gender are a conscious attempt by them to keep public attention away from their endless theft via monetary printing and loaning the printed dollars to the government at interest. A campaign based around Christ while naming the Jew is revolutionary and not a clown car freakshow- it’s a gay Jew, a gay white Hispanic and a black schzoid coming together as Christians in order to reject the Rothschild game and challenge their order directly. Thank you.

    • Is Fuentes a fudgepacker?

      Milo is half tribesman, right? Yiannopoulos is a Greek name, which translates to Johnson. Perfect for a fudgepacker.

  32. I don’t know what to think about Kanye. My most likely scenario is that he’s not very bright, and being manipulated by Nick Fuentes, to be the mouthpiece to spout Fuentes’ anti-semitic views. A black, a gay, and a Hispanic walk into a bar and become the most diverse Nazi-squad.

    It’s also possible that, as Z speculates, these guys were all being used by the GOP to sink Trump’s 2024 chances – and they probably have. While it’s funny, anti-semitism is toxic to most of the Republican base, especially the zionist-evangelicals.

    The elephant in the room is of course than most African Americans are already anti-semitic. NOI / Black Hebrew stuff is commonly known and believed by the brothers. Even today, Goodwhites are still terrified of criticizing one of their sacred Black worship idols.

    The GOP won’t win 2024 due to demographics and election fortification, no matter who runs. So it doesn’t really matter. This “squad” might be inadvertently saving Trump from a humiliation at a later date by sinking him now. I’m just enjoying the clown show. We’ll see where this all goes.

    • Kanye definitely doesn’t look like a very bright guy. He almost gives off an aura of naive innocence and I am not sure it’s just an act.

    • Heavens to Betsy!
      After all the Republicans have done for us!

      “Joke’s on them. We’ve got the iron bond of diversity and limitless choices when it comes to ethnic food. We’ve also got Israel as our greatest ally.”

  33. I have to say, while readings newspapers of WW2 time, and last books of Louis-Ferdinand Céline, than the real war criminals of this war were not the axis force, neither the red army, but the anglo-saxons and french partisans.

    The bombing of civilans cities, the absolute massacre of 1944-46…there’s nothing in comparison during Vichy time.
    Sartre and Aragon and many others were comfortably living their lives in Paris. Publishing books.

    When the left win, they don’t make the same mistakes. They clean strongly, they purge hard.
    And I think they’re right.

    • The Soviets were trainin’ to be an architect,they were turnin’ a corner.

      Dey dindu nutin’.

    • Both the US and UK governments adopted a deliberate policy of indiscriminate aerial bombing of entire cities as well as unrestricted submarine warfare. The very things that ostensibly propelled the US to intervene in WW 1.

      • The United States had targeted civilians and industry during the Civil War. The Brits got an earlier jump on this with Cromwell. The toys just got so big by the time of WWII that the scale of destruction enlarged. But it wasn’t anything particularly new. I would point out to Pasaran that during the Revolution entire civilian populations, particularly in the Vendee, were liquidated. Again, smaller toys at the time meant fewer deaths but that was a bloodbath, too.

  34. Good grief have Americans not heard of David Icke.

    The guy was rolled out front and enter with his son of God stuff as a set up to smear and ridicule any questioning of the globohomo intent as “crazy lizard conspiracy”.

    Whether he was having a breakdown is irrelevant. And if he was. his previous colleagues were more than willing to drag the poor bastard through the mud for amusement and spite.

    They are doing the same thing to set up the anti-semite ridicule to prevent people asking why the media, banking,politics and legal areas are completely dominated by aliens.

    How many times do they get to play this scam in front of you?

  35. The witch hunt for racism and supposed white supremacy continues to become more over the top daily. Here is a story on NBA player Lebron James admonishing the press after a game for not asking about Jerry Jones, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys.

    Why did he want to talk about Mr. Jones? Well, a photo from 1957 in Little Rock, Arkansas shows a 14 year old Jones standing in a crowd watching the national guard escort black students into the high school. This was the forced integration decreed by the SCOTUS and President Eisenhower. Is Jones holding a protest sign? Is he up in front yelling epithets at the students? No. He is a 14 year old kid watching a spectacle unfolding in front of the school. This is where we are at in society? Being in a crowd watching a historical event condemns one…65 years later? Some in the media act as if it is a picture of Mr. Jones on top of a watchtower in Auschwitz, or a participant at a Mississippi KKK rally. Clown World.

    Whatever opinion one holds regarding Jerry Jones, it cannot be denied that the guy created more black millionaires, provided business opportunities to former players, and by all accounts continues to have contact with past players by having them in the owners box during games.

    The unpleasant truth is that Lebron James is not a smart person, and without his talent bouncing a leather ball probably would have been lucky to be a manager one day at Lowe’s. This level of inquisition we currently see to root out racism is a farce. Just waiting for the day they start digging up the graves of people who are deemed unworthy to desecrate them.

    • If Jerry Jones had been foaming at the mouth, wielding a baseball bat and blocking the entrance to that school, I’d have a lot more respect for him.

    • Eventually the criminal race will have successfully rooted out all whites from the NFL, just like they’ve done with basketball. The Steve Kerr types are allowed to stay for a while because they are low IQ “allies”, but that won’t save them either. Eventually his whiteness will be all that matters and it must be destroyed.

      Jerry Jones will be no exception. They have successfully destroyed Daniel Snyder, it will be Jones next.

      • “Eventually the criminal race will have successfully rooted out all whites from the NFL…”

        Those are not the problem, it’s the Whites that watch this crap and therefore fund it.

      • Daniel Snyder is a small hat wearer and thus special and not guilty of White supremacy. I am no football aficionado but I think Snyder was widely hated among other team owners as a particular d*ck, and that’s why he was attacked. Who dug up that photo of Jones and made sure it was put to use, I have no idea – an earlier comment said Snyder had it. Lots of crap going on behind the scenes.

    • “The unpleasant truth is that Lebron James is not a smart person, and without his talent bouncing a leather ball probably would have been lucky to be a manager one day at Lowe’s.”

      Have you heard him speak? Lucky to make it from parking lot greeter to stock boy.

      “This level of inquisition we currently see to root out racism is a farce.”
      It is farcical but it is very well organized and very successful.

      I suspect it is also becoming very successful at an unintended consequence – making a huge number of white people, who were once committed to being colorblind individualists, racially conscious and extremely angry; to the point where any guilt, any natural inclination to give the benefit of the doubt, to live and let live is burnt to ashes that fertilize new fruit to be born.

      • “I suspect it is also becoming very successful at an unintended consequence – making a huge number of white people, who were once committed to being colorblind individualists, racially conscious and extremely angry; to the point where any guilt, any natural inclination to give the benefit of the doubt, to live and let live is burnt to ashes that fertilize new fruit to be born.”

        This summation hits a lot of the points on where we are today. Many of us who are over 40 years old remember the empty promises made from activists and politicians decades ago. They spoke platitudes about equality of opportunities, and not equity or equal outcomes.

        Yet many of us saw firsthand in grade school how minorities were treated if they aspired for more by taking the hard classes. It wasn’t the whites standing at the doorways of AP or IB classes telling them to stay out. It was other minorities, either mocking them or outright shunning those individuals. Still, the mantra was that given equal footing, they would rise to levels of achievement comparable to whites.(It should be noted, just as it is today, Asians, Africans, or Caribbeans were not mentioned.)

        I too thought in my youth (Texas in the 80s and 90s) that the remedy was more support, more assistance, and possibly a leg-up here and there that the racial problem would continue to ease over time.

        Nope. Instead, the 21st century brought forth more grievances, more excuses, and even worse statistics for crime, education, and income. Now the main culprit is the “Holy Ghost of Racism.” We can’t see it or truly prove it existed, yet it is the reason for all that ails the black community. Any disparity is blamed on this invisible force that somehow surrounds us in everyday life.

        Many of us on this side of the divide thought that these issues would have at least been manageable in the past. This is no longer the case as demographic changes, regime media, and other forces seem to have decided for us that they want the destruction of Western Civilization.

        • There was a time when those siren songs of equality rang true—or at least seemed worth attempting—but that was long ago. The facts are out. Even if you do not believe in HBD science, we (those instilled with critical thinking skills) have to admit all attempts at “equality” have been dismal failures.

          The struggle is no longer for eradication of inequality, but for more and more “excuses” for undeniable inequality—most recently coupled with a deliberate destruction of standards & meritocracy such that inequality can no longer be recognized nor measured. Somewhat like “abolishing law” to “eliminate criminals”.

          This of course, as you astutely noted, must inevitably lead to the destruction of Western civilization.

          • The struggle is no longer for eradication of inequality, but for more and more “excuses” for undeniable inequality …

            Don’t forget, black failure and crime rates are understandable in view of climate change.

    • Everyone was there to see Kanye West and that is what everyone was talking about after it. Even Loomer and Sammy’s grandson got more run after the event. Even Alex Jones was shrunk down to a supporting role and it is his show.

      • Nick is Kanye’s campaign assistant. He certainly had a bigger role in the show than Loomer, who showed up for 5 minutes and then quickly disappeared and forgotten.

        • ps- the dinner was something of a setup, that bitchy queen Milo hates Trump cuz Trump didn’t like its corset or something, and is $2 million in debt.

          • A figurative corset.
            Somebody outed some tweets where an upset Milo was mighty pissed at something, said zhe hated Trump and was out to destroy him.

            Well, well, well. Maybe, just maybe, Milo’s relatives thought, “we can use this.”

            Milo is a Pasternak, a befriender, in other words.

            Debt, blackmail, greivance, betrayal-standard operating procedure by the masters.

  36. I believe Art Bell is the name of the guy who did the radio show you referenced. His show, as I recall, had quite the following as OTR truckers could tune in for non-stop, overnight background noise.

  37. Perhaps this is a big negative, (Kanye, Irving …), because it prompted Peterson to come out with his wall kneeling, ring kissing tweet. That reinforces the wall of silence that is used to prevent anyone from stating the obvious and calling it into question. By the obvious I mean the fact that in America the reality now is that rivaling factions are broken down by race and ethnicity. All of the factions pursue their interests as political blocks. Some go so far as to pursue them not only domestically but for the benefit of members of their group and its territories abroad. Only one group does not pursue a group interest, and if it wanted to, it is prevented by all of the other racial/ethnic groups from doing so.

    We need someone sane to crack the dam judiciously. When that happens, there will be a flood of support for us representing ourselves and our group interest.

    If West wanted to spark an intelligent discourse centered around the forbidden to be spoken about reality of American ethnic/racial factionalism by all by white people it would have been very valuable. If that was his aim, he is at 7 own goals and counting.

    It does present an opening for a sane and sober voice to propose that it should be permissable to ask questions and solicit answers. Peterson’s pre-emptive Twitter contrition was a huge setback as was the West/Irving clown show. The reaction to the initial clown shows probably gave many pause. Its downward spiral and the downward spiral of the reaction to it will leave a wake.

    Whatever is happening now, we need to see what we can control and put together rational plans that involve advocating for ourselves and our people. If barely 2% and 13% of the population can do it, surely we can too. In the end, we have to make this about us and not about any other, “them out there.” We have the morality on our side and the imperative of existence in our face.

    • The fate of this Ye show is probably not good, but it opens some avenues for positive returns later. Actions trumps theories and this was action and as such it clarified things.

      Like for example who is on our side, it is good to dispel the illusion of the DW and their minions (JBP being one of them) as people on our side. They say some things that are risky for whatever reason (lies have to contain a seed of truth, some of them are not totally bad and have to save face for the boss), and this is good in the sense that every time truth is said it does not hurt us. Some normies can be awaken by what they are allowed to say. I watched a lot of their stuff before coming here.

      Ye stuff is pure clown show, but he was allowed to say “dangerous” things under his guise as a madman. He was if anything too direct, his red pill was 10kg when people are only ready for 250 mg. But whomever was exposed would be primed and in the future they may realize that Ye was not totally wrong. He said things that are so blasphemous that no one on his mind would dare to say them. It is simple bad strategy, there is some steps that you have to do on your own, inside your head (that is before neura link rats you out LOL).

      At the end his “crimes” are just saying things that our overlords deem blasphemy. The last bad but useful argument they have is to connect speech with violence and terrorism. That why the spell will be still hard to break, you are dealing with years of indoctrination and the desire to play things safe. But the reality is that the new dogmas are used frequently to make us not notice that we are being manipulated into extinction and slavery and we will have not a say in the matter. But at least we are not haters, right?

      • Do any remember the Covid lockdown? Have you taken all your boosters so you can commit the crime of crossing a border?

        Trudeau has declared that “antivaxxers” will be locked up, drugged, surveilled, impoverished, and injected- kids disappeared to who knows what- right next door…

        And the Lofty want us to frickin’ tiptoe softly through the tulips?


        Now that was a good bitchslap, Curious.
        At first I was, “no, no, no,” but then I began nod, then nod again, and,…yeah.

        Ya gotta get mean. Ya gotta get plumb mad-dog mean.
        I say they don’t know doodely-squat.

  38. As the clown car rolls along, I see Cali is talking about sambo-parations to the tune of a quarter mil per negro, or half a trillion give or take. I’m sure they have that pittance sloshing around somewhere in the treasury. That or they can raise gas taxes by $10 a gallon. Nothing is out of the realm of possibility there.

    However, since anyone can identify as anything or anyone else these days, everyone should hop onto that runaway train – let’s see what gavy is really made of…

    • Think about how much of a drain blax really are on a civilized society. With all of these insane preferences and advantages given to them, yet they still can’t come close to lining up with Whites or Asians. Imagine being that inept….

      Maybe we will get lucky and every black will move to California.

      • Unfortunately their elite is highly competent in the means they have at their disposal. Their success has been remarkable. I don’t even think that failing to think through what will happen when whitey is gone is a failing. I think they want him gone. That for them is success. If I had to guess, its full realization is something like Haiti.

        • I won’t live long enough to see it fully, but I would love to know what they will do when they have successfully removed us (and make no mistake, they will eventually) and their promised utopia is just an even worse hellscape. Who will they blame next?

          • Respectfully I must
            Call BS. My progeny are proliferating and will fight. There are others. Whites will do what is needed and will thrive.

    • Cali is actually rolling in cash. The replacement of the physical economy by the Meta World means that all the SoftWare Shites based there are taking maybe twice the cut of the economy that the banksters take.It’s the new grift that keeps on giving and is global.
      Newsome gets his cut.
      It will, of course end badly.

  39. Isn’t this just the next lower level in the hell represented by Maury Povich?

    As for hip-hop music and culture, it wasn’t elevated. A huge part of society stooped to it. Now, an ever larger part of it, stoops ever lower.

  40. There is a lot being done this month, on multiple fronts, to discredit the populist right. As conspiratorial actions go, it’s relative child’s play compared with 2020.

  41. The Kanye interview was the same schtick that a lot if wignats a few yeards ago did. He went “if you’re going to call me an anti-semite, I’m just going to go all in and throw it in your face”. This didn’t work for the wignats, and it won’t work for Kayne as even if you don’t get completely banned, the schtick gets real old, and the fact he cranked it up to 11 instead of a slow, amusing burn means there’s no novelty left, no place to elevate the subversion. For those saying it was a mental breakdown, it wasn’t. It was perfectly premeditated and he was in full control. It was a perfectly sane, if misguided, escalation.

    In the immortal words of The Tick. “You aren’t going mad, you’re going sane in a crazy world”.

    • Interesting that it’s back, isn’t it? Out a celebrity’s mouth, too. Kanye West black, and this being America, who knows?

    • “For those saying it was a mental breakdown, it wasn’t. It was perfectly premeditated and he was in full control.”

      Exactly. You are spot on about this asshole’s past, too. Until West allied with Trump or whatever, his Tribe-bashing was ignored and pushed down the memory hole.

  42. The only thing more amusing than the Kanye circus act was the response to it. For example Israel’s embassy felt compelled to respond to the live action comic strip and Instacuck had a page long “takedown” (that took down nothing) of Kanye’s appearance. Kanye’s enemies (such as they are, if they just ignored him and left him alone the whole time no one would be the wiser, even Kanye) just can’t help themselves.

    • The comments sections are enlightening. Most people aren’t agreeing with Kanye, but more asking “who cares?” It’s like getting riled up about Morrissey or any other carnival act.

      I hope they keep huffing and preening to keep their moral gatekeeper credentials. People who take a silly act seriously just end up looking like idiots themselves.

      More probably, in this world of 30 second attention spans, this will be forgotten in two weeks, Kayne will still sell millions of albums, Nick will keep doing his thing, and the needle will stay where it is.

      • Mark Dice put out a Kanye-related video this morning and the comment section is chock-a-block with people noticing and refusing to be sufficiently outraged.

        I’m feeling more and more sanguine over this turn of events as it seems to be shifting the Overton window in our direction. As for Kanye? Who cares? We couldn’t ask for better cannon fodder.

        • I am highly skeptical of the alleged Overton window shift. I guess having spent 40 years hearing about such a shift and it never materializing has made me skeptical of such claims. That and the TRS guys really think this is the moment Hitler rises from the pumpkin patch. Their track record says to always bet the other way.

          • What are you talking about? You must have noticed how the Overton window has been shifting over the 40 years – firmly to the left.

          • Gods, I want to upvote Z for “the moment Hitler rises from the pumpkin patch.”

            But I can’t.
            I call and raise you 10. This has legs.

          • Z, do you ever remember seeing people publicly commenting on matters of race, demographic invasion, or the JQ in these numbers? Even a couple years ago it wasn’t happening, 15-20 years ago it would have been unheard of, and that was when nearly every site on the net allowed comments.

            Maybe that and 50 cents is worth nothing more than a cup of coffee, but it nonetheless bears watching. Something’s percolating under the surface.

          • If we think of the Overton window as the scope of what people say, then you are absolutely right. If anything, public fora are more constricted now then they have ever been. However, if we conceive of the Overton window as the space in which people think, it probably has expanded over the last 10 years, and West’s antics have likely enlarged it farther.

            The vast majority of people have no capacity for initiating independent thought. There must be an afflatus from on high, meaning from a celebrity. When jokers like West publicly stick it to the Finkels, the somnolent minds of the lumpenspuds are roused from their habitual torpor and suddenly scrutiny of the Juice is a factor of mental life. And eventually, I have to believe, thoughts translate to words, and words to actions.

          • Last week there was a Breitbart article about West and Fuentes having dinner with Trump, I took a look at the comment section. it was very different to the usual, a large number of normies noticing the hypocrisy of the Tribe. maybe they are waking up

          • They Live, I did the same.

            Somebody hit the Breitbart NPC switch, except they turned it other way.

            Bonus! The BB’s are also saying, “wow. Now they’re erasing comments immediately.”

            Every high school kid in Israel must be working overtime for Unit 83 at this moment.

    • The only people in the long-run who will suffer from this are repulsive GOP humps like McConnell and whatever vestige of believability the propaganda machines have. I see all this as a win-win because the only questions it raises in the long-run are along the lines of “who cares?” and “why the hell bother?”

      • It raises questions like, “who the fudge owns the vaccine companies?” Ukraine? FTX? State Secretaries & DA’s? Immigration? Yuval Harari?
        Child organ harvesting, trafficking, and blackmail rings?

        Oh no, those have been around, like, for-ever.
        I mean, totes normal Teva Pharm has gone from 5 transgender clinics to 2200 in 5 years..

        Slice ’em an dice ’em, doc, it’s just a minor fad like tattooing, mastectomies, and hysterectomy farms!

  43. I know Z was mildly supportive of Fuentes a few years ago, but without a doubt Nick has lost the plot since then.

    I Nick has trapped himself at this point, his placement on the no fly list and public image has essentially guaranteed that he won’t be able to live a normal life. Now he’s a slave to his audience of weirdos, forced to say and do outlandish things to ensure a consistent flow of funds.

    Him parading around with a schizophrenic rapper and that gay guy, waving their Bibles around and hinting at their love for Hitler is such an aesthetically unpleasant image, he’s a circus freak.

    • My read is Nick is a bit star struck. As weird as it is to me, all of these young white males love Kanye West. Nick has a chance to travel with his hero so he is doing it, even if it not the smartest play. I could be wrong and it turns out to be genius, but I suspect he comes to regret it.

  44. Andrew Torba thinks that God has chosen Ye to bring his message to the masses. Fuentes and other Christian Nationalists probably agree. That would explain the cult-like adoration.

    We are seeing a synthesis of the anti-Semite right and the Christian Nationalist right. I don’t think there’s anything more to it. Both camps have concluded the little hats are the problem. That swings the balance of power, and definitely the online energy, to the anti-Semite wing of the d-right. For the past decade the majority of the d-right has focused on Whites and the West, and I wonder if it’ll now switch focus to the JQ. Which was a rather tainted and unspoken topic, the thirdest rail of all rails, but now it’s front-and-center. What a timeline.

    • There is no anti-Semite wing of the dissident right. Nor is there a Christian Nationalist wing. These are separate things that have their own labels for a reason. Any movement that is centered around the hatred of Jews or any other group will go nowhere, because it offers nothing useful. Even the Nazis made sure to keep anti-Semitism as a side issue and not the focus of their movement.

      • It doesn’t require hatred of the Jews to speak out against 1. a system of organized ethno-favoritism, 2. to comment that this goes way beyond merely nepotism but extends even to non-related tribal members, 3. to criticize a system where this ethno-favoritism is only allowed for *one* particular tribe but you are called “hateful” for pointing this out, or 4. to point out that any diaspora population that refuses to assimilate with the host population is dangerous to said host population because their rational interests will always and inherently conflict with the interests of the host populations.

        • To some extent, it is possibly the opposite of hatred. Have to admire their extreme commitment to protecting their own tribe, and why shouldn’t they? If Whites had 1/10th that commitment it would be a different world.

          • How can we not be ambivalent about the Finkels? On the one hand, we abominate what they have done to the West. On the other, we must respect the gifts they possess that allowed them to do it. Why they haven’t used those gifts to fashion their own seperate and distinct civilization is another question, and perhaps the most important one.

          • That was usually enough to get cucked normies on Gab to shut up: “I just want for my people what the Jews have, you don’t hate Israel do you?”

          • Stellar, mighty Ostei. They, like all the non-whites, have had 5,000 years to do it. Same materials, same amount of time.

          • Our good, exhausted mentor. He wants to chart forward, not defend behind.

            I’m sorry, Greatest. You are the most tolerant of men, and don’t want your bar trashed or turned into a hip-hop sh*tshow.

            You’re surrounded by the Talented 90%. I love them too.

            But it’s that top 10%. They’re killing us.

    • Think I figured out why I’ve struggled with faith lately. We talked about Hebrews in Sunday school, not Jews. Don’t remember mention of Jews in Sunday service, either. It’s an eddy of old-school Evangelicalism, Anabaptism, and Puritanism here. The JQ stuff has been a shock to my system. Have a feeling that’s a Protestant reaction, but not sure. Maybe my tradition is heretical, or maybe I somehow missed it, but I honestly don’t remember being concerned with Jews.

      It’s rough, though. Has me wondering if Jesus ‘created’ both Christians and Jews, i.e., the Hebrews who followed Him and those who rejected Him. Uncomfortable thoughts.

      Kind of goes back to Falcone’s statement a while back that there’s a war against paternalistic N. European cultures that we have no defense against. Apologies if I’m not recalling correctly, but I think that was the gist. And maybe I’m completely off base, but I’m thinking Protestantism was a move away from Catholicism, which was a move away from Orthodoxy, which was a move away from the Hebrew religion. If I understand the Ortho bros, who honestly are my sole source on Orthodoxy.

      So following that reasoning, the true Church would be the most Eastern, most traditional, most Hebraic. The farther West, the more heretical. Here I am, across an ocean, so I guess that makes me an uberheretic 😆

      Screw it. I don’t care to take part in ancient grudges, even to the point of apostasy. It’s not my tradition, wasn’t my country’s tradition, and things worked a hell of a lot better before all of that Old World conflict followed us here. So I’ll be a heretic, worship my ‘false’ God, and hope WASPs make a comeback— and push this stuff back where it belongs.

      Sorry for the rant.

      • Ortho bro here. We certainly think we are the one True Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. The Catholics and then the Protestants just veered off into the wilderness with their papacies, filioques, and denominations…come back into the fold brothers!

        No seriously, I wince every time my priest says “Judeo-Christian.” I see it as a modern concatenation, but to many Ortho bros, Christians are the inheritors of the Jewish religion of the Old Testament, and modern Jews (Rabbinical Jews) are something else entirely.

        I would prefer “Christian” to Judeo-Christian just because I don’t want both religions linked like that. No hate, but rabbinical Judaism is what Judaism has developed as for almost 2,000 years, and it’s not anywhere close to Christianity, except for the monotheism. If one can say “Judeo-Christian”, then it makes as much sense to say “Judeo-Muslim”. But you don’t hear that. I wonder why?

        Jesus was a Jew but a rebellious Jew, and was a kind of hippy Rabbi of the time. His followers then evangelized to pagans, not other Jews. Christians were not interested in changing Judaism but rather making a new religion as the true inheritors of the OT. I’m not a theologian but that’s how I read it.

        But I think there’s less friction between Jews and Muslims and Orthodox Christians, maybe because Constantinople was multi-cultural, and maybe because Orthodox had to play nice with Muslims for so long. (And still do.) Also Orthodox Christians tend to be more inward with their faith.

        • Right on, no offense intended to Orthodoxy. My knowledge is limited, but there’s a lot I hear that makes sense. Following Jesus is what matters.

          It’s the JQ stuff generally I’m having a hard time with. Listening to some people, I get the impression Christians and Jews go together, and the only solution is conversion. That sounds hellish and hopeless to me— like staying married to a cheater, or something. Plus, Jesus came with a sword, to make enemies of those in a man’s household. To my mind, that calls for separation or, failing that, overcoming. Then again, I am a Protestant, for better and worse 😆

          Thanks for the insight into Orthodoxy! It certainly has endured more than Catholicism and Protestantism, and that counts for a lot.

          • Brothers, I have much to say on this, and have been nibbling elsewhere at distinctly Christian sites. I tire of interrupting the Zman’s guidance, and am shamed.

            In sum, No.

            Even the OT was written largely by White men, subject to cruel Semitic rulers. The NT, most of it.

            The Bible is /ours/. Jesus the Christ was and is /ours/. The God we hear most clearly is /ours/.

            They change history now. Do you think they did not do so then?

            Our works, our worship, our identity- our very God- has been stolen- stolen, and inverted. Another seeks His place.

    • Torba may be onto something. In Tsarist Russia there was a stock figure known as the iurodivyi, which translates as “holy fool.” The iurodivyi was basically a village idiot or a mentally ill person who spouted all manner of deranged and often forebidden messages in the public square. If any ordinary person did this, he would have been punished, perhaps even terminally. But Russians, all the way up to the Tsar himself, saw the iurodivyi as a divinely inspired messenger, and for that reason, not only tolerated his behavior, but often paid heed to his words. I can certainly see many of the more religiously inclined rightwingers viewing West as a holy fool bearing the words of God.

  45. The problem here of course is that this Clown Show makes anyone questioning the New World Order look insane, buffoonish, stupid or all three combined. This is why it is permitted. Do we really think a serious person challenging the status quo would be allowed to gain any kind of mainstream audience? Even the radical Black Power types of our youth fully understood that “the Revolution will not be televised”.

    • I am curious to see how this affects Kanye’s fans. He has many, right? I never paid attention to him, but they say he’s big.
      Anyway, maybe the insanity will have a real impact and it’s not going to make NWO look good.
      We live in retarded times. This is how politics is done now.

    • In a world where insanity, buffoonery and stupidity are assets rather than disabilities, the effects of West’s behavior will likely be a net benefit to our side rather than a liability.

    • Captain Willard: you are forgetting the old advice to never fight with a fool. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience. Why complain about our enemy getting into a fight with such a fool? Nothing but harm to our enemy can result. He’s objectively not us, you can see he is as far from White culture as can be.

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