White Sambo

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In the novel Invisible Man, an important bit of symbolism is a paper doll, called a Sambo doll, that was popular in the middle of the last century. It was often a paper doll made up with exaggerated features of back people. In the novel, black street sellers would attach the doll to a string and include a stereotypical song and dance performance as a way to sell the dolls to passersby. Of course, the passersby were white people who bought the dolls because it appealed to their racism.

Obviously, the black people selling the dolls were profiting from the promotion of what the writer saw as a negative stereotype. One interpretation is that the reason black stereotypes persisted was that some blacks profited from them. The black people selling the dolls made money from the suffering of their own people. They were willing to degrade themselves and their people to make a few dollars. These selfish acts were a part of the problem facing blacks in America.

It was not cut and dried for the narrator. He could see that the black men profiting from these stereotypes were simply adapting to reality. They made money for themselves and their family, which by extension benefitted the community. Black stereotypes, in effect, created a moral dilemma for back people. On the one hand, they kept black people down relative to white people. On the other hand, profiting from these stereotypes allowed black people to prosper despite their condition.

Later on the novel, the narrator tries to burn one of the Sambo dolls for heat and finds it difficult to do, symbolizing the difficulty of overcoming the stereotype. He is eventually able to burn the doll. In the process he realizes that it may be difficult to overcome the cultural framing that the Sambo doll symbolized, but it is possible if one accepts the reality of his condition. The individual can only transcend his condition by creating and maintaining his own individual identity.

Invisible Man was written seventy years ago, but the problem facing black people described by Ralph Ellison has not changed. You see it in this interview of Jared Taylor on the Young Turks channel. Dr. Rashad Richey is playing a stereotypical black character, which has been lampooned for generations. He gets to make a nice living doing it, but like the characters selling Sambo dolls in the novel, he is profiting from the perpetuation of negative stereotypes of black people.

An extreme example of this is the Kanye West story. His career has been built around selling the stereotypical black cultural items, things like sneakers and expensive lifestyle items, to an audience primarily of white suburban youth. His own struggle with this reality seems to have broken him. His most recent interviews suggest he is a man rolling around in a struggle with own personal Sambo doll, one that he created and that looks striking like Kanye West, despite the name change.

This moral dilemma applies to anyone who exists outside the moral consensus and this Kanye West stuff is an example of it. Nick Fuentes has signed onto what he used to mock just a few years ago. He was the guy in the so-called optics war who insisted that presentation was important. He mocked the alt-right people for praising Hitler and throwing Roman salutes. He is now flying around with a guy who praises Hitler and makes the alt-right sound philosemitic.

Fuentes, faced with the dilemma described in the novel Invisible Man, the choice between playing the stereotypical role for money and attention or rejecting that role in order to create and maintain an individual identity, has chosen the former. Like so many before him, Fuentes is volunteering to play the role of cartoon Nazi that the system he claims to oppose needs in order to perpetuate itself. Like the character in the novel, he is perpetuating a stereotype for profit.

The counter from his fans is that these publicity stunts get attention and therefore expose people to this material. It brings attention and resources into the community that lies outside the moral consensus, which helps the community. In this case, by signing onto the Kanye West circus, Fuentes raises his profile, which he then uses to promote the ideas and opinions of his followers. Like the character selling Sambo dolls in the novel, Fuentes is degrading himself to support his community.

Here is where the comparison breaks down. Black people in the middle of the last century faced genuine economic hardship. A man trading his dignity to feed his kids is making a rational choice. Similarly, refusing to trade his dignity, even if it means his family suffers, is also a rational choice. That is the moral dilemma. Both choices are rationally defensible. Playing the cartoon Nazi for the mass media, on the other hand, lacks rational support.

The reason is the argument in favor of “getting the word out at all cost” has been proven false over and over for generations. George Lincoln Rockwell got the word out by dressing up as Hitler. David Duke was the preppy Klansman and got a whirl on the big stage in the 1980’s. Most recently, the alt-right was front page news for a while and nothing came of it. No minds were changed. It was just another version of the white Sambo act for the benefit of the people in charge.

Like the narrator in the novel, the only way forward is to step outside the moral framework and create a new and independent identity. In the political context, this means a stand alone argument in favor of some alternative future. There is the list of complaints about the current system, every cause has a bill of indictment, but it is followed by a plausible alternative. There is a vision of a future independent of the current moral framework, not just opposed to it.

Blacks in the middle of the last century were faced with a choice. They could find a way to live within the system or find a way to live outside the system. The choice was the former, which has often required a sublimation to the same sorts of stereotypes that allegedly motivated the civil rights movement. Agreeing to be one of the forty-two black people living in the white nationalist enclave of Brattleboro Vermont is no different than selling those paper Sambo dolls on the street corner.

In this age, white people are faced with a similar dilemma. One can simply play the role of suburban peasant until that is no longer permitted. One can play the white Sambo role pretending it is something other than theater. Alternatively, one can seek to live outside the world of racial coercion, looking to a world free of racial coercion. That is a genuinely break from the past and present. It leaves the Sambos and the enablers to the dustbin of history.

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233 thoughts on “White Sambo

  1. The only people who have a problem with Sambo Sellers are the professionally outraged malcontents(what did Ralph Ellison do with his royalty payments for his anti-white propaganda work?) who make it their business to be outraged by anything they gave a prejudice against and which promotes the objectives of the Revolutionary movement which wants to destroy the existing social order just because it’s there and it doesn’t accord with their insane fantasies.

    The Founders thought that allowing free debate was a good way of controlling the anti-social tendencies of disgruntled, mutinous malcontents. This experiment seems to have failed and more robust methods must be sought to deal with those people.

  2. The new moral framework is not complicated. Everyone should have a choice to hire whom they want, sell and rent to whom they want, buy from whom they want, think and say what they want, and work with and for whom they want.

    As long as both parties agree.

    That is the most fundamental set rights, but all of them are under assault by cloud people.

  3. There’s no reason Nazism or Hitler should be associated with a concern for white people in the first place. Hear me out, because I think it would help to reframe all this.

    World War II was a continuation of World War I and they were both about power politics. People will say the Nazis believed in race and heredity, but so did the British empire and so did America. You could argue the British empire was an explicitly white supremacist global empire. And America had stricter laws on miscegenation then Nazi Germany did. The US military was segregated at the time.

    Jesse Owens, who was built up later as having destroyed the idea of Aryan supremacy, said Hitler treated him fine. Owens said that he had no trouble getting a hotel room in Germany. It was back in America where he had problems due to segregation. And on the issue of Hitler’s most famous concern, Henry Ford had published pamphlets about it in America 20 years earlier!

    The point is, there was never any reason to use images of Hitler or Nazism as a way of championing the cause of white people in the first place. There wasn’t much unique in their racial beliefs at the time. So why the hell would someone insist on using the imagery of a defeated war enemy from a century ago? It makes no sense. You could just as easily use an American or British flag from period. The leftists are right in this sense: racism is as American as apple pie and has been since the beginning. We beat the Nazis to it by 200 years.

    Now, my narrative may not be perfect but I’d submit it makes more sense than the one we’re usually given. And that it’s certainly much more useful going forward, so we can.sidestep the albatross that’s been around our neck.

    • Hitler and the NatSocs understood the JQ and fought the chosen. The British and the USA were conquered by the chosen.

        • No, the revolution against white people was the American one.

          Civic nationalism replaced ethnic nationalism.

      • The “JQ” is presented as the most important issue in the universe. It’s not.

        WWI was a result of power politics in europe. WWII was much the same. The real problem was white people not being on their own side. Once that happens, a thousand groups will come into exploit.

        It’s not the responsibility of some other group to take care of us and treat us sweetly. It’s our responsibility to be on our own side. And I’m afraid most people obsessed with the JQ are like E Michael Jones. Ultimately anti-white.

        • Some people have difficulty understanding that the wrong people “won” WWII.

          People who shy at the swastika haven’t realised what the White Nationalist struggle is about.

          What it comes down to is the financing of the state activity, and, unfortunately, the anti-Nazis, who believe that taxation and state borrowing are the only permissible methods, hold Capitol Hill.

          The “greatest generation” smashed their allies on behalf of their sworn enemies. That, in essence, is what happened in WWII.

  4. t was often a paper doll made up with exaggerated features of bLack people.

    That’s quite big for a typo (you didn’t type the L).

  5. Yoiks! All the Zman wanted was a civilized conversation between educated men of culture; now he’s let some skinhead yobbo into his bar, who is screaming at the clientele and throwing chairs.

    Here then, is your Chair:
    They began as negroids chasing white chicks in our maserotic cities, that they and their children might get ahead in a society they could not build.

    I speak not only of the world’s most powerful mafia, but of the Great Cuckening. Not today’s, but of the one that led to the writing of the Book.

    “They” are the Missing Link: the miscegenated cross between EQ and IQ.

    But, the chasm they sought to bridge was too great; the admixture of Erectus and CroMagnon is, shall we say, a bit lopsided.

    It’s results are the Ugly Children, whose fat tails are very fat indeed. Their majority is boiled off into the larger population, leaving a dedicated core of what they and their darker-hued ancestors remain focused on: Rule, not Invention, not Merit. Tribalism, not Honor.

    Their emosocial skills, the EQ of the breeder’s hindbrain, give them the edge in psychosocial manipulation, leveraging troupe politics. The coolheaded, nontribal Tinkers, forebrains devoted to making nice things, seem naive and detached.

    The Hustlers, whether the dark originals or their hybrid descendants, run rings around these well-intentioned naifs. The Hustlers are herdsmen needing a herd.

    Both dark and lightskinned have the same emotive profile: haughty, indifferent, tribal, prickly, oversexed, monetary, heedless. The Ugly Children, marked by inherited, prognathous jawlines, often exhibit tightly-curled hair and shizophrenia: physiological cognitive dissonance, that is, conflict between hindbrain and forebrain, the two primary processors. This miscegenation also reflects in their sexuality; their drive short circuits into kiddie diddling, homosexuality, pimping their women as whores in the temples of Astarte.

    In the ancient past, the Cuckening:
    They came to rule our far-traveled tribes.

    (Pt.1, con’t)

    • (Pt. 2)

      (Though I am weak in proto- and neo-Mesopotamian details – I had mixed Akkad with the marked cruelty, the rule by terrorism of the kinky-bearded Assyrians, it was not unforgivable. Both had similar practices although different in scale and separated by millenia: this is the long memory contained in flesh.)

      The point made is the Cuckening: that lighter skinned tribes, our kin, came to be ruled again and again by those who’s origins are dark skin.

      By the sleights of multiculturalism, of diversity, of immigration and invasion by alien pests, of the gates to Toledo opened by the same hand.

      The ancient proscriptions of “Fear the Lord! Serve the Lord!” were an overlay of propaganda on the white builders by the hybrids and duskies who reigned- hybrids who rode the backs of the builders again and again into power, then conflagration, then collapse.

      Our innate philosophies of justice, mercy, the greater good struggled with the demands of the Kangs, then as now. We are ever in the midst of a food fight between quadroons and octoroons. Who is First? Who is most pure? Who has divine right? Whose God is King?

      I wouldst that we be quit of b*tch Nature’s turbulence, but ever shall they follow us.

      Then let us admit: far too many of us are prone to beckon them; the Cuckening has been bred into us, the fair flowers, across hundreds of generations.

      Janissaries like Schwab, orphans who serve their parent’s murderers, are told by a malicious stepfather that he is their real dad, that the tribe that kidnapped them are their true identity.

      Not so! Our literacy, the robust simplicity of our law- redress of damage, our money- fair weight, our very history- the Chronicle of ethnic shift, these were taken from us and reworked into byzantine confusion.

      But we made them, as we have made all things. I wouldst reclaim what is ours: our story, our inheritance, our true Father and the Son he spoke through.

      Isis-Ra-El; three gods, two Egyptian, one Canaanite: all of an Aryan descent. The Habiru stayed true to one line, and prevailed in their telling, without admitting that the red-haired David, as were his Ha’adim ancestors (“Adam”, “red-hair”), that those ancestors were /our/ contribution.

      The Nazarenes: a separate dialect, region, and ethnicity(!) from the Judean province. As the Yazidi and Chaldean are today, assuredly the Son and his Disciples were of a different tribe, related to the Aryan Benjamites cucked to Cushite rulers.

      The Book- we wrote most of it.
      The Son is ours.
      The Father is ours.
      The Spirit in us- it is ours.

      Let us bow no more to the king of this domain, but to demand our right reign, by the Power above Abra-Ham’s god, the Power that created all men, and their gods.
      By the Light that /we/ hear most clearly.

      • tl;dr:
        Kanye was right!
        Guess who the “real j**s” were!

        Not /our/ Father, not his Son.

        But then, that always happens black men nail white chicks.

  6. The dissident Right needs to face the Nazi issue head on at some point and wrap it’s head around it. Or maybe it needs to forget it completely because WWII, the decisive war, was clearly not won by “the West” as we classically understand it. As such, it became the ultimate propaganda tool. It’s been totally reduced to a pro-wrestling match/superhero comic were the nazi is *always* the heel/villain.

    Today, an individual who advocates for such something like *mildly* controlling immigration is a Nazi. This mild individual intones, “But I’m not a Nazi?!” and then maybe wonders if indeed the Nazis were “really Nazis.”

    So that is the question: were the Nazis *really* Nazis?

    Yes, there was a Nazi Party in reality. Actual flesh and blood Germans who wore the uniform and the swastika. None of us ever met them or fought them. All we’ve ever met is the MOVIE NAZI; the cartoon. The heartless murderer of the innocent is who maybe gay or only has one testicle or something. In his spare time he enjoys making lampshades and soap out little children.

    So who were the real Nazis? Were they the same as us? Just normal battered white people battered by financial globalists and their machinations? People horrified by sexual decadence and degeneracy and the breakdown of the family?

    I don’t know, I wasn’t there. But I am asking. (It’d be interesting to know who the “evil Japs” and the fascist Italians were too, as well).

    • They are all caricatures (the Japs and the Italians), designed, and spread into Western culture, by the real winners of that war.

      This doesn’t mean they were super-good folks, of course, but that’s out of the question, because there were no super-good folks on either side.

    • “The dissident Right needs to face the Nazi issue head on…”

      Here’s an idea. Before anyone comments on knot-zees again – or commies … READ My Struggle, read The Communist Manifesto.

      When those rats infested MLB, the day they embraced BLM, that org’s manifesto was still proudly posted at their site. All that stuff about being against the “nuclear family – right out of Marx.

      Aaaand that was all she wrote for sportsball.

      The Marx/Engles thing is really a pamphlet. Compare it to Thomas Paine’s scat sheet. But read it.

      My Struggle is a bit more work – but you can do it Snoopy!

      If you take the time to do this reading, you will be more informed than 99.99% of all other Western men. Forget the women, I am just speaking to men.

      Decide for yourself, and obtain a basis to measure the words spoken about these authors by one and all.

  7. If America couldn’t be saved in the all-white Father Knows Best 50s or the mostly white and totally awesome 80s, it SURE AS HELL cannot be saved now. Just gotta let go and give up the ghost. Don’t take Ye, Fuentes, or ANY public figure seriously.

    The Right it to in love with hearing itself speak or worse yet LARPING as nazis for the press. It should be quietly be moving into local politics and taking control of local areas and infrastructure. They should act and speak like normal intelligent people of basic dignity. But there simply isn’t any organization as far as I can see; none. Maybe there can’t be, I don’t know.

  8. Mr. Taylor’s interviewer on TYT is a piece of work, isn’t he? The hostility to his guest is palpable, and he spends a lot of the time interrupting and looking down at his notes. Jared’s ‘IQ doesn’t change with the weather’ was a hilarious retort; the knuckleheaded host used the term ‘atmospheric’ where clearly he means ‘environmental’.

    Finally, did I hear him right and he said ‘higher *to* yours’ when Jared asked him his IQ in response? Super grammar! The 30 minute debate should be fun, whether or not he lets Jared speak.

    • Yes. The improper use of terms with atmospheric instead of environmental and, even better, stoic in place of static/fixed/unchanging were entertaining. The most egregious synaptic short was where Taylor volunteered, as a means of showing the tests are not white supremacist, that Asians perform better on the tests than the whites who designed and developed them. Immediately, Jessie Eric Jackson Dyson says that white people have been hiding the fact that Asians do better than whites. Uh… Excuse me? Your guest just volunteered that fact unprompted. Those types of mistakes aren’t when trying to persuade people that the results of IQ tests are not valid.

      The host asking a guest a question and then immediately interrupting the guest’s answer was the instructive part. You see, this isn’t about getting to the truth. This is about getting into a position with a title, a suit and tie, and the power to control the terms of the debate. Then you use the power of your position to conduct a sham of a debate.

      It is perfectly illustrative of the nature of the problem we face. We are not dealing with people interested in an adversarial dance designed to arrive at the truth. We are in a dance that has a time and numerical expiry. When the numbers reach a certain point, the time for sham debates is over, the adversarial relationship will still exist and the truth will be arrived at by other means. I don’t think we are ready for that.

      • All it takes to know the truth to IQ tests is sincerity with oneself.
        I mean… over 20 years, any time I have taken a decently serious IQ test, the score has shifted within a range of three points.
        If it meant nothing, it wouldn’t be so staggeringly consistent over a pair of decades :))!

  9. Times change. People change. Fuentes was humming, “freedom is just another word for nothin’ else to lose…”

    A nowadays, divorce strategy. How I’d ‘ave done it differently in today’s world. In the early ’90s, the era of 3rd wave feminism, men were still men, and too many families remained intact. I endured a very contentious divorce, had it been the Woke World today, where men are ?, and families can consist of rocks, rats, and Nigerian orphans, I’d have attended court hearings in a skirt, wig, makeup, stuffed bras, and high heels.

    That Seven Sisters Lesbo lookin’ “master” with the pale rock carved countenance wouldn’t dare rule against me. I’d have been a thingy of courage and conviction. Even had she been a TERF, she’d have to go along with the Woke sentiment. If not, she would empathize: “look at how that poor thing struggles with those high heels.” “How can one even question one’s heart’s desire, such courage.” The Master would instinctively rule me the best parent, and the custody issue, let alone the financial issues, would have been resolved asap. TERF or not, the Master would find it a socially and career-enhancing advantage and proceed immediately to pen a wonderfully woke anecdote to the Mt Holyoke college alum newsletter.

    HITLER. You mentioned that surname several times in your post. Now it is many believe that Fuentes is the reincarnation. Fuentes has gone “Full Hitler” (think Downey Jr in Tropical Thunder). I wish he would bring it over the top and grow the mustache.

    Throughout my life, and with exponentially increasing violent intensity and frequency, all I’ve heard is hitler, Hitler, HITLER. In fact, I’ve been called Hitler more than once in my day. Is Fuentes baby Hitler?

    Against my better judgment, I was forced to understand more. Last month I downloaded Satan’s Screed. I threw “curiosity killed the cat” to the wind,” I downloaded T. Daltons’ translation of the caterpillar mustached man’s only literary achievement. I wanted to hear it from the horse’s mouth.

    In the tomes forward, T. Dalton argues that many of the several autobiographies’ translations are purposely bastardized, and his work is a more accurate translation.

    I’ve just finished Ch 3. I don’t know if I can go on, but I do, even as my blood pressure rises and my claw toes ache, shod in the pink and glittery high-heels as they are. Yet, if I’m being honest with myself-rare-early 20th-century Vienna seems familiar. I only read this, so my fellow progressives don’t have to. I recommend they take MSNBC’s word on the subject.

    So far, I think the H-Man would be unfamiliar with the ADL’s Greenblatts’ open hostility and cancellation threats regarding Kanye. But he might appreciate and nod to a particular billionaire with NFL and celebrity hobnobbing side pursuits. A man who very publically donated his plane to U of Virginia so attendees could attend funerals. This poor billionaire was falsely accused, yet thankfully cleared, of buying sex in dingy retail plazas.

    All things come out in the end, and none so timely as a press-plastered 1950s black and white photo of a curious teenaged Jerry Jones, looking from the far back of a crowd at the commotion caused by fellow teenagers blocking the way of a couple of black kids. A man naked without his expensive well-coifed doo, resembling deceased inmate Phil Spector. This man is too dignified to argue with the quick-to-anger Jerry Jones owner of the Dallas Cowboys.

  10. I would have doubts about sending Fuentes out for coffee, but I think it is too early to be writing his epitaph.

    And… white sambo? The guy had half a million stolen from him. I can’t say I blame him for taking and holding an actual position against his actual enemies, instead of punching down at blacks with graphs and quips.

    What we need an epitaph for is the kosher anti-blackety-black approach, which is the real sambo-on-sambo action here.

  11. In basketball, every good team has an unselfish guy that does the dirty work that doesn’t win him plaudits from the mouth-breathing sportswriters obsessed with scoring and not much else. He grabs rebounds, defends the opposing team’s best player, covers your ass with his help defense when you gamble for a steal and get burned, spaces out the floor and goes into the stands or on the floor after every loose ball. No one asks or wants this role, but someone invariably does it to the team’s benefit.

    I called these guys glue guys and when our glue guy missed a lot of games my junior year with an ankle sprain that refused to heal, the team struggled because he cleaned up our mistakes and was what Zen Buddhism says is the distance between the spokes of the wheel.

    The problem with our culture is that no one wants to do this dirty work of actually building our own communities and establishing our own morality separate from the hive. No one except those in the know give you the attaboys which are seemingly the coin of this very odd realm. Everyone wants to be the scorer in the spotlight, performing for the crowd. Scorers are a dime a dozen.

    The analogy carries to our present situation. Everyone wants adulation from the masses and the love of a media complex that sees them instead as filling the role in their morality play as the great adversary Old Scratch, the Nazis. If Nick Fuentes was a serious man (I’ll give him a tiny bit of slack because he’s very young and inexperienced), he wouldn’t have joined an obviously mentally ill Kanye and decided to put on the Nazi uniform demanded by the Hive.

    Building a new moral framework and ultimately a new civilization is difficult work like rebounding and defense in basketball that no one wants to do. Everyone wants to be recognized as a star and it’s that hunger for notoriety that proves to be the vulnerability shared by all of these media figures like Fuentes, Ann Coulter, Richard Spencer, etc.

    • Agree with every word you said except that scorers are a dime a dozen. Guys who can average 15+ PPG and make the really tough shots that have to be made at the higher levels of the game are quite rare, and that’s why coaches seek them out. Now that doesn’t mean that glue guys–or blenders, as I call them–are common. They’re certainly not. But you’ve got to have a bucket-getter, too, if you want to contend for championships.

      • In college basketball, everyone who makes it to that level is some kind of scorer. They’re common at that level and every good team (at least the top 50 teams nationally) has a couple of guys who can score 20 or more points a night.

        • Every D1 college player was a scorer in high school, but the vast majority of them take different and reduced roles in college because they can’t put it in the hole reliably against D1 defenses. And yes, a lot of college guys can occasionally go off for 20, but few can consistently bring the point production.

    • I understand what you’re saying and I agree with it. The whole bit about craving the spotlight is what I don’t get, but I guess that’s a generational thing.
      I guess I fall back too much on what I was taught in the army in terms of “Make it happen and then let them try and figure out how you did it later. Never tell them and keep them guessing.” I guess that’s too much for some in the current generation.
      The finding a community of like-minded folks and getting started from there is the big problem for me because there’s always a quandary. If the community is well advertised, I probably won’t want to move there, seeing as how it’s probably already been infiltrated by the cancer we call the left.
      That leaves me to try to find a community on my own and I’m not sure I have enough resources to pull up the stakes multiple times, should things not work out. If I did find such a place that worked out, I would have no problem contributing and being the guy who helps out and expects no “atta boys” from anyone. Just give me my peace.

    • It’s amazing to be a glue guy. But I have always wondered why so few, if any at all, realize it.

      However I think it’s a calling, like many others. If you be a glue guy because you don’t have what it takes to be a scorer or a spotlight guy, you won’t do it as well as someone who really wants, above all, to be a glue guy.
      but people don’t even believe you when you tell them: yes, I am that, and want to do that: they take it for sure that you lack what those taking the other roles have :)).

    • “he…was what Zen Buddhism says is the distance between the spokes of the wheel.”

      I’m the Bible teacher at a Christian school, but I’m still gonna find a way to use that line with my students. That’s really good.

    • What does a man do, Walter? A man provides. And he does it even when he’s not appreciated, or respected, or even loved. He simply bears up and he does it. Because he’s a man.

  12. Some will believe that. (that Ye is mentally ill.) Some will also look into what he’s saying, that the Jays hold vast disproportionate power, and they’ll be astonished that they never saw that before, and they’ll never unsee it.

    Any way you look at it, the ADL, SPLC et al, don’t like what Ye is saying, and wish he would shut his mouth.

      • My comment was meant to be a reply to trumpton’s post further down. Apparently I messed that up.

        Anyway, trumpton’s post that this is a reply to is:
        “West is being used to create a narrative that criticizing jews is equivalent to being mentally ill.

        The second order effect is the actual goal.”

    • I have been racially conscious since my twenties, but the JQ was a mystery to me until my early fifties. However, once I understood, the noticing became impossible to ignore. I credit the discovery of William Pierce’s writings and videos for my awakening. He was a truly brilliant and inspirational man. He actually did try to build an organization that stood outside of the moral consensus.

      • Look up “America is a Changing Country ” on bitchute. This video was my introduction to Pierce and his work, as well as the JQ.

      • We don’t have a JQ in my country. But when things began very clearly not to go in a country-driven way but in a Unified West-driven way, I had to look abroad for an explanation about quite any thing that had some weight in politics and economics.
        I looked at the US, and their media, and social media, and main institutions (the FED, Wall Street, … I mean “institutions” in a wide sense).

        I very soon noticed that too many last names of people who owned/run the big things had a peculiar ring to them… and I very soon noticed that there were some strange white people who, everywhere they could, spread anti-white racist ideology, content, soundbites, anything they could.
        I very soon noticed these latter group of people had the same last names as the first group.

        I can’t see how any +1SD or anove in IQ, independent thinking, person living in the USA/UK may have taken years or decades to spot that single pattern.

    • Many more people will see the parallels between the incoherent, logically fallacious, mentally-ill way that Ye attacks the Jays, and associate that with anyone who attacks the Jays like that, than will “look into” things and be astonished.

      What people don’t seem to understand, is that the more Ye talks, the stronger the ADL gets.

      Imagine there is some Polish- or Russian-American guy who can’t stand Hitler because his grandfather died when Poland and Russia were invaded in WWII, and he sees Kanye say “I love Hitler”, and he is like “Screw that Kanye asshole.”

      Then some JQ-tard comes along and says “The only reason you don’t like Hitler is because the Jews are controlling you, you Jew shill”.

      He’s most likely going to think “hmm maybe those ADL guys have a point.”

      It’s like a never-ending cycle of stupidity, where the ADL and JQ-tards feed off each other, but the ADL gains much more power than the other side. That is not a good thing.

      We saw this play out in Pennsylvania, where Andrew Torba used the publicity that came from Mastriano to go on his “we won’t bow to the 2%” and “ew they just look evil” rant. Then what happened? Pennsylvania, which is on average more white and more christian than the rest of the country, made Mastriano lose bigger than Oz did.

      And you have to remember, powerful people who are non-Jewish, and are in many cases more powerful than the Jews they know, have friendships and business relationships with powerful people that are jewish. They basically see these people kvetching about Jewish power as a bunch of retards.

  13. The “alt-right” sensation that hit its peak in ’15 and ’16 was fun for shits and giggles, yet unfortunately contributed mightily to the illusion that we could rely on E-celebs to save us from the looming disaster that is our shambles of a culture. Nick Fuentes has ultimately proven to be just a brand. Same as Trump. Why The Donald would associate his own brand with considerably lesser brands such as Fuentes and the chameleon Milo Y is a curious question, though not one of any genuine significance. There is no man on a white horse (or on some Internet platform) who will save us. We must accept that if we are to make progress. We must assume total responsibility for our own destinies.

    • Sounds good, but the gems won’t let us have self-determination. Then there’s the whole women thing, beyond repair in any non-agro way. And most whites are complete betas’. I think we there’s 3 options for our people. 1.wilful ignorance, do ur thing, know the game and how to abuse it, never revealing ur true cards, get rich enough not to care. 2. Go off the reservation, live a truly simple life somewhere in the wild or small village. 3 Prep and plan, wait for the right wave to hit and go out guns blazing (very honorable)
      : ^)

    • As much as he has diminished himself in my eyes I don’t understand this line of argument that seems to boil down to sorority tetchyness and rapping Trump on the knuckles for deigning to meet, by pre-arrangement, this West fellow & entourage (in the case of the former, had already met at least once before with official photographers present; and I don’t believe this woman with the irrelevant job title of Former Aide who claims hoodwinking).

      Trump, of all people, should understand the dominance game aspect here. Once upon a time ex-Presidents were doing this, i.e. chit-chat with pseudo-commoners (often needing the money and publicity, but the important thing is they felt they had to). Voluptuaries of Democracy and world-invader bull-moose-kink crowd ought to remember.

      Trump should point out that, as long as they’re not fugitives or people he sprung from the hoosegow via pardons or Platinum Plans, petitioners are allowed. His golf course on the far south edge of L.A. says “Open To The Public” prominently on the engraved sign. Revolver News was correct to frame this reaction as “Dinner Police;” additionally I’d hoped this might get Mercedes Schlapp type of people in his retinue to quit/defect for the social mileage, but that was unrealistic. They’ll be back to leech more, that’s America.

  14. Years ago my girlfriend came back from vacationing in Italy. I remember her telling me, “Those Italian men are just like the stereotypes!”

    > Numerous psychological studies have confirmed that *in general, stereotypes are indeed true*. Of course that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of individual exceptions, there are; but *in general*, stereotypes are accurate representations of group characteristics. That’s how they became stereotypes.

    I’ve never before seen Rashad Richie; but it seems likely to me that— rather than playing a stereotypical Black character— Richie does in fact embody those stereotypes. *He’s not playing a role: that ignorant ‘Black intellectual’ is who he actually is*

    The stupid assertions he makes, apparently believing that he’s making a point— that the Egyptians were Black, that “atmosphere” determines IQ, that today’s IQ tests are culturally biased, that the various IQ tests don’t have high correlation, that IQ can be raised 20 points simply by telling kids that they’re gifted; his use of the term “stoic” in place of “static”, his apparent belief during his interview with Taylor that his arguments are prevailing, his assertion that his IQ is larger than Taylor’s— his inability to see how stupid the things he’s saying are— it seems likely to me that he’s being real: that we’re seeing an accurate picture of the person he is. He really IS that stupid! (If you’re stupid enough, you don’t see how stupid you are.)

    In other words: he appears to fit the stereotypes to a T.

    He may be playing a stereotypical role, but it seems more likely to me that in fact, he IS the stereotype. Just as people like Maxine Waters, Al Sharpton, and LeBron James are not playing roles: rather, they’re being who they are. It’s from people like them that the stereotypes came to be in the first place, and why they persist

    And it seems likely to me that Rashad Richie’s audience is also stereotypically stupid in a similar fashion, believing similarly stupid things. Who else would waste their time listening to a moron like him?

    Clearly, modern-day stereotypes about Blacks are generally true: Blacks (looked-at as a group) ARE much more criminal, much more violent, much more impulsive, much less likely to defer gratification, much more promiscuous, much more likely to have a venereal disease, much more likely to end up in jail. Again: there will be numerous individual exceptions; but in general, these stereotypes are accurate.

    So, rather than denying this reality, I see the way out for Blacks as working hard at no longer conforming to the stereotypes. Most White people I know would rather have a positive opinion of Blacks. “Racism” and “prejudice” and “discrimination”— which came to be and persist because they are reasonable responses to Black misbehavior— would go away to a large extent if Blacks started behaving differently.

    Unfortunately, it’s much more likely that Blacks, along with their White liberal “allies”, will continue to see racial coercion— demanding that White people ignore reality and embrace an “anti-racist” radical-egalitarian unreality— as the way forward.

    And yes: there are racial coercion-free zones: this space here is one of them.

    • “Dr. Richie”— that living, breathing advertisement for White supremacy— really is a college professor. I expect his students love him.

      That’s what a “Black social scientist” looks like, and sounds like.

      What more can one say?

      • I suspect his students love to drop his name among friends and family, rhapsodize about his erudition, and then relish laconically dropping the fact that he’s black into the conversation. If their counterpart expresses even the slightest surprise at this fact, they get the added bonus of accusing that person of latent racism.

    • You are expecting too much of blacks and underestimating their tribalism. Even the good ones, who can function in a white society, will say, “I feel so alienated because I only saw a few faces like mine.”

      • “Even the good ones, who can function in a white society, will say, “I feel so alienated because I only saw a few faces like mine.””

        I once worked with a guy who said exactly this.

    • In simplistic terms, he’s the classic embodiment of someone on the left side of the Dunning-Kruger graph.

    • I easily found and watched the Taylor interview. “Dr.” Richey is the stereotype sure enough. Wearing a hoodie, clutching a basketball and a “40” of malt liquor and standing on the street corner, he would be indistinguishable from his brethren.

      If he’s really a PhD of (I assume) social studies, he should be somewhat to the right of “their” bell curve. If he hits 100, I’ll write a check to the NAACP. He used at least two words way out of context. He talk like a homeboy. In my experience, truly intelligent, well-educated Negroes don’t.* How he “..slams white supremacist,” I guess I blinked and missed it.

      It’s unlikely I’ll ever watch his channel again. But I would if he actually dares a 30 minute debate with Taylor. I’ll make some popcorn.

      *I realize it’s unfair to judge a person solely by poor diction, as the example of Dr. Stephen Hawking would show. But his was sort of a special case.

    • The problem with the IQ test discovery is that those who it explains the most about are too low IQ to understand it, and those who can use it to make the biggest difference are too sad to believe it.

  15. Speaking of demographics, here is a story from the UK Guardian about a black man in Texas running an outdoor clothing & equipment store. Yes, the link goes to Twitter, but it is still worth a look for the absurdity.


    Or the original link:


    • ArthurinCali: Per the link, the guy’s father is Jamaican. Claims he’s an ‘avid hiker’ but both he and his mudshark wife are obese. Poseurs like the rest of the purportedly special 10% blacks.

    • If a simple Wiki search of Stephenville Texas demographics makes the article a liar, what else will they lie about?

      “The only Black person in town, he refashioned his dorm room into something of a stylist’s atelier…”

    • Hey, you got a love it: it’s not that nobody comes to his store; rather, he’s a “historically underutilized business [HUB] vendor”.

      And yeah: he doesn’t look like much of a hiker, does he? But no doubt it would be racist to point that out.

      Yet another example of how the irrational adoration of Blacks is what characterizes mainstream media.

      • The real bill,

        It was amusing to hear his complaints that the business hadn’t received any minority vendor contracts yet.

        Seems more like he started the company as a grifting opportunity to get those minority vendor contracts.

        And no, he does not look as if he or the family are avid hikers.

        • If anyone cares, when I first heard it, I assumed that term arose after the unfortunate incident with
          Ahmaud Arbery in early 2020. Apparently was in use earlier. I wonder how many of them jog with work boots? Trespassing on construction sites?

    • I’ve been backpacking for thirty years and have yet to see a single black on the trail. That didn’t stop Backpacker magazine and their advertisers from featuring blacks on the cover and in ads after George Floyd. Readers are even treated to articles about how unsafe blacks feel out in the wilderness among all those white people, despite the fact that the most dangerous place for blacks is near other blacks.

      • It is really something. The narrative vacillates between the Great Outdoors are a hotbed of White Supremacy* and then tries to portray black individuals as hikers and so forth. I’ll see black guys fishing (the younger generations do not for the most part), but never camping or hiking. Thank God.

        *Along the same lines, the propaganda organs once portrayed large apex predators with adoration and now those animals are demonized. This society is so mentally ill it can never recover.

      • I’d been a subscriber to Outside Magazine for most of my life starting from teenage but cancelled because they started dong the black in the outdoors thing all the time. The quality of the writing has dropped off a bunch too.

        It always was funny to me the screeds about global warming and carbon footprints and the like were interspersed with articles about travel to exotic locations and ads and reviews for gear made from petroleum products. Self-awareness has never been a progressive strongpoint.

        • Living close to Yosemite National Park, we take several trips a year to enjoy the scenery. Bridal Falls, Half Dome, and the beauty of the area is a sight to behold. Nearly 15 years worth of these trips and I can recall seeing a handful of black hikers. Maybe 4.

          Now on the other hand, thousands of Asian tourists make the trek to Yosemite every year. They can’t get enough of the Redwood trees, trash pandas running around, and even bears. I once saw a large group of Asian tourists taking pictures in the far corner of a meadow. Being curious I went over to see what the fuss was about. Got out of there pretty quick. Of course it was a mama bear with her two cubs they were photographing. High IQ cannot be given out to everyone apparently.

          Know what I didn’t see in all these trips throughout the years, even during the early Covid insanity? No hate crimes or incidents against Asians. Not one. With such a high concentration of Asians visiting America’s National Park system, a rational person might expect some sort precaution or even public warnings for Asians to be aware when visiting, especially from publications like Outside magazine. Nope.

          Weird seeing how regime media continues the mantra of “Stop the Asian Hate,” even forming silly money-laundering organizations like the Stop AAPI Hate. (Asian American (and) Pacific Islander)

          The reality is that being in a major city with a certain demographic known for spontaneous violence is the most dangerous place for Asians, especially their elderly.

    • This reminds me of something I recently experienced. I live in Texas, and I love to fish. I got an email from the Texas Wildlife Commission that has updates to fishing/hunting locations, etc. etc. I had to laugh – the email came with a picture of a black guy fishing off a dock. I have never in my life seen a black man out fishing in the thousands of times I’ve gone out in my life. Not one time. I’m sure there are some, but it made me laugh how out of their way they go to inject the ferals into everything. It’s beyond irritating.

      • There’s a magazine for every profession, business, or hobby (as a niche for targeted advertising). Does Shoe Shining Today feature black men on the job as cover models?

  16. I’m not sure blacks ever exhibited much agency at all, one way or the other. Rather, they were simply channelled into the courses carved out for them by broader society. Prior to the so-called “civil rights movement,” this meant accepting second-class status and segregation. After the during and the CRM, it meant dwelling in an increasingly Africanized America. In the first scenario, the people who determined the negroes’ circimstances were conservative whites. In the second, it was white Leftists and Finkels.

    The mantle of the pre-CRM conservatives has been, with some alteration, picked up by the dissident right. Alas, we are now in the same position as the pre-CRM negroes; society is stacked against us and it’s difficult to imagine us ever gaining much power. However, in 1942 who could have imagined that negroes would be the chosen people and that America would by a substantially African country 80 years later? Nobody. That’s who. And what this means is that the future, any more than a few years in advance, is basically impossible to predict with any accuracy. Thus, while our current situation may appear as bleak and hopeless as that of the negroes in the early 40s, it is possible that our fortunes will improve dramatically in the coming decades. We can rule nothing out.

    • I wonder what it will take to turn our current Established Religion into what the Catholic Church in Ireland currently is?

      I look forward to public lampooning of rainbow flags, and all the other garbage our ruling class considers holy.

      • In Ireland and much of Europe you would face jail time for lampooning that iconography in public or even online.

        Scotland is trying to introduce that in private conversations in homes.

        Its simple to control dissent.

  17. Fuentes was allowed entry onto the national stage because Trump let him onto the foyer of Mar-a-Lago, along with the gay Jewish guy pretending to be born again and the famous black guy who was famous for his degenerate music. This isn’t the first time orange man was burned by the same black guy. And orange man knew damn well who the gay Jewish guy was (a Fed intel gatherer by the way) and why no one should ever know him or give him the time of day.

    So the worlds greatest carny act invited three far lesser carny acts into his mansion, this once again, in unforced error number 5372, diminished his carny act to the very level of a David Duke. Trump left the meeting a lesser man, which is exactly why the gay Jewish guy wanted and even admitted. His work was done. Orange man believes to his core that ALL press is good press. I’ve never believed that.

    As far as Fuentes goes, from day one he was auditioning for the Charlie Kirk role with the RNC donor class. When this role was cruelly snatched from him this was his alternate role. His goal is fame and money. Why did the RNC donors turn to Kirk instead? He was more of an insider, a little bit older, and most of all, had the discipline to not deviate from his written script and throw a milk shake like a girl at people in a LA In-N-Out.

    As a side note, Fuentes is just a Mexican Catholic version of the gay Jewish man who just turned on him.

  18. Or one can relegate politics to a lesser priority.

    Is racism our most pressing problem in the moment? I think not. How about political dysfunction/corruption? Is there anything the individual can do to solve that? I think not.

    These are just distractions that prevent you from doing the hard stuff. Playing armchair activist is much easier than preparing to survive the interregnum of chaos and then do the heavy lifting necessary to bring about real change. So what can be gained by mass communication?

    Well, news you can use. For example, did you know that your cell phone can (and does) track you and spy on you in airplane mode. This bit of trivia may save your life someday.

      • “Fortunately, they can’t make you put it on airplane mode”

        I believe TomA’s point is that sometimes people put their phones on airplane mode believing that this prevents tracking. To use your mask example, this is the equivalent of reminding us that masks won’t save you from the plague.

        In short, airplane mode, like masks, won’t fully protect you, and it’s dangerous to believe otherwise.

    • You need to place your phone—when off, or in “airplane mode”—into a “black bag”. Look up ”Mission Darkness” for a company that sells such accoutrements. 😉

      Now even black bagged, when you take the phone out you are now detectable—indeed, your phone is looking for the nearest cell tower, connecting, and leaving a record. However, your bagged phone is available for emergency use when/if needed. If you can’t live without your phone being live and “connecting” you 24×7, then you really don’t belong in this group. And again, you are also the person who probably offers the Fed’s an added informational bonus by using your phone (or card) to “swipe” for purchases.

      • I have a faraday bag for my phone. It works amazingly well for a cheap item. I keep it in the car and I have one for plane travel. When I look at my google tracking, I magically appear in various places where I have used the device.

        I just got a new phone and plan to crack into the old one to make a privacy phone.

      • You can just line any old small bag with aluminum foil. It will turn it into a Faraday cage. If you have an aluminum or steel garbage can you can check it out yourself. Just tune into a strong station with a portable radio, leave it on and put it in the garbage can and put on the lid. Blocks everything. For longevity, I recommend heavy duty stainless steel foil.

        • Jesus, has it literally come to tin foil? Speaking of which, hope those guys in Moore NC that shot the shit outa the substation took precautions.

          • Substation shooting is old hat. Damage from bullet fire has been observed since I was a kid—at least out here in the desert where there is open range and folks like to “target practice”. It became a big thing only after 9/11. Then folks were keen on discussing acts of terrorism and how susceptible we were to such acts upon infrastructure. Prior to such, it was considered a cost of doing business.

            But I agree, today your drunken indiscretion is sure to get you life in prison.

          • @compsci How can Western Civ survive if people think critical infrastructure is a suitable target for target practice?

          • Tars, Compsci.
            40k without power and millions in damage is pretty good shooting. Imagine this happening in substations that serve cities, financial hubs. This scares them; observe the response. Tars, does it benefit us if western civ survives and thrives? To be clear I haven’t been to NC for years.

          • Substations are *nothing*—consider the Internet. Way back when, I saw a posting of some hikers, who were Internet/technical savvy, who had found the Western connection of our cross country fiber optic link. Yep, it was clearly marked as it crossed the Rockies with spurs to AZ and then onto CA. Even at that time, it was pointed out that anyone with a shovel and axe could knock out communications to the West coast for millions.

            Now this info is perhaps 25 yo. However, it has to make you think just how serious we are wrt critical infrastructure. I have other examples which I personally have confirmed, but won’t bore you with at this time.

    • Extra credit lesson.

      The Stasi used cell phone tracking data to identify all persons located in the vicinity of the Jan 6th protest and then set about inventing “crimes” for people randomly scooped up in this electronic dragnet. This abuse of the technology is just the tip of the iceberg, so being wise about cell phone vulnerabilities is truly a life and death issue now.

      But this can work both ways. You can deploy your cell phone to somewhere “safe” while conducting important business elsewhere; and then, should a problem arise, cite your cell phone tracking data as evidence of your “location” at a particular time. We have to get smarter, because the totalitarians are getting more evil.

      • You’re right about the tracking. It’s even worse. I may be wrong on details but here goes: Banks (and, perhaps mobile phone carriers) were not served warrants. At least in some cases they turned in their user’s semi-private* data (credit card transactions and call or location data, respectively) on their own initiative.

        *It’s possible that they did not violate any laws in so doing, that may be the worst of it. I admit I don’t know details, but you’d be dismayed to know how much of what you’d think should be your private data can be sliced, diced and sold to other businesses. This was true, IIRC a few years back when the Feds were running a program called Carnivore. They were collecting phone calling records looking for patterns. It wasn’t illegal at the time. Listening to the actual voice conversations was (more) protected by privacy laws, but not whom you call, when or how often. Your internet usage (what sites you visit) similarly is marketable.
        * SIGH * as they used to say in “Peanuts.”

      • Anytime the federal government
        seriously wants to know where you are, they will know within a few minutes. If you’re truly on their radar, they know everything about you.

        Real power is legal power, because those who exercise real power have control of the government.

        And by the way, one thing recent wars show, like in Ukraine or Iraq, is that it takes a hell of a lot of concentrated military attacks.to knock out a nation’s grid. And even then it only lasts for a while.

        GI Joe wannabes are no threat to this country or to our power grid. The feds know this. So does the media. They just like to puff up the threat as a way of justifying a crackdown, that’s all.

      • A business opportunity? Cell phone mini storage lockers by the hour? Like putting your phone in a gym locker while you attend “other business?”

          • No.

            A VPN is just an encrypted tunnel at the protocol layer. Its nothing to do with the network communication framing.

            The phone pings its imei to the towers in order to handshake for normal cell services. You can’t avoid it unless its off (battery out) or in a container that prevents radio waves.

            The towers and the provider know where you are from these at all times. Its how you get phone calls.

    • I’m skeptical of your last claim. I will concede it’s certainly possible (“can”). But “does”? That’s pushing paranoia a bit far, methinks. The very reason airplane mode exists is to minimize potential interference with avionics which is rather important in-flight. A plane full of phones surreptitiously tattling their owner’s current location to the nearest cell towers would rather defeat the purpose. I do concede that in extremes, one’s life might depend upon not having that cell phone turned on, or even to be carrying one, as in normal mode the surveillance is all too real, and covert spying features cannot be ruled out.

  19. How much will we really change things by going along with and supporting a black guy wearing a black sack over his head holding a net?
    Our best bet is to build small communities, get to know the sheriff or become the sheriff.
    Marry well, have children, teach those children well.
    That’s how we flourish.
    It’s a longer road .
    But the right one.

    • There really isn’t any place to hide. Your friend, the sheriff, can be bought/compromised/overwhelmed whenever the State feels like it. Your family can be dissolved under the same circumstances.

      West is an idiot, but so what? Literally everything that harms the globalists is in my interests.

    • @GGL

      While I understand your sentiment, you’re suggesting what people have already tried to do. You can’t get away from it. There’s no company you can work for that wants you to succeed if you’re white, you can’t join the military if you’re white, you can’t vote to put your desired politicians in office because they’ve rigged that too. Not everyone can just pick up and move to the mountains or the remote hills somewhere. I have a hard time coming up with any way other than (fed post).

      • There are still places where people know each other.
        Rocky Tops.
        And they know when a stranger is around.
        Yes, working outside for bigger companies or joining the military now takes you outside of Rocky Top but these places that value community and clans still exist.
        The biggest challenge is making a living while participating within them.

  20. A little known fact is that Sambo as a meme was adopted from the 1899 children’s book “Little Black Sambo.” In the first place the character was fictional. In the second, he is of the [Dot] Indian continent. Other than an enhanced melanin content, the dusky from the Indian sub-continent share about as much in common with those of Negroid ancestry as a Polar Bear does with Caucasians.

  21. It’s a fine line between being blunt and being offensive, and everybody is quick to be offended these days. Therefore, the fine line is coarse these days. Of course, I think being thin-skinned is feminine.

    That’s the problem, because it takes a thick skin to face hard truths. Remembering Nietzsche, the polemicist, and his bad reputation. Make it humorous, like Chapelle, and you can get away with it, but then it’s easy to not take seriously.

    The alt-right and meme lords tried to make a mockery of politics, and had a lot of success injecting forbidden ideas into politics, but that led to perpetually offended Karens rising up in opposition.

    Anyway, women shouldn’t vote. Neither should weak men. There’s a simple solution that can be implemented sufficiently, if imperfectly, by restricting the franchise by certain criteria. Politics should be left to people who aren’t governed by their emotions. Otherwise you get Clown World.

    • When all political candidates are owned by the same interests (bankers, military industrialists, big pharma, Zionists, etc.), what difference does voting make? The so-called franchise is greatly overrated. The main problem with women voting is not the effects it has on the system, which are negligible, but that it feeds the inexplicably tantalizing illusion known as EQUALITY. Men and women are NOT equal to one another — and we ought stop pretending that they are.

      • “The main problem with women voting is not the effects it has on the system, which are negligible…”

        This statement is palatably wrong. Women are emotionally affected in voting preferences and it shows at the polls. As we divide Right from Left, and young from old in voting preferences, we typically show divisions of women from men—especially within conservative circles. That difference is one reason we are at our current state of decline—feminization of the country.

        • You rightly identify “feminization of the country” as one of the reasons for our decline. Then you naively imply that voting holds importance. A reinvigoration of masculinity will require us to face the truth: We the people are not allowed to vote on anything that matters. The difference between Democrats and Republicans is considerably less than that between Coke and Pepsi (Coke versus Pepsi is likewise a fake competition, as both brands are owned by the same investment bankers). Please set aside the imbecilities of democracy and civic nationalism. When all so-called competing candidates are owned by the same interests, the battles between those candidates constitute little more than a Western version of Kabuki theater designed to keep the rabble safely blinded. Open thy eyes.

          • “The difference between Democrats and Republicans is considerably less than that between Coke and Pepsi”

            “When all so-called competing candidates are owned by the same interests”

            Most Americans depend on corporations for food, housing, income, stuff, etc. It’s no surprise the government is just as beholden to them. I’d guess if Americans became more independent, the government would follow. Not sure if that’s possible barring economic collapse, but all the same.

      • I agree with Compsci and think its had a profound effect on politics. Even if it’s rigged, politicians still act like they have to appeal to women, and that affects the issues.

        Look at this past election. Supposedly unmarried women voted Democratic by a huge margin. Either they don’t vote, or they get married. Any volunteers to take on angry, feminism-corrupted women?

        • “Even if it’s rigged, politicians still act like they have to appeal to women, and that affects the issues.”

          It does not affect the issues. The issues, or policies rather, are determined by powers far greater than you and I. The voters have zero effect on what is ultimately implemented.

          What it affects (infects, actually) is the popular rhetoric. Though overblown, rhetoric matters to the degree that it sets the tone for the overall culture. And yes, due in part to women voting, the popular discourse in our civilization has been feminized to a nauseating extent. It is irrelevant in terms of what policies are enacted. Nevertheless, it still makes daily life in this culture more annoying and less pleasant than it might otherwise be for all us evil cis-hetero White guys. Just a return to more masculine rhetoric would be a refreshing change.

          • Abortion wouldn’t be an issue if it wasn’t a women’s issue. Politics is rhetorical. Women are a tool to advance certain interests.

      • In the past, before anti-white Leftism was codified into Our Democracy, I believe women voting probably did effect policy outcomes, not because women voted Left a great deal more than men, but because Republicans, assuming female voters were soft lefties, began tacking that direction to gain their votes. And this was the start of the great narrowing between the two parties. Now, of course, they have converged into the uniparty, the system is rigged against white interests, and voting is worse than pointless.

        • And when did that occur?

          The UK has imported the same number people every year for over 50 years as the size of the Russian army that invaded the Ukraine irrespective of govt party or supposed ideology.

          The import itself started just after the war in 1948.

          • In the main, the US began importing the Third World in 1965, and the pace of importation has seemingly escalated just about every year since.

      • Thanks! Your comments give two examples of what Nietzsche is talking about: A need to maintain “false opinions” (incomplete or inaccurate perspectives of the actual world); they may be helpful or even essential to human existence. (Beyond Good and Evil, paragraph 4).

    • This is the same problem that Libertarians have. You can’t get there from here. You would first need an upheaval like the original American
      Revolution followed by a new Continental Congress made up of sane and uncorrupted men.

      • Right. Maybe looking ahead a little bit 😆

        I figure if the future is American, there will be voting. If the future isn’t American, it won’t concern me. Hopefully that doesn’t come to pass.

    • Voting should be restricted to those with skin in the game…Property owners and married people with kids, the ultimate skin in the game….

      • Earned suffrage, not universal suffrage. Earned classification can be argued over, but the concept is sound. The most important criteria, is that you are not on the public dole in one form or another.

        • Votes should be weighted. The more positive markers a voter has on his voting resume, the more his vote counts. And you must have a minimal baseline of such markers before you can vote at all.

      • Those are solid criteria. I’m being intentionally vague because I think it should be limited to people who have their shit together, although I’m not sure how that can be reliably measured. Meaning I haven’t thought it through well enough to be confident.

        • It’s hilarious that you fellows still fall for the idea that voting matters. Whatever your dissident impulses, you continue to qualify as good (i.e., believing), small-d democrats. You might as well be civic nationalists. There’s a bridge in San Francisco I’d like to sell you….

          • It’s cultural. See my reply to TomA above. Voting might be pointless at the federal level, but good luck changing the culture. A return to federalism would be more workable, but still difficult.

            Otherwise we’re talking about scrapping everything and starting over, which would probably involve being conquered. Maybe that’s already happened, idk. Not looking good right now, but I still don’t feel it in my gut.

          • I think you’re assuming that they are talking about voting in the current system. To me it means we plan for the new system so we don’t have to do it all on the fly.

            The current fed government is hopelessly corrupt and will have to go one way or the other so something has to come afterward.

          • When I think about voting regimes, I’m thinking about the future Whiteland, not AINO. The former has possibilities, the latter is brulee.

    • Didn’t it used to be that you couldn’t vote unless you were over 25, married, and a homeowner?

  22. The problem is that building real, viable white communities will be a long, arduous, unglamorous process. Celebrity is a tempting shortcut. Life is short. So of course these young guys fall into the trap and meanwhile of course they have to eat. But they will instead be eaten alive by the howling media.

    • The key idea is “Life is short”. This is why any successful mass movement opposed to power is parasitical on religion. It mostly consists of religious people or first-generation secular people (whose parents were religious), who have this culrural inertia. This excludes CHINOS (Christian in name only) like most Americans.

      What is the point of making big sacrifices for a cause that has a chance to succeed long after you are gone. There is no rational point. It is more rational ro try to adapt or, at the most, engaging in fights that you have a chance to win when you are alive.

      This is why there are not mass movements opposed to power anymore, such as Communism and fascism in the first half of the XX century. These were first-generation secular movements. After this, every masd movement, such as wokism, is organized from power and people don’t have to make sacrifices to join it.

      If there is no higher power to held you accountable, if there is nothing beyond the grave, why bother? Let’s try to get as much pleasure and avoid as much pain as we can before dying. Let’s eat and dring since tomorrow we will die.

      Now you know why powers have so much interest in coopting, corrupting and destroying religion.

      • You seem to forget one’s progeny. If/when you have children, you’ll see fighting for causes not obtainable in “your” lifetime as acceptable because, well—offspring. There is also theory that such concerns can genetically transfer to wider groups such as ethnic and race.

        • No, Compsci, I have not forgotten one’s progeny. I didn’t want to write much, because I write on a cell.

          People with kinds can extend long-term interests one generation more, two generations at most. Anything else is abstraction and it does not matter.

          One can engage in fights with the purpose of his kids living better. This is possible but rare. Most people prefer to prepare their kids for a decaying world, instead of devoting his energy in fighting to save Western civilization.

          But, engaging in fights so your great-grandchildren live better if you win? Unheard with secular people.

          In my native Europe, Muslim fight for causes that will benefit their descent one century from now, because they fight for Allah. This long-term motivation is lacking in secular Europeans.

        • In a similar vein, regarding the hoo-ha about the Balenciaga ad targeting children, it would be “veerrry interesting” as they said on Laugh In, to find out if the people who developed and OK’d the ad actually have children of their own? I suspect not, rather a group of lonely incels, hugging their deviancy tightly and trying to remain relevant while Father Time breathes down their necks.

      • Outstanding post. As I read, I thought of the Cathedrals in Europe. What is most remarkable about them is not their considerable beauty and incredible craftsmanship and architectural genius. What is most remarkable is that they were all built by a people. The larger of them took many generations to complete so the people knew they would never live to see it finished. When they were destroyed they were rebuilt. This project was a cooperation between the elite and the people.

        Similarly the early American colonies are impressive. British lords funded and some even came and founded the colonies. This was a multi-generational project with many setbacks and failures that our people persevered through.

        What inspires a people to work on things they know they will not live to see? Can we conjure that? It can’t just be a God or a faith. If that were so, any human civilization that has a God would have done it.

        Interesting questions. Perhaps the faith that is needed is that enough of us believe in each other to have that desire that we all work together to see it through. That would imply high trust. It makes me feel very small that I have not lived my life with the depth of commitment and in the brotherhood of such large scale, civilizational projects. Perhaps this time and what we face is the God’s gift that will once again stir our people’s souls.

        • The cathedral of Burgos (Spain) was built when Burgos had 5000 inhabitants.Let that sink in. If you know a town with 5000 inhabitants, think “this town could build a Cathedral like the Cathedral of Burgos with no technology, with materials (stone) being extremely expensive if they could maintain a religious faith for a few centuries”. Today it would be insanely impossible.

    • Short-termism, “eating the seed corn”, taking the easy way out, and by many other names. It’s human nature to choose a short-term gain over one that must be long-term, even if it’d likely be a greater gain. I’ve been guilty of it many times myself.

    • My rule #1 of modern politics: “Expediency, expediency, expediency.”
      Its built into the structure of our political system– election cycles are relatively short term. Politicians are beholden to their financiers and to their voter base. They can’t just propose a policy that would benefit everyone in a decade or 25 years from now. The people want immediate results at low cost and little to no effort on their part, and thus demand short term solutions.

      • If that is true why do policies not deviate over a time span of 50 years or more irrespective as to who is supposedly in power?

  23. An astute observer may note that after Kanye’s appearance on Alex Jones, there was *zero* mention of it on CNN or Fox or the other major websites, despite such juicy quotes as “I love Hitler”.

    Why do you think that is?

    The answer is that the white nationalism narrative doesn’t work properly on an ultra black musician like Kanye; also, his and Fuentes’s shtick is Christian Nationalism, not white nationalism, a neat trick that the goyslop masses havn’t been Pavlovian trained to hate and doesn’t quite fit the frame that liberals want to use to bash conservatives. Zman is correct that this will all very likely go nowhere, but it doesn’t hurt Fuentes to raise his profile and get a little more famous from something like this.

    • “Why do you think that is?”

      Orders to embargo the story have gone out. Besides, there is still more Ukraine grift possible.

    • You couldn’t be more wrong about Fuentes. This is just yet another example of Fuentes showing his clown-car colors. It does absolutely nothing good for his “brand” or his supposed political goals.

      All these morons who are willing to play the dancing devil routine for the press concentrate only on the alleged benefit of doing so. Presumably they will pick up a few new fans, most of whom will be weirdos anyway. But they ignore the enormous cost. There appears to be an unlimited supply of these people. Nick is not the first and he will be far from the last.

    • There’s an old saying that even bad publicity is good publicity. I’ve never worked in marketing, but it rings true to me. The story is at least as old as the Garden of Evil. “Don’t eat the apples on this tree” they were told. Yet elsewhere the same book uses the phrase “forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest,” in another context.

  24. “Atmospheric? No, IQ doesn’t have anything to do with the weather.” That was a great Jesse Jackson impersonation. Then the bit about not knowing where the sub-saharan was.

    That aside, per your podcast about AFPAC, I knew it was a bad scene when it was filled with chanting and fist waving. I am also suspect when the choice of music is like that of a timeout and some sports event. Alas, the wheels came off that wagon.

    13% of the population has done an amazing job harnessing pity, slander and historical revisionism to the point of silly caricature in some cases and outright falsehood in others. (Sub-saharans building the pyramid for example of outright falsehood) If the future is stagnation, then that means they wield incredible institutional power. In a world of actor/journalists, actors, economically valueless jobs and sinecures, they will wield ever increasing power.

    I agree with the positive identity aspect. That is your greatest contribution to the set of ideas floating around with our people. We have to wake people up to a grim and sobering reality. Yet, we must inspire them and provide. White People’s Press is on a very good path there. By calendars and the coffee table book there for family Christmas presents. Seeing positive imagery of our real history on Mom, Dad, Grandma and Grandpa, Aunt and Uncle when the kids are around, is a great way to make an unforgettable impression on young minds.

    We should also mimic India and Jewish people. We should forge our own academies that train our people in: our Civics and Cultural Heritage; Math and Science; Applications of Math and Science; Trades; Outdoorsmanship and Martial arts. They either push our own institutions forward and make them the leading ones, or they serve as our re-entry point into the elite echelons of society. Whether we can do a reverse colonization is doubtful given the numbers. But, doing the above, cultivating extremely erudite and skilled people will make us masters of ourselves and our own destiny – provided it eschews atomized individualism and embraces a balanced collective identity that preserves the best of the incentive structures provided by individualism.

    I don’t know how we will do this, but someone is going to have to save the endless treasures in our museums and churches.

    Those projects are monumental. Fuentes is unserious. He is also doing untold damage. Being an extreme caricature tailor made for you by your enemies is dumb. Whoever is bent against white people and our nations is laughing. Fuentes and Kanye slandered by association anyone who says it is OK to be white, and who . They will hold up their tired but effective geometric proof of: Fuentes and West + some slogan = Bad Person thus You and your organization + some slogan or an association we invented between you and it = Bad People.

    No matter. Great post today. Wield the White Sambo to your detriment, or be a part of an incredible opportunity and the truly noble endeavor of preserving and furthering our people and our culture.

    • “We should forge our own academies that train our people in: our Civics and Cultural Heritage; Math and Science; Applications of Math and Science; Trades; Outdoorsmanship and Martial arts.”

      What are you? Some kind of a Nazi? None of this is allowed in current year and all of this will get you branded as white supremacist.

      • Hun –

        Texts/blog posts are sometimes difficult mediums to detect sarcasm and sarcasm done in jest.

        I am not saying you are being defeatist but this post does lead me to make the point that defeatism and despair are another form of degradation and demoralization.

        It is true that freedom of association is critically wounded, and the debt fueled system we live in is another grenade in the room, but the situation is not hopeless. We can do these things with informal networks and gentleman’s agreements. The Internet also provides a huge wealth of information and even people like Musk are seeking people who never went to college. A significant feature of the regime is its system of self credentialing, empty credentials and sinecures. The Internet represents a threat to that as does technology that is more distributed – things like 3D printing.

        It isn’t hopeless. We just have to see the cracks. Thanks for the crack on my post. I appreciate it.

        • Hmm, academies and informal networks seem quite at odds with each other.

          My opinion is that it is too late for mild and subtle approach. At least in the US and parts of Western Europe. Something much more radical needs to start happening.

  25. Good piece. I have to say that I’m just not sure about this part:

    “There is the list of complaints about the current system, every cause has a bill of indictment, but it is followed by a plausible alternative. There is a vision of a future independent of the current moral framework, not just opposed to it.”

    I can be wrong, but I just don’t think that’s right. The English revolution didn’t have a plan beyond, like, doing something about the king. There were opportunists floating around with certain ideas, but nobody was thinking they were going to execute the king and replace him with a Lord Protector. Similar thing with the French Revolution. Even the American Revolution didn’t have much of a plan beyond getting rid of the king and replacing him with some sort of poorly-defined confederation of the States.

    I don’t knot that this changes the question of the wisdom of Fuentes, and there is lots to complain about with Duke/Rockwell/Charlottesville when it comes to optics. But I wonder if it isn’t true that revolutions are mostly just attempts to break the thing you have and hope for better. If that’s right, maybe throwing in with Kanye – insofar as Kanye is pretty effectively busting things up – might be a good idea.

    • The English Civil war was not a revolution. It tried to be at stages, but in the end it was a dispute between the supporters of the king and supporters of parliament. The American revolution, in contrast, began a dispute with parliament and ended in a revolution.

      • And as I understand it, only about 1/3 of Americans supported the Revolution. Another 1/3 supported the British, and the remaining 1/3 didn’t care either way.

        Which I see is encouraging: we don’t necessarily need a majority to prevail.

        • It’s a different time. Those 2/3 didn’t have the power our enemies have today. When you’ve lost all of your money, your home, etc for revolting, how many will be able to shelter their children, grow their own food, etc.

          With numbers there is strength, but ask yourself, would you, right now, willingly give up everything you have? Some of us might, but that’s not enough.

  26. “Alternatively, one can seek to live outside the world of racial coercion, looking to a world free of racial coercion. ”

    What does that even mean? Are we supposed to look for a fantasy world while we are being genocided?

    • I expect you’ll catch a lot of downvotes on this one, despite being absolutely correct.

      But “something something, build communities”

      • Actually, that is all that we can do for the time being.

        Try to find people in your local area that want to help the community and slowly figure out which ones want to help our particular community and start working together with them.

        We’re not going to build some big movement. We simply have to build local ties while waiting for the system to show more and more cracks, which we can take advantage of when they happen. Doesn’t sound that exciting but it’s the best that we can do for now.

    • I agree that this seems odd. The demographic replacement has happened. It isn’t a coincidence that when the youth were at 49% things accelerated. We are now openly demonized and our replacement not just is institutionalized in schooling and hiring practices.

      The escalation and acceleration is remarkable. I think ZMan is making a good point, but the specifics are not there. It is a monumental task ahead. It means spending all of our energy on accomplishing it. Perhaps ZMan means it as an invitation to get off the couch and help define what that means.

      That said, your point about living in a place without racial coercion is at the moment and for the forseeable future a fantasy. Something is bent on our people’s destruction, subjugation and even genocide even if that happens just because things spin out of control.

      A more accurate statement is that we need to at once learn to deal with living in a world filled with racial coercion targeting us and at the same time build a place where we are free of it. I think another subtext in ZMan’s post is, that this is a monumental task and we either find our courage and find a role in it or slunk on a couch watching sports, playing video games and the ads in them where the only memory of you is someone else’s caricature of you as evil.

      The former is daunting and frightening. The latter is degrading. Do you want to forge something new, or do you want to roll dice on self degradation making you that 1 in 42.

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  28. People who are manipulated receive the crumbs. The persons throwing them, who grow richer and more powerful in the process, ultimately are the real enemy. I totally agree as to the embrace of positive identity, if there is any need at all for a public persona, but the conditions that give rise to crumb-seekers have to be either addressed frontally or avoided altogether. The latter option is the only one available now.

    I don’t care for any of the three stooges involved in this clown show. West is the only one who seems sometimes sincere and that may be due to mental health problems. Whatever his motivations, he has brought attention to the real problem of controlled and artificial autonomy. You have to wonder if black presenters on news and even sports networks have the ability to apprehend the irony of them trashing West on behalf of their paymasters. There would be more dignity in it for them if they literally sold Sambo dolls. Their paler counterparts are too contemptible even to contemplate.

    • He’s not mentally ill, IMO. Just simple and naive. All his adult life he has been guided and sheltered. He has realized that it was not always for his benefit even though it made him rich. This is how he is processing it. We’ll see if anything good comes out of it.

    • Serious question: so what? West is creating rifts in the moral arguments of the ruling class. We should be cheering and hoping that he breaks as much stuff as possible.

      • West is being used to create a narrative that criticizing jews is equivalent to being mentally ill.

        The second order effect is the actual goal.

  29. The problem with Z’s argument is that playing absurd, radical, and far-out-of-the-mainstream caricatures is a tactic that has been used by the Left for 60 years with great success. And they acted in character in ways — often violently — that would be unthinkable for alt-right figures today.

    Did Tom Hayden really expect 25,000 people to die in the Chicago riots of 1968? He said so. He later got elected to the California statehouse. The Jew Abbie Hoffman walked into the courtroom dressed as a judge and put his middle finger on the Bible. He got acquitted. Negro Eldridge Cleaver raped white women as “an insurrectionary act,” did prison time and then got invited to lecture on college campuses. Bill Ayers’s girlfriend was killed when a bomb she was building to kill soldiers at Ft. Dix (surely with his knowledge) went off. He got job as a university professor, married Bernadine Dohrn, and raised Kathy Boudin’s son while she was in prison for her role in the murder of two cops — and then mentored the political career first mulatto president of the United States.

    From the outrageous caricature of the Sixties radical to Code Pink, Occupy, and BLM, the political left has always fully supported and defended the most radical nutjobs in their movement notwithstanding how bad the optics are. And let there be no doubt, it has worked beyond measure — the Left has absolutely won the culture war 100%, and what were once considered the most radical and outrageous proposals, from legal weed to gay marriage to transgenderism to miscegenation are now considered mainstream, ho-hum yawners while we march progressively forward to drag shows for toddlers.

    Meanwhile the Right is worried about the optics of so-called “Nazis,” which is a blind alley because there is going to be no Nazi movement in the U.S. one way or the other — it’s not even worthwhile taking the effort to denounce them.

    What IS salutary about people like Fuentes and West is that they are willing to stick their necks out and question the leftist narrative, and given the fact that leftist hegemony is so total maybe you have to be just a bit crazy to do that.

    • But the left has always had official sanction to be absurd, radical, and far-out-of-the-mainstream. It was encouraged. Why our people cannot grasp this is one of the great mysteries. One would think that generations of failure would have pounded the message home, but here we are anyway.

      • Every social movement of the Sixties was sanctioned by the Establishment, which always has been solidly Left. It devolved to its logical extreme with the George Floyd riots, which crossed the line into state-sponsored terrorism.

        Anyone who deviates from the Regime’s preferred narrative receives harsh punishment. Ask the dim folks who walked in the Capitol January 6th how much dissent this vicious police state tolerates. That it lectures Russia, Iran and China about civil liberties is freaking hilarious.

        Any act of defiance against this Regime is viewed as revolution rather than dissent and treated accordingly. If someone breaks from the narrative, they had better be prepared for what follows.

        • Those trapped in the make believe of right/left 80s politics shows in the media still think there are real prewar self interest, rather than a directional plan on a stage that has been rolled out in every white country for the last 50 years.

          • Western regimes have been solidly “Left,” for want of a better term, since the end of the war, if not earlier. Individuals have been denied autonomy the entirety of our lifetimes. It only has become undeniable with the advent of outright violence and oppression against the European core populations.

      • But could not the same argument be made about those who played nice? Derbyshire wasn’t throwing Roman salutes, Taylor hasn’t been wearing armbands, Buchanan never used bad words. Their failures have been just as pronounced as David Duke’s.

        • How does that make you less of a failure? Why are you so certain that there are only two options? If you read what I wrote, I clearly reject that claim. The place to start is the rejection of this and many other false dichotomies that have debilitated every effort to oppose the moral orthodoxy.

          Time to think different.

        • Food for thought… Dr. William Pierce on George Lincoln Rockwell:

          “Rockwell’s approach to revolutionary politics always was a bone of contention between him and me. I argued that the uniforms, flags, and theatrical behavior — even the name “American Nazi Party” — made it difficult for serious people to take him seriously. His medium got in the way of his message. He replied that if he put away the flags and armbands, wore a business suit, and shunned theatrics, the news media would ignore him and no one would hear what he had to say.

          …Yes, I answered, the theatrics get attention for you — but your message gets badly distorted. The media try to make you look like a madman and a clown, and to a large extent they succeed. The result is that most of the people attracted to you are losers, social outcasts, freaks. If you want to attract winners — serious, competent, idealistic people — you need a serious image.

          Rockwell responded that it is the losers, the social outcasts, who make up the ranks of every revolutionary movement. They’re the ones who are available, the ones who don’t have anything to lose by becoming associated with a politically incorrect cause.

          Individually they may not be very impressive but large numbers of them, organized and disciplined, would make a revolutionary army. He had tried appealing to what I called the winners: to the teachers and professors, to the doctors and lawyers and engineers, to the writers and artists, to the businessmen and the craftsmen, to his fellow military officers, to the careful, responsible men and women with steady employment and stable families. And he had found that while many of them agreed with him in principle, almost none had the moral courage to stand up and be counted among the righteous.

          He had given speeches to groups of these people under the cover of several ostensibly conservative organizations. They would come up after his speeches, shake his hand, and tell him they admired him for saying what they also felt. But the merest suggestion from Rockwell to one of these people, that he ought to participate in an effort to take America back from the Jews and their collaborators would send the fellow scurrying away in fright. They were too comfortable, too corrupted by good living and materialism, too unaccustomed to taking risks and facing opposition. Only in the masses, Rockwell had finally concluded, were the recruits to be found that he needed to launch a political campaign to take America back — and the masses could be reached only through the mass media.

          I still had serious doubts as to whether the type of people Rockwell was attracting with his flamboyant tactics could be disciplined and used to build an effective organization, and these doubts made me hold back from a whole-hearted support of his efforts. We collaborated on the publishing of National Socialist World and we continued to argue about other things. I gradually found out, however, that Rockwell was dead right about the moral cowardice and the servile conventionality of the great majority of Americans. Most of them would rather lose an arm and a leg than be suspected of thinking a politically incorrect thought, and as I worked and argued with Rockwell, my appreciation of his own courage and idealism grew.”

          • I still had serious doubts as to whether the type of people Rockwell was attracting with his flamboyant tactics could be disciplined and used to build an effective organization

            Rockwell was shot in the head by one of his own supporters. I think that pretty much solves this mystery. You cannot build anything with mentally unstable people.

          • Clearly the left figured out the solution to this paradox. They have the “winners” doing all the Machiavellian scheming behind a facade of social respectability, and the “losers” are ginned up, given pussy hats, and set loose when it suits the elites.

          • The reality of the situation is that all revolutionary movements are contests between one set of elites and another — English parliamentary elites vs. colonial American elites, Bourbon elites vs. Jacobin elites, Tsarist elites vs. Bolshevik elites, etc.

            The masses are merely conscripted by one group or the other and used as pawns.

            The trick for the radical nutjobs out there, be they “Nazis” or hippies or whatever else, is not to effect and implement radical change themselves, but to plant their ideas within a faction of the elites who will later carry out the actual change.

            You saw this with the Cultural Revolutionaries of the Sixties — Abbie Hoffman and Allen Ginsberg never became presidents or senators, but their ideas on sexual activity, drug use, and the like infiltrated elite educational institutions, and a couple of generations later became accepted conventional wisdom among short-haired, buttoned-down lawyers and politicians and corporate executives.

            By the 1990s you had a guy like Barney Frank living openly with a gay prostitute and it barely made a dent in his congressional career. Clinton’s presidency survived after he was caught having an intern suck him off in the Oval Office as if it were a frat party. The New York Post just had an article about a Harvard (which was founded as a divinity school) stage play in which Jesus is the gay lover of Judas… nobody batted an eye:


            Imagine the reaction if Fuentes or Ye were to give a speech on campus, though…

      • Yes, all of the Leftist freaks and criminals were treated as heroes or celebs by the the media; or at the least their crimes were downplayed. They were sanctioned by the press and deemed cool or funny.

        Rightwing freaks won’t get that treatment; so it won’t work. Rockwell was actually a genius and a physically very strong man. If he couldn’t make it work, then I don’t think anyone can.

  30. For whites, those outside the moral consensus can choose to put on their early 1900’s uniforms and put on an act, and whites who want to prove they live in the moral consensus can choose to wave their gay flags an grovel at the feet of black people. Both are Sambos, and both are equally degrading.

    Frankly, for both types, it’s becoming clearer that there’s zero point in countering them or reprimanding their behavior. Once you go to a lousy show, a sensible person will walk out and not attend any more. He won’t go to another ridiculous show, and he won’t waste his time railing against the show all the time. It simply does not exist in his mind anymore. While there is utility to railing against media that is subtly subversive, there is no point in wasting energy pointing and sputtering at bad optics for stupid people looking for attention.

    At this point, any dissident who encounters media showing whites doing some self-degrading thing is to ignore them if possible. If pushed in conversation, the default response should be plain pity. We should not get riled up about these people, we should show those outside our sphere we don’t care about the antics unserious people, and simply feel sorry for them.

  31. Can’t say as I ever watched Fuentes, but like many in his position, at some point, he needed to decide whether he was going to become a builder/organizer or an entertainer.

    He chose entertainer.

    Someone trying to build a separate community based on their own morality would never be a part of this ridiculous show nor would they ever tie themselves to a freak show like Milo.

    Also, as an entertainer, Fuentes puts himself at the mercy of those who control access to the widest audience. I get that people say that he’s using the MSM to get the word out, but the MSM will control his message because they control the editing room. Whatever he says, they will turn him into a dancing monkey.

    • Fuentes is certainly a gifted entertainer but I think that more is going on that that.

      My guess is that Fuentes’ vision was that we could influence the Republic party if we played our cards right. Like Ron Paul and his followers 15 years ago.

      When Fuentes broke from the Alt Right after Cville, his pitch was, “We can influence Trump and the Republicans if we improve our public presentation.”

      That’s why his group, America First, has hosted MTG, Paul G, and Steve King. Unfortunately, they all denounced him later.

      If the above is correct, then he is still pursuing his original strategy of influencing politicians. It’s surprising that in following such a reasonable sounding plan that he has ended up in such bizarre circumstances.

  32. Agree with the thrust of your argument about the futility of being a “White Sambo” and also agree that the Sambo dolls being sold were a trifle absurd. On a side note — and not that you’re denying it, mind — stereotypes usually have some reality behind them. No smoke without fire is what I maintain. If we run into a group of young blacks in a dodgy urban neighborhood we expect trouble. The statistics bear us out. The stereotype is merely a translation of those abstract statistics into images and expectations.

    I was thinking of moving to Brattleboro myself last year. New England has the highest percentage of whites in the country (around 90% average). But the prices, the prices …. You pay a premium on property for majority white areas.

    • Brattleboro??? Ask Z MAN about policing and diversity in Brattleboro Vermont. (Sigh) Or just look it up on YouTube.

      Try looking at Newport or closer to Bennington if you don’t want to drive that far.

      • I liked Brattleboro better when it’s biggest issue was the race of flying crab men from beyond Pluto mining its hills.

        (Props to anyone who gets that reference)

    • The “Sambo” and minstrel phenomena were more complicated than white people = evil racists. In the antebellum period negro minstrels and darkie dolls stood in not just for real world blacks, but as representatives of elemental man, the idea of one’s base desires and letting them run riot from time to time. Whites liked minstrel shows, but so did black people (and most of the ephemera from that time sold by antique dealers these days goes to black people.) It really shows the double-bind white people are put in when subjected to egregious (or at least outrageous) black behavior. Condemn it and you’re racist; celebrate it and you’re racist. Ignoring it would probably be the most sensible thing to do, but how do you do that when even a trip to the grocery store means listening to blaring rap music? (I almost wrote “rape music,” which is about right.)

      It’s like Edward Said’s concept of orientalism: “Oh, the Western white man exoticizes us, and thinks of the Middle East as just harems and magic carpet rides.” Of course if you’re not from somewhere you’re just going to distill the most exotic elements of it (especially back in the days when reading “Arabian Nights,” was the only way to find out about the Middle East without taking a long and treacherous boat ride.)

      Steve Sailer remarked that Said’s philosophy could basically be distilled to, “Get off my property.” Fair enough, but we should have the right to say the same thing to Said.

      • Can’t argue with anything you’re saying.

        “The “Sambo” and minstrel phenomena were more complicated than white people = evil racists.”

        This trope of “evil racists” is a contemporary one. In the old days whites just didn’t give that much thought to blacks. They either weren’t around (as in New England) or if they were around they led separate lives. Race differences were just taken for granted. and were obvious, and they was no reason to dwell on them. The difference today is that race realists have been made self-conscious of being race realists and conscious that — when they can’t avoid it — they may have to justify their outlook. They are forced on the defensive.

        • Minstrel acts were mostly about lampooning the protestant upper classes. Thaddeus Russell did a section on this in his book Renegade History of America. Irish and Jewish performers embraced the minstrel show as a way to mock elites. The mocking of black stereotypes was largely incidental. It was the concept of jester repurposed for the age.

      • joeyjünger: You raise some vital points about this appalling racial aerial ballet we’re all perforce involved in. White people are normally just . . . White people. They do what people do and it’s not notable as anything specifically racial, unless and until it’s inevitably placed side by side with the violent, irrational, and generally buffoonish behavior of black people. Our normal is then demonized as abnormal because in Klown World, only the insane make any sense at all.

        As you note, most minstrel show ephemera is bought by blacks. Same with black Santas and so on. Your average White – even Joe and Jane Normal – does not decorate his house with black art or artifacts. For the black, the cultural miscellany affirms his existence – nay – his importance in American history. Even if it was by means of a something done for light entertainment which they now demonize as racial heresy, blacks got White people’s attention. In their interpretation, they were seen. They mattered.

        Of course now, the holy black must not merely be eternally noticed, but worshipped. Thus the St. Floyd shrines, and the unforgettable martyr Emmett Till. Tim Burton’s new movie (a take off or remake – I’m not sure which – of The Adams Family) has been criticized as rayciss for casting holy black bodies as bullies. So the buffoon stereotype is verboten, but holy magic negro must be a pious staple. Every black male is Morgan Freeman (hey, the Shawshank Redemption was a good movie, but unlike Joe and Jane normal reared via electronic media, I don’t substitute it for reality).

        tl;dr: You’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t. You’re either fleeing them or gentrifying them. You’re either mocking them or worshipping them. As the old saying goes, I might as well be hung for a sheep than a lamb. I’ve never followed Fuentes, and don’t seek official attention in any way, but when/if I’m forced to it publicly – well, I’ve long since chosen sides.

        • “You’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t”.

          So true. I recently watched an old video of Jared Taylor debating negros at some HBCU. The moderator called Taylor “dangerous” for simply wanting the freedom to NOT associate with them. They claim to hate us, want us gone, but then they get angry with us when we want nothing to do with them.

          This is one of the myriad of reasons why I’ve not only grown to separate from them, but I also despise them. They’re walking cancer to me. A virus of sorts that infects, multiplies and destroys.

          • There’s a simple way to decipher victim/host from aggressor/parasite:

            The victim is the one that wants separation; the aggressor does not.

            What blacks have gained from whites is INCALCULABLE. Whites have only LOST from the association.

    • Brattleboro is basically a colony of NY. All of their elected reps but one are from NY/NJ (the other one is from MN.) It’s a problem all over the state, really. The Woodchucks hate the Flatlanders and vice versa.

      • There’s a daily train that goes from Brattleboro to NYC (and then on to DC I think). It takes a little over five hours so it obviously is not a commuter train. Brattleboro has a certain quaint charm. Some good used bookshops. Rudyard Kipling spent a little time there. And there also any number of small villages and hamlets around the town. I was smitten.

  33. blah, blah.

    blacks live as one of the 42 as they get to live in a completely safe environment where they are given special status, promoted at very opportunity by the retarded NPCs.

    It why they move en mass to the west. They derive benefit far above that that could obtained by staying put wherever they are.

    You sound like you are writing a screed for CNN.

    • CNN? Why are you watching CNN?

      Give the guy a little credit. The article is much more high brow and informative than anything that came across the teleprompter at CNN.

    • Wasn’t THE ANSWER to the “Great Question” in “Life, the Universe, and Everything” book by Douglas Adams …… 42?

      The joke in the book was they had the answer now, but nobody knew what the question actually was. Speculation was “How many roads must a man walk down?” Etc.

      So now we know. How many homies must a mid-sized VT town have?


  34. I’d prefer blacks start living outside the system, ideally someplace where I never have to hear, see or deal with any of them ever again.

  35. Nice essay. I have always liked Invisible Man, despite my race realist beliefs. Ellison is no great writer, but he, like Marx, makes some apt observations about the system as it exists. Coincidentally, Z’s proposed moral framework is similar to the ending. The narrator, at the end, sets himself up in an alternate, subterranean room, draining power (lit and figuratively) from the system.

  36. Thanks Malcolm Z!
    Sorry – couldn’t resist. Good essay. Thanks for the reminder not to get too caught up in the nonsense alternatives being presented to us.

  37. The bathetic Kanye tale was (mildly) amusing, until I remembered something Greg Hood said. With one-thousandth of the financial, institutional support of the left—especially the racial grievance wing, like BLM—we could take over the world. Imagine if Kanye was a little more serious, a little less crazy (and Nick was serious, too.) Instead of going insane and losing a billion or so, Nick quietly steered Kanye toward Amren (Occidental Observer is a little too big-brained) and Kanye started slipping a few mil here and there to them and other actually worthy organizations. Hell, he could have just promoted Havemal Soapworks on his Instagram and probably gotten them a few million dollars, and avoided the problems and paper trail of supporting explicitly pro-white organizations.

    Alas, Kanye’s an idiot and Nick’s a fraud, and the responsibility (or culpability) for winning or losing white civilization is up to normal white people, not sleazoid celebrities, or even implicitly pro-white politicians acting within the system.

    I frankly became repulsed by Fuentes years ago, after Ramzpaul posted something of him mocking a listener for doing physical labor (I think building houses or doing repairs) even though this listener financially supported Nick. It sounded like a Bill Maher monologue.

    I kept my mouth shut here and on other blogs because I knew talking about Fuentes (good or bad) was a wedge issue, but I look forward to him becoming irrelevant here, soon. I just hope that he doesn’t get himself hurt or killed. Being young and white and the system’s main villain while rolling around with a hip hop superstar no doubt makes him a high value target, and a prized scalp. Maybe he deserves it, but he’s young and dumb and it’d be a waste of blood.

    • I have supported Nick to this point, but this is where I get off the bus. Best of luck to him and maybe in time I will be proven wrong and this is political genius at work. If he survives this and comes out a better man, I will be happy to support him in that effort, assuming it lines up with my interests.

      • It was good to see you call out Torba for all the sucking up he has been doing to Kayne on Gab. He of all people should better than to embarrass himself chasing after a celebrity like he was.

        • Yeah I felt the same way when he was promoting Trump on Gab, and yet Trump wouldn’t create an account there, and preferred to start his own stupid and forgettable social media platform. Called TRUTH of all things. (Why not Pravda?) He would’ve gotten disgusting levels of sycophancy at Gab.

          Fuentes posts infrequently on Gab, but his wheelhouse should there. Yet he clearly wants those likes and pwns on regime social media.

          Of course Kanye goes on TRUTH instead, and wanted to reanimate the dead carcass that is Parler.

          Anything but Gab. Torba should declare anyone not on Gab is a regime toady or a status chaser.

          • The appeal of Twitter, Truth, et al. to People of Status (however dubious) is that they can snap their fingers at the staff and have normal losers banned. Gab doesn’t offer that service—at least not visibly, and visibility is the point.

            Where Fuentes is mocked “from the right” it’s often for being a tranny-chasing homo sex creep, etc., but even more often for his being *obsessed* with getting other people “deplatformed.” It’s a deeper moral failing.

    • It’s really not worth getting invested in the celebrity shenanigans. Perhaps something will come out of the events of the last few weeks, perhaps not. More likely, all that’s going to come out of this is that the media will get bored with Ye, and he’ll slowly disappear from the headlines, along with his entourage. Enjoy the circus, just don’t make the mistake of attributing any significance to it.

      As for Fuentes, he seems to be following the pattern of all right-wing dissidents, namely he’s made a lot of noise, generated a lot of media, built a following, and all is peachy until someone gets caught screwing a goat or something, then the whole enterprise falls apart in mutual recriminations, and everyone moves on to the Next Big Thing.

      I actually view that as being somewhat to our advantage. The individual movements are less important than the aggregate effect. While the dissident right, the neoreactionaries, the Groypers, the alt-right, the TRS guys and Patriot Front and American Renaissance may have little use for each other, every one of them represents a dumpster fire the opposition has to go run and stomp out.

      Let 1000 dumpster fires burn. Sooner or later, one of will catch the wind.

      • “… just don’t make the mistake of attributing any significance to it.”

        You contradict yourself in your own post. Trump may be seen by many as a “clown” and the same for West-Fuentes. However, all named have contributed in significant ways.

        Before the horde attacked Mr. Trump for outing a long list of corrupt insiders, he provided a look behind the curtain. In just one tiny life, that pulling back of the veil may have saved one life. And after all, isn’t it always about ‘one life?’

        In this case, when the (service branch) came a-calling for my oldest son, offering bonu$ and the chance for the father – me – to claim all the bragging rights, being all ‘proud’ on Farceburger — in the same manner as my other military family men, announcing the latest promotion, posing next to Junior in uniform … maybe touting my own service … my advice was to say NO.

        Pre Trumpknowing, answer would have been an emphatic YES. That may not seem “significant” to whatever someone here or elsewhere may speak to in terms of the larger ‘movement’, but in terms of time-frame, they would have officered-up my son and jetted him off to reinforce defeat in someplace like Afghanistan. Let alone put him under the thumb of a jurisdiction that is eager to commit war crimes, via coerced injections that remind me of past military ‘experimentation’ on its own.

        • Trump made several great contributions and basically every one of them was accidental/inadvertent. Causing some Normies to realize the military is a monstrous grift looms large among them. West may have a similar effect among some blacks as to who actually controls the levers of power. Z’s post today was very good and largely on the money, but there will be a few minor positives from this clown show.

        • Getthemoneyfromtheseskels: Thank you for helping prevent your son from joining the regime. I’m a former Trump voter turned Trump critic, but if his antics brought any good, your case is a prime example of the cloud’s silver lining.

      • > Let 1000 dumpster fires burn. Sooner or later, one of will catch the wind.

        This. The left has been doing everything to add chaos and destabilize the system of traditional values for over a century and now that they have taken over it is time we seek to inject destabilizing chaos into their system.

        We should *encourage* formerly-controlled celebrities to step up and say crazy things. We should *encourage* blacks to mistrust Jews — even if it is silly stuff like “blacks are the real Hebrews.”

        *ANY* questioning of the narrative at this point is a good thing. Screw optics. Let’s just keep setting fires until eventually the whole thing burns.

    • Fairly or unfairly, the MSM branded Fuentes as Richard Spencer 2.0 a long time ago. It was only a matter of time before he imploded.

      Americans don’t like Nazis. Anyone in politics or a social movement who mentions them will be branded as a Nazi.

      • It’s been 80 years now. Time to stop freaking out about it. It’s in the past and nobody that matters today was even alive back then, except for a few geezer “elites” who were kids during the war.

      • Like the rest of the west.

        They like or dislike what the relentless moronic media complex has programmed them to using TV, movies, print and music.

      • The Right is effective when they make fun of leftists for screaming about the Nazis under the bed the same way leftists are effective when they make fun of Christians for screaming about Dungeons and Dragons being devil worship.

        If you actually dress up as Nazis and say you believe in Nazism, then you’re just giving the left credibility in the same way that Christians would be credible if a gaming convention actually involved sacrificing the virgins, of which they have ample supply, to Baal.

        This is why Spencer, Fuentes, and Kanye are jackasses and need to mocked from our side relentlessly so that they can’t be propped up as speaking for anyone. Spencer is a lisping trust fund baby, Fuentes likes making cat boys into cat men, and Kanye is a pathetic attention whore.

        • But Kanye and Fuentes have not dressed up as Nazis. You are just repeating MSM lies. Kanye actually said that he loves everybody, including the Jews and Nazis. And Fuentes did not say anything about Nazis except that it’s time to move on.

          • He wore a gimp mask for three hours on a TV show, while waving around an aquarium net. A Nazi costume would have been an upgrade.

          • Perhaps, but that’s a deflection. He simply wasn’t wearing a Nazi costume and that’s a fact.

            Also, it was Alex Jones show, where being a clown is the norm.

          • It’s funny that when I criticized Fuentes in this comment section in the past, my comments were deleted.

            I can’t believe I’m (sort of) defending him now. I still don’t care for him. However, the obsession in right/dissident dissident circles to scream Nazi or Fed at people who are on our side is something that bothers me quite a lot. Why are we supposed to be apologetic WWII? Is anybody apologetic about Napoleonic wars? WWII happened a long time ago.

          • Moderation here has been remarkably consistent. If spam, porn or pointless shit-stirring makes it past the filters and I see it, I delete it. The stuff in moderation gets approved within minutes unless a) it is spam, porn or pointless shit-stirring, b) had a million links to pics or videos or c) is so weird I have no idea what to make of it.

            My recollection is the Fuentes stuff that gets zapped tends toward the pointless shit-stirring. In fact, this is the main reason for deleting comments. For perspective, on a typical day the spam filter traps around 5000 comments, almost all of which are for penis pills it seems. About 20-30 end up in moderation and of these one or two a day is deleted, almost always because the user posted the same comment multiple times.

        • None of this applies to my past comments about Fuentes. There were maybe 2 or 3 in total at different times.

          Doesn’t matter anymore. It’s in the past. I wasn’t upset about it. Just mentioning it as a sign of changing moods.

        • It is interesting though that every time I mention his name, the comment ends up in moderation. Weird.

      • When I looked up the demographics of Brattleboro and found it has 42 black people I nearly blew a funny fuse. They should form a club called the 42’s. Demand reparations from the city.

        • And the Chief of Police. All they need now is a town manager, treasurer and President of the 4H club in Brattleboro and there goes “Magic Jew Theory.” The great replacement of the 42s moving in from New York and Springfield into Southern Vermont will make for great message board debate!

        • That’s what I have found: that the people holding high opinions of Blacks, are always people who have had little real contact with them.

          I’m sure the white liberals in Brattleboro, who hasten to make one or two Black friends among the 42 will henceforth consider themselves experts on African-Americans.

          • I bought a house 35 minutes out of downtown to avoid them and the first month i move in a black neighbor totals his car on his own tree somehow lmao. I was working at the desk and heard this boom. It was like a joke from God.

      • The only problem is the whites in Vermont (New England) are the good, virtuous whites whites with the “science is real, women’s rights are human rights, no human is illegal, blm, etc” yard signs.

        Great essay today, Zman.

          • This. New England is one of the most beautiful areas of the country, especially this time of year, but it’s still a Democrat enclave.

        • Some are. Empty barrels make the most noise. Too much of that shit is commonplace in Burlington and possibly Montpelier. The rest of the state is not so guilty of noticing that absence of evidence correlates strongly with the absence of a West Baltimore like voting bloc.

          • Although I’ve never visited New England back in the 1980s I was a tech in a network operations center. Among my many duties was to direct various technicians to service some of our network sites. Some were remote U.S. Customs border crossings. Over a period of a couple years, I got on a first name basis with some of the techs. I often felt a bit bad for them having to drive 6-8 hours one way just to reset a modem, or perform some other menial task requiring 15 minutes 🙂 Although the travel time is far above what was average, the above tale is a capsule lesson in the “efficiency” of government.

      • Plenty of Puritans there, too. At least they wouldn’t kill me just to take my shoes.

      • Problem is that whites are my enemies, you know which ones. Of those whites their is a special type of white doing the heavy thinking. Blacks have been the most useful group to weaponize consistently against the civic and moral order.

        We’ll see what the disinterested hispanics do if that stupid reparations act in California gets traction. Can’t buy off all of them.

        • It’s all virtue signalling for progressive (or at least Democrat) Whites, who I understand comprise the dominant bloc. Blacks are just 5% of the CA populace. The Blacks will no doubt eagerly take a big bonus check. Heck, I would too.

          How such a handout can withstand legal scrutiny is beyond me. At the Federal level “ex posto facto” is prohibited. As such, it’s wrong to punish me today for the sins of my ancestors. Wouldn’t the same principle apply to compensating me today for an injustice a distant ancestor suffered? Well, why not? We’re dismantling much of Western civilization as it is, so why not bring back blood feuds and such?

      • VT is big into “refugee” resettlement. I don’t know if you remember the lady in her 70s delivering meals-on-wheels who was attacked by a Somali wielding a machete named Abukar Ibrahim a couple of years ago? Or the Bhutanese guy that was just convicted of killing his wife with a meat cleaver? But sometimes it’s just folks in the drug trade going up route 91. https://tinyurl.com/2r4jsc47

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