Mask Dropping

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Michael Kinsley famously said that a political gaffe is “when a politician tells the truth – some obvious truth he isn’t supposed to say.” The important part of that quip is that the truth is obvious but everyone pretends otherwise. The word for it is mokita, which means things we know are true but agree to never discuss. It is not really an agreement, but more of a convention that is enforced from the top down. Every once in a while, someone with power screws up and speak the truth.

That is what you see with this recent Dennis Prager column. He declared that anyone questioning the current facts about the holocaust is evil. He specifically singled out Nick Fuentes, who has been in the news because of the Kanye West business. The two of them have been making the rounds, with West saying uncharitable things about Jewish people and saying nice things about Hitler. Fuentes has been mostly a bit player in the show, as West is the headliner of Ye24.

Why Prager singled out Fuentes would be a good question to pose to him. Kanye West is the guy praising Hitler. Milo Yiannopoulos was instrumental in kicking off this traveling carnival, but Prager did not mention him. Another player in this drama is a hip-hop performer named Sneako. They recently added the weird internet gadfly Ali Alexander to the performance. Fuentes is the only white Christian in the crew and not the main player, yet Prager focuses on him.

Putting aside that bit of mask dropping, Prager has made himself rich selling creedalism to the salt of the earth white people who make up his audience. This is the claim that anyone can be an American as long as they embrace American principles. If you accept the basics of the American creed, then you are as American as a guy whose family came over on the Mayflower. America is an idea, or a collection of ideas, rather than a physical place for a specific people.

Lots of white people are flattered by this, but most people also notice that the people peddling this idea tend to take Saturday off. It is not a coincidence that this new definition of American has no benefit to white Christians but is a huge bonus to mercurial people from outside the European Christian tradition. Prager is one of the leading advocates “America is a set of ideas’ and most people understand why, even if they politely ignore the elephant in the room.

One of those creedal ideas is freedom of expression. In fact, it is one of the most cherished principles of American morality. The right to speak one’s mind without fear of retribution is the cornerstone of the republic. Not only do you get to say what you like, but others get to hear you without fear of retribution. Free speech is established in the first amendment to the Constitution because you cannot petition the government for the redress of grievances if you need permission to speak.

Until the last decade or so, “I may disagree with what you say but I will fight to the death for your right to say it!” was a common refrain from leftists. Most right-wing people knew that what lefty really wanted was the right to send porn to your kids, but the civic principle was worth the risk and the lecture. You cannot have self-government and a civil society without the free exchange of ideas. More speech, even stupid or obnoxious speech, is better than less speech.

It was not just sloganeering. In 1978, the ACLU defended a neo-Nazi group that wanted to march through a Jewish neighborhood. There was no question that the intent of the neo-Nazi group was to be offensive. They picked the neighborhood for their march because it was full of Jews. The ACLU successfully argued that even though the Nazis picked the neighborhood because it was full of Jews, they still had a right to speak their mind in public and the public had a right to hear them.

Foundational to American morality is that you are free to speak your mind not because you have the right to speak, but because others have the right to hear you. Shouting people down is explicitly un-American. You let the person be heard and then you can be heard in response. This is the exact opposite of what Dennis Prager is doing with regards to people like Nick Fuentes. He wants Nick Fuentes to be silenced, so you cannot hear what he has to say for himself.

Prager is careful to not call for the arrest and execution of Nick Fuentes, but it is clear that he would not be offended by it. After all, Prager declares that questioning the holocaust is the epitome of evil. Those who do this, according to Prager, will spend eternity in Hell. Given his cult’s ambiguity about the existence of Heaven and Hell, this is a curious claim. It means that he wants you to believe that holocaust deniers like Nick Fuentes are outside of your Christian mercy.

That is what makes the Prager column a massive gaffe. He is essentially saying, “That civic nationalism stuff applies to you people, but my people have other priorities and so we get to operate by separate rules.” By elevating his Jewish identity over everything else, he contradicts the entire civic nationalist argument. Again, this was obvious to many people, but it largely went unsaid. By demanding everyone submit to the myths and legends of his people, Prager is saying it out loud.

The column itself is a remarkable example of Kinsley’s quip. The truth is, in a majority-minority society like America, what matters is your tribe. This is the truth that the people in charge are not supposed to say. They get to be in charge as long as the biggest tribe does not decide to tribe up. The minoritism that rules modern America only works if white people buy into the creedalism stuff. Dennis Prager just told his fans that creedalism is nonsense. It is tribe that matters most.

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277 thoughts on “Mask Dropping

  1. “Prager is careful to not call for the arrest and execution of Nick Fuentes, but it is clear that he would not be offended by it.”

    That’s not clear to me. Prager may have thought that the Nazi’s who marched in Skokie were evil, too, but that’s not the same as having wanted their arrest and execution either.

    Nor is picking on Fuentes “mask dropping”. The subject here is Holocaust denial, and while Ye, say, may hate Jews, or at least Jewish recording industry execs, I’m not aware that he has expressed any belief that Hitler’s killing of Jews is a hoax, still less that Milo Y., etc., have said so. Maybe they have, but it seems plausible that Prager, like I do, only knows of Fuentes’ advocacy of that claim. His being “the only Christian”, if true, is not obviously significant.

  2. Prager is a good example of the fundamental problem with hiding your power level and trying to be respectable, namely that you can’t do anything about these little goblins jumping in front and saying they speak for The Right. The goblins don’t try that with orcs, since orcs aren’t going to be led by anything other than another orc with a line of designer sneakers. They have to act as handlers for their favored orcs, which is part of the reaction to the current newsworthy orc going on his WAAAAGH.

  3. I must say, yesterday morning’s Z was rather prescient: Zelenskyy declared Ukrainian Orthodox Christianity to be illegal, unless it worshipped his regime.

  4. George Orwell observed that “If you want to know who rules over you, just look at who you aren’t allowed to criticize.”

    A contemporary corollary to that might be:
    “If you want to know what lies the people who rule over you are promoting, just look at what you aren’t allowed to question.”

    If the people who are promoting the holocaust as ‘the worst hate crime ever’ really believed what they were saying, *they would be encouraging discussion about it*

    If the facts were really on their side, *they would be pleased that people were talking about it*

    Instead, just the opposite is occurring:
    they’re doing everything they can to *stifle* free discussion.

    Any time the subject comes up, we can find them anxiously hovering, just waiting for someone to say something they don’t agree with.

    And they’re doing everything within their power to disparage, discredit, and ruin anyone who dares to voice a contrary point of view.

    When the Black basketball player complained about the disproportionate influence Jews have over the sports industry, they reacted by forbidding him to play; thus proving his point, and demonstrating beyond any doubt that what he said was correct.

    It’s like someone accuses me of being violent, and I angrily deny it. Then, when they persist in accusing me, I punch them hard in the face, and scream “NOW will you admit that you’re wrong?”

    They even panic when an obviously-mentally-unbalanced person— like Kanye West wearing a Spider-Man mask and wielding a tiny fishnet— enters the discussion!

    This is not the behavior of someone who has the facts on their side!

    This is the behavior of someone who has everything to hide.

    • Nah. The Nazi’s killed millions of Jews. No one has any more reason to “encourage a discussion” about that than they have to “encourage a discussion” about whether the world is flat.

  5. Can’t we all just get along?
    I think we can all agree that in the early forties, some people did some things to some other people.

  6. Reichsmarschall Ye’s new song is out. It’s half-rap and half 70s soul, ala What’s Going On. It is not actively offensive, but I feel like an opportunity was missed.

    The lyrics are cryptic, nonsensical, or a Black Thang. Maybe all three.

    To be honest, it is a little cucky: Ye does not call for the gassing of Dennis Prager.

    But then Fuentes made his bones as the OG optics guy, right? Hopefully is is getting a producer credit out of all this…

  7. America is an idea, or a collection of ideas, rather than a physical place for a specific people

    Would love for someone to ask Prager (on camera of course) if he agrees with this statement, and when he agrees with it, ask “then why do these people have to come here?” Can’t they just “be America” over there?

    • Or another version of that: “So the people here who don’t believe those ideas (the Constitution or whatever) need to be removed from the country, right?”

    • Great.

      Why can’t people outside the US use those ideas to improve their current locale?

      • And these are the same people who will tell you if you don’t like Silicon Valley censorship, just create your own trillion-dollar digital platform.

    • I can’t say I’m quite clear myself on what that “specific people” might be. Americans are a pretty mongrel lot, after all.

      Anyway, you motivated me to look for what Prager’s position on immigration might actually be, and it seems he opposes “large scale” immigration of people uninterested in adopting “American values”. And, indeed, that it is perfectly appropriate for Floridians, say, to be unenthusiastic about the immigration of New Yorkers.

      His position isn’t mine (I want NO immigration AT ALL), but it’s not the “Jew-tribal position” the discussion here would lead you to expect.

  8. Listening to Prager and the others at the Daily Wire gives one a picture of 20th century civic nationalism. It won’t be easy for them as their influence wanes.

  9. There’s a bigger picture that Radish magazine once pointed out: the Holocaust is but a subset of the much larger practice of industrialized, bureaucratic mass murder + industrial holy shit !!!overkill wars of the 19th and 20th Century: -Crimean War, -American War Btwn The States, Balkan/Ottoman Wars, Armenian & Greek genocides, Anglo-Boer War concentration camps, Russo-Japanese War, World War One, French-approved African rapefests in Germany & France Russian Civil War, Bolshevist-led mass murder, Holodomor, Spanish Civil War, Sino-Japanese Wars and atrocities, World War Two and mass killing all over the spectrum: NatSoc Germany and Soviet Russia and Allied Powers and Poland all fucking shit up on civilians and POWs etc etc etc

    Mauthausen blatantly tells you a ton of Soviet POWs and a few Spanish Civil War holdovers were incarcerated there.

    But Jews are special carebears and the science is settled or something

    • Concentration camps came into being first in the Spanish Cuban conflict.The German military advisor to the Spanish claimed his idea was inspired by the American use of reservations to concentrate an enemy civilain population and isolate them from their warriors.

      Noticeable how often Americans blood libel the British about how ” they invented concentraion camps”.

      Noticeable how you create the impression the great slauighters are primarily authored by whites. You might want to read about the Islamic conquest of India, or the sanguinary campaigns of the Mongols. The Ming revolt killed a bigger percentage of humans than any other event.
      Bantu history in Africa is one long extirpation of non Bantus. Tamerlane was not a white man.

      This idea that whites are the great geociders is an obnoxious lie.

      • It wasn’t really my intention to single out Whites, and sincere apologies for my ignorance. Only to suggest that one could coin the name The 20th Century Horror.

        1910s Mexican Revolution, Gen. Butt-Naked & the Liberian Civil Wars, Central African Republic nignoggery, the ‘God-King’ Mobutu of Zaire, Papa Doc Duvalier of Haiti (and every other year in Haiti), India-Pakistan and their nuke standoffs, Hutu-Tutsi LoveFest,Uppity Mau-Mau Obama’s People, China”s Boxer Uprising & Taiping Rebellion bloodbaths, Indonesians killing each other, Somalians being Somali, Ethopian Civil Wars, Uppity Yemeni/Adenites who got a righteous asswhooping from Mad Mitch, Pashtuns vs Uzbeks vs Tajiks vs Punjabs WWF No Way Out etc etc etc

        Am I back in the ethnostate? Does Perfidious Albion forgive me?

    • From the linked column, Prager: “Beginning in about 1941, the Nazi regime dedicated itself to murdering every Jew—man, woman, child, and baby—in countries it occupied. Eventually, more than six of every 10 Jews in Europe were murdered.”

      Yeah, that’s pretty “special”. Or did something happen in the Crimean war that I don’t know of that somehow compares?

  10. Prager et al. channeling their Holocaust neurotic everything into the scapegoating of Nick the Knife, just like all the childhood bully vengeance channeled into Nick Sandmann and ‘Antifa Don’t Like It, Rock Kenosha’ Kyle Rittenhouse.

    Fascinating and pitiful, the normie condition

  11. Although I know the name Dennis Prager, and have probably once in a great while read one of his columns, and noted that he was someone classified as being on the political right, I was never super familiar as to who he was or what he was about.

    Yet somewhere way in the back of my mind was the question: What sort of political hack calls his schtick “My Name University”?

    • The kind that is 3-2-1 counting down the minutes until he is ‘defending’ Griner’s ‘right’ to take a knee while his boss, POTUS Greenbottle Fly is called for prison for rappers that speak their minds.

    • Excuse me sir! Prager U is known to have the best proctology program on the planet. You can pull just about anything out of a.sses after going through Prager U. “You pulled that out of there?….Ya, I graduated from Prager U.”

    • PragerU videos are worth watching from a purely socio-philosophical standpoint. It’s hard to imagine that so much bullshit and dishonestly can be compressed into five minutes (all his videos are about five minutes, part of the selling point), but he does it. Every historical event is reducible to Rs=good, Ds=bad, Israel=best. I think the old Soviet propaganda bureau would blanch at their crudity, but they certainly tickle GOP/Zio-American types. The only thing that’s as remotely horrible are the podcasts done by Christopher Flannery (I think that’s his name) at Claremont. An interesting subtext of each of those worthies is that “immigrants” — Irving Berlin, for example, recently featured in one of Flannery’s — are the “best americans” because they had the right “ideology.”

    • I believe it’s because it’s not really his idea. Some of his backers/fans wanted to start such a thing on YT and asked that he be a figure head to organize around. That’s what I’ve surmised from his radio show discussions.

      In any event, the YT site has been a powerful response to Leftist dogma and presents a “Rightist” and logical alternative discussion for those who are into social media. Note I said “Rightest”, not dissident rightist, “DR”. DP is nowhere near such advancement.

      Z-man points out one aspect of Prager’s schtick, aversion to discussion of holocaust denial. You expect more from an observant Jew? I don’t. However, Prager is more complex than than simply a Jew who supports Israel and denounces Holocaust deniers.

      His show is based primarily on discussion of the morality, or rather immorality, of the Left. He divides his show into three parts, with usually one on daily commentary, the others recurring on certain topics, such as the relationship of men to women. I find his knowledge and advice to be right on wrt to these topics. Most of which have actually been discussed in kind over the years in this comment group!

      Prager minces no words on his denunciation of Leftists in there various forms. Whatever he says for Holocaust deniers, he also says for Leftist evil in all its forms. He is not a one trick pony.

      • That’s the whole problem. Calling them holocaust deniers is a deliberate lie. They are holocaust truthers – they want a thorough, honest investigation into the truth of it.

      • Interesting.
        We have the problem of a two-sided strategy in moralizing campaigns:

        Bury a few poison pills in a mound of goodies;

        Bury a few truths in a mound of lies.

        • Prager, the man that personifies the one chunk of excrement in the vanilla ice cream model.

          “Here Johnny, some … nice … ice cream.”

          “How come you’re not eating it mister?”

          (Raises hand to strike child) “Don’t ask questions boy, eat the ice cream!”

    • I seem to recall a “Trump University”. If you have some more examples maybe we can find a common thread.

  12. A lot of people are saying it and I agree: time and demographics will take care of it. This age is ending. The fight ought to be for the future. As in having one in a more tribal age.

    • There remain hundreds of millions of White people in the Western world with no identity to speak of. The only one they’ve ever been allowed being a kind of Cult of Homo universalis who is a thinly veiled re-branding of the old Marxist New Man. He is a man with no tribe, no religion, no race, (now no gender too?).

      Some part of the elite recognizes that such people, emptied of any positive identity, are now aching to be filled with… something. I think the Covid panic showed us what that something was – an aggressive new nationalism centered around belonging to an ersatz new “nation” of scared, effeminate cucks willing to kill or at least ostracize anyone who won’t adopt the tribal facegear and rituals.

      Covidism may have burned itself out in most places but this is going to be the pattern going forward. The elite is going to keep trying to remold the soulless to carry out an endless series of ever more sinister “vision quests” that will simultaneously further entrench the elites and mold the masses of H. universalis zombies into a malevolent army of crusaders for what will eventually be a fully-on parody and parallel of the worst aspects of medieval Catholicism.

      Meanwhile Blacks, Latinos, Jews, Pajeets, Han, and other minorities will continue their ancient games of tribal shenanigans. It’s a foregone conclusion that in places like Oregon, New England, the upper Midwest, and other areas dominated by Goodwhites that most of your neighbors are going to become even more useless to themselves and dangerous to any remaining sane Whites just trying to live some semblance of a normal American life.

      • An overwhelming desire for self annihilation has been placed into whites through relentless conditioning. When you hollow out the entire foundations of positive identity, what else is left?

        I remember a lot of discussion as to whether hypnotism could be used to induce suicide against the subject’s will.

        Seems like the answer is pretty clear, as a new child crusade of saving the planet has been created and they don’t even need to go tot he middle east to experience it.

        • I hear young women often saying things like “I can’t bring a child into this world with the coming climate crisis”… All I can think of is how she needs to be shut up, ignored, and subsequently impregnated. Of course, we also lack the men to call her out on her BS. My patience for all this junk is thin, but most men agree with it.

          Canada also is running the suicide cult “assisted dying” which is now killing thousands of poor people, old people, mentally ill people, or disabled people. All tenuous reasons for dying at best – hardly the late stage cancer patients. Most of the people committing suicide via the state seem to be white, naturally.

          White people who don’t have a motivation source outside of mainstream Globohomo do appear to be herding themselves into the slaughterhouse. In some cases, literally. They are happy to be used as guinea pigs for COVID injections, beat up by hateful migrants, and then offing themselves once they turn 60 and get some creaky joints.

          I’ll be here to the end but many are under hypnosis and may not be cured.

          • Someone posted a Canadian ad for some clothing company that had a promoted an assisted suicide for a middle aged woman as if it was some happy religious hippie gathering on a beach.

            As many of the commenters on the video pointed out it was the only all white ad they had seen in a while.

            Seems bleak.

          • Call her out. Calmly. She won’t know how to act. Your friends will suspect you’re a homo. Everybody will think you hate women. Great fun. You’ll figure out it’s actually a battle of wills and want more of it. I’m pretty sure the lack of will on this side is what allowed everything to be turned upside down.

      • cloud people and dirt people

        As soon as a new “thing” comes along, nobody has to be told which is the cloud people position and which is the dirt people position. That part is always self evident.

      • Those are livestock, not humans. Plenty of us here have managed to hold onto who we are, managing to fill the gaps. Marxist New Man failed. These things always fail. There’s always a remnant.

    • There’s no way we’re going to be able to restore the tribes, the true diversity that once existed, it’s going to be a matter of molding new peoples out of the wreckage. Critical to that is having a fortified plot of land to call your own. Whether it’s the size of Lichtenstein or Brazil, it must have a secure border.

      • True. But while we won’t require a landmass the size of Brazil, we will need more than a Lichtenstein. Something about the size of France would be sufficient.

      • “… it’s going to be a matter of molding new peoples out of the wreckage.”

        New nations are born from the corpses of empire and old nations reborn, long submerged under imperial dominion. Things look bleak but I am highly optimistic about our long term prospects. Human behavior, individual and collective, and the rest of the world around us, is highly nonlinear.

        An age of martyrs and warlords is coming. I know it sounds crazy. However, what seemed crazy a few years or decades ago is merely edgy now and after the passing of a few more years and decades become accepted perceived reality.

        • The first sizeable-ish geographic area that i seized and held against a central govt in Europe or the US will be the start of this, although I can’t see it happening until the electricity and therefore electronic media is interrupted for a long enough duration.

          Power black outs may well be a saving factor.

      • “There’s no way we’re going to be able to restore the tribes”

        Essentially the same matters, completely the same is never possible. Even the Amish (Protestants btw) have changed over time.

        Can’t recall if you’re American, KGB, but if you are, our shallow history can be a strength. Right now we’re victims of youthful naivety, but we’re also not set in our ways if we’d get our heads out of our asses.

        • I even wonder if things seem so bleak kind of like small things seem like the end of the world in adolescence, but I don’t want to be too optimistic lol.

    • This one guy once said that ‘it is not lost ware which ruin mankind, but loss of the powers of resistance, which belongs to purity …. alone.’

      Purity. Purity of what?

  13. I like to let everyone speak their mind, because that’s how you find out who people are and what they are about.

    I want Disney to fly that freak flag big and high, so everyone knows.

  14. Does anyone else remember biden in 2020 proclaiming ‘In the democratic party we don’t want facts we want the truth.’
    I thought at the time what a crazy thing to say but then realized he had just uttered one of the unspoken truths of the demo party. I can imagine the party leaders absolutely cringing at that.
    Then someone probably said it was time to up his meds or try something else.

    • That statement reflects the postmodern underpinnings of the Left–facts are irrelevant, and “truth” is simply the narrative of the powerful. And when white-hating Leftists gain power, the narrative is that the white race is evil, it must be divested of its power and its lands, and then be destroyed. Whites will either hoist in that reality or its enemies will succeed with their malevolent plans.

      • I am not sure that is even possible for most.

        The Oxford climate prison city in the UK is now in effect and most of the discussion was around traffic jams.

        The concept that they are already living in an open gulag with 24/7 movement monitoring of everyone and a full force punishment regime is beyond nearly everyone to even understand, let alone object to on the ground they are in a fecking prison.

  15. Z, you do a little bit of Pragerizing yourself. You never come out and say, “Let’s kick the Jews out of our America,” but you frequently write as much between the lines.

    • How is that remotely like Prager?

      Prager openly shills for Jews and Israel. Z notices and writes about the usual suspects and their power all the time.

      • Don’t interact w/ that guy
        He is just waiting to cry out in pain as he strikes you.

        Z does no such thing.

    • I have never once on a blog post or in a podcast ever gotten a that subtext. I think his approach is the right one. We need to take care of ourselves. That said, the topic of this post is pointing out that there are groups in America who advocate for their interests as an ethnic group not as Americans. In so doing, they undermine the fundamental pillars of our entire civilization. The other point is, a billionaire with many millions of fans called Hitler a good guy and is the ringleader of this circus but the only person called out was the white Christian sidekick. It asks, what is that all about?

      There is only one group that does not advocate on its behalf – white Americans of Indigenous European ancestry. Any group in that environment that does not tribe up is doomed. This is about our survival and our right to determine and pursue our destiny as a people. It is time to take our own side and hold ranks.

      • ” groups in America who advocate for their interests as an ethnic group not as Americans. In so doing, they undermine the fundamental pillars of our entire civilization. ”

        America was founded by an ethnic group advocating for their own interests.

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  17. The idea that unpopular opinions deserve to be heard is not unique to the United States or even to the Enlightenment. The medieval Catholic Church employed the “Devil’s Advocate,” to argue against canonization of a proposed candidate for sainthood. His job was to find flaws in the character or cast doubt on the supposed miracles that justified canonization. It was a recognized and respected position in the Church.

    • The office of the Devil’s Advocate was not established until 1587, so it was not an institution of the medieval Roman Catholic Church, but rather the early modern Church. Sorry for the error.

    • Though I think one could argue— and I would argue— that the Church was doing that— *not because they believed in a free interchange of ideas*— but rather, to save themselves potential embarrassment, should evidence come out later showing the “saint” to be less-than-saintly.

      Same result, but very different motives.

      • Sounds like The Great Woke Councils of 1968 and 2020 should have done a bit more Devil’s Advocacy in regards to MLK and St. George of The Holy Overdose.

        • And what a glorious group the ever-growing panoply of BLM saints is!

          Saint George Floyd, Saint Michael Brown, Saint Rayshard Brooks!

          And surely Saint Al Sharpton and Saint Benjamin Crump will join them, when they depart this Earthly realm to receive their Eternal reward!

        • Alas, the manifest loathesomeness of MLK and St. George have done nothing to blot their escutcheons. Cathedrals will soon bear their names.

      • Youe point is good and well-taken since the Church actively suppressed and punished both heresy and blasphemy, both a form of speech.

  18. The director of the ACLU when the Skokie case was argued was named Norman Dorsen, a Constitutional law professor at NYU and a quintessential Yankee. The decision to take the case was made by the Illinois ACLU General Counsel, a man named Ed Rothschild, a partner at Sonnenschein, Nath & Rosenthal, and not so much a Yankee. The ACLU attorney who argued the case was a man named David Goldberg, also not so much a Yankee.

    Dorsen “retired” in 1978 in the wake of the backlash (driven largely by people who were not so much Yankees) against the ACLU for taking the Skokie case. Dorsen was replaced by a man named Ira Glasser, a professor of mathematics with no legal training, and once again not so much a quintessential Yankee. If one were inclined toward conspiracy theory, one might come to believe the decision to take the Skokie case was a setup to depose Dorsen, but who would believe such crazy conspiracy theories?

    In what can only be described as shocking, Ira Glasser oversaw massive increases in funding, including taxpayer funding, that fueled the growth of the ACLU into the national litigation and lobbying powerhouse it is today. Needless to say, the ACLU took no more Nazi cases with Ira Glasser at the helm, choosing instead to redirect its focus on civil rights, women’s rights, and minority rights.

    In 2001 he passed the torch to openly gay Puerto Rican Anthony Romero, who I believe is still in charge today in spite of numerous legal scandals, including a criminal DWI charge. The organization has expanded its focus into racial justice and LGBTQ rights.

    The trajectory of the ACLU can almost serve as a metaphor for the decline of America into the farcical clown world in which we reside.

  19. And yes: Kanye West is crazy.

    But look at what a great service he’s providing to the free marketplace of ideas:

    The delicious irony— clearly evident to anyone with ‘the eyes to see’— that the immediate and concerted Jewish reaction to West’s claim— that ‘the Jews control everything’— was *to try and eliminate his platform; to do their best (or their worst) to prevent him from voicing his ideas*

    Actions which demonstrate to the whole world just how valid his point is!

    And though they insist that they’re attempting to suppress West’s speech as part of their Ongoing battle against “hate speech” and “anti-Semitism”, it’s clear what’s Really going on: it’s clear that in their minds, they simply *cannot allow the free interchange of those particular ideas*.

    And it’s clear too why that is: it can only be because they know that in a free marketplace of ideas, they’re going to lose that particular battle. Because— as this incident so clearly reveals— the evidence is all on West’s side.

    So whatever might be happening in Kanye West’s muddled mind, I suggest that he’s doing our side a great service.

    • That’s the part I’m having trouble chewing over. Ye showing up dressed as ghetto spiderman should have elicited as much of a reaction as the flat-earth crowd on social media, but the usual suspects saw the need to crank their screeds up to “noticeable” and beyond. A little bit of “doth protest too much” going on, but why? Because they feel there’s no need to pretend anymore? Or maybe, as I hope, the screws are coming off of their well honed machine and these are desperate attempts to patch it up?

      • Yeah, they would have done well to ignore him. If they had, the whole controversy would probably have faded away rather quickly.

        By publicizing his transgressions, they were unwittingly confirming the truth of his assertions and giving further publicity to his message

    • Norm Macdonald has one of the great jokes on this: “Marlon Brando has officially apologized for antisemitic statements that claimed, “Jews run Hollywood.” The Jewish community has accepted Brando’s apology and stated that Brando is free to work again.

    • So-called “hate speech” is the only consequential test of free speech. If hate speech is not protected there is no free speech. You can’t have it both ways.

  20. I see Gavin McInnes has popped up at Taki’s to weigh in on the Kanye/Fuentes thing. It’s obvious that the ticks are crawling out of the woods. That vile grifter who faked his own arrest, among other transgressions, should be forever unwelcome anywhere on the right.

    • As an aside, anyone who name checks Ben Shapiro in a positive fashion is a gatekeeper.

      So one more clown joins the show.

      Honk, honk.

  21. I think it’s worth noting that the traditional conception of First Amendment freedom of speech— ‘I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it’— is grounded in the assumption that ‘in a free marketplace of ideas, the truth will eventually prevail’.

    And that assumption is grounded in an implicit faith in the cognitive and moral abilities of the average American: in the ability of the audience to ultimately recognize truth, and to distinguish it from falsehood.

    And it seems clear that the reason progressives won’t allow free speech, is that they realize that so many of the ideas they’re pushing are bogus; and that in a free interchange of ideas, people will recognize that and reject them.

    To take one example: the notion that all racial groups are equally endowed, will quickly be debunked, when faced with the overwhelming evidence for the reality of human biodiversity.

    And though they may deny it, progressives are clearly aware of this; they realize that allowing people to notice and and to talk about that evidence, would result in their losing the battle, in the free marketplace of ideas. So they rush to label ideas which threaten them as “hate speech” or “misinformation”.

    The mere fact that they can’t allow a free marketplace of ideas, is proof that they know their ideas are bankrupt; and that the only way their ideas will prevail is through deception and coercion: through turning the free marketplace of ideas into a one-way bullhorn.

  22. Hey, Prager did write about West, and, naturally, was much more gentle. However, this ending to his piece about West (and Candace Owens) is amazing. What’s more amazing than this is how Jews think of themselves and their role in the world is the fact that they would say it out loud.

    They truly believe that they are God’s chosen people:

    “One final note to anyone inclined to subscribe to Kanye West’s sentiments:

    Anti-Semitism destroys non-Jews, their societies, and the anti-Semites themselves. Or, to put it another way, anti-Semitism leads to suicide and homicide. It is an immutable historical rule. After Spain expelled its Jews in 1492, that major world power went into a 500-year decline. If the world had heeded this lesson, it would not have dismissed the Nazis as primarily the Jews’ problem, and it would have confronted Hitler. It didn’t until it was too late. As a result, 50 million people, 44 million of them non-Jews, were slaughtered, and the lives of tens of millions of others were ruined. Germany, too, was destroyed. All because of anti-Semitism.”

    • “As a result, 50 million people, 44 million of them non-Jews, … .”

      Even the Polish and Israeli governments have officially reduced the 6 million figure to 4 million. Did he not get the memo?

    • Citizen, can you provide a link to the article in which Praeger wrote this?

      I have never seen such ahistorical claptrap as that quote. The year 1492 marked the beginning of Spain’s rise to a global power, as the Spanish Conquest led to the colonization of South and Central America, and parts of North America. It would be over another century before the decline began.

      • Just click on Prager’s name in the article linked. It takes you to his archive. The articles is a couple down. The headlines of his articles are hilariously CivNat.

      • And whence this decline? Sure, Spain’s empire vanished but Spain itself muddled through quite well, thank you very much. It’s not like Spain kicked out the Finkels and became Somalia.

        • Heavens, the poor Spanish only got the world reserve currency, the Spanish silver dollar or “pieces of eight” minted from 1535 and through the 1730’s.

          (Also, the hardwood slave plantations killing overworked Indians were run by the, ahem, the “forcibly converted.”)

        • Yeah too glib of me lol. I’m cool with ethnocentrism, but that was distasteful. Some people are so obnoxious I’m almost reflexively against whatever they’re for, even if it goes against what I believe.

    • After 1492, Spain conquered the world and had a golden age, Portugal created the world’s largest land empire, England went on to Rule Britannia, etc. etc. etc.

      While North Africa got Timbuctu slave auctions and the Bey of Tripoli, etc etc etc

  23. Z-man, can’t tell you how happy I am you took on the ridiculous, unhinged rant by that pasty-faced blubber boy. Prager has been one of the greater promoters of the “Dems are the real racists!” and “Confederate monuments are statues to Democrats!” and other outright lies that retard clowns at places like Instapundit and Breitbart screech endlessly. He is truly a vile, loathsome individual. And what a ridiculous piece. So stupid and unhinged that not even the GOPe/Israel-worshipping cucks at Instapundit linked to it.

  24. It’s fascinating to watch the Jewish overreaction to all of this. Granted, they reached their current level of power by pushing things to the limit and by being incredibly ethnocentric. However, not that they’ve achieve control, they can’t seem to dial back that part of their nature.

    The smart move would have been to mostly ignore West and Fuentes publicly but use the might of the Jewish community to destroy them behind the scenes. This would have allowed them to send a message to those that matter without disturbing Joe Normie.

    Instead, they’re screaming at the top of their lungs and publicly trying to destroy West and Fuentes. It’s crazy, but like the scorpion on the frog, they just can’t help themselves. It’s same pattern that we’ve scene for a thousand years.

    Jews manipulate their way into huge amount of control over the government of a town, city or country, overplay their hand while showing contempt for the gentiles, the locals get pissed and kick them out.

    That said, I’m not sure that we’re going to see a repeat of that pattern. Jews have been so accepted by whites that they’re just not seen as a separate group. It would never dawn on Joe Normie to “kick out the Jews.” They can’t even conceptualize the idea.

    That means that Jews will continue to run the show for quite some time. But here’s the problem: They’re terrible at governing. Their skill set is in manipulating the system to their benefit, not maintaining – much less improving – the system.

    And that is good new for us. As the system gets worse, opportunities will open up.

    • Yes: the Jews’ reaction proved the point West was trying to make.

      Whether or not West anticipated it, they were playing right into his hand, when they reacted as they did.

      Whatever West’s intention, it turned out to be a masterful ambush, which played-out for all to see on the stage of public opinion.

      So I say: ‘Yay, Ye!’

    • My wife is Jewish, I’m Protestant by heritage. Our kids light the menorah at Hanukkah but have no sense of old world ethnic identity, let alone ethnic superiority. The ‘chosen people’ idea just doesn’t stick, or even make sense to them.

      I suppose mixed marriages generally tend to minimize the ethnic identities of the pair. It did in our case and I think it helps explain American ambivalence on the subject. And the reform Jewish population, AKA the lefties, has a very low birth rate. My guess is a gradual diminution over time. It may indeed be that Jewish ethnic supremacy here in the states is generational and headed for well deserved extinction, because of out-marriage if for no other reason.

      • Why didn’t she convert before you got married? That seems like it could have resolved many of the issues.

      • Yeah, I live in the DC area, so I see a lot of mixed Jew/gentile marriages. As proud as many Jews are of being Jewish, they don’t seem to want to marry other Jews that often.

        Also, as much as you hear about Jewish guys marrying the blonde shiksa or Asian, Jewish women seem pretty happy to marry white guys, like real happy.

        Occasionally, the kids are raised hardcore Jewish but usually not. The kids also tend to be not as, shall we say, aggressive (nor as neurotic) as many of the full Jews that I’ve known.

        I’d agree that Jews seem to be blending their way out of power. As powerful as they are now, there doesn’t seem to be a potent next generation ready to take over. You see this in business as well. Lots of law firms have older Jewish partners but the low level partners and associates are heavily white, Asians and some Jews. Same for many investing firms if you can believe it.

      • Terry,

        As I understand it, your situation is fairly unusual, and your wife is not typical.

        I believe it’s the case that of all ethnic groups, Jews are the least likely to marry outside of their group. I don’t know whether the trend is continuing or diminishing.

        In any case, congratulations on a successful marriage!

      • It depends on the generation’s perceived ties to homeland. I know some who are born and raised in America but the patriarchal bent in the family is of not just a Jewish identity, but an Israeli identity. The pervailing attitude of the kids is, we are in America because we can have more money here, but we are Israelis.

        That isn’t the kids fault. It is the identity they were taught to assume. This has led me to the real insight about this issue and how to approach it.

        I think being anti-Jew is a poor approach. The real issue is can you have a country where any number small or large of the elite and the citizenry have an identity to another nation or people that supercedes the identity and nation in which you live?

        I took a real chance one time and asked one of the patriarchs if he was American or Israeli. He says he is both. Yet he tells his grandkids, I suffered for 2000 years so you can speak this language. In that conversation there was a lot of evasion. I kept the pressure on and asked him what would happen if or when the US becomes bankrupt. Then the answer emerged. He said that by the time that happens Israel will be stronger and be allied with the Chinese.

        He had zero self awareness at what he had just said. But, he answered the question perfectly well. America is just the current place that is being used by his homeland to strengthen itself and further its ambitions that seem to have time scales of millenia.

        The way I see it is, we need to assert that right for ourselves. That needs to be presented in a way that is not anti this or that. We should have video producers cranking 24×7 doing succint summaries of the constant anti-white aspects of our society in punditry/media, arts/entertainment, corporate-jobs/careers. That should be done at the same time with succinct videos about all that we achieved and how it has benefited the entire world. That should be done at the same time with videos about the demographic shift to now and the shift into majority minority status as of now. That is followed by a positive statements affirming our moral right to a peoplehood and a nation. It needs to be done by the right person people who is not tainted with a track record of anti-this anti-that.

        It is perfectly fair to point out that everything we want is everything Israel, a nation we birthed and subsidize, has in terms of peoplehood/statehood, immigration and deportation policy, border policy … has. As a fellow Western Democracy, we demand the same. We need the right people to step up and get this done. I think the hour is arriving and the videos, (Prager style ironically), that I mentioned will usher it in. Rather than complaining about Prager we should be establishing our moral legitimacy and authority using the same recipe that his people did but with a non-victim positive identity.

        • The positive statements I refer to are an emergent political leader or set of them. They must be pure. When they denounce what has happened to us it must be factual and non blaming. They must affirm our identity and the moral righteosness of our rights to our peoplehood and homeland.

      • I don’t think so. They’re what, 3% of the population right now? So when they drop to 1% or less, magically they will lose power?

    • No Jewish loggers, train engineers, truck drivers, commercial fishermen, blacksmiths, auto mechanics….

  25. Fuentes is the only white Christian in the crew and not the main player, yet Prager focuses on him. You don’t say. I don’t get the infatuation with this stinky little boy who denies who he is in public, throws soft drinks like a girl and blames all his character defects on so called autism. I thought we were supposed to ignore people like this.

  26. It’s not so much Ye that is “saying uncharitable things about Jews.” Rather, Ye reprises the role of Rev. Dr. Negro Preacher Man. “Ah has uh dream, little Nazis and little Jews walking hand in hand.”

    If one looks back to the civil rights era, you see black preacher men with a bible and an entourage of Jewish speech writers and Jewish lawyers. Then it was about holding White people Christians Kumbaya Jesus. Ye flipped the script. He set up the play such that it is the Jews who are exposing themselves as being what they are. All that stuff is 80 years ago, let it go. It’s not real anyways. Genius.

    All very intelligent of Ye’s part. He has out Tikkun olam ‘ed them. Ye has earned a lot of credit.

  27. My Boomer mother thinks Dennis Prager is great. I have told her repeatedly that the chief purpose of Prager and other commentators of his ilk is to teach conservatives how to lose gracefully. Just can’t get through to her with that.

    The Demographic Age is upon us. Tribe matters more than anything else. Dennis Prager understands that all too well. But he doesn’t want his audience, comprised almost exclusively of White goyim who ought to know better, to realize that. He’s there to keep them in the dark.

    • “…the chief purpose of Prager and other commentators of his ilk is to teach conservatives how to lose gracefully….”

      … and to never say anything bad about Jews.

      • And, in fact, to make sure his audience has the proper reverence for them and subscribes to all of their myths.

    • Hey, Prager did write about West, and, naturally, was much more gentle. However, this ending to his piece about West (and Candace Owens) is amazing. What’s more amazing than this is how Jews think of themselves and their role in the world is the fact that they would say it out loud.

      They truly believe that they are God’s chosen people:

      “One final note to anyone inclined to subscribe to Kanye West’s sentiments:

      Anti-Semitism destroys non-Jews, their societies, and the anti-Semites themselves. Or, to put it another way, anti-Semitism leads to suicide and homicide. It is an immutable historical rule. After Spain expelled its Jews in 1492, that major world power went into a 500-year decline. If the world had heeded this lesson, it would not have dismissed the Nazis as primarily the Jews’ problem, and it would have confronted Hitler. It didn’t until it was too late. As a result, 50 million people, 44 million of them non-Jews, were slaughtered, and the lives of tens of millions of others were ruined. Germany, too, was destroyed. All because of anti-Semitism.”

      • That sounds like a threat, to me. Maybe it is expressing a belief of being a chosen people but when I read that it sounds much more like a threat of war and slaughter if “anti semitism” is allowed to continue.

      • 109 countries disagree.

        I see a different pattern: Jews come into your country, take over its institutions, ruin its populace, they get kicked out, and they say you were ruined because of your anti-semitism.

        Of course, 500 years of decline is longer than the existence of the US. US be lucky to make it to 300.

    • Adam Carolla is another one. Sounds almost Italian. Saying thank you to Tucker or any other host after one of his visits to the show is like he is giving up a kidney.

  28. Funny how one can question and even openly mock the Christian faith, but not the faith in the Holocaust. “Scholars” make all sorts of lurid, unverifiable claims that Jesus slept with the prostitute Mary Magdalene, that Mary was not a virgin and that she bore him brothers, etc. Harvard recently hosted a stage play in which Jesus and Judas are faggots getting it on:

    Nobody today would dream of censoring this this stuff or outlawing it. Yet there are dozens of nations that criminalize even questioning the Holocaust narrative. 90-year-old German dementia patients in nursing homes are routinely hauled into court and convicted for being enlisted flunkies at the camps. They even put a 96-year-old woman on trial for being a fucking secretary at a camp when she was seventeen:

    This kind of thing is sheer insanity. There’s no doubt that a large number of Jews died untimely and unhappy deaths on the Eastern Front. But so did millions of Russians, Poles, and Germans. There’s no doubt Germany committed atrocities. So did the U.S. Russia, and Britain.

    It is an absolute fact that no gas chamber was found in the Western Zone liberated by the allies. There were thousands of dead from typhus and malnutrition as Germany collapsed at the end of the war and the inmates were literally on the bottom of the food chain. It is a fact that all of the so-called “death camps” were in the Russian zone of liberation, and you have to accept the story given by the Soviet Union at face value (our “allies” who lied about their massacre of the Polish officer corps at Katyn Forest and blamed it on Germany).

    I have no doubt that the Germans engaged in some kind of euthanasia of labor camp inmates unable to work. I’m not defending them in the slightest. But the idea that the camps existed solely for no other purpose than gassing six million Jews is pure fantasy.

    If the Holocaust narrative describes an actual historical event, then no one should have a problem discussing and debating it openly any different than the Battle of Bull Run or the Battle of Thermopylae or the Glorious Revolution of William and Mary.

    The fact that one is called “evil” for refusing to accept the narrative at face value is a big red flag that the narrative may not hold up to serious scrutiny.

  29. I feel that the tribe is either anti white socjus activists or they are hard core jignats who cosplay as part of the religious right (Josh hammer is definitely in that category).

    In my mind, the most redeemable tribesmen are the ones who are neither hard core jignats nor hardcore socjus types. Someone like pinker or haidt is probably in that category.

    • Is it worth the time and risk to identify the supposed good ones? Remember the conversos in Spain who lied to remain in that country.

      And if you believe that political outlook is at all heritable, then you face the problem of their offspring regressing to the mean of their people.

  30. Regarding veterans: while I agree that America hasn’t engaged in a righteous war since World War II— that our national interest wasn’t served by our becoming involved in fighting the Chinese in Korea; or later, by our involvement in the wars in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Africa; or any one of the numerous places our soldiers currently occupy— *I make a sharp distinction between the validity of the war, which our politicians have gotten us into, and the commitment, patriotism, and valor of our individual soldiers
    who fought them*

    Vietnam was a debacle, we never should’ve been there in the first place. It’s now clear from audiotapes included in Ken Burns’ Vietnam documentaries, that then-president Lyndon Johnson realized as early as 1965 that the war was unwinnable, and admitted as much in private; yet he continued to pursue it, at the cost of tens of thousands of American lives, because he “didn’t want to be seen as the president who lost Vietnam”.

    So while you could (and I would) make the case that Johnson was evil, and that in many respects the war was evil; I would NOT make that same claim about the young American men who were drafted to fight in it; or even those who volunteered.

    Hearkening back to the distinction of “they know not what they do”, the majority of young Americans fighting in Vietnam believed what their elders were telling them; and sincerely, thought they were doing their patriotic duty by “fighting communism”.

    So while I condemn that war, I don’t condemn the people who fought in it; and paradoxically, I do thank them for their service. And I am grateful that America has warriors who are willing to defend us when it truly becomes necessary.

    I can still clearly recall an incident I witnessed back in 2008. I was in an airport somewhere in Florida— I forget which one— at one of the arrival gates, awaiting a girlfriend’s incoming flight.

    Most of the other people in the room consisted of a group of bikers dressed in Harley Davidson regalia; as I recall it, at least a couple dozen of them. I don’t know who they were waiting for.

    But the first group of people debarking off the plane were US military people in uniform, apparently returning from the fighting in Iraq.

    As the crowd parted to let them through, someone started to clap. Then more and more people started to clap, until the whole crowd— myself included— was doing it.

    I still get choked up, recalling how those soldiers’ faces lit up with pride, as they ‘ran the gauntlet’ of their appreciative fellow citizens acknowledging their service; it was truly a beautiful and moving moment.

    So yes: I do thank vets for their service; even when the wars they were fighting in were wrong.

    • With all due respect, the only “righteous” war in which people of European Christian descent in North America participated was the Confederate defense of the Southern lands against Lincoln’s invading hordes — one-third of which was not even born in an “american” state.
      Well, maybe the war of 1812. But that’s it and no more. The idea that “americans” fought in ww1 and ww2 to “defend democracy” is ridiculous.

      (Sorry, it’s hard for me to use the word “american” as anything but a term of abuse signaling extreme corruption and degeneracy).

      • Well said. Virtually all of the conflicts we have involved ourselves in were absolutely none of our business and have invariably led to much worse historical outcomes as a result. The good ole USA is truly at the top of the class in producing war crimes and war criminals.

      • Enoch,

        Yeah, I wasn’t thinking about the Civil War, but I agree: the Southerners were fighting a righteous battle against Northern aggression. And the South’s defeat marked the beginning of the rise of our current oppressive overreaching federal government.

        And likewise, the war of 1812: a righteous war.

        And while I certainly agree that World War I was bogus, never should’ve been fought; I can’t help but think that it’s a good thing that World War II didn’t end with Hitler and Stalin in charge of Europe and Russia.

        Though I’m certain we open to be convinced otherwise

          • Mmmm…. maybe.

            As I understand it, Stalin murdered around 32 million people.

            Without diminishing America’s various transgressions since World War II, I’m not sure we’ve done anything to surpass that.

          • True!

            But at least his power was balanced/limited by the American military-industrial machine, which at the time was the most powerful in the world. But only because America had been involved in the conflict.

    • But at some point, shouldn’t they realize that they were mere errand boys for bankers; that whatever they did, heroically or otherwise, was in the service of people other than the citizens of the United States? And anyone today who joins the American military should now that whatever they do will not serve the interests of the people of the United States, but rather the puppetmasters of the Global American Empire. And some American military personnel did commit atrocities, going all the way back to the Indian Wars and the Phillipine Insurrection.

      Back when the U.S. had a draft and there were numerous civilians with previous military service, there was not this “Thank you for your service” cult. They knew that everyone who puts on a uniform is not a hero; there are shirkers and goldbricks and time servers, none of who deserve respect simply because they were in the military. My uncle, who was drafted and served honorably as a clerk-typist in West Germany in the 1950s would have been dumbfounded to have someone thanking him for his service. He served only because he had to; he never made any other claim.

      Some respect for past military service is warranted, but leaven it with a generous dollop of realism!

      • Any White male, particularly a Southerner or Midwesterner, who joins the United States military at this point debases and degrades himself. I cannot muster sympathy for them. People who are near the point of discharging, yes, somewhat, but what Uncle Lloyd Austin has said and done should be pushing them out the door ASAP. The good news is people refuse to join and fight for foreigners and corporations now.

      • Thank you for that. It annoys me to no end when people–total strangers–thank me for my “service.”

        For a long time, I just cringed inwardly and said a polite, “thank you.” But for several years now, I’ve just been saying–politely–“No need to thank me. I got paid for it.” And walking away.

        You are right to call it a “cult.”

        • Its just a semantic loop passed around triggered by the vet/military stimulus.

          I doubt 95% even realize why they even say it as it comes out of their mouth without thought.

          You can make humans do similar auto-reactions for almost any stimulus.

    • The real Bill –

      I agree wholeheartedly. I think this is a wise stance. The same is true of America’s ME and Central Asia debacles in the 21st century. Many men enlisted and even re-enlisted because of the attack on our soil. The cannivers who used them deserve our scorn and even retribution. Like Vietnam vets, to scorn them is a deep scar on our nation and the people who defend it.

      Think of how small a man LBJ was. All he had to do, was speak directly to the American people and make a simple speech on the moral high ground. Granted, there is an apparatus around him and all “Commanders in Chief”, that has other motives.

      I think our moral decay and demoralization is directly tied to the miscasting of scorn and blame from the ruling class to the soldiers. Vietnam’s greeting parties probably led to Clinton’s basket of deplorables statements. The generation before hiding their mis-steps and not taking responsibility were a bad example to an apple already rotten to the core.

      There is an amazing film called Centurion that examines this topic of betrayal by the leaders of the men of incredible valor who fight for the people and a just cause but work for an empire fighting a lost cause against tribal guerillas.

      In short, well said.

      • Thanks for your kind words. I’ll definitely check out the film.

        And yeah: Lyndon Johnson was an evil son of a bitch.

        Ken Burns Vietnam documentary series— well worth watching for anyone interested in that era— makes that very clear:

        First we hear audiotape of President Johnson in 1965, admitting, in a private conversation with his then Secretary of State Robert McNamara, that the war in Vietnam was unwinnable. Followed by: “But I’ll be goddamned if I’m gonna go down in history as the president who lost Vietnam!”

        Then Burns plays another audio tape: of President Johnson a few days later, speaking publicly to the American people, assuring them that “We are going to win this war! Victory is right around the corner!”

        Truly an evil son of a bitch: a “leader” who didn’t hesitate to send it tens of thousands of American soldiers to die pointless deaths in a useless war, simply in order to protect his political reputation.

    • WWII being “righteous” is the foundational myth of the GAE. Truth is it was a war for imperial power like most every other war.

      You’re right, the soldiers who fought it didn’t know any better. But putting them on a pedestal is still part of the problem. It’s something to see how, even to this day, veterans of WWII are lauded above veterans of other wars. Even though the fighting they did (or often didn’t do), the danger they faced, was not much different. And the empire they served, the same. Yet somehow their nobility is greater. But that’s how this mythology works. I’ve witnessed it firsthand, and recently. It’s a real phenomenon.

      • I tend to view human nature and human behavior in terms of our evolutionary backstory.

        From that perspective, I see the male urge to protect, and to fight in order to protect the group, as a good thing.

        Like any good thing, it can become evil when utilized for the wrong reasons.

        But I do believe that every society needs it’s warriors, and I see it as a good thing that we honor them.

        And we can do that, while still opposing the unnecessary wars that our leaders keep getting us into.

    • The real Bill: My family was one that made the trek out to DFW a number of times to ‘welcome the troops.’ There was a special arrival gate set aside, everyone got lapel pins, the whole deal. Initially it felt like doing something tangible, something virtuous. But we increasingly noticed that the soldiers who looked more like warriors were very uncomfortable with the crowd, the noise, and the attention – they just wanted to get to their families. An increasing percentage of those in uniform whose ‘service’ we were ostensibly celebrating were women and non-Whites. Combined with our increasing disenchantment with the “War on Terror” and neocon republicans, and we stopped going.

      I now look back on it with embarrassment. Fwiw, my older son served overseas, albeit not in a combat zone, and he has always hated the ‘Thank you for your service’ platitude. It’s something that made normies feel good at no cost. My late father-in-law was an early Vietnam vet (as well as airborne and ranger-tabbed) and he was a tall, quiet, and modest gentleman.

      • I hear you. Occasionally, when I’ve thanked a vet for their service, they’ve expressed discomfort. But not usually; usually they seem appreciative.

        And I definitely hear you about the transformation of our military. Opening the military to gays, an ever-increasing percentage of “minorities”, and now so-called “transsexuals”. Purging the “right wing extremists”— a.k.a. patriots— while subjecting everyone to mandatory classes in the radically anti-White ‘critical race theory’.

        Recall the recent picture of Black female West Point graduates, raising their fists in the Black power salute?
        A gesture which was specifically forbidden by the rules, and which would have gotten any other group in big trouble. But, of course, authorities did nothing to the sacred females of color. To do that would have been to risk accusations of racism!

        How many White males are going to want to be commanded by angry women of color?

        And once the Democrats succeed in granting blanket, amnesty, and a “road to citizenship” to the tens of millions of illegals presently in the country; how long will it be before they form a significant portion of our military?

        It’s almost like someone has deliberately set out to weaken and destroy our military….

        Are they deliberately creating an environment where normal White males will no longer want to serve?

    • My approach to the Iraq war is that if so many willing young Americans hadn’t volunteered to fight in that idiot war then it wouldn’t have lasted so long. People go into the military for various reason and it isn’t usually about patriotism anyway,

      The Vietnam war protesters and draft dodgers actually put a lot out on the line and they helped end that national catastrophe.

  31. Jonathan Greenblatt was able to successfully place himself as the final arbiter of allowed speech in America. Think about how incredible this is. When he said something was not allowed, the whole of government and big tech moved in unison to ban it. Recently, though, he declared that a famous and beloved basketball player was not allowed to link to a movie on Amazon. Not only did this bring unprecedented attention to the movie, but it made people of all stripes wake up and see the brutal system of thought policing we have been living under. They now see the founding myth of the ADL and the real story behind this group. He’s caused a schism amongst the black and Jewish communities and is now trying to blame it on Whitey, which is hilarious. It’s not going to work.

    Dennis Prager could have structured his piece in many ways. Most of those ways would not declare himself as the judge on who goes to Heaven, and that “Holocaust denial” is the primary factor. Of course, he did, showing his total contempt of Christians (despite the fact that they gave him a platform and a livelihood for decades) and a demand for total compliance. It’s absolutely ludicrous, but he couldn’t help himself. As with Greenblatt, the comments section of that article shows that people just aren’t buying it anymore. He can delete the comments and ban the commentators, but they aren’t going to start buying it again. It is over for Dennis.

    Why do these people overstep bounds so egregiously? E. Michael Jones said this is because they do not believe in logos – they believe reality is what they say it is. Of course, since this is a fundamentally false premise, they always hit the wall that is objective reality. It seems we are seeing this now.

  32. Good post, but the left did not support free speech until “about a decade ago.” The left, previously having been ambiguous about free speech, turned against it completely by the turn of the 1980s/1990s — it was called “political correctness.” That is now 30 years ago.

    There’s a reason why everyone cites the ACLU’s support for the right of Nazis to hold a march all the way back in 1978 — over 40 years ago — because it was the last time any important left-wing body defenders free speech. Indeed, many on the left made their displeasure with the ACLU known, making it the last hurrah of the left’s defense of free speech.

    • Yes, free speech at the Academic level pretty much disappeared in the 1980s, and a while later even the Nobel winning President of Harvard was forced out for suggesting that because women are worse at math, they struggle in math related subjects…demonstrably absolutely true…But truth was no defense, because the female banshees were upset…

      • In the interests of demonstrating the complexity of the issues that we grapple with, I’ll note that the Harvard president was a member of the group that we are discussing. His membership did not protect him from being forced out.

        At least in that round of conflict between aggrieved groups, the feminists won over the chosen. However, come to think of it, I haven’t checked the ethnicity of his replacement as president. Perhaps his group didn’t lose after all.

        • Summers is still a member in good standing of the ruling class. Hardly a week goes by that you don’t see his prescriptions for the economy being promoted in regime media. Evidently getting pushed out at Harvard was a wrist slap, not a banishment.

      • Herbert Marcuse, one of them, oozed from the Frankfort school to the OSS (CIA ) on into professorship. In a 1965 essay: he coins the term “Repressive tolerance.” They can speak, you can’t.

    • In 1985, the left was very concerned about limits to free speech, but really only advocating the freedom to express sexual content. That’s when there were the Senate hearings on warning stickers for rock records, featuring Tipper Gore and Frank Zappa.

      • I always urge people to go back and read the testimony/evidence the anti-rock ladies gave. Their case was purely left-feminist, straight out of Dworkin/MacKinnon (who were busy at the time getting heretical literature banned from import into Canada). They included an “occult” category of offense, as one of a dozen, solely to fool Christians into supporting them. No record would ever be labeled for it.

        Similarly, Reagan’s “Meese Commission” report on pornography—essentially an alert to the legislature and judiciary that censorship was back on the menu—was almost entirely feminist, based on ideas of objectification/powerlessness and the male gaze.

        The familiar story of the ’80s speech war, that it was the last stand of the principled left against a powerful religious right, is an absolute lie.

  33. Yep.

    I see that Jordan Peterson is taking it up the hooper too. He’s produced sanctimonious morality vids for Christians and moslems – but gave the jews a pass. Too many dirt people noticed…. When he got called on it his mask dropped too.

    • According to Peterson, Israel is a shining beacon to the world.

      “While Jews might protest the intense global scrutiny they are under, he said, his voice wavering, this “little, tiny people” bears a “tremendous moral responsibility” in saving the world by example.

      “‘God knows what could be done here if you were left alone,’ Peterson said, marveling at Israel’s potential, especially in its technology.

      “‘The fate of the world depends on the fate of the people of Israel,’ he claimed, exhorting Israelis to perfect their society for the sake of humanity. ‘Make yourself a shining light on a hill.'”

      Video here. I couldn’t find a transcript:

      • I’ll bet everyone who reads the Jordan Peterson quotes does it in Peterson’s weird high-pitched Canadian accent. Haha.

      • I can’t watch it. Was he blubbering with a crown of thorns on his head as a spear was shoved into his side?

    • Not to mention a week or two after his meeting with Shapiro & Bibbi N, he’s dying on the hill of everyone online should dox themselves and not be allowed to remain anonymous if they want their views heard on twitter (ironically & hilariously, essentially asking for a ghetto for the anons).

      I cannot for the life of me imagine why he would suddenly want people to be easily identifiable now that he has all that Daily Wire money coming along without strings attached I am sure…

  34. Top comment:

    “You have to believe in the holocaust or you’ll go to hell.”
    – Guy who believes Jesus is boiling in excrement.

    Might be the pithiest takedown of an article I’ve ever read.

  35. I’m sure the Holocaust happened, but I question the whole “six million” part. That’s an awful lot of people.

    • It’s clear something happened, but it wouldn’t be a surprise to find out the details were exaggerated. That’s not unusual, most significant historical events usually do wind up exaggerated in the retelling.

      I doubt you’ll be seeing an honest accounting in your lifetime. Too many narratives depend on the interpretation of WWII to leave the history unmolested.

      Maybe in another 500 years the event will be distant enough to get an objective view of it, but attempting to discuss it now is usually just a waste of time.

    • There were only 2.4 million jews in all of German occupied Europe, (and many of them were unaffected, being in the military, academia or large corporations)..After the war, 3.8 million jews asked for reparations…..And allied troops liberating the camps found healthy mothers and babies in special nurseries set up in the camps…But you are supposed to believe 6 million jews were murdered, 3.6 million more than existed, but exclusively in camps in the Russian zone, which could. not be accessed…

    • Ryan Faulk has some videos about the six million. He claims the Nazis never even had access to that many. That even if they got every single one in the areas they occupied, it wouldn’t be six million.

      After 80 years of propaganda, there is just no way to know. Besides, it wasn’t done by or to my people. Ain’t my problem. I’m tired of hearing about it and I’m tired of the blood libel aspect of it. America’s “Holocaust museums” should be converted into gratitude museums where they thank us endlessly for our selfless sacrifice to help them. Instead, we get blood libel. Any sympathy I had is exhausted.

      The Holocaust has shifted from a specific event at a specific time and place to a warning that it could happen at any time and any place white people live. That is the blood libel. It is also the mechanism by which they can think of themselves as the hero and the “vulnerable minority” they see themselves as being despite all their economic and political power.

        • So why are there Holocaust museums in Canada, Britain, Australia and many, many other countries who fought against the Axis powers? Why are they constantly kveching about the Nazis in America and the potential breakout of “antisemitism?”

          It is because they view us as all one lump of people prone to random outbreaks antisemitism for no reason whatsoever, just a flaw in White people, leading to “pogroms” and eventually, camps and gas chambers.

          WHY does Philadelphia have a holocaust museum? There has never been a pogrom in Philadelphia, or anywhere in America for that matter!

    • I didn’t pay much attention to Holocaust denialism or Holocaust revisionism until France, where I live, made it illegal to question any aspect of Nazi persecution of Jews before and during World War II. Now I suspect that many aspects of that persecution were exaggerated, although it did result in thousands of deaths and much suffering. When a historical narrative needs legal sanction to escape questioning, it is probably a weak historical narrative.

    • Well that’s the point Prager is making: Holocaustianity is your new religion, funny mustache man is the devil, and you will go to hell as a heretic for questioning it or any of the details surrounding it.

      As above, you’ll never get an honest accounting. The ‘good enough for government’ answer is probably around 200K, mostly from typhus and starvation, and not incidentally, fewer than German POWs and civilians who died postwar, or an order of magnitude or two fewer than died in the Communist revolutions in Russia and Asia. That’s the trap, btw, a tar baby of wooden doors, wasting time on these details instead of the moral ‘why’ of it.

    • Think of it this way – the same people who call the January 6 event an insurrection, call what happened in 1940s Germany the holocaust. To quote one of the luminaries of the House, “something happened.”

    • Two elderly men walk into a bar. One is a Jew the other an Orthodox Russian Christian.

      The Jewish man: “Holocaust, Holocaust, Hitler, six million Holocaust!!!

      The Russian:
      Six whole million? Well cry me a river comrade!

  36. I am looking forward to the Hogans Heroes remake.
    We all know that kind of humor can never happen in our age.
    The usual suspects have managed to make themselves into cosmopolitan church ladies.

  37. For all his claims to be a Christian, it’s odd that Prager has apparently forgotten about forgiveness.

    The New Testament gospels show Jesus on the cross, forgiving the people who nailed him up: “Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do.”

    Here Jesus is making a crucial (no pun intended) moral distinction: between people who *knowingly* do evil, and people who *unwittingly* do evil, in pursuit of what they believe to be good. The implication being that at least some of the Jews who wanted to kill him, were doing so because they genuinely believed that they were doing Gods work; sense Jesus was violating God’s laws as written in the Old Testament.

    > So Jesus can forgive the people who murdered the Son of God, but according to Prager, holocaust deniers are going to Hell?

    Apparently Prager on the cross would be howling, “Send every last one of them to Hell forever, Father God!”

    So for all his superficial embrace of Christianity, when it comes to the holocaust, Prager immediately regresses to the old Jewish morality: the “eye for an eye” revenge-morality of the Old Testament, which Jesus himself had specifically rejected.

    The notion that the “they know not what they do” moral exemption might be applied to at least some of the Nazis involved in the holocaust, apparently never crosses his mind.

    I’ve never before read one of his columns; but in this instance at least, Prager appears to be someone who embraces the superficialities of Christianity, but not the essential Spirit.

      • But wouldn’t you want to make a moral distinction between someone who does wrong, knowing that what they’re doing is wrong; and someone who does wrong, while mistakenly thinking that what they’re doing is right?

        I realize that the misconceptions of the doer don’t negate or diminish the harm done.

        But it still seems like a helpful distinction: to distinguish between those who knowingly do evil, and those who do it unwittingly.

      • It’s like the difference between someone who inadvertently steps on your foot in a crowd, compared to somebody who deliberately tromps on it.

        Most people have a very different reaction to those two superficially-similar events.

        The distinction they’re making, is between someone who deliberately intended to injure you, versus someone whose injury of you was inadvertent and unintended.

    • Prager is a proud Jew. He just wants to lecture Christians on what we should believe about our own faith.

      • Right, my bad: I wasn’t familiar with Prager, and for some reason I had the impression that he was a Christian. Now I know better.

  38. Haven’t seen this mentioned, but Prager’s column is literal blasphemy. Fuentes will go to Hell if there is a just God – that statement is a very serious problem.

    Fuentes must go to Hell or else God is not just – really, who do you think you are?

    • A just God abhors sin and condemns all to eternal damnation who are not washed in the shed blood of the lamb.

      The matter of where you’re going when you die is a matter of whether or not you’ve placed your trust in the one who said that he is “The Way, the Truth, and the Light.” No one comes to the Father except through him.

      • So let me get this straight:

        We humans are born into a world full of sinful people; where the parents who raise us are sinners, where we are surrounded by sinners all our lives, and where we ourselves cannot help but sin.

        Yet God— who is perfectly loving, perfectly just, and perfectly merciful— assigns us to the everlasting torment of an eternal Hell, as punishment for the sin which we cannot possibly avoid?


        • Yes, that is literally exactly what the Bible says.

          The good news is that salvation is obtainable by admitting your fallen state and trusting in Christ for salvation.

          Scripture is plain and unambiguous about this.

  39. “I noticed this flattery is done with veterans too. You could praise the greatest generation and they would let anything slide, even policies that hurt their own grandchildren. A lot of veterans are a bit vain. I respect them but let’s get serious. A lot of them will let anything slide as long as they’re being “thanked for their service” and praised as if they were gods.”

    Many of us have an ambiguity to the whole “thank you for your service” line. Yes, as a veteran I use the military discounts offered at Lowe’s or Home Depot when I go, but I do not parade around with 57 pieces of military flair on in public to announce that I’m a former member of America’s canoe club. I joined mostly for the travel, adventure, and because every male in my ancestry had served.

    This version of hero worship began after 9/11. On more than one occasion before those events, I recall being asked by friends and family when was I getting out of the service and starting a real job. Once the regime declared that we were bringing freedom and democracy to the world by gunpoint, it became fashionable to venerate those who served.

    Another commenter made a very insightful point in that those (vets) who tell the most stories about their service usually did the least. I remember my uncles, all veterans of WW2, never shared stories about their time in the service. The closest I got to hearing of their experiences was when I asked my uncle why he fished but did not hunt. All he said was that he didn’t feel like picking up a gun after coming back from the war.

    I do have one story from my time in the military that I like to tell:

    “What are we doing?” I kept asking, while performing defense patrols for the perimeter of Iraqi oil platforms in the Persian Gulf. These operations for the black gold were owned by ExxonMobil, and our mission was to ensure the regular transports were kept safe from any threats. I had some ExxonMobil patches made to put on my uniform. Figured we should at least represent who we were working for. Needless to say that my Commanding Officer was not amused.

    • There was a man in my small hometown who had been in the battle of Iwo Jima. He never talked about it to anyone even decades later. A history teacher tried to get him to come in and talk to a history class, he declined.

    • My Grandfather had some major trauma after the war, which would sometimes manifest in him doing marches in the bedroom while his wife looked on in confusion. He kept silent about he war war until the last couple years of his long life.

      I get different vibes from current veterans. My Grandpa felt proud of his service but had some mental wounds from it that never recovered. Vets of Iraq and Afghanistan I know are largely not proud of their service, and largely keep silent on the subject. Imagine getting war trauma for what you thought was freedom and then realize years later your trusted institutions used to you spread gay sex. It’s no wonder veteran suicide is so high. At least mercenaries knew they were doing it for the money and adventure.

      • Chet,

        My parents were not fully supportive of me joining largely due to the fact that they believed I should go to college*. My father, an army draftee who did his entire enlistment in Germany, was not happy at all with my choice. Them along with others, told me that I was too smart for the military.

        That may sound intellectually arrogant, but it proved to be true. It is an uncomfortable duality within oneself when presented situations that are patently false. Iraq is an easy example. Saddam wasn’t a threat to American Hegemony, nor some second coming of an Arab Hitler. I did not work for a military intelligence area, but could easily see the folly in attempting gulf war: part 2.

        The political theory of Democracy is laughable for an area that less than a hundred years ago consisted of nomadic Bedouin tribes. Throw in differing religious sects, blood feuds, no existing framework to start from, et all. Without an Arab Thomas Jefferson to reference, the whole thing was a charade from the start. It’s not even worth mentioning Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, or the false pretense of using patriotism to fuel the geopolitical goals of the regime.

        So, no. Many of us aren’t really proud of our contributions that aided the GAE. The mantras of “fighting them over here so we don’t have to fight them at home” or, “Warheads on Foreheads” still makes me cringe.

        * Eventually I became a college graduate. Mom was happy about that.

        • “Fighting them over here so we don’t have to fight them at home…” is literally the opposite of the truth. We go abroad to fight a pathetic people who are in no way a threat to our nation. Absent Soviet (or Chinese) funding, we must supply both sides in these conflicts (this was true with both the Taliban and ISIS). We get our asses handed to us. We leave and take millions of our useless “allies” to America, a fate which even our most recent invaders, the British in 1812, were unable to visit upon us. We would be less threatened if like Costa Rica (in a part of the world where the militaries’ only real contribution are regular coups d’état) we simply abolished our military altogether.

    • Yes…my father and some of his friends had been in combat in the war…I never heard them talk about it even once…

      • A little while back I had the opportunity to take part in a Navy retirement ceremony for a SEAL. Of course, a bunch of his buddies were there. During, and especially afterwards at the open bar, I just sat back and thoroughly enjoyed the hilarious and elaborate stories they told (all senior, very experienced Team guys). Oddly enough, not one of the tales involved combat or other “warrior stuff”. No, it was all about the crazy hijinks they got up to the rest of the time.

        It was an awesome night.

    • The way I see it, after 9/11, there was a surge in recruitment around the country. Yet when it became clear that Dubya planned to use his political capital to launch illegal wars in service of the neocons, people started to stay away. Recruitment/enlistment was a problem for most of those years. The government would frequently announce shortfalls in recruiting and had to raise bonuses to get people in. They relied a lot on stop-loss and other things to keep the forces replenished.

      I think this engendered a lot of guilt in the populace, as people did not want to send their sons to go die in a war in Iraq they initially supposed but now realized was completely meaningless and a large-scale war crime. They obviously had respect for the people who did sign up though, and the really bad, ham-fisted, cringe compromise they came up with was the “thank you for your service” ritual. The government and corporations were happy to exploit it for gains of course.

    • “This version of hero worship began after 9/11.”

      Believe it or not, it really got going during the Kuwait war (Iraq pt. 1). There was the whole movement of “we are not going to treat these vets like we did the Vietnam vets”. I was active duty Navy at the time, so my buddies and I would always try to just *casually* mention our military status whenever we went to a bar, especially during the actual fighting phase. We’d never have to buy another drink afterwards. To be honest, for a bunch of early-20-year old guys, it was pretty freaking awesome.

    • I have a suspicious skepticism of the folks I see who wear their veteranship on their sleeve. Hats, bumper stickers etc. And I wasn’t born with this skepticism, I learned it. Some nonzero percentage of them aren’t veterans at all. And a high percentage are REMFs who just enjoy the recognition. Think it makes them manly or something. And why wouldn’t they? Everywhere you look in our society veterans are on a pedestal.

      I noticed the “thank you for your service” thing starting after Gulf War I. But it has really snowballed to the point that I believe nowadays young folks who serve go in expecting to be pedestalized. It’s unhealthy.

  40. Question: “Why do you spend time debunking the many suspicious claims canonized in the holoc@ust narrative?”

    Answer: “Because the ultimate answer to questions about like why we can’t limit immigration or speak about the interests of white people is always that it will lead to another holoc@ust.”

    I go back and forth about whether we should step over the holoc@ust or face it head on, but for those new to these questions, I wanted to present the justification for confronting it.

  41. I saw an alarming statistic that 18% of all married couples are now mixed race in the usa.

    This seems incredibly high, and probably much higher than 18% for young people.

    Can anyone confirm? Is it really that common for mixed race couples in your area?

    Its a bit off topic but also related seems like white americans will have a rapidly shrinking tribe at this rate. The civic nationalist pipe dream may end up happening because theres no choice, with so many mixed people.

    • It’s probably false. George Washington once said that 97% of all statistics you read on the internet are false.

      • Probably correct. Media pushes interracial as black/White, but more likely/common is White/ White (or at least pale) Hispanic, or White/Asian or Hispanic/Asian. Fair amount of yellow fever going around.

    • B125,

      What haven’t you seen all those commercials on TV? That show how happy interracial couples invariably are?

      Seriously, though: I don’t recall the exact numbers, but last I heard, the number of interracial marriages were increasing in America.

      Lance Welton over at Vdare has written articles documenting the fact that interracial marriages experience a lot more problems, compared to marriages within one’s own race. And the people who enter into interracial marriages also tend to be less stable, mentally. Which certainly makes a lot of sense.

    • And without having any statistics to back it up, I would expect that marriages between Whites and Asians, or between Whites and Jews, are typically very different in outcome, compared to marriages between Whites and Blacks.

  42. Another mokita is that knee-jerk hypersensitivity about the Holocaust is a pathology that does genuine harm to society. We now live in a world in which most everyone is in permanent grievance mode over some presumed insult or offense. And they all take to the internet to conduct their wailing and gnashing of teeth in the public square. Why couldn’t Prager just go sit on Capitol steps, pour gasoline on himself, and light a match? That would have made his point quite effectively, and everyone would have known that he was being serious and not just hyperventilating on cue. If you’re going to take a hard stand on something, at least have some skin in the game. A man of integrity would have done so. Instead, Prager just pocketed an extra check for the impromptu writing assignment.

    How far we have fallen.

  43. “The column itself is a remarkable example of Kinsley’s quip. The truth is, in a majority-minority society like America, what matters is your tribe. This is the truth that the people in charge are not supposed to say.”

    They do say it. See Uncle Lloyd Austin, Defense Minister for Raytheon, etc. Only one group is not allowed to act as a tribe and protect its interests.


    End that embargo, and things might change. Maybe.

    I expect people like Prager to defend his tribe. What I don’t expect is people outside his tribe to roll over for it.

      • Good question. Probably both. I suspect as Whites approach minority status they will become more tribal.

      • They’ll be allowed once they’re a minority and can’t have the same effect as when they were the majority. It is strange, was at bonoroo years ago. Maybe around 2008 or so and i went to see Dave Atell do his standup. Liked his show on comedy central about different bars in cities and such. Anyways i ended up walking out, his entire set was making fun of christian people. Now i don’t identify really as a christian though i was raised as one but it was the meanness of it. Had to walk out. You couldn’t do that about any group but for some reason its ok with christians.

  44. I see Prager has managed to get the fact that like Donald Trump and Joe Scarborough he is on wife number 3 scrubbed from Wikipedia. To demonstrate that he has no sense of shame at all, he has “questions to ask before marriage” page on his show’s website. It is interesting there are whites who still fall for this routine, even though the people doing it live in such a way so at odds with their audience.

    • I’m sure he’s had to pay a rather generous amount of alimony to his various ex’s, yet he had the audacity to produce that “Be A Man – Get Married” video a few years back. He lost me and many other men there.

      • Have you seen his vomit-inducing ‘ads’ with ‘young people’ that were running? Him and his ilk on the fake ‘right’ have this version of ‘the young’ that puts Charilie Kirk near the pinnacle in the looks department. All downhill from there – as if they are aiming the ads at misfits.


  45. The Creed stuff was the lubricant developed in the early last century used to ram mass immigration up the rear of the working class Americans. Then as now, Capitalists need cheap labor. The “melting pot” stuff was a convenient sales tool. It worked pretty well too, because the CivNat b.s. still sells well, which explains lames like Prager.

    Many Prager/CivNat types aren’t idiots and they too have read Carl Schmitt. So they make the “friend/enemy” distinction a creedal one instead of an ethnic one. If we’re honest, the DR will have to do the same thing. Just in this forum alone, we have a pretty wide range of ethnicities and religions.

  46. Rules for thee and not for me applies to other of Prager’s pronouncements. I recall (I haven’t listened for years) that this guy broadcasted a regular segment dispensing relationship advice for men and women… and he’s been divorced at least twice, perhaps three times.

    • Early in my career I worked at one of our finest too big to fail financial institutions. It was around the time the movie Super Size Me came out and I came back one day with fast food for lunch. The manager, a proud member of the alphabet soup community, started to give me a low key lecture about how bad eating that was for my health, I’m guessing he smoked about half a pack a day.

  47. Recovering CivNat here. I really want to believe in a creedal America- I really thought that the multi-culti world would work, Etc.

    Guess I was wrong

    • The sad thing is, before our rulers dialed everything up to 11, it DID kind of work.

      Catholic Irish married Catholic Italians, German/ Dutch Protestant married Scots Irish, Mexican senorita married Texans, Swedish Lutherans married English Protestant. Their kids/ grandkids blending into “Americans”.

      Now? Anyone interested in marrying your kids/ grandkids off to Rashid Taliba, “Niki” Haley or Ilhan Omar’s offspring? Does anyone think these children would in any way be recognizable as “American”?

      • > The sad thing is, before our rulers dialed everything up to 11, it DID kind of work.

        It really didn’t, though. Opening up the doors for the Lutherans, Italians, Germans, and Irish not only diluted the founding stock but removed any possible moral argument for keeping out the Poles, the Jews, the Aztecs, the Africans, the Chinese…

      • My dad was a Swedish Lutheran, my mom a half-Irish Catholic. When mom died I got a packet of some anti miscegenation clippings and articles sent to me by some guy I did not know. This fellow was much more concerned about a good Protestant marrying an evil, presumably in league with Old Scratch Catholic.

        Of course my mom’s parents had set the precedent when my Irish traveling salesman grandpa married my Swedish farmer’s daughter grandma. My Aunt Lucy was born two months premature… at 10 pounds!

    • A creed can work with a homogenous people. The people of Iceland, for example, are quite socially homogenous and harmonious. Their creed may not be written, but it’s there. A place it absolutely cannot work is, ironically, the place they’re trying to make it work: multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, multi-racial societies.

  48. Why do people just repeat things that are obvious fronts as if they are fact without even looking at the detail. No wonder they live in a constructed dream.

    The Skokie affair was run by the supposed Nazi party and the oh so brave ACLU defended them.

    Only Frank Collins the leader and planner of the march and organizer was actually born Frank Cohn, his father was Jewish and supposed dachau inmate.

    The guy was sentenced to jail for child molestation of young boys shortly after the set up and then re-invented himself as a new age author in prison.

    So the so called organizer was a gay jew pretending to be a nazi being used to continue the anti-white push.

    It was a fake front larping around in swastikas with the knowing help of the ACLU to re-enforce the nazi meme in the USA, not to defend the right to free speech.

    Not seen the fake patriot front recently? Hello!!

    Why are whites so gullible in repeating back their conditioning like parrots?

    • How does any of this matter in the least? The point you so badly missed was that within living memory the defense of offensive speech was considered a core American principle. Jeebus. This is why people think anti-Semites are retarded.

      • You appear to be unable to spot a scam being played in front of your face. The point was to re-enforce the nazi stuff not anything to do with free speech.

        I am not the retarded one here.

      • My actual point was a criticism of your inability to spot a coordinated scam and the use of it as an example of free speech protection when it was nothing of the sort.

        As I said Gullible.

  49. Creedalism existed in America from its founding.

    Yanqui Puritans were always all about creedalism. Its literally the factor that motivated their mass emigration to New England. In their case it was originally reductive, it applied primarily to English people who shared their beliefs. But not all Englishmen. You had to be in their religious cult. Over time though, it became additive. They were America’s cultural imperialists, pushing their crappy utopias on people whether they wanted them or not.

    The Quakers of the mid Atlantic were credalists too. Theirs was additive from the beginning. They embraced immigrants from across northern europe, not just England. All were welcome as long as they embraced elements of quakerism. So much so that they weren’t even able to defend themselves. (Normie con American is their ideological heir).

    The slaver Oligarchy of the deep south was credal too, in a weird way. Rich slaver owners from everywhere were welcome into their aristocracy, Jews for example were there very early on. And of course slaves were imported and part of their social structure.

    The only founding groups that weren’t creedal were the Scotts-Irish, the tidewater planters and the dutch of new amsterdam.

    All of that matters because grifters like Prager are successful because they stroke deep cultural chords that continue to resonate.

    • This is not true. Those Yankee Puritans were about the covenant. They were hostile to outsiders because they were outside the covenant. Creedalism is a 20th century concept cooked up by people like Harry Jaffa.

      • The covenant is just another word for a creed – a belief system.

        Yes they were hostile to people that did not accept it – thats what i meant by it being reductive.

        And then they shifted and became proselytizers – pushing their creed, their covenant, onto people that didn’t want it.
        American missionarism and all of the various American utopian schemes sprung from Yanqui proselytizing.

        Hell, so did the civil war – it was Yanquis pushing their creed onto others. It was also the original motive for reforms pushing government education. To make sure the new immigrants kids were properly indoctrinated into their creed.

        • No, it is not. These are different things. The covenant emphasized religion. Early Americans were primarily an Anglo-Protestant people, inspired by Scripture. Creedalism emphasizes political philosophy, a set of ideas.

          There is a nice short book called After nationalism that does a good job explaining these concepts.

  50. “Shouting people down is explicitly un-American. You let the person be heard and then you can be heard in response.”

    The cultural framework for argument and counter-argument, and both supported by marshaling facts has gone, long gone. We can quibble about the reasons, and whether it was deliberately engineered. What’s left is shouting and out-shouting, propaganda, the megaphone, control of communication outlets and platforms, and the cancel culture.

  51. It’s an interesting point that so much of the anti-white stuff we’ve endured for generations is done through two techniques. Number one is playing on the exaggerated sense of conscience and morality that most have whites. The other is flattery. Telling traditional Americans that their ideas are so spiffy that the whole world just wants to come here and be like them!

    I noticed this flattery is done with veterans too. You could praise the greatest generation and they would let anything slide, even policies that hurt their own grandchildren. A lot of veterans are a bit vain. I respect them but let’s get serious. A lot of them will let anything slide as long as they’re being “thanked for their service” and praised as if they were gods.

    I’m hoping that exaggerated worship of the military will fade, now that we have open transvestites and puppy play freaks in officer uniforms.

    • Does anyone else kinda dislike those boomers who walk around in public wearing their vet caps?

      Maybe I should walk around in public wearing a hat that says “I helped kids in need once.”

        • Many of them were brave. But we have to be honest that the military hasn’t been serving the country, that is the American people, for almost a century. It’s not the enlisted man’s fault but it’s the truth.

        • How were they “serving our country”? You could make the argument that WW2 vets were. It’s a stretch though. But every war after WW2, who were the brave men and women fighting for? Koreans, Vietnamese, various Central Americans and Caribbean peoples, various Arab peoples. I don’t see Americans anywhere on that list.

        • Depending on the era, I can sympathize with the vets. We have all been lied to. But for wars post Vietnam, I am a little less sympathetic, and even less so with each succeeding fiasco.

      • I’d like to ask them to thank me for paying taxes for the vast social welfare jobs program that the military has become.

        Veterans tend to be a cut above the average American. But, those guys walking around with the hats are looking for praise, special privileges, and discounts. I’ve found the more actual combat a person saw, the less they make a parade out of it.

        And it’s putting some institution ahead of your actual people.that really bothers me.

        • William Safire, writing about the veneration of vets, observed that his own time in the Army, spent in Cold War era Germany, did not exactly make him Audie Murphy.

          My dad spent most of World War II in the field artillery, posted primarily to Forts Sill, Hood, and Bragg; to steal a line from old lonesome George Goebel, you’ll note there was very little Kraut or Jap activity at any of those spots- Well done, Arnie! He was sent to Italy in 1945 in time to experience the end of the Po Valley campaign. He often talked about his Army days- never exaggerating his role in the great crusade (at least as far as I could tell); and focusing a lot on the stupidities of Army life.

          My Uncle Bob, on the other hand, landed in North Africa in 1942, and didn’t get home until late 1945. He crawled into a bottle for about 20 years after the war- eventually got sober and dealt with his demons, to an extent, I guess. He was fortunate to be married to my mom’s sister, who was a Saint walking among us. He never said shit about the war.

          • My maternal grandfather was the same as your uncle, although he managed to deal with the war without alcohol. He never talked about his service. Griwing up, I knew that he had been in North Africa and was badly wounded in Italy and spent the rest of the war in the hospital. He didn’t get home until ’46.

            It was my baby brother who interviewed him for a high school project a few years before he went to a nursing home and dementia set in who learned how much of the war that he’d actually seen. Turns out he’d fought the North African and Italian campaigns all the way to Monte Cassino, where he was injured and the war finally ended for him.

        • I would disagree that most are looking for praise. I am a veteran and do not own a mesh or ball cap, nor do I wear any other veteran-identifying clothing. I am also very uncomfortable with people thanking me.

          My response is usually either:

          “Thank you for paying me” …. and a joke about the fact that they couldn’t possibly have done so if they are too young.

          Or I just say:

          Thank you, I’m a lucky guy; some were not so fortunate.

          The reasons people wear the caps or adopt the “Veteran Persona are various and often quite complex. And the reasons people do the (embarrassing to me) Thanking Ritual are similarly complex — some shallow conformism, but others driven by often some real underlying sentiment or motivation.

          I will put up some thoughts on this later today, when I have something to write on other than this damnable phone. This whole phenomenon is something that intrigues and puzzles me.

        • “But, those guys walking around with the hats are looking for praise, special privileges, and discounts.”

          Jeebus, what an asshole thing to say. The vast, vast majority of veterans who wear that stuff do so for one reason only, to signal to other veterans. We enjoy the comradery of other vets and those hats are a simple way to ID each other and break the ice.

          Look, there are very valid points to be made about the way the military is used to further various interests. And yes, some vets are a bit obnoxious (as you say, the more combat, the more subdued they are). But your statements are even more dick-ish.

      • My wife’s family was big into VFW organization but it turned out running your own bar was the fun part. They lost their will and the Post was taken over by hispanics and used as a “club”.

        All of them and every old guy shopping at Lowes wears the caps. If it makes them feel a bit special so what. I don’t worry about them, they won’t be the future shock troops for any planned revolutions in the future.

    • It’s shocking to see those comments on American Greatness, home of Boomer conservatism. Absolutely shocking.

    • So true.
      I was involved in a conversation this week with a couple normal people who might describe themselves as conservative patriots. They still vote but are gradually beginning to doubt the system.
      We were talking about the fact that Christmas has become bastardized and how difficult they’ve made it to truly celebrate as Christians.
      One of them actually wondered out loud how much a (((particular group))) has been actively pursuing this soul gutting of our nation.
      It’s quite encouraging.

    • That column is one day old and I had to DIG for it on the American Greatness website.

      It turns out people have read their New Testament after all…

  52. Lately, it’s been easier to wonder if the Jews in charge have crossed a line, or are at least getting close to it. They’ve played a large part in the subversion of the culture over the past few decades around here, and now control or at least heavily influence much of society either explicitly or implicitly.

    And much (if not all) of that control and influence is aimed in a negative way at the legacy White population. Something bad is probably going to have to happen for YT to finally drop the egalitarian rose colored glasses and start dealing with it. The problem is, will there be enough to make a difference.

  53. If it is obvious certain events happened, it wouldn’t need constant reinforcement in media and schools, memorials in every city, multiple remembrance days per year, and laws against denying it.

    • So….the Revolution should stop being taught in schools, mentioned in media, have memorials or be the basis for holidays because it’s obvious to you it happened?

      • “So….the Revolution should stop being taught…?”

        That was OUR history. THEIR history is none of our business and I really don’t like it being shoved in my face constantly. THEY chose to come and live among US…not the other way around. THEY are a very disrespectful people.

    • There is no way their math is correct. It is impossible. Not saying it didn’t happen, but it is grossly exaggerated. It is also weaponized by them and can be thought of as the grievance of all grievances.

      • For anyone who has seen the newer Midway movie they will note the Chinese casualty numbers (American war hero movie production paid for by China) displayed at the end are ridiculous, like they just kept adding a zero to right-hand side of the number until it couldn’t fit on the screen anymore; but, there’s no Chinaman running an endless multi-tired media and hate campaign to let infinite mud people into our country because of “muh Japanese-led Holocaust”. If the Jews were all in Israel and their victim fantasies only concerned them they could make it 60,000,000 for all I care, but unfortunately that’s not the case.

  54. Z: “Foundational to American morality is that you are free to speak your mind not because you have the right to speak, but because others have the right to hear you.”

    I would argue that there are fourfold requirements for true “Freedom of Speech”:

    1) The right to speak.

    2) The right to remain silent.

    3) The right to be heard.

    4) The right to be ignored.

    Remove any one of the four, and you no longer have “Freedom of Speech”.

    Apparently “quadripartite” is what succeeds “tripartite”.

    So we’d be talking about a “quadripartite” merit, largely unique to the Anglosphere [and largely unknown anywhere else in human history, this side of maybe classical Athens & republican Rome, although even dudes like Socrates & Cicero eventually got into heap big doo-doo for shooting off with their mouths a little too often].

  55. anyone that listens to praeger (or any of the myriad other like hucksters) is a lost cause, mentally. doesn’t really matter what praeger says, since his audience just munches contentedly regardless. normie is complete unaware of the real world, and will get very upset at anyone who tries to make him aware of it.

    • KVH: “anyone that listens to praeger (or any of the myriad other like hucksters) is a lost cause, mentally.”

      You need to make an allowance for the lingering historical residue of a formerly High Trust society.

      There are still tens of millions of Silents & early Boomers who continue to cling [for dear life] to their formative-years’ memories of Norman Rockwell’s Amurrikkkuh.

      I don’t think it would be fair to call them psychological cowards, but they sure as heck don’t have any interest in getting to know The Abyss on a first name basis.

      Just because all of us are [necessarily] devolving into a bunch of unfeeling uncaring robotic psychopaths [in order to do what’s gonna need to be done] doesn’t mean that there are not lots & lots of folks out there who retain a strong residual streak of sentimentality in them.

      PS: Apparently Norman Rockwell painted “Rejected Suitor” in 1976, and, for all I know, he might have continued painting until his death, in 1978, so arguably plenty of GenXers would have vague hazy blurry childhood memories of Norman Rockwell’s Amurrikkkuh.

      PPS: If you wanna make a trip down memory lane, then go to j00t00b and search for a video, called, “Elvis Presley – First appearance on the Louisiana Hayride – October 16, 1954”.

      Elvis was a mere 19 years old when that recording was made, and he was talented beyond anything we have heard in a new singer for, gosh, the last 70 years.

      There must be easily 50 million Amurrikkkunz who could be carrying strong living memories of that era.

      • People that old still get their news from Cronkite (or at least think they do). Only thing they care about is the coof. They are deadwood politically.

          • And yet tens of millions of sentimentalistic Silents & Boomers are still breathing oxygen, and they’re stilling getting up off the couch every couple of years to go vote GOP.

            Without all that deadwood, the GOP wins precisely NOTHING.

            “Data from NBC exit polls found that the demographic, comprised of Generation Z and the Millennials, voted 63 percent for Democrats and just 35 percent for the Republicans… Meanwhile, those between the ages of 45 and 64 made up 39 percent of the electorate and voted 44 percent for the Democrats and 54 percent for Republicans. The oldest demographic, those 65 and older, accounted for 28 percent of the electorate and supported Democrats 43 percent of the time and Republicans 55 percent of the time…”

            Spencer Lindquist
            9 Nov 2022
            Breitbart dot com

    • Meh,

      Prager’s a lot like Peterson in that most of his message is just (or was) non controversial common sense gussied up with semi academic verbiage. Both have their blind spots – anything to do with the chosen people is Pragers.

      Their also both pushing some fusion of civic nationalism and christianity which is doomed to failure. IMO they’re both trying to hold onto a particular point in time of the liberal-enlightment trajectory. A point where everything seamed to be going great. Oblivious to the reality that it was a point in time, and as such has slipped away.

      • I agree. The incredible German psychologist Judith Miller explained this generational blind spot phenomenon.

        Peterson sees himself as trying to hold the center to prevent moving too far left and too far right. It is the concept of the political center that I remember being taught as foundation early in high school. The problem is, it may be a decent rule of thumb, and it may work in a certain circumstance, but in this reality, it is a bad lense in which to interpret events.

        Peterson is well intentioned but he has huge blind spots. Along with egalitarianism, I think the entire Right/Left/Center political framework is going to get taken out back and shot as it not only can’t explain reality, it is becoming a blocker to understanding and confronting it.

    • Karl, when I was a conservative, Prager was my favorite talk show host. While I still like and respect him a lot, I discovered my deep disagreements with him. So, not all of his listeners are lost causes.

      He seems so sincere to me that I find it hard to believe that he is intentionally deceiving people. Yet he wrote a whole book exonerating his people of every one of the many complaints against them, so he’s heard all the arguments.

      My guess is that guys like Prager, Medved, Levin, and Shapiro believe that their people are the chosen people of God and that the USA has been the best home for them, so that they are doing God’s work when they pacify the justifiable complaints of their hosts, no matter how justified those complaints are. In short, he sincerely believes that he is doing God’s work when he “shuts down” every criticism against his people.

      • LineInTheSand, you are being far far far too charitable in your estimation of what we’re dealing with here.

        And no, the recipient of your charity would never in six gorillion years be nearly so charitable in estimating you.

        As I’m implying up above here, you’ve still got way too much of High-Trust-Society/Norman-Rockwell’s-Amurrikkkuh in you.

        When the Day of Reckoning arrives, all that sentimentality will need to be jettisoned.

        It’s an existential millstone about your neck.

        • Bourbon, I agree with you. In politics as well as in relationships with women, it’s hard to stop being a nice guy, because unfortunately, that is what I am. But I want to survive and for me to survive, my people must survive, and that entails a hardness that does not come easily to me.

          • “It was not part of their blood,
            It came to them very late…”

            “Hard times create strong men…”

          • i upvoted your response even though i disagree with it, because you seem like a good egg :). staying decent in an indecent world is a real trick; good luck with it, I hope you manage it.

    • Don’t you imagine these bloviating coservafossils’ ratings are in the toilet, though? The audience may have gone up for all I know but that seems unlikely. If anything, the Reaper is paying a visit to a big part of their listeners.

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