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Years ago I did a show on what it means to be on the dissident right, but it was long enough ago to revisit the topic. Back when I did the show, hardly anyone used the term so it was a different conversation than today, when lots of people use it. In fact, far too many people recklessly throw around the label. Just because you got booted from your Facebook group for using the N-word does not make you a dissident.

What you see is lots of people who used to claim the label alt-right having stopped using that now discredited term and picking up this new label. Their opinions have not changed and their understanding has not changed. They just needed a new label so they scanned around and found one that had not be ruined yet. In many cases, these people have no coherent politics at all, just grievances.

Labels are important, especially in politics. The words in the label bring meaning and connotation, but the label should have its own definition. The white nationalists are not simply people who are white and patriotic. Hitler was white and a nationalist, but no educated person would call Hitler a white nationalist. The label white nationalist has meaning that transcends the words in the label.

Therein lies the danger with labels. The white nationalists have allowed the bad guys to define the label they use. It was not all their fault, as the bad guys control the organs of cultural production, so they were able to define the label. That said, the many wackos who have been allowed to use the label white nationalist have made it easy for the bad guys to anathematize the term by soaking it with their vitriol.

That is why it is important to control your language. This was one of the many errors made by the alt-right. They never bothered to provide a clear definition of what they meant by an alternative right. This allowed every weirdo and goofball looking for a home to lay claim to the label. If they had put some effort into defining their labels and controlling who used it, they would have avoided the weirdo problem.

That is the gist of the show this week. What it means to be a dissident in this time and place, as well as what it means to be dissident right. I have also sprinkled in some of the things I talked about at AmRen, so the people who were there will recognize some of the things at the end. This is a topic that could probably be made into some useful posts down the road.

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This Week’s Show


  • Inspiration
  • Labels
  • What It Means To Be A Dissident
  • Dissent From What?
  • The Dissident Right
  • The Dissident Vision

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178 thoughts on “Dissident Thoughts

    • Same thing Lieberman did when he ran and won as an independent. This of course makes one suspicious as to just how “IND” Sinema will be. Imagine a committee split approximately 50/50 Dem/Rep and Sinema as one of the members. If she were a loose canon, she could block bills from leaving Committee by siding with the Rep’s.

  1. I don’t want to be racially coerced, nor sexually coerced. Their attack is now strongly two pronged.

    As a white man living in Tampa I wonder how any dissident movement grows here. Most of the city these days, outside of the cloistered white liberal pride flag flying enclaves, does not speak English.

    It is definitely a place where a non-liberal straight white man married to a straight white woman with straight white kids is an anomaly. The other side of the coin around here is the Confederate flag flying redneck. There is no middle ground, at least in this city, that I have found.

    And even the Confederate flag flying redneck is being bred out of existence since they cannot afford an alternative to public school. Their indoctrinated kids and grandkids, etc, flock to the dark side both metaphorically and literally, eliminating their cultural past. Mullato is the color of the new South flag.

    It is both amazing horrifying to watch.

    • At this point, Florida is much more closely tied to the Caribbean and Latin America than it is to Heritage America.

    • Unexpected – but its possible that the white liberal pride flag flying genetic line has a higher probability of staying white long term than the confederate flag flyer who cant afford private school.

      Being a redneck isnt the same as being a dissident, which is a mistake that many right wingers make. Rednecks are low iq and a product of their environment. I like rednecks but its not a viable long term dissident strategy. When we gain control, the rednecks will be permitted to stay white. But they are never going to control anything or bring about real political change.

  2. @Z Man – A personal note, off topic.

    When I wrote this analytic post on my blog today, I had you at the back of my mind; as someone who I hoped might, at some point, come around to a recognition that 1. there is a System, 2. it is purposive, and 3. that purpose is evil:


    • Bruce and other commenters, if you had only a short paragraph to persuade someone that there is “a System” what would you say? (I did read your article but want something pithier.) I would point out that:

      • all of the media, including entertainment, is owned by a very small number of very similar people with similar beliefs that are at odds with the beliefs of most heritage Americans
      • there are topics upon which both parties agree and prohibit discussion, like the refusal to enforce our borders, the unconditional protection/funding of Israel as an ethnic state, and the refusal to bring manufacturing back to our country
      • both parties are funded by a very small group of similar people and these people often donate to both parties
      • the media, including the conservative media, often transmit the same narrative and phrases on many issues such as mandatory multiculturalism/mass immigration, anti-whiteness and c0v1d skepticism

  3. it seems that for a dissident movement to be successful, it has to reflect widespread discontent amongst the bulk of the population. the latter providing the “sea” for the revolutionary “fish” to swim in. and isn’t that what a dissident movement is, a pre-revolutionary stage? the globalist leadership world wide is well along the process of alienating huge swaths of their populations, so dissident movements simply need to gauge the mood of the normies in order to time their “emergence”. in the meantime, make plans…

    • If the thing emerges, be prepared/worthy to join it.

      If the other thing happens instead, as seems much more likely…

      “Each one teach one” is the saying, right? We all know someone who’d be improved by some education.

          • Of course it will transition gradually into a republic. We will need a strong man initially. I got dips on that to.

            Did I mention my name is Franklin?

  4. This is a very sharp podcast. You take these thoughts to a conclusion, and what you get is an end to democracy. It’s obvious at present that voting is a cover for an oligarchy, a managerial elite that uses leftism as a wrecking bar. What comes next, if democracy ends? If we get a Caesar, will it be one of us? If we get a government of elites, does anyone think they will represent us faithfully? The present system, an aggressive globohomo empire, has to end, and realism has to supplant it. And if wishes were horses, political beggars would ride. I’m at a loss on this.

    • what comes next depends how competent it is. you won’t keep a continent sized nation in one piece if you can’t keep the lights on, and food in the stores. the current leadership can’t even keep a small sized city going. so they will be replaced across the country, as the latter disaggregates. seems like natural barriers like rivers and mountains will be the new boundaries of autonomous regions.

  5. My problem with anti-semites and anti-semitism is that it’s a losers ideology for losers to deny reality and responsibility.

    The best spin from the anti-semites perspective is that they tricked us into… which is just a backwards way of saying we’re stupid, losers, victims.

    Stop feeling sorry for yourself and go make something of your life.

    • Yes, a lot of people who bang on about the tribe are losers.

      But what about the truth? For example, they did trick us into much of this.

      Derb used to dismiss these questions by saying something like, “If 2% of the population can subdue the rest then the rest deserve it.”

      My reply, “Okay, sure. But what do we do now?”

      • My reply, “Okay, sure. But what do we do now?”

        Ignore them.
        Build your own success.
        Have a large family
        Remain loyal to your own tribe.
        Trick them.

        All of those will work.
        What does ‘t work is is banging on about them. And wallowing in self pity.

        I’ll take it a step further and say that A-S is a subset of a larger problem of victim mongering that’s wide spread and super destructive among white Americans. Just about everyone wants to be some kind of victim and act like a loser of something. Thats a path to social status in our sick, sick society.

        Rejecting it is the beginning of happiness, health and auccess.

        • “Bake the cake, bigot.”

          “Use the preferred pronouns or lose your job.”

          Complain about CRT or trannies in your kids’ school and be labelled a domestic terrorist by the Attorney General.

          Few people can “ignore” forces so much more powerful. Systematic problems require more than a little “can do” attitude from some plucky individualists.

          • Bake they cake:

            I’d love to but you see I’m booked solid for the next year so I can’t.

            Sure I’ll do it. My fee is $5,000 paid up front – non refundable. No hard feelings if that doesn’t work for you.

      • When you start looking for crypto-Jews seriously it’s more like 20% of the population and the majority of white urban dwellers. Demographic numbers for religions are notoriously faked.

        They only put forward the big nosed types as the open Jews when such a thing is necessary, though every race has people with big noses and they aren’t particularly common. Think about that.

    • I agree with the comments on this thread and the comment. The bottom line is that we were disadvantaged by a couple of things.

      We can whine and pout and blame, but it is what losers do. We need to look at what went wrong and isn’t working and fix it – at the individual and family level and then at a people level.

      That isn’t to say the tribe isn’t playing for its own advantage. We got caught off guard and were the only people who played along with the melting pot, colorblind society when every other ethnic group was not. Those days are over. We are a racial group.

      That said, I think Jessie Lee Peterson is right, white people are starting to sound like black people – blaming Jews for our problems. We need to crack down and mimic the Jewish, East and South Asian recipe for success in a world where cognitive thinking and skills are the key to success. We need to grow our spines

      There are to be sure some ethnically psychopathic Jews and blacks. There is no doubt about it. But, they have been around for a long time. This is where we need to usurp our elite who have betrayed us. The next elite for our people will be of our people. Watch what happens when we tribe up and adopt the ways of success that other groups have come in here and adopted but with our people’s unique charisma and genius. Every minute sitting around crying about what and how and to whom we’ve lost is a minute they are moving ahead and we are falling behind. What did the Spartans say, If you come home, come alive or on your shield?

      We need that kind of grit and fighting spirit. Let’s form our own ADL to reform all of our masculine civic organizations, and cultivate our people – even give them preference once we have our networks. That doesn’t mean we don’t need to call out the tribalism of the other tribes. The way to do is isn’t by whining about it, it is to just emulate it and then tell to go suck it because what is good for the goose is good for the gander. We’ll take flack, but it is better than losing and sitting around at a pity party.

  6. As other long-suffering members here will attest, I’m a fanboy of Nietzsche. Applied (somewhat) to today’s first topic: Words should be important, but they change meaning with time and even worse, mean often dramatically different things to different folk. Nietzsche looked with a skeptical eye upon the philosopher seeking The Truth. Is he not manipulated by subconscious instincts that seek him to uphold a certain world-view? For instance, rather than read Kant and try to understand his argument and decide whether it was correct or fallacious, instead Nietzsche would have us explore what instincts might motivate Kant to act a certain way, to reach one conclusion rather than than another. It only rarely that we can decisively rule something true or false. But we can go far if we can intuit WHY we (or he) have a need to believe that things are a certain way. It took me a while to wrap my head around his point of view, but I’ve done so, to a point at least. For example, he tells us that just because a belief is “false” doesn’t mean it might not be useful, or even essential. For instance, you might believe the chair you’re sitting in is solid. And for all practical purposes it is (= our working belief, a model of reality.) Yet physics informs us that the chair, and indeed all matter you consider “solid,” is actually mostly empty space, an empty void not unlike the vacuum between the stars.

    He advocates perspectivism, acknowledging that each person will have a different viewpoint. His reasoning can be applied to all fields of human thought, not solely philosophy. For example, dissident politics.
    Its possible to some degree, to psychoanalyze, so to speak, not just individuals living or historical, but also groups or, perhaps, entire cultures. Zman today mentions the chain of causality, as regards non-European people’s capacity to live by our vision of rights. Leave aside for a moment the idea of which the roots of these difference may be genetic. They very well might be. But we don’t need to know, IF we are interested in trying to find out what makes certain people tick. What’s a likely world-view of the Venezuelan who sneaks illegally into the US? What are the probable instincts he’ll operate by, once he’s here? One can do a similar thought experiment for the Somali admitted as a “refugee.” Or, for the matter, a third-generation Jewish-American trust fund baby who has never stepped outside the Imperial City bubble she grew up in? To a large degree this exercise will be speculation, but it still may provide profound insights.

    OK, let me wrap this up. Please note I’m making no claim as to who’s right, who’s wrong. What does “dissident right” mean? I honestly don’t know. But I can pretty safely say it will mean quite different things to different people.

    I dub myself a dissident of the dangerous “perhaps.”

      • A comment awaiting moderation that I just wrote on Sailer’s “Breed Does Exist” post:

        Breeds do exist, but posts like this are not the way to prove it.

        You cannot just say “Aha, their genes are different, therefore they are different!” as if genes were the mediators of ontological truth. This is an unmotivated conclusion.

        Nucleic acids are physical things. They are part of the body. They are just as physical as the bones and the hair and the shape of the snout, or any other trait you might qualify as a breed characteristic. And we already know that breeds differ, or we would not be talking about these things. When you point out that different breeds of dog have different gene sequences, you are not strengthening the claim that breeds exist. You are just repeating something that we already know.

        What evolutionists do not realize is that they are simply degraded and half blinded essentialists who are trying to put “genetics” in the place of “forms,” but this does not work, as forms are necessarily immaterial. Genes are simply one of the material properties by which bodies are differentiated, and they are not therefore “the form of the body.”

        As I have stated elsewhere, breeds are the result of plasticity within the form. When the organism is forced to survive under adverse circumstances it develops grotesqueries, exaggerations and deviations from its normal habitus; and artificial selection is a highly adverse circumstance. These are what we call “breed characteristics.” It is only necessary to say the words once and it becomes obvious that all domesticated plants and animals are grotesques, i.e. not perfections but perversions of nature.

        The breed, therefore, is not a positive quality. It is rather a privation, a sign that here nature has been frustrated in a certain way. This is an accidental not an essential characteristic.

        • Who cares? You’ve acknowledged that dog breeds exist, in part due to humans separating one group of dogs from all other dogs. When I say that, “evolution explains the differences between the races,” I am saying something similar to the dog breed example.

          Why do you feel motivated to proclaim on an HBD-adjacent blog that evolution isn’t a real thing? Get to the point, please.

        • “You cannot just say “Aha, their genes are different, therefore they are different!” as if genes were the mediators of ontological truth. This is an unmotivated conclusion.”

          Genes on the Y chromosome are different from those on the X, yes? That is why I am different from my sister, an ontological truth.

          • That you differ from your sister is true, but your differing genes are a consequence of that, not a cause of it.

        • So what?

          What’s your ultimate point. That humans have deviated from some idealized form?

          Whose ideal? And anyway so what?

          Reality is. However a condition was arrived at is largely irrelevant.

        • Get back to me when you have a herd of sheep that need herding. “grotesques”. Nature subverted? Humans are part of nature. The first man that put down a wolf for biting a child led to dogs. Who’s to say that’s not nature? Did give you an upvote for making me think.

    • Did he pull that one again? Biology is real, evolution is real? I gave up after 10 min.

      Evolution is impossible. Something can’t come from nothing.

  7. Mother Nature:

    “Work with me.
    If you fight me you will lose.
    Water will wet you & fire will burn you.
    HBD is as real as genes.
    Wishes are not horses and pigs have no wings.
    Nature to be commanded, must first be obeyed.”

  8. The frequent, uncritical usage of the immensely loaded anti-White / anti-Christian / dissent-silencing epithet “anti-$emite$” in this (and recent) podcast(s), is disappointing, if not indeed outright disquieting. The full rhetorical utility of this slur is repeatedly employed in this episode as well, lumping all opposition to world Giuisch hegemony (please excuse this and other algorithm-skirting spelling choices) into the discrediting basket of irrational cranks who “just don’t like Giuisch people very much.” Even the Jacobins and the Bolsheviks get a fairer and more nuanced reiteration of their supposed motives in this selfsame episode!

    That there would be disappointment in encountering such cavalier dismissal of the very real and very critical issue of the Jake Ewe (really THE defining issue of whatever can reasonably claim to be the “Dissident Right” in the Postwar West) being perpetrated by a commentator otherwise distinguished for his rather keen and nuanced understanding of many of the particular problems of the Current Year West is quite obvious. That it should also be disquieting is also obvious when one really considers the incongruity of the speaker’s abandonment of his usual reasoned and nuanced critical posture on this one vitally important issue in favor of uncharacteristic oversimplification and gross caricature, for indeed, that kind of intellectual mendacity usually bespeaks some personal investment in the matter.

    I certainly won’t presume to say that I “know” what particular form that personal investment takes in this case, but I will say that it reminds me of the kind of thing one hears from people who either are Giuisch themselves, or who are married into that group, or who are compensated for providing watchdog and gatekeeping services for them (see Jordan Peterson for one obvious example of the latter two categories). The fact that this lamentable indulgence in Dissident-silencing hackwork occurs in an episode whose subject is the definition and parameters of the modern Dissident Right is, for one thing, bitterly ironic, and for another, coming as it does in the midst of the Jake-Ewe-discrediting public theater of the Kanye West debacle (itself treated with uncritically reactionary opprobrium in this episode, despite the involvement of well-known compromised figures like Fuentes and Yiannopoulos, which should cause any reasonable person to question the entire operation on its face) only adds to the overall sense of disquiet one feels after listening to the program.

    For my part, I hope that the reason for this apparent rhetorical subterfuge is one of the first two listed above, for I can sympathize with intellectual mendacity engaged in for reasons of ethnic / spiritual / familial loyalty far more than that done for merely mercenary reasons. The speaker’s previous, public statements on this program admitting to a certain… antipathy for the Christmas season (rarely, if ever, found outside those with a deep-seated spiritual and cultural alienation from the Holiday) inclines me to believe that my hope is not unfounded.

    Merry Christmas, everyone.

    • This comment is a good example of why anti-Semites fall outside the dissident camp. His first sentence is a lie, but not a deliberate one. Like all anti-Semites, he only hears that which confirms his beliefs. He did not hear the long bits on the moral components of the term and how the leading anti-Semites insist on using the term to describe themselves. That was all just noise to him, like Charlie Brown’s teacher.

      Of course, like everyone else in that cult, he assumes that anyone with whom he disagrees or those who disagree with him are either “secret Jews” or in thrall to the Jews. This comment is why most people regard these people as kooks.

      • It’s weird that anti-semites see the term as an insult. You’d think they’d embrace it since it’s so central to their world view.

        Just more self loathing, or something.

      • Let me carve a middle path here. I 100% get your hesitation to go ‘all-in’ with the JQ being the answer to everything. Conversely, you simply cannot, if you are being intellectually honest ignore their outsized impact on several critical cogs of the machine that runs civilization.

        I see the problem in this way. The ‘Anti-Semites’ (and this is where Rod F., the OP, is correct VERY loaded term) are not unlike people interested in UFOs or Near Death Experiences.

        There are some legitimate questions based on a bit of strong evidence, and lots of anecdotal evidence that we should look into. Too many people have had UFO type encounters to completely hand wave it away, ditto for NDE type experiences (myself included on this one BTW, full disclosure).

        However, the topics are both incredible lightning rods that attract every manner of nutter, looney, conspiracy theorist, fraudster, and grifter. The JQ, is not unlike this hence my analogy.

        There are legitimate observations and the associated questions should be asked. But that solid frame quickly ends up as a poisoned well as you then get the rabid frothing loonies who, like moths to a flame, simply cannot be kept away. This is then played on by the other side to massive effect so as to discredit the entire thing and try to turn it illegitimate. The parallels are very obvious to anyone with a functional frontal lobe.

        Until we can somehow separate the chaff from the wheat it will be very difficult to broach the JQ broadly in the public consciousness. The Kanye and Nick Show™, while incredibly entertaining and full of the lulz is not really the horse to hitch your wagon to.

        I watched the entire A.Jones interview and Kanye is simply woefully ignorant of way too much history to be a leader of anything or an authority on anything. I get the impression that Nick is much more well read and answered in a much more considered tone. You need serious and educated people to have serious and educated discussions. Signal to noise ratio, basically must remain clean and very high.

        That is my hot take. BUT! All that being said, once again, you cannot just say ‘Anti-Semites’ and wave it all away as if there is no actual evidence or you are just as guilty as the loonies who to quote Jim Goad, “see J00s in their sandwiches”. (And yes, I know he stole that from someone else)

        As someone who is constantly aware of not stepping into the other side’s frame and has written copious volumes about Republicans playing their role on the stage or being Charlie Brown to their Lucy with the football you must surely be aware of this. Anti-semite is fast approaching ‘racist’ in being an utterly meaningless and hollow term. That, I believe, is what the Kanyes and Nicks of the world are hoping for. When everyone is an anti-semite, no one is an anti-semite much in the way that nearly any white person right of Mollie Tibbet’s father who literally sacrificed his daughter proudly at the altar of diversity is now a ‘racist’.

        My unsolicited .02,


      • If you are going to call people antisemites, then own the term racist. No normie out there would not identify you as such.

        The term Anti Semite is no different than the term racist, a term you flame is made up! It is really quite remarkable that you are clinging to this dumb term, antisemite, its really annoying.

        You are basically saying you can’t notice, at this point how are you different than Fox News, who noticed Muslims?

        • Are you drunk? On drugs? You are not making any sense here. The TRS/NJP people embrace both the concept of antisemitism and the word anti-Semite. Why are you offended by me using their preferred label?

      • The bigger problem of anti-semitism is that it maintains a worldview in which goblins are the central figures, they end up being the great movers of history since to the anti-semite every event is the consequence of some plot or scheme hatched deep within their warrens. Considering the most offensive aspect of Judaism is the degree to which it places them at the center of the universe, it’s silly to accede to that frame.

        • I suggest you do not really understand the implications of placing (((themselves)))at the center. What mischief cannot be done when this belief, mixed with horrific talmudic teachings, is practiced? And for the record, I don’t necessarily believe the global cabal that runs the world is purely Them.
          I really do not think most people know much about what J00s actually study and believe, and you have to dig a but to find true talmudic beliefs – their sacred texts. It is quite horrifying when you do. And it does derive from Chosen people status. How much is then implemented is a different story – but don’t mitigate the horrific aspect of this world view.

          • I never said that they don’t have nasty beliefs that come from their self-perception as the only real human beings in the world. My point was that gentiles shouldn’t let themselves get sucked into that mindset, whether it be pro or anti.

            The annoying part of Christianity is that we get stuck with the Old Testament hanging on like a dingleberry, which places the goblins at the center of the world.

  9. I like the “history of the movement/ how we got here” kind of podcasts, great one today. Do more of this. But I find it a bit unfulfilling when you don’t give a vision of what the future could look like. I know, I know..if you get the people right that all takes care of its self. But all I have is my dreams.

  10. The fat, content and demented Whites staring at a TV and believing it…piss me off more than the demonicjews.. If a fuckin genocide, right before your eyes, dose’nt wake you up…you probably deserve to die.

  11. “”That said, the many wackos who have been allowed to use the label white nationalist have made it easy for the bad guys to anathematize the term by soaking it with their vitriol.“”

    Allow??? As if anyone has any control over who uses the term.

    For the “dissident right”, the term will continue to be used by a wider circle until Ben Shapiro and Sean Hannity decide they need to start grifting off of it.

    Finally a shooter will use the the term “dissident” in his manisfesto and all the guilt-ridden, week-kneed “dissidents” will disavow the entire movement and go running for cover.

    Nobody can control who uses the term, the only thing you can control your own reaction to the left’s attempt to demonize your own movement by associating you with the wackos. This is where the right fails every time.

  12. Great podcast! Much needed: if we’re not all meaning the same thing when we use a particular word or phrase, misunderstanding is guaranteed.

    > And grounding dissident politics and the dissident worldview in biological reality seems like a failsafe strategy.

    People can argue endlessly about subjective questions of morality; but if we ground our arguments about human nature and human behavior in known scientific fact— in what science has revealed, and is continually revealing, regarding human biodiversity, the genetic foundation of all human traits, and the intimate reciprocal connection between genetics and culture— then our discussions will remain on the firm ground of verifiable— and refutable— fact.

    And the good news, of course, is that the facts are all on our side.

    That’s why the progressive egalitarian “anti-racists” are so determined to stifle any and all discussion around the actual science of genetics, racial differences, IQ, etc.

    • People don’t respond to facts. The small percentage who already do are all on this side anyway.

      How have all the facts about a myriad of crime, IQ, sex difference, basic biology issues even etc been used to reject a stupid law or push a positive policy.

      Not a single one.

      They are irrelevant to almost any societal level discussion as the golobohome shows every single day.

      The control of the megaphones and the ubiquity of repeated messages are what count.

      90% of people are NPCs and that is what must be used as a foundation of strategy, as they do with great effect.

      A fact based approach will leave you posting graphs on the toilet wall of “no one cares”.

        • trumpton: “The control of the megaphones and the ubiquity of repeated messages are what count. 90% of people are NPCs and that is what must be used as a foundation of strategy, as they do with great effect.”

          Social Proof >>>>>>>>>>> Any Possibly Imaginable Dialectic

          There was a sanhedrin of the Frankfurt School, I seem to recall either Irving Kristol, or Norman Podhoretz, back circa maybe 1955-ish, who was urging that such an approach be adopted by the AJC: The seeding & propagating & nurturing & growing of a prevailing social milieu in White Amurrikkkuh, within which it would become impossible for Whites to think [much less, God forfend, to utter] gauche thoughts [where “gauche” is not to be confused with “leftist”, but rather would be more akin to droite-ist troglodytery; cf Les Gilets Jaunes].

          Also, the question of the true percentage of NPCs in the White race is of fundamental importance here; surely it must correlate just about perfectly with the percentage of v@xxinated Whites, which might be anywhere from 66% to 80%.

          OTOH, if only about 50% of all kneegrowz submitted to the v@xxines, then that would be strong evidence in favor of either a superior ability to resist Social Proof on the part of the kneegr0w, or else the existence of a parallel Social Proof in the kneegr0w community, of which we lily Whites are largely unaware.

          [Or maybe it’s just evidence that the gumbint never required v@xxinations as a prerequisite for having one’s EBT card re-filled every month?]

          Arthur Fleck’s creed, “You Get What You Deserve,” was written by a pair of young Frankfurt School sanhedrin, named Todd Philip Bunzl & Scott Silver, and boy oh boy oh boy do they loathe & despise White people [and fantasize about seeing all of us murd3red].

          Surely the j00z have their own secret kabbalistic rabbinical molochist Social Proof, and if the kneegr0wz [of all people] can maintain a separate [but more than equal] Social Proof of their own, then Whites can do the same, can we not?

          Maybe a Neanderthal Troglodyte Dirt People Social Proof for the White Race?

          [I’m thinking of a strong Merle Travis & Gordon Lightfoot & Johnny Cash & Roger Miller & Jimmy Dean vibe here.]

          At least for that portion of the White race which actually desires to persist.

          Sh!tlibs are just about completely unsalvageable at this point.

          Certainly utterly insufferable.

    • As Z repeats often, however, moral arguments are more powerful than factual ones. It is nice, of course, that the truth is on our side. However, if we cannot couch the truth in vivid arguments that stir the imagination and the emotions, it won’t matter a dam’.

      • I would argue that hewing closely to the factual truth is a moral virtue. Conversely, propagating untruths is immoral. One might convince the NPCs that fire doesn’t burn. Whereupon they immolate themselves. Go read some of the regret stories regarding neo-vaginas. Horrific stuff. Can’t believe a physician would subject anyone to this mutilation (in clear violation of the Hippocratic oath, I will add).
        Regarding the anti-semitisms; I was skeptical of the Covid response. Labeling my core value as anti-vaxxer isn’t fair. I value the truth, however impolitic it may be. I guess I’m a dissident because I dissent from the prevailing orthodoxy, which is clearly built upon lies, and insane. I’m an anti-Semite because a tribe that isn’t mine, holds a vastly disproportionate amount of the capital, and everything that flows from that. Insult to injury, they subversively propagate the ideal that tribalism is immoral whilst behaving.. ahem.. . tribally.
        Z attacks the NJP and bemoans our lack of organization and mobilization. Isn’t that what they are attempting? They have released a coherent platform that appears, in sum to be white advocacy. Maybe Z should release a manifesto and lay it all out for midwits like me.

        • I did not attack the NJP. Please stop lying. I am losing my patience with these deliberate attempt to stir up drama where none exists.

          • For full disclosure, I’m not a NJP guy. I also abhor drama. But I’m down with spirited arguments. This is, after all a discussion about where this movement (or whatever it is) might go, not about who’s doing coke in the bathroom. I’ll concede that I may have read too much between the lines. However you do have a body of work to draw upon.
            on November 1, 2021 at 9:53 am said:
            Enoch is not a dissident. He is an anti-Semite, which can maybe be wedged into the Revanchist Right, but it is a stretch.“ I hope you believe that I sincerely ask who is the weirdos and anti-semites of whom you speak?

      • Yes, an excellent point; a variation is the saying [by ???] that “Perception is reality.” Of course the statement on its face is untrue, but it IS true that on the average, a person or a group will be guided by what they believe to be true.

        I should have included in today’s Nietzsche dissertation which appears elsewhere

  13. I don’t believe it is possible to keep any label we could use clean and unassociated with freaks and weirdos. Look at the LGBT movement. In the 80s and 90s all kinds of degenerates and freaks attached themselves to that label including NAMBLA. But their buddies in the press kept these people at bay and off the main stage. NAMBLA (National Man-Boy Love Association), the most well known example, would show up at pride parades with big banners announcing their perverted debauchery along with LGBT and rainbow flags. But not one picture of these NAMBLA signs at pride parades ever ended up in the paper or the evening news. Nobody even knew this more evil side of LGBT existed.

    We don’t have friends in the media. Most people in the media want us killed or at least sent to prison for a long time, while the rest are embarrassed and want us to go away. There are no shortages of weirdos and freaks who will put on a hat with “I’m a dissident” in big letters who will pose for a picture or do an interview saying ridiculous things for his 30 seconds of fame.

    We cannot control the message. We cannot have a popular public movement. Besides, even if we could, it’s against “who we are.” After all, we oppose democracy.

    • So many black pills this week. Evil seems to be claiming small victory after small victory. Griner is the best of us, American Girl Doll preaches the gospel of gender identity, and globohomo rolls on.

      People aren’t waking up, they aren’t getting fed up. I cannot understand.

      We will be a much smaller contingent before this is over, if it ever is.


      • Livestock never wake up.

        They are livestock their entire life.

        Cows don’t suddenly realize they can get in the tractor standing in the field and drive off.

        • Most dissidents, or white nationalists, or whatever we are calling ourselves, are ex normiecons who somehow got redpilled along the way. I think. Haven’t taken survey. People aren’t cattle, notwithstanding how much Mr. Schwab wants them to be. Not all of them anyway.

          There’s that meme somewhere of the guy who is smart enough to see through globohomo’s propaganda, and the guy who is dumb enough that the propaganda never affected him in the first place, and then the midwit, who falls for it every time.

        • This is the most important thing dissidents need to figure out. 90% of the population are witless cattle and trying to use them is pointless unless you control the media and can tell them that actually creating a new Pale of Settlement and relegating goblins to potato farming is Who We Are™.

      • That is not true. There is a white pill here. I have seen people in the Warrior community very upset about it. Shawn Ryan and others are very upset about this.

        I say, keep it up GAE. Keep exchanging arms dealers for nation hating black entertainers who support organizations of trained Marxists who rioted and looted and burned our cities and are rabidly anti-American and anti-white.

        Keep it up. A lot of warriors are waking up to see what and who they in fact fought for. Be very happy about this Mr. C.

        • Over in Britain, opposition to BLM or taking a knee is always explained by referring to them as Marxists – think your Paul Joseph Watson types. Arguing like this is no different than going down the NAXALT path; the implication being that the colored invasion of our lands is acceptable so long as it’s the “right ones”.

          No. Stop with that rhetorical sop to the left. Firstly, the left isn’t bothered by the Marxist label. Secondly, they have to go back.

      • Yeah. I always thought the pedo thing was a bridge too far and that the public would fight it. I thought if there was ONE thing that could get the 2nd amendment guys to utilize their rights, it would be their kids. Man, how wrong I was. Just imagine going back in time even a single generation and telling them all about the child perversions going on today and so many mothers backing it all. They would have had you committed as an insane person. We won’t even defend our children. Are we even worth preserving?

      • Mr C,

        Your post reminded me of a portion of Joe Brandon’s Brittney Griner press release yesterday. He said,

        Brittney “represents the best America – the best about America- just across the board, everything about her.”

        I don’t have a drink strong enough to wash that black pill down. I guess I’ll just go into my default Gen X mode; eat the pain, and go to bed early.

        Un-ironically, Merry Christmas, everyone.

        • And there’s still people who think he’s just a meat puppet for the wokerati rather than an active leader of it

      • I’m blackpilled about most things but this is wrong. The number of people who have been redpilled has exploded. It likely is around ten percent, and that may be ceiling, but it was infinitely smaller just six or seven years ago.

      • The Griner prison swap was a publicity stunt of course. The Inner Party can trumpet how much they uphold Woke values. Surely any compassionate human being, no doubt a Progressive, would know that in the scale of things, a tall Negress athlete who got busted for trying to smuggle recreational drugs is more “valuable” than a convicted arms dealer. People around the world with more traditional, conservative values might draw a different conclusion: that in the global game of Chess, the US’s player effectively just swapped a pawn for a black queen as it were. 🙂

  14. One thing we should be damn clear about:

    When it comes to “getting the people right,” White Liberals are not the right people. Ever. Period.

    Any “shared cultural heritage” we may have with them simply contains the seed of their unborn suicidal desire, a death they wish to drag us down with them into.

    • Return, you are correct that some whites must be excluded.

      However, I believe that many liberals are just brainwashed by the hegemony of the media’s narrative. They like to virtue signal, which is a consequence of our evolutionary inheritance of moral communities, but they can be just as easily brainwashed with our beliefs.

      Further, I believe that if we begin demanding freedom of association, the whites who cannot be reprogrammed will make themselves known and those are the irredeemable ones.

      • As Milgram’s experiment showed clearly, humans respond to perceived authority for instruction.

        Without something that looks like authority to normies, there is no way to override the messaging.

        Without taking over institutions, the most likely bet is creating an alternative media and distribution mechanism, as the screen is the most effective conditioning device and highest authority people have been tied to as an aggregate authority vector.

        Everything flows from that.

        • “Without taking over institutions, the most likely bet is creating an alternative media and distribution mechanism”

          Obviously you are not alone in this line of thinking. Every attempt to establish actual media and information dissemination is met with brute force. Rightly or wrongly, it is feared.

        • The lessons of modern psychology are pretty devastating to both traditional religion and woke egalitarianism. Probably the biggest psychological Red Pill for dissidents from a Civnat Conservative background (most of us) is that waiting for the American people (or any people) to “wake up” is like waiting for Jesus to return riding Santa’s sleigh pulled by 8 tiny Easter bunnies. The average person everywhere (and of EVERY race, including Whites) is practically a video game NPC. We think it used to be different because the NPCs used to be programmed with some of the stuff we’ve arrived at through reason and scholarship.

          Why did the programming change? A lot of it is simply that the evolutionary pressure on cultures has eased. Go back 500 years, or even as recently as the Cold War, and indoctrinating your masses with the stuff the establishment is currently pushing is a good way to find yourself starving or being poked in the ass with a bayonet wielded by a soldier of a foreign power taking advantage of your people’s weakness and love of comfort and pleasure. The perception of our elite after the fall of the USSR has been that we’re now free to tell the masses all sorts of absurd fairy tales.

          There are other things at play too like the perception that automation and the ability to rely on China for manufacturing means that most people’s jobs can consist of frivolous nonsense so disconnected from the real world that it doesn’t even matter if the workforce can tell boys and girls apart.

          So the people aren’t going to “wake up”. As the old saying goes though, when something is unsustainable – that means it won’t be sustained. My guess is that a lot of the changes we want (and many we don’t) will eventually come about because the masses aren’t going to have the stomach for violence and hardship in defense of the system anymore than they do in the name of rebellion against it. This means that just being in the right spot and having at least *some* notion of a plan will eventually translate into real power. In addition, those alternative media and especially alternative means of producing real world things will become ever more important.

          The thing to watch out for and for which some “prepper” activity is warranted are the Black Swans that may be flying in these turbulent skies. My guess as to the name of the largest swan would be China – as in a Chinese strike on some remote territory or some financial action that will blindside the masses and collapse the global economy. Russia may also see an opportunity that of course no one in the Western masses and most of its lumpen intelligentsia will anticipate right up to the hour it happens. And of course, coincidentally, those last two powers are allies.

          • GREAT comment, particularly here:

            “My guess is that a lot of the changes we want (and many we don’t) will eventually come about because the masses aren’t going to have the stomach for violence and hardship in defense of the system anymore than they do in the name of rebellion against it. This means that just being in the right spot and having at least *some* notion of a plan will eventually translate into real power. In addition, those alternative media and especially alternative means of producing real world things will become ever more important.”

            We may be at the earliest stages of this now.

            As for Black Swan events, I disagree that it is most likely to be an international event. The odds are the economy will crater next year. Some of it is orchestrated to satisfy some utopian madness (sprinkled liberally with greed), but much also is due to straight up incompetence. The soft lives we have are about to get a reality check. I don’t relish that, but it is coming. Whether it will qualify as a Black Swan event we will soon know.

  15. Ancient Wisdom

    In the same motif as the Michigan Governor Kidnapping Plot and the Jan 6th Insurrection, the German Federal Government recently marshaled 3,000 LEOs to nab two dozen “coup plotters.” The Stasi is everywhere and their ability manufacture, dupe, and entrap ordinary people into being portrayed as terrorists is picking up steam. This is their main mission now; to lure dissidents into groupings, exploit their anger at the Crazy, and then set them up of persecution.

    They do this for many reasons. One is that it sure beats real crime fighting, which involves actual work and potential danger. Two is that it sends the “right message” to the dirt people (via the MSM) that they have the power and are not inhibited by the law. Three is that these manufactured “security threats” will justify future Draconian measures such as mass arrests and detention camps (not to mention cracking skulls when so ordered, just ask Ashli Babbit how real this can be).

    So be careful out there, especially when interacting in groups with anyone you haven’t known for a very long time. And even that is no guarantee because flipping people is just a matter of applying enough pressure behind the scenes. Expect entrapment OPs to spread like a plague.

    • I don’t know what to make of the alleged American domestic attacks on substations, but those also reek of a psyop.

      • Yes, false flag OPs. Ditto for the “accidents” that have taken down various food processing related businesses. It’s all part of building the mass insurrection narrative up into a justification for going full totalitarian. And they are banking on this narrative being instrumental in keeping the LEOs on-side. The rabbit hole goes very deep indeed.

        • The Seattle Times published an article about the substation attacks. The author quoted a Daily Kos writer’s speculations about the culprits.

          “With utilities releasing few details on the Northwest attacks it is difficult to assess who is responsible and their motivation, said David Neiwert, a Washington state-based senior staff writer for the Daily Kos and author of ‘Alt-America: The Rise of the Radical Right in the Age of Trump.'”

          The Daily Kos. Jaysus wept.

      • Jack: I’ve read all sorts of out-there theories about who did what and why re substations. While I don’t ignore the likelihood of fedgov involvement for political purposes, it’s really not my main focus. First, I noticed this comment at one blog:

        “I work making the casings for the big transformers. The sidewalls are generally 10 mm steel plate. The radiators are usually only 1.2 mm thick. Shoot a radiator and the oil will run out just the same, causing overheating. Not suggesting you do so, of course.”

        Then I did some reading about power stations in general. Then I investigated this link:


        Ultimately, the takeaway, for me at least, is this (from yet a different blog):

        “As people into preparedness, use the Moore County incident as wake up call. It can, and it WILL happen again, with absolutely no notice. For our purposes it doesn’t matter who attacked the substations or why – what matters are the second and third order effects. Focus on that. Make sure that you are ready.

        In addition to all of the physical preparations, we need to talk about some mental preps that need to be made. For no apparent reason, the Sheriff immediately imposed a curfew from 9 PM to 5 AM. The looting the media claims is the reason turns out to be no more than a single professional shoplifter apprehended.”

        • Thanks for the additional information, 3g. The over-the-top reaction tends to bolster the idea that either a state actor outright did these things or is having it done, I think. As for mental preparation, absolutely. Even under the best case scenario we are about to enter a long period of deprivation. That requires a mental toughness most people have lost.

        • Its the same strategy as the apparent now forgotten blowing up pipelines, just on a smaller scale.

          Maybe people are not old enough to remember the gladio “strategy of tension” used across Europe in the 60s – 80s to bring in the foundations of the control state?

          • “now forgotten blowing up pipelines”

            The ability to memoryhole is as impressive as the ability to propagandize, or implant what you call “mind worms.” Major events and upheavals are swept from the memory now in a matter of weeks if not days.

    • Shows the focus does it not.

      3000 police for 25 people most of who are in their 60s and 1 gun.

      100 police per person!

      Drug gangs, people smugglers, mass rape, millions of illegal immigrants no one can do anything.

      25 pensioners grumbling about the govt and its operation desert fucking storm 2.0.

  16. Another important definition being overlooked:

    “Britney” Griner was held in a men’s prison in Russia.

  17. Re definitions, Sundance at Conservative Treehouse dropped the most important political revelation I’ve ever seen.

    It’s something everybody kind of knew, but nobody ever reaĺly looked twice.

    This: The official Parties, the actual Republican and Democrat National Committees, are corporations.

    ***Elected officials represent the interests of…the corporation.***

    Not the “will of the people.”

    They do what is best for the corporation, serving their market of donors.

    The entire campaign industry, media, voting, elections, etc., is a marketing campaign for their primary revenue streams-donors, government, and grift- and the board of director’s interests.

    Local possibilities, and those are a slim maybe.

  18. There are lot of “dissidents” in today’s West. These are called normal White men. The West as it is today offers nothing for them. They will never be hired to any job of any importance and small and independent businesses are being closed down in favor of big semi-monopolies. They will never, ever be leaders, as those positions are reserved for the “DEI or DIE!” people. Relationships with women are fraught and uncomfortable as White women are the natural and eternal enemy of ordinary White men. This is why you see White guy after White guy on Youtube complaining in a “safe space” about pop culture, which was their last refuge and is now totally diverse, strong, and empowered female. For “modern audiences” read not them.

    The marketplace keeps churning out strong, empowered diverse casts for “modern audiences” even though few go to see these things. Look at Disney. Reportedly they have a huge hole in their balance sheet due to speculating on FTX. Which is why Chapek was fired. Blackrock and other major institutional investors don’t care about returns and will continue to invest as those hedge funds get “free money” from the feds by being authorized dealers in Treasury securities and fed funds repo rates. There is no feedback loop in business any more than in politics.

    What is needed is a movement aimed specifically at the common enemy of the diverse: ordinary White men. It should be focused on patronage and support for this group first, politics second. We are sort of at the point where after a bloated, self-indulgent 1970s corporate rock (10 minute drum solos from Yes or ELO) punk sneered at that stuff but flamed out. Sid Vicious = Richard Spencer. We don’t need the Insane Klown Posse or Deadheads but we do need an encompassing movement that gives both succor and meaning to ordinary White men. As nothing else in society is filling that space and its an opportunity. As Napoleon said, he did not usurp the crown. He picked it out of the gutter … with the point of his sword.

    • There is much of value and truth in what you say. I like the forward thrust of a meaningful vision for meaningful action. I would caution against the blanket white women are all against us posture. That mentality will only make a man, of any race, unattractive to women.

      White men need to form and forge alliances. We also need to acknowledge the preferences to shun us. However, we do live in a world where technical prowess is essential. Our task is to be even better and even more technical and roles in deeply technical areas will be open to us. That has another benefit of putting our people in peer positions with the elite that matter – those who can do something meaningful and valuable. It is a de-facto class of infiltrators

      That will also make our men attractive to women. You will be an attractive man who is also highly competent – so competent he can’t be kept out. You will work in environments where there are many women desperate to meet a real man. They will smell you and throw themselves at you. The witches will smell you too, but funny enough, they will want you to. You will need to smell out the witches.

      If we want to be King we have to act like the King, we have to earn the right to be King. It is not some one-off battle in this world – not yet. It is a daily and strategic act of picking your own crown out of the gutter and the sword is the entirety of your being. Fortunately for you and for us, we are born with the Faustian soul in our blood. We must remember that, act like it, and live up to it.

      Merry Christmas and May the Gods Bless You Whiskey.

      • Hear, hear, gentlemen!

        Let our actions define us, our natural nobility. To be, is to be a dissident. The rest is bullsh*t.

    • Your beta male cuckiness is wafting through yet again Whiskey.

      I am not questioning that White women are the absolute worst right now but you paint them as our eternal enemies and that is patently false. Women, ALL women, are empty vessels by and large. Their anatomy looks the way it does for a reason it is quite reflective of their true spirit and nature. They are waiting to be filled. Secondary to that, they are herding animals because a million years of genetics decrees it as such. Their best chance for survival and passing their genes forward comes from utter conformity and staying in the center of the herd. When you are physically weak, mentally pulled towards the center of the bell curve, and have to become a walking balloon potentially for 9 months this makes total sense.

      Our real (((enemies))) figured this out and from the Suffrage movement on up through women’s lib now to tranny rights, deifying blacks, and all the other outrages have heavily capitalized on this Achilles’ Heel of your average wahmen. Decades of 24x7x365 relentless propaganda have achieved the desired effect and turned them against their own men.

      Women are not critical thinkers, I can count on both hands the number of women I’ve met in my life that are and go against the grain. Some of whom inhabit this board, God bless them for taking a stand because these same ones (3g4me, Melissa, RangeFrontFault, etc.) will also freely admit that their peers are just as describe them above.

      The trick here is to reestablish control of the narrative and zeitgeist not lean into the massive chasm between us placed there by our millennial enemies. You kvetching about it does approx. zero to help the situation.

    • Entrepreneurship is still very much a white male phenomena. Unfortunately once a white genius creates a business that becomes successful and goes public, they hire a board of advisors who complain about a lack of diversity. So they appoint Indians i.e. the brown asians who can somewhat follow a system and while still looking brown.

  19. Pingback: DYSPEPSIA GENERATION » Blog Archive » Dissident Thoughts

  20. Since I no longer comment at Unz and consider this a dissident right issue, I will vent my spleen here. All the ostensibly pro-White, pro-heritage-American groups are pushing a half Hindu as a White standard bearer and hero. Amren, Vdare, Counter Currents, etc. are all pushing Neil Kumar as some sort of authentic ‘son of the South’ who champions White people and history and culture.

    How this is any different from the conservatards who idolize Thomas Sowell or Clarence Thomas escapes me. All those magic black and magic brown political candidates celebrated by Gayway Pundit and friends . . . because they hold to the magic principles and ‘murrica is an idea.

    Zman just wrote an excellent and scathing post about Jevvs pushing the poison pill of civnattery for thee but not for me, and has written repeatedly about the futility of participating in and depending upon the extant political system, but all the supposedly dissident right sites still push voting and non-White political candidates to represent and champion purportedly White interests.

    A plague on them all.

    • “How this is any different from the conservatards who idolize Thomas Sowell or Clarence Thomas escapes me.”

      It is grotesque and if anything simultaneously more repellent and laughable than CivNattery.

  21. There can never be too many of us or we wouldn’t be dissidents. Organizing around that label is embracing failure. At least that was how pre clown world definitions used to work, in the Before Times.

    White nationalism means the power and water are on. This is the definition I use all the time, especially in conversation with baizuo/cloud persons.

    • I agree with your point on dissident being de facto failure. Some may cite Luther’s 95 theses as a dissent that led to revolution. However, this would be fallacious, for the 95 theses was popular because it appealed to many people already IN POWER. The Reformation, already brewing and popular in spots, appealed to regional powers as a tool to usurp a competitor. In this unilateral/ hegemonic world, the dissident will not find a patron, unlike Luther.

      • Right, why no patronage? It’s not like the potential base of power isn’t huge, and ambitious people like power. Tptb must police themselves hard. Obviously, given what they’ve done to Trump. Must be hellish in those circles. A lot worse than what us dirts experience.

        • I would suggest that they don’t police themselves so hard – they police their borders. In the same way, a gated community has probably more illegal activity than a Philadelphia crack alley (Paul P. and hammertime – probably a ton of drugs there). The point is the exclusion that allows them to operate freely. They keep the outsiders away and submissive.

          • A lot of it seems to be blackmail material for court intrigue. Or trauma to produce people capable of doing hard things.

            It could be a big party, certainly looks that way from the outside. I’m thinking along the lines of what power and responsibility do to a group over time, and I’d guess it drives them mad.

      • You touch on an interesting idea that periodically appears here. I’ll recount it, perhaps imperfectly: In most revolutions it’s not the peons who overthrow the old regime. It is a faction in the existing power structure. I suspect that in nearly any form of government, there are always two or more factions vying for power. Most of the time it’s an uneasy alliance But if things get too far to one extreme, power may be seized from an unexpected quarter.

        For all its value, I think Orwell’s depiction of the Inner Party as being monolithic is fantasy. Even a passing familiarity with the Soviets, upon which he modeled his dystopian vision, shows nothing of the sort. Or at best, there will be endless purges and disappearing of victims for no apparent reason.

        Of course, nothing says that the Proles will fare any better 🙁

    • There’s nothing wrong with the word dissident. At bare minimum, it capitalizes on the love for the plucky underdog, which has been part of America’s mental world for as long as anybody can remember. Hell, the Left, which won the culture war as surely as the Globetrotters defeated the Generals, always portrayed itself–with some degree of accuracy, early on–as a collection of beleaguered, antiestablishment dissenters. Such an appellation obviously did that movement no harm.

      • It’s more than incredible how the left’s antiestablishment resistance mindset persists even unto this day. I wouldn’t believe it if I didn’t witness it with my own eyes in individuals who believe we are living in a right wing dystopia. One of the rare times I am truly speechless.

  22. Today’s Power Hour has been overdue. I appreciate the detailed explanation of the term Dissident Right and agree that the premises of the West’s system are deeply flawed.

    Zman spent some time talking about the TRS guys who have formed the National Justice Party, pointing out that they’re anti-semites. He also said they have no clue what to do after the Semites are gone and that there’s no dissent from anything other than they don’t like Jewish people and that they’re not looking at the current system we have and saying these are fundamentally flawed, and that their starting point is hatred of Jews.

    It’s true, the guys at TRS, like Jazzhands, Warren Balogh, Mike Enoch et al constantly talk and critique Jewish power and influence and history, and is a foundational issue for them. But I think it’s unfair to say that they have no clue what to do after the Semites are gone. Here’s a link to the NJP’s party platform: https://nationaljusticeparty.com/platform/

    Clearly they do have a plan that’s not just a few tweeks here and there, although some things would stay in place, just expanded, such as the Civil Right Act including equal protections and privileges to Whites, as an example. Would their platform be a fundamental disagreement with our entire system or just changing certain policies? Whether dissident or not, there’s more to the NJP than simply critique of Jews.

    • I recently had a very bad mouse problem that I was obsessed with solving. Many people helpfully offered advice. Nobody ever asked me what my plan was for *after* the mice were gone.

    • Anyone still using such thought crime stopping language in an era when whites are being genocided and replaced in their own homelands by a coalition of aliens is either a shill, a gatekeeper or a gullible retard trapped in the maze of their media conditioning as the all the exists appear to be covered by bad words that their mind worms have placed there.

      Its no different than the NPCs calling others racist as they are eradicated and their history obliterated, or degenerates squawking homophobe as they sodomize your children.

  23. I will go out on a limb at say that for a vision let’s do something like Orban in Hungary. Make it attractive for women to have the option of staying home and make our platform centered around creating a world where one income can support a family again.
    By doing that we attract the right kind of people to our cause and we don’t get a negative label from the start tied to race or ethnicity issues.
    We can address those issues naturally bring those issues along as we grow but focus on something that people want.
    Independence and the means to have a family is a good issue to build around.
    Also this kind of message should attract the kind of women who can be apart of organizing a movement and we don’t just stay a bunch of geeky guys meeting at a conference.

    • Let me clarify one thing. I don’t believe women should take over leadership roles in politics.
      Men should lead, but we must have a movement where women get something out of it and see something they want.
      A healthy income for their husband and safety for their children are two powerful forces.
      And safety for children bring us into the race issue naturally without forcing it.

      • G, I’m with you although I have lost some faith that many women will respond to support for staying home and taking care of their kids.

        With regard to the relationship between men and women, I have been recently impressed by two observations: First, how much men over 30 long for a single good woman to support and protect. Second, how overjoyed women are to abandon their traditional role and the family. Oh, and they really love abortion. Most everything I was told about the nature of women is false.

        • The serpent knew who to work. What I don’t understand is why men, knowing this, still simp. I might understand it if family was still a given, but I’ll say it: sex isn’t THAT good. Not with someone who hates and torments you.

      • Twenty years ago, both sides would aggressively spelled out how their policies would help their families. Of course, they never did, as more and more parents need two incomes and schools become more in shambles with every new dollar spent on them.

        Now both sides rarely talk explicitly about families, and the shocking reality of our demographics shows why. Stable families are becoming more rare, with more and more foregoing marriage altogether, and fertility is cratering at a shocking speed.

        Intact families are now hopelessly outnumbered by barren women and unattached men. What this means for future political policy under the current condition are spiteful mutants explicitly voting to give powers to indoctrinate and take away children of the people who still reproduce.

        • And factor in the possibility that the Clot Shot has negatively impacted fertility, likely very deliberately, I may add. Evil incarnate.

    • In most of America a family can live about as well on one income today as they could in the 1950s. The catch is you have to have the same standard of living as a 1950s family.

      There are a handful of high cost metros where this probably isn’t possible

      • Not sure why all the down votes here. There is some truth in this observation. Those of us still around from the 50’s can attest to the lifestyle of the average Joe. It was way below what it is today. I now live in a house with wife that is at least 3x’s larger than the type I grew up in as a child. We had one car, no garage, no dinning room, one bathroom, etc. I now have three cars—all garaged, 3 bathrooms and more bedrooms than ever could be considered needed. Of course, all the maintenance and support costs triple as well.

        • If I itemized it I would prove my point. But I don’t care that much. Either way, it’s true.

        • I’m broadly speaking in the same bucket: single male living in a 4-BR home. Often overlooked is the “why” this might be. There are multiple factors of course. But one that is never discussed in polite company is that those smaller one-bath homes from 1950 still exist many places. But what has changed dramatically is the type of people that made those healthy communities. And a big part of that secret is that the communities had powers to keep out the undesirables, a power that has been largely lost decades ago. 🙁

      • Really? The median income in the US is $37.5K. The average is $58K. I know there are more/less expensive places to live, but most people still need to be able to commute to their jobs which is a limiting factor. If you’re already living paycheck-to-paycheck or on a fixed income in a time of rampant inflation it’s hard to save up to move elsewhere. Throw a few million “immigrants” into the mix each year and it becomes even harder.

    • This becomes rather an economic issue. Is it possible to create an economy within the globalized colossus where single-income families are viable? Perhaps so. However, for this to work I think the sort of people populating this economy would have to be innately far less materialistic than the vast majority of people who currently dwell in the West. Of course, self-selection might just produce that very outcome.

  24. I hope Jared releases the speech. Going to Amren is off the cards for most people.

    Alt-Right was poisoned from day one by being associated with a media clown like Richard Spencer. He loved nothing more than donning the devil costume and getting on TV and acting like an ass. A lot of stuff came out from Kessler, who was a naive’ goofball IMHO, about Spenser and his deliberately wiping his stink on everyone involved in the dumb “UTR rally” through subpoenas of their phones.

  25. One of the reasons I do not count myself a dissident – even though I largely agree with them, and can see their side when we disagree – is that we will never have ‘the right people’. Possibly 20% of the people out there will have the wherewithal to follow your logic that explains where you are and why. Any system you come up with will have to take that into account.

    There is nothing wrong with the system. It has built in checks and balances, it spells out crime and punishment. These guys are stealing elections and stabbing heritage Americans in the back in broad daylight – and none of those checks and balances apply. We just sit here and talk. “Don’t anybody fedpoast!!!!”

    I don’t think anything will change until the Boogaloonians start stretching necks, shooting criminals and their cronies in the face, and enforcing the laws that we have on the books to deal with this crap.

    But… whadda I know?

    • The current regime rests almost wholly on our material prosperity, once the lights start flickering they best, as Z says, start booking one way tickets out of the country.

    • Glen

      Your conclusion is spot on. I think the treatment of LEOs and their resulting attitude due to said treatment, will allow dirt folk to handle business themselves.
      Once criminal elements realize that the system will be indifferent, actions and attitudes will slowly change.

      I can’t remember where I saw it, but I recall a post that went something like this;

      1 Act alone
      2 Tell NO ONE, EVER
      3 You may feel guilty, but it will pass

      There was more, but I think what is there is enough.

      And as Robert Barnes has opined;

      Never in writing, always in cash.

      • The old organized crime saying went something like,
        “Never write something down when you can speak.”
        “Never speak when you can nod.”
        “Never nod when you can look.”

        Our elections / Covid tyranny /clown world runs on the precepts of the mafia.

        • It was corrupt 19th century Boston politician (but I repeat myself) Martin Lomasney: “Never write if you can speak; never speak if you can nod; never nod if you can wink.”

    • The problem is the whole system is corrupt. The law has been weaponized and the rot is deep. Different areas of rot reinforce the rot in other areas. The system is not going to reform itself. The levers of reform are corrupt. Furthermore, all of the inertia is in the direction of further corruption, not a course correction.

      Maybe there is hope if we can arrest and incarcerate the top 20% of the corrupt people, but frankly I don’t know if it would work even if we could pull it off.

  26. One aspect of this definition of “dissident”/”dissident right” that confuses me is whether it requires activism or whether sole focus on preparation for what comes afterwards would fall under the ambit of the term. I realize the two are not totally mutually exclusive but there seems to be a bright distinction in the sense of facilitating change vs. preparing for it. I believe two things: (a) the system does not work, the system cannot be made to work, and the system is dying naturally (a lot of the recent oppression is a failed attempt to stop this); and (b) nothing can be done to change that trajectory one way or another. Preparing for what comes next seems as much an individual endeavor as a collective one.
    So the question is whether belief alone would suffice. I don’t care how my individual situation is defined, mind you, but as you note definitions do matter. “Prepper” falls far short and is inaccurate, incidentally. As far as the “right” part, furthermore, it seems no longer to matter. Certainly thoughts on economics in that regard have shifted radically.

    • IMO, if you keep to Dissident Right beliefs you are a DR, just as if you subscribe to Marxism you’re a commie, and if you hate the white race you’re a Leftist. What you actually do or don’t do with your beliefs is largely irrelevant.

      • I kind of agree. Belief is the foundation and probably all that matters. The word “dissident” conjures the Soviet versions, who had gravitas and were proactive, hence the reason we know of them. Historical analogies almost always fall short.

        Outside of taking care of ourselves and ours, it seems there are no organizational/political solutions except locally because the State now is even more totalitarian than was the case in the USSR. It is comprehensive enough not to have to resort to violence routinely on a large scale–that could change in a heartbeat, to be clear–but is all-encompassing. Glasnost would be impossible in this era, for example, as Musk is about to find this out.

        Regardless, mentally exiting the system is the step that matters, whether it is the first or a series of many. Thanks for the response.

        • For every Andrei Sakharov there were 5 million nameless Soviet subjects who supported him in spirit. Those anonymous individuals were not as important as Sakharov, but they were dissidents all the same. We can only hope that for every Jared Taylor there are 5 million silent “Americans” who wish him Godspeed.

    • A large part of it is that Zman has a tendency of goring sacred cows that a large part of the Alt-Right believes in. Thing is, if the Dissident Right is ever to be a political movement, listening to Zman’s critiques are absolutely necessary.

  27. Speaking of dissidents, Z’s crush Kyrsten Sinema just announced she’s leaving the Democrats and becoming an Independent. This is pretty big. The last person to do this was Joe Lieberman I think. Let’s hope she’s not like Joe Lieberman.

    • She was pushing for amnesty during the last week. I confess that I had some interest and hope for her, but co-sponsoring an amnesty bill makes her anathema.

    • She wants attention…

      …and money…

      …lots of money.

      You have to admit, the gal knows how to turn a trick.

      • Some big political website did an interview recently with her where the subject was her describing how she uses her cleavage to get her way with the male Senators. The message of the article was, of course, “You go girl!”

        I want patriarchy, modesty, and curtailment of women’s ability to openly flaunt their looks to get resources. (I understand that this behavior is human nature and is not going away but our forefathers were able to limit its encouragement.)

        • I have to wonder if she is exaggerating on that one. These men have access to a lot of social climbing good looking young women in their 20s. I am guessing it is 90% in her head.

          • ‘90% in her head’ is called “reality” for the modern womyn. That she has the moral righteous position to force that reality on the rest of us is called equality. That equality is a moral pursuit beyond question is called Progress. That Progress is the highest law of the land is called Our Democracy. That the greatest threat to Our Democracy is a White Man who submits only to God’s Truth is called Year Zero of the Permanent Revolution, aka the Current Year. That normie dissident-lite thinks he can unwind the Current Year without giving that ‘reality’ the pimp hand is how we have been in the Current Year for 40 years.

        • Because nature has given women tremendous power, the law, rightfully, grants them very little.

          (I believe it was Samuel Johnson who said that.)

    • This move is the equivalent of a woman going from one workout trend to the next – I’m ahhlll like, so intah Yogah. Namasta-ay!

      I think this is Tulsi Gabbard mimicry as in Arizona she realizes she is going to need some separation. She can probably command top dollar going from tv show to tv show speaking as an independent. Speaking of labels, that will give her the semblance

      And for the real reason, her new co-sponsored bill to amnesty millions of illegals and formalize the setup and skid greasing of, “migrant processing centers.” She is here to institutionalize The Great Replacement in a formal and legal manner.

      As an Independent she is now the arbiter of, “compromise.” The only compromise that involves is the further compromise of our people and our position in terms of demographics. She is also a counter to Gabbard who is, it seems closer to our positions. She muddies the waters of what it means to be Independent. She is probably also jockeying for a presidential run. We may see the first ever presidential debate with a candidate in a push up bra, garters and fishnets.

      I am looking forward to the show where discussion of our own candidates, labels and tactical and strategic moves are touched on. We’ve been reactive long enough.

    • Scrolling Twitter during my morning dump, it appears that she will continue to caucus with the Dems, but this will underscore her firm stance on not ending the filibuster. The argument there was that she was basically harassed out of the party by Squad & Co.

      Also, that this sets her up for an AZ gov run in ’26.

    • Kirsten is a smart lady. She is ambitious and has a long political history in AZ. Folks did not hear from her nationally until she became Senator, but activists here promoting gun rights knew her well. They’d follow her to the grave I suspect. She was the go to person to introduce gun rights legislation at the State level. Under her, we went from no concealed carry to Constitutional carry. AZ now has perhaps the least onerous gun laws in the nation and she was a big part of this—all while running as a Dem.

      My bet is that she sees a national run for President in the future and senses the current “Party system” weakness. She may be like Joe Lieberman in that she has turned IND, but she is no Joe Lieberman in that Lieberman had little ambition further than the Senate at the time of switch, which was in answer to his party’s rejection of him in the primaries.

      Of course, Sinema is aware of her party’s ire wrt her recent voting record, but that’s not shared at the AZ level and a switch to IND tends to had off Dem party pressure on her. She will most likely do like Joe Lieberman and caucus with the Dems. In the current “part run”, polarized political system we’ve experienced for decades now, her move seems strange/suspicious. But when I was young, there were any number of pol’s like her—except they were not forced out of their party for their differences.

  28. Ending “Whiteness” (aka – stop noticing) is giving into morons complaining that it’s easier to walk through a field of rakes without injury without the blindfold, they insist the blindfold has nothing to do with their failure. They are too stupid to notice how stupid they are. WEF concepts for 80IQ sound great to non-thinkers, I’m starting to believe that they’re also too stupid to notice that when conditions are infinitely worse, that they won’t notice and indeed will say things are better, ala 1984. Klaus knows his audience and his collection of midwits have enough charisma to fool enough true believers to drive the masses.
    The twitter revelation that there was a fbi stooge vetting what was released on the platform is a decent example of how they do it.

  29. as usual, this got me thinking. I could wait until I’ve heard the entire post but it occurs to me that defining the group is part of the game. Prager and seth rogan have very recently posted some stunning statements. How is it that they get to “pin the tail on the bigot” but if anyone does it back, well, that’s anti-semetic…like the magic spell only works in one direction. Once the spell is broken (like Kanye seems to have started some kind of trend), it really is remarkable how often the spell is uttered in its various forms. I have to admire just how effective it was…and continues to be.

  30. “Hitler was white and a nationalist, but no educated person would call Hitler a white nationalist.”

    Really? It seems like he’s the pure strain archetype WN example for the for the liberally edumacated.

    • I dunno, if Mr. Hitler were alive in Argentina and he ran for office now, I can only assume that WNs would hitch their wagon to him toot-sweet.

      Besides, A.H. was an Aryan identitarian and a nationalist. How could he not be a WN?

      • White nationalists have no interest in conquest and empire. On the contrary, we are isolationists to the bone. Hitler was a Germanic imperialist who hated non-Germanic whites, particularly Slavs.

        • Isolationism is geography dependent. If your nation has all the resources it needs and has no threats anywhere near its border, like the USA, then isolationism is obviously the best policy.

          It’s different for Germany. Threats all around, accessible and close. Or at least used to be that way, in the pre EU times, and will one day be that way again, after the EU, if Germany still exists at that point.

          • When I speak of isolation, I don’t mean absolute autarky unless that is possible, which in the vast majority of cases, it won’t be. In other words, I’m not mortally opposed to commerce with other nations. But that’s pretty much where the interchange ends.

    • Hitler was a German nationalist. He didn’t have a high opinion of the Slavs and wasn’t particularly concerned with their well-being.

      • Yes, he was a German nationalist. You can even push it a bit further and say he was a Nordic nationalist (Germans, Austrians, Scandinavians). White Nationalism is a US thing. Doesn’t have any meaning in Europe.

    • Yeah, I’m thinking the same…however, Whites in Hitler’s thinking were limited to the concept of “Aryans”. In those times, Aryans = Whites. Indeed, Hitler’s race “scholars” were busy tracing Aryans all the way down to India with the NAZI blessings. So from that view, Hitler might not be a WN as we discuss here.

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