Custodial Musings

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Wawa is a local convenience store chain in the Mid-Atlantic. The typical store is a big gas station near a major road, along with a store selling the sorts of things working people would pickup during the day. Their big draw is a sandwich shop that makes a decent cold cut at a very good price. It is not gourmet eating, but it is far above what you would get from a fast food joint. Of course, being a convenience store, they have the quick items you would expect.

Another take on this is a chain calling itself Royal Farms. They have copied the model used by Wawa and many other chains. They used to be strictly a convenience store chain, but they have been building big gas stations. Many are something like a small truck stop, providing services to the big scary truck people. Like Wawa, they have a sandwich shop, but their hook is fried chicken. They claim to have the best take away fried chicken on the planet.

One interesting difference between the two chains in the Greater Lagos area is that Wawa hires mostly white people, while Royal Farms hires black people. Wawa will hire the occasional nonwhite, but the stores are 90% white. Royal Farm is 100% black at their stores. This turns up in the customer base too. Go into a Wawa at lunch time and it is all white working people. Go to Royal Farm and it is lots of black people, along with some Hispanics and white working-class people.

The one thing both chains have in common is a labor problem. Royal Farm is the most amusing in this regard. It is entirely possible to order a turkey sub and be handed a roll with just the condiments and then be told they are out of turkey. Alternatively, it is possible to order something but you get nothing or someone got tired of waiting and simply took your food when you were not looking. Of course, this all assumes the ordering kiosk is working, which is not always the case.

Like many take out chains, Royal Farms was an early adopter of the self-service kiosk in order to solve the quality control problem. Quality control in this case means the staff, who struggle to do the basics. Mother Nature does not always get it right and the defects end up working at Royal Farms. This problem has turned up all over the retail space, but Royal Farms seems to get the worst of the worst. There is a World Star Hip-Hip vibe to their hiring decisions.

No one is immune to the retail staffing problems and as a result these two competing chains have been in a technology war. The self-service kiosk for ordering was the first logical step to reduce errors in food orders. Both aggressively push their app and the use of delivery services. Both now have self-checkout kiosks that blow away the ones you see at the big retail chains like Home Depot. The goal, of course, is to reduce the staffing to the barest minimum.

What this points to is something that people have been warning about for decades and that is the great robot take over of the workplace. Go into one of these chains and you can easily imagine a time when you order your sandwich from the screen and a robot assembles it, wraps it up and delivers it to a pickup area. You pay for your items at a self-checkout kiosk using your bank app. The only interaction with a human is the guards who make sure you paid your bill.

This is not limited to retail. The mass layoffs at Twitter confirm what many people have suspected for a long time. There are lots of people sitting in office cubicles who have no real purpose. Maybe they are there to tick boxes. Maybe they perform some function mandated by the government, which could be automated. Maybe the marketplace has stopped functioning, allowing for massive overstaffing. That clearly has been the case at the giant tech firms like Twitter.

The people who have been warning about the automation revolution have always asked the question, what happens to the displaced workers? The teddy bear conservatives cling to is the great invisible hand of the marketplace. Sure, the robots will replace the people, but the magic of creative destruction will save the day. Look around the retail space and that is clearly not happening. It will certainly not be the case for the tens of thousands of people fired from Big Tech.

Even if the magic beans of capitalism are not the answer, it does not follow that there will be a neo-Luddite revolt against the machines. Again, you get a glimpse of the future in these retail chains. Go into a Wawa and people are happy to interact with a robot to get their food and checkout. Everything about that experience, in fact, everything about their lives has been reduced to a transaction. As long as people can get their extra large drink and snacks, they will not complain.

That is the lesson of Covid. Those fired Twitter people were in make work jobs and they knew they we in make work jobs. Here are some examples from conservative media that have been making the rounds. The reason these people liked working at home so much is they were not doing anything at work. Covid allowed them to pretend that goofing off at home was real work. The reason firms are struggling to get people back to work is many of their workers have no real purpose.

How big of a leap is it to slash the pointless people from the workforce and then give them busy work at home? Some parts of the country spent close to two years experimenting with this idea. It was like the old gag around Washington whenever there was a big snowstorm. Nonessential workers were told to stay home, which meant everyone working for the government. Something similar happened during Covid and we learned that most people were not essential.

Of course, Covid came with rules to make sure the suddenly idle were not going outside and getting into trouble. Short of a revolution, we will never know why the rulers all got on the lock down bandwagon, but one likely answer is they feared millions of idle people milling around looking for something to do. Making sure they stayed in their huts, plugged into the internet was a primary goal. The robot revolution will no doubt come with something similar to pacify the masses.

Stand around in a place like Wawa and it is not hard to see where this is all heading and then wonder if it can work. We are about to tip into a world with lots of useless people, kept busy by a custodial state. They will be given credits to buy the things they want and kept busy through various means. Some will be assigned busy work, while others will simply be amused into a catatonic state. Still others will be used to police their fellow inmates in the custodial state.

From the perspective of the managerial class, this seems like a great challenge that will give purpose to their lives, even though many will be assigned to busy work. Can a people live like this is another question. Note that during Covid there was not the predicted baby boom. It turns out that lots of idle people at home did not let nature take its course after all. Maybe such an unnatural way of living does not put one in the mood to bring new life into such a world.

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258 thoughts on “Custodial Musings

  1. I think that we will discover that AI will turnout to be another thing to be frightened off that never became as all encompassing as people believed it would.
    Remember when people were convinced that Japan was going to own the world? The Japanese were going to own every business there was. All this was inevitable said the business gurus and economics PhDs, and anyone who questioned this was a complete fool with their head in the sand and that the smart move was to start learning Japanese. Then at the time of NAFTA Latin America was going to become a powerhouse and we’d all better start learning Spanish. Then more recently we were informed that the Chinese sleeping giant had awoken and China was going to take over the world and we’d better start learning Mandarin.
    All this ‘the robots will take over everything’ talk reminds me of the above and the ridiculous predictions of the wacky futurists Alvin Toffler and Jacque Fresco.

    • Oh and what happened to all those self-driving cars and lorries(trucks) that were just around the corner? We’ve been waiting for domestic robots since the ’30s and for jetpacks to become an everyday sight since the ’70s.

  2. The hebrew wants you dead, thats why all your factories are now in China. Thats why your kids are on drugs or wondering what sex they are. This is why your politicians are all rich while you get sick and die from mandates and coercion.. They want useless eaters dead. We’re cattle in their book. They can rape and kill your kid, don’t mean shit to them. Wake up Whitey, death’s on the doorstep. Your ancestors had balls now you’re just a retard with a tv and a phone.

    • Yea, those goddamed Hebrews. They took over Southern Baptist Conference, Catolic church, Luteran synod and every Episcopal church. And when it comes to the {{ Pope ]]

      • Ah were all bunch of assholes suckin slewwater..
        Pathetic we are
        I can’t believe this shit, but then I can
        I’ve fkn had it
        No one are or ever will storm the gates
        I can’t get anyone to understand what their up against in my little blue collar town

      • Hello Dinodoxy. Help me out here. Can you give me your best example of what you’re referring to?

      • Problem with this blog is its totally secular. The JQ is a religious issue. If you see the world purely from a natural stand point, you can’t understand the JQ in its totality.

        Their god is the devil. If you worship the devil, bad things happen to you too! So its not as it they are doing well, they are not. Lucifer wants company. THEY are his human agents and want company too, so they bring everyone down to their level, their own kind included.

  3. Too many useless people will usher in universal basic income. It would be too risky for the elite to have the masses starving. They want the system to continue. That’s a reason food stamps have become such a big thing. Speaking of which I actually find UBI less offense than food stamps and other welfare programs because everyone is eligible, not just select groups such as mothers of illegitimate children.

    • don’t be silly. they are destroying the food production system now . they will blame putin and many will starve. order will break down or a while . then they will come in hard on those out in the street. Walla ! lots of those excess people are gone, and the rest are on their knees . all part of the WEF plan.

    • Z: “Maybe the marketplace has stopped functioning, allowing for massive overstaffing. That clearly has been the case at the giant tech firms like Twitter.”

      Jay Fink: “Too many useless people will usher in universal basic income.”

      From an historical point of view, I think I might start by flipping around Jay Fink’s point of view, and instead of too many useless people, concentrate instead on too much useless money.

      The more I think about it, the more the quarter century from roughly 1995 through 2020 consisted of nothing but Greenspan/Bernanke/Yellen inventing near infinite money out of thin air, and then simply handing all that fake money to their co-tribalists at Amazon/Google/Twitter/Facebook/Goldman-Sachs/Blackrock/etc.

      For instance, Amazon is known to have operated at a loss for every fiscal year from approximately 1995 to 2015, which is a flagrant violation of state & federal antitrust laws [selling products at a loss in order to drive one’s competition out of business].

      And Timothy Geithner, under the cover of darkness, had to secretly wire a cool billion dollars to Goldman Sachs, in December of 2008, to keep the crown jewel of the shekel mongers from going tits up.

      But now we’ve finally got a goy at the Fed, in Jerome Powell, and the Gravy Train is broken, and all the tech firms are collapsing as a result.

      That quarter century, from roughly 1995 to 2020, represents easily the greatest coordinated heist of money from a sovereign nation in the recorded annals of human history [greater even than what the Jacobins achieved in the 1790s, or what the Bolsheviks very briefly achieved, about 130 years later].

      Unless maybe you were to try to contrast it with murdering all the first-born sons of Egypt on the way to the promised land.

      PS: Getting back to Jay Fink’s “too many useless people”, we don’t yet know what happens when “too many useless people” interact with “not enough fake money”.

      But B!tch McConnell consistently voting for all of Tater Joe’s new spending bills is strong evidence in favor of the Elites & the Oligarchs being terrified of the combination which is “too many useless people” and “not enough fake money”.

      If Kevin McCarthy simply had the gonads to stick to a “No New Spending” agenda, then we could get a hot civil w@r before the 2024 elections.

      But of course Kevin McCarthy has no gonads whatsoever; he’s a gelding [which was a necessary prerequisite for being selected to play the role that he was selected to play in this tragi-comedy].

      • The rot started long before 1995. American rid itself of its greatest strategic asset, its manufacturing base, starting in the 70s. Blue collar workers lost jobs to Asia and the hoards coming across the borders. Yes, the trend accelerated between 1995-2020 but the decline had started much earlier.

        There were 2.3M hispanics in the US in 1950. There were 62.5M in 2020, when Biden opened the border.

    • I completely agree. I believe, however, that it will be tied to getting your daily vaxx and equity training. Plus, no cars – that would offend the Climate. The beauty of this system is that it won’t “force” you too comply; if you don’t agree, you will just starve. The Covid “you deserve to die if you didn’t get vaccinated” narrative is a dry run.

    • It would be tied to the implementation of fully-surveilled Central Bank Digital Currency. For once, the government would be interested in accountability…your accountability for how the “money” would be spent, along with everything about your thoughts, words, and behaviors. Safety First, Kamerade!

  4. “Note that during Covid there was not the predicted baby boom. It turns out that lots of idle people at home did not let nature take its course after all. Maybe such an unnatural way of living does not put one in the mood to bring new life into such a world.”

    Or perhaps they were sterilized by the you-know-whats

  5. When the self-checkout revolution first occurred, I rebelled against it. I didn’t want to do the corporation’s work for it, dammit. It was their job to have somebody charge and sack my goods and I wasn’t going to contribute to their fobbing this duty off to some soulless machine. What’s more, I figured self-checkout would cause lots of poor slobs to lose their jobs, and I wanted to do my small part to ensure that they stayed employed.

    But a funny thing happened on the way to the grocery store. Not long after the advent of self-checkout, there came the scourge of service workers–the vast majority of them female–disfiguring themselves with hideous facial piercings, and to a lesser extent, tattoos and bizarre hairdos and colors. With this ghastly trend, simply looking a checkout girl in the face became a painful experience.

    That aesthetic blight has pushed me toward self-checkout. I still don’t like it, but I’d rather fumble around with a barcode reader than have my mind wracked by girls who look like something out of nightmare land.

    • I also refused to use the self checkout at first in order to save jobs. However, I started to notice the sluggish, apathetic performance of the cashiers and how much longer it took to just checkout my handful of items. I *rarely* shop at Walmart but, having looked everywhere for a small shelf and coming up empty, I relented and bought it there. I had to wait while the cashier watched the lady in front of me bag a huge amount of groceries. I aksed him to scan my item but he said – in broken English of course – that he couldn’t unitl the lady was done. I’m done.

      • I remember when I was a kid working at Home Depot and the first self-checkout systems came out. The biggest problem with them was the crooks very quickly found out they could sneak items out without paying for them. Or switch the tags of similar items and pay a fraction of what the item should have cost. Then there was the problem of oversized items that really should have been checked out through a regular register. We would get the most awful traffic jams of people pulling large piles of lumber through self checkout. In the end we had to usually take over and start scanning barcodes anyways.

        I find myself these days using self checkout in Wawa because the stores are so poorly staffed when I’m stopping by that the lines are across the entire building. A lot of people just stare at the empty self-checkout registers but don’t use them. I don’t know why given the fact that we’re all working and have places to be.

        It would be very easy to scam a Wawa or a Racetrac out of a coffee or food item because the cashiers are so busy with the line of customers that they can’t keep their eyes on me at self-checkout. I wonder if the bean counters took into account the greater potential for theft when telling their bosses how good it would be to start doing self-checkout.

      • there was also the teenagers working in the stores absolutely screeching at me ” get on your mask or get out of here!. we won’t serve you” . and occasionally other customers clapping for them . even if I wore it, they would screech about pulling it up over my nose walked out of a lot of stores.

  6. If everyone owned a small farm or small business, there would be no end of uses for actual human beings. The reason why there are so many “useless people” is that the few billionaires that own everything only have a use for some small fraction of toadies. The rest are surplus to their requirements. Soros only needs so many gardeners.

    People who own things have a basis to demand things in an economy. If no one owns anything, no one can demand anything, other than the scraps that they are given. So “useless” means “useless to the land/property-holders.”

    The communists recognize this problem. Their solution to it is to double down on it. So don’t go looking for help from that corner: In a socialist society, workers don’t even own themselves.

    • What we have is *not* an automation problem. The robots are pretty much helpless without people to set them up and program them anyway. Actual artificial sapience is still science fiction.

      What we have is a concentration of wealth problem. If the government were to suddenly stop their strangulation on the Western states use of their land and resources, for example, we could yet have a golden age. If they stopped the ban which reduced the steel mills to rusting hulks along the great lakes, if they stopped the ban which rendered a generation of nuclear engineers “surplus”, etc etc. But that risks making the wrong sort of people rich, and the current rich already have everything they need.

      • Makes sense, you see similar periods of stagnation in history when the elites felt like they had everything locked down. Roman Patricians never saw the point of those toy steam engines since they had slaves.

  7. I do think the Planners are scheming to ride out the white world’s Boomer retirement wave; the bestials will be easy enough to manage or starve once we’re a broken, cowed, and desperate minority.

    From their point of view, the plans laid out by their parents makes sense. As to the much more manageable problem of under-growth, that’s simply a paper problem, not a material one.

    Time to dig up those old Mack Reynolds books! He was writing science fiction in the 60s about the masses on the dole watching live gladiator games on the telly. Hey, Rollerball’s on!

    • I remember a couple of his — “Looking Backward From the Year 2000” (completely unrealistic utopia) and another whose title I can’t remember about a society segregated into three broad classes — lowers, middles, and uppers.

      • Blade Runner promised us flying cars, replicants (artificial people), and cities full of Asian people as an underclass.

        What we got are crappy electric cars, trannies (artificial women), and cities full of feral n-ggers. I want my 1980s ‘grim future’ back please.

        • IRL Sean Young mudsharked herself with an armadillo, and had a couple of mulatto kids with it, then went full schizo and became a bank robber or something.

          But for a few short years there [Bladerunner 1982, Dune 1984, No Way Out 1987], she was a smokeshow.

          PS: The Spoiler Alert of “No Way Out” was eerily prescient, in warning us of the existence of the Sodomite/Tranny Industrial Complex which rules GOP Amurrikkkuh.

          I don’t know how ex-USMC Gene Hackman agreed to make that movie, but, in retrospect, it was definitely cutting edge – way way ahead of its time.

    • one thing is for sure. having seen what, the smug smirking media can get people to do to each other over masks and vax’s , our overlords certainly can have NO fear of any kind of pushback. at all.

  8. I don’t think the question is whether or not a people can live this way. The question is how long before dirty men who do bad things show up to take all our nice things.

  9. Mass immigration causes a labour shortage. Every new immigrant means more Royal Farms… more Amazon, more gas stations, more McDonalds. More HVAC. On the other end, it means more doctors, more nurses, more lawyers.

    Because of this labour shortage, not even unskilled, new immigrants need to work at minimum wage scanning bags at Wal-Mart. No speak English isn’t much of an impediment when CDL truckers are making 60k at bare minimum and hiring anybody with a pulse.

    This leaves really the lowest depths of society working at these kind of jobs, for pay that doesn’t even cover rent.

    It turns out the Gulf figured out immigrant labour better than the West did. No citizenship, no freedom. You just come and work in this area that we need labour in and then go home. Somehow the West has chosen the worst of all worlds. Immigrant labourers in Qatar obviously never become citizens, cannot vote, cannot get welfare, and it’ understood that they’re in the country on a temporary and mutually beneficial basis.

    • ironically, Qatar *had* to pay those workers enough so they *could* live there, albeit in not-nice conditions.

      • When I was in UAE there were all living together in dorms and shuttled back and forth to work on old buses. I didn’t get the sense cost of living was a big issue.

        • and most likely deported without any money at the end of the job if they survived that long. Since those people sit on mountains of cash, they could have paid those people well , and treated them fairly. They didn’t because they looked down on them. It wasn’t even really about the money.

        • [2nd hand, including from Americans that worked in such conditions.] Conservative Arabic nations (e.g.Saudi) traditionally house foreign nationals in compounds. This rationally because they want to minimize foreign corruption of their domestic society. But also because it reduced chances that foreign nationals run afoul of very different social and religious norms and potentially draconian penalties. Yes, for cheaper labor they are little better than indentured servants. But to my knowledge, no one is forced to work there.

          In stark contrast is the USA, the EU and perhaps others. We welcome nearly all comers with open arms and benefits, even if they come illegally. This will not end well.

    • “Immigrant labourers in Qatar obviously never become citizens, cannot vote, cannot get welfare, and it’ understood that they’re in the country on a temporary and mutually beneficial basis.”

      Their passports are confiscated once they arrive and they are told they owe the agent an arbitrary sum of money. They work outside — often on constructing high-rises at 115 degrees bearing down on them. They sleep without even electric fans. Their pay is often withheld for any or no reason. And nit rights whatsoever. Even field slaves in the American South had better lives than they do.

  10. “The only interaction with a human is the guards who make sure you paid your bill.”

    I’m sure I’ve seen a scifi movie or two where that part isn’t human either.

    I shouldn’t have to bring to anyone’s attention how many useless people surround all of us. Figuring out what to do with them isn’t a futuristic or science fiction problem, it’s here and now and has been for decades. You have already been witnessing what a society full of useless people looks like. They are all around you. I know they are all around me. No doubt someone somewhere has considered me to be one of them, and I’m sure they have a point.

    The problem has been “solved” by the regime money printer. As long as that stuff they “print” retains (some) value, it can be dispersed however it is dispersed, the useless people end up with some of it, life goes on, and we complain about the state of it in forums like this. But because it retains (some) value, the “system” continues to “function.” Because it has value, the useless people can use it to survive.

    The problem of useless people won’t be an existential one for society at large unless and until the currency has no value. Opinions vary on whether or how quickly that day is approaching. But while it retains value, people will do what they have to do to get some of it, and some of that involves productivity, which the rest of them(us) can leech off of. As it is presently.

    This is of course a separate discussion from the country known as the USA devolving into something more like a technofascist Brazil. Thankfully we will retain too many whites to devolve into South Africa. One shudders to picture what will happen to that beautiful paradise if the money printer fails. There aren’t a lot of other national comparisons to be made, since few if any others have embarked at great scale on this civilizational miscegenation campaign in which we are engaged.

  11. ….”in fact, everything about their lives has been reduced to a transaction.”

    Hmmmm, are things really this bad?

    • Almost every microwaveable food has a warning on the box: CAUTION—PRODUCT WILL BE HOT. Not “food,” not the type of food, not the name of the product—PRODUCT.

      No one at any company thinks that’s a strange and unpleasant way to talk about the food they sell, and this is the first time you’ve ever seen a “consumer” complaint about it.

      That’s how crappy life is.

      • Skechers os pushing, “step-in,” shoes because bending over, lifting one’s legs, or sitting down to put on shoes is now too much work.

        • Particularly if one is just too fucking fat to bend over to slip them on and then to tie them. Of course, in the commercials, only attractive and sleek looking people are wearing them, and not hulking, morbidly obese slobs having to grope around with their foot to even find the shoe because they can’t see it on the floor through all of that quivering corpulence.

        • It’s not so much that it’s too much work, it’s that for the growing number of obese people it’s impossible

  12. Mouse utopia comes to mind. There was no baby boom during the WuFlu because being locked in at home with nothing to do is dysphoric. Can people live this way? No.

    • It reminds me of how animals kept in zoos often will not reproduce. When locked in a cage, the drive to procreate seems to wane.

    • If it were allowed to go long enough then it simply breaks down on it’s on as mouse utopia did. However, I think bad people show up to take your stuff way before you reach that phase. Mouse Utopia might have been more accurate if after a certain point they had introduced a rapacious threat like a cat door.

    • you are correct gauss. that experiment is terrifying. clearly a lot of young 20 somethings in my kids circles of acquaintance are the “beautiful Ones”. They work out incessantly, groom fastidiously , work constantly. But they seldom date even though they are fantastically attractive. seems to be male and female. being from the age of High T males , this baffles me . On the other hand , there are some pursuing traditional families , and large families at that . I see some young families at mass with 4 or 5 kids.

  13. And then there’s a matter of employee turnover. My guess is that managers of retail stores like Wawa or McDonald’s spend a good deal of their time firing incompetent employees, and advertising for, hiring and training their replacements.

    When the day comes when machines have replaced 90% of them, the managers job will become so much easier.

    So yeah: send them home, give them a big screen TV, and a monthly check. Possibly including an injection that renders them docile and complacent, and happy to sit there all day watching TV.

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  15. @Z, “We are about to tip into a world with lots of useless people, kept busy by a custodial state. They will be given credits to buy the things they want and kept busy through various means. Some will be assigned busy work, while others will simply be amused into a catatonic state. Still others will be used to police their fellow inmates in the custodial state.”

    As the pitch goes, “For everything else, there’s fentanyl.”

  16. I don’t know about the rest of the country, but on the West Coast every time you walk in to a store, some robot/ human yells out. Welcome ! While looking down at their device. A few weeks ago I overdid it on a weekday and was feeling a bit shabby. The next morning. I stopped into McDonald’s for the first time in 4 years to get a greasy breakfast sandwich settle my stomach. There were three kiosks. Two of them were out of order. The one that was working was unused. I ordered the sandwiches on the one that was still in service. Waited for my number and got out of there as fast as possible. Historically, I would never use a self check kiosk. I always thought they were a bad idea just for the fact that they were taking jobs away from humans. Now that humans / citizens are few and far in between I’m more than willing to use self checkout. They wanted it. Now they’re going to get it ( cool hand Luke).

    • The McDonald’s kiosk is the worst. It’s slow and won’t allow you to order what you actually want. They’re horrible.

      • And back in the day, Devo was singing (Too Much Paranoias), “Hold the pickles, hold the lettuce, special orders don’t upset us! All we ask is that you let us serve it yoooour way!”

        But following more Devolution – just as the lads predicted – now you get a terminal that won’t even do that for you.

    • I stopped going to McDonald’s about 10 years ago when their brass ordered the minions not to wish customers happy Thanksgiving, for the reasons we all know so well.

  17. I was recently thinking about how the rulers lived in the late Baroque era. With their gardens in perfectly straight lines. This is the current mental state of our own rulers. Every shrub meticulously rounded and planted in a perfect order in their minds. Their secular religion, having been refined since Hegel, all the way through today. Every conceivable question has been answered. Every future problem just has to be fit into their matrix of pre-conceived notions. Of course we will have a carbon neutral future….of course we will live in condo towers….of course we choose our genders….of course race is a construct……etc. etc. etc.

    This isn’t a software issue with our rulers. It’s a firmware issue. Just as the Baroque era rulers were completely flat footed and inept as they ran into the 19th Century, our current rulers live in a mental state full of lies and dead ends. They can’t conceive of their failures because every well rounded shrub, every perfectly placed fountain, is a lie. They live and breathe in such an intricately designed set of lies that there’s no way out.

    The last time this happened, it ended in a bloodbath. Human nature being unchangeable, that’s the resolution on the table.

  18. Zman,

    If you visit the South, the place to stop and check out would be Buc-ee’s. The ones in Texas have always been top-notch in the categories of cleanliness, service, and the food is really good.

    • Bucc-ee’s is magnificent. The snacks are great and plentiful, if you like icees, they have every flavor imaginable, the staff is friendly and the brisket sandwiches are amazing.

      No kiosks of any sort.

    • We’ve got a place in the Mountain West called Maverick that I like a lot. Sounds a lot like WaWa, etc.

    • ArthurinCali: Plus Bucc-ees sells ethanol-free gas (lots of small towns have places selling it but it’s hard to find in the cities and suburbs).

    • A good comparator of the Wawa/Royal Farms dyad is Chick-fil-a/Popeye’s. Chick-fil-a is willing to hire whites while Popeye’s only hires Hutus. Service at the former is vastly superior to service at the latter, but I’m sure this is all just coincidence.

    • Buccee’s is a gas station that has great food. If you’re ever around one, you need to try it. The brisket sandwiches are get all the attention, but my personal favorite is the Texas Cheesesteak Burrito.

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  20. well, the fired tech drones can work at wawa and negro farms – which is where they should have been all along. the displaced workers from those places can work as domestic servants for their overlords. the circle of life goes on…

    • There is also a shortage of agricultural workers. Everyone went to college and few learned valuable skills. The bankers had the government finance their loans, (a subsidy), and had the government subsidize them as affluent consumers, (an indirect subsidy to the corporations they debt finance). We built a consumer economy on debt that is underwritten by government. That means the debt is underwritten by the useless and bankrupt consumers. That is called a Ponzi scheme. The interest rate regime to fund the debt ponzi scheme makes capital flood into yield making enterprises – like AI and robotics. The political pathology raises the minimum wage and makes productized AI and robotics economically viable as a substitute for over priced unskilled labor.

      Those people’s learned in college mental pathologies metasticized over time. That became the Cult of Woke.

      That is the genius system created by managerialism. In a time gone by, it was called usury. The people who had no moral framework to think there was something wrong with usury were kept at bay. When they weren’t, all kinds of financial and social distortions known as corruption permeated society. The people with no moral qualms to institute usury were then brought into line or cast out, not because it was personal, but because usury creates a level of corruption and degeneracy that becomes intolerable.

      The cracks in the dam of usury are groaning. Get to high ground.

      • P.S. We need a new meme for the laid off tech workers:

        Brought to you by the Coal Miners Association of Appalachia

        • There was a discussion of this on Fedi as it turned out that those Tech workers, were “Tech workers” in the same way the janitors as Twitter are “Tech workers”: because they happen to work at a tech company. A lot of them graduated with tech-sounding though useless degrees like “computer science” and “cyber security” and don’t actually know much more about “coding” than the average dude on the street.

          • I was always under the impression that computer science was a legitimate area of study. Is that not the case?

          • Valley Lurker –

            It is a legitimate degree. The issue is there are vast armies of non-technical roles at these companies. The, “work in tech”, but do nothing technical. There are also some universities or technical schools that issue degrees that have no standard. If a person there is hungry, talented and self motivated they could be a great programmer or technical product manager and valuable in the industry. The others have a credential but no real skill. I worked with a couple of people like that.

            They were POCs who were hired because they ticked a box and enabled an idiotic management team to pat themselves on the back for it.

            In short, a huge number of people in the big tech companies are not technical. Some number that are do not do any work. When James Damore was fired from Google one of the enlightening items that came out was how a huge number of employees sat on chat apps day and night discussing politics and other non-work-related topics. A CS degree is a serious degree if the school is serious and/or the student is serious.

          • @Valley Lurker

            CS can be a serious degree if it’s from any halfway-decent school — programming languages, compiler design, data structures and algorithms, machine architecture, These are non-trivial courses. But from the late 1990s onwards, the programs have become easier, so that it’s possible to graduate without having taken C/C++. C++ used to separate the goats from the sheep — those who could code from those who couldn’t. This has been replaced by Java and more recently by Python. So it’s not far-fetched to clam that some comp sci graduates are not good coders.

            But let’s leave this quibble aside. The universities are offering any number of bullshit programs — such as data security and management information systems. All you’re fit for after such programs is some bullshit cubicle job.

          • My personal experience in grad school was that most Computer Science students are Chinese or Indians, and they cheat their way through.

            I had one directly ask me for my responses to a midterm from a class I had taken previously. (The professor was so trusting that he let us actually type our answers on our laptops and e-mail them during the test period.) In group projects, they typically didn’t contribute or if they tried to you couldn’t understand their Engrish.

          • @PL right I understand the water downed nature of the companies and the make work, that isn’t just tech, I deal with that as well. Was more curious as to why Evil cited that degree in the fashion he did. Thank you & AA for the discussion regarding curriculum.

        • When i was a kid berry farms would send out busses & bring us to pick strawberries, rasberries & cucumbers. Paid by the flat.
          Ate a lot of berries
          And would throw some at the girls too. Lol
          Made the most money picking cucumbers.

      • i almost said “and the people at wawa move out to the farms, picking lettuce” but figured most of that kind of work was already automated.

  21. I attended a private prep high school but Im glad I popped smoke and ultimately went with a real job operating machinery and actually producing something. The market among my demographic seems overwhelmed with work-from-home officy types. Real blue collar work is anti-fragile, indispensable, often difficult to substitute with lower quality employees, and woke-resistant. Good luck.

    • Reminds me of Mathew Crawford, who earned a bullshit Ph.D. then went on to a bullshit job at some DC-based foundation, and then chucked it for a mechanic’s job with his own shop. I think he describes the transition in his book, “Shop Class as Soulcraft.”

      • John Cleese of Monty Python fame did the same thing. He said something along the lines of ” I graduated from university with a degree in finance/law and I could have gone to work for a number of firms where I would have made a good deal of money, was able to afford a home in a ritzy area and been financially secure. And then I would have killed myself.”

  22. The rise of the robot revolution and AI have been greatly exaggerated. We’ve been promised good AI since the 80s. There were countless articles in the computer press in the 80s I read saying great AI was imminent. While the robot revolution showed more promise back then than the AI revolution, even “robots” have their limitations. Tesla has removed a bunch of robots. “Robots” are very good at certain repetitive work, but not so good at other things.

    I don’t believe even self-checkouts will work in the big cities. Walmart has self-checkouts all over, but not in Philly. They used to have them, for about 6 months back when the push for self-checkouts was at its peak. But the stores were getting robbed blind. I can’t imagine it will work in Wawa any better. Home Depot still has them though, but only 4. But neither Shoprite or Acme has them. I can’t imagine how much longer the lines would be with self checkout in a supermarket.

    I just hope “self-driving” cars are outlawed before they can get close enough that the car companies will make sure they are never outlawed.

    • It’s interesting to note that Aldi, one of the leaders in, “Low prices through minimizing costs,” does not have self checkouts.

      I’ve also noticed in recent years the self checkouts getting worse: more errors, longer response times, more down time. Sometimes, half the checkouts in the store are down. This is, of course, due to the fact that most people, including managers, are technologically ignorant. They believe that automation just works on some kind of sorcery. They don’t understand that machines need constant maintenance: software must be updated, measuring inputs must be constantly calibrated, and so on. I fully believe that most stores just installed the self checkouts, then never touched them again until they broke.

  23. This is off topic but this would be an interesting sokal type troll. Some well known lawyer in a state like NY or ca should petition the state legislature to make multiple personality disorder (aka dissociative disorder) a disability/protected status.

    The idea would be that if someone commits a mass shooting, they can’t be prosecuted because it was there alter ego that did it. Or you can file a wrongful termination lawsuit based on it. Then you can buy up the psychiatry journals and talk how disassociative disorder is a real problem and how we need solutions like this.

    Would they fall for it? Or would they realize it’s not even a slippery slope but a straight down cliff

  24. The new system we have, where many people get useless degrees just to get do-nothing jobs looks like another form of welfare to me. Instead of getting the welfare payments from government, you get them from a corporation. In a way, the college degree is a qualification for this form of welfare. Not a good sign, when a large part of what could be a productive populace is qualifying for welfare, in one form or another.

    • We have the symptoms of a successful “robot revolution” without the benefit of robots building our stuff. Instead, we print money to buy stuff made in China. All the former factory workers are hooked on meth or dope. Aimless idle people are extremely self-destructive. We have more than 100k people offing themselves every year now. There is no utopian future where robots make the stuff and we spend our ever increasing free time making great art or literature or poetry or something. People just aren’t wired this way. It’s just another delusion about the human condition.

      • I probably have a simplistic view of this, but it’s my belief that in the early Enlightenment, many if not most of the great accomplishment in the arts and sciences came from for lack of a better term, the idle rich. These (nearly all) men either were born into money. They were typically well-educated and perhaps even from high social family. Some great discoveries came from what we might call a man’s hobby or avocation. You’d be amazed how many advancements came from some lone genius’s mad experiment, not from a large, organized highly funded academic or government research program.

        The equation was a bit different, probably, in the arts (need a patron) and especially the emergent industrial revolution.

        Since the mid-20th century, more or less, being an intellectual became its own industry, so to speak. We see this with first the democratization of higher education at first providing beneficial educations to a greater number. Note the much bigger involvement of government funding and regulation of education. But democracy demands that the quality eventually be watered down too. We are well into this phase of a culture’s decline.

        In fairness, big government involvement has given us many benefits that would have been impossible at small scale: huge public works projects, the space program, and so forth. But it’s also given us, probably unavoidably, a permanent cadre of careerist drones, entire segments of a society that serve little purpose.

    • That’s a great point i.e. make-work jobs as a form of welfare. I think the black community was the canary in the coal mine, and now women in general are the benefactors (?) of this type of thing. Maybe the point is to keep them sated and busy enough not to revolt and resort to too much crime in the case of blacks, and the women need to be just busy enough so things don’t devolve too far into a sclerotic form of degeneration.

      I look around me at the spending habits of these demographics and I’m always dumbfounded– the math never seems to add up. Every once in a while I go to a Starbucks to pick up an ice-coffee after my early morning workout. Within minutes a fleet of so many female “young professionals” park their expensive cars in the lot, walk out in their expensive clothes to pick up their extremely overpriced (and far too sugary) drink and food pre-order from the counter (they’re all using the latest app on their expensive new phone) and then zoom off into the dim light of dawn.

      I used to ask myself “How is this even possible” but if productivity and profit was never the point, things begin to make more sense.

    • It’s an interesting process. First you have the barrage of propaganda, “Go earn a college degree. It will pay off!” The gullible young fall for the snare and graduate with their bullshit degree massively in hock to the banks with non-dischargeable student debt that’s a millstone around their neck — with no real-world skills. To service the debt (forget about paying it off) they are forced to scramble for various dead-end white-collar jobs (one level above McJobs) and forced to be docile and compliant to keep those garbage jobs. This is *exactly* what the rulers want.

  25. I wonder if all the sudden keeling over is why I suddenly have two pretty good EE job offers in hand?

    • I suspect that we are witnessing the beginnings of the Boomer exodus from the job market, with consequences that will cascade through all levels of employment. My previous job included a large cohort of boomers who were planning to retire, but held on during the covid panic to pad their government pensions – once the signal to return to office went out, they all dropped their papers and suddenly my office had more openings than they could manage, and not as much demand for those openings as management expected.

    • Wild Geese: Combination of Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (i.e. the vaxx) and the great replacement. Friend of ours took early retirement from his corporate IT job – agonized over decision – and then learned he dodged a bullet as the very next week the company began large-scale layoffs. Numerous other companies are providing early retirement/lump-sum benefits (to drop dramatically if people wait until 2023) and thus losing their older/most experienced/Whitest workers. Ford and Boeing are both doing this.

      Most replacements are H1-b workers, which will then necessitate hiring back ‘contract workers’ to fix what the cut-rate immigrants screw up.

    • probably not . I would hope that those guys would have been smarter than to take the sauce. the engineering schools have been limiting admission for a decade or longer . many of them will have 4 of 5 hundred freshmen and sophomores and the allow only 100 to go on to the junior year. nursing schools are like that everywhere. schools that let as many kids as can maintain a passing grade in all classed are called “direct admit” and they are getting few and far between.

      • In the case of nursing schools, it’s because there’s an instructor shortage , since instructors make much less money than a working RN.

    • Peter Zeihan recent book – The End of the World is Just the Beginning is an interesting perspective on de-population.

      • I find Zeihan a frustratingly mixed bag.

        Some of his demographic and geographic analysis is quite thoughtful and forward-looking.

        On the other hand, he seems locked into the assumption that, relative to its peers, the US has the Army of 1989, along with the Navy and industrial base of 1945.

  26. The truth is about 10% of the population has an IQ under 83. Decades of trying by the US military has shown that these people cannot be trained to do anything productive. As technology completes its grip on society the min IQ to do anything productive will increase as will the number of people who cannot participate.

    • “As technology completes its grip on society … .”

      IMHO, it’s a bit early to count the technology chickens. They are not likely to hatch, but we shall see.

      Technology depends 100% on a *universal* and *unfailing* supply of electricity, a thing we do not have and are not going to have.

      • Infant;

        You have commented many times on the potential for an electrical failure to throw a wrench into TPTB plans. As a practical matter, it’s pretty obvious that you are correct. Just look at Moore NC, where one guy with a deer rifle knocked out the power for days.

        When I read about CBDC, the immediate question that comes to mind is,”so what happens when the power goes out”?

        It doesn’t appear that our overloads have thought this through; or maybe they have, and flipping the switch will be a feature, not a bug.

        Imagine how much more productive society would be if we didn’t have to fight against the currents and policies that the ruling class impose. It’s all so time consuming and fruitless.

        • The regime seems to currently have a three step master plan:
          1) Make energy radically more expensive for ooga-booga planet saving reasons
          2) Put all of their societal management eggs into the energy basket
          3) Radicalize people who can largely take or leave electricity

          “A bold strategy, let’s see how it works out for them”

      • You keep saying this in your posts. I responded yesterday in detail. It just isn’t true. Perhaps you read James Howard Kunstler. He is an incredible writer in terms of lampooning and criticism, but the peak oil/fossil-fuels/energy thesis hasn’t proven to be right and there is such an ever increasing abundance of new discoveries it doesn’t look like it will be wrong for centuries. By then we’ll have micro thorium fueled reactors and abundant energy that makes the incredible fossil fuel era pale in comparison.

    • that 10% figure has to be higher now. i would bet 90% of the people pouring in at the (old) southern border, have an IQ < 83.

    • Just remember how the “marching morons” were dealt with in the sci-fi story of the same name.

  27. So the seminal question is . . . how long can they keep the plates spinning with majority deadweight in a society? The US can still print and distribute fiat money at will, but eventually inflation becomes hyperinflation. And if no one is working, where will the goods and services come from? Robots can’t do everything, and someone needs to repair the robots. History teaches that this kind of viscous-cycle dysfunction eventually leads to war or collapse (or both).

    What will motivate deadweight to learn a skill or at least cut back on the videogaming addiction? Three days without a meal should do it. Food riots tend to go violent pretty quickly, and the LEO riot lines will now include majority fatties, small men, and useless women, so how effective will that be? Cities will burn. Don’t be in a big city.

    • “Robots can’t do everything, and someone needs to repair the robots.”

      Exactly. And even if they are repaired by (somebody), what will be their power source?

    • Right now it looks like we have a population problem. But within 100 years, we will be frantically trying to make babies to keep areas of the world populated. (Except for African populations.) Except for Africa, much of the world will lose half the population from it’s expected height by the early 22nd century.

      I’ll bet the Davos crowd is aware of this, and I’ll bet they are just trying to ride out this population wave-crest until it subsides in 50 years. So they will do the management of dead weights, and probably start introducing suicide as a “noble” option (as we are seeing in Canada as a test run). The overburdened health care system will conveniently ignore lost causes and they will die on the gurney. Finally, and forgive my tinfoil, targeted pandemics may be introduced to thin the herd.

      • Quick search: world population was 1.6b or so in 1900. It’s accepted that capital accumulation led to investments modern sanitation, medicine, and tech, and that caused the boom. We’re supposed to believe that population is falling essentially because of increased productivity. You don’t need kids if you don’t need their future labor. The useless eater problem.

        That might be so, but debt has exploded, too, and debt could be a reason for decreased fertility, unless you believe in MMT. Labor crunch unless you believe in autonomous tech.

        I think it’s a scam by people who believe their own lies. I suspect they thought they could produce a bloom of humanity to produce the autonomous tech and keep it for themselves, the more wicked and delusional among them thinking they could merge with tech and become gods. Damn the herd.

        We’re told we need more nuAmerican laborers. So much for tech. Debt will be the next shoe to drop. You’d think more people could look at that and realize the jig is up.

        I’d guess Africa, unsurprisingly, lags.

        • The cause of the lower birthrate, now under way, is that educated women are deciding not to have babies.

          It may be that the cause/effect chain is – industrial revolution brings about education and legal equality for women, they have alternatives to motherhood, they gradually avoid reproduction and the population diminishes.

          How human nature adapts to this entirely new circumstance and way of life is a real mystery but will soon reveal itself.

          • Yes. They no longer need children to take care of them in old age. Also, families can hire extra hands on the farm (or get off the land), industry doesn’t an army of laborers. The economy transitions from production to consumption, debt becomes an issue, and so on.

            It looks like people at the top are trying to escape the cycle, or at least that’s what they’re telling themselves.

          • Collapse seems like a misunderstood term. It’s (usually) not that one day everyone runs out in the street and joins a huge riot and all the office buildings get burned down. It’s usually a process, not an event, difficult to discern in real time but easy to discern historically.

            Viewed through that perspective, South Africa has already collapsed. Which doesn’t mean it can’t get worse either.

            A problem with predictions of impending “collapse” is that it is rarely if ever defined.

    • “And if no one is working, where will the goods and services come from?”

      The third world.

      “What will motivate deadweight to learn a skill or at least cut back on the video gaming addiction?”

      When I am at a store with a “Help Wanted” sign up I usually ask, “Why aren’t you getting more applicants?” No one is really sure. Has an entire generation of men retired to their parents’ basement?

      Some will say that we are paying for them to stay at home but the c0v1d payments are done, unemployment runs out, and young white men can’t get on disability.

      It’s a mystery how all of those workers are staying home.

  28. “From the perspective of the managerial class, this seems like a great challenge that will give purpose to their lives, even though many will be assigned to busy work. Can a people live like this is another question.”

    The decision was made a couple of decades ago:

    Solution? Get boosted!

    • His solution?
      Thought Police.

      “Verifying compliance will also require that scientists and engineers adopt a strong code of ethical conduct, resembling the Hippocratic oath, and that they have the courage to whistleblow as necessary, even at high personal cost.”

      Satan for the lulz

      Actually, though, my religious belief is that only Whites could invent a Bladerunner or Ice-9 future; “Satan” really is gunning for us, as the bestials can’t destroy the organic layer, they only feed its soil with their corpses.

      But then, you have the forces of Creation creating a biosphere that it might eventually create its own Seeding layer of radiant panspermia.

      Thus, two Gods, one the processes inside the greenhouse (fermentation, recycling, pain and death) due to the sparse limits of the thin organic layer; the other, outside the greenhouse, building and spreading structure across a cosmic scale (life, spread at light speed).

      Why existence? At the end, when energy loses its push (the ‘heat death’) and gravity resumes its pull, the universe will fall back into a core , compressing, compressing ever more against that structure until…until…Bang. And the expansion begins again, the Big Diesel, a 100-billion year heartbeat.

      We cannot imagine how far back the earliest beginnings, when all was pure forces. Eventually they coalesced and seperated into energy and matter, a dual dynamic that built, cycle after cycle, the thin paint in hot dewdrops of life. How small a skein, yet all that is needed.

      Some here will see that End, and be embedded in to form the What Will Be. The Word become the Body become the Word.

      • I see where you’re coming from. I’ve had similar ideas, and I can’t say you’re wrong, because I can’t say I’m right.

        These days, though, I’m dubious of human potential along the lines of doing transcendent godlike acts, participating in the godhead, or even comprehending such things. Every answer begs ten questions, and that seems like a hard limit.

        • Thanks, re-reply:
          those transcendent godlike consciousness goody-goodys drive me a bit postal.

          Yeah, I used to be nice like that. Different agenda now, for sure.

          Don’t worry, you immortals, I’ve seen the golden glow of Heaven myself. And all that, much more; it’s there, it’s there for you.

      • *Whites were the success after many failures, the combination that could not only hear and envision Heaven, the Seeding layer, but reach for it, and open the Gates.

        Thus, our imperative to do good, and also to reach upward- including breaching the atmospheric barrier.

        ‘Satan’ is trying to drag us back in, to recover the scrap.
        That’s its job.

        Don’t confuse the two, the forces within, and the forces without, despite what some hereditarily fast-talking hustlers told you.

  29. I think that you’re looking at a bifurcated situation. A labor shortage for some types of workers/people and a labor surplus of others.

    There are not enough skilled blue collar workers and “get the job done” white collar workers, while there are far, far too many other types of workers.

    It’s funny because I’ll read or hear economists talk about the coming global labor shortage due to fall birthrates and declining number of working age people in Asia and Europe, in particular. Whether that will turn out to be the case or not isn’t the issue, it’s that they simply don’t talk about the huge, growing population in Africa.

    They know that those Africans are worthless, which is why they don’t even mention them. Even funnier, their audience also knows this, which is why they don’t ask them about all those Africans or mention them as a solution.

    It shows yet again that everyone knows the reality of race, and when it matters, like labor for business or where to send your kid to school, they’re very race aware. When it doesn’t matter, they’re colorblind CivNats.

    • it’s peculiar. globalists bring in africans and muslims – to europe – to support the economy, in light of falling birth rates for the native europeans. but all the immigrants go on welfare, and are too stupid to work in a modern economy.

      • “it’s peculiar. globalists bring in africans and muslims – to europe – to support the economy to decimate the native population and achieve total control as well fulfill their centuries old (((blood libel))). , in light of falling birth rates for the native europeans. but all the immigrants go on welfare, and are too stupid to work in a modern economy.”

        Fixed it for ya, and now that its fixed you understand why it’s happening.

        • ya, i know why they are doing it, but i don’t see *that* working either. IMO it’s just unchecked dumb-assery.

    • Lately I’ve been wondering what’s been behind the renewed push to pump the Africans full of mRNA.

      I wonder if the Davos gang finally realized they need to get their depop agenda rolling on the Dark Continent?

    • One thing I’ve always wondered about, re: the “huge and growing population of Africans.” What the hell happened to AIDS? I could swear that just a few years back they were swearing up and down that something like 25% of sub-Saharan Africa *already* has it, including some huge percentage of the young people.

      Or is this one of those times where we’re just not supposed to notice that something The Regime swears to contradicts something else The Regime swears to?

      • They do, and they are being artificially kept alive through very expensive anti retrovirals that effectively render you ‘cured’ at this point. You notice you don’t hear about anyone dying of AIDS anymore? HIV is like Herpes now, have it for life but with enough $$$ its basically permanently suppressed. Magic Johnson, anyone?

        Just like the artificial food supply, artificial medical care, and every other GoodWhite stupidity gifted to Africa these drugs make the poor decision making and low IQ that would generally be rapidly weeded from the gene pool immune to Mother Nature. Thereby allowing them to breed another 10 children each because… White People.

        I personally know GoodWhites that spend a LOT of time in Africa helping these poor souls because what else would you be doing with your time other than being a missionary for your true religion, Diversity?

        • Yeah, I know my share of them, too. That’s my key criterion for church membership, in fact: If you don’t immediately hit me up for contributions for Africa, I’ll sit and listen to the sermon. So far I’m oh-for-however many, but I still hold out hope.

          [I keep trying to make “Dinduism” catch on for the name of America In Name Only’s official religion. It’s even got a caste system and everything].

        • What happens to Africa if, for whether reasons, that Western technology and aid is reduced or disappears completely?

      • Those anti-virals never worked that great. The rumor is that those most subject to getting HIV didn’t care about catching it to such an extent that after decades of people dying off from the most virulent strains that the strains out in the wild now are nowhere as lethal as their ancestors from the ’80s. This is one of those things we’ll never get a good answer for as the headline “Dangerous sex perverts ensure a future for dangerous sex perverts through their self-destructive behavior” just doesn’t have the right “ring” to it for the regime.

      • i read back in the day, that AIDS didn’t change the survival rate in Africa. it just changed *which* virus did the dirty deed. most people don’t appreciate just how disease ridden Africa is. that’s why no major cities every arose there; as soon as population density creeps up, so does the mortality rate.

  30. RE: Covid baby boom

    Although fertility rates declined in 2020, these declines appear to reflect reductions in travel to the U.S. Childbearing in the U.S. among foreign-born mothers declined immediately after lockdowns began—nine months too soon to reflect the pandemic’s effects on conceptions. We also find that the COVID pandemic resulted in a small “baby bump” among U.S.-born mothers. The 2021 baby bump is the first major reversal in declining U.S. fertility rates since 2007 and was most pronounced for first births and women under age 25, which suggests the pandemic led some women to start their families earlier. Above age 25, the baby bump was also pronounced for women ages 30-34 and women with a college education, who were more likely to benefit from working from home. The data for California track the U.S. data closely and suggest that U.S. births remained elevated through the third quarter of 2022.

    Looking at the graphs, it’s not so much a boom as a deviation from the alarming downward trend in births among women born in the US.

    • It’s not the education; it’s the age.
      Of marriage, and inclusion in the workforce.

      If you want to boost native fertility, drop the age of marriage back to what it was, to puberty. As nature intended.

      I didn’t say ‘consent’, I said marriage. In mom’s day, 14 year olds routinely got married; he was readily hired for a full time job, she got one part-time to save up money for the blessed event. America was built by a people, 95% with 8th grade educations or less in the basics.

      • Back then 8th grade education used to teach you something worth knowing. Nowadays a lot of the kids don’t even know how to read at that point.

  31. This is a fun thought exercise. A comment about automation replacement occurring first and fastest at the bottom is true and creates a case for UBI (unfortunately). To the tech workers, there are doers and managers. It’s spot on that managers are becoming useless.

    I’m hoping for a tech revolt. I feel like we peaked around 2000-2005. I’m also pessimistic on non-stop growth for large companies. It’s their obligation to shareholders, but harms society.

    This all ties in somehow and sorry for rambling. Anyway, it’s a fun thought exercise. Thanks for the muse Z.

    • I’m no sophisticate when it comes to the payments industry, but it seems as though there is an opportunity to set up an apolitical payment processor.

      Of course, in the current environment, the regime would pull out all the stops to strangle such a business in the crib.

      • You are probably generally correct. I’d refine the statement(s) more like this: there is no conceivable payment system that the existing power structure (finance, government) would not attempt to co-opt or at least regulate so that the usual suspects can make money off it, and spooks spy on people’s transactions as well as funnel funds as needed, for routine and of course clandestine goals.

        Crypto was billed as some magical way to avert the above controls, but I don’t see it happening. I suspect the future will be an echo of the past. Local transactions done with minimal record-keeping and in cash or even barter (gold, silver, trade goods, etc.) Of course a “modern” economy can’t function very well under such primitive conditions. Nor is there much legal recourse if things go wrong (fraud, etc.) But it has the salutary effect of making Big Brother’s job very difficult.

    • > It’s their obligation to shareholders, but harms society.

      Which is why regulators have a duty to break up big companies — something that is good for both society and the shareholders. That they won’t do that shows how utterly corrupt and incompetent our government has become.

  32. Like many things in the ruling regime’s narrative of the useless/occupationless human and automation revolution stand in direct contrast to the mass immigration story. If the masses of cognitively incapable and cognitively capable but trained in valueless activity have no meaningful work, how is importing even more cognitively incapable people who are also culturally alien going to not inflame the problems with the existing population of jobless consumers? It seems like adding gasoline to the fire. I think it will turn out that mass immigration was as much a church and NGO grift debt financed by governments trying to solve an aging demographic problem.

    Speaking of the psychologically untenable realities of modernity – another feature is inventing some certification and moral cause celebre as a means of, “market differentiation.” This morning I got spam from a recruiter. The signature had a marketing tag at the bottom saying: “(Name of recruiting firm) is a certified LGBT Business Enterprise specializing in partnering with high-growth companies across the US to recruit exceptional people on a contingent direct-hire or contract basis.”

    I had to peer into the burning dumpster. The firm is officially certified as an LGBT owned enterprise. NGLCC ( . Moral posturing has been the trend in advertising for a long time. A sign that one is morally fit is that one is repulsed by these pitches. This is new territory. Robotic self-checkout is one thing that may make modernity ever more repulsive to nature. Grifts like the NGLCC, (scroll down and see the usual suspects advocating for the cause), may be what causes the bearers of the flame to rally and have a massive controlled burn.

    • How can something like this not be hacked? Just have every owner identify as bi. Doesn’t matter if married, unmarried, etc. What are they going to do, make you prove it on camera?

    • It really is amazing. For 2023 our fat, angry black lady activist (chief diversity officer) has declared that you can no longer address people at my company using anything other than “colleagues”. Can you imagine? Never in my wildest dreams did I think that the prime earning years of my career would be riddled with this. It is becoming more and more difficult for me to function in this society. I’ve recently been looking for another company but there is no where for me to go that I feel like I could stomach. Non woke tech companies are few and far between.

      • They are. I have considered changing industries, but my sunken cost reality has prevented me. I chose the path of getting even more technical so forced diversity in the company and/or teams I work in is very hard to do. I also did a relentless search and created a spreadsheet of companies, VCs … I created my own social credit system.

        At some point I think us building our own consulting firms if high productivity mostly remote work, where one of the terms of engagement is no contact with HR outside of payroll and contracting needs. Not sure how we stay anonymous and get in contact Tired Citizen. It is a lot more work to job hunt, but you can find options. Hang in there. I was at a huge firm until last year and it was unbelievably painful and degrading.

        • This is the way.

          Any company not on a path to intentional suicide will pay the jizya, the Diversity Tax, that is literally enforced at gunpoint by BigGov. But! They will simply silo these people off in makework jobs pushing papers around and sending emails about their DIE Initiatives, ESG Ratings, Allyship with Trannies, and other miscellaneous bullsh-t. I get an email like this once a week from these useless eaters and promptly delete it.

          My company, mercifully, still has sane management near the top, for now. Not sure how long that will last because once you let them in the door since they have very little to do they will make it their sole mission to aggressively terraform your corporation into a Woke Nightmare. This will crater your business sooner or later depending on your cashflow and tolerance for BS.

          Back to my original point, if you keep yourself ‘fit’ from a technical or highly skilled labor perspective you can wall yourself off from most of it. This is my case. This is nothing new as there has always been hard chargers and paper pushers. It is just that the ratios are skewing more & more to the non-productive riding the productive.

          20% of the people doing 80% of the work is becoming more & more accurate. If you find yourself in that 20% and upper management are not suicidal woke retards they generally will not f-ck with you and you can largely avoid the kabuki theater freakshow of having to interact with the spiteful mutants they must maintain on the payroll to not get sued.

        • @RealityRules

          I like the way you think. I’d love to get some help in finding a non-woke place to work. Are you on any other platforms? Gab maybe?

          • Not on Gab. Will come up with some handle for you. Be a bit. I am done with a meeting heavy first half and now, on topic, have to get the heavy lifting done.

            Step one you don’t need me for. Whatever your technical skill, either become the absolute best at it, or, if you already are, go a layer or two lower in the stack. Start today so you can make use of the list in the future.

            Be back later this eve with a comms handle for you. If not, tomorrow.

      • I’m sure she insisted on this radical speech control because everyone in the office was casually dropping N bombs and using “the racial slur database” in email communications like it was a thesaurus just to liven up the workplace.


      • tell her “colleague” is latin for “slave”; she won’t bother looking it up, so the prank will work.

  33. You wouldn’t think a business model that primarily hires blacks and caters to blacks would be particularly successful, though I guess in a chocolate city like Baltimore, the choices are limited.

    The way more and more folks, often younger ones, are “suddenly” keeling over these days (leaving doctors baffled), that automation is going to come in handy as there’ll be fewer live, healthy people to man the stations. It surely is a wonderful world we’re looking forward to.

    • Huh. So there I was in darkest Baltimore, delivering material to a huge set of apartment buildings under construction by entirely benevolent property developers.

      The workforce of several hundred was entirely Mexican. I finally found one guy who spoke English, a supervisor.

      He was also the only black guy there. He from Houston, Texas.

  34. Amazingly, the people who work at Wawa and Royal Farms are in the upper quartile of their demographics. Think about that! They are (reasonably) law-abiding and show up sober (sometimes) for work on time (more or less) and (occasionally) can perform basic service functions.

    In contrast, the Twitter episode is real-time proof of Peter Turchin’s “overproduction of (self-styled) elites” theory. Eli Whitney and Cyrus McCormack could only dream of a world of such leisure wherein college graduates fight over dominance of a social-media website for neurotic exhibitionists. In another Age, these same folks would be competing to see who holds the King’s chamber pot.

    It’s also a total validation of the “managerial slack” theories we learned in business school. Monopoly/oligopoly profits get spent on management self-aggrandizement, empire/department building and shareholders get screwed.

    • Demographics: I can’t speak for all employment of course, but being a convicted felon slams shut a lot of doors. 1/4 to 1/3 of all black men, depending upon whose figures you cite, fit that sad category. Even if being a con isn’t an impediment, still being incarcerated is. That’s 10% of black men. Now multiply this by blacks typically being much more than the national average 13% of a city population, and you have an abundance of potential workers and a dearth of quality. Hiring females greatly eases the “felon” problem, but they suffer from the same overall quality problem and if dey hire my black ass, who gonna look after my chilluns?

    • Willard – I feel the whole Twitter episode is a better indicator of bioleninism than anything else.

  35. The company I work for actually did the numbers regarding productivity in work from home versus in the office, and work from home came up on top. This probably isn’t because people are burning the midnight oil because work and home is never separated as much as people being able to avoid the annoying time sink office activities. Most people do real work as people are blathering on in meetings and avoid the unnecessary distraction when surrounded by other office workers. A large automotive firm we contract for had similar results, probably largely due to similar effects of the competent 20% who do 95+% of the work getting more free reign making up for the loafers.

    For service operations who don’t have an option like this, as some point there will be a de facto UBI for the less skilled to use their time, probably with a VR headset for equity’s sake and zogslop delivered to their apartment as they’re wired in 24/7 to the metaverse hellscape.

    • It’s a refutation and shake-out of the erroneous and never valid theory of the “team”. Any time there are “teams” made up to solve a problem or maintain a process some team members end up doing most or all of the work and others spend the day watching youtube videos or emailing back and forth with a member of the opposite sex. In the highly competitive capitalist free market, motivated individuals are the key to success. Drone “team” members are standing, or sitting, in the way.

    • If solar and wind won’t cut it, we could put them in pods and use them as batteries for their Metaverse overlords.

  36. Automation?

    You mean like the multiple broken elevators and automatic doors in my area with no ETA on parts or repairs?

    Heck, one elevator repair will be so expensive that the store stuck with it can’t figure out how to fit it into their budget.

    • Yes Howard, this is what we used to call the “South Bronx Test” at my old firm. I cannot wait to see what the “community” does to the Royal Farms fried chicken delivery robot. Lots of spare parts required……..

    • I went to a bank in my area with my change jar to have it converted into small bills for red kettle donations, my annual practice. The teller asked me to sit in the lounge area as “it will take a little while”. After about 10 minutes, I didn’t hear any change counter machine rattling, so I walked up to the counter and lo and behold, the one (of only 2) teller was HAND COUNTING my change marking the totals down on a pad of paper, when I asked why, she said their change counting machine had broken and no one knew what parts to order and they couldn’t find anyone who knew how to fix it. I took my change jar back and drove to the nearest big bank in another city. Just one example–

      • Don’t donate to those kettles. Find someone who specifically has a need. Ask your local perish if necessary.

        • THIS!
          Remember, The Salvation Army published a guide last year telling white people to apologize for racism.
          Many of us printed “Apology Notes in Lieu of Cash” slips to add to the kettles.
          They are ultra-woke and run by alphabet-types.

          Far better to give to a local food bank or shelter.

      • You’re lucky. I used to save pennies in an actual piggy bank (A metal one I got at a discount store). Said piggy could hold $5-6 in pennies. I’d take it down to MegaBank, pop it open, they’d count the coins and give me paper money and silver coins back, plus a penny or two.

        Last time? I walked up and told the teller I wanted to have my coins counted. Her response? “We can convert your pennies to paper money if you put them in coin rolls for us.”

        Da Fuq? 🤨

        I replied “Honey, YOU’RE the teller. YOU do that for ME!” I left, and ended up using CoinStar at the local grocery store, which takes a cut of the coins and only issues you store “scrip”.

        Consequently I no longer save coins.

        • “Consequently I no longer save coins.”

          ‘Ts okay. There’s an (official) “coin shortage” b/c of the Chinkypox anyway.

          • Infant: Plus since our coins are mostly zinc and nickel these days they feel like toy money to me – and are worth about the same.

          • Yes and no. It’s no secret that gold, silver and (mostly) even copper are long gone from our coins. Nonetheless, I read years ago that a U.S. cent literally costs more than one cent to produce. In fact, for today’s pointless exercise, allow me to compute a penny’s intrinsic worth.

            A U.S. cent is 2.4375 g of Zinc, 0.0625 g Copper. At current prices that is worth about: Zn = 0.80 cents; Cu = 0.05 cents;
            Total = 0.85 cents.

            Ironically, even with the vastly depreciated metals (most Cu removed 40 years ago), it’s still nearly worth its face value. While exact numbers vary, in recent years about 4 billion cents are produced by U.S. mints each year at an average cost of about $0.02 per coin. One of the reason so many are produced is because a lot of them are literally thrown away or stashed and forgotten.

  37. The conundrum of the last two hundred years had been that automation had always led to more work.

    Retailers, including WAWAs are investing in self check outs because they can’t find enough competent prospective employees to hire. IE there’s a labor shortfall.

  38. I had no idea Royal Farms existed (and what a strange name for a gas station) so I checked the website…they were promoting fried chicken pieces on a macaroni & cheese bowl. My goodness, some people deserve cancer.

    On a related note, I remember Chick-fil-a being outrageously huwhite. It was quick and efficient, and the cashiers were pretty. I had wondered if Chick-fil-a had an hiring policy that the boomers running it didn’t realize was RAYCISS, so recently it’s been diversified. And now the drive-thru line is as slow as McDonald’s.

    On a final note, never go to BP for gas. It’s always in a black area, the gas is always more expensive, and the stores are sh*tty. I have no idea why BP seems to hang out in the worst areas.

    • I’ve noticed that Chick-fil-A commercials this year have invariably featured the selfless, non-threatening negroes that surely must exist everywhere else but where I happen to be at any given moment.

    • I’ve not tried a Royal Farms, nor from today’s account, would I wish to. I’m a frequent Wawa user in my (relatively) Caucasian part of Florida. As good as it is, it is put to shame by QT (QuikTrip) which are primarily in the Midwest. Sheetz was another junk food/mini truck stop concept.

      • Which QTs have you been to?? I used to live in QT territory, and it was full of losers, homeless, and thieves. Wawa is much better.

        • Mostly the ones in the better suburbs of KCMO. Usually the quality of the clientele can be inferred from a store’s immediate neighborhood. I generally choose the nicer looking places when I travel, if I have a choice. I’ll bet a lot of people do. Funny, in rural areas along the old roads, even the very old country stores usually are competently run by Whites, even if they don’t have the latest glass and stainless steel decor. A couple pickups at the pumps, or similar parked in front of a hole in the wall restaurant is actually a welcome sight to this wayfarer even if he is not strictly “country” himself.

    • I assumed that CFA had some sort of certainly unwritten but real policy of hiring chipper white teenagers, or at least avoiding the ghetto denizens or the mayans that now feature prominently at every other fast-food location. Actually, I figured this was the key to their success as while their food is good, it’s not so amazing as to justify the parade of minivans that circle each restaurant every afternoon. My initial thought was that CFA paid more than other fast food joints and as such could be picky, though I have no idea how they managed to pull off disparate impact hiring without consequence. Anyway, the lesson of CFA is that the same people of will litter their yard to signal that Hate Has No Home Here will pay top-dollar to avoid having to interact with the Diversity, even to the point of scanning/bagging their own groceries.

    • Colored folk have a thing about royalty and status, therefore the “ Royal Farms” moniker.

      Remember, Dey wuz Kangs!

      • don’t know if this is true or not, but i was talking to a black guy once, and he told me the name “Leroy” was derived from the French phrase “le roi” – which means “the king” 🙂

    • The CFA wife and I lunch at now and then is a model of courtesy and efficiency. Their drive-through operation is worth an MBA thesis.

  39. To your point about getting people back to work, it’s a little different in software development. What was realized was the developers were able to work just fine from home. As a developer, it is immediately revealed if you are not getting your work done. There’s no code if you aren’t. Instead what was realized is the deep layers of management were found to be completely useless. At my current wokeness center the managers all panicked and couldn’t wait to “get back to the office”. Everything functioned perfectly fine WITHOUT these people, so naturally they begged for return in a desperate attempt to prove their existence mattered. Another interesting occurrence at my company is the hiring of more useless HR banshees. Our entire HR department is diversity hires and one white girl who has her “she/her” pronouns proudly on display. They are beyond inept. Not a single transition to systems or payroll managers has gone well. They can’t seem to do anything right, but my company is ecstatic that 62% of it is “diverse”, quality and production be damned.

    Being a programmer for over 25 years I’ve never had much use for middle management. They were useless day care managers who seemed to always be searching for something to justify their existence. Covid came along and destroyed all of that.

    • I thought a coder’s most important task was keeping their JIRA tickets updated in real-time?

      • That was something our esteemed managers felt the need to do. Tap you on your shoulder and make sure you updated the JIRA board with your ticket progress.

        • In the projects I worked on Management literally tracked progress by how many comments a developer wrote, and how long they were.

          Do I need to iterate the project failed and was scrapped, costing the company tens of millions?

        • At least you’re not stuck with a female project engineering manager who reflexively fires off a list of 8 to 10 questions in response to my status updates where 50% of my replies are,

          “Yes, as stated in the prior email.”

    • I agree Tired Citizen. The Software industry has always struggled to find good managers. Often the traits that make a great engineer make a terrible manager, but the best engineer gets promoted as the reward. Moreover, real engineers don’t need a manager. At most they need a natural leader to arbitrate technical disputes, and often that arises naturally.

      I have had two good managers in my career. The worst are the sub-continentals who are deeply insecure and are trying to prove they are the best engineer. They inevitably reduce themselves to, “is this done yet?” automatons stuck in an infinite loop. A couple have gone sideways unethical and to cover for ineptitude in properly managing the team and enabling it with resources, blamed the team or a team lead for missing dates.

      The industry compounded this management problem by being the tip of the spear in developing the Cult of Woke.

      It isn’t just huge categories of jobs that are useless, there are entire fields, businesses and industries that are useless. I better go make myself useful. The calendar is clear today, so no useless time syncs known as meetings to inhibit productive activity.

  40. People who work in the trades are going to have the last laugh here. Their services are almost always in demand and they can’t be readily outsourced the way manufacturing jobs can/have.

    • I feel like more people are hearing this message. I would not be surprised at all if we see white college attendance down in favor of trades in the coming decades.

      • I think that’s already happening. At the high school in my town this year’s graduatiing class had fewer going to college than since forever. It was well under 50% and it was white kids not just minorities. And this is a majority white school.

        I think the school is trying to adjust its curriculum to reflect this now too. Now if they could just get rid of sports.

    • As indispensable as trades are, they are still hugely dependent upon a very long supply chain. Anecdotally I know of small businessmen who have been warned that lead times for orders for what used to be routine (perhaps one month) are now six months or more. Supply chain uncertainty, I assume. Beyond resource scarcity, I expect this may be due to accelerating inflation. I recall from an economics text that the modern (e.g. late 20th century) private sector basically operates on 30 day credit. Anything more than very trivial inflation throws a monkey wrench into that. That’s a problem the West really hasn’t seen since the early 1980s. Serious inflation guarantees more frequent price hikes. Even someone who’s never been in business can understand why no sane firm will give a price guarantee to his downline customer when he suspects his upline may jack up prices ten percent.

      Sure, the plumber will be glad to install you a new toilet, but he’s not sure when one will be available.

    • The fly in that ointment may turn out to be parts availability, and the quality of those parts. Guess who will get blamed for delays in repairs, or deficiencies in those repairs arising from parts quality issues.

    • Maniac: I think a lot depends on what one’s future expectations are. Most of my husband’s casual friends/acquaintances – and even some older closer friends – are convinced that everything will always go on as it has, and thus got their kids on track to succeed according to the old rules. Kids all went to college, got technical/professional degrees at ‘good schools,’ made connections, and are doing well financially. They’re the foot soldiers of the cloud people. Of course they’re all vaxxed, too, but what effect that will have will play out over the next decade or so.

      Not to make excuses for the failings of my sons – one isn’t college material and the other one was more than capable but utterly uninterested – but we don’t assume the system will continue as constituted past the next 5-10 years max. As usual, no specific prognostications, just a belief that what cannot continue indefinitely will not. Money printing, population replacement, vaxx deaths, global supply chains breaking, green insanity – whatever it is, we are convinced some combination of these things will cease to function in any meaningful way in our lifetime. Whether it’s ‘collapse’ or the Panopticon, who knows.

      So we are trying to position ourselves (and our kids and our friends) for a different future. One that doesn’t involve college degrees and computer work, but tangible things and real labor. While others plan cruises and Disneyland vacations, we have different goals. Not really accurate to claim we’re not hoping for things to fail, because we consider Klown World satanic and want to see it destroyed, but we’re planning alternative strategies for when/if others’ normalcy bias proves . . . misguided.

  41. Working in an all black environment is awful as a white. You end up very anti social because all of your daily interactions are torturous.

  42. I have heard a couple of elite type people talk about what to do with workers when automation happens. At one, the main concern was about what happens to the white collar workers in make work jobs. The people in fast food, gas stations type jobs were never even mentioned, even though that is where it is happening the fastest. A lot of them seem to hope China figures this out first and then they can copy their example. You have to remember the people at the top are hoping to eventually upload their consciousness to the internet to achieve some sort of bizarre immortality. Nothing is going to convince them to put the brakes on any of this.

    • Harari has repeatedly stated on the record, “…keep them sedated with drugs, games, and pr0n.”

    • Tyler Cowen suggested the left half of the bell curve will be sedated with video games and cheap carbohydrates.

    • > What happens to the people in fast food, gas stations following job automation?

      They can go back home to their countries of origin.

      • From your mouth to Gods ear.

        And what’s the deal with not saying “Please” and “Thank You”?

        Is that a white thing as well?


        • Bartleby: Short answer: Yes. Along with staying to the right when entering/exiting a building so as not to crash into others, or putting a cart back rather than leaving it to block others’ cars, or waiting one’s turn, or not holding up a line, or . . .

          Save your daily courtesies for those who deserve them – i.e. non-woke White people.

    • “Nothing is going to convince them to put the brakes on any of this.”

      Lack of a reliable source of electricity–already a daily reality in a LOT of places–will put the brakes on a lotta stuff. Maybe a lot sooner than anybody now imagines.

    • ” You have to remember the people at the top are hoping to eventually upload their consciousness to the internet to achieve some sort of bizarre immortality. Nothing is going to convince them to put the brakes on any of this.”

      Agreed, and this exasperates more than anything else. Listening to people (who are filled with so much self-loathing that they fantasize about becoming non-human) then airily state that others are ‘non-essential’ or ‘useless’ is beyond the pale. Where do they get off creating conditions of planned obsolescence and then arguing that they best that can be done is to dope people up? The hubris is breathtaking.

  43. I had this wacky idea that one result of the lockdowns might be the realization by a lot of women that their time would be better spent staying home with the kids.

    I know, I’m an idiot.

    • Elites are blaming part of the labor workforce shortages on that trend. It has happened but not to the degree that is should. Homeschooling rates have stayed elevated also from their initial spike during Covid.

      • My daughter’s gloriously white parochial school, which has been walking a tightrope of survival forever, got an influx of students in the fall of 2020 because it was the only school in the area that promised 5 days a week of in-person classes. The expectation was that at the end of the year the tide would go out and enrollment would drop. It didn’t happen. It seems that once most parents got a taste of normalcy they preferred to keep their kids out of the blackboard jungle.

    • The problem is that most modern women have been propagandized to the point where they view their kids as an, “impediment,” to their lifestyle.

      Because of this, most modern women are indifferent to, or even hate their children.

      • > The problem is that most modern women have been propagandized to the point where they view their kids as an, “impediment,” to their lifestyle.

        Were they propagandized into it, or is this the natural state of desire for females following liberation?

        Maybe what we’ve always taken for granted as women’s “maternal instinct” was really the result of thousands of years of “propaganda” designed to make girls idealize and favor motherhood?

        • This has been my recent minor crisis in faith.

          It seems to me that most women were overjoyed to get away from kids and commitment to a single man.

          With the amplification of social media, even a below average woman can encourage a group of beta admirers to pay attention to and praise her.

          It seems like they prefer to jump to a new man a few times a year over a committed relationship. They seem to value novelty and flattery more than bonding.

          Ultimately, woman are almost infinitely moldable so it doesn’t matter that much, but I used to like to believe that our group had what would most satisfy most women. Now I have my doubts.

    • ” … the realization by a lot of women that their time would be better spent staying home with the kids.”

      I remember Neil Cavuto interviewing a woman live on his broadcast during the pox–she had her two kids sitting in her lap–and he asked her in a very “concerned” tone of voice, “How’re you holding up?”

      It was obvious that, to him, her situation–her own children on her lap–was dire.

  44. Today’s post can’t help but make me think of the elites reportedly calling everyday people “useless eaters”….excess deaths since the vaxx rollout….myocarditis cases in kids and young adults…..increases in miscarriages….embalmers reporting weird blood clots….a mandated vaxx that’s neither safe nor effective….I could go on and on…

    • Hey, my spy phone tells me every single day that the vax is safe, effective and saving millions of lives!

    • Had a covo with a 20 something the other day. Kept referring to humanity as an “invasive species.”

      Alarming acceptance of truly evil rhetoric. Invasive species must be culled by any mean necessary for the health of the ecosystem, after all.

      Explained to him that falling birth rates are a disaster: China on track to decline to the 700 million range by 2100. Excluding Africa, the whole world is like that.

      The inverted population pyramid will be heavily weighted with billions of unproductive led people on the top, and a very resentful (and small) group of young people on the bottom who have to care for them

      Who are embracing the idea that humanity is an invasive species.

      This could get really ugly, really quick.

      • There are some hard truths here:

        Human beings ARE an invasive species. More humans = more demand on resources. There are limits.

        A large fraction of the population really are useless, by any reasonable definition of “non-essential” or “non-productive.”

        And finally, in the extreme case, there is no guarantee that the young (productive) would be willing, or even able, to take care of the drones.

        Feel free to down vote me. To my knowledge, nothing I’ve said here should be controversial. The world will face some very tough times ahead, and I doubt there is any easy way out.

        • To classify humans as an invasive species is to imply that our world belongs to someone/something else and that we’re uninvited. At least tell us who or what we’ve invaded.

      • There is no more useless eater than someone aged 70+.

        As the boomers aborted 1/3rd of their pregnancies, well, what goes around comes around.

        As I’ve noted before, being born in 1980, it is a minor miracle that I exist, given that 1/3rd of pregnancies were terminated that year. 70% of those by white women.

        There has never been a more dangerous place than the inside of a boomer woman’s uterus. I sometimes wonder if the likelihood of survival would have been higher for a baby crawling across no man’s land at Verdun.

        Now that these old hags and their enabling sex partners are “inconvenient”, let’s see what happens.

        • “There is no more useless eater than someone aged 70+.”

          This is something an 18-year-old who thinks he will stay 18 forever would say.

          Hint: you won’t stay 18 forever.

      • not just in sweden; UK, germany, australia too. maybe more countries i haven’t heard about. and the drops are in double digits of percentage.

  45. I confirmed my suspicions by searching “royal farms fight” on You Tube. Ultraviolence abounds.

    You can say “Royal Farms” in exactly the same intonation that our melanated brethren say “World Star”. I wonder if that is coincidence or marketing brilliance.

    • I had never heard of them and checked their website. I see most of the Royal Farms stores are open 24 hours. Who are they still getting to work the graveyard shift at a place like this? They don’t have any wages listed on their job listings so we can’t tell what they have to pay to get someone to come in and work that shift now.

    • It’s funny because when I pulled up their site I exclaimed “Wait, I’ve been there, but I don’t remember it being vibrant”. Turns out though I’d actually been to their White competitor, Cumberland Farms (unrelated even though their buildings, websites, etc all seem the same; only so many ways to slice that Quick-E-Mart sandmich I guess).

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