Welcome To The New Rome

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Imagine you agree to play a game with someone and the first rule of the game is that your opponent sets the rules of the game and he can change the rules whenever he likes for any reason he likes. That would mean that no matter your mastery of the rules, you must always lose the game because your opponent will simply change the rules whenever necessary. You would spend all of your time learning rules that keep changing to put you at a disadvantage.

Similarly, imagine that you decide to build a house on another man’s property, without getting a fixed agreement on your use rights. Since the landowner could at any time tell you to remove your house or even deny you access to it, the focus of your life must be making sure that you are in good standing with the landowner. While technically the house is yours, in reality he sets the rules for how you use it. Like the game example above, your life is about complying with changing rules.

This is the situation for professional Christians. They have agreed to allow their opponents to set the rules of the moral framework. Like the guy building a house on another man’s land, they have built their church on progressive land. The professional Christian must always get permission to use his church. Or like the game example, he must spend his time making sure the tenets of his faith comport with the changing morality of the prevailing the moral framework.

You see it in this rather bizarre post at First Things. There are two main assertions made in the post. One is that racism, and the mythological concept of white supremacy, are the worst things possible. The other point is that it is the duty of Christians to purge those accused of these sins from the ranks of the political Right. To make this point, he piles on a guy named Thomas Achord, a headmaster of a private classical Christian academy, who was accused of blasphemy by the Left.

A feature of professional Christianity is to not only abandon a fellow Christian attacked by the enemies of the faith, but to also rush to the front of the line of bigots taking turns kicking the accused. Here is the execrable Rod Dreher taking some self-righteous shots at Thomas Achord. Like David French, Rod Dreher never misses an opportunity to promote his own virtue. He is who Emerson had in mind when he said, “The more he spoke of his virtue, the faster we counted the spoons.”

Note that Christian mercy never comes up when the Left starts howling for the blood of a Christian accused of violating the progressive faith. Professional Christians are like a pack of wild dogs. As soon as they sense a member of the pack is weak, they pounce on the poor fellow, tearing him to pieces. One cannot help but wonder if this behavior is solely to please the Left. Many of them, like Dreher and French, seem to take pleasure in these sadistic rituals.

Of course, the reason that professional Christians rush out these condemnations whenever one of their own has violated progressive dogma is to let the people holding the other end of the leash know they are a good boy. For professional Christians, what matters is remaining in good standing with the Left. These ritualized condemnations are a public act of piety – progressive piety. It is an affirmation that Christian piety must always rest on the moral foundations of the Left.

Another example of this sort vulgarity is this self-published video from Anglican priest in Nova Scotia Canada. If not for the collar, one would be forgiven for thinking Father Ed Trevors is a weirdo from the grievance studies department. In the description of this tantrum, he makes sure to post his pronouns. One thing missing from his public act of piety is a reference to Scripture. Like all Anglican priests, he is probably unfamiliar with the foundation text of his church.

Putting aside the vulgarity of these displays, the premise of the argument in that First Things article is anything but a Christian argument. Jesus Christ had plenty of chances to state his opinions about racism and white supremacy. He had nothing to say on the matter. His disciples wrote and spoke about the full range of the human dilemma but never bothered to mention anything about racism. Scripture is silent on the issue of race and the moral claims around it.

The reason for this is that these are entirely novel concepts conjured in the last century for purely political reasons. Even those on the winning side of the American Civil War lacked the racism concept. Lincoln famously said, “there is a physical difference between the white and black races that will for ever forbid the two races from living together on terms of social and political equality.” He repeated these claims throughout the Civil War to audiences on his side.

Now, there are people who will cherry pick lines from Scripture claiming that Jesus was very much opposed to racism. Never mind that the concept did not exist in the age of Jesus and his language lacked words for the concept. Even if one can make these leaps of logic, the reason for doing so is to make Christian morality match progressive morality, in order to please the people controlling public morality. Those who bothered to read their Bible should be thinking of Matthew 6:24 right now.

In fairness, the professional Christian can argue that Christians must live in this world and that means navigating around secular moral claims. That is clearly not what we are seeing with these people. Instead, their Christianity is just part of the sales pitch they use to convince Christian people to embrace secular morality. Once you accept this new class of sins as far worse than those in your theology, you have subordinated your theology to those creating the new class of sins.

Arguably the most challenging thing is this age is to be a Christian. Your enemies control the commanding heights of Western society. Your friends are always looking for a way to profit from their alleged defense of you. It is a good reminder that all moral frameworks must stand alone. In the case of Christianity, it means the logic of the faith must stand outside of and often opposed to the prevailing orthodoxy. Christianity now finds itself where it started. Welcome to the new Rome.

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228 thoughts on “Welcome To The New Rome

  1. I’m Irish ☘️ Catholic, raised Latin Rite Trad Cath …and this is HILARIOUS 😂.
    “ Like the guy building a house on another man’s land, they have built their church on (Protestant) land..”

    I have no advice to offer , just welcome to the party pal.


  2. Dreher and his ilk are not “professional Christians.” First Things magazine is not a “Christian publication.” These are professional leftists who don the guise of Christianity to create a safe haven out of which they can sally forth and publicly deconstruct actual, Biblical Christianity. They substitute the Current Thing, which is now “racism/anti-racism” for doctrinaire Biblical Christianity. I have remarked rather frequently that “racism” is nowhere mentioned in the Bible, Old Testament or New. Jesus never once mentioned racism or racial politics in His teaching. He was a Jew by lineage, inasmuch as His He and His Father had “chosen” that line to use as Their conduit into the human race in order to redeem it from its fallen state. Jews were “chosen” for this and only this purpose. They have misconstrued this “choosing” to mean they are “special,” or somehow elevated in status in God’s eyes, clearly not the case. He did make certain promises to them and He will keep His promises, but unless a Jew accepts Jesus as the Messiah, their “chosen” status will not save them from eternal damnation. There is only one way to obtain eternal life in paradise, and that is to accept Jesus as one’s Lord and Savior and live accordingly. Obviously He called us to love one another, so hatred for one’s fellow human is anti-Christian, whether on an individual or a racial basis, but nowhere are we called to give deference to other “races.” God finds it perfectly acceptable for human beings to prefer to spend their lives among others who share their ethnic heritage, language, and other attributes and He never once suggested that it was sinful to do so. I take this to mean that I may not hate blacks, hispanics, Jews, Lithuanians or Chinese ethnic groups nor the individuals comprising those groups, or any other groups of people, but it is perfectly acceptable for me to prefer to live my life among my own particular group. Moreover, whereas it has become fashionable to say that “God is love,” to the exclusion of His other attributes, it is also quite clear from Scripture the God can and does hate some things with a divine passion. So it is equally true that God is hate in certain contexts. The leftists who have usurped Biblical Christianity fail to acknowledge this, and are therefore heretics of the first magnitude. Thus, the antidote to this leftist pseudo-Christianity is not paganism, nor atheism, nor any other “ism,” but true Biblical Christianity.

  3. I was going to steer clear of this topic, as I’m an atheist, but I can’t help saying that it’s surprising that there is significant overlap between Christians and conservatives. What the latter want to conserve of course is the earlier state of their civilisation in which things went their way, which was a period unadulterated by other ideologies. The left now dictate the terms of society, as Zed rightly says, and interpret Christian morality their way – essentially that ‘brotherhood’ relates to every human on earth rather than to those of the adjacent group (the latter is how the Bible seems to intend it).

    Presumably the right is increasingly envious of the Hebrews for having clung to, and fought for their own system down the centuries, rather than riding on the back of another group’s – by which I imply that the brand of conservative church-going that nurtured western civilisation, which (if they are honest) was largely virtue-signalling, has been riding on the back of a leftist (that is, meekist) system all along.

    I’m just surprised that anyone is surprised at the way this has gone. The right is going to need other arguments rather than Christian morality.

    • The Christians don’t like hearing this, but Christianity operates under the same mind parasite principle as Wokeism: regurgitate elementary school level morality (be nice to people) as if it was their own invention to suck the women in, then use peer pressure to conform to the herd to take over, finally demonize anyone who doesn’t conform as devil-worshippers.

      The Christians are just salty because the Wokies are doing it better, they have younger people who jumped on all the butt stuff as an extension to the “be nice to people” moralizing. Just like Bill Maher crabbing because he got too old and started missing the memos on the daily changes to Current Thing. The pastors at least have figured this out and are trying to at least ape the Wokies to stay relevant, the problem of course being that some people notice when your two-thousand year old inviolable beliefs are being rewritten every week.

      Note while you beat on that frowny face button that what I’m NOT saying is that there weren’t serious Christian thinkers and philosophers. What I am saying is that the average Christian gets his conception of ethics from Veggie Tales, just like the average Jew gets his ethics from Fiveish (seriously, google that one), and the average Wokie gets zirs ethics from Bert snowballing Ernie. There’s no path out of this either, the only possible solution to our problems is to invent a compelling cartoon character that isn’t advocating for the extinction of our people.

  4. They continued rejecting his regulations and his covenant that he had made with their forefathers and his reminders that he had given to warn them, and they kept following worthless idols and became worthless themselves, imitating the nations all around them that Jehovah had commanded them not to imitate. 2 Kings 17:15

    From our end ‘becoming just like the world’ is almost the antithesis of comittment to a God who explicetly demands exclusive devotion and the woke/modern world is a jealous mistress.

    From their end ‘becoming just like them’ is the definition of the salt that has lost its flavour and is worthy of nothing but being thrown aside. Why pick up religious baggage that provides zero benefit?

    There will always be a pull from the darkness to draw people, institutions and regulations away from the light and it is only determined consistent dedication in the direction of the light that will stem the tide.

    No matter which system of interpretation you apply to the Book of Revelation one thing you can’t get past is that Jesus Christ is not even remotely a fan of lukewarm…

  5. I have a gay buddy out in California who cals me his favorite bigot. I’ll tell them all they’re spreading AIDS, monkey pox, and grooming children to make more of them. Any Christian who supports or massages this movement, well Jesus said “it’d be better if a millstone was tied around their neck and they were thrown into the sea.”

  6. Christ was clearly a segregationist in the sense of recognizing distinctions among people. “Give not that which is holy to dogs; neither cast ye your pears before swine.” (Mt 7:6) And, “It is not good to take the bread of the children, and to cast it to the dogs.” (Mt 15:26)
    Whether this is an oblique approbation of racism or nationalism is a matter of interpretation; but it is clearly not a condemnation.

  7. The closest thing I recall reading in the Bible regarding racial prejudice was Numbers 12, that time Aaron and Miriam spoke against Moses for marrying an Ethiopian woman. Yet God didn’t seem to care about that. Instead he got angry with them for presuming to be on the same level as Moses. Then he gave Miriam leprosy. My interpretation is that what really was motivating them was envy of Moses’ special relationship with God, and the wife was just an excuse.

  8. Apostasy among supposed believers is not a new thing in the Church. First century apostates could avoid persecution by offering a pinch of incense to a statue of Caesar. Today’s “Judeo-Christians” would have us literally “bend a knee” to the damnable behavior of George Floyd and the questionable myth of Anne Frank.

    Jesus complained that the Pharisees were adding their own teachings to Law of Moses. How is this any different when “woke” seminaries add weird new concept of “white fragility” to ancient core doctrines of the Christian faith? Heresy is the term used to describe those who dilute biblical teachings with false beliefs. One of the earliest and deadliest heresies, called Arianism, denied the divinity of Christ. Isn’t it ironic when today’s white Christians deny blood guilt for the social dysfunction of black people they are slandered by the epithet of Nazism (our “N word)?

    Perhaps a better epithet would be “Aryanism.”

  9. Speaking of religions. A religion and the stories it contains encodes a depth of meaning across many dimensions. Its value, like any true work of art, lies in this encoding of truths, contradictions and paradoxes and their associated contexts. This encoding allows a truth in one context that is a falsehood in another to be transmitted quickly. It also encodes the fundamental truths that hold across any context. The other value is in providing moral authority and moral conviction to a people. The all powerful that proceeded all of our ancestors and will succeed all of our posterity gave us this wisdom, these warnings, these remedies, these rites of remembrance. Do them as performative orthodoxy and you will fall. Do them with intention and a seeker of wisdom, and you will flourish. Even if that wisdom is the human encoding put into the words and deed of God it contains something very valuable. The alpha and the omega. Much pre-historic to 10th century pagan knowledge was absorbed by Christianity as was its expression of artistic brilliance and beauty. We can extract and hold to that along with the pagan rites embedded from Greece and Italia, and reject the sad sack from Judea. I think we must.

    As for the new religion of the regime, it has a problem. It is a house built of sand on sand. It is based on falsehoods and all things that give offense to the reality we call nature. Totalitarians become that way, because dragging all down is a far better alternative to going down alone as the icebergs of reality are struck and the sand takes on water.

    Funny ad I just saw that was a quite good ad. It was for a joint MIT/NASA/Heavy-Industry project to train systems architects/engineers. All of the real people who were teaching were our people – people who look like us and have our surnames. The lone actor – a man putting chips into a motherboard with tweazers, was … drumroll as you guess the race … ? Yes! A black man. You see, the reason Galileo discovered gravity is because he saw people who look like him on TV. Same is true for von Neuman, Pascal, Ford, Rockefeller, Carnegie, Edison, Moore, Lampson …

    Now, says the regime, we are going to show people, exclusively inclusively, on TV and, magically, after we also lower the standards of education, they will appear in the roles in real life because they saw portrayals of this on TV. Obama-Boom-Shaka-Ba-Kaka Booly-Boom Kaka-Boomy Bom Bom and maaaaaagic – Kango Wokosi seal spell with drinking rhino blood and say …. magic lightscreen watching make my people Jet system architect! KGGGGGGGG!!!! What was that? We took an iceberg on the starboard bow. Yes, but my uterus is gone so we’ll be fine! No! That scares me. Shut up! Where is the First Officer of Trust and Safety? Here I am Fluffer Colonbait zhe/zher! Well, I am the 321st Officer of Trust and Safety, but don’t worry. Icebergs aren’t real! Oh good! Thank you!

    ZMan keeps warning about the coming loss of human capital. Most of the people in that video were elderly. Beware of icebergs. Crack the books. Turn off the TV. Make reality in reality.

  10. As a rational human being, if I have “a loyalty” to anything, it is first and foremost to “the truth”: to developing an accurate understanding of the world around me.

    My sole commitment should be— not to some preconceived ideology or dogma which for whatever reason appeals to me— but to discerning what is true.

    I should believe what I believe— not because my beliefs make me feel good, or because I was taught them as a child, or because everyone else around me believes them, or because believing them leads to results which I consider desirable— but rather, because I have seen sufficient evidence to allow me to reasonably conclude that they are true; are congruent with observable reality.

    Thus the first question we should ask about any belief, is: ‘Is this in fact true? What is the evidence that this is true? Is the evidence offered in support of this belief sufficiently strong to justify my believing in it?’

    Anytime anyone is believing something on the basis of insufficient evidence— anytime anyone is believing something because they need to, or because they want to, and not because the facts have led to them there— what they are engaging-in is not reason-based belief, but *superstition*

    And a subjective ‘spiritual experience’ does not suffice as evidence. To say ‘I know this is true because I prayed about it and God told me it was true’ does not constitute reasonable and sufficient evidence for believing it.

    > And for anyone claiming to be a Christian, the evidence for their beliefs can only come from the Bible. That’s because the Bible is the sole source of the Christian narrative. Without the Bible, Christianity would not exist.

    Thus a belief that the Bible represents “God’s word”— that in some very real sense, God inspired (“breathed in”) or otherwise dictated the words of the Bible to its human authors— is the only reasonable basis for Christian belief. And that’s what the Bible itself claims to be, that’s how the Biblical text describes itself: as the self-revelation of the Being who created the Universe.

    > And once that initial assertion is granted— once we accept the possibility that the Bible is God’s word— pointing to what the Bible says is a reasonable way to justify our beliefs.

    So for someone to say, ‘I’m a Christian, but I don’t believe the Bible is God’s word’, represents a fundamental contradiction in terms. Because the Bible is the sole source of the Christian narrative, ‘Christianity without the Bible’ is a meaningless concept: since without the Bible, Christianity would not exist.

    Thus anyone with any sense can see that so-called ‘progressive Christianity’ is based on a profound logical contradiction: on the one hand, they claim to be Christian, and to believe that the Bible is God’s word— while on the other hand, they reject key elements of Biblical teaching.

    The Bible, in both the Old and New Testaments, describes homosexuality as not merely unnatural, but as “an abomination to God”. The book of Revelation clearly states that sexual deviants of all sorts will not go to Heaven.

    So progressive churches, which preach that homosexuality is perfectly acceptable to God— while also claiming to believe that the Bible is God’s word— are not only being illogical and unreasonable, they are calling God a liar; or at the very least, asserting that God was seriously mistaken regarding the fundamental nature of the humans he created.

    Likewise, churches which preach feminism and women’s equality; they can only do so by rejecting the clearly stated mandate in the New Testament for male headship.

    Thus so-called ‘progressive Christians’ are saying in effect: ‘I accept that the Bible was inspired by the God who spoke the Universe into being; and who created everything in existence, including me and my brain; yet I am at the same time purporting to correct this Almighty God. I in my human wisdom realize what God didn’t: that homosexuality is perfectly normal and wonderful, and that ‘patriarchy’ is a terrible thing that must be gotten rid of.’

    > Personally, I don’t believe that the Christian narrative is true; so I believe that all Christians are mistaken.

    But I respect ‘fundamentalist’ Christians for at least being true to their holy book; for accepting what the Bible clearly states.

    > Whereas so-called ‘progressive Christians’ are not only believing in something that isn’t true, they are doing so in a completely illogical and hypocritical manner: claiming on the one hand that the Bible is Gods word, written by the Supreme Being who created the entire Universe; but then on the other hand, claiming to know more than God; to be right about things that God was wrong about.

    Whatever they may say, clearly their loyalty is to political correctness, and not to the God they claim to believe in.

    • And for anyone claiming to be a Christian, the evidence for their beliefs can only come from the Bible. That’s because the Bible is the sole source of the Christian narrative. Without the Bible, Christianity would not exist.

      So for the first couple hundred years or so, before the canon was decided upon by the Church, Christianity didn’t exist? I think you got it backwards – without Christianity, Scripture would not exist. You needed Christianity to even determine what Scripture is. Otherwise any fool could say any fool thing was “Scripture” – just like the Book of Mormon.

      • And in the early days, Christianity was a group of eyewitnesses who saw Jesus both before and after his resurrection and were willing to be tortured to death proclaiming His divinity

    • In this moment, the real Bill is euphoric. Not because of any phony god’s blessing, but because he is enlightened by his own intelligence.

    • There’s not really a contradiction in the case of the Anglicans because most of their leadership are atheists. A few are Muslims. This has been the case for decades.
      Many other progressive churches are the same.
      I’m not picking on the Proddies here; there have also been atheist popes.
      I agree with Bill – if you’re going to be religious, go big or go home. This pretend religion we have nowadays is not helping anyone.

  11. There’s a lot to unpack here, especially having to do with the left’s habit of playing bait-and-switch with definitions.

    If you use the “bait” definition of racism, as given to us all sometime around 1950, approximately: “Hatred of another human being exclusively and entirely for the color of their skin and no other reason whatsoever”, then yes, there probably *is* something un-Christian about that – not to mention irrational and unreasonable. But I don’t know *anybody* who does that, not even the most intense internet racists.

    People don’t avoid blacks because they have a certain skin tone, but because blacks are deeply prone to (often violent) dysfunction, and no sane person wants to spend time around dysfunction.

    That brings us to the “switch” definition of racism, which is approximately “Noticing obvious tendencies among certain genetically disparate groups of humans, and using this knowledge to avoid danger and dysfunction as best one can”. There’s nothing un-Christian about that.

    Again, as ZMan says, don’t let your enemy define the terms of your debate – once you do, there’s no way to win.

    • Right: what you’re describing is the difference between “racism”— hating all members of a particular race, or assuming that all members of a particular race are stereotypically alike— versus “race realism”: the fact-based realization that— considered as a group— Blacks are fundamentally different than Whites in certain demonstrable ways.

      As a race realist, I realize that, although the generalizations about Blacks are demonstrably true— that, considered as a group, Blacks are indeed
      more impulsive, more violent, and more criminal, than are other racial groups— it’s also true that knowing this doesn’t necessarily tell me anything about the particular Black person standing in front of me.

      My race realist understanding can tell me what’s *likely* to be true, but not what is *in fact* true, in any particular individual instance. For that I need to take a closer look.

      • I’m not going to tolerate your weird capitalizations, dude, and no race realist would. Shog off with that noise.

      • Maybe I’m jaded from all my years reading Steve Sailer, but I find race realism a cop out.

        “I’m not racist. I’m a race realist” avoids the hard decision: Do you have a people?

        Pretty much all the commentators at Sailer are race realist but also find any form of white identity or any identity abhorrent. They are above it all, so to speak. They are simply race-aware but colorblind civic nationalists. And like libertarians, they will stab you in the back in a heartbeat.

        You have to go beyond race realism and decide if you have a people or not. Again, that doesn’t mean hating other peoples, but it does mean that you choose a team, however you define that.

        The Sailer crowd can’t answer the simple question of “Who are your people?” They’ll say that we don’t need to make that choice, that we can be aware of racial differences but treat each people as an individual.

        But that’s not how multi-racial societies work. That’s not how nature works. Other races do view themselves as part of a people and work to promote and protect that people. By choosing to avoid being a part of a people, you’re, in essence, surrendering, albeit without having to admit it to yourself.

        I’m not saying that this is your attitude. I’m saying that I don’t trust people who say that they’re a race realist until they also say whether they believe in having a people.

    • My New World Dictionary of American English Third College Edition (1990s) defines racism as: “(1) a doctrine or teaching, without scientific support, that claims to find racial difference in character, intelligence, etc. that asserts the superiority of one race over another or others, and that seeks to maintain the supposed purity of a race or the races; (2) any program or practice that of racial discrimination, segregation, etc. based on such beliefs.”

      There’s a lot to unpack there. Consider for instance the clause “without scientific support.” Does the author implicitly assert that no such basis exists? Most likely. But what happens if there IS, in fact, scientific evidence? All of us here probably are in this second category. No matter, I consider their definition (1) overly restrictive. In my opinion, to assert rank ordering among races is sufficient.

  12. Deuteronomy 32:8

    “When the Most High gave the nations their inheritance,
    When He separated the sons of man,
    He set the boundaries of the peoples
    According to the number of the sons of Israel.”

    So… God mandated borders between peoples.

    Race is just tribe writ large.

  13. great post, Z. I’d only add that this genteel professor guy in Frist Tings never cites what the de-anonymized Twitterman said that was so objectionable. It is just *endless* throat-clearing and tsk-tsking from a high-born Christian College Teacher afeared of the “tawdry” — and meandering and difficult to concentrate on all the way through; doesn’t Fist Thing pay an editor? — so I had to go to Dreher for the heresy deets. (Which disappointed me in both accuser and accused, e.g. that weird apology about liking Mexican restaurants. Never apologize, kids.) Dreher reminds me more of Helen Lovejoy from “The Simpsons.” It was the reverse inside-baseball situation where I learned too much about this non-scandal to process effectively.

    For “intellectuals” so enamored of catechism this crew sure doesn’t know their 5 W’s. They do know Lenin’s 2 W’s though.

  14. The good thing about heresies is that they have a way of exposing and separating the goats from the sheep. That’s why I see the “woke” stuff as a weird sort of blessing in disguise. It is a harder test than the “prosperity gospel” or universalism, or really anything I’ve seen in my lifetime, for the simple reason that it plays off of a pathology very common in white people, which is white guilt.

    Many have already faltered, and I assume that many more will. It is to me the litmus test of our time, for Christians and non-Christians alike.. There is no other issue where the prevailing orthodoxy and the actual truth are more at odds, or where the consequences are more severe for violating the narrative.

  15. I don’t know about Catholicism, but one of the biggest obstacles in Protestantism is a large segment of people who already imagine themselves in heaven. “How I came to be saved.” So, even if you believe in scripture, you have no incentive to fight the good fight, because you’re already booked on the last flight out of Saigon, only to heaven instead of LA. I blame this squarely on “the Jesus movement” which is when degenerate hippies were through screwing each other and decided to start nesting and buying waterbeds. They never would have reached for a version of Christianity where perhaps they imagine themselves in hell. They needed a non-judgmental version that happened to be ready made by communist seminarians. That way, they could shower off their regrets like the mud at Woodstock and still have fond memories of getting plowed in every orifice while high on orange sunshine.

    What if, and this this a shock to the system, God retains judgement for himself and you don’t really have the key to the side gate of heaven?

    • Amen!!
      Am just finishing up volume 2 (of 3) of the collection of Rushdoony’s monthly “Chalcedon Reports” (spanning 39 years) and he has much to say about this and other topics frequently discussed here.
      Politics of Guilt and Pity is a major eye-opener.
      caution: prepare to have your faith challenged.


    • You don’t get to be part of the inner-platinum-select coffee clutch in today’s church unless you either adopt a black baby (more authenticity from Africa, like a Lexus vs a Toyota) or end up marrying an earthy black or brown person from some other country and spring it on your unsuspecting yet mostly non-judgmental parents like in “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner.” This is especially true for Mormons. You can have five kids, but kid #6 is going to be from Africa.

      • Southern Utah is my home, and I nibbled around the edges of my local ward for a half dozen years, did not join the church and backed away for the following reasons:
        They are a globalist church supporting illegals/open borders by providing ESL and other services/scholarships from tithing to illegals by the church, and by elder and young missionaries. The church donates millions to the refugee resettlement racket.
        Prior to the coof, the church Deseret Books catalogue first went gay twink (mag cover of gay twink feet in rainbow sox, pushing the book of one of an apostle’s brother who is gay. Then the Deseret Books went full blackity black, lots of pictures of nice white grandmothers in Alpine holding a white grandchild and a nappy haired grandchild. Been a few years of this. Love everybody-Be nice!
        The coof arrived and LDS Pres. Nelson shut the doors, sent everyone home and held church by zoom meetings for a year. LDS have a lot of tech folks so the zoom network fired right up. Because Pres. Nelson is the “prophet,” my lady friends claimed the prophet knew and was tapped by the Almighty the year before to start streamlining the church and pushing more family home evening studies and teaching their own families through revised church online resources. Pres. Nelson went all in on the peck-jab-shot, proclamation that all should be pecked and all should mask up. Some of my friends didn’t peck up and got a heap of scorn and discrimination from other pecked up LDS families.
        Prediction: Huntsman ownes the Salt Lake Tribune and the Huntsman/Romney cabal run articles in the Salt Lake Trib from high level Mormons for gun control. The next big fight. The church already, through their newsroom, came out for gun control. Southern Utah is armed to the teeth. I am concealed carry and had a “lovely purse” for such when attending local ward church. One must be prudent. The neighbor 3 blocks over has a big game magazine and runs hunting parties. Under the bus for you, buddy. Lot of old family names in this town. They mistakenly think this an intermountain church of their ilk. No, this is a globalist church beholding to the progressives described so well by Z in this article. Some of the sheep will be walloped awake. Some will be eaten.

  16. Even in places like California, churches pay zero property tax. Expect this to change, and within a few years. The state will develop “criteria” for keeping your exemption. I think we know that that criteria will be.

    Also, one unique feature about California is that it has a set of missions every 20 miles up the coast. You would expect these churches to be owned by that denomination, but they’re in reality owned by the state as historical monuments. The Catholic church is “allowed” to use them. Expect the next step to be an ultimatum from the state “if you still want to occupy these spaces, we’re decorating them in rainbow flags and we expect them to be open at certain times for QWERTY marriages.”

    The barn doors are wide open, the horse gone, so you can expect the state to mow down what’s left of organized religion in the bluest of places with half of every congregation applauding along the way.

    • Already started in Canada, churches need to sign a waiver affirming they are “pro choice” get grant money from the government to run summer camps.

      • Why would Canadian churches ask for government money to run summer camps, or for any other reason? Certainly they know strings will be attached to the money. What is wrong with those people?

    • the missions belonged to Spain, not the Catholic church. some of them were privately owned (after Spain) before becoming historic landmarks.

  17. Leftist “so-called” Christians are no more Christian than the free speech advocates of the 60s actually believed in free speech. Just as the latter viewed free speech as a tool to eventuate Leftist supremacy, Leftist “Christians” view Christianity and its churches as weapons to bring about the absolute triumph of Leftism. Alas, such deceivers control the vast majority of the mainline denominations. Diabolical forces are everywhere in the ascendant, even in the houses of the Lord.

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  20. Was I asleep when the so called conservative denominations came out fully opposed to this Republican supported gay marriage bill in Congress? Not a peep. If the preachers were smart and genuine, which nearly all are not, they would say “okay, given that marriage was always a religious institution we recommend boycotting declaring your marriage in a state contract (which only began around the mid 19th Century).

    Of course the biggest opposition to that would be the women in the congregation who like that extra legal tie down with marriage license. It means they still get to be good Christians (’til death do us part) but if they’re bored with their sex lives and start getting nailed by the guy at the gym, and decide that the marriage “just isn’t working” they get to throw the husband out of the house he’s paying for because of child custody.

    A friend of mine was just left by his woman. They have two kids but he never signed the state seal of approval. Strange thing happened. He found out that he got to keep his own house that he paid for and she’s finding out that she has no recourse and can’t take him for everything. She should have been nicer to him. You’re not the head of household unless you can evict your woman.

    • Hence the great reluctance of many millennials to marry–it’s betting against the odds with most women….

      • You give her a free put option so she can take half or more of your stuff at whim. Even pre-nups get into trouble in the goldenish state.

        • Marriage in the West is so degraded and dangerous for men that there are now manosphere commentators suggesting Western men go knock up a few gals in Latin America or SE Asia, send them a couple hundred a month, and visit them a couple times a year.

          • Ya know what will cure the degeneracy of the West? More degeneracy, plus miscegenation! Retarded boomers and their sex tourism.

          • Agree. If you really need to, pump and dump white women. You’ll eventually knock a few up desperate chicks in their 30s.

            It’s really not that hard, no reason to go to Asia to spawn your bastard kids.

            Of course none of those are ideal. But going to a foreign country and making mixed kids to single moms is literally the worst thing you can do, for everyone.

  21. Listened to the podcast on Friday, had some thoughts on it but couldn’t put it all together. Still can’t, guess it’ll have to simmer a while lol.

    Has to do with the tranny at the gas station getting me thinking about idealism after railing on materialism for so long. All of these idealists detached from reality yet clinging to stuff even if it kills them. Hard to make sense of what’s actually going on there.

    To tie it to this post, Jesus is the Word they say, but didn’t he embrace the flesh? Literally took a body, suffered, died, resurrected, commanded His followers to take up their crosses in turn. Something about the idea of being in the world but not of it, I think. I have a hard time thinking the faith is about transcending suffering, because I see all of these people trying to do that and it seems to lead most of them into suffering, confusion, atheism, mysticism, insanity, etc. Seems to me suffering is something you’re supposed to accept and go through, to get to that empty tomb. What’s peace, what’s overcoming? I’ve never gotten better except by not fearing failure and fighting through things. Hard sell, Idk.

    Then you have Marx, who’s known as a dialectical materialist, and he studied Hegel, who’s known as a German idealist. Materialism, idealism. Old stuff, maybe behind the times, that’s what I’ve grappled with for longer than I’d like. Or maybe it hasn’t been solved. The world’s nuts.

    Please excuse the rambling!

    • “Has to do with the tranny at the gas station…”

      I keep forgetting to mention a tranny of sorts who works at a local gas station. I say “of sorts” because it is obviously just a young, morbidly obese woman who decided that LARPing as a guy was easier than losing weight. Many such cases; they were a loser in a nation of losers but now they’re on the vanguard of the revolution just by phoning-it-in the rest of the way.

      • how is that different from an old fashioned “dyke”? those kinds have been around forever. didn’t used to get surgery or T injections though…

        • I’ve known dykes and there was clearly something chemically off there (which is why their claim of “born this way” wasn’t nothing). Nah this is just what would be a normal looking woman in the 6-7 range if she dropped 200, but, much easier to change her name to “Carl” and get a short (but not too short) haircut so that she can leave the door cracked open if a rich blind guy with a weird fetish comes through the place, I guess.
          A lot of these people were putting low-effort in to the rest of their lives so why would their “dramatic transformation” be any different.

          • “Be an elf. Be a Jew. Be a boxing kangaroo. Or beat yourself all black and blue. I don’t care.”
            — Alice Cooper 🙂

        • Just finished listening to a round table Jay Dyer was in, one of them said something to the effect that mutilating the body is part of destroying identity. Maybe reading too much into it, but if we’re all so malleable, why the need to mutilate? Couldn’t you be indifferent to it if it isn’t important? Isn’t that a tacit admission to the contrary?

          Again, maybe I’m dense, but isn’t it just a bunch of self-loathing people who want to destroy everything and everybody? Are they too cowardly to do it by themselves?

          All this business about freedom, peace, coming together, equality, etc., strikes me as the peace and freedom of the grave. I almost can’t believe we engage and argue with it, it’s so obviously retarded.

          I’m to the point of saying, My existence proves you wrong. I won’t play your game, won’t give you a reason to play the victim. You’ll have to destroy yourself. Prove it.

      • Who knows lol. I don’t have the words right now. Everybody seems to be missing something. I seem to be missing something, too, or else I’d be able to say it. But it’s right there, and we’re all still here. Something’s going to give, and then it’ll make sense. Hopefully I’ll make sense, too.

    • First, idealism and materialism can mean many things, depending on context. Idealism posits the primacy of the mind as the center of existence, or, it argues for the existence of immaterial ideals. Generally speaking, idealism is a placeholder term to illustrate the opposite of what it is put next to. In the case of materialism, if you mean the existence of physical objects outside the mind, you generally mean physicalism. The meaning of idealism depends on what opposes it.
      But I feel you misread the Bible with your point. Any Christian who courts suffering is a hypocrite. Jesus’s suffering was not because he embraced the flesh, it was because he did not embrace the flesh. Embracing the flesh would mean avoiding suffering and seeking earthly delights, instead of storing up Heavenly treasures.
      I think, for a reasonable Christian, it comes down to “render unto Caesar.” The point is to remember the primacy of the Ideal (in this case, God) while still operating in the world. The sacrificing of Christian morals (ideals) to the trends of the world are the opposite of the imperative given in the Bible. It does not mean you go around burning gay couples homes or act viciously towards others. However, you do not condone the behavior either, while resisting judging the person as a whole. That is difficult – maintaining standards as the world drops them, yet avoiding becoming a scold while remaining a model.
      For the record, I am not an active Christian. I wish I could believe – but damn my mind!

      • By materialism I mean roughly that only those things that can be observed and quantified can be said to exist.

        I think life is the cross. The way of all flesh, etc. It doesn’t need to be courted. All junkies avoid pain and suffer for it. Even if they get off on the pain, they’re only substituting one for another. If Jesus lived and suffered, how can we expect more? He didn’t have to come down, but he did. Could’ve fled, but didn’t. Didn’t court suffering for its own sake but because it was his mission.

        • That’s pretty much what Paul stated in his letter to the church at Philippi – ch. 2:6-8…with the rest of the story v 9 -11

    • Why? There seems no biblical error in Achord’s assertion—but to be fair, I’ve not read his writings. Seems the same error being made by his detractors is the same error made by folks who continue to cite the D of I: “…all men are created equal…” as to support “equality” of ability and behavior of the races, or worse, that there is no such thing as “race”.

      That each and every human is endowed with a soul and a possibility of eternal life with God in heaven says nothing about the inequality of men among themselves during their lives upon this earth.

      However, as one quickly sees, I’m not Biblical scholar.

    • When did it become a crime to criticize jews? Or talk about race reality, and the fact that a small part of our population commits most of the violent crime?

    • I would defend him the way you always defend your guys: deny he did anything wrong at all, accuse the attackers of misdeeds, and refuse to give one damn inch.

      What I would not do is attempt to contextualize his remarks, nuance his remarks, minimize his remarks. I don’t care about any of that that. You defend your own guys for the same reason you defend your kids: they are yours.

    • My general view of it is that if any man wants to voice his thoughts out loud or in writing, he ought to be prepared to defend them on his own. Pushing against the mob is like pushing against the flow of a river. There are ways to redirect a river, but they don’t involve wading into the middle of it and pushing. The same is true for changing the minds of the mob, it can be done, but it doesn’t involve slipshod antagonism.

      • Dude, “red pill” is supposed to connote an awakening from then lies. Do not beleive the lie that it is an actual mob. Its not a mob. It is a couple dozen morons on twitter who live hundreds of miles away and have no connection to the man’s community. This is the “pine poles painted to look like cannon” gag, and those on our side like you keep falling for it

    • God condones slavery in the pentatuch. To claim that God was in error and sinned is satanic blasphemy.
      God has created and sanctioned a heirarchical nature of man. To think you can discard and improve that with equalitarianism is satanic neo-babylonian rebellion against God.
      God has commanded us to live within our seperate nations. To do otherwise is to rebel and defy the Word of God.
      I pray for their souls, as such blatant rebellion against God calls out for imminent judgment.

  22. If God understood true morality, if He were as moral as we are, He wouldn’t do racist stuff like having a Chosen People…

    • Who are you to judge God? Morality should be subservient to, or at least recognize, biology, in which natural abilities are unevenly distributed. God chose a people (from line of David [“For thou hast made him a little lower than the angels, and hast crowned him with glory and honor” Psalm 8:5], who He called His servant) to spread and uphold his Word and to bring a Redeemer into the world. If God knew man needed to be redeemed, why trust that job to just anyone?

  23. James Edwards excellent speech at the fall Counter Currents gathering came to mind as I read this essay. The leaders of the Southern Baptist denomination led an effort to have his pastor expel him for “ racist” beliefs, the pastor refused.
    We see both the professional Christians in the Southern Baptists using their power for the modern anti racist cult and we see some individual Christians among them refusing to go along with the cult.
    Within those individual pockets of resistance is our foundation among Christian’s.

    • The churches need more men like Edward’s pastor. He stood up to the converged leadership of the denomination and got kicked out of the denomination rather than excommunicate him. Every man on our side of the great divide should hold him in the highest esteem. We need more like him.

      • The Covid era demonstrated how many men of the cloth are actually strong enough to buck the system. Sadly, the results were not promising, but at least everyone’s been flushed out and the magnitude of the task at hand should be clear.

    • Ask these leaders to expel a member who had an abortion or was an unrepentant sodomite and watch them wither. They only act tough against easy targets.

  24. Today’s post describes another societal pathology that afflicts us and is getting worse with each passing day. It draws attention to the malice and detrimental nature of this pathology in hopes that alerting others will push back against the Crazy and hopefully render it less impactful. But that kind of critique technique has been going on for ages now and the problem keeps getting worse, so eventually you have to ask yourself . . . How impactful is it as a remedy for the Crazy?

    Perhaps it would be more useful to educate and train others in effective ways to fight back against these pathologies rather than just hurl words at them. You cannot talk your way out of late stage cancer, so instead you go to the doctor and he initiates a tangible treatment regime such as chemo, surgery, or focused lasers. This approach at least gives you a reasonable chance of survival.

  25. People going to church to virtue signal is hardly a new thing. The church being corrupted by the regime isn’t a new thing either.

    The new thing is the rise of mass media, which coincides with the decline in church attendance, which allows the regime to corrupt the church with a broader array of new “virtues” in a shorter amount of time.

    It’s a shame they didn’t build more picturesque churches in America, because they won’t even function as good museums like they do in Europe now. Which could provide a good picture of where white American christianity will be in about 20 or 30 years.

    Astonishingly to both left and right, and to dissidents too, is that the demographic which will do the most (per capita) to keep christianity alive in America are the hispanics pouring over the border.

    • There won’t be a cognizable United States in twenty years. There really isn’t one now. Religious Hispanics probably will have a free hand to carve out an enclave, likely in the Southwest.

  26. Christianity isn’t a business, but Churches are businesses and are best analyzed in this framework.

    The only thriving churches I see these days are organized around ethnicity (Eastern Orthodox churches) and self-help economic cooperative models (the whole Joel Osteen, Hillsong abundance stuff). Everything else is swirling down the drain because there is no real organizing principle, or business “mission statement” if you will, behind the effort.

    Once Jesus becomes a feature, as opposed to the Product, of the business, it’s really at a teleological dead end. So it’s really just glorified self-help group therapy. Despite his business model’s success, I’ve heard Joel Osteen talk for 20 straight minutes without mentioning Jesus once. It’s the “sanctification” of self-help!

    Meanwhile, the mainstream Protestant religions just put the social-justice agenda in a divine “wrapper” so the Libs feel God is on their side. This is good marketing, straight from the Harvard Business School. It makes it easier for the congregation to defy the obvious reality of human biodiversity and big-government failure and call anyone who opposes a heretic.

    • If Joel Osteen and “prosperity” Christianity are the only forms of Christianity we can keep going, Christianity needs to be thrown down the well of history. These things are cheap parodies of Christianity.

      I never really understood the pull of “progressive” Christianity. If progressivism is what you like, you can get it anywhere and in much better forms.

      • “I never really understood the pull of “progressive” Christianity.”

        It’s just an ersatz religion. It’s a LOT easier to adhere to than real Christianity is, and that’s most of the appeal. The rest of the appeal is that absolutely ZERO humility if required, and adherents can live in a glass house and still throw rocks with abandon. Lotsa fun for them. No cost whatsoever. No sacrifices required.

        It’s a replacement religion. An easy one. And adherents get plenty of positive attention. As I said, no humility required.

        • “It’s a replacement religion. An easy one. And adherents get plenty of positive attention. As I said, no humility required.”

          Wokeism both inside and outside the Church is the replacement religion. Given humility is a foreign concept now, you are absolutely right on that point.

          Let’s break down the Woke religion, shall we?

          Demons: Whites, non-woke markets

          Saints: Trannies, Blacks, Homosexuals, most Hispanics and Asians

          God: The State

          Liturgies are repetition of the Current Thing, which when there is not a new one reverts to racism by default.

          Rituals include child genital mutilation, child sacrifice, rioting, looting, and kissing blacks’s feet.

          Some very devoted atheists have adopted this religion, which is richly ironic since it is the most unhinged ever and, yes, I include the Aztec faith.

          • Other Rituals (maybe cathecisms? maybe sacraments?) are: Pronouns; “Land Acknowledgements”; descriptions of appearance for the blind; having a sign language signer for each person in the meeting;

            Deadly Sins: white privilege; whiteness; non-submission/repentance; masculinity

    • I’ve listened to Joel Osteen for an hour and him not mention anything. I just sit there amazed that his huge audience can sit there in rapt attention while this guy just rattles off a list of empty anecdotes. If these people were asked the following day what he spoke about they wouldn’t be able to remember.

      • This is one of the reasons he is a fake Christian. He couldn’t even bring himself to say anyone would ever go to hell.

        In a better age, he’d be a self-help guru. Worthless.

      • I can’t agree or disagree, as I don’t know whether Osteen is a true Christian, a fraud or simply a motivational speaker. But something I heard him say years ago has really stuck with me: If you stay in faith, nothing bad happens to you – it happens for you.

      • Here’s a story about a person who did something nice and, do you know what? Something good happened to him. There is another person who might be more like you, and this person was having difficulty, but he kept working and things turned out ok. Then, there was an old person who needed help from a young person and, well, the young person helped the old person. Both persons were made better off.

        Good stuff, man. Christ really is King.

    • This is an insightful comment. Perhaps what really happened is that as new age-ism gained momentum in the 70s and 80s, it became the new religion. Its core tenets are the tenets of self-help. Self help is really self indulgence. Perhaps Tony Robbins is the most powerful religious leader of our age. In the meantime, underground, a lot of the people broken and/or disillusioned by modernity are turning to psychedelics administered as parts of healing ceremonies. Those too have a sanctified people – any indigenous people – except the indigenous of Europe.

      It is sad to see these broken people. I know someone who does some sort of thing with her hand to feel into every decision. At a recent holiday she did this, intuition test ritual to decide which dessert to have. It is all silly and sad until they divine themselves the power that they channeled something that permitted you to manifest something.

      For these sad sacks, there is no accomplishment, just a neo-primitive repetition of positive thoughts that will magically bring about abundance or some positive outcome.

      More chaff separating itself from the wheat.

      P.S. Tony Robbins’ wife is a real nut job. She has him dragging around another one of these endless enlightened yogis to preach to white people. This particular one is a WEF sponsored, Davos guest speaking guru who recently got exposed advocating for mass global genocide because the world has too many people.

      Perhaps the new age death cults of the 70s went underground and are now popping out as the cult of transgenderism. They won’t get you to kill yourself in a mass suicide, but they will encourage you to mutilate your body and your sex organs. The battles in this great war are not without a spiritual dimension. Who has self esteem, the Faustian desire to excel and achieve and does not fear death has a bit of high ground to fight from.

  27. Rod Dreher. Definitely an odd one. I know I sound like a broken record on the subject of Confederate monuments, but he was a huge supporter of taking them all down because it hurt the feels of the 13%. Sometimes I think that Rod gets it, but then he retreats into the CivNat “vision of MLK” bullshit. A ridiculous little man; he’s primarily interested in flogging his own books.

    • The 13% don’t care about white-people world at all. Dreher isn’t very perceptive, but he came from Louisiana. He knows.

      He wants the statues smashed because they’re *us*—losers. His case against Trump during the ’16 campaign was that Trump is forever a “loser” because his casino sucked. Trump is obligated now to cede symbolic leadership of the GOP to “winner” DeSantis. Etc.

      The one consistent theme in Dreher’s wok is that losers are duty-bound to disappear from public life—from the sight of winners.

      He’s an exemplary Christian.

    • Yep. Every article. As I said in my, (insert href) book The Benedict Option (close href tag) … …

      They can almost all be summed up as: “The world order is Satanic. I don’t trust in my God enough to stand and fight it. So, buy my book that will demoralize you into joining me as we run to the far edges and scratch out a life in our caves.”


  28. modern churches seem perfect for normies, just as people like dreher are. at their core, normies are fearful cowardly creatures.

  29. I have to apologize to the congregation for the noise.

    I can’t keep from giggling whenever I hear the news say “she”, and “her”; I burst out laughing when I heard this gem: “That just shows you what kind of a woman she is.”

    The bearded lady, Brett Griner.
    His real name in high school; so bad at basketball (!) he signed up for the girl’s team in his sophomore year. LOL!

  30. I hadn’t heard of Thomas Achord until this post, but from the Dreher article, it seems like Achord didn’t do himself any favors, rushing to lie, disavow and grovel.

    When are people going to say, “Yeah, I said it, and I’m not ashamed! No regrets! Everything I said is true!”?

    I’m reminded of the poor high school football player who lost his scholarship to University of Florida a few weeks ago because a video clip emerged of him singing along with a rap song that included “nigger” or “nigga.” He, too, gave the requisite groveling apology, not that it did any good.

    Not only should the kid have said “I did nothing wrong! University of Florida should be ashamed of itself,” White people of influence all over the country should have been backing him, giving him the support to do that without ruining his life.

    As Benjamin Franklin said, “We must hang together, or we will surely hang separately.”

    As the Zman says, Dreher and his ilk are certainly eager to watch other Christians metaphorically (for now) hand separately.

    • Oh, thank God for Vizzini.

      Amen, absolutely, it’s that brokeback groveling and reasonableness and niceyness and crap.

      I used to do that too, because I was never shown how to handle aggressors- posture, stand straight, bristle, look ’em in the eye and do NOT look away, lean in or step towards, never apologise- make them back down, etc. “You sweatin’ me, dude?”

      They’ll fold. They’re just testing you.
      Mean it, as if you don’t give a sh*t come what may, and they’ll respect you.

  31. Rod Dreher. Most of his writings are just long quotes of letters from readers. He is very prone to condemn the Satanists. At the same time, he promotes the Benedict Option, which is essentially surrendering and hiding out in a cave.

    Yesterday I was spending some time doing some training for a project that requires some deep knowledge of machine learning. After looking for some courses I figured I would try one by a guy who is integral to the operations at OpenAI. Take a look at them. They have a moral framework about trust and safety and their statement basically amounts to annointing themselves the high priests of the morality of AI.

    In any case, the labs provided video aids and they are MC’d by a guy names Charles Fry. Charles is a green haired be-spectacled, loud hipster shirt wearing gender ambiguous being. All of the OCR examples were texts from European parliament speeches that were very odd to be chosen as examples. In the second video, he shows up with new spectacles. The rim is a neon green straight line that connects two ovals that contain the glasses. He continues to wear his Hitler youth haircut died green and is wearing a shirt that is intentionally cropped in the frame. The shirt says, “Worship Satan”, and you can see the top portion of the Baphomet. What is most prominent in Mr. Frye’s outfit is a smirk that is woven from a deep contempt and warm satisfaction that he can rub his satanic nuts in the world’s face.

    That this appearance is deeply unprofessional does not need to be said. Mr. Frye can do whatever he wants, because he has skills and he is connected to the high priests of AI. They will define the ethics and the morality. They will say whose AI is ethical. Look at the bit where if an AGI is going to be successful they will drop their activities and insert themselves into the project’s productization phase to ensure it is right and moral.

    I didn’t get that far, but I think Mr. Frye of the Worship Satan shirt, teaches the module on ethics and morality. If we had a Senator worth his salt we should write him and make him aware of who has annointed themselves priest. In conclusion, I will also point out that it seems like Mr. Frye and the nuclear scientist purse snatcher are related phenomenon. The nuclear guy’s technical credentials are suspect if you dig into his background. That is frightening because you have a psychopath who is in charge of nuclear waste disposal who is a sadist.

    Mr. Frye looks like he has legitimate skill. What is emerging from the youth are people who will wield power because of their technical ability. They are young and likely have no education in ethics, morality and philosophy. Yet they have a bottomless thirst for imposing their morality of trust and safety on society. I listened to Mr. Frye’s music. Like the morality of trust and safety the definition of beauty is something that his Illinois Math and Science Academy did not impart upon him.

    This is something the DR must be aware of. We will not have a seat at the table if our people do not command the skills and the technology. It will be green haired kids in Worship Satan shirts with an aesthetic taste that, like the emerging morality, is a complete inversion of the Traditional European American Order. One thing to think about is, if they make acquiring the building blocks of the technology, (sensors, chips, motherboards …), illegal, it won’t matter how smart

    I remember the early days of the W^3 when all Zimmerman had to do was publish the PGP algorithm in a book to disempower the government’s legal crackdown on encryption. Now, as hardware and software merge, the cathedrals of big tech could prohibit our ability to acquire the materials we need to defend ourselves and our cause.

    The new bible will be the circuitboard, sensor, array and the software that runs it. Who commands the morality will command who writes the new bible. Or, as it seems now, who writes the new bible will command the morality. Food for thought.


    Note the research page. (https://charlesfrye.github.io/research/) Notice the research on MDMA and the game of catch framed as bullying. Then the scientific research aimed at getting widespread use of MDMA to avoid feeling negative emotions.

    Speaking of connections. Doesn’t Sam Fried Bankman come to mind.

    • The thing to keep in mind is these people are weak and are only able to swing their weight around because they are anointed high priests in the Cult of Democracy (or whatever we want to call it) which is also weak but is able to swing way above it’s weight since it inherited an incredible amount of strength from its legacy betters (which isn’t nothing). Point being, the day the regime is unable to extend it’s full weight and support in protecting their priests will be the day we no longer see “Charles Fryes”.

      • I agree they are weak on their own. One thing we must be cognizant of is “our” regime may already be, Israel or China’s regime. In that case, these priests have free reign.

        In any case, it is essential that our people be as or more technically capable than these people. I do think that the promotion of and participation in drug culture is going to cause a lot of problems and perhaps that is a weakness that permits our people the ability to kick them to the curb.

        Tobin seems like a solid guy. Why he permits this degenerate satanist to advertise his degeneracy is a microcosm of why where are here. Weak men who are not at all well rounded and thus unable and unfit to lead. The children in the engineering nurseries are running amok.

        Btw, the first slide of the ethics course says: “All ethics lectures lessons are wrong, but some are useful.” The thumbnail is an image of a bust of Hippocrates and his ethos and a bust of Zuckerberg and his ethos of, “move fast and break things.” I don’t know what the elaboration or context of that is, but putting Zuckerberg as a bust is an interesting image.

        We have to be better than these people.

    • “We will not have a seat at the table if our people do not command the skills and the technology.”

      ALL of this stuff–ALL of it–including the gov’t and the WEF and everything else–ALL of it–depends 1000% on a *universal* and *unfailing* supply of electricity, something that we don’t have and are not going to have.

      Look out the window. Do it right now.

      See those power lines and poles?

      • We have a massive abundance of energy sources that can produce electricity. We have 600-1000 years of coal. We have 1500 years of uranium. With Thorium powered LMS reactors we will have 7x the lifetime of our solar system’s worth (about 30 billion years).

        There is plenty of electricity. If we can decriminalize nuclear energy we will likely make energy generation on a scale where each home will generate its own – and cars and planes … … That won’t happen in our lifetime, but if we can have a ritual hanging of Schwab, Harari and the rest of the heads of this WEF death cult, we will be on our way.

        There is plenty of energy and thus plenty of electricity.

    • An entire generation of people for whom negative emotion is the most stressful thing they can imagine. A striking contrast from Christianity (and many other religious and ethical systems, Stoicism comes to mind) where emotions are to be managed and borne, not fled from. There is a deeper vision of what constitutes human flourishing here and it merits careful consideration as it informs the emphasis on avoiding social exclusion, avoiding psychological stress and negative emotions, and avoiding anything remotely coded as ‘suffering’. Christians of the pre-modern age were trained to bear suffering (in part because it was impossible to avoid) but moderns will have none of it. Unfortunately, the more you flee suffering the more it follows you, especially as you age. We see the avoidance of marriage, childbirth, responsibility, self-sacrifice, and self-discipline throughout our society. The embrace of hedonism mirrors it. Until the world selects for strong people, weak people will result.

  32. Hadn’t heard about Thomas Achord or the events surrounding his firing. It’s unfortunate. I wish my kids could’ve attended his courses, he sounds like he was a great instructor/headmaster.
    There has been much discussion of building and organizing outside the system. The religion of progressivism attempts to make that impossible as their tentacles are far reaching. I don’t care about twitter, netflix, amazon, etc. Our lives are significantly better without those things.
    The fact that Christianity has been under attack and so much of it seems to be faltering is by far the most troubling aspect of the collapse.
    The saddest part are those forgotten, maligned, poor and working class whites in Appalachia/the South who are struggling with unemployment, skyrocketing inflation, family members who are addicted to opioids, etc. They’ve been abandoned while the government invests in refugee resettlement cities/towns. They’ve been targeted for destruction with no resources. The southern baptists are just another branch of the splc at this point. They care more about rooting out ray-cism, flying the gay flag to proclaim their virtue than helping those who are truly in desperate need.
    Longfellow wrote “God is not dead nor doth he sleep. The wrong shall fail the right prevail.” Perhaps we should hold out hope that God is real and that there is a place in the inferno reserved for all those who are contributing to the destruction of Christianity. The professional Christians can be first in line.

    • Our family also feels abandoned by the church and those that were supposed to guide us. We read Revelations chapter 3 last night and it really hit home that we as individuals need to stay in our faith even when the church and their leaders haven’t. Our family does bible study and fellowship together on Sundays. I feel closer to God more than I ever have since we chose this route during the plandemic. We put our faith in God, not government.

    • “The saddest part are those forgotten, maligned, poor and working class whites in Appalachia/the South who are struggling with unemployment, skyrocketing inflation, family members who are addicted to opioids, etc.”

      It seems counter-intuitive, but those are the types who may survive. The weakest among them are being culled, but those who survive the fire will be forged and stronger. What these populations already have experienced is about to become widespread into the upper reaches of society. I can see the people we call “bugmen” decimated by conditions considerably better than those the White working class have suffered. The GAE cares just as little about its foot soldiers and boot lickers as it does about is kulaks.

    • “The fact that Christianity has been under attack and so much of it seems to be faltering is by far the most troubling aspect of the collapse.”

      Not surprising, given that Christ Himself told us that this would happen.

      Everything will be all right.

  33. The old man has always said that if someone tells you they’re a “Good Christian”™ to make sure your wallet is still where you put it.

  34. Contemporary Christians pretty well reflect conservatives in that they easily bend to the will of the State. All through history people have betrayed anything to survive and benefit, be it spiritual, political, familial. We see all of that now. The Russian Orthodox Church under communism is the best analogy to American Christianity under Western totalitarianism. It sacrificed every foundational belief to serve the State. American Christinaity has followed suit.

    Not a single Russian Orthodox Church in North America would hold funeral services for Alexsander Kerensky when he passed. While Kerensky remained a Christian and did not personally destroy the Orthodox Church, he was rightly blamed for the conditions that did. This is the fate that awaits the likes of the execrable Dreher and French. Even though they suffer obvious mental illnesses–they are classic passive-aggressive “pleasers”–this will not save them from that fate. I am not a believer, but if I were I would peg these types as hellbound. Among Dreher’s greatest hits was his account of witnessing the persecution of Christians and Muslims in Israel. Dreher’s primary focus was to explain that despite the evil he encountered, he was not an anti-Semite. Suffice it to say French needs to be in a mental hospital and likely will land in one.

    All that said, Christianity will last long after the Global American Empire is tossed on the ash heap of history along with Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia. The faith is grounded in history and a culture. The GAE is a ludicrous, hypocritical farce increasingly denounced and isolated by the rest of the world. You could say one is the servant of God, and the other is the servant of Satan.

    • How true. One need only look at the church under the worse times of communism. Examples of Poland (western church) and Russia (eastern church). Decades of official repression and yet, the church survived, even grew in areas. The visit to Poland of John Paul shook the Polish government to its core as the people in the millions assembled for his mass.

    • Rod Dreher struck me as a quintessential “cafeteria Christian”, given he jumped around from Protestant to Catholic to Orthodox. Even while he mouthed platitudes about how he was home in Orthodoxy, it was fairly obvious to everyone his heart still belonged to Rome. It wouldn’t surprise me, given how his marriage fell apart, that he will blame the Orthodox and jump ship for the next new thing in order to assuage his eternally tormented psyche.

  35. It’s getting to the point where you wonder why the pro Christians just don’t officially change the object of their worship from God & Christ to the holy, sacred negro. Because make no mistake, that’s what this BS is all about.

  36. Someone close to me who’s mind has been seriously broken over the last few years accused me of the sin of racism. How can I, a Christian, reconcile that with my racism. Mind boggling since my supposed racism is the same as Steve Sailers, the sin of noticing. Even then I hardly mention racial topics in conversation.

    It’s what they hear constantly in their interactions in the woke world. Adapt to them and throw your family and friends under the bus. Women seem to do easily while keeping their status and employment secure explains people like French and Dreher.

    • Sadly, this is all true. The protestant church I used to belong to is entirely woke. The entire clergy is LGBT. They delivered sermons on racism, feminism, even global warming (!) but not a single sermon about sin. And everybody—clergy, congregation, hierarchy—was into masks and social distancing, etc., in a big way, really enthusiastic. So I’m looking for an alternative. The Catholic churches are mostly Novus Ordo, and complicit in a bunch of bad stuff. The Orthodox churches are traditionalist and anti-woke, but have a very alien feel. Home-churching was okay for a while but began to feel like the blind leading the blind. It’s tough to be Christian these days.

      • Weird androgynous and vaguely asexual people have always had an attraction to jobs in religious clergy. At least in Western Christianity.

        Or at least in the big formal Christian institutions.

        • In the same boat. Traditional protestant denominations have doctrine eaten up with liberalism (and mainly attended by older folks), any other nominally doctrinally sound evangelical church are about the military and Israel and lately joining the anti-white program. We home churched for a while. Yep all kinds of odd philosophies that didn’t work mesh. And orthodox is so odd to me too.

          But another issue altogether is that no one really cares about anyone else. Everyone wants to talk, wants respect and admiration, wants attention. No one gives.

          Its tough to be a Christian, yep…

          • Some of the largest Protestant denominations are schismatic: Methodists, Presbyterians, Lutherans, so forth. The Episcopalians have fought tooth and nail against this so some of their congregations have reverted to Anglicanism, not that the Church of England isn’t a joke, either. The successful breakaways may face government persecution since there is little difference between Western totalitarianism and the Soviet version, but those churches will reflect traditional faith. Although not a believer, I see these divisions as a positive thing since it shows a substantial slice of the population rejects the Regime’s dogma.

          • “If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you.”

            “But be of good cheer: I have overcome the world.”

        • “Weird androgynous and vaguely asexual people have always had an attraction to jobs in religious clergy. At least in Western Christianity.”

          Given the Catholic commitment to a lifetime of abstinence, that is exactly who I would expect to answer the calling. I thank them for doing what I could not, while I am also aware of those who fail.

      • Seems like the Orthodox churches, and those ethnically inclined, like Korean Christian, are the only ones that will survive…But ultimately, fundamental American christianity will revive at the local and family level, I think….

      • Writing as a very mushy Roman Catholic, try and find a Catholic Church that offers at least one Mass in Latin.

        When all of the diocesan churches closed, they stayed open. The Latin is originally very odd, but these churches will have an English/ Latin missel.

        Icing on the cake: no masks and Communion on the tongue. Easily the most counter-cultural thing you can do these days.

    • David, I’m curious to hear your reply, if you care to share it.

      I understand why woke Christianity is so powerful, due to all the “we’re all God’s children” and “There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.”

      Woke Christianity seems to flow naturally from these universalist tenants. However, my old-school Christian acquaintances are quick to remind me that Christianity was not woke until very recently. That’s true.

      • Again, what does the above say wrt race, and the differences among the races here on earth—except that all have hope of an afterlife?

        • Thanks Compsci. It sounds like you’re saying that Christianity should only be concerned with “that all have hope of an afterlife.”

          Are their Biblical quotes that command Christians to extend their concerns beyond “that all have hope of an afterlife?”

          • “Are their Biblical quotes that command Christians to extend their concerns beyond ‘that all have hope of an afterlife?’ ”

            Yes. Many.

            “While we have time, let us do good until all men, but especially to them that are of the household of faith.” To cite only one.

            But I think you’ve misunderstood what Compsci meant.

      • Keep in mind this was from my daughter who is still has anxiety issues and starting hanging with average wokester parents. I went from hero to irrelevant old man in one weekend. Just told her that racial facts scare her and punishing me won’t fix that. The world is against us and we lose many of our loved ones on this battlefield. Saddens me.

        • Women will always attach themselves to whatever appears to be the most popular opinion. They’re literally getting their tits chopped off because “non-binary” is the popular thing now.

        • Wait until she gets mugged. Hopefully it won’t take that for her to acknowledge reality. I recall a similar disagreement with my father decades ago. He was a psychologist who administered placement tests for an inner-city school system. I, being a young and naive blank-slater, presented him with the latest National Review type theory on school choice. His response was that the only way to improve black public education was to magically start with smarter students. At the time I thought this was mildly racist, but after being exposed to Derbyshire’s “The Talk”, came to see how it was simply the truth.

      • “Woke Christianity” does not exist. Wokeness is a new and totally different religion.

        ” … you are all one in Christ Jesus.” The operative phrase. Those not in Christ are not in Christ and there fore are not “one” with those who are in Christ.

        There is no such thing as “woke” Christianity. It simply does not exist. It never will b/c it can’t.

      • Not sure where the “we are all God’s children” quote is in Scripture. We are all God’s creations just as everything else is, but children only comes from adoption through baptism.

        As for the “no Jew or Greek” thing, often glossed over is the “in Christ”. Parallel to “equality before the law” it does not erase biological differences in ability, aptitude, etc. It just means every bloke has the same shot at salvation just as (in theory) he should have before a court.

    • A religion that views standing up for your people and you family as a sin is a death-cult not a religion. I’m not a very knowledgeable Christian but I’m pretty sure Jesus didn’t think that people should be more concerned with the fate of some stranger that hates them than that of their own kids, for example.

      • You may be correct, but it’s a common mistake made by many apparently serious Christians. Dickens wrote about “telescopic philanthropy” in “Bleak House.”

        “Dickens contrasts Mr. Jarndyce with Mrs. Pardiggle and Mrs. Jellyby whose philanthropy is directed at the Tockahoopo Indians and tribes of Borrioboola-Gha in Africa. Dickens styles these ladies’ work as “telescopic philanthropy” because the objects of their philanthropy are so remote.”


      • Some of the harshest words in all Scripture are those of St Paul, who said that the man who does not provide for his own family is “worse than an unbeliever.”

        May be the THE harshest words in Scripture.

        Also, ignoring the plain meaning of the word “neighbor” is one of the many tricks in the bag of those who hate us. My neighbor is somebody in MY LIFE, not some stranger on the other side of the world.

        “Neighbor” means “neighbor.”

        It’s all *clearly* explained in this book:


      • Mathew 15:26 says do not take the food of your children and throw it to the dogs. Your responsibility to discern those most important to you via blood and provide begins and is primarily within the home, and spreads out there from according to your gifts and abilities.

    • I’ll never understand the obstinacy that modern churches have for their leftist experiments. Churches began emptying out at precisely the time they indulged in secular fads, yet they cannot and will not reverse course and provide a true alternative to The Message that modern life preaches, and preaches far more effectively through its media of television and computer.

      • The modern fads are derived directly from protestant heresies. Of course the protestants embraced the fads, they created them.

  37. Having sat in and / or watched a fair number of services at different churches over the past year, it’s been very interesting to see where various churches fall on this issue.
    Our old church was more enthusiastic about obeying the government covid mandates than anything in the bible. Also completely silent on the abortion ruling. Others, including the one we attend now, celebrated the progress towards making it harder to kill inconvenient children while ignoring the covid bs.

    • Just this Sunday, our pastor said during the sermon that the day our church welcomed homosexuals or trans people as normal and acceptable would be the day he was out. There were enthusiastic “Amens.” So that’s where we fall. Our church is not about conforming to the world.

  38. In the first few years of wading into the waters of crimethink, it became more and more apparent that even in nominally traditional circles, at least half of my fellow Christians would cut off all ties with me if a progressive mob went after me. even more. most would immediately post on social media how they knew me, condemn me, and express how they never would have guessed I was such a terrible person, probably ending it by expressing how they’re praying for my repentance. Forget the little part in the Bible about rebuking a fellow Church goer privately.

    These same guys will talk talk about being against gay marriage like it’s a brave stance, but only after pontificating for a minute or two how gays aren’t bad people. A solid litmus test of one’s religion isn’t where one goes to Church but a simple question:

    “Who is more worthy of losing his social status, someone who says something racist, or someone who blasphemes Christ?”

    For even most conservative Christians, their actions say the former. It will be interesting to see how God judges these sorts of Judases.

    • I have known Jews and atheists who would frequently blaspheme Christ, but would rend garments at the mere hint of race realism.

  39. Jesus Christ had plenty of chances to state his opinions about racism and white supremacy.

    Or about slavery.

    Also, professional Christians are the main drivers of injecting mass diversity into heartland America, bussing them in and setting them up in rentals for a few weeks, before they drop the load on the tax payer and move on to the next batch.

      • He was a member of a Tribe that excelled/excels at chattel slavery, so that’s possible. Blacks tend to be dumber than a post but they are starting to realize this, which explains some of the ADL incompetence dealing with the Kanye question.

    • Wasn’t one of the benefits and mercies of Christianity, especially in the ancient world, was the abolition of slavery though?

        • And look where that got us. Like where we are? Do you like the fikki fikki game they play with your Dutch women? Enjoying the pending starvation as they shutter your agricultural sector because of cow farts? Thank an abolitionist.

      • The Bible says slaves should be obedient to their masters.

        I’m not interested in bringing back slavery — I wouldn’t want to have to ride herd over a bunch of black slaves and be responsible for their every need. But it clearly wasn’t something God prioritized very highly. He’s more concerned about your eternal soul than your Earthly condition of servitude.

        • Vizzini

          Funny you should say that, cause whitey is responsible for blacks every need now.
          Medical card
          Money(SF just expanded their free money for pregnant Sheboons to 4 county’s)
          Sail foams

          Did I miss anything?

          Sans the riding herd over of course….

          • You forgot the beaners. I see them loading up heaping shopping carts at the grocery store and paying with EBT so they can breed and feed their little pendejitos.

      • “Wasn’t one of the benefits and mercies of Christianity, especially in the ancient world, was the abolition of slavery though?”

        No, indeed. Where did you get that idea?

        The New Testament and the Apostolic Constitutions and the Apostolic Tradition make it abundantly clear that slavery was perfectly normal for those people who are natural-born slaves, i.e., those who have a slave mentality.

        Contemporary “thought” is unable to imagine any alternative to slavery except freedom, but in fact there are numerous other possible states and stations of life. But that just illustrates the sorry state of contemporary “thought,” and it has less than nothing to do with Christianity.

        In the Apostolic Tradition, rules for who is permitted to convert are laid out in great detail. It says point-blank that slaves may convert only with their master’s permission.

        The Didache does not address the subject at all, but it does tell the churches not to be what nowadays would be called “suckers.” That point also is made point blank.

        There is nothing in Christian history or in the New Testament or in ancient documents such as those I’ve mentioned here about the morality of slavery. It is simply accepted as naturally as the color of the sky.

        Anybody who says different is a liar or is abysmally ignorant, but that seems to be a prerequisite for holding forth on these matters nowadays.

        The Gospel is rather more complicated than just “be nice.”

    • Yes. They get the government cash and the migrants get dumped in, “the community.” I don’t think they even want them as a new flock, just the cash. The white Christian church leaders involved in this racket are as despicable of scoundrels as the black, “community leaders”, in this regard.

      The “Conservative”, politicians know this is happening and do nothing about it.

      As for the other comments here, I am close to a church goer. A once staunch conservative they are now the most broken of wokesters. I wondered where it came from, and then I saw the books all came from their church. It is sad to see a person be that broken and lost.

      • Michelle Malkin wrote an excellent book on this. One of the ways they make money is to proffer illegal immigrants cash loans at cutthroat interest, while the state (of Minnesota, I think) underwrites the debt. Naked usury, in other words.

      • “I wondered where it came from, and then I saw the books all came from their church. It is sad to see a person be that broken and lost.”

        Roger that. And the New Testament has a very precise term for organizations such as the one you mention: “synagogues of Satan.”

        Your unfortunate friend does not belong to a church or to The Church, but rather to one of the many synagogues of Satan.

        His ultimate fate will show that.

  40. Jesus wasn’t anti-white.

    Jesus valued loyalty according to the scriptures. That meant loyalty to real people, not abstract ideas in the sky. The issue of personal betrayal is very big in the New Testament.

    Jesus wouldn’t approve of race-traitors.

    • He didn’t. Once, Jesus meets a Samarian woman who begs Jesus to heal her sick child. One of the disciples tell the woman to get lost because you don’t feed the dogs when the masters are starving. The woman replies that even during times of famine, you throw a morsel to the dog from time to time.

      Jesus thinks that’s a good answer and heals her child. He doesn’t say “Samarians are people too, we’re all the same, salvation is for everyone!”

      • He did say salvation is for everyone. What He didn’t say is that race is not real, or that there are no biological or cultural differences among people or peoples. Race realism and salvation through Christ are not mutually exclusive.

      • What else do you call a white person who specifically betrays his own race?

        It may be a modern issue because it didn’t come up as much in the past. That is, even the opportunity to betray your own race was rare.

        But the concept of treason itself is not new. You know Dante reserved the lowest rung in hell for traitors.

      • Oops, sorry, I read “race-traitor” as “racist”.

        You bet, racist is an invented concept, brought to you by the same criminal subculture that gave us anti-sem.

        Traitor? Sellout? Darn tootin’. Again, I submit much of the propaganda as the Book evolved was conditioning to push lightskins to submit to masters of a darker hue.

        When we first hired them, they were a much, much darker hue; typically, they then brought their wild brothers in to do a little Nordstrom’s shopping, began attacking each other, and sacked Mesopotamia.

        The point is, our submission to the miscegenated hybrids of big nose tribe and their black ancestors has been bred into us for millenia.

        We are susceptible to this trait, plus- remember that the trait of hustler is their strongest gift, both black originals and hybrid Bride Stealers.

      • It’s okay to be white. These are temporal demographic issues though. My highest loyalty is not to my race. Faith, family, then folk as a man said. And besides, Jesus wasn’t European. People in the Bible are not named Joe Schmidt. Or even Sean O’Connell. Christianity is not compatible with white purity spiraling.

        That said, go ahead, secure the existence of yadda yadda. I like diversity which means I want white people of all kinds to flourish. But in heaven, we’re all mixed-race.

        • I disagree. Jesus was White. The archetype of Jesus is White.

          Even if you discount the political provenance of the historical man, Nazarenes were a different ethnicity, dialect, and region from Judea. That’s why He spoke of the J’s as a separate group.

          He, and likely his disciples, were probably majority descent from the white Hellenic tribes that dominated the Mideast long before the bedouin half-breeds had much influence.

          Stop worshipping them. They don’t have a Heaven, remember? They are to only inherit this world- because their God cannot exist anywhere else.

          Please stop confusing their earthbound god with the Creator, as they intended you to do.

          • “Nazarenes were a different ethnicity, dialect, and region from Judea. That’s why He spoke of the J’s as a separate group.”

            Roger that. That is why “Can anything good come out of Nazareth?”

            Also, the Galilee and the Galileans were a conquered province and people who had been forcibly converted to Judaism. They were *not* the Jews of the Old Testament.

            Moreover, it is not generally understood that Christianity if an older religion than Judaism b/c Judaism ceased to exist in 70 A.D. with the destruction of the Temple and the cessation of the Temple sacrifices. No temple sacrifices = no Judaism.

            What is called “judaism” in today’s world arrived on the scene somewhere between 200 and 400 A.D., and was derived from the Babylonian Talmud (mostly) or from the Palestinian Talmud (a lesser influence).

            The Jewish Cyclopedia says point blank that today’s Judaism is “Phariseeim.”

            Because it is.

        • Why do you think we’re mixed race in Heaven? You are familiar with that little Christian dogma of the resurrection of the body, right? The central claim of the whole thing, yeah?

  41. Rod Dreher is a depressing case study of where white society is at 2022. He converted to the Orthodox Church, is a big admirer of Orban to the extent he moved to Hungary but still clings to the leftist morality framework. I guess that just shows how deeply it is woven into American and Christian culture.

    • Dreher’s role in the situation with Achord was pretty terrible. His kids went to Achord’s school, although I think they have all graduated now, and his now ex-wife worked there for years. He really helped amplify the allegations against Achord and his ex-wife sanctimoniously resigned from the school in disgust when accusations Achord was a badthinker went public. I thought it was interesting that she was still working there. I guess in the Dreher family moral framework, getting divorced without Biblical grounds still allows you to be a Classical Christian school employee in good standing, but have a preference for living around people with whom you have shared beliefs and heritage makes you beyond the pale.

      • I long for the world where his wife would be fired for being divorced before Achord is fired for mean tweets. It wasn’t too long ago when we had policies like this.

        Some might consider forcing a woman to remain married to Dreher to be abusive and complete overkill, and I have some sympathy for that point of view, but we need standards.

        • ” long for the world where his wife would be fired for being divorced before Achord is fired for mean tweets.”

          In other words you long for the not too distant times when Christianity tried to follow the Bible not the gynocracy.

        • I actually listen to some of Dreher’s podcasts. Lately, the guy has sounded almost suicidal, very moody and depressed. As bad as before Dante saved him.

          A few years ago, he wrote a book about how Dante saved his life from undiagnosed illness (a claim itself that is more than a bit nuts). Reading in between the lines, it sounds psychosomatic, all characteristic of extreme major depressive disorder. Considering he could barely get out of bed on good days, I’m sure it made him deeply unpleasant to deal with and a horrible family man. So yes, the guy is bit unbalanced mentally and becoming more so every month. Neurotic folks are attracted to these new, fake identities, like being reborn as “eastern orthodox” as a southern white.

          As far as the divorce, I think he and his wife are on double secret orthodox probation for a year and can’t take the eucharist.

          • Has there been any person Rod Dreher had a personal relationship that he hasn’t horribly stabbed in the back in years? I remember he also burned his bridges with the Latins over the church scandel, so I am counting down the days before he does the same with us Orthodox.

        • Didn’t read the article, so is this just a small case of public backstabbing so somebody gets their job? That, or simply didn’t get along, eliminated competition, had their panties in a wad, or whatever.

          • On the surface, it is just cuck virtue signaling but there may be some personal scores being settled. I wouldn’t discount the pastor was banging Dreher’s wife.

      • Oh fudge, the worst.
        Southern Woke.

        My gods, its like Hindi rap. Bollywood gone Ghetto.
        Your eyes will bleed.

    • Orban understands what RD doesn’t; modernity is cancer to any and all parallel institutions, including the church. Maybe even especially the church, because it’s the only parallel institution that still has much pull left.

      Hungary could do a lot worse than banning American leftists like RD from entering the country, much less move there. There is some precedent; Israel takes a very dim view of Christians who visit explicitly to proselytize. (Judeo-Christian pap is for American rubes and lobbyists, not Israeli citizens)

      In any case: your religion is there to reform YOU, not the other way around. Only a modern IYI would think otherwise.

      • “In any case: your religion is there to reform YOU, not the other way around.”

        That has got to be one of the finest statements I’ve ever read. Thank you!

    • But by modernity, do you mean all our technology and legal systems? Because that’s not going away.

      Seems to me that Christianity should accept the scientific fact of genetics and heredity. It should also accept evolutionary psychology, which isn’t all that different from what our great-grandparents knew about human nature.

      • Our modern “legal systems” aren’t anything to brag about.

        Technology is very much a false god.

        Both coexisted with Christianity for a very long time. For most of it, the Church was supreme and no one thought it was either odd or a negative.

      • There are almost no churches out there that dispute the fact of genetics and heredity — unless you’re talking about some of the corrupt leftist churches that believe in the blank slate like the ruling elite purports to.

      • “But by modernity, do you mean all our technology and legal systems? Because that’s not going away.”

        Oh, yes, it is! Just you wait, ‘Enry ‘Iggins! Just you wait!

  42. I don’t think the professional Christians, the ones who have a platform for making noise, are at all anomalous. The last 2 years have shown me that the average people in the pews are perfectly happy with this sort of subservience. When their leaders scurried to show what good and faithful servants they were – of the State – the people trotted happily along behind. In many cases the churches went beyond the actual legal requirements for Covid control, just to show how zealous they were, and how the government had absolutely no reason to fear that they’d be some sort of subversive irritant. There were a few noble resisters, but 95% of the churches were singing in unison from the government hymnal.

    I think this is the end of real institutional Christianity. The churches that are still standing will probably happily settle into some sort of tame subservience in return for some government protection. If they can keep their pretty churches graffiti free they’ll say whatever the state wants them to. They’ll still have their fun coffee hour socializing and a nice venue for weddings and funerals, and that’s all that matters to them. Real Christianity will survive as furtive pockets of individuals trying to stay under the radar and alert for quislings.

    • I agree. Today’s churches in the West will operate like Christian churches in China. They will be allowed to operate so long as they don’t dare elevate the God over Mammon.

      You can see that churches – particularly mega-churches, for obvious reasons – are being subverted like sportsball was. In ten years, nobody will even notice the END RACISM banners behind the pulpit.

      • Putting your highest loyalty to some institution, whether a church or the military, is anti-white.

        Loyalty to your people has to come first.

      • If everything were linear, you’d be right. But they aren’t, so you aren’t. Everything is cyclical, and the USA is going down the drain with the GAE, after which things will be very different b/c they will return to a former state. That’s what cyclical means. The Powers that Be will no longer be the PTB. We have only to outlast them, and we will.

    • As a Catholic I can see even in my own family the few that attended church not willing to return anymore. No surprise given the cowardice displayed during covid. Now it’s just old people.

      • The nice thing about the pandemic is that it revealed that there were a lot of people who went to church out of habit rather than belief. Declining church numbers are akin to an out of shape fighter getting back into fighting shape; the loss is beneficial not detrimental, as fighting without carrying dead weight is easier and better. The real turning point will be when Christians use violence to push back against the evils of the state. There will be no room for squishy moderates when that happens.

        • Sounds like a cope, no offense.

          You’ll be talking about how the church is “purifying” itself right down to it’s last member at which point it will no longer exist.

          • His fighter analogy doesn’t work because the churches aren’t even trying to get back into shape.

            The “weight loss” is more akin to a fat old man losing the pounds as he wastes away from cancer

          • It may be a cope for him, but certainly the point about the positive aspect of Covid stands. That one event exposed how illusory all our rights are and how many vipers are in our midst, including those previously trusted. His church may be empty as you suggest, but it may be richly deserved.

          • You’ve missed the point if you think it’s a cope. Squishy moderates who always advocate for soft surrender (what they call compromise or moderation) are simply a liability. Losing moderates in times of conflict is a good thing because it makes the fight easier. It’s difficult to put up a fight if half the people on your nominal side put all their energy into trying to prevent you from fighting (and thus prevent you from winning).

    • It depends on the church, there has been even more of a resorting between churches based on beliefs. The mainline churches are dying quickly. All of them have put out projections showing they will cease to exist within 30-40 years, which is almost certainly longer than what will really happen. Other churches are going strong.

  43. “Imagine you agree to play a game with someone and the first rule of the game is that your opponent sets the rules of the game and he can change the rules whenever he likes for any reason he likes.”

    For a moment I thought you were going to talk about the US in the international arena, where it makes and changes rules as it sees fit, and calls this “the rules-based order.”

    • There is a pattern, isn’t there? The people in charge of the GAE treat the world as they treat us.

      • I actually thought of the myriad state voting procedure changes which were abruptly and illegally pushed through shortly before the 2020 election. Talk about shifting sands…

      • Once a nation builds an empire that includes other peoples, does it always stab the original people in the back?

        What does history tell us? I haven’t researched it but it seems likely.

        • It stabs everyone in the back. The empire doesn’t treat foreigners any better than domestics because, from the empire’s perspective, everyone outside of the ruling class is foreign, regardless of nationality. It makes patriotism a sucker’s game.

        • The funny part of what history tells us is that they make all the documentaries and period movies and tv shows focused on the ruling classes of historical empires.

          Instead of a show about coal miners working 12 hour days and drinking themselves to death, you get Jeeves and Wooster.

    • The GAE’s act has worn thin, though. I don’t know how the Russia-Ukraine conflict will wind down, but it has further solidified the international perception of the United States as a hypocritical, ignorant and deranged bully. In short time the edicts of the GAE will be laughed off even more than now.


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