What If They Believe It?

One of the questions no one in the media plans to ask is why the FBI was so deeply involved in the Twitter disinformation campaigns? The word “disinformation” is the correct word in this case. Twitter was actively trying to provide the public with false information about a wide range of issues. One tool they used was silencing those who contradicted official narratives. They would instruct the Twitter censorship team to take down posts and ban particular users.

Presumably, the FBI was not just involved with Twitter, but with all of the big social media companies. Of course, this was just part of what the FBI has been doing to undermine the normal functioning of society. Victor Davis Hanson took a stab at cataloging some of their activity. He does not get into their plots to entrap people in various capers like the Gretchen Whitmer case. Then there is their involvement in the January 6 protests at the Capitol.

This is a massive effort, but to what end? Paul Gottfried suggests the primary motivation is power politics. “I’m still trying to figure out where the close alliance between surveillance agencies and the woke Left, which has been evident since at least the Obama Administration, may lead. I have no doubt this friendship is based more on power considerations than ideological affinity.” The assumption here is that the FBI does not really believe the crazy things they are saying.

Gottfried’s position is the standard conservative position that has been the default for more than half a century when dealing with the Left. Conservatives assume that there is no way these people believe what they are saying. Instead, they are motivated by a more sensible reason like money or power. Conservatives tend to be practical people, so they assume people are motivated by practical reasons. They cannot accept that these people genuinely believe what they are saying.

What if the FBI is as woke as it appears? What if the people at the top of the military, the people pushing the DIE agenda throughout the ranks, really are as antiwhite and generally insane as they sound? Talk to anyone in the services and they will tell you that the officer corps makes corporate America look old fashioned. Every FBI agent is sent to the ADL for brainwashing, so the selection pressure strongly favors the sorts of people who believe in the woke conspiracy theories.

It is entirely possible that these organizations, in fact the entirety of the managerial class, has been taken over by true believers. This does not mean all of them believe this stuff, just that there is a critical mass of believers. The 80/20 rule, also known as the Pareto principle, is as close as we have to an axiom in this area. Across all human organizations we see that there is a “vita few” that exert an extraordinary amount of influence over the whole.

What if the managerial class, having become self-aware at the end of the Cold War, has simply landed on what we call wokeness as its binding agent? What if adherence to one of these illogical and unnatural fads is simply the way people inside signal their status and commitment to others? Many, if not most, do not honestly believe this stuff, but as social animals they do what they believe is necessary to be in the group and enhance their status opportunities in the group.

In other words, the conservatives are right in that there are plenty of people cynically playing along, but know this stuff is insane. They do it for all the reasons ambitious people do things. They want to increase their status. The wrinkle here is they operate from the assumption that everyone else does believe this stuff, or at least enough important people believe it that it is best to play along. Even though a majority of the members do not believe, the whole acts as if they do believe.

What this suggests is that even if the conservatives are right and most people in the managerial class do not believe this woke lunacy, they act as if they do because they believe their fellows do believe it. That means no amount of facts and reason could change their minds, because they assume that everyone around them is genuinely woke on the latest things. In fact, knowing the truth, so to speak, makes life more dangerous for them in their social milieu.

This would explain the fanaticism of these people. If they were cocksure of their beliefs, they would have little reason to proselytize. The obviousness of their claims would be enough, so there would be no need for enforcement. On the other hand, if these people are riddled with doubt, but sure most around them are true believers, then stamping out all contrary opinion and the people who present those contrary opinions is the most rational way of defending themselves within the group.

The “group belief” option seems to comport with observation. The people policing the borders for dissent always frame their actions in terms of self-defense. The Twitter censors were “protecting” fellow believers from “misinformation” and “stochastic violence” on the platform. When what others think you believe determines membership in the whole, it is not a big leap from there to believing that anything that causes doubt or questions belief is a threat to your existence.

The other thing the group belief option does is explain how easily these people flit from one set of beliefs to another. The people bellowing “my body, my choice!” quickly shifted to bellowing “take the vax bigot” during Covid. Not only did they not see the irrationality of both positions, but they were blind to the contradictions. The reason is the content in these slogans is not what matters. In fact, it is meaningless. What matters is what the slogans signal to the person’s social environment.

This approach answers the “woke buddy” question. Everyone has at least one person in their life who is smart and capable, but he subscribes to the latest madness from the cult of modern liberalism. You can explain it to him and he will nod a long, but then go right back to spouting the latest madness. The answer is that these noises are just group identification. Like a cult member facing deprogramming, he says what he must to break free, but remains in the mental space of the cult.

Finally, the irrationality of the beliefs probably enhances the group solidary aspect of the whole wokeness agenda. Because it makes no sense on its face, one must be initiated into the concepts. Once inside, the member comes to feel like a member of a clerisy or possibly an elect or even a chosen few. It would be interesting to see a demographic study on the woke population. It would explain the overrepresentation of certain groups in this secular cult that now dominates the ruling class.

Getting back to the beginning, the reason the FBI and other institutions are bending the knee to this new religion is the people running these organizations either believe this stuff or want to believe it for social reasons. Even if the true believers are just twenty percent, they have become the standard against which members are judged. That means your facts and logic are, at best, pointless noise to them. At worse, reason is viewed as a grave personal threat.

This may be why conservatives are loathe to consider the possibility that these people really believe this stuff. If that becomes clear, then the conservatives with the charts and graphs lose their value. If the group belief option is true, then conservatism is a dangerous liability to society. The rational thing for normal people is to snuff out the remaining conservatives and then set about plotting in secret for when the ruling class can be physically removed.

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231 thoughts on “What If They Believe It?

  1. There are some smart kids here, that’s good to see. For myself, I learned very early on that The State was a synonym for Evil(tm). In 1989 at 18, I was horrified when we punished China for Tiananmen Square by giving them Most Favored Nation trading status. Then, just a few weeks later, invade Panama to punish ‘That Hitler’, Noriega.

    I was not surprised when I found out that he was a former CIA Operative who was going to publish a ‘Tell-All’ Book.

    That same year a HS buddy of mine left to join the Army with the intent of becoming a Tank Commander. Last I had heard, he made it & was deployed to Desert Shield & then Desert Storm to fight in Gulf War 1, y’know, the legitimate(?) one, where we actually declared war? I bumped into him in 1992 & did not recognize him. The Gregarious, Loud, Energetic kid I knew was a pale, quiet ghost. He told me, ‘I’m not supposed to talk about this, but you have to know.’ Why me? No Idea. But it turned out that when they invaded Kuwait they placed these huge Ram-Prows on the front of their Abrams MBT’s & had standing orders to bury the Iraqi Soldiers in their trenches *Regardless* of whether or not they tried to surrender. ‘I must have killed Thousands of them’, he said. I believed him. This man’s spirit was shattered. I am also sure he knew that according to the Geneva Convention, of which the US is a signatory, that if an enemy solider tries to surrender & you ignore it, it is no longer war, it is murder.

    Ruby Ridge happened so fast pre-internet, I didn’t learn about it until the Waco Massacre in 1993. I learned all I needed to know about how evil the ATF/FBI & all the rest were in that event. The Davidians said at the time that what was happening to them was a harbinger of what would happen to America if their plight was ignored.

    Clearly, they were right.

    I knew all this, and more, before I hit 25. When I told my Father, a VIetnam Vet, that the State had used his desire to serve his country like a Cheap Whore, he was angry at me. In 2002, when his Terminal Cancer was traced directly to his exposure to Agent Orange, he found out I was right, and apologized. I gladly accepted his apology & with tears told him it was never about me being ‘right’, I only wanted him to know the Truth. The Doctors gave him 5 years at most. He fought that war for 15 & finally lost in 2017. I miss him like crazy, but I am glad he didn’t live to see what the nation he loved had become.

    For all the things I *did* know however, there was more I did not. That was why in 1996 I got engaged to an ardent feminist, because at the time I was ignorant enough to believe that just meant treating Men & Women with equal respect. I learned the Very Hard Way, that was not the case at all.

    I could write a Novella on all that happened between us, but I will just say that she had a history of being abused & was not handling it well. Over time I saw that her ‘Victimhood’ status was very much a kind of Ring of Power (From Tolkien’s ‘Lord of the Rings’) to her. She used it constantly to beat other people down, letting them know that they could never understand what she had been through. She was becoming what she hated, an Abuser.

    I loved her a great deal & I tried to make her see what was happening. Near the end of our relationship, God stepped in directly, in a blatant supernatural event that made it crystal clear that not only did others like myself understand her situation, but He did as well, perfectly. Tragically, Heart-Breakingly, she refused the correction & moved blatantly into outright Paganism. What happened between us was a microcosm of what the entire West is going through right now.

    There is a lot more I could say, but I am tired. 29 years of Chronic Pain due to inoperable spinal damage has that effect. However, I’ll sum up by saying that in 2008 I finally met a young woman who seemed to have her head on straight.

    I was wrong.

    I thought nothing could hurt more than the trainwreck of my 1996-97 engagement.

    I was VERY wrong on that as well.

    My Wife, who once referred to me as a, ‘Modern Prophet Jeremiah’, now considers me a ‘Selfish, Betraying, Gold-digging, Sexist, Racist, Transphobe Nazi.’ She has accepted all the Cultural Marxist lies & is absolutely a True Believer, no question.

    The real war is not between Democans v Republicrats, or Left v Right, it is not even between Liberals v Conservatives. The Real struggle is between those who acknowledge Objective Truth versus those who believe Personal Feelings rule reality. I.E. It really is Good versus Evil.

  2. I have seen this over my entire life and come to believe that the real ones are rare. both male than female. In the 70’s most also had families and kids. they kept their alternate side to themselves. most I talked to were ” introduced to” to the lifestyle in the very early teens. At the end of the day I believe that they’re are heteros, and BI’s. and a tiny fraction of true and born gays . At least half ot the lesbians in my kids acquaintance circles have gone back to and often married men. I guess it’s just a matter of finding a guy with the right “appetites'” .

  3. “I believe because it is absurd” is a belief ancient enough to have been written in Latin, “Credo quia absurdum est,” apparently a mischaracterization of Tertullian almost two thousand years ago. A misquote perhaps, but it’s a fact that a large percentage of a population believing howling-at-the-moon, batshit-crazy stuff turns out to be an unfortuante feature of human existence. It ain’t going away anytime soon.

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  5. in my experience they do belive every bit of it to their core and are completely impervious to reason,

  6. OT: player *collapsed* during an NFL game, and had to have CPR administered. game was suspended. he wasn’t hit, he just dropped on his own. i will leave the math to the reader…

    • The media is already selling that love tap as a, “…big hit.”

      Normies are already firing up the rationalization hamster wheel and chanting, “…safe and effective…safe and effective….”

      • The people getting Covid now have all been vaxxed and most of them boostered.

        There may be plausible deniability for the clot shots being unsafe but only a complete moron would still believe they are effective.

    • Yesterday on another blog many of us read, someone posted this (Discussion, predictions for this year). Note that time stamp.
      [name omitted]
      January 2, 2023 at 1:49 pm

      They will probably just start screening the players for “previously undetected heart defects” and keeping the susceptible off the field to prevent that from happening. If they don’t, it will only be a matter of time until a suddenly happens on Monday Night Football.

      Ben the Layabout says:
      January 2, 2023 at 10:13 pm

      I think you win the award for 1st prediction come true. Early in Monday’s Buffalo/Cincinnati game, Bills safety Damar Hamlin collapsed after a play. CPR administered, taken to hospital. Reportedly on ventilator at this time. Pray for the young man, 24 years old.

      • Ben-

        The B1G athletic conference screened cardiac data from nearly 1600 athletes for, “Covid-related myocarditis,” from March 2020 to December 2020.

        Recall the jab EUA dropped in December 2020.

        What did the people running B1G athletics know, and when did they know it?

    • It’s Reddit; nobody reaally takes that place seriously anymore. Reddit Retards gonna Reddit.

    • Elections ?
      To be a disodent is to be an outlaw, you have no choice, you are branded.

      “Conservatives” follow rules, they also are true believers bless their hearts.
      Kristallnacht for all legacy americans was Nov 3 2020
      Trump himself is irrelevant to that fact.
      Every decree since is illegitimate. It is amoral to abide.
      I agree with Zs conclusion.

  7. Middle and upper class women are the drivers of Wokeness. The question is, why do White women subscribe to a religion that demonizes Whites?

    • Estrogen must have a gene associated with it that causes all decisions must pass the emotion criteria FIRST!!!!! Reason comes in a distant second to emotion.

    • No one is easier to program than white women. Who is programming them?

      Holding women accountable for being conformists is like blaming the weather vane for the weather.

    • Women in general, believe what they are told to believe. A significant number of men are like this as well.

      They support the status quo regardless of what that might be. If the status quo changes, they change with it.

  8. Possible question on a civil service exam:

    There are people who will swerve to avoid running over a turtle in the road. There are others who will swerve to hit the turtle. A third group will not swerve at all – it is a matter of indifference to them whether they hit the turtle or not. Which group do you belong to?

    If you are shooting for a slot in the deep state, what would be your answer?

    • Z: “Every FBI agent is sent to the ADL for brainwashing, so the selection pressure strongly favors the sorts of people who believe in the woke conspiracy theories.”

      Steve W: “If you are shooting for a slot in the deep state, what would be your answer?”


      Any sentient [self-aware, introspective, extrospective] Heritage Amurrikkkun caucasian, who wants a job as a career civil servant in FedGov, will have to spend years studying the psychological/psychiatric/psychometric literature to learn how to beat the psych/behavioral exams.

      Especially how to feign requisite psychological characteristics, such as blind devotion to leadership & the chain of command, a dull insipid affect, an utter absence of both curiosity & instinctual empirical reasoning skills, the pathological inability to notice inherent contradictions, to include sheer nonsense, utter purposelessness and colossal waste in the course of the day-to-day workflow, etc etc etc.

      The psych exams can be beaten, but it would require several years of practice to beat them.

      Heck, if you don’t have at least a five year track record of LinkedIn resumes, F@ceC0ck cutie-pie pictures, Twitter re-tweets and Dik-Dok naughtiness, then you’re likely already too weird to even bother applying for a job in the Deep State.

      So you’d have to start no later than high school, busily prepping your fake LinkedIn/F@ceC0ck/Twitter/Dik-Dok persona, long before you got around to spending several years in college & grad school studying all the psychometric literature which you would need to master.

      All simply to create a fake personality so that you might be able to infiltrate the Deep State by your early- to mid-20s.

      It would be effectively a[n] [inverted] mirror image [or a photographic negative image] of what Anonymous Conservative talks about when he posits that the children of Surveillance Inc are already being groomed, as early as Middle-School/Junior-High-School, for future adult careers in Surveillance Inc.

      My guess is that it would take us anywhere from 20 to 50 years to infiltrate the Deep State in such a fashion, in order to re-gain control of the Deep State, but I don’t know that we have even 20 to 50 months remaining before WWIII [not to mention Civil War II] becomes a strong likelihood.


      When talking about psychometric testing, one profoundly important dichotomy must always be noted, which is this:

      Griggs versus Duke Power [1971] FORBIDS the use of psychometric testing to discriminate against low-IQ kneegr0w job applicants.


      Whereas Jordan versus New London [2000] ALLOWS [and thereby encourages, and therefore effectively requires] the use of IQ tests to discriminate against high-IQ White job applicants.


      Not nearly enough attention has been paid to this hideous two-headed Hydra which the Frankfurt School wields to destroy the careers of White Heritage Amurrikkkun males.

      Gustave Moreau’s Lernaean Hydra

      • I’m doubting most civil “service” jobs are (or can be) that selective. For 80% of them, the drone level positions, they are probably just looking for some basics: Are you black or brown? Are you jabbed? Do you own or display a rainbow flag/Ukrainian flag/blm flag? Do you include your pronouns in your bio? Just the broad, general identifiers. Yes on any one or two of those 4, as long as you aren’t a white male, is probably good enough. They already know that you’ve been well indoctrinated if you recently came out of university.

        They’ll get more concerned with the particulars of your ideology and loyalty the farther up the chain you go (or don’t go).

        • Jeffrey Zoar: “I’m doubting most civil “service” jobs are (or can be) that selective.”

          I’m talking about the jobs which matter: DOJ [to include the FBI], CIA, NSA, JCOS, CDC, FDA, federal judiciary internships, Federal Reserve Banking, etc etc etc.

          Especially, though, the DOJ & the CIA & the JCOS.

          There are gonna be brutally exacting & exhausting tests of your Non-Playing-Character-ness before they convince themselves that you can be trusted not to rock the boat.

          Even the slightest signs of morality or free-thinking on your part will end your career immediately.

          And I would like to think that the entirety of the Z readership would flunk those tests unless we had had years and years of practice beforehand, to teach ourselves how to pass [surreptitiously] all of the tests.

          Have you ever seen Terry Gilliam’s “Brazil”?

          [It was Gilliam’s homage to Orwell’s 1984.]

          • Heck, for that matter, have you ever seen a Kevin Costner vehicle, called “No Way Out”, by a Baltimore/Annapolis denizen, named Robert Garland?

            That movie was a good 35 years ahead of its time [in portraying the utter depravity of the elitists which run the Deep State].

    • We’ve got people here in Florida who actually stop their cars in the middle of the road, blocking traffic, to get out and carry the turtle to the side of the road. I’ve seen this many times. Problem is, these turtles are the Florida Cooter species and that wayward turtle is a female on a mission. She’s headed somewhere far from her pond to lay her eggs and she will not be deterred. These do-gooders always put the turtle back on the side of the road she came from, then after she pokes her head out and sees the human is gone, she starts her journey again in the same direction. Back into the road!

  9. How does one say, “Steve Sailer delenda est” without saying “Steve Sailer delenda est?”

  10. There were 80 FBI agents monitoring the least followed accounts, some with less than 100 followers that made jokes about Democrats. Let that sink in.

    This is why I advocate only sending cash to support various people and organizations. This does not make you untraceable but the effort required is far higher. What stood out was how quickly GoFundMe and other orgs leaked info on the Trucker Protest donors in Canada, and how Christia Freeland used that info to seize bank accounts for as little as $10 donations. Those are the acts of true believers, and there is no reason to think that foreign allied governments can designate any donation to any cause as ‘support for terrorism’ and the US Government will act to seize your bank account. Are SubscribeStar and Substack “safe” ???

    IMHO no, they are not, as they are centralized and as secure as the most woke employee leaking information. Swiss Banks essentially ended their numbered accounts as employees got bribed by German authorities over and over again to get the true owners. By using those platforms you should assume that some woke employee will leak your info for “action” by various authorities. That’s how it works in the modern world. Because every organization will always have True Woke Believers.

    Wokeness fills the identity void caused by the collapse of Christian belief and nationalism in the West. Lennonism (John not Vladimir) triumphed. But it just triumphed in an ever increasing purity quest; there is no limit to where it will go just as there were no limits for Pol Pot and he was only stopped by the Vietnamese Army. People find meaning in their life not by Christian rituals and belief, but by the Woke pursuit of the last straight White man into the weeds.

    Example: Gavin Newsom has ambitions to replace Biden, his “reparations committee” has now arrived at the payment of $450K for every black person in the state. [California was never a slave state, and under Mexican rule slavery was illegal]. Hispanics and Asians will never agree to be taxed for this so we can imagine it will be paid by exclusive White taxes, driving pretty much every White person out of the state.The Biden Admin is pondering much the same thing.

    People need to believe — it provides motivation and validation for increasingly atomized and individual lives. It is no accident as the Marxists say that the most radical Jihadis come not from connected rural areas living traditional highly socialized lives but atomized immigrant children who are neither Western nor rural traditional Muslims. Wokeness tells FBI Agents, the Military, the NGO social justice “warrior” and the corporate manager the illusion that they are virtuous heroes fighting the evil White guy they see in movies and tv. Like Jihad filling the emptiness in Western Urban Muslim youth, Woke fills that empty hole inside the Corporate Managerial Elite. Yoel Roth probably thinks he’s the good guy. It is also no accident that Putin and Xi and other leaders see Woke as a mortal threat to their social cohesion and an alien religion that seeks to undermine the very basis of their society, and have promoted their traditional values in response.

    • Well who knows…however, most Whites don’t have $100k in assets. So who *can* pay these reparations? Only the State can through the nonsense of taxation and its thousand fingers in the economic pie.

      • First, they’ll seize your assets to cover as much of the $450k as possible.

        Then they’ll garnish your wages to cover the rest.

        Lose your job?

        No problem, they’ll arrange a system where you can work your reparations debt off for pennies an hour.

    • I’m no techie but I assume anybody who really wanted to could trace my comments on an internet site (such as this one) back to my computer

    • I see myself in the Woke. No I have never been on the Wokism crusade, but I think that i can understand the Woke nevertheless.

      As you nicely described, (by the age of 18) and without either Christianity or nationalism (or some moral system that fills in a natural human void, an identity void. This moral/identity void asks all of us for amoral answer to the subtle question, “Just Who are you? and “What makes you so good?”.

      I agree that both Christian morals and nationality morals have left the field and for at least 40 years now wokism occupies the space. Its the PCism recieved in junior high, then the wokism in high school and especially college fills in this natural void.

      So for me in 1980, at the age of 18, I found that moral system in the phrase, Individual Rights are Life, Liberty and Property FOR ALL. And I delighted in its corollary, the principle on Non-Aggression, the principle of self defense and the principle of Taking Responsibility for Your Actions. Oh how I went about moralizing and preaching and “teaching” and shaming those that don’t get it. I was a Woke libertarian of sorts. So when I hear the Woke so full of their moral self righteousness, I see just a little of my past self.

  11. Oftentimes I feel I never have much choice in matters. If you have an open mind the facts dictate. Now of course in certain areas such as affairs of the heart, love, the arts, religion, music you do have freedom to chose, but when it comes to HBD, distinctions between male and female, whether the vax prevents Covid, that it’s OK to be white, that Biden is a corrupt & senile despot ..how could i chose to believe otherwise? Life is complicated enough getting the easy things wrong.

    How do these ppl get through their day when they can’t even get the easy stuff right?

    • In troubled times, it’s always important to recall that two and two always make four. That remains true no matter what mistreatment Winston Smith receives in the torture chamber (Room 101). Yes, he can be beaten into submission, and repeat whatever The Party says is the truth. But words, no matter from the most lofty, nor from a beaten slave, will ever, ever change the fact that 2+2=4.

  12. The calls for targeting members of congress who didn’t clap for Zelensky is like the Soviet Union, North Korea, etc. Soon we’ll be hunting down those who stopped clapping first!

  13. ‘The other thing the group belief option does is explain how easily these people flit from one set of beliefs to another. The people bellowing “my body, my choice!” quickly shifted to bellowing “take the vax bigot” during Covid. Not only did they not see the irrationality of both positions, but they were blind to the contradictions. The reason is the content in these slogans is not what matters. In fact, it is meaningless. What matters is what the slogans signal to the person’s social environment.”

    In this example I do think there is a consistent underlying belief. They are protecting the vulnerable and making the world safe. For the abortion, the being in the womb is not a being because science says it isn’t because science doesn’t say there is a soul.

    In the first case they are protecting women. In the second case they are protecting grandma. They are hell bent on protecting the world from evil, suffering and anything threatening even as they enlist the unlimited powers of Satan to do it.

  14. Most people (high and low IQ) do not have the abstract mental/spiritual tools for true self-reflection and are sheep in this respect. This missing capacity is easily filled by obeying/believing what is said by the powerful because it is demonstrably in their self-interest.

    The truly good have the ability to see both sides of things fairly and render a sane verdict of what’s really going on. The truly bad see ONLY their side (interest) in things and what’s more create a fantasy where they are a pure superhero always defeating the evil “haters” in the interest of all. It’s total fantasy projection of their own evil, but it is effective in keeping them on the offensive and others scared and confused.

    It’s why there is the famous Yeats quote, “The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity.” It’s an unfortunate fact of human nature; a tragedy really. My perfect world is really a vision of a perfect people where strength and just basic common sense and decency are married. But that’s not how it is. Basic common sense and decency are evils to be relentlessly slayed by pure superheroes always punching out Hitler.

    There is NOT A SINGLE horrendous evil imaginable that these kinds of people cannot shape into a “good” in their minds and the minds of the masses. No matter what, the villain is the good guy in his own mind and the innocent are the guilty. Again and again. Satanic inversion.

    The gulag shrinks would diagnose dissidents as insane for contradicting the “obvious truth” of the party line. But the dissidents were in fact crazy in a sense to go against power. Truth will not protect your body from others. Hence, the deep human feeling of despair and betrayal at an absent God, one who has forsaken the righteous.

    It’s a tough pill to swallow that you’ll be beaten in this world, but receive “pie in the sky” when you’re dead.

  15. “Many, if not most, do not honestly believe this stuff, but as social animals they do what they believe is necessary to be in the group and enhance their status opportunities in the group.”

    Sound’s like Winston Smith’s antagonist, O’Brian, in 1984. If one remembers, O’Brian was happy to skirt around any number or the “party” rules, such as turning off his monitoring TV when having a “private” chat with Winston. Such was the status of O’Brian in the party at the time, he could get away with it and indeed was happy to flaunt such party status/power in front of Winston.

  16. “Many, if not most, do not honestly believe this stuff, but as social animals they do what they believe is necessary to be in the group and enhance their status opportunities in the group.”

    Welcome to 1938 Germany. And we all know what happened next…

    • I wasn’t there and I don’t know, but I just want to throw something out there.

      Nazi Germany is THE most reviled state/political system in the history of the universe per the Elite Cathedral of totalitarians and perverts that make up “our democracy.”

      How can we reliably believe that Nazi Germany was the evil they say it to be? They say YOU are evil, don’t they?

      I’m at a point where I reflexively believe the OPPOSITE of what we’re told by the powers that be and that I don’t KNOW something unless I was there and saw it with my own eyes.

      • This, I’ve come to question all the official narratives I’ve been taught about history. I’ve gone from admiring Lincoln to reviling him. I suspect the truth of WW 2 is far murkier than the “‘Murica, F*ck Ya! Kill dem ebil Nazis!” narrative we’ve been taught.

        • Of course, all our wars have those incidents. For example, YouTube has a number of videos of memories from WWII participants. Part of a project to collect accounts from the last of these vet’s before they pass on. Some of the accounts are telling, and chilling to the “official narrative”.

          For example, one vet of the European theater spoke of “capturing” German prisoners while in a front line combat unit on the attack. His superior officer assigned him to “take the prisoners down the road” and be back in 5 minutes to pull out with the squad. Of course, there were no facilities for prisoners as the entire line was fluid and 5 minutes is not enough time to bring prisoners anywhere—except out of sight. When questioned further, this vet explained that “taking the prisoners down the road” was simply a euphemism for their summary execution out of sight. He admitted such and shrugged his shoulders.

          This was war. This is war today, don’t kid yourself. He didn’t lose sleep over it—and I don’t either—but I’m not looking for it.

        • Vizzini: “I’ve gone from admiring Lincoln to reviling him.”

          Me as well.

          My only problem with Lincoln is this conundrum which I cannot seem to reconcile: Why did the Sanhedrin order co-tribalist John Wilkes Booth to enter Ford’s Theatre and assassinate Lincoln?

          For some reason, Lincoln posed a very grave threat to the Sanhedrin, and they clearly must have voted in unison to have approved an op as risky as assassinating an head of state.

          If there had been any dissenters, then the op would have been cancelled.

          Ergo they were all in agreement that Lincoln had to go.

          But why?

          • To make him into a martyr.

            If he stayed alive, over the years, his true nature would’ve been more transparent. Assassinating them at that point puts a period on the end of this glorious tale of our “greatest” president.

          • Why would they have a beef with the man who unquestioningly stepped in to overturn Grant’s General Order #11? Who relished being considered the second Chosen Abraham?

          • KGB, Grant was trying to expel the j00z.

            Lincoln overruled the expulsion.

            I apologize, but I’m not understanding your point.

        • History is written by the winners, and the authors of that particular history have made it clear they believe you and I are losers.

      • Whole heartedly agree and do the same. It’s lonely here in real-think world. Glad I can come here for some relief.

  17. a few comments here have come close to uncovering the driving force of progressives/leftists/etc. it’s dopamine. they have no limiting principle because they *have* to get more and more extreme in order to trigger dopamine release. the fact they get a dopamine hit from aberrant behavior should give you pause for thought…

    • There is certainly something to this on the neurophysical level.

      Brain scans have shown that daredevils lack normal function in fear centers and takes A LOT more to get them activated.

      Scans have also shown that psycho/sociopaths lack normal function in emotion/remorse regions. They register no discomfort in the pain of others; often the opposite.

    • Increasingly extreme deviant behavior is often referred to as, “novelty seeking.”

      It’s the same thing as a junkie requiring increasingly large doses to get the fix/high they need to be satisfied.

      It happens because the human body and mind have tremendous abilities to acclimate to all kinds of external stimuli.

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  19. There’s a word to describe the effect you describe.

    That word is cult.

    Is theFBI and maybe the entire deep state an apocalyptic cult?


  20. OT: found some obscure tables in the 2021 Canada census that identifies age group by ethnicity. It breaks the population into “Visible minority” and “not a visible minority”. “Not a visible minority” includes White and Indigenous people, but generally not mixed-race people. Indigenous are 5% of the population, possibly more for younger people, but many “indigenous” people are mixed or mostly European.

    0-4 All: 66.8% Not a Visible Minority
    0-4 Citizens only: 68.5%
    6-10 All: 68.2%
    6-10 Citizens only: 73.5%
    11-17 All: 69.3%
    11-17 Citizens only: 73.2%

    18-24 All: 64.9%
    18-24 Citizens: 73.4%

    25-34 All: 67.0%
    25-34 Citizens: 77.7%

    35-44 All: 68.6%
    35-44 Citizens: 76.5%

    45-54 All: 73.1%
    45-54 Citizens: 77.4%

    65+ All: 85.5%
    65+ Citizens: 87.1%

    Anyways, the demographics don’t seem catastrophic, relatively speaking for the West. 61-62% of babies in Canada are completely White. We might be better off than France and Sweden. Certainly in better shape than the USA, and these “White” categories don’t include Arabs and are not just counted as “births to white women”, thus excluding mixed babies.

    Quebec and the Maritime provinces are at 76%, and 85% for babies respectively, although the Maritimes have an abysmal birth rate and are Liberal-voting welfare states.

    Must be why they need such extreme open borders here, the invaders breed the same or less than the White people. They will beat us into submission with raw numbers pouring in instead of with births. If the open borders were closed the demographic situation would stabilize immediately and perhaps even slowly increase the White share.

  21. It seemed obvious that James Comey really believed he was defending “our democracy” from racism, sexism, and what he believed was some kind of horrifying right wing dystopia that would develop from Trump being allowed to hold power. He told a lot of lies in service of his cause, but his motives in doing so were “pure.”

    It’s hard at this late date to dredge up all his twitter postings and publicized notes that made this clear at the time, but the picture of him in the pink pussy hat was indelible. I distinctly remember when I came to this conclusion about him, and said to myself “wow, he really does believe this.”

  22. Lots of excellent insights!

    It does seem like the social-emotional dynamics of the group can explain a lot of what we’re seeing among the woke; specifically, how a hardheaded group like the FBI could be transformed into a woke cult which is defined by belief in what is demonstrably not true.

    First, there is the emotional component: it feels really good to fervently believe something. It doesn’t even matter what; fervent belief in *anything* feels good.

    And that is especially true for something as uplifting as the “anti-racist” “social justice” narrative: which portrays proponents as being on the cutting-edge of a movement which is poised to eradicate bigotry and evil once and for all, and to replace them with justice and equality.


    And within a group in which adherence to this narrative is a necessary requirement, the pressure is on to make the extent of your fervent belief in that narrative known; the more fervent you are perceived as being, the better.

    So even if you aren’t a fervent believer, it becomes clear to you that *pretending to be one* is the path to advancement within the group.

    And observing your colleagues fervently expressing those beliefs, you realize that to keep up, you need to express those beliefs *at least* as fervently as they do; ideally, even more fervently.

    So the rush is on to see who can virtue-signal the loudest.

    And it’s a known psychological principle that— even if your belief in X is weak to start with— the more you publicly proclaim that belief, the stronger it becomes; until a belief which you at first weren’t sure of, you now feel certain of.

    (That’s why the Mormon send out their young as missionaries: it’s not that the young can do the best job of explaining the faith to the public; is that by going around reiterating the faith, the missionaries themselves come to believe it more firmly.)

    So however logical or illogical belief in the woke narrative initially seems to you:
    * you *want* to believe it, because you realize that believing it is a prerequisite for being a member of the group;
    * everyone around you seems to believe it;
    * your position in the group hierarchy is largely determined by how strongly you are perceived by others as believing it;
    * it feels good to believe it; and
    * the more you express your belief in it, the better it feels, the more you find yourself believing it, and the stronger your position in the group becomes.

    All of which serves to reinforce your need to believe, your desire to believe, and your ability to convince yourself that the beliefs are in fact true.

  23. I do wish folks would cease using the term “woke.” Doing so legitimates Ebonic illiteracy, and implies the current madness is a new thing. It is not. So-called “wokeness” is nothing more than the current instantiation of the postmodern Leftism that began replacing Marxist-Leninism and Cold War liberalism in the late 60s. The “Woke” are not some lunatic, break-away sect; they are the natural product of the very lunacy that was born and incubated in France and America nearly six decades ago.

    • Wokeness is the modern iteration of gnosticism.

      It’s a recurring phenomenon in western history going back at least two thousand years. And probably much older than that -probably being the foundation of pagan mystery cults that preceded christianity.

    • I agree. The first victory that they win every time is we use their word.

      It is a Cult. It’s project is so comprehensive it is hard to bring it to one or two words.

      In the end the best short phrase options I can think of are:

      Cult of Subversion
      Treasonous Subversives
      Cult of Subversive Treason (CoST)

    • Yes, but it is the terminology of your enemy and as such is an appropriate, even necessary, descriptor when describing him and his actions and beliefs.

  24. I did not know but was not shocked to learn the group that comprised the backbone of the NKVD helps turn FBI agents into good little comrades. An organization that should be registered under FARA has de facto control of the police state apparatus of the United States. It makes perfect sense. Looking at the cold, dead eyes of Garland and Wray make it perfectly clear these monsters would unleash a genocide in a nanosecond.

    As belief goes, I kind of thread the needle between you and Gottfried. Since its inception, the FBI has been utterly corrupt. Some of the most virulently race aware individuals I’ve known are retired FBI agents (recent, too). They would make David Duke look like a Blank Slater, but at the end of the day they would crack skulls of anyone the Regime considered “racist.” That degree of detached sociopathology is truly horrifying. I’ve also known absolutely Woke federal agents who, if I checked back with them, likely now believe gender is fluid. Even they were corrupt, though. The system selects for it.

    The military long has been composed of True Believers. It is an incompetent hot mess, and quite dangerous as a result, in part due to Wokeness. Throw in the average grunt is a low IQ retard with poor impulse control led by officers who are literally insane, and you have a recipe for disaster–armed and marginally trained cretins who want to liquidate Whiteness and hunt down White devils.

    Anyone familiar with history realizes the Regime eventually will turn on its civilian and military enforcers and possibly off a large slice of them. There will be a Night of the Long Knives, but it will come too late to salvage shattered lives and prevent ideological mass murder.

    • Hell, the military is having recruitment problems in all the branches. Plus, like you said, the wokeness is driving a lot of personnel out. I’d be curious to know what the rates for “released for atandards” is for kids who can’t quite comply with the indoctrination.

      • Recently, in the comment section of my local fish wrap, I made the standard – for dissidents – argument that no one should be volunteering themselves or their children in service of a class of people that hates us all. I was surprised to get a response that said, “I agree and it pains me to say that because I spent years as an Army recruiter.”

  25. ” If the group belief option is true, then conservatism is a dangerous liability to society. The rational thing for normal people is to snuff out the remaining conservatives and then set about plotting in secret for when the ruling class can be physically removed.”

    Here is my counter to this line of thought.

    Conservatism isn’t some aberrant philosophy that can be replaced with a better one, rather it is a manifestation of a certain psychological phenotype that is perhaps too biologically deep to ever root out.

    Conservatism is the legacy of the lowly peasant or indentured farmer. This mindset was adaptive in the past to people of low status who were tied to a particular piece of land.

    Risk adverse people who always attempted to resist change. They would howl and growl to their local lord or conqueror who tried to impose new burdens or conditions upon them. However, in the end, they would always acquiesce to avoid being purged and lose everything. They would eventually make peace with their new conditions, and then attempt to resist any further changes.

    Conservatives are the descendants of people who kept their head down and survived whatever conqueror came and went over time. They will never be revolutionaries or the captains of destiny, for that is a different and higher risk/reward mindset.

      • it’s an interesting take on what makes conservatives big talkers and little walkers.

      • You could try a cogent response instead of an arrogant dismissal. But likely the latter is all you’ve got.

      • I must admit that this:

        ” If the group belief option is true, then conservatism is a dangerous liability to society. The rational thing for normal people is to snuff out the remaining conservatives and then set about plotting in secret for when the ruling class can be physically removed.”

        seems like a non sequitur. It’s far from obvious how removing one of the last groups to resist the fanaticism, however ineffectively, leads automatically to “physically removing the ruling class”. It almost sounds like the old Marxist idea of helping the bourgeois revolution sweep away feudalism in order to bring on the proletarian revolution.

    • I’d say that American conservatives are the ideological and cultural descendants of the Scotts-Irish people that settled appalchia and then moved west.

      They’re traits include a “leveling” cukture, distrust of outsider – especially governments, low networking activity and individualism over communitarianism.

    • I think conservatives are the descendants, at least from England, of middle class tradesmen, engineers, and small farmers. The kulaks in other words.

      Not the richest but living much more comfortably than the peasant class. Independent and requiring some degree of intellect to carry out. They thrived in America.

      It’s just anecdotal but most of the leftists I know seem to have some line to either an artistic or managerial class background, or a factory worker/poverty background.

      The Scots-Irish conservatives in Appalachia and the South seem a bit different though, not sure about them exactly.

  26. I’ve known a fair amount of retired military officers, some who stayed in for 25 years, others for just a few and then moved on.

    I’ve never met one that didn’t seem to truly believe in the the blank slate for men. Now, women in the military and what, if any, role they should have was a different story with a few dissidenters.

    • Blank-slatism made a lot of sense before modern times, given the need for group cohesion in combat and motivation for soldiers to make hard sacrifices. The realism that there is no blank slate was tacitly acknowledged by strictly enforced standards for promotion within the ranks. Today however, blank-slatism has been extended to women and gays, both of which diminish group cohesion. And the tacit acknowledgement that there is no blank slate has been removed with the lowering of standards for promotion.

      • I do think that military guys can somewhat get away with thinking blacks aren’t too bad because they’re only around blacks smart enough and disciplined enough to be in the military. This is obviously a very select group of blacks and even they aren’t that great, but good enough to keep the dream alive in those who don’t want to think too deeply about it.

        • I wonder what trait makes white people so desperate to have the acceptance of blacks and other non-white groups. Why do so many white people care about how blacks perceive them? Why do they need to be seen as good people by blacks?

          I don’t care. I don’t care if they love me and I don’t care if they hate me. They’re a group that isn’t part of my group. I wouldn’t be against being friends with a black person but he’d always black – I’d never consider him one of me. I don’t crave to be seen as one of the “good white people”.

          Yet, probably a majority of white people are desperate to find the magic black person who can validate them.

        • Soldiers in a military organization necessarily adopt an us vs them mentality where the in-group is the military unit itself. So individuals will identify with their comrades over everyone outside their unit. Black soldiers are inside, white civilians are outside.

        • The phenomenon is similar in academia. University negroes, although hardly the rivals of Aristotle and Descartes, are less stupid and more functional than the garden variety negro. Thus, whites in academia who have little to no experience with typical blacks undoubtedly come away with the notion that the negro race is capable of contributing to modern society if not burdened by white racism. This is, of course, a Potemkin village, and a highly pernicious one.

          • Well, yes there are those “talented tenth”, but really those people have been “used up”. There are a who lot of minorities now in university that are not fooling anyone—albeit cowardly faculty will never speak out against them.

          • @Compsci
            Yes, universities, particularly tertiary and below, are having to troll through the worst depths of the ghetto to meet their unhinged diversity goals. Consequently, some gangbanger types are beginning to slither into the ivory tower. To the extent these savages smarten up white kids about race reality, this is a positive development.

        • I’m not sure if you’ve ever served in the military or not, but the majority of blacks I served with were lacking both smarts and discipline. Rarely did I encounter one who wasn’t trying to scam their way out of doing something and the ones I encountered qualified for only the most menial jobs (Laundry and bath specialist, graves and registration). In basic half of my company were there because they had a choice, either join the army, or go to jail. Airborne school was somewhat different, although blacks were usually the first to quit. Those that made it fell into two categories; Officers who wanted the award on their uniform and enlisted who needed it as part of their job. The latter category was relatively small. At AIT, the blacks only helped out with chores when they wanted a weekend pass, that’s it. I remember one of them walking through the bay one Friday morning calling out, “I better see all of you motherfuckers moving and getting this place squared away for inspection! I ain’t sitting here with the rest of yo worthless asses tonight, I got me a date, so you best be moving!”
          Same asshole got his pass, but got his ass kicked by a guy we all thought was a nerd, but was actually well-versed in BJJ, which was the first time I had ever heard of it! Said nerd knew the girl this guy thought he was going to score with (She was both hideous and rather hirsute by the way.) and said hello to her. Asshole thought the nerd was honing in on his action and decided to try to make an example out of him aaaand failed.
          I’m sure others here who have served may have different stories, but the army is not only where I first encountered anti-white racism, but where I learned first hand that yes, patriotism is mainly a “white” thing. 99% of the blacks that I encountered openly admitted that they were there for other reasons and none of them had to do with patriotism.

        • The hurdle (ASVAB) to enlist has never been very high (roughly old-style 8th grade education = 12th grade today) and IQ about 85. Anyone who’s served in the enlisted services knows the hurdle isn’t set very high.

          What’s dismaying is to know that about 50% of blacks, maybe 25% of browns and 15% of whites are too stupid even to meet that low standard.

    • Modern militaries embrace the blank slate at a fundamental level.

      Initiates – whether voluntary or involuntary- are “broken down” in basic training and then “rebuilt” as “general issue” soldiers by the military organization and for it’s own benefit. The higher order reason for doing so is to create soldiers that will follow orders which are counter to their own immediate self interest, and to make them as fungible as possible so that the losses of some or many can quickly be replaced.

      • Don’t forget age of recruit. It’s not simply that the young are at the peak of their prime, physically, but also that their moral compasses are not yet fixed. Another reason I’m not taken back when I hear of war atrocities.

  27. Another option is that the beliefs are tied to the identity of the people espousing them. When beliefs are tied to identity, criticizing the beliefs is criticizing them as a person. It’s very similar to religious beliefs. That’s probably why so many people compare the various oddities of the left a religious cult.

    • I’ve seen something like that military people both current and retired. They loved their time in the military and the incredibly tight bonds that develop so they view an attack on DIE which the military supports as an attack on the military and their friends so they defend what they love.

  28. Scientology adherents are a real world example of the Borg Effect on normal people. They too are aggressively defensive with respect to heresy and murders have been committed in service to this psychopathy. The Stasi morphed into a de facto criminal enterprise decades ago, but its members have always been True Believers who look in the mirror and see a white hat with a halo over their head. IOW, its not a crime if the ends justifies the means. This is no different than Stalin’s NKVD, Hitler’s Gestapo/SS, or Mao’s Peoples Army. All were/are Praetorian Guards that protect the Citadel by all means necessary.

    And this is why we can never talk or vote our way out of the mess we’re in. Like the mRNA vaccine, this psychological infection changes the mental DNA of its victims and they become the Borg without ever sensing the transformation. They are the guard bees protecting the hive. And they are best avoided. Wear the fog and anonymity to protect yourself. And don’t give them the opportunity to entrap you.

    How far we have fallen.

  29. ‘The people bellowing “my body, my choice!” quickly shifted to bellowing “take the vax bigot” during Covid. Not only did they not see the irrationality of both positions, but they were blind to the contradictions. The reason is the content in these slogans is not what matters. In fact, it is meaningless. What matters is what the slogans signal to the person’s social environment.’

    Oceania has always been at war with Eurasia, er, Eastasia. The fanaticism and doublethink is greatest among the inner party. But I confess I don’t really grok the hive mind.

    • Closing down the insane asylums was our first mistake. Now, instead of putting people in the asylum where they belong, we give them responsibility in running the empire.

      • Today I fear the re-opening of the insane asylums, with the crazy people in charge of who gets thrown in.

        • Number one sign of mental illness is being a White who doesn’t hate themselves. They call that racism and racism a mental disorder.

        • AINO is an insane asylum (Insane Clown World). The lunatics (anti-white Leftists) are in charge. And the sane (people like us), increasingly, are being punished for their sanity.

  30. The women are true believers. Women always signal their allegiance to the in-group, so they believe in “woke” since its the dominant value system in many cases (such as the workplace).

    Hard to say how many men are. Most go along with it, but i get the sense that an increasing number of upper middle class men are not happy with the current morality. Nobody is doing much about it though, since the woke people will destroy you if you go against it.

    Blacks and Asians fully believe in it. Blacks because they are dumb and believe whitey owes them, and Asians just seem incapable of deviating from the top-down messaging they receive.

    Indians dont believe it but will use it (or go against it) to their advantage when it suits their personal or ethnic interests.

    Muslims pretty much fully go woke, they have an intense bitterness for white people, and islam is essentially a woke anti-white cult for the 2nd generation immigrants.

    The J-ws I’ve met, contrary to so much online conspiracy really do not seem that woke, although they could be on the left or right of politics. Still trying to figure that one out, and maybe ours are different than yours.

    The wokest true believer people I’ve encountered are miserable White women with beta male husbands at home. Its not hard to see where the bitterness comes from in these cases.

    • You must have very different Moslems than we do in Euroland. Here, the Moslems seem all but immune to the woke and, since they have color privilege, have no problem bullying teachers about the degeneracy of it all.

      The only thing they’re woke about is muh racism, because racial slurs are the only slurs that really sting them. If it weren’t for the fact that they’re being carpet bombed with nanny racism by the liberal establishment – constantly reminded that they’re special needs because they’re brown – I figure they wouldn’t give a damn about that either.

      • …no problem bullying teachers about the degeneracy of it all.

        Or journalists, for that matter. You never see hacks voxpopping young Moslems about woke issues, because they know that they’re going to get in trouble if they air their replies.

    • Like our other half in the “Judeo-Puritan” ruling class, (((we))) are dominated by a true-believer cult, in the usual Pareto/”inflexible minority” way. The WASP cult is “suicidal” (not really) and ours is homicidal. The objects of their murderous urges are the same, hence their alliance across the whole Anglosphere.

      The average representative of both groups is the product of enough inter-Euro outmarriage that fear/etc. of the *near* Other isn’t really there—but my mother’s family does virulently hate my father’s, having never met them, and based on no historical hostility between the groups.

  31. I’ve always thought that these people genuinely believe what they are saying. I don’t think that they are faking it or engaging in groupthink.

    When it comes to corporations, the Wokeness in the C-suites follows the basic corporate model of privatizing the profits and socializing the costs. Corporate managers are used to imposing big, bureaucratic, overly complicated solutions to mundane problems that have the effect of shielding them from legal liability and from accusations of nonchalance, but which mostly just inconvenience normal people. National retail chains, for example, would rather spend millions of dollars putting elaborate security measures in all 500 stores instead of just prosecuting shoplifters and exposing themselves to accusations of racial bias. Normal people experience this as increased friction in the shopping experience as we wait for the cashier to find the stupid key to take the RF tag off of our new shoes, but the friction is not enough to stop us from buying shoes altogether, so the C-suites don’t care about that. These solutions are not cost effective on an ordinary microeconomic accounting, but they are cost effective modulo our current legal and regulatory regime.

    Thus, when it came time to institute transgender bathrooms in shopping centers across the land, the CEOs resorted to their standard model of forcing the public to bear the burdens and keeping their own hands clean of discrimination lawsuits. Transgender bathrooms it is.

    And yes, they really do “believe” these things, because they interpret human behavior through the lens of aggregate statistical models and not from contact with actual human beings. If the model tells them that transgender bathrooms will help maintain the company as a going concern, then they will rationalize them as somehow morally and metaphysically righteous.

    When it comes to the military and the FBI, I think it important to remember that career officers and LEOs have always been some of the most progressive people down through the centuries (Napoleon was a military man, after all). They tend to have very loose attitudes with regards to sexuality and are often found to be hedonists at heart. Woke ideology suits them very well as a pretext for using force against anybody who might be deemed an enemy of the regime (which of course includes all “normal” people), and this is how they maintain their power and social position.

    • Well said. I also believe corporations avoid regulatory dangers by parroting the group in power. When it is liberalism, they play the woke card. When it is conservatism, they play the free-market card. Now that conservatism has been permanently neutered by “mail-in” ballots, the wokism has no limiting principle.

    • the easiest way to cut shoplifting is to ban non-whites from entering the stores. of course that isn’t allowed now…

      • Well, that’s not the easiest way. Here they have taken to closing stores down is those areas where the police have ceded control. 🙁

    • I agree with this. It’s also why the people chanting “go woke, go broke!” Irk me so much. They’re clearly not going broke, and once they realized that people still consume their products they felt no need to hide their agendas any longer.

      My current wokeness center even hired black activists to champion the DEI initiatives. My ceo spoke out against voter ID laws. There is zero fear of repercussions because there are none. Be an ally or you lose your job.

      • Voter ID is racist because blacks are so disorganized they can’t get their picture taken or even write on a form. Also, they organized en masse during Covid with record “turnout” rates for Joe Biden and flipped five states at 5 am.

        • Hell, as near as I can tell from the last two major elections, minorities are so “disorganized” that they can’t register, get to the polling place, nor even fill out their ballots. So the Democratic Party must “help” them in these matters. 😉

    • or—

      If the entire corporate class believes trannies in the girls’ bathroom is a righteous situation (or sexually piquant), they’ll invent a model that tells them it’s also profitable.


      If the corporate class believes trannies in the girls’ bathroom does more injury to normal people than it does to themselves, they’ll believe it righteous, find it sexually piquant, and invent a model that says it’s profitable.


    • The gray man fantasy is fine for isolated men with no wife, no family and no roots.

      It’s a fantasy because you’re going to be a quick 3s (shoot shovel silence) target moving through any community with the smallest sense of insider/outsider sensibilities.

      Plenty of collapse pr0n books out there from those who lived through the Yugoslavia collapse. Loners don’t fare well.

      The time to join/build parallel institutions is now.

      • FWIW, flying-under-the-radar is not the same thing as being a loner. You can have a wife, family, friends, and community presence; but still be nondescript, boring, largely unnoticed, ignored, and regarded as a harmless nobody by all, including busybodies and LEOs. And this is the ultimate camouflage in a totalitarian state that looks to entrap or decapitate the tall grass. Painting a target on your back is not a successful survival strategy during hunting season.

        • “Death by a thousand cuts” needs a Clownworld update. I propose:
          “Thrive by a thousand quiet decisions”.

          The best “gray” strategy is exactly what TomA described. It’s boring, non-descript, typical, consistent.
          Where we must dissent is starting now, in the million of everyday decisions we make to live.
          To paraphrase Z, because it was an inspiring point, “Influence and following is built in how you live your life”. So start living quietly, intentionally, and stop feeding the madness with the decisions you make.

          • Moss guy! Great to see you here. Best to you and your wife. Miss you folks!
            PS: Still eating Da Big Beef. Yep.

        • “The time to join/build parallel institutions is now.”
          Yes absolutely…..But…..be resilient and gray. Prepare your mind. Your parallel institutions may and will be under attack many times for years before they can be up and running for a predictable period of time. All this saving seed…gardening….farm critters…..canning…..finding like minded neighbors…sharing low tech stuff and knowledge….don’t forget They wish to kill off resistance and a good chunk of the world population. For whatever reason. That old **** Jane Goodall just spoke at some WEF event stating the world population should be down to ½ billion. The arrogance of this old bitch is enraging and sickening. For thee not for me. The spirit of Paul Ehrlich The Population Bomb is alive and reinvigorated. They have drones and may pick areas to spray your garden and animals with death juice and defoliant and bioweapons. These people are serious. Submit you Dirt People! Go Gray AND stay resilient and keep coming back, keep moving forward even if 1 step forward and 2 steps back. There is a lot between A and Z to get to a peaceful world made by hand.
          Z….love you man! You are on a roll, Buddy! Just printed this off and will be reading this and comments outloud to a Mormon old girl girlfriend tomorrow. Subversion within Mormonland!

          • Example of grit: Humble but true. In 1989, I hiked 5 miles, the last mile straight up angle of repose pumice, 1 step up and 1 step back, up to the top of Mt. Saint Helens to stare into the abyss. After observing and musing, I turned around to go down and discovered my going downhill muscles just gave out. Kaput! All pow! I started to freak. I started to weep. Then I realized if I didn’t pull my shit together some agency would send out a helicopter to fetch me filming it all for the tv news. I thought Holy Shit! Ain’t doing that! So I turned around and walked slowly backwards all the way down Mt. St. Helens until flat ground. It worked.

          • It’s good to hear from you Range! I’ll never forget the image of you tearing into a huge cold steak sitting on Lineman’s lawn.

      • To be clear. Going gray is not defeatism. It’s about surviving (and being available) when the time is right. The modeling says that conventional rebellion results in a huge number of dead innocents and plays into the strengths of tyranny’s Leviathan, so odds of success less than 50%. But the post-collapse fog changes everything, and a focused 4S solves the root problem with least harm to all. They are the metaphorical equivalent of cockroaches, and will scatter & flee when properly motivated.

  32. I tend to fall back on the “stupid or evil” exercise when faced with the question. On Christmas, we had a 30 year old “conservative republican” over for dinner. When 85 year old grandma seeing the bowl of Christmas nuts out mentioned what they used to call Brazil nuts back in the day, said young civ nat recoiled in absolute horror. I thought his head was going to explode. I’d rule stupid.

    I would contend that most “conservatives” are stupid, and most “liberals” are evil.

    • “Long time no see” now racist. Because it’s a throwback to English as a second language first generation Chinamen (*) immigrants who built US railroads in the 1800s.

      (*) “Chinamen” also racist. Say instead! “Men of China”.

      Who can follow/believe/keep up with all this nonsense?

      • “Who can follow/believe/keep up with all this nonsense?”

        Desperate people. People desperate to escape their emptiness and loneliness.

        That’s why people like us use the term “the hive.” Because what’s what they are. And the hive comprises most people. The hive comprises the true believer and the normie. The normie is a passenger in the back seat of the car that Thelma and Louise are driving over the cliff. And we are sitting next to him.

        And Thelma and Louise are taking the rest of us with them when they go over the cliff.

        Our consent is not required. Or even sought. they regard us as back-seat drivers.

      • I did laugh when some dipshit was fired, from ESPN? for referring to a particular teams flaws as “a chink in their armor”

        • That’s been going on for a long time. I was living in the Imperial Capital in 1999 when some bureaucrat got publicly raked over the coals, personally and professionally, for using the word “niggardly” in front of a very special co-worker. He tried to destroy his opponents using facts and logic but to no avail. He wound up having to zuo feiji for his sins.

          • And we wonder why a generation of white males has opted to stay in the basement and *da feiji*.

      • PoZNoV: Just refer to them as Orientals and you’ll piss off the libs and conservatards equally. Refer to them as “Han” and the AWFLs will shriek “WHAT did you just call her/him?” because they have no idea what standard, accepted ethnic terms were pre-Klown World. I use both depending on my mood.

    • “I would contend that most “conservatives” are stupid, and most “liberals” are evil.”

      Most people are stupid. Many people are evil. I don’t think we need more precision than that.

      Our civilization is dying; collapsing. What we see today has happened before when empires and civilizations die and crash. “There is no new thing under the sun.”

      Capitalism, just like Marxism (and other “-isms”) is a materialist worldview. People for whom everything–everything–is material are pretty much empty inside, and they will fill their inner, aching void with something-or-other. And that is what we are watching. There is no cure for it save true religion or extinction. The vast majority have made their choice and are totally committed to it; therefore, they will commit some kind of suicide and will take the general population and the general culture with them.

    • I had a similar experience with a very nice neighbor couple over the summer. The wife is a smart tax attorney who claims to be a conservative republican. When we had a few drinks with them, she told us how much she hated Trump, and that the republicans should unite behind a unifying 2024 candidate like Liz Cheney. We agreed to never talk about politics again, and haven’t spoken with them since.

      • Women and politics…sigh. I’ve come to ignore anything of the sort as I would the babbling of infants. The number of non-emotional and educate female observers is vanishingly small (IMHO). The women in this group *do not* fall into this category, which makes them strong commenters however.

        • If we want to win white women over to the far right, just tell them Hitler loved dogs and run a serial killer with face tattoos and a French bulldog for vice president

  33. I’m sure the woketards and covidiots have a lot of commonality. It’s probably hard to know how many “normal” people took the jabs because they thought it was the right thing to do or actually felt the wuflu was an extinction level event. But I guess it’s just one more (mega) example how a small minority can convince the masses to go along, with the right combination of propaganda, censorship and bullhorn.

    I doubt many now really believe coronachan was anywhere near as dangerous as it was made out to be nearly three years ago, but even smart guys like Unz continue to talk about the tens of millions who supposedly died worldwide and that the vax is mostly safe and effective.

    • I would have been perfectly willing to get the jab had the managerial class not done what they did. To me, the biggest thing which made me not want the jab was the ruthless censorship of anyone who dissented from the orthodoxy. That and the vaccine passports and the naked partisanship that wormed its way into the vaccine stuff. There was and is zero reason for a vaccine to be a partisan issue.

      • “There was and is zero reason for a vaccine to be a partisan issue”

        When it comes to the left, EVERYTHING is a partisan issue.

        • It’s not the left, its reality. Carl Schmitt says the concept of the state presumes the concept of the political.

      • “To me, the biggest thing which made me not want the jab was…”

        My logic spoke to me, LONG before they tried to shove a needle in everyone’s arm with what amounted to a war crime…

        … rushed through, untested compared to other vaccines, not a vaccine by definition. Fauci first impression = evil and madman. His first pitch at Wash Nats – as well as ‘wearing two or more types of same team sportsball gear’ = old tip offs that the guy was a fucking geek and thus something was way off, see first impression of evil and madman.

        Even the stupid name, “warp speed” was a red flag. I don’t care if a TV pitchman turned POTUS pitched it.

        So, my logic said I would let others be the guinea pigs while I waited to see what happened. There are lots of nefarious meds on TV every day that go through a trajectory of …

        1. Sales pitch.
        2. Slip and fall lawyers troll for victims.

        I assume somewhere in there are victims.

    • One of the first statistics/inferences compiled during the first year of the scamdemic was a comparison of normal expected deaths and excess deaths due to Covid. Best I saw was about a 9 month “premature” life loss. In other words, in the higher age cohorts, Covid pushed forward the “normal” death expectation by about 9 months. At that point I knew the entire epidemic was a scam. I also expected it would resolve itself eventually regardless of national policy. Covid was culling the population of the old and weak.

    • usNthem: Anyone who supported the vax and/or took the vax is not going to admit they were duped, or partook of herd mentality, or were motivated by fear. Their perception of themselves as smart people (and Unz is very much of that cohort) depends on being right about such issues.

      I have more than my own share of human failings, but lying – to myself and others – is not one of them. And when I f**k up, I always admit it. It took me a while to learn that for most people, admitting fault just isn’t done. The more words Unz, Sailer, and their sort publish in defense of their early panic and vax compliance, the more I judge they’re beginning to notice all the ‘sudden deaths’ occurring. They will continually deny being less smart than they think they are, or admit culpability and gullibility, unto death – because for most people, death is preferable to loss of status.

      • You point out this trait in “smart” people and it is very rampant. Imagine how bad it is for the not so smart (i.e, vibrants). See if you can find a single vibrant who murdered whites to admit that he did something wrong. They are incapable of admitting fault in anything, it is not allowed in their genetic programming.

        • Tired Citizen: With vibrants, it’s a totally separate issue. Right vs. wrong for them is totally incident dependent – i.e. there are no immutable moral truths. Unless, perhaps, the sole truth to them that all that matters are their wants and desires, and those whose lives matter to them personally.

          I’ve read repeatedly that they are incapable of feeling empathy or guilt for slaughtering some unknown White’s wife or grandmother – “Who’s she to me?” is their invariable response. If you are not one of ‘their people’ – by both race and familial bonds – then your life is utterly irrelevant to them.

      • They’re boomers. They locked us younger people down and pushed an experimental mRNA gene therapy on us so they could enjoy retirement for an extra few years. Their parents would call them cowards.

  34. I have developed a hypothesis in regard to why so many intelligent people believe establishment nonsense. It’s what I think of as the “110 to 140 phenomenon” (110 to 140 being the IQ range of the people in question, though arguably it might begin at 105). These are folks smart enough to thrive within the system. It is my suspicion that at some time during their adolescence — or pre-adolescence for those particularly on the ball — many of these people experience a subconscious realization that one does not get ahead in this world by questioning the ideas and narratives that the upper tier embraces. The surest way to succeed in a hierarchical system is to simply believe (or profess belief in) whatever one is supposed/expected to believe and plow forward without entertaining too many inconvenient questions or doubts. I doubt this ever occurs at the conscious levels. It’s just that these folks subconsciously shut off their critical reasoning skills when it comes to popular narratives. They become strict pragmatists who seldom if ever waste thoughts on anything that won’t help them rise within the structure and make more money. Like a muscle that atrophies, their reasoning skills weaken and basically end up nonexistent. These are bright people who could easily see through the endless bullshit peddled by the elites who run our society. But for the sake of personal advancement, they’ve trained themselves to believe what is necessary to excel. I have not a jot of evidence to support this thesis. It’s mainly just a hunch I have.

    • Sometimes, in order to get along, you have to go along..that realization comes later in life for some early rebellers, usually about late thirties or early forties it dawns on them that bucking the system is only holding them down. I did an experiment once by dressing up very nicely and going in to work instead of my usual pants and shirt. Some folks viewed me with suspicion, some thought I had a job interview, upper management suddenly noticed me, and that was the year I got a 12 percent raise. I hadn’t changed at all, just their perception of me had changed. You can put a monkey in an Armani suit, and he’ll still be a monkey, but there will be an investment banker somewhere that would love to but him lunch.

      • The lawyers figured out a long time ago that you can fool most of the people if you just put on a suit and get a haircut

        It is truly incredible how a mere jacket and tie improves one’s respectability even among people who should know better

    • There is also a deference to others they believe to be smart. One of the reasons the climate nonsense has such traction in the scientific community is that unrelated experts like entomologists and biologists believe climate scientists are as smart and academically rigorous as they are. The fact that the temperature data is in the control of a small group of frauds with upward biased computer models never dawns on them.

    • The system you described is any hierarchy. The hierarchy can be a net good or a net bad. Our is awful because it has abandoned all standards.

      I came of age when the US was transitioning to the, “you won’t succeed unless you go to college”, paradigm. I encountered that when transferring to a high school focused entirely on college placement. Before that, I came from a background of doing things because they are right and because they strive for a higher good.

      I was very fortunate to once study with a teacher who was, “that guy”, who was the generational and possibly cross generational timeless genius in terms of his contribution. He once said to me, “Never do something to get something else.”

      It is very easy to give up and rely upon the label, rather than put in the effort to hold what is behind the label to the highest standard. That is effectively what we did. We abandoned all standards. Once institutional leaders accepted the premise of, “Managing perceptions”, as a norm the bottom fell out. Once they adopted that as their modus operandi and proclaimed it as a virtue they pulled us all down with them into the abyss.

      • I once long ago went back to my old HS and got their ACT stat’s for a project. The HS sent at that time 85% or so of its graduates to college. Such was the promise of post secondary Ed in those halcyon days.

    • Perhaps. But I’ve been through that experience and in my case, I can’t say I was ever a “true believer”, but rather ignored the obvious for purposes of “go along to get along”—which of course means personal advancement. Now if you want to argue which type is more despicable, then have at it. I’m not sure either.

  35. I have loved ones who truly believe that if we all just get together and apologize collectively to the black folks (or any historic victim group) it will make amends and “heal” the wounds and everything will be OK forever. It follows that those who oppose the idea, for whatever reason, must be against doing the right thing and are therefore evil in the eyes of the believers.

    In the case of my loved ones, the emotional appeal of the act of collective contrition is the whole point of the exercise. If you don’t feel the emotion driving the belief, then there must something wrong with you. There is nothing you can say or do that will change their minds.

    • The acceleration of the crazy after the election of Obama should have been proof enough that they are wrong and their reasoning is idiotic. That’s the problem with their secular dumbass fantasy. The only thing that is true is diversity plus proximity equals conflict. Honestly, as the northern Ireland example shows, that diversity can take many forms.

    • You should point out that slavery in America was an institution imported from Africa, It had been outlawed in England since the 1200’s.
      I thrived in Africa until colonization.

      • Bilejones: You know better, friend. The truth is utterly irrelevant; perception and emotion are what motivate and convince.

    • When you do wrong, you should make an appropriate apology to “square” things. When you do no wrong, but apologize, you are simply virtue signaling.

  36. The question is ill-formed, because Leftism is ultimately oppositional – it is not For anything.

    Therefore anything the Left positively-wants (such as, currently, DIE) is a temporary expedient, a means to an end, which will be discarded whenever it becomes inexpedient.

    The Left only wants Woke while it serves their, ultimately destructive, purposes – it may be set-aside today, tomorrow, or whenever something else looks like a better bet for attaining the underlying negative purposes.

    It is little more than a couple of generations ago that the (communist) Left primarily pursued the interest of native-born, unionized, white, working class (proletarian) men; and intended to do so by wholesale nationalization.

    1970s environmentalism was dumped for a narrow CO2 (maybe +Nitrogen) ‘climate’ agenda – that causes massive, global environmental destruction.

    And in the past few years we have seen the Left dump feminism, for the trans agenda.

    Then in early 2022 there were Leftists of “the peace movement” who *instantly* became active supporters for escalating and expanding World War III.

    If we want to ask whether the Left are ‘true believers’ – we need to be aware that their kind of belief is a cheap commodity; and that in the long run it is what the left opposes that really dictates what they do.

    (Note: What the Left deeply and everlastingly oppose is God, the harmony of divine creation, and The Good in all its forms – the true, the beautiful and the virtuous. Everything else is just a – more or less plausible – excuse for attacking these indirectly. If the Left ‘want’ any particular outcome, it is the negative situation of Man’s self-chosen damnation – individually and collectively.)

    • Mr. Charlton has sagely explained how Leftism/Progressivism emanates from a fundamental destructive urge. Many folks are fooled into equating such a perverse ideology (religion?) with virtue and compassion. Its most dedicated “true believers,” however, are those who ultimately just want to see the world burn. They embrace whatever is most likely to produce the greatest destruction in the quickest manner. If they previously favored Idea/Value A wholeheartedly, they will readily discard it for something new that promises greater sabotage. Ed Dutton’s speculations regarding “spiteful mutants” start to look apropos.

      • The problem is that they construct a bureaucracy out of the current fad that is permanent while they move on to something else.

        The DIE commissar system is even more insidious than the Wilson era regulatory zombies, the FDR era agencies, and the LBJ era Leviathans. It is all pervasive – public and private.

        They may have moved on, but the nightmare of the project is just beginning.

    • Spot on. The Left only believes in the ruthless, sociopathic acquisition of power. Once it gets ready to scuttle the current iteration of its Praetorian Guard and secret police force (True Believers or not, these people are riding the tiger), it will do so ruthlessly and efficiently and in the blink of an eye. If it weren’t evil the Left would be admirable in this regard.

    • What you’ve described is better called simply “evil”. Evil desires nothing more than itself. Because you view the world in terms of good and evil makes your writings essential reading. Those here, not viewing the world in such terms miss a good piece of the puzzle. Thanks.

    • Yarvin is right that some force has been pulling the Anglo-American world left for hundreds of years and that force is power.
      Whatever generates political power, the left embraces. This process will continue until sovereignty (monarchy, dictator, whatever) is restored. Monarchy is the default and natural form of human government

  37. I talked with a Chinese who, as a student, had to do self criticism during the cultural revolution. He said as time progressed everybody would compete with each other to criticize themselves the most by making up ridiculous things, and when telling it hamming it up. So the party stopped it. He also said it was the best time in his life, working on a farm, getting up early in the morning singing patriotic songs, etc…

    • Secular religions always lack a limiting principle. You can always find some way to be more pious than the most pious member, which is why they end in a bloodbath. We live in an age in which mutilating children is the limit, but soon someone will argue for human sacrifice. It is not a great leap to go from the state withholding care to the state sacralizing your sacrifice for the greater good.

      • Just think of the original Star Trek series episode “A Taste of Armageddon,” where two planets made war perpetually possible by having computer simulated attacks which resulted in citizens voluntarily marching into “elimination chambers” to be killed. Now imagine sometime in the near future TPTB decide that to save Mother Gaia we must all march into a government sponsored gas chamber to spare Mother from environmental destruction.
        Think that impossible? Think again. Roddenberry was right. I have zero doubt my 20 something daughters would happily kill themselves if the Empire of Evil dictates they sacrifice themselves to an Ideal. The Turchin overproduced elites will do likewise. Why? Because they are all cowards.
        They would accept objective evil against others if the alternative was to have to lift a finger to stop it. And they will ultimately accept death over having to prove in the real world their so-called values are actually valuable, by DOING SOMETHING.
        That is why we should not proselytize the truth. You will never get someone who is not already brave enough to THINK to do so, or to ACT. Let evolution work it magic on both the spiteful mutants and the normies. Both are destined to their evolutionary fate.

        • “I have zero doubt my 20 something daughters would happily kill themselves if the Empire of Evil dictates they sacrifice themselves to an Ideal.”

          Riddle of Steel, baby!


          Barbarian may be the greatest rightwing/religious movie of all time. Shame what has happened to Arnoldo.

        • “They would accept objective evil against others if the alternative was to have to lift a finger to stop it. And they will ultimately accept death over having to prove in the real world their so-called values are actually valuable, by DOING SOMETHING.”

          That’s why Gary Cooper chucked his silver star at the end of “High Noon.”


      • So how do we put normalized atheism back in its box? Because religion is not going to make a comeback, unless we unlearn huge amounts of what we’ve learned about the physical world the last 200 or so years.

        This is probably why the Jews or the Chinese are likely to, if not rule the world, at the very least dominate in all the things that matter. Both have essentially secular religions that put their people at the center of the universe.

        • The Big Bang is evidence of a physical miracle that breaks several laws of physics and thermodynamics. The atheists have egg on their faces because they claimed the universe must have had an infinite past existence, due to those laws. Einstein proved them wrong and converted from atheist to theist, though never followed a religion. Its mostly spiteful (((atheists))) clamoring to say there must be multiple universes , multiverses, and different dimensions which caused our big bang because a deity would be physically impossible!

    • Have you ever read the book Chen Village, Tom? It’s a great retelling of how the 60’s played out in one particular Guangdong village; the shifting alliances and antagonisms between and among the locals and the Guangzhou youth sent down to clean up the place. It contains plenty of lessons related to today’s Z-Man entry.

  38. Absolutely correct. I come from a hive of neoliberals and I will tell you flat out: they drink the koolaid and LOVE it. And – anyone that doesn’t – is a bad person that must be either disciplined and/or cancelled.

    I had to be tossed out to the curb with the trash and then I committed the same sins most dissidents did – I refused to apologize and grovel – first sin… and the REAL sin was that I enjoyed my banishment! They were flat out astonished by it too.

    Unfortunately, I have been let back into the hive but under strict and carefully neutral circumstances. I think they used to call it ‘mutual respect’ back in the Before Times? Or courtesy and politeness?

    It’s probably just talk, but many states are now talking openly about kicking the FBI out. Among the 2A guys, we were absolutely delighted when the local law enforcement flat out refused to comply with liberal gun legislation, and even threatened to arrest, disarm, and incarcerate FBI or ATF agents in their jurisdictions if they wanted to get stupid about it. Today’s law enforcement has a serious credibility problem and its only getting worse. Up here in Alberta we are thinking of turfing the RCMP for much the same reasons.

  39. People who aspire to power and influence within the PMC have a strong need to prove their bona fides. The more distant they are from real power within the PMC, the more likely they are to make displays of loyalty to the official narrative. Journalists are the best example of this phenomenon.

    Last November I listened to a woman interview a physician who was a world recognized expert in treating addiction. After a pretty good discussion on the dire consequences chemical abusers face – death, disability, etc. – the interviewer had to mention that she was “non-binary”. Somehow, her virtue signaling lifestyle choice was somehow equivalent to the suffering of opiate addicts or extreme alcoholics.

    • Sounds like the poor (woman) had a lot on her mind she clean forgot to mention her veganism, possibly a 1st.

      • I live in Berserkeley and while the city and university pioneered left-wing radicalism, most other universities and their locales have long caught up. There is a large proportion of Asian students who are there just for the grind and have no interest in politics.

        It’s raining like a mofo right now and we have another “atmospheric river” on deck for Wednesday. The last “river” on Saturday caused a lot of flooding in the Bay Area including some areas of Berkeley close to the bay. After three years of drought we need it badly. Of course, the enviro-wackjobs blame the heavy rains as much as the drought on Gorebull Warning.

  40. You see the same facts-and-logic and even snark coming from certain “dissident” left-of-center (LoC) personalities, such as Matt Taibbi, Michael Tracey, Tulsi Gabbard, and Glenn Greenwald. There’s a cottage industry of LoC dissidents who hate the Democrats as much as we hate Republicans. We go off on Mitt Romney for supporting progressive causes, and they will go off on AOC for supporting the MIC and corporate interests.

    I like to see the facts/logic/snark coming from the LoC – whatever can open the normie’s eyes on either side is a good thing – but it’s as tiresome as seeing it from the RoC. The Matt Taibbis of the world are just civic nationalists who cringe at the “nationalist” part. (I wonder what they call themselves actually. Probably “real progressives” but who knows.)

    As I was reading the breathless pronouncements from Matt Taibbi and Michael Tracey about the “Twitter Files”, all I could think was, this is as useless as running into St. Peter’s Square waving a document and yelling to everyone present that gives some proof that there was corruption at the Vatican.

    • Just so, Marko.. Back in the Before Times, long ago, when I was young and Z was a candy gobbling tot in short pants… guys like us could actually sit down and talk to liberals and not have the discussion end in hysteria, tears, and accusations.

      There was obviously friction, and the odd entertaining pie fight as there is when people disagree… but we both wanted ultimately to make our world a better place for all of us. Now our politics are about being left alone on our side, and race/gender/ideology hatred on theirs. I believe our collapsing relations, managerial and law enforcement are diversity related. As our esteemed blog host has noted in the past – the more diverse you get, the more unworkable your institutions become…

    • I like Taibbi, Greenwald and some of the others lefty dissidents. They are who they are and I consider them friends. I subscribe to their Substacks because they are getting the message out to people who would never otherwise hear any dissident POV.

      I’ve thought for a while that small parts of the dissident left are closer to our side than they want to believe. We ought to try and use them when we can as allies and bring them over to our side fully when they are ready. That may be the only way we can get the numbers we need.

    • “I like to see the facts/logic/snark coming from the LoC…”

      Ah (waves hand) better to consider them all the “English” and go build a barn.

  41. Well, that last line just bolded our names, via IP addresses, on several watchlists.

    Great essay. I tend to agree these people are true believers. I think it’s higher than 20% too. I think we discount how effective a message can be. Spending even a year within one of these orgs (corp USA, military, FBI, etc) would push someone over the edge if they actively want to be included in the in-group.

    • I agree with Paul Gottfried when he says the majority of the country is like this. I also agree with him in that there is no way to fix it and it will only get worse.

  42. Conservatives loathe to think that all the elite institutions, our government, and corporations believe the woke lunacy because it conflicts with their core belief of individualism that almost everyone can come to the right conclusion through reason, and the number of people who need to be forcefully controlled is a small portion of the population.

    The truth is the vast majority of people will simply follow the strong horse, and the difference between when leftists follow the strong horse and conservatives veer there is simply a matter of a couple years versus twenty. Conservatives from twenty years ago have gone from wanting gays in the closet to almost a majority supporting the unions. It’s been a complete rout for over a hundred years, and no one wants to admit they’re that pathetic of a loser.

    Once facts and reason are off the table, it’s only a matter of attaining power to get what they want, which only exacerbates their helplessness in this country. Better to watch Shapiro owning some college liberal and smugly smiling how right you are than realizing either you’re just a leftist twenty years late, or your children will be.

    • Mass media programming somehow, bafflingly, remains underappreciated. The same people who would have told you gay marriage was morally wrong just 15 years ago, the very same people, now not only in favor of that but moved on to support the next level of degeneracy.

    • Dabney’s insight into “conservatism” – that by and large this “conservatism” never preserves anything, merely shadowing the latest iteration of “progressivism” by a few years – seen in operation.

    • “Most progressives are socially normal human beings, who in any political environment, would just be choosing the largest, best-appointed bandwagon for their personal conveyance. In Nazi Germany they would be Nazis, in Russia they would be Bolsheviks, in the kingdom of Louis XIV they would be all for Louis XIV. This is one of the many reasons there is no need to guillotine them.”

      Most people seem status and preach the woke stuff to demonstrate how high status they are. The people who control what is high and low status control human society.
      In the West today that is the regime media.

  43. It’s very difficult in retrospect to determine who was a “True Bolshevik” or “True Nazi,” but as I understand it the consensus best guess among historians is about what you say: 20% True Believers, 80% go-along-to-get-along. (n.b. this is only among the Apparat, not the general population). The thing that makes this so difficult to believe, even for Dissidents, is that the 80% must, by definition, have sunk to a depth of cynicism that we can’t really comprehend, no matter how jaundiced we think we are.

    I saw it in its most cartoonish form in the ivory tower. Two women went up for Department Chair. One was a lesbian; one was straight (married to a (biological) male, anyway). The straight one triumphed, through what Machiavellian scheming I can’t begin to guess. So the lesbian seduced her husband and wrecked her marriage. Now, imagine all those people carry guns and are legally empowered to use them….

    • Some guy once wrote “The reason why academic competition is so cutthroat is because the stakes are so low”

      Academia seems to be mostly complete nerds who are just immersed in their fields and go along with whatever politics because they simply don’t care enough, or insane strivers over pointless honors.

      It was jarring when one lady who wrote absolutely wonderful homeschool materials our family uses with had an incredibly strong classical grasp of learning was a frothing-at-the-mouth leftist Trump hater on Twitter. Made me wonder how she turned off her programming to write teaching materials so professionally.

      • I was at a wedding a few months ago; my son’s HS girlfriend in fact. There was a lesbian couple there, and unlike the typical Western Mass lesbian pair who look , in the Z Man’s immortal phrase, like the guys who show up to resurface your driveway, they were borderline spectacular. Both had been college athletes (hockey and soccer); the hockey player was a legit 8+, the soccer player, while not quite as pretty was in fabulous shape. All I could think was that these two, instead of getting conventionally married, with kids and all that, were setting themselves up for a lifetime of barren loneliness, box wine and cats. I can’t exactly say why, but it seems significant to me that the soccer gal came from a “Heather Has Two Mommies “ household. In a sense, and I could be wrong, they were just LARPing.

        • The women I’ve met who called themselves lesbians fell into 3 clear categories:

          1. Daddy issues
          2. Love of her life dumped her
          3. Autistic

          There is probably option 4 now: “status signalling”

          The interesting part is there was a study where domestic abuse in these relationships were through the roof, and another than showed sexual relations dried up within a couple years.

          • I’ve known natural born lesbians, maybe three. Or one could say unnaturally born. I knew them well enough and long enough to know they were true born lesbians. No experimenting either. I also knew a 100% born raging fag, and I asked him if he ever crossed over. He said once and he found it “extremely disturbing”.

            Like that.

            The girls families were ok. Better and worse but utterly surprised by the result.

        • Beginning in the 90s, announcing that you are a lesbian is a strategy for glamorizing oneself or getting more attention.

          In my opinion, only a microscopic number of authentic lesbians exist. The rest are either damaged or disappointed in men.

          From my experience, the largest percentage of women who become lesbians are those who are persistently disappointed by the quality of man whom they attract. Becoming a lesbian is a way of defying this reality and gaining some glamor in the process.

      • Could you explain that, Z?

        I am the unfortunate father of a sexually disturbed lesbian and from where I sit… a statement like that is like saying ‘lunatics aren’t real’.

        Am I missing something here? Not trying to be a dink… I am asking because I do not understand the statement.

          • Not really M. And that is largely my decision at this point. My daughter IS a true believer, and she is a very nasty piece of work. As the dissidents note – these people aren’t just angry at their families, they are pished at the entire world and they will seek vengeance on it anywhere they can find it. It used to break me up… but at this point I have wept my tears, come to grips with reality and dealt with it.

            In hindsight I got off easy. My heart just breaks for fathers facing trannie children that start lopping off their parts and changing genders. They face tragedy that make mine look tame. God will have to sort out my daughter because I can’t and never will. I wish it were not so.

        • In my youth I knew a few LUG’s, that is Lesbian Until Graduation. These were ceremonial lesbians or display lesbians. They eventually dropped the act and found a sexually naïve male to marry. This got me wondering how much of the rise in lesbianism is cultural rather than biological. The homosexual male cohort has remained steady over time. Dig into the “new numbers” from Gen Z and you see the same pattern. They identify as trans, without ever following through on it.

          From an evolutionary perspective, homosexual females make little sense. Women have one role. They are the ovens of the species, while the males have multiple roles. The 40% of males that do not get to bake bread, can guard the ovens and help guard the bread, so homosexual males would have some utility. The selection pressure against homosexual males would be light, but very strong against homosexual females.

          My hunch is that the percentage of genuinely homosexual females is exceedingly low, less than one percent. The percentage of male homosexuals remains steady at 2-3%. What has changed is the cultural norms and cultural roles in the West. The artificially high number of females claiming to be lesbians is a consequence of that.

          • They exist, but for all intents and purposes they may as well be men; at least the few I’ve come across in their demanor and the jobs they performed (usually occupations no one of either sex, in their right mind, would even think to look for a partner)

          • Forever Templar-

            For a while, I had a butch lesbian supervisor when I worked IT in college.

            It really didn’t bother me because her energy and attitude made it like working for another guy.

          • Thanks Z. Years ago I did a deep dive into the subject and it was a loathsome job. I started lurking at the sites my daughter hung out at and I watched the things they talked about, trying to get a sense of how they might look at the world, and respond to it. I wanted to understand what I was looking at in hopes of maybe patching things up with her later. This was back when SJWs weren’t even a thing, and I had no other sources to compare notes with.

            Eventually I gave up because those people are the heart and soul of Clown World. I watched their discussion boards, their blogs and internet sites just to watch and learn, and lurk, I guess.

            All my evidence is purely anecdotal… but I think your numbers may be a tad low. Not by much, maybe. A lot of them were virtue signalers and fake SJW types… but a lot were bisexual and would hop in the sack with anyone if they were so inclinded. Are bisexuals ‘real lesbians’? Are the young dabblers that are experimenting with it real? The behaviour patterns of those people are all over the place. Add in the bronies, furries and other ‘adgacent sexualites’ and the complexity of this stuff veers off into lunacy and defies meaningful study even with a deliberate attempt to be objective and fair. Xirl Science comes to mind. It gets old and tiresome fast.

            My outhouse study of the issue was inconclusive and soul killing. I would not recommend any such efforts to anyone except the most dedicated sociologists.

            Getting real numbers on this (in my view) is going to be like getting real numbers on Covid.

          • Every lesbian I’ve known has appeared to be driven by hatred of men.

            Maybe they had a bad experience with their father, or with a man early in their life; so that the idea of mating with a male is repugnant to them.

            And perhaps they find solace in hooking up with another woman for her and that is the case?

          • “Add in the bronies, furries and other ‘adgacent sexualites’ and the complexity of this stuff veers off into lunacy and defies meaningful study even with a deliberate attempt to be objective and fair.”

            When faced with all the alphabet nonsense of today, I always fall back on the Andrew Dice Clay categories for men (and you can adjust it accordingly for women): Either you suck cock or you don’t.

          • From early 90’s forward I spent quite a few years in humanities grad school—MA and two full-length research doctorates. Very high percentage of lesbians in those programs. Almost all very unattractive—but not all. I was friends with a number of them—as colleagues with shared interests in the field, not socially. An awful lot of them, when they found out (as I clarified immediately) that I was a very traditional married straight male (now married 39 years with three solidly married kids and 7 grandkids) they were almost in awe. I’m serious. They’d ask me for relationship advice. Their lives were uniformly disastrous and sad. They openly couldn’t believe how happy I was (most people in those programs are absolutely miserable for all kinds of reasons.) They often exhibited a kind of sad envy—hating the concept of what I had but clearly longing for the psychological and spiritual results of living as I did…

          • I have seen this over my entire life and come to believe that the real ones are rare. both male than female. In the 70’s most also had families and kids. they kept their alternate side to themselves. most I talked to were ” introduced to” to the lifestyle in the very early teens. At the end of the day I believe that they’re are heteros, and BI’s. and a tiny fraction of true and born gays . At least half ot the lesbians in my kids acquaintance circles have gone back to and often married men. I guess it’s just a matter of finding a guy with the right “appetites'” .

  44. “The other thing the group belief option does is explain how easily these people flit from one set of beliefs to another. The people bellowing “my body, my choice!” quickly shifted to bellowing “take the vax bigot” during Covid. Not only did they not see the irrationality of both positions, but they were blind to the contradictions.”

    Have you forgotten doublethink?

    • This is why any society or culture needs religion. Back when we had God, our morals, rights and wrongs were clearly defined and graved in stone. When you throw God out – you get morals and ethics that shift with the menstrual cycle and the winds of lunacy. Truth becomes relative, so your morals and ethics do too.

  45. A nice companion piece to this would be a deep dive into the ADL. Their tentacles reach every social and media outlet. Wokeness is not a belief with them but a tool and weapon. It really is amazing the power they wield.


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