Chaos And Control

The closest thing we have to a universal principle of human society is that all elites are primarily concerned with maintaining their status as elites. No matter how the society is organized and for what purpose, the number one priority of a social elite is maintaining themselves as the elite. In fact, it is reasonable to say that the point of society, from the perspective of elites, is to maintain the elite. Any benefit to the people is either to maintain the standing of the elite or a happy accident.

It is tempting to think that the best way for an elite to maintain itself is to make sure the people over whom it rules is happy. A good king keeps his people in peace and prosperity, so the people are happy to have him as king. The trouble is, there is always someone who thinks they can do a better job than the king. Good times or bad times, these people will look for their opportunity. Of course, in good times, a new elite can form up outside the system and potentially rival the existing elite.

It turns out that good times bring dangers to an elite. In fact, good times are more of a problem than bad times, because in bad times the elite can use the emergency as a way to rally the people. Roosevelt used the Great Depression to rally the people around a set of alien ideas called the New Deal. His massive expansion of the state was totally at odds with American tradition, but times were tough and the people trusted him, so they went along with his radical ideas.

Emergencies are a great way to bind the people to their current elites. Unless the elite proves to be unable to unwilling to face the emergency, the people will give their existing rulers the benefit of the doubt. Throughout the Cold War, Americans were willing to tolerate all sorts of trouble, because the threat of nuclear war made the idea of challenging the elites seem risky. There was plenty of cultural turmoil, much of it from the top, but the great American middle never wavered.

That gets to the other way elites maintain power. By pitting one group against another, the people are too busy with that to question authority. In fact, self-interest leads them to appeal to the exiting authority to resolve the conflict. If crime suddenly becomes a problem in your town, those complaints about the cops suddenly go away as long as the cops do something about the crime. By keeping the masses busy with various small issues, elites can defend against the formation of rival elites.

This explains the turmoil of the 1960’s and 1970’s. The race revolts, youth rebellion and cultural revolution were not grassroots phenomenon. All of these things were the product of the exiting elites. Look into the background of the radical leaders of that period and most of them came from elite backgrounds. Once their radical days were done, they went into positions within elite institutions. Even those who committed serious crimes were welcomed back home.

The second half of the 20th century was a game of good cop – bad cop on the American people by the ruling elite that emerged after the war. The bad cops created cultural mayhem that “freaked out the squares” while the good cops appealed to the people’s patriotism and decency to fight the Cold War. One hand created division while the other hand created unity. Often these two forces were pitted against one another to the benefit of the ruling class.

During the Cold War, this system served the elites very well. The threat of nuclear war forced the agents of control to contain the agents of chaos. At the same time, the agents of chaos understood they had limits. The two sides of the ruling class were not always in balance, but they always returned to balance. The chaos of civil rights gave way to the control of racial peace. The cultural chaos of the 1960’s and 1970’s gave way to the control of the 1980’s.

Ever since the end of the Cold war, this system has been in crisis. Without the threat of nuclear annihilation, the agents of chaos have no limits. At the same time, the agents of control no longer have to worry as much about the façade of democracy. The crusades against the Muslims brought some stability to the problem, but the Muslims were never a serious threat like the Soviets. For the last two decades the agents of chaos and control have been running wild.

This explains the ridiculous things we see today. On the one hand, the security state is wantonly violating civil rights in order to maintain control. The extent of the crimes committed by the FBI is unknown, but what is known is shocking. On the other hand, the super-rich finance crackpot schemes to unleash crime waves and pervert the law to torment the people. Throwing open the jails and appointing pro-crime prosecutors is the definition of societal madness.

The standard explanation from conservatives for what we are seeing is that the people behind this stuff want money or power. The trouble is the people behind this stuff already have money and power. In fact, they have more money and power than any ruling elite in human history. Western elites, especially the American elites, make the aristocracy of 18th century France look poor and impotent. Clearly, the motivation behind this behavior is not money or power.

What we may be seeing is the organic death of a ruling elite. The 20th century selected for a certain type of person in the American ruling class. One type was the agent of chaos and the other type was the agent of control. There was no selection pressure in favor of prudence or moral scruples. The great crises of the 20th century provided something like an electric fence around the elite. Over time, these conditions produced an elite incapable of self-limit.

Like the panda bear, our elite has evolved down a dead end. They thrash around looking for some great crisis to serve the same role as the Cold War, but that was a unique period in human history. It cannot be replicated. Meanwhile, the agents of chaos and control explore the outer limits of their sociopathy. Unencumbered by the fear of destruction, they keep pushing the limits, while simultaneously creating the conditions for their own demise.

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173 thoughts on “Chaos And Control

  1. Iraq was not about Russia. Not even close. Russia was not even on the GWB radar screen at the time. They didn’t do squat when we invaded. Putin was in power then. Iraq was more about Israel but not entirely.

    • Wj: “Iraq was more about Israel but not entirely.”

      Who created the “evidence” that Iraq had attempted to assassinate GHWB-41 in 1993?

      Here’s the timeline:

      1991: Saddam Hussein launches Scud Missile attacks on Israel [SIX GORILLION EARLY LIVES].

      February 26, 1993, Ramzi Yousef et al attack the parking garage of the World Trade Center with urea nitrate hydrogen bombs.

      1993: Someone [??? WHO/WHOM ??? EARLY LIFE ???] claims that GHWB-41 was targetted by Iraq for assassination in Kuwait; Slick Willy responds with cruise missile attacks on Baghdad.

      March 1995: Jamie Gorelick [EARLY LIFE] authors the DOJ “Wall of Separation” doctrine which prevents intelligence agencies from sharing information with law enforcement agencies.

      1996 to 1999: Michael Scheuer [??? EARLY LIFE ???] of the CIA’s Bin Laden Issue Station is ordered ten times by the CIA to stand down and not assassinate Bin Laden.

      September 11, 2001: Mossad operatives [EARLY LIFE] seen dancing gleefully on New Jersey rooftops as twin towers fall to the ground.

      October 2001: Britt Hume special report on Fox News discloses hundreds of Mossad operatives [EARLY LIFE] in custody after 9-11.

      October 2003: Sandy Berger [EARLY LIFE] removes and destroys documents from the National Archives.


      Everything in the timeline above is consistent with the idea that:

      A) The Israelis [EARLY LIFE] were so impressed by what Ramzi Yousef had attempted in 1993 that they [the Israelis] realized that if they [the Israelis] could actually successfully bring down the WTC Twin Towers, then they [the Israelis] could use that event as the Mother of All Grifts, and

      B) Someone in the Mossad realized that if they could get a Bush back in the White House [they were likely thinking GHWB-41, rather than GWB-43], then a faked assassination attempt of GHWB-41 would provide the psychological impetus necessary for convincing The Goy to attack and destroy Iraq, thereby revenging the 1993 Scud Missile attack upon Israel [SIX GORILLION EARLY LIVES], and further the Israeli policy of the “Focused Foiling” [i.e. the liquidation] of talented Arab politicians [such as Saddam Hussein and Bashar al-Assad] who fail to bend the knee to the Holy Land.

      All of the data points align just about perfectly.

      The only contrary evidence would be Ginsburg [EARLY LIFE] & Breyer [EARLY LIFE] voting against Bush in “Bush versus Gore” [2000]; but, even there, they weren’t going to win in the first place, and voting for Bush would have raised a veritable ton of eyebrows.

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  3. “The standard explanation from conservatives for what we are seeing is that the people behind this stuff want money or power. The trouble is the people behind this stuff already have money and power. … Clearly, the motivation behind this behavior is not money or power.”

    Those were some damn chilling lines. And then you left it. Your last two paragraphs don’t answer, as far as I can see, your implied question.

    Or when you wrote that the elite is decayed and incapable of self-limit, were you thinking of a monster (for such he surely has become) such as Soros?

    Old George once confessed freely to suffering a messianic complex.

    That is definetly a form of degeneracy. But more an attribute than a motivation.

    Anyway, that one has money and power. This is what keeps me awake at night. What can his kind possibly want? Carnegie had money and power, and he went around building libraries and such like.

    Soros places pallets of bricks in the downtowns of American cities at midnight prior to “protests” and pays to have anarchists elected DA.

    Satan too already has all the money and power he could ever want. Perhaps there lies the answer to your question.

    • You still have a mind of your own right? That means their power still has limits, is not yet complete, and they are aware of that fact.

      • Thank you, Jeff.
        I have lately been unwrapping my mind and sense of things to my stepson, and in tonight’s exchange I pretty much said that; I refuse to yield my will to Them no matter what. What we can do in these awful times is only so much, but situational aware ness helps us to protect our families from at least some of Their evil intents. You do what you can.

  4. Whoa look at all the comments. I knew this was a good one.

    “They thrash around looking for some great crisis to serve the same role as the Cold War,…”

    At this point it looks to me as if they want (unrealistically) to do a Goldilocks War–neither hot (that’s scary) nor cold (the conditions for that, as you wrote, have passed).

    They seem to think they can sustain this not-quite-a-war thing against China/Russia & Friends, probably for years. It will be tricky, but would work well to keep the Normies fearful. They also likely sense the Normies are getting tired of the Woke scam. And the scamdemic. So here we are, back at a nice existential geo-political pot boiler.

    • That cannot be discounted. Also, this may be a pivot to blame any setback or loss in the Ukraine on Biden. As Jeffrey Zoar wrote earlier, the first “scandal” was an early week news dump with the second punch landed midweek. The timing there says it all. The Regime wants something.

      May God have mercy on us all.

    • As some of the comments point out, (1) Biden is too non compos mentis (or compost mentis, if you prefer) to be blackmailed, (2) he already does the regime’s bidding anyway, and (3) there is plenty of other stuff out there wit which to blackmail him.

      I see this as either a distraction, or yet another peg setting him up to be the fall guy when things go sideways (more so than already).

  5. Yep, creating the conditions for their own demise.

    A minor problem from their point of view but a rather major one from ours; some, could be even one, of the conditions they’re creating may result in our demise as well.

  6. Our ‘elites’ and the society they’ve created are the products of two centuries of determined satanic corruption. This is becoming obvious to more and more people every day as these insane, putrid demons grow bolder – the One-Eye Club, Balenciaga (that’s one), blood fetishes/cannibalism/paedophilia creeping into everything, the promotion of witchcraft, Monarch butterflies symbolising mind-control. This is the horrible reality. It is also sensational and weird and a million miles away from pie charts, which makes it a useful way to open people’s eyes.

    If they can be made to see just how evil these people really are – behind the useful idiot NPC glove puppets they’ve conscripted – it would expedite matters. It’s all about the symbolism. And Ukraine is important to them for reasons besides its natural resources.

    Fr. Malachi Martin wrote about the infiltration of the Vatican in Windswept House. Take a gander at this and draw your own conclusions:

  7. The elites do have a motive of power which is to destroy this county as founded, And I do not see a crack in their amour; meaning their demise will not be soon.

    • The sooner our country is destroyed the sooner the states have freedom of association. IEach state can start crafting their own immigration laws and trade deals too. I’m more worried that they keep it together a couple more centuries and smear POCs across every nook and cranny until we all look like Lenny kravitz

      • It is falling apart and disintegrating even now. It is hard to see because we are caught up in the moment, but the fragmentation is well underway.

  8. But we do have a primary dual, existential crisis on the order of nuclear annihilation:

    The percentage of stupids is exploding, while the percentage of white people is declining.

    So, how might this evolve into a stable order, a balance, of chaos and control?

    • As with extra solar spaceflight (basic sanitation, literacy, scientific inquiry, etc), the ability to generate controlled fission in energy generation and for weapon uses is probably not something that mankind will be able to maintain.
      Certainly not in the west.

  9. Holy smokes. The ape historians need to quoting this right here like we do Plato, Cicero, or Machiavelli.

  10. Speaking of elite power, I think we are witnessing the shadow play to get rid of Biden among the elites. He’s become too grifting and hitting their own wallets hence the move to “release” the information about the classified documents (as VP not President). And Merrick Garland “appointing” a Special Prosecutor (who is not independent but reports to Garland).

    Question: is this Garland, or Mayor Pete Buttplug, or the Obamas, or the Silicon Valley oligarchs behind Harris, or Hillary! using their muscle in the FBI to “release” this information and put pressure on the Biden clan to go quietly. “Oft evil will shall evil mar.” I think the answer is who has the power and influence among the FBI and DOJ to cause this “release.” My first guess would be Hillary! and secondly the Obamas as a plan to replace Harris then force Biden to resign giving us our first “female” President in either drag queen or pantsuit of death edition. It is very weird to see this blow up so quickly, indicating its orchestrated, and indications of elite power struggles. A side note as Rome became decadent the power struggles among the elite escalated into insane levels of conflict severely weakening the empire. As the best soldiers ended up dead in the conflicts.

    • They sure are moving fast, it took what, not even 72 hrs from when the story first broke to appoint a special counsel

      Just the other day I ran across that FDR quote, maybe it was here, I dunno: “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned.”

    • Idk. More likely, it’s a friendly investigator. They’ll use it as an excuse to 1) ‘decline to comment’ out of respect for the ‘active investigation’; and then 2) in six months, claim that the “investigation” cleared them

      Bonus, they can funnel ~$20 million to that friendly investigator as “fees.”

      • You’ll note that the story first broke on a Monday morning, not a Friday afternoon. Then broke the 2nd round of allegations on Wed. If they wanted it to go away, I don’t think breaking the story on Mon, reinforcing it on Wed, and appointing SC on Thur is the route they would take. The msm has the power to make stories they don’t want disappear completely, they just don’t report them. This one is front and center.

        • They want us to see them on TV clearing Biden after a “thorough” investigation of the same crime Trump’s been accused of. Then they arrest Trump. Take what Biden’s done and try Trump for it—just like with the Ukraine impeachment.

          Chekov’s gun is the fake story of Trump having to be restrained to stop him from grabbing the steering wheel and doing an insurrection. They’ll say he did it again and he had to be shot.

  11. They are certainly on an evolutionary path to extinction. But their demise will be economic, not ideational. The populations of the West have accepted that men who say that they think they are women really are women. If they will accept that, they will accept anything. But the global economic system that they have constructed can be maintained only with ever-increasing amounts of debt. Like Wimpy, they will discover that Tuesday Always Comes. It might not come tomorrow or next week (although it might), but it will come.

    • Who could have predicted the petrodollar? They got a solid half century and counting out of that one. It will be just as hard to predict the GAE’s next currency gambit, but I guarantee you they have one. Probably more than one. Moreover, the PD was in force for many years before many folks even began to get wise to its existence.

      Collapse is indeed inevitable, someday, for all things, but a lot of the talk about it I see in dissident circles strikes me more as wishful thinking than real economic analysis. Yes, the debt is unsustainable, if you lack the power to shake the world and reorganize it as you see fit.

      • I see at least four ways to sustain fiat currency:

        1. Tie it to a commodity in demand
        2. The mafia method (back it by force)
        3. Tie it to a high trust authority
        4. Tie it to a highly productive society

        The GAE is incapable of 3 and 4 at this point, so it is left with a hybrid of 1 and 2 (the petrodollar – tied to a commodity by force). That also appears to be slipping away.

        • There are more ways than that, since the only objective is to create more demand for the currency. Although some amount of force is always a factor, as it has been with the petrodollar too.

      • MelBlanc is right, and so is Zoar.

        The Digital Amero.

        The Declaration of North America between Canada, the US, and Mexico signals they’ve quietly proceeded structuring Bodega Economic Zone #6, the North American Union.

        We’ll see more realignments of the WWll borders as the One Belt is built out, such as the Mediterranean Union.

        Europe’s borders were busted open to expand the MU, as ours and Canada’s are for the NAU.

        The currency of that reorganization is CBDC’s, based on Web 3.0 Etherium blockchains. Blockchain “transparency” of the FedCoin means complete surveillance. (Bitcoin itelf was credited to a fictional character named “Satori”, or “No Man”.)

        The Digital Amero will be the solution to the “debt crisis”, as the bond traders simply revalue underlying assets in their favor. Sure, they’ll call it “dollars”, just as they rebranded silver certificates as federal notes.

        • Yes. The purpose of the border visit was to normalize the idea that the US, Canada and Mexico heads of state are a trivium of a single unit, as well as to clean up El Paso so they could pretend that there is nothing to see there.

          Peatreaus (sp?) and other military leaders have been normalizing this for decades. Of course, the Mexican HOS couldn’t hide his glee that there are 40 million Mexicans in America – he and Wall St. get to suck off a lot of remittance fees as an effective tax. That is America’s model – usury and fee skimming and any policy that leads to more usury and more skimming from any people as they are all interchangeable cattle.

          This has been in the works for a long time. CDBCs render dead the already mortally wounded 4th Amendment.

          In the meantime Eyepatch Dan is texting urgent messages to sign his petition to do something with the Biden warrant and the video ad embedded in my page where I am looking up some bitwise operator tables has a grey bearded black man enjoying an afternoon at a monster truck rally with his black grandson.

          The ad was for some pharmaceutical. Post reality, post-America grinds on. The CDBC will probably have ads embedded in it and whites will probably have an automatic privilege fee decremented at every transaction.

  12. I don’t think the panda bear comparison is fair to the pandas. Pandas just won’t have sex, while the elites redirect their reproductive impulses towards little boys.

  13. Those relatively few of us who see through the GAE’s Ukraine gambit seem to have a tendency to underestimate or disregard how much popular support there is for the latest iteration of Russia Man Bad. Civnat G. Normiecon is fully on board with the GAE agenda here, as is the totality of the npc left. Looting the treasury for Ukraine is the new patriotic mandate in place of where the cold war and the war on terror used to be.

    Everybody has a weakness for at least one of the three of money, sex, and power. So I’ve been told anyway. What I’ve observed about those for whom it’s power, is that there is no such thing as enough. For me it was always sex, I figure that’s why I don’t have any money or power.

    • Quote the famous fictional businessman: “In this country, you gotta make the money first. Then when you get the money, you get the power. Then when you get the power, then you get the women…”
      T. Montana

    • Jeez, you guys here have really lived the dream. I collected postage stamps while you were out there doing this stuff.

        • Take a breath. I clicked on the link and read it about 2/3 down until concluding as I stated in my tl;dr.

          The ‘death’ of the author has exactly what to do with your statement…?

          Perhaps you care to summarize the piece after you take that calming inhale. Or a nice walk.

  14. During his 1978 speech at Harvard’s Commencement exercises, Sohlzhenitzyn made several remarks that ruffled the audience’s feathers (and the chattering class really couldn’t figure out what he really meant). In particular he referred to the West having lost its courage, and that being a marker of decline already well underway.

    Now of course, Harvard itself is a joke of the highest order, turning out defective products only suitable for “function” in end stage decline.

    • Even today, with the benefit of hindsight, your typical Harvard product would have an impossible time seeing Sohlzhenitzyn’s point. After all, they helped spearhead transgenderism, BLM, and abortion on demand. What is that if not courage? Have you not seen the trust fund babies of Harvard with their fists courageously in the air?

    • Solzhenitsyn was a genuine. They all expected him to come along and not only slam the commies but praise the West. Boy, did they get a shock! And today who can doubt a single word he said?

  15. As Edward G Robinson said in the movie Key Largo in his answer to the question “ what is it you want?” His answer
    “more.” Elites always want .. more.

    • *** COUGH *** …EARLY LIFE… *** COUGH ***

      Edward G. Robinson (born Emanuel Goldenberg; December 12, 1893 – January 26, 1973)…

      The film was adapted by Richard Brooks… Brooks was born as Reuben Sax to Hyman and Esther Sax…

    • And when the French scientist asks normie Richard Dreyfuss in Close Encounters while he’s staring at a monstrous space ship, “Mr. Neary, what do you want?” he answers, “I just want to know that it’s really happening.”

      The Cloudies move from one rapacious grab to another, while the dirt people can’t make themselves accept what’s right in front of their eyes.

      • And anticipating Bourbon, Richard Dreyfuss’s “family is Jewish, descended from immigrants from Russia and Poland.” Also, need we address director Stephen Spielberg?

        Patterns, lots of patterns.

        • Hold on, lads. Before the Zman’s teeth start to grate, there’s an easy way to understand them:

          They’re smart negros.

          Literate negros.
          Vaudevillian, tribal, unself-aware, heedless, narcissistic; pushy, adamant, close-lipped, prone to fantasy and talking about abstracts.

          In it to grab whatever bag with political schemes, disregarding consequences down the line.

          Socially and politically acute- Laurence Austin, Maxine Waters, Puffy Combs, and Eric Holder didn’t get where they are based on their knowledge of Shakespeare. They were clever enough in the right ways to play Jevvish gangster games, to be useful.

          Now, imagine those with white wives, and cream kids in college.
          300 generations later, you have literacy combined with intent ethnic focus.

          Most wish to be decent; the problem is the fat tail of their spectrum, driven by that focus.

          Such drive was self-reinforcing; the rewards of their managerial success led to them ruling kingdoms, so long as they can ride other horses. They only need focus on gangster politics and managing perceptions.

          You have Gottleibs and Unzes, the well-intentioned Thomas Sowells of their people; they, if anyone, struggle against what their fat tail will bring, just as we struggle against our own fat-tail elites.

  16. I have zero confidence the middle class will ever do anything. I have more faith in the “diverse” inner city than the decadent middle class. They riot regularly. The riots are always about retarded stuff, but at least they riot. They are not benefiting from the order and have no delusions about their own chances of entering the elite.

    Perhaps I’m being naive’, but I believe if the ruling class had targeted children sexually before WW2, libraries and clubs hosting children’s drag events would have burned to the ground and perhaps some lynchings thrown in for good measure. Now the middle class moms show up and make it a party atmosphere, fun for the whole family.

    Anyone near, but not in the elite is going to go along even more than the middle class. They don’t care what’s going on, they just want to get into the club.

    • Bad mustache man and his crew burned down the very first center in the world for transsexual surgeries. “But, but… that’s not freedom!”

    • I agree with most of your post. I only downvoted because of you comment, “they are not benefitting from the order.” The current order is MASSIVELY propping blacks up. If we had something closer to resembling meritocracy and accountability for actions, blacks would be even worse off than they are now. Not to mention the fact the welfare state that pays an enormous amount of money for huge swaths of them to stay home.

      • One – I agree with the sentiment that there is no hope for the middle class. However, I would say that the “native” population is one of the cudgels they wield against the white devil. Imagine, when things actually get really bad, how violent the natives will get. Then, imagine how much the middle class will beg the elites to save them. Actually, this nicely bookends with Z’s post, except I disagree that this will weaken elites. The societal collapse will only INCREASE the subservience most give to the overlords.

        • Well it’s kind of screwy though: pretend-elected elites causing chaos so that unelected elites can take over? That’s really not a great master plan, not that it isn’t their “master plan” just that…I guess I wouldn’t place a lot of faith in anyone cooking up such a scheme.

          • I would argue they already rule (the unelected). I would suggest that they follow the idea of alchemy – to remake society in (their) idealized image, they first have to dissolve it.

        • Eloi: “Then, imagine how much the middle class will beg the elites to save them.”

          You must frequent a different middle class than do I.

          Around these here parts, the middle class is @rmed to the teeth, and is chomping at the bit to er@dicate the “natives” and their “elite”.


          • Yeah – like 92 and all the blm riots. And, for the record, I live in possibly the most conservative, whitest, gun toting portion of the country.

          • Eloi: “Yeah – like 92 and all the blm riots.”

            Don’t you think it’s a rather strange coincidence that D@rkie never even dreams of attempting that sh!znat in Redneckville?

            That D@rkie only throws its simian temper tantrums in the heart of Sh!tlibopolis?

            Possibly the most terrifyingly thrilling spectacle I’ve ever personally witnessed in muh entire life occurred a few years ago, in the parking lot of Redneck Walmart, when a White woman got into a screaming match with a D@rkie, and then suddenly, as if out of thin air, a small army of 6’3″/6’4″/6’5″ redneck giants coalesced and began moving forward to create a circle behind the woman.

            I looked all around the parking lot, and Redneck guys were suddenly appearing and advancing everywhere.

            The sheriff’s deputy & the police arrived maybe 30 or 45 seconds later, and tempers cooled, and the event didn’t make the Talmudvision news that night, but the sight of all those redneck men almost instantaneously creating a [partial] encirclement of that White woman was like nothing I’d ever seen [and I’ve lived amongst Rednecks & D@rkies muh entire life].

            It was as though an ancient voice were awakening the Rednecks out of their slumber, and calling them to duty.

            Bro, I’m telling ya, you do not wanna find yourself in the crossfire when Redneck USA takes off the gloves.

          • The reason why it occurs in certain areas, but not others, is law enforcement. Where LE backs the Rednecks, such actions can be taken. Where LE backs the d@rkies, it cannot. Both sides know this (or learn it the hard way).

        • Ah, thanks. Eloi just answered my question above about an order of chaos and control.

          So, we’ll have one half of the economy watching the other half…and the overseers will be nonwhite.

          After Bosnia comes Brazil; after Brazil comes Rhodesia.

          So, the limiting factor is non-blacks: they will crack down on blacks, so the overseers can keep their jobs pushing and copying the whites.

      • I agree with the Greek. Z said that we couldn’t have a crisis like that again. I submit The Co-19 hoax as refutation of that idea.

      • The problem is that it’s not just the blacks. A substantial portion of the American population is on some form of welfare though often disguised as something else. I my post yesterday I brought up how my former employer was paying pretty much useless cubicle monkeys a quarter million a year tax free to go to Iraq and surf porn sites. That was OK though because it was keeping Saddam’s rusty T-34s from rolling into Des Moines.

        Most of the current ruling class looks and acts like Adam Schiff or Lindsey Graham and these types have always minced their way through the halls of Harvard and other “elite” institutions. There’s always been a core of very intelligent and serious minded people in the elite though. They were the ones who realized that modern automation and especially computers were threatening to make ever wider swaths of the population pretty much useless. I think a lot of what they did after the war was designed to set up a very complex Rube Goldberg system to essentially pay off and buy off as much of the population as possible to avoid mass unemployment and civil unrest. My griller coworkers who paid off their homes in Florida with Green Zone money are still benefiting from that largess. Those homes are worth a lot more now after all!

        Even feminism, though essentially sinister and pushed by some of the most evil women who ever lived, was perhaps supported by some of the ruling class because they knew birth rates were plunging and home appliances were making housework easier.

        The Soviet overrunning of Eastern Europe and the Cold War stalemate, in this light, was a happy accident. It gave the ruling elite a gigantic piece of what would otherwise have been an annoyingly complicated jigsaw puzzle. They’ve been looking for another large piece like it ever since die Mauer gefallen ins 1989. Sadaam’s T34s were not it.

        I’ve been working on a small but complicated program for my website lately. I need to replace one of the main functions with one that has a totally different “signature” (i.e. parameters). I can’t just do this though as the calling functions will no longer work. What’s needed is a thing called refactoring. Basically, you change a whole bunch of stuff all at once and hope that it works. Well, that’s the stupid way. In reality you put in your new function but use the existing one as a scaffolding to keep doing the stuff needed to keep the program running and slowly replace each component in turn that way. Natural evolution even does this sometimes as when the active transport membrane motors were repurposed to drive flagella during bacterial evolution.

        So this is what’s needed. The whole Rube Goldberg system designed to keep the masses, White, Black, and otherwise, fat and happy and not killing each other needs to be reworked and replaced. I don’t think the existing elite has the smarts or courage anymore. That’s why they need to go.

        Reposted on my WP blog (link is in my handle)

        • I fully agree that the number of people living off government cheese is much, much higher than it would appear looking at official welfare roles. Most of these people impose a cost far more than welfare. Not only do they cost far more money than welfare recipients, they actively damage everything they touch and impose additional costs.

          All of this will limp on so long as the money to finance it all is available. When and if it dries up, nobody may know until after it happens.

        • Farmers get subsidies, workers get tax credits, etc. The whole rotten society is sucking on the teat, willful or not.

          • I don’t see a tax credit as sucking on the teat like a subsidy or a government contract. The tax credit is just giving you back a part of what you already paid.

        • In its current form the entire MIC is an enormous stealth welfare program for millions, maybe even tens of millions of Americans.

      • They are getting benefits to the extent they live in the US and not the DRC or something. Sure, 3 hots and a cot is some level of benefit, but that’s not really what I meant when I said they don’t benefit from the system. Regardless of the welfare benefits and the law going easier on them than other people, they are at the very bottom of society living very unenviable lives.

        Middle class AA are very much benefiting from the system and go along as much as any White bug woman. It’s usually in a “diverse” way, but the support is still there.

        But the urban slum dweller is one shooting, one missed check or one perceived dis away from smashing stuff, looting and starting fires. Just last week we had blizzard looting.

    • There is most definitely something to be said for vigilantism. At bare minimum, it enforces cultural order when the formal rulers abdicate their responsibility for doing so. When white men forfeited their balls, vigilantism disappeared, and the decadent, depraved and hideous “culture” we see currently is the result.

    • Tars Tarkas: “Anyone near, but not in the elite is going to go along even more than the middle class.”

      This gets back to the old PUA concept of “Social Proof”, but I don’t think we have yet agreed on a definition [or even a spectrum of qualities by which to arrive at a definition] via which we can begin to classify the underlying phenomenon.

      There is a strongly social herd creature personality which is hell-bent on following the herd wherever the herd goes, and when the herd goes lunatic, you have two choices if you wish to survive:

      1) Eradicate the entire herd, or

      2) Simply eradicate the psycho-sociological shepherds [i.e. the Elite] which herded the herd into lunacy.

      The problem is that afterwards, we tend to forget that the idiots of the herd lack innate personalities of their own, ergo when a new generation of shape-shifting hand-rubbing grinning happy shepherds moves to town, and starts guiding the herd in the wrong direction, we’re right back to Square One, and history has to repeat itself all over again.

      Classically, this wasn’t as much of a problem in the Anglosphere, when it was ruled by Common Sense, until the great schism of Unitardianism versus Congregationalism destroyed New England, and the Yankees came to be ruled by sheer lunacy.

      Although, from what I’ve seen, pretty much all of the Congregationalists have now thrown in the towel, and become effectively Unitardians themselves.

      Massa Lucifer is a wily ol’ fella.

      And blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.

      • “until the great schism of Unitardianism versus Congregationalism destroyed New England”

        Excellent point. They got soft and gave up.

    • “Perhaps I’m being naive’, but I believe if the ruling class had targeted children sexually before WW2….”

      The Italians threw one of the Krupps out of their country after he made a habit of ‘staffing’ a resort with little boys for his annual vacation. IIRC I read that in “The Arms of Krupp” by Manchester.

      Here, a search came up with:

      “Friedrich (Fritz) Krupp entered the world as the heir to the largest privately owned industry in Germany.

      Krupp’s father, Alfred, the Cannon King, had amassed the largest personal fortune in Germany;

      However, Krupp himself was to die under a cloud of shame, accused of betraying his birthright by pursuing
      homosexual pleasures in the south of Italy.”

  17. There are points in history where the historian simply throws up his hands in despair. Look at Europe from about 1890 to 1913, and you’re forced to confront the idea that they had a death wish. A thesis like that violates all the canons of scholarship, but… there it is. Fully acknowledging the mechanical nature of interlocking alliances, and making all due allowance for hindsight and confirmation bias, nothing other than “they had a death wish” really brings home the baffling stupidity of it all. These were serious, intelligent, well educated men — Kaiser Wilhelm II was the dumbest of them by a long shot, but he’s Einstein compared to all the clowns in DC put together — and yet, that’s what they did.

    Same thing now. The Western elite have all joined a suicide cult. You can never prove it with the historian’s tools, and it’s too sensationalistic to believe, and yet… there it is. Nothing else really makes sense.

    • “You can never prove it with the historian’s tools, and it’s too sensationalistic to believe, and yet… there it is. Nothing else really makes sense.”

      It is a great shame that many historians do indeed wish to make things far more complicated than they actually are. But then again, this is a hallmark of academia: anything but the most likely and obvious explanation.

      It is a doubly great shame that historians of this day and age don’t even seem to use the tools they have at their disposal. I’m reading George H. Stein’s excellent The Waffen SS: Hitler’s Elite Guard at Ware, and this fellow does appear to have produced a very well thought-out book. He had paid considerable attention to primary sources, and most importantly, avoids hysteria and projection of current day modes of thinking onto the Germans.

      Perhaps the biggest mystery is even beginning to fathom how a person from one-hundred years ago actually thought, let alone a person from one-thousand years ago. Entire histories of peoples of the world will never be understood or reported upon in a fair way, because despite (in some cases) much physical evidence, ultimately: it is incredibly hard to know how people of a different race and time thought. All this is not to say that it isn’t worth trying, but rather that proper history is probably as intellectually taxing as Real Science.

      I should note that Stein’s excellent book, which I mention above, I believe was first published in the early-sixties; so I guess that’s one key difference compared to modern history books now. I was bought a popular history book about a county in England (published 2021)… the author spent his preface decrying old fashioned racism in this county, and grovelling. Ridiculous.

      I have no problems with racial nor ethnic beefs being documented and analysed, but the sentimental tone of “modern history” is cretinous, anti-white and shameful to watch.

      • The Stein book was considered the go to reference when my ass was in a seat in academia many moons ago. Also, Bullock’s Hitler book — on the mandatory reading list as per the professor of History.

        • This is why you go with “gentlemen amateurs” whenever possible — since they’re not grubbing for tenure (or faced with the prospect of eternal harassment from the crazy cat ladies in the faculty), they can let their freak flags fly and actually indulge in some speculation about how people might’ve actually behaved.

          For instance, I’ve read two biographies of Heinrich Himmler (just to stick with a theme), one by Peter Longerich, one by Peter Padfield. Longerich is a widely lauded professor; Padfield is (I believe) a retired naval officer. Both are good, but Padfield’s is better, because he’s a “gentleman amateur” and can actually take educated guesses as to what might’ve been in his subject’s head.

    • > Same thing now. The Western elite have all joined a suicide cult. You can never prove it with the historian’s tools, and it’s too sensationalistic to believe, and yet… there it is.

      People like to state the rise of mustache man was due to mass psychosis of the population. However, if one looks at the happenings in the country and their existential threats, their reasons for elevating him was the pinnacle or reason compared to our current leaders.

      The internet age and being a sole world power has created clueless zombies embedded in simulacrum. With natural selection pressures not existing anymore, the society that rises out of the ashes needs to figure out how to enforce deprivation and survival to keep an elite strong.

      • They say that about the Bad Mustache Man, but that’s far more a function of modern neurosis than historical fact. Historically speaking, the Mustache Man’s rise isn’t even all that remarkable. It took some luck, and some big swinging brass ones, but so do most things of that nature (in the rise of any historical figure, if it isn’t a combo of “big brass ones” and “dumb luck,” it’s only because it’s ALL dumb luck). The Bolshevik Revolution was orders of magnitude more improbable.

        But saying “Mustache Man’s rise is easily explicable” entails that Mustache Man actually had a case, or that lots of people — good, decent, educated people — had good reasons to think so. Which in turn entails looking at Mustache Man as an actual leader, and not the avatar of pure evil, so you know nobody’s going to do it.

        • I have read most of the Flashman books and his, Flash’s, view of history was just that plus added bits of having a bad day, mad at the wife and just plain childishness. I don’t remember all the specifics or what book but I think that pretty well covers it.

    • A book that made the most sense of WWI to me was short one that gave a history of the Ottoman Empire from their defeat at Vienna to WWI. Due to it’s brevity the pacing developed a rhythm where seemingly every other generation their was some huge conflagration based around some forgotten dispute. This actually backs your point up though as during that time period everyone in Europe was probably thinking “Welp, guess it’s war time again!”, just a great resignation to their fate, which, yeah…

      • One of the best books about the run-up to WW I is Robert Massie’s Dreadnought. It’s more than a naval history, going into the elites of the time and just the seemingly inevitable road to war.

    • Death wish alright- for everyone else. Their stupidity/hubris is believing they can come out the other side unscathed.

  18. “They thrash around looking for some great crisis to serve the same role as the Cold War, but that was a unique period in human history.”

    Was it though? China vs the GAE appears to be shaping up as cold war or even hot war 2.0. However, it is certainly possible that America is just too decadent to fight such a hot or cold war effectively.

    • What is China’s ideology? China is not exporting anything other than cheap products. The Soviets had an ideology and they were happy to export it.

      • That’s the problem for our elite. It’s hard to drum up much patriotic fervor against China. They have no desire to physically threaten us, and they have no ideology that they’re trying to export.

        At least with the Muslims, you could point to 9/11 and other acts of terrorism. China just hangs out on its side of the world.

        America doesn’t know what to do with itself when they’re not a threat.

      • “China is not exporting anything other than cheap products.”


        Don’t forget it’s main export: it’s people. I’m beginning to lose count of the number of unexpected Chinese enclaves I see in the most unlikely places.

        Telling was my trip to Sydney in the 2010s. Our flight was one of seven arriving. The other six were from China. For a mile from the airport, huge buildings were being built. The promotional billboards were all in… Chinese/Mandarin/Nectarine, whatever their language is called.

        • Orange Frog: You beat me to it. China doesn’t need to invade militarily – it can accomplish its goals much more easily via massive emigration and – due to the regrettably common problem of yellow fever – sexual subornment. There are lot more people with ‘dual loyalty’ than just the double-passport holders in congress. And, as you note, they have settled massively in Australia. Over a million in Canada. Millions in the US. Close to half a million in Italy.

          Good to hear from you, by the way. Did you know that, per a survey, the ‘brits’ want more immigrant doctors in the NHS?

          • Hey, 3g – the latest Vdare rundown of B-on-W murders is out. 37 in Dec. Zero W-on-B, that was of course prior to the guy in Houston who emptied his clip into the jogger trying to rob that Taqueria last week.

        • The Australians also went full Chinese tyranny during the Wuhan Holocough. It wasn’t a coincidence.

          I would posit that China exports a system that involves a one party state, mass censorship, with a quasi-free market to pay for it all.

          China is the flowering of a mature fascist dictatorship.

          • “I would posit that China exports a system that involves a one party state, mass censorship, with a quasi-free market to pay for it all.”

            Possibly the ideology Mr. Z Man is looking for, above?

          • “I would posit that China exports a system that involves a one party state, mass censorship, with a quasi-free market to pay for it all.”

            So the United States? China wouldn’t be where it is without Nixon going over and “opening” it to the west. Remember the early 2000’s when .gov would pound the table about China’s currency and how it wasn’t worth enough vs the dollar and they were going to do something? What did they ever do about that? Hell i remember rumors in the 90’s via the clintons and china. China and the united states are mirrors of each other at this point.

        • Chinese, or any other diversity will achieve the (possible) goal of breaking down of the institutions… making sure that there is nothing that binds communities or values. In the chaos, perhaps they will offer “more” with some serious and necessary compromise, personal and societal.

      • China’s ideology, that it’s exporting very effectively is that International Relations should be a win-win game.
        The contrast to the failed unipolar moment “Because I said so” approach of the US is increasingly broadly accepted.

      • It seems like China’s ideology is the Wilson/FDR/Netanyahu totalitarian state that they erected without having to engage in lies and subversion and subtle shifts for a century because of The Founders and The Constitution. Though, Netanyahu would at least close the border and desire a single people to rule over.

        By Trudeau’s and Schwab’s statements and actions they want to import China’s social structure. I think the entire elite does too. The last obstacle is that pesky population of people who have a bloodline and bond to the origin story as well as the Faustian and Apollonian spirit in their blood. Their blood makes them bad for life as an opposition-less bed bug. They are taking care of that though – at the border and in the hiring preference radical transformation.

        The replacement project is just a race against the emergence of a shocking and sudden smack from the reality of decline that is a wake up call.

      • Now it is AINO that has an ideology and a zealotry very much reminiscent of the Bolsheviks. But whereas Marxist-Leninism was opposed by free enterprise, there is nothing, save perhaps Mohammedanism, standing in the way anti-white liberal democracy.

      • It’s not “ideology” so much as it is the Chinese not going along with the GAE and is sending signals it plans on opposing the GAE directly. Taiwan is one potential flashpoint.

        China has our universities packed with Confucius centers the way the Soviets had communist groups set up in universities back then.

        Given that we are different races and race is a major fault line in the US, opposing these Confucius centers will be even more difficult than the communist ones in yesteryear. The howls of racism will be deafening.

  19. Most systems have natural limits and I wonder what will finally collapse our ruling elite. Will they be like a dying star that expands and cools while desperately trying to smash less idea elements together for fusion before collapse into a brown dwarf (pun intended). Or maybe they’re downfall will be a germ or a bit of code someone was able to run in a subprogram unbeknownst to the main program. Or maybe they won’t reproduce and will simply run out of stock. In either case I plan to be around for the “I survived” t-shirt.

  20. Not to see Jews everywhere, but you can’t look at America in the late 20th and early 21th century without discussing their influence and later dominance over the political and cultural systems.

    Much of the turmoil and changes of the 1960s and beyond was based on Jewish ideas, money and organization. Minority rights was always a Jewish goal, as they view themselves as the ultimate minority. Immigration was pushed by Jews because they feel more comfortable and safe in a multi-racial country where they don’t stand out as much.

    Coincidence or not, Jewish consolidation of political and cultural power coincided with the end of the Cold War. After winning the Cold War, the old WASP elite pulled back as Jewish money and organization took over. There were and are still plenty of non-Jews in the elite, but as Elon Musk shows, even the highest level white can’t cross certain lines, which shows who is really in charge.

    But like a con man that cons his way into owning the company, Jews now find themselves in a position for which they are ill-suited. Their skill set is in making money off of the system, not running the system. They used “white guilt” and “systemic racism” to change the society to their liking. But now that they’re running the show and the white elite has either pulled back or being beaten down so bad, Jews have to figure out how to hold together a society built on hatred of the only group that keeps it functional.

    So far, the results are not good. You can see that in their performance as the primary elite over the past 20 years. It’s been a disaster. It won’t get better.

    • I have a nonprovable hypothesis that the 20th century was a kind of anomaly and contingent on certain things like the old production code. So it gave the tribe the ability to create a golden age of movies as well as music (probably a majority of hit songs before the Beatles were written by them).

    • well, their biggest mistake (from their perspective) was importing their replacements. both the chinks and the pajeets are replacing the hebes all over the place.

      • I agree. If they’d just stuck with Mexicans and Central Americans, they could have continued to run a Mexico or Brazil-like America.

        The Indians, especially, are pushing hard to grab power. Asians to a lesser degree. Regardless, both groups are very away of the tribe and can’t be mentally bullied, though they certainly are aware of the tribe power – for now.

  21. “The trouble is the people behind this stuff already have money and power. In fact, they have more money and power than any ruling elite in human history. Western elites, especially the American elites, make the aristocracy of 18th century France look poor and impotent. Clearly, the motivation behind this behavior is not money or power…
    “Meanwhile, the agents of chaos and control explore the outer limits of their sociopathy.”

    The latter negates the former since sociopathy/control is or seeks power, no? The question isn’t really “how much is too much?” The question is can there ever be enough. The answer is a resounding “no.” Those who seek to impose a totalitarian society never can have enough power. Money is power, now more than ever, so they cannot have enough of that, either. There will be a breaking point, and most likely it will result from the self-sorting that is accelerating to the chagrin of people who want to outlaw gas stoves. Here’s to hoping against hope the break is peaceful.

    • Enough is never enough for whom enough is not enough.

      God is their standard. “Yeah, i want that much.” Somebody had to be God, yes?

    • Outstanding, Jack. Yes, all wars are about money, power, and sometimes sex. That is why we all crave it to some degree or other, and we will use it if we attain it. Some of us will be corrupted by it if we accrue more than we can handle.

      The other thing we are seeing now are the froots of liberal political doctrine. When they fight in the political arena they operate on wedge issues to divide and conquer their adversaries. It’s second nature to them and always in play. Welp…we are thoroughly and hopelessly divided now. The Dissidents themselves are an unintended consequence of this policy: we now have a growing demographic of angry disenfranchised white people that see where this is going, and they are comparing notes on how to head it off. Recall just recently when about 20 people shut down the nation in the great Speaker Of The House fiasco. The people involved were making distinctive Dissident noises. Dissent is going to become mainstream sooner rather than later.

      • The dissent thoroughly rattled the collaborators. The guy from Alabama (name not recalled, doesnt’ matter) and Eyepatch McCain’s terrorist verbiage are signs of their increasing emotional incontinence. That they became that angry over what was always going to be an inconsequential speed bump of resistance shows how frightened they have become.

        They became traitors and now face the possibility that their masters are incompetent morons who will lose. They feel the noose of justice around their necks.

      • When dissidents become mainstream, will they be able to stop?

        Unlike their oppressors, who have no limiting factor.

  22. The non-elite are complicit when it comes to divide and rule.

    Groups on their way up seek to climb over the group(s) on the next highest rung and, in that effort, to ally with the elite. The rich and the poor ally against the middle. The model predicts conflict between Blacks and Latinos, progressive whites and Asians and cis- v. trans-. It may partially explain the willingness of progressive whites to cashier the deplorable whites.

    I’d look for an emerging alliance between the American elite and what emerges as the pan-Asian elite with the American elite minding the resource rich American store on behalf of its pan-Asian masters. If that should happen, we may hear the media saying, “Green New Deal? What Green New Deal?”

    • The Jews, Chinese, WASPs, and East Indians will all team together and…do…something. Again, not very well thought out, they’re using “divide and conquer” against themselves.

  23. The chaos element seems to have accelerated from the smelly hippies from the summer of love 1968 to a more crazed version of chaos in 2023. The control element has advanced into full on censorship and control of the citizens using all the available new high tech of the modern age.
    How and when will our elite run into that wall?
    My guess about the how part will involve the Federal Reserve and debt or a war that requires those young midwesterners and southerners to fight for the elites and all that they will have is a hollowed out diversity, equity, and inclusion military available for the task.

    • “The chaos element seems to have accelerated from the smelly hippies from the summer of love 1968 to a more crazed version of chaos in 2023.”

      I remember my own parents and the father of my ex-wife emphasizing that there really weren’t that many hippies relative to the population at that time and that the hippies weren’t representative of the people of the time. It seemed important to them to make this point to me.

      The hippies were praised and promoted. But by whom and why?

      Control of the media is everything. But controlled by whom and what are the goals of those controllers?

      My comment isn’t meant to exonerate the hippies but rather to call attention to the enormous power that the media has to define what events that our people believe are significant. Perhaps more importantly, the media can make events of huge significance, like the surrender of our borders, not exist at all in the minds of most.

      • A far bigger demographic was the American teen of the post hippie era who had some residual elements of it (long hair, pot smoking) but otherwise part of mainstream American culture. Think of a movie like dazed and confused

      • Even today I still see the astroturfed Occupy “movement” brought up by the msm as if it was a big thing. When the truth is it was nothing, did nothing, accomplished nothing, and was fairly small in terms of participants. The Tea Party was a big thing. The Tea Party eventually gave us Pres. Trump. But both then and now, the msm would have you believe Occupy was the more consequential of the two.

        • Jeffrey, your Tea Party reference reminds me of my activist paleocon days in San Fran. We could get a crowd of about 50 to protest. The general public *hated* us, although not as much as they would hate the anti-illegal immigration protests that I would organize a few years later. They would insult us, flip us off, and sneer at the older people, “you say you’re against big government but you’re living on social security!” Good times.

      • I just finished reading Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon by David McGowan about the music and movie scene in Laurel Canyon in the 60s. Basically, just about everyone in that scene was from a military intelligence/old money background. It was NOT organic.

        Can recommend Jay Dyer’s Esoteric Hollywood as well.

  24. Racist roads and overpasses, banning of gas stoves, $7 eggs, it’s all so random and deflects from the real destruction they are committing.

    Anyone else think the ,notice to air mission, system used by airlines that crashed might just be a cyber attack. One of many types that will become more common in the future. With limp wristed woke retareded millennials overseeing us and our infrastructure, why should we worry.

    • A cyber attack would be a blessing. The scarier issue might be that competency in software development has completely degraded to the point we’re no longer able to maintain complex systems. And no, AI will not save us if that’s the case.

      • Bingo! The problem with the supposition of “cyber attack” leveled in all these cases of failure is “why”. If I detected an enemy weakness, why would I expose such knowledge to them? I’d note it and keep it “on the shelf” for any future conflict.

        • Shutting down commercial air travel is more of an economic attack that you do leading up to the real conflict. I suspect the animal flu outbreaks on farming have been of a similar nature, i.e. economic biowarfare: we infect the Chinese farms with bird flu so they have to kill all their chickens, then either the Russians or Chinese did it back to us to produce the current egg shortage.

      • Or it’s just some sort of test. How hard is it to shut down and restart all air traffic. Last time, 911, took a couple weeks. Much more efficient this time

        • Whitney,

          Part of the restart was clamping on the fetters of the new security state. That took a little time, but allowing the optimal restart of the air transit system ran at cross purposes to this original example of lock-down, one of the main, if not THE main purpose of which was the institutionalization government-mandated fear among the populace.

          Good things take time…

          • They liked how that worked so well toward their purposes that it has been a continual succession of similar flim flams ever since. I needn’t list them, as you can identify them and trace the course of their implementations yourself.

      • What gets called AI *is* unmaintanable complexity.

        An example that matters more than you’d think: YouTube’s recommendation/promotion/censorship rules—”the algorithm”—are a product of “machine learning.” The code is indecipherable. They have no idea how it’s decided to work. When it goes astray and starts, e.g., banning tranny leftists because they say so many of the same words a bunch of banned conservatives have said, YT can’t cleanly roll it back—not because it’s not possible, but for fear of it permanently un-learning some subtle way it’s invented to thwart viewer curiosity.

        A friend of mine got a “community strike” a few weeks ago. The company wouldn’t (couldn’t) tell him why (or reverse it) but eventually we narrowed it down to his having used the word “lied” in a video title. You know, German for “song.” But also it’s a thing you’re not allowed to accuse a government or corporation or (???) of having done. Strike one—with attendant permanent algorithmic repression. Of a channel about Mahler.

        • Gustav Mahler’s Das Lied von der Erde, no doubt.


          Look out, Schubert, the “Don’t be evil” juggernaut is coming for you. Soon enough, Gretchen am Spinrad will get cancelled, along with great swathes of your works.

          Honk, honk.

      • Apparently the issue was a corrupt file. The solution was a reboot or required a reboot, and the reboot didn’t succeed.

        We weren’t there, but it isn’t hard to imagine that some guys offshore maintain the code and the system and the method was, “What is the problem? We think it is a corrupt file. How do we fix it? I don’t know. Okay. Let’s just remove the file and reboot.” Then the scramble was on for a last known good backup where some critical manifest file was not corrupted.

        Who knows. A lot of necks are going to need to be measured. I would love to be there when Jean-Pier, Buttigieg, Cackles Chameleon (Asian today, Black tomorrow) … find out that being the public face of a faceless regime may turn out to be a bad idea when you can’t figure out who to rid yourself of, so they will have to do. Perhaps that is the next bad guy purge. A pivot from the evil white man to the faces of this regime.

        Stay solvent. Buy popcorn. Cast an occasional eye into the big tent and the goings on in one of the rings. Focus on ensuring a future for family, tribe and people.

      • Even the idea of our People “going Galt” is laughable now. The reinforcement loop driving competent people, mostly White men, out the System means Western Society is Galting (yes, a new verb) itself.
        A true collapse of tech might possibly expose the trend lines to the sheep.

    • $9 a dozen here. I’ve contemplated buying whole cartons and selling “loosies” out in front of the grocery store

    • David Wright: Could easily have been a cyberattack. Could also, just as easily or simultaneously, have been diverse incompetence given the people ‘in charge’ –

      FAA Administrator, Billy Nolan, jogger
      Deputy Administrator, Bradley Mims, jogger
      Person specifically in charge of NOTAMs (the system that failed), Shamekia Moser, jogger

      I also noticed the timely placement yesterday of an article at the Daily Mail warning that the US power grid was ‘physically attacked’ more than 100 times in 2022, and that ‘domestic terrorists’ are planning on further attacks.

      So, you see, it’s really quite simple: Evil wypipo want to destroy the electric grid and destroy your democracy. Evil Russian wypipo want to destroy all computer networks and make Trailways of the Skies ‘unsafe’ or unusable.

      Not to worry, though – ‘security experts’ from the FBI and the military have it all in hand. But be on the watch for evil wypipo.

      They have their narrative. They always project and accuse others of what they do or are planning on doing themselves. They also always boast about their plans so that they can mock those who take notice as ‘conspiracy theorists.’

      Game, set, match.

      • Wow! I thought Operation Jogger was coming next as part of usurping the cockpits. Looks like the control tower was long since filled with people who jog in baggy jeans and Timberlands.

        Seems like the day is fast approaching where we will adopt diversity is good as a platform if only to get a few track suit and tennies joggers into critical positions.

        In the meantime major airlines are scouring Compton for pilots.

        • Wow! I thought Operation Jogger was coming next as part of usurping the cockpits. Looks like the control tower was long since filled with people who jog in baggy jeans and Timberlands.

          Seems like the day is fast approaching where we will adopt diversity is good as a platform if only to get a few track suit and tennies joggers into critical positions.

          In the meantime major airlines are scouring Compton for pilots.

          btw, is this Ms. Moser and her Husband?

  25. As someone once said, the true history of the 1960’s has yet to be written. It was a fake “revolution” from above, a coup within the ruling elite, a KGB op, a CIA op, a reaction to the coming of the birth control pill and antibiotics, a Jewish power play, a weaponized crime wave, and a lot of other things, all happening at the same time. It’s no wonder that our current elites are a confused mess, the period that brought them to power was as well.

    • I just finished reading a book called chaos by Tom O’Neil. Google the name Jolly West. His name keeps showing up on a lot of 60s hijinks

      • Interesting. This West guy was, it seems, a CIA psychologist who also was an anti-death penalty activist, a supporter of the Civil Rights Revolution, and a guy who defended accused traitors using psychobabble. So much for the CIA as a hotbed of right-wing extremists. The distance between “a KGB op” and “a CIA op” may not be as wide as we think…

        • Although to be honest, it doesn’t look like the CIA’s “Operation Chaos” ever really came to much. Most CIA operations didn’t, TBH. Generally, the CIA just stood around looking cool, drinking too much, cutting checks to the wrong people, and taking credit for anything good that happened on their watch. Yeah, even a blind pig finds an acorn once in a while, but most of the CIA’s targets, like Mossedegh and Allende, had pissed so many people off that they were pretty much bound to be overthrown no matter what the CIA did. Other Deep State agencies were, and are, much more fearsome

  26. In the movie “Oblivion” an alien race conquers Earth and then utilizes clones modeled on “the best of us” to act as the cops/enforcers of the new alien-loving society that they impose. This scheme is now playing out in real life.

    The elites within the Citadel require protection in the event that a collapse unleashes brutal retribution. They rely on “good men” serving as LEOs or National Guard to provide this protection, and even though these men come from common stock (read dirt people status), they perform their duty out of habit and a residual sense of personal integrity. This is the only real obstacle to hitting an early bottom and then rebounding quickly with least harm to innocents. But sadly, the elites will work their ass off in order to pit patriots against LEOs in a war of mutual annihilation, kill off as many alphas as possible, and pave the way for the arrival of the Jackboots.

    To beat this gambit, and save innocent lives, it is necessary to bypass the guard bees and focus solely on the root of the problem. Modeling strongly suggests that the optimum way to do this is to utilize anonymity and the fog of chaos as your cloak of invisibility. No amount of Praetorian Guard can stop the bolt from the blue.

    • > But sadly, the elites will work their ass off in order to pit patriots against LEOs in a war of mutual annihilation, kill off as many alphas as possible, and pave the way for the arrival of the Jackboots.

      The rhetoric of the right isn’t “Shoot the pigs” as much as “do not comply and make their life hard”.

      The boomer-waffen who smoked the robber went to the police for questioning with his lawyer, which still isn’t ideal but far better than what most right wingers would do ten years ago, who would go to the cops without a lawyer and try to explain themselves.

      The next step, when he cops want to question you for any nonsense, is to just completely disappear or look to flee to a friendly Eastern European country like that J6 guy.. They simply don’t have the resources to go full J6 FBI on every dissident.

      • “They simply don’t have the resources to go full J6 FBI on every dissident.”

        Underestimating the resources and will of the government, and the compliance of the majority of the population has gotten many a dissident in trouble in the past. It’s always good to reread Solzhenitsyn for perspective.

    • Oblivion? You seem to be describing a different movie than the Tom Cruise one I saw. Basically, Cruise is a clone, yes, whose job is to hunt down earth survivors, yes, while the earth is drained of water. Cruise is not the best of the best, but just a human astronaut the aliens happened upon on their way to invade/conquer earth.

      The aliens are really not elites ruling humans. Humans are simply the human survivors left over from the invasion and Cruise is useful in the continuing mop up effort (as in suppression) while earth’s resources are plundered. The aliens are never shown and for all we know, the invasion might simply be a (programmed) robotic one—hence the cloning of Cruise for mop up work—albeit Cruise is programmed to think he is doing “God’s work” in eliminating the remaining survivors of earth. The aliens are really not interested in ruling earth, just in grabbing resources and moving on to the next planet.

      Other than a bit of a different take on using “Oblivion” as an intro/comparison the rest of your analogy/argument holds.

      • In the movie, the character played by Morgan Freeman uses the line “the best of us” to describe the Tom Cruise character. Last I checked, you have to be top notch to become an astronaut.

        • i have seen that movie a couple of times and Compsci’s description is accurate, while yours is wildly off. you are arguing with reality.

      • Wait, the aliens are stealing water? That stuff that entire moons in the outer solar system are made of? Or all those comets that you don’t have to pull out of a strong gravitational field?

        People who don’t know about space should be punished.

  27. I believe our elites are not like panda bears but rats, constantly evolving and finding some dark corner to scurry into for self preservation. They really aren’t intelligent and as the world is changing it’s becoming harder for them to find that rat hole to hide in. The Ukraine war is a good example. It was dumb to get involved by initiating the coup, but as I mentioned before these elites are not very smart. They have a deep hatred for Russians and underestimated them, as they do all other peoples. They actually believe the meme of the dumb, drunk Russian who they can fool and manipulate. 1917 was a lot different than today. They will never admit being wrong, however, and will let the whole world burn down before doing so.

    • When you start shipping money around in round deca-billions, there is a lot of opportunity. Doesn’t it make Dementia Joe’s reference to the withholding the $1b loan seem quaint?

    • May I quibble with your animal analogies.

      Rats are intelligent, inventive, and affectionate. They know how to survive and will share the world with cockroaches when everything else has died off. Now I’ve never been faced with a hungry rat wanting to gnaw my face off in a back alley, but I’ve had pet rats, and they are wonderful animals.

      Pandas are stupid and pampered creatures who would have the good sense to become extinct were it not for the Chinese and American obsession with them. They do nothing of value. They only roll around and eat bamboo…in fact, they only eat ONE KIND of bamboo and if they can’t find that bamboo, they will suicide starve. They also are extremely picky about sex. They will not procreate unless the conditions are EXACTLY right and both partners have to be attracted to one another, in panda world. To get pandas to reproduce, there is a hilarious ruse that Chinese scientists must perform. Read about it. I am not making this up. Pandas are the soyboy non-binary bugmen of the animal world. They are a perfect analogy to the American elite.

      • Heavens! Every day another boomer truth has to fall. I never noticed that Panda worshipping was another of these inversions that abound in our post Christianity times. Now I would make my mission to kill Pandas if I have the means LOL.

        But seriously, the red pill has not ended. This article has dismantled my view of the 60s-80s from a tumultuous time where rights were being fought for to just another psyop (Chaos and Control were the agencies of the Get Smart show so they even confess their modus op). The worst thought is that this new theory makes sense. The only consolation is that humanity is truly a peaceful species. Given the industrial amounts of bile and hatred rammed through our throats continuously by the media I am surprised we don’t have constant ultra left/right extremists causing trouble. The only trouble can always be traced back to an FBI plot or the FBI leaving a known nut to arm themselves and terrorize a public space (school preferred to maximize social division).

        My biggest red pill moment so far was realizing the problem started around 1789 rather than 1970 (or 1950/40/10). My cursory knowledge of philosophy also made me aware that German philosophers on the XIX century trying to be the best thinker of all history and be taken seriously on their crackpot ideas is the cause of so many problems.

        Honestly my only hope is in the future. The Christian institutions we had before the XVIII century were going to buckle anyways, you can put whatever century or decade you prefer to date your ideal past and you can see that then things were already f***ed up and they had no critical defense against all the subversion that came after. You cannot compete with the dark forces of hedonistic/narcissistic temptations that go directly to the subconscious with the mental weapons we had. The ship of ideas has almost never had a good driver. They can infiltrate our minds even in the name of defending the weak, the poor, and introduce sad storytelling (that we are still weak for, Netflix is full of documentaries to brainwash the weak of mind) to defend any bad behavior.

        But the future needs something that can only be called divine intervention (and I am agnostic) to figure out a worldview that attracts and motivates the best people to work hard and at the same time is immune to clever subversion. Getting rid of the idea of equality forever is a must and some things will be hard to process for our current churches of nice, so it is not an easy path.

        • “The only consolation is that humanity is truly a peaceful species”. what planet are you living on?

          • A mutual friend introduced me to Dave McGowan several years before he passed. The guy acted agitated and was unpleasant at times but was very interesting otherwise. He seemed to think I was goofing on him when a joke or two fell flat and it was obvious he wanted the floor to himself. McGowan died a few years later from cancer. I don’t know whether that was what caused him to be occasionally irritable at dinner that night. The mutual friend said he tended to be edgy. Dunno. Still interesting to have met him. McGowan even commented negatively on how much California had “changed,” although as a lefty he just went up to the bell and did not ring it.

            I preface with that name check because I later read WEIRD SCENES precisely because I met him and it seemed to check out when I dug around. I had mostly dismissed McGowan as a garden variety leftist, which in many ways he was (lots of venom–which I shared, directed at W). I already was redpilled on race and the national security state but still dismissed a lot of leftwing thought out of hand that I have since decided has at least some merit.

            One of those leftwing positions back then, which the Left largely does not embrace at all now, was that popular culture is the main propaganda delivery system. McGowan’s points on the Sixties pop culture were spot on.

            Where he lost me some, although this may be wrong on my part, was with the overt use of military and intelligence figures’ children to manipulate the culture. It seemed to me, and still does, that people without Regime backgrounds would have made better choices. Still, Morrison and Co. were remarkable talents and that was the primary reason they proved useful.

            If anything, the years after McGowan died have vindicated his overarching theory, haven’t they? “News” and “pop culture” have become far more blatant tools of manipulation and propaganda of late.

      • They also are extremely picky about sex. They will not procreate unless the conditions are EXACTLY right

        Sigh. I went out with her in college.

      • “Pandas are stupid and pampered creatures who would have the good sense to become extinct were it not for the Chinese and American obsession with them.”

        Never thought of it that way! Begs the question: how natural is the panda? How long have humans supported them, removed selection pressure? Yet still the symbol of the WWF lol. Clown world clowns on.

    • “I believe our elites are not like panda bears but rats, constantly evolving and finding some dark corner to scurry into for self preservation. They really aren’t intelligent and as the world is changing it’s becoming harder for them to find that rat hole to hide in.”

      Agreed. A stupid elite is a dangerous one. Ours is even worse because the idiocy is accompanied by impulsiveness. These feminized buffoons could stumble into nuclear war very easily.

  28. “An elite incapable of self-limit” combined with a generational devolution similar to the Hapsburgs. On scale.

      • You can’t remove the elite—as in “eliminate”. People are not able as a whole to self govern. Inevitably, one “elite” is replaced by another. Never seen it any other way. It’s in man’s nature to be ruled by his “betters”. Only relief one can hope for is to reduce centralized authority and what is considered “normative” wrt rule by elite. However, even that requires a populace that is used to being self reliant. That went away long ago, so we are screwed.

  29. Worldly power is just more mammon. Power makes money, money makes power. Recalling, you can’t serve two masters, and we know who’s the prince of this world.

    • That said, in the world but not of it. It’s a fine needle to thread. That’s the mystery of life, the cause of much spiritual suffering, and many bad ideas, imo. Also why I think life is the cross. We’re all commissioned to deal with this thing without being consumed by it. Even if irreligious, there’s there natural impulse of life to thrive in a hostile and constantly changing environment. FWIW

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