The Secret Police

Ten years ago, if you asked people if the government was involved in manipulating public opinion or leaning on social media companies or spying on presidential candidates, very few people would have agreed. Those who did think this was the case were branded conspiracy theorists. Today, most people just seem to accept that this is now the way things are done in our democracy.

It is hard to know if this is really the case, but the lack of public outrage over the stream of revelations about government pressure on social media companies suggests people are not surprised by it. Maybe most people are still processing it, as no one was raised to think they lived in a police state. Possibly the lack of mainstream coverage lets the public ignore what they would prefer not to face.

When you look back at the last time the public learned they were secretly being manipulated and spied upon by the secret police, the reaction of today feels like capitulation in comparison to how people reacted fifty years ago. Back then, both parties and the media were outraged at the abuses, even though many in both parties and the media were parties to the corruption.

This new version of the Church Committee that the Republican House is planning is sure to turn into a circus. The reason is the Democrats will go out of their way to make it as ridiculous as possible. They will appoint their craziest members to be on the committee investigating the secret police. The media will be tasked with discrediting the whole thing as an assault on our democracy!

Of course, we can now see that the original Church Committee was a show to placate the public and did nothing to limit the secret police. When you look at the programs that were revealed during that time, you see that they never actually ended. They just became part of the standard operating procedure. In fact, the secret police are far more invasive and abusive now than at anytime in its existence.

Even so, it is a good comparison. Fifty years ago, the people in charge felt it necessary to convince the public that they had reined in their secret police. Today they think it is funny that the secret police are manipulating the media, pressuring social media companies and harassing citizens over their opinions. It either means they no longer think they need to maintain the lie or they are unable to do it.

That last part cannot be discounted. Go back and look at the people running the secret police in the middle of the last century and then compare them to the cast of characters we see today. Those old guys look like giants in comparison. Fifty years ago, a mentally unstable man like John Brennan would not have been allowed on the property. Maybe the current crew simply lacks the talent to maintain the façade.

Alternatively, maybe the lesson the secret police learned from the Church Committee is that they need better control of the politicians. The reason they are so brazen today is they know they have nothing to fear from Congress. If they can raid the villa of a former president, what can they do to a pesky congressman. Perhaps like the Praetorian Guards, the secret police have assumed control of the system.

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207 thoughts on “The Secret Police

  1. Although the point of this article is true, it is not new. Government gunslingers have always chosen to be what they are prey. The nonsense game is to pretend that gunslingers do not have free will and can therefore blame their evil on the politicians (“I was just following orders”). Meanwhile, politicians, who are merely harmless little parasites, pretend they are mighty and powerful. The game seems to be convincing to most people but it isn’t true.

    In fact, evil laws are harmless until evil people enforce them. Government gunslingers were always the rulers. Politicians never were. Until most people see that politicians are silly, unimportant little cowards hiding behind their enforcers, nothing will change.

    Self defense is a natural right. Someone who robs and rules you while telling you that he is serving you is lying. When he also tells you that he is not responsible for what he does, he is pure, stinking, parasitic evil.

    We have the right to self-defense and to personally hire and fire defenders as we wish or to do the job ourselves.

    When the cowardly, violent parasites called law enforcement tell us that we have no such choices, we should tell them how very wrong they are. We all have choices, just like them.

  2. I hear a lot of talk about secret police ⏤ but I guess that’s the catch ⏤ if they were so secret, how would you know about them ⏤

    Really what it all comes down to in my world is the science of lies, or psychiatry ⏤

    Why is it that they never come for you?

    • Weird take. They’ve “come” for all sorts of people but you’d have to do some research and not be brainwashed by the Mainslime Media — what exactly was the Vegas Mass Shooting about? The FBI couldn’t figure that out huh? J6 no bail Gulag and multi-year sentences for what are basically Trespassing and minor property offenses?

      Currently the Laws in the USA are such that as to almost anyone a “Felony” of some sorts can be “discovered” at almost any time and of course all kinds of Misdemeanors…yet “they never come for you”? – I was a Prosecutor and I can tell you they come daily for all sorts of innocent people and in the Federal system few innocent will chance the downside of Trial which is getting slammed for not pleading out….Read this as to someone “they came for” whose been fighting it for years- great way to have to live in a “free” country?:

    • The ‘secret’ doesn’t refer to knowledge of the police agency’s existence among the populace; it refers to the clandestine manner in which they operate, terrorizing, persecuting and subjugating said populace.

      Take the Stasi: ‘secret police’ if ever there were secret police. Every East German knew who they were, and the Stasi certainly didn’t try to hide their existence. On the contrary! Rumors of their diabolical methods also abounded, and they encouraged that, too. Why? Fear is a very effective force multiplier.

      Simple fear motivated many weaker Ossi’s to *police themselves* and *inform on each other* out of fear the Stasi was always watching and listening. Something like 1 in 30 East Germans were Stasi informants, or ‘Inoffizielle Mitarbeiter.’ Conversely, Stasi agents never amounted to more than 100,000 in a country of 18,000,000. They were totally outnumbered should the citizenry rise up, but they instead maintained complete control for decades through psychological terror, until the collapse of the Communist Bloc!

      The ‘secret’ part of their ‘policing’ lay in their modus operandi, ‘Zersetzung’ being a prime example. After lengthy psychological profiling, the Stasi would target ‘problem citizens’ with individually-tailored campaigns of never-ending ‘misfortunes,’ whisper campaigns and calculated psychological terrorization. The goal was to *paralyze* dissidents and ultimately push them to question their own sanity. The program’s methods were specifically designed to sound incredible when targets complained. It worked, too – anyone who complained was labelled ‘paranoid’ and locked up in a psychiatric facility for ‘treatment.’ Many people snapped and some committed suicide. None of this was widely known until after the Berlin Wall fell and Stasi HQ was raided by the citizenry!

      There are numerous allegations that secret police in the US are using the same methods. Many call it ‘gangstalking.’ The word doesn’t appear in Google search data until around 2003…right after 9/11, when the national security state went off the rails. There’s also ample historical evidence of similar campaigns by the feds, like COINTELPRO.

      Healthy skepticism is a good thing, but you not being targeted personally does not disprove the existence of secret police in the US. Secret police have a long, well-documented history of incredible crimes and all-around evil deeds.

  3. Television was the kosher trojan horse, worked good for a while, now no White people with a brain are buyin it. Fuck the jeworldorder they can shove it up their ass.

  4. It sounds paranoid, but one must suspect that one is under constant surveillance these days. Including right here. If you truly are, or wish to be subversive, you will have to learn the tradecraft. I have no pointers to offer you. The one thing we should be sure of is that we cannot trust the government — or any random kind stranger — any more. I will close with an old joke and suggested revisions.

    2 generations ago: “When an Englishmen asks you to trust him, it’s time to start counting the spoons.” Well the servants stole all the sterling back in Grandfather’s day. And who has servants any more?

    1 Generation ago: ” ….. inventory the stainless.” Well, the stainless steel silverware has vanished too.

    Today: We are using plastic spoons and the UK government is trying to outlaw those.

    Tomorrow? You’ll be eating with your hands, if you’re lucky enough to have any food.

    • You’re not paranoid Ben, since they really are following you.

      Gosh, i love my President, the FB1, and especially the IRS who helped crush the Tea Party movement.

    • Never heard that joke about dishonest English people.

      Looked it up on the internet and couldn’t find an example.
      I’ll assume you are French or Irish or some other charming ethnicity.

  5. The handy, catchall pejorative term for the various alphabet agencies wished for by Z-Man in this episode has already been coined for us by the late, great Terrence Andrew Davis.

    Something about bio-luminescence, if you’ll recall…

  6. ” It either means they no longer think they need to maintain the lie or they are unable to do it.”

    These two aren’t two mutually exclusive alternatives, they aren’t even alternatives at all. The former is just a consequence of the latter.
    If Cloud thought that they didn’t need to maintain the lie they would be done with it, in a big way, without WEF Scheisse and pussyfooting.
    That is still their MOD of choice, but the problem is that managing Dirt People’s anxiety is getting increasingly difficult when entire social order was built on foundation that has now been long compromised.

    Now floor under the Dirt People is getting more and more shaky, and Cloud people don’t have any good news anymore, so they try telling everyone that it’s always been like that. Nothing to see here.

    This can only go for so long, eventually brutal reality of collapsing living standard will trump all fancy narratives about helping Mother Earth, defending democracy and pronouns, and current elites don’t have what it takes to pull out from this nosedive, and it doesn’t take that much.

    What is takes is saying some things out loud, and it wouldn’t even be RR or JQ.
    What it takes is admitting that we’re in a gutter, and to fix the current mess, from now on, things will have to get a little bit nasty but we need all hands on deck. To boost morale a little bit they could throw some Bush or Biden under the bus and that would be it. That would do the trick. The only downside would be, that letting to many sensible people into the Temple of Democracy could lead to some of them asking how did we ended up in his mess, but that still sounds like the lesser evil. After all, some sensible arrangements could be made…

    Instead, Cloud divided Dirt People and incited all this infighting, hoping that their faction wins, but even if so, in the process they will flush everyone with an inch of spine out of the system, and going down in company of mindless drones sounds really, really sad.

    • Polack: “…they will flush everyone with an inch of spine out of the system…”

      Have you been following the controversy involving Ben “Early Life” Shapiro’s “The Daily Wire”, and the kinds of contracts which the Happy Smiling Hand Rubbing Merchants force their goyische hired help to sign?

      Some fellow named “Steven Crowder” has gone public with the terms of the contract, and it’s every bit as enslaving as any hardened cynic would have imagined it to have been.

      What’s really embarrassing is how many goyim must have signed such contracts over the decades.

      Of course, look how many goyim went and got themselves v@xxinated.

      OTOH, if the v@xx-copalypse comes to fruition [which would be rot & dessication], then I suppose there won’t be any more goyim remaining to sign contracts of enslavement.

      What’s a strapping young boy from Brooklyn to do if there ain’t any contracts to be signed?

      • Maybe this is just a wishful thinking on my side, but I really have a feeling that the narrative is spinning out of control.
        Just looking at the rate at which their pawns lose credibility and become walking memes, JB Peterson most recently, makes me think that demand far exceeds supply. Of course $50M, even with all the asterisks, still looks like a deal worth the soul to many, but impact these people will have on public opinion will make ROI lousy at best.

        That’s because Cloud is unable to update the narrative in the right direction, their themes are increasingly bizarre, incredible and alien to many.

        IMO the only real solution would have to create incentives for growing number of disenfranchised common sense people, but that doesn’t seem to be anywhere in elite’s playbook.

      • In the last few years the frequency of clarifying moments—conflicts that put the audience under at least as strong a lens as the participants—has shot way up.

        Crowder’s a doofus, but anyone who’s not “on his side” right now can’t be trusted about anything. Same with Kanye, Putin, Musk, McCarthy, the lying House Republican guy, Clott Adams, Claremont v. Z, etc., going back to…George Zimmerman? Probably. Ever since, there’s a new *clearly correct judgment* every day, and we see who refuses to make it.

        If our rulers’ aim were to “divide and conquer,” their recent efforts would have been impressive. But even in matters of “diversity,” which simply *is* dividing and conquering people, that’s not how they think about it. They don’t do strategy, only forced conversion. They’re Torquemadas, not Machiavellis. They are *stunned* by disobedience.

    • They’re still not at total control, and never will be until Armageddon finishes them off along with their master.

      That’s why they backed off a little from forced jabbing. They push it till they see they’re getting into blowback territory. They went all the way in Sri Lanka, maybe to see if it would work. It didn’t.

      There will be pockets of successful resistance as time goes on. They’re getting close to the universally mandated Mark of the Beast. At some point they’ll have enough people so mad at Christians they will do the thing that brings on their doom, a full on persecution of Chtistians.

      But God hath given us the victory, and will deal fairly with the anti-antichrists who also resist the Beast.

  7. If as espionage illuminati we are going to discuss the history of intelligence in the Cold War let’s not overlook that which even espionage connoisseurs have little idea about. Namely, the extent the Soviets cooperated with the West in the Cold War. The KGB and Western agencies frequently collaborated when combatting global crime syndicates involved in certain heinous crimes such as smuggling body parts under the cover of normal human trafficking. An interesting take on this oft forgotten aspect of the Cold War is still visible in the preserved website of a niche global intelligence agency,, based in the UK from 1978 and now supposedly shut or dormant: see The History of Faire Sans Dire in “About Us” on The Burlington Files website.

    A series of novels based on the activities of FaireSansDire’s founders are also worth a peep if you were unaware that MI6 and the CIA combined with the KGB to combat criminals in these extreme law enforcement areas. For legal reasons only one novel (Beyond Enkription) has been published in that series called The Burlington Files. It makes for a compelling read and their website claims most read it two or more times which I believe and did!

    The larger than life characters who met in MI6 in the early seventies and later established FaireSansDire were Bill Fairclough (a not so boring accountant, MI6 codename JJ), Colonel Alan Brooke Pemberton CVO MBE and Barrie Parkes BEM all of whose fascinating backgrounds are easily accessed on the web. Interestingly, Pemberton knew Oleg Gordievsky and Kim Philby. Pemberton’s People in MI6 even included Roy Astley Richards OBE (Winston Churchill’s bodyguard) and an eccentric British Brigadier (Peter ‘Scrubber’ Stewart-Richardson) who was once refused permission to join the Afghan Mujahideen.

    For more beguiling anecdotes best read a brief and intriguing News Article about Pemberton’s People in MI6 dated 31 October 2022 in TheBurlingtonFiles website and then read Beyond Enkription.

    • So the FBI and KGB, at least occassionally during the Cold War, were the good guys.

      Neat. Are they still?

        • Okay.

          Major League Head Scratcher incoming…

          The Happy Smiling Hand-Rubbing Shape-Shifting Merchant, Ron “Early Life” Klain, just got replaced by the Happy Smiling Hand-Rubbing Shape-Shifting Merchant, Jeffrey “Early Life” Zients.

          Go figure.

          What’s a Mama Bear PhD to do?

          Only thing I can figure is that maybe somehow Klain versus Zients correlates with Obama versus Clinton?

          Obviously goyim need not apply for the job.

          Kushner, Klain, Zients.

          There’s a pattern there, somewhere, if I only we were smart enough to sense it.

  8. When you look at the U.S. of six or seven decades ago and how much it had going for it – what song, movie is the best description or metaphor between then and now?

    – I feel the juxtaposition between the first half and second half of Mulholland Drive could act as a metaphor

    – the song “after the thrill is gone” by the eagles is basically about once being on top and then losing it.

    any other ideas?

      • never heard that one. It’s a relatively upbeat song. The more melancholy stuff like “still the same” or “main street” is more what i’m thinking.

    • I believe the degeneracy of the population is well displayed in a short story by Fitzgerald: “Babylon Revisited.”

      • that john prine song reminds me of these lyrics from a song that came out around the same time:

        But the years went by and the rock just died
        Susie went and left us for some foreign guy
        Long nights crying by the record machine
        Dreaming of my Chevy and my old blue jeans

    • Forrest Gump. It never occurred to this rube to distrust his government, he assisted it in some of its nefarious acts without ever questioning why, and then he had an out of wedlock kid with a drug addict who subsequently died

    • If you want to stick with Eagles, “New Kid in Town” – (hint: We are not the New Kid).

      Stuck in the Middle (not sure if that is the exact title, not Eagles).

  9. The Cold War restrained the desire/ability of the Secret Police to create “the Lives of Others” here. In the West, we NEEDED a wealthy, “something to lose” Western Europe that would not just align with the Soviets because they had stuff — a car, a country villa, easy living, all of which would go away when the Communists came and took their stuff. As Napoleon found (the left never forgave him for this), give peasants a plot of land of their own and they will fight to the death for the regime that gave them that land.

    The flipside of “you will own nothing, have no privacy, and eat the bugs bigot!” is that no one will fight or die for the regime. Even the Stasi expected to be paid, and when they were not they did not act.

    • Napoleon, the Stasi, nor anyone else back then could even begin to imagine the technological tools for control available to the regime today. Most folks currently alive can’t imagine it either. These tools could eliminate the need for carrots for the masses at large. Historical comparisons don’t have an analogy for this.

      • I dont think it has to be infinite controls. I think the most likely is exclusive incentive. As the average american becomes increasingly broke (gradually or quickly regardless), the social safety net will make handouts necessary. But in order to receive thise necessities, compliance will be required (your daily vaxx booster, etc.). The methods of control are only required for the relative few that will try to buck the system.

  10. Yes, the US police state is serious business, and things will only get worse because the system is incapable of repairing itself. And all of this is why we need to get smarter in our role as citizens. Becoming a nobody that nobody notices is the key to staying vertical in the Brave New World – USA Edition. The ideal place to be is someone who innocuous, bland, reticent, benign in appearance and occupation, no social media red flags, and perhaps affecting a disability that evinces sympathy or avoidance. And everything solely within the confines of your cranium. Never reveal your true intentions to anyone under any circumstances. Master the art of hiding in plain sight.

    And as to the nuts & bolts of daily life. Obtain several sets of nondescript clothing from the Goodwill (pay cash). Learn to get around using public transit, walking, or bike riding. A small motorcycle can also be effective; wear a full face helmet. And speaking of facial accoutrements, wraparound sunglasses and a full face beard are quite useful. And never forget that you can shave your head anytime you wish. Take out your cellphone and use a permanent marker to write “The spy in my pocket” on it; then treat it as such. There is a road near me that is always muddy (bentonite clay) and every time I drive through the lower half of my vehicle gets thoroughly covered and becomes unrecognizable. Just sayin’.

    These are a few of the existential survival skills for everyday life. God willing, the collapse will happen sooner rather than later, provide the blessing of chaos fog, and open the door for redemption. 4S & focus. It’s the only way to be sure.

    • Tom

      Good post

      My only issue is with your suggestion to learn to use public transportation.

      NEVER, EVER use public transportation.

      Avoid it, trains and buses, at all cost.

      • Most city buses are used by common folk and dirt people, which makes for excellent camouflage. You can easily disappear into a crowded bus and blend in. Wear a hoodie and keep your head down. Find a fat person to sit next too and act like your mildly stoned. You will be ignored. Get off spontaneously and cross the street in traffic, walk fast and find an alley. Losing a tail is tradecraft; learn and practice. It may save your life someday.

        • Aahh, ok

          I was thinking strictly about avoiding criminal elements that use public transportation,(luggage testers).

          Your point is well taken.

          • “Luggage Testers!” LOL! Now I’ll never get that old American Tourister commercial out of my mind! Thanks a lot!

        • Have some familiarity with your greater metropolis. Self-taught tradecraft is all well and good. The problem is even in “normal” times wandering into the wrong part of town, especially dark nooks and crannies, may result in very unpleasant outcomes.

          Although I never personally experienced, I was reliably told that local (Black) citizens on Washington DC’s Metro system were at times compassionate enough to tell presumably clueless tourists riding the Green line “Get off and go back. You’re going the wrong way!”

    • This Is The Way. I can offer nothing more than what you offered except know what to do, -immediately- when the wheels come off.

      If you cannot name the 10 steps you’d take next were the power to go out permanently, a nuke detonating, or other black swan society rippling events, you are doing it wrong.

      There is a far more likely chance of a long slow slide and larger and larger dysfunction and bigger failure of the various control systems. Your Gray Man strategy works well in those scenarios. But full on wheels come off requires a much more active response, so know how to navigate both.

      I’ve already put much of the Gray Man strategy in place because I haven’t had a choice. My background and appearance combined signal ‘threat’ so I’ve learned the “aww shucks” role quite well and its paid off greatly. If my co-workers had any idea they were sitting next to the most dangerous motherf-cker in the room, by a large margin, they would be fleeing towards the exits, especially the lefty eunuchs and soccer moms I’m surrounded by. They simply have no idea.

      • And think outside the box. If you think about it, a janitor has enormous unrecognized power because he can enter important buildings at will, no one pays any attention to him, he has free run throughout the building, he’s typically there at night when the place is largely empty, he can be pushing a utility cart that obscures whatever is inside, he routine is so repetitive that he can easily ascertain where all the cameras and blinds spots are located. On and on. Don’t get me started on delivery drivers.

        • Or any “Service Man”

          It’s a shame when a box of roofing nails falls off of a rear bumper.

          I hate when that happens!

    • Cell phone advice is good, but not complete. You can still transport a cell phone for emergency purposes inside of a Faraday bag. These bags are tested for containment of micro-waves and indeed are used by law enforcement (spooks) exactly for that purpose–they don’t want to be tracked either.

      • The Stasi gets very antsy whenever a cellphone of interest becomes unavailable (and airplane mode does not disable tracking). This ofttimes triggers additional scrutiny and/or activation of Pegasus. Other options include sending your cellphone on an innocuous journey somewhere and then retrieving it later. For example, accidentally leaving it in the glovebox of a family member’s auto who is running errands all afternoon.

        • Perhaps with a particular surveillance, but not the random, after the fact stuff we most typically see. You win no converts by telling people they can not live in the “real” world, which is in essence what you continue time after time to preach. This is why you are unpersuasive in your postings, and will continue to be as long as you blather on about silly things like buying clothing at Good Will and only taking public transportation.

          • But we do agree. Yes, live your life as normally as you can. But be prepared for the eventuality that the “normal” world can evaporate in a heartbeat. The Soviet Uniion collapsed overnight and life in Russia was not “normal” again for over a decade. None of the things I comment on is intended as a permanent feature of current life, but rather as wisdom that can (and should) be applied as circumstances dictate. For example, the Goodwill attire should be washed and stored in the back of your closet next to your bugout bag, just in case you need it. Ditto for public transit, to be used only when needed, but not the first time when needed. Practice occasionally and become proficient. Know your surroundings and viable escape routes.

          • Humm. Perhaps I come from a different background with such experience and assume too much from others. Clothing in reserve is no problem, and I’m happy to buy for cash from any store that sells. I have spare clothing for emergencies bagged and ready. If you go out to the field, you learn quickly to carry such in your truck.

            From my city days, I have little problem with public transport–except for the fellow ridership, which often leaves much to be desired. I do however wonder about public transport if one wishes to keep off the radar. You’ll never experience as many surveillance cameras as in a public transport facility.

      • Problem is, it’s totally useless when turned off and/or inside the shielded bag. And when you turn it on, within seconds your device is registered on the network and your location within a meter or two is given to any interested party. I suppose a “burner” phone might address some of the concerns, but it doesn’t escape the problem of being tracked. Nor how to identify oneself to other “stations.”

  11. Yes.

    “ Perhaps like the Praetorian Guards, the secret police have assumed control of the system.”

    Yes. Exactly like Russia. Now can we have our American Putin now please?

    • Careful what you wish for. I’m thinking our American Putin will probably sport a rainbow lapel pin.

      • In which case he wouldn’t be Putin. But would I take a DR ruler of AINO with the powers o’ Putin? You’re darn tootin’.

      • I disagree. I’ve been pondering this for awhile and i think we’re getting the same play book as 1920’s-1930’s Germany. They are building a backlash and hate, and once it reaches a boiling point i think they’ll unleash it and use it to their own benefit.

        I know alot of us here feel like we’re outnumbered, but you aren’t. Its almost like Nixons silent majority in a way. The TV and the internet just amplify the crazy, but most of us if you don’t live in a big city actually deal with this in our daily lives.

        So in short, i think they’re trying to create the proper atmosphere for “mustache man”

        • For most of the past six years while the Chaos has been going on with LGBQTwhatever and BLM and all that, what are these people? 12 maybe at the most 15% of the population? .GOV and the corps are using them currently, and when they aren’t needed anymore they will throw them out with the bathwater. Be very suspicious of when the day comes and suddenly they welcome “us” back with open arms. Look at the link below, when i see things like this after living thru 2020 and 2021 i become very suspicious.

        • “Yes. Exactly like Russia. Now can we have our American Putin now please?”

          Perfect example of what i’m talking about. This gentleman is so angry he’s ready for a dictator or strongman!

          • Mr. House: If said dictator or strawman is even passably competent and, vitally, is of the same stock as the heritage American people and is against everything we’re against, I’ll take a dictator over muh democracy any day of the week.

          • I get the sentiment, believe me I do. Problem is, you never which way the strongman will go until after the fact.

            I much prefer balkanization, where no one is strong enough, outside his little fiefdom, to wreak too much havoc.

        • I was listening to an althype stream where he was interviewing a guy discussing the composition of the elite and how that drives progressive policy. Notably, many of the more destructive racial elements of current progressivism only exist to mollify the juice segment of the elite and their perpetual fear of a pogrom.

          Traditionally the gentile elites always used the juice to their own advantage and then called upon the peasants to run the juice out once they came back to the elites waving their Rumpelstiltskin contracts around. We may be looking at that same eventuality in our society as well, once the gentile elites start seeing their wealth and power being negatively affected by juice leftism. Of course reversing that leftism requires a scapegoat and the chosen people have once again set themselves up.

          One possible trigger could be our elites noticing the piss poor quality of our military (effeminate gen z video gamers whose bones break when they have to jog), and all our fancy techno weapons not working all that well against the Ruskies. Remember that the elites desire more power above all else and not being able to project effective military power will bother them quite a bit, and the blame on that fall squarely on the nose people pushing every young male goy into being a soy-eating eunuch with osteoporosis.

  12. WILLARD (v.o.)
    “No wonder Kurtz put a weed up command’s ass. The war was being run by a bunch of four-star clowns who were going to end up giving the whole circus away.”
    — Apocalypse Now

    • This lines up precisely with a comment I just read on Zerohedge that pointed out the idiots running the GAE have potentially doomed the West against the rising power of the East by refusing to treat Russia as a partner, or even ally.

  13. “Go back and look at the people running the secret police in the middle of the last century and then compare them to the cast of characters we see today. Those old guys look like giants in comparison.”

    Indeed. Brennan and Co. are retarded children compared to the likes of the Dulles Bros. or all those double-named WASPs like Kingman Brewster or Sumner Welles or Or Cornel Hull or Dean Acheson or McGeorge Bundy. (When did the WASPS surrender to the demand for Biblical i.e. Jewish names? Make you think, don’t it?)

    Maybe people don’t want to admit they let retarded scum take over and run the show?

    Buckley said he’s rather be ruled by the first 500 names in the Boston phone book. I’d take any prewar politician, from Norman Thomas on the Left to Strom Thurmond on the Right. Better than anyone in the current crowd.

  14. These secret police goons certainly worry about another Church committee, not because it might put an end to the program, but because they don’t know who will be the fall guy.

  15. None of this is surprising. Waco, Ruby Ridge, and Iraq conclusively proved the federal government would murder people with impunity, not that it wasn’t already long-established. There may have been a brief period of relative freedom from the Revolution until the Civil War but who would bet the house on it?

    Fifty years ago, let us recall, the United States was a one-party dictatorship with even more tightly controlled propaganda organs. Every claim of “liberty,” “freedom,” “democracy,” “the Constitution,” name it, was just as ludicrous then as now. We didn’t have even token political opposition or lame samizdat then. I will concede things are more out in the open of late, the propaganda is nonstop, and the Tribe is especially evil and dangerous, but these are matters of degree.

    Gary Hart, who served on the Church Commission, has denounced looking into the current police state. That tells you all you need to know about the “investigations” of the Seventies–they were partisan exercises to consolidate power.

    The only reason anything may come of the current charade, and it is highly unlikely, is because the United States likes to masquerade as a bastion of freedom and denounce the Evil Vlad and Xi. The fact that everyone domestically along with the rest of the world realizes this is one big, pathetic lie is lost on them, not that it matters.

    This continues until it collapses.

    • I really wish everyone domestically believed that Vodka Man Bad was a big lie. But I don’t see anything of the sort. Far from it. Very far. From where I sit it looks like Civnat G. Normiecon in his millions is just as onboard with it as the npc left.

      Dissident ranks have grown. We are a lot bigger now than we were 6 or 7 years ago. But we need to double or probably triple in size yet again to have much meaningful political impact.

      • Re Putin, the target of his demonization is foreign recipients. The American police state apparatus pretty well doesn’t care what people domestically think and terrorizes, kills and oppresses them with impunity as we currently see, hence the compulsion to do so in broad daylight of late.

        Per historical precedent, whenever the state gets close to collapse the agents generally scrub their footprint and melt into the general population they harassed. We very well may see that start to happen in the near future.

      • Trying to get Boomers and Gen-Xers to believe we are the bad guy is more or less impossible. It’s 1985 in their minds. Yet, here we are. Uncle Vlad is the good guy and Uncle Senile is the bad guy.

        The pervasive and widespread propaganda machine is very difficult to overcome. There are hundreds or thousands of “authoritative” voices on TV, radio and internet/paper all giving the same opinion and almost none giving even token resistance. They all work for the same people, but it has an appearance of a widely shared consensus. Anyone trying to counter the narrative just looks crazy or a contrarian at best.

        I don’t think anything short of an outright majority of dirt people going against the narrative will make a difference. Most of our ideas are poisonous in this environment and self-refuting. NOBODY wants to hear we’re all not equal, for example, let alone that groups are inherently unequal. This is evil and 1 short step behind concentration camps and gas chambers.

        People have been propagandized every single day of their lives since the time they could understand 2 syllable words.

        • Don’t know if I would go so far as saying Uncle Vlad is the good guy, but in the Ukr fiasco, Uncle Vlad certainly has the more legitimate grievance, and Uncle Shmuel, per usual, is the Bad Guy.

  16. It’s amazing to me how each generation thinks they are special. 70s man thinks ‘Sure, the FBI and CIA was doing this back in the 50s, but not today’
    90s man thinks “Sure, the FBI etc were doing this back in the 70s, but not today”

    People like Alex Jones are at the top of the Intel agencies to discredit “conspiracy theories”

    Frankly, I believe there is nothing so evil that they simply wouldn’t do it. I may not know the specifics, but they’re doing something evil. They could be sacrificing children to appease the devil and it just wouldn’t surprise me.

    • “People like Alex Jones are at the top of the Intel agencies to discredit ‘conspiracy theories’”

      Curious about what you mean by that. AJ has gone mainstream as people have decided he was right about a lot of things. Is it that he’s meant to be an example of what happens? Or do we get really conspiratorial and say he’s a limited hangout?

      • I meant his over the top conspiracy theories. While he is less about conspiracy theories today than he was, I’m pretty sure he still does it. Like the “crisis actors” to play the role of grieving parents for a shooting that didn’t happen.
        Even if it is a conspiracy, I think it would be more likely for the actor to be a wind-up killer created by the intelligence community than totally fake complete with actors to play the role of outraged/grieving parents screaming for gun control. But even that seems far fetched. If the government wanted to ban guns, they’d do it. They don’t care what we think on any subject.

        Men who will not use their guns to protect their children and grandchildren from child sexual predators are not going to suddenly turn into Rambo because the government passed a law declaring guns illegal. 90 plus percent would comply and the others would not comply, but quietly. Perhaps they would wrap their guns in oily rags and bury them or something so he can larp about how one day, he’ll need to dig it up to turn on good old Uncle Sam.

        • I think AJ reacted on Sandy Hook because it was immediately obvious it was going to be used for the big gun grab. Over the line? Yeah, maybe. Idk, all due respect, I was pretty pissed about having curtailed rights, too. AJ played a big role in short circuiting the gun grab. I’m convinced it took him blowing up on Piers Morgan to rally people in spite of dead kids.

          Then he helped thwart Hillary’s ambitions, got out early on vaccine dangers, got people paying attention to elite steering committees like Bilderberg, and so on. Made a lot of powerful enemies in the process, I’m sure.

          I’ll admit I was a daily listener for a long time, so I’m biased, but I have a hard time thinking of anyone who’s been a more effective force for populism, or whatever you want to call it, in American politics over the last 20 years. Maybe Ron Paul, idk.

          With that said, look at the people he’s had on his show. He has connections to that world. I doubt he’s a fed, or anything like that, but he talks to them. Roll with the pigs, get covered in shit. Still, however he’s failed, I’m certain we’d be in a worse position. Can’t fault the guy.

        • Well crisis actors doesn’t make any sense in a situation where people would notice the discrepancies of a fake shooting. Plus having dozens of fake grieving parents generates way more probability of spilling the beans compared to just using a wind up killer and doing it for real.

          Real crisis acting is likely to be stuff like foreign massacres no one can verify, like the fake videos of Syrian children being gassed where they forgot to edit out them getting up afterwards. A good chunk of the Ukraine crap is likely this way, every time a Russian missile kills another six million children I always wonder how there were so many children in a warzone, especially given that all the women in the country got the hell out of there two days into the conflict.

          • That’s the bitch of it. Once you know this stuff happens, you end up approaching every heavily-politicized event with extreme skepticism. Not that I was ever convinced SH was a hoax, but in all honesty, standing to lose rights made me less credulous than I otherwise would’ve been.

            It’s not healthy for society, but conspiracism is a natural consequence of conspiracy. Along the lines of what Z said about selecting for creeps, you give them power, and they’ll mold society in their image, one way or another.

        • If the government wanted to ban guns, they’d do it. They don’t care what we think on any subject.

          True, but for it to be maximally practically effective needs to condition the populace to not want them (or see them as distasteful, etc.) in the first place.

      • His “trial” has never passed the smell test with me, as if it’s fake and he’s in on it, but I’m not really sure what that means.

        All he had to do to beat it was claim that he believed what he was saying about the shootings being fake. You can’t get a legal judgment against someone for saying something that they believe is true. But he got up there on the stand and admitted to lying about it.

        Which says two possible things about him, neither of them good.

        • I didn’t follow it closely enough enough tbh. What I do know is it was a civil trial, and they seem to have a very low standard. Insanely, Remington was driven into bankruptcy over it, OJ was acquitted of murder before being found liable (I know, but still). Civil trials can seem like a way of exacting punishment outside of the criminal process.

          As far as lying, I’ve heard him admit he got it wrong and apologize, but that doesn’t constitute lying. Granted, that was well in advance of the trial, and I don’t know what his stance is today. If he did admit to lying, I’d be very interested to know, but suffice it to say, I don’t trust any of the reporting.

    • Sacrificing children to Satan is far saner that what’s being done to us. Human civilization has been permanently destroyed just to increase the gap between their consumption and ours—and they’ve barely begun.

    • They are sacrificing kids. Just look at the artwork in the ghouls’ houses. The podesta emails. Those photoshoots. Just stop by vigilant for the tip of the iceberg. There is no doubt they sacrifice kids to Satan, if you bother to just peruse publically available information. Imagine what is beyond what we can see. You ever read about the finders, and the cia coverup of a clear trafficking scenario? One intrepid cop stumbled upon it, and then cia swooped in and buttoned it all up. Just do a quick search – all public record.

    • Kids are being tortured and drained of their blood, and harvested for adrenachrome. The scale of it remains to be found out, but it’s not like it’s just one or two per year.

      People are reluctant to believe or acknowledge it, or just come out and say it, but it’s not speculation, at this point, even without direct evidence.

  17. sounds awfully conspiratorial Z . people will be sniggering tin foil hat here if you are not careful .

  18. I hear your comment as similar to Derb’s, “if 2% of the population can subdue the rest then the rest deserve it.”

    Sure, okay. That the average person hasn’t demonstrated as much discernment, agency and resistance as they should may be true.

    But what now? Do we just abandon our people because they have failed our tests? Do we just acceptance our subjugation because we deserve it?

    I choose to go forward with the awareness of the limitations that our people have and still fight for them.

    And that is why I am a fascist.

    • The years I spent in a major metro that shows up blue on the map probably black pilled me permanently with regard to the moral fiber of this country and what the people “deserve.” I would venture to say that no more than 1 or 2 out of 5 people there were deserving of any decent government.

      But I did succeed at disproving that old adage about how “if you’re meeting jerks all day it means you are the jerk.” When I moved, and was no longer surrounded by jerks. Turns out it was them, not me.

      • I have this feeling every time I leave the Portland metro area even just to go East a bit within Oregon. It’s them, it’s always been them. THEY are the garbage people, not me. Believe me I’d love to leave permanently but my plans to do that have been derailed for now.

    • Fighting for our people is fine, but when you are the weaker participant you have to fight smarter.

      As our resident phedpoaster is fond of saying, sand in the gears.

      • Things are so Clown World that you need not supply the sand freelance. The Clouds will put out a competitive bid request for sand suppliers. If you are in the business, it is incumbent upon you to be able to supply them the sand at the lowest bid. Your chances will be better if your firm is 8A qualified, and puppet leader is black, female, additional boxes checked all the better.

    • I am sympathetic to your view about fascism, but I am highly skeptical a “positive” fascism could ever be maintained over the long term. The longest track record of any officially “fascist” government lasted from 1939 to 1975 and that country, Spain is just another globohomo camp today. That’s not to say “liberal democracy” is any better though.

      • Tars, here’s my view in brief.

        The unit of survival is the tribe, not the individual. Any fantasy about going it alone leads to Ruby Ridge. Your tribe is assigned to you. You may not see yourself as white but all the non-whites do.

        It is clear that our people can be controlled by the media. We’re not going to wake most of them up. So we have to control the media, among other things. There really is no other viable strategy. Hence fascism, at least for the foreseeable future.

        My personal inclination is for the individualism and “live and let live” times of the American frontier. But that time offers us no solutions to our present problems.

        • I have been self-consciously White for as long as I can remember and a race realist for as long as I can remember (Philadelphia public schools will do that to a kid).

          I completely agree with you that we need a system where hostile foreigners who hate us cannot control the mainstream narrative via the media and other ways.

          I’m just not sure that historical fascism is what will do that. We need a system designed for the problems and people of the 21st century.

          • Do you think it is a fair response for foreigners to hate you because you believe the murder of other peoples is acceptable because you desire their wealth or commodities?

            Wouldn’t it be wize of them to be nationalist realists?

          • Wouldn’t it be wize of them to be nationalist realists?

            Yes. And it would be wise not to import them.

      • The difficulty with fascism is that it seems to exist only as long as the individual who implements it. It does not seem to have a good succession plan.

        Don’t know if that is just its nature or if there is a fix.

  19. The big difference 50 years ago was both sides of the political spectrum disapproved of what the secret police were doing. Today, the left wholly approves of censorship, deplatforming, and criminalization of the right, with a clear conscience. As I always say, the right thinks the left are people with bad ideas. The left thinks the right are bad people with ideas.

    The Church Committee just forced the intel community to pursue alternate funding for a while, i.e. selling cocaine. Until they could regain control of/regain favor with congress.

    The prohibition on gays and communists in their ranks that they had back then makes even more sense with the benefit of hindsight. Look at the successive coup attempts against Trump and what do you see: the same cast of these deviants involved in each one. The moment Obama gave these people standing in the national security establishment they began weaponizing it against their political foes. Almost as if in revenge.

    The “regime” did more damage to itself in its efforts to be rid of the BOM than the BOM ever would have done to it. Had they merely had the patience to wait him out, many or most of us would be none the wiser. I myself was still pretty much Civnat G. Normiecon right up until they started screaming Russia Russia Russia.

    • “Until they could regain control of/regain favor with congress.”

      Just don’t look to carefully at the events that led to a “favorable congress”

    • you may have cause and effect backwards. 50 years ago both parties were pretty much elected , today , the secret police have a lot of influence on the dominion voting machine programmers . no unfriendlies shall pass . in either party .

    • Is BOM bad orange man?

      The problems started way before Obama. Remember all those 700 Dollar hammers and 10k Dollar toilets from the Reagan year? Bush was a former head of the CIA.

      Strongly agree on the assessment of each other. The right thinks the left is good people with good but unworkable ideas and the left thinks the right are evil people with evil ideas. Though in reality, both parties are evil people with different but overlapping bad ideas.

      • Before BOM it was happening slowly. Paced. That’s when they put their foot on the accelerator.

        I tend to believe his election caused a mass psychotic break on the left from which they can’t recover. We call it clown world.

        • Jeffrey Zoar: “That’s when they put their foot on the accelerator.”

          Normally you would expect a defeated foe to withdraw and re-assess and re-think and re-reconnoiter and nurse its wounds until it’s healthy again.

          But when the USS Battleship Hillary! made the journey to Davy Jones’s Locker, on Tuesday, November 8, 2016, the “Left” instead reacted by throwing everything they had at the Kriegsmarine Drumpf.

          In military terms [as framed by the great leftist, David Farragut], it was “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!!!”

          And the “Left” used every weapon in its arsenal, to include an utterly corrupt DOJ and FBI, in the quest to destroy Trump.

          From which observation one must conclude that, to the “Left”, politics is WAR.

          Of course “full speed ahead” was also the mantra of the rightist, George S Patton, which, in turn, gives you some insight as to both why the “Left” selected Dwight D Eisenhower to be Supreme Commander & subsequently President, and why the “Left” assassinated George S Patton: Because the “Left” had to be absolutely certain that Patton wouldn’t bring his “full speed ahead” philosophy of life to domestic politics in the USA.

          tl;dr == If we are to survive the existential threat which the “Left” poses to folks like us, then it is imperative that we understand that we are in a meta-darwinian WAR with the “Left”, and the spectre of our literal extinction is very real.

          Although we do have a very slight advantage right now, in that we refused the v@xxines.

          But that’s just d@mned fool luck, and we can’t expect to get that lucky next time around.


          PS: I’m assuming that everyone in the Z commentariat is familiar with Patton’s letters to his wife, concerning the nature of the “Left”.



      • When you say “people” are you referring to the ground-level, run-of-the-mill, or the leadership?

        Maybe some of the foot-soldiers of the right think some of the foot-soldiers of the left are ok but stupid/misguided/naïve, but I doubt either think the leadership of the other is anything but evil or both stupid and evil.

  20. Total control of the most, “legitimate”, media outlets is extremely powerful. It is the modern equivilentof killing the King or General in battle – head of the snake. In this case the snake never even slithers. People need to know what power center to rally around. The mass media is the conduit for that one or set of people with political power and agency. I think there are plenty of people who know the media is corrupt, but the alternative media is diffuse and the political power it is connected to is non-existent or in exile – Steve King for example.

    With the exception of Tucker, there is no. None of the political figures who we know are on our side can even utter the entirety of the truth – even with a First Amendment. We need a ground game to build local connections and to support our people who get broadsided: victims of crime; victims of anti-white discrimination; replace education system for our children; support for men … We need to be of value and of service. The goings on with the imperial, Potomac Regime, are events out of our control. The process of creating real life connections from digital dissidence to physical dissidence is long and slow if it exists. Sheila Jackson Lee’s legislation is a sattelite guided missile aimed at that.

    We’ve seen the fist. It doesn’t need to smash. It holds us in a grip and slowly squeezes each finger: the border; the hiring protocols and public shaming mechanisms; the border; free speech mechanisms; political figures and the overton window via the media.

    Do not despair, but be prepared for things to get a lot worse on the repression front.

    • No alternative media exists. All so-called alternative media is controlled opposition to the mainstream. All media, all You Tube personalities, all influencers with thousands of followers . . . they’re all giant gill nets engineered quite effectively to catch anyone and everyone who just might possibly pose some kind of threat to the violently enforced global order of the day. They give us a crumb of lukewarm freedom within the confines of an inescapable prison cell; inescapable because most people can’t even see the iron bars penning them in. Whatever “war” mankind could once have waged against our modern masters has long, long, long ago been lost. Entropy is now our only hope; the only thing more powerful than our masters is the erosion of time. Eventually they and all their lineage will die out . . . some centuries from here and now.

  21. I wonder how much traction the media gets, at some point?

    I was barking and snarling one day to some Chinese associates about our mainstream media slobs and they just laughed. ‘Serves ya right Filthie! Why do you even listen to those morons? In China we ignore the state flunkies…’

    Now I don’t even bother with any mainstream sources AT ALL. I am on Blab, I’m on sites like this and the blogs, I’m on Telegram…and I still get burned occasionally but not nearly like I used to. I automatically turn the mass media off and ignore it. My blood pressure can’t take it anymore. Not that the real news is much better… but unfortunately all I can legally do against the jew media is ignore it. When the revolution comes… the journalists and editors are mine. 😂👍

    I am so cynical now that if I see a cop show where heroes risk their lives to protect and serve… I just laugh. The gritty dramas about brave reporters doing investigative work get turned off.

    • Where o where have Lois Lane n Jimmy Olson gone?

      Where have all the heroes gone?

      Mickey Mantle, Ted Williams, John Glenn? Superman? Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound! Fighting for truth, justice, and the American way!

      O well, 1 for 3 not so bad. Teddy Ballgame would take it.

      • WCiv911: Funny you should mention Superman – one homestead channel I skim just did an interview with Dean Cain. I was never into following ‘stars’ so I vaguely knew of him, but he’s apparently done quite a bit of Christian media and now lives in Idaho. The YT channel guy can be a bit of an azz (the VD of homesteaders?) but does have interesting things to say. Appears Cain watches and reached out to the homesteader – quite surprised me.

      • Lois Lane n Jimmy Olson

        *** cough ***

        Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster

        *** cough ***

        Early Life and Early Life

        *** cough ***


        Oddly enough, DC Comics was founded by a goy, named Major Wheeler-Nicholson, but the Early Lives quickly seized financial control of the enterprise.

      • Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson’s biography bears an eerie resemblance to Merian C. Cooper’s biography.

        It makes you wonder what the goyim could have done if they had had their own Usury Industrial Complex working on their behalf.

        Americans were absolutely fascinating people prior to the arrival of the Mind Virus.

        Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson
        (January 7, 1890 – September 21, 1965)

        Merian Caldwell Cooper
        (October 24, 1893 – April 21, 1973)

  22. In regards to the 1 in 6 East Germans was a paid informant stat. At a certain point, doesn’t that just become another way to throw sand in the gears and/or protect yourself? How much bad information could you give them before you ended up in prison? Back then checking out leads would have required a lot more legwork than simply typing something up and getting someone’s online activity in a few minutes. Your neighbor makes you mad about something so you turn him for meeting with suspicious people. They waste tons of time investigating and pay you for it.

    • There is a museum at Checkpoint Charlie in East Berlin. It is several floors and there is an entire floor dedicated to people who got past the wall via all kinds of ways. People built impromptu helicopters from random materials … …

      They were celebrities in West Germany if they made it over. We don’t have anything like that. No wall. No celebrity for defying the regime. No other side to run to.

      They converted the Stasi headquarters into a museum – basically left it as is and put surveillance devices and photos of agents, documents … on display. It is an eerie place.

      • Reagan screwed up a lot, but his remarks about the US being the last stand of freedom on Earth were correct.

        • Prior to 2020 I had a long list of places I might expatriate to. Since then it’s gotten so short that it’s not even really a list anymore.

          • The Covidian bastages took Australia from me. It used to be California without the joggers. Canada with better weather and without the inferiority complex. Only country I would have left America for.
            No guns (natch), but only because they were a high trust society.
            Now? Gone. All gone.

          • Jeffrey Zoar: Any thoughts of expatriation I had I abandoned long ago. While I met some great Oz and NZ guys overseas in the ’80s, I also met a number of Oz and NZ women in Singapore in the ’90s. And while I was still then in conservatard mode and not the evil notsee that I am today, those women were the epitome of woke decades before today’s usage.

          • @Mow:

            I used to travel to New South Wales and Victoria as part of my job in the late Eighties. The places were amazing and the people were quite based. Almost thirty years passed and I returned several times. The difference in the people was jaw dropping–feminized men, women who embraced The Latest Thing, worship rather
            than disdain for non-Whites. There literally were bars in some grocery stores in the late Eighties; now teetotalling is the highest virtue. It had become a totally different country and I felt like Alice. Australia might turn around, but as things now stand it is a place to avoid at all costs.

            The United States is fracturing at a pretty rapid pace. That might be something to take advantage of although it is quite uncertain how that all will shake out. Also, there seems to be imperial opposition just below the surface of several Western European nations. The odds are long they will follow in the footsteps of their Eastern European counterparts, but far stranger things have happened. City cores wherever situated, of course, are to be avoided at all costs.

          • Jeffrey Zoar: “Prior to 2020 I had a long list of places I might expatriate to. Since then it’s gotten so short that it’s not even really a list anymore.”


            I’m not sure what “Zoar” is supposed to mean; I suspect that it might be a Polish name, and there is a company in Poland, called “Necky Zoar”, which builds kayaks [for paddling up and down rivers].

            But the biblical town of “Zo’ar” or “Zoara” [Genesis 14:2] has towns named after it, as “Zoar”, throughout England and Canada and South Africa and the United States.

            So you could just as easily be limey or cannuck or redneck.

            And it’s entirely possible that you’re a j00 from Palestine – apparently the Israelis are doing archaeological work on what they believe to have been the city of Zo’ar.

            [There’s also a “Vesuvius Media”, in Nova Scotia, which publishes a game, called, “Zoar, Custodian of Mecatol Rex”, by a Greek, named “Andreas Katelanos”; and the Masters of the Universe franchise has a female character, known as, “Zoar”.]


            Anyway, if you’re Polish, I don’t know how you feel instinctually & intuitively about the United States; whether you sense viscerally that it’s worth fighting for, or whether you’d just as soon walk away from the fight, and wash your hands of the entire spectacle of it all.

            But for those of us Heritage Amurrikkkunz whose bloodlines have been in this continent for more than four centuries now, I think it’s fair to say that Amurrikkkuh is the hill worth dying on.

            PS: If you are Polish [and not j00ish], then I’m sure the names “Casimir Pulaski” and “Tadeusz Kościuszko” will mean something to you.

        • Sorry, but his yuge amnesty for illegals (yeah, I know, there was a deal that the other side went back on…this from Mr. Trust but Verify? Nope) was predicated on an enormous CivNat presuposition; i.e., that absorbing that huge lump of possibly unwilling assimilationist cultural aliens would not in fact undermine the basis of the “freedom” that we enjoyed, a high preponderance of white European origin citizens. The 1965 changes to immigration were bad enough, but the massive cave on preservation of, at minimum, only legal immigration being permitted was just too much.

    • The CIA-financed Solzhenitsyn books I’ve read would have one believe that a crucial defect of a totalitarian state is that citizens, whether paid informants or not, are in what we might call a race to the bottom to denounce the other before one is denounced oneself. It may sound comical, but that would seem to be a fundamental flaw of The Inner Party basically hiring all the Outer Party to spy on one another. Who vets the information? Market forces always at work: If you are paying people to come up with ludicrous charges, you will get more ludicrous charges.

      Although I do suspect that such “dissident” freedom-lover literature may have had some help from our guys, I still admit there is more than a ring of truth to such a claim, and many others that appear therein.

  23. Seeing as how “General Police Powers” were reserved by the States and NOT granted to the federal government under the Constitution, just shutter the FBI as an unconstitutional usurpation of State authority and violation of 10A. Quit pussyfooting around with Brennan & Clapper and arrest them for admitted perjury – and Berger for theft. Arrest any CIA employee or contractor doing ANYTHING involving an American citizen – which was SUPPOSED to end with the original Church committee..

    If the GOP can’t do this in the face of abuses, and with complete Constitutional support, what good are they, really?

    • “Seeing as how “General Police Powers” were reserved by the States and NOT granted to the federal government under the Constitution”

      That would be true if the Constitution still meant anything.

    • There is no will whatsoever for reining in the Stasi. All of this is more dumb crambo designed to gull the citizens of Our Democracy into thinking there is political pluralism and that they have representation in the imperial capitol. After the smoke clears, nothing whatsoever will be done, and the Stasi will go on their not-so-merry way, destroying decent people with quadrupled force.

  24. It’s even worse, because the Deep State abuses revealed by the Church Committee were pretty minor by today’s standards. The FBI had files on people who were thought to be Communists, with nothing much ever coming of it. Mockingbird put a few anti-Soviet news stories in circulation. COINTELPRO mostly only affected a few dirty hippies and Commie sympathizers that nobody cared about, and most of the other stuff was directed at some pretty unsavory foreign governments. Compared to trying to unseat a president, censoring discussion of medical matters that affect every American, and imprisoning Americans without trial, those things were minor.

      • Yes, you’re right, they did indeed go after the Klan, but needless to say, none of the Good People were going to get upset about THAT… The Klan was pretty marginal in the 1960’s – unlike today, when the Deep Staters are going after 50% or more of the population

  25. I think two disparate, highly depressing and (in my opinion) very likely to be true observations can be made:
    (1) Far from revolting, the general public simply shrugs its shoulders and accepts the status quo. No sin, apparently, is enough to rouse any revolutionary fire. I suspect that, for whatever good he intended, people like Elon Musk’s investment of time, money and reputation in exposing institutional abuses will be for naught. I suspect the public will never be moved in large numbers until basic existence (food, energy, property, their very survival) starts to become an issue.

    (2) Most governments are really controlled by a secretive. unelected cabal of the international super-rich and their cronies in positions of power. You can call it the Deep State or whatever you like. They’ve been in control for many decades. What’s called “democracy” is mostly illusion. Careful reading or historical knowledge can help expose some of the actors and their plans, but even so, such knowledge is of little value to those who gain it. And exposing them? See comment (1) above.

  26. Having grown up during the Cold War, I’m astonished at what a police state the U.S. has become (along with just about every other Western nation).

    Back then, we were led to believe that this kind of shit only happened in Com Bloc nations, and we had “freedom.” Maybe that wasn’t entirely true, but it was far truer than it is today. The media were lackeys for the Kennedys and other liberals, but they nonetheless prided themselves on exposing government corruption and perfidy. Yes, they hated Nixon and were out to get him, but they also hated Johnson and they hated corrupt Democrat urban machine politicians in places like Chicago, too. Journalists were hard-drinking, chain-smoking cynics who crusaded against government lies by exposing COINTELPRO, the Pentagon Papers and Watergate. Today the media are a bunch of airheaded bimbos who just regurgitate the official propaganda spoon-fed to them by the frizzy-haired African lesbian who serves as the official spokeswoman for the President of the U.S., and repeat fake gossip planted by the FBI about Trump urinating on prostitutes.

    Fifty years ago, journalists saw themselves as outsiders, today they are part of the nomenklatura. Half of them are literally inbred with the political establishment ( like (((Andrea Mitchell))) being married to Alan Greenspan and Jean-Pierre being “married” to a CNN twat).

    That’s why they are totally sympathetic to the police state, they are part of it and it represents their interests (unless the cops shoot a black, then the cop becomes the fall guy). One can only imagine what the outrage would have been among journalists had Nixon put armed troops and checkpoints in the streets of Washington in 1972, or had the FBI dictating stories to Walter Cronkite and the staff of the Washington Post and the New York Times, or had the NSA tracking every phone call. Journalists were simultaneously outraged yet saw it as a badge of honor to have an FBI file or be on Nixon’s “Enemies List.” Today they just shrug at that stuff.

    It’s like that everywhere, though. Nobody gives a fuck. I used to tell students that those goddamned cell phones were nothing but government tracking devices. They used to respond “I got nothing to hide.” Nobody cares as long as they can obsess about some sportsnegro having a heart attack, but they sure as hell won’t ask if it was the vaccine.

    We have come full circle, in 1969 the radical leftists believed that everything the government told them was a lie and that the cops were corrupt goons, now that the Left is the Establishment only a “right-wing nut” would believe that.

    • This is an appropriate place to say farewell to David Crosby. You may hate his politics but at least musically he was surely one of the counterculture’s musical voices of the 60s onward. He left behind some good music, if you like the genre.

      This one written by bandmate Stephen Stills, nonetheless I think it makes a reasonable epitaph:

      Rest in peace, David.

      • I’m neither a Boomer nor a fan of the Counterculture. They just happened to be right about a couple of things, the same way that a broken clock is right twice a day.

      • Stephen Stills was/is a great musician. Why he was willing to carry the other two all those years, I don’t know. Crosby was lucky to be there.

      • For some reason the Laurel Canyon scene in 60s-70s LA has always interested me. From what I’ve read and seen on documentaries about the time Crosby was a no-talent bum who stood out among his comtemporaries as the worst possible human being of that time. Drugs, sex and every other debauchery you can think of and treating everyone like crap. I hope he changed for the better over time.

        I say that as a casual fan of CSN, I don’t listen to the words but like the harmonies. Of course he had to deal with Neil Young so that may have made him worse.

        • Be sure and read Barney Hoskyns’ “Waiting for the Sun” if you’re into the LA ’60s-’70s music scene. I grew up in LA and environs and spent a lot of time in the mix. It was truly fun. People were NICE whatever their politics. David Crosby had a reputation as a brat but a good sex partner. He did have a beautiful voice.

          • I also enjoyed Dave McGowan’s Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon. The writer claims the hippie scene actually began in LA not San Fran and implies the counter culture was not as organic as commonly believed..

      • Ben: Plenty of reasons to despise the man totally aside from mere ‘politics’ (i.e. proudly voting for Biden). Crosby was a damned drunk druggy who then got a liver transplant. What condemns him to hell, in my view, was choosing to father two poor, misbegotten children via medical means with a damned lesbian, one of whom then killed himself.

        • Damn good memory and summation, 3g4me. We here in America are waay too permissive and forgiving to “talented” perverts. Evil is evil and that’s that. There is no good “interred with the bones”. Hell, that long dead perverted pedophile Micheal Jackson still pulls in millions of dollars yearly in royalties–such is the moral imbecility of his “fans”.

        • Some of that is news to me (but unsurprising — I recall his coke bust early 1980s). I admired the man for his music. Nobody’s perfect and talent can at times reside in otherwise reprehensible men. Mustache Man reportedly was a passable painter.

    • I’m not sure the radical Leftists in ’69 actually believe much of anything they claimed to believe. They professed loathing the US government, now they are the US government. They claimed to support free speech, now they are the censors. They asserted capitalists were exploitative bastards, now they are the capitalists. Excuse me if I suspect all that radical rhetoric was little more than a ploy to gain absolute power and then do as they pleased. And they succeeded…

      • If you get the chance give John Le Carre’s “Absolute Friends” a go. He echoes what you’re saying. The radicalism of youngsters in those days was skin deep, a fashion accoutrement, or “radical chic” as we say today. Those mostly affluent youngster shrugged off their “radicalism” soon afterwards, earned law and business degrees, and became pillars of the establishment, solidly bourgeoisie.

        Postscript: another good one is Michener’s “The Drifters.”

        • But in a sense Le Carre was wrong. Just look at the radical transformation that overtook America after the 60s. The radicals may have been entirely unprincipled, but they did manage to turn America into a Leftist hellscape. The only pillar of old America left standing is a free-market economy, and even that has become a principle weapon of further Leftist derangement.

          • It wasn’t them. USA got handed its ass on a plate in Vietnam. It’s been on a downward slide ever since. Women’s lib was corporate-backed — break the power of labor by inducting more workers. Buy off the blacks with some tokenism and affirmative action. In other words, the changes coming to the USA were either from abroad or engendered by its own elite.

            The “radicals” of the ’60s were into free love (i.e., unrestricted sex), smoking weed, maybe tripping on acid, bitching generally and superficially (“Like, man, the system sucks”), listening to rock music, making mention of Che Guevara, Marshall McLuhan, and Franz Fanon, going to the occasional rally or demo, and waiting for dad’s check to pay for the rent and groceries.

            Real radicalism requires a sophisticated worldview that comes with a rigorous education and life experience. These bums didn’t have it.

  27. n.b.: The “Family Jewels” was not a codeword program but an off-hand reference to the most important secrets of state held by the agency.

  28. Well, that begs the question: Which group is really in charge? Which begs the next question: What are Deep State power group?

    I always just assumed that the Jews (Jewish donors, Jewish media control and Mossad) were in control, at least when it came to foreign policy. And, no, I don’t find Jews in my sandwich. Indeed, once you accept reality, you look upon other competing groups the way Coke looks at Pepsi or Dr. Pepper. It’s just business.

    So, what are the Deep State competitors? Here’s my very uninformed list.

    1. Jews

    1. a. American Jews
    1. b. Israeli Jews

    It seems that diaspora Jews and their homeland cousins generally agree but not always. The Israeli Jews seem more pragmatic.

    2. FBI
    3. CIA
    4. Military/military intelligence

    I’m breaking up the intelligence community because it seems that they’re definitely not always on the same page.

    5. Silicon Valley
    This group is both very powerful (money, day-to-day owner of the microphone) but maybe the weakest player. They don’t have guys with badges and guns. That’s a huge disadvantage. When the FBI says jump, they say how high.

    6. Wall Street
    Yea, you could say that this is an off-shoot of “Jews,” and that’s somewhat right, but I also think that Wall Street has some other interests.

    Right now, it appears that diaspora Jews are getting in a bit of tussle with military intelligence over Ukraine. Interestingly, Israel seems to be sitting it out, so the American Jews are on their own, which means that they might lose.

    Anyway, that’s just my initial guess at the players and positions.

    • “The Israeli Jews seem more pragmatic.”

      They are. If you ever read papers like Haaretz, you realise how grounded they are, how attuned to realpolitik. And unlike the USA, they allow dissent and the give-and-take, the clash, of informed opinion.

      On a side note I recall how (maybe around 20 years ago?) a couple of Israeli Jewish academics were charged with being “anti-semitic” by AIPAC (or was it the ACLU) for something they wrote. They just laughed it off

    • “5. Silicon Valley
      This group is both very powerful (money, day-to-day owner of the microphone) but maybe the weakest player.”

      Don’t underestimate The Other Tribe. The Patel’s are gaining power globally and playing all sides.

      • They’re trying to gain a foothold, but they have a long way to go. That said, they, at least, understand the game being played and how to win. Whether they can execute is another question. They’re ethnocentric but not super cohesive.

        • They also don’t have a complex victim narrative that they’ve honed through generational control of Hollywood and the Bhagavad Gita isn’t what you find if you flip a hundred pages back from St. Matthew. They seem to be turning themselves into gatekeepers for the tech industry though and that makes them sinister enough. In my current very frustrating job search I keep running into these sleazy fuckers and it makes me furious to think how even a tiny bit of self-interested racism on the part of the tech companies around the year 2000 could have made the process of getting a “tech job” today a lot less greasy.

      • The Other Tribe recognizes where the future (if not present) power is: Tech. The Old Tribe latched on to finance. But finance needs tech more than tech needs finance. As Gates recognized to his credit, hardware without software is just a paperweight.

    • Sad that our (WASP) elites have completely disappeared. Or gone crazy. Anglo-Saxons and Anglo assimilated Europeans are generally doing ok and make a large part of the middle/upper middle class but have very little control of larger institutions.

      We also increasingly make up a larger share of the baby making (alonside Latinos), compared to our Asian and out-mixing Jewish friends. There is something to be said for that, thats for sure.

    • The US is not a sovereign nation. No sovereign nations remain. The real power behind the carnage will never reveal itself, just as it will never allow us great unwashed masses to possess the power to identify or expose them, let alone attack them . . . in any way.

  29. In a circle of friends we had a guy who was into conspiracy theories. We all kind of laughed at him and teased him for being a crank. Three years ago – before we even had a lockdown – he predicted exactly what was going to happen. Since then, many of the other things said have been proven true. Now when people listen to him they do research instead of teasing.

  30. Bush Jr. said that “The Lives of Others” was his favorite film. It’s become clear why he loved the film as we understand the role he and Cheney played in the massive expansion of the surveillance state in that crazy old War on Terror. It’s unfortunate he wasn’t hit by at least one of those shoes at the joint press conference.
    MKUltra was truly evil and those behind these programs are monsters.
    To our elite, ‘the lives of others’ are of no value.

    • It was a great film. I think one lesson was that that of human resistance and resilience in the face of the overarching security and surveillance state.

    • One of the times I was banned from NRO was for saying it would have been best if the first of the Bush family to hit the New World had been eaten by a bear.

      • You could watch the Herzog film “Grizzly Man” and let your imagination rip at the end. Bonus: Music by Richard Thompson.

  31. I don’t think most people think the American Praetorian Guard is a problem because they believe in the adage, “What do I have to fear if I have nothing to hide?”

    Gawd, the typical American is stupid and they have no idea what is coming down the pike.

    Everything and every bad thing going on in the world today is about our Cloud People maintaining their palaces, and that only works if the rest of the world continues using the Dollar under gun point. The day the Dollar dies is the day the back of the Cloud People is broken. It’s dying right now over on the steppes of that shithole a.k.a. Ukraine, and by the time the Russians declare pacification, the American Empire will be toast.

    Now a Soviet Union level collapse of American power doesn’t mean the Cloud People will immediately vacate office. Instead, like any cornered blind tiger, they will be frightened and very dangerous to the well-being of all Americans. This is when they will move to take all guns, declare “hate speech” illegal, and will become dedicated to 3 A.M. raids where after people disappear. They will be so terrified that they will dispense any premise of a jewdiciary and get right down to shutting dissidents up and there’s nothing like being buried 6 feet under ground to make sure it is permanent.

    Now, the cloud people aren’t very smart, and when an empire falls its government will eventually be removed. However, in the American case, I fully expect at the losing side will either leave the country or be liquidated. And right now we’re split 50/50 with the Democrats already basically saying they want the other half dead.
    Everyone will have to take a side. You will not be neutral and will quickly find out who is good and who is evil, and some people in your family will be the worst enemies you can have.

  32. It is amazing that more people do not realize how much control the media wields over what the public is supposed to fear. The 80s gave us the Russian scare, then in the 90s it was the supposed rise of the American Militia, with a new expose on Dateline or 20/20 on tv every week. The early 2000s obviously gave us the Islamic terror.

    Nothing better than telling my mother at the time that the terrorists will probably not target East Texas.

    Things are reported on for a time then dropped almost as fast. Monkey Pox was the alleged next coming of the plague last summer, then simply dropped off the news as they moved on to the next scary threat deemed worthy of the news.

    • Kids in the care of gay people getting monkeypox made it too uncomfortable to discuss. It was a right-wing rhetorical slaughter so they dropped it altogether.

    • Yes, but who controls the media?

      The media is drug, but a drug sitting in a box in a cabinet doesn’t harm anyone. Someone has to inject it into society. Don’t confuse the tool and the person wielding the tool.

      • Your analogy is missing one crucial point: in nearly all cases, the drug user takes the dose of his own free will. At least the first one. Not to say he does so having been fully informed of the pros and cons, but blame where due. It’s not Phillip Morris’s fault that I smoked for many years, nor Anheuser-Busch’s that I drank beer for decades, nor the local drug dealer’ that I bought and used his products.

        • I hear your comment as similar to Derb’s, “if 2% of the population can subdue the rest then the rest deserve it.”

          Sure, okay. That the average person hasn’t demonstrated as much discernment, agency and resistance as they should may be true.

          But what now? Do we just abandon our people because they have failed our tests? Do we just acceptance our subjugation because we deserve it?

          I choose to go forward with the awareness of the limitations that our people have and still fight for them.

          And that is why I am a fascist.

    • “It is amazing that more people do not realize how much control the media wields over what the public is supposed to fear.”

      Those people who don’t realise it are the ones like me, who read books and who are into alt media (like this blog). Now that I’m mixing a bit more I’m staggered by how ignorant most people are, how little they read (effectively nothing) and how much they passively follow (and hence tacitly acquiesce) to the mainstream media narrative. But hey, that’s “democracy.”

        • Compsci,

          The vitriol I receive for pointing out that Democracy is not the best thing since sliced bread is epic. As Zman has stated (paraphrased) “Somehow, the idea that if enough dumb people have a say in things, the best decision will be the outcome.”

          Any rational person knows this is false. You wouldn’t take a vote from a random group of people on the street to decide the family budget.

          • ArthurinCali: The belief in democracy is an outshoot of the pernicious evil that is the belief in equality. Until someone can accept there is no equality anywhere in the real world, they’re willfully and utterly ignorant of everything else.

    • A few more episodes like that and I have to think that one day Tucker is going to encounter a CIA spook who’s going to say something along the lines of…we saw your wife drop your kids off at school today, or…it’d be a shame if there was an unfortunate accident at your house.

      • They already sent antifa to terrorize his wife when they caught her alone at home. He’s a genetic if not actual fed himself so he recognized the message, and that was the moment he became slightly “based.” He’s still one of them, but he’s the (only) reformist one, like Rand Paul is in the Senate. And he’ll accomplish as much.

        Tucker’s main value is in singlehandedly disproving libertarianism. His is the most popular show in the history of cable tv and “advertisers” won’t touch it.

      • Not saying Tucker is controlled opposition, but he does provide a nice pressure relief valve. He is still a solid civnat which makes him relatively harmless.

        • Tucker is Schrödinger’s pundit.

          For the controllers he certainly is a useful pressure release valve.

          Simultaneously, his presence serves to start pinkpilling some as to the true nature of the system.

          However, the controllers are well aware the rstio of mollified Grillercons to the newly awakened is something like 1,000,000 to 1.

    • Thanks. Weird that spellcheck did not catch it. it has gotten much better at these contextual spellings.

  33. That’s what Sundance over at conservative treehouse figures: the unelected fourth branch of government, ie, the police state, is pretty much running the show, as well as the clowns who everyone else assumes are running it.

  34. “but the lack of public outrage”

    Perhaps two things operating, namely 1) a thoroughly passive, cowed, docile, jaded, fragmented, and cynical public, and 2) no means for public outrage to manifest itself (save maybe a storm of tweets?). The public lacks agency.and is not the master of its destiny.

    • I think there’s outrage – if you watch Tucker, or look at Breitbart or Revolver, you’ll see plenty of it – but what can the average person do about it? Most people ignore politics and intrigue that doesn’t involve the family. But of the minority that do follow the national and state stuff, they figure they can pray or vote the bad men away. Or at the very least, watch Tucker and be satisfied that somebody is on their side at least.

      People aren’t going to do s**t, unless the system collapses around them, and even then they’ll back the first warlord that comes along.

      If we want to change things, we need a man with money, a man with balls, a man with charisma, and a man with principles. Trump was 3 of 4.

      • Most people still have it far too good to volunteer to be the first one over the lip of the trench into no man’s land, myself included.

        The near-term avoidance of pain and discomfort is a deep part of human nature here in 2023.

        • That may be the crux of it. People are too comfortable. It’s the China strategy since 1989: give people creature comforts and the façade of ownership in their life, and the chances of revolution are nil.

          • That’s what the Marxist intellectuals found out. When the capitalists — under duress — gave the working class certain basic creature comforts and some sort of welfare state, the possibility of a worker’s revolution in Europe (and even more so, North America) evaporated into thin air.

            That’s what the western ruling class learned the hard way but now seems to be forgetting (or maybe it has no leeway in this matter).

          • Bread and circuses said Juvenal.

            Bugs and Football today, and drugs and porn, and and Madonna and Karine Jean-Pierre.

          • Arshad Ali,

            No, the game changed from trying to convert the stolid proletariat, often fundamentally traditionalist, and therefore disappointing as a “revolutionary vanguard”, to that of Antonio Gramsci, the March Through the Institutions, enlisting and corrupting the elites and intellectuals to form the “revolutionary vanguard”; i.e., people already in a position of power along various axes. Trotsky was correct that these people were the easist to fool; already living in their heads, not physical/grounded reality, and due to their vanity, easy to suborn. Throw in some deconstructionism, and the recipe is complete.

            My read anyway.

      • The system can still be saved, elect Trump, drain the swamp, all fixed, etc. Absolutely delusional but for most people who believe in it, they actually do, it’s not a cope.

      • You forgot one:

        You need a man with an army.

        Caesar didn’t cross the Rubicon alone. That would’ve been suicide.

        • Ah yes. Trump was 3/5.

          That shows what kind of country I grew up in. “Military coup? What?! Only the Congress and Courts decide who’s in charge!”

          • Re: Jersey Jeff post-

            Gramsci + Dumbed down Frankfurt School seems to sum up the prevailing you know, the Thing, right now.

          • As Jersey Jeffersonian states: One can make a pretty good case that for all practical purposes, the entire country (indeed, most “Western” nations) have been captured without firing a shot. We were invaded over a period of many decades (dating to before WW II, by my understanding). In most cases they were welcomed with open arms. Whether They will be able to hold the power, or indeed if there is any coherent leadership ruling over Them, remains to be seen.

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  36. Otis Pike (D-NY) ran a separate investigation in the House (he chaired the House Select Committee on Intelligence) at the same time as Church. It has never received much attention over the years and is mostly forgotten. But it was just as revelatory.

    Pike was run out of Congress for it. He “retired” in 1978, but it came after rumors in his district began circulating about him, and he got the hint. Church also lost in 1980 to a nobody in Idaho as part of the Reagan downballot landslide. I wonder just how many members of the Church and Pike committees were out of politics by the time Bill Casey was sworn in as CIA director in spring 1981.


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