Brother And Son

One of the tricks the Clintons popularized for getting around rules and protocols was the sudden collapse in enforcement of the rules and protocols. Instead of violating one specific rule that was hindering them, they would violate all the rules. This way they could blame the system or just unintended errors. This made it hard to see the specific rule they were violating, which made it hard to see the caper. They hid their crimes in an avalanche of sloppiness.

This seems to be what the Bidens were up to when Joe was Vice President. His brother and son wanted to trade access for cash, a common political crime. Influence peddling is probably the second oldest crime. If you can get some important guy to do something or entertain doing something, that has tremendous value, so you sell that ability to people who want to influence the important guy. This is pretty much how all legislation is devised and passed into law in Washington.

This is also how politicians monetize their position. Maybe the wife gets a job at a high powered lobbying firm. Maybe the family members get jobs at companies that just happen to support the politician. Sometimes, as with Nancy Pelosi, the spouse gets to partner with someone with lots of insider access to make incredibly shrewd business deals using that insider information. Of course, the spouse, as we saw with Pelosi, is the conduit for some of the insider information.

For congressmen and senators, this is all perfectly legal. For the Vice President, it is completely illegal. Joe Biden could slip his brother some information about pending legislation or regulation, but he could not trade on the really good stuff. That is the international stuff involving high level access to the President. The Vice President is not allowed to auction off classified information either. He has access to information that is priceless to foreign players, but it is not for sale.

This is where Hunter comes into the picture. This is also where the Clintons came into the picture as well. You see, when Hillary was running the State department, her pervert husband was traveling the world giving speeches. Those audiences were pouring billions into the Clinton foundation in the form of speaking fees. Team Biden, no doubt, looked at this and thought they could do the same. Get Hunter and Jim Biden out there working the international market for cash payments.

The problem for the Bidens was two-fold. One they did not have a foundation to launder money through, so they had to produce some new conduit. The other is Hunter was a crackhead and Jim has no useful skills other than being Joe’s brother. If they start getting hired to do speeches, people will notice. It is beginning to look like the plan was to have these two idiots get big contracts and consulting gigs with foreign players, in exchange for something more than access.

This is why Joe Biden was sprinkling secret documents all over the place. You see, his son and brother had access to the family homes and offices. If Joe were to carelessly leave secret documents at these places, totally by accident because he is getting old and forgetful, Hunter and Jim could accidentally stumble upon them. Maybe they would see something in those files that they could use in their dealings with the foreign players like China and Ukraine.

Breitbart has a story documenting when Hunter lived in the family home and when those documents were in the family home. Of course, Hunter claimed at the time to be paying rent of fifty thousand a month. Now, he was on drugs at the time and spending his days doing those drugs with prostitutes, so maybe his claim about spending that much for rent was just what you get from a druggie. After all, he left his laptops containing intimate details of his life with a repair shop.

The Washington Free Beacon digs further using Hunter’s laptop to establish the timeline of Hunter living at the house and working for the Chinese. The angle that the conservative media is pursuing is that Biden’s reckless handling of secret material was far worse than what they are accusing Trump of doing. Trump kept his secrets in a big vault guarded by the secret service, not a crack addict. That is the stick they are supposed to fetch, so they do not look at the other angle.

The real angle here is the brother. No one is looking into Jim Biden, who has been a business partner with his brother for fifty years. This ProPublica article on Jim and Joe’s long and complicated business relationship details how the two of them have worked in tandem through Biden’s career. Unlike Hunter, Jim does not have a crack problem or a taste for hookers and naked selfies. He operates a complex web of financial companies and financial transitions.

If you wanted to launder money, there is no better way to do it than through a series of interlocking financial companies that move money around daily. Maybe Jim hears or sees something when visiting his brother and maybe he mentions that to an overseas client who maybe plops a few million into one of Jim’s deals. A little here and little there and before long a man who spent his life working for the government is worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Funny world.

That is the old Clinton trick. If Biden were handing his brother’s intel, that would turn up on the radar of the spooks eventually. If Joe is just sloppy and lots of people have access to that intel, then that means the leak could be anyone. If the sloppiness ever came out, then the conservative media would have Hunter to chase around, rather than Jim who is not as fun to profile. It sounds overly clever, but politics selects for people who are good at cooking up schemes like this.

Just as we will never know the extend of the Clinton crimes, we will never get the real story on the Biden corruption. Whoever is getting this story into the media has real power and motivations they will never reveal publicly. Maybe the whole thing is a setup and it has nothing to do with corruption. Maybe the corruption was so egregious that even the spooks were offended by it and they are exacting some revenge. Either way, the place to look here is the bother, not the son.

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  2. this level of corruption leads to the monopolistic takeover of sectors of the economy . they are using the covid blueprint to enable the takedown of all private poultry farms . this is what happened to your eggs.
    the dept of ag is running all the little guys out . bankrupting them .
    once bill gates/blackrock control all food production , it will cost us dearly . $ 15 /doz is on the way.

    • I appreciate the link.

      The reality is that everyone I know owns a few birds and harvests their own eggs.

      It’s really not that hard.

      To the people still in cities? Good luck.

      • Keeping chickens is a lot of fun. It’s like having a continual “3 Stooges” reel running in the background. Ya wanna talk about mean girls… Or the true nature of women 😉

      • I wish you the best of luck , but they will be forbidding you from keeping them soon, because , you know, bird flu. that’s the point of the article , that EVERYONE who owns chickens is being watched and monitored .

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  4. The redux is: America is a free for all where every piece and parcel is for sale to a highest bidder – most of them foreign.

    Our biggest threat is The Great Replacement. There are two sides to it: the homeland invasion by aliens; the psychological and cultural denigration, demonization and subjugation of our people.

    To Z’s point, there is no voting our way out of it, and the Republican party must die. Here are the prime examples:

    Rep. Congresswoman Maria Salazar at the WEF fighting for illegal aliens who, “look like her and speak the same language as her.”

    Here is her husband and now you see who she represents: of Woerner Holdings

    Then there is the brand new Mexican embassy in Oklahoma City brought to you by Republican Governor Kevin Stitt. The head of the embassy is Mexico’s Edurne Pineda – who looks just like the migrants too. (sic) The embassy is Mexico’s 51st in the US that sits at the crossroads of all major interstates that flow through the heartland.

    America is gone. All energies must be spent preparing for life in a new, nation? country? economic zone?, as a despised minority. It isn’t hopeless, but we have to put all of our energy into ourselves and our families and lay the groundwork for surviving and flourishing in an entirely new environment. Electoral politics and whining is futile.

    • The characters under “our-team”.

      How respectable. How successful.
      I’d want to live in their neighborhood. No, I could only dream of living in their neighborhood.

      • Yep. Here is my prediction. The system is setting up for a Carlyle Group ticket of Youngkin/Sears in ’24. The day after the mid terms Sears our magical friend announced Trump was finished.

        Mark my words, Youngkin/Sears will check all of the boxes in ’24. The most important one being, they are the managers/owners, errrr key stakeholders rather, of The Potomac Regime.

        • Colorblind Bonafides? Check!
          Former Military? Check!
          Immigrant? Check!
          Female? Check!
          Successful “Businessman”? Check!
          Father of Beautiful Family? Check!

          Carlyle Group/Deep State Insider? Check!

    • Z: “Whoever is getting this story into the media has real power and motivations they will never reveal publicly.”

      Whoever’s power is that they OWN the entirety of the media.

      Whoever’s motivation is to get Mr Kamalatoe Harris, aka Douglas Emhoff, installed in the Oval Orifice, so that Emhoff can convince the little lady to incinerate Christian Russia.

      200 Years Together
      Chapter 1: Before the 19th century
      From the Beginnings in Khazaria

      Anatevka, Anatevka,
      Underworked, overfed, Anatevka,
      Where else could Shabbat be so sweet?

      “Well, there is no famine.”
      – Meir Henoch Wallach (Finkelstein)
      Nom-de-guerre, “Maxim Litvinov”
      Gareth Jones’s Diary, March 1933

      Yes, Whoever really is that sadistic and that psychopathic.

      Whoever will incinerate the entire world if that’s what it requires for Whoever to emerge victorious.

      Furthermore, Whoever chose the marionettes in this tragedy [Lloyd J. Austin, Avril Haines, Mark Milley, William Joseph Burns] precisely for the string-pull-able malleability & sycophancy of their personalities.

      [I don’t know much about Paul M. Nakasone; maybe someone in the Z commentariat could chime in as to Nakasone’s character, if Nakasone even has any character whatsoever? My layman’s guess would be that, as a n!p, Nakasone was chosen for his deep-seated ancestral hatred of Christian Russia, but that’s just a guess].

    • We also now have the return of the threat of nuclear war. Medvedev just warned that the defeat of Russia would lead to nuclear war. Currently there are plans to “send tanks” (which means basically a NATO led invasion army since it takes about 18 months to train tankers and associated infantry in combined arms, a tank is not Honda Civic that anyone can drive and maintain) to “defeat Russia” and remove Putin, stage war crime tribunals, and break up Russia and put it under Western Administration.

      Putin and Russia’s weakness invited this attack. Failure to crush Ukraine quickly and brutally has invited this move. Weakness like an old Asian lady on the Manhattan A train just invites some vibrant person of diversity to attack. That is the way of human behavior.

      Garland and the DOJ are protecting Biden in the documents stuff, but stuff keeps coming out, presumably some Deep State actor like Hillary! sees her chance and also wants nuclear war with Russia for reasons. Because. Hell.To.Pay. And so forth. So give neo-cons their credit, they’ve also pushed global nuclear war to the forefront, a not inconsiderable achievement.

      • Whiskey: “So give neo-cons their credit, they’ve also pushed global nuclear war to the forefront, a not inconsiderable achievement.”

        And yet, a mere four decades prior, their propaganda had informed all of us idiot goyim that it was simply unthinkable, and that even an Intel 80286 processor could figure that out.

        Intellectual consistency was never exactly y’all’s strong point.


        Wargames was written by Lawrence Lasker, whose father, Edward Lasker, was very strongly Early-Life’d, as was his grandfather, Albert Davis Lasker.

        BTW, Edward Lasker owned the Chicago Cubs, but Edward Lasker’s wife, Caral Gimbel, of the Gimbels department store fortune, ran off with MLB hall-of-famer Hank Greenberg, of the Detroit Tigers.

        Greenberg was a huge guy; he towered over Gehrig and DiMaggio.


        Ironically enough, though, the TV movie, from the same era, called “The Day After”, was written by a goy, named Edward Hume.

      • Medvedev’s not wrong.

        The Russians have known this one is for all the marbles for quite some time.

  5. I agree that “the system” selects for schemers and scammers, but that always proves to be “the system’s” downfall. That kind of person just can’t stop scamming, even when there’s nothing to gain and everything to lose. Just as Bill Clinton would rather scale Mt. Everest in order to lie to you, rather than stand still and tell you the truth (I think because he got a literal sexual thrill from lying), so his idiot wife can’t stop pulling ever-dumber and ever-more-elaborate capers. They’re already rich beyond the dreams of avarice, and have all the power in the world. The only thing that revs their motor anymore is scamming for scamming’s sake. They’re addicts, and that’s what gets them caught. And while they have nothing to worry about from getting caught by the “authorities,” much less the People, getting caught by other, better scammers can be fatal…

    • The scams and schemes fund their sociopathy. The system selects for sociopaths and so they are its face. The Clintons, Romneys and so forth are sociopathic middlemen, in other words. The folks who pull their strings are sociopaths. Increasingly, the public they fleece also is sociopathic.

      Fish, heads.

      • Severian: “…Bill Clinton would rather scale Mt. Everest in order to lie to you, rather than stand still and tell you the truth (I think because he got a literal sexual thrill from lying)… the only thing that revs their motor anymore is scamming for scamming’s sake. They’re addicts…”

        Jack Dobson: “The scams and schemes fund their sociopathy. The system selects for sociopaths and so they are its face. The Clintons, Romneys and so forth are sociopathic middlemen, in other words. The folks who pull their strings are sociopaths. Increasingly, the public they fleece also is sociopathic.”

        Adopting this point of view is so very fundamentally & foundationally important to our hopes for surviving.

        If we Deep Inner Hajnalian Normies are to persist, then we have got to start analyzing all events in terms of psychopathy, sadism and licentious/lascivious perversion.

        By and large, those points of view are foreign to our nature, but our nature is proving to be too damned fragile when encountering the degree of Evil which we now face, and we’ve gotta become brutally honest with ourselves concerning the contrary nature of our foes.

        Bill Clinton almost bit Juanita Brodderick’s lip right off her face while he was [twice] raping her.

        Apparently lip-biting is a technique that abused children learn from the pederasts which abuse them.

    • In essence the Clintons have already been caught. The Russian uranium scam was as blatant and brazen as can be. Obviously quid pro quo, all that’s left is to file charges but nothing ever happens.

      • Indeed, it could not have been any plainer that the Clinton Foundation was/is one big money laundering operation, out there for all to see, and nobody cares.

      • The proper way to view it is the Clinton’s CAN’T be charged. The only “leader” who possibly could have been was Trump. Gangster states like this one only can charge or extrajudicially terminate those outside the Families. To do otherwise is to set off a gang war that would make Mario Puzo blush. If you scratch below the surface of the JFK assassination conspiracy theories, the common denominator is it was a retaliatory hit to avenge a family, be it Hoffa, Diem, or Johnson.

        When you realize these people CAN’T be charged rather than WON’T be charged, everything becomes crystal clear. The United States is a wealthier Congo or Chicago/Chimpcongo circa 1924, pick your poison.

        • JFK was focused-ly foiled because he refused to allow Ben Gurion to have n00ks.

          And Oswald was focused-ly foiled [by Jacob Leon “Jack Ruby” Rubenstein***] because Oswald knew too much, and could not be allowed to live to testify about what he knew.


          ***Likely a not-so-distant relative of the crypto-sephardic Marco Rubio…

    • So addicted to the thrill the possibility of fatality is the only thing that adds zest. No quiet retirement or contemplation for these players.

  6. The smug looks on Biden and Clinton’s faces make your blood boil. They know the media will cover for them and can do whatever they want.

  7. “ Either way, the place to look here is the bother, not the son.”

    At a low level of observation, yes. But at the 30,000 foot level, no. The story here (IMHO) is more who is “behind the curtain?” Someone or some cadre, unelected, unknown, perhaps loosely organized/co-ordinated, is running the country and it is *not* the elected representatives of the people—corrupt as those elections are now known to be, they still create a plausible aura of the dirt people “in charge.”

    Those “elected” dirt people representatives for the most part are in thrall to this invisible power. Nothing changes until they are ferreted out. The Biden affair, as the Clinton affair is simply a side show for the rubes. At worse, they go to jail or the morgue, but nothing changes and the play roles onto the next act with a new set of players.

    A demented old fool was brought forth and put into office through no will of the people. Now that that demented old fool has become a liability, he is being removed so that the next stooge can be put in the position and carry on the farce of elected representation, i.e., democracy.

    That is the 30,000 foot view.

    • This is a factional turf war. It may be to get Biden out of the way, and it may be leverage to get something out of him, possibly American troops slaughtered in Ukraine. Biden is a despicable, evil man, but never discount what follows or the reason behind the hit may be far worse.

    • Agreed. We see the puppets, but not the puppeteer. I know nothing about the brother… but I have seen enough of the father and son to know they are both idiots, weaklings and degenerate perverts. These scams are running like a Swiss watch – there are many, many moving parts required to pull them off. We are looking at the face of the watch and not what lies beneath it.

      Guys… wrecking it SHOULD be a piece of cake. Sure, the Establishment has teeth… but so do we.

  8. I think this is an excellent analysis of the situation and gets closer to what is really going on than most of what I read. That said, I have to think about regimeology and wonder why it is coming out now. A lot of people are saying this is because “they” want Biden out. Maybe they were hoping a “red wave” would force him to step down for 2024, but that didn’t materialize because of mail-in shenanigans and the red team losing on purpose. So now they push this out there and keep leaking stuff. I’m not totally convinced, though, as Vegetable Biden has been a productive figurehead for the regime. Everyone knows Biden isn’t running the show, but it’s a useful fiction. Why end that now?

    • That’s why the theory that this is being done to coerce Biden to escalate in Ukraine makes sense

      • Completely agree. If they wanted Biden removed, it would not be too hard. Just have his handlers send him in front of the cameras with no teleprompter, and it would not be long before he would be booted (and we would have some fun viewing for a while). Though, to be fair, I do not know if they even need to put pressure on him for the escalation. The confused old man will do and read whatever is put in front of him. Who knows?

    • I thought, “why Jacinda Adern, too?”

      Then I thought: Cuomo, out for “harassment”

      That’s like busting Capone for mattress tags. These people are getting out intact as the death toll mounts. Biden will be under a bit of a cloud, but he’ll be as free as Bankman-Fried or Hillary.

      They’re cashing in their tickets.

      • Yeah as soon as #Metoo went after cuomo a few days after the investigation into all the older people in nursing homes he killed was announced i knew the fix was in. The sad part is this is all really poorly written television. Much like most of our “entertainment” these days, are most people that stupid?

  9. A bit off topic, but Saudi Arabia has publicly stated they are open to the idea of selling oil in currencies other than the Dollar. While it’s not the only thing keeping the Dollar valuable, it is a linchpin of the Dollar’s reserve currency status. If this is allowed to happen, we’ll know we’re near the end and our leaders are legitimate clowns incapable of maintaining what better men set up.

    • “Better” men…. Kissinger? I dunno if better is the right word. But at least he isn’t a blithering idiot.

      • Better men declare bankruptcy(but don’t call it that) and then blame it on “international speculators”?

        Say of him whatever you will but if he really didn’t want to get involved in Vietnam (which probably accelerated the above mentioned bankruptcy) and had his head blown off because of it, he was a better man.

      • Kissinger is 90+. Whatever you think of him, just listen to him speak, and then compare him to the senile old fool we have in the WH. The contrast is startling.

      • The only two things you need to consider about Kissinger:
        1. He never met a war he did not like.
        2. He lost every fucking one of them.

        • Kissinger was the perennial outsider — a German Jew who migrated to the USA while a child. As a consequence he’s always been an obsequious apparatchik who knows that to “get along you have to go along.” He’s been useful for providing coherent and halfway-convincing rationales for decisions that have been made elsewhere. A high-level errand boy as secretary of state (but obviously not the only one). He’s never been a mover and shaker himself — completely inconceivable.

          • I’d always been under the impression that the petrodollar was his baby. Hence my reply to Tars Tarkas

      • I have commented on this issue several times here. Plutonium triggers have a design life of twenty years. The last one was made in 1989, over thirty years ago. We have no idea whether our nukes will work.

        They used to build them at Rocky Flats, just south of Boulder. The facility has been shuttered for over twenty years. A beautiful new subdivision sits on the land.

        So it goes in Clown World.

        • This situation may have something to do with the Biological Warfare gambit. That can be sort of like neutron bombs, as Frank Zappa explained “to poof them out of existence, while leaving their real estate right where we can use it”.

          So many biological laboratories in such close proximity to Russia there were in Ukraine. Elsewhere around the world as well, but that’s a pretty high number of these “research” laboratories in Ukraine, no?

    • Totally OT, and rambling I’m sure, but this petrodollar talk has me daydreaming. Petrodollar means oil is purchased with dollars, right? And there’s talk of energy-backed currencies…

      The dollar is a debt now, right? Debt is a claim against future productivity, and productivity takes energy.

      Internet research says BOE = 5.8 million BTU, so (thought experiment) let’s say the value of a dollar is pegged at 58000 BTU, like it was once pegged to a certain amount of gold. So, like a debt, you’re still trading in energy and in the sense it’s still a claim against future productivity, because the world runs on energy. Good idea or not?

      Where that gets interesting for me is that it’s a particular kind of productivity— the kind done by machines, because people don’t run on oil. Further, work done by machines has replaced slavery. We live ‘higher’ lives by ‘stealing’ the labor of machines instead of other people. And the machines never revolt or work off the debt.

      Yet we still have money that represents a debt other people have to pay, the will to dominate, the moral crusaders, etc. It’s as if we either haven’t evolved out of old habits, or those habits are an immutable part of human nature.

      Evolution/immutability is a well-worn and perpetually-argued topic— also the disruptive effect of technology on society and hierarchy. Hard to not see it as a species-wide useless eater problem in these terms. Not just with the hoi polloi, but kings and aristocrats, too. Everybody increasingly freaking out because everybody increasingly obsolete.

      Also the moral angle, the slave as indebted, low, bad, sinful. The machine doesn’t care, so people can’t take glee in or pity on its plight. The shame of being bad, the pride of being good— all out the window— because machines run on a different kind of energy than people.

      And to take it way out there, as I enjoy doing, our creation is killing us, just as we supposedly killed our creator, because it isn’t returning the energy we invested in it in a form that nourishes us. We’re spending ourselves. That’s not the machines’ fault. They know not what they do 😆

      Not that I think it’s some brilliant and novel insight on my part. As always, kind of dumb about this stuff, but it seems like something that’s been between the lines of the revolutionary foment and tumult of the Enlightenment and modernity that I missed, or couldn’t put together, or something like that. Maybe just a different way of looking at it that I’m finding exciting.

      My mind’s blown anyway 🤣 Sorry for being long-winded. Hopefully it’s at least entertaining.

        • Lol, right? The messed up thing is, machines won’t kill us unless we teach them to.

          I remember listening to George Noory a while back. He was interviewing people about elites and the NWO, all of that, why they’re doing it. He’d say he thought it was boredom, and most people shot that down iirc, but I think he was on to something. Death by boredom.

      • Someone has to build the machines. Someone has to put the machines to use productively. Someone has to repair, replace and improve the machines. The machines can’t do everything.

        The machines have created a massive surplus of material wealth. It was consumed off by the pincer movement from above and below of parasitical classes. Some connivers came up a way to forestall the debt reckoning. As the reckoning has been forestalled there has been a runway to subsidize far worse and more destructive projects than too much debt – replacement migration; large and diffuse sinecures of cultural cancer in every institution; malinvestment in money making enterprises that produce no or a net negative value/good … …

        Machines in a society that knows how to utilize them for their net good and confine and restrict their net harms are an incredible asset. A liberal democracy with a welfare state, military empire, egalitarian fantasies masking tribal warfare … can’t constrain the machines development and use

        Their surplus wealth has been extracted. Witness the ever expanding debt. It isn’t the machine’s fault that we gave up on having better men beat down and stave off lesser men to do something positive with the surplus wealth the machines gave us.

        What we and our posterity build out of the ruins will have to take into account the systemic and human failings that lead to them and do better next time. On the positive side, the types of machines at our disposal will be incredible once better men decide which are developed and utilized to our advantage.

        • Idk, just spitballing because I’m in the mood. Money tells the story of who’s in charge. Gold for royalty, debt for bankers, energy for secret kings, I guess.

          Slaves, debt slaves, machines.

          Professional soldiers, citizen soldiers, whatever Boston Dynamics is working on.

          Limited war, total war, rumors of war.

          Feudalism, capitalism, neofeudalism.

          High culture, pop culture, clown world.


  10. Anyone here ever consider that maybe Bernie Madoff wasn’t running a Ponzi Scheme but a money laundering operation? Along the lines of FTX and buy going after him for only a ponzi we never found out who he was laundering for?

    • It’s not hard to believe that somewhere along the way he did some laundering for someone, but that doesn’t appear to me to have been the primary purpose of the enterprise. I believe the story that he died in prison, which they wouldn’t have allowed to happen if he were doing all this in service of the regime. Maybe he was never incarcerated, maybe he’s living somewhere else with a new face and a fake ID, in which case the joke’s on me, but I more or less buy the official story in the Madoff case. There were an awful lot of folks involved in digging through the wreckage of that and it would be hard to keep them all quiet if they had suspicions.

      • Madoff’s big crime was letting his fellow people think that they were in on the scam, and then scammed them. It’s why he went to jail and Jon Corzine did not.

  11. As far as Hunter’s involvement, I’m sure the Bidens knew his issues and limitations, but they were forced to use him much more when the older son Beau (the saint) died. I have a feeling that he was originally working in Hunter’s role, the more responsible, older son, and Hunter was more of a high living courier. They were likely in a bind and Hunter became front and center in the transactions, crack addiction and all.

    It’s your typical dirty Irish, East Coast family, only with power. And they’ll all be buried as “good Catholics” in a Catholic cemetery.

  12. “The angle that the conservative media is pursuing is that Biden’s reckless handling of secret material was far worse than what they are accusing Trump of doing. Trump kept his secrets in a big vault guarded by the secret service, not a crack addict.”

    They are also forgetting Donald Trump was President and could declassify documents at will for any reason or no reason whatsoever. He is head of the executive branch of the government and the commander and chief of the military.

    From what I understand, all these documents are from when Biden was VP. The VP is not even in the military.

    • Even comparing what Biden did to Trump is to play a loser’s game. It destroys your frame before you even go on the attack. Trump is no longer in office, ignore any “but Trump” arguments.. The Bidens are a crime family and in the White House, admitted to explicitly threatening people if they did not play ball, and have been recklessly lawless for the past two decades.

      • I don’t disagree. I just think it is worth pointing out they are not comparable. They are always going to frame it as a wash, a “two wrongs makes a who cares” situation.

          • Of all the many myriad things they could have gone after Biden over, they chose the classified documents angle, that they’d just raided Trump for

  13. First, that most politicians are corrupt is the equivalent of saying that water is wet. Second, in a healthy and properly functioning government there should be checks & balances as a first resort and law enforcement as the ultimate deterrent. The Clinton’s masterstroke was to compromise and then own the Stasi, who now function solely as a Praetorian Guard for the DC Citadel. What was supposed to be a premier law enforcement organization has morphed into a covert criminal enterprise. It is the reason that corruption in DC has run amok; everyone is on the take. No one should ever trust anyone in that organization again. It needs to be disbanded and rebuilt from the ground up, and there are agents in the hinterlands who will freely admit this.

    But do not be fooled again about the new Republican House of Representatives and their zeal to pursue “investigations” of corruption, nor the recent appointment of another Special Prosecutor. Both are carny shows designed to throw faux red meat to the slobbering masses of couch potatoes. It’s all an act to appease peasant rage with the illusion of meaning corrective action. The best we can do in the short term is ignore them and use one’s time and effort is more tangible ways that have personal impact.

    • Exactly. One does what one can. One can’t change the political situation by voting or protesting. One can however, *survive*.

    • As much grief as I give TomA- I am a bit burnt out and resentful- here’s a start, even for us old guys.


      On Gab- there are a couple more like this, projects using scrap and wild food/medicine plants. If its okay with Z, I’ll put up a couple more. Youtube has a ton of this.

      This is why I have 13 acres in 3 states, pathetic as they are and that is. I’m the moneybags, the younger Dirt relatives are getting books like this, seeds, and a pittances of money for projects and bills.

      Still struggling to get things started, but thanks for reminding me Independence, as much as possible, is the outline of the steps needed.

      Well, that and the treadmill…so I can read Z-articles while treading!

      I ain’t going out in a hail of gunfire like my dad did; anyone who has enough money to polish their barrels doesn’t really have problems. I’m going kulak instead, since I didn’t have what it took.

      This is about re-planting seeds in whose shade we shall never sit. I expect rough visitors, nonetheless, but at least we can try.

    • “It needs to be disbanded and rebuilt from the ground up, and there are agents in the hinterlands who will freely admit this.”

      No rebuilding, it was only created to enforce prohibition. Give up Empire and you won’t need “secret” agencies anymore.

      • The new Stasi would ideally have a limited charter to only investigate corruption and criminality by federal public employees (including politicians) and foreign-origin criminal acts. All citizen-based criminal acts should fall solely within the purview of the individual States, with jurisdiction establish by either origination of the criminal act or a preponderance of adverse impact. This is not significantly different from the current regional jurisdictions of the Federal Court System.

        And the Patriot Act needs to be rescinded in its entirety.

    • I disagree in one regard. It should be torn down and then left torn down. Rebuilding from the ground up would create the same results.

      I think it would be a better idea to have the feds come under (multi)state run agencies.

      I just keep imagining the following headline…..

      “Feds investigate themselves, find they dindu nuffin!”

      • That’s already happening, just not being reported so colloqially.

        It is an ancient problem…

        Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

  14. I have also wondered if the neocons are not in this blackmail of Biden somewhere? Perhaps Biden is pushing back on accelerating the Ukraine war?
    We will probably ever know.

    • It could be that Biden’s inner circle is getting cold feet about throwing money down the Ukraine rathole, so they roll this out to make sure he knows who is his daddy. I would not put it past them. I’ve also speculated that it is a flex by the FBI to let Congress know to tread lightly in their probe. if they can take out a president and former president, imagine what they will do to a congressman.

      • I’m of the opinion that the Clintons are behind it, because that woman will never stop chasing what she thinks Al Gore, Barack Obama, Donald Trump and Joe Biden denied her-the Presidency.

        • Ja, get rid of Biden, install her as VP, and then she could play Dick Cheney to Kamala’s GW. Not the title, but ah, the Power…

          Could be her play, but her days may be over. Guess we may find out.

          • No, she wants to be nominated and elected. No other path to power would satisfy her, due to her pathological need to defeat her enemies, so she must win the same way her husband and her enemies won, or it will not validate her.

          • You may be correct about her motivations, but it is only a couple of years to the next Presidential election, and she might do this in the interim, all while working the bureaucracy for advantage. But maybe she is too impulsive to play that strategy. Time only could tell.

      • Yep, that’s what I’ve heard as well. This Damocles’ sword is dangling over Biden’s head. Do as you’re told, you senile old coot or your world will come crashing down around your ears.

        • But that’s the problem, how senile or what rationality remains in the “old coot”? Could it have been he was to be a one term president (by tacit agreement at least) and now has—in his advanced decline—reneged? Does Biden care that his son is likely to be put away before him?

          I must admit, this is a good soap opera, worth watching if it didn’t detract from doing useful things.

        • I think Zman is the first to point out the brother.

          Hunter is the carny show to delight the Baptists. Imagine what a snake’s den DC must be; every family there is stacked up just like this.

          • The audience for Hunter is media-addled single women. They *worship* him—as do men who want the approval of those women. Objecting to Hunter’s “dudes rock!” lifestyle is losers’ envy, the incel mind twisting Hunter’s big and well-worn penis into his father’s treason. To any woman who’s *at all* susceptible to voting D, that’s all this story is about. Search any social media and see.

            I don’t think anyone at the top is smart enough to have planned this, but I’m sure they’ve noticed how it’s worked, and we can expect future political-family corruption “scandals” to follow the template. JFK’s and Clinton’s crimes were deflected by casting the man himself as the alpha object of beta envy. That wasn’t as effective, because we kinda know those guys. We’ve seen them *questioned*. Hunter is a fully mediated fantasy.

      • It is to extort or to excise. If Biden does something spectacularly stupid, even for the Big Guy, and nothing happens to him, it is the former.

      • “It could be that Biden’s inner circle is getting cold feet about throwing money down the Ukraine rathole, so they roll this out to make sure he knows who is his daddy. I would not put it past them.”
        (Add in the They of one faction being Big Mama Cookie Nuland and the Kagan-Neocon Cabal, as for a century the pale of settlement tribe has heard the hoof beats of the cossacks coming for them fanning into insanity their revenge fantasies. If they can’t destroy Russia, nobody can have it or own it. Historic revenge insanity may push destruction for chaotic destruction’s sake.

        “We are asked to believe that Biden’s attorneys, for no good reason, just decided to start searching through a closet at the Biden Penn Center –the Chinese funded center — and found some Top Secret docs. If I am Joe Biden and you are my attorney your job is to destroy those documents. There is no audit trail. But that is not what they did. They told the National Archives personnel. Those folks alerted the Department of Justice. This was in early November.”
        “And in the ensuing weeks following that initial discovery, they find more; including a new batch this week. What the hell is going on? The decision to pack up those documents when Biden left office was not an accident due to carelessness. Biden’s staffers, starting with his Chief of Staff Ron Klain, not only handled those documents but knew why the classified material was being removed illegally from the White House. Those staffers will be in the trick box in the coming weeks. “
        “Joe can claim that he made a mistake in taking the documents and not securing them. He can also claim that he had no knowledge that his son was sneaking around reading this classified material. Meanwhile, Hunter is trying to buy some good will with the prosecutor by disclosing the existence of these documents. I fully expect Joe and Hunter to deny responsibility for this security breach. Could it be that Joe and Hunter might implicate Chief of Staff Ron Klain, or a lower level staffer, as the scapegoat for taking these documents?”…….Larry Johnson
        Add in Brother Jim as the straight man……
        I believe there’s no working with any of these people. Insanity all around. Time to think separation. No building upon a degraded degenerate foundation.

  15. Set up gallows on the Capitol steps. Set up a bench and try ALL the politicians for corruption. Immediately execute the guilty.

    • Joe: “I always took care of you, Jim.”
      Jim: “I’m your older brother, Joe, and I was passed over.”
      Joe: “That’s the way Pa wanted it.”
      Jim: “Yeah? Well, that’s not the way I wanted it.”

      Joking aside, Jim and Joe have been in cahoots for decades. American politics is the way stupid but crafty men (and women like Pelosi) become rich. Jim was the bagman.

  16. Granted, no system is perfect, but democracy is built for this kind of chicanery and selects for people willing to do it. In a system controlled by various powerful families, there’s no need to graft the system. You are the system, and you’re already rich. You also want the system to succeed so your children and grandchildren can run and benefit from it.

    Of course, that kind of system has its own problems. Again, no system is perfect.

    Regardless, the fact that the Clintons and the Bidens are not only still around but are accepted (even celebrated) by the elite shows our place in the timeline of fall of the Republic. The old rules are being ignored. The institutions are being used for personal gain. The respect for the past is gone.

    This is terminal. We’re never going to return to the respect for the old rules and institutions. We’re heading toward either a break-up where different regions create their own republics based on rules and institutions that their people do respect and honor, or we’re heading toward Sulla and Caesar.

    • I think I may disagree, Citizen. From what I am seeing, it’s just the old nickle about “power corrrupts” in play.

    • > We’re heading toward either a break-up where different regions create their own republics based on rules and institutions that their people do respect and honor, or we’re heading toward Sulla and Caesar.

      In the medium term, more likely than not, states will still pay tribute to Washington via taxing its population while ignoring the vast majority of its edicts. Most people in D.C. will feel fine with the arrangement, as they get their fancy titles and high quality of life.
      The governors of the states will be de facto emperors which will make places like Florida and New York seem like entirely different countries with regard to laws. In some states hat can’t keep order, it will essentially devolve into the modern version of local warlords.

      If media remains a monolith though, over time the states will homogenize again as information control by technology companies solidifies its grip and the next generation grows up without even knowing bad thoughts exist. It won’t be just federal re-homogenization either, but through all the Western world and any nation unable to resist western regime change.

      • Yes, the media definitely can shape populations everywhere. However, people (well, men) are slowly coming around to not trusting the media. OTOH, women will always be susceptible to the media. It’s their nature.

        But we always have one thing on our side: The current system doesn’t work on the ground. That matters.

  17. The corruption is so deep and brazen that most people can’t even feign outrage anymore if they care at all. With the Clintons, their wealth is so large and acquired so corruptly that it’s almost like the big lie analogy. Too outrageous and in our faces to be so illegal, but there it is.

    If the bought off media wasn’t the same we may have not gotten to this point. They are all rich or super rich, many after entering office. Campaign finance and the laws regarding personally sequestering one’s finances when entering office are now gone.

    Apathy rules the day with the average citizen when confronted with this . That’s if they are made aware of this considering most peoples choice of news sources.

  18. Of course, the spouse, as we saw with Pelosi, is the conduit for some of the insider information.

    Please leave Paul Pelosi’s conduit out of this. I am trying to eat.

    • Errrrrr… Can you keep your breakfast on the inside for another moment M? 😉

      I think I read on Blab that Pelosi was selling off stocks and bonds en mass. I wonder if it is because the old b*tch knows something… or that now she is out of the loop, she wants to grab her money and run because she no longer has an inside track…?

  19. “This is why Joe Biden was sprinkling secret documents all over the place. You see, his son and brother had access to the family homes and offices. If Joe were to carelessly leave secret documents at these places, totally by accident because he is getting old and forgetful, Hunter and Jim could accidentally stumble upon them. Maybe they would see something in those files that they could use in their dealings with the foreign players like China and Ukraine.”

    Abductive reasoning at its finest. Sherlock Holmes looks up from doing a pinch of cocaine while he practices his violin with an impressed look on his face.

  20. I’m so fed up with all the corruption that I don’t even pay much attention anymore. Why even watch the evening news? Go walk your dog instead, but don’t forget to duck! Car jacking, stabbing, murder in the big city not news anymore. A big news headline would be that no one got shot.

    Look at all the trend lines. Is anything improving? No. Will anything soon improve? No. So pay less attention, go walk your dog, Boy Scout motto, be prepared. Know that the day of reckoning is coming. Debt crisis, nukes, or total anarchy. Too much psychological stress unhealthy. Take in just enough to get you to be prepare. Have a bug out plan, or relocate to a bug out place.

    • Totally agree. But it sure is discouraging that these F heads continually get away with this and other kinds of criminality with zero reckoning. The government here these days is a joke, but unfortunately, a dangerous one.

      • WCiv911 / usNthem – simpatico here. I’m about at the point where I just have to rely on something Ezekiel stated long time ago …”I will execute great vengeance upon them with furious rebukes; and they shall know that I am the LORD, when I shall lay my vengeance upon them”.

        • There are rumors running around that the interior ministry was trying to horn in on the army’s illicit arms trade. We know a lot of the stuff being sent to Ukraine is being sold on the black market. For example, there was a very credible claim that back in the summer a Ukrainian commander sold a complete HIMARS to the Russians. There were pics to go along with it. Given how the Russians quickly found way to counter the HIMARS, it fits with what we see. Of course, there are those pics of vehicles and small arms turning up in the Balkans.

          These guys are not stupid. Everyone in Ukrainian leadership is planning their own landing spot after the war. If the interior minister threatens that, killing him makes perfect sense. No man, no problem.

          • Maybe we could get some Azov officers to smuggle in a loaded suitcase to the Diminutive One’s manse in Miami.

    • I check local news from Arizona and places I stayed for extended periods of time. It’s depressing. Long-standing problems keep going unresolved, often without even perfunctory acknowledgement; yet rest assured, the world stops whenever a tranny or PoC is wronged.


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