What Must Be Done?

A year ago, life was great for Marcus Stokes. He was a young high school quarterback with offers to play college football. Some of the biggest names in the sport were calling and texting him. He committed to play for the Florida Gators, which is one of college football’s major powers. For a young man in this age, it does not get much better than being a coveted high school athlete. These days it even comes with the promise of money, not just coeds and attention from fans.

That all came to a halt when video of Marcus Stokes turned up online singing a popular hip-hop song, which violated the Jim Snow laws. Even though these songs are broadcast to everyone, even small children, white people are not allowed to repeat most of the lyrics, not even acknowledge hearing them. You see, in Jim Snow America, a black guy can advocate for murder, rape and mayhem, as long as it has a beat, but a white guy cannot repeat what is said.

The hip-hop song in question contained the magic word and Marcus Stokes said the word in the video. Immediately agents from the Ministry of Leukophobia were dispatched to investigate. Once it was determined that he was white and he had said the magic word, they issued a fatwah against him, his family and anyone even remotely connected with him. The University of Florida was instructed to rescind the scholarship offer and issue mean words about him.

In two syllables, the promising life of Marcus Stokes was ruined. You see, he violated the most important of Jim Snow laws. It is not the word he said, it is the context in which he said the magic word. One set of language laws for black people and another set of language laws for white people is patently immoral. Not even the most brutal communist dictatorships went down this road. Theocracies like Iran, Israel and Saudi Arabia do not have segregated language laws.

The only way the Ministry of Leukophobia can conceal this obvious problem is by terrorizing white people into thinking there are words that possess special properties that when uttered out loud, destroy the white person uttering them. That way, the white people will not notice who is enforcing these language laws. Instead of asking who decided we have segregated language, or even why we have such rules, white people will just assume it is a force of nature.

In order to make this work, the Ministry of Leukophobia does not limit itself to confirmed utterances of magic words. In the case of Mitchell Miller, a professional hockey player banned from the sport, the accusation is that he may have been influenced by a magic word uttered by some white person at some point somewhere. You see, Miller is accused of have bullied a sacred person in high school. Clearly, he must have been motivated by thoughts of the magic word.

Conservatives try to excuse this stuff by blaming the victims or claiming it is just a temporary moral panic. Maybe they blame social media for encouraging the mob to pile on these poor saps, who conservatives are quick to point out deserve everything they have coming for violating the blasphemy laws. The case of the hockey player makes clear that there is nothing temporary or spontaneous about this stuff. It is part of a long term campaign by the Ministry of Leukophobia.

You see this with Marcus Stokes. It has been six months and things should have blown over by now. He issued as many groveling apologies as humanly possible. He has no doubt spent the required time at a reeducation facility. He even found a black person to bless his transformation and provide a redemption arc. The coach of Albany State, a historically black college, offered Stokes a scholarship. No doubt the coach was thinking he could get a good player and lots of applause.

Like Mitchell Miller, there will be no forgivingness for Marcus Stokes. The Albany State coach was told by the Ministry of Leukophobia that he could not offer this blasphemer a scholarship or even a place on the roster. Not only that, they demanded the coach issue an apology. To whom he is apologizing is not all that clear, since no one to date has claimed to have been offended, outside the tyrant class. Of course, that last bit is the key to all of this stuff.

The question that hangs in the air, the center of recent disputes here and elsewhere, is how can American society return to civility? Of course, most of the people attempting to answer it wish the debate to exist in the abstract, as that allows them to defend arguments that make no sense in the natural world. Before any of that can be addressed, however, is the question of whether it is even possible to have a civil, decent society under the current conditions.

Can Austin Nivison, the person stalking Marcus Stokes, exist in a society that respects the dignity of the citizens? Can you have a civil society that includes the people who employ spiteful bigots like that guy? After all, they appear to operate as a volunteer auxiliary of the Ministry of Leukophobia. How is it possible for decent people to cohabited with people so filled with hatred for them? Can anyone reading this imagine being fellow citizens with people who hate them so much?

Stories like those mentioned here, and there are thousands of less notorious examples, suggest that we have reached the point of irreconcilable differences. We have a ruling class that has concluded that the white population is irredeemably evil. That is, after all, what is being said about Marcus Stokes. How can anyone with a soul want to find common ground with someone who seeks to destroy the life of a child for having repeated a forbidden word in a song?

The answer to the subject of this post starts with acceptance. There is no magic set of words that will heal the black hearts of the people who think it is right to torment white kids like we see with these two examples. We have a population of spiteful mutants, to borrow Ed Dutton’s phrase. That population has been weaponized. The answer starts with accepting this reality and then wondering aloud who is doing the weaponing and for what purpose. The answer starts with questions.

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221 thoughts on “What Must Be Done?

  1. Emigration to Russia for my entire family, especially grandchildren is looking better all the time. They don’t have men using the women’s room over there and they sure as hell don’t hate themselves and cancel people for not worshiping the Holy Race of N Words.

  2. I don’t mind the idea of double standards and different laws for blacks and whites. I just think they should be accompanied by geographic separation as well.

      • Doesn’t have to be unequal. Doesn’t have to be equal.
        Separate and I don’t care. I don’t want them to fail, I just don’t want their failure (should it happen) to be my problem.

  3. Even this sight won’t use the terrible n-word. I posted if they stopped acting like the terrible word, perhaps the usage would diminish. It was blocked.

  4. ” answer starts with accepting this reality and then wondering aloud who is doing the weaponing and for what purpose.”

    Some have gone through, and are now past, that stage. Even then, what can be done by them❔

  5. “Before any of that can be addressed, however, is the question of whether it is even possible to have a civil, decent society under the current conditions.”

    Asked and answered decades ago, to borrow from the lawyerly types. Just as it is time to blow past the artificial political process, the time for discourse ended many moons ago. And as is the case with politics, all that matters culturally is raw power. We don’t have it even with a lame majority. Segregation and withdrawal is the answer for the interim. The greenest shoot is the fragmentation and dissolution that is well underway. Be somewhere friendly as it unravels. That certainly isn’t near a football stadium or its associated cretins.

  6. As a side point, you hardly ever see a White person named Stokes. The name Stokes is right up there with Weatherspoon, Diggs, and Mims for being reserved for the melanin enhanced.

  7. “We have a ruling class that has concluded that the white population is irredeemably evil.”

    That’s one way of looking at it, a moral perspective. The other way, a practical perspective (since I consider the ruling class to be amoral) is that the ruling class (astutely) has determined that the remaining White population is the greatest impediment to their absolute rule—even with the percentage of “good Whites” that currently do their bidding. Hence, we need repeating examples of bad Whites being cast into the void. It’s a low intensity conflict at present.

  8. I find myself agreeing with many disparate and almost contradictory comments here – and I’m not being lukewarm – I really can see all sides to this argument. But this is the way they want things – with us not supporting each other or able to trust one another. Children who report their own parents re vax status or supporting Bad Orange Man. Trying to support someone victimized by the woke crowd . .. only to be denounced yourself by the groveling victim. It truly is the cultural equivalent to Stalin’s terror. And yes, I’m aware of Solzhenitsyn’s famous quote about standing up to them – but Solzhenitsyn and comrades didn’t have to deal with the ubiquitous electronic surveillance state which never sleeps.

    And in so many ways, so many White people willingly choose to put themselves in jeopardy. They believe the propaganda they are marinated in. They do worship blaqs and celebrate their kids wallowing in that debased non-culture. The mothers of half the raped mudsharking teens are, themselves, covered in tats and dating various mystery meat men. Parents are proud of themselves for taking their tots to drag queen story hour. They all protest they cannot afford to home school. Half the putative Christian parents still take their kids to anything (((Disney))).

    Degeneracy and anti-Whiteness is the sea in which we all swim. The first problem is getting other Whites to even notice it. The second, and harder, is getting them to do anything about it. And, as I noted in an earlier comment, we all have our accommodations and lines we will and won’t cross. We debt-financed our sons’ Christian schooling and have taken years to climb out of that hole. We aggressively policed what they watched or listened to or read. It paid off – neither one has ever listened to rap and both are totally red-pilled, but both boys admitted it has been hard, at times, to not have much in common with other kids their age, either in school or at work (our younger is more shy and withdrawn; our older does his own careful redpilling of coworkers). If you don’t watch any of their movies or listen to their music or share in their social media, what do you use as common ground as a teen? You don’t talk about the weather like boomers do.

    So for now there really aren’t any good or simple answers. Yes, support your own – but what if they then denounce you? What if that then costs your own kids their jobs? The only way to win this game is not to play. So Whites MUST reject this culture wholesale and teach their children the same. Don’t listen to their music or watch their movies or believe their lies. It takes work and constant vigilance, but if you’re not willing to put that time in with your own kids, you’re not worth much as an ally to anyone. And, unfortunately, there are a lot of Whites who will have to be jettisoned on these grounds. I’m all for extending a helping hand to those who genuinely need it, but so many will take and take and then bite you hand in exchange.

    I don’t have any good answers short term because the only solution I see, for all of this, is utter and complete separation. And I have no idea how Whites can do this both culturally and economically in such a controlled and debased environment.

    Open to any and all suggestions.

      • Failed to add that “(T)he only way to win this game is not to play” is the best suggestion and you gave it.

    • 3g4me: “Open to any and all suggestions.”

      Purchase moar @mmun!tion.

      Then be patient.

      [Eventually you’ll be delighted that you purchased extra @mmun!tion, but you’ll also be kicking yourself for not having purchased extra extra nor extra extra extra].

      In the meantime, ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for mud-sharking and oil-drilling.

      If you discover that someone in your social circle has a family member which is engaging in acts of miscegenation, then you immediately un-person that entire family.

      No more play dates.
      No more phone calls.
      No more Christmas cards.
      No more sleepovers.
      No more tennis doubles at the Lawn & Racquet Club.
      Not even a friendly wave in the grocery store.

      That entire family is DEAD TO YOU.

      • BTW, my understanding is that y’all females have software on y’all’s iPh@gs which allows y’all to unperson anyone y’all want to unperson, both in terms of incoming phone calls and in terms of incoming social media messages.

        If you still have a landline at home, then you can probably find a solution which unpersons incoming landline phone calls, as well.

        In fact, there might be a bidness opportunity there, to create a great big giant meta-social-media site which un-persons all the undesirables’ messages & calls which are headed your way.

        Unfortunately, it looks like someone has already purchased “unperson.com”, and that particular DNS name resolves to “”.

      • If it turns out that you actually need a LOT of ammunition, then you’re most likely a dead man anyway. No matter how much you have.

        • Bro.

          Target. Rich. Environment.

          “They’ve got us surrounded again, the poor bastards.”

          – Col. Creighton S. Abrams, December 1944,
          Bastogne, Belgium

          • Bourbon: My husband has shared that quote with me before. I thought we had Creighton Abrams’ autograph, but I was just corrected – my late father-in-law had Omar Bradley autograph a copy of his book for each of his sons, so that’s what’s on our bookshelf.

    • the problem is white people . a large percentage of them get their whole worldview from our media . They genuinely believe it all .
      I remember talking to a couple of acquaintances about voting in 2016 I tole them that trump was bad But Hillary was worse, much worse . I laid out the reasons that voting for trump would at least slow down the PROGROM against normal Americans . they reminded me of trumps ” grab em by the puzzzy” comment that was recorded in a private drunken conversation years before. I told them that it was irrelevant and that the decline had to be at least slowed down . he said he could never vote for a man who would talk that way. I brought up the race issue and how hillary would make it worse. the wife told me she chose to believe that america was strong enough to get through a bad president or two , rather than vote for a man who would say something like that .
      i am sure they probably support the bail project , so the justice system is more “fair” . I don’t know . don’t talk to them any more. there are a lot more out there like them . I was dissapointed in trump, but he did force the deep state to show their cards, and that there could never be a chance of voting things better .

    • It’s gonna require cult-like rejection of the mainstream. Jews pulled it off for 1500 years.

      I was raised Pentecostal, and we know everyone thinks we’re crazy, but we usually spend all of our free time with churchgoers anyway. I was a little distracted by women for a while but now I see how much better off I would have been staying in church. The women marry young, young men have fellowship with older men, people find each other jobs, share reading material and family friendly movie suggestions. It’s cult like but the alternative is your daughter wants to cut her breasts off at 16 and your son upgrades from weed to shrooms to heroine at 18.

      • Same lol. I should have just stayed with the church crazies. The ones who stuck with it all have kids now. I also came to the conclusion that maybe cults are inevitable – we just need to make sure that people are brainwashed by OUR cult, not their cult. I am not a sheep, but most people are.

        Survival does require rejection of the mainstream, and some kind of alternative value system and motivation.

    • No one way fits all. Depends on personality. But one of the best things is simply getting someone to see. The old “once you’ve seen it, you can’t unsee it.” The easiest (because it is so ubiquitous) is advertising. The prominent blaque w/ the dorky, subservient White. Just the sheer numbers would make you think they were the majority of the population. Plant that seed in a normal person, and soon they will notice themselves. If they don’t, then they were probably beyond help anyway. Let a thousand flowers bloom.

      It requires you to get in the game somewhat (in the game, but not of it?), but you can use some mental judo to turn your opponent’s strength against him.

  9. The answer is known, we have talked enough.

    But no nice try fedglowormblahblah

    Like Christianity Leukophobia a crutch for cowardice and shirking. No one will fight for you if you don’t fight for yourself.

    Anyone who can be terrorized so easily deserves what they get until they learn to be actually terrifying.

    • Christianity is the only thing that can save any of us. Not ghey flag church Christianity, but the Orthodox faith cultivated and handed down through the centuries by the greatest white thinkers who have lived the past two millennia, amalgamating all the civilizational knowledge into a perfect Faith. The world is controlled by satan and his synagogue, and battling him and them is our only purpose on earth; not for ourselves, but for Christ and His glory. We will all be needed in the end and the choice is our. Find a local community of right minded moral people, be careful, and start making change happen.

  10. Sixty years ago, I looked forward to the next Ray Charles album release. Today I don’t find negroes entertaining anymore, not sports, nor movies, nor music, and if the cook is black I change restaurants.

    • Ultimately, there’s nothing negros have produced that anyone would truly miss if they were suddenly (please) gone. And when the destruction they’ve wrought throughout the culture and society is weighed in the balance, it isn’t even close. There may or may not be actual black holes in space, but there sure as hell is a massive one right here on planet earth.

    • Oh what they have done. I never cared about race. I knew to avoid the ghetto. I just never thought about the race of who wrote or played a song that I liked; who made the winning plays; who invented something amazing; who said or created something beautiful. I thought it odd that a sub-saharan played Achilles in Troy but never paid much attention. I didn’t think about how the sub saharan was elevated in Gladiator as the guardian of the great white martyr who needed his courage and help – despite that he was a patrician and powerful general with friends. Oddities but we don’t think about race – right? I thought: Oh Americans just need to understand the proposition of natural rights. Black people just need the welfare state taken away and the resulting incentive structure will see that the distributions of success are mostly the same across every demographic. We need to warn people that stepping away from our legal regime will result in harm to them. We need the colorblind society. If only more people would read Thomas Sowell. America is redemptive because it is universal in equality under the law, meritocracy and property rights … …

      Oh what they have done. Now race is front and center in everything – because they have put it front and center. I feel the same as Din C. Nuttin. I never want to see another image. I immediately turn off the stream when rarely it is on. I am enraged when the airline forces me to listen to hip-hop radio when boarding and taxi-ing. I stare at the ground in every store because the imagery makes me sick. I never want to see or hear another black person. I don’t want to feel this way. I don’t like feeling this way.

      That is what happens when you take good person who buys into the morality of how we should behave, who commits to and lives it wholeheartedly and earnestly, in good faith. Then you rudely awaken him to the fact that he and his progeny have been targeted for replacement and ultimately extinction. Criminals and scoundrels are elevated that you be subjugated. That is what happens when you realize, this project was never undertaken in good faith; that the morality was a mask for a project of subjugation and revenge. Meager gains attained by using guilt and accusation have grown into a virulent, potent and ferocious gollum. It rubs its nuts on you at any and all opportunities.

      It is a challenge to remain disciplined and calm. Fortunately we have Aurelius and the stoic tradition to learn from, meditate upon and apply in these times.

      Oh what they have done. If they had stayed quiet, we would have been slowly replaced and not thought the first thing about it – barely noticed. Now, they are making everyone racially conscious and racially aware. They have clearly established the rules about who is welcome and who is not. They have made race the only arbiter of who is gets grace and who is cursed. Once that is done, there is no going back.

      We had enough problems on our hands with the epic financial calamity awaiting us; an utterly broken education system; a republic killed by a permanent bureaucracy; an “environmental”, movement bent on destroying our energy system and preventing its improvement when massive improvements are attainable … …

      Then this ingenius ruling class took a series of guys resisting arrest and paying the price for it and escalated an underlying racial tension into a full scale race war. They threw that on top of every other problem they were unwilling to face. There is a word for people who act this way – scum.

      We hold our head high, and we build and we create and we organize. Despite the bad news constantly coming at us, we keep strong in our faith that as long as we move forward constructively, using the anger constructively to moment after joyful moment of accomplishment and triumph, we will prevail and our beautiful children and grand children will inherit and cherish better days.

      One last thought. A lot of this project holds for us the real possibility of being caught in the trap that black people who are good people got caught in. A grifter class fully incentivized to chatter about the problem, write books about it, make TV appearances about it emerges. Their job is to make money on it and ensure that the outrage persists. Douglas Murray, I am talking about you. Turn them off. Do something constructive – even knock on a neighbor’s door and bring them a gift basket just because – Havamal Soap? Above Time Coffee? Home baked cookies. Able to mentor, take some kids hunting or fishing. Neighbors kids being indoctrinated, read to them, tutor them … But never, turn to the state or turn to the Douglas Murrays and forfeit your power in this world.

    • Yes. I’m done with them. My former sympathy for them has been replaced by smoldering animosity.

      • Smoldering animosity is a perfect description of what my former good will and even delight at seeing one of their success has been supplanted with. Good will and genuine happiness for their success has been replaced by smoldering animosity and contempt.

        It will not rule me or my life, but from here on out, all fingers lifted, all encouragement expressed, all investments made are for me and for my people alone. For the rest, smoldering animosity and contempt. Bite the hand that feeds you, nay stab the heart that commands it, and that is what you get. There is no turning back.

    • Right? I took the trouble to verify with Google images. Appears white; but, if so, his problems started long before he uttered the N-word indulging in some poorly chosen karaoke. Why didn’t his parents name him “Mark?” Maybe if they had, he wouldn’t be f’in around with wearing a ball cap backwards and listening to rap. If you lie down with dogs, you rise up with fleas. No pity for this guy.

  11. It becomes more and more appealing as each year goes by to be more like Yossarian and less like Clevinger. Clevingers are like Whites who still insist on finding the logic and nuance in the Jim Snow Catch-22, but Clevinger gets disappeared. Yossarian assumes from the get-go they are out to get him and each one of them, even as Clevinger vehemently denies it.

    That really is some Catch, that Jim Snow-22

  12. Well, as far as who is doing the weaponing, I have come to think the anti-Semites have a useful insight. Lacking in some ways – the Enlightenment can hardly be explained from that perspective, and the Enlightenment was certainly a catastrophe for the human race. Still, there is a thread that runs through the civil rights movement, neo con warmongering, pornography, gun control, CRT, transgenderism, and so on.

    Maybe it’s best to think of it as Thomas Jefferson meets John Winthrop meets the Kagan clan. Jefferson provides the logical framework for the idea that a weapon might exist against your own people, Winthrop provides the raw zealotry for implementing the weapon against your own people, and the Kagan clan provides the raw hatred of your own people.

  13. Meh.

    The writing has been on the wall for some time.. Sportzball is hopelessly pozzed, as are the schools. Resign yourself to the fact that there will be race wars at some point. Prepare now. Apropos of nothing at all… you can put names on a list too.

    One must grab what happiness one can, where he can.. Earlier in the week, the good fellas at blab brought in a piece of excellent news. A ropey mothed she-boon was working as ground support at the airport. She’d gotten three warnings about avoiding the air intakes on the plane’s jet engines but refused to heed them. Not ten minutes after her last warning – she got sucked into a turbine and got juiced.

    Errr… remember to act sad about it when you’re around the Stasi. 😉

    • Sportsball is looking pretty scripted and rigged after last Sunday’s ball games.

      Even grillers noticed it.

        • Subudai: “what happened last Sunday?”

          The Frankfurt School wanted the first ever starting-kneegr0w-quarterback versus starting-kneegr0w-quarterback dual in the history of the Super Duper Bowl.

          Whites still had a tenuous grip on the quarterback position in the game of football, but the Frankfurt School is determined to disallow even that much [one in twenty-two] White exposure on the ta1mudivision.

          The Frankfurt School won’t be happy until the entirety of the NFL consists of kneegr0wz & mulattoes & melungeons.

          Ergo the Frankfurt School instructed Meyer Lansky Inc to instruct the officiating crews to throw the playoff games, so that starting-kneegr0w-quarterback versus starting-kneegr0w-quarterback would be eventuated & actualized.

          “If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a goyische face—forever”

      • Are you saying the games were manipulated to ensure the teams with nuggra quarterbacks defeated the teams with white quarterbacks? I can’t say that would shock me.

    • There was also the case of a track-running water buffalo who got loud and lippy with a flight steward and a couple of passengers and got kicked off the plane. As she was escorted off, the passengers erupted in applause. Perhaps Hutu fatigue is a real thing.

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  15. I feel bad for Marcus Stokes, but in the end, the powerful forces that control our culture do not see forgiveness as a virtue. They hate their enemies, long for revenge, and want them dead. Many of them celebrate a series of holidays that all revolve around the destruction of their ancient enemies. Their primary goal is to grind people like him into the dust. So the question is what happens next? If he, say, committed suicide as a result of this, they will cheer and gloat about it on social media. That is how deep their hatred runs, and that’s what they want. The other option is for him to keep going. If he persists, chances are he will come to realize the nature of his newfound enemies. Before all this, he was a good normie, listening to the degenerate music that society told him to like, but now he is likely changed forever, and not in a way that the people trying to destroy him want. Ultimately, isn’t this why forgiveness is a Christian virtue? Long-term this stuff just doesn’t work. It is why, even after a decade of instituting full-scale censorship and thought control on the internet, the left will tell you that “hate speech” and “misinformation” are more prevalent than ever. These heavy-handed methods do not work and always come back to bite them. The correct thing to do was to accept his apologies and let him play for a football team, but they are so blinded by hatred that they cannot do that.

    I am praying for him.

    • Maybe this will lead to a positive result in the medium term: maybe this will start the stone rolling leading to White youth no longer listening to Their “music.” After all, if someone gets a tiktok of you singing along to almost any current song, they could cut you off from your scholarships, jobs, and college admissions. Better just to not listen to it! Or watch it, or even know about it…

    • There was actually a case of a porn star who refused to…ahem…”perform” with a bisexual man. She was afraid of contracting HIV. Predictably, the digital lynch mob formed up and assaulted her unmercifully for her alleged homophobia. She denied the allegations and said she was only worried about her health. To no avail. The lynch mob was ceaseless in its exactions. The girl committed suicide and the lynchers cheered.

    • “I feel bad for Marcus Stokes, but in the end, the powerful forces that control our culture do not see forgiveness as a virtue.”

      What?! In what world does forgiveness even need to be applied here for? Forgiveness for WHAT? He sang along with lyrics to a fucking song.

      Some of the comments here are amazing to me – “he had it coming”. No – just no. This is hardcode bigotry, no ifs, ands or buts about it.

  16. What has been noted before is the lack of a redemption arc for these transgressions, however illogical they are. Examples abound of hypocrisy when other individuals commit an offense involving more than forbidden words.

    Joe Mixon punches a woman in the face, breaking bones and knocking her out, yet gets treated as if his actions could be compared to a common household pet that soiled the carpet and just needs some obedience training. Sports writers and TV personalities wasted countless words and air on discussions about how he will overcome this adversity, or learn life lessons.

    Unironically, the biggest excuse for him breaking a woman’s facial bones was due to him being a dumb teenager at the time. He is now an NFL running back making millions, while Marcus Stokes lost his opportunities over a word.

    Joe Mixon punched a woman, and it’s on video. Here’s the full timeline

    Inside Joe Mixon’s surprisingly uncomplicated ascension to face and voice of the Bengals

    • Yes. I just looked up the hockey player. There is no redemption for him. There are two standards. One for whites and one for non-whites. Who created the standards and who is enforcing them?

  17. While I know it’s useless to talk about the dead organ that is the Republican Party and Conservative Inc., take a look at who runs the show, who bundles and gives out the money, and who the talking media heads are that they hire. More often than not, you’ll find a gay white guy, closeted or not, looking at all times for their next Candice Owens or Herschel Walker etc., to promote. It’s almost like the powers that be on “the right” are gay guys with black fetishes. But the real magic is the 70 year old boomer consuming their content and still believing the “color bling society” myth. Even though every talking head put in front of them was meticulously “groomed” to be in front of their faces.

    The complete, unmitigated fraud and child actor Steven Crowder appears to be having some problems right now. I haven’t read to much, but the gist is that he turned on (((them))) over the sordid topic of the coin, and in return (((they))) have programmed their empowered-black-female-bot, Candice Owens, to destroy Crowder with some type of “evidence.” It may just be a warning shot, but this whole scene is very telling of how they operate, and at no time are the concerns of any normal white person/content consumer remotely considered.

    The first step, in the thousand mile journey is leaving Con-Inc. in the dust. The whole place.

    • This boomer isn’t fooled by the likes of Owens, or the other grifters. I will admit to believing Rush Limbaugh for a time until he started with the “Free trade will be the greatest thing ever” GOP establishment trope. Then the “immigration is great as long as it is legal BS”.

      However, a lot of my friends were fooled. Not all but some. They don’t like me to remind them of exactly how fooled they were and are.

        • Damning by faint praise, right there! A smarter Sean Hannity? C Matt, you’re more eloquent than Kamala Harris, more aware of your surroundings than that black woman who got sucked into the jet engine, more cognitively healthy than Joe Biden, more desirable than gonorrhea, more popular than taxes…

        • Towards the end, Rush was getting very conspiratorial [from the point of view of an Eisenhower-era Boomer raised in Norman Rockwell’s Amurrikkkuh].

          Three or four or five times, in the year or so before he died, I heard Rush refer to “whomever it is who actually runs things behind the scenes”, or similar words to that effect.

          If he hadn’t died of cancer, I think Rush would have been all over the Deep State for the last several years.

          Heck, even Mr Normie-Con himself, Victor Davis Hanson, is now acknowledging the existence & the near omnipotence of the Deep State.

          [Although I rather imagine VDH will go to his grave without having addressed the JQ, but I guess none of us are perfect.]

      • Candace got her start in show biz by announcing she was for hire “taking names” of rightwingers on the interwebs and building a database – back in 2013 or so. She didn’t get too far as a free agent repping herself for the left, then made a 180 in time for Tump’s race. I don’t recall the specifics of her transition, but it was pretty swift.

        • You can get rich betting that any and all black so-called conservatives are grifters. It happens every time they come out of nowhere as the great black and pubbies fall all over themselves to gush over their latest black savior. It’s sickening. Those grifters should remember that at some point their skin will be their uniform.

  18. There’s no point grovelling. All white people are liable to be chopped at any time, for any reason.

    It’s one reason why I refused the COVID vax. I figure that at some point I’ll probably get cancelled anyways – maybe the feds will dox my Zblog posts to my employer, maybe somebody will make a fake rape charge against me, maybe my employer will just decide that they are running too heavy on white men and fire me.

    Ended up not needing the vax to keep my job, so hey, it’s a double win. We need to play by our own rules, and also accept that it will lead to some struggles. That’s also why it’s important to have a bigger network of people.

    • did not vax waited to be fired , but they never did. feel degusted with co-workers who lined up to turn in their cards . if 90% had done it the 10% of ys would have been fired . luckily only 75% did and they couldn’t fire 25% of us .

  19. Try commenting on any right wing social media with any of the magic words, or even demographic issues in some cases, and you’ll be instantly banned. If they enforce their own comment section as if it was CBS News, or any other “liberal” outlet, then the CON-servative otlets show their true colors.

    • This happened to me at “Red State” around twelve years ago. There was a thread about illegal immigration and I linked to another article that explained in detail how a variety of factors that are currently problems for the rest of us, would drop dramatically (percentage-wise) if illegals were not only deported, but that all immigration ceased for a decade.
      I was immediately banned by Eric Whatever-the-f%ck-his-name-is, who ran the site and was told, “We don’t need your bigoted views here.”
      This despite a number of people agreeing with the material in the link. I then recall the incident a number of years later where he came to the defense of Meghan Kelly after Trump made that comment to her. It reminded me so much of the repulsive nerd in HS who can’t get any action from any of the girls waking around and jumps to stick up for one of the pretty girls during an argument, hoping for a pet on the head after the dust settles, knowing that’s all he’ll get.

      • Sure, I was banned from a baseball site recently for suggesting that any team only lacking one frontline pitcher to make them a serious contender could snap up Trevor Bauer for sheckels since the Dodgers would happily take what little relief they could get for his contract. But then I wrote the reason the wokerati really can’t deal with Bauer is less his deviant penchant for sexual violence than it is he never experienced a shortage of women to take him up on it.

      • “Red State”, lol.
        When going to “right-wing” sites, have an overview of the surnames of their staff.
        Usually, that alone will tell you enough about that site/e-zin.

  20. To some degree I feel sorry for this kid because he doesn’t deserve to have his whole life upended because of this, but neither did he have to go out and consume this degenerate “hip-hop” filth either. And how long have we known just how degenerate it is? Wasn’t it 30 years ago that Charlton Heston was reading rap lyrics to Warner Bros. execs to embarrass them? I’m sure things haven’t improved since then.

    If there’s a little lesson to learn from this it’s to slap your kid/grandkids upside the head if you catch them patronizing rap. It’s certainly not a mortal sin, but if you play with turds you might just get stinky.

    • Thank you for that… preposterous take. That takes this comment section a step toward Breitbart, friend. Not ok.

      • So BTP, there’s two sides to this coin, and you’re ignoring the other one. Instead of rap music, what about porn? What if a white girl was caught by her parents setting up an OnlyFans account? Should they/you just accept the degenerative influence of a certain culture destroying our youth? “Well, that’s what kids are doing these days!” No, fight back against it because that’s another facet of the war on our people, a war to destroy our culture and our nation. Pop music is clearly a front in the culture war, always has been. Do not think of it as merely a value-neutral characteristic of the culture, an immutable given. If you do, we’ll end up in the same place eventually, as tolerance and surrendering the moral high ground leads only to your defeat.
        We should be encouraging our people to distance themselves from and reject Other Cultures that are not our own, are hostile to our own, and seek the destruction of our own. Madonna didn’t make it big 40 years ago because she had any talent; she made it big because certain groups wanted white women to debase themselves in degeneracy by holding that talent-free common whore up as a role model. There’s no use paying the merchants so our kids can get stars on their bellies.
        It’s also not complicated (not going to say it’s easy, just that it’s straight forward), and I’m going to guess you’re a little distant from raising young ones. Just don’t listen to it, watch it, or read it. Cut the cord. No netflix, no cable TV, no pop music. Listen to music from our people; I’d suggest Skynard and Beethoven. Tell them why you don’t like the “other” kinds of music. Tell them why Frozen is evil. It takes effort, but FFS that’s what you signed up for as a parent, and these days it couldn’t be simpler: the degenerate people saying they hate you and want to kill your family are very obvious about it. The freak dressed like a sexualized demon does not have good intentions towards your little boy; the blax have nothing but ill will against your white child, and it is perceptually obvious. If you have trouble understanding those things, maybe stay away from sharp objects and electrical receptacles until a real adult can take over.

        • No, Rebel. You’re right on the merits, but wrong about the issue. We defend ours, even when they are wrong about something. It doesn’t matter that the victimized White is doing something sub-optimal, or uncouth, or damaging to their souls, even. It matters that they are being victimized and

          We shouldn’t have to live like this.

          Too many are like this: Well, he shouldn’t have said that naughty word. Well, she shouldn’t have been such a trollop. Well, whatever whatever whatever, he wasn’t pure like a child.

          Stop it. There are plenty of problems. But we shouldn’t have to live like this. Contextualizing the possible sins of the White person who was victimized is not helpful.

          • You have a point there. This is one of the main behavioral anomalies between White and Black, or really Left and Right I repeatedly see.

            What you’ve described btp is what we commonly describe in the saying, “…don’t let your virtues be used as a weapon against you…”. I’ve added often that we need to “leave our virtues at the door and pick them back up when we leave.”

            The issue here is as you say, he’s White, naive—yes, but none-the-less he’s being weaponized in an effort to intimidate “bad-Whites”. That should be reason enough to support him, oddly enough it is precisely that reason he’s being cast into the void. Even within *this* group we see the divisiveness of this Leftist ploy, when we should be united on this front.

          • There is truth in this. Kicking our own when they are down is counter productive. Being the ones who offer redemption when the rest of the world offers only condemnation is how we build our movement. That will engender a loyalty amongst those who may turn out to be the most ferocious of allies – those who they tried to destroy.

    • The parents are perfectly ok with their children consuming the crap coming out of the entertainment industry. They are told that blacks are the hip and cool ones while Whitey is lame and boring. Most parents treat their children like potted plants. They keep them fed and hydrated but have zero concern for providing proper guidance.

      And then they step on a landmine by breaking one of the many unspoken rules that society holds only Whites to. There is no forgiveness. They are told to repent and apologize, yet there is no redemption when they do as they are told.

      There has to be a special place in hell for the adults who lead children astray like this.

    • Victim blaming, really? He’s a teenaged boy. We were all stupid at that age and believed ridiculous things because that’s what our peers were doing. It’s not his fault he was lured into a trap, when nobody in the culture around him stood up for him. The problem is that not one White person in power said, “No, this is ridiculous.” The problem is not the kid who sang along to a popular lyric.

      Giving him the “You shoulda known better” treatment at this point is shitty.

      • I get it, I weep for White people who have been brainwashed and crushed by the system. At the same time though I’ve told White acquaintances that the regime is trying to kill them, they agree with me, and then promptly forget all about it. It’s as if the state has a publicly advertised lottery to have a random White person stoned to death once a month and the “winner” is shocked (SHOCKED!) when they’re sentenced to ‘the pit’. It’s…tiresome.

      • Can’t it be multiple things? In one sense, yes – this is horrific abuse of a teen. Two, the parents are partially responsible for, above all else, giving him a cellphone and letting him listen to that s&^^. Three, the kid was a fool for not recognizing the double standard – c’mon man – filming yourself saying the n-word? Idiot. Four, our society is awful – Jim Snow is real.

        • The only damn thing that matters is point four – our society is awful and ruined that kid because they like to ruin White kids.

          No, it can’t be multiple things, ok? I’m absolutely sick of people who should know better wasting everyone’s time contextualizing anti_White hatred: well, parents shouldn’t have let him listen to hip-hop, etc.

          Get this through your skull: we shouldn’t have to live this way. Full stop. Learn to take our own side, ffs.

          • I am taking MY side. If I caught my kids listening to that crap, I would put a quick end to it. Our society is ruined partly because of the sliding standards parents have set for their kids. You think, in a majority white country, this shit happens because of anything OTHER than the acquiescence of its white populace? That’s the real problem.

          • To further clarify – I invoke Lavoy Finicum. You want to let your kids be martyrs – go ahead. You are a selfish fool. I nowhere mitigate the maliciousness of this society, but I would be a piece of dirt if I didn’t work my hardest to teach my kids to avoid it. Just as few remember Lavoy, and his gesture was ineffective, so this kid’s future. You want to sit there and bewail the society, fine. But you would be well advised to teach your kids to avoid the angry eye of our world. That is my point. Anyone who misses my other points hates his own children.

          • Exactly. The overriding issue here is one thing and one thing only, a young naive White person is being pilloried to “teach” us Bad-Whites a “lesson”. All else pales in comparison.

            Our only way to fight back is to unite and decry these “object lessons”. To equivocate among ourselves as to the complicity of the “victim” is to cede the battle before it’s even fought.

            The rules of engagement have long ago been set by our enemies through their actions. Since they have been successful until now, I suggest we follow them.

          • We can do a bit of both. We can condemn to hell this malevolent, anti-white society, and we can also chide our own for partaking in negro cultural filth. There is nuance here. Chastising is not the same as abominating, and both are justified.

      • I really don’t think I’m victim blaming here. I agree that the treatment of this kid is grossly disproportionate to to his alleged “sin”. The problem though is that he got caught wallowing in hip-hop degeneracy. If he got caught on camera singing “momma loves mambo” with Perry Como he’d be playing for Florida right now.

        My point continues to be – especially given the times – that we should discourage our kids or grandkids as much as we can from engaging with pop culture sleaze.

        • And more to the point, not just “discourage them” from pop culture, but encourage them to pursue our own culture. White western culture is a titan among pygmies, we have produced the best of everything worth producing. The kids love it, if you only tell them and show them and allow them to enjoy it.

        • No, we shouldn’t force our kids into dhimmitude. We shouldn’t allow them to be persecuted for behavior for which people of other races are not persecuted. We should fight to be allowed to say nigger.

    • I can say nearly definitively that Boomer hands typed this by this sentence alone- “but neither did he have to go out and consume this degenerate “hip-hop” filth either”

      He kind of did actually have to consoom this product. Why? Because ALL music is atonal, low complexity, hip-hop based dogsh-t today. And I mean all. Even the “love songs”, country, “rock”, etc. It was a novelty in the 80s, became its own genre in the 90s but in the 21st century the (((music industry))) went full tilt on the degeneracy and literally eliminated all other forms of pop music. You have a couple hold overs like Taylor Swift, etc. but they are old news.

      All music targeted at youth has its roots in tribal guttural anti-white jungle rhythms. The fact that you are unaware of this speaks much about how utterly out of touch Boomers and probably some Xers are with the current zeitgeist and why you are generally reviled. Your statement has a very “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” type of tone deafness (no pun intended) about it. Vizzini is totally right this is more or less victim blaming.

      Can you find other music still? Yes. Is a teenager sophisticated enough to even know to look for it or why its beneficial? Not even a little. Ditto for Normie parents.

      • Rather than finding common ground or possibly justtrying to red pill someone that might not be as far along as you may be. Helping a possible ally along
        The guy is here says something.
        Attacking is so much more fun much less work too.
        Purity spiraling down the toilet.

      • Apex – I agree with you nearlycompletely. I have my own quip on the subject: “we arent salmon, we cannot swim upstream against the culture.” But let me put it this way. True story – when I saw this article a few days ago, I went to a young man I work with who is a major, major ncaa prospect, as in national news who he signed with a couple months back. I took him aside for one minute. I asked if he knew the story. He did. I told him, “Dude, dont ever record yourself, and always assume you are being recorded. And remember the morality of tomorrow will be applied to the recordings of yesterday.” He got it. Whether he follows is different, but I like him. My point is that I can only hope to effect change in my little sphere of influence for an individual near me and not society at large. If I only focus on the culture, I have nothing to offer the young man whom I like. But if I focus on his errors in navigating this wicked society, I might be able to help someone I actually like. I have no hope for this society. I can only do my little part.

      • JnDC: “It was a novelty in the 80s, became its own genre in the 90s but in the 21st century the (((music industry))) went full tilt on the degeneracy and literally eliminated all other forms of pop music. You have a couple hold overs like Taylor Swift, etc. but they are old news.”

        J, I’ve been telling people for about a DECADE now that the last charting pop song with a clearly definable singable melody & correctly enunciated lyrics was the Plain White T’s “Hey There, Delilah”, all the way back in 2007.

        2007 Hot 100 Top Ten

        Youtube Video

  21. “Marcus Stokes” is a white guy? LOL. That’s as about as stereotypically black a name as “Dontrell Washington.”

    I’d take issue with Z’s characterization of the the problem as “leukophobia,” though. It’s not “fear of the color white” that’s behind these totalitarian purges. It’s contempt, hate, and sadism.

    There was none of this kind of thing going in in Alabama in 1950. Back then, they actually did “fear” whites. But whites unilaterally surrendered, engaged in ritual self-flagellation and self-abasement, and became contemptible cucks. That’s why the totalitarians get away with this shit — because they no longer fear whites.

    It’s just like the way these people routinely mock Christians, but won’t dare whisper anything derogatory about Muslims. They know damn well the Muslims will “Charlie Hebdo” them in a heartbeat and the Christians won’t.

    It’s classical bullying behavior, they gang up on the weak and the vulnerable and those unwilling or unable to punch them back square in the face.

    • If homophobia means an irrational hatred of homosexuals and transphobia means an irrational hatred of men in dresses, then Leukophobia must mean an irrational hatred of white people. I did not invent the rule of neologisms, I am just following it.

      • Right. The term “homophobia” is used incorrectly in contemporary parlance.

        I’m not “afraid” of homosexuals, I’m disgusted by them.

          • “Ha, you’re afraid of homosexuals!!”
            -Yes, in the same way that I’m “afraid” of stepping in dog poop.

          • Which is precisely why it was coined by homo’s.

            When homo’s were still being beaten up behind bars, they coined this term to intimidate their detractors. The term was used exactly as it defines itself.

            The implication was made (quite Freudian-like) that you are anti-homo because *you* have such homo tendencies *yourself* and can’t accept them, so you aggressively act out against those who are out of the closet. Indeed, this was quite a theme throughout any number of movies back then.

    • The national guard sticking guns in their faces might have had something to do with their “cucking”

    • “But whites unilaterally surrendered, engaged in ritual self-flagellation and self-abasement, and became contemptible cucks.”

      Wonderfully stated! That is exactly the type of language that we need to adopt and start confronting other White people with. The ethic that has evolved in our society is that you’re not permitted to verbally attack nonwhites, yet Whites are fair game for the most blistering invective imaginable. We need to turn that ethic to our advantage by excoriating Whites for their weakness. However arbitrary and insane the rules of political correctness may be, folks with a bit on the ball can operate within those rules while nevertheless pissing all over their spirit.

    • A pattern I’ve seen online is there will be “hellthreads” on social media where certain individuals will spend their time hurling invective on Christians, and then act all horrified when a Christian finally has enough and decides to throw some shit back at them. Then they go “see, all the things I said about Christians is true!”

      It’s all so tiresome. The best way I’ve found to deal with it is to mute them and otherwise not engage with them.

  22. The harder you pull on a rubber band and stretch it out, the greater will be the force that hits your hand when it eventually breaks and snaps back. And something similar can happen in societal affairs when extreme insanity is escalated without limit or push back. Such is the world we live in today. The Cloud People are pathologically unable to stop escalating and will continue until the rubber band breaks. This is why sanctioned predators are now invited into children’s library story hour sessions.

    In their mind, this escalation ultimately results in a visceral conflict of mutual annihilation between patriots and LEOs; killing off as many alphas as possible and paving the way for the Jackboots to cement elite dominance. But that is just one of the scenarios that could play out. Another is the French Revolution model, which doesn’t end well for the elites. But the latter also resulted in a lot of dead innocents, so not optimum.

    The best solution to this problem is to focus a remedy on the root of the disease and rely on the self-preservation imperative and emergent behavior to start a stampede for the exit. The example of today’s Zman post is that a highly public lynching of some sad sack can have a huge intimidating impact on society-at-large. The same is true for the Cloud People problem. It won’t take much to start the stampede and the collateral harm will be minimized. Smarter, not harder.

  23. Too many Whites are still clinging to their sportsball. Even after all the kneeling Colin Kaepernick nonsense. Hard to have much sympathy when they/we keep buying into this rotten culture owned, staffed and promoted by people who hate them.

    • It really is maddening. Quite honestly, I’d be lying if I said I think things will change eventually. I do t think they will. Whites are being replaced, and half of them are true believers anyway. I don’t foresee a future for our way of life. I pray I’m wrong.

    • College football in particular is an orgy of unethical practices and perverse incentives.

      My Boomer TL on social media was full of weeping cucks when this happened:


      Now the details are starting to leak out and my TL is awfully quiet: 0230 in the a.m., excessive speed, no seatbelts, leaving a strip club, two of UGA’s gigantic ballers with two UGA official hos, excuse me, “recruiting staffers” (both very white and very blonde) one of whom is at the wheel of an athletic department’s SUV.

      The Willock family is going to be sniffing around for the future lost earnings claim. So far no word on any toxicology results or the SUV’s sudden events-recorder–nothing fishy there, move along.

      Kirby Smart came to my county in a private helicopter and landed on a local high school’s athletic fields to personally recruit student-affaleets. Apparently the NIL deals are getting into the six-figures. State university systems are essentially rogue institutions at this point: ungoverned and ungovernable. They will have to be burned to the ground.

      • It is also maddening to see how conservative/right leaning alumni direct all of their money and influence towards sportsball teams and not what is actually being taught in these universities. Using that financial clout to (for example) force the university to gut the grievance studies departments and get rid of the cavalcade of low IQ mutants who “teach” in that rotten field would be a far more worthwhile endeavor than firing a bad sportsball coach.

      • This is a big part of the reason that I ditched sports years ago. Division I revenue sports are irredeemably corrupt and have been for longer than I’ve been alive. It’s top to bottom too, they corrupt and debase everything they touch. The only thing I can say about that story is that she got what she had coming. Prositution is supposedly illegal but not if you work in collage recruiting. I hope her family is proud of her and themselves for raising a whore.

  24. “Conservatives try to excuse this stuff by blaming the victims or claiming it is just a temporary moral panic. Maybe they blame social media for encouraging the mob to pile on these poor saps, who conservatives are quick to point out deserve everything they have coming for violating the blasphemy laws.”

    Precisely. Moreover, normie conservatives are, in their own minds, more liberal than liberals on the question of race, whom they accuse of being “racists” and “the real Nazis.” When they encounter a Jared Taylor or someone in our thing, the same accusation is leveled against us — racists, Nazis, anti-semites.

    They believe that it’s white college administrators (liberals, but Nazis in spirit) pushing all of this, while black people remain tied down on the white welfare plantation — in truth, they all want to start their own businesses, wear suits, and work 12-14 hours daily in their 20s to start a family.

    At no point will a normiecon *ever* blame a single black person for any of this, in the same way that an NPR liberal will seek to blame whites for five black police officers beating a black man to death. There’s no functional difference, and when in my own life I’ve pointed this out to Uncle MAGA Boomer, I am, predictably, called a racist.

    • You’d be surprised. A lot of Whites are pretending. Scratch the surface and it’s amazing what you’ll find then they open up. People I assumed were liberal based on their public announcements turned out to be somewhere to the right of Pinochet.

      • In my experience, alcohol-induced honesty tends to show exactly this. But they put on the mask, in part because they are naturally civil, but also to avoid being Jared Taylored into bankruptcy and homelessness.

      • Jannie: Better not count on them to have your back if you ever trespass – even unwittingly – the ever-evolving rules of White speech.

    • When I’ve seen conservatives blame administrators for educational evils, that blame is for “kowtowing” to “radical” students or professors, as if the problem is a violation of hierarchy. If only the org chart were obeyed, the kids would know more about Goethe than about dildos, and schools would laugh off “student demands” to make millionaires of 85-IQ diversity officers.

      “Kids do what they’re told” isn’t a conservative belief, oddly.

  25. The blatant anti-whiteness of this issue makes me almost incoherent with anger and what makes me angriest is that white people just submit. If I was to point out this double standard to even my “rock ribbed” conservative friends or self-styled “boldly independent” liberal friends, they would just sheepishly shrug.

    It goes without saying that black people have no power or organizational ability to implement this tyranny. Someone else in the media is doing this.

    • “Someone else in the media is doing this.” Sure, but we’re ultimately doing it to ourselves. No one is holding a gun to our heads forcing us to watch and listen to the media. We ought to possess the critical faculties to reject the garbage that the media spew. The propagandee* is more culpable than the propagandist.

      *The exception would be the propagandees who are simply too stupid to question the nonsense; they are not culpable, as their lack of intelligence is largley inborn. But it’s incumbent upon the smart to limit the influence of the stupid.

      • I know people who are otherwise red pilled who continue to use Amazon. If you aren’t willing to make even the small sacrifice of not doing business with people who hate you what hope do you have?

        • Rando: I’m as ‘red pilled’ as they come and I continue to use Amazon. Every national corporation, big box store, grocery chain, etc. is equally anti-White and contemptible. Tractor Supply is utterly woke. There are no ‘mom and pop’ stores in my large and diverse suburb, and the last thing I’m going to do is patronize any of the ethnic stores.

          Once we’ve moved to our rural property I will exclusively patronize locally but until then, I try to avoid public spaces and diversity as much as possible. Amazon delivers thing to my doorstep that I believe we will need on our property, and I don’t have to mingle with the third-world infestation up close and in person. No apologies for my choice.

          • DLS: That’s an excellent way to view it – a sliding scale. I’ve said it before – if there are two similar products on the shelf and I don’t really have a preference, I pick the one that doesn’t have Spanish on it. If there isn’t a short grocery line, I try to find one with a White mother and children in it (no way I’ll find a White cashier here). There just aren’t any ‘good’ choices. I don’t trust any of the banks – so for now I use one with locations most convenient to us.

            As soon as we move, this all changes. But if one doesn’t live in a rural and/or primarily White area, just everyday living is a series of compromises with globohomo. I hate it, and I’m quite serious about moving to our mountain and becoming a hermit. But until then I will do what’s best for my family, because where we are now there is no such thing as the common good.

          • I’m generally in agreement. My use of online is limited, but sometimes it’s the only option. Buy all means shop at the farmer’s market, but if you live in Peoria, you’re unlikely to find local cocoa butter or pistachios.

            And besides, where do you think some of the stock from the “local store” comes from? Within reason, I do shop locally. I’m not quite to other’s
            [spitoon sound effect: “Pwt-ding!”]
            bucolic lifestyles, but I do make an effort, for example, to dine at a local eatery, rather than a chain.

        • I do everything except grocery shop online and I do it because I hate being out in the diversity in shops and malls now. I used to do it to avoid paying sales tax for various government bodies. No firm of any size is uncorrupted now. The egregious offenders I don’t do business with but I have to buy stuff somewhere.

  26. I’ve been shocked; influenced; gone reading, researching and thinking, and after all of that, my conclusion is that Christianity has a self destruct mechanism called the Jewish revolutionary spirit, that Christians and Jews go together and were both born in a Hebrew cataclysm two millennia ago, that all of this is the master narrative and the replaying of that cataclysm. So that’s the situation Christendom, the West, ‘white’ people, or whatever you want to call it (and Jews, too) is in, imo. Keep what’s good, jettison the bad, turn on, tune in, and drop out if you want to survive.

      • I would prefer Christianity complete the process of becoming a gentile religion, is all.

        Too much truth and wisdom in it, but I’m not dying on the cross, because it’s already done.

        • I’m pretty sure that process was completed round about 325AD, with the first council of Nicaea. Chrisitanity remained quite separate as a gentile religion until the relatively recent movement, driven largely by evangelical churches in America, to characterize Chrisianity as an offshoot of Judaism. Witness Ben Shapiro.

          • It’s certainly made a comeback in recent history, but I’d argue that’s because the break wasn’t complete.

        • In the century or so leading up to the First Counsel of Nicea there was a movement within the Church trying to stitch Christianity onto the old Greek Religions – survives today by the Elevation of the Host , an echo of the worship of a grain of Wheat as a symbol of life.
          Regrettably it was hi-jacked by the usual suspects and stitched onto the barking mad psychopathic god of the hebrews.
          Some-one over at Unz did a decent piece on this hi-jacking a couple of years ago.

    • Major Nietzsche reader? A recurrent theme in his works is that the ancient Hebrews’ genius in their religion, “inverting” values of noble/master vs. commoner/slave morality, as a cultural survival strategy if I correctly grasp it. He considers the actual life of Christ and his apostles to have been the true lost, primitive Christianity. What the world came to know by that name is largely the creation of a Jew, Saul of Tarsus, later St. Paul. He variously calls Christianity “Platonism for the people” or “Judaism of the reformed confession.”

      He also devotes much ink to decadence, the decay not only of values but of cultures. He says that as religious belief faded, it was replaced by faith in democracy, the logical end of the egalitarianism of the slave morality. Eventually leading to nihilism.

      • I’ve only read Genealogy of Morals, but yep, very influenced 😃 Nietzsche is one of the greatest minds, if only for that book, imo.

        Not as evil as they say, either. I’ve heard him called a nihilist for stressing will, or whatever, but I never got the sense. Cared too much, if anything, as far as I can tell.

  27. The chief problem is this: today’s White people are pussies. We lack the cajones to stand up for ourselves. We constantly apologize basically for our very existence. We excuse all kinds of misbehavior on the part of various out-groups that we would never excuse among our own. We are pathetic and we need to admit that and stop blaming (((others))) for the collective weakness that we demonstrate each and every day. The best thing we can do is start telling our fellow Whites that they are pussies until they prove otherwise. Stop sugar-coating these matters. I am increasingly convinced that the only medicine that will work is the most pungent available.

    • Wkathman, show us how to stop blaming others. Tell your employer how you feel about this issue and don’t blame anyone when you are fired.

      • Well, I suppose you would stand there after he *was* fired and blame him for taking the initiative. Then you’d return your station, yes boss.

        If we’re looking for an illustration of this defeatist psychology in action, you just provided it. Not that we needed to hear it again — we see it all around us — but if we can start getting your type to sandwich board yourselves like this, we’ll know whom to avoid.

      • Why must one take it up with an employer? It’s far more prudent to confront those Whites who don’t hold something over our heads. We can do this with family members, friends, and even mere acquaintances — exercising all due discretion, of course. Use your own best judgment for what is likely to be most effective. One reason we’re no longer respected is we lack boldness. And if we can’t be bold even with our own people, we’re as good as sunk. Time to show some courage.

        • Courage has now been debased to the point that it is simply telling uncomfortable truths to those who cannot or will not retaliate in any meaningful way?

          I get that it’s the prudent course, but don’t confuse that with courage.

          • Well, we have to start somewhere, then hopefully advance from there. Rome wasn’t built in a day. And courage to take small steps might just facilitate courage to take big steps.

        • I just put together a presentation for my family. I stayed several weeks past the holiday season to look into the utterly broken school system and be of service. Step one was to provide value and deepen relationships. I provided value by helping guide in economic matters – how to insulate against inflation. My biggest goal was getting them to get the kids out of a school that has abandoned academic standards and on top is radically anti-white.

          The presentation could have lasted 3 days if I had kept in every single anti-white post I documented and screen shotted.

          There was enough material in there to shock them. I showed them the numbers that voting is a dead game. I proposed a solution for how we are going to navigate the reality of post-America. Even a couple who are lost in churches that are an explicit enemy asked for my sources and seemed very concerned.

          My two proposed precedents for how we move forward were Greeks as 2nd class citizens in the Ottoman Empire or the Visigoths in Asturias. I had a section on how essential a positive identity is and how we can form it. All of my Christmas gifts were related to positive identity and/or child development (IQ).

          I would suggest you do this. Take the time to create a presentation. Get very real about what is happening but show that there are solutions – and only we as a family finding like families will be coming up with them. We are the cavalry.

          I have a hope they will give up sportsball. If I do the legwork to come up with a schooling solution and they adopt that, it will be a huge win. This worked for me. At least, it was an effective bucket of cold water and there is movement where there wasn’t any before. Our mettle is being tested. If you get even one family member to stand up and start putting in the effort that is worth it. It starts at home.

          • I would love examples from both of the those groups you mentioned. Any other ideas I can collect to pass around would be most appreciated. Thank you.

      • Line: That’s the crux of the problem. Yes, too many Whites have been utterly neutered, but those who hate and oppress Whites hold all the levers of power. I have immense respect for those who’ve lost jobs or suffered by speaking out or refusing to comply, but I also understand that people need to survive and – unfortunately – there is no dissident millionaire or general fund to help those who fall afoul of the anti-White regime.

        Was discussing with my husband the continuing media and online demands for vax amnesty, or accusations of “Why didn’t you warn us?” And since I generally regard one’s position on this as a test of IQ and conformity, I have minimal if any sympathy with those whose health has been destroyed by their compliance. And yet . . . my husband asked what I would have done had his employer tried to compel the vax. And I didn’t have an immediate answer other than to hope we could find someone to give him a saline shot and a vax card.

        We all have our limits because, as TomA reminds us, we all still have some degree of comfort or prosperity to lose. And no one wants to be out in front of the crowd when most of said crowd are stupid and cowardly. But when it comes to forcibly feeding children sexual degeneracy, people will volunteer their offspring even while homeschooling is still legal. So we each have choices and justifications and lines we will or won’t cross.

        Very difficult times.

      • Don’t need to go out of your to cause problems for yourself. But a good start would be to not apologize for things that don’t merit an apology.

      • Line: true in sentiment, but there’s a middle ground. Don’t do the seal-clap thing when it happens. “Drop out” as Z says, and refuse to parrot the party line. Just silence is often enough, refusing to given the social sanction – make the person trying to get plaudits for casting out the White Demon feel awkward, and question why you aren’t agreeing with them. Be like the other inmates in cold hand luke; stony disapproving silence works as it is social proof. The warden gives the “some men you just can’t reach” speech because he knows he’s losing the crowd, even though they never say a straightforward word against him.

  28. I’m waiting on the murder case in which the defendant is acquitted due to his victim saying the magic word. I know it’s coming. The popular sentiment to back it up is already there. I don’t think it’s very far away. Possibly any minute now.

    • This has already happened. The savages know it works too so they will just lie and say they said it. I was listening to James Edwards the other day and he told a story of a black woman who sued a gas station for racism for not being served quickly enough. She also claims the owner said something racist even though there’s no proof of that anywhere. She was awarded 1m dollars and destroyed the business. The blax know exactly what they’re able to do and how to use it.

      There is no word big enough to describe my disdain for them. It is immeasurable…

    • It’s already pretty much happened. A 20-something Negro punched a 77-year-old white man in the face last year for using the racial slur, causing fatal injuries.

      The white man has hardly the best example of our race, but he was nonetheless killed over words. The assailant was allowed to plead from a homicide to an assault charge and got zero prison time. No elder abuse charges, nothing.

      Money quote from the prosecutor:

      “…the victim repeatedly used possibly the most aggressive and offensive term in the English language.”


      • I also noticed: “…prosecutors considered the “totality of the circumstances,” including Pujols’ youth…”

        He is 27.

    • See the OJ Simpson case.
      When Mark Fuhrman apparently used the word and denied using it, the case became about using a racial slur (crude, but not illegal) instead of stabbing a woman to death.

  29. Where is all of this going? They say blacks are victims, have been wronged by White society, so now have to be a protected class from “hurtful words” coming from their oppressors. I guess the idea is that eventually blacks become doctors, lawyers, engineers, etc and are as successful and functional as Whites.

    Since that will never happen (nature), and nobody in power will say it, soon it won’t be enough to just outlaw the N-word and provide preferential treatment and cast blacks in every commercial. The only answer is that Whites are oppressors and more must be done.

    Now there’s talk of reparations, ripping down statues of old White guys, teaching children to wallow in guilt and more. What comes next? The black condition won’t improve, and nobody dares to consider reality, so there will be more doubling-down on attacking Whitey. No matter what you do, it’s never enough.

    • We are already there, dude. The great John Derbyshire explained a few weeks ago at Vdare: There used to be debates about whether blacks’ failures/problems are the result of nature (biological) or nurture (culture). Now suggesting either of those will get you in trouble with the Cheka and exiled from society. Now, the only acceptable reason for blacks’ failures is systemic racism which means the malice of white people.

      • Yeah, we are at a point as you describe. But they’re going to take it farther. There will be more steps taken, not sure specifically, but I’d say part of it will be paying them more money, maybe land taken away, etc. It will get worse than it is. And why wouldn’t it? So right now we’re not “there.” “There” is coming, because more must be done to correct the injustice.

        • Another reminder that progressivism has no limiting principle. We went from 1) Obama and Hillary stating they were against gay marriage, to 2) gays just want equal treatment, to 3) pedophiles must be allowed to read to your children and teachers advocating sexual mutilation on students without parental knowledge, in about a 10 year span.

    • I’m not going to make a prediction about how far whites will go humiliating themselves on this altar, because we’re already way past anything I would have expected. But the current reparation minded zeitgeist can easily, I believe, run on for a good century or so before those who believe in it are forced to admit something isn’t working. Taking into account that every generation above the age of 10 or so is already thoroughly indoctrinated, one can safely assume they will remain so for life. Any big change to it will have to come from generations yet unborn.

      • I think things might move much more quickly.
        My guess is that the dollar collapses within a decade.

        One lesson of Ukraine is the degree to which all the economies of the West are one big pump and dump clusterfuck.

    • @Wolf

      “ Since that will never happen (nature), and nobody in power will say it, soon it won’t be enough to just outlaw the N-word and provide preferential treatment and cast blacks in every commercial. The only answer is that Whites are oppressors and more must be done.”

      Exactly right. Since the real reason will not be co side red, it HAS to be because of whites.

    • Wolf Barney: The only ‘solution’ is separation or death. If we don’t separate it’s death for Whites. I’d prefer to make the other side die for their hatred and irrationality.

  30. It seems to me that albophobia, the fear of white people, would be a better choice. Leukophobia sounds too close to the well known word leukemia which carries a negative meaning.

      • Leukemia is a disease; it is rational to be afraid of it.

        Words are processed in the brain both phonetically and by meaning.

        The sound of Luek is already loaded with scariness to average folks. If your doctor says “you have luek…” even before he finishes the word, you will be freaked out.

        In Z-land, a written world, people are weighted towards meaning processing. Leukophobia in this context is funnier because it’s fear of a color.

        If the intention is to promote a word out into the general public, I suggest Albophobia is the better choice.

    • Leuko- (sometimes leuco- ) is from the Greek for “white” or “bright”. It can be prefixed to anything you wish to modify.

      Nothing inherently to do with leukemia.

      • Please get off at the next exit and turn around, as you just missed the point by several miles.

  31. It really is incredible, how the arguably most worthless segment of the population has been elevated to near exalted status in this dump of a former country – to the total detriment of the legacy portion. They can blood libel Whites six ways from Sunday, but there’s hell to pay for one mean thought in the other direction. The one high profile guy who has successfully dodged the N-word bullet is Morgan Wallen – actually seems to have gotten more popular since his brush with eternal damnation.

    The point is we cannot live in a society that includes spiteful White and little hat mutants as well as blacks (to say nothing of all the other s*** stained slop getting in on the act). Some sort of hard separation is ultimately most likely going to be necessary. How that’ll come about is anyone’s guess, but it’s either Us or them, and I’m voting Us.

    • Morgan Wallen’s fans immediately bought more of his music after the incident, which was great. What wasn’t great is that Wallen went through the usual apology and forgiveness ritual.

      • My all time favorite is Axl dropping the word in “One in a Million”.

        I think the proto libtards of back then tried to conjure up their spells and issue all kind of bad juju on him. These spiteful mutants of today where still in their embryonic state, so those proto libtards didn’t have the mass or 24 hour bullshit bullhorn to outright slaughter him. He also dropped a “faggot” in the lyrics for good measure too. To this day he never recanted and it’s still in the original song to this day.

        Good lyrics on a song that reflects some true reality.

    • The previous post by zman was about how conservative Inc has accepted the lefts code of morality. But it isn’t just them, it’s all of society that has been indoctrinated. I remember specifically that as I made the transition to this side of the divide that I felt pangs of anxiety, because I was noticing things that led to conclusions that contradicted the morality I was taught in school and at home. There is a strong impulse in most people to want to be “moral” that trump’s even the desire to be right.

  32. The obvious solution is for Whites to boycott social media. Enriching a bunch of oligarchs bent on the destruction of society makes no sense. The speech/conduct “rules” are constantly changing, arbitrary and retroactive when necessary to cancel somebody.

    Meanwhile, these kids should stop listening to this crappy ghetto music. We’re a long way from Motown now. Imitating rappers is just ridiculous and humiliating conduct for Whites anyway.

    • This is the right take. Why expose kids to this kind of culture and why allow them to remain exposed? Also, social media is clearly an issue. You are right in that the rules are arbitrary and changing. It is widely known that it harm kids’ mental health as well.

      Lastly, even Z tip toes around “the magic word.” Heck, even I tip toe around it. I don’t think it applies broadly but it applies some of the time. The language keepers have succeeded in instilling fear. Does using it draw negative attention to this site?

      • I was taught to think the N-word was used by people of low character. The black kids I played ball with were raised the same way. It was just not something anyone tolerated in the same way that the F-word was not tolerated. Heck, school teachers would correct us for using common slang. You should not need vulgar language to express yourself. That was a good rule that worked, in terms of keeping the peace and discouraging disruptive behavior. Of course, that is why the rule was removed.

        • Years ago Jim Goad at TakiMag said that he was going to adopt a black baby boy and name him Enword, just to watch the ensuing fun.

          Made me laugh, and I still remember the gag.

    • Until dissidents are organized enough where people like Marcus Stokes can get support and back on their feet, we’ll keep losing. It could be as simple as a givesendgo that pays for all his college followed by an insider who can promise him a job on graduation.

      The left managed o do this for literal terrorists in the 1960’s and 1970’s, hence their ascendancy now.

      • I agree with Chet Rollins. We need an organization or a set of organizations that can and will support all of us living through the anti-white pogrom we live through. It needs to be comprehensive in terms of what we can offer and what we can help with.

        Community Support – motherhood and brotherhood
        Legal Support – Organized legal help and class action lawsuits. (Free speech and libel laws don’t protect these guys? A farce)
        Financial Support
        Cultural Support – We can do better than the ghetto garbage. Way better.
        Educational Support – Education so broken its mission has become breaking the souls of white people. We must form our own. That is where my efforts and energies are right now. It is a crime what is happening in our K-* education.

        I agree with Z-Man. We must also get to the root of who is doing this. I suppose Stokes and the hockey guy have some spare time to assist with that.

        The biggest part of this pickle is that there is not a single person who is in a position of power/authority who is taking our side on this. Pundits making money as we leap from outrage to outrage is not having someone who is taking our side. What we need is effective action and we need effective representation and advocacy in the halls of power.

        Aside from the lynch mobs we also have Sheila Jackson Lee proposing legislation to cut out our tongues. An army of new voters who believe in “hate speech” and censorship are coming through high school and college now. It gets crazier by the day.

        At any rate, ‘Hey! Look at what they are doing! That is unfair!’, is not going to get it done. Let’s find out who they really are and at the same time set up our own support networks.

      • But here’s the thing. Stokes probably legitimately believes he was wrong to say “The Word.” He’s not actually //our guy//. He would denounce you and throw you into the void with the utmost fervor, of his own accord, if he knew your inner thoughts. If you extended a hand to a Fellow White, he’d bite it of his own accord.
        OTOH, the Weather Underground etc. people were Their People, heart and soul. By protecting and sheltering them, they advanced their own ideology.
        So it’s not a comparable situation. And that’s the point. The Terror works because it is random, untargeted, and capricious; the Racial Equity Enforcement Officer can show up at anyone’s door for any reason, so no one will ever even timidly support you and those like you.

  33. the football kid is better off not playing football. does terrible things to the human body. a blessing in disguise…

    • Not to mention it will force him to spend almost every waking hour stewing in a broth of toxic blackness.

    • I thought that too. Why is he still trying to play? If he had responsible and wise adults in his life, they’d tell him, “Forget the sportsball, son. Concentrate on a career.” But yet he’s still chasing that dragon. I have as much contempt for Marcus as I do for the Leukophobes.

      Funny that Marcus Stokes is a “black name”, too.

      • If Stokes is at that level, most of his life has been built up around the idea of playing football in college and the pros. It is hard to give up a dream like that. Plus I doubt the family can absorb the cost of college, assuming he is college material in the first place without all the “help” he would get from academic support as a football player.

        Checking online, he now has an offer from West Florida, a Division II school. This article points out how Florida likely dumped him in part because they were able to sign another recruit they thought was better. He also points out how absurdly hypocritical it is for colleges to act like what Stokes did is beyond the pale considering their other scandals.


      • Why should he or anyone else have to live this way? basically you are saying he should accept dhimmitude.

        • I am not arguing in favor of it, I am explaining why he would still want to play. His whole life has been built up around football and he doesn’t want to give it up to be a plumber. I can understand why he would think that way even though I would encourage him to go another route. He shouldn’t have to live that way.

        • Well, zman, actually yes. We are an occupied country, a conquered nation in captivity. We are ruled by hostile foreign elites. We are not a free people. And we should accept this in order to be able to eventually overcome it. You’ll never get people to throw off repression if they think it isn’t repression; people will keep taking poison if they think it’s medicine.
          Perhaps the way to use this is A&A. You should be explicitly stating that, to survive in this “Rules-Based Democratic System of Who We Are,” a White boy has to abase himself as a dhimmi, a conquered and oppressed minority, and pay the jizya. You should know your place, BOY.

          • True. The best slaves think they are free. We live in the most fully realized totalitarian state in history and people go on about liberty. The recovery movement strikes me as a whacked out religion for the most part but one thing it gets absolutely right is you have to hit rock bottom before you get help.

            Self-segregate physically just as you have been forced to do socially. It helps put into perspective how much you have been marginalized, and it also is healthier.

    • A favor indeed. After the career ending knee injury he’s well on the way to a lifetime of jock sniffing just like the loser at SI who ruined him.

    • Yeah but college does terrible things to the mind. Pick your poison, or maybe a trade would be the best. Idk.

  34. Just finished counter-currents covering louis ck’s opinion on open borders and though there was no bigger pos in the western world but junior football player to the rescue. poor bastard.

    • American Krogen has a fantastic 7 minute analysis of C.K.’s life that is priceless. It is worth trying to spread to get some traction.

  35. Twenty year ago, one of my small town cousins played on a football game against a mostly black inner city school. The inner city school, of course, started trash talking his team team to the press, saying something like “we’re going to teach those hick farmers how to play football”.

    On the line during the game, those hick farmers started mocking the other team with such pithy quotes as “shouldn’t you be working in my field right now?” Full on race war level banter going back and forth.

    Now, of course, the entire football program would be cancelled, the coaches fired, and the white school groveling for the next ten years. It’s really amazing the level of acceleration. Can’t say it’s helped race relations either, in removing hurty words, the resentment on both sides is now just bubbling underneath now, buried under a mountain of meaningless platitudes.

    • I see no reason that this exact story could not be un-earthed to destroy someone’s life….rather it’s just a matter of when.

    • I recall in the early 1980s when a local white high school was losing to an inner city school, the white team starting chanting, “That’s alright, that’s okay, you’re gonna work for us one day.” They didn’t realize at the time that they would lose in that later proposition as well.

  36. I feel bad for the hockey kid cause he didn’t get persecuted for acting like a jogger. His defenestration was out of the blue.

    I sort of feel bad for the footballer. However, his parents should have taught him better, to not participate in jogger culture, sportsball, and most of all to not grovel before the ghouls.

    I get some satisfaction that although a white kid is sacrificed to the Leukophobia gods for playing with diversity, it will send a message to countless other whites to seek fun elsewhere, perhaps within their own culture and traditions.

    • I should add that the hockey kid, Mitchell Miller did not get cancelled ‘out of the blue’. The linked article explains he bullied a disabled black kid in 8th grade. Sounds like Miller was a douche, if the stories are true, but he clearly did his penance.

      Now you have league commissioner, old stock Irishman Gary Bettman (autocorrect changes it to Bergman) calling the Bruins’ executives to encourage them to cancel the hiring. You also have the GM apologizing to the black kid’s family, and several players saying Miller is not welcome in their locker room.

      How much more groveling this kid has to do to get back is anybody’s guess. I’m betting he’s done and shouldn’t have apologized at all, and rather sacked up and said I paid for my past indiscretions, it’s over.

      Does anybody doubt if Miller had bullied a white kid, he’d have a hockey career now?

      • Except “bullying” is another loaded and meaningless term. More than likely it was just the usual junior high trash talk. Could even be the disabled kid being a douche and being called on it.

        (We had one like that in my school. He wasn’t disliked because he had a disability; in fact a number of us had tried to befriend him. Rather, he was disliked because he was a jerk. But when someone finally told him to knock it off, the rest of us got the lecture on being nice to the disabled jerk.)

  37. Another example that is sure to generate a lot of excitement among certain readers here is NBA player Meyers Leonard. About two years ago, he said an anti-Semitic magic word on a video game livestream. He was denounced and suspended and has not played in the league since. Granted he was hurt and in the middle of a long injury rehab at the time. He has spent a lot of time groveling, but still hasn’t gotten another shot in a league where over half the owners are Jewish. The Lakers brought him in for a workout this month and elected not to sign him. While Kyrie Irving is a much better player, the fact that he is a black Hebrew Israelite has not gotten him run out of the league yet, for comparison.



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