The Shape Of Things To Come

Someone posted in the comments a link to an Ed Dutton post at VDare that got me thinking about a subject I touch on from time to time. That is, what kind of society will be possible with the history and human capital that will be available to us in the glorious time after this age? Whatever it is will not be like what was done in the past, simply because the material will be vastly different.

All discourse on what passes for the Right tends toward some version of “all we need to do is return to…” What ends the sentence is an idealized version of one of the big three ideologies of the past. Alternatively, people will offer up a vision of the future without mentioning how we get there from here. White nationalism, for example, suffers from the same problem as libertarianism. It exists only as an idea.

This is a problem with politics that we inherited from the Enlightenment, which is to assume you can start with a clean sheet of paper when it comes to politics. In every other area of life, problem solving begins with an assessment of the material at hand and the minimum requirements of the project. This is, in fact, how human society evolves, despite the claims of political philosophy.

This means that the place to start when thinking about the politics of the future is the material that will be available in the future. If the Western order does crumble, as it seems to be doing, then the question is not what will replace the current system but what can replace it. That means taking stock of what the population will look like demographically and spiritually.

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324 thoughts on “The Shape Of Things To Come

  1. Jordan Peterson used to live rent-free in Z-man’s head. Now I think Z-man pays him to live there. Weird obsession dude. Weird.

    Calling him post-modern is like calling a dog a kangaroo. Not just inaccurate, but, weird.

    • (the criminal here is the secte “Americanmind”, and not the bodybuilder community. If A.Mind can’t see than aesthetic is on the hierarchic side – and consequently belong to the political right -, that’s another proof of the toxicity of this site)

    • Bros doing bro shit are the real trannies. Of course.

      In its recent hard turn against all memetically potent right-wing things, Claremont hit its head.

      The little “even Nietzsche admits” bit is a classic “Straussian” flourish, though. Nietzsche admits nothing. He *admires*. DON’T CHECK! The link goes to Wikipedia.

  2. Great show, Z-man, but a little depressing. Sad to know my children won’t be living in the country I once knew.

    • With all due respect, they may not live in the world you grew up in, but they can thrive in a world you help build.

      It’s going to take sacrifice and effort.

    • mine don’t live in the world they grew up in, an clearly my grandkids won’t either. I try to keep them in the faith , and to develop their families best they can .

  3. I can speak to skills collapse. I work in eCommerce software development. That is an area with access to global talent. I can say that critical software APIs such as that from Shopify, Shipstation, and others have declined radically. Both used to have elegant APIs that returned remote objects as “local” ones in languages such as Ruby, Python, etc. that could be easily manipulated and saved back to the remote system. Now, everything is just a JSON object that the developer must manipulate and send back. They just did not have the manpower any more to maintain these APIs in their more complex (but thus more powerful) forms for outside developers. This is with an access to a global workforce of IT professionals. [FWIW, Indian developers have a well earned reputation for being just awful and producing bug ridden code.]

    And this skills gap is playing out against the backdrop of ever increasing hatred. Recently the FBI “recanted” (i.e. pretended to cancel) its KulturKampf against Catholics. They had relied upon the $PLC which characterized those wanting traditional, Latin Rite masses (“aka smells and bells”) as White Nationalists. Obviously to “get” Nick Fuentes and anyone / everyone around him. But they also noted that general Catholics were likely White Nationalists and governments do not hold fine distinctions and the FBI started to target all Catholics. One (Catholic) FBI agent Whistleblower ended his career (but not by much, he would have been purged for being Catholic anyway) by outing this program to Congress. Certainly we can expect a purge of Catholics from government offices, and direct raids by the FBI (basically over the Catholic opposition to the sacred, woke holy rite of Abortion). [This is probably a play by FBI woke White Mormons and blacks against the influx of Latino Catholics to keep power and positions. The joys of a diverse society.]

    Now Biden after watching “Till” has come out saying that White families enjoy watching lynchings and encouraging violence against Whites. Elites really do believe in Wakanda and black girl magic and that non Whites are super geniuses who can replace White males who are incompetent, because they saw it on TV and movies.

    So anti-White pogroms are coming fast, very fast. [Already Newsom in California is bidding for blacks with Reparations funded by White taxes]. Coupled with the reality of non-White skills being basically non-existent outside of NE Asia, look for systems collapse to be total and rapid: air travel (requires White pilots, mechanics, and controllers); train travel (see Ohio), the interstate (requires working refineries), and more as we fight both Russia and China.

    [Victoria Nuland has given the game away on a YouTube inteview, calling for regime change in Russia, breaking up Russia into different nations under Western control, and “aiding” the coming color revolution in Belarus. We have 200K Polish and 50K US troops right at the Polish/Belarus border, the idea is that is the date is really 1991, Putin is Saddam, and one “Thunder Run” will unseat him. A true Hot War with Russia is likely by late spring / early summer with coalition of the Willing invasion of Belarus/Russia.]

    • Since they ousted Saddam in 3 weeks with 160k troops, it’s not hard to believe that the regime believes it can oust Putin with a quarter million possessing wunderwaffen they didn’t have in the desert.

      It’s 350 miles from the Kuwait/Iraq border to Baghdad. More like 650 from the Polish/Belarus border to Moscow. So deploy roughly twice as many troops, figure 6 weeks to victory instead of 3, easy peasy japanesy

      Would you really put it past Nuland et al to believe that?

      • No, that’s what makes Neocons so dangerous. They live in a fantasy of invincibility—which has never been shown against and equally matched opponent. No need to discuss examples, we’ve done that pretty thoroughly on this blog already.

      • “We have only to kick in the door and the whole rotten structure [of the Soviet Union] will come crashing down.” — Adolf Hitler

    • Speaking of mounting incompetence, I have been retired for 5 years after nearly 5 decades of 60-70 hour work weeks and damn few real vacations (yes, burn-out, it happens to the best of us). At the beginning of my career, I spent a decade in refinery engineering at the (then) second largest refinery in the USA; after which, I changed gears into other related work. Today, I’m receiving about a dozen unsolicited help wanted applications at some of the biggest petro-chemical facilities on the planet, and they all sound desperate for any warm body who knows what a refinery does and can keep it from blowing up, which is no small task. The train derailment in Ohio may be a foreshadowing of many other catastrophes yet to come. For those who think a fast collapse is very unlikely, the purge and retirement of professional white males is a ticking time bomb.

      • Tom

        If you don’t mind, a question.

        Can an individual refine raw crude that they pull from their own land? To use in say, small motors and vehicles.

        Not quantity, I just want to know if it’s even remotely feasible.

        Asking for a friend…😬

        • Yes, if you friend has the skills to set up a small fractional distillation column and running it without the whole thing blowing up in his face.

          Not only would he get fuel, he would get a lot of interesting byproducts, some quite toxic, like benzine.

        • Yes, raw crude can be processed into fuels locally, and the yield on these straight-run fuels is dependent on the composition of the crude. The small-scale units that do this are called autostills and they can run autonomously with occasional preventative maintenance; but there is a heavy byproduct that must be burned or disposed, which is non-trivial problem. Most autostills are used on long and remote crude pipeline corridors (Alaska) to generate diesel for generators and support vehicles. The heavy byproduct is returned into the pipeline, so no disposal issue.

    • Whiskey, i also work in that industry but in CRO and creative. The indians i’ve hired are completely incompetent and complete liars. Also, one client has a female programmer, the first i’ve ever met. She made a stupid mistake that cost them about $40,000 in a month. They wouldn’t reprimand her because she’s the only female in tech they have and don’t want to lose another female employee!

      • Coder as well. (I never would have guessed Whiskey was a coder.)

        I’ve met one above average female programmer in my entire life. The rest have invulnerable job security and thirsty men hoping to help them.

    • Vxxc

      I glanced at the linked article and a few things came to mind;

      Legislation was enacted to allow private companies to harvest resources in space? Beggin the Colonels pardon, but any organization that can harvest resources in space doesn’t need “permission”. Methinks they will be able to handle the task.

      They’re gonna need Honkies to partake in colonizing space. Shitavious just doesn’t have the skills.

    • They might consider establishing a terrestrial manufacturing base before they attempt to establish an extraterrestrial one

      The Jamestown analogy is preposterous

      • Agreed. The Jamestown project all relied upon existing technology. It was the social organization, disease and logistics issues that were the primary problems. Once they solved that, they applied long existing technology and the riches extracted were immense.

        I am not opposed to a space project per se. I particularly like the idea of resource extraction.

        A civilization that is throwing open its borders, inflaming a race war aimed at its majority population, lowering or even abolishing standards as part of it, demoralizing the youth, and attempting to decrease the reliability and density of its energy machines and resources doesn’t sound like one that is poised for conquest. That doesn’t even call into account the debt.

        Silicon Valley is a failed elite because of this. I think they believe that free markets are just there and they tap into them. They are like savants. I think they don’t realize that they need a partner elite that is capable of and willing to do what it takes to create the social order and stability required to flourish, much less attempt a new conquest.

        I think that is where the DR can step in. Before it gets entrusted, it will need to prove itself by establishing rule in jurisdictions and succeed in establishing a thriving social order. The Great Separation provides an opportunity. It means that we need to emulate the good of Silicon Valley. Namely, develop a positive vision and be bent on realizing it. This project will require taking control of local jurisdictions and then buidling a social order and businesses and skills that cater to whatever is going to drive a flourishing civilization.

        Our guys need to setup the advanced manufacturing with 3D printing and other machinery and software. We need to attract and train people in the older technological skills and fundamental infrastructure. This will make us invaluable and help us establish loyalty with those of our people left behind. There is a huge opportunity – even as the structures around us break down.

        If the loftier ideas and visions can’t be attained we can be self reliant and skilled and of value to the powers that emerge – or even an indispensible partner to the one that does emerge.

        I was in a hovel in Mordor last night. Looking around the room at this bastion of the elite, I did not see one. The opportunity exists.

    • Nothing too shockingly wrongheaded about that article actually. The author makes good points about the Earth’s gravity well, space having lots more and more easily accessible resources (once you get a foothold there) and the need for an infrastructure to make resource extraction routine.

      The problems are in the implied “meanwhile back home” section that the author expects us to write in our minds for him. So in the great age of exploration the Western nations had robust population growth, elites that were not hell bent on replacing their native peoples, and sufficient home grown industry to build the ships, roads, and later railroads to colonize all the new territory. There were isolated civil wars and wars of religion, in particular the simmering Catholic-Protestant conflicts that flared here and there but nothing like the current situation where there is essentially a Western World-wide civil war between the native Whites and the multi-racial globalist elite usurpers. Frankly until the globalist elites are crushed, nothing like this space race 2.0 plan could move forward.

      There’s also the feeling I got that the article was written for something like National Review and originally scheduled for the March 1985 edition. This is the kind of stuff that appealed to the policy and business elite of that time but who is supposed to be the vanguard to carry this plan forward today? Most of today’s elite are little more that short sighted thieves and gangsters. They would look at a launch facility or rocket assembly plant and think “how much of this stuff can I steal and sell off without getting caught?”

    • this is mental masterbation. We are not going to space. NONE of us.
      I watched the moon landing, it was an amazing feat by amazing people . all dead now . we cannot keep the power grid up anymore much less design spacecraft. There are personel stranded at the international space station right now . Russia is
      planning on trying to put together a rocket to rescue them now. we are losing the ability to do the more complex of things. you got a plan on how that is going to get better with time?
      read all of this:

  4. It’s a great idea to be thinking about the future group power dynamics.

    America will not be a majority white country soon. That’s never going to change. They’re never going back. Not this century. But we aren’t going anywhere either. We have to think about how to secure a future for ourselves and our posterity in this environment. I think segregation is part of the key, or separation. As well as finding allies with other groups.

    The key is, we can’t have any power in the future if we don’t even exist! We won’t exist if we allow ourselves to be bred or “mixed” out of existence.

  5. Can we please get the name or a link to the artist singing the song at the end, would love to download it

  6. Ah, shoot. One more.

    After 17 years of inactivity, the CDC reclassified its toxicological profile of vinyl chloride from 10,000 parts per million to 100,000 ppm…11 days before East Palestine.

    I’m thinking gov might pull a Los Alamos here and purchase the now uninsurable land for 3 cents on the dollar, unless they outright eminent domain it.

    • A few essays back [“The Organism”, February 15th], I posited that if you desired to eradicate the Scots-Irish from Amurrikkkun civic life, then East Palestine, Ohio, would be just about exactly Ground Zero of where you would want to launch your Chemical Weapons attack.

      Fast forward 72 hours, and we get the following news item:

      Residents of a county about 70 miles north of New York City are reporting an “unusual odor” in the area and “residue” on their cars, officials say. The ORANGE county government said in a Facebook post…

      If you look at the terrain maps of East Palestine, it’s abundantly obvious that the heavy stuff would flow down into the Ohio River, and from there into the Mississippi River system [Kentucky, southern Illinois, Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana]; similarly, it was clear that the light stuff would be whisked away by the jet stream across Central Pennsylvania [James Carville’s “Alabama”] and through upstate New York.

      For those who missed it, here’s an animation for the route which the Jet Stream imposed upon the toxic cloud:

      Now as for the heavy stuff, here’s a mashup of screen shots of the creeks which receive the runoff from East Palestine in the north:

      Eventually all of the creeks in East Palestine empty into the North Fork of the Little Beaver Creek; the North Fork then flows south until it joins the Little Beaver Creek proper, in Fredericktown, Ohio; after Fredericktown, the Little Beaver Creek continues south until it empties into the Ohio River, at GLASGOW, Pennsylvania.

      So the heavy waste from the East Palestine chemical warfare attack is going to GLASGOW, Pennsylvania.

      And the lighter-than-air waste from the East Palestine chemical warfare attack is going to ORANGE, New York.

      GLASGOW ?!?!?!?

      ORANGE ?!?!?!?

      The East Palestine chemical warfare attack is clearly an attempt to exterminate the Scots & the Scots-Irish.

    • this is mental masterbation. We are not going to space. NONE of us. Space isn’t north americ with ariable land and resources .
      I watched the moon landing, it was an amazing feat by amazing people . all dead now . we cannot keep the power grid up anymore much less design spacecraft. There are personel stranded at the international space station right now . Russia is
      planning on trying to put together a rocket to rescue them now. we are losing the ability to do the more complex of things. you got a plan on how that is going to get better with time?
      read all of this:

  7. The future is grim. The United States will be a third world country like Mexico by the end of the century for certain- the demographics are inescapable at this point. Europe will be far, far worse.

    • At least in the US there will be a lot of people fighting to save what can be saved. Here in Europe people are complete zombies who will do everything the State orders them to do.

    • There will also be opportunities in the future though. The sun will still come up in the morning. And my guess is technology will continue. There are still hundreds of millions of white people worldwide and even more Asians who can at least copy what’s been developed.

      Certain parts will become Mexico though.

    • History has lessons for us with respect to the demographic reality ahead. A minority of white Spaniards controlled Mexico. A minority of white Portuguese controlled Brazil. A minority of white Afrikaners controlled southern sub-Saharan Africa. All it takes is the will to assert power brutally. As AINO gets more crowded and stupid, the realization that it’s us or them must harden our resolve. There is absolutely no IKAGO. Do not go quietly and submit to doom. TomA has the right idea. His gray man bolt-from-the-blue drumbeat will become a clarion call when SHTF is widespread.

    • Why will Europe be worse? Only france has a 10% nonwhite population. The others are still more than 90% white I think. Europe is headed for economic depression so I doubt they’ll continue importing knuckledraggers at the same rate for the next 75 years.

      • davidcito: “Only france has a 10% nonwhite population. The others are still more than 90% white I think.”

        It is fascinating that the african and oriental races [to include the j00z] all flock to the urban areas, and uniformly eschew rural life.

        [Down South here, there’s an enduring meme which holds that kneegr0wz are mortally TERRIFIED of venturing into the woods.]

        I don’t know but that that doesn’t play directly into our hand: Let the africans & the orientals poison & contagion & rape & murder one another into oblivion, and let the White race live peacefully in rural agricultural bliss [with just enough cottage industry to produce Death Rays and planet-destroying Mega-Bombs and whatnot].

        • Kneegr0ws are mortally terrified of going into the woods.

          That fits with,”what are the top three things blacks fear the most?”

          1) Clowns
          2) Ghosts
          3) Certified mail

  8. (This is a reply to Geese, Sandmich, Ostei below re the Davos plan. Didn’t want to be a skinny column. Forgive my giddiness today, I may not say why, beyond relief.)

    Just as Youngstown, just north of E. Palestine, is a main staging yard for 3 railroad carriers.

    What Apex said- they could’ve had backup engines down there in 2 hours to pull out all the cars.

    Instead, they were carrying 300,000 gallons of a chemical banned in 1974,

    ignored the sensors for twenty miles,

    Let burn for three days,

    Then detached the water cooling lines, which had kept the cars from heating up to dangerous (explosive) levels,

    Dumped the toxics in an open trench,

    Blew the cars and set fire to the toxics-


    Smelling more and more like an inside job. Port of Tulsa lit up a fire last night.
    Five or more such type incidents in about a week.

    (And yes, hitting a truck is technically a derailment, no matter the cause- hitting trucks at crossings may be the most common cause, in fact. The problem is still the cars are off the track.)

    The news didn’t report it for almost two weeks, but found time for balloons.

    The EPA, FEMA, and N/S RR all denied showing up.

    We are under chemical attack. This started with the burning of 1500 churches in Europe and Canada.

    Worse- a Hazmat suit manufacturer reports that the Feds have ordered 10x production, running full out.

    Remember how Chinese companies invested in by a Rothschild scion suddenly had to produce PPE gear for a global pandemic?

    Better still, Agenda 2030 laws authorize the forced relocation of people due to disaster into 15-minute “smart cities”.

    • ps- not a word about dioxin, which American policy clears out towns and claims the land for. The cloud was a dioxin plume.

      One wag put it- “This is how you gas 6 million Americans”

      Think they didn’t do the Morganthau / Kaufman (“Germany Must Perish”) Plan? The Avengers plan of national poisoned bread loaves?
      They’re doing it now.

  9. Well, I guess if the juice were holding sway over substantially smarter populations a century or two ago, based on the way things are demographically headed currently, we can surmise the future – and the legacy White population won’t be calling any shots whatsoever.

    • Gee, who might’ve sold this bright idea to carnivorous elites, painting it with all the promises they’d want to hear?

  10. Your assumptions are wrong. Germany could have easily established an ethno-state in Germany if they hadn’t decided to conquer the world. Nobody cared about that then, and none of the non-Western powers of today would care about it now.

    Look what the Soviets and the Chinese got away with and the only reason they did was because they did it within their borders. The only push back they received was due to their ambitions to conquer neighboring states and the world.

    • I’d have to take issue with that. Germany never wanted to “conquer the world.” They wanted to conquer Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union. (I will, however, concede that had Germany adopted a policy of “containment” and created a militarized border with the USSR after recapturing Poland in 1939, they might have successfully created their ethnostate).

      And I’d have to disagree that the USSR and PRC engaged in their repression within their “own borders.” The Soviet Russia was clearly an expansionist empire, adding Ukraine to the USSR in 1922 and annexing the Baltic Republics in 1940.

      Han Chinese Communists took control of Tibet in 1950.

      • “The world” may be a little hyperbolic but conquering all of eastern Europe plus France, Norway, Denmark, low countries is close enough to guarantee the same response from the rest of the world.

        There is some decent scholarship out there that Germany’s invasion of Russia was defensive, based on Hitler’s knowledge/belief that Stalin intended to conquer Germany in the near future anyway, thus Hitler preferred to fight that battle in Russia instead of in Poland/Germany.

      • Okay, so maybe Germany was too divisive to use as an example, so how about Franco of Spain, Trujillo, Pinochet,or Porfirio Díaz. This is one subject you can just keep going on. It’s tyrant after tyrant, after tyrant and the world gave not one shit if they weren’t a threat to their security. The idea that you can’t have an ethno-state because the world will stop you, is just wrong.

    • I hate to say it, but the Germans did kill 20 million Russians. They had to try to get to those gas supplies, and the massing Soviets got the east anyways.

      Not sure how “conquering” Europe is the the world, neutral states such as Spain and Ireland were not attacked, even Mussolini sheltered J’sh refugees…but still, 20 mil is 20 mil.

      • Where does that number come from?

        Operation Barbarossa, the Nazi attack on Soviet Russia, began in June 1941. Roughly four years later the war was over. So, maximum the German presence in Russia lasted about 1,500 days. Of course, in reality it was considerably shorter and became ever less deadly for Russians, as the German forces were in retreat after the Battle of Stalingrad (winter/spring 1942/43), and soon at pains to defend the homeland. But let’s keep the calculation simple, and assume 1,500 days.

        If that 20 million number were correct, it would mean the Germans roughly killed about 13,500 Russians per day. I find that an implausibly high number.

        • 27 million is what wikipedia says. Supposedly 8 or 9 million were from disease, leaving almost 20 (both military and civilian) to be accounted for by combat.

          I have seen some aspiring revionist ‘historians’ trying to assert that the Soviet success in pushing back the Germans was due to military prowess and not just to big dumb human wave attacks. But if they wish to support the 27 million figure, they can’t really have it both ways. Since there’s no other possible way but the human waves for the Soviets to have lost that many.

          Even had the Germans possessed the aerial bombing capacity of the western allies (which they didn’t, nowhere close), that western allied bombing assault was responsible for “only” about half a million German deaths over a 3 year period. So the 5-7 million civilian dead that the Soviets claim would have had to be carried out “in person” at the rate of close to 5,000 a day. Hard to believe.

          The 27 million figure does become vaguely plausible if the Soviet command was indeed purposefully, indiscriminately throwing away the lives of their own people. But no other way.

          • The West’s media is pushing the “human wave attack” bullshit today.
            It was wrong then and now.

  11. Great Podcast today . Our elites seem to be hell bent on minimizing the number of us that are left after the current order breaths it’s last . their preferred method seems to be sterilization . through the trans agenda , which leads to lifetime sterility even though most of the kids into it detrains . the hormones render them sterile .
    also the constant social institutional pressure to be gay. I have read that 20% of gen z says they are non-binary. have friend who teaches in a 95% minority school , he says it’s almost non existent there. despite Lil’Nas , they are both basically white phenoms.

    the bottleneck will occur when they drive this to the point of failure .

    • “Traditionally,” to misuse the word a bit, non-whites have been more homosexual, trans[whatever], etc. Academics have “traditionally” counted that a major point against whiteness. People of humanity have third-sex two-spirited ladyboys, while people of monstrousness are against all that. The two sexual aberrations “traditionally” attached to whiteness—incest and interracial rape—are actually rarest there, they admit when it’s time to decolonize incest and cast failure-to-rape as racism. Even when historical whiteness accepted pederasty, it was as anti-love, toxic masculinity, displaced misogyny, anal capitalism. Etc.

      If sexual-perversion-as-identity has *really* been made a white thing, it’s really been *made* one, very suddenly. New Soviet They/Them. We should doubt it, first.

      • Another confirmation: as far back as we can go, whites, even rulers, had only one wife. Is monogamy also a ‘white’ thing?

          • Still, it does seem like monogamy was the general rule for white people even back in pagan times. Of course, powerful guys had women on the side, or serial wives.

            But I don’t think we went in for the harem that much. It’s an interesting question.

        • To the best of my knowledge, Whites are the only race which evolved far enough to embrace {1-man}/{1-woman} romantic sexual notions of child-making and child-rearing.

          All the other races are fundamentally polygamist in nature.

          [My understanding is that the diaspora j00z were still openly practicing polygamy in Holland within the last 250 years or so, and, to this day, polygamy is still not illegal in j00ish law. Furthermore, this serial marriage/divorce/marriage/divorce/marriage/divorce behavior pattern of contemporary j00z (not to mention hypergamy itself) is effectively polygamy.]

  12. A polarized “democracy” won’t work. When 50% of the population demands one thing, but 50% + 1 demands the exact opposite, the 50% + 1 side wins. And the 50% gets their nose rubbed in the dirt. This sort of works when everybody agrees on the same founding principles, have shared genetics, and have common interests.

    If 60% of the population demands that I be stripped of all my possessions for equity and reparations purposes, well that’s a problem for me. And the other 40%. It doesn’t matter whether it was “democratic”. It just cannot be allowed, and a system trying to enforce the “democratic will of the people” will run into issues projecting force.

    The authority of the federal government will be declining quite a bit. They’ll say things and pass laws, but who’s going to follow them? Who is going to enforce them, with a declining IQ? They can say that there are 9 genders all day long, but myself and like minded people educate our kids that there are only 2. What they declare doesn’t matter.

    Z is probably right, we will end up with less federal power, and more regional and local power centers. The government may not care about the well-being of Appalachia for example, but life will continue on there regardless. People will work, have families, own businesses. White people will increasingly have nothing in common with the rulers and the power centers, and be relegated to rural and remote areas. Life will go on, for a while.

    Unfortunately, it also seems like the people in charge are not able to leave white people alone. For example, Orania is completely inconsequential to everything, yet a town of 2,000 Boers is still unacceptable. As long as a few of us exist, there will always be an Orania somewhere. Or just a nicer street. The regime’s biggest issue is the white person problem, and it remains to be seen how they deal with that.

    That’s where the “democracy” problem comes into play. Once the system is seen as illegitimate, then a vote of 60% to steal all your stuff is also illegitimate.

    • And, if people realize that the 60% “vote” was rigged from the beginning, voted on by people we have nothing in common with, and are actively hostile to our people.

    • The people in charge rely almost exclusively on centralized power. They certainly do hate Oranias, but they increasingly will have less ability to destroy them as systems crash and burn and fragmentation follows. From the perspective of a GAE subject, I think we will see Eastern Europe first abandoned, then the Western part of the continent along with Britain and Canada, and finally the States themselves will peel away. These divisions as often as not will be along racial lines. As Z mentioned, there won’t necessarily be formal declarations of independence and formalized nation-states, and the trappings of past empire may be maintained, but it will be quite difficult for the de facto emperor of Appalachia to maintain power if he seeks to abolish Whiteness. Mass migration is the Hail Mary for TPTB but the invaders generally will end up in the cities with the most gibs and where they tend to live.

      Our interim objective has to be to separate and survive, and take a page from the invaders and wrangle as much as possible from TPTB before things fall apart.

    • The emptiness of mere majority calculus deprives legality of all persuasive power.
      Carl Schmitt, Legality and Legitimacy

      One of his most underrated and under read books

    • WHOA!!!!

      Guess what Orania produces?


      Answer: PECANS !!!!!

      I love me some pecan pie.

      Mmm mmmmm good.

      I wonder how the pecans made it from Appalachia to South Africa?

      Some botanist must have had a genius-tier inspiration when he came up with that idea.

  13. In every other area of life, problem solving begins with an assessment of the material at hand and the minimum requirements of the project.

    Fair enough, with my livestock I am aware of some combination of animals that I can’t pen together in a small space for long periods, because one or more will get bullied, beaten up and underfed.

    Looking at current America, penning the warring factions away from each other so they can each live in the types of societies they prefer seems like an obvious first step.

    • Oh come now. If you just shelter some refugee honey badgers with your bulls, they’ll come to understand each other. Heck, they could marry and have beautiful children.

    • especially for women ! my god what they have been able to do to some of my kids friends in 4 years would make the best brainwashers for the CCP blush with admiration. … come to think of it , our universities may BE the CCP’s best brainwashers!

        • Women have ruled schools and universities for four decades already, and yet their cries of Oppression inflicted by predator males and toxic masculinity only get louder and more shrill. It’s called consolidation of power.

          The U.S. and other anglo nations have been tacit gynarchies since the mid-Eighties. Nations of endlessly empowered females, and disenfranchised, scapegoated men and boys. Everybody’s precious daughter goes directly to the head of the class or job-opportunity, while the devil takes the male hindmost. That is, takes the ‘gender’ that is far more likely to resist totalitarianism and evil. Make that Eve ill.

      • Funny, but the universities were pushing leftist ideology before the CCP even existed. I think universities are worse than the modern CCP which is mainly a Confucian authoritarian outfit similar to what China has always had.

    • J. Rockefeller created the General Education Board along with the petropharmaceutical medical system. He wanted employee workers who learned to sit down, shut up, ask for permission, and do what they’re told.

      (By the way, he was the richest man in the world.)

    • Here’s my mixed feelings though: the women who go sterile and the kids who go trans, aren’t they mainly from the liberal groups?

      Maybe it’s not so bad if those treasonous white groups don’t reproduce.

      • I’ve been telling people this for about two decades now: The Whites which survive the Great Culling will have Amygdalae so large that their personalities will send a chill down your spine.

        Effectively it will be a renaissance of Neanderthalism, but with an infinitely more powerful ability on the part of the neo-Neanderthals to sense [and therefore to eradicate] Cro Magnon Passive-Aggression.

        • Viewed through this perspective, Biden’s repeated railing against “neanderthalism” takes on a whole new meaning

  14. While this was an excellent podcast, I think it really doesn’t address what for me is an elephant in the room, which is the mainstream anti-White hatred and resentment. At minimum, we are going to be discriminated against in severe ways.

    Though I would agree that physical destruction in not in the cards for some time due to numbers alone, I wouldn’t rule it out either in the longer term. There is absolutely nothing in mainstream thought that says the anti-White training and public propaganda is going to abate. If anything, I believe it likely to become ever more hysterical and vitriolic as society breaks down.

    Perhaps the term “White Sabotage” will come into use to explain away the failures in say, air travel or why the trains are late or derailing. We see this in South Africa. The more non-White its “elite” becomes, the more it blames White people for everything wrong in their society and the more White people are discriminated against. They now have a large political party who enjoy singing about killing the Whites. It is probably only external threat which holds them back.

    Anyone who scoffs at the idea that we will be subjected to horrible discrimination and possible physical destruction need only ask a small hatted friend what years and years of propaganda against them is capable of inducing in the population. If we are the root of all problems (climate destruction, climate change, inequality, poverty, systemic racism, patriarchy etc) , is it really that much of a stretch to say we need to be rooted out of all power and influence at a minimum? They are already doing this to an extent. It is already required that any business doing business with a business that does business with the feds or state authorities must discriminate against White people. There are court cases mandating blacks be a certain percentage of actors in advertisements.

    Whatever is to come in the future, this problem will have to be addressed first. Otherwise, we will be sleepwalking into a nightmare.

    • I agree with this in general but there is a particular point that gets lost. I haven’t seen a single demographic model, although it may have been missed, where the current White majority becomes anything other than a large/the largest plurality over the next century or so. I am among those who don’t expect the United States as the polity we now recognize to last anywhere near that long. California is an outlier now with a bare Hispanic majority, and undoubtedly this will happen as well in Texas and Arizona (it’s been the case some time in New Mexico and basically always has been true in Hawaii, and even now in Texas Whites are a plurality).

      My point is that South Africa isn’t a good analogy. Yugoslavia is, though. The same result will attain–fragmentation and ethnic cleansing in the aftermath. Short-term, that is worse than South Africa although over the long term it will result in a degree of peace for Whites in consolidated areas. The fragmentation well underway now largely is racially drive although few openly will admit it.

      I haven’t listened to the podcast yet, but anti-White hatred certainly would be needed to be considered in future scenarios. I’ll respond to the podcast after listening to it.

      • If they have their own national anthem performed before the Super Bowl, shouldn’t they have their own nation?

        Can’t we have a separate nation for them?

        • Negroes would recoil in horror from having their own nation because they know the only way they can have a decent life is when they’re sponging off whitey’s civilization. They talk the talk, but dam’ sure are not going to walk the walk. A real pity, that.

        • I think we need to get our posture correct. I suspect the proper posture for us is not to ask if they can have a separate nation. I suspect it is for us to demand a separate nation for ourselves. That starts by the ongoing great separation and building our own things – including media.

          The problem will come when we control zero of the ports. Cost of materials and access to supply chains will be problematic. We will have to ensure that a few of the Oranias are critical major river and Oceanic ports. We’ll make it happen. Medieval Spain is a good metaphor and place to look. We should inspire our posterity to have a grander plan that looks like the reconquista. It can happen. Our people can summon their will.

    • It is not coincidental that the race most fundamentally alien to the white race (the negroid) is the one being deified. I think the people who hate whitey the most seek to punish him by mandating negro worship. Whites are effectively forced to do obeisance to people who are their diametrical opposites physically, psychologically, intellectually, and morally. What could be more humiliating and nauseating than that?

      • I actually disagree that Africans are the most different from Europeans. Europeans and Africans don’t have poor relationships with each other on an individual basis.

        I personally feel Asians are much more alien to Europeans than Africans are.

        Obviously not advocating open borders with Africa.

        • Orientals are willing and able to appreciate classical music, the white man’s crowning achievement, while negroes are not. That tells you most of what you need to know.

          • Talking to the Filipino, I realized Denisovian Asians were the Plan B after us in the design.

            They, however, couldn’t originate what we could, because they’re subject to the same spiritual vulnerability as all the other one-alleles (black/brown, one allele for hair/eye color, e.g. the nonwhites)

            Their astonishing blasé cruelty is proof of this.

          • pss- he thought Thanksgiving celebrated whites slaughtering all the Indians; yes, he was raised in American schools.

      • I think East Asians and Africans are most opposite with Europeans in the middle. Rushton published a chart showing this to be true for dozens of traits

    • There are court cases mandating blacks be a certain percentage of actors in advertisements.

      Good. Maybe that will finally put a limit on how many of them appear in them.

      • Amazon Films has quotas. They seek to enforce those quotas across the entire industry. They don’t need court cases. Whites do. It won’t do any good as the judiciary is filled with and getting fuller with anti-white judges.

        We will have to make our own films on our own terms and find someone to patronize them.

    • I feel the anti-white radicalization of POCs will not be able to be switched off. It taps into their deep-seated feelings of inferiority towards white people, in particular white men. They lap up the woke-ism and CRT.

      Of course, the ideology just makes the men less attractive to women, as bitter, thin skinned, whiners are not attractive to anyone. It is a very feminine mindset too, that is internalized by POC men.

      We basically have an entire generation of people being brought up to despise white people, their nations, and the entire West. Far beyond the normal intra-civilizational competition. It has already turned into sexual violence in much of Europe. Violence in America has existed for a long time, but with the new imports it’s going to get 1000x worse. No reason that it won’t continue to worsen, and potentially spiral out of control.

      Every POC male dreams of destroying white society and raping every white woman. Every POC woman is disillusioned and bitter because Chad pumped her but dumped her for a white woman.

    • Tars, as you’ve sagely noted, Whites are blamed for everyone else’s failure everywhere they are a minority to a majority non-White. As has been said, a society may be able to do without god, but never without the devil.

      • Huh. Most non-white societies don’t have a God, either, no hierarchy beyond my warlord against yours, or submitting to the Emperor’s troops. I think that’s why some were delighted with the novel idea. Plenty of devils, though, as Mike Austin pointed out.

    • The vibrant founder of Chobani, who was only able to do so via an extremely favorable SBA loan, has stated this is his life’s goal.

      The problems his imported workforce has caused in Twin Falls, ID alone speak for themselves.

    • “I for one welcome our new big booty latina waifus. The european ones aren’t exactly living up to their obligations so.”

      Ironically, a latina or asian wife is more likely to appreciate a white husband for being white. A white women would find the idea of appreciating the race of her white husband “pathetic.”

      This commercial is another great example of the leftwing fantasy totally divorced from reality. They’re going to keep putting this stuff on screens even while the street fall apart in the real world and nothing works. Because “it’s the right thing to do.” They never re-examine their beliefs in the face of failure; they just double down harder.

      • The memes about the extraction of most WN guys’ girlfriends and wives are….surprisingly accurate….

      • Even ignoring the race crap in the yogurt commerical, where are all the factories and mines required to manufacture all those machines that let the brown people have their farm without doing any manual labor?

    • This Kurdish Ben and Jerry’s wife in real life isn’t the brown princess in his commercial.

      SSquirel – we need to stop bagging on our women. We need to break the conditioning. There are plenty of great women in our people who are waiting for our men to man up and stop whining. Play the long game.

      As for the Kurdish ingrate – at least he started a business and became a billionaire. Where are our guys? Get a dairy, hire some deplorables and get cracking. You can grab a bunch of his market with a great product and a killer marketing campaign aimed at our people. Become the Above Time of yogurt and cheese. The controversy over white only ads will be a marketing coup.

      Same goes for razors, greeting cards, ads … … Whining is what losers do. Go get his business and the steal his wife.

      • ‘There are plenty of great women in our people who are waiting for our men to man up and stop whining.’

        Ah! The neocon fembot doth bleatest! Plenty of great women LOL.

        Speaking of Reality Ruling, you live in a feminist nation that has been a functional gynarchy for four decades already. You are a nation of geldings and the females that rule over them. Women control ALL of your institutions. Chow down on that Reality.

        The females that rule over you ascended to their positions of authority via that very ‘whining’ of which you accuse men. Meanwhile, the Prog Establishment and the daughter-daddies of New Amerika cry out that ‘men need to man up’, marry their bloated, entitled termagants, and save the nation from the totalitarian feminism that these men and their empowered princesses created themselves.

        No thanks. Find another sucker.

  15. Wow, we’re tackling fundamental taboo subjects now. That can’t be a good omen. OK, here goes.

    First, the Cloud People have predictive models too, and their models tell them that the ultimate solution is to homogenize everyone into an insect-like colony with worker bees, guard bees, administrative bees, and queen bees. They are working to achieve this through DNA manipulation (hello mRNA vaccines), high intensity social indoctrination (cell phone addiction), and carrot/stick behavior modification (Onlyfans/Cancel Culture).

    The sane among us absolutely do NOT want this outcome and will fight against this when reality can no longer be ignored. My model says that that will not happen in any effective way until the environment fundamentally changes via a serious collapse event. You could substitute world war for collapse, but that ends in a nuclear exchange, so not optimum.

    And when things get real, as in existential survival, the biggest hurdle to remedy is all the good men serving as LEOs/NGs/military that will defend the citadel to the death. And mutual annihilation between patriots and LEOs is also not optimum (you get a whole lotta dead alphas). Better is to avoid direct confrontation use other methods to accomplish goals. Methods that circumvent the Goliath’s strengths and take maximum advantages of its weaknesses. And this means smarter, not harder; so the winner is going to have to possess a higher IQ, which solves the problems discussed in today’s podcast.

  16. All right, that’s it, that’s IT!

    We can have segment titles, but…

    You aren’t going to get a lick of work done. I’ll have a kiddie pool with half a dozen naked female oil wrestlers in that front room SO fast…

    Unless tell us who is singing what song!!

    • Yes -who sings that rendition of Tomorrow? You’ve played it off and on and I can never find that version.

      • I tracked it down, it’s by Saga. Although Zman’s lovely version has been scrubbed from english language youtube (the atonal farcical versions remain of course) I did manage to find an upload that has thus far slipped through the cracks. To avoid drawing the eye of sauron upon the source I’ve stripped the audio and put it here:

    • “Tomorrow Belongs to Me” was written for the 1966 musical “Cabaret,” which later became the 1972 film with Liza Minnelli. The musical celebrates the decadence of Weimar and warns of the rise of Nazism.

      As the wiki page explains, the song was intended as anti-fascist.

      The song is sung by the Hitler Youth and it’s supposed to terrify you. Funny, it has a different effect on me. Saga, the singer, clearly repurposed the song’s original intent.

      “Almost immediately after the first stage performances of Cabaret, it became clear that ‘Tomorrow Belongs to Me’ could widely be misunderstood. There were complaints from people who were insistent that they had heard the song in use as a genuine Nazi anthem.”

  17. When the Roman Empire collapsed there weren’t thousands of nukes scattered across it. This time the whole planet might go up in smoke. Why wouldn’t at least one of the spiteful people in charge decide to take the whole world with them?

    • because the command chain to actually launch any of those is very complex and convoluted. A lot of people have to say yes and only any failure in communications, equipment or gap in procedure will stop the launch. General rainbow Milley bragged to the media that he would have never signed off on a launch if trump ordered it. one guy like that and the launch is scrubbed.

      for example, during the Cuban missile crisis soviets accidently sent one of their nuke subs the launch command. perfectly legitimate launch command. the sub had 4 people who had to put their key in the launch . one of them decided he didn’t believe the launch was real, even though it came from the proper channel with the correct information. he turned out to be correct but it was days before they found out . the chances of anyone getting a real launch off is verry small. the media and movies have conditioned us to believe it is just push a button and they are off. that’s not reality.

      • One of the several things the Americans learned in conferences with the Russians after the USSR dissoved which shocked them was that Nikita had indeed given Fidel the launch codes.

    • This isn’t the place to get into those kinds of granular details, but there’s no guarantee (or even probability) that the human project as a whole ends because of nuclear catastrophe. Large swaths of the world will be screwed, and die, but it’s the exact kind of intense selective pressure that ensures whoever remains is actually up to the challenge of rebuilding. Scandinavia has some very resilient underground infrastructure. In America, the people most likely to hunker in Ravenrock or other hardened locales will be those who started the War (assuming they don’t bug out to Israel), but they’re not hardy enough to feed themselves, like the Finns or Swedes would be, once they emerge. I doubt Bill Kristol or Victoria Nuland have ever even caught a fish.

    • MAD’s perfect record of deterrence to date is notable. Nothing guarantees or has ever guaranteed peace as well as nuclear weapons. Although GAE is testing that now.

    • This is true and not true. Do you know how much infrastructure it takes to maintain a nuclear arsenal? I don’t mean a server farm that can be thrown up in a couple of months in Palo Alto. I mean real infrastructure like nuclear reactors and particle accelerators to produce the tritium used in the triggers. It’s only got a half life of 12 years. Couple of decades and none of the nukes work. I’ve heard in an interview that ours aren’t even being maintained now. Obama curtailed the maintenance and now a lot of the expertise has died or retired.

      • Granted that’s true (the tritium is depleted) = the fusion load is a dud. There is still an “atomic” (fission) bomb required to light it off. Not nearly as explosive as a fusion bomb, and perhaps smaller than the WW II A-bombs since it would have been engineered to touch off the fusion payload. Even so, a small A-bomb would do a lot of damage, far more than any conventional warhead.

        Actually, the above if widespread, would be a semi-merciful WW III scenario: launch all the missiles and just get 100 or a 1,000 Hiroshimas instead of the same number of Bikini Atolls.

        [All the above with the proviso that my knowledge of such matters is kindergarten level.]

  18. Low-trust, collapsing society would be beneficial for the cause of white nationalism, because it would force people to retreat to kin-groups, right?

    • I’d think so. It just becomes too dangerous to indulge your stupid fantasies of race not mattering and so on. If the Jewish success can be explained by their intense tribalism – in addition to various deals with dark powers – then there is a pretty good case to be made for imitating that.

      • I’m not saying it’s a strategy to be adopted. Kind of messed up to will such a thing. A plausible future reality, though.

        Idk, some place to start from. Normiecon could go DR3 with it, honestly. All depends how you look at it!

    • “collapsing society would be beneficial for the cause of white nationalism, because it would force people to retreat to kin-groups, right?”

      You’re not taking into account the fact that your biggest enemy is shitlib whites who hate other whites, and that they’re just using brown people as pawns against their “fellow” whites.

      • Like btp notes, I think antiwhite animus is a luxury item for most of them.

        Maybe the more likely counter is Z’s theory of the custodial state. If big corp is still able to provide, that’s who those idiots will follow.

  19. I’m a low IQ doctor. You don’t have to be that smart to be a doctor. A lot of it is rote.

    What evidence does Dutton marshal that people are getting dumber? I would agree that average iqs are going down because low iq groups are becoming a higher percentage of the population of white countries, but among nice, white people, I get the impression that IQs are increasing. I think education is getting better(again, in white or Asian areas), at least in Stem. I know more kids who have scored 800 on the math SAT than ever were around when I was young. There seems to be greater interest in nerd like activities, like gaming.
    I attribute these gains not to an improvement in the genome, but to factors like better nutrition, lower rates of smoking and alcohol consumption, etc.

    • Reaction time, math and reading skills, and per capita innovation all peaked well over a century ago. Some people say they’re relatively constant among whites and asians. Others say even whites have gone down, while asians have gone up (due to immigration from the most intelligent sects of asian countries in recent decades). Charles Murray mentioned that universities were creating an environment of high IQ parents meeting each other and having even higher IQ children, but far fewer children, in The Bell Curve from 1991.

    • Philosemite: Bear in mind they have renormed the SAT numerous times, so an 800 score today would have been a 600 score ‘x’ number of years ago. Many of the high scorers have also taken numerous prep classes (not nearly so routinely attended 20, 30, 40 years ago). There is also significant evidence of Asian and dot Indian cheating on the SAT. It is not a good proxy for intelligence, even if it was initially intended as such.

      If you want to meet some of the spergiest, most self-obsessed people go join Mensa. Raw intelligence can be quantified in a number of ways, but is insufficient in and of itself for a successful life. Perseverance, diligence, curiosity, and other characteristics matter as well. These all have a strong genetic component just like IQ.

      • I know, but the math hasn’t changed that much, that’s why I said that one. Young people are getting more woke too, but I attribute that to brainwashing.

    • “better nutrition, lower rates of smoking and alcohol consumption, etc”

      Mysel, herr doctor, I’d attribute their rising genius to a vastly expanded and improved supply of psychtropics and multitudinous pronouns.

    • Recent evidence on dysgenic trends (February 2021)

    • A lot of universities are complaining that they have to remediate classes because high schools don’t teach the fundamentals. A college calculus class his dumbed down to a high school level.

      I do think that at the high end things are as good or better. At the same time 3g4me makes good points. Science and engineering require not savants but people who are practical and have common sense. The math is used to solve a problem.

      A huge number of the youngsters are so filled with propaganda they will waste their lives trying to save the planet instead of solving a real problem. A rotten system gets rotten results. Better to have brilliance tinkering in a garage than building a surveillance state that is going to bankrupt itself building it.

    • SAT scores have been re-normed on more than one occasion in the past forty years. The questions are easier (fewer analogies and items probative of a deep vocabulary) and a perfect 800 allows for a greater number of incorrect answers.
      Frankly, the correlation of increased gaming activity with higher IQ in the younger generations is a midwit idea. Stick to medicine and try to avoid causing too many iatrogenic deaths.

    • Today’s 800 on the SAT isn’t remotely comparable to the same score on the SAT of 50 or even 20 years ago. We are in Participation Award territory, and have been for a very long time. Please place your tray in the upright and locked position and fasten your seat belt. We are going to be in for some turbulence.

    • Philosemite:

      Letting people know you’re a doctor was tactically gonna end any rational discussion of any point that you’re gonna make on this site.

      It took A mere minutes for the ad hominem personal attacks against your intelligence to begin. Even though you headed them off at the pass by being self deprecating.

      And you know what?
      This is one of the most telling outcomes of Covid. Drs. Have slowly destroyed the trust between themselves and patients over decades, but they was still a baseline level of affection between them and their patients, where most patients felt like the doctor , at the end of the day would have their back, come hell or high water.

      The complete betrayal of the common Man by not just the medical community, but the individual doctors themselves , the vast majority of individual doctors anyway, has permanently ruptured their standing and relationship in society. Likely forever

      And only doctors have themselves to blame. A guy like you who probably went into it, and still are into it to do his best to help people : is going to get mocked at best and threatened at worst.

      There’s an underlying baseline level of dislike many of this site’s posters had to begin with.
      Now, they have proof to justify it. It’s a real shame.

      My old man, may God rest his soul, was one of 8 docs in a three town area in Louisiana, and they were among the most respected men in the cities.
      His clinic was six blocks from our house. It was open “technically” 24 hours a day seven days a week.

      Think of the movie Doc Hollywood. That was my hometown.

      Everyone had his number because it was in the phonebook.

      You call Dr. Deville or any of his colleagues, they would take care of you come rain or shine…24/7

      That’s gone permanently

  20. when you talk of “materiel at hand” also think of “energy at hand”. even now the termites are dismantling our energy production. without cheap fossil fuel – and reliable delivery of same – you are talking about a fire wood based economy…and a concomitant population level. huge swaths of this continent are uninhabitable in the absence of oil based energy. the sustainable population is whatever it was back in the early 1800’s.

    • Great point. The midwest plus texas and maybe alberta and saskatchewan should start their own country. That will give them all the food and oil they’d ever need, plus access to the gulf of mexico and the great lakes for international trade. The coastal liberals can enjoy their bug protein and electric vehicles… until the cobalt, cadmium, and lithium mines in africa are cut off.

      • Last night at happy hour a bugman told me the EV metals shortage would be solved by mining asteroids.

        He’s one of those types that grew up in a rural area believing it’s his life’s duty to reject and demonize his roots as hard as possible.

        • Hilarious. We’ve not even been able to get back to the moon. Asteroid belt? Mining? Transporting ore for processing—here or in space? Timeline? This guy is a midwit at best.

          • Comp-

            I’m sad to say the guy is a director of R&D at a sister firm under the corporate umbrella over both of us.

            Now, I think I’ll go have another beer or seven.

          • Still, he is a Midwit. Dutton describes these folk as smart enough to say what is expected/approved by their peers for approval and advancement, but *not* smart enough to understand the error in what they say.

            I’m paraphrasing here, but the gist is correct.

  21. Noted, thanks!

    “ERROR: Your comment was too short. Please go back and try your comment again.”

  22. I’ve already written off the airports of USA, it’s not just the pilots, it’s the fellas and lovely ladies, the traffic get there, the cancellations. I listened to the podcast sitting in my f150 in los Angeles while droves of Koreans walk and drive by with masks on. Tomorrow belongs to me made , how should put this, melancholy…

  23. Ed Dutton’s interest in IQ strikes me as a lot less solipsistic and narcissistic than that of someone like Sailer or Moldbug. Sure, it’s a matter of the edges where the really smart and stupid dwell, but it’s ultimately about the mean. Something like theoretical physics is fascinating, but if you like flushing toilets and roads that don’t break your axels, you have to think about the “humpback” of the bell. Also super-intelligent people usually need an armature of decent, practical people to help them survive long enough to make cool inventions. My example is always the professor with bad dandruff who can fill a chalkboard with equations but then somehow locks himself in the classroom and needs a janitor to let him out.

    It’s this balance—synergy between super-smart and super stable—that really explains white domination of everything. Asians (as Sailer and Sinophiles like Derb constantly remind us) have on average higher average IQs than whites. But they’re too authoritarian and frankly soulless and mutually distrusting. Jews have radically high IQs but the neuroses cancel most of that out. Whites are in that Goldilocks zone with a good balance.

    So if we’re naturally the most obvious ones to reassume power after things fall apart, the main question, for me, is this: Do the other groups admit this and get out of the way, or does their jealousy and hatred mean they prefer to live in a bloody world without plumbing and with potholed roads as long as the strongman looks like them? The evidence is all around us in the Third World. There are handfuls of candid people there shouting “White man, come back!” but they’re in the minority.

    The worst part is that someone like Ilhan Omar or Cortez (and they are the demographic future) is dumb enough to believe in a cargo cult. That beautiful Capitol building and its ideals aren’t the result of those dead racist white men. Whoever sits in the offices spoking out from the central rotunda is in possession of D.C.’s magical democracy power, and therefore will just naturally be blessed to rule prudently. When someone comes to Prez Cortez (it could happen) and tells her the planes keep falling out of the sky, her response will probably be, “Try calling the planes racist until they fly again.” It’s a bit like watching the ape men in 2001 approaching the strange black monolith.

    • The 3rd world hasn’t hit bottom yet. That happens after all subsidization by the 1st world is gone. Which is kind of macabre to think about when you look at Haiti. Yes, it can get worse. So perhaps the desires of third worlders will change. Of course most of them won’t have the mental capacity to connect their dire situation to whitey’s absence.

    • My example is always the professor with bad dandruff who can fill a chalkboard with equations but then somehow locks himself in the classroom and needs a janitor to let him out.

      Would you have an actual example of this?

      Because a high IQ usually means high competences across the board: better at math, better at languages, better at cooking, better at fixing cars, better at socializing, better at cleaning your room and so forth. The helpless genius sounds very much like a movie trope to me.

      Aside: in Jeddah Airport, in Saudi, they have an imam praying to god every time a plane takes off, making sure that God is on board with the planes breaking every law known to Moslemdom.

      • That trope comes from stories about Einstein, and it’s the same trope as “Rich people aren’t really happy” or “Sure his dick is ten inches but now he can’t wear gym shorts without getting arrested so actually I’m better off”.

        • Yes. It’s like if you’re good at math, you must be bad at something else because that’s how cosmic equity works.

      • I think you’re conflating high-average with off-the-charts high. High average people are indeed the most stable and successful. But they’re not the ones who rock the very foundations of the world with their discoveries, letting one or another group leapfrog lightyears over others. When we’re talking about these kinds of people, there are many, many examples of super-geniuses doing incredibly dumb things throughout history. Tyco Brahe for instance, did things without a telescope that most people can’t even do today with the most advanced instruments. Kepler called him one of the most brilliant men he’d ever known. Kepler also watched him die because he thought it would be a breach of etiquette to excuse himself from a banquet and so he hung at the party until his bladder exploded. I’m pretty sure a peasant (or a high normal IQ man) would have gone to the bathroom. The tale of Thales of Miletus staring up at the stars as he walked so often that he fell into the well is probably apocryphal, but it’s endured for a reason. These people have such inquisitive minds that they also completely lack social skills, and offend the hell out of potential patrons and competing scientists. David Fabricius—after his great discoveries—got killed after repeatedly accusing a local man of theft until the man beat him to death with a shovel.

        • The story about Tycho Brahe’s exploding bladder is urban legend. He was a great party-goer and a legendary fucker with a scoreboard to rival Casanova’s.

          He most likely died from mercury poisoning and was, by all accounts, a skilled socialite, if a bit irascible at times. That’s why he managed to obtain patronage from both the Danish king and the Austrian Emperor.

          As for Thales, the story is apocryphal as you say, same as with wossisname, the Eureka-guy running naked through the streets of Alexandria because he had a good idea.

          I’ve known a lot of smart people and only one with any real social issues – most likely he’d be diagnosed as an Aspie today.

        • Isaac Newton was another. Completely irascible, unpleasant, and eccentric. He was constantly running into people because his mind was literally elsewhere. Or, he’d just sit down in the middle of a busy stairwell in order to think. The British university system of the time tolerated him because he was so obviously a towering genius.

      • Beethoveen often couldn’t be bothered to eat, change clothes or bathe. He sat at his piano for days. He had more important things on his mind than those mundane considerations.

        This is one example of genius who is not like the rest of us mortals, even the very smart ones

        • Fair enough, although it seems a rather trivial eccentricity – Mozart was a certified loon, but very extrovert. I suspect musical talent falls outside the scheme.

        • Then there was John Nash of A Beautiful Mind fame. While I was living in Princeton, I heard from the people there that Nash was loathed because of his creepy and pervy public proclivities. Hint–you might not want to walk into the public loo when he was at the urinal. His mind was apparently too far out there for him to even be aware of public mores.

      • No, it’s not a movie trope. The absentminded professor, like all so-called “stereotypes,” is rooted in reality. I’ve spent the vast majority of my life around professors, and a very high percentage of them are mechanically incompetent, i.e. couldn’t figure out how to use a VCR in classroom and had to call upon one of the kids to do it for him.

        • Hmmm… A lot of the professors I’ve dealt with had a definite technophobic streak – one of them refusing to even touch computers. I saw it as a kind of peacocking, as being aloof to mundane stuff like counting machines; my dad had the same, he refused to learn how to change oil because that was a menial task, very much beneath him. But I wonder how much is laziness? You just sit back and tell the student to do the VCR-thing.

          Speaking as a married man, you get a long way by pretending you don’t understand how the washing machine works.

          Nash had some kind of condition as I understand it, but Newton is a good example though, a true eccentric.

          • Yes, there may have been an element of aristicratic avoidance of mastering the grubby details of la vie quotidienne.

        • Legendary mathematician Paul Erdös made a complete and utter mess of a friend’s kitchen cause he couldn’t even make toast for example. Also, never learned to drive a car.

      • I knew a white American air mechanic who had worked in Jeddah. He said he was talking once to their chief mechanic, a distant Royal family member appointed to his position.

        The chief mechanic was holding open a large manual while talking to him, most likely as an emblem of his authority…because he was unaware, that he was was “reading” it upside down.

      • I had math professors that could explain Laplace transforms without a book or notes but they were someone I wouldn’t trust to change a tire. I’ve worked with chemical engineers that could explain every aspect of a natural gas cryogenic processing plant that I wouldn’t trust to assemble a bed frame.

    • joeyjünger: “Do the other groups admit this and get out of the way, or does their jealousy and hatred mean they prefer to live in a bloody world without plumbing and with potholed roads as long as the strongman looks like them?”

      Unfortunately, I strongly believe the latter to be true. As long as they’re being grifted and/or oppressed by one of their own, they will be fine with it. The last remaining Whites who will have sold their souls for a job serving the diverse will be blamed for all failures, regardless. See South Africa today (or Detroilet, Chicongo, etc.). And Asians all believe they are innately superior to Whites, in nature and nurture. They believe it was solely White racism/capitalism that kept them from surpassing the West technologically for so many years. They still believe their culture (music, literature, and art) is superior to the West. They may play the violin, but I guarantee you they don’t read Shakespeare for pleasure in their spare time.

      • One of the more amusing characteristics of China-men is that rudeness seems to be a core virtue of their culture, so they’ll tell you exactly what they think of other races without having to first get drunk.

      • Quite so to 3g4me. The Chinese also have millenia-long memories, and will never forget, nor forgive, what “we” did to them.

        Of course, the “we” in these cases- opium trade, communist revolution, and the currency collapse with Mexican silver flooding their nascent economy- weren’t “we” at all, but our ‘fellow whites’ up to their usual tricks. As was the corrupt outsourcing of our end-stage kapitalism, for which we’ll receive no thanks.

        No matter. All white-skinned bignose roundeyes look alike.

      • “As long as they’re being grifted and/or oppressed by one of their own, they will be fine with it.”

        Because with him, they can imagine taking his place. He got there, why can’t they?

        Not so with you.

      • I remember going to a music competition at a big city a while back. It was full of Chinese kids playing the violin. Their playing was superb in its accuracy – but completely missing the soulfulness and meaning that the composers put into it. And while everyone else was there for a good time, the parents of the kids glared at them like Medusas, daring them to make the tiniest error.

    • Joey, I can—and do—clean my own toilets, thanks. What I can’t do is design a modern integrated circuit, nor create modern medicines, not rebuild jet engines, etc.

      Those skills, and most others of import, take an advanced IQ and of course years of dedicated study and conscientiousness.

    • Joey writes about asians:

      “Derb constantly remind us.” His frequent updates on China seem to indicate that he believes that we care even a fraction of the amount that he does.

      “But they’re too authoritarian and frankly soulless.”


    • Sorry, f–ed up the reply to jan in Germany:

      “Here in Germany it is very noticable that government and private enterprises are now relying on people that would have been regarded as unemployable 20 years ago. At the moment, the half-wits have not yet managed to penetrate into vital positions, such as air traffic control. But they’ll get there, eventually.”

    • Oh, they’re close.

      JFK Terminal 1 has been shut for two days due a power failure caused by a fire in an electrical panel in a utility room.

      • I guess that was the cause of that NZ jet turning around while halfway to the states and heading back home instead of landing at, say, Newark.

        I know last year I go on a flight and they had a woman pilot at the helm and for the first time in forever I was nervous about flying. Yes, a woman can be a decent pilot, but is there anyone, and I mean anyone, who would take the bet that she was hired strictly due to her ability?

        • Affirmative Action casts a pall over the genuine achievements of any “diverse” employee or professional. As you described – one can never know.

          • Yep. I was a navy guy in the 80s when the first blacks were coming onboard. The three or four we had were very good because we knew they got their on merit. Today? It’s probably AA.

        • ES-

          They could have easily rerouted to the underused Stewart International (SWF) in Newburgh, NY and put the travelers on a 3 hour charter bus ride to JFK.

          But allowing the plebes to get on with their lives has no place in the Davos plan.

  24. It’s amusing how “Tomorrow Belongs to Me” has become an anthem of the right given it was originally supposed to be a dark omen to the rise of Nazism. Same effect as “Keep your rifle by your side”, another banger.

    • Same as Archie Bunker.

      Or Alex Keaton from Family Ties, where in the first season, Alex (and his dad) was cast as the clown, there to be ridiculed and humiliated by his smart and sassy sisters and his wise momma.

      Then people started wearing “Alex Keaton For President”-tshirts, and they rewrote season 2 to make Alex the lead of the show. If it were made in 2023, they’d have responded by writing him out of the script entirely, fired the producer and accused Michael J. Fox of being a Nazi.

      • Offerman’s character on Parks and Recreation was another that was supposed to be the caricature to be ridiculed and turned out to be the most popular

        • Haven’t heard of it, but I see the problem: the easy way to make satire is exaggerating the traits you don’t like. But if those traits are wholesome and white, you only make a hero for white people.

          So in Tomorrow Belongs To Me, they emphasized the virtues of the ethnonationalism they hate so much and made a spine-shivering masterpiece for those with the ears to hear it.

          • The same way Trump made all that negative news coverage in 2016 into campaign ads, and the media didn’t even have a clue they were carrying his message. They thought they were mocking him.

        • Rifle By Your Side is good too, but they botched one of the verses:

          And when I see your face
          I know I must protect my place

          Anyone here who can think of a better rhyme than “place”?

          • I bet the other, better, rhyme was in the original, but some corporate type demanded it be toned down.

  25. “the place to start when thinking about the politics of the future is the material that will be available in the future”

    Very Aristotelian of you, Z.

  26. Re: post-Roman Spain, the accounts of Jews having so much power or owning Christian slaves are religious polemics that have nothing to do with the presence of any actual Jews. They were just exhorting Christians to behave better. There weren’t any Jews in Spain until after the Islamic conquest. It’s more like Oklahoma banning Sharia than anything else.

    • Oh, I seriously doubt that. During the imperial Roman age, Jews spread throughout the Mediterranean, and Hispania, you will note, was–and still is!–squarely on the Med.

    • It literally took me less than thirty seconds to debunk the claim that there were no Jews in Spain before the Muslim invasion. Lie better next time.

  27. Z-man: you’ve built a nice little cult yourself…

    You haven’t told me much about picking up women, but when you tell me to despise neocons and Straussians, I say “How much sir!”

    • Sheee-it Marko, you and I both know that with that sultry voice, the Z-man has no problem with the ladies. We mere mortals can only hope to bask in his glory. Some power cannot be safely shared.

      • Luckily I have no need of picking up a lady anymore. But I do need help picking up sexy political takes and hot cultural critiques.

  28. The Everlasting Dissatisfaction – aka God in Western Civ – created us to have some comic relief from the ordeal of eternity.
    We shall not disappoint.

  29. Jeff Beck, arguably the most uniquely expressive guitar player ever, recently passed away. At the beginning of his career, 1966, he was in the Yardbirds with Jimmy Page, and they wrote a song called “Shape of Things,” the title of Z Man’s post today.

    In this song, Beck employs possibly the first use of feedback for dramatic effect.

    “Shapes of things before my eyes
    Just teach me to despise
    Will time make men more wise?”

  30. Z Man writes, “White nationalism, for example, suffers from the same problem as libertarianism. It exists only as an idea.”

    Point taken. I am a white nationalist and I have little short term vision about the tactics that are required to lead us from here to our goal. Other people are better at this than me, but I think Z Man’s point is a good one.

    When comparing libertarianism and White Nationalism however, I will just note that WN is much more firmly grounded in reality than libertarianism. Reality persists, and like the persistence of gravity, reality will pull events in our direction, because our beliefs are more accurate than most others.

    • To their great credit, libertarians were one of the few groups without malice or spite. They intended the greatest good for the greatest number, they had a vision for it, a hallmark of positive identity. Thus, positive identity alone will not be enough.

      • ” libertarians were one of the few groups without malice or spite. . .They intended the greatest good for the greatest number.”

        That’s all well and good if everybody agrees, acts in good faith, and is on the same team.

        Doesn’t work with enemies, subverters, and parasites. Enemies have be hated and fought.

        No such thing as a purely “positive” identity. Someone who truly loves must hate that which opposes that love.

    • White nationalism, at least for the foreseeable future, is going nowhere. The biggest obstacle to realizing a White Nationalist state or even movement is most White people simply do not see themselves as self-consciously White and belonging to a larger White ethnicity.

      Not only do we not have this natural self-conscious identity, but most White people have a belief system propagandized to them their entire lives that a White identity is inherently evil.

      Those of us who do have it, myself included, it is largely because of peculiar circumstances of our lives. I’ve been self-consciously White for almost as long as I can remember. Most White people have no problem saying things like “we must eliminate whiteness” without thinking twice about it. When I hear or read that, I hear kill whitey. When they hear it, they hear an abstraction that has nothing to do with them.

      • Can definitely verify. That was me, full of Boomer libertarian wishy-washy goody-goodness.
        I even voted for Bush.

        I used to get pissed daily at conservative radio, but I couldn’t quite say why. Even then I disagreed with much more of what they spouted than I thought, but couldn’t color outside the lines.

        (For me, the bridge across was asking, “why do so many retards hate the J**s?”)

      • Tars

        Nice, tight post. A few comments I have are;

        I’m not sure what you mean about being “self consciously white”.
        If that means saying “Thank You” and “your welcome”, providing for yourself and your family, and showering regularly, then I guess I’m self consciously white.

        And don’t forget,(to purloin a phrase from Fight Club),White Nationalists don’t talk about White Nationalism. Especially at this point in history. (At least not on public blogs. We save that for the secret meetings).

        • What I mean by self-consciously White is internalizing “White.”
          I’ll give you a different example… A lot of Boomers internalize the word Boomer. If you say “Boomers are X,” they will reflexively reply. If X is perceived as good, they will agree and amplify. If they perceive it negatively, they will deny and deflect. When you say “Boomers are x” they hear “YOU are X” They understand instinctively that you are talking about them personally.

          I’ve never internalized Gen-X despite being in that generation. You can say anything about it and I will never hear it as “YOU are X” I simply don’t internalize anything about it. This is exactly how most White people react to “Whites are X” They don’t internalize it. They don’t hear “YOU are X”

          You see this especially in Blacks and small hats. If you ask an African America “who are you?” A “black man or woman” is going to be very near the top of the list. Being black or a small hat is central to their identity. If you have spent a lot of time around small hats as I have, the one thing you will know about them is being a small hat is VERY important to them. You will know within a minute of meeting one that they are one because they will tell you they are one. It is at the core of their identity.

          • Regarding the Finkels, they will tell you they are Finkels because it is not an obvious thing. Unless his name is Schlomo Rosenstein and he’s wearing forelocks and a funny hat, you probably won’t suppose any given Finkel is a Finkel.

            This is not true with whites. Our whiteless is obvious for all to see, and the Finkels are so exiguous we feel no need to differentiate ourselves from them.

            Regarding the nuggras, part of the reason they identify so strongly as nuggras is because they’re a small, and very alien minority in a (temporarily) white society. They develop a bunker mentality that compels them to identify as members of the nuggra tribe. It’s a survival mechanism.

            Now I predict that, as whites become demographically swamped and increasingly dispossessed and oppressed, we will evermore identify as white, all the anti-white propaganda be damned. Now demographic swamping is happening rather quickly, and once a certain threshold is broken, our foes will then be confronted by the true Blue-Eyed Ice Devils of their paranoiac tremons. White identity will have been conjured in no uncertain terms.

      • This younger Xer went to happy hour last night with 5 older Millennial white males.

        To a man, their comments demonstrated they are completely brainwashed to hate themselves and their people.

        Yes, anecdotes are not data, but this episode only reinforced my gut feeling we are in big trouble as a people.

        • I’m mildly surprised you got them to put down their phones long enough to make those comments. That was my big takeaway from Christmas with extended family. Everybody but me glued to their phone.

          • It has dawned on me that the defining characteristic of the DR is its utter rejection of postmodernity, including its appurtenances such as sail foams. Find me a guy who loathes them and you’ll have found me an ally.

      • What may I ask, are the “peculiar circumstances” of your life? I came to white nationalism for similar reasons, but I am very happy to be white nationalist. It’s one thing I would never trade, even though I agree that it’s prospects are dim.

        • I got sent to a public school fairly far away from my house where white kids were a plurality and not a majority. My neighborhood was entirely White, but the school was not.

          I got to experience first hand in the 70s and 80s what it will be like for kids today who are also a plurality (on average, some schools are near 100% White). All of the white kids’ nickname was apparently “White boy!” It wasn’t just the kids either. Teachers did it. The non-teachers did it. The lunch ladies did it. Race was a significant factor of everyday life, probably second only to a prison. If the 14 words hadn’t come from a prison gang, it would have come from an “integrated” public school. While everyone else was leaving the city, my parents refused to leave the city. The kids of those parents went to nice White suburban schools totally free from the torment of asking an 11 year old to make his way into a racial hierarchy he was in no way prepared for nor understood. They believe the lies, I lived the reality.

          • Yep. The most based Whites are late Boomers/Early X’ers who were forcibly bussed from their nice ‘burbs to inter-city schools. They have absolutely no illusions about Vibrancy. Those who relate their stories to me will be the Vanguard is things pop off before they are too geezerly.

      • “Most White people have no problem saying things like “we must eliminate whiteness” without thinking twice about it.”

        When you hear that, please point out that is pure genocide. And it would be obvious if someone talked about eliminating blackness or Asian-ness.

        Ask them if the Chinese are doing that to themselves. Or the Japanese. Or any black country on Earth. Why is it only white countries.

    • “White nationalism, for example, suffers from the same problem as libertarianism. It exists only as an idea.”

      But it existed as reality and as social and legal policy prior to 1965 or so.

      • Just so. And it existed in Europe prior to decolonization. De facto, France was for Frenchmen, Spain was for Spaniards, and Sweden was for Swedes. These were ethnic rather than racial identities, but that’s largely irrelevant because the notion that those countries would willingly import negroes, Moslems and orientals, en masse, would have been too laughable to even be entertained. Alas, there is a species of laughter now. It appears to be issuing from the bowels of Hell.

        • It still exists on the Continent, even in Germany. France is very self-conscious ethno-nationals, but in real, mono-tribal societies like Scandinavia, people don’t even think about ethnicity: it is understood that there are indigenous people and “asylum seekers”; and that “asylum seeker”, “immigrant” and “Moslem” are synonyms for “brown people”.

          Even the regime journalists make this dichotomy when they’re not reading from a globohomo script: “Are Danes racist towards Moslems?” would be a typical headline, forgetting that we’re supposed to treat the Moslems as Danes.

          I suppose it’s a bit like rich kids not understanding money or fish not understanding water: if you’re soaked in unconscious blood and soil-nationalism from birth you don’t even see it.

          • Alas, somewhere along the way European white nationalism shed its powers of self preservation. It may still exist, but in such an etiolated form that it serves as little more than a compost from which we may hope that the older more robust version emerges once more.

          • Indeed – in fact I think unconscious ethno-nationalism works against self-preservation precisely because it’s so pervasive nobody talks about it – I figure fish never worry about running out of water either.

            I have no actual numbers, but I suspect 23&me isn’t making much money here. Denmark has been a backwater for most of history, so if you’re Danish it’s no big mystery where your ancestors are from. If there’s a Swede or a Norwegian or a Brit in the woodpile, you’ll know about it because that would make them stand out in the family lore.

            It struck me the other day that I don’t recall people’s eye color unless it’s brown, because when everybody has blue eyes, eye color doesn’t exist.

  31. Hmmmmmmmmm.

    The coming conflagration is going to be messy indeed. Everyone will be against everyone. Unlikely and here-to-fore impossible alliances will need to form for like minded peoples to survive.

    I wonder? Could some form of workable, viable and limited civic nationalism emerge from that? Consider: the world is on fire. Bullets fly and blades flash in the streets. Blood feuds erupt. Assassination, terrorism, and massacres are every day events.

    I can see allying with maybe the orientals because I need to deal with the marauding blacks and the progressives from another neighborhood. Something is going to have to be done about the jews; even the blacks are starting to suspect them. Peoples that can’t get along to fight for their survival are going to die, killed by those who can.

    We might want to start forming alliances now…

    Great show, Z. Have a good weekend.

    • I’d suggest the basic framework for this can consist of a fairly simple set of rules that the “based” of many races can assent to all the while maintaining their segregated identities. I’d start with:

      1. Women’s authority needs to be completely rolled back and negated. The simple rule here is “defy any order from any woman unless a man of your tribe vouchsafes it.” Then ask why that guy needed to hide behind a skirt in the first place. The groundwork for removing female suffrage needs to be set out early. Even allowing the inclusion of many non-Whites, removing the female vote alone would have prevented 75% of the worst legislation from ever happening.

      2. No directive coming from Tubman DF can be trusted or obeyed unless you were already doing so.

      2.5: Because the GAE knows that its “union” is now based on virtually nothing it will attempt more and more to rally the squabbling tribes around hating some foreign power. Thus, anyone telling you the “real enemy” is in Moscow or Beijing or anywhere but Tubman needs to be run out of town.

      3. Small business must prevail. The next time the Tubbies, big companies, and their local allies tell you that you need to shut down your shop to prevent Martian Monkey Flu, post a guy out front with a rifle and a sign that says “we’re staying open, send complaints to –>” The arrow points to rifle-guy of course. You might not personally like that hispanic guy who owns the gas station but he’s a more natural ally than some White shitlib who works for a giant company and is all gung ho over the latest Plandemic. This could even turn into a big multi-ethnic luvfest as people start security companies that provide rifleguys to businesses of many colors who just want to stay open and feed their families instead of going on welfare.

      I would also note that 1 and 3 are natural synergies. Men start businesses, men invent things, men create jobs and build nations. Men of different races may have their disagreements but as long as we’re all forced to live together in glorious disharmony, we can find the common ground of male dominance and patriarchal decision making.

  32. Brazil do Norte is what we will become.

    You may even want to visit Brazil, now that they’ve dropped their covid-19 vaxx policy, just to see what it will be like for us circa 2050.

    • Yep, some weird mix of Mexico, Brazil, Texas, California, Mississippi and southern Ohio.

    • A tad optimistic. For example Brazil has one (*1*) nuclear power plant. Just in Ohio there are two. And so it goes with everything.
      “Sticky downward” is the term we’re stuck with, after all there’s a big difference between having one nuclear power plant and wanting another one but lacking the human capital to do so, and having a dozen but only having enough people to run one.

  33. It’s funny. I was just mulling around this question in head last night. (Doing simple math helps me fall asleep.) Playing around with population percentages from 1970 to 2030 and than multiplying them by different group IQ and propensity to violence got me these overall numbers for the combined populations.

    1970 – 98 (whites are 100)
    2030 – 94-95

    Violence level
    1970 – 150
    2020 – 167

    Obviously, these are completely random guesses, but I’d suspect that they aren’t too far off. That drop in IQ from 98 to 94.5 doesn’t seem like much, but it puts you in Eastern Europe-like territory.

    What’s more ominous is what Z talks about: the smart fraction. I’ll just use an IQ of 115 and above to mean the smart fraction. Others have used a higher number, but I’m looking at the people that you need to run a complex economy, engineers, accountants, supply chain managers. They don’t have to geniuses, but they do have to fairly smart. Without them, the system doesn’t work.

    Smart fraction as % of population
    1970 – 12.9%
    2030 – 9.9%

    That’s a huge drop. You have 25% less “smart” people in your society. What’s more, that society is far more complex than it was in 1970. Our society will have a much harder time functioning in the very near future. Computers might be able to help offset that decline, but it will be more and more difficult to keep the system running.

    I’d suspect that we’ll see the US become much more South America-like. Parts of the country and/or cities will be normal and nice, but parts will barely functions. There just won’t be enough smart people to keep all parts of society functioning at a 1st world level. Those other parts will be dysfunctional and dangerous.

    Welcome to the new United States.

    • What’s worse is the gap between the racial groups will be far worse, so the level of envy will be 10x what it is now (if you can imagine that). Just imagine how bad the blax will be at that point. It is incomprehensible. I wonder where you will have to go to spot a white person at that point?

      • given that we are talking about a new age that cannot afford subsidies, further given that blacks are heavily subsidized, i have just one question…what blacks?

        just how do these useless fukwits survive the cull? they are already being hunted by mexicans. once do gooder whites are out of power (also happening now) who will protect them – especially from themselves?

        • Aside from us being gone, you are describing my dream scenario. Admittedly, my view is clouded by my extreme disdain for them…

    • Exactly. The concept of the “smart fraction” is what has masked the general decline in population IQ. Heretofore we had a excess in the smart fraction, so taking on the burden of low intellect “migrants” seemed without consequence.

      Now we have two major (at least) occurrences converging rapidly: The older and better educated White population dying off and the saturation of the population with low level IQ migrants—for example, last year’s influx is estimated to have increased population of the USA by 1.5-2.0%, and they ain’t engineers!

      • Good post –

        “and they ain’t engineers!”

        They’re dindus (dindu nuffin) and people just turning their life around. Good boys, you know?

    • Look at the train derailments for the evidence of how this will go. That is assuming they were not sabotage. Which is entirely possible.

          • The condo collapse is the big one. At least 5 years of study and noting degradation—yet no one could grasp the “whole”—the imminent collapse indicated by obvious structural deterioration at pivotal points. Heck, it even started before the condo was built when the foundations driven were found to be faulty and then “corrected” through a hack.

            This is an example of lowered IQ and what will be commonplace when the society exceeds the carrying capacity of the “smart fraction” that remains. Stupid people do stupid things.

          • The recent severe earthquakes that have claimed tens of thousands in Turkey are another example. Hundreds of buildings were built below code. Works fine until the ground shakes a bit…

          • Ben, even worse. I was informed by my son—but not confirmed separately—that the building codes are “flexible”. The builder can pay a small “fine” for not following them. The fine is of course always cheaper than doing the correct up-to-code work!

            The implication was that one could easily replace the word *fine* for *bribe*. I don’t have experience in construction, but son is an engineer and has been overseas to inspect company projects. He might have some insight.

    • The cities may be “nice,” but won’t they also be extremely oppressive and tyrannical? Seems like the choices will be, either to live as a slave in a police-state metropolis, or to light out for the hinterlands and become prey to bandits and warlords.

      • This is where that grey man stuff comes in. Your freedom, such as it may be, will be found in your anonymity, in nobody noticing or caring about you. Hiding in plain sight. This necessitates avoiding getting too plugged in technologically. Maybe you have an internet connection and an email address, but that’s about it. No social media presence connected to your name. No smart devices in your home. Etc. Don’t be the low hanging fruit.

        • Being a “grey man” won’t save what’s left of our world. Only fighting back will do that. Trying to stay under the radar no longer works in an age of smart tech. They’ll just lower the radar.

      • how will cities that are dystopian shit holes now, become “nice” after the fall of white America?

    • Missing from this is how the low IQ people pull down the higher IQ people. it doesn’t really matter what the “smart fraction” is if they have to go to school and live with the “dumb fraction”

      There is a story going around in the MSM right now about how DC has all these schools were not a single child can read, write or compute at grade level. While neighborhoods being largely based on income helps explain some of this, a significant portion the smart fraction comes from the low fraction. Using average IQ alone in my mind (and I freely admit I may be wrong) doesn’t really explain how not a single kid in an elementary school can read or write or do math at an elementary grade level. In a high school, maybe, but elementary schools? Doesn’t seem right.

      What seems much more likely to me is that the average makes the environment so bad and toxic that learning becomes near impossible for even (relatively) “gifted” students.

      • Here in Tucson, second largest school district in AZ, 13% of students proficient at grade level in Math and 22% proficient at grade level in Reading. These are State administered tests.

        However, one must note that decent White folk simply don’t go to public schools do to this environment of non-hackers.

        • Arizona has a state income tax credit which applies to private school education. Anyone who can afford it sends their kids to private schools. Public schools are for those woth no other option

          • This is true, but starting last year school funding—up to $7k or so—goes with the student. If the new Dem governor is held in check, we should see a great drop in public education and an increase in private alternatives.

            However, the results will not really change that much. Why? Because in the example I cite, the school district no longer contains Whites, only minorities, predominately Hispanic. Those students are not of the quality of those Whites they replaced as the average IQ is 90 and even worse for Blacks—and we’ve not even discussed behavioral problems.

            The concept of poor student stock is lost on the district’s critics. Therefore no solution to the poor district results is possible. Any “solution” proposed is like prescribing blood letting to treat cancer—a Sisyphean task at best.

  34. What kind of society? The kind in which – to get things done – you need the patience to explain simple tasks s-l-o-o-o-w-l-y, with many repetitions.

    Here in Germany it is very noticable that government and private enterprises are now relying on people that would have been regarded as unemployable 20 years ago. At the moment, the half-wits have not yet managed to penetrate into vital positions, such as air traffic control. But they’ll get there, eventually.

    Provided any kind of industrial or modestly advanced society can be maintanied with such personell, the political system governing it must be idiot proof ie autocratic*. Western man in 2040 will not be able to understand the concept of bicameralism, let alone maintain it, but he will understand a simple top down chain of command.

    *of course autocracies aren’t proof against an idiot/sadist/pervert inheriting the top job, but at least everyone will know that it is better to rub the lotion on your skin or else you will get the hose again.

    • The civilizations that rise from the ashes will need to get a grasp on how to curtail the dysgenics of modern societies. This doesn’t necessarily mean forced sterilizations and killing the mentally deficient, but it does mean there should be a clear correlation between IQ and other fitness measures and offspring, say a birth rate of 1 per woman for IQ85 and 6 for IQ120+.

      There’s also a possibility of genetic engineering, but, given the complexity of the genome and the inability to see secondary effects, that may well range from disappointing to catastrophic for anything more complex than basic abnormalities.

      • Genetic engineering—even if perfected—takes time. Doubtful it can surmount the amount of mutation and poor genetic inheritance subsumed in our current population in time to resurrect what we had three generations ago. Not to mention that the current substandard population is not going to “vote” for their elimination readily.

        So what we can expect is the country’s functionality to decline to match the population support structure decline. In the future, we will hire out for more and more of our higher order needs wrt people with ability. What/how we pay them is unclear. SA is an interesting example of the decline we will see and how they try to keep a first world country operating given the few Whites they allow to run things.

      • Let me put on my conspiracy cap for a moment: eugenics failed the KISS test, so now that crowd took the lesson and is going for the cull, based on whatever PhDs and dropouts share. I wonder what effect eliminating the mediocrities would have?

      • Curtailing the worst excesses of dysgenics will happen by itself, once the money for gibs programs runs out or gets hyperinflated. For the rest: I hope the future people in charge will realize that the kind of plan you outlined is necessary and must be carried out.

      • keep in mind that “intelligence” and “fitness” are not synonyms. the lower iq squatemalans just might be better adapted to the new age, than higher iq normies will be.

    • Purely anecdotally, here in the US and my corner of the tech/science world, everyone is slammed with work and scrambling to find people at all levels of experience.

      • Can confirm. In my world, being able to hire a competent & available sound engineer for a video shoot is like winning the lottery.

      • I have heard the exact same thing from the tech managers I know. AND from a chef I know, who can’t find competent line cooks and dish washers!!!! heaven help us.

      • Of course. Not only did we fail to provision for future STEM people as the Boomers retire, between social disgust and COVID 19 anyone who can opt out has opted out .

        There is a another problem too, with the fragged marriage /female situation a lot of guys while not hustle and grind types but solid workers anyway have stopped working very hard

        Too many men without families who have the IQ to do well have no reason too support a society that is failing

        So there are already higher IQ guys who are just not bothering which further shrinks both labor pools and the pool of men interested in challenging skills.

      • I keep hearing this but so far my job search turns up a lot of people who seem interested and then ghost me for unknown reasons. I suspect some of the blame is with Brandon, et. al. screwing up the economy in ways no one thought possible 5 years ago. Still, if you have a lead on something in embedded software (C++) or even web dev send me a feedback at the blog I link in my handle.

    • And yet the lower IQ folks built great stonework and stained glass cathedrals, roads that lasted for millennia, and simple printing presses. We only really need a few very smart folks, as long as the rest can follow instructions. One Leonardo Da Vinci to a million bricklayers, one George Washington Carver or Eli Whitney to a million cotton pickers, one Singer to a million garment workers. We’re not that special, as long as we can get along with each other.

      • To get a clearer picture of what you note and why you should be less optimistic, read Dutton’s “The Genius Famine”.

        Not only do we not have these very smart folk at the top, but the bottom is increasingly incompetent to do the simplest things.

  35. Everything you said about Tate would apply to Zelensky and much of our government.
    He was literally a clown and in a saner time, he would have aspired to become head court jester.
    AOC was literally a barmaid and is now considered a political thinker – with no achievements in between.

    • I take some umbrage to the manosphere bashing. The internet is a double edged blade. Sure…you get fags like Cerno, Tate and Vox Day… but you also get guys like Z, Dutton, et al. And – we can gather at such sites and compare notes.

      I grew up in a progressive hive and somewhere around 2013 every single woman in hive flipped their lids all at once. My daughter came home from school as an angry, militant lesbian. Millions of millennials had come of age but never grew up. The menstrual and menopausal women dutifully celebrated and demanded I do the same. Childish feuds and arguments broke out everywhere and us men found ourselves divorced or estranged and struggled to deal with it as our trad families disintegrated.

      The early manosphere was great. We started coldly clinically analyzing the women and patterns of behaviour and misbehaviour emerged. We learned to spot red flags. We learned to fortify ourselves against them. This stuff is all common knowledge and second nature today…but back then it was new stuff. A lot of men still had classical marriages. Early manospherians advocated stoic manly behaviour and values to deal with this lunacy. Work out, study women with the same cold objectivity that they did with us. Lift weights, get fit, learn a new language, minimalism, they pushed all kinds of healthy and wholesome avenues to respond to the lunacy raging around us. It saved my sanity, my own marriage and possibly my life.

      I watch the performance artists like Peterson, Rogan, Matt Walsh etc…and at some point, even when they start off talking common sense…the carny eventually comes out and the clowns with them. So far, the only place I have seen consistently reasonable and reliable discourse on the issues of our day is on the dissident right. The clowns and poseurs don’t do well here…and the resulting peace and reason is balm to my soul. I watched the court jesters like Day and Bill Mitchell run off Blab and laughed.

      We need more places like this.

      • Thanks for calling out Vox Day. He’s a tubby trust fund kid living in a Swiss castle. Vastly over-rated.

        • Vox actually works for a living, has been a musician and a writer and now runs a niche publisher supporting RW causes,

          Maybe he is a bit absurd at times and maybe he has some of daddies money but he’s a friendly

          Also best I know he lives in Italy

    • The oligarchs love paying these few hundred politicians to have vegetables thrown at them and take the heat for decisions made in private

  36. If Andrew Tate was just a bit smarter, he never would have remained in Romania and exposed himself to the risk of that legal system. That can keep him locked up a long time without a trial just because the Americans requested it.

    • Expatriating ain’t what it used to be. The CIA rendition publicized during the WoT was a big early clue about that. The places left that are beyond imperial reach probably aren’t going to let you in anyway. Or are beyond reach because they are too shitholey for the empire to care to reach there.

      Recently a griller friend pointed out to me the example of a disgruntled with the USA acquaintance who “put his money where his mouth is” and moved to Antigua. What? That’s not even leaving.

    • He couldn’t have got away without going full third-world, and even then I’m not sure.

      I don’t click TRENDING so I don’t know how Tate became the target he is now. I know the boilerplate—”canceled” reality contestant thrust into fame as whoremonger-philosopher out of hiphop mythology—and something’s wrong with it. What I do know is I never heard of him until suddenly one day he was banned from everything and the story from “educators” (repeated in every medium, ad nauseam) was: Any time a male child shows any resistance to current_year, the kid was brainwashed by Tate.

      When those harpies get fixated, they get what they want. It was the teachers’ union, not The Science™, who wanted schools closed, work-from-home, schoolkids in masks—and “grooming”-resistant parents at school board meetings arrested.

      Or, that’s the story.

      Officially, they fixated on Tate because thousands of 8-year-old boys told their teachers that Andrew Tate says the only reason she gives homework is ‘cuz she’s old and dried up.


  37. Something along the lines of Chinese-style warlordism would be my guess. Or African-style Big Man-ism, I guess, but if there’s one silver lining to drastic social collapse, it’s that populations utterly dependent on subsidies will find themselves… unsubsidized. Bastard feudalism for the WASP remnant, Men of Respect running things in the Italian neighborhoods, MS-13 holding it down in the Squatemalan neighborhoods, and so forth.

    It all depends on the locality, as always. The people who argued that the Roman Empire didn’t really fall point to all the areas where the transition was seamless, peaceful, etc. Late Roman Britain, for instance, looked a lot like early Roman Britain. The White states — Vermont, maybe parts of the Midwest — might still look a lot like America, albeit an America with a 1930s standard of living. The big coastal cities will look like Mogadishu and Bogota, but what can you do? That ship has sailed. It’ll be up to the regional warlords to keep things that way.

    • I was hoping we might have a few high-end enclaves, a la Bladerunner, but we won’t have the supply chains for micro-machining left, will we?

      I thought, “it’s not Chernobyl, it’s the Netherlands…and they’ve nuked the Amish.” Now I think the next attack may be a from a vector we didn’t expect: Bhopal.

      Bah. I erase the doomposting.
      Fie on the dread Fermenter adding His own special yeasts from Hell as He drags us back in. We are still going to kill Him if we can.

      This should be especially fun.
      I want to see what the finer minds have to say.

      So, get thee to the caves, and the seas!

    • I think where I disagree with this and Z is the assumption territorial integrity (the political borders which define the CONUS) will and can be maintained under those conditions. I’m not even begin to speculate how that’ll fall out, just the thought occurred to me the state I was born in might become a foreign country.

      • The good Padraig Martin d’Charlottesville has been promo’d by our magnanimous host- he is attempting a rise, with an eye towards eventual re-secession, of the South.

        He would be one of the future-oriented leaders to watch. To your own credit, Templar, you have the chops to not only do well anywhere, but to do so in what may end up one of the last bastions of high civilization.

  38. Z: “what kind of society will be possible with the history and human capital that will be available to us in the glorious time after this age?”

    The Usual Suspects are very angry about a recent Tik-Tok video made at Carmel High School, in Indiana; with the exception of one [apparently melungeon] boy, it looks dadgum near about like paradise:×1024/OSDRrdideYBrfMY7.mp4

    Fast Eddie and Apex Predator would surely approve.

    I was certainly shocked to see that public high schools like that still exist.

    • We aren’t running out of ferals, so I say that’s worth going Full Zardoz to preserve!

      They wanted depopulation and a Great Replacement? We’ll show ’em depopulation and a Great Replacement! Death to Brutals!

    • Quite a bit like my old HS of the 60’s. Sigh… I returned there to gather data for a study. That school sent 85%+ on to college. And in those days, you had to do more than fog a mirror to get admitted.

    • Ah Carmel, IN: a slice of Naperville, IL in Indiana, if Naperville had a soul.

      (Inside baseball for Chicagoland readers)

      Some thoughts from a poster who watched the video, and who has friends who live in Carmel, IN, and visits them and the town:

      1) Slim girls with naturally colored hair, no visible tattoos or facial piercings. Must be a AI deepfake. Or a time capsule from say 1989.

      2) I hope the white kids enjoy Carmel High School. Scuttlebutt is the Asian Tiger Mommas and their little “grinders” (H/T Severian) who have cram sessions and learn violin and piano have discovered Carmel High School.

      3) An Auto Shop! Holy Sh-t! My old school High School outsourced that to the local community college way back in the Reagan / Bush 1 days.

      4) As a former HS Radio Station DJ, I am jealous of their setup.

    • I understand Carmel HS spends $9k per student per annum, vs. the $16k per student being spent in Baltimore.

      Nobody has an answer for that little factoid

      • Back when the left in Ohio was sill pushing the “equitable school funding” idea (well after it’s sound defeat) someone pointed out to the high-yellow mayor of Cleveland that, in fact, such a plan would probably result in money being taken away from Cleveland Public and given to outer-ring white districts since CP spends almost twice as much per student (calculators, I guess, being verboten in city hall). He meekly ran for a cave with the rest of the ne’er do wells who figured that their spending had to be less (obviously!) because their students were so much worse.

        • There is no question that if schools such as Carmel were in fact receiving greater funding, it long ago would have been redistributed

    • There are many parts of Indiana that are quite nice. Angola would be another small city like Carmel.

      I’m kind of regretting not leaving NY state for a job in Indiana at the beginning of the year, but getting another clearance was not a forgone conclusion for me.

      The new job I do have is pretty good. The only major problem is that it’s in NY.

      • Surprisingly, NY used to be the most populous state in the Union; industrialized, too, and during the Little Ice Age.

        How they did that is beyond this LA-born laddie.
        I look around in January and go, “What is all that white stuff?!!”

        So, Build the Wall!
        If West Virginia could pull it off, so could Upstate!

        • Alz-

          Well, at least I’m lucky enough to have landed in a town that has ethanol-free gas pumps and clerks at the party store that forget to scan my license when I buy beer.

  39. Idiocracy, or its inspiration, The Marching Morons, here we come!

    Hey Z Man, why come you got no tattoo? I like money, do you like money too? We should hang out.

    Remember to drink your Brawndo, it’s got Electrolytes!


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