Reading The Kagan Cult

One of the things that is being underscored by the war against Russia is the isolation and insularity of the political class. They live in a tightly controlled narrative structure in which all of their information is filtered by the fulltime and permanent policy making class that controls the official narratives. The readings in the show this week are intended to show how that narrative structure is built.

It is a good example of how managerialism works in practice. There is real information about what is happening on the battlefield. The American military has men on the ground observing the Ukraine army. They have men in Kiev working with the political and military control systems. These people feed information back to Washington within their respective chain of command.

That information does not get to the politicians. Instead, the top people in the various agencies decide what will end up in official briefings. They work with the semi-permanent foreign policy community, controlled by the Kagan cult, to decide what gets transmitted to the political class. It gets transmitted via direct briefing, through aides and advisors or through the media.

Mostly what the politicians get is a moral framework. You see this in these pieces in the show, especially the first one. With regards to Ukraine, the managerial class has provided a moral framework for the politicians and then provided them safe options within that framework. Various politicians are then given information to argue their preferred position within that framework.

Most everyone has wondered why no one in Washington asks the obvious questions about the issues of the day. The reason is, they live in a simulation of reality so that what is obvious to you is not obvious to them. A few long serving insiders in leadership will have some access to the truth, but that is only because they have been around so long their handlers know they will not stray from the script.

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214 thoughts on “Reading The Kagan Cult

  1. Z wrote : “They live in a tightly controlled narrative structure in which all of their information is filtered”


    So do I, and so did near all DRers.
    I was poisoned by those awful 5D bloggers (Sh@ker, Marti@nov, his friend “son of revolution”, and other twitter or telegram accounts.

    I’m not the only one, I think, to be honest, to have lost its mind at the beginning of the rµsso-ukr@inian war. (and even far from begin, untill late 2022).

    We were told than every rµssian move was clever, a “trap” for stupid ukies, than µkies lost a zillion of soldiers.
    (Yes, CNN and F0x use the same narrative but with dead rµssians, and so ? )
    The fact is : invade a country sized like France and populated like Spain with only 200 000 s0ldiers was dumb.
    The fact than, even with air control, Rµssia didn’t or couldn’t stop western weapons convoys near Lv0v, couldn’t destroy Dniepr’s bridges, µkies army convoys shows us than, no, Rµssia is not a 5D player with XXIIth century super-hyper-mega we@pons (as this fat ass commie M@rtianov told us). And not, the retreat from Kh@rkov, Kiev, Iziµm and Khers0n was not a cunning plan.

    I’m not saying than ZeIinsky is an hero, nor than µkies will control again Crime@ (and IMO, Crime@ ethnically belong to Rµssia, and the rest of µkraine’s provinces should use a wilsonian referendum to choose the country they belong, but this yet so obvious and DOABLE solution will not be chosed).

    I just strive to show that too often we prefer the ease of taking the exact opposite of what the system says for the truth.

    • Events do seem to suggest that the Russians are doing just fine though and will soon be knocking over Bahkmut, a major win. More troubling than your seeming desire to attack strawmen though is a troubling addiction to the Greek letter μ. You’re up to like 15 of the damn things per post. Your liver may not be able to handle it! Consider a 12 step program. Granted this is an odd addiction. You may need to start the group yourself. Mu-tards Anonymous?

        • Apropos of absolutely nothing whatsoever, at about the 15-second mark of the following video, a young redneck kid, from the state of Florida, will step forward and approach the microphone; he will be playing a cherry-red guitar, with a great big Christian cross hanging from his neck.

          As the camera pans around the stage, you will see the Stars & Bars behind him.

          The kid’s name was Gary Rossington; the date is July 4, 1977, and the song is called, “Freebird”.

          Gary Rossington died last night; he was the last surviving original member of Lynyrd Skynyrd.

          I’m getting a little teary-eyed now.

          I strongly suspect that July 4th, 1977, in Oakland California, might have been Peak Amurrikkkuh.

          Gary Rossington, RIP

      • PASARAN is intentionally confusing the Eh-Aye.

        You should try it some time.

        Eventually Ch0msky & the gang will wise up and re-program the Eh-Aye to understand what’s ackshually happening, but, for now, enjoy the chaos, while it’s still enjoyable.

        PS: The big problem here is that while Amµrrikkkµn weapons are [at least for the near future] vastly superior to Chinese & Russian weapons [as proved by Russia’s disgrace in the war so far], the decision, by the Bushes & the Clintons [& whichever oligarchs & moguls controlled them], to gut Amµrrikkkµn manufacturing, and off-shore it all to the tµrd world, was an existential blow to the Amµrrikkkµn bowels.

        If Amµrrikkkµh still had the industrial capacity to make our weapons at scale, then we’d be untouchable right now.

        [The big problem will be in 10 or 15 years, when the last of the White Boomer electrical & mechanical & chemical engineers start retiring, and substandard Millennial & Z engineers emerge which won’t be up-to-snuff in terms of replacing the Boomers. The intentional dumbing-down of our populace combined with collapsing White fertility rates will be our undoing (if we are to be undone).]

        PS: For the blockheads chez Z, don’t think that I’m dissing Russia here. Russia will win. Eventually. But if Russia were facing off against a properly supplied Amµrrikkkµn military, with non-quota-hire conscripts and non-Gay-Lettuce-Bacon-Tomato leadership, then Amµrrikkka would be SLAUGHTERING the poor Russians.

        So thank the Good Lord that we do indeed have incompetent leadership.

        The more incompetent we are, the fewer mµtilated & mµrdered Russians we will have to answer for.

      • It’s hard to tell who is winning without knowing the objectives of each. If Russia’s objective is to grind Uke to a rump state that will not pose an immediate existential threat, I’d say they are “winning” albeit rather slowly (but methodically). If the GAE’s goal is to weaken Russia, I’d say it’s a meh right now – it has cost Russia more than the Ruskies would like but not nearly as much as the GAE had hoped. It has made the MIC a pretty penny. It has reduced the worldwide White population. But it has also harmed the GAE more so than Russia in many ways (granted, the GAE has a lot of excess capacity to absorb harm, although oddly it is extremely fragile about it – maybe fickle is a better word). So for the GAE, it’s been a mixed bag. As for Uke, no idea what its goal is other than survival, and that doesn’t look too promising at this point.

    • Both Russia and the GAE were guilty of thinking “this one’s going to be easy.” Historically a pretty common failure at the beginning of hostilities by people who ought to know better. Often it’s rooted in some recent rapid and relatively bloodless success, for Russia probably the easy takeover of Crimea and South Ossetia. It’s been a long time since the ’91 Gulf War so one wonders where the GAE overconfidence came from. Perhaps the fact that they were able to knock over Saddam in 3 weeks, never mind what came after.

      Not that WWII was easy, but the GAE at least up until Iraq kept believing it was easy to “install democracy” somewhere because it had gone so well in Germany and Japan. Neglecting the crucial first step of leveling the place first.

      • [Democracy] had gone so well in Germany and Japan.

        Working with different raw materials. In Germany, they already had a democracy. They just didn’t vote the right way, so we had to teach them how until they got it right.

    • The situation is fairly complex. You have to stop thinking in WWII Blitzkrieg terms.

      The US AWACS and other systems allow the Ukrainians to turn off their radars until the last second while Russian planes are flying in Western Ukraine. Then targeting them. That is why the Russians don’t fly there, but they have AWACS type systems too and that applies to Belarus and Russia also.

      Russian military organization is still ongoing. Originally post Soviet Era they re-organized into the Battalion Tactical Group, basically half the manpower of a division but with more artillery to substitute firepower for infantry. They are now still re-organizing back into Division levels as the lack of infantry is a big problem for them. They are further constrained by Russian Legalism.

      Russia is place filled with revulsion reaction to the lawlessness and arbitrary arrests and actions of both the Soviet and Yeltsin eras, so they are excessively legalistic. That does not mean enemies don’t fall out of windows or drink radioactive tea, but it does mean they cannot use conscripts outside Russia absent a declaration of war which so far has not happened. [I think Putin is waiting for the Spring/Summer invasion of Belarus run by the Ukraine show-runner Nuland to get his legal counter-attack in large measure]. Simply put Russia cannot and will not tolerate mass casualties of its people any more, not the least of which is demographic collapse and the lack of many surplus military age males to act as enforcers for arbitrary regime actions.

      Meanwhile open source analysts estimate Ukraine out of its original 600,000 man army (of which really only half were combat capable) they have lost 400,000 wounded, so badly they cannot fight anymore are cripples; and about 150,000 to 200,000 dead in frontal assaults on fortified Russian positions backed by artillery. They have raised likely an additional 200,000 men, leaving them with a mixed bag of likely 50,000 veteran soldiers who are combat capable and raw conscripts, mostly old men and boys aged 14 and up with a mixture of teen girl conscripts and some disabled. Russia by contrast has suffered something like 16,000 to 25,000 dead, about the same so wounded they cannot fight. Most have been either the Wagner Group or the Donbass Militias, very few contract soldiers as losses that are significant outside defense of Russia against a US invasion is not socially sustainable.

      Both the Russians (and the US) can see everything the other is doing. There are no surprises, no Blitzkrieg possible when a rain of missiles, artillery, mortars, and bombs can come down on any attacking column. We and they have satellites, drones, intel, reconnaissance, ELINT, and more. This is not the 20th Century. Manpower is expensive, Machines are cheap. Everyone can see everything of everybody else.

      Ukraine is essentially done in this war, it is the turn now of Americans. And here it gets interesting. Both the Biden Admin and EU admit we are at war with Russia, multiple times, are telling people they will have to submit to a Wartime Economy at the G20 Summit in India (see the Duran for details) which means rationing and collapsing standard of living. The Biden Admin issued an Executive Order establishing a CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) and this can be used to establish rationing on an individual level (with race-based privileges of course). Biden directly told Scholz to move German industry to the US to avoid EU red tape to produce ammo to fight the Russians. Since the Ukrainians are done it will be US soldiers next. Even Marjorie Taylor Green can understand that part, and told Zelensky to keep his hands off American young men for his war. Won’t matter, the draft including for what amounts to forced labor in wartime industries is a done deal. Fortified elections means stop worrying and loving the bomb.

      How America reacts (not votes, those are already counted) when we have say 12,000 POWs in Russia*, and a hot war with a draft (White straight men only) against both Russia and China, is anyone’s guess. Dying on the Russian Front for Ukraine’s sacred borders when we have none and are despised fifth class untouchables is not an appealing prospect.

      *We have 50,000 US troops along with 200,000 Polish Troops right on the Polish/Belarus Border, they are not there to play tiddlywinks. Nuland has said publicly she is in “consultation” with opposition Belarus leaders. So you be the judge, so to speak.

      • They are not anywhere close to being able to roll out a cashless society/CBDC. Even if they were, which they aren’t, it would create some uncomfortable questions for the regime. Such as, how are people still buying and selling illegal drugs while I am denied gasoline because I’m at my ration limit? Or are you telling us that they are going to end the illegal drug market overnight? Because that’s what a cashless society/CBDC does. In theory anyway.

      • The neocons do love their wars. The American public is so disinterested that they got away with their very ill advised adventures in Iraq and Afghanistan. There were comparatively few casualties and the public just did not pay attention.

        As you alluded to, that disinterest will probably not hold out in a war with Russia. It will really be a war with Russia, China and probably Iran. There will be mass casualties. Too many to hide. Throw in a draft and massive economic problems causing an even greater lowering of the standard of living than we currently see and there could be big problems. Not many will buy the BS any longer when it affects them personally. Not like WWII.

        In addition, unlike WWII, the U.S./ Canada/Euro alliance will basically have no chance against the Russia, China and Iran alliance. Unless, of course it goes nuclear. Then no one will win.

        Most people will not be interested in all of that so that is why I expect the U.S./NATO will try to pull off a false flag event. It will have to be a big one or several so that is scary. The neocons probably believe that Americans are dumb enough to fall for that. They might be correct.

  2. Russia v. USA

    It feels disloyal not rooting for the home team, until you realize that we have no home anymore. We’re always on the road now, our best players are over the hill, we have no manager, and white men can’t jump anyway. But, we had a good run there for a while, yes? Some hall of famers.

    • I have never felt the least disloyal when I say, and believe, “it’s not my war”

    • 190,000,000 betrayed by a few and apathy. We are not homeless. This is our home. It isn’t our nation anymore, but it is our home and our land. It isn’t over. It is just an opportunity to create a new nation and identify some new all stars – not by attending some corrupt credential mill, but forging it through the crucible of reality.

      Chin up! 🙂

      • Basically, the American nation needs to be rebuilt. It was never MAGA but just MAA (Make America Again). It’s a nice slogan of course, but it’s hard to define what that will mean.

    • Don’t know if America was ever a nation in the traditional sense. It seems it was at one point like Great Britain, a collection of separate but somewhat related nations that got on well enough when needed, but kept to their own. Civil War changed that and converted state/regional ethnic identities into a centralized “nation of ideals”. For better or worse, mostly worse now, but to be fair, that’s with 20/20 hindsight. I am sure it seemed like a good idea at the time.

  3. I think something that does not get enough play is, the “big shareholders” are fine with how the USA is being run. Everyone else is just numb to it.

    When enough oxen get gored, things will change. Question is, will that be an improvement?

  4. Anyone who has raised kids and had a clue about how to do it knows that consequences for stupidity and bad behavior are necessary for improvement.

    There are no negative consequences when the elite screws up the lives of normal people, just flat out fails or is simply found to be wrong and/or lying. The only consequence for the managerial class is when they don’t immediately support enthiastically the new thing.

    So Afghanistan was a complete debacle and they left billions in equipment for the Taliban. No problem. They just pivoted to the next war and leaving that equipment is a great $$$ opportunity for the MIC to replace it.

    Ukraine blows up on them? They are already chomping at the bit to start a war with China and the MIC will make a fortune replacing everything given to the Ukraine by White countries.

    Living in an information bubble helps the managerial class and the actors playing politicians know their lines.

    The rabble does not like it? That isn’t the ruling class’ problem. It just puts a little more pressure on the managerial class to insulate the rulers from any downside

    • My Comment: “Anyone who has raised kids and had a clue about how to do it knows that consequences for stupidity and bad behavior are necessary for improvement.”

      I could be wrong, but my guess is that you are probably making a categorical error here.

      My guess is that you are assuming the children in question to be fundamentally moral creatures – with incipient consciences & innate inner moral compasses & especially SOULS.

      But the kind of sadistic psychopath, which would promote the development & production & distribution & deployment of v@xxines designed to sterilize and/or murder 15/16ths of the world’s population, has no conscience, no moral compass, and no soul.

      Hopefully none of us know how these sadistic psychopaths actually think [meaning hopefully none of us are sadistic psychopaths ourselves, except, obviously, for the friendly neighborhood J!DF agents assigned to monitoring Z].

      But my guess is that all day long, these sadistic psychopaths constantly think thoughts which are darker & uglier & more horrifying than the very worst nightmare you have ever experienced in your sleep.

      All day long, day after day after day, these sadistic psychopaths are fantasizing about acts of Evil, the horror of which might induce in many of us heart attacks, were we to attempt to contemplate the same.

      • Stop posting, please.

        You are pathetic with your hard-conspi bullshit. Dumber than a CNN watcher or a Romney voter.

      • Getting back to the poaster, named, “My Comment”, he seemed to be implying that behavior is learned, rather than innate.

        And for some hominids, that might ackshually seem to be the case – some hominids have such malleable personalities that behavioral conditioning can indeed alter the appearance of their ostensible personalities [although their underlying personality type will always remain steadfastly MALLEABLE].

        But all personalities are determined at conception, by the particular sperm which fought its way tooth & nail to the particular ovum which was burst out of its follicle.

        And malleability of personality is itself a personality type.

        The point being that sadistic psychopathy is an extremely implacably non-malleable personality type [arguably the most implacably non-malleable personality type of them all], and to compare Normie children [with some degree of malleability to their personalities, and with enough of a functioning innate inner moral compass to possibly possess a SOUL], to compare those Normie children with adult [often septuagenarian/octogenarian] sadistic psychopaths, is likely gonna imprison your thinking within a great big categorical error.

        tl;dr == Sadistic Psychopaths gonna t0rture, r@pe, and mμrder, and there’s nothing you can do to stop them, short of imprisoning & neutering & executing them.

        If you give these Sadistic Psychopaths free reign to express their natural personalities, as we have done with the likes of Albert Bourla & Robert Langer & Rachel Levine & Rochelle Walensky & Anthony Fauci & Bill Gates & Warren Buffet, then don’t be surprised when they start murd3ring everyone.

  5. Ok ok

    I just saw Senator Budd from North Carolina destroy the luggage tester that is up for FAA top guy. While I like the cut of his jib. I had to go to Wiki to look up the guy.

    My question is, at this point, what am I missing?

    The guy appears too good to be true.

    And they usually are.

    Any insight into this guy?

    And the minimum amount of space between planes is 3 miles laterally.

    You’re welcome Mr. Chimp.

  6. Robert Kagan, Thomas Friedman, David Goldman, Edward Luttwak, Noah Rothman, and Robert Zubrin are all Jewish, in common with many of the other major pushers and creators of this war – Alexander Vindman, Allen Weinstein, Anne Applebaum, Anthony Blinken, Avril Haines, Bill Browder, Bill Kristol, Carl Gershman, Chuck Schumer, David Frum, Garry Kasparov, Ihor Kolomoisky, Jared Cohen, Jeff Zucker, Jonathan Chait, Len Blavatnik, Masha Gessen, Max Boot, Rachel Maddow, Samantha Vinograd, Victoria Nuland, and Volodymyr F’ing Zelensky.

    I imagine that many liberal-globalist Jews 1. hate Russia for stopping Israel from overthrowing their arch-enemy Assad and for being in alliance with Israel’s biggest threat Iran, 2. hate Russia for Putin ending Yeltsin-era massive financial/resources rape by Browder Larry Summers and other Western Jewish financial pirates, 3. hate Russia for Stalin’s putting an end to the fanatical Jewish original Bolsheviks, and 4. hate Russia for Tsarist-era Jewish/Slavic ethnic conflict.

    As they so often do, they mistake themselves for the true definition of America and Americans, and mistake their interests and desires for America’s interests. And when they use the word “Democracy”, it often seems to actually mean, “something ruled over by them”.

    • Well maybe they have a point. What song is more “American” than Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong’s version of ‘Summertime’ by George Gershwin? Two black Americans singing a song written by a Jewish immigrant? It is a quintessential American song, precisely because it is impossible to imagine it having been written and performed in any other place, at any other time.

      • “What song is more “American” than Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong’s version of ‘Summertime’ by George Gershwin?”

        Not dying in dumb pointless foreign wars.

        • Note that many of these putrid thugs are floating the idea of a draft.

          So I bet it turns out that they are going to need white men after all. I say screw that. The powers that be have made it abundantly clear that normal white men are not wanted in our current society.

          So I advise them to sit this one out. Our glorious rainbow colored hoards will do much better against Ivan, the Chinese or the Iranians than we could anyway.

          If the going gets really tough they can send Captain Coss. You see she is the first female to “lead elite army rangers into combat.” Her size 7 boot on the ground will make all the difference.

          • I’d like to see a return of the draft for several reasons perhaps most of all the looks on the faces of all our new Americans when they open the envelopes.

          • 4chan is predicting that they are going to roll back, or at least reduce visibility on some of the Woke stuff to lure YTs into the military for their three-front war against Russia, China, and Iran.

            I pray my people are not that dumb.

          • Now, if they can just get … THE MEDAL … draped around her neck, that’ll allow them to sign off another obsession that’s plagued them since before Meg and Denzel highlighted this particular historical injustice …

          • I’d love to know how many do-overs she received in order to “successfully” complete the course?
            It makes me sick to my friggen stomach to see shit like this. I never though I’d say this, but I’m actually rooting to watch her go flat on her ass when the shit hits the fan. Unfortunately that will mean that her unit will pay the price, but perhaps that’s what we need in order for these fantasies to be smashed once and for all.

        • Mysterious Orca: “What song is more “American” than Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong’s version of ‘Summertime’ by George Gershwin?”

          Ackshually, Gershwin stole the melody for that song [Summertime, 1934] from the introduction to W C Handy’s, “St Louis Blues,” written two decades prior [1914].

          Moast people only know the Glenn Miller upbeat “march” version of the song, but WC’s original performances amounted to very slow [bordering on Adagio/Largo] lamentations.

          Gershwin also stole an yuge portion of the chordal & arrangement/instrumentation corpus of the kneegr0w, William Grant Still.

          Which is not to say that Gershwin was Tone Deaf; Gershwin could clearly write a catchy tune when he wanted to, but he was ruthless in stealing ideas from the kneegr0ws.

          “quotation is a rich and enriching tradition”

          – (((Robert Allen “Bob Dylan” Zimmerman)))


          Richard Wagner was enraged when he witnessed the j00ish legalists in the 19th Century music bidness sign up the young idiot goyische musicians & composers to exclusivity contracts which destroyed the economic prospects of those musically talented goyim.

          In the 20th & 21st Centuries, practically every Rock-N-Roll Band has had to sue (((the RIAA))) for payment of royalties.

          And there are abundant stories in the ether about how the Chicago Transit Authority was denied admission to the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame because they refused to sign with a Chosen agent.

      • Two black Americans singing a song written by a Jewish immigrant? It is a quintessential American song, precisely because it is impossible to imagine it having been written and performed in any other place, at any other time.

        Is being a cuck also quintessentially American?

        • Agreed. That song isn’t the quintessential American song anymore than YMCA is. (Trump’s spoiler). It is the song of the managerial class when they saw the sun at dawn but in fact it had already set.

          To me something closer, while not at all popular but that embodies the Faustian, pioneering, explorer’s spirit of real America would be Lateralus. Summertime is an idler class song. Americans are not idlers.

          • Lateralus? I wasn’t expecting that.

            I’ve got to brag that I saw them on that tour with King Crimson opening. When Tool took the stage, Maynard said, “Now you know who we stole everything from.” A nice show of respect to Crimson. What a concert!

        • Having thrown off most of the more positive aspects of our national identity, a strong case can be made that being a cuck IS in fact just about all that’s left. America is turning into a nation of Olympic-class ankle grabbers.

    • Its probably as simple as Victoria Nudelman recalling hearing stories of the massacre at Babi Yar from when she was a child attending jewish summer camp.

      As a consequence, she hates Ukrainians, and doesnt mind seeing them blown up by artillery in Bakhmut. That this also advances the CIA’s goal of toppling the Russian state makes it even better.

      Never ascribe to policy what can be attributed to vengeance

      • We should give Victoria her revenge. She is much too valuable to be kept on the sidelines in the State Department. We need to get her out in the field where she can do some good. She should be sent to the Bakhmut front lines… Oh wait I guess it is too late for Bakhmut. Well we can send her to the Kupiansk front.

    • Also – not all of the Jewish financial pirates raping Russia during the Yeltsin years were Westerners, in fact a majority were indigenous ex-Soviet. And while some Jewish Russian oligarchs are still wealthy and powerful – indeed, some of them I believe are Putin’s among closest allies – Putin also deposed, jailed, and financially stripped many of the worst of them. Another reason for the seething Putin hate.

      Daryl Cooper/MartyrMade put out an excellent audio about this when the war broke out last year –

    • It was reported that in the last 24 hours 490 UA soldiers and about 10 armored vehicles lost in Bakhmut. I imagine that it is now pretty difficult to evacuate. Just horrible. No reason for any of it.

    • In the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy there’s an alien super weapon called an “SEP Field”. It doesn’t actually hide or cloak anything but when extended over an object anyone seeing that object immediately classifies it as “somebody else’s problem”. America’s relationship with The Tribe at this point goes beyond what any mere “conspiracy theory” could account for. We’re well into SEP Field territory here.

  7. this is off topic but on wednesday there were some republican senators who were taking potshots at attorney general merrick garland. I have a hard time seeing Ted Cruz say this (i don’t even know if he knows these facts) but what if he (or Josh Hawley) had said to him: “you’re behaving in the same way that got your ancestors kicked out of Lithuania”

    Would the media streisand effect the whole thing or would they try to not publicize it for fear of certain information getting out there. Because there’s enough plausible deniability with a remark like that, that if you get expelled from congress, it would open up some eyes.

    • And Tucker piled on calling out Garfinkle’s anti-Christian use of the FBI and he tied it back to the Bolsheviks. That was well done. Speak to the masses on the level they understand and speak to the more educated, (to the extent they still exist), on the levels that they understand.

      • With all the hemming and hawing going on regarding “investigations” and “subpoenas” and Lyin Ted grilling the AG, just let me know when someone loses a job; or a pension; or goes to prison.

        Honest to God, it is all just a dog and pony show.

        Seriously, I’m betting not one person (of consequence) goes to prison.

        • Very funny Z-Man. Perfect! I agree Bartleby. But this is an information war. From that perspective, these ideas getting put in front of more people with greater frequency is the net good. Consequences? That would be nice. But, more people seeing these thoughts getting sanction will have consequences down the road.

    • Oh, for the long-gone days when the mere fact that one had been kicked out of Country X would disqualify a would-be immigrant from being granted entry to Country Y. In fact, in some cases, he was very lucky if refused entry were all that happened to him.

      • to be fair, I don’t know if Garland’s ancestors were kicked out of Lithuania (according to wikipedia, that’s where his ancestors are from). But a lot of the tribe that came over in the late 19th/early 20th left there native countries on bad terms. So whether or not his ancestors did, it would be a provocative point to make to the AG.

  8. ps- Michael Yon warns of a coming typhus epidemic; typhus is carried by body and head llice.

    Weren’t the kagans the same folk who made a narrative about Zyklon-B, once commonly used to kill typhus-bearing lice?

    (aka “cooties”, by the way.)

    The Infection. There is a reason I call those “Principals and Powers” the Infection.

    • are people going to call in part of a genocide plan just like the last time?

  9. It’s not possible to be an expert on a wide variety of things. Of course, it’s always possible to forget that you can’t be such a Renaissance polymath philosopher-king, once you are a Who’s-Who certified master-of-the-universe; see Xi Jinping and his “zero COVID” romance— a lot of effort went into devising the crafty realpolitik stratagems post hoc to explain the behavior for a guy who is, in fact, quite likely just out of touch with reality, forget about epidemiology. If you believe historians as well as evidence from one’s own life of interaction with managers and executives, out-of-touchness is a well-attested phenomenon everywhere.

  10. Most everyone has wondered why no one in Washington asks the obvious questions about the issues of the day. The reason is, they live in a simulation of reality so that what is obvious to you is not obvious to them.

    You are being far too generous. They simply don’t care to know because the truth does not serve their purpose.

    To make them care, they have to feel the consequences of their actions, and therein lies the rub. They are not only insulated from information, they are insulated from consequences and ultimately, that is more dangerous. Feeling consequences would at least force them to course correct or perish (figuratively or literally) even if they did not know the true reason.

    • Your post is spot on. They live consequence free. It leads me to think from where might consequences come. I think to say Rome and think, well, a praetorian guard might have a vested interest in taking them out. However, the praetorians would ultimately have some financial or other interest in making a new king. There is certainly no consequence coming from below or some lateral location. It is an entrenched bureaucracy and who knows what financial incentives and physical threats external forces wield in keeping it in place. I hope I am alive to at least find out who and how this Cult has maintained power.

      I am not sure if that works in America. It seems like everyone wins financially by America winning or losing. Until the cost of losing falls on someone inside of the regime

      I think that is going to happen with the racial leg of the regime before it happens with the MIC leg regime. The anti-white regime no longer targets the Dirts, it also targets the Clouds. Perhaps there will be a strange confluence where whites angling for the MIC who find themselves shut out decide to make a move.

      In any case, the system is rotten to the core and the sources of the rot are too numerous to even understand.

      The money printer and offshore money flows are the great enabler. As long as that lasts we need to be building a new America for ourselves. When it comes apart we need to be prepared and able to defend it from the hordes who no longer have a carcass to feed on.

    • F. Scott Fitzgerald summed it up rather well in the Great Gatsby.

      They were careless people, Tom and Daisy- they smashed up things and creatures and then retreated back into their money or their vast carelessness or whatever it was that kept them together, and let other people clean up the mess they had made.

      ― F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

    • ‘They simply don’t care to know because the truth does not serve their purpose.’

      This. Nothing to do with ‘mental illness’ or any such jive.

      Their rejection of observed, objective reality (the truth) is willful, deriving from self-service and self-aggrandizement. The truth simply is not in their financial, interpersonal, material, or psychological interest.

      Absent severe and imminent consequences, they will simply continue on in lies and content self-delusion. If the truth gets in their way, then the truth and the truthteller must be destroyed.

      So to these I speak the only lingo understood and accepted, which is my closed right hand.

      Those who, like me, and least pursue the truth, cleave to it, and celebrate its existence, get my open right hand. That’s all and I lose no sleep over it.

    • I was told of another incident a few months ago. This one was in the Mediteranian. The Hultgreen pilot this time landed an F18 on the carrier. The plane was directed to a parking spot. The pilot forgot to set the brakes and before the aircraft could be chained down a gust of wind was enough to roll it off and into the drink. Oopsie!

      • Hearing a lot of these stories lately. Will they leave nothing for the Russians to shoot down? Think of poor Ivan’s itchy trigger finger!

  11. Might I propose a counter narrative to the Kagan cult, to the Scofield spell, a moral lesson heard long ago.

    How, then, did the Hebrews come to lose the Covenant?

    Their ruling class. Their ruling class was seduced by the Prince of Darkness, and led their people into perfidy.

    The ruling class held the people in their grip, naught but an earthquake, a storm, a typhoon could dislodge their rotten corruption.

    The Romans, as instruments of His wrath, were that typhoon. So that the little people, the meek, the small, not the great men vulnerable to seduction, might pick up the candlelight of the Gospel and carry it with them on Rome’s roads to those ready to hear.

    They lost the Covenant- and want it back, thinking it stolen. They ache to avenge that theft, on those hands who hold their treasure.

    So again, do our ruling class hear the false promises of their whispers, and are thus bought.

    Yet, there are none to receive the chalice; the newcomers come not for the Light, but only filled with ravenous hunger.

    • Precisely. That scene at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark is really a sort of psychological projection by Spielberg. In the movie the Nazis seek the Ark thinking they can somehow use it to control God and get their souls sucked out by ghosts as punishment for their hubris. In reality the Nazis were focused on Norse mythology and their own weird racial theories, the idea that they would think a Hebrew artifact would even have any magic powers is simply the Jewish director’s narcissism assuming that the Nazis hated Jews because they wanted to be Jews. The story would have been far more interesting (but probably not a commercial success), if it had been a group of Rabbis trying to get the Ark of the Covenant to fight the Nazis and getting zapped in the end for playing with forces beyond their ken.

      • Germany in the 30s sent people all over the world hunting for relics from every religion, the Spear of Destiny was a great get for them. At least they supposedly found it.They had people in the Americas, India, Asia and throughout Europe.

        • Yeah but a Roman spear and a Jewish box wouldn’t have any magical powers. Mjolnir adds ten points to your strength score and shoots lightning bolts.

          • Ploppy

            Your post made me spit coffee through my nose.

            I’m still chuckling.

            Thanks for a nice start of the weekend.

      • It’s also perhaps significant that at the end of “Raiders of the Lost Ark” at least in the novel version, a warehouse worker swears he hears odd noises and thinks he needs to get his hearing checked. The Ark is boxed away in storage, apparently forgotten. There ends the story.

        But wait: there are at least two possible messages from that finale. Yes the forces of Good (America and by inference, the Hebrews) have triumphed. Do they realize that they now have the fabled Ark as their strength, or in their pride have they utterly forgotten it?

        • Folks desiring the answer to this question need only consult Scripture. Take a look at what happened to the Philistines when they figgered they had ‘won’ the ark in battle.

          Off they went on their jolly victorious way and set the ark up in one of their ludicrous temples. Promptly, God via the ark trashed their temple and tossed aside its idol.

          It got plenty worse after that and wasn’t long before the wily Philistinos started passing the ark from burg to burg, like a hot tater. Seems everywhere they set the thing, it brought them pain and grief and destruction. Whoda thunk.

          Eventually the geniuses realized they best give their ‘treasure’ back, before the whole shebang came down around their ears. Which it would have.

          Credit where due, the Philly-steens devised a cunning scheme to discern whether their disasters were divinely sent, or coincidences. Once convinced they had angered God, the real God, they coughed up a trespass-offering (cash) and sent their ‘war prize’ back whence he came.

          Yeah I seem to hear a faint voice calling from the Smithsonian, too.

          I note the scamps never tried to pull that shit again. Until now.

  12. Yup .. This is the same thing that caused huge famines in PRC in the 50s & 60s. All the local cadres told (lied to) their leaders they had plenty of wheat, huge excesses, even. Those report filtered up to Mao, who told the world how great commienism was.. then he had to go beg for wheat from Khrushchev, and millions starved. Same-same here now. Everyone is telling their leaders what they want to hear, not what’s really going on….

  13. Saying the Afghanistan withdrawal was botched is “insane”? Really? In what universe?

  14. Thank you Z for listing the names of the subjects of todays podcast. I made an immediate assumption when I saw their surnames, but checked the wiki early life just to be sure. The only one that was vague was Rothman, but I’m gonna take a flyer and guess that he wears the same hat as the others. The two Senators don’t count, as they are Tribe stooges.

    A few even have Russian ancestors. What are the odds they would have a hard on for Russia?

    I guess, at this point, we shouldn’t be surprised.

    I’m gonna add to Sowells quote,(that he stole),

    “Behind every great disaster is a Harvard man, and some Tribesmen”.

    • (((Russian))) ancestors? Those ancestors are no more “Russian” than Ben Shapiro’s ancestors are “American” Just as Zelensky isn’t “Ukrainian” but is actually (((Ukrainian))). At some point in the past, those names were Russified just as “Bob Dylan” (Robert Allen Zimmerman) or “Trotsky” (Lev Davidovich Bronstein). They are as “Russian” as Elon Musk is an “African American”

      Ain’t a Russian or Ukrainian among them., They should all be deported to Israel where they belong.

      • I just finished listening to The Great Gatsby audiobook. Two things were notable about it. First, the fact that Fitzgerald used plain language to describe his characters. He describes one minor character, Meyer Wolfsheim*, clearly as a Jew. Black characters are simply negros, and no effort is made to obfuscate the fact that a lot of these characters’ actions and motivation are directly related to their race. The second thing I noted was that the man doing the reading, described as “American actor Tim Robbins”, is quite unashamed to voice the characters using various accents and vocal mannerisms that are pretty much exactly what you would hear in your head reading the book. Wolfsheim sounds exactly like a New York Jew would, the wealthy Southerners sound like rich Southern gentry from around that era. It became obvious as I listened that the recording was not recent. Undoubtedly the book will be re-recorded eventually and I pity the people who are subjected to whatever stilted and pozzed abomination replaces Mr. Robbins’ performance.

        The central problem of our time is that you simply can’t talk about things and people as they are anymore the way Fitz (and Robbins) does. This goes beyond “leftist bias” or really any kind of bias. If the words you’re using to describe reality don’t correspond to anything in reality you are just talking gibberish. A lot of popular culture and politics is blighted by this basic failing. You can’t really discuss Ukraine for instance, because in the official narratives you can’t actually talk about Ukrainians, Slavs, Jews, Russians, or really anything about the situation at all *as it really is*.

        The best analogy would be trying to talk to even an educated person from about 1500 about light or electricity. They just don’t have the vocabulary needed to understand the phenomenon. The tragedy is that in our case people actually used to have an accurate and expressive vocabulary that has been deliberately corrupted and destroyed.

        * The Wikipedia entry on the book is full of exactly the same predictable claims about “Antisemitism” that I had expected it to be.

        • Tim Robbins’s father, Gil Robbins, played string bass for the Cumberland Three:

          Listen to track #2, “I Don’t Want No Pardon,” and pay very close attention to the lyrics.

          That’s arguably the greatest album of American music ever produced.

          • Album shouldn’t have ended with the Battle Hymn of the Republic, rather with I’m a Good ‘Ole Rebel, “cause it ain’t over yet.

          • JerseyJeffersonian: “Album shouldn’t have ended with the Battle Hymn of the Republic”

            The winners get to choose the order of the singles on the album.

            And they also get to choose the album cover art.

            Then they get all the profits from the album sales.

            And finally, of course, they get the copyrights for 75 years.

            Sucks to be the losers.

  15. Friedman wrote: “… and where free markets and open trade have lifted more people out of poverty than at any time in the history of the world. ”

    I swear every single time I hear someone repeat this garbage, I want to pull my hair out. Not one of them will ever continue this thought to add “and all at the expense of American workers”

    It is part of the root of the evil of “globalism” and “free trade.” Who cares if American workers suffer if Asians are “lifted out of poverty”

    These people all belong in prisons and that’s if we’re in a good mood. Next time you see some scene looking like it came from the walking dead, of Americans, usually White people stumbling down the street obviously intoxicated, thank Kagan, Friedman et al that at least some Asians aren’t living as peasants.

    • The deindustrialization chickens are coming home to roost for the United States Ruling Class with this war, though.

      • Well, who is to say that the consequences raining down on us here in AINO are not merely a late-arriving corollary to the Morgenthau Plan originally planned for post-WWII Germany (but now again back on the table, or so it would seem to me), with us as just a different, yet ultimately merely a trivially different set of goyim getting broken and being yoked as cattle in servitude to The Chosen People?

        Change my mind…

    • Every single person who advocates “free trade” is either a liar or an idiot. Because there has never been any such thing.

    • If you’re a materialistic rootless cosmopolitian, this argument makes perfect sense. If you care about your own people, if you care about culture and aesthetics, and if you care about tradition, then this argument is a non-starter, at best.

      • “Free trade,” endless war, and open borders feed the parasite at the expense of the host, yes. Parasites gonna parasite. It is what they do. My ire is directed at the parasite enablers like Cotton.

    • Don’t forget about the “free market” in government subsidized opioids these people are getting and that get prescribed by the Veterans Admin after the “Deplorables” and “Bitter Clingers” come home from weakening Israel’s neighbors and bombing goat herders.

    • Isn’t it infuriating to watch the algos levitate these trash algos to infinity on the back of hot air from the Fed when you’re short?

    • One thing you never hear from anyone (on either side of the free trade debate) is the question of why the Asians, Africans, Little Green Men, couldn’t get jobs making toasters or whatever for each other instead of for Americans or Europeans. Well, the markets don’t exist you see. So, would it have been so hard to develop those markets? Does advertising and marketing only work on White people? Of course the answer is that shipping the jobs overseas was just the laziest and (for the wealthy) most lucrative way to proceed. The rationalizations, “lifting people out of poverty”, came after the fact.

      There’s also the a-historical nature of the ideology of development through undercutting wages in some other country. Did the US and Europe get rich being cheap labor for some race of super advanced aliens? Of course not.

      • It wasn’t just jobs that were exported. Case in point: the East Palestine, OH toxic train wreck? Similar happen regularly in the Third World and probably doesn’t even make the local news. Much less international unless it’s an epic disaster like Bhopal. Chronic ongoing pollution from industrial activity is routine. With certain exceptions, a small elite enriches itself by allowing access by foreigners to its markets. The vast majority of the population lives in poverty.

        I’m by no means trying to sound like an environmentalist, bleeding heart or other activist; I just point out that actions have consequences. The West’s standard of living comes at a cost.

        • There actually *were* legitimate concerns that the old environmentalists brought up. In fact there’s likely a whole slew of technologies having to do with catalyzing rapid breakdown of organic toxins that were never (and now will never be) developed because it turned out that the Establishment’s answer to “pollution” was “let the gooks deal with it”. This is one of those times when pointing out DR3 to people is valid. In fact the Ohio train wreck probably shows, better than anything, that no one, not the Right, the Libertarians, or the Left, really gave 2 shits about any of the stuff they postured about. All of the mainstream political players have been shown to be nothing but pirates or whores.

          Of course, it doesn’t matter now. Cheap labor, mass immigration, and de-industrialization undoubtedly skewed and stunted our technological development just as much as they rolled back broad prosperity and wrecked the culture. There’s no wormhole to some parallel universe where the US has a population of 220M, strong borders, and nanobots in clean tabletop factories grinding out all that shit the Chinese make for us.

  16. It’s always 1938 in the GAE. One would think that the passage of time would dim the effectiveness of this, but I’m sad to report that even if that’s so, not enough of it has passed yet. Watching the rubes fall for the same old cons, over and over and over, reminds me that I used to be one of them, before they lied to me one too many times. Some (unfortunately most) folks just don’t seem to have that threshold. If I had to peg the percentage that sees through the regime war propaganda, I wouldn’t put it much higher than 20. Whatever it is, enough popular support is there to green light the regime doing whatever it wants. Yet it holds back from open direct boots on the ground confrontation. Which suggests that whoever is calling the shots is not super optimistic about the success of that approach. Or else they are just now getting the pieces in place.

    If Putler is who they say he is, then why is the presidential palace in Kiev still standing? A question for your griller friends. Not that they are reachable.

  17. You are absolutely right that this insipid, batshit crazy bilge is intra-Ruling Class signaling. It also highlights a very troubling fact: their genocide and mass murder will continue until these people and their children themselves feel it. Only until something horrible happens to them personally–from a nuclear warhead slamming into the Acela Corridor or a devastating economic crash–will they back down. The unfortunate part is the masses of us with no responsibility whatsoever for the evil will suffer right along with them.

    Crazy people sometimes require shock therapy. These almost certainly do. They may get it.

    As to Thomas Friedman, remember that he and his ilk lavished praise on Chinese totalitarianism and often encouraged its emulation. Friedman, from what I recall, wrote a column expressing his fondest dream that President Obama could be Chairman Xi for one day. Now these same assclown wannabe-feudal overlords advocate war with China…only kind of, not really.

    And that leads to a particularly amazing aspect of this debacle. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and Co. frequently warn China it had better not arm Russia, had better stop trade with China, yadda, yadda, yadda. What you never hear from the morons are the consequences if China doesn’t fall into line and obey. No mention of sanctions, no mention of suspension of trade, no threats of war. The reason is obvious: interruption of commerce with China would effect the Ruling Class directly. It would harm them economically and impact their day-to-day lives. Friedman might not be able to keep the lights on in his white trash Versailles.

    The same Brain Trust that deindustrialized the United States and sent jobs to China now issue hollow threats to the PRC that carry no weight. Xi knows, and even the world’s most retarded Ruling Class knows, that the United States would be paralyzed if trade with the PRC were interrupted for only a few hours.

    The United States already has lost this war, in a way even more humiliating than Afghanistan. The question is whether the Ruling Class takes us all down with it. The odds that happens are scary.

    • Jack, the US has already put very significant tech sanctions on China, including an embargo on leading-edge semiconductor manufacturing technology (eg chip lithography). Huawei (kinda like Cisco) has already been effectively banned from the US. This has profound implications for China in the long run. This has also been under-reported by the US press. I’m sure the Chinese are very pissed about it.

      • True, but the United States still relies almost exclusively on China for pharmaceuticals, including psychotrophics. Mull that one. The distant second supplier of medicine is India, which has allied with Russia (it’s old ally).

        The chip sanctions are significant, but just a drop in the bucket to what the United States has to have from China.

        • Imagine the horror -if the US can’t get psychotropics, why, the plebes just might wake up!

    • My wish is that we can deport all these people to Siberia or Hell the very first time they get some major thing so wrong as to be the exact the opposite of what they claim.

      Almost everyone agrees both Iraq and Afghanistan were complete and total failures. YET, the people who pushed us into the disasters are doing it AGAIN. HOW? Every single one of these clowns were pushing these policies. They are so reliably wrong about everything they say that their only effect use is as contrarian indicators. Like if they say a quick win is in the cards, we automatically assume a long draw-out defeat.

      Nobody goes to jail. Nobody ever gets fired. We expect different results.

      • They view “win” differently. To us it means “victory,” to them it means ethnic score-settling, virtue signaling and profits.

  18. Stuck in the 20th century, indeed.

    These people seem to have zero idea that the world has changed. They really believe that it’s 1939 all over again. What happens if Russia stops at the Dnieper River? What happens if China doesn’t invade Taiwan?

    What happens if the rest of the world just slowly starts ignoring the West and building their own trade and finance interconnections? What if they simply live their lives and embrace their various cultures without looking to the US?

    The one thing that the tribe fears more than anything is being ignored. They are a middle-man, a manipulator. They have no power if you don’t deal with them. That’s what Russia, China, India and many other countries are attempting to do: Break away so that they don’t have to deal with the US (and, by extension, our foreign rulers).

    My fear is that the Kagan cult won’t let them just walk away because they know what it would mean for them and their people.

    • “What happens if the rest of the world just slowly starts ignoring the West and building their own trade and finance interconnections? What if they simply live their lives and embrace their various cultures without looking to the US?”

      That’s a big piece of it. The United States is a Yesterday Man but Club Kagan and the rest of the blood cult want to party like it is 1945. D.C. already is being cut out of the picture and its inability to produce war material is the death shot to its last remaining asset, the war machine. Think of Glenn Close screeching “I will not be ignored!”

      • And then she boiled the rabbit. I don’t care to think about what the GAE metaphor for that is.

      • Yeah, that’s what I’m afraid of. Neocons are the Fatal Attraction psychopaths of the world. But, seriously, people always think that what Jews hate most is being pointed out by the goy. That’s not true. That’s second worst thing for a Jews.

        The worst thing is excluding them from your world. They live to meddle and manipulate. Hell, they do those things even when they don’t have to, when they already have power and money. It’s just what they do. Excluding them is death to them.

        They won’t let that happen without a fight.

          • “Because the most significant cause of the decline isn’t Jews themselves, but that American liberalism, our civic religion, has turned on us.”

            Well if the Jews are starting to get it, there might be hope for white, servile, so-called Americans.

            In the meantime, I’m really learning to stop worrying and love the vaxx, hate to say it.

          • I recommend everyone read that article for a fascinating window into the “cries out in pain as they strike you” genetic defect we so often talk about.

            The article basically boils down to the social engineering that they’ve engaged in over the past 6 decades has finally come back to bite them now that the various mud races they insisted on uplifting are shutting them out completely.

            “Oy vey! Whaddid we do wrong? Its annudah shoah!” Puh-leez.

            Just like feminists are currently being swept away by trannies, I can only point, sputter, and laugh. This is the logical end result of what YOU wanted. You made this bed of nails over decades, enjoy lying in it c-nts. You will get no sympathy here.

            When it was just White Men who were the devil nobody cared. Now that the gibs are getting thinner and the spiteful mutants are ascending they are starting to turn on each other. I, personally, couldn’t be enjoying the carnage more.

            Let them shred each other and yes that includes lefty white women. They need to be brought to heel through pain & fear just like every other mindless herding animal.

          • You’d have to have a heart of stone not to laugh.

            Where do you think all of the leftist agitation for the onslaught of muds, tri alist religious groups, man-hating women, and the panoply of sexual perverts came from, eh? With this success, has come the shift to “retributive justice” that now works against you, oh, Fellow White Person. Amd in academia, your help is no longer needed to stoke the fires of racial and tribal resentment; they’re handling that themselves, and since there are more of them, as somebody once said (ironically), “Quantity has a quality of its own”. So now, if you Chosen want to have a seat at the table with your low population count, you have to earn it by throwing your shoulder to the wheel of your own qualified disenfranchisement. The attainment of credentials has now been dumbed down, with excellence no longer required for your former pets, your battering rams against white gentiles, as the rules of societal power have been reformed in such a way that test scores don’t matter, canceling your former ace. Tribalism and victim narratives no longer work too well for you Chosen, no matter how hard the ADL puffs and blows.

        • The Israelis, though, are at best neutral and arguably pro-Russian in this war. I have never seen a greater split between the disapora and the domestic.

          • When you’re the host and not the parasite (mostly), it changes your perspective.

          • I once asked an older guy who wears a dual flag Israel/US flag lapel pin, who he considers his nation to be? In various lines of questioning aimed to find out where his real loyalty lies, I asked him, what about the US fiscal problems and what happens if the US fades?

            He said, “Well by that time we will be much bigger and stronger and we will be with China.”

            He said that without an ounce of self awareness or understanding of the implications of that stance for America and Americans.

            The well being of America, other than what it means for Israel’s millenia long ambitions as a state and a people, never crossed his mind.

            I got my answer. It made me think we may not even be dealing with malice. We may be dealing with a total inability to consider anybody or anything but their own ambitions. Everything and everyone else is just something to be used along the way.

            That is the impression I was left with on this one data point.

          • There are several intra-Jewish wars analogous to the Anglosphere’s goodwhite/badwhite war(s). They’re open but never explained. For example, to old Jews, Young Frankenstein was *about* the then-recent war between the “Stines” and The “Steens,” America’s proudly German/Austrian Jews and their later-arriving loser cousins.

            The “fellow white people” of America hate the Israelis as much as WASPs (original definition) hate white West Virginians. They’re mortal enemies who make occasional strained alliances of convenience. Neoconservatism was one such, but it’s falling apart because the Americans have become too crazy.

          • Reality

            You got your answer in person, but it’s laid out quite clearly in the Jewish Talmud.

            Hurray for Jews, screw everyone else.

            It’s really that easy.

          • I only have one undergrad course on Judaism (and got a “C” I think) and a smattering of history reading. One take-away I got from the above is that “Jew” encompasses a whole spectrum of culture and political views. As such there probably always have been factions and divisions among them. Even the Old Testament gives some clues: Judah and Israel were not competitors because of brotherhood.

    • Can you count the number of false flags the GAE has staged to justify military action? I’m not sure if I can. If their foes don’t supply them with a casus belli, they will supply one themselves. When the choice is that or fade away, I’m pretty sure which one they will choose. Biden didn’t just travel to Kiev as a prelude to disengagement.

  19. Thinking about people like Kagan in power really is a thousand points in favor of the anarchists.

    Governments, especially “democracies”; provide a vehicle for the absolute worst people to obtain massive power. They would have no power left to natural devices and without this horrendous construct we call government fueled by the seized income of the taxpayer/slaves.

    The government machinery gives any monster the means to have godlike power and enslave others. Just like that! Only the naturally ignoble have a deep need to “serve the public” and wag their finger and tell others what to do.

    Government is absolutely a NECESSARY EVIL make no mistake about it. We must have it to avoid the tragedy of the commons and to combat foreign people’s who organize their own government. But it’s just so ridiculously inclined to abuse and corruption by the worst people that it’s comical if it weren’t terrifying and soul crushing.

    I’ll be honest: I want a noble King. Just a sane, hard man who lets the the people live and work and foster their prosperity and their families. His constitution is a simple worded document that just says, “no liars, thieves, murderers, fags, joggers, and women stay home and make babies and sandwiches.” A fantasy, I suppose. It’s not even a desire for a king, really. Just a desire for a strong healthy people who have the same common sense values so we don’t have to deal with all this insanity.

    Mass society is a mistake. Herding people is like herding cats and human rulers will eventually come to the conclusion, “Fuck these idiots, burn them all!”

    • But this is exactly the game. Put numinous negro at the head where he will have practically no hands-on duties and therefore less likely to fubar things, but can take credit for the actual work done by Whitey underlings.

      A national White Day Off would freak the sh!t out of them.

    • This is really becoming like a dark comedy. We have the fag with no experience in charge of Transportation. The cross-dressing tranny in charge of the Dept. of Energy, and now “Snakes on a Plane” in charge of the FAA.

      They aren’t even really trying anymore, are they? We are the most unserious nation and administration I think in the history of the world, aren’t we? Caligula’s Horse as a Roman Senator was a far more serious and qualified appointment than half the people in “charge” of things right now.

      Russia & China need to replace the petrodollar globally and just deal the merciful deathblow. Letting it drag on for a few more decades is more than I can bear.

      • Since 9-11 the US has been making an increasingly obscene stink of itself in the world and has repudiated most of its eccentric but life affirming quirks and replaced them with perversion and filth that most of the world regards with contempt and intolerance. The rest of the world will likely not be content with any mere chastisement. Selling off the currency may be just the start. There’s going to be a serious push to leave the US permanently crippled that will make the reprisals against Germany under Versailles look like accolades. This could be aggravated considerably if more “leaks” like the Wuhan lab story start to come out in a cascade as people inside the regime scramble to throw each other under the various busses that will be careening along. The world’s attitude will be “we’re never letting our boot off the necks of those cross-dressing, murdering fags again.”

  20. Ben Stein is still around at 78, available for speaking engagements. He just got in trouble a week or so ago for saying he missed Aunt Jemima.

    • It’s really sad what they did to her. But let’s face it, the syrup was crap. Maybe it once was good, I can’t remember.

      It’s weird: when live humans are needed for an advertisement, vibrants are required, but when it’s an artist’s depiction, no vibrants allowed. Evidently the latter lacks “agency” and thus is being exploited.

      • it’s always been corn syrup based, and so crap. why anyone would use that stuff over real maple syrup is bizarre.

          • i think it was Baretta who said “if you can’t afford the syrup, don’t order pancakes”

          • Well, yeah, but the flavor of real maple syrup makes it unnecessary to slather it on as with high fructose/fake ass quasi-maple flavored pancake syrup. My wife & I use maple syrup exclusively for that reason.

            Oh, and although the now cancelled Aunt Jemima whole wheat pancake mix is no longer conveniently available, I found a good whole wheat/all-purpose flour recipe online that I make up batches of which pretty much kicks ass. A few minutes with infredient mixing, and we are set for multiple batches. Will share this with anyone who is interested.

      • There is no reason behind this paradox, there is only the Hutu will to power.

      • We live in clowntown Chicago. We buy our food from people we know, largely Amish. (My maternal granny was, despite my name, Swiss-German Lichteinsi German until leaving tribe to marry Scots granpa, both really good looking folks, dang).

        We have an escape to U.P. Michigan. I tap our local maples. I grind our flour. My water is Lake Superior.

        If I ever go aunt jemima, we are in for the fight.

    • They also killed the Jew Mrs. Butterworth for reminding people of Aunt Jemima. A feminist victory. The only imaginable caring woman is mammy, a forbidden image.

      • Uncle Ben was removed from the planation kitchen, too. Word has it he’s now an authentic dawg, slinging crack in East St. Louis, and murdering innocent little girls in drive-by shootings.

          • Well, the quakers were leaders in anti-slavery movement on the whole, so that works in his favor so far. But with Lincoln about ready to get cancelled, what with his earlier “send them back to Africa” views, the Quaker’s days may be numbered. He is, after all, a reminder that the blexs didn’t liberate themselves.

          • ‘Well, the quakers were leaders in anti-slavery movement on the whole, so that works in his favor so far.’

            Quaker women also gave the U.S. organized feminism. The biggest ‘cereal killer’ of them all.

  21. Well, here’s some unfiltered information for you from the war for this country.

    I attended a Republican county convention outside Tulsa County last weekend as a guest. A motion was made to amend the platform from stating that women should not be in “combat” to not be in “ground combat.” A Marine veteran got up and praised the women he had served alongside (never said if they were slugging it out on the front lines with him) and proposed that they should be allowed in all kinds of combat. Another said that if women want to serve they should be allowed to (again, no reference to the front lines). At some point in the parliamentary maneuvering an amendment was proposed to totally remove any reference to disfavoring women in combat, period.

    Guests were not allowed to speak, but I was itching to stand up and say, “This is not about women finding themselves. This is about the men they will endanger on the front lines, as females find themselves overwhelmed physically, mentally, and emotionally by the horror and carnage of war. Men will be obeying the gallantry in their DNA and attempting to rescue women in their disproportionate flailing around. Women will slow men down as they [women] insert themselves into rescues of other men (I have seen this in law enforcement videos where the male officers are trying to deal with a physical situation.). Most will be a total hindrance in every aspect. So, if you vote for this, you are voting to place your husbands and sons in even further danger on the battlefield. By the way, this is the last place on earth I thought I would encounter wokeness this Saturday morning.”

    Do I ever have a surprise for you from Trump Country. The motion to totally remove the wording expressing disapproval of “women in combat” passed with mostly men, including older men, supporting it. DId the image of their little granddaughters’ mangled bodies not flash before them? Evidently not. The vote was 22-19, when it should have been 0-41. I left immediately so as not to be in the same room with these people, and to try to understand what I just witnessed Still processing, although I guess it is really all of a piece with the monolithic brainwashing and the culture of death.

    • What did you expect? Conservatives couldn’t even conserve the woman’s bathroom. The best they can muster is to conserve the feminism of 50 years ago and say trannys shouldn’t play women’s sports because it interferes with strong empowered women.

      People just are not deep thinkers; certainly not on a civilizational scale. If they were, it’d be obvious that a healthy society does not send women to combat for two clear reasons: 1) they’re weaker and will endanger the men and mess up cohesion; 2) the whole point of men fighting war (in a sane society) is to protect the women and their territory in order to secure their people.

      • One man and twenty women make twenty kids a year. Twenty men and one woman make a lot of gay.

      • ‘The best they can muster is to conserve the feminism of 50 years ago and say trannys shouldn’t play women’s sports because it interferes with strong empowered women.’

        The (cough cough) conservatives over at Breitbart, and conservatives in general, have never pushed back against feminism . . . not even when it slaughtered babies wholesale and parted them out for profit. Not even when the femhorde conquered the Anglo nations.

        The first and only pushback — rage, in fact — took place when the trannymen starting taking over the slots of princess on the playing fields. That is, the moment that other men figgered out a way to one-up the fembots at their own crooked game of Identity Supremacy. Up ’til that point, muh feminism all good!

        The empowerment of their precious-princess daughters and grand-daughters is far more compelling than either pleasing God or saving their nation. So be it then. The whirlwind it is.

      • ‘Conservatives’ have advanced or tolerated Total Feminism for forty years. The first and only time they pushed back was when the Trannymen starting using the Identity Supremacy tactics of women/feminism against the precious-princess daughters and grand-daughters of the ‘conservatives’. The HORROR!

        Kill babies en masse and part-out their organs? All good. Create permanent brainwashing academies from K to doctorate? Works for me.
        Conquer all institutions in Anglo nations and establish permanent gynocracies? Not a problem, whassa matter you a sexist!?

        Let them have Equality and Equity until they wail and gnash their teeth. Then give them some more of it. When the consequences of their treacherous scam come back to hurt the cons and their darlings sufficiently, their tune will change and fast. But not a moment before those severe consequences manifest.

    • This is one of the most compelling testimonials I have read for why the collapse is the cure. The longer the brainwashing goes on, the more mushheads will be seduced to the Dark Side. The “ordinary” folks that voted for women in combat are psychologically damaged, but more importantly, they are doing tangible harm to society unknowingly. And they can afford this indulgence because they have never known read hardship and the couch is quite soft on their fat asses.

    • Sounds more like a debating society than a county political convention. What else did they vote on? The national minimum wage?

      One would hope that in your absence they redirect their attention to something of more local import, but it doesn’t sound promising.

    • I, for one, am glad the motion failed. Personally, I’m tired of the selective equality championed by feminists, and would rather they be all in or all out. If women want equality, they should be subject to the draft, be required to serve on the front line, and should have their misandrist sports leagues abolished on sex discrimination grounds and be forced to compete with men. Perhaps these policies would get some of the more rational women to reconsider their push for equality.

    • WhereAreTheVikings: With all due respect, I’m surprised you were surprised at their attitudes and opinions. I saw the same, but back in 2008 in Texas. When I briefly volunteered at the county Republican headquarters I was surrounded by glad-handing conservatard up-and-comers, all color-blind civnats and empowered women. When I volunteered a few years later with the USO, I found myself putting together ‘care packages’ – presumably for anyone – with a variety of both men’s and women’s magazines. And so many of the other volunteers there were ‘so proud’ of their daughters and grand-daughters ‘serving’ overseas.

      My conservatard attitudes had already started changing well before that, but those two experiences put me solidly in the dissident camp. You cannot talk to those people – they are determined to go down with the ship (and they shall).

    • How did the women present vote?

      Haven’t really seen that infected mindset too often far out in the old Cherokee Strip, or down in the more southerner-like areas on the north side of the Red River. Not to say it doesn’t exist. But they still tend to be pretty hardened and practical out in those more remote areas. Tornadoes, poisonous snakes, brown recluse spiders and all that at the one lat/long, drought, merciless sun and isolation at the other. Keeping a life together in those forgotten towns, or a business afloat in summers with weeks of 110 degree plus heat seems to inoculate against or boil out some of the lunacy.

      Now, OKC is different. A vast swath arcing from west side to north, then across to the east, resembles a third world holding camp. I’ve stopped for gas in places there where no one was speaking English, and it seemed that many were very recent arrivals.

      Soon, I expect, our rulers will have filled it enough with new, genetically un-sullied Americans that they’ll get a solid political foothold, and will be able to finally unleash the real (mind virus) pandemic upon the whole state.

      Then you’ll certainly see them all, Ds & Rs alike, advocating women in the ranks, sharing tactical hides and armored crewman duties with your sons, and commanding combat units.

      And the normal folk …..? They just can’t seem to help themselves. In their zeal to honor the veteran, they lose sight of what really is at stake, or they never understand it in the first place.

      • I dunno, from what I’ve seen with Shaneekwa and Tyranya slugging it out at the checkout line in Walmart, I bet they could hold their own against a Chinaman or an unarmed illegal..

        • Well, maybe in street fights, but when it comes to larger scale tactical, not to mention strategic, conflicts between militaries, I think that these women would come up short. Amd the qualities of insight and leadership were the issues Mr. Webb was addressing.

  22. Thanks again, Z-man! Besides a jihad against the Kagan cult, we also need someone to defang the Christian Zionists who defend this country’s insane foreign policy in the interest of bringing on the Second Coming. It’s all based on the century-old rantings of a preacher named Cyrus Scofield. Sadly, I don’t have the Christian credentials to do that. We need some sincere believer who’s politically moderate and not a poser like Day, Anglin, and Fuentes. Though I doubt there’s anyone in the right circumstances to do that.

    • Scofield’s views and those of the current crop who follow in his footsteps are rankest heresy. What do they not understand about their attempt to manipulate God to get a result that they want? Wow. See what Jesus’ response to Satan’s suggestion during the 40 Days in the Wilderness that he throw himself off a cliff so that God the Father’s angels would be compelled to bear him safely up was. Thou shalt not tempt the Lord.

  23. What is making the Kagans absolutely wrong about everything is that they expect Master P to not only be their rhetorical Mustache Guy, but to actually conduct geopolitics, foreign policy, and warfare (in all three levels, strategic, operational, and tactical) exactly like Mustache Guy, that is to say, like a monomaniacal spaz with the emotional continence of a toddler. The Kagans have repeatedly tried to provoke the Russians into widening the war and the Russians have ignored them, because the Russians are not fighting Mustache Guy’s war in reverse, in any way. I have maintained for the past year that we are seeing Russia revive the old 18th century paradigm of Kabinettskriege, not Blitzkreig. Since America and certainly not the Kagans have ever fought the first style of war, and fixate on the second, they have no mental framework to deal with it.

  24. Z Man is right again. I spoke to a politician yesterday. He is just a local one here in my County but he does not come off like a bumpkin. I asked him what the consensus of the State and County Reps was concerning the situation in Ukraine. Of course he is all in on the “defeat Russia” narrative and he said most of the other local politicians were as well. These are Republicans for the most part.

    I asked him if he knew the origins of the war. Basically his response was it does not matter and in any case the Russians invaded Ukraine. I did not have the chance to ask him questions about how the war was developing but I suppose I can just review Lindsey Graham’s opinions and come pretty close.

    • I usually try to restate the basis for their belief, i.e., “So you feel that the American empire is right in this war because of their moral superiority over the Russians?” Right-wing Uke defenders get rather cagey at that point. Yes it is kind of an old, worn point (witness Hans Gruber in Die Hard using it against the American Hero), but there’s a big difference between defending the too-tight jeans of yesteryear and the drag-queen story hour of today.

    • Just overheard a group of execs here at lunch talking about what a great leader Zelensky is and what a fantastic job he’s doing.

      I tried not to hurl.

        • I get plenty of practice at Thursday happy hour with my coworkers that think Chelsea Handler and Sarah Silverman are the height of comedic sophistication and hilarity.

  25. As a related aside I couldn’t help but think back to the “peace letter” put together by a small group of Dems that, even in it’s super-watered down state, drew the full ire of the Regime’s inner party. I thought at the time, and think now: that’s going to come back, and it’s going to be less watered down and have more signatures. Op-ed narrative-crafting to make certain subjects verboten in polite company can only carry them so far. When it becomes (absolutely) clear that the war is lost things will get interesting, only very mildly, but still.

  26. Good essay.
    We really do live in a morality play still using actors from the 1940’s and the 1960’s.
    If it isn’t Hitler it’s the KKK.

    • My favorite thing lately is pleasantly telling my Normie moderate wanna grill acquaintances that “you know, it’s strange, how exactly the same people who worked for Bush now work for Biden, and they got us into Iraq, etc., and now it’s Ukraine.” Then I just sadly shake my head.

    • I hope you got the reference to the industrial dance band My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult. Probably not to everyone’s musical tastes, but the band is pseudo-Satanic and celebrates depravity, so whenever I read “Kagan Kult”, I think of that band.

      • I got it.

        I sadly allowed myself to get fascinated with that junk in my youth.

  27. Wow. Wow, wow, wow.

    It’s the damned Manual; better yet, it’s the Manual of the Damned.

  28. Another excellent exposition of what ails us. At the root, the system has been hijacked by powerful behind-the-scenes operatives that can, and do, successfully manipulate information and actions to suit their agenda. But what can the average Joe do with this revelation? Does it lead to an awakening and a change in voting patterns leading to better politicians? How can that possibly work in the current era of industrial scale vote-bribing and vote-rigging? And what happens when tens of millions of illegals start voting? They are the easiest to bribe.

    Let’s assume that Average Joe is persuaded by this analysis and now agrees that the system is broken. What does he do, other than feel anxiety and anger over a situation that he has almost no influence over? If every analysis is a descriptor of macro-scale dysfunction, all you accomplish is to feed the ongoing anxiety & anger loop. Which just winds the spring tighter and sets the stage for a future explosion. How does Average Joe make a real difference given the realities of the present?

    You control you. You can make yourself better. You can become more fit and able. You can learn new skills. You can disappear and plan to take tangible action when the time and circumstances are fortuitous. And these behaviors are the wages of systemic rot.

    We have no fate but what we make.

    • Or, you get caught up, get your schmidt together, and start looking, then reaching out, then networking, then organizing some Parallel Stuff.

      Try to meet new people who do fun things.

      No, not That, Jason Bourne.

      This one grows medicinal herbs; that one has 200 chickens. Another has a church organization with a thousand dairymen and stock auctoneers in it. Over there is some young guys learning vids; they know Web guys who build sites or market on Gab. One does a political tracker; another is helping a history professor put together a chapbook Cliff Notes on the big ideas like Locke/Hobbes or Antebellum politics.

      Over yonder is a doctor who’d like to make a quick course on doctoring at home and home nursing/elder care for homeschool moms…who’ve found a great homeschool program, and watch each others’ kids. This kid and all his friends are really into cars, his dad’s an electrician who calls square dances. His uncle does ham radio, and loves camping.

      That one’s wife is setting up a little property out yonder and invests in RV camps. She met a guy online who made a pdf on understanding Treasury markets; she now has a page for people to relate travel stories and info for those looking at other countries.

      And her friends have a canning / food preservation group that can their garden produce together at the local Mormon or Adventist “can it yourself” place. A couple of their husbands buy tax deed land and help rent-to-owners set cheap off-grid projects. They make videos of that too. One has a telescope for astronomy, they throw parties with stargazing and a piano!

      See? Fun. Meet people. Do fun things. The Quiet Revolution must appeal, because the bad guys aren’t quitting anytime soon. They’ve been around for a while, yet the birds still sing.

      • I appreciate your sentiment and genuinely hope that the slow road leads to redemption, but what if you’re wrong and the slow road just leads you to Hell instead. Millions are pouring across both borders every year. As mentioned in a comment above, rural Oklahomans are now becoming woke. What is your backup plan if a decade from now everyone in your neighborhood (except you) attends drag queen story hour at the Public Library every Wednesday?

        And, as I have repeated dozens of times, the solution does not involve Rambos or Jason Bournes. Just the opposite in fact. It will be won by nobodies that nobody notices. The more benign, boring, unassuming, and invisible the better. And everything solely within the confines of your cranium.

        It is much easier to gab that chop a cord of wood into kindling. That is the penalty of prolonged affluence.

        • TomA: “It is much easier to gab than chop a cord of wood into kindling. That is the penalty of prolonged affluence.”

          Setting aside the prospects for a looming mini-Ice-Age, spreading The Good Word, on sites like Gab [or Z or St0rmer or /pol/ etc etc etc], is INFINITELY more important than just about anything else you could be doing with your time.

          [The only thing as important as spreading The Good Word is of course the thrusting of moar White bunz in White ovenz.]

          • I guess the answer depends on your assessment of how much time we have to right the ship. If you think that time is our side and we can slow roll a persuasion campaign into a real political movement that gains power in DC, then gab away to your heart’s content. Good luck to you, I hope you succeed. If not, Plan B starts to make sense.

        • I know far too many convicts and criminals, homeless and dregs; they are truly fudged up, yet too must be brought along.

          The low breeds, also, hunger for a role, a place, redemption and a chance to shine. As above, a nudge, a pat, a small introduction; to cultivate such is hard, hard to bear, and many of ours are not fit, nor meant, to fight.

          Survival is more than fighting. It is a framework, a tribe, even if only a few.

          But, the gardener or farmer must prepare the ground, plant the seeds, and hope for a harvest even in stony ground. Know that your words are heard by those who ask only a chance– in time, in time, these thin stalks will be ready for the making of lists.

          I cannot disagree with TomA at all, only ponder how his wisdom might actually be achieved?

          Why, In the streets, of course. From the alleys, and dark corners.

          Where these corner whispers are- well, I know nothing, nothing at all.

          • Alzaebo: “Survival is more than fighting. It is a framework, a tribe, even if only a few.”

            Which is precisely what we are trying to build at sites like Z, /pol/, Gab, St0rmer, etc.

            We are creating a GESTALT.

            And that’s even more important than hoarding @mmun!tion.


            #4: Hoarding @mmun!tion [and chopping cords of wood]

            #3: Meme, meme, meme and meme some moar

            #2: Create Gestalt

            #1 Moar White bunz in White ovenz

  29. Kagan’s “Duty Calls” sections and Nuland’s chuckle when learning about the death toll in Ukraine are maddening.

    Please tell me more about this so called “day of hate” and whether it’s possible to respectfully request an extension. They say the area around the Hate Castle is beautiful this time of year.

  30. If the political class were not composed of epsilon minus semi-morons, these people could find the reality out for themselves, the same way you and I do. But because they’re sorely lacking in intellectual capability they gobble up whatever vomit is fed to them by the Kagan Cult. Idiocracy is here and now, not five centuries in the future.

    You look at Putin and Xi and you realise they’re masters of reality, of realpolitik. You look at US politicians and you realise these bums are merely mouthpieces for sinister interests in the background.

    • If our ruling class is full of “semi-morons,” they why is their boot on our throat?

      I remember that Z Man’s answer is that the current elite inherited the system from more capable and ruthless parents.

      I bristle a bit when we console ourselves with how stupid our enemies are because they have us on our knees.

      My belief is that the Kagan extended family controls the media, which controls everything else, and uses it to dispossess their ancient enemy, traditional whites. Everything else is details.

      • The elites are stupid–in that they lack wisdom–and evil. The masses are merely stupid.

      • He was referring to the political class, not the ruling class. The political class are simply the front men. Some are not stupid, simply complicit and evil. Some (many) are stupid.

      • It’s the money that controls all else (media comprised). The Kagan team controls the money.

  31. My square job is analyzing data/information. It is very hard and brings regular humiliations that cost money (to me and my organization) when I’m wrong.

    Now imagine the task of midwit Congress-critters who must raise money for 6 hours a day and handle inbound pothole complaints from constituents. There is no way they can analyze anything effectively. Even the few smart ones would struggle.

    The main benefit to the MIC/Pharma cartel of the fundraising imperative is that it functionally prevents any Congressional oversight. Even the staffers, some of whom are bright, have no incentive to analyze anything because the job awaiting them in the real world is on offer from the MIC/Pharma/banking cartel. So following the “constructed narrative” is the path of least resistance for the system.

    Of course, that path is to doom. but that’s probably after the next election cycle haha.

    • “Now imagine the task of midwit Congress-critters who must raise money for 6 hours a day and handle inbound pothole complaints from constituents.”

      Congresscritters always have been midwits at best. Their staffers used to be semi-competent and now they also are automata who consume carefully curated information plied by the actual power structure (Z referenced this). Eventually the Ruling Class simply will replace The Help/Hos with congressional chatboxes with human-like appearances.

  32. A lifetime ago in the mid-2000s I was on deployment in the Northern Persian Gulf off the coast of Iraq and Iran. Our primary mission was establishing and maintaining a security perimeter around the offshore oil platforms KAAOT and ABOT in support of re-establishing the oil capacity output.

    After a month or so of chasing away fishing and transport Dhows, warily eyeing Iranian cigar gunboats and generally being on edge, I realized the stupidity of the situation. I joked to our CO that instead of US Navy tags on our uniforms we should get some ExxonMobil badges. My logic being that we should represent who we were actually working for. He didn’t like my humor for some reason.

    The worst aspect of the Kagan and NeoCon ideology isn’t so much how they treat geopolitics as a global game of chess, it is that they disregard the fact that the pawns are living people with families who are duped into believing these objectives are worth their son/daughter sacrifice.

    Dying or being injured in the service of defending the nation is one thing. Risking American lives so a fat cat oil executive can buy another house on the shores of Lake Tahoe, or to further the GAE agenda is idiocracy.

    • Bravo

      Thank you for the excellent post.

      I hate when people say the US military “defends” the United States. They haven’t defended anything but corporate interests for a long time.
      The people on the southern border could not be reached for comment.

      (And as an aside, why hasn’t the Texas Governor deployed the national guard to the border? It always seemed like a no brainer to me).

      • Why deploy National Guard to the border? If you’re not shooting them, then these migrants are apprehended, scream “I’m a refugee”, are processed and released into the country—never to be seen again. If you stumble upon drug runners, they ditch their loads and if captured, play the role of dumb “refugee”. Same result, no prosecution.

        A decade or more now, when I was on the border, we filmed all sorts of drug mules. They had one thing in common, the total amount carried. Large burlap back packs of about 50-55 lb’s. Never was there a group of more than 4-5 carrying. Why? Because it was policy of the Fed’s *not* to prosecute for under 300 lbs!

        Even then, it was a simple process to surprise them and create a panic which caused them to drop their loads and run. Have pictures of our group standing on the burlap bundles, much like a hunter displaying his just taken trophy animal.

      • He threatens to every once in a while, then probably gets a phone call from one of the Bushes and nothing happens. All hat, no cattle.

      • Bartleby: Because Abbott wants MOAR people in Texas – whether Mexicans or Californians – eternal growth is good, and shows how well he’s governing. My older son was briefly on the border with the National Guard. They weren’t allowed rounds in their weapons, and did nothing more than sit and watch as the mestizos kept crossing.

        Abbott and the big money men in DFW and Houston want lots of cheap labor. The ridiculous rise in home prices merely increases the insane property tax base (which they spread around to best benefit the mestizo school districts and keep them quiescent). People have got to accept that Texas is not the myth that people in the northeast think it is. It is finished demographically and politically.

      • Specifically, for those not in the know, General Butler’s short, but concentrated dose of realism in book form was entitled War Is A Racket. Spend a few minutes with it, and then think about when it was written. Long time passing. But those forces to whom the good General directed our attention have upped their game in subsequent years, and dug themselves in like ticks to an impressive degree.

    • “I joked to our CO that instead of US Navy tags on our uniforms we should get some ExxonMobil badges… He didn’t like my humor for some reason.”

      My experience is that people in positions of power always dislike it when subordinates speak the truth.

      The most important part of any job is never performing the tasks in the official job description, but rather accepting the bullshit and the lies that the organization adheres to.

    • I suppose the Kagans would argue that maintaining oil supplies is a matter of national security rather than protecting petrocrats.

    • Politicians should be like soccer players or NASCAR drivers – wearing uniforms covered in sponsor ads.

  33. Yes Prime Minister said it best 40 years ago. Civil service options are like conjuring tricks. Pick any card and get the card the magician forced you to take. Two options that are upon close examination exactly the same; one option that will inevitably lead to World War 3 in the next 24 hours. Or is it three identical options these days? 🙂

    • As much as I despise Woody Allen as a pseudo human, his line “before you lies utter destruction and complete annihilation. May you choose wisely.” aptly describes current AINO/GAE politics.

  34. Z: “the political class… live in a tightly controlled narrative structure in which all of their information is filtered by the fulltime and permanent policy making class that controls the official narratives…

    “Mostly what the politicians get is a moral framework…

    “Various politicians are then given information to argue their preferred position within that framework…

    “A few long serving insiders… have been around so long their handlers know they will not stray from the script.”


    The skillset which Z is describing here is precisely the same as the skillsets necessary for

    A) Making movies in Hollyweird,

    B) Making ta1mudivision series in Hollyweird, and

    C) Inventing new religions out of thin air.

    The desired result of mesmerization & hypnotization [of the goyische cattle] can only possibly be successful within a milieu of Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s “Suspension of Disbelief”.

    And “Suspension of Disbelief” is only possible when the Amygdala has been poisoned [via lousy breeding or via SSRIs or other].

    A nation populated by citizens with properly functioning Amygdalae would not tolerate this insanity.


    If I can add a little post-script here, for the younger males chez Z [still single], I would argue that searching for a chick with a functioning Amygdala [which I would also argue is largely the same thing as searching for a chick with an innate inner moral compass], to be the mother of your children, is your most important responsibility in this life.

    If you breed with chicks from families with Insula-dominant/Amygdala-submissive neuropsychiatric wiring – families which actually come under the spell of the Narrative & its Mind Virus – which is to say, if you breed with sh!tlib-ettes, then be prepared for the humiliation & hopelessness & horror of being saddled with sh!tlib progeny.


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