A Culture Of Corruption

What we think of culture is a system and a system is a collection of rules for how interdependent group of items interact with one another. This results in the whole possessing a set of unique properties. An accounting system is a set of formal rules based on the accepted standards of accounting. The habits of the accounting department, the culture of the department, is an unwritten set of rules for governing the behavior of the people in the department.

Most of life is governed by the unwritten rules. You can see this in something as simple as driving a car. In the United States, the written rules of the road are the same from state to state, but the unwritten rules are quite different. In Texas, drivers will stand on the brakes to let someone merge into traffic, while in Massachusetts people regularly drive on the shoulder to prevent it. The driving culture in New England is different from the driving culture of other parts of America.

Cultural shifts, changes in those unwritten rules, happen when key players within the culture decide to violate those rules. Maybe it is self-interest that drives the change, or maybe it is simply the declining utility of the old rules, but important people begin to violate those unwritten rules. Because humans are social animals, the rest follow the lead of the important people and the culture changes. The fashion industry has counted on this reality since its inception.

A classic example of a cultural shift was Watergate. The sorts of shenanigans done by the Nixon people during the 1972 election were considered normal and then all of a sudden they were declared beyond the pale. Prior to that time, the FBI was prohibited from getting directly involved in politics. Then all of a sudden, they were plotting with the Washington Post to overthrow the president. Those unwritten rules of political conduct suddenly changed and Nixon was removed.

Another example from politics comes from the 1990’s. Current affairs programming followed a set of unwritten rules. It was supposed to be a calm exchange of views, hosted by a moderator who pretended to be objective. The Clintons showed up in Washington and this changed. All of a sudden Clinton people were flinging their pooh at the moderator and anyone else on stage. It did not take long before this became the new normal and now all shows are pooh flinging contests.

This week, Tucker Carlson is doing shows on the hidden surveillance tapes from the Capitol on January 6th. These tapes had been hidden from public view by the Democrats until the Republicans took control of the House. Kevin McCarthy, the new Speaker, let the production team of the Tucker Carlson Show review the 40,000 hours of footage and this week they are reporting on it. They also have permission to show clips of that hidden footage in their reporting.

So far, nothing earth shattering has been revealed. The guy who showed up wearing animal skins, the QAnon Shaman, is seen being given a guided tour by the police, who seem to be having a blast leading the guy around the building. The QAnon Shaman is now in prison, doing four years for allegedly leading a violent insurrection. He was not allowed to have access to this footage in his defense, because in America the accused are no longer entitled to defend themselves in court.

This is where you see one of those cultural shifts. Most people reading this remember when such a thing would be a massive scandal. The judge and the prosecutors would have been reviled as fascists for denying this man a right to a defense. Of course, the media would have been demanding the footage from the beginning. Instead, they are up in arms over Tucker having access to the material. They fear he may create a “dangerous narrative” using these tapes.

The media was always biased. We used to be more mature about this and accept that politics is about friends and enemies. In the colonial times, everyone knew the bias of the newspapers and thought nothing of it. Then all of a sudden there was a culture shift and we were supposed to pretend the media was neutral. They were the fourth estate, speaking truth to power. We have just experienced another culture shift. The media is totally corrupt, using power to obscure the truth.

Another example of the culture shift is in the tapes. Tucker showed a scene from the J6 show trial in Congress. One of the politicians showed a clip of Senator Josh Hawley running from the building like a little girl. It turns out that the video was heavily edited by the Democrats. Hawley was with a group of other pols being herded out by the police and he was the last guy to leave. In other words, the Congress doctored a video and presented it under oath to the public as fact.

Everyone has always accepted that politicians lie. The reason they lie is to get elected, avoid scandal, or avoid responsibility. In other words, self-interest. This is the nature of all human activity and everyone accepted it. Doctoring video and presenting it as fact in order to promote a crazy narrative is something different. In a prior age, the people involved would be facing criminal charges. After all, they charged Roger Clemens for lying to Congress not so long ago.

More importantly, they doctored video to make a sitting Senator look like a sissy and then used the hearing to broadcast it to the world. It appears they worked with the media to promote this lie. Ten years ago, this was so beyond the pale that no one would have considered it. Now all of a sudden, the culture controlling the House and Senate has changed and this is now the new normal. How long before they move onto assassinating one another?

None of this is startling for people on this side of the divide, but it underscores an important point about the current crisis. The corruption at the top is so deep and so pervasive that the time for reform has now passed. How can the system reform itself when the people running it are so thoroughly corrupt? How could a genuine reformer work with people who are so corrupt? How can you fix the rules when the culture has evolved to reject the very idea of rules?

In the fullness of time, the ape historians will look at the 1980’s as a time for choosing, when the political class struggled to redefine itself. They could have gone down the road of reform and prepared for the word after the Cold War. Instead they signed on with the Clintons and the road to perdition. That has led to the flowering of a culture of corruption at the top of the political order. That is why J6 terrified them. They have known this long before that protest.

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156 thoughts on “A Culture Of Corruption

  1. One (of many numerous) reasons I despise centrists and independents is that they talk very fondly of politics in the 90s. I remember vividly that a few weeks before the 2016 election, Hillary was putting out statements that they would reach out to the other side like the good old days when Bill had a GOP Congress and they got stuff done.

    I think Brimelow put it best “There is the stupid party and the evil party. When they come together, they do so to accomplish something that is both stupid and evil”

    That stupid and evil act was the gutting of our country in the 90s.

  2. “How long before they move onto assassinating one another?”

    It’s pretty clear that the assassinations are going on all the time – it’s not even subtle with associates of the Clintons. Seth Rich, anyone? It’s not quite peer to peer assassination yet, like in first century BC Rome, but it will be here any day.

  3. i turn 32 in a few weeks so I don’t remember the Clinton presidency all that well. Nonetheless, the conventional wisdom was that he moved the party to the center and helped bring suburban voters into the fold.

    I do think though that in other respects Bill Clinton elevated what I call the “bono class” to prominence. By “bono class” I mean people who are famous and have a lot of money and make a show of giving money to charity. That class has caused a lot of damage that is just now being felt.

  4. I got into an argument with a fellow last week about China and how he thought that they were “filthy communists”. This despite the fact that have wandered far afield from stock communist talk and action. Indeed the CCP has largely left communist doctrine behind however they keep up appearances of it precisely because that is how they inherited their power and its how they wield it today. Maybe they believed it at one time, maybe not. Regardless, to abandon the CCP and pursue reform would be to lose their ruling stake.

    It seems to me that largely this occured in the US as well over the last century. The ruling elite propagated the old icons and forms expropriating that for their own uses. Same flag. Same martial traditions. Same talk of freedumb, statue of liberty, Independence Hall. But they chose empire in dressed America clothes.

    But that ended with the election of Obama and even more clearly in the Trump years. Now under the hood our schools, media, news were all set against white western Christian civ. Tolerance, immigration. And in the fullness of time, the external form needed to change and is occurring now. Its most difficult for conservatives to accept this because is the previous regime the symbols were familiar despite the fact that they meant different things to different people. Everything gets to be re-tooled in accordance with the teaching and thoughts that occurred over the past century.

    This means, at least to me, that its about to get scary. The old restraints are gone.

    On another topic, I hear few hear talking about emigration. I would like to hear thoughts of other and of course the Z man himself on that.

    • This is a very thoughtful post. It is true that the empire used American iconography and patriotism as a mask. It is remarkable that twenty years ago, white, southern, midwestern, American warriors were placed on a pedestal, and sent abroad to fight for the empire. Twenty years later the regime has declared war on them and the people and families they have the balls to defend with their lives. At least, in their eyes it was defense.

      A regime that will chew people up and spit people out this way is something to behold. It is clear they are erecting an explicitly anti-white regime. The mass recruitment of non-citizens into police forces is already underway in California. It is very sinister.

      Whether it is well planned and can be done without a hitch or it is ad-hoc and they are blundering their way through it has implications on the emigration question. I should say I approach the question from the standpoint of the future of our people and thus our nation.

      Given that there are still nearly 200 million of us here, I think possession is 9/10s of the law and we should not emigrate. I think emigration by young men who have the intention to develop martial prowess and connections abroad who could help with a reconquista is worth considering. I think we should stay put and take up the the greater responsibilities that we have neglected for the past couple of generations as we all became hyper specialized and focused our spare time on idle leisure rather than constructive civic pursuits.

      Becoming civic minded in our local areas and fortifying ourselves and our people and staying put on our land strikes me as the most prudent course. Once you walk away, replacing you is a trivial task for whoever occupies America. I think it can and will get dark, but I think there is a lot of weakness and bluffing that can be called.

      My initial thoughts. Great post!

    • The plandemic demonstrated that there isn’t much of anywhere left to run. Mexico did remain relatively sane throughout, but The Plan is afoot to bring it into a United North America. All of South America, gone. Almost all of Europe, gone. Pacific Rim, gone. If you can stake out a spot for yourself in the ME or Africa, God bless.

      Relative to the other remaining options, red state America is as good a place to be as anywhere, especially if you are already here.

      • “Relative to the other remaining options, red state America is as good a place to be as anywhere, especially if you are already here.”

        My thoughts as well, as my situation is similar.

        Is there any place, that we could likely gain entrance, that is much better?

        Speaking for myself, I’m not ready to abandon this land or my people. I’d rather not live among non-white peasants, even if the weather is nice.

        Further, I suspect that there is much deterioration going on in the elite’s ability to oppress us, and I am curious to see its decline. Of course, if I’m wrong, then it will be too late to escape.

        • Appreciate the kind words.

          I am evidently not ready to abandon the American experiment either. I haven’t invested any time exploring, in fact I don’t even have a passport. It seems prudent though to remain aware of options because these are dangerous times.

          That said it might be extremely useful to explore migration within the United States. I know few people who think and operate as DR and though I have taken to heart the admonitions on this blog to lightly proselytize find people to be quite resistant. They may largely agree to many the objective of the DR but they persist in believing in Trump and the big Con. Most ape the anti-racist lines the left started generations ago. (As an aside I find the 40+ yo Christians to have the most warped world view as its all constitution, rah-rah military and Israel.

          One would suspect many white areas are like that, so yes there may be 200 million of us, but of that 200 million who is likely to survive intact? And where do they live?

  5. Experienced attorney here.

    Withholding exculpatory evidence relevant to the defense of a criminal charge is one of the most egregious violation of ethical rules of any bar association. It taints the entire trial, constitutes grounds for reversal of any conviction against the defendant (including convictions for other charges obtained at the same trial), disbarrment of the prosecutors who withheld the evidence, cause for civil action against the prosecutors, and removal from the bench of any judge who knowingly presided over the case, if the judge was aware that the evidence was withheld and allowed the case to proceed. It’s a Cardinal sin beyond the conception of most competent attorneys.

    Sadly, our legal system is also now compromised beyond the point of reform. Jonathan Turley will pen a column about it, which nobody of consequence will read. Then it will be swept down the memory hole.

    • “Then it will be swept down the memory hole.”

      Except for those who are still in detention without trial and then carrying felony convictions for the rest of their lives. Betcha they will remember.

    • Retired lawyer here. The conviction of Derek Chauvin, who clearly had no intent whatsoever to kill George Floyd, for murder, showed how far gone the American criminal justice system is. A few years earlier I watched the trial of George Zimmerman with a sense of disbelief; the judge clearly wanted a conviction. Anyone trusting the criminal or civil justice system to deliver a just result is a fool, and as the law schools churn out more racial and sexual preference graduates after three years of woke legal indoctrination, the situation will get worse.

      • As I recall Chauvin was convicted on at least three counts of homicide. The conviction on each count was grounds for acquittal on the other two.
        The country’s fucked.

  6. I don’t think there is a widespread belief that J6 was an attempted coup. There was recently a Rasmussen poll casting doubt on it (C.T.S.— he does phone call push-polling and cheapo Internet surveys).

    I think most people, including Democrats, found it unfortunately familiar, and reminiscent of a sports riot when your alma mater wins/loses in the Final Four. I can remember in 2021 at the time many non-media people either rolling their heads/shaking their eyes, or outright laughing at the futile prole character of it.

    The only 2 groups I observed projecting consistently po-faced and unctuous attitudes about it were 1) media/PR-employed folks, and 2) elected Democrats obviously anxious after a year of torching police precincts. With both, it’s easy to see the rationale for promulgating the mock-heroic tale. It would seem inexplicable why old white women, i.e. nature’s hall monitors, were worked up over it, since J6 had so many obvious exciting and comic/idiotic elements, and AWFLs are able to appreciate humor in small doses. But perhaps they signed on more casually, for kink/fantasy reasons: It makes them feel better, furnishes a respectable cover story about sending money to Michael Avenatti or Liz Cheney, or to whomever the grifters on that side have put up now.

    It is actually shameful to be an old cat lady sending money to Liz Cheney/Avenatti. Therefore, a psycho-erotic benefit is derived from telling yourself that handsome Mark Warner or Chuck Schumer, or whatever, is defending your Capitol office space 2,000 mi away from rabid juggalos. It’s not strategy, it’s just biology.

    The vogue whiplash from ACAB to Support Our Brave Capitol Hill PD was and is the most deranged legacy of the affair, which GOPe would exploit if they had the wit.

    • For 3 years now “Defund the FBI” has just been sitting there on a plate waiting for somebody to pick it up

  7. As if these rats offing each other were a bad thing? That’s how they got where they are!

    That’s how the WASP elite were overthrown; with a show of power, our occupiers then kicked off their Cultural Revolution. The groundwork had been laid in 1957 with the open strike of Federal troops marching Southern kids at bayonet point.

    The new stability may be our full, informal conversion into a gangster culture. The Five Emperors or Warlord periods come to mind, as does Cartel or the Contras. The Prohibition era writ large.

    A new and entirely unexpected twist: the trannies, the furries, notably those in the officer and soon, administrative ranks.

    We do forget that most of them are men.
    The White House mouthpiece was just now proclaiming that Republicans are putting “womyn’s life-saving health care”- hint, gender transitions- at risk.

    These mad creatures are fiercely loyal to their makers, easily riled, and will do anything. Add to that a male propensity for unrestrained violence…

    They will form a Praetorian guard, a snitch force, an enforcer class that will gleefully ally with nonwhite gangs (for instance, the MS13 demons or Paki rape traffickers).

    Pope Francis was the head of the gang peddling boy prostitutes in Argentine gay bars. Dennis Hastert, Barney Frank, the Obamas. These guys are as Institutional as one can get. This party is about to get wild.

    • I remember when I used to think it was a joke that Michelle was a tranny. Now I’m convinced. I wonder if that was what Clint Eastwood was talking about when he said that the someday people will realize the Obamas were the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on the American people.

  8. How long until Congress creatures begin assassinating one another? Well, neighbor–that’s too long.

    • The few remaining purple district reps are the ones who really ought to invest in a good security detail

      But the strategy appears to be, rather than assassination, for the CIA to just put their own hand picked agents into office

      • Yup.

        In recent years there has been a steady rise in the number of former active duty intelligence agents running for office at all levels.

    • Even if such assassinations portend greater control over us by the elites, there are only a handful of congressmen whose assassination would not make me smile.

      Unfortunately, it is probably just those congressmen who are most likely to join Vince Foster and Seth Rich.

    • Z: “Cultural shifts, changes in those unwritten rules, happen when key players within the culture decide to violate those rules. Maybe it is self-interest that drives the change, or maybe it is simply the declining utility of the old rules, but important people begin to violate those unwritten rules. Because humans are social animals, the rest follow the lead of the important people and the culture changes.”

      A few recent stories in the news…

      No stop to wind-farm construction as whales die in record numbers
      Feb. 20 2023
      https://freerepublic DOT com/focus/f-news/4132594/posts

      More Dead Whales Wash up in NY and NJ, But Feds Continue to Deny Massive Wind Turbine Farms are at Fault
      https://freerepublic DOT com/focus/f-bloggers/4135734/posts

      Feds Let Illegals Skate Who Killed Bald Eagle for Dinner
      March 7, 2023
      https://freerepublic DOT com/focus/f-bloggers/4136361/posts

      When I was a kid, wetbacks entering illegally into Amurrikkkuh and murdering and then EATING our Bald Eagles would have been a Casus Belli, and the USMC would have been sent into Mexico to eradicate the wetbacks.

      Similarly with the whales – does no one remember Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (1986), or Free Willy (1993), or Greenpeace attacking the Japanese whaling vessels???

      Are White sh!tlib NPC lunatics so lacking in an Inner Monologue – so bereft of both introspection and extrospection – that they can turn on a psychological dime, and pivot from going to war against whaling vessels to instead embracing & encouraging & profiteering from the murder of whales?

      I always knew something was badly wrong with sh!tlibs, but are they truly this empty on the inside?

      When did the environmental movement decide to fold up its tent, call it quits, go home, and become petroleum crapitalists & usurious land developers?

      None of this makes any sense in the absence of either a complete absence of Free Will on the part of the NPC White sh!tlib, or, at the other extreme, a sheer rank sadistic psychopathy with a staggering ability to feign false empathy.

      By the way, that latter personality type is now known as, “The Dark Empath”.

      The Dark Empath: Characterising dark traits in the presence of empathy
      1 February 2021
      https://www.sciencedirect DOT com/science/article/abs/pii/S0191886920303615

      • That a bunch of functionally illiterate third worlders can come here illegally, find their way to Nebraska of all places, shoot and kill a bald eagle for food, then get away with a slap on the wrist (no doubt a fed effort to avoid deportation) is both a potent symbol of our complete societal collapse and a perfect summary of the anarcho-tyranny we are living under.

    • It’s well past time to re-institute dueling on the floor of Congress. Flintlocks aren’t deadly enough though. Even with the terrible medical care of the 19th century many people survived getting shot with those. I’d make sure every duelist had an AR-10 (the 5.56 is a weak ass cartridge, so we’re upgrading to .308 here) and 5 pre-loaded mags. Hell, on alternate Tuesdays, the spectators would be armed too and you’d be allowed to “contribute” to the match. This would not necessarily even mean just shooting at the guy you didn’t like. Would this be on PPV? Of course it would.

      • A fascinating old white nationalist intellectual, James Bowery, shared your feelings about settling certain disputes through mortal combat. Yet, he didn’t like the fact that dueling selected for the best gun slinger.

        Bowery laid out the protocols for mortal combat that selected for better qualities than good hand-eye coordination.

        As I recall, the two combatants were dropped in to different parts of an enclosed location, an island preferably. The contest ended when one man was dead.

        Each was given only simple tools, like rope, but no weapons. The intention was to select for ingenuity.

        Last time that I checked on Bowery was 3 or 4 years ago. His wife, an amateur opera singer, had died. Very sad.

      • Pozy-

        Been a longtime advocate for a reintroduction of dueling; would certainly make for a more civil society. Disagree with you vis-a-vis weapons; I’d keep the single shot flintlock pistol because a) it’s a more formal engagement between men (who wants a shootout?) & b) adds to the drama.

        Or maybe I’ve just seen Stanley Kubrick’s “Barry Lyndon” one too many times ;<)

      • Knives. Since virtually none of them are skilled in their use, this will make victory more likely for the one who wants it more. Moreover, and perhaps most importantly, it increases the odds of both of them dying or at least being badly wounded.

  9. Looking back, the early 1990’s were a really important inflection point, for a number of reasons. In foreign policy, with the Cold War over and won, the US had a choice; it could declare victory, make friends with Russia, pull it’s armed forces back to defend core interests, and try to become a more or less normal country again. Or it could go the route of empire, which is what we did, and with consequences yet to be determined. The defeat of the Pat Buchanan wing of the Republican party was crucial here. In domestic policy, it was a choice between dull but basically honest politicians such as Dole, Mondale, and Bush I, or highly entertaining criminals like Bill Clinton: once again, the choice was made, and was made wrongly.

    Mind you, I think that the United States as a constitutional polity was essentially doomed long before 1992, killed by the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, but some ground was actually regained in the 1980’s, and a “Emperor Constantine” type revival was possible, with retrenchment from unsustainable commitments overseas, and decent government at home giving the US another century or two. Decisions made in the early 1990’s sunk this possibility forever…

    • The dissipation of the industrial base was the fatal “blow,” (it didn’t happen all at once). All the other stuff is relatively fixable, if that still existed.

      Between that, replacement immigration, and white genocide (Sacklers anyone?), one senses a larger plan in motion.

      • Agreed, and most of those situations you mentioned were still fixable in 1992. Some very bad decisions had already been made with regard to industry and immigration in the 1970’s and 1980’s but it was nothing that couldn’t have been reversed, and opioids hadn’t even really gotten rolling yet. The “Plan” could still have been stopped. After 1992, things rapidly spun out of control, on all three fronts that you mention.

    • Don’t know about Dole or Mondale, but calling Bush 1 basically honest is a mighty stretch.

      • ‘Don’t know about Dole or Mondale, but calling Bush 1 basically honest is a mighty stretch’

        Quite comprehensively evil, both of the Bushies. Still laughing that they scammed so many Righties, so easily. Wave the flag and mouth a few conservative talking-points, and The People, so starved for national sanity, will buy anything.

  10. I went on CNN last night to see what they were saying about this and saw one hysterical op-ed demanding that, once again, you resist the urge to believe what you see and hear and believe us. I knew it was written by Oliver Darcy, one of their chief clown propagandists, before I even checked the byline. I saw another one on MSNBC today. Obviously they are not arguing on the basis of facts, because they have none. They are just demanding that no, really, 1/6 is what we say it is and you better not change your mind.

    The elites have fully bought in to the notion that truth is the opinion of the powerful. The powerful say they were faced with an “insurrection” on 1/6/21 and so it was. Things like evidence and reality do not matter anymore. They don’t care what we have to say, and trying to argue on the basis on truth, evidence, and observable reality just makes you an enemy. They do this with everything these days. They do this with things big and small. Remember that officially we are not in a recession despite GDP dropping 2 quarters in a row. Remember that our unemployment rate is totally on the level despite the government inventing “adjustments” that somehow always put the growth in positive territory. Remember that Ukraine is winning hard. Remember that Israel is always the good guy no matter how many Palestinian journalists, children, and mothers they mow down. Remember that Biden is the most popular politician to have ever lived.

    You simply cannot have a system that operates on elite fantasy over reality like this forever. Unfortunately, the longer it goes on, the more likely it will be a hard crash for the system over a soft landing. We are due for some rough times.

    • i am thinking these tapes put a torpedo below the waterline, into the gop. dem voters won’t care, but gop voters will see that their party was complicit in this grotesque and obscene event. and just look at those two gop patsies, perfectly placed to serve as scapegoats. and of course it makes trump look like the incompetent coward he is, for not pardoning the j6 people while he had the chance. who’s going to care when it is bom’s turn in jail? not me, that’s for sure.

      • They’re never going to put the orange menace behind bars, he’s too useful as an Emmanuel Goldstein figure at whose telescreen image the NPCs can scream. Furthermore he’s too useful as boomer containment keeping all those flyover rubes cradling their american flag binkies, quietly sucking their thumbs, and dutifully eating their opioids.

      • Can the President pardon people convicted of crimes in Washington D. C.?

        Does he have the authority to do that?

    • The timing of the recent full court press against Fox News for behaving the way regime media behaves doesn’t look so coincidental now does it

        • Of course it is. They are being lambasted for doing what they’re supposed to do.

          • Really, because this whole theater seems like it fits the regular mold. Libs attack Fox, which lets Fox claim the moral high ground while losing. How are these tapes any different from the usual rigmarole?

  11. Just think of all the decades (centuries?) of media portrayal of middle Americans as irredeemable racist bible thumping hicks, and making those qualities appear undesirable in the first place, that preceded this. That’s a big part of how a person is able to sleep at night after framing them, entrapping them, and sending them to prison for “disorderly conduct.” Once you have unpersoned the target, it gets a lot easier. Another big part is how our system selects for ruthless, amoral people.

    It’s not just the ruling class either. Having spent my share of time in coastal blue metros, I don’t have a lot of positive things to say about the moral fiber of younger American whites either. It’s not only politics where lying, cheating, and debauchery are the coin of the realm. At some point, I believe it was mostly in my lifetime, it began to filter down to the hoi polloi that that’s how you get ahead. Because it is.

    • I agree. When you enter any of the coastal cities where the professional class migrated back into starting in the 90s you feel the negative energy of supercilious, sanctimonious, and deeply ignorant people for whom the seals and symbols of the institutions they were cattled through make them special.

      I dislike any and every area they inhabit. It isn’t just the whites. It is the entirety of the bourgeoisie bohemian enclave – whites, subcontinentals and east asians alike. They have all bought in. Armed with a fancy degree and an understanding of the world is far worse that not having an understanding of the world at all.

      • It is the worst kind of ignorance. The kind that believes it is well informed. Haughty ignorance. Self righteous ignorance.

        They no doubt say the same things about us, but I know I’m on the right side. Because they’re the ones who believe the regime’s propaganda, not me.

        • Agreed. Well said JZ. I have a front row seat to the generation that is entering college today. It is frightening. Look for many more Fettermans to get elected. Look for wherever they congregate to get much worse.

          I just remember being in a great city and almost overnight in 2002 thinking – who are these people and where did they come from?

          In any case, there is a lot of work to be done to build our own little worlds and then connect them together. Let the posers pose. We’ve got much better things to do.

          • It was also in the early 2000s when I began to look around and ask myself “Who the hell are these people?” And I’m not talking about immigrants. There had been a noticeable change in core values. Specifically, respect for others.

      • The thing that gets me with these millennial and younger coastal urban people is just how, well, faggy they are. I’m sure there are all kinds of five dollars words to describe it that are less coarse, but faggy is just the descriptor that fits. Smug, pear-shaped bodies with lisping girl-voices…and those are the straight ones.

        Like the Rick and Morty guy, cancelled for being a domestic abuser: does anyone else have a hard time imagining that guy being even capable of physically overpowering a woman? The first thing that pops up on google is him doing the soy mouth gape.

        • I moved to Phoenix a few years ago for an office job. At first I assumed all of the men at work in their 20’s and 30’s were gay from their physical and verbal mannerisms. I’m no Adonis, but it was shocking as a midwestern Gen Xer.

      • “When you enter any of the coastal cities where the professional class migrated back into starting in the 90s you feel the negative energy of supercilious, sanctimonious, and deeply ignorant people for whom the seals and symbols of the institutions they were cattled through make them special.”


        I am burning mad this morning because our renter, an upright, credentialed, Nurse practitioner and flat-lander from Houston has gotten herself stuck in Oregon’s snow two days in a row. And I had to shovel and tow her out, lest I keep her from her important nurse-ly duties.

        She’s a whiz on her cellphone, you know: able to hold a zoom meeting AND reset her home sprinklers remotely in a single motion, but … it is Winter in Oregon’s coastal mountains, and she dumbly rented a low clearance Camry with street slicks for tires, carries no chains, and is wholly unprepared for the climate and terrain she has chosen to live in.

        Which, in itself, would not raise my ire. No, it was her ignoring my advice to (1) buy a set a chains and (2) park her Camry at the end of the snowy driveway with easy access to the snow-plowed pavement, that set me off. It’s not just that she is stupid. It’s that she is stubbornly determined to be a victim that I have to rescue.

        A Jeffersonian citizen would be excellent in both the Smartphone-fake and the real, meat-space worlds. But our specialized, ‘Indispensable’ classes appear more and more to be obliged to live inside their hermetic, Smart safe-spaces, due to their evolving inadequacy in the free ranges outside.

  12. The footage of the hearing where everyone in front of the J6 committee laughs at Josh Hawley reminds me of another sign post of utter rot and decay – Sacha Baron Cohen’s Borat, Ali G and the fashion dude characters who would regularly book very serious people in science, politics … and carry on like a buffoon. The Hawley clip and the laughter at it reminded me of the type of dimwits who would laugh at the sick, craven and degenerate pseudo-humor of SB Cohen. He loved to make fun of deplorable America. The bits were obviously staged and heavily edited. They required the audience to pretend that they weren’t. They also required the audience to debase and degrade themselves as the attack on purity and goodness was disgusting. It was an intensely nihilistic ritual between Cohen and the audience. The people in that hearing looked like they were watching a Borat clip.

    I’ve seen clips of Mayorkas hiding behind some lardy and large Mestizo border patrol officers protecting him for a couple of very fit and lethal looking heritage American officers.

    What Mayorkas has done and the seething malevolence that he has done it with is deserving of a long, drawn out piece of savagery.

    Our high functioning elite – the business people in high tech seem to be carrying on with businesses and padding their fortunes. Those who are engaged in politics are utter savages in destroying our civilization. Another problem with libertarianism – business alone won’t create a great civilization. When the most high functioning and capable people are only looking to squeeze more dollars from a rock and not investing in the society at large, you are hosed.

    Then there are the many among these guys whose fortune says they are high functioning. But how they got their fortunes says, ‘you just got lucky and your intense greed that exudes malice . Mark Cuban reminds me of this. I wonder if he and Mayorkas are cousins. The misanthropic contempt that pours from their eyes looks like doom.

    Random ramblings. What a cesspool of rot. Were it a single people circling the drain in the inevitable trip to the bottom of a cycle it would okay. We could look and know that in the future a new generation would rise and start an up cycle. But with Mayorkas and the Great Replacement, you wonder if there will be a people left who will have a real and great identity that can be resurrected or created anew.

    The mess is epoch.

    • Cuban did a great job of timing the market one time. Selling his worthless tech startup to a greater fool for a billion dollars, right before the dot com bubble burst. That’s it. That’s his big success. Then he bought a basketball team. I don’t begrudge him that success. Good for him. But it is silly that he is since portrayed as some kind of business wizard, as if he built something useful.

      • Yes. It is fun to meet others who see this and understand it. Cuban and the Chalmath bunch-of-p’s-and-a’s-and-th’s guy are a rabble. A lot of them are.

  13. Z-man said “How long before they move onto assassinating one another?”

    Hopefully, not too long. That would be some grade-A entertainment. I’d definitely buy that ppv.

  14. The culture of corruption is pervasive at every level. It’s not just the Washington circus and not even just political. Just try to imagine yourself meeting with a bunch of corporate CEOs and explaining to them you have to put the country above the narrow interests of their company. The weaponization of laws. Having de facto laws. Legalized crimes. Two sets of very flexible rules applying to different people. The corruption is everywhere.

  15. Yes, there is a growing awareness that the systemic rot has reached the Stage 4 cancer diagnosis. And Texas is now considering a bill that could result in a referendum on citizen interest in secession, which is an acknowledgement that DC cannot fix itself. Ultimately, nothing changes until the environment changes; which means only a collapse will motivate serious action toward remedy. And the models indicate that an economic collapse will likely precede an awakening about the futility of voting harder. Nevertheless, Dan Bongino and his ilk will still be pitching “more cowbell” voting fever from a detention camp before the light bulb goes off.

    So given this reality, what is the best course of action for the sane citizen? Well, you might want to have a contingency plan in place for what to do (if/when) the collapse occurs. And hiding your head is the sand is not an effective option. Hard men will have to do hard things. And smarter will trump harder when that imperative can no longer be avoided. There will be many types of remedies tried, depending on local conditions, resources, and cultural biases. But the ones that do the least harm to innocents will be the most moral. And that takes focus.

    • Yet Texas won’t take matter into its own hands and deal with the invasion. Are their hands that tied that they must secede first?

      • To some extent yes. The phederales still extract tribute from the citizens, still have a military presence, and also have a large percentage of npc followers. Secession would hopefully lead to self-deportation of the npcs and end the DCgeld (not without a fight thow) and allow space to deal with other issues.

        But, as fun as voting yea for seccccession would be, it won’t happen until the general kallapse

        • I’d be interested in a methodical analysis of the mechanics and economics of secession, both in general and for specific states. What I mean is a rational look at how this can work. What specific things need to be done to remove DC’s financial and other, um “appendages” from a state. It would also be valuable to think about how best to encourage many of the “problem people” to self-deport. I’m surrounded by subcontintentals for instance but most of them seem pretty obviously uninterested in the US’s specific rights and freedoms. Hell, most of them won’t even speak English with each other most of the time even though they know it. This strongly suggests they are not exactly in it for the long haul. Let’s see what we can do encourage them to shorten that haul even more. If the lead-up to secession is well managed there will be a cascade effect of the less committed fake Americans peeling off like the layers of an onion. My money is on the Indians starting the show but the process could go quite a long way before any active deportations needed to be done. This is one of the few good consequences of the low quality and materialistic nature of recent immigrants. A tiny bit of hardship or real danger and they’re back on the plane. There’s also the benefit of all those shitlib Whites fleeing to the remaining Blue areas.

          I also tend to favor voting when it comes to things like this even if it’s an “empty gesture”. Here in Oregon a lot of the counties voted or will soon vote to join Idaho. This may have no practical effect but just having it on the record does have value. Symbolic gestures CAN lead to action and sometimes the gesture is enough to help people gin up the courage for the action. The Russian referendum where Eastern Ukraine voted to join Russia comes to mind. It was dismissed in the West as propaganda but the Russians clearly saw the value in it. These things at least law out the legal groundwork for later follow up.

          • 1. Kennedy Space Center,
            2. Texas’ Federal Land Grant College (or the UT),
            3. the entire Texas Federal border, immigration (un)control infrastructure,
            4. Federal prohibitions governing energy and water projects,
            5. Addictive USDA crop lending/insurance rackets.

            These are just five of the Federal tentacles that Texas would need to cut to escape cleanly. I am sure there are more.

    • You do have 2 trolls who follow you around, don’t you. Since I saw your comment about that I’ve noticed. That’s weird to have fans like that.

        • Gov Abbot reports that construction on a state funded border wall has begun, using both eminent domain as well as negotiated land purchases. Don’t know how much of what he says is really happening.

    • This will continue until the empire collapses which coincides with the USD collapsing.
      The vassal foreign elites directing local currency “reserves” to Treasury bonds and the ability to finance these deficits and keep the plates spinning are intimately linked.
      I feel forsaken going through this time.

  16. It’s not your country. You aren’t part of the decision making process, and your input isn’t wanted. You definitely don’t get to bring your Dirt grievances right to the ruling classes doorstep. You are a Deplorable. A Fringe Minority with Unacceptable Views.

    As a person with unacceptable views and characteristics, you can be thrown in prison for indefinite periods of time, as deemed necessary by the regime.

    Most “right wingers” haven’t realized this yet. Don’t be one of the stupid people that get caught.

    • That’s a clear-eyed assessment. Take what you legally can from it, give it nothing, avoid getting arrested, and enjoy the show because it only will get more entertaining.

      • I would only add that you should take everything from it that you can reasonably expect to get away with. Whether it’s legal or not is a moot point since they’re not willing to play by the rules either.

        • I was thinking along these lines just this morning. To my mind, AINO is an illegitimate state with an illegitimate society and a “culture” that is deeply beneath contempt. As such, I feel no obligation whatsoever to observe its norms and to play by its rules and laws. I consider myself morally free to harm AINO in any way I think I can get away with. The only rules I now obey are those that comport with the traditions of white civilization, and those, of course, are diamatrically opposed to AINO’s.

        • Aaron Carey wrote a book on this called Enjoy the Decline. The country is beyond repair so you might as well take advantage of the situation like most people

    • I guess I’m still somewhat a believer in the system as I’m stunned the feds were able to get away with withholding evidence in a criminal trial (shaman guy). Shame on me.

      But yeah, its over. These clowns act their ruling a high trust society when they’ve done everything they can to destroy a high trust society.

  17. Further proof that the January 6 tapes are meaningless, not a single media outlet has it as front page news. In a sane time this would be the biggest news ever. Not even fox has a reference to it anywhere on their home page. What a joke.

    • It will be suppressed and denied even better than the Twitter files were. Made easier by their already classifying Carlson as a conspiracy theorist. Virtually no one outside the dissident blogosphere will touch it. Perhaps sites like The Federalist and American Greatness, but so what. The question isn’t whether or not Civnat G. Normiecon will wake up, the question is will he even hear about it.

      • Doesn’t matter. Nothing sticks. Conservatives will call you a Nazi for remembering the things they were outraged about last month, and a lost-cause Confederate if it’s been a year.

    • Tired Citizen: Too many Whites just refuse to accept that there is no longer rule-of-law in AINO. My husband used to claim “They can’t do that” or “They’ll get sued.” He no longer says such things – he’s finally come to accept that I’m right – the ‘rules’ are whatever the powers that be say they are, and they change depending on the parties involved. No one will ever be jailed. Anyone who loses his job will be given another in the system or with an NGO or think tank or ‘philanthropic’ association. The borg takes care of its own. The truth is utterly irrelevant, and people prefer to believe the official lie – using their own senses and discernment requires agency and the acceptance of responsibility.

      If you are a White in AINO you have no rights to self respect – let alone life or property – when it comes to any conflict with the POX or the elites. There is no way to change this – if I were granted magical morally cost-free authority to wipe out the top 50,000 people of my choice in AINO it would not change a thing, because the culture and population is thoroughly corrupted, and the system itself selects for the corrupt and self serving.

      The only thing one can do is become Tom A’s gray man – keep one’s head down, try not to come to the attention of the authorities, and ensure you have made as many provisions for your family as possible. After that, if you are young and fit and aware enough, do whatever you can to to disrupt and destroy without endangering yourself or your loved ones.

  18. This is probably so abstract and imprecise as to be a little unintelligible, but it goes to things that have been on my mind, i.e. history vs. eternal forms.

    I guess a system is an eternal form of sorts. Why develop one otherwise? Of course, practically, no reasonable person expects a system to never break down.

    Otoh, history. If there’s a beginning, it stands to reason there’s an end. Otherwise, why record and study it? Again practically, no reasonable person ever believes we’re in the End Times.

    Reasonable people get it and are flexible and adaptable. They have a sense of iteration— change and continuity— even if they aren’t conscious of it. And in fact we’re never presented the common sense option. Party like it’s 1999, cling bitterly to the past, build utopia or the matrix, etc. Big brains and stupid people alike buy into the insanity, and scumbags grift off of it. There’s clarity at the margins, but the whole of reality isn’t so clear. Too much mystery in the thing most people, it seems to me, have a hard time dealing with.

    Anyway, I don’t get it any more than I’m clear on what I’m getting at for the time being.

  19. To me, releasing this footage is a big nothing burger. The left has gotten so emboldened, and so confident that their sycophants will believe whatever they tell them to believe, that they know releasing this footage will have very little impact on anything. Leftists will do what they always do and dismiss facts clearly shown on the tapes. After all, when you’re morally correct, who needs hate facts? The real truth is that every one of the scum bags on Capitol Hill deserves a merciless end to their miserable, rotten lives.

    Who cares what’s on the tapes even if it exonerates those involved, right? Plus they’re white, Trump supporters…. We can’t be bothered with justice for THOSE deplorables.

  20. “The corruption at the top is so deep and so pervasive that the time for reform has now passed”.
    Unfortunately, the English language doesn’t have words, or at least is beyond my ability to express, my disdain for the perpetrators of this corruption. Leaving it as crudely as I can: if they were on fire, I wouldn’t stop to p*ss on them to put it out.

  21. In reality if the powers that be will blow up an important piece of infrastructure of an “ally” then the guardrails are probably gone.

    The reason something really bad has not happened to Trump yet may be that the cabal no longer considers him a real threat.

  22. The kangaroo court that sent the ‘guided tour’ Viking to prison for 4 years will not receive an reprimands or due punishment for their malfeasance. The country has moved into the farce stage of empire.

    • Also note that the J-6 people are apparently being kept in deplorable conditions and not really being given medical care. I overheard a conversation at a local store a few weeks ago, paraphrasing:

      “You see what happened to white peaceful protestors. They are being tortured in prison now. I would never let that happen. Show up to my door and I will make my last stand.”

  23. “Believe none of what you hear, and half of what you see” has never been more relevant than now, in the digital age where what you “see” has been selectively edited for maximum outrage.

    George Floyd. Trayvon Martin. The J6 committee hearings. And yes, even Tucker Carlson.

    This is only going to get worse as digital fakes, book rewrites, movie edits, and so on become more ubiquitous.

  24. A small corrupt government, like we had in the old days, can be overcome with private initiative. Huge, intrusive corrupt government, like we have now, is stifling to the system and crushes liberty.

    I think this is the major change. The government has always been corrupt.

    • I would put corruption in two categories- benign(ish) and destructive. The benign type is where the road contract goes to the mayor’s brother in law, insider, mafia guy, etc. but the road still gets built/ repaired. The destructive kind just steals money a.d worse – sends innocents off to die to protect a racket or gift. We have almost exclusively the latter.

      • Mayor Daley, Sr. and how he ran Chicago is probably the best example of benign(ish) corruption in the US.

  25. “They fear he may create a “dangerous narrative” using these tapes.”

    In this case the dangerous narrative is that the tapes are being repressed, edited, and/or selectively shown by the corrupt MSM at direction of the equally corrupt Congress.

    Before the tapes were repressed, they were current news and some of them were broadcast. There are two main entrances to the Capital, for convenience call one the “front”, the other the “back”. I saw one broadcast of the protestors forcing entrance into the front of the Capital. It looked bad. Protestors swinging signs and hitting Capitol police. In short an assault to gain entry.

    However, the back entrance was completely different, the door guards were literally waving the protestors in as they would a sitting Congressman. The crowd was cordial and good natured. Sort of like when they open the gates to let you into a concert event. No violence to be seen. This also matched some of the smart phone videos that were uploaded onto the internet. Capitol police guards were seen giving impromptus “tours” to protestors walking through the Capitol and waving folks on as they entered.

    Guess which videos are shown over and over again, front entry or back?

    • I think the front entry gate crash is where Ray Epps is whispering to the young guys who proceed to crash the gate and bash the cops with that thrust.

      Compare Buffalo Head guy being escorted around and holding a prayer and his punishment with Epps. Epps is an elder and is the person who is seen agitating to go into the capital the day before and appears to command the kids to crash the gate. It is also strange that he has zero fear even though he is at the center of the action. It is as if he knows he will not be shot at with bullets or tear gas.

  26. End of the Qing Dynasty there was the “90days of Reform” led by Prince Kung. He was poisoned and the Qing Dynasty stumbled on for 30 more years until collapse in the Warlord era.

    • Great pull!

      The rot of the late Qing Empire is a good example for what might befall the US. In fact the entire history from the Taiping Rebellion to the Boxer Rebellion to the fall of the Qing is fascinating.

      If this were 1911, I can totally see the politicians and their minions fleeing Washington while nobody tells Biden what’s going on.

    • In China’s historic Dynastic Cycles, one sign of Dynastic decline was the explosion in “non-governmental organizations,” or NGO’s that compete with an Emperor’s rule in the outlying areas.

      They are the termites that gnaw at the beams of the tottering structure. In the US we call them ‘Non-Profits.’ And America is currently besieged by them.

      A sign of the times, folks.

  27. The Clintons were and are the scum of the earth and the Biden crime family is a natural evolution and spiraling downwards of the Clinton era to new lows (Chelsea Clinton is not Hunter Biden, for example). Still, the question remains in my mind as to whether the Clintons caused the debasement and spiraling downward of norms, standards, and public ethics or merely reflected the evolving zeitgeist. Were they the essential catalyst or merely unscrupolous opportunists who seized on declining standards? Or both?

    That we live in an era of unprecedented corruption and cynicism cannot be disputed. But is there any era that came close? The roaring twenties?

    • As Hemingway might have put it, it was slowly then suddenly. You might recall Gary Hart running for president just 4 years before Bubba in 1988. He had to drop out due to mistress problems.

      • The only big difference I discern between Hart and Clinton, on that matter, was that Hart had shame. Clinton did not. Where Hart dropped out, Clinton said “So what?” And it turns out the voting public didn’t care about Clinton’s philandering, at least not 43% of them. But Hart was not “forced” to quit.

        • Yes Jeff, but it was weird right? I mean, the girls were all crushing on Gary Hart more than on Clinton. It seemed to me that all of a sudden, people didn’t care in 1992.

          Meanwhile, do you remember what happened to John Edwards in 2008? Maybe that was different because there was a kid involved. I dunno. It all seems pretty arbitrary.

          • What really poisoned the well for Edwards was that it went on while his wife had cancer.

          • Everyone understood.


            When the Monica Lewinsky exposé came about I remember a friend commenting, “If that is what it takes to keep the President sane from the depredations of the shrew that he is married to, fine by me.”

            Hillary was widely disliked, even then.

    • All civilized standards began collapsing in the second half of the sixties. The Clintons, spawn of the sixties, simply took generous advantage of the degradation.

    • Whitney Webb covers this in her book “One Nation Under Blackmail.”
      It documents the alliance between law enforcement/intelligence and organized crime that kicked off with the various ethnic silos of the National Crime Syndicate, but really got going with the creation of the OSS and CIA in the WWII era. Here’s one of her articles about the Clinton/Epstein/Iran Contra connection: https://tinyurl.com/4sr4n86k

    • All genuine political theories presuppose man to be evil.
      Carl Schmitt

      Democracy and to a lesser extent republics contain the same optimistic assumptions about human nature as communism: an expectation that the elected will act selflessly towards public ends or what their constituents want rather than their private interest. Hoppe’s book Democracy the God That Failed does a good job of explaining why monarchy results in better society assuming no more than selfish interest of the ruler, as they own the state and it’s future tax revenue and can pass it on to their heir and are thus incentivized to look after things better than a temporary caretaker politician. This also sets the same framework between the ruler and the ruled, so that the people may resist invasions into private life. In a democracy “we rule ourselves” so all invasions and intrusions are legitimized.

  28. The narrative that a Larping Viking and selfie-taking grandmas from Ohio almost took over control of the country needs to be put to rest.

    The kangaroo court that viking man received is a farce and another sign of how fast this country is collapsing.

  29. There is a low level of corruption wherein you can maintain some hope for reform. Just a few bad apples.

    We are well beyond that point. The whole barrel is rotten. Why be a chump? Why not join in on the free for all yourself? Do it In the name of equity. After all, nice guys finish last, doncha know? Our new official state religion, Wokism, has replaced Christianity, so fear God, not.

    Don’t wait too long! The nasty, brutish, and short times are a’comin!

    • Survival of you and yours is *not* being a chump. It’s Darwinian evolution theory in practice. We knew this instinctively a couple hundred years ago. Time to relearn time honored wisdom.

  30. Isn’t it remarkable that every cultural shift in the last several decades has always been for the worse. As Z has stated, reform at this point is impossible – a reset is the only answer. The brakes are shot and the edge the the abyss is just ahead…

    • That’s very true, everything tends to go in the wrong direction. Which makes the sudden availability of the Jan. 6 video somewhat surprising. For some reason, a bone was thrown our way.

      • Was it? Knowing what I have observed of the communist left (democrats) in America I suggest this is just more rope being let out to hang America with.

        Nothing leftists do is by accident.

      • It will be very telling now that this footage is public and nothing changes. This will confirm what we all know, but normie will not notice or change.

      • It is a strange thing. My guess here is that it is serendipity. McCarthy needed the votes of the hardliners to get the gavel, so he signed off on releasing this stuff to Tucker. If McCarthy was more cunning, this could have been avoided, but he is not that smart. On the other hand, maybe there are players behind the scenes looking to settle some scores.

        • Or maybe this is just rubbing the people’s nose in it. Nothing changed; no one cares. Sounds like an effective exercise in discouraging dissidents. Lavoy Finicum – never forget (unlike everyone else).

          • I think this has merit. They are telling the Conservatards that (a) there is nothing you can do and (b) we have “your” elected repsentatives in our back pocket. Always remember that the vote in the Senate was unanimous to award a medal to the cop who murdered Ashli Babbitt. Brave guys, those Republicans!

          • Agree with this.

            It is demoralization.

            “Yeah, we all lied to your face and threw like-minded people in dungeons on trumped-up and/or false charges. What are you deplorables gonna do about it?”

          • didn’t finicum try to shoot an officer. At least that’s what I thought. I hope I’m wrong.

      • Wrong. The regime media rolling something out regarding COVID, Jan 6, anything to feel like they “won” and owned the libs. Unless someone is fired, pays a fine, or goes to jail it’s not a win. No one is really held accountable at all.

  31. I’ve just… can I say: it’s been enough foreplay, already? You can see why the declarations of secession were met with rejoicing throughout the South.

  32. “How long before they move onto assassinating one another?”

    There likely will be political arrests of one another first. The most compelling item from Carlson was the attempt by the representatives on the committee to frame a congressman as an “insurrection co-conspirator.” For whatever reason that blew my mind and not just because it was so ham-handed.

    Despite the pre-emption doctrine, look for states to begin to indict federal officials. A good guess is Garland and Mayorkas are low-hanging fruit in this regard. It has almost happened with Trump albeit after he left office. One of their arrests while in Florida or Texas very well could ignite the upcoming unpleasantness.

    • how is epstein not a political assassination? the clintons have been murdering people for decades.

      • I was referencing election officials offing one another. But as far as unelected, yes, and it looks like Seth Rich was murdered by the USG, too, as would have been Julian Assange and Edward Snowden if they had not been so high profile

    • The line they want to cross is arresting Trump. They have been hesitant, but you can see the pressure building. Once they cross the line, then we begin to see it happen regularly. From there the next step is targeted assassinations of opponents. On the other hand, they have been killing political soldiers. Seth Rich was assassinated on the street to both send a message and close down a leak. They may not have to cross the arrest line to start killing opponents.

      • I didn’t see this before replying to karl about Rich.

        I think cut-outs would be used once it moves to government-sponsored assassinations of elected officials, which is what happened with the unelected Rich., but that’s in the future because there still is fear of tit for tat. For example, while it is likely the DOJ and intelligence services discussed assassinating Trump, he/his family have enough jack to take out high profile officials. I suspect he hasn’t been arrested for a similar reason–a governor returning the favor.

        Lawfare will be the initial stages of the Cold Civil War going hot, but everything has to be in place first.

      • As Much as I hate the person, the warning by Mitch would be appropriate here. :” Be careful about passing a rule that will be used against you”….in regards to the senate voting rule change passed by the Dems in 2015:
        If they normalize arresting ex-presidents , starting with POTUS Trump, it is inevitable that their idol ZerObama will be in the crosshairs at some point in the future….

        • I suspect they are more concerned about states going tit for tat, which easily could happen. The federal judiciary is so corrupt it really isn’t a problem. Assassinations, though, could be quickly answered at any level.

        • And yet, this not really panned out in the past. The right periodically lands a few ‘wins’ in their corner, but the overall arc has been in one direction. The right seems unlikely to respond effectively in kind. Instead, they will continue the ‘wouldn’t it be awful if the shoe was on the other foot?’ gag and other conciliatory behaviors.

          • Yeah, the concept of political retaliation is ludicrous since all such routes have been blocked.

      • I think you have this all wrong. The regime is full of Machiavellian foxes and rules by deceit. They are much more likely to employ lawfare than open violence which normies can see. It fits the nature this regime selects for.

    • Would the left have the balls to start arresting some of the conservatives on the supreme court? No DC jury would acquit no matter how bs the charges. We might even be at the point where if one of them gunned down one of them in broad daylight the jury would nullify

      • That eventually will happen. The closest analogy to the present day United States is Nicaragua in the immediate aftermath of the Sandinista-led revolution. The Sandinistas slowly harassed the remaining democratic elements such as actual journalists and independent judges, who had been allies, and then turned to arrests. Senator Wyden of Oregon has told States and localities to ignore USSC decisions already. That in his mind only goes one way.

        As the United States diminishes in global influence, there no longer will be a need of pretense of democracy.

  33. If you ever finish your book, there’s your title, The road to perdition or some variant.

  34. How long before they move onto assassinating one another?

    They’re already there. Steve Scalise says hi. The guy who shot up the Republican softball game had a lot of email correspondence with a certain Democrat senator. He, of course, refuses to release any of it, and the Truth-to-Power Media has of course completely memory holed it.

    • I prefer Senators and Representatives do their own damned dirty work, a la Preston Brooks and Charles Sumner.

      That day may be coming around again.

      • Our limp-wristed rulers swinging their purses at each other on the floor of “the world’s greatest deliberative body”? Christ, it’s so embarrassing. Where have all the men gone!

        • Imagine Lindsey Graham slap-fighting Marjorie Taylor Greene in the Capital. A pay per view event if there ever has been one.

    • Imagine Steve Scalise or Hawley or Tucker or the like being so bad, so evil, so conservatively Republicany that they need to be assassinated.

      When a real right-reactionary arrives, like a Red Caesar, our enemies might blow their own heads off.

    • There was also the assault on Rand Paul at his home. He is lucky to have survived. There is also Schumer who at least twice that I know of openly threatened political opponents with violence. He threatened to use the Secret Services against Trump and he warned Kavanaugh.

      You have a sanctioned political army in Antifa. It looks like half of Rome where the gangs of the Popolares and Optimates settled politics in the streets. Here, the Poplolares haven’t shown up. NY mayor Eric Adams just paid NY (black), 2020 rioters $21K each. Looks like he bought himself a mob – or at least compensated them for a job well done in 2020. Could you imagine the white professional class in Williamsburg and the UWS going Gangs of New York today? They would get slaughtered.


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