The Cult Of The Elite

Every society has a moral code, a collection of unwritten rules that govern the behavior the members toward one another and with the outside world. A moral code, of course, is a collection of rules reflecting the moral preferences of society. These things and activities are good, while these things and activities are bad. The authority for these preferences can be the gods, tradition or what the rulers prefer. Fashion, after all, is just the sartorial preferences of the people in charge.

Despite what conservatives insist, the moral code of a society is a top down affair, imposed by the people in charge. Their preferences start at their primary preference, which is to remain in charge. That means the preferences the rulers impose on their subjects reflects their interests, at least how they see their interests. It is not a perfect link as elite society is as subject to evolutionary pressure as the rest of society, but it is a good place to start in understanding the elite.

Since a moral code regulates behavior, we can look at behavior and do a bit of reverse engineering to get a peak at the code. What are the things the elites do that point to what they prefer and not prefer? It is not what they say, as people say what they think they are supposed to say. This is especially true of elites. What matters is what they do as this indicates what they value. One thing libertarians got right is the concept of revealed preferences. Actions are what matter.

For example, we have the constant lying from official Washington. They lie about everything to the point where it is the norm. No one is bothered to be outraged as it is just how the things are now. It is the line incorrectly attributed to Alexander Solzhenitsyn, but written by Elena Gorokhova. “The rules are simple: they lie to us, we know they’re lying, they know we know they’re lying, but they keep lying to us, and we keep pretending to believe them.”

Obviously, truth in the empirical sense is not important. Dig deeper and you see that the lying is mostly in service to narratives that define the world of Washington. In other words, they are not lying to deceive so much as lying to support a version of reality that is preferred at the moment. They see the truth and the lie as means to an end, judged only on the ends. What counts is the narrative, while facts are just props in the narrative structure, used only when needed.

What this tells us is the people inside the political system are not hostile to the people, but indifferent to them. The lying is not an effort to trick the people into supporting one thing or another, but mostly about internal considerations. Even the lies over Covid, which were an effort to shape behavior, were actually in service to the narrative they created around the virus. Immiserating millions of people was a happy accident, but never the point of their lying about Covid.

We have a couple of recent examples that are useful in understanding what truly matters to the elites. First is this case involving a couple of fringe goofballs using robocalls to mock black people. Americans receive billions of bogus calls, despite it being illegal, but these two warranted special attention. The judge makes clear that if they had mocked Irish people, for example, it would have been fine. They targeted black people and no one is allowed to mock the gods.

We have this case of four black people who drove to Mexico so one of them could get cosmetic surgery, but they got carjacked instead. Sadly, thousands of Americans are attacked by Mexicans around the border ever year. Of course, tens of millions of people from around the world stream over the border. This not only damages the lives Americans near the border, but it has ruined life around the country. This is cheered by the political class as the browning of America.

This case is different. You see, the four people involved are black and no one is allowed to lay a hand on our sacred black people. Lady Bugs Graham is now demanding we go on jihad against Mexico as retribution. Official Washington is suddenly ablaze with angry rhetoric about what is happening south of the border. Mexicans kill white people every day in America, but when they killed a couple of black people, they crossed a line in elite moral code that must be addressed.

Of course, anyone paying the least bit of attention could come up with a dozen such cases where elites are moved to action because an issue involves black people, but they are indifferent when it involves white people. Candace Owens is a millionaire because she tells white people they are good boys, very good boys. Even so, this Mexican case is threatening to change policy regarding Mexico. It is not just a show to signal their virtue to one another.

A century ago, Paris was gripped by something called negrophilia which is derived from the French négrophilie that means love of the negro. The beautiful people would collect African art and hang out at Jazz clubs. Much of it was driven by exposure to black troops from America and Africa during the war. The controlling factor was the desire of the avant-garde to feel trendy and separate from the bourgeoise. It was all superficial and eventually was replaced by new fads.

Today’s version is something more than a fad. It is not just a weapon to be used against the remaining white people. What we are seeing is antiwhite, but it is not necessarily hatred of whites that is the source of this new moral code. Instead, it seems to be a genuine worship of black people, as if they are magical beings. Our elites now think they will be judged by how well they take care of black people. Who will do the judging is never spoken, but that just adds to the mystery.

That last bit is important. Much of what we see from our elites fits the pattern of religiosity, but it lacks the explicit supernatural authority. They never say why they worship black people. They never point to an authority for this behavior. It is just assumed to be there at the center of things. Perhaps that is what gives it power in the minds of these people. Their moral code is now a mystery cult in which it is essential to not know why you embrace the moral code.

A million years ago in another context, John Derbyshire made the following observations about cults. “To those inside [a cult], it appears to be a structure of perfect logical integrity, founded on unassailable philosophical principles, while to those outside it seems to some degree nutty; to some other degree hysterical; and to some yet other degree a threat to liberty.” This sounds eerily accurate with regards to the worship of nonwhites by our ruling classes.

What we are seeing is the evolution of a cult of the elite, in which salvation is sought through the worship of that which symbolizes the antithesis of the West. This explains the extremism of these people. How can you be satisfactorily anti-Western? How can one be satisfactorily worshipful of black people? What is the outer limit of the rejection of biological reality? There is no answer to these things, so cult members keep looking for an even more extreme expression of these values.

Returning to where we have started, an objective examination of elite behavior reveals a bizarre moral code that is out of sync with reality. That gap between what they believe, their moral preferences, and reality, is the measure of their virtue. In other words, the way to understand elite behavior is to imagine a cult founded on the rejection of human reality and then that cult gains control of society. That is the condition of the West and it is probably not going to cure itself.

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  2. Our managerial class would never be so crass as to espouse the browning of America. Nor do they believe they will be judged by how well they take care of black people. These radical egalitarians believe open borders furthers their cause and that they will be judged by how close they get to a world of equal outcomes.

  3. Fast vs. slow-life history adaptation (r/K-selected) explains most of the racial differences. Blacks clearly cluster closer to the fast-LH end of the spectrum, north-east Asians are on the opposite end, with Europeans close to them, but not quite. Many indicators to support this thesis, such as higher testosterone levels for blacks, their faster sexual maturity and fecundity (higher number of twin), earlier fontanelle closure and development of motoric skills (walking) and earlier onset of cognitive decline, less pro-social traits, lower IQ, high time preference and dozens of other examples. It doesn’t necessarily mean one is “better” then the other, they’re simply adapted to a different ecology. All races are perfect for the environment they’re evolved to exist in. Blacks don’t perform well in highly complex societies, and certainly cannot sustain them, but they might be perfect for the posts collapse world we’re heading for.

    • “Blacks don’t perform well in highly complex societies, and certainly cannot sustain them, but they might be perfect for the posts collapse world we’re heading for.”
      You are probably right about this, but most Whites, especially those of the Celtic and Norse ancestry probably have a certain part of the “berserker gene” still swimming around in their DNA somewhere. Given the right circumstances, I believe that the “black savage” might be given a real run for the money by the “white savage” if push ever really comes to shove.

  4. Dey dindu nuffin!

    Turns out there were five of them were jammed in the minivan for the 24 hour drive so one of them could get a tummy-tuck. In the worst part of Mexico. The 5th passenger didn’t have an ID and had to stay in a motel in Texas. Lawdamussy.

    Blacks have a pretty good omerta and when cornered can just flap their gums about nonsense for hours on end so we’ll probably never know what was up. Mexico will offer up some poor schlep who already has a price on his head for something else.

    I’m smelling a typically dumb, over-complicated negro plot for some contraband or smuggling or God knows what and they quickly got in over their heads with the locals, who don’t regard magic negros with the same worshipful awe.

    • The story i heard was that a crew of Haitians was driving around that town brazenly robbing the locals. The government was aware of this but couldn’t be bothered to do anything about it.

      So it was left to the local cartel to protect the neighborhood and they got the wrong group of africans,

      I finding it completely believable that the American Africans were also up to no good of some sort.

  5. Racism is just realism without the fake moral spin.
    Embrace being a racist, and you will set yourself free.

    • Oh, I so agree. I totally embrace the pejoratives. “You’re racist!” OK, “You’re sexist!” OK, “You’re homophobic!” I’m not scared of any limp wrist, but if you mean I detest sodomites, OK. It’s so freeing to just agree, laugh and walk away from the scolds.

  6. Just a quick literature lesson, somewhat relevant to black worship discussed today. We sometimes hear the term “Numinous Negro,” which speaks to the same theme. Numinous = “having a strong religious or spiritual quality; indicating or suggesting the presence of a divinity.” In literature, specifically the field of folklore, there are specialists who study and classify stories by plot type (I’m not sure the proper term.) Of many hundreds, one type is called the “Magical Negro.” Here, too, the Negro often has some supernatural power. This is common in modern fiction. For example, in at least two Stephen King novels/movies (The Shining, The Green Mile) have a black man with the powers of telepathy or miraculous healing, respecitively. More in keeping with Z’s typical comments, to some degree the same could be said of the portrayal of Blacks in modern movies and TV drama: They tend to be over-represented relative to their share of the populace, and with better qualities than real world experience would allow. In other words, it’s not the Negro that is magical, but the the fantasies of Progressive or Woke screenwriters who at least in their narrative, imbue him with super powers. Problem is, in the real world, after you kiss the frog, he remains a frog.

    I suspect much of the allure of the Negro race, to Caucasians, is how utterly alien to Western European norms were (are) their culture and so on. The exotic is always fascinating, at least at first; problem is it sometimes brings collateral problems that remain after the novelty has worn off.

    • Stephen King also used the Magical Negro character in The Stand. I forget the old black woman’s specific power, but she was magical and wise. Morgan Freeman specialized in playing wise characters, such as the inmate in the Shawshank Redemption and the brilliant scientist in The Dark Knight. He also played the wisest character one could ever play: God, in one of those Jim Carrey movies.

    • Stephen King is an utter jackass, but I’m not going to single him out for negrophilia since the majority of his books have a character or two who have supernatural powers and now and then one of them happens to be a negro. (I used to read that garbage in my youth, before I developed taste)

      But, the success of a couple of the film adaptations does seem to have been driven by magic negro-ism.

  7. Late to this thread but I’d like to comment on Z-man’s observation that French negrophilia eventually moved on. I wish!! Negrophilia is alive and well here in France. French President Emmanuel Macron regularly parties with Africans. And then there’s the matter of Josephine Baker. She was an American mulatta entertainer who main accomplishment was to dance bare-breasted in Paris with a g-string with bananas hung on it. (No I’m not making this up.) Without going into too much detail, she did do some work for the French resistance to German occupation, although she left France around 1940. She adopted about 12 children, but with typical black financial ability, she mismanaged her assets and eventually went broke. Yet a couple of years ago she was inducted into the Pantheon, where reside French greats such as Victor Hugo and Louis Pasteur. And a media center in Périgueux, not far from where I live, is named for her. So French negrophilia is alive and well.

    On a different note, the affair in Mexico indicates that one of the most fragile relationship in Steve Sailer’s coalition of the fringes is that of Hispanics and blacks. These two groups don’t much like each other and the Hispanics have no white guilt for slavery and Jim Crow and are willing to use violence to control blacks. Look for more incidents as the U.S. runs out of whites to act as buffers.

    • Uh, the most underreported US news story of the last 20 years is how our Latino friends have waged a systematic campaign to remove Wakandans from South Central LA.

      The hoods that were endlessly rapped about in the early to mid-90s no longer exist.

  8. It’s not that hard to understand. They worship blacks — excuse me, Blacks — because they are seen to be the most oppressed, victimized, put upon population and it’s their way of making it up to them.

    • No other people on earth, except white people, feel this way about blacks, although whites are not the only people who have had black slaves. The arabs probably take inward pride in how they enslaved (and castrated) their blacks. In practice, Israel does not accept black immigrants. What accounts for the difference?

      • As of 2020 the number of Ethiopean immigrants in Israel was 170,000.
        They’ve been flown in by Israeli pilots, who risked their lives to collect these blacks (not all of them Jews) from different African war zones.

        • How many have married native Jewish stock? How many ads on Israeli TV push Jewish/African miscegenation?

      • The difference is that whites worship equality. During the burgeois revolutions (French revolutions, American Independence), Father, Son and Holy Ghost were replaced by Liberty, Equality and Progress as the highest goods.

        If denying equality is heresy, the fact that Black people perform worse can only be explained by oppression and discrimination. Since the laws are equal, the only explanation is subconscious racism. If you are a white woke, this means that you are racist even if you try not to. This cripples you with guilt. Since you cannot get rid of guilt with a good Catholic confession, you translate this guilt into activism against whites to try to compense with your sin

        Most peoples don”t believe in equality, although they may pay lip service to it. Latn American people think Blacks are inferior but they never say it I lived more than 20 years in Central America and it took me a lot to see it.

    • I’ve been on damn near every Indian rez west of the Missouri River. & north of Colorado and a bunch of remote villages in Alaska & Canada
      Standing Rock , fort peck, Colville, Yakima. Wind river, Fort Yates. Utter & complete degradation. Worse than any ghetto I’ve ever seen. The Indian kids that were sent to white schools were lucky despite the BS narrative. some of them will tell you that.
      Goddamn blax are lucky their ancestors were valuable property they know it.
      But they sure as hell would never admit it. Blax are loathsome vermin.

  9. Yet they don’t live in black neighborhoods because deep down in places they don’t like to talk about, they know.

    • Satanic inversion…I think that is exactly right. Just out of curiosity, is that your own term or is it a concept created by somebody else? It could be Biblical for all I know.

      • Not sure about the term but the concept derives from “woe to him who calls good evil and evil good”

      • Nietzsche dept: It’s a term he uses quite often, also calling it a transvaluation (revaluing) of values. He typically doesn’t discuss theology per se, but he does consider the role religion (morality) plays. Probably his most obvious use of inversion is considering the dichotomy between master and slave morality. The latter is basically an inversion of the former, e.g. the noble/master regards the commoner as “bad” (NOT the same as “evil”) in the sense he lacks the positive values the noble has — or thinks he has, at least. The slave, in contrast, inverts such a sentiment; as a result, his morality calls “good” anyone who is poor, downtrodden, powerless as is he.

        Actually he does discuss inversion in religion at times: Judaism, he says, turned “on their head” the values of earlier, freer society. The same principles were later adopted by Christianity in a successful rebellion and eventual takeover of the Roman Empire.

        It’s worth mentioning that one Satanic image, at least in popular myth, was literally an inverted crucifix. I don’t know if there’s any history behind that, or if it’s just a trope from B-horror movies.

    • Reminds me of that AmRen talk where it was noted that ol’ Francis Fukayama hasn’t lost yet. How long until the debauchery of modernity is fully deployed in China, etc.? A generation, two maybe? A whole world full of fortified democracy and satanic levels of perversion.

      • A person could get the sense that the whole thing is a fait accompli unless there are found some women of child bearing age who can resist social media

    • Nobody is going to escape (((The Machine))), Mormons least of all. They are one of the last bastions of true Whiteness. So of course their daughters will be corrupted to the core until they are creating little dysgenic mud colored babies and destroying 300,000 years of genetic fitness with one poor decision. The Nose never rests in its desire to erase us from existence.

    • Fakeemail-

      I agree.

      It really does seem as though there is some larger, unifying, possibly even mystical animating force behind the cloud of lunacy that has enveloped the world of late.

      • It’s the internet and social media. It has exponentially increased the brainwashing that used to be done by tv and movies .

        Loki, the lord of lies and infinite illusions, lives.

  10. In regards to the robocall case, I’m sitting here trying to understand how this has anything to do with the KKK. Were they wearing white robes and watching “Mississippi Burning” while the computers made the calls?

    • Maybe the Nigerians have moved on from phishing and telecalls to elderly whites and are moving into the black diversity hire and race based casting bingo bonanza.

  11. Slowly but surely, and with great reluctance, intelligent people are led to the explanatory value of the bronze age death cult. Certainly, we have many problems, but this factor is the most potent cause.

    As the saying goes, “if you want to know who rules you, find out whom you cannot criticize.”

    And don’t tell me that blacks can’t be criticized. “Fellow whites” criticized Kayne plenty and banished him from the modern world. Who was it that Kayne criticized again?

    • Dissident blacks can be crushed with impugnity. Alas, they’re such a rare breed that they really don’t matter anyway.

  12. The cult of the holy negro starts with the boomer generation and their arrested development. For some reason this generation never got out of the “fuck you dad!” phase of teenage cognitive development. (Look at all of the complaints made against boomers and compare it to complaints about teenagers, they line up surprisingly well.)

    Well the big “Fuck you dad” in the 60s was supporting civil rights against your evil racist parents. Never getting past that adolescent individuation need to “stick it to the man”, and ignoring that those comprising “the man” are all long dead, in power the boomers keep trying to perfect civil rights. They compete with each other to see who can be the most civil rightsy. And once blacks had as much civil rights as whites the boomers couldn’t stop, and they needed to give them even more civil rights.

    Blacks are happy to accommodate this derangement, being the civilizational parasites that they are. And boomers have been in power for so very long, that their fixation on blacks has turned into an established religion. Gen X resisted this with their own “Fuck you dad” phase, but as Gen Xers did become adults eventually they lost that motivating fire of teenaged idiocy.

    Millennials unfortunately seem arrested at a prepubescent level of development: sexless, tattle to teacher if someone says a bad word, cry if they get criticized at work, and copy their morality after what mommy says. And mommy is the boomer-controlled government, so we get an extension of the civil rights religion into another generation. Except now its so far from the original problem of blacks sitting on white people’s toilet seats that it’s taken on a deranged abstract quality, composed of nonsensical postmodern concepts and thus amenable to creative interpretation by those who wield power.

    • A few years back a bunch women and kids from an LDS splinter group were murdered by the cartels in northern Mexico when their car got a flat tire. LG didn’t want to take out the cartels then, did he?

      • That poof should be tossed in with the general population in Attica. Within a week he’d be discovered in his cell, impaled on a bed post, with a grin on his face.

    • Someone should have told them that Mexico ain’t the USA. They’re not a protected species there.

      • Shades of what is in store for them. At some point if it hasn’t happened in spots, their gangs will square off. My money is on the cartels.

    • Latin America is well known for cheap medical care, “medical tourism.” Most people fly in and out. It’s not that expensive, after all. So yeah, drive all the way from South Carolina just to get cut-rate surgery south of the border? And you need three friends? Nope, it doesn’t really sound right, does it? Layabout’s cynical read: Hood rats looking to buy drugs on the cheap and messed with the wrong Mexicans and/or the claimed mistaken identity by the latter.

  13. Negrophilia is the opposite side of the anti-white coin. Blacks are worshiped precisely because they are the antithesis of whites. Negroes are illogical, dysfunctional savages. Whites are logical, functional and civilized. And what this means, of course, is that, followed to its logical terminus, Western civilization will be replaced by African savagery. This is progress.

    • Correct. The choice of the most destructive and despicable group outside of the Tribe was designed to destroy Western Civilization.

      • 1) I suspect that Cromwell was forced to invite the Bronze Age Death Cult back into England because the sephardic Bronze Agers were amassing such a large mountain of golden shekels in Holland [via the sephardic monopoly on moving africans into North Amurrikkkuh] that Holland was on the cusp of becoming the most powerful nation in the North Atlantic, and

        2) I suspect the Sanhedrin of the Bronze Age Death Cult decided to assassinate Lincoln precisely because Lincoln fully intended to send the slaves back to Africa, which would have ruined any chances the Sanhedrin had for inducing the destruction of Christian Amurrikkkuh via miscegenation.

        • Buying into the narrative that Europe became rich through slavery?

          Oh dear.

          When the Dutch went to war with the English they said it was a mountain of gold versus a mountain of iron!
          The Dutch were not about to overtake England.

          The Lincoln stuff is silly.

    • We began to see this decades ago. I recall a comedy show called something like, “The History of White People in America,” that had the familiar tropes of Whites being uncreative and so on. “Oh, how about a mayonnaise sandwich,” sort of thing. Local radio shows would have an intro about how they were, “Fat, white, Catholic… and sick about it.”

      Turns out, they love being fat and gave up on being Catholic. The only thing they were sick about was being White – they’ve never forgiven themselves for it.

      How did it come to this? Well…

      • This question of White sh!tlibs & kneegrowlatry is fascinating, and I don’t pretend to understand it for a second.

        What vexes me are the White DEMs, with triple digit IQs – guys like Clinton & Carville & Begala & Ickes – who gladly pretended to worship at the altar of kneegrowlatry, but who, in their own private lives, would be horrified by the actual flesh-n-blood presence of kneegr0wz in their midst.

        The likes of Hillary & Al Gore & Dee Dee Myers were all too d@mned stupid to be held accountable for their sins.

        But especially southron boys – like Clinton & Carville – they knew precisely what they were doing.

        And the cynicism of their nihilism allowed the Bronze Age Death Cult to lay the foundations for our destruction.

        PS: From the Wikipedia entry, “Bill Clinton 1992 presidential campaign”

        Rahm Emanuel (Finance director)
        Mandy Grunwald (Media strategist)
        Mickey Kantor (General counsel)
        Stan Greenberg (Pollster)

        I don’t know that Bill Clinton ever had a soul to sell in the first place, he was likely born soulless; but dadgummit he & his fellow southron White sh!tlibs did an enormous amount of damage to this country.

        I personally don’t think I know a single southron White sh!tlib which isn’t secretly a raving lunatic racist, but they play the Jekyll & Hide game to perfection.

        God only knows what transpires in their filthy traitorous minds.

      • And the negrophilic side of the equation has been in effect for decades as well. Hence, dating back to the early days of jazz–no later than the 40s–there has been a culture of affirmative action that artifically overstated black cultural accomplishments. Good examples are Duke Ellington and Ella Fitzgerald.

        Now Ellington was actually a brilliant jazz composer. Possibly the best. However, as a lyricist he was pedestrian at best, borderline sophomoric at worst. Alas, Ellington has been feted for close to a century despite his infacility as a lyricist, and vocal works are a huge part of his oeuvre.

        As to Fitzgerald, she’s regarded as the Queen of Jazz despite the fact her voice was no more remarkable than her physiognomy. As a vocalist, she was not in the same class as those white gals, Julie London, Rosemary Clooney and Peggy Lee. Nevertheless, it is Fitzgerald who is broadly regarded as the greatest female vocalist in the history of jazz. Had she been white, she wouldn’t have been much more than a footnote.

        • Ostei: Can’t speak about Duke Ellington because I generally don’t listen or know about Jazz. I must admit to greatly enjoying listening to Ella Fitzgerald sing Cole Porter. Yes, a black singing songs written by a hom0sexuaal – but I find the lyrics extraordinarily clever and the melodies extremely pleasant. Peggy Lee, to me, brings to mind 1960s variety shows.

          • Cole Porter is probably America’s greatest songwriter. His lyrics are vastly superior to Ellington’s.

            As to Peggy Lee, listen to her album “Black Coffee.” It is a masterpiece, but not atypical for her output.

          • Ella Fitzgerald could spin out and ornament a line with the best of them, going all the way back to her time with the Chick Webb band, after whose passing she took over the leadership. Her sense of pitch was unerring, and those little blue note departures were a prime illustration of this. Her time sense, placing notes ahead or behind the beat, also was remarkable. In her later years she took to scat singing, which was a terrible mistake, and for those who have not delved into her earlier work, convey a false impression of her skills and taste.

            So no, Osteii, I feel that you have misjudged here.

        • I definitely never understood the fuss about Aretha Franklin. Limited range. Not much of a composer. Not much to look at. Virtually all her hits were somebody else’s songs. If you’ve heard 3 of them you’ve pretty much heard them all.

          • Another excellent example of the culture of affirmative action. Lily white Dusty Springfield may actually have been a better soul singer than Franklin.

        • As for Ellington his vocals were not so much quality as signature. NGL, I can appreciate it.

        • i think billie holliday is considered the finest jazz female singer. ella is a sentimental favorite, imo. personally i prefer dusty springfield uber alles.

          • Not a fan of either as I can’t stand scatting. Which is the same reason Whitney Houston grates mightily with all her improvised glissando.

        • Duke Ellington did not write the lyrics to his compositions. As opposed to the Kanye’s and Lil Wayne’s of this world he was a class act.

        • Duke Ellington mostly wrote and performed with an orchestra. Later, in his career he recorded an album with him on piano and a younger bassist and drummer.

          This song is almost like art rock, anticipating King Crimson or Tool.

          (I once discussed this album with Kevin MacDonald, who was a jazz pianist as a young man.)

  14. “the preferences the rulers impose on their subjects reflects their interests”

    This makes 3 days in a row that I am posting about the present day American transgenderism campaign having its roots with Michelle. Anybody got a better explanation for why this, and why now? It didn’t just spring up out of the bermuda grass.

    The fact that 20% of Gen Z now identifies as “non binary” tells you not only do the rulers mold the people, but they can do it quickly. Go back just 20 or even 10 years and it would have been some small fraction of a decimal less than 1%.

    Once upon a time this was a Christian nation because Christian nationalism was what was propagated by the regime. Unfortunately I conclude those folks back then were just as susceptible to regime propaganda and manipulation as folks today. Had the regime been pushing something else, those people would have been something else.

    With perhaps 1/3 of us (optimistically) maintaining a good healthy F the regime attitude throughout, then or now.

    • Transgenderism is pushed parallel with Satanism. Baphomet is an hermaphroditic figure, as is much of Satanic worship. As the elites how pushed their religion on us, we see the results of mass initiation. Think about the crap the average person is exposed to. Nearly all of the populace has at least initiate level knowledge of Satanic practices. Kids programming is inundated, celebrity shows are literal masses, and the whole population is processed. The erasure of dimorphism is the hallmark of alchemical processing, which seeks erase the traditional bonds that form society.

    • I generally agree with most of what you said. HOWEVER, I think the 20% number that’s being reported is a vast overestimate. I think a substantial amount of those people are trying to get diversity points to help them get jobs or admission to college. There was a report that came out a year or two ago that 1/3 of whites applying to college were trying to claim Native American heritage. They wanted those diversity points. Claiming to be “non binary” is an even easier way to jump on that train.

      In the end, it’s still a symbol of how subjugated normal whites are. In a society, one tries to “pass” as some other identity when the other identity has measurable advantages. 150 years ago, light skinned blacks tried to “pass” as whites. Now, whites try to pass as anything else. What does that logically tell you about the order of things?

      • The Greek: Disagree. There really is heavy, official, well-financed pressure for White tween/teen girls to identify as trans and get on the path to chemical and surgical mutilation. It is happening in public schools all over the country, not just in California. One of my husband’s co-workers has a daughter ensnared in this now – they foolishly think it’s just a phase that she will grow out of. They are ignoring the school officials who are aiding and abetting this, the internet chat and support groups who form an entire alternative culture for these children unbeknownst to their parents. Here’s a link to another suburban DFW school district – a fairly affluent one – with the exact same thing occurring (

        • Oh believe me, I definitely know and am aware of all this. My point was that the 20% number that’s being thrown around certainly includes some number of kids trying to get diversity points or conning the system. What’s that percent? Hard to tell without it being a wild ass guess. I would say males claiming to be “non binary” are probably more likely to be the cons. Females are more likely to be genuinely swept up in it.

          • Even if some portion of the alleged 20% are just opportunists, what makes you think it will STAY at 20%? Will this line of reasoning be reassuring when the number is 30%? 40%? 80%?

            The NPC hordes are malleable to an extent even cynics like me failed to fully grasp. Just look at the near-universal acquiescense to the Covid psy op; if the Tranny Train already claims 20% already there is NOTHING that will slow it down even if a large portion are only using it as a grift at the moment.

    • The entire transgender/alternative identity phenomenon is just the logical extreme expression of feminism — the same way death/starvation is the logical extreme expression of vegetarianism. In other words, any society with feminism (or any “-ism” where nature is severely unbalanced) will eventually develop pathologies reflecting the specific disturbances.

      In the case of feminism and the complete disruption of the intended order of male/female relations, degenerate sexual practices develop. In other words, it’s and inevitable outcome (and even reproduceable) although the exact outcome may vary in appearance, depending on the target culture. The outcome of unimpeded feminism on any society will be sexual dysfunction to a level sufficient to destroy civilization.

      The struggle we are in the thick of — the state/bureaucratic complex (or, managerialism, if you like) vs the patriarchy — mirrors the cultural divide between the primitive feminist perversion of civilization and patriarchy’s ordered societies. The purple hair brigade couldn’t tell you exactly why they hate “the patriarchy”, but they are positive that they hate Putin. (See also, Hillary Clinton.)

  15. If I was running for Congress or president I would say something to the effect of

    “Most white people are not inherently racist. In fact we would love nothing more than to be not called racist. If we could do our penance and not have to worry about it anymore, we’d do it without blinking. So if I were to donate 500k to the uncf, does that absolve me for life? If not, why not?”

    • I’ve always been pro reparation in the sense that I’d be in favor of it if we could put a hard dollar figure on it and pay it with the agreement that we would never talk about it again. No more affirmative action, gibs etc. Of course that will never happen.

      • Only if it includes a one way ticket to the African country of choice with no return.

          • There are enough non-indigenous species / parasites already polluting Caribbean Islands which are literal paradises. Send those missing links back to the dark continent only.

            Whites deserve a nagger free vacation paradise.

    • The “non-guilty” can not be absolved.

      But really, the aspect of being “absolved” is in essence finality. That can not happen as the entire scam is to bleed money/resources out of those that have and produce, Whites primarily. To put an end to such “reparations” is to doom the grifters.

      If through some magical command, all wealth in this country could be redistributed among all equally, the various races would sort themselves out as they are now—with Blacks being on the bottom—within a few generations. That of course violates the sacrament of “equity”, so the scam must go on and on, until the host is bled to death.

  16. I have for quite a while believed that everything the elites do is to maintain fear and anxiety in the masses. Think of how the Spartans viewed and treated the Helots by which they were greatly outnumbered and events and attitudes since the Clinton era are perhaps better explained by the Spartan model rather than the 1% have gone insane. Divide and conquer has long been the rule. If you can get the ‘trampling herd’ constantly in a state of fear and anxiety and not knowing whether they are coming or going then you and your descents can rule forever.
    I am not trying to undermine the Zman. He is far better read and informed than I am. I offer the above politely as a possible alternative to everything thing happening.

    • I propose a new law:’ On social media anything that can possibly be misinterpreted in a negative light will be misinterpreted.’

  17. “but it is not necessarily hatred of whites that is the source of this new moral code.”

    Au contraire, mon ami. It is driven by hatred of whites. And it emanates from that Bronze Age death cult you referred to yesterday.

    As for Lindsey Graham, if that faggot tries any funny stuff with the cartels, they will skin him alive. The larger cartels — e.g.., the Sinaloa Cartel — function as quasi-states and they can bring “blood and fire” if they want, even within the borders of the USA.

    • Knowing people in law enforcement, I can vouch for that. They have their own army. Some of the stories I have been told reveal a deep contempt for the police.

      One story. A local cartel person had a cover job on a community college campus as campus security. He built himself a cop car with a cage and everything. He lured in a young white girl who thought he was security and raped and killed her. After an arraignment he was being transported to the max sec prison. His cartel mates had four vans packed with men and weapons who surrounded and stopped the transport vehicle. They were going to break their guy out – a rapist and murderer of innocent people – just because he was their guy.

      The police were ready and in turn surrounded the cartel’s vans. They were prepared and had an overwhelming force in numbers and firepower. This happened in bumble-eff America.

      The number of problems the anti-white anti-human ruling regime is piling on is astounding. They are out for cocktails patting themselves on the back for creating more diversity, and the number and severity of the problems they are creating is astounding.

      They are scum.

      The drug cartels are a severe problem.

      • I remember that story. In Mexico, that’s just your typical Thursday, with the cops more likely on the cartel payroll. As time goes by, here will continue to become more like there.

        • “with the cops more likely on the cartel payroll”

          If a policeman opposes the cartel operating in his area, he ends up dead. I’ve often said that the Italian mafia in the USA is a boy scout operation compared to the cartels.

        • It was a direct from the source anecdote. Hanging out with law enforcement when someone said, “What is one of your most wild transport stories.”

    • Miss Lindsey has evidently become a designated trial balloon floater for the regime. Chosen for this because he demonstrated the ability to still win his state by 10 points even after openly and proudly shitting all over his constituents.

      Those Carolina normiecons must be an especially myopic breed

      • Miss Lindsey is a sad reminder of the fact that there’s still a huge gulf between us and “the mainstream”. If typical Republicans were anything like the caricature of them the Left presents Lady Bugs would have been primaried years ago by someone running on a simple “I’m not a faggot” platform.

      • Lady Bugs and Mitch are the best examples I can find that Repubs are beneficiaries of large scale vote fraud. They both in their last 2 elections came from behind inexplicably. I’n not from either state so I really don’t know but prior polling and the actual results just don’t add up to an honest election.

  18. Scott Adams groveled. He said he likes Affirmative Action and that we should have it. He said he thinks companies should be pursuing diversity.

    He can get the hell away. He doesn’t have to look for a job. Adams is a microcosm of our people’s problems. He made his. He’ll throw the entirety of his people under the bus to save his reputation.

    If I ever see that spineless felcher in real life … …

    • Scott Adams has demonstrated something that ought to be a maxim by doing its opposite: Never make a bold statement if you’re just going to cave to public outrage and apologize later. Nobody of any stripe respects the apology. A guy like Adams only ends up looking like a dink.

      Truth is, his original “controversial” proclamation was not very well-considered. Adams basically overreacted to a single opinion poll. He’s not any kind of race realist — and boy, does it ever show! Had he a grasp on certain taboo biological realities to begin with, that poll would not have provoked him to such a rash response. He would not have been surprised by it. That some folks embraced that cuck after he made his initial comments, seemingly oblivious to the strong likelihood that he would walk it all back, serves as yet another Lucy/Charlie Brown/football moment. When are folks going to realize that public figures essentially never exhibit consistent courage when under media attack?

      • I imagine some of them do – but then they soon become “former public figures”. It’s not that they’re killed (they’re not doing that yet at least). They just get un-personed. I think Mel Gibson got this treatment or perhaps he eventually grovelled too. I really don’t follow celebrity dramarama since I don’t really care what they think.

    • His entire effort is to prove that he is more liberal than liberals. He is to the left of them, because he is not racist, and they are. It bothers him that most people do not understand where he’s coming from.

      In fact, the labels are probably what gets to him, too. He just wants to be regarded as a Not Racist Person. Isn’t that what we’re told to be? He is. But others don’t believe him. He’s a great exemplar of an entire generation’s sentiment toward social life, and their motivations. They just want to be liked by black people, but they’re misunderstood — by *some* black people, but mostly by racist whites, who in turn influence blacks to hate Scott (because the whites are racist).

      It’s utterly idiotic, and I cannot wait for these people to go silent.

      • It’s beyond idiotic. The problem begins with the term “racism,” which is an abstraction that subjectively exists or does not exist in the eye of the beholder. To borrow the style of a famous quote . . . if they can get you chasing abstractions, they can get you to embrace absurdities and possibly commit atrocities.

        That virtually all self-described conservatives now emulate the “anti-racist” rhetoric of their opponents only shows how foolish and shortsighted these conservatives are. Embracing the rhetoric means embracing the morality. If you embrace the morality of your opposition, you have already lost.

        • I’ve come to the conclusion that this is literal Satanic Inversion. The dismal tide has come and there is nothing that can turn it back. Let the wicked fall by their own wickedness, protect yourself, and pray that the Lord will grant a better future someday.

    • You made me google the word Felcher and now I’m scared for life. Jeez!!

      I’ll never look at a straw the same way.

  19. “We have this case of four black people who drove to Mexico so one of them could get cosmetic surgery,”

    I’m not buying this cover story. One single look at them rang my alarm bells. Sure enough, the Dailymail has an article outlining the fact that they all had lengthy criminal records and some involving drugs. They were up to no good.

    However, the point about what the elites really care about is a point well taken and absolutely true.

    • The “one look” was not referring to them being African American. They look like degenerates/ruffians and not normal black people, especially the woman.

      • Tars: What on earth do you consider “normal black people,” – the paragons on tv commercials? The murkins kidnapped/killed by the mestizos are your average blaq – in appearance, in IQ, and in criminality. I knew as soon as I saw the headline and the race involved that this was drug tourism. One of the females may well have planned on surgery, but that was not the primary intent of the trip.

        I dealt with many just like this during my mandatory months doing “US Citizen Services” during my consular tour. Incredibly stupid, criminal, and entitled blaqs with whom I felt no human connection, let alone a ‘citizen’ connection.

    • I had to laugh at the “Tummy Tuck” story. Because as we know Diverse Women Are Sexy At ANY Size, Uh Huh! Y’all can’t HANDLE a woman like me! That’s why you want ’em skinny.

      Sassy!, Mmmm-hmmm. 😏

      OK, it’s not out of the realm of possibilities, I’ll grant you, but the probability, I’d say it’s pretty low.

      Remember, these are folks that like Big Buttocks and they can’t deny.

      That said, I’m glad Z pointed out this story because I had the same thought that he had listening to the faux outrage on the TV “news” this morning as I made breakfast for The Lovely 🥰 Mrs. and myself this morning: “Oh NOW we have to go into Mexico and Straighten Their Act Out.” Please.

    • Also: why would you kidnap blecks unless you knew they had money and/or valuable stuff?

      Nobody kidnaps random blecks. You do, however, kidnap random whites and east Asians. Maybe Middle Easterners in a pinch.

  20. “What this tells us is the people inside the political system are not hostile to the people, but indifferent to them. The lying is not an effort to trick the people into supporting one thing or another, but mostly about internal considerations. Even the lies over Covid, which were an effort to shape behavior, were actually in service to the narrative they created around the virus.”

    “Who will do the judging is never spoken, but that just adds to the mystery.”

    “Much of what we see from our elites fits the pattern of religiosity, but it lacks the explicit supernatural authority. They never say why they worship black people. They never point to an authority for this behavior. It is just assumed to be there at the center of things. Perhaps that is what gives it power in the minds of these people. Their moral code is now a mystery cult in which it is essential to not know why you embrace the moral code.“

    Spirit of the age, in a nutshell. If it wouldn’t destroy itself, men would eventually build a church and a new civ around it.

    “the way to understand elite behavior is to imagine a cult founded on the rejection of human reality and then that cult gains control of society. That is the condition of the West and it is probably not going to cure itself.”

    This reminds me of EMJ’s definition of Jewish identity and his prognosis of how things will go, from a more secular perspective. Still not willing to blame it all on Jews. I think it’s more of an unmooring, of which Jews would be exemplary, being a diaspora.

    On that matter, still struggling with faith, and in EMJ’s terms (which seem to be traditional to Catholicism), I had the thought that the simple answer to the JQ is Zionism. Let them be Hebrews again. But I suppose Christians wouldn’t go for that, because it would bring on the End Times. Or if they did, they might exalt Jews and think they’re doing God’s work. I wondered: is that evidence Christianity is about Jews, and is it why Jews have a supposed hostility to Christians? Simps or enemies trying to convert them, because of an ancient cataclysm. The End of History, the Eschaton, the ancient grudge.

    Stare into the abyss, become the the abyss (and ramble about it lol). Yep, indifference. Maybe better to put it away and save brain cells, or the soul, or whatever.

    • I don’t believe they are indifferent to normal White people at all. Maybe indifferent to other elite White people, but not all White people.

      They are deeply embarrassed and resentful of normal White people. It just burns them up when they occasionally admit to themselves that in order for society to function at least somewhat like traditional society in America and the West generally, it takes White people, the very people they hate.

      • I doubt elites are indifferent, or at least I’d guess if they are it’s an expression of contempt. You knowingly treat people badly, and they submit with docility. After a while they lose their humanity. Sheep and shepherds.

        At least blacks make a fuss.

        As far as elite vs. elite, I know virtually nothing of inner party workings. It’d be interesting to know.

    • Idk, I’m in a dark place re: my religion. It wasn’t so weak when it was courting European barbarians, was used to civilize us, and now look at us. I dare not read Nietzsche these days, put it that way lol. It’ll work out, if only personally, I’m certain. And I have faith I won’t be the only one. At any rate, it’s no sense playing the victim, and if this is the end of the age, I desperately want to live to see the other side, or at least the moment things start to change. Get behind me, Satan.

  21. They worship blax Because they are
    fellow demons from hell.
    America is the great Satan.
    It is impossible to get a grip on just how screwed the so called elites are, can’t understand crazy.
    The frog scorpion thing.
    It’s going to end badly

  22. A good example of moral evolution in real-time was the Will Smith Oscars last year (seems like 4 or 5 years ago now). I was observing, not to say monitoring, a sprinkling of the reactions on Black Twitter and from the journalists who derive moral instruction from them. My unscientific impression was the first 2 days the crowd thought it was a Good Thing, whether from naive “standing up for your lady” or “very entertaining” grounds. Of course nobody burbling in public had any real inside scoop, let alone info, and I doubt if there was any enmity to Chris Rock informing it (some white comics and media personalities remarked that it was a “sub-par joke” which is a complete non sequitur).

    After 2 days the word came down from somewhere. I think people also gradually learned more about Mr. Smith’s unusual marriage arrangements, but I’m certain there was a directive sent out within the industry of individuals to whom the Oscars actually matter in dollars and cents, as opposed to pro-wrestling spectacle. Average women became emboldened to speak out by this mood change that they didn’t find the obstreperous overgrown 53-year-old’s behavior appropriate, tsk tsk. It began to look as if Smith might be tangibly sanctioned, or even thrown out of this club-within-clubs.

    Another good example is the grooming bonanza. LGBTs in charge know their authority is tenuous, but they want to stay in charge. Some of them may blanch at the tacky aggressiveness of the drag queen invasion, but they sense it suits their priorities for society to be demolished this way (always planning 2 weeks ahead, these guys). And you easily get lots of unionized do-nothing public school teachers to sign onto the mission.

  23. Thanks for this, Z. I assumed when the story was first reported it would be memoryholed because it conflicted with the sacred open borders, then pictures of the dead emerged and there was no doubt this would be The Current Thing. It is both ludicrous and terrifying.

    The elites are beset with primitivism. It only makes sense their objects of worship would be primitive. This cargo cult is quite mad, and richly deserves to be vaporized by its key demon, the ol’ debbil Vlad. Unfortunately, people who don’t warrant what truly would be divine retribution also would die and suffer.

    A not insubstantial portion of the population now see this cult as the psychotic trash it is. Will these heretics be put to the torch? Or will these witches conjure a spell to inflict pain and suffering on the cultists? The odds are one of those scenarios plays out, unfortunately.

    • When the story was first reported, and the victims unidentified, the news kept saying 4 [em]Americans[/em] and I thought “OK, they are probably [em]pasaporte-Americanos,[/em] like Mexicans who immigrated, and they are trying to astroturf something here.”

      If they were hwite, we’d be getting the stories but the news would’ve almost immediately splashed their white faces all over the story. And we’d be getting narratives like “they were stupid and shouldn’t have been there, and by the way get your procedure from a licensed American professional.”

      I was actually quite surprised they were black. Isn’t there some ghetto surgeon who can do this stuff?

    • ” This cargo cult is quite mad, and richly deserves to be vaporized by its key demon, the ol’ debbil Vlad.”

      you’re a poet and don’t know it.

    • The comments in this thread are running stongly toward occult explanations of Insane Clown World. I’ve seen this trope pop up occasionally, but never has it been a dominant theme. If not a blip, this could be an interesting development on the DR.

      • I’ve accepted there is literal evil in the world due to recent events in the United States. I’m certain that’s not an outlier opinion among people who think like I do. The monsters who rule us have icons, saints, demons, and rituals, the most jarring of which is child genital mutilation. They are Aztecs with nukes.

        I don’t think this line of analysis is a blip.

        • Agreed.

          Jack, you’re the best commentor on this site, for whatever that’s worth to you.

  24. Not immoral nor moral, but amoral.

    If you take away God & Truth there is no foundation left on which to build a coherent moral system.

    Morality is either theology or biology with a reverence for Truth.

    Given up on God and Truth our culture has become amoral.

    • If our culture was truly amoral, there would be none of the moral outrage that occurs in response to someone who commits any of the dreaded isms or phobias (racism, sexism, anti-Semitism, homophobia, transphobia, etc. — all subjectively defined abstractions, by the way). In effect the Progressive Consensus has become the god of the modern West. To think that the enforcers of this new and ever-evolving religion are amoralists or moral relativists is to misread them entirely. They are moral absolutists of the most strident variety.

      • Wkathmam:

        I think you are confusing a hodge podge set of rules for behavior with a “coherent moral system”, the former being amoral, the latter being moral.

        The rules for behavior you mention are based on lies and misconceptions thus disqualified from being a “coherent system.

        John Stuart Mills’ teleological system and Aristotle’s deontological system were moral, while a mixed bag of disjointed anti-white, black supremacy feelings and rules for behavior reduces to a amoral system.

        • The oppressor/oppressed dichotomy promoted by progressive elites forms as coherent a moral system as you’re likely to find. That it’s based on lies matters not. There is actually something of a rational internal consistency to it once you start to understand what it entails. It’s a form of inversion designed to refashion losers into winners and vice versa. Turns out the opposite of one morality is not amorality, but an inversion that constitutes a new morality.

          Genuine amorality would lead to a free-for-all wherein anything goes. True amoralists would never engage in “cancelling” anyone. The very ability to cancel naysayers (blasphemers) suggests that a new morality has prevailed. That new morality need not be based on any truth whatsoever.

      • “racism, sexism, anti-Semitism, homophobia, transphobia.” These are all fake, made-up words. They are political slurs; nothing more. It’s a word to signal that this is a violator of the norms of the rulers, a poopy head, a subhuman, and he deserves to be killed. In reality, these slurs are likely hurled at someone trying to acknowledge objective reality; ie truth.

        It’s not a amoral society, it’s straight up IMMORAL and satanic. Good is called evil and evil is called good.

      • Maybe the better way is “without God, all things are permissible ” including being outraged by stupid shit and ignoring real problems.

      • It is funny, but while the elites really are moral–or cultural–relativists (poststructuralism is their intellectual basis, after all), they behave like the most doctrinaire absolutists imaginable. On the one hand, they say that every culture constructs its own equally valid reality. On the other, they condemn utterly white people for the mortal sin of racism.

        By their own logic, racism should merely be a component of the reality constructed by whites, and therefore not subject to censure and sanction. In point of fact, it is only whites who are held to the bar of absolute standards, while non-whites are given relativistic absolution for their abominations, all of which far outstrip white racism in any reasonable evaluatory schema.

        • Funny that, isn’t it?

          The only things the relativists and tolerance mongers won’t tolerate are standards, beauty, and truth.

          Because those things are “intolerant.”

  25. If this whole Mexico episode with the unfortunate Black tourists weren’t so tragic and real, it would have been morbidly and darkly funny if it were re-written as fiction by some future Cormac McCarthy and brought to the silver screen.

    After all, if we can feel pathos for some White cowboy in a big jam South of the Border in search of a stolen horse, surely we can feel the same pathos for Black carjacking victims in search of a discount tummy tuck.

    While we’re at it, why don’t we just merge the plots of “Blood Meridian” and “All the Pretty Horses” (or, “All the Pretty Hoes” maybe?) for our movie?

    We can have Lizzo or Queen Latifah as the tummy-tuck seeker and Christian Bale as the Judge leading the posse dispatched by Joe Biden (William H Macy) and Lindsay Graham (Nathan Lane) to mete out justice to the nefarious Mexicans (ringleader is Javier Bardem – Spaniards exploit Mexicans again!). Chris Rock drives the minivan. Will Smith is the unlucky boyfriend. They unite to seek justice.

    “I want to thank the Academy……..”
    In all seriousness, maybe now these jerks will take action on the Border and these poor tourist won’t have died in vain. Just so sad.

    • Good plot, but the woman getting the tummy tuck would probably want Beyonce to play her in the movie. Is there a black actress who is even thinner? I am not up on the entertainment industry, but that would probably be her first choice.

    • It is freaking hilarious as well as sinister. If not the little faggot Graham, some other wad of congressional trash will be demanding that domestic tummy tuck clinics provide free services to blacks.

  26. How much of this moral code of the elites is just a self-serving vehicle for expanding their power and how much of it reflects sincere conviction? Certainly a mix of both. For some elites perhaps, their narratives begin as mere means of pursuing and growing power yet warp into true beliefs largely because genuinely buying into their own horseshit also serves their interests.

    It seems no accident to me that those of European decent — the most freedom-oriented and individualistic people on Earth — have become the lead villains in the morality play of the elites. Nobody threatens the technocratic pursuit of power more than do well-armed Whites with bad attitudes. Defeat those pesky Whites . . . and everything else required for total domination will be a mop-up job for the elites.

    • Haven’t seen a thing from “armed Whites” yet. Have you? In hindsight, the people who “stormed” the capitol made only one mistake. They never finished the job.

      • Probably because the, “armed Whites,” in the countryside are still doing pretty well for a variety of reasons.

        • I think that has a lot to do with it; perhaps more than the ignorance and passivity many DR attribute to them out of frustration. Drom what Ive seen, many remote or rural places do still sound, smell and look like an earlier America.

          Having lived amongst the rustics in two distinct regions for the past five years, and grown up amongst them when small, I think this situation makes up more of the reality than is apparent to outsiders.

          Of course, there’s also the possibility that they are waiting to see which way and when things break.

    • “How much of this moral code of the elites is just a self-serving vehicle for expanding their power and how much of it reflects sincere conviction?”

      Doesn’t matter. One eventually becomes who one pretends to be. The liar will inevitably believe the lie.

  27. “To those inside [a cult], it appears to be a structure of perfect logical integrity, founded on unassailable philosophical principles, while to those outside it seems to some degree nutty; to some other degree hysterical; and to some yet other degree a threat to liberty.” This sounds eerily accurate with regards to the worship of nonwhites by our ruling classes.

    They don’t worship black people, they’re just a means to an end. Power is the only thing they worship and if to have unassailable power they must divide and conquer their own people, then by god that is what they’re going to do. Rednecks don’t go to harvard and those who attend the ivy’s don’t intermingle with rednecks. Heck even the term “redneck” was a derogatory term used to label miners in west virginia around the early 1900’s. You’ve never been a part of their club. Back in the early 1900’s they divided people a different way. When they shot protestors or union members, they were hunkies and other derogatory terms. Now they figure they can band all the minorities together and use them as a shield since the average person questions their leadership more and more each day.

  28. My brother-in-law lives with one of these childless, girl power, losers. So, we were hanging out, getting to know her, when she starts talking about some rando black woman she works with. And this girl just starts worshipping her right there, “Oh, you know, she’s *sooo beautiful,*” And her skin is like this and her eyes are like that and so on.

    And all his siblings are like, “What in the actual frack is going on?” Well, that’s what’s going on.

    • I know someone whose son was dating a Haitian. People would come up to them in the street and give them adulation and praise and gasp in wonderment that they were a mixed race couple.

      I didn’t hear about the border story. I am glad I didn’t. I am very glad I didn’t know about NAMBLA Graham’s cynical use of this border issue. Where was he when those children were abused on that playground. Is everyone else as sick of this as I am?

      • How much you wanna bet it was a white woman with a black dude? Ever notice that trend? Never the other way around from my personal exp. Just further goes to show that men do their own thing and women do whats popular.

        • It was a Haitian girl with a Jewish boy. The boy got dumped and his Israeli father is very happy about it.

          Miscegeny for thee but not my progeny.

          • A Jew dating a Haitian with people (probably other Jews) congratulating them on the street. Sounds like South Florida.

    • I see it here, where there used to be nothing but White millworkers and millworker daughters. Now, the teeming masses of problem-bespectacled, skinny, NGO-slave girls inhabiting the stone cottages are constantly going on and on about how -lovely- and powerful the black women are and how we need more in the village. black women could defecate on them and they’d take it as a birch stick on the back taking away their sins. The worship is so, so very real.

    • They all do this.

      I’ve wasted some time starting the libshit authored $2 A Day and the fawning descriptions of the welfare crowd are nauseating.

  29. The fact that “repreparations” are still being discussed by serious people, not to mention gaining steam in some states, demonstrates the love of the sacred objects is reaching fever pitch levels.

    The envy, the market distortions, and the social upheval caused would be society ending.

    Not to mention: Pay the Danegeld, and you’ll never get rid of the Dane.

    • That the money will be squandered and future demands will be made is acknowledged by some reparations advocates and they consider it justified. They believe they have the right to makes demands on society forever.

      • There was video on blab of some black retard preaching at a podium that the only way to stop black youth from breaking into jewelers stores and robbing shops was to give them reparations.

        I loathe them. They are nothing more than a walking, talking disease. Everywhere they congregate is destroyed and turned into a violent dumpster fire.

  30. At the root, what you are describing is dysfunction that nature intends will end in extinction. No species extant can long ignore reality and not suffer existential consequences. We are coasting on prior wealth generation (and external resource exploitation) and all of this dysfunction can be traced to the resulting prolonged affluence. We have become a nation of spoiled brats.

    Now, knowing what we know, what to do about it? History teaches that there are two main avenues of remedy. The first is collapse. A dysfunctional society eventually crumbles, either fast or slow, but inexorably. The second is uprising by the sane cohort of society that foresees demise in dysfunction and chooses to act rather than react. And these revolutions have been quite varied in the past, but most have been bloody and caused great harm to innocents. We can learn from this.

    The inevitable collapse spawns chaos and societal fog, the latter of which can be exploited. There has been (and always will be) Jackboots protecting the Citadel and it elite Crazies. And taking on the Jackboots directly is always bloody and often creates enormous collateral damage among the innocent. But we now live in a modern technological era and other means exist. For example, the most effective way to kill a cancer is with new medicines that focus solely on the cancer cells rather than a broad assault impacting healthy tissues also.

    And never forget that emergent behavior can do most of the heavy lifting following a small nudge. Smarter, not harder. Think of it as “virtue signaling” of the most primitive sort.

  31. Nary a day passes (…well maybe one random day here and there), wherein I am not confronted with the confluence and juxtaposition of the ‘black’, ‘green’, and ‘rainbow’ religions and which one is the true ‘Almighty-est’. In regard to each, I am not merely agnostic, but a true modern atheist.

  32. As Ben Rhodes pointed out near the end of the Obama administration, media members are morons who believe whatever the regime tells them completely. The next article at the Daily Mail about the Mexico case starts off talking about the mudshark wife of the surviving man saying she didn’t know he was going on the trip. At least she is smart enough to say that. The official story on this trip is absurd on its face. Four people are driving 22 hours, before stops and going through the border, for discounted plastic surgery. This is a minimum 5 day trip and you can figure a cost of at least $600 a day given the people involved. Reporters are such true believers now, it would have occurred to less than 5% of them to doubt the official story. It is more than a cult belief, these idiots don’t know enough to understand when to question what they are being told. Had these people been trailer trash and a reporter was told about the story, she wouldn’t have cared about them, but she still wouldn’t have reached the obvious conclusion, they must be running drugs.

    • Bingo. When it emerges that these African divinities were not heroes, the primitive cultists will make them White villains in their minds and it will be reported to at least imply as much.

      • Gotta disagree Jack. The legend will be printed, as they said in the “Man Who Shot Liberty Valence”.

      • I wonder if/when it’ll be decided upon and reported that they were offed by racist “White hispanics”. Just to get another blood libel in against Whites…

    • Damn, that’s one homely mudshark. Black guys standards are notoriously low when it comes to mudsharks though.

  33. The cult-like behavior of the Western elite helps explain their never-ending meddling and aggression toward Russia, China and any other country that rejects the morality of the cult and thus the cult itself.

    A society that rejects the cult and continues to thrive – or, heaven forbid, becomes a better place than the West – proves that the cult’s morality and tenets are false.

    Many Americans wonder why the West can’t leave alone China and Russia given that they’re zero actual threat to the US or Europe. They just want to be regional powers and get on with their societies as they see fit. What these Americans don’t understand is that China and Russia are, in fact, a huge threat to the cult, if not America.

    They offer an alternative, and that’s unacceptable.

    (I also believe that the small hat elite – having evolved to be a middleman – can’t stand the idea of any nation excluding them either physically or financially.)

    • Well you have a good point. China and Russia will definitely not be worshipping back people anytime soon.

    • “They offer an alternative, and that’s unacceptable.”

      This is exactly right. A meritocracy that doesn’t hate its native, founding stock and doesn’t believe men in a dress are women cannot be allowed to thrive.

      • Not sure that I’d call them meritocracies, but, yes, they have a connection and even love (at times) for their own people, culture and traditions.

        Our elite have hated for their normal white people and their culture and worked daily to destroy their traditions.

  34. “Lady Bugs Graham is now demanding we go on jihad against Mexico as retribution”

    To be fair, the US military going to war against the Mexican cartels would be the most useful, constructive, and moral thing it has done since, well, the last time we went to war against Mexico.

      • Drug trade has been part of CIA’s black budget for decades. They are in symbiosis with the cartels. Just need to keep them in check.

        • I heard someone (Beattie?) on the internet quip that the DEA targets cartels that have fallen out of favor with the CIA.

        • I always scoffed at Gary Webb’s thesis, much believed by left wingers back in the day, that the CIA was responsible for the black crack epidemic. These days I’m thinking it might well be true.

          • I remember at the time I thought Webb was a nut, there was no way the CIA would ever do anything like that. I’ve grown since then and have become aware of a lot of things. I fully believe that Webb was right and was killed because of it.

      • Very much this.

        How anyone can still believe the US Military is a bunch of incorruptible knights in shining armor is beyond me. Especially after the officer purges of the past 10-20 years.

        Ending drug trafficking in this country is a trivially easy endeavor. Either quick executions of dealers of any amount, or just set up clean, efficient and humane tent cities (where they can’t leave) and give addicts full access to all the drugs they want.

        • “Especially after the officer purges of the past 10-20 years.”

          One of the most underreported and most important stories in recent decades is how the Obama regime basically turned the military flag staff into 100% GAE loyalists and found bs reasons to slowly sack all conservatives/sane Americans O-6 and above.

          If I could have chosen just one thing for Trump to have done differently, it would have been to have fired all of Obama’s generals/admirals right on day one, and ordered that they be replaced by any General Flynn types they could find in the lower ranks. The press would have had it’s most furious meltdown about “fascism” ever, and not sure if Leviathan would have complied, but the possibility of recapturing a crucial institution that is now pretty thoroughly pozzed would have been worth it.

      • The cartels already control the LA County Sheriff’s Department, which is the size of a small army and has a 5 billion budget.

        • Wild Howard, I don’t doubt what you say, but any supporting links that you can share would be appreciated.

          • LineInTheSand-

            Sorry to see this so late.

            Wikipedia sucks, but they have good sourcing on LASD budget and personnel numbers:


            I got the budget wrong, it’s only $3.3 billion for LASD as of 2019, Wiki has that sourced from an LA County PDF linked in footnote #3.

            As of 2020 LASD has 17,926 employees and 9972 sworn deputies as shown in footnote #64 that links to the LA Almanac.

        • Cartels control California. Governor Moonbeam and Gov Gavin Newscum both are under the thumb of Cartel payoffs and perhaps threats. This dark money is laundered and ends up in the DNC campaign bribery scams and vote ‘recount until we win’ efforts, with of course a rake-off for the big guys.

          Both Moonbeam and Newscum have kissed enough Messkin ass to fill a thousand bean farms. Why? The Messkin government wants its problem wetbacks to become US problem wetbacks and the Cartels want trusted nests of traffickers embedded in key drug nodes. Alleged threats and bribes keep US politicos in line.

          Probably the Messcun drug industry is powerful enough to issue death threats to key state politicians and law enforcement to facilitate drug and human trafficking, prostitution, cock fighting and so on. This fear of Cartels explains the open borders policy.

          American Kneegrows have always, as a group, been politically aligned with browns because, well you see, both are oh-pressed by evil whites. The coloured folk should learn from the Mexican murders what life will be for them in a majority brown country: Beaners don’t take shit from blacks like whites do.

    • “the US military going to war against the Mexican cartels would be the most useful, constructive, and moral thing it has done since…”

      I couldn’t disagree more. Just like our wars in desert lands, military action in Mexico will be a huge expenditure that devolves into imposing feminism and sexual perversity in perpetuity.

      Worst of all, it will be an excuse for a tidal wave of refugees, much worse than we are experiencing now. They will try to move every Mexican out of Mexico and bring them here. And then they will probably extend the campaign to countries further south.

      • How will we notice the difference in the tidal wave of refugees? I believe they are already running that operation at max capacity.

        • If we take military action in Mexico, I PREDICT NOW that it will lead to our government formally paying for the travel and relocation expenses of at least a quarter of all people in Mexico.

          • Seems to me that you’re talking, plausibly, about what destructive actions the current insane anti-American regime would do during and after military action in Mexico against the cartels.

            But since large scale military action against the cartels is already a counterfactual, my fantasy has the counterfactual of a sane, pro-American-people elite directing it.

            The moral point of a military is to protect a nation, its borders, and its people, not to conquer foreign lands for an empire or spread homosexual judiasm. That means that the war against the Barbary Pirates, War of 1812, confederate side of the Civil War, and Mexican-American war may be the only moral wars that the US has fought.

            It also means that not only would destroying the cartels actually benefit American people in a way that has never been done by, for example, “our wars in desert lands” and our attempts to conquer Ukraine for money-laundering and (((ancient resentment))), it would also be much more moral.

    • When Biden met w/ Obrador in Mexico a couple of weeks ago it came out that a third of Mexican citizens (~40 million people) live and work in the US. Obrador thanked Biden for basically abandoning any pretense of immigration enforcement. The fact that our government (going back to Reagan) has been on board with Mexico’s stated goal of “reconquista” should dispel any notion that they’ll put a stop to this.

  35. “That is the condition of the West and it is probably not going to cure itself.”

    I have some ideas about how the West could be cured, but I can’t put them in writing without getting in trouble. I am sure there are many others with similar thinking.

    • Yes, it involves pedestals and the lack of the means of suspension without the pedestal.

    • It’s a modern heresy. You fix it with the venerable program of education and, if that fails, burning.

    • Over half a century ago, I attended a catholic school. The class discussion was about civilisation and why it paid to be civilised vs going back to nature. This was during an English Lit class where William Golding’s Lord of the Flies was being discussed.

      I still remember Fr. Furtado’s statement. “It is better for men to solve a problem in a civilised way. Mother Nature is a mean bitch and will solve the problem in the nastiest possible way.”

      I guess he was inspired by some philosopher’s statement that life in nature was nasty, brutish and short.

  36. Another point on the elite class is the realization on how many people are still ignorant of there being one. It still amazes to have conversations with folks who do not understand the concept. Sure, they’ll complain about one political party, or have vague protestations about the IRS, but when the subject on a ruling class exerting pressures on a society are raised they get a glazed look. “Yeah, those damn Democrats,” they reply. To try and explain the bifactional nature of the political parties is futile.

    It appears to be a sort of mental defense mechanism to avoid the uncomfortable truth that these people who rule over us are not benevolent figures who have our best interests at heart.

    • They also think it’s an open system. Anyone can run and win if they just have the right ideas. I can also start my own airline or social media company if I just had the time.

      There’s a fog over Norm’s mind.

      • There is a mental phenomenon that I’ve run into over decades of conversation with Conservative Inc.-type friends, and it is this: they have been conditioned to a high degree to be on the lookout for any suggestion of an organized effort to influence public opinion, or lie to the public. They cannot countenance the thought that power is beyond their hands, in places their votes cannot reach. They need to believe this is all organic, that it’ll burn itself out eventually (because of “the market,” though — not nature, never that), and they can just sit back and let things take their course.

        When you suggest that it takes more effort than that, because there are tens of thousands of people in Western states working to dictate what we think, hear, see, eat, and *do*, they will stop listening to you. They take it as an indictment of their cognitive abilities (to correct assess reality), as well as an accusation that they need to do more than buy guns and put up a Trump flag on July 4th.

    • To accept that there’s an elite is to reject the idea of America. That’s a hard pill to swallow for most white conservatives.

      Oddly, white liberals and non-whites accept it already, except that they hilariously think the elite are a bunch of WASPs running the country from their country club.

      • The image of guys like Judge Smails (Ted Knight, Caddyshack) running the country comes to mind.

        • Just the other day a friend asked me if I would have played with Ty Webb if I was Danny Noonan? He lost the scholarship but surely he was well remunerated by Webb and Al Czervik.

          But I pointed out that at the Smails house and in their social circles you’d never have to deal with stove pipes or oven dodgers.

          It’s not as easy a decision as it appears at first blush.

        • If I had to choose a single most poisonous movie to our people, that one would be on my short list.

        • “You’ll get nothing and like it!” sounds like something the Cloud People tell the Dirt People when the clodhoppers get too uppity.

          The Republicans and Democrats should jointly adopt that phrase for their campaign slogans in 2024.

          “Vote for the Uniparty: You’ll get Nothing and Like It!”

      • Citizen,

        “To accept that there’s an elite is to reject the idea of America. That’s a hard pill to swallow for most white conservatives.”

        Which is amazing when one considers that a hierarchy exists, even down to the lowest levels. Every town of a certain size has a group, usually a couple of families who tend to steer and direct local politics. They sit on the school boards, hold the positions in city hall, or are the prominent businessmen of the area.

        Recognizing this is a natural occurrence throughout American history, from the WASPs of New England, to the Planter classes in the South should not be too hard of a concept.

    • “Yet the individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists. The American mind simply has not come to a realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst. It rejects even the assumption that human creatures could espouse a philosophy which must ultimately destroy all that is good and decent.” -J Edgar Hoover

      The child’s mind cannot accept that mama and dada can be bad to them. Most people, regardless of seeming intelligence, are mental children. They cannot accept that to be governed by our “elected representatives” is to be in the mouth of a viper. Bye, bye Ms. American Pie, indeed. No more mom, baseball, and apple pie.

      The American government has become the Great Satan, the worst enemy of man, goodness, and God that has ever existed.

      These rulers who are so concerned about us catching the cold, never protected us from destruction of the family, open borders invasion, lost jobs, jogger street crime, and the promotion of wanton lust. Au contraire, they promoted and engineered these things, along with much else. It increased their power and frankly they find it funny.

      Sexual mutilation of children in the name of “affirming care” is who they are; it’s who they’ve ALWAYS BEEN. They are cannibals.

  37. “Despite what conservatives insist, the moral code of a society is a top down affair, imposed by the people in charge.”

    This is an observation if singular importance. Conservatives are fond of citing the Holy Constitution as the basis of all legitimate government authority. When the government violates it, they think all they have to do is go to court and their “civil rights” will be honored.

    But the Constitution only reflected the values of the18th century American elites. We have the Second Amendment because George Washington was a wealthy, powerful gun collector and an officer willing to shoot the King’s troops. We have the First Amendment because rich guys like Jefferson and Franklin believed they had the God-given right to speak and write freely. We have the Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Amendments because the Founders were smugglers, traitors, and insurrectionists.

    When your elites are “Rachael” Levine, Barack Obama, Karine Jean-Pierre, Maxine Waters, Chuck Schumer, and so forth, they are not going to respect the First or Second Amendments no matter what, in Obama’s words, “it says on the paper.”

    And they are going to invent new rights that are not “on the paper” at all, like anal sex, gay marriage, abortion and warrantless government surveillance.

    Conservatives need to have a “come to Jesus” moment in which they understand that appealing to the government for “constitutional rights” when that government is controlled by elites who are utterly contemptuous of them is a fool’s errand.

    • I don’t know, Xman, I think that the Bill of Rights, the Original Ten, was the minimal demand of the Anti-Federalists which needed to be consented to in order for them to agree to be governed by the new Constitution, and not just expressive of the preferences of the elites. The skepticism of the mass of the revolutionaries toward the elites lay behind the provisions embodied by the Original Ten. Very logically, the Anti-Federalists did not wish to exchange the governance of imperial elites for a home-grown set of elites, equally insouciant in their exercise of power over the People.

      And I find it interesting that those well chosen Original Ten that were felt to make the compact with the People, even inclusive of those without the franchise, suitable for the governance of the Republic parallels the role of the biblical Ten Commandments which, in its own way, articulated the societal operating system of the Covenant, judged wholly sufficient for the regulation of human conduct under that Covenant.

      But then they had to ruin it with most of the succeeding Amendments, and why were those necessary, but to further expand upon, and cement into place, the “mission creep” of the Federal government? Those subsequent Amendments, viewed in that light, were grants to the People – not inherent rights as in the Original Ten – from the elite powers battening upon the ever-increasing powers of the Federal structures, and thereby conditioning the People to come as supplicants to them for their well-being from the metastatic cancer of the elite-run Federal government. And there they were, back where they started from…

      Or so it seems to me, in my “judicious” study (h/t, Karl Rove) of elite rule.

  38. just another confirmation that the “elite” are unfit for the role. there is nothing admirable about the negro. there is a strong argument that they are not fully human. how much inter-breeding is there between the ruling class and their favored pets?

    • I am in Europe. Every time I visit a shopping mall or go anywhere with advertising, all posters, billboards or screen ads are full of blacks. There are no blacks on the streets, but pictures of them are on every corner. “You vill admire ze negro and you vill like it!”

      • what’s peculiar, is they always show mythical blacks – that are basically white looking and acting, just with dark skin. they don’t show the real negro??

        pretend niggah do what he can, real niggah do what he want – kvh

        • They are past that here. Full on ghetto “dads” and coal black African women.
          Now I remember one billboard campaign (in the same non-diverse country). It was for road safety. It had an “American” looking black, with a very serious facial expression and the caption was something like “You’re not in hurry, drive carefully”

          • Whatever your country, it is at war with you and the allowance of American culture and propaganda is a prelude to genocide.

      • I know that’s true in the vast majority of places in Europe. However, when we went to Lisbon a few years ago, I was shocked at the number of joggers wandering around – not the typical feral American type, but still.

        • Yes, Western Europe has a lot of them, especially in big cities and coastal resort towns. They almost completely disappear once you cross the former Iron curtain.

        • I was in Lisbon last fall and there was a small but significant number of joggers. After all, Portugal had its African colonies. However, while there were some beggars out on the street, black and white, there was none of the squalor that you see in American cities.

    • If only interbreeding produced sterile offspring, we’d not be in the near the mess we are today. 😉

  39. What Lindsay Graham and others don’t understand is that the media loves and worships the cartels more than they do blacks so this probably won’t go anywhere.

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  41. Ms. Lindsey Graham’s response is absurd.
    It really is astounding. Not one politician even uttered the names of Cash Gernon or Cannon Hinnant. Babies murdered by sacred, holy beings.

  42. I disagree. I think the elite worship of Blacks or Trans or whatever the current object of worship may be is a fad or trend that will play itself out. I think you’re closer to the state of things when you invoke elite indifference. Those in power rarely worry about ending up on the gallows. “We’ll cross that noose when we come to it.”

    More to the point is why Chuck Shumer bothered to threaten Fox News for Tucker’s flirtation with the J6 tapes. The establishment need not feel threatened. Few people care about the J6 lies or the J6’ers who may be languishing in prison. So why the threat? The answer to that should be revealing in terms of what matters to the elite.

    • American elite worship of the Sacred Negro is not a fad-they’ve been bowing to Sambo since the 1840s. It ebbs and flows, but the centrality of Negrophilia has been a feature of America for longer than it has not. They immolated the South in America’s bloodiest war for the sake of Negroes.

      • “They immolated the South in America’s bloodiest war for the sake of Negroes.”

        Yep! And they’d do it again today. There is no length they will not go to prove their subservience to and love of The Negro.

      • PR – I was going to peg it from the snivel rights era, but you’re probably right, it’s been going on, off and on for far longer. I’d say negrophilia has gone into overdrive since the deification of scroatbama. We’re absolutely getting our faces rubbed in it now. Virtually every GD commercial, regardless of the channel, features all or some joggers. It’s gotten to the point where I practically can’t stand to see or hear them – yeah I know I should just ditch the tube, but there are things here and there I like to watch – at least for the time being. My extra special hatred/loathing is reserved for the “elites” who are promoting this disgusting degeneracy.

        • And just now I am seeing ads promoting some show lauding the glories of polyandry, one woman having multiple husbands. Cementing the pitifulness of Amurican men (black and white it would appear from the ads) in place in the public consciousness.

          Oh, and not coincidentally, the (ostensible) woman running this harem is, you guessed it, Head Hutu In Charge. Think I’ll skip this offering.

        • I made the point recently that the Buffalo shooter won’t be the last one. I don’t take any pleasure in saying that, but when you take millions and millions of white men and rub their faces in this shit all day, every day, the math says that you’re going to make a few more snap.

          Not that the purveyors of this filth give a crap.

      • There is a lot of good evidence that the abolitionists of the time hated the southerner more than they loved the negro, that the negro was just a means to an end.

        • Yes, this.

          Peter Hitchens on why he supported mass invasion in England:

          “When I was a Revolutionary Marxist, we were all in favour of as much immigration as possible.

          It wasn’t because we liked immigrants, but because we didn’t like Britain. We saw immigrants – from anywhere – as allies against the staid, settled, conservative society that our country still was at the end of the Sixties.

          Also, we liked to feel oh, so superior to the bewildered people – usually in the poorest parts of Britain – who found their neighbourhoods suddenly transformed into supposedly ‘vibrant communities’.
          If they dared to express the mildest objections, we called them bigots.

          Revolutionary students didn’t come from such ‘vibrant’ areas (we came, as far as I could tell, mostly from Surrey and the nicer parts of London).

          We might live in ‘vibrant’ places for a few (usually squalid) years, amid unmown lawns and overflowing dustbins.

          But we did so as irresponsible, childless transients – not as homeowners, or as parents of school-age children, or as old people hoping for a bit of serenity at the ends of their lives.

          When we graduated and began to earn serious money, we generally headed for expensive London enclaves and became extremely choosy about where our children went to school, a choice we happily denied the urban poor, the ones we sneered at as ‘racists’.

          What did we know, or care, of the great silent revolution which even then was beginning to transform the lives of the British poor?

          To us, it meant patriotism and tradition could always be derided as ‘racist’.

          And it also meant cheap servants for the rich new middle-class, for the first time since 1939, as well as cheap restaurants and – later on – cheap builders and plumbers working off the books.

          It wasn’t our wages that were depressed, or our work that was priced out of the market. Immigrants didn’t do the sort of jobs we did.

          They were no threat to us.

          The only threat might have come from the aggrieved British people, but we could always stifle their protests by suggesting that they were modern-day fascists.

          I have learned since what a spiteful, self-righteous, snobbish and arrogant person I was (and most of my revolutionary comrades were, too).

          I have seen places that I knew and felt at home in, changed completely in a few short years.

          I have imagined what it might be like to have grown old while stranded in shabby, narrow streets where my neighbours spoke a different language and I gradually found myself becoming a lonely, shaky voiced stranger in a world I once knew, but which no longer knew me.

          I have felt deeply, hopelessly sorry that I did and said nothing in defence of those whose lives were turned upside down, without their ever being asked, and who were warned very clearly that, if they complained, they would be despised outcasts.”

      • Something that surprised me, for *some* reason, was reading the wiki on George Washington Carver last year and seeing that his popularity came about by being the lawn jockey for white southern farmers pushing trade protectionism for peanuts. IOW, even more than 100 years ago big business was trotting out their black-face as their public persona.

      • One possibility- negrophilia improves our international sports competitiveness. But now that Europe has caught on and has imported its own Afreakans, that edge has diminished.

    • “I think the elite worship of Blacks or Trans or whatever the current object of worship may be is a fad or trend that will play itself out”

      It’s been going on for many decades, since 1947. The brown v board decision had nothing to do with the law but based on communist sociology professor of showing children dolls.

    • The J6 tapes matter because it makes the elites look ridiculous. Like their father, Satan, they don’t like being ridiculed

      • Do the tapes make the elites look ridiculous? Or is just further demoralization that even when the truth is out, nothing can be done.

        Just further proof that J6 was a fraud; just like there is endless proof that the elections were stolen, charlotesville was a setup, covid/vax is a fraud, russian collusion is a fraud, diversity is a fraud, and on and on.

        There is ENDLESS proof that these are all frauds. But so what? The Left says, “So what? What are you going to DO about it?”

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