Managerial Polyarchy

One of the on again, off again debates on this side of the divide is about what to call the current system and how we got to this point. The old language is either inadequate or loaded with moral connotations. Calling the Biden people fascist is not entirely wrong, but not entirely accurate either. That and the word fascist comes with so much baggage that its descriptive value is completely lost.

The same can be said for words like communist and authoritarian. Even the term managerialism has been abused to the point where it often just means “bad” rather than a specific sort of organizational outlook. One of the weird parts about being trapped in the 20th century, as is the case with the West, is we are left to use moral language that no longer works in this century.

The term “Biological Leninism” is a good example. While the NRx people have accurately described some aspects of the current system, this is mostly an accident of trying to jam the current system into old models. The term itself is just a way to anathematize the current ideology by associating it with an ideology of the last century which is universally reviled.

What needs doing is a fresh look at the 20th century from an objective, historical perspective that avoids the old moral language. How did liberal democracy evolve into this strange elite ideology? Clearly, we no longer live in liberal democracies and our ruling classes no longer subscribe to the morality of liberal democracy. The question is, what is this ideology and how did it evolve?

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152 thoughts on “Managerial Polyarchy

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    • The bigger deal with that tweet is exactly “frens” which is a well known 4Chan meme. Expect sputtering lefty outrage soon about Elon ’embracing White Supremacist Memes”. Or whatever retarded shit NPCs will come up with to point & shriek which is all they are programmed to do.

      • > “The bigger deal with that tweet is exactly “frens”

        Weird. Just now I surfed to that tweet, via a link from Anonymous Conservative, and I had exactly the same reaction when I saw “frens”.

        Also, Elons’s bestie, Peter Thiel, “miraculously” withdrew all of his money from SVB just prior to the collapse.

        It all feels very strangely “Q”-ish to me.

        Maybe the Oligarchs and the Moguls decided to toss a few W’s to Team Amurrikkkuh in order to postpone the great reckoning by a few years?

        • The theory I’ve heard is that the Bolshies realize they need YTs to fight in WW3 so they are going to tap the brakes on the Woke stuff until they can get YTs in the field.

      • Kinda off topic, but kinda not off topic: Rush Limbaugh’s literal WH0RE of an ex-wife just sold his pride & joy for $155M.

        Rush was a Boomer who really would have profited from learning Game Theory and embracing White Fertility.

        Rush didn’t eat the seed corn because he never harvested any corn in the first place.

        He died childless [after having worked his way through different four wives], and now the better of a billion dollars is being transferred to a roastie old Palm Beach party s1ut who will likely snort it all right up her nose.

        Roasties gonna roast.

        And Boomers gonna boom.

        This is why We lose, folks.

        This is why We lose.

        • It’s hard to come up with reasons not to sell a house that somebody is willing to pay $155 million for

          He could have been sterile. Seems the most likely explanation for remaining childless through four marriages.

          His family was very well connected before he ever became a radio success. So I wonder how organic it was. I never got the appeal myself, but then there are a lot of popular things I was never real big on, so I’m not the best barometer

      • He’s made Twitter a wholly owned subsidiary of the ADL, so they’ll take him out back, punch him in the kidneys, and shove him back out with tears in his eyes.

  2. the recent collapse of SVB is a perfect example of the limits of “mangerialism”; it doesn’t scale. I would refer the people here to the classic book “The Mythical Man Month” for a detailed description of why. As the management task grows larger, more and more time is spent on co-ordination efforts. The growth in the latter is not linear, it is exponential. Eventually adding more people to the effort actually reduces the overall output. Modern technology helps somewhat, but there are hard limits to how big a domain centralized control can handle. Ironically, the federal system was better at this than the DC-centric mess we have now. This is why fedgov is collapsing; it has run head on into the limits of centralized governance. Even if TPTB wanted to build a police state, they won’t be able; they can’t implement any major changes (other than wrecking something, like energy production).

    • The microscopically granular level of cenralized control they are salivating over is not possible without infinite energy.

      That said, it is disturbing how long Ukraine has managed to defy the assault on its infrastructure with its, “Diia,” digital services app, the model for which Powers is trying to export to other countries like Georgia and Ecuador.

      “Diia,” is a Ukrainian acronym that literally translates to, “The State & I.”

    • A New York bank that catered to crypto companies, Signature, was shuttered today. The Sunday closing likely was to forestall a run, although it might boomerang across other banks in the morning.

      I’ve noticed obviously planted stories this weekend that claimed rural and small banks are most at risk although it appears the large urban ones that cater to the tech sector are, for now, those taking the hit. I believe another cryto-centric bank went tits up last week.

      Somewhere Sam Bankman Fried rolls on his piles of cash and laughs, and the FedGov “regulators” shred documents. State banks are where to be.

  3. I think that you nailed it in the podcast: We live in the Permission Society.

    We need permission from the managerial class and their blue-haired minions to do anything.

  4. I agree the system is broken, but my thought is it’s broken because the culture is broken.
    Or perhaps better said, the culture no longer exists. Western European culture as we have know it in is dead. Wiped out. Overrun with the new cultures of atheists, LGBTABC, minorities and a myriad of other special interests.
    And there is no going back. There simply are not enough white people from an historically based European Christian background to ever bring it back.
    We can talk about replacing the system until we are totally obliterated, we will never replace it.
    We need to shift a focus on how to live within it. Take advantage of what we can, survive and keep alive what’s left of our own culture.
    The other option is to get out, but go where……

  5. Listening to the show this week one gets the sense of bureaucrats, or apparatchiks, or managerial class, who are collectively if not individually all powerful. And in various places, parts of corporate America, state and local governments, that’s probably more or less true. We have spent time before talking about how media messaging very quickly makes it clear to clouds what positions they are supposed to adopt. Everyone, dirt or cloud, knows what the dirt position and the cloud position is on a given issue. So there’s a very real sense in which these bureaucrats get their marching orders every time they look at their mobile device.

    But who is propagating those “orders”?

    In the federal government I would never discount the power of the Permanent Senator. He needs little more description than that. Sometimes he gets a 40 year run, sometimes longer. He’s had a very long time up there in DC to fashion some portion of the federal bureaucracy in his own image, to fill the ranks of the managerial class with his own handpicked people. No doubt some of the ones whose names you rarely if ever hear are wielding power you haven’t imagined. He may bestow favor on donors, but I question if anyone can really buy him. What can they give him that he doesn’t already have? Speaking of which, the regulatory power he wields over corporate America is colossal.

    I think they like to propagate the image of the dysfunctional senate where nothing ever gets done. They like you to believe that. If you were trying to identify the “deep state,” there it is, right in front of you the whole time.

    The 17th amendment was an utter catastrophe. No fixing it now, unfortunately.

    • Yes, that amendment, smuggled in as an anti-corruption measure, was instead one of the crucial nails needed to nail shut the coffin of the Republic. Motto of the Centralizers: Always Be Working

    • Fridays, March 10, audio prodcast links, no longer work for FireFox browser on my desktop PC w/ windows OS. All previous weeks podcast still work on desktop podcast for Windows OS. I like to use Firefox, as it has an add-on, that can work with my Surfshark VPN. Thus I can have just one of my browsers run through my pay-VPN. All my political-economic web-surfing, I try to use VPNs.

      On my Android phone (Samsung, 1 year old), this weeks March-10 audio podcast does work OK, using Opera browser (I like it for its free VPN)

    • “In the federal government I would never discount the power of the Permanent Senator.”

      I would never discount the power of the donors who fund the senator. It’s the donors who direct the uniparty and who almost always get what they want on the issues that matter to them, like massive immigration, protection of Israel, and suppression of white populism. The donors mostly control the media and the education that dictates the morality of the functionaries of the deep state.

  6. I offer three terms of America’s political system.

    Dumbocracy – rule of by and for morons.
    Its clowns all the way down.

    Liberal theocracy – rule by liberal clerisy.
    Liberalism is a religion. And our political system exists to implement that religion.

    Pharmo-fascism. Everything within the the therapeutic state, nothing outside it, nothing against pfizer.

  7. Managerialism is a psychological infection that permeates DC and wields enormous influence and power from behind the walls of the Citadel. It exists because the evolutionary selection process has been perverted by easy money flowing like water to jackals feasting at the public trough. It will not end until the money tap is shut off by either economic collapse or revolution.

    If you prefer the collapse option, stand aside and watch, but do so from a distance and with resources stockpiled enabling you to weather the fall. If you prefer to be proactive, then do so from within the fog and be indistinguishable like the mist. The goal should be to start the stampede, not surmount the parapets. And the best use of the present is selective education, skill development, and training. Ancient wisdom.

    • TomA: “It exists because the evolutionary selection process has been perverted by easy money flowing like water to jackals feasting at the public trough.”

      I would urge you not to exclude [from your thinking] the spectre of accelerated Assortative Mating [made possible by modern transportation & communication systems & co-edumakashunal institutions of higher indoctrination] causing a rapid & accelerating increase in the births of elitist children with ever more powerful genes for Passive Aggression, Psychopathy and Sadism.

      tl;dr == Spend some time thinking about what it might mean if social darwinism forces [upon genetic darwinism] our elites to become inherently moar Evil with each passing generation.

      It’s as though civilization necessarily comes with a built-in biological kill-switch, which inevitably produces results akin to a Cult of Moloch.

    • “The goal should be to start the stampede, not surmount the parapets.”

      Exhibit A: Ray Epps.

    • Some of the libertarians are starting to get it. Even Lew Rockwell supported Trump in 2016.

  8. I guess we’re all part of the virus the administrative/bureaucratic/regulatory blob is either trying to control or eradicate. At this point, they’re in the “take a couple of aspirin and call me in the morning” stage, so I imagine more intensive therapies will be attempted down the road. However, I think they’ll find their immunity is shot and the treatments far too late to save the patient…

  9. There is some dim notion in the media / managerial class that current managers are steering straight towards a forever war with China that will not work out well. Ed Luce (moonbat liberal) of all people in the FT was cautiously advising that China will not fall after “containment” and will still be there, as it is a nation not an ideology as the USSR was.

    What is happening is that the universalism of Managerialism, combined with status seeking in a secular religion is creating a reverse Cultural Revolution. Instead of the masses for whom Communism had not worked out well lashing out at the elite with the encouragement of Mao, it is the elites who don’t have the bowing and scraping they demand from dirt people lashing out at the dirt people with the encouragement of the Managerial polyarchy.

    [It seems most of the polyarchs now live in polycules, by the way. It must be said. This makes them even crazier, angrier, and intent on gaining more status by regulating more foreign people in the most micro-managing way possible]

    The urge to overthrow China to protect Uighur Muslims, and fill the place with Africans, and make China Gay Again, is irresistible. It does not matter, given polyarchy rule, which admin is nominally in charge any more than at Disney it matters if was Chapek or Iger running things. Managers run things: look at Victoria Nuland, from Dick Cheney’s Iraq War advisor to Ukraine show runner under Obama and Biden. There is literally no way to get rid of her, ever. Just as Disney can never get rid of Kathleen Kennedy or Kevin Feige.

    Which means for the Chinese Regime, as long as the US exists and is run by managers we are an existential threat to them. As the US under this system will NEVER stop trying to overthrow the regime, and remake in US terms and likely break up China as well (there has been talk of this like with Russia).

    Therefore, (Luce does not say this but likely knows it) China will seek to counter-Color Revolution the US. China will push very, very hard among its Democratic allies (Feinstein’s staff included a Chinese spy, Swallwell of CA, the one who wanted to nuke Republicans in Nebraska, has a relationship with a Chinese Agent named Fang Fang) and those in the Republican Side (Bitch McConnell) to push things that creates the conditions and spark for civil war: Massive Reparations ($20 million each for each black person) paid for by a Whites only tax. If the tax, likely quite high, cannot be paid then Military service either in work camps or the Ukraine front. Demotion and pay cuts or firing for White military, police, and feds to meet promotion and pay raises for blacks. Mandatory gay sex for straights. Mandatory kiddie diddling by trannies at every school. Mass arrests by the FBI of Catholics at Mass, and anti-fa under FBI protection invading and beating, desecrating, and otherwise attacking Catholics, their churches, etc. With parishioners arrested for fighting back or defending themselves. Meanwhile the Chinese can encourage cartels to simply seize large parts of the US for themselves and nominally Mexico, and start dealing out killings to various people.

    I would not be surprised in fact if much of the craziness we see is not Chinese attempts to provoke Civil War to avoid an endless amount of Color Revolutions attempted in their homeland.

    It is useful to look at Disney as an example. It is very highly leveraged to pay for its acquisitions, particularly the Fox Deal which was around IIRC $50 billion. Disney has received basically nothing in that deal, and has destroyed the values of the Star Wars and Marvel franchises, to the point where Star Wars cruises are canceled in the Summer, for lack of interest, toys don’t sell and end up in landfills, movies are flops because they cost far more than box office receipts and streaming means no ancillary revenues: no sales to other platforms like Netflix, no DVD / Blu Ray sales, etc. They can’t change course — all they can do is more of the same, because to change they’d have to get rid of ALL their managers, and they can’t do that. Eventually the company will just run out of money and collapse. Everyone knows this even Iger.

    • “Massive Reparations ($20 million each for each black person) paid for by a Whites only tax. If the tax, likely quite high, cannot be paid then Military service either in work camps or the Ukraine front. Demotion and pay cuts or firing for White military, police, and feds to meet promotion and pay raises for blacks. Mandatory gay sex for straights. Mandatory kiddie diddling by trannies at every school. Mass arrests by the FBI of Catholics at Mass, and anti-fa under FBI protection invading and beating, desecrating, and otherwise attacking Catholics, their churches, etc. With parishioners arrested for fighting back or defending themselves. ”

      It is this kind of nonsensical hyperbole combined with total passivity that makes me believe most the right gets off on the prospect of being persecuted.

      It is a weird persecution sexual fetish.

      The right doesn’t want to win, rather it fantasizes about being defeated in the most humiliating ways possible.

      If you really believed all these things were about to happen, wouldn’t you try to do something about it? Even if it meant prison or death?

      Wouldn’t sacrificing your life be worth preventing these horrors from happening to children?

      No, Instead you want to loose. Then you will denounce any attempt at resistance as being a “Fed Poster”

      • This is just Whiskey talking. Most of the time it doesn’t make sense, so one skips over it and moves on. For example, a million x’s a million is a trillion. There are at least 50M Blacks here eligible for reparations. To give them all just one million dollars is 50T. The entire net worth of the USA probably doesn’t equal that. But not to be outdone, Whiskey talks of 20M per Black. That’s the net worth of the planet I suspect. 😉

        • Exactly. Using Whiskey as a typical representative of the Right is every bit as ludicrious as one of Whiskey’s posts.

          • But no one can make hyperbolic blackpilling nearly as much fun as Whiskey does!

          • Fakeemail: “Whiskey still right that women hate, hate, HATE beta males, tho.”

            Over at PA World & Times, “(Nameless)” has an absolutely hilarious subthread concerning a new employee at work who “mentions how her husband, ‘has a room at home dedicated to star wars lego,’ as she gives u prolonged eye contact”.

            I burst out laughing when I read that.

            Poor poor fella.

            Still laughing.

        • Our inability to pay is no obstacle. Granted, it will probably just be a grift like free education and maybe a set of gold teeth and nice rims along with tax breaks. We will never get an honest accounting anyway.

          Reparations was always a very fringe idea until the last 10 years. Now we have set up various reparations study commissions in various places across the US.

          Our ability to pay them notwithstanding, we’re probably getting reparations.

          If we get reparations, they will be on top of all the benefits they enjoy now. It won’t be a one and done and all other benefits end. There will be no accounting subtracting from any particular AA about the benefits they’ve used in their lives. Section 8, welfare, food stamps, utility discounts etc will not be deducted.

          • The real purpose of reparations is not restitution for slavery/Jim Crow era injustices or an equal playing field for the black underclass. It’s now almost entirely about humiliation of and retribution against the (mostly white working and middle class) Dirt People.

        • Their feelings don’t care about your math. Right now there is a big anti-fa battle against the Atlanta police. You’d expect the Feds to have busted it before it began, since ol poopin Joe is in nominal charge. But oh no, those crazies are at it every night.

          Again, look at Disney. Look at Warner-Discovery. They can’t change, they won’t change, because even organizational survival is less than the approval of other managers. Bob Iger cares very much about what other top managers say and think about him — he’s not about to stop the woke, though he will fire a bunch of people and sell some stuff off and cancel some productions. Or look at Ukraine. By any measure they should have broken contact with Russia, retreated, and rebuilt what they had after October. Instead they insisted on frontal attacks that has resulted in most of their men dead.

          Again, their feelings and need for inter-manager approval don’t care about facts, logic, reason, math or anything but feelings.

          And as noted, in SF it is currently at $5 million per black person (per CNN), a raise by 4X is to be expected as various factions in the UniParty bid out for black support and hatred of Whitey.

        • The white Americans will pay every black American 20 million in dollars — Zimbabwean dollars.

      • As Compsci points out, this is Whiskey posting here. I don’t recognize your name so maybe you’re new. Whiskey’s posts are always like this. There’s a kernel of sometimes keen observations surrounded by some, shall we say, really really implausible speculations. And yes, some of his stuff does read like Right wing cuck-porn.

      • I am sure there are plans for this by the Chinese. The Japanese Imperial Intelligence basically supported the Moorish Temple and later Nation of Islam until 1941. There were Harlem Nazis. The Soviets supported and provided assistance to the Black Panthers, Symbionese Liberation Army, and others. America’s weak point has always been its worship of black as holy racial redeemers and its very nasty class warfare among Whites. They are pushing on an open door and its merely the re-application of Cloward-Piven and the various Color Revolutions the US sponsors around the globe right back at us. The way Patton copied Rommel. What, the Chinese are going to sit around and wait for the next color revolution to launch in Shanghai or Hong Kong?

        Who among you thought you’d see Drag Queen Story Hour in every elementary school 10 years ago? Who thinks now it will stop there? It can’t stop and won’t stop because there is nothing to stop it until you hit collapse. Hopium is not a strategy. At least some of this stuff is on the table right now — in California there is a race between SF and the State to see who can offer blacks the most reparations. [SF is now leading at $5 million per plus 97K yearly tax free; the state only offers 500K one time.] Baltimore is recommending no charges for murder (blacks only of course) for those under 25.

        There is no mechanism to stop this. Those who criticize this as hyperbole are living in the dead past. What happened 30 years ago in mostly White America run by adults is not indicative of a nation where Whites are a functional minority (those under 18 are majority non-White) and there are weirdos and freaks at every turn: Sam Brinton, “Admiral” “Rachel” Levine, Hakeem Jefferies as Dem House leader, the next Speaker.

        Why wouldn’t there be reparations? Fueled by a White tax? The Fed will simply print more money, and the point of the tax is dispossessing Whites anyway. What’s going to stop it? Math? The Constitution? Common Sense? That all died in the Clinton Era. With fortified elections nothing is off the table. Trump arrested at a rally by the FBI, perp-walked, and possibly shot or Epsteined in his cell? That is perfectly in tune with a regime that gives a medal to the black cop who shot an unarmed White woman being uppity on J6. That is perfectly in tune with the railroading including witholding massive amounts of video evidence for the J6 defendants. That is in tune with a managerial class that managed to screw up the MAIN US objective since WWII — keeping the Gulf Oil under US control.

        The Saudis signed a peace deal with Iran brokered by China to call off hostilities and have mutual recognition. This aligns the Gulf’s largest producer with Iran, China, Russia, etc. for production, sales, and pricing levels. It is a disaster of the highest proportion for the US and Biden Regime of No Limits made it happen. By threatening MBS with indictments, seizure of assets, for applause by other managers. No other reason. Compounded by failure to act on Security Guarantees re Iran, and oil price caps aimed as much at Saudi as Russia. No wonder MBS turned to the BRICS and China for protection. And made a deal. With Iran. Meaning likely production cuts in oil, all around.

  10. Absolute totalitarianism is what you describe. They want to manage and regulate thought and speech in order to exercise absolute control. The HR and DIE commissars exist to initialize the process. It is now becoming codified in law.

    Having your property destroyed by flooding in Texas? If you want to be eligible for federal aid, you must sign and agree to never boycott Israel. Israel owns you by virtue of you accessing your own tax money and having a natural disaster befall you. That is evil.

    The government will mandate that you meet emissions regulations. Do you want government funds to ease your burden of using less fossil derived energy? You must sign a pledge of allegience to the Anti-White regime that we call Woke/DIE. This is evil.

    These are but two examples. This system must be replaced. The architects and apparatchiks of it must be dealt harsh consequences.

  11. What to call the hostile alien occupation government in our world wide malthusian death spiral? An idiocracy of degenerates supported largely by employing a kind of ideological toxoplasmosis causing their host populations to hasten their own destruction. The purpose of labeling it would be to frame its moral standing in the common consciousness rather than providing an accurate and succinct descriptor, though having those properties would help it catch on. The Slave Masters comes to mind.

  12. Managerialism is fine for things you can effectively and objectively measure, control and systematize. Watching a car being built on an assembly line even in the 1930s is nothing short of amazing. Every option is at the station at the exact moment the proper car comes into the workstation. Or in the modern sense, managing a 10k mile long chain of logistics spanning multiple countries for a just in time manufacturer or distribution hub. This is the lure of managerialism.

    Take that same philosophy and try and manage a forest and all the flora and fauna therein. 5 years of this and the ecosystem of the forest is in complete collapse and ready to burn down to the ground. Michael Crichton has a speech up on youtube somewhere about the story of managers trying to manage Yellowstone National Park and how the outcome was exactly the opposite of what they claimed they wanted to do.

    The projects is another example. It’s hard to think of a system less efficient and less good than a public housing project. Other than a prison, also horribly managed, it’s a hard to think of a more “planned” community than a public housing project. They were VERY explicit about this when they first starting building projects in the late 50s and 60s. These were going to be professionally managed communities using all the available “tools of science” in order to improve the living conditions of the favored poor (blacks). It has been one big fantastical failure. This does not give the managers pause in the slightest.

    People also confuse large categories like “science” They tend to think of all things called “science” as the same as the things we can do very well. We can send rockets to a moon around Pluto with absolute precision. They confuse that precision with, say, pharmaceuticals or vaccines or worse, ecosystems.

    The HR department thinks of people in the same way managers think of production machinery. We do X and Y happens. It never occurs to them that “tolerance” training can actually increase the hostility people feel towards each other.

    • No, no, the Talmudvision tells me that every Pruitt-Igoe in the country is filled with food trucks, non-threatening joggers walking their toy dogs over to their white girlfriend’s place, live music, and street festivals.

      Actually, the other day I was waiting for a red light in a position that allowed me to see about two dozen residences in a local project (populated by blacks when I was young but now completely full of Hispanics) and every damn one of them had the upstairs windows thrown open in 20 degree weather. How long to sing this song?

      • Hell, I lived in a close housing situation when young and the thing I remember was the oder of food preparation constantly waifing through the building floor by floor. It gave me a phobia of sorts. I’d keep a window open too. 🙂

      • “Talmudvision” Z has such a creative audience. I love it. This is one I gotta file away for later use.

        Remember, it’s not just free rent. The utilities are subsidized as well. I just paid a 400 Dollar gas bill despite the billing period being well above average temperature.

        • That’s the point I’m getting at. Every one of these barnacles is getting their heat comped, and they set their thermostats so that their living rooms feel like they did on a July afternoon back home.

          One of the first attacks on whitey after the civil rights/war on poverty regime was fully instituted was to ostracize and call “racist” anyone who questioned the, invariably black, welfare mamas that suddenly sprang up everywhere. It set the stage for denying visible reality in so many other facets of life.

        • BTW, “talmudvision” is a term I first saw at ModernHeretic3000’s page. He had a true gift for words and his site is sorely missed.

  13. I’m still puzzled that Shumer felt the need publicly to threaten Fox. Tucker’s audience consists of those who don’t believe the government’s J6 narrative. Those who do believe it won’t see the tapes anyway. And few care enough about the the J6’ers to do more than grumble.

    If the ruling elite needn’t bother about public opinion, why the threat? If the ruling elite cares about public opinion that has no practical power, again, why the threat?

    This bears further commentary.

    • J6 scared them. Not because of what it was, but because of what it could have been. It’s not complicated, it’s plain old fear.

    • The existence of any disobedience anywhere enrages and baffles them, partly because they’re sadistic idiots, and partly because they truly believe that people having other, unapproved ideas about anything is impossible—unless those ideas are instilled in them by a rival power: Russia, Trump, Tucker, Orban, Musk, etc.

      So any dissidence from the official story of Q Shaman *really is* Tucker’s doing. No other leader, not even Trump, has publicly contradicted it. Tens of thousands of us watched his silly adventure on live streams as it happened, but the 1/6 committee TV show should have washed those images out of our brains by now. It didn’t, because not *everything* is yet under perfect control.

        • Great question, Dan. I hope others weigh in.

          Tucker’s populism seems sincere. I don’t think he’s putting on an act to please his audience, like I used to suspect sometimes about Hannity.

          Perhaps he wants Trumpism without Trump?

          However, if Tucker believes that Biden won the election, then doesn’t “populism” take on the meaning of making policies that serve the interests of the majority population of progressives and non-whites?

          I understand that one has to say “populism” in public, but I hope that many will say “pro-traditional white people” in private.

  14. A podcast on the anatomy of managerialism has been at the top of my wish list. The applied tenets of managerialism, in all its smarmy, saccharine, corrosive, and ultimately intentionally harmful glory is the facet of globohomo that I get subjected to in my little corner of the world and existence. In all its blob-like global expansiveness and all its bizarre (actually crazy) aspects, managerialism is its particular concretely formed kaleidoscope pattern (out of very many such patterns, too many to count) that is so often right in my face, up close and personal. I utterly despise it. I’m greatly looking forward to listening to this one later on today, or during the weekend when time permits.

    • Fake expertise. Real expertise produces huge factories producing goods at prices hard to believe.

      Just look at all the so-called experts droning on about LGBTQIP. All of them fall under the rainbow umbrella. All of the so-called “research” which they claim to understand as “experts” is all done by their LGBTQIP people in the academy. So they put out fake research, the “experts” cite this fake research as justification for the policy. next thing you know we have mothers holding their toddlers up in their air with dollars bills in their hand giving the Dollars to the drag performers in the “family friendly drag show”

      This is “SCIENCE” bigot!!!

  15. I have a cold. Does anyone remember the feel-better cocktail that Z recommended a few years ago?

      • .. but make sure to be on the lookout for “white hispanics” when shopping for said ingredients…

  16. When Dahl employed the world “polyarchy” it probably was accurate. The Latin “poly,” or “many,” has the indicia of “liberal democracy” as it implies widespread participation (note: I’m not making an argument for liberal democracy here, just responding to the podcast).

    The social and cultural upheavals of the Sixties extended the franchise and brought into the system more people who could participate and have at least a modicum of input into how it operated. In the United States this deviated from what had gone on since at least the Civil War, which was raw oligarchy. Power was in the hands of a few, and while there was in theory citizen participation it largely was illusory. The oligarchs, though, did have a sense of obligation to the people within their various spheres. That system somewhat worked to the benefit of people even though it was mostly undemocratic.

    I think that the United States and the larger West in a short period of time have in part reverted to what preceded the polyarchy Dahl described. We now have the old oligarchy but with totalitarian features–censorship, surveillance, and intrusion into private life. These new additions could had happened earlier if the technology and cultural mores had been available, but the Robber Barons of the Gilded Age, for instance, were tied to a people and a place and did have limits to what they would do to them. The transnational elites, particularly those in the Anglosphere, have total disdain for the people they rule and feel no such obligation to them, something frequently discussed here.

    What we now have is neither liberal democracy nor prior totalitarian iterations such as Marxist-Leninism or National Socialism. It is an oligarchic rule by strangers with the ability and willingness to intrude into every economic, cultural and social aspect of our lives. In many ways it is unprecedented, and it is absolutely horrifying.

    • The system we have now is inseparable from the unprecedented technological means for “thought leadership,” brainwashing, mind virus, surveillance, and coercion available to the rulers of today. Thus, whatever we call it, the word tech ought to be in the name somewhere.

      • Yes. And something I only implied but did not explicitly state is that the tech largely has been turned against White scapegoats on behalf of the hostile elites. Technology has laid the foundation for potentially the most fully totalitarian system ever realized, and its White heritage population serves as its primary target.

        • You bring up an excellent point. Everyone is carrying around a personal tracker, a listening device and video camera on them when moving around in public. YET, they cannot (or will not) solve the most basic crime like a smash-and-grab at Target.

          If you’re an enemy of the state, they can produce video from the minute you leave your house to the time you get to your destination with hardly any gaps in the video.

          Despite all the advances in technology and surveillance, I just read the nationwide closure rate for murder is at 50%, the lowest ever since keep tracking of it.

          It’s anarcho-tyranny aimed at White people.

          • It has become a legitimate question how, with all this surveillance, an illegal drug market still exists

      • Techno tyranny? Did 1984 have a term for their surveillance state?

        After the stolen election of 2020, i saw on the street signs a very provocative flier: the American flag with a QR code substituted in the blue space of the stars.

        • Someone will come up with the proper term. As close as I can get is “techtarianism,” but that assumes a lot and falls short.

          The QR code flag is brilliant.

          • Yes, it’s quite a potent symbol of the inhumanity we’re under. And it bespeak the ultimate goal of everyone being chipped; ie mark of the beast.

            Right after the election, zuck put out a video of him on a hover sailboat holding the American flag. Talk about signalling what he did and rubbing it in.


          • It’s striking in that Zuck and his ilk would have despised the American flag during the Bush years but now, as has so often been pointed out, they’ve captured the institution of “America” and are wearing its skin suit as a trophy.

    • There’s a belief on the high-minded left (maybe on the right too) that if they just pull in more voters the oligarchy will be defeated. This has led to them scraping the bottom of the barrel and pulling in felons and non-citizens. Yes, some/most have intentions less pure than that when it comes to voting, but the sentiment is the same: a belief that they can defeat their enemy through the voting box.

    • I’d question the central role of the 60s upheavals in bringing more people into the franchise. Certainly in the South, the legal changes associated with the civil rights movement got more Blacks to the polls but the most radical extension of the franchise was female suffrage and that happened around 1920.

      There were certainly those who had predicted at that time that female suffrage would usher in, within a few years, everything from outright Bolshevism to miscegenation so complete that all the races would blend into a yellow-brown mulatto people. Of course this didn’t happen. That doesn’t mean those changes weren’t radical though. Women, for instance, were quite happy to mostly vote the way their husbands and fathers told them to for decades after they got the vote.

      What we’ve seen isn’t so much a replacement of “oligarchy” by “democracy” as a fading of the last vestiges of aristocratic and patriarchal tradition. The fact that the worst consequences of democracy were delayed as much as a century is a testimony to the fact that most people, while perhaps stupid, are also not evil and in fact tend to have a high degree of respect for tradition.

      The “technotarianism” of the silicon valley oligarchs isn’t surprising. Some of them must realize that people no longer have much to restrain their behavior and the legal framework for keeping the most irrational and stupid people from making decisions that affect everyone has been gone for a hundred years. The oligarchs thus appoint themselves (in extremely self-serving ways) to offer external restraints. My problem with this is not so much the effort to reign in people’s worst impulses but the fact that they are doing so in the name of egalitarian and often anti-White racist considerations.

  17. Ahhhhhhhhh.

    Another fine show and spot on as usual, Z! Ya can’t tell where you’re going if ya don’t know how you got here…

    What you call ‘managerialism’ is now congruent with ‘HR fattyism”, “Semitism” “Nigolatrism” and a few other distasteful and unsavoury hateful “-isms” I suppose.

    And yet… it’s incomplete. To be viable, the managerial class has to appeal to people on some level… and I don’t see that. Maybe it is because I am white, male, and old … but others are beginning to see it too. Clearly, the wrong people are in charge, and equally clearly… someone is going to have to deal with them.

    I personally think its inevitable. At the end of the day everyone still has to make a buck… and as we saw from Twatter, what we’re seeing from CNN, the NYT and other bastions of managerialism… that isn’t happening.

    Musk turned Twatter around… can we peacefully do the same? The current circumstances are growing increasingly loathesome every day… to a growing number of people…

    • Musk may or may not have turned twitter around ideologically, but financially there is still a long road ahead. Perhaps he will find a way for the taxpayer to subsidize him like his other businesses, he’s very skilled at that. So that the regime can maintain its stranglehold on what information is allowed to propagate, while he and the deplorables he has allowed back on the platform get to make their rebellious sounding tweets to give it all a veneer of free speech.

      • In fact, that might be part of his plan – giving them a little taste of what could happen.

        “Look, if you don’t subsidize me, I’ll just let the truth run wild,”

  18. Problem with fascism as a term is that it describes a system, not necessarily any particular set of substantive policy prescriptions, but the policy prescriptions of past fascist systems inevitably get lumped in. Similar to dictatorship, tyranny, etc. Our current system could well be described as fascist (merging of state with private industry so that there is nothing either doesn’t control). The question is, to what end? The symbiotic reinforcement of wokeness is a perfect example.

    • Some systems are inherently unstable, C.

      Were it not for the fact that generations of Marxism, Feminism, and Equality have driven entire communities and generations insane… I don’t think the current order would have lasted as long as it did. It is running on impulse and momentum… and the forces driving it forward are on the wane. It’s something that we on the Dissident Right all too often fail to see. On the other side of the Great Divide, the lesbians are now at war with the trannies and pedos. The vibrants are now starting to go after each other as often as they do with Whitey. People are seeing and noticing the joos and actively naming them and calling them out on it – often other leftists and perverts are the ones doing it. Growing numbers of our managerial geezers have one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel.

      The Other Side IS going to collapse under their own stupidity, probably sooner rather than later. Unless we get our chit together, the aftermath is going to be bloody and brutish and no bones about it.

      Our esteemed host portrays managerialism in a poor light and probably rightfully so… in the current set of circumstances. I might disagree… managerialism is fundamental to human governance…the system will work, if properly managed. But… success or failure relies on whether or not the managers are doing their jobs properly. Ours clearly are not… and the reasons for that are intuitively obvious.

      This is not a systemic problem, it is a PEOPLE problem. The fix is easy – stretch a few necks, horsewhip the Usual Suspects, push others out of helicopters. The rest will either head for the hills or fall in line. Until that happens, the various “democracies” of the west are dead men walking. The hard part will be making sure the right people are eliminated and replaced with the right people.

      • “the lesbians are now at war with the trannies and pedos. The vibrants are now starting to go after each other as often as they do with Whitey. People are seeing and noticing the joos and actively naming them and calling them out on it – often other leftists and perverts are the ones doing it.”

        Short term that is more of a feature than a bug in that the chaos and division diverts attention and helps hold power, but I agree that long term it will not hold. The system and its polities are now fragmenting and separating as it is.

      • Managerialism might get the point across though to the working schulbs: how would you go about firing their boss at work and hiring a new one? Yeah if they and their coworkers stuff the “suggestion” box with demands that he be fired, maybe, eventually something might happen in a few years, but in all likelihood nothing would happen, even at a union shop.

  19. I have yet to confect an appellation for the current ideology that satisfies me, but I know the ideology springs from poststructuralism (or postmodernism), and that its key applied point is anti-white racism. The former facilitates the latter.

    This ideology’s emphasis on race, its acceptance of capitalism, and its fusion of corporations with central government really does smack of facism, but is not entirely coterminous. And certainly, facism wasn’t rooted in postmodernism, although Nietzsche was admired by the fascists and was a forerunner to postmodernism.

    I think the biggest difference between the current ideology and fascism is out-and-out race hatred. Classical fascism was more chauvinistic than racist. It was an ideology more in support of the volk than in opposition to out groups. Now if an out group was construed as a race enemy as the Finkels were, they could certainly be suppressed or eliminated in order to help the folk, but eliminating/suppressing the Other was never the primary goal.

    Not so with the current ideology. This ideology doesn’t have a volk per se, although negroes in AINO and Moslems in Europe come fairly close. But it does have an arch enemy, and that enemy is the white race. The current ideologues hate whites more than the Nazis hated Finkels. This is an important distinction. The current ideology is flatly genocidal, whereas classical fascism was not.

    • The extinction of the white race is a means to an end, not an end in itself. The real goal is the creation of a totalitarian state, and whites stand in the way. They would be just as satisfied if we were all sent off to colonize Mars.

      Diversity is just another tactic to dilute whiteness. Why? Because darker people are superior? No. Because the achievement of their goal requires the elimination of whites. The hatred for white people is being ginned up in order to create a more docile population to rule over.

      • You’re under the illusion that totalitarianism and the destruction of the white race are distinct objectives. They are not. The elites seek both. But whereas you think the second objective is a means to the first, I believe the creation of a totalitarian state is a tool for subjugating or eliminating whites.

        The thirst for absolute power is as old as human history. What’s new here is essentially a host people hellbent on destroying their own kind. Sure, the Finkels and Hutus are critical to eliminating whites, but it is the 35% or more of whites pushing this with the bland acquiescence of perhaps 55% of the rest that is absolutely central.

        • The extinction of the majority of white people, the hoi polloi particularly, is a precondition for the achievement of the totalitarian state, ironically to be ruled by white elites, some Jewish.

          No other reason makes as much sense. Revenge for the holocaust? Too much white success? Jealousy? Darwinian competition? I don’t get it.

          • When you said “too much white success,” you got pretty close to the mark. What we’re dealing with here is egalitarianism gone hypertrophic and metastatic. And when one group, namely whites, utterly dominate every other group on the planet combined (Joe Sobran wrote memorably about this), sacred egalitarianism is put to the lie. That cannot stand. White people cannot carry on as a living, breathing nullification of the egalitarian fantasy. They must, therefore, be destroyed.

          • WCiv911: “Darwinian competition?”

            There’s certainly a very powerful Darwinian element at work here, although it tends to be more of a meta-Darwinism [on the order of entire cultures & civilizations], rather than a micro-local dog-eat-dog Darwinism.

            And while “Darwinism” can account for the Psychopathy of it, “Darwinism” is at a complete loss when it comes to explaining the Sadism of it, and especially the sheer unadulterated bliss which accompanies the Sadism.

    • > “The current ideology is flatly genocidal, whereas classical fascism was not.”

      I.e. Whites will not be afforded swimming pools & bands and orchestras & labor and delivery suites in the camps…


      BTW, we might be making a turrible categorical error here if we conflate or confuse “Ideology” with “Psychological Warfare Campaign”.

      What we [Heritage Amurrrikkkun Christians] are confronting is a mass hysteria [on the part of White Sh!tlibs] driven by relentless psychological conditioning [courtesy of the Bronze Age Death Cult which owns all the media outlets].

      We’ve been so overwhelmed by so many different psy-ops for so long that I’m struggling to think of any authentic historical “ideologies” of the Anglosphere.



      Puritanism vs Cavalierism?

      Congregationalism vs Unitardianism?

      Nationalism vs Hannoverianism?


      After Luddism, you start getting into overt psyops, such as Marxism, and I don’t know that anything is authentic after Luddism.

        • The more I think about it, the more I feel like our fundamental problem is precisely that we are sending Ideologies [i.e. “Reason”] out onto the battlefield to enter into mortal combat with Psychological Warfare Campaigns [i.e. “Emotion”], which is a lose-lose-lose proposition for us.

          BTW, that’s why Memes serve us so extraordinarily well – because Memes allow us to fight Emotion with Emotion.

          The simple phrase, “It’s Okay to be White,” is more potent than the combined power of a million different variations on “Supply Side Economics”.

    • It’s interesting to note that the Nazis started out mainly seeing the Jews as a nuisance. They were just in the way and the initial plan was to simply get them out of the way. This is why the Nazis were actually working with Zionists in some cases. They would have been happy to just shuffle the Jews off to Palestine or someplace else. The prime focus was on building the great Aryan thousand-year Reich.

      You could make a case that the Nazis became more overtly genocidal as the war dragged on and building the glorious Aryan paradise seemed to slip away. As you point out, the current regime doesn’t even really have an “in-group” to build a glorious homeland for. On top of that everything they do seems to turn to shit instantly. This probably means the transition to overtly genocidal policies will be even faster than it was for the Third Reich. Unlike many here, though I don’t think this will actually succeed and if anything undoes the Woke regime it’s likely to be this.

      • I would like to upvote this to infinity. Yes, the transition from hostility to an attempt at White genocide is well underway.

        I point out from time to time there is a great sorting underway, which itself is a prelude to fragmentation and dissolution. The Woke Empire obviously knows this; an animating reason for the open border is to try to flood these self-segregating areas with foot soldiers. Over time that will not work because with or without the assistance of Texas and Florida governors, the immivaders will gravitate to urban centers that are both sanctuary cities and benefit cash cows.

        Forget troops and so forth. The Woke Empire likely will use weapons of mass destruction, covertly at first and in biological forms, against hostile enclaves. This will lead to a response and an escalation no one really can win, but in the long haul the Woke Empire cannot sustain itself. Ugly stuff, to say the least. I do hope to be proved wrong but doubt I will be. The erasures of White faces from pop culture have given way to outright demonization. The non-White violence against Whites currently is hidden but in due time will be broadcast to the world and lauded.

        It cannot be repeated enough: get out of the places ruled by these monsters as soon as you can. Whatever label is applied to this totalitarianism, the enemy is you. These people are evil.

  20. I conceive of it plainly as Satanism.

    Oh, it can be called globalism, godlessness, relativism, marxism, kakistocracy, matriarchy, sexual dystopia, idiocracy, and anti-white genocide. But none of these terms quite capture the spirit of what I feel is really going on. Everything good and pure has been subverted in the most sickening and violent ways possible. As Paul Harvey used to say, “If I were the devil. . .”

    ” How did liberal democracy evolve into this strange elite ideology?”

    I submit there was no evolution. This madness is what “liberal democracy” has always been. We’ve simply reached the demographic and cultural tipping point where the mask can come off. If we understand this “liberal democracy” as starting in the 60s with the New Left, then it can also be called as Ayn Rand put it: A Return to the Primitive.

    I reject the term Fascist for the Left; even though Fascism is technically accurate as their is no line between the Democrat party and big business. Fascists are Nationalists who rise to fight Globalist Marxists. As far as I can deduce from personal experience, the Fascists of WWII were trying to save Western Civilization and the world from the capitalist/consumerist culture destroying Satanists who rule today. It’s a painful conclusion, to be sure.

    • Forgot Sam Francis’ potent “Anarchy Tyranny.” Anarchy for the criminals and tyranny for the decent and law abiding.

    • This is why I don’t hesitate (anymore) to call them what they are, evil or even demonic or Satanic. There is a reason their European brethren designed the EU building to look like the Tower of Babel painting or their satanic ritual when opening a new tunnel. They call good evil and evil good.

      The “far” right is loaded with secular people who shy away from this language. I myself am pretty secular. But we must always remember we are in a fight with evil. They are not good men who have a difference in visions or a different method to reach a good place. They are evil people trying to destroy Western Civilization who hate us and want us dead, not just literally, but as a people. We cannot reason with them. We must STOP them.

    • It didn’t start in the ’60s. It is baked in to the American project from its beginning. We can’t go back to a better Constitution because the Constitution is the problem.

    • It’s distressing to see that Tucker actually referred to Trump as a “demonic” influence in his Fox emails. Tucker professes religiosity so that word was deliberate on his part.

  21. The window dressing of the various ideologies have changed from the past but the actual driving forces seem to be the same.

    Biological Leninism seems to be an attempt to succinctly describe what motivates and powers left wing movements in the modern era. But it’s really the same thing across time. Maladjusted, envious, deformed (mentally and physically) people, angry that there are people who are smarter, kinder, prettier, and happier than they are. They want to knock those people down by flipping the normal hierarchy upside down and put people like them in charge.

    The left simply wants to grow the number of people who would naturally be at the bottom of a societal hierarchy, to overwhelm through sheer numbers of freaks and madmen. That’s why they want to stop charging people under the age of 25 with murder in Baltimore, and why they want more immigrants, and why they want to increase the number of surgically mutilated people.

    • Good point. This ideology’s constituents really are a coalition of fruits, freaks, felons and freeloaders. The worst shall be first.

    • An updated take on bio-Leninism comes from Edward Dutton, who termed some of the rulers, and almost all of the most fervent followers as ‘spiteful mutants’.

      tl;dr instead of disappearing as failed genetic mutations, the worst of our society survived and thrived in 20th century and now are destroying everything good in the world.

      • To be fair, it was Micheal Woodley—who worked with Dutton—that first used the term “spiteful mutants”. Dutton used to give credit when he was still working with Woodley, but since has simply dropped citation—which is fine.

  22. Haven’t listened yet, but strictly speaking, Corporatism best describes the current system. However when most people hear that term they put too much emphasis on private companies, and not enough on public institutions and NGOs.

    For that reason I prefer Syndicalism, with the aforementioned institutions filling the traditional role of trade unions, in that they all in effect represent the constituent interests of their diverse memberships.

    Also, since they basically operate as crime syndicates, the term is dually descriptive.

    • Two wolves (business and government) and a sheep (the people) deciding what’s for lunch.

  23. As both Zman’s writing and so many excellent comments note, the Enlightenment perverted the entire concept of man and human agency. And that belief – that nothing biological or theological or governmental – could or should ordain basic aspects of human life – is deeply, corrosively rooted. No question that the Frankfurt School, for its own nefarious purposes, helped further the idea of human equality and blank slate-ism, but the roots of that dangerous fallacy can be traced much further back.

    And women – being the less rational and more emotional of the sexes, as well as physically weaker – have happily made this pernicious lie the cornerstone of their entire belief system. From today’s Daily Mail, in which the daughter of a serial killer decries her mental trauma at being shamed, two comments neatly summarize today’s civilizational conflict:

    “None of us is our parents or grandparents. We choose who we want to be, we don’t have to continue the cycle.”

    “Sorry, but thats not strictly true. Children seperated from parents act the same and tend to commit the same crimes, people split at birth etc. DNA prescribes more than just looks you know.”

    Despite the weakness of the arguments of many of the HBD crowd, biology does shape each of us far more than we choose to admit. While I do not consider it to be utterly determinative, it does influence many aspects of one’s personality, behavior, and choices. Certainly ‘free-will’ exists, but the average individual does not possess the strength of character, self awareness, and self-discipline required to overcome the combined weight of parental biology and home environment.

    This extends to – underpins, in fact – the modern concept of democracy. Equality and individuality and free will – all unfettered from mere biology such as race and sex – rules the day. It will take more than a mere change of government to return the masses to understanding and accepting their biological reality.

    • “It will take more than a mere change of government to return the masses to understanding and accepting their biological reality.”

      That’s why I say “collapse is the cure.” I have a family member with one of those odious entitled Planned Parenthood “WE WON’T GO BACK!” bumper stickers. They fear that those like me would roll the clock back 60 years. It’s been years since I thought that. We should be shooting for a thousand and accept nothing less than 500.

  24. Most of the modern West is a kleptocratic/cryptocratic matriarchy, especially the Anglo nations. How the nations got there has been laboriously documented elsewhere on the internet. Some of it authored by yrs. trooly.

    Ultimately its roots are in Eden with the Original Rebellion against God. The woman sought Equality with God and leadership over the man. The man obeyed the woman instead of obeying God (‘listened to the voice of the woman’).

    God’s response was to give the man and the woman exactly what they wanted until it ran out their ears and seeped from their pores.

    And here we all are! The global powers behind this ideology (religion, really) are Luciferian. Same as it ever was.

    • Z used the term “gynocracy” in the past. For as bad (maybe) as a “matriarchy” would be it would still have it’s basis for governance in their own people and their future; the window for damage would be much more narrow.

    • With these people, it really is all about the end, not the means, regardless of what they say.

    • “ Democracy and its process is good and pure, but not when the ‘wrong’ people are democratically put in power.”

      But that’s precisely what “democracies” do! A bit of a tautology here.

      Perhaps we change the wording a bit: “Democracy and its process is good and pure, but not when the ‘all’ people are democratically allowed ‘sufferage’”

  25. Disagreed with the last paragraph, this is liberal democracy and what liberal democracy has always been. The only real difference is that initially the elites were better people, now they are not. America was born from an English monarchy, separated into an aristocratic republic, degraded into liberal democracy, now it suffers for its want of a monarchy.

    Just because the actors behind liberal democracy are not good people doesn’t make it any less liberal and democratic. Just like having an evil king doesn’t make it any less of a monarchy. You can be liberal to praise God or liberal to praise Satan, liberalism all the same. You can be democratic for faggots or democratic for families, democratic all the same.

    Political systems are less important than the people running them. People who believe that you can create magical systems that somehow skip and prevent the human factor are deranged and stupid, systems are tools used by humans, this is inevitable. Systems don’t exist in a vacuum, humans make them, you can never skip the human factor. And organization at large scale requires hierarchy, if the people on top are evil, the people below will suffer.

    The real difference between monarchy and other systems is that the other systems are in truth anti-systems. It is monarchy that created civilization and monarchy is the only true form of society, the only real and viable societal structure that is the origin of society and can exist by itself. Every other so called form of political preference is a parasitic system living at the expense of the inertia initially developed by a monarchy, inertia that eventually runs out by natural entropy.

    Monarchies can fail, but monarchies can also create and can also restore. Every other form can only self-destruct and become dust, it’s just a matter of how long it’ll take. It is over for the US unless the Caesar approach is taken, it’s that simple. And then Caesar making himself king can reestablish a virtuous elite and restore society, otherwise the elite will continue becoming more and more destructive and immoral and civilization will continue crumbling until nothing is left.

    What I believe is likely to happen is that as the elite continue degrading and becoming more incompetent they won’t be able to effectively hold centralized power over the entire country and many states will secede and go their own way. Developments seem to indicate this direction more and more, it’s almost in the air, people from Florida and Texas don’t want to share a government with California, it’s only a matter of enough incompetence from the federal government that will allow for local warlords to take over and start purging feds and commies with the support of the population, cutting all ties with the Gay American Empire and establishing their own countries. Possibly crypto-monarchies hidden under a false veneer of republics like Augustus did with Rome.

    • Wrongthink Criminal: Excellent first three paragraphs – you are totally correct on America’s origins and the usefulness (or not) of different government systems. And yes, the quality and nature of the people determine whether or not a particular system ‘works.’

      I cannot agree, however, with your latter three paragraphs. A more benign authoritarian leader (one biologically related to those over whom he rules)? I’m fine with that. A nation cannot well function with a multitude of conflicting and competing voices (a la AINO for over 150 years). But a king, and hereditary rule? No thank you. There comes a point where tradition contradicts common sense, and this is one of them.

      • The King does not have to be hereditary, only selected for the position—not necessarily born into it. Many societies had this form, where the current King named his “Crown Prince”. Of course, this begs the question of what happens when the current King has a “blind eye” toward his half-wit son. Those cases were often avoided by having the new Crown Price effectively vetoed by the nobility that supported the King.

    • Could not possibly agree more. There’s no going back to some better form of the Constitution, but the new thing could be a restoration of a very old thing.

      Also critical: the observation that monarchies can sometime regenerate, whole other forms can only degenerate. I think that is the meta-fact underneath all the rest.

    • You obviously did not listen to the show. You NRx guys are a great example of what I mean by being trapped in the past. You are unable to understand the present, because it is not easily stuffed into some past model.

      • I think the present is very easily stuffed into some past model: degenerate democracy degenerates democratically. Happens all the time. Happens every time, really.

        And the solution – if one is to be found – is always the same: restore hierarchy. That’s why there is no going back to some earlier version of the Constitution, such would just be rewinding the clock to a less debauched part of the timeline to no real affect.

    • Every corporation, state government, municipal government, federal bureaucracy, university, and county school system now has a DIE department and an ESG department governing their personnel and operations, whereas just a handful of years ago few if any of them did. The key point is that this did not happen through legislation or referendum or any particular executive order or any other such liberal democratic process. It was a result of some other unnamed system, which clearly exists, but which we cannot call liberal democracy.

  26. The written introduction to the podcast reminds me of “Words and Behavior” by Orwell. The loss of meaning is the loss of thought.

    • Examine the word “dignity.” Coming from Latin via the French, it used to signal acceptance (as in respect and responsibility) in accordance with rank – worthiness, in both senses (being worthy and justifying that worth). Just examine dignity now – some term used to remember not to be racist by undermining the inherent dignity of some non-white hue. Insanity. The perversion of language perverts thought, and vice versa.

  27. The ideology is the logical evolution of the liberal-enlightenment philosophy that first developed in the 19th century and displaced Christianity sometime in the 19th century as the dominate religion. By the end of the 20th it had almost completely displaced christianity from the western world.

    The central beliefs of the philosophy-religion is that humans are capable of omniscience, can control physical reality through knowledge and will, and create a perfect world by doing so.

    Broadly speaking it believes that humanity is god.
    Not just collectively, but individually too.
    Every man can be god.

    Transsexualism is just the latest manifestation – that an individual can control reality through shear will power. They believe it – so must we all. Otherwise the illusion of power is broken.

    • I would go further back to the Renaissance. Human agency is the essence of humanism. Humanism may have started out trying to untangle doctrinal perversion from God, but the results were preordained. The Sistine Chapel ceiling literally makes God in our own image – the inversion of Biblical text.

        • Genesis 1:27. Further, what does that have to do with my point about the Renaissance crafting God into human form based on Greek paganism – the natural conclusion of Humanism? Where does the Bible say God made himself in Man’s image? Doesn’t that seem foolish?

          • Not just in his image, but the Word actually became flesh and dwelt among us.

            Greek paganism was the epitome of art crafting the human form. It is only proper that the Renaissance artists start with the best man had to offer and complement (complete it) with uniting it to man’s divine source. You an Iconoclast or something?

          • Hit Post too soon.

            Did God make himself? Can God make himself? If so, did he make himself a bearded European man? I feel we’re going too deep here.

          • And my point, again, is that Humanism produced the audacity to paint God. And, yes, I do not worship pictures – kinda graven images hangup

      • Yup. Take a look at the ceiling of the Capitol Rotunda if you want a good look at humans becoming God/gods.

        By the way, Lockdown D.C. was dedicated to the ‘goddess’ Columbia (Liberty, Libertas, Isis, Asherah, etc.) It is her District. When men meet in ‘congress’ to make decisions, they are engaging in ‘relations’ with that goddess.

        Most of the Jamestown honchos and other Continental aristocrats that began America were not Christians. The Founders, e.g., were Deists or neo-babylonians. When you welcome all religions, you embrace no religion. The U.S. we now see — the pagan-feminist-progressive polity — was always the long-term plan. Their writings and those of their allies make that quite clear.

        Goddess Columbia bore two sons. The elder was named Mason and the younger was named Christian. We see now who won. Follows the old Cain-Abel pattern.

        • Never seen the Mural on the rotunda before.
          Googled it and

          Holy Crap!
          Washington is seated center evocative of God. Surrounded by mythic women.

          With recognizable pagan gods on a lower level.

      • Well, hell–why not take it all the way back to Protagoras, then? “Man is the measure of all things.”

    • It is the development of the liberal Enlightenment – it’s what had to happen once those idea took root.

      If you’re looking for a date, the 19th century is much too late. Probably, the English revolutions of the 17th century are also too late. But, even if that’s too late, that revolution contains the seed of everything we see now. The psychotic Puritans brought their disease to America, and literally everything that has happened since is the spread of their disease.

      This is why we can’t “go back” to some better form of the Constitution. The Constitution is the problem, not the solution, and that document is the product of the Enlightenment.

      We do have to go back. But not to 1970 or 1870 or 1770. Not even back to 1670.

  28. I’ve sadly come to a similar conclusion recently when I started substituting in the word “sodomy” whenever I see the word “democracy”. Funniest realization is that the more the word is used, the better the substitution works. Also, the senate “questioning” of Matt Taibbi is in fact, almost entirely an ad-hominem “attack”. The whole use of words, well, it just ain’t what it used to be.

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