The Shifting Ukraine Narrative

Just a few months ago, Western media was hailing the wonderfulness of their bosses in the political class over the decision to send tanks to Ukraine. The West was going to send modern battle tanks. The first batch would be Leopard II tanks from Germany followed by Abrams tanks from America. On top of that, the Poles donated their Patriot system to Ukraine. This would cure the missile problem. Maybe F-16’s were not far behind, the media told us.

Here we are entering the spring and the mood has shifted. This story in the Washington Post would have been called Putin propaganda a few months ago. It explains the terrible condition of the Ukrainian army. Six months of Russian grinding with artillery and now air power has killed tens of thousands of Ukraine’s best soldiers. This story published in Politico is about the growing troubles in the collective West over how to go forward with the Ukraine war.

One reason the mood has shifted in the West is it is impossible to hide the reality on the battlefield much longer. Reliable estimates say the Ukrainians have lost 200,000 soldiers in the last year. That is killed in action. An equal number have been wounded, with the majority unable to return to service. On the Russian side, the death toll is much lower, around 20,000, with two or three times that wounded. This disparity means it is a matter of time before the Ukrainians crack.

There is also the fact that there is no way for the West to change the numbers of this war with methods or tactics. The West committed Ukraine to a style of fighting that cannot now be abandoned in favor of a new approach. They are throwing all available resources into defending every inch of turf. The trouble is, the West is running low on weapons and ammunition. An army that is low on men and material is an army headed for defeat, under any conditions.

Of course, what we are seeing is a change in the narrative. The old narrative was based on the Russians running out of men and material and the heroic Ukrainians, armed with weapons from their morally superior backers in the West, would go on the great counter offensive and drive the Russians from the Donbas. That has been the story for a year, but now that story is inoperative. Since Western leaders live in a fictional world of their own creation, they need a new narrative.

The new narrative will probably blame the Ukrainian leadership for the failures on the battlefield and maybe the failure to conduct negotiations. There are rumors being floated in Western media that NATO commanders have been telling the Ukrainians to abandon Bakhmut, but Zelensky has ordered a defense of the city. As the envelopment of Ukrainian forces in the region becomes more obvious, Western leaders will get more chatty about how this is the fault of Zelensky.

For those unfamiliar, Bakhmut is a central stronghold in the center of what had been called the Zelensky line in Donbas. The Russians have been laying siege to this heavily fortified stronghold for months. They have fire control over the main roads and the Wagner group is conducting operations in the city. More important, a larger encirclement is forming to contain about 70,000 Ukrainian soldiers. This is a big battle that the Ukrainians are losing.

Another subplot to the new narrative emerged last month when Washington started floating claims about who bombed the Nord Stream pipelines. First was the story planted in the New York Times claiming that a couple of guys in a canoe blew up these underwater pipelines at the direction of Ukraine. Then the Wall Street Journal was given a taste with this story. The European press was given a taste with this story posted in the Financial Times.

The absurdity of the claims is not important. There is simply no way that a group of Ukrainian partisans pulled off this attack. What is important is that these stories seeded a new narrative about the Ukrainian leadership. Instead of being heroic defenders of freedom, they are erratic and unreliable. They do things like assassinate the daughter of Alexander Dugin without telling their Western sponsors. You can easily see where this will lead once it is time to exit the current narrative.

Another sign that the tide is turning against the blood-drenched Kagan cult over Ukraine policy is the response to the Russian downing of an American drone. The United States has been providing intelligence to the Ukrainian army since the start. They have satellites over Ukraine and use these advanced surveillance drones. The Russians could blind the satellites and take down the drones, but that would risk escalation, so they have been quiet about it until now.

There can be no doubt that the decision to take down the drone was made at the highest levels with Kremlin permission. The changing reality on the battlefield and the changing rhetoric from the West probably led to this. The Russians wanted to test if the changing rhetoric can be trusted. Washington’s tepid response to the incident suggests that there is no appetite for escalation. The Ukraine party in the West is winding down and everyone is thinking about heading home.

This does not mean the end of the war is imminent. Right now, the Ukrainians are locked into a strategy of fighting to the last man. The Russian are happy to oblige as they now think the only solution is a military solution. They need to grind down and break the Ukrainian army. Then they will impose their preferred political solution on Ukraine, whether it is with Zelensky or his successor. This process will probably take the rest of this year, perhaps longer.

What comes next for the West is plotting out the rest of the narrative in the coming months when it becomes clear that Ukraine cannot launch an offensive. This will close out the old narrative completely. Ukrainian tanks will not be driving through Moscow after all, so the new narrative will need a new ending. This new ending will allow the West to declare that whatever result the Russians impose will fall far short of their goals, thus scoring a win for Western narrative makers.

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201 thoughts on “The Shifting Ukraine Narrative

  1. Yevgeny Prigozhin recently announced he’ll be running as PM of Ukraine. Kinda joking – in that Russian sort of humor. But you can be sure Zelensky isn’t too amused.

  2. Alongside the China-brokered Saudi-Iran normalization, the Ukraine disaster is the US’s Suez moment. How can the Kagan cult survive?

    • “How can the Kagan cult survive”

      Even if they are eating rats in the sewers, they will survive.

  3. Hallelujah! Soon we can wind down the war in the Ukraine and start one with China. Just like Ukraine was a solid upgrade to Afghanistan, China will be a huge upgrade to war with Russia.

    Of course we need to get Beijing Biden out and DeSantis in office. Since our elections are free and fair (unlike in Russia, Hungary, Belarus and any other country with results we don’t like) the will of the people will be heard loud and clear.

    As long as that Orange pawn of Putin is primaried, the 2024 election can be between a Democrat accusing DeSantis of being a Nazi for not supporting Ukraine hard enough and DeSantis accusing Biden or Newsom of being controlled by Beijing for not wanting war with China hard enough.

    To be optimistic, maybe we will get a bipartisan effort to have war with Russia and China at the same time. That should go well as long as China continues to supply us with parts for our missles and Russia supplies the rules based order with the raw materials needed to wage war against them.

    To think, if both China and Russia are defeated those countries can adopt democratic values: flooding their countries with Africans, teaching 5 year olds about anal sex and encouraging pre teens to take puberty blockers.

    • The neo-cons have racked up an impressive string of losses. A direct war with China and / or Russia would be their crowning achievement. A war we have no chance of winning. It will complete the collapse of our empire and bring destruction on American civilians.

      • Since the neocons’ tribe owns the megaphone they never have to justify and sell their crazy and malicious plans. They only have to state them and act on them. You can see with the neocons what happens when there is never a significant personal consequence for being wrong.

  4. I don’t see it shifting at all. We might very well see US and Polish troops conducting a counter-offensive somewhere when mud season ends. Those 50K US and 200K Polish Troops on the Ukrainian border are not there to perform customs duties.

    But abandon this? No. Why would they? Reality?

    Already the Duran guys were quite glum as the Chinese Foreign minister gave his “guardrails are gone” speech and said war with the US was inevitable. So there’s that.

    Look at SF, they are planning now to give $5 million to every black person in the city, with some restrictions (must have been resident for 13 years, must have been locked up) etc. That would according to Sailer demand $2.5 million in taxes per family of four. Robert Spencer at PJMedia notes the stuff going in the State. Newsom is proposing by executive order (there is some argument that the Legislature, super-majority Dems must pass this as well) a Reparations Board with power to assess taxes on people to pay reparations to all blacks in the state. [Worth noting it has leaked, no doubt by the Bidens, that Newsom lobbied Biden hard to bail out SIVB as his wineries and personal accounts were at that bank, and he was not connected enough to get his stuff out in time unlike Peter Thiel.] The state of California now has a $25 billion deficit and the current plan ($500 K each) would amount to $640 billion, approximately 3 times the current entire annual budget.

    Political, corporate, military, NGO, media leaders are from top to bottom stupid, disconnected from reality, and unable to add two and two and get four. We have aging dementia patients and crazy people being run by their staffers, who are like Qing Dynasty Eunuchs while the revolutionaries creep in.

    Yes, I fully expect US and Polish troops to be fighting Russians this summer. What indeed is the downside for the political class? Of course it will be layered in some phoney thing, likely the troops being “volunteer Ukrainians” or some such utter bs, (as in the soft-coup done by Obama against Trump with “Russiagate”) but there it is. Like Reparations, and for the same emotional reasons that trump all else, they can’t and won’t reverse course. Zelensky is the Frankenstein monster they created, like black voters with reparations. There is no way emotionally for them to back down on this.

    • whiskey, did it ever enter your cuck adled brain that if the US has troops in ukraine, fighting the Russians, then the continental US is going to be targeted for missile strikes? do you really think the military is going to sign up for that? how long is normie going to put up with being blitzed?

      • The only goal the American military is competent to achieve is American death.

        Their latest ads are anachronistically full of tough-looking white men.


    • polish army is currently 70K land forces. many of them are deployed worldwide in “support ” of NATO interests . it will be years before they will reach 200K

  5. GAE is running out of munitions, but one thing they have plenty of is biological weapons. If they need a face-saving Narrative shift then Plandemic Two makes a lot of sense. Their “Event 201”-style wargame by Nuclear Threat Initiative calls for a small-scale release before the main event. A quick quote: “the initial outbreak was caused by a terrorist attack using a pathogen engineered in a laboratory with inadequate biosafety and biosecurity provisions and weak oversight.”

    It could check a lot of GAE agenda items, if a “rogue Ukrainian partisan group” deployed “a Russian bioweapon” that eventually got sourced to “China’s Wuhan Lab”. Which would explain why GAE recently announced that they’re certain C19 had been made in a Chinese lab. Being the truth is only a coincidence.

  6. I was on a flight just a couple of days ago , and saw the back of the seat screen of a guy a few seats ahead of me . it was fox news . the tagline was ” russia taking heavy losses in Bakmut” source – WSJ. I think z has this all wrong, the russian lin will break and putin will be overthrown as his army goes into panic retreat form the ukrainians armed with the new western advanced weapons. – Joe Normie (lerft or Right)

    • It’s tragically comic that the media here encourages the notion that the Russians do not make “advanced weapons” while the West does. The reality of course is that the West makes very little of value (weapons or otherwise) while Russia’s arms industry produces many weapons so advanced the West has no equivalents.

      Then again, normie lives in an oddly anachronistic world. It’s always 1991 somewhere in the world!

      • normie’s WHOLE worldview is fed to him by mainstream media which he never questions.

  7. Up until yesterday, I was very neutral on Ukraine. It is difficult for me to favor any belligerent in a war, unless I’m 100% certain that the side taking the defensive posture did nothing to provoke it.

    However, yesterday the President of this Godforsaken excuse for a country declared that it was SINFUL to not give children puberty blockers and cut off their genitals.

    I live in an evil, immoral, godless shithole of a country. Russia, with all its faults, and there are many, would never make such a claim about children under Putin’s leadership.

    I do not like rooting against my own country. So I won’t be officially “rooting” for anyone. I do, however, recognize that Russia is the more morally consistent side to this conflict. I’ll leave it at that. As such, I’ll most certainly abstain from cheerleading for AINO.

    • Homo-tranny-pedoism is the BiG TELL of which side is evil.

      For all the to-do to normalize and valorize gays, precious little talking is done about their actual sexual behavior or the sex act that defines them. Let’s all say it: penis in the asshole, where shit comes out! This is the same morally as the act which creates a child because “love is love.”

      Make no mistake, anal sex, gay or straight, us satanic abomination.

      • Fake email

        I can relate to your post.

        Recently, instead of referring to male homosexuals or “gays”, I use the term “assf**ker” to refer to them. After all, i love my father and other male relatives. The difference is, no “assf**king”. Ergo, I’m straight.

        And since they’re “proud” of their proclivities, they should shout it from the roof tops.

        I thought my mom was gonna have a stroke, and then she couldn’t stop laughing.

      • Fakeemail-

        There used to be a commenter here that went by, “The Infant Phenomenon,” who spent 20 or 30 years at CDC.

        He reported his mind having been scarred by having to read dozens of excruciatingly detailed studies of degenerate behavior over his career.

        Thankfully, he did not share details here.

      • I see that a student referendum at Wellesley to admit men who claim to be women trannies and “non-binaries” (Jesus) passed with flying colors. However, biological women who claim to be men aren’t allowed in – yet. Man, the retribution featuring fire and brimstone among other things will be glorious when every dirtbag who allowed and cheered on this debauchery is held to account. Unfortunately, I doubt I’ll be around to witness it.

      • Yep. And not only the physical act, there are all the mental illnesses associated with it. I have never met a homosexual who I would call well-balanced and normal. They have all usually been deeply traumatized people. The greatest lie of all was claiming that homosexuality is “gay”.

    • “…the President of this Godforsaken excuse for a country declared that it was SINFUL to not give children puberty blockers and cut off their genitals.”

      Well… I’m sure he’s only referring to the children who aren’t dismembered in utero.

      • It took until now to break my neutrality on Ukraine, because despite the evil of this country, I simply do not believe in war unless it is 100% defensive. Russia’s motives are not 100% defensive, so I can’t side with Russia. Likewise, Ukraine was never innocent and provoked Russia.
        The evil of the country has been obvious for a long time, but to have the President envoke RELIGIOUS terminology like “sinful” in regards to defending the innocence of children, it took it to another level, where I’d consider rooting for Atilla the Hun against this pitiful shithole.

        • They are 101% defensive.
          Ukraine was used as a launching pad for (future, eventual) attacks on Russia by the USA.

        • You are so wrong about Russia that it invalidates your entire comment. Russia has a right to defend themselves against known, declared enemies using the Ukraine as a surrogate. You should get over your cold war mentality, the USSR was evil, Russia is not.

        • If China and Russia signed an alliance with Mexico, started training and equipping their army, planning missile bases along our borders, and openly talked about recovering Texas – the results would be very similar except we wouldn’t be nearly as gentle as the Russians have been.

        • If you lived in the Donbass since before 2014 under the Minsk accords you might have a different outlook. Would you not want your American brothers to rescue you if the same were happening here.

        • The Russian actions are TOTALLY defensive. They cannot tolerate a foreign nation controlling their front door. No nation would.

    • Good post. I, on the other hand, have zero issue rooting against this “country”, because it’s certainly not mine. It hates me and I hate it back. I hope and pray every day for a mad max collapse. At this point, I want it solely for the ability to enact retribution on those who destroyed it, and the power behind that hate is immense. At this point, I frighten even myself with the amount of malice I now carry. My inability to feel any compassion or remorse of any kind for these people has reached the point of no return. No mercy or quarter will be given.

  8. I think Z’s conclusion is incorrect. While I agree with many of his points, I believe the most likely outcome is the abandonment of the narrative. Look at Covid, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, etc. When something no longer fits the narrative, they just simply stop talking about it, and the average American is so stupid, he forgets about it. This is what will happen in Ukraine, as best as I could guess; no need for a new narrative.

    • Yeah, there is much to your conclusion. Afghanistan for example. We were told was important because if we left, the Taliban would take over and Osama’s heirs would again use the State as a terrorist base to attack the US.

      We left without any explanation as to why what happened afterwards would not affect the safety of the American people as was used as an excuse to stay there for 20 years. It just simply vanished from the current narrative.

      As to the forgetfulness or stupidity of the American voter, I give you Ukraine. One war left, another picked up. Few if any it seems know the least bit about the conflict nor its historical origins. Only now do we start to hear a bit about our involvement wrt sending $$$ to Ukraine given the current recession/inflation in the US—but that’s not the American crying out in wisdom, but pain.

    • As cynical and disillusioned as I’ve become about people’s ability to think independently, that the morality of most people is dictated by the media/academia, it never occurred to me that they might just stop talking about Ukraine.

      You could be right. People are such sheep, and I don’t enjoy saying that, that the order may just go out to all of the media to stop talking about Ukraine, and then in a week or two my liberal friend will stop bringing up in casual conversation that Putin is Hitler. Everyone will just forget and be distracted by the new “crucial issue” being imposed on us by the media.

      Our age is the first to live under a constantly streaming, centrally directed media hegemony. Before this, political philosophers might assume that people in general have some degree of independent thought or even self-preservation. We now know that they were wrong in attributing this to people in general.

      • But might it not be the case that the innovation of the “constantly streaming, centrally directed media hegemony” has atrophied Westerners’ capacity for independent thinking? Or, to put it another way, when people were not incessantly told how and what to think, often on pain of very real punishment, might they have not thought independently out of necessity?

        Just as the proliferation of labor-saving devices and sedentary forms of entertainment have rendered most Westerners vegetative blobs, so too the comprehensive imposition of an orthodox narrative has rendered their minds complaisant, incurious and ovine.

        • So why did it fail with some of us? Probably all of us here, at some point in the past, one day realized that the media were lying to us. (Because frankly it was kind of hard to miss). How come we are the only ones? Why have these others never had such a moment? Having remained in its thrall even during the clown world era, is it even possible for any more of them to awaken?

          • My theory: we’re not necessarily smarter iq wise (though we might be), but we are a minority of introverts in a mostly extrovert world. The introvert is observant and subtle. They are the ones who in pictures have a look of honesty and awareness that is lacking in the others. We can look in and out.

            As such, we can be conditioned by propaganda, but is may not penetrate truly into our mind and soul.

            As a dumb example, when I was kid I watched Different Strokes. A left wing show par excellence where each episode we’re supposed to out the great white bigot and hiss and boo at him. I disregarded this in my mind and focused on cracking up when Arnold said “whatchu talkin bout willis” or he was running from the Gooch.

            But even though my mind and soul was not penetrated with the lies of the brainwashing, my physical brain was in that it knows and even feels what is evilly and racist per left wing insane ideology.

            But for the extroverted children who watched with me, for which nearly all is exterior, the message penetrated to their core and they believe it fully.

          • Jeffrey Zoar: “So why did it fail with some of us?”

            Because our amygdalae dominate our insulae.

            Red Brain, Blue Brain: Evaluative Processes Differ in Democrats and Republicans
            February 13, 2013

            The Frankfurt School’s cultural poisoning initiatives are designed to mesmerize & hypnotize the sh!tlib insula.

            The Frankfurt School’s techniques largely fail to sway the Giga-Chad Amygdala.

            [The one big outlier there would be the Scofield Heresy…]

          • Fakeemail: “But even though my mind and soul was not penetrated with the lies of the brainwashing, my physical brain was in that it knows and even feels what is evilly and racist per left wing insane ideology.”

            You know what broke me out of that Psy-Op?

            Watching our brave & noble Anti-Federalist peasant ancestors fighting the nogs in the epic Psy-Op, “Glory”.

            Written by (((Lincoln Kirstein))), directed by (((Edward Zwick))), and starring (((Matthew Broderick))).


            Watching that scene in the woods awakened an ancient spirit inside of moi.

            Note that all the kkk0mments on the j00t00b vidya are 110% sh!tlib slobbering.

          • I think your post below about how the GAE can’t disengage provides some insight into this question as well. It may indeed be impossible for many more Americans to wake up.

            The problem for the GAE is that their zombification spells, while quite effective, have their limits. The reality that the modern American inhabits is a very carefully (and **expensively**) built and maintained stage set. For generations the GAE’s power has relied on curating and developing that stage set and keeping the “extras” cheering and playing their roles.

            The power derived from keeping that Hollywood world going doesn’t extend to foreigners very much though. Some foreign peoples today seem quite contemptuous of it in fact. The GAE may just memory hole the Ukraine fiasco and the American people may seem to accept that. The rest of the world may not though. More importantly, the rest of the world may take the Ukraine defeat as a sign that it’s finally safe to ignore the nasty little men in DC, NYC, London, (and Tel Aviv of course).

            So what will wake up Normerican from his sportsball haze? Probably some series of events that will demonstrate that the world has moved on from bowing before the Empire. We should get some larfs from the media spin on this at least – “and then for NO REASON, they arrested [big neocon slimeball] in Paris”.

          • Fakeemail, it’s funny that you would mention introversion. I used to joke about introvert nationalism, because I think grouping people by temperament might be as effective in producing harmony as grouping people by race, language, religion, and culture.

            Or maybe group people by morning person versus night owl?

            I mostly regard my introversion as a mild birth defenct, but your comment has made me view it differently.

          • God only knows. Our resistance is probably a complex function of personality type and IQ, or at least high intelligence in certain areas.

            It’s also worth noting that a farily high percentage of Russians proved resistant to Soviet propaganda. Now I suspect AINO’s propaganda machine is much better than the USSR’s (and the standard of living is still higher here), but unlike in the Soviet Union, it is at least possible to get obtain contrary data and express heterodox views. This blog is proof of that.

          • LineInTheSand: “I mostly regard my introversion as a mild birth defect, but your comment has made me view it differently.”

            As we approach “The Singularity” [whatever “The Singularity” proves to be], I suspect that all of us [with fully functioning Amygdalae] are now being flooded [in our conscious thought, and likely even in our sleeping dreams, and especially in the parasomniac moments which lie between awake & asleep], I suspect that all of us are being flooded with re-enactments of the ancient genetic memories burned into our DNA by the sacrifices of our Ancestors.

            Why do you instinctively jump back [and almost experience an heart attack] when you see a poisonous snake slithering in the grass in front of you?

            Because of the millions upon millions of years’ of your ancestors’ brothers & sisters who got too close to the snake, and died from the snakebite.

            [You, on the other hand, are descended from the men & women who were careful NOT to get too close to the poisonous snake.]

            Same thing here on the east coast of the USA, when you see a shiny black spider with a large red hourglass-figure imprinted on her belly, crawling towards you: There’s a reason why she’s called a “Black Widow”.

            Too many Normies have [psychologically] turned their backs on their ancestors, and can no longer hear the screaming howling pleading warnings emanating from the genetic memories which they inherited from their ancestors.

            Trying to get a Normie to discover his instincts is like trying to teach a tone deaf person how to sing a melody.

            By & large, it’s impossible [as far as I know].

            But if you can figure out the formula for waking up Normies, then do tell, because all of us are scratching our heads, trying as hard as we can to figure out that particular recipe.

            PS: Ubiquitous poisoning of the Normie brain via Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors [SSRIs] is likely not helping matters.

          • To LineinSand: There certainly is something to grouping people by temperment. Obviously, a million of people there will be wide variety. But there are certainly “general” racial temperments. In the same way Asians are reserved and can be understood as the ultimate k-selectors and blacks are, uh, vibrant, and can be understood as the ultimate r-selectors.

            Introversion is NOT A BIRTH DEFECT. It’s only defined that way in a dumb ass extrovert dominated world that would call is autism or asperger or some bullshit. If anything introverts understand social cues ALL TOO WELL.

            But let’s not assume all introverts are swell. Plenty of them get lost inside their own head and don’t know jack squat. But I’m assuming there is mostly right wing introverts here who are capable of functioning outside and at a job.

          • Most people are low-quality, so after a point it’s easy to be dismissive of the whole.

          • Z and I exchanged comments on this very topic recently. Being impervious to propaganda seems unrelated to intelligence and educational achievement. It is a personality matter.

            Since that discussion, it has emerged that the two groups who resisted the jabs the most were working class people with minimal education and STEM doctorates.

            Character not only matters, it saves lives.

      • “As cynical and disillusioned as I’ve become about people’s ability to think independently, that the morality of most people is dictated by the media/academia, it never occurred to me that they might just stop talking about Ukraine.”

        We’ve always been at war with Eastasia.

    • The next narrative will be about the evil Chinese, and that we are shocked, shocked to discover they have been using slave labor to make all those cheap goods we order…and probably chopping up babies for their organs….

        • I used to enjoy tormenting my liberal friends who fetishize Apple products about this, but since no one in the media discussed it, their prodigious self-regard make them invulnerable to my words.

    • The new narrative is anti-China. Next week’s Putin-Xi meeting will be important and interesting. The few somewhat rational responses to Tucker Carlson’s questionnaire about Russia-Ukraine all included the necessity of winding up the war against Russia in order to prepare for action against China.

    • You’re probably right. The whole entire point of the Ukraine theater was to justify the continued existence of the tumor that is NATO. I’m half-convinced NATO and Trump’s insistence that Europe ‘pay it’s share’ were the ultimate reason for both the Russia-collusion hoax and the fortification of democracy in 21.

    • Eloi: “they just simply stop talking about it, and the average American is so stupid, he forgets about it”

      It’s been only four days now, but I’m getting the strong impression that Normie has already completely forgotten about Silicon Valley Bank.

      Somewhere on the dark side of Pluto, the Bronze Age Death Cult is gonna memory-hole the tale of the SVB plundering, never to be seen by goyische eyes.

      Then in a few centuries, when it’s safe to start talking about it again, SVB will have a chapter dedicated to it in the Ta1mμd.

    • Brilliant and spot on. I doubt 85 percent of the populace even remember there was an Afghan war, and of that number, most believe the United States won.

    • Agreed. How many normies remember Afghanistan? They probably think it was that place with the big chemical train crash.

  9. Russia can’t disengage from Ukraine. For them it’s existential. And due to decisions made long in the past, GAE can’t disengage either. Not if it wants to continue being GAE. For them it is now existential too. The die is cast. Escalation is the only path forward. GAE stands or falls in Ukraine. There’s a reason folks say “pick your battles.”

    • How is it existential for GAE? Certainly its a loss and there is the risk that Europe may fracture and countries might fall from the GAE orbit.

      Another explanation for the relevance of Ukraine is that so many in power now hail from that region and there is suspicion the tribe may have interest in establishing a second khazarian nation. I would have dismissed these kind of theories a few years ago but in this era anything seems possible and everything suspect.

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  11. If my theory that WW3 started in 2020 when Trump blew up that iranian general, it won’t matter if they run from the Ukraine. They’ll just some trouble somewhere else. Not only that, but we have a civil war going on within our own government over who’s “narrative” will be the new american dream for a few more years before it all collapses. Just like after they told us in 2008 that everything was fixed and bailouts wouldn’t be needed anymore and QE would be unwound, but that stuff never happens. These people will continue to make everyones lives worse until they utterly collapse. We should help them collapse now and avoid the rush.

    • It’s staggering the number of (mostly needless) enemies GAE has made in just the last year, to say nothing of the several decades preceding. I don’t think it’d end well even if they were sorry, which they’re not.

      • Ja, when they murdered Gen. Soleimani (under false pretense of a parlay), I knew the Shit Was On. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

        Life under an undisguised ZOG.

      • Saudi Arabia is now added to that list. No oil prince cap for them and of course the monumental agreement with Iran-big time stuff.

      • It’s both amusing and scary to see how 70 years of US diplomacy in Eastern Europe and Asia has been undone in 12 months. The whole world is turning against the GAE. And all because the Russians were nasty to fat, flatulent Nuland’s grandparents.

    • Soleimani was killed when Trump went along with his national security staff and the deep staters in the DOD and intelligence agencies. Trump failed to stand up to them so it’s his mistake but the traitors around him talked him into it.

      We are long past due for a rapprochment with Iran. The mullahs are just going through the motions with their great Satan stuff now. Israel needs to told to sit and stay and the whole region would calm down.

  12. What will be the nextest current thing after Ukraine?

    a) Kinetic mission for the preservation of Our Democracy in Taiwan?
    b) Something that makes The Blacks riot?
    c) Plague?
    d) Rapid onset climate change?
    e) New disruptive tech gadget drops, followed by speculative mania?
    g) Totally organic social media trend: Reporting and publicly humiliating wreckers who are responsible for the sudden economic collapse? (Hint: None from the ranks of the 0.1%. Think: Electrician from flyover country suspected of causing a blackout on purpose by crossing wires.)

    (I hope Z is right about Ukraine winding down. Way too many people died there already. May the next current thing be less lethal then the current current thing!)

    • “Way too many people have died there already.”
      So true Jan. A lot of them women and children sent to the frontlines now. It is barbaric. It goes on because of the egos of the neocon sociopaths running the empire.

      • Too many excellent people died. I was in southern Belarus, right next to Ukraine, last summer. This part of the world has extremely nice people, easy to get along with. Love to pamper small animals. Hard workers. Chistians, often. Men who stand straight, women that are often hot (extra sinful to send them into an artillery killbox!).

        It is a crying shame that certain rootless cosmopolitains know exactly which buttons to push in order to temporarily induce in these otherwise nice people a kill crazy state of mind. Practice makes perfect, apparently.

        I sincerely hope that everybody involved (since 2014) in the inception of this mass murder dies of an extremely painful disease or – in accordance with new laws and due process – will be tortured to death.

    • Excellent point. We are coming off a string of events and nothing fundamentally has changed on either the state of the nation or the security of the ruling elite.

  13. To the Pentagram, All Wars Are Vietnam, so I’ve long suspected that this push to send the Ukes a few of our latest and greatest is akin to Nixon’s “Vietnamization” of the war. The ARVN in 1969 was the same as it was in 1964 — if not way worse — but they got Gen. Andrew Goodpaster, the architect of escalation, to claim that the ARVN were doing fine and getting better. Which would allow American DE-escalation, provided we continued supplying ARVN with tactical intelligence and top-shelf weapons…

    I think this is the fake and gay version of that. Just as it wasn’t *our* fault that the ARVN couldn’t win despite excellent intel and top-flight weapons — they’re just too Vietnamese to use them effectively — so it’s not *our* fault that the Ukrainians can’t kick ass with our Wunderwaffen. After all, their democratically elected leader (I still can’t type that without laughing) is a former tv comedian. I mean, whaddaya gonna do?

    • I don’t have as poor a synopsis of the ARVN as you. I would rather say, their performance deficits were due to corrupt leadership which killed morale—why die so that your Colonel/General can become rich from bribes. This is the case in all these third world crap holes. In all these countries, it was the American army that gave these rank and file a backbone. Once we left they folded like a cheap suit.

      Not making excuses, just saying we get involved in these conflicts against the wrong enemy. It’s the corrupt leadership we need to take care of, not necessarily the insurgents. But of course, we don’t really care about the values we profess in the narrative.

  14. Have cheap missiles, expensive, but getting cheaper, hypersonic missiles, advanced SAMs, and cheap drones supplanted airpower and armor? Has the cheap microprocessor replaced the trillion-dollar defense budget’s advanced aircraft, expensive carriers, costly whizbang technology, woke foppish soldier, and lavish lobbying budget?

    If we aren’t there yet, I believe we’re getting there with a quickness.

    • For all the talk of obsolete aircraft carriers, if one is to project power anywhere beyond one’s own shore, there still has to be some kind of seagoing vehicle to carry the drones and missiles. Maybe one day these things will all be space launched, but today isn’t that day.

      But the aircraft carrier as we have known it, the thing that carries 70 manned jets, is no longer all that useful for anything other than bombing goatherders. And paying for some defense contractor’s vacation home.

      • Yes – what exactly are We The Taxherd getting for our trillion-dollar military? It’s clear they would not be able to fight the kind of war that’s going on in Bakhmut.

      • 20th century thinking. I think China is going to be on the edge of the 21st century warfare type from what I’ve read.

        I can build 1 carrier for 10 billion or 10 drone swarm ships at 1 billion a piece. Catapult launched drones don’t need a “runway” and they are VTOLs so will neatly land right back on a very small deck area.

        I can then arm these ships to the teeth since I have all that topside “real estate” available for weapons systems making them VERY hard targets. I can have 100s of small but highly lethal drones packed into a single ship. And I have TEN ships. Do that math.

        Imagine trying to use a rifle to kill a swarm of angry hornets and you are getting a visual about what 20th century “missile tech” looks like against multiple drone swarms.

        You can still have the carrier if you want it, but only after your drones have swept away all the threats to it. It is not terribly different than our current strategy of clearing out air defenses and getting air superiority before you send in slow moving but highly effective platforms like the A-10 Warthog and the AH-64 Apache. Except in this case, the drone swarm is doing the heavy lifting not fighter jets.

      • I think something like the America-class amphibious assault ship is the direction the world will take us. A ford class carrier runs about 11 billion and the America class runs about 3 billion. It’ll never happen because the US Navy is run by fly-boys. You’ll get no complaints from me about the silent service though. I imagine the US Navy’s submarine force keeps opposing military leaders awake at night.

  15. just because aino walks away from ukraine doesn’t mean Russia calls it a day. they are almost certain to want to diminish aino’s capacity to make further mischief. and get their $300b pound of flesh (for taking their sovereign fund). europe will be in for some serious payback too; lots of people falling out windows.

  16. On the one hand, what fate befalls Ukraine matters not one bit to Americans. On the other hand, a conquest and partitioning of Russia allows the zero-sum ponzi scheme operators a very long runway. That long runway guarantees the long, slow, affluence anesthetized destruction of Europeans throughout the world.

    As for the narrative, look for Hungary to become the reason Ukraine was lost and for Azerbaijan to become extremely important in some way. Apparently Israel is prepping Azerbaijan as a military staging operation. Maybe for Iran. Maybe a new Russian border encroachment. Btw, remember when Women’s Lib in Iran led and whipped up Jewish Persians, (which Americans have no idea exist), appearing on CNN was all the rage a couple of months ago?

    Oh, and don’t forget white supremacy. That will intensify too. Have a look at these folks. If they aren’t the real face of white supremacy, I don’t know who is:

    • I have doubts about some of the pathetic genderless blobs on that website. No wonder they felt the need to display their pronouns.

      • That can’t be a legit woke, jackoff operation w/o at least one they/them, xe/xem, or xyr/xyrl…

        • That’s what I noticed. You could take the opposite impression—*they are normal heterosexuals*. The pronouns are a rebuke.

          • Yes, I read that as a restrained, but nonetheless, in your face gesture toward techworld pieties.

    • Riddle me this;

      If the individuals that are on the linked page identify as what they actually are, why “list” their pronouns.

      It’s a self evident truth to normal people.

      If I was seeking help that they provide, seeing their pronouns listed only indicated to me that they are silly, unserious people, who will obviously be more concerned with one’s pronouns than the quality of work done on my project(s).

      Priorities people!

      As another poster here says often, it’s so tiring……

      • It is likely that the venture capital source(s) that funded them required them to list their pronouns on the website. This is fast becoming a requirement in silicon valley, imposed by ESG investors for startup companies or by human resources in established companies.

        In some companies it remains “optional” but you damn well had better list your pronouns if you aspire to move ahead in the company. They check you LinkedIn profile for pronouns as part of the annual review process. No pronouns means you’re not on the team.

          • Bartleby and Ostei.

            I think that is the purpose. I would say it as, “Let us see who wants to take the blue pill, get in their pod and stay asleep. Then, we can identify who we’ll be chasing around the old sewer systems of the real world.”

      • The founder and CEO is a very serious and brilliant person. So are the engineers. This is not a dog food website.

        This is the first time I have seen every single person listing pronouns. Guest may be correct that the VC firm required it. Or, they simply all agree that a) the rules of the English language are bogus b) because of a they can choose arbitrary pronouns c)

        The CEO sounds impressive, but he does talk about changing the world. That is the mentality of the modern savant. Assumption: change is good. Assumption: changing the world is the primary mission.

        No dude, you are writing a wrapper around Dask that makes some engineers life better if your tool is well written. That is all you are doing. You are writing software and getting paid to do it.

        Throw some more pronouns down The God Sized Hole.

        • “First they say you’re crazy, then they fight you, and then, all of a sudden, you change the world”.

          Elizabeth Holmes,
          Dingbat and World Class Con Artist.

    • As to Hungary as designated whipping boy, it was interesting that this action recently transpired, coincidentally on the heels of That Exemplary Humanitarian, Samantha Powers’ shit-stirring visit in Hungary (Soros no longer being welcome, I guess she was deputized, no?):

      Azerbaijan has been a shared mistress of both Israel, pursuing support of Kurdish separatists as a counterpoise to Syrian interests, and Turkey, in their perennial persecution of the Armenians, using the territorial dispute over Nagorno-Karabakh as a stick to beat them. Tough balancing act, as those same Kurdish separatists are enemies of Turkey. The US also attempts to exploit the presence of a significant population of Azeris in Iran to destabilize that country’s northern regions, something which links up to Israel’s perceived interests.

      Careful, Azerbaijan, Iran can put a hurt on you and your co-ethnics if you get carried away. Also Russia has strategic interests in that area: they have an, albeit somewhat vexed, relationship with Armenia, as well as the need to constrain Israeli/GAE ratfucking against both Armenia and increasingly against a more aligned Iran; also to shut down the threat posed by Erdogan’s Muslim
      Brotherhood and any incursions among their Caucasian & Central Asian Muslim populations (they already fought off the Salafists at some little cost). The Russians have options already sketched out, no doubt; they already have seen GAE manuevering in Central Asia post-9/11, and expect more of this as part of their plan to disarticulate Russia. Step very carefully, Azerbaijan.

    • They all can’t be all that juvenile. A few of them are semi-recognized names in Python (caveat – I don’t write much Python).

      Sadly much of the techie world is infected with this kind of nonsense. 25 years ago software development was a freethinkers paradise. At that time, most in the tech world were sort of divorced from physical reality and had a poor understanding of history and world politics. But you could do and say about anything. Not anymore. I keep my head down and code nowadays.

      • A few heavy hitters in there. So some very bright people, and the CEO knows what he is doing. The rot is deep. The ACM, once an oasis of pure technical joys to read, is littered with globo-homo, has dedicated DIE staff, has features of dubious value or has angles on the value that are the wrong kind and context for angles having to do with vagina … …

        Until 2010 you could say and do anything – but nobody was much interested in politics. That second boom just ruined things. Same here. Code. Go home. Speak only with my pre 2010 friends and colleagues when hanging with industry folk.

  17. It seems to me that Russian victory will be as elusive as a Ukrainian victory, at least by the stated objectives.

    The people I read and watch say the Russians controlling Ukraine East of the Dnieper River would be the most likely (doable) outcome that could meet at least some of Russia’s objectives. It would put a natural obstacle between Russia and the West plus a buffer area. Of course, “denazification” could not happen under this scenario and the Ukrainian military could be rebuilt. With Kiev being on the West of the Dnieper river, they would be likely to integrate with the West and NATO rather than be a buffer state. Putin would still have only minutes to determine if Russia is under nuclear missile attack.

    Unless the Ukrainian military utterly collapses, this could take years at the rate things are going. More cows to the slaughter.

    • I don’t trust Trump or DeSantis but especially DeSantis. He has too many neocon inclinations.

      As for Trump, he also said he would build the wall. If he was to be elected he would say ” I was going to stop military aid to Ukraine but all of the generals tell me will have to do it.”

      Kind of like Syria.

      • The Syrian escalation is exactly where I lost all interest in Trump. I never hoped for anything, but I enjoyed hearing his statements on Middle Eastern wars. If you think about it, the whole Russian narrative actually took off when he was in office. He was said to be Putin’s b$%# in order to prod him to escalate aggression against Russian interests (Syria, in this case). His vanity allowed him to be easily manipulated.

      • It’s already proven that when he’s the president, Trump isn’t commander-in-chief, so his (good but weakly held) ideas about war don’t matter.

        President DeSantis would be presented with a choice: Go full neocon and be a Great President, or be like Trump and be disobeyed until the coup.

        • Trump persists in denying Russia any agency or choice by repeating the mantra if he were President he would have prevented the SMO with one phone call and Putin would have been too intimidated to do anything..

          Last I checked Putin is in a much stronger position than any AINO President.

          • Oh, silly question; Israel, no matter whichever of them were to be drilling farts into the chair in the Oval Office. Duh.

      • The Jeb endorsement was the kiss of death as far as I’m concerned. Can’t get past it

  18. Soon enough, the Presidential election cycle will begin. Biden’s handlers will have to decide whether they want to run on a platform of WWIII or look for the off-ramp, as Zman has suggested.

    Both Trump and DeSantis have made it clear they want this thing to end. There’s no viable Republican candidate in favor of continuing it. The warmongers in Congress make a lot of noise, but I think Trump and DeSantis have a keener sense for the public’s opinion.

    So Biden or whomever the Deep State puts up for election will be forced to own the outcome in Ukraine. Obviously they don’t care about public opinion. But I think the system is showing enough fatigue from inflation that the money men will impose their will and find the off-ramp. The grifters will have to be satisfied with what they’ve already stolen.

    The big surprise could be that Russia and China won’t dance and will keep fighting, thereby raising the stakes. The off-ramp may be closed now. “Now youse can’t leave”, as Sonny said in A Bronx Tale.

    • There’s no point in even speculating about 2024 until voter fraud is sorted. And it hasn’t been.

  19. It should be clear to even the most retarded neoclowns, that even if their wildest dreams came true and the Russian Military was beginning to weaken, China would not allow them to lose.

    At this point it is not in China’s strategic interest to allow NATO to win in Ukraine.

    • Exactly. China knows that if Russia goes down, it is next. If the neocons were clever (okay, go with me on this…), they would have cozied up to China while they took on Russia. But being neocons, they decided to jump straight into a two-front war and antagonize China at the same time. It’s almost as if they have some deep Freudian death wish.

  20. Our glorious leader here in Europe will claim that they have contained Putler in Urkraine and prevented him from coming to Warsaw and Berlin.

  21. RE:…’subplot to the new narrative emerged last month when Washington started floating claims about who bombed the Nord Stream pipelines. First was the story planted in the New York Times claiming that a couple of guys in a canoe blew up these underwater pipelines at the direction of Ukraine’….

    I’d argue the absurdity of the claim is rather important by virtue of fact it was published by the (so called) paper of record – which serves as a Las Vegas size neon sign that both the progenitors of that hoax as well as the perpetrators of it – are willing and unrestrained at any time, in any place, to vilify anyone, to lie to everyone, and deny reality. It would be like claiming a man can say he’s a woman and actually expect people to believe it…what?…oh, wait…never mind. Yes, a couple of guys in a canoe blew up that underwater pipeline. I do believe. I do believe.

    • “I do believe in spooks, I do believe in spooks, I do I do I do I do, I do believe in spooks…”

      If only Brandon was King of the Forest!

  22. Haven’t noticed any stories about Putin being at death’s door lately. That was showing up in the rotation of msm stories regularly since the beginning of the war. Maybe they thought that narrative had grown too stale and they plan to reintroduce it like it’s some new revelation.

          • Putin’s speeches are remarkable. His ability to conduct 2 hour long press conferences, alone demonstrate a mastery of the topics that no politician in the West comes close to.
            A few years ago I read his PHD thesis on the development of resource rich economies and while there was nothing earth shattering in it he clearly understood the issues.
            I suspect the same intellectual gap exists between China’s Xi and the political filth with which we are afflicted.

          • Well Bile, in defense, it’s kind of hard to grasp and master topics when you are in the midst of Alzheimer’s. 🙁

  23. The tragedy of Ukraine is one of unbounded evil on the part of a corrupt US government that was Hell-bent on undermining Russian national sovereignty, stealing their resources, and pocketing the vig as a nice bonus to the usual suspects in DC who engineered this debacle. But the greater tragedy is that normie USA stayed on the couch and let it happen. At the root, beer and Doritos on the couch has greater moral value than tar & feathering the persons responsible for this wholesale slaughter of foreign nations and innocent civilians that stand in the way of our Color Revolutions. How far we have fallen. We should be hanging our head in shame for standing aside while DC committed these atrocities.

    • Civnat G. Normiecon isn’t even aware of what is happening or why. Any attempt to engage with him on the issue, which I’ve made a few of, makes this abundantly clear. The regime’s propaganda has been that effective. Based on the (absurd) things he believes to be true, it makes perfect sense to support the GAE’s position. I don’t think he’s complacent. I think he’s just dumb.

        • 37% of people willing to cooperate with pollsters and social scientists, that is. While I lack faith in my fellow man as much as anybody, I’ve come to suspect that some statistics such as this one are intentional discouragements.

          At least for this specific statistic, we should expect it to trend to 0% as thought-capable people become increasingly suspicious of “scientists”. That will be good news, not bad news.

      • Yeah, half the country (White) is on the left side of the Bell Curve. But also, let’s not forget that the majority of the rest are living pay check to pay check and busting hump to survive. Such a life does not lend itself to great reflection.

        This is a select group here. Many are retired and most all are of remarkable experience and intellect.

          • True, but it is shown repeatedly that a pre-requisite for critical thinking is a higher IQ than average. So as they say, a high IQ is “necessary”, albeit not “sufficient”.

      • Agreed. Talking about the truth in Ukraine is a bit like trying to tell people how fake and gay the Covid scam was back in 2019. The normies just aren’t that clever.

    • I saw a quip posted somewhere that the Ukrainian army was by far the largest, most well equipped, and best trained NATO army. I thought it interesting since it is, or at least was, true as far as I can tell.

    • What is “normie USA” supposed to do? March on the Capitol and throw the scumbags out? Americans are disunited and fragmented, incapable of organization (and any organization – even at a small level – will be quickly infiltrated and framed). We’re basically cracking beers and cheering on the Taliban and Prigozhin to give our evil rulers a bloody nose.

      • Ideally, there would be a mass uprising. Not just a few thousand marching on DC, but hundreds of thousands in the streets of ever major metropolitan area and millions converging on the Imperial Capital. The Leftists did this back in the 60s, yet we cannot even muster a whimper.

        • Leftists don’t protest unless they have elite supporters shielding them from any consequences. All those left-wing terrorists from the 60s and 70s ended up with cushy jobs in academia and government.

          • And they got those jobs because, after their days of marching in the streets were done, they got entry-level jobs in academia, FedGov, the media, Hollywood and the corporations they claimed to hate. They colonized all nodes of culture and information.

    • why is it a tragedy? sun came up this morning. dunbar number says no one here (or in the US) genuinely feels bad about dead ukes. i personally don’t care if every last one of them dies. glad they aren’t in my neighborhood. go ahead and posture and virtue signal, if it makes you feel better. just don’t call it love 😛

      • Karl, the folks dying are for the most part not the ones that should die. They are fools who believe their (corrupt) political leadership’s narrative. They die and their leadership profits.

        The Ukrainian people are *White*, the Russian people are *White*, that’s all you need to know. This is a “brother” war. Russia wins, or the Ukraine wins—we lose!

      • I’ve gone from being neutral before the war about the Ukrainian people even though I was aware of Bandera and their atrocities during WW II. Following the run up to the war and the war pretty closely has made me detest the whole people who are fighting Russia.

        They are a race of thugs, grifters and worse with a raging superiority complex that is totally unearned. Hell, they seem to be almost African-like in their abilty to turn a country into a shithole when their colonizers leave. Maybe the Russians will take thee whole thing and get the people to leave for Europe.

      • Yep, I love them. So what is the answer—self restraint, or a new department regulating the “tastiness” of food?

        Does one wish to be healthy—whatever that means—or happy?

        • self restraint. I eat a high fat diet, so I usually feel pretty satiated. So if I eat Doritos, I just do a couple and kind of nibble on them.

  24. The Ukraine is huge, and what can Putin do with it once he captures it? I can see America doing a lot of terrorisms against Russian occupation from bases in Romania and Poland.

    • I think once the Ukraine army breaks, a few things happen all at once. First we see a coup. Zelensky gets pushed out or killed. Then Washington starts making noises about the coup leaders being the bad guys. At this point what is left of the military may seize power or Kiev just falls into chaos. The Russians then reach out to the Ukraine military leaders to broker a deal where they support a new pro-Russian government. In this time the nationalists flee to Poland and Germany.

      What the Russians will want is a government in Kiev that has zero tolerance for Western meddling. That means no NGO’s, not Western advisers and no Western backed opposition. Belarus will be the model.

      • I think that’s a realistic assessment, and I’m sure the Russians are contacting Ukrainian top brass to effect a coup as we speak. But maybe the top military echelons are all hand-picked NATO puppets like Zelensky.

        • Yes, but as things deteriorate the spector looms of a long drop on a short rope for those who do not change sides or get out of Dodge quickly. Also Russia is known for handling opposition harshly even in Western countries. There is that as well for those who think they can take an opposition stance to the new Ukrainian situation from a foreign refuge.

          • Also, if you down weapons, there is at least a chance you might live. Keep fighting a Quixotic war on behalf of the GAE and its Kievan puppet, and there’s every likelihood you’ll be blown to bits. This isn’t a war over the Ukraine’s existence. It is a conflict to determine whether the Ukraine is the GAE’s Slavic catspaw or a buffer against the GAE. The choice, to a certain extent, belongs to the Ukrainian military.

      • If what Zman says is correct, Zelensky ought to be thinking about what happened to Ngo Dinh Diem and how to avoid getting the same treatment.

        I expect Zelensky has a lot more dirt on Biden than Diem did on Kennedy and that might save him.

        • Doesn’t he have an estate in Florida? It is interesting to speculate whether there would be controversy about letting him set up there.

  25. The US government has mainly been living off the faint fumes of WW2 and the “defeat” of the Soviet Union. The thing is, they never had to actually take on the bear in an actual shooting mano y mano type conflict. Until now, sort of – and it’s obviously not going according to plan – kind of like all those disastrous “little wars” they’re so fond of foisting on countries who can’t respond in kind. Shock and awe is so exciting when you’re blasting goat herders – not so much when you’re getting shocked and awed up your ass as well.

    On top of all that narrative BS, there’s a bit of a financial crisis (among other things domestically) enlarging that’s going to be taking everyone’s mind off the no account the border issue in Ukraine.

  26. We need more cow bell, Shaun Hannity and Lindsay Graham spouting their stupid nonsense. I did see Pedro Gonzalez on Tucker last night explaining the history of the neocons, maybe the men behind the curtain slowly gets more of themselves revealed for normie to see.

    • if his name was Chip Penderton, he would be unknown to us. It is crazy how we need non-white proxies for everything these days.

      • I don’t know too much about Pedro, but if he’s a Cubano then he’s as white as most of the posters on this site. But for all I know he could be an indio from Chiapas, in which case your point stands.

  27. The local TV news keeps running stories about the coming offensive to capture Crimea.
    On YouTube, where I never watch anything related to the war, the algorithm keeps suggesting a video about the inevitable collapse of Russia after Ukraine re-takes Crimea. It’s a new video, just 1 day old, already with over a million views.

    If the narrative is shifting in some channels, the original narrative is doubling down in other channels.

    • Those “other” channels are most likely the same, i.e., Ukrainian run psy-ops. I get them all the time. Ukraine is pretty good wrt those and for that matter appear to have a lot of human capital in that technological area.

  28. So Z, when do the helicopters 🚁 lift off the roof of the US Embassy in Kiev, (sorry, KEEEEEEEEEEEEVE) with people hanging off the skids and wheels for dear life?

    “I’m dreaming of a White Christmas”

    • I’ve heard (so could be entirely wrong) that the West will pretty much be out of munitions to send sometime in the summer. It’s why there’s such a push for a Ukrainian offensive.

      It’s a bit like the Germans in 1918. They knew that the Americans were coming so they had to make one last offensive before they arrived to try and end the war. Unfortunately for the Ukrainians, they army seems pretty spent. They’re also sending troops to defend Bakhmut. Those troops likely were meant for the offensive.

      Finally, the Russians have been preparing for the Ukrainian offensive for months. Indeed, they’re hoping that the Ukrainians attack. Nothing better than troops in the open when you can rain artillery down on them.

      The Ukrainians have few options left. They should withdraw across the river, regroup and make it clear that the Russians would lose a lot by trying to take western Ukraine. Of course, it’s entirely possible (in fact, likely) that the Russians don’t want to take western Ukraine, so that’s not much of option.

      The war ends with Russian troops across the river from Kiev. The Russians will demand recognition of the Donbas, Crimea and the land bridge to Crimea as Russian territory. They’ll demand Ukrainian neutrality. They may demand that the rest of eastern Ukraine becomes a demilitarized zone. Obviously, the Russians would love a new Russia-friendly government, but that might be hard to get.

  29. Im hesitant of any numbers. There is not one engagement beyond squad level on video. The line is static like the spanish civil war.

    • Squad level engagements are somewhat irrelevant. The vast majority of military deaths and casualties (65-70%) in these types of conflicts is from mid to long range artillery, which the Russians out number the Ukrainians somewhere from 8-1 to 10-1, depending on where you read.

    • The Russians aren’t sending in squads. They send in recon to find the opposition. When they get contact, they withdraw and feed in the enemy coords to the artillery. It’s the artillery that does the damage. And if your main aim is to destroy the enemy military, that’s good to go.

  30. I’m sure the finger will be pointed at the Bad Orange Man, who, typically, beat his chest about Russia in response to Tucker’s questions, but he is a retard, so there’s that.

    Ultimately, the finger will be pointed at the CivNat Normie, who didn’t Support Ukraine Hard Enough, in a reprise of the “Dolchstoss” argument that comforted Normie in 1975 when Saigon fell, and one that absolves the retards in the State Department and the Fistagon of all responsibility.

    • You know who else used the Stab In The Back explanation?

      The same guy who let the 6th Army get surrounded near the Volga by demanding they hold.

      I know, maybe Zelensky should promote the commander at Bakhmut to a Field Marshal. They never surrender. Problem solved. 🤦‍♂️

  31. I’m trying to think about how they’re going to spin this. It’ll probably be a combination of:

    1) Ukrainian leadership was bad

    2) We didn’t do enough, either in quantity of aid and speed of aid

    3) Russia used “human waves” to win, i.e., our military could crush them in a heart-beat but they overwhelmed the brave Ukrainians who didn’t have enough of our whiz-bang weapons

    Basically, the neocons will say that next time, we need to be even more aggressive.

    But no matter how you slice it, Russian troops across the river from Kiev isn’t a good look. What’s more, I don’t know how the US and Europe walk back the sanctions. I don’t think that they will.

    • By the end of all this, Putin: 3, West: 0. Putin took South Ossetia, then Crimea, the eastern Ukraine. Despite all the howling from the West.

      This will be played down of course, even memory-holed, and explanations and rationalizations being fired around the Halls of Power as fast as you can say Talmudry. But I think the biggest and best TPTB will come up with is “Ukraine incompetent” and everyone will conveniently forget that WE did everything except formally declare war on Russia.

      If I were in charge of regime media, I would hammer home the point that if we can’t defeat the Russians, hell we can’t even defeat the Afghans, and moreso we can’t even protect the territorial integrity of a wheatfield in eastern Europe, then why are we pretending to be the big swinging military dick around the world?

      But our big swinging dick will soon point to Taiwan/China. I can’t sigh anymore without asphyxiating myself. It’s really all so very, very tiresome.

        • We can, we just don’t want to.
          Sniping mules on the Rio Grande for a couple of days would end it.

          • Simple to declare a “dead” zone of three miles, then destroy anything with a heat signature larger that a small dog within.

            However, we really don’t need such. With the exception of the drug trade, people won’t come over if they are assured of being sent back *immediately*. There is no law or treaty that says we must take them if they show up on American soil.

            Refugees—whatever they are—are not considered such if they pass through another stable country. Our Southern border is all MX. Our Northern border, CA. Hence, we can send most everyone back immediately and discuss with CA and MX about their citizens we now “hold” in custody pending those negotiations and evaluation of claims.

      • Yep. This whole thing will be forgotten. The media won’t bring it up, except to say that we should have been more aggressive and that we need an even bigger military.

        The neocons will turn to China. The sanctions will stay in play.

        Europe will slowly rot from losing Russian energy and China as an export market. Their banks are on the brink as we speak.

      • It may soon be FAFO for NATO in Georgia too. Then they will be 0-4 with Russia. I don’t think Georgians are quite as crazy as Ukrainians so there won’t be the body count there.

    • I forgot to address sanctions. As long as the neocons and Pale of Settlement descendants are in charge of our foreign policy, Russia will be the next Cuba. Actually a super-Cuba. It will be a thorn in our side, stubbornly existing despite sanctions sanctions sanctions.

      • The sanctions seem to be helping the sanctioned at this point.
        Keep in mind, too that Russia has seized all US/NATO related business assets in Russia, so it’s just tit for tat at the moment.

    • From WaPo: “U.S. and European officials have estimated that as many as 120,000 Ukrainian soldiers have been killed or wounded since the start of Russia’s invasion early last year, compared with about 200,000 on the Russian side”

      They have to keep repeating that lie because I guess even the bugmen would squeal if they saw the truth.

    • Their two favorite excuses are:

      “This is Trump’s fault!”

      “White supremacy!”

      Justifying each of these excuses with respect to Ukraine is left as an exercise for the reader.

  32. Ahh those petty third world dictators like Zelensky always convince themselves, “Well the U.S. left those guys holding the bag, but they’d never do that to me!” Such are the karmic rewards of their narcissism!
    We can always send Zelensky our girl power, super women, and the trannies! That’ll have ol’ uncle Putin quaking in his jack boots!

    • Calling Zelensky a petty third world dictator is offensive to the real petty third world dictators, who tend to be tough mofos. Zelensky is just an actor playing a role.

      • To be fair, Zelensky was the only guy with any real-world qualifications; actors with prior experience at playing the president of Ukraine don’t exactly grow in trees.

        • …so the fact that he wasn’t even able to speak Ukrainian when he was picked for the role, is only a minor issue.

        • His parents are already there, living in an $8million house provided by Elenskyyyyyy’s masters, in partial payment for his services to the internationalist oligarchy.

        • Well, I don’t know, he kinda dropped the ball on restoring the glories of Olde Tyme Khazaria, and some other Tribe members, like Singer, who dropped some shekels on ownership of prime swatches of land taken from the Pale..uh, Slavs, and are going to be coming up empty. Maybe they won’t be amused.

    • I’m sure both Zelenskyyyy and Putin have seen the photo of the husky trans-woman receiving an award at World Woman Day (or whatever it’s called) with our Secretary of State Blinken grinning sheepishly standing next to “her.” Just noticed that there’s what appears to be a rough-looking North? Korean woman Army officer in the background. The whole scene is weird. Also this is the first time I’ve seen a photo of Blinken smiling. When he was on the junket with Biden in Poland/Ukraine and Biden was giving a speech, Blinken just stared straight ahead the whole time, like he was afraid of what the President might blurt out, and Tony would have to “fix” diplomatically.

  33. “The new narrative will probably blame the Ukrainian leadership for the failures on the battlefield and maybe the failure to conduct negotiations.”

    Someone’s gotta take the blame. Ain’t gonna be the Western “leaders.” Seriously, have you ever seen Biden take responsibility for anything? Or Obama, or Clinton, or Bolton, or the Bronze Age anachronisms?

  34. Reading those stories, it occurred to me that there is a split between our military and the neocon types at state and nsc. The military, politicized as they are, are seeing what the numbers are and how this is draining their own logistics. The neocons are still in fantasy land. Relacleardefense is a good guide to the current propaganda line and when that changes it’ll be an indication that they’re wrenching the narrative. That’s my two cents.

    • My gut instinct is that the Peter-Thiel/Elon-Musk phenomenon is a creation of the more militaristic holdovers within the Deep State.

      Some group of Old Timers working in opposition to the CIA.

  35. The revised narrative will be we must intervene more strongly and frequently to counter Russia and China throughout the world. We failed to do enough and must be more aggressive. The only question being which territory sustains the money laundering ops. My guess is Mexico. It would have been Mexico sooner but they wanted too big of a cut and the Ukrainian juice were relatively cheap. With the open borders sure to remain policy and practice, the Mexican cut will reduce and the laundering go full tilt.

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