The Great Reckoning

For generations, going back to the middle of the last century, people have been warning about systemic problems in American society. Some of the warnings have been tricks to continue the cultural revolution. Some have been part of the financial legerdemain that defines so much of our economy and politics. There have been, however, many sincere warnings about long term structural problems. Out of necessity and expediency they were ignored, but that may be about to change.

The most obvious is the most immediate. Going back to the Clinton years people who understood money were warning about loose money policy. People forget that Clinton winning was a surprise. After all, Bush came into the election with a huge war victory and a solid economy. The Reagan expansion was viewed not only as a miracle of Republican policy, but a rebuke of left-wing economics. Then the economy soured before the elections and Clinton was president.

Much of official Washington blamed the tight money policies of Alan Greenspan for tanking the economy under Bush. Team Clinton made sure this could never happen again, especially with a Democrat in office. Loose money became official policy and only got worse with each administration. By the Obama years, we were in a world of Zero Interest Rate Policy. Now those ZIRP chickens are coming home to roost in the form of a systemic banking failure.

No one should be deceived by what is happening. Last weekend, the Federal Reserve decided that the banks are all broke due to holding assets that have a declining market value, so the Federal Reserve effectively nationalized the banks. The only way they can regain control of money policy is to eliminate the market for long dated bonds by promising to buy them at face value. The Federal Reserve has nationalized the banks by nationalizing the bond market.

This is required to avoid a bank collapse but also allow for the long overdue reorganization of the financial sector. A generation of free money has turned Wall Street into a drug addict. It is entirely organized around getting the narcotic of free money from the government, rather than the normal practice of banking. All of its schemes are designed not to create value in the economy but to generate the need for more free money, a portion of which ends up in executive pay.

This did not happen in isolation. The great auctioning off of the manufacturing base that began in the 1980’s has finally caught up to America. The subtext to the Ukraine war is the fact that America no longer has the ability to make the weapons it requires to wage war on the world. Russia, with a third of the population, can now make more weapons for war than America. Her production of ammunition dwarfs what America can muster, which is why Russia is slowly grinding down the Ukrainians.

Of course, one main reason for the auctioning off of the manufacturing base is it raised quick money to invest in the rigged casino that is Wall Street. This fact was masked to a great degree by cheap consumer goods. In fact, the culture of cheap consumer goods has justified all of the nation wrecking policies. Everything from open borders to wholesale political corruption have been justified by cheap lawn care and cheap products sold in big box stores.

The price tag for decades of cheap goods underwritten by the sale of the manufacturing base is now coming due. The only thing America makes now is sexual deviance and lectures in favor of sexual deviance. It turns out that there is no global market for rainbow colored marital devices and films promoting the culture around them, which means America does not have a real economy. The ongoing economic crisis is about to get much worse as that reality becomes clear.

In fairness, some of the proceeds from auctioning off of the manufacturing base went into the technology sector. In the fullness of time, the robot historians may remember America for having singlehandedly created the technological revolution. This has changed the world. The trouble is, the technological revolution ended decades ago, but Silicon Valley continues to consume trillions in money. With the collapse of SVB, that great money drain is now ending.

The war with Russia and the looming war with China has also brought other chickens home to roost. For a long time people have been warning about the military industrial complex and its addiction to expensive, high tech weapons. Those whiz-bang systems look great, but they are not what wins wars. What wins a war are the tools the average soldier uses to kill the enemy. We no longer bother making them and instead focus on rocket ships and space lasers.

What the war in Ukraine has revealed is that NATO would have to use nuclear weapons in a war against Russia, because NATO lacks the men and machines to fight a ground war against the Russians. Most NATO countries would run out of ammunition in a few weeks and have to surrender. Against China, the American military would deliver some serious early blows, but then run out of supplies. Chinese manufacturing capacity is now greater than America and Europe combined.

Overlaying all of this is the crisis of competence. The SVB fiasco is a great example of a problem that permeates American society. Instead of rewarding skill and accomplishment, our system is rigged to reward nonwhites at the explicit expense of whites, especially white males. The only market that is booming in America is the racial revenge market and the result is colorful people in positions of authority who lack the basic skills to do the jobs they have been given.

Thirty years ago, people warned about this. What started as tolerance in the 1980’s, became sensitivity in the 1990’s, then diversity in the new century. It has now turned into a full blown cult of anti-whiteness. While towns in Ohio suffer from an ecological disaster, the people in charge fret of racist sidewalks. Corporate America is more concerned with its ESG and DEI scores than its financial stability. We have combined demographic reality with anti-white fanaticism into a ruling ethic.

No society can run this way. Good luck fighting China with a rainbow coalition of drag diverse drag queens trying to operate space guns. Good luck weathering a reorganization of the financial system when the banks are run by people who were just recently coaxed from caves by European explorers. Imagine surviving an end of empire crisis with the productive portion of society seething with rage at the fanatics who brought about this disaster.

One could go on a long time listing the things that should never have been allowed to happen that are now turning up in the nation’s crisis list. All of these are the result of bad polices hatched in the late 20th century and used to loot the country by the new generations of rulers ushered in by the Clintons. The bill for the great bust-out is now coming due and there is no avoiding it. Like drunks at closing time, we await the bill for generations of reckless behavior.

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  2. I’ll play the villain here, but I see a lot of people high on hopium. The collapse is not here. There will not be a run on the banks or any widespread collapse right now. They’ve taken measures that will calm the markets just enough for now. Furthermore, I doubt there’s going to be any more real moves in fed interest rates. If they move up, they’re going to trigger failures of more banks. If they move back down, inflation runs out of control. They’re going to freeze here like a deer in headlights and accept the ensuing “7-9%” CPI. We’ll settle into a run of the mill moderate recession.

    But oh wait, there’s more! The real “collapse” type scenario happens WHEN (not if) BRICS+ finishes its alternative to the dollar reserve/SWIFT. Russia and China are shoring up relationships and support from key players as we speak, notably in the Middle East (Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria), but also elsewhere (India, Africa). What do you think all these meetings are about? It’s been noted that Russia is not talking to these countries obsessively about Ukraine, as the West is doing. This plan was certainly in Beta phases or talks before, but the last year has accelerated it without question. An overtly optimistic person would say they might have it lined up in a few years, but the more likely time table is 5-10 years. I’m the meantime, the US will almost certainly try to color revolution anyone involved, and if/when that fails, it will make war on at least on of the parties. Buckle up.

    • It’s going to take a long time for the world to de-dollarize, even if that’s their top priority. Longer than 5-10 years I say. And even then it will only de-dollarize to a point. They can weaken the dollar but they can’t kill it.

    • I generally agree with what The Greek says. I don’t know whether the transition will be reasonably orderly or not. I’d prefer the former of course, but it ain’t up to me. As decadent as the GAE may be, it, alas, is still the best of a bad bunch. Even if one secretly would cheer for a new competitor to the Dollar standard, there are myriad obstacles. Not the least of those are that the two putative new world powers (Russia and China) have virtually no history of anything resembling Western style “rule of law.” Of course, a good case can be made that the West has largely abandoned what would have been called the rule of law of a cetnury, or even 60, years ago. But those new superpowers? Being generous, Russia has had something resembling a democracy for just over three decades. China isn’t anywhere near that. China has done world-class centralized government for thousands of years and isn’t going to stop now. Yes, they have a powerful economy. And let’s throw India into the mix. Much potential but little history of cohesion. All this to say: good luck getting anything resembling a trustworthy international currency out of THAT bunch.

      • ‘Not the least of those are that the two putative new world powers (Russia and China) have virtually no history of anything resembling Western style “rule of law.”’

        The USA is currently working hard to forget everything it ever knew about Western style “rule of law”. The playing field is leveling.

      • We don’t have a democracy either. Supposedly we have a transparent system. Do any of us really know who really sets our monetary policy? Is it set in DC? Is it set in multiple capitals?

        The best thing that can happen to GAE is that there is a de-facto separation. Federalization will be difficult given how dependent the states are on Federal funds.

        We’ve confused material abundance, or at least the appearances of it, with the highest form of well being. Controlling the world destroyed our nation. The People rising up to stop those who wish to control the world at any cost is getting them replaced faster than ever. The longer this draws out, the more comprehensive the replacement.

    • Think back on the last 3 years. They’re right: people will accept and adapt to anything. Social engineering is a beast to behold.

    • It is notable that Arab states, including Saudi Arabia it seems, are beginning to make moves to restore the diplomatic relations with Syria that were previously severed at SA’s, and the GAE’s instigation. As Kissinger said, ” To be America’s energy is dangerous, to be its friend is fatal”, and they have multiple proofs of that in their region upon which to reflect.

  3. When will there Anti-White fetish end? I really wonder if the regime will ever accept some other group as an evil??

  4. “People forget that Clinton winning was a surprise. After all, Bush came into the election with a huge war victory and a solid economy.”

    I don’t recall it was a surprise. The media was FIRMLY in the tank for Clinton and utterly hammering Bush on the recession, far beyond its actual scope, and just portraying Bush as an out-of-touch wimp. Add that Perot siphoned off Bush votes and the outcome was not a surprise, certainly near the end. Didn’t matter that Bush/CIA threatened Perot so he dropped off the face of the world. I think Clinton was CIA anyway, also.

    “The only thing America makes now is sexual deviance and lectures in favor of sexual deviance.”

    Aint that the godawful truth. And American makes racial revenge, as you note.

    ” What started as tolerance in the 1980’s, became sensitivity in the 1990’s, then diversity in the new century. It has now turned into a full blown cult of anti-whiteness.”

    People never be the slope is that slippery till it’s too late.

    • That election was my first real red pill, in my early 20s. I had studied journalism, before I found other things to do, immersed in the sacred creed of objectivity which they had told me journalists were supposed to embody. So when I saw how hard the media was backing Clinton, I quickly realized that was all bs and they couldn’t be trusted.

      I vividly remember news, not opinion, headlines on the front page that summer to the effect of “Bush Has No Plan for the Economy,” as they wailed about a garden variety recession during which I don’t believe the stock market ever dipped more than 15%.

      • Another aspect of that time period was that Bush-I actually did cut some military bases. He made the right first step in lieu of the Soviet collapse. I think that hurt him with parts of the base and especially in California. There were a couple in Cali if I recall correctly. Mare Island for certain and maybe in SoCal.

        Perhaps he and Congress should have waited until after the election. Not saying it was the factor, but it is another factor. Four years later Cheney and the neocons were signing the PNAC and here we are. Strange that they are throwing whitey over the bus 15 years into the century long plan to enact full spectrum military dominance.

  5. This movie has been previewed. Matthew 25:
    3 As he sat on the Mount of Olives, the disciples came to him privately, saying, “Tell us, when will these things be, and what will be the sign of your coming and of the end of the age?” 4 And Jesus answered them, “See that no one leads you astray. 5 For many will come in my name, saying, ‘I am the Christ,’ and they will lead many astray. 6 And you will hear of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not alarmed, for this must take place, but the end is not yet. 7 For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and there will be famines and earthquakes in various places. 8 All these are but the beginning of the birth pains.
    36 “But concerning that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son,[b] but the Father only. 37 For as were the days of Noah, so will be the coming of the Son of Man. 38 For as in those days before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day when Noah entered the ark, 39 and they were unaware until the flood came and swept them all away, so will be the coming of the Son of Man.

  6. Nothing in the human realm is allowed to evolve, devolve or run its natural course anymore. Everything has to be F’d with by the government to supposedly make it “better” or “less worse” or “more fair”, whatever. Reality and truth never seem to raise their sometimes ugly, sometimes beautiful head. It’s all so damned fake and gay from top to bottom and side to side. How much longer can ignoring reality or pretending it’s something other than it is, go on? It all seems like it all should come crashing, but never does. This gradual wasting away is painful as hell.

  7. We often speak about the “Day of Reckoning” in the future tense, but the reality is that the collapse is happening in slow motion before our very eyes on a daily basis. There is not going to be a “day” in which everyone wakes up and says, “Holy shit, we’re really fucked now.”

    The institutions of society have been thoroughly debased, all of them. The COVID nonsense proved that the medical industry is incompetent and corrupt. We abandoned any pretense of a balanced budget and prudent spending decades ago. The stock market has been a Ponzi scheme since 2009 if not longer. Our manufacturing base was getting wiped out in the 1980s and 1990s. Higher education is an expensive farce. The churches are overrun by queers, lesbians and pedophiles. The FBI actively manufactured a hoax investigation and spied on a presidential candidate in 2016. Domestic spying is now taken for granted. Blacks are let go after committing major felonies, while white morons are entrapped by an FBI that has basically become an American NKVD and given outrageous sentences.

    Still, we have been soldiering right along, because we have daily lives to live and banal realities to deal with. We may be outraged but there is nothing we can do so we “vote harder” — and when we do the election is of course rigged.

    What has changed is that, for decades, we have seen this stuff happening and assumed that, when it really got down to serious business, some competent, intelligent white guy would step up to the plate, cut through the bullshit and the nonsense, and stave off disaster.

    Nobody really believes that any more.

    • Xman: Well said. That mythical “Day of Reckoning” has actually been decades of reckoning. The collapse is a process. Sure, there might be one day here or there where we bump down 5-6 steps at a time, but otherwise it’s just a continuing slide into decay and irrelevancy. All the headlines today are proclaiming that the US banking system is fundamentally sound – bank stocks are up, and deposits are ‘streaming’ back into major banks.

      Anyone who believes any of the headlines – on either side – is a fool. I am no financial or math genius but even I figured out (with the help of lots of reading and many knowledgeable commenters here and elsewhere) that the feds chose the bond market over the stability of the dollar (h/t COASC). Except, of course, the banks are not at all sound. The current interest rate still leaves the value of their pretend paper ‘assets’ insufficient to cover liabilities, while simultaneously lagging further and further behind real inflation. Which, of course, will be significantly worsened by the feds declaring they (ie the taxpayers) will make all venture capitalists everywhere ‘whole’ forevermore.

      So people who leave their money in the bank – besides the serious risk of losing it all when the next round of malfeasance is exposed – also continue to lose daily as the value of those fiat bucks vanishes. And those who talk about ‘investments’ for future returns are gambling the system and government will continue for the indefinite future.

      I’m not willing to take that risk. I’ve spent a lot of money the past two years – but almost everything I’ve bought has increased in price dramatically (even the damned compass I bought in July 2021 has doubled in price from $35 to $70!). Keep enough in the system to pay the necessary bills, but otherwise do one’s best to live totally apart from it. Don’t play Three Card Monte with your family’s future.

      • I’m a small time stock trader. I rarely day trade, but when there’s an unusal opportunity like Monday, when major banks drop suddenly anywhere from 20-80% in a day I take notice. On Monday and Tuesday I made several trades of the banks and suprisingly boosted the value of my account by perhaps 20%. For me, that’s unusually good. I’m no genius, just lucky (and willing to take some risks.) Anyway, that horn-blowing is a lead-in to this:
        Among the issues I traded are two ETF that represent regional banks: KRE and IAT. Afer the market closed today (03-14) I looked at their Yahoo Finance data, in particular the 5 day chart. As far as I can tell, both of these ETFs closed within 5-10% of their recent panic (Monday) low. My take: the so-called relief rally was very short lived and looks like it basically peaked just after the opening bell, around 9:45 AM EDT.

        • Ben, I read about some traders making a solid return doing what you did. For those with the funds to spare and willing to take the risk – go for it. My husband laments times he waited to sell when he shouldn’t have, or sold too early – and we’re talking about funds in his 401k account. But we don’t tend to be ‘lucky’ people.

          I generally concur with Marko’s comment – I think they’re going to calm the worst of this panic in the immediate short term, but I also think it exposes the very broad and deep rifts in the system. It gives me hope (and also great concern) that it may all decay more rapidly than many are prepared for.

    • My parents are in their 70s. My dad is a vietnam combat veteran who has parkinson’s disease and is rapidly becoming a shell of his former self. My sister is older than me by a few years and keeps her head in the sand. Things got heated at my sunday dinner when I was explaining the idiocy of voting to my mother, who is a conservative who believes that the pendulum will swing back, and by not voting, I am letting “them” win.

      Now, I love my parents, they’re good people and gave me a very solid upbringing and instilled a great work ethic, but when i hear this stuff it literally makes me want to poke my eyes out. It is mind numbing to hear people say that they realize the system is rigged, but “we need to do it anyway”. What the fuck? This is the same as someone admitting that masks don’t work but you should wear one anyway.

      The cluelessness of normie is incredible. There is no fixing it. It is so ingrained into the mind of normie that our systems still function, the constitution matters and the courts are not corrupt. Just the other day, one of my conservatard buddies who I cannot seem to get through to told me that white employees need to start suing companies for discrimination… He actually said this. I swear, is it me? Am I the crazy one? On what fucking planet are these people living?

      • Tired Citizen: With all due respect, how much is a particular ‘friendship’ worth to you? Is it truly a friendship if you hold such dramatically different visions of reality? And of course you’re not going to change your parents’ minds at their age – most people get incredibly stubborn after age 50 or so and actively resist change. If you love them, then visit with them and determinedly keep the conversation to inconsequential things. Trying to discuss dissident political positions just confuses them and distresses you. Nod your head, ask about their health, and maintain detachment.

        • That’s the only thing to do. As the saying goes, you cannot reason someone out of a belief he didn’t reason his way into. I don’t argue much anymore with people. I just avoid to the extent possible.

    • This raises the question, what will be a sign that the tide has turned? If we can’t even recognize how far along we are, how will we know that it’s time to set our bayonets? Normie takes solace in the crumbs he gets, like Trump or some “went woke, went broke!” story, but we have to keep an eye out for a legitimate call to arms.

      What event will we consider a legitimate victory, a harbinger of the final reckoning?

      • I think it will take stage 9/10 load shedding like in South Africa for normie to wake up. Stage 3 or 4 won’t do it because sportball is still on and they can buy a generator (California) because fuel delivery is still reliable.

      • If the system was worth saving, if there was hope of working within it, then two possible legitimate victories would be:

        * applying the 1964 civil rights act to defend white people from discrimination, and

        * overturning the doctrine of disparate impact (unequal results among races proves discrimination) by race realist arguments

    • Trump was that guy. He was the last stop.

      Despite his best efforts, he wasn’t the man he was memed to be, didn’t do shit and, critically, ended his term by giving up permanently locked down Blue elections.

      The system will run its course just like the Soviet Union. Then maybe something will change.

    • I think we’re really close. Spidey sense says this crisis is going to waste. Table not set. It just kind of happened.

      • The other problem is that there is something fishy about the non-woke Silicon Valley faction – Thiel. Libertarian sea-steader or Palintir, PayPal, Facebook lead VC? Musk – Twitter free speech guy or subsidy truffle hound, CAGW promoter, transhumanist, and SpaceX run by one of the biggest diversity harpees around?

        I’ve not once heard one of them propose ending Civil Rights and Affirmative Action, providing money to sue to the ground anti-white discrimination … … I hear a lot of stuttering and sperging and calling for more technology.

        We just don’t have any powerful people aligned with us in any substantive and meaningful way. Our path forward is overrunning specific jurisdictions and amassing local political and commercial power and building a network of such jurisdictions.

          • I know alot of conservatives are migrating to northern Idaho and New Hampshire; but those place seem very disjointed geographically. Perhaps somewhere in Appalachia?

  8. “Chinese manufacturing capacity is now greater than America and Europe combined.”

    This is exactly what I noted before. The USA entered WWII with an *idle* industrial capacity *greater* than all the Axis powers *combined*! This was due to a non-recovery from the Great Depression.

    In the Pacific, we had less military assets than Japan, and of course nothing of much note in the Atlantic theatre. Yet by Feb ‘43, Japan had been effectively stopped in the Pacific (Guadalcanal) and Germany was retreating on all fronts in Europe. In three years, we went from a minor power (1.5M army) to 16M under arms. You don’t do that as a deindustrialized nation.

  9. Thank you! Thank you! Finally, brutal honesty. Yes, it really is that bad, and getting worse faster. Selecting a dementia patient as president should have been the final straw, but somehow normie kept his fat ass glued to the couch. And the problem doesn’t end with Brandon (he still thinks he’s a swell guy). Cocaine Mitch and Turd Muffin McCarthy are worse because they know they are evil and do it anyway. Enough sour grapes, some White Pill please.

    There are still a lot competent alphas hiding in the weeds (mostly rural) and most are still nobodies. They go to work everyday and get the job done without bitching and moaning. They no longer receive any appreciation or recognition, were formerly largely ignored, but now are vilified. And the spring is wound tighter with each passing drag queen outrage. Many will be inclined to join a militia (because that’s the way it’s always been done). But there is a better way, a smarter way. And that is the education and training that we need to inspire.

    • Problem is, as many will note in comments to follow, is the fly in the ointment. The great unknown. How does a country response with such a large “fifth column” of non-Whites? Is recovery to sanity able to arise from within—no matter how prepared many of us are.

      • Macro-scale societal dysfunction can only be remedied via a change in the environment that motivates and restarts our ancestral fitness drivers, but that is not the imminent danger. We are being ruled by corrupt psychopaths (imagine being a passenger in a bus driven by a falling-down drunk alcoholic, who is also insane and suicidal). Until that problem is addressed, everything else is a waste of time and resources.

      • The fifth column is not the main problem. It’s the heavy coverage of surveillance. Hard to militia up when the surveillance state is such a large employer of common folk.

  10. ‘The only market that is booming in America is the racial revenge market and the result is colorful people in positions of authority who lack the basic skills to do the jobs they have been given.’

    Yes, but if you look at SVB, what went wrong was not POC in charge, but white women wielding DIE as a weapon. On its own website, SVB described itself as a ‘pro-woman brand’. Pro-woman in modern Amerikanese means anti-male.

    The race-grifting and racism angle are big problems in America, but pale compared to the impact of the past fifty years of total feminism. The U.S. is not a black-ruled nation, it is a female-ruled nation. Your problems are not ‘out there’ somewhere, but in your own houses and families. Those with houses and families left, anyway.

    • Do you believe that women are the architects of our problems or non-reflective conformists, hungry for approval, who are being programmed by the real culprits?

      • Architects? Women couldn’t engineer their way out of a cardboard box. Women are the ‘weaker vessel’ and so perennial first target of all outside attacks, spiritual, ethical or ideo-political.

        At beginning of the race women were targeted specifically and successfully. The enemy was, and is, afraid of the man for reasons having to do with the unique nature of man’s creation.

        Largely through tv and entertainment, women again have been successfully co-opted by ‘powers and principalities’, as well as by global orgs (WEF etc.), and by the governments that answer to the global orgs and global elite.

        Women must be kept under strict supervision of the male because he is her spiritual defense against incursion and attack . . . which inevitably comes because woman is like a limping deer before the trotting lions.

    • The risk assessment officer was an Indian immigrant lesbian with no apparent knowledge of math, but a great interest in Pride Month…the rot was deep

      • “Update: After publication, SVB UK responded that, since August 2022, the SVB UK has been a separate “ring fenced” entity from the US SVB bank that collapsed last week, and that Jay Ersapah reported to the Chief Risk Officer for the UK and would not have been involved with risk assessment for the US bank.”

        Who knows if the non-white chick was really responsible, but I do wonder why some commenters want to implicate white women in particular.

        • Yes, I do want to implicate white women in particular, because they have been the engine of Leftism (currently, Woke) and false spirituality (spiritualism) going back almost two centuries.

          The 1848 Seneca Falls Convention was organized and run by white women, and white women are the base demographic of Progressivism. Now that they have thrown down the doors of the ‘patriarchy’, and are firmly in power, yes, there is plenty of room for allies such as the lesbian Indian risk assessment officer, ad infinitum.

          Over the past fifty years white women have been the white-hot core in the hatred and disenfranchisement of men, particularly white men.

    • We’ve always had men who liked war, spoiled for fights, etc. But now we have female leaders who do the same and worse. I’ve long thought that the total feminization of the ruling class would initially reduce violence then ultimately unleash it in an apocalyptic orgy.

      We’re getting close. It’s the few responsible people holding the system together that make it a long slow decline. If they shrug, welp.

      I’m optimistic.

    • I am convinced feminism is responsible for most problems including the diversity racket and open borders.

      Way back in the early 80s I started hearing warnings that social security would go bankrupt in the 2020s or 2030s. Why? Because Boomers weren’t having children. First Boomers then Gen-X and now Millennials are not having enough children. This falls squarely on feminism.

      What is most infuriating about it is women traded a family for a cubicle. They actually frame being at home with their children as “slavery” and sitting in a cubicle with soulless job as “freedom” 90% of women don’t have some “exciting career,” they have a soulless job.

      • It does give them freedom to be sluts that they previously lacked. Which they appear to embrace eagerly.

        • Are the males of our species any different? Or without blame? Before the Sexual Revolution, males had to settle down and prove their worth before they got the “goodies”. Women said, “put a ring on it”. By and large the rule held. After the Sexual Revolution, women handed their out their “charms” for free and males accepted gladly. And here we are today.

          • Not sure about the downvotes here. There’s a reason for the saying, “why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?”

            In Eden, man failed to stop woman from introducing sin into the world, and every man since then has been born into the same dynamic. Some do better than others in taming that impulse to sin, but it’s generally easier done when living in the context of a moral society. We don’t have that now, with predictable results on the part of men.

          • What sane man would marry these harridans so they can be divorce raped and estranged from their
            The little woman can go eat pray love?
            It’s the white nights like you who enabled and cheered on feminism. You’ve been down voted.

          • The elites bestow sexual morality upon the peasants. If the news tells women peasants to be divorced sluts they’ll do it. If the news tells peasant men to be Peter Pan soy boys they’ll do it.

      • Female suffrage was surely a huge boost to the Left. Now women may or may not be significantly to the left of men, but the political class perceived them to be and began pushing Leftist initiatives in order to appeal to that half of the electorate.

        • (reply to KGB)

          ‘Not sure about the downvotes here.’

          I suspect the downvotes are because Compsci attempted to hold males, at minimum, equally responsible with women for feminism. Yes, men had a part in the ‘sexual revolution’, but many men don’t want the blame dumped on them anymore for modern conditions, while females as always skate free. Many men want females held to consequence, instead of every problem always being men’s fault. Which is the default setting under our feminist and neocon rule.

          Here’s what Scripture has to say about whether women and men are equally at fault for feminism, which has been with the world in one form or another since Eden.

          ‘But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.

          ‘For Adam was first formed, then Eve.

          ‘And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression.’ (1 Tim. 2:12-14)

      • who would want to do business with that? I meant I don’t like sourpusses or killjoys but this is infantilizing.

    • Is AINO ruled by wymyn? Quite possibly. But if so, they rule it on behalf of Hutus. That is hardly insignificant. In fact, it’s a coequal portion of the pathology that besets us.

    • (((white women))) are the problem goy
      Who is Herbert Marcuse?

      “It was absolutely understood by both [immigration] restrictionists and antirestrictionists in Congress that Jewish organizations spearheaded opposition against the 1924 law’s national origins, despite little public support. Jewish organizations also organized, funded and performed most of the work of a variety of umbrella organizations aimed at combating the 1924 law. The 1965 reform was thus not the result of popular pressure but rather of a 40-year program of activism.”

  11. David Cole seems to be giving a nice tutorial breakdown today, over on Takimag, on what it means to be dissident. I wouldn’t have aspired to call myself dissident, but maybe my $5/month is a step in that direction.

  12. In the 90s, there were open debates about free trade vs. protectionism, NAFTA and GATT, etc, which spurred Ross Perot to run for president. Lately I’ve heard chatter here and there about Perot being controlled opposition to enable Clinton to win, but I disagree.

    I think he was truly alarmed at the destruction of the manufacturing base. Back then I listened to Pat Choate’s (Perot’s second running mate) radio show enough to realize Perot’s campaign wasn’t some cryptic psyop. He was genuinely sickened about what was happening. Choate, a fellow Texan, knew him well.

    Even though the protectionist side had the better arguments back then, it didn’t matter. These kinds of things never seem to matter. The big money elites get what they want. NAFTA was pushed through, and that was that. Remember that as we move closer to the subject of digital currency and social credit scores. It won’t matter what we think.

    • If Perot hadn’t dropped out, he might have won. That and why it happened were the real story of that campaign. If, as some have alleged, he caved to death threats, then he wasn’t cut out for that line of work in the first place.

      • What killed Perot, was his “in again, out again”. Once he showed hesitation and weirdness, he was doomed. If Clinton was involved, it was only to the point of tarnishing Perot. Not eliminating him. Perot drew off enough votes to split the Rep’s which put Clinton in.

        • So he said. But really, a death threat taken so seriously? Remember, the guy was a billionaire. He could have afforded 24 hr security for his family, easily. I suspect the death threat was a cover for whatever they had on him.

          • The 587% increased chance of suicide, once one’s path crossed with the Clintons, begs to differ.

    • Just to refresh Yankee memories: Southerners of the 1840s/50s referred to the Northern Ruling Class as “the money power.” Tell me what has changed.

  13. As others have stated, a truly excellent piece today. As someone who works in tech I am seeing all of the realities of DEI come to fruition. I love writing code, it is one of my passions, but to do it alongside the retards we hire to check our ESG and DEI boxes it has taken its toll. Currently I have 3 diversity hires on my team. Collectively they are not even worth one good programmer. Everything they do has to be mapped out as there is no critical thinking ability whatsoever. Building out boilerplate can be done, but as soon as real problem solving is required, I have to do it for them. They don’t even try – it’s incredibly pathetic.

    Overall competency in the software world has become immensely poor with the advent of “Anyone Can Code!” which has lead people to think that women and blax make better engineers than white males. It is completely ridiculous and, of course, runs contrary to reality. What’s funny about my company, er, wokeness center, is that the only black we have in the engineering organization is a UX designer. There are no black developers at all. Instead, my company opted to go the contractor route and hire nothing but browns. We also have an overseas operation of low IQ browns who routinely break the existing code and dump nothing but garbage into the code base.

    • anyone can code but you need to be DEI and ESG compliant to get hired from the “anyone can code” pipeline.

      we are seeing a bunch of institutions fail with some diversity hire in a key role and of course this will be spun by some evil fuckers as further evidence of the white man’s treachery.

    • “…“Anyone Can Code!” ”

      Bingo! Let me support that observation. There are “coders” and then there are “Software Engineers”. Yep, anyone can code. But the later…that is something special. Only the ignorant suggest that programming is a low skill endeavor open to the masses. It is not! I am not a Software Engineer, not even close—but I’ve known a few SE’s. I stand in awe.

    • I have an acquaintance who leads a software development team at one of the major consulting firms, which I won’t name. All development teams must meet internal diversity quotas and any external diversity quotas imposed by the client for the project.

      He spends the majority of his time writing code the diversity hires can’t write, or rewriting the code they have bungled, and writing the required documentation for the code. He has been told in no uncertain terms that he must give the diverity hires full credit for his work. He even has to prepare any required presentation materials for the client on their behalf, then stand aside and let them give the presentation.

      He is utterly demoralized, but handsomely rewarded.

      • And this, my friends, is the future of whites once we are entirely subjugated. We will be helots. But instead of being forced to do manual labor, we will be required to do all of the intellectual heavy lifting, but with most of the credit and financial remuneration going to PoC who wouldn’t know how to wipe their own tukhas if white people hadn’t showed them the method.

      • Yeah, thats the best possible scenario for smart white people.

        If your iq is on the left 75% of the curve… they will go into the shanty towns like in South Africa.

    • I’ve been looking for work as a software engineer and had an interview a few months ago with a guy from HR at a large company. Yes, there are a few men in HR. Sadly, he was as brainwashed as any of the women. He told me that basically, “anyone can be trained” to do the work I was applying for. I don’t think he even realized that he had just insulted me and denigrated everyone working in the field by implying that basically, a bunch of burger flippers could do the same thing with enough “training”.

      You can point to evidence of egalitarian ideology in engineering going back to the 1990s but until recently it’s been just rhetoric. What’s alarming now is that they seem to actually believe this stuff. It’s one thing to say you believe that you can build a mile high building out of toothpicks. Actually trying to do it though is going to be a huge disaster.

      • I’ve been in the tech industry long enough to see it go completely down the tubes when it was once an art. What happened was all of the tech companies decided they needed to support DEI and female HR organizations. Then retard bean counters realized that they could make more money in software than they were making in their current fake job, so they started inventing jobs that were never needed.

        Now there are 10 levels of “management” that do nothing other than moisten office chairs. These people have no idea what it takes to engineer REAL software, so they believe in the egalitarian ideals of the left. When projects get behind, throw more bodies at it. Never mind the fact that adding more people, retards no less, will actually slow things down further, and create even more problems later on when the code is actually deployed.

        • I like the old analogy, that would be forbidden in today’s Woke workplace: Trying to speed along a complex [software, engineering, etc.] project by hiring more staff is rarely successful. The analogy was that, in the best of time, it requires nine months to produce a human baby. The “geniuses” in HR think that by hiring nine nubile women, and having one man, they can obtain that baby. The best thing that wil come of that plan is one very exhausted, but perhaps happy, man.

          Of course the illustration is absurd, but it’s also apt, and anyone who worked in such an industsry has seen harebrained schemes almost as laughable.

    • I chuckled
      This is the gayest empire in history and is only possible due to nukes

  14. “Instead of rewarding skill and accomplishment, our system is rigged to reward nonwhites at the explicit expense of whites, especially white males. The only market that is booming in America is the racial revenge market and the result is colorful people in positions of authority who lack the basic skills to do the jobs they have been given.”

    Not the blacks. There really aren’t enough of them to make a difference. The problem is cunt. Get rid of cunt in power and you solve the problem.

    • Yep.

      It is the collective influence of women — not of blacks, browns, etc. — that is driving the nation down. The POC issue will never be solved, nor even addressed, until the women of the Anglo nations stop ruling over the men of the Anglo nations.

      That means, among other things, daddy telling his princess ‘no’ a lot and marrying her off in her teens. Instead of sending her to Whore College to learn how to hate white males, then be hired by the government or corporations or NGOs.

    • Without cunt power, there probably wouldn’t BE a diversity problem.

      “It was never about equality. It was always about power.”
      — Gloria Steinem

    • I don’t really buy this. Everything began rolling downhill rapidly ca. 1965 several years before the women’s lib movement gained any traction. What we began experiencing at that time was a broadbased anti-Western movement exemplified by Satanic inversion, part of which was dethroning men and replacing them with women. But that was only part of a much larger and more complicated picture.

      • I tend to agree with you, Ostei. The feminists realized they could jump on the “diversity” bandwagon and claim victim status just like the vibrants and wanted in on the spoils.

      • Ostei: That time period also saw the fruition of a particularly odious ‘intersectionality’ – second phase, aggressive feminists were heavily jevvish.

        • They were, you are correcr, and I have written on this at length elsewhere.

          However, the problems in the Anglo nations stem largely from mass female rebellion against God’s order and man’s place in that order. This rebellion dwarfs the influence of Jews Inc. per se.

          Some men would much rather propose that our current overtly feminist rulers are a plot by Jews, blacks, or aliens, rather than admit the culpability of women in general, and of their own daughters, sisters, mothers, and wives, in particular.

          This is Adam’s Curse and it’s still going strong.

    • It’s hard to know what to focus on since there are so many things going wrong all at once. The first issue I would point to would be that straight White men never understood the power of gatekeeping while all the upstarts understood **nothing but** gatekeeping.

      Hire a White woman, a black, an Indian… The only thing you can really count on them to do for certain is – find a way to get more of their type into the place. White women though are more “generalist” in that they seem to know intuitively to hire anyone except a White man. The other types are more specifically tribal and will usually try to bring in more of their specific tribe. In that sense, the influx of White women was the thing that really opened the floodgates of DIE and closed off a lot of opportunity for White men.

  15. Recently, annual federal revenue was about $4 trillion. Expenditure at that time was $6 trillion. Now that revenue is currently up to just over $5 trillion, the proposed “budget” is for 7. One safely assumes that once revenue reaches 6, expenditure will go to 8 or 9. Etc. And will continue, such, as long as it can. In today’s rapidly inflating environment I don’t think it will take very long at all before revenue is 10 and expenditure 15.

    We all think this will lead to “collapse” but I’ve been thinking about a darker scenario. To wit: China needs the US market for its cheap junk even more (yes, more) than the US needs China to do its manufacturing. An American “collapse” would be catastrophic for China. Thus, China is incentivized, once it is able, to prop up the US clown world free money regime, so that it will continue to have that market to sell into. So that we could be saddled with this clown world regime for a long, long time, during which it would be even less accountable to the American people (if there are any of those left by then) than it is now.

    • Jeffrey Zoar: China doesn’t need our market quite as desperately as it used to – plenty of Chinese-made crap is purchased by Europe and throughout Asia. And the Chinese domestic market itself has grown tremendously.

      More importantly, China is also exporting other things to the US – tons of fentanyl. Plenty of debasing circuses combined with surveillance via Tiktok. I remember guffawing when I first heard of that a number of years ago – thinking how Oriental and that the name wouldn’t go over well in the US market. Shows how dumb I was. I underestimated just how stupid and desperate for attention US women were.

      The Han have always believed they were the originators of civilization, and that they are its best practitioners today. Yes, the dragon ladies will vie for tall, blue-eyed men, but they’ll raise their hapas as tiger mommas and the allegiance to the Han people and culture is very strong.

      The Chinese appear to be pursuing a multi-pronged strategy to help us along in our self-destruction.

      • All that. However, come to kinetics, thanks in turn to all that, there’s a relatively direct way to corral China: block its harbors. China’s economy is mostly import/export, and it imports nearly all of its oil and much of its coal.

        As for the many ways they plan to defeat us, look up “Unrestricted Warfare” a leaked and translated CCP document.

      • The go to moniker the Han had (still do?) for the non-Han: ‘barbarians’. They may prove to be correct in that assessment.

      • I don’t think a future in which China props up the US is any more far fetched than it would have been to predict in the 1930s that soon the USA would spend 80 years propping up Europe. Folks woulda looked at you like you had 3 heads.

        Just goes to show once again, the future is very hard to predict

    • I do not know why some downvoted, but I agree with your general thesis. I know nothing about China, so I cannot comment there. But, I would propose to those reading, that perhaps this is the End of the World As We Know It. Maybe America as we experience it will continue to gradually decline, and, through normalization bias, we will continue to gradually acclimate and move into megacities. No need for it to be sudden or the end of life as we know it; simply, we slouch off to increasingly worse situations. No need for a bottom reset.

    • “China needs the US market for its cheap junk”

      First, China is aware of this relationship and has been pushing to make itself a “consumer driven” society rather than an export driven society. It is not far from that tipping point, thanks to our greedy capitalists and China’s economic policies.

      Second, China makes quite a bit of solid, high tech products—certainly more than we make in the USA currently. What we may see in Walmart is not representative of the majority of China exports.

    • The cheap junk was the entry ticket, and that was 30 years ago. Today, China does fill the shelves at Walmart, Target, Kohls, et al., but more importantly they lead the world and the US in many hight technology areas, like 5G, AI, supercomputers, hypersonic weapons…

      China has 8 times as many engineers and scientists as we do, and each year they graduate 10 to 12 times what we do. Thirty percent (30%) of all the graduate students in US STEM programs are Chinese citizens. Numbers count, and China leads the world in scientific and engineering publications and in patents.

      They are not only ahead of us in many areas, their lead is increasing, and they are beginning to dominate new areas, like space exploration. The next man on the Moon will be Chinese, and the first men on Mars will be Chinese.

      The only way we can keep up is to trick China into a large-scale war, and that is exactly the current US policy.

      • Na, China lags in Space exploration, aerospace in general too

        SpaceX will put the next man on the Moon

        The Russians will help China close the gap

      • A lot of the research papers are just papers. In technology, quality trumps quantity. Where quantity can help them is if it is in sufficient quality that they don’t need to import brains.

        I don’t know China very well. I suspect that non-diversity is a huge strength. American leadership really screwed up with the immigration path. They should have made citizenship an esteemed prize, strengthened the Euro/American identity and when needing immigration, celebrated the nation and forced assimilation stringently.

        If they had prioritized education and fixed that system, we wouldn’t have needed to import all the engineers. Of course, a lot of the jobs went into consumer tech that is essentially useless though profitable.

        The Jews used blacks and civil rights to cut the WASPS off at the knees and dissolve white middle class power by driving them out of the cities.

        On topic, I think China’s biggest advantage is a non-diverse population. It has a strong ethnic and national identity that can be channeled into a formidable will and bent toward the purpose of achievement, conquest and dominion. I don’t buy the demographic problem thesis. I am not convinced that a shrinking population is problematic. In fact there can be benefits to it and perpetual growth hasn’t worked well for America.

        America demise was in surrendering its Euro/American identity and undertaking the great replacement. It throws gasoline on that fire by destroying its institutions when it most needs them strengthened to compete in the face of determined and rising powers.

        America could take a better trajectory if the hi-tech American renewal folks (Andreeson, Palmer …), had a broader program besides funding companies.

    • You’re also seeing Russia and china putting real efforts into good relations with Africa. There’s a potential billion person market there for cheap goods. In exchange, they’d get nearly unlimited raw materials. At least in that scenario they get something of value, where right now most containers are going back to China empty because we don’t make anything.

      • They were taking a lot of our trash for “recycling” but apparently grew wise to that scam.

  16. Was Greenspan really hard money? What about the Greenspan put? And Peter Schiff: “One day I will be vindicated!”

    There’s a lot of buzz about how the Fed, after nationalizing the banks, is going to implement a Chinese style digital currency regime whereby financial assets will be confiscated and, in turn, we’ll each be given a monthly allowance with strings attached. But — my knowledge of finance and economics is woefully lacking here — how are zillions of dollars of derivatives going to be unwound in the process? Remember Clinton’s famously furious remark? “Do you mean to tell me that my re-election depends on the wheeling and dealing of a bunch of effing bond traders?”

    • There will be a government digital currency but there will not be a cashless society. They will settle for controlling most but not all transactions.

      Nor will they confiscate assets on a wide basis (although they might make an example or two to keep the rest of us in line). They don’t want a bunch of people with both guns and nothing left to lose.

      • The two most dangerous people are those with nothing left to lose and those with everything left to lose.

    • Greenspan was a big fan of Ayn Rand, so he started off as a Gold bug. He turned his back on it all at some point, you can’t work at/for the FED and be a Gold bug

      On the other hand being a Goldberg is perfect for your CV

    • The problem is not the derivatives. Positions will be paired off and retired over time, unless counterparty failures overtake them.

      The problem is the govt guaranteeing face value (no mark-to-market) of all govt bonds in the bank portfolios. It enables the banks to absorb all of the massive future governmental fiscal deficits, through govt bond issuance, and give them a guaranteed home. Thanks to the face value backing, the banks’ books will always look clean, no matter what is going on in the real world.

  17. Monarchs surrender when they are conquered.
    Democracies surrender when they hurt someone’s feelings.

  18. Around the time of the fall of the Western Roman empire, Vegetius wrote about soldiers refusing to wear their body armor. They found it to be heavy, burdensome and were done with wearing it, even when combat against invading Goths and Huns was imminent.

    Because, why not? “What good can come of wearing gear that makes my legs tired, my upper back cramp and makes me sweat? If body armor is a burden to wear, it is obviously useless, even harmful, right? All the more reason to not lug it around when going to combat. The Roman armies of old were just too bigoted to understand this. Luckily we now know better!”

    Of course these “new and improved” troops where slaughtered and could not do anything to halt the invasion of Italy.

    In recent years, as the Zeitgeist became first a little distorted, then mad and finally declared war on reality itself, I have often thought of that passage in Vegetius. It seems like nature implanted in us a seed of madness that makes us cull our own herd now and then. Maybe it is a useful mechanism against the effects of dysgenics, I don’t know.

    Right now, it seems like an omni-cull is in pogress.
    Cull by chopping your own dick of, followed by suicide 5 years later.
    Cull choosing obesity and dying as a 49 yo childless diabetic.
    Cull by engaging in pointless, unwinnable wars.
    Cull by rolling back civizational progress bc a Swedish teenager said so.
    And last but not least: Cull by rigging a financial system to go Poof! with maximum fallout.

    It sucks to be around for such events, obviously. But it seems that there is a certain inevitability to it all. Even if Victor Orban was elected world dictator tomorrow and all corrupt elites dropped dead from clot-shot effects and STDs, I doubt that the current culling would end.

    Folks would just invent a Tiktok trend that goes “Drink bleach 2 twerk betta” or something. All one can do is to stand to the side and hope to survive.

    Anybody feeling more optimistic?

    • Optimism is cowardice.

      The speeding train is running out of track. Be brave! Be pessimistic. Prepare. Be a survivor, then an optimist, then a builder.

    • It should be noted that by the cited era, most of the Roman army was diversity hires from the provinces, not homegrown Roman citizens.

    • I remember reading on the late Roman period, a fascination of mine. In that era, where the Pax Romana was in decline, both enemies and warfare changed. So that may have been an artifact of guerilla warfare.

      I share your lack of hope in the future. It seems unclear who is driving the changes we see. Its also unclear what other countries have truly signed on or merely cooperating by coercion or expediency. Regardless I struggle to move to action. Z has done an outstanding job at calling out the changes, dissecting the elites and giving us language that helps us articulate and communicate with others. The task remaining is to determine our course of action.

    • How could you miss out on the finest Cull of the Times?
      Cull by vaccine. 2 shots, two boosters and die from a plethora of side effects.

  19. Regards China, the Foreign Minister said yesterday that a military clash is coming. He also basically said their is no way out of it with the current administration in Washington as they have as a goal conflict with China.

    In reaction the Minister said China will increase its’ military expenditures, stockpile more weapons and strengthen its’ alliances. They sound pretty resigned to war.

    We have no excuse for war with China. They are a monster that we created. I have some friends who say that Taiwan is a national security concern as they produce most of our semiconductors. I say too bad. We should not have offshored critical industries and because we did is no reason to go to war with China. Not to mention w have had a one China policy since Nixon.

    We will really be going to war with China, Russia, Iran and possibly North Korea. Does anyone think we will win this war?

    • I don’t think we’ll be going to war with any of those. Just since the covid era has finally ended, governments (ours, but also China, Iran, Russia, etc.) *need* something to scare their populations into submission with / justify their own money-laundering, etc. WW3 is more believable than space aliens, climate change, or monkeypox was, so that is the dominant narrative right now.

      • I hope you are right. However the end of the GAE is now clearly in sight. We have sociopaths who have the emotional maturity of 11 year old girls setting policy and a managerial class slavishly doing what they are told.

        How will the policy makers react to the end of their empire?

        • How ironic. Just when we will need it most, our “national unity” has been squandered with “immigration” and the follow on racial “animosity” promoted by our traitorous elites for their own personal, short term gain.

          The only way to wind down the GAE is to look inward and start to compete economically with our “adversaries”. A foot race if you will—not a boxing match.

        • > How will the policy makers react to the end of their empire?

          Move onto the next grift? Empires change, but people don’t.

  20. The cheap money policy actually started with Greenspan in the 90’s. Three times he pushed BLM into redefining inflation. The first was indexing. The second was substitution effects. The third was the infamous “hedonic” factors. All three of these were fraudulent.

    • That’s what gives lie to the “independent Fed”. Greenspan tightening up the money supply and, as a result, contracting the economy, under Bush made sense, but D.C. wasn’t about to redo the economy to be rational so it was made known that if the Fed pumpbas wanted their no-work, porn surfing jobs that they’d have to do their best to follow along with what D.C. wanted.

    • I disagree. The US debt has gone up every single year since 1961 or 62. The “Clinton surplus” is a lie.

      Inflation was so bad in 1962 they took the silver out of the coinage. In the early 70s, defaulted on Bretton-Woods by ending gold conversion, again because of inflation.

      Volcker reduced the inflation, but in doing so, set us up to go right back to easy money. During the years of falling interest, people racked up a bunch of credit debt and then refinanced periodically through a new mortgage at the new lower rate. This has continued right through to 2021.

      • Also, since Clinton the GDP has included not only produced goods, but also services. Which inflated the productivity numbers, and that becomes progressively worse as we tilt farther into a service economy.

        I contend that services are a cost, not a product. Someone pays, work is done, but nothing is produced that can be sold to someone else.

  21. If the war does come, it won’t be the superior castes, high up on the grievance hierarchy, that go to die. It will be poor white boys going overseas on the promise that back home their families won’t starve.

    • But Z-man has overestimated the European arsenal..In a war, they would run out of ammo in days, in the case of the UK, perhaps within hours per one of their generals….Similarly for other armaments, so the poor boys wouldn’t be fighting long…

  22. “Imagine surviving an end of empire crisis with the productive portion of society seething with rage at the fanatics who brought about this disaster.”

    Seething with rage is correct.

    This is going to be a bit of a long one today. I would like to share a part of my story that is just a fraction of what has ignited the rage inside of me.

    My maternal grandfather’s lineage arrived in North America during the Revolution. The story is that he was a Hessian, but not much is known about that side. My father’s side arrived in the 1880s. Three cousins came from Alpine Europe and traveled across the continent. They dispersed and my great-great grandfather was one of the first settlers of what became one of the premier farming regions in the world. In mid-life my great grandfather blew himself up dynamiting rocky hills to terrace them. He wanted to recreate the Alpine vineyard environment he left back in Europe.

    My grandpa left home at 14. He loved his father, but had his vision and wanted to do his own thing. He got his first little parcel and after working other ranches during the day, he drove tractor in his orchards and vineyards by lamp at night. It was, to be honest, foolish and very dangerous. He was lucky to live. But he was hungry, he wanted no handout and he would work as hard as required to realize his dream. He and his generation built their community up from nothing. My grandpa invented specialized harvesters, formed co-ops, and established drying and canning yards, bottlers and distribution networks. He and his peers built municipalities and actively participated in extending canal networks to feed the farms water that in turn helped feed the East Coast and wash the delights down with wine. He and his fellow countrymen established the entire infrastructure for their locality: canals; roads; cemetaries; hospitals; charities; schools; fire departments; … … They survived the depression and that included bands of armed gypsies coming to their farms and holding them at gunpoint.

    This is nothing all that special. Tens of millions of Europeans replicated this all over this once great nation.

    During the summer of St. George of The Holy Overdose, I was working at a tech behemoth. The anti-white, anti-male depravity it purveyed was insane. I could fill endless blogs with the insanity and degradations I witnessed there. I will share a particular story that blew some oxygen on the inferno burning in the core of my being at the way our people are treated.

    It became common, once blacks went on a rampage killing Asians and attacking them, for very senior execs who are Asian to give lectures about how they suffer discrimination and face the bamboo ceiling. It was all done implying that whites and heritage Americans were to blame. One time, a young Asian woman, a senior director who grew up attending International School in Shanghai, went on in a company wide meeting about how the myth of the model minority was invented by white people to divide and conquer Asians and blacks. She renounced the myth of the model minority, (a minority in Shanghai?), professed her loyalty to BLM and said she was committed not to being an ally to them, but to being their accomplice.

    You can imagine how it felt to sit there and be lectured by someone who we welcomed into our country and who in just a few years sat close to the top of one of the most powerful companies in the world caricaturing me and my father and our ancestors and our entire people as conniving and evil. Some of the people in my family’s valley are Asian. They are as successful as we were. They were never discriminated against. They were American too.

    Needless to say the CEO of the behemoth is an Asian non-American. I have to sit there and listen to them prattle on about discrimination and ending white supremacy. Yet they entered our nation and in years, not generations, but years, entered near the top of the society and gorged themselves on the free money of The Fed. My ancestors struggled for generations. They built something from nothing with no handouts, They did very difficult, dangerous work that these Brahmins and Mandarins would never lift a finger to do.

    Is there gratitude? Is there acknowledgement? Is there appreciation of the legal systems and structures they inherited? Not only is there no gratitude expressed, there is only contempt and vitriol for the people whose palace they gladly inhabit and eagerly destroy. The people I am most enraged by are our people who are sitting around and fueling this anti-white, anti-male fire and the brazen dispossession of our people. I am glad my grandfather and father are not here to see this. I hope someday we can meet in the real world and stand shoulder to shoulder taking back this land on this continent that our fathers and mothers conquered, nurtured and built from nothing.

    I pray for this rage to burn to the constructive end of restoring our people and our nation and resting it away from this cabal of degenerates and depraved vampires who would see us distinguished for eternity.

    It starts with Operation Asturias. Someday, there will be a Europid American reconquista. It starts with the discipline and control to master and channel the rage to constructive ends.

    God Bless You All!

    • ” They were American too.”

      No they weren’t. That’s a lie. It’s as false as it is possible to be. They were never Americans. Most importantly, they do not consider themselves American. It’s right there in what they say.

      Imagine how you would be laughed out of the room if you moved to China and said “I’m just as Chinese as you!!” After the laughter subsided, perhaps you would be strung up, or at least deported.

      “Hard work” does not make you an American
      “Belief in the constitution” does not make you an American.
      “Paper citizenship” does not make you American.

      BLOOD. DNA. These are what make you an American.

      • I took Foobar’s term “American” to be one of citizenship, rather than blood and soil. A CivNat sort of moniker.

        It is of course a conundrum. How long must one and one’s ancestors dwell in this country to be American. I am a first born American, of immediate Northern European ancestors. Am I an American? Who knows? However, if not American, then nothing. I have no other identity—and that may be the key here. I have no other identity. No other allegiances. Here I live and here I die.

        • I’m sympathetic to what you are saying, but the difference between you and them is they have held on to their ethnic identity. They held onto it precisely because they are not Americans and could not adopt “American” because they were very obviously not American.

          Notice the constant invocation (by them) of “Asian” and “model minority” They use this language because they understand at a deep level they can NEVER be us. That’s OK, because we can NEVER be them. We’re not better or worse, we are different peoples.

          Not only do we know it, THEY know it.

        • I was referring to citizenship, and I was referring to the sentiment of the time. When I was growing up, California ran ads showing the contributions Chinese people made to California. They ended with a tag line, “I am proud to be a Chinese American.”

          At least the point was integration and citizenship. Those families did not participate in the white civic organizations – which is an interesting difference. They focused on their families, while ours fell apart due to no-fault divorce, feminism and the social scourges that were pushed by the primary and highly organized subversive element in America.

          At this point, it is clear that for no other reason than tribalism multi-culturalism is a disaster. The group that puts down its group identity is the first to get destroyed. That is happening to whites in all of our homelands. If we had a small number of immigrants and we maintained the dominant culture that would be fine. I experienced the former in my upbringing. The Asian families were and are a part of our country and our life. They contributed to it.

          It isn’t their fault that 1964 happened. Many of them were the descendants of Tongs. For generations they lived here and will die here. Given current demographics, we would be wise to ally with them in common interest to prevent a Rhodesia or South Africa in this country. At the current trajectory, prospects of that seem likely.

          • ““I am proud to be a Chinese American.””

            Which is another way of saying “I’m proud to be a not-American”

            “It isn’t their fault that 1964 happened.”

            Maybe not them specifically, but other hostile foreign groups aping being American and ruining our country in the process.

      • America was founded on an idea rather than a people.
        Just like revolutionary France and the USSR, the last standing political project based on delusional French Enlightenment philosophy will crumble just as the last two

        • Right from the preamble of the Constitution:

          “…for OURSELVES and OUR POSTERITY do ordain and establish….”

          And let’s not forget “Chinese-American” or “Japanese-American,” which is no more American than social-justice is justice.

          All this is really doing is acknowledging they are not Americans.

        • Partially true. Yes, America was founded on ideals. But “the people” were not even mentioned because they were understood. The Founders were so obviously codifying their ideals for Europeans that there was no reason to state explicitly that fact. The notion that Arabs, negroes and Chinamen could be American would have been laughable on its face.

        • America was founded on an idea rather than a people.

          Not in the way you imply.

          Americans had been living in the thirteen colonies for almost a century and a half before the revolution.

          They considered themselves Americans and British subjects – before the the ideas of the DoI were ever expressed

  23. I’m less worried about the F-35 than the John Deer Tractor. Can my local farmers, whom I’ve assiduously befriended, keep that running? Looks like crazy old Sid may have been prescient in his belief of impending doom and collapse. Can’t say I’m happy about it. Maybe they will muddle through. If not… well I guess Grandpa had his world war. I’ll get mine, or whatever this will be.

    • ” Can my local farmers, whom I’ve assiduously befriended, keep that running?”

      Your behind the times friend. The proper question isn’t can they keep it running, but will John Deere let them? See these days the manufacturers use software that only lets their unit be repaired by they themselves. Thus adding tons of costs onto the farmer. Late stage monopoly capitalism is great, ain’t it 😉

          • Oh, I forgot to mention, I’m in Appalachia. Lawyers hold little sway here. Well they don’t if they know what’s good for em.

        • The same way they’ll repo your self driving car or crash it for that matter if they don’t like you 😉

          Or reduce the mileage your car can travel, this is why they salivate at digital everything. A kill switch!

          • Mr. House – and here I was thinking ‘kill switch’ just meant disabling the motor.
            BTW – spot on re: Deere ‘letting’ Their machinery to keep running.

      • Smart small scale farmers are running thirty year old JDs. Big Ag farms now struggle with ‘supply-chain’ issues to keep their overly-complex crap running. The market for pre-electronic era machinery is booming.

        • New tractors are prohibitively expensive and are maintenance headaches. Old tractors are, well, they’re still expensive, but at least the price gap makes their maintenance headaches somewhat more tolerable.

      • Corporations find the service subscription model irresistible because, instead of making a sale one time, you can charge the customers every month.

        “Your John Deere tractor won’t start until you pay your subscription fee.”

        “Your car brakes won’t work until you delete your mean tweet on twitter.”

          • Hell, who knew we had so much machinery expertise in the zman comments section. If you need some biochemistry done, hit me up.

          • SidVic: “If you need some biochemistry done, hit me up.”

            What are your thoughts on Shed-Spike-Proteins, and your thoughts on whole-body-cleansing formulae [Ivermectin, Azithromycin, Hydrochloroquine, ??? etc] for ridding the body of Spike Proteins & foreign MRNA and the like?


          • Bourbon,
            DNA get transcribed to mRNA, mRNA is translated to protein normally. They are simply synthesizing mRNA(modified so it doesn’t get degraded so fast) and putting in lipid drops so it can get into cells. This what they inject. Once in the cell it is translated to the protein encoded, in this case spike protein (the cells machinery does the work). I haven’t looked into this deeply but i think they use spike because it has features that make it immunoreactivity. This allows the immune surveillance system to detect and raise anti-bodies against this viral protein. Normal vaccines just isolate virus and kill it; then inject that to illicit a immune response. But that is hard and takes time. the mRNA is a shortcut. My impression is that the mRNA approach (many caveats about my expertise) has been tested and it’s particularly dangerous. BUT it depends upon what protein it encodes. An mRNA that encodes a toxic protein would kill all the cells it enters and be a bioweapon. I think they picked the spike as a best guess that it wouldn’t be toxic to overexpress and most effective at eliciting a immune response.
            The problem is that biological systems are complex with thousands of moving parts. If you stick something new in there it can can have unexpected effects (detrimental, maybe weird autoimmune reaction, inflammation). You just have to test it out, slowly, then with increasing sample size (for instance, maybe only 1 in 100 have bad reaction). It generally take 7yrs on average to get a new treatment to market for this reason; clinical testing. They rushed this through in a year. If the mortality rate of covid had been 20% it may have been warranted, but it wasn’t 20%. It was essentially zero until you get up into the 60s 70s and especially 80s. I was flabbergasted that they started subjecting young people to what is essentially an experimental treatment. Guess it only makes sense when you realize the people making the decisions are all old farts. The vax would help young un clear the infection faster, and thus be marginally protective of the olds. If it turns out the vax raises mortality in youth, there should be hell to pay.

          • Bourbon,

            Could you let me in on that cleansing info? A friend of mine who I’ve known pretty much since nursery school was forced by her job to get the jab and she had a horrible reaction to it. Any info you could pass along that would help her would be most appreciated.

          • For Chris, in re v@xxine recovery protocols…

            In the following video, Robert Malone endorses the FLCCC protocol of Pierre Kory, and Malone specifically mentions “Nattokinase”.




            You can go to any search engine and read about Pierre Kory and his work at BadgerU.

            And the FLCCC website has further info on Nattokinase.

      • If you think right to repair is bad, we now have a “right to use” problem. The car companies are now trying to charge you a monthly subscription to use features of the car like heated seats.

        Last week, the cops called VW to locate a stolen car with a kidnapped baby in it. VW refused to locate the car without being paid 150 Dollars. The family with the stolen baby had to get one of their relatives to pay the money. If some crook did this and told the cops “I’ll tell you, but you have to give me 150 Dollars first,” they would be charged. Nobody will be fired. Nobody will be charged with obstruction of an investigation.

        We are going to need a REALLY large gallows to deal with all these people. I suppose lampposts will do in an emergency.

        • Aside from the obvious problem you mention, I can’t help but think of the person who answered the call from the police. I can’t imagine any person I’ve ever known or worked with who would not cooperate *immediately* given the situation. That’s the type of “employee” we used to have in abundance before the great transformation of America (DIE). 🙁

        • That story is infuriating for all the GAE related issues:
          -White pregnant woman, assaulted and carjacked by:
          -A [fill in the blank] man and his accomplice
          -Police call a call center (yeah) hoping to contact someone reasonable

          I’d hope that there’s some truth in their worry of naming suspects as being (*whisper*) black, but there isn’t any evidence that White people care all that much about the black crime wave.

        • bourbon, correction to above: My impression is that the mRNA approach (many caveats about my expertise) has been tested and it’s NOT particularly dangerous.

  24. If you heard the way the white, soy’d up Millennial bugmen around me fawn over our H-1B replacements, you too would have difficulty holding your breakfast down.

    • No joke. The overt worship of black/brown/rainbow people is absolutely pathological. I think the one thing we can all agree on, is that propaganda works!

      • This is the one solace I hold in my heart. It’s been proven that these people can be reeducated with a full frontal assault of pro-DR propaganda. They’re that malleable.

      • “ The overt worship of black/brown/rainbow people is absolutely pathological.”

        I can’t help thinking it’s some sort of “coping” mechanism at work. A “Faustian bargain” where the person agrees to be eaten last in a vain hope for survival.

        • Compsci, I doubt it. My brother is a perfect example. Born and raised in the Deep South. Played football throughout his youth. Very conservative Christian. Knows blacks individually and in groups better than most. Yet…yet, he still falls all over himself to admire any black he meets. Hard-core griller.

          I think he will be genuinely surprised when it’s his turn to hop onto the fire.

    • Wild Geese Howard: What you mention is one reason why I can’t be bothered to adopt a pro-White stance. Too many Whites seem to welcome their own demise. Good riddance to the ethnomasochists!

    • My company is an Austrian based unit that goes out of their way to make sure our intranet is filled with “celebration” videos of whatever minority (i.e. replacement) happens to have been moved into a position of authority or prominence. Having worked with the great majority of those vibrants, I can say that our company is indeed woke since most are just short of brain dead. The fact that they can call themselves “engineers” with a straight face is puzzling. Funny I never see the celebration for the most famous Austrian of all.

      • Z-Man lays out the progression nicely today. It started with Tolerance training, moved on to Sensitivity, then Diversity, which was expanded to DIE, and rather quickly morphed into patently anti-white pogroms. The coming next step is not hard to figure out. Either they’re on a gibbet or we’re in box cars.

  25. “In fairness, some of the proceeds from auctioning off of the manufacturing base went into the technology sector. In the fullness of time, the robot historians may remember America for having singlehandedly created the technological revolution.”

    The tech revolution — if you’re talking about the microprocessor and later technologies such as the internet — had its development either before the auctioning off, or was independent of the auctioning off. The money that flowed into tech was to capitalise on research that had either been funded by the US government (and was then handed over to the private sector gratis) or was conducted by the likes of Bell Labs. If you’re talking about speculative finance capital flowing into internet platforms like Google, Amazon, and Facebook, then you may well be correct. The point perhaps is that much of the tech revolution has its seeds sown in an earlier halcyon era of the USA, but its commercial exploitation belongs to the era of senescent finance capitalism (the one we live in now).

    • Yes. Of course, Facebook, IG, Messenger Apps, SnapChat, TitTok, iPhones… … could all go away tomorrow and it would probably be a net benefit. Even Google whose search and YouTube have real utility, could go away and society would not suffer the least.

      In other words, the huge money making applications of technology, haven’t been of much benefit, and in fact, may have turned out to be a detriment when looked at on the whole – this includes importing an alien elite that has formed the new anti-white oligarchy.

  26. “The trouble is, the technological revolution ended decades ago, but Silicon Valley continues to consume trillions in money.”

    This was a great essay. But it’s worth exploring the technology issue more.

    I don’t think the technology revolution is over. I just think that the dominant industries in the US – government, education, health care – which are 60% of GDP, simply cannot deploy technology efficiently (wokesters, fools, diverso-crats in charge etc.).

    Even if the 40% private sector grows its productivity at 3%, the remaining 60% is at zero or worse. So we end up with 1% productivity growth overall (not far from the actual Government numbers recently). This isn’t enough to compensate for the massive growth in compounding national debt.

    I would argue that if technology-driven private-sector productivity growth hadn’t been as significant as it’s actually been, we would have already collapsed. That quibble aside, Zman nails it this morning.

    • The tech revolution is over in the sense that all the low, medium, and even some of the high-hanging fruit has been plucked from the tree of innovation.

      • Agreed.

        I have made that point many times in many ways over many years. The diminishing returns from continued investment in technology is quite apparent, especially to anyone who has worked in frontline operations and watched the Six Sigma revolution from beginning to end.

        Although it always bothers me, I also never cease to be amazed by the sheer spectacle of it all. So many people insisting on doing things that have no real practical effect, but only transfer revenue from core industries to IT consultancies.

        At some point it will all simply vanish like a bad dream. We don’t need this stuff, and we can’t afford it.

      • Is it that the fruit has been plucked, or that we’re losing the ability to innovate? (Ed Dutton says the latter.)

        • I suspect it’s a bit of both. Obviously, the low hanging fruit has been plucked. That’s a truism for any new innovation/technology. Now the question is, “How high is the tree, and does any fruit lie above our current reach?”

      • Yup. We have reached ‘Peak Tech.’

        The Law of Diminishing Returns is a real bitch. We are watching the climb-down in real time now.

    • In the 1950’s my grandfather was in charge of designing the fuselage on a military plane that was a major leap forward. He had 50 engineers working for him. They designed it with paper, pencil, and slide rules. There were, at least, eight steps between the design, on paper, and machining the part.

      In the late 1980’s my old man was in charge of designing the fuselage on a military plane that was a marginal leap forward. He had 150 engineers working for him. They designed it with computers, and there were, at least, half the number of steps between the design and machining the part.

      I am a simple-minded civil engineer. I don’t do ANY engineering. I fill out government paperwork and have to deal with teams of women pestering me about meaningless reports. To put it simply, I haven’t seen the efficiencies the technological revolution promised.

      • “I haven’t seen the efficiencies the technological revolution promised.”

        Partly because tech was about control, rather than efficiency. Also, on a side note, even where there has been increased efficiency it’s been at the expense of core human competency. It’s the world of Idiocracy. There was a book published around thirty years ago but still well worth reading — Clifford Stoll’s “Silicon Snake Oil.”

      • > To put it simply, I haven’t seen the efficiencies the technological revolution promised.

        The efficiencies are automated trading algorithms that change every market pullback into a crash, and every equity raise of a financial institution into a turbo bank-run that threatens the entire system. Good times.

    • I am hard pressed to think of any game changing tech ideas since the rollout of cellular networks. There have been leaps is capacity, which are important, for sure. Without greater disc density, mobile devices like we have now are impossible and those have changed things considerably. The big items of tech are communications (e-mail, data, mobile), connectivity (cable, fiber, radio, satellite) and capacity (transistor density, data density, miniaturization).

      That said, the implementation of these tools is far from ideal in wide swaths of the economy, so there is theoretically lots of room for improvement. The trouble is, tech is just a tool set and its value is controlled by the tool user, not the tool maker. Our tool users are getting dumber.

      • Zman… One of your best! Been a reader for a few years, never a commenter.
        This was so good I had to say thank you!

        • One of the best, and one of the most timely. Pulling together the threads of our distress into one clear presentation is essential for understanding the present. If the five or ten percentof the population honestly seeking understanding doesn’t have one–and they don’t–we won’t even see the saluatory effects of a bankruptcy.

      • The old man claims the last game changing invention was the transistor. Everything else has been an improvement in materials. What’s the difference between a DC3 and a Boeing787? Little bitty transistors and materials.

        • We can hate on smartphones, but still, credit where it’s due. I tend to side with the idea that the last great, new product was the iPhone 4, the first truly modern cell phone (the earlier efforts had a variety of efforts that made them good but never great).
          You might say “Well but today..”
          Yes, everything today is a slightly worse version of something that was better before. If it were possible, I’d try to get used that happening.

          • “Everything is smaller, more expensive, and not as good as it used to be.”
            — Andy Rooney, ca. 1990

      • Another morning of waiting on Comcast to come up for email, this giant corporation routinely serves up “cannot” and “timed out” screens for basic email.

        If they spent more time on this core service, say over ‘serving’ up stirring ‘commercials’ of POC dancing onscreen over the joys of the latest diabetes meds … ah fuck them.

        • Ooh, yeah. Recently we had a tortuous service problem with Comcast (now styling themselves as X-1, hilariously enough). I was the first one to try. Their Artificial (if truth be stated, spurious) Intelligencewith which I was forced to interact, wanted me to open some sort of online identity, but the task once being attempted, faile to take, falling into a recursive loop of asking for my information. Finally, requested contact with a meat puppet. Got, this related my concerns, and was told that they would ship a newer model modem/wifi unit. But even then, I had vouced my suspicion that the problem had it riot with a pole to house issue.

          Okay, get the modem, my wife, more tech savvy than I am, and needing the fucker to work for her on her work from home days, with me in the background tried to follow the self-install procedure. Well, same shitshow with establishing an online identity, culminating with another recursive loop. Requested contact with a meat puppet, and got one, the first of three, who was of minimal help, second one moreso, as she lined up a call from a tech. Got the call, went through the procedure with this knowledgeable white man (some sort of European accent), and it seemed to be working.

          First thing the next day, I checked…nope. wrestled omcast to the ground with a service call from a line tech. It was reassuri f to have him be a middle-aged white man. He listened to my account, mentioning my concerns about the integrity of the connection. Told him that, because we had had a succession of wind storms recently, that I had checked along the line to aee if there were any fallen branches that could have been responsible, but with no result. He checked the connection box at the house, took off the plug fitting, and whattya know, water came out. He replaced the cable from pole to house, and replaced all components after which all has worked flawlessly. They just didn’t want to send out a tech, and are probably trained to do anything else but that.

          There used to be a website called Comcast Must Die, unfortunately no longer extant.

          Comcast has thought it way more important to buy the NBC family of cable stations, etc., earning them a place at the Big Kids Table instead of addressing customer service and the integrity of their technology. It shows.

      • The problem today is that you often need to go very far back indeed to see examples of cases where “tech” was an unambiguous gain. A long time ago I worked for a real estate company. Part of my job was to help with the company’s “modernization” program. The old system for the agents had been based on reliable hardware (a Vax minicomputer and dozens of VT100 terminals) and reliable if boring software, the old VMS operating system and tons of code written in Vax Basic. The new system was based on shitty no-name Intel PCs running Windows 95 and some sort of buggy client/server software. It was a step backwards in every possible way.

        One of the co-owners of the company who had been there when they had initially automated things was still there during all this and told us about previous systems they had used including a PDP-11/75!. He also remembered the days when the listings has been stored in file cabinets. He knew from firsthand experience that the basic idea of automation was sound. The problem was that even then, the “IT industry” had already moved into the “technology for its own sake” stage. I don’t know what he thought of the project but he was semi-retired anyway and might not have cared. It was obvious though that we were doing this because “this is the new thing”, and not any real need.

        A lot of things in technology are like this and are driven mainly by the fact that in most industries no one has any idea what the fundamentals of the business are anymore. Woke ideology rides this same train. You’ve got car companies that think their job is to stop climate change or “end racism” or just about any damn thing besides building good cars.

        Of course when you talk about pure tech startups there’s been a sizable element of using inherently bad ideas (often centered in some way on wammen’s need to get naked on the internet) to launder money made in even less reputable ways elsewhere. Perhaps the latest banking “correction” will reign this in to some degree.

    • does silicon valley produce anything other than software? to me, only hardware counts as technology.

      • Hardware without software is just a paperweight. But I am not aware of great leaps in software although I am not in that industry. All I see are the same crappy versions of MS products with an extra emotional or color scheme.

  27. In the midst of all this engineered societal collapse we have the Christian Zionist whackos running around collecting money for “the poor Jews”. One pastor Boyd is seen with a bucket of money he helped collect for Ukrainian Jews…standing with his impoverished little W.V. coal town behind him. Egad. The cost of gullibility in this country has reached epic proportions. See this…

    • Isn’t it funny how the Fellowship of Christians and Jews only has time to collect money for the Jews? I despise those commercials.

    • I might be a budding Zionist, but not a Christian Zionist. Jesus came to divide, after all.

      There sits Ukraine, Pooty-poot doing a great job of denazification. And of the original Zion, now long-established.

      If this modern world lives on free money, ease, and human blood, and if it’s starting to unravel, I say unravel the sucker hard. Reverse the gains at least 150 years. Less stuff, money, total war, tech, globalization, etc., sounds good to me right now. We wouldn’t need half of the modern miracles without the problems they’ve created.

      I’ll keep antibiotics, sanitation, germ theory, and steel, though. Off the top of my head, maybe the only unqualified goods the modern world has produced.

  28. I think of the British Expeditionary Force at the start of WWI. Professional and very competent, the Germans thought they were facing machine guns when they first faced them, but they were only experiencing the shocking rate of fire the BEF could generate with their bolt-action rifles. The BEF suffered something like 60% casualty rate during those first couple months and the model shifted over to massive armies of conscripts.

    Lately, the Army sent a tweet for recruitment featuring a photo of White men leading a unit. Imagine how desperate they must be to do that.

    • This shows you what they still need from you, and thus, a point of leverage you have over them.

      The Woke-Fem Politburo is worried about getting sufficient white simps to marry their 32 y.o. tatted daughters, and getting sufficient duped white males to fight in the Politburo’s wars . . . so the Rainbow Flag can fly freely in Ukraine and President Karen can lecture us daily about our privilege.

    • Maybe one of the objectives of immigration is to replenish manpower in our armed forces.

      • More likely to create an insurgent force to enforce Their Will upon us. Lots of military age young men among those illegals.

  29. “Going back to the Clinton years people who understood money were warning about loose money policy.”

    Sorry to be picking nits, but Ludwig von Mises was warning about it back in 1930’s Austria, long before Bill and Hillary were born. I had the pleasure of meeting Murray Rothbard a few years after Mises died. He was sounding the alarm just as his teacher had. And just like Mises, Rothbard was ignored by our overlords. And here we are.

  30. Wow! Who pissed in your coffee this morning? Maybe you just had an extra cup. In any case BRAVO!!
    Today took extra time to read as I had had to stop to laugh several times.

    • Are you seeing some pent up rage here? Reasonable summation of how we got here and where we are headed. This is just one more installment on the current dystopia we have been living in.

      i guess if you want to go with the pissing in coffee take, it’s just our usual day to day enemies relieving themselves.

      • People here are stewing because we know how good the West had it and we’re watching it get tossed away like a cigarette butt.

    • i have never really seen man bring the heat; he is the epitome of sang froid. would enjoy immensely if he loaded up and really cut loose, howard beale style!

  31. Awesome post today on the current state of affairs.

    One tidbit on our supposed wonder weapons. The F-35 has over 300,000 components that are supplied by 1,700 vendors from 20+ US states, and 8 foreign countries. This is one example, but many other pieces of military equipment are in the same situation. Supply chain issues plague the military aviation field right now, how is this going to work if we have an actual near-peer adversary war? Logistics win wars. Imagine how WWII would have gone if parts for airplanes and tanks required waiting on the UK to ship them over. It would have been a fiasco.

    Here is a story from this morning out of WaPo describing the Ukrainian forces having problems with ammunition supplies. They are backed by NATO and the US, and still are not supplied well enough. Yet, we have a regime proclaiming that we are gonna fight and win a war against China?

    “Ukraine short of skilled troops and munitions as losses, pessimism grows.”

    • There isn’t a platter in the world large enough to hold the ass that is going to be handed back to our country.

    • I have been watching Jimmy Dore lately, he posted some very good interviews with Robert Kennedy Jr on the state of things.
      Some on the left get it, mailing anthrax to Senators by our own CIA and our Pentagon paying Fauci to set up bio weapons labs were two of the subjects Kennedy talked about.
      But the problem is not on the left represented by Dore and Kennedy nor on the right represented by us dissidents or whatever we call ourselves, the problem is with the great middle, the liberal democracy order as represented by the mainstream of both parties.
      Most of us here know this but the majority of Americans still don’t but as this essay points out the check at the end of the night is coming due and those middle Americans will pay it.

      • Watchers of Jimmy Dore (and all on the “dissident left” if you will) and readers of Z-Man (and all on the dissident right) are better noticers of things. The good kind…the ones that find truth among all the noise and misdirection by regime media. I personally don’t care if you’re “left” or “right” as long as you see the regime for what it is. Matt Taibbi may think Z-Man is a white supremacist, but he won’t spend his time doxxing or harrassing him or his kind. That is an important distinction.

        That’s because those on the d-left and d-right tend to be more rational than most. If one of us was put in charge, I think we’d do the swamp-draining in a pretty orderly, fair, and measured way.

        What I wonder about is the normie (what you called “the great middle”) finding about all the s**t that we already know about, and have known for years. They will not react orderly and rationally. They will burn it down. Which might be fun to watch, for a while, but then what happens when Normie Caesar rises up? He definitely won’t be a Z-Man or even a Ron DeSantis. He’ll be a Hector Camacho.

        • More and more normies are figuring it out I think, I don’t think they burn it down or head for the streets, right now my view is that they withdraw from the system as time passes which means fewer competent military personnel which may be the area the system finally can’t handle? When they need meat for a meat grinder that they create with their constant overseas aggressive behavior and no sane white man wants any part of what they have created.
          That’s my best guess right now on a possible ending scenario, but who knows?

  32. So our empire, which once dwarfed the world with its manufacturing base, is now an empire of financial legerdemain and jimcrackery. What happens when “Aaand it’s gone.” The curtain gets pulled back, and there is a naked Epstein client pulling the strings frantically. The China promoted Saudi Iran deal is just a taste. Once the dollar is no longer needed, our treasury auctions are going to go a bit badly. Fun!

    Problem iI see is everyone on the right says a Caesar is the natural end of failed democracy, and assumes it will be “our” Caesar who will set things right. Ah, what if the caesar in question is like, a Chavez, Hugo?

    • That seems to be a bit of a problem. Overthrowing the current order is certainly possible. Ensuring its successor isn’t even worse is a bit trickier. Proceed with caution.

        • Depend upon it, sir, when a man knows he is to be hanged in a fortnight, it concentrates his mind wonderfully.” ― Samuel Johnson,

    • There will be no Red or Blue Caesar lording it over the entire United States. If there is a national breakup, we may get a Caesar or two, depending on where they live.

      As long as the US remains intact, we’re going to get more sclerotic and ridiculous, like the late-Soviet or late-Qing Dynasty periods.

      As Charles Haywood said, and he is correct, a Blue Caesar will be short-lived. They never are long-lived. They burn white hot, make a scene, and die out as dumpster fires do. The US may get its Mao for a little while, but that will be the beginning of the end. We should celebrate the coming of Mx. President Ocasio-Cortez. That’s the signal to get our plans in order retake our lands.


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