Ron Versus Don

On social media, a mini-war has broken out between the pro-DeSantis faction and the pro-Trump faction. An example of the former is Pedro Gonzalez who spends his days on Twitter insulting Trump supporters. An example of the latter is Scott Greer, who also spends his days in Twitter, but insulting DeSantis people. Both may be paid “influencers” but that is not entirely clear. The DeSantis people are mostly anti-Trump people, while the Trump people are mostly pro-Trump.

That last bit is important. DeSantis has mostly attracted the on-line influencers who feel insulted by Trump for some reason. Most were superfans of Trump in 2016, doing the whole god-emperor thing, but then soured on him for some reason. Ann Coulter is the queen of this crowd. She now has the same enthusiasm for DeSantis as she had for Trump, Romney, Christie and George Bush. If history is a guide, Queen Ann will one day be trashing DeSantis on the Bill Maher show.

The basic argument from the DeSantis partisans is that he has a chance to win the general election, while Trump has no chance. More important, DeSantis knows how to govern, which he has proven in Florida. There is no doubt that he has been a great governor for Florida. He also has a very friendly state legislature, which makes it simple for him to get things done. There is no data to suggest he has a better shot against Biden than Trump, but that is the claim.

The truth is electability has never been a factor in these races. Most voters are not like most Republican politicians in that they do not negotiate with themselves. They vote for the candidate they like, not the candidate that a conservative commentator swears will be acceptable to the Democrats. Even if their preferred option has no chance in the general, most voters will go for the guy who speaks to them. It turns out that most people are decent and honest, not scheming weasels.

That is the argument for Trump. Despite his faults, and he has many, he represents those decent and honest people. He is a symbol, more than a candidate. Supporting Trump is about opposing the people who rule over us. It is as close as we get in America to class warfare. Trump’s voters are the great unwashed, the forgotten Americans who hate what has happened to their country. Trump is not the solution, but he makes noise on their behalf. That is enough.

Both camps are right in the same way that two people who have different favorite ice creams are right, even though they disagree. There is no empirical argument in favor of either guy as it is purely a matter of opinion. Pedro Gonzales is mad at Trump for not being the savior he hoped for in 2016, so he is has jumped on the DeSantis side, while Scott Greer still loves Trump and now hates DeSantis. Their arguments in favor of their guy are cognitively meaningless.

That said, we can assess the electability claim. The place to start is the 2020 election broken out by electoral votes. All of those national polls that people wave around are meaningless as we pick presidents by indirect election. In the last election, Biden won 303 electoral votes, while Trump got 235. The threshold to win is 270. There were a lot of shenanigans in the 2020 election, but they were repeated in 2022, so we have to treat them as a feature, rather than a bug.

The next step in assessing the electability claim is to ask which states are they mostly likely to flip into the Republican column. You can quickly rule out WA, OR, CA, CO, NM, ME, VT, NH, MA, CT, RI, NY, NJ, DE, MD, VA, HI and IL. That leaves NV, AZ, MN, WI, MI, PA and GA. There are eighty-seven electors in those states. A Republican will need to flip some combination of states to gain thirty-five electors. He will also have to hold the states that Trump won in 2020.

The state most likely to flip is Georgia. The Republican Party there has started to figure out what is happening to them and they have adjusted. The 2022 election was a small wake up call for the white vote in the state. That gets the Republicans halfway to their goal, but then things get dicey. Arizona and Nevada appear to be fortified for democracy now, as we saw in the 2022 election. Pennsylvania, of course, is heavily fortified for democracy, as we saw in the Fetterman race.

This means a Republican will need to win Michigan or Minnesota and Wisconsin, something has not been done in generations. In 2016, Trump won Michigan and Wisconsin, but lost Minnesota. It was close, so it cannot be ruled out entirely, but it is not the way to bet. Realistically, the only path to victory for the Republicans is to take back Georgia and then win Michigan, but they will still be short four electoral votes, so they have to focus on one other state as well.

What this tells us is the odds for a Republican win are awfully long. They have to win states that are mostly in the other camp by default. Then they have to defend their own states, some of which are trending the wrong way. The Yankee invasion of North Carolina is turning the state into Virginia. Texas is slowly becoming California as those weirdos arrive in droves. Barring some sort of black swan event, Joe Biden will cruise to victory in 2024 no matter his opponent.

What this says is that the choice for Republicans is not centered on electability, but who they prefer to see lose in 2024. The neocons and conservatives prefer to see Trump lose, but they are so full of hatred of white people now, they will root against him in the primary, even if it works against their interests. The DeSantis fans are coming around to the same view, thinking that Trump is some sort of bad juju that must be exorcised in order to return to the 1980’s.

For dissidents, it is a different question. DeSantis is a good governor and it would be better if he finished the job and set an example for others. We do not need another too nice to win loser presidential candidate. Trump is a crazy man who sends the bad guys into paroxysms of vengeful hysteria. He was a lousy president, but he has proven to be a great wrecking ball. His revenge tour, especially if he is indicted, will be the mother of all crap shows. A good time will be had by all.

On the other hand, DeSantis losing the general after the party swore he was better than Trump, discredits the whole process and drives home the point that we live in a one party system now. Many will assume that he was the victim of more democracy fortification, while others will read the map, analyze the demographics and see that there is no path forward in the current system. Reasonable Ron losing could be worse for the system than Demonic Don losing again.

In the end, it is probably a coin flip. Those who have yet to wake up to the present reality will place their hopes according to their desires. To paraphrase the American transcendentalist Theodore Parker, we should not pretend to fully comprehend the political universe, because the arc of history is long. We can only see a bit of it and make calculations accordingly. While the arc of liberal democracy is long, we can be sure that it bends towards civilizational disaster.

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217 thoughts on “Ron Versus Don

  1. Everything that really matters collapsed in the late sixties. Neighborhood Safety, IQ, buying power, gold redeemability, marriage, morality, etc. We’re just now dealing with the retards born in that filth and their impact on every institution. My pastor used the word faggot on sunday, so i think some small enclaves can protect themselves by adopting cultish rejection of the mainstream, but its going to get worse for several decades. The 1950s and 1960s were fun for boomers because collapse was just beginning. Now its picked up momentum.

    • The roots of our demise stretch back a long, long way. FDR, Wilson, Lincoln played a part. What’s different now is that the foolishness has picked up a lot of momentum. We’re not far from a complete meltdown of our society. Hyper inflation, world war, another even worse civil war, death camps. Nothing is off the table.

  2. Welp… this is the crux of the problem with Dissidents. To get the changes they want, whoever is in charge has to cross the Rubicon, and start breaking heads and stretching necks. In order to do that… whoever it is that finally brings this clown show to an end… will need people to cross the Rubicon with him. The dissidents want to stay on the river bank and sneer at anyone from our side that tries to cross it. On their side… Leftie has his people on the move…the street people, the vibrants, the wahmen, the perverts, the lunatics…they’ve already crossed the river and are wrecking our neighborhoods, preying on and grooming our children, starting unnecessary wars, destroying our economy, etc etc.

    None of this is my idea of a good time… it’d sure be nice to see dissidents do something other than just sitting on the sidelines and bitching….

    • Leftie dissidents get bailed out by the democrats, receive cash settlements if the cops are mean to them, keep their jobs (assuming they have one), and can pick up some flashy Nike shoes and a big-screen TV while “protesting.”

      Right-leaning dissidents lose their jobs, risk losing their kids, get raided by the FBI, and if they’re really lucky, get to enjoy a nice stay in a DC gulag being abused by foreign thugs who hate them.

      Let’s be reasonable here. These left-wing “protests” could be shut down in a heartbeat if the Cloud people weren’t funding and supporting them with donations, positive news coverage, and plenty of legal assistance.

      On J6, hundreds of thousands of normal people turned out to protest, only to be thrown under the bus by Trump AND the GOP establishment. This is why the GOP will never get another dime from me. They’re worse than worthless.

      • “These left-wing “protests” could be shut down in a heartbeat if the Cloud people weren’t funding and supporting them with donations, positive news coverage, and plenty of legal assistance.”

        The same applies to the civil rights protests and opposition to the Vietnam War once JFK reached room temperature. The American State decides what protests (and domestic terrorism, as was the case in 2020) is allowed and what is not allowed. The moment BLM and Antifa prove not to be useful, the American State will gun down as many as necessary and the propaganda organs will breathlessly report the body count.

        If you get down to it, the Civil War was just one big freaking Social Justice Warrior protest albeit with more substantial participants.

        The only thing that has changed in my thinking about America is the relatively recent realization that the United States always has been this way. Always.

        • “The moment BLM and Antifa prove not to be useful, the American State will gun down as many as necessary and the propaganda organs will breathlessly report the body count.”

          That’s what the SJW goons rioting in the streets don’t realize. They are every bit as expendable to their masters as the SA brownshirts or the Old Bolsheviks cadres ever were to their respective regimes.

        • In my lifetime I have known many moral, forthwright, decent, honest, hardworking individual American citizens. But these people that I have known have never been in a position of signigicant authority to effect national policy. In the past few years I have finally awakend to fact of how evil the people that run this economic zone known as the USA truly are. We are not and never have been “the good guys”.

          • It is a very bitter pill to swallow. Every totalitarian system in history had nice and decent people within it. Ours does. It is easy to confuse them with the absolute monsters who rule them and us.

            Being as objective as possible, this is leading to something horrific beyond the terror now on display. Arresting a head of state, announcing the forthcoming arrests of more than a thousand of his supporters, and the very public evisceration of any vestiges of dissent is old as the hills and always ends the same way.

            The foundation for the forthcoming terror has been here all along. We just didn’t see it because in our every day lives there were people who were decent and honorable. They will be treated worst of all, too, based on what has happened in the past. You absolutely can feel it in your bones.

    • People who are even *vestigially* decent are at an insuperable disadvantage against evil/sociopathy/etc.

      If Fox News went Radio Rwanda and the scrolling red white & blue banner said, “If you know a cop, kill his wife,” no one would obey it.

      /ourbadguys/ don’t really exist.

      • I was watching a youtube video where a small group of people had to decide among themselves who should get $1000. The behavior of the contestants showed precisely why unethical people always gain power, simply by acting ruthlessly and having no shame about behaving in a dishonorable fashion just to win. In contrast, the fair-minded people wouldn’t speak up for themselves and more or less passively submitted to being voted off one by one, quietly hoping that the two aggressive she-boons wouldn’t pick them next as the tall poppy to chop off.

        This is the great power that blacks possess. Their total stupidity and complete lack of self-awareness. They actually do believe that whites stole their magical rocket-pyramid civilization.

    • George Lincoln Rockwell tried and failed when USA was 90% white. I guarantee that he had more brains and balls than all of us combined. Just gotta wait for the collapse, I’m afraid.

      • Rockwell was also operating during a time when the people trusted the government, media and institutions much more than today. Not a great climate for dissidents.

  3. “Texas is slowly becoming California as those weirdos arrive in droves”

    Texas is turning blue because of international immigration. Ironically, intranational immigration from California is one of the few things slowing down that transition. It was a close race, and exit polls suggested that Furryboy Beto would have defeated Cruz in 2018 if it weren’t for all the people who had recently moved to Texas from California and who voted an estimated two-to-one Repub.

    There were more Trump voters in California in 2020 than in – combined – Utah, Kansas, Arkansas, Mississippi, Nebraska, Idaho, West Virginia, Montana, both Dakotas, and Wyoming. The people who have been moving from California to Repub run states have mostly not been not libs seeking to recreate California – they have been Republicans sick of Dem rule.

      • Yeah, this wave is different: hold-outs who thought things would improve, and grew disillusioned after a long time and left. The previous waves were the typical Cali leftists. At least this is true in other states.

        But in the case of Texas, even the indigenous conservatards already were prone to vote for squishes, and the Republican migrants to there may be to the natives’ Right but over time will get all cucky, too. At best, they make the world safe for John Cornyn.

    • Mysterious Orca: Only partly true, at best. Yes, all the ‘international’ immigrants vote left – all the Han, Hindus, and Mohammedans. Those Mexicans who do vote generally vote dem also – San Antonio has been dem for years. The squatemalans are sure to follow their pattern. Houston is now fully as diverse as New Yawk and just as much of a shitehole. Dallas is not far behind.

      While Austin has always been weird, it now has its standard jevvish mayor and troublesome blaqs. And TONS of Californians are moving there more than anywhere else in Texas – precisely because it reminds them of home – i.e. plenty of drag queens and preening social justice warriors,

      A California repuke/conservatard is just a mainline liberal who doesn’t like CA’s high taxes. Then they complain about Texas’ lack of gun laws and are shocked by the property taxes. No worries – Californians or not, Texas will be blue soon enough. The older White repukes who eternally re-elect Cornyn are dying out, and Beto will beat Cruz next time.

      • “A California repuke/conservatard is just a mainline liberal who doesn’t like CA’s high taxes. ”

        People here don’t agree with 100% everything with – off the top of my head – Tucker Carlson, American Thinker magazine, Steve Sailer, Michael Anton, Claremont Institute, Devin Nunes, Moldbug, David Horowitz and frontpage, Hugh Hewitt, Michael Shellenberger, Darrell Issa, Andrew Breitbart, Elon Musk, Erica Sandberg, Clint Eastwood, Pieter Thiel, Kevin McCarthy, and Larry Elder, but I would not call them black trans lives matter activists who just want lower taxes.

    • Something similar appears to be true in Florida. The numbers say most of the newcomers are voting R.

    • Well, there was Hidalgo county or some similar South Texas Democrat heavily hispanic (meaning Mexican) stronghold that voted for a Republican (Hispanic). So there’s that.

  4. With respect, I will stake out a contrary position. Trump won the election in 2016, he won the election in 2020, and will win again in 2024 if allowed to run, which is unlikely. DeSantis will lose in a landslide if he cooperates with the Republican party to manipulate the primary or otherwise prevent Trump from running in 2024.

    The 2020 election was stolen in five key cities: Phoenix, Milwaukee, Detroit, Philadelphia, and Atlanta. The majority of Americans, even Joe Normiecon and most Democrats, now understand and agree with this statement. Trump outperformed any previous incumbent candidate, outperformed all previous Republican candidate with Blacks and Hispanics, won 16 of the 17 key counties that have determined every modern Presidential election, etc., etc., etc. The Official Narrative that Biden smashed all voting records and got 81 million votes was facially absurd at the inception, and lacks any credibility after the exposure of voter fraud in the above-referenced five key cities, which explains why a even majority of Democrats now concede that the 2020 election was rigged.

    After the 2020 election I lost friends and acquaintances by stating openly that stolen elections have consequences and Americans would pay a dear price for the theft of the 2020 election. They were laughing at me in early 2021. Nobody is laughing anymore. Between the war in Ukraine, 1970/1980s style inflation, rising interest rates, bank failures, mounting layoffs, etc., even the normiest of normies is waking up a bit.

    Trump will win and win bigly in 2024. Yes the Democrats may steal the election again in those same five key cities, and that may well be the best scenario for our side because it will lay bare for all to see that our elections are rigged. Joe Normie needs to understand and internalize this before he takes the next step.

    • Sorry, but I have to disagree with your perspective on normies. Yes, most of them are now going harump-harump, fart, burp, and piss their pants over the increasing price of beer and Doritos, but they will nonetheless roll off the couch and waddle to the voting booth in 2024 because Bongino told then to. Only going 3 days without a McDonald’s happy meal will get their attention.

      We won’t deserve redemption until the gauntlet of hardship has returned and purged the deadweight.

      • Agreed. But tell me, Tom?

        What else are they supposed to do? What are you doing that is noble and righteous in the midst of this chit show?

        Not trying to pick on you personally or any of the dissidents… but hell’s bells…if we don’t do something soon…we are going to be in an ever-deepening level of shite…

        • That’s just it, Glen – He’s doing the same thing we are all doing. He’s still paying taxes, still going to work, still living in a house, etc. Having 50,000 rounds of ammo, being in shape, having spare food, etc. are all good things yes – but the idea that this collapse is going to come and bring some sort of reckoning with it is a real long shot, bordering on ridiculous. The reality is, there isn’t much you can do unless you are independently wealthy, have no family and can simply sell all of your belongings and pick up and move to the fucking mountains on a whim. About 0.00001% of the population can do such things.

          That’s why I can’t take people seriously who keep talking about the apocalyptic collapse that is coming. The only way for this to ever be undone is if whites united and did you know what. Anything short of that will do nothing to change current trajectories. Normie is not going to find himself starving and searching for a meal. Instead, he will slowly be ground down to be conditioned to function on much less and he will take it and ask for seconds. Haven’t we learned anything yet?

          It is not “giving up” or being a wimp to admit these things. This is reality. You can either accept it or don’t, but either way, it’s coming.

          • This is true. If purveyors of sites like this could organize IRL we could take stock and get better organized.

            As for the grinding down, irrespective of demographics, an inevitable great economic hardship is upon us. They changed the demographics in part to continue a Ponzi scheme – a fool’s errand.

            So unlike Rome, there is no northern European invasion coming to re-invigorate our lands with the original genetic stock (Lombardians, Goths …). Economic hardship or not, our people face a choice. Do we look to our past to rediscover the basis of our identity? Do we see the task ahead as essential to re-forging it and infusing it with what is new about this time, this place and this task?

            If we do, are we willing to reject modernity’s trapping to immerse ourselves in our positive identity formation task? The system does not have agency over us in this regard. We must take it upon us and lead our posterity in our light. Are we willing to do this and at the same time embrace modernity and technology so that we have a seat at the table in the future? Once we stand up ourselves and our family in this, will we form a meaningful community or our people who claim our heritage and identity?

            The answers to those questions are in our hands. The question of who to vote for and whatever Normie is going to do is a distraction from the rest.

            If we resolve to have agency and answer in the affirmative, there will be a future for us. I think that identity and that people will be something much better and more formidable than anything that America ever was.

          • Tired Citizen: Well said. I understand Glen’s plaintive appeal to action and emotionally I sympathize and share his obvious frustration. But those waiting for an armed uprising or some sort of mass confrontation with the left that will leave dissidents and trads triumphant are, I believe, misreading and exaggerating popular sentiment. It’s just not going to happen. Despite everything, too many are still too comfortable and have too much to lose. And slowly grinding them down has worked well for decades, so I don’t see anything rousing anyone.

            Our soon-to-be ex-neighbors of about 6 months drive my husband nuts with the turbo-roar of their trucks all hours of the day, but he knows that doing anything concrete would land him in prison. So instead we are doing just what you mentioned – we’re selling and sorting and packing our belongings and moving to the mountains. And yes, we are taking full advantage of the fading but still inflated house prices here to realize our dream and our refuge.

            When and if anything concrete happens that we can assist or support in any way, we are ready and willing to do so. But we have learned the hard way not to count on others, and the plandemic idiocy and utter passivity in the face of daily macro and microaggressions by parasitic aliens do not inspire us to be martyrs for the cause.

            We are vacating the field. Call me a keyboard warrior if you wish – but all along I’ve been upfront about being an old lady who’s not about to lead any sort of charge.

        • Glen – I think I’ve been very clear and consistent in my prior posts. No individual is going to change anything at the macro-level; you can only change yourself. If you are not already fit, prepared, and safely ensconced; then get there as fast as is feasible for you. Join a militia movement if you must, but there is a better way to fight back. And I have described it as precisely as is possible given the Big Brother world that we live in. Normie is never going to be solution to anything, so expecting something tangible from the deadweight is foolhardy. And by all means, wait for the fog.

    • I agree with your comment. However:
      “…which explains why a even majority of Democrats now concede that the 2020 election was rigged.”
      Where are these democrats? I have not met one. Most democrats I know are still making snide remarks about January 6th and speak about how “corrupt” Trump was.

      • Yeah i recently reunited with buddies from 15-20 years ago in the midwest. We dropped N words all the time back then. Now theyre all pro blm, pro trans, and virtue signal about being open minded. Normies might occasionally talk about tax cuts or socialism, but theyre brainwashed liberals on everything else. So Anyone calling themselves democrat is practically a trans black supremacist. Theyd support stealing all elections to ensure trans black politicians had there shot

    • 1. “The 2020 election was stolen in five key cities: Phoenix, Milwaukee, Detroit, Philadelphia, and Atlanta.”

      Las Vegas, too.

      2. Yes, it seems impossible that Biden got 81 million votes. It does seem possible to me that he got 81 million ballots.

    • I agree with everything you said but I don’t believe Joe Normie will ever understand and internalize it, and even if he did, he will not take the next step.

      Nothing but collapse will be the cure.

  5. I can’t be the only guy who thinks the GOP is going to rig their primaries for either Vindaloo Vicki Randhawa or Tim Scott, can I? Lots of folks think Meatball Ron is yet another globalist puppet, but all the right people sure do seem to hate him. The Democrats had to fortify their own primaries — twice (remember that Hillary 2016 was as rigged, if not more so, than Biden 2020). And my friends, I can’t think of anything better for us (short of Trump running a 3rd party bid from the inside of a cell in federal pound me in the ass prison). Don or Ron losing an ostentatiously “fortified” election would be good, but the GOP fortifying their own primaries so the Dems don’t have to fortify the election would be best.

    • I’m old enough to remember when Bush and Romney were Hitler. Whoever is the R nominee will be Hitler. In light of this I suppose we could hope for Scott, to have our first Black Hitler.

      • That’s what I *really* want to see, to be honest: The very very dark black face of White Supremacy. It’ll be a hoot. There’s no voting our way out of this — we’re screwed — so might as well get a few chuckles out of the collapse.

    • The GOP has to be maintained as a controlled opposition party. A catastrophic, Goldwater-like defeat with a ticked headed by a Hindu and a Negro would upend the racket.

    • Really, all it would take to keep Tangerine Mussolini out of the running is for a couple of key state Republican machines to prevent him appearing on their state ballots. They can likely do this by just changing some obscure rules that would disqualify him. Not that this matters much. As the 270ToWin website will illustrate, it’s more likely Joe Biden will run on the LaRouche ticket than a Republican can win again.

      I do wonder how places like Ace of Normies will respond to the final end of any prospect of a GOP president. Given that Normies still believe Republican possession of the presidency actually makes a difference in the larger picture of the Empire’s trajectory, perhaps they will merely reject reality and take the path of true believers, like those believers in UFO cults that expected the rapture. When it did not come to pass, the rationalization went into overdrive. Perhaps they will double-down on Democrats Are Hypocrites and DR3.

    • There’s absolutely zero enthusiasm for Nimrata. (And her past is so checkered she wouldn’t survive the first negative campaign ad.) Vivek Ramaswamy is the subcontinental flavor-of-the-month. I LOL’d when he told TC he wants to get rid of racial preferences in hiring. (Anyone who works in IT knows what I’m talking about.)

      • He’d be even better, because he kept the weird Subcontinental name. Too bad he’s a no-hoper. I just want to see the GOP run the most ridiculous candidate possible, to really make The Media *work* on their Hitler stories. “This week on Sixty Minutes: How this transsexual black lesbian dwarf in a wheelchair is REALLY a White Supremacist.”

        • “to see the GOP run the most ridiculous candidate possible”

          well hell, you’re talking about brother Rommney there 😛

  6. David Cole, at Taki’s is apparently all-in on the Ann Coulter approach:

    “My friend Ann Coulter lost followers after she denounced Trump, but she ended up gaining more, because in the end, when you do what’s right and honest, your losses are temporary but your gains increase over time.

    “Ann has an iron spine; Tuck’s is putty. And now he spends every other show defending the jailed 1/6ers who might not have gone to jail had Tuck said publicly what he knew to be true in November 2020.”

  7. “On the other hand, DeSantis losing the general after the party swore he was better than Trump, discredits the whole process and drives home the point that we live in a one party system now. Many will assume that he was the victim of more democracy fortification, while others will read the map, analyze the demographics and see that there is no path forward in the current system. Reasonable Ron losing could be worse for the system than Demonic Don losing again.”

    This is the exact scenario I am hoping for…the more people we can disillusion to the current mess of a system the better.

    • “This is the exact scenario I am hoping for…the more people we can disillusion to the current mess of a system the better.”

      So, Take II: Indians are doing the jobs real Americans won’t do.

  8. The only one who wins in 24 is the system.

    Trump loss would be blamed on his outrageousness / people have moved on, maybe a smattering of bitter DeSanters, and to some extent fortification which will come to nothing.

    DeSantis loss will be blamed on bitter Trumpeters (more probable) and fortification (which again will amount to nothing).

  9. michigan is completely fortified. the 2020 debacle showed that . lipstick hitler put the dems in charge of all branches o fthe state government. something that had not happend in 55 years. she will be looking to move to the national stage soon. peopl forget that she was bidens campaign manager

    • Michigan has gotten so fortified that five of the Republican candidates for governor were disqualified from the start due to “fraudulent signatures.” And then, one of the remaining candidates (Ryan Kelley, who posts on Gab) was raided and arrested by the FBI for participating in the J6 protests. This means that at least six GOP candidates were taken out before voting ever took place.

      And we shouldn’t forget the Jill Stein recount in 2016. It revealed a staggering amount of miscounting in Detroit, which might explain why one counting center covered its windows in pizza boxes to keep citizens from looking inside during the 2022 Trump-Biden election.

      Call me a conspiracy theorist, but Trump carried Michigan in 2022, even if the cloud people say otherwise.

  10. Doesn’t matter who wins the GOP nomination; TPTB will never allow him to win. Besides, we can’t vote our way out of the massive mess we’re in.

  11. There was a time, circa 2020 when he went against the lockdowns, that I would have supported a DeSantis run. Now I can’t get past the Jeb endorsement. I suspect I am not alone. But people have goldfish memories, and Trump can’t be expected to remind voters of this. He couldn’t even be bothered to stress immigration as the central issue of the 2020 campaign, which it was, in spite of neither candidate talking about it. Although in fairness I doubt it would have increased his impressive turnout if he had.

    These are not critical issues, because none of these people are going to change the trajectory of AINO for the better. The #1 accomplishment of Trump is arousing the left and the deep state to greater fury. For he reminds them that they are not all powerful, and they can’t stand that. If through some miracle he were to win a second time, that fury would be unprecedented, which is scary when you consider the precedent.

    Whoever wins in 2024 will be remembered as the captain of the sinking ship, despite the fact that he didn’t really captain anything and the ship was headed down regardless. The predominance of ridiculous people throughout the managerial class ensures that the iceberg cannot even be seen, let alone avoided.

    • The evil ov th bush satanic bush machine cannot be overstated . under no circumstances support their puppet. BTW , they put millions into his campaign , it’s not just an endorsement.

  12. “ It turns out that most people are decent and honest, not scheming weasels.”

    Precisely why the Rep’s are slated to be losers in the next election and there on. Until “Conservatives” learn to leave their virtue at the door and get down and dirty with their opponents there can be no victory at the polls—and therefore no change to the political system. Even now in AZ the official Rep narrative is that we lost due to *not* voting early! Not that the election was rigged. Some folk never catch wise. 🙁

    • Z Man wrote, “First you win. Then you establish your principles.” Amen.

      I say: fix in your mind what you want most and then after that, the end justifies all means.

      For me, what I want most is some approximation of an ethnostate with federalism to prevent distinct ethnicities and religions within the ethnostate from annoying one another. There are some reasons to believe that federalism never works, but all systems have their problems.

    • Reps should have abandoned their principles and scruples about 1974. 2024 is far too late to do any good.

    • If the republican or “right” were to pull the fraud the communists have been doing regionally for a long time and nationally for the last two cycles.
      They would get zero butt coverage they give to the commies, the media would howl to moon, the courts would immediately rule against the right in every case.
      Face it degenerates are in control and under no circumstances will they let that go, they worked way too long to let that happen. There will be no compromise They want you dead and your children as their toys.
      Many of them look just like you,
      Many of you know some of them very well. Harden your hearts or accept the fate they have for you and the innocent.

  13. I may not even vote at all in 2024. Neither Trump nor DeSantis will get my vote. The GOP won’t “learn” anything from either candidate’s loss. They’re a Whig party. A walking dead party that doesn’t know it yet. Bury the dead. Look at the now largest voting block under 40. If I could insert a hammer and sickle emoji (here) I would. And why wouldn’t they be little communists? Putting the POC ones aside, they have no future in this paradigm. None. Sure, they’ll come out and vote in “The Vill-uh-gess” for the GOP. The ones who haven’t been carried away one by one by Ambulances to the $20k per month facility where you can pull the little key card from the wall if you fall in the shower.

    The boomers just don’t get the waves that will batter them from all directions. Their Medicare has been spent on the endless wars, their home equity will soon be in free fal, a generation that they told for years to “bootstrap” is staring down the barrel of middle-age without a pot to pi-ss in. It’s a perfect storm for them. At least in a couple years they won’t be turning to the younger crowd and saying “what’s your problem?”

    In a couple years we’ll see, a former super-power country that’s now bankrupt, with an angry youth that despises the old for a thousand different reasons (some right and some wrong) is no place to grow old and die. I’ll never forget seeing video from the USSR around 1992, old people selling matches on the corner to survive. Good luck Diane. Say goodbye to the kitchen with granite counters. You’ll be in tears for sure.

    • Correct. The cause however is confounded with the mixture of non-White races and the lowering of the general IQ of the *entire* populace. Future prosperity belongs to those who can contribute cognitively to a first world technological society. It has been so for a few generations now and we’ve seen the results show up in the general uneven distribution of wealth. The upper 10% of society possess a proportion of the country’s wealth unknown since medieval times. The rest fight for the crumbs that fall from the plate.

      • The demographic disaster of the U.S. is a human Chernobyl. This is an excelerant to everything I mentioned above. Assuming I can keep most of my money and not have it vaporize during some revolution event, I don’t think, going forward, I would keep most of it domestically. Once the Euro is defunct and replaced by a system that works, and the Euro states go through their version of state bankruptcy that over 20 different countries will be going through at the same time, including ours, I can see pockets of Europe rebounding strongly. I also see pockets in the Far East that will rebound. I don’t see much of that happening here. The culture was too damaged and impaired by terrible decisions over 70 years. Just.a negrified hell hole living hand to mouth in double-wides.

        • All the Clouds with real estate in New Zealand agree with you (I’m back and forth but think there will be patches here and there in North America, too, but parts of Europe and East Asia are more likely, particularly the latter). Still, the Clouds are making the assumption the Kiwis will let them in. We aren’t the only ones who appreciate how toxic the Clouds are.

          • Based upon when I hear about the Kiwis, they will welcome the Clouds with open arms. They are all ideologically congenial.

          • @OK:

            The Kiwis are absolute vaginas. They replaced their psychopathic female PM with a guy to her Left, perhaps marginally saner. But because they are vaginas (and not suicidal, to be fair), they don’t want in their midst Clouds who could face retribution from numerous corners. They did exit ANZUS for a similar reason, which was a brave move given the States were far more powerful then.

  14. all this talk of fortification pre-supposes a two “handed” uni-party. what if the uni-party splinters (after killing the GOP “hand”)? i know history is against this, but we live in unprecedented times. what if we transition into a handful of explicitly ethnic parties? i feel this is possible, and that this will break the power of the globo-homo-trans mania currently gripping the current political over-class.

    • Explicitly ethnic parties will be strangled in the cradle by the usual suspects who have worked so hard to develop a virulently anti-White Left and a colorblind Right that loses gracefully in the face of savagery. If the United States were as billed ethnic parties would be a thing tomorrow but the “hello, fellow White people!” crowd is on thin ice as it is.

    • The easiest way to reach our goal is to encourage the hillbilly & swamp creature counties of Virginia to secede and join West Virginia [where there’s a perfectly valid “Constitutional” (sic) justification for it].

      Similarly with this growing movement of counties leaving the state of Oregon for the state of Idaho.

      This can be done with counties in North Carolina [joining with South Carolina and Tennessee] and with counties in Michigan [joining with Ohio and Indiana].

      It has the added benefit of repelling the vile arrogant Blue sh!tlib Cloud People, who would rather die than be re-classified as “Red”.

      Sh!tlibs are so highly concentrated in Bluetropolis that using county-by-county secession would very quickly leave the sh!tlibs utterly unable to win any presidential election, and able to win few if any senate seats [although, depending on redistricting, they might hang on to an handful of congressional seats].

      This upcoming Supreme Court case, where the court has to rule on the validity of STATE LEGISLATURES drawing congressional district boundaries, very likely will prove to be the most important decision of our lifetimes.

      If the power to draw congressional districts is restored to the STATE LEGISLATURES, then we can isolate all of the sh!tlib votes in the Bluetropolis hot spots, and the overwhelming majority of the Congressional districts will then become Red.

      Again, there is a perfectly valid historical “Constitutional” [sic] precedent for county-by-county secession, envisioned & created & instantiated & actuated & ensconced & established & promulgated & nurtured & protected by the Ur-sh!tlibs themselves.

      Entirely utterly “Constitutional” [sic].

      • Agree. I have been writing about this here and in a few other select blogs for a few years. This movement is gathering steam, and will continue to grow. America is a sea of Red, filled with good people, governed by a few islands of Blue, filled with evil people.

        Anybody on our side who uses the terms “Blue states” and “Red states” has already lost the argument.

        • We need to get the idea of “Blue counties” versus “Red counties” into the lexicon, and start saturating our political discourse with talk of “Blue counties” versus “Red counties”.

          Gab, Twitter, WordPress, j00t00b kkk0mments, etc etc etc.

          Get all the Xers & Millennials & Zs speaking & writing & thinking in terms of “Blue counties” versus “Red counties”.

          Win the language, win the war.

        • I think I made a mistake in the above.

          If all the Red Counties seceded and joined Red States, and if the power to draw Congressional Districts were restored to the State Legislatures, then the GOP would surely own the Presidency and the House of Representatives, but the DEMs would likely own the Senate.

          OTOH, the Blue States would tend to be left so badly discontiguous by the exit of the Red Counties that it’s difficult to imagine how the Blue States would even function.

          You’d have Blue state patrol officers constantly driving Blue state patrol vehicles all across Red State roads.

          The situation could get rather testy, rather quickly.

    • If there’s a new partisan split it’ll amount to the explicit joining of GOP and D into a globohomo-transmaniacal military dictatorship vs. basically Trump voters (and statistically similar people) whom they slaughter by the tens or maybe hundreds of millions. It’s the only future *enough like* the present that it can emerge from it.

      For the last couple days I’ve been listening to the military gays who are the public face of the American government’s push to “destigmatize” talk of UFOs—which are called something else now, like KEEEV. These homo generals (etc.) are all extremely crazy. They seem to be preparing us for a global announcement, like villains in stupid movies make, that every establishment-left (some would say Jewish) desire—the end of Whiteness, deindustrialization, “15-minute cities,” child eunuchs, paper straws, etc.—is actually an irresistible demand from a superior alien intelligence to which they have privileged access.

      The end of the world is super retarded.

      • The only reason that hasn’t happened yet and may not happen is there is still a significant element in the dominant group who understands the Dirts keep things running. Over time, as the Leninist youth JR referenced with all their delusions supplant them, all bets are off.

  15. Look at what’s happening in South Africa, and prepare accordingly. America’s best hope is greater autonomy of States like Texas and Florida.

    • South Africa is interesting. It looks like as it descends into the predictable black-run dysfunction, the situation for Whites actually could improve. It is fortuitous that Praetoria has aligned with Russia and China since the United States would be the more likely of the three to intervene to crush a White separatist movement, which may become possible with the disintegration of the South African state.

      • Not sure the situation will improve for Whites. Perhaps some can bargain to “be eaten last”. But they will be eaten. The Black pol’s must have a devil to blame for their dysfunctional leadership and ignorance. It every racial conflict—not just Black on White—you will see the superior race ostracized and demonized—by the inferior, but more numerous race(s).

        • Disagree. For the first time since the Eighties, the opportunity is there to separate. Traitorous Whites largely kept South Africa afloat until this point. Those who would do the eating are too stupid and incompetent to prevail without White help. I had thought the SA state would be salvaged by the United States but that is far less likely now.

          Even if that proves wrong, and I don’t think it will, we do need to do as said at the outset here: watch South Africa. It is easy to choke on black pills but our situation here is better even though the Boers are far superior people these days to White Americans.

          • The Boer gentlemen remain, in my mind, the most resourceful, tough and physically imposing specimens of whiteness there is. I’m sure they’ve got some very able resistance mechanisms and networks set up that we know nothing about.

            God bless them.

  16. I hadn’t thought of it this way, but seems accurate:…”What this says is that the choice for Republicans is not centered on electability, but who they prefer to see lose in 2024…”
    While team Blue D will have all the machinery in place to guarantee the…correct candidate / hologram wins, team Red R will, nevertheless, still cooperate by forming up a circular firing squad to further assure a loss no matter who the preferred loser’s name is on the ballot.

    • Isn’t it amazing how the Karl Rove/Bush Dynasty juggernaut that was preparing for a perpetual political dynasty didn’t last more than a couple of years. He overlooked the border and repatriation as essential cornerstones to such a project. Woops! Minor oversight there Dubya. The worm tongues who surrounded him probably just told him that having a couple little brown ones would ensure the marginal votes needed in perpetuity. That is how dumb that asshat and his entire circle was.

      Looks like the same is true of the PNAC in terms of its radically shorter than propheted duration – unless that was really a proxy for US as vassal for someone else’s century. It wouldn’t shock me.

      Bush was an unmitigated disaster. I agree with another poster. Resigning to build ourselves up in a diaspora of American Asturias archipelagos is probably the right path. We are going to have to contend with an extremely hostile judiciary. The archipelagos will have to prepare for nullification.

      The past twenty years of artificial boom from money printing accelerated the replacement project at an unbelievable pace. The difference in this country from 1999/2000 until now is astounding. Perhaps, an economic unraveling of that could undo a decent chunk of it. Based on what the same people are doing to England and Ireland I wouldn’t count on it. They are bent on our destruction.

      Did I mention Eye-Patch Dan? Of all of the weasels, that guy raises my ire. When he gets replaced, I will get a Twitter account and heckle him on it until my final days.

      • RealityRules: if eye patch Dan out weasels K Rove – that’s saying quite a lot.

      • Bush-the-elder doubled legal immigration and created the H-1B visa. The two largest amnesties in US history happened while he was VP and President. His family ties (oil industry and personal) basically ensured an open southern border. It was deliberate.

        • RoBG: Absolutely. And Dubya then doubled mussulman immigration after 9/11. And told ‘murricans to go shopping for the win.

          I’d like to throttle my younger repuke self for voting for that ass.

  17. First, Z should win a Pulitzer for coining the term “scheming weasels.” Never in the history of language has there been a more apt description of RINOs and ConInc. And in truth, almost all of DC is scheming weasel habitat. We should delete the word “politician” from our vocabulary and replace it with “scheming weasel vermin.”

    And as to the Ron/Don debate, I believe that the scheming weasel vermin have the “fix” in with respect to Trump and will not allow him to win the primaries no matter what. They will cheat even worse than the Ds in order to manufacture this outcome. This will result in a huge “stay home” movement among the dirt people and ensure the loss of many “safe” Republican candidates in a shocking debacle election.

    The only bright side to this outcome is that Bongino will have a heart attack when his vote harder mantra fails him once again.

  18. There is nobody more fake than a social media “influencer,” especially on Twitter. 1/2 of the time (or more), it’s not even their own tweets. They make celebrities look like deep thinkers.

  19. Presidential politics is a smoke-and-mirrors game designed to keep the rubes (electorate) focused on what should be a rather transparent puppet show. Regardless of who wins the upcoming contest for phony Grand Poobah of the Unfree World, the same tiny clique of bankers, military industrialists, technocrats, and other assorted oligarchs will sustain their iron-grip on virtually ALL meaningful power. On the one hand, Democracy is a poorly theorized notion that could never genuinely exist amongst a population of any noteworthy size. On the other hand, it’s the greatest ruse ever perpetrated, bamboozling the masses in perpetuity (or at least until the whole ghastly charade implodes of its own momentum). Even self-described dissidents remain consumed in it.

    • “Even self-described dissidents remain consumed in it.”

      It’s mind boggling. Like a million would-be Crusaders endlessly debating the minutiae of a Scooby Do episode while insisting cartoons aren’t real.

    • Not sure how it works in the US. But here in the once formidable Angloland, it does seem like the political comedy/sham/tragedy is kept rolling largely by the middle classes.

      Seems to me that, broadly, the mega-wealthy and wealthy know that The System is deeply corrupted and spend their time corrupting it even more: Democracy, what’s that? The lower classes have always been screwed over so naturally don’t trust the politicians, nor do they – for the most part – go along with the latest fad: climate change sham, shamdemic sham, Russia bad sham &c.

      That leaves the middle classes, and I must say they truly do seem to – in large numbers – have great faith in The System and politics. Things will probably get a lot crummier in many ways when the middle classes are finally eaten away to a truly minimal state; but I must say, not to have my ear bent about “Climate change emergency” by these dolts anymore may well be one plus.

      May the Lord have mercy on us all.

      • I’ve heard local state people give talks and all I can think is “who is getting these dolts elected?”, and these are people I (nominally) agree with politically. Brings up Z’s idea for re-stablishing a House of Lords so that the money people actually have to do some political work rather than (just) forcing us to suffer their fools.

    • Every time “voting” scurries across my brain I like to think of the line from Gladiator:

      Quintus : People should know when they are conquered.
      Maximus : Would you, Quintus? Would I?

      Elections are the pressure relief valve to let us rubes feel like we have skin in the game when it’s the same slime getting elected time and again.

    • Good post, although I disagree with your concluding sentence. Dissidents, it seems to me, are the only people who aren’t consumed with democracy, although I’ll admit that a few do occasionally talk as if voting matters.

  20. I honestly couldn’t give a rat’s ass about Trump or DeSantis. America is over, there is no relief coming even if either of them were to become president. After the avatar currently in office dies off, I expect us to have Jontarrius as president and Shanequa as vice president. They’ll get bills passed that hand money over to their fellow savages which will put that final nail in the looting phase.

    There will never be another Republican president again. If we’ve learned anything it’s that there are no longer political solutions to what we face. As much as I’d like to believe normie will wake up after 2024, I don’t think he will. He will vote harder in 2028. Even if he did wake up, what’s he going to do about it?

    • “There will never be another Republican president again”

      Republicans are now the party of trans rights and reparations. The demons ruling America can fortify the election to make a progressive Republican win and show the plebs that the system still works.

      • Right. It matters very little who The Help is. They will provide the same services.

        • And those were most likely anomalies. In any case, if you lived through those times, then good for you. If not, well, I guess that’s just how it goes.

          That said, even the late 90s/early 2000s looks a rosy time in comparison with all this recent Tyranny and Evil.

          • “if you lived through those times, then good for you”

            It cuts both ways. Living through those relatively good times intensifies the bitterness.

    • > I expect us to have Jontarrius as president and Shanequa as vice president. They’ll get bills passed that hand money over to their fellow savages which will put that final nail in the looting phase.

      I agree with everything you said except this part. President Jontarrius’ fellow savages won’t get squat from the government. The looting will go only to the benefit of his owners.

  21. Ron DeSantis is GWB II. Same (lack of) charisma and same leanings.

    Trump is a tired clown. That’s better than nothing.

    • DeSantis is a pro-war fallback for the Neocons. They probably do fear a pro-peace leftist jumping into the Democratic primary, as unlikely as that may seem. That aside, Biden very well may abandon Ukraine by late summer if pressure grows on him. Expect even more demonization of wreckers if he does so. The military seems ready to exit because all that matters to it is perpetual funding based on the myth of the mighty military, which needs to be sustained until everyone can cash out.

    • down voted because i disagree. GWB (no II, his dad is GHWB) could never take apart the press like DeSantis regularly does; Bush would not even try. I am neither pro or anti Desantis (but am anti-Trump).

      • “down voted because i disagree”

        You meanie!

        DeSantis being GWB II is a prediction in case he somehow wins the election.

        Btw, I remember seeing videos of baby-Bush from the ’90s. He was a lot more eloquent and seemed a more intelligent than as a president. I wonder what happened.

        • GWB dialed up the fake Texan and fake Christian routines for his presidential runs.

          Sadly, it worked.

        • Hun: Granted I was still a traditional conservatard back then, but within those constraints I don’t recall any real issues I had with GWB as governor. He didn’t ruffle any major feathers and enjoyed fairly broad support here in Texas. If anything, he was seen as a major improvement after Ann Richards.

        • yeah, i misread that one :(. but blame the inherent ambiguity of the English language 😛

  22. Two things I’ll say about PA:

    1. I have a friend who is from New England. He thought that Oz not being a Pennsylvanian was a huge factor against him. He’s probably right.

    2. Another friend pointed out that Mastriano went off the deep end with the religious stuff. Blowing the shofar, and all of that.

    Two huge blunders in PA, no doubt. It’s still a blue-collar state. Not to say the commonwealth isn’t fortified, but who knows, maybe it isn’t THAT fortified. Idk, I’m not as plugged into this stuff as I used to be.

    • PA is Filthadelphia. Fettergoon is all the proof needed that the GOP, and America itself, are dead.

      • Last I checked, about half of the commonwealth lives in Philly metro, and they aren’t all insane. Also, last I checked, PA has the largest rural population of any state. Pittsburgh is full of disenfranchised FDR Democrat types. It’s still a workable situation, although hordes of New Yorkers and New Jerseyans make it more difficult by the year.

        PA has to have the worst, most-cucked, hardest-selling-out Republican Party in the country. That’s the real problem.

        • In a dream world, Philly and NYC would be vomited out of their respective states and would join New Jersey.

  23. Joe Biden cruises to re-election with over 100 million votes. “Record-breaking” voter turnout and enthusiasm!

    • *Through a combination of “in-person” ballots, “mail-in” ballots, “text-ballots” and “thought-ballots” Joe Biden wins an unprecedented 100 million votes!

  24. My memory may be playing me false, but was there not one or more suspicious ballot dumps in Wisconsin that happened 2020? I can’t fault your math, but you might have to put Wisconsin in the fortified for democracy column.

  25. She now has the same enthusiasm for DeSantis as she had for Trump, Romney, Christie and George Bush.

    Ouch. Tough, but very fair.

  26. Just as an aside, the DeSantis statement about the Ukraine war shows how massively unpopular the U.S. response to that conflict is. DeSantis is financially backed by all of the usual neocon leaning money men. Anyway you look at DeSantis he has all of the traits of the neocon.

    Yet, he knows he has a very slim path to the presidency and no path there if he supports the Ukraine war.

    • Biden either will look like LBJ by the end of the summer or he will ditch opposition to a negotiated settlement between Russia and China. He’s in more of a bind there than we admit sometimes, and I don’t know what he will do. Biden certainly doesn’t know what he will do.

      • imo biden has painted himself into a corner. if he drops the war, he gets lambasted for throwing away $100B; if he keeps on supporting it, and the ukes lose, same criticism.

        • More lambasted than he was for giving the Taliban almost $100B in weapons and brand new airfield? Because that barely left a dent.

      • “Biden certainly doesn’t know what he will do.”

        I saw a good meme a few days ago, something like …

        Joe Tsu, Biden wearing Confucian costume

        “If you don’t know what you are going, then your enemy doesn’t [know what you are doing] either.

    • Opposing an open checkbook with Ukraine is a cost free position for Republicans now. DeSantis, to his credit, went a step further by calling it a border dispute. That was clever. he really would have been a great option in 1996 or in 2012. Those days are gone now, so he is an interesting anachronism.

  27. Trump said he was going to be arrested and called on his supporters to protest. In the end, that’s why I no longer support him. He’s repeatedly shown a willingness to sacrifice his people to pull his bacon out of the fire. He picks the right fights but doesn’t back it up. That’s the last trait you want in a leader.

    I thought maybe DeSantis at some point, but after scrutiny, he looks like a Ted Cruz to me. Good on paper, but there’s something about him I don’t trust.

    Right now, there’s really nobody capable of doing the work that needs doing, in my estimation. I’m figuring 4 more years of Biden, unless something changes drastically. Trump being arrested would probably be that thing, but I see no reason why the pattern of a second term would be different from the first. It wasn’t out of character.

    Whatever. Things will happen that I doubt will be influenced much by who’s in charge. Which is to say, I expect the game changes dramatically— maybe even completely— in the next few years.

    • GD 2.0, which I am convinced is coming, will reshape the political landscape. I dunno if it gets here prior to 2024, if not then whoever wins in 2024 should end up being the fall guy a la Hoover.

    • Ushered in the Poison Vax Psy-Op and stubbornly continued to back it. ‘Two weeks to flatten the curve’ — D.T.

      Tipped outta town quietly back to Mar-a-Lago after the election was stolen. Failed to back the J6 political prisoners when they responded to his call and were taken down by the Gyno Gestapo.

      And way before that let his Prog daughter take over the White House (!!), handed the Middle East to Poodleboy Kushner, and failed to build a wall . . . or anything else lasting.

      Donnie is a last-hope for millions of disenfranchised, alienated people, largely because he infuriates the Left with rhetoric. Picks the right fights then doesn’t fight, even as you said. Raised in wealth and lived protected, never outta the bubble really. I don’t think he even knows how to fight.

  28. Spot on, Z. I would take it a step further and submit that if somehow lightning struck and a Republican pulled off a win, it would not matter in the least anyhow. Elections no longer are relevant and they probably never were. The courts have proved to be just as barbarous as the central government, if not more so. Anyone who thinks the judiciary will act as a brake on the march to anti-White totalitarianism is just as delusional as someone who thinks that if Their Guy wins it matters.

    I think I’m grimmer than you regarding the long-term outlook for the United States, though, and that is a good thing. It seems quite a stretch to believe the USA will be an intact entity remotely similar to its current iteration, as pathetic as that is, even more as little as ten years out. Russia and China are about to humiliate the United States on the world stage, and the dollar’s status as reserve currency seems shakier than even I thought. If you want to warm your heart, take a look at the military’s most recent recruitment commercial. They know these things, too.

    Dissidents should look at the large swathes of the United States that will remain overwhelmingly White and consider relocating to there if they have not already done so. Even now, those areas are fracturing away from the central government. In time, the latter will be unable to assert its influence over the former. There may be an argument actually to hunker down in an enclave in a place like California, but eventually that will be the equivalent of a nice neighborhood in South Africa.

    Politics can be more than going to the polls, and that’s where the focus needs to be. It starts with voting with your feet and learning to live as independently as possible and as far away as possible from the insanity. The hounds will pursue you until they can’t, and that time is on the horizon.

    • I don’t really know that moving away is a good strategy.

      People were “moving away” from Toronto and diverse suburbs 20 years ago. Today the places they moved to are overrun with diversity. Now they’re moving even further out. Many don’t even consciously know why they’re moving.

      Urban enclaves + homeschooling seems to be a better solution than eternal white flight, at least for decent earners and the professional class. The issue is that whites are still individualist.

      The entire purpose of the current political order is to prevent white people from finding group consciousness, while promoting it for other groups. We will see if we can get over it.

      • I understand that argument and don’t dismiss it out of hand, which is why I touched on it, but in the States it has become literally dangerous for Whites to live in some of these places. That’s true in Blue cities in deeply Red states as well, but somewhat less so. It may improve, but I wouldn’t count on it.

        Remaining Whites almost certainly will be targeted economically in places like California even when the Jacobins settle down and criminals begin to feel the heat. Also, the fragmentation thing is quite real and the pattern is for controlling authorities to turn on the populations within borders and boundaries.

        On the other hand, the Gray Man thing likely is accomplished easier in leftist areas for the reasons you cited. Still, on the whole, it seems the less desirable of the two options.

        • I don’t know if it was this story you referenced–“Brampton school keeps students indoors for a week after coyote sighting on grounds”–but good Lord. Not due to rabies, mind you, but because…it was a coyote. This is the same country that founded towns such as Churchill along polar bear migration routes when the only weapons available were single shot muskets.

    • look at the large swathes of the United States that will remain overwhelmingly White“
      Where are these?

      • Appalachia, New England, and the upper Midwest, and some portions of the PNW, Cg2. There’s also an interesting region of East Texas, eastern Okhlahoma, and western Arkansas that may or may not hold out.

        • Jack: North central/northeast Arkansas and southern Missouri Ozarks are still over 90% White. North west Arkansas has been totally Walmartized and is overrun by subcons. The Bentonville-Fayetteville corridor is an invasive cancer in the state. The small, rural towns are still White and self-reliant, but they are numerically insignificant by comparison.

          • Thanks. Given how diversity is accelerating and expanding, making an assertion as I did based on memories from only ten years or so back of interaction really is foolish. I hate to read that because that corridor was fantastic duck hunting country and as I’ve written before, actual conservation is a very, very White thing and vibrants are not constrained by law or regulation.

        • How many drops of dog shit does it take to spoil gallon of ice cream?
          My number would be 5 or 6 if the ice cream is good and cold the shit drops would freeze and you could eat around them

          • Touché. There are about 76k drops in a gallon. Extrapolate that to a population of 350M and we have a “holding capacity” of about 25k? I’ll settle for that.

  29. Seriously. If you follow the war even tangentially, it’s clear what’s happening. It’s criminal what the neocons and Zelensky are doing, though the Ukrainians are willing to go along with it.

    Anyway, no need to argue. Even those not paying attention will know very clearly by the end of summer how this will end. If you actually look, it’s already clear.

  30. A decent GOP candidate can win GA and AZ. Trump cannot. The GOP candidate would then have to win WI, MI, or PA. A win in WI is possible but unlikely, especially as the party is dropping the ball re the Supreme Court elections there in 3 weeks. A Dem WI Supreme Court will fortify the election just as the PA Supreme Court did in 2020.

    • AZ is not winnable. Their recent gubernatorial election proved that. It’s “fortified” now, primarily in the Democrat cesspool that is Maricopa county. With the former (D) AG (who was therefore nominally in charge of said gubernatorial election, fancy that) now the current (D) governor, absolutely nothing will change for the better there.

    • I disagree…Trump is wildly popular in AZ, Biden is not, and just a little cleanup of the vote fraud in Maricopa County would lead to a landslide win…Georgia is probably not winnable because Trump alienated the Governor…

      • Wildly popular means nothing in AZ. It didn’t in 2020. What was it Stalin was reported to have said, “…it’s the person who counts the vote that matters”

    • Arizona has the same problem as Colorado. People from Democrat states move there fore the cheap living and weather, then start voting for the Democrats. Look at the trend lines. Same pattern as Colorado, New Hampshire, Virginia and Georgia.

      • Yeah, I was born in Sedona and growing up there the hippies, then later yuppies, hadn’t showed up yet. By the early ’80s it was a different town altogether. Father was a proper bastard of a man but he never would’ve sold off his property, which my brother promptly did when it got passed down to him. When we grew up there it was a muddy dump, but the snow birds sure paid a pretty penny for the land.

    • Pa just elected another Democrat for governor, which means that there will be no election reform which means that no Republican can win.

      • See also Michigan where the state GOP did less than nothing to secure the vote when they were in charge, and now that the Dems have robbed their way through the state government they’ve pretty much assured than a straight-vote will never be held again in the state.

        • I’ll say. Here in AZ the Rep’s were the ones that passed the legislation for early “voting”. A couple of decades or so ago. It was a solid majority Rep legislature that destroyed election integrity through this change.

  31. I just think DeSantis would have to be a little nuts to try a presidential run. Surely he knows how impossible it is and, even if possible, how pointless a victory would be. He can do all sorts of chaos in FL as governor, and maybe that’s the path to greatest power.

    • Once he declares he’s a candidate for another office while serving in one, the Florida Constitution stipulates he must step down upon the commencement of the term of the other office. That’s 1/20/25, regardless of whether he wins or not.

      It’s a shame, because he won’t be able to run again and the two Senate seats are taken for the foreseeable future. He could be out of politics by this time next year after the first few primaries if he falls flat. He’ll return to Florida as a lame duck for the remaining 10 months of his governorship, and then, hit the National Review cruise ship circuit.

    • Absolutely, De Santis needs to stay in FLA, while Trump takes one for the team in the Presidential race…After the 2024 steal, not many will even pretend to care about what’s next nationally, but we can still achieve things at the State level….

      • I have said this at least twice here; DeSantis ahould stay in FL as a strong governor, preparing the ground for what comes next, i.e., a defacto, if not dejure dissolution of the US. He can do much good in that role by maintaining focus for Florida, and having Florida serve as a test bed for a realistically adaptive devolved US. Even were he to “win the Presidency”, it would not be of any real use to the forthcoming future for our people, which is on the whole, rather bleak.

      • I’ve always said that every candidate at some time, no matter how minor the office he’s running for, imagines himself having a road to the White House. The difference is that a few know their limitations but the ambitious ones keep on trying to move up the ladder. Those will do whatever it takes and should be taken out as soon as possible, in a peaceful way of course.

        • It’s like some moderately skilled jogger playing sportsball in HS thirsting after fame, fortune, and hos galore in the bigtime. Sad.

    • As governor, you can refuse, nullify, secede. You can throw bombs from Tallahassee and then enjoy the impotent sputtering up in DC. Ron absolutely should stay in Florida.

      The unfortunate truth is that all politicians are psychopaths. Even the ones we might root for. Blake Masters, Matt Gaetz, and Rand Paul. Imagine yourself wanting to wade through that public sewer which is charming rich people, begging for votes, and being interviewed by journalists. Then checking Twitter 100 times a day.

      No f**king thanks.

    • DeSantis might prefer to stay in Florida to make sure the anti-free speech HB 269 passes, which will make criticism or just pointing out disproportionate power of one certain group illegal.

      • Every time I hear some conservatard droning on about the Left’s admitted assault on free speech, I just think about how they love, love, love BDS suppression.

  32. “An example of the former is Pedro Gonzalez who spends his days on Twitter insulting Trump supporters. An example of the latter is Scott Greer, who also spends his days in Twitter, but insulting DeSantis people.”

    While I think both leaned into their natural inclinations, for as much time as they spend on it, both have to be getting paid. Greer doesn’t seem to have a lot going on other than his own podcast and Substack. Pedro has a job with Chronicles though, seems strange he would need the extra money from shilling for DeSantis on Twitter. Greer frankly, seems like he is wasting his talent, it was obvious he was behind that dumb, “Populist Pundit” satire account. He would be better off working for someone else.

    • Chronicles is a small time outfit, so I doubt they pay enough to support a family. Maybe his wife is loaded. Maybe he comes from money. He does pick up writing gigs at other sites. He also is connected with the Claremont cult and they are backing DeSantis this time. Greer has no job as far as I can tell, so how he pays his bills is a mystery.

      My first rule of assessing anyone is I first have to have some idea who they pay their rent. If that is not obvious to me, then I assume they do not want it to be obvious.

      • Chronicles has a very small circulation. A friend of mine used to hold the position Gonzalez has, back when Thomas Fleming was the editor. He left because of pay, but he did make enough there to support a family.

        • I should add, “enough to support a family in Rockford, Illinois” where housing costs are relatively low.

          • Pedro lives in Ohio, he did some good reporting on the East Palestine train disaster on his Substack. Chronicles hasn’t been run out of Rockford since Aaron Wolf died. The Charlemagne Institute in Minneapolis took it over. I think their writers live all over the place.

          • Thanks for clarifying Barnard. My info goes back quite a few years. I haven’t been a subcriber to Chronicles for a long time.

      • I subscribed to Greer’s Substack for awhile. Based on the activity in the comments, he can’t be making more than a few hundred bucks a month off of it. He made a little money off his book, but that would be long gone by now. Hard to believe someone would bankroll him to post on Twitter and make podcasts on history topics and metal bands he likes. It is a mystery.

      • Greer’s money is a mystery. He did work for Daily Caller, but got fired awhile ago. He sold a book called No Campus for White Men which was probably boosted by a Tucker Carlson appearance. Ever since though, he does not do superchats, he has only 11,000 Youtube subscribers. I have seen him write a few revolver articles for Darren Beattie. Maybe he comes from money? I wonder if Vdare hires new people anymore? Can’t be tons but maybe a few? Either way some people I do wonder how they make their money. Laura Loomer was always another person where I wonder how she made her money.

        • I always figured Loomer was running a political semi-grift on the David-Danial Horwitz wing of “not insane Jews”. I say “semi” as, like a lot of women, her political grounding is situational rather than ideological.

      • And as you’ve pointed out before, VA suffers from the growing central government spreading outward from DC, adding bureaucrats and lobbyists by the hundreds of thousdands. The Pentagon and CIA bureaucracies also used to be somewhat conservative during the Cold War, or neutral, but now most are like Gen. Milley and John Brennan.

  33. DeSantis is a stone-faced pragmatist, to be sure. We need more of that. A lot more.

    If I had my way, Trump would win in ’24, and DeSantis would occupy the Oval Office for four to eight years after him.

    • Jeb endorsed DeSantis and was on the stage for his second inauguration. After watching Trump get rolled by the establishment, there is very little reason to think DeSantis could stand up to them even if he wanted to. Better than the alternative, sure, but DeSantis is nothing to get excited about.

    • DeSantis is doing everything he can to make Florida a pioneer in squashing the first amendment (at the behest of the usual suspects). He does just enough to make a good press release and then pulls up hard in the (usually confirmed) hopes that no one will notice.

  34. I know most will agree with me that this is a long shot, but if Kari Lake prevails in AZ, it will change EVERYTHING. But don’t get your hopes too high.

      • The Courts will not touch a challenge such as Lake’s either. The Courts know that interference in such disputes is the death knell for the Judicial system. The Courts have always understood their weakness as the third branch of government.

  35. Trump vs. DeSantis is rapidly becoming a Rorschach Test for normies. Your preference probably says more about you than it says about the candidate. After Fetterman, we can safely conclude that candidates basically don’t matter anymore and that the trip to the voting booth is like a trip to the shrink’s couch.

    That said, an interesting thought experiment would be to imagine we had a Parliamentary system. Trump’s obvious parallel is the eternally amusing Silvio (“bunga bunga”) Berlusconi. Old Silvio is content to let the very serious Signorina Meloni (I do like her, I admit it) do the heavy lifting as PM in a coalition while he moves the chess pieces behind the scenes.

    If we’re honest, only a Parliamentary system could save us now. That’s because the right could actually form viable coalitions with the center and freeze out the radical left. The left could try to freeze out the right here, but it didn’t work in Italy even though is has worked in Germany (nobody will form coalitions with AfD) and France (LePen is a pariah sadly). Yes it would be a longshot, but it would be shorter odds than what we face now.

    As it is, the GOP will go through a year of sound and fury while the Dems rest up and just print the necessary ballots. Oddly, only a banking crisis would force the Dems to get rid of Biden but it seems a crisis will be narrowly averted. But who knows?

    • The real question here is whether the Dem’s can get rid of Kamala as VP. Can’t imagine they want her to take over when Biden resigns during his second term.

    • With respect, I could not disagree more with your assertion about a parlimentary system. In the US the corporate business class “centrists” would force a coalition with the Marxist left to freeze out anything to the right of a center-left position. This has already happened within the US on a social policy basis–witness the corporate embrace of the entire Globohomo agenda. Our two-party system is the only thing that has prevented the Globohomo agenda from being imposed on everyone by government, at least in Red states. In Blue states, it will soon be mandatory to include your pronouns on all government documents and it will be illegal to misgender someone. Sound absurd? Just wait.

      This is essentially what happened in Weimar Germany. The feckless business class folded like a cheap suit to appease the violent Marxists, hoping they would be eaten last by the crocodile. This coalition froze out the political utility of any center-right leaning parties, leaving German politics on a one-way road arcing left to perdition. In short order, the only party capable of opposing the violent Marxists was the violent Nazi party, and the rest is history.

      There is a reasonable historical argument to be made that the targeted assassination of a few hundred leaders of the Marxist movement in Weimar Germany, and a crack down on their followers, would have stopped the rise of the Nazi party to absolute power. Stated otherwise, the emergence of a Pinochet or a Franco in the 1930s might have prevented a Hitler, and thereby WWII.

      Multi-party parlimentary systems suck. They were designed by elites to ensure that the government is representative of the big blob of politically useless centrists while providing fringe parties as a release valve to blow off steam, which really means that the government is accountable to nobody and policy is formed by unelected officials.

      A useful illustration of this is playing out right now in the Netherlands. The coalition government (led by a “center-right” party) decided they need to confiscate and close 3000 of the largest farms in the Netherlands to appease Gaia, starve their peasants, and build more subsidized housing for immigrants from Africa. Protests ensued, and a “far-right leaning rural populist party” (aka dirt people) in the Netherlands founded four only years ago just won 15 of the 75 seats in their Senate. Nothing of substance will change. The farm confiscations will continue apace. This is precisely how multi-party parlimentary systems were designed to operate. These farmers will be driven off their land by jackbooted thugs. If they are lucky they can find work building or maintaining the tenements for the immigrants.

      • Thanks for a very thoughtful and thought-provoking reply.
        I need to think more about this.

      • Your theory does not explain why ,historically, American politics is less representative of national opinion than the various European countries you mention.

        The Dutch example is a poor echo of the manufacturing collapse in the US and the subsequent influx of third worlders-and not just in blue states.

  36. Zman’s third-to-last paragraph (“For dissidents, it is a different question…”) is one of his all-time best. Succinctly sums up any political “decisions” a rational person would have to make in the next two years—with the result that there’s nothing to agonize over in the run-up to 2024. “A good time will be had by all”—indeed!

  37. Good analysis. Hard to say which is better, Trump losing or DeSantis. Regardless, the GOP is set to become the permanent minority party. It will take normies awhile to grasp that the GOP will never win the presidency again and, eventually, will lose the House permanently. The Senate will come last.

    If you want to see the future, look at birth statistics. Take a look at the white percentage of births in what are now toss-up states, and you can see where we’re headed. Obviously, it will take a bit of time for this to work through the system, but if they’re already purple states, it won’t take long.

    Arizona – 40%
    Florida – 42%
    Georgia – 43%
    Michigan – 68%
    Minnesota – 66%
    Nevada – 35%
    North Carolina – 52%
    South Carolina – 55%
    Texas – 33%
    Wisconsin – 71%

    Ironically, the Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin may turn red at some point as even their pathetic whites realize what’s happening, but the rest of those states – including biggies Texas and Florida – will go blue unless we see a truly dramatic change in Hispanic voting patterns, which I’ll believe when I see and I don’t expect.

    Politically, the US will turn into California, except that unlike California, most of the country doesn’t have beautiful weather, natural ports, Silicon Valley, tourism and Hollywood to prop up its economy. Believe it or not, the country will be a much worse version of California. Yes, it’s going to be that bad.

    • Yes. And in the attempt to grovel for votes, the Republican party at a national level will turn into the advertisements you see on the web and television … … It will become very vibrant. The only difference is that the vibrancy will have more shades of brown and Latinized names than the TV commercials.

      Of course, the policies of the Republicans will have even less to do with America than their optics do. That was the entire point of the Great Replacement. You replace the people, you replace the country that reflects the people.

      I can’t wait to see eye-patch Dan’s commercials as his career comes to an end.

      • At some point, neither the candidates nor their views (from either party) will look like normie whites.

        Normal California whites left the state. What happens when those politics are national. I can only hope that states or, even better, local communities start to take more political control, ignoring national policies.

        • How hard would it be to jettison California entirely? They’re making noises to that effect anyway.

          • They will never do it as long as there is a printing press. The state needs the federal money and backstop. Silicon Valley needs printing press and interest rate largesse.

    • By that point, I believe there will be effective hispanic separatist movements in the Southwest, supported also by many whites who see the disaster of Yankee crazies ruling the place….

    • I believe those “white births” are births to white mothers, not a count of white babies.

      It’s probably safe to knock off another 3-5% from the total to mixed race kids with a white mother.

      And another 2-5% for the Semitic & Persian peoples classified as white. In particular Michigan, which is probably more like 10% Arab.

      Florida is actually ok, it works the other way with Cubans not being counted as white.

      Long term the demographics aren’t there for national Republican success. It’s hard to see the upper midwest not turning red in the future, like Ohio, but those places are heavily fortified.

      Local politics will probably be a more viable path for white people to effect change going forwards.

    • I’m not proud of it, but I take some grim satisfaction in watching Texas turn blue.

      In the 2000s, when I still thought our country could be saved, opposing massive immigration was my focus.

      Conservative Texans were often my worst opponents. They would smugly tell me that race is unimportant in Texas because they know how to assimilate their immigrants. Then they would usually call me a racist.

      I would tell them that their state was going to turn blue, just like California did, and they would laugh in my face. Who’s laughing now, Tex?

      • Texas is the second most republican state as far as raw votes go after Tennessee. Like trump won it by a little over 600k.

        • So what?

          Trump got 100,000 more raw votes in California than what he got in Texas.

          It is the percentage of victory that matters.

          Trump got only 52% in 2020, while Bush got 61% in 2004.

        • Krustykurmdgeon: Texas repukes love John Cornyn. No further comment ought to be necessary.

      • All true, but it does not even matter if Texas remains Republican dominated. It gleefully elects people like Cornyn and Crenshaw, who don’t even bother to fake it like a Cruz does. If I lived in Texas and it started to secede, I would move from there. It’s that bad.

        • Jack Dobson: Spot on. One of many reasons we are glad to be leaving. I keep telling people that reality on the ground in Texas is not the way it’s shown on t.v. or in the movies. But they keep dreaming . . .

          • Another place where the reputation doesn’t resemble reality is Australia. Even in the Eighties, most of the guys there were wimps outside of the few settled in the interior.

            You are best away from those types and glad for you and your family. They are just as bad as leftists and will drop a dime on people to make themselves look better.

  38. Because of the Fortification of Democracy, electoral talk makes my eyes glaze over.

    • The real fortification is demographics. The Dems won’t need to cheat in less than a decade, maybe even now.

      • When the American Empire collapses, and the dollar loses reserve status, it will be every man, and every State, for himself…That will be within 15-20 years, at which point Arizona and New Mexico will be joining Mexico…

        • Look to me like you are spot on. I would add Southern California to join Mexico as well.

          • One need only to look at the map of MX prior to the MX-American war in early 1800’s. That where we are headed and where the Reconquista advocates have zero’d in.

    • Indeed.

      If there’s going to be any fun watching this kabuki theatre, it will be reading endless riffs about how Vivek Ramaswamy and Nimarata Randhawa (Nikki) are as American as apple pie.

  39. Forget about Michigan, which is now fortified with a deep blue governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, and now features blue-controlled legislature and courts.

    Whitmer also did a lot of instructive work for her team in waging creative lawfare to get her most formidable gubernatorial opponents disqualified before they got anywhere near the general state election.


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