Math Of The Future

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One of the challenges on this side of the great divide is in convincing people that there is no solution within the system to the problems of the system. In other words, there is no voting our way out of this crisis. It is only through altering the system, perhaps even replacing it, that there can be meaningful change. This is a truth that even many people on this side of the divide struggle to accept. Generations of conditioning have trained us to vote harder, rather than act smarter.

The main reason there is no solution at the ballot box is demographics. The people in charge are quickly replacing the old white population with a new, vibrant and diverse population that naturally prefers managerialism. The tens of millions of new Americans love their managers more than they love life itself. In elections, they look for the candidates and the party that promises to take care of them. This institutional lock on the system will be clear in the coming election.

If we take the last census and break out the population into logical identity blocks, you end up with Black, Hispanic, East Asian, Jewish, South Asian, Liberal Whites, Conservative Whites, Undecided Whites, Other. Breaking out South Asian from general Asian is necessary as Indians are not Chinese. Other is required as we have Africans and West Asians arriving in record numbers. Using past voting habits and using the last census, 2024 looks like this.

Undecided Whites Break 25% Authoritarian
Vote Break 2024
Demographic Percentage Democrat Republican
Black 12.00 10.80 1.20
Hispanic 15.00 9.90 5.10
East Asian 3.00 1.98 1.02
Jewish 2.00 1.96 0.04
South Asian 2.00 1.96 0.04
Liberal Whites 16.00 16.00 0.00
Conservative Whites 25.60 0.00 25.60
Undecided Whites 22.40 5.60 16.80
Other 2.00 1.96 0.04
Totals 100 50.16 49.84

Now, these numbers are based on the 2020 census. We have to adjust a bit for the rapid aging of the white population. Then you have the issue of self-identifying that often confuses things. There are lots of people who tick the Hispanic box because it pays better but will tick the white box around friends. There is a little guesswork on breaking out these groups, but it is close enough. Assuming a quarter of the undecided white vote breaks for the regime, the regime wins.

This is the chart that gives the vote harder people hope. Win over some of that undecided white vote and you have a slim majority. This is what Trump was able to do in 2016, but by 2020 the math was working against him. As things currently stand, a Republican must find some way to motivate the anti-regime vote, while not scaring the undecided white vote too much. If such a miracle formula is found, the best we can expect is a result something like this.

Undecided Whites Break 10% Authoritarian
Vote Break 2024
Demographic Percentage Democrat Republican
Black 12.00 10.80 1.20
Hispanic 15.00 9.90 5.10
East Asian 3.00 1.98 1.02
Jewish 2.00 1.96 0.04
South Asian 2.00 1.96 0.04
Liberal Whites 16.00 16.00 0.00
Conservative Whites 25.60 0.00 25.60
Undecided Whites 22.40 2.24 20.16
Other 2.00 1.96 0.04
Totals 100 46.8 53.2

That looks heartening, until you roll forward to 2030:

Undecided Whites Break 10% Authoritarian
Vote Break 2030
Demographic Percentage Democrat Republican
Black 13.00 11.70 1.30
Hispanic 17.00 11.22 5.78
East Asian 3.00 1.98 1.02
Jewish 2.00 1.96 0.04
South Asian 3.00 2.94 0.06
Liberal Whites 15.00 15.00 0.00
Conservative Whites 24.00 0.00 24.00
Undecided Whites 21.00 2.10 18.90
Other 2.00 1.96 0.04
Totals 100 48.86 51.14

Not to put too fine a point on it, but this is 2040:

Undecided Whites Break 10% Authoritarian
Vote Break 2040
Demographic Percentage Democrat Republican
Black 14.00 12.60 1.40
Hispanic 18.00 11.88 6.12
East Asian 5.00 3.30 1.70
Jewish 2.00 1.96 0.04
South Asian 5.00 4.90 0.10
Liberal Whites 12.50 12.50 0.00
Conservative Whites 20.00 0.00 20.00
Undecided Whites 17.50 1.75 15.75
Other 6.00 5.88 0.12
Totals 100 54.77 45.23

Now, these are all back of the envelope numbers and you can quibble about the break downs and breakouts. As is true of all models, you can create the reality that you like with the right amount of tweaking. What matters here is that under ideal conditions, responsive government requires something close to a perfect storm of conditions and actors on the political stage. Otherwise, the sheer weight of the demographic changes lets the managerial class rule unopposed.

There is something else. Assuming the managerial class continues with the theater of democracy, the two parties will continue to shift away from the dispossessed minority of whites who prefer responsive government. This has been happening for a long time now and will only accelerate with the browning of America. It is why both parties now support open borders. It is why the Republicans are silent on the antiwhite rhetoric coming from the other side.

The fact is, within the lifetime and most reading this, competitive national elections will come to an end. At best they will be ceremonial personality contest between figures who agree on all of the important issue. More important, that 40% of the population that prefers responsive government will have no representation. Democracy will no longer offer them anything. In order to get the managerial class to respond, they will have to find means outside of the democratic process.

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211 thoughts on “Math Of The Future

  1. Z man wrote an essay last summer about how politics is now just political theater, and conservatives will just quit voting when they realize no one has their best interests at heart. This is something I have thought about quite a lot since it was published last May. I wonder if that point has already been reached. In my opinion, Republicans will see low turnout in 2024 due to right-leaning White men realizing this country is toast.

  2. The biggest obstacle Conservatives face is admitting the Old America is dead. Someone needs to get it through their heads the Old Rules of Old America no longer are applicable.

    • Everyone is forgetting the most likely outcome: the Managerial state bankrupts America and the Chinese take over America. Imagine an Army of people under 35. Feminized and entitled.

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  4. And this is why we need a national divorce. the biggest problem going forward will be three or four white ethnicities permanently un-unified. For instance, there are many dissidents in the south, but white southerners with their fried chicken in a Chicken caesar salad, and country pop music are just too different to ever unify with. Same with Northeastern whites with their own thing going. We don’t have a chance as long as the place remains one big blob on a map. Even England would be better off letting the Scots go, inferiority complex and all.

    • It’s glaringly obvious that the US would be a happier and saner place if it were broken up. It should also be obvious that the ruling class will fight to keep it together with all they have. They correctly see preserving the “nation” of the USA as a matter of existential import (for their class).

      The reason isn’t just that pig headed Yankee-ism is still a problem just like it was in 1850. The real reason is international politics. The only way to keep the “G” and the “E” in “GAE” is to keep the “A” together as one big unhappy family.

      The USA is the giant mecha-godzilla that the current ruling class uses to rule the world. Without it, they lose everything. Trillions of their wealth evaporate overnight. One could say that this wealth isn’t real or is stolen from the rest of the world and perhaps there’s something to that. The thing that matters to our rulers is that it’s real and available to them for now and they don’t want to live in a world where they don’t have those dollars to bludgeon everyone into submission with.

      I’m not saying this to discourage anyone though. It’s just that we need to understand that there’s a coalition of people, not very numerous, but wealthy and well connected, who will oppose doing what needs to be done like their lives depended on it – because they do.

      • I totally agree. And it can’t happen until the states become a net contributor to the Federal government rather than vice versa. We would need a substantial budget crisis first, which is coming. As of right now all 50 states extract more from D.C., some, like Alaska, far more, than they contribute.

        • All the while telling themselves that their victims were the true Nazis and that the killings were necessary and justified.

    • The reverse is also true. There are plenty of our people in New England, California, etc. There are not any nice geographic lines upon which the divorce can divide. There has been some self sorting, which should continue, trends being what they are. So perhaps in 10 or 20 years, if the republic lasts that long, a geographic split will become more feasible than it is today. At least prominent people are talking about it. That’s step one.

      Also consider that there has never been a country split into two or three or however many parts where 100% of the people on each side of the new line agreed with each other.

  5. “The main reason there is no solution at the ballot box is demographics.” With the qualifier that $$$ plays an out-sized part w/ regard to who gets on the ballot. A minuscule demographic with loads of dough to throw at their preferred candidate will win over poor grassroots guy nine times out of ten. And that doesn’t begin to address the whole “corporations are people” or dark money influences.

  6. Another thing, if one looks carefully at the math, the last elections shows clearly it’s not the votes that count, it’s the vote counters.

  7. When the enemy is comprised of coalitions, break apart the coalitions. This is elementary 21st Century math. The Romans, British, and others were very good at that when colonizing people. And also, setting our enemies at each other is fun and something our guys enjoy.

    Reparations? Should not BLM activists be encouraged to ask for reparations directly from small hats, given their financing of the slave trade? And should not (((small hats))) be encouraged to hate themselves, their ancestors, for said financing of the slave trade (for example, Lehman Brothers was quite active in that regard at its founding) and the proposition that every small hat owes every African reparations also for damage done by slavery to Africans? And shouldn’t Asians (Chinese) and Indians also be paying up?

    Already TERFs and Trannies are going at it in Australia and New Zealand, shouldn’t we encourage the dissolution of women’s sports by mass influx of trannies and encourage trannies to declare that they are real women? Demand the ending of tranny exclusion in bathrooms and locker rooms? In particular Muslim and Hispanic parents totally enjoy the diversity fruits when said fruits are in their daughter’s locker rooms. They will thank White liberals greatly for these gifts I am sure.

    I am just asking, for a friend, if it is true that Disney puts things in the water and food at their parks to turn kids gay or trannie? Just asking, not sure if its true. Not sure if its true either if there is in addition to overt, subliminal messaging at kids in Disney content to make them go trannie. With special emphasis on black and Muslim kids? I’m not certain, just asking. Does anyone know?

    Is it true, that if you register to vote, it means you agree to national service call ups if there is an active war? And that blacks, Muslims, and Hispanics get called up first? I just don’t know if its true? And are there black exclusion zones in Chinese neighborhoods where blacks get arrested for lingering? Just asking. I’ve heard that, not sure if its true.

    We also of course need a social movement. That will be hard, a “ourselves alone” sort of movement designed as a social welfare, togetherness, and cultural revival group as happened in Ireland under British occupation in the late 19th/early 20th Centuries. This will be very, very hard for an atomized people under attack but could be done.

    OT: The Color Revolution in Israel is very interesting. It appears even there much of the urban gentry population and the woke military is in favor of open borders and hard core poz. I am sure Cookies Nuland is hard at work.

    • all good plans. same thing needs to be done for white grillers, to get that herd nervous and sniffing the air.

  8. Nope.

    The system is not the problem and it’s not necessarily broken. The people undermining it and turning it against itself are the problem; and if you don’t do something about them, they will do the same to any alternative system you can offer.

    We must remember a few things. Anything white people have done in the past, they can do again. If Whitey can bag and tag 6 million (((yes, I know that number is grossly inflated, but still))) jews and send them to the gas chambers… getting the mentally retarded blacks out of our leadership along with the corrupt jews, and crazy women and sexual perverts is really quite easy. All Whitey has to do is make the decision and all this goes away. The vibrant human trash could be deported en masse in one year. I was delighted to see on Blab the other day – a bus full of diversity turned back from a small Irish town. There is a growing fury out there and the Establishment knows it…which is why they are seeing nazis and klansmen under their beds at night. It won’t be long now, and they know it will be all over for them when it comes to pass.

    Remember too that these lefties can’t actually run or create anything on their own. The systems and institutions they took over are failing them as much as us. This is why Fwance is on fire right now, and Macron is filling his pantaloons with fright. Lefties invariably turn on each other as they boil off any talent or intellect left in their ranks.

    All we need is a catalyst to get things started. Look at Russia – they kicked the jews out of their finances, tied their currency to the gold standard, gave Globohomo the finger…and the world beats a path to their door. They are thriving even with a costly war in the Kraine.

    Maintain, perspective, Dissidents. These problems look far worse than they are…you haven’t even fired a shot yet, and they are already terrified of you.

    • A catalyst to get things started….. well, telling everybody to stay home and wear masks wasn’t it, making up spook stories to try and bring down a president wasn’t it either, or coercing people into taking experimental injections, that wasn’t it either, so the catalyst would have to be more severe, like nuclear war, or the money suddenly one day being worthless, and I don’t think anybody can predict what’s on the far side of those.

      They aren’t terrified of us because of us, they are terrified of us because they know first hand what they’re actually up to, and thus how sane people should react to that.

  9. Voting for President in 2040, eh? I’ve got serious doubts about that one, unless we are talking about voting for the President of Mexico in the southwest…

  10. Z, you keep talk talk talking about how voting our way out of this mess is impossible, and how the system must be altered or replaced, but you never offer any sort of concrete program for how this might be achieved. Why is that? Is it because the minute you say anything concrete it will become obvious that we have nowhere near the numbers to make it happen, and that voting harder is in fact our only hope, however slim?

    What’s my concrete program? Serious white nationalists must stop with the crazy talk (vaccines, Ukraine, Jews), and start finding and using language that appeals to white normies, because without their numbers change is indeed impossible. We must normalize and make it possible for white people to say out loud things like: “OK, a hundred years ago white people hay have been the problem, but the world has changed, and today it’s black people who are the problem”; or “If America is flooded with Africans won’t it become like Africa?”; or “I’m not going to be ashamed that my people have accomplished more than yours.” If you don’t like these examples then come up with your own, but the point is they need to be sayable. People have to be able say and defend those words publicly, so the nastier and fringier your words are the more you are sabotaging your own cause.

    I am a big fan of Steve Sailer because he has had more success in this regard than anyone else. He comes across as a moderate, but it’s pretty clear who’s side he is on. He has clever and insightful things to say, he says them in an agreeable way, and as a result he actually has influence! People read him — including people with power — and many of his idea have acquired widespread currency on the Internet.

    Moderation is the way to go. It may not be enough, but if you frighten and alienate the very people that are essential for victory then you are going nowhere.

  11. Jeff Goldstein, the Protein Wisdom guy, is particularly obnoxious about this CivNat vote harder stuff, flavored with atomized individualism. I’ve made him angry a couple times calling him out on it. He’s very thin-skinned, and quick to use insult and misdirection instead of honest argumentation, to boot.

    • Now you’re taking me back to blogosphere times. IIRC, he had an actual psychotic nut threatening his family back in the day. Then he disappeared. I lost track. Insult (unless you’re a kid or dealing w/ siblings is cringe.) I’m surprised CivNat is still a thing. I kind of get why though, it’s contemplating the alternatives from the here and now.

      • He’s back, on Substack and has been linked on InstaPundit a few times recently, which is how I became reacquainted with him.

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  13. From the WSJ:

    “America Pulls Back From Values That Once Defined It”

    “Mr. Williams, 33 years old, said he thought that patriotism is declining as a civic value in tandem with rising individualism, a sense of entitlement among many people and a decline in community involvement, possibly because of people focusing on their own racial or cultural backgrounds rather than what Americans have in common.”

    • Xman: “rising individualism”

      Over at Ang1in’s place today, Snake Baker has some new stats on daily use of weed by young adults in the USA:

      2011: 6%
      2016: 8%
      2021: 43%

      That’s not the psychological profile of a nation which will be sending men to Mars.

      That’s the psychological profile of a nation which is defeated, broken, and resigned to quitting & giving up & checking out.

      As always, we have to ask the fundamental question: Where are [or were] their parents?!?!?

        • That’s pretty terrifying how far things have fallen since 1998.

          OTOH, the 70% that thought patriotism was very important in 1998 were definitely exploited by the forces behind 9-11.

        • 38 percent rate patriotism very important. Well, now we know how many Grillers remain in AINO.

      • I don’t think those numbers are accurate. What I see when researching is that 43% of young people have used marijuana ONCE over the last year. Not daily.

        There’s no way half of all young people are smoking pot every day.

        • Oh boy. I employ a dozen teens and young adults. All but two get high daily. Several of these are varsity athletes.

          • I can’t help but notice that I’m regularly crossing paths with people who absolutely reek of marijuana, which never happened a couple years ago

          • we’re doomed if this is true . over time pot is a feminizing thing. . I remember the 70’s , all of them . all my burn out friends were eventually de-masculinized

    • As usual MSM is ~10 years behind the zeitgeist. This would have been an appropriate article somewhere between 2014-2016. Today? “No shit Sherlock”. In other breaking news, scientists report that water is indeed wet.

  14. Interesting that East Asians break the same for Democrats as Hispanics do, roughly 2:1. Food for thought for the sinophiles.

    • East Asian tend to vote for the party that’s in power…because in China, the blade of grass that stuck out was pulled up and thrown away….

        • Machiavelli’s notions about the necessity of power to affect change came after witnessing the failed attempts at remaking Florentine society by the Dominican monk Savonarola. Beliefs are fine, and Savonarola was able to bring many around to his views, particularly the youth of the city, but he ultimately met his demise when men wielding more practical manifestations of power stepped in. It was an unmistakable lesson for those inclined to the power of persuasion.

  15. ” within the lifetime and most reading this, competitive national elections will come to an end. ” too late . that happened in 2018 or for certian in 2020. look at the 2022 election. can anyone really look at the results and think it was legit?

    • Eh, probably 1996. If one side is running a chump that was born to lose it isnt actually competitive.

      • If only Bob Dole had been elected. THAT would have fixed things!

        I still weep at the world which could have been if only Mittens had won.

      • I don’t think 1996 is a fair assessment. I remember watching the debates and Bob Dole kept saying, “Well I agree with the President.” it turned out later that whenever a question was posed and Clinton went first, Dole’s overall agreeing with Clinton was some where in the neighborhood of around 47%.
        There was an “after action report” for lack of a better term done post 1996 election where independents (specifically) were interviewed as to why they voted overwhelmingly for Clinton and most cited Dole agreeing with him on almost half of everything. One guy said, “If Clinton is so bad, why is Dole agreeing with him on almost everything?” a fair question.

        • Clinton was a brilliant campaigner. Had a knack for staking out eminently reasonable sounding if completely unrealistic “positions” with which few could argue. Such as “safe, legal, and rare” for instance. Gave his opponents few openings for criticism. And endeared him to a retarded electorate without the sense to sniff out snake oil salesmen.

          • Also, the 1990s comprised most of America’s post-Cold War “holiday from history.” The American electorate thought they could afford to elect an obvious grifter and con man like Bill Clinton who told them such smooth lies. After all, it was “the end of history” the economy was booming and there was nothing but blue skies ahead from here on out…right?

  16. Look to South Africa for a glimpse into our future. No matter how bad the ANC misrule, the simple-minded doo-dah-dahs will always turn out in droves to vote them back into office.

    • nonsense jannie. they use dominion voting machines in south africa, just like Venezuela . how the people really voted will never be known .the us uses them now too, and has since 2020. hence the results you see.

      • You’re right, but it’s a distinction without difference; the more ooga-booga Americans are imported the more ooga-booga elections we’ll get.

      • This is totally true! Without Dominion machines I’m sure the black majority would have dug up Pik Botha’s corpse, propped it up, and elected it President. Seriously, now, really? Really? If the ANC actually spent money to buy machines to let them cheat better, they’re dumber than most of us thought they were.

        In other news, Marion Barry got elected major of DC back in the day even after everyone knew he was a crackhead who partied with hookers. Guess we can chalk that one up to ‘ol Dominion too eh?

    • We’ll probably have a large conflagration at some point in the next 25 years. The people who rule us think you’re a piece of furniture to be abused. They will send they’re white lackeys out to kill you, and they will because they’re all brain dead zombies. It’ll be an intense brother war when America collapses, and we need to build our communities now to be able to defend ourselves against the patsies and stooges carrying out the will of Satan.

        • Since the F-15s (and the rest of Murrica’s 1970s air force) will be perma-grounded “for maintenance” my money is on the AR-15. Best strategy is to walk up next to the plane on the airfield and shoot the engine pods and the tires (if they’re not already flat).

  17. Well, we managed to get through Zman’s excellent demographic essay and a lot of comments without anyone bringing up the Gender Gap. So I guess I have to do it.

    The strong tendency of single women, who are growing in number, regardless of race/demographic, to vote Democrat is a huge negative trend that undermines any positive interpretation of Zman’s numbers here. Married white women are reachable and I think both Romney and Trump carried them in 2012 and 2016. As this group inevitably shrinks due to social and generational change, it will likely make Zman’s unhappy demographic calculus even worse for Whites.

    • Of course. Women want to be taken care of—regardless of Feminism propaganda. What Feminism has done is condition women to comport themselves such that they become undesirable harlots that no man will take up with, much less support. In steps Uncle Sam to fill that position. Of course, women instinctively vote for their protector/supporter. What can go wrong?

    • Of course..the 19th Amendment pretty much sealed the fate of the USA..women love socialism and they love bad boys, outsiders, and invaders….I’ve seen this manifest in the classroom as early as 4th grade…Women are also slightly less intelligent…

      • The sex based IQ difference is debated and is only a few points in any case. The thing that cripples women is their hormonal cycle and the monthly insanity it causes. Consider that no matter what day elections are held on, roughly 10-25% of the female electorate will be clinically insane on that day. Indeed, when you factor this in along with the alarming IQ numbers for blacks and the increasing numbers of third world migrants, the relatively sane part of the electorate with > 100 IQ is a minority.

    • Yep. All this White Nation stuff, it’s silly.

      White women have led the Prog charge since the mid-Eighteenth century. There would be no open-borders and race-grievance America without their leadership. Who you gonna start families with?

      Your restorative White Nation best consist of monks or AI replicants.

      • Hi Ray. I remember seeing comments from someone with a similar avatar like yours’ in the men’s movement a dozen or so years ago. If you are the same Ray, I hope you have been doing well.

        • Hello Kevin how are you? Yes you probably have seen me around men’s spaces, I have been doing this type work about three decades now. It’s been an uphill climb! lol

          I am finishing-up my time in this world, but I will continue with my efforts on behalf of men and boys until the end. Good to see you here! and please stay in contact, by this page or elsewise — ray

  18. The main reason there is no solution at the ballot box is demographics.

    The main reason is that Jews bribe, blackmail or threaten every politician into compliance long before they reach any meaningful power level.

    • DeSantis walked back his statement that we shouldn’t waste our treasure on a border dispute between Ukraine and Russia within a few days. I’m sure that he got some stern calls from donors.

      • desantis is the second coming of jeb bush . jeb actually raised something like $50 million to get his campaign started.

      • This is why electoral politics is absolutely hopeless. Like most other things in 2023 America, it is corrupt beyond repair. The institutions are corrupt and more importantly, the people are corrupt.

        This is why I have no hope that anything about America can be repaired, even with a new system. Even if you could design a perfect system, a corrupt people will corrupt the perfect system.

        The system will likely change, but not because we planned a new and better system. But this will not help us so long as have the same corrupt people and hostile foreign elite running things.

        Perhaps when the empire can no longer afford the police state we can begin rebuilding.

      • Not to blast my own trombone, but I predicted DeSantis’ future cuckery about a year ago when some dissidents were glomming onto him like a My Pillow in a shit maelstrom.

      • You mean (((donors))) with a primary allegiance to a very small middle eastern country….

    • There’s a pretty clear process of escalation that the Jews use to control anyone who attains a position of influence in society.

      1. Blackmail, try to lure them to something like Epstein island so they can be controlled by footage of them raping a child. This would be where they captured Bill Gates.
      2. Bribery, if they don’t have blackmail material they donate with the implication that the individual be pro-Jewish interests. This is likely where DeSantis is captured.
      3. Threaten them if they start saying things that oppose Jewish interests. Trump was probably captured here.
      4. Denounce if they ignore the threats, this is where the ADL starts squealing antisemitism to ostracize the individual from polite society. Kanye was made irrelevant here.
      5. Murder is the last resort if the person manages to oppose the Jews without being plausibly denounce-able as an antisemite. This is what happened to Kennedy because of the bank reform stuff.

      • Regarding Kennedy: True, but I’ve read that he also refused to give the tribe the secret to the bomb. One of his biggest reasons for not doing so was that he wanted foreign policy to center on beating back communism.
        He believed that should the tribe get the bomb, our foreign policy focus would be centered on the ME and he acknowledged the fact that the ethnic hatreds were too ugly for us to get involved there and that we would spend too much blood/treasure there.

  19. “The fact is, within the lifetime and most reading this, competitive national elections will come to an end. At best they will be ceremonial personality contest between figures who agree on all of the important issues”

    I would think what is likely to happen is the entire political landscape shifts left. The Republicans will still be competitive, they just won’t be Republican in any recognizable way, much like the Democrats of 2022 are nothing like the Democrats of 1922. What is today the Republican base was the Democrat base 70 years ago. It’s not even like the Democrats were any good in 1922 or 1952, but they at least didn’t hate the average White guy.

    • To maintain the system’s legitimacy, sooner or later they have to rig it for a republican to win. It could be Mitt Romney’s transgender granddaughter, but she needs that R next to her name. This is not an imminent concern, since the last completed presidential term was an R. It’s not really a concern until sometime in the 2030s. If the republic still exists then.

    • It seems probable that at the State level we’ll have some semblance of conservatism. At the Federal level not so much. There is no reason to ever have a Rep President and every reason not to. Heck, until Newt Gingrich, we had 40 years of Dem House control.

      The political spectrum for Rep Party may/will indeed shift left—but so too will the current Leftists shift even more left. (Lord knows what that will entail, but I suspect it will be a direct attack on any remaining Federalism and even the very existence of the concept of States and State’s Rights).

      Any conservative strongholds in the Fed government seats of power will interfere with such a further push Left so there must be absolute one party rule. Of course, the nation will grow poorer and less free, but at that point it will not be noticeable to the current new crop of diverse citizens.

      • The problem with that is the feds make most of the rules about what states can and cannot do. Even California cannot stand in the way of “progress” They soundly defeated sodomite “marriage” and the federal courts immediately reversed the “democratic will of the people of California.” Now, just a few years later, even a refusal to celebrate sodomy is a cancellable offense.

  20. I would add to those charts the fact that the American political system, more than almost any other, has a winner-take-all aspect. Democrats will attain unchallengeabe majorities in the national government House, Senate and electoral college long before they gain un unassailable majority in the population. (It’s possible that they may already have that majority in the electoral college.) The same process will take place in “Red” states. As Z says, there is no way to vote our way out of this.

    • Is anyone aware of why the Founders rejected a parliamentary system? Given their concerns about countering factions with checks and balances, you’d think they would have avoided a winner-take-all model.

      • They did but everything changed when the 17th Amendment was passed. The Republic could no longer rely on any sort of states rights, period.

  21. More important, that 40% of the population that prefers responsive government will have no representation.

    Mssrs. Pareto, Burnham, and Michels would beg to differ with that.

    If there is one lesson that practical politics teaches us (and the those of us on this side of “the great divide” tend to pride themselves on being realists, so one would expect the lessons of practical politics to be in their wheelhouses), it is that, notwithstanding the legal and constitutional form of the government, real power is always wielded by a “state within a state.” Courts, cabals, coteries, and camarillas are true movers of world history. This is the Iron Law of Oligarchy, and it has no exceptions.

    The hope to be drawn therefrom comes from the fact that a political minority, even one deeply out of power, can be quite successful at defending its prerogatives as long as it is organized, energetic, and vocal enough. It is not necessary to win everything in order to maintain autonomy; it is only necessary to check the more intrusive aims of the majority and make it not worth their while to oppose you. By employing Machiavellian tactics, minorities become “the defenders of liberty.”

    Furthermore, the minority need not despair of actually winning back the seat of power. Since all governments consist of oligarchies (i.e. minority cabals) anyway, it is not necessary to conquer “the majority” in order to gain ascendancy; it is only necessary to replace one ruling minority with another. This is “the circulation of the elites,” another iron law of practical politics of which history affords many examples and instructive cases.

    Of course, practical politics does become a great deal easier when you actually have electoral majorities to work with, which is why Zman’s idea of simply boycotting the system is ever so slightly deranged. The political means available at this time are to a great extent electoral and legislative, and they will remain so for the foreseeable future. If we are looking at a 51/49 contest, what possible good can result from convincing the marginal voter on our side not to vote? If you have a franchise, you had better use it and you had be able to operate it, even while you’re working behind the scenes as well. It’s not either/or; it’s both/and.

    But with that being said, there is a point to be made that elections alone are not sufficient to secure real political success. To this end, I have for many years advocated a simple strategy for weakening the power of the Deep State which can be employed by ordinary people.

    Namely, get out of debt. The dollar system is the beating heart of the woke bureaucracy. It is within the bowels of the banking system where the real nefariousness takes place, like laundering money for Ukraine and donating millions to BLM. And the banking system thrives on your indebtedness. When you are out of the debt system then you take back your sovereignty from the reigning oligarchy. As an addendum to this, refusing to pay for colleges and universities also goes without saying. In general, try to do as much as you can outside of the system. It has a real, practical effect in starving the beast.

    • Get out of HIGH INTEREST debt. Hold onto long-term, low-rate, fixed debt like it is the best investment you can get (because it is).

      Inflation is how our rulers are getting out of their debt.

      If you have fixed 3/ 4 or even 5 percent 10+ year debt, ride along with Uncle Sam’s money printing machine and invest the arbitrage. Pay the bondholders back with crappy Weimerica bills in 2033/2043/2053 (which is what our rulers are doing).

    • “If we are looking at a 51/49 contest, what possible good can result from convincing the marginal voter on our side not to vote?

      As has been shown in the AZ election, such a small percentage difference is no obstacle for election fraud to overcome. It even promotes it.

      ID, you continue to promote election participation, but ignore corruption of the system. Never do you address such and what can and must be done to prevent it. Your perfect world of voter control via a fair ballot process does not exist.

      I do agree however, that it is difficult to argue that election boycott has much of a *positive* effect, but neither does repeatedly being made a fool of via a corrupt system.

      What I have promoted is to effect election reform, legally where possible, and barring that to use the corrupt election process by being as corrupt as the opposition is. If they make and inject false ballots, we too make an inject false ballots.

      If both sides use election corruption to equal effect, then both sides have no interest in maintaining such a system and change might occur—especially if the people begin to wake up to the scam.

      • Thank you for your reply, Compsci. I would certainly be willing to address corruption in the system in a future comment.

        And I would wholeheartedly support election reform, although I stop short of counseling anyone on our side to commit actual fraud.

        • Ack, but how to reverse the situation when the vote is as close as you describe it? Here in AZ, the deficiencies are known and the legislature tried to rein them in, but the other side refuses to correct/change anything. The governor simply vetos all bills that reach her with a Rep majority.

          For example, an analysis/audit of vote by mail ballots have shown significant percentages to not be confirmed as from the voter via signature comparison. Chain of command for ballots was a joke as 300-400k ballots were missing such paperwork. The list goes on.

          The Court system is a joke as well. As I’ve noted before, the Courts are loathe to involve themselves in political election disputes between major parties. The defeated Gubernatorial candidate, Lake, was told by the court judge that the standard of evidence she must provide is that “…the election improprieties, must have made an election outcome *difference*, and that such improprieties must have been deliberate rather than simply negligent…”. An impossible standard of evidence.

          The State went for Biden by about 14k votes. Not too much fraud needs to occur for significant election changes due to fraud.

      • The problem with elections is even if you win, you lose. As the Trump presidency demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt. As the election of most reps and senators has shown (such as Red State stalwarts Cornyn and One-Eyed McCain).

        • And that’s the nub of it all. How many times have the Republicans won presidential and congressional elections from, say, 1965 to the present? But plenty. And yet the Leftist Molloch rolls on, blissfully unimpeded.

    • So you prefer the slow slide into the ditch. Rally behind muddle-through and keep the plates spinning as long as possible. Pray that you outlive the eventual collapse, maximize your happiness until you keel over, and future generations be damned. Like an alcoholic on a bender, you would focus solely on your next bottle of Ripple, not caring that the slow road ends in a hard dead bottom. Or perhaps you are the eternal optimist, banking on persuasion of the masses and voting harder to save the day at the eleventh hour. So go forth into the voting booth and slam down that lever with everything you’ve got. And then buy a case of beer and a shit-ton of Doritos before retiring back on the couch again.

      As for me, I will go down swinging.

      • Or . . . or, slowing the train down gives you more time to prepare and lessens the severity of impact. That is the point of “both/and.”

        • Another term for “slowing the train down” is “chasing the carrot.” How long do you wait for others to do their preparation? Until the last illegal alien has crossed the border! Don’t hold your breath.

    • Sir… perchance might you be Mister Dee’s Bit of Rough?

      Anyway, greetings from a fellow follower of the Welshman of Qom.

      (Everyone Else: Herr Heidegger OP gives off a whiff of hanging out at the Academic Agent channel. Not that there’s anything wrong with that!)

  22. Just lost my best friend of fifty years because I shared my candid thoughts on his daughter shacking up with a Mexican illegal. I withdrew an invitation to visit me here in the windy city because the friend and his wife expected me to put up this invader and his family as I would a white family. Oh hell no. And so I spoke the truth and the friend and wife couldn’t believe my quaint views. I nuked that bridge irretrieveably and this phenomenon has cost me terribly.

    • OperaFan: “I nuked that bridge irretrieveably and this phenomenon has cost me terribly.”

      Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.

      For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law.

      And a man’s foes shall be they of his own household.

      He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me.

      And he that taketh not his cross, and followeth after me, is not worthy of me.

      • Yep. And your biggest foe will be your wife. Always women will side with “keeping the peace” as to taking a stand for what is right and necessary. (Apologies to the good women of this group, but you are in the minority.)

    • OperaFan: I am sorry for the pain you are feeling, but stand strong in your convictions. My husband has 1-2 friends with whom he can openly discuss things, and even then they constantly reset to normalcy bias and refuse to make any substantive changes in their lives and expectations. While the strength of their friendship is sufficient to speak openly, they just don’t feel any sense of personal concern or urgency.

      Meanwhile, my husband has quietly discontinued many, many older, erstwhile friendships. What could he possibly discuss with someone with a transgender child, or who openly celebrates a sexually degenerate son or daughter? How can he claim as friend someone who supports miscegenation and the demonization and replacement of White people?

      Hold both the word and the reality of friendship to higher standards. Treasure the friendships you had and those memories, rather than mourning that someone has not proven constant, consistent, or trustworthy. Move on, find your own strength within, and nourish it with those few souls you can genuinely call ‘friend’ no matter the times.

      • 3g4me: “Treasure the friendships you had and those memories…”

        I don’t even treasure the memories anymoar.

        The memories sicken me.

        When I look back on all the girlfriends who broke up with me over the years, my only thought now is, “Thank GOD I didn’t marry any of them.”

        To this day, I don’t know that I have even just one male friend whom I could trust in a crisis.

        Obviously we are not completely alone in this world, but our personalities certainly do not seem to be widespread in the general population.

        [Unless our personalities excel at lurking in the shadows and flying under the radar…]

        • It’s fucking impossible to find anyone on our side anymore in the real world. Every person you meet you have to carefully dance around the issues to sniff out their opinions. And there’s always some point where they turn out to be a shitlib. So that’s just another person you can’t really talk to, added to the pile of irrelevant acquaintances.

          • Ploppy: They may be few, but they are out there. I’m not always as careful as I ought to be but thus far have been blessed to find a surprising number of at least budding dissidents if not kindred souls.

          • Nooooo, they are out there! Find a church. What a blessing! We have found a church. Pastor is on our side. Hugh congregation of like minded people. A candle in the wind. Calvary Chapel. Find one near you.

      • Thank you. I am experiencing great difficulty with the realization that I won’t hear my friend’s voice again or watch his amazing son grow up. I only have two friends I can count on other than my wife.

        I was shocked that my friend and his wife do not take issue with the invaders who will drive down their son’s opportunities in life and standard of living let alone their valedictorian, pretty daughter and her visible decline (refused full rides to good schools to work a cash register, added metal to her face including septum ring, hangs out with potheads and the invader). Sad.

    • Many of us have had similar experiences, OF. Thanksgiving of ’20 were invited to cousin’s house for dinner, but only people who got the so-called vax would be welcome. Said to hell with that, and haven’t seen many of my extended family since, and perhaps never will.

      When you’ve got to make a stand, you’ve got to make a stand. Anybody who’s worth a dam’ has a line that simply cannot be crossed. Your ex-friend discovered yours.

  23. “… compared to historical times, this upheaval is very mild.”

    At least for now.

    But you do make a good point — in a democracy, people implementing revolutionary change don’t have to murder the Tsar and his entire family.

    They can just vote for it.

    That’s why I believe that we are seeing a slow-motion communist revolution taking pace. People think it isn’t happening because the proletariat isn’t storming the palace. But they don’t need to. The nonwhites of the future are just going to vote to have the wealth and technology of white society redistributed to them. “Equity,” and all of that…

  24. Once again, all true; but the biggest assumption is that we will continue to “muddle-through” with a psuedo-republic as we have since the founding. Can the current political & managerial class keep the plates spinning for another decade or two? And if not, what comes next?

    The models suggest that the Cloud People will attempt the homogenization gambit following a manufactured civil war and the imposition of covert tyranny. If the bottom of the social pyramid is then transformed into compliant worker drones, all problems are solved and the charade of voting simply becomes a carny show.

    But what if we fight back smarter rather than harder? Instead of acquiescing quietly to social engineering leading to sheeple, what if we choose to rid ourselves of the root pathogen? Is there an intelligent and effective way to go about this? How do we deal with the Jackboot issue? What advantages can modern technology afford? Nature and evolution has endowed those of European heritage will exceptional intelligence and a powerful work ethic. Does it not makes sense to use those advantages in a quest for survival?

    • Starve the beast. Underground economy. Drop out. Keep low profile. Avoid taxes. Throw sand in the gears, with stealth, as often as you can. Withhold any political campaign contributions. Form local self supportive groups of like minded neighbors. Join a UnWoke church. They exist, I found one. Become more self sufficient. Maintain good physical & spiritual health. Exercise, avoid junk food. Home school. Mentor a young person.

        • Indeed. I would also recommend learning to fight with a knife, as well as a stick. Weapons are everywhere, if you know what to look for.

      • Read my prior posts in the archive. You’re preaching to the choir. And everything you’ve written is a good first step, but not enough to get us to the Promised Land.

    • I’m going to say the imposition of covert tyranny, the compliant worker drones, and voting being a carny show have already happened.

      • Yes, but this reality is not yet widely recognized within Normieland USA, and it will get far worse faster as we spin down the toilet bowl vortex. Most still believe that DC functions as primarily representative of citizen interests and cannot break the voting habit no matter how much backstabbing occurs. But the homogenization into sheeple is going to take decades until every new birth is a shade of dark tan with an average IQ of about 90. The USA cannot sustain its current deficit spending without either a productive workforce or foreign exploitation. The former is dying out with the border invasion and the latter will die out with Russia’s victory in Ukraine. Plan accordingly.

    • When things change, things change. Things are changing. The empire is collapsing externally and crumbling internally. Dollar hegemony is under serious assault both externally and internally. Who knows how much longer the system can hold together. Granted, it’s probably much longer than anyone thinks, but when it does finally really start to break, a lot of things will change. When you are living through it, everything seems so permanent, but they really aren’t. The changes are going to suck. Everyone will resist it for as long as humanly possible.

  25. It is here. Look at “Nikki” Haley. Look at Vivek Ramaswamy. Ramaswamy’s resume is the resume of the pump and dump, “businessman.” His social message is basically Rodney King’s plea. That plea is fine when there is not the legalized theft of the welfare state that is asymmetric and divided by racial lines. There are no substantive policy proposals coming from him. Best I can tell he satisfies the trope that immigrants make America great and represent renewal – another cope of an exhausted civilization unwilling and unable to do the work needed to correct its ills. Leading the charge on that cope is Jordan Peterson of course. The Republican party is going to look and sound like the progressive utopia within four years.

    The ramifications of those demographics in light of the welfare state and imperial decline are what are what is most significant. That productive white majority’s wealth as a group will decline and the dependent groups will increase. A natural, de-facto separation with ethnic geographic location is necessary for survival. How is the ruling regime going to survive the economic ramifications of this? What happens to the media sinecures when they are replaced by AI?

    Are whites being pushed out at the top so that the East and South Asians don’t revolt because their wealth is propping up the albatross and helot ethnicities? Who is doing that pushing? It has to be the financiers. They will not accept taking their losses. All of this destruction and the coming chaos is because a tiny number of people refuse to lose some money on debt gone bad.

    This is madness. If a de facto majority ethnic segregated region is created, it will have to be reject the self government ethos. It will need a strong central authority or it will not be able to survive. Of course, that will present an opportunity for our young men to be imbued with purpose and realize their natural masculine impulses toward a constructive and higher end.

    In short, the demographic trend in isolation is insane. Mixed in with the myriad of other economic and technological explosives and you get Managerialism’s Frankenstein.

    • “It is why the Republicans are silent on the antiwhite rhetoric coming from the other side”

      Correction: “It is why the Republicans are silent on the antiwhite rhetoric and policies coming from the political and corporate wing of The Regime.”

    • “If a de facto majority ethnic segregated region is created, it will have to be reject the self government ethos. It will need a strong central authority or it will not be able to survive.”

      Why? I’m guessing because it’s whiggish? Iow the idea that new money wants to overthrow the ancient order and keep everything for itself.

      I can kind of see that given how selfishness has been elevated to religion, but culturally— at least for me— self-government is an expression of people not being helpless slobs.

      I was thinking about that this weekend. Maybe I’m too hard on people. Maybe society needs a majority of sheep. But I just can’t stomach it, because that would mean someone like me is meant to be a shepherd, and I find that idea as appealing as Walmartian watching lol. Nor would I want to be a wolf. I just want to live in a society that doesn’t need its diaper changed, and I don’t think that’s too much to ask, you know?

      • I am with you on outlook Paintersforms. It will have to be authoritarian for several reasons. One, is that it will be surrounded by other territories with radically different aims. It will need to protect its borders, and as or more important, protect itself from subversion from within. That was the fatal flaw of the GAE. It not only tolerated subversive, bad faith actors, it embraced them. It did so by remaining committed to its ideals. That is, it embraced the ideals and by extension it embraced subversives. It should have rejected subversives and excluded them from the rights of the ideals. The Founders understood this which is why they were so focused on having the right people.

        They gave up control of the system and lost everything.

        That is the trap of thinking that Jordan Peterson is stuck in. When the barbarians have crashed the gates the most stupid thing to do is to permit them freedom of movement and control of your city and believe, stupidly, that they are committed to the same good faith ends you are. That mistake must not be repeated in the American Asturias.

        The GAE traded freedom of association for freedom of speech. Now there is neither. The new system will have to err on the side of assuming bad faith. An authoritarian regime is not necessarily a tyranny. The new system will need checks to prevent tyranny. The first hint of subversion must be dealt with and dealt with extremely harshly.

        There are so many constructive things that need to happen, that there will be a long time where the benefits of a stronger central enforcer of norms have supremacy over any entropy bending to tyranny. In fact, like the Viking clans the enforcement of norms will be distributed. Survival will dictate that we live more closely to our nature and distribute cooperative power. Underneath it all we are still Vikings and Anglo-Saxons and Franks and Romans. Within a strongly fortified area, while not a utopia, that ability to cooperate around a mission can be a strength.

        • Fair enough. There are people who think, and I tend to agree with them, that things are intentionally set up to boomerang in an authoritarian direction.

          Where that gets interesting for me is the connotative baggage that word carries. We’ve drifted so far towards anarchy it’s a scary word, but in practice would it be bad? Idk, maybe even doubt it. Hell, peace and good order are white and fascistic, right? Maybe I’m a white fascist by today’s standards lol. It’s so screwed up.

          • Cool. I am speaking of what we build for ourselves in the future. I skipped living within this AntiWhite Regime. I should have made that clear.

    • This is madness.

      That’s the wildcard that sticks with me. In a lot of ways the path we’re going down is well-trod and predictable, but it’s hard to find a parallel with quite this much suicidal insanity.

      The other piece is lingering federalism. Will the residents of, say, Indiana be okay when President Kunta Kinte the Third demands that Attorney General Upgrayyde start confiscating all of their stuff?
      Or…maybe not.

  26. It is hard to take any long-term political analysis seriously at this point because (a) the United States is fragmenting and rapidly disintegrating and (b) any result the oligarchy doesn’t like will be invalidated as long as they retain power. It isn’t apparent to me at all that a post-collapse United States will not even be worse, or that the oligarchs will be able even to exert influence once the demographics are in place, but reality is reality. I get that is your point, but it is easy for it to get lost.

    Far more important for us is how to live through what will be a horrible period regardless of the puppets installed. That’s where the focus needs to be. The real power struggles will come soon enough and at a far more granular level. The construction of a massive Ozymandias-themed secret police headquarters indicates the Empire knows its primary challenge will be to hold things together internally as it contracts. Its sphere of influence will grow smaller at an exponential rate regardless of who wins its pageants. Even an all-White United States would be doomed at this point, as nice as one would be.

    • What scares me most about GAE collapse is that all that evil energy will be even more focused internally.

      We fight them over there so “we” won’t fight us over here.

    • One part I’m not looking forward to is the clannishness, of having to swear fealty to some local oligarch who will swear fealty to a higher up family (maybe) and so on. I really don’t like any of those people around me quite that much, but I really don’t see it ending any other way.

  27. At this stage of the game, it’s hard to imagine any White person of an even moderately conservative bent to be an “undecided” type voter. Just a little bit of looking around and/or paying a modicum of attention should make one damn scared of the future ahead. The next step is the realization that voting isn’t going to change anything and that something shall we say, more aggressive, needs to happen.

    As an example, I’ve spent time with two old out of town friends recently – both are conservative civnat types. Both claimed independently that “if we could just get term limits voted in, that’d take care of the problem”. Of course I replied, how the hell is that going to happen? TL have been blabbed about for decades and curiously have never been enacted – gee, I wonder why. Neither had a good answer other than some variation of voting harder. The coming years look dark in more ways than one…

    • I find this same nonsense from my normie friends. “If we get the senate back!”. I can’t stand it. It brings rage.

      My family isn’t much better. My father is the only one who gets it. Everyone else says, “you need to vote otherwise you’ll just hand them the win”. I can’t tell you how irritating it is. You cannot get through to these people that voting is a ceremonial exercise of zero consequence. One of the pillars of “democracy” is that the people speak and managers do what they want regardless.

      Dark times are here, but the scary part is that it is only going to get much worse. White people in America are on path for extinction. They are the only group that lacks solidarity. Without that solidarity I cannot see any way possible to save our way of life.

      • “White people in America are on path for extinction…I cannot see any way possible to save our way of life.”

        Good. Your favorite “way of life” has been a path of lies, idiocy, and useful degeneracy all along. It’s a way to the extinction which you fear.

        • I’ve mentioned this before, but even the trolls suck now. Remember when they would at least put up the pretense of an ideological wedge? Now they just repeat whatever crap they saw on a bumper sticker on their drive to…I dunno, wherever their mom drives them to.

          • I merely summarized self-evident truth which “conservatives” and dissidentards have long refused to admit to theirselves and to each other. This truth indicates a solution, but y’all would rather cling like junkies to chauvinist delusions about our benighted ancestors.

            Now, who’s most responsible for your dangerous, prideful attachment to pleasing errors such as egoism, sensuality, Christianity, corporate capitalism, and the USA? How could it be the Jews? Or the niggers, the pajeets, the wetbacks, or any other collection of alien hobgoblins? The Jews are a tiny minority, and the others have had our ugly mistakes imposed upon them BY US, often at gunpoint.

            You’ll readily admit all this and more after you’ve done a lot of growing up. Meanwhile the downward spiral must continue, probably until it can’t any more. This unfortunate future isn’t a good reason to lash out again at a messenger. Instead it’s another opportunity to begin the inner work which you need to cure yourself of addiction and disease.

      • Tired Citizen: “My father is the only one who gets it.”

        You are your father’s son.

        Your most important job in this life is to have as many sons as possible, so that at least one of them will continue to carry your father’s personality in the Tree of Life.

        Although, in fairness to any of your daughters, it is possible that they could carry much of your father within themselves, albeit in a largely recessive capacity.

        “That’s when it hit me like a truck; Annie was just like me.”


    • The Tim Scott and Nikki Haley love coming from the civnats I know is infuriating. Why they think Romney in blackface and McCain with a dot are going to change anything is beyond me.

      • It’s so when they lose in the general election, the CivNats can not only vote harder, they can DR3 harder too!

        Really turns them on for some reason.

  28. The more we say elections don’t matter or the process is completely compromised, the more we talk about it.

    I truly have internalized the concept of a destroyed Constitution, overthrown election system and any real remnant of the rule of law. Not trying to be the ugly blackpill here but from what i have read here from commenters, most agree.

    I get one still has to write about this and the political theater is amusing. News about Desantis-Trump or another freak appointed to Bidens regime make my eyes glaze over. News events about the war , bank failings or stirrings in China get my attention.
    That does affect us.

    • It all affects us, and is worth paying attention to. Only a fool ignores what his enemy is doing. The dissidents in East Germany that ignored internal Stasi politics had very unfortunate endings.
      Also, you win no new converts by ignoring the things potential converts care about and discuss. The doctor goes amongst the sick, not the healthy.

  29. Z, thanks for this. I’ve been pounding the table about demographics and voting patterns for, literally, decades. Even dissidents don’t seem to understand (or won’t accept) this reality. You can see their inner CivNat come out when the topic comes up as they seem to hold out hope that enough non-whites will choose “freedom.”

    Btw, Dem strategists have been fully aware of demographic impact on elections for decades. Back in my youth working around the Hill, Dems would openly discuss their long-term plan of using immigration to get a lock on power. Dem strategists were stunned – and amused – by their GOP counter-parts, who truly seemed to believe that Hispanics (and even a decent number of blacks) would become conservative over time.

    One Dem strategist told me that if he was a Republican, stopping immigration would be his #1, #2 and #3 priority. Instead, the GOP was all in on immigration.

    Once again, the 1990s was the big change. Before that, Dems were more about the working class, so they didn’t favor immigration because it hurt workers’ leverage against corporate America. That all changed in the 1990s with Clinton. The Dems cozied up to business and it was game over for the working class. They had no one on their side in politics.

    Regardless, that’s water under the bridge. We are where we are. It’ll take conservative whites a while to figure out that they have no representation nationally. But they will have representation locally and in some states.

    We can never return to what America was. It’s parrot dead. Time to start looking toward what we can build locally and regionally.

      • No, it’s dead. And it’s dead for a good reason. The US was born on the idea that you could build a nation on ideals.

        Yes, the Founding Fathers were very race aware and just assumed that future generations wouldn’t be stupid enough to allow non-whites to immigrate to American. But outside of one small line about “free white men,” they based the country on ideas and not a people.

        The US has proven that you base your country on its people. The ideals will follow.

        • how do you use the phrase “parrot dead” and not recognize that “it’s sleeping” is from the same Monty Python sketch?? [or did you recognize it?]

          • Karl, you bring up a very good example of what’s termed “cultural literacy” and how it plays into our interaction and communication with each other.

            Obviously there were some folk who took Bartleby’s comment literally and down voted. They might have reacted too soon, but I tend to think the younger respondents never watched Monty Python and saw that classic bit.

            Now multiply this phenomenon by millions of foreign invaders from all points on earth. We have a veritable Tower of Babel to content with.

            A country so divided has not been shown to prosper and survive in history. There must be a unifying culture and origin myth.

          • Compsci, this is indeed a widespread issue. i tried to expose my kids to older content, but once they were teens they more or less refused to watch/listen. and by older i mean “Magnum” and “X-Files” type shows?!

        • It is the blackest of black pills to preach the truth that the US Constitution was written by and for white Christian men of northern European stock and has no applicability today. Throw in Adams’ quote of “for a moral and religious people” for good measure and see what you get.

          Look around present day America. Why would anyone expect a compact written for an entirely different group of people to have any relevance today?

          Maybe after the great culling, whoever’s left can return to it. But it is pure folly, for example, to give blacks the right to keep and bear arms, or to allow for women the vote. Sheer madness.

          • Returning to it? You must be new here. The foundational errors of the Founders in misprising biological realities were sins that led to the destruction of their own progeny, and we should not be dogs returning to our vomit.

    • White consistently fail to perceive the ethno-centricity of other peoples. They don’t understand that the crushing of our people in our former territories is viewed as a victory for other peoples. This perception won’t change until the ‘lived experience’ (to use modern terminology) of enough Whites changes, and by then it will be too late to reverse. Disintegration of US into local spheres of influence is likely the only path forward, but it won’t come until after considerable suffering and disillusionment. Civ Nats keep hoping for a peaceful détente between disparate interests and utopian ‘one-world’ liberals keep hoping we can create a blended harmonious whole out of our diversity. Neither group will change its mind until they are so fully mugged by reality that it overrides the civic programming of the past century.

      • “ Civ Nats keep hoping for a peaceful détente between disparate interests”

        It’s got to be a coping mechanism. To conclude that CivNat belief is an illusion and a falsity, is to logically conclude that you and your children are doomed due to your imperfect understanding of the world. Hope is the greatest commodity.

  30. It’s not that I want collapse, it’s that I think it’s going to happen under its own weight. It’s not that It’s not that I think collapse will force new arrivals to embrace self-government, it’s that I don’t think they’re like ancient Germanic people admiring Rome and wanting to buy into it.

    Never want to get too optimistic, but I honestly think the potential is there for ‘miracles’ to happen. The whole thing depends on whether or not there will be enough mammon to worship.

    • To a dissident, it appears the world is falling apart. But compared to historical times, this upheaval is very mild.

      In the before times, peoples got violently replaced, and the ones who weren’t killed were sold into slavery, sexual or otherwise. When you look at the Roman Empire, which got overrun with Goths and Huns, or the Chinese Empires, which got overrun with steppe peoples like the Hun or the Mongols, or the Byzantine Greeks, who got overrun by the Turkroaches, there was real violence and uncertainty that we cannot imagine. It’s a real miracle that our ancient writings were saved, our ancient edifices, and our religions. There’s your miracle.

      The enormous difference nowadays is the conquered has invited the conqueror, and happily celebrates the conqueror. There is no real suffering by whites except for random anti-white happenings and the daily inconveniences of living in diversity. Progressive liberalism is quite an awesome thing. Imagine if the Huns had invaded eastern Europe with Netflix subscriptions and CBD vapes. Instead they slayed people, which tends to fire people up. Which is usually a good thing. Progressive liberalism lulls you into complacency. If only the Huns knew.

      I’m not sure what a miracle would do, besides confuse all those white people who thought diversity was awesome.

      • Not yet. We are still at the economic apex of being able to create the illusion of wealth. Whites are still the majority. When the economic situation deteriorates and the kids who saw their white classmates and their parents sit and take massive psychological and physical abuse are adults in charge, it may not be so comfy of a situation. This is even more true when that new FBI compound, erected with chief objective to fight white supremacy, is staffed with huge numbers of non-whites.

        We are in the opening stages.

      • Yeah, it’s weakness on weakness. No fireworks as long as the natives are comfortable and the gibs flow.

        The thing that gets me is how entertained people seem. Maybe I’m misreading that, but I get the sense cons get off on thinking it’s over, and libs get of on thinking they’re dominating. It’s annoying on its own, but having to deal with it every day makes me want to throw up. The Revenge of the Nerds thing. Totally manufactured, totally fake and gay.

        That’s also why I believe, when it starts reversing, it’ll go a lot easier than anybody thinks. But the problem is people don’t want it to reverse. Again, just too entertaining.

        The only ‘miracle’ we need is for Americans to get their heads out of their asses.

        • Specifically, White Americans are those that need to pull their heads out – the rest I don’t care about (even if they might have an interest in me) and aren’t Americans anyway.

      • Marko: “Mild upheaval”? White people are being invaded and conquered worldwide. How is what’s happening to White working class girls in England at the hands of Pakistanis materially different than sexual slavery? How is women’s drunkenness and lewdness any different than whoredom? How can you possibly consider White boys being told they are intrinsically evil as White and irreparably broken by being male a ‘mild’ thing? They’re immersing themselves in porn or drugs or sexual mutilation.

        There are plenty of Whites who’ve experienced levels of violence you say they cannot imagine. And it’s happening daily and increasing in severity . . . and it’s coming to ‘safe’ suburbs. Are the deaths of despair ‘mild’?

        I don’t expect any miracles but I won’t dismiss the genuine suffering of an invaded, conquered, and dying people as merely “random” and “inconvenient.”

        • Isn’t it interesting that feminists – by telepathy, I guess – obviously declared Rotherham a no-go zone? They will pollute the minds of young American and European girls with the most depressing philosophy, but yet where their banshee personas might have really done some good, they were nowhere to be found, forsaking also every medium of communication where they could have shone a light on the atrocities in England.

          Where was Jane Fonda when she could have been rescuing young girls? Shacked up on the Ponderosa with Ted Turner. Hypocritical silly twit, just like 99% of them.

        • Where I live in the Redoubt the RATOS (“recent arrivals to our shores”) are becoming arrogant garbage strewers and inconsiderate trespassers. Doing burnouts in my gravel driveway, putting nails in the sidewalls of tires on cars in the supermarket parking lots and sitting in their cars watching and laughing, etc. They seem to have a natural cruel streak. The ones that have been here for a generation or two have somewhat assimilated but never Americanized. Cinco de Mayo is a huge thing here.

          • happy little trees: The your ‘redoubt’ is not a redoubt at all. I believe it was targeted precisely because it was known for being White and declared a desirable refuge. Don’t think state, don’t think red versus blue. Think county. County demographics even in a blue state, as long as 2nd amendment isn’t infringed.

            I don’t care for any of the politicians in my soon-to-be new state, and the overall demographics are lousy (61% White), but my county is about 95% White. Population density is only 28 per square mile; neighboring counties range from 11.8 – 75 with similar White majorities.

        • I think a lot of white people are so sick and wicked they like it.

          I also think a lot of white people are changing their minds as it ceases being onscreen entertainment and starts affecting their lives directly.

          Personally, I draw the line at ‘20, and I think I’m being generous at that. Anybody who wasn’t awake by then is highly suspect, even if they seem to he coming around.

        • 3g: I meant mild in terms of disruption and bloodletting. The Rotherham thing was awful, and should have sparked revolt, but it did not. (Same for that 12-year old girl in Paris a few months ago.) But whatever happened in Rotherham or Paris are isolated events and pale in comparison to what often happened in prior invasions. We ourselves see it as an invasion, and therefore compare it to prior nastier ones. But normies don’t see this as an invasion. Not even a replacement. They see it as “progress”. And that’s what so insidious: it’s the Huns coming again, but this time they’re smiling and talking about social justice and economic gains. It’s not very rapacious nor bloody, which is why we never get the revolt we want.

          • Marko: I appreciate the clarification. It may not be as bloody as say the treatment of the Cathars, but it seems to me there are enough rapes and murders (not to mention lack of professional advancement or incompetent diversity hires) for normal people to revolt. Whites in the ’30s and ’40s and ’50s did. The media and business and government brainwashing is so pernicious, but still doesn’t seem to explain present day Whites’ extraordinary passivity.

    • See, I think collapse is the cure. And it is, sooner rather than later, going to happen.

      As Sgt Blumley said,”gentlemen, prepare to defend yourselves”.

    • Societies and civilisations collapse all the time. Why should ours be different? No need to be pessimistic. It might work out for the best.

  31. My mom and her man-friend are both stereotypical boomers. Perhaps that specific generational characteristic isn’t relevant, except for their age, but regardless they seem to have a world-view that is frozen to the conditions of their 40s. This is certainly true with prices – what they view as “expensive” is a dollar amount that would sorta make sense 30 years ago, but isn’t really relevant today. Similarly, their view of politics, or how they see the world is similarly frozen. This is particularly true with demographics. Man-friend grew up in Harry Byrd’s Virginia and he just has no sense of what his state (well, commonwealth) has become, mostly because he imagines Virginia as it was in 1950 and definitely not the Star Wars cantina scene that NoVa is now, even as I drive him along US 50 (aka The Rio Grande, bc everything south of it is mexican) in Fairfax. It just does not compute. So they really are the “vote harder” types because they intuitively see the world as it existed in 1984, even when the quantitative data, much less a trip to WalMart, illustrates that’s not the case.

    • I only go back there (home) for funerals now. Reunions are even more depressing. The fact that you can get good Dim Sum and tacos on Rte 50 at Seven Corners is cold comfort.

      If I told you that I saw the Ramones for $7.50 cover at the old Louie’s Rock City on Rte 50 and paid $1 for unlimited Tuesday night bowling at the now-closed bowling alley, you would probably just cry. So I’m not telling you.

      • How did the Ramones go over with the crowd? They were one of a kind back then. The drummer left the band early on because touring was too depressing.

        Favorite lyric from “Teenage Labotomy:”

        “Now I guess I’ll have to tell ’em
        That I got no cerebellum”

      • Yesterday, we were at a grocery store anchored strip mall. In a row was a chinese foot massage shop, a vietnamese food shop of some sort and a mex taco shop – oh, and smoke shop next to that. I guess that’s why diversity is our “strength”…

    • I don’t discuss politics with everybody I know (imagine that) but among my circle of friends and relations with whom I have, I know exactly one other dissident. Yet she still leans toward voting harder/Trump will get em next time. Everybody else is either in the “it’s still 1985” group (that’s common) or is somewhere on the gradient of the slide into leftist degeneracy.

      • Jeffrey

        The folks who still think it’s 1985 will get a 2×4 right between the eyes, called reality.

      • I don’t discuss politics or race much at all. I discuss a vague or generalized “people”. Once you mention politics or race, you often touch a hot button and polarization/defensiveness sets in. If you do mention race or political affiliation and they agree with you, then why discuss.

        I simply point out how particular people (without specificity) are in one way or another “different”—usually in the way they act and decisions they make. I get a lot of agreement that way. I’ll let the individual draw conclusions that groups these individuals into a specific classifications such as race or political persuasion.

    • Milestone

      I believe the word your looking for to describe Man-friend is “obtuse”.

    • All through the responses here it is the same story. Clueless boomers, vote harder civnats, and every other dumb ass white person who is either too dim, too old, or too scared to swallow the black pill.

      I’ve had 2 conversations in the past 2 weeks with 2 groups of people which followed the exact same pattern as others have shared. Normies are dim bulbs to begin with, I think we forget that. And on top of that many of them are simply shielded from the direct interaction with the mud golems. The ‘burbs are still a shield from the grimness of reality (for now) though that is rapidly changing as the endless brown wave expands.

      I don’t even try anymore. And I understand now how entire populations in the past were just meekly cowed into obedience (think USSR). It worked quite well there so the direct descendants of the same tribe decided to replicate it here. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, they understand human nature and inertia very well. By the time your average normie or American retard gets the memo it will be on their doorstep and any means of retaliation will long since have been stripped away from them. Same as it ever was.

      • Apex, what killed it for me was Covid. If the majority of people just roll over for crap like that, then there is no way they are going to stand strong in a real crisis.

        • Ah yes the Covid Caper, an unforgettable lesson in application of predictive programming and human mass-engineering.

          The percentage of females going Moral Fuhrer the instant that collective cover arose for jab-pressure authoritarianism also was instructive. A lesson that must be learned over and over.

          • Most of them are never happier than when they have a bunch of kindergartners to herd around. Which, during Coward-19, they apparently did.

          • I was following NextDoor prior to the scamdemic just to see what was going on in our hood. Once the masking crap started up, the Karen gals started constantly bitching and moaning whenever a local business wouldn’t force customers to diaper up. Pretty pathetic and a perfect excuse to deep six that app.

      • @Apex

        Spot on post. Describes my view of things as well. I’m planning an exodus, whether it is within this landmass or somewhere else, but I will be separating as much as possible.

      • Back in the ‘90s, I used to think – is there anything any dumber than a bunch of white people? They have striven unceasingly since then to convince me . . . decidedly not.

    • A thought came up when you mentioned “the data” as possibly convincing people.
      Recall IQ: someone with an IQ less than approx. 90 cannot understand an abstraction; all statistics are an abstraction. Someone under 100 generally cannot understand a conditional hypothetical enough to explain the possible first order outcomes back to you; someone under 110 cannot comprehend second order outcomes. Half of whites have an iq under 100, around 75% of Whites are under 110. To most people who have the franchise today, “if the Fed raises the interest rate they charge banks for loans, house prices go down” is as incomprehensible as the mystery of the triune nature of God: they can ponder with their ponderers and think with their thinkers all they can and will never understand it, so long as they live.
      Maybe one of the bigger problems in the attempted defense of our Nation is we keep putting rocket fuel in 2-stroke engines, expecting Apollo 3 but getting Challenger. If a pitch to the normal person requires anything “ceterus paribus,” you are wasting oxygen.

      • I’ve been coming to the conclusion that the DR needs to have two different pitches to gain converts. For high IQs we can use realpolitik and logic, but for the other 68% of the population that just looks like autistic nonsense and has no power to convince.

        What we need is something that works like the Regime’s simplistic “fluffy bunnies and equality” arguments. Something like a religious movement that rejects the universalism of Christianity so we can push “God says make white babies”.

  32. and just who would any anti-regime person vote for, to affect change? i.e. the demographic mix is irrelevant to how the US is actually governed. what i think your analyses is missing, is the propensity for the disparate groups (of the dem party) to splinter the polity, once the current group of old whites loses its grip on power (one way or the other).

    another thing that is happening is that hebe-controlled industries are cratering. all these myriad ethnic groups keep their business in their community; they do not use hebe lawyers or accountants, they do not watch hebe tv, etc. when whites lose control, so do the parasitical hebes.

    • karl von hungus: “all these myriad ethnic groups keep their business in their community”

      This. When we mistakenly tried selling our house the usual way, we had no success despite specifically telling our agent that the neighborhood was almost entirely han/subcon. She continued to show to Whites (generally from out of state) who wanted something lavishly updated and turnkey for all their relocation-generated wealth (we didn’t want to spend the time/money to update and instead significantly dropped our price). We knew which demographic would consider our location and school district prime. And that’s who we ended up selling to, but only via serendepity and God. Our new realtor, who admitted she had minimal dealings with said ethnicities, was shocked by just how ironclad and blatant their network was and how they attempted to manipulate the process.

  33. Something like 1/3 or 1/4 of jews vote Republican but that’s not important. In fact, it’s not important how many whites vote Republican either, or any other group. Because voting Republican, as we have seen, isn’t going to help anything. Either it gets us a Bush, who advanced the imperial agenda just the same as a Democrat, or it gets us a Trump, who aroused the rage of the managerial state into thwarting his presidency. I don’t see any other potential outcomes of voting harder on the republican side.

    At the local level, it could matter, depending.

    • I am relying on the old Himmelfarb quip. “Jews earn like Episcopalians, and vote like Puerto Ricans.”

      • Many hispanics agree with the dissidents and or support Trump and traditional family values. Let’s not be fools and disparage a large bloc of citizens who want our country back.

    • Good point Jeffrey. The local problem though is the backlash. Stronger local conservative efforts (see DeSantis) provoke ever greater “hive” rage (corporate/media) and centralization/Deep State efforts (Feds).

      My vision of the future, a la Brown v. Board of Education, is the 101st Airborne deploying to enforce Drag Queen Story Hour in Arkansas while Gov. Huckabee is portrayed like George Wallace.

      • I can see that too but I think it’s still 20 years or so out. Not something that will happen while Boomers/X are in power, I don’t believe. But something that the mill/zoomers would do with a clear conscience. However, a lot can happen to the empire between now and then.

        • Pedophilia is being normalized…. I don’t think your estimate of 20 years is all that accurate. Much sooner.

          • yes, and it is driving a dagger into the heart of the public school system. and that is a critical part of the system.

      • Things will collapse before then. In a real crisis, people are going to stop worrying about pronouns and “climate change” and concentrate on staying alive.

        • Really? Did the Cheka stop caring about class unity and reactionary wreckers during the Great Depression?

    • But what Jewish leaders want is important. Unfortunately, they seem as delusional as white leaders. The browning of America has long since past its useful stage for Jews, yet they continue to push it.

      Obviously, their biggest mistake was allowing in South Asians. East Asians wasn’t a great idea, either, but South Asians are taking on Jews directly.

      Given that China and India seem in no mood to allow the tribe to set up shop in their countries, you’d think that Jews might consider trying to make the US and Europe a bit more hospitable to them longer-term, but it just doesn’t seem like it’s in them. The scorpion can’t escape its nature.

      • Yes, the anti-Semites of the future will be the anti-Hindites. And the JQ will be as outdated as people who still blame everything on Freemasonry.

        • I knew that Jews were in trouble when I noticed that the Hindus didn’t even engage with Jews about their various gripes. Hindus simply don’t care.

          Jews aren’t used to that. Whites are endlessly debating with Jews about some historical event or if someone today is being anti-semitic. (God, I hate that word.) Hindus don’t even show up. They don’t care.

          Hindus view Jews as another ethnic group on the make. Nothing more, nothing less. Holocaust. Who cares. Pogroms in Russia. Who cares.

          I’m going to buy this hotel and have it run by my cousin. You do what you want, just don’t step on my toes.

          Jews will try to suck Indians into some debate or negotiation and the Hindus just won’t respond. If Jews try to strong-arm them, Hindus will either push back or take their medicine and try to get stronger so they can fight back the next time. It’s just business.

          Jews will not be good with that. They don’t like to play the game openly. Should be fun to watch.

          • jeebus, if the jews try and out talk the pajits they are in for a rude awakening.

        • Out: anti-semitism.
          In: anti-Shemitism. Hindus (and Hebrews, mongoloids, and semitic peoples such as Ashkenazi) are descendents of Shem, not Ham or Japheth. Genesis 10, read it, know it, live it.

    • The ~1/4-1/3 of jews who voted for Trump (i.e., the Netanyahu faction) got US recognition of the annexation of the Golan Heights, the US embassy moved to Jerusalem, the Abraham Accords, the cancelation of the JCPOA agreement with Iran, more bombs and pressure on the Syrian government, etc.

      The ~2/3 of whites who voted for Trump got…yup…

      When Biden was voted in the ~2/3-3/4 of jews who voted for Trump got the Secretaries of State, Treasury, and Homeland Security, the Attorney General, the Director of National Intelligence, the White House Chief of Staff (twice!), the Assistant Secretary for Health (i.e., the tranny in charge of the “Health” side of Health and Human Services), Chairmanship of the Securities and Exchange Commission, and a myriad of important second tier positions, e.g., Deputy Secretary of State (#2 at State), Deputy Director of the CIA (the one who actually runs the organization), multiple Deputy National Security Advisors, the Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General in the Civil Rights Division, and probably most egregious of all, Victoria Nuland as the State Department Undersecretary for Political Affairs, i.e., the person that orchestrated the 2014 coup d’état that is the genesis of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. You remember her, right? Wife of Robert Kagan?

      And the ~1/3 of whites who voted for Biden got the most virulently anti-white and pro-sexual deviance administration in US history, epitomized by the jew Tranny in charge of US “health” policy.

      Oh, and BTW, note that none of the things that jews got from Trump have been reversed by Biden. (Though they seem to have fumbled relations with Saudi Arabia and pushed them toward reconciliation with Iran.)

      Other than that Mrs. Lincoln…

    • “Something like 1/3 or 1/4 of jews vote Republican”

      As I read Z Man’s chart, it’s 2%.

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