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Note: No show this week. A bolt of lightning took out one of my machines, the one I use to produce and edit the show. This happened yesterday, so I did not have time to make other arrangements. It is a pity as I had a great show planned. A new machine is on its so things should be back to normal next week. Today is a post from behind the Green Door that seems appropriate for the moment.

One of the more toxic aspects of modern politics is the generational stuff, which pits one generation of whites against another generation. While old people have always complained about the younger generation, it was historically in the context of concern for the future, not a competition for resources. In 20th century America, generational conflict became another exploitation vector by the ruling class.

That said, we are experiencing some weird generational warping. Baby Boomers, for example, came along in a unique time in history. They experienced the post-war expansion, the problems of the 1960’s and 1970’s and then the reforms that came in the 1980’s, which set off another run of good times. From the perspective of this generation, the system really works. It even fixes itself!

Younger generations have a different perspective, so their faith in the system is much lower and they are more open to questioning the system. The millennial that had to put up with diversity in school, along with endless lectures about diversity, even while enjoying material prosperity, is not going to be as patriotic about the American Way as his parents or grandparents.

Of course, the Zoomers are coming onto the scene as the American Empire shows all the signs of decline. It is an interesting contrast with the Boomers, who came on the scene when America was at her peak. The Boomers came along thinking everything was possible. The world was their oyster. The Zoomers came along in a time when people wonder if anything is possible.

There is something else. The Boomers were raised by a generation that was pretty sure that every problem had a solution. That solution, however, was not just ready to spring to your aid when you needed it. Like every generation before them, the Boomers were raised to make things, fix things and discover things on their own. While brimming with a sense of entitlement, they still had to make their way in the world.

In contrast, Zoomers were raised with the answers all around them. They have never known a time when you could not google the answer. This seems like a small thing, but it has an enormous cultural impact. For 10,000 years of human history, getting the answer meant work, real work and there was a good chance the answer was not available, but today it takes a few clicks and there is almost always an answer.

This contrast turns up in some strange ways. Here is a story about Zoomers bested by common office equipment. What is happening here is the young people are experiencing tools for the first time. A tool does nothing for you other than extend your own skills in some way. This seems strange to young people who look at everything as a technological shortcut to getting the desired result.

I have run into this in my work life. A story I love telling is about a summer intern we had about ten years ago. He broke the letter folding gizmo one day. He came into my office and told me the machine was not functioning. I told him it was probably a paper jam and told him that my tools were in the closet. Take it apart, clear the paper jam and reset the wheel that fed to paper through the machine.

He left and came back in a few minutes. He had no idea what he was looking for in the closet in terms of tools. I realized that he simply had no idea what I was asking of him, so I walked him through it. He looked on as I fixed the machine as if I was performing black magic. He actually asked me how I learned to do it. I showed him the instructions on the inside of the machine. He was still baffled.

Now that I am done with the old guy interlude, the Zoomers share something with the Boomers and that is being a unique generation. The Baby Boomers were the first generation to come into a world of mass prosperity. The Zoomers are the first generation raised on the internet. Both generations came into the world with expectations that were not like prior generations.

For the Boomers, this novel view of things was not much of a problem as the conditions that created the novel view have remained in place. For the Zoomers, it may not work out the same way. For them, life is going to be a real struggle as the country falls prey to its demographic changes. There will be no button to push to solve the reality of race and no place to hide from it.

This is going to make for some interesting generational conflict. The advice from old people will make as much sense as Charlie Brown’s teacher. “Pull yourself up by your bootstraps” sounds like madness when the problem is demographics. On the other hand, the Zoomers blaming the Boomers for the decline of the country is going to strike the old folks as nothing but the mewing of ingrates.

Another weird thing will be the fact that the Zoomers distrust the American Way, but completely trust the technology of their life. Prior generations viewed technology as a tool to be used like any other tool. Zoomers think of technology as a natural and normal part of their ecosystem. They trust their mobile device more than they trust flesh and blood people. That is something new.

Regardless, the future belongs to the Zoomers as they will be around for it, so whatever skills they came into the world with will be what they use to navigate their way. If they are being bested by the copier, one should not be optimistic. Maybe the marching morons problem transcends demographics. On the other hand, maybe training on the office copier turns out to be good training for the war ahead.

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228 thoughts on “Generational Musings

  1. Egregiously off topic: Hippie yoga comedian converts to Christianity.

    I’ve casually followed JP for years. He began as an enlightened yoga guy who could poke fun at himself and his spiritual community. He did a hilarious skit about how enlightened guys hit on girls.

    He got married and had a child. Then c0vi1d awakened his beliefs about individual liberty and made him aware of the plans for a new world order. A few days ago, he made this video about becoming a Christian.

    Like most of the Christians that I know who became serious about their faith only later in life, he cited the advancing presence of evil as what prompted him to seek Christ. Undeniable evil pushed him to God.

    I’m an agnostic fascist but I’m happy for him. He seems like a great guy.

  2. The common branding of the American mainstream media as ideologically only liberal/left wing is inaccurate.

    The American media is
    Extremist/militantly pro antiracism and lgbt.
    Liberal on cultural issues (climate change, pledge of allegiance, abortion).
    Centrist on economic issues.
    Right wing on foreign policy and hawkishness.
    Openly partisan in favor of Democrats.

    And they’ve been remarkably consistent over the years on all these stances, since the beginning of television to today. The only issue the media has strayed on is open partisanship over the parties. But that’s due to the GOP shedding its liberal wing with Dubya, not the media itself changing its views.

    • anon: Thank you for the link. Very interesting and disturbing reading. Various special names, and others of unclear provenance. All funneling big money to a big blaq to ban the use of natural gas in the US. Murrica, f**k yeah.

  3. Someone may have mentioned this already, but there is something else that is unique about us Boomers not mentioned in the article: we were the first generation to be raised with televisions in our homes. We were the guinea pigs.

    • This is true, and I am always dumbfounded that more people do not grasp the significance.

      Neal Postman’s ‘Amusing Ourselves To Death’ is one of the most important books written in the late 29th century, at least in terms of the impact it should have had amongst the population at large. Also of note is Jerry Mander’s ‘ Four Arguments For The Elimination Of Television.”

      As a fairly early X-er, I recall vividly hearing public outcry concerning the violence on TV. They were talking about Kojack and Gunsmoke. Now you get graphic, slow motion shots of demons eviscerating cheerleaders: “PG 13!” Our Betters decide.

      It is my unshakeable conviction that none of the Satanic rot we see on every side would gave been possible without the mind controlling power of television. It is the power to rule men’s minds that ancient despots could only have dreamed of in their most psychotic, slavering dreams.

      As the first generation subjected to it from their infancy, I say the Boomers deserve some measure of compassion. It is truly mind boggling that with all the talk of dissidence and resistance and forging from the ashes, nearly no one ever suggests rejecting the Mind Rot of late stage tiny hat pop culture for themselves or for their children.

      “But they’ll seem weird to the other zombie slaves in high school!” Dear Lord…..

  4. jeebus, can we get a diaper change on aisle 5 for all the Gen-X pansies here?? when the fukk do you people grow up and stop whining??

  5. Late posting on this but it’s a weekend post so I’ll put my 2 cents in.

    I’m going to warn the younger parents who read this blog that you’re going to have a very hard time maintaining your authority over your kids when they become teenagers.

    My youngest is in the early teen years. Every argument over everything leads to Siri being an “arbitrator”. My children are both a lot like myself, in that they’re smart, opinionated, and the youngest especially is prone to a bit of defiance. Defiance is fine, it is the characteristic in myself that leads me to questioning the motives behind our National and Western political institutions and leaders.

    The Google/Siri as an arbitrator thing is getting to be a huge problem. Sometimes there isn’t a clear answer, and sometimes it’s how the question is asked that matters most.

    My kid will inevitably bias the question with wordage. The answer that’s returned often confirms their bias, even if the source isn’t all that reliable. (Quora isn’t always reliable, Wikipedia is always tainted in the political sphere).

    When I was a kid, I did have an encyclopedia to reference to help me win an argument sometimes. But that’s not the point. My dad would bait me into arguments be asking me questions that I honestly think he knew would cause an argument. I would argue, but ultimately it was my mother that arbitrated, but she didn’t “resolve” the debate with an answer. She just shut the argument down and told my dad to leave me alone lol.

    I’m a single parent, so I don’t have an “arbiter” with a vested interest in having a peaceful family. Siri is a cold, soulless computer algorithm. It doesn’t make for good times as I struggle with a young teenage Zoomer.

      • Ok here is an example.

        (Note: I try to use non identifying gender neutral words to describe my children for privacy reasons. Not because I’m respecting Xhyr pronouns)

        I recently took my kid to a garden center/nursery to purchase some plants and flowers for spring planting. They took on an interest in seeing if they could develop a green thumb, and they had something in mind that they wanted to plant. We bought their plant, but while I was there I also bought some other plants and flowers for putting on my front porch in pots.

        I had a very specific place in mind for those flowers. A place that I’ve successfully planted flowers for years. There is a bush in the vicinity that casts a good deal of shade on the porch, but there’s enough sunlight, and I live in the Deep South, so flora can easily burn and wither if in too much direct sunlight. This is beside the point though. I bought the plant, with my money, and I wanted it in a certain spot. If I killed the plant in a week because it didn’t get enough sun, well that’s my problem, it was my money and the plant was being planted with a specific decorative purpose in mind.

        Well, my kid wasn’t happy with the shade, and told me it wasn’t getting enough sun. I told them it was getting plenty. It turned into a huge argument. (On their part, not mine, because I wasn’t going to argue about it)

        My kid got emotionally invested in this, and asked Siri about the plant, and of course Siri says “needs plenty of sunlight”. Siri doesn’t know where I live, what conditions are present etc., and “plenty” is not a specific metric word. “Plenty” has a little ambiguity to it. Siri just knows that site X says “needs plenty of sunlight”, and this was all the answer my kid needed to prolong the “argument” for a few days.

        Now this is a trivial thing. Who cares? Well my kid decided to care for reasons that only they know. My thing was, this wasn’t up for debate. I am not a petty person at all, but sometimes a child needs to learn that their every little whim or thought doesn’t have to be entertained by their parents.

        To end the story, I ultimately DID relocate the flowers. One day a week later my kid texted me a VERY WELL WRITTEN 8-9 paragraph, bullet point thesis as to why the plant should be moved. It wasn’t emotional anymore. It was in a tone of compromise (we didn’t move it far, it was still on the porch, just in a spot where it got a little more sunlight). Not the optimal spot for esthetics, but I didn’t care at that point. Their argument was made with reason, and they showed a willingness to compromise and respect my reasons for wanting it in a specific place.

        My thing as a parent is, I don’t care if my kid is prone to argument or debate, but they need to be taught to take the emotions and defiant motives out of it, and make sure their argument is sound and not spiteful. They also need to learn to respect their “opponent” (to use that word loosely), and learn that there are often gray areas where their argument relies on opinion as much as fact.

        At the age of 12-15 years old, and sometimes even older, kids haven’t really developed their brains enough to self assess all of this and “pick their battles”. Etc.

        • Here’s how I remember the important and awful parts of my adolescence: My parents were traditional whites. My Dad loved Reagan. I was a young guitarist and fell in love with heavy metal (Sabbath, Priest, early Metallica).

          I wanted to wear my hair long, they didn’t like it and we clashed. The awful part was subconsciously realizing that the liberal media had more cultural power than my parents. After that, when we clashed, I subconsciously knew that I was on the winning team against them and that feeling gave me strength against them.

          It took me decades to realize that I was working to dismantle what I valued most.

          • “After that, when we clashed, I subconsciously knew that I was on the winning team against them and that feeling gave me strength against them.”

            This is a very important statement and is very relative to today. Liberals are not afraid to shout their opinions about Trump, transgenderism, blacks, etc. because they know that they are on “the winning team”. Every part of their life will agree with them and encourage them that their view is superior to normal people.

        • “Siri says “needs plenty of sunlight”. Siri doesn’t know where I live,…”

          Amusing until the part about a death match over the argument.

          Here is the Sonora Desert, the climate is deadly to all but a few species of plants and even those might not be able to thrive with even a few hundred feet elevation differences.

          The worse looking, ugly ass cactus can croak in the summer sun. Yet we have the same amount of sunlight as many other areas of the US.

          Amount of daylight or sun is not the same as the quality of such. Your son is being sophomoric to contradict a gardener’s lived experience in his immediate environment.

          That really should be the essence of your comment–how’d he get that way?

    • Why would you ever allow that Spy of Satan — Siri — into your home?

      Do you actually imagine that AI is your friend? That it exists to make your life easier and happier?

      Take Siri out to the back yard with the kids and then ask Ms. Genius how it feels to die. Then take a crowbar to her.

      • If I thought Siri was my friend, I wouldn’t have made this post.

        Unfortunately, search engines are a part of life now. My kid has a laptop for school. I can’t “not let it into my home”, I have no choice.

        We aren’t talking about one of those devices that sit around listening to you all the time. I’m talking about Siri on their phone (and that’s yet again something else that is a necessity at the age they are at, because they are home alone sometimes, go to friends houses sometimes, have practice and lessons and after school activities and go to the other parents home on weekends (I’m divorced) and basically are starting to have a life of their own. I don’t like the way phones are made these days, but it’s one of those things that you sometimes just have to work around. I monitor phone activities and have a parental control app.

        • Siri? Throw that thing in the fucking trash. Take your kids out hiking, fishing, shooting and riding dirt bikes.

          • Lol

            Some of Y’all are worse than my kid with your emotional arguments and failure to actually read what someone posts.

          • I’m curious, what makes you think that I don’t do those things with my kid?

            If you’re actually reading what I posted, we planted flowers together (outdoors), among other activities that we’re engaged in all the time. My kid is a musician and we’re constantly going to band, orchestra, and private lessons. Having a phone or a school laptop with search engines on it doesn’t keep you from having a life lol.

        • I don’t actually know if it’s possible but can you simply delete Siri from the phone? Failing that, you should probably look into getting a Linux phone. A friend of mine actually has a business now setting them up for people and supposedly business is booming. These are basically just Android phones that he then “de-Googles” and installs a secured version of Linux on. Most people are surprised to learn that Android OS is actually nothing but Linux already at the core so replacing it with a more security oriented version isn’t that hard. I don’t know if it’s possible to “de-Apple” an iPhone. Probably not since I haven’t heard him talk about that. I’ll ask my friend how much I can tell you guys about his business here. In any case, he’s not the only one doing this and there’s always the internet to help you. Hell you could even ask Siri – “Siri, I need to get rid of you. You’re an evil influence on my family. What are my options?”

          • I don’t think this Siri thing is getting the point at all.

            Even if my kid didn’t have a phone, they would have a laptop from school, and access to the internet. Hell, I’ll sit here and argue this point all day. I’m not denying my kid access to technology because of my own political beliefs. I’m long in the tooth, my kid has to inherit and live in this world. Computers and technology are an unavoidable aspect of living in it. To take things to their logical conclusion, I could certainly try to relocate to Siberia and live off of deer meat and foraging. I’d be a long way from Siri and the Eye of Sauron and completely safe, and so would my kid. But hey, guess what? Every one of us are posting on this blog via the internet and using the government monitored infrastructure that it is built on. None of us are truly “ditching” anything. So this argumentation is kind of absurd.

            I do what I feel I need to do to protect my kid. If I deleted Siri, my kid would still have Google, Brave, DuckDuckGo, or whatever other search engine and browser they want to use. And how long do I keep up the strict rules around internet usage? Until my kid is 19 or 20 and moving out of the house?

            Do you people have teenage kids? Do you really think raising them to be paranoid hermits with no understanding of modern technology is doing them any favors?

            No. I balance my desire to protect my kid and myself with my understanding that computers and internet are an unavoidable part of life, and that my kid has to maneuver through this world in ways that only my kid will have to adapt to. The teenage years are the years when you start granting adolescents their freedoms, and allow them make their own choices, not when you lock them down and become an overly authoritarian douchebag.

            Again, to be clear on this. I’m no fan of Siri. I have the microphone turned off so that it isn’t listening to us all the time. You have to press the home button on the phone to access it. But once you do that, it is no different than any other search engine, and search engines were the point of my original post, how kids use them to prove you wrong in an argument. But again, I’d have to lock my kid in their room and pull them out of school to prevent access to computers, and internet and I don’t believe I’d be doing my kid any justice by doing that anyway.

        • Oh I see, my confusion I guess. I thought siri was that box or globe thing people put in their living rooms. With the creepy female voice that imagines itself wise.

          Carry on my bad.

        • Alcohol and drugs exist. Might as well start them at 13 since teenagers need to learn to live with other druggie and drunks. If you gave them a ledger instead a smart phone and didn’t blame the school for the laptop, maybe they wouldn’t be on it entirely. Than again, you’re probably letting them get away with tons because of the divorce issue. Can’t let them not be popular in a school setting that doesn’t matter and won’t matter in the long run. Especially with idiot spawn that they won’t know in a decade anyways.

          • That’s the stupidest argument I’ve ever seen.

            They don’t serve alcohol at school. They do, however, require them to be proficient with computers.

          • Also, go fccc yourself asshole

            You don’t know me and how I raise my kid is none of your MFing business.

          • Also

            Bottom line. If you’re using a computer or phone via the internet to communicate with this blog (which you certainly are) and then harassing someone for allowing their teenage kid to use the same technology, then you’re nothing but a hypocritical unserious retarded troll looking to pick a meaningless argument with a stranger on the internet who you wouldn’t dare say this to their face

          • Ya know, I was following this “Memebro” thread, and was ambivalent about Memebro and the comments.

            Then Memebro told a poster “how I raise my kids is none of your f**king business”.

            With all due respect you knumbskull, you made it everyone’s business by posting on a public message board about that very topic.

            I wish you nothing but the best with regards to how your kids turn out.

          • No sir; that is not how the world works.

            When you post on the internet something, it doesn’t become everyone’s “business.” It may become a topic of conversation. That is fine. But until you offer to pay my bills and feed my child, your opinions are worth about as much as the toilet paper I wipe my ass with. I didn’t post it to open myself to undue criticisms. I posted it to share a few thoughts related to the blog topic.

            Besides. I didn’t post a comment about “how I’m raising my kid.” I posted a comment, related to Z Man’s comments about zoomers having too much information at their disposal. This wasn’t an invitation to criticize my parenting skills. This is because you know nothing about my parenting skills. Even a small difficulty like I shared (teenage arguments) isn’t an indictment on my entire parenting style.

            Posting small anecdotes about our lives is not an invitation for moral judgments about our lives. That’s because nobody can make moral judgments about something so complex as raising a child based on one particular snippet that was shared.

            My child is an awesome kid. Even with the little problem I’m having with arguments (all parents experience this, even Menonites), he is awesome. I’m doing an amazing job of raising a well rounded, smart, inquisitive, good natured human being. I offered an anecdote about the type of arguments we have. He’s not doing drugs or watching porn. He’s just challenging his dad and asserting his own sense of self. It gets aggravating, but it’s perfectly normal, and I’d be worried if he didn’t have the backbone to challenge me occasionally.

            Again, anyone posting “you should keep your kid off the internet and not let them use smart phones” (while using the internet and a smart phone) is just looking for purity arguments that they can’t even uphold themselves. My kid will be able to drive a car in a couple of years. If I can’t give him the freedom to use a smart phone, I’ll never be able to trust him with a car.

            Tell you what. Y’all go raise children of your own, get them started in a career of some sort, marry them off, get some grandchildren, and then come back to me with your expert thesis on child rearing.

          • Last comment on this, because I have one thing left to say.

            The idea that someone “saying or doing something publicly” is an invitation into their business is insane.

            If you really believe that, I challenge you to go to WalMart, a public store, and look for a father walking with his teenage daughter. If she’s wearing makeup and some “too short” shorts, I challenge you to go up to her father, a bigger, stronger man than yourself if you really want to demonstrate your convictions, and tell him he’s raising a whore.

            Come back and report back to me how it’s ok to make someone’s else business your own if they are in a public realm. That is, if you survive the beating.

        • I think you’re on the wrong web site.

          We already have an abusive Know-It-All that posts with the expectation that no one may disagree with his lofty Wisdoms, and then hurls profanities as proof of his moral and intellectual superiority.

          Maybe Jezebel would be a better fit for you?

          • Actually, I was thinking what a bunch of Fing male versions of Karen you faggots are being. I didn’t post this to get parenting lessons. I posted it to make a generational observation.

            Nobody thus far has actually made any kind of argument about their position that doesn’t resemble “force your child to go live in a monastery.”

            You’re just sitting here posting on the internet saying “internet is bad”. The lack of self awareness is astounding.

            Oh, and actually I’ve always enjoyed posting on Z Blog because most of the people tend to be smart and not assholes who would tell another person how to raise their kid. (Again, Karen)

            It’s clear that nobody making these posts even have children. Nobody with children are this retardedly ideologic with raising them.

          • “It’s clear that nobody making these posts even have children. Nobody with children are this retardedly ideologic with raising them.”

            Nonsense. Get off of it membro. I’d say most posting here have families and kids. What they don’t have are stories such as yours to relate.

            You might want to think about that. Your story struck me as very wrong in a familial affinity sense. I don’t know enough to give advice–even unsolicited–or comment upon specifics as I don’t know enough, but nevertheless it was a troublesome read. I’ve never experienced such in my family.

            We seem to know what’s important and what’s not. A fucking plant’s health is *never* enough to contradict/correct one’s parent, never!

        • Hey Memebro, theres a book that blew my mind called The Nurture Assumption. I heard Charles Murray describe it so i bought it. Basically the premise argues that all the research done on parenting strategy failed to control for heritability. When they control for heritability, only the child’s peers have any significant impact on their personality. She waxes poetic about chimps mimicking each other, but the linguistic argument seemed pretty strong. So point being, our genetics influence kids but we have to get them around quality peers asap. Being ostracized from peers is traumatizing to them so they mimic everything they admire in their peers. Come to your own conclusion of course .

          • “It’s clear that nobody making these posts even have children. Nobody with children are this retardedly ideologic with raising them.”

            The Amish and Mennonites want a word with you.

            But then, they are rearing children with a view of shielding them from all the Inevitabilites you posit, and not trying to be their buddy. It would appear that managing your household and telling your kids No is not the same thing as the Either / Or technological stance you also posit.

            All the “but I have no choice, I CAN’T prevent my kids from owning Smart phones!” would strike all the old Mennonite folks I grew up amongst as being… well, as being unsound.

            The fact that 99% of the kids I grew up with are Mennonites today , and are rearing THEIR kids in the same manner, appears to be a pretty solid argument in its own right.

          • Stephen

            I have no desire to be a Menonite.

            So, again, fccc off

            Also, I really don’t care about all the down votes. It’s hilarious, I was talking to a friend (also a dissident) about this retarded thread, and my friend predicted all of the things that were argued before I even had a chance to tell them about it. (Because these stupid idealogical spirals always lead to the same kinds of untenable conclusions).

            I did not post this original comment to get schooled by childless wierdos on how to properly raise my child. Also, there used to be a gentleman’s rule (that MEN followed) that one should never presume to tell another man how to raise his kids.

            You dweebs are all cut from the same millennial snark cloth that Antifa is cut from.

          • Davidcito

            That’s and interesting comment. Thank you. I appreciate you making an intelligent comment instead of poo flinging.

          • “Being ostracized from peers is traumatizing to them so they mimic everything they admire in their peers. Come to your own conclusion of course”

            This is actually very salient, and a much more reasonable line of commentary than easily dismissible rubbish like insisting someone adopt the ways of Menonites (while said person is posting from a smart phone via an internet connection).

            As to your astute comment, I do think that children who are overly sheltered from society tend to become socially inept pariahs, (like the people posting Menonite drivel from an electronic device), and being outcast from their peers tends to dull their understanding of them, so that in order to feel a sense of belonging, they adopt superficial characteristics of their peers, the things that they can ape easily.

            this is probably why white boys who grow up around blacks sometimes ape black behavior but only at the most superficial level, and never really fit in.

          • “I have no desire to be a Menonite..”

            Good news; nobody is trying to recruit you. I’ve seen some obtuse-ery in my day, but you are clearly a prodigy of some magnitude.

            “So, again, fccc off”


            “Also, I really don’t care about all the down votes. It’s hilarious, I was talking to a friend (also a dissident) about this retarded thread, and my friend predicted all of the things that were argued before I even had a chance to tell them about it.”

            It is easy to see what you have in common. Naturally you are friends.

            “(Because these stupid idealogical spirals always lead to the same kinds of untenable conclusions).”

            Of course.

            “I did not post this original comment to get schooled by childless wierdos on how to properly raise my child.”

            Oh, the drama! WILL Luke marry Leah?! Tune in to All My Tuff Guys Blustering to find out!

            “You dweebs are all cut from the same millennial snark cloth that Antifa is cut from.”

            Well, you sure told us! I am CERTAINLY put in MY place, I can tell you!

            Upon further reflection, I’m not sure Jezebel will have you either. Although watching you project your Karen attitude on THEM would be similarly amusing to watch.

        • I bet making sure they are influenced by a peer group via weirdos at their box school or internet is the right way to go. You’ve already said you’re an awesome father raising awesome children to be awesome. The school you picked is awesome because awesome and the peer group is awesome I bet too. To be another iPhone addicted individual off the bat is awesome. To be taught by education majors is awesome. Maybe to go awesome university. It’s just awesome.

          • Totes, brah!

            Also, my totally real and not-at-all Made Up friend spoke up from off stage and assured me that I’m bitchin’!

    • Like hearing about people’s actual experiences with some of the issues raised here. Not going to pass judgement because how can I know. Simplistic answer would be “homeschool your kids,” etc.; but that doesn’t seem to be an option for many. You’re trying to raise kids in a Western society where the social forces are mostly arrayed against you. Memebro’s greatest counterweight to that is his presence in his kids’ lives, whereas someone else maybe not so much. That’s got to count for quite a lot to them. Best of luck, Memebro, and especially to your kids.

      • After scrolling through all the quality interaction above, I think the story would be much more ironically amusing if it had been about him trying to teach his son politeness.

        • One does not “teach” as a parent such values. One “models” those values. Kids are pretty smart, they see through bullshit pretty quickly. That is what makes the story posted all the more troublesome.

    • I’ve been reading this blog since the beginning, when it was more focused on economics and culture and less overtly focused on politics. The Zman used to boast that whenever he went to conferences he was always received the compliment that he had the best comment section on the internet, which used to be true. Sadly, not so much anymore.

      This place used to be a place where intelligent and informed people posted thoughtful comments that were relevant to Zman’s posts. You used to learn things in the comments section here. Of course people disagreed, but did so like adults and with respect. It started sliding downhill a few years ago, partly in response to the like/dislike feature, which I believe drove people to make increasingly radical comments in an effort to gain likes in the feedback.

      Your thread here marks a new low for the comment section here. I’ve never seen such asinine, childish commentary on this blog. It’s like they let a twelve year old imbicile into a debate society. I suspect you are just trolling, but please, just go away.

      • Z-man’s readership has increased dramatically in the past few years. This means more people comment. That will increase the incidents of flareup. The present one stands out precisely because it’s so rare. The comments are still the best of the best in my opinion across the blogs I read.

        • I have been reading the comments on this blog for years. I rarely comment myself because I recognize that I am not nearly as bright as the heavy hitting Regulate here.

          What can I say, this Memebro guy just got under my skin. If he’s a troll he’s a genius, and if he’s posting his genuine thoughts– well.

          I think I’ll go back to Silent Mode for awhile again. Pappy always did tell me I talk way too much.


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  7. Boomer Scott Adams cussed at me and called me a racist idiot on his livestream today. He was misrepresenting The Bell Curve like most people who didnt actually read it, and i commented that “you cant educate people of an iQ below 95.” My own dad called me racist when i mention heritability of behavior. My biggest issue with boomers is they dont want to talk about something that could lead to a genocide of their grandkids or great grandkids one day because its uncomfortable to discuss.

    • Every graduate student in biology is required to conduct course work using both field and laboratory study of the heritability of behavior. This reality has been proven time and time again across thousands of different species and is fully repeatable. Hence this axiom is now establish at the level of a “law of biology” much like gravitation/gravity.

      That so many of our citizens are pathologically unable to accept this is evidence of how dysfunctional our education system has become. I call this phenomenon “willful stupidity” and it can only be eradicated via a negative feedback loop. No attempt at explanation or discourse can accomplish remedy otherwise.

      • Educating the masses is a fairly new thing historically. Prior to that the aristocracy had private tutors for their kids and the apprenticeship system was how commoners learned complex trades like blacksmithing or shoe making. Mass education for commoners basically goes back to the 19th century and was always guided by the needs of industry.

        The difference between say, 1880, and today is that in 1880 industry happened to want and need exactly what we dissidents tend to think is the natural core of education (the three R’s). I would actually contend that nothing has really changed. Mass education is still driven by industry. the problem is that modern “industry” at least in the US, does not produce real goods or traditional services. It produces “content”, largely mass media focused on degenerate behavior.

        In this light I’d say the modern US education system hires exactly the right kind of people (stupid, frivolous young single women) as teachers to produce exactly the kind of personality type industry needs – addicted directionless weirdos who will jump on whatever trend the media decides to foist on them next.

        We see this as evidence that the society is having a psychotic break but to me it actually looks like part of a continuum. The sad truth is that if you want kids who learn critical thinking, good morals, and form good habits, public education was never really the place to go. The fact that there was a brief historical moment when public schools were at least *compatible* with those things should not distract from this.

        I’m going to repost a longer version of this along with a few other points at my Pozymandias blog, linked in my handle. I welcome anyone here to comment there as well. It’ll be up after noon PST.

        • I understand where you’re coming from, but if you are correct, the market for such is full. All I see around here are businesses begging for skilled–or at least conscientious workers who can be trained. Lot’s of advertising I see for common services, A/C, plumbing, carpenters, etc. have half their time devoted to pleading for people to apply for their open positions. These include signup bonuses as well as training.

          This is one of the reasons I’m so short with unemployed folks complaining or begging on the street.

    • We’re the last great American generation. The only one’s who’ll have great memories of living in the before times, long long ago.

      Subsequent generations will never, ever understand what this place used to be.

    • I think Z man is a Gen Xer (and so am I)

      I’m going to challenge this reply, as well as the one about “Gen Xers needing a diaper change for whining” that just got posted above in another comment.

      I don’t think Z man was leaving Gen Xers out of this post because he “forgot about us”. He’s actually writing it from the perspective of a Gen Xer who fairly understands the criticisms of boomers, millennials, and zoomers. Gen X is unique, kind of like the “silent generation”, in that yes, we were children who grew up in the “before times” when technology hadn’t quite scrambled everyone’s brains yet, but also where most of the social strife that we learned about in history class from previous decades and eras was (at least superficially) resolved. We grew up in a time when yes, white society was unambiguously the dominant cultural influence in western countries, and most people didn’t walk around saddled with guilt about that, yet we also grew up believing most of the conflict that we read about was resolved. The media we consumed, while leftist, was at least capable of allowing alternate viewpoints to be heard.

      I think this makes Gen Xers a little less inclined to resent older generations and also less inclined to feel the need to take extreme positions on things. “What’s all the fuss about?” Would be the general demeanor for most of us.

      To the guy that called Gen Xers whiners, I’d say that this is the opposite of the truth.

      • Pitting one generation against another is simply a ploy to keep us squabbling amongst ourselves. It keeps us from looking at the real problems.

  8. Generational conflict is layered upon sexual and racial conflict in Democratic politics.

    Kirsten Sinema according to various sources is very unhappy with the elderly White male Democrats like Schumer who “eat Jello with cool whip” at various Democratic lunches. Most of that is the usual female fury at unsexy, non dominant males (they really, really hate them) and while Sinema is not what she was, in DC she’s the equivalent of a movie starlet. [Older White women in various power circles with a lack of attractive young women vastly overestimate their true attractiveness.]

    AOC is constantly berating the older White male crowd, she wants Schumer’s Senate seat and that dynamic is repeated with others, Pressley, Omar, Stacey Abrams and others. This is particularly true with Biden, who has Harris, Newsom, Whitmer, Fauxcohantas, and Mayor Pete, and others all looking to unseat him and take over as the next nominee.

    There is also a vacuum for White male leadership. Trump by default has this role, but for how long? DeSantis? Nope. [Too weak to stand up to neo-cons. The Biden embrace of Zelensky has made that poison to nearly all White males.]

    • Sinema has style. This differentiates her from your average hottie, and offsets the ravages of age.

      The jello comment reminds me of Madeline Albright criticizing Putin for being pale. These are not serious people. He lives in Moscow, of course he’s pale, what difference does it make.

        • A wildebeest of a woman. Besting the odds to deliver both physical and moral repulsiveness.

          • She had that flabby, flatulent look that her, HRC, Yellen and Nuland seem to have cornered. It’s as if a life time of evil deeds and bitterness finally take it out on their vile bodies.

      • Sinema is a Lesbian. She’s easy on the eyes and has little competition in the Senate which makes her look more desirable than in a singles bar setting. However, she has a track record here in AZ in the State legislature. She advertises herself as a middle of the roader rather than a Leftist Democrat. When she was threatened to be primaries by the new radical Left wing of the Dem’s for her votes, she bolted.

        I tend to believe her. When she was an AZ legislator, she was the go to for gun rights legislation. Not a popular stance for any Dem—now or then.

        • “Kyrsten”?

          I can’t take anyone with a made up getto name seriously.

          If parents were truly bold, they’d name their rug rats with the great names: Octavius, Maximus, Augustus, Hadriana, Hortensia, etc.

          Chosen instead: make up a baby sounding word and add an “a”, “y”, or “en” to the end of it.

          • I resemble that remark. I was born here and given a “foreign” name (grandfather’s). The old man would have nothing of it, so he simply called me the anglicize version and filled out all paperwork in that way. After a few years, that was what I was known by on every official form–except birth certificate. 😉

      • Madeline Albright was so dumpy looking that an Albanian diplomatic delegation at a conference over the Kosovo situation thought she was a hotel cleaning lady.

        “Mrs. Albright started using explicit language which the translators never could translate into Albanian,” says Veton Surroi, another member of the delegation.”

    • “Most of that is the usual female fury at unsexy, non dominant males (they really, really hate them)”

      YEAH BOY!

  9. I noticed a significant shift in the demeanor of college students about ten years ago, between the ones who grew up without cell phones and the ones who had never known life without them.

    There have always been lazy students, students who sleep in class, students who copy papers, etc. but the old days a professor could engage still them. Not any more. Kids today pull out that goddamned phone and start fucking with it in the middle of a lecture, it’s like a narcotic addiction. If you admonish them to put the phone away in front if their classmates, they’re not chastened, they’re offended. They will whip it back out again within a minute and a half. They will completely tune you out.

    It’s very distracting to try to speak to someone who is engaged in a completely self-absorbed activity, it’s almost like somebody masturbating in front of you while you’re trying to have a dialogue with them.

    When I was an undergraduate, waiting in the hall for a professor to unlock a room or for a previous class to vacate was a perfect opportunity to chat up the cute girls and try to get laid. Today, you will see thirty kids waiting in the hall and every one of them will be staring into their cell phones, completely oblivious to their classmates or their surroundings.

    At the same time students began to develop an entitlement mentality, i.e., “I paid the tuition and registered for the class, now you owe me a passing grade whether or not I do any work or attend lectures.” In one way, this makes sense, because there is no information they cannot get from Google on their cell phone. They have no need and no interest in engaging in dialogue with some professor to “learn” anything, the degree is a mere formality that they are expected to have and they know it.

    So do the college administrators. Professors are largely forbidden to place any serious demands on the students. The administration will not back you up whatsoever if you try. College has become a total sham. But these kids are going out into the work force and will be getting positions of authority, it’s really scary as hell.

    I used to tell them that those phones were nothing but tracking devices and the government use them to track whatever they did, wherever they went, whatever they thought, and anyone they associated with 24-7-365 for their entire lives. They didn’t care. The typical response was “I ain’t got nothign to hide.”

    • I think it’s more like they secretly wish the government noticed them enough to care to track them. But they don’t think they do, so it doesn’t matter.

      They probably think older generations are preposterous and narcissistic to think the govt actually cares enough to track everything you say and do. And even if they do, it’s stored in some database that no one will ever bother to look at for most people.

    • I have a friend in his 60s who will scroll through his phone while we are having a conversation. I have to tell him to knock it off. I don’t tolerate that from anyone.

      Xman, out of grad school I applied for professorships, but wasn’t able to break in. At the time I was quite disappointed. Life as a professor looked pretty sweet. Now, given what schools and students have become, I am grateful for that lack of success.

      • I entered grad school in 1996 with the intention of eventually becoming a prof. While in grad school, however, what I observed from the faculty convinced me that I would be mad to become a prof, and so, even though I obtained the doctorate, I never pursued a professorship. Looking at what has become of academia, I absolutely made the right decision. Being a prof right now would be hell on earth.

      • 20-40 years ago it was fun. Sure, back then college was full of “liberals” — Walter Mondale-Jimmy Carter-type liberals who still believed in scholarship and in free speech. Back then I was a Reagan conservative who believed that you could convince people by debating facts. The liberals believed the same thing, they would actually engage you. (I had been inspired by the William F. Buckley “Firing Line” debates of the 1980s). Students were interested in hearing different points of view and in asking questions. Guest lecturers were brought in and you could participate in Q&A.

        After 2010-2012 or so it changed palpably. I lost faith that ideas actually mattered or that people could be convinced by debating facts. The Obama re-election was a big turning point, it seemed. I was willing to believe that 2008 was a fluke and that people would wake up. Nope — they really wanted this guy and the “woke” shit he was selling. The racial/gender/sexual identity stuff became really toxic. The feminization if the academy was a real problem IMHO. You couldn’t say anything that MIGHT “offend” anyone. Some of that attitude had been there previously, but it seemed that it had been the minority view, and there were professors and administrators who still had a principled commitment to free speech, even if they personally disagreed or it offended someone. Not any more.

        Today college is completely run not by “liberals” but by ideological leftists enforcing identity politics at the expense of objective truth. It’s literally Maoist now, it’s no exaggeration to say it’s like the Cultural Revolution. At the same time the students have become disinterested and lazy and self-absorbed with their cell phones.

        I spent most of my “career” as an adjunct so it wasn’t very remunerative. I had zero job security and my views cost me more than once. It’s a shame it’s not like it was in the old days, I miss the prestige of being a “professor,” I miss intellectual sparring, I miss the banker’s hours and the summers off. After 2015-16 or so I could see myself becoming the frustrated old crank professor, though. It wasn’t fun any more and I was never going to get tenure or have any protection. They finally got rid of me in 2019 when I accidentally “mis-gendered” a transgender student. It was an honest mistake, how the fuck was I supposed to know the kid was a girl when she had a fucking brush cut and dressed like a boy? But this was “discrimination and harassment” according to the HR apparatchiks.

        I’m glad it’s over. I’ll probably never set foot on a campus again.

        • That’s a sorry ending to your career as a professor. I hope that it wasn’t difficult to find another way to pay the bills.

          I don’t want to dox you, but did your firing get any publicity? If not, I wonder how often cases like yours occur that we never hear about.

    • What do you teach, if I may ask?

      Because if it’s anything other than a hard science, they have a point about just zoning out till they’re handed the formality degree their parents paid a fortune for. College is a absolute racket that has no problem wasting years of young people’s lives (and sanity) and granting them a degree that offers no benefit whatsoever.

      And yes, those kids are addicted to their phones, LITERALLY. They live in a dopamine hit Skinner Box. And before the phone, they were addicted to online porn which also messes with the brain.

      You know how I know that porn is a literal addictive substance? Because the mainstream experts say such an idea is “baseless”, their favorite word for overwhelming evidence, common sense, and absolute truth. They always seem to “debunk” what is screamingly obvious and true.

    • “… you owe me a passing grade whether or not I do any work or attend lectures.”

      Perhaps it no longer applies, but at my last university when cell phones became popular, they were included in the code of conduct for classroom behavior. To wit, if the instructor prohibited them, then you did not use them during lecture. If you did, you were being disruptive and could be asked to leave lecture. As with any disruptive behavior, you could be written up and sent to the Dean of Students for further disciplinary action.

      • That’s certainly as it should be, which makes me suspect it is the exception rather than the rule in academia.

        • Being in the College of Science, we were the exception in a number of areas.

          We once had the Dean of Students make a presentation to the faculty concerning academic integrity, i.e., student cheating on exams. He congratulated us. 😉 It seems that within the College, the Department of Computer Science had the most referrals for academic dishonesty of any department in the college.

          But wait, it gets better. He also noted that our dept alone had more referrals than the *entire* College of Engineering! He had to admit that something was wrong in the College of Engineering and I think that’s actually why he was meeting with us. Basically he peppered us with a lot of questions of who, what, why, how.

          Those were halcyon days. Who knows what’s happening now.

      • “To wit, if the instructor prohibited them, then you did not use them during lecture. If you did, you were being disruptive and could be asked to leave lecture. As with any disruptive behavior, you could be written up and sent to the Dean of Students”

        In theory that’s true. I always had a written policy in my syllabus against cell phone use. But in reality, if you’re an adjunct at a bottom-feeder public college with open admissions, the students will ignore it and the Dean of Students is not going to trouble xerself with backing you up — particularly if it’s a minority student. If you were to push it that far you’d bee seen as the source of trouble, not the student.

    • The credential is all that matters. Nobody cares if you retain dick at college and studies have proven most students come out without any change in general knowledge. My family paid full tuition and I should have demanded more from my profs regarding grades because it was a waste. The credential and grades are all because that’s what licenses and the next step require. If you pay a fortune for it, you should get it. Otherwise college is a waste of space, time and money.

      • Nonsense. If that’s the case, simply have the kiddos purchase their diplomas at WalMart. 500K for an Ivy League sheepskin, 50K for a degree from North Dakota State, etc.

        • That’s all that matters. Lots of comps only hire Harvard, Yale or Princeton grads. Doesn’t matter what they learned just stamp of approval. The numbers you quote for all involves. Most state and lesser liberal arts schools should be less than 10k. Don’t learn anything of real value anyways.

    • “I ain’t got nothing to hide”

      [Except your browsing history. Which will happen someday and tear what’s left of society asunder]

      • It’s an underappreciated fact that somewhere, somebody has access to all our politicians browsing histories.

        Corollated: we are at the dawn of an era in which there will be scarcely any, if any at all, female pols for whom nude pics don’t exist, out there somewhere

    • What is not being said in MSM is why there are no more shells for Ukrainian/NATO artillery. That of course would quickly have Joe Normie asking questions about just what a $600B+ military budget is being spent on. Hell, for that matter why Iran has created cheap-ass drones that are playing havoc in the field while our million dollar plus drones do didly except take pictures.

  10. There is a very important discussion on immigration over at The Martyr Made substack. Our side is having an influence. One of the guests gets it. Saying we need to be unapologetically on our own ethnic side. It created a lot of discomfort, but that is where it starts. Sorry to be off topic ZMan. This is an important one to listen to in terms of ripples in the pond.

    • Apropos of nothing I’ll mention in this thread that it was widely believed at the time that the way “Ricky Vaughn” got himself doxxed/arrested/etc. was by giving Richard Spencer his phone number so they could do an interview.

      I know that’s not the official story.

      I’m just saying, as a connoisseur of the accents of men my age who went to certain schools—”academies,” perhaps—in Washington DC, that some people think that’s what happened to our unfortunate imprisoned friend.

      Some say!

  11. “Another weird thing will be the fact that the Zoomers distrust the American Way, but completely trust the technology of their life.”

    I see this Progressive dogma across all generations. Literal Progressivism, as in “newer is ALWAYS better”. As soon as a new technology gets introduced, people leap onto it in a lemming rush. Lithium batteries, for example. They make high-demand applications such as e-vehicles possible, okay, but now it’s hard to find an electric razor that’ll run on basic, removeable, AA batteries. “Just throw your razor out when the battery stops working. By the way, its battery is toxic like you wouldn’t believe.” They call it progress.

    I’ve been able to make a niche in my industry, fixing competitors’ results with their whizbang new tools, while simultaneously being annoyed that everything newer is actually worse. Older versions of, ex. AutoCAD, had only basic functions, and I admit it could get tedious doing advanced tasks with basic functionality. What we have now, however, is automated-advanced functions with no ability to go back to those basics. Software-as-a-service means my continuing education is mostly keeping up with unnecessary, and coerced, new ways to do the same old job.

    Maybe Zoomers don’t have a choice but to trust tech. It’s all black-box. You have a helpful user interface but accessing the guts is a harsh learning curve. I was a gifted programmer in DOS until Windows 95 came out. Nobody was available to teach me how to program in a Windows environment, so all my programming skills were obsoleted overnight. The situation has not improved since them.

    As popular as smartphones are in USA, one would think the market wouldn’t be gatekept by only two companies: Chicomm-loyal Apple and NSA-founded Google. Maybe it’s not a coincidence that modern tech is black-box.

    • As someone living in a snow belt, it was enormously frustrating when cars took away your ability to manually brake in slippery conditions, forcing the driver to rely on the shuddering effects of ABS. They’re sure they always know what’s best for you.

  12. Western demographics depends on the latest, modern technology. While the non-western demographics, who are rolling across our borders, come from countries with little or no technology (let alone electricity). And they have managed to survive and thrive quite well without any tech for over 5,000 years.

    For a reality check, look no farther than how the barbarians in every shithole-istan country have consistently bested technologically advanced, well trained and equipped military forces for over 500 years.

    One must appreciate that their skill sets are exactly what will be needed when western civilization collapses. When the SHTF, Karen will be screaming at the grocery store’s automatic doors that refuse to open when the power goes off. While Addisu will simply smash the window of her SUV, grab her dog and toss it on the grill. Just like he used to do back home.

  13. “He left and came back in a few minutes. He had no idea what he was looking for in the closet in terms of tools. I realized that he simply had no idea what I was asking of him, so I walked him through it. He looked on as I fixed the machine as if I was performing black magic. He actually asked me how I learned to do it. I showed him the instructions on the inside of the machine. He was still baffled.”

    Tech comes at a steep price. With the advent of automobiles, people lost the ability to walk a few miles (let alone run). With the advent of cheap calculators, youngsters (now adults) lost the ability to multiply and divide numbers or to estimate the rough answer to a calculation. With the advent of Google maps people lost the ability to read regular maps, or to build a conceptual image of the layout of a town or city. And with the advent of the iPhone people have lost earlier mechanical skills and aptitudes. Just remember that Mike Judge’s “Idiocracy” has a fair amount of tech and that tech means the environment is not selecting for intelligence and capability.

    • I see this with automobiles and it infuriates me. I’ve spoken here of my buddy who’s with the local sheriff’s office and he’s told me that ever since cars started being equipped with all of these sensors (when you’re too close to the guy in front of you, when you drift into another lane, etc.) drivers have become much more careless because they get lazy with all of the monitors. It used to be that you were constantly glancing at your mirrors, now no one does and he’s told me that he’s been to at least a dozen accidents over the last year where the common refrain from both drivers is, “None of the sensors/cameras beeped, so I had no idea that guy was there. What do you mean, why wasn’t I looking around, what kind of question is that?”

      • I had my umpteenth issue with making change last night. Out for a fish fry with the family and our bill came to $45.17. I handed the Gen Z waitress a fifty dollar bill and a quarter. She took it away and then came back a minute later and handed me $6. Most times this happens, and it happens a lot, I try to rectify the situation, but the place was busy and I realized it just wasn’t worth it. Trying to explain where she’d erred would have cost me too much time and effort, and she wouldn’t have been any better equipped to get it right the next time. I kept the 92 cents.

      • How about reading and writing cursive? It’s been a battle here with the schools to require such training.

        • Yes, I think it’s very hit-or-miss regarding whether cursive is even taught anymore.

  14. Being an older millennial I remember before the internets and have some respect for the older systems and procedures. It seems to me young millennials and zoomers just want to use technology to short circuit and bypass a lot of the old ways. Hammering the bid button at the last second of an Ebay auction or googling the location of a place they’re not sure of rather than spending some time driving and figuring it out through dead reckoning. They’ll punch an exact and specific question into Google rather than gaining an overall understanding of the issue through more in depth reading. Hell I know a guy who watches youtube videos at double speed to get the info he wants or see if it’s worth his time. There’s no nuance anymore. No broader scope of understanding from which they deduce logical conclusions. They want what they want now. Their knowledge is like small points in space not sweeping, broad arrays of understanding.

  15. When the West is led by mechanically incompetent Zoomers and stupid Third World savages, it will simply collapse. Running water, reliable electricity, and a consistent food supply will be things of the past. Dystopia is on the march.

      • Jack Dodson: Had to wire some money yesterday – we choose not to use Zelle or most other ‘instant’ online or phone-based systems/apps. This is from our big national bank (which we plan to mostly abandon shortly after we move) to a very small out-of-state local (not even regional) bank. Since we’re talking suburban DFW, not a White bank employee in sight. Various alien women.

        First one started out smiling and courteous, but then went to confused to frustrated to hostile when the small bank didn’t come up and automatically connect online at the point in the process where she expected it to. That was the way the wiring process had always worked in her experience, and she was adamant that the person receiving the money and his local bank rep were totally misguided White hicks when they tried to explain there was a simple manual alternative. They couldn’t possibly know what they were talking about. Besides, she was ‘busy,’ she told me (no one else in the bank waiting that I could see), and I should come back when the receiving party acknowledged her wisdom and provided the information and numbers without which she insisted no transfer of funds could possibly occur.

        I smiled, left, and went to another local branch. Lucked into another woman – still alien-born but much less accented English – who had done a wire for me a few years ago. She was willing to listen to what had gone wrong the first time, participated in a three-way phone conversation with the recipient and his bank, and although a bit baffled because she had never wired money this way, entered the requisite information manually and after a bit of confusion and a few false starts, finally accomplished the task.

        Yes, the recipient got his money – but it took me a few hours of time and a lot of patience. People think nothing of asking that something be notarized (an utterly antiquated tradition that in no way guarantees the truth or honesty of either party involved but simply that person ‘x’ signed ‘y’ in front of person ‘z’) but ask that a completely modern and electronic process utilize manually-entered info rather than automated ‘prompts’ and today’s vaunted technocrats are baffled.

        It was the equivalent of asking a zoomer cashier to make change without the machine telling her the amount. Everything has always worked with automated prompts and fingertip swipes and instant, unthinking connectivity for them – no thought required – and without it they are baffled and really angry.

        I am so looking forward to dealing with almost exclusively White people again, courteous rural folks who know how to make things work.

        • I had very similar and very dissimilar bank experiences recently, 3g. One involved a large transfer, the other closing out a small account. The first went off without a hitch although my fear was palpable regarding things unseen in the ether, the second was a nightmare over something relatively trivial. I do not have to tell you which had Whites involved at each step of the way and which involved mostly non-Whites.

          This isn’t the future. This is now. And it will get worse every day.

          • Also, I live in an almost all White area, but that mostly non-White experience still could not be avoided. All we can do is minimize the interaction even when we are away from the madness.

            You and your family are about to realize how awful things really were where you left. Best to you all.

        • “… a very small out-of-state local (not even regional) bank. Since we’re talking suburban DFW, not a White bank employee in sight. Various alien women.”

          Not to disagree with your basic premise, but to contribute another anecdote—a good one I hope. A number of years ago when I was still working, I forgot to deposit my paycheck one weekend and on the other side of town (Hispanic) found a branch bank. I stopped in as I had no cash.

          Not a White person inside or in line, all Hispanic. The teller booths were reinforced, bullet proof “glass”, and striking since I’d not seen this type of security since I was in NYC.

          However, the tellers, male and female, were dressed professionally—dresses for females, ties for males. The bank manager worn a suit and tie and greeted all who entered and waited in line. There were at least a dozen or so of us waiting in the single line for the next available teller.

          But wait, there’s more. While I waited, the line grew longer and in stepped an elderly Hispanic woman. The classic señora with cane and black veil, bent over with age. The bank manager walked up to her and greeted her warmly, took her hand and led her through the line—apologizing to us individually as he passed by. He stated that the señora was too old to stand in line and would we please excuse him as he brought her to the teller.

          That day I learned a lesson of sorts about what we had lost on “my side” of town. Such behavior was once the norm I my youth.

          • I am aged and frail medically. Typically I am ushered into the front of the line of standing persons at the bank. Nobody bats an eye. Not a sound. And I am an outsider.

            One of the reasons I expatted to this latin nation is due to this country’s stubborn refusal to abandon tradition totally. It’s disappearing with the younger crowd, but even with them not completely. Both Christianity and extended family are still norm.

            Life in the more remote spots is largely secure from violence or theft. In locales where I am known, often people will show respect or affection by addressing me with the title ‘Don’ and then my first name.

            You can’t pay for something like that.

        • Is there ever a day in you life that you enjoy looking at the sunshine and smell the air without thinking about the spics/dots and chinks walking next to you who will ruin your enjoyment of it?

          • every day! i live in a small coastal city (or large town in florida; 85% white. all winter it’s in the 70’s and low 80’s, nicer even than Socal (where i moved from). almost no asians or mexicans. a few nigs but they don’t seem to make trouble.

          • LaFaux: You mean walking without the Han deliberately shuffling directly towards me, attempting to force me to get out of their way in a show of ‘face’? You mean smelling the foul scent of unwashed clothes and bodies, old sweat, and pungent spices when a dot pretends to exercise in the gym? You mean looking at the beauty of God’s green earth befouled by fast-food wrappers and used pampers carelessly discarded by spics? You mean trying to hear the birds or the wind in the trees while various aliens babble at top volume on their phones in public, confident that no Whites will understand them or dare confront them?

            May your eternity be Bangladesh, Shanghai, and Juarez in all their cacophonous, odiferous, swarming diversity.

  16. The Coof Crisis – stimmies, WFH and general retreat from the labor force – brought the generational problem to the fore in a shocking way.

    We now have what I (late Boomer) would call “Generation Inflation” and it’s going to be a secular and serious problem. Boomers and Xers, despite all their faults, are mainly White and generally competent. They are gradually getting replacing by younger/darker types who have less work ethic and are less intelligent overall. So the System requires more units of their labor to achieve the same result as before.

    On top of this, we have the DEI phenomenon, which is massively inflationary. We have created all kinds of “commissar” jobs at high salaries for diverse types who add zero or even negative value to the system. (This explains the college tuition crisis.) Combined with the explosive, pernicious growth of Government, it’s a recipe for nasty and secular inflation and zero productivity growth overall.

    Every year that goes by, this problem will just get worse. Immigration exacerbates it, as the new entrants are of lower IQ and their chain-migration relatives just burden the System more (social costs). In 20 years, my Gen-X cousins retire, the Zs will be in their prime years. I doubt this clown show can go on much longer than that.

    • It will be interesting to see how long DEI lingers after the near-certain economic calamities hit. I would say they die, heh, immediately, but the religious fanaticism runs deep.

      • Since the economic crash will be the fault of capitalism, white men, misogyny, racism, and climate change, it is possible that they will only multiply. Folks who compare us to the old Soviet Union now haven’t seen anything yet.

      • I’ve read that Stalin had to abandon global revolution/atheism and embrace love of Russia when communism failed to deliver and he needed to motivate his people.

        I guess that our elites are much more committed to crushing traditional whites than Stalin was committed to communism. If I am right, things will have to get worse here than they got in Stalin’s Russia before our elites abandon DEI.

        • Stalin transitioned from internationalism to nationalism in response to the Germans rolling up to his doorstep. Fighting for Mother Russia was more attractive than dying for international socialism to the average Soviet. You see an attempt at this with the recent White-centric recruitment commercial for the military. Being the Banana Empire and of course retarded, those are too little, too late in contrast to Stalin’s brilliant and cynical pivot. The United States has really screwed the pooch in this regard, and it is easy to see the same folks outraged by 9/11 unmoved if not outright amused if something similar happened now.

        • I saw something today on the subject of DIE that was actually oddly encouraging though I admit that perhaps I’m just grasping at anything that can brighten my mood after another day of fruitless and angry job hunting.

          It was a propaganda puff piece from the Kohler company (the faucet people) and how they’ve seemingly united their DIE and “sustainability” initiatives under the tutelage of some ditsy looking White woman who now heads up that stuff. The imagery though was of a clean water effort in India that the company is doing and there was a nice unintentionally funny group photo of the White Goddess sitting in the middle of a bunch of darkies and looking very awkward and uncomfortable indeed.

          Why did I think this was a good sign? Because it linked two major woke obsessions (DIE and sustainability) and showed them being implemented where such things belong – off in a third world shithole country far from anyplace I’d want to live. The piece even suggested a way to deal with pozzed-out starry eyed White bitches – send them off to the third world instead of letting them fcuk things up here by being in charge of HR.

          Sadly I’m sure this was a fluke. It does however, hint at some ways the ruling class’ obsessions could be neutralized besides the obvious one involving rope and gravity.

          • DIE will die when Reality hits with full force, as it will do very soon. No-one gives a shit about your pronouns when famine is at the door.

          • Pozy-

            I know you’re a good guy because you’re the first person in this thread to use the correct acronym of DIE.

            As for the AWFLs, they’ve been running off with the Peace Corps and other assorted NGOs for decades to disgrace themselves with the various shades of Third World males.

            Any hint of that type of activity in a woman’s background should be an enormous red flag for the young men out there.

    • unfortunately you cannot replace ‘x’ competent people with ‘2x’ dummies, and get the same results.

  17. Demographics are the massive elephant in the room. There is no “going back” to 1980, 1960, or 1776, since the country is filled with completely different people. Just about every historical parallel is meaningless. White people are still in the ideological era, fighting meaningless battles from past decades.

    Boomers still live in a highly individualistic world. If somebody has the same interests or hobbies as them, they’re cool. They usually end up being around only other white people (Nigerians aren’t much into bird watching), but it’s the ideal that matters. Anybody can be “cool” with the Boomer as long as they get along and like the same things.

    It’s not just right wing Boomers missing it. We see this in leftist politics too. The screeching local white leftists never realize why their anti-car, anti-single family home program never takes on. The answer is demographic changes – no immigrant of any kind wants a lower standard of living. If they want European style cities, they would need European style demographics and tastes.

    The truth is that we don’t know what the future holds. I’m not a historian, but Z has talked about Rome. We’ve never had airplanes and open borders before. We’ve never had crashing global birth rates.

    Personally I think millenials and Zoomers will be fine. Who cares if he can’t fix a printer. Nobody uses printers anymore. White people usually figure stuff out. What is unknown is what will happen to greater society with different demographics.

    • “It’s not just right wing Boomers missing it. We see this in leftist politics too. The screeching local white leftists never realize why their anti-car, anti-single family home program never takes on. The answer is demographic changes – no immigrant of any kind wants a lower standard of living. If they want European style cities, they would need European style demographics and tastes.”

      EXCELLENT point. No one is more narcissistic than a leftist, particularly a leftist Boomer, and you already can see the shock in their eyes that the non-White world they either created or help facilitate has no room for them or their ideas.

      I’ve written this many times here, but conservation (vs. environmental dogmatism) is almost exclusively a White thing, to cite one example. As non-Whites increase at the expense of non-Whites, our environment will get nastier, dirtier and uglier. I already notice mild demonization of big wild predators, for example. These animals were subjects of near-anthromorphization by White liberals but their non-White counterparts who increasingly report these things do not share that affinity. It is a small thing but a telling thing.

      • My latest Orvis catalog had a Black model sporting snazzy hiking pants. I had to chuckle…….but he looked good. I’ve never seen one in the wild though.

        • Right? “The outdoors are racist, because that’s a White thing, so let’s use blacks to promote our fly rods!”

        • This has been around for a while. I remember a Lee Jeans commercial from the 90s that had a pair of Hutus strumming their DoBros to a hoary folk tune while roughing it on the bank of a whitewater river in Montana or some such. We are ruled by exceedingly silly people, and have been for quite a long time.

        • Orvis and LL Bean are both using black models now. I just wonder what their customer demographic is? 90% white? Bean is also throwing in some fatties too.

          You’re more likely to see a T-Rex in the wild than a black. Considering that I like the outdoors because of that, I hope it doesn’t change.

          • All those middle class catalog retailers — L.L. Bean, J. Crew, Lands’ End, etc. — have embraced shvuggies and fatties in their ads, paper and online. Trannies are surely not far behind.

          • Lol. This reminds me of a man from the Congo who I worked with and he said he told his relatives back home about how Americans drive to go walk in a park. He said they were confused and then laughed and laughed, and said, ‘So you’re telling me they drive to go walk in the woods??’ They thought it was the funniest and strangest thing they’d ever heard.

      • Yes, this notion that by scratching a Godsgift Akachuwa you uncover a Greta Thunberg or a Susan Sarandon is patently absurd. The only thing these people have in common is voting Democrat, but once the PoC actually become the Democratic party, its policies will reflect the the mores of Baluchistan and Burma far more than Berkeley and the Berkshires.

        • As loathsome as he is, Victor Davis Hanon frequently notes the beaner habit of littering with impunity in his once litter-free area.

          • VDH is not infrequently guilty of the Sailerian crime of noticing. Of course, noticing negro stupidity, dysfunction and violence is the ne plus ultra of this tendency, and we never see it even among the punditry of the so-called “Right.”

          • I saw a VDH article yesterday about the Ukraine and was reading it. I stopped and won’t read him again when he said that Russia was taking more casuaties thab the Ukraine. Anyone that willfully blind doesn’t need to be published anywhere.

          • Right. All the climate and eco freaks instead of trying to save the earth in some big flashy way could make a difference by just restarting the anti-littering campaign from the 1970’s and have a bigger impact. But of course…they probably think that would be racist. Sigh.

            Maybe an anti-spitting in every parking lot you encounter campaign would be nice, too.

          • I have noticed Hispanics always leave huge piles of stinking fish guts on the ground near every fishing hole.

            The smell can be so bad sometimes, that I have no desire to hang out near the water.

            When I was a kid, I was taught to puncture the swim bladder and throw the guts back into the water or bury them as a courtesy to others who use the water.

    • Until the late 19th c. the US pretty much did have open borders. All the restrictions were on eligibility for citizenship. But from the Page Act in 1875 to the Emergency Immigration Act of 1921 (that established the quotas and restrictions that Hart-Celler ended) the laws enacted make you wonder just how bad the situation had become. Take a look: (

    • Around me there’s a little development of some high-end rowhouses that go for upwards of $700,000. There’s no real reason for this pattern of development here though other than the fact that the local whites are so thoroughly shitlibbed that they would likely go out of their way to pay *more* for a rowhome with a postage-stamp yard than an equivalent single family unit. I’m sure the (((developers))) took this into account when they laid out the plan for the neighborhood and probably would not have built those rowhouses in a different part of the country. I’m also sure those developers made enough selling the stupid goyim their virtue-boxes that they could afford a detached house themselves.

      One of the few things I like about beaners and other recent immigrants is that they tend to be quite crass about this stuff. They want their damn house and white picket fence and don’t you dare get in their way to it! Texas, for instance, is a lot browner than the PNW but doesn’t suffer as much from this kind of stuff.

      • This post made made me chuckle, beaners and other immigrant living the old school American dream is pretty ironic. And it is true that no country outside the Euro-American-Australia shitlibery have people who dream of living in the pod eating the bugs for mother Gaia. In other places it is a true econo-physical limit that makes people live in lower standards, but if they immigrate and “make it” in the US they want their suburban mansion with a picket fence and private pool.

  18. If the Trigglypuffs are going to be the people at the helm, then it’s probably for the best if God lets the hellfire and brimstone fall.

  19. The younger generation’s behavior during the plandemic told me all I need to know about the future. I truly will be lucky if they don’t put me in a concentration camp someday. Sort of a 2040 mental asylum for old racists. I like to think I would go down swinging, but “even in a contest between man and steer the issue is not certain.”

    The boomers’ wealth will be wiped out in the economic calamity to come (it’s coming). Fortunately this will probably happen soon enough that they, not the zoomers and millenials, will be in charge of how to handle it. For the latter would handle it in a Stalinist manner. The boomers for all their faults are not quite that bad.

    Eventually after the boomers are gone, the zoomers won’t have a clue what to do about the vibrants flexing their political autonomy. And that’s probably how AINO will break up.

  20. Try this one on.
    A smarmy dude is out driving in the country. He gets a flat tire. He doesn’t know how to change it. When asked about the incident, he brags that he’d just call AAA.
    Then, when pressed about being miles from workable communications, he didn’t have an answer. His female passenger was not amused.
    Of course, he had that collar popped on his polo shirt, and the sweater draped around his shoulders.
    The comedy wrote itself.

    • Once saw a documentary where an older gentleman recounted when he was young having to help someone change a tire. The person in need was Robert Oppenheimer.

  21. All of the systemic problems identified in today’s posting are remedied (quickly and efficiently) by a collapse and a return of real hardship. The weak and stupid among us will go the way of the Dodo bird, and those with internal fortitude and a strong work ethic will thereafter persist and propagate their genes. And the only thing standing in the way of this natural redemption is the covert campaign by the Cloud People to homogenize everyone (except themselves of course) into insect-like drones that can be programmed to do menial work without complaint. The closer the Cloud People get to successfully implementing this plan, the greater is the incentive to view them as the societal pathogen that needs remedy.

    During prior eras, high walls and a Praetorian Guard were sufficient to keep out the barbarians. But in this Brave New World of the present, technology can be a sneaky and shocking bitch. Just ask the folks in that Ukrainian concrete-reinforced command post 80 meters below ground that was on the receiving end of a Russian hypersonic missile. If you can be targeted, you can be . . .

    • Fakeemail-

      I think being largely forgotten will be GenX’s ultimate fate.

      On an individual level, it’s pretty good to be on the young end of GenX because the labor market is screaming for mid-career technical help.

      • I keep hearing this but keep getting ignored in my job search (software engineering). I’ve been dicking around with the resume lately though because I wonder if sometimes the things I used to have on there to “stand out” were getting it shitcanned. My new working hypothesis is that I’ve been overestimating the intelligence and perseverance of at least the initial recipients of the thing. My new approach is to make the thing as generic as possible and not assume that the reader knows *anything*. I’m trying to spell everything out in capital letters and bright red crayon as it were. Of course, it would help if the big companies would stop all the layoffs and certain people in Tubman would stop trying to start WWIII.

        • Pozy-

          What technical niche are you in? What US region are you in?

          The MIC scam is screaming for help right now. Most of them have dropped jab requirements. Northrop waa the best of the worst.

          Small and midsized industrial automation firms are also screaming for help. Those firms have realized they can’t afford to limit their talent pool with jab requirements.

          • Sorry I missed your mention of Software Engineering.

            Do you have any familiarity with PLC and controls programming? That would get you into industrial automation. Robotics, vision, and image processing are all in demand as well.

            There seem to be clusters of automation shops around every large and medium metro. Those could be a good place to focus.

            I know many don’t like LinkedIn, but I find it pretty useful. I think it’s because I tightly curate who and what I follow and interact with. That seems to set up a positive feedback loop in their algos.

          • I’m in Oregon but my goal is to get out of here anyway. I think you actually suggested this on a previous job thread here. I think I found a few jobs like that but didn’t stay focused on that area. I’m on Linkedin as well because they seem to have the most jobs and people actually get back to you. I did notice that “industrial automation” gets you a much less faggy type of company and job. I always know I’m in the right place when I see a company photo with a tons of middle-aged White guys! If you want to talk further and with greater specifics, go to my blog (linked in my handle) and make an account or just leave a comment.

      • As noted below, they tried to genocide us in the womb.

        Now they just ignore us.

        Would be harder to ignore us if there were 30 million more of us as there should be.

    • As I’ve said before, it is X’s fate for the boomers to ruin the first half of their lives and the millenials/zoomers the last half.

    • Boomers made everybody hopeless, but remedying that by castrating your son and putting naked male perverts in your daughter’s locker room was “our” idea.

      We probably shouldn’t draw attention to it.

      • Yeah, lots of blue hairs number among the Xers. Went full in for feminism and multiculti; that’s for sure.

        Really disappointing that Xers didn’t wind up more conservative and tell Boomers to stick their woodstock and so-called civil rights straight up their ass.

        But Xers were the most propagandized and marketed to kids in history. Every show they watched was to teach them “racism is bad” and “we’re killing the environment” and “beg your parents to buy these toys.”

        • Are you sure that you’re referring to Gen X? I never saw any of what you mentioned above in any Looney Tunes cartoon, or Battle of the Planets, or Voltron.
          If you’re referring to that Captain Planet crap, I believe that was in the early 90’s.

          • Steve-

            Remember all the PSAs we used to get about not littering and Stranger Danger?

            Now look at what we have.

          • THe 1980s had some of the greatest animated series, bar none. Voltron, Robotech, Thundercats,Thundarr the Barbarian, and last but not least, G.I. Joe.

            “Now you know. And knowing is half the battle.”

    • We are the perfect generation IMO. Raised like kids had been raised for generations; came into the internet era when we were already developed and could handle it. We can thrive in 1975 or we can thrive in 2025. And all the while, being cynical and bored.

      There is literally nothing we can’t handle. That’s why nobody talks about us. No squeaky wheels get no grease.

    • I’m Gen X (just) and happy to be forgotten. Let the other generations tear each other to pieces and leave us in peace.

  22. Apparently Earth dodged a big ‘ol CME earlier this month. I can’t honestly say I feel relieved.

  23. In a lot of ways, even worse than “always having the answer in a glowing box” is the assumption, beaten into them by a lifetime of Standardized Tests, that there is only ONE answer. Pretty much everyone’s “red pill” story boils down to “I kept trying and trying and trying to make sense of the world the way my parents told me it works, until I finally realized they were wrong at best, actively lying to me at worst.” Despite Gen X’s many and manifest faults, we grasp that there are at least TWO possible answers to most questions.

    The Zoomers absolutely don’t get that. They’re not stupid, but they’re so programmed by standardized testing that they do things even the short bus kids wouldn’t have done in our day. Every test I gave, I was able to confuse a significant fraction of them just by changing the *word order* from the PowerPoint. If I asked “___ lost the Battle of Waterloo in 1815,” they could fill in “Napoleon,” because that was on the slide. But I crossed up more than a few if I switched the question to “In 1815, the Battle of Waterloo was lost by ___.” I’d confuse even more if I switched the term in the blank: “Napoleon lost the Battle of ___ in 1815.” Like __ sang, that’s a hard habit to break.

    • The chicks really liked that Chicago album, iirc. The concert I tolerated for that reason alone… I still feel like a sellout.

      I do sense a collapse of a search for alternative answers, just as you say. Maybe it’s simply an inability to question the assumptions.

      a. The system is broken and must be fixed
      b. The system is working exactly as designed an must be destroyed

      I think most of the conservatives I talk to – not Zoomers – cannot conceive of answer b.

    • Whether someone can come up with 1 or 2 or a dozen nuanced answers, most readers of this website can at least admit they don’t HAVE an answer. That is what keeps me coming back.

      Most people just want to take orders.

      Climate “change” is going to kill us all.
      Normal white people are what is wrong with the world. Ok.
      Trump is Holitler. Ok.
      Wear a mask. Ok
      Be safe. Ok.
      Take the jab, it’s safe and effective. Ok
      Jab us no longer effective, take a booster. Ok.
      Booster is no longer safe nor effective, take this NEW booster. Ok.
      Dementia Joe is the most popular president ever elected. Ok.
      We must threaten nuclear war to protect the borders and culture of former Soviet state. Ok.

      …now, I STILL don’t know if it is the 1 (or 2 or nuanced) answer, but my answer always seem to involve going to the range, doing push-ups and buying another few hundred rounds of ammo.

    • “Despite Gen X’s many and manifest faults, we grasp that there are at least TWO possible answers to most questions.”

      I never wrote a paper without using “on the other hand…” at least once.

  24. Inter generational warfare is baked into the economic cake. The Greatest and the Boomers and the generation before who began the massive administrative state set it in motion. They spent more money than they had and accumulated “wealth” by borrowing massive amounts of money from the future and by strip mining the productive capacity and wealth of the country.

    To top off the shit sundae they destroyed the demographics of the nation and began to replace their children to keep the ponzi scheme afloat. The children, myself included, are just as at fault for not saying anything, as are the Gen Xers who refused to tell the Woke children demanding equity in the workplace to pound sand. There is plenty of blame to go around.

    What kind of a sickness that has taken hold? What is it when parents think their kids are just some generic inter-changeable blob of flesh with anyone from any far flung corner of the world? It is beyond comprehension. This is a severe mental illness undertaken on a mass scale. I think the traditional term for it is – wickedness.

    I am not a fan of the generation lumping. The fact is the driving elite that held the reins is a small fraction of the population or fraction of the fraction. We are all at fault for not taking a stand. As we enter the ever more severe crisis zone, we will find out, who from any generation, has the will to fight, who will submit and who will follow the winners.

    We are fighting for the good and noble against the wicked and canniving. Both come in all ages. Across generations we need men to arise.

    • “The fact is the driving elite that held the reins is a small fraction of the population or fraction of the fraction. We are all at fault for not taking a stand.”

      As much as it frustrates me, the observations that most people are not designed to be critical thinkers and that they are programmed by the hegemonic media, allows me to forgive them, at least partially.

  25. The Boomers will be the last generation to predominantly embrace patriotism — as subsequent generations have been indoctrinated to believe that America is an evil place of oppression dominated by White supremacy. Boomers also had the benefit of coming of age in a country that was 85 to 90 % White. Most of them can’t understand why Race should be a problem because it truly wasn’t much of a sticking point during their formative years. Their generation also enjoyed an unprecedented prosperity that is not nearly as available to today’s youngsters. When Boomers graduated from college, they usually weren’t hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt. Things were considerably more affordable during their early adulthood.

    Meanwhile, Zoomers comprise our first humanoid generation, having no idea what life without the Internet is like. These kids increasingly resemble their gadgets. Many of them will make for perfect pod-people. Their interpersonal relations are already essentially alien compared to those who went before. The future is a technocratic, transhumanist dystopia.

    Great article!

    • Generally agree, except for here:

      ” Most of them can’t understand why Race should be a problem because it truly wasn’t much of a sticking point during their formative years.”

      One of the most despicable Supreme Court opinions ever delivered, SWAN v. MECKLENBERG, came down in 1971 and caused White public school students to be bused in many areas to majority black schools, and vice versa. This continued for thirty years although it started to fade after ten or twenty years. If my math is right, that takes in more than half of Boomers. I know some who were bussed. Suffice it to say they are at least as redpilled as we are. I can’t quantify the percentage, but ten to twenty percent at a minimum would seem likely and it could be two or three times that. Proximity to diversity overcomes delusions about it, particularly when blacks are encountered.

      These same people, along with their counterparts who were not bussed, also fell victim to the first affirmative action (i.,e., anti-White) discrimination.

      This probably includes their Silent parents as well, who at least in the South and a few other pockets literally rose up against the earlier abomination of BROWN. That mass resistance, hard to even fathom in the current age, largely gets memoryholed these days so as not to give anyone an idea.

      The anti-White persecution started in 1861 and has continued apace and accelerated. It is hard to argue any Whites except for New Englanders to some extent have not been subjected, although admittedly many of all generations have been complicit. This aspect of the current world is more than a century and a half old.

      But as to the rest of your comment, yes.

        • The busing thing was bad in Boston. I wasn’t born yet but apparently the Irish got pissed and caused a lot of trouble. Gentry boomers probably just hid their heads in the sand.

          • It was. There was a joke at the time: “what’s yellow, black, and red? A: a Boston school bus on fire.” There were some mildly similar reactions in other non-Southern cities such as Denver and Los Angeles, but much more muted.

          • Yeah, I remember seeing on TV an extremely worked up Ted Kennedy in people’s faces screaming about how wrong bussing was. It was a black and white tv, but somehow we could figure out his face was bright red…

      • Your experience regarding Boomers and their perceptions of Race differs from mine. That’s because I grew up and spent most of my life in the lily-White suburbs. Virtually every Boomer I’ve known has been a hardcore Race denialist. They were marinated in ceaseless “color-blind” propaganda and internalized it to an astounding degree. They exhibit a blank-slate view of humanity that boggles my mind. But their actual encounters with DIE-versity have been quite limited and rarely enlightening. For instance, I suspect that few if any of the White Boomers I’ve known ever lost out on a college acceptance, job, or promotion due to Affirmative Action. Again, that has been my admittedly sheltered experience.

        I do not deny that there are probably innumerable exceptions among Boomers. One problem with analysis regarding “generations” is that it inevitably paints with far too broad a brush. No age cohort is a monolith.

        • Yeah, that’s a totally inverse experience from mine, probably due to geography and class.

          • I’m sure it also differs based on how one’s parents responded to the prosperity. My dad was a kid through the Depression, and my mom was a kid through the War rationing, and they drilled frugality into us. I never knew we were well-to-do until long after college. I just knew everyone lived higher on the hog else than we did.

            If you were raised that way, and continued penny-pinching as an adult, regardless of what “generation” you are, of course you can save money. But sometime in the late Boomer and into the Gen X formative years, people started thinking that one was entitled to more than an 80-year old, 500 square foot bungalow as a starter home. And that sense of entitlement has never reversed itself.

        • yeah, a thousand kids in my graduating class and not a darky to be seen. My wife on the other hand had a lot of experience with them and I didn’t understand the problem.

    • Which is one reason I have taken my kids on lengthy paddling trips into real wilderness…No cellphone coverage, no people at all..That’s the real world, once and future reality…

  26. One of the interesting characteristics of the Dissident Right is that many of them were not loved by their parents. One can see that in the childish hatred of Boomers claiming:

    + Boomers are at fault for all problems (unlike other generations),

    +the world was a whitetopia before Boomers came of age (as a boomer raised working class I can tell you it wasn’t although the US was whiter),

    + Boomers are responsible for all the actions of their parents generation such as feminism, immigration act and civil rights laws,

    + everyone such as Pelosi who were born before 1964 is a Boomer (e.g., George Washington Boomer) and

    + Boomers are the only generation to not leave inheritance to the kids (reality is we are projected to leave 30 trillion in inheritance to their kids).

    I am curious why our side is made up largely of people who were not loved and supported by their parents. That description fits me (although I am a boomer) and a very large percentage of the dissident right. Maybe it is another example of the bell curve where centrist normies were loved as children but the left (such as Antifa) and the right were not loved thus the anger.

    • I first became aware of the situation between many of the men on the dissident right and their parents a few years ago with the talk of the Day of the Pillow where men would dream of killing their parents and in some cases grandparents.

      I know this sounds odd, but normal people don’t dream about killing their elders. My father was booted out of his home during the Great depression when he was a teenager. He stopped his father from killing his sister. So out he went. Even though it was rough being homeless during the Depression he didn’t cherish the thought of killing his father.

      Then we have Vox Day wanting to have a countdown meter celebrating the death of his father’s generation.

      I really don’t think this outlook is good for winning over normal people.

    • My parents (boomers) provided my material needs. I never wanted for food, shelter, clothing, education. My grandparents (WWII) provided my identity. My grandparents’ contribution is what’s lacking today. Why did I see it from a young age, and why did it take my parents until well into their 60s to start seeing it? They got it from the same source, after all. That’s my frustration more than anything.

    • Boomers murdered ~1/3rd of their progeny in the womb.

      ~70% of those were executed by white mothers.

      There’s at least 20-30 million American white people in my age cohort (born 1980) who do not exist because they were snuffed out in the womb. It is a minor miracle that I exist.

      There has been no more lethally dangerous place in the history of the world than the inside of a Boomer woman’s uterus.

      • I would say, Lucius, that you correctly identify that thing the Boomer cannot lay off on someone else. I’d add that it seemed to me, one afternoon around 1985, everyone’s parents got divorced.

        So, yeah, Boomers did not, in fact, pass Hart-Celler. But, shit man, the murderous rage they unleashed on their children by their own hand is the stuff of myth. They are Saturn, devouring their children.

        • One other thing they cannot lay off on others.

          They made the movie “The Big Chill”, the movie that “defined their generation”.

          If you’ve ever had the displeasure to watch it, a more enjoyable ending would have been for those despicable, narcissistic, disgusting characters to knife themselves in the belly.

          But that was how Boomers saw themselves.

      • That’s just plain stupid.

        Individuals killed other individuals. That is true. But only a moron would lay the blame on people who LITERALLY had nothing to do with it.

        • For the people downvoting, you are also saying Z-Man is to blame for the murders in Lagos.

          That is brain-dead.

    • One of the more unlovely traits of that Boomer generation is their thin-skinned inability to take any responsibility at all for anything at all.

      • While true, I don’t think that distinguishes them. Tell me another living generation that has taken responsibility for something. I think they were just the first to deny responsibility. But hardly the only.

        • The bit that distinguishes boomers is how hard they pat themselves on the back for existing. Like that twitter post that went viral where the guy is bragging about getting to drive around and play stickball or whatever as if the world he lucked into was somehow his accomplishment.

          Imagine the Boomers reaction if Millennials produced documentaries showing them playing World of Warcraft scored with Fortunate Son and For What It’s Worth. “You damn kids think playing your nintendos is something, I was at Woodstock maaaan!” Right, because rolling around in the mud giving each other gonorrhea was really making the world a better place…

          What about Vietnam? Same self back patting, just like Walter in The Big Lebowski. I don’t see any great rush to make a bunch of movies about the heroic Gen-X/Millennial soldiers of the Bush Wars.

          • “I don’t see any great rush to make a bunch of movies about the heroic Gen-X/Millennial soldiers of the Bush Wars.”

            I was talking to a friend about that the other week. There were movies, maybe TV shows for all I know, but the WOT wasn’t the popularly generation-defining thing Vietnam was.

            My friend pointed out there wasn’t a draft. Everybody who fought signed up. He was right about that, but at the same time none of my combat vet friends make a big fuss out of it.

            I can’t think of any vets I’ve known making a fuss, really. Probably a couple of forgotten randos along the way, I’m sure.

            Thinking about it, the fuss is mostly on the screen. Probably comes down to which wars serve certain interests, but some narcissism doesn’t hurt lol. Literally, Narcissus admiring his reflection in the water.

        • Blaming the older generation goes back to the dawn of civilization. And even the first generation, at least according to the Genesis account: Adam blamed Eve. Eve blamed the Snake.

    • It’s true that the older “Greatest” generation was responsible for Hart-Celler and other atrocities, but the attitude of many Boomers toward those who didn’t have their advantages has angered many of the younger people, especially Gen-x…

    • My Comment. Methinks you paint with too broad a brush. Sounding kind of Freudian there. I’m not sure I’m a good specimen of DR, but neither do I think my parents didn’t love me, nor do I hold animosity towards them. As I grow older, I realize they were in many instances “failed” people as we all are. They did the best they could while battling their own demons. What I’ve learned to remember and respect is their successes—especially as related to me—rather than their failures. It has given me some hope that after I pass, my children will also be as insightful and therefore forgiving. We all fall short…

  27. From the article linked to above:

    “This one is somewhat embarrassing, but a lot of us don’t seem to understand buttons either. You can’t swipe this computer screen open, as one Reddit user had to make evidently clear with the implementation of a sticker to point out the ‘on’ switch on-screen:”

    I cannot relate to this at all. You would a significant subset of them would be curious enough about how things work to want to learn how to operate this equipment. Most of it is not that difficult to learn either. The World War II generation did better job adapting to learning computers, cell phones and tablets in old age than Zoomers do using stuff that was made when they were 10.

  28. “Problem solving” is an integral part of brain development. My hunch is when the answer is always available that part of the brain does not develop— here’s an article published in the “The Atlantic” back in 2008 (I think) when it was still a serious publication. Add in that problem solving also heavily relies on a generalized “fund of knowledge” this is dependent on experience and long form reading. So what you see today is really no surprise. Add in AI and the “Eloi” are just around the corner.

  29. Aspiring to inter generational weary transfer died with the boomers. Their philosophy of spend every penny, cash out every asset, die broke and let the last check bounce is anthema to family wrath building.

    Left instead: a debt driven debt economy for endless cheaply made goods and overpriced housing. Young people partake in this with enthusiasm to their detriment.

    There is no wrath to transfer, and in many cases, no kids to transfer it to anyway.

      • But what is the real value of those assets. They seem to admit they aren’t worth that much given that they want to import masses to keep the bid underneath them.

        Leave a bunch of “assets” with phony wealth, then replace your children in hopes their replacers will keep the asset values bid up.

        Some plan.

      • 30 million to their kids…
        Because there are so many boomers!
        Divide 30 million by the number of boomers…
        So $35 per boomer to pass on? Lmao

        • That chip on your shoulder is affecting your literacy.

          He said 30 trillion, not 30 million. I have no idea whether or not that’s accurate, but that’s more than an entire year’s GDP. When your boomer folks kick the bucket, you can go on vacation for a year and blow all the cash you think they already spent.

          I’m not saying it’s evenly spread out. There are indeed lots of people who spend it as fast as they earn it. But not just Boomers. That’s all of history. How much do YOU have left over out of a paycheck?

          • The problem will be as it always is—how many Boomers (raw numbers) comprise those folk leaving the $30T? Yes, there were 70M “Boomers” total born to the cohort, but the majority of them are basically penniless upon death.

            As I’ve said before, the top 10% of the populace—which includes a high percentage of folk in the Boomer cohort, but not all, have 80% of the national wealth. So these Boomers will leave their wealth to a smallish number of offspring, who also have a smallish number needing such a windfall. In short, the rich get richer, or rather it sort of stays in the family.

      • I doubt it…many Boomers I know are intending to spend all or most of it before they die…

        • I work in a rural area providing services to farmers. My customers are mostly 55-90 years old. Several gentleman 55 years old or so still working for their folks who will literally die before they give up any control to their offspring. Once I noticed that I see it all around. Congress and the executive office are great examples of this; there are folks in office that have been making garbage decisions for the rest of us since the withdrawal from Vietnam. They would rather burn the whole edifice down than relinquish control.

        • When they get through asset stripping the boomers, a work currently in progress if you have noticed, the boomers’ ideal intentions may have nothing to do with what they might actually have left to pass on.

          Equity, you know, or something like that; i.e., no generational wealth to pass on for you Blue-eyed Devils! Chew on that a bit if you will, please.

          Would that this were otherwise, but Democracy Has Been Fortified for a very long time, a span of decades. Perhaps you might be familiar with a study that correlated the wishes of the public with the actions of the government? Functionally, there was no correlation, they just did what they wanted. Remember the opposition to TARP, and how despite the massive opposition to this measure it got rammed through? And yet, apparently, despite decades of this, boomers are to be held fully accountable.

          Okay, Gen X, Millenials, Zoomers, its your turn in the batter’s box. Knock it outta the park.

          Lordie be, for all of the information shared about the realities of “Liberal Democracy” around here this cross-generational blame game just goes on and on with none of this information having any influence. Disheartening.

        • Maybe, @pyrrhus, but how much of that is because of a change in societal norms? Whereas even into the 60s, it was still not unheard of in some parts of the country for the parents to come live with the kids and help out as they could, it is now expected that the olds will be just written out of their kids’ and grandkids’ lives. They are going to be spending the inheritance because the alternative is to go live under a bridge somewhere, eating out of a dumpster.

          From what I’ve seen, it’s not the parents moving to Florida or Arizona, at least to begin. It’s that the kids can’t get jobs in their fields without moving to some urban shithole where the parents have no interest in living. And as long as getting to see the grandkids is only a once a year thing anyway, what difference does it make where the olds live?


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