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Something I did not discuss in the show, but it will be a topic going forward, is the candidacy of Robert Kennedy Jr. It may be the greatest example of history repeating itself, but with a wry smile, we will ever see. Most people will think of his father’s run in 1968, but it more closely matches his uncle’s run in 1980. Ted Kennedy decided to challenge Carter because Carter was weak.

Many have noted the parallels between this age and the 1970’s. Trump is a good analog for Nixon. Biden is Carter. We have stagflation due to mismanagement of the money supply and reckless spending. The politicians have thrown open the jails and stopped prosecuting criminals, so the cities are falling into chaos. We now even have a standoff with the Russians. It is like old times.

Of course, the irony is that the people in charge today were in the streets causing trouble back in the 1970’s. It is as if their last hurrah is going to be reliving their youth at your expense, one last time. The grand finale will be a Kennedy challenging their Jimmy Carter, thus ushering in the end of the madness. Or will it be a Sirhan Sirhan, this time in drag, assassinating a Kennedy to kick-off the madness?

All of those things are superficial, but the parallels are interesting. A more serious storyline is that the Democrats may now have a Trump of their own. Kennedy is promising to run as a populist. Many of his big issues are popular with the sort of people who will vote for Trump in 2024. He will also tickle the fancy of old white people who still make up a big part of the Democratic base.

If the party was willing to nuke Bernie Sanders for Hillary Clinton and do so again for Joe Biden, they will probably do the same to Kennedy. This time they have full control of all the regime tools. On the other hand, Kennedy is making that a point of his candidacy, so it promises to be a very ugly fight. It will take a heart of stone not to enjoy the havoc Kennedy will cause in the 2024 election.

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  • Fuentes
  • RamZPaul And Generational Solidarity
  • DeSantis Versus Trump
  • Cofnas Versus MacDonald
  • Christian Nationalism
  • Christian Dissident
  • Drinking
  • Death of Philosophy
  • What Must Be Done

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209 thoughts on “Asked & Answered

  1. Just now listening to your podcast. You spoke of the immaturity of the twenty-somethings. I like to point out that no one even spoke of teenagers a century and less in our past. That’s because there weren’t any. You went to work after eight or ten years of school, if you were not already working before and after school anyway. The girls married or worked until they were married. If that sounds like a hard life, no, it was a far easier life than the life robbed of purpose that kids are facing now.

  2. The Second Wave feminists of the sixties/seventies who scored big at the expense of their male peers were largely Jewish and made little distinction between Jewish and non-Jewish men. Not much group loyalty there.

    Identity Christians, centered in Coeur d’Ailene, were basically a neo-Nazi cult. Morris Dees and the SPLC bankrupted them after they torched a Jewish family. They were loosely connected with Robert Matthews and Der Bruders Schweigen who robbed a Brinks truck and were involved with whacking a Jewish radio talk show host in Denver. Matthews went out in a blaze of glory on Whitby Island.

  3. I can’t remember the last time I watched a NASCAR race, but Talladega was run today and we had it on in the background.

    The guy who called the Feds because of a garage pull down was in a position to win on the final lap, and wound up losing control and crashing.

    I confess, I got a warm feeling seeing him pout after the race.

    To use the vernacular,”ain’t dat a bitch!”

    • Sounds more like the hand of God to me.

      The garage door incident illustrated how much L.E., especially at the fed level, is at beck and call of the Identity Politburo — women and POCs, chiefly. It also illustrated the micro-aggressed future, which essentially is Woke + Police State.

  4. ***According to the leaked documents, assuming they are real, tens of thousands of Ukrainians have died in Bakhmut, while the Russians have suffered about a tenth of the losses.****

    Well, that’s pure propaganda.
    Come on, don’t go full Anglin/VoxDay…

  5. OT: we talk about the antipathy the neocons have for Russia, but wouldn’t they have similar feelings towards Poland (and/or Ukraine!)? and isn’t Poland being fluffed off-stage for its big debut in the Ukraine operation? seems like no matter who wins or loses this war, the neocons go home with a scalp.

    • KvH: “no matter who wins or loses this war, the neocons go home with a scalp”

      Start with that as your hypothesis, then add Sadistic Psychopathy to the mix, and suddenly – la voila – as if by magic, the analysis simply writes itself.

      They hate you and want you dead.

      Tribalism is Darwinism; Darwinism is Tribalism.

      And the ghost of Charles Darwin always has the last laugh.


      • I didn’t know than Darwin was such a genius.

        Macroevolution theory is close as ridiculous as 6000yo earth.

        • The genius is the insight which holds that either we eat else we be eaten.

          Where “we” could be as few as one single solitary man, or as many as the 7.5 billion hominids which the Depopulationist Moguls & Oligarchs seek to genocide via the V@xxines of Death.


          Or be eaten.

          Santa Claus ain’t sliding down the chimney to save your sorry posterior at the very last moment, right before the closing credits, with all the Normies rushing to their cars so as not to be caught in the traffic jam afterwards.

          Santa Claus ain’t saving your sorry posterior.

  6. I like Milo. I think people who don’t like Milo are fooled by his schtick into expecting too much. He’s a 30 something drug addict who can string an interesting sentence together and schmooze the right wrong people. People who don’t like him buy his game that he has wisdom and gravitas, which is BS.

    Milo has a good heart, is wrong about pretty much everything, and obviously the years of homosexuality haven’t helped him. I expect him to figure things out in his 60s, if he lives that long.

    Those interested in bashing Milo and wallowing in the dregs of the Internet should listen to Roosh V interview him. Roosh is, of course, desperately trying to make up for a sinful life of sexual hedonism with orthodox praxis of Orthodoxy, and I hope it works for him. The interview is telling, in that it basically consists of Roosh saying, “So you basically drink to excess all the time so you won’t be tempted to have gay sex, don’t you see that this is kind of a problem?” and Milo saying, “It works for me bro.”

    The problem with Nick Fuentes is that his parents are obviously abusive degenerate scum. Nobody talks about this but it should be obvious. When his parents die Nick will be able to try to achieve normality of some sort.

    This is behind Z man’s observation that Millennials and Gen Z don’t grow up. The people responsible for raising children to be adults are their parents. The obvious conclusion is that all these parents suck. If any of you have met Amish or Mennonite families, you can clearly see that SOME Millennial and Gen Z kids have good work ethic and are just fine.

    • I’ll second the observation regarding Mennonite children. They are , without a doubt, the most diligent and resourceful people I know. They start at age 15 (they only go to school till then), and even the young ones will work a grown man under the table. I’ve often times arranged a full days work for two boys, only to have them come to me after 2 hours and ask if there is anything else to do.

      In addition, I’ve never seen a sense of community so strong in suburbia. We can learn a thing or two from them, and I’m certainly trying.

      • I know many here advocate for keeping our heads down, but there’s a value in the Amish and Mennonite habit of dressing alike, The Jew with his yarmulke can easily identify fellow tribe members, and blacks and Asians too have readily identifiable markers. They all use these to maintain cohesiveness. But we identify around a set of ideas, invisible to the passer-by.

        Our communities could and would be stronger if it was easy to identify like-minded people. It would facilitate the spontaneous day-to-day acts — e.g. letting someone cut in line at the supermarket, pushing a car out of the snow, even a brief word of encouragement — that would tightly knit the DR and foster an underlying purpose.

        • I agree with this. I’ve talked in a semi-joking way about starting a kind of “agnostic Christian” religious group. The idea is that belief in God is encouraged but there’s room for people who aren’t so sure about the supernatural. What there isn’t room for is people who don’t accept the (rather strict) lifestyle rules and of course militant atheists are excluded. Part of the lifestyle rules would be helping fellow church members out and wearing some kind of identifier. Taking over an existing church is also an option. It may seem a bit morally questionable but after all, this is exactly how the Methodists and mainline Presbyterians turned into the Church of Latter Day Buttseks.

        • Only highly observant Jews wear the “small hat” outside of synagogue and many don’t even do that, especially Reform. Most of us have good Jewdars but sometimes they fail in either direction.

      • My dad and I buy firewood and sometimes meats from Amish. The kids are probably under ten but wheel and deal , even help load firewood with all the customers from sun up to sun down.

      • “I’ve never seen a sense of community so strong in suburbia.”

        I think suburbs are the nicest refugee camps ever built, which is why the sense of community isn’t strong.

      • Bartleby the Scrivner: “Our communities could and would be stronger if it was easy to identify like-minded people.”

        According to Fast Eddie [who’s got moar than a little Shamrock in ‘im], that’s true of the folks at the Lawn & Racquet club.

        They literally know exactly precisely who’s in the club and who’s NOT in the club.

        [Fast Eddie’s theory is that you are moast likely to find chicks with zero past history of mμdsharkery if you limit yourself to the gals at the Lawn & Racquet club, even though the chicks themselves are (at least self-professed) raving lunatic sh!tlibs.]

        My guess is that Fast Eddie’s philosophy would be something along the lines of, “Watch what they do, ignore what they say”.

        Which, when you think about it, would be an highly shamrockian point of view.

        It think they call it, “Street Smarts”.

    • “I like Milo. I think people who don’t like Milo are fooled by his schtick into expecting too much.”

      Milo began his ascent by taking donations for a white man’s college grant, for which he took donations but never distributed the funds.

      Milo’s ascent was destroyed because he spoke favorably about older men introducing young teen boys to homo sex.

      Milo has said that he has collected dirt on everyone he has worked with and uses it to blackmail them.

      I want to give you the benefit of the doubt, but I hope that you are trolling us. Milo is a snake and poison.

      • Milo may have proven to be a snake later, but back in 2016 his college campus college tour was a breath of fresh air. He was rhetorical kryptonite to the left and he was unapologetic to clear left attempts to heckle him.

        I think his cancellation by all sides (including Breitbart) for some unfortunate words on Rogan was a signal that he was too powerful to keep in control. From a libsh*t point of view he only said that gay teenagers being male may enjoy sex with their abusers. I remember Bill Maher (yup I watched his show) mocking the news every time a teenager male was victim of a hot teacher. I remember one hot teacher in high school that most teenagers would had liked to be abused from.

        That’s what I miss, 2016 Milo was so tuned to push the right buttons unapologetically and then hide under his gay flamboyant catholic shtick that he had to be stopped and even the conservatives collaborated in his demise. I enjoyed when they tried to shame him sending a young innocent looking muslim girl to elicit compassion and he was clear that her culture was incompatible with the west.

        He may have stolen the money, but his idea of a scholarship for white males was a great troll. It makes it so clear how all the other campaigns and groups to support women and minorities are true segregationist campaigns. If those can be done, why don’t do a code bootcamp for white kids? The difference is that in that camp you will have kids that truly want to code.

        He was early in the nuke cancel culture along with Alex Jones, he was even cancelled before Alex from every platform (including the right).

          • Alternatively, in light of recent behavior, one should look back at his initial climb to fame as mere opportunism. That raises the question as to why our side is so easily exploited this way?

          • @thezman:

            Yep. Fox knows its audience and has Caitlyn Jenner, Guy Benson and Candace Owens on its payroll, for example. The sheep either enjoy getting sheared or are too dumb to learn.

          • “why our side is so easily exploited this way?”

            Faced with the overwhelming tide of globohomo’s regime media, they are desperate for anyone at all who will publicly take their side. And most people are midwits

          • @The Z-Man:

            “That raises the question as to why our side is so easily exploited this way?”

            I second what Jeffrey Zoar said in response. I would also like to add that “our side” holds a lot of ridiculous beliefs and has a real bad habit of crucifying anybody who might be able to lead us out of the wilderness.

            The Dissident Right carries around a whole truckload of baggage that is not only not intellectually defensible, it is not politically pragmatic: The Darwinism, along with its offshoots, the HBD and the Manosphere stuff; the anti-Christianity and absurd paganist revivals; the materialism and Z’s own “philosophy is dead” scientism; and what is most embarrassing of all, the antisemitism (I say this not because I am concerned to defend the Jews, but because blaming the Jews for our own vices is pathetic and stupid).

            None of this stuff is ever going to gain traction. It needs to be abandoned. And it should be abandoned, because in addition to being unhelpful, it’s also wrong anyway.

            I’ll tell you what would be helpful: A big populist push to cut the big corporations off at the knees and to onshore jobs and promote economic stability for the working class; a campaign to legally end Affirmative Action because it is unfair and unconstitutional (the SCOTUS seems to be moving this direction already); and an avowal to stop promoting the LGBT horror show and let the subculture perish from neglect.

            The basic program that Pat Buchanan outlined four or five decades ago is still the one that is needed, the one that would be popular, and the one that would work. The fact that Dissident Right instead wants to wrap itself up in all kinds of fringe idiocy is proof, not that it is easily led astray, but that it already is astray. You have to be pretty far afield to find yourself in Milo-company in the first place. It indicates a lack of seriousness.

            When you look at the bizarre panoply of thought that infests the Dissident Right, it emerges that it really ought to be called the Dilettante Right. The Dissidents are simply those who lack the strength to be Traditionalists.

          • @zman: “why our side is so easily exploited this way?”

            The left’s grifters get hired to run diversity seminars with corporate or tax dollars, our grifters have to stoop to cheating their flock directly with fake vitamins, mail-order vegetables, and VPNs for people who fantasize about being important enough that the government is watching them.

            Milo dressing like Cruella Deville is just him lacking subtlety about the whole thing.

          • To ID:
            “I’ll tell you what would be helpful: A big populist push to cut the big corporations off at the knees and to onshore jobs and promote economic stability for the working class; a campaign to legally end Affirmative Action because it is unfair and unconstitutional (the SCOTUS seems to be moving this direction already); and an avowal to stop promoting the LGBT horror show and let the subculture perish from neglect.”

            This would make a great song, we could it “Imagine”

          • @Intelligent Dasein

            I appreciate a comment like yours that has specific plans, because it’s easier to be vague.

            As you say, a lot of what you suggest was part of Pat B’s platform. Some of your other planks were part of Trump’s plans.

            Why did these fail before?

            My unpopular answer is they failed because they didn’t include the knowledge that “anti-semitism” brings, which you decry. I’m not saying that the movement must speak crassly, but the movement must behave in accord that knowledge. Otherwise, we fail once again.

          • Intelligent Dasein: “The fact that (the) Dissident Right instead wants to wrap itself up in all kinds of fringe idiocy is proof…”

            Pretty much every day, I read PA World & Times, Z-Man, Gab [especially Heartiste & WardenX2 plus a fellow name Josef Bosch who keeps sneaking into the feed], VD, /p01/, St0rmer, etc etc etc.

            I probably read 20 or moar articles at Free Republic every day [the encouraging news there is that the Normie Cons are becoming highly politically incorrect, so much so that the Robinson fambly is likely feeling all sorts of heat from their donors at the ADL].

            And I get way-laid into every manner of mainstream media press releases [which often have fascinating nougats of information in them].

            Point being that I see effectively nothing anymoar in the sites I read which could be called “idiocy”, and I don’t see much “fringe” either, to the extent that EVERYONE seems to have been drawn to the same observations, the same logical analyses, and precisely the same conclusions: We’re all uniting as one, in our world view, because we’ve all arrived at precisely the same instinctual & intellectual spiritual destination.

            I don’t get a sense that you ackshually read the Dissident Right.

            Or any rightists for that matter.

            At best you sound like you might qualify as a publicity agent for the meta-treasonous Chamber of Commerce.


            PRO-TIP: “the bizarre panoply of thought” is precisely what terrifies the Sanhedrin of the Frankfurt School.

            It’s why we have to be eliminated, holodomor-style.

    • As with everything in life, it is not all one thing or all the other. That is, it is not always good parents who turn out good children, nor bad parents who turn out bad children. Generally, yes, probably due to a combination of good genes and upright living (the old “nature/nurture” thing), but not universally. Even among the Amish and Mennonites, not all their offspring turn out “good.” There is a portion of Amish who prefer life outside the community and stay away after Rumspringa. Mennonites do not have such a structured program, but quite a few of the children leave the Mennonite community as well. There is even a small percentage who fall into a life of crime, and incest is a significant problem, albeit one not openly acknowledged unless a particularly egregious example pops up. But again, a surprisingly large number of Amish and Mennonite children remain faithful to their upbringing. As one who lives around, but not “among” them I have first-hand knowledge. I also know that neither the Amish nor the Mennonites are as favorably disposed to us “English” as popular opinion would have us believe. In that regard, particularly the Amish exhibit rather Hebraic tendencies, particularly in financial matters, where it is not entirely prohibited to take advantage of an “Englishter.”

      • I live in proximity to a sizeable community of Amish and they are definitely prone to treating their Englisher neighbors as “others” to be exploited and/or disregarded. They can be a real pain in the ass and in many ways remind one of a certain other tribe.

        • My brother before my cousin, my cousin before my second cousin, my people before your people. All part of human nature.

          Easy to be clannish when your people are easily identifiable by small hats and skin pigmentation. The problem with whites is that they are divided into so small sub clans, the Irish, the Italian, the Russian, and so forth.

  7. Neither Vaclev Havel nor the Czechs freed Czechoslovakia, a combination of Western maneuvers mainly to bankrupt the East, the utter material failure of a materialist system called Communism and above all loss of Soviet Will at the crucial moment (CCP still rules China) freed Czechoslovakia-to be swallowed by the American Empire.

    Get out of the way of the young Bulls, it’s not even poppy cropping, its castration to hold them back.

    We have lived too long by the ultimate lie – cowardice- and we face a very grim fate.

    Let us know how living by the truth works for Baltimore. It doesn’t.
    Because it’s a lie.

  8. “On the other hand, Kennedy is making that a point of his candidacy, so it promises to be a very ugly fight. It will take a heart of stone not to enjoy the havoc Kennedy will cause in the 2024 election.”

    Get lots of popcorn. It will be very entertaining. I’m looking forward to it.

    • My first guess is that orders will be given to the court stenographers to ignore Kennedy at every possible moment in the campaign. Omission is the most powerful weapon the propagandists have.

  9. Way off-topic, before I forget:

    The coming Climate Change Lockdowns, like the Ukraine war, appears to be a continuing low-intensity conflict, like 1984’s Eastasia/Eurasia scenario, a perpetual boogeyman to force a Hegelian position.

    To wit, the conversion to and dominance in the Natgas sector.

    The (((Ayers))) family, (yes, that Bill Ayers of the Weather Underground and Obama’s ghostwriter), own Con-Ed, the major energy supplier to the upper Midwest (Chicago-Detroit) and Northeast (NYC-DC).

    They’ve run a war against coal and nuclear for many years. Hearing of the LNG buildout in the Louisiana Gulf to supply the EU, I noted that there is also a concerted push to convert steady coal, hydro, and nuclear electrical generation to Natgas.

    Wind and solar tax dodges create the Hegelian problem of erratic supply which needs to be “solved”; Natgas is the “answer” to which the Greens are trying to move us.

    Not all bad, as natgas produces an immediate third reduction in ‘fossil’ fuel pollution, without uranium’s radioactive waste.

    As to new and complcated future tech, it avoids that too. All one needs is a butt-ton of pipe for all those burnoff stacks on every well.

    So, typical of our alien overlords, they need a sneaky, dishonest, sadistic and complicated messy political plan to force a solution rather than doing it the White way and selling the benefits.

    “But the price of natgas is too low to profit!” they cry. Why is that? Oil used to be a waste product harming underground saltwater wells in the age of whale-oil lamps, gold was a useless and ignored soft metal to Africans before the Stampede. White people made something of both, and these destructive schemers followed along to make a bloody mess of both those markets.

    So, to try to bring it back to today’s show, we really need to get White people talking to each other again- like the garage mechanics who discovered oil and explorers who discovered gold. And built out natgas!

    • Uh, I can’t speak to Chicago, but Detroit still gets power from DTE, which was formerly Detroit Edison:

      As for the LNG grift, that is mostly about maximizing profit by shipping expensive LNG for Europe to buy, which has the effect of reducing supply and raising prices domestically.

      Natgas is a nearly ideal power plant fuel because you can use it to run baseload AND to quickly spin up the peaker plants that come online during periods of high demand.

  10. Watching Conservative Inc get down with their tranny self has been unimaginably hilarious. There really is nothing these political types aren’t willing to do to hold on their positions of power.

    Congratuations, Zman, on yet another stellar podcast.

    • Anything, that is, except work for a living.

      What’s a criminal? A guy who’ll do anything to get money except work.

    • Yep. I busted a gut when Fox hired Bruce “Caitlen” Jenner. You couldn’t make that one up. How long will it take Fox to hire a Jimmy Saville type after that sickest of all perversions allegedly gets “mainstreamed?”

  11. Shallowness of the voters is a big problem for RFK jr. I know he has some kind of voice impediment, but he always sounds like he is moments away from collapsing to the floor.

    It is unfair, but it is what it is.

  12. 1968’s Last Hurrah, I think, means we’re getting our bearings.

    We’re on familiar territory again.
    Many here are of an age to recognize the coastline of the USSR, because we’re becoming a Soviet, what the 1968ers wanted all along, both inside the gov and out.

    This is likely a Hegelian solution of create a problem, “solve” the problem, but it is also as much that they are returning to the faith of their youth.

    I met a ton of Eastern Europeans in the Bush-Obama years who spoke nostalgically of their Communist youth, of the low crime and large family gatherings (since there was nothing else to do.) Make no mistake, their cities were rough and hard, gang inclined, but it was the black market economy vibe that made them so. Like Hell’s Kitchen or San Bernadino in the 1950s.

    So, back to the USSR.
    Maybe this is the gods giving us a chance at a re-do, ya think?

    (Of course, that would mean the God of this world is a Jevvish Commie, but that’s what both they and I have been trying to say all along.)

    • (Ha! I knew it. That parting shot- the Yahweh worshippers forget how heretical and revolutionary their gnosis was. A secret history that revealed a Plan! And the True Boss!
      And our Real Heritage!

      Except, those answers to everything? A mask, laid upon truth. The shadow on the wall, truth shining though the mask.

      Sorry, guys. The spirit of Jesus is White.)

    • (Ha! I knew it. That parting shot- the Yahweh worshippers forget how heretical and revolutionary their gnosis was. A secret history that revealed a Plan! And the True Boss!
      And our Real Heritage!

      Except, those answers to everything? A mask, laid upon truth. The shadow on the wall, truth shining though the mask.

      Sorry, guys. The spirit of Jesus is White. Our Father is the creator, the powers above the God of this world.)

  13. Z-man,
    I’ve never read McDonald’s work, but I’m generally familiar with it. You said that your theory, “high IQ, urbanization, outsider status, and a high degree of ethnocentrism…explains things much better.” To me this sounds an awful lot like what I understand McDonald’s theory to be (though I would argue that “high verbal IQ” would be more accurate).
    Is your issue with McDonald that he couches his theory in “evolutionary strategy” and “genetics”? Something else? Just curious…
    And on the Fuentes thing, him playing the fool with the likes of Ye is one thing, but his association with the child sex abuser Ali Alexander is disqualifying for me:
    Thoughts on this?

    • An accusation is not a conviction, and a conviction is not proof of wrongdoing. Making false accusations to smear a political opponent goes back to Jesus, ancient Greece, and earlier. That said, Ali isn’t exactly a name associated with the founding stock, and his hue suggests he’s more of a sociopathic opportunist than a heritage patriot. As a dissident, I’d be inclined to keep my distance from him on the grounds that he needs to go back to his homeland and not get comfortable in mine. He might be a gay pedo, but that needs to be proven, not just asserted. Nonetheless he has no business being in this country, let alone getting involved in it’s politics.

        • Then you should have led with that. Nonetheless, my point was that you don’t need to worry about what he’s accused of when it’s obvious that he’s a dusky grifter running the “hello fellow Americans” schtick. A brown migrant talking like a heritage conservative is reason enough to dismiss him. Like “Nikki” “Haley,” Dinesh D’Souza and others of their ilk, the proper conservative response to these posers is that they need to return to their homelands and leave our politics to us.

    • “The Natural Conservatives theory enjoyed its heyday under President Bush II, but seemed to die in 2016 along with any hopes for a President Bush III. It enjoyed a brief revival as the “Natural Integralists” theory, when Adrian Vermeule suggested that, once Hispanic-Americans and other immigrant groups reached a critical mass, our republic might be transformed into a Catholic theocracy. Alas, the Pew survey also seems to kill any hope for the Empire of Our Lady of Guadalupe.”

      “In most countries, religious and cultural traditions exist (at least in part) to promote greater social cohesion. But in a multicultural, pluralist society like ours, such traditions serve mostly to set us apart. That’s why the American system works to strip us of our oldest traditions and identities, our deepest convictions and loyalties.”

      “This new generation of bougie Latinos obviously wasn’t going to wear Brooks Brothers and join the Episcopal Church. That old idea of “American culture” died with the old WASP establishment.”

      “American culture will keep drawing us down to our lowest common denominator: a kind of soulless, selfish consumerism.”

      Very interesting language, very interesting admissions, with very interesting implications. How American is America, its culture, and its system? Are we really supposed to believe that one day, for no reason at all, or, ridiculously, to Save the World!, the old WASP elite decided to commit suicide? I guess I have to be open to anything at this point, but I have the feeling we’re all stumbling around, trying to figure out what to do, not really knowing what hit us.

      • Popes from the mid 19th Century onwards, Hassan al-Bannr (founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, spent 1948 in Greeley Colorado), bin Laden, and other outsiders have published many critiques of America but they all share several common observations:

        1. Mass consumerism being un-natural and acting as a distortion of normal human relationships, traditions, values, etc.
        2. Ever increasing equality of the sexes producing a mass of male drones and a few super Alphas (ironic coming from Muslims and the Popes but there you have it).

        When human relationships are basically marketplace driven, either commercial or sexual, how can anything but what we see today happen? A search for a post-Christian religion that embraces not contradicts materialism and the marketplace, re-inforces not tries to thwart endless consumerism in all aspects especially family formation, sexuality, and isolation?

        One comment that both pretty much every 20th Century Pope has made and many Islamist have made is that 20th Century Americans are isolated socially and extremely lonely. Indeed instead of rugged individualism we have extreme social isolation.

        Which makes our side so desperate for a human connection that grifters like Milo and Fuentes can easily sense the hunger and exploit it for cash.

        • I wonder where this Americanism thing comes from. I’m American from colonial stock, and it seems foreign to me, but then again I tend to see the story of America as a back-and-forth between commerce and nation, our colonial roots being, of course, commercial.
          Otoh, we’re kind of colonial again today, so maybe it makes sense.

          “Popes from the mid 19th Century onwards…”

          Interesting timeframe.

  14. Kennedy will be starved of big donor money like Sanders, with the additional attack that the media will completely ignore him. You won’t be able to tell from the NYTimes that there is even an alternative to Biden actually running. Biden will be running “unopposed”.

  15. Note: this comment is a repost, accidentally put it on the 4/20 thread.
    Z-man, funny you should mention the Christian Identity movement. I had some dealings with them while I was active in the Arizona Libertarian party. I found them a little scary, and of course didn’t admit that I was an atheist. They were clear about their “whites only” policy but I don’t recall hearing anything about Jews, after all they only accepted Christians. I never considered what their view of a Jewish convert to Christianity might be.

    • Purity spiraling already, are they?
      A third there might be afraid to speak their minds as well, but then, such hard sorting is needed to squeeze the cucks out.

      If someone’s going to adopt black kids at the urging of his pastor, they aren’t fit for the vanguard, and should stay on the sidelines.

      • Additionally: as the great Montefrio pointed out, Latin America is a different story.

        The New World continents must and will unite. Our peoples have done this before.

        Firstly, South America was the only continent that stayed out, and refused to murder its brothers in WWll.

        Secondly, from the 100,000 foot view, the descendents of CroMagnon and Denisovian are a successful combination. (See Japan and China as well.)

        What we’re finding down there is absolutely astonishing. The pre-Flood legacy (that’s an accurate statement) and Bronze Age colonies of the Whites, brought to the Siberian immigrants of the South, produced a high Stone civilization, a thing of wonders, from the Isthmus to Brazil. Think a parallel of Egypt, itself a lesser copy of the Bosnian or Taurim Basin.

        Those cities were drawing energy above the perawatt level. What did they lack? Metallurgy. Our Bronze and Iron Age contribution.

  16. don’t know how Trump plans on winning the general election, after he gets done alienating all the De Santis supporters. i personally don’t care as i won’t be voting, but you would think he would find a way to sway those supporters to his side, without pissing them off.

    • DeSantis will drop out to support Trump. He can read the polls, and he’s not stupid. Everybody knows that Trump won in 2020, but the election was stolen by election fraud in Maricopa County, AZ, Milwaukee, Detroit, Philadelphia, and Atlanta. Trump voters have a deep-seated sense of resentment over being disenfranchised by voter fraud in 2020, and they are correct. Trump is the only GOP candidate who can win in 2024, assuming the election is not stolen again through voter fraud.

      As the Governor of Florida, DeSantis has the perfect springboard to the nomination in 2028. With Trump’s support, he is a shoe-in for he nomination and has a very good chance of winning in 2028, again assuming the election is not stolen through voter fraud. He is in the perfect position.

      But if DeSantis participates in the GOPe led effort to rig the primaries such that Trump can’t get the nomination his political career in the GOP is finished. He will be the next Chris Christie, albeit slightly thinner.

      • De Santis has a third option: neither support nor attack Trump. just let the orange windbag get demolished in 2024, and have a clear field in 2028.

    • I’m not a Desantis supporter, and in fact was a huge Trump fan since he first announced, but am pretty pissed off at Trump by both he and his son’s support of Disney/AV-Budweiser and the constant attacks on Desantis. Desantis has attacked wokeness more than Trump ever did, and Trump came out in support of Disney? WTF?

      Enough so that I think I’m done with Trump. Ace of Spades (not a lot of fans here I know) actually has a good write up today that echo my thoughts. And Don Jr. Saying “let up on Bud because the rank and file”. Uh, no, soldiers of your enemies just doing their job on the battlefield don’t get a pass because they don’t agree with their bosses.

      • i think there is a good chance trump splits the gop, like ted roosevelt did. he has a core of hard core supporters, but has disgusted everyone that is still rational.

  17. We really need a Dissident’s soundtrack or something. Or do we? Now that I turn my formidable intellect on it… that would either be a really good thing or a really BAD thing… Y’know…I can’t even listen to “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” or “Tomorrow Belongs To Me” because I start laughing like a loon, thinking about Xirl Science or all the fearless lefty Nazi hunters.


  18. Politics are an empty pageant, of course, but there is a wrinkle with Trump/RFKJr. Both are vigorous opponents of the Ukraine madness and that will draw attention to the unprecedented and massive graft involved. The Regime will do everything in its power to prevent that discussion, so it has these options: keep those two away from a debate stage BAMN, boycott and prohibit debates, or end the war. The MIC wants to avoid any scrutiny of its looting over the last 15 months and so does the Regime; if the end is in sight, Biden can proclaim victory and masquerade as a peacemaker. I’m somewhat leaning toward the war winding down. I’ve already seen the idea being floated in some places that the war will start to end this summer, which is just before the presidential farce goes into high gear. Maybe that is optimistic on my part, but if the war winds down and the nuclear brink is avoided, the banality and emptiness of American politics will pay off for once.

    That’s the only interesting part of the upcoming freakshow to me.

    • I doubt very many people could tell you RFKJ’s position on the Ukraine war, so it should be easy for him to “evolve” on that point if he needs to

        • So far the regime media is ignoring RFK’s stance on Ukraine and has designated “anti-vax” as the centerpiece of his campaign.

          • He should get The Pretenders to do a version of the Beatles’ “Tax Man” as “Vaxx Man,” and make it his campaign song.

    • He also is talking about the economic destruction and tyranny enabling lockdowns . that alone justified my sending his campaign a donation . Immagration made trumps campaign , COVID Vax and shutdown will be the same thing for RFK . for the love of god people , send him a few bucks , it is our only chance to get some attention on this destructive disaster .

    • Someone on the right — I think it was in the comments on moonofalabama — was trying to claim that RFK Jr supports the Ukraine war, but in his interview on Tucker I saw no evidence of that. BTW, does RFK always sound like his vocal chords are wrecked? If so, that’s unfortunate because we populists (and yes, I’m calling myself a populist now) love a stirring speech.

    • Z: “Ted Kennedy decided to challenge Carter because Carter was weak.”

      Jack Dodsen: “…Trump/RFKJr. Both are vigorous opponents of the Ukraine madness…”

      I would argue that we are badly [arguably existentially] misunderestimating the Yenta which ackshually wears the pants in The Fambly.

      Just a coupla days ago, she was saving Larry Fink’s g0nads over at SVB [Fink was selling worthless crap and getting 85 to 90 cents per dollar on it].

      Now today she’s gonna defeat both Russia & China:

      “President Joe Biden will stop at nothing to protect America against security threats posed by China, even if it means damaging the US economy, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has claimed… Yellen also scolded China for alleged human rights abuses and alleged ‘no limits’ support for Russia amid the Ukraine crisis. She warned that consequences would be severe if China provided material support or helped Russia evade sanctions, and she added that the US would use its ‘tools’ to deter human rights abuses…”

      You gotta hand it to ’em, the Frankfurt School sure does know how to go to war with the army it has [rather than the army it wished it had].

      Yenta Golda Meir Yellen is he11-bent on incinerating the entire world.

    • My attempt to realpolitik a “solution” to this would be something like this.

      1. Declare victory in Ukraine after cutting whatever humiliating deals are needed with Russia.
      2. Keep saber rattling at China while quietly admitting that we’re not going to do anything about Taiwan because that would mean we would have to whittle our cheap plastic crap out of birchwood with rusty bowie knives – that being the extent of our “industrial base” nowadays.
      3. Realize that while the leaders of the MIC should hang, we can’t do that without totally re-basing the economy (on useful things that people actually need) and in fact need to find some helpless little country for them to focus on that won’t lead to WWIII or a crushing defeat in a regional war. This probably means going back to mucking around in Latin America. Zombie Ron Raygun says hi.

      This wouldn’t even save the GAE but would at least avoid a world war and allow the US to decay into something like postwar Britain while keeping it’s corrupt liberal democracy. The American people are easily brainwashed after all and the whole thing could be spun as “victory” of a sort. The economy would probably boom at least a little as the smarter people finally breathed a sigh of relief and started to realize that there might actually be a future to invest in.

      • I’m actually seeing a few signs that may happen, Pozy. It is actually the best outcome at this point if people want a peaceful, dull endpoint without bloodshed and/or a nuclear cloud. The United States will keep fracturing at a slower, more reasonable pace, and the European satrapies will settle into a similar decline. That brainwashing point is a good one, and we need to see if this narrative emerges.

  19. RFK Jr’s candidacy could tell us how important the jabs really are to the globohomo regime. Because otherwise, he should be their dream candidate, a climate change fanatic who can harness populist support from both the left and right. Supposedly they’ve been looking for a way to get rid of Biden now that he has served his purpose of vanquishing the Orange Man. If they don’t seize this opportunity to use RFKJ for that purpose it will tell us a lot.

    They’ve got a great thing going now with Biden, he is the greatest deep state puppet anyone has ever seen in terms of pliability, and I’m sure they’d prefer to keep that going for another 6 years, if old age didn’t present the possibility of it all changing very suddenly. So they have to be thinking about their options, and they could do a lot worse than RFKJ. If they are able to let go of the jabs.

    • Well, the blackpilled take is that the controllers no longer care about the jabs because they are now able to load all sorts of vegetables and livestock with mRNA and there is no legal requirement for them to disclose this.

      Get to know your local farmers, or just go full Amish.

      • My Blackpilled take on the vaccines is that they are going to let Trump win and then turn the narrative on the vaccines after he is back in office.

        Myocarditis has a 5 year survival expectancy, which means that peak death rate may not occur until 2026.

        Mr. warp speed being in office is the best way for the left to shift the blame.

        They left will claim ignorance and that they were misled and too gullible. Then they will point their fingers at the right and say:

        “You knew the vaccines were bad and killing millions, yet you continued to enthusiastically support Trump. How could you support a man who you know was responsible for this deadly Vaccine and urged people to take it? This means you had full knowledge of evil and cooperated with it.”

        The rage, anger, and violence of the dying vaccinated will be directed at Trump supporters.

        • Fistful-

          I’ve had some similar thoughts. I even thought I saw hints the Marxists were going to pivot on the jabs in an effort to finish Trump politically.

          Maybe they will make another attempt after this lame NY lawsuit plays itself out.

      • That stuff can’t survive either cooking heat or stomach acid. But it could thin the livestock herd.

        Anyhow, if the regime is truly determined to poison me with mrna via subterfuge, there’s really nothing I can do about it. Even living alone on a remote hilltop and raising my own food wouldn’t be a defense.

        • Would MRNA v@xxines [as we understand them right now] work in cold-blooded animals, such as fish?

          Obviously you could inject MRNA into anything you wanted to inject it into, but I’m wondering whether there might be some significance as to whether the recipient was warm-blooded versus cold-blooded.

          [I’ve never heard of anyone v@xxinating fish, but maybe I should shut up now and not give them any more ideas…]

          • If you’re asking whether the vax could be injected into a fish, the answer is yes: anything can be injected into anything, with the right equipment. If you’re asking whether there could be a vax program for sea creatures, the answer is no, for extremely obvious logistical reasons.

          • Not sea creatures; farm bred fish, like the catfish of the industrial fish farms Down South.

            Two obvious questions: Are farm-raised fish given e.g. antibiotics?

            And has anyone ever had an ackshual reason to need to v@xxinate the catfish in an industrial pond?

            I’ve never heard of catfish having been prey to any sorts of maladies; they seem dadgum near about indestructible.

            But keep your eyes & ears open, however; if they start talking about v@xxinating farm-raised catfish, then we know that they mean to obliterate us.

            I’m at the point now where I’m terrified of what they might be doing to the poultry.

            Whatever it is, I hope the Slow Cooking kills it.

      • I read that in the UK they’ve developed a clot shot to give to chickens, and the government has cooked up regulations that will require all chickens be injected with it.

        I hope they do that here. KFC has been stuck on only original recipe and extra crispy for far too long. Now they’ll finally be able to expand to a third option — extra clotty. Even better, we’ll be able to order our extra clotty chicken with a side of calamari! Exciting! I can hardly wait!

    • The left will back Gavin Newsome as a counter to RFK Jr.. Newsome is everything that they want to see from their candidate; pliable, consistently destructive in the directions they prefer, presentable and reasonably well spoken in his mendacious, sociopathic way, in short, rrliably down with the satanic agenda. But Hairboi won’t get to the nomination via primaries.

      Here is a scenario that I have seen plausibly advanced. In light of Feinstein’s forthcoming resignation, as CA governor, Newsome taps Kamala as the one to complete her term, and she would be a shoo in for approval. Then, as the Vice Presidency would be vacant, Newsome is put forth as the replacement. Then Biden, due to his mental incapacity is shunted aside, leaving Hairboi to take over, and then oh so logically be nominated by the Democrats for the office of President. Who would be Newsome’s VP after his ascension? Somebody visibly worse like Kamala? Why not.

      The important point being that RFK Jr. would be swept aside, disposing of the left populist without the necessity of vote rigging in the primaries, leaving Newsome to be the Democrat candidate.

      Really, would you put it past them?

      • For a guy who presumably wouldn’t be on the national ticket until 2028, Newsome and those promoting him sure are making a big effort to keep him in the public eye

        • This is the only Claremonter with balls and the proper sense of gravitas and magnitude of what is going on. She has an interesting report on what Gavin and his kids are up to in their tours of deplorable land.

          While they are grooming our kids, they are grooming theirs – for a permanent open aristocracy to rule after the mini-color revolutions.

          • Good article. Unfortunately, men in the South are too dense to see what is happening.

            LOL come at us, we have guns!

          • My Comment: “LOL come at us, we have guns!”

            Bro, you don’t wanna be in the crossfire when the Southroner Begins to Hate.

            If I were you, I’d sit that one out, and watch from the safety of the sidelines.

            Throw some popcorn in the microwave & whatnot.

      • It make sone sense except that I don’t think they have enough party unity to pull it off. too many people want bidens spot, including kamala , she just has to hold on and time will put her in offices

        • Senator from CA? What better sinecure could there be for her than that? Even if Biden croaks it tomorrow, and she gets to play President for a little while, she won’t get the nomination in 2024. On her own merits, she couldn’t get elected Dog Killer (h/t Firesign Theater).

        • Yeah something Z mentioned in the past is that even though Hairboi is on the same wavelength as the rulers he is not one of them. For example, if Biden keeled over and Kamala ascended to the golden throne all her lackies would be local D.C./East Coast stooges that make up the current government. If Newsome came in though there would be a lot of turnover at the top of the pyramid as he replaced everyone with his fellow West Coast clowns.

          Yes Clinton did pull off something similar, but that was only because the regime hadn’t yet obtained “consciousness”.

          • Pretty sure Slick Willie had a ton of help from some three-letter agencies for all the good he did them in the Mena, Arkansas days.

  20. “Many of his big issues are popular with the sort of people who will vote for Trump in 2024. He will also tickle the fancy of old white people who still make up a big part of the Democratic base.”

    I’ve related that my job took me out to the East Coast and New England last summer and fall. To get to my client I needed to fly into Boston, er, Baaah-stin, and then drive out of Taxachusetts to my client’s office in another state.

    I jump off the plane at Logan and in the terminal and the rental car terminal are these huge hanging hagiographic banners of JFK. Featuring Stunning And Brave quotes from Massachusetts Favorite Son.

    (In my best Mayor Quimby voice) Jahn Er, Um, Ah Fitzgerald Kennedy.

    And as a former Silly-nois resident, I thought the Cult of Lincoln was strong. Gonna be interesting if the Far Left of the East Coast get one last try with a Kennedy Dynasty member versus some rube from Delaware. RFK vs. FJB as it were.

    • Last time I was there they had banners plugging the Ted Kennedy Library and Porn Store. I always wondered how anyone could vote for such a loathsome character, until I was there and realized I was in a whole state full of Ted Kennedys

    • Last time I went to Minnesota, they were worshiping Prince in that same fashion. At least he’s a much better choice than George Floyd! (Though there is the overdose connection.)

  21. Z, I agree that we should wait a bit until Nick Fuentes grows up before we can make a final judgement.

    However, you used to delete negative comments about Nick Fuentes before you changed your opinion about him. I know because it happened to my comments about him several times…

    • I have not changed my opinion. I delete very few comment about anything, but always becasue they contain language that is not acceptable to me or they potentially defame someone. I do not need that hassle.

      • I don’t think my comments fulfilled that criteria. Anyway, it’s old news. To me it looked like you had a different opinion of Nick before. Apparently I wasn’t the only one, perhaps the perception was incorrect.

      • I always wondered what happened to that stream of consciousness essay about all the bad words I know.

        • You should put it to the tune of Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start the Fire” and get a gold record out of it.

  22. How can we talk about elections with a straight face anymore? Did we not see the Trump firmly in the lead, then a shutting down of the polls, then 10 trillion votes coming for Biden at 4am?

    • Who has the power to give that shutdown order with the expectation it will be followed to a tee?

    • I had to scroll way too far to find this. Even liberal outlets admit Suckerberg spent 400mm sending mail in ballots to joggers in the inner cities in swing states. They brag about it because it saved democracy and helped people vote. I imagine if billionaires spent that amount on mail in ballots for poor white voters in swing states, they wouldn’t be so happy. The only solution is to ban mail in ballots or start passing laws that scare liberals out of conservative states. This would set the stage for secession and civil war 2.0 which will probably be necessary to save even a piece of the old white america

  23. You know the times are deranged when a Kennedy, of all people, could be a black swan. What’s next? Chelsea Clinton forming the White Supremacist Party?

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  25. Kennedy reminds me of Tulsi Gabbard. He is right on some issues but most of his views fall right in line with crazy democrats.

  26. The neocons are a bloodthirsty lot. Albright was a neocons neocon. DeSantis is right in that mold. “Worth it”, indeed. To Albright and her ilk it certainly was.

    • Yup, RFK is the deep state’s best option for avoiding real reform.

      Notice that in his announcement speech he blame the COVID lunacy on “Trump’s CDC.” Nevermind that the bureaucracy was peopled with Democrat Party activists.

      RFK will give the deep state a pass, while he cements the Communists’ illicit gains. He will protect Obama’s legacy, not help to tear it down.

      Don’t buy what this Boston plant is selling!

  27. Jumped out at me from the podcast: “Desantis is too nice of a guy…”

    Ron Desantis is the CIA’s pet rodent. Sorry, but he has more in common with the woman that makes Irma Grese look like Goldilocks, (whether you buy the narrative about her or not), the still-celebrated-in-USA Madwoman Albright, and her licking her lips over the blood of half a million Iraqi children, relishing the thought of their mothers unable to feed them as their bones protruded, unable to find medicines as they died in agony, in her “worth it” comment on video.

    C’mon, as a JAG guy, Yale guy, possibly involved in force-feeding prisoners held at Gitmo when Boomer show NCIS portrayed every badguy on TV as an Arab, before later pivoting to white suburbanites as villains.

    I could go on but “nice guy” — no, do not get any sense of that. Looks like rodent, see his cop out about the charges by al-Dayfi, sounds like rodent.

    The pro bias of Normies is easily understood. Any old public person comes along and says, or does a few things they like .. and they extrapolate goodness to the core.

    • Did I miss the era when the bad guys on TV were Arabs? If anything, post 9/11 was a somewhat early example of the elites refusing to offend a precious minority.

      • We are ignorant of some of the zeitgeist of popular culture by tuning out mass media. But it’s a healthy trade off

      • From my recollection they just said contradictory things at the same time. The media repeated that Islam is the religion of peace while at the same time insisting that Arabs were driven by a maniacal desire to kill Whites and Jews in order to get into heaven.

      • Yes, you apparently did. Military porn like the show I mentioned, NCIS, had all-Arab bad guys in its early years. They pivoted to baaad wypipo, later, during the Obama era.

        I also remember Bush the younger mumbler and the ‘avoid Islamaphobia’ movement, but in reference to the TV show mentioned, feel free to check for veracity.

  28. Hey, Zman, you seem like an OK guy who acts in good faith to live according to Havel’s advice on speaking the truth. But, far more than abstaining from alcohol for forty days, you serve your Jesuit masters far more effectively by dismissing metaphysics with a casual assertion that no one believes in that stuff anymore and going on to suggest that the death of philosophy was kind of a joke but kind of not. There’s a reason why Dominicans don’t take Jesuits seriously; and no one really considers any of their universities to be a truly Catholic enterprise. They may be great scientists, historians, political analysts, etc.; but the one thing Jesuits aren’t is good philosophers. While it may not be evident in the academy or in culture at large, philosophy is still very much alive. Indeed, it may be returning to its roots in the symposia, wherever men who love wisdom gather to discuss what matters most in life over food and drink. This sort of philosophy may become a wellspring from which the ranks of dissidents swell IRL.

    • The Jesuit former head of Fordham U. paid his self some millions of shekels.

      It might just be 30 pieces of silver, in 2023 dollars.

      Find me a Jesuit, and a leftist will be flushed out of the woodpile.

  29. What I find most interesting about RFK Jr. involves the man-woman dynamic and loyalty.

    RFK Jr. is married to the incredibly hot Cheryl Hines, who was a regular on Larry David’s show. She knows the tribe well. (Like Woody Allen, when Larry David writes a love interest for himself, it is always a top shelf shiska. To be fair, I’d probably do the same thing, if I could.)

    RJK Jr. got carried away with his anti-COVID-lockdown passion and compared the plight of COVID dissidents to that of the chosen in WW2. He made the mistake of thinking that he was allowed to use such an analogy, like when Sarah Palin referred to a “blood libel” against her.

    No, no, no. You are forbidden to use that analogy and you must be punished. And he was.

    The man-woman loyalty part is that his wife Cheryl immediately ran to twitter to criticize him and distance herself from him. She understood the forces that he was defying and shouted her allegiance to her employers over loyalty to him.

    • Him getting carried away with the anti-Covid lockdown passion is the best thing about him. Otherwise, he seems like any other politician, though I admit I don’t follow him much.
      And Cheryl Hines looks like a monkey to me.

    • What RFK Jr. did during the insidious covid plandemic was tremendous. The fact that the regime is piling on and demonizing him for that makes me want to support him, although I don’t know where he is on the other issues and will probably have to work at it to find out since all you hear is “anti-vax, anti-vax, anti-vax.”

      • An issue that he is poor on is environmentalism. He is a climate change radical. I am willing to overlook that because his stances on the shots and Ukraine are excellent.

  30. send Kennedy money, its the price of admission for this entertainment. plus, he is correct about the disaster that the lockdowns were.

  31. Let’s see what do I want to comment on, ah,
    Christian Nationalism
    Or, “how can boomers try to have an all-white society but not exclude their black grandkids”. It is a baby step towards acknowledging that the last 60 years have been a huge mistake so I shouldn’t completely bad mouth it I suppose.

    • Christian nationalism strikes me another internet meme that will be forgotten in a few years.

      Seriously, haven’t these people been talking about restoring “Christian values” for decades? So what is different this time besides the new label?

      It seems so vaguely defined and likely means wildly different things depending on the denomination of the “Christian Nationalist”

    • “how can boomers try to have an all-white society but not exclude their black grandkids”.

      Whites feel very deeply that each person must be evaluated as an individual, regardless of the tribe to which they belong. This tendency may have been beneficial in a different age, but it accounts for much of the mess we are in now.

      No other people on the earth feel this way. Whites cannot conceive of how tribal every other group is.

      Even if you decide to let a person who is not of your tribe into your tribe, once a sufficient number of that tribe accumulate in your group, their tribal feelings will activate against your group. My friends on this blog who have such fondness for hispancs in the Southwest, for example, will eventually experience what I did with hispanics in California, when those hispanic tribal feelings are activated in the Southwest.

      And even if you let Thomas Sowell or some devout black Christian into your group, their offspring will almost certainly resent your group and turn on you.

  32. Trump hasn’t jumped on the tranny stuff (and I personally don’t think he ever will) because he is fully on- board with the sexual revolution and all it’s degenerate splendor. He has very little to no ability to control his own sexual appetites. He’s been completely welcoming to homosexuals and the transgender movement is completely part of that. The few people in Trump’s orbit that he occasionally listens to are completely onboard with the LGBT stuff. Witness Don Jr’s recent attempts to tamp down the boycott against Bud Light over their tranny agenda sponsorship.

    DeSantis has actually taken steps against all this crap in Florida. The idea that he would just be silent or wishy- washy about it while Trump would suddenly turn into a vocal opponent of the LGBT agenda is nonsense.

    Deep down Trump cares way too much about what the elites, the “beautiful people” think. That’s why he signed that big criminal justice giveaway to the blacks and endorses lunkheads like Herschel Walker. He pretends that he’s fighting for the little guy and on economic matters, like NAFTA, that was certainly true. But he has no interest in fighting for the little guy on these cultural matters and when push comes to shove, Ivanka or one of the Kardashians will tell him that whatever he was thinking about saying will give gays or trannys the sadz and Trump will back off.

    All that said, I agree that no Republican has a likely path to winning POTUS in 2024. Since I believe that, I’d rather see DeSantis stay out of it entirely in 2024 and let Trump go down in flames instead.

      • I don’t even trust him on abortion now that SCOTUS has actually blown up Roe v. Wade. (In fairness, that circumstance has revealed a lot of GOP politicians have mostly been paying lip service to pro- lifers for years because they didn’t think they’d actually have to deliver as long as R v. W stood.)

        I’m old enough to remember Trump blaming the outcome of the 2022 on the end of R v. W instead of his endorsement of lunkheads like Walker and talkshow grifters like Dr. Oz.

        Restrictions on abortion no doubt give Ivanka the sad feelz, so that’s an area where he’d no doubt betray his supporters if he’s ever in a position to do so.

    • I am worried about DeSantis’ ties to the Bushes and his absurdly over-the-top pro-Israel stance, but what you write about Trump and his handlers is quite true and poses some hard questions for those of us inclined toward him.

      • Ideally, I’d like Trump to be President in ’24 and then DeSantis to be President for the following two terms.

        If we wait for a candidate to check off all the right boxes, we’ll be waiting for a long time whilst the Democrat Party runs rampant.

        • Ideally, I would like to see Christ return to earth in 2024, and rule as king for 1000 years. I mean hey, since we’re dreaming…

          Seriously, the only question we have here is what candidate do we want to lose in 2024? Clearly not DeSantis; he really ought to stay in Florida where he is doing good things for real people. Trump? He should just go away. I believe that the best outcome would be that the Vichy Republicans get their wish, nominate some nullities like Pence/Scott, and get squashed.

    • Trump was a Democrat earlier in life. On social issues he’s a liberal. He’s a cosmopolitan New Yorker after all. It’s hard for him to play a populist right-wing redneck from the sticks because well, he isn’t one and the pretence — does he even bother pretending? — comes hard. But then, most people voting for him know this.

      • He is what used to be breezily and smugly promoted as “socially liberal, economically conservative”.

        When people have a hard time understanding my political and social positions, I invert this bit of old boomer wisdom. Then it tends to make sense to them. If they’re lucky, red pills will follow.

        • It’s great fun, after some sophisticate tells you that they are socially liberal but fiscally conservative, to reply, “Oh really? I’m the opposite. Socially conservative and fiscally liberal.”

          Sometimes it’s hilarious to be the most uncool person in a room full of people trying desperately to be cool. You are the big smelly smelly fart among the roses.

          • If you find yourself in an unavoidable conversation with an earnest young NPC – say, at a family gathering – it is crucial to strike the first blow by “disrupting the discourse” in this way. Take them out of the verbal pattern for which they are programmed, by idiosyncratic turns of phrase. A disoriented NPC is a doomed NPC… Zhe/zher comes at you, for example, with a defence of trans-surgery for kids, and you say something like, “Oh yeah, you mean like what Mengele was doing to kids in the camps?” or “Yeah I read somewhere that the Japanese were doing that shit at Unit 731.” Or even, “sounds like ‘The Island of Doctor Moreau'”.

            “I am a social monarchist but a fiscal marxist” is a disruptor I hope to try out this barbeque season…

            My favorite family memory is asking one of my sh!tlib brothers (as hetero-normative, btw, as hetero-normative can be; just ask any of his three kids or three wives), “So, why is the act of one man f*cking another man in the keester something that normal people like you and I should respect, let alone celebrate?”

            His classic sh!tlib retort: He hung up on me, and we haven’t talked since. Good riddance.

        • Culturally far right, fiscally centrist or left-center–this seems to be the DR default. It’s certainly where I stand, and I used to be a hardcore laissez-faire guy.

    • “ Trump hasn’t jumped on the tranny stuff (and I personally don’t think he ever will) because he is fully on- board with the sexual revolution and all it’s degenerate splendor.”

      That may be true, but I suspect there is a strategy forming for him to focus on more widespread ills and less on smaller divisive issues. He may be a NYer, but this time around he needs to be less of a sideshow barker and rock thrower and more of a statesmen. His base is secure, he needs to attract more from the “other side”—and the other side is pretty broad based—include even his own damn party.

    • All true. Trump is a narcissistic celebrity bullshit artist from New York with many negative attributes.

      That being said, the biggest reason for supporting Trump is that he has the right enemies. When you look at they way the Left absolutely went apeshit over him and the way they persecuted him, you know he hit a vein. The fact that they regarded him as a mortal threat says a lot — “the flak is always heaviest when you’re over the target,” etc. If nothing less he completely unmasked these people, no one can take their bullshit seriously ever again.

  33. “Many have noted the parallels between this age and the 1970’s. Trump is a good analog for Nixon. Biden is Carter. We have stagflation due to mismanagement of the money supply and reckless spending. The politicians have thrown open the jails and stopped prosecuting criminals, so the cities are falling into chaos. We now even have a standoff with the Russians. It is like old times.”

    Difficult to agree with most of this. First of all, and most objectionable, is the comparison of Carter with Biden. Carter had both an integrity and intellectual acuity completely absent in the befuddled and corrupt lifelong grifter known as Biden. Biden is a pliant instrument in the hands of the neocons and the deep state. He has no brains, no balls, no spine, and certainly no principles or qualms about anything. He shuffles onstage, mumbles his few incoherent lines, and shuffles offstage. Carter was a born-again Christian who tried to the precepts of his faith. One can argue that such a man should not be in charge of an empire but the same could probably be said of Marcus Aurelius.

    Secondly, Nixon was a professional politician who knew how the system worked, had a real administration, and had ideas about what to do both domestically and internationally. The rapprochement with China, the wages and prices policy, the increase of funding to science and arts, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Endangered Species Act. Trump has done nothing comparable.

    Thirdly, there was no standoff with the Russians. Or at least nothing comparable to now, where it seems the nuclear precipice is not too far off. There was a long-standing policy of detente. Nixon did not tamper with it. The USA had its sphere of influence. The Soviet Union had its somewhat smaller sphere of influence. There was proxy struggles in the Third World. Can you imagine Biden and Putin meeting like this:

    (Sorry, seems like I can’t post links of the photos of Nixon and Brezhnev cordially chatting)

    • Difficult to agree with most of this

      Yes but it’s like much else: everything we have is just a crappier version of what we had in the past, like a document that has been re-copied one too many times.

    • Did you forget to take your autism drugs today? Historical parallels are never going to be exact. The parallels are broad brush strokes to compare the general themes of the two periods. I have compared this age to the final stages of the Soviet Union, but that does not mean Biden is a clone of Yuri Andropov.

      • clearly he was excited by nixons complete surrender to the deep state by creation of EPA, the odious ESA, and the cash giveaway to academia . nixon tried to buy off the left .
        as far as know how the system worked , that is the funniest thing I have heard in ages. nixon was rolled like a complete rube.

      • Well, I’ve had my say. One thing to add is that not only are the parallels between Carter and Biden very — um — tenuous indeed and likewise for the parallels between Nixon and Trump but that the empire is at a very different stage. It is now in terminal decline, while it was merely in a stage of managed decline in the ’70s.

        The real tussle today is what to do in this period of terminal decline. Trump as a populist is offering certain protectionist options plus a pull back from imperialism and militarism. His neo-con and deep state adversaries want more of what has already been shown not to work over the last two decades, and want to double down on failed grand strategies, including going right up to nuclear conflagration. The stakes are higher. The game more desperate. The tactics more unscrupulous. And consequently the parallels between the 1970s and today more dubious and tenuous.

    • “The rapprochement with China, the wages and prices policy, the increase of funding to science and arts, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Endangered Species Act. Trump has done nothing comparable.”

      Thank God for small miracles. Nixon was awful and everything you list here is awful.

      Unless you mean Trump is no Nixon because he has enough sense not to try and enact wage and price controls or employ thousands of left-wing fanatics in newly created government agencies.

  34. One of the funnier things about the RFK Jr. Presidential run is that the things they would have nuked him for in previous generations are now met with a shrug or have much wider acceptance in the mainstream because of our craven and incompetent elites. Past drug use and total disregard for martial fidelity, they can’t hit him on that. Vaccine skeptic who believes conspiracy theories about the regime, that’s half the population now. They can’t get him dismissed as an immoral kook, so what are they going to do, try to convince people their lives would be worse if he won?

    • Our lives will be worse if he wins. He may agree with us or most of us on a few points but underneath it all he’s the same type of commie, thug and grifter his entire family has shown itself to be. He’s no different that Pedo Joe but with a more pleasing singing voice.

      • Of course, RFK is horrible on most of the issues. Not sure how much worse he is than most of what is being offered up to us and I don’t think he has any chance of winning anyway. If a significant portion of people who vote Democrat realize the system is rigged after they support him, that only helps to further destabilize the regime. That is the real benefit of his campaign.

      • Yep, had that conversation Hoagie just yesterday. Person I was speaking with was making the “lessor of two evils” argument in support of voting. He was dumbstruck when I said “the greater of two evils” is fine with me at this point in our political decline.

    • His non-endorsement of *any fraction* of regime Truth makes him absolutely haram to all but 14% of Democratic voters—before the TV even starts lying about him.

      His run is not a thing.

  35. Stepping on a rake is how you put it. Rakes is more like it. Mr Duke is on collets show I mean DR Duke all the time. It’s funny you mention that guy and Fuentes in the same sentence, I was thinking that’s Fuentes in the future the other day, minus the hypochondriac gymnastics. He’s buddy Ethan Ralf needs to go back to being the mop boy at the peep show on 42nd and 8th Avenue. Silly rabbit trix are for kids. Wait what?

    • I remember Duke’s Twitter avatar was him sporting massive biceps. That and the white teeth. Never likes the guy and don’t get the veneration. We have better people to venerate. He was just a racist Joel Osteen.

  36. Nuking the usual demoncrap schlubs in favor of the quintessential schlub, Biden, is one thing. Going after Kennedy is another – the name recognition alone gives him a lot of cachet. Yeah, he’s a leftard outlier on the vax, particularly the covid jab, but otherwise his Orangeman bad bona fixes are intact and unassailable. Probably entertaining though.

  37. The maturity changes are rather strange, and the educational system has a lot to do with it. Before I went to college, I played intense, hard impact sports and did farmwork in the summer. After college, I somehow found myself less mature than when I left high school, and almost lost a very good job because it took me a while to get my act together.

    My goal with my current kids is to ensure they are as mature at 18 as I was in my mid-twenties. Everyone complains they wasted their youth, but we’re now seeing adolescence right through what should be their peak years in most of our population.

    • That’s true, and it’s getting worse. There’s no ‘real world’ anymore. Civil society and business are as loopy as the schools. Even the military is doing its best to catch up!

      So much money and power, especially over the last 30 or so years, there’s no need to be disciplined, no reason not to chase the wildest utopian/dystopian fantasies.

      Only one cure for what ails us, and it sucks so everybody is doing everything they can to put it off. That will only make it worse, more inevitable, more complete— but as bad as it can get, it’s not as bad as people think it will be.

      • “as bad as it can get, it’s not as bad as people think it will be.”

        Pogroms, Third Reich, Road Warrior, end of Western Civ, for instance. Bet none of that comes to pass. I think the damage was done last century, and we’re still here. Badly hurt, but still alive. I suspect we’re in the bottoming out that comes before the Renaissance.

        • When you’re producing and saving up wealth, you feel poor. When money flows, it’s because wealth is being liquidated.

      • “There is no real world anymore”.

        Therein lies the chief crisis of the world. No one can offer any useful guidance to the young. The “real world” of 2023 is anyone’s guess. All we have is a set of competing and contradictory narratives, mediated on the internet; all the old measuring sticks are blurred, illusive, and lost. Hardier people – still out there, and thank God I know some – have the resources, the knowledge, and the character to survive the catastrophes to come, and keep the human project going, after the “real world” asserts itself, as it does from time to time.

    • Derbyshire once noted the increasing “high school all the time” nature of our society. That was back when the governor of New Jersey “came out” as a pervert, almost 20 years ago.

      Just to note how much the end of the Cold War played in that as I have an easier time relating to people much older who also grew up under the threat of nuclear annihilation than people even few years my junior who only ever knew the age of Gorby and the end of the Berlin Wall (if that). (Or as an acquaintance five years younger than me put it once “you grew up then, was that whole thing with Russia really that big of a deal?” )

  38. I saw the Kennedy announcement on Breitbart awhile back. He said that he was undecided whether to run, but after ‘getting the green-light’ from his wife, he announced his candidacy.

    The United Sisterhood of Amerika does not need any more geldings in the White House. No more widdle boys who check with Mommy before taking a cookie. No more adolescents in man-bodies who require permission from their female keepers before they speak and act.

    God really hates a nation that cucks itself out of its own masculinity. A nation that prevents its boys from becoming masculine men. Mass female rebellion is incitement enough to heaven, but mass male submission to female dominance, yikes. He’s gonna have something special planned for Goddess Columbia’s nation.

    • I concur with a lot of what you say. But Kennedy’s statement about his wife’s endorsement is just sound politics. He was merely appealing to the female vote which is key to his election victory. A John Wayne approach would ensure defeat.

      • I disagree. A John Wayne approach would ensure victory. Provided the wielder of it was sufficiently attractive.

        Look at Trump for example, won the white woman vote despite the p*ssy grabbing. Now.. Trump is obviously not physically attractive, but his attitude made up for it. He showed strength, never apologizing and instead going on the attack during his campaign phase.

        They will never admit it outright, but females love a strong handed man.

        If you have a woman and have never gone at it rough, give it a try. Nothing gets them wetter. I don’t think Trump appealed to them aesthetically though, he is fat and not very handsome. He does however, embody many “protected” qualities that they are also attracted to.

        And remember.. emotional appeals are often far more convincing than logical ones to 95% of people.

        • “If you have a woman and have never gone at it rough, give it a try. Nothing gets them wetter.”

          Your tips on affairs of the heart have always been appreciated, NS.

          • lol thanks XD

            As a member of the younglings I am all too aware of how pussified my generation has become. It’s insane really, the lies the ruling class tell about sexual relations. It’s no wonder sperm counts are dropping and my generation is the most sexless in recorded history. Nothing gets them drier than asking… “can I kiss you????”

            Pathetic. You should know from body language if she is receptive or not. Trouble is… so many are without any real world experience these days.

            Go touch grass.

      • ‘A John Wayne approach would ensure defeat.’

        I understand your point about realpolitik. However, I think the U.S. needs not just John Wayne, but also a heapin’-helpin’ of Genghis Khan with a side of Jehu. What the U.S. doesn’t need is more doing what women say.

        Men compromising to please women, individually or collectively, is mostly what got us in this mess. So I say let ’em be Offended, the more Offended the better.

    • Guarantee you get the “green-light” from your wife before buying new golf clubs/fishing boat/family car etc… and he’s supposed to publicly defy the regime and declare his whole family public enemies and eternal targets for legal persecution and smear campaigns without running it by his spouse?

      • I think his issue was that he used what should have been a private conversation as a public talking point.

      • ‘and he’s supposed to publicly defy the regime and declare his whole family public enemies and eternal targets for legal persecution and smear campaigns without running it by his spouse?’

        Exactly. If he can’t rule over his wife, how can he rule over a nation full of lost sheep and hostile, malevolent elites? It’s a DQ.

        I do not want to hear I asked my wife and she said ok. I want to hear, I TOLD my wife I decided to run, and she gave me her immediate and full support.

  39. Never understood the appeal of Nick F.

    That said, experience is drawn from the wellspring of pain made by our mistakes.

    Tucker Carlson was a gadfly until he was destroyed by John Stewart on Firing Line. It was so one sided and embarrassing it ended the show. But it definitely made Tucker a much better talking head…would have broken a lesser man.

    Maybe the same for Nick? Really don’t care, but clearly he has some fans that cross generational boundaries, which is unusual.

    • Yeah I remember that happening on the old Crossfire. I used to watch and enjoy “Jon Stewart” up until he got preachy ’round 2012. He was Tucker before Tucker…was the voice of skepticism of the political-media classes.* Except that “Stewart” was feted by the political-media classes.

      Tucker will have a longer and more lasting impact that “Stewart”, who is a confused old leftist now, looking for his cheese that was moved.

      *Yes, I know, Rush did it first. But Rush was a fat piece of s**t who supported Bush-Cheney-McCain.

      • Interestingly, the downfall of Steward was when he was destroyed by Bill O’Reilly. He never recovered.

      • He was Tucker before Tucker…was the voice of skepticism of the political-media classes.

        Stewart in his Daily Show incarnation was an unfailing buttlicker for The Message.

        • THE MESSAGE didn’t exist then. Back in The Daily Show’s prime (which was pre-Obama) they could conceivably claim to be in the righteous minority, as the “serious people” in the Bush Admin and Fox News, much of the MSM, and the entire Southern Baptist Convention, were howling for regime change everywhere. All the real energy was on the “conservative” side, and all those anti-war street protests did nothing. Remember the the Earth Liberation Front? WTO protests? They got crushed. The left as we know it didn’t really become ascendant until Obama in 2012.

          Back then, before Obama, the left was operating in the name of Jeffersonian Democracy. Or Hitchens-style liberalism. Or anti-capitalism. Or just live and let live. Now of course, that’s all passé and the left wants trannies and black criminals to change regimes.

        • “The message” is just that his cousins get to live in the kind of (literally) God forsaken culture they prefer while their ancestral enemies suffer. He’s filth yes, but he’s directly advocating for his own interests as his cousins generally understood them for the last two millenia. The servile ones are OUR cousins, the Bidens and Pelosis and McConnells of the world.

    • I never got the appeal of Jon Stewart. He was just a rude dickhead who got to play the bully role because he had regime protection. Bill O’Reilly, of all people, understood this completely. He tricked Stewart into coming on his show and then he proceeded to humiliate him.

      • Derb called these guys “smug , Smarmy, Smirkers ” their job is to tell normie how smart they are for beliveing the current thing. he has been replaced by colbert, Kimmel and the like .
        I have no idea why anyone would endure any of them .

      • His early standup was very good, and his ’90s talk show. He had the best musical and literary guests because he knew a few musicians and writers, and his show was so unpopular the network let him do what he wanted.

        Opinions on the Daily Show are bellwethers. It was always regime propaganda*. I was surprised he signed up for it. Anyone who couldn’t always see it for what it was has a significant sensory defect.

        * The typical rejoinder is that it was anti-war. It wasn’t. Its job was to persuade young Democrats that the unprecedentedly bipartisan wars of the 21st century were brought to us by Republican psychosis, so vote blue no matter who. It absolutely worked. The kids weren’t ready to just *be* pro-war. Now they are. Thanks Obama.

        • Team Red was in power at the time, and was the prime warmongering party, so of course Jon Stewart Leibowitz hung all the warmongering on the GOP. If Al Gore had won in 2000, I’ll bet we wouldn’t have invaded Iraq. I’ll bet we wouldn’t have stayed in Afghanistan either. We might have been farther along in the progressive fads, but the wars and the economical fallout of 2008 would not have happened. Sure it may have happened at another time, but this timeline would be seriously different had Bush lost in 2000.

          You’re looking at The Daily Show through 2023 lenses, and what the show has become since Obama’s first term. I’m not saying it was a dissident show, far from it, but it was in its early years a novel show that was snarky and centrist and fairly intelligent (for TV), and his guests included warmongering Republicans.

          Also there are quite a few people I know who say Tucker Carlson is a tool of the Republican establishment, just as you might say Stewart was a tool of the Democrats.

          • Post 9/11, Gore may not have done exactly what Bush did but he would have done something. His “center left” fellows in the senate such as Hillary, Kerry and Biden all voted for Iraq, then seized the opportunity to criticize it after it didn’t go so smoothly. I doubt he would have been too far afield from them.

          • I have thought a lot about the 2000 election. At some point historians, robot ones anyway, might decide that this was the tipping point, the point of no return for the country. Agree with Marko that probably Gore wouldn’t have invaded Iraq and likely would have not stayed in Afghanistan. I sure would like to be able to go back and see this timeline. Gore winning would at least have delayed or stopped Obama’s rise to the Presidency. Bush destroyed the Republican party in 8 years. It would have happened eventually but not that quickly.

            Of course I’m of a mind that Obama, as horrible as he was, may have been a better alternative to McCain and especially Romney. Who knows.

          • I think you can trace the rise of the warmongers back to Clinton’s second term.
            His use of NATO to attack Serbia openly transformed it into an aggressive tool of foreign policy and his appointment of Albright transformed the military from something you had in case you had to use it, into something you had so you got to use it: remember her comment to Powell? Her attitude: that of the Bronze Age Death Cult was typified by her comment that the death of half a million Iraqi children “was worth it”: the were sub-human, not Chosen. The Clinton regime was when Nuland first surfaced as chief of staff to deputy secretary of state Strobe Talbott.

    • There are issues with Nick Fuentes, the obvious is that he’s young and makes dumb mistakes. But the appeal, at least to me, is his natural ability at debate. The kid is unflappable, quick-thinking and articulate under pressure. I can’t think of anyone who’s as good at it. Maybe Mark Collett.

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