The Never Ending Fantasy

For months now, the collective West has been talking about the great Ukrainian counter-offensive that is due any day now. This started when they realized they were not going to talk the Russians into launching a big winter offensive. Instead, the Russians kept grinding down the Ukrainians at places like Bakhmut. When that became too obvious to ignore, the West shifted to this new narrative. Western media now tells us the great Ukrainian counter-offensive is nigh!

Woven into this new narrative are bits of an old narrative. For example, there was talk of starting the counter-offensive early in order to send a relieving force to Bakhmut, like the Allies did to relieve Bastogne from the Germans. Instead, Ukraine just kept funneling troops and equipment into a death trap. According to the leaked documents, assuming they are real, tens of thousands of Ukrainians have died in Bakhmut, while the Russians have suffered about a tenth of the losses.

It looks like we are now getting a new narrative structure in time for the great Ukrainian counter-offensive and it is also from the Second World War. This new narrative structure builds on the D-Day landings. According to a post in Foreign Policy, Ukraine will try to break through Russian defenses in the South in order to develop a beachhead, from which they will then launch attacks into the Russian rear. Those naked Russians armed only with shovels will panic and run back to Moscow.

For those unfamiliar, the phrase “the longest day” comes from the 1962 war film about the landings on Omaha beach. Megastars of the day like Henry Fonda and John Wayne starred in the film. The movie was based on a book that claimed to be a non-fiction account of the landings. The reason for the title was that the landings were a near-run thing that could have gone either way. If they failed, it would have seriously harmed the allied war effort.

This is not the first time that Western narrative makers have plucked material from American war films. The chatter about relief of the Bakhmut defenders is the most recent example. Even though it did not happen as the script demanded, it was a good story, so the narrative makers are back at it with a new narrative plucked from the glory days of the American empire. Never mind that the Nazis are not exactly the bad guys in this telling of those old stories.

If this long discussed attack by Ukraine happens, it will go down as the most bizarre military operation in history. The lesson lost from those old military operations that are the basis of these new narratives is that secrecy is key. The Allies did not spend months talking about the invasion of France. They did not announce that they ordered Patton’s 3rd Army to relieve the defenders of Bastogne. The world learned of these events after they happened, not while they were planned.

This raises the possibility that this counter-offensive is just another clever story for the so-called leaders of the collective. One reason the West is running out of material for this war is they forced the Ukrainians to mount a counterattack in the south last fall, in order to provide material for their narrative. At that time, the story was the Russians were in full retreat, so the narrative makers wanted some content to use in support of their stories about the imminent collapse of Russia.

Theatrically, it worked, but the Ukrainians lost tens of thousands of men and much of their best equipment while attacking Russians defenses. For their part, the Russians were willing to give up ground, as it allowed them to pound the Ukrainians from a safe distance using their superior artillery. From a military perspective, it was a disaster for Ukraine, but it gave the narrative writers material. In this war of attrition, the West continues to fight a meme war to win the internet.

This has been the case since the start of the war. Policy makers in the collective West have spent as much time creating soothing stories for the political class as they have planning and executing the actual war. One of the things that comes through in this document leak story is that policy makers do not have a handle on what is actually happening on the ground. Again, the documents may not be real, but they fit a pattern of ignorance that has been the subtext of this war.

This is a pattern that goes back much further. The war in Iraq followed a similar arc as this proxy war with Russia. Back then, the narrative makers told the politicians that the Iraqis would “welcome us a liberators.” Many of the same people involved in that debacle are involved in this one. They also got everything wrong about the Afghanistan mission, as well as its ending. Of course, they deliberately lied about the origins of ISIS, painting them as freedom fighters.

As with those prior debacles, the planners are so sure of their preferred narrative that they never bother to think about updating it. In Iraq, they were sure democracy would spontaneously break out any day. In Syria, they were sure the Assad regime would collapse any day. They are still sure of it. In Iran, they have been sure the mullahs are done for going on half a century. Now they are sure Russia in on the verge of collapse and nothing will change their mind.

The thing is reality never shakes their faith in their fantasy. The failures in the Muslim world changed no minds in the collective West. None of the planners were dragged into court and made to answer for their lies and omissions. In each case, the dogs barked, and the caravan moved on to the next manufactured crisis. We see the pattern repeating with this proxy war on Russia. Being outlandishly wrong about events on the ground brings no penalty to the people committing the blunders.

In the fullness of time, if there are people around interested and able to write about this age, they may refer to this as the age of fantasy in the West. Rather than tend to that which was bequeathed to them by their ancestors, the West indulged in a series of fantasies that were increasingly at odds with reality. In the end, they managed only to burn through their inheritance, leaving the West in poverty. That may be the good ending to this never-ending fantasy.

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203 thoughts on “The Never Ending Fantasy

  1. Z-man, funny you should mention the Christian Identity movement. I had some dealings with them while I was active in the Arizona Libertarian party. I found them a little scary, and of course didn’t admit that I was an atheist. They were clear about their “whites only” policy but I don’t recall hearing anything about Jews, after all they only accepted Christians. I never considered what their view of a Jewish convert to Christianity might be.

    • I’m a bit skeptical about the “Russians are in on it” argument, not least because I want to believe that Putin is our guy. First of all, it’s not so easy to rid a nation of the Rothschilds and their vile influences. Participation in globalist organizations is no proof either, certainly they need to keep abreast of the enemy. Like most governments, Russia has factions, both pro-Western and hardline. It all sounds like the “grand conspiracy” argument that lacks credibility because nobody can control everything.

    • I am just messing everything up today! Meant to post the preceding comment in the Friday thread and the first reply was to challenge the anti-Russian thread. Oh well.

  2. OT:

    Here is your Thursday evening bugman happy hour update from western zoo yuck.

    So, things were going fine, until the guy who moved here from out West worked three other self-hating bugmen into a froth about how, “ID, MT, ND, SD, WY are full of Nazi racist white-supremacists with Confederate flags everywhere and they have trucks with, ‘Go Back to Africa!’ painted on the side!!!!”

    There was also a discussion of a co-worker and the hoodie he wears to work with the, “AR > skateboard,” symbology for Kyle R (which is a poor tactical choice IMO). The bugs don’t even know the whole story, just that, “some guy with a gun shot some guy with a skateboard at a riot and that’s totally unfair!”

    I probably gave myself away a bit by pretending to be tired and reading email on my phone.

    Other than that, I have to ask WTF is wrong with these people?

  3. Z, why do you keep posting like the Russians are actually accomplishing anything? There is no magical 5D strategy. Russia’s oligarchs do not wish to “win” here; they just want s sesr at the Globohomo table.
    I think you should check out what Prigozhin and Strelkov have to say since they’re actually fighting in this conflict.

  4. Speaking of a never ending fantasy. This might be worth covering on a show:

    In the face of that, I would ask them:

    Do they want that war or are they waging that war? Look at the massive declines in elite college acceptance rates, the 10% decline in board seats in just four years, Wells Fargo excluding lending for one racial group, every major fellowship and scholarship program excluding a single group by race and gender, decimation in opportunity in acting and modeling, demonization of a single race starting in kindergarten … … You also have to ask the question from the other side. If you do not organize in the face of this, will they just stop because you didn’t get mad and organize in self defense? If they don’t stop, where does that leave you and your posterity in 3, 5, 10, 20 years? I’d like to hear a serious discussion that answers that. Is just going to Church the answer or is it being afraid to face reality?

    • I would bet money that within ten years or so mainstream White Christian churches will be claiming Jesus was black and these cucks will go along with it and still say going to church is the answer.

  5. “ From a military perspective, it was a disaster for Ukraine, but it gave the narrative writers material.”

    This has worked before: the Tet Offensive was catastrophic for the VN Communists and they lost their entire human infrastructure in the South as well as many Northern Regiments, but Walter Conkrite was able to paint it as a defeat. So false narratives do work the other way 🤣.”

    It’s like Civil Rights; narrative is all they know. That and profiting from carnage.

    • They’re not wrong. Narrative triumphs over reality all the time. Every day. The plandemic. Diversity is our strength. Climate change. Gender fluidity…… It’s the whole reason the DR exists.

      • All the time, yes. But not for all time. But I’ll admit narrative can have a pretty long run.

  6. Just like that damn Walensky lying about the covid “vax” stopping transmission. None of these governmental F-ers ever pays any penalty for their lies. At some point, they must be made to pay.

    On another note and more in line with today’s post, I saw the Longest Day sometime in the late ’70’s at a theater. I’d call it the Longest Movie – I actually took a date and it wasn’t my best effort…

  7. Personally, I have come to the conclusion that the Ukraine war is fake and gay and supported on both sides by globohomo to fulfill numerous geopolitical objectives. These include:

    1. First, it was designed to shift the focus away from a flailing COVID narrative without allowing any of the perpetrators to pay for false fear-mongering, such as Dr. Fauci, the CDC, and the plethora of doctors, nurses, scientists, government and media organizations that pushed it not just nationally but worldwide.


Second, it providing a “Russia’s at fault” excuse for politicians to shift blame for soaring inflation, which was fundamentally caused by the $11+ trillion dollars printed during COVID in the U.S. and had nothing to do with Russia.

    3. Third, the Ukraine war gave the U.S. establishment the opportunity to attempt to destroy Russia and carve it into many pieces for future exploitation. This map shows the aggressive expansion of NATO eastward since the end of the Soviet Union, with Finland the most recent addition:

    The expansion of NATO was a deliberate breach of verbal assurances provided by America to Russia when the Soviet Union dissolved that NATO would not expand eastward. Russia also had ample precedent to intervene in Ukraine per the United States’s prior intervention in the Serbia/Kosovo war in contravention of international law. But as Carl Schmitt argues, “Sovereign is he who decides on the exception” — and the decider of the exception when it comes to world politics is the United States, not Russia.

    Other establishment objectives advanced by the war include the following:

    4. The war furthers the Great Reset agenda pushed by the World Economic Forum (WEF). Ukraine is the breadbasket of Europe and one of the top exporters of grain worldwide, and the disruption caused by the war is causing food prices to soar. This may in turn lead to starving refugee swarms from Africa into Europe, seen as a plus by the WEF to help crush populist discontent in western countries.

    5. The U.S. military industrial complex gets massively enriched. The Senate approved the initial $40 billion aid bill with no checks or balances on the aid (Rand Paul tried to insert a special inspector general to oversee the funds but failed), and there have also been many follow-up spends totaling additional tens of billions of dollars with additional funds from allies. According to a CBS documentary only 30% of U.S. supplied arms/munitions reached its final destination. Roughly 10% of U.S. manufacturing output pre-war went into weapons production, or about $220 billion/year, so the money to be made is enormous. Compare this with Russia’s total military budget, which in 2021 was only about $63 billion/year.

    6. The amount of graft and kickbacks to the military industrial complex and American politicians is a significant portion of the aid supplied, with corrupt Ukraine politicians taking a cut and funneling much of the rest of the funds back into America, which is par for the course in Ukraine except in terms of the size of the graft. Additionally Blackrock gets to buy up ultra-depressed Ukrainian assets for pennies on the dollar in coordination with Zelensky.

    7. The U.S. (and U.K.) achieves its objective of preventing Nordstream 2 from going online, which would have solidified longterm ties between Russia and Germany to the U.S.’s strategic detriment, and even Nordstream 1 has been scuttled. The U.S. blew up Nordstream 2 as conclusively proven by Seymour Hersh, which is a traditional casus belli for war by Germany; however, Germany has been unable to respond due to Germany remaining militarily occupied by the U.S. since the end of World War 2 (119 U.S. bases in Germany as of 2020).

    8. Globohomo gets to purge Ukraine of Russian influence by banning the Russian Orthodox Church and by banning all opposition parties.

    9. The U.S.’s seizure of $400 billion dollars of Russian central bank funds has shocked the world, triggering an upcoming de-dollarization and a potential upcoming end of the petrodollar system, which would be a cataclysmic shift; every country in the world looked at what the U.S. did and asked, if they can do this to Russia what would stop them from doing this to us if they decide to? Therefore if Saudi oil can be traded in non-dollar currencies (as they are currently signaling), there will be much less incentive for other countries to hold dollars, which in turn will trigger a massive influx of dollars back into the U.S. and dramatically increase inflation, possibly to hyper-inflationary levels. But this too may be part of globohomo’s Hegelian dialectical plan: cause hyperinflation as the problem, usher in CBDCs as the chosen false solution when the desperate masses cry out for help and institute a level of micro-managed tyranny never before seen in the world.

    So the war furthers all these objectives while Russia fights, in a grinding, plodding, expensive war (both in men, materials and funds) its own genetic and religious brethren in a country named “Borderland” in Russian. Indeed, the head of the Russian mercenary outfit Wagner publicly complained that the Ministry of Defense was actively sabotaging the war effort to prevent forward momentum and victories.

    There are small signs that globohomo may be looking to move on from the conflict in the future, such as a January 2023 RAND study recommending a wind-down. Regardless, the war looks like a win for globohomo regardless of any specific military outcome.

    • For the timing to work, Russia had to be a willing partner in the scheme. Otherwise, it’s just dumb luck that they invaded when they did.

      So, what’s in it for them?

      • A quarter of the pie and a a promise that we won’t nuke them first.

        Russia’s paying a protection tax while boosting their economy WWll style.

      • Hi Jeffrey, the elite in Russia, including Putin, are globohomo stooges. Russia was (1) fully onboard with the COVID lockdowns, (2) fully onboard with the forced COVID vaccines, (3) it is deep into its research into CBDCs, (4) it is busy implementing “15 minute smart cities”, (5) Putin was a WEF Young Leader and his rise is due to having a malleable pro-western outlook (no matter how much he is propagandized as a “hard right” Russian nationalist in the west), (6) Putin renominated Russian central bank governor Elvira Nabiullina after she sent $300-400 billion dollars abroad to be seized by the west (lol), I could go on.

        These Russian elites are OK playing second fiddle to the western elite so long as they have a seat at the table, what they fear the most is Russian populism which is the biggest threat to their continued grifts, and they’ve spent much of the past 10 years assassinating Donbass pro-Russian populists. Really nasty games being played. Read some Rolo Slavsky on his Substack if you want to get clear-eyed on the situation.

        The interesting question to me is whether the western globohomo elite get too greedy and decide to abrogate their backroom agreements with the Russian globohomo elite and go in for the kill. They might do it…

        • I could buy it, it’s not the first time I’ve suspected that some percentage of what’s going on in Ukraine is fake, except for one big glaring item…….. BRICS+ is definitely moving away from globohomo economically

          • Hi Jeffrey, BRIC and Saudi have Rothschild owned central banks. A multi-polar world is in their interests, not against it. I’ll just point you to two things on this point:

            1. Here’s Alex Soros almost 10 years ago hoping the US government will fail:

            2. Globohomo rigged the recent Brazil presidential election to install Lula, who then turned around and immediately announced de-dollarization. Why would they have rigged it for him if de-dollarization wasn’t in their interests?

            The central bank owners want a transition to a multi-polar world to further their long-term goals to reduce the population of the world to debt slaves, their fortunes are not tied to a wealthy, prosperous United States…

        • I suspect the neocons do want to go in for the kill and take out Russia, but they’ll find themselves back on their leashes before that happens. Russia’s elites are the same as our elites, they see themselves having more in common with their purported geopolitical rivals than the dirty peasants over whom they rule. Notably Russia’s new law against criticizing the war has only been employed against complaining patriots who want to see Russia fight to win instead this meat grinder stalemate, just as our law against Stealing People’s Democracy only gets used against conservitard patriots. Can’t have any of that populism, no sir.

  8. Perhaps the purpose of the war in the Ukraine is to kill off Ukrainians. The Russians, for their part in playing the bad guys, get the eastern sections. Meanwhile, the U.S. gets the rest. Productive assets in what remains of the Ukraine will be available for investment/purchase by all the large mutual funds. All that pension money flowing into Wall Street has to go somewhere. We are seeing what is called the “Great Reset”.


    • mderpelding for the win! absolutely. nothing else really makes sense. when the germans got a little queasy at the scale of the murder , we blew up their pipeline to keep them in the fold

    • this president will go down in history as the country’s worst ever.

      is there anyone with the cojones to confront him with that fact ?

      • Biden was always a useful patsy. Notice how the corporate media is starting to notice his limited cognitive capabilities?

        Another fun thought…have you noticed that the leaders of the great reset are Roman Catholic or Eastern/Russian Orthodox?
        Seven of the nine judges on the Supreme Court are Catholic.
        Florida, New York, and Florida are governed by Catholics. And I’d guess that Catholics are in positions of power in many more states. I’m not screaming “conspiracy” here, just noticing.


          • No. My family name is originally Erpeldange. My ancestors are from Luxemburg, and I am Catholic.


        • Poor editing on my part, I meant Florida, New York, and California. Also, consider the silly term “Hispanic”.
          Instead of “Hispanic”, substitute “Catholic”. Makes more sense.


        • Welp, it looks like the global Church has certainly sold out for its share in the new world order. Argentine gay pimp Francis, anyone?

          The bishops of old were no stranger to political realities, either, the Medici’s, for instance were never excommunicated, nor was Charlemagne. Quite the opposite.

          Even the Council of Nicea was a balance-of-power sharing arrangement, translated into religious jargon for ready adoption by the masses.

          *Father: Judaic merchant network
          *Son: Romano-Christian cities
          *Holy Ghost: “Pagan” traditionalists (Viking, Roman, Local Heritage [re saints], Persian, Arab minorities)

          • Jeez, the entire Bible from beginning to end is a political chronicle of shifting power balances.

            No deities, no Diety, not an ounce nor quintilla, of the super-natural in it.

            They had no knowledge or science of the afterlife in it, only guesses based on sparse shards of what the White pre-Flood civilizations (that’s an accurate statement) knew near instinctively before them.

            The “rise of civilization” in some ways was a degraded copy of the one before it, yet with many of its own advances, such as metallurgy.

    • More like the Great Theft…From the Ukrainians and the US taxpayers…all going to the “right” people…

      • The elite always gets their cut. Consider the crusades. The Church provided asset protection while the elite went to the middle east. They also promised that the elite could increase their assets through plunder. Note the sacking and plunder of Constantinople. Oops…plundered the wrong people.
        I guess my point is that the elite are always interested in plunder. The Brits, and in the last century Americans, have mastered it.


        • Considering the crusades one would have to acknowledge that the masters of looting would be the French.

          They destroyed the eastern Roman Empire with the fourth one. You know, the plundering of Constantinople?

  9. Prigozhin, the founder of Wagner is saying:

    The Ukrainian army has gathered a sufficient number of forces. About 200 thousand already sufficiently trained fighters, who have passed two or three months of training and coordination, are ready to perform combat tasks. The amount of weapons and ammunition is quite enough for these 200 thousand to go on the offensive in various directions.

    Is he lying?

    • Don’t expect the truth from any source in any war, especially this one.The Wagner guy was bellyaching a while ago that Russia was withholding ammunition from his mercs. Seems to have been not the case at all, but might have been a ploy to get more stuff. This 200,000 troop story might be made up to coax more money or stuff out of the Russians; it could be true, exaggerated, or false, like anything you hear these days.

      • The Wagner guy has political aspirations within Russia as well—I haven’t decided whether remembering what his name is yet is worthwhile; for now I call him “Wagner guy”

      • So I am not supposed “expect the truth from any source in any war”, but I should trust bloggers across the ocean and commenters on a blog?

        The downvote is amusing.

          • I didn’t say Ukraine is winning. I said that even Prigozhin, who is closer to the action than any blogger, admits that Ukrainians are preparing for an offensive. He also claims that the main reason why the offensive keeps getting delayed is because the Americans are telling them to wait. They want the war to be as long as possible.

        • Follow the money. Mercenaries want job security like everyone else. Ask him or ask the pentagon if they have serious enemies that require endless war. Answer will always be yes. You think a mercenary would say “no my services arent necessary.”

          • In this war though Wagner have been consistently more reliable about events on the ground than the Russian (or Ukrainian) government.

    • Two or three months of training…Not going to cut it against professional fighters with superior weapons…But I have seen a claim that they will have seven brigades, maybe ten…Does that equal 200k?

    • My thought is that he is telling the truth. 200,000 may be the right number but no one says anything about the quality of the troops. Unmotivated trainees, old men and young boys don’t make a good army. The number doesn’t say anything about the effectiveness.

  10. The language is the uniform.
    That’s how groups form their own robust networks, even in a multicult or multiracial empire.

    Perhaps tis not a fantasy; perhaps the ruling class is forming their own language. Thus they sound like a cult.

    Cults as the progenitors of dialects, eventually of separate languages?
    Along with a separate “history”, a common background well of reference they mutually relate to.

    • (I was thinking of why the mexicans and sikh I was amidst yesterday network so well. They talk Spanish or Punjabi when speaking to each other.)

      The Conservative orTrump dialects, I can speak well enough to make myself understood, but it’s pretty shaky.

      Uni, or Corporate- not a chance, I’d be marked as a foreign spy in minutes.

  11. Well-written post today, Z! Here in Croatia, life goes on as usual, but I have been noticing the strangest spikes in random food products. A few weeks ago, out of nowhere, a bunch of asparagus jumped to 16€…yesterday, mysteriously blueberries were 8€/for a small container. No rhyme or reason, except I wonder if these products were usually sourced from the Ukrainian breadbasket or Russia. The store was just as in the dark. We’ll see what’s next…

      • This wasn’t a joke comment. This time of the year, you can see droves of Croatians browsing the meadows and edges of forests, collecting young asparagus. It’s like a national sport.

        • The Lazy Serb asparagus ranch a few clicks north of Benkovac is a place everybody should see at least once in their life. Watching those Croatian hombres ride herd on those stalks…well…it’s just hard to describe.

  12. The People In Charge are boiling the bones of our past for the hundredth time and the broth has become very thin.

  13. It didn’t take long for the new Republican majority in the House to start arguing about how much to raise the debt ceiling. There will be no layoffs at the State Department.

  14. When the Power Structure is seamless and homogeneous, the felons and frauds in its midst never pay the penalty for their crimes. That is the big story here. And it applies to all aspects of life, not just the PS’s geopolitical farces and misadventures. No matter what these monsters do, they’re bulletproof. Just look at the Clinton crime family. The people outside the Power Structure, on the other hand, are naked before its legalistic exactions. Trump, Mackey, so on and so forth. The law is worked against us and only us. With any luck, we’ll get to work the law of the jungle upon them, someday.

    • Ostei Kozelskii: “When the Power Structure is seamless and homogeneous, the felons and frauds in its midst never pay the penalty for their crimes.”

      Did the Deep State just destroy SpaceX’s “Starship” as a means of telling Elon to end TruthSpeak on Tw@tter and FinancialCollapseSpeak with Tucker Carlson?

      Elon has also been very articulate about the question of the trannyfication of underaged chillunzzzezes.

      Cohenincidences which make you go, “Hmmm…”

      • There seemed to be two sets of loud cheers on the live SpaceX feed: on launch and after a certain altitude had been reached, so it sounded like that test launch at least met their expectations. It was remarkable that several boosters had failed and/or turned themselves off and yet the rocket still went straight and gained altitude.

      • “Did the Deep State just destroy SpaceX’s “Starship” as a means of telling Elon to end TruthSpeak on Tw@tter and FinancialCollapseSpeak with Tucker Carlson?”

        It’s a nice theory, except that they fully expected Starship to not make it very far. This is very typical of the total engineering approach (vs the bureaucratic approach of NASA) of SpaceX. The next test will likely go better, as they implement changes that incorporate each tests data. This has always been their way, and it has been working remarkably well.

  15. Pingback: The Never Ending Fantasy | American Freedom News

      • Yes, this us a much more likely reason for the Deep State to stir some shit in Sudan. Iran on one side of the Persian Gulf, and Sudan’s projected Russian base on the Red Sea. Together making it easier for the Saudis to feel good about a credible Russian/Iranian Naval presence as they pursue BRIC(S) membership and a shift to a multi-polar world trading economy. Also a signal to the Egyptians that now might be a good time to strengthen relationships with the Russians seeing how they would be positioned at the southern end of the Suez Canal. And to strengthen the Russians’ hand, they have grain to sell to the Egyptians in a time of rising food prices; this is always a concern to bear in mind for the rulers when the masses are becoming restive.

  16. The reason fantasy proliferates today is because facing the truth, even just a little bit of the truth, will cause the entire dam to burst. America has to pile lie upon lie just to go on functioning. The truth is that, as a country, we are broke, weak, incompetent, and evil. That is not something anybody wants to face.

    We are like an alcoholic in a deep state of denial, careening towards a complete physical and mental breakdown. Since we no longer care about stopping ourselves, our only outcomes are to end up in a hospital, in jail, or dead. In any case, we are going to lose our independence to go on acting as we have.

    When the moment of truth comes, it’s going to take a lot of things with it. The current iteration of the American government will not survive, neither will the financial world. Much of the cultural artefacts that seem so solidly entrenched today (e.g. electronic media) will also be gone, and very little of it will be missed.

    The current regime has no future, and that is all we can really say with certainty right now. The end, painful as it may be, is inevitable and, honestly, needs to happen. That is why our elites seem like they have a death wish. They are doing the Lord’s work, though not in the manner they believe.

    • I have to disagree. Where is this looming destruction? People keep promising that Truth will break the dam. We know the Truth about plenty of things (Covid, Vietnam, Bear-Stearns, IRS schemes, Ukraine, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.). I think people in our circle overestimate the American populace.
      For example, a couple days ago, I think it was Compsci who posted about a Facebook group of Civnats. People posted that the group was mainly 60 and over. I completely agree.
      The point that is missed, however, is that the youth are not adopting some new morality that will challenge the system. The youth are completely indifferent yet dependent on the system. Their apathy is the defining characteristic. As things get worse, their apathy will continue to work (e.g. “As long as Tiktok is still on”). If things ever get truly horrible (e.g. mass starvation), they will have no ability to think critically and decide whose should get the torch and pitchfork treatment. Instead, they will become masses of easily controlled, roving bandits ushered from point to point by TPTB to control those few of us who know who should be punished. Useful idiots to the extreme.

      • Eloi,

        I tend to agree.

        They have, and continue to create their own reality. By and large normies have totally accepted this state of affairs.

        I don’t see any signs of mass awakening in my area.

      • You’re reading into my comment sentiments that I did not place there. I’m not talking about people voluntarily adopting a renewed moral posture, I’m talking about our society seizing up because it is too much at odds with reality. Things like overindebtedness, crumbling infrastructure, self-inflicted energy poverty, and declining military power cannot be swept under the rug forever. They will bite eventually.

        • add insane affirmative action hiring for things like doctors and pilots. the system is steadily grinding down; pace train derailments, food plant explosions, water treatment failures, recruitment woes, etc etc etc.

        • I believe I did understand. My point is: In the 1950s, a man working a blue collar job supported a family, house in the burbs, and retirement. For most millenials, even a couple cannot afford a house. People, younger, accept gradually diminishing returns with indifference. The truth is already revealed and we are already facing the scenarios you describe. When things get to post-apocalyptic, I addressed that as well. My point is to recognize that normalcy bias is already heavily at play, and no further revelation will be The Event.

        • ID-

          Thanks for your clarifying post. This particular trend you point out is one that I feel I have also noticed and see examples of on a daily basis.

          I believe this trend is why they will not be able to implement their infinite control grid, though they are going to cause a lot of suffering in their attempts to do so.

        • This exactly. It is almost a matter of indifference if the moo cows of AINO “wake up”. The crucial thing is that the rest of the world is seeing a path to daylight, a chance to break out of the grip of the economic hitmen of the West, and the changes to the fortunes of the West will be forced upon them through their own accumulated idiocies and arrogance. If normie “wakes up”, it will be because the realities of true geopolitical shifts will have bitten them in the ass through the rise of agency of peoples elsewhere, as the dominance of elite bullshit having kept normies insulated from functional situational awareness until it is far too late for them to advocate for their own true interests and throw off the blinders and rebel.

          And the Western elites may just clamp down, imposing tyranny, as to all appearances they would be content to rule a hell rather than accept change.

        • I gave South africa 5 years after they installed a black communist government. Yet 30 yrs later they still stagger on… Although i do sense that show may be coming to a close,

  17. If all they can do is repeat, will Fortress America have a prison Wall?
    We could call it the Iron Curtain.

    America as the USSR
    EU as the Warsaw Pact and East Germany
    Ukraine as Cuba

    The ruble wasn’t traded, was it?
    Neither was the yuan; their currency for domestic was called renminbi, separate from trade balances, a company scrip.

    A certain small-hatted element still survived and even thrived, familiar with tyrants since Ur of the Chaldees. The Children of Chaos can only replicate the post-catastrophe environment which birthed them.

    Ghettos, after all, weren’t originally a place where blacks lived, and the industrial pollution lived in under the Warsaw Pact East was astonishing–yet still, live a certain *they* did for another day.

    But beyond them and Eretz Akkad, is the Global South. Those had not much winter and food all year, so they could have more children; and now, the South outnumbers us.

    We have taught the South our gifts, and they are coming. We Whites are broken, dazed and plagued from within by the symbiote that wants to build us back better in its image, while that symbiote encourages invasion. We don’t know how to adapt to this two-front war.

    No longer top of the hill, our future depends on learning how to maneuver in a multicultural world.
    Kingdoms was the traditional answer.

    I was talking yesterday to an American Mexican who, in five years, went from a small repair shop to a large and growing much larger operation servicing the Sikh takeover of California trucking and farming. That is the Global South coming here.

    He was a mechanic who, injured, was given work in the back office. There he apprenticed at actual management, a skillset that he then was hired for for the next fifteen years. This guy knew how to work the small business maze. He is 42.

    We both agreed that whites are adrift in a multicultural world. I thanked him for doing so well; I didn’t mention or dwell on the fact that once, we were loved. Now, we are seen abroad as madmen, lunatics, pirates and murderers, courtesy of our overlords.

    Going to another Mexifornia shop today.
    As in Los Angeles, these brown peoples are networked like crazy.

    • That is a great anecdote you shared. It points to an advantage that the newcomers share that goes beyond the in-group preference and networking. If we are sitting around complaining that things are getting worse, while they are trying to improve their lot, then we are wasting time and energy.

      How do we get ourselves and our people in the hustle? Maybe we are in it and just don’t know. I am not in that world, but it seems like a great place to be. Do SBA loans that we are iced out of make a huge difference in them out competing us, or are we just in that bad of a spot?

      I think these are the most productive types of conversations and discussions our people can be having. In the end, if we can succeed financially and be the owners, everything else will take care of itself.

      • As a small business owner, I can attest to being “iced out” of all sorts of freebies that my neighboring black businesses take advantage of. There are also tons of NGOs that exist to funnel grants to black businesses, do the paperwork, etc… All in a majority black town, here! Hilarious.

        Perhaps, however, the biggest boost that black businesses here get are from the White side. These local people fall all over themselves to promote black-owned businesses, and even local city council members celebrate them on social media like crazy. It’s all wonderful, free advertising! As a non-black, it’s crickets. Yes, networking is great, but when you have an extra “celebration infrastructure” baked into the city cake, it’s hard to make anyone notice you when you are excluded from the party.

        • As a matter of course, I will not patronize a negro-owned business. And I would hope that many other non-negroes do the same.

        • Interesting and thank you Kestrel. So in your town, it isn’t just loans, grants and NGO financial support, the city government also gives them free promotion and marketing. Is the government all or majority black? Have you asked them to include you in the endorsements and free PR?

          Will your business survive? If not, will you give it a shot in another town that is white so you can at least compete on equal footing?

          I am rooting for you to succeed. I hope you can someday stop subsidizing the people who hate you and us with your taxes and licenses and fees.

          • Also, fwiw, the working professional faces the same thing. Every training program, educational pathway, hiring push, promotion push, is completely stacked against white men. The only oxygen in any room is consumed by getting more, “marginalized and historically under represented groups”, into these programs and jobs.

            It isn’t just business, it is the labor market and profession class as well.

      • Non-whites are free to openly associate and network exclusively within their racial group. That is luxury that White people do not have. White people are not free to organize publicly. And it seems that any private meeting of two or more White people to discuss wrongthink is subject to government LEO infiltration.

  18. It’s not always 1938 in the GAE, sometimes it’s 1944. I give it 2-3 months before US ground troops are openly and unambiguously fighting in Ukraine. The alternative to that is accepting a defeat and failure which the GAE cannot abide if it wants to keep the G and the E as part of that acronym. Even if I’m wrong on the timeline, I’m not wrong about the existential choice. The neocons finally picked a fight they can’t walk away from. I figure that if Biden refuses to give that order, they will replace him with someone who will. So prepare yourselves for the Kamala/FDR/Lincoln wartime leader comparisons.

    • They don’t really have anyone though to pull off a big land war. That’s why they like a China conflict more since a handful of subs can keep them in the game.
      They’ll just do the draft
      Everyone, even them (probably) knows that won’t work. What cookies are left in that jar are stale and undesirable (and few in number anyway). They could try crashing the economy to force people into the service, but that didn’t even work for WW2.

      • These people are “clever.” Think Schumer and Biden. Reparations are coming. In SF it is $5 million per, in CA statewide it is $300K per, all to be paid by Whites only. So a nationwide reparations, at $25 million per, with a tax exclusively on Whites (it is what the real constitution, the Civil Rights Act of 1965 demands) will be here soon.

        Can’t pay the $10 million in cash? National Service for you, for the next 25 years. All exquisitely legal and with exempt government goons to enforce it. Those too old, sick for combat can work in Apple’s new gigafactories in Arizona, like Foxconn only with more suicides.

        The whole purpose of Reparations is forced labor for Whites. That is it.

        • you just make shit up, and it it is tiresome. how do you only make white people pay for it? the state is already hemorrhaging white people, and a reparations tax will hyper-accelerate that. the reparations thing is never going to become law. now STFU please you black pilling cock suckker.

      • When entertainment and social media program women to swoon over newly minted soldiers, you know the draft is coming and WWIII is close at hand.

        No one is more easily manipulated than young women….except for young men.

        • Gang of Four
          “I Love a Man in a Uniform”

          A song from back in the days of the Falklands War. Maybe worth a listen.

    • Let’s all just cut to the chase and admit these lunatics will go nuclear.

      It’s been nice poasting with everyone.

  19. Excellent summation of the circus show that has become the Ukie-Rus conflict. Noticing how MSM has shifted the constant focus away from the day-to-day actions there.

    OT but I will be around the DC area for work and wondered if there are any recommendations for places to go and see. This is my first visit to DC and want to make the most of my time there.

    • First time visitors should always spend a day on the mall. Start early at one end and walk down to toward the other end and then make the trip back on the other side. You can easily fill an entire day and not see everything.

      • I’d spend a long long time studying the Crime Maps before I ventured into any particular part of DC.

        My recollection [from circa the GWHB-43 era] is that the Smithsonian [with the original Air & Space] was only about a quarter of a block away from Scaryville.

        The new Air & Space [with the SR-71 Blackbird] is way the heck out in Chantilly, Whiteopia.

        I’ve often wondered how long it will be until all of Amurrikkkuh’s museums have to be removed from Scaryville and relocated way the heck out into Middle-of-Nowhere, Whiteopia.

        • They will melt it all down and pretend it never existed first.

          Jefferson Memorial is nicer but Lincoln’s is easier to get to (to spit on, of course). If the street you are on doesn’t say ‘NW’, leave. If it says ‘SE’, do so very quickly.

        • If they are moved, they will still be destroyed. Like every other institution, the education, management, certification and accreditation institutions for museums and heritage sites, are fully infiltrated by the anti-white, anti-West mob.

          My guess is that billionaires and foreigners will come in and buy up what they want and the museums moving will be a perfect opportunity to fill them up with the new history and the new people’s story. It is already happening in place.

      • Oh yes. To make it simple, start with a visit to Mr. Lincoln on his stone chair; orient by seeing the Washington Monument obelisk in the skyline.

        Be wary and patient; the streets are a tight maze, going one way in the morning and the other way in the evening. A taxi is recommended.

      • When we went to DC and spent most our time about the Mall, I found the food trucks to be, uh, “eclectic.” Prime example is the food truck advertising quesadillas run by some swarthy from MENA. Force to guess, I would say Morocco, as the quesadilla tasted more like Moroccan stew than anything Mexican. It was really good and the best “Mexican” food to be found. IOW, avoid any sit-down Mexican restaurant around DC.

      • You’re the youngest person I’ve ever seen make that suggestion.

        For something more age-appropriate, I checked to see what happened to the only real landmark in DC: the 9:30 club. I knew it moved/died a long time ago. Turns out they also tore down the historically and architecturally unique building where it used to be—but they “preserved the facade.” The leasable office space behind it that’s cheap enough to be publicly advertised is $50/sqft. It’s a site of pilgrimage for several punk-history and “the other DC” tours.

        I won’t fedpoast about suicide-vesting any of them.

    • Agree with Z. Do a loop of the mall. There’s a lot to see just on the mall, and you can also stop at any number of museums. All free.

      As to the city, Georgetown and Dupont are great area just to walk around. Ditto Capitol Hill. If you want a bit more quaint, Old Town Alexandria is very enjoyable. (You can take the Metro to get there.) Unlike most “old towns” in the states, it’s not just a few blocks; it’s a good sized area and very nice. It even has a mini ghetto in the middle, but, don’t worry, you’re very safe.

      Finally, if you really want to go far afield, I’d suggest heading out to the wine and horse country in western Loudoun County. Middleburg is a very cute town. There’s a lot of wineries around it and you’ll see a bunch of horse country as well. Granted, perhaps the best view from a winery is Bluemont Vineyard (or Dirt Farm Brewery next to it), but that’s a bit northwest of Middleburg.

    • Find the MLK memorial. Then lob a rotten egg at it. But do it very, very surreptitiously.

    • weak red state governments

      That would be all of them.
      If they ever thought even halfway deeply about why they are red states they would realize that the “blues” gotta go.

  20. “The thing is reality never shakes their faith in their fantasy.”

    I question whether the strategists of the elites are deluded.

    The examples of fantasies that you focused on were Iraq, Syria, and Ukraine.

    The first two were to protect Israel. The third one is to destroy the hated ancient enemy.

    Our enemies are masters of narrative, which is why they control Hollywood.

    I doubt that the ones in charge were in the thrall of fantasy. The fantasies were to manipulate us, which they are able to do every time. We are sweet, trusting suckers and we must somehow learn collectively to no longer be.

    • The examples of fantasies that you focused on were Iraq, Syria, and Ukraine.

      I have changed my mind on this. I think the “for Israel” meme was a way for them to sell these wars to the civic nationalists and deflect criticism from the other side. In reality, it has always been about Russia. The common thread to all of the enemies of the Kagan cult is their association with Russia. They are reluctantly coming around to a war with China only because China is sticking with Russia.

      Now, does the Kagan cult believe what they are saying? This is the age old question regarding sociopathy. Does the sociopath not know the difference between right and wrong? Normal people struggle to accept that people can believe things that are not true for the same reason they struggle to accept that some people have no moral compass.

      • Yeah, I remember you bringing this up, and I have to say that I think that you’re right, though the Kaganites might have believed that it was twofer.

        Regardless, it is interesting to watch the interplay between the military and the neocons over China. You can tell that the neocons just don’t have that much interest in China outside of how China impacts Russia, while the regular military wants a full pivot to China immediately because China is the upcoming power.

        I doubt the military was ever very excited about Ukraine, but, as you said, the neocons sold it as a way to knock out a potential China ally. Now that it completely backfired, the military wants to move on, but the neocons just can’t let go.

        Leaving Russia alone to focus on China would be a big blow to the Kagan cult. Their heart just isn’t in defeating China, at least not with Russia still out there.

      • What I’ve read, I don’t remember where, is that the Neocon party formed when a *ewish faction split from the Republicans over their refusal to punish Russia in a way that was thought proper…because a Czar expelled them from his country?

        Is this a 100 year old blood fued?

      • Yea, the Ukraine impeachment of Trump and all the last names involved in that brought me around to thinking that this old pale of the settlement area and the history of Russia was possibly a very strong motivation in our ruling class.

        • G Lordon Giddy: “this old pale of the settlement area and the history of Russia was possibly a very strong motivation in our ruling class”

          Anatevka, Anatevka,
          Overfed, underworked,
          Where else would shabbat be so sweet?

    • We are New World white people. We are aw-shucks, git-er-done, bootstraps-pulling contraption-making freedom-loving people who also happen to (mostly) believe in the kind and forgiving Lord Jesus Christ. Yes, we had our share of corrupt and degenerate people, but I’ll bet we had many less of them than most Old World countries. Until recently of course.

      You get people like that all together in one country, and no surprise it’ll be a great and dynamic powerhouse. Problem is, the people start thinking that everyone else in the world is like them.

      Your average Russian thinks everyone is a shitbird, therefore John from Des Moines must also be a shitbird. John from des Moines thinks everyone is a good and hard worker and good citizen, so therefore Ivan from Novgorod must also be that way.

      John thinks that everyone who shows up on these shores must be like himself, otherwise why would he even show up?! That’s the core of the immigration fetish and civic nationalism. White people are in general too nice. And other “nice” peoples around the world (Japanese, Arabs, Italians) will be nice to your face, but the niceness is out a sense of courtesy, not obligation. Whites are very obliging peoples. The most obliging of all peoples, and Christianity is the most obliging of all religions. Which is why we are were we are.

      • It’s one of the great mysteries for me, because you don’t conquer a wild continent by being nice. Maybe we’ve lost our purpose?

        • My guess is it was a mixture of superior IQ & weaponry. Also we did have a warrior class – mostly Scots-Irish.

          Nowadays we equate “nice” with not being mean or causing someone discomfort. I suspect that back then, being nice meant being civil. So you could lose against a southern man in a duel…he’d make you bloody and possibly kill you…but he’d be “nice” about it.

          • The Scots-Irish were kicked out of Europe.

            Protestations about how tough they are maybe compensatory…

          • Vernichten,

            There was a scene in the Movie, Little Big Man, where Dustin Hoffmann, playing the character of Jack Crabbe, was serving as a scout for General Custer. He advised Custer not to seek battle (Little Big Horn) ecause the Indians would clean his clock, but Custer, supercilious and arrogant as he was, dusmissed the advice that he didn’t want to hear, characterizing Crabbe as a “perfect reverse barometer” whose expressed views would always be the opposite from the truth.
            With your developing track record here, I am beginning to suspect that you are our “perfect reverse barometer”, always maintaining the diametrical opposite from the truth of whatever matter is under discussion or viewpoint articulated. Uncanny or deliberate.

  21. “For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he who now letteth will let, until he be taken out of the way. And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming: Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders, And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.”

    Paul was a complicated guy 😆

    Seriously, Russians are one thing, but we’re talking about people who were vanquished by disorganized Muslims— who in fact helped those disorganized Muslims to vanquish them.

    Meanwhile, Western Man, who still holds himself in such high regard, takes a knee and trembles. There’s more than one delusion at work here.

    • Good comment, but for me marred by “Western Man”, which I take to mean North America and Europe, or a part thereof. South Americans are also “Western” men, and not simply by virtue of geography. I suspect those to the north of us are going to learn that the hard way, while this part of the West increasingly allies itself with the Brics and begins to cut loose from the northern bully whose grip on them is slipping away. Conflating the “West” with those in the north of the “West” will likely grow increasingly untenable. El sur también existe!

      • “South Americans are also ‘Western’ men”

        Are they? It’s honestly never occurred to me. Hispanic people didn’t exist 500 years ago!

        Maybe, if we’re all playing with historical narratives, they’re the ancient Germanic barbarians looking on admiringly at decadent Rome. Iow, the people who’ll build a new civ on our ruins. Hard pass!

        Rome can have that one. They’re her children, after all. I’m on a different timeline.

        • And I might as well admit it: when I say America is a WASP nation; that we allowed Old World business to follow us here; that we’re reaping Ellis Island’s fruit; Germanic, Latin, Greek, etc., I’m being very serious.

    • ‘There’s more than one delusion at work here.’

      I note that God does not impose strong delusion upon them (i.e., now) until they have shown consistent and flagrant hatred for the truth.

      What truth? Any truth that doesn’t serve their power interests, generally. So, they ‘bring it on themselves’.

  22. The Ukraine war is bittersweet for me. I enjoy seeing our elites exposed and humiliated. But the reality is, that it is sad. The elites will never be punished, the Jew Zelensky gets rich, the money continues to be laundered, and young Ukrainians are used to lubricate the system.

    I would like to think someday there will be justice for this.

    • The fertility drop from men leaving the country and getting massacred by the Russians is likely to destroy any semblance of the previous country within a few years. Western companies are already salivating at the prospect of reindustrializing it, and I’m sure we’ll be paying the tab. They’ll probably demand new “migrants” to fill in for all he dead men too.

    • It is pure, unadulterated evil. The people who have caused and profited off the slaughter are pure, unadulterated evil. They are capable of literally any crime against humanity.

      • It’s their own fault, Russia was willing to live next to them if they had behaved but they just couldn’t do it, they had to FAFO. So I’m kind of rooting for male Ukrainian genocide, them reproducing isn’t long-term good for the species.

  23. Reality check.

    That we are poorly led in DC is obvious to the sane, but our population is no longer dominated by a sane majority. Most Americans are content to be spoon-fed irrational narratives because it asks nothing of them except belief (no hard work necessary, or risk of having to get the fat ass off the comfy couch). Facing reality might actually require action on their part, and for God’s sake, they are already being asked to vote harder every few years. What more can you ask of the lazy, entitled, spoiled, spawn of prolonged affluence? “Do you really expect me to break my cool when I have an appointment to get my toenails painted this morning?”

    Yes, it really is that bad. And only a return of real hardship can foster any hope of redemption. And yes, many will fall by the wayside with the return of the ancient gauntlet, but that is the natural price of stupidity. So given this unnatural state of affairs, what is the best use of one’s efforts?

    • “What is the best use of one’s efforts”.

      Alternative societies. It’s a shitty, hard process, but things are already shitty and hard. It’s doable, but takes work and sacrifice.

      I guess it depends on how one wants to live.

      • Yes, the self-segregation will continue. It’s already happening as sane people are leaving California in droves, just ahead of the reparations tax. Many are moving into small towns in remote areas (South Dakota is an example). Most of these newly rejuvenated communities are predominantly Caucasian and incorporate the remaining few productive elements of our society. They tend to keep a low profile and avoid drawing attention to themselves. As big cities burn later this year, open-carry will become common and accepted in these communities. Safe havens are the way to go, and sooner rather than later.

    • Today’s insanity will become tomorrow’s morality. Just look at how negatively the populace looked at the 1960’s civil rights movement vs. now. Once woke insanity becomes the air you breath, the insane becomes sane until it all crashes down.

      • No way. Next you’re going to point out that diversity isn’t our strength and global warming isn’t going to kill us all.
        No way am I going back to that 90% European America with its racisms and supersonic civilian aircraft, spacecraft and nuclear power plants.

  24. “One of the things that comes through in this document leak story is that policy makers do not have a handle on what is actually happening on the ground.”

    I like the content of today’s missive, but really, it boggles the mind to assume ignorance of what’s happening on the ground in Ukraine. After all, we are the ones feeding their forces the most sophisticated intel on the Russians that can be gathered in the world. We monitor the Ruskies and the Uke’s. It can be no other way.

    All through today’s missive you use words like fantasy, ignorance and the like. Rather, I’d say it’s just plain *lying*! Now some demented fool in diapers like Biden could believe this, but few others of sound mind. Somehow an initial narrative was set and as it turned to crap, everyone turned to lies. One can lie, but not believe it. Indeed, if one believes his lie, is he lying?

    This difference seems subtile, but it’s important not to underestimate the enemy—which is not the Russians, it’s our leaders.

  25. “they may refer to this as the age of fantasy in the West.”

    Demented lunacy rather than fantasy. And the lunatics move on from one debacle to the next with nary a pause. From one set of manufactured lies to another. The past lies go down the memory hole. And they can do this because they have no skin of their own in the game; they don’t suffer personally. When asked about Iraq, Bolton replied, “I thought it was a good call at the time.” There’s only one thing you can do with rabid dogs.

  26. The same people that are currently lying and have lied about all the wars in this generation have probably lied about all the previous ones as well.

    What’s today’s date again?

  27. The thesis of this article is interesting. If I am correct, it seems the lesson learned from Vietnam was that the war was lost because of bad PR. If they had only hidden Mai Lai (sp?) and the public not seen the brutality and failure on their TV sets, the war would have been won. Then the Panama Op was a trial run for turning American military adventures into highly sanitized, Geraldo meets Wheel of Fortune meets CNBC like broadcasts direct to consumer. Desert Storm was the apex.

    The premise of this article is that this strategy for warfare, which has really been the strategy for everything, and called, “Managing Perceptions”, (economic soft landings; goldilocks economy; equity and inclusion … …), has degenerated into pithy psy-ops that are war on the people of the nation at war. I suppose when you are bombing goat herders that works. When you are fighting a superpower, that probably won’t be very effective.

    This goes to who holds power in this country. If it is the media organs that are the primary weapon of the regime then who is in charge of that? As for squandering their ancestor’s inheritance, in the case of some very powerful factions, you would have to say they commandeered someone else’s inheritance and mercilessly destroyed it. I don’t think many of them are of founding or pioneer/frontier-settlement era stock.

    Of course, the people who got commandeered shouldn’t be remembered fondly for getting so thoroughly worked over, if, as Z points out, there is even anything left by which to name and identify them.

    • That’s close to the truth. The thing is that what’s on the television is not just for the marks and rubes who constitute the US population; it’s also for the lunatics who make US policy. US policy-makers get high on their own supply and actually believe the garbage they churn out for the masses. Inner Party members actually believe their own propaganda.

    • Afghanistan and Syria prove that if you keep your casualties down and avoid a draft, a war can go on hypothetically forever without any significant anti-war movement building. Which is a separate question from “winning,” however that is defined.

  28. In retrospect the Normandy invasions were purely unnecessary vis-a-vis defeating Germany; once the German Army became locked in a war of attrition with the Red Army (with its then inexhaustible supply of manpower) – & not having the German economy on a war footing until after the disaster @ Stalingrad – it was only a matter of time. Main upside of Normandy was to keep Stalin’s legions from overrunning Western Europe.

    • There was rationing in Germany right from the beginning of the war. I read a book published in 1940 called “Into the Darkness” (because of the lack of night time lights) by Lothrop Stoddard who went into all the effects of rationing by the Nazis.

      I don’t know to what extent they were on a war footing, but they imposed rationing right from the beginning.

      • War footing did not go into effect probably until ‘41. Even as the war deteriorated into ‘43 through ‘45, women took little part. The Russians had no such scruples. What I think kept the whole thing on the tracks was the occupation and looting of countries overrun. Food and forced labor. Then there was the Waffen SS who recruited volunteer legions from occupied Europe. Hell there was even an army group of Russians from war prisoners (Stalin took care of them after the war).

      • Tars –

        There may have been rationing but industry was not put on a war footing until early 1943; there were massive rallies to get people onboard. (Hitler had hitherto resisted going on a war footing because he didn’t want to deprive the German people of goods they had become accustomed to. In short, he was trying to keep the war “over there” which of course became increasingly difficult with bombers overhead). Goebbels held one in Berlin proclaiming. “Totaler Krieg – Kurzester Krieg” (Total War – Shortest War). Hitler appointed architect Albert Speer as Minister of Armaments & he performed miracles despite the relentless Allied bombing campaign. They turned out more armaments in 1944 @ the height of the USAAF/RAF air campaigns than ever before. American prisoners taken during The Battle of the Bulge were amazed @ all the new equipment the Germans were fielding. One Veteran in particular I remember seeing interviewed on one of these military history programs remembered (paraphrasing), “they marched us back toward Germany & we saw all these new tanks, new uniforms, new equipment…we’d been told they were on their last legs & the war was over. We realized we’d been had.”

    • If there had been no western front, it’s altogether plausible that Germany could have stalemated the Russians somewhere in the vicinity of Poland. They were never going to conquer Russia and hold it, or eastern Europe, as long as the Russians were fighting, but the Reich quite likely would have lived on without as much lebensraum. Did the western front have to start in Normandy? No, but for this purpose it had to be somewhere, and Italy was insufficient.

      • That’s basically correct, but too specific wrt to “Normandy” invasion. Eastern front collapsed following the battle of Kursk in ‘43. To wit:

        “The battle (of Kursk) was the final strategic offensive that the Germans were able to launch on the Eastern Front. Because the Allied invasion of Sicily began during the battle, Adolf Hitler was forced to divert troops training in France to meet the Allied threat in the Mediterranean, rather than using them as a strategic reserve for the Eastern Front…”

        • Funny thing was the Russians knew the offensive was coming, prepared defenses in depth & the Germans still made impressive progress. If Hitler hadn’t called an end to it think the ultimate goal would probably have been achieved.

          Forget where now but ran across an interesting tidbit in my ongoing studies of the Eastern Front; a Russian soldier remarked you never see pix of destroyed Russian tanks @ Kursk, only German because they (the Russians) would lose so many of their tanks to take out one German tank & it made them look bad.

          Bad for propaganda purposes.

    • Count me as one that believes that the US had zero need to enter WWI or WWII. And, yes, we more or less forced Japan to attack us.

      So, Normandy was just a symptom of a larger disease.

      • A big part of this, me thinks, is that the victory was so clearly pissed away so the need for the war, in hindsight is completely negated. For instance, there was no way the U.S. was going to let Japan lock up and colonize Australia and New Zealand. By a lot of measures the actions of the U.S. in the leadup to the war were sensible, it’s not their fault Hitler and Tojo couldn’t “keep it zipped up” and it’s no the fault of the mid-20th century American government that their descendants decided to turn their victory in to a drive to legalize pedophilia.

        • What other warmongering tropes you got? If the US didn’t fight the Axis we’d all be speaking German by now? FFS

          • With 70 years worth of hindsight, let me tell you what I would have done instead

            Thanks, you’re a big help.
            While I’m raining on parades you know what else wasn’t smart? The South launching a war of aggression against a puritanical industrial power so that their gentry class could keep their free labor savages.

            Yes in all those cases and with enough hindsight it’s clear the wrong side won, but that doesn’t mean the loser was free of bone-headed decisions, endemic to their character, that doomed them.

          • It’s not hindsight. Anyone with a map in the 19th and 20th century could tell you that after around 1830 or so, there was no way any country could threaten the US.

            Bismarck used to joke about it.

            Also, while I agree with you that the South probably should have avoided that fight, at least they had a reason to go to war. They knew the North would eventually overpower them politically and economically and force them to change their way of life.

            I’d suspect that a lot of people in the South were aware that it was a very risky gamble, but at least, they would win something huge: their freedom (though, admittedly and ironically, at the expense of their slaves’ freedom). The US won nothing by entering WWI and WWII, but we sure lost a lot of men.

          • Citizen, we should be clear. Heritage America won nothing from WWI and WWII. But the GAE itself gained everything, for the next century.

        • The fact that Germany in WWI and WWII and Japan in WWII were zero threat to mainland America was very well understood by the American public at the time, which is why they were overwhelming against entering both war before war was declared.

          This isn’t hindside bias. The American public knew the score at the time because it’s laughably obvious. Both Wilson and FDR ran on a platform of keeping us out of the war, and then backstabbed the American people.

          Whether Hitler or Tojo were war-mongering or rational doesn’t matter, just as it didn’t matter whether Napoleon or Prussia were good or bad in the 19th century. The beauty of America is that we don’t have to care about any of it.

          We’re the equivalent of the world’s largest island. We have a 3,000-mile moat surrounding us, a (if needed) self-sufficient economy, natural resources and friendly neighbors.

          There was zero need for the US to enter either war. It’s not now, nor was it ever our job to ensure the safety of every Tom, Dick and Harry country. Let Australia and New Zealand handle their own problems.

      • FDR was chomping @ the bit to get us in that war. He even had the U.S. Navy waging an undeclared, unconstitutional war in the Atlantic – escorting British shipping up to a mid point where the Royal Navy would take over – with U.S. Navy destroyers ordered to “shoot on sight/depth charge” any German U-boats detected. This led to the disaster of the USS Reuben James torpedoed off Iceland October 31st, 1941 with a heavy loss of life.

        FDR should have been impeached.

    • My understanding was that Stalin threatened to make a separate peace with Hitler unless Britain and the US opened a 2nd front. The Italian campaign failed and Stalin kept up his demands so Normandy it was.

  29. Agree that no one pay a price for this debacle – at least not within the US. But it’s obvious that the neocons have gone too far this time, at least with the rest of the world.

    The rest of the world has finally fully understood that

    1) the neocons are truly insane and will throw everything the US has at an enemy
    2) the neocons will target anyone, not matter the size or consequence, therefore no one is safe
    3) the neocons will never quit.

    This changes the equation for leaders around the world. The neocons simply can’t be dealt with. They are an existential threat to each and every leader in the world. This means that no matter the cost, these leaders need to find a way to protect themselves both militarily and financially from the US.

    It may take time and it will definitely be costly, but there’s simply no alternative. This is a major change from before the war when, I think, most leaders thought that they could deal with the neocons. Now, they know that they can’t.

  30. “For months now, the collective West has been talking about the great Ukrainian counter-offensive that is due any day now.”

    “Woven into this new narrative are bits of an old narrative. For example, there was talk of starting the counter-offensive early in order to send a relieving force to Bakhmut, like the Allies did to relieve Bastogne from the Germans.”

    I keep coming back to another historical narrative when an army was encircled in a Russian city. The soldiers kept saying “Der Manstein Kommt!” However, Manstein’s attack failed to relieve the pressure on the encircled army, and it collapsed and surrendered.

  31. As if Ukraine won’t be enough bad news the Empire simultaneously rattles sabers at China. The new Pentagon leaks, if true, show that our situation in the Pacific is actually worse than many have pointed out.

    It turns out that the Chinese have missiles that threaten carrier battle groups much farther distant than we thought. Not only can we not get close enough with carriers to assist in Taiwan, the carriers are in harms way anywhere east of Guam.

    • Yeah, but we can still blockade China using our deep-blue navy. Our ships can cut off trade to China a thousand miles from China.

      Of course, that would threaten the lives of tens of millions of Chinese who need food and energy imports to survive. Not sure the Chinese wouldn’t feel compelled to threaten the lives of tens of millions of Americans with nukes.

      This is a bad situation.

      • Does China for energy import cutoff? Recently read they’ve completed their direct pipeline to Russia for Gas (and I assume oil).

        • I don’t think that Russia can supply China with enough energy at the moment. The needed infrastructure will take many years to build. Even then, not too sure that it’ll be enough.

          But I’ll let others chim in on that.

      • The neocons should consider, not that they will, that after Easter weekend it has become clear that Russia and China are now not only allies but also soon to have a semi integrated defense posture if they do not already have one.

        As to our ability to cut off trade to China, we are just as vulnerable to that as China. Perhaps more so. We import just about everything that matters. If one cargo ship is sunk how long will it be before no insurance carrier will cover transport ships going to America? Two or more sunk would seal the deal.

        • It’s a massive game of chicken.

          And, really, it doesn’t make any sense, but it’s all the military has left against China. We can sanction them, but they can sanction back.

          I’m just worried about what the US will do when it realizes that it can’t threat China with a direct military attack and that we can’t bring China to its knees with sanctions alone.

          Either we acknowledge that we’re no longer the single global power or we do something crazy.

  32. To resort to full-bore cliche, the GAE is a 50-something holding forth for the 10,000th time about his glorious pass completion at The Big Game. Gray, overweight, and generally ignored, his face lights up just like it did the last time he caused eyes to roll. Of course, in this retelling, he has a .380 stuffed in his pocket that could come out any time if he feels like insufficient attention is paid to his worn tale.

    I had thought this was all greed and propaganda, and it is that, too, but much of it is simply nostalgia and impotence. Unlike karl von h. below, I’m not so certain the incompetence will transfer to the police state under construction, but every spectacular failure makes that seem plausible.

    To be fair, the GAE was a contender, albeit for a blip in history.

  33. “In the end, they managed only to burn through their inheritance, leaving the West in poverty.”
    Shirt sleeves to shirt sleeves.

  34. The truth is that the war hasn’t gone the way either side wanted it to, and has ground down in to a stalemate that isn’t likely to change significantly for the foreseeable future. When things do change, it’s as likely to be for political as military reasons. For example, Trump or DeSantis get into the White House and pull the plug on Zelensky the way that Trump pulled the plug on ISIS in his first term.

    But at the moment, it appears that neither side has the raw capacity to end this by military means alone.

      • I haven’t really thought about it, but what little I do know leads me to think Twosome Newsom will be the next President.

        There is no way in hell a R is taking the oath.

        Too many plates would potentially stop spinning if that actually happened.

    • Russia may not have the capacity to conquer and hold all of Ukraine, but it’s unlikely that it wants to. Russia certainly has the capacity to grind the Ukrainian army into dust, which is exactly what it is doing.

      The question becomes what happens after the Ukrainian counter-offensive fails and the West’s ability to supply weapons dries up. US military already hinting that this summer is the end.

      For Russia, taking all of eastern Ukrainian and possibly Odessa would be a pretty good deal. Leave the rump, landlocked Ukraine to the West.

    • Agreed, but with a caveat. The GAE was cocksure the sanctions would work, and all they did was expose how weak it is on the economic front now. Assuming nukes don’t fly, that will be the big takeaway from this madness.

    • “stalemate” implies lack of progress. the RAF is making great progress in reducing the UAF into pulp.

    • Doubtful that neither side can win prediction. Russia is running a minimal loss war—but not a forever war. Unless, foreign troops enter the fight on behalf of Ukraine, the war will wrap up with the best man standing, which is Russia.

  35. If you believe in the cyclical nature of civilizations, as the histories of all other major civilizations has shown, then ours too will fall, as we are currently witnessing. Since It is fated to be, cope with it as stoically as you can. The whys, the tears, the resistance is futile.

    OTOH, maybe AI can break the cycle of Sisyphus .

  36. “None of the planners were dragged into court and made to answer for their lies and omissions. In each case, the dogs barked, and the caravan moved on to the next manufactured crisis.”

    9/11, Iraq and Afghanistan war, 2008, covid, its always the same. Failure is their superpower, almost like someone was paying them to be as awful as they could be.

    • Oh wait, someone is paying them: “Taxes are only essentially used these days to keep little people in place, they aren’t really paying for state operations like you think. What is the debt level for California? What is the debt level for the entire United States? The country has been functionally bankrupt since 2008 (yinz guys didn’t really protest that one did ya, but its lead to where we are now). People say, why are these corporations doing things that alienate their customers? Because they don’t need you, and the states don’t either anymore. They just print what they want. How much did .gov bailout the major corporations in 2020? Do you remember? Bet you don’t because the media was blaring on how everyone was gonna die. Do you remember Occupy Wall St? Funny how all the gender and racism stuff really ramped up after that huh? Divide and conquer, you don’t live in a republic or a democracy, you live in a feudal corporate system with .gov as the king and everybody else as dukes an earls.”

      • I think it was Steve Sailer who pointed out that during Occupy Wall Street, the New York Times suddenly started running a lot more pieces on racism and white supremacy. The elites decided to change the subject.

        • Yep, none of these recent movements are organic and i honestly don’t think Trump was either. Funny that him and Bernie sanders almost had the same platform in 2016. You can actually do a google search of the use of gender and race in news articles for after occupy and you’ll see they’ve skyrocketed since. They prob sent people amongst those crowds, gathering information, what other concerns do you have besides wall st? And remember most of those people were essentially professional activists, others of us would have liked to protest, but you know jobs and money are needed.

        • Sailer enviously idealizes the elite. This typically takes the strange form of taking them at the *nearest quantifiable thing* to face value. Even when they flatly state their psychotic intentions (the eternal death of Whiteness) he “steelmans” rational calculation for them (“equity” means “home equity”).

          In Our Democracy, the few protests that are allowed to happen are elite negotiations. “The subject” is always already excluded/decided. What remains is knocking out the contract. Occupy was bankers’ children demanding their inheritance—their seats on the board—before their parents were dead. The parents offered to add board seats for their children to Occupy, labeled Diversity Equity and Inclusion. The children enthusiastically accepted and went to work, abusing the people. The media cheered them on. There is no graph.

          What Occupy was most famous for while it was happening was for introducing normie conservatives to wokeness: the “progressive stack,” cultic finger-snapping, the exclusion of white men and their inventions, e.g., electrical amplification (replaced with a primitive relay game, “the people’s microphone”), etc. etc. etc.

          It was all there. REMEMBER!

  37. the unbroken record of failure for this regime gives me great comfort that they are incapable of building a true police state. the way they let their most loyal cadres take the vaxx shows they are incapable of distinguishing friend from foe (and are as likely to harm each other, as to harm me). over time, more and more of the population will be drawn into small scale food production, as the existing system continues to be degraded. they won’t be able to cause much trouble while hand weeding their little gardens. you might see north americans sneaking into mexico and south america, eventually!

    • The establishment of the police state is the top priority, and more effort will be put into that, but, yeah, the mountain of failure indicates that very well might not work out, either. It will be interesting to watch how the GAE responds to state and local revolts, which are on the horizon.

      • a big problem for the GAE is it doesn’t have enough gibbs for all the various groups comprising it. this is going to cause endless internecine squabbles that make focusing on the white population difficult.

    • Unfortunately, I think you’re incorrect in your assessment of the establishment of the police state. Establishing and maintaining a proper civilization actually requires people with intelligence, wisdom and restraint. A police state, on the other hand, requires only mindless drones who don’t think much, don’t question much, and are happy to follow orders. I think the evidence from Covid clearly shows that we have plenty of that.

      • setting up a police state in a demographically homogeneous populace is one thing; doing it in AINO’s DNA pool is another.

        • I truly hope your optimism is justified. I just don’t see any evidence to support it…yet.

        • Those of a particular DNA persuasion will be the focus of the police state; others will be ignored. The worst of both worlds.

        • They’ve got their eager soldiers in place, on our ground!

          “Occupy” meant what it said…Occupy.

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