The New Iron Curtain

Since about the time he took over the primetime slot for Fox News, people have been predicting that Fox would fire Tucker Carlson. The regime toadies said he would be fired due to his reckless heresy. He talked about taboo topics and questioned official dogma, which can never be allowed. The so-called conservatives repeated the same lines, as is their habit. Normal people, of course, know that anyone speaking truth to power is not going to last long in the modern media.

It turns out that Tucker was not fired for anything he said in particular, but most likely as a result of the lawsuit Fox settled with Dominion Voting Systems. It is possible that as part of the settlement, Fox agreed to get rid of people hated by the regime. The first to go was Dan Bongino, who was sacked before the ink was dry. Carlson got the axe Monday morning, which suggests it took them a while to find evidence to fire him with cause, thus voiding his contract.

On the other hand, the lawsuit could simply have frightened or embarrassed the plutocrats who own Fox News. They are regime members, after all, which means they care first and foremost about regime opinion. Tucker has no doubt been a problem in this regard for a long time. This embarrassing lawsuit, punishment by the regime for Fox not falling in line, may have frightened the Murdoch clan. Firing Tucker is a way to win back support of their social class.

As is always the case, the hot take people are rushing forth to give their hot take on what happened and why. Some claim it was due to a lawsuit from one of the usual suspects that triggered the move. Zombies from Conservative Inc think it is due to Tucker using mean words that hurt their feelings. Others claim that the Murdoch family was scandalized by Tucker questioning the J6 narrative. David French thinks it is all about him because David French is a narcissistic simpleton.

The most likely explanation is that Fox either agreed to clean house as part of the settlement or they got the message being sent by these lawsuits. Fox getting sued over election stuff is ridiculous, but the full might of the regime was brought to bear so that it was clearly impossible for Fox to get a fair trial. The judge ruled against them at every turn, so Fox had no choice but to settle. There is another case out there as well, so they have to play ball or face bankruptcy.

This may seem farfetched but consider that the New York Times was sued by Sarah Palin for defamation and won, despite their own emails admitting that they defamed Palin and did so knowingly. Granted, the judge in the case told the jury to rule in favor of the Times, but it is a good example of how the courts treat the media. It is incredibly hard to sue the media, even when they willingly lie about you. Yet somehow the court went the opposite way in this Fox News case.

What is happening right in front of our eyes is the weaponization of the court system by the regime to suppress dissent. They cannot shut down a cable channel or throw their hosts in prison, but they can lawfare into bankruptcy any organization that violates the ideology of the regime. In other words, they told Rupert Murdoch that he can run his operation as he sees fit, but they will sue him into the poorhouse if he steps out of line or fails to get rid of people who violate regime dogma.

This is merely the highest profile example of this new control mechanism. The Alex Jones case is another example. Jones was tagged with a billion in damages for saying nutty things about the school shooting in Connecticut. Like the Fox News case, the particulars were just an excuse to force Jones into a morality play in which he was the villain, and the jury was instructed to condemn him. He never stood a chance at trial because the trial was rigged from the start.

The same thing is now happening to VDare. The state of New York is suing the group because they do not like their politics. You can read the case documents here and what you will find is a prime example of lawfare. What Laquanda Adams is doing is using the process as a punishment. On the one hand, it will cost VDare millions of dollars to defend themselves. On the other hand, it is an effort to scare away potential donors who may be hauled into court as well.

New York did the same trick to the National Rifle Association. They used the court system to batter them into bankruptcy. This is made easier by a court system filled with judges who think this is a great idea. Even if a judge is uncomfortable with these Stalinist tactics, they understand power. If they want to stay on the bench or move up the ranks, they have to do what the regime demands. If the regime can take down Fox News, they can take down a judge.

Lawfare is not a new thing. Shakedown operations like the alphabet soup gang have been using lawfare for decades. They would jurisdiction shop for a court that would hear their novel legal theory. Then they would judge shop for one of their co-ideologues and before long a heretic is in an unwinnable court case. The most recent example of this sort of grift is the Charlottesville civil cases. The whole stinking affair was an affront to civil society and the rule of law.

What is happening now is that these small-time rackets have been institutionalized into a tool of the regime. Since they can use the court to take away all of your money for any reason they like, they can suppress the speech they dislike by threatening to impoverish anyone that entertains unapproved speech. Since the law is the last resort for the weak seeking protection from the powerful, the regime has effectively closed off the last civil route to challenging regime policies and programs.

In effect an iron curtain is descending across American society. On one side are the regime leaders and their toadies. They get to indulge in the material benefits of the shrinking American pie. On the other side are the common people struggling to come to terms with what these people have done to their country. For now, the real power of that iron curtain is that the people on the losing side refuse to believe it is there and instead keep operating under the old rules.

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195 thoughts on “The New Iron Curtain

  1. “ Jones was tagged with a billion in damages for saying nutty things about the school shooting in Connecticut.”

    Yup. Nothing whatsoever odd about that school shooting.

    Clearly, Z was otherwise occupied and spent no effort looking at the evidence. Which has now been scrupulously scrubbed from the www.

  2. Did citizens of the USSR embrace censorship and crushing dissent (or at least not care about what was happening) as do most people in America?

    Good Whites want even more censorship with harsher penalties. They are frustrated that there is any freedom left.

    Many bad Whites don’t really care all than much if they can have guns and grill.

    Non whites don’t care.

    We are really talking about a minority of whites who care about this and they are deemed the evil, expendable ones who are getting replaced and persecuted if uppity

  3. I’m not convinced that Tucker wasn’t controlled opposition, anyway. Obviously, he had to make sure that he just went up to the line and not across, but still. . .when the election was CLEARLY stolen he towed the mainstream line that that was “baseless.” I was done with him for a while after that. Plus, I didn’t forget his younger years when he was the obnoxious bow-tie guy.

    It seemed to me that he was just another useful “release valve” or “limited hangout” for all the Normie Grillers. His viewers can blow their load on how the Left is screwing them over and how Tuck is the last hope for civ-nattery and all that is good and pure.

    • Yep. I consider it a measure of how in the bag for the griller narrative one is by how vehemently the concept of a rigged/corrupted election is denied.

      Hell, Hugh Hewitt (horrible neocon) simply hangs up on such callers to his show. Calling them nut cases. He then would announce gratuitously that no such evidence of fraud exists and then turn back to the old “try harder, vote harder, we’ll get them next year”, trope.

      Now the exquisite irony is that Hugh Hewitt wrote a book during the Obama election titled, “They can’t cheat if it isn’t close”. The content of the book, of course, outlining cheating scenarios by Dem’s in elections and the need for all good Rep’s to get out to vote to counter act such expected Dem shenanigans. 😉

    • When you wage a war on white people, no matter how clandestinely you try to do it, if you are effective then eventually, inevitably, there comes a point when people start to notice. So sometime after that point is crossed, the controlled opposition will also have to acknowledge it, if it is to be viable controlled opposition.

      That’s pretty much how I saw Tucker.

      I don’t guess we’re all that far away from “the conservative case for the war on white people”

      • “nevitably, there comes a point when people start to notice”

        Limited hangout only works if you can distract or intimidate people from digging a little bit deeper. Worsening economy and disintegrating public order is in the plain sight now, so distrating people from noticing things gets harder and harder every day. There’s not much left to incentivize obedience with either.

        What’s left is intimidation and totalitarian control of the flow of information.

        Soft conttols are for the good times.

  4. Fox’s lawsuit is not the same as Alex Jones’. Fox settled for nearly the amount that the suit was demanding, then they crippled themselves by getting rid of their prime talent. The lawsuit would have hurt, assuming no chance of victory, but the settlement will be fatal.

    The correct move, if Fox had decided they were going to be railroaded, was going scorched earth. There’s a ton of material they could have put out, and plenty of Normies who would have listened. They had a defense but they refused to use it.

    Just like Trump, Fox complained then complied. For them, there is no “outside the Establishment”. Alex Jones at least fought.

    That’s how it goes in Clown World. Everybody with a chance at victory, folds their hand. Every single time.

    • Gμnner Q: “Fox’s lawsuit is not the same as Alex Jones’. Fox settled for nearly the amount that the suit was demanding, then they crippled themselves by getting rid of their prime talent.”

      I read Z to be implying/stating that the firing of Tucker was part and parcel of the Dominion settlement [especially implying that perhaps Dominion wouldn’t accept a settlement which did NOT involve Tucker being fired].

      Whereas you seem to be implying that the Dominion settlement and the firing of Tucker Carlson were two distinctly different parallel events which had no causal relationship with one another.

      You might be able to make the argument that Tucker was fired because, s/p the Dominion payout, there simply wouldn’t have been enough money left to pay Tucker’s salary, but that contradicts everything I’ve been reading about the affair [which is that (((No True Scotsman Rupert Murdoch))) personally ordered Tucker’s release].

      In closing, lemme throw out a fly-by-the-seat-of-the-pants conspiracy theory here, just for the sheer fun of it.

      Suppose the career of (((No True Scotsman Rupert Murdoch))) was MI6’s contribution to the Five Eyes, and none of Murdoch’s media empire was ackshually of his own creation [i.e. it was all simply handed to him, quietly & purposefully & methodically over the years, by MI6].

      Similarly, assume that Dominion Voting Systems was the Cannucks’ contribution to the Five Eyes.

      And suppose the Five Eyes were having a budget crisis [what with all the drug smuggling money from Mena, Arkansas rapidly losing its value in the face of Bidenflation], and suppose Dominion was now acknowledged by the Five Eyes as being their Crown Jewel, and suppose it was necessary to provide an emergency infusion of funds into the Dominion coffers.

      Then what better way to move the money than to have (((No True Scotsman Rupert Murdoch))) agree to a fake settlement of a fake lawsuit in order to move a billion dollars into Dominion in broad daylight with the entire herd of mouth-breathing non-inner-monologue-hearing NPCs completely clueless as to what was happening?


      To the extent that all five of the Five Eyes answer to David Barnea & the M0ss@d, you could argue that we really ought to be calling it the Six Eyes, but that would infuriate Barnea & the boyz [to be demoted down to the same level as the goyim – i.e. being thrown into the mud with the swine].

      • Money laundering in plain sight is what I’ve been thinking, whether it was for those reasons or others. There is no other explanation for Murdoch to settle so quickly, for such a large amount, except that he genuinely wanted Dominion to have the money.

          • The town in Ohio and the now extinct entity from which I draw the last half of my screen name probably got their inspiration from the same biblical source.

      • I would agree with Z that Tucker’s firing is probably part of the settlement. That would be a second major difference between the lawsuits: AJ didn’t push any colleagues under the bus. Let alone for the privilege of a preemptive defeat.

        • I see it as a Win-Win-Win for the Deep State and the Five Eyes [plus of course the Mossad & the Council of the Sanhedrin].

          They get rid of anti-White-genocide anti-semite Tucker Carlson, and they infuse Dominion with ONE BILLION DOLLARS in capital, so Dominion can go on a buying spree and seize market dominance [likely monopoly status, once the smoke clears].

          All the state officials, who oversaw the contract bids, and settled on the winners for the election machine contracts, are gonna be like, “Uh, uh, bro, uhh, we, uhhh, we signed that ten year contract with ‘Joe’s Pizza Delivery & Vote Counting LLC’ ; you ain’t counting them votes for us.”

          And Dominion’s gonna be like, “We just purchased Joe’s Pizza Delivery & Vote Counting LLC, and them contracts belong to us now. MOO HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!”

  5. Carlson recently moved to Florida. It’s no coincidence that the two Republican front runners for president are in Florida. Carlson is now freed up to run as Trump or DeSantis’s VP.
    At minimum a campaign advisor to one or the other.

  6. The regime stopped surprising me a few years ago, after I came to terms with its true nature. Next time it does I will let you know. Still, it is hard to take it seriously. On the one hand, within its geographical realm it is basically all powerful, on the other hand, it is earnestly and fervently hell bent on economically crippling itself with climate wunderwaffen, vibrancy, and degeneracy. If I live as long as my parents did then I will live to see a sharp decline in its power and perhaps its end. If I live as long as my grandparents did, I will see the birth of what comes after. If recent generations living shorter becomes a trend, then I may be spared clown world’s denouement. Those are all winning scenarios.

    For some reason Tucker getting fired reminds me of early woke cancel culture victim Jimmy the Greek. Even at my then young age I vaguely understood that it was a kind of seminal moment. It definitely served as a sort of demarcation line, between what one was allowed to say before, and what one was allowed to say after. Everybody got the message.

    • Jimmy the Greek, I remember!
      That was a setup, for sure.
      All the black girls at work were steaming over “big black mamas (and papas).”

      And that’s the nature of court society: to get ahead, accuse someone of something. Screw that “better mousetrap” booswash.

    • Before there was Jimmy the Greek, there was the cancellation of the Frito Bandito. But I’ll grant you that the defenestration of Jimmy was more likely the inflection point.

      • Indeed. The line was crossed irreversibly when they silenced the Frito Bandito.

        I loved Mr. Frito!

        • The li’l brown feller with the sombrero was like a god to me…

          **sniffle, sniffle**

          • Mr. Frito god blessim’ was (snerkle snif snif) an excellent little fellow — always impeccably attired — who became on occasion a bit too passionate about his corn chips. Man liked his chips.

            I am to judge because a Sanctuary Seeker enjoys corn chips? Seems downright unChristian.

  7. Long-time practicing attorney here.

    Regarding lawfare, the political/legal left developed a highly successful forum/judge shopping litigation technique in the 90s of filing basically identical complaints in multiple friendly jurisdictions, filing a stay of litigation in the cases, then waiting to see which judges the cases were assigned. They would choose the friendliest forum/judge and drop the remaining cases. The case with the friendliest forum/judge would proceed.

    Forum/judge shopping like this is completely unethical. If a private attorney did this on behalf of a corporate (or private) client, the attorney would likely be disbarred, or at least censured, and sanctioned, and the client would be fined into oblivion. But the left got a pass, as per usual.

    Regarding corruption in the courts, we are going to have to follow the example of Poland and rid the courts of communist judges, or at least minimize their influence. Given lifetime tenure in the Federal courts, this will require a massive overhaul of the judicial system, reassigning leftist judges to Guam or Nome, and restricting the geographic and subject matter jurisdiction of leaf-leaning circuits. The ninth circuit can have jurisdiction of all Federal cases related to sodomy that arise out of the Tenderloin district, and that’s it.

    • Any jurisdictions colder than Nome?
      Guam far enough away – plus it might tip over.

    • I worked in state court administration, and for a state S.C., for most of the Eighties. I interacted daily with S.C. justices, other appellate justices, and trial court judges. Even back then, girls were pouring out of law schools. I shudder to think what Boalt Hall and Stanford Law now are producing, forty years of intense conditioning and empowerment. Justices and judges come from law schools, of course . . . typically the higher-profile law schools.

      When I was young the courts were corrupted merely by bribes and nepotism, but for many decades U.S. courts have been ruined by justices and judges long-since confirmed disciples of the Woke-Fem Religion.

      I advise men in the U.S. and related nations of Bitchdom to stay as far from a courtroom as they can. Goes for civil, criminal, and family courts. All the Prog courts want to do anymore is steal your money and stick you in a windowless concrete box at the bottom of the county courthouse, where you will await the mood and dispositon of the empowered woman who decides your fate.

      Flee from Babylon, brothers. She is evil.

    • Yep…Maybe we could set up a Federal court on the North Slope of Alaska for politicized cases, with the oil workers as jurors…

    • Do you suppose this new unconstitutional tax on people with good credit might be the straw which breaks Civnat G. Normiecon’s back?


      ‘It’s going to hit the consumer hard,’ Those with higher credit scores may pay higher mortgage fees


      If you’re a mid-20s White boy, or White girl, who took on about $300,000 of student loan debt in order to get a JD or an MD or an Accounting PhD or similar, and you busted your posterior to keep a 3.85 GPA, and you’re looking at getting married, and starting a fambly – but to purchase that first house yourself, you’ll have to subsidize the housing payments of your kneegr0w & armadillo classmates, which struggled to maintain a 1.85 GPA – then don’t you think that sort of lawfare blow to the gut is gonna send a chill down the spines of the Millennial & Zoomer young adults who drank from the Tit of Social Justice as their mother’s milk?

      Muh guess is that millions upon millions of Millennial & Zoomer pre-karens are gonna go thermonukular and emerge as fully adult Karens with a scorched-earth attitude towards the kneegr0wz & armadilloz [not to mention the j00z which created the mess].

      • Oh you wild eyed dreamer.! Joe normie is terminally dense. no. nobody will be awakened by that. for heavens sale , all thats gone on in the last 5 years and you think THAT is a big deal?!?

        • miforest: “you think THAT is a big deal?!?”

          Imagine a budding young Karen, with an Accounting Bachelor’s from Penn and an MBA from Stanford, and a 3.89 GPA [combining both undergrad & grad skrewl GPAs], and then try to imagine how budding young Karen is gonna react when she discovers that she has to finance her Whiteopia starter home at 7.5%, but her classmate, Shaneequa, with the 1.63 GPA, only has to finance at 2.5%, putting Karen in a 2750 sq ft starter home, whilst her classmate, Shaneequa, gets placed in a 7000 sq ft starter home, then, yeah, I think Karen is gonna, well, ah, um, thermo-nuku-Karan-ular.

          Karen does not like 2750 sq ft starter homes.

          2750 sq ft starter homes make Karen very very angry.

          • My understanding is that people with above 620 credit scores will pay 1 point (don’t know if this means one point higher than before, or simply one point), and people with less 620 credit score will pay 1.75, which is down from 3.5. So while one is increased and the other decreased, there is still a nominal difference of 0.75. As far as the larger down payment penalty, seems you could just put less down, and then make a principal payment after the purchase. But I don’t know the specifics of the new rule and what shenanigans it involves.

    • Whether you love him or hate him, good for him.

      Is that Eff you money?

      If so, it will be interesting to see what he dies,(or doesn’t do).

      I would take care of my kids and buy the biggest popcorn machine possible.

        • That was his father’s second wife. (Her family sold Swanson Foods back in the 50s.) His own mother abandoned the family when he and his brother were little kids.

  8. “For now, the real power of that iron curtain is that the people on the losing side refuse to believe it is there and instead keep operating under the old rules.”

    I take your point; however, I’m not sure this is really true. It may have been true 10 years ago, but not anymore.

    The Covid lockdowns were a bridge too far, and I think many people got a strong subliminal message that law and order didn’t matter anymore. Most people are no longer playing the game because they believe in it. They are only playing the game because there is nothing else to do while keeping your head down waiting for a new leader, a new system, or some kind of escape route to emerge.

    It is a subtle but important difference.

    • Well, there are—as there always are—a few “true believers” out there. Case in point, the few mask wearers that still trot around the stores and such. I hope you are correct and we on the DR underestimate their (our?) numbers.

      • There are more of us than there used to be but not nearly as many of us as there need to be. As I confirm every time I try to do a little subtle evangelizing with Civnat G. Normiecon.

        • im shocked at how hostile normy is. aBut then I think, a society needs people like them. They are the stable ones, they don’t shift easily, they support the society not only in their work and family, but in their mindset.

          So they will no doubt go down with the ship in most cases. h

          • They’re a boon in palmy times, and a debilitating burden in barmy times. We now live, alas, in the latter.

    • Somewhat of a small, white pill, but I was talking to a somewhat younger normie acquaintance and, unprovoked, expressed their concern that the government was, tdlr, ending as we’ve ever known it and becoming a dictatorship of sorts. This is someone whose spiciest news consumption is occasionally (maybe) watching Fox News so this was a conclusion drawn chiefly from living their everyday life.

    • This is kinda what I’m noticing as well…an attitude of “yeah, ok, this is all a joke, nothing matters, fuck off”.

      We’ll know things have really changed if voter turnout for national elections craters.

  9. Lawfare is going to continue, against every Kulak in the US. It is a grifter’s paradise, now mass grifts against those who cannot fight back, with the full support of the State/Corporate fascist entity. Expect it targeted at you personally, and pretty much anyone who might have supported anyone to the right of Mao. With Carlson gone there is not even a single media voice arguing that this would not be a good idea.

    Susan Rice was fired as National Security and Domestic Policy advisor, Biden appointed her to both as she could not even pass the Democratic Senate for confirmation in a formal post. It was supposedly done at the behest of Dr. Jill who is now running things fully and is pushing Barry out. Another reason Tucker Carlson had to go — Biden polls in the cellar, his “miraculous” win at 4:30 AM with 120 million votes will choke even normie, particularly if normie is living on the street after “reparations” took his house and car.

    Rice in particular being fired is the bigger news than Carlson. It means something major is up. When shakeups happen in the White House, it is never good news for us Kulaks. Scary as it is, Rice might have been the “moderate” in the White House preventing the worst of things. The crackhead in chief, dementia patient, and Dr. Jill, are now running things. [The DNC has ruled out any debates and supports Biden 100%]

    • I’ve wondered if/when they are going to start arresting people for say, posting on the Z blog. Or making a donation to VDare.

      Or at least, arresting people like Z-man and other writers/hosts/thinkers.

      Ricky Vaughan and the prosecution of those pro Russia guys seems to be the beginning of this.

      • It’ll probably proceed according to level of notoriety until they run out of demons to slay in the name of holy progress and have to resort to tearing each other apart in purity spirals. Ironically they’re likely to prey upon the TV Cuckservatives first since even Jared Taylor, despite being the most famous guy on our side, is still largely unknown to normie.

      • …or IRS harassment, B125.

        Or, when Central Bank Digital Currency replaces the dollar. Your low social credit score? No cheeseburger for you!

        • Your debit card won’t let you buy a Big Mac but you will be allowed to buy a jar of powdered cricket protein.

    • I think Rice is a chameleon so I doubt she was canned for being “moderate,” i.e. resisting some or another dumb idea from the Jake Sullivan type of people who have no working experience out of political graft (of course this also goes for Rice, she merely has a lengthier pedigree in the occupation).

      The other explanation is that she bailed— this would be the truly alarming state of affairs; how bad must things really be, that an exemplar of impressive avarice for executive branch status her whole life would quit on *this* WH? Brings to mind the ironic 4chan buzzphrase about odors and imagination.

      Then there is the really funny question, self-answering, of who is the more qualified operator, just waiting around for the tap on the shoulder from political titan Brandon, to serve in her stead.

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  11. I worked in the judicial system in the Eighties, interacting with justices and judges daily. The system already was changing back then, with ideologues gradually taking power via judgeships and changes to administrative rules of court. Mostly via the influence of women.

    The evil family court (read, feminist) sistem was developed and implemented during those years. Even then, girls were pouring outta law schools, and that’s where judges come from, folks. From people — largely female — indoctrinated with decades of woke-fem propaganda. They are full of righteous indignation and passion by the time they reach the bench. Guess which demographic offends and enrages them, given that this demographic is the source of all evil? Guess what happens to you if you are a man, appearing in front of them? Usually while you are in chains.

    In the good old days when I was young, the courts were merely corrupted by bribery and nepotism, most of that limited to urban areas. In the smaller towns you couldn’t get away with much thuggery from the bench, because if you railroaded some dood’s son, the men of the town would be at your house that night, not looking to talk.

    Now, the courts and the judicial system in general are ruled by the Woke-Fem anti-culture surrounding them, of which air they daily breathe . . . they are a part of the Regime’s Establishment. Z is incorrect that the main motivation of these judges and justices is ‘moving up’. Yes, this is one motivation but in truth, few current court officers need motivation in order to make their courtrooms star-chambers of the Regime. They are pleased and willing members of the Regime, sure that they are on the side of both history and the angels. Beware! as they are terribly, sadistically passionate about their religion. Ask me how I know.

    Z’s Iron Curtain fell gradually, over decades, like a shadow upon the land.

    • And they attack their fathers, mentors and husband’s almost like they never cared for them in the beginning. And their malw colleagues and relatives allow it to happen and reward them. The dumbest thing in the world. Kennedy and Lucas is just one idiotic example. If you’re close to these types, how disgusting is the interaction? AWFLs are the absolute worst in this day and age in my opinion.

    • Embittered MGTOW tier guys are not people the right should be listening to.

      They do not have a program they only have personal grievances. Sorry personally for their life choices and subsequent life outcomes but these men are an exact analog for the jilted man hating blue haired feminist type.

      Next rack and a smile they encounter theyll run after and simp just as hard as they did for whatever “evil bitch of an ex!” they last ran after and are currently blaming for all their problems.

      We need healthy culture and a healthy families and making enemies in our own households with our own women (pretty much the only natural allies we have) is not a path forward.

  12. Read that VDARE complaint Z. Wow! It sounds like an angry POC meter maid. You be late respondin tuh me! Dat be a triple fine now!

    It is a sham. But, she has the power.

    • There’s a decent argument to be made that any right-leaning organization dumb enough to incorporate in New York deserves their fate. What was VDare thinking? Same with the NRA.

      • There are still a couple of states that observe Confederate Memorial Day. Perhaps VDare, if it cared about preserving itself, could take the hint. One wonders if they aren’t infected with a similar yankeephilia as the rest of the media.

  13. Megyn Kelley said she thought Tucker’s firing was primarily a business decision. The big brands refused to advertise on Tucker’s show, so the Murdochs sacrificed ratings for what they anticipate will be a larger bottom line from the 8 p.m. weekday slot. Maybe they canned Tucker for other reasons discussed here, but as a poster pointed out, Black Rock/Vanguard has a stake in Dominion and Fox so the settlement or the damages might be a wash for both.

    People noticed that after Tucker played the first of the J6 tapes, no more tapes followed. It’s possible that the regime decided that FOX had crossed the line in allowing and told the Murdochs, at literal or figurative gunpoint, that Tucker had to go. Laura Ingraham would be next except her angle stumps for a hopeless Republican wish list which isn’t dangerous while Hannity is a clown of no threat to anyone.

    • That’s comedy. If business had anything to do with it Fox wouldn’t have settled the suit, at least not so quickly and for such a large amount.

    • Given that Tucker replaced *her* there might be a wee bit of schadenfreude on her part. As for ad revenue: it’s peanuts compared to the cable fees baked into the cake for everybody with a subscription, whether they watch or not. Same as all the spanish language stations or “free” sports stations.

  14. Please don’t ask me how I know this, but sometimes it’s not that the game is rigged, rather, it’s that playing the game is a tacit admission of guilt, justly or not. And sometimes it takes the desperation that comes from overcoming the fear of destruction— when destruction seems certain— to understand what that statement really means. Fear is the mind-killer and the weapon, but the ordeals it puts you in often evaporate like morning fog when you get over it. Fear is palpable today, but I hope and trust it will give way to desperation, because what’s needed today is desperation and the clarity it brings. The narrative is much darker than the reality.

  15. I figured this was inevitable, the dichotomy between him and every other personality at fox was striking. Tucker would be on talking about the decline of the country calling out neocons and then, right after his show ended, Hannity would come on and fellate the very same people that were just being criticized. That had to have been causing friction internally.

    I remember the one time Hannity attacked Tucker live on air for pointing out Bezos was shilling lockdowns through the Washington Post as Amazon was printing money off of small businesses going under. Leave it to Hannity to defend lockdowns benefiting billionaires under the guise of a free market because ya know the government selectively shutting businesses down is just the invisible hand at work.

    They should give Bruce Jenner a show on Tucker’s time slot, all the Murdoch properties like New York Post always use the correct pronouns when discussing trannies and they love interviewing Bruce. It’d certainly be thematically appropriate given the direction they’re going in. I jest but it’s probably only a matter of time before something like that happens.

    • “Hannity would come on and fellate the very same people”

      Hannity is a bootlicking neocon Zionist shill. Nobody screams “controlled opposition fake conservative” more than that cuck. I can’t listen to him at all any more, he practically sickens me.

      Jim Traficant (God bless his departed soul) shoved it right up Hannity’s ass like nobody else before or since. Absolutely classic Traficant:

      • My favorite part is at about 3:40 when Hannity frantically says “are you suggesting that….blah, blah, blah….? Traficant pauses, leans in to the camera…calmly replies, “Sean….I’m not suggesting it, I’m telling it…..”

        And Traficant never appeared on Fox News again.

        • Traficant was practically a John the Baptist prophesying what was coming. He got taken out and sent to prison by the Regime twenty years ago for telling it like it is.

        • Wierd, another clip from Cleveland News said Traficant died in a tractor accident?

          Not too much later, perhaps.

      • Traficant always had balls of steel, I’ve seen many clips of him but never that one. I sometimes wonder if Hannity is a true believer, like George Costanza on Seinfeld saying “it’s not a lie if you believe it.” He could certainly fool me with how effortlessly he spouts off bullshit.

        A little under a decade before that interview fox was reporting on mossad’s connection to 9/11 in the US, he of course was working for fox when this aired. In hindsight it’s amazing that they reported on this at all, it’s very quaint now.

      • It’s entirely possible Hannity’s ass has had plenty of traffic, and not all of it Traficant.

      • I recall Judge Andrew Napolitano was quietly removed in 2017 when he floated the “crazy conspiracy” that Obama was wiretapping President Trump. Also didn’t much care for Abraham Lincoln.

        Tucker is unique in that he got away with heterodoxy for as long as he did.

        The fact that the entire “talent” pool at Fox (Hannity, Cavuto, Jenner, etc….millionaires all) aren’t walking out en masse in solidarity tells you all to need to know about controlled opposition, honor among thieves, and how everyone thinking they’ll be the last to the gallows is somehow a viable strategy.


        Wonder if the regime is putting it’s book on the neck of Fox because they lost Twitter to Elon (for the moment)?

    • My wife would laugh at how fast I would change the channel or turn off the TV when it went from Tucker to Hannity. Usually before he uttered his first word.

      Good times.

  16. They have successfully turned the law from a neutral set of rules into a weapon. The facts of the case do not matter. One of the big newspapers claimed James Edwards was a grand pubah of some type in the KKK, despite his never having even been a member of the KKK. He had no connection to the KKK whatsoever. But he did interview David Duke once on his show and so that was close enough for the judge who ruled against him.

    Cantwell is filing an appeal loaded with racial epithets. I think he should print it out on paper with a full sized kangaroo watermark. If he ever gets into court again, wear a T-shirt with Stalin’s face on the front and a kangaroo on the back.

  17. Tucker is pretty popular among the young White right. So in this regard, the sacking is for the best. The young need to get the message loud and clear: You’re at war with the Machine.

    Otherwise, by the time they wake up, they’ll be old and graying like a lot of us here and too tired to do anything about the situation.

    The Machine will not stop and for sure they’re going to bankrupt Twitter next. Gab will come after that. At this rate, we will be sharing samizdat with each other through dead drops at trash cans, just like Thomas Pynchon wrote in “The Crying of Lot 49”.

  18. Note how the entire media operation cheered the lawsuit and cheered Tucker getting fired. At first thought, this is totally bizarre. Tucker got fired after a sitting US senator called for him to be fired (likely, this is optics, and he knew about it beforehand, but optics is everything in politics). In a sane world, this sequence of events would send a shudder down the spine of every single person working in the media, for the very simple reason that anything that happens to one of them can happen to all of them.

    Obviously, though, they are not the same. The other media personalities see themselves as members of the regime, and their role is to advance its interests. Tucker made them look like fools and idiots and spouted the insanity of the regime, so he was their enemy. Likewise, in a world of anarcho-tyranny, loyalty to the regime matters above all. The media corporations will be protected and safe as long as they say what the regime wants them to say. Fox News, with these moves, is also signaling to the regime that it is submitting fully to the empire. We are moving into dark times very rapidly.

    • “The other media personalities see themselves as members of the regime, and their role is to advance its interests.” That is probably true of the ones who are CIA assets. Those that are of the personality/celebrity persuasion just see themselves as themselves. They’ll do or say anything to be on the globo-homo teleprompter reader desk. They are a part of the regime, but they don’t see it that way. They are

      Those distinctions are different. You raise a good point about the Senator calling for Tucker’s dismissal. Those were intentional optics that went along perfectly with the, “Americans don’t breed enough so however many non-Americans there are we need to bring them in and replace them”, speech he gave a few weeks earlier. He let everyone know who the satrap is who holds the power in this vassalage.

      • “The are just there to be famous, invited to the cloud parties and live a life of status and prestige.” I cut myself off.

        • If anything, the desire for status makes them even more loyal to the regime and more eager to submit to its authority. After all, the regime gives them all they have and all they want. There is also that lingering cloud in the back of their mind that the regime could take it away at any time.

  19. Hrrrrrrrmmmmmmmm.

    Another thought occurs, Z. Tucker wasn’t the only one that got sacked. I notice that CNN fired Don Lemon too. What was his crime against the regime? By their standards that boy was the pinnacle of human development: black, gay, and a neoliberal zealot.

    Could we be seeing snippets of a bigger picture?

    • Lemon was a sacrificial squirrel offered to clutter the Tucker headlines. Everyone hated him. His replacement will be worse.

      • I’m guessing his replacement will have a good and proper Ebonic name.

        “Birthing persons and genitalmen, please join us here at CNN in welcoming our new evening host, Ja’Meeqkwi’ous Sh@q’wombius Lumpkin, Jr.!”

    • I am willing to believe that Don was fired for more mundane business reasons. He wasn’t a threat to the regime, in fact, he was as you note one of their exemplars. The fact is, he was already demoted and immediately after he made comments afterwards that upset the wine aunts that make up probably 80% of CNN’s audience at this point. So he was on thin ice already, and I am sure Vivek Ramaswamy has more support in the CNN building than Don does.

      Think of how incompetent you have to be to be a black homosexual working in media spouting regime talking points, and still lose your job. That is Don Lemon.

    • CNN has been losing audience share for years, caught as it is between Fox and MSNBC. Prior network head tried to reverse that by moving further left in an attempt to gain off MSNBC without much success. He’s since departed, and new owners have been purging some of the more strident left-wing commentators. CNN is actually trying to compete for viewers; Fox is prepared to sacrifice them for the reasons Z has outlined.

  20. Paraphrasing… The story went that a group of Dissidents were sitting around bitching about MSNBC, or maybe it was CNN…and a passing chink fresh of the boat from China stopped to laugh at them.

    “Why are you guys getting bent out of shape over it? Of COURSE it’s all bullchit! What do you expect? In China we value our inner calm and healthy blood pressure… and we ignore that crap!”

    I submit that if you haven’t turned off the MSM, you’re not a Dissident. The iron curtain descended 20 years ago. The good news is that now things are going to start getting really interesting. I see targeted assassinations and contract hits in the works….LOTS of antisemitism…and eventually an Archduke Franz Ferdinand moment. The current regime can’t run a nation and they’ll get swept aside like the trash they are. The regime is playing with fire now, and all they have to put it out is gasoline.

    Comedy and hilarity is bound to ensue – provided you achieve emotional separation from it.

  21. Agree that there’s an Iron Curtain, or, more accurately, as Z put in behind the green door piece, we’ve moved to feudal system. What’s very clear now is that the courts, politics and the economy are no longer free nor fair.

    But that changes the game, not just for us dirt people but for those on the other side of the curtain. Everyone now understands that you can’t win playing by the old CivNat rules. For the dirt people, there’s little choice but peasant uprising (actually taking to the streets and physically challenging the keepers of the system), but I don’t see much appetite for that, at least for now.

    What’s more interesting is how the various factions amongst the Cloud People adjust. For at least 70 years, a certain tribe has been playing the game by the new rules while everyone else was playing by the old rules. This group used bribery, blackmail, and all other sorts of mafia-like methods to gain and hold power.

    They were wildly successful, but much of that success was based on having no competition. Now, other groups (presumably) waking up to how the new game is played. If the courts or the media or even the business oligarchs can’t be counted on to play fair, you’re only choice is to play dirty.

    Will the FBI or CIA continue to be happy as the Dem’s toadies? Will the military continue to be happy as the neocon’s pliant toy? Will the gentile oligarchs continue to be happy as billionaires who have to answer to and, on occasion, grovel to the ADL?

    Maybe, maybe not. They all have the tools to push back. They may be on the other side of the curtain, but they are as vulnerable as the dirt people is a certain group turns their eye on them. Even in a feudal system, the king was always vulnerable to his lords deciding to replace him.

    Will new factions arise behind the curtain? Just as in Animal Farm, some Cloud People are more equal than others.

    • the all powerful cloud people can’t handle inflation, they can’t sort out the supply chain, they can’t fight a war (proxy or otherwise), they can’t supply energy reliably, etc, etc, etc. oh! and they poisoned virtually every single cadre with the vaxx. yes, they can still harm us when they choose, but the walls of the temple are already crashing down around them – and that they cannot control. they’ve already lost control of the cities, and the latino areas. it won’t be long before each state starts purging the local feds. given that most of the military and nat guards are white, are they really going to support a pogrom against their own families and communities?

      i think the end of AINO is a lot closer than people here think it is.

      • karl von hungus: The Whites in the military and national guard take the regime’s paycheck and do its bidding. The vast majority are not potential allies of anyone other than their non-White comrades. The few who had a clue have already gotten out.

        • there is room for both of us to be right :). taking a paycheck is one thing, shooting your neighbors is another. in any event, if the regime takes the anti-white thing much further, they will expel all the remaining whites from those services.

  22. “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

    • What are you a fed poster?

      Did I tell you about the time I got my rear-end pounded out in prison for getting out of line?

      I learned my lesson, and I’m a good little worker bee who pays taxes, and I will MAKE SURE nobody on the right shows the SLIGHTEST form of resistance.

      • Ahh yes, sockpuppeting, haven’t seen that in a while. Go “do the thing” then report back here badazz. We will be waiting to hear about your awesome boogaloo resistance. Be sure to do it REALLY soon so you stick out like a sore thumb and can get yourself a comfy cell next to the J6 retards.

    • Those who will not fight when the stakes are low will not fight when the stakes are high.

    • The guy who said it got his head blown off while riding in a convertible. His brother got blown away in a kitchen.

  23. For what it’s worth, I personally think that Tucker was actually leaning more towards the Dissident side, but walking the line at Fox.

    He is a normal guy married with kids. Most right wing personalities always have something weird going on in their family life. Mike Rowe is “childfree”, Chris Rufo has an Asian wife, JD Vance has an Indian wife, David French enjoys taking BBC, so does Laura Ingraham, etc. But not Tucker.

    Just personal guess though. I’ve also met lots of people who seemed like Dissidents but who were actually hardcore Grillers. Maybe Tucker would let us all down.

    I think our elites suspected this too and they were scared. Matt Walsh will be the next on the chopping block, and he is also a normal Christian guy with kids.

    • Absolutely. You get so you can tell who is a true believer, who is being leaned on or manipulated…it will be interesting to see what Tucker does. I will bet dollars to donuts Tucker is tapped into Dissident thought… and realize he is in a very precarious position. In his place I’d seriously consider retirement and obscurity.

      Epstein was just a taste of what’s coming down the pipe from our esteemed noble class…

    • Don’t know about that. Somebody posted some excerpts of a Carlson interview with Adam Corrolla. Tucker was full-on colorblind CivNat. He seemed genuinely appalled by the idea of whites thinks and organizing as a group.

      Doesn’t make him a bad guy or “gatekeeper,” but that’s the big line between Normie and DR.

      • Tucker seems passionate about “race is just skin color.” It’s hard to believe he doesn’t know about race realism, but maybe that’s the case. Or he understands, but just thinks society is better going the colorblind route, same as our friend Steve Sailer.

        Tucker appears to have that twinkle in his eye when guests like Candace Owens, Jason Whitlock or Larry Elder are on his show like they’re “proving” that blacks can be just like us, if they have fathers and education or whatever.

      • You have to remember that Tucker is also insulated from race reality by his money and by his community. He’s just been disowned and cancelled by his community… so it will be very interesting to see how things unfold. I won’t be surprised at all if diversity, Darwin and Murphy don’t pay him a visit soon. He’s incurred the wrath of the jews now… so anything is possible.

    • Matt Walsh has been doxxed, and demonetized at You Tube.
      Just saw his clip this morning announcing he’s moving his videos over the Daily Wire website where they will be available free.

    • On Fedi one of the last honest leftists noted that the sacking of anti0war, anti-globalist Tucker was a loss for the left as everyone else are just corporate mouth pieces. Related, it gets kind of tiresome for people who are afraid to mention anything cross about regime policies at work bash Tucker for not being a full-on public dissident. We’re talking about a regime that is trying to jail an unfavored, wealthy ex-president for nothing yet Carlson was supposed to be able to walk around with no fear? He was doing good as it was.

  24. This is confirmation that the “free market”, idolized by so many conservatives, doesn’t exist. Tucker Carlson was the #1 news show in the nation. Firing Tucker in his prime is like the 2010 Patriots firing Tom Brady and replacing him with a rookie.

    If the market mattered, advertisers would be clamoring to market their products on his show and Tucker would be sought after by all networks.

    “We” have known this for a while, but the Tucker case is the first glaring example from the mainstream world. Just build your own satellite network and make your own Fox News if you don’t like it, I guess.

    We’ve learned that alot of things don’t exist since 2016. Free elections, the first amendment, the right to travel, the right to self defence… etc. They used to say that a private corporation censoring speech isn’t a violatiom of the first amendment. Now, the feds are directly prosecuting people for their free speech.

    But yeah, sorry, but your whole country is fake and gay. “Conservatives” are still coming to terms with the fact that they’ve been conned and that their whole worldview doesn’t exist. Including the free market.

    • the situation now is the direct result of all the people voting GOP as “the lesser of two evils”. killing the GOP 50 years ago would have allowed a true opposition party to start. now it’s too late; the entire system has to fail before anything new will be possible.

  25. “…What is happening right in front of our eyes is the weaponization of the court system by the regime to suppress dissent’…’
    “…In effect an iron curtain is descending across American society…”
    Seems a better description would be “has happened” and “has descended”.

  26. They are playing for keeps. As bad as the judiciary is now, it is going to get far worse. In the meantime the First American Triumverate of Bush-II, Clinton, Obama are openly sponsoring flights to disperse migrants all over the United States. Similarly Obama’s new and improved Section 8 is going to work its magic. They just announced a preferred rate for low credit scores and a penalty for high credit scores. The military is fast tracking POC officers. I could go on and on.

    There are, “moderators”, all over the mainstream dissident right sites now. The things they are censoring make it clear who the censors are and what won’t be tolerated. It is the same taboo that Tucker Carlson came right up against in his monologues – calling out the war against the American Kulaks.

    It is astounding how used up, chewed up and spit out Americans have been by constituencies that have had astounding gains that Americans made possible. Thinking back to WWI. Heck only 20 years ago America looked very different. The dressed itself up and made its finest appeal to flyover Americans to go fight in the deserts of the Imperium. Now we are in the opening phases of an open and bare knuckled war against the same people. It is such an incredible betrayal that it beggars belief. People are stunned and it is understandable. We need some smelling salts and succinct explanations and quick, because this evil is only just getting started.

  27. Also banned yesterday, from the seemingly free speech platform Odysee, was the guy who calls himself “Handsome Truth.” He’s been a big target of the ADL lately.

  28. “For now, the real power of that iron curtain is that the people on the losing side refuse to believe it is there and instead keep operating under the old rules.”

    In the case of corrupt dotards such as National Review, they embrace the Iron Curtain. NR never again will be a gatekeeper, but the stooges there are allowed to serve as court stenographers.

    As to the larger point, the court system in the United States is just as corrupt and trashy as every other aspect of the Regime. I actually think potential litigation was the pretext to sack Tucker after he said Bad Things about trannies over the weekend. The one voice speaking against the catastrophe that is Ukraine has been silenced as icing on the cake.

    The only question I have is whether cable television viewing will be mandated along with social media use in the near future.

    • Ah yes, the North Koreans once again point the way to our glorious future. It is required, where practicable, to have a speaker in every DPRK home, which cannot be turned off and is used to transmit daily the party line.

      This too will become a facet of our sacred democracy. Just give it time.

  29. I don’t watch TV (and haven’t in more than 2 decades), so the demise of Fox News is of no consequence to me. But I do understand that normie is going to shit his pants over the firing of his hero Tucker Carlson. He routinely vented and dispersed his anger by raving with Carlson every night, and now that has been taken away, so his anxiety level will soon rise up off the charts. As a result, he will grouse and fart a lot more, but not get off the couch because its the only reality that he knows and he can barely make through the bathroom door anymore.

    The only thing that will fix any of this is a major collapse event. There will be no change until the environment changes. Its going to take empty shelves at the grocery store and prolonged hunger to move the sheeple toward a real remedy.

    The Cloud People are orchestrating these events so as foster a genuine civil rebellion, or failing that, manufacture a false flag mock rebellion, and use the ensuing chaos mania to justify going full totalitarian autocracy. But this plan only works if they first get all the alphas to kill each other off (patriots vs LEOs), which is why they are working so hard to get both groups viscerally angry and spitting nails. Then it’s just a matter of triggering a collision.

    And then, as in Ukraine currently, you get hundreds of thousands of dead alphas and innocents, and no one left to rid the country of its root problem. The Untermenschen can now be controlled with a few tens of thousands of loyal and ruthless jackboots. It’s a good plan that history has shown can work quite effectively.

    But it can also be beaten, and spare us all that death of countless innocents.

    • Taliban did it. Afrikaaners in SA are looking to do it now. US gov resembles the ANC more and more.

  30. Since the legal system is now a complete joke for normal people, and any trial in the high profile category will almost assuredly be adjudicated in favor of darkness, it’s a wonder that Rittenhouse beat the rap – but most likely only because he didn’t happen to off any joggers. However, he is being sued in civil court, so his life can still be made a living hell.

    It’s just unbelievable just how corrupt the federal government has become in all facets – or at least how blindingly obvious it’s become – to more and more people. I guess they used to do a better job of hiding the fact. Now it’s in our face daily and from all directions. I’m sure Joe and Jane normie are going to wake up soon…. LOL.

    • A friend of mine described her inlaws yesterday as “Narrative normie talking dolls”

    • Rittenhouse only beat the rap because everything was captured on extensive video and he didn’t shoot a sacred cow (like you mention). Had he shot one of the future engineers the negro violence brigades would have been unleashed on the jurors and the judge and forced them into the “right decision”.

      • Yup – those are the two conditions. One lacking: you are in jail. Note the jogger case. Clearly they were being attacked – on video. But they were attacked by the sacred cow.

    • Rittenhouse benefited as well from having a white male judge. It matters a lot more than normie will admit, but still is no guarantee.

  31. The post and comments beg a question.

    If lawfare is the tool that will continue to be used to crush the dirt people, what is a viable solution/counter to it?

    I tend to alternate/parallel societies. I would like to know what others think.

    And I agree whole heartedly with Thgref.

    • > If lawfare is the tool that will continue to be used to crush the dirt people, what is a viable solution/counter to it?

      Stuff that can’t be posted here.

      • 99

        My thoughts also.

        Sorry for lifting that rock.

        I simply appreciate the thinking of this group. I don’t know if the commenters here know just how helpful the thoughts and ideas are to people on this side.

        It’s helpful to know I’m not a voice in the wilderness.

        • Bartleby the Scrivner: It’s also heartening to see one’s own POV shared and better espoused. I do not watch tv, but my husband watched Tucker. When I read of his firing (from a comment here yesterday morning) I knew the regime was tightening the controls. Whatever ostensible reason given, Carlson touched on untouchable narratives – Jan6, fortified elections, legitimacy of the regime. A line has been drawn.

          Most people don’t read, so blogs are still a refuge for now, but personally I expect to see more of those to disappear as well. People give up heart, or have their families threatened, or are sued into oblivion. And no one wants to be a martyr for a people so beaten down and willingly compliant.

          Regardless, it’s reassuring to know that most here are both cognizant of the import of Tucker’s firing and understand the futility of relying on magic laws or markets to change anything.

          • 3g4me. It is a matter of priorities where time and resources are always scarce. Blogs will, I fear, soon be next for intimidation and therefore effectively shut down. The only question for me is when and how.

    • The USSR fell under the weight of “we pretend to work; they pretend to pay us.” They have been pretending to pay us for decades now. We should do our part.

      • Was about to bring up the USSR. I well remember in 1989 that it was this untouchable behemoth – and then all of a sudden mulleted Deutschers in snow-washed denim were smashing down their wall.

        Here’s a more recent example: last year’s protests in China led to massive rollback of COVID restrictions. A massive, non-violent protest movement can effect change. There doesn’t have to be revolutionary violence.

  32. The interesting part of what happens when every media outlet is so separated from a large portion of the population, from FOX all the way down the conservative streaming personalities, that the only alternative is late-Soviet era relentless cynicism to all media, or surrender to the new order and just going along with the lunacy.

    Cable news is going off into the sunset along with the elderly demographic, but the big online players that will replace them are just as benign and useless, in many ways even more so. Walsh, the only remotely useful guy in the Daily Wire, will be removed within the next 3 years, bet on it.

    The rest of the useful people will be relegated to intellectual ghettos where they can make a living but are safely separated from actually impacting the masses or elites in charge.

    • As far as Walsh it won’t take three years. The last week alone has been a full blitzkreig on him. Demonetized(and eventually cancelled) on Youtube. Hijacked his Twitter account and now access to all DMs , emails and texts also. Either he caves or he will be destroyed.

      I still have strong memories of The Purge of Sobran, Buchanan and Francis. History is rhyming again.

      • Tucker and Walsh would have been considered moderates in that era. The window of acceptability keeps moving left.

        • Absolutely. So many seem to think that getting a bud light VP temporarily reassigned is winning. TPTB have pushed so far to the extremes that the occasional blip or pushback is nothing compared to how far they have pushed their agenda.

          • Yep, local radio raving about their success (in boycott) whereas this latest incident is a minor setback for Budweiser and as mentioned, given Bud’s reaction via their marketing VP—no firing, not a repudiation of their policy of “wokeness” and acceptance of the trannie agenda.

            This incident will blow over because Joe Normie is not yet awake—and likely never will be woken.

    • Interesting. I did not realize he is being purged. It isn’t for his tranny heresy. It is for his willingness to openly discuss the plight of the American Kulaks. There is a clamp down on the mainstream dissident right sites right now and that is what gets the eye of Sauron and his censors fixed.

      What I wouldn’t give to have the WEF mind reader output of Knowles the good Catholic and Walsh the good Protestant (true?) right now.

      We are witnessing the realization of the great fallacy of classical liberalism – being a successful merchant alone as the primary means of power is a massive weakness. Walsh is over at the greatest build your own if you don’t like it success story, and it doesn’t seem to matter.

      It also shows how wrong Rand was. Her beloved, heroic, individualist industrialists ran away and dropped out. It is not a victory. The rabble of scavengers are more than happy to rule over ashes.

      • “It also shows how wrong Rand was.”

        I’ve been thinking along those lines for quite some time. it really is uncanny how accurately she described the “bad guys”. People like Fauci, Biden, Hannity, etc seem to come right out of her books. They are practically caricatures of her characters.

        You are right though, I haven’t seen any of her “good guy” characters showing up yet. I wonder if they ever really existed, or was it just wishful thinking on her part?

        • I don’t think they showed up, was my point. If I recall correctly, they all dropped out and ran away. It is more a tragic documentary (premonition) than a tale of heroism.

          Isn’t it astounding what ballsy, gritty men sailed and mapped the globe, settled untamed continents and yes, conquered them, and in just a couple of generations have completely given up and been conquered? I see San Jose is taking down the statues of Fallon. There is a picture of two burly white construction workers taking down the celebration of their great grandfathers grand victory.

          It is one of the greatest collapses if not the greatest collapse in history.

          • well, the hero industrialists withdrew their talents and set up an alternative society (at least the beginnings of one) – more than ran away.

            our current lown world seems like a good setting for the sequel to Atlas Shrugged.

          • The actually ending (IIRC) was a collapse of the established State into “darkness”—massive power grid failure with no ability to repair or work around, because no knowledgeable men remained in the society to prop up the government hacks who controlled the country.

            The names mentioned above are a good, present day, representation of the mediocre “yes men” that thrived in Rand’s hypothetical society.

            It was a good read for the time, but implicitly assumed a White ethno-State. We now have a different variable in the mix—minority majority of the populace and the accompanying decline of those superior intellectual industrialists Rand was fantasizing about. All we seem to have these days are tomb robbers who live off of the past endeavors of men whom they can never hope to understand, nor equal.

  33. Phenomenally insightful essay. Just change “afront” to “affront” and delete this comment of mine.

    • Good catch. Maybe it is just me, but the Word spell/grammar checker has gotten much worse recently. It used to flag all words like this that are easily confused.

  34. It seams to me that the Fox settlement was more a case of that entity finding an excuse to do what ots directors wanted it to do all along.

    They have the resources to drag this out for decades, and the amount sought for damages was completely laughable. The further in time from 2020 we get, the heat of that moment lessens. Eventually Fox would have won.

    But they didn’t want to win.

    Fox was never a “right-wing” outlet, contrary to leftwing propaganda. They were always aligned with the establishment – with a tabloid style that attracted people put off by the staid sanctimony of other media outlets. The only real difference was one of style, not substance.

    • They also had the opportunity to destroy Dominion’s credibility in the discovery process – and declined. It’s not a lawsuit that would ever have been brought to a fair court if it was truly contested.

      • Dominion, albeit I agree that machine tabulation as they provide it, is dangerous and should therefore be changed/eliminated, is not the methodology/reason of the last two election frauds. Quite simply, it was the old technique of ballot stuffing coupled with voter suppression that did the trick.

        Here in AZ, the ballots have been counted over and over and give the same result. It is the validity of these ballots that are in question, and that question can not be answered once the ballots have been placed into the process (into the pile of “good” ballots). So, with one exception, all law suits have asked for a *new* election, rather than a switch/replacement of winners.

        There have been any number of legislative corrections to the current process proposed, passed, and then vetoed at the (Dem) Governor’s desk. In fact, our current Governor now has the record for most vetos *ever signed* for legislation by a past Governor—4 months into her 4 year term!

        It seems short of a super majority, there will be no progress peacefully correcting the electoral process in this State. And with a State having 40+ % Hispanics, there never will. We Will be a one party ruled State as was MX for 70 years.

        • This. We had blocked windows in the counting stations, drop-boxes, late ballots, video of suitcases pulled out from under tables, observers sent home with counting restarted after midnight. There’s no need to *any* of that stuff if the steal was electronic. Yet despite all that evidence, it was supposedly Dominion? And, miscounting leaves an audit trail, but ballots, by the nature of the secret ballot, are inauditable. Ballot stuffing is the safe way, ballot stuffing is what the evidence says, yet all the talk was of ‘Dominion?’. Sounds like a distraction.

          Naturally Trump, with his unerring knack for political appointment, stood by while Sidney Powell blustered about voting machines, a CIA director supposedly stuck in Germany,and ‘Kraken’. She ran down the clock for a month while ballot stuffing evidence was sitting in plain sight.

    • ‘Fox was never a “right-wing” outlet, contrary to leftwing propaganda.’

      Agreed. It was a fake right designed to misdirect people disgruntled with the status quo into an alternative that was not really an alternative. And Carlson was probably fake right. Anglin is the real thing — but he’s beyond the pale.

      • Will money actually change hands in the Fox/Dominion settlement?

        Maybe not.

        Maybe the settlement was just another “kill the chicken to scare the monkeys” event.

        “Normie, dont even think of challenging the official narrative. You see what happened to Fox News; they had to pay a billion dollars to Dominion.”

        Id be surprised if any money actually changes hands, except maybe to the lawyers.

        • Blackrock/Vanguard have a substantial stake in both Dominion and Fox, so you’re probably right.

          • Alzaebo: Another reason I always come to Zblog – someone always brings up something I failed to consider.


          • Too kind, madam, the credit goes to pgt beauregard.

            Come to think of it, one hand washing the other would mean that Murdoch’s Cloud standing would be the main priority, wouldn’t it? Our Dirt world means nothing, nothing at all to the lofty ones.

            I lament reading Taki’s dish on the truly rich, as he sneers at these noveau poseurs. The old families had humility, decency, and class- that’s the appreciation borne of living through the occasional real insurrection, I suppose.

  35. Zombies from Conservative Inc think it is due to Tucker using mean words that hurt their feelings.

    I saw a link to this a-hole Geraghty earlier today before I read your post and I have to say that however much you loathe these back-stabbing p*****s and cucks at National Review, they always manage somehow to take it to the next level!

  36. Very solid post today, Zman.

    “For my friends, everything; for my enemies, the law”, said Peruvian dictator Óscar R. Benavides – a message the establishment has taken to heart. Frivolous lawsuits called “lawfare” is used to silence dissent, a broad term which also includes conspiracies to battle state election reform legislation. Targets of lawfare include the organizers of the Charlottesville rally and more than 1,000 people who attended the January 6 rally; defendants go bankrupt trying to defend themselves even if they are found not guilty, the FBI destroys exculpatory evidence, and often judges and juries are biased with D.C. juries that vote 90% Democrat. The FBI will be embedded in any mainstream or semi-mainstream populist organization, so to attend politically charged public events and rallies is to invite the power of the law to target and destroy you. Civil lawsuits against Alex Jones and Kanye qualify as lawfare as well. Another victim of lawfare was General Flynn, who was seen as a threat to the establishment due to his DIA experience and willingness to serve with Trump, and so he was framed by the FBI and spent years defending himself in court. He even had to sell his house to pay legal bills.


An early example of lawfare was the Great Sedition Trial of 1944, used to silence and intimidate prominent anti-communists, and these tactics were pioneered by then-litigator and eventual Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis in his 1908 Brandeis brief. Lawfare is used in other contexts too, such as pushing radical gerrymandering modifications nationwide on behalf of the establishment ( ) , or to paralyze opponents (i.e. a Hawaiian district court judge (!!) who issued a nationwide injunction against Trump’s travel ban).

    • Re: Tucker, my gut says its bad that the last populist on cable TV talking to the dumb boomers has been silenced, but I don’t feel that bad about it. The top execs at Fox are far-leftist shitlibs — including the Murdoch sons — and this was always just going to be a matter of time. I generally prefer it when someone or something’s reputation matches up with reality, and the sad fact is that Fox let Tucker build up audience trust during the off-season in order to turn the screw and cash in on the accumulated reputational capital during key moments, such as Fox being the first one to call the 2020 election — quite early — for Dementia Joe (during the multi-hour pause when the shitlibs were busy ballot stuffing). Now the boomers can understand Fox is corrupted and controlled just like all the others and hopefully they’ll stop putting their faith in it.

      • “Now the boomers can understand Fox is corrupted and controlled just like all the others and hopefully they’ll stop putting their faith in it.”

        Yeah, and normie will “wake up” too.

        In other news, I have this bridge to sell you…

  37. It’s a Hard Rain gonna fall. The DR may as well scratch X’s into their foreheads a la the Manson Family. The Leviathan has proscribed us with prejudice from “polite society.”

    All hail the Leviathan.

  38. Tucker fired from FOX is a glass half full situation. He’s now officially martyred and millions of fans will follow him to whatever platform he deems to use next. Rogan’s spotify deal will be dwarfed. Shutting Tucker up by canceling him from FOX is almost as brilliant (read: short sighted) a plan as FedGov1911’s attempt to impoverish Rockefeller by breaking up Standart Oil.

    • He might just walk away, he was making something like 10 million a year, it’s not like he needs the money

      Of course he could enter politics

      • Instantly the primo choice for VP if Trump or DeSantis win the nomination. Watching him debate Kamala would be fun.

        • He has something like five kids, right? I can’t imagine anyone with even a shred of love for his kids, who would be willing to put them (and a wife that he actually loves) through a Presidential campaign.

          • Maybe Carlson loves his country, and his kids enough to leave it better FOR his kids.

        • “Watching him debate Kamala would be fun.”

          Hahahaha! Thanks for the sorely needed laugh!

        • We have all seen the last presidential or vice presidential debate. They won’t do them anymore… why should they in the era of ballot harvesting? Only voters pay attention to debates… ballots just care about being counted.

          • The day after Kennedy enter the Democratic race, the DNC announced that there wouldn’t be primary debates.

    • The divide keeps widening. Since cable news is part of the regime media, it’s good to see it damaged with Tucker’s firing. I hope he goes the alternative online route rather than signing on with Newsmax or OAN or something.

      Dumb boomer conservatives tend to trust cable news over online independent sources. Shaking up their ossified views would be good to see, along with the cancellation of millions of cable subscriptions.

    • Jan, who are Tucker’s followers? TV viewers. If they were Internet savvy, they’d have woken up years ago. Will they follow Tucker if his only reach is the reach is now through the internet? We shall see.

  39. Maybe I’m too far gone on blackpills but… I see it the other way around. Fox settled that lawsuit rather than fight because they might have won and uncovered all kinds of things in the discovery process.

    Getting that close to the truth of our election scams scared everyone involved. So they “settled” for a big amount which will be drastically reduced later, and used it as an excuse to clean house.

  40. Part of it is treating dc and certain areas as enemy occupied territory. Your relatives and friends who vote dem are to be shunned. Ruin family events and make it clear you are not on their side and their son or whatever can go die to spread trannyism is ukraine or wherever. Your time and effort is spent with your ideological fellows. There can be no dialog with your ideological opponents at this point especially awfls who would sell you out I a heartbeat for likes and the right to kill their children. If you must forgo all economic activity outside of a VPN in certain states, so be it. Until the current avela corridor mafia and their MBA and urban shits are stripped of power or switch sides, no deal.

    • If I remember right, with Douglass Mackey, their juristiction was based on the nutty idea that some of his bits crossed fiber optics cables in New York. This goes beyond nutty to dark farce. And even without the judges nudging the jury (a travesty in itself), you know the average person in these hellholes will rubber stamp whatever the regime wants,

      The final nail will be a high profile case where there’s a holdout in the jury for one of the kangaroo trials, and the full force of the state decidsd to come crashing down on him as a lesson.

      • Jurors are routinely doxxed now. This is particularly the case when a white man embraces his inner evil and defends himself against death at the hands of Shitavious. You may have a right to a trial by jurors of your peers, but you do not have the right to a fair trial any longer. I’ve seen stats that indicate the Soviets and Saddam’s jurists had lower conviction rates than is the case with the federal system in the United States.

        • And every good liberal would answer that like an honest Cardassian: “Our 100% conviction rate is because we only have trials for the guilty, to try the innocent would be unfair.”

          • I get your snark, but really the situation is that most all crimes are waaay overcharged. For example, the 16 (or 32 counts?) against Trump for payoffs or campaign fraud—whatever—were from the same act as in multiple payments, which is typical. Hell when I retired, the State owed me unused sick leave that they paid off over three years.

            When you’re a working stiff, you can’t afford to fight such bullshit charges and an offer of a plea deal seems like a godsend—probation for copping to a reduced plea—even if innocent. And of course, a “Tyrone” gets off with probation immediately as he just costs too much to incarcerate and is of no political import to prosecute.

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