The Gods Have Gone Crazy

The primary difference between a god and a man is that the gods have powers that no man can possess. It is not that the gods are bigger, faster, and stronger than men, even though that is often the case. It is that the gods can violate the rules of nature or even harness nature itself. Gods can defy gravity, change the course of rivers, or make it go dark in the middle of the day. The gods are gods because they get to make exceptions to the rules that bound the life of man.

Of course, this is not the only role of the gods. If the gods violated the rules of the universe all the time or helped man violate those rules, then the rules would be meaningless and all that would matter is favoring the gods. A big part of what makes the gods is their enforcement of the rules. What man can expect is the rules to apply at all times and all places. It is the exceptions that remind him that his world is the creation of the gods, and he has to respect them.

Christianity changed this relationship a tiny bit. The old gods were relegated to folklore and the new God was the only god. God was not playing an active role in the affairs of mankind, but more of an observer. Even so, God was the great enforcer of the rules of nature, by not violating those rules, outside of miraculous circumstances that lie beyond the ability of man to comprehend. God made the world. It operates by fixed rules and only God can make exceptions.

This is an important concept to understanding the world. Human society is based on the idea that the rules apply to everyone, except the sovereign, who is allowed to exempt himself from the rules and make exceptions to the rules. The king, for example, can pardon a condemned man, even though the man broke the rules. The king is the only member of society to judge himself because he is the only member of society responsible for maintaining the rules of society.

Like the gods, this special position falls apart quickly if the king is making exceptions to the rules to the point where the rules are meaningless. The king goes from being the sovereign to being a tyrant. What defines him is not the rules and his role in the enforcement of the rules, but rather his lack of rules. This is the fundamental definition of tyranny. There are no rules, just the caprice of the ruler. Everyone lives in terror of being on the wrong side of the tyrant.

If one wanted to produce a universal definition for hell, it would start with the complete lack of rules. After all, if the Devil has rules, then you can theoretically appeal to those rules for relief. There is some hope that you can end the torment by complying with the rules or finding a loophole. On the other hand, if there are no rules then there is no hope for appeal as there is no rule to which you can appeal. There is nothing but the desire of the Devil to inflict torment upon you.

The point of all this is that order depends upon rules, but it also requires an enforcer of those rules and that is always someone with the power to make exceptions. If that person or entity abuses that power, we slowly move out of the world of order and into the hellish domain of rule by tyrant. The tyrant flips the concept of the rule of law on its head so that the rules become dangerous. Today’s lawful action can be deemed unlawful tomorrow by the tyrant.

We see this in miniature on the social media platforms. YouTube creators must spend time self-policing their old content because even though they complied with the rules at the time, the rules change constantly. That old video about Rumble was within the rules two years ago, but all of a sudden, it is now a violation of the rules, so you can lose your channel as a result of it. This applies across all social media platforms. The “terms of service” is a license to unleash hell on the platform users.

The same people turning the rules of the internet into a jumble of exceptions administered by petty tyrants are doing the same to the law. It used to be that you could have an opinion about the powerful people. You could get a bunch of your friends to hold a rally in order to express that opinion. In theory you can still do these things, but it is impossible to know if it is legal. Years after the fact the state of Virginia is prosecuting Charlottesville protestors for carrying tiki torches.

Of course, the people turning the law into a dangerous labyrinth are also redefining the phrase “new world order” to mean unpredictable chaos. America is supposed to be the keeper of the rules-based world and the defender of order. Instead, the Washington regime spreads chaos around the world, mostly by violating the rules they demand others follow and punishing those who do follow the rules. Washington has become the global tyrant, the great violator of order.

What one finds behind this spread of lawlessness and chaos are people appropriating for themselves the right to make exceptions. Whether it is trivial things like the rules of social media, the mundane things in our courtrooms and boardrooms, or the big things on the global stage, it is always the same people turning the rules into an unnavigable jungle of exceptions. They have declared themselves gods and have driven the rest of us mad with their endless exceptions.

They may be crazy, but they are not gods, despite their claims. They are just the ruling class of the American empire. Ironically, a founding document of the American experiment provides the remedy. “But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

This is what we see happening in the world. The emerging global powers, along with smaller powers like OPEC, are abandoning the old gods of the unipolar world for the new gods of the multipolar world. The new gods promise to respect the rules and avoid exceptions without consent. The same must happen inside the West and eventually in the heart of the American empire. There will be peace only when there are new rules that are enforced by new men who know they are not gods.

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164 thoughts on “The Gods Have Gone Crazy

  1. >the new gods of the multipolar world promise to respect the rules and avoid exceptions without consent…
    Which are those? China and Russia, the third world, the globalist megacorporations?
    I don’t see these lawful new gods anywhere in the international arena, if anything, the would-be new rulers are more arbitrary than the old order.

  2. I think you are correct. The limp-wristed feds will target individuals for destruction because it is easy and fun for them, and has a clear deterrent effect. Taking on Texas or Florida is a much tougher task, especially if they act in concert.

    A tiny subset of anecdotal discussions I have had with liberals is interesting. Typically the discussion will revolve around how divisive the country has become. I will say the only solution is a peaceful separation, and they get a worried look and say no one wants a civil war. I then say it could be peaceful and ask them why they wouldn’t just want the red states to go their own way. Why do you want to co-exist with people you hate? They are utterly speechless. I’m not sure what to make of that, but it is definitely a pattern.

    • I think it’s because they hate themselves so much that they can’t stomach people who do not hate themselves. They want us vanquished. To be fair, I want separation, but I want it to be “permanent”.

  3. Hum.

    I wonder if Z-man, with the above essay, just exposed himself to the possible midnight knock and the visit by the jack booted thugs, maybe tomorrow maybe years from now.

    Naw, this is America, could never happen.

    • Our challenge is to avoid being put on a list that’s dumber than we deserve.

      Imagine the shame of glancing over at Gulag Saint Peter’s book and finding your name next to some libertarian, double-crossed alt-right fed, or “based” black guy.

      • Getting into a good camp is the most important thing these days you know. You don’t want to be sent there with Coof Karens who got busted for demanding more booster jabs than they would offer.

    • Jim in Alaska: Unfortunately, your solid sarcasm is believed as truth by normies and some dissidents alike. They still advocate public protests and lawfare. They still think they’re safe in suburbia (even a friend’s husband who was with the British Army in Ireland during ‘the troubles’ thinks his Texas suburb is ‘safe’). A linked essay from someone else’s blog post notes the danger represented by government/gang collusion, which is reality on the ground in AINO today, whether the ‘gang’ is BLM or Antifa or Trannies. Of course, even the writer of the wise words below falls prey to his own blind spots – he advocates local political participation and organization to somehow combat the government/gang partnership.

      “The unsettling reality is that America in the not-too-distant future is going to have a lot in common with partial-collapse societies of Eastern Europe and Latin America where gangs have more power and influence than the government; where politicians pass the laws but gangs enforce the rules.
      This is the Gray Zone America you should be preparing for — not quite collapsed, but not quite standing.

      This is my takeaway from Arkan’s Legacy.

      The documentary features Serbian hooligans (soccer fans) confessing how their government permits them to dominate the black market and engage in criminal behavior as long as they serve the state.”

      I have three general takeaways:

      First, herein lies my problem with the Bugout Bag Industrial Complex:

      Your bugout bags, fire starters, and lensatic compasses don’t solve this problem. There is no paracord bracelet on earth, nor stack of freeze dried food that can turn back the tide of government-gang collusion.

      Playing defense, bugging in, and praying to God that no one bothers you is a losing strategy.

      The “power politics” of the Cultural Revolution is no longer a Chicago or Seattle problem. Political decay is creeping into suburban and rural areas.”

      • 3g4me-

        Your second paragraph echoes a sentiment I saw recently-

        “The world is a prison now. Find your gang.”

      • My last sentence was sarcasm, the first was a caution.

        I won’t tell anybody else how to deal with today’s world but my hunker down or bug plans are in place.

        I suspect that’s the best one can do as, in my opinion you understand, far to few today are willing to pledge their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor.

        Yes it was a caution; 110 years in prison for a business card;

        • While I think it’s an abomination what is happening to those guys, at this particular time in history, doing what they did screams,”end my life as I know it”.

          Patience. It’s not gonna be easy, but victory, whatever that means to each person, will be especially sweet.

          • Bartleby-

            At this time there is not a good reason for most of us to make ourselves obvious targets.

        • Jim in Alaska: As I mentioned, I think this guy is dead wrong when he advocates (in end of his post that I did not quote) local political involvement. While he has a valid point re hoping one escapes notice is futile given that AINO is a de facto surveillance state, I think his proposed solution is equally futile. As for bugout/hunkering down plans, my husband and I just moved hundreds of miles to a small but charming home on many acres on a wooded mountainside.

    • jim , don’t kid yourself , we’re all on the list . I plan to go quietly cooperate fully.

  4. Only tacitly related, but I got an email from an HR management type company, remarking about how even though the courts had ruled against The Departments over some matter, The Departments were still strongly encouraging companies to comply with their illegal policy. I found the fact that they were doing so less surprising (at this point how could such a thing be surprising) and more surprised that a newsletter educating users as to the latest regime policies just generically referred to the government as “The Departments”. It doesn’t quite have the same ring as “The Directory”, but it almost does.

    • This seems to be in accord with the way blue states are handling the gun issue. They keep passing laws that are clear violations of Bruen. The Xirls in our legislature here in Oregon rammed through measure 114 which is about as big a violation of that as you can get. Thankfully, it’s now on hold pending a hearing but the legislature just tried to amend some other bill to ram the provisions through a different way. It’s quite clear that these people don’t care what the Supreme Court says.

      Can they really not see that this opens a door, actually 50 of them? They’re handing the Red states the precedents they need to ignore the rulings they don’t like and perhaps begin rounding up Federal agents from all sorts of noxious alphabet agencies ranging from the ATF to the EPA.

      The Xirl-hive probably thinks that as long as they retain the White House they can always just “send in the troops” to any rebel state that does anything they don’t like. The problem is that this is a nuclear option and actually achieves the thing they would be trying to prevent, which is de-facto partition and civil war. They did nothing when Desantis sent the migrants to hang out at Martha’s Vineyard. My guess is that red state governors and legislatures can just keep pushing that envelope and each time the Xirls will pout and shriek and “demand action” and… then nothing.

      There’s also the larger question of how this represents an increasing failure to operate a modern nation-state. Xirls and bitch-men always think that it’s obvious what needs to be done in every situation. In a sense, they do for the micro scale. This is why HR departments all seem to be controlled from some super Cyber-gynocrat like the God Emperor of Dune. Meeting out petty injustice based on a racial and gender checklist is about at the intellectual level of the typical Basic College Xirl. Hell, you don’t even need ChatGPT for this; I could write you a Python script that could do the job. More complex tasks such as deciding trade or energy policy… This is where real states like Russia and China excel. Everyone knows exactly who is in charge and is reasonably confident that they were chosen for competence and smarts whether they make decisions you don’t like or not.

      The coming 50 States of Grey America will not have anyone to blame or appeal to or even ask “what are we supposed to do?” Even Zombie Brandon will one day look like a “strong leader”. There will be no foreign policy or energy policy, there will be 50 of them, ever changing, and all at odds with each other.

      • Not just the gun issue, but immigration law too.

        It may be that sanctuary cities for illegals was the first major example of cities/counties/states being able to defy federal law because they knew that all the people who enforced the law supported their defiance of it.

        That was another big step in my path towards radicalization, that the feds had no problem with sanctuary cities.

        • One can subvert the law freely so long as one does so in a Leftist manner. Subvert it from the right and you’ll be in the slammer quicker than you can say habeus corpus.

          • From the events from the last six years, I conclude ‘dispassionate application of the law’ is the essence of the right. The left will apply the law, but only when it suits them, when it’s personal, and in whatever way they choose to interpret it. The rest of the time, they don’t care about the law. How to fight the left, when what we strive for, effective application of the law, becomes a weapon in their hands? It’s not easy to see how to put Humpty back together again.

    • But it seems to be inevitable that the gods who made a civilization are replaced by those so crazy that they will tear it down…Look at what happened to the British Empire when arrogant clowns like Kitchener and Churchill pushed it into completely unnecessary but devastating wars…Britain went from the wealthiest country in history to still being on food rationing in 1953….

  5. The great question is, of course, why rules-based America became the lawless GAE. And the answer is quite simple. America, as recently as approximately 20 years ago, was a society in which competing ideologies had institutional power, which ensured that the powerful had to play, for the most part, by the rules. If a Leftist transgressed the rules too flagrantly or too often, she could face serious retribution from the Right, however one defines it. There were ideological checks and balances.

    Fast forward to the present. The GAE is obviously a mono-ideological state. Both poltical parties, certainly at the federal level, and to a large degreee at the state level, swear fealty to the one ideology. And that means there is absolutely nothing to stop the GAE’s ideologues from rampaging madly and trampling underfoot anybody who gets in their way. In this sense, the GAE is identical with the USSR, and we know what happened to dissidents in that country.

    Now if you’re an adherent of the one ideology, you love this situation, and if you oppose it, you loathe it. The Left has accomplished its grand objective of utter hegemony, and is now beginning the process of eliminating and cowing the few piddling nodes of resistance that remain. They have converted America into a Leftist state.

    Those of us on the Right must do three things–survive, learn from the Left, and separate. If we do this, we can then create our own mono-ideological state that stands in the starkest of all possible opposition to the GAE.

    • I wasn’t paying attention until the Dubya years, but I remember a near-TDS-level freakout leading to a shockingly leftward shift in politics.

      The odd thing is, it seemed triggered by and in opposition to the neocons then, but now, strangely, the neocons have ridden the rage-wave back into dominance. Lefty has truly lost her marbles.

      The combination of lefty rage and neocon warmongering is the uniparty. Only one way that combination can govern.

      • The ethnic neocons like to be Wormtongues hiding behind the sovereign for precisely this reason. Once Dubya was back on his armadillo farm holding the bag for Iraq they slithered over to the Dems to resume business as usual.

      • I have this lefty friend. 15 years ago she thought George Bush was satan incarnate. Now she wants Liz Cheney to run for president. You can’t make this stuff up. It suggests the possibility that in another decade they will rehabilitate Trump and compare him favorably to whoever becomes the new right wing bogeyman.

        • “It suggests the possibility that in another decade they will rehabilitate Trump and compare him favorably to whoever becomes the new right wing bogeyman.”

          That won’t be hard, because he governed as a moderate ’90s Democrat. The “racist” “homophobe” stuff is truly astounding to me as it’s so utterly ridiculous on its face I have a hard time understanding how so many people believe it so fervently.

          I mean, I *wish* he was as racist and homophobic as they say, but no such luck…

          • Bill Clinton couldn’t secure the Democratic Party nomination in 2024 if he ran with the same positions he had in the 1990s. Clinton would be dismissed as a “hateful far-right extremist” by today’s Woke far-left Democratic party establishment.

          • Barack Obama couldn’t win the 2024 D nomination with the same platform he ran on in 2008

            and they accuse us of moving farther right

          • There is no logic with lefty. JFK was the most rightwing president since Coolidge, but to the left he is a saint. Go figure.

        • On the flipside, I know bugmen who think that Mittens and McCain were terrific presidential candidates.


    • Now if you’re an adherent of the one ideology, you love this situation

      Only because they think they’re in on it which is a cope every bit as hard as the right thinking that the system will save itself.

    • That process will be accelerated by the supreme idiocy of the ideology and incompetence of its rulers…Armstrong’s AI continues to predict breakup after 2032…

    • “Those of us on the Right must do three things–survive, learn from the Left, and separate.”

      We’re dealing with Sea Peoples, Mercurians, rootless cosmopolitans— whatever you want to call them. They’ve cracked the psychology of settled people, i.e., normie grillers. That’s why there’s no conquering army. It’s all in the head.

      It would be a simple matter of flushing turds, were it not for the head games. You can’t meet manipulation with force any more than you can hit a woman. That’s something Hitler would do 😆

      So to the point, learning from the Left means going to psychology. The meme war was a brilliant victory in that regard, but the meme war was aimed at normie. Normie isn’t the enemy, and access to him can be restricted. Owning the libs failed, probably because it reinforced their thinking.

      So I think the aim should be disrupting them like they’ve disrupted normie. Making them question their reality, shaking their confidence.

      • Maybe thinking too much, but since I’m thinking: human nature being what it is, people play to their strengths, but their strengths often point to their weaknesses, whether by overcompensation or neglect. Dumb jocks, for instance.

        I imagine people who deal in myth and narrative do so because that’s what they are at the center. What good’s a story if nobody listens to it? Does it even exist?

        Are people who make scenes vapid and boring?

        Are psychologists scientists?

        Is the most hurtful thing you can do to a woman, to tell her that you never want to see her again? The old male gaze.

        Does the opinionated nobody opine because he’s not a serious person? Good evening, everybody 😆

  6. It may be picking the fly chit out of the pepper… but a couple points of order, if I may: the old Gods have ALWAYS been crazy. The Iliad reads like some kind of ancient version of a WWF cage fight.

    The revolutionary aspect of Christianity is that it removed the crazies from Mount Opympus and put them all in Hell, HAR HAR HAR!!! God is many things, but he surely is not crazy. Simply put… America’s fall is the result of becoming ungodly people. I suppose I am in no position to lecture about religious issues… but it occurs to me that the same stripe of jew that incurred the wrath of God in the bible… well, they’re hard at it again in our day and nations. And Americans and Canadians that should know better are working right alongside them. Or for them.

    We were dead the minute we let affirmative action get into our managerial class, Z. That led to throwing God out of gov’t and the schools, and now pedophiles are legally entitled to prey on kids in the classrooms and bathrooms.

    As Christians and other men of merit, WE let all this happen. I believe we are being punished for our sloth, and the worst is yet to come… but whadda I know?

    • Very perceptive that the sin of the current age is sloth – the unwillingness to perform one’s duty. Everybody who just wanted to grill and be left alone is responsible, because all of us were supposed to be doing something to protect our society.

      I hope we do not get what we deserve.

      • That’s a little unfair. We were told our civic duty was to be educated and vote. We were and we did. It took us a little while to pick up on the fact that the people who told us that were concurrently rigging the system and importing our replacements with no regard for what we thought about it, but pick up on it we did. The problem was they had moved so quickly. Audaciously. By the time we got wise it was already a fait accompli.

        The remaining civnats do deserve your scorn. But let’s not confuse them with “we.”

        • How quick is “quick”? The warning signs were in the streets and ghettos as early as 1965, and were everywhere apparent by the early 70s. And yet…our parents and grandparents mollycoddled about with their opposibles inserted squarely in their tukhases and allowed the abominations to mount. And I fear we have learned from them all to well. What is required is old-fashioned heroism, and that desideratum seems no longer to exist.

    • “ I believe we are being punished for our sloth, and the worst is yet to come… ”

      The God of the Old Testament often allowed His “people” to suffer the error/folly of their sinful ways as a path to remediation/redemption. However, when the lesson was learned, He forgave and received them back. That is the great lesson of the OT we are being experienced once again. This is why despair is a sin, it assumes God has abandoned us. He has not, nor ever will.

      • That is a great thing to keep in mind. There has alway been, and always will be, evil on earth. God allows it for a reason. Keep up the fight with good cheer.

    • Another revolutionary aspect of Christianity is its claim to universality; the gods of Mount Olympus didn’t care about Egyptians or Persians or Barbarians, they were gods of the Greeks.

      Today, Jews have their own god while white people have to share theirs with everybody else.

      • “Today, Jews have their own god while white people have to share theirs with everybody else.”

        Boy, does that have broader applicability.

      • Z hit on this point in his podcast a few Fridays back. I never had thought about it before, but one of the main reasons Jews rejected Christ as their prophesied messiah is that he would have opened up their tribe for all to join. They push that relentlessly for everyone on earth except themselves.

    • Those considered gods in the ancient world were only fallen spirits (angels) taking the various forms and guises that they typically do, dressed according to the language group or culture doing the observing.

      They present as gods but, nupe. Been so long now that some even have come to believe sincerely that they are gods. But nupe.

    • “As Christians and other men of merit, WE let all this happen. I believe we are being punished for our sloth, and the worst is yet to come…”

      The success of evil is NOT because good men did nothing. False guilt like this is appealing because the alternative, that God sometimes tears down what He built, is too frightening.

      Regardless of anything we do, God will succeed. That’s both the benefit and drawback to belief in the Christian God.

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  8. “This is what we see happening in the world. The emerging global powers, along with smaller powers like OPEC, are abandoning the old gods of the unipolar world for the new gods of the multipolar world. The new gods promise to respect the rules and avoid exceptions without consent. The same must happen inside the West and eventually in the heart of the American empire.”

    Not to toot my own horn, but I’ve been saying that for a very long time. The following is a comment I wrote at the The Unz Review on January 2bd, 2023. The current reality, and the path ahead, are very clear, but we need to be disciplined enough to walk the walk. To wit:

    This is really the crux of the matter.

    I think the formulation that everyone is sensing, but which is seldom yet uttered explicitly, is not that Russia is going to save us, but that the Russian example is something that dissidents in the West need to emulate. Russia actually did what we must do and ought to be doing. Both friend and foe alike can feel this coming. Both state-sponsored phonies like Jack D and people who really care about the future of our countries, like presumably you and I do; and this is what forms the subtext of the entire discussion.

    After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia started from a very low base and seemed all but totally defeated. But Russia did not give up. Russia found its voice and found a champion in Vladimir Putin. Gradually, they rebuilt beneficial coalitions with the surrounding peoples of the ex-Soviet empire. They brought the oligarchs under control and stopped the economic vivisection of Russian resources. They developed an entirely different approach to economics which was not dependent on financial shenanigans or monetary theory of any kind, but on actual commodities and energy and industrial production—and it worked. Most incredibly, Russia proved itself a good-faith actor to peoples all over the world by evincing a profound respect for law, treaties, agreements, concordances, even when others did not. It handles international relations in a way that is emphatically moral and respectful.

    Dissidents in the West have also been all but totally defeated by Wokism. We are lacking a man of Putin’s capabilities but we once almost had a champion in Donald Trump. That political energy can be kindled again with better candidates; we must never forget that there was something good in the core of Trumpism notwithstanding his personal shortcomings. We need to focus on economics and getting our own oligarchs reined in. These big corporations and their unholy alliance with the federal bureaucracy are the beating heart of the Left from whence all Wokism flows. Compared with this, mere racial issues are a sideshow, or at best one head of the hydra. We need to develop economic independence by getting out of debt, establishing ownership of resources, and carrying on mutually beneficial trades outside of the official monetary system. We, too, need to live our lives in a way that is high-minded, moral, fair, just and irreproachable before God and man so that people will be drawn to our example.

    Russia is now a beacon for everyone in the world who wants to live a free, fair, and dignified life. Russia neither can nor should fight our battles for us, but it should inspire us to fight on.

    • Intelligent Dasein: “That political energy can be kindled again with better candidates…”

      I hate to rain on your parade [frankly I would enjoy fantasizing about it], but the Five Eyes just laundered ONE BILLION DOLLARS into the coffers of Dominion Voting Systems, and now Dominion is about to go on a spending spree to purchase all of the other voting machine companies and their state contracts.

      At that point – when Dominion controls all of the voting machines – I don’t see any possible peaceable resolution to our predicament.

      I dunno – maybe the Council of the Sanhedrin will allow Heritage Amurrikkkuh to win one out of every three or four elections, just to allow the kettle to release some steam, and keep from boiling over – but I kinda doubt it.

      I rather imagine the Council of the Sanhedrin is encircling us now in preparation for the Coup de Grace.


      • moi: “frankly I would enjoy fantasizing about it”

        Meaning I would enjoy fantasizing about your parade, rather than raining on your parade.

        It’s a wonderful magnificent parade which you are imagining.

        But I don’t see it transpiring in reality.

        The Five Eyes just selected Dominion to be the final artifice by which the West will be destroyed.

    • I like your comment, but I think there’s an unfortunate gaping difference between the Russians of the 90s and Americans today.

      In the 90s, the men in Russia had not surrendered their manhood. Building a new society out of the ashes of the old one was still fairly easy to accomplish, because the men knew what needed to be done.

      Something needs to happen, something, that sparks a renaissance in masculinity.

      • Essentially, Russia went through Hard Times, creating Strong Men. Their Strong Men have been in the process of creating Good Times in Russia.

        Whereas in North America, we have had Good Times which created Weak Men. Oh so many of them. And the Weak Men are in the process of creating Hard Times. The times are not yet so hard here to produce the necessary Strong Men to switch us back toward creating Good Times.

        • Now we have reached a level of weak men, where dudes with five o’clock shadow are walking around in lingerie pretending to be women.
          The weakest of weak men in all of human history.
          Problem is women are fighting the few masculine men that are left, defending the weak men.
          Even though evolutionarily speaking, women despise and resent weak men. Go figure!

          • That’s explainable. Today’s masculine men are not favored by the regime. Women tend to side with the regime. They also aren’t looking for husbands so much anymore these days. So the masculine guy (whatever her definition of that is) who she does favor. she is more likely favoring for some relatively casual sex, not for permanent mating.

            She more than likely has no idea what mental and spiritual masculinity are (other than they are Bad!). Where would a young woman of today learn about such things? Or why? For her purpose, masculinity is just a square jaw and firm abs.

      • It’s funny, 15 years ago the then-Alt-Right websites (which mostly consisted of The Belmont Club and other suchlike places) were thick with commenters saying things like “three generations of Russian men have no will” because they thought Communism had oppressed them and cut their balls off. Obviously, they did not know how to read the situation aright.

        Probably we’re not reading our own situation aright, either. Modern men are not weak; they have just had to navigate through a deeply effeminized system which threatened to destroy them at every turn. But that’s not their fault; they were surviving. Appearing weak and developing strength in secret is something every overcomer has had to do, and we can do it too.

  9. Although the MSM has banned any mention of this event, recent history has provided us with an example of what can happen when hubris in the exercise of tyranny gets extreme.

    Once upon a time in a place called Ukraine, a group of several hundred demi-gods assembled in a reinforced concrete sarcophagus located hundreds of feet underground. And they “knew” that they were invincible because they’re gods and their lair was impregnable. And this arrogance led them to plan and execute truly horrific feats of treachery and genocide against their own people and other innocents. And they pranced and posed and delighted in their delusion of invincibility; for these were special gods of the highest order, intelligence, and cunning.

    But then, a bolt from the blue sliced through the sky at the speed of light and pierced the impregnable Earth like a hot knife through butter. It dove deep into the soil with aim like a homing beacon and brought the wrath of the Universe into this Temple of Doom.

    The arrogance of the gods died that day, for they now know that if you can be targeted, you can be . . .

    Sadly, this lesson will have to be repeated many times before the eternal wisdom of the ages reemerges once again.

  10. Unfortunately the shift from a unipolar to a multi-polar world is a farce, given the central bank owners own all the central banks of the world including Russia, China, Brazil’s, etc. Just two data points to back this up:
    1) Here’s Alex Soros bragging about hoping America falls:
    2) Globohomo rigged the Brazil election in favor of Lula, then Lula immediately announced he was going to de-dollarize. Why would this puppet who had the election rigged in his favor de-dollarize unless that was part of the overarching plan?

    IMO, what will possibly happen is de-dollarization will lead to hyperinflation in the U.S., where the population will cry out for a solution, any solution, whereby globohomo will release CBDCs as the dialectical solution — and CBDCs will then result in the greatest loss of individual freedom in human history.

    • I’ve been thinking about that Lula question. It’s possible that it is merely another example of GAE incompetence. “Bolsonaro is the Bad Orange Man’s friend and anti-jab so we will support Lula” never mind what that portends.

      Your explanation is also plausible. But I continue to believe that despite all the talk, they are nowhere close to being ready to roll out a cashless CBDC society. Nor do I believe they really want to go cashless.

        • It will be interesting watching them try to explain how the illegal drug market still exists in a cashless society

          • Jeffrey Zoar: They don’t need to ‘explain’ anything – they are self-selected ‘gods’ and the narrative is whatever they proclaim. Other, smaller economies are already much further along in limiting cash. People in Scandinavia have been paying via an implanted chip (to scan one’s wrist) since 2018.

            They very definitely want the peons to be forced to go cashless (as well as carless and meatless). The technology for the CBDC is ready; they’re just ensuring people remain cowed. Although the water is already simmering, they’re still not quite ready to go full boil.

        • They can plan all they want.

          It’s debatable they have the human capital to actually implement this.

          TD Bank spent a year trying to integrate their credit card servicing site with their main retail banking site.

          They kept posting and rolling back dates when the CC site would go dark and it would all happen on the retail site.

          Eventually they just dropped the project and continued with the status quo.

          Given the state of GAE’s education and labor force I don’t see where all the coders they need for this are going to come from.

          • “It’s debatable they have the human capital to actually implement this.”

            Let’s hope that their central bank digital currency (CBDC) plan goes like the rollout of the Obamacare website. Remember that?

            Cryptology can’t be done well by affirmative action hires.

          • It’s feasibility is doubtful. It’s like their electric car scheme but for currencies as it will bring ruin long before it’s dream comes to fruition.

          • LineInThe Sand: The Obamacare rollout is a good comparison. It’s hard to believe the utter incompetence of spending over $100 million on a landing site that did nothing more than refer the user to insurance company websites.

        • It will simply accelerate the underground economy. “Cash” or money is whatever you’ll accept for your “goods” in place of other goods. Look to any turd-world craphole that’s destroyed their “currency” through inflation and you will find they seem to commerce fine via substitutes—gold, Euro’s, Dollars and the like. Hell Panama does not have national currency last I checked. They use dollars.

          Now this isn’t directly applicable to a complex society such as ours, but privacy will be maintained through a secondary source of exchange, whereas mundane things like paying rent and buying groceries can be done on your CBDC card. And when the government starts controlling your spending habits, more and more people will be drawn to other means of transactions. We will all be subversives.

          Yeah, I perhaps overly optimistic—but you can’t control folks via spending habits who live paycheck to paycheck and that’s at least 2/3’s of the country at this time.

      • I’ve thought that about Lula and Bolsonaro too. Bolsonaro was just too close to BOM and had to be kicked out. Lula is likely a bit of a wild card and not fully under control so he will do things against cabal.

      • I agree with this view of it: Knee-jerkedly kvetching down Bolsonaro was atavistic behavior from Senile 68ers who have a worse deal now with Lula. Even by the most strained excuse of Bobos In Paradise sentimentalism, I cannot fathom why Ursula E.U. or the rest of the dimmer Davoisie are embracing real-deal skullcracking reds just because they—still! After the events of thr entire 20th Century—confuse foreign nonwhites with the magical domestic kind. Useful reminder they do not have good instincts.

        • Ursula was born on 3rd base and has been failing upwards ever since. She is there because she can be counted on to say exactly what she is supposed to say

    • The real war being fought is about the dollar/treasury system. The Chinese, Indians and Russians are trying to break free from being reliant on the Washington/Wall Street control of the global banking system.

      No surprise, our rulers are using what they always use to control people: money and access to money. By the way, the RoW doesn’t need to supplant the dollar as the GRC. They just need to get enough trade in other currencies or have another asset besides treasuries to use as a reserve asset to break the American grip on their finances.

      Also, a certain group has not managed to control the central banks of Asia, at least not directly. They are trying to control them indirectly through access to the dollar, but these countries maintain direct control. That’s why the neocons hate them so much. The Chinese won’t let the small hats into their system.

      • The Chinese won’t let the small hats into their system.

        The Chinese really are the highest IQ on the planet.

        • And very ethnocentric and very, very aware of who runs Western banks and finance.

          There will be no “My fellow Chinese . . .”

          • Yes, my experience is that they are hyper aware of our friends. They are very quiet about it.

            But as you said, there are no fellow chinese.

          • I dunno, Silly.

            Maybe Zuckerberg and his wife’s assignment is to start production of “fellow Chinese.”

            (I don’t really believe that our friends assign missions like this; it’s a joke)

      • Hi Citizen, I believe the Rothschilds own the Chinese central bank; circumstantial evidence all points that way. Consider:

        In 1949 the communists took over China with the help of deliberate Washington meddling. Chiang Kai-shek, a faithful nationalist ally of the U.S., was trying to establish a constitutional republic but General Marshall, acting on President Truman’s instructions, demanded that Chiang accept the communists into his government or forfeit U.S. support. He also negotiated truces that saved the communists from imminent defeat and which they exploited to regroup and seize more territory. Finally, Marshall slammed a weapons embargo on the nationalist government, just as the communists had been urging him to do. He returned home and was appointed Secretary of State. Thanks to the U.S. embargo, the nationalists ran out of ammunition. Congress voted to send $125 million in military aid to Chiang, but Truman held up implementation until China collapsed. On January 25, 1949, John F. Kennedy declared before the House of Representatives: “Mr. Speaker, over this weekend we have learned the extent of the disaster that has befallen China and the United States. The responsibility for the failure of our foreign policy in the Far East rests squarely with the White House and the Department of State. The continued insistence that aid would not be forthcoming, unless a coalition government with the Communists were formed, was a crippling blow to the National Government.” He reaffirmed this in a speech five days later, concluding: “This is the tragic story of China, whose freedom we once fought to preserve. What our young men had saved, our diplomats and our President have frittered away.”

        Our China policy then worked toward rapprochement with the communists as swiftly as the American people could be persuaded to allow it. Every President since FDR has had a part in this continuum:

        – Roosevelt ceded Manchurian ports to Stalin during World War II and agreed to equip the Soviets’ expedition into China, where they armed Mao Tse-tung’s revolutionaries.
        – Truman through his proxy, George Marshall, permitted the fall of China by truce negotiations, a weapons embargo against the nationalists, and the obstruction of congressionally mandated military aid. 

        – Eisenhower forced Taiwan to relinquish the Tachen Islands to Peking and interceded to prevent Chiang Kai-shek from invading the mainland in 1955. 

        – Kennedy also prevented Chiang from invading the mainland in 1962 when it was in turmoil and ripe for overthrow. 

        – Johnson terminated economic aid to Taiwan. 

        – Nixon visited China, breaking the ice with the communists. That same year, despite the atrocities committed by the CCP the Rockefeller’s he had this to say: “The social experiment in China under Chairman Mao’s leadership is one of the most important and successful in human history.”

        – Ford presided over the withdrawal of most of the U.S. troops from Taiwan, and visited the mainland. 

        – Carter broke relations with Taiwan, recognized Peking. 

        – Reagan proliferated trade with Red China and promised reduced arms sales to Taiwan. 

        Step by step, our China policy followed an essentially unwavering course regardless of which party occupied the White House. Our history has a pattern, and as Thomas Jefferson once said: “Single acts of tyranny may be ascribed to the accidental opinion of a day; but a series of oppressions, begun at a distinguished period, and pursued unalterably through every change of ministers, too plainly prove a deliberate systematical plan of reducing us to slavery.”

        I could go on, there’s a lot more, but I’ll stop there lol.

        • If the Rothschilds controlled China’s central bank, the neocons wouldn’t be targeting them.

          The small hats control finance in the West by controlling access to money and by vetting and promoting their people to the top of the ladder in Wall Street and DC. They have no ability to do that in China.

          Indeed, Xi has purged anyone who seemed favorable to the West. The very public arrest of Hu Jintao, one of the leaders of the pro-globalist faction in the CCP, was shot aimed directly at the small hats. Xi was telling them that they would not be allowed to weasel their way into the China’s system.

          The small hats are not all-powerful. They use very obvious tools to gain power. If you simply don’t let them into your system, they have no power. That’s why the dollar battle is all important. It’s the only hope of the small hats to control Asia and the world.

    • This outlook is exactly what I believe will happen. I believe the one world government is a’comin, and the populace will scream for help from on high. Notice that the blame will be lain at the feet of nationalism and national banks (even though they are the ones responsible for the crisis), thus ushering the era of a “global-community” they keep telling us is the goal. This blame-game will also further demonize the right, for they are the remnants of the nationalist streak. Works kind of perfectly.

      • Never could understand how that will happen without a major conflict with a major player winning all the pot. Look at the EU. They’d surely like to consolidate, but they’re bleeding off nations. Nationalism does not appear dead.

        Seems to me that those running the show in their own nation States would rather “rule in hell, than serve in heaven.” Heaven of course being one world government.

        • Besides Orban, I cannot think of any dedicated nationalists in Europe. Further, any politician has enough dirt to make them play ball. Third, a currency crisis is the exact type of issue to lead to desperate circumstances.

          • Italy and Greece are not friendly to the EU. GB left years ago. Now this may simply be a matter of a central currency and indebtedness of the “PIGS”, but it still belies an underlying weakness of consolidation peacefully.

          • Greece got shown who owned it (German banking system) about 8 years ago. Italy to lesser extent. And nowhere did I say EU.

          • The EU country leaders are all in on GAE, but their people are not. Hell, the French population is more nationalistic than the US is. There is only so long these leaders can stay this far removed from their people.

          • Again – I cite Greek “austerity measures” and “mandatory bail-ins.” Nothing will wake the masses

          • Eloi, so what? I said EU. That’s my example of a potential “one world government” push back. You come back with your example of where such seems to be progressing—anywhere?

            Can’t? I thought so.

    • Bolsonaro was as much a Zionist as Trump was. GAE is intolerant of the ultra-orthodox part of their ((Tribe)). Remember that when Bolsonaro fled Brazil, he went to Mar-A-Lago?

      Meanwhile, BRICS has always been the planned New World Order. The shift from the doomed dollar is not just prudent, it’s intentional. The only wrinkle in the process is that nobody wants to let the little hats into the lifeboat after a century of Yankee-Neocon globo-bullying.

    • You’re close but ever so slightly off.

      The banking crisis and associated data prove massive deflation will overtake the country before end of year. 2019 was the same (repo but also global data ending 2019), so we had 2020 lockdowns to hide it. Price increases were largely a result of smashed supply chains, not an increase in the money supply (since we’re the reserve currency of the world the M charts are useless and liquidity was screwed at the end of 2019, among other things).

      To hide this one, they’ll need a war with China. Once the shipping lanes are shut down globally, it’ll really send prices soaring. Then people will scream about hyperinflation even though that’s not what it will be. Then CBDCs.

  11. To my surprise, the Ukraine war may go down as a huge turning point in the world. I certainly didn’t think that when it started. Granted, like many turning points, it’s more the straw that broke the camel’s back.

    The world seems to have realized that they simply can’t deal with the neocons, and that the American people, military and intelligence communities can’t contain the neocons. There’s no dealing with them, and they’re not going away, so the only choice to walk away.

    People are getting caught up in the minutiae of de-dollarization or trade deals or Chinese diplomacy, all of which matter and are signs that the world is trying to move past the neocons, but what’s important is the change in mindset, as Z, rightfully, notes.

    The rest of world no longer views the Americans as a military colossus that can’t be challenged nor as a moral authority that can’t be questioned. There’s always a point in a bad relationship when you realize that it’s over, that you simply don’t want to be around that person any more. You don’t want to argue. You don’t want couple’s therapy. Hell, you don’t even hate the person anymore. You just want out, even if it costs you a lot of money because you know that you’ll be happier once that person is out of your life.

    The rest of the world outside of Europe and the Commonwealth countries somehow reached that point in their relationship with the US over the course of the past year. Granted, it was many, many issues that brought them to that point, but they reached the point of just wanting to walk away.

    The question is whether the neocons will let them. A middle-man people addicted to meddling in other peoples’ affairs won’t like being ignored.

    • There are two questions:

      1. Whether the neocons will let them walk away (answer is “No.”)
      2. Whether the neocons can stop them from walking away (answer is “???”)

      • If the neocons lose the dollar/treasury fight, they won’t be able to stop them from walking away.

        It’s all about the dollar/treasury system. I honestly have no clue who will win. The Eurodollar system is so entrenched and there’s nothing to replace it, so hard to see how the world gets out from under its thumb.

        There’s also the fact that if countries manage to start moving away from the dollar – however slowly – there’s a decent chance that they blow up the whole Eurodollar system and that would cause a massive economic disaster.

        The amount of dollar-denominated debt outside the US is larger than the amount of dollar-debt in the US. If the number of dollars circulating starts to fall because countries use less dollars to trade, you’ll trigger a scramble for dollars, causing the dollar’s value to increase, causing dollar-debt outside the US to become unserviceable, causing defaults, which means even less dollars floating around, causing the dollar to rise more, cause more defaults until the whole system comes crashing down.

        So, be careful what you wish for.

      • third question: how difficult would it be for a state actor to “solve” the neocon problem old school?

        • Not hard at all. The neocons have had no real competition in generations. They don’t know what it’s like to go up against a smart opponent that’s also ethnocentric and willing to play hard ball.

          The neocons would be smart to leave the rest of the world alone and be happy ruling US, Europe and the Commonwealth countries. I mean, that’s pretty good.

          But they won’t, because it’s not who they are.

    • It’s funny. They say that their guiding principle is “Tikkum Olam,” meaning “heal the world.” I think many of them really believe this.

      To everyone else, “Tikkum Olam” looks more like submitting to them as rulers in the world in the name of sexual degeneracy, racial homogenization, and vulture financialization. For us, but not for them.

      • Yeah, if I’ve learned anything, it’s that the tribe truly believes that 1) they deserve to rule over everyone and 2) it’s for our own good.

        They honestly believe that they are the good guys; that the rest of world are children who need to told what to do for their own good.

        • Why Rabbis Love Christian Anti-Semitism:
          https ://odysee. com/@KnowMoreNews:1/Christian-Anti-Semitism-mix-2-720:3

          A collection of clips of rabbis and prominent tribesters speaking to the subject antisemitism. They do indeed seem to completely believe their story.

          They didn’t nothing; it’s all goyim’s fault.

          It’s Esau hates Jacob since the beginning of time. Esau a conceptual enemy. Rome, Christianity, Europeans.

          Antisemitism is a result of them being chosen to guide we-substandards of the world to morality. They proclaim themselves to be the bridge between heaven and earth. They didn’t want this, their tribe’s god forced it on them to be the suffering servant.

          Antisemitism is a tool they use to maintain themselves as a group, and as a means of purification.

    • “ …you don’t even hate the person anymore.”

      We can hope, but I’m not confident wrt GAE and America. Waaay long ago, in my first trip to Europe as a youth, I landed in Germany. The war effect still visible, especially in the cities. You’d have thought in some areas you were on the grounds of a hospital given the numbers of folk missing limbs and such.

      However, I also remember people coming up to my father and I in taverns and stores when they heard us speak (American) English. Often talking about their good experience with American soldiers and our presence during the war and subsequent occupation. I was taken back. Certainly, that’’s the lasting impression of my visit to this day.

      We had indeed won the peace as they say. Not so sure we’ve kept such an impression during subsequent years.

    • Great analogy to a bad relationship. Regarding whether the neocons will let them walk away, they are the abusive spouse in the bad relationship. It’s really how long the threats will be tolerated. They say it takes a woman an average of 8 attempts to leave an abusive husband, so I am not optimistic it will happen soon.

  12. Too many people believe in systems. If only we had the right system. The right “ism.” Then everything would be ok. The reason things aren’t ok is we haven’t been following the right “ism.” Like Ferris Bueller, I do not believe in isms.

    Absolute power has no use for isms. That’s where we are in the west. This is why people who should know better, who still (perhaps subconsciously) believe in systems, struggle to define the GAE regime, coming up with tortured definitions like cultural marxist techno fascism or what have you. When it’s really just absolute power acting capriciously.

    Absolute power wouldn’t necessarily be such a negative if it were wielded by members of a nation who cared about that nation, but somehow we ended up with tyrants who hate whom and what they rule. Russia and China, authoritarian as they may be, don’t have this problem.

    I remember watching the movie Miami Blues starring Alec Baldwin and Jennifer Jason Leigh with my then girlfriend. (SPOILER ALERT) After Baldwin dies, a cop asks Leigh what she ever saw in the scoundrel. “He never hit me” is the first thing out of her mouth. My gf said maybe she should have had higher standards. But that’s kind of how it is now with voting like a civnat. People ask my why I supported Trump or MTG or Palin. I answer, “They don’t hate me.” So far they haven’t had a rejoinder for that one. Hopefully somebody got the message.

    • To emphasize Jeffrey’s point, if you tell me that I must choose between living in two different unknown countries and I can only ask one question before making my choice, I’m not going to ask, “What are their systems of government?” I’m going to ask about the demographics of the people in each country.

  13. “They may be crazy, but they are not gods, despite their claims. They are just the ruling class of the American empire.”

    Bitchy women, nerds, and total frickin’ losers acting like they’re Genghis Kahn.

    “The new gods promise to respect the rules and avoid exceptions without consent.”

    One can hope, but I’ll believe it when I see it. Good bet there aren’t any Frodos in power anywhere. Funny enough, in our state of technological development, MAD is the only thing proven to keep all sorts of Clown Worlds in check. Soon as somebody thinks he’s got an opening, look out.

    • Just spitballing, but if GAE collapses, China will be in the catbird seat, at which point, Sino-Russian relations will begin to strain. I’ll be laughing from the afterlife if Russia ends up being the savior and future hegemon of Western Civ (like the US was for Europe) for the sake of checking China, but I’d hope somebody has half the brain required to hold things together and stop antagonizing the Russians in the meantime.

      PS don’t forget Ukraine in light of Russian hegemony.

      • Yep, I’ve wondered the same. NAZI Germany eyed the old USSR in search of “lebensraum”. China with it’s population is not doing the same? Strange bedfellows indeed—perhaps only held together by a common enemy.

  14. When the new rules are eventually created around here, no one should have any hand in fashioning them other than White men – in particular, the “usual suspects” and joggers…

    • Nor people who pass fake $20 bills and choke on their own fentanyl trying to hide the drugs from the cops.
      Or hands up guys shoplifting and assaulting store managers then walking up the middle of the street and refuse to listen to a cop and get shot trying to take the cops gun.

  15. Create laws and rules or ignore laws and traditions after the fact you say ? Sounds like a banana republic kangaroo court I read about in Germany some years back. Interesting.

    • You should take a look at Federal Conviction rates. People have no idea how broken our court system is. Even the J6 farce only scratches the surface.

      • In a previous life I occasion to observe the federal court system. It has been broken for a long time. Innocent and questionably guilty people were railroaded all the time.

        I have friends who laud Judge Jeanine Pirro. I try to tell them that she was a federal judge. She has been involved in convicting the innocent and she knows damn well she did. Anyone in the federal court system has participated. So don’t let her act on FOX fool you.

        • I’m a patent and federal trial lawyer who runs IP cases exclusively in the federal civil system. I’ve befriended several federal judges over time.

          The federal judges try to create an environment of fairness. A few are extremists and idealogues but their colleagues on the bench usually rein them in. Injustice and abuse do occur but typically the laws and equities are determined on the merits.

          It’s best to avoid the system when possible, however, you can usually expect fair treatment once in federal court. Your complaint about the court system is more properly focused on the laws and the lawmakers. The lawmakers are by and large vacuous imbeciles as you know. Pare down the laws and regs, and get yourselves elected if you want change.

          • I can believe that. I can also believe the ideologues (regime toadies, more accurately) have taken over certain jurisdictions where it matters to them. Such as the DC District Court

          • In light of the Dominion thing (Eric Davis, Trump appointee) I can’t see why to credit your story.

            There were several Republican (Bush) Covidian judges like Lee Yeakel and Keith Watkins. The media lickspittles made a big stink about the Trump-appointed hussy who struck down the trains and planes mandate. But they didn’t complain about the Trump appointee who pompously sided with Atlanta against Brian Kemp the year before. These GOPe masks-and-cufflinks judges are, as David Frum would put it, unpatriotic.

          • Fair enough, but it’s really the prosecutors that are the problem. The first act of tyrants is to make everything illegal and then selectively prosecute their enemies. The judges are just following the law at that point.

      • The conviction rate doesn’t even tell half the story. Over 90% of people plea guilty.

        Prosecutors should not be allowed to say to someone “you can plea guilty and get 30 months or take your chances with a trail and risk 15 years”

        It’s the same thing in the state courts.

        Prosecutors have WAY too much “discretion” It is this discretion which gives them the ability to say ‘plea guilty and get a a short sentence or go to trial and risk a very long sentence.’ Or they can give a co-conspirator anything from reduced charges to immunity if they agree to testify.

        In theory, this is OK. But in our corrupt system, it’s all abuse.

        • Our county D.A. didn’t use plea bargaining because too many inmates believed they were incarcerated because of plea bargaining, not because of the crime they committed.

          • How does that work? You saying your DA went to trial for everyone, or that most everyone plead guilty when presented with a listing of indictments.

            It has been my experience that in any jurisdiction with large populations, it is *impossible* to take every suspect to trial, there simply is not the resources available, nor do the taxpayers want to support a justice system expansion of 10x’s.

  16. It’s always been this way. There are three restraints on earthly power: self-restraint, a greater power or exhaustion. In the absence of the former two, the third eventually prevails. Tyranny in the U.S. today is the continuous interaction of those who negotiate the course of ever-moving, minute by minute homeostasis. It looks like chaos because it happens so fast and the parties are always changing. Codified law/rules represent a consensus of mutual restraint. That’s gone now.

  17. ‘There will be peace only when there are new rules that are enforced by new men who know they are not gods.’

    The world is moving in the opposite direction, principally via AI, with the ultimate intent of giving human beings ‘godlike’ powers, thus showing humans that they ARE gods. And that God does not exist, and never did.

    As for peace, I see it neither in my heart nor in the future of America. War having been waged on me for fifty years — a war I never wanted — now I wage war against the enemies of God, who also oppress me and mine.

    ‘. . . and there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation even to that same time: and at that time thy people shall be delivered, every one that shall be found written in the book.’ (Daniel 12:1)

    ‘Trouble’ means ‘tribulation’ as the Christians have figured out. But the primary meaning of ‘trouble’ in that verse is tsah-rah, the Hebrew meaning ‘female adversary’ or ‘female antagonist’. . . and the Christians have not figured that out! nor do most wish to. It is not generic trouble; it is unprecedented trouble rooted in female empowerment.

    Therefore, the Tribulation is the ‘time of the female adversary’, meaning, the time of mass institutional feminism. This is where we are now, in nations ruled by the female principle and by the female imperative, amidst tyranny and on the cusp of war.

    Because rulership by the feminine overturns God’s created order, what results from such inverted rule is not peace, but instead the greatest trouble and strife the world has ever seen. And the world already has seen plenty.

    Note however that ‘at that time’, the people of God ‘will be delivered’. Gonna be a terrible and horrific scrap first, though.

    • Meet the new boss
      Same as the old boss, over time
      Human nature, power & all that.
      Screw it.
      I will pick and choose what laws to follow, already haven’t bought tabs for any of my vehicles for several years now. Hell I might start wearing blackface & be a male Rachael Dolizal then I’ll be untouchable.

    • We were told they would bring peace, because, their imperative is not to fight.

      In the design, though, is the flaw, and their caprice; their imperative is to get the men to fight.

  18. “ YouTube creators must spend time self-policing their old content because even though they complied with the rules at the time, the rules change constantly.”

    This reminded me of that old joke about why women make the best archeologists: they’re great at digging up the past. I wonder if the trends discussed in today’s post are a consequence of the feminization of society, which would make this slide into tyranny somewhat different from historical cases.

    • Right. As Scripture notes, the tyranny we live under is historically unique, because never before have large numbers of nations been ruled by women, as they are now.

      • Yep. Here in AZ Legislature, women abound and so do the stories of their antics. Just today a female legislator was video’d on surveillance cameras taking all the *Bibles* from the legislative chamber and hiding them. When challenged she made up an excuse that this was an exercise to illustrate separation of church and State.

        • The AZ fem-politico supposedly was bright enough to be elected to the Legislature, but not smart enough to know that Legislative chambers always are monitored. Sigh.

          Additionally, she was so privileged in her life that, consequences never having been applied to her, why ought they suddenly apply now?

          So — far from accepting responsibility for her crime — she lies that SHE was teaching US a civics lesson, and that we should be grateful.

          That kinda pretending is what gets folks damned.

  19. Personally, I don’t think America is worth saving. The chaos will continue until the GAE simply falls apart. I don’t know how long this will take, but I sense a logarithmic decay which is fast approaching the event horizon. To renew our country while simultaneously introducing a completely new ruling class is going to require a crash. It may be best if the nation comes unglued so that renewal can be fashioned from the destructive ruins of anarchy. After all, a healthy forest depends on frequent, sometimes devastating, fire.

    • It doesn’t necessarily require a crash, and a crash certainly doesn’t ensure a renewal, but yeah the odds aren’t looking great for it happening any other way outside of a super-crisis.

    • Russia was falling off a cliff in the Nineties, until Putin came along and turned it around.

      • One advantage, if you can call it that, is that many of the satellite countries of the USSR were jettisoned. Russia could focus on Russia without distraction.

        The red states could make a better go of it without blue state albatrosses. I am sure the sentiment is vice versa from a blue perspective. A central government collapse could make the divorce a reality.

    • “Personally, I don’t think America is worth saving.”

      I’ve come to the same conclusion. I mean, what is there to save? Save the illegals? Save the sluts out clubbin’ and exercising their freedom? Save everyone’s stupid favorite TV show or cinematic universe?

      For at least 40 years, this country has battered us with feminism, multiculturalism, and brain-washing consumerism. It has completely obliterated common sense, good faith, and tradition in all forms.

      The only thing keeping it together was general prosperity. Without that, there is worse than nothing.

      • I’m willing to bet pretty much all the white unjabbed are worth saving. That’s what, 20% of the total population? Best as I can tell.

    • I was born in and came of age in the cold war and served in the military during the cold war. In school I did “duck and cover” drills and chased Soviet ships in the Navy. The “Empire of Evil” spirit regarding the USSR was strong in me. It took me a while to realize that the new Russia is not the USSR. Sure, Putin wants to be Czar, but our recent Presidents want to be God. It actually shakes me up that I and a great number of my fellow Boomer friends agree that living in Putin’s Russia might provide more freedom than we are experiencing in the Bush, Obama, Trump, Biden United States. Sure we have guns, but for how long, with very few people down at gut check level willing to use them. Our votes mean no more than the ones cast in Russian elections. Our entertainments are propaganda as well. Our fiat currency is rapidly moving to Ruble level and the government basically owns the banks in both countries (or vice versa). At least in Russia they know the difference between a Man and a Woman and pedophilia is still a crime. You can go to church without Antifa shooting up the place and I hear you can walk the streets in most areas without a 90% chance of being accosted just for being White. I’m sure that both the U.S and Russia are “slouching toward Gomorrah” but in Russia they seem to be taking a much slower bus.

    • America is exceedingly valuable Real Estate.
      Owning and possessing Sovereignty over it is extremely worth saving.

      Americans are us and our extended kin. We are worth saving.

      The United States is a virtual person which is possesses sovereignty over this territory.

      Politics has ever been the life and death struggle over land and resources. Without control, one or a nation has surrendered to eat whatever scraps the avowed enemy might allow. Or none.

      It is most worthy to marshal our kin to be sovereign over this territory.

  20. I would just humbly add the useful concepts of Hubris and Nemesis to this excellent essay.

    Nemesis was the goddess of limits. I think the idea was that if a man, in the fit of Hubris, or excessive pride, went past his limits and invaded the turf of the Gods, he would get hammered. They offered up some examples (Icarus/Daedelus and Prometheus) with all kinds of bad consequences.

    Of course, these particular Greek humans were clever. We now have baboons trying to run the FAA and fools playing with nuclear fire. So it’s a farcical replay of the Greeks with the moderns Libs just carrying over, ahem, certain practices from the ancient Greeks.

    • I am reminded of the old Twilight Zone episode with Billy Mumy called “It’s a great life”. He was a capricious little boy with awesome powers.

  21. I think over a decade back Paul Craig Roberts was arguing that the rule of law had been supplanted by the rule of men. This applies a fortiori today. The mantra of the “rules-based international order” should be printed on toilet paper so that we can wipe our behinds with it. It is utterly devoid of any substance and any sincerity behind its utterance. The USA acts arbitrarily, capriciously, whimsically, and always according to immediate and temporary expedient. Which it might be able to get away with were it uncontested hegemon. But it isn’t. As Putin has said, the USA is “agreement-incapable.” More and more of the world is shying away from any dealings with the mad dog.

  22. I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again. The world that Suzanne Collins envisioned in The Hunger Games is analogous to what our elites are creating. Panem, the cosmopolitan Capitol city, is an analog for decadent blue state and urban elites, and the outer realm peasants who are recruited for the games are flyover country, red state, Trump voters.

    The elites act as if though they’re gods in that movie.

    I suspect that Collins wasn’t thinking of shitlibs and gender studies college students when she wrote the book. It was published in 2008, so the Bush administration would have been the target. And not incorrectly so, because they were just as bad all-in on the new world order.

    • The day after Trump was elected, some liberal wrote an article filled with confusion and wondered if they were the weirdly dressed people in the capital from the hunger games. I wish I had known at the time that that was going to be the one and only introspective article and I would have saved. Or at the very least, noted who wrote it. Anyone else remember that?

    • I have long thought that amidst all of the 1984 and Brave New World analogies that the most accurate reference was The Hunger Games. I see how the Bush II junta could be a basis for it. However, the coastal elites and their pretensions as the superior, “Creative Class”, and the reference by the anti-war crowd to the rubes fighting the war as people from, Flyover Country, were the first things that came to mind when I saw that.

      Now with the anti-white persecution and pixelated humiliation rituals Bush’s junta has been turned on the very people they appealed to. Bush built an apparatus of state power and happily turned it over to revolutionaries. What a dolt!

      In any case, The Hunger Games are here. It wouldn’t shock me if the brazen violent crime by ferals and its going unprosecuted or unpunished but visible on TikTok is the form of the blood sport. The supercilious, coastal trogladytes in our dystopia are far worse than those in the movie. Two, “youths”, stole a Hyundai and crashed it into a car holding a family. The infant was killed. The DA charged the, “youths”, with a misdemeanor. Meanwhile lost scholars who can’t seem to use a Google Map are venerated and home defenders villainized.

      At least in The Hunger Games there was a small, fixed number chosen for the blood sport and it was a single annual event. Here the kulaks are chosen at random, taken by surprise with no defense and no promise of some serving of justice.

  23. Living in the current year must feel a lot like the Briitsh people felt when the they were conquered by the Normans. They were subject to all sorts of humiliating debasements and rules that only applied to the native stock. The Normans weren’t satisfied with conquest, but went about changing the names of their Churches and enforcing a completely foreign code of law on the native British peoples. Add to this their arbitrary enforcement, and the feeling chaos must have been overwhelming.

    Can’t blame native whites for thinking they could protest when their enemies were torching cities, or thinking they had a say in their children’s education when their enemies came up with a million carve-outs for their pet causes.

    The only mental model that fits is we are ruled by foreigners and sycophants who suck up to our foreign rulers. In other words, traitors. Heck, our ruling class even has their own grotesque flag. Until he right has this mindset instead of the fellow Americans nonsense, we won’t have the frame to win.

    • I do not know a lot about the Norman conquest. I was at the Durham Cathedral last year. Our guide and the documentation on various exhibits and artifacts explicitly mention that the Normans did consult and even compromise with the Anglo Saxons on modifications, architecture, symbolism … … The Normans even had their own private chapel. Inside of it, they carved their own imagery into the columns. One was a mermaid, the first ever mermaid carving found on the British isles.

      So, it sounds like the Normans were not as bad. Nobody is consulting with the conquered in the least in terms of the construction of the new imagery and the destruction of the old.

      Perhaps that is a white pill. In the case of Durham, the Normans were smart enough to figure out which AngloSaxon things were negotiable and which were not. They had to keep the people.

      Of course it could be a black pill. Perhaps the Normans only did this because the Anglo Saxons were a significant enough threat to require compromise. Seeing burly white guys tear down the Fallon statues in San Jose, tearing down the statues of their ancestors who conquered it, is pretty sad. Of course, it is even worse, because the ruling class has no ties to that history. Not a single person probably cares. That shows how thoroughly rugged individualism has been self defeating. The Anglo Saxons probably cared very deeply about their symbols and customs.

      I agree with you on the mindset. We love convenience and expediency.

      • To make another point explicit about how this is worse than being an Anglo Saxon after the Normans came, nobody consulted us on the imagery change. At work, you must comply. On TV, and any media, this is their world now.

        This isn’t a mere name change, but the symbols and aesthetic remains the same. This is a root and branch replacement.

    • keep in mind the anglo-saxons themselves were invaders of Britain 🙂

      did it really matter to the peasant in the field, who was “master”?

      • I thought it was the Saxons who invaded and merged with the Angles. I need a refresher on that.

        In any case, as for the question, it mattered when the rulers were the cause of a material/tangible difference for better or for worse in their quality of life.

        • The Angles were also invaders, arriving a couple of hundred years before the Saxons. The indigenous-est people of England today are the Welsh and the Cornish, the rest are all Danes of some description.

  24. At this point I don’t know what’s preventing a full on Chinese level “cultural revolution”.(30 million deaths and untold suffering)

    The tinder has been laid, gas is continually being poured on it, and sparks are flying everywhere. Brainwashed youth for foot soldiers and selective non- law enforcement for basic civilizational upkeep are legion.


    • A whole lot of guns out there in the hands of the public. Once the insanity of the next rigged election cycle is over, I expect they’ll really focus on doing something about that problem.

    • It’s a numbers game. Even though there are a lot of them, there are yet too few of them, and too many of us, for them to risk it at scale like that. So they do a targeted cultural revolution. Like the tiki torch prosecution, which was widely reported in conservative and dissident media. They make sure we get the message.

      • The government hasn’t imported millions of “migrants” to pull weeds and cook omelettes.

        Not literal ones.

  25. Lavrov gave a good speech at the UN and it was amusing to the see the western “elite”* raging about him having the rotating presidency this year.

    *Group of midwit degenerates, pedophiles and satanists.

    • I thought it was a brilliant speech. He challenged he moral authority of the West, which is what sent them into a fury. It is a good lesson for us trapped behind the iron curtain. Simply asking “who says?” is a powerful weapon.

      • Yes, it’s always fun to see the look on people’s faces – Lefty loon or Normie – when you simple don’t accept the morality of managerial class. They’re completely perplexed, as though I challenged the existence of gravity.

        “Why should we let in any immigrants?”

        “Why do I have to call a man in a dress a woman?”

        “Why is multi-culturalism a good thing?”

        I’ve found that it’s more fun – and possibly a better tactic – to not challenge them directly, but just to question whatever their pushing. The question, of course, is a subtle way to challenge the morality of whatever policy they’re promoting without being too confrontational.

        They really baffled that someone questions their morality, probably because no one ever has. It’s understandable.

        • I interacted with a young person home from a study abroad program in college. I asked how it was studying and living in Ireland. Being an activist and a person who hates her tribe and its homeland of course she hated Ireland, the Irish an their homeland.

          The response was that the country is pretty but the Irish are very xenophobic. I asked, “Is it really xenophobia? Don’t you think the Irish want to preserve their homeland for themselves? After all, aren’t they the indigenous people who only recently ended a centuries long occupation by the British?”

          Several waves of thought stunned her. She had never taken a minute from her pre-judgement to ever consider the Irish. She had probably never had her moral sanctimony and her deeply immoral reduction of people to things that she could use to gin up moral superiority in her very limited mind before.

          Questions are good. They absolve you of blame and being the mean guy and leave the person alone with their conscious.

    • Lavrov has seen their preaching and betrayals for a long time. At one point he requested a copy of the rules book for the “rules-based new world order”. Of course their isn’t one.

      • If so then Lavrov (especially after watching Z’s linked speech) just took over the “my favorite person ever” slot in this week’s Top 40, supplanting Whitney Webb and her hit single “One Nation Under Blackmail” interviews (there are several versions).

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